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About 7 years ago, I sat in a hotel ballroom near Times Square with my jaw nearly on the floor.

The lights were dim. On stage, a woman was lying naked on a massage table while a small camera projected the image of her hoo-ha on a jumbo screen to a standing-room only crowd of nearly 300 people.

“So, what we’re seeing now is the vulva. And along here, these are the vaginal lips…”

For the next 15 minutes, the audience (comprised of roughly 75% women and 25% men) sat in complete silence with laser-like focus as my powerhouse friend Regena Thomashauer, delivered an exquisitely profound and enlightening real-life lady-parts tour.

A desire is the interface between you and that which is greater than you. @mamagena Click To Tweet

It was nerve-wracking and, ultimately, awe-inspiring.

When the tour was over, the woman on the table was thanked and gently wrapped in a robe. The crowd erupted into a highly emotional standing ovation.

It was perhaps, one of the first and only times in my adult life that I witnessed such a deft and intelligent group excursion into what’s (insanely) a taboo topic: anatomy and sexuality.

The best part?

Every man in the room was on his feet, wiping away tears and applauding with the fiercest sense of honor, respect and reverence for women that I’ve ever seen.

As an advocate for girls and women’s rights world-wide, I could not have been more moved.

This segment was just one part of a deep and thorough curriculum delivered by Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. Mama Gena) through her wildly successful business, The School of Womanly Arts.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn exactly how Regena took her once out-there dream, a multitude of talents, and a deep desire to make a difference and found a way to turn them into the brave and transformative work she’s known for today.

I think you’ll find her approach to giving birth to your dreams to be wonderfully refreshing. Especially in our hyper driven, no-pain-no-gain culture of overwork.

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After you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever had a somewhat crazy dream that you nurtured into fruition? Or, is there a desire in you right now that really needs more airtime?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Because I bet there’s a next chapter for you; a new phase you’re entering right now – creatively, spiritually and emotionally — that would be well served if you stay connected to your deepest desires and highest truth.

And do me a favor, OK?

Share as much detail as possible in your comment because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your experience may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thanks so much for making this one of the most fun and supportive places in the digital universe. I appreciate you more than you know!

P.S.  If there’s anyone in your life (friend, client, colleague) who feels a little “out there” with their ideas, please forward this post. It might be the fresh perspective they need to move powerfully ahead.

With all my sweaty summer love,


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  1. My gosh ! Thank you for this Marie. I connected with Mamagena’s story so much. I started my business in a very similar way and with a similar innate desire. I was watching my don play with toys one day & felt a great sense of responsibility to be the best role model I can be & to really teach him by being an example.

    I lost 25 kg which I struggled to do for the longest time. & I truly believe it’s my way of giving the confidence, radiance & joy & peace to those bilious women who are raiding the generation of tomorrow while living their own best self – in the most authentic way !

    I am grateful for today’s episode because it reinforced once again that being true to my own desire IS the ONLY WAY TO NIRVANA.

    • Such a great story! I don’t have kids yet, but this is something that guides me-whether I have children or not, being able to lead by example.

      Congrats on your weight loss and taking the step to use your story to inspire others in such a fun way 🙂

      • I have been nurturing this dream of visibility. I want to see myself how I feel on the inside. Some do it through music and art. I find that I am doing it through more spiritual pursuits like color. It’s the most revolutionary soul inspired course of desire if you ask me!

        • Absolutely Bernard We all have our own unique way of bringing it to life. <3 And I also believe it changes over time, over the course of life. I have expressed it with paints, water, colours, photos and my voice. <3

      • Thank you ! Catherine. Absolutely. You don’t have to have kids to do so, infact I think kids only open up that door for you to step up and be an example for everyone around. <3

    • your story is amazing and your work sounds powerful and important. keep lunging towards those dreams!

      • Thank you Mama Gena ( That’s a name that evokes so much love on its own !) Thank you for being you in this world and for leading so many to become themselves. Sending lots of love your way ! <3


      I am a single, SUCCESSFUL, mother of three wonderfully amazing, respectful, loving Children. I am so GRATEFUL to the Lord above for blessing me with such a DESIRE to continue to reach for the stars in all I do. The possibilities are endless and my success depends on me!! I will not give up even though times are very tough! I will not let the devil win! I will over come this battle with finances, and debt and I will continue to smile, and teach my children to NEVER GIVE UP! This to shall pass! The Lord is my Shepard. Amen!

      • Tania Angelis

        Hey Nikki I feel your pain and desire – I’ve been doing the same and am now coming out the other side 🙂 I learnt to do EFT (aka Tapping) particularly around the subject of money which has changed my life so much that I am now creating a programme to help women to let go of the limiting and damaging beliefs they have about themselves and about money. So yeah I’m going to BRAG too – I’ve created a fabulous programme to help women overcome their financial worries and blocks. I’m so GRATEFUL for this amazing medium called The Internet which is enabling me to bring it to women all over the world. And my DESIRE is that it will grow and morph and change into something that draws to it all those women who need its help. God bless you x

    • What a great story. People like you and Mama Gena inspire me to continue to dream the impossible dream and to never water down or give up on my innate desires because they come from a realm way more powerful than me so when I feel like I can’t there is a source connected to my desires that can. A few months ago someone told me about Mama Gena. They told me to check her out to see how she has combined her music, teaching and acting and how it is possible to do it and make an nontraditional living while inspiring others greatly. I was so thrilled to see her on Marie TV.

    • I have a not-so crazy dream that I did nurture to fruition! I obtained my 200 hour yoga teacher training in May of 2012. As soon as I got my registration, I was on a teaching high! I felt like I could conquer the world and maybe even become a celebrity yogi. Well, as a new yoga teacher I could not pay the bills so had to get a “real” job. However, I continued to pursue teaching opportunities. I contacted the organizers of the Firefly Music Festival in the Fall of 2012, and pitched teaching yoga to the festival-goers. They told me it was too late for the upcoming year (2013) but to contact them next year. I contacted them in 2013. Nothing (however they did introduce yoga this year, which got me down a bit because I felt like it was my idea!). 2014, NOTHING. As 2014 closed and 2015 rolled around, I sent approximately 10 emails, detailing my recent yoga accomplishments (such as teaching a free outdoor yoga class at a local University). Finally, in April 2015 – I got the email: “You are an approved FEATURED YOGA TEACHER at the Firefly Music Festival”!!!! I screamed and jumped and my son screamed and jumped! My family and several friends attended the festival with me, I taught yoga twice daily for three days – met a ton of amazing people, and realized my dream! And… they have asked me back for 2015!!! So grateful:)

      • Nicole Martin

        @Diane Rogers: Your story was wonderful to read as it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing your true story of rejection, perseverance and then your dreams coming true 🙂 So inspirational!

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        That’s so awesome! Go Diane!!

      • This is so awesome. You’ve inspired me to persist and persevere on the things I want to do. Incredible story.

      • I had a few tears in my eyes reading your story. It takes courage to keep knocking a door having been turned down several times. It’s good to be tenacious and persistent. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Perfect timing to hear this, Marie! Love the reminders of staying connected to the fun, the desire (also loving The Copy Cure!). Thanks to you and to Mama Gena for all of it.

    • Popescu Daniela


      I really enjoy your videos. This particular one was very useful to me, because I have such a dream myself.My dream is that of becoming a professional piano player. I just bought a book called: The Passion test. All these years I denied my passion. Now I found myself and I decided to follow my passion, no matter what. I think Mrs. Regina does a great job with her academy. Thanks a lot! I took some notes from your video.

    • Great episode, I have followed Mama for years, she is sassy. I have a dream, I teach women (and men) to re connect with their inner wisdom, gut instinct, to overcome overeating, and using food to avoid the pain of the emotional day and weeks. THis is such powerful work and everyone feels lighter and brighter, stronger on the inside, with great boundaries defined and then the healthy balanced weight arrives as if by magic…. I want to do video short stories (snippets from clients) who are delving deep and want to find a new way to connect, I want to write an easy work book so that you can feel as if your floating through life rather than surviving the next drama. I love my work and appreciate my clients and I want to have more and MORE fun. xxx fiona

  2. My somewhat crazy dream was to travel to Prague. I had dreamed of Prague for years. For the past three years, I’d tell my boss to block out a particular week for my trip. Upon doing research, despite my vacation savings, I couldn’t afford to go and do Prague the way that I wanted, so I’d have to go back and tell her to unblock the days. I had to do it 3 times and it was heartbreaking every single time.

    I put it out in the Universe that I want to spend roughly $700 or better on a flight, but every flight that I had seen (for three years) no matter what time of year I wanted to book was over $1100. Even during off-season!!

    Until this year. I found a fantastic deal! Everything in me said this is too good to be true, but after a come to Jesus meeting with myself, I booked it. Then I cried. I couldn’t believe that I was going to a place that I had dreamed about for so many years. In a way, I still can’t believe it.

    One of the best trips that I’ve ever taken and I did it solo. 😉

    • this is so inspiring!

      • Thank you!

        Your story is inspiring too! One of my friends just graduated from your school and her progression has been a thing of beauty. I had the opportunity to attend this year’s graduation. It was such a great event! Kudos to you for what you do!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful! I’m so glad you followed your heart and the universe heard your intention. I know it was hard waiting and having to block and unblock your vacation days for three years, though it sounds like everything fell into place at the perfect time. <3

      • Thank you!

        I’m glad too. I would have regretted it for sure if I didn’t stick with it. Just now, I realized that the trip was on the other side of a struggle. I kept going for 3 years, despite all of the barriers: money, no one to go with, fear, do I have enough time, etc. I kept going and I made my dream happen and it was perfect. Wow…

    • Prague is really beautiful and I’m glad your dream became true! 🙂

    • I LOVE this post!
      LOVE IT!
      I love how you “put it out the Universe” and found what your looking for!
      I love to do that as well and follow up with “and thank you for this or something better” Because we have no idea what great things the Universe has for us when we give it some wiggle room!!
      This was the BEST Marie Episode EVER! I love desire and following your dreams!
      Good for you! Have so much fun in Prague! We all go with you in Spirit!

      • Thank you so much!

        It was such an amazing blessing. Truly. I went on my trip in April. Prague is so beautiful. I had such a great time. I took a million pictures and even took a sidetrip to Karlovy Vary where Casino Royale was filmed. I got a chance to go in to Grandhotel Pupp (where they filmed the casino scenes) and bought some cake. lol

    • Good on you!!

    • My dream is to create a healing place in the bush where women can come to heal themselves from the effects of trauma through therapeutic storytelling, art, food and connecting with the earth.

  3. I’m still working on my dream. It’s taken a while to consolidate all the “parts” of me into a workable, profitable plan, but now I’m a musician and biz coach that uses music and stories to help illustrate the biz principles I teach. I have a weekly web series, do regular music videos, and am a living example of what a Fusion Creative can do when they put their leading talents to best use. After years of working with a variety of entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered these three types of Creative Entrepreneurs (Chaotic, Linear, and Fusion), and am working on a book to help others discover their type and build a “Noble Empire” of their own.

    I love the “living room strategy” – which I think was a term coined by Tara Gentile – it’s helped many people I know (myself included) to grow well beyond our living rooms into bigger and more world-reaching thing

    • this is so powerful. i love your distinctions! have you ever had anyone who was all 3 types?

  4. Tammy

    Thank you!
    I love that you point out that Mama Gina started as a group of women in a livingroom. It brings things into the realm of possibility! (even though they already were).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true! It goes to show that starting small doesn’t mean staying small or having small dreams. Everyone has to start somewhere. 🙂

  5. Sushma

    I was actively searching for an episode featuring you and Mama Gena and wondering why isn’t there one? Aaannnddd Bingo!

    My desires are already being answered!

    Thaankk You Marie! 🙂

  6. thank you, mama gena and marie for this episode … i m truly touched as mama gena desired it and i feel nurtured to feel into my deepest desire and be drawn from this divine sparkle … love, stephanie.

  7. What a great guest Marie! My dream to become a life coach is fruitioning up into reality as we speak! I am a CPA and realized my dream of breaking out of the corporate box almost 5 years ago. This year I became certified as a professional coach through an ICF accredited program and launched my website. My heart sings as I help others find their own joy and presence enabling them to receive more time, balance and energy. I’m grateful for having you as an inspiration and I desire to be the same allowing others to find their shine.

    • Jaymejaimes

      Hi – I felt compelled to respond to your post. I’m an accountant and after numerous positions with numerous organizations, I think it’s finally time to admit I’m in the wrong field. I know what my passion is, but afraid/nervous to go forward. How can I move forward when I’m afraid I won’t be able to sustain the income I’m used to? I’d love insight into how to move forward and make this a reality.

      • Jaymejaimes,

        It makes complete sense there would be some fear/nervousness about chasing your passion when you are concerned about financial stability of that dream. So what is it costing you now to continue to bounce around in a career that is passionless? Would love to chat more with you!

  8. What a fun and important episode! I’m loving the brag, gratitude, desire meeting starter and am definitely going to apply that as often as possible 🙂

    My dream is to use fitness to change the world.

    And I have to give you a big shout out, Marie, because by watching these episodes and going through B-School I’ve been able to get out of my own way, past the how, and into the “wow-this is happening!” by taking consistent action (as a recovering perfectionist that was NOT easy). So THANK YOU!!! <3

    I'm so passionate about my dream, because even though I'm a personal trainer and love fitness now I HATED gym class growing up. Once I found how moving more impacted my mood, creativity, and life I was hooked and on a mission to share this secret with as many people as possible.

    I've gone from training my own clients and teaching fitness classes in person to bringing my biz online to reach more women to now bringing on more trainers to change the lives of more women AND their lives, because the gym is often a TOUGH place for trainers, too.

    After starting my own fitness business I really wanted to help more trainers do the same and this year I started working on that, but in a very small way at first. It's the first time I really let myself let go of the "how" and the result and response has been huge.

    It's also the first time in my business that things have moved in a way that felt quicker and almost effortless.

    I HIGHLY recommend giving up the "how" to anyone reading.

    Work on what you're passionate about, give back to others, and I KNOW you'll be wowed, too.

    Thanks Marie and Mama Gena!!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Reading your post made me want to cheer for you! It’s so wonderful to hear you’re following your passion and helping others achieve their dreams along the way. We’re super proud of you. 🙂

    • i love that you hated gym class and now you are a fitness expert. awesome. inspiring.

    • I love to illustrate and write and I just finished self publishing a book which I illustrated during my 500 mile walk/pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. (My sister and I walked this together after I went through a heartbreaking divorce) After finishing my book I knew that I wanted to pursue illustrating and writing full time. I have been wanting to leave my corporate job of 10 years for a long time but hadn’t taken the leap. I just got laid off last week but they gave me a severance package I didn’t expect….so I’m going to take the money and I’m going to pursue my dream!! I’m going to spend a year in Europe traveling and drawing and see what happens! Thank you Marie and Regina for the encouragement!

  9. Noel

    Thanks for sharing this Marie. I unfortunately feel trapped in that my dream that I am nuturing inside seems completely un-realistic and will doom me to a live of mediocre income.

    I haven’t developed a career as of yet, but I have a strong urge inside to pursue creative writing – in particular, screen writing. However I feel that there are so many other things that I should take care of first (my family, my financial situation) and I’ve had so many creative failures in the past that I’m not sure that I can trust this dream.

    I don’t have an answer as of yet, but I’ve gained a lot of inspiration and insight from this video – thanks Marie and team.

    • don’t be discouraged- even if you give your dream an hour a day- you will build it into a reality!

      • Noel

        Thanks Regena, much appreciated

    • Noel,

      Some thoughts from another wannabe-writer if I may, why not break it all down to bite sized pieces? Take your beautiful dream and break it down into phases and focus on those little things. My goal is to write at least a 1000 words a day every week day since I work full time at a demanding corporate job as well. So after I close my work laptop for the day, I open my personal one and hammer away for an hour. Then I treat myself with something or the other! Could be just an ice cream cone, or a stroll along the beach. Its do-able!

      All the best and good luck

      • Noel

        Hi Tikiri,

        Definitely agree about turning it into approachable manageable goals. Its quite easy to see it as a large looming cliff to climb. Thanks for taking the time to comment – I’m already feeling much more positive about this.

    • It’s tough becoming a writer! I’ve been muddling along with my own writing for a while now and am in the middle of writing a memoir. (I had originally thought I wanted writing to be my business, but I’ve recently concluded that while I absolutely want to write and publish books I don’t want that to be the primary income driver for my business).

      If I have any wisdom, it’s this:

      1. Set an impossibly small goal and stick to it regularly. I love Tikiri’s commitment to 1,000 words, but honestly 1,000 words a day is way too much for me. Set it as small as you need to go. 500 words. 250 words. 10 minutes. 5 minutes. A very tiny commitment that you stick with consistently will be much more powerful than a big goal you never follow through on.

      2. Own your desire. I think the hardest thing about becoming a writer is that it’s a huge mind bender. There’s a whole litany of fear that creeps in: what if I’m not good enough, no one makes money as a writer (except those that do!), *I* will never make money as a writer, everyone will think my writing is awful and hate me, etc. The only cure I’ve found that works is to absolutely own your desire. If you want to write and you really, truly *want* it then own that desire and take action. Maybe you’ll never “make it” as a writer, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if you own your desire and take action you’ll feel 100% better about yourself and your choices than if you never quite muster up the courage to *try*. I don’t know that we ever really regret the dreams we pursue but fail to realize — at least not in the same way we regret the dreams we never dared to reach for at all.

      3. My last piece of advice is to think a bit about the other systems in your life. I used to want to write but never managed to find the time because there was always something shiny around to distract me (chores, laundry, email, tv, etc.). For me, finding the time and space to follow through on my dreams has required a significant amount of “offline” effort on streamlining the rest of my life and setting up systems that support me in getting everything that’s “necessary” done so that there’s time left over to pursue my “optional” but oh-so-important dream of finishing my book.

      I hope that helps!


      • Noel

        Hi Jessica,

        Thanks for replying. The more I think about it, the more I realise that this desire will only be satiated by writing so I’m making some plans to allow myself time to right. I’ve also recently picked up a copy of ‘Do the work’ by Steven Presfield and that is proving to be an immense help.

  10. Hi Marie, Regena and amazing Forleo Team,

    What a lovely energy you have Regena. I loved what you said about remembering that child like play and passion. I personally have to be careful because I could easily get lost inside my child like creative state and never do the ‘how!’

    As for the ‘Brag, Gratitude and Desire’, this is something that I can use every morning. Your ‘Holy Trinity’ was great and I can tell that have definitely used it many time.

    Thank you Marie and Top Team Forleo for creating another great episode

    Naomi 🙂

  11. Marie and Regena Thank you.

    I was going to send the Bschool team and email today, because last night I conducted my first live webinar – successfully.

    That in and of itself is amazing to me, but what makes it even more beautiful is that the webinar was for a focus group full of women who are 100% ready to do the work to change their lives and each one of them fits my ICA picture so closely that it’s a little creep and magical.

    Not only am I offering my work and teaching to a phenomenal group, I also am able to test out the content that I have been creating to move my yoga therapy based mentoring into a larger platform than the one on one work that I have been doing.

    No more playing small!

    I am especially grateful for the discussion around staying out of the “how” and taking time to fuel creativity.

    Luckily, that came intuitively in this process. As soon as I decided to launch the group I knew that I would need to amp up my self care and enjoyment so that I could fully show up for the group and allow the teachings to come through in my writing and speaking.

    It is working.

    Thank you Marie for this episode. Thank you for Bschool.

    Thank you Regena. I had not hear of your work before this episode. I am heading over to Amazon to order you book now.

    Much love to you both.

