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Riddle me this.

What if you could sit down with your coffee and pour out words that spark an aha, a revolution, or thousands and thousands of clicks to your “buy” button?

Guess what: you can.

Those words — the words in your blog posts, your emails, your sales pages, your headlines, your business tweets, and all over your website — those are called copywriting. Or, “copy.”

They’re the words that sell.

And if you’ve been having trouble writing them so they sound like you and make people want what you have…

A few key changes to how you think about copy will change your business forever.

Good copy gives you the power to make more (impact, money, etc.) from doing what you love. It makes you stand out from competitors, and makes your message resonate with buyers. And it gives you more confidence to share what you’ve got with the people who need it.

And, I’m here to help.

The Copy Cure is brand new program that’s been in the works for years. I’ve developed it with one of the funniest and talented writers I know, Laura Belgray. It’s a self-study program that you can take at your own pace and it’s jam packed with practical tools to help you find your voice, sell with heart and write amazing, original copy — that actually sounds like you.

And, to celebrate its release, we’re holding one of our now legendary scholarship contests. If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I believe that talent is universal, opportunity is not.

That means that we make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and benefit from what we create, regardless of economics.

So yep, here’s a chance to join us for free. Check out the details below, and get to it. (Fast, because the deadline is THIS WEEK :).









The Scholarship Prize

A free seat in The Copy Cure digital program.

Here’s How To Win

Follow the directions and post a comment below. And, make sure your response is 500 words or less.

    1. Watch our free writing class, 3 Secrets To Copy That Connects and Converts, which you can access here.
    2. Which one of the 3 secrets do you struggle with the most, and why?
    3. If The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    4. What else do you want us to know about you? [interpret that however you want!]


Wanna boost your chances of winning? Spread the word about The Copy Cure scholarship contest on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Some sample copy blurbs to get your creative juices flowing.

I’m ready to win a spot in @marieforleo & @lbelgray’s The Copy Cure #copycure

Fingers & toes crossed for @marieforleo & @lbelgray The Copy Cure #copycure

This scholarship contest has my name on it @MarieForleo & @lbelgray’s The Copy Cure #copycure

You can share your Copy Cure lust on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram up to three times per day, and use any wording you’d like. But all tweets and FB posts must include the #copycure hashtag and the official shortlink to this post: (Instagram is kind of a pain like that, so do whatever you feel is best.)

Here’s everything you need to know about this contest.

  1. You can enter to win with a written comment below. And YES, it’s got to be public – no email entries will count.
  2. Tweets, Facebook, and Instagram shares get you bonus points. And they must contain #copycure and a shortlink to this post:
  3. The entry deadline is 5pm Eastern US time on Thursday July 16, 2015 and the winner will be announced on Friday.
  4. No purchase is necessary to win.
  5. We’re the judges and our decision is subjective and final. (But we adore every single one of you, and there’s nothing but love coming your way.)

Remember: We’re looking for heart, creativity, kindness and the ability to follow directions. Show us your commitment and how this work can help you reach and exceed your dreams. We can’t wait to see your entry and social media shout-outs.

WINNER UPDATE as of Friday July, 17th at 5:00PM

Our minds are BLOWN! Thank you so very much for all of the goodness, heart and soul you shared. We read each and every word of 981 entries. It was not easy to chose, but we did. Huge congrats to the following winners. Our team will be in touch with you via email about next steps.

Tsatsi Phoshoko
Emma Fry
Deni Phinney
Terry Fox
Melita Rahmalia

And, from our pre-launch survey:
Karli Blaydes

With huge love and appreciation,


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  1. Wow, how awesome! This is totally what I want!

    Thanks for the generous opportunity, Marie!

    • Marie and Laura, THANK YOU! Honestly, I struggle with both clarity and resonance. I use too many words and may often confuse my audience. Letting go of my own clever way of expressing and writing to inspire action based on what my audience actually wants, is a challenge and I know if I can improve – even just a l’il bit – It’ll make my WHOLE being sing with happy stuff! Help me…please!!

    • Danny Bu

      I guess the strangest part of this assignment is that if you struggle with writing copy you are going to struggle with writing this comment. Oh well here it goes anyway.

      For the past 10 years I was the direct response fundraising guy for probably the largest cancer fighting organization in the world. I won’t lie. I loved it! I was making a difference and saving lives with every hour I put in at the office. Last month they decided that they no longer had use for my skills and experience or to cut to the chase for clarity’s sake: I got canned. It left me with a bit of an identity crisis. If I can’t be “cancer fighting guy” then who am I? Well it made me think about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

      Even as a kid I wanted to write. I love science fiction and superheroes. I wanted to write comic books. I wanted to write novels and fiction. Perhaps it was time to get back to my first love. So I am trying to reinvent myself as the writer I always wanted to be and couple it with my fundraising experience to help non-profits produce content that will move people to take action for a cause.

      The biggest struggle that most fundraising organizations have and frankly I had too was resonance. Reaching the hearts and minds of our audience and speaking to them about how their donation could make a real difference in people’s lives is quite a challenge. I have heard it described by folks around the office as “selling hope”. I really feel that participating in The Copy Cure can help me create compelling, moving copy that will help find make a difference.

      Cheesy I know but after working for 10 years making a difference I have the bug. I believe that there are many great organizations striving to make the world a better place and I do something to help.

      BTW … I am not kidding about loving superheroes so much that I named both of my kids after superheroes.

      • Ali

        Danny, I love what you wrote — what happened after all? Where are you now? I’m a fundraiser writer / marketeer too. Although I wasn’t let go, I chose to leave an organization where I loved the cause & found myself in a similar identity crisis. “If I’m not helping these poor hungry people, who am I and what am I actually all about?” Like you, my childhood musings were to write books and draw comics but am ending up somewhere in betwixt and in between.

    • Marsha

      I’m an equal opportunity struggler in relation to clarity, personality and resonance. I liter and clutter all over my sentences. In an effort to stand out, I over overcomplicate. In an effort to be heard, I over describe. The way I put words together is boring and predictable or I confuse my reader with woo woo words, aka spiritual jargon. I don’t know how to bridge the gap with what I do and what my client thinks is important. Crafting a message is clear, has personality and is resonate with my audience overwhelming and baffling to me. HELP, I need CPR – STAT!

      I believe The Copy Cure would do exactly what it says it does, help me connect and convert. I work with spiritually minded entrepreneurs and small businesses to bring to life their visions by helping them set up and run the online side of their business. However, creating copy that connects with their audience and converts is my biggest challenge. I rely on my clients to know and do that but they don’t. So I’m not able to support my clients in getting the results they want to see. Sure I can help them set up their systems, sales funnels, email sequences, social media posts, online programs, etc. but what good is all that work if it’s not connecting and converting. Learning how to craft copy that connects and converts would make me an invaluable resource to my clients and help me give them the results they are seeking. I feel so incomplete when we’ve done so much great work together setting up brilliant online offerings but it doesn’t sell, or attendance is low, or fill in the blank. I feel horrible when this happens, and it’s hard for me to not take it personal. Making a difference in other peoples lives lights me up and when my clients don’t see the results they had hoped for, it breaks my heart and I question myself in a big way. I believe the break down is copy. The Copy Cure program is the medicine for my achy-breaky heart, bad country song reference intended. Hehe. Kidding aside, I long to feel good about what I do and helping to make a difference in the lives of those that I serve. By gifting me with The Copy Cure, you’re not only helping me help others, help others. It’s such an amazing cycle of good that I don’t want to let bad copy get in the way of happiness, success and service.

      A fun fact about me, I am tickled pink at fart jokes. One time, someone farted during an eye-gazing activity a group of us were doing and I lost it. There was no recovering from that. I had to excuse myself from the room because I could not stop laughing. Poor guy, I’m sure I’m embarrassed the hell out of him. At least we all got a good laugh. ☺

    • li

      I have a voice! I have a voice and I want it to be heard by my target audience of course. I want to truly provide valuable information while connecting on a deep level.
      I feel The Copy Cure would be a very invaluable tool for me to accomplish that goal. I feel that my biggest struggle has been, finding my voice. I’ve struggled with finding it for a long time and although I believe I’ve found it, I still find it a challenge to put it out there, why? The why sometimes is not so clear to me but I know it’s time to let it come out and be as loud as I can stand.

      I think that my biggest struggle would have to be Resonance; I want to write more effectively to move my readers to action. I agree with the CPR method, information that is clear with lots of personality is definitely a key thing; but I think the biggest challenge for me is striking that emotional chord with my audience.
      If The Copy Cure landed in my lap today or tomorrow, first of all I’d catch it, HA! But seriously,
      I think it would help me connect more effectively with my audience. This in turn will assist me with providing valuable informative information, thus allowing me the opportunity to monetize my business. This also will help free up some quality time to be spent with my family and friends. When business is good you have less time to worry about money and more time to focus on family/friends and that’s a great thing, that’s freakin HUGE!

      The message that I’m passionate about spreading is the message of self-worth and love, especially among young girls and teens. This is a Global message and to needs to be heard especially by these young ladies. I feel that if we can reach these young ladies now, it will only set them up for a successful future; which in turn will create strong thriving holistic communities in the future.

      The tangible and immediate difference I feel this would make for me and those around me, is that it will encourage and teach people to start loving on themselves so that they may learn how to love on one another the right way; With the understanding that all of us are beautiful it our own way?
      What else? I would like you to know that, “To know me is to Love me”. I’m about Peace a Love and yes I do so badly want World Peace. I know it sounds corny and I’m no Miss American, Lol… My take on all of this is Self-Acceptance + Love = World Peace. If you love yourself how can you hate others?! Closing my eyes tight and wishing that you’ll choose me, thanks for the chance.

    • Ann

      I would love to win this contest as I am struggling the most with clarity. I always thought I was a good writer but I really struggle with how to get my message into words that convey what my heart wants me to say. I am a holistic health coach who has not been able to make my website(s) come to life and attract the people I most want to serve. I want to make a difference in the lives of people who are approaching retirement but are so stressed out that they may not get there with enough health to enjoy it. I have a wonderful sense of humor…how do I get it to shine through while not obscuring my message? I want the world to see the real me and to want what I have to offer. THANKS!!!

  2. OMG I would love to win this scholarship so much. I´ve always loved to write but I would like to learn how to take advantage of this love and develop it, to make it work for a business. And as a result of my dreamy, risk-taking nature, money is an issue for me right now, so this is a big opportunity for me. Thanks so much, sweeties 🙂

    • You are so kind to offer a contest! I’m on a Social Security budget, struggling to offer my service and gifts to the world and obtain financial freedom.

      What do I offer and why?

      It all started with publishing my memoir. I’d been writing it for twelve years. When I retired and moved to Mexico twelve years ago I started a blog to stay in touch with friends and family. I got great feedback on my writing style, and this was encouraging.

      After a book presentation by an award winning author, I told her that I was writing a memoir. She suggested I send a manuscript. Her response after reading it was, “I got so involved I forgot to go to my yoga class.” She also provided ideas for a major revision.

      You know how it is when one lucky break can bring on a cascade of successes? That’s exactly what happened. I found my cover artist in a hostel while traveling, and my web designer/ social media expert on the beach. A friend who owed me did the layout. I was flying!

      I self-published in 2012 and gave some presentations. This was just the tip of the iceberg for what was to follow. I was very excited about the potential for connection using social media. It was time to come out of retirement. I want to give something valuable to the world before I leave it. And I like the idea of being free to travel with my work.

      Thus began my odyssey of discovery and learning on the internet.
      I have a landing page and, after a lot of soul searching, came up with my niche—to provide online self care resources for those caught up in the mental health mill. Long ago I endured multiple hospitalizations. I survived and have not been in therapy or taken medications for many years. I have come out to help heal others.

      Good language skills are needed to do this. I am a pretty good communicator—I use contractions and project a fair level of clarity—I do have a problem addressing the needs of my target audience. That’s the resonance issue you described so well.

      My ideas are big and abstract. I’ve trouble letting go of them. After all, they are about ME. For my audience this will fall flatter than a pancake without baking soda. I have been following forums where my audience hangs out to determine their needs and what words they use to express them. This is very slow and tedious. The stories are not nice.

      I’m certain that the Copy Cure course would get me over this hump of procrastination and uncertainty in pursuing my mission. A helping hand goes a long way with me.

      So come on. Give me that scholarship so I can help out all of those poor people struggling to get out of the mud and thrive in their lives.

      Thanks for reading my entry.

      • Louise - Team Forleo

        Thank you so much Don. Your passion and skill leap off the page.

      • Don, maybe you’re just chasing the wrong audience because where you’re coming from seems pretty similar to where I come from in my entry, and for me, there certainly is a strong resonance with what you write (made easier by your refined and very readable style). I wish you’d win, would love to see what you’ll create. There’s certainly some Soul at work here 🙂

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Paula, We’ve love to have to enter the contest. Can you post a new comment by 5pm eastern today answer the questions Marie asks above?! Excited to see what you share!

  3. ————————————–
    Clarity, Personality, Resonance:

    The toughest secret that I struggle with is clarity! I find it challenging to really get out what I’m trying to communicate. I have a woo-woo business of trying to help empower women and help them heal their traumas and live a more joyful life (I personally overcame fibromyalgia and my business is coaching others through their obstacles to get to freedom) – and I tend to write in a very clinical, overwritten, academic and jargony way. I’ve been procrastinating on writing my new website because I feel really stopped.

    A stronger writing style would help me SO much – I have a really unique approach to helping people heal their pain and move on from trauma. I know that there are so many people that I could help if they really understood what it is that I can do for them. People would be getting free from years of chronic pain, they’d be able to let go of their heavy prescriptions like morphine and oxycontin, and they’d be able to really enjoy living their lives again. I wouldn’t feel like I’m struggling to tell people what I do anymore, and I’d release so much more content because I would feel confident that my message is being heard and processed by my audience the way I want it to. My coaching practice would fill up and people would be beating down my door to get what I have! I can already see it. My practice would be filled, and my husband and I could rest easy each month knowing that the bills are covered. It would really improve my business life because it would take the struggle out of marketing for me.

    You should also know that I’m young – a 22 year old entrepreneur with a big vision for her life and I’ve been given this crazy awesome experience of going through chronic illness and coming out on the other side to help inspire and uplift others to do the same, and I know that any help I can get on this journey is very welcome! I love what you do Marie, and thanks again for the opportunity to learn from you!

    • What a great business – knowing the disasters of opioid overdoses, this really is life changing!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing more about your biz and what lights you up! We are honored to be of any help in your journey.

  4. First of all I would like to say thank you to Marie and Laura for this amazing opportunity!

    Out of the 3 Secrets To Copy That Connects and Converts that I personally struggle with the most would be resonance. I believe at times I get caught up on what I want to say rather then what my customers actually want to hear. What I must remember is that I started my business to cater to my customers needs and I must be able to present it in away that they will connect with my brand.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would help me in all aspects of my life. I noticed that even after once episode I have already learned so much, so I can only imagine the whole class. Stronger writing would help me connect more with the world, in business, with my family and community. I want to use my writing to help empower and educate others for the greater good of this world. Within my community I know I am an influencer, I want to take it to a greater scale which would be the internet. Like one thing I am truly passionate about is food, holistic food and I want to help educate others on how to eat well and right, even if it’s just the basics.

    I graduated college this past May as a Marketing major but while I was in school I started a company and named it Demo Connect and basically we help new upcoming organic and natural food startups gain brand awareness by doing in-store demonstrations. I sincerely love what I do, and I know that I am young but I really want to take it to the next level and I think by being apart of the Copy Cure it will help dramatically. Also many times because of my age I’m undermined in the field and I feel as though if I were to get a grasp on finding my Copy I would be able to show others what I truly have to offer!

    Thank you!

    • Christine — what a cool business you’re building! I’ve been reading through the comments and just have to say what an awesome thing you’re doing. As someone who’s hugely interested in organic and natural foods, it’s such a gift that you’re helping startups get their wheels turning. Keep going! Also, anyone who undermines you because of your age is a bozo — and deserves to be ignored! 🙂 Best of luck!!
      – Whitney

    • Noreen

      This is an awesome business idea! I am actually in the start up phase of an Organic Baby food company, I will contact you on your page. I believe in you!

    • Helping people connect with and through food is more powerful than any label on a package, and so much bigger than brand awareness. Why do those founders choose to create natural and organic products vs conventional? Because they believe in making a positive impact in the world, not just at lunchtime, but in every moment of every day, for all of us. You will help them realise their mission because you are a superstar Christine! .

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you are already taking the world by storm and we’re so glad you shared your contest entry!

  5. This is so great, I’d love to enter the contest! Out of CPR, I believe I struggle the most with resonance. I’m a licensed social worker, facilitator, and independent program evaluator. I with nonprofits and agencies that provide programs and services focusing on women and girls of color and/or reproductive health, rights, and justice. I provide either workshops and trainings on creating, evaluating, and improving programs and services for my clients, or I create the program/service and/or evaluate it for my clients. I often wonder if my copy resonates with the people who come to my blog, especially when I struggle to get comments. I never know if what I’m writing makes people want to work with me ASAP or if they’re still confused as to what I do. Additionally, I’d want my copy to translate well to people who don’t have direct knowledge and skills in social work, evaluation, and reproductive health. If I received The Copy Cure, I would dive right in by taking my current copy on my blog and measure it against The Copy Cure. I’ll never take steps to re-write some parts of my blog post and re-promote them to see how it resonates with my readers. I’ll also examine my About and Services pages. One last thing I’d want you to know about me: I have a twin sister! (#random)

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Love the random fact share! You really tapped on something powerful – not being sure if your copy makes people what to work with you or confuses them. Thanks for your entry!!

  6. Maureen Briglio

    Copy Cure….just the medicine prescribed for what ails me. I’m ready to transition to greatness in this chapter of my life. I’ve been waiting for today with enthusiasm and am vibrating an incredible outcome. You ladies rock and your generosity is heart warming , much love

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you Maureen!

  7. 2.
    For Investor Proposal – my copy is cluttered and my writing has no personality
    For Crowd Funding – my copy lacks clarity, is confusing and is tarnished by emotion and desperation
    For Customers – copy does not count – we do not have any products and we need to rebuild our reputation
    We would be able to either secure investment or run a successful crowdfunding campaign. It will change our lives and allow us to finally move forward. We can then start to focus on our customers and dream of building a caring supportive community helping others who land up in situations like ours. Maybe we could even still save our home and reclaim a little dignity.
    I know it can be done, I know I can do it. All I need is to break through. Because I believe in what I am doing so much I have made sacrifice after sacrifice to get there. Some days I feel like I am delusional chasing some stupid dream and that feeling makes me more determined than ever to just get it right now “FFS”. I just want to achieve something so I can move on from what ever is blocking us.

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing so honestly – you are incredibly brave and I can feel your determination shining through!!

  8. Ladies, this couldn’t have come a better and worse time! Why? I put a moratorium on purchasing any online products for the rest of 2015. A smart move on my part until I saw that The Copy Cure was being released – d’oh!

    I’m so in need of this course. I struggle with clarity in a big way. As a lifestyle blogger and someone who comes from the creative side of things (the film industry), I tend to write in vague, flowery language. Pretty, yes – but super ineffective when it comes to converting. While my stories are beautiful, they lack specificity and clarity, especially in when it comes to marketing copy. I think one of the main things that’s held me back from taking off in my business and achieving the goals and dreams I have for my life, is my inability to communicate what is clearly in my heart (and more importantly how others can benefit from what I’m sharing).

    I REALLY want to “get” how to write better and convert my readers to customers (because I 110% believe what I’m sharing is life-changing stuff). Upping my copy game will help me write my sales page for a brand new offering I’m creating (along with social updates, newsletter and email copy, etc.). And I have no doubt that this single tweak could mean the difference between another bum launch and one that soars (and girls, I’m ready to soar)! I’ve been a fan of both of you ladies for many, many years. And I’ve got dreams that are still unfulfilled and unrealized (even after B-School and countless other programs). I’m SO ready for this shift. And I have the utmost faith that you can help get me there. Let’s DO THIS!!

    Side-note: you should also know that I’m going to be diving into writing my 1st screenplay very soon and you better believe your names will be in the “thank you’s” when it finally gets made. I know this course will be just the kick in the booty I need to crank it out and will take my writing to the next level. Booyah!!

    • Hey Stephanie! Just want to let you know that I love The Girl Who Knows. It’s beautifully designed, soulful and a bit cheeky – all of which I love. I have no doubt that you and your site or whatever other businesses you dream up will be a huge success. Keep on creating!! x

      • Tiari

        The Desire Map, Stephanie? You’re awesome!!

      • Hi Briana! You have no idea how much your sweet comments meant to me as I opened up my browser this morning. I’m so glad to hear you love the site – thanks for the words of love + confidence, truly! Sending you big hugs! xo

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Watanabe!!!! You rock, and I think you hit on something HUGE here when you wrote that that “one of the main things that’s held me back from taking off in my business and achieving the goals and dreams I have for my life, is my inability to communicate what is clearly in my heart”.

      I think this is universal and a deep reason that M&L feel so passionately about this copy work.

      (And hooray for the screenplay.)

      • Louise!! Omg, I haven’t seen your face in forever. Miss you girl. Hope I get to see you next time I’m out East! And yes, so true. I think it’s absolutely universal – and something I just got super clear about as I was watching the Copy Cure videos. Congrats on this launch lady – and big love to you!!

  9. I’ve been an entrepreneur for close to a decade. However, I haven’t made the progress I need to. In order to have a home for my family, continue to rescue dogs and even possibly grow my family, I need to make some changes. It’s my dream to help people live a better life through reducing clutter, living simply and finding their inner beauty. In my mind my copy and blog posts are awesome. I have a Master’s Degree so they SHOULD be great right? BUT they aren’t getting the attention they need to in order for me to gain traction. I feel as if I’m shouting from the rooftops, but instead of people coming over to listen, I’m just getting a sore throat. I think my biggest challenge is clarity. I can over type, flourish too much and just go on and on and on and on….you get the point.

    I would say I’m at a crossroads. I’m more myself than I ever have been. Finding balance, knowing what my dream is and preparing for the future. I am packed for the journey and well organized for it. However, I am waiting for the train to arrive and I’m confident that train is called The Good Copy Cure. Thanks for your consideration!

    • Tiari

      Hey Bonnie! I just have to say that I’m excited for the life you’re dreaming up. I’m one of those people who you’re dreaming of helping in your life by reducing clutter and living simly.. Lol! Blessing in your awesome journey!!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you Bonnie!! Let’s definitely get those crowds to come listen, you deserve it.

  10. Ciao girls from Italy! I recently started following you, and first of all I really want to congratulate for what you do and the way you do! I love the web site, the design, the words you use and the way you can let people understand what you can do! I would love to participate on the scholarship, I don’t want to stay back because of the language, I think this can be an inspiring challenge, will I be eligible? Thank you 

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Elena- definitely enter the contest!

      • Elena

        Thank you so much for the big precious opportunity (is 22.30 here so I have few minutes in NY left!!)

        After listening the first lesson I immediately put some changes on my website, because it was just so formal and distant! 😉 -very serious and professional but so hard to connect with it. In fact I have o comments on my blog….

        My next challange it will be the third point: resonance!
        I’m a psychologist and sometimes I give for granted the help my clients might need from me (and the way they will find me) so I will have to try to make all up side down 😉

        I also recently become a journalist (as you can see not english journalist 😉 and I’m looking for more freshness in my style. I love your tips!

        Well I better send this, time is running, sorry I have not being too clear. Hope to have the chance to meet you 🙂 thank you (sorry for mistakes)

  11. Thanks for this video, Maria!

    Loved how you’ve turned this short lesson into an awesome mnemonic – with so many formulas to remember it’s nice to be able to recall one easily for a change!

    My biggest struggle is Resonance I’d say. Clarity and Personality are two things I’m pretty good at – although there’s always some room for improvement!

    So resonance.

    Like you’ve said in your video, we tend to write in a language we think our customers are thinking and talking in when in reality, they’re using a whole lot different and simpler language.

    I actually catch myself unconsciously using more complex and longer words because it’s something I’m used to doing.

    I’m totally with you; simple language is the key to getting prospects and readers to engage with you and your product. Building rapport doesn’t come through formal, cocky words but through clear language – if anything – these create distance and put your prospects off! So here’s to crystal clear, personality-infused copy that connects!

    I’ve been getting (and reading, of course, of course) your Copy Cure emails, so it’s awesome that the program is finally ready! I’m a digital marketer and copywriter and this is a great opportunity for me to improve my copywriting skills and help my own clients grow their business as a result.

    So although not sick, I’d love me some copy cure!


    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your entry and YES to your insights about building rapport.

  12. Hi Marie & Laura!

    As one of your videos said I need help with “getting the ideas bubbling in my mind out to the world”. Out of the C.P.R. factors I probably struggle with Resonance the most, I think. I also don’t think I have much personality in my writing yet but, according to some of my readers (i.e. students!), I’m “charming” when communicating as English is my second language! LOL

    I’d be tremendously grateful to be awarded a scholarship to Copy Cure as I understand the importance of a better copy on my website, e-mails, social media posts and, mainly, for my current instructional video project (it’s actually not all about dance!). I’m kind of stuck writing the scripts as I really want to do something different than what I’ve seen in the market. Also in my current B-School process I could use a lot of help with writing! 🙂

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Love that you want to create some different scripts for your instructional videos, we’re all about uniqueness and showing YOU. Thank you for your entry!

  13. Secret #2 P (personality) and #3 Resonance with my audience. Success is about relationships and trust, how, how, how can I make people throughout a machine to trust me? to believe in me, and in the products I sell, to love me? If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I’ll be able to serve women with all my heart and provide them with unique products that will make them feel unique and stand out from the crowd, but most of all, I want women to realized that the beauty comes from inside out first. Also, I want to help little-known companies – designers to sell and to market their amazing products throughout my website, I want to be able to read women’s mind and know for sure what their struggles are so I can find the right accessory for them, and finally I want to partner my business with an amazing Charity Org. that is helping so many women and kids around the world to have access to clean water. The reason? I want to teach my kids by example, my biggest goal in life is to raise my girls to be good people and to be compassionate, I want to leave them the legacy so they can continuing to help others. I want to be rich, so I can focus in what it fills my heart and my soul. Starting my business online is been so far so hard.

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much and your reason is an amazing one!!!

  14. Honestly, I struggle with all aspects of writing effective copy but if I had to pick one I would say “Personality” is the hardest. It is very hard for me to open up online and write the way I truly speak and feel. Online content whether it’s a blog post or simply a facebook post makes me feel very vulnerable so I tend to keep it impersonal and short. I started a blog a few years back to help spread health-related tidbits to my friends, family and community. It has never had much success (reader/follower-wise) and even though it breaks my heart I have been thinking about deleting it recently. So glad I was introduced to you and have enjoyed receiving your tips! If this course landed in my lap, I would take it seriously and apply all the tips to all my writing on all social media platforms, my blog and my site with the goal of helping others learn about health and living a life of their dreams. A million thanks for the opportunity….and all the free tips! You two rock!!!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      YOU rock Tammy, we’re so glad that the tips are helping and that you’ve entered the contest!

  15. Thank you for creating The Copy Cure!

    I just watched your free introduction video to the class and it sounds amazing!
    I would say that of the 3 secrets, I struggle mostly with Resonance. I’m just about finishing up my certification program to become and start my business as a nutritional health & life coach, and I’m really struggling with the “self-promotion” to attract clients. I desperately need help in figuring out how to write to my potential clients in order to get the business going.
    I know why I am wanting to start my business, but like the example you gave in the video, that might not be the initial reasons a potential client decides to sign up for my health coaching program.
    I feel The Copy Cure would be really beneficial to me as learning how to write better for my business would make all the difference in this early stage where I’m trying to get clients to sign up for my program. Right now, whenever I sit down to work on my Facebook page or attempt to start a blog/website related to my business, I just feel stuck and can’t seem to organise all my thoughts and ideas into something others would pay attention to. My writing comes off as dry and boring and I don’t feel that my personality or my full potential shows. I desperately need help with this!

    I know there is a demand for my coaching services in my area. I just need to let my surroundings know that I’m here and available to help! I’m really excited about The Copy Cure, but unfortunately I don’t have the budget right now to pay for the course so I really hope that I will be granted a scholarship to this awesome writing course!

    Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to The Copy Cure!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Oh yes! That block that happens when you sit down to write is such a big one. Thank you for sharing so beautifully.

  16. Out of the 3 secrets, I struggle with resonance the most. If I’m being absolutely honest, I believe it has to do with me wanting the acceptance and approval from everyone around me, thus I aim to please everyone and speak to no one. This affects my personality and clarity as well because I have tendency to adapt to whoever is right in front of me…like a chameleon. My cleverness is usually a defense mechanism to protect my vulnerability and my personality is a mask to impress others. The truth is, I’m confused about who I am and where I belong and so my copy, my marketing, my business, my relationships are a hot freakin’ mess at times. Who knew that having my own business would be my greatest teacher for self-discovery. Go figure, right? That being said, I’m still taking action but sometimes I feel like a gun loaded with ammunition but has no target to aim for. If The Copy Cure landed on my lap, I would do whatever I could to channel all my creativity, conviction, compassion, courage and confidence to serve that 1 person who needs what I have to offer the most. I want that person to feel as if my product and service was created specifically for him. I want him to feel as if I deeply care without trying to manipulate or posture myself as someone I’m not. Authenticity trumps everything. I want your program to cure not just my copy, but my Imposter Syndrome…so that I can connect at a deep level where we both can feel seen and heard for who we are as we continue to serve one another. Can any of you relate to what I’m going through? If so, how are you dealing with it? What has helped you along your journey? This was tough for me to share. Thank you for reading and listening. – Yahya Bakkar

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Your bravery is truly inspiring. Please know how much we appreciate your honestly and how deeply I know it will help others (which is huge part of your work in the world!). This sentence – “My cleverness is usually a defense mechanism to protect my vulnerability and my personality is a mask to impress others.” is really powerful and simply by writing it, by claiming it, you are already on the way to vanquishing all of that. Thank you for sharing from your heart!!

    • Celine Arsac

      Thanks for sharing Yahya! I love the rollercoaster speech!

      You are going to find your perfect audience for your gifts.

  17. Wow, I just sent out a broadcast e-mail and received 4 unsubscribers. It’s accurate to say that I have a horrendous case of “Lame Copy Disease”. Marie and Laura, your Copy Cure e-mail could not have come at a better time. After watching the 3 Secrets to Copy that Connects and Converts, I realized that my lameness lies in “Resonance.” I’ve been using my own words instead of the words of my idea clients. I understand the underlying conflicts for couples and individuals in relationships and often use these words to describe how I can help them. I see now that couples do not say things like, “I need to truly understand the needs of my husband so that we can communicate better.” They are more likely to say, “Why doesn’t he LISTEN TO ME!” Makes sense!

    When the Copy Cure lands in my lap it will help me to create a tipping point in my pre marital & marriage coaching business and allow more couples to learn the skills and secrets to great relationships. I know that important relationships in our life are the main source of our happiness or misery – when couples are living in happy and exciting relationships they enhance the lives of their children, family members, friends and set an example for their community.

    When the Copy Cure lands in my lap I will be able to create a webpage that pulls clients in and leaves them asking for more. I will be able to create e-mail broadcast that are not pushy and makes people want to engage rather than unsubscribe. I will be able to create better lead magnets and demonstrate why every couple needs my services! I will also be able to create my marketing message for my new ecourse I am working on. Exciting!

    When the Copy Cure lands in my lap I will help others in their relationships, gain clients, create my new course and manifest enough money to quit my “day job” and spend the quality time I need with my husband and two small children. I can impact couples around the world, as well as my own family.

    I’m a “big-hearted creative” (to use your words Marie) and I would love the prescription for my Lame Copy Disease. I’m ready to have fun, make an impact and stop spinning my wheels. I’m a quick learner (see use of contractions throughout), and can’t wait to put some soul into my writing. What else do I want you to know about me? I took clowning classes when I was in middle school and I’m a big idea thinker who needs help with self-promotion and being true to my voice.
    Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you on Friday!

    • I love it! “When the copy cure lands in my lap”! You go girl! xoxo

      • Thanks Katerina! The art of visualization is believing its yours right!? : ) Hope to collaborate with you more in the course!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much. And you wrote some AMAZING copy with this line – ” important relationships in our life are the main source of our happiness or misery”. That would soooo make people click!

      • Thank you for the words of encouragement Louise! I’ve never actually used that line in my copy but Def will now!!

  18. Thanks so much for this opportunity Marie! The course sounds amazing and I would be so honoured to be chosen as a scholarship winner. Your 3 secrets video was fantastic and really resonated with me.

    My biggest struggle of the 3 has to be the personality. I find it hard to strike the right balance so seem to alternate between being too robotic/corporate and being too friendly-neighbour-over-the-fence chat! Not great for consistency – I know I get confused so goodness only knows how my potential customer feels! Help in this area would be sooo appreciated!
    If the copycure landed in my lap I would do a little leap in the air and give a whoop for joy! Seriously though, the skills from the course would allow me to present my message to my ideal customer in the best way to get them to take action. I really want my business/blog to stand out amongst the 2.75 million blogs published per day (couldn’t believe it was this number….makes me want this course more now after learning this)!

    Like all business owners/entrepreneurs I am completely passionate about my business and my product and I feel the course would help me to be able to connect/resonate properly with my ideal customer. I want other parents/nurseries/schools to experience the benefit of our waterproof clothing products that I have experienced – introducing my children to a healthier lifestyle from an earlier age and hopeful helping to create a legacy for them with their own children that rain does not have to stop play! I desperately want to help break down one of the barriers to outdoor play, getting kids away from the tvs and the computer games and re-engaged with nature and really feel this course could help me do this by helping me write copy that will convert.

    I also think that winning this scholarship and being taught how to write persuasive copy would also help me in my role as the Head Of The Parent Teacher Council of my children’s school to encourage more parents to become actively involved so the benefit will be felt in more than just my immediate business but by my local village community as whole.

    I keep thinking back to one of your episodes of Marie TV discussing one of your brainstorming tactics Marie – “wouldn’t it be great if….” and I really want to finish this with “if I won a #copycure scholarship”.

    Thanks again for this opportunity… everything crossed. 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your entry, Laura! Waterproof clothing for kids — now that is a seriously cool idea.

  19. I should know how to write. I teach people how to do it for a living! As a longtime editor and now a publisher and writing coach, my entire business is built upon helping people to get their words out of their head and into a book. But I struggle with writing copy for my own business, especially on my website. I ramble on too long. I use too many lists of examples. I feel like I have to explain every little thing in very precise terms in order to be persuasive. (See? I’m doing it now! Argh!)

    I’m in the process of revamping my website right now, and could really use some guidance. My hybrid publishing company LifeTree Media is based on a non-traditional business model that many people find confusing at first – so I have to educate the market, as well as present our service offering and get our brand personality across. With all the heavy lifting my copy has to do, it’s hard to be succinct!

    I have really got a lot out of the free tips in your email series. I’m also a B-School grad, and am finding myself returning to the material, all of which is super helpful. But seeing as my main task for July is to write all the copy for my new website and service packages, the timing for the Copy Cure is just too perfect – I need your good medicine now!

    Here’s why: I have got two huge books coming out in the fall. When they hit store shelves, they are going to attract attention. My potential clients – highly qualified, successful experts who want to write and publish a book and need a trustworthy team behind them – are going to look at LifeTree and wonder if maybe we can help them. We can. We are the most supportive publishing company on the planet. And we have a unique, unparalleled offering. (So unparalleled, people don’t “get it” at first.) So when they come to check us out, I want to get that message across clearly and quickly. I also have a super sassy and soulful personality that I would love to use in my copy, but which gets crowded out by all the technical explanations and positioning messages I am trying to cram in.

    Why does this matter to me?

    Every major point of growth or healing I have had in my life was triggered by words of wisdom in the pages of a book. So when I founded this business in 2013 I took the biggest step ever into my own life’s purpose: I made a decision that we would only publish books that “help, heal and inspire”. Marie and Laura, help me to help my clients help the world through their books! And thank you, Marie, for being so relentlessly loving and awesome in everything you create.

    Maggie Langrick

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Maggie, I LOVE your company’s mission as both a book lover AND as someone who thinks “help, heal and inspire” is an amazing compass to have for a publishing house. Thank you for your entry!!

      • Thanks Kristin! Sorry I didn’t win the scholarship, but I am sure it went to someone who really needs it. I will be joining you in the course, of course!

  20. My biggest struggle out of “CPR” is personality. I am great at story telling in person, but when I write I always end up censoring myself no matter how hard I try. The way I relay stories in person is always much more engaging and full of personality than when I try to write it down. I always feel a disconnect from what I am trying to say or explain and my true self.

    If copy cure landed on my lap, it would help me connect my voice to my words. I would be able to finally write the copy that I always wanted/know I am capable of but never end up writing. It would help my business because I would be able to truly explain my passion for starting up my apparel line and the mission behind it. I believe with great copy, I will be able to connect with the right clients and form a wonderful community. With great copy, will lead to better sales and I will be able to support more street children getting an education in the Philippines which is really important to me.

    I am entrepreneurial spirited, and have gone through a long journey of figuring out what I would like to do with my life. I spent so many years trying to attach myself to other people’s dreams and passions so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the pressure of figuring myself out or my own dreams/passions. It took several of these latching on to “opportunities” that always ended up in failure for me to actually take control of my own destiny and believe in my own abilities to create a business that I would actually love. I am in the early stages of this, and winning a scholarship would really help me keep down costs and move forward with my business. From following Marie Forleo and enrolling in bschool, I know that copy is really key and would be so grateful for the opportunity to take on this class and new challenge of conquering copywriting once and for all.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your entry, Rachel! And I just have to say, I know you mentioned that you always feel disconnected from you true self when you try writing stories out, but I felt VERY connected to your words. I think you have more brilliance in your copy than you realize!

  21. Of the three secrets, I feel I struggle most with personality. I see others who are fun, witty and very catchy in their writing and aspire to be like them. The problem is, it’s just not me. So when I try to write like that it comes off awkward because it’s forced. So I need to really figure out what my authentic voice is and learn to be myself. That’s who my clients are working with and that’s who I need to present. I also feel that having grown up with an English teacher for a father, I tend to be too formal in my writing and less conversational which ends up omitting any personality at all.

    With The Copy Cure, I feel I could reach more people with my words and be able to have a larger impact on my target market (<— see how awful that is). I work with moms & female entrepreneurs who are just getting started. I started a biz just over 5 years ago and took it full time just over 2 years ago. I want to help others do the same thing. I want other moms to have the freedom to be home with their kids and still feel like they have a purpose beyond wife, mom, housecleaner and cook. I feel that with bettering my writing skills, I can be more effective in communicating what I do to who I want to help.

    I recently transitioned my design business into a coaching/mentoring business. I enjoyed doing design but what I enjoyed more was helping women like me grow their businesses. I often had clients ask me for advice/guidance and it brought me so much joy to help them achieve their goals. I thought that in this new venture I could offer a greater impact and grow my reach to so many more women than just doing design. Since I've decided to make this transition the major hurdle that I've encountered is creating copy for the new business. I have no idea how to communicate what I do, who I do it for & make it sound genuine. This is where The Copy Cure comes in and I'm hoping that regardless of whether or not I am picked for a scholarship that I will find a way to sign up and learn from both of you. Just the few tips in the video already have my wheels turning and I'm ready to start working on my site copy again. Thank you for developing this awesome program.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Samantha, thank you so much for taking the time to send us your entry. Even if being witty or funny isn’t your style, your real voice IS engaging!

  22. Hello girls! This is awesome!

    Here are my answers:

    1. I think I struggle most with Secret numero 2. I have a hard time knowing whether it’s too much personality or too little. Is it going to make the company I’m reaching out to think “This B is crazy” or “cool personality” or “way too confident”. I simply love to put my craziness into copy, but how much crazy sprinkles can they handle?

    2. If I got the copy cure I’d be cured from Maybes and other Gremlins. It would allow me to lean into my authenticity with a set of tools that I can actually rely on and build upon. My personal desire is to create an awesome blog that would get people their daily juice of confidence&inspiration. At the moment I’m also working in a non profit for youth empowerment called Ghetto Vila (wink wink Marie), so sharing these tricks with the girls could definitely help us get better results with the demographic we’re working with and donors who support our work.

    3. I’m someone who wants to make a difference while having a ton of fun doing so! 😉 Thank you for the opportunity! Hugs!

    • Crazy sprinkles – that cracks me up! Love it!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your entry, Mury! And hey, about the crazy sprinkles, I say load ’em on and the right people will eat it up 🙂

  23. Thank you for this opportunity! I love writing books – I hate writing copy!

    I struggle most with resonance. I know what I want to say, and I know what I would personally want to read, and I know how I want to be marketed to. But when it comes to knowing what my readers want, I struggle with that. I have a diverse range of readers – all ages, any gender, etc, so the idea of my ‘target audience’ or ‘ideal customer’ has always left me scratching my head.

    If I won a copy of the Copy Cure, it would help me to not only improve my own copy and help me sell more books, but it would also help my publishing clients to sell more books and thrive too. Making money while being authentic and serving others is my goal.

    I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to stand out, to be noticed. I still only wear faerie wings while at Mind Body & Spirit fairs, but one day, I hope to have the guts to wear them out shopping 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thanks for your entry, Michelle. And btw, when you wear those wings out shopping, PLEASE email us a picture so we can bask in all that amazing with you!

  24. Mich

    Hi Marie and Laura

    I’m midway through taking a big leap, changing my life and career. Roughly translated, that means copywriting now needs to sit front and centre of what I offer my customers. But instead of shining in the spotlight, my writing feels like a rabbit in the headlights! It lacks confidence and courage. It needs some life pumped back into it.

    While I’d definitely benefit from any tips, tools and teachings on personality and resonance, I think clarity is the one aspect of my writing style that is gasping for help the most. Your copy course is just the cure I’ve been looking for!

    If I was offered a place on The Copy Cure, it would not only help me to strengthen my writing, but improve my business opportunities and enable me to help my customers more effectively. Most of all, being able to do the course will improve my confidence and help me complete my leap, which would mean I’d have a business and life I can truly love. 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Mich — hooray for big leaps!! You have amazing courage. Thank you for sharing your story and entering our scholarship contest!

  25. Kay

    YASSS! I’ve been waiting for this course to open since the first email was sent through Marie’s newsletter back in August last year. So as soon as I saw this announcement, I ran back upstairs (even though my work day had already “officially” ended), and sat down to watch this video.

    Can you hear me bouncing in my seat? 😀

    As a storyteller and communications strategist, I help entrepreneurs share their story strategically online to attract their dream customers. The one question all my clients struggle with is, “What do you do exactly?” So as a coach, I can say that the biggest overall problem people have is clarity. Which translates to a convoluted message for their audience, both online and offline.

    This clarity is even more crucial when you’re expressing yourself in another language. I’m an American living in Spain, so I often get Spanish entrepreneurs asking for “just the right phrase” to pitch what they do to English-speaking audiences.

