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Almost all deeply meaningful creative endeavors goes through a similar journey.

You start out on fire. You’re high on passion and possibilities. You could not be more jazzed about your new _________  (business, job, relationship, workout regimen, spiritual practice, life philosophy, eating habit, etc.)

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This is that thing you’ve been waiting for. That life-changing pivot point that’s going to change e-v-e-r-y-thing. From the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow, you’re obsessed with your new “love.”

But then, you hit a rough patch. Unexpected challenges and unforeseen complications take you off track. Suddenly, everything that was going so great has morphed into a hot, frustrating mess.

Your energy tanks. Doubt creeps in. You can’t help but think…

“Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

Sound familiar?

It should. It’s the painful arc that practically every creative person I know experiences on a regular basis (including myself).

If you’ve ever hit a rough patch and lost the passion for a new business or project and wished you could get it back, today’s MarieTV is for you. My hope is that today’s 3-part passion “recipe” will nourish you as you navigate the often turbulent seas of creation.

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As promised, here are two other episodes you should (re)watch about resistance. Both are interviews with my pal (and favorite author) Steven Pressfield, who I consider a genius. These are GOLD!

  1. This one is about Turning Pro.
  2. This is about my favorite book of all time, The War of Art.

No matter what, remember this.

That journey from extreme excitement —> hitting rough patches —> making it through to the other side is 100% NORMAL!

It has nothing to do with your talent, experience or self-worth. It is the creative process itself.

And the more we can be aware of this wild journey, the greater chance we have of successfully bringing our dreams to life.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, let me know. Have you ever lost the buzz for your big ideas? What happened? And what specifically do you do to stay connected to your passion over the long-term?

Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

P.S. Know of anyone struggling in their creative process? Please forward this email to your best colleagues, clients and friends — anyone who could use a boost of encouragement and direction.

Thanks so much for making this one of the most inspiring, fun and supportive places in the digital Universe.

With all my love,


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  1. Hi everyone!

    For me, the secret is to keep growing and moving and that my business reflects that. When I find I’m getting bored with my own stuff, I know there’s some inner work for me to do. So, I do it! 🙂 And keep moving forward with my biz.

    That’s the key: do your inner work to be the best you can be, from the perspective of this Woo Priestess!

    • Lisa,
      what you say is so true. I also find keeping on with achieving my business goal has a lot to do with motivation and inner work.
      I think we can realize everything we want if only we truly believe it, but sometimes it happens that objective indicators just play enthusiasm down.
      One thing I always hear about online business is that you don’t exist as a business until you earn your first penny. And even though I think that every business requires time and money spent before getting successful,
      it seems that in some cases people won’t accept accept this rule. When you act like a pro but don’t have the objective indicators that you actually are a pro, the whole thing becomes really challenging, and inner work becomes a necessity! 🙂

      • Anna, you hit the nail on the head. You can call yourself a pro but if you have no solid foundation for that label you will always have an impostor syndrome. I realized that the most important thing for balance and moving forward at the right speed is self-approval. Being very clear on what being a pro/biz owner/coach/expert means to me, objectively, is what helps me feel more confident. Not saying you ever stop doubting yourself, of course… but this really helps when you’re stuck. Thanks for bringing up such an important point.

    • Lisa, I totally agree that it’s all about the inner work! I literally just a few days ago told my business partner, “I feel like I’ve lost my mojo!” So this video is perfectly timed (massive thanks, Marie!).

      Since then, though, I’ve been giving myself more space and going internal (meditation, journaling, reading, walks outside, time with my most inspiring friends), and I can feel my passion and motivation recharging. It’s been a relief to step away from obsessing about my business 24/7 … and I know that doing the inner work will ultimately result in business growth in the long-run. And that’s my definition of a win-win!

      Thanks for the hit of inspiration at the perfect time, Marie!

      • Love this, Kristen! I totally agree about doing internal work when you start to feel inspiration flagging. My natural tendency is totally type-A: I try to just keep pushing myself through the lulls and figure the passion will come back but this *never* works.

        With practice, I’ve learned that when the lulls come it means it’s time to take a step back, get really still, and do the work to re-connect internally with my purpose (and some extra self-care doesn’t hurt!). Taking some time to rest, recharge, and re-connect with my vision/passion is a critical practice that helps to keep me going when I find my inspiration flagging.


      • Passion can ebb and flow on the sea of change. Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing we are passionate about something, but, it is a false passion. If something is close to our heart, the flame will be rekindled, even when we feel it is down to it’s last dying ember.

    • Yes, compassionate understanding with myself moves me through my resistance; albeit tricky times & it can be slower than desired! For me it’s the only way to keep moving forward. Thanks for your help! blessings, susan

  2. I have absolutely lost my passion for my business… multiple times and for various reasons. I tend to overcome this by reinventing myself and my direction. This has been both successful and unsuccessful at times… but it’s just been what I have had to do. Which spurs a question for you Marie that maybe you can help me on… I will send that off to you soon.

    • We’re looking forward to reading your question, Jenee! Thanks so much for sending it in.

    • Jenee…
      I so relate… having gone through a few re-inventions myself, I am now at the place where I really have a solid vision… and I have enjoyed the feeling of how it “pulls” me! Jenee… something I learnt… was to watch that I don’t get too sucked into re-invention for the sake of creating something new and pretty… follow through is equally important!

      Marie’s video has just helped me realise that right now… I got a little stuck on the “stay hungry” aspect… and it’s not that I’m not hungry… it’s more I’m starved… the overwhelm of the massive gap between where I am and where I want to be… added to that I have a hyena of self doubt trying to take bites out of me along the way 😉 hehe that was quite graphic…
      Time to kick it off… and move forward… one step at a time! #TurningDreamsIntoDO!

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        I think your comparison of self-doubt to a hyena is pretty accurate! It’s like a hungry, all-consuming beast. Believe me when I say that it’s something that all people, especially entrepreneurs and anyone who creates, fights at some point. I wanted to share some other MarieTV episodes that deal with self-doubt so next time the hyena is out on the prowl, you can send it scurrying. 🙂

  3. “Resistance is a natural part of the creative process… expect it.”

    Um yeah, pretty much. I was watching the Eagles documentary last night and Don Henley said “there’s a fine line between the American dream and the American nightmare” – that really stuck with me. It’s when we push through the dip, instead of being stuck in the resistance that makes the slog worth it.

    The vision is an important piece, but I’m also finding that having the right people on the bus is important, too. If you’re trying to slog through it alone, or with the wrong people in your support camp, you’ve got issues that won’t allow you to move forward very easily.

    • Toya

      I LOVE that quote! Thanks for sharing

    • I agree Lisa, having the right people on the bus – critical. Love the Don Henley quote too. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • LOVE the quote from Don Henley. A great reminder that in so many situations, there’s a fine line between two extremes.

  4. Looking at the big picture helps to inform those decisions-making sure that what I’m doing is congruent with where I’m headed. I have to constantly refer to my gut instinct as to whether I’m letting the ball drop or if the project just didn’t deeply resonate.

    I really like that last tip about false satiety by talking about your idea to death. As I like to say, you can talk about it or be about it. 😉

  5. Just what everyone needs in the morning Marie – a Passiontini! Hunger is such a key ingredient. I notice when comfort creeps in, motivation and drive to move forward sinks a little lower. I’m very visual and try to keep reminders of my vision and what I’m heading towards right in my face so that I don’t forget the gap of where I am versus where I am supposed to be. It’s a part of the journey and it’s ok to get comfortable, just long enough to get back to being uncomfortable and moving it forward. Thank you again for an awesome episode!

  6. My favourite question to ask that automatically puts me back in the the creative flow:

    “What WANTS to happen?”

    Gets me out of my pushy-striving-struggling-ego-little-mind and invites me in the expansive energy of the creative flow… all magical things flow from that space.

    • Oh my God, I just got goosebumps with that question!!!!

      “What WANTS to happen?”

      That’s like the best mystery novel ever and I am the lead character who gets to help it unfold and be discovered!

      SUPER AWESOME! Thank you!

    • Wow Caroline. That is exactly what I needed to hear. “What wants to happen?” LOVE it!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      LOVE that, Caroline!

    • miranda

      What a wonderful question – I’ve just written it down and will zip off to make a sign in bold colour! And I like the reasoning, too – that getting outside yourself – being drawn towards the right actions, but yet trusting that IT is there to reach.

  7. This subject hits very close to home!
    I gave up many projects because I ran out of steam and hit the resistance wall.

    With my current business I have salvaged it by reinventing myself (as Jenee mentioned) and changed my focus so it ties in with my big vision which was fairly unrelated to it.

    Basically I had a big vision for the next 5-10 years which was based on a completely different business direction, and I grew resentful of the business and work I do now, and need to keep doing in order to pay the bills.

    Taking the time to really think this through was very helpful.

  8. I’m going through this very thing at this moment in time. I’m trying to get my business off the ground, but there are so many other demands on my time it’s hard to make the progress I want to make at the rate I want to make it. I believe totally in my why, but my slow rate of progress makes me question if I’m the right person to do it! The good thing is, I know I have it in me to make it through to the other side because I’ve done tough things before and will-power and determination got me through.

    • I was feeling exactly the same Lucy! 2 years, 7 days a week early mornings, late nights had really caught up with me and my WHY! I got caught up in the everyday runnings and the disappointments that I lost my passion for why I started in the first place. Then an amazing opportunity came my way in the very same week..reminding me of the path I am on.. its easy to get off track… Hang in there and remind your self of your WHY!

    • Angela

      Hi Lucy

      thanks so much for your honest comment. I so want to leave my current paid job and do my own thing, but how to do both simultaneously as I can’t sacrifice any income? It makes me ask all the time: Am I just not equipped with the skills to be self-employed? The mountain of things I don’t know is just huge. It’s good to know others experience the same. What’s your top tip for knowing you can do it?

      Marie- thanks so much for this episode. Always right on point.

    • Lucy, I love that you can call on your past experiences to know that you can succeed on future challenges. It’s so easy for other time demands to get in the way. Two things that are helping me as I get my business off the ground: 1) Look at my to-do list and reorganize it with the idea of “What’s closest to the money?” In essence, what tasks will get me closer to being able to quit my day job… and 2) Scheduling time to work on my business, just like I would schedule in any other important commitment.