    • thanks, katie!! i love this line:

      No more playing small!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! We’re so happy for you, Katie! We love cheering you on and supporting you on your journey, so feel free to write to us at any time. 🙂

  12. Omkar Dandekar

    Marie, you are just awesome! Always watch your videos and I always get inspired and shines my days, weeks and months…

    Thanks for this lovely video with Mama Gena…



  13. Hi Marie, I was in tears here because I cant work out the “how to,” when the message came of your video with Regena. Im smiling now. I have just completed a BA hons degree in hand embroidery for fashion, interiors and textile art at the only university in Europe that runs it at 57yrs of age! Something I have wanted to do since I was 13yrs.
    The “how to” of my next move has been flattening me as your video described. Im off on vacation at the end of the week so i can recharge my battery. Your work is so delightful, inspiring and up lifting. Thank you so much.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Our whole team is cheering you on and sending you virtual high fives! You’re never too old to accomplish your dreams and we’re so glad you did. We can’t wait to see what beautiful gifts you share with the world.

  14. Syn Lee

    Hi Marie,

    I have been so inspired and touched by this episode of Marie tv. I’m 31 this year and I have always love singing, music and entertainment. However, there is always surrounding factors and my inner voice stopping me from pursuing what I deeply loved. I felt dragged to work like a robot everyday at a job I’m not interested in just to satisfy my family members. Given my age would I still be able to pursue in this industry that what I always doubt. It’s like a dream versus reality situation. I am beyond sick of this ongoing lifestyle. Would you be able to enlighten me? I would be really grateful for that. Thank you Marie!

    • Syn, it’s *never* too late and you’re never too old. Sure, the pop industry has zillions of young performers in it. Sure shows like ‘…Got Talent’ and ‘X Factor’ almost always pick the youngest, best looking performers. And sure all the actors in TV shows and films these days are in their twenties (unless the show’s been going for a long time). But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get ahead in music and entertainment if you’re over thirty. There’s a *huge* hidden industry out there where you can still make an impact and a career, no matter your age. If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen.

      Believe me, I know about the resistance, and I imagine yours is particularly tough if your family expect you to do one thing when you want to do something totally different. My grandparents wanted me to have a ‘sensible, reliable’ job as a civil servant. So I did that for nine years and just got more and more sick and miserable. Then I was made redundant! So much for ‘reliable!!’

      Anyway, I took that redundancy money and used it to start a voice coaching and singing business. It’s still early days and things are still difficult, especially because I’m up against a lot of resistance myself (how can I possibly be ‘special’ enough to make this work?) But I’m so much happier than I was as a desk jockey doing what was expected of me. And I’m learning so much more about what’s possible in the music industry if you look under the surface of pop and popular classical. There’s a world of potential to make a living, the hardest part is choosing the path that feels most right!

      I’m 34 years old, by the way. 🙂 x

      • i love what you wrote to syn, alixandrea! it is never too late and you are never too old!

      • Syn

        Hi Alixandrea,

        Thank you so much for your kind words, it does provide certain level of encouragement and meaning to me! “It’s like finally there is someone who understands my language kind of feeling”. I deeply appreciate your advice it means so much to me.

        Especially these two sentence that you have mentioned “If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen” and “There’s a world of potential to make a living, the hardest part is choosing the path that feels most right!”

        Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with me, like you have said I’m sure no matter 34 or 31, everything is just the beginning of something new and wonderful. 🙂 Love, God Bless!

  15. Leann

    This was one of my favorite Marie TV episodes. Mama Gena inspires me so much and seeing the two of you together was amazing! My dream is to have a food and garden empire. To help people create paradises in their homes, to connect them to nature and to nurture them with gorgeous, delicious food.

    • Hello Leann

      I would love to hear more – my dream is to creat an awe inspiring village and resort that is eco friendly decitant, luxurious, healthy and FUN! I am needing a team of people to are in alignment with this vision. I would love a garden and food expert on our team. I envision running Soul Purpose Retreats here in this garden and food heaven! I have been working on this for idea for over a year now – so it is still in it’s infancy. My next step is to create a blog and video to make our vision visual to attract a team who are on the same apge with their desires! please PM me if you feel it 🙂

      • What a fantastic idea! Just a few weeks ago, I stayed at the OUR Eco Lodge on Vancouver Island, up here in Canada, run by a dynamic, visionary woman, just like you!

        • I live on Van Island and have visited it 🙂 I now live in Qualicum Beach

  16. Can I just begin with gratitude because I can’t contain myself? I am so grateful for this episode today! I am only a few weeks into starting my business and have been so consumed with the how that I am losing touch with my deepest desire. My desire is to bring joy to teachers because the profession can be a joy-zapper and a joyful teacher can change the lives of hundreds of students. My brag is that I know that fulfilling this desire is within me. I need to stop drowning in the how and keep fighting to make this happen.

  17. Mindy

    Over the past couple of days I have been looking for an authentic way for me to connect with my desire and put the HOW in the backseat, and this is it! I love the idea of gathering in my living room and building from there, I’ve got so much I want to share, this was truly inspirational.
    Thank you Mama Gena and Marie, I will be listening to this video again, and again.

  18. Lynn Pitochelli

    Sooo….new to Marie and all she offers/shares/gives. I’m just at the beginning stages of starting my own business and working for myself for the first time at a somewhat “mature” age and excited beyond belief.

    Just spent the past week in the woods (not my idea, but sometimes a compromise reaps it’s own rewards, yes?) without internet/cell reception.

    After viewing this episode as one of the first things I did when I got back to civilization, I realized how much I depend on MarieTV, etc. Kinda lost my mojo for a bit but am back on fire.

    Thank you thank you!

    • it’s sisterhood, lynn. we all inspire each other.

  19. Maria, thank you so much for introducing me to Mama Gena! I have a dream I have been nurturing into fruition for the last 4 years. Everyone is full of advice and I have to be vigilant that I don’t go chasing butterfly’s but instead stay true to my voice inside. I get all caught up in my to-do list and then it gets hard to connect with my passion. It’s a nasty little cycle I go through. I really like the exercise of brag – gratitude and desire.

  20. Oh my gosh. This is serendipity. I am preparing to launch my dream class, starting a daily practice to build body confidence for young women of any age. This video so let me know that I am on the right track!!!! Thank you a million times Marie and Mama Gena! I know my dream is just crazy enough to work!!!

    • Alixandrea

      Sara, this is an *amazing* thing to be doing and is absolutely something that the world needs right now! I wish you the very best of luck with your business. Please don’t give up!!

  21. Thank you so much for this episode Marie and Mama Gena,

    I loved it, it resonated with me on so many levels. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen much of Mama Gena previously – but now I’m a huge fan!

    I recently realised how I have given away all of my power in all areas of my life. I’m a woman with huge dreams and desires and I’ve recently begun taking baby steps toward bringing those dreams to fruition. I’m taking my power back along the way too and feeling more in touch with the divine day by day.

    I am grateful for being guided to watch this video today – and now have another goddess to add to my collection of teachers. Thanks Mama Gena.

    Thanks Marie & Crew 😉 much love, Maria xx

    • Oh Maria what a beautiful and vulnerable comment – thank you so much for sharing. It makes me SO happy to hear that you are taking your power back and stepping toward bringing your dreams to life also. x

  22. Thank you for joining together for this episode! Both Marie & Regina are part of my arsenal when I am feeling disconnected and uninspired. It was really fun to see that passionate energy combined in one room – I bet your set was on fire!

    My desire is to create work that inspires play with a shot of rebellion. Sometimes it feels rebellious to enjoy yourself when you have such a long to-do list and it is easy to get caught up in the “grown up” way of life that we forget to let loose and have fun. I am so inspired by products that are edgy and humorous. I love walking into a home filled with unique, lived-in energy. I feel deeply connected to people that take an ordinary moment and flip it on its head!

    Our company is in the earliest stages of developing that playful vision and I have a big “impossible” dream to transform it into something magically delicious with a community of wacky wonderful people!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love what you shared about rebelliousness. You’re so right that we sometimes forget to have fun, or worse, guilt trip ourselves for having fun when we have a long to-do list. Though having a little fun make help us get energized to get things done, so maybe we should add “have fun” as an item on our to-do list. 😛

      • YES! Thanks, Mandy! I have officially added FUN to the top of my list. Keep up the great work @ Team Forleo!

    • ooooh – do tell me more about your dream! I am intrigued

  23. Absolutely amazing! After watching it for about 4 minutes I realized I would have to restart it and go get my notepad because there was so many good nuggets of wisdom to take away! Thanks for sharing ?

  24. Megan

    My out-there dream is to teach people how to clean their homes with non-toxic products (like using wet newspaper instead of Windex on glass – it reall works!). It would benefit them personally, as well as their entire neighborhood – imagine being able to walk down the street without breathing in fabric softener when someone does their laundry!

    I’ve thought about starting small and offering a free workshop at a local library, but haven’t had the courage to contact one (or to write up an outline for the workshop).

    I guess I could try using my own living room/apartment… that would also eliminate the need to carry a bunch of tools and dirty surfaces to demonstrate on.

    • Please go for it Megan! I have environmental allergies and the lack of awareness of how toxic so many products are astounds me. I think your ‘neighborhood’ approach is a unique angle. If it bothers a few of us sensitive humans, imagine what we are doing to so many animals who use smell as their primary sense.

      • Megan

        Thanks Deb! Maybe I will give myself the goal of brainstorming an outline for a workshop this week.

        Yes, it’s crazy that so many products with harmful ingredients are on the shelves. I don’t have environmental allergies (don’t have yet – I know that anyone can develop them), but I still avoid the cleaning/laundry aisle in grocery stores, and I don’t even shop in pharmacies.

        I frequently think “if only people knew what was in these products….”, but then again people know about other things that are unhealthy (junk ‘food’ and cigarettes, for example) and still continue to consume them. So I wonder what added incentive I need to figure out in order to really convince people to change ingrained habits.

        Or… maybe I need to catch them before they become ingrained… provide fun workshops for kids, in schools? I know most people don’t think kids are interested in housework, but I think some, once they hit 9 or 10, do start to become really interested in the environment and making the world a better place.

        • Deb

          Megan, Don’t worry about convincing them, worry about demonstrating why it’s your mission to make cleaning products more clean. People will connect from the heart, not from facts.

          Feel free to reach out to me privately, this is important work and I’d be glad to offer my encouragement.

          • Chelsea - Team Forleo

            Sage advice, Deb — love it!

          • Megan

            Thanks for the encouragement! And I think you’re right about people responding to motivation more than data….

    • I would be very interested in knowing your cleaning techniques! I myself am OCD and I love to clean! Do share Woman! I Dare you! God Bless!

      • Megan

        Aaaah – I was excited that someone was interested, but it ended up giving me stagefright for a few weeks! Sorry for the delay!

        There are too many things to share here, but these are my top four:

        – use wet (not sopping wet, but really good and damp) newspaper to wipe windows and mirrors. Wear gloves to prevent the newspaper ink from getting on your fingers. Gets spots off and doesn’t leave streaks.

        – use a hard plastic/nylon pan scraper, or even an old credit card, to get soap scum off of bathtubs and bathroom tiles. No soap or other cleaning liquid required.

        – choose unscented cleaning products whenever possible. The best way to know if your floors/furniture/toilet bowl/clothes are clean is if they don’t smell like anything! Scents in cleaning products can be dangerous, plus they may be masking odors that you would otherwise notice (and know that there is still more cleaning to be done). Or, if you really want the kitchen to smell nice while/after cleaning, boiling a cinnamon stick and some cloves in a pot on the stove is a healthy alternative. Making a cup of chai is a delicious alternative, too.

        – skip fabric softener. I have never used fabric softener, and have never felt that my clothes were not soft enough.

  25. Marie, thank you for feeding us every week! You’re a good friend and a great leader of our legends!

  26. I LOVE this video and its message, Marie. Thank you and Mama Gena so much. I have been learning and remembering the power of desire through studying and practicing Daoist sexuality and realizing the price I’ve paid, that so many pay in this culture for overworking, ignoring the whisper of desire, starving ourselves of pleasure. Such an inspiring reminder to nurture desire and pleasure!

  27. I brag that I can pull together an interior design plan for my clients that they love. One that is a reflection of who they are and adds a little unexpected twist. I am a great designer. I am so grateful that I have been touched by the hand of God to become a creative person who gets to follow her dream of owning her own successful business. I’m grateful I can tap into my gifts and change the world. My desire is to touch many people through interior design to help them create a home they love. I want to design for better living.

  28. I hope that every single one of us gets to release the ‘HOW’ for at least an hour a day this week while focusing on our core desires. Oh, the change we’d see in the world!

  29. Ana

    I LOVE how we are all so connected! I’m working on a personal project that I’m nurturing into fruition and I was needing some air time and play time to reconnect and this video was just it! I’m even going to find a way to include Mama Gena’s Holy Trinity in it, it is so so powerful! Like she said this process “grounds me with my potential allowing me to connect and realize I have so much to give!” <3 <3 <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this week’s episode and that the Holy Trinity method found you at just the right time!

  30. I love the idea of focusing on the desire and the dream, rather than the how. I have no idea how I’m going to make real money doing what I’m doing. And a lot of people think that’s crazy. But I feel so pulled to keep creating, keep reaching out into the world, keep making connections and trying new things. The how isn’t important because I know I’ll figure it out eventually. I always do.

    • you are so on your way, stephanie. and you will figure it out! we all go through that challenge on our way to greatness and $$.

  31. I just loved this video and am so thankful to now know who Mama Gena is! I love her Holy Trinity and Her story was so inspiring. I’ve had some exciting things happening since I started taking advice from Marie (and company) and expressing my Brag and my gratitude reminded me of how awesome it’s really been! I had a huge smile on my face when I said those things out loud!!

    Also I got a bit teary eyed when Gena quoted The Sound of Music… “A dream that will need all the love you can give.” Business, a child, family… It’s true. I couldn’t help but think of how far reaching Rodger and Hammerstein’s dream of making music and movies has spanned as well! Love and thanks,

  32. Tichanda Thompson

    So many take-aways! I love the Holy Trinity. I love the spirituality of this piece because the desire or the dream has to have a sense of the impossible for it to burn within us and to me only a spiritual connection can bridge that gap. I am also always stuck in the perpetual “How” and she is right that there is an allure to it that can suck and drain the life out of the dream. I am always stuck on money and logistics. My dreams are in perpetual “HOW” purgatory. I will watch and re-watch this episode. Thank you!

  33. Can I brag about something that feels like a happy accident? I first discovered Mama Gena when I was at our local used bookstore.

    Why is this a brag? Because I never let myself aimlessly browse for books — I’m always building a reading list and cataloging things I “should” read.

    That happy accident has transformed the way I think about myself and my business. Mama Gena inspired me to trust my instincts for fun and joy (not an easy feat for a Type A personality).

    Thank you Mama Gena and Marie for this timely reminder to connect with the joy and enthusiasm within myself. I need it right now; I’m working towards quitting my day job in a few months to go full time with my impossible dream!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s funny how the universe hears our intentions and works to help us. Marie shared this beautiful quote yesterday on Twitter and your story reminded me of it: “What you seek is seeking you.”- Rumi
      We may not always know what we seek, but we know when things come together to help us achieve our dreams. We’re cheering you on with your impossible dream!

      • Thanks, Mandy! I LOVE the Rumi quote. That gives me a lot of peace 🙂

  34. monica

    It seems like every time in my recent path when I have something deep and important to choose, you (Marie) show up with a great advice and wonderful people who serve as channels of wisdom.

  35. Wow! This was just what I needed to hear. My dream is big – to help people of all ages learn practical microbiology and infection prevention so they can take responsibility for their own health. Recently I felt like the dream was stalled out. Regina inspired me that big nebulous dreams CAN be realized. I also want to have FUN in the process. I am having a session with my former nurse colleagues on Thursday night to stuff 1,500 tattoo samplers with a reward of cheesecake. SO sitting around the dining room table doing this mindless piece work – I plan to initiate this brag-gratitude-desire activity. It will be great as we reconnect – in the name of my business – Nanobugs, inc. (my brag, for sure).
    Thanks, Marie, for exposing us to Regina and her dream.

  36. Great interview Marie. I enjoyed @MamaGena thoroughly. I started a business in 2008 and it did become successful but issues started with a contractor that ended up in a lawsuit that dragged on over a year. Although the company still exists, I’ve lost my passion I had when I started it and have never gotten it back. I struggle daily with “should I just close shop” or “what’s next”. I helped over 225 businesses and received a lot of joy from that however, I can’t shake the “I don’t care anymore”. Your convo helped in directing me to think about what brings me joy and what my desires are, saying them out loud everyday. Thanks!

  37. Kayla

    I am so enamored by you.

    I totally have a desire that needs more air and I feel like I am weighed down by all the people in my life that constantly need lifting up. I have been desperately seeking a mentor and I have found that in you.

    Thanks Marie, you are such a wonderful spirit.

    P.S. I am totally interested in your story, your struggle, how you made it. I know you have shared a little but I would be enthralled to hear every detail and who you account for your success (other than yourself, of course).

  38. Dawn

    I love this! Thank you Marie and Mama Gena!

    I’ve always been drawn toward following my dreams but have gotten a bit lost a few times a long the way.

    Over the last few years I have made it my practice to surrender myself to the Universe and ask to be shown the way.

    My desire is to help people with their health. I’ve been a family nurse practitioner for over 15 years and discovered that I don’t like conventional medicine much at all. Fortunately I’ve discovered a passion for nutrition and functional medicine. I’ve tapped into tons of wonderful information and I’ve been soaking it up like a sponge.

    I get a bit discouraged at times because I still work in conventional medicine to pay my way in this world. I try to focus on taking time with each person I see and doing my work from a place of compassion.

    Meanwhile, I am working toward creating my own practice.

    I’m sure I’ll replay this episode many times to help me stay connected to my dreams and my desires.

    Thanks again Marie and Mama Gena and best wishes to everyone in making your dreams come true!


  39. Barb

    Your Nuggets of Wisdoms took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. You were singing to me today! My dream has been safely tucked up into my ‘hows’ for far too long. It’s time for this dream to step out into joyful creation and starting living and growing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • barb–when i was first starting my biz- i would sing that song a dozen times a day and i still love it!

  40. What an awesome episode! I LOVED meeting Regina. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of talking with animals. I “imagined” that I was doing that because that was the word adults used to describe what I told them I’d heard. It turns out that I was talking with animals through my intuition and telepathy. When I was in my 20’s I was determined to reactivate these abilities and I DID! I have been a professional Animal or Interspecies Communicator for 20 plus years now. My dream may have seemed IMPOSSIBLE to the max to most people, but I KNEW it was real and possible. Now I wish to help other like-hearted humans realize this dream is possible for them too. The world needs us to remember our connection to the animals so that we can work together to make the planet healthier for all beings! I am deeply grateful for Marie, Regina and so many other women who are passionately pursuing uncovering their Divine selves. The future is literally in our hands. xoxo to ALL of you reading this!

    • wow. i need you to help me talk to my doggie, princess. she is getting older now, and i want to know how to best care for her.

  41. Kim

    I’ve been helping people with natural health solutions for over 30 years now as a self study mom. I’ve spent 33 years raising 8 children keeping them healthy. So in preparation for my last one leaving the nest I went to school to become a health coach, which I completed this past April. I know there is a boom in the health coaching arena that’s been happening over the last several years and there are thousands of people out there who are doing the same thing but I still have a deep desire to help women live healthier lives. I love fun, so in my discovery of who I am in this arena I focused on the fact that if its not fun or enjoyable I don’t want to do it. I am just starting out my business and have started with a small group of 4 women doing things that are fun and chatting about the issues we as women deal with. I have more scheduled and I’m looking forward to many more. It is an unconventional way of doing things from my perspective but it still is my driving force to continue in this direction. I’ll see how it goes and grow from here.