    I can definitely appreciate their struggle when I have to write to my Spanish audience in my blog and newsletter. It’s one thing to learn how to speak a language (25+ years and counting). It’s another to make your personality to shine through in that second language, to connect with whoever’s reading on the other side of the screen.

    But the biggest thing I struggle with in my copy is the last one, Resonance. For a long time, I tried to explain what brand storytelling was without translating it into words my customers actually use. That translated into so-so results in my business. I was doing a shoddy job of telling the story of what I do!

    I know that great copy is the key to help me really turn my marketing into real connection and real results for my online business. I’ve seen firsthand what it’s done for my clients. I want to up my game to deliver an even better service to them AND amplify my impact.

    It would be an HONOR to work with you both in the Copy Cure. I can’t wait to see what you ladies have cooked up for us! 🙂

    Yours truly,

    • Kay

      P.S. I’m a Sriracha addict, make a mean green smoothie, and sing whenever I can.

      • Kristin - Team Forleo

        Kay — I JUST discovered Sriracha (so behind the times) and have been putting it on everything. YUM.

        Thank you so much for your entry and I just love that you’ve been anxiously awaiting The Copy Cure as much as we have. Your business sounds incredible and I give you so much credit for working across languages like you do!!

  26. To the Loving Light that is reading this,

    I struggled with clarity the most in my writings, because I felt like I had to write fancy for my audience to understand my message. In most of my english classes, I would fail the vocabulary test because these BIG S.A.T. words would intensify my insecurities about what I never had the privilege of learning.

    If the Copy Cure was in my lap, I would be more confident using the little words I know, to create a huge impact! My message is to empower teen girls that during puberty they are IN CONTROL of their body. A lot of girls don’t know whats normal about the changes they’re going to go through. I would help teen girls gracefully transition from a teen girl to a young lady! Most teens lose confidence during puberty, but I want to empower them.

    I’m 19 and consider myself an expert about becoming a young lady! I believe in learning the easy way, and teaching the easy way. I am empowered from my core belief that God’s light shines in me and that I’m to help others shine even brighter.


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Safy, what a beautiful mission. Thank you so much for sharing your scholarship entry with us!

  27. Kim

    Hey Marie and Laura,

    I went to Catholic school which means I tend to follow instructions. What does this have to do anything? Well, answering the first question is tough because I need help with all three. But if I had to choose one, it’s resonance.

    There’s so much jargon in my niche that I am not sure what’s jargon and what’s real. In fact, I’m really beginning to hate the word happiness because it’s overused and often misunderstood. Since I help people define their version of happy, hating the word happiness is a bad, bad thing.

    I have a really important message to share with the world. It found its way to me through a lifetime of experience and a very difficult five years. I need The Copy Cure to help me help others live their happy. I mean who doesn’t want more happy people in their lives, right? My biggest problem is most people don’t even know they aren’t happy. I need you both to show me the tools and tricks to give others their light-bulb moment.

    I don’t consider myself a coach, no disrespect to the coaches out there, but I believe we all have what it takes to life coach ourselves happy. I am more of a pointer. I point people in the right direction. What I really do is empower women to listen to and trust their gut. It’s a scary thing but once you get that piece of the puzzle, the rest of the happy life pieces start to fall into place.

    I have been waiting a long time for you ladies! So I already joined because I am about ready to launch The Happier Life Challenge, which I know could use your help. By joining today I am showing my commitment to learning to be great at copy and how much I believe my message is needed in the world. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me from the scholarship. But if it does, oh well. I am sure I will earn it back quickly.

    My best to you both,
    🙂 Kim

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I love that you already joined us, Kim! Thank you for entering our contest, too. I really love that you call yourself a “pointer” rather than a coach. Totally empowering!

      • Kim

        Thanks, Kristin. I appreciate you saying so.

        I binged watched all the episodes. SO. SO. Good. Now I am going back and putting some stuff to work. Really had a lot of fun writing: Even Happy People Have Nervous Breakdowns in Grocery Stores. Letting the personality come through.

  28. Out of the 3 Secrets To Copy That Connects and Converts the one that I struggle the most with is Clarity. I want to talk to people on the level of tech knowledge where they are at, and while it is so easy for me to see what I am saying I struggle to communicate at other peoples level and not talking over their head or at a level that seems condescending (I hate when I feel people are doing this to me so I don’t want to do that to others). Also for me when I communicate something, I try to be clear, but in the end I just tend to be more confusing. I end up putting too much info to bring my message down to a level people will understand… and since people tend to have problem understanding HTML CSS I end up using more words explaining about what I’m saying than words to explain my point. Now thankfully my code is clean and minimalistic (thank you college professors). This process works well when I talk to people, when I can get the words out of my mouth, but people gets lost when they read my words…. Aren’t you yourself lost now just by this short paragraph? Can’t you tell I really need the copy cure?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I wasn’t lost reading your entry, Tracy! I totally hear what you’re saying and definitely think your field is a complex one to relay to people who don’t understand coding. You’re going a great job, though.

      Thank you for your entry and good luck!

  29. Mary M Russell

    Hi Marie, Laura, & Team,

    It seems like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this program to launch. I must have signed up for email tips 3x. I’ve already learned so much about copy writing from you and this free class blew me away with it’s content.

    I don’t have too much difficulty writing fiction, but when it comes to non-fiction I turn into a robot from a B-class science fiction movie. A frien and I are working on my website and I’m having trouble with my home page and scared of trying my About Me page.

    I’m currently a Printed Circuit Board Designer and I’ve worked my way up to that position from an assembler. This is something women aren’t supposed to do.

    I’m starting up my own coaching business. It’s a 3 fold plan. Part 1) to work with HS students and teach them what it’s like in the real world of Manufacturing, Engineering & Design. And encourage the boys to accept girls in these fields. Part 2) to coach women who are tried of being stuck in the lower paying jobs in this industry so they can reach their potential in which ever field they want – Technician, Engineer, Designer, etc. Also guide them in dealing with working with men. And finally, Part 3) to work with the companies on interdepartmental and gender communications so that the companies will work smoother.

    I would love to win this scholarship because I would really love to be able to afford B-school. #copycure.

    Mary M. Russell

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Mary, I love that you’re so excited about The Copy Cure! We’ve been chomping at the bit to get it out into the world and your eagerness to be a part of it means the world to us.

      Thank you so much for your entry and for sharing a little bit about your field and mission. The fact that you’re doing work a woman “isn’t supposed” to do is amazing. Keep rocking it, girl.

  30. Howdy Marie and Laura,

    The secret I struggle most with is Resonance.

    I help women feel better and look younger through Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cosmetic Acupuncture. However, being a man, I find it difficult to write in a way that elicits an appropriate response from 30-60 year old women. I realize I should be using their words, not mine. However, I’m really having trouble doing so. Even though I’m happily married, this difficulty makes me feel that I really don’t know anything about women at all. And that does little for both my self-confidence and my business.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would be big!

    Having the ability to communicate more effectively, with language that actually resonates with my target audience, would mean I could help more women feel better and look younger. Women who experience my work sleep better, have more energy, are less stressed, and have younger looks. They are healthy, radiant, and feminine. Their self-esteem skyrockets. Their personal and business relationships improve. Ultimately, they have a greater impact on their community and the world at large.

    Personally, it would mean a better chance to generate sales. More sales would help my own self-esteem. It also would take the weight off my wife’s shoulders. She’s a Social Worker at the local hospital, and currently, the breadwinner of our family. More income from my end would help us keep our bills paid. We have two fantastic little boys, one of which is currently in treatment for leukemia. I hate to admit feeling so damn helpless when it comes to my son’s diagnosis. It has affected our whole family. But I do know we don’t need pity. When I make my business, Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine, the premier source for Cosmetic Rejuvenation Acupuncture in Northern Colorado, the generated revenue will create some positive changes for us.

    But, first things first. I’ve got to better connect with my target audience. Becoming a better copywriter can only help. I’m very open to receiving any instruction that will help me help others, and thus, help my own.

    Thank you for providing a scholarship opportunity. I’m confident you’ll find someone quite worthy it. Whether it be me or someone else, you’ll be impacting lives. God bless you for it!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your story with us Terry. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis — I can feel your passion for what you do, and also for supporting your family through your words. Good luck!!

    • Congratulations!!! Sending you and your whole family so much love. Good luck and best wishes!

  31. “You and me — we’re both in the lighting business.”

    Read more:

    That quote right there is why I need the copy cure. I am in the lighting business, or I want to be. I want to make a difference with my words, a big difference, I want to slay mean-ness and the ugly-ness that can take up the space in our minds as women when we feel we have to compete in anyway with each other.
    I want to do that with beautifully well written copy, I want to have copy that’s so clearly written that any woman who reads it can get an aha love moment.
    I want to plant that seed and then I want others to want to turn around and spread the same love over and over and over (we as women need each other like bees and flowers). I need the power to create copy that keeps on giving, the kind that keeps on loving.
    I am not afraid to be vulnerable and to lay my hurts and recoveries out there on the table for everyone to dissect and examine, I am not afraid to show my secrets.
    However I struggle with clarity and I struggle with rambling.
    The Copy Cure would give me a way to convey my boldness and confidence in words. I would be able to finally capture an audience and let them know a way to deal with mental illness, know that they don’t have to be perfect because they are already great. It would give me a chance to pass around a lighter so we can all be a part of the lighting business.
    I want to light big giant fires (not like ones that could burn down a house or anything) and go into darkness and slay the f*ck out of it. I want to create a sisterhood among women where we are hand in hand actually loving each other and not fan girling over each other.
    I am Theresa, I live my life with jazz hands and whimsy because I have a brain that won’t let me live any other way. I have a daughter, son, and an A Gender child who keep me on my toes and inspire me to be better and live. My husband is a real life bad ass GI JOE, we’ve figured out a way to make a young marriage flourish into a solid relationship (we duct taped that sh*t together), okay I only want to set him on fire like 3x a year and that’s pretty good for 14 years of marriage and being together since 16.
    “So pick me, choose me, love me.” ( Meredith Grey said that on Grey’s Anatomy but those sentiments kind of work here right?)
    Seriously, thanks for the opportunity and your time.
    -Theresa Lollis

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your entry Theresa! I love that you live life with jazz hands and whimsy. Really, is there any other way? 😉

  32. Rochelle Nardelli

    Amazing. Let me be BLUNT! I need it… period. end of story.

    Things are ROUGH for me. Regular job just cut my salary… going to have to use Food Bank starting in 2 weeks… ((I already live in an almost unfurnished studio apt so there ain’t much room to downsize)) This all happening right as I am discovering, practicing and TRUSTING my skills and offerings. I have things waiting to be launched…

    I want to BURST OUT onto the scene! Your stuff is KILLER. I took FURIOUS notes from the vid. If I win? I’ll have more appointments then I’d ever imagine and my passion for supporting others will FLOURISH… and yeah – maybe I can avoid a food bank visit for a good long time.

    I can stop stressing every day about just “making it”… and I can FINALLY get on with using my gift and skills to help and support others. For Real.

    It would be an honor to be chosen. I’ll pay it forward in whatever way I can.

    ps – my business name is “Your Mystic Messenger”

    • Rochelle Nardelli

      AUGH!! I FORGOT TO SAY THE POINT I STRUGGLE WITH – #3 – Resonance!! that’s it!! That’s my kryptonite. halp!!!!!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Rochelle — thank you for your bravery and honesty!!

  33. Woohoo!!! So excited the course is ready! I’ve been devouring each and every Copy Cure e-mails in the past and was looking forward to this day!

    The writing overall isn’t my biggest strength. In fact, I’m super self-conscious about my boring writing. From watching the free course, I learned that I suffer in each area. But if I had to choose one, personality is the one I struggle the most. It feels weird (and inappropriate) to use too many !! and/or add too many OMGs in my writing to write like I talk. Haha Anyway, I look forward to learning a lot from this course, as it will take my little blogging business to the next level, build a real relationships with my readers, connect with others and earn a FT earnings from what I love to do.

    Other things you might want to know… English isn’t my first language, not even the second! It’s my 3rd language. Though I can’t say English is my native language, I think I’m pretty darn fluent in it. I just need to learn how to write a great copy to show that. 😉

    Thank you so much for all your hard work to put together this fantastic course! And fingers crossed I’ll get your kind scholarship for this course. Best to you, lovely ladies!

  34. Marie actually my biggest question is about clarity. I’m searching clarity. I believe that the life is more that we can see. I have the information, the theories, but, clarity is the main thing that I need.

    For me, the copy cure represents one goodbye to my older life of procrastination. One big goodbye to make things that I don’t like. My soul screams for liberty, really. I love everything, but I need follow my way. I believe that it will make the difference in my life. I will follow the way to make a difference in my community, in the world, writing with more enthusiasm, and liberty of expression. Writing with my soul not with my words. With my heart. In this moment I’m writing one book to explore your self and make more in less time.

    Marie I love your work and I’m so grateful of your life.

    (If this text have english errors, I’m sorry. I’m brasilian, and I’m making more that I can currently. Thanks very much.)

  35. People always say to write like you talk, but I love the actual concrete take away of using contractions! That’s exactly the kind of course that I appreciate, it’s usable information wrapped in great lessons.

    Amusingly I was a journalism major, but 12 years ago in school they weren’t teaching us about writing for the web or for selling. Just the facts ma’am {how’s that for a contraction!}.

    Now I’m not only running my own online business, but I’ve been hired to create content for others and I unabashedly want to do a blow your panties off good job! Not the hot air kind of swish, but like Mary Poppins riding in on the wind and showing them what’s really up so that I can sell my services, so that I can get paid more, so that I can feel proud of everything out there with my name on it.

    What else should you know? I’m a die hard endurance runner, which is to say I can take a beating and keep on going.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So much has changed in 12 years in the journalism/writing world! I love that you’re so hungry to learn and grow, Amanda. That’s amazing. And your endurance running? INCREDIBLE.

  36. 1) I struggle something fierce with Resonance. I try to understand my customers, I really do but it seems like when I open my mouth its like I’m in a foreign country and not a single soul speaks English. I cant seem to connect and it seriously bugs me!!! I want people to get what my intentions are in my business—which is to help and make their life better in some way. I want people to get to know the real me!!! I have something to offer this world dang it and if only I could figure out this communicating things a bit better.

    2) I am nearly 40 (yikes) and think the biggest way to empower myself is to figure out my voice. I’ve been through heck and back with unemployment, a struggling business and a partner with addiction and my voice got stamped on, spit on and everything in between. Learning how to be authentic in my writing, connect with my customers is more than just a little writing class—Its an opportunity for healing (I actually get frequent sore throats because subconsciously I’m craving so much to communicate and get my voice back), finding out who I am again and trying to figure out what I have to offer to this world. Finding the right words to write—I feel like is my chance to come out—the REAL me that’s been hiding because she hasnt known what to say or felt like people would care. I feel like if I am given the chance with copy cure it will carry over into everything I do—my relationships which have been struggling, my business which has been struggling. Its very hard to explain what sort of ‘tangible difference’ it would make in my life? I’m pretty certain it will be life changing in more than just my little biz.

    3) Oh how I could use something positive like this happen!! I seem to never win anything and have been so stuck for so long! I want to learn and I want to be able to pass this good energy on! I want to make a difference, I dont want to struggle anymore with things— I just need a bit of help to get a bit closer to this!

    Pretty please pick me! 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for taking the time to enter, Christine! I love that finding your voice = healing. That is so powerful and so true for many people!

  37. Thanks Marie and Laura for this terrific opportunity! As a new Life Coach who is building her business, I have already learned so much from your initial emails about writing good copy. I am blogging on a regular schedule now and finding my voice.

    As I watched the video, I think the area of CPR that I need the most help with is Resonance. As Marie was describing how we talk in words that are significant to us but not to our clients, I felt the truth of that literally in my body! I think that is my biggest challenge.

    It is hard for people to get their heads around what a Life Coach actually is and does for you. I get that my message needs to be crystal clear to them to help them understand what they can get from working with me. Because I know that the work that we do together will have such an impact on so many aspects of their life, I struggle to “boil it down” and that is impacting me reaching and converting my ICA.

    Getting this training will help me connect with the women that I know I am here to serve. Women who are at the “third act” of their careers and lives, and even with all the business success that they have achieved, still find themselves unfulfilled and looking for more meaning. That was me a few years ago. I found my purpose and that special gift that I have to offer the world and I want to help other women find it as well.

    I’ve laid a lot of foundational work. My training and certification process was great, B-School was amazing and I feel this is the next piece of the puzzle for me. Because I am just starting out and my budget is tight, I would love the opportunity to take this course now and move my business forward. I believe that the work you are doing and the work I am doing is raising the consciousness of the planet and there is not a moment to waste.

    Lot’s of love for the work that you are doing! I am so grateful for it.


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lillie — thank you for the kind words and your thoughtful entry! Love that you enjoyed B-School so much and are bringing your business into the world. I have no doubt you’re going to help many women!

  38. Hi Marie and Laura,

    First off, thanks a bunch for the free copywriting tips you’ve shared over the past few weeks. I really liked your “write it rude” advice. It helped me let go of my fear of offending clients who aren’t a good fit for me.

    I watched your video (thanks for that too!) and the secret I struggle with most is “Resonance”. In my coaching practice I use yoga and journaling to help women connect to their intuitive wisdom and make lasting changes in their lives, but what my clients really want is immediate relief from their fears, anxiety and loneliness. They want to feel connected and understood; they want their lives to “work”. My biggest fear with “Resonance” is that I’ll (unintentionally) be making empty promises to people who are emotionally vulnerable. It’s really important to me that I be authentic and sincere with my words.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to translate what I do into more tangible and relatable terms and help women who need it most. It would mean I could grow my business enough that I could leave my day job and do coaching full-time, spending more time sharing my gifts with the world rather than sitting at a desk, processing paperwork all day.

    My business is still in its infancy. I have yet to make a dime since all my clients are getting coaching for free, in exchange for testimonials, but I’m really, really great at what I do. Truly, I’ve been coaching all my life; it just hasn’t been a paying gig… yet.

    Thank you for the scholarship opportunity!


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Linds, so glad you entered the contest and good luck!

  39. Hi Marie and Laura!

    Thanks for offering this scholarship opportunity!

    After watching 3 Secrets To Copy That Connects and Converts, I’d say I’m definitely struggling with the Personality side of things. My husband and I have owned a website design business for the last six years. My husband does the majority of the techy work, and I’m usually in charge of the words. The thing is – unlike on my blog (more on that below), when I sit down to write copy for our site or a client’s site, I can’t seem to shake that car salesman writing voice. My copy either sounds too forced or too formal and it’s just plain painful to work on. I dread writing for our business. It’s so frustrating!

    Having the chance to learn from The Copy Cure would have a huge impact on three different areas in our lives. First, I’m always trying to improve my writing on my blog in order to reach even more women with encouragement for every day. I’m passionate about making a difference in women’s lives and consequently in their households. Second, our goal as a business is to help other small business grow and thrive. Effective copy would not only change our own website and ability to sell our services, but would help our clients’ businesses grow. We want to help other entrepreneurs get their services and products out there. Third, my husband’s biggest dream is to start a non-profit to help people in need get and maintain cars that allow them to hold down a job. Writing great copy, online and offline, for potential ministry supporters is a must.

    I’m a wife and mom, and I genuinely love those roles, but for a long time I set aside my identity as “just me” – professionally and personally. I started blogging after I realized my lifelong love of reading and writing might actually be my calling (crazy, right? :)) I write to encourage women like me, who are in the throes of motherhood, to grow spiritually, embrace this season of life, and to develop strategies for making life easier. The last thing I want you to know about me is I’m a learning junkie, and I work out what I learn. I’ve always loved classes and books, and writing is something I get excited about. If given the opportunity I will work my tail off to implement what I learn!

    Thanks again for letting us enter for this scholarship. Have a great day!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lauren, your & your husband’s nonprofit idea is so unique! Thank you for your entry and for being as excited about The Copy Cure as we are 🙂

  40. Hi, Marie!
    For sure, I need most help with is resonance! I feel that what I write can really help people, but I get stuck when I have to write the parts to connect to my readers like social media posts and newsletter headlines.
    If I could take The Copy Cure, I’d be able to reach my people better and become more confident in being able to sell my course ‘the spoonie guide to going gluten free’. I know I have a lot to say (and know a lot) about my topic, but I’m worried I won’t be able to reach enough people to get off of disability and earn a decent income that actually pays my bills instead 🙂 . I’ve just graduated from IIN and I’m so happy I’ve been able to improve my own health (I have gastroparesis & dysautonomia) and I really want to help others with my conditions as well.
    Thanks for reading, Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sarah, I love that you want to help others with their health after improving your own. What a beautiful way to be of service! Good luck!

  41. The one secret I struggle the most I think is Resonance, maybe ’cause I have a hard time trying to figure out my audience style and because I worked 10 years writing in a formal way and can’t get rid of it now.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap I’d be the more trilled fortunate ziliongrateful Brazilian woman IN THE WORLD and would stop struggling writing crap copies with no engagement whatsoever. I want people to reach a better and more significant life and I believe in you when you say the world needs my message, my talent and my singular gifts. I have an awesome message. I just need help spreading it out the right way.
    Thanks a lot Marie & laura

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Claudia. And YES! The world DOES need your message and your unique gifts. We truly believe that about every single person. Good luck!

  42. Tamielle Ramsey

    On June 25th, I wrote in my journal, “I am tired of hoping, praying and wishing. It’s time to start this business. I just don’t know the next steps.” On June 30th, I was laid off. Although it was the swift kick in the pants I needed, the thought of dealing with sales and marketing still paralyzed me. On July 7th, I received an email that notified me that your video “Why ‘Shameless Self Promotion’ Needs To Go” was available for viewing. Hearing you say that you care more about helping people than trying to be unjudged, gave me the final push I needed to file the articles of organization for my LLC on July 8th.

    For the last five days, I have been struggling to write about my business in a way that shows the world how passionate I am. I can’t even get the mission statement written! I am overwhelmed with the amount of writing that I need to do, how long it takes me to write even the smallest blurbs and how terrible it sounds when I am done. Although I struggle with clarity, I struggle most with personality in my writing because I have feared the judgement of others for so long that hiding behind formal writing has become a habit that’s hard to break.

    My long-term goal with my company, Learn. Teach. Give!, is to be in a position to gift teachers with teaching materials, instructional resources and one-on-one coaching. Realizing that dream will require finding grants and developing a customer base. If I were able to attend The Copy Cure, I know that I will be able to communicate in a way that helps me engage with the community and school officials. Hopefully, it will also help me pick up the pace; this post took about 45 minutes and 100 edits.

    Please pick me for the scholarship!!!!!

    • Tamielle – my husbands a special ed teacher and I’m sure him and his colleagues would benefit greatly from a program like yours. What a great idea!

      • Tamielle Ramsey

        Valerie – That is so encouraging and affirming! I thank you sincerely for your message.

        I just checked out your site and the story you share about how you started is so inspiring. I have been married for almost 4 years, so I will be bookmarking your site.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Tamielle, your business sounds incredible. I agree with Valerie that teachers would really benefit from that kind of service. Thank you for sharing your story with us and good luck!!

  43. My biggest struggle with writing copy is with RESONANCE. After watching the video, I took a peek at some copy I recently drafted for my own website. What an eye opener! I can clearly see how my copy lacks resonance. I believe this problem has to do with thinking that I’ve got to CONVINCE my customer of what I’m saying, instead of focusing on what my ideal customer WANTS.

    I have read countless books and articles on the topic of copywriting, so it’s not like I haven’t heard this before. I’ve just never had it explained the way Marie explained it in the video. Her lesson on resonance provided me with an “AHA” moment.

    As a freelance copywriter, it’s my job to know how to write effective copy that connects and converts. My clients’ businesses depend on it. While I’m pretty darn good at what I do, I’m a firm believer that you can never know too much—there’s always room for improvement. And the simple lesson I learned about RESONANCE in Marie’s and Laura’s video goes to show just that.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I’d get up and do my best HAPPY DANCE. Why? Because I believe The Copy Cure is what I need to take not only my business, but the businesses of the people that hire me to the NEXT LEVEL (penthouse, anyone?).

    Helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams is EXTREMELY important to me. I get more satisfaction from their successes than I do from my own. Helping others is what makes me HAPPY.

    The more I learn about copywriting, the more I can help others. The more I can help others, the happier I am. The happier I am, the happier my family is. And the happier they are . . . well, you get the picture. It’s a huge domino effect, and it all starts with THE COPY CURE.

    Thank you, Marie and Laura, for putting this course together and offering to share your expertise. I’m off now to spread the word among my social circles. Come Friday, I’ll be sitting in my chair at my desk, in hopes to hear The Copy Cure go “KERPLUNK” into my lap.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      LeAnn, thank you for your entry! The domino effect is huge and we see it again and again in B-Schoolers too 🙂

  44. I thrill at this opportunity, as a talented creative writer eager to refine her skill set to better connect and convert! I’ll so submit to be considered for the scholarship — thank you for this unparalleled, and, for me, timely opportunity!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thanks for checking out the program, Sarah!

  45. Hi Laura and Marie,
    I struggle with the C in C.P.R. most. I make both mistakes you referenced in the video.

    I’m a single mom with two kids and a mortgage and I walked way from my corporate job in May because it was sucking the life out of me. My business is brand new and from B-School to your Copy Cure emails prior to launch, I feel like I’m learning a ton. I have grown so much more confident in my skill set and abilities. Unfortunately, I can’t get the word out to enough people fast enough and I’m worried my runway of time to dedicate myself to my business is running short.

    Just the suggestions I’ve implemented from the weeks leading up to The Copy Cure launch have already made me a better writer. My open rate is slowly getting better. Thank you for this!

    I can only imagine how a deep-dive would make my skills that that much stronger. I started this business so I could be there for my kids in a way that working a corporate job didn’t. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would become a better, stronger writer. Being a stronger writer would mean my valuable messages could reach people better and compel them to take action. I currently have 200 people on my list and a 36.7% open rate but only a 2% click rate. If my writing was better, I could change these results, reach more people and give my business, and my new life, a fighting chance.

    I teach people how to live with confidence. Marie, like you, I feel like everyone has a gift; a special talent. I also believe that knowing what that talent is and doing more with it makes a person ridiculously happy and triggers as Danielle LaPorte would say, their Core Desired Feelings. I also think the world would be a significantly better place if everyone was doing what they love and feeling how they want most to feel. This is what I call living with confidence.

    I help people create this magic formula.

    I found it, and it’s made me a better human being, more patient, loving, kind and generous. I’m sure you know someone who feels “stuck” and could benefit from discovering their gifts and doing more with them. That’s what I want to bring to the world. The Copy Cure would be a tremendous help. I appreciate this scholarship opportunity. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world and enabling the gifts of so many others!

    Love & Light, Lani

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      How courageous of you to shift careers, Lani! I have no doubt you’re already making an impact with your work. Thank you for taking the time to enter our contest!

  46. Wanda

    Sellers Head
    Number three, hands down, is the “secret” I struggle with the most. I am a writer and interior designer. I make dolls. To my mind the dolls are communication tools. I write from the perspective of the doll-beings that inhabit an alternate Universe; where love and vibrational energy reign supreme. The “dolls” speak to human kind on the true nature of being.

    Buyers Head
    Whenever anyone sees my dolls they fall in love. I love the dolls too—or else I wouldn’t make them—but to me they are tools. To others they are, apparently, something else. I hear words like, beautiful; adorable; soft; special; unique and, look at the clothes!

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap I would be very appreciative. I do not say grateful because (over the years I have learned) to use such a word denotes a “lesser” energetic response within my body. A kind of energetic imbalance, if you will.

    The benefits of winning The Copy Cure would enable me to convey my message without sounding either too formal or like a prostitute. There appears to be no middle ground for me; formal or word-whore. Where and when “normal” went, I have no idea.

    More directly, and if B-school was anything to go by, by winning The Copy Cure I’d have the ability to take care of myself (and my young children) through succinct and authentic copy writing.

    I have been a hausfrau for more than a decade and feel afraid to be reentering my life; let along the world. My 25 year marriage has ended. I want to be self-sufficient through my own efforts and care for my children through my own financial means. I hope this dream can become a reality.

    I have not started my business yet. My house closes in one week. Only then will I unpack and begin anew. Through B-school, therapy and friends I’ve learned that what I do has value. I’ve never really felt that before. It almost feels foreign; to know that what I have to offer may be meaningful to others. I’m learning that what I have to say does has value, and not just for me but for all of us. Sharing my words with the world is how I’m going to help.

    I know how to expand through love and I know how to express that to others. What I share and how I will learn to say it is tangible to me, and not a fantasy. I know this now.

    The attraction I had to you Marie was recognizing an understanding of love. What I have to share is that love in and of itself is not something you “give” or “take” but merely an energy that we all, inherently, are. To share the love that we are is to expand the love there is.

    I thank you Marie, for all that you do and for being there, for me, when I needed it most.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Wanda, thank you so much for bravely sharing that with us. It’s an honor to know that Marie has been a part of your journey!

  47. YES!

    I want to strengthen my writing skills… STAT.

    When it comes to writing, I’m sort of an addict. I’ve always loved it and I used to play with words by writing rhymes and poems.

    So why do I need The Copy Cure?

    Well, I’m glad you asked.

    English is actually not my first language and I only moved to dear old London across-the-pond-from-you 5 years ago.

    So which out of the C.P.R. do you think I struggle with the most?

    One, two, three… it’s clarity!

    I get so aware of the fact that I’m not a native that I end up rewriting, changing and over-compensating for my perceived “lack” by overusing words.

    I so badly want to make sure I’m definitely understood (and in the right way) that I end up cluttering my content with explanations of explanations…

    Being concise and clear, while still conveying the value and staying interesting is the first thing I need to “cure”. Badly.

    Now, onto the tangible difference.

    I’m an interior designer and I run an online course, which helps ambitious women enjoy their homes by showing them how to transform their houses or apartments into a place of style, comfort and happiness.

    I am able to convince people of the value that I can provide and the difference that I can make in their lives …once they get to know me in the longer run (so through videos and emails when they’re on my list).

    And I get amazing feedback, which I’m over the moon about, because it’s my sign that I’m going in the right direction, helping more and more women really FEEL GOOD at home.

    The problem?
    It’s hard for me to convert visitors into subscribers.

    I’ve managed to increase my exposure to (numbers from last 30 days) over 1,600 unique visitors, but got only 36 new sign-ups. That’s less than 1%!

    Comparatively, my sales conversion once people ARE on my list is sometimes close to 20%!

    This math doesn’t. add. up.

    I need to learn how to sell in a concise way, without telling long stories.

    The biggest benefit for my business and myself would be reaching more people with my message AND getting myself out of the bridge job. If I could make enough sales to be able to quit it, I would be able to serve the world by doing what I was born to do… full-time. And this would mean the world to me.

    Added benefit and the “what-else-do-you-want-us-to-know” part:

    mastering great copy will play a bonus role of… lowering the argument rate between me and my partner 😀 (who in his angelic patience and as a native agrees to look over most of my copy for mistakes… even though I end up frustrated at myself and, quite honestly, sometimes take it out on him while we read through it together…)

    *goes to bake him his favourite brownie in a sudden realisation of just HOW lucky she is*

    Cure my Copy. Let’s change the world together!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your entry, Kat. I know you said English isn’t your first language, but dang girl, you write beautifully!

  48. I am a 58 year old woman that is starting my very first direct sales business. After years of being a stay at home mom taking care if my elderly father and alcoholic husband, I’m finding it neccessary to start my own business since no one wants to hire a grandma! I struggle with resonance. I feel I sound too “salesy”. I need to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. There is so many programs out there, but I feel a connection with you. I would love to win and make you proud!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sunny — thank you for your entry! It definitely sounds like it’s your time and you’re making the most of it. You desire to learn and grow is amazing!

  49. I think I struggle with resonance. I have a blog that gets a lot of traffic primarily because my pictures and my projects are pretty and my food looks great…but my writing skills aren’t fabulous. I have a hard time selling…always have. And I didn’t realize that it’s because what I say doesn’t stick with people (until I watched the video!)

    I am writing an e-book that I think will help so many people, but I’m stressed about getting it to the people that need it. I taught myself graphic design and have a successful blog and I want to teach others the ins and outs of creative blogging (because it took me way too long to get here…it would have been nice to have some guidance). How can I help people if I can’t properly word my book or my sales pitches?

    Finally, I’m a mom to 3 kids…they’re crazy cute. Also just plain crazy and keep me super busy. This morning, I cleaned up barf, poo and cut a stuck comb out of my daughter’s hair all before I finished my bowl of cereal. People always ask me how I “do it all” so that’s what my e-book will be about!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      What. A. Morning, Erin! It sounds like you’ve managed to balance all the amazing aspects of your life and you should be super proud of that. Thank you for your entry!

  50. Hello!
    Thankyou for this incredible opportunity .
    The secret I struggle MOST with I’d say is resonance. When I’m sitting in front of someone I use so many physical cues to work out how to communicate and respond, and so far Harvest Calm clients have taken the programme after a session with me, and so it becomes quite tailored to them specifically. When I’m writing for ‘everyone’ I go blank, and worry that I’m being so cautious about being inclusive that it ends up too ‘vanilla’.
    I’m ready to share Harvest Calm widely, and I want the Copy Cure to teach me how to use language that springs it forward rather than holding it back. By building a successful business I’ll be able to serve others more freely, and I’m now looking at finding tools to help me move forward using vibrant clear language, and to let go of being shy and overthinking.
    Harvest Calm is a programme that has a small profit margin, as I want it to be as accessible as possible to anyone who needs it, so the secret to making it viable is to SCALE it ASAP! Harvset Calm is my passion project born out of years of suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, and by serving others to heal themselves like I have gives that time meaning for me, and I dream of the day when healing from anxiety becomes the new normal.
    So far my copy has resulted in ZERO sales. There, I said it. Everyone who has taken the course has been personal recommendation, therefore I need to sort out that side of the copy. Unless I sort it out, Harvest Calm as a viable business will DIE! So Marie and Laura, I’m dialling 911 and calling out for that special kind of CPR that only you have!

    MALIKA 101
    I’m a Leo
    I love chocolate
    I’m the eldest of 8 – tag team of 4 parents- it’s a long story
    For 18 months I couldn’t leave the house on my own due to panic.
    Last year I went to Spain for three weeks on my own
    I married the man who dumped me first time at the altar
    We’re super happy now
    I have a cat
    I might be pregnant after 14 years of trying – the wait is driving me crazy
    I just gave up gluten and feel amaze balls

    Thankyou! Love and Light! X Malika x

    Read more:

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love your Malika 101 breakdown — and fingers crossed for you on the possible pregnancy!

  51. Wanda

    I thought you were pretty funny too.

  52. Scholarship, yay!

    What I struggle the most is Resonance. Not because I don’t listen to my potential customers but because sometimes I see things most people don’t. That means that sometimes it takes me a lot of time to find the equivalent of the problem I want to solve and the problem the client FEELS it’s his.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would contribute to a world where people who have finished studying but haven’t been able to get their degrees (because they aren’t done with their dissertations or theses) get their degrees without suffering too much and by finding and developing strengths that they didn’t even know they had.

    Marie, Laura, I want to tell you that the people who need me are not in the First World. Most people I want to help don’t even speak English. I believe in the gift I’ve gotten to understand this amazing information in English and use it to help less fortunate people in my community. I have a fire inside that needs better copywriting skills to help me give a hand to people who need it and want it but have it out of reach.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Georgina, your business is so unique! Thank you for your entry and good luck 🙂

  53. Texas Sized Hugs for this opportunity!

    In the CPR of Copywriting, I struggle with Resonance. I’ve spent time around the ad world and I have bull-caca issues with trying to share my services with others without feeling “slimy salesy”. I want to be intentional and congruent with my services and my outreach.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my well-padded lap, my stronger writing would yes, improve my business. But even bigger in my heart, it would help 100 + kids in August when school is back in session.

    In addition to working as an Intuitive Counselor, I have the greatest opportunity to teach 7-8 year olds in reading and writing. We are a Title One School. And I lead our 2nd grade team of teachers. Most of my extra funds go toward paying for books and things we need in our class to help my kiddos succeed. To coach kids the love of learning, reading, and writing is HUGE. For a majority of my students, this will be their ticket out of poverty. Teaching writing is one thing. Teaching them how to passionately and continually use the power of writing by using their authentic voice to impact their world NOW is a monumental. I need all the help I can get. I see what is at stake every single day.

    I know you gorgeous gals will find the most deserving candidate. I’m not worried. If it’s not me, I’ll totally clean toilets so I can be at the party. It’s that important to me. I’m just truly grateful for the opportunity to share what happening in my neck of the woods. Now, where is my Pinesol?

    Copy, Kisses, Kids, and Karma!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much Kim, for both your entry and your compassionate approach to the contest!!

  54. Hi Copy Curists

    As you can see I’ve already added flowers to my writing (curists).

    I have a bad habit of adding extra parts to my newsletter, about me page and product description that I become tired. In the back of my mind, I know people aren’t buying my products because, they’re unclear about what I’m offering. I’ve given products for free to my readers because majority of them were unclear about my new offer! ugh, money going out the door. I’m paying for continuous misunderstandings, not getting customers to say yes and so on.

    Clarity is a struggle for me.

    The copy cure will surely help my business to grow financially. It will also help me launch products successfully/confidently, clean up my product descriptions, be able to charge more money, spend less time replying to emails to clarify launches and, leave customers confident in their purchases.

    I also find myself fluffing and adding words in my day to day conversations. People are always asking me to clarify and I feel like I’m a babbling mess. I definitely need the tools to show my confidence and persuade others that I’ve got the good stuff they want.

    I want to launch some products in the fall and I’m so scared because I’m unsure if I will sound sales-y, unclear and, wind up talking all about the product and not results they’re looking for.

    It’s interesting that being a military woman I should have no excuse in the clarity department. I don’t want to scare customers with too much, bore them with too little or scream at them to buy buy buy.

    Here’s to my copy cure
    Ginger-vee Carter

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Ginger – I love how you put it and you’re SO not alone in the worrying-about-flourishes department! Thank you so much for your entry.

  55. Tons of thanks for this great intro video, Marie and Laura! I’ve been waiting for months and months for the copy cure, I soooo need your help!

    Thanks to Marie TV and Talking Shrimp I’ve gotten way better at copytalking and personality, and am still struggling with resonance and conversion.

    Better subject lines, blog titles and probably some work on my website about what types of yoga I teach would mean more private yoga students for me. Yay! Here’s the thing, all the time women tell me I am the best yoga teacher they’ve ever had, my classes are the best, etc Usually they say it’s because I actually tell them what to do with their bodies in the poses all while making it fun and accessible. Right now I’m transitioning to teaching more private lessons, which are pricey. I need to learn how to make women see the value of investing in themselves through private lessons with me.

    Here’s the thing, with private yoga, each person gets EXACTLY what they want and need from their session, which means they feel better. And we all know, when women feel better the world is a better place. At home. At work. With the kids. In bed. (asleep or other activities, wink wink)

    The #copycure will totally help me get those women into my studio so they can feel better, and make real progress in their yoga and in their lives.

    I’m a former first and second grade school teacher and I also want to contribute to literacy programs. The #copycure will also teach me how to communicate that to my audience and fine tune how to explain that I’ll contribute part of their investment in yoga back into the community through child and adult literacy.

    I love teaching yoga to women, so of course more students means I’m happier, too. And that makes my hubby happy cause happy wife=happy life 🙂

    A few other things about me: I’m pretty much a Dinsey-aholic, I love ice cream and warm sun, and my little beagle mix Agnes makes my heart burst with joy. Oh, and also, being a native Californian, I regularly say things like, “super awesome” and “for sure” even though I’m 43!!

    Thanks for considering me to win the #copycure for free.

    With gratitude,

  56. Hi Laura and Marie! Best of luck to everyone who has entered!
    The secret I struggle most with is clarity. Yup, I’m a “fart and glow” kinda gal. I’m always trying to be way too clever for my own good and sometimes it comes off more: “look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” than delivering a 1-2 punch. I try to spin all the plates at once instead of getting to the heart of the matter.

    If the Copy Cure genies granted my wish, stronger writing would make a huge difference to what I do. My biz, The Film Sprites, would benefit but more importantly the filmmakers we serve every single day would see a tangible benefit too. I’ve always provided heartfelt, individualized service but to be at the top of my game will mean that they reap the benefits by me being able to connect them to larger audiences and media markets that really resonate with what they do. From day one I have made a commitment to the filmmakers I serve- I wanted to make sure their vision got out into the world and touched people (and changed lives). Film isn’t just a passion for me- it’s a SOUL CALLING. Working in film is what I was always meant to do, but I want to make sure that the filmmakers The Film Sprites faithfully serve are getting the absolute best work from me and my team and we are helping to make waves for them!

    It also means that I can expand Sprites and take on new team members that can get the experience in the biz that I never got. I want to foster their goals and dreams and give them amazing opportunities to make a name for themselves and learn skills that are going to serve them in the long run so that eventually they can pursue their own paths. I also eventually want to hand the torch of The Film Sprites onto someone else- my big, juicy dream is to actually work in publicity for a film studio over in the UK and I started The Film Sprites to provide myself an apprenticeship. I still want to do that but I want to give more staff members the opportunity to hone their skills and shine bright.

    As for my family? They won’t have to put up with me sighing and wringing my hands and weeping when things are quiet on the Sprites front and the tumbleweeds are going past me!

    Working in PR on films might not strike people as being a way to change the world and humbly serve, but it really is. Film changed my life, and for some people it is a way of being able to navigate their lives. So I want to take the gratitude I have for film changing my life and serve the film industry humbly and ably, and with the Copy Cure I will be able to do that in a much better, brighter way.

  57. I SO need this class! Words are not my friend. Give me a handful of weeds and I’ll make you something amazing- just don’t ask me to describe it or the process.
    Resonance is probably my biggest issue and one I worked on some this weekend while selling in person. I watched the “How to Take the Shame Out of Self Promotion” video and when talking to potential customers I tried to keep in mind what my products can do to make their life better. Not why I think they’re so great but why they might find them useful. Now the day started out dismally, but when I did that little exercise sales turned around dramatically! Thanks so much!
    I need me more of that and would so appreciate a scholarship so I can finally end this life long dysfunctional relationship I have with words both in person and in print.