  9. The War of Art is one of my fave books, too! It’s the book that taught me how to push past resistance and to use it as a sign that I’m on track in my business.

    I had a lot of resistance towards coaching other fitness professionals when I started being contacted by more and more this past year for just that. Who was I to coach anyone, I thought? I haven’t made 6 Figures, yet!

    That all changed when I was having coffee with my fave Yoga teacher and she confessed that she was thinking about finding a real J-O-B…I panicked! I started talking her through several options to help her make more money while teaching fewer classes. She was so impressed and told me I should help some of her other friends, too.

    From there I started coaching other fitness professionals after running some webinars to see if the first few ladies I helped were just a fluke (I still had a lot of resistance!) and it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve done since starting my business.

    I feel so much more energized and passionate again! I know that every fit pro I help lets me help SO many more people find fitness and it means a lot to me to see these women beat burnout and shine.

    The experience has made me such a huge fan of pushing past resistance, that it’s something I coach my clients on. I have them use Fear As Fuel and actively seek out things they aren’t sure they should do yet as often as possible. Whenever they push past fear, they find the same results I have-that they are more passionate about their businesses and more connected to their purpose.

    To anyone reading-keep pushing! Resistance really is a sign that you’re on the right track!

    • Kristi

      Catherine your post has inspired me. I too have thought who am I to offer support to others. Resistance has taken me down every time and once again I am in a place without a business and zero income and looking for a j-o-b that I do not want but feeling encouraged now to pick myself up and try again!

      • Aw! I’m so glad 🙂 Definitely grab the book if you can. It helped me a lot. And don’t give up. It takes time to get your business going, but it’s the best thing ever and people really do need you! Webinars really helped me realized that and you can run a free one via Google Hangouts on Air, if you want.

        Rooting for you!

  10. Now I’m REALLY confused. I set up my ladies only PT studio in December (previously working from a home studio for a year) but i’ve really lost the love for the exercise stuff and feel like I want to move over more to the holistic, life coaching element of personal development and change. I hate the studio and would like to get a studio rebuilt at home but after watching this, am i just being lazy? scared? Following Danielle La Porte’s diretions though, the thought of carrying on with the studio at the end of the next 6 month lease makes me want to cry/scream

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I think you’re the only one who can really answer this, Louise. To me, it sounds like you’re having a pretty clear physical reaction to the idea of staying the course and your answer might actually reside somewhere in that feeling!

  11. Johanna

    Wow, this is like a little sign sent to me at the exact perfect time. It was always my dream to live and work in Dubai, and have successfully managed to move here 1 year ago. It has been a wild ride to say the least, but a journey filled with learning moments and growth. However, the last few days I am just thinking that this dream is coming to an end…or maybe I just have to overcome the resistance?! Thanks Marie for your great support; you are an inspiration!

  12. I love the saying that you can easily underestimate what you can achieve in 10 years, but overestimate what you can achieve in 1. So when I feel down, I look back and say “Hey, look at all those things I’ve done in the last few years. I’ve overcome resistance and fear and I’ve done them, so I can do it again.” Something that helps is I try to choose one single way in which to grow my business every year. First year, it was having a paying client. Then, it was selling a full 3 months program. Then, it was building products and selling them. All of those were difficult, so when I face something difficult now, I am like “Yo, girl. 3 years ago you didn’t have a single paying client. Don’t go all desperate on me now.”

    • Maya, I love this! That is such a great reminder and I love the way you phrased it at the end.

  13. OMG Marie I love ya! Thanks for always putting a smile on our faces while giving us cool biz and life insights, you rock!

  14. This episode came right on time Marie. Thank you!. After i got back from my vacay i kind of lost the passion or the drive to to move my business forward I don’t know why maybe I have some innerwork to do. My drive and passion was really high and when i got back it disappeared, and i am feeling at a lost and feel like i am pushing myself to forge on but without any clear direction.

    • Christine, I had the same thing happen when I got back from vacation. I hadn’t thought about my business the whole time I was away – 3 weeks – and was super reluctant to jump back in. All I could see was what wasn’t working and I didn’t know what direction to take. What got me back on track was sitting down for a couple hours and looking at the goals I had set out for the year. I knew I needed to make changes and looking at the big picture of what I hoped to achieve helped me feel focused again. I let go of some things, added other things, and put things on a more specific timeline. Now I’m back to feeling excited! Hope that helps 🙂

  15. Soooo needed to hear this today! I have a long term vision, but suddenly fell short of short term goals. I’m still new in what I’m doing, so I don’t have a yearly planner yet. I’m trying to create a mini-vision that will pull me forward for the rest of this year.

    Marie – great reminder about false satiety in talking our ideas to death 🙂

  16. Kate

    This also reminds me of Danielle’s post from yesterday “What to do after you have a breakthrough”

    “Expect to fall back — and be incredibly compassionate when the inevitable slip happens. This is the pattern of really big change: Big expansion. Slight constriction. Return to expansion. Micro constriction. Back to expansion — full, fuller, fullest. Expanded.”

  17. This was such perfect timing for me. I love what I do and the business I’m building, but it is overwhelming sometimes. I just thought on Sunday, “Is it worth it?” The answer is yes!

    I loved what you said about “talking it to death”… I suffer from that. You are totally right… you feel like you’re getting stuff done because you talk about it so much! So, as of today, there will be a whole lot less talk, and a lot more action!

    Thanks as always, Marie! 🙂

  18. This happens to me constantly! I get so excited for a new line of work, then I work my butt off, I launch it, and nothing happens. It’s so deflating!!! What I’ve learned is: give it time and a chance. I can be excited, but, it’s a lot like a new relationship. You get all hot and bothered and in love in the beginning and then eventually things fall into a comfortable place. I’ve found I need to let my ideas take root, give them a chance to get stronger and then I need to add water and sunlight (marketing and buzz). That takes a lot more time I was giving it before I would give up. Now, I’ve noticed it happens when I’m in the middle of each painting. It looks like a messy nightmare and I want to throw my brushes away, but I know if I keep working at it even when I want to cry it usually comes out nice on the other side. The key is to push through the discomfort.

  19. Hello Marie, Team Forleo, and Everyone!

    I just wish I could add to Marie’s advice, which is this, your WHY is the most important element in your business – especially if its humanitarian.

    If you ever got stuck or fed up from where you’re at, just remember there are people who are a lot less fortunate than you are.

    If you keep reminding yourself that they need your help, then, trust me when I say, you DO make a difference – and that should keep you going.

    That’s all for now.

    Thank you Marie for all that you do – you and your lovely team are truly inspirational.

    Your B-School Alumni,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Beautiful addition to Marie’s tips, Hadeel 🙂

  20. Laura

    Really feeling today’s Q&A Tuesday.

    I finally hit on what I really want to do! I am an artist but for me I don’t want to just create art and sell it – I wanna help people find their passions, get their materials and create.

    My big vision here is an art supply store with room for trying out materials, sitting down and getting your creativity on right there and then! I am gonna surround my people with inspiration, with supplies, with support! My own studio will move there too – cause ya know, who wants to sit behind a counter all day?! Not me!

    I had to be realistic though – that can’t all happen at once, and right now I haven’t got the capital to set it all up so! Starting with what I can do, I am working on the supplies part – working with companies who want to work with me- suprisingly a lot of companies don’t want to work with me… well I was surprised… but ya know what? I have companies that do – and if they want my business, baby they can have it! If they don’t, then it is their loss!

    I am going affordable, fun and funky! The stuff won’t be stocked if I don’t use it or wouldn’t recommend it. Everything will have a review and some how to know-how creating awesomeness – cause a big stumbling block for getting started is the lack of know-how. I am also starting online. Building the business so that it will support itself to re-stock and re-supply, reinvesting the money into getting that square footage and ideal location when the time is right. I would have rather just to leap all out and go for it, but honestly, a more solid foundation is right up my alley!

    At the moment I have stuff stuck in UK customs and it has been there FORVER… well… three weeks… but ya know, when you are waiting and excited and there are delays, the doubt gets time to start working it’s nasty way in. What I am choosing to focus on is that when that stuff gets here, it’s going to be crazy busy! So I uploaded my stock listings to the e-commerce site and left them dormant for now – when the stuff comes, one click and everything is live! I have all my spreadsheets and accounting stuff prepped ready for this thing to kick off because no one should be waiting for this stuff to be essential! I worked out my stock system and I worked out how I want to package and brand everything. Consistency is key! It’s keeping me focussed and in 18 months I will be wishing I was back here with all this time!

    • Laura

      Absolutely love your creative business idea! You sound really prepared even though you’ve been forced to delay the launch. I’m a writer and think it’s great you want to help people tap into their creative sides! I was always told that I wasn’t artistic as a child so I gave up creating until a year or so ago, integrating it back into my life has been the best thing for my mental health. Good luck!

  21. HAHA! Passion-tini that’s for me! Ugh working with resistance and it’s usually all in my head. An aries me I suppose!

  22. So can relate to this! You keep me laughing which I really appreciate! Totally agree with “stay hungry” comment. This has been key for me and
    it’s comforting to know you go through the same struggles.
    Thank you Marie and your team!

  23. Luciana

    hahaha, Marie Marie! this Einstein talking on the side of the video with a german accent made me laught so much!!! (I’m Brazilian, but already lived in Germany and am currently living in Switzerland). Best joke ever!!!

  24. three times a year I offer three months of online training. I change up the videos all the time, I always write new content, but I’m saying the same things over and over, but with different words. I found myself feeling completely uninterested an uninspired in the last launch, but it’s a huge money maker that I depend on. I powered through, and as I got sign ups, I started feeling better about it. however, feeling that way about the program has inspired me to take it upon myself to create a new program, that is completely different to offer. not in place of the three month training program, but I needed a new outlet for my ideas.

  25. Keno

    I haven’t watched many of your episodes Marie, but like Christine said, this one came at a good time. I signed up for B-School super excited and full of vim and vigor. I was on a roll and then I ran into quicksand (high learning curve about technology: websites, opt-ins, webinars, plug-ins, etc…). I was wading through it with mixed results (pushing more than being pulled). Then I asked a group of people for feedback about a cover I designed for a course workbook I created, using an image that defined my brand and the feedback I got was not to use it. The image was such a big part of my vision that the feedback took the wind right out of my sails. I’ve been floundering ever since. Thank god for perseverance! Getting in touch of my vision has been like a beacon of light in the darkness of my frustration and doubt.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Keno, I love that you opened yourself up to feedback and opinions. At the end of the day, though, you have to stay true to your vision and decide if you want to take the feedback and implement it, or do your own thing!

