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Every once in a while, you meet someone who is the epitome of eloquence.

Someone who inspires you with her gentle strength, loving heart and fierce determination to make this world a better place.

That woman is Tammy Tibbetts, founder of She’s The First. Tammy and I connected last year, when we sponsored nine amazing girls through Tammy’s organization in honor of Malala Day.

(Huge shout out to our STF scholars – Idda, Makesh, Maimuna, Rachel, Swastika, Mariamawit, Mary, Irma, and Elizabeth!)

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In today’s episode, you’ll learn how Tammy went from selling prom dresses to launching a global organization that has sponsored over 1,254 years of girls’ education in low-income countries.

The goal is creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders.

Because as research has shown, when you educate a girl, you change more than just one life. You change the world.

While I adore this entire conversation, I really want you to listen for this…

The part about how we “get in our own way” and the power that comes from learning how not to do that.

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After you’ve had a chance to watch, Tammy and I would love to hear from you.

What’s one specific thing you do to “get in your own way” and what action could you take right now to not do that anymore?

This isn’t about beating ourselves up. It’s about self-honesty.

And, having the courage to shine the light of awareness on behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve us so that we have a real shot at meaningful change.

Just imagine what might be possible for you if there was just one small habit, limiting belief or unconscious behavior that you could let go of?

Imagine the impact not getting in your way might have on your family, your community, and the world?

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your comment as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

And if you’re as passionate about girls’ education as I am, consider visiting She’s The First to sponsor a girl, or choose another way to take action and use your voice to stand up for a better, brighter world for all.

Because it’s one thing to dream about living more fully “someday”, but the real fun comes from taking action to make it happen, right now.

Thank you so very much for reading, watching and sharing. Your kindness and insight always warms my heart, and I’m so appreciative of your spirit and generosity.

P.S.  If today’s episode moves you, please share it with your friends, clients and colleagues — anyone who could use some encouragement as they build their dreams. Especially if their dreams include making a meaningful difference to others!

With all my love,

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  1. Marie thank you for sharing this organization with us as well as Tammy’s story. Truly inspired today. The one thing that is getting in my way is that shy girl inside. Today I’m telling her that playing small in the shy world doesn’t help others and everyone’s story needs to be heard so let the word out and help others tell theirs so they can also own them and move on to create new wonderful stories.

    • I’ve definitely felt shy and play small quite a bit when you add stubborn and fear in the mix – you get one big mess! I am just glad I can be reminded it’s okay to be YOU – full you! Empowering young people is such a passion of mine!

      • YES Bernard! It’s more than OK to be the full YOU! That includes the shy, stubborn and fear mix. Love this!

    • I also take process of overcome my shy, my worries, my fears and building my worth in this life. I love what we called my own way.

  2. This is how you change the world, one little action at a time. Welldone!

  3. What an inspiring story, an inspired message! I’m going to share Tammy’s story with my highschool son – this is what an education should do for our sons and daughters 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, Saiisha! Hope he loves the message 🙂

  4. So thrilled to see Tammy spotlighted in MarieTV episode! I’m honored to call Tammy a dear friend and have been so inspired by her dedication to this important cause.

    Congrats Tammy!! xoxo

  5. I’m SO thrilled to see you featuring my friend Tammy Tibbetts! Seeing this brought back a flood of memories. Tammy and I first met when we were honored as the “Next Generation of Inspiring Women” at an event hosted by Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan, and Sarah Brown. We were just starting on our journeys, and connected around our passions for empowering women and girls, and making the world a better place. It’s hard to believe that was almost 6 years ago. Her and Christen Brandt are making big things happen and again, I’m just so thrilled to see She’s the First featured here. They are incredible.

    • I personal think that what is really good in trust, it always is appreciated overtime.

  6. I recently saw a quote, “If the oportunity has presented itself it is too late to prepare”. Sounds kinda obvious but it reads to the procastinator within myself. I’ve heard to “stay ready so you dont have to get ready” but for whatever reason the new quote resonates and inspires a shift in my process. Hope it inspires.

    • Omoyemusic, I find I procrastinate out of fear of failure so I have a similar quote that kinda spins it in a different light and helps me get out of my way.
      “I’m ready for this, otherwise it would not be”. – Abraham Hicks

      • Melissa Brauen

        Perfect. Thank you!

      • “The universe knows the perfect timing for all those things you want and will find, through the crack of least resistance, the best way to deliver it to you.” ~Abraham–Hicks. Note; this comes from Esther Hicks(Law of Attraction)~ ‘Abraham’ is an entity she claims to ‘channel’. Whatever the source, I find wisdom in the words.

    • Melissa Brauen

      That quote resonates with me as well – I love it. I wish you could recall the source. I looked it up and google gave me your reply only lol!

      • Hi Melissa, the quote is by John Wooden: “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare”

        • Thanks Esta. I read the quote on an inspirational instagram page. John Wooden is the author.

        • Melissa Brauen

          Thanks Etsa! I wanted to repeat it but felt it should be credited.

          • Gina Orselli

            I can relate to procrastinating and thank you for this quote, it really hits home when seeing it from that direction, as I have had missed opportunities and sometimes feel working for myself, I need to sum up the enthusiasm to get things done that are not on the important list …

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      On the other hand, if the opportunity presents itself and you don’t feel prepared, you can always start before you’re ready as Marie likes to say! 🙂

      • I totally agree with you Kristin.

        • Melissa Brauen

          Indeed! Sometimes opportunity is what get us moving.

      • Thanks for your response Kristin, I have continued on to the best of my resources as opportunities have arrived. I however feel at this point in my life and career that I must give myself MY BEST FIGHTING CHANCE by doing all in my power to produce my best product. It is the perfectionist creator but mostly ambition with no desire for failure or excuses. My “shift” is the fire to not allow the quote to be in my existence.

      • Kristin, I love the ” start before you’re ready” practice. To me, It’s more than a quote, it is a practice. As a procrastinator, it is terrifying to start before you’re ready, I know! But the first time you right yourself just before falling is amazing. I found skills I didn’t know I had and discovered things I could do better. Best part of all, it moves you forward.

        • Lisa, I love your comment – because we often don’t know what it takes to be ready beforehand. But having faith that you can figure it out along the way is priceless.

      • What I love about that point, Kristin, is that “being ready” may never happen – and if you’re in the mindset that you have to be ready when an opportunity arises, you will miss out. On a practical note, there have many times where I thought I was ready, but the opportunity took things in a whole different direction. I started thinking of it more as “being warmed up” rather than being ready.

    • Totally agree (probably too much). But I think I was born with some sort of urgency disorder. I’m constantly afraid that my life will pass me by.

      So lately I feel like I’m learning new lessons in patience. My new motto is “Step up wherever you are.” Because often the experience (or even failure) will teach you more than preparation.

      A super funny example is me and my husband. When we met I didn’t really speak Spanish and didn’t really speak English. But we went out on a date and did our best. 6 years later we are each closer to each other than we’ve ever been to anyone.

      It’s kind of a miracle we actually had anything in common because we really had no idea what we were talking about in the beginning. Hahahaha.

      • Jennifer

        I totally agree that the experience (however it turns out) will teach us more than excessive preparation! As a near professional “preparer” I am learning to just jump in and ACT.

        Fortunately it’s not a problem in every area. I’ve developed a great deal of confidence in my ability to parent and educate girls successfully. (I have 5 daughters and we home schooled for 8 years.)

        But stepping out of the parent/teacher role into business??? That’s where the fear explodes…

        This interview has inspired me on both fronts:
        -stepping out of my own way and DOING IT and remembering that I can leverage my expertise into a valuable commodity, and
        -rekindling my personal commitment to girls and their education.

        Thanks a million!

  7. Thank you for featuring Tammy Tibbetts and getting the word out on her amazing work!

    We share the same values as I agree 100% that when you educate a girl or teach a woman to become independent, you invest in her future and the future of everyone around her.

    My biggest passion is for women around the world to awaken to the wisdom of their own inner CEO so they can feel confident that they can create ANYTHING they desire. Yes, change will follow naturally…

    I will absolutely share and become a sponsor.


  8. Marie, I was so inspired by your interview with Tammy. Education is truly a way of giving back and making your mark for generations to come. Thanks for the interview. really great!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Glad to hear you liked it so much, Joe! Tammy is really incredible. We’re honored to help share her message.

  9. Kerstin

    Tammy’s story is so inspiring…
    It makes me realize everything is possible if you want it!
    I took about 9 years ago a big risk myself. I did got a job offered in the US and started packing. All my furniture went into a container and was on the way to New York, while I boarded a plane in Germany with a one-way ticket in my hand, a single room rented through Craigslist (did not know back then that this could have been a scam, but thanks god it was not), and only a job which I had to start two weeks later… Long story short, It was a challenge… finding an apartment, getting bank account, drivers license, etc. All the things which we grow up to be just there became a daily challenge for the first year. But I survived! I received my green card last year, but unfortunately my company who hired me 8 years ago decided to close the department and I was facing the next challenge. Unemployed in the US is way different than in Germany were I grew up. I did find an great job, but again the company downsized a few month later and I’m again on job hunt. But, things happen for a reason, and I be a true believer that I will be fine. Not only fine, I will be incredible.
    Just wanted to leave a comment about how great Tammy’s story is and what wonderful things she accomplished and now I was sharing some of my own challenges/accomplishments.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kerstin (great name, by the way!), it sounds like you take big risks in life and they pay off amazingly. I love how you say, “I will be fine. Not only fine, I will be incredible.”

      That’s the greatest mindset ever. You’ve got this!

  10. Such an inspiration!! Thank you Tammy for shining your light so bright in this world and shifting your legacy to these beautiful girls. I bow to you!

    My new favorite way to get out of my own way is giving my alter ego (the crazy fear side) a name. When she raises her crazy head, I yell out, either in my head or out load, BYE JANIS! It helps in the moment to snap me out of crazyland where the fear to do something is so intense.

  11. Andrea

    I get lost in the overwhelm. Instead of focusing on the next step in line I focus on the top of the staircase and get overwhelmed by thoughts of, how am I going to get there now? Can I get there? Will I still be me when I’m there? I get side tracked by the big picture.

    Right now, putting the big picture aside and focus on one thing I can do right now (or today) that will bring me and my business one step closer to my goal.

    • That’s so me! I tend to spend all my time focusing at the final destination that I am overwhelmed at the next step to take!

      • Ode

        OMG! Andrea and Charity,

        That is my biggest problem; FOCUS, or the lack of it on the next step. I get so easily distracted by the big picture that I become a “scatter brain” when it comes to sticking to a 1-2-3 step on getting there. I get so overwhelmed and stressed I find myself going around in circles, doing one more research, planning one more step, and so on.