    • wow!! 8 children??? you are my shero.

  42. Though I love all your videos, this has become my very favorite. Teary eyes kind of favorite. It has made me realized, I’ve become such a how, strategic kind of person that I’ve fallen out of touch with my deep desires, they’ve taken a back seat…

    I’ve achieved a lot of things in my life which at some point I thought to be impossible like living in this beautiful country of freedom, peace and opportunity or having had the mind blowing honor to write a chapter in a book with some of the heroes that have inspired me throughout most of my life or finally being able to forgive and become friends with my mom.

    When I did all these things I was coming from the heart, from a deep desire not from my head…

    Thank you for this video which has made me realized, I’m living in my head too much and been ignoring my heart.

    Time to dream big dreams again,


    • So beautiful to hear this Tatiana! It’s magic time for Big Dreams. Time indeed…

  43. This is incredible and so synchronistic. I was just teaching the “why vs. how” concept on a live broadcast for Integrative Nutrition.

    I LOVE Mama Gena and am so excited to go to an intro weekend of her’s in Miami this November.

    Brag: Since B-School 2015 (my first time) my list has doubled and I’ve been able to increase my rates by 173%. No joke – I just did the calculation.

    Grateful: I’m SO grateful to be able to support other entrepreneurs to dissolve physical, mental and emotional blocks stopping them from doing their best work through mind-body health coaching, and to be able to bring their ideas to life through copywriting.

    Desire: I desire to travel more and expand my business even more so I can reach more people and live an even more incredible life.

    THANK YOU Marie and Mama Gena! I love you both.


    • can’t wait to meet you in miami, lula!!
      you will love love love the immersion!

      • Ditto! So excited. Much love! xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      173%?! Wow, wow, WOW. It’s clear you’ve been studying hard and working harder. We’re incredibly proud of you and are so happy you took the leap to do B-School. We’re sending some big time virtual high fives your way! 😀

      • Thank you sooo much Mandy! Much love! xoxo

    • Yay!!!! Go you, you dream getter you!!!! How fabulous 😀 😀 😀

      • Thank you so much Naomi! xo

  44. What a gorgeous episode and inspiring guest! Thank you.

    Lately I’ve been trying to explain what it’s like to have a dream that scares me so much because of it’s scale and how it seems to get bigger the more I learn and do! Argh!

    It’s still new how honest I’ve had to get to even discover this desire. It’s teenagers I care about. Those who want to do more than is being offered at school and though local sports or community clubs. By the end of my formal education I had every certificate a student could wish for with an open invitation into a high-flying industry, but no clue of who I was and what I cared about.

    I’d learnt to think that exploring issues I cared about – like why hard working adults in my life were loosing their jobs or becoming stressed for fear – weren’t as important as me doing well in school and clubs. My message now is; each generation of teenagers grows in awareness of the wider world for the first time, and sees our set-up with fresh eyes, so their questions are some of the most important we have. My work is about creating space for teenagers to explore what interests them by “Apprenticing Themselves” to a field they care about, to learn what they need to learn from real world mentors so they know they don’t have to wait until graduation to begin creating more of the positive they’d like to see in our world.

    Maybe this will always feel overwhelming, but I’ve never felt more since giving myself permission to try.

    • Love this dream! Go for it, Leah!

      • Thanks so much Leila. Your words mean so much! Your art is gorgeous. At a recent workshop I was at we made “mood boards” and mine came out, to my surprise, very feminine (one of the themes I noticed that inspires you). I realized I’d spent so much of my life trying to be quite ‘masculine’ in the way I worked and acted, because I felt that was how best to fit in the world and be successful. It’s scary how lost it’s possible to become! I’ve just followed your facebook page for some further inspiration from your art. Keep doing your important work!

        • Thank you Leah! I read your story on your website and was moved to tears! You are one amazing young lady – I am as proud of you as if you were my own daughter. xxxx

          • Oh, Leila. It’s words like that I keep and look at when I’m feeling uncertain and scared 😀

            P.S. On a side note, love that Regena sang Sound of Music! I grew up with that film. There are so many great messages in it; “All I love I give my heart to. All I love becomes my own…” xx

  45. Georgina

    Thank you so much Marie for all the incredible videos you produce and all the wonderful content you provide us with. This was a great interview, so grateful I found you in cyber space 🙂

  46. You always post videos at the PERFECT time for me!

    Lately I’ve been focusing very much on the “how” for my business, because my nature is to actually NOT focus on that, which has made it really difficult for me to bring my dreams and desires to fruition. Now, I’m overly focused and trying to find the balance. Just yesterday I thought to myself – maybe it would be helpful for me to bring that dreaming/creative space INTO my how… set aside time regularly to just let myself be inspired through reading, writing, whatever it may be. I think for those of us who get a little anxious from stepping away from the to-do list, this could actually make stepping into that creative space feel as productive as checking off something on our list.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom Marie & Mama Gena!

  47. Incredibly impressivve…

    Marie, as you know I come from the somewhat stuffy corporate world of board rooms and executive agenda-driven meetings. As I was listening to your interview with Regena, I couldn’t help but reflect upon how many meetings (literally thousands) I’ve been a part of over the years where focus was on how to achieve results, address performance issues/problems, goals, targets, plans and so on.

    What a refreshing and novel approach to starting a meeting ..Brag, Gratitude, Desire would be and I can’t but help believe how much more productive meetings would have been had this approach been taken.

    No doubt, there would be many gray-haired execs who would shudder at such an idea and that is part of what my business is all about… breaking the mold of the typical corporate approach to selling one’s business.

    This was wonderfully refreshing and will stick with me through my journey!

    Thanks for the great info!

  48. I loved this Marie! (tho I pretty much love all your videos). So inspiring. I lost my job after 30 years as a paralegal. I was devastated. I could not find another job, perhaps I was too old, too over qualified, who knows! Just because I lost my job did not mean that the bills stopped coming. I was scared and desperate. I always had a passion for decorating so I took photos of my home and made brochures. I literally knocked on doors in the neighborhood and asked residents if I could decorate for them. Surprisingly, people said yes. My portfolio began to take shape and I gained experience. After one year in my own business, I certainly do not make the same salary that I did in the past but I have bits of money and am able to make the minimum payment on my credit cards. I also have joy in my work, which I have not had since I was in my 20s. I get to create, how grateful am I! My desire is that one day I will be so successful that I am able to decorate rooms for people with special needs. Many people with special needs never get their own apartment, or starter home or forever homes, but live in their childhood bedrooms with their parents for most of their lives. To give them a space that they can call their own as adults and to give them the dignity and beautiful environments that they deserve would be a dream come true for me. I can do it and I will do it. Thank you for keeping me going, Marie. You are such an inspiration.

    • what a beautiful dream, mary beth!

  49. Like many of Marie’s videos this spoke to me. One of the things that really stuck out was the “how” that’s one of my issues is the “how” How do I reach the people/clients I want? How do I get more visiability? How, how, how. Not realizing that focusing on the “how” is diminishing my dream WOW mind blowign. Thank you for sharing!! No more focusing on “how” as much.

  50. Hi Marie and Mama Gena!

    I dropped everything just to watch this. I love Mama Gena’s work and this episode just made me cry inspiring tears of happiness. I really loved that she shared her story. I started in my living room too several years ago with small meditation and intuition development workshops and now I am able to teach online and reach a global audience (thanks to what I’ve learned in B-School!) and this made me feel hopeful that all the work I’m putting in even though at times it feels like I’m not getting anywhere, that a dream always has to start somewhere.

    I am also feeling a new level of desire too that at times feels way too big and I find that I’m getting stuck in the “how” energy of it all. Listening to Mama Gena reminded me to get really clear on that desire, still strategize the how, but to keep fanning those flames and taking those steps to nurture that desire into a reality. I love you and Mama Gena! Thank you!!!!!


  51. Hi there all,

    As a teacher I love this Brag, Gratitude, Desire practice as a way to start off classes with young people. We all need to feel like we have something to offer and learn and strive for. So this is a practice that I could see you using in the classroom. I also of course like it as an artist. When I come up against the idea in my studio like I don’t have anything to say, why am I doing this? (kind of patterns) — I think who am I not to do this? Is this practice of art satisfing me? Creating art always makes me feel connected to myself. So I love this practice and will use it as a teacher and artist and as a mom.

  52. Danielle Rooney

    Thank you. This was exactly what I needed. You and Regena are inspiring women and I’m so grateful for the work you both do. Never give up, your work is much needed. Thank you, again!

  53. Thank you SO much for this!! Honesty it’s just what I needed to hear today. I’ve just started up a blog that I really want to go far with, and sometimes I doubt it…I doubt if it’s worth it, or if it will go anywhere, or if it will really help anyone. My desire is to one day teach people how to live life in their highest potential, and really follow their hearts! It’s what I’ve been doing since 2012, and it’s gotten me far, although the path has been so crazy and very unpredictable and uncertain!! It’s so important to trust your inner guidance system and I believe this is a problem for many many people. Anyway, thanks again!!!! I’m even more motivated now to get to work on this dream 🙂

    • taylor marie- congrats on starting your blog! way to go~!

  54. Thank you, so inspiring.
    I am both working toward my goal and needing more air time.
    I am continually evolving to make my dream, my calling a reality.
    Thank you

  55. Wow – I LOVED the holy trinity. I have been toying with the idea of starting a woman’s spiritual group, and now I have the most PERFECT tool to start each meeting with. Now, I just have to find the women who want to participate…

    Thanks Marie and Mama!

  56. I’ve got to say that recently I found my notes from the free video series, which I watched before joining B-school last year.

    I scribbled there on the margin that one day I would like to teach interior design and show and inspire other women to improve their homes and transform them into a place of style & comfort, but also pure HAPPINESS.

    And then, I wrote a question next to it (I kid you not, my jaw dropped when I noticed it now): AM I GOOD ENOUGH TO DO THIS?

    Now, 1,5y ears later, after lots of growth (and finding out about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them) I have a course which does exactly what I wanted it to.

    It inspires women, showing them how to transform their homes into a beautiful place and find happiness within.

    In my notes I had a few other things that I thought I “had to” do first before I’d go for this dream. But thanks to the amazing community and mentors I found inside B-school, and of course thanks to B-school itself, I was able to fast forward through those “I should do this first” jobs, and now I’m living my dream.

    To quote Marie: Keep going for your dreams, because the world really DOES NEED the special gift that only you have xx

  57. LOVED THIS. So counter-intuitive to us workaholics and yet so sensible.

    This daring to hold on to an ‘impossible dream’ is just what I needed. Thank you both!

  58. Truly joyful and inspiring episode!! I created, with nothing more than a vision and a suitcase packed full with desire, a hand built ( literally!!) Earthen home, “cob”, to be precise. I had never built anything more complex than a shoe box doll house and I was a single mother if a six year old, living on 5 acres with no electricity or running water. From these humble beginnings came a beautiful home and several other buildings, all sustainably built, 100% Solar energy, hundreds of visitors who left inspired and empowered, radio and newspaper interviews and most importantly to me, a now 23 year old daughter who is grounded and courageous and living her dream in N Y. I have , after 16 years of incredible learning and lots of hard work, sold the property and am now beginning to charge up my deep desire to impact and inspire women with the work I call “Radical Embodiment.” I’m writing a book with the same title and working on a one woman show. I believe in listening to our longings and our desires and say to all of us, “Lean into your Longing!”

  59. Great episode! I watched the Ted Talk show of Mama Gena and wow she is amazing!!! This is exactly what I needed today as I am going through some personal issues and realize that I don’t give myself enough things in life that are pleasurable for ME! Thank you Regena and Marie for all you do for the world. XOXOXO

  60. Wow Marie! This was an amazing show! You ladies are an inspiration more than you even know. This was a really moving episode and very timely. I thank you. I’m going to do the Holy Trinity exercise now: Today (and this is why it is “timely”), I not only stepped out of my comfort zone, but I shredded it. I am now on the path that is bringing my desires & dreams into existence and I am not looking back. Woo Hoo!!! I am incredibly grateful for dynamic women like you Marie & Regena for your incredible examples and for showing us all that it can be done. My Desire is to run in your pack. To be one of these dynamic women that inspire others through my work (as a health coach). To be on your show and pay it forward to more women & men who come along after me and who are wondering if they can do it too. That is my desire and my intention.

    • and so it shall be, kristi!

  61. Marie & Mama Gena!

    Loved this episode! This spoke to my own lived experience. My somewhat impossible dream was of creating a program to teach urban students how to leverage the power of their personal stories to win scholarships and get admitted to college!

    After two layoffs and massive budget cuts, I wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer. I started my workshops and held them for free at different schools and organizations. People loved them so much, they offered to pay me to come back again! Today, I’ve helped students win over $1,000,000 in scholarship money and was recognized as an American Graduate Champion!

    I’m so excited for what the universe has in store!

  62. Ruby

    Wow, Regina, I was stunned to hear you share you are shy. I am also shy. much prefer staying hidden behind the scenes. But I resonate so much with what you said, because the one time in my life I acted “out of character” in a big way, was in direct relationship to saying yes to deep desire. that just suddenly blossomed into my awareness. and the unfoldment of that dream happened beyond my wildest imagination, perfect in all ways, for me. What stopped me, was feeling guilty at having so much joy and fun while my relatives, esp. my mother was not. I’ve come to realize that to do this one has to let go of people sometimes. trust that they will find their way, so this is the tricky part of it for me. How to enjoy the joy of fulfilling personal dreams when loved ones cannot or will not join me.

  63. Sweaty summer indeed! I love it!

    I feel in the beginning that all of my ideas are “out there”. This woman proves there’s no such thing. I think our society needs to evolve into something much more creative and understanding as a whole. We’re on our way, but still have a long journey.

    I always think long and hard about the reaction of others to my ideas. One of my flaws I’m working to overcome.

    In sharing this, Marie, you bring us more together as a community of creative beings who desire more for the world. Love you!

  64. Two years ago I had the worst client I had ever had. I’ve had hundreds of incredible clients (for my website business) so that is not something I say with a light heart. She was manipulative and verbally abusive and after firing her for the third time, I finally stood my ground.

    BUT…even though it was a really rough time, what I realized is that the business I was trying to help her create as a health coach, was something that I had such a strong desire to do for myself and I began seeing a clear path. I kept trying to create it for her but she kept getting in her own way and doing it for all of the wrong reasons. As I did the work for her, it ignited a desire and passion in me that had always been there a little bit, but now was staring me in the face. It was literally calling to me. For that I have to be grateful for what was otherwise an unpleasant situation.

    However….at the time, I was a web designer with no previous training on nutrition or anything else…I just knew I loved cooking healthy food and helping people learn how to fuel their bodies. So I started simple by getting a blog up with my healthy recipes and trying to get traction and energy going in any way that I could.

    Fast forward to now. I have completed my nutritionist certification as well as an herbalist certification and just launched my new website (today!) to actually make a business out of this…and I’ve never felt so strongly in my life, knowing I am headed in the right direction. I love how Regena talks about the “how” because it is something that can creep up and cause so much worry. I have found that when you really focus on what you want, the universe will figure out the how…and it might not be how you imagined, it might be even better.

    I still have a long way to go to make this my full time business, but holding on to that desire definitely has kept me connected to my dreams. And so far the feedback and support I’ve had has been incredible so I know I just have to keep trusting and stay focused and I will get there.

    This was a beautiful interview. I just got back from a “Female Retreat” with some of my entrepreneur friends and the timing couldn’t have been better 🙂

  65. Sometimes I feel like my dreams are so way out there but this episode once again reassures me that I was born to bring my desires into the world and honor its source. Last week I felt so overwhelmed by self doubt I told myself “You can’t possibly do this and think you’re going to make a living.” These thoughts come up every now and again but the thing that gets me back on my path is my deep desire to express myself through music, speaking and writing and ultimately inspire people especially women to be true to them self and honor their calling. My desire lights a fire under me and keeps me going and I must hold on to that and believe that it will lead me to my best life.

  66. Hi Marie!

    Thank you so much for this video! It was so emotionally and psychologically reaffirming for me that at one time I had to stop the video and cry with joy and delight.

    My BRAG!!—For 30 years I’ve tried to write the story of my childhood and adult life. Every time I wrote anything, within a few hours I realized it was drivel. Through B-School and The Copy Cure and Feminine Power, I’m finding my voice. Yesterday I wrote the first few pages of my story. I read it out loud to my husband. He cried and told me what I had written was amazing and he had no idea I could write something so powerful! Yeah ME!

    My GRATITUDE–I’m so thankful I found you and all the delightful wisdom you have to share. It makes me feel young and vibrant to watch you and hear you but the real blessing is how much you have helped me. Thank you Marie!

    My DESIRE–Now that I’ve found my “voice” to keep that “voice” and write the whole story. The working title is: My Story; A Version of the Truth.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  67. Dear Marie and Mama Gina,
    Thank you infiniti!! I was so whirling dervishly delighted watching this interview I was gleefully distracted until the Climb Every Mountain reference and had to replay the interview. Marie today you reminded me of a modern savvy Glinda the good Witch in your fantastic bright pink dress and dreamy golden heels, but maybe you would drive a space star car instead of a bubble 😉 Mama Gina I am off to get your books!! I have recently discovered that after some time and some success as a print model and actress I have been a fit/plus gal all the long and need to bring more joy to my practices thank you for this soul enlivening inspiration.
    With love and deep appreciation,Kara <3

  68. Thank you for sharing this video Marie and Mama Gena! I love that you are both empowering woman in such tangible ways. Keep up the GREAT work!


    I am a single, SUCCESSFUL, mother of three wonderfully amazing, respectful, loving Children. I am so GRATEFUL to the Lord above for blessing me with such a DESIRE to continue to reach for the stars in all I do. The possibilities are endless and my success depends on me!! I will not give up even though times are very tough! I will not let the devil win! I will over come this battle with finances, and debt and I will continue to smile, and teach my children to NEVER GIVE UP! This to shall pass! The Lord is my Shepard. Amen!

  70. I always say that the destination will feel just like the path to creating it did. If you want a happy result, you need a joyful process of creating that result. I was very glad to see this video. This is 100% where I’d love to see more entrepreneurs focusing, knowing that peace and joy do not undermine their success, but amplify it beyond what the separate self alone can create. Gratitude for your sharing.

  71. Jill

    I LOVE the Brag, Gratitude and Desire. I’m going to start each team meeting with that going forward. And truth, I’ve felt like bragging was like boasting, but you know it really is celebrating and connecting with what is great and REAL in our lives/business/family. I’m not going to feel bad about bragging anymore. Thank you both for this episode!!

  72. I was really moved by this episode. Such an inspiration! Thank you!

    I brag that I sticked to my dream for bringing to people who think that they are disadvantaged tools that can help them to find their inner beauty, peace and creativity to pass their their joy forward.

    I am so grateful for this program, for people I serve since keep me on the road of greatness and love.

    My desire is that the work of the NGO I just created can assist more and more people to find the inspiration to do good for others by showing up with the seed of love that they have inside and to make it bloom in a rain of loving light.

    When I can let go of the “how” miracles happen. The last one was to find myself without any money to create this NGO (I was doing it anyway for I knew (silent knowledge) that this was the answer) to suddenly have a sponsor to give me what was needed for its legal creation and for the 1st year of its operations. Just the time to become self-sufficient. I am so grateful! Yes, keep your dream and work, one step at the time, in the desire direction…and don’t forget to have fun! (My way to add fun is through dancing and Hula Hoop:-). Enjoy the ride!

  73. Thank you so much for this video! I recently launched my own bikini and shop online and I’ve been feeling as if I’m in a “slump” lately. Watching your videos always helps bring me back to my “why” and this video especially was very encouraging. Thank you thank you thank you!