  26. What ever idea I have, I trust the big plan, when an idea is meant to be even I let it fall for days, month, years, It come back better.

    One pratical secret, Is to have my booknote wich I put my projects, sometimes I get back then and see how things have gone, sometimes the very precise ideas live in a completely different kind of way, more in touch with who I become.

    Sometimes experiencing the ideas make me realize that it’s not what I want, and I’m able to move to someone more aligned.

    For me, don’t need to be afraid to lose a dream or a passion, we change, the thing is to keep our trueself and spirit clear and we will enjoy an other way to be passionnate or creative

  27. Hi Marie,

    I haven’t watched the segment yet but I did read through the post. While I was flying between Boston and Orlando, I read Seth Godin’s “The Dip.” Let’s just say, the message has been received loud and clear 🙂

  28. I’ve been going to growing pains in the last year, not only once, but twice.

    I felt my website wasn’t exciting me anymore and had a really big ‘download’ on my next direction. Which I started building and everything was so effortless and easy, I knew it was right.

    The problem is now I have 2 websites and can’t seem to be able to let the old one go… I agree that knowing why you do what you do and having that vision big enough to pull you from all the different fears and pain points that comes up is crucial.

  29. Kat

    so so so so spot on! Sigh i defintely need this passioniti in my drink. Not hungry enough, no big vision that push me to move forward and lastly procastination the resistance! Will pin these reminders up and asked myself every day! Thanks for sharing the stories Marie – i hope the next time i returned to comment here i have succeeded! 🙂

  30. I so needed this today Marie, thank-you! After completing B-School I’ve put my head down and started the research I needed to do for the first six topics on my new blog. I have well and truly fallen down the rabbit hole! The more I look, the more I realise that I don’t know, and the more discouraged I get.

    I want to learn all this juicy new info, it’s really interesting and learning is a major turn-on for me anyway. But the info is never-ending, often contradictory and the task is becoming completely overwhelming. So it’s good to have a topic like this show up today when I’m feeling like throwing in the towel!

    • miranda

      Love your logo, Alixandrea!
      I’m at the same place in evolving a business after B-School and know the research rabbit hole so well. The advice I give myself is to do some writing everytime I have an aha moment in the reading. Sometimes it takes a great amount of control not to read on (gremlins tell us to learn more, shore up knowledge base), but that initial excitement triggered by an an idea you read or hear about is well nigh impossible to replicate later. And if you write at this initial moment your own voice can passionately engage with the idea without the baggage of more information.

  31. I love Stephen’s Turning Pro book and it made a huge difference to me around year 2 in business when I needed to step up and realize I was ‘expert’ enough and I was a leading learner and that had real value to others I could help.

    Love the Passion-tini clip! That was classic Marie.

  32. To ALL eyes that see read and hear this. Marie is AWESOME! I love her content and style.Her delivery is so “Infectious” I just wanna have another dose of her wisdom. My Tuesday are a cup of Marie and yes a doughnut, so worth.
    The SC.

  33. Khalida wild

    Thank you so much!!!!! I feel I should go back to what I was doing. Design bags with the beautiful team back in Kenya using their gifted hands on putting the beads on the bags. Got to be completed proper!! After watching your video. Thank you!!!!!! I love the video

  34. Seriously? BEST.TIMING.EVER!

    I love what I do but every now and then resistance creeps in and I let it take over. I let the doubt and fear overwhelm me and I wind up crying on my living room floor, overwhelmed and stressed. Which s exactly what I was doing when this video popped into my inbox.

    Talk about divine timing!

    It’s EXACTLY what I needed to hear. A healthy, soul satisfying dose of PassionTini =)

    Thank you so much for this.

  35. Love this Marie. Very much needed now. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends the past few months: B-School, my start up business, and my day job – which has hit a very busy patch, and is a venture I want to get the hell out of so I can be a full time business owner. So, I’m tired. My mind is fuzzy, and I’ve only been tending to a few things for my business on the side a little ever day while the day job is kicking my butt. Even when I do have down time, I have no mind space left to work on my start up.

    When someone is in the start up phase and is juggling a tough day job, depleting them of the energy to focus on their business – how can you tell if the lack of work is resistance, or just a period of time when you need to step back, give it a rest, and then come back rejuvenated?

    I’m sure there’s a video for this, but I’m too tired to look.

    Thanks Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Debi, my first thought is to ask yourself how it feels to think about doing the work.

      Even if you’re mentally and physically tired, does the thought of working on your business feel expansive or constricting in your body? It might be a very subtle feeling, but it’s there. If it feels expansive, maybe it’s time to listen to your gut and get some R&R so you can dive back in later on fully recharged and ready to go.

  36. Ashley

    Oh, my gosh! When I started reading this page I started crying. lol. When I started my reading practice and officially started charging for my services last year I was STOKED! Just like you said..Lots of passion, excitement, the promise of lots of possibilities. And things started on a good note. BUT within a couple of months it seemed like thing after thing was happening and falling apart and now, several months later, I”m broke and wondering what’s wrong with me, if I should just give it up, etc, etc. I cannot even tell you how crappy I’ve been feeling…Especially lately. And then, I see THIS! And some of the things you said in here REALLY hit home for me and started the tears all over again. LOL!! I really needed to hear those things, to watch this video.

  37. This episode was perfectly timed for me. I have been worked hard for 18 months now to get my business off the ground. We are making B.U.S.iness bags for women “Beautiful. Unique. Strong? Remind you of anyone? It is very difficult to put all the pieces together for a small textile business and it takes time. Way more than I thought. And it stresses me that money is going out and nothing is coming in (yet). Yesterday I was working on a cash flow plan and geez, I got totally overwhelmed with “what if we can’t sell enough of our products?!” But I remind myself frequently that we are a for-purpose enterprenurial company. 20% of each product purchased supports a domestic violence shelter and provides food for hungry children. So it isn’t about me. It is about a much bigger mission to create positive change. So failure isn’t an option. It doesn’t just affect my husband and me. It affects women and children that are struggling and need support to get to a better place. So the passion cocktail is just the right buzz I needed to pick up my spirits. So to speak. 😉 Thank you Marie. Your business school has given me the tools I need AND Marie TV always provides a little boost just at the right time.
    You are amazing!!!

  38. Emilie

    Most times I have lost passion to pursue my business not because of the initial intention or mission statement but because of other financial priorities – either I am overworked and exhausted to concentrate energy on my business or I do not have the funds to concentrate on new ventures with my business. There are creative outlets and ways to gain additional funds.

  39. Krystal Gonzales

    I have definitely been through a rough doubtful stage with my business. But when I start feeling down I remind myself that there is a reason I’m doing this. My ‘Why’! Find your ‘why’, your reason for doing what you do. Whether it be your kids, significant other or even yourself; just remember the bigger picture. That always keeps me on track and completely sure that what I’m doing is the right thing for me and my future!
    Thanks for this awesome episode!

  40. BTW, Marie, thank you for your audacious happiness. It´s contagious. Sometimes (especially as women) we get so busy, that we forget to be audaciously happy. So lately I’ve been bringing some of that audacious happiness to my classes of high-school girls, and I gotta say, they are loving it.
    Personally, I get through resistance between having 3 major projects, (and a baby who has become both my driving force and my fountain for rejuvenation). I´m always rotating between writing fiction, teaching, and (now) starting my blog. I try to stay balanced between the three, but I lean into the one that’s pulling me the hardest at any given moment.
    And something weird is, that while some women work less after they have a baby, I really feel pulled to work MORE. Or at least work harder and more efficiently.
    Don’t get me wrong, I spend more time with the baby than anything (or anyone for that matter) but I feel that it’s more important than ever to WORK. It´s like, if anything about this world isn’t good enough for Martín, then it’s going to have to change. And who else is going to change it but me?

  41. Gawd I love Marie. Thank you so much for the wisdom. I almost passed this up because for some reason, I am not the kinda of person to lose my passion, and resistance really really fuels my fire. But- I lead a team of women and some of them DO get all hopped up then plop fizz bang – nothing. For some I know they’ve hit resistance, but I’ve not had the best words to use to encourage them and get them beyond that. My little inner voice said WATCH this – and now I am going to share it with my whole team. Thanks, as always for incredible content, passion and energy!

  42. Thank you for today’s episode Team Forleo. Part of my problem is actually what you talked about a couple weeks ago with the upper limit problem. I know I am heading for bigger things and frankly its a bit scary. Will I be able to handle it, etc. But I had an insight yesterday that has helped me immensely. “I am in total control of how fast I go in my business.” I think the best way that I overcome those *regular* showings up of doubt is to know that I am in this for the long run. If it takes me 15 years to get where I want to be, does it really matter? And if I die first, then it won’t matter! My life coach has told me repeatedly that success is the steady PURSUIT of a worthwhile goal. So therefore no matter where on the “business timeline” I am, I am succeeding.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes! I adore that: “success is the steady pursuit of a worthwhile goal.” It’s all about the journey, right?

  43. Heidi

    I want to send out a BIG Thank you to Marie for talking about this subject, and to all of you savvy girls that shared your comments. Thank you!!! I have had a project that I have wanted to start for years and have been too busy with my career as an Aesthetic Rep selling products to Plastic Surgeons & Derms which I love. Now I feel that burning desire to start on this project or maybe I feel like it’s my purpose with gusto! It’s not going to happen over night but with consistent steps I know I will create it! Thank you again for sharing!

  44. Yep, I’ve lost my buzz. 🙂 It was connected to not as many people being excited about my work as I was, and not finding the financial support I thought I had.

    I’m still in the process of getting my buzz back, and for me my main thing has been growing in confidence. As I grow in confidence, I believe I CAN make the difference I want to, really tune in on who I want to reach, and reach them!

  45. Marie,
    Loved this video – so true that you need to connect your business to your WHY. I’m sooo proud of how far I’ve come because of B School. I have a HUGE why and it’s the only thing that helps me get up at 4:30 AM every day. I help moms (well ok, not just moms, but they’re the peeps I reach the most) increase their metabolism, get their diet back to basics, combat food addiction and live deliciously healthy lives forever. By teaching these fine women how their food choices after my program make positive impacts in greater world – environmental and ethical impacts as well as becoming role models for future generations – they, in turn feel the passion too and are inclined to spread the word! I even created a vision board to tell people where a share of the profits go from their purchases.

