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We’re baaack!

From our summer holiday, that is.

Gotta say, it was a blissful two weeks. I basically did a stay-cation and Josh and I split our time between the beach and then totally off the grid (no cell service or internet) in the country.

I made some interesting discoveries, too.

It took me 2 days to completely shift out of work mode and into vacation mode, which is a huge improvement over my last extended break. (That time took me about 6 days). My time off was mostly filled with reading, bike rides, movie nights and, one of my favorite pastimes, cooking loads of great meals.

Your voice is not just what you say but what others hear. @ToddHenry Click To Tweet

I also did a 10 day detox (no sugar, gluten or dairy — which is impressive for a woman who loves cheese and wine as much as I do!) and could not believe the difference it made.

Time off was extremely rejuvenating, and I’m thrilled to be back to share today’s MarieTV with you.

There’s never been a better time to grow an audience for your products, services and ideas. But with so much noise out there, what’s the key to not only stand out — but to create real and lasting impact through your work?

IMPORTANT: don’t think you can skip this one if you’re not “technically” an entrepreneur. In the modern workplace, it’s important to use your voice, speak up for what matters and take responsibility to create meaning through your work.

My guest today, Todd Henry, says the key to achieving all of the above lies in developing your authentic voice.  

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Todd is the author of Louder Than Words (discussed today), Die Empty and The Accidental Creative.

Now, Todd and I would love to hear from you. If you want your work to resonate, you’ve got to be clear on the following three questions:

  1. What do I care about?
  2. What do they (my audience) care about?
  3. What ideas already have momentum?

Leave a comment below with your answers. Do your best to share as much detail as you can because as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

The world really does need that special gift that only you have. There’s a part of you that you were born with, that must be expressed.

Give yourself the time right now to reaffirm or refine your voice, so you can express your work more powerfully.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your voice here today.

P.S. Sharing is caring. Send this post to your favorite friends, colleagues or clients — anyone who’s working on developing their voice and has a dream to make a bigger impact in the world.

With love,


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  1. “Innovation happens in the white space.”

    I am SO glad this is the topic. I care so DEEPLY about seeing real talent being shared with the world. I believe we are all creative and that we all have a voice that needs to be heard, a story that needs to be shared.

    I look at so many folks on the creative spectrum (linear, chaotic, and fusion types), pushing too hard for the goal, instead of experiencing the process (which is part of the goal). Fusion creatives, especially (the folks who can’t pick one thing), NEED the time and space to experiment, “sand box” and be “inefficient” so they can build skill and nurture what they’re doing in the world.

    My audience cares about meaningful and profitable work doing what they love – and the message that body of work sends…. and they want to be able to enjoy their life in the process.

    And thanks for your vulnerability, Marie. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a creative entrepreneur is even harder, in my book. The more people who talk about and own this journey, the more confident we can all be when we show up to do our Great Work in the world.

    • Hi Lisa, So true. Being new in the business, watching everyone talk and push and hustle, and promote etc, I ended up overwhelmed and simply froze for a few weeks. I didn’t realise at that time, but I know now that it was my yearning to allow myself some creative room. I feel my most productive days are the ones when I don’t do much, and allow myself to soak up, wander around in nature, and spend time with my thoughts thinking. Those days are just like fuel for my soul !

      I love your “sand box” example. I will actually buy a sand box for my desk as a reminder now.

      I’d love to know your views on this : Do you think it is necessary to have it super clear what we care about in business as a start up ? What if what you care about seems like a crazy idea ?! ( I care about women earning their Mind Freedom by losing weight that shadows everything they do and creating the body they learn to live in with love and joy every single day, but it seems too far fetched at times. )

      • Neha, I don’t think your idea or vision is crazy at all! That seems like a wonderful way to help people lose weight. I think one of the things that makes losing weight so hard for people is that dieting is all about restricting yourself. If you make it about giving yourself the body and life that you want and deserve to have, that’s a wonderful thing!

        I’m trying to approach my own goal in a similar way. I want to help people achieve the life that they want by helping them learn to budget, manage their money more effectively, and pay off debt so that they can live the life they want without the stress and restrictions of being in debt or living paycheck to paycheck their whole life. Just like losing weight, budgeting is hard because it’s about restricting yourself, but again, I think it’s much easier to do if you focus on what you gain by doing those things, not what you’re missing out on.

        Remember what Todd said, don’t be afraid to go out on the limb!

    • Agree wholeheartedly Lisa being a Creative Entrepreneur is the hardest, most frightening but most rewarding lifestyle. I do not even regard it as a career but as a life style because it demands that you live this way of life to be truly successful. As a Singer/Songwriter, Author, Speaker and Coach my voice is my most important gift. I took it for granted for a very long time listening to others who told me that I didn’t have “the voice.” I gave up on my dreams to sing, speak and write but luckily my life will forced me to embrace and believe in my unique expression, my voice. Our voice and our unique expression, that sets us apart in the world like our fingerprint and it is important for us to harness it and believe that we have something important and unique to say that might create huge shifts or even change the world. I recently wrote a blog about “how to find your voice and use it”….it’s great to see the synchronicity in the universe…This topic is so important to me.

    • I’ve never heard the term ‘fusion creatives’ before – and I love it! I totally am one of those 🙂 Thank you for introducing it to me, and to you Marie for your community, wisdom and for holding a space for us all so wonderfully.

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        Oh you’re so welcome, Ellis. Thank YOU for being here with us. 🙂

        • Genesis

          I love singing now

  2. Marie – You did it again ! Wanderlusting inside the ocean of our own soul is the best way to find the voice. Amidst the chatter of TO DO lists, and as you rightly mentioned productivity hacks, we forget that we have a fluid soul inside that craves to speak to us. I am only now getting comfortable with uncertainty, and I believe that “Finding our voice is Finding ourselves” and we have to get comfortable with the fact that it is a ‘process’. And it is so important to enjoy that journey too – because we are becoming who we need to become in that process. That’s exciting !

    You reminded me of a childhood memory too : Growing up in India, my family and I used to have a ritual of attending “Kirtana” every weekend, which was a practice of mindfulness chanting of mantras. I remember my imagination going wild, during that time. And as the life happened, I lost touch with that practice. I realised that how wonderful that practice used to me for my wanderlust soul. Thank you for reminding nad taking me back to my roots again.

    I can’t wait to read Todd’s Book !

    • Neha I completely agree that finding our voice is finding ourselves and it is a process. I love the image of Kirtana and you remembering how this practice created space for your soul to wander. I practice Mindfulness meditation and have the same experience. It creates a gap for something new to emerge:) Thanks for sharing!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your description of Kirtana conjured such a beautiful image in my mind. It sounds like an incredible practice and one that could really benefit people in our fast-paced world.

  3. And oh… I totally love your dress this week ! 😉

  4. So many gems in this interview-all incredibly liberating.

    “Innovation happens in the white space.” So, so important to remember when I’m editing myself (which equates to suppression) trying to get things just right. We all need to give ourselves the latitude to explore the edges of who we are, who we can be. Only then do our unadulterated messages emerge.

    And that trunk analogy was golden! Not to mention the distinction between provocation and evocation. I’ve always preferred the latter, whether on the receiving or giving end of it.

    Such an affirming interview. Thank you both. <3

    • Wasn’t that analogy so beautiful Emelia – I loved it too ! A very popular tree Banyan Tree is very much the same. It’s seeds germinate in the cracks of the already existing tree…Those cracks of allowing our minds to simply wander around !

  5. Amazing! Loved this interview and can’t wait to read the book. So many gems here for busy, creative people.
    Thanks to you both!

    • I agree Amy! One of my favorite interviews. Invaluable. Thank you xo

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        Thank you both, we’re so glad you’re gathering gems from this episode. 🙂

  6. This was brilliant! I didn’t want the conversation to end.
    I am inspired, but also validated in the way I approach my creative body of work. The idea that there is always a murky section before one gets to the other side is huge. As someone who is currently in the thick of the murkiness, I am grateful for the timing of this video. Thank you, Marie, for always introducing me to new avenues where I can wander and gather life-altering insights.

  7. this is BRILLIANT! already shared, and using the wisdom in your shared interview to pull myself into my day with authenticity. thank you ever much.

  8. Alishia

    Thank you for mentioning the need for white space. After selling my business I decided to take an indeterminate amount of time off. Its been just what my soul needs but I’m haunted by the question of “what are you doing now?”. People seem genuinely confused. Truth be told I’m not sure what I’m doing nor how to articulate it. It just feels right and I have no desire to be doing anything else. I guess I’m just giving myself lots of “white space” to recover from previous experiences and give space for new things to come in. I also just plain old don’t feel like being productive right now. I don’t want to produce anything. I just want to rest, recover, enjoy and listen for that next calling. Its very validating to hear someone other than myself advocate for the need for slowing down for creativity to emerge. I also think we need to slow down sometimes for no other reason than to slow down.

    • Jenn

      I so appreciate where you are. In February I left a full-time job as a Creative Director that I had taken after many years of self-employment. I realized I really just needed time to stop being creative for all others and let my own work simmer. I played in various art forms and gave myself permission to fail and not worry about what was coming next. (easier said than done) Now I feel refreshed and relaxed in my next episode of life. I have moved out of the branding world as a whole and will be doing my own creative thing with integrity and substance. The white space is incredibly worth it and what it has taught me as that I need to continue to give myself white space along the journey even when I have a goal.

      Cheers and best of luck in the unproductive time,

      • Very similar here. I just left my career as a Creative Director to solopreneur instead. I’m taking my time and watching others speed by. Although I know it’s what I both need and want, it is humbling and distracting to watch others who seem to have it all together. I’ve always known that I wouldn’t put anything out there that wasn’t truly me. Hearing this episode helped solidify that. It’s okay. It might be “bottom of the U” time, but it’s definitely not time to quit or to rush.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your comment made me want to shout amen! You’re so right that we don’t have to give people a reason for us slowing down–sometimes we just have to do it. I’m so glad you’re embracing this period of transition and loving it. 🙂

  9. I love these questions, and I love your discussion around the white space and the long-term, Marie and Todd!

    In answer to your Qs:
    1. I care about the movement of human beings into their full creative potential.
    2. My folks care about having more colour, inspiration, meaning in their everyday.
    3. My Live Like A Happy Artist project already has momentum, as does my weekly schedule of blog, vlog, painting-of-the-week and videos of my creative adventures.

    It is great to have these very direct Qs, to remind me of what my core focus is – my multi-passions, and the demands of others can get the better of me, if I don’t DAILY attend to these aspects, and keep focussed on my central mission.

    Yey, thank you again! xx

    • 1. I care about people (especially young people, I’m in my 20’s) taking full creative control over our own futures!
      2. What do they care about? I’m still trying to get my angle here. How to Get Real Mentors is where I’m at right now? I’m creating a free video guide on what I wish I’d known 10 years ago on this topic.
      3. Have momentum? In terms of schooling/formal education there’s a big drive on growth mindset, creativity, entrepreneurship… though my feeling is that these are generally missing huge opportunities because they’re only seen within the context for formal education. There’s room for making these good things bigger and that’s what I’m trying to wriggle out in my virtual space!

      Thank you for this interview. I’m feeling the canyon metaphor right now! xx

  10. Totally loved this episode! When all influencers repeatedly tell you to follow your passion and to get immediate success and fame this episode was very refreshing and soothing. Thanks Marie and Todd.

  11. Oh my GOODNESS, “Innovation happens in the white space” is SO appropriate for the work I do, quite literally as well as metaphorically!

    I’m a graphic recorder — I listen to conversations, presentations and meetings, and while groups are talking, I use hand-drawn images and words to capture and distill the key information as the group watches, in real-time. This helps participants track complex conversations, better remember ideas, and feel more engaged as they see their ideas and how they fit into the bigger picture, building trust in the group.

    It is SO tempting to fill up an ENTIRE board with pictures and words, but often the most powerful graphic recordings are ones that include good use of white space, allowing the eyes and brain to easily track the visual conversation, and also leaving room for people to imagine what else could fill the white spaces around the ideas in the future.

    As always, this was a wonderful way to start the day, thank you!

    Cheers, Karina

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love your insights about the very literal use of white space in your graphic recordings. That’s such a perfect illustration of what having white space can do for our lives.

  12. Great episode!

    I have a retail consulting firm, and about a year ago I built a FULL course on how to launch a product-based business. As I was finishing the course, and getting beta testers, I realized that I was attracting mid-stage entrepreneurs (instead of the beginners I though I would), and decided to put the project on pause, and revisit what the value proposition was, and how I could help women who were in a more advanced stage of their startup.