  58. Doctors of Copy,

    What an amazing program you have created!! How exciting! Even the website is precious:) Copy is SUCH an important part in creating a business, real connection, and being successful in the business world. It’s a skill I know I need to master and continue to improve for years to come. Your program really seems like a great fit for me and comes at a great time as I’m in the startup phases of my own business. The past 6 months, I’ve been working on building a website from scratch for my dad’s business. He’s a retired submariner and for the past few years has been creating non-tacky super cool gifts and apparel for guys who are on submarines. His stuff is truly AMAZING! And I’m getting ready to write the copy for his site. My issue is with resonance. For my own business, I think the copy will flow much more natural since the target market is someone exactly like me. It’s language I’ll understand much easier and be able to communicate more naturally which is a start. But for my dad’s market I’m getting a little lost. He’s dealing with retired submariners, enlisted military, as well as their family. I know it’s a little intimidating now but once I learn the correct Copy Cure prescription I’ll be able to help him represent this area of the market in such an authentic and impactful way. I really want to be able to have confidence in my copy and I think the Copy Cure would really help to give me a roadmap so I don’t feel lost or have to second guess myself. One of my goals is to write a sales pitch to The Navy Exchange. It’d be amazing to get his merchandise in The Navy Exchange so that he can really reach the audience that’d benefit so much from his vision. But my motivation for this class is two fold. 1) To help my dad be able to truly retire from working for others and grow old embroidering Bubblehead Outfitters hats in his studio for all those Bubbleheads out there! 2) Gain experience from building his site and writing his copy to help me help myself! I am a business FREAK!!! I love everything about it and am ALWAYS coming up with amazing ideas! Marie thank you so much for Marie TV and ALL of your genuine guidance for people just like me! So sweet. But I’d love to be able to build a beautiful out doorsy clothing brand for women to feel amazing about. I truly believe my purpose in this world is to breath energy into ordinary things and make them beautiful. I want to be impactful as I can so I’m trying to learn as much about people, relationships, and motivation as possible. Copy will be helpful in building authentic relationships in business and show me how to communicate the right way. Anyway, thank you for this program, the scholarship opportunity, and for reading this!!

  59. Ladies! – I love this new opportunity to take a course in learning to write copy!

    I definitely struggle with the clarity part the most in my writing. I either get too excited about my topic or I fall into the trap of my formal “business professional” writing training and forget that I’m really trying to connect with my target audience (not formal business professionals!).

    Better copy would help me improve 2 of my greatest passion projects 1. Supporting female entrepreneurs through my weekly podcast (She Did It Her Way Podcast) and 2. Helping young professional women better understand personal finance and budgeting by leaving the stiff and confusing lingo out of it (currently under construction). With better writing, I can reach more aspiring or early-career entrepreneurial women and help them find clarity around their finances and turning their passion into their business!

    I’m so excited to start making a difference to the world of young and aspiring female entrepreneurs through my writing and work. With The Copy Cure scholarship, I can improve the quality of my copy and reach the masses!

    Thanks Chicas!

    P.S. – Whenever I get in a rut and my writing seems to be falling flat, I do a handstand against my kitchen wall. I like to think that it gets some blood to my brain and helps me get my creative juices flowin’ 🙂

    • Handstand interesting, I might need to try this trick. I rub peppermint oil on my nose.

  60. When I saw I viewed “3 Secrets To Copy That Connects and Converts” I cried and my heart sunk once again. I’m the blogger who hears crickets. Which means little audience, no comments or feedback and me throwing up what I think is great content but coming back empty-handed. Honestly, I can only lay blame for my lack of readership on my content. I am messing up (big time) in each of the three C.P.R. areas. I get headaches overthinking my writing. While I do strive for clarity, I oscillate from one extreme to another–too wordy or too pithy. No happy medium. Personality? I thought I had some but my readers obviously aren’t convinced. (Sick gut feeling, right now.) As for resonance, my head has problems wrapping around what my readers think and speak. I “think” I know what they need–but maybe not. Fact is, there are tons of mommy bloggers out there offering their stories, tales of child-rearing, daily ups and downs and such, and here I am wanting to put a positive spin (think, give hope) to motherhood that can be heart-wrenching at best. I’m at a loss HOW make my readers understand that I’ve been there, done that and that I truly empathize with them. My posts fall on deaf ears. What’s even more traumatizing is that I’ve taken courses like Marie’s B-School–and other “successful writer courses” go figure–and failed. I’ve even threatened quitting blogging altogether (most recently yesterday) because my frustration level has surpassed my blood pressure. Truly, I want to make my business of content writing a success, but the sound of crickets is killing me slowly but surely. My skills need to be resuscitated, revamped, and rejuvenated. I’m willing to work hard and follow through on what The Copy Cure offers as a healing remedy (and elixir) for this wayward writer. Please consider me, Marie and Laura, for the scholarship. Please.

  61. Dear Marie,

    The Secret I struggle with the most is Clarity. I have an engineering degree and did a lot of technical writing and like all good engineers–I tend to use the bigger words and leave out some of the little words that sometimes don’t seem to be needed–who needs an “a” or “the”? I think that I have improved a lot–but am still a bit stiff. I also sacrifice some of my clarity with my cleverness–so will have to watch out for that one, too.

    If a copy cure landed in my lap–I think it would be fantastic! I have several projects that would benefit. I am a health coach and am getting my website, social media, email, blog and auto responder series put together. I envision myself empowering stressed out, sensitive people who are experiencing symptoms of living in a toxic world and don’t know life can be so much better.

    Also, I have multiple chemical sensitivities and am environmental canary. I am writing a book: “Dear Mr. President…” I have a powerful concept that I would like to share with the president and congress and I am hoping that The Copy Cure can take that Special Gift that Only I Have and get it out of my head and onto the page so that I can help transform the world. …I am also heading up a petition drive to get 8000 signatures to upgrade my local county government to a charter government to return the government to the voice of the people.

    Seeing so many people suffering in the world when there are solutions that can be disseminated–that is what drives me. I have experienced miraculous healings and I know others can, too. It would be so helpful to have great copywriting skills. So many uses for The Copy Cure–it’s exciting!

    Thanks so much, Marie!
    Lots of Love,

  62. My struggle is with resonance. I’m hitting blocks when it comes to speaking the language of my ideal client –the proof is in the deafening sound of crickets whenever I offer something new. Sure, everybody wants the free stuff. But when it comes time to do the actual work and pay the actual money I’m not persuasive because I’m not resonating.

    I consider myself a strong writer, but I’ve learned that copywriting is a different ballgame. I’m in desperate need of help! I know that my desire to teach women to stop asking for permission to live the life they really want will, when paired with copy that resonates, send my business through the stratosphere. This is where The Copy Cure comes in and I’m sure it’ll do the trick, knowing Marie and her brand of excellence.

    I know my ideal clients need me! I spent way too much time waiting for somebody to say “You know what, Jen? You go and do whatever the hell you want”. Guess what? Nobody ever said it and nobody ever will. That permission needs to come from *within us*. This is what I’ll teach thousands of women to understand, then implement, so their lives can transform. Because if this “good girl” mentality was only a problem for me there’d be lots more happy, fulfilled, fearless women in the world – and a lot fewer self-help books on the market.

    Once my writing grows stronger and my business successful…

    • No more medical debt! Woo hoo!
    • We’ll be able to afford high-quality assisted living care for my father-in-law, so my husband and I (who have been his caregivers for over five years) can get back to being US again and start trying for a family and just, like, be naked while eating nachos whenever we want to (no, that’s not a euphemism. Literally, eating nachos in the nude because we can).
    • I’d love to make sizable annual donations to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as that was my dad’s favorite charity.
    • I already have my dream home by the beach picked out and want to move my mom in with us so she can retire in style, with no worries!
    • I will prove to my younger siblings (in their early 20’s and raised in the same poverty mindset I was) that it’s possible to do more than just get by in life. I want to show them the way while they’re still young.
    • And I know that having my needs met abundantly will give me more time to create content, both free and paid, to keep spreading my work to whoever needs it. It’ll give me the freedom to find new ways to help other people be happy and feel fulfilled and live their lives on purpose.

    What more is there to know about me? For starters, the idea of sitting around the house without clothes on appeals to me because dammit, it’s been too long. With or without the nachos.

  63. Hi there! Thanks so much for this incredible course and a shot to win a free seat!
    I’d say I struggle the most with the Clarity component of the Three Secrets to writing copy that connects and converts. Typically, I ramble on and on and by the time I get to the point its like 3 to 7 paragraphs later. I also pride myself on being super witty and I always want to include a piece of witty – V in my copy, however, sometimes when I write my sense of humour somehow gets lost in translation.

  64. Hi gals!

    I struggle the most with the P – personality. I do use contractions, but I still manage to sound robotic. I’ve been trained in the academic world to be as stiff and factual as possible, but now that I’m running a business (B-School Grad yay!) I’m really trying to break out of the academic writing.

    My struggle comes down to this; I want to give all the facts, but have personality in my copy. It seems plain and simple, but it really isn’t.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I feel the entire entrepreneurial journey would come full circle. I have done B-School, I’ve chosen a charity to make my company a purpose-driven one, and all of my business products have been designed to help people who are struggling with their blogs so I can personally help them to bring out their own voices. I understand the technical landscape, but there is a big creative cul-de-sac when it comes to creative copy.

    Can Copy Cure prove that one person can be both a technical nerd, but a creative genius?

    In terms of a tangible result, I would finally be able to get my products out to the world. Helping is all I want to do, yet I feel the copy is holding me back.

    I know I can make a difference. I know I can help. I just need the creative push of effective copywriting. I need that missing puzzle piece to complete my purpose.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my response! 🙂

  65. This program is truly God sent, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in the process of launching my online course and I’m terrified.

    I could use all the CPRs I could get, I honestly need help with all the CPRs, I’m sure I suffer from a chronic writer’s block.

    If the Copy Cure landed on my lab, initially my family will forget what I look like, I’ll work on it day and night. I’m terrified out of mind since I’m approaching my launch deadline and I still have not written the course materials yet. This program will help me communicate my message to people, and it will help prospect users change their lives through my online course.

    I believe I’m an instrument brought at this time to help some people change their lives (I hope this is not too vain), I feel a lot of guilt for not being able to reach people yet. I feel as if everything I need to communicate is in my head, it is just so hard to put those thoughts into words. I’m grateful for your program and believe in my heart your program will help a lot of people. Hopefully I will be one of then, for free 🙂

    Lots of love,


  66. Thanks Marie & Laura for the free writing class and chance at the scholarship – I loved the actionables, examples and I’m a sucker for a well-done metaphor! I’d have to say that I struggle the most with Secret ‘R’ – Resonance. I’m pretty good at writing for other people, but when it comes to myself it’s hard to get out of my own head and into the heads of the people I want to serve the most. I think it’s because I have so much passion for what I do and how it allows me to serve others who are making the world a better or more beautiful place. I get so caught up in it that it’s difficult to step away and see things from the eyes of my ideal customers.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would allow me to help more people with my offerings by teaching me to break through the online clutter & express my message as effectively as possible. Also, I’ve been ruined by my university education in English. My writing is a bit stiff. I have a ton of personality but none of it comes through in my writing. The Copy Cure would teach me to give my writing an infusion of me’ness. Also this scholarship really would be a gift that keeps on giving even beyond my own business. As a web designer/developer, I’ve set a goal for the past 3 years to do 10 pro-bono sites every year for non-profits (or small businesses with a focus on environmental, animal or social causes). I almost always end up helping them with their copy for their new websites too so I would love to put everything I learn in this course to their benefits as well.

  67. My Plea (with some contractions thrown in the mix, thanks Laura)

    I’ve been a writer my whole life, I just didn’t know it.

    I started writing about life and human observation from a very young age (the quotes I typed out in Comic Sans are still framed and hanging in my Mum’s living room) but I didn’t have the confidence or belief that I had a gift worth pursuing.

    Fast forward to the here and now and I finally figured out what my purpose on this planet is. It took me a life time of insecurity, depression and self doubt for it to be realised, but through starting a blog to help me discover and learn more about my mental health and food issues, I have connected with people and am starting to gain more visits each month.

    I am hungry to expand and flourish because I truly believe in the act of self help and sharing my life changing findings with people who are on the same path.

    Specifically, your course would give me the necessary skills to take my writing to the next level, which will open the doors for paid work. I need a business perspective because I believe that I’ve got the talent, the desire and the heart, but I lack the know how.

    The Copy Cure would help me deliver my message of hope to more people and go on to create a community who are actively working towards bettering their health and future lives.

    It gives me joy on a spiritual level to have found my truth and I’m working really hard to make it my reality.

    The hardest of the secrets for me is RESONANCE.

    Even though I have a degree in Fashion Business (focusing on fashion writing) and have written for blogs and websites previously, I’ve always kinda written it for myself, not paying enough attention to what my audience want to hear. (Slap on the wrist)

    I’m probably alienating potential readers and it frustrates me, but I know with your help, I can succeed and grow as a writer and reach more souls.

    I live for love, compassion and humanity. I’m not someone who fixates on money and possessions but at the same time, I’m a realist and I know that I’ve got to create exciting, thought provoking and inspiring copy to get people reading.

    Stumbling across your videos Marie, has given me such a fresh perspective. I really believe in what you stand for and admire your desire to help people.

    I would absolutely cherish the scholarship to The Copy Cure because I really want to change my life and connect with people, but due to my circumstances, the $399 is beyond my means at this time.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this bloody brilliant contest!

    Fingers Crossed,

    Peace & Love,
    Leanne Brookes

  68. Thanks so much for this epic training video, Marie and Laura!! Eyes and ears were glued to the screen as I was watching it.
    I loved every one of your tips, especially the one about resonance. This is definitely my sticky area. I laughed so much as you were speaking about ‘trying to sound too clever’- I’m not afraid to admit that that’s been me!
    I’ve been struggling so much to find words that resonate with my readers- and now I know that I’m totally coming from the wrong space.
    Gah!! *Mind-blown!!*
    But its so hard to simplify when you feel you have so much burning inside you to give, And its even harder when you don’t know where to start and how to organise all that stuff that’s burning to get out!
    I was just speaking to a friend earlier this week about how I’m struggling to reconnect with where I was a couple of years ago, or even just a year ago- which is where my ideal clients would be- and how to resonate with them where they are.
    **Its tricky!** (Run DMC style).
    So if the copy cure landed in my lap- I would dance a jig of glee (who doesn’t love a jig?!?) because I would know I’d be on my way to knowing how to connect with those around me- not just potential customers, but friends and relatives who want to know what I do (at this moment in time when I tell them, I end up having to put my tongue back in my mouth and only ever see a confused face looking back at me with a – ‘say what!?!’- look on their face.
    I would just feel so much more confident in my business and promoting my self- I’ve found I get stuck with words, like physically stuck in my throat. Which is super frustrating as I love writing and I’d like to feel I’m getting it. By learning this I could reach more people, be more impactful with my message because I’d be so much more confident in it and making that heartfelt change in the world- and it would just become a ripple effect- YEAY, love all around! and those who have been supporting me would finally get to see what I do in an authentic way- something I’d be really proud of 🙂
    Somethings you wanna know about me: I see myself as a success and mindset coach and intuitive mentor- super ‘official’ shizzle there but really I’m a snowboard/surfer chick who loves to dance, salsa, street, hip hop, dancehall and more importantly spreading love far and wide. I love helping people change their lives to become happier, fulfilled and successful in all areas, with whole heap of self love and spirituality along the way.
    I’d be honoured to be considered for the scholarship, as I know there are so many amazing people who will be applying, and I’m super privileged to be among them. Good luck everyone applying! ☺

  69. Teodora Ghita

    I love the English language, though it is not my first language. I also have an analytical mind and I am a thinker. All these add up to my struggle with clarity in my writing. When I want to express an idea or a thought I sometimes end up with a too complicated reasoning and with too many words. I think this makes some people miss the main idea of what I want to say.
    I dream of expressing myself freely, simple and easy in English, making the main idea come through in a clear way.
    Winning this course would help me get to more people hearts and minds with the researches on the scriptures that I’ve made. I would like to write an allegoric novel on some of the events in the Bible that most people probably ask themselves why they happened the way they did, and a research book on the prophecies that are still to be fulfilled in the future. I think people need to understand why some things are allowed to happen and they need to have hope.

  70. After watching the free writing class, I felt like you were talking to me.

    The secret I struggle with the most is resonance.
    Why? Cause I’m still getting to know my customers problems and frustrations. Even after taking B-School 2 years ago, I’ve notice people are evolving and changing. And Me too.

    That’s why I know if The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it’ll give me the tools and structure to communicate with more compassion and resonate with my ideal customers.

    I value continuous learning and want to continue to be a positive example to my nieces and nephews. I’ll show them they can grow up to be a positive force in the world and don’t have to settle for a poverty mindset that’s perpetuated in our family.

    I know writing better copy will help me show more compassion to my customers by listening better and letting them know I hear you and I can help.
    I want you and Laura to know, we appreciate the hard work you’ve put into this course to help this community grow.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the magic happen.
    Malaika Paul

  71. I’m (I almost wrote I AM ::) so freakin’ excited that The Copy Cure is here. I’m already learning.

    I’m a 2015 B-Schooler and learned so much. I’m still working on some implementation and think this class will be the cherry on top of my sundae. I also just made my final B-School payment on my cc today. I really want/need to win the scholarship.

    My struggle right now is RESONANCE. I love to write and started my blog about a year ago but I am having trouble connecting, so I’m wondering if my headliners aren’t grabbing people. I hope they’re not snoozers or worse DOA. I want to build my audience and learn how to talk to them in a way they relate.

    I’m ready for CPR for my Copy!

  72. Nicki

    Marie and Laura,

    I’d like to thank you for offering the scholarship opportunity as it is important to me to work with individuals that find ways to give back.

    Of the secrets, I struggle the most with R. I am one to get very philosophical and my words sometimes sound like they are Platoesque. I get it in my head, but not very persuasive to the non-greek philosophers of our time. I’ve worked very hard to ask my clients for descriptions, but could still use more polishing in this area. I want to be authentically me while not being too in my head!

    Stronger writing would help in the following ways:
    – Connect to more people: Those I do connect with love what I have to offer. However, I know I miss so many more that I can impact positively. I want to inspire others and connect!
    – Find my voice: I do feel I have a strong voice, but I hem and haw for hours on copy. I ask everyone’s opinion. Then I lose my voice. I need a lesson in what do I want and how to stick with it!
    – Spiritual Growth: I am searching to deepen who I am. I put my effort and time to exploring my soul. I feel The Copy Cure is a way to delve into an area of my soul that has not been fully explored!

    This training comes at the perfect time as life always seems to align. I have gone through many transitions to be where I am. And, now, I’m going through the biggest transition. That time when you’ve done all this work, had many failures and are shifting all that you thought you were. I see the light at the end of the tunnel while at the same time impatient with where I am. After closing my fledgling business, moving to a new city, traveling to Thailand and trying to figure out what it all means, I’m about to start a new business. One that feels like it is where I belong. I am ready to receive the knowledge I need to make this successful. Not only for myself to live the freedom I desire, but also to share what I’ve learned along the way for others to live their freedom!

    It would be an honor to win the scholarship! Heal the heart to feed the soul!

  73. Marie and Laura,

    I struggle the most with “resonance” in my copywriting. I get so excited by the idea of helping other people, that I forget I’m still only involved in a one-sided conversation. I also sometimes overlook the fact that, unless I give people what they want, I’ll have a hard time selling them what they need.

    If the Copy Cure were to land in my lap, I believe that I would have the tools and structure to sell ideas that could help my community. I started and led organizations in Harlem, India, and Africa. I know the importance of strong copy when you’re trying to cultivate donors.

    These lessons were reinforced when my wife and I started and ran a fitness facility for women in Harlem. We had to compete against copy on daily deal sites like Groupon, hard sell brochures from big chain gyms, and the overheated hype from infomercials selling the latest high octane exercise program.

    The Copy Cure would even out the playing field in both my charitable and for-profit ventures. I continue to advise a program that works with homeless children in Kenya. We need to reinvigorate our fundraising for our girls school in India. I am also now working with small farmers and socially responsible businesses in New York to help them keep their American Dream alive. I’m very excited about a crowdfunding project I’m creating for a MacArthur Award-winning farmer in my new upstate NY community. OUr vision is to create a farm school for women that will in turn have them act as mentors for high school girls who might be interested in farming as a career path and for women in India and Africa who are trying to create sustainable farming practices. This crowdfunding campaign has the potential to impact thousands and it will be made or broken on the quality of the copywriting. At 57, I’d only have another 40 or so years to get another shot 🙁
    Finally, as someone who invested in B-School, I am confident of the quality of the product and I’m excited about the possibility of studying with Marie again and discovering the riches I’m sure Laura brings to the party. Thank you.

  74. Out of the 3 Secrets I struggle with the most is CLARITY, with a sprinkle of Resonance. I end up rambling and finding it challenging to be Clear with out being wordy. YIKES.. I need help there.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would feel so much more confident in myself. I’ve done so many courses, including BSchool and LBD + all my movement and health courses. I’m just not selling my new programs and my website copy is becoming outdated and internet”y”. I have so many great offerings to help women take control of their health and fitness—-but I’m just plain terrible at writing. And I know that is the “secret sauce” I need.
    I truly am short of funds with the investments I have already made this year….It would be amazing to have this Gift. It’s in your hands Marie and Laura + some help from the universe. I’m a continued FAN no matter what. This new program is going to ROCK! XOXO

  75. Thank you so much Marie and Laura for sharing your knowledge with us!

    I’ve done so much self-study in the past year to help build and grow my business, but the one thing that I feel I keep falling short on is writing good copy. I’m usually pretty good with clarity; I’ve become more confident writing with personality; but, it’s the resonance that I just get so stuck on!

    I feel like I’m in that tricky place where I’m offering women something that they don’t know they need (yet.) I’m having a difficult time trying to address what changes could be made in their lives so that they aren’t struggling so much, while still empowering women to feel confident about who they are (even in their brokenness)! I totally think I’m like that example you used where I’m trying to sell my vision, not solving their specific problems.

    My passion is truly to see women live their best lives, but I still see so many of them struggling! I feel like The Copy Cure is the next step for me to finally be able to communicate my heart to people and show them that what I have to offer them can literally change their lives.

    I’ve already been experiencing a positive response from my free content (blog posts and emails) that has filled me with so much joy, but to be able to help more women while actually making this a profitable business would be life-changing for me. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to be able to bring financial freedom to my family would be amazing!

    I have 3 daughters under 6 years old and I homeschool my oldest. I want to fulfill my dreams of having a successful business that changes lives, while still being able to be at home with my girls so that I can give them a bright future! I want to pave the way for their future success.

    In addition, being able to master copy and build a profitable business would allow for me to achieve some very big goals I have for my family. We already support our local church, sponsor kids in Haiti, and other community organizations. But it literally makes me emotional to think of the impact we could make if we were able to make enough money to live off just a small portion of it and give away the rest. It’s this same spirit of generosity that I see in you that has kept me coming back to your website and learning more from you.

    I’ve laid out some great business ideas for the next year and I know that having the opportunity to take The Copy Cure course would benefit me immensely!


  76. Hello Marie, I’ve been waiting for this program for a looooong long time. And I love you C.P.R. metaphor. Since clarity comes form engagement, I would be really pleased to engaged in your new spectacular job, brought to the world by you, Laura and the great “Team Forleo”. This old fashioned feeling you gave the course is just amazng! I admire everything you do and I am really happy in a way I have you as a part of my life.

    Never stop doing your thing, because the world does need your special gifts! Keep up and see you soon!

  77. As an author, composer, performing artist, creative entrepreneur and business growth strategist for other creative entrepreneurs, I’ve been the go-to person to help authors and speakers grow their creative empires and make mucho dinero in the process…

    But for the longest time, I’ve been an underearner – grossly underpaid for my awesomeness. My website (even though it’s pretty), wasn’t converting because my copy was scattershot and I didn’t have a compelling call to action.

    Talk about the shoemaker’s kids being shoeless!

    Clarity is my biggest hurdle. Aside from the numerous roles in my super-hyphenated title, I’m still a victim of clutter because I use BIG WORDS when I talk. It’s taken years to pare down my language, and yet, it still feels too wordy. I have difficulty prioritizing and telling stories succinctly (Gah! BIG word!), because I can always come up with “one more thing” to add.

    I’m that skeptical client that’s “tried everything and nothing worked” – so if The Copy Cure landed in my lap, you KNOW any testimonial would be legit. The ability to connect clearly with my right audience is imperative (see? I did it again!). I’m writing a book right now about the 3 different types of Creative Entrepreneurs. Being able to help them uncover the roadblocks on their success journey wouldn’t just be a big deal for me (NY Times bestseller list, perhaps?). It would be a HUGE deal for all the entrepreneurs struggling with issues they can’t even see because of their Creative Entrepreneur Type!

    The Copy Cure would give me the clarity I’ve been searching for, confidence in my words, and courage to share them with my right audience.

    … oh, and my “kids” would finally have shoes.

    Thanks for this opportunity. It would be awesome to win!
    (299 words. Boom! It’s working already!)

  78. Oh, Resonance! Where have you been all my life?! This made so much sense to me and something I definitely need to learn. I have so many thoughts and ideas, but really connecting with what others are looking for is something I need to learn.
    I’m a student of homeopathy and the one thing I would love to do is be able to make homeopathy more fun, something that ‘resonates’ with people. So much of homeopathy is stuffy and intellectual. That’s fine, but not really interesting to the average person. I’d love to be able to write in a way that makes people take notice of a healing modality that has been a miracle for my own family.
    I’m also a homeschooling mom and being able to write well is something I’d be able to teach my children to do.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  79. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Resonance is it for me. I struggle to get into my reader’s head, therefore, I’m struggling with sales. I don’t know how to be persuasive. Clarity and personality aren’t a struggle for me so much. For example, I was asked to write a book on a topic in my niche. The publisher chose me because of clarity and personality. I had no problem writing the book, but I had to pay someone to write the sales page for it! Can you believe that?!

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would make a big difference in my life and my family’s. First, if I could get the last piece—resonance—I’d have confidence I can write something that persuades someone to take action. Secondly, I’ve been a stay-at-home mother for 14 years. In that time, I’ve never contributed financially to my family and it bothers me. One of my goals for my online business is to contribute to my girl’s college education fund. How cool would that be to have two girls see what is possible for women because of what their mom accomplished? The only problem is I’ve been working online for 2 years and even though I’ve grown an audience, I haven’t made more than a hundred dollars a month. My first daughter goes to college in a few years. I don’t have anymore time to waste. Do or die trying. I’d rather do.

    Also, I believe a spot in The Copy Cure would not only make a difference for me personally, it would make a difference in the community. My niche is sustainable living. It would be a dream come true if I were able to resonate with people and my message inspires them to act to make positive environmental changes in the world!

    Lastly, you should know that I’ve been receiving your tips via email for some time now. Great stuff! No doubt about it, I’d love to take The Copy Cure and I’d love love love to be the scholarship winner!

    Thanks again.

  80. Marie and Laura,
    I’ve been cyber stalking you both for the better part of a year and I’m NOT afraid to divulge that information to the world. Your advice and tips are inspiring, entertaining and most importantly, useful! Ok enough of the a$$ kissing, even if I do mean every word.

    The biggest CPR secret I struggle with is Clarity. I’ve got all this awesomeness (at least I find it to be) flying about in my head and I can never seem to get it all down on paper in the way I intend. Instead of being clear and concise, I end up having verbal diarrhea and what you call cluttered copy. Bummer.

    Oh Copy Cure how I’d love thee to be a part of my personal/professional growth, let me count the ways… First off stronger writing will not only transform my blog and business website, it will change my clients’ as well. (I provide content for small businesses and soloprenuers like myself.) Better copy would mean more sales for myself as well as my clients. And the ripple effects of that are immense… I could afford to invest more in my business (I’m in desperate need of a new laptop!), improve my website and provide more services to my clients.

    Plus, I’m so tired of seeing lazy, boring writing all around. Writing is what lights my fire, it’s what I love to do and I’d love to be able to share that with more people. The Copy Cure would help me focus on how to write more effectively in order to inspire and motivate others!

    The most important difference it would make is that stronger writing would allow me to spend less time at the computer and more time with my family. Writers block gets the better of my sometimes and I foresee The Copy Cure helping to alleviate that lost time. Just the thought of that gets me all giddy!

    Besides being a wife and mommy to two energizer bunnies, err, I mean boys… I started by own blog writing service earlier this year. I write engaging, creative and informative content for small business blogs. In a perfect world I’m a best selling author with a killer bikini body who travels all over the world helping starving children and homeless animals. Hey a girl can dream right?

    That’s me and I hope come Friday I’ll be able to add The Copy Cure scholarship winner to my list of accomplishments!

    Thank you for the opportunity,

  81. Marie & Laura,

    Thank you so very much for the 3 Secrets of Copy. I’ll have to say that the first one would probably be my weakest. Clarity. I have been working harder at being clearer in my copy. I sometimes feel I try too hard to express what I want to convey.

    If the Copy Cure fell into my lap I would first let out a yelp. Then I would dive in and start learning. It is important to me that I do the best I can in every aspect of my company. I am so passionate about what we are doing. It would help my family because they too are in the business. The community would benefit by receiving a great product!

    My day job is the Editor for a website is a consumer oriented pain management resource site. I, however, have started my own business, Red Hot Motor Oil. I make a really awesome hot chili oil. It makes any dish a 5 star dish! My husband and sons are doing this with me. We are having a blast and and at the same time producing a quality product. This is the company I would love to learn more from the Copy Cure to help me out.

    I know this will be hard for you to select. I have read the other comments and there are such wonderful people out there needing your help and guidance. I wish all of us the best of luck!

    Cindy 🙂

  82. I need help with all three but the one I struggle with the most is resonance. I’m challenged when it comes to writing with that wow! I gotta have it now factor. As you’ll notice from this post. LOL

    I’m a travel/lifestyle blogger and our family is also starting a podcast to share our experience as a blended family and to inspire other families to connect, be mindful and have fun together.

    My business and product is a travel/lifestyle club. It’s also a home based busines and I struggle with writing copy for the product and for the business opportunity in a way that connects to the heart.

    If my writing was stronger I’d be able to connect with more people and share what we have to offer and help bring families closer together. Our family motto is: A family that plays together stays together.

    I’d also be able to help more people start a home based business and bring in some extra money and be home with their kids and family.

    I also want to help families vacation more because when people vacation it’s usually a time for them to disconnect from work and “to do” lists and be present with each other.
    I believe if families could vacation more they would create lasting memories through a shared experience/adventure that would bring them closer together.
    It would help in so many ways because vacations are a time when people let go of stress and relax. Our world needs more of that. Happier people would create a happier world.

    If my business is successful then it would also help my family financially which would allow us to help others in a bigger way. It would allow me to take our entire family on our dreamtrip to Italy! I’d feel that besides helping my family I’d be making a difference and bringing more joy to the world.

    My family would be so thrilled if I learned how to write copy and was confident because everytime I write something I ask them to review it several times. I do that because it doesn’t feel right to me. I drive them crazy. They run from me now when I say “do you have a minute?”

    What else should you know about me….I homeschooled my youngest daughter and caught the travel bug when we were studying history. I suddenly had the desire to take her to see the places we were learning about in person instead of just reading about them and seeing pictures in a book. This took me a bit by surprise because I tend to be a homebody/introvert.

    If it can happen to me I know there are lots of other people out there who want to travel and see the world. I want to help them achieve that dream. 🙂

  83. Michele Madrigal

    I’ve found some powerful tools to establish a loving relationship with myself, but I’ve struggled with finding tools to help me establish loving relationships with my audience (the one I know is out there waiting for me to get my message out and my business going-my ICA awaits). With what I’ve seen so far, this is one of the best tools that will help me do just that. Living from my ego mind the last 35 years has been suffocating, small, and safe. I’ve been living in the status quo. That has served me well and kept me protected from the big bad world, but it isn’t working for me anymore. So I’m stepping out in big ways and sharing what I’ve learned along the way, because I know I’m not alone.

    My biggest struggle with writing is in clarity. I see clarity as crucial for resonance though. If my copy isn’t clear, it won’t resonate with people. Being able to articulate what my heart is trying to say is a problem for me too. Allowing the messages of my divine heart to flow through me and out onto the page is a practice I’ve come to love, but again, it’s a practice, and The Copy Cure will give me a more clear structure for that practice. So if The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would help me write copy that connects with people who are ready to step outside their status quo and into a life of connection-connection with themselves and the outside world. They would start to see that they have the power within themselves to change the way the outside world works, thus changing the world.

    The Copy Cure will also show me how to write my story in an empowering way instead of me throwing a pity party. The pity party short version is this-I’m a single, widowed, breast cancer surviving mom. That’s not very empowering. I can talk all day long about my journey and how I’ve been able to transform my life from one of despair and depression to one of beauty and love for myself which has helped to transform the lives of those around me. I’ve done this by finding the gifts in the tragedies of my life and embracing my dark as well as my light. But to write my story in a way that I’m not asking for sympathy or pity is still something I’m trying to figure out. I am an inspirational person, I’d like to learn how to write like one too.

    The other thing is that I’ve already spent money on BSchool and my Integrative Coaches training through The Ford Institute. Getting a scholarship for The Copy Cure sure would help my bank account from getting sick and depleted;).

  84. Why is it so hard to write the way we talk? The struggle is real. My biggest struggle is trying to be too clever while still trying to sound like me. I mean, *I* think I’m hilarious.

    I have THREE major passions in life:

    1. Helping people make a stellar impression
    2. Crafting memorable experiences
    3. Cultivating amazing relationships

    Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Service. These are my worlds and they mesh together perfectly. Stronger writing will help me connect with people in this industry in a way that gets noticed and sounds genuine. Disconnects in guest and employee interactions are common, that’s where I want to help. I want to combine my love for people with my industry experience so that customers, employees, and employers are all contributing to a shared experience that is amazing and contagious, whether that’s at a social fundraising event, a big corporate awards dinner, or your Aunt Amelia’s third wedding.

    I first learned about Laura from Vanessa over at the Science Of People. Laura led me to Marie and bam, here I am! I’m a solopreneur body language trainer who believes copy is sexy and should be compelling. I’m JUST starting to write content for my website and collateral, cue COPY CURE. Timing perfection. Marie and Laura, please do me a solid and grant me this killer opportunity! You will not be disappointed. I’m a sure thing and I will do the work. #CPR #LikeABoss

    A bit about me: Lover of people, tacos, and travel. Cheer-bringer & Troublemaker on weekends. I love rolling out the red carpet for people, it’s in my blood. I was raised in the South – it’s just what we do and we do it well. I like skydiving and I get nervous at parties. My kids have paws and fur. My current favorite color is PANTONE 116 C, Minion Yellow because it’s cheery and bright and who in the world doesn’t love Minions?!

  85. Hi Marie and Laura,

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity. Learning your tips and watching/reading about the Copy Cure has piqued my interest big time. I went through B-School in the spring, LOVED it, and started a blog for my family business Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (or EBLI for short). EBLI is a system of reading instruction that my mom created in 2003 after she taught my sister to read. I came on board in 2011, and we also have 6 other employees.

    Since starting the blog, my mom and I (business partners and fun-loving Irish gals who are seriously passionate about teaching the world to read) have joked that we each have a half of one brain – hers brings a wealth of knowledge and mad scientist creativity and mine brings detailed edits and organization. She starts each blog post or project and I add to, organize, and edit them until we have a finished product. Working together, we’re an unstoppable team! The unique partnership adds an interesting/challenging factor to our copywriting.

    We also have a lot going on with EBLI. The main bulk of our business is providing in-person trainings for educators on reading instruction. However, we also offer 1 on 1 instruction and iPad Apps, with online training and a book in the works. Due to the many facets of our business and our unique writing style, I think that clarity is where we could use the most help.

    It would mean so much to win the scholarship to the Copy Cure. Sub-literacy and illiteracy in the U.S. affect millions of people and cost our country billions of dollars every year (I’d be happy to send you the links that verify those statistics – email me if you’d like them). If we could gain the clarity and focus to share EBLI with a wider audience, we could play a major role in reversing this epidemic.

    Using EBLI, we have already equipped thousands of teachers and taught thousands of students mostly in Michigan, but many more continue to suffer without quality research-based literacy instruction or properly trained teachers. Please help us clarify our voice so we can get out into the world in a bigger way and fulfill the EBLI mission of teaching the world to read!


  86. April

    Hi from Ohio!

    Out of the three secrets, I struggle most with resonance. It can be so challenging to figure out what my readers are looking for!

    I’m a social media manager, I’m currently writing a spiritual memoir and I want to start writing more to raise awareness for social justice issues. Stronger writing would benefit many through helping my book about grace get published. I believe grace changes lives and can’t wait to share with my community and the world how it’s impacted my life!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on The Copy Cure!

  87. This is so exciting! I am currently working on growning my business and struggle with copy, this would be an amazing opportuinty 🙂

    Fingers crossed xx


  88. Oh snap. I thought I was a pretty hot writer until I watched the freebie video.

    Aside from being a horrendous procrastinator (too stick up the butt? well then, a lazy ass), looks like I may not be all that great at resonating with my customer. Who, btw, some do tend to have that stick you know where…

    I have attended B-School since its inception. Make that since it started. Got a lot out of it but have yet to do all the worksheets. (See above.) And anyway, so what, I make more money now than ever on accounta B-School. I can only imagine what might happen if I sparked up my copy and had more ideas for newsletters and blog posts. And then got up off my ass.

    I think you ought to give me that scholarship because you really want to see happens. I sure do.

    Seeking the cure,

    PS: As you can see, I have short and sweet down. Is there advanced placement?

  89. “Poetic,” said the professional director assigned to interpret my short script for a staged reading when I was 20-something, and in a novice playwriting unit.

    “Poetic,” said the members of my writing workshop tasked with commenting on early drafts of my yet-to-be-finished novel.

    “Real creative flair,” said the subject of cultural journalism I wrote for an arts newspaper in Toronto.

    “Poetic,” said one of the first copywriting clients to hire me, “but maybe too much, too creative, for business.”

    Clarity is what I struggle with, because words, paragraphs, sentences form, for me, with a cadence I have to edit for elegance, the way Coco Chanel urged the fashionable to remove accessories before leaving the house.

    And, I don’t have any gold or jewels to pawn for my survival. I’m unemployed, now (after a year-and-a-half in a full-time job, losing momentum in my business), and told, incessantly, that I’m entrepreneur, a writer, I should go be successful.

    (Marie, watch for me next year; I’ll be there for B-School, somehow.)

    Refining my writing the way Chanel redefined women’s clothing could make the difference between successful self-employment and stasis, or worse — unfulfilled talents and low-wage work just to pay the bills.

    I know I’m meant to be of service, that my creative talents are how I can do this, and that I can foster others’ success through my efforts.

    To support me, to afford me the scholarship, is to exponential benefit — the better I write, the more I can help others to fulfill their dreams, too, helping them to excel, to communicate their unique talents and skills to the world.

    I’ve been successful on a referral basis, writing product descriptions (for a line of gorgeous loose leaf teas) and LinkedIn Summaries. I need to market myself, though, and still-better writing is the best way to do so.

    Thank you, both, truly, for this timely opportunity. I hope you’ll consider me an ideal candidate for scholarship — it really could change my life, and the lives of all I work with.

  90. Amazing Marie,

    Your email is the only one I open every week! So, very excited that The Copy Cure is ready to go! Yay!

    My biggest challenge feels like it has to do with resonance. I know what our people think and say, but I feel like I miss the mark when writing it. I want to make sure it sounds unique, but clearly resonantes. Yep, clarity is either a tight second or tied for first. 🙂

    I’m an excellent writer overall, but I’m ready for something very different. Mind you, different and unique is something I’ve come to expect from you; therefore, I really want to get my hands on The Copy Cure. My hubby took the leap, and we are working fully on our company now = tight budget.

    We rebranded as Mission Date Night at the first of this year, and there is much work to be done. However, I feel that we miss the mark with choosing the write words that are constantly pounding away in our client’s heads. Couples – married or in committed relationships can have great relationships. Having a good or okay relationship isn’t good enough. Being best friends, best lovers and having a fantastic romantic partnership can help them enjoy more happiness, more fun, and more success at home and in their business/career. Stepping up their sexual energy can open the floodgates to feeling sexier and more alive across the board…not just in the bedroom.

    Being able to create amazing copy that is crystal clear and resonates with our potential clients and customers would be a game changer for us. My husband/business partner and I are focused on reaching kazillions of people. Okay, maybe that number is a little high, but we want to – and know we can – have a global impact. When two people in love are happier and more secure in their relationship that happiness and confidence ripples out to everyone around them. Their kids, their co-workers/employees/clients, their neighbors, their pets, their grocery cashier…everyone feels it and everyone else gets lifted up by it, too.

    A tangible difference for us? Well, paying the bills is always important LOL, but even more is having the funds to create a freaking cool app we have in our notes/wishlist and being able to put in place live Mission Date Night retreat events. Remember Fantasy Island from the 70s? Well, our retreat would be branded with a spy theme, but I always compare it to Fantasy Island (and James Bond meets Austin Powers) – so fun and profoundly life changing! It all takes money, and we need more of that to put in place some of the awesome plans we have. Most importantly for us though is reaching the people who need us. They are the heart and soul of what we do and why we do it…and the impact it indirectly makes on those around them.

    As Nacho Libre would say – I vwant to vwin!

    Honoring you,

  91. I AM MY FUTURE SELF. This being said, I’ve gotta take care of this woman! This means doing every thing in my power to set her up for happiness and success. What brings happiness? Social relationships, both personal and professional. Writing is often the first step to making a connection, which ideally blossoms into a full fledged relationship. Being a part of the Copy Cure can help me hone my writing skills to make more connections possible. The area I need to develop the most is Resonance. I find that my business post and blogs are pretty clear and engaging, but I struggle with wording that doesn’t sound preachy as in “you should do X, Y, Z”. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor. Sometimes it’s hard not to just jump to the point with people who are looking for guidance. My writing needs to lead them…to mirror more of my actual discussions which are collaborative and leading – not totally directive. If my writing opens these doors online to someone thousands of miles away, great! If my writing helps establish a connection to someone in Georgetown, Texas who can walk into the doors of my business Simply Mindful Therapy – wonderful. These connections allow me to guide others to well-being. If I do this… If I collaborate with others online and in person my future self will be successful and happy…. and a little bit of a COUNSELOR WARRIOR.

  92. Thank you for this free class, Marie and Laura! My aha moment came during talk of resonance—I’ve put off launching Good Naija Blogs because I know that the copy will be key if I want to reach Nigerian bloggers who have a serious case of copycat-itis. If I can’t reach the bloggers I want to work with in a way that resonates with them, Good Naija Blogs won’t happen. (By the way: “Naija” is a cutesy/casual/slang way of saying “Nigerian”, and Nigeria is the West African country that I happen to be from!).

    Good Naija Blogs is a passion project with a goal to cure Nigerian bloggers from copying and pasting existing content, so they can share their unique message with the world. There are tons of talented Nigerian writers out there, but many are under the mistaken impression that they need to copy Nigeria’s wealthiest blogger, a gossip blogger who shares local content in addition to content from American and British sources, in order to profit from blogging. As a result, those wishing to make money through blogging copy and paste her content, including her blog’s tagline! There’s also rampant copying and pasting from other sources without attribution and that just makes me mad!

    Right now, the majority of Nigerian blogs are gossip blogs. While gossip blogs have their place, smart, hardworking bloggers aren’t maximizing their skills and experience when they copy and paste. Copycat blogs are quickly abandoned—I know this because I run the Nigerian Blog Awards website which lists over 2,500 blogs, and my main task is keeping the list updated with only active blogs!