    Good luck to all of us trying to connect with a passion and make the world a better place.

  46. I try to remember that I will hit the “dark night of the soul” part of a project and it is totally normal. It might even be a necessary part of the creative process.

  47. Michelle

    BOY did I need this video today. THANK YOU!!!

  48. Hi!
    I am working on getting the background to my new venture worked out whilst still in the thick of a full-time, full-on job. I have handed in my notice and have 8 weeks to go, but trying to juggle both is hard.
    Weekly advice and anecdotes from Marie TV are an oasis of sense where I can focus and re-adjust – so thankyou!

  49. This was a really great video! Thank you!

    I used to work for a personal development company, and while I can’t remember if every trainer said this or just one, WHAT I HEARD was that I had to tell as many people as possible about what my dreams and goals were so that I could be held accountable. I thought to myself, “Well that sounds like a guilt trip to me!” However, I tried it out.

    What I learned was, “Keep your dreams close and your plans even closer.” There is only one person I share my dreams with and she is one of the most supportive and encouraging people in my life.

    I love my little hobby! I love creating handmade things for people! Would I love to make more money doing it? Of course! Am I aware of my resistances to seeing that happen? YES! The more I keep quiet about my goals for my hobby, the more excited I am to go for it because I can see the possibilities that may or may not unfold once I reach those goals.

    I have an nemesis of sorts as well. A former co-worker of mine always does what I do. When I see her copying what I have done, it reminds me just to keep my mouth closed and keep going. Keep facing forward and focusing on myself and my life. So while she can often be seen as a buzz kill and feed my doubt, I choose to see her as a motivator.

    Thank you for the perspective and the confirmation of what my gut had been telling me all along 🙂


  50. I love the idea of 1) turning pro, 2) having a vision so large it PULLS, and 3) staying hungry. I find the motivation or energy to even be willing to keep plugging away by paying attention to the mystery of what comes my way. Often when I’ve lost steam, someone will call who either wants to be a client or wants to work for my company. Even if the lead doesn’t pan out, it reminds me that the business exists outside of whether or not I’m feeling resistance. It has a life of its own. When I can, and often with input from Marie Forleo, I turn back to the business and give it my all.

  51. Hi Marie, I have read Stephen Pressfield’s The War of Art and know that I bump against resistance everyday. Sometimes, I win. Sometimes, resistance does(Hate when that happens!) My biggest struggle is staying focused on the goal but I work very hard to start and end my day by 1. Breathing 2. Setting my intention for what my day will be like, and 3. Being grateful after I have the kind of day I want, and being grateful for the kind of day I want before it ever happens.

  52. Thanks for the great video. I think that one reason people feel blah about things they have felt passionate about is that they have gotten tired or are feeling hormonal. Sometimes making sure to balance all the passion filled business action with time off can get you back on track. Also I think it’s helpful to think about why you are doing what you are doing.

  53. The theme of this episode caught my attention for sure, but I’m not bored. I’m in the deep-end, treading water and exhausted for not getting anywhere. I could swim to the side, to the floaty, to the shallow end, or to the stairs. So many options that I swim in circles until I can’t move. I try to pick one but chatter from the internet pushes other routes as better, more applicable and so I turn, again.
    What keeps me going is a I LOVE my business and know I’ve found the career I’ve always wanted. But being a first-time business owner while working a full-time job and being an author means little steps are often my only achievement. And treading water is the norm.
    I know that quitting distracting day-job is the best next step but we pay child support for my husband’s children. And we’ve invested in the business. Those bills scare the crap out of me so I keep going working essentially three jobs.
    Ironically, I don’t struggle with the creative part of my business! I struggle with the business part of my business.
    Thanks for the episode,

  54. Really good points. I got motivated by looking at the bigger picture and what it would mean to excel in the field I am in.

  55. Hils

    Awesome!! Thank you. This happens to me all the time. I have such huge, great, exciting ideas that last a few weeks, then the doubt comes up, all the reasons why it won’t work etc. I find it hard to stick to anything (still figuring out my thing/niche!). I joke about ‘idea of the month’!

    Mwah xx

    • I have that tendency but it’s marketing-plan-of-the-month!

  56. Hi Marie, this was just perfect and on point. I invented a product called Kinkless. I have thrown the book at it. I just finished my Tiffany Giveaway. I have joined every facebook group for small biz which have not helped cause everyone is in there for the same reason. I have attended women’s expo, biz expo’s and the like. And had really lost my steam. I can not seem to crack the code and feel like I am running around in circles which can be quite disheartening. You just reminded me to keep my why. There is one group I am in right now as well that is really fueling my motivation as well and letting me know, what a bad mamajama I am and what I have to offer and to keep moving forward.

  57. Thank you Marie! This topic was EXACTLY what I needed as I feel myself having lost the buzz and creeping toward that swirling pit of doubt. It’s a roller coaster and reminders we’re not alone help immensely!

    I’ve read The War of Art per your suggestion and love it. It truly is the kick in the pants someone needs when in doubt so I’ll be reading it again.

    The concept of turning pro has helped me immeasurably in the past because I can feel it shift my energy. If I’m “being” in accordance with what I hope to attract more of, it never fails to uplift me and in turn bring more of that awesomeness my way!

    Thank you for the reminders and the positivity. Also for B-School because when I’m really in a doubt spiral I know being in a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs is the ultimate cure! 🙂

    Love & Hugs,


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Whitney, that’s SO great to hear. And yes — you’re so not alone in any of this! That’s what I love most about our community.

  58. Liz Wright

    I had a melt down last night and was crying and verbally vomitting to my husband at 1:30 am cause I couldn’t sleep!!!!!!! Then I saw your email this morning that spoke right to my need. Can’t believe it. Thanks Marie!!!

  59. Oliver

    Hi Marie,

    As I develop my admin and interpersonal skills I have to set aside passionate ideas that I have for a business. It’s soley because I am trying to build a foundation for growth that is solid and impregnable.

    Normally to prevent an idea or a song from getting lost I write it down in a binder or refer back to it over and over again for inspiration untill it is unforgettable.


  60. Oliver


    I consider “Why I Work” as the most helpful smart strategy. Why I work is important because it requires considering how my idea may impact financial, societal, and technological goals on a short and long-term basis.


  61. mary hager

    I could listen to you all day! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  62. Rebecca

    I lost my buzz because of the lack of support I was hoping would come from my “family and friends”. I was doing it all in my own and brought in people who just took advantage of me who are now striving while I’m failing. I had to shut my doors and lastly hung on to my website as long as I could because that could let doubters know I was still here. But unfortunately I had to shut that down as well. What started off as something I loved and lived for I ended up hating because it was a lonely road. And now I sit unemployed and depressed. I know I can’t work for someone. It’s not who I am but I fear that’s all I’ll amount too. I don’t know how to pick back up or what to do. I rarely get out of bed and life is passing me by. I’m a horrible example to my daughter who is the sweetest, smartest and loving thing. I can’t support her to follow dreams when I’m an example of consistent failure. Buzzkill at its finest.

  63. adina

    Hello Marie,

    I get all passionate about an idea and then start to think to myself ” Do I really want to limit myself to this one idea” and then KAPUT end up with no direction.

    I cannot figure out what to do with my life!?!

    It is a bit off your topic today, but I really want to ask you what you got for your Myers Briggs test. I got an ENFP..I have been exploring this lately to get more ideas.

    The reason I ask is we have so much in common. I dreamt of being a hip hop dancer, I was and still am a bartender (can’t seem to move on from my bridge job), and I love personal growth for myself and helping others achieve highest potential, comedy( you seem to have a sense of humor) and acting( oh yeah and I think a cowgirl at one point)…

    As you can see I have many interest which makes me kinda a jack of all trades and not an expert at any which I am sick of being.Its bringing myself esteem down. I want to FOCUS on something …grrrhh

    I am 36 now and I feel time is escaping and I am wasting potential. Do you have any recommendations or maybe do you do a 1 hr life coach session?

    Thanks for any tips…much love

  64. Passion is awesome and powerful thing but can sometimes be overrated. I totally get you Jesica and when I last thought that I am not passionate about my blogging as much, I received this awesome blog post about staying committed even if you are not psyched.

  65. I think you hit it on the head when you talked about staying connected to your big vision. I feel like I have to force myself to work rather than being motivated by my vision. I honestly am not 100% crazy about what I’m selling. Other people seem to love it more than I do. I sell what I sell because it sells, but I’m doing it all on my own with 2 kids under 5 and a baby on the way in a couple months. I feel a combination of overwhelm and apathy and I feel like I chose a business that requires me to do more than I can reasonably handle at this time. I also feel bored because I’m making the same product over and over and not really creating anything new. I feel like life is so out of balance right now because I run my business from home so there’s really no time to relax. I really feel like I didn’t think this whole thing though well enough and that I bit off more than I can chew. I really don’t know what the future is going to be like…

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m sorry you’re so overwhelmed, Joelle. I truly believe the future will work out exactly as it’s meant to. Right now you may not be able to see what that future will look like since everything seems so out of balance right now, but as each day unfolds you’ll feel more certainty about what your next steps are with your business and how it can work with your life.

      Keep us posted!!

  66. Francine

    Thank you, Marie and team, for such a great reminder of how the creative process plays out in all of us. Two days ago, I happened upon another wonderful reminder of this as well, in the form of a book as I was walking past the children’s section in Barnes and Noble. It’s called “What Do You Do With An Idea?” It’s written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom. The “idea” is characterized in such a personable and whimsical way, and the creative process is explained so well as the boy goes from ignoring his idea, to trying to share it with others, to almost giving up on it and then befriending it again. It actually brought me to tears, and I snapped up the book as a wonderful reminder not to give up on my own ideas.

    You are so right–we do need a big vision, and we also need to believe that we are _____ enough to make it happen. (Good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough, etc.!) I’ve found that I need to be so strong and grounded in my heart, so believing that my vision is worthy and able to serve others, and so focused so that I don’t get pulled into the noise or the naysayers in the world or in my own head. Thanks again for another lovely reminder of that!