        Maybe we should form a clan of “Easily Distracted People Trying To Get To Point Z from A Without Going Through B, C, D,… We can motivate one another and keep each other in focus by being accountability partners. What do you all think?

        • I’m totally up for that. I’m always looking for ways to make connections and support. What do you think about starting a private Facebook group?

          • Laurie

            Sign me up for that group!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You are soooo not alone in this Andrea & Charity. I think it’s super common to see the whole path and feel too overwhelmed to start, but if you focus on one step at a time like you said, you can take action without paralysis.

  12. Yo go girl!

    Speaking up and using my voice is gentle reminder I needed today 😉

    Thank you

  13. I think that the biggest challenge with getting in your own way is that we often don’t see it in ourselves.

    Somehow it’s much easier to see it from the outside, in others. So my go-to solution is having a mastermind and being able to call each other out on “looking for distractions” instead of solutions.

    When you’ve got someone who can notice this, from the outside, you’ve got the golden support you need to achieve your goals.

    And this is great work that Tammy is doing. I am looking forward to seeing how it grows over the next 5 years and further! 🙂

  14. It’s so cool meeting Tammy here. Inspiring!

    And did anyone else notice how Tammy and Marie look so alike?

  15. Tammy, you have beautiful, quiet confidence. So inspiring. We need a million female leaders like you! I just shared this with my daughters and nieces.
    Insight takeaway: Use your practiced skills as tools to do your heart’s work.
    Giddy-up, girls! xox

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing it, Vanessa! I agree — we need more women like Tammy for sure. She’s incredible.

  16. Good Morning!!! I loved this video!. I watch and rewatch many of your videos to help me stay movitated in buisness and life.

    The message of how we stand in our own way rang especially loud for me today. I am a nutritional coach for athletes, specializing with addiction and disordered eating. My buisness grew out of my own path through addictions and binge eating disorder. I am well versed in the way I can stand in my own way. After kicking other addictions, food bacame my crutch when I got stressed. This is a huge hinderence on my ability to be present in my athletics and in my business.

    Only I can take the steps I need to get out of my own way and push through on the path that I desire in my world. Thank you again for all you do!!!

  17. Exactly the quiet powerful inspiration at the precise moment it was needed. Our organization has local programs that introduce students to the possibilities available through education and the power of their potential. We just finished a program that provided an on-campus college introduction experience to 1,400 4th grade students as “future college graduates”… and 72 hours later were notified that a major grant request for operating support submitted 3 months before was declined. Linking young people to education is critical work – globally and in our own communities. Thank you for what you are doing and reminding me that “if you genuinely need something and tell enough people about it, eventually it will find you”.

    • Wow Kathi! This sounds amazing. I’m a high school teacher working at in Bogotá Colombia. Our students graduate with an International Baccalaureate which ideally should grant them entrance into any University in the world, however the biggest road block is that the price of University seems out of reach for even middle class families. I would really love to start a program to address financial education for future college students. Does your organization work with this aspect?

  18. What an inspiring interview. I know a few young women in my life who would love to be part of something like this. I generally get in my own way by assuming that my voice won’t be heard, or that I don’t carry enough “power” to get done the big things that I want to do. This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning to get in action! Time to get these ideas moving =)

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Your voice WILL be heard, Angel, and you can have a bigger impact than you even realize!

  19. This was so inspiring!! I remember Tammy from NY Women in Communications (I used to work there!) and there was just something about her – an energy – and you just knew this young lady had the power to change the world. And she’s doing just that. Thank you Tammy for being an example of the true power of one and for the work you’re doing to transform and better the lives of women and girls globally. You rock!!! Thanks Marie for sharing Tammy with your audience and the mission of She’s The First!

  20. This interview is so life-giving and empowered.
    For me, what holds me back sometimes is when I
    get too head-centered instead of heart-centered.
    Head centered to me is listening too much too others
    instead of the powerful voice within. God has put
    a mighty voice inside of me. Whenever I turn this up,
    The results are unbelievable.
    Thank you for this episode, Marie.

  21. One of my biggest ‘ah-has’ was becoming aware that I was the one to blame for my lack of success and happiness. I’ve been on a journey of learning to get out of my own way.

    I think I’m mostly getting in my own way right now, because I keep telling myself that what I’m doing feels insignificant. I’m not reaching thousands, or sending underprivileged girls to school, so I tend to tell myself what I’m doing is not important, but it was Marie that said, “The oak tree starts as a an acorn.”

    So, I’m learning to get out of my way and be the acorn I was meant to be. 🙂

    • First this post from you, Marie.

      Then, I hear this song from Rachel Platten, Nothing Happens.

      Seriously. I think the Universe is trying to tell me something. 🙂

      • Hi Charity!
        I love your name : )

        Last night in bed I had this aha-moment…..I do touch people with who I am and that is good enough!

        Kind of simple but Im like you…..what do I do that is important for real?
        I have had a long period of fighting to get my business flow….yea fighting…so why do I fight…cause I think it has to be hard.
        Im on a new path now… gonna do things with ease and have fun.

        Im sure you have done things for people that really mattered : ) Feel good about it and find out what you find fun and play with ideas on how to make it a business if thats your goal.

        😀 so easy to write this to you….but in fact its a good clarification for me too….so lets cheer each other for a more fun future where we feel we help people in different ways… or just in our private life.

        • Thanks, Jannette!

          Sometimes just speaking (or writing) it makes it so much more clear. We are doing things that matter and we are touching all the right people! It’s not how many we’re touching, it’s the fact that we’re stepping out and touching. That’s all that really matters.

          Someone else in this stream asked if I’d be interested in starting a support group. If we get one together, would you like for me to invite you? I was thinking a Facebook group would be good.

          • Jeanette

            Thanks for your reply and for the request of the fb support group.

            I know my self and right now I hardly spend any time on fb so I need to clutter clear the groups Im in.

            Im grateful that you asked and thought of me but I will have to say no thanks <3

            Hope you get a great group together!
            With love

  22. One of the ways I “get in my own way” is that the internal dialogue I allow myself to engage in. I’ll go to the gym and see business anchors on a network TV channel and say to myself, “I’m a failure,” because I’m only an anchor on New York channel. But I self correct. I remind myself, Joya, you didn’t want that full-time anymore.

    I wanted to create a meaningful place where South Asian female professionals can belong. And I have. But some days, when the money isn’t rolling in as it did from a six figure corporate salary or I didn’t find a sponsor for an event, it’s easy to head down that rabbit hole and let the dialogue fester. And, frankly, stay there

  23. How important it is to ASK FOR HELP!

    We can’t do it alone. We were never meant to have to do it alone and when we ask for help, the people who are to help really show it.

    It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing on all levels.

    Marilyn Angelena

  24. Linda King

    What a great video!

    I think my biggest challenge is that I do no validate MY dreams as much as I try to validate for others!

    As a mother and wife, I often neglect what I am trying to accomplish for my own business goals and focus on my family and supporting theirs. This has gone on for several years now and I have finally decided that I CAN put myself a the forefront and start creating my dream business.

    It’s been great watching so many inspiring videos of others, now it’s my turn to create my own!

    Linda King

  25. Charlotte

    Dear Marie and Tammy,
    You were both stunning in your simplicity and truth. Soooo inspiring. I loved it all, including the Domino effect! (I keep this one)… To get out of my way: I want to send that little weekly video show of mine in the universe to inspire people out of my secret zone… And just dare to be!

  26. Go, Tammy!

    Marie, this is a fantastic video. Thank you so much for sharing the message of She’s the First!

  27. Marie and Tammy, thank you so much for sharing – this was a seriously lovely video to watch today. (I always love watching your videos Marie, but this interview with Tammy was something special.) xx

  28. Kali

    Hi Marie!

    I loved this interview. I think there’s something really awesome when you put yourself in service of others in this manner.

    I stand in my way a lot, even thought I have wonderful ideas that I know could change the world, however whenever I watch any of these interviews with your guest, I never hear anyone really screwing up, like , really having it bad from the get go and then overcoming and turning it around. They all seem to come from great families and loving backgrounds… and this scares me – that because of my upbringing I am “condemned” to never do something great.

    I have screwed so many opportunities and I feel stuck in unforgiving myself for not taking them seriously, because as I listen to all these stories I can tell that from any kind of job, if you do it well, it will just lead you to the next right step.

    How do I forgive myself and allow myself to go for my dreams again without feeling like it’s too late and ditch the BS that I don’t deserve them or can’t have them because I am not “from a good family”?

    • Azzy

      I don’t know how to encourage you to accept the past, forgive yourself, accept your self and move forward….

      I mean people from good family do have an advantage, but there are so many who despite having all the resources have screwed their life…
      and there are others who over came enormous challenges…

      I am sure these people from good families must have had their share of challenges and difficulties, they must have screwed up earlier…

      I am certain you will overcome these challenges and fears..
      I am sure you will find “the purpose”, “the why” which is above the fears…

      Live strong, Take Care…

      • Kali

        Thank you very much for your words 🙂 X

    • Zahra Fathollahi


      There are many examples of people that screwed up in many ways. They used that to become stronger, successful and help others. Many times we get bugged down with our own thoughts, not helpful habits and fear. And in this way we stand in our own way. I’d love to talk to you. I have some thoughts that might be helpful. If you like, you can message me.

      • Kali

        Oh wow, I can’t believe you offered to talk to me 🙂 Ha! That’s a good one. Should I just add you on Whatsapp? 🙂

  29. Thank you for this very inspiring interview!

    When we put our heart into what we do and get out of the way, the sky is the limit.

  30. This was my favorite interview yet! I thought Tammy was so inspiring in her humility. That she can ask for help, that she isn’t the loudest person in the room…I think it gives her more power. She also shows us the power of having a passion and believing yourself.
    I take away that I need/want to move forward being vulnerable, being afraid with a message I feel strongly about. Go Tammy! I know we will hear more about her in the upcoming years…and I will certainly think about sponsoring a girl. I’d love to even reach out as I grow my business and see how I can help.
    Thanks Marie for showing us this episode!

  31. That was such a heartfelt and genuine message from you an Tammy both! Thank you for sharing that and the information about the organization. The biggest way I’m standing in my own way today is that I believe anyone will value what I have to offer. That my creativity and ideas are shallow and silly. So I do things halfway or stop just before things get going.

    What can I do today? This week I decided to start every morning with an episode of Marie T.V.! At least one to feel good, motivate myself and start my day with a dose of healthy optimism.
    So far it’s really helping me stick with setting my priorities and putting one foot in front of the other.