    With The Copy Cure in my back pocket, the top-notch copy created for Good Naija Blogs would grab bloggers and those thinking about blogging and inspire them to have a bigger dream for their blogs than becoming a pale imitation of existing blogs. I’d then offer an ebook, ecourse, and blog reviews (made awesome by The Copy Cure goodness!) to show bloggers that their dreams of profiting from blogging are possible if they pursue excellence rather than quick copycattin’ bucks! The result would be bloggers who add value to the world and who take pride in their work too! Since I’ll be trying to reach bloggers who may not think their copy/paste path is problematic, resonating with them by speaking their language will be everything—I don’t want to turn them off! On a personal note, launching Good Naija Blogs would mean realizing a dream I’ve had since 2010, finally getting on the entrepreneurial path, and it would allow me to make good use of all the MarieTV goodness I’ve been devouring these past few years.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share from the heart—I’m excited and hopeful!

  93. The copy secret I struggle most with is injecting personality into my business writing. I always excelled at writing (technical, creative, and pieces in-between) as a youngster, but have found it to be very hard for me to find my true voice in business writing and sales copy especially. It’s a toss-up for me between formal writing and writing that is obviously trying too hard. I long for the words that authentically speak to my ideal client.
    Winning a seat in The Copy Cure would help me to gear up my business confidently, and help to reach and serve clients all the better. With sharpened copy skills I’d effectively be able to help support our small community all the better (offering local jobs and educational opportunities sooner due to greater success in my business!). Creating jobs, supporting our community and others, and fostering a great sense of local community and camaraderie is high on our list of priorities – and greater success makes them all the more possible.
    I am launching my stationery, graphic design, & printing business while working a full-time day job, and saving up money to buy agricultural land in our area on which to launch a second business (a berry farm!). Highly motivated and hard-working, I’m trying to do whatever I can to grow into these big dreams. I’m very appreciative for this opportunity and others like it where entrepreneurs give back to their communities. I am looking forward to the someday when I am able to create such opportunities!

  94. Hi Marie and Laura,

    I think I have sat in front of my blank computer screen to write marketing copy with a stank face for far too long. I have absolutely loved the emails and use many of the tricks to work on my blogs, sales pages, and social media posts.

    I’ve already learned so much from your “3 Secrets to Copy” video. I know that I struggle in all of the 3 areas. My biggest struggle I believe is Clarity. I feel like when my personality is on point, my clarity suffers. I am a bit goofy, but extremely passionate about helping people. When I get all worked up about helping people with their health and fitness journey I almost always get wordy, cluttered, and emotional.

    Emotion isn’t the problem I want to show my emotion through my writing. I consider my empathy my superpower, but then clarity suffers. If I focus on clarity, my copy seems to get very dry and almost mimic all the other fitness copy I have ever read. I do not want to be like every other poorly written fitness advertisement. I know I can help more people by resonating and creating relationships. That is my goal with my writing, and I am struggling to know how to get it all onto the page.

    I believe that if The Copy Cure were to land in my lap, I would probably binge watch it with a bowl (or 2) full of popcorn and blank notebook. I know I have so much to communicate, I just need a bit of help with how to take the right action steps to do it. I’m all about taking action which is why I still write blogs and emails and sales pages…even if they aren’t that great. I post them, send them, and even help a few people. I want to write blogs and emails that get people fired up. Fitness is always better in communities of supportive people. I want my readers (and eventually clients) to feel like they are part of a supportive community that promotes their health, wellbeing, and sweat. I know this can happen with strong writing skills. Getting my message out is important to me. Making money to support my family and follow my dreams is important to me. I think both of these things will significantly benefit from learning from you ladies at The Copy Cure.

    A bit about me? I love fanny packs, fitness, dance parties, and lazy days. I adore my little family that includes my husband and my Labradooodle Brandi. My favorite food is chocolate, and I am okay admitting that as a fitness professional =) My business journey is just beginning, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    Thank you for being awesome and offering us such an amazing opportunity


  95. When I was 2 years old my mom enrolled me in ballet lessons. I danced for 10 years.

    Those Ballet lessons would taught me the most precious thing that save me from horrible diseases.

    I got ill when I was 8 years. My sensitive body and soul paid the price for being born in a dysfunctional family with an abusive father.

    Even though, I had a dream: to work in films. But, having horrible diseases – depression, social phobia, panic attacks, etc – held me back from my professional plans.

    When I finally got a depression diagnosis at the age of 18, I was in pieces and alone. But, I believed that under medical treatment I finally would get better so I could pursue my filmmaking dream.

    Conventional Medicine failed me, though. After six months of psychoanalyses and strong pills, I got worse and I tried to kill myself.

    Luckily, life wanted me here and those ballet lessons during my childhood had made me learn the key to my healing process: discipline.

    After a decade searching, I found Integrative Medicine and using high doses of discipline, I healed myself.

    Four years ago I started a nonprofit. Today I make films and content for the internet to empower other survivors with outside the box knowledge and I teach them how to develop discipline to apply that knowledge into their lives to heal themselves.

    To cut a long story short, I won a B-school scholarship. I took B-school and the result is that now I know strategically how to transform my nonprofit into a social business, using my voice to help out people with mental illnesses to go beyond their diagnosis.

    My website is finally on, I have already two audience-proved digital products that need great copy. We already converted 4% in sales, but unfortunately our audience is growing and we need them to know we exist and are ready to help.

    From the three secrets to Copy that Connects and Converts I struggle a lot with resonance.

    Only who went through serious mental illnesses know how it is, but once I don´t have those symptoms anymore, it´s easy to forget to use the right words to connect with my audience.

    It´s embarrassing, but sometimes I see myself as the holistic chick Marie used as an example in the video. And then I want to kill myself again, just kidding!

    I need The Copy Cure to spread my message and save more lives. I told you guys before, I am an ET with a mission and The Copy Cure is gonna help me conquer my goals.

    This course is the next step after B-school. If I could afford I would buy it right away, but I´m Brazilian, dollar costs 3 times our currency, so this precious course is expensive for me.

    Thanks a lot for everything! You changed my life!!!

    I don´t comment much, but I´m always around, sending great vibes to Marie (Muse) Forleo and her amazing team.


  96. Louise

    Hi Marie & Laura,
    Clarity would be my biggest struggle, I only recently apprecaited how fortunate I am to be able to read and write. For the longest time I took it for granted and associated it with a lot of frustration pain and heart ache due to having dyslexia, I now realise it not all a one size fits all approach and I’m turning that frown upside down.

    I have a bit of learning curve ahead as I realised through out all the life learning and education I’ve done my writing skills have been stuck in high school hell level and I’m really ready change and improve.

    I love learning about nutrition and holistic life style and can’t get enough information in what ever format I can find. Along with completing B School this has left me with a lot of Ideas and products I’d like to share clearly with my ICA, I have lots of blog post ideas and an almost there web site that I’m sure with a fine tune up will be great.

    In addition I know that in my current job in the care sector a fine worded email can make all the difference to colleagues and client who all deal with emotional and stressful situation on the daily.

    I’d also write my long suffering other half some adorable and cute letters just because I could.

    Authentic Langue would also be high on my list to learn along with any recommendations of books and authors on a hot reading list.

    Kind Regards

  97. I am hungry for this scholarship! The class looks awesome and I adore the phrase “talent is universal, opportunity is not.” That is where I want to take Sleepytime Club when the subscription is launched…but only once I have a huge population of followers which I’ll get only with excellent copy. I want to make the subscription available to families who really struggle with getting a healthy bedtime routine down for their kids. “Resonance” is what I struggle with. I have an ideal client profile, but she’s younger than I, is raising kids 1-7, and times have changed – parents fears, hopes, and dreams – from when my daughter was in that age group. Sleepytime Club is going to be of-service and..well, lovely…when it’s launched.

  98. Dear Marie & Laura,
    First let me tell you how much I love the branding of the Copy Cure!
    I thank you both for putting together a program, which is nice to look at on top on having amazing content! I found myself analysing the frame of the video while watching it.

    Now about the video:
    Clarity, Personality, Resonance

    My struggle would be to keep on one subject at a time when I write. So it would probably fall in the clarity category. I start with an idea, a point I want to make, but then I have another idea and another, and at the end I loose myself in all those points I’d like to share…I often have to re-write any copy many times, and at the end, I find it a bit dry and short.

    About the difference it would make, if I’d receive a scholarship.
    First I would feel and spread overjoyed gratitude towards you both and life. Second I would finally get a chance to learn how to write properly English, be able to bring out my personality in a much more honest way (I feel). My mother tongue is French. Originally from Switzerland I lived 10 years in the US. I learned English when I arrived in New York, it took me a few months to be fluent, and I am proud of that, but still I have progress to make towards conveying my essence with words. The copy cure would give me more confidence and juice, which I’d transmit to my entourage, family and clients!
    Now I am a musician coach. I support musicians all over the world on their path. Copy Cure would help me so much putting my Artist’s coaching program to the next level and help even more people. It would be my first English writing class ☺

    The thing is …there are a lot of blogs, coaches and online businesses nowadays, just like you said Marie. (Which is really awesome) I often think “why me?” “what makes me stands out?” “why should I pursue and fight for what I believe?” In short I have lots of doubts, I am very sensitive, but I wish to believe I also have some wisdom to share (so say my clients). Unfortunately my copy is not the best, but I love words (I even make jewelry with words on it, just because I love words), I am a hard worker and I would honor the gift of a scholarship if I would receive it.

    Again thank you for all you share Marie, and I can’t wait to get to know Laura more.

  99. If you would have asked me a month ago I would have said clarity was my biggest issue – in my copy and otherwise. Now, resonance is my most challenging area. When I write from my heart with personality, I have trouble staying focused on my ICA’s language. Everything sounds like I’m writing to myself. Using their words to communicate my message is the weakest link in my chain.

    To be able to touch someone with words is a gift for some; it’s not one of my gifts though. But what a beautiful art it is to practice and strengthen especially when it would help me share my innate gifts and passion with others. People are experiencing pain, confusion and, even worse, apathy. I simply can’t stand by watching this lifestyle trend. I want to strengthening my writing skills to create magic with my words and bring meaning to people’s lives.

    After running my local business for seven years, I started B-School in 2013 to take my business online. Even before having a solid launch, my online business has gone through several distinct evolutions – clarity was definitely a problem. About a month ago the storm clouds parted and the hallelujah chorus sang: my new site design, color palette and opt-in ideas finally came together. Miraculously it all fits with who I am, what I want to present and the first e-course I’m developing. I’m in writing mode now. My new home page is almost done (its not live yet), my course is just over half complete and I’m developing the opt-in. I need to develop copy to connect people to these things and get them excited about their lives. This is specifically, immediately, right now, real-time what the Copy Cure would be used for – the timing is perfect.

    I have been able to develop a very firm foundation of knowledge in e-biz. And I’ve been able to do this while running my local biz. I have to give credit to B-School for being a huge catalyst – not just ‘cause of its stellar content but also how it’s connected me with other amazing resources over the past couple years. I am so excited that The Copy Cure is finally here. I’m certain that Marie, Laura and Team have it all covered. I know from past experience I can count on you. Thank you so much!

  100. Hello Marie and Laura.

    Here are my answers for your questions so that I enter the Copy Cure for free.

    I struggle the most with Clarity. I find a hard time writing things exactly as they are making it totally concise and clear for my readers. I can usually ramble and go around in circles but feel quite lost on how to make readers take action.

    If the Copy Cure landed on my lap first of all I would feel extremely grateful and would make the very most of it as I now nothing in life comes for free. Stronger writing would help my business by bringing us more clients – my family has a private language course (Both English for Brazilians and Portuguese for foreigners) – having more students would benefit a few people in the following ways:
    Students = Brazilians in general don’t speak English. For many it is a dream come true to learn English quickly and efficiently. These students would get better jobs, be able to enter international universities, do courses abroad, communicate while traveling, get promoted, do their jobs better, etc.
    Teachers and others that work with us (aka: our community) = More students means more people that we need to work with us. That means more jobs (especially for young, college students who can’t find a good, job while studying – this is what makes up most of our teachers), better economy, more people engaged in doing something they love. We offer very flexible schedules, locations and an extremely tight knit community with the teachers we work with. Teachers have liberty to choose what type of student they would like to work with and have freedom to use the teaching approach they believe gives the best results.
    Family = Having more students and more teachers makes us grow as a company and family. The two main dreams we would be able to achieve is to create brand new English material, a new website and expand the social work we do teaching English for free for teenagers in high risk areas.

    I am Brazilian, my father is American and my husband is Danish. Culture, languages, and spreading knowledge in a fun and different way is what we do. I work along with my parents, brother and sister – the best team I could ever ask for. We have built McHale’s (our private English course) from scratch and have watched it change people’s lives by simply teaching them a new language. Over five years we are part of motivating others to fulfill their dreams through education.

  101. Hi Marie and Laura!

    Thank you for creating this amazing program to us!

    Resonance is the most difficult secret to me because as a coach I work with teenagers who want to go to a great College, but at this time who pays my program are the parents!

    I began work with teenagers after I started a volunteer project in a Public Brazilian School (yeah! I’m from Brazil!) Because I came from that and got a feeling, I have to return the good things I had!

    I realize teenagers really need help in this so difficult moment in their lives and I can have this as a mission to my life in the same time create a business that I love and want!

    Thak you so much for everything!


  102. Thanks for this sweet opportunity!!

    I’m an entrepreneur/yogi/writer living in Iowa. My goals are to travel the world with my husband and three kids, while helping others living their lives on purpose through my online programs and books.

    Of the three secrets, I struggle most with Clarity. I tend to ramble on a bit and not ever get to the point of – yes, please I’m actually selling something you can buy, by the way….

    Sometimes I feel like I’m going around in circles like a merry go round, when I could just take the off ramp and tell my readers exactly what I mean.

    What bugs me most about copy and sales pages is the cookie-cutter approach that’s out there these days. I invested for a bit with Leadpages, but now I just feel so funny about using their pages and not my own voice. I’ve decided to use their pages as inspiration from now on and create my own copy.

    I could really use the Copy Cure to get the confidence I need to use my own voice in not just my writing, but my copy.

    So grateful for the opportunity!

    In joy,


  103. Lourdes González Cayón

    After 15 years of curing myself of many physical “problems”, now it´s time to have a copy cure!
    When I was 21 I have a health problem that “erase” my memory. Imagine not knowing how to write, how to read, how to drive or even if you like strawberries or prefer mango.
    Those were hard times and I get over it pretty well with the help of my family.
    I studied International Business as my profession and start learning all sorts of things in order to “understand” what had happend to me. After many years of working in big coorporations, I decided I wanted to help people have the life that they want, just as I have been able to build mine the way I want. I decided I wanted to be a wellness and beauty coach and I started my business 4 months ago. Right now I´m struggling to find customers because it´s the first time in my life I sell “something” (and it´s way more difficult to sell yourself).
    Eventhough I´m fully recovered and my english isn´t so awful (I´m Mexican) I´m having a bad time with 2 of the 3 CPR characteristics.
    My mind works its own way and with that, I mean I have very hard time to achieve clarity and resonance. Because I don´t have that “sense” of knowing if my msg is clear enough and if I´m using the words my customers use. It´s clear for me, but most of the time people don´t “see” or “understand” what I was trying to say….a big problem..right?
    I hope I can win the scolarship! I know I need that information badly!!!
    Thanks for everything, Lourdes

  104. Wow! If you have gotten to read this post then just wow! Thank you, you must exhausted!
    I will dive straight in to expose my secret. I don’t know how to talk to my audience. When I write to them I write like I speak but that isn’t necessarily a good thing as sometimes I speak in riddles. I struggle to share my excitement with others in my writing like, I know I have this amazing service that will instantly improve your lifestyle but I can’t relay that without sounding ‘salesy’ or ‘beggy’. I fear I missed the memo on how to write good copy. Taking this course is going to give me confidence in myself and help me reach those women who could instantly benefit from what I have to teach them. I am not promising to earn women millions but I do promise to give them guidance and tools to create a consistent income from working freelance in the hair & beauty industry – in their local areas for everyday women. It will help me create a blog, newsletter and courses to teach what I know.
    When you listed all the places we write copy I felt overwhelmed as these are all the places I could currently be writing ‘bad’ copy (insert emoticon that holds head in hands).
    Yes, my idea is awesome and I know my audience need what I am selling them but I don’t know how to write in such a way that makes it glaringly obvious to them that I have what they need!
    When soft launching my biz last year my coach hired a copy writer. To say I had a good laugh when I got it back is an understatement – it couldn’t have sounded any less like me. I cringed sending those emails out to my list but as it was my first experience with copy I thought it was my only option. And do you know what? I didn’t sell a sausage but then I re-wrote it in my own style and I sold a few sausages (are you veggie?) beans…I didn’t sell a bean (narrowly avoids offending Marie & Laura).
    I need the Copy Cure to empower me with the tools and tricks to write my own copy from now on in instead of having to rely on people who don’t sound anything like me. So sad but lesson learnt hey.
    Alex Mc

  105. First of all…..THANK YOU!!!

    Oh my…….thank you!!!


    That is the one I have trouble with. I always thought we needed to share what was important to us so we could separate ourselves from everyone else. Now I see how that comes off so self important…..Yuck…not the energy I want to put out. Triple yuck!

    If Copy Cure landed in my lap it would help me get my voice out in the world (through social media and tv/movie scripts). There are so many ideas and thoughts dancing in my head and I want to express them. I want to inspire people to go for their passions and dreams. And I want to tell stories of people who win in their life because they chose to be themselves. And better writing will help me get the message out their without sounding all corny and weird.

    This will jump start my writing and I will be able to touch people’s lives.

    Something else about me…. I got a D (my only D) in AP High School English class because I wrote the way I talk. It would be so gratifying to touch people’s heart with writing the way I talk! 🙂

  106. Hello hello Marie and Laura!

    Firstly, thank you so much for the 3 Secrets To Copy that Connects and Converts video. I took loads of notes! Also, thank you for the incredible opportunity of The Copy Cure, for so more amazing souls to have their voice heard, and make a positive influence on the world!

    Out of the 3 CPR secrets, I feel I personally struggle most with Resonance. Even though I have an idea of my ideal customer, my life-changing health products and opportunity are well-suited for so many different kinds of people, and I just want to help everyone haha! I’m excited to be able to find clarity in how to resonate with my ideal customers better, so people who need my help don’t get caught up in my noisy copy!

    If The Copy Cure landed on my lap, it is something that will help others see that I am invested in them and I have the tools available to help them live a life they love, and decrease their chances of ever suffering through preventable health issues for themselves or the people the love. It will also give me a greater global reach, so I can help more people, faster!

    I have a huge vision for creating a healthier world full of people who are in love with every aspect of their life, and I care about people so much! On top of that, after losing my father at a young age to cancer, it has become my mission to help people stay healthy for a long as possible, and ultimately I aim to contribute to the irradiation of lifestyle diseases… all in a fun, sassy and incredibly inspiring way!

    Good luck to everyone who has written in to win the scholarship, you all sound amazing, and I truly believe in a gentle way, we will all shake the world 🙂 And once again, Marie and Laura, you rock my freaking socks, I can’t wait to be your copy copy-cat xx

  107. Gotta say ladies…I suck when it comes to writing clearly for my personal website. I am afraid to publish it because I have rewritten my ‘About’ page about 27 times and it’s still boring, so I have been BEYOND EXCITED for The Copy Cure release. I’m 21 years old with a Micro/Molecular Biology degree and I’m working on my Masters in Holistic Nutrition (aka, I’m broke), so I can pump out scientific research papers faster than you can say ‘inflammation, caused by intestinal permeability, is the mechanism of action behind modern disease’…eyes glaze over when I speak in the scientific language that I love and spent years studying. Clarity is The Copy Cure secret I struggle with the most because all I really need to say is ‘eat good food and you’ll feel better, oh and pay me money to show you how’! Science can be really daunting and I want to be known as the girl who can translate the latest research in health and nutrition and bridge the gap between medical professionals and laypeople. While I admire scientists for their dedication and hard work, if nobody can understand a damn thing they’re saying, it’s not going to help anybody. How many times have you gone to the doctor only to leave feeling dazed and more confused than when you walked in? That has to stop. I have already changed so many lives through the nutrition classes I teach, from eliminating debilitating acid reflux to lowering a diabetic’s blood sugar from the high 300s to 180! Being more clear in my writing will help hundreds of people achieve their dreams and overcome health struggles. The Copy Cure will help me translate the research paper, “Early life antibiotic-driven changes in microbiota enhance susceptibility to allergic asthma” so moms can understand that starting your child off on the right track by avoiding unnecessary antibiotics and including probiotic foods in their diet will reduce their chances of getting asthma. See, that’s what moms really need to know, but doctors don’t understand the concept of clarity either, so developed countries are experiencing skyrocketing rates of asthma. I am excited to start rewriting my website AGAIN and breaking it down into easy bits for my readers to understand, because my words could literally change their life. If they don’t click away first… Thank you thank you ladies for being your beautiful, inspiring, badass selves and I look forward to The Copy Cure 🙂

  108. Resonance is the big secret I’m longing to have revealed. For me resonance isn’t just a pretty word to mingle with peace and understanding, resonance is survival.

    Having lived abroad for 6 years, I know that when people don’t resonate with the world around them, they feel isolated and lost. They can be rude because they feel uncomfortable, constantly. However when people DO connect with their environment, they can’t stop talking about it. Even the bad stuff is converted into gold, because they have that story to share for the rest of their lives.

    That’s the key to my business, The Wherever Café. It’s about writing stories from experience, so that everybody comes home from everywhere glowing with excitement about what they’ve been through. If I can resonate with my audience, I believe they can resonate with anyone, anywhere.

    The Wherever Café offers creative writing packages to expatriates so they can put their lives into literature. I’m convinced that if people take their experiences abroad and turn them into short stories, they will be transformed. They would see the value of their travels through description, metaphor and empathy with the characters they meet. They will stretch to understand the things that alienate them, and create something all the more meaningful out of it.

    I want to serve a community of post-university adventurers, international volunteers, government workers and their spouses, teachers and wayward artists who fall in love far from home. They are not necessarily a crowd of English literature nerds who believe that fiction will save their lives, but I am, and I know that it will! So I need to resonate. This is the first time I’ve written a blog and if the Copy Cure lands in my lap, I know will be able to make the connection.

    Let me share a piece of my story:

    Six years ago, I fell in Bogotá, Colombia. Since then, I’ve had three weddings to the same man (just to get paperwork right), landed a great job as an English teacher, published short fiction in literary magazines, and learned the meaning of extreme happiness.

    Last year I had a son.

    My worst fear is that my choice to stay in Colombia will financially isolate me from the United States, from opportunities, universities, and the rest of my family. Ever since Martín was born, I’ve been entranced by Marie TV, trying to imagine how I might develop an online business to make sure I can always offer him the world. I want to show my son that he can live wherever he wants, follow his dreams and never let go of his idealism.

    Thank you for the chance to make this possible.

    • Just caught a mistake in my copy, actually I “fell in love in Bogotá Colombia,” so I wanted to clear that up.

      Thanks again for creating this program and offering this opportunity.


  109. Hi ladies, thank you so much for this opportunity! I had no clue about copy until I started to sell my own products online. I struggle with resonance the most. I believe I have a combo of the right words, and I know what I wanna say (and I can say it in my own way), but how can my words translate the value I have to offer? I would love to learn that so I can attract more sales with ease.
    I feel like I am walking in my purpose. I’m self-employed and 100% invested in my dream of owning a successful business. It’s important for me to feel validated by the work and steps I take towards my dream. It’s hard to work on what I love and not receive in return, for the value I give out. I feel that once I can master my copy, and take my business (and dream) to the next level, I can also show the world they can do it too. I see people give up on their dreams all the time; I’ve given up on mine, but kept going back to it. I don’t think at this point I could ever fully turn my back on my dream, but I see people do it. It’s important for people to see proof that you can live your dreams, and that it is possible. I would love the opportunity to show them that; my family and loved ones who are my biggest supporters, my readers, audience, and the world.
    And for whatever reason if this particular dream doesn’t work out for me, I could also become a DJ and bring disco back to life! =)
    Thank you guys! ::heart emoji::

  110. Is it horror flick title or my nickname? [my bleed]

    Slash & Burn.

    It’s my nickname from the medical video world and I earned it by taking piles of complicated medical jargon and turning it into small, digestible bites.

    I feel like I have a good handle on the C&P of CPR but I struggle with connecting with my audience in a non-medical environment. I’m changing direction and will be getting out of the medical/corporate realm and into a more creative role. I need to be able to strike a chord with audiences in many different fields.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap it would be the tipping point for my new business adventure. I am taking the leap to momtrepreneurship and I would be able to provide both financial and emotional stability for my little nugget (and my big nugget who says he simply wants to be a kept man). I’m a talker, so you could expect a lot of posts, shares and updates on Copy Cure awesomeness.

    In a world where giving your audience a directive seems to work…I simply say PICK ME! (if this were a landing page then that would be a hot pink button).

  111. Shawna

    1. Watched and loved the free training! Marie as always you rock my world. Laura any friend of Marie’s is automatic A’s in my books.

    I first learned about copy-writing from you as a student in this years session of B-school.

    2. Brace yourself honey bees. Of the options: Clarity/Personality/Resonance I need help with Personality.

    I am frigging full of it and when ever I write and ask friends or family to review I get a lot of the following: “you can’t say that.”

    I don’t think I am doing anything wrong… I think the people reading my work are trying to file my personality down resulting in the robotic boring copy you refer to in your training.

    For examples go to my super boring current website (the new one is under construction)

    I have lots to learn and am anxious as heck to learn but my learning budget for this year has been spent.

    A scholarship is my only way to play until my business making money.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would help me hone my new website and content plan (currently in creation) and give me the best shot at an amazing launch and hopefully a successful business.

    For my family my business success is really about survival. My goal is to retire my boyfriend from his too stressful career and join me in business. We do have a very personal reason related to health that it is crucial for us to move him away from his career. I would prefer for his privacy not to discuss in detail publicly but I am happy to explain in private.

    Regardless of what you choose I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU and please know that I think your training is amazing and that I also want for the opportunity to go to the most deserving (even if it is not me).

    Something extra to know about me, as a result of your training I will be committing 10% of my net profit (once there is one) to charity water. I have really struggled with creating financial abundance because I don’t think it is right to make a tone and not share.

    Hugs Honey Bees!

    Thanks for all that you do,


  112. I am slowly learning these three copy secrets, but still find them challenging to nail down. I think I struggle most with clarity. I am naturally a connector and I think my personality shines when I write, but for some reason when I sit down to write all that was clear about who I am and what I do seems to shift out of my brain. I would love to learn how to translate myself and my work into words

    If the copy cure landed in my lap I think it would help immensely with so many things! I have two small businesses and am working to build a brand that glues them together that is wholly, fully me. My businesses are health related, I do a lot of affordable acupuncture as well as herbal products and having strong copy would help make my powerful medicine even more accessible. I am very passionate about translating alternative medicine as well as health tips into light, fun, approachable information. I think I am ok at it, but would love to learn to really harness my voice and knowledge into some powerful copy! I need to learn how to use copy to get more patients in the door, so my practice will build and help more people work on their own healing. Same reason for my herbal business, 5 element herbs, I need support to figure out how to harness the potential power that people can get from these amazing, ancient formulas so they can be healthier and happier humans. I would love to someday publish a book, whether it be for adults or children, I have always loved to write and have somehow lost the heart of it over the years, as I go further into my career, I wonder if it will be a way to look at health and healing.

    I love the work that you are doing, in making ‘the work’ inner work for people so very accessible, light and fun. I think it helps a lot of people swallow the information and would love to know more about how you got to build such authentic and successful branding.

  113. Ms. Mauikai

    Ey yo! Jew-Talian mamacitas! Let me holla right quick!

    Your milkshakes brought mad kids to the yard… and not just the boys, either 😉

    You gave up some of your goodies (yup, for free ninety-nine, too). Scandalous!

    First, you hit me with the 411 on how to step my game up – my storytelling game, that is.

    Next, you taught me why it’s all good to get a little rude with it sometimes.

    The Mini-Me Method you blessed me with became my go-to formula for cranking out catchy copy readers won’t dare sleep on.

    When you told me to get nosy, I tuned in and picked out some tasty bits that really got my creative juices flowing.

    I was super amped when I heard tagging got the green light. BACKPACK JAX GOT TRAX FOR DAYS, Y’ALL!

    I overheard some talk about a cat named Terry, but all I remember is he was supposed to bring the Jesus juice. Paaaartaaaay!

    Then, when I peeped your freebie copywriting class on C.P.R., Oprah’s voice was all up in my head. She kept saying “what I know for sure is”. Well, what I know for sure is that sometimes my resonance has been way off-base. But you already told me about how important this was back in June.

    I thought bleeding once a month was enough, but according to the two of you, I learned I needed to start shedding a lot more than my lining and do it on a consistent basis.

    When I thought I had nada, you taught me it was time to get down & dirty with it because who doesn’t love a good quickie?

    So let’s get down to business:

    All that pre-launch Copy Cure inbox love was fantabulous, so thank you again for spreading the love (and the knowledge)! Now that I’ve got the tools to become C.P.R. certified, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Copy Cure would radically transform my pen game (ok, my writing game period – digitally too, of course).

    I KNOW that becoming a Resonance Rockstar in my crystal clear, personality-infused copy would simultaneously change my tribe’s life, as well as my own forever!

    Things you should know about moi:

    I’m a Cuban-American señorita from Miami with big dreams, a big heart & lots of soul!

    I’ve got bars for days (not Kind bars – more like tight, boom bap flows and creamy melodies a la 90’s Hip Hop Marie’s always jamming to).

    My Libra tendencies and multi-passionate spirit have forever fueled my leaps faith and they’ve taken me across the pond and beyond (I once went to France on a whim with nothing, and ended up spending 5.5 years there to pursue music full-time). Parlez-vous francais?

    Oh, and last but most importantly, I would be ridiculously grateful for this scholarship!

    Thanks for being such badasses!

    Smooches <3

    • Ms. Mauikai

      My difference in 17 words:

      Copy Cure would help me teach others to Dream Large Hustle Hard™.

    • Hey Maui!,
      I’m scrolling reading through the comments and was like “I know you”.
      Didn’t know you follow Marie Forleo. Are you still in Nantes? I move to Toulouse since the last time we saw each other in Nantes.
      I enjoyed reading your hip swag entry.
      Take care, et je te souhaite merde (break a leg).

  114. I loved the last tip, on resonance. I’m guessing you’ll give more tips in the full course, about how to really discover out the voice of your customers. Thanks, Marie!

  115. The secret that I struggle with is writing copy (blog post) that isn’t self centered. I use material from my personal life and use the word I often. So instead of focusing on my ideal reader, my copy is focused on me and what I do or my boyfriend does.

    The negative thoughts in my mind want to say “that’s because you’re a boring ass [email protected]”, but I know there’s nothing boring about my booty.

    After all it’s my beauty not my booty. 😉

    So there it is my struggle right now is with secret #3 Resonance.

    If The Copy Cure landed on my lap that would be strange since it’s a digital course (ha ha).

    Great copy would mean more eyes on my blog and more eyes would mean more fans for my upcoming novels.

    But the truth is it would mean actually making an income, using great copywriting skills to building a source of income on my blog that’s the real difference. A source of income that requires using my passion now that’s what I really want.

    Humm, what else do I want you to know about me. Latina original from Harlem living in Brooklyn. I write Ertoic Romance, published several short stories and working on a novel. Yes I love to write about SEX. Completed B-School this year and I’m doing it again.

    Thank You for this Opportunity

    Zoraida Ele Cespedes

    Wanna boost your chances of winning? Spread the word about The Copy Cure scholarship contest on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    Read more:

    • Please ignore the last part “Social Media Bonus Points” it’s a result of my copy and paste.


  116. Hi Marie & Laura,

    I think my biggest struggle when it comes to copy is “Personality”. I think I tend to confuse Formal with Professional due to my background as a Lawyer.

    I’m working on writing as I talk but sometimes my copy sounds too informal to me and then I think people will not take me seriously.

    I guess I need to find the right balance between being natural + engaging and also be able to showcase my skills and expertise.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would change everything for me and my business. Copy is the one thing I need to improve and with which I’m feeling I’m wasting a lot of time, energy and money.

    My mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to create the lifestyle they want for themselves by discovering their life purpose and creating a sustainable businesses, doing the work they truly love.

    And I’ve had the privilege of working with over a hundred clients.

    I’m from Colombia. My ultimate purpose is to support Colombian children in poverty with a portion of my business revenue. I feel I need to give back to my country. Being able to access The Copy Cure will definitely boost my business and support this philanthropic goal of mine.

    With The Copy Cure I will definitely learn how to communicate better in my writing and it will impact not only my business but also those around me, specially my clients who will benefit from my services and then transform their lives, experiencing deep levels of self-accomplishment, happiness and fulfillment and also their families as a ripple effect.

    What else can I say about me? I looove to travel around the world. I’ve lived and worked in 3 different countries and speak 4 languages. I’m a very loyal person and friend. I laugh a lot and very easily and my favorite foods are nachos and salad. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and huge congrats to both of you for your beautiful creations!

    Big hugs,


    • Hi Giovanna,

      I live in Colombia also! Some friends and I are starting up a Colombian Bloggers Association for support and links and whatever. Your work sounds amazing, and I would love to connect and see if I can help in any way.


  117. mary

    Hi, thanks for the opportunity for gaining a scholarship.

    I think that of the 3 secrets I struggle with the most – it would be ‘clarity’. I’ve found that when I write, people tend to only pick up on half the message or sometimes what I’m wanting to really emphasize on, doesn’t get the impact (or in other words is missed by the reader). The problem with this at times is that I end up having to explain myself further such as back and forth emails to clarify.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap i’d firstly be grateful because of the opportunity. Stronger writing would help me on so many levels in my personal business…emails… especially when customers want to know things, Facebook posts and blogging, for Youtube channel / videos. I can get information or my message out their and people get it fully rather than parts of it. I feel it would help me get more subscribers, give me more confidence in communicating both in written form and verbally, help clients because they get a better service and will be happy. I’ll be able to reach / help more people and environment. It would also help me in the future with a fundraising dream/goal I’d one day like to do.

    Somethings I’d like you to know about me – I’m a genuine, down to earth, shy but very friendly / cheerful person. I love helping people emotionally and spiritually. I love learning and passing on what I’ve learnt to help others. Whether this learning is personal / work / studies or all combined learning. I’m intuitive and care about the environment too.

  118. Giana De Dier

    I struggle with Resonance the most. I’m a visual artist and it has been a challenge to be consistent with my blog posts because I have no idea what or how to write. People seem interested with my work but don’t connect as often as I’d like and as a result do not buy my art or ask where they can purchase. Sometimes I feel like it’s incredibly difficult to know exactly who my audience is because I don’t offer a service people feel they need.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap first, I would do a little “happy dance” and be incredible grateful. It would help with my confidence and would give me the tools I need to connect with my audience. I have so much I want to say about my work and struggle to get it out without sounding boring. It hurts to know that I have so many great ideas and projects I would like to work on but I’m so scared that my audience won;t be interested because they don;t connect with what I have to say. I would like to have a conversation about the work, for people to want to talk about it, share it with friends….and of course buy it as well. I feel that if I can do this, I will inspire other artists to do the same. To have more conversations about their work and to share it with others. I live in Panama City, Panama and there’s a lot of talent here. I want others to feel they can do it as well. The most tangible difference in how people connect with my work would be more engagement, my work would be shared more and purchased as well. I want to change my lifestyle. The most tangible difference in my business would be growth. I know improving my copy will help my business grow and help me connect with more people (including grant applications, exhibit proposals, etc.). the most tangible difference personally would be more confidence. Also by growing my business I would be able to finally move out of my mom’s for good and give my son and myself the life we both deserve. He’s extremely creative as well. I want him to see that if I can do it, he can do it too.

    I love what I do. I eat, breathe, sleep art. I can’t tell you how much art brings joy to my life. I just want to create more avenues that allow people to not feel alienated by art and artists. The Copy Cure would help to make many of my projects a reality. I’m tired of planning. I’m ready to take some action. It’s time.

    Thank you Marie and Laura for this opportunity and for reading my comment 🙂

  119. Sana

    FINALLY! I won’t write or say the big words but I want this like RIGHT NOW! I was waiting for this opportunity and it has arrived (thank god!).

    So yes…

    I am here…

    Ya here…

    give it to ME!

  120. I struggle the most with Resonance.

    As an introvert, I spend a lot of time in my own head, so I don’t naturally write using other people’s trigger words. This carries a lot of shame for me, as I always got teased when I was younger for zoning out and missing important social cues. As an adult I have developed a lot of coping mechanisms to compensate for this (people are shocked to find out that I’m an introvert), but I’m happiest in front of my laptop, writing and creating in my own little world. Learning how to write copy that resonates with my target audience would help me prove to myself that I am no longer that socially awkward girl.

    If I won a free seat in The Copy Cure, it would make a HUGE difference to my business.

    Guest blogging has helped me to build my email list, but I struggle to write web/email copy that converts to sales of my eClass. This week I am started to build an email sales funnel for my eClass, but I am worried that it won’t get inside my audience’s head (like Marie described). Earning more revenue would reduce anxiety for me and my husband about our family finances. I used to be the “sugar momma” with a high paying corporate job and we’ve had to make huge slashes to our budget to accommodate my leap into entrepreneurship.

    Secondhand Therapy was started from my passion to teach my friends and work colleagues about my journey to discover my true self, as I went through years of intense therapy. I ultimately need to get better at copywriting so that I can reach more of my target audience (busy professional women who are caught up in survival mode) and make a meaningful impact on their lives. I have a vision to reach hundreds of thousands of struggling women over the next year and teach them how to enjoy life again.

    You should know that I am the “maven” that Malcolm Gladwell describes in The Tipping Point. I can’t help but tell everyone I meet about something that just solved a problem for me. I will be great PR for your new course ☺ I promise I will turn into a full on copy geek and evangelize other entrepreneurs about the importance of honing their copywriting skills.

    I should also warn you that I could give Marie a run for her money on résumé diversity!!! I have been a barista, lumber yard salesperson, hair salon front desk clerk, house cleaner, high school English & Home Economics teacher, insurance advisor, small business account manager, project manager, and bank manager. When I’m struggling to master a new skill, I remind myself of how many jobs I’ve had to learn from scratch. I know with help from The Copy Cure I can learn to write kick ass copy.

    Regardless of the outcome, thank you for the opportunity to share xo

  121. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity, ladies!

    After watching 3 Secrets to Copy That Connects and Converts I will say that I need help with all three secrets. Yes, I do! I was recently fired from my last job because one of the reasons were that my “copy was not strong enough.” I would write with all of my might, but my director or manager would constantly send back my copy with notes that said, “Make it more fun!” or “make it more interesting!” I would always think the copy WAS fun and interesting, so what was I doing wrong? This took a toll on my self-esteem because all I know is writing, which I thought I was decent at.
    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap I would feel more confident about being a professional social media manager and copywriter. When someone hires me for copywriting, I want them to get copy that’s always on and resonates with their customers. I want my employer to rely on me to give them best copy. Also, I’d love to relaunch my personal blog. I want to help young woman see life and love from my perspective and apply those lessons to their lives. The only way to do that is for me to communicative clearly and effectively. Of course, other benefits are page clicks, traffic increase, etc., but I am most interested in making an impact in the lives of young women.
    As a person who loves to write, I often struggle with writing. Sometimes, it takes so long for me to write a simple 200 word piece. I struggle to put the right words together. I would often think, “Hey, Maybe writing is just not for me.” Again, it’s the one thing that I prefer to do on a daily basis. I received my Master’s degree in Journalism and you’d think that I would be comfortable with my writing. No, I am not. Sometimes I pass up jobs similar to my last because I don’t want to deal with managers and directors who critique every little thing that I do. With the help of The Copy Cure, I know that I will be able to apply to social media marketing and copywriting jobs with confidence.

  122. David Ekram

    Hi Marie & Laura,

    Being a B-School graduate, and a MarieTV junkie, I’m already aware of how amazing your programs are, Marie, and how much you over-deliver. Want to begin by thanking you and Laura for creating such a needed course!! Not only does it seem like a great class on its own, but it’s also the perfect follow-up to B-School.

    I left the “K-12 education” world nearly 15 months ago to start a coaching business. Had no idea how long an entrepreneurial venture could take to gain the traction to start earning enough money to live. Yikes!

    After a number of coaching niches, all moving in the “right” direction but not quite nailing my calling, I finally found the courage to dig deeper than ever, and realized my life-long journey from self-hate to self-love was what I was meant to share and help others traverse (oops, don’t think my ideal clients would use that word. See what I mean? Help!).

    My original website didn’t address this clearly (oh, and there’s the clarity piece), and I just began a complete rewrite. I also have another website/niche for relationship coaching, and while I’ve been told the “program” I offer is really wonderful, not sure how many people actually get there from the landing page.

    Often writing copy from my own experience, plus the latest research in happiness and self-love, I’m not too sure if I’m really using the language of my ideal clients or somehow missing that all-important resonance.

    My live Meetups (The Self-Love & Happiness Club) are gaining traction but my websites, emails, etc. don’t seem to be drawing any attention. I could sure use this course to help me learn how to align my copy with my ideal clients.

    I’m determined and passionate about this work and know somehow, some way, my message will get out there. I truly believe given the gift of this course will help tremendously, and in ways I can’t even imagine at this point. Regardless of whether I win a scholarship, thanks again for the beyond amazing work you both are doing!!

    With Love & Happiness….

    David Thomas Ekram

  123. Thank you for this great video! Of the 3 areas, personality is where I struggle most. Why? Well, I have years of academic and policy type writing under my belt and I just can’t seem to get my voice out there! I think I fall into that formal versus professional category! The ability to attend the Copy Cure class would be such an amazing blessing. Stronger writing would help me build my confidence to connect with readers in my goal of writing in the wellness and fitness areas. I have been working on my writing on my own but I could really use help to find my voice. For my family, I think that my becoming a stronger writer would make me a better version of me and I truly believe that our loved ones benefit when we are the best version of ourselves. For my community, I would be better able to authentically connect with people and provide support. The tangible difference this would make to me and those around me would be less of a filter on my personality. What else do I want you to know about me? Well, since I feel that I am struggling with personality I will put myself out there a bit and let you know that I can do an Irish jig…it might not ever come in handy but you never know.

  124. First off, I love the props you used in the background of the video– I love how they go with the theme!

    Can I cheat and say that I need help with both the P & the R? Before watching the video, I would have said that hands-down my biggest struggle is my personality. It’s hard to decide which parts of my personality to let shine through. I say that I’m a hip-hop mama with hippie tendencies so I struggle with whether I should use words like, “Dope,” when most people don’t and it might seem like I’m trying too hard – or make me sound like an idiot. But I really do say, “Dope,” in real life! I have a really hard time making all the parts of my personality mesh and not seem like some crazy stew with everything just thrown together (I also struggle with this when decorating my home.)