  67. Deep breaths, acceptance, and maintaining in the moment gratitude is how I handle the stress, overwhelm, and fear that I’m not getting enough done fast enough. When there’s a big vision, living the journey fueled by intention versus the achievement is the only way I’ve found to still enjoy my life while reaching for big goals.
    Life is now, love it.

  68. I am an author and many, many times, I’ve lost my passion for a project along the way. Generally, this happens around the time I start to edit:-) The idea of going through my manuscript again…and again…and again makes me insane! However, I try to cut the project up into smaller jobs that are much easier to digest.

    I also make a point of not discussing my current writing projects, my goals, how much I am making in royalties (cause believe me, people DO ask) at all. It is easy to lose your enthusiasm for a project when you talk about vulnerable areas, especially if you feel the need to justify what you are doing, believe or want in the future. For example, when I first started out, someone pointedly asked me why I was even bothering with ‘the writing thing’, since I wasn’t making all that much money? Nothing drains you of your enthusiasm than that kind of comment:-)

  69. Yazminh

    Omg, this came in at just the right time! I have been sharing my ideas/plans for the first time recently, and this morning, I felt completely deflated with all kinds of fears and doubts. But Marie to the rescue!

    Thanks for sharing these basic but needed Q&A topics to let us know that we are OK and that the sky is not indeed falling!


  70. Amen sista! This resistance thing comes dressed in pretty red heels but needs a kick in the butt! The gloves are OFF I’m inspired!!!

  71. Jacquelyn

    I had this happen with my last blog, letting it fizzle out. It was a great learning point for me but I can assure that my fear of rejection, doubt and nervousness pushed me back into my corporate cave.

    I love this…especially because I definitely over-talk about my idea(s) rather than taking action on them.

  72. Michelle

    I was just thinking in my car ride to my corporate full time job I really need more time to work on my dream business and figure it all out, but I have been facing resistance. Then I arrived to work checked my personal email and this topic was waiting in my inbox. I needed to watch it. Im actually going to re-read Turning Pro and do a few other things to get my spark back for my business. I also really connected to having a big vision – I think the biggest reason why I am facing resistance and no creative flair at this stage is because I just don’t have a big enough vision for it. Thank you Marie 🙂

  73. Monika Lerch

    Hey everyone,

    I just love this episode! Thank you, Marie & Team, for your input. Resistance has also been a very well-known and loyal companion to me for quite some time 😉

    My secret asset, that can instantly pull me out of this ‘Meh’-mode, is to be completely and utterly honest with myself in asking two questions: What is the change I want to see in the world? How can I embody this change?

    I stumbled upon these questions in Anja Förster’s and Peter Kreuz’s book “Macht was ihr liebt”. In some strange way, these two questions bring me back to my original emotions right away. Also, it’s a very good way of checking whether I’m staying true to myself.

    Regarding the over-talking, I keep a diary and have only recently started to write more about my ideas and visions, too, instead of calling a friend or my sister right away and talking it all over.

    Best wishes and lots of joy to all of you!

  74. Emily White


    How do you stay motivated and become successful in a field that is saturated, but you were born to do?

  75. A huge smile came over my face when I saw your email in my inbox this morning! I was having a big complain to my husband last night saying that I wish I hadn’t given up my day job; I’m just not cut out for the business side of what I do; I feel trapped by lack of autonomous income …. blah, blah, blah! After watching your video I realise it’s not just me and to get out of this funk I have to REfocus and RElax because forcing and worrying are not going to get me where I want to go. I think it’s all about believing in the bigger picture and remembering what the vision for my business is. Time to get out my notebook and brainstorm again. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Sarah! We love hearing that this episode arrived at just the right time for you, and happy brainstorming! <3

  76. I got to get a shot of that turning pro part of this cocktail. I’ve got my big dream and I’m hungry for it and it totally pulls me forward but lacking the pro piece. Thanks for the insight Marie!

  77. I totally resonated with this episode Marie! I’m a holistic chef and health educator and I just want to help everyone! However it’s easy to feel like I don’t have the credentials or knowledge to help others. I have periods of time where I don’t feel prepared and I end up withdrawing for a while.

    When I start doubting myself, professionally and personally, I turn to things that bring me clarity:
    -taking care of my body! Eating nourishing foods, taking an epsom salt bath, going for a walk in nature…
    -journaling, to sort out my thoughts
    -reading passages from my collection of spiritual books (I really like Rumi and Pema Chodron right now!)
    -talking to a couple close friends or family for that added boost of support and unconditional love

  78. Kristin

    Have you ever lost the buzz for your big ideas? Yes and I think that it will keep happening throughout the course of life as we evolve.

    What happened?
    -I have been in the business world for 10 years and realized that every 3-4 years after starting a new business I get this exact feeling. I go from being super excited and launching a successful business to getting jaded after a few years and wanting to quit and do something new. I am still learning what it means but I think that it most affects people who are self-aware or who are serial entrepreneurs. There are plenty of people out there who don’t even know what this concept is because they go on through life without any change or innovation. They may have problems understanding or facing these feelings. I am grateful to be someone who has an inner drive to keep growing but sometimes it’s freakin’ exhausting! Let’s admit it!

    And what specifically do you do to stay connected to your passion over the long-term?
    -I’m still figuring this out, but one thing I realized is that I don’t HAVE to stay connected to a business I have lost passion for. One must distinguish between procrastination and legitimately outgrowing your business. If you feel this way at the beginning stages, maybe it’s not the right business for you to get into. If you feel this way a few years in, just evaluate why you are feeling this way/why don’t you want to get out of bed in the morning: Is an A-hole client bumming you out? Did a partner rip you off? Are you overwhelmingly busy and resenting that? Have your profits shrank so much that it’s no longer worth it? Do you want to do something else for a living altogether? Do you just need a vacation or a day off?

    Personally, once I identify why I’m having the feeling that I “lost” my passion I can determine if it’s a speed bump or deal breaker. For some people, businesses are stepping stones to future businesses. It may also be time for your exit strategy and that’s okay too. Sometimes, I am stuck in this feeling for a year or so before I take action, but the older I get the less patience I have for being in this frustrating, in-the-middle phase.

    Long story short, I am still figuring it out myself, but watching this video, reading the comments and attempting to answer the questions for others helps put things into perspective. In my personal situation, I think it’s time to evolve my business by challenging myself more, adding more revenue streams, adding more products and services or even revamping my business model to access a bigger target market. When I first started my business in 2011 I thought I could do this forever, but maybe nothing is forever 🙂

  79. I Love You Marie Forleo! Thanks for ANOTHER great one! I especially needed to hear the “don’t over talk” it to death. My business is “Joy and Unity to the world” through music.. Hence Whee the People, and all I need to do is turn on the news to see the overwhelming need for it, but Thanks again for helping me stay focused and on track! You have been a constant source of inspiration, guidance, blessing and encouragement and I hope to one day repay the favor! Love Love Love You! Tommy!

  80. This came at the perfect time, I have been feeling so stuck in whats next for me and fearful of moving forward with the ideas I do have. Thank you!

  81. I don’t know how you do it, Marie, but every time there is an episode I relate to the message! I’m in the midst of getting my business running and now that I’m putting myself out there, all this self-doubt and fear is creeping in. What pulls me forward is the value and difference I can provide for my clients. I know that I can change lives in what I do so giving up is not an option for myself or the people I can help!!!

  82. So great!!! Love those 2 books also. Bless you and your team Marie…x

  83. aimee

    You are amazing! Your videos are timely and I don’t even know how you think of all these things <3 You are a genius (Takes one to know one LOL!)

  84. Great Q& A! Thank you! I’m in the midst of a huge leap in my business and my big take away from this video was the ***sings***: “little less talk & a lot more action”!!! You nailed it Marie! I haven’t lost any steam on my dream because I have been consistently taking bites out of my elephant of a project (revamping my business model & rebuilding a new compelling, business driving website & marketing plan). It has been an incrediblely rewarding & confidence building adventure. I have also been very, very specific in my details which has helped bring it to life and has given me a huge light at the end of my tunnel. Thank you Marie for another great inspiring episode.

  85. Marci

    Hey Marie, Thank you so much for this amazing episode with more answers to my loss of passion for my business and what to do about it! I realize that I lost my excitement because of some personal setbacks and just not being sure of where I wanted to go with it. I have to tell you I just finished Bschool! (so amazing!) It was the fire that I needed to set me back on track. Adding a new big idea to the same business was the key to lighting that fire again! Keep up the good work and I will too!

  86. Chris Tesoriero

    You’re a star Marie!

  87. I would really like one Passiontini here, please! Love your style, Marie, this is just so entertaining (and also valuable) but I am just laughing and nodding throughout the whole video 🙂

    And I could totally relate to that!

    When I first started my design business, I was so passionate about it that I used to spend all my money on it and eat toasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner but when I reached a certain point of success, I just started looking into something new and wasn’t motivated and passionate at all about my designs anymore.

    Honestly, my shop looked dull and not exciting at all. But then I started thinking about it – this is ALL I wanted for so long and it’s actually going great, so why are you looking for new adventures girl?

    I looked at my design business and started experimenting and looking for the adventure there….And the magic happened again, I am excited to always move forward with the thing I love…

    For me the secret is not to always do something new but to do the old in a new way and re-discover your passion every day!

  88. Jeanna

    I haven’t watched this video yet but after reading the email I swear she reads my mind. I’m convinced she’s hacked into my brain 🙂 and my dreams and holds the key for me to unlock my chaos, my heartbreak in business, my ideas, and help organize it. I have the spirit of an entrepreneur and Marie Forleo will be my map. Thank you Marie, I’m finally able to join your next course and I couldn’t be more excited.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jeanna, haha! If Marie has hacked your brain, it’s totally with love. We’d be honored to see you in our next course! <3

  89. Shiks

    Thanks to you..!! This is just some of the missing portion of what I need to get back on my feet..!!

  90. Hey Marie,

    I have never had a problem with visualizing my big vision for my business. But sometimes what my problem is that I want the big vision now and I get frustrated that I can jump from point A to point Z now.

    I plan a lot more now so that I can see my progress in little but valuable steps.

    By the way, I just watched the Going Pro video. It was amazing. I really love the way you interview. It feels like a real conversation but one we are all watching. Rather than you just asking questions and sitting quietly whist the guest responds.