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love that, Jen! Starting the day with MarieTV is like green juice for your soul 🙂

  32. Wow…what an inspiration you are Tammy. My mission is to energize grassroots movements throughout the US that engage Veterans in sustainable living practices that strengthen communities, the nation and in turn change the world. At times I believe my dreams are too grandiose. Tammy reminded me to keep dreaming big and just ask for help when I need more support! Thank you Marie for sharing so much goodness. Both of you are incredible role models for people around the globe!

    With Infinite Love and Gratitude, Erin <3

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Erin. I can feel your passion for your movement through the way you talk about it!

  33. Aubrey

    You young people are such an inspiration. Adam’s book was great. Thanks for being human.

  34. Thank you for sharing your message Tammy, and for bringing it to our awareness Marie!

    I don’t comment much but Tammy’s passion, presence and open-heartedness brought tears to my eyes. It is wonderful to see someone so in touch with their message and doing such amazing work.

  35. Thank you both for being an inspiration for change. Im truly inspired and reminded that I need to get out of myself and really focus on others. Im truly shy but Ive flourished in the past when im beside myself driven by helping others. Your experience and drive has inspired me to stop being “selfish” and that I need to be driven by helping others. Ive never been self centered but I now realize that by not sharing and helping others I am. This episode is not simply inspiring but it has been a revelation for me. Thank you Marie and Tammy. From the depths of my soul Thank you! You are making a change in this gal. Cheers for more good things to come!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this week’s episode resonated with you and it was a revelation for you. You have the ability to affect so much positive change in the world and I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired to do that! We can’t wait to see what gifts you share with the world. 🙂

  36. I love when Tammy says she didn’t want her legacy to be left as being shy and decided she needed to find her voice. It’s so powerful to know we have the opportunity at any moment in our life to change our mind, change our direction, and ultimately change the world.

    Very inspiring video as always. Love the guests you bring to the show Marie!

  37. Britney Gooch

    Thanks so much for sharing. As always you give me so much LIFE when I watch all the inspiring stories or hear words of encouragement. I allow procrastination because of fear in failing to get in my way but today I’m going to pick up my laptop I purchased yesterday from office max and trust God to direct my steps as I launch my blog and take the steps to publish my book that will encourage and inspire a teen girl who lost hope along the way because I to was once her.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’re taking the first steps to following your dreams and helping others! You have a unique gift and a unique voice to share and I’m so glad you’ll be inspiring teen girls through your message. We’re cheering you on and sending lots of love. <3

  38. Absolutely exhilarating video! Took notes! (I’m a teacher too.)

    What I loved most was listening to the evolution of Tammy’s message and passion. How the certain seeds she started after college blossomed into this business naturally.

    I have to share, I had a light bulb this week! For months I’ve been trying to think of how to create a blog for expatriates that could evolve into a kind of transformative community. And this weekend it hit me. Fiction workshops! They’ve been my personal obsession since the age of 15. How did this not occur to me?

    I’m going to create culturally ‘perceptive’ courses that help people create stories from experience. For travelers and expatriates. And now I have my whole summer off to get to work!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How wonderful! Fiction workshops can be so transformative, therapeutic, and cathartic, so it’s wonderful that you’ll be starting some for the expatriate community. We’re so excited for you and wishing you luck!

  39. Gina

    I sure am Here a lot!!! It’s good to be present, and i see how I get in my way!!!! If I wasn’t aware of this it sure would be less depressing!!!! Yet the awareness allows me to practice ‘not doing’ a few things!
    One thing I practice is creating the future possibilities of my story (in my thoughtforms) in the highest love and outcomes for my new beginning and for the world ….. I try to imagine the best results (knowing it will be better than that) instead of stuck in nowhere, a scary next step or a non-existant ending in my process of creating a business to help people help themselves. Trusting my inner resources will carry me and the outer resources will manifest. What I desire and wish to create is already available and in me, or I wouldn’t even have the dream.
    Basically my thoughts get in the way — not thinking current circumstances, such as my finances or lack of ability to take b-school, or that course, or if only this, then I would be rolling … definitely holds me back ….. at the same time knowing I am full of gifts, I can become and create a Business and give like you fabulous women do!!!
    Thanks for your gifts to the world, encouragement, the messages related to loving ourselves, being Yourselves and hope — it’s helpful as I keep on keeping on. Tammy and Marie thanks for your delightful interview and message.
    Gina ~*

  40. Thank you Marie for your mission to spotlight people who have already created the life they love! What you are doing is so powerful! And what great work Tammy is doing!

    I started working in nutrition education and culinary about 5 years ago in school communities. As a country, we are just beginning to really value the importance of a healthy school environment. I see how I have gotten in my own way and it’s one word “Choose.” I have been in a stalemate telling myself that I have to choose whether to help people or work for profit. Putting people and profit on the balance has caused me to start and stop repeatedly. I have worked in corporate making a great living but have now found myself working in non-profit and often out of work with no income.

    Every day, it is a fight to prove the value of teaching families how to eat and live healthy. Yet when I tried to stand or either side of the balance I cannot choose. So today, after seeing this video, I am choosing not to choose and will begin the first step of creating the “For Purpose, Non Profit” because I know the work I am doing is life transforming and I need to get out front of it so that many more people can be helped.

    I decided there was no Plan B some time ago so getting the idea that I have to choose between people and profits is a must because Plan A means doing both.

    Love you Maire and when the work I am doing is valued, I will hang with you in B School.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad to hear you’re following your heart and creating the for purpose organization that will allow you to bring positive change to the world! We’re so happy for you and proud of you. It takes guts to follow your heart and we’re so glad to know that you’ll be sharing your gifts with the world. We’d be honored to have you in a future B-School session. 🙂

      • Thank you Mindy! I copied and pasted your note in my charter. Seriously! I just got done watching the interview for a 3rd time and taking notes. Courage is the word! And I understood that Tammy’s view of shyness as a legacy that she didn’t want to leave and something she could remove out of the way or step around for the sake of others was the trigger for me in having this interview be so powerful! Love you guys for all you do!!!

  41. Regine

    What I like best about this video is the fact that you have a choice: you can become the person you want to be or you allow others to dictate who they want you to be. What an opportunity!

  42. Hi, Marie. Wonderful show. Thank you. What came up for me are all of MY ideas that are standing on the edge of the ledge waiting for me to push them on into the pond. Also, because I’m from a few generations ahead of you, I am interested in knowing how Tammy used social media — there are so many options today and who’s got time to study them all? It can be overwhelming if you don’t have that experience. Third, I notice that you almost always have hip, pretty, cool, young people on your show. Some of us have gathered years of experience and wisdom — and I’d like to see you engaging a wider array of ages of wisdom. What do you think about that idea? Blessings on all your loving, kind work.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great questions, Elizabeth. Tammy mentioned using YouTube to publish her first video and Facebook to share news about women’s lack of equitable education. YouTube and Facebook are still big players in social media, as well as Twitter and Instagram. I would say those four are the most popular and well-received. While there are many more platforms out there, they tend to be more niche and less popular, perhaps with the exceptions of Pinterest and LinkedIn. The social media platforms you use should really depend on your message, how you most enjoy communicating, and how your audience most wants to receive your message.

      And thank you for the suggestion to have a more diverse array of guests on the show. We’re always open to feedback, so that’s something we’ll take into consideration for the future.

  43. Thank you Tammy and Marie for touching on the very practical matter of how you support yourself (without having a spouse to pay the bills) while you do “good work”. It seems like so much of what women can do in the word is work that they “should not” charge for, that we’re not allowed to do “good work” and be economically independent and successful at the same time. Given that Tammy’s organization is not-for-profit and doing work that women have traditionally done for no pay, how do you approach the matter and structure the organization so that you can earn a viable living?

  44. Hi Marie & Tammy,
    What a wonderful gift at such an opportune time for me. This interview spoke to my heart. I am sitting here contemplating giving up because I am struggling with confidence and speech writing. I am an Indigenous (Native America) woman living in Canada and on the cusp of starting my speaking and life coaching business. I am doing this work to improve the lives of Indigenous women, there are 1,181 missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. Tammy your wise words about moving out of my own way to help others were exactly what I needed. I graduate from a professional speaking program on Thursday, and I am giving a speech on stereotypes but I was wavering, letting myself get in the way and seriously considering giving up. I now feel empowered by your example and thankful for Marie’s wisdom in recognizing people like me needed your message.
    Much love and appreciation. ~ Karri-Lynn

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so, SO glad you’re using your gifts and talents to serve your community. Indigenous people, especially women, have an especially hard time Canada and in the US, too. We’re sending lots of love to you and your community and can’t wait to see how you bring positive change to those who need it most.

  45. Hi Marie!
    I have already written a lot of ‘my story’ and there’s a book inside of me that is calling for me to share my life experiences about overcoming. I’ve even approached a publishing company but have been allowing money to prevent me from moving forward.

    My life experiences have been of an extremely high drama, train wreck nature, though ultimately are now of an overcoming nature, thank God!.
    A lady connected with me via Twitter who helps to write others stories and specializes in “inspiring life stories.” Her own story was a #1 best seller… I am NOW going to move ahead and find out more about how to work with her and the money needed for this project. I know deep down that I CAN come up with what’s needed to do this and that it will be supported if I’m truly meant to DO this. I believe I am because it’s a recurring thought in my mind. I’ll let you know as this progresses!

    Been listening for a while and this is my first time to share my voice and thoughts with you! You do a phenomenal service along with your guests:)

  46. Thanks for introducing us to such an amazing woman Marie! My perfectionism (inner critic) can really get in my way, drain or redirect my energy, and stop me from taking risks. Working with a brilliant coach, we gave my perfectionism a new job; she is now Chief Integrity Officer, using her powers of comparison to help me align my choices with my soul’s purpose instead of with other people’s judgements. So far it is working very well!

  47. I will be mentor Male AND female High School student about technology career, such as; engineering, technicians, CAD. I will be emphasiving that women can do these careers as well as men and to encourage the genders to work together.

    I will also be coaching women who feel stuck in their low level/paying jobs in the technology field (factory workers) that they can move up or over like I did.

  48. milly

    Hi marie

    How can i send tammy an email

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Milly. You’ll want to check out the She’s the First website ( and look for the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

  49. WOW I am so inspired by Tammy her work and passion. Thank you so much for sharing She’s the First with us. It is so true what she said about us being our main limiting factor, we are so privileged here and I love seeing others use that privilege for good!

  50. Hi everyone! I am so blown away by the response to this video here in the comments and on social media. My gratitude is endless!

    Thank you so much for sharing She’s the First and creating this awe-inspiring ripple effect with your voices. I have been watching MarieTV for a long time and I could have never dreamed a year ago that we’d be an episode! Marie and Team Forleo: You are incredibly authentic, action-oriented storytellers and I am deeply honored to be part of this community. To everyone who watched and commented, please stay in touch and engaged with She’s the First — our scholars need you!