    After watching the video I’d say I also get stuck on resonance because with all the stress put on SEO, I get caught up on trying to get my message across within the given characters but it might not be delivered in a way that my customers need it.

    If a course like this were to drop in my lap, it would be huge for my family because I am a newly single- mom to 4 year old twin boys. My dream has always been to be a WAHM, and I am determined that with my next child (after I find a boyfriend who turns into my husband of course!) I will be able to work from home giving me time to stop “working for the man,” and focus on the things I want to do, like volunteering in my boys’ classrooms when they enter school. This course would help my business because right now I own an Etsy shop and I know my listings are lacking….they’re outright boring, actually. I’m a B-School student (I’m not even close to finishing – my separation got in the way) and through Start the Right Business I know that I am actually meant to put my psychology degree to use and be a life coach. So, this course will help me put myself out there in a way that will help my eventual life-coaching business while also making my current business stronger. Because I really do love my current business, I just get frustrated every time I have to add a new listing because they’re so boring. I have about 15 art prints that have never made it into my shop because I dread the listing process!

    I know that with this course and B School in my back pocket, I will be able to conquer my business and provide for my boys the way I want to. I actually convinced my ex to let me spend money I should have used for an apartment on B School so there is just no way I can financially pay for this course, also.

  125. Clarity and Resonance

    Ok, here I go. Considering that I’m a guy.. and… well, I like to pretend that I know a lot of things, and therefore, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit: “ I STRUGGLE with Clarity and Resonance.”

    Now if this does come out a little less foggy it’s because I watched the video and jotted down some notes.

    How do I know that I struggle with Clarity and Resonace? We’ll because I had no frickin clue until I watched the video “3 Secrets To Copy That Connects and Converts” that is when I realized what I was struggling with them.

    But it made perfect sense: So BRAVO you ladies ROCK! And great big: THANK YOU!

    Well, if the copy cure landed in my lap, I would jump UP and DOWN, screaming at the top of my lungs “HELL FRICKIN YEAH! And than I would weep tears of JOY! When I’m finished weeping, I would mop up the floor.
    How would stronger writing help you?

    I thought that you would never ask. It would give my words muscles that they never had. Hell, I wouldn’t feel so embarrassed to show them off! Maybe I would take them to the beach and write out loud, while looking out the side of my eyes to see if anybody is watching, as I flex my BIG, MUSCLURE, WORDS! Oh… yeah, I would relish every moment of it.

    Your business?

    I believe that I would take my business from the little tiny ant that it is today to a GIGANTIC GORILLA that it’s meant to be! And plus my readers would deep down inside THANK YOU, for taking me from a scared, timid writer to a STRONG MUSCLAR WRITER (while looking in the mirror: flexing)!

    Your family?

    It would definitely help out with my sex life, because I can now settle on one source, which has all my answers, as opposed to many confusing sources. That consumes a great deal of my time! With that free time, I can focus more on having sex with my HOT CUBAN WIFE!

    and community?

    I would take on big scary issues with my newly found confidence because my words have clarity. And I wouldn’t be scared about my writing anymore. This is what held me back for so frickin long! And, NOW, I can focus on make an impact within my tribe.

    What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    They would be able to understand what the hell I’m talking about! And that is IMPORTANT to me.

    What else do you want us to know about you? [interpret that however you want!]

    I spend an insane amount of time reading because I feel productive when I could be doing other things that would be more profitable.

    Um… I pick my nose, when I’m driving in the car because my mind needs something to do so I don’t feel bored. I know, it’s weird.

    I like playing with my toenails after I have clipped them. Oh… and this is embarrassing but I sometimes smell them and they stink like dirty feet!

  126. 1.I definitely struggle with all, but the one that is the hardest is the R. I feel like I use the same words over and over and they get me nowhere. I have had moments of writing what I felt was great copy, but they seem few and far between. I can’t wait to get back there (actually I need to get back there bills are rolling in)!!!

    I feel like when you, Marie, said to get out of my head and into my customers’ head is exactly what I needed to hear. I have stopped myself from doing that in the past because I felt it was not being authentic to myself and my business, but I see that there is a way to do it, I just have to keep working at it (and could of course use some help- aghem- copy cure 😉 )

    2. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would be amazing. I know the biggest thing holding me back in moving forward with my healthy living coaching business is copy (I think that it is money, but words, I am learning, are more powerful.) People say they like my newsletters and blogs, but they just aren’t translating to sales. I feel like I have some powerful things to share with the world that are unique and life changing (I just made a super cool video program all about managing stress), but people aren’t biting at the level that makes it worth it for me to keep going. Sometimes I wonder why I keep going. I am stuck in a cycle of feeling the flow of creating, get excited about it and then misery when no one partakes. Then I pull myself up and do it all again.

    So if people got excited about and took my trainings and worked with me? I feel like they would have a clearer direction of their own life. I feel like they would pull the weeds out of their brain so they can think better, with more creativity, inner intelligence and with more energy to support others and live the life they were meant to live. = See that is how I write- yea big changes, cool stuff- but does it make people buy? Nope. Which makes it seem like no one wants those things and then I get super bummed out.

    So the tangible difference I guess would be I would make money from my business so I can continue to create things that really help people- in my community as well as around the world (through video and phone). Tangible is hard for me. Perhaps because I value the intangible so much (ha, just writing this I’m figure stuff out). It is then hard for me to see the tangible.

    3. I live in Lake Tahoe CA! And it is the best. I am so grateful for all that I have been given. I am ready to go to the next level.

  127. Monika

    I really NEED this! ❤️

  128. Thank you for the freebies, ladies. I will definitely expand on the information you have already given.

    Marie, you have been a life changer for me — and Laura, you had me as soon as I saw you sportin’ your old skool dance moves in the intro!

    B-School set me on the right track and filled this creative gal’s tool belt. I took an investment in myself and after completing the program this spring, my graphic design business 360’ed to a positive path. The change in my plan was recognized by others. “The Copy Cure” seems to be the next step in the same direction.

    After B-School, I fell in love with blog writing. I would say that resonance would be the area that I need to focus on the most — with clarity a close second.

    I have so many ideas stirring around my brain that it is hard for me to streamline and relay. I often wonder if readers understand why I am saying what I am saying. “Did they get it!?”

    Somewhere along my blog journey, I lost sight of my customer — the love of writing and sharing my “why” took over. (Oh my gosh, that sounds so horrible because they are, in fact, why I do this and I DO care.)

    I have so much passion for what I do. I want to show others that passion in a way that does not neglect their needs for me (my services).

    I would love the opportunity to learn from you gals in “The Copy Cure.” I am constantly seeking out education. I would be honored to learn copy from the best. Thank you!

  129. Is a cure supposed to be contagious? Because I just caught the bug for the copy cure.

    I love to write but want to be better. How? By learning from the best (that’s you two!)

    I’m in the midst of starting my own freelance copywriting business and so I must know how to write.. Right? Yes I know how to write but do I write like you two? Not yet!

    I’m worth the cure! Help me create a business that resonates and I promise to dedicate my success to you both… Even if my two little boys beg to be included in that success I will calmly explain to them my promise to you. 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity #Copycure


  130. The work I do is transformative – helping peeps move beyond the imprints of their birth and early years, with experiential processes. I’d love to be able to communicate succinctly, all that Birth Into Being workshops offer… My copy all seems to end up long winded and wordy. AND – I’m not yet making enough $ to be able to invest in programs to help. My kids Steiner school fees come first. So – a scholarship would be an awesome opportunity…

  131. Hi Marie + Laura:

    Congratulations on the launch of The Copy Cure. I just finished watching your free writing class, 3 Secrets To Copy That Connects and Converts, and I loved it! Thank you for sharing this gift!

    Out of the 3 secrets I struggle with personality the most because I get so caught up in wanting to deliver that I often fumble with finding the right words that harness my truth + my voice.

    When The Copy Cure lands in my lap I will gain mega confidence in knowing how to strategically weave my words in order to reach my target audience. Having the right wording will ultimately open up space for connection and relationships with not only my clients but my family as well. I often stumble when trying to find words associated with how I am feeling and what I am wanting to say. I believe The Copy Cure is *the* cure to my struggle with words.

    Being able to clearly express myself through quality copy will allow me to take my business and all of my relationships to a much higher level. I want my gifts and offerings to shine with genuine authenticity and I believe that it all must begin with clear, quality, and resonant content.

    I am a loving light worker and energy healer. I believe I have a very special gift to offer to this world. With the help of The Copy Cure I will be able to fine tune my voice in order to attract my tribe.

    Thank you for this generous offer. I’m grateful for the opportunity to
    be considered for a scholarship to your new program.

    In love and in light,

  132. Julia

    I struggle the most with personality, particularly the ‘formal’ vs. ‘professional’ distinction. This is the hardest one for me because I aim to sound professional and separate myself from the “spammy” sounding marketers out there but it often doesn’t wind up sounding like me that way! That’s why I LOVE to tune in to Marietv each week and see how Marie does it.

    If Copy Cure fell into my lap, I’d finally feel confident in my copy-writing abilities and give my business the boost it needs! This would mean the world to me as I’d be able to come out of a scarcity mentality and better serve others (which means standing in service of yourself first).

    I’ve been truly inspired by Marie and look forward to my weekly Marie-tv episodes ever since I began my business a year ago. While my strength is in speaking and this is what I help my clients with, I’ve always had the desire to become to move people with my words via written copy as well. Cheers to Marie and Laura and The Copy Cure.

  133. I’ve told Laura before. She’s *fucking* amazing – and Marie you are a legend.
    I’m sick of the old cliché hastag #Stop the stigma and want to create a new vibe around helping woman thrive and live a balanced life while living with a mental illness. I even hate that word – Mental illness. I need fresh vibrant copy! I live what bipolar 1 and while it sucks from time to time you can still be amazing, loved and lovable. The world needs to know this. I’m not a tight arse and if I had the mulla I would so jump *write* in and buy this program. It looks awesome.
    By the way – did I say Laura is fucking brilliant?
    Liza xx

  134. Hi Marie and Laura,

    I’m someone with an entrepreneurial and helping heart who has finally taken the leap to start my own biz.

    When I’m talking to people in person I’m able to connect and convert to my cause or business. But when I’m trying to write – ugh – what I’m trying to say just falls so flat.

    I think what I struggle with the most is personality. I know that I am a warm, nurturing, outgoing, and intuitive person. That does not come across when I write. And I need to learn to put my personality on the page in order to make my business and my purpose fly.

    I work in a small niche, but one that is so needed. I help parents potty train their kids and say goodbye to diapers. The work I do restores family harmony. Instills self-confidence in children. And keeps garbage out of our landfills. I do consultations with families and I match that paid work with free workshops for parents with limited means through community agencies to help everyone. The more paid consultations I do, the more I am able to give to community agencies.

    But my copy needs a cure so that I can do this thing well.

    I’ve said good bye to a job that didn’t allow me to give my special gifts to the world. I know that honing my copyrighting skills can help me make my new business a success – not D.O.A.

    I’ve LOVED the emails and copy cure tips already and have used them to write my first blog posts and about me. Thank you so much for that content. It has helped me a ton.

    You are both amazing. Keep doing what you are doing. Now I need to take it to the next level because I know the world needs what I have to share. If I could just put it on paper with clarity, personality and resonance!


  135. Paula Erica Sanchez

    I watched your free writing class and was completely blown away with how clear you and Laura were in your teachings – I left that free writing class feeling more confident, like “Damn, I’m picking up with they’re putting down”

    Man, FOR SURE I struggle with cluttered copy. I feel like I have so much to share and I don’t know how to give it in easy bite size pieces without feeling like I’m leaving something out. I’ve gotten a little bit better at this but I just feel so slow in this process and I really want to master the fundamentals so I can teach the rest of my team so they can also share their story/message and inspire others.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, first I’d totally do a big ass happy dance. But seriously, it’d help me serve so many other women who are struggling every day because they’re so unhappy with their bodies and they’re ready to change but they just don’t know if they can handle one more failed attempt at taking their bodies back.

    The tangible difference would be that I’d be able to serve more women, I’d be able to help more families become happier and healthier and together we’d overcome destructive cycles that have been in our families since we can remember.

    I love writing! I love writing so much but I only know how to write for myself like with journaling and just getting lost in my own words and I want to be able to just speak to the person who’s scrolling through my IG and Facebook and let them know that they aren’t alone and that my team and I can help them.

    For me, it took getting an Ulcer at 23 for me to finally take my body back after having struggled with being obese for the majority of my life. I had tried it all, diets, workouts, diet pills, starving myself, overeating and then throwing up and I had even had my mind set on getting lipo to just hit the reset button but the universe had a different path in mind and I did it the good-ol fashion way and now I just want more than anything to pay it forward.

    Thank you Marie and Laura for putting this together. I appreciate and love you both.

  136. Lynn McAllister

    First off, Maria your videos touch base with me every day! The Q&A’s are my favorite and I have yet to submit a question because others seem to already ask the same burning questions I have. Back to the Copy Cure, I think I fall short on the clarity point of C.P.R. I have a tendency to ramble and in some cases overload people with too much information. I think I may have even experienced someone trying to get away from my long-winded explanation… meanwhile I was too busy talking to notice. Here’s my situation and why I think I would appreciate the gift of a Copy Cure scholarship.
    When I sit down to write copy for my site, I hear myself in my head and understand why people want to run away. Picture this, there is a ton of commotion going on in my mind and the screen in front of me is a blank white page. Nothing comes out because I don’t know how to filter out the nonsense and to make things worse my blog is about technical tips for geeks! This means my blog requires precise wording to ensure the audience is guided on how to troubleshoot a specific task efficiently. I work in Customer service ‘live chat’ and I have been told by my colleagues that I sound like a robot, which now makes me think I need to work on personality too.
    I am a nonsense spewing robot who can’t write and I need help. We all know starting a business ain’t easy [see what I did there, contractions] and it isn’t cheap either. Aside from my blog, let me tell you a little about my business so you can see how you will help me help my community. I want to provide budding entrepreneurs and small businesses with the tools they need to actualize their business ideas. I take their brands then create print media and an online presence. My business essentially helps them get moving with their business. If I were awarded the scholarship I could apply what I learn to my business and then apply it to my clients by helping them with their content. Graphics and content go together like peas and carrots…. But I’m all outta carrots. Laura please teach me how to grow carrots so I can feed my family for many years to come.
    I would also like to say way to go on this program and I really love the pictures. I think the site is super cool and love the partnership between you too. I can’t wait to be enrolled and see the rest of the program and knowing me I’ll probably binge watch. Wishing you both all the best and look out for my fun Instagram’s, tweets and FB posts!

    P.S I am shy about my blog and not ready to share it with the world but if you would like to see it please shoot me an email.

    • Lynn McAllister

      I copy and pasted from word and thought maybe the formatting would carry over but it didn’t. If it is driving you crazy like it is driving me crazy, I would like to say I’m sorry.

  137. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Out of the three, Resonance is my biggest challenge. I’ve made progress with my ideal client avatar, yet I struggle a bit with getting into her head.

    If I were given this scholarship, I strongly believe it’d make all the difference in my newish handmade jewelry business and make it shine brightly in the galaxy of online jewelry artists. I could juice up my sales copy, tweak all my website pages and finally write the brilliant headlines that would pull people into my blog posts (which are waiting to be written) and tempt them to open my emails. This in turn would produce the much needed income that will make my business go from a great vision to a viable means of support for my family. It’ll also draw in the customers who will be helped by my mission to help all women know they are beautiful, exactly as they are.

    About me: I met my husband on Facebook and we had a long-distance relationship for four years before he came to America from Denmark a year ago and married me. It scared the crap out of my friends and family at first, but now they see what we knew from the start – our love is the stuff of legends. I was 50 when we married and we have four wonderful daughters between us. I won’t quit at my business so I can show those girls what it means to prosper from following your dreams.

  138. Marie Muse Forleo and team,

    The Copy Cure link is on my Instagram page! And it shall remain there until I get this course to help me help my fellows around.

    Check it out:

    Cheers! Love you all

  139. Silvia F. Leva


    Q: Which one of the 3 secrets do you struggle with the most, and why?

    Silvia: It’s #2 Personality.

    My personality IS what most people resonate with me when it comes to my writing, however it’s the same very thing that I could use more clarity on as well. Because I’m still unsure how far the line I can share sometime, and how to go about with that too. In the past I have been told either I am too far out or I needed to communicate more deeply about myself. So it’s a question of how to express my far out ideas in a more grounded language for my readers. It’s that bold and creative side to me that wants to be in flow vs keeping it simple to be understood.

    Q: If The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    The clarity of the Copy Cure allows me to understand myself a little more and how I can fully committ to writing. So this specific difference allows me to write more and complete it too! It seems that the complicated universe actually likes simplicity. Go figure?! (Was that too cheesy? lol)

    Q: What else do you want us to know about you? I’m 44 years old, live in Queens NY, and I am excited by the potential of this Copy Cure workshop. I already see the difference you made just by the suggestion from the intro video alone. Thanks! It’s really living through the heart vs some fantasy. Even the unicorn thinks it is real. (was that too clever? ha!)

    Thank You

  140. Hello Mary,

    To answer your questions: What I struggle the most is something different from this three. I actually struggle with two things:

    a. Making my writing funny, attractive, relax
    b. Writing fast. To make decisions along the way when I’m writing. To prioritize and avoid the temptation of telling everything I know in one email. To frame. To focus in one idea. I believe a structure will help a great deal.

    2. Strong writing will help me to sell my digital products, which means to spread my message, which means to make more people healthy and happy, which means a better community for my two beautiful and loving children! (the loves of my life).

    3. I want you to now that I’m finally focus and committed to stand out, to do what it takes to make it, to stop playing small and more importantly to be a light in the tunnel for those around me

    PD: Question: Do you think this course will help if my communication in general is in Spanish?

    Thank Marie!!

    • Hi Mary,
      I have the same problem with your two points: A & B. I’m in the process of learning Spanish. Going back over grammar in English has helped me in French. So I think this course will help you as well in Spanish.
      By the way, I live in Toulouse, 3 hours from Barcelona.
      Take Care

  141. Hi Marie and Laura,

    Thank you so much for this. I’m so excited about The Copy Cure.

    Of the 3 secrets to great copy I think I struggle with clarity, which makes it difficult for the audience to stay with me and ultimately effects the personality and resonance in my writing. I find it hard to cut to the chase for fear my copy will lose it’s authentic voice.

    But without clarity my perfect customer will never find me or she’ll jump ship before getting to the good stuff. To my message, to all the ways I believe I can help her.

    The internet is crowded that’s for sure and I’ve chosen the ever crowded market of beauty because it is where my experience is, but strangely it is this crowded, noisy, saturated with information space that inspires me every day to try and cut through and give women genuine beauty advice, where my years of experience can cut through the hype, the BS, the broken promises.

    I feel sure I have something to offer, I’m sure I have a voice that needs to be heard winning a scholarship to The Copy Cure would mean so much to me. I am a dedicated fan. The trust you build is amazing! AMAZING! I want to impart the same kind of trust you do, with my words. If I could translate the same kind of trust as you do, not only would I reach more people, but it I would feel so proud and honoured to be that trusted voice.

    I have bigger plans for my business this year, so now more than ever I need a little CPR.

    Thank you for everything. For being you. Thank you.

    P.S Laura, it’s great to see you in front of the camera too, you look fantastic and your advice is rock solid. I’m a big fan.

    Julie x

  142. I struggle most with clarity. I feel like I am a horrible writer but I so want to be a good one. I want to be able to write article that will help people get their kids healthy in fun easy ways. I want people to want to follow me and share my stuff. I know what it takes I just don’t know how to share it in a good way that excites people and makes them want to take action and try my ideas to get their kids healthy. If I won a scholarship I know it could really help families get healthy and help me as a single Mom create the business I have dreamed up in my head. I like writing and communicating I just need to know how to do it in an awesome way. I also need major help with the copy in my e-course I’ve been working on for months to teach families how to get healthy together. I am a Mom of 4 and Natural food Chef with a passion to teach other Moms cool little things they can do now to help get their kids eating healthy. I know the copy cute can do that. Thanks Marie!

    • Hi Angela,
      I visited your website. I don’t think your a horrible writer. You just need a road map like all of us here in the comments. I watch your video ” Salad in a Jar” on YouTube.
      Take care ;D

  143. Hello Marie & Laura, Fabulous video, thanks for sharing your tips.

    I struggle with RESONANCE. Now that may sound funny coming from a communications specialist. But I have learnt bad habit in the corporate world. I recently left my job to launch my own copywriting business after attending B-School. Watching your video today has made me realize that I have some terrible habits and I’m keen to learn how to harness PERSONALITY (eeck). My writing has become too salesy and boring!

    If The Copy Cure lands in my lap it will empower me to succeed these ways:

    1. It will provide the confidence to succeed. Just by finishing the course.
    2. The tools you’ll (see I’m learning) teach will help me grow my landing page.
    3. In turn I can give back by giving away so much free content for those wanting to learn about ‘website writing’ and ‘content marketing.’
    4. It will help my family in so many ways as right now as I am out of work… Not that it will stop me loving, but it’ll certainly help me hone my skills.

    PLUS I’m so grateful for this opportunity and for inspiring me to do this.

    Now I’m 47 years young… with tones of work experience. As I said I’ve learnt really bad habits… like sounding like a robot (yep).

    I was the first in my family to go to university at the age of 33. After fighting to get in because they said I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my classmates who were aged between 17-18. You see unlike others, I left school at 14 to go straight to work. I moved up the ladder by asking the right questions. I was one of the lucky 24 people to graduate… out of a class of 45 students. And have only JUST paid off my tuition fees.

    Now after attending B-School I have left my job to work on my own business and part of this is the call to give back. I have a belief that if you want to change your career at any age, you CAN do this. Although I have launched my website… I really want to teach meditation and relaxation techniques for creative and professionals…. and am working on putting together a course. That’s where you come in.

    If I am lucky enough to win the #CopyCure… I will be doing a back flip… well not quite but I’ll be tripping the light fandango. You will make my year. It’s been a weird and shaky year. A year where I have questioned my career choices, but feel totally grateful for my family and friends.

    I LOVE your videos. I love everything you guys are about. And totally grateful for the amazing B-Schoolers, who have blown me away with their creativity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this. Much love to you, your families and anyone who reads this. Caria

  144. “ The most effective copywriting starts in your reader’s head, not yours”.

    * Light bulb moment*

    Thanks for this Marie and Laura, I am making it my screensaver and placing a printed copy prominently above my workstation!

    My problem is that I hate selling and would like to think that all I need to do is provide value to my audience and they would ‘see the light’ and be automatically converted to my message.

    So. Not. Happening.

    If the copy cure landed in my lap, not only would it provide guidance to me, but it will also benefit my target audience, Mompreneurs around the world, who want to make their marketing more effective, so that they can spend more time with their kids.

    Thanks for the opportunity Marie and Laura !

    Zubz Kadir is the Founder of When she is not blogging, she is assumes the following roles, either, individually or all at once. Travel Addict. Night owl. Chocolate Lover. A champion of the whole ‘design -your -own -life’ mindset. A Camera Shy work from home mum who relishes every single moment spent with with the little one. Dreamer who wants to own dwellings around the world, if possible a cave in Spain & a castle in Scotland, a farm in New Zealand.

  145. Hi Marie and Laura,

    Thank you for the 3 Secrets to Copy that Connects and Converts video. I’ve learned so much just from the video. I’ve even applied the “contraction” tip right away.

    I’ve been so afraid of sharing any parts of me with the public that my Facebook and Instagram are all on “private” setting and I almost never share anything personal on them. So, as a result, I don’t really know how to communicate through writing very well.

    I would say I struggle with all three – Clarity, Personality and Resonance. I question my grammar so much that I try to keep everything really short, then I ended up being less clear than I want to be. I’m great with people when it’s in-person, but my personality is very different on paper. As for resonance, I think my writing sounds too cold. I would definitely want to improve on the resonance part, not just to “sell” things, but to help people.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap I would use the power of clear communication to improve the following :

    My blog – My intention with my blog is to help people achieve the skin that they’ll love, hence improving their confidence and quality of life. Everyone feels happier with glowing skin, right?

    My relationships/life – I think without clear communication it’s easy to unintentionally hurt others. I would like to be an uplifting and positive presence to the people around me. I don’t want to be a stumbling block to others, I want to be a stepping stone. A positive world will be a much better world and what better place to start than right where you are(or where I am.)

    Thank you for the opportunity for the scholarship!

    p.s. I’m really a very funny person, in person. If my writing seems cold or doesn’t resonate with you then you know I really need help.

  146. I think I must struggle with resonance the most – I feel like I keep things pretty clear and write like I speak, but something is obviously not working. I officially launched my new business on April 1st this year and I’m shocked to see how many people visit it on a monthly basis through my analytics account because by the looks of it, no one has ever read it! No comments, no interaction, crickets!

    I have found myself living on an amazing little island off the coast of Washington where many people struggle to find work. There is a saying here that you either “work 3 jobs or you own 3 homes”. I’ve been a part of many a conversation where people are struggling to just get by and it makes me sad in general, but even more so here because this is such an amazingly beautiful place to live and yet, there are so many people whose lives are dictated by their wallets, multiple jobs, and juggling everything just to pay their bills which leaves very little time or energy to appreciate their surroundings. I feel lucky because I can at least see a bigger picture and a way to not only create my own income, but to be able to use it to live an amazingly simple and beautiful life on my new island home. With the Copy Cure, I would be that much closer to realizing my potential and create my dream life which would also translate into helping others here design a life where they are able to use what they know to do what they love. It would be a win-win!

    In years past, I always thought I need to create an income that would allow me to live comfortably. Since moving to the west coast at the end of last year after some big life changes, I came only with what would fit in two suitcases. I’ve realized that living simple and collecting experiences, not things, brings me far more happiness! Within the next year, I will learn to sail, move on to a beautiful sailboat that is all mine with my dog Tucker, and we will sail off into many sunsets on a regular basis! Having a successful business, with the help of the Copy Cure, will help me be able to live my new dream life!

  147. After 5 years of being in the massage world, I am finally crawling out from under my rock to pursue my passion of strictly practicing Myofascial Release, as a solo practice, in my studio, in my back yard. People aren’t going to find me walking by me. I NEED online content so they can find me. I’m also an extreme introvert, I have problems speaking, never mind writing! The Copy Cure tips ARE already a blessing. VERY Thankful for you two sharing your gifts that way.

    I struggle with Resonance. I talk in not only a medical language but also one of consciousness…. I lose A LOT of people that way! Lots of Deer-in-the-headlights looks.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I think it would hurt a little.…Depending the angle my laptop just fell on me….haha! In reality, it would feel pretty dam good to win a scholarship, and it would definitely be another conformation that I’m listening to the right voices in my head that led me to The Copy Cure in the first place!

    Stronger writing would help me communicate much better. It gives me a place to start AND come back to in marketing. It’s also fun implementing the tips you give and writing copy becomes kind of game instead of a chore.

    It would help my family, eat a little more as the cost of the program is one weeks’ worth of groceries for myself and 4 kids. ACTUALLY, by having the copy cure I can pass on the lesson’s to my kids as they get older. Currently they are 12, 11,10 &8 and watching every move I make as I try to succeed doing work I love. Wouldn’t that be an awesome world if kids truly learned how to write more effectively like themselves, instead of how they think a teacher wants them to? Helping them find their voice through writing, may help them from ever losing their voice in the first place!

    It helps my community because I believe Marianne Williamson says it best with this: “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

  148. I guess my challenge is Resonance…

    It’s like I said to the Copy Cure team when I wrote in April:

    Apparently my tastes in tv shows doesn’t match the rest of the population’s taste, since once more one of my favorite shows was recently canceled, so how am I supposed to know what interest them and sell them my ideas?!

    Plus, I HATE selling! Actually, hate isn’t strong enough, but I don’t think ABHORR or REVULSED would sound as natural… This is to say why I soooooo need this course: this way I can make sure to write copy that connects and converts!

    I’ve been following The Copy Cure since you first started to talk about it. Maybe you’ll remember me, the “stalking” Canadian who runs a Translating business online… Well as I said in one of those e-mails, translation and copy writing kind of go hand in hand.

    But did you know that Canadians are big fans of social media? And that Canada’s official languages are English and French… So the need for our translating services is, to me, as obvious as the nose in my face… the problem is I don’t know what to tell the clients we’re aiming for to understand how important our services can be for their business… I’m not even sure they are the social media type, so how am I supposed to write a copy that will attract their attention and convert…

    There’s so much junk on the web these days, I want to make sure I don’t add to it! And since you must have read my previous e-mails by now, you already know quite a bit about me and what The Copy Cure would mean to us and people around us…

    So I certainly hope you forget-me-not in your list of winners ;)!


    PS: Love the new look of Copy Cure!

    • Laurie Gagnon

      You are amazing in so many things. You help other’s and you are a fast learner. You learning ASL(american sign langage) is a great example how you invest your self with passion and hard work. This would be great for you. I am supportive. (my english is not so clear, but you will get what i mean!)

      • Laurie,

        Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean more than you’ll ever know!


  149. Liz

    I seriously struggle with personality! I find it challenging to really create my own voice. I’m fun, cheeky and I just don’t feel that I come across this way no matter how hard I try. I have been writing copy for corporate for so long that when I get to my own business, I’m at a total loss for words.

    After taking B-School this year and finally nailing my ICA and realizing I want (no need) to write a book, I seriously need some magical copy cure! This is exactly what has been holding me back these last few months after graduating from B-School.

    So, if this were to land in my lap today….
    1. This would help me finally get my copy up on my website.
    2. I would be able to launch my workshops and ebooks to my heart-centered soulpreneurs waiting.
    3. I would be able to finally offer mentor opps to youngpreneurs.
    3. I would be able to finally start creating some residual income so I can enjoy my family (my kids are growing way too fast!) I’m sitting on product that needs a Copy Cure before it’s released! I’m a Soulpreneur waiting to be released!

    xoxo Liz

  150. Thank you Marie and Laura for the opportunity to explain why I desperately need help!

    Out of the 3 Secrets to Copy that connects and converts – I admit I struggle with them all – however, Clarity seems to be my Achilles heal.

    I struggle most with this because, sadly, I think I am very clear – though no one really knows what I do, what my mission is, or how we really help. This is prevalent in my business ( i own a preschool… trying to expand into a media company for early childhood educational material), but the parents don’t fully understand what I do. I have never had a good “elevator pitch” – yet I get so frustrated trying to be clear, concise, yet encompassing enough – and really don’t hit the mark – ever.

    In blog posts, social media posts, and emails I miss the mark as well because I either ramble or consolidate my thoughts to the point I leave out information that apparently is needed to follow my logic!

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap – I would be so very grateful!

    Stronger writing would help me convey my unique benefit to a child’s education, show that I am an expert in my field and can help other educators and home schooling parents. Stronger writing will help me express myself and my actions -that I don’t talk about because I ramble and they go unnoticed!

    The first tangible difference I believe this would make is more parents would say “miss sharon is awesome because she teaches our children how to be grateful in life, give back, dream, create… do you know she has them cooking each week for the rescue mission?”
    instead of “miss sharon is awesome she is so flexible”…. arggggg.

    Ladies, what I want you to know most about me is I have been working hard the last year and a half since i took B-School to build my next big dream…
    I lost my school prior to signing on to B-School in a political nightmare in this sleepy little town… It was devastating on many levels especially financially. I invested in myself and my future with B-School, and as I was finishing the course and trying to expand and reinvent myself – parents found a new place for me. They were determined I was not moving on! So here I am, a year later – new school opened and full… and trying to get my big dreams done too! Now that the parents, teachers, and children are taken care of and settled into our new life – I need to grow more into mine – and this means really learning how to express myself! So thank you ladies for the help – even if I am not granted the gift of this course, I know I will somehow continue to learn from you – and I thank you for that!

    with much love,

  151. Hi Marie, I loved your Copy Cure Training. I’m struggling the most with Resonance because I haven’t been aware of what kind of words my audience is more receptive to.With The Copy Cure in my hands I would start selling the concept of “life coaching” in a smarter way, I would make people feel like I’m what they’ve always been looking for. I’m from Ecuador.Recently I started my business as a Life Coach, and I’m changing the world. At least my world,since this career is “brand new” where I’m from.

  152. Amy Schaffer

    Thank you so much for the free lesson Marie and Laura. I love getting your emails and videos. The contraction tip is going into my writing toolbox immediately!

    My biggest struggle of C.P.R. is resonance. My product that I’m working on releasing is a novel. I have an idea of who my audience will be and have talked to people in that group, but I’m still not exactly sure how to communicate to that audience that THIS is the book they’re looking for.

    Reviews of course are going to be huge when I finally publish. But there are so many other pieces to the puzzle. There are book jacket descriptions, blog posts and titles, email content and subject lines, social media posts, etc. I want to make all of these helpful and engaging for my audience, rather than constantly repeating “Buy my book!” Figuring out what that content should be though is much trickier than I imagined.

    While I want my audience to read my books and be entertained, I also want to help young women understand they aren’t alone in the world, no matter what problems they’re facing. Story is such a powerful medium. Books I’ve read have touched me and taught me lessons that I would’ve never learned without a protagonist I love showing me the way. If I could resonate with my future audience and learn to communicate with them without shoving my themes or sales messages down their throats, my hope is that I might be able to inspire a few women and, with their feedback, create even better content so I can reach and inspire even more women.

    At this point, I’d love to take The Copy Cure but I’m self publishing my novel. All of the money I can spare is going towards editing, cover design and my website. Copy is so important in today’s day and age, and I’d be so thankful to learn how to effectively find and reach out to my audience.

  153. The Copy tip that I struggle with the most is P. Personality, My example of WHY is below: My sister and I have a business and every time we are writing copy to our audience we are argue over what words to use, how many words to use, and it’s a lot of back and forth that sounds like this: (One of us will normally draft the copy and sends it to the other for edits and review)

    Natalie: “That sounds too selly”

    Alison: “Ok then change it”
    (Natalie Changes it)

    Alison: “You took out the main offer!”

    Natalie: “Ok but it sounded like Spam I wanted it to sound more personal and heartfelt”

    Alison: “But it’s too long now and it doesn’t convey what we’re offering in the first few words so no one’s going to read it” (Alison makes edits)

    Natalie: “You took out the voice! Now it sounds like spam again!”

    Alison: “Well I needed to add that part back in or we are going to confuse people”

    Natalie: “We are never going to get something out today”

    …… And so it goes on for EVER, you get the picture here. We both struggle with Copy, using the right words, getting people to open our emails and the same conversation as above goes on for the subject line and multiple other things.

    How would stronger writing help me, my business, my family and community?

    Stronger writing would help the world in a small way through me and my sister’s business. Here’s how:

    • More people would get to understand and enjoy the benefits of what we can offer
    • The community would benefit from an increase in local business since our business is about helping local fitness businesses get more members, we have a duty to help out the 14 partners and to not only make money ourselves but to increase their revenue as well!
    • Our writing will help infuse the economy in our town
    • It will help us stop our pointless bickering with each other and wasting time on not knowing how the heck to write to our audience and still end up at Square One!
    • It will strengthen our relationship as business partners because the copy writing is weighing on us, we argue but neither of us know the answers!
    • Alison wants to spam everyone and I want to write from the heart without actually making any offers for anyone to buy our stuff! With the Cure we will be able to learn the balance between selling and connecting and we will both be able to help everyone get fit, do yoga and help local businesses up their game!

    What else do I want you to know about me?

    • I love Marie Forleo and I am going to buy this program, but winning it would be omg! I am not a competitive person but that won’t stop me from being a part of this awesomeness!

    • I love how you infused your dialogue into your response! I thought it conveyed your personalities quite nicely. Good luck!

  154. Sherry

    The true answer lies in my response to “write your answers in 500 words or less.” Cut to me cringing: “Oh NO. I’m screwed.” LOL.

    The short answer: Clarity.

    I tend to yammer on. I need to learn to be more CONCISE.

    (And yes, I had to rewrite those two sentences above in order to be more concise because I was starting to — as you see here in this sentence — ramble! See my problem??)

    I repeat myself, I struggle with whether I sound like I’m trying to be too salesy or funny, sometimes I’m naturally funny but then I second guess and fear that I’m trying too hard. I end up writing and scrapping and rewriting because I keep thinking everything I write sounds “stupid” or “lame” or any other self-doubtery you can think of. I’m sure I’ve thought it. ACK! Clearly, I need help. 😀

    On the positive side, I do think I have a personable, open writing style (in my own rambling, sometimes too-open way). That kind of style has its benefits in more informal settings.

    Still, I know I need to edit and GET TO THE POINT. They’ll never want to read longer pieces of mine if they’re already bored or distracted because even my “short” writing isn’t focused enough to draw them in.

    Learning to write more concisely and with purpose would help me as a web designer and as a writer.

    As a web designer, I would not only be able to use it for presenting my services and myself as a businesswoman but also use it to help my clients to present themselves and their businesses, products and services in the most positive ways possible. The Copy Cure benefits would extend well beyond me personally. I could help clients be clearer too!

    As an amateur writer who struggles with self-esteem, body image and emotional eating, I’m trying to find ways to write about my experiences and struggles in hopes that others might understand, connect, say “oh my gosh, me too!” and share their experiences so we can all learn from one another and lift each other up. Being able to write more clearly and expressively might help me reach and connect with more people. It’s my dream to write a book about body image and emotional eating struggles, in hopes of finding ways to show women and girls (or really, anyone who struggles in this way) that they’re not horrible, they’re not pathetic or lazy and most especially, they’re not alone.

    Ultimately, I want to have more self-reliance and confidence, and I want to be able to have the financial means to help myself and others in need. Becoming a successful writer and businesswoman would help me do that. To get on that path, I need to learn to write better copy.

    You make this kind of study feel possible, engaging and fun. I would LOVE to learn from you both.

    About me? I love to bake pumpkin bread. 😀

  155. Sherry

    One more zany fun fact for kicks:

    15 years ago, I sang in a women’s madrigal group at a Renaissance faire.

    Yeah. Me in a corset. Ouch. (The whole experience was exhausting but oh SO FUN.)

  156. 1. Done!

    2. Which of the 3? Well I’m ok with Clarity, and I clearly have personality (this will be proven in the coming days, just you wait Marie and Laura), but Resonance. I feel like I struggle with this one quite a bit.

    As business owners we get super passionate and super stuck in our own heads. This doesn’t always (there are exceptions of course, re: Donald Trump) mean we are full of ourselves, it just means we’re so locked in and set on our idea and end goal, we don’t always see the all the ways we are providing value to our clients. What I struggle with is the getting out of my own head part. I know that I can create websites that enable first time entrepreneurs to get out into the world and be seen – but I am constantly struggling with the way they see it. What can I say that will show them that in a way that is what THEY want to hear? I know why websites are important and all the things they can do for your business, but for some reason I’m still struggling on saying it in a way that shows them the benefits they want. How is what you’re giving me any more beneficial than SquareSpace? That’s what they’re thinking. Maybe there is a clarity issue coming into this as well??? I think there is.

    3. I’ve always thought of learning to write copy as a way to connect with people on another level. To see what’s inside their head and give them what they want. Yes, The Copy Cure will help me grow my business (finally) and help me make sales (finally). But what if it could do more? What if it could help me gain a better understanding of those around me? What if it could help my relationships GROW? Maybe it all starts to click and I start seeing how what I say (and not just write) impacts my interactions. I think that’s a pretty powerful thing to happen. Growing my business with sales and improved relationships because I can better communicate. Growing my family with the money I have earned and improving how I communicate with them so our relationships are stronger and more meaningful everyday. Growing my community because I can now afford to participate more by spending money in local businesses and volunteering more often (because my business will have taken off and I can quite my day job and have more free time 😉 ), and creating relationships with those people I come across and hopefully using my new found skills to enrich their lives and help them grow. Man this could turn into a pretty awesome thing! All from a copy course. Who knew? Man now I’m even MORE excited. I just sold myself, haha.

    4. I could fill this section with a bunch of blah blah stuff. The only thing you really need to know is that no matter where my personal and business path takes me, the end is always going to be an undying passion to help people. Right now that’s creating websites. Tomorrow it could be something else (hopefully a bit more impactful and meaningful than a website – but hey, it’s a start). But as long as I’m doing something that makes someone’s life better than it was yesterday – I’m happy and living my purpose.

    Thanks for all you do and this course Marie & Laura! It’s gonna be a good one!!!

  157. Hi Marie & Laura,

    This class is exactly what I have been looking for! This is by far the area I struggle with the most. I feel like it does not come easy to me and I’m so excited you are doing a class on this. I just took your B School class and loved it, and I have the Kris Carr Spotlight class too which is amazing. I’m totally behind because I have two kids and work but I’m dedicated and determined to finish it all!

    I struggle the most with infusing my personality in my writing. I have a green beauty and healthy living site and its mostly all writing so I know this is holding me back and I need to get better at it for my site to flourish and my confidence in it as well. I’m a makeup artist and beauty editor that is now all green and I really love to educate and inspire people on green beauty and healthy living and how it can be easy, beautiful and affordable, and I also want to work with young girls to help them make better choices in terms of health and beauty. This would benefit my family if I can work from home on my site and make money I will have lots more time with them that working long hours at work. I also really want to make a difference in the world and inspire people to live healthier greener lives.

    Thank you for considering me!

  158. Hi Marie!

    This is brilliant. Thank you for that goodie-filled preview vid! I would LOVE to win a scholarship to this program!

    The secret I struggle most with is Resonance. I suspect this is because I’m afraid of sounding too salesy – I don’t know how to communicate the wow factor of the events I’m creating. And that’s a problem! I’m not sure how to get into my reader’s head and connect with them – start a relationship with them. I’m sooo clear on how I want to help them, I know what they need. I just don’t know how to communicate that in a way that resonates with them.

    If the copy cure landed on my lap, it would be the most amazing present I could get. I would be able to communicate more clearly on the importance of connection and drive more (or any, really) business so that I can have an impact on the world. People in my community would come more and more to our events to learn to connect with themselves and find like-minded souls. We’re all here to shine a bright light. I want everyone to be able to see that. More specifically, I’d be able to make a massive difference in healing the world through meditation and other self-awareness practices, tools, workshops and events that raise our vibration higher. Just imagine a whole world of peeps that are compassionate, kind, and connected?! Woah!

    Ultimately, being able to sell my services to soul-centred entrepreneurs would mean I can organise events for them so that they can have a larger impact in the world. Talk about a ripple effect! This is my dream. To have a community where we can support each other and raise each other higher. To have a massive impact in the world. To awaken more souls to the truth that there’s nothing lacking within. Growing this way would mean making a massive difference and taking a wider stance, not only from a business perspective, but from a spiritual point of view.

    Thank you SO much Marie and Laura for this opportunity. I really hope I can be a part of this course!

  159. Hey Marie & Laura!

    It’s midnight here in Colorado and my two little toddlers are sound asleep, which is why I just got done watching your video- in peace! 😉

    I thought about the 3 secrets and my biggest struggle is clarity! In my mind, I know exactly the type of woman I want to serve and what I want to do- but I have no idea how to communicate with her or grab her attention. Therefore, I’m not clear in any of my copy!