    The engagement was great.

    Thanks, Naomi

  91. Thank you for this 3-part recipe Marie! As a new full-time coach working from home with a toddler in tow, sometimes building my business feels like a mountain to climb.

    I have a big vision and have been working on turning pro (more about it below), but I think that I’ve been missing your ingredient No. 2: HUNGER.

    I appreciate you bringing awareness that endlessly talking about your goals tames down the fuel for progress!

    As for my tip on keeping the business mojo alive: B-School 🙂

    When I feel that my pro muscles need a bit of flexing, I turn back to your B-School modules for inspiration on how to stay on course!

    Wishing you and your team a lovely week.


  92. Great video Marie!

    I’ve been experiencing this so much lately! I’ve been having great days and really low days all week. I help it by doing some little things I love such as yoga in the morning, the next thing i do is re-focus on what I’m grateful for and get into a higher state of gratitude, the third and maybe the most important is linking my values (what’s most important, my vision, mission) to the small steps I need to do that day. This means that everything is on the way and not in the way!

    1. Do something fun or nourishing
    2. Lift your state or mood with gratitude
    3. Link what you need to do to what is most important to you (at least 15 links)

    I hope that helps! It works everytime 🙂 xx

  93. Loooove the the episode! (and great timing:) )

    Will go and make a passiontini now. Also for my hubby – cause it’s really bad when you have doubts but your partner in crime – even bigger… then its like one way ticket to nowhere….

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Passiontinis are made for sharing, Agnes! 😉

  94. Mary Scarpati

    Love this episode as well as all your other ones! They are the best thing about my Tuesday!

    Long term success at one thing has always been an area of opportunity for me b/c like you I’m multi-passionate and all of my ideas seem to want to come out at once. What I have found to be my greatest recipe for sticking with it is patience and focusing on the next improvement instead of the end result.

    Thank you for all you do!! I really value your work!

  95. Lorri

    Sorry I am watching this late but I did want to say I caught the remark in make in the intro and not being a pizza maker I had a thought but what if that is your passion to make pizza I mean everyone eats it and what if yours is outstanding and the word spreads that YOUR pizza is amazing and then all of a sudden the pizza maker is a business I really think I didn’t like that remark because my passion isn’t your passion but its passion.
    I did like the passiontini lol and the rest of the video. I guess what I am saying is that it might have been a slip and not intentional but I heard it

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lorri, thank you for your comment and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. Marie was just poking a little fun at herself and her funny hand gestures (which looked a little bit like she’s flipping pizzas), and we didn’t mean at all that making pizza can’t or shouldn’t be a passion.

      We absolutely love that everyone has unique passions and gifts to offer the world. As a former pizza chef myself (in 3 different restaurants), I totally hear you that pizza can indeed be a passion!

  96. Oh, when you said “don’t talk your idea to death” that really struck a chord… I’ve done that so many times. Now that I can put a name to it, I hope to never do that again. 🙂
    Thanks for this episode!

  97. I am a different Jessica 🙂 But I have had the same low. I have just gotten over it. I started about 4 months ago with my online business and after the honeymoon phase I felt almost depressed. What worked great for me was doing something completely different for a couple days, not thinking about it at all. Eventually, the same motivation and passion came back naturally.

  98. Steda

    Hi Marie

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    I do not have a business but what I do to keep myself moving and motivated is I write down where I would want to be in the next three months then at the end of the three months I review what I wrote and what I accomplished and I get motivated to go again.. Might seem small or petty but it helps me might be little things like readings and reviewing new books that wee just released to life goals like losing 8 pounds but it helps me get going and I feel proud when I do three out of the five things at least I have written down and I move on.. In the Caribbean we have a saying in patios which translated in English is being too busy don’t make the daylight come….. Easy a steadfast ambition makes one accomplish their goals!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great tips, Steda — not small or petty at all! It’s such a great technique to review our goals from time to time and celebrate our wins both big and small. It can really help keep us inspired to keep moving forward 🙂

  99. I can totally identify with Marie’s suggestion to not talk your idea to death. I have been thinking about creating my online business for a LONG time – but was busy getting a professional credential to support that. So while I haven’t talked so much to others about my new business, I have been talking to myself for so long that it feels counterproductive. (I guess I should stop talking to myself.)

    • This is a really good insight, Barb. The advice about not talking your idea to death really resonated with me too. I’ve also found that talking about something without taking action also makes you feel like you’ve got a lot figured out, but then when you start working on it, you realize you really don’t and that you’ve got a lot of work to do. It really gives credence to what Marie always says: “clarity comes from engagement not thought.” It took me a long time, but I finally learned that clarity doesn’t always come from talking either.

  100. The main thing that keeps me excited is the knowledge that what is so familiar to me is new to others. I ask myself, “Who needs to hear this?” and it puts me right back into motivated mode.

  101. Great timing as usual Marie. For me it was the working the idea to exhaustion…. 12-16 hours of B-School and business building for months on end and then I heard my body say – “If you don’t slow down and remember to live a little, I’ll make you, but it won’t be as easy if you wait until I make that choice”. So it’s taken me 6 days of being away from my computer and spending time with family and friends in my hometown to stop waking up from website-building-anxiety dreams. Being out and about, being around people, reconnecting to my own essence is helping me reconnect to the why of my art & inspiration business. How could I possibly help others reconnect to their essence when I was losing touch with my own? Valuable lesson indeed. Glad I was in tune enough to listen to what my body was saying. Now my mind has a much better perspective on things and I’m ready to dive back in, but without losing touch this time. Thanks.

  102. Big dream started drying up when in the “doing” I became overwhelmed by details. Delegation was tough because there were so few folks who really got what we were trying to do. That got me juiced. If these folks don’t see the need, I gotta preach it better! I made my own staff my first soap box audience. It rekindled the flame in me, kindled the flame in them and help spark an mini-wild fire.

    There is so much that needs to be done but at least we now have a team that knows what we are trying to do and we can inspire one another to keep at it.

    • PERFECT for this week! (Not the first time THAT’S happened!)

      Marie, You’ve been a part of my cyber team for well-over a year now. I hadn’t even completed my next book at that time and two days ago I inked the contract for publishing. I have my first professionally-designed book cover, the printed copies should be out before summer ends, and I’ll have major exposure internationally through distributors for both print and eBooks. Great, huh?

      Not so much! I still have a few “details” to finish up and find myself setting them aside. I have succeeded in reaching a huge professional goal and it seems like I’m thumbing my nose at it. Your vBlog this week was just the shot in the arm (no….it was really a well-deserved kick in the butt) to put me back on track. Thank you!

    • This is so true, Mary. Having a team that understands your vision and believes wholeheartedly in it is a big time game changer. I’m so glad you’ve found your tribe and that things are going more smoothly now.

  103. I think sometimes that Marie reads my mind. This site slides along with whatever is happening in my business!

    This is absolutely key and well-timed!

  104. OH GOSH! This is how I’ve been feeling lately.

    We just moved from CA to NC and we don’t have jobs! I have my home business but it’s not lucrative (yet!). I’ve been putting in apps for regular day jobs just to bring in income but it’s NOT what I want to do.

    It’s difficult to keep with the dream when real-life (aka, bills) get in the way.

    – Yolanda

  105. Thanks Marie,

    I really enjoyed the Q&A! When is your next B School? I wanted to join this year but when the time rolled around funds where low. I need a plan that is pre determined and committed! I need to be held hostage by my own commitment and not let lack of funds determine my course of business!
    Many thanks! Cindy

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Cindy, we’d love to have you join us for B-School next year! We don’t have firm dates yet, but enrollment will likely open in mid-to-late February and class will start around March 9th (that was this year’s start date, so you have some reference).

      Email us at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com if you have any other Qs and we’ll be happy to help!

  106. Hi Marie!
    There really are no coincidences, wow this message was meant for me today. I’m experiencing major resistance right now. Putting money into my passion without much return and really questioning myself. Thank you for this. Time to think bigger!

  107. Wow! This was so needed. I have been struggling with this for the last couple of weeks. Wondering if I should continue my business. Thinking that I wasn’t meant for this field, that I really am not very good. Thank you Marie for the reminder that everyone goes through this. And thank you for the tips on how to bring the passion back. I’m working on building a business on a shoe string budget without a lot of return at the moment. I need to re-focus on my bigger picture. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode was well-timed for you, Monica! Keeping an eye on your bigger picture mission sounds like a great plan 🙂

  108. Djuro

    How do I get it and experience for me love and business to a certain extent about the same.
    If this is what I really and truly love then the fire and passion never extinguished.

    There is no stress, no offense because I was with love, passion, devotion and responsibility move ahead and climb to higher levels.

    These are understood and my counselors me say that I will never grow old as I always move only forward and every day I learn something new and useful.

    “When I saw the fire around you I immediately ran without thinking to put it out even if I burned!”

    Luckily it was not a real fire! Haha …

  109. Hey Marie, I really love this video of you. I don’t know how you figure out them but with me: I usually say to myself if I don’t do things I want as my dream or my goals then no one else will give me better life and I really lose mean of my life, it seam your first step. Then I don’t have any idea about give up my working on my dream even I made many mistake or slow improve, it because I really want to live with great things if I accomplish my goals my dream. That outcome really pull me go ahead, it seam your second step. Final things always make me hurt because I must become who I want to become soon as I can because it not only about me, it also about potential of me take care people who I love. Even I don’t want to stop working even feel tire. Sometime I also use trick to say to myself that I need to balance to really happy instead always trying forward to goals. It seem your third step. I also use the trick each time I feel tired even don’t see outcome as I want, I only decide to have a break up instead of give up.

  110. Ama Gaba

    Dear Marie & Team,

    Thank you so much for the weekly boost!

    I love your point about not talking ideas to death. Not only because you get overfed with your topic, but also because you often get too much input from outside if you talk to everyone about it. It’s easy to lose your own vision in other people’s opinions and ideas.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  111. What keeps me motivated are short term goals + making a difference. If I lose my passion for a project it’s because it’s not in alignment with my values and my general purpose on this planet. My solution? Either let it go or tweak it until it feels right again.

  112. elaine moran

    Can you go for your dream if your budget is a shoe string type of budget??

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Elaine. It depends on what your goals and what you what you’re planning to do of course, but you should be able to make progress on your dream with some hustle and a small budget!