    • Chad Goldthwaite

      Thank you so much Tammy for being an example of how to change the world for the better!

      You possess a rare quality, and it is one of my dreams to develop that same quality. That quality is that you seem to be always smiling; you’re just beaming with goodness that you radiate to all with whom you associate. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! 😀

  51. Hi Marie! Thank you for this interview! It’s one of the most inspiring so far. She’s The First is an amazing project, and Tammy seems to be a really driven and positive person.

    Answering your question, I get really anxious whenever a problem comes up. Probably because through my childhood and teens, I’ve lived through many ups and downs with my family. It seemed that every time things were going well, something happened to drag us to rock bottom again. I’ve moved homes over 20 times in my life, living both in good middle-class neighborhoods and in poor suburban ones, so I think that took its toll.

    I’ve been trying to deprogram my mind from this anxiety and other issues. Your videos have been a great help, and also the works of other life coaches, such as Tony Robbins and Marianne Williamson. I truly believe anything is possible, and I want to build the confidence necessary to do it in my life.

    I think that all of us inevitably live in a “bubble”. Those of us who try to peek into other people’s “bubbles”, that is, who seek to learn about what others go through, their strategies to live better, their opinions, we broaden our bubbles, and get a better perspective on what life is really about.

    Life isn’t the horrors shown on the news nor is it perfect and bright all the time. But whatever troubles we go through, we have two options, we can either see all of it as a tragedy or see it as challenges that one must face in other to transcend. Take Amy Purdy’s example for instance. She lost both legs, and now she rides bicycles, does snowboarding, has a charity that helps disabled people enjoy sports, took part in Dancing with the stars… The impossible doesn’t exist.

    Those who don’t try and peek into other people’s bubbles, they probably suffer much more, because all they know is what they go through. To them, life can only be miserable, but life is so much more than any one of us goes through.

    You and those you have interviewed and mentioned in the videos and so many others who have done “the impossible” show that we can’t limit ourselves, we must dare to think out of the box and take the leap. The risk is worth it.

    Again, thank you! And congratulations to Tammy for her project. I’m sure going to check it out and contribute.

  52. @TammyTibbetts thank you for all you do – this is an issue I am passionate about, and I am so grateful you saw an opportunity and took the leap!

    As for this week’s challenge:

    Oy vey I would say the thing I do to get in my own way is over-schedule and multitask. If I sat down and FOCUSED I could get so much more shizzle done. And by over-scheduling, I drive my multitasking to feel like a “necessity.” I will change this TODAY by no committing to any more project until I have completed my main one. it deserves my attention!

  53. Marie,
    This episode is a very personal and meaningful one for me. I am a mentor to a teen mom who is 19 years old with twin 3 year old boys. Through a non profit organization called Generation Hope, I am helping her emotionally and financially to go to college and change her future. Generation Hope is located in the DC Metro area as am I. I was so inspired by Generation Hope’s mission, that I have made it a central part of my business. I am the founder and designer of HopeRocks Jewelry, and donate 10% of every single piece of jewelry I sell to the organization. Just so you know, my middle name is Hope; the fact that we share a common name is just coincidental!

    Nicole Lynn Lewis, Generation Hope’s Founder and CEO has an equally inspiring story. Did you know that DC has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country? The statistics on teen pregnancy in this country are astounding, and although it is depressing, I believe that by digging deep and helping just ONE person, it has an incredible ripple effect that extends to their families, their community, and the entire country.

    I love your interviews and your amazing energy. You are a rockstar.

    Rachel Needle

  54. Marie and Tammy,

    Thank you so much for bringing us this inspiring video. A daughter of immigrants, I was the first in my family to attend college and I know first hand how big of a dream this can be. The youth of the 3rd world have so much stacked against them. And we have to be grateful that there are people like you, with big hearts, that are dedicating their lives to giving others hope and opportunity. Much love!

  55. Azzy


    Its inspiring to see a really shy person changing the world, thru girls education.

    wish there was a book on Tammy Tibbetts journey from being super shy to super girl and her vision about She’s the First.

    Thanks guys…

  56. Hello, Tamy and Marie!

    I have been sponsoring a girl in Tanzania for a few years now, and I’m so happy to do so – same personal connection, and same great feeling I get as a reward.

    The way I stand in my own way is by letting myself go on old patterns and not catching when they come back to me. Working on it 🙂

    Thanks a lot, and congrats!

  57. Clare Bresnahan

    I don’t act on moments of instinct and inspiration out of fear or lack of focused energy. I loved Tammy’s advice that if there is usually a good enough reason/higher purpose to take risks. What a great value to live by!

    This week, I am going to practice immediately acting on inspiration that comes to me and feels like a gut instinct. Then see what magic unfolds.

  58. Ashley Harkey

    This was such a great video. Thank you Marie for always having inspirational guests. I’m not in the non-profit realm but all of the tools she used to grow her organization can be applied to whatever goals we are trying to achieve. It takes commitment and getting out of own way. Absolutely beautiful!

  59. Jennifer

    Dear Marie,

    Thanks so much for this video. So enjoyed and appreciated this interview with Tammy. The grounded advice and experience was inspiring and welcomed. One way that I get in my way is to question my worth and ability to make things happen. While I have made things in the past, I have kept a low profile healing from some deep life losses, and am making the reentry to everyday life. My confidence took a hit, and I am making the transition to move out in the world in faith, knowing I have learned and grown so much that has helped me enormously to feel more connected and powerful from the inside. It’s taking incremental steps that it’s through action that I grow in faith. Even though it’s the scariest thing in the world. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be heroines and heroes, or require the world “hero”.

  60. @TammyTibbetts – You are awe inspiring! First of all, obviously for educating girls, but also for being so motivating in sharing your story and helping us all see that we can create ripples if we just get started.

    Marie & Team Forleo : Immense Love for showcasing people doing such impressive work in the world.

  61. A very rich and moving segment today! When you discover women who give for the sake of making the world a better place, you cannot help but smile, give gratitude and figure out where your puzzle piece fits. No matter how large or small your contribution, when you make others, especially women, feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves, you change the world. Just perfect!

  62. Brilliant Tammy! Thank you for following your heart and inspiration and making a major difference in the world.

    Looking forward to learning more about your organization and how to get involved. Thank you Marie for spreading the good word!

    xxo Rise Up Lovlies Rise Up

  63. Beautiful video. I get in my own way so often…I tend to overcomplicate things, so I have a big sign in front of me that says simplify, simplify, simply it brings my focus back 😉

  64. So many of us talk about changing the world. Here’s someone who’s actually doing something. I find this so inspiring. It makes me want to break out of my comfort zone and find a way to help this world that needs help so badly. Thanks for this video.

  65. I make excuses that is what gets in my way. How do I stop that??
    I want so much to help shelter animals and educate children/people about being responsible animal owners and to be good to animals. There is so much cruelty out there but I don’t want to focus on that I want to be positive. I sell my blankets and send a portion of my sales to resuce groups and try to spread the word to adopt and not shop for a pet. I also run my husbands business full time, with my finance background it just came naturally – he the artist me the finance person. So anyway, there you go, i will just plug along and hope in some small way I am helping but I really want to do more……

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ginger, it sounds like you’re contributing beautifully already by sending part of your sales to resources groups. I think sometimes so many of us (myself included) feel like we’re not doing enough, but really every dollar and every share on social media adds up to have a tremendous global impact. Small contributions from many adds up to so much.

      When we have a voice and a platform, however small or large, we can always use that as a force for good. Keep up the incredible work! <3

      • Thank you Caroline, you’re right every little bit helps ; ) Our neighbor was going to purchase a $3,000 dog and she said that because of me she went to our local shelter and found the sweetest dog and they are so happy. So I guess, small steps are good. I just see what other people have done to help people/animals, in such a large scale that it makes me feel like what I do is inadequate.

  66. Lindsay

    I get in my own way by not being confident enough that I have the knowledge I need within me. Especially when creating something new, there is no pre-set path. There is always room for learning and growing, but I get caught up in that and don’t CREATE enough. As Marie has said many times, Create before you Consume!!

  67. “If there is a will, there is a way.” Everybody, at a certain time of their life, will need assistance and a loving pat in the back to pursue their journey. What Marie and your team are doing beautifully for us. Congratulation to Tammy too for her great work.

    I finally let go of a limiting belief that said that I could not go out in a big way. I am creating an NGO (S.O.S. e-stress) and in the preparation of a tour to raise money in Sept-Oct. in Canada and possibly in New York by offering talks and workshops at the name of the NGO. Its mission is to help the low-income population of Costa Rica to improve their response to stress from daily challenges. Stress often manifested by physical or emotional suffering, including violence and illnesses. Initiative based on my belief that no one should be refused because they cannot pay when they need help. Suffering cannot be assessed.

    How do I feel looking at this new challenge? Less fear than I thought I will have, more challenged than I thought I would be but also very excited knowing that I will be able to touch more people even though if my goal is to touch one person at the time. July will see the beginning of the S.O.S. e-stress activities: a weekly women’s group support and the assistance to policemen in need to change their response to stressful situations. I could not have dreamed of a better way to celebrate the year of my sixtieth birthday.

  68. Wow! So inspiring!!
    I love watching your show & the people you invite.
    I wish I could earn money for getting in my way. I’d be rich!!
    I get so tired when a ‘moving forwards’ task comes along that I can’t keep my eyes open. I have to sleep. So I’m not advancing with my business, I’m not making enough money to feed myself & my kids so then I beat myself up about it. It’s a vicious spiralling circle.
    I have no idea how to get out of my way.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Frances, we’re so happy to have you tuning in and thank you for your kind words. I so hear you on getting in your own way. For a little fun inspiration and food for thought, I thought I’d share this classic episode of MarieTV about making more money in your business:

      I know so many of us are our own worst enemy, especially in business, so you’re not alone there. We have some incredible MarieTV episodes that talk about all different aspects of taking your business and life to the next level, so you’re welcome to check those out here anytime.

      We’re always happy to share suggestions too if you’re looking for a particular topic, so feel free to reach out to us anytime at info AT marieforleo DOT com and we can absolutely share a few episodes with you!

  69. Thank you for this video, Marie you put a smile on my face every time I watch one of your videos!

    The biggest thing I have taken away from this video is how to present myself when going for job interviews or meeting clients! This lady, although being shy, has perfected the art of exuding confidence despite being shy. I could tell she was shy from the beginning, but only because I could see myself in her!

    Also, I am probably going to get involved in this organisation myself as I am passionate about empowering girls in third world countries 🙂


  70. Getting overwhelmed with life events that just happen. It can prevent me from following my system for the day. So I have to learn to bounce back quicker. Getting better. Had an overwhelming morning, and now doing work about 4pm. Like Taylor Swift says, I need to “Shake it Off”, haha!