  74. Gabrielle

    I so needed this today…. got sucked in to the HOW

  75. Marie, I usually watch without commenting but I just have to commend you on this interview. Regena was so awesome and so inspiring. I’m so glad I took a moment out of my morning to watch this video. And, the part about using the “holy trinity” to start meetings is a real bonus. I plan to implement that in my staff meetings immediately. I can see how that will positively impact me and my people.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Sherri. We’re so glad you watched it and are soaking things up from it too.

  76. … oh and to share just one of my many “miracle” stories (I do a series of them on Periscope every Sunday morning, btw)…

    I had many failed businesses for years, going in and out of jobs as an introvert with a social anxiety disorder and desperately needing to work from home for any sort of income stability. Then a Buddhist teacher convinced me to move to the San Francisco Bay Area from where I was living in Maui. The deal was that I would come for 10 weeks to check it out and see if I could find decent work and a good place to live.

    Since I was only able to commit to being here 10 weeks, I figured I’d better take a temp job instead of a permanent one. I found a listing on Craigslist that paid $19/hr for someone who knew MS Access, which I had previously taught as a vocational teacher in NYC. At the interview I talked them up to $23/hr and then started work.

    I was supposed to be trained for 2 weeks by overlapping with the person in the position going out on maternity leave. But she decided to leave the day before I started instead. No one knew how to do her job, which actually was very little using Access and mostly using a CRM system. So I figured out how to do the job in a way that worked. Turns out I reduced the error rate by 30%, so they basically said to themselves, “Well if she can do this much with no training, what can she do if we actually train her?”

    So they sent me for a very expensive and at that time little known training program for a week, and I got certified in the technology soon after. My payrate was then raised to $30/hr, the person returned from maternity leave, I commited along the way to staying in CA and they gave me a permanent position at the company.

    Within 2 months of my getting the certification I was contacted by a headhunter looking for people with technical certifications. I was then hired by a company using a different technology that was even more rare, who figured that if I could learn the first tech, they could teach me the second. They had me work from home at $60/hr!!!

    That was great, but now that I was working from home, I gained the ability to be a contractor worker. Eventually I got my hourly up to $75/hr, but then the company that had secured an exclusive contract with me 2 months earlier decided to leave CA completely (the crash of 2009). So I had no choice but to either fall or flap my wings and fly.

    I decided to open my own firm doing the same thing I’d been doing for the last company. I had only 2 months living expenses saved, so knew I needed a supporting level of revenue within 2 months. I signed up for Lynda dot com and learned to use Adobe products to create a website and logo. I signed up for a couple community college classes so I could get a student ID card and buy a computer (which I had been borroowing from the company I worked for) and software at student rates, and I got my first $20k client within the 2 months off a response to the website.

    I got my first $375k client within my first 2 years. It has been an incredible journey of further clarifying what I want, then living it, ever since. Trusting the path. Always trusting the path.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Goosebumps! 🙂 Hope you’re celebrating each step, and feeling so proud of your “sticktoitness” and openness to new ideas.

      Your story and trust is amazing.

      Thank you for watching!

  77. oh dear. marie. please watch the sound of music so that next time you can sing along together — it is a must-watch film. as is this episode of marietv. thank you for introducing me to this amazing woman and her work.

  78. Liz

    I jumped for joy when I saw you two today on MarieTV. As someone who was one of MamaGena’s “living room” students almost 13 years ago, I can honestly say that using these practices day in and day out, year to year, in good times and especially challenging times has indeed brought so many of my dreams to life. My amazing love and partnership with my amazing man (13 years and counting-coincidence? I don’t think so) my garden business that lets me share my passion and create beauty and bounty for others and of course, meeting Marie and becoming part of the Bschool family. I am so grateful.

    My dream now to is dream bigger dreams. To uncover new, fabulous, outrageous desires. To dig deeper with the part of myself that was so lit up when I wrote my first desire list so many years ago. To enjoy and savor life even more and expand my capacity for more pleasure in my life, and not getting so caught up in the how. To give more, serve more people but in a way that is joyful and pleasurable. To be open, receptive and trusting of my timing and the process.

    Love to you both, thank you for being two of my greatest teachers and Sister Goddesses!

    • hi liz! so nice to see you here!

  79. Jerusalem

    The timing of this post… second perfectly timed answer today 🙂

    I’ve been feeling devastatingly uninspired with where I am professionally. Having strong feelings for certain ideas that get me SO excited but then getting stressed soon after as I begin to think of “how the heck do I…” This, plus my daily workload, just weighs down all the fiery inspiration too soon after feeling it.

    I have nurtured dreams into fruition, a couple of times actually. It didn’t always go well but I have. The most obvious one would be my move to this big city when I had absolute no reason to come. Fast forward 4..5 years later and I am proud to say I have made a pretty decent life for myself. I am incredibly proud of my risk-tasking, resilience, and work ethic.

    There is something else that I haven’t been able to bring into fruition since it’s inception (something I’ve wanted to do before I moved here) – and that’s to purchase a multi-unit and begin a business in real estate and property management.

    Thank you for sharing! The timing of this video is amazing, I am feel inspired and deeply fortunate for what I already have and for what I plan to accomplish.

  80. YEP! THIS is my missing link in my practice that I will NOW implement more fully!! Thank you Marie for sharing Mama Gena’s passion and insight! I am on FIRE to bring this piece to life and add it to my teachings of MEET YOUR SOUL & Turning Wounds Into Wisdom! I can’t create desire in people, but I CAN light the Fire….encourage….empower….share….and challenge them to create!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love and continued blessings to you ~ Cheryl

  81. My dream is to write my first book as a spiritual guide for teachers. I want to give and serve women and prevent their burn-out. I want to do this now and during my maternity leave so that I can stay home with my daughter and nurture her. With this post I am calling in all of the helpers, Angels and teachers that I need to bring this dream to life!

  82. I have a dream that is just starting to get some air time. I want to collect stories from mothers or daughters to explore this special bond. After I gave birth I felt a little lost – someone said that I was just finding MY mama – and that’s where it all began. In order to find MY mama I needed to hear from other mothers tales of everyday life – hoping that this would help me explore my new found role. The people that are willing to talk to me are great but process of 50 nos for 1 yes can feel soul destroying at times. I watch this video at the right time – just coming back from a scout for stories and coming up with nothing – if I can hold my desire of why I started and the idea that if I could just help one woman that feels like me then it will give me renewed creative spirit – thanks for this video – I have watched so many but this is my first comment – I just felt I had to.

    • Awesome! You go girl! I think its a beautiful thing that you are doing. I am a single mommy and my daughter and I share a special bond that is completely indescribable . She is only 8 years old but very wise and mature beyond her years. She knows me better than I know myself and we can even communicate without words. A simple look and a sideways smile always lets her know she is so special to me and I love her more than words can say. I have two sons as well and we to share a wonderful bond. I am willing to answer any questions you have 🙂 I will gladly say yes! What woman could say no about telling another woman about the magical bond between she and her daughter! From one mother to another -God Bless you on your path to success!

      • Forgot to mention I just gave birth to my third and final child. My son was born 05-17-15. I am 11 weeks Post Partum and I completely understand about the “feeling lost” feeling. I find myself in my room a lot with the baby and not enjoying the things I once loved. I told myself I have to snap out of it! One day at a time, I am finding my way out of my bedroom. Once again God Bless. [email protected]

        • Thanks for your reply Nikki – can’t believe someone actually read my comment. If you want to have a look at the stories I have so far (all two of them) you will find them at – this will take you to the facebook page. You know what even though it is just two stories they really touched me.

          And as far as being 11 weeks post partum – well done for even opening your comp/laptop – those first couple of months I could barely function – I basically felt like a cow with my little calf permanently attached! But…and I know this is easier said in hindsight… each moment is precious so enjoy the bedroom days – mine is now 11 months and trying to walk – I try and recreate those bedroom times but she is just not having it – once she is done on the boob she commando rolls off so she can explore! What am I saying, you probably know more than I do – you are a Mama Pro!

  83. I so LOVED this episode with two of my amazing mentors together! Being a part of both the B-School and School of Womanly Arts communities has lifted me so much higher that I ever dreamed I could be!

    Much thanks and love to both Marie and Regena!

    I brag that I conjured the most amazing women to learn from to achieve my highest greatness including the incomparable Marie Forleo and Mama Gena!

    I am grateful for the community of woman that I have surrounding me and supporting me and that I am also there to hold them closely in times of trouble and praise them in their triumphs!

    I desire to continually utilize the tools and resources I have learned to tap into my pleasure and to grow my business and personal life to unimaginable heights!

  84. I have such a vision to create a “health minded” community here in the Midwest. I want people to look around and see how living off junk food and junk thoughts and junk lifestyles is killing them, but they can change that. I want to look around and see healthy people finding ways to live healthy lives and accomplish their goals without having to deal with bad health. I want consumers to support the local farmers by paying more for crops raised in healthy soil without chemicals. I want doctors to find out how to help their patients without just giving them the latest drugs. Basically, I want to change the world.

    • you must, patti. this world will change with people like you (us!)

    • Sister Queen

      Patti, this is important work that you need to get busy doing!!! I am so excited for you and look forward to participating in your endeavor!!! Thank you!

  85. Pamela Guaicochea

    One of the best episodes of marie tv. Thank you for introducing me to Regena, what an amazing woman!!

  86. Bold, Beautiful & Infectious.. These are the 3 words that come to mind after watching this episode. Thank you for being you, Marie & Regina!
    I grew in a very poor family surrounded by drugs & alcohol issues with most of my relatives. Non of my family members had been to collage and some hadn’t even completed high school.
    Ever since I can remember, I have always felt like I was bigger than my body would allow me to be. The small town I grew up in made me feel like I was larger than it would allow me to be. I knew I was going to accomplish things (had no idea what) and that I needed to get out of the small town to be surrounded by opportunity!
    My father passed away when I was 12 and I lost someone close to me every summer for 10 years following that. This made me grow up real fast! The moment I graduated from high school, I took myself on a backpacking adventure through Europe by myself for a few months, came home and went on a 6 month road trip by myself to find out who I was and where I wanted to go.
    I ended up in Orange County, California where opportunity is around every corner. At 21, I went to college and I still didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do but I have always known that I wanted to help make people happy and change lives for the better.
    Being told at some point during my childhood that I didn’t have hand-eye coordination, I never played sports nor was athletic but I ALWAYS wanted to feel like I was on a team and had my teammates to back me up.
    I got peer-pressured into taking a women’s bootcamp class that I had no desire to do at first. By the time the hour was up, I knew that was my new future! I was going to start one of these women’s fitness & nutrition training programs (Kaia FIT) to change women’s lives for the better, help them be happier & confident in themselves and this was going to be my team!
    At 24, I convinced my then roommate & best friend to start a business with me to change women’s lives. Luckily, she trusted me and my passion and we did just that. With little to no funds, living in an area that was new to us and not having a facility to actually run these workouts in, we started it and did 5am workouts with headlamps on in parks and a few pieces of equipment.
    It’s been 4 years now and Amanda & I are thriving and touched everyday by our “team” or “Kaia Sisters” for their accomplishments! Each day that I go into our gym and see the smiling faces of our kaia sisters, I am so grateful that I was not scared to follow my heart and that I had at least 1 person who believed in me and nothing was going to stop me. I am so grateful for the women in my lives who stand by me and always have my back. My sisterhood is what now drives me!
    If I could tell each woman one thing, it would be to follow your heart and your intuition… It knows whats best for you! Don’t be stopped or set back by others negative comments or opinions. Do what you do best and do it with passion and love! Only the best things can come from you being yourself and having a big heart!
    Thank you again, Marie & Regina for being shining lights and examples of this!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Emma! What a beautiful journey your life has been thus far and I can personally relate to so much of it! I too grew up in a very poor drug and alcohol infested childhood. I lost my daddy, my best friend at age 30 and my entire life changed from there. I went from having a constant support system, my daddy always telling me I can do anything I set my heart to, to no one at all to even tell my dreams to. Besides my children of course. They do count. Anyway I could talk forever on your post, but I just want to tell you that your story is amazing…I am SINGLE , 33 (and Holding) 3 amazing children and I have been an Insurance Agent for 15 years now. Life is what we make it and the possibilities are endless. Thank you for sharing! [email protected]

  87. WOW! What an awesome episode Marie! I am so happy you had an opportunity to have Mama Gena on the show. This was the first time I have heard of her and I am happy to say that I will share this episode with others so that they are inspired to live their dreams. Not only was this episode inspirational, but I feel as though it was like a wise friend giving me advice to help me through my impatience, frustration and insecurity. I dream of the day that everyone will no longer be afraid to live and be the remarkable and unique person they were meant to be and I feel blessed to have instant access to these videos and others on the internet. Thank you Marie and thank you Mama Gena!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YAY, now you know Mama Gena!

      What a beautiful share, Maria, and we love that you feel as though you received useful wisdom from a friend through this MarieTV.

      So happy to have you in our world.

  88. Hi, I got this email and for a second I thought you were stalking me cause it felt like it was just for me. For a long time I realized that the 9 to 5 life just wasn’t me. I quit my six figure income job to travel the world and create a blog to share it. I am only writing inspiring articles on regular folks doing great things as well as info about the places I’m in. I created this life with my desire not because I won The lottery. Lol. I’m inspired by this website too. Thank you:)

  89. My new all time favorite episode.
    I tweeted it out and shared it on FB!
    Had several AHA moments, too.
    Thank you Marie, and Mama Gena for this beautiful inspiring talk!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Fantastic! Thank you for sharing about it too, Teresa.

  90. What I love most about this episode is the emphasis on connecting with pleasure and the passion that fuels you. I feel like lately I’ve been so caught up in lamenting the fact that I haven’t been able to focus on the “how” of my business because I’m so busy with new branding opportunities and my other full time job. Having new opportunities is great, but I’m stretched so thin that I feel like I’m doing my awesome clients a disservice by not giving them my full energy. I’ve been stuck in a place of worry and have been physically sick, which has drained my energy.

    But as Mama Gena mentioned, we need that pleasure to create and regenerate. This is especially important for me since I have to use all my creative energy and intuition to connect with my wonderful clients to channel their personality and business into a brand design that truly reflects who they are.

    Even though I don’t have a team to do the “Holy Trinity” of a Brag, a Gratitude, and a Desire, I can still do it with myself in a mirror (or after yoga–that would be a good time for it!) It can see how it would put you in a positive mindset and connect you with your purpose.

    I’m totally going to write this down in my inspiration book: “A desire is the interface between you and that which is greater than you.”

    Thank you Marie and Mama Gena!!

  91. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Thank You Marie when I have your voice, clients, videos here online as then it makes feel the steps and also makes the day somehow bigger, either the mail is opened in the morning or in the evening. Nice for Marie TV.

  92. Betty Bennett

    Thank you for this Mama Gena episode. So timely for me. I have worked to fulfill a dream, recently, and have been amazingly successful in a short time at achieving what I set out to do. Now I am in a “ho-hum” mode. Shouldn’t be surprised…I am easily bored, once there is routine in my life. I so appreciated the reminder to connect with my Desire and thus my Divinity. This is so important for me right now! As I move forward to the next “things” that bring even more joy into my life.

  93. Sherry

    I feel like I *had* dreams, and then over the course of time I consciously and not consciously SQUASHED those dreams. I allowed the negative voice that we all seem to experience to say, “Who do you think you are? That’s not a good idea. You can’t do that. What’s the point of that? What are you going to do with that?” and then I slowly but surely let other parts of my life take over until I became what Oprah sometimes calls “The Walking Dead.”

    Not that I didn’t or don’t have good days or even great days, but that for the most part I have found myself disconnected from my true self, from my body, my creativity and all the wonderful energies that used to burst forth from me. And I feel like I’m still clawing my way back to that, trying to find that energy again, tap into it and reconnect so that I can nurture the dreams and ideas into something amazing and personally fulfilling instead of letting them wither and crumble.

    What’s interesting is sometimes I find myself tapping into that energy, that positivity, that power. It comes in glimpses. I’ll catch myself talking energetically about something, even if it’s simply about a book I’m reading or a TV show I’m watching, or some memory that feels important. And I’ll suddenly realize, wow, I’m much more animated, I’m much more alive and energetic, I’m even a bit amped up. My quest these days is to find a way to recognize those energies when they happen and keep them going rather than ignoring or dismissing them.

    I think I got into a habit of ignoring/dismissing because after I got laid off from a job, my life became all about finding a new job and nothing else. And when I wasn’t finding the right path, I decided to go back to school, which energized me in certain areas but I still felt that my focus had to be solely on getting my homework done, getting the knowledge, getting through the classes and attaining my degree. Some of it was wonderful and has stuck with me as something I want to keep exploring, but a lot of it was just so much focus on get it done, get it done, get it done, and anything beyond that focus was discarded or not allowed. “I don’t have time for [my favorite creative pursuits] right now; I have to stay focused on school…” became a big mantra. It’s important to stay focused, but I lost connection to a lot of my favorite joys (writing fiction, reading, singing, going for walks, thinking of creating things, or just having FUN in general). I pushed fun aside and put my head down to get stuff done.

    But now that I’m finally done with school, I’ve had such trouble reincorporating those joys and energies and dreams into my life because I spent several years pushing them down or away. “I’ll have time for you later” became “I don’t know how to feel you again” and “I don’t know how to get you back.” (And isn’t that a metaphor for so many people’s lives in so many different ways?)

    I feel like there’s something big and marvelous inside of me that wants and needs to be expressed, but I need to find a way to reach it and let it out. And what’s funny about this interview is that I immediately started laughing when Marie mentioned how people get stuck in “How.” I’m often so focused on the “HOW?” question. “HOW do I get it back? How do I start to do this again? I acknowledge this is messed up, but how do I fix this about myself? How should I do it? How can I do it? HOW HOW HOW?”

    Regena is so right in that the “how” is so seductive, and there are always more things to do in regard to the “how.” I could probably spend my entire life wrapped up in the processes and suggestions for the “how.” I need to move on to the “doing.” 😀 The connecting to the desire. The re-realizing of the desire. To doing of it.

    I know I need to reconnect with the creative energies and dreams that are part of my very core, but it’s a tough tough thing to tap into it when you’ve conditioned yourself to ignore it.

    I am very grateful for this video and the conversation between you and Regena because this comes at a time when I’m trying to purge the chaos from my life, the extraneous “stuff” that’s been getting in my way, and I’m searching for what I need to start getting back to ME and uncover what I want for myself and what fills me and energizes me and makes me want to cry from sheer joy.

    I love the idea of putting forth “a brag, a gratitude and a desire.” (Especially because as Marie points out, all of us but especially women are taught not to brag about anything!) And I wanted to hear more from her and you, Marie, to tap into our dreams and inspiration and big energies. I didn’t want the episode to end when it did! I felt like I was just getting revved up listening to the two of you talk! 🙂

    P.S. to Marie… girrrrrrl, I’m stunned you don’t know the lyrics to “Climb Every Mountain.” You are so fired. (Heee. I kid, I kid!) Seriously though, I think we need a Sound of Music sing-along party. 😉

    • right?!?! the sound of music is practically our national anthem!

      • Sherry

        “I Have Confidence” is one of my favorite songs from that movie. It’s something I aspire to. (I tend to be more of Julie Andrews near the end of the song, when she looks up and sees the gigantic mansion and mutters, “Oh help…” LOL.)

        Regena, you have gorgeous positive energy. Thank you, and thank you, Marie, for sharing it with us today.