    It was a tough decision as a lot of work went into the development of the materials + course, but I knew that if I waited, and spent the time to truly understand how I can best be of service, that the outcome would be so much more impactful.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you listened to your heart and made the decision that was right for you, even though it was a difficult one to make at the time. I know everyone who took the course is so thankful you did!

  13. Andrea Kell

    Thank you so much for this video! This resonated with my soul. It spoke to so many things I am going through right now in my own business and life. I am definitely trying to find my way up the canyon right now. I have faith and believe that I will come out the other side better for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I have definitely been trying to embrace the struggle lately, and be grateful for it.
    The answers to your clarity questions for me are:
    1. What do I care about?
    Making an impact in the lives of others, being present for my family, contributing to the lives of others through charity, offering people hope and helping people to realize their full potential, being a good leader, realizing my fullest potential, becoming the best version of me.
    2. My audience would be my team and network. My team cares that I am happy, that I am authentic, that I am leading the way, that they are all working toward their own goals, dreams and clarity. My network cares about their own lives, about a lot of the same I care about. Being present for their families, having choice, being financially free, living a good life.
    3. The ideas that have momentum are doing the do, daily & consistently. The Slight Edge concept that small things done consistently over time will have big results. Being authentic, learning to face fears and do the very thing that scares me. Persistence, and loving people where they are on their own journey. Working on myself.

  14. Hi Marie!

    Thank you so much for today’s Marie TV! I’ve been listening for awhile now and I have to say this is one of your best. I have bought Todd’s book and will read it today! So much power in today’s show. It gives me new insight to my wandering and wondering and how important that process really is. My favorite today was the U shape—being able to see the promised land does not mean I don’t have to go through the journey and that journey isn’t always easy but I’ve determined as of no that it is important and my arrival at the destination will be richer because of the journey through the bottom of the U! Thank you so much.

  15. How beautiful! This is exactly the message that I needed to hear today. We don’t have to be SO efficient all the time. As a spiritual business coach, i’m always helping heart-centered entrepreneurs to find that balance between heart and hustle. “Everything worth creating takes time.” YES! Thank you.

  16. And the questions:

    1. I care about helping people better understand each other and getting to those breakthrough moments of clarity, energy and momentum.
    2. My people care about being cohesive, reaching their audience, and sharing their ideas clearly and creatively with the world.
    3. There is momentum in the videos I make, and visual business mapping.

  17. I just wrote myself this little note yesterday: “It is in the knowing that the slump is coming, and working through it anyway, with the goal to be better on the other side than you were when you started, that should drive you forward.”

    Marie and team, I am so glad you’re back 🙂 I loved the U shape reference to the creative process – it’s true and so important for all creative types to understand! It is all part of the process. And knowing you’re there is fun because there is no where to go but up!

    This talk was so apropos. Also loved the tree branch articulation; it is so hard to go your own way and have faith in your own ability — “it’s our job to build our body of work!” Having a framework for things we care about… wow this talk was chuck full of awesome!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love the note you wrote to yourself! It’s so true and you articulated it so perfectly. 🙂 The slump will always come, but it’s what we do with it that makes all the difference!

  18. Hi, Marie and everybody!!!

    I went to B-School and I learn a lot from you, Thank! Now I got my own business, I work as web designer.

    By the way, I’m helping other coaches creating their websites. So happy you are back!

  19. Loved this interview with Todd Henry… perfect timing for me to hear from people who admit they also have difficult times getting past challenges. Thank you!!

    I care about people of all ages and animals… especially dogs.
    My audience of dogs and seniors want love, attention and the best health care possible. My students want to learn how to speak with confidence in front of any size audience.

    Ideas that already have momentum is that I stand for better care for all dogs in the world, and I am passionately pursuing better care for seniors and teaching presentation skills to youth. I believe in the ‘thoughts are things’ mentality.

    Thank you for all you do!!

    • Deb


      Your work resonates with me! 🙂

  20. Thanks again for an awesome episode.. all these little (& sometimes huge) reminders over the years have had a meaningful affect, in so many areas of my life. Most notably in the area of feeling confident to speak my message.

    To answer those questions..
    1. I care about making natural birth more approachable & realistic for families around the world.
    2. My audience cares about having a more authentic birthing (& for women, a more authentic feminine) experience.
    3. What has worked so far has been becoming part of the community voice & understanding the system & birth culture my audience is exposed to (joining/running birth & parenting groups, radio broadcasting, consumer advocacy work, seeing clients, public speaking & being involved in various related projects).

    Loved the part about Evoking vs Provoking, I’ve leaned (many times now 🙂 that provoking is a lot less effective than evoking a response from someone. Provocation is me eliciting an almost always unwanted (by them & ultimately for me too) response from someone. Evoking is me being there for someone while they have their own insightful experience with the information i have provided. Very powerful difference.

  21. Oh my G-d! This was probably the best video I have watched from you Marie. And you always put out great content. Every part of this video helped me and Todd Henry is a genius!!
    Thank you!

  22. Wow – thank you for the reminder that the creative process has a valley built in. I often get emotionally caught up in the day-to-day and forget to focus on the journey!

    To answer your questions …

    1) I care about being a steward for the environment, I am building a business that makes this the most important focus (green products, vendors, give back to environmental causes)
    2) my audience cares about meaningful connections with the most sacred people in her life
    3) My photo business is set up to be a purpose-driven company (see #1)

    Thanks for this video to start my day!!

  23. 1. I care so much about health, wellness, and living the best life that we can possible live.
    2. I think that everyone else, truly in their core, does as well. Everyone wants to feel good!
    3. I’m rolling with the momentum behind positivity, health and self image.

    I want to create an environment where people can be open about what is going on in their body, especially in the alimentary trail with their digestive health. I want to help people discover why they are so gassy, bloated, constipated, lethargic and generally feeling like crap after eating meals.

    I’ve only just begun with my website and twitter, but a lot of great information will be coming out soon! I hope those who want to take control of their life, health and digestive well-being will join me on this journey of discovery and will cease shying away from the subject for discretion sake.

    • Hi Duchess Doo Doo 😉

      We have similar interests, so I though I’d introduce myself. I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease a few years ago and ever since I’ve been on a mission to feel well and inspire others to create positive lifestyle changes. I’m fed up with junk food, inactivity, and the silence around IBD. Connect with me at or my @theflowrylife Twitter account… I’d like to follow your journey!


      • Thank you for commenting! I will see you on Twitter 😀

        Similarly I experienced digestive issues through out my formative years and beyond – Part of the damage was my fear to talk to anyone about it. I will be posting a blog series on this soon as I’ve only just started this cathartic process.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love your candid approach to a topic that’s historically been looked down upon as “conversation unfit for the dinner table.” Hopefully, discussing digestive issues openly will help erase the stigma that they should be kept hush hush. The “hush hush” does nothing for the people who have digestive issues and feel isolated and like they can’t discuss what they’re experiencing. All of us at Team Forleo are sending you a virtual high five!

      • [hive five!] My thoughts exactly! I suffered for many years because I was too scared to tell anyone what was going on with my body.

        My current twitter description: Dethroning the deleterious discussion of doo doo in daily discourse. #pooptalk #pooptweets #talkdoodietome

        This is going to be a wild ride and I’m excited to have the support from you and the Forleo team!

        • Loved this episode as well – the quotes about the white space/incubation, u shape of the creative process, tree trunk/branching, provocation vs evocation, efficiency vs effectiveness were all visual images that hit home…
          I care about making learning fun and transformative through the visual arts, especially clay
          My audience cares about the simplicity and effectiveness of an appealing message on a clay tile or ornament
          My clay it forward movement has momentum

          One project I’m especially fond of is my “Coming out of the Water Closet” work, pondering colons, cancer and commas: healing through pause. I have danced with colon cancer and two of my sisters endure IBS and Crohn’s…I am interested in the notion that the gut is the second brain, and our emotions dwell therein….and cause havoc when, more often than not, left unchecked…especially in women??

          Great conversations. Looking forward to reading Todd’s works.

          • Hey Sandra,
            Interesting! Is there a book on Coming out of the WC?

            I definitely think there are strong correlations to trauma and the gut – since women do tend to be victims more often than men your thought process would make a lot of sense. I actually discuss some of my poop woes and it’s connection to the brain in my first few articles on my blog. Feel free to connect with me on my other platforms!

  24. ALEJandro Guerra

    Hi Marie!
    You are absolutely right! I do have verified that to find my own voice it is like cooking a Gourmet dessert. It is not possible to take out of the thin air The Dessert. I do have to try and to fail and to keep myself focused for what am I pursuing. That takes time. It’s is challenging! But rewarding and suddenly I’ll be living in a State of Grace and, perhaps, I’ll be in front of a lovely, inspiring, evoking creation for the world.
    Thanks a lot!

  25. What a fabulous episode! I agree that creating something new requires pausing and creating space. If we always do what we always did, we will always get what we always got. In our very busy lives as women, trying to do it all, it is hard to make the space for a new way of being and yet it feels like this is what is required. Change always requires a pause! I believe we are moving out of the patriarchy to a heart centered world where the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine will be more in union (community vs empire, collective vs individual, etc). Women are being called to step more fully into our power and yet this is a challenge for us. Unconsciously we know the current paradigm and it feels safe and comfortable to rest here. Let’s face it – standing in our power has been challenging for us in the past (I have memories in my cells of being abused and even killed for standing in my power in the past – but that was then and this is now) This is the main reason that I have found it so difficult to find my voice (I have so much fear or speaking up!) I also want to keep things safe for my children and going into the unknown, creating something new is scary. When I pause and take the time to see where I am, I can mindfully chose how I want to move forward, perhaps in a different way. I do a lot of Mindfulness meditation to give me this space. It allows me to step back and observe myself and my situation. What is the story we want to write for ourselves as to what it means to be a woman in the 21st Century (so far men have written the story for us, what if we wrote it)? What is the next stage of our evolution as women? How do we help heal our mother earth who needs us? How do we come together as women to support each other in this process of transformation and change? How do we support each other to find our voices? What is it that we each stand for? I agree that we each have a song and the world needs to hear it. I want to create a space where we can support each other as women, to see each others gifts and then share them with the world. This is our time and our voice is important.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing these insights and thought-provoking questions. There’s so much here that I want to explore and meditate on!

    • Lois… Oh, my… You’re speaking a language here that I’m still learning, and yet it’s one that is familiar to my soul.
      Your questions resonate in the depths of my heart. A friend and I are currently incubating a place for women to come and recover their feminine spirit. It is a guided work in progress. There are compounded synchronicities accelerating its growth.
      We don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like, and yet we know without a doubt that it’s going to make a huge impact on women who are starving to reconnect with their feminine power. And we know that their reconnection is integral to the healing of our Earth. We are wide-eyed and wild-hearted and spirit-drenched with anticipation.
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom here.
      Peace. ~Ellen

      • Dear Ellen, so beautiful that you are doing this scared work to help women recover their feminine spirit. I agree that we need to create a space for the women to gather, our souls already know what to do, and the Earth is calling us to reconnect with ourselves, our sisters and our mother Earth. This long period of Patriarchy resulted in us getting a bit lost as women but we are finding our way home, to our bodies and each other. Well done for stepping into this much needed creation!! Much love and hugs from your sister Lois

    • Renee

      Lois there are so many more of us out here that feel what you have described! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! I also want to help bring more balanced female/male energy onto this planet. Just not sure how yet. Reading words gives me motivation to keep searching as well as today’s video!!

      • Dear Renee, Thank you so much for your comment! I agree that there are so many of us who are feeling the call. It feels like the answer of “how” is partly about coming together and remembering who we are as women. We have been fragmented, both individually as women and as a collective, and this has left us feeling disempowered. As we come back together and remember and reclaim, we will know what to do. Much love and hugs, Lois

  26. This episode has so much insight, depth and juice. It’s my favorite MarieTV episode so far. It’s so rich I’m still digesting it. Thanks for this feast! <3

  27. Thank you both for your words of wisdom this morning. I am an artist and a teacher who is working at creating a body of work in pattern design and individual collage art pieces.

    1. I care about creating a beautiful home that is nourishing and practical in its function and esthetics. I love this quote “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

    2. I think people care about having a place that they feel totally comfortable in. A home base that has been constructed to nourishes their needs, ideas, and growth.

    3. I am currently working on a series of pieces that combine cartography and geometry which strike a cord with not only me but also many people who view them. I think because there is two systems used to understand the world, math and mapping, combined in a beautiful way the audience really enjoys the sensations of these systems when combined.

  28. Kim

    Thank you for this wonderful interview! I love Todd Henry and had not heard of him before this. I look forward to getting his books!