  71. Gladys Bank

    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story. I would love to get involved in this amazing organization. I am an attorney and an entrepreneur. I was the first in my family to graduate college. I constantly talk to my children about the fact that I would not have been able to achieve the things that I have achieved if I had been born in another place or time. My kids love to make fun of me because I believe this so wholeheartedly that I actually get choked up when I talk about our Constitution! I want my children to appreciate the opportunities that have been bestowed upon them simply because of where they were born. Let me know how to get involved!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear you’re inspired to get involved, Gladys! Definitely check out the website for She’s The First for more information:

  72. Wow, I loved this interview!

    I generally play small game, don’t share my work and don’t ask for help. What is my solution to play bigger? I am still not sure. Maybe sharing with a few chosen people at the time, little by little. Social networking. Many solutions. But inner work definitely.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Those all sound like great potential steps, Milena. Sometimes we don’t have the full path mapped out in front of us, so it’s about experimenting and trying things out to find out what to do next. Definitely check out my favorite MarieTV episode about that too:

  73. Sekina Titilayo Okonu

    Wow! thanks so much Marie; and the guest featured Tammy; you are both very inspiring. I really appreciate what you and Tammy are doing ; I have so much passion on empowering the girl-child; ‘ educate a woman; educate a nation’. But present circumstances makes me feel I have no resources to do that for now.
    I really believe in myself; that if I give it my all; I would be successful; but the stumbling block is fear, procrastination and implementation. I have great plans in my head; but the ‘what if?…’ usually sets in and slows me down.
    After a lot of ‘blogcrastinations’; I’ve recently set up my blog; but the fear of actually going public sets in, and I find myself asking; what if it wasn’t a success? That has made me procrastinate publishing my first post on my blog.
    I hope to get myself out of the way and just let my passion drive me! Thanks so much Marie; I’m glad I found you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you found us too, Sekina! xoxo

  74. Dee Johnstone

    Hi, fantastic as always. I love what I learn about the world through your videos Marie! I love with all my heart the amazing work Tammy and her team have and are doing with “She’s the Firet”, but I really really hope that it is for all girls in the world including the USA. Although I am in Australia, I recently saw a tv documentary on a young girl in the USA who was literally trying to get through high school. Her mother wasn’t on the scene as she was a drug addict in prison and Dad was a recovering drug addict and didn’t even know how to read or write! So this girl was determined to change things and graduate – which she did. It was shocking to realise that in the USA, as well as here that our countries too have children that are so poor that education is limited. I plan to see if there is something I can do here to help make a difference. Keep up the AMAZING work Marie and team Forleo!! Heartfelt thanks Denise x

  75. Lynn Cook

    Thanks Marie and Tammy for such an inspiring interview,

    I really loved Tammy talking about how she worked at Seventeen and, in parallel, on She’s the First, taking the experience from one to help with the other.

    I especially liked Tammy saying that she only had one response to her call for interested people to help, and that response made all the difference. This is something I have difficulty with, asking for help, so it was good to hear Tammy’s experience was ultimately so successful. Wonderful!

  76. Jen

    Hi Marie + Tammy! Thank you so much for sharing this! A while back I saw this TED talk By Derek Sivers on how to start a movement. Your story about how Kristen was the only person to respond to your call for help made me think of it. She was the first person to join your movement, and then it snowballed from there. This talk is a fun way of looking at the way to start a movement!

    So many times we do get in our own way and get stuck on the end result of the movement, or larger goal. All we need to focus on at the start is getting that first follower!

    Appreciate all that both of you do to make this a better world!

  77. Chad Goldthwaite

    I have found that an incredibly effective strategy for getting out of my own way is to:


    As an entrepreneur with ADD, this has made ALL the difference for me.

  78. raechanah syafei

    you are wow….inspiring and amazing
    somehow I would like to be part of your mission….

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Raechanah! If you’re interested in learning more or getting involved, you can check out She’s The First, at their website here:

  79. Dear Marie and Tammy,

    Thanks so much for your interview! 🙂

    Education is important.
    #geoengineering – Have you heard the new buzzword of our generation? Make up your own mind, but join the discussion.

    Peace, Blessings, and Love,

  80. corinne woodward

    Hi Marie, thank you so much for this video with Tammy, extremely inspiring and moving I had tears in my eyes. We have 5 girls and Odyssee our 17 year old is particularly shy. She’s recently left school and is in search of answers to her life path. I can’t wait to share this video with her as I am sure Tammy will resonate very strongly with Odyssee in the type of person that transpired through the video and also Odyssee is planning to work with orphans next year in Asia. Thank you so much Marie, I really appreciate the sharing of your gift. Corinne from Byron Bay Austrlaia. xxxxx

  81. Tammy, I appreciate you sharing your gifts with the world. We just started a nonprofit business and are working toward some common aims to those of your organization. I liked your statement about getting out of our own way in order to better open our hearts and share the gifts each one of us have.

  82. I love this idea of being a “global citizen”, it empowers me to think outside of the square. We can be so consumed with the little voice inside our own head, going about our day to day lives as “one”. How about the “whole”, global perspective. As Tammy has shown with her skill-set, and you have helped her organisation reach international audiences, we have the capacity to engage a worldwide audience and make positive changes at this scale now! Thanks for the inspiration, girls! p.s reporting from Tasmania, Australia here!

  83. Beautiful story and great advice! She reminds me a lot of Michelle Jones who is leaving her job as professor in Portland to start a new non-profit college for students who aren’t really sure what to do what their lives and don’t want to amass tons of debt figuring it out. Her event organization experience through TEDx and World Domination Summit, plus years in the traditional higher ed field, have all prepared her to launch the Wayfinding Academy. It’s now her life legacy to provide a much-needed alternative for young adults.

  84. I love hearing how Tammy got started in the entrepreneurial nonprofit world. This makes me feel better about keeping a day job in my field where I can learn and try out those skills as an intrapreneur and apply those new lessons to my own business. Thank you, Tammy!

  85. Biggest takeaway: Those being sponsored don’t have the luxury of having a “Plan B”. That really resonates with me. I’m working with an organization in Rwanda to sponsor some impossibly poor children who cannot afford the school supplies/uniform/shoes to attend public school. These kids can fall prey to very terrible people.

    Marie thanks for today’s video. Inspired to make their “Plan A” work.

    • Sounds amazing Leslie, what is the name of the organization? Cheering your plan A on!

  86. Thank you for the video ladies – truly appreciative of your Work of Love in this world (good on you Tammy – you rock sister!). My biggest fear in really stepping into working for myself (as I am right now) FULLY is the fear of loosing the beauty that I DO have in my life – the love, the flexibility – to actually be working with more clients (and changing more of this world through conscious eating & lifestyle alignment, and women’s empowerment) and actually… sharing my heart with the world. I have spent all morning funnily enough facing this very question – discussing it with a fear friend and house mate, and even looking at Youtube videos on that Marianne Williamson quote about how ‘it’s not the dark that scares us but our light’. And knowing I am Pure Love (that may sound weird to people but I do).. is really scary. Because this world isn’t full of Love, and to feel constantly in fear of the terrible suffering that goes on and the fear of failing… at something… of being great… is a paralysis I truly fear everyday. I’m standing at a giant door, a gate – and I’ve been standing her for a long time, waiting to go to the other side. I’m working on how to open it. And it’s at this very moment and day, funnily enough that I’m really narrowing more and more down to what it IS – this one KEY – that limits me from stepping forward with DECISIVE ACTION.

    Blessings sister from Australia Xo Em

  87. nancy

    Thank you Marie and tammy…a truly inspiring story and make me ask ” what can I do to make a difference”

    I stand in my own way by procrastinating and focusing on the negative instead of the positive….with age (54 now) I feel I have lost my ability to be organized and go after what I want…I used to have so much drive and was so very organized…now…well i’d rather flake on the couch and zone out than face my obligations and responsibilities…. id o just what I have get by….I need to get my “juz” back ,,,,Tammyinspired me to be more creative, give back and be the entrepreneur I should be! Thank you!

  88. We are limited by our beliefs that we can’t make a difference. This episode demonstrates all actions, small ones leading to larger ones, do.
    Go make a difference!
    I was very inspired, again.

  89. Cam

    Wonderful and inspiring episode. Procrastination is, and has always been, one of the ways that I stand in my own way. I’ve made some major improvements, but I still have more “going pro” work to do. This episode was right on time for me. Thank you Marie for featuring Tammy and She’s The First.

  90. Wow, what a lovely episode Marie and Tammy. Thank you. I so resonate with being shy, especially to raise my hand at school. It reminded me of being too afraid to raise my hand when we did multiplication grids, our teach would time us and give our times individually as we raised our hands to indicate we were done. I was almost always the first and was too afraid to raise my hand. My teacher soon caught on and began standing at my desk whilst we did the grids so that she could give me my time as soon as I finished, then move back to the front of the class. Thank you Ms Serene (my teacher) for that. So what stands in my way is fear of speaking up. I am slowly doing it, step by step. On my blog, then writing an article and since then I have been on a tv show and the radio. I’m following Maya Angelous advice of being courageous in small bits 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful teacher you had, Gaveeta. And I so love being courageous in small bits. We’re cheering you on! <3

  91. This is just what I needed to watch tonight. Here I am, up late at night, working on my website – doubting every move I make – because someone told me I should reshoot my first video that I posted on Facebook. It was the first comment and it was so disheartening. But, I put that comment aside and decided to trust myself. It’s a great video, dammit! 🙂

    Thank you to both of you amazing women!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right on, Heather! 🙂

  92. Hi, Marie! Thanks so much for sharing this incredible organization with us!
    I’m a singer, and I’ve been producing a show for the first time while also starring in it, and I’ve learned a lot about what it means to lead. One of the ways I most get in my own way while leading is letting my fear define my interactions, which manifests itself as a distrust in my team, which leaves everyone less productive and stressed out. The SECOND I changed my attitude and adjusted my perspective, things began running smoothly and the people in my team, including me, have just blossomed into their full potential. I’ve never experienced a better example of how your inner world reflects your outer reality than that.

  93. Tanya

    Thank you Marie for this wonderful interview and Tammy for your story – this is truly inspirational and moving, with so many words of wisdom too.
    Time to stop that self-doubting, self-criticising, limiting voice right now…!