  113. Dorena Kohrs

    Thank you so much for this episode! It couldn’t have been more synchronistic or needed than at this very moment. With the awesomeness of B School I’ve recently created a professional organizing company. I even had my first paid client before I was fully established, just because I followed the steps in Start The Right Business.

    Last night at my very first paid clients house, my husband fell through the attic leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling of my client’s guest room. There were some hooks that I wanted hung, and I asked my husband to do me a favor and drill a couple of holes. He misstepped, lost his balance and his entire leg fell through the insulation and the ceiling below. I called in a favor from my painter and begged him to come over this morning for the repair. It will all be fixed by tomorrow with the exception of my ego. I spent the morning in tears thinking I should scrap my business ideas and lock myself in my house. Pretty much jumped in my rabbit hole and threw away the key! How could I ever expect anybody else to ever hire me after this disaster??

    But as I was sitting in my client’s kitchen while the painter was in the midst of dry wall repairs, I decided to check my email and lo and behold I saw Marie’s video and a breath of fresh air blew in reminding me of why I’m doing what I am and to keep moving forward. Thank you for literally saving my business!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Oh Dorena, I’m so sorry that happened and glad your husband is okay! You know, we all absolutely on every level in every business, make mistakes so don’t beat yourself up.

      It sounds like you’ve done a beautiful job correcting things and getting it all cleaned up, and it’s an innocent thing to have go wrong.

      I’m including the link to another great episode below that I hope will help calm the nerves and quiet those feelings of being a failure because you’re SO not.

      Sending big hugs, and c’mon out of that rabbit hole! 🙂 xoxo

  114. Marie — I am so glad I found your site! All of your material is SO relatable & timely.

    I recently went through the overwhelm, stress, and “what am I even doing this for?” thoughts when I was convinced that I needed to switch my host to WordPress (I’m on Wix now.) It was such a daunting task to me to RE-BUILD EVERYTHING I just wanted to say “F it. What’s the point? This is stupid anyway.” I ended up NOT switching hosts, but re-doing my entire website to make it look more like a WordPress site (I’m happy with it!) It was a manageable task for me at that point that was still beneficial to growth.

    Once I break my tasks into those manageable and realistic chunks, I have more successes, less stress, and more motivation to keep moving forward. I’ll write down just 1-2 tasks per day, OR give myself a time frame in which I can work on a particular project or assignment. Ferriss’ book on the 4 Hour Work Week recommended this tactic and it works great!

  115. P.S. I looove going through everybody’s business sites from the comments!! How many cool ideas you guys have!!!

  116. Marie!!

    It’s like you can read my mind.

    This seemed to hit my inbox at JUST the right time. Maybe my passion for business isn’t hanging by a thread — but this is the kind of stuff you can hear at ANY point in your business and still get a solid emotional ping from.

    THANK you. <3

  117. I just celebrated 30 years of being in the jewelry business and I can’t tell you how many times I felt like I’ve lost my mojo! For me the key is to address it and find a solution, not feel ashamed of my lack of enthusiasm. Find inspiration outside of myself, take a class, go to a museum, attend a seminar or trade show. And remind myself how lucky I am to get up every morning, go to a place I love and make people sparkle in beautiful jewels!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that, Valerie!

  118. Love this episode!! I have totally ridden this creative roller coaster…many times. A few of my insights gathered along the way:
    1. I use the “lost the passion” phase as a check-in point. Am I still jazzed about this? Have I stopped being creative and innovative about the next step (aka Am I just “dialing it in”)?
    2. Often I find it’s a sign that I need to get the heck outside, have some fun, reconnect with life. That’s usually when I receive the insight/support/or refreshed approach I needed to continue the journey.
    3. I have dear creative companions (that Caroline Myss calls your soul companions – the one in your boat – that row with you every day, in all weather) whom I check in with for perspective. They are always honest with me – in a truly loving way.

    P.S. I love Steven Pressfield, too! In fact, the Divine has presented me with his name 3 or 4 times this week. So I think it’s time to re-read Going Pro!

  119. Christine

    I’ll talk about my ideas to 1 or 2 people I trust, just enough to have an extra kick in the butt when I’ll need it… because
    A. it will feel more like a commitment (I’ve told so-and-so I’m going to do this, now I’ve got to do it!) and
    B. they’ll ask about it at some point, which helps me stop and look at the progress I’ve made!

    I completely agree with “don’t talk your idea to death!” It’s all about balance. Don’t get too excited about getting others excited when it’s still just an idea…

  120. Oh man this is exactly what I needed this week, thank you Marie!! I have such a BIG vision for how Vibrant Voice Technique can help the world. We teach people to use a vibrator for their voice (yes) and it’s an intervention that’s helping people who aren’t helped by the current therapies available. Every time I work with someone who’s been suffering from vocal fatigue and muscle tension I KNOW that this idea needs to reach so many more people. But lately I’ve been coming up against some big resistance. Our next big step is to make our own device (so we don’t have to use a sex toy!) and I thought we had funding secured but it feel through. So now I’m trying to rev myself up to seek private investment for the $100,000 we need and I’m so overwhelmed by the idea of raising money. Thank goodness I’ve got a big vision, so I know I’ll get over the hump. But oh man, resistance!!

  121. Karen

    This is inspiring and helpful. Although I do think I need more. It gives me strength in my belief. I tried to protect myself with copyright and patent and was turned down for both. I have been at a standstill and trying to figure whether to go on with it or quit. RUFF choice for sure. I have no way of protection and it has ripped my belief. Thank You , You are fun and inspiring and I love your articles.

  122. Carla

    Hello Fellow Marie Groupie’s,

    Right on time and right on point! I’ve started my business in 2013…emphasis on started. I have made a lot of progress, and I do mean a lot. But not enough to say “Stick me with a fork, I’m done!”

    I am ready for the big launch, and I understand that “perfect” truly doesn’t exist but I’m really reaching for excellence on this project; to wow the C-level offices that I will deliver my presentations to.

    So, I am going to whip my self up a tall glass of Passion-tini and keep moving forward. Thanks, Marie!

  123. Hi Marie; loved the video. it got me to thinking that sometimes we also get bogged down in the details. sometimes we go from working on our business to working at it or go from dreaming to working. love your suggestion about needing bigger goals. Or at least you need goals that challenge and inspire you. i recently updated my goals. for the amusement equipment brokering business i decided i want to sell at least a million dollars worth of equipment in a calendar year and i want to sell my first brand new ride. considering the cost involved the second one will be harder than the first. and for myself as the blind blogger i want to have my first paying coaching client and speaking engagement. and i want to do one major national newspaper, magazine, or radio or tv show. looking forward to your next video. thanks again, max

  124. This was such perfect timing for me!
    I was feeling so overwhelmed and stuck last week that I couldn’t get my bum in gear to get stuff done. And then this episode popped in my inbox – the universe was obviously sending me what I needed!
    I had quick glance at Turning Pro in my bookshelf, ordered the War of Art and reminded me of my vision.
    Simply thinking about the resistance I became more aware of it and as a result was able to kick it out the door!
    The vision part was so important as well and once I reminded myself of it I got my motivation going again and had the two most productive days I’ve had in months! Whoop Whoop thanks Marie! 😀

  125. Marie seriously, I love you! You make me laugh so bad, thank you for mixing up a drink of humour and education on this weeks Marie TV. xx

  126. Oh yes, we all have our ups and downs. I have figured that once I am in my mood of creating and working hard, I try to do my best of it and get done as much as possible. Just kind of getting the work done ahead for the “not so passionate days.” And once I am not that passionate, I just don’t do it at all and just relax until I “recover” 🙂 Great tips, thanks a lot, we need this inspiration 🙂

  127. Barbara Mancilla

    Such an awesome inspiration to keep going… Marie I totally get your concept of passion-tini now I know I’m in the right path … I hit a wall in the process of starting my business and yes doubt came in uninvited like always and settled in … however, my passion for making this business work goes beyond making dough and calling myself a business owner .. it is about being successful according to my own idea of success… this thought alone keeps me going and fueled even when i feel like giving up … it is hard but I continue to stay hungry and I truly believe my vision is greater than my feelings for giving up… wink, wink!!
    Thank you Marie.. you rock!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome! Go Barbara! <3

  128. Hi Marie,

    I love watching Q&A Tuesdays–my daughter and I usually talk about each week’s episode. This one on losing your passion hit me upside the head. I had a business that I loved (it was a dream for 21 years). Sadly, I only got to live that dream for 3 years before the economy killed it, back in 2008. I lost everything, financially as well as emotionally.

    I have started another business, but its very hard to feel the passion I once had. I realize now that I probably suffer from something like PTSD where business is concerned, and I can no longer get in touch with “passion” although I am trying.

    My question now is how long should I wait to give this new biz a go? It isn’t happening as fast as I think it “should” be, or maybe this won’t fly at all. I wonder how long I need to be in the “proof of concept” phase before just ditching the idea altogether. However, I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater just because this is taking longer than expected. So I’m stuck–trying hard to find passion and to keep going. I just don’t want to waste any more of my lifetime on a potentially worthless business endeavor. I wish someone could just tell me “yep, this will work, you just gotta keep going” or “sorry girl, this one ain’t gonna fly–quit throwing money at it.” But then, don’t we all! 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Sue, thank you so much for tuning in this week, and I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling with getting your business going. It can be so tough to get going again after experiencing a setback like that, and it’s totally okay to feel nervous jumping in again.

      Since the time it takes to build a business and make it successful (depending on how you define it!) varies quite a bit from person to person, there’s no one right answer. We do have a couple great MarieTV episodes that talk about exploring this kind of decision, so I thought I’d pass those along for a few ideas:

      I also thought I might share this incredible episode with Dr. Cathy Collautt about setbacks. Her thoughts about “failures” as being stepping stones on the way to success really resonated with me personally, and it’s an incredible episode if you’re feeling unsure about moving forward after experiencing a setback:

      Thanks again for tuning in, and know that if you decide to stick with it (or not), we believe in you and we’re cheering you on over here!

      • Thank you so much!! I will definitely take the time to view this information. Ya’ll rock!