        Now I need to figure out “how” to access that from within myself, *without* obsessing about the “how”! 😉

  94. Anna

    I am so inspired by this episode! Thank you MamaG and Marie! I am a writer working on completing a dream of a story that I have been writing for a decade. At times I find myself in a lull because my inspiration is derived from fantasy and passion that does not pertain to my own “real” life as wife, mother, workerBee. I am now aware of my needs to fuel desire and not have guilt around following my bliss. Thanks for the added push of encouragement. Isn’t is amazing how many ways we can trick ourselves into NOT reaching for our dreams and living our passion? Wow! I so value your nudge to bask in it all and follow our hearts call as the necessary fuel for creativity. Lusciously feminine. Lusciously and vibrantly inspirational. Thank you both xoxo

  95. Great human being!
    I am a relationship therapist and have been so for over 17 years having done over 10,000 clinical hours helping couples. What I have come to understand is that it is a waste of time helping to “improve” relationships/marriage. In fact I have never seen a “bad” marriage. I say this because marriage is about for better/for worse, for richer/for poorer, in sickness and in health. It is about unconditional love, grace and respect. From this I came to realize that “marriage” is perfect. So if marriage is perfect why do so many people decide to divorce? (Interestingly a recent report showed that over 50% of people regret their decision to divorce 5 years after the divorce.) This is where my dream kicks in. I realize that people get divorced not because they have a “bad marriage” as much as they are “bad” partners. So my dream is to teach people how to become and what it takes to become an awesome partner. What are the obstacles that get in the way of being that awesome partner. I have personally discovered by learning this, your life becomes much more fulfilling and life truly enters into being a great adventure! I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in October in Oahu. This was a promise we made to each other in the early days of our marriage because when we got married we had no money. We had 5 kids and so we got married and spent the day with our kids at a nearby historical park. It was a beautiful day.

    • this brought tears to my eyes, mark. thank you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Whoa, that is powerful stuff, Mark. Good for you, and thank you for sharing this!

  96. Daniela C

    Amazing!!! I never heard about Mama Gena before but today’s episode was great. It seems like you always bring me people, books that I desperately need. Or better said, I’m connecting with great people ( like you :)))) ) and I’m getting comfortable with the idea that I can make a difference, I can do anything at any age. I’m a mom of 4, born and spend half of my life in another country, so at 47 to get all these positive energy and experiences as: “IT’S OK, you can do it”, it makes you think you can move mountains.
    One more time, Thank you Marie and, Thank you Regena!!!!

  97. Evamaria

    I love that both You Marie and Mama Gena have such an amazing presence and that you stand in that power with love. I am grateful to have found a community of badass women entrepreneurs who I can learn from. And it’s my desire to share all the love I can with humanity and to be the ears that hears them.

    Amor y Salud,

    • truth- a community of badass women is EVERYTHING evamaria!!!!

  98. Lori Dix

    Wow! Thank you soooo much Marie for that interview with Mama Gena!
    So inspiring to watch! I so needed to here this. Thank you for your show and the topics you continue to bring to everyone! Blessings, Lori

  99. Wanda

    That was a really good one for me. Thank you Marie.

  100. Started tearing up at just reading your newsletter, Marie. This interview with one of my favourite women of all time, was TOTALLY spot on and what I needed TODAY. I am 45 yrs old and have not travelled or left the shores of South Africa since I came here from Los Angeles at age 3! Today I found out a long, long, long held dream of traveling to exhibit my art in Spain and New York is happening this year!!!

    Regena says what I had been trying to with a Soul sister with a big dream this week. I sent this to her immediately. You just say it all and SO much better. I love the Holy Trinity and the nugget of wisdom from Regena that you repeated at the end of your video.

    Thank You both!

    • Congratulations on the art exhibit Leila!!! How exciting!!!!! Big high fives, smiles, and hugs from this stranger on the other side of the world 😀 😀 😀

      • Thank you, darling! xxx

  101. I appreciate the challenge. At first I wasn’t sure I had an impossible dream that I nurtured. I think part of it was because I am so caught up in getting my current business moving. My current desire is to nurture and encourage women from the middle ranks of leadership into the C Suite and the Board Room. Then I remembered that IMPOSSIBLE DREAM that came to fruitiion!

    In 2010 I was President/CEO of a boutique private healthcare school that catered mainly to women. I noticed how they diminished their contribution and role in health care and I decided I needed to find a way to shift the way they saw themselves. I hired a bright and capable graduate from the Masters Program at Vanderbilt to come in and build a Research program and required all the students to complete it as part of the standard curriculum. The goal I set (and supported) for my new young faculty member was to work with students to conduct research worthy of being published in a professional journal–something that hadn’t happened in this professional EVER–and I gave her 18 months to get it done. Exactly 18 months later it was achieved. I am so proud of her and the students who were published (ultimately there was more than one).

    How is that for a brag! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to remember this experience–I am grateful. Now I can get back to my current dream with my desire clearer than before!

  102. Marie, this is just what I needed! It’s so scary to stretch and grow, but that is what I’m doing right now. I working on transitioning into living my dream right now.

  103. BRAG: I built my own amazing website – such an accomplishment for an “ex”-technophobe!

    GRATITUDE: I am so thankful for B-School, the tech help forum team for my WordPress Theme and for their help with the sooooooo many questions I had about building my online intuitive art & inspiration shop.

    DESIRE: To reach those who need my help connecting to their True Self through my own unique blend of love and beauty. I want to connect with my tribe.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love it, Dominique. Technophobe no longer applies! 🙂

  104. Great, informative video. What really resonated for me was getting caught in the “how” of things. Sometimes we need faith in the universe. If we put out a desire, the how usually comes on its own, many times in ways we never expected. I think that’s part of the magic of life.

  105. Thank you SO much for your inspirational video Marie and Regena!

    I started my book design business about 7 years ago after my mom, who passed away last September, wrote her memoir. It was at a time in my life when my marriage was breaking up and I felt so lost and confused. Suddenly I felt a renewed sense of purpose and my life took on a whole new direction. One thing lead to another (gotta love the universe when it’s opens like that!) and I found myself connecting with some amazing people who became my clients. I see it as a collaboration. Last year (2014) I graduated from B-School and experienced another major shift! I became more connected with my why and my how!

    Looking back, I’m so grateful that I was there for my mom when she finished writing her book. I had the creativity and the technical ability to turn her manuscript and collection of photographs into a real book! She sold that book out of the trunk of her car for many years! It gave HER a sense of purpose in her golden years and sparked many lively conversations! It was her gift to me (my accidental book design career) and my gift to her (her book is called Waterton and Wanderings).

    So many stories don’t get told because people wait too long. My desire is to help people tell their stories before it’s too late. I get to tap into my own creative energy and play!! I also get to be a great role model for my two daughters who are now 18 and 21. They’re both growing into amazing young women and I like to think I get a little credit for that!! 😀

    Keep up the amazing work you both do!

  106. Hi Marie and Mama G

    My Brag – I have helped thousands with the book I wrote.
    My Gratitude – That Marie and her team are here every week to help me stay inspired to create my “imposssible” dream. (sincerely, I am soooo grateful for this)
    My Desire – to create a new community, town and resort model for fun, adventure and adrenaline activities, beauty and awe-inspiring, engaging and creative living! And to run my Soul Purpose Retreats there to help everyone find their passions and purpose, and to teach them how to make their dreams a reality!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Teresah, we’re honored to be your gratitude, and you’re so very welcome.

    • Ooooohhh I loved reading your comment – and what an awesome ‘desire’ you have, Teresah. I can just picture it, and how much of an impact it will have on the lives of others. 🙂

      • thank you – I will look forward to your visit or stay there one day Naomi!

  107. Carolin

    Oh, oh. Sorry that sounded gross, but I don’t know what it was or what part or word in that video that inspired me and sent me down a spiral of thoughts, ideas, common sense and clear logic I guess, for three hours now and started scribbling them down and then writing every thing that came to mind and the more I wrote the more beautifully everything started flowing together and flowing more and down the road even for the most brilliant idea I have ever come up with in my whole entire life that has led me to the greatest feeling and even the best idea on how to start this business, a whole new idea and the exact first step and second and like I said almost way down the road or movement if you will even, I don’t know yet cause it can be all that and more and no doubts cause I don’t need any money at all to start it. LOL. I know I’m blabbing on and on, but I’m so excited. I can hardly breathe. I know this will work and it’s almost impossible to fail and the best part of all is, well I can’t tell yet, but want to share it so badly it hurts, but if I tell anyone could steal my idea, but there’s so so much more to it than that . I have already written pages and pages down for endless opportunities and to rapidly grow. I want to climb through this phone and run to hug you Marie. I knew I liked you from the beginning cause your my type of person I could so hang out with and laugh and talk about endless ideas and crack the …. Up. That wasn’t the F bomb by the way. But anyway, I will share when I can. I wish I could share it with you in private. I can’t hold it in. Thank you, thank you again for being you Marie
    Sincerely with all my organs.

  108. Kim

    Wow! Did I need this message more than ever. Regena please know that your “Desire” wish was met with your message to me. I have a beautiful company that is exhausting every ounce of energy from my being but each day I see my larger vision to protect girls teaching self love through self care. I feel renewed. Thank you.
    Owner, Good For You Girls

    • wow, kim. i soooo feel that!!! thank you for making my dreams come true.

    • Oh wow, what a beautiful comment. I feel blessed to have witnessed it – and what a beautiful vision you have too.

  109. While all of the episodes have been inspiring, I think this one has hit me right to the core. I have teary eyes and I am feeling so loved by the nuggets of wisdom poured upon us by Regena. I now believe that my dreams can be made manifest. I had been so focused on the how for so long that I had lost the magic of why I wanted to do the work. I have found her again. Thank the heavens. I take so much from this episode and I will begin share my brags, gratitudes and desires.

  110. I enjoyed this episode very much! I’m so grateful to have access to weekly inspiration like this. I started a health coaching business about 18 months ago and I’m still struggling to really find my groove. My inspiration comes from my mom, who sadly died very suddenly from a brain aneurysm nearly two years ago. My passion and desire is to help others live their best life to avoid life shortening illnesses due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. On the flip side I want to help people maximize their Resilience so when when life altering events happen they are able to cope. I often remind myself to take care and nurture those that I can and the rest will come. Because my passion runs strong I want to help as many people as I can. I feel like I’m at the brink of bursting out of my fear bubble and just need nuggets of confidence and inspiration to make it happen.

  111. Thank you Marie and Regena. This is another great episode! My biggest dream is to be a full-time paid writer. I have made a lot of changes in my life, and I mean a lot, to create a life that supports writing full-time. This includes quitting a job I hated, living with a family friend to keep my expenses down and writing every day. Writing is my passion, and I believe, what I am meant to do and what I am meant to share with the world. I cannot get away from it, and so I have surrendered to it. And I don’t intend to be adequately paid, but abundantly paid so I can use my resources to better the world at large and the smaller scope of my little world.

    The dream has two pieces- as a novelist, and a copywriter. I have two books in process and a copywriting class I need to complete. I realized yesterday I have been resistant to starting and finishing these things because then I am responsible for putting myself out into the world and sometimes that is downright scary, and I don’t know what the “how” is. After realizing this, and watching this episode, my next right thing to do is start the copywriting class and to write on each book for just 15 minutes a day. I am not responsible for the “how” at this moment; however, I am responsible for the work. This video came at a perfect time for me, and is simply confirmation from my Source power I am on the right track. Thank you so much for consistently bringing me amazing content that dovetails perfectly with the next step on my own creative journey.

    Jenna Amundson

  112. Jennifer

    Thanks so much for an amazing episode. I did want to comment that I am not a fan of the ‘nuggets of wisdom’ popping up on the side all the time. They really distracted me from being able to listen fully, my brain couldn’t be fully present with Mama Gena because I kept having to process what you were popping up on the screen. In my personal opinion it is a barrier to really internalizing what the speaker is saying to have too many of those pop up. Keep up the great work though – love the show and what you are doing. One other thing though Marie – that was NOT a brag. It was a compliment to your team not bragging about yourself and it is the ability to say something about YOU that so many women/people struggle with. It would have been a great example for all of your listeners for you to be able to say to us all – i’m proud of what i’ve done and here’s something great about me. It would have helped me to hear you say that!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you for tuning in this week and sharing your thoughts, Jennifer. I’m sorry to hear that you found the “Nuggets of Wisdom” distracting, and I hope that in spite of that, you were able to dig in and really enjoy the message this week — it was a lovely interview!

  113. A huge thank you to you both for such a beautiful episode. Regena, wow, your energy and enthusiasm, as well as the dream you had while holding your daughter, are so beautiful to witness. I am definitely taking the “brag, gratitude, desire” into my own life and work. Marie, as always, you are incredible.

    So many dreams and desires fulfilled in a rich and full life, including traveling throughout Central America, doing incredible work with women from across the globe in the Global Women’s Movement, living in Costa Rica, France, England, DC, and now my home state of Alabama, living in a Buddhist monastery, having two beautiful, healthy boys at age 39 and 41, and so much more.

    Now growing a new business at age almost-45 and looking forward to the journey.

    With gratitude,

  114. My ‘impossible’ dream is to help women embrace their beauty and let their acne go naturally and holistically! I’ve started to grow this dream and make it a reality by starting my company, Live Clean + Get Clear where I work with women one on one to do just that! *Brag I’m helping women clear their skin and claim their vibrant health in a big way!!! *Gratitude I am so thankful for this opportunity to support other women get to the root of and clear their skin struggles {I know their pain bc I was there too just a few short years ago!} *Desire To reach an even wider audience and help even more women kick their acne to the curb through self love and healthy practices!!! <3

  115. Jenise

    Thank you for this interview. Mama Gena is such an amazing stand for women to live a life they love. Before being introduced to her work I felt numb in certain areas of my life, other areas were amazing and I had a life I was proud of, but in some areas I was just resigned to “well, everything else is working and maybe that is the one area I don’t get to have”…. Sounds crazy, right… Now it does, at the time I was convinced that it was ok to live that way.

    After being introduced to the work and the tools I must say that I brag I don’t allow areas of my life to be numb. I brag that I am up for the challenge every day to be my bigger self and I brag that when that numbness creeps in I have the tools to recognize it and take it on.
    I am so, so, so grateful for my dear friend Kady who introduced me the world of Mama Gena. I am so unbelievably grateful to Mama Gena for what she has taught me and for the stand she is for all women and men.
    Lastly, I desire to continue up this journey of self exploration and I desire my life continue to be unrecognizable from one year to the next as I continue to see my dreams fulfilled.


  116. Uauuuuuhhhh what a great episode¡¡¡
    This is what I just needed right now. Im at the beggining of my own business and Im almost 50. I have struggles with that 🙁 but I keep moving forward
    This has been such an inspiration and fueled my soul
    Im a proud mom of two amazing and lovely teenagers and I feel really grateful for to have them in my life. I have had this dream to have my own business working with women 15 years ago but when my son and then my daughter was born I decided to apply all my knowledge, time and caring to raise them the best I can. Now I see them independent and happy guys and I can work peacefully in my dream.
    Thanks Marie and Mama Gena for your inspiration and brave heart

  117. Really great episode! I’m such of huge fan of Mama Gena’s. I started incorporating brags into the beginning of my Buti Yoga classes in NYC. Its a great tool for getting out of the victim mode and into our power.

    My desire is to create a movement and program which helps women connect with their courage, confidence and voice.

  118. Carolina

    I brag that I am a B schooler with Marie and did Mastery this year with the amazing Mama Gena and I connected to myself again and my desires.

    I am grateful for women like you that shines light in all women all over the world and that give us hope for a happier pleasure filled life.

    I desire to live my own legend fully inspiring people and living my purpose day by day.
    Thank you for such an amazing episode. It was moving and beautiful!


  119. LOVE these two amazing women!! Desire and Passion are our gifts that God gave us to GIVE to others. I sooo admire Marie and Mama Gena for sharing their gifts and dreams and teaching us how to create it into a business to help others-THANK YOU!!

    I have a business called Gf’s (Girlfriends) Empower Women…bringing women-hard working moms and wives to share and encourage one another with a Fabulous Girls Night In “Just For Us.” We bond, support and discuss life’s challenges with an authentic guest speaker. It’s unconditional LOVE empowering women-My gift 🙂

    Thank you Marie and Mama Gena- for being honest and REAL with all that you do!

    Wendy Roberts

  120. Jeana

    If I had been there I would have sung with you! “Climb every mountain!” ?

  121. Monica

    I found myself saying, “Oh, no! The interview is over already?” What an inspiration you both are. Thank you Regena for showing us that our dreams can take on many creative forms. My soul-busting dream is to create a multimedia encouragement company. I’m starting with my radio show, motivational talks and inspirational messages to help others bring their dreams to life with a sense of urgency.

  122. Jacqui

    I am so thankful for people like mama Gena and you Marie. Thank you for inspiring us. Sometimes it feels like I’m never get the opportunity to live my dream let alone, share it, but then that little voice inside of convince me everytme that it is possible. God says he will give you the desires of your heart. Just like you mama Gena I hve a desire to impact woman’s life’s and to help them find their true identity. I would like all woman out there to know how special they are and that each one of us has seeds of greatness inside of us that we need to share with this world. Thanks for reminding me that the dreams are possible. It all starts with one and we should cherish the small beginnings. Keep on keeping on

  123. I absolutely love waking up Wednesday mornings (Australian time) and checking my email to find Marie’s new episode waiting for me in my inbox.

    The past few months have probably been the hardest of my life. I was made redundant from my teaching job and have since been chasing my dream as a health strategist for women, but with one hand still firmly gripping teaching as an option even though it’s not something I desire to do every day.

    With pressure of no money coming in, it has had me questioning whether I just need to stick with teaching because it’s something I know and because it’s safe.

    Today’s episode has inspired me and given me hope that when I run my first ever Heart-Fully Healthy Workshop this weekend, it’s ok that only 3 people have signed up. I am going to give it every ounce of passion I have.

    This could be the start. Fingers crossed.

    • Oh Karlie, this gave me tingles to read. All the best with your workshop on the weekend. It sounds like the people who turn up, no matter their numbers, are in for a real treat – and could be witnessing the start of something full of so much passion and inspiration. I hope you’ll pop back and update us with how it went!

  124. Hi Marie and Mama Gena! I brag that I made a crazy dream of manifesting a free car by doing a vlog every day until it was a reality!!

    I am grateful for this video and the re-inspiration it has created within me and that leads to a desire!

    I have the desire to host or create a show about manifestation! I would love to help people with the challenge of not knowing how to fine tune their own power of attention, intention and desire by giving real life examples of manifesting!

    Thanks for the fuel for my fire!!


  125. What a fantastic episode, I thought I’d practice the Brag, Grateful, and Desire – and fit the big dream in the Desire part 🙂


    I was just featured in Cleo magazine this week talking about how to overcome your mean girl and be your own cheerleader. So exciting!


    I am grateful to be able to spend time with my Dad who was last year diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. As a result, we sold our house and moved back home to be near our family. Dad is currently well enough to watch my little boy while I work – and then we hang out together when I’m not working. So, so, so precious.


    I am a life and wellness coach and I love, love, love my work – however, recently I’ve realised and owned the fact that I have a slightly different and scarily BIG dream brewing in my heart.

    I am currently helping big hearted and generous folk discover and use their uniqueness in order to be of service to themselves, their loved ones and the world.

    I now have a BIG dream to help celebrities and public figures (who outsiders might view as ‘having it all’ and to be ‘shining bright’ already) discover new and exciting ways to use their uniqueness to make a difference in their world and the world. Supporting them as they introduce more play and creativity in their life; helping them bring charities, advocacy work, and humanitarian endeavours to life; and/or any other big burning desires that they have in their heart – oh the magic we could create.