  94. Tracy McArthur

    WoW ! So strong ! This was my favorite Marie TV. So inspiring and powerful. Thank so much you are beautiful xxx

  95. Sowjanya

    I always love listening to you every tuesday. Today I decided to sit outside with a cup of coffee and listen to the video and found myself crying at the end of it. In the spirit of what I heard about outting it out there I decided to write about it and it sure feels better. I cried because I feel strongly about womens education since I come from india and know how much it is needed there. Also am at a stage in life where I am trying to find what resonates for me to pursue my passion and have been in transition since a few months, painful place to be in but the only way out of the pain is through it so am hanging in there
    Thanks for the cry 🙂 helped clear my glands and mind this AM

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re sending you lots of love as you work through your pain to find your passion. I know that’s a tough place to be. I hope your cry was cleansing, cathartic, and just what you needed to wash the pain out. <3

  96. Jackline Makandi

    Allow me first to say that you two are elegant!

    Am so inspired by the story of Tammy. Thank you for that interview Marie. It was so timely. I have been fumbling and procrastinating for fourteen (14) months now since I finished my university degree . I have an idea of what I want to do but have got on my own way, telling myself I do not have funds, I do not know how to go about it. Am passionate about kids. My idea has been to help these kids get a better education and life in general. Have not shared my idea with the right people. I now want to stop getting on my own way! Right here on this platform. Maybe Marie and Tabby you may help. And this fantastic team or Marieforleo Tv.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jackline, thank you so much for tuning in this week and for your kind words. It’s wonderful to hear of your vision to create real change in the world, and we’re honored to hear this episode inspired you to start taking action.

      One of the best ways to get started is to do some research on companies who are working in a similar area to the one you’re interested, such as She’s The First (shared in this episode) or Pencils of Promise, started by Adam Braun. We featured Adam on another episode of MarieTV, so you might like to check that one out too:

      Learning about how other organizations got started is one great tool. Also, you might want to try volunteering or working for one of these organizations. It’s a great way to make a difference if you’re strapped for time or money, plus you can learn so much by being a part of an organization that’s already out there in the world.

      I hope that helps, and we’re sending our best as you start taking steps toward bringing your dream to life!

  97. @tammytibbetts Thank you for stepping out of your shyness to give the girls of the world such a beautiful gift! I was a former shy girl too & at 50 am just taking the steps to put myself out there in a global way. I created a FB site (60 Seconds to Kindness) & I’m using social media to raise awareness that we can change the world one minute at a time through acts of kindness. I want to put an end to the hatred, bullying, shaming, intolerance & violence in today’s world. I need to stop doubting myself & criticizing my lack of social media expertise and just know I’m acting from my heart & doing the best I can.

    @MarieForleo Thank you for bringing us such an inspiring, empowering message in the form of this incredible young woman!

    I will share the story on my page & Twitter!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for the wonderful work you’re doing in the world. There really is so much intolerance, hatred, and bullying in the world, so I’m really glad you’re inspiring people to take small, actionable steps to making the world a more kind place. <3

  98. Mary Lahti

    This interview with Tammy is wonderful. Tammy spelled out her vision and process so clearly (of course, clear questions from Marie). She is so easy to like and she has created such a wonderful organization. Education is so important and it’s so great there is this opportunity available for these kids! I’ve been involved in training throughout my adult career and this has been my passion since. I too grew up very very shy and now am often a first time hand raiser. Education and leadership had a lot to do with helping in that area. I’m exploring developing my own business in the form of training and although I’ve been working on it, I’ve been holding myself back and not quite sure why. BUT TODAY, I think I’ve heard the words that describe what’s holding me back. Both Tammy and Marie mentioned having a “safety net” if it didn’t work. Ah Ha! That’s it!!! I have the desire and have been learning the ropes but not ready to take the risk. I like knowing I have a roof over my head. I’m trying to start something at the age of 59. I need health insurance. If this doesn’t work, will I get a job making what I make now? Probably not. I try not to think of the “what if” and label the unknown. But it is a form of reality. Have a great day everyone. Keep doing great things!

  99. This is such an inspiring interview! Thanks for bringing it to my inbox, Marie, and thanks for your work in the world, Tammy.

    I find that I get in my own way when I don’t prioritize my tasks in the most meaningful way. Sometimes it seems like I should bang out some of the quick, lower level tasks straightaway so I can focus on the bigger ones.

    But what I’ve found is that is often a recipe for frustration. I have to make a conscious choice to start with the most important tasks, even if they are big. Creating smaller chunks/subtasks from the larger whole helps a lot, too.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is really wise, Barb. I, too, find that not prioritizing is no good for me–it just leads me to overwhelm.

  100. An amazing story! As always, very inspiring and lights a fire under my butt! Thanks Marie for doing what you do, and helping us all in the process.

  101. Julie

    This interview was such an inspiration. Tammy has such a passion for what she is doing that shows through in everything she says. It resonated with me because I have been struggling in a job that doesn’t inspire me for a number of years. I have struggled with depression since I was a teenager, and that is what holds me back. When I become depressed, I lack the energy needed to make changes, withdraw into myself and stop seeing the possibilities in the world. I know there is more to life than what I am doing now, but I just can’t seem to find my way to something bigger.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Julie, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had to face depression. I have people close to me who have gone through similar challenges, so I know how hard it is to live with it and keep moving forward.

      I thought I might share this episode of MarieTV that talks about overcoming serious challenges tough times. Marie shares some helpful thoughts about moving forward and taking one step at a time when the going gets tough, so I hope it provides a small bit of inspiration for you:

      Thank you so much for tuning in this week, and we’re sending lots of love!

  102. elieza

    I get in my own way by being a perfectionist

  103. What an inspiring story!
    There were so many great points made in this video. The biggest takeaway I got from watching this video is Tammy’s transparency (and vulnerability) in making requests.
    I’m reminded that we are, and therefore our lives are a network of conversations. It is where everything we need or want exists, we just have to ask, or at the very least let it be known. We’re meant to share with and contribute to each other.
    I’m applying this now as I am creating my first Full Moon Whole Body event. Inviting other instructors to participate with me. Adding value to the weekend retreat by getting myself out of the way.
    And as Marie said, we tend to think we need to do it all. I have to remind myself all the time, that just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. In some cases, asking someone else is more efficient. My former business partner created all the Excel spreadsheets we used in running our business. I could have done it, but I’m not as familiar with Excel and it would have taken me so much longer.
    The video also mentions the magic that happens when you find a partner who’s skills are different (and complimentary) to yours.
    So much good stuff in here! Thank you for sharing!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Dawn, I love, love, love what you shared about Tammy’s vulnerability in making requests, but also the piece about our lives being a network of conversations.

      That’s so true, and SUCH a powerful insight.

  104. Beatriz

    The message that comes across in Maries videos and, now in this interview with Tammy, are like small packages of dynamite powder. Such power.
    When I was in school, I was shy to speak up for myself. But not when my classmates were in trouble. I would, without hesitation, speak up for them, to the authority (the teacher) and say things were unfair. My classmates turned to me so I would face the teachers and speak up. This still goes on today, that I speak up for others in need, and that I unfortunately don’t speak up for myself. I stand in my way in that manner and it makes me sad because if I would speak up, and early and directly, I could accomplish greater things for others. It goes hand in hand I think. I have had bosses who’ve said I’m such an idealist (and yes I am, and proud of it) and I felt they thought I was ridiculous with my aspirations and ideas of how to help others. I have an inner strength and energy when I know it’s a good idea, but I’ve faced many who’ve crushed or being unsupportive on the way. This has dragged me down. I always seem to manage to climb up again but for each time I try climbing up, it feels like I’ve got less energy and power.
    I aspire to, one day, being interviewed by Marie and telling her about how much her programs have helped me, and to present something that I am a part of that has and creates an enormous impact to the world. In such a deep level that most people will know about it. Including my bosses or others who thought that to have aspirations and to be and idealist was for fools.
    My energy levels are so low now, but I work to get them higher, to take steps closer to one of my ideas. I also have too many ideas so I don’t know which one to start with. I am working in a hospital where they don’t allow me to have side projects, so it’s hard to know howI can do something without leaving the security of a job. I think I’m getting into a depression cause I feel I’m locked up. I’m a single mother and want to be there for them and need stability.
    A bow to you Marie, and Tammy, for your courage and all that you share.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beatriz, we’re so grateful to have you here drawing inspiration from Marie’s work and reflecting on your own soulful purpose, especially through this episode with Tammy. Thank you so much for your share.

      You have such beautiful goals — that you absolutely have a right to — and your aspirations are far from ridiculous. Taking one small action, one small step at a time towards those goals (and protecting them from those discouragers) can really help with feeling momentum and energy.

      I’m excited for the inner unlocking you’re working on. Thank you for being here with us.

      • Beatriz

        Thank you very much for your reply. That means a lot to me. It is very encouraging!

        Thank you all, Team Forleo, for being part of my unlocking process and yes, I will start to take small steps.

        I look forward to, some day, to let you know the outcome 🙂

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Us too. 🙂

  105. Ashlee T

    What a great story and mission. I get in my own way by not being confident in what I have to share with the world. I have wanted to start my own blog for a while, but I am nervous that no one will like it or feel it adds no value to their life. I need to remind myself that I can add value and someone will be interested.
    It only takes one person!

  106. Tammy’s mission aligns with our vision at SmartGirl Bags. We hope to grow the company so that one day we can fulfill the vision of providing the “SmartGirls of the Future” scholarship fund. The vision is to have scholarships that help single moms in the USA go to college with expenses traditional or government programs do not help with such as rent and daycare costs. As a once single mom, who received a similar scholarship that paid 70% of my rent, my first two years of college, I hope to pay it forward as my company grows. One day I hope to award these scholarships out yearly myself and to congratulate single moms that achieve their dreams.
    The one thing standing in my way of success is fear. Fear can be crippling and cause you to be indifferent or inactive.
    Founder, SmartGirl Bags

  107. How do I get in my own way? I open up the door of the ‘what ifs’ – you know, that imaginary place where you create totally fictitious ideas and play them over and over in your mind, as if they were facts? I was frozen in time and making NO decisions, NO changes and NOT moving ahead, out of fear of the ‘what if’ world. Now, I stop those thoughts immediately and take a tiny step forward and see what happens and would you believe, most of the time, everything works out just fine:-)

  108. What an inspiring story and mission!

    I think I get in my own way by getting anxious about accomplishing “enough” for the day (which always seems to be unachievable) and trying to do too much late at night. This sets me up to not sleep well and the next day I’m tired at not creating at 100% capacity, so I feel like I have to work longer to make up for lost time. And the cycle continues.

    One thing I could do is, no matter what, leave my home office at the end of the work day and really take time to unwind before settling into my bedtime routine.

