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Just got back from a sweet little trip to Portland, Oregon. Hadn’t been there since I was a Nike Master Trainer years ago.

But unlike earlier visits, this time I had more of a chance to enjoy the city and culture — which is AWESOME!!

Dazzling hikes in the forest, mouth-watering meals and great conversations made it a pretty spectacular weekend.

Brands that lead with humanity capture more than just sales, they capture hearts. Click To Tweet

One thing I really appreciated was the heart and humanity I felt throughout the city — especially from small businesses.

From tiny food carts to huge antique shops to a brand new boutique built entirely around artisan butter

There was a strong sense of local pride and love baked into every offering.

And in my opinion, boldly expressing the heart and soul of your business makes a tremendous difference — to yourself, your team, your customers and the world.

Which brings me to this week’s MarieTV. You’ll learn 3 smart branding strategies from a small business called Artifact Uprising who proudly wears its big heart on its virtual sleeve.

Best part? You can use these same smart strategies to more boldly express your brand.

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DIVE DEEPER: Struggling to find just the right business name? Here’s how to name your business, including 14 ways to generate creative ideas.

As I mentioned, here’s the show we did on how to figure out what you’re really selling.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Which one of the 3 strategies could help you the most and what’s the one action step you can take right now to move ahead?

Remember, insight without action is worthless so don’t just “think” about your answer to this one. Write your action plan in the comments.

Remember that tens of thousands of souls visit our site to learn, explore and get inspired. Your share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to spark a breakthrough for their brand.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

If you found this episode helpful, please pass this along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends — anyone you think could use some inspiration as they bring their dreams to life.

Thanks so much for adding your voice to the conversation and making this one of the best communities in the entire world.

With so much love,

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  1. Hey Marie,

    great Video. Absolutely love it. you are a great inspiration. Love the positive vibe here.

    • Completely agree–this is at the core of what I do for my clients since I whole-heartily believe branding should reflect who the entrepreneur is naturally.

      There is so much jargon out there of businesses trying to convince you they are bigger and have it all figured out, but ironically it is the honest, authentic businesses that admit they are human and small that draw us in.

      That is why I work hard to create logos and designs that reveal the heart of a business instead of slapping a cool logo that has nothing to do with the purpose and the people behind the pixels.

      Marie, once again, you have me all fired up!

      • It’s so true! The businesses that feel human are so few and far between that we can’t help but love them and receive their message.

        • Another awesome video… thanks! It was timely in a way I was NOT expecting! Your highlight about Artisan Uprising hiring people with disabilities struck me… not only because I have 3 special needs kids… but because I just spent the entire morning today kicking off a project to address why there are so many companies that do NOT hire that population where I live! Now I have a model business to check out! So double thanks! : )

          • Susan Shearer

            Wishing you the very best of success with your mission. Creating ways for people with disabilities worth to be seen and recognized can be a struggle but so worth it when you achieve success. God bless you.

      • Leah

        Is there a similar offering in Australia to Artisan Uprising?

  2. Hey y’all!! I’ve missed you guys!!

    Thanks for showcasing this company, Marie! They are a great example of what all of us should pushing through our branding. I especially like driving desire. We all want to create desire in our customers to buy what we’re selling, but it feels more like pushing, like color swatch and logo vomit all over everybody, and that doesn’t touch people. Driving desire does create a connection, which is where the magic happens in business.

    I’m intrigued… going to check them out right now! Thanks again for showcasing Artifact Uprising! <3

  3. Hey Marie,

    I love your takeaways and love that you promoted them too.

    The most important part to me was the ‘humanity’ bit. When I first started writing I sounded like robot and my work just didn’t connect.

    Once I stopped talking like such an ‘authority’ and showed my vulnerable side, spoke about problems and mistakes I had made, then I connected better and felt better for being real an honest.

    I try every day to connect better and have more work to do, but videos like this certainly helps.

    Thanks, Marie

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Naomi, I love what you said about showing your vulnerable side. I think at the end of the day, we all want to see each other as real people!

      • Thanks Kristin,

        You are so right. None of us are perfect and life is a learning journey.

        No matter how much of an authority you are, there is always something new to learn!