    If the Copy Cure landed on my lap, I’d finally know how to talk about what I want to talk about! Hehe. I love Instagram and I have great photos to share (as I’m a photographer) but I have no idea what to say about them and how to use them for my online business. A little insight on this is that I’m a professional photographer (who has yet to attract her ideal client) and I have figured out amazing tools & strategies for work at home mothers to get their life and business organized. I’d know what to write about on my blog and how to write in order to educate, inspire, and of course sell. However, I have no idea how to make them stop and listen to me, look at me, or even take me seriously. That’s why I need to learn about copy.

    Stronger writing would help me reach- and help- the women I want to help. My family would have more financial freedom from the results of me reaching the masses. Those around me- not just my family- but the ones I want to help with other causes I’m involved with- would benefit by what I can bring to the table. I’m involved in two local initiatives- one is to bring awareness for human trafficking and educate first responders, another is of domestic violence survivors (I prefer to say thrivers) who bring awareness about the topic and are a sounding board to current victims.

    I would no longer be spinning my wheels as to how I’ll get my talents to my ideal client or how I can help in the initiatives I’m involved in. Rather, I would know exactly how to get the word out there, be found, get hired, and sell product.

    A little extra about me is that I’m a work at home mother of two little toddlers. My income is vital to the wellbeing of my family- so further debt is not an option- yet, I’m driven to succeed. I know exactly what I want but I just need the tools to get there. That’s why the Copy Cure is what I need. I hope that I’ve given a little insight into my life and you can feel the passion that I have to impact not just my family, not just my community, but the world.

  160. Help! I am more than just a ‘nice personality’!

    The CPR secret I struggle most with is ‘personality.’

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have such a HUGE personality that I can get away with giving about 2% of it in my copy. The truth is there is so much more to me – the way I write, the jokes I crack but only stay in my head and how I deeply care for the people I want to connect with. To be myself ‘on blast’ instead of the timid copy I am currently writing.

    I know that strengthening my writing will empower me to express myself and my larger-than-life personality. Learning how to create copy that entertains and moves people will help me share my unique take on how to leverage personal branding through what I call, soulful media (instead of social media).

    Becoming a more skillful writer will help me articulate the knowledge I have to offer and make me a better communicator towards my family and everyone I have the chance to connect with.

    Learning Copy Cure’s tips & guidelines to powerful writing will have a tangible difference in taking my teaching style to the next level and helping me to fundraise to build a school through Pencils of Promise for my 29th birthday and the official launch of my online course.

    LifeByJazz is a lifestyle brand that educates people on the power of personal branding to design the life you love. I empower and challenge people (through my Youtube channel and blog) to express themselves through social media by transforming fear-based online habits into soulful media that comes from the heart.

    Forever grateful for all that you & your team do,
    Jazmine May Graza

    • Hi Jazz,
      I just want to give you a shout out. I follow you on YouTube. I Lovvvve your video. I like how your so OPEN (even sharing your Side Gig Hustle). Keep up the good work and good Luck ;D
      Psst.. I been following you for a while, never comment until now ;D

  161. Hi Marie and Laura,

    Wow! There’s so many good application here. How you are going to pick I don’t know.

    Watching the video and thinking about which three do I need help on C.P.R.
    I would say all of them.
    1) Clarity – (a confused mind always says no) see that’s me I saying no to myself as I’m not sure how to get across how I can help people. I know what it is I want to do. I’m a personal trainer and I help people on such a deeper level than just fitness and losing weight. I help them to love themselves again love being in their own skin, by working with their mind, educate them about food and make exercise.
    But when it comes to writing anything I get a mental block and think what I’m offering is this what people are looking for or should I talk about weight loss. That’s where R- resonance comes in.
    When it comes to P- this is my biggest fear showing myself and showing all of me, I know by doing this I will be able to share my story and help people on a deeper level but to show the whole world me scares me. The reason why I’ve been told many times my writing isn’t good, I’ve even been told I don’t come over natural on the camera with the few videos I have done. Because I have this bitch (gremlin) in my head I freeze and I stop my business from growing and I stop myself for helping the people I want to help and make a difference in this world, as that is what I believe I’m here to do.
    I love what I do and I will never stop doing it but if I don’t work on learning about copy I’m truly going to struggle getting my message out there. I have to get over my dyslexia and this is me.

    If I’m a very lucky person and get a chance to have this scholarship. I believe this program I will get me over my fears of writing and write from the heart learn to write what I want to say with meaning and be able to help so many women on such a deeper level. This will make a massive change for my business as I don’t even like my business name anymore as its saying it’s all about fitness why I want it to be all about you (my client or prospect). I have to make a change as I can’t be standing still any more. I don’t want to live like this any more, I need and I want to get my message out.
    I just want say this is theorist post I’ve ever written without re-writing it. This really is me speaking from the heart, I’m so sorry if it’s all over the place. You can see I need help 🙂 x

  162. I have been a very busy gal getting ready to launch my big vision business! It seems like an eternity spent getting my education for this destined moment in my life. I am a licensed Esthetician, a licensed Massage Therapist, a certified Image Consultant and a certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, all the areas of expertise I felt were needed to support the female population I serve. Trouble is I am in desperate need of communicating the big transformation message that will RESONATE with my community. I feel I can communicate each area of service by itself but not all of them together. I have been doing skin care and massage therapy since 1990 and feel my professional identity is stuck there even though I have education in these other areas, I think I’m confusing my clients when I send out newsletters or any other kind of marketing. Whenever I’m in public and someone introduces me as a professional they always say I am an Esthetician and leave off the rest of the things I do even though they know I do the other things. As I write this it seems like I’m in desperate need of Clarity too but I don’t want to stop doing the other things in fact there are more things I will be adding as I go along.

    If I can pull it all together with copy the resonates with my community I think I will be of better service to my clients and they will experience bigger transformations. Right now I feel very disjointed and it’s sucking up a lot of energy trying to figure out how to communicate with my clients with out making them and me dizzy.

    I’ve got so much stored inside of me that can help others I just need to articulate it better. One of my clients who has been with me for twenty plus years told me, “I love you, I think you’re great and I don’t want to hurt your feelings but your marketing sucks.” Further proof I need your help:)


  163. Emma

    Thank you. I found this so Valuable and Sobering. #3 was the most impactful for me. Among many other things, I teach Yoga, and have been challenged at how to communicate exactly what I do, with out sounding like every other Yoga teacher out there.
    I took these notes: ‘I was scared that if I simply say that I teach Gentle Hatha Yoga that I’d become ‘normal’ & ‘average’ and lose myself in the process. That I’d blend in, and forget who I was.’

    Personally I’d this cure landed in my Lap it would help me on so many levels. With Self Esteem, getting more work, communicating to others about the classes I offer & not feeling so Vague. And having something ‘Clear’ I can give. That can be understood.

    Not only would this help my business & work but also my personal life. It would help me get off welfare, & build the confidence & belief in my ability to create & income in the world & be fully a part of it.
    I would ‘love’ this. Thank you

  164. Well, girls, you did it. You made me totally and completely fall in love with you.

    I made a promise to myself to try my best and come up with $399 by Monday. I don’t know how this will happen, hope the universe sends me back the positive energy I have been radiating to it 🙂

    I actually hope this positive energy materializes as me winning this scholarship. That would be awesome.

    Now, time to get serious.

    Before watching the video I thought my biggest issue would be with clarity. After watching the video I definitely know it is personality.

    It’s maybe because I feel like I have a 100 people inside my head.
    It’s maybe because I’m a copywriter and *need* to get in role to feel the voice of clients.

    When it comes to my own business, it just seems like it’s never *me* writing. I recently read an email I have sent to my subscribers a few months ago and I frowned….did I write this?

    Most of the times that I write for my creative business I just can’t figure out who I am. It’s like I am getting cold feet and someone else puts the words in my mouth. Or like when I am about to talk to my favorite celebrity and my voice literally changes (that happens in real life as well!).

    I guess it has a lot to do with confidence. That my voice matters and it’s just okay as it is.

    Working on it though!

    And I know the CopyCure can be remedy. I will finally be able to feel confident enough to launch my business helping creatives that have no idea of digital sales start selling online and be happy about it.

    My book for Etsy newbies is doing really well and I know there are so many creative people with a lovely business and product who need to reach the world. We all need that. I have helped at least 50 people start selling their art online, including family members, dear friends and people I just randomly met.

    I know with the CopyCure I’ll be able to reach many more, and give them the freedom to work what they love and share it with the world. It’s the biggest bliss of all and everyone deserves to feel it.

    But I don’t feel I can do it unless I clear up my voice and and can communicate my personality. This needs to get nailed the first time! I want to write the copy that will give those artists and creatives the confidence that they can conquer online sales.

    I need your help to keep helping creatives 🙂

    Thanks for your consideration and keep rocking!

  165. Copy Cure Chics,

    Happy dancing for you that this has come to life! I took B-School this year and I am a raving fan and having a copywriting class was one of my YAY!

    Here’s why I think I deserve the scholarship on this:
    I have walked the talk after B-School setting up:

    1. My Braindate Channel on youtube.

    2. Revamped my Foundation’s website to ensure I am capturing emails etc.

    3. I have been really working on my copy skills. Read a few of my blogs and you will see.

    As to your questions:
    1. I struggle most with the C is your CPR i.e. clarity
    2. By allowing me to sharpen my sword I become a even greater testimonial in action of what you do for your customers. I am already a raving fan;-) I am also about to sign my first book deal and work on it over the next 3 months so having this will allow to me to better share my gifts and talents with the world.
    3. Something you should line about me. I created 100+ plus libraries for youth jails, homes and schools in 2011.

    Books ( and copy) have been my mentor and is the only mentor to many youths. I am about to do another book project in the last quarter of this year and thus the reason I am counting pennies and saving where I can.

    This would be a gift that keeps on being paid forward!

  166. Some days I’m good and some days I’m just plain terrible and don’t I know it! My personality changes in my writing all the time and it makes me sound like a cray cray woman. I would love the copy cure to help me find my true authentic voice so when my people read my copy, they can almost hear me. They know it’s me without having to read the author byline. It sounds like a symphony, not a mad concoction of different voices. What a difference that would make to those reading it and for my writing sanity.

    Love the cpr explanation! Thank you.

  167. Hi Marie and Laura,
    I feel that I struggle with clarity and resonance equally because I don’t really know what my business looks like yet and therefore who the ideal clients are or how to write for them. I’m discovering a whole new self-identity after becoming a mother and not working outside of our home for a couple of years.
    I used to write well, competitively even, as a child and teenager. Then a lot of life happened. Doubt, fear, self imposed criticism set in. I’ve got wonderful news though! The call to write is finally louder than doubt and fear. It must be done and I must do it. I’ve heard that clarity happens along the way, on the path, as one takes action steps, trusting and following the voice of the Soul. I heed the call and commit to it.
    Practically speaking, we need more income. More income=choice. Choice of healthcare, education, quality food, more family time, freedom. Right now we are just getting by on one income. No savings, no credit, no assets. Grateful for what we do have but concerned about the future. I worked as an Employment Counsellor, Wellness Counsellor, Life Coach, Life Skills Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer for 10 years. I’ve had jobs and have been self employed. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 2 years. We made this choice consciously, aware of all the benefits and consequences. So far so good but not sustainable for the long haul with current earnings-my husband’s 9-5. Me starting a traditional job doesn’t seem like the right solution for us.
    I am not yet clear on the details or my offerings but the plan is to become more active on social media and start writing a blog (I just bought a domain name last night, eeek and yessss!) to get back in the game so to speak, to get clear, to attract the right audience and go from there. Again, trusting that the next steps will become clear as I move in the direction of my dreams. Find my voice-Write excellent copy-Sell my anything!
    Tangible difference: The ultimate dream is us working from home, on line, having more time together, growing a garden, building a community, becoming more self sufficient and sustainable. Perhaps teaching others to do the same. Doing meaningful work. Showing our child, by example (the only way really) to find his own voice, live his truth, make a difference, live a meaningful life. Amazing, right! The world with one (at least) more voice found, more truth, joy, freedom, more choice. Dreams fulfilled, negative family patterns changed, more possibility for generations to come, ancestors liberated, Humanity, the Earth vibrating at a higher frequency, peace across the Universe. Yes, I believe the Copy Cure and stronger writing can help us get there.
    I’ll share on Facebook. Don’t have a Twitter account and don’t use Instagram as of yet.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. Love and Light. Sweet Dreams. Milica

  168. Marie, Laura, I’m sending you both lots of virtual gratitude before I even begin, prior to watching your video I wasn’t even aware I had CPR issues, I feel enlightened and for that I’m very grateful.

    The secret I struggle with most is definitely resonance, sometimes I think it’s because I drink way too much coffee and try to work in temperatures of 40+ in the jungle, it could also be due to the simple fact that I’ve never learnt how to verbalise my thoughts articulately, I have no problems chatting away to clients, even in different languages but on paper I sound robotic, yes, if I was trying to attract vegan robots that wanted to go on adventure holidays I’d be grand but my target market are definitely humans, here lies the problem.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would be a game changer for my community, stronger writing would enable me project with clarity my core values and the aims of my business, it would allow my tribe to see how important they are, where they fit, how they’ll become part of an expanding conscious community and how change can happen.

    The specific difference this would make to me and those around me; having access to a toolkit which would enable me to pull everything I’ve been working on for the past three years together would be magic (like magic carpet kind of magic) as I know I’m standing on the edge of something more, of creating a whole new industry, an industry based on adventure, wellness and compassion, I just need the last few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

    I’m dedicated to promoting the availability of a lifestyle in which people, animals and the environment are not exploited, a journey which has taken me around the world. I’ll be launching a new product at the end of the month; Self Guided Vegan Adventure Holidays and would love to share it with you

    May you week be abundant in vegan ice cream {blended frozen bananas}.

    Emma x

    • Carolina

      Yay! Congrats Emma! So Happy for you! 🙂

      • Congratulations!

        • Thank you, I’m ready to get stuck in!

    • Congrats!! Good luck on the jigsaw – I know you’ll pull it all together. xxoo

    • Congrats!!!!

    • Congratulations! Oh my, you are exactly what I need!

      When I applied for this scholarship last week, I was in France on a 2 week vacation thinking, “darnit, WHY oh WHY do I struggle to eat in foreign countries so much???” I cooked a lot myself in our apt. and had one heck of a time last year in Denmark because they are the largest meat eaters either in Europe or the world (can’t remember) and even put meat in their Minestrone soup! I was horrified, but kindly sent it back and ate my salad in peace…

      I will definitely check you out!

      Enjoy learning and I’m looking forward to reading the fruits of your labor!

      • Hi Jessica,

        I feel your pain! After two years of running guided vegan adventure holidays I’m about to launch a self guided option which I’m super excited about, I just need a little help with the copy 🙂

        Emma x

        • I’m happy you will get the help you need! 🙂 I’ve just signed up to your mailing list btw! Good luck!

  169. Hi Marie and Laura!
    As artist I can easily discuss philosophical ideas with people involved in the same field of mine using a language made of words that most of the people don’t get because a lack of training and explanation.
    After watching the video I have no doubt that my pain point when it comes to writing and communication to a larger audience, is secret N°1: Clarity.
    Art is an enormous incubator of ideas and its lessons has helped me to overcome difficult moment of my life.
    My mission today is to get people closer to the dialogue on Art and its benefit on humankind by using a more accessible language.
    Here is why I would have to win this scholarship.

    The only thing I would let you know is that you Marie (and Laura) always craft you works with a cure of details that still impress me. Thank you!

    Even if I’m truly willing to win I know that there will be always someone more in need than me. I hope the scholarship it will end in that hands.


  170. Hi Marie and Laura,

    I have really enjoyed your tips over the past couple of weeks and today’s video was no exception.

    I definitely struggle with Resonance the most. I am a holistic nutritionist (I was extra appreciative for the video today) and I have a hard time determining the difference between what I’m passionate about and what exactly my clients are looking for help with. So pretty much bang on with your example in the video..haha. I focus on intuitive/mindful eating with my clients and I’ve been trying to steer clear of weight loss “gimicky” marketing but now I feel like I’ve lost touch with those clients who are looking to loose weight – clients who I could help!

    If the copy cure landed in my lap, it would really give me the edge I need in my writing to help me land more clients. This would mean a lot to me as I’ve just started up a new biz (and completed Marie’s b-school- thank you!) and I’m really desperate to land more clients so I can quit the day job, gain momentum and show people how they don’t need to constantly battle with their will power in order to eat healthy and feel amazing.

    I’m also worried about being able to afford to take time off next year for my wedding. Long story short- I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada but I moved to Brisbane Australia because I met the love of my life. I love it hear but visiting family gets expensive and I don’t get to do it very often. Getting my biz up and running would enable me to be location independent and I could spend more time with those that I love. Furthermore I’m hoping to surprise my family after our wedding next year by flying up to Vancouver for a second ceremony so my Grandparents can be there (they are not well enough to fly).

    I know, deep down in my being that this is the work I am meant to do. I want to be able to reach my ICA so I can help them! I plan on running an online course soon, and I will be following your business model and giving away scholarships to those that are financially unable to pay for it at the time. If the copy cure landed in my lap I could get this up and running sooner, helping more people so that they can let go of the need to battle with their will-power and learn how to eat intuitively so that they never have to waste time and energy worrying or beating themselves up about what they are or aren’t eating!

    I would really like you to know that I am obsessed with dogs. I just love them. Especially Schnauzers. I’ve considered starting a dog-walking business many many times and in fact I did when I was 12. It wasn’t super successful but maybe I just didn’t have my copy right 😉

  171. With so many entries for this scholarship I hope that you will find mine compelling and awe-inspiring.

    I have been receiving The Copy Cure emails for quite some time now. What I can say besides that the illumination of humour is entertaining, it has inspired me to really look at the way I write. I even used one of your saucy title inspirations in a recent email which has hailed some amazing stats and responses. The title of my email was “A little quickie helps me study…wink, wink” If your email tips can assist me like this one can just imagine how a full course can inspire the arts of clear communication to one’s audience.

    So here is my compelling and awe-inspiring application.

    Is there a doctor in the house cause MOMMA needs some C.P.R. {Hunky firefighters WELCOME 🙂 }

    As the doctors lends over checking for a pulse, they discover that Clarity is lower than expected, Personality is weak but what could flat line this poor soul of mine is…. The mind reading capabilities of the copy, Resonance {Screams of NOOOOOOOO encores the halls of the dusty office} My assistant lends over to the doctors and silently whispers…”Is she gonna make it?” To the doctors response….”Deary I think she just might.”

    The doctors carefully placed my weak and fragile copy on a table for a drip that just could save the life of my poor soul. The more that is taken into the veins of inspiration, the more the clarity and personality starts to improve. My assistant looks at the doctors with a hopeful tear…”She gonna make it, she’s gonna make it”. Slowly the life is starting to full the body of this soul of mine. Copy is gonna live.

    “Resonance is gonna be a tough one to solve”, the doctors say. “WAIT”, I screamed, “I have a way.” I breathed in a little more Copy Cure for the next act. As the sweat dripped down my brow it was the responses from previous engagement that the mind reading capabilities started to come alive in the brain of my copy. “I have the key. I HAVE THE KEY.”

    A few days pass by and the difference from this lifeless body is community inspiring. The words that were locked up within me start to flow as the waters in the Hudson. Lives are freed by the inspiration and encouragement of our social engagement, companies are ready to donate to the needs of educations within Africa and lastly courses are written that could bring one woman at a time to a realization that she is enough and that her future is in her hands. {Queue the northern lights as the orchestra plays softly to men and women around the world standing up and clapping ever so slowly}

    This is my application.

  172. Hi Marie and Laura,
    I’ve watched the video and Laura, I’ve read your 5 Secrets to Writing Non-Sucky Copy for ANY Medium. As I write my entry I hope I don’t fall on my face trying to use your tips and become one of those what-not-to-do examples but here goes.

    Resonance is definitely the secret I struggle with the most. Finding out what the customers want – not what I think they want.
    I’ve tried everything. I’ve done customer interviews and I’ve read copywriting books that say interviewing customers is crap because they tell you what they think you want to hear – not what really sets their animal brain into buy mode. I search for everything copywriting I can find on the internet and in books. It’s hard to dig through and get to the truth of what really works today.

    My blog, Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness, has been around since 2009. I post consistently and get some traffic, but even when I add a question I get lots of cricket….cricket…cricket. I’m embarrassed even writing this.

    If the copy cure landed in my lap and I learned stronger writing it would explode my business of helping people eat clean, lose weight and aid their bodies in disease prevention through plant-based nutrition. What family and community doesn’t need that?! We all need it….but is that what my customers really want? By really reaching their wants and needs I would explode my business by selling more products and get my specific gifts and experiences out there to people that need it. I realize this won’t happen overnight. It takes thought and work. In fact, I’m willing to work so hard, I get up at 4:30 am every day, meditate, have gratitude, visualize my goals and then get right down to business. Once I’m making the big bucks I can give back to my three non-profit partners – Earthjustice, Urban Farming and Farm Sanctuary. Helping people, planet and all beings on the earth.

    I’m a hard workin’, passionate sista that wants to get down and dirty with copywriting! Thanks for this scholarship opportunity. I’m always a student and love learning. This would be an absolute dream!
    Dawn Hutchins

  173. Hey Marie and Laura!

    Firstly I love the emails I’ve been getting with The Copy Cure. They are so actionable and they always give me giggle.

    The ‘secret’ that I have previously found the most challenging (note careful use of language) is ‘resonance’. I have previously found it difficult to connect with the words my ideal customers use. I work in sexuality and sometimes find it especially difficult to put words to things that aren’t often spoken about. I had a pretty good laugh when you talked about ‘using nutrition to open up a spiritual dialogue with nature and achieve oneness…’ So me! I want to educate people about the reason my work is important to ME not THEM. ‘ah-ha’

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap and I became a stronger writer, this would help me get my message out into the world to literally affect the lives of millions of women and men. My message is to empower women through connecting with their authentic sexuality. Providing education, resources and coaching. I desperately want to get it out to women that face sexual challenges and/or shame, that there is nothing wrong with them and that they have they can do something about their situation or limitation. So often such things are never spoken of, doctors don’t provide answers and women feel that something’s wrong with them and there’s nothing they can do about.

    If I can become a stronger writer, and write from my heart to their hearts in THEIR language, I can change their lives. I can effectively teach women about their own bodies and how to have complete ownership and understanding of their sexual anatomy. I can change their lives simply by getting the message to them that numbness, pain or so called ’sexual dysfunction’ is so common and it is not some ‘shameful disease’ they’ll have forever. This will have a direct impact on their self worth, life force, relationships and drive. Growth in this area literally empowers women to know they’re worthy. There are simply not enough people spreading this information right now in a tasteful, positive, healthy way. With the right skills I can spread this message and make the information tangible, accessible, and non-threatening.

    This will also change my life because I will be able to do this with all my energy and passion as I create abundance doing the work. This will then enable me to start giving back by working with abused and FGM women to empower them to reclaim their lives and their bodies. My communication skills will develop and I will be able to start speaking confidently and clearly about this issue in my community and around the world. With the right skills, I will be able to effectively open this dialogue.

    Oh, and before this I was an engineer, so I could do with some help in the area of personable writing…

    Thank you!

    Word count: 488

    PS good luck to all the amazing women out there entering this contest, I know you’re all out to do amazing things! Love.

  174. Isn’t that amazing that I started following you because of your clear writing?
    Yes! It’s been more than 3 years since I discovered you, and let me just say: J’aime les mardi.
    Really, your prescriptions are universal. Even though my coaching practice is mainly in Spanish and French, I’m amazed on how your English tips (writing included) have such an impact in my business and life.
    I want to continue spreading these gifts to my Spanish & French community, and my hope is that this program will create many clicks in many lives 🙂
    Marie, Laura, I believe that I have a great personality. In fact, I can handle to be clear, but for now I need some vitamin R. You know… Those that come with Resonance.
    Shall I have my prescription?
    Muchas gracias <3

  175. Hi Marie and Lisa!

    The Copy Cure sounds amazing and just what I need to take my dream career to the next level! I recently graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach and my target market of customers are people who are living with chronic illnesses (with a focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease). I got diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2012 and have been on a life changing journey the past couple of years to develop lots of self love, a holistic perspective, a positive, grateful attitude and a desire to help those like me THRIVE with chronic illnesses and love themselves and their lives.

    I am also going to be taking over a non-profit organization called The Crohn’s Journey Foundation as Co-President this coming August. This non-profit helps to educate patients about how to integrate both Eastern and Western medicine into their treatment so that they get the most beneficial care possible. We also hold retreats each year for patients who want a calm haven to learn about practical ways to implement some of these techniques into their own lives and meet other IBD patients.

    I also have a desire to be an author some day very soon and write about my positive experience with holistic health and alternative medicine when it comes to living with Crohn’s Disease and have started to share my mantra #ThrivingNOTFighting with the world around me.

    I seem to struggle with Resonance, in terms of not writing about what my customers want to hear. I have trouble getting into their heads and out of mine and speaking their language. I think that winning a scholarship to The Copy Cure would help me refine those skills so that I could be a more effective, compassionate business person.

    All I’ve ever wanted to do is make a difference in this world in some way. Now that I’ve found out how I can do that, this scholarship would allow me to help many people who live with chronic illnesses learn how to love themselves again, change their perspective around their circumstances, and really, truly THRIVE! If I won this scholarship, I would use the material on all three of those platforms (health coaching, non-profit president, and hopeful author) to share my knowledge and passion with the world.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    Courtney Maiorino

  176. Hello beautiful ladies!

    Probably, I’ve never been so excited to write a comment on a blog than before, not only because I might win a fantastic scholarship and grow both professionally and personally (so, thank you a BILLION Marie & Laura for this opportunity, you rock!), but also because I have finally
    understood why I suck at writing copy that Connects and Converts. *Dum-Dum-Dum*

    Here’s my dilemma: Resonance.
    Since now, I have always thought that folks unsubscribe from my mailing list simply because nobody cares about what a 22-years old guy has to say.
    But after watching the 20-min video training I realized that the real problem is how I make people feel. It’s the way I connect and communicate to people that makes me blend with the noise and not stand out from the crowd.

    After my graduation, I started to question everything about my life: my career, the plans I made for my future and all the material things I wanted to own. Bottom line, my vision of where my life was going and growing looked so freaking “ordinary”.
    So, I realized that I needed to make a change or my future was going to be meaningless.
    But it took me almost three years to discover what truly I wanted to do and now I want to inspire young people do the same. I want to help them discover their passions, make a living out of them and live EPIC.

    If I’ll get the chance to win this scholarship, The Copy Cure will not only have an impact on me and on my career, but also, through my copy, will transform the life of thousands of young souls.

    My name’s Luigi, I’m 22, I’m Italian and I’m in love with you, Marie Forleo. 🙂

    Whether I’ll win or not this scholarship (I’ll do some voodoo dance-moves to increase my winning chances), I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for putting together all the wonderful resources and tips you share with all of us.

    With gratitude,

  177. I struggle most with personality (introverted in person, self-conscious on the page), probably because I really love more out-there, informal-type copy, but I’m worried that my clients would be turned off by it. And even though I love it, I don’t exude that type of vibe in person, so maybe people will see it as coming out of left field. I think there is probably a middle ground, but I’m not quite sure how to get there.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would help in all aspects of my life, by making me feel more confident. I think I have talent, but it needs polishing and honing. And it might even help me branch out!

    After many years trying to keep all attention off me (while running a successful business), I’m ready to up my game and grab a little spotlight.

  178. Eeva

    Hey Marie and Laura!

    I struggle with all of the 3 secrets, but especially with Resonance. Getting into the head of my ideal customer is tricky. And putting all that stuff on paper is even harder!

    Stronger writing would help me to reach more of my target customers, they’re unemployed immigrant women in Finland. It would help me to get resources to build a bigger and better mentoring program for them to find a meaningful career and decent life in their new(ish) home country. It would also help me to upgrade my teaching skills and make mentoring immigrant women a full-time job, which is my dream come true. That would be a huge financial advantage for our whole family.

    As an example I want to be a person who stands for equal education and job opportunities for everybody, regardless of color or race.

    In the year 2012 there were 38% of the immigrants in Finland who lived below the poverty line! The women are often the key influencers in the families, so when they are being supported and helped, the whole family wins as well! In fact the whole society wins by having happy people working on their dream careers and leading lives that matter.


    • Hi Eeva,
      Wow, it’s touching to read your story.
      I have been to Turku, and that’s is one thing I wonder about Finland. Where are the immigrants? I didn’t see a lot like you see here is France.

      Wish you all the luck. Countries in Europe need more people like you.

      • Eeva

        Hi Rachael!

        Thank you for your nice words! Your website not only looks but is great as well! In fact I studied at the University of Turku and did a project related to social rights for immigrant women back then, and you are absolutely right, immigrants are mostly “invisible” because only handful of them get a job.

        Helsinki seems to be more versatile and open to immigrants but still the political atmosphere in general isn’t very favorable for them, unfortunately. The issue is huge in EU, I hope the every European country would find a good integration policy for the growing numbers of immigrants and refugees in Europe.

        Sending you lots of love!


        • Hi Eeva,
          Thank you
          Do you have a blog or a website for your project?


          • Hi Rachael,

            I don’t have a blog for this project yet, but I do have one for my mala beads. 🙂 If you are interested, check it out here:

            I know I should finally roll up my sleeves and start blogging for immigrant issues too! But it seems that the more important and sensitive the topic, the more difficult it is to put my writings online. So I guess my problem is not only Resonance but also Resistance! 😀


  179. Hi Marie & Laura

    I want you to know that juice matters. In fact I want all parents and carers to know this.

    Why? Because our kids deserve us to care about their health, and my juicing expertise will help with that.

    I don’t deal with the sugared up fruit cocktails that hit insulin levels out of the park. No, instead I guide parents to deliver taste and nutrition with insulin responsibility, and yes, it can be done in a fun and tasty way. But, HOW do I convey this to parents who themselves can’t imagine life without those high-sugar juices?

    As you can see resonance is my struggle.

    I know what juicing can do. I grew up standing at the juicer with my mother and now my son does the same with me. My mission isn’t only to grow an educational business on nourishing kids’ bodies with juice – although that is a key part – but also to role model for my son that; to show up each day, act on what you believe in, do your very best and grow even when you feel you’ve grown enough, nourishes who you are.

    My copy best hasn’t been discovered yet. I aim for it to inspire parents and carers through my posts, recipes and emails to take responsibility for their children’s health and to, in turn, inspire their kids to do it for themselves.
    I’m ready to grow to inspirational levels.

    Please help me Copy Cure grow.


  180. Hi Marie, Laura (and team),
    I follow both of your blogs for some time now (years). So, thank you for giving me this chance to enter in your contest. By the way, I love your design of the Copy Cure (hint I’m a designer/web developer).

    I’m a creative extrovert, dog loving, American expat, I live and work in France for 18yrs now and I’m Fluent in French.

    This is the 2nd time I’m commenting on your blog Marie (scarryyy).

    Yes I like to stalk without commenting.


    I’m dyslexic and I struggle with clarity and resonance.

    I was diagnosed with dyslexia while learning French at my school in Paris (in my twenties). I went through a good part of my life not knowing I’m dyslexic.

    That’s why I focus on my strong points of graphic design and web development. I couldn’t understand why I have Rain Man talent for designing, coding (in Html, CSS, PHP and JavaScript); however, I got stuck with writing.

    Writing was my kryptonite.

    So, at that time in school (at 23yrs old), there wasn’t any special training for Dyslexic students. I was just told that I had to work harder than everyone else. I went through a majority of my adult life not being able to write (to save my life).

    Now 39yrs old, I’ve developed my own system on learning grammar basics and reading. This has helped me in learning to speak French and finding the enjoyment in writing and reading books.

    Like you I believe in the power of learning and teaching to change the world. I’ve been making videos on my YouTube channel (Rachael HELPS!).

    Giving advice and answering questions for: aspiring to be’s expat-entrepreneur and anyone who want to move to France. I’ve been getting a lot of personal email from people who are dyslexic or NOT, wanting to learn French and making the big jump like I did to France.

    The Copy Cure will help me to script better video advice, write on learning another language and helping people who have learning disabilities.

    Being a creative dyslexic and what I went through with no help. I want to help other people jump over theses same hurdles.

    In my head is sound clear but once it on paper, it get cluttered.

    I need to get out of my head and into my reader head to help them change their mindset. From learning another language (no matter what age) and going against the odds to take that leap in designing their lives the way they want it to be.

    Whew, WOW, I didn’t know writing this would make me full on baby cry (yeah I’m a sensitive baby).

    You roadmap would not only help me in this area but as well in my business and (secretly) one day to becoming a writer.

    I have tons of ideas in my dyslexic brain just need help (your help) to get it on paper.

    with LOVE & gratitude,

    Rachael Hampton

    #ardephwerk is me

  181. Hello Ladies! Hi Marie!

    I would say that my biggest issue would be resonance. I’ve been writing for some time and while I am working on my clarity, my resonance needs way more work. This is especially because I sell perfumes, I have a hard time selling scent over the internet, especially when you can’t smell it right away. You’re also exactly right, I feel I might be self-serving, I want to make sure I am using the right words to get to my audience.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap (which I really hope it does), I would use it in everything! It would help improve my copy with my blog, with my site and with all the social media posts I’ve been having a tough time with. I’m sure it would also help with my clarity in terms of brand definition.

    I make perfumes inspired by music! I’ve taken B-School (2 years back) and LOVE what you do. I’ve learned so so much already and want to keep getting better. I’ve been following The Copy Cure since I got that first email and I sincerely look forward to more!

    Good luck with the process! Can’t wait 🙂


  182. Hey Marie, hey Laura,
    I struggle the most with secret number 3 🙂
    Actually I have never thought about writing the words my audience uses. I only learned to write the way I talk. No one ever told me before 😀

    If I would get the Copy Cure, get more readers to my blog and grow my business, I could motivate more women to earn their own money, get financially independend and feel happy 🙂

    What else? I would love to learn from you <3

    Linda from Germany

  183. Anvi

    I would love to win this scholarship because Marie and her confidence really inspires me to own mine.I struggle mostly with personality and a little with clarity where I tend to make things so clear to people that I end up writing the biggest posts.Personality is because prior to Marie i was afraid of putting out my views and showing the world that I am an opinionated woman due to unnecessary troll harassment.
    I would love to share my gift of peace and spiritualism while staying updated with all the current affairs.That is moving up to your higher purpose despite the thorns and overcoming those.

  184. Hi Marie & Laura,

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! My scholarship entry below =) x

    I’m someone who’s always straight to the point. Clarity: tick. I’m anything but formal and have a chatty writing style. Personality: tick. So what I struggle with most is resonance. When writing for my business I always second-guess if the words on the page hit home to my ideal customers.

    If I was gifted The Copy Cure, the confidence in my writing skills would soar. The ideas and stories in my head could be articulated well to my customers and those around me. Two specific differences are being able to craft better headlines for blog posts and subject lines for our amazing emails.

    What I would love you to know is our business exists to help women become more confident in themselves. I truly believe it can be something amazing for women in Australia and I know The Copy Cure is a step in the right direction.

  185. Among the CPR criteria for writing copy that connects and converts I struggle with resonance the most. The few customers I’ve had in my online business (Hard-Pressed Studio) did not leave feedback and so I’m testing words and phrases. With my day job (Cups an Espresso Cafe) I learned this past holiday season just how wide the gap can be between why you the company are excited about an offering and why the customer would enjoy it (like your holistic medicine example).

    Writing copy that connects and converts would help me connect people to great coffee and open the door to educating people further about the places and people that produce that great coffee. I would also be able to connect people with my block prints that liven up their spaces, give them a notebook as unique as their words, and cards to convey their feelings to friends and family. By helping people in these ways my community and I will benefit.

    As writing good copy becomes easier, I will feel less stress and be more productive, which means more people get great coffee and peculiar prints! I will be more mentally as well as physically available to my family and friends. When sales increase I will have the flexibility to visit my adorable niece (my brother and sister-in-law too) and parents more frequently. My tight budget does not allow me to invest in my community the way I would like to at the moment. I would like to support the Mississippi Museum of Art and the Jackson Zoo by becoming a member. I would like to support the wonderful local farmers and local restaurants more than I do now. I would invest more time and where possible, money, into local groups such as Purple Word and The Hatch, which help artists and entrepreneurs get started.

    Thank you for the chance to help others directly by connecting them with great coffee and peculiar prints as well as the potential for greater ability to invest in my community.

  186. Marta

    Thank you SO much for creating such a wonderful opportunity (I may or may not have screamed with excitement when I read about it in your email)! I’m very excited to be taking part in the contest, even more so because I’ve been following your work for many months and I find it incredibly motivating and inspirational.

    Starting off with the first question, which one of the 3 secrets do you struggle with the most and why, my answer is personality. I have a travel blog where I write about female travel and self-development through travel. While my writing tone is always casual (and yes, I use contractions!) I often feel that it just doesn’t quite sound like me. I’m incredibly passionate about travel and I truly believe in the endless benefits that it can bring into our lives, including self-development, confidence building and becoming more in touch with ourselves and our goals. I worry that because my posts don’t convey my personality, they also fail to show the passion that’s been driving me to keep the blog running. I feel that this also stops me from connecting with my audience and having an original voice that makes me stand out from the crowd and hence affects the number of blog subscribers and people interested in the blog.

    Moving onto the second question, improving my writing would help me with two very crucial things: 1. Increasing the number of my blog subscribers and helping them connect with me on a more personal level since they could finally see the person behind the pages. 2. Conveying my message in a way that will make people encouraged and excited to read about it, which would then in turn help them learn about all the things I’ve learnt about through years of travel. I can give my readers all actionable tips in the world, advise and encourage them how to live a fuller life through travel, but NONE of this is going to work if my posts will lack personality and simply don’t appeal to them. Copy Cure would be a HUGE step towards making my dream of living off my blog possible while contributing to another huge goal of mine, and that is helping others travel more while understanding and embracing the benefits of travel.

    What else do you want us to know about you?

    I’m a 29 year old “digital nomad” and a travel blogger, currently based in Italy. I left my office job in 2010 to go on what was supposed to be a five month solo trip through South East Asia which I’ve never quite returned from! I want to show others how they can embrace and follow their dream and grow through travel. Needles to say, Copy Cure would bring me much, much closer to this goal!

  187. Hello Marie & Laura,

    First of all, truly thank you for this opportunity!

    I struggle especially with Clarity and Resonance. Here’s why. And I’m making a big effort now to avoid my mistakes on this writing LOL.

    1. Clarity. This applies to the opposite extremes. When I try to write, it’s difficult for me to go straight to the point. I begin going back and forth with too many sentences that are unnecessary, out of the topic, and diverts my message. Or I get stuck in words. I don’t know what to say, how to express my ideas. Marie and Laura, this impacts not only my writing skills but my general life. When speaking with people. I need to be more concise but not too cold and short. I need a happy medium. 🙂 You can check out my blog, which has been abandoned for months already because I don’t know what to write!

    2. Resonance. With this I’m lost. I create posts on my facebook page, I send mail and em-mail campaigns to prospective Sellers/Buyers, current clients, but I keep on failing to get responses. You can check out my testimonials on the ‘About Me’ section on my webpage (which was recently renovated by me, thanks to module 2 of B-School). They’re amazing! My service is good. But I need to improve my communication, especially writing skills, to reach more people at different levels. On the other hand, since I’m an only child, my whole life has evolved around me. So, I’ve learned the hard way this is not the how life is and I’ve improved. But my writing still tends to be self-centered.

    Marie and Laura, you can’t imagine how big my growing has been. I came from being a timid, low self-esteemed, quiet girl (it’s hard to say it in public but even bullied) on high school in Colombia to the woman living in this country without my parents, married, and professional, helping people with honesty and love make one of their biggest transactions, buying or selling their property!

    I deeply want a course like this! I need it to make a bigger impact on my community and the world. With this course, I’ll have a detailed guide to find my voice, write with heart but in a way that connects and is not self-centered! I not only want this for my business, but for the philanthropic goals I have! How am I going to spread the word and motivate people to help children I want to visit and support in hospitals, if I can’t deliver my message correctly?

    Finally, Marie and Laura, I want to rock this, I want to take out that amazing person and gift inside me to reach hundreds of people waiting for a Realtor and a human being to make a difference!! 🙂

    Have a great day girls!!

  188. I think my struggle is a tie between sounding robotic and rambling on and on. I can write pages and pages sometimes but it often comes out like a textbook or very robotic – other times it is very conversational but by the bucketload!
    Stronger writing would be such a wonderful impact in my world – not only strengthening my business, but allowing me to share it with my community, I struggle daily with a disconnect of getting thoughts and ideas out of my brain and onto paper (never mind out of my mouth – bet that’s a different course) that would definitely help when organizing community events, fundraisers, and presentation a better image to the world. I sent an email recently to a governing body of a charity expressing interest in hosting an event in my community for them. Perhaps if my email was written better, had more compelling content I might have heard something back by now and would not have to pursue the matter further, taking valuable time that could be spent doing other things – the Copy Cure would be an invaluable asset in times like this!
    I have gained so much from my experiences with B-School. I am continually working to improve myself and my business. I started B-School just after launching a Health and Wellness coaching business, and just after we finished I realized that I was on the wrong path and went back to the beginning, refocused and changed direction and am now doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life – which is totally exciting – every day is a challenge and fun and I’ve never been happier!
    Whether I win or not I will be enrolling in the Copy Cure – can’t wait to see what you have created here – you are an inspiration to women in business and life – thanks Marie – for showing us all what we can accomplish and how we can do it!

  189. Hi Marie and Laura,

    Thanks so much for the free lesson and sneak peak of The Copy Cure.

    It was a tough choice, but Resonance is probably my biggest challenge. I’m more of an inventive than a creative. (In certain circles, I’m MacGyver Mary.) In a former life, I was an engineer. I process and learn quickly. I know that I struggle with, “Well, I already know this so everyone must know it, too.” It’s hard for me to put my head in the place of the person who doesn’t know what I know. I have to be very disciplined about it. It’s totally my own head trash. I know how what I have to offer can benefit others, but sometimes it feels like I’m fighting trench warfare to try and put it into words that others need to hear.

    I’m not afraid of writing. I know that learning to copywrite for my own business would help me get not only the project I’ve been working on off the ground and out there to the people that could use it, but help me with future projects. I’ve got quite a few services and courses in several stages of development. Some are more done and haven’t gone any farther because I can’t write a sales, service or product page that sounds right to save my life.


    I’m hoping that a seat in The Copy Cure can be the Sherman Tank I can drive over this copywriting obstacle that I’m stuck in.