    • Yes Alex, I so hear you on this and have totally been there! One thing that works for me is shifting my focus from not doing something I want to avoid (i.e. NOT working late into the night) and towards doing something that I enjoy (e.g. read a book, spend time with my husband, watch a movie, catch up on MarieTV…). This is a much bigger motivation to keep my evenings clear than just avoiding work so I can do better work tomorrow. I’d also do a check in to see if there is anything in the evenings that you are wanting to avoid, which is actually subconsciously pushing you to work late. Sometimes we use work “enoughness” as means to keep us from addressing other areas where “enoughness” is lacking. Hope that helps you to get our of your way and play bigger!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ohhh I so hear you too, Alex! Especially as a night owl, I have the worst time unwinding, especially when I feel like I haven’t gotten enough done throughout the day and I’m trying to catch up later on.

      I love the tips Catarina shared, and I thought I’d pass along a classic MarieTV episode for a few more tips too:

      For me personally, it really made a difference when I started viewing sleep, down-time, and relaxation as fuel to actually make me more effective. I’m still working on it (aren’t we all 🙂 ), but viewing self-care as just as important as your “to-do” list really helps a lot!

  109. Another interesting girl. I love her work. Sometime I try to do something follow other older model, then I know it not be maximize results as I want. Sometime I decide to do the things by my own way, it really interesting and achieve good results. I mean when people decide to do something by their way base on want to really understand it instead only focus on results then they can achieve big. That same people choose to do things which they have passion. People need to consider and change their belief on something that don’t really work as well for them to do things with their own way, their all heart.

  110. I just wanna share my thoughts about what I created as my own way: My own way that is when I decide to stop hurting myself about things I can’t achieve and worry so much about my bad situation. I start focus on efforts to take advantage of my knowledge, my education, my ability (I got it through 6 years) to make good of my work, help other people have better skills. Because I really at position of inspirit and teach them. As you guess my life being better with more good results come up, more respect and appreciate about me. I really feel my worth growing, my purpose. I love that feel and important is I really own my peace in my soul and really happy with myself in that process.

  111. Dear Marie and the amazing team,
    I always love your interviews with all these amazing ladies !
    But today your interview about how to move forward when we feel we dont have enough… was really great.
    I am building my handbag collection now and all products will be ready next month. In the meantime, tradeshow application deadline is coming up and felt like I dont have a complete collection for them to view… and was in a way struggling what should I do now. However todays interview really helped me to know I have enough to share so Thank you so much ! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh we’re so happy to hear that, Natsu — thank you for watching! We’re sending best wishes for your tradeshow application 🙂

  112. So wonderful to see Tammy and She’s The First spotlighted! Thanks Marie for giving all of these inspiring causes and individuals a platform to share their mission and vision for the world, and Tammy for all the beautiful nuggets of gold you shared. Focusing on taking the first (or immediate next) step and asking for support are great suggestions for ways to get out of our own way, and are two I remind myself to do daily 🙂

    Having spent over a decade working in the non-profit and development space in Africa, what really resonated with me was Tammy’s comment about everyone gaining which is very different from the beneficiary-donor paradigm. Making a difference is co-creation, yes!

  113. Emily

    Hi Marie! Thank you so much for these videos. I get something out of every one I watch. The one thing that struck me from this interview was when Tammy said not to hold back on expressing the things that you need to be successful. I feel like I need to show everyone that I’m making it and doing great all the time so that they don’t look at me as a failure, but that’s keeping me from showing them where there are “weaknesses” that they can help with. I’m not very good at being vulnerable, and it’s definitely something I’m going to work on. Thanks again for this amazing video! Emily

  114. Beena Srivastava

    Hi Marie ,

    Such an Inspiring Video ….. love you and Tammy for the great work you both are doing …..
    I am 32 yrs old Indian lady running a small textile business from home …. However , my heart is pushing me on and on to do something bigger, better and more meaningful with my life ….. I feel deep thirst to serve the world and know that can do it …….

    Just like Tammy , I want to start a movement for women empowerment in India but don’t know how to get started with an NGO …..nor I have any work experience in the field of education …..

    Please can you help me reach my goals ….shall remain indebted for this help .

    Stay blessed …regards

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Beena, thank you so much for watching our episode this week, and it’s wonderful to hear that you’re aspiring to make a real difference in the world!

      There are so many comments here, so I’m not sure if you read my response to Jackline above, but I thought I might share a little bit of my response to her since I thought it might help you get some ideas for starting out too.

      “One of the best ways to get started is to do some research on companies who are working in a similar area to the one you’re interested, such as She’s The First (shared in this episode) or Pencils of Promise, started by Adam Braun. We featured Adam on another episode of MarieTV, so you might like to check that one out too:

      “Learning about how other organizations got started is one great tool. Also, you might want to try volunteering or working for one of these organizations. It’s a great way to make a difference if you’re strapped for time or money, plus you can learn so much by being a part of an organization that’s already out there in the world.”

      Thanks so much for tuning in this week, Beena — we’re cheering you on and wishing you all the best as you think about ways to bring your big dream to life!

  115. Great video, thanks!

    I have found a big insecurity and bad confidence coming around a lot lately and that gets in the way. I love the reminder of how we need to step aside to let something bigger flow through us….we dont have to be responsible to work so hard for stuff…we can ask for help and also put our wanting out there and see what comes in our way and work from there. Ease and flow!

    Me and my boyfriend have had the idea to start a fund to help kids…either in our own country or abroad. Now I get more inspired to go for something like that.

    Love to you all and lets keep opening our hearts for us and the people around us.

  116. Lorri

    I really found this to be one of if not your best interview I feel giving a child the chance to engage in education to help no only them to succeed but help their families who did not have the opportunity. I love love this program would love to mentor a child to get educated.

    Also are they only doing it for 3rd world countries? What about right here in our country so many as well are not getting the education they need to succeed as well. Just a thought

  117. Christine Charman

    Thank you! I get in my own way by bringing back old “stuff” reminding myself of past failures or awkward moments… But I am SO inspired by this interview! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  118. Michelle

    Fabulous segment! This message is for Tammy: I am also the first in my family to go to college, so your organization really resonates with me. I also see how vital it is to promote girls’ education on a global level. I sponsor a girl in Cameroon who is in an orphanage. All this said, I think there is so much work to be done for girls here in the United States. Does your organization provide educational assistance domestically? Although I work full time, I live in the tri-state area, and wanted to know whether there are any opportunities to volunteer for She’s the First. All the best to you and your organization.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Michelle! Definitely check out the She’s the First website for more info. There’s a contact form at the bottom so you can reach out to Tammy and her team. 🙂

  119. Tammy is so sweet and inspiring! Thanks for this weeks episode, I loved it. On to the Challenge: Stepping Out of My Own Way…I think that I get really down on myself and start cultivating doubt when I should Step Out of My Own Way and let Faith grow instead. Perhaps the more fundamental point is that I keep seeking validation outside of myself. I have found it difficult to say to myself “You got this!” in a time confusion regarding my growth whether personally or business-wise. I do think I am getting better though Thanks Marie and Tammy, She’s the First is definitely more of what our world needs

  120. How do I get in my own way? By preemptively self-excluding from groups or communities that I actually want to join. Two recent examples, I managed to complete B-school 2015 without once posting in the Facebook group or creating a profile, and recently showed up to a women’s parkour jam, totally excited about it, then chose not to participate. I think I am trying to stay invisible. Almost used the long list of comments as an excuse not to post here, but just called “bullsh*t” on myself and got it done .

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi, Steph! I’m so glad you put yourself out there and decided to comment–we’re so happy to hear from you! The good news is that the B-Schoolers 2015 Facebook group is active year-round, so you can dive in and participate any time you like. There are some great discussions happening over there and you’re always welcome to join. It sounds like you’re a little afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Marie has some great episodes of MarieTV I think you’ll find helpful for this: and

  121. Fariba

    wonderful video, I always think about how I can overcome my fear? this girl ( Tammy Tibbetts ) is not only inspiring me, but also gives feeling that we can change the world with clear mission. I found this video as one of the most interesting video that I ever watched. sometime I think I don’t have enough energy, but with watching this video I got enough energy and confidence that I can be useful in different way in my life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s also true that when you’re able to do something you truly love, your energy and capacity to do that work increases. You have gifts and talents to share and we can’t wait to see what positive change you bring about by sharing them!

  122. Jackeline

    I was so inspired by this video, mainly because I can relate to the shy, yet ambitious personality. I’m currently a Graphic design major, looking to get a minor in journalism, to be able to align all my interests in a great career. I’m a huge supporter of the artistic/free- spirited lifestyle, as well as living consciously and holistically. Basically anything having to do with maintaining our health/beauty naturally, while also helping animals and the environment by choosing eco-friendly, and vegan products. Being creative also helps me tap into my intuitive/ higher conciousness, which I have started paying more attention to recently. This past year I have been running around all anxious trying to figure out where I fit in with my values, and interests. This video definitely shined some light. Thanks Marie and Tammy!

  123. Hi Marie! This video really hit home with me. To stand in my own way… not being ‘ready’ or ‘having it all together’ is a stumbler for sure, but when I look deeper I see something else. Greed! I’m very generous, and I don’t act greedy, however I want so badly for my idea to benefit all the credit to me. So much that it stops me from putting it out there for fear that someone might ‘steal’ my ideas, or even worse they might do it better than I could. My goals are to help the world. How small will my scope be if I have to be the expert, and I have to get all the credit? When I think it through, really, there can be many successful businesses around my ideas, so if helping the world is really the goal, then why not let someone else do it better than me and possibly get the credits? If I can release it the world will be better, whether or not I benefit. Never know though, it could come full circle as many things in life do, and perhaps letting go is the way to reach full circle. Thanks for the inspiring video Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are some really good points and insights! There can definitely be a fine line between people stealing your work and your ideas spreading. I think about JK Rowling and Harry Potter–from the beginning Rowling encouraged fans to show their love of the books through their talents. So, for example, if you get on Etsy, you’ll see a million pieces of Harry Potter prints, scarves, clothing, wands, cross-stitching, paintings, etc., and those crafters aren’t required to have a license or give Rowling any kickback from the sale of their HP-themed art because that’s something she’s actively encouraged. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many people connecting with the books in so many different ways, none of which would’ve happened if she’d put restrictions on licensing. I think it ultimately depends on each person’s goals and what they want to achieve and what they want the results of their work to look like in the world.

  124. Karen

    I get in my own way by dwelling on frustrations, what’s not working, other’s opinions of me. I’m overcoming this lately with the help of a life coach & journaling. I have worked with prayer & gratitude but going deeper into my feelings, and not feeling ashamed. I am tapping into my anxiety to learn how to grow. \I also want to go back to yoga. I desire to help others, but know I have to do some more healing work first, so I don’t give away all my energy, as I can be codependent, have a hard time saying no & being too nice. Thanks Marie! 🙂

  125. This is by far one of the most powerful interviews you’ve done. Thank you so much. So many messages here resonated with me. as a new mum who is constantly wondering if I can make my entrepreneurial dreams come true, the message of reaching out and asking for help was so important!