    These questions are so at the surface for me. I think it can be easy growing up and living in a culture that tends to want everyone to be the same and toe the line to forget what it is WE care about as individuals. I’m in a place of connecting more deeply with that…moving through the slog and discovering what valuable tools are in there asking to be unearthed and worked with to climb the other side of the canyon.

    I care deeply about inspiring others to realize they have the power to make amazing choices that change their life, their family’s life and the lives of many. These are lifestyle choices, and we choose every day with our dollars, activities, and actions. I hear many others speaking about this, wanting to do more but not knowing how. Many people come to me and say, “how do you do it?” or “I want to learn to live like that!” That is the momentum I suppose. Now the key is to find the people and connect them to the work…to create a full body of work that can reach those who long for it. Oh the slog!!!

    Thank you so much!

  29. Wow! I loved this session. So needed to hear this message. It’s taken me a few years of being in the “canyon” and going through Bschool to really nail down my mission and I’m still a work in progress.
    This white space discussion really validates my mission – to help my clients create a strong HR foundation that is compliant and will allow them to put aside their worries about processes and paperwork and have more of the white space in their business to create their greatness. Most of my peers want to be strategic and do wild and wonderful things in the HR realm and I thought I had to follow them. But I know I’m not wired for that now and my own message becomes clearer and clearer. I liken it to building a home–start with a solid foundation and the rest can become awesomeness. Thank you so much for this message!

  30. Love this!

    So true–the focus is too often on fast output.

    One practice I follow is to sleep on any major or deeply creative idea. After all, we only consciously tap into part of our amazing minds and all that subconscious work is tremendously important.

    – Ximena

  31. Anthony Simeone

    The distinction between provocation and evocation is critical and insightful. There’s way too much “clickbait” out there that uses provocation tactics to get readers. We’re way too keyed to controversy as a culture, pandering to our natural attention to negativity. Thanks, great interview!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES. We gain so much by focusing on evocation.

      • I loved this distinction between evoking versus provoking! Evoking is so much more empowering versus provoking, which creates a reaction that is not always positive. This interview was extremely rich! Thank you!:)

  32. Melissa Brauen

    “We have to make choices to deviate from our influences and be bold and unique” — THE most relevant thing I’ve heard in relationship to creativity and uniqueness. I am at the part of the ‘tree’ where I am making a choice about what ‘branch’ I am going out on. I find myself clinging a bit to the trunk yet sort of bored with as well; feeling the need to move on. It is exhilarating and scary all at once. I LOVED this analogy and as a visual artist am also inspired by it as possible new work.

  33. I genuinely needed to hear this today. I’m trying to balance out perfectionism vs just taking the time to develop my message so that it actually resounds when I release it. Thanks for yet another amazing video!

  34. I LOVED today’s episode. I feel like I’m just coming out the bottom of the U and was so glad to hear that analogy for the creative process. I also loved the tree trunk analogy. Powerful! This episode gave me a lot of peace and patience with my process. Great work Marie and Todd!!

  35. Such a great episode, always perfect timing and just what I need to hear. So glad you’re back from vacation and was super excited to see you in my inbox this morning. Love love love all the talk on personal responsibility, impact and values. Just this morning, I declared I’m in this (my business) for the long haul, it may take 10 years to get where i want to go but I’m 110% in, fully committed and aware of what it’ll take.

    What do I care about? I care about people having a relationship to their body, food and health that rocks their world and nourishes and energizes their life. I care about my family, friends, nourishing my body, mind, spirit and creating a business and life I love (thanks marie, for that last one!! )

    What do they (my audience) care about? They care about feeling good in their body, creating sustainable long term healthy habits not just dieting for temporary weight loss or summer. They care about their families, business, friends and community.

    What ideas already have momentum? This new movement of women empowerment, holistic health, embracing/ accepting/ loving your body just as it is and eating real whole foods. Yipee!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy for you, Elisha! Isn’t it such a great feeling when you make a commitment to your business? We’re super proud of you and can’t wait to see what your new business commitment inspires in you. 🙂

  36. I’m humored at the timing of hearing this incredible, inspiring interview! Recently I came to my own conclusions that parallels what Todd writes and discusses, only I talk about people living out their own story—it’s my story to live—everyone has their own story. I live mine and they live theirs, and how rewarding it can be when we connect with others to share a chapter or two.

    The story idea undergirds my work in pet photography—pets have stories too. And how they touch the human life is an important story. My audience and I understand how important pets our to our lives. I’ve recently started “Sundog Shorts” where I photograph and interview pets and their people, capture a short story, and publish it on my blog. Everyone (and pet) has a story, and who doesn’t like to read a good short story?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Such a lovely idea, Heidi! I think people forget that pets have stories too, though they’re so important to who they are and the ways they impact their owners’ lives. I’m so glad you’re doing what you love and have found a tribe that loves your work.

  37. Thanks Marie. I am currently “away” for my end of summer writing sabbatical. After a week, the pressure of completing something, anything, is palpable. I am a top real estate agent with a desire to help other agents grow spiritually and professionally through my writing. I am well into writing a real estate career devotional that seeks to do just that. While watching your segment, I realized that my best work comes when I am actively working with whom I care about – real estate agents. The pressure of completion tames my passion and muffles the voice of my spiritual ear. Instead of pushing for answers, I’ll choose to let them appear to me in the course of what I seeking to talk about in the first place.

  38. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This interview with Todd’s insights came at exactly the right time for me. I am very grateful to you both. Here are my answers to these 3 very important questions:
    1. I care about people using and developing their creativity to problem-solve, to connect with others, and to build stronger and more vibrant communities.
    2. I don’t really know. It often seems like they just care about getting through the day, paying their bills and hanging on to what they perceive as “security” and staying in their comfort zones.
    3. In my business (, I’m gaining momentum in coaching people on how to use puppets as a tool for communication, education, problem-solving, storytelling and social change. I’m also building momentum through community-based arts projects that bring people together to work together, create together and play together.

    It’s a struggle. Often people don’t seem to “get it”, but I’m pushing myself to learn all the time, to get better at business (yay B-School!!) and to keep going. It really helps to hear from you that everyone struggles with these things.

    With so much gratitude,

  39. I have listened to Marie’s content for years and enjoyed it. I have never ever felt moved to write a comment before. However, for me, this video was divinely timed and sent from the Gods. It was JUST what I needed to hear today! I am in the middle of a U-shaped creative project. I’m in the valley! I’m on the branch! I particularly like the nature analogies Todd Henry! Thank you.

    • Same here! I’ve never left a comment before, but there was something about this interview that sparked something in me to speak up. Divine timing indeed…there’s a lot of inspiring energy in this video’s message. 🙂 Good luck with your creative branching out project!

      • Thanks Kristina. I love your website by the way. A lovely, clean design. It engendered a sigh of relief in me – like coming off a busy highway (the interwebs) onto a clear tree-lined road stretching ahead. Well done and wishing you every success 🙂

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        I’m so glad both of you decided to comment today and that this week’s episode resonated with you! We can’t wait to see what Todd’s message inspires in you. 🙂

        • Amy

          Thank you Mandy 🙂

          • Hi Amy and Kristina, I just looked at both of your websites! Loved them both!! I too posted for the first time on this video:) Beautiful that we were all so touched by this content. Definitely Divine timing. Also love that this was a way for us to all find our voices, to share and then connect with one another. Much love and hugs, Lois

    • I too was moved to comment for the first time today. A really awesome episode – perfectly timed for many of us it seems.

  40. I am SO in the bottom of the “U” right now, and this was an exceptionally hopeful message about perseverance and individuality. Thank you so much for tackling this topic and bringing a message of promise. Outstanding segment! I loved it!

    • Keep going Mike. Sending you some more super powers 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this week’s episode was just what you were looking for. I’m sorry to hear you’re at the bottom of the U, but the good news is that the only way to go from there is up!

  41. Hi Marie and everyone who enjoyed listening to this too! 🙂

    I care about making positive lifestyle changes and helping others while doing so. Others care about living their best life and I can help them get there by feeling well and inspired to create positive change for themselves.

    PS I can’t wait to read one of Todd’s books! Thanks for sharing.

  42. I so needed to hear these messages today. Thank you, Marie! Todd’s insights are so refreshing and honest. I love it when people open up about their behind-the-scenes struggles of life and business. Being vulnerable in this way takes guts but it also creates connection. I can’t wait to read his book and apply what I learn to my business. As someone who has done a lot of wandering in the last few years of running my business, I appreciate hearing that it has a purpose. What a wonderful interview…thank you both for your words of wisdom and your inspiring bodies of work!

  43. Hi Marie and THANK YOU so much for this week’s interview! It was my most favorite so far because it made me feel validated for where I am on my journey. I especially loved the “U” theory! I am an almost 50 year old woman who totally understands that the end product of creativity takes time and struggle for many people. My one question is this: What if you feel that you have stepped out on the tree branches/limbs, have fallen off, but nothing has started growing yet? Sometimes I feel like I am continually climbing trees and falling on my face. I never have fear of doing scary things, I am never afraid in the beginning, but when I step out on a limb, I freeze. Am I going out on a limb too early? Is it just not my time yet? This is the only part that confuses me. Thanks for helping! 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a great question, Christy. Sometimes it can take awhile for things to start growing. The good news is that when you’re at the bottom of the U, the only way to go from there is up!

      Sometimes it’s hard to know if your fear is coming from a place of self-sabotage or a place of intuition. Check out this episode of MarieTV,, and I think you’ll find whether you’re really stepping out on a limb too early or if you’re doing the right thing.

  44. LOVED this episode — it resonated so much with me. Taking a step back and allowing both my projects and myself to breathe have been HUGE in the evolution of my business. We all need to carve out white space in our lives. This is where we create, this is where we innovate, and this is ultimately what propels our work forward. Thank you for sharing, Marie! Bookmarking this video as a gentle reminder to breathe.

  45. Thanks so much for today’s chat with Todd, Marie. I especially loved what Todd said about authenticity resonating with your audience – YESSSSS! I am so tired of the noise of mismatches that happen when people share what they have copied from elsewhere without thought about its fit.

    In answer to your three questions:

    1. I care about small businesses having great, authentic photos
    2. They care about saving time and money
    3. Small businesses realise the power of photos in social media and most already carry a camera around with them on their phone.

    PS Todd – have just bought your book on Kindle and subscribed to your podcast. So excited about finishing work today so I can read it.

  46. Welcome back, Marie!!!

    Awesome episode! I’m in the middle of this process as my photography is at the tipping point of transitioning from “passionate hobby” to professional and the 3 questions, plus the many tips during your talk, were really welcome tips! Thank you so much for this. And I agree about the “white space”. So happy that Todd talks about this!


  47. Deb

    Team Forleo – Welcome back from the Vacay!

    You outdid yourselves with this interview. How did I miss connecting with Todd before?

    I must have been in a valley with no reception…

    I’ll be back to watch this video again and again.

    I live for the white space even when commenting.

  48. Thank you for this… so affirming and confirming: an overnight success takes many, many years to build! I love the idea of the U shaped path and have been at the bottom for a while. I have written tons of pages over years and have finally come to focus them with Jonathan Fields Revolution U. Thanks for this…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so happy you enjoyed this video, Madeleine! I’m sorry to hear you’re at the bottom of the U, but the good news is that when you’re at the bottom, the only way to go is up. We’re sending some positive vibes your way in hopes you’ll be back at the top in no time.

  49. Hi Marie,

    Inspiring, timely video with Todd Henry.

    I love the tree and branch metaphor- and it took a while for that to sink in completely but it makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for putting it all out there- and as I experienced last week and what you guys touched upon is the responsibility for your communication and your own body of work.

    The internet never forgets, so what do YOU want to be remembered for? A positive, productive body of work and commenting thoughtfully on others’ work, or negativity?

    I choose the former. We’re all in this together. So let’s build each other up like you do, and not tear each other down.


    Marni Bistany

  50. Mike

    What a terrific, beautifully navigated interview.

  51. What I love most about this episode is it’s about getting back to the core of why you do what you do. Creating the white space (as Todd put it) to really evaluate your impact.

    I care so much about how people doing incredible things in the world can connect with their audience by reflecting who they are naturally through design. It creates that spark of interest that pulls their ideal customer in to really benefit from what they have to offer.

    That is why I originally created Naturally by Natalie–to help entrepreneurs brand themselves in a way that feels like them and spread their message. I get such great joy from clients who get so excited about seeing their brand identity for the first time and get that extra burst of energy to continue their journey of impacting the lives of others.