    Ooops, that was a long and scary comment (I have never shared the DESIRE one in public before). Thanks for reading everyone. And thanks for inspiring Marie and Regina x

    • Thank you for sharing your good vibes, Naomi. I am fascinated by your calling! It sounds like the stage is set for some Big Dreams to be birthed through your loving guidance. I imagined you being a Doula For Dreams or Midwife for Magic ; )

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Naomi. So wonderful that you were inspired to share your desire publicly — I always like to remember that having the courage to put ourselves out there not only helps make things happen in our own world, but it can light the way for others following their own paths.

      Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  126. What an uplifting, motivating interview and how lovely it is to discover Mama Gena. Thank you, Marie, for introducing us to yet another powerhouse inspiration of a woman. Marie, your videos are my Tuesday lunch treat!

    You asked about our desires. My goal is to write books, to become an internationally acclaimed author and to build a book empire! I want to write books with stories that inspire little girls to take action, empower themselves and understand that they can move mountains if they want to. This is especially true for girls who live in the developing world. I have lived in 7 countries in over 4 continents since I was 2 years old and travelled to countless more over my lifetime, and have seen the opportunities girls have in other parts of the world – sadly, little to none.

    I have already written my first book – a young adult fiction/novel and plan to write the rest of the series (3-4 in the series), and hope that by making readers laugh and cry, through entertaining stories, I can teach the world about what girls go through in other countries. Through my writing, If I can inspire one little girl to stay in school, become independent and be a strong contributor to their community, their society, well then I will have done my job.

  127. Lilia

    Marie, and team, this is one of my favorite videos of all. Regena is very empowering, but not only her. Seeing you, Marie, being so honest about your fears and how you overcome them also mean so much (to us all I’m sure).
    Being true is something I cherish in somebody, because it takes a lot of courage.
    Now , of course I forgot what the question was, but I just wanted to let you know, that is has been very inspirational watching you TWO on this video.

    Marie, when you feel comfortable interviewing, it “resounds” in me so naturally, so easily.


  128. Jane Wyker

    Hi Marie and Regena,

    I am so thrilled to see the two of you together! Women who inspire me and touch my soul.

    I have had the great pleasure of attending the School of Womanly Arts for many years and am in the process of living my dream. In 2011 I told Regena that my desire was to write a memoir. Well, it took a while to begin but for the past year and a half I have been writing every day and just loving it. My heart, soul and mind are so engaged as I happily write each day.

    Thank you both for leading the way and so generously sharing your experience, courage and love. I know my dream is on its way too!!

    • you go, janey jane jane!!

  129. When I first ‘discovered’ Marie and all her knowledge, I cried. It was at the beginning of this year, a year I had declared a ‘Year of Growth’ w/ out even knowing/feeling/living all I have experienced in the past 7 months. Her message was EXACTLY what I had been seeking my entire life; an OK to move forward w/ my authentic self.

    It’s been a year of many up’s and downs, starting (legitimately) my own business, enrolling in B-School, and so much spiritual/personal/mental awakening that I know I am a completely different person.

    After this revolution, I’ve come to the realization that my life is meant for something different than what I had envisioned as I enrolled in B-School. Hearing you speak, Mama Gena, made my cry for a second time. The same chills I felt when I first heard Marie’s message went through me as I watched this video and listened to you.

    As we all know, what you need appears to you in that precise moment when you most need it. I know I’d heard Marie mention you before, and I probably checked you out but thought, woaaa, this is too much for me. And see, now I want to go full force and enroll in one of your sessions!!!

    I’m a firm believer that everything has it’s precise time for manifesting. I’m patient for this same reason, so I look forward to the day when I can join you in NYC. For now, thank you for this wonderful burst of inspiration… it’s only onward and upward for me!!!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your beautiful share, Lizelly. It really is so true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and that’s so deeply moving on a soul level.

      We’re so grateful to hear that our work has been an inspiration to you in your Year of Growth, and we hope that the rest of your year is amazing — maybe with some awesome tools from Mama Gena’s work thrown in there to keep you inspired!

  130. I followed my passion for dance, fitness and inspiration and started Spirit Sweat. Its an amazing dance workout in a night club setting in Chicago. I am grateful for all of the inspirational people who surround me and encourage my dream of making the world dance. I desire more dance, more health, more love and peace in the world. Great talk, thank you! Laura

  131. Amy

    Yeah Mama Gena! Yeah Marie! such serendipity (that is not lost on me) in this video as I just finished ‘School of Womanly Arts’ on the train from Firenze to Lucca (to see Gary Clark Jr + Lenny Kravitz (hello desire!) at the Lucca Summer Music Festival) this past Sunday. Both you ladies rock. And Mama, I totally needed that reminder of staying in tune with my desires and seeing this video today was was that extra nudge…keep on keepin’ on!
    passing this video along…THANK YOU! xxo

  132. What a great discussion! I like how MamaG said that if you are fixated on the HOW, your business will not thrive! I am going to start my personal Holy Trinity because if I begin my morning on a consistent positive note, my professional life may start to takeoff! Started my own event planning business 4 years ago but have only coordinated 6 events. I don’t want to give up but think I may have to. I’m very creative & also doing craft art to sell. I love it but no one is biting to buy. Hope the Holy Trinity will help me with both ?
    Glad I listened to this!!

  133. As always gratitude to you both for this awesome, much uplifting and worthy to watch and listen to. Just when I need a little pick me up to keep following my burning passion, you come through.
    Lots of Love
    Peace of I

  134. Marie, you are my weekly ‘good life’ injection. Each and every video subject arrives just as I am asking myself those very questions [universal call and response].
    I am not entirely sure what my legend is, because, well, there are multiple facets to my creative side. But I tell you what this interview with Mama Gena has hit home. All too many times I have sabotaged myself with the ‘how’ of my ideas, and then nothing happens.
    I remember making things when I was a kid, and I didn’t worry about the outcome or how I was going to do it. I just went ahead and made things, lots of things. I was productive. I was happy. And this vid has me realising that is a mental space I need to get back to.

  135. Thanks for the great content – you guys rock the world : )

  136. Great conversation – thanks Marie and Regena!

    I’m at a point in my life where I’m struggling to open up to living my dream of making art, helping other people make art, and helping people open up to living well within the world. I loved Regena saying:

    “the hugely important thing is to live your dream”

    That really resonated with me, for a long time I’ve been putting off my dream, working on other people’s stuff and doing a good job of that, but that is not MY work. I’ve got to get on and live my dream, and “true up to what is”, show off what I’m proud of and connect and create with people.

    I’m proud that I’ve been sending a weekly newsletter to my close contacts, I’m very grateful for the feedback they’ve been giving me, and my desire is that I can keep making that a really useful, beautiful and entertaining part of my art practise.

    Thanks again Marie and Regena,


  137. Wow, what a great episode! So genuine and authentic. My godmother blessed me with Mama Gena’s book’ The Owner & Operator’s Guide to Men’ a year ago and it was really fun to read. Women are amazing and we need to continue to embrace our strength and power in this world. Thank you for sharing ~ I brag that I too am following my dreams by building a business to help performing artists succeed in their career and life. I am grateful for women like you two who help continually inspire my growth and I desire to be a vessel for good in this world! Thank you.

  138. Thank you so much Regena, I really loved and neded to hear your message. Each time doubt sets in, im going to listen to this message over and over again.
    Just like you, I was going to start off with small groups in my home and a book is in the pipe line. BUT I get stuck in the “How” that you mentioned and doubt. At times this stops the dream because why would people listen to me, Im just a nobodyand nobody will buy your book!

    My story is so similar to Karlie’s above!
    Im over 50, an ex Registered nurse, and feeling the pressure to add to our income! I know I can make a difference, so I shall re think my in home work shop/seminar as planned years ago! Small steps!

    Thank you once again

  139. I found Mama Gena at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellbeing many years ago. Watching this message tonight made me feel so good about being inspired to do what I do. I teach yoga & Pilates and coach fitness, and often I wonder how much more I can do. I am living my dream- when I was in 6th grade, I told my guidance counselor that I would be a teacher. Now I am, and I am moved beyond measure for the kind hearts that I have touched. This would be my brag, that I am a healer. My gratitude would be finding you, Marie, to help continue to inspire me to keep going and keep the faith. My desire is to culminate my divine gifts with the love of my life. It is happening, and I believe in Big Love. I love you, Marie, and am grateful for you and your selflessness and generosity of spirit and your unerring enthusiasm. Thank you for today with love and the best of health. xox Namaste, Cindi

  140. Monica

    Hi Marie and Regena! Thank you for another amazing video. I have a dream that I am afraid of giving to much time to. I have a passion, a pull, to help heal people at the soul level. I am a certified Reiki master and a licensed acupuncturist. I have started studying esoteric acupuncture. When I think about this dream, my soul sings and my heart aches. I can picture my healing space, my clinic, and the success and satisfaction I would feel having this business.

    It is when I think of putting this out there in the world that I become frightened. I have shared this dream before with friends and family and have been laughed at, told it will never succeed and that I am a victim of the new age mumbo jumbo.

    So instead of pursuing this dream, I set it aside, returned to a career I left so I could get my master’s in oriental medicine, and am now working full time while my acupuncture practice is part time.

    I am afraid the money won’t be there to have the life I desire. I am afraid I won’t have patients. I am afraid that I will find out that this dream that calls to me, that fills my heart and soul can only be a dream. So I turn my back on it and keep doing what I have been doing for almost three years now.

    This episode has me thinking about my dream again. Really thinking about it. Now if I can just move past the fear and see it all clearly.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Monica, we’re so glad you tuned in this week and that you’re feeling inspired to revisit your dream. I know it can be so tough when those closest to us aren’t supportive of our dreams, and I thought I might share this MarieTV episode with a few tips about facing fear and moving forward:

      It’s such a great one, and it’s helped me out quite a bit personally in terms of finding clarity and pushing past fear, so I hope that helps inspire you to dig a little deeper into your dreams.

      We absolutely believe in you, and know that you always have a cheering squad here on Team Forleo no matter what you choose to do!

  141. My biggest dream is to live life on my terms and earn my living through my creativity. I would like it to enable me to travel to many parts of the world that I wish to see while I am still living on this earth. This is my desire. I have now submitted it to the Universe for approval. “Desire is possibility seeking expression.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  142. You girls rock!!! Thank you…my books sell globally and their al about women taking care of themselves from the inside out…spirit, soul and body.
    I started in tv then moved into speaking and writing. I had 6 women in my first talk that now has many in them and I am so thankful I pursued when the going got tough., We have to dig deep to keep it fresh…nature and God inspire me, as do women changing from the inside out and becoming all they were iintended to be. I alos now write for a magazine my own Image column that hits thousands of readers in Australia and beyond. Thankyou ladies…a real TREAT! XX

  143. Hello Marie, Thanks for doing your weekly show and interviews! I appreciate the time and work you put into sharing your thoughts, advice and experience. You have inspired me ever since I saw you at Ryan Lee’s event in CT. And now after almost 5 years of work I’m almost there with a beautiful film studio and a small team in upstate NY. In a month or so I will be launching my weekly youtube show called LittleDesignersTV. And I’ll also have my first online classes available to teach girls (ages 6 to 18) fashion design and sewing. I would not have been able to do this without your weekly inspiration and B-school. I don’t reply very often, but had to say “Thanks So Much” for being you! ~ Katrina Marie

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Katrina — thank you so much for your kind note! We’re so happy to hear you’re doing so well, and we’re sending loads of best wishes for your YouTube show launch coming up soon! <3

  144. Leanne Wakeling

    WOW, love love loved this episode with Regena Thomashauer. Totally spoke to me right through the heart. I am just starting out in my coaching business and a peer recommended Marie as a mentor/guide to follow and I find the material energising, informative and motivating, however this episode topped everything so far, for me. My brag is that I have taken my first step forward to getting clients by setting a speaking event to get exposure I have put up posters and included that part proceeds will go to the Hamlin Institute, which is the BHAG behind my business ie to support their midwifery program that sponsors local African women to become midwives to return back into their communities with the outcome of reduced birth injuries and infant delivery mortality. I am grateful that I have had great access to quality medical care so that I did not have to suffer either the terrible injury that this program is trying to address even though I experienced a similarly long labour and difficult delivery. My desire is that I can create sufficient support in the next five years that I generate enough annual income that creates 5 scholarships per year and allows me to live the independent lifestyle of my dreams. Loving your work. Thank you.

  145. Thank you Regena for first reminding us to get into our joy and second that starting small is still a start.
    Blessings & Light,
    Annette Hartt, Angel Intuitive

  146. In the wake of the full moon coming up on Friday, I am sleepless with the evening tides. And how beautifully orchestrated that this episode remain unchecked in the inbox. As it happens, I am in the beginning stages of changing everything I’ve dedicated energy, time, passion, and money into business wise. Yet again, taking a leap. Only this time with more connectivity to my truest, highest source. So thank you Marie and Regena for inspiring me in the wee hours to keep on keeping on! And to answer the questions, I’d answer #1 yes! and it is flowing from me like a beautiful fountain #2 the dream also needs a bit more air time before launching. Again, many thanks.

  147. Aurora Grace

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    This was everything that I needed to hear and right to the point 🙂
    Love it! Love you both!
    There has been an inner passion/desire gestating and growing inside of me for YEARS but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the complete picture. However, a couple days ago it finally happened! As I was sitting quietly reading a book it came to me all at once. I felt and saw what I am here to do. I hadn’t seen it before because I wasn’t thinking or dreaming BIG enough! It blew me away! It is such a big vision and will take years and a lot of incredibly talented people co-creating it with me, but fueled by my desire and purpose it will plant its roots and take form. Thank you for the confirmation. I will climb the mountain, because I will take one determined step after the other till I realize my dream, with love and purpose as fuel.

    • Thank you for your powerful and inspirational affirmation. I know you will get there.

  148. hi marie,

    lets just say your story resonated & i’ve had some weird ideas lately 😉

    i flicked you an email or in info at. ☺️

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’ll keep an eye out for your email, Bridget! 🙂

  149. Hi, Thank you for sharing that inspiration I felt it could not have come to me at a more perfect time . I am a mum and like Mama Gena becoming a mum entirely changed my perspective of the world and who I wanted to show up as in the world.
    I love the concept of #Brag #Gratitude #Desire. I completely agree that bragging does not sit comfortably with society. However on this platform it does feel like we are surrounded by likeminded people.
    So, my brag is that I am a mum of two amazing daughters a 15 year old and a 10 year old, yes a teenager. I often get the raised eyebrow and get asked how is raising a teenager??. And all I can say in short is that it’s the most delightful experience I’ve ever had and am having today.
    I have a day job as an analyst at a local university, I run 2 businesses one is a kids entertainment party business called giggles 4 girls and the second is a mobile leisure & entertainment service at aged care. I am also writing my first book ‘Become the mum you want your daughter to be. The desire to start a business came from my longlining to teach my girls about business having faced redundancy and job insecurity; I felt the need to teach my kids business skills as I did not want them to have to face the insecurities of depending on a job.
    I am Grateful that I have allowed myself to follow my dreams, to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges. I am growing and learning so much every day! I am constantly overcoming my fears. I am grateful for my kids and my husband who are on this journey with me and who are growing in awareness and evolving on their journeys too. I am grateful that I allow myself to connect with the real me. I am grateful for finding the ease in being me and realizing that I had in fact worked really hard to make my life so hard. I am grateful that I get to share this in the book I’m writing.
    My desire is to reach out to mums and help them connect with who they really are, to help them unfold the layers and live a more connected and light and easy life. Teach them the techniques in trusting and allowing and take mums towards a life of abundance. Clearing the blocks and shifting the limiting belief systems, cultural barriers. My desire is to empower women to see the greatness that lies within them and guide them to operate from their stand of greatness. My heart is just exploding now writing this… sending massive love to all – Thank you for allowing us to share xxx

  150. Its a blessing that we have Marie and Regina with us on this web. They have got lots of insight and Wisdom as exhibited in what they write. I really enjoyed this episode. My dream is to learn and be able to speak at least ten different languages so that i can light the still darkened places fast using the languages. Am working towards achieving that. Respect be to everyone who wrote something on this web. The ideas we share Change life and the World simultaneously.

  151. What a wonderful episode. I experienced overwhelming gratitude to see two women who have inspired me, in conversation. What strikes me about both of you is your word choice..”galvinized,” “elixir,” “interface” and of course your messages. Thank you for teaching me so much over these years.
    Regena I have learned so much about the concept of “desire” from you. My biggest take away is to savor it and enjoy the journey.
    My “somewhat crazy dream that I have nurtured into fruition”?
    So many…creating a business and non profit based on gratitude, sharing the experience of making art with meaning, establishing myself as a visual artist, coming out as a writer, being a better mother and living my life as art and my art as my life.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.


  152. OMG what a beautiful and energizing episode! I was feeling a bit down today and now I feel like everything is possible – thank you Regina & Marie!

    My somewhat impossible dream has always been to help people embrace their authenticity and serve the world with their special gift. As an intuitive I can read peoples’ energy and can sense where they got stuck in their life + how to move forward. I see so much potential and love that could make this world a much better place.

    For a really long time I was unable to connect the above with my introverted personality and mentality of struggle & lack I grew-up in my country. But hey, it’s all coming together now!

    I don’t really have a business yet, but the time to wait has also passed. So many friends and acquaintances tell me I’ve changed their life with something I’ve said or with a small act of support.

    So who am I not to share the gift I was blessed with. I’m here to serve, make the world a better place and make myself happy on the way. Because true and lasting peace & happiness come from being authentic.

    LOL that’s a long post, but that’s how it came out. I hope it inspires someone. 🙂

    Love & blessings,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Maja — thank you so much for sharing!

  153. “The HOW won’t fuel the dream”. Okay, wow. This is an Ah-ah moment for me. I am currently an entrepreneur with two businesses but for almost 15 years I was a Project Manager and figuring out the HOW was at the core of my job. It’s actually one of my great strengths (I can help make your vision come to life) but I never realized that my often focusing on the HOW, I am putting up certain barriers and making my dreams a little less vivid and reachable. I have a partner with one of my businesses and I admire her so much as she is all about focusing on the dream. She brought me on board to help make that dream come to life (so figuring out the how) but I think I have to find a balance between being the “realist” (sometimes pointing out why an idea probably won’t work) and a dreamer. Thanks for the interview Marie and Regena!

  154. O how this video inspired me and brought tears in my eyes. I really needed this after my vacation, it flared up again the fire in me. Thank you! I brag to be intelligent and have the knowledge why adults and children should keep handwriting in this digital era. I am thankful for all people and classes that cross(ed) my path and teach me how to spread my words at a digital platform. My desire is to let people aware of the importance of handwriting and to inspire parents to grab pen and paper and write together with their children, which will improve their storytelling and attention. First starting in Dutch, but after this video I feel the glow that this might grow into a global flow 😉

    thankful regards,
    The Netherlands

    • Fro some reason it brought up a lot of emotion, many of us have said how it brought tears. It really struck a chord in us.

  155. Claudia

    Oh yes this is Perfect Timing for me. My current set of avoidances is suffocating me and the to-do list to my dream is boring me, no magic.
    My desire is so very strong, to launch my voice to help others make their lives better. Got a book to finish, but before that in a couple of weeks my practice is ready to coach part time. And my blog of course 🙂 Hearing this beautiful interview has helped me work my name, and my passion in the starter ways.
    Thank you in a million ways, sending sooooo much love to you both.
    Brag: I am filled up to my brim with inspiration to finish my plans with purpose. Gratitude: I love that I watched the interview today, the best day to do it, and grateful for everyone who realised it. My desire is for me to remember my creative energy and that is leads me to realise, and to bring to everyone I meet.
    Lots of love xoxoxoxoxo

  156. Love love LOVE this episode! So inspiring and exactly what I needed to hear.

    Just looked at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and I’d love to attend 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  157. Tania Angelis

    Loved this episode! Thank you so much Marie and Regena – and I love that you have the Mama Gena archetype to help you be your best self 🙂 My dream is to help women entrepreneurs to overcome their fears, worries and blocks around the subject of money through the amazing medium of Tapping (EFT). So now I’m going to BRAG too – I’ve created a fabulous online programme to help women overcome their financial worries and blocks. I’m so GRATEFUL for this amazing medium called The Internet which is enabling me to bring it to women all over the world. And my DESIRE is that it will grow and morph and change into something that draws to it all those women who need its help.