  126. Sam

    Thank you so much for this video, it was very insightful and a pleasure to watch.

    I resonate with what Tammy mentioned about being the most quiet person, I somehow carved that into my personality. The major thing that holds me back is me; I want to be hidden most of the time, to disappear and when I start to disappear, I freak out about what my purpose or passion is in life to live and love. I am just learning to live and as I watch these video’s, I change a little inside…and I incorporate the wisdom a little outside. An example of my action outside is to run a marathon for an organisation that’s working very hard to empower youth by making them leaders and making sure their voices heard.

    Right now my action would be to let others know without expectation, and encourage myself to be brave.

  127. I love the organization you talked about today, and I agree with you about Tammy. She has a quiet confidence about her, and projects such sweetness, sincerity and humbleness that you can’t help but be drawn to her.

    What a great episode!

  128. Chelsea - Team Forleo

    Thank you so much, Lori. We love Tammy and her work too!

  129. Another truly inspiring interview, thank you for being the voice of change and empowerment in the world.


  130. Thank you Marie, this interview was so inspiring to me. I am the President of an organisation in South Africa – The South African Council for Business Women ((SACBW) and we are unlocking potential and empowering business women and youth. We are a non profit organisation as well and making a difference in the lives of women and the youth in SA! I am passionate in what I do and needed to hear Tammy’s story and her approach!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Cerita, that is SO lovely to hear! Your organization sounds amazing and I’m so glad Marie’s interview with Tammy inspired you!

  131. Tammy is glowing at all times during the interview, in a way that only a purson who’s fulfilling their Life Purpose can glow! She proved that one doesn’t need to be born with a special talent or dream from early age what they want to do, it’s about finding the thing that lights you up and hustling until you achieve it! 🙂

  132. Wow, wow, and many more wow’s. It is amazing that after all that we read, listen to, and pump ourselves up saying, “You got this girl…Jump…Leap…Fly” and for some reason…I just can’t push myself hard enough!!! I made the first leap moving thousands of miles away from all that I knew, quite a Corp job at 45…divorced, kids all grown-up and everyone back at home either waiting for me to fail or succeed. BUT I AM IN MY OWN WAY!!!!! Just resonated with me.
    What may seem like life tragedy’s to most people…I have ALWAYS said that I am ever so grateful for them…I am who I am because of them. I want other young women/girls to feel loved and beautiful and I ENVISION a caravan full of beautiful clothes and resources to go to where these young girls are at. Do a quick make-over (give a few outfits away) tons of affirmations, hugs, and remind them how beautiful they are when they walk the short runway. Nothing more empowering when women see their outer beauty that their inner beauty will shine.
    Marie, Tammy and all your staff…I can’t express enough gratitude for the countless hours that you put in and the information shared on your platforms that make a difference in so many lives.
    Thank you,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Barbie! I’m really glad Tammy’s wisdom struck a chord with you and inspired you. It sounds like you’re in a period of transition, so we’re sending positive energy your way as you’re going for your dreams.

  133. Oliver

    I get in my own way if I worry too much about whether people think I am gay. I can step outside of it if I come out of the closet.

  134. I love what you shared about feeling like you have to have it all together or people will see you was weak, that asking for help seen as weak. I myself am a thought leader and I have an enormous, ENORMOUS idea and I want to ask for funding but I’m scared that I’ll be rejected. I am so passionate about kids and their personal growth and self development! I want to create a program, a curriculum, like that of English, arithmetic, history, social studies etc. that is taught in the schools about personal growth and self development! I think the more healthy minded and empowered kids we have in our world the more healthy minded and empowered adults who make better life decisions and take personal responsibility for the life we will have. There are so many kids that grow up in horrible, horrible situations but it doesn’t mean that that has to be who they become. As much as English and math and history are important, so his personal growth and self development! There should be an hour a day in school that the self-awareness curriculum is taught!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Stephanie! I could also see that being a beautiful after-school program or a helpful alternative to detention for troubled students. The possibilities really are endless. It’s so wonderful you have a passion for helping kids because their best, happiest selves!

  135. Almaz Tefera

    Thank you Marie.

  136. Super inspired and just added this organization to my focus for next year to see how I met connect help to it. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Sheryl! We’re so glad that She’s The First really resonated with you, and that you’re inspired to connect with them. They do amazing work!

  137. L. David Ryals

    I enjoyed this episode, so much! I like the part about getting out of your own way. I am gong to share this video with my friends. Thanks for sharing this story!

  138. Wonderful person with an amazing mission in life.

  139. Sarah

    My take away is to devote more of my time to focusing on others. To think of myself more as an agent that facilitates positive change through whatever means are available to me…. rather than as a label like businessperson, artist, girlfriend etc. To skip over any expectations I may be holding of myself and, instead, ask ‘how can I help?’

  140. Joyce

    Fear is my middle name! I often take the first brave step in a direction, despite the fear, but give up at the first rejection. I’m aware of it, but struggle to get past it. I can see that having my ‘why’ in mind could help me get past it, but what other strategies are there?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ohh this is such a great question, Joyce. I know you’re absolutely not alone! If you haven’t seen it yet, our episode from today is a really great one that answers your question exactly, so definitely do check that one out for one amazing strategy for pushing past fear and getting started!

  141. I love this video. Lots of great information. I want to know more…one thing Ive had my hopes in is helping the less fortunate. Children and teens without a voice. This has given me an idea and is something I was looking for but didn’t know where to start. This has given me insight, a spark, an aha… I’ve wanted to figure out how can I find resources to help children and teens caught in sex trafficking. Taking them off the street is one thing but finding them emotional help, mental scars and the ability to move past those ashes and into a productive life as they rebuild themselves. Adding value to their lives however we can find resources to help them become surviving contributors to this world. One survivor at a time.

  142. I have hopes in helping the less fortunate. This video has given me something I was looking for but didn’t know where to start. I had not thought of students in colleges. Ive experienced a spark, an aha moment. It is a start to find resources to help children and teens caught in sex trafficking. Taking them off the street is one thing but finding them emotional help from their mental scars and working towards a productive life as they rebuild themselves. Adding value to their lives, one survivor at a time.

  143. Priti

    Hi Marie,
    This episode is so inspiring, I am one of the first in hometown to graduate in Engineering field. I am really passionate about educating girls and take every opportunity to use my self to promote girl child education.
    Tammy’s episode just in the time where i was actually looking for organisation where i could contribute.
    As always i love your episode, they are really motivating and inspiring.
    thank you so much to both Tammy and Marie n team!!!

  144. Alix Foisy

    My heart is melting! I am so excited about this organization and will be donating to sponsor a student 🙂 Thanks for letting us all know about Tammy and the work she is doing!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Alix! We’re so glad that Tammy’s work and mission resonates so deeply with you. We’re so grateful for your generous spirit and to have you in our bighearted community. Thanks so much for sharing the love and supporting this important work.

  145. Edz

    Oh wow. I think Tammy is now on the list of my heroes! As always, I love this episode Team Forleo. What gets in my way is the belief that I’m not good enough. I know I’m smart, but not smart enough to notice by my boss or earn a really high recognition. I love art and tried photography but I thought I just don’t have the “eye” or enough creativity. I found a new love with calligraphy but most of the time, especially when people don’t appreciate my letters, i feel down and just tell myself that I’m not natural. I have always thought that I’m mediocre. One day I realized that those thoughts hurt my confidence. They take my power from me. That’s why I’m so glad for this episode because you’ve proven to me that it’s my thoughts about myself that get in the way. Thank you so much! I’m headed to practicing self appreciation and love starting today.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that this episode helped to infuse more confidence and self appreciation into your day! Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and learning, practicing, seeing improvement, and getting stronger day by day is not only a necessary part of the journey, it can also be the most FUN part of it. It sounds like you have so much to offer; we’re wishing you all the best, and a bright week ahead!

  146. Tracy

    I’m so inspired by this interview, by the idea of educating girls and by She’s the First. I’m heading over now to make a donation and hope to be able to donate more as part of my evolving business model in B-School.

    I’m also inspired by the idea of getting out of my own way. I have been passionate about running my own business for years but have always been too shy to put myself out there. But I’m tired of living small and I’m finally getting out of my own way!

  147. Gill Maynard

    Is it possible to set up college support groups for She’s The First in other countries around the World?
    I wonder if the supporters also actually appreciate their opportunity for education more and do better? Would be a great study and I bet they do.
    I just put my pen down to watch this as a bit of a break from B school writing. I’m trying to do Start the Right Business and Week 1 at the same time as I joined a few hors before the deadline with no business idea or experience. But had just roughed out an idea to provide work in decent conditions for women in developing countries with schools for worker’s children and continuing education for the women workers. Along with profit put back in for health clinics, community microloans and girl’s scholarships. I have a wonderful daughter and a wonderful son so I also wanted to offer scholarships for boys who would study subjects that would contribute to their community like health care, better agri practices etc as well as being advocates for women’s rights and appreciating women’s potential. I also wanted to put a specific face to a product to build a connection. I wanted to put work into the context because having worked overseas in aid work I do feel people want to learn how to help themselves and pass that on and that charity from the developed world can be useful but sometimes entrenches a sense of personal helplessness . The old teaching people to fish rather than giving them a fish adage. As Dr Tererai Trent talked about in her wonderful interview with Marie this week on Marie TV, these women want to put down the baton of poverty, lack of education and hopelessness and pick up a new baton of education, financial independence and hope for their dreams and pass that on to their children.
    I am also very shy. When my parents went to see my teachers for progress reports they rarely remembered who I was. I am also “not a looker” and at 54 I struggle with basic confidence issues and feel bullied by my own inner voice and yet this could be great, would make a real difference so I need to overcome the inner radio and take action. I am absolutely amazed at the message and timing of this video although it keeps happening with Marie TV and B school. Messages everywhere. Thanks ladies for such bravery and boldness and doing such good. Thanks Tammy for your inspirational example and Marie for getting it out to us in your fabulous way.
    I think there are many people in other countries who would like to support She’s the First and set up support groups. I am in New Zealand. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  148. Yes right if we will educate a girl then it will lead to whole world progress. I really liked your post.

  149. Just started B School and finished my first task so headed over to this video. Love this. I would love to do something similar to help education in girls in developing countries in agriculture, so they can make positive changes to their families, communities and the environment. SO INSPIRING!!
    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Sian!! We’re thrilled you’re passionate about educating girls too <3 Thank you for your big heart!

  150. Diana

    My biggest takeaway is to share with others what I need. It takes courage to show flaws, but also great things can flow to us easily.

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