    Then I can raise the curtains and open the doors for those services, courses and products that just sitting on a shelf, waiting to be shared with the world. I mean, there’s a whole course on how to use Google Tools to Manage Your Business Effectively that has been largely done for months. And I’m stuck because the name sucks and I don’t know how to get myself out of the copywriting whirlpool of death here. My custom Disney guidebook is stuck because I haven’t found the best way to differentiate it from the other stuff out there. But I *know* that what I have to offer is awesome and can help others. But the copy to communicate that to others hasn’t passed muster yet.

    As far as the rest about me…I don’t have a heart-tugging story to share. I’m wired to strive for goals and overcome obstacles. Copywriting is an obstacle I want to overcome. On the lighter side, I’m a not-so-closet foodie and have self-diagnosed O.D.D ~ Obsessive Disney Disorder. And there’s no 12-step program for it. Not that I’d take it if there was one. 🙂

    Thanks again.


  190. Hey girls! I’m Elan and I’m working on starting my internet based company ( and I struggle with each of the secrets in my copy , but mostly with the “R” in CPR! Much of what I am writing ( I hope to go “live” soon!!) feels like it’s just me talking about what I FEEL like I’m doing and providing and I’m not sure if it’s what my potential CUSTOMER is thinking they need! The second part to that is that I think that my customers will be a variety of people and how do you connect with multiple people with one headline or “pitch” in the saturated overwhelming internet world?

    If I win, The Copy Cure would help me be more confident with my voice. I tend to come off as bland when I’m really quite funny! Well, at least, I like to think so! It’s all those tongue in cheek jokes floating around in my mind, dying to get out. And, of course, it would help me understand how to reach my customers more efficiently by knowing what to say to connect with more people at once! Being better at copy would help my business be successful, which would help me and my family because I’m a single Mom with two kids trying to make this crazy dream come true once and for all, for all of us. For our future! As far as community, the goal is to start a non-profit with a portion of my proceeds that helps fund access to enriching educational environments for kids with Auspergers ( like my daughter). These kids are like little geniuses in a very socially awkward body making traditional educational settings very difficult. With the right environment, these kids could become the next Eienstein or Da Vinci! So, please ladies…Pick me! Pick me!

  191. CLARITY and in particular its Cluttered Copy. Someone I love to talk and so when I write I write way too much too and I know deep down I need to use less words. I have the awareness of using the right colours that capture the essence of who I am and who I want to serve, but I know the copy is my failing. I have improved over the years but this COPY CURE is the ticket that would help me go to the next level.

    If the copy would land on my lap top now, I would first of all get up and do a happy dance;) as I know by being able to write what I do in a way that potential clients can say YES to , then I would be able to serve way more people and get this message about the secret language of colour out there and share how it has a message for us daily. This in turn will transform lives, businesses, homes. You see colour is the language of our soul, if every single person knew how to tap into the power of colour than everyone would be on the right path all the time, as they wouldn’t be stuck, they would be able to move in the direction they are being called on. They would be able to move forward confidently in their life and business because they would know by their colour choice what it means and where they need to be heading. Only recently I went through a phase of wanting magenta and I knew the message was the need for me to let go, be nurtured and that I was going through great change and so I listened, I wore this colour, eat these coloured fruits and veg and let go to allow miracles and ease to come to me and carry me. And so by writing the best copy that can transcribe the tip of the iceberg of what colour can do for you then I would be able to realise my dream to spread colour magic everywhere. This would mean I am acting out what I am here to do, making a BIG difference in people’s lives and business and that as a family we would have more disposable income to enjoy the many fruits of life.

    The big difference is empowerment, I would feel more empowered and this would ripple into those around me, because I would be empowering them with this ancient powerful language that was so powerful that dating back to 500BC manuscripts were brunt so the people would not have the power. I am here to give that power back to the people of this world.

    I am a passionate, loving, caring, authentic entrepreneur with a cause sparking in my heart and so by gaining this scholarship I would be able to fly and reach more people. Where I am at now is that I feel I am taking the boat to destinations I am going to and this COPY CURE would have me take the airplane and so I would be able to reach people quicker and it would be so much more comfortable. 🙂

  192. Kara D.

    Good Day Ladies!

    WOW…I’ve just perused through some of these entries and they are not only pretty impressive but creative too. You’ve got a lot to review so I will keep my application short and to the point. My angst is effectively resonating with my clients and being clear and concise. I am currently using FaceBook to get my message out there without being ‘salesy’ and focusing on celebrating my clients successes showcasing their journey with a short story of how they got there with the help of my products and services. What is critical is that fine line of creating intrigue for prospects to want to learn more, get them on the phone and immediately enroll. I have never enjoyed penning my thoughts to paper and end up wasting SO much time editing and then starting over again when I should be more productive in other aspects of my business. I won’t even tell you how long it took me to put this together! Ha!

    Linking arms with you and snuggling on the couch with The Copy Cure on my lap without a doubt would increase my confidence and help me laser focus my writing skills to attract more prospects and grow my business. I am extremely passionate about what I do and have set not only realistic goals for myself but also a few lofty ones as well. I believe in serving others by consciously giving, creating abundance, financial freedom and in doing so create a ripple effect of developing conscious leaders. My vision is to grow my business to provide financial ease, retire my husband so he can find his ‘why’ and utilize his creative juices and to pay-off college tuition for our two daughters.

    With Gratitude,

  193. Sampada Chaudhari

    I am a Business & Transition Coach from India. I help people turn their passions into dream careers! I help them get clarity about who they are, see purpose in their work and serve the world with their gifts. I help people work through years of confusion, frustration and depression to create work that is fulfilling and rewarding. In turn this brings joy and movement in many other areas of their life!

    I moved out of a cushy corporate job to pursue this work, because I believed in it deeply. Despite lack of encouragement and lot of scepticism around me, for doing something out of the convention, I have still managed to build a strong practice. My work is extremely fulfilling and magical!

    I am at a stage where I need to put myself out and market my work especially digitally – put up my website, send out announcement letters, emailers, start a blog. I have a huge block since my copy lacks PERSONALITY. I am extremely clear about my work, what it brings to people, have a decent body of work, client transformation stories & testimonials – but every time I write copy it is very flat, corporate, bookish, robotic – it does not have my voice and personality and certainly does not bring out the beauty of the work I do. I feel a lot of shame when I read my copy. As a result I have become back footed with my marketing and my income has begun to decline.

    With The Copy Cure landing in my lap I will be able to put market my work out with pride, serve more people, help them serve the world with their gifts and talents – something they are born to do. There will be more peace and fulfilment in their hearts, joy in their families and will help build a world where everyone is doing what they love doing.
    Because I want to create a world where everyone serving people with the work that makes them come alive!

    It will also help my family come around and encourage me whole heartedly in doing the work that is my heart’s calling.

    Despite my fluctuating income, I have extended a scholarship programme (inspired by Marie and Marianne Williamson) to 2 young women who are struggling with work for close to a decade. They are tired, frustrated and extremely sad that they are unable to figure work and livelihood. They are unable to afford any of my paid programmes. I would love to extend my scholarship programme to many such women who are struggling. I know that copy cure will help me bring in the desired abundance in my business and help me do this.

  194. Can I just say that I LOVE the marketing and design for this course! I can see with this and also from what I have learnt so far in BSchool that you really know how to write great copy. And thats why I want to learn from you both.

    Whilst I have improved my titles and headers significantly since BSchool (Thank you!!) I know there is so much more great copy inside of me – just with a litte bit of your help I can access it a lot quicker and get my message out there. I love learning about the power of words (as its also part of my job as a NLP practitioner) I do currently however find keeping things clear and concise challenging whilst bringing my own voice through when I am writing my website copy and blog posts.

    Maybe its fear, maybe its rushing into things or maybe its something else entirely – either way, I´d LOVE to learn how to improve this and if the copycure was in my hands I´d be over the moon! It will not only help me but the women that I assist to create loving relationships with food and themselves. If I can improve my copy, I can help more women improve their health and well being. Now thats a great win win situation right there!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity,

    Emma 🙂

  195. Wow. I struggle with all three of these, but what I think I struggle with most (by a hair) is #3: Resonance. The example you gave with the holistic nutritionist made me laugh out loud because it (*eh-hem*) resonated with me, to. a. T.

    I help aspiring female entrepreneurs create a lifestyle that supports their health and guides them to manifest their dreams, so they can do the work they love, look good, and feel great doing it. But I have no clue what’s running through their minds. I’ll definitely be giving this more thought!

    I would love to learn more tips and tricks to figure out how to speak to them directly, in their language.

    Gals, learning how to make my writing stronger would be a total game-changer.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap (keeping my fingers and toes crossed over here!) it would help me create a ripple-effect of health and happiness throughout the world.

    My mission is to help women live their life’s purpose so that together we can make a big and positive impact, but I am in desperate need of guidance when it comes to reaching these amazing ladies! (Being able to restore my fingers and toes to their full function would be nice too 😉

    Marie and Laura, you’ve already helped me so much. The Copy Cure emails were revolutionary. It would be utterly amaze-balls to have you take my hand, so to speak, and show me exactly what else I can do to make my writing pop.

    What else do I want you to know about me?

    I’ve just finished a 5 year Master’s program in Chinese medicine and after working on my website for the past 3 years I am finally diving into creating a real online business.

    To be perfectly frank, this email would be dry like burnt toast if I hadn’t read the Copy Cure emails.

    It makes me cringe. Hints of uptight scholar with a strong undertone of boring, non?

    And that’s not even the worst of it.

    I’ve spent 3 years writing articles that don’t resonate, and I don’t want to waste any more time falling short of my potential.

    Please please please let me into the Copy Cure.

    My funds are limited as I am still a couple months away from selling my first online course, but I know that if you grace me with your guidance I will run with it and the ripple effect of health and happiness will be THAT much greater. After all, look how far I’ve come already!

    Thanks again for all you’ve done for me already. You’ve literally changed my life, and I hope I can pay it forward and start doing the same for others.

  196. This is the best time EVER to be alive!
    It’s also the absolute worst!
    The wonderful thing about our world teetering between survival, and the torture and agony of mass destruction and extinction, is the gaily wrapped gift opportunity it comes bearing, giving us an exceptional opportunity to redefine what it means to be human.
    This beautiful, but beleaguered world needs me to get up off my fat fanny and roll up my sleeves. It needs me to contribute my vision, skills, talents, experience and wisdom towards doing my part to pull us back from the brink.
    So I wrote a book called Sacred Outrage: A Seasoned Woman’s Guide to Soulful Citizen Action. My publisher is on track to spit it out in the fall of 2015. Part of my marketing plan includes a Video Campaign whose goal is to take the dreariness out of the extinction part of our potential future and instead highlight a future in which we have a rollicking badass party co-creating a world that is sane, safe and successful for the many, not just an elite few.
    This sore ol’ world needs what The Copy Cure can do for me, that is, helping me to write engaging, compelling, clear, personable, hopeful, inspiring script copy that resonates with a wide, passionate and eager audience, all those who know something is bad wrong; who know something needs to be urgently done; and who are looking for their own impetus to get up off their fannies and attend the biggest social event of the century!

  197. Nisha

    I struggle most with Personality, I think I always have to write formally and like it’s someone else rather than me and my voice and that’s what puts me off!!!! HELP!!!

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, stronger writing would help me find my own voice and I would be so emotionally connected and compelled to share my message with the world, my business would be infused with personality and my clients would be able to relate to me straight away. I would also stop procrastinating and be able to write freely and more often. For my community, I would be able to share my message and help to empower women and girls through the mentoring programme I want to start – I would be able to share their stories and help to give young girls a platform to have their voices heard.

    I used to so love writing as a child and stopped for a reason I can’t even remember but I want to get that feeling back of being able to write freely and honestly and from a place of passion and purpose and this is what will help me to be able to help others more in my business and life. I need my prescription of the copy cure!

  198. Wow, this is the perfect thing I need and want.
    I so much appreciate myself! 😛 I opened the mail at the right time.
    I would love to have this course as a scholarship, as it would be a great package for my upcoming biz ventures.
    When you work hard like crazy and yet no one recognizes, and then a gift like this ‘falls on your lap’ there’s a thumbs up from above! 🙂
    Love and hugss!

  199. Speaking of Resonance, I really resonated with that loopy nutritionist you talked about in this video! As a dietitian and personal trainer, I am constantly walking the line between giving people what they want, and giving people what I know they need, which has resulted in very happy customers *when* I get them. I know what I have to offer is special and unique – everyone I work with even tells me that – but trying to put that into words?

    Fugghettaboutit. Now, I need some serious help resonating with my leads!

    An example: I recently launched my most successful program yet (24 participants enrolled in a $49 virtual course). My goal was to get 10 people to sign up, and I more than DOUBLED that (woo hoo)! Some people even said, “the words you used just totally sold me!”

    It was TOTALLY validating, but I also felt like it was kind of a copywriting fluke. I had no idea how I did what I did, and now I’m ready to do the detective work so I can use my words with confidence and purpose.

    But, I NEED your help! My mom always says “you don’t get what you don’t ask for” and I am asking for a scholarship to the Copy Cure so I can expand my copywriting knowledge, grow my business, and eventually afford to pay for all of the other amazing courses you two ladies put out into this world!

    This year I entered the world of entrepreneurship full-time, which while emotionally fulfilling, has been a financial roller coaster! I would never ask for a free seat to a program if I didn’t truly need the assistance.

    I’ve always valued my mentors, and both of you have added so much value to my life, even though we’ve never met. I know so many other amazing entrepreneurs feel the same way, as evidenced by the swarm of amazing entries that surround this one!

    Now, I want to pass the buck and add some value to this world by teaching women how to implement healthy habits into their daily lives so they can show up for the moments that matter most to them (and experience a oneness with food….). I want to use my writing as a tool to make my voice heard without losing the heart and passion behind what I do.

    I know I have a good foundation, and on top of that, I LOVE writing. Now, I need to take it to the next level to get my ideal customers to really latch on, stick with me for the long haul and talk me up!

    Marie & Laura, please choose me as a scholarship recipient! Thank you so much for all that you do!

    So much love,


  200. Patricia Bean

    4 Granddaughers.

    Jailynn, Bailey, Payton and Audrey.

    Age 13, 11, 9 and 3.

    They NEED The Copy Cure.

    If you read their blog, you would agree.

    Last summer we wrote, illustrated, and published a children’s book together. JUST BE! Check it out on

    This summer we started a blog to chronical our healthy eating, cooking and living adventures. It’s a fun project, it’s an educational project, it’s very special and rewarding.

    But reading the copy is so boring you will cry. Or snooze. Or maybe both.
    Their blog is lacking PERSONALITY!

    Wondering what I mean by that? Think back to those letters you wrote to your grandma in 4th grade. “Hi, how are you? I am fine! How is aunt Millie?”

    You got it, now, right? Zzzzzzzzzzz

    If The Copy Cure landed in the lap of these 4 darlings, it would make a far-reaching impact of infinite proportions. What could they contribute to the world over the course of their lifetimes? What a blessing they could be to the world! Can they handle the “rough talk” of the course? You betcha.

    What abouttangible, specific differences? First, they could write a better blog. They could write better reports in school. About sharks. About Amoeba. About Rosa Parks. About Sacagawea. Think how much their teachers would benefit from reading non-boring writing. The girls could join speech team. They would become even more confident, empowered and accomplished. They could get into great colleges because of their kick-ass writing skills on scholarship applications. Their careers will flourish as they figure out how to make a difference in the world as adults.

    Imagine. The. Impact.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  201. Marie and Laura, I so appreciate your free videos and learned so much. I can only imagine what the whole training will dive into.

    What I personally struggle with most is Resonance. I feel deeply devoted to my work as a massage therapist who works specifically with trauma. However, the main reason I need/want to take the Copy Cure is that I’m currently putting together a project to travel to Kathmandu Napal and train massage therapist to work with trauma, medical massage and more specifically scar tissue from burns. My ultimate goal is to train these therapist to work with burn victims not only with physical rehabilitation but with trauma resolution as well, this is key to their long term healing both personally and culturally. There is a population of women in Napal who have been burned as victims of domestic violence as well as suicide attempts. Its truly heartbreaking. With the intention of building a relationship between the massage school and burn clinics in Kathmandu in order to facilitate learning and healing for both organizations. Within that I will begin a scholarship program for women from within the burn clinic to go to massage school as well and eventually work with burn victims themselves. This is my dream. I am in the process of writing the proposal as well as the page on my website. I have the heart, the dream and the unshakable drive but communicating all of that so that people will be moved and inspired it help is where I need support. So, Im asking for support. I honestly will find a way to take the Copy Cure one way or another but it would be so helpful to be gifted a scholarship, truly.

    Thank you both for your time and commitment to sharing your knowledge. Its inspiring to see women working together in support of growth and success.

  202. Hey Marie and Laura,

    Our business, Fit Moms for Life, helps moms who have tried and failed many times to lose weight, exercise, or get healthy, leaving them feeling lousy about themselves. We help them regain their confidence, strength and self-worth by teaching them how to take care of themselves—for life—in the safety of a supportive community.

    See, that paragraph is why I need your help!!!!

    I cannot figure out how to explain who we are and what we do without long and complicated sentences! I definitely am not communicating with CRP!

    I struggle most with clarity, but also with resonance. I think it comes from years of working in the non-profit sector and dealing with public policy, regulations, and bureaucratic language. I’m working hard to break 20+ years of bad communication habits. 😉

    The women already in our program LOVE what we do. They have massive results. Our program truly transforms their lives, in areas far beyond health and fitness.

    But, while I have tried hard for the past year, I have not been able to effectively tell that story in a way that makes people who have never heard of us want to drop everything and sign up right away.

    As a result, we are struggling, making us unable to reach and help the many, many women who are suffering because everything else has failed them.

    I ask you to award me a scholarship because I would not be able to participate without it. If empowered with the skills that you teach, I know that I could re-craft our landing pages, sales pages, emails, about page, etc in a way that would resonate with the women that we so desperately want to reach.

    Our goal is to reach 1 million moms and to create 14,000 local FM4L community groups—1 for every McDonald’s in the US because we want to make getting healthy as easy and affordable as fast food is in our society.

    I am passionate about this because Fit Moms for Life helped me change my life, enabling me to overcome post-partum depression and gain the mental and emotional strength to parent a child who needs extra support.

    I want nothing more than to help other moms who are struggling with their own challenges, because I know first-hand that what we do can transform lives.

    I know that you can help me get there with the awesome training in The Copy Cure! As a result, you can play a part in helping millions of moms around the world live their best life.

    PS I love to sing, am a competitive sailboat racer (one of just a few female skippers in my class), and get a huge kick out of learning and trying new things. Thanks for the opportunity to apply!

  203. It turns out we have the ill communication and we have been anxiously awaiting the full release of The Copy Cure! The free weekly writing tips have made a huge impact on how I approach copy for our NEW business, and I KNOW that with the expertise of Marie and Laura, we can take our message from “What the f*ck?” to “What the FUN?!”

    You see, when we at Peace of Mayhem develop new products and work with new contributors we laugh and giggle and laugh some more. When we use our products with new friends or give away samples in person, we get amazing feedback. We take boring conversations to playful new heights and inspire others to shake shit up….in person. When we get someone to release their stuffy adultness we become more motivated and excited to deliver the dysFUNction.

    So, if people enjoy our products why are we only hearing crickets on our website and on social media? Why isn’t our passion and excitement evident in our packaging? How do we avoid squashing the spirit of play and turning it into a ho-hum snooze fest?! And most importantly, HOW DO WE GET OUR ENERGY TO RESONATE WITH OTHERS?

    I know The Copy Cure will help us do just that – resonate with our peeps! I am excited to continue infusing our copy with our true personalities. It is getting more natural to de-clutter our posts, leaving the most essential bits. Where we seem to be struggling is DEFINING what we do and who we are in a way that resonates with those we most want to connect with…..and get those peeps to click ‘BUY’!

    Marie Forleo has been an exciting addition to my inbox every week for the last couple of years. MarieTV is my go to place for authentic advice. And when Laura started sharing her humor in the writing tips, I knew you two ladies where exactly the connection I was looking for to help our truth shine. Honest copy will keep the right people interested and coming back for more. I believe deep connections are made when you let your true freak flag fly and I would LOVE the opportunity to access The Copy Cure with your scholarship program.

    Peace of Mayhem offers dysFUNctional supplies for YOUR playful shenanigans and I know The Copy Cure will help us guide others to JOIN THE MAYHEM! What do you say? Will you give us THE CURE for our ill communications?

  204. Adona

    Writing about my work is so scary that I literally have difficulty breathing. I desperately need C.P.R.!

    Hi. I am a handbag designer that makes one of a kind handbags for customers with discriminating taste. Visually, my work speaks for itself. However, these 3 tools would evidently help me further connect and convert more potential clients.

    I struggle with all three. But what I think I have to work on the most is clarity. The ability to use simple words and sentences to describe the work processes in making a bag is a challenge for anyone in my profession.

    This course will give me the confidence to put up my own website. The pains of having to write stopped me from doing so and I have wanted this for the past 5 years, It would be so cool to experience the joy of writing about what you are passionate about.

    Thank you for this opportunity. God bless you both.

  205. Mary Patton

    I struggle with clarity in my writing the most because my writing voice is different from my speaking voice. I naturally write in a stuffy, traditional way, perhaps a holdover from being a bibliophile and history nut. I am a person who feels much and is in a business where feeling matters but not as much as results. When someone speaks to me I come across as bubbly, cheerful, sassy, and knowledgeable. When someone reads my writing it is verbose, stuffy, ‘trying too hard’. Did I lose you? Then I’ve proven my point.

    Receiving the Cure
    Receiving the Cure would enable me to make important changes to my writing in order to attract my perfect clients, and to better communicate my message to my family, friends, and maybe most importantly, myself. I become lost in my own words and lose my point. Mostly, I wonder if this is because I am unclear about how to get my services across and out into the public confidently. With clarity of writing would come clarity of thinking, clarity of speech, and clarity of presentation of my services. Clarity would help me narrow my focus and give me a business. Without more clarity and a personality injection, I am concerned that I won’t get my budding business off the ground. Planes go up, and not down, right? After viewing your introductory video, I can see that working on my copy is the balm needed to launch me successfully.

    More Mary
    I’m a hesitant beginning business owner working in the Healing Arts. I am the first person in my family (on both sides) to ever strike out on my own. I have 10+ years experience creating and implementing art-as-healing experience workshops, and am working newly in energy healing work. I enjoy dark chocolate, rock climbing, dancing burlesque, and creating community with richly minded women. I’m also a rockin’ gluten-free chef and baker. I don’t know how to use a smartphone very well, and technology is a bit out of my grasp at the moment. I’ve never been to California, and I believe that glitter is a color, and vulnerability is the greatest strength. Who healers the Healers? I do.

  206. Hi!

    I’m so excited about this course. I am a Transformative Life Coach–BUT–this is a new profession for me. For the past 45 years I’ve been a nurse and within that for the past 14 years I’ve been a nurse practitioner. With my writing, I struggle most with personality and resonance. Sometimes what I write seems spot on and sometimes it smells like week old fish! For so many years I tamped down my personality to be the professional persona expected of a nurse and now I feel if I don’t break out I never will!

    I took the B-School program and it has made a huge impact on my website and the starting of my life coaching business. My goal in transformative life coaching is to empower women to evolve into their true being to have the abundant life they so strongly desire. I have clients from age 25 to 70, but most of my clients are in the 30-40 year old range. This was such a surprise to me! I didn’t expect young women to be interested in what an old woman has to say.

    It is difficult to not drift into nurse or mother or worse yet grandmother mode! I want to have my clients say, “I want a life that makes me feel powerful!” That’s the life I have–BUT–translating that into writing that sells is tougher than I thought it would be.

    I would love to win a scholarship for The Copy Cure. My heart is calling me to do the work of coaching women into their best life, the life of their own hearts. Writing phenomenal copy will help make that a reality for me and for the women who desire a full, powerful, abundant and face filled life.

    Thanks for all you do to help us build up our lives and the lives of those we help in turn.


  207. Marie & Laura,

    Resonance is my biggest mole hill. My past writing teachers have applauded my voice and pumped my ego, but I don’t want to write my novella, I want to bring in some biz bookings for my new company. I need all the form and function of resonance – I need a resonance spork!
    My video production company is St. Petersburg Video. I have a knack for “work-it” sexy shots, (you know, of kids painting ceramics), and just want to start landing gigs on the regular. But my website copy is stale bread.

    The Copy Cure could be the mechanic in the desert that gets my Buick running again. With revamped and re-oiled copy that speaks directly to them, my potential clients can visit my page, love me, and call me on the tele for a filming date.
    With copy that sells with resonance, I will be realizing my dream of working for myself in a creative industry. And since St. Petersburg Video’s main clientele are locally-owned businesses, our creative video services will grow the community’s value and spread the good word on where to eat, dance, craft, work out, or learn silk acrobatics. If we can help keep the silks gym open and keep people tangled up in 30 feet of glorious, shiny fabric, it will have been a good’s day work.

    As for my family, the father of my 15-month old son Noah and I would reallllly like to get married, but we’re waiting until we have some cash to do something nice, like renting out the nearby Scared Lands Indian Burial site for an evening of sunset dancing and drum circles. The sooner St. Petersburg Video jumps the ramp of success, the sooner we can order the dinner napkins and tambourines!

    Thank you gals for all your have given already of your copy wisdom. I would absolutely love the chance of a scholarship to learn more.


    The sexy ceramics video is here:

  208. Jäz Romero

    Dear Marie, Dear Laura,

    thank you for this opportunity and thank you for the free writing class video. It´ s so fun and so uplifting with all the beautiful details it contains, it is nice to be surrounded by beauty of all sorts!

    1 The secret I struggle most with would be Resonance. To me it feels exactly like you described it in the video. I am currently building my webpage and it is hard for me to word what it is exactly what I do. It offer a therapy and coaching form that to me is so good, gentle and effective and deep…that my descriptions can sound overwhelming or even confusing…which then starts to interfere with secret number 1: Clarity!

    2 Stronger Writing would help me to finally write all the copy for my website and then launch it with confidence and knowing I put out the best presentation I possibly can. The expertise and the be part of a great program like this will be a great help and encouragement to get over that verge!! Also it will be of great help to get my English wording right as my website needs to be bilingual. My wish really is to spread the word about this technique as I think it is a great, universal tool for self-developement! So I think it would make a tangible difference as the right presentation will open doors for people to see and understand what I offer and experience the outcome of it!! From there it can grow and reach further and further!

    3 I Would like to thank you again and let you know that content like you put out is inspiring, uplifting and enables to think big…in a very balanced way. After my studies (in a different field from what I want to do now) I found out that this coaching and being self-employed and therefore more self-determined is what I want to pursue. This here helps me to allow myself to think this way! I am in the transition of being a waitress (my student job) working hard to take the leap into this more fulfilling occupation that I love. Until then though I try to be my best self also as a waitress and train all the qualities I can train there, take them with me when I am ready to move on. A platform like yours makes me aware of the fact that I am not alone which is encouraging!!! Thank you and all the best,
    jäz romero

  209. Some news stories and movies leave me shaking my head thinking, “If the victim had only known {this one thing}, she’d be the one in control.”
    But face it, signing up for a self defense class can be intimidating. Walking into a karate school or a Krav Maga training even more so–the skills demonstrated seem so unattainable, the moves so intense, and then there’s those painful-looking falls to the floor!
    It’s time for some disruption in self defense instruction. I’ve decades of martial arts and self defense information, but I’m struggling with the best way to present it. I need video scripts that hit home with fun, challenging, and empowering writing. I’ve improved a lot, but my words still run toward teachy-preachy instead of empowering fireworks, so I lack the resonance part of “C.P.R.”
    The thing is, when women understand how easy it is to be stronger and smarter about safety, they feel empowered in ways that affect their entire life. Being more aware, less panicky, and clued into what a dangerous situation can look like–even before it happen–stops panic and initiates action.
    One of my past self defense students told me she was alone in her car at a stop light late at night with no other car in view. She saw a man angling her way who made her feel uncomfortable. She remembered from my class the section about taking action instead of waiting too long and being forced to react.
    She decided (paraphrased), “Screw the red light. No one else is around. I’m going to run the light and be gone before he gets here.”
    She said it was so freeing and empowering to know she didn’t have to sit fearfully not knowing what might happen and could take her safety into her own hands.
    This is just one example of how what I know can change lives.
    Help me move this forward with a scholarship!
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    (Love, love the graphics for the Copy Cure. And just reading the overview of the curriculum was a blast. I so want to write like that!)

  210. Oh my Gods!! I like this.

    I’m really looking forward to taking this course. This is exactly what I need.

    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I’d be able to communicate the gem of goodness within the work I do. If I could really share the power of my work with others – so they really get it and understand how it could help them – I would be able to help millions of people lead happier and healthier lives.

    I feel like I am getting closer to that with every revision to my site (Thank you for all the free tips!), but I know that the full Copy Cure course would speed up that process (Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!).

    And speeding up that process is what the world needs too, not just me.

    I am finishing up writing a book that captures the essence of how people in my Reiki classes completely changed their lives for the better. My students walked away from their pain and trauma, they ended addictive patterns, and they reached new levels of happiness they didn’t know was possible. I wrote my book to share those magic ingredients with the world. I feel like I am the best kept secret in inner-transformation work. But now I am ready to be seen! I am ready to have my copy shared far and wide! The Copy Cure would definitely help with that! (Please, please, pick me! Pick ME!)

    Of the three tips in the video, I would stay that incorporating my personality into my copy has been the biggest challenge for me. I’m slowly creeping that into my existing work, sort of like fixing a car while it is running down the highway. I feel like I’m constantly rewriting things to try to bring my playful and open style into my pages. But really, all three tips are things that are a challenge. I could have easily picked the resonance secret too. (No, seriously – PLEASE pick me!) 😀

  211. Larissa Freiberger

    Hey Marie and Laura,

    loved the preview class!

    My biggest problem in writing copy is Personality. I love to read ever since I was little, and because of that passion I also developed a love for writing. I’m actually good at it when it comes to academic papers and this kind of stuff, but when I need to write something creative, that needs to get people’s attention, I struggle not to sound completely boring or cliche. It’s like I’m frozen! I believe The Copy Cure can help me “let it go” and finally sound unique and captivating, making simple but significant copy – like good old Don Draper would say.

    Taking this copywriting program would be simply amazing for me. I currently don’t have my own business, but I work in a very small jewelry company and we just launched a new brand for an younger target-audience, with a product line that is affordable and… just beautiful. This was all my idea and it has become “my baby” now. I would really enjoy seeing it grow and be successful, so the three of us working here would get better payment and I could help out my parents more with the bills. After getting more financially stable, I have this business idea – that I have absolutely no idea how I will pull of, but I really think could help a lot of people. I see a lot of poverty in the world and I really believe that in many cases if people had more information, they could change their lives! As education is the key and the government in my country doesn’t seem so interested in giving it to the people, I though of making some sort of basic course for average citizens and underprivileged citizens to understand our economy and make wiser decisions about their finances, from basic day-to-day spending to investments. Well, I don’t have a lot of details figured out, as it is a work-in-progress.

    One more thing you should know about me is that I am a 25 year-old brazilian girl (sorry for grammatical errors). When I read about the scholarship I thought “nah, what are the odds for me to win this thing?”, so I went to the enrollment page to see how much this course would be. At first I was like “wow, not as much as I thought”, but theeen I converted the dollars into reais plus taxes, and in this crazy math equation it turned out it would cost me about $ 1.600,00 “brazilian moneys”, which actually is a lot for me, after all. But if I didn’t try this, it would be a guaranteed “no”, right? So here I am, taking a chance 🙂

    PS: I really love your work Marie! I’ve been following you for an year and a half now, and you have helped me a lot. When my friends have troubles that I know you’ve talked about, I always send them your videos <3
    I must have started like 10 e-mails to you, but never got around to send them, so this is me finally breaking out from passive to active follower.

  212. Which one of the 3 secrets do you struggle with the most, and why?

    Resonance! It’s so hard for me to do what I feel is “dumbing down”. I feel like my vision is deeper but everyone wants the surface. Why don’t they want the deeeep? I mean it’s so cool – it’s amazing – but they want to lose 10# not necessarily make the lifelong changes. I struggle to say what the potential client REALLY wants rather than what I feel I do and can offer. And then I lose them. I get clogged with the woo-woo when no one seems to want that (UNTIL they get it….!!!). I feel like I really want them to “get” it and then I struggle with “C”, clarity. But, I think when I can learn to resonate the clarity will come more naturally.

    If The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    I really do want to reach people and help them change their lives. I know what I have to offer is life changing. If I could develop more clarity and resonance I’m more likely to reach them. They could lose weight, learn a new relationship with food, lower their stress, take time for themselves, play, look younger, have more fun. Life would be so much better for them!! So many people need this and I need to learn how to make them see that through good copy.

    My family would be affected, too, if I were able to get my business to really take off serving more people. Right now we are in a huge financial struggle. My husband is also an entrepreneur and his field is the slowest it has been in 50 years. It’s just tough. I want my business to make a difference with my family. I want my kid to be able to take those drawing classes that could really boost her confidence (and holy crap does this 12 year old girl really need a huge scoop of that). We just can’t afford that for her right now. But if I had more clients and income? Maybe (after we fix our roof, pay off our taxes, etc., etc., etc.).

    This course would also give ME the confidence I need to put my work out there. I’m always questioning what I’ve put down on paper. I think my copy is snoozy. It makes me hold back. I want to just say – screw it – not holding back any longer – I’m going for it – and this course, I’m certain, would give me the tools I need to make that going for it a lot more interesting.

    Plus, I think the course would be fun. I’ve done a lot of courses in the last year. Most of them weren’t as fun as this one sounds. I could use a little fun.

    What else do you want us to know about you? [interpret that however you want!]

    Well, you can see my name is Laura. Wouldn’t that get me an extra bonus point towards winning??? Kindred spirits with a co-author of the course? At least in name? 😉

    I live in Northern California with my husband, son, daughter, 2 cats, 1 dog and a gecko named Jace.

  213. Hi Marie and Laura,
    I am still working my way through B-School for 2015 and am currently building my own website in order to launch my business and hopefully a new way of life. This opportunity comes at a great time as I am in the middle of *trying* to write copy for this website. I am struggling most with personality. I have a lot to say but I feel like I have been conditioned to write in a robotic way and I struggle to bring forth my own personality. My business centers on the very serious subject of race and racism. It is a challenge for me to write things that catch people’s attention, speak to their heart, get them to act, be interesting while not minimizing or offending or making a joke out of a very serious, life-threatening issue. The business I am working on is “The Growing Edge” which will help others find their voice to talk about race. Clearly race and racism are troubling issues in our country but we (as a nation) haven’t found a language to be able to talk about these topics without it turning into an emotional, heated mess. I have the life experience and the training that can create a safe, healing space for people to find the words to begin this conversation and to connect with others who are doing the same. Being able to do this work and provide for my family would change my lifestyle. I am a working mother and desire more than anything to be able to contribute to the world in a passionate way but also remain fulfilled enough to be a present and engaged parent to my daughter. Equally exciting is my desire and ability to be part of the movement towards love and liberation that is much needed for our country. I have had a burning passion for social justice issues since I was in pre-school. I know it is my calling to do this work. I just need the right approach and the right knowledge to make it work. I have gained so much from B-school already and I know the Copy Cure will be just as helpful. Thank you for the opportunity and for all the knowledge and information that you share.
    With love and appreciation, Heather

  214. Thank you for the Copy Cure video tips Marie and Laura!

    The secret I struggle with the most is RESONANCE. I get stuck in my head about what I’d love for my customers to get from working with me or buying my products. But I love what you said: “being a great listener and communicator isn’t manipulative… it’s MORE caring and understanding.”

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I know this would help me write stronger because I’d really work at putting these lessons into action. As a result, I’d help other people take action – which is what I’m all about in my business as a health and fitness coach. I love it when folks get moving on their ambitions and well-being. So with good copy, I could motivate and inspire them to move on a different level. As a result, I’d literally be able to put more into motion when it comes to my business and life – programs I’m wanting to create, a house I’m wanting to finish building, and people on my network marketing team that I want to help in growing their business! I want you to know I’m a mover and a shaker, and I’d love to have the copy to go with it. Thanks for creating such a smart program and the opportunity to invest in my business and dreams!

  215. What happens when you cross a new real estate career with a short, dog-loving, half-filipino who just turned 40? You get me – very excited, a little scared, and wanting to do the best for my business and myself.

    I love writing copy especially after learning from your email tips. But I want more. I want to learn more and do more. I want the confidence that my words will compel potential clients to choose me so I can use my talents for them. Because that’s the whole reason I got into real estate. (Well, there’s one more reason. I want a dog farm!)

    While I struggle with all three secrets, resonance is definitely my kryptonite. I guess it comes down to values. My highest values – spirituality, freedom, creativity – differ from most, so I have a hard time getting into other people’s heads. It takes me much longer to resolve resonance problems in my writing than it does to tackle clarity and personality.

    My broker often says that I’m the smartest guy in the office (right before he tells me to dumb down pretty much everything I turn in for training class). He says my analytical thinking surpasses the masses. The Copy Cure would help me replace the robot skills with stronger writing to connect and convert more customers which in turn would grow my business and give my family (me, partner, and 3 dogs) the life that we envision (plus a dog farm!).

    I also believe in a non-traditional approach to real estate. I don’t like cold calling or door knocking or treating people like leads and numbers. So, I see writing as the heart of my business. It’s how I plan to position myself as an expert and to attract ideal clients. Proving to fellow realtors the effectiveness of this passive approach would make a big difference in how my local real estate community thinks and operates. Creating a world that is compassionate and cooperative is important to me.

    And I’m really hoping that The Copy Cure will make writing easier and more efficient. Just this entry alone has taken me over 2 1/2 hours to write. I hope my passion shows.

    Are you wondering about this dog farm I keep mentioning? One of my long held dreams is to have a sanctuary for homeless dogs to call home and be free to roam around. It’s going to have lots of green grass, trees, and a huge barn! I’m going to name it “Oliver’s Place” after my little westie that passed away recently.

  216. Stephanie Deschamps

    Thanks for this great opportunity! Out of the 3 secrets, the one I struggle most with is Personality. As a French native speaker who’s trying to write copies in English, I feel like I often come stiff and formal. I read all of those wonderful writers and I wish I could come up with phrases like theirs, but I just end up sounding like a rehearsed infomercial. Also, the fact that I don’t know how much of myself I should reveal to the online world plays a big part in this no personality dilemma. I’m always polite and scared to hurt people’s feelings. In a way, I managed to have a pretty good online reputation by doing so, but I feel like I’m not true to myself and it frustrates me. A lot. Not that I’m not nice – because I am! – but I want people to get to know the real me so we can all be happy in a real, non-superficial way.

    If The Copy Cure landed on my lap, the main thing it would change would be my attitude towards me and my business. I know it would give me the strength and the self-confidence that I lack at the moment to (finally!) launch my blog. I’ve wanted to start this project for years but I was so scared to sound horrific and uninteresting that I preferred to not do anything. But now I’m ready. I know I am. I want to succeed and help women who struggle with anxiety and low self-esteem, show them that they can achieve anything they want if they set their mind to it (and what better way to show them this than by doing so myself?). I want to create a safe space where these women can share their worries, their projects and their success stories with a community that understand them. Show them that they can be happy, even though it seems scary.

    I, myself, suffer from anxiety. I studied journalism and had many, many business ideas over the years, but always stopped myself from doing anything because I was scared. Before I knew it, I was scared to be scared. And now I’m stuck in a job that I don’t like, struggling with the things I should do versus the things I want to do. Today, I decided that I was betting on me. And you should do the same. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. It took me courage to hit the “comment button”, but once I’m committed, I’m committed for good. Give me a chance to begin our wonderful journey towards great copy together!

  217. Guadalupe Rozada

    I struggle the most with resonance. I am a nutritionist specialized in mindful eating, which is a very new and different approach in my country. The example you mentioned in the free class is exactly the problem I have, because I see the huge benefits people get from practicing this in their lives but clients are usually looking for a quick fix or a fast weight loss diet. I refuse to include weight loss in my copy because it is not a goal in mindful eating, but I can’t figure out how to describe this technique and all its benefits in a way that resonates with potential clients.

    I left my high-paying job in the pharmaceutical industry almost two years ago. I had a baby girl and I decided to be with her and stop working for a while. Of course I thought I would go back in a few months, but being a mom changed my life and I wanted to do something more meaningful for me and my community. I began training myself in mindful eating after she was born and a few months later I discovered my child was great at it (as all babies are). The training and practice I’ve had has made me, my child and our family eat and enjoy our food like never before. I knew this technique could help a lot of people struggling with fear, binge eating, weight loss and body image issues. I had to share it! So I designed a great introduction program and I tested it with 7 of my friends. We just finished last week and the results were better than I ever dreamed of. Some say it has changed their lives, the way they see and relate to food, and they even feel happier and more grateful with their lives! I am sure this program and everything that can come from it could benefit a lot of people. I am very excited to share it with the world but I don’t know how to sell the idea. The posts I’ve made on Facebook and flyers are not getting the attention I thought they would, certainly because I am not writing good copy. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap I would be able to transmit the idea of mindful eating in a clear interesting way, getting more clients into my program. This would above all, benefit me, as teaching is always more enriching for the teacher (as you very well know). It would also benefit my family, as our income has been reduced to half the last two years and we can’t continue like this for much longer. And it would benefit all the people that would participate in this program. I have seen that one person eating mindfully can spread this with everyone around the table, so the benefits could reach many people.

    I live in Mexico with my family and Spanish is my mother tongue. I apologize for any Spanglish you might find.

  218. Whoop, whoop hands in the air for the release of the Copy Cure (and scholarship opp). It’s like you knew I quit my job to sit in my tiny apartment all day and stare at my compute screen, aka, write a book. The only problem, I have no idea how to write a book. So here is my scholarship application:
    1. Resonance – I am dying to write headlines that scream “Put down the donut, pick up a carrot and read this blog.” Or, “no more i’ll start tomorrow’s I’m buying that online fitness program today.”
    I am so passionate about health and fitness that I want everyone to eat greens and live actively…not just to look good but to be able to run with their kids, have great sex with their husbands and actually like what they see looking back at them in the mirror. But I get so caught up in why my services will help improve their lives that I forget to see things from their point of view (which is I don’t have time to food prep, it’s too expensive to eat healthy, I was going to go to the gym but then….)

    2. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to – so I’m going to write this God-inspired health and fitness book and launch my new company, Nourish Move Love regardless. But I have no doubt that the copy cure will take me from the worn out sneakers in the back of the closet to the bright, shiny, gotta have it pair of sneakers that will finally get my feet hitting the pavement. Giving more women access to simple 5 ingredient recipes, efficient 20 minute workouts, and daily God-inspired devotionals to love their bodies for the first, second or 100th time! You don’t hear trees wallowing because they don’t produce enough acorns so why does every woman that walks into my group fitness class slouch her shoulders, tug at her shirt and suck in when she looks in the mirror. I’m on a mission to change that but I need the copy cure to breathe life into my words (CPR take over).