    I’ve been so caught up in logistics, the hustle and bustle of daily life, and ignoring where I want to consciously take my life. This episode for me has been a wake up call to reconnect with myself and how I can best serve others.

    I’m going to try this: When I hear myself say “I’m too busy to do this,” I’m going to rephrase it in my head as “This is not important to me.” Likewise, I will evaluate the things that take up a lot of my time and say, “Because I’m spending so much time on this, it must mean it is important to me.” If that doesn’t resonate, I should reevaluate how I’m spending my time.

    Thank you Todd and Marie!!

    • Wow, your rephrasing is awesome! Language makes such a difference in how we experience the “U” process, doesn’t it?

      • Completely agree, Kimberly–Language makes all the difference, especially when we are talking to ourselves. Analyzing our talk track can mean the difference between seeing something as a debilitating stressor or a character-building challenge.

  52. What do I care about?
    I care about helping people break out of learned helplessness and take action in their lives. I do it via functional and well designed planners because I can create a framework and they can customize it to their needs.

    What do they (my audience) care about?
    Functional planners that speak to them (niche crowd) and help them get things done.

    What ideas already have momentum?
    When I started out there were few people making planners for the Muslim audience. Now it seems everyone is putting out planners. So my market is thriving and that’s exciting. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So awesome, Maria! I’ve never thought of using a planner to break out of learned helplessness before, but it makes perfect sense. What better way to send nuggets of empowerment than via a tool they’re going to use every day? Team Forleo is sending a virtual high five your way. 🙂

  53. Shi

    Welcome back, Marie! I really loved the idea of focusing in EVOKING and bringing out the best in people. That is key to creating meaningful work that inspires people to take action.

    I care about unleashing people to become the best, most authentic version of themselves. I also love all things about leadership, creativity, and building a sense of community.

    My audience cares about discovering their “calling” and navigating life and career changes.

    Ideas that have momentum would be how to bridge the gap between who you are now and who you would like to be and how to dream for your future but also be realistic.

    Would love to check out his book, thanks for another great resource!

  54. My comment is contained in the following Haiku poem that I wrote the other day:
    The Monarch mourns not
    It’s lost Kingdom; for who would
    Weep for a cocoon?


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a beautiful share, Beth! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. 🙂

      • Thank you, Mandy! I’ve been pouring out Haiku lately like rain in monsoon… Lol. Would love to share as many as you all are receptive to. Three more for now:

        Naked as the Sun
        My soul rises up, saying
        Yes to Destiny.

        Smiling at the Moon
        My heart sighs, sinking into
        Radiant Darkness.

        Like a shooting star
        For a brief moment in time,
        My Being matters.

        E R.Urabe

        While I applaud, honor, and appreciate the wise words of so many great teachers, my personal sense is that we are being called upon to go beyond words, deep within, and then come back to use language in an entirely new way. My Haiku and my art are (to quote Eckhart Tolle) “pointers”…
        Much love to all!

  55. Edit please: Its Kingdom. No apostrophe! My smartphone ain’t so smart! Lol

  56. Dear Marie and Todd, thank you for this piece of wisdom. I feel I’m somewhere in the bottom of the U at the moment and really felt it a couple of days ago.
    1. I care about the health of the human body, and believe that most people can create for themselves an environment for self healing on many levels – body, mind, and emotions – and feel grounded in a place of trust, self-compassion, self love. The bottom of the ‘U’ meant listening into my own body, exhaling, knowing I’m ok and it’s about to make sense. I softened and put myself in the mindset of waiting, listening and trusting that things are about to be clearer.
    2. They(my audience) care about protecting themselves and finding the right information that resonates with their own belief system whether that be regarding physical – medical, alternative, holistic; mental; emotional; spiritual. They want information they can trust, which has integrity, which comes from a reliable source. They care about educating themselves now more than ever and they care about being heard, not just being told.
    3. There is momentum in multiple streams of movement, therapies, healing modalities and philosophies about the body/mind/spirit being more integrated. I have started honing my writing skills and getting to know therapists from many backgrounds(and bought a digital video camera). I have a domain name called mmmbody. ‘M’ stands for moving, mindful, meditative, medical, messy, musical, magic, my body. The ‘m’ stands for whatever is meaningful for the audience member. I also started a FB page for Aussies to gauge whether embodied practitioners here want to share what ignites their life force energy to share that with each other, and with the public to break down the walls that separate different healing and enlivening practices. I’m thinking I might not restrict that to Australians anymore.
    I am not business minded.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I wanted to send you some words of encouragement since you said you’re not business minded. It sounds like you’ve already done the hardest part of business–understanding your audience’s wants, needs, fears, and wishes. You can learn business best practices, but resonating with your audience is the kind of thing that you can’t teach–it has to come naturally. Your dreams are important, so don’t let the technical side of running a business get you down. You got this. 🙂

      • Natalie Jensen

        Thanks Mandy. That does help. I do have a bit of fear moving into manifesting a career life with purpose after being a stay-at-home mum. The business side can seem overwhelming. I love these 3 questions that have been asked though. I had never thought about it in this way before before now, and it gives me a whole new way of thinking about how things are unfolding. I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

  57. A few months ago I was inspired by a piece of art I saw in a museum and decided I wanted to incorporate a certain element of its style into my own work. I wanted to do it right away, but when I tried, it felt forced. Only a few days ago did it finally come out in a piece I made, and it felt authentic.

    This interview reminded me of the importance of letting things simmer for a little while. Ya can’t make a good stew in 2 minutes!

  58. This is my favorite Marie episode of all time!

    Todd is truly a modern day philosopher! And philosophy focuses on the questions we ask our selves and of society.

    The question at the very end “How much am I gonna do today I will be proud of in 10 years?” set a wonderful context for our work being a long term exercise (cause it’s easy to only think about our next offering or article).

    His wording of “body of work” alone shifted and reminded me that my message is it’s own entity that is growing and expanding with my loving attention.

    Thank you Todd and Marie.

    • “His wording of “body of work” alone shifted and reminded me that my message is it’s own entity that is growing and expanding with my loving attention.”

      Well said! I think in holistic terms about many other things, but my own work life feels fragmented. “Body of work” makes it come together.

  59. Thank you, thank, you thank! This is exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve felt in a rut recently and now I see how beautiful and necessary this step is. I actually have been working backwards because I started learning about social media marketing after watching your super inspiring interview with Gary Vaynerchuk 🙂 now I’ve been creating this “white space”, meditating, asking, and creating mandalas, patiently waiting for answers that I received today, thanks to you. I am excited to focus on these questions and ponder what exactly I want to put out into the world. I know I have a momentum already going with photography and spirituality..I care about joy, nature, cocreation, living in the audience cares about..I’m not sure yet..Namaste.

  60. Thank you!!! I loved this interview! I am feeling in the bottom of the canyon right now, so thank you for reminding me that I can make it to the top if I keep going!!!!

    1. I care about people feeling trapped in chronic pain and stress.
    2. They care about functioning and thriving in their lives.
    3. not so sure about this… are the ideas in the marketplace or that I’ve had response to?

    Great to think about!!!! thank you both!!! can’t wait to read the book!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      #3 (what ideas already have momentum) can really be anything. It can be ideas you’ve had, ideas others have had that resonate with you, ideas that are at the intersection of #1 and #2, things that have been on your mind a lot lately… anything you want to share. 🙂

  61. HAYELL YEAH!!! This video was the kick in the pants I needed before my day of work and online classes. I’ve been in business a year, growing pretty damn slow, so I dug that bit about one’s platform – before you build it, what’s on it?

    To think long and hard about that question is so antithetical to the more prevalent messages about putting yourself out there, and I’ve stewed a lot on what to put out there exactly? There’s a delicate balance between the two ideas, for sure.

    Anyway, thank you, Marie and Team. A little validation feels good today.

  62. 1. I care that others live a life with more meaning and appreciation.

    2. They care about finding balance in their lives.

    3. I am learning that if I address what “they” care about, what “I” care about will naturally reveal itself.

    Thank you, Marie and Todd, for this discussion. Today, I recognized I’m at the bottom of the “U” shaped curve. And I’m gonna trek on…because I care.


  63. Super inspiring and needed reminders today. And he’s a great story teller and so on point! Thank you for creating such a great interview Marie, and obvi for MarieTV in general. Such a gift.

  64. Thank you, Marie, for the inspired conversation with Todd Henry.

    Many years ago one of my mentors encouraged me to choose three words that describe my life. My words are acceptance, hope, and inspiration.

    What I care deeply about is inspiring others to know that they can move out of the bottom of the U-shaped cavern of their life and truly reawaken their roar and start living again.

    I literally experienced walking in a U-shaped cavern on my son’s journey to Eagle Scout. While backpacking 14 miles on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, we hiked down a deep cavern. At the bottom we rested and enjoyed incredible peacefulness savoring the beauty of a waterfall, mossy ferns, and jagged rocks. Oh, the walk back up the hill. I remember saying out loud, “Left, right, left, right” to keep myself moving up that very steep path. But with persistence and prayer I made it back to the top to continue on with our journey.

    My audience cares about fixing what may be for them a flat life due to loss or failure. They know at a deep level that abundance waits for them, but do not know how to access what they would love. They are tired of living a drowsy life.

    Ideas that already have momentum are a body of work that evokes the best in people, that calls forth their talents and gifts and dreams that they can use in service of others.

    Thanks, Marie and your team, for the great work you do in the world!

  65. Hi Marie,

    I love this episode! Thanks. And welcome back from your “hols”.


  66. Love the talk of the “U-Shaped Journey.”

    I’ve been telling lots of people about Seth Godin’s Book “the Dip” lately- it talks exactly about this. Great read!

  67. I care about the development of spirituality.
    My clients care about resolving whatever their current issues may be,
    The momentum happens when I can bring spirituality to the conversation and help them to understand its base in everything.

    I loved the interview!

  68. This is the best one that you have put out for us, Marie. Thank you. Can’t wait to go and investigate Todd’s book. Loved the analogy’s and the inspiration. Ready to go out and minister to my corner of the world.
    1. I care about families, inspiring them and creating books for them.
    2. They care about their dreams, succeeding in life and wholesome books.
    3. My website Dream Creations, speaks to both.

  69. Jayne

    Holy Shit! This is brilliant, I am just edging my way out onto the branch. Someone said to me the other day that it was my ego that was wanting me to break away from the pack and be rebellious, that made me feel a bit wobbly but this interview has kicked me back on track & to listening to my heart, using my body as a compass and doing what feels good to me. Thank you!

  70. I so appreciate this topic. Words arriving at the exact right time! I am at the bottom of the canyon. – Which causes me to do and think things like a) what was I thinking? b) surf the net for volunteer positions in other countries c) panic, just a little.
    I have spent the last 20 plus years in palliative and end of life care – most of which was with children and the parents who love them. I left a hospital job with a very adequate salary to pursue a coaching job (my own business) with an emphasis on this same unique population. In coaching school the emphasis was niche, niche, niche.
    Here is the thing…my daughter is a cancer survivor – she was treated for 5 years as a toddler. The experience changed me at the cellular level. I was able to bring my gifts into the world in a unique way through my hospital work. Now, out on my own, I wonder how does having had the experience of having your child diagnosed with, and survive a protracted illness resonate with the rest of the world. What IS my exact message.
    I want to help that newly diagnosed child’s mom, I want to help that dad whose child relapsed and the hospital could not providing them with enough support. I want to write that book that talks about the “what if” and ends with she survived, she did not die. I want to write the book I couldn’t find – the one that told me how to survive in the world of my child “might” die. My work is not therapy – its a hard won hand out and a hand up.
    Ok, just writing this helped the process. No idea if this is in the marketplace.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so, SO much for sharing your dreams and vision with us. I’m so glad your daughter is in remission and that you’re using your experiences to help others in need of support. When Marie says “The world needs that special gift that only YOU have,” this is exactly what she’s talking about! You have an important voice to add to the discourse and I’m so glad you’re following your heart and doing just that. 🙂

  71. Bree

    as always, you delivered a message that was just what I needed to hear today and I’m inspired by the perspectives you shared in this interview. Thank you!!

  72. What do I care about
    Helping people strengthen their health and reduce risks for disease.

    What do they care about
    Quality of life, addressing their health issue so they can get on with their lives

    What ideas already have momentum
    Natural healthcare, Getting to the root of the problem, looking at the whole picture

  73. Pantothenic

    He mentions keeping your work loose, flexible. I’m a novelist. The first time I write a novel, it’s garbage. Then, after about 10,000 edits, it gets a little better. Than another 5000 edits and so on. Finally it gets to how I want it. I constantly remind myself while writing that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s better that it’s not.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true! You can always edit garbage, but you can’t edit a blank page. I’m so glad to hear you’re letting your words flow and giving the world something wonderful to read. 🙂

  74. Loved this- the U shape is brilliant. I’m in the murky canyon now and appreciate the reminder that it’s temporary and, like any hike I’ve set out to do, inevitably worth the journey.