  129. Lexie

    A very good point on talking my idea to its death. I think I’ve done that without realizing how bad that is, and that it won’t allow me to move forward. I thought it was important to tell everyone about my idea to keep myself accountable. In reality I do kind of feel satisfied in my dreamland and procrastinate.
    Something important to keep in mind.

  130. Cat

    Great video Marie… it reminded me of a book I’m in the middle of editing for a client and in his 3rd chapter he lists his 5 “P”s of priority regarding business.

    The crucial order he lists them in is as follows…

    1) Purpose – what is the purpose my business will fulfil?
    2) Passion – what is my personal passion and skill? Ie what do I bring to the business and where do I fit in?
    3) People – who else do I need on my team to achieve the primary purpose?
    4) Place – where is the best place for the business to be located?
    5) Profit – how will the business make money?

    I know from my own experience in the beginning I asked the Profit question first which I know see as very shortsighted. The wisdom in the order of these 5 “Ps” shines through and I trust many people wil also benefit.

    With warmth,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that, Cat!

  131. I’ve heard that when you do visioning exercises too much you can get too satiated and stop taking action on your dreams, this has totally happened to me. However, it never occurred that simply talking about them would have the same effect! Wow! I would say my problem is that I THINK about my dreams too much and easily imagine how great my life will be after achieving them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve imagined being interviewed by Terry Gross – clearly I should stop doing this.

    I’m taking a social media break this month and am wondering if this could help me get more real. Not being able to report every little win might humble me. I’m excited you brought this to my attention, Marie! Thank you!

  132. Awesome post! Thank you so much I am just now going through a vision recovery. I found that I got to working so much on the little details that I forgot what my vision was. Without a vision I had nothing to pull me forward. Thanks for make business more fun and doable!

  133. Ditto!
    It can be so exhausting. Learning everything & trying your best, all while raising a family! I had to give myself permission to breathe & regroup. The doubts are energy draining, when you so no advancement. But, if you keep trying, something will happen for validation and give you a fuel up for the next stretch of road. That is how I have started envisioning my journey. A roadtrip. Along the roadtrip, are signs that represent goals or accomplishments. Then along some of the trip, there are none. It might not seem like you are getting anywhere, just a trip nowhere, but if you keep driving there will eventually be something. Those gas / energy fillups are important. Put your dream vision on the Gas Station Fillup sign.

  134. Passion drives everything which needs to be done with high levels of excellence.

  135. Awesome! You are an inspiration. I am currently working on a new business model and I am looking forward to viewing more of your ideas and recommendations. Thanks so much!

  136. Very Motivating!

    I keep the flames of drive, creativity and commitment burning by being flexible enough to adjust my business approach.

    I also take some “down time” to revamp my approach when needed.

    Thanks for another great article/video.

  137. Gerri Asuncion

    OMG! So needed to hear that tonight! I love the don’t talk your ideas to death and the “empty calorie” analogy! It really hit home. Thanks again for the continued insights!

    Now, back to my BSchool funsheets!

  138. Sandra Howe

    Love it!

  139. Diya

    As usual… The video was so on point! In the past, there has been sooo many incidents where I have talked an idea to death and unsurprisingly lost passion for that idea… But thankfully I am older and somewhat wiser (mostly thanks to Marie). I too have noticed that if I have a bigger goal, it keeps me motivated in my day to day work. Currently I have a huge and seemingly impossible dream but I know I will achieve it and that thought motivates me to give my best each and every day!

  140. Great episode! I need to remember my WHY every day. Thank you, Marie.

  141. Perfect TIMING :)!

  142. Whenever I lose my buzz, I sign up for a class for anything. I was a great student, honor student, ivy league-material, but I wanted to pursue performance art and I couldn’t explain to on-lookers that I wanted to study theater and performance because there is more work involved than what people see when they go see a movie or play or commercial.
    When I lose my buzz, I go back to the desk and sit, silently, and learn. Then, I look at ways to excel in my new found trade. I purposefully, throw myself into a new environment and test out how the program applies or correlates with the conversation the community members are having/tackling in their work: artist and politician, alike. I was a good student and I always enjoyed tutoring others on what my learning experience was, while encouraging my peers to take leaps of faith, or believe in themselves. I say it to them as if I am saying those things to myself. I make myself their accountability buddy and I ask that they feel free to offer any criticism and useful critique of whatever I am working on.

  143. Elizabeth

    Marie and Jessica – great video and great question.
    For me, I self-published a book in 2008. I did good with some sales locally but going out and doing presentations on the book required I not have a full-time job (which was the way I was paying my bills). Needless to say, it never became the best seller I thought it would be. But, the good news is I started, I maintained, and I finished that project.
    Since then, my goal was to turn my book content into an online class. My doubt creeps in with the remembrance of my book not being a best seller so I wonder should I put the effort into the classes or will THAT just be a waste of time?
    I have always felt I was put on this earth to do this work. I have overcome things like technology and finding time to get this done. Now, I am signed up for B-School so I DO IT! And, after seeing the interview with Cheryl plus this video, I am thinking I just need to do it for me since it is my passion. If it helps others, all the better.

  144. I think the key to staying enthused about your business is to fall in love with your customers. Like Tony Robbins says, the #1 mistake business owners make is to fall in love their service or products but not with their clients.

    When you engage in aerobic listening of your customers, you can’t help but fall in love with them, because you hear their stories and problems.

    By the way, I found this via your podcast. Thanks for providing your content there.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a good point, Anita! It’s so important to love your customers since they’re the lifeblood of business.

      And we’re so glad you like the podcast! We want to make Marie’s wisdom as accessible as possible, so we’re happy to share it there too. 🙂

  145. Tari

    I don’t know what i’m doing. I had a great idea. I put it out there. Not one single sale. My friends won’t even support me and i have no family, How the heck does a person start anything these days?

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Tari, we like to say that building a successful business is like a marathon, not a sprint. It took Marie years of building her business on the side while she worked full time to make her business her main income.
      If you’re ‘why’ for building your business is clear and you keep taking action, in time it starts to come together. Believe in your heart and your desire. You can do this. xo

      • My Golden Nugget,” Not talk your idea to death” I was guilty of this because I felt talking about it kept me accountable. I ‘m not a poser so if I am talking about doing it I better be doing it. I have learned now to make moves in silence. I have been deeply discouraged in the last 6 months with my business and idea, but I have to pat myself in the back and regroup on the progress that I am making, which is action. Including joining the B- School this 2019…I also am a part of The Business Lounge with Kim Jimenez. I am doing all these actions for my business, which I have to consider PROGRESS for my business because I am investing MONEY into these programs. I need support and a tribe for what my big Vision is and it is HARD and lonely as I am a solopreneur and SINGLE which means I don’t have another person to bounce ideas off or get feedback. This video and all the comments made me feel connected and inspired to get back on the horse!

  146. Hi,
    Nice video.Good tips.
    I love the Hungry tip. Really motivational.
    I was feeling down today about my business but after watching your videos and reading readers’ comment, I have got some motivation. Maybe I should take some break and give time to myself.
    I have started the business before 5 years with no client. Today, I have sustainable income with clients across the world.
    I am planning to write down some motivational things somewhere and read daily to remind me of my goal and my journey.
    Thanks again.

  147. Pelzer

    I can totally relate to having lost the woo-hoo to my business. At times, I’ve powered through and waited for new creative juices to quench my thirst; the problem though, is this usually amounts to nothing more than another lingering, unfinished project. I don’t really have an answer for how to deal with this matter; thus far, I’ve only been able recognize the precipitating events.

  148. I tend to over talk my ideas and have definitely fallen prey to the false sense of satiation. As I am moving forward with my creative business project, I find I am holding my cards closer and closer each day. I’m not sharing my vision with the exuberance of a new puppy. I’m not telling everyone about all the cool details I have planned. I’m working with a quiet, smoldering passion and a strong dose of determination. I have labeled my “drink” the Motivation Mule.

  149. I know I have at times Lost my Business Passion. (when I wanted something so bad and nothing lined up) I wanted to grow bigger in our Business the vision was there the passion was there the commitment was there with us and our Leaders. But suddenly it started not to serve our leaders and our Vision and our passion stated to fall back we were loosing our way. We are now rebuilding and moving forward the passion is there the vision is there we are more empowered we have picked ourselves up and are off and running again on our terms and allowing those who want to move and grow with us far out..
    Question: How do I stay connected to my passion in the long -term???????

    I stay connected by doing Dr Joe Dispenza Walking Meditation and see my future self now , and see my passion /vision here now. If I don`t do the meditation I do the visualisation while I am on My morning Lighthouse walk.
    I feel it , I taste it, I smell it I embody this thru my senses and I make sure I stay connected to my self thru my exercising each day . Plus I do the needed Business Actions each day so I am moving towards my vision so I feel fulfilled and moving in the right direction in Our Business.

  150. Danielle Slawsby

    I’ve realized that to keep the passion going, I have to plan an outside goal that is connected to my biz goal. For example, I signed up to take place in a 2-week hike in 2021 that I will only be able to partake in IF I hit my financial goal in my biz. The hike is a fundraiser for a non-profit cancer organization and my BF will join me at the end to celebrate – so it becomes a goal to both of us to hit our financial goals to take the trek/vacation – and when we have have day where the spark subsides, we remember our outside goal and that pulls us out of our slump.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Great idea, Danielle!

  151. I really got into this post. I found it to be interesting and loaded with unique points of view.

  152. Louise

    I have gone from being so excited to waking up in the morning last year to actually dreading getting out of bed. I had a lot of excitement in the run up to launching my website but during this period, I made very little art over 2 months. The first issue was a lack of expected sales on launch and being let down by suppliers, the second issue was finding I’d completely lost any confidence in drawing, the third issue was complete lack of motivation and self-isolating.

    What’s especially difficult for me is that I already struggle with long term (20+ years) mental health issues, so it can be hard me me to know when it’s just my depression cycling and will eventually level out, or if this is a permanent state of affairs. Also, I’m in an environment I cannot change right now which is highly distracting and generally not conducive to great creativity.

    I now have newsletters to send out and blog posts to write and all this added pressure, on top of the fact that I don’t have any new art to show people, is just stressing me even more. The greater the stress, the bigger the aversion. I do listen to motivational talks every now and then but I can’t seem to turn these into daily efficiency. I bought a planner to help but I’m not even meeting my daily goals right now – despite them being manageable and what I would have had no problem achieving 6 months ago.

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