    Keep shining your amazing lights Marie and Regena 🙂

  158. Thank you so much Marie for introducing us to the amazing Mama Gena! I absolutely love her tips and the passion that you both have for what you do!
    That’s what I want for my life…to live a life where I’m passionate about the things I love and I can help other people to live the life of their dreams. At the moment, I feel a little stuck in being able to get my voice out there and more often than not I’ll shy away from being seen, but this video has given me the courage to get out there and shine bright.
    A massive thank you for all that you do!
    Mwah to you, beautiful soul! Xx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wonderful, Shelley! We’re so glad you tuned in to this week’s episode and that it really resonated with you. As Marie says, and we believe absolutely, the world does need that special gift that only you have 🙂

      We’re cheering you on as you work on getting your voice out there!

  159. Staci J

    Loved this. Shared it too!!

    While I listened to the interview taglines that are straight out and simple for my landscape and garden design and consultation business bubbled up…..’live in beauty’ ‘you deserve beauty’ ‘you deserve to live in beauty and to play daily’….

    My desire is that everyone creates space for beauty, well being and play. I loved hearing Marie and Gena talk about the necessity of pleasure to fuel creativity to ignite the divinity and purposeful life! Thank you.

    And, the trinity touched me. I am going to institute it right away at the dinner table withy kids and husband. My work is fueled to raise them well and give them a foundation for dream actualization!

  160. I don’t know why, but after seeing this video I just sat and cried and cried. Maybe it was a release, from knowing after working for eight years I am on the curve of the tipping point of success in my art, and my business. Maybe it was overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for this life I created. Maybe it was pride, in how I came back, in how my inner being came back from deep within where it was buried for so long, and that’s my brag, I am not only back, but thriving. Sometimes the emotion just comes, and Marie you’ve said it so many times, just go with it, so I cried and cried, then laughed and laughed. Because I am a woman, and we are amazing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Stunning, Laurel. Your comment gave me all kinds of goosebumps!

      We’re sending lots of Team Forleo love, and keep on shining and thriving xoxo

  161. Hi Marie. Mama Gena is impressive as always, but there was a moment in the very beginning of the video that was it for me, and it was not happening with Mama Gena, it was happening with you. I could see when Mama Gena started talking just how moved you were, in who she was, and how she was, and in using her own words, how she’d “trued up to what was” for her and the phenomenal “rightness” flow it was creating. It was like this split second – that actually seemed to go on for several moments – acknowledgment, and I thought, bingo, this is what this show is about – well, one of the big take-aways. Building momentum for radical change, our own and our collective change, takes allowing ourselves to be deeply moved. To feel the rightness of something, to love it and to be moved by it. Which takes a kind of radical vulnerability. This is one of the things I love about you Marie, your willingness to be vulnerable, and the artful way you bring your ideas into the world. My gratitude shout-out for today. Thanks as always Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a lovely insight! Thank you so much for sharing, Eva 🙂

  162. HI Marie,

    I am a 2015 graduate of the School of Womanly Arts! I love Regena (fellow Gemini) and her work is so important! It was an incredible experience and I am forever grateful for it! I am so looking forward to the Miami Immersion in November, I have a tribe of women that are coming including my 22 and 20 year old daughters. Thank you Marie for the work that you do and the passion that you bring with it, so inspiring!

    I am a Wardrobe Stylist, I change my client’s lives by changing their wardrobes. I am creating a program for my clients to work with me over a longer period to provide more value. I am also working on a dress line for women. I am passionate about changing the way women feel in their clothing. I am so tired of women feeling depressed because they are not the size they want to be and not wanting to shop and look great in the body they live in! My dream is for every woman, no matter her size, shape, race to embrace her body and own it! My dress line aims to flatter every women’s body based on the cut and fabric. I recently had the first sample made and I plan to have 6 more by the time we go to Miami and have the Sister Goddesses (Mama Gena’s name for us) runway on the beach! I hope to fully launch by fall 2016. It’s a daunting undertaking but I am up for it! It is my lifelong dream 🙂

    • what a gorgeous dream- i cannot wait to see your runway in miami. i already see it in my imagination….

  163. Clare

    Marie and Mama Gena gave me the extra pizzaz I needed today! Sending along the gratitude. You two ladies are #bosses at what you do.

    I have a new found energy, respect, and gratitude for my childhood dream to move to DC and increase women’s representation in politics. This episode reminded to stop and CELEBRATE how I am living the life I dreamed up decades ago. Whoomp there it is! 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! 🙂

  164. Beating the odds and dreaming big is something I totally relate to. In 2008 I was a total slacker I was 21 and had been in and out of college and dating a jerk and still living at home with absolutely ZERO direction. Then my mom died suddenly. I went through a fog of impulsive decisions and some light substance abuse and by the time I was 22 I started my own photography business. I have been working for myself since and this year just opened a studio and a second brand specifically for Women’s portraiture (boudoir, glamour, head shots). I did it completely 100% on my own from scratch and I would have never gotten to do it if I wasn’t propelled through a lot of hell to get here. I am grateful to my local photographic community and friend who have been so supportive and who keep me going when I want to quit with their admiration, patronage and belief in me. My desire is to create a lasting brand synonymous with beauty and empowerment in all forms.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So sorry to hear about your mom and some of the darker times you’ve had to walk through.

      What a beautiful path you’re carving out now — thank you for sharing.

  165. Marie and crew, thanks for putting out such informative and inspiring TV. What a great episode. I am living my dream of owning my own company. I didn’t choose to have it happen the way it did, but believe that sometimes when we are meant to do something if we don’t do it for ourselves circumstances will make it happen for us. I get scared, stuck and sometimes a little burn out like Marie said, but it is my passion for helping people that relights my fire. I happened to watch this episode on my lunch break right before I was scheduled to write my newest blog post. Thanks for the positive energy and push.

  166. Thank you for this video. Friends have told me to go see Mama Gena and to study Maria, so this was a great video. I have vision and passion, and I have a dream, drawn out and visual. As a young single mother I have more than a few times worked myself to burnout. The dream helps and has kept me going, however I have not yet grasped how to get myself financially off the ground and flying. I am very well educated with lots of school debt. I am great with networking and visualizing, I even offer workshops on visualizing and self-care, however I feel it is a very slow climb for me financially, no matter how abundant I am.

  167. Truly inspiring and timely, as usual… Thank you, Marie and Mama Gena!

    The “Brag, Gratitude, and Desire” exercise reminds me of something I’ve been practicing and teaching for years, relating to mealtime. I call the following fill-in-the-blank statements “Table Talk”.

    1. Something that’s going well is…
    2. Something I’d like to bring more into my life is…
    3. Something I’m grateful for is…
    4. Something I love/acknowledge about [either someone sitting next to you, or yourself] is…

    I find these questions not only make dinnertime a lot more enjoyable, but they also have the power to transform a bad mood, create more intimacy, and catalyze positive change in all aspects of life. And since it’s practiced during a meal, you literally “digest” these uplifting thoughts along with your food. Now that’s a digestive enzyme! 🙂

    This leads me to answer YOUR question…

    I’m in the process of transforming my Chinese medicine/digestive health practice, from teaching one-on-one or small groups to a larger population (including writing my first book), so this post spoke to me very strongly.

    My overall vision is to inspire others to love and care for themselves more, and discover what nourishes their belly and soul. However, I’m admittedly “seduced” (as Gena describes) by all that there is TO DO. For instance, I’ve been spending far more time in the back-end of my website (designing, building, and even teaching myself code) than I am in the front-end, writing, teaching, and connecting with others.

    After listening to this video (along with other serendipitous events), I realize I’ve been straying away from my passion and joy, and WHY I’m pursuing this dream.

    Fortunately, something is beginning to shift.

    I understand it may take some time to be seen and heard by the world beyond my little private practice, but I’m feeling more confident that if I keep reconnecting with the joy and sheer pleasure of what I do (and why), it WILL happen naturally (and enjoyably).

    Thank you SO much for this reminder.

    With Love and Joy,

    P.S. This is the longest comment I’ve ever written… 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Oooooh I love that take on the Holy Trinity exercise, Sharon!

      Sounds like you’ve had some wonderful realizations, and we’re so glad this video sparked some of it for you.

      Sending love and joy right back.

      • Thank you, Chelsea! 🙂

  168. Eliza Kane

    I’m going to put this out there, because you two are the queens of living your dreams and I greatly admire, appreciate and respect the work you both are sharing in the world.

    I have a big desire. Really BIG desire! And I have been tending to it for quite some time. It is on the brink of its next phase and to get to the next phase, it requires me to ask for help.

    I have written the first draft to a modern day fantasy/sci fi novel about a young woman living in a world of polarity where she must face the darkest of her demons in order to understand and reclaim her truth. The story essentially is a return to love. And thus a return to pleasure =) It also shares about connecting to the celestial and cosmic love all around us.

    The help I need involves spreading the word.

    I’d love to share the link to the Kickstarter page where all the details are laid out, however I don’t want to come across as spamming this wonderful thread, so I would like to ask first if it would be okay for me to share the link?

    I respect if this is not the right avenue to share the link and I welcome any ideas the ladies of this community have, on sharing more about my dream and sharing this novel with the world.

    LOVE! Eliza Rose

  169. About a month ago a dear friend texted me, “I did it! I completed my book!” I jumped up and wrote her back, “OMG, congratulations. I am so, so happy!” And then tears of joy and tears of sadness fell down my checks. I was so excited for my friend and so happy for her yet it was bittersweet because the book is about depression and my sister is a large inspiration for the book. The foreward is about my sister’s journey with depression and her eventual suicide 2 years ago.

    And what I realized in that moment is that I still have a HUGE desire to write a book. Part of my tears were my huge desire to birth a book. A dream I have had my whole life.

    I recently signed up for a writer’s group and feel that by putting myself in a fertile environment for writer’s it will help my desire grow to fruition. My sister was one of my biggest fans and even though she is no longer physically here, I can feel her spirit cheering me on and being my rocket booster to higher orbits.

    Absolutely loved today’s episode especially the “Holy Trinity.” Thank you Regena for being such a creative, bright light. I loved every ounce of you! Sweet Blessings!

  170. This is incredible.
    I love that you emphasis you have to start small to build something great. You must build a strong place to stand so that when the storms come, you will not fall.
    I’m working hard to build something that makes me thrive. Starting small is hard, but I know that it’s what must be done in order to build something great.
    Thank you ladies!

  171. Leave a comment…but I’m left with no words that can express what I’m feeling. I’ll give it a try-I’m so touched, this interview was speaking to my soul in my language. (I’m sure I was funny to watch as I was commenting and cheering at my computer)

    I do have a dream. It is awakening. With the energy of your words Marie and Regena, I will move forward and live my legend.

    I have the dream of helping women around the globe who are stressed out and ready for a change, learn to stress less by finding more to love so they can say “I feel good” and actually mean it.

    I will continue in every moment to do what I can to lift those women up, to help them acknowledge their beauty inside and out, to support and awaken their amazing, God given dreams. In the process, I will also do that for myself.

    Faith renewed, inspiration in action and with much love and gratitude,
    Nicole xo

    • whoah. i feel the power of your mission and your message. the world requires you (all of us!) to step forward, sister.

  172. Thank you so much for this! Every Tuesday brings me closer to my dreams.

    The thing that inspired me most about Mama Gena is the fact that her daughter really inspired this new evolution. That’s the way I felt when my son came into the world. I felt that, if anythings wrong out there it’s gonna have to change because he deserves better. My son, by the way, was also my impossible dream that finally finally finally came to fruition.

    Something really changed in me since he was born. I love literature, I teach it, write it, and publish it. But now I really want to take things to a new level. I started a creative writing in English group here in Bogotá, 5 years ago, and just found out that my group stayed together and kept writing while I was going through the baby stuff! But they never found anyone to lead or teach. So I’m going back!

    I`m really excited. I want to develop online fiction community for expats and travelers, and now I have my small group of learners ready to go and tell me what they need!

    Thanks again to both of you. You really keep me on the path. LOVE YOU!

    • Also, I just one a say, this episode has been one of my favorites, and it came at a time when I was insecure and stuck with the lessons I was trying to create and it got my pen moving again.

    • my mother in law always said ‘babies bring luck’- and they do. luck in unusual forms…like a chance to revive a creative writing group. 🙂

  173. sam

    This was a pleasure to watch. Thank you ladies

  174. Karin

    I was just thinking about to ask MG about how did she start her school? How did the take her desire into reality? And then there it is: Amazing video, thank you both! and GPS…
    I love MamaGena/ Regena for being able to put into words what is truly true, a real messenger!

  175. I loved this episode.

    As a business owner, I feel I am always being looked at to do it professionally, properly and perfect the first time and so considering ‘starting out small’ in a living room seems unquestionable. But, you have to start somewhere hey!

    Thank you ladies… loved the energy today xx

  176. Luana

    I cried in the first 50 seconds.

    I watched this twice today! Now, I do re-watch episodes but never in the same day.

    This one was very special. AND I get the feeling there needs to be a part 2. That’s just how delicious this was.

    I’ve been struggling with the words to describe my current ‘legend’ and you two mama’s gave me a big hunk of clarity around this.

    desire. pleasure. movement. create. do the work. Got it!

    Big kisses to all you ladies out there

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Luana, SO happy to hear that you loved this episode so much you watched it twice in the same day. It’s such a good one, right?!

  177. Jackline Makandi

    What a heart felt message. Pleasure meeting you Mama Gena. Marie, you always know how to fuel my dream just bringing the right people.

    Love you ladies.

  178. Thanks so much for this inspiring episode!

    In 2004 I decided to throw myself into the deep end and live my dream.

    I’d always been the type of girl who did what was expected of her. I was a good student so it was logical to go on to university. I graduated as a translator but didn’t take long to realize that translating wasn’t satisfying as a career. Looking for an alternative that allowed me to stop dreading Mondays I discovered the world of programming and software development. After 10 amazing years I found myself at a crossroads again.

    The software industry was changing and I didn’t like the new direction. So I asked myself what I would do if I didn’t have to worry about any limitations, if money weren’t an issue, if there were no language, visa, certification or other hurdles to consider. I instantly knew: Ever since I can remember I loved sewing and having my own sewing studio, providing a personalized service creating made to measure garments, would be a dream come true.

    I didn’t see any unsurmountable obstacles so I quit my job, moved to Spain and set up my sewing studio specializing in flamenco dance costumes.

    It was as crazy as it sounds – I had no contacts in Spain, I only spoke basic Spanish, I had no idea about flamenco dance costumes, I had no idea about running a small business. But I did have enthusiasm and desire so I learnt what I needed to learn, mostly the hard way.

    Today I am living my dream. Today this business is what I imagined it to be. I get up excited every day.
    It has been an amazing journey of personal growth no corporate job could have ever given me. Had I known in 2004 what I’d be in for I really don’t know whether I would have had the courage to push ahead. Fortunately, I had no idea and now I say I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • i LOVE flamenco. wow. what an amazing adventure you have created!

      • Thank you, Regena! Another thing I had no idea about was that there are people passionate about flamenco all over the world and I’d find my dearest clients outside of Spain 🙂 It really has been an adventure with more lessons and more fun than I ever imagined.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your incredible story brought a tear to my eye! Your journey is proof that our hearts always know the way, even when our minds try to hold us back by saying things like “But you don’t know this… You don’t know anything about that… What if it doesn’t work out…” Our hearts always know how to guide us to our dreams. I’m so glad you followed your heart and are living your dream! 🙂

      • Thank you so much, Mandy! I never worried about things not working out. I thought if it doesn’t work the way I imagine there is still time to think about a plan B. I did worriy about regretting later not having given it a shot.

  179. I really enjoyed this interview and I’ve shared it in social media. I’m a fan of Mama Gena, so thank you.

    MY BRAG: I have written another relationship book! IA big, juicy book of wisdom! And I think it has a lot to offer the world. I created that.
    MY GRATITUDE: All the people who have helped me with my book. Dozens of people. It is full of their stories, and their insights and the book is better because of their selfless contributions.
    MY DESIRE: To connect with my readers in a bigger way.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your new book, Sophie! I know everyone who reads it will be so thankful for your wisdom.

  180. Thank you Marie and team – this episode was amazing!!

    Brag: I have 5 new personal clients and am on my way to my dream of leaving corporate and living the life I imagine!

    Gratitude: I am so happy and grateful for all the online resources to assist and learn more about building a new business, as well as for my partners in believing!

    Desire: To serve conscious entrepreneurs in creating their brand and up-leveling their online presence. I strive to be a light in the world and show others that their dreams ARE possible!!

  181. Laura

    Here’s my mission statement, which I wrote 15 years ago: “I create a fearless world of reverence through teaching teens to find and honor their goldenness.” I crafted this statement after my 1st year of teaching. Prior to teaching I was an unsatisfied lawyer. There is a beautiful story to why I made an abrupt career shift, and I’ve not regretted it – only flourished! On Monday, I will begin my 1st day as an assistant principal at the very high school where I dropped out in 11th grade. That story is even more beautifully miraculous!! Thank you Marie & Mama Gena for living your soul’s desire in the world! My desire is to become even more amazing as a woman and inspired leader!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Laura, it’s so lovely to read your mission statement, and it sounds like you’re doing an incredible job bringing that to life. I’m sure you’re already an amazing and inspired leader, and the teens you work with at the high school are so lucky to have you!

  182. Hannah

    Hello Ladies,
    THANK YOU! Marie I have followed you for a while and enjoy your inspiration immensely. Mama Gina you are new for me but I am so grateful I have found you. I will begin the Holy Trinity with my staff next week. Also I will see you In Miami in November.

  183. fe

    Mama Gina and beautiful Marie I wish you lived around the corner so you could push me to open my door and close another. I am so STUCK right now! With an amazing dream and loads of homework done but I cannot get past the next step. I truly believe in my dream I need to be stronger to make it happen! thank you for you and your knowledge …today xx Fe

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for stopping by Fe, and I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling stuck. The homework part can definitely be so much easier than putting ourselves out there and taking those action steps, and I hope this episodes served as a point of inspiration for moving past feeling stuck.

      I thought I might also share this other MarieTV episode about having the courage to do anything. The tip Marie shares has been truly game-changing for me in terms of getting past that fear, so I thought you might like to see that one if you haven’t yet:

      We believe in you, Fe — you can do this, and we’re sending cheers and Team Forleo love your way!

  184. Monica

    Hello! My name is Monica and I took her mastery this year. it was an amazing experience! I was in a moment in my life where I felt disapointed at so many aspects of my life. Her teachings really inspired me to dream big and connect to my source. As a result I am much more positive and focused on what I want from life. Every woman should go take this at least once… 🙂

  185. Hiya! My name is Destinie and while I have not yet achieved a big goal in life, I do love to dream and desire. I haven’t quite worked out what it is I am really supposed to be doing for the world, but I know that I wish to share my singing and my art with people. I wish to share my stories and the worlds and characters that live in my mind. I want to entertain, and I want to enlighten people to better and happier lives. I have so much I want to do, and it’s really hard to choose.