  4. Hi Marie,
    your weekly pills of wisdom really help in getting my business ahead.

    Personally, I find that principle #3 is the most helpful, not just for branding, but also in order to start a business.
    In fact, putting the light on humanity, you become an inspiration and your product becomes an item of desire (That’s principle #1!).

    Humanity is the first thing to look for, always!

    Thank You Marie 🙂

    • cate

      Love your answer, I completely agree 🙂

      So happy she showcased this company, they deserve the recognition! Beautiful products, and now I have a bit more insight in how/why they do what they do!

  5. Oh so very true. Connecting with humanity is soul oriented and very much so a process that evolves in each person. This is a great vid, love.

  6. I love that Artifact Uprising has found a way to provide jobs for folks with intellectual disabilities, even while they’re a small company!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      It’s great, right?!

  7. Thank you such perfect timing as I have just thought that I need a whole new revamp and although I am clear on purpose – it just doesn’t come through in my branding. Will be taking the other ideas on board too – watch out we are going to get classy!
    Thanks so much you are always an inspiration.
    Kind regards,

  8. Thanks Marie for a great video!

    These are definitely the things I need to work on with my own project – tattoo clothing that I created. It’s something that is quite new and unique on the market, so #1 principle and #2 principle are the key issues for my business right now. I knew that before, but your video made it even more clear to me where I should put my effort right now. 🙂


    • So glad to hear this video inspired you for your own business! Driving desire and working your why are really what sets rock star businesses apart from the crowd. Good luck! 🙂

  9. Bonjour, Marie !

    I can apply all three of them.

    1. I do have ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ on my website, because I do have a team… quite confused about that one.
    2. My Why is not clear all over my Internet presence
    3. Taking it personally would really apply in my case, thank you!

    Have lots to work, see you next Tuesday! 🙂

  10. Hi, this is right on time as I am redoing my website and realizing that a startup advice, “make people think you’re big” when I’m actually that one person behind a keyboard, didn’t work for me. Yes, once in a while I get people calling me thinking it is a big store they could visit and never buy but for the most part, people love my customer service, see that I care and I’ve also seen a difference in how people react if there is ever a manufacturer’s default in the product as people can really be on the defensive when buying online, not trusting the process. So thank you for the inspiration, I will surely use it for my about section and will add a little something personal to the note in my shipment, but will have to find a way to use recycled materials as this is an important value for me and my company.
    Thank you Marie for your videos, never miss one, you’re great, the personification of perfection for me (I don’t have the same definition as the dictionary, you’re the perfect inspiration for your fans!)

  11. I need to focus on #1 and #2. I already try to infuse a lot of humanity in my blog posts by writing about my struggles with anxiety and perfectionism and what I’ve learned from them. But I’m not sure that I’ve made it clear that what I’m really selling is passion, and joy. I know that my website needs some work so this will be what I focus on!

  12. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for this episode. I watch you every week. I feel that I can really do more with my website after seeing this. I teach people how to play popular music through reading chords, then embellishing on these chords. But what am I really selling? I am selling enjoyment of life through creating and playing music. I am selling joy, smiles, beauty. Need to put that into my site.

    Thank you, Marie.
    Debbie Gruber

  13. Wow. I was immediately inspired to go straight to this exercise and tackle it. It’s been a while since I reflected on what I’m really selling, the “why” behind the work I do, and the humanity within my business. Putting pen to paper and letting the thoughts flow got me all fired-up and excited to take action. What ended up being particularly insightful and “light” (my #1 core desired feeling) was determining what I’m really selling. Connection, self-love, transformation, accountability, relationships, and experience were the words that came to mind – simple and empowering. I got real clear about my “Why” as well, and now I’m feeling the passion pumping through my veins.

    Thank you Marie!

    Big Love & Hugs to you and to the Marie Forleo Community <3

  14. Love this video Marie!

    #1 rings true to me as my small wine tour business “makes memories and marks milestones”. #2 is going to be a tough one as a solopreneur I often use the we vs. I when referring to my company.


    • I have trouble w/ the ‘we’ vs ‘I’, too!! I wonder why we get so caught up in this tiny matter?

  15. We were missing that Love Your Branding Baby section!! 😀

    I think the idea of humanising a business is essential and we often forget about it as we are really busy trying to sell our products. I will definitely put more effort on this idea and will update some parts of my site during the next days.

    Thank you for sharing these super useful ideas, Marie! 