    1. I care about people creating a peaceful world by cultivating peace within themselves.
    2. Others care about freedom from their suffering and inner turmoil, as well as the outer manifestations of it (physical ailments, psychological issues, etc.).
    3. Ideas about our mind-body relationship, the importance of self-care, and “be the change,” and non-violent communication have momentum.

    I definitely feel sometimes like my message gets drowned out among all the noise. But this interview was a reminder to keep working on it, even when I can’t see the destination, because all I need to do is focus on MY body of work. xo

  75. Marie, I missed you for these two weeks. I am so glad that you had an awesome time, but I am also glad you’re back and with this bombastic episode… OMG. Pure gold! I will have to get my hands on Todd’s books, I heard all the best about those. My answers:
    1. I care about helping people find their creative power and use it to find new solutions and ideas.
    2. They care about being happy, loved and productive.
    3. Ideas that already have momentum are: personal development, unconventional education and business, thinking out of the box.

    • Ohh Milena, I love that you are passionate about helping people find their ‘creative power’ – so, so, so important.

  76. This made me feel so much better about all the stops and starts on my way here.

  77. Hope

    This video was so timely for me. As someone who is developing her voice, but thrives on having it together and getting things done, it was hard to hear that it might take “engaging in activity that is gloriously inefficient.” And that I need to take time to wander and let my ideas breathe.

    OK, so if I acknowledge that success comes in layers, what do I do on my way to where I want to be? How do I represent myself in the marketplace as I discover my voice? (I have a day job in nonprofits, a side business in the cosmetics industry, and a desire to write about spirituality) Do I describe myself as someone on a journey? Won’t that make people take me less seriously? Perhaps I am projecting my own prejudices on other people. I tend to discount people who don’t have it all together and I am afraid of being one of them.

    • Hi Hope,

      Your post caught my attention, maybe because we have some traits in common ;). I can understand your eagerness to achieve your goals and find your voice. My advice might be cliché but true nonetheless, it helps to just try to enjoy the journey instead of focusing solely on the goal or the destination. As for finding your voice, just be YOU! Marie has a few videos on this topic, namely, ‘How to Make Your Business Sound Unique’, ‘Feel Like It’s All Been Done Already?’, and more! Hope this helps!

      • Hope

        Thanks Candice!

  78. Todays video had perfect timing for me!! I need to create a series of google adds for my business and now I have a much clearer vision of what I must do to get my message across.

    What do I care about?
    Selling my collection of travel refined fashion to women who love to travel light and prefer a “less is more” lifestyle. To also help reduce their stress when packing and simplifying their everyday wardrobe.

    What do they care about?
    Travelling with ease and a taste for timeless designs and quality workmanship. They love knowing that each piece is made to order just for them.

    What ideas have momentum?
    My multi-way designs made from Venezia travel fabric. It’s because they are easy care & wrinkle free with beautiful style options, durable and can be both dressy and casual.

    Now I’m going to try to implement all three messages above in one add. I’m open to feedback once it’s ready!!

  79. Violeta Nedkova

    First of all, Marie, I’m addicted to your videos.

    Second, I am SO happy you covered this topic because I have recently been rediscovering my purpose and unique voice, and I’ve always been a big supporter of authenticity in one’s life AND business.

    That said, the tweetables are brilliant, thank you, Todd and Marie.

    P.S. To answer your questions, I care about helping people ENJOY what they do. Especially marketing. It can be so much fun if you do it your way, and OMG, most people even confuse it with selling! What “they” care about is hopefully what I can offer. Or I hope so…

  80. I am about to make a bold statement: This is my favorite episode. I have seen a zillion and I always glean something from your Q&A Tuesdays, but Todd’s message resonates with me so deeply in a unique way. I will remind myself that I am not being ineffective when I think I am being inefficient by immersing myself in my process anymore. The U-Shape analogy is incredibly uplifting and clarifying as an inspiring reminder for when I am “in it.” I am truly grateful for this episode. Thank you!

    1) I care about making the world a brighter place through yoga for everyone, holistic homeyness™ and enlightened entertainment™.
    2) They care about living intentionally and being happy and healthy.
    3) My ideas that already have momentum are the tangible products I am launching and my teaching.

  81. Evocation over provocation is golden.

    Great interview!

    1. I care about the lives of women, like myself, who come from difficult backgrounds, circumstances, or personal struggles. I want to see them living fulfilled lives, making daily decisions not to settle, and finding strength in spite of their struggles.

    2. Those women care about peace of mind. Although they have issues with maintaining it, their ultimate goal in life is to finally be OK in every area of life. They are most often creatives, and they have a strong desire to create their ideal families.

    3. I find that sharing personal stories, offering tools for daily progress, and community building has great momentum.

    Thanks for the gentle reminder…

    • Debbie

      I relate to your thoughts Nakeia – and your message is needed. Stay with it!

      • Thank you Debbie!

        I appreciate your encouragement.

  82. Luciana

    Great interview, Marie!

    1 – What do I care about?
    I care about busy people that travel – either in vacations, business or move out to a new country – and still want to get information on how to best eat, move and relax to keep being healthy.

    2 – What do they care about?
    They care about travelling or moving out to a new country without being overwehlmed with so many choices that they have problems in following a healthy lifestyle.

    3 – What ideas have momentum?
    I created my website with a designer. Now I have to start writing the content and sticking to my publishing calendar.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so needed, Luciana! It’s so hard to maintain healthy habits when traveling, especially when you’ve been traveling long enough to get jetlag and fatigue or when you have to travel often for business. It’s awesome that you’re helping people take care of themselves on the go!

  83. Debbie

    Ok first of all I am SO glad you’re back–I was having withdrawals.Second, what a great session! I must read this book–

    Here are my answers to your questions:

    1) I care about women recognizing their own worth and about teaching this to the young ones coming up
    2) I am in the germinating phase so don’t have an audience of my own yet, but I don’t know any woman who doesn’t want to believe she has value..?!
    3) I believe there’s a clear message out there for women to find their voice and bring their passions, opinions, skills, etc. to bear on their sphere of influence and that’s great. But the “why” of all of that is way more important to me than the end result. I don’t want to just encourage women to have a voice and “be successful”, but to know within themselves why they’re worthy of doing and having those things.

    • Ohhhh I love this so much Debbie, and such an important message – especially your last sentence there. Beautiful.

      • Debbie

        Thank you Naomi. That’s very encouraging to me!

    • I can’t wait to see you bring this to life, Debbie.

      The “worthy” message is a timely one.

      • Debbie

        Thank you, Nakeia. I appreciate your encouragement as well 🙂

  84. Fascinating interview. I especially love the “white space” around a creative project. I get so mired in doing I forget to walk away and let it ferment. Some of my best work has come when I’ve thrown up my hands and said, “I give up.” I do something else. Next thing I know the words and ideas start flowing.

  85. What do I care about? How I can bring and share more love into my life and to others
    What do they (my audience) care about? How they can be a better lover
    What ideas already have momentum? Love yourself

  86. I love this ep so much. Particularly the ‘slow down’ part. This is something I’ve been consciously focusing on over the past year, but intend to focus on even further in the next few months as I wrote a book proposal to submit to a publisher. I want to create the most beautiful space for my message to flow out, and know that slowing down is an important ingredient to allow this to happen.

  87. Oops, I got so excited about this episode, that I forgot to answer the questions. My answers are:

    1. What do I care about?

    I am passionate about helping big hearted and generous women ‘find time’ to relax, play, discover their ‘uniqueness’, and learn to be their own version of a superhero.

    2. What do they (my audience) care about?

    They are big givers. They juggle lots of balls and are so busy caring for others that prioritising their own needs, desires and dreams doesn’t come as naturally. They know that they need to learn to balance being big hearted and generous, with caring for themselves more.

    Because they are givers, they also have a big desire to make a difference in the world – but are confused about how best to do this.

    3. What ideas already have momentum?

    I developed a Freebies Library full of 30 resources that help my audience create their version of a healthy, happy and purposeful life – and we are currently doing a free 21 Day Prioritise Me Challenge.

    I’m also about to write a proposal to submit to Hay House for a book publishing competition – on how to discover and use your uniqueness to serve yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

  88. Karin

    Great and important episode in a fast paced, “instant result” focused society. Quality and layers of complexity takes time, rest and silent (white) space, for creative results just as it does for good wine, cheese, friendships and any kind of deep understanding worth spreading thoughts about on a large scale.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      100% agree, Karin!

  89. Thank you for a most inspiring conversation.

    1) I care about sharing the fruits of exploration, adventures in jumping into learning by doing, by making mistakes. I care about recapturing learning like a kindergartner, getting messy, loud, and playful, definitely sand box play. And doing all of this with the experience and knowledge of a lifetime along with broad, cross fertilizing interests creates a magic that sizzles and wants to be shared.

    2) They care about living fully and breaking free of cultural and self-imposed constraints. They are inspired by seeing an ordinary person after an ordinary career break out into creative flowering and they know that they can experience their own authentic way of expressing their creativity by jumping in and playing.

    3) I’ve taken my paintings of the past 10 years combined with written musings and shared them in a “blook”, an online picture book that is an invitation to carouse, connect, dig in, and mess up just for the fun of it. Who knows?

    Thank you for this and all you do!

  90. Oliver

    1. What do I care about? I care about providing a product that facilitates and increases the overall work production of an individual using the Internet.
    2. What do my customers care about? My customers care about adding value to their lives by developing ideas, tasks and projects. They care about minimizing waste and extracting value from social interactions. They premise life on living for the future.
    3. What ideas already have momentum? Using the Internet as a staging ground for personal achievement and development. DropBox makes content available to users. Adobe Acrobat helps create publishing content.

  91. 1. Ending self-sacrifice on the altar of should, reminding women to take the time to play
    2. Get back to creating, get more creative, get unstuck, having fun again
    3. I don’t really know what to say for this question. I’m doing well as far as authenticity, connecting with people, letting the creative come through, consistency, tenacity, visibility.

    I’ve been wandering 🙂 I’m learning this on my own, taking the long road of connecting with people instead of prodding at their pain points. I’m now at the level where I am going to take the areas that work well and leave the areas that don’t. I’m not even going to tell you how much I do in a week 😀

  92. What do I care about?
    Living well with less, looking at the beauty of each day, doing good, interesting work, learning.

    What do they (my audience) care about?
    I’m not really sure – justice, beauty, fun, keeping things going, heads above water.

    What ideas already have momentum?
    Taking responsibility to make things good, make things better, interest and engagement in the physical world, not just the digital, online world.

  93. Wow, I SO needed to hear this! For some dumb reason, I put a LOT of pressure on myself to get everything done, do it perfectly and do it all now. It’s just not possible. Thanks for giving me permission to wander!

    • Don’t we all Sandy. It’s so good to have a reminder that the wandering and exploration is such an important part of the process.

  94. What do I care about? Supporting women in taking personal action around growing personally and professionally. What do they care about? Having supportive connections, a place to gather where they feel safe, and learning and applying what they have learned and being celebrated for their efforts. What already has momentum? Our Mastermind Support Network. They are doing it. We need to reach even more women with the message. It is working, the foundation has been built over the last 5 years. Growth has been slow but consistent and the women are finding value and love being part of the “Chicks” family. <3 Thank you for all of your teachings. I love your style and message. Happy to learn from you.

  95. I too have never left a comment. My heart is yearning to speak and rather than resist my intuition to act, I will. When I read through the comments I feel such a connectedness? to you all. What an amazing interview. In yoga I find the white space and in this interview white space. Magic. Thank you Team Forleo for always being in my periphery. love the U analagogy. I go to the depths of the U, I climb, I fall, grip and climb again. My body of work continues to sprout and evolve. Gratitude for you all. Now I’m off to wander 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Bonnie, thank you so much for taking the time to leave your first comment on this post! Love what you shared about your journey through the U — and how it evokes growth for you each time 🙂

  96. Hi Guys,

    I missed you!

    I´m about to watch this episode but I can´t help myself: Can you tell me what camera lense you used to shoot this fisrt shot of Marie?

    The look is amazing and the depth of field is fantastic!

    Of course the subject, muse Marie, helps to get the fantastic look…

    Cheers and Thanks for Marie TV!!!