    Mostly I’ve been focusing on my art lately, though I do practice my singing regularly since I’ve been singing since I was a small child. For my art I’ve been working on commissions providing my artistic rendition of other’s imaginations and their characters. In truth this isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have a story and characters in my mind and a whole world I want to share. I’ve been aiming to do it as a comic, but while it’s getting easier for women in the comic industry, it’s still hard to get recognized at times. I want to be part of the women breaking the gender barrier in the comic, video game, and nerd community. I want this comic to be online with music I’ve written, with voice acting, singing, and for it to be interactive and beautiful! Not quite a video game, but definitely a story people can interact with.

    I also want to teach people. I love teaching and helping, and on the side I sometimes do free mentorships with my followers on deviantART. Once I get some money issues situated I hope to do more tutorials and maybe something more unique with my education process that others haven’t done yet in art. I’m still running my mind over a variety of things and trying to listen to my heart to see what steps I’m to take next. It’s a journey, let me tell you, and so far a slow one. I’m hoping that I can somehow incorporate my music into it as well. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens, but I do know I want it to be big.

  186. THANK YOU, Marie! for introducing me to Mama Gena. I nearly always Tweet out from your videos, but this week I had to Tweet twice. Great show. As a man I cannot begin to understand or comprehend what woman go through in our patriarchal society, because as a tall, white male I’m already in a privileged class that opens doors to me that are often not available to women, people of color and other minorities. And, as a middle-aged gay man (Hey! 60 IS the new 30!) I DO relate to growing up in a society that often caused ME to feel emasculated and unworthy of the success I now have and continue to strive for. So…once again, thanks!

  187. Emily Rose

    I’ve always been a sensual person, and I get chastised for it often. I’ve had some ideas bubbling in me over the last few years that involve sex and the negative stigma around being a sexy woman and how to change that. I’m tired of feeling bad about being sexy and enjoying sex, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there feeling this way. This episode and the discussion on the site before it really opened that part of me up again and is making me want to reexamine it. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing woman, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Emily. I know Mama Gena is so brilliant about opening up healthy discussions about enjoying sex and all kinds of pleasure, which is unfortunately something that is stigmatized too often.

      We’re so glad you tuned in this week, and thrilled to hear it sparked some ideas to resurface for you!

  188. Sharon

    What a wonderful episode, truly inspiring!

  189. Diana

    I had never heard of Mama Gena, but came to the exact same conclusion a few months ago. For many years, my whole existence was fueled by a desire to be a singer/songwriter. I engaged this mostly in a “play pretend” fashion. It gave me energy and something to live for. When I got down to work to actually make it happen, I got so caught up in the “how” that for the first time, it was hard to tap into the desire. I felt drained, depressed and like my whole life was for nothing. It dawned on me that I had completely eliminated “daydream” time from my life. I never knew how important it was. I look forward to re-balancing and turning my dream into a reality. Thanks for this video! xx

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Diana, we love that you got to “meet” Mama Gena here. Daydreaming and allowing yourself creative space to dream, explore, imagine, visualize, and create is so important. It brings out the play in us!

      So glad you enjoyed this episode!

  190. Hi Marie,

    I didn’t think this would catch my attention because there so many other titles you have that I wanted to get to first. Bu then I said “Let me check it out” and I am happy, grateful I did. The small point you helped Regena focus on with us as an audience about the small, small beginnings. The practical piece of how to do this is extremely helpful. I am inspired, this is really helping me at such a low point for me. Thank you for having this segment. I would love for you to check out my music and hope you can really enjoy it.

  191. Hi, first of all, thanks for this episode! love it and Regena is amazing, inspiring!

    My dream that i had was to publish a book – being labelled as dyslexic when very young I didn’t discover my love to write until later on in life. Recently i wrote this book and have now just been offered a contract with Random House.. This episode has reminded me of all the fears I had and excuses I made for 20 years that kept me from this dream and then how I faced them head on – it makes me feel like I can do anything!
    Thanks Marie and Regena.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you followed your heart and didn’t let dyslexia keep you from accomplishing your dream to be an author! We’re so proud of you and we’re cheering you on. You CAN do anything. 🙂

  192. Hi Marie.
    I watch your videos every week and find they are inspirational and motivational. I loved this episode with Mama Gena. She reminded me that forgetting about how and focusing on the desire and figuring it out along the way was exactly how I came up with my product Shape And Bake. I had no clue on how to bring an invention to life. I only knew I had a desire to make any shape cake I want and thought how could I get it done. I started with a drawing and cut out some Keuring boxes into different shapes and saw that my drawings could actually work. Fast forward a year and a half and countless closed doors, I have working prototypes, multiple social media outlets, professional videos to promote an upcoming kickstarter campaign and our first manufacturing run that is in the process of being completed and shipped to the US. To say that I have come a long way from only a dream and a desire to make any shape cake and build a product based business is accurate. My hope is the journey will continue to take me places I visualized in my mind as possibilities that become an even greater and inspired reality. Thank you for everything you do and know that the life you have created has motivated many people to pursue their dreams and “create a business and life they love”.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! It’s so wonderful to hear that you saw a need, a lack in the industry and you were moved to solve it. I know everyone who loves to bake their own creations are super excited that you’ve opened up this whole new world of options for them. 🙂

  193. Djuro

    Fantastic woman!
    The world will be much better if more women are leading their country!

  194. Andrea

    Love your shows and this week in particular. I believe we all have a purpose and that everything happens for a reason. 3 months ago I resigned from a senior management level position after 9 years with a company to get off the “merry-go-round” and get in touch with my true purpose. It was scary as hell but I did it! Now I’m trying to make things happen and this was truly motivating.

  195. I do not have an answer to the first question yet but I do have an answer to the second. Yes I do have a desire that needs more air time

  196. Well.
    Its been a day of my Universe putting inspiration in front of me.
    Been working on sharing and commenting on things, including a Richard Branson post where he quoted FDR :
    “As he discussed a new outlandish idea, an assistant told the President: “You can’t do that!” “I’ve done a lot of things I can’t do,” replied FDR. ”

    I loved the contradictions that Regena expressed – that stepping outside yourself to “BE”.. accepting your power.
    I am a Mum too Regena and had that same feeling when I looked at my baby girl (now an amzing 19)
    What can I do to create a better opportunities /awareness of the sheer creative power that we women hold?
    To facilitate MORE of it?

    Years ago now, I just decided I could no longer work for other people.
    I had to follow my belief that I could do something that could be a positive force to assist women (in particular) to live their dream.
    So.. Long story short, I now run my own Online Marketing Agency, JumpStart Matrix.

    I help people with THEIR dream of creating an online business.
    I am of real service to others.
    I DO ‘make a difference’.
    And… my daughter sees that WE women CAN be ‘Captain of our Ship’!

    Living proof that even when you don’t know the ‘How”.. you can DO IT!

    Everyone thought I was crazy.

    I had no money. Just a (BIG) fistful of life experience and a “back yourself” philosphy.
    I now have some wonderful clients and manage to make my life work.
    I have just been waiting to scale it up ….somehow.

    I think the ‘hows” just got in my way.. Dammit!! LOL

    I am going back to Regena’s Holy trinity and Marie’s comment:
    ” Because I bet there’s a next chapter for you; a new phase you’re entering right now – creatively, spiritually and emotionally — that would be well served if you stay connected to your deepest desires and highest truth.”

    MY sentient Universe ALWAYS brings me what I need.Hooray!
    Thank you ‘Mama Gena’ & Marie.. and all you other ladies sharing a bit of yourselves in here.
    We ROCK.

  197. This was such a beautiful episode. I’m in my first year of business and it’s so easy to forget to have fun. I really struggle not to make everything feel like a total slog and tell myself that I’m not moving fast enough. It’s so important to keep hearing that it’s a step-by-step thing, and that getting outside the daily grind to a place of fun and play is crucial.

    My desire is to reunite women with their bodies, through writing, coaching and yoga, and make that my full-time work. That’s the first time I’ve expressed it like that and it feels amazing! Thanks so much Regena and Marie. x

  198. I am fully living my dream right now, and I know it will expand to reach hundreds of people.
    Ever since growing up in Germany, I wanted to live in a beautiful place in nature, and help animals and people.
    Now, I live close to the Pacific Northwest wilderness, where I homestead, raise my children, raise healthy organic food and best of all, teach people how to live more healthy, sustainable lives. I’ve had a lot of impact already, but I want to go bigger. I love empowering people to start being healthier and more self-sufficient, be it urban folks or homesteaders like me.
    I just recently launched my online cheese making classes instead of people coming to my homestead, and it’s been a success already.
    But I want to be BIGGGGGGGG!!!! My desire is for people to be attracted to my classes and movies so they can live healthier, more real lives.
    I’m so grateful for everything I have already created. I think I will do B-school next year to really launch myself!

  199. Thank you soo much for this episode!! AGAIN the right words at the right time!
    It reminded me of my own story as a mom. I left the corporate world because I wanted to show my girl that earning money should be something that makes you happy and is in alignment with your true self and not cause low self-esteem, anxiety or disease… Now I’m a “dream maker”, turning people’s ideas, memories or inner promises into precious jewelry they can wear as an anchor. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their faces light up, when they touch their formerly intangible vision. I know for sure that when we keep our dreams fueld and alive we can achieve them!
    In this episode we’re challenged to brag which is really hard when you’re not used to it… Still, I have something I really want to share with you, because YOU ALL – especially you, Marie, and your team – are such an inspiration and you might like it. It might even be a “tool” that helps people “staying on their game”, reminding them to “keep going for their dreams”! I’m very proud of my new jewelry line “dream-believe-achieve” which I created for all the women who are pursuing their life’s purpose and need a secret yet solid helper on their way.
    I’m a day dreamer and I have the desire to serve people with my heart, soul and creativity in a much bigger way. I’m still looking for some answers and guidance on the “what” and the “how”…
    Today, I want to thank you for the reassurance that anything is possible and having desires is the first step 🙂

  200. Such a good timing for me – or maybe I found it because I needed it 🙂

    I am at this point sunk in the ‘how’ and my inspiration and excitement are a little dried out.

    Thank you for reminding me why I’m doing what I’m doing in the first place.

    Much love,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Don’t you love it when you find just what you need? It’s like a little reminder that the Universe has your back. We’re so glad Mama Gena’s episode landed at the right time for you.

  201. Thanks so much, Regina and Marie. Thanks for the reminders to connect to joy and desire and to balance that with the daily grind. I teach yoga to cancer patients and am trying to make that my full-time career, but it’s incredibly hard to sustain, financially speaking. I believe in the work – my time with the patients is amazing! This work feels like the little seed in me that wants to come to fruition, as Regina mentioned, and I’m still nurturing this little seedling. Thanks for the inspiration!

  202. Amy

    I wrote and published a book despite the fact that I am a homeschooling mother of 9. It was a dream of mine that I had, even before, my husband of 22 years met! And now I have my own book in my hands!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      WOW! To have written a book while homeschooling 9 kids must have been challenging. I’m so glad you stuck with it and made your dream a reality. 🙂

  203. OMG, I have been in such a funk the last 3 months it’s been crazy. I have not wanted to do anything or reach for my dreams. I lost steam. I felt like everything was piling up against me. My patent came back with rejections. All lawyers were asking $$$$ thousands to fix the rejections. The production wasn’t going to task. I was running out of steam and funds to bring my dream to life and seriously contemplating giving up. I couldn’t do anything. So I retreated. I deactivated facebook. Came off, all social media and have just been in what I consider somewhat of a downward mental spiral battle. It’s been hard. When this video came last week, I couldn’t even read the email. I watched the video but it didn’t register. I just rewatched it and I am so grateful. This was awesome and SSSSSsssssooooooooo true. This journey is hard.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


      We’re so grateful you rewatched this too, and hope you feel inspired to keep on keepin’ on. Sometimes taking the tiniest actions or next steps — the ones you know you can do — can launch you back into that forward momentum.

      We’re rooting for you.


  204. I LOVE this meeting ritual. I’m going to add it to my morning routine!

  205. narkis

    I already made dreams come true after nurturing them but sometimes I find it hard to keep nurturing them to the next step of their growth after I have already accomplished what I saw.

    The dream that needs air now is me getting my voice heard: writing, spreading inspiration.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for tuning in, Narkis. I know you’re absolutely not alone in struggling to continue nurturing dreams that are ready to grow to the next level.

      We actually did an episode recently about how to keep your business passion fueled, so I thought I might share that one for a few ideas:

      I hope that helps provide a few additional nuggets of wisdom, and we’re cheering you on!

  206. Natasha Trafiak

    Haha!! I am starting a new tradition at the supper table with this Marie and Regena!!!
    I am always wanting to make our suppers like the ones I see w other families and on TV where everyone has fun & connects. Well I am succeeding in making conversation & a bit of interaction but I think doing a brag, a gratitude, and a desire will really deepen our time together at the supper table and help our family be stronger!
    Thanks again! So much :)))

  207. Katie


    I absolutely love all of your video’s. I am so grateful that you talked about starting small. I have definitely caught myself living in the how instead of the now, and it has held me back. Thank you for posting this video.

    Best Wishes,


  208. Thank you Marie, Mama Gena and Team Forleo,

    Loved this video, when I read the intro. I thought it sounded a bit “beam me up” for my liking but it really resounded with the work I am doing at the moment. I have just started selling my hand made glass bead jewellry and these insights are fantastic to keep me on my path. Keep up the amazing work.

    Kind regards

    Sally Jane

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Sally Jane! We’re so glad that you tuned in this week and found some great nuggets of wisdom in this episode to help give your biz a boost. 🙂

  209. Jennifer

    I dream of creating a body-positive empire! I want to help women of all sizes live their adventures through pleasurable movement, bodywork, energy healing and holistic nutrition and health. I want to live my adventure through this dream. AND . . . . after years of not-being-sure, not-being-“able-to-afford-it”, feeling like ALL my other responsibilities to others had to come first, before I could be responsible for me . . . . I am a registered and fully-paid member of Mama Gena’s Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, starting in September!

    • Jennifer you will LOVE it!!! Are you coming to Miami in November???

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome. Go Jennifer!!

  210. I love this! So inspiring. I am one of the multi-interest entrepreneurs. I have been doing web design for 10 years. I have had my own business for 4 1/2 years. But i also love natural health and healing. As I am about to graduate the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I have seen the need for health/business/finance coaches to have great blogs and websites. Thank you for all you do Marie! Always love MarieTV!

  211. I really enjoyed Regena. I agree with all that she said. My desire is to complete my first book, Sex, Love and Food and have it become a New York Times best seller. I also want to create a class/school called “Be The Light”, helping women to understand they are the Light of the world. Listening to Regena has prompted me to sit down and write my first class and begin – no matter how small the class is initially.

    Thank you, Marie! I know you know you ROCK! You are amazing. 🙂

  212. Ana V.

    I tried the ice breaker w/ my team last night for the first time & enjoyed listening & participating. I’ll definitely keep that going in my small business.

  213. That is a great episode! it reminds me about my dream. the dream came with me by accident. when i was a student. i saw people around me, they have an unhappy,poor and boring life. and i think i will try my best to not fall in their same situation. i had a sense, i have to have responsibility to my life and others around me. and i determine my mission that makes the life of the people around me becoming better. i don’t care it was impossible or possible dream. its my own dream and i will make it come truth.

  214. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Very good in creatively, spiritually and emotionelly and I consider that people have to find for other ideas and other ways for business and not steal inside.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Corina! So many people just try to copy other people’s work, when really the best way to have an amazing business is to be our own unique, authentic selves.

  215. I have been pretty obsessed with the “how”. I really want to live out the big dreams that I have, but it does seem pretty impossible sometimes. I can relate with what Regena mentioned about the “how” always pulling you back in to work more. I’m walking away from this episode with the real notion that I have to live & enjoy my dream to be authentic. Instead of focusing all my effort on “the plan” and the “how” I want to just live out what it is I’m trying to give to others. I feel like I can create the most genuine form of connections when I live in that mindset. The hardest part about that is allowing time to take it’s course (which is very hard when you want to GO now).

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Bryce — it can be really hard to find that balance between allowing things to naturally form and grow in you and also keeping things moving. I love what you’re taking away from this episode, and am excited for you to feel more of your genuine self in seeing things this way.

  216. I always know i will live my life better even hard to believe to happen with other. I want to give love, take care my family and help other wake up to live better life.

  217. Chaya

    I love your videos you’re so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How did you pull your team together? I’m trying to build a team but i keep attracting the wrong people to interviews. Being a low budget nonprofit i believe is part of the cause. So, how do you build a great committed team that is so passionate for your cause?


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Chaya, this is a great question and there’s no doubt it takes a lot of work to find the right A players for a team. I think the best first step is to make a super clear profile of the ideal person for the job — what makes them a perfect fit? What is this person like? What skills and experience do they have? Being as clear as possible will help you pull in better-suited candidates and will also make it easier for you to tell when someone isn’t the right fit — before they get too far into the process.

      I hope this helps!

  218. Rand

    I love your show, I actually came across it by accident and even though I do have my own dreams and goals about having or starting my own business, I started watching for a different reason. After watching a few episodes what I can honestly say is that the advice given or shared on your show maybe not all but just based on the ones I’ve watched so far and that is I can apply them to my everyday life and my relationship with the people in my life and myself. I admire your advice based on your own personal experiences and your show is and feels authentic and real. I love the questions you ask those you’ve interviewed and I’m saying that because for one I’m thinking of those same questions and I’ve never felt like that with any show I’ve seen. So thank you.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Rand, thank you so much for this lovely comment. It’s an honor to know Marie’s work resonated so much for you 🙂

  219. Sister Queen

    Magic is really real!!! My friend and I were just having this conversation last night about how to focus and start a business and this was in my inbox from Mama Gena today to introduce me to MarieTV!!!! Amazing! I have forward this 411 to her, she lives in Germany, and I know the magic is going to keep happening!!! Simply amazing! I brag that I found this and was able to forward my friend, whose name is Monica, this wonderful website and video and I am so grateful that I am on my way to becoming a Professional Inspirational Advisor and my desire is that I reach billions of people by 2017!!! You are the best!!! Thank you so much!!

  220. Cass

    I’ve watched a lot of motivational MarieTV episodes but this one has given me a giant push. I’ve been so indecisive about so many things and this has helped me really narrow my focus. I put my plan in place and I’ve accomplished more in the past 10 minutes than I have in the last year. Thanks Mama Gene and Marie! I feel like a phoenix reborn.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Cass!! So happy to hear that!

  221. Jacque

    Oh boy! What a necessary episode for every women to have the pleasure of watching. Only within the last year have I started to explore masculine and feminine energies and what they mean individually. I have always united the two which has lead to me ultimately living in my masculinity for most of my life. Imogene even sure what it looks like to explore my femininity. But I can say I am excited to learn more and grow deeper in self love. This is the way to accessing the next chapter in my life and I am so thankful for this episode and the clarity it has started to provide. This book is inspiring me to start a book club so that I can share with other women (my sisters of the world) the power of the pussy. Thank you thank you thank you!

  222. Whoa. I just graduated from the School of Womanly Arts, and am a 2016 B-School Grad through Kate Northrup and Mike Watts. All I’ve gotta say is: it’s all true!
    This episode surprised me because I had not heard Mama Gena express her story in this way before. I, too, knew my passion, and wanted to build a life that I didn’t need to escape with a vacation. I wanted my daughter and my son to see the world improving, and give voice to what I wanted my legacy to be. Could I explore all that crazy sh** I was into and still make my mortgage payment? (Hint: yup)
    I’m so glad I had a few minutes to watch this episode. We are changing the world for our daughters and sons through your respective visions and our personal action. Grateful.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with us, Jennifer! We’re glad you found this episode at the perfect moment and that it resonated so deeply with you. We’re honored to have you in our vibrant B-School community and can’t wait to see how your ideas continue to grow and evolve!

  223. Esther Fowler


  224. Helen

    What a beautiful episode. I love this. Thank you! <3

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