    3. I’m an active living advocate, green veggie obsessed, fitness instructor, writer, reader, instagram photographer in the making, your basic fit girl with dreams as big as the ocean blue and an outlook that life’s more fun with wine and trail mix. I quit my job and am investing all my pennies into the launch of my new business Nourish Move Love (launching end of July 2015). My concept:
    Nourish – your soul with God’s word and your body with real food.
    Move – your body and create movement in your life.
    Love – yourself and others unconditionally.
    In short – pray often. eat greens. live actively. love wholeheartedly. (My tweetable)

    Thanks for taking the time to read, appreciate all your free videos!

    xo – Lindsey

  219. Dreaming small is single-handedly ruining the world. (Ok maybe it’s also being threatened by global warming, lack of mental illness aid and helicopter parenting, but dreaming small certainly has a strong-hold on stunting the globe’s progress.)

    It’s stunted my own progress and I know I have great things to offer the world. Truly, the world DOES need that one special gift only I have! I’m just not sure how to explain what that gift is. Whether it’s been my years spent writing content for the same business over and over again or allowing my employers to edit my writing to fit their vision instead of mine, it means my own writing has lost its personality.

    I am drowning in all the logos, branding colors, signature fonts and most importantly, ideas that established writers, bloggers and social media personalities have already put down on paper and uploaded to my computer screen.

    How do I write a story about a product, idea, philosophy, service or experience and make it sound authentic? How do I convey that I really do believe in what I am writing; that I am so convicted in my belief that it excites and energizes you too?

    Admittedly, I am not the most professional person when you meet me face-to-face. I am too opinionated and I believe, too funny for that. While I have learned the tricks of the trade to get through a business meeting or networking hour and come off as polished and respectful, I want my own writing to reflect my classic New England sarcasm and dry humor and I want it to declare the passion I feel in my own heart for anything from burritos to weight lifting to cosmic connection to the importance of domestic violence prevention. I want my words to scream off the page who I am and what I am about and I want people to laugh or cry or both with them.

    I have a feeling that starts with tossing my “play-it-safe” dreams in the trash. It begins with doing my part for the world I live in and dreaming big; believing in me and unapologetically putting down in permanent ink my personality. That’s where The Copy Cure comes in. Thank you Marie and Laura for this opportunity to earn a free scholarship and hone in on what makes me so unique, so I can begin to share it with the world in a really big way.

    And yay for using contractions! I love them and think my current copy-editor could use more of them. Preferably paired with a really big drink. Actually it’s my past copy editor because I just quit my job to open myself up to what comes next. I hope The Copy Cure is part of that.

  220. Doing a happy dance over here!!! I’m so happy that The Copy Cure is finally available!!!

    I’ve just finished watching the intro video and have already gleaned some valuable insights in those first twenty minutes. You speak my language Marie, and have an uncanny ability to help me understand things in a way that I totally connect to. So who better to take copy advice from than you?

    Of the three elements of writing, the one I stuggle with the most is clarity. Between countless interruptions (phone calls, kids, dogs, etc) and difficulty recalling words (thank you Lyme’s Disease!) writing can be challenging. I struggle at times to keep my thoughts focused and to write down my ideas before they get ‘lost’. I would be so incredibly grateful to learn new ways to approach creating copy for my business. It would allow me to cut back on the amount of time it takes to write my communications, so I could create more copy and connect to my readers more frequently.

    I’ve been working on my writing for a while now, reading books and I even joined a local Toastmasters group to improve my communication skills. I feel like The Copy Cure could be the missing piece to deliver a huge ‘aha’ for me in my writing. My business is in it’s infancy stage, but I know in my heart it has the potential to affect millions worldwide (when my allergy label finally makes it onto restaurant menus you may actually hear an audible sigh of relief from the food allergy community!). And I know that with your help I could make that happen — I would so love to win a scholarship for The Copy Cure.

    But if that doesn’t happen I’ll still love ya Marie. And you’ll be happy to know that, in the three years that I’ve been following you, I’ve amassed quite the wardrobe: sassy pants, hammer pants, & crazy pants (upgraded from crabby pants). And hopefully this summer I’ll be rockin a CPR shirt to go with them. 😉

  221. Hi there! I´m an Argentinian girl living on a Mexican Caribbean island. Since the first time I’ve landed on one of Marie’s videos I’m a total fan of your work.
    I guess the secret I struggle the most with is Clarity; mostly because is very hard for me to cut to the chase, I go round and round the same idea, saying the same thing in many different ways, because I feel this need of making myself clear…isn´t that ironic?
    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap right now that will help me not only to improve my writing and be able to share my knowledge and healing gifts with many more people, but also to be able to be a successful healer and yoguini entrepreneur and not having the need to undersell my work or accept unfair deals.
    I’m already committed to be the change I want to see in the world and to teach people some healing tools to be the better version of themselves, so if I have larger impact, audience and students is a win-win for everybody!
    I think you have what I’m missing to put myself out there in a more effective way.
    Thank you girls for this opportunity!

  222. Hi Marie & Laura!

    Congrats on launching & thanks so much for the vid & opportunity here! I’ve been following The Copy Cure since I attended Marie’s BSchool. Super excited for you guys!!

    I struggle the most with personality! I have a very matter of fact way of speaking & writing emails but the minute I start writing something that is going to be seen by the general public, I immediately button up and everything becomes stiff as a board. I’m a spunky, energetic gal but I tend to come off as way too formal until someone gets to know me. (Translate: Until I get comfortable enough to show my true colors.)

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would definitely help the people I’m trying to serve connect with my better. They would instantly understand what I do and I could help them.

    And what is it that I do? I coach, consult and motivate creative professionals navigate their career, avoid burn out and find balance in their lives. This is what I’m passionate about most! Reason being is that I spent over a decade in entertainment as a producer, director and writer. As fun as it was (and still is) my career success came at many costs. I gave up all my personal time to work my tail off at my job, my health suffered, I bailed on hundreds of social gatherings cause deadlines needed to be met, but probably worst of all was that my marriage collapsed. You know what they say about hindsight…well after an Eat.Pray.Love journey to Italy, a fierce attack on my personal fears and becoming a certified biz & personal coach, I realized that it wasn’t the industry I was in that broke me down, it was the choices I made that created the chaos I was living. My goal is that I teach and help other creatives avoid the mistakes I made and live life on their own terms.

    Hmmmm… last thing you should probably know is that I rewrote this post about (3) times.

    Thanks again ladies!!

  223. Dear Marie and Laurie

    Resonance is the big one for me. Being a naturopathic doctor and working with patients has truly been the best thing that could ever have happened to me. I have a daily front row seat to the human condition, and that has helped me immensely with resonating and relating to many types of people. But, being the passionate sensi-sap that I am, I know that my tendency is to lose sight of less “root-cause” type issues. This, as you can imagine, can make me lose my audience.


    I need help learning how to keep things light and engaging, but with heart, compassion, and purpose. My intuition and passion are a gift, but I gotta lighten their wings!

    As soon as I saw the announcement for Copy Cure, I knew it was the remedy for me, even if it didn’t fall in my lap. I think we are in such an incredible space of change in healthcare. We can put responsibility on the institutions, but the real changes will have to come from each of us as individuals. I went into medicine because I wanted to help people know and understand how deserving they are of self-care, and that when people feel well, that energy can change the world. No patients walk out of my door without receiving help and education to become independently healthy.

    In the last year, I knew I wanted to have larger impact, and that writing and speaking to groups was a much better use of my creative energy. I want the information I have to share to be accessible to many, be reachable from anywhere, and to inspire real change, starting with the individual. Being able to create content from anywhere could also free me up to travel and help others outside of my current community. When I can travel my creativity flows much better, and I can serve better!

    Bottom line, I can’t help but be inspired when I write and speak to others, and I’m all about getting better every day. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Warm Regards,

    PS: I live on the Maine coast, and this week I start doing wellness talk/walks on the beach. Connecting people to nature and to themselves is one of my most favorite things ever. Anyone in the Kennebunk/Portland, Maine area is invited! Fridays at 7am! 🙂

    • *and* how embarrassing…I wrote Laurie instead of Laura! lol
      My apologies!

  224. Vero

    Hello, hello Marie, Laura, the team and everybody else in this forum!
    Thanks once and again for all the effort and fantastic vibes you put in all your work, Marie!!!!! Regarding the training video, I adore the motivational and playful way you share great tips.
    The Copy Cure is something I have been waiting for a long time as I love to communicate with people but I still can hear the crickets when I write on my blog or with my recently revamped website.
    I have been struggling for years when it comes to finding written words that match my passion for helping people. I am usually very creative. I constantly create stories that match peoples issues in order to make it easier for my clients to understand and find their own path to personal happiness… however, in front of a typewriter, I freeze and then: HELP!!! C.P.R. needed, as I cease and fail to allow my inspirational muse turn my thoughts into written words. If I had to choose one among the three, I would put ‘personality’ first. Balancing personal and professional words, always a challenge. Why? Because I need to show I am a serious professional- and I love humor! How to have the best of both worlds? When people know me personally they enjoy my humor… When I am writing? I don’t really know how to do it.
    If the copy cure landed in my lap, I would first dance, laugh, scream and jump but then I would work very hard to connect with the world to show them my uniqueness and try to help more and more people in their personal adventure towards reaching the happiness they would like to obtain.
    I work with people that are depressed, anxious and stressed; they suffer because of this. Their lives are not the way they would like it to be… I walk with my clients as they deal with their issues and struggle in a discovery of their strengths and weaknesses, their sad and happy places in order to help them achieve a more complete and blissful life. Together with the personal findings, people discover and increase the quality of their relationships with their partners, families, communities and the world. I love my job, as it always is about spreading love, compassion and thus facilitating change as people move towards finding their best possible selves.
    I would be greatly honored to be considered for scholarship so that I would reach out and help more and more people.
    Kindest regards,

  225. Kimberly McAfee

    First of all, thank you Marie & Laura for creating this amazing program and the opportunity to win a scholarship to the Copy Cure!!

    Of the 3 Secrets, I would have to say the one I struggle with the most is “Personality”. Whaaat? I wouldn’t have guessed that one at the beginning of the video – I have a great personality! Here’s the thing though. Until now, I have spent most of my adult life working for lawyers and writing dry, dull, zero personality letters and legal documents where contractions are forbidden! It never occurred to me to use them in copywriting but of course it makes complete sense (now!). I think retraining my legalese into writing more personal will be my biggest challenge. Not saying I have clarity and resonance down pat either…I could certainly use the Cure in all areas.

    Now that I have my BIG idea for a business, if the Copy Cure landed in my lap, stronger writing would allow my business to soar. Writing strong copy is essential to my business success. I need people to be deeply touched and buy so that I can give money away to those who need it most.

    With a truly successful business where I can make a ton of money (that’s the tangible part), I can not only support myself & my infant son in a way that makes me want to jump out of bed every morning, excited to start the day, but also help support family and friends in a way that gives us all opportunities for a more abundant life. In addition, I will also be able to give to those in need as part of the sales (charitable organizations) and directly support my eco-friendly and fair trade suppliers so that they can continue their eco-friendly practices and have an abundant life for their families, all while having a global impact of love & kindness through my messaging.

    With this scholarship, combined with my B-School training, I will be an unstoppable force to bring something great into the world. After all, the world really does need that special gift that only I have.

    Finally, it is with the deepest gratitude that I thank you, Marie & Laura, for this amazing opportunity!

  226. Marta

    I totally struggle with writing my copy (particularly my about page) that sounds like it comes from the heart and is engaging enough for people to connect and resonate with what I have to say. It’s difficult for me to find a balance between divulging too much personal stuff and sounding professional. I’ve re-written my about page about a dozen times and I’m still not quite happy with it. I need to win THE COPY CURE!

  227. Hi Marie and Laura,

    I don’t even know where to start i’m so bad with writing, it has never being my best talent. I’m better to express through movement or creating things by hand, on top of that English is not my first language so i feel lost with words sometimes and feel like i may write too simple and i get embarrass about it.

    From C.P.R i struggle the most with clarity. I overcomplicated things way too much and start rumbling which ends up as a disaster because i simply don’t post anything. Also personality bit is not fully express as i afraid people may not get me blah, blah, blah

    Anyway, to the point: If the Copy Cure landed on my lap, stronger writing would help me to share the message about my business. My business is in health and fitness and combines training with advance fitness technology that electrocute your butt back into shape (it’s based on electro muscle stimulation principle) with meditation and relaxation while you are wearing suit that massage your whole body.
    Training is amazingly effective and time efficient, tones the butt, reduce cellulite and helps to reduce an anxiety through massage/mediation bit all in 30 min. ( who has time to spend hour at the gym anymore)

    When i spread the word about my amazing training system i help people feel healthier, sexier, more confident in their bodies and less stressed in their heads ( a winner in London hectic life). I will also pay my dept of £20.000 that i lend from friend to invest in the technology and the business.
    the more i’m confident and know how to share my massage the more i can help people around me feel healthier, more awake, more relaxed and more aware of their lives. I can help them not only feel fitter but also be more mindful about their food choices and kinder in their lives.

    What else do you want us to know about you: I used to be really funny and not taking life so seriously, i kind of lost it so i want to awake this part of me and share with people: STOP BEING SO SERIOUS. Other then that i’m big fun of YOU, Dr. Joe Dispenza and anything that involves quantum physics, mind power and neuroscience. I’m addicted to learning and expanding. I have a big heart and dream to make a world better and happier place.

  228. The Copy Cure sounds SO amazing !! Thank you for the incredible opportunity to win a spot in your digital class.

    I really struggle with getting my voice across in copy so the one tip that really resonated the most with me is Personality. I have almost 2 decades work experience in corporate america which makes my writing feel stiff and dry at times. When I try to force myself out of the tone it doesn’t feel natural yet. So I’d love to learn to connect to my true authentic voice that feels natural and flows more easily. I’d also love to be able to walk that line with grace between professional and personal content – again this feels challenging for me.

    Last month, I started my own business supporting modern entrepreneurs with marketing strategies that focus on digital and brand solutions. As I’ve only just started with my first ever client , I’m surprised now how much copywriting is involved. It was not initially part of my offering but I’ve been asked to contribute content to blogs, newsletters and all social media accounts. I’m having so much fun with it and also with my own website and blog soon to be launched. The writing part surprisingly I love the most yet I go back to that thought “but I’m not writer”. The difference that this course would make is that I could provide really authentic copy not only for myself but also for my clients. I’m focused on working with self-starter entrepreneurs who have a purpose driven company and getting them the boost they need to promote their brands in a clear and authentic way. My why now for this business is because my passion is in helping. As I’ve looked back over my years in corporate my happiness was in helping others. And now I want to help one on one and make a huge impact with women that have a strong passion in their business to make a difference in the world. So as I grow my own business I’m also maintaining my bridge job. My dream is to have my own business that allows me more time with my husband and children and the flexibility to work wherever I am.

    I’ve never thought of myself as a writer but I love to write. I still have my first diary from when I was 6 and it’s been a life long love affair with writing down my thoughts and feelings in my diary. And collecting new journals to write in! It’s always been something that I did just for me that really gave me a lot of joy. If I could learn to have confidence in my copy and learn from you two amazing ladies it would give me so much joy to feel good about my work while doing something I love.

    Much love, Kerri

  229. Diera

    Yes! This is impeccable timing!

    Just yesterday my Pastor approached me about our social media pages and websites, and asked what were my plans to grow our engagement. Sadly I didn’t have one.

    Then this morning I saw Marie’s video that referenced The Copy Cure. And I thought, “Hallelujah…my prayer has been answered..!”

    After watching your video, I realize I struggle most with RESONANCE!

    I develop content for two Christian non-profits that counsel people and their families to overcome the perils of addictions, and build healthier, more productive lives. I’m not a paid staff person and in my humble opinion, both organizations are two of the best kept secrets in the world! And that needs to change.

    Volunteering to manage and develop quality content for multiple social media accounts is no small task, but it is vital to extending our reach and increasing our visibility. And I’m woman enough to admit when my skill set is deficient for accomplishing said task. That’s why I need your training and expertise.

    Can I write posts? Sure! Will it get read? Not always.

    Despite a grad degree in communication and the fact I’ve started building a content team, I do not yet possess adequate skills to consistently write amazing, engaging copy that reflects what we do daily in our ministry, nevertheless train others to do it.

    Our ministries have been around for decades, but in the “digital connection” age we are failing to compete. Too often we get bogged down in the jargon and “church speak” that so many people are turned off by, yet I know we have a message that heals and helps.

    In a noisy world, where scripture references and the Bible are increasingly seen as unnecessary and antiquated, I am desperate for insights and techniques on how to write in a way that packages relevant, life-changing advice so that it inspires, educates, and even entertains (yes, I’m a Christian and I love to laugh!) Greater resonance will make us more relevant.

    Some folks that grace our doorsteps arrive on the verge of rebuilding their lives from pure ash and ruins. Yet I’ve witnessed countless families strengthened, marriages restored, and individual lives improved by what’s taught behind the walls of our ministries. I’m simply passionate about sharing that hope with as many people as possible by building our online following. I don’t want to just generate buzz, I want to see our message positively impact the people we touch online and become a resource for the folks already in our audience. Our content should prompt readers to take positive action!

    Writing more effective event announcements and blog posts… Creating more engaging newsletters and opt-in pages…Branching out to video and worksheets…this is what I plan to accomplish by going through The Copy Cure.

    I’m confident The Copy Cure is the right prescription for my church jargon disease, so please consider my cause and put me out of my Christianese writing misery!

  230. Personality is what I struggle the most with

    I’m caught in the middle between wanting to sound professional and just keepin’ it real! I know in my heart that if I just wrote like I spoke that I would attract the people that I truly want to work with and want to work with me. I just can’t find that special balance between being me and still sounding professional. Ugh! I worry about what other people might think and say or what my corporate clients might think of me.

    Stronger writing would help me have a positive effect on the shitty obesity epidemic

    Copy Cure could help me finally learn how to communicate with women all over the world who struggle with weight issues, creating balance in their lives and having everything they want. Why is it that we see more and more women killing it with their careers and raising a family, but all at the expense of their health? It’s no surprise that we’re facing a shitty epidemic of obesity but on top of that, depression and anxiety rates amongst women are also rising. Through my work, I help women who desperately want to lose weight, have more energy, health, happiness and balance in their lives by giving them the tools they need to look and feel totally sexy, confident and clear about their lives and where they’re headed. Sounds super cliché, right? Yeah, that’s why I need the Copy Cure! Stronger writing would help me have that positive effect on the obesity epidemic and the health and wellbeing of others because I’d learn how to write like a real person and persuade the right people to work with me. Copy Cure would help me make it easy to teach people how to endure a healthy lifestyle and finally become the healthiest version of themselves.

    Did you know…?

    I knew that I would dedicate my life to having a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of others at the young age of 8 when one of my friend’s mother criticized my mom because of her weight and size; assuming she was lazy because of that. It infuriated me because this lady had no idea that my mom is and always has been the hardest working, most giving, and loving person that I knew/know. I’ll never forget that day because it felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the unfortunate epidemic of obesity. I learned from my mother early on that I could do anything I set my mind to. Being the youngest of six kids and first generation Mexican-American born and raised in the United States, I saw it all. Especially that women could be more than they thought, often times, at the expense of their own health. That’s why I’m here to serve women. Women who are go getters, fearless, passionate and ready to make a change and take control of their health once and for all.

  231. Out of the three juicy secrets that I struggle with the most, I feel is personality. For the simple fact I have a challenge putting my thoughts on paper that actually sound like me! Like I have so much personality when engaging in physical person to person conversations but just don’t know how to set myself up properly in the online world and sound like ME. You know that cool me who just flows and captivates in person! SOS please señoritas!!

    Now, if the Copy Cure was to magically land on my lap, oh Lordy!! I can just imagine the impact it will have in my personal life, my family’s life, and the community as a whole. Why? Well, me being on a spiritual path and aware of how greatly our words influences our lives. I can just imagine how greatly my writing skills and life can improve with the help of The Copy Cure.

    In choosing me, is choosing a spark of light that can and will, ignite massive, positive transformation in this world. How so? I am a being of light that has come forth to this world to remind everyone of their own inner spark by spreading kindness, hope, empowerment, joy, and of course, lots of divine love!! And if not, it’s still cool cause I get SO much from MarieTV already. Xoxo

  232. Q2: CLARITY is the one I struggle with the most. I believe my struggle with clarity is not so much because of clutter or over-sophistication (though I do need to work on those, too); It’s mostly because I give disproportionate thought and time to what’s supposed to be a simple, authentic, fun text that accompanies a video which is very similar to your format. I treat every piece like it’s monumental, and end up not having the time to review and polish it- which results in a somewhat messy and confusing piece. Another factor that might explain my problem with clarity is that English isn’t my first language, though I speak, read, and write it on a daily basis, isn’t my first language. My mother tongue is Hebrew (and I live in Jerusalem Israel). I LOVE languages, I love playing around with words and meanings, and I suffer greatly (seriously) when I can’t zone in on the perfect expression that would bring my idea across.
    Q3: I’m well aware of the power of my message, which I’ve learned the hard & long way through having 7 children 15 to 3 yrs old. My website,, is about turning the conventional model of parenting on its head (thus UpsideDown),and helping mothers experience personal growth THROUGH their parenting challenges, no matter what their kids bring your way! My purpose is to put the parent back in parenting. When I talk about it on interviews or 1:1 with my ideal clients—who are highly educated, talented, multi-passionate mothers, their eyes light up. In fact, I know there’s a need and a demand for these outside the box parenting concepts, because I have so much in common with Shafali Tsabari’s fundamentals. But here’s the thing: I get the feeling that my message doesn’t go through as powerfully in my writing as it does when I talk about it freely. And gosh, that is so, so frustrating. What would be the tangible difference? For my family (me, Hubby and 7 young children) learning good copy will God willing shower us with abundant income; for my community and the global community— mothers who will go from “I (bearly) survived the day” or “Thank God I had some control over the kids today” to “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!”- no matter how difficult their day was. Now, that’s a world of a difference for a mother. So obviously, the ability to write good copy will make my business so much more exciting for me and for my audience!
    WHAT ELSE? I want you to know that I’m super curious to learn your time management secrets when it comes to batching 12 episodes in 4 writing days which Marie once mentioned (How essential is that for a mother of 7?:); how you go back-and-forth as a duo writing team; AND the role of the text that accompanies the weekly video vs. the content of the video itself. These 3 things practically keep me up at night these days.:) Thank you!

  233. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for your educational videos and your encouragement.

    I struggle most with resonance!

    I try to keep things simple in my writing and use the fewest number of words. However, I have trouble deciphering how my strengths and skills can serve people. I have developed techniques to transcend the brain’s fight or flight response which moves us out of heart based decisions and whole brain learning. These techniques came out of my 20-year journey to overcome my own stage fright and panic attacks in the world of theater and teaching.

    If the scholarship landed in my lap to help me write copy more clearly, I believe I could alter the way education was perceived and practiced in the world—particularly in language and communication classes.


    I have written a book, “Why Zarmina Sings: Tools to Transform the Classroom and LIfe,” It took five years to write, rewrite, and edit. It’s a collection of simple but inspirational stories of how I transcended extreme anxiety first as an actor and then as a teacher and how I learned to teach others in a college classroom to do the same. I use nontraditional methods like drama, movement, improvisational comedy, breath work, presence, and more to rewire the brain and accelerate learning.

    I would like to learn how to better communicate the messages in my book. Through crafting better copy, I hope to reach more people in schools, parents and others who want to transform their own lives from anxiety to creativity and connectedness.

    Over the years, I found we learn with more than just our brains. We have information processing cells—neurons—in our hearts and in our gut; we process meaning though our senses and bodies as well as through our heads. To become whole again, we need to embrace this whole-being learning.

    The heart and the gut are speaking to the brain every moment of the day. How can we as teachers and parents help our children become more effective in the world, more present, more adaptive to change? I have techniques I want to share with others to do just that: be more present in our senses, bodies, and brains to learn and connect to others.

    I need to learn how to communicate the non traditional teaching methods I use to help others to diverse groups of people.

    I recently moved south for family and teach part time now. The scholarship will help me participate in your program.

    Thank you so much. – Therese Kravetz

  234. Sadie McCarney

    Hi Marie and Laura,

    Out of the three secrets of CPR, I definitely struggle most with personality. I recently had a part-time work placement as the social media manager for a small cafe. Although the barista blended his coffees to perfection, I could never quite get the right mix of my own personality vs. the company’s to infuse into my copy. As a result, my tweets were either tepid with no sell to them, or else too strong and “salesy” to the point of being pushy. I think I struggle with personality in my copy because I’m often embarrassed or ashamed to show the “real me” to potential clients and employers.

    I’m almost 23 and live on welfare right now due to a long-term health condition. After my recent job placement in social media, however, I discovered a field I truly love and am able to do successfully despite my health setbacks. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to really hit the ground running as a professional social media manager who writes vibrant, purposeful copy. It would also help me to get myself off of the welfare payroll and earn a full-time income in a career of my own making. I’d also like you to know that I’m a poet and fiction writer, and I have to fight every day to keep purple prose out of my tweets and Facebook posts.:)

  235. Monica

    Hey, hey, hey!

    Anyone else wish Marie Forleo was their teacher in college or grad school? I mean seriously, who would ever miss a class? But I guess NOW is our chance to get her teachings and wisdom. Mu-ha-ha-ha…

    Welp, here goes the hard part- admitting my biggest struggle when it comes to writing copy. I would say my biggest hurdle is the first “secret” in getting my copy to be clear for my customers. I try to sound smart and wise with my copy. I should remember that I’m enough. I’m sure I could talk in layman’s terms and it be perfectly fine, but I choose to clutter my content with big words and long sentences. I’m Sorry Readers!

    Phew. Not so bad admitting a fault.

    If I won this chance to be a student of the copy cure, I’d be super grateful. The investment is one I’m not ready to make, especially since I’m just finishing up my B-School payments.

    Why should you choose me?
    Because I am working on my mentorship program for 20-something year olds who are confused about their next step in life. Most likely they’re just entering the workforce or deciding on choosing a major and need to figure “it” all out. The only answer they can come up with is “I don’t know.”

    I been this person and quite frankly it stinks. I’d love to help these lost souls gain some clarity and go after the life they day-dream about. I need better copy so they can find my services and get the relief knowing they aren’t alone.

    Thank you for this opportunity and sharing this mini class. I look forward to hearing from you, next Tuesday’s Q&A, and going home to my dog, Champ.

    Good luck on this endeavor.

    Monica Adams

  236. Kai

    Hi Marie & Laura!

    Now is it better to say Marie and Laura or Marie & Laura? Endless questions connected to copy. 🙂

    Of the three secrets you guys shared #3, Resonance, is what I most struggle with. I’m SOOOOOO PASSIONATE about what I have to share but can get caught up in what “I” think is most important.

    I’ve been smart enough to start figuring out the avatar of my customer and of course it wasn’t what I expected. I thought young women in their twenties would be drawn to my content.

    I focus on empowering women using the superhero as a metaphor for how we can realize our greatness. There’s a hip and cool vibe to my content.

    Turns out single mothers who want to be the best role models they can be for their kids are who love my stuff. Who knew! I’m a tad freaked out because I’m not a mother and am not really tapped into the life or thinking of mothers. I think mother’s and especially single mother’s are the most amazing human beings to do what they do. If my work can help make their lives better that is so exciting. Now I just need help figuring out how best to serve them.

    I’m in the process of redesigning my website. I’ve been focusing on the visuals of my site and just finished. Now it’s time to get to the really important stuff…the copy. What great timing with The Copy Cure soon available to learn from.

    I get goose bumps, sometimes start crying while working on my content and just want to run out into the street and stop every person I see about what I have to share. Please help me share it in the most effective way possible. I’m quite sure accosting strangers in the street while crying is not the way to go. xo

  237. Hello Marie & Laura,

    My name is Alison and I struggle with clarity. My message fails to connect and convert when I try to be overly clever. I want to write compelling and persuasive copy for my products and services, but I know I confuse my prospective customers. For example, we host an event called Frankentoy Friday. It sounds like a fun, quirky event, right? The name of the event isn’t enough to bring in kids, families, area artists, and more. At Frankentoy Friday, we bring broken toys back to life by creating something new. Our description gives insight, but it’s still not enough to connect and convert because I am struggling so bad with clarity. We see traffic to our event and families are raving about it. However, I know confused minds are still saying no to our amazing and creative event.

    If The Copy Cure lands in my lap, I will be able to connect with my community and wider audience through better copy. Our business, Lemonade Workshop, has a purpose to strengthen communities through education and experience in art, design, and engineering. A scholarship for the Copy Cure would be this amazing gift that has the ability to help us fulfill our purpose.

    Thank you both for the opportunity to speak to you.

    With much admiration,

    Alison McShane

  238. Thank you two amazing ladies for the opportunity to win a ‘smollership’! 😉 In copywriting I get challenged by both Clarity & Resonance. I sometimes get ‘Copywhelm’, where I have so much to overshare that I lose my point…& as a result “Unclear (A.K.A. Sh*t) Happens”. Also, I will get so sucked into imparting the way that I see things, that I completely miss what my Ideal Customer is actually looking for. Oops.
    If The Copy Cure lands in my lap I’m using it to create a thriving online business with happy & successful clients! I use both solid old school & cutting edge relationship work to take couples to much higher levels of joy & ease in love. The difference this will make to others is huge, my big vision is: this type of work in households all across the world as we rapidly & consciously learn to love better, using relationship education & scientific breakthroughs. For myself & my family, I’m committed to “creating a life & business I love” where my family is well cared for without having to sacrifice our health, freedom & connection in order to do so. Everybody WINS.
    I’m multi-passionate & LOVE to serve. The right people seem to show up in my space to hear what I know, which never seems to fit in the ‘normal’ box, in hindsight it usually gets seen as cutting edge. From natural health & wellness medicine, better relationships, personal growth & healing, etc, the common theme is always being on the road to bettering one’s life, love & happiness. Promoting myself hasn’t been my strong suit, I truly enjoy sharing & serving. I’m ready to do what it takes to promote myself & my work, in order to one day leave this planet having made the biggest difference I could’ve made. Keep DREAMING BIG people & keep going! I’m aligned with Marie’s motos, The world needs YOU & everything is indeed figureoutable!
    A very special thanks to you Marie, for all you do! I love B-School (2014 Grad) & thanks to you I do believe my dream is not only possible but probable as long as I’m willing to do the work (I AM). My goal is to reach couples worldwide so I can show them that it’s true for their relationship as well… commitment and willingness to do the right kind of work makes thriving, successful long term relationships not only possible but PROBABLE!
    I remember thinking in B-School that I want to write as Masterfully as Marie. Huge thanks for creating this extra support for those of us who need & want it! I’m so excited to learn more.
    Big Love,
    April Asher

  239. Gongrats Ladies and Thank you!
    I loved B-School and I’m sure this is another Masterpiece.
    Comunicating with music and lyrics was always easy for me. My work for children was so important that I’ve decided to put it in to the World ( thanks to your B-School Marie). Now, finding the words to create resonance with the adults instead of children, is complicated and I feel confused.
    I need help to learn how to conect with parents because only them can add more music to the lives of their children.
    Music is important, we all heard that but still,
    it is underestimated and not used as it can be.
    I hope you’ll help me create a better Copy so I can make my dream come true.
    Thanks again and I wish you health and happyness.

  240. Jo Michael

    Oh, Marie and Laura . . . Why do I need the Copy Cure? So grateful you asked . . .

    I’m a writer. An ancient, archaic writer, who was trained in college and corporate America in the late 90’s to write like a stuffy crack. (So, yeah, P. for Personality is my issue.) I have a bajillion great topics and titles, but when I sit down to create the dialogue, it comes out as utter crap. Boring, lifeless, shit on paper (well, on screen, mostly, but on some paper, too). Not toilet paper. Paper that I want my people to read.

    When I think the stuff out in my head I sound ba-rilliant! But when I sit down to craft it, my fingers get all tangled up and the garbage-fest begins. Can you say, “snooze-o-rama”?

    I got brains, I got experience, I got skillz (I got rhythm, I got music), but I don’t got the words, or the voice! Help!!

    I went through B-School this year, and haven’t finished, because my idea blew up in my face. I’ve got a sweet new idea, and I’m developing it, but my poopy writing is holding me down. (Like the man.)

    So, how would the Copy Cure help me? Well, I believe my people are clever (and when I write great stuff and find them, this’ll be confirmed). If my writing is pretentious and boring, and sounds like something out of the dusty bookstacks at OSU, then they’re gonna run away. (Like the time I went to France, and none of the French people wanted to talk to me because my French was so college-proper [like you need to get an A in class], and they all said I was ennuyeux. Yeah, that sucked.) I can’t serve anybody if I can’t be interesting and connect. In fact, you may have stopped reading already because I got boring. In fact, I am so boring right now that zzzzzzzz . . .

    I’m awake! I’m awake. As I was saying, TCC will help me engage my readers so that they say “ooooo, gimme more!” and not “well, that’s crap.” I will be able to find, love and serve my people by helping them set-up (and run) their business properly; helping them leapfrog the learning curve with some much-needed “how to”s; helping them understand the foundation they need to have in place to support their creativity; and being their encourager with my enormous heart o’ love.

    And, Lord willing, I will make some chedda along the way, providing a revenue stream separate from our current business (that’s crushing my husband’s body daily) – this will take the constant pressure off of that, and give him some well-deserved relief.

    I’m in business to make money. No shame. But to earn it, I gotta deserve it; and to deserve it, I gotta add value first. Can’t do that for a room full of sleepers (or an empty room either . . . for real). Thanks, ladies. Peace.

  241. What a great idea. I´m thilled to hear more about copy from Marie. Greets from germany

  242. Irana

    *Hard to find the words to learn how to find the words… Let’s do it!*

    Hello Marie and Laura,

    Thanks for the opportunity and the free class. I loved the free tips, especially the one about Terry’s Wines that I definitely find awesome!

    I tried to pick only one secret but I can’t because I have several syndromes:
    1- The “Synonym & Multiple-adjectives” syndrome: I want to say everything in different ways and give details even if it complicates the comprehension.
    2- The “pretty and perfect” syndrome: I want all my sentences to be beautiful because I’ve been taught that this is how good copywriting is supposed to be.
    3- The “Feeling but not wording” syndrome: I’m good at feeling what people need but I’m struggling when it comes to put it into words.
    Is it serious Doctor???

    I‘ll always remember the day my first article has been published. I was so happy I jumped up and down like a 5 years old girl in my living room. With a big smile on my face, for about ten minutes I’ve been screaming: That’s my article! That’s my article! (My cat and my flatmate were wondering where I was hiding the sedatives…)
    I love words and admire their power. Today I want to figure out where this new adventure can bring me and what I am able to achieve. But this kind of copywriting training is not really developed in my country.

    Your program will give me guidance, a path to fulfilment and hope to improve my life and my family’s by giving me the tools to communicate better. I live in a family where using words to express feelings or needs is not a shared talent. Also, through the improvement of my copies on my blog and future business, I will be able to give this opportunity back to people and help especially women in their love lives.

    Written by a French 26-years-old crazy dancer celebrating this opportunity… Guess how?
    Doing the joyful dance in front of her laptop screen with her cat who strongly hope she will be cured!!!

    Thanks again,

  243. Dear Marie, Laura and Team Forleo,
    thank you for offering me a chance to win a scholarship for the Copy Cure! I happily embrace this opportunity, as I feel I heard about it (MarieTV, the Copy Cure) just when I needed it most.
    After spending some years in the corporate world I felt my spirits dim and an urge to give creativity more room. As freelance singer/songwriter I now fill an evening with original songs – felt, sung and written from my heart. Giving my audience a moment of peace in this hectic world. Something I always long for myself. Singing about „going your own way“, finding „your place“, about lives joy and lives sadness. I love it when my audience reports back to me how my voice and message touched their heart. How they can relate or how they just enjoyed a beautiful time. I am very thankful that I have this gift, but, as I never quite learned to market myself I am not reaching as many people as I’d hope. And not playing as many concerts results in not selling as many CDs. Steady income? Nope. Energy and time put into struggle and worries? Yes. Which I could way better put to use in writing songs and making people happy/aware/sentient when listening to them. As you so simply but powerfully put it: „Find your voice, sell your anything!“. Well, in terms of singing I definitely found my voice, and now it’s about time to take the next step and find my „copy voice“ also.
    When I tell a story I mostly end up taking a big swing, loosing my self and my audience in all sorts of details before I come to the actual point. Always wondering how I got „there“ from „there“ and why I can’t keep it short. Also when writing my newsletter or content for my webpage I am struggling. What information is the most important? What is my core message? How much information is too much or too little? How to sell/market myself (my concerts, my CDs) without sounding salesy but instead evoking … well … the feeling … the one of a kind evening with life music right in your living room … the … eh … there we go. I need help with CLARITY and I’m, sure I can get it from you.
    As I love to learn I am most willing to enhance my skills under your fun and somewhat radical guidance. With the right copy I can reach more people, resulting in playing more concerts and selling more CDs, touching more hearts with my music, my message. Making them feel „okay where they are in life“, but encouraging them to take the next step also. Making people happy makes me happy and adding to that increased income – I will be more relaxed, creative, and able to shine my light. Encouraging others to do the same. I would love that.
    Thank you,
    Gesa Winger / Melody Found

  244. Thanks so much for that enlightening and informative writing class Marie and Laura! I reaped so much benefit already and feel pumped to start the Copy Cure. When I started B-School this year, I was at a place in my business and life where I just knew I needed to establish myself online because I realised I have a big message to share especially to my community and to the world. That course was a catalyst for improving my message and establishing my personal brand and online presence. I’m ready to take that to the next level and do consistent good copy both online and offline.

    So the secret I struggle most with is resonance and that’s partly because I haven’t yet fully formulated my Ideal Customer Avatar yet (but I’m getting there!). I feel once I know EXACTLY who my ideal audience is, my copy will follow suit and just flow like honey. I’ve always been clear in my writing and I think I’ve added my personality to it to some extent but I am never sure whether I resonate enough with my audience’s wants and desires and I often feel I may be a little self-centred speaking of things I consider to be important.

    A little bit about me: I’m a Canadian living in Melbourne, Australia since the last 5 years, I am mom to a beautiful 4 year-old girl, wife to a loving and super patient husband, I run an essential oils business from home with a team of over 700 essential oils enthusiasts and I am also a business strategist and success trainer. The message I want to put out to the world is that of joyous, conscious living using natural holistic solutions and even more specifically using therapeutic-grade essential oils to help process one’s emotions and tap into one’s inner consciousness (or higher authentic self). I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster over the last 4 years and I’ve been seeing a psychotherapist for over a year where I learned some amazing things about myself simply as a result of COMMUNICATING with no strings attached and without someone inserting their opinions and how things should be etc. I’ve always struggled with face-to-face communication but never in writing. I’ve also never put myself out there in writing and I feel I am now ready to be that vulnerable and share my simple and humble journey with the world. My message is that we can learn to deal with our overwhelming emotions and we don’t need to let them control our behaviours. It takes a bit of tweaking here and there but it’s very possible to live consciously and purposefully and enjoy life and enjoy the people you love and care for. I have not finished my journey so I feel the Copy Cure comes at a PERFECT time just as I finished B-School and ready to now express myself fully and without reservations.

    With love and peace,

  245. For your consideration:

    Question One:
    It’s a close race between Clarity and Resonance, but I think Clarity in the end. When my passion for something comes out, I feel at times the need to cover every detail of that subject. I figure the other person wants to leap into the deep end just as much as I do.

    Obviously this is not always the case. They are interested for sure, but also easily shut down if I dump too much out there. I spend a great deal of time re-writing to pull out the unnecessary words, so the main thoughts have some room to breathe. It’s a work in progress, and I constantly look for ways to better this skill.

    Question Two:
    If the program did land in my lap I feel confident of the great benefit. My voice finds itself in everything and if I can learn to shape my words to have clarity and impact, then I imagine great things come from that.

    Right now I find myself overwhelmed with how to bring my ideas and message forward. There is so much to craft and create, and some days I feel I can’t keep up. As the video said, the sheer volume and location of content these days boggles the mind. When all this comes together, I often just give up and don’t challenge myself to write more.

    It’s too hard.

    What excites me about this program is that I have the sense it could serve as an ally in this experience of overwhelm. I know the heart and intention this program comes from. I know not only will I receive great content and excellent tools, but I will also be encouraged. I feel it might provide hope and a spark of confidence to face the words and the writing.

    Marie and Laura, you both bring a certain blend of enthusiasm, joy and madness that can help sweep the fear aside. For me the tangible difference for my life and work comes from that stir of positive community you provide. Not just knowledge, but encouragement. I bring that then to my work and to everyone around me.

    Question Three:
    I bring curiosity, joy and a playful spirit to most of what I do (not sure that happens completely when I’m sleeping – and definitely not when I’m vomiting). I love language and finding inventive ways to look at difficult subjects. When I can support someone to see there is also laughter in things, it’s a good day for sure.

    Also I want to say that the overall best help I’ve gained with writing the last two years is through Laura Belgray’s Non-Suck copy guide. Strunk and White makes me cry on a regular basis. Laura provides inspiration and a laser-focused tool to genuinely help my writing.

    I offer this to say that knowing she is part of this great collaboration inspires a willingness to walk over hot coals for this scholarship. Or wrestle a honey-badger. I’m easy.

    Thank you. – Carlyle Coash

  246. Hey Marie and Laura,

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    I struggle most with clarity! Blame it on high school Latin, training in chemical engineering, years as a Nutrition researcher, or my penchant for 50-cent words when a 5-cent word would suffice. All I know is that my copy tends to blab on and on, and it’s time to make it tight and toned.
    I am (I’m?) a health coach and yoga instructor, and I’m constantly teaching, talking and writing.

    The Copy Cure would help me personally clarify my thoughts and teachings, so I can communicate them in an effective way.

    The Copy Cure will help my business because my best work happens when my clients and I have a deep connection and truly jive. Better copy can help weed out the clients who I actually wouldn’t be the best coach for, and ensures that my ideal clients recognize me as their ideal coach, so we can have a mutually beneficial partnership.

    Stronger writing will help my community – I do recorded meditations and teach yoga classes, and I could better connect what I have learned from my years of study to those around me.

    My business is all about helping people live a happy and healthy life, so that they have the energy and enthusiasm to be good to others. With better copy, I’ll be able to reach so many more people and have a more positive impact on the world. I’ve seen first hand how my lack of clarity obscures my message, and I’m ready to get rid of that barrier.

    I’d like you to know how much I struggled to write this entry, because I couldn’t decide if having incredibly BAD copy or incredibly GOOD copy would make me more likely to get the scholarship. So instead I settled on giving you the best copy that I can provide, and hope that you can tell from my words how much passion and drive I have for my business and for my community. If my words are not conveying that well – I guess that’s all the more reason to take your course!

    Thank you for the amazing copy tips you guys have been sending out on email. The bolded headers and saying it short and sweet have been a god-send for my weekly newsletter, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store inside the Copy Cure.

    Thanks again, and Happy Tuesday!