  97. Perfect video for my work today.

    What do I care about?
    Love. Banishing fear. Embracing power. Increasing Joy.

    What do they (my audience) care about?
    Being happy. Getting unstuck. Feeling clarity. Seeing direction.

    What ideas already have momentum?
    I work as an Energy Healing Guide. I am reaching into my soul and writing a book.

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  98. Oh my, this so reminds me of the words I first heard from Kyle Cease.

    A caterpillar cannot become a Butterfly until she rests.

  99. Flo

    Dear Marie & Todd,

    Thank you so much for this episode, which resonated so deeply with my heart.

    I connected so much with the U shape curve Todd mentioned and the long slog that nobody talks about. I am in that space at the moment and no kidding, all those feelings and questions are coming up (e.g., Who am I again? What is my voice? Where is my voice? Why did I embark on this journey in the first place?)

    I am not able to answer the 3 questions you posted for now. But, I really needed to hear about the slog that every person go through.

    Thank you so much Marie, for the wonderful work that you do. And thank you Todd, for being brave enough to your work in the world. It has made a difference to me.

    Flo x

  100. I am in the “middle”…I’ve felt the enthusiasm and now I am in a “slump” of sorts with where I want to go with my online business and what I want to do. Thank you for this video and for the resources. It is good to hear that I am not alone in how I feel!

    • Flo

      Hi Angie,

      I just wanted to reach out and connect with someone who is in the same place.

      Much love to you.

      Flo x

  101. Great episode Marie and 3 great questions to think about- I like that its okay to take down time and not feel guilty. My girlfriend lost her battle with cancer last week at the age of 38. I have been pretty useless online for the better part of a month and feeling as if I have been letting my followers down. But I have now realized that I care about people and when someone close to you dies you need to take care of you and their family so that you can get back to sharing your message.
    So good to hear you did removed gluten, dairy and sugar. Isn’t it amazing how good you feel, that is why I offer my gluten, dairy, sugar free way course to help people to realize that food does play a role in how you feel and the only way you will know is taking it out and replacing it with healthy options. Way to go Marie.

  102. Adelaide Therese Caetano

    I care that there is a spiritual renaissance happening here on our beloved planet that is giving us the freedom to create from our own authentic viewpoints all the different ideas that are being spoken of here.
    I care that these individuals want to help their sisters and brothers in the human family to realize their awesome potentials. I care that love is being created and is flowing in harmonious patterns across our Earth that will inspire and protect the dreams that we all have and want to share. I care that Marie and her team are loving catalysts for this renaissance and are so willing to do all the work in between the calming “white spaces’ where they get to breathe. I care that someone like Todd Henry exists and tells his message with such charming clarity.

  103. j. hallberg

    I am a writer who puts out a message that can reach the heart
    of the matter…
    I believe people want to be appreciated for who they are…
    Trying to gain momentum with a mighty little book I wrote to touch hearts, and offer a quick read to indulge, refresh, and grow! It’s called Invoking The Spirit. Written to be unique.

  104. Adelaide Therese Caetano

    I care that there is a spiritual renaissance happening here on our beloved planet that is giving us the freedom to create from our own authentic viewpoints all the different ideas that are being spoken of here.
    I care that these individuals want to help their sisters and brothers in the human family to realize their awesome potentials. I care that love is being created and is flowing in harmonious patterns across our Earth that will inspire and protect the dreams that we all have and want to share. I care that Marie and her team are loving catalysts for this renaissance and are so willing to do all the work in between the calming “white spaces’ where they get to breathe. I care that someone like Todd Henry exists and tells his message with such charming clarity.
    I am so happy to be able to experience this connection with all you beautiful spirits and have a strong feeling that the future has a lot of hope because you exist, and are willing to do what it takes to present to our world the gifts of the true wonder that is YOU.

  105. Welcome back. Amazing episode as always Marie! Thanks for putting so much good into the world and sharing what Todd is up to. His body of work just keeps getting better.

    My Answers to the Qs….

    #1) I care about challenging assumptions and helping my students and clients set their own standard….beyond what they are “supposed” to do. That naturally lends to introducing them to new perspectives and ways of doing things. (One of my core beliefs is that different perspectives allow you to create better solutions.) Ultimately, I get great joy out of helping them love what they do and HOW they do it.

    #2) My audience, my community, cares about helping others improve their quality of life. They are passionate about teaching and putting their best work into the world without burning themselves out. And, really, they care most about making a full-time income doing it…not just having a hobby. For them, it’s about spreading their message (all their goodness) in a way that’s just right for their community.

    #3) Ideas that already have momentum… This year, I’ve had the pleasure of have two (of those sometimes elusive) 5-figure launches. And, it feels great. I’ve walked away from a lot things that weren’t in total alignment with my vision and how I want to run my business. It feels so go to show up exactly as I want and exchange that vision for value.

    In line with that, I know that my community’s ultimate goal is to get results. They also care about knowing someone’s got their back. With me, you’re never just a number, never just a subscriber and never just a student or client. I get involved, I guide you as a friend and as your “been there, done that” advisor. …bringing that boutique style business online and back into vogue.

    Thanks for the prompt Marie 🙂

  106. Daphne Newman

    Marie & Todd,

    Thank you for your wonderful words, this truly was so refreshing to hear! I have been working on or maybe better said “slugging along” with two very creative ideas and products that I am truly passionate about.
    But I thought I had to choose or that eventually one or the other would take the lead and help me decide what to do next or that they weren’t perfect enough to share. I have literally been working on them for the past year..
    So, yes I too have put them aside and just stopped for months at a time to let things resonate, to sit in that white space which really does eventually bring clarity, it weeds out the fuzzy stuff 🙂
    I realize now that this is OK and I am OK to just allow things to come to be when they are ready and enjoying this journey along the way.
    I am so grateful to you Marie for being in my life and all that you bring to the world, such amazing inspiration.

  107. This is one of my fave interviews yet!! And perhaps it’s because it is so aligned with the conversations I’ve been having with clients and colleagues lately.

    I care about holding space for women to express their creativity (mainly through writing), grow confidence in telling their story and, ultimately, honour themselves emotionally and physically through self-love practices.

    My audience cares about being validated, being heard and finally feeling confidence in chasing down their writerly dreams.

    Ideas that already have momentum include the 1:1 coaching I do with writers and, my new passion project, a writing retreat with a difference. The focus is on feeling pampered, protected, opening up the ability to be creative and vulnerable, without doing it all alone.

    Personally, I have been allowing myself to get caught up in comparison or feeling as if I *have* to communicate the ways that others do to successfully reach larger audiences. But to Todd’s point about provocation vs. evocation, it feels more in alignment to build slowly and, instead of going out to shout from the rooftops, simply open the door and be a welcoming energy. This episode today just reaffirms that I am on the right path…that focussing on running my *own* race will allow me to feel proud of each step that I take.

    Brilliant stuff, thanks Todd, Marie and Team Forleo!

  108. Len Paganelli

    I’m so glad you are back! I enjoyed today’s interview with Todd . You were at Seton Hall when my son Josh was there. I find it interesting that I found you and you were at least spatially connected to some of the best years of his life.
    I am 70 in a few weeks and on fire like a kid.
    You know, I don’t expect to interview people of the caliber of your interviewees. However, my dream is to take my skills of listening, drawing out dreams and taking part in building people’s celebration of their life. I have done this for almost. 40 years in my financial services profession,
    As Todd alluded to, we are wired for our body of work. There is no need to look outside for that. My father’s tailor shop is where I learned to listen and feel the growth of my intuitive nature. My years in a Catholic seminary is where I learned the value and the art of a question. So, from here on out I want to give the willing an amazing gift. That gift looks something like what you do on MarieTV. I will put my clients on center stage, stop the game , create the special moments where the greatness of their less than famous lives can shine. It will shine for their own personal awareness, their active and functional memory, for their family and finally for their legacy and memory to future generations.
    They will have the words and thoughts of their children and grandchildren as well as the pictures on Facebook. They will discover their deep and rich story which, no matter how unnoted in the wider world it may be will resonate eternally.
    That’s my passion. The creativity of ways to do this knows no bounds. It dances in my head and it is endless. I have lots of white space to work with!
    That is what I care about.
    My audience are those who see the value of their lives enoght to celebrate it, savor it, live it to the brim and want to see its primacy over reality TV, notoriety and anything that distracts them from the life they are called to live..
    This ideas time has come. Technology is ready to wed wisdom and create a heaven on earth for those who are so readied to live an enhanced reality rather than live someone else’s vicariously.
    I so admire your work Marie and I enjoy your persona. I hope we can meet some time.
    Len Paganelli

  109. Loved today’s talk!

    What do I care about? I care about helping creatives achieve their dreams of success (whatever that looks like for them)

    What do they (my audience) care about? My audience wants to be successful (whatever that means to them) with their jewelry business.

    What ideas already have momentum? A community for jewelry designers where communication, support and collaboration is what is happening instead of competition. People helping people.

    It has been such an honor to work with the jewelry designers in our community. We are always looking at how we can provide more education and insight to our community and that brings me such joy.

  110. priyanka

    hey Marie
    today’s episode was really awesome with Todd henry.
    looking forward for more.

  111. Inspiring – thank you .

  112. I love this. So much substance. So much wisdom. The white space, allowing our creative genius to bloom and blossom slowly. Like a flower bud coming into bloom. I tried to push at first when I started out as an entrepreneur and it was only when I slowed down and allowed my path and wisdom to come through I truely found my calling.
    It’s a bit like the Alchemist. We have to go on the journey.
    What a fabulous guy. Thanks Marie for this amazing episode.

  113. Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for this interview – Todd seems like a very warm and wise man. His message really hit home for me because it feels like the truth about these things (“building your platform” – I’m afraid that even those words feel a bit cold and soulless to me). I have recently released my first self-help book in to the world and have been really put off by the frenzy of pushy marketing that is supposed to go with it. Of course, we need to connect and share but that approach does not seem very popular. I love his idea of ‘wandering’ as part of your process and I find that some of my most successful connections happen when I am just being me and not trying and pushing too hard. I have just ordered his book and look forward to reading it. And thank you too for all the info that you are bringing to us. You are proof that a woman can be wise and gorgeous at the same time!

  114. By far, the best video ever!! I now have a new author to add to my (never-ending) reading list:-)

    I got so much out of today’s vlog. I related to so many points – I’m in the ‘U’ zone right now with my latest manuscript, I definitely have an issue with comparison and I love the concept of the branch breaking off. Having said that, the evoke/provoke comment really hit home with me. Although I find authors are a pretty supportive community, I do have one author ‘friend’ (or as I call her, my ‘Nemesis’) that really pisses me off. She doesn’t come across in a positive, thankful way (even when she tries) but as more of a “hey, y’all need to know that I’m ‘somebody'” – this totally burns my ass! I sometimes have to remind myself to turn my attention away from her (comparison) and also refocus on those around me who evoke me rather than this lady, who tends to provoke me:-)

  115. I actually spoke on this subject, on how much I struggled to have something to say and say it my way in my TEDx and was so happy when I didn’t listen to the crowd and did it my own way through my own voice, you can see my doubts and vulnerability.
    (The speech is about what I learned from women who have suffered from violence about building your life around your dreams. I started Led By hER an organization that helps women who have suffered from violence become entrepreneurs).
    Hope others find my own struggle to find my own voice helpful!

  116. LOVED this one… valuable, especially in this time where it feels like people are just throwing themselves out to be heard, regardless of the message. Thanks so much for sharing!

  117. Well said Marie, “There are no shortcuts.” You have to wander around the roads of life to experience, experiment and externalize your voice. For some of us, the journey takes time… On roads less traveled. However, once we decide to participate in this game called “Life,” we realize that ball is for our kicking! We begin to build energies around each and every movement. Staying stuck on the sidelines sometimes slows us down, if only momentarily, until we understand that the world NEEDS us, NOW, more than ever! Thanks for the gift of U.

  118. What do I care about?
    Helping people connect to their deepest selves by returning to the present moment

    What do they (my audience) care about?
    Getting results, being effective, having more time, reducing stress

    What ideas already have momentum?
    mindfulness, stress-reduction

    My authentic voice and contribution is then to bridge how being in the moment can help you be more effective, allow you to make better use of your time, and reduce stress. I love this work!

  119. Thank you for this video!
    I love how Todd talks about ‘doing your work, not somebody else’s’.
    It’s a very noble concept that I think doesn’t get much attention in our culture.
    It is so easy to be confused and misguided by other peoples’ work (wether the work is good or bad), and by how they go about doing it.
    It is a constant process, I think, to be searching for, and reminding yourself what your work actually is. On top of that, it’s an evolving target.
    I think the ‘white space’ is crucial for discovering your work. My favorite way to get white space, when I know I need it, is to go for a long walk every day, or to swim a kilometer in the pool everyday. I think there may be something about the symmetrical and rhythmic movement of my body that induces a magic imagination state. It starts to work after only a day or two.

    Regarding the questions:
    1. I care about music and art making, adults learning from kids, and empowering people to create their artistic work. I like wackiness and silliness. I want to teach parents how to bring music and art making into their daily life with their kids.
    2. My peeps care about having a solid and happy family, way deeper connections with their kids, less screen time, more fun on a daily basis, an education for their children and an outlet to discover their own creative expression.
    3. I have momentum in my daily drawings and I am gaining an audience through that avenue. I love that I can use art making, music playing and writing as a way to connect with an audience. It was a wonderful realization to see how those outlets are an indispensable part of my work.

  120. Love the bit about having the courage to get through the U.

    Once, I took an art class that discussed the U and the instructors talked about getting through the “U”gly, giving the U a word to ground us in meaning–especially, artistically. But, somehow, it’s easy to forget that working towards a path (or a means) for how to deliver on our purpose is its own U process.

    Also, I really dig how he carried the analogy further to the tree branch, the break, and the fall which all lead to the trunk. Again, I tend to fixate on one aspect of the process as creative and I have self-empathy for it. However, I forget that the larger process is as creative. I forget that I need to have a bit more self-empathy for that process, too.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful interview!

  121. Ok. One more thought.

    I greatly appreciate the perspective about evoking vs. provoking. I can’t stand provoking and my avoidance of it has negatively impacted my ability to move forward with my message–I’ve been frozen for awhile now.

    Here’s the thing. I want to be a partner with my audience and it’s important to me that I communicate that each of us has our own unique path. After all, my goal is to help my audience (moms and dads) customize the way they help their own children learn (whether or not they homeschool — we homeschool, but I view homeschooling as a lifestyle option; a personal choice based upon so many personal factors. Truly, it saddens me that often the homeschool topic is used as tool in the Mommy/Daddy wars bent on making us feel deficient. The message just divides us). Yet, many of the highly read/popular examples I’ve been evaluating (as a means of guidance to my own site) seem successful because they’re provocative (and so certain). None of it has meshed with my personal beliefs and it’s been difficult for me to figure out how to proceed.

    This has been my major obstacle (for quite some time now).

    Then, as you and your guest re-framed the concept, I was energized! Now, I’m feeling so very grateful and hope that I am able to communicate just how much I appreciate you, your site, your team, and your guests. I hope to convey to you just how much today’s post has meant to me. I can see how to proceed, I’m already off and running–even as I type this.

    What a GIANT gift you’ve given us all today. What a GIANT gift for me!

    Thank you so very much, Marie!

    • Yay, I’m glad I read some of the other comments and found yours. This episode resonated really deeply for me too. I’m ‘in between’ homeschooling at the moment and so I hopped on to your site. I like what you said here about being open to all styles of what works for each family rather than being the staunch ‘you shall homeschool or be damned’ approach! You may want to communicate this more in your about page…if I’m reading a homeschool blog which has lifestyle elements that’s usually where I go to find out more on the person, their experiences and why their message is relevant to me. I wish you success on your mission. onelove

      • Thanks so much Terri–for the support and the tips. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate them. I’m rethinking about it all right now. And, realize that I sort of “wimped out” in a few areas because of this provocation thing…including on my tag line.

        Thanks again and all the best to you as you make your way, too.

  122. Great tips! In a world that puts so much emphasis on constantly creating, achieving, doing, etc., it’s refreshing to hear that giving your projects some breathing space and time to marinate is actually beneficial!

  123. Hi there, I love sharing with others and feel it goes both ways. When family, friends, and followers show me what they like, it helps me and vice versa! I’m so into developing my authentic voice- not easy, but a challenge I think is worth my while!

  124. Marie and Todd,
    I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been at the bottom of the U lately. I’ve been wanting to launch a new site and new products, however, I’ve been starting to compare myself to others and getting really scared, frustrated, and feeling as if I’ve already missed the boat.
    My current business is failing and I feel like such a loser.
    What makes it harder is that I have a family of 4 kids to take care of. I’m wondering should I just get a J.O.B.??? I know I won’t. I’m strong and creative and I can do this. God has my back, I’m not going to quit.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for both of you being so transparent.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Caroline, you are SO not a loser. You’re courageous for starting your business. And there’s no shame in getting a bridge job if that’s what you need while you’re getting our new site and products geared up. Marie talks more about that here —

  125. Jayrald

    I care about producing a better and more meaningful photos

    They care about something that’s entertaining; leaving all the things that are naturally artistic

    The thing that have momentum now a days is what they call funny and elegant photos. Which I call a crap.

  126. Wow – this was my favourite episode of Marie TV. Todd and Marie you each share so much wisdom and genuine caring. I so resonated with everything in this episode. I’m going to watch it again later to take it all in.

    I love your stand for taking a step back and really assessing what you are bringing into the world. This is powerful and comes at just the right time for me as I’m creating ways I can offer my gifts into the world in a meaningful way.

    I really appreciated all the nature analogies with the canyon and the tree…

    My work is in helping people regain a daily connection to the natural world so they can have a holistic and meaningful feeling of wellbeing and be in a restorative relationship with the planet… this becomes a positive cycle as the more we get in tune with nature, the better we feel and self-care = earth care. At the core it’s about love – more love.

    I started this work in 2004 and have been journeying on this path even longer – I’m only just getting my work online and into the world in a new way and I feel as though I’m coming out of that canyon…still confused, unsure but with some great guidance (B-school and the awesome B-schoolers community have a big part to play in that) and increasing clarity of moving towards the destination. I loved to hear you both share the real journey, the dark and doubtful spaces. This interview really has helped me reflect on the body of work I have already created and ground myself to really step it up to a new level with bigger questions on the impact I want it to have because ultimately it’s not about me…but it’s the message that is mine to build.

    Again, I love, love love this episode…could write even more but I’m going to take some quiet time and step outside in the forest to allow some empty space for all of this to sink in even deeper.



  127. I loved this interview and it was the first time on your site. It was passed along from a friend. I care about teaching others to be kind and loving to each other. I am now finding my voice and i am in the bottom of the U as i am getting content together to share with the world. I feel so strongly about helping people get out of their own way by raising their energetic vibration on a subconscious level. Being a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, the best gift is to see clients feel better instantly on a physical level and emotional. I think people are all searching for ways to feel better, deal with stress, relationships, grief and just feel better about themselves and find their passion. I feel what already has momentum are people like yourself being authentic and showing love and being real. that as we find our passions and purpose it is not always easy. Life is always showing us even through our most challenging times. So its about using these to help us learn and grow. sharing our stories so that we can connect and learn from each other. We are all really connected and i hope to share more as well. I am in the process of writing a book to talk about how love is already here, we have just forgotten. I feel my purpose is to help remind you that it never went away it is just in our expectations and judgments that we vere off the path. As we let go, it gets clearer and clearer and we realign with our truth. Which is Love!
    Sending you much love! Maribeth Morrissey

  128. Julie

    Missed you Marie and team. Another fantastic interview. Just wanted to share that my three year old, Dylan heard the intro music to this episode on my phone and ditched watching ‘Dora’ to watch the intro with me. We watched it again and again and had a little dance each time. ?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA! We beat Dora?! Love it.

      We missed you too, and are so refreshed and happy to be back. 🙂

  129. LOVE! Here are my answers for my fitness, nutrition & health business:

    1) What do I care about?
    EMPOWERING others and INSPIRING them to take responsibility for their health NOW. We have a disgusting epidemic in America… Sickness, obesity, disease. I strongly believe it is filtering into other aspects of our life (how could it not?) I want to EMPOWER people with knowledge, courage and clarity to make them move better, eat better, and build themselves stronger from the inside out.

    2) What do they care about?
    Number one in the fitness industry? AESTHETICS. Fortunately, working on performance and health usually yields us with a strong, athletic, lean, energetic physique that we can be proud of not only because of the way we LOOK, but the way we FEEL, MOVE, & INTERACT with the world.

    3) What ideas already have momentum?
    Creating a product/book that gives people the tools necessary to build them into better, stronger, happier human beings.

    xoxo thanks Marie!

  130. Alison Nosti

    1. I care about living a long, happy and healthy life.
    2. My audience also cares about quality of life.
    3. “Eating for Health”, the idea that food is medicine, already has great momentum in this country.

    This episode was very inspirational to me because I am just starting to hike up the canyon. I almost quit working on all my ideas because I was getting impatient and was running out of cash. I am really glad I did not because just the other day I picked up my second client! I can pay my bills now, and have a little extra left over to put back into r&d for my business. You just have to keep putting one foot infront of the other, or you will never climb out of that canyon right?! I am going to pick up a copy of that book tomorrow. Thank you Todd & Marie. You inspired yet another client.
    To Health & Happiness.

  131. Djuro

    Only our sincere inner voice has real value.
    Large and sincere thoughts and ideas always win and moves the world.
    Small and tiny remain inconspicuous.

    Me personally care about truth, love, happiness and that most people in the world live happier, richer and healthier.

    Modern civilization is the highest priority is given to new technologies.
    I personally would give highest priority to new knowledge that are compatible with the 21 century?

  132. I am sitting in a hotel room working on my next book, and I am in tears after watching this video. I took a break to watch, and now I suddenly feel as if I understand why it’s been so difficult for me to write lately. Words cannot express how much I needed to hear this message tonight.

    I have been self-publishing my novels for almost five years, and while I have found a certain level of success, it has been a constant battle to stay on my own path. I want more success and fame, but more than anything, I want my work to mean something in the lives of my readers. I have some days where I’m sure of my own message and my own voice, but when I watch someone who has just started their writing journey zoom to the top and start making millions in just a year or two and getting the attention of the retailers and readers and press, it derails me. I find myself questioning why my books aren’t getting that level of attention, and instead of focusing on my own path, I veer off to ideas that aren’t true to who I am.

    I always come back to my own voice, but it’s a constant emotional struggle. As I think about my publishing schedule for the next year, it’s so difficult to balance my desire for success with my passion for creating a body of work I can truly be proud of. Thank you for this message and for introducing me to Todd’s work. I’m going to pick up his books tomorrow and really focus in on what I need to do to stay true to my authentic voice–even if it means I don’t see the same success as someone with a different path from my own.

  133. Melody

    What do I care about?
    – handmade and handcrafted art through fiber media (yarn).
    What do they (my audience) care about?
    – Handmade, love, memories, unique, one of a kind creations.
    What ideas already have momentum?
    – clothing, amigurumi, baby items, and bedding/home decor.

  134. mary

    Marie, I too got sooooo much out of this interview. I want to engage, inspire and support clients in communicating and having practices that create an inner world of deep care, compassion, well-being and in their relationships with others, and the world. They want to feel cared about, confident, courageous, energetic, happy within themselves and cared about, connection by others and the world.
    What ideas already have momentum, workshops, one-one sessions, classes.

    With gratitude,

  135. I loved today’s episode !! It hit home with exactly I am in my business I started what was to be a vintage rental shop. As I looked at pictures of my inventory I saw so much brown. This was to be geared towards weddings. I have been procastinating on doing an actual website, and couldn’t figure out why. I realized I didn’t like my own product. I was following what I saw in pictures, what others were doing, I wasn’t being true to myself.
    I love bright colors, vibrant, pretty, and I wasn’t creating anything. I was merely doing what I thought everyone wanted.
    I am in the process of changing all of this and making it my own vision. Creating what I love and hoping my clients will as well!
    This episode has inspired me even more to keep moving forward, to be true to myself!!
    As always thank you for bringing all of us such inspiration!!

  136. What wonderful questions.
    1) I care about living a life that’s aligned with my Higher Self. I know that by doing so, I’ll be of greatest service to others. Decades ago I went deep within to come up with a personal mission statement that has guided me ever since: My purpose is to travel through life exploring and expressing my love of beauty and the beauty of love ™. I use it to help me with all my decisions. The dots are all connecting now. Thanks in part to you and B-School, I’m no longer camouflaging my gifts. I’m not only putting myself out there as a visual artist and teacher, but also as an intuitive. My guided visual journeys and energy paintings are already empowering people by helping them connect to their True Self. This is the work I care about!

    I also care about learning and practicing the Universal Laws. My guides asked me to create a series of 12 mandalas this year. I was familiar with many of the concepts, but only knew the Law of Attraction by name. I’ve now completed 7 and am learning / teaching so much through them.

    2) My audience also cares about living a fulfilling life in tune with their spirit’s unique voice. They care about love, beauty, and happiness.

    3) Wellness is a lot more than about the body. People are recognizing this more and more. There’s movement around the unselfishness of following one’s inner callings. Yay!

  137. Since my very first video, I can’t stop watching! I am starting my own photography business, and was stoked when I noticed that a photographer I admire, Christa Meola, had worked with Marie. I feel very connected to both of these women and their wise words have helped me immensely, so far.
    I really liked the “U” analogy, and since I’m down at the bottom and the sun is going down, it feels good to know I won’t be here forever! It is a challenge to carve your own path and not look too much at what others are doing. Thank you for all your wise words, the book is next on my list, and sign me up for B school!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Karen, love your share. You absolutely won’t stay at the bottom of the U, and we’re so glad this episode arrived while you’re there.

      Thank you for staying tuned in — we love that you can’t stop watching!

  138. jill

    These are great questions. I care about radical environmentalism – I mean radically making THE MOST conscious choices in how we live on the planet as individuals and getting the powers to shift. As I think about the question and my response, I know in my heart I am a ‘force’ for this and need to continue working to temper my communications with others because….
    What they care about is having a good, healthy life without so much struggle; wanting to see their leaders being proactive in things that will support those ends, but not really having the time or energy to be ‘radical’ about it.
    I have not quite figured out how to blend my particular brand (I know tempering it with consciousness is a big step) of radical thought with the general mood of help me survive with health knowing my children have a planet….and thinking and writing about this has actually created a shift in what I would call the ‘adrenaline’ response, probably due to what you were talking about – the struggle between the mountain tops; how to keep going; how to not feel alone through awareness of how my force is affecting others…..powerful. I’ve been watching every week for a while now, and while ALL the videos are amazing, this one touched something profound. Thank you so much.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Jill, we’re so glad this message hit home in an important way for you, and can’t wait to see how you’re able to use it as a tool moving forward in your work and pursuing the vision you have.

      Thank you for watching.

  139. Hi Marie,

    I loved reading this post! You’re a really good woman and ideal to be with. You really did a great job in this interview. I really enjoyed watching it. Thank you for this informative post.

    “I also did a 10 day detox (no sugar, gluten or dairy — which is impressive for a woman who loves cheese and wine as much as I do!) and could not believe the difference it made.”

    This lines make me think of something, cause i loved cheese too. 🙂 I’ll be watching your shows and videos!



  140. Thanks so much, Marie! Loved this episode! Especially how the creative process is like “walking into a canyon”. This is precisely how I feel about building my business (pretty big canyon that one 🙂 In fact, I have a draft article called “What Canyoning Near Sydney Has to Do With Building a Sewing Business in Spain” which I’m now off to finish writing ..

  141. Hi Marie!

    I loved this video. I love you continuously remind us to not compare. I put his book in my shopping cart. Although I need constant reminders, I also need strategies on how not to compare myself. I hope his book will help me 🙂


  142. Kim

    This episode was FANTASTIC! I really loved it. The point about creating white space in our lives is spot on, and the evoke vs provoke comparison was great. The story about the tree was brilliant! I hope I have enough courage to follow my ideas & passions to the end of the branch.

  143. Loved this episode, loved Todd! I especially enjoyed the U-shape canyon story and the tree metaphor – both are so true and the way he’s told them makes the ideas really easy to comprehend in a way that sticks. Incredible! I swear the universe is playing with me as I always find that your episodes are always relevant to something I’m going through exactly in that moment – so funny!

    Here come also me 3 responses to the Q’s:
    1. I care about creating a happier world. A world where people learn to choose happiness daily rather than chasing it away.
    2. My audience want to be happy and they want to know how they can more easily find a fulfilling type of happiness that sticks. They want confidence that they’re doing the things that are right for them and are helping them become happier.
    3. The things that already have momentum are my 1:1 coaching programs, workshops, the articles I write and my book Screw Finding Your Passion. I will keep doing what I do with an even stronger focus on evoking responses rather than provoking them. Love it ❤️

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Susanna. Marie really does have an uncanny knack for releasing episodes at just the right time, and we’re so glad this one was timely! 🙂

  144. This was for me, the best video ever! I absolutely drank each words you where sharing. You can’t event begin to imagine how you’re helping me in my business.

    Thank you Marie and Todd.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Nathalie! That totally made my day 🙂 xoxo

  145. Hi Marie, glad you guys are back ! Hope you had a blast ! This is one of the best interviews that I have ever watched . Todd was absolutely awesome throughout the interview with his valuable inputs . Got to imbibe so much from him . Would definitely love to read his books .Thanks Marie for asking some important questions on behalf of us . You always ask the right questions :). Looking forward to your next video. Cheers !

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this one, Tanmoy! We were super happy to have Todd on the show. Thanks so much for tuning in and sharing your kind words. 🙂


    Fantastic discussion Marie,
    and useful too

  147. Amber

    Thank you Marie and Todd for this great discussion! Very informative, inspiring and helpful – just when I needed it most, stuck in my creative canyon!
    Marie, thank you, your videos and emails are always amazing!

  148. Thanks Marie!!!

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today!

    Kavita x

  149. Thank you SO much for this episode, team Marie. I’m right smack in the middle of the slog, and really needed this virtual kick in the butt to keep my spirits up and my legs moving!

  150. I care about making people more conscious of themselves so they can eliminate unnecessary emotional and psychological suffering and co-dependence issues with one another. We,re truly free whole beings who got everything we need inside us and can be a source of love instead of conflict on a regular basis!!
    What people care about I think is also eliminating emotional suffering from their lives and live better relationships with one another.
    Ideas that already got momentum: codependency, mindfulness or living a more aware life, improving relationships, learning to love ourselves better or have a better relationship with ourselves..

  151. I have to agree with everyone else. So much good stuff fit into such a short time. Golden nuggets indeed. Thank you Marie. You are an inspiration.

  152. Cait

    Thanks for talking about the struggle 🙂

  153. Kallie

    This episode has topped my list of favorites! Wow! Extremely insightful. Thank you, Marie, for having Todd on. We all appreciate your time and advice. I’m going to order the book now! 😉

  154. Great post and video! It inspired me to write a blog post about white space and I wanted to share this excerpt here: I have a background in graphic design. In that venue, white space refers to the white, empty space on a webpage, billboard, graphic or etc. Except, it isn’t really empty at all. White space holds value and meaning. It frames the colors and information on the page. It provides room for thought and digestion of information. It gives your brain a chance to focus long enough to take in the meaning of what’s there. Without white space, the message would get lost amidst the chaos…

    Thanks for provoking meaningful thought.

  155. I am so behind the curve on listening to this one, but so glad I did! I have already ordered the book and can’t wait to read. We launched our company this summer and have our first event coming up, but I still feel like there is something missing. I know what I care about…bringing beauty into other’s lives, and I think it’s something people want and there are other products out there, but they are not art, they are just functional. So what I’m hoping for with the book is to understand how to make it clear. How to get that message across. You don’t know how much I needed this. Thank you! Seriously, can’t wait to get my hands on that book! 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Jane, we’re so happy to hear this was just what you needed to hear right now, and can’t wait for you to have the book! We know you’ll crack this messaging piece, and hope you keep us posted.

  156. This was so inspiring I wrote a blog post about the first half of the video.
    I care about people learning about their personal journey via portrait photography.
    My audience cares about changing their life for the better while accepting the way things are day to day.
    I have been blogging with my authentic voice for a few months now and I think to keep doing that will help allow me to connect with my audience more and more.

  157. Brilliant episode. As being an artist, this piece really resonated with me. Thank you so much. D Derek

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you, D Derek — we’re so glad to hear it resonated! 🙂

  158. I watched this just at the right moment! Thank you Marie for this (and everything). My business is in transition as I’ve decided to combine my love for astrology with my jewelry business. My vision is forming at the moment and I’m going through a huge shift in identity. I’ve been so impatient to get this new brand going and finally, just this week, decided to step back from it all and do something else so I can let it all marinate. The timing of watching this video is definitely synchronistic and confirming for me! I’m going to get his book asap. Thank you Marie….I adore you and your team!

    xxoo Sarah

  159. Adriennea Provent

    Dear Marie,
    Your blogs always seem to hit the perfect spot exactly when I need them. I have to admit that sometimes I let a few add up before I sit and go through my email, but the timing is always perfect.
    In answer to the questions posted, I care about facilitating healing while expressing myself in the variety of ways that I have in my toolbox. That is the very base of my care. Whether it is through the energy of my massage sessions,my writing, my paintings, or the reading of some oracle cards. I care about connecting the core of my soul to another to spread that vibe.
    My main business at the moment is massaging others in the comfort of their home. My clients have become like a soul tribe in many ways and they care about staying healthy and relaxed in order to provide their service to the world. It is a business where I am consistently encouraging and advising others on ways to destress while I am consistently reminding myself. I have learned so much about energy and I never cease to be amazed.
    Beginning my business was a huge leap of faith and I am proud of the progress I have accomplished in the last two years. As you asked what ideas already have momentum, I am brought back to your other blog “How to be consistent” and I am reminded to pick my battle, which is writing. This is a love I pushed aside for a very long time, mostly because of fear, while more and more ideas have been brewing in my cauldron. So writing is creating a more momentous drive than anything else at the moment. It is a moment where my soul is not just sitting by idly, but pulling me in the directing assertively. It is a voice I can not ignore.

  160. I liked this video and he remained in my mind for a while. After considering all the books Marie suggested in her videos in the last couples of months, I chose his latest book to read next.
    I’m just at the beginning of the book but I feel so connected and much thankful that Marie invited him in her show. Just wanted to convey my appreciation here! Love.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Nalikolehua, we’re so glad to hear you’ve been picking up some of the books we’ve shared in our episodes. Thank you so much for letting us know that you’re enjoying Todd’s book — we’re so happy to hear that, and hope it’s a great source of inspiration for you!

      • Definitely, it’s going to be a brilliant source of inspiration and encouragement! 🙂

  161. OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  162. trina

    Quite possibly my favorite MarieTV video yet. I didn’t know another favorite was possible. I clearly have work to do on these questions and appreciate the thoughtful homework. From my inner everything, thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Trina. We love this episode too, and we’re so glad you enjoyed it!

  163. Hello there, You’ve done a great job. I’ll certainly digg it
    and personally suggest to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited
    from this web site.

  164. What do I care about?

    Freedom from suffering, Bringing more Love into the world, Healing trust and building community, Transforming our relationship to Money, and creating a sustainable economy which heals the planet and lifts a billion women out of poverty.

    What do they care about?

    Growing their business, feeling more love in their life and relationships, feeling confident around Money, Having clarity and tools for making and managing money, Creating a meaningful impact in the world and being a force for transformation and love

    What ideas already have momentum?

    my Find your true wealth courses, True Wealth Mastery, women’s meditation groups, Healing Wealth and Love, Financial planning for all, Impact investing in Love.

  165. Beautiful perspective on creativity. Thank you.

  166. Niffer Clarke

    ooo – the business path as a U shape. This is SO where I’m at. At the bottom, I interpreted my not feeling the original energy, etc as choosing the wrong business (so much self-doubt). So I went back to the beginning. And now, I’m seeing my original business idea (through STRB) is where to “start.” This is just where the path gets a little scratchier and may not feel as “supreme” — but I need to remember it did and when I get clear, it still does. Does that make sense?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, absolutely! All businesses have their ups and downs and go through rough patches sometimes, so it’s good to remember that you’re on the right path, even when the path has obstacles. The right path doesn’t always mean a clear and paved path. <3

  167. I loved this so much. I sure do have a lot to think about now. I am over here making stuff and setting up my website and learning about all the things that I could do, like pinterest. I’m thinking about these three questions and how it relates to my work. I’m not sure how what I’m doing actually benefits anyone or what I have to offer of value. I suppose that most of all I want to give folks a reason to be happy and enjoy the moments of life. Perhaps that’s why I make art. I have put a lot into it but I think the answers will come to me over time as I think about them. I will watch this again and I’m sharing it to my page so that I can find it easily and perhaps help others who see it. Thanks so much. Love and blessings, Hanna

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Hanna! We’re thrilled that this message resonated so deeply with you and sparked some new ideas for you to implement in your own business. It’s clear you have big dreams and a beautiful heart for giving back to others. As Marie often reminds us, “clarity comes from engagement, not thought” and it’s wonderful that you’re continuing to invest in your art, which the world always needs more of. In fact, your message reminded me of a few other episodes on this topic that may provide some extra encouragement for you: We’re grateful to have you in our creative community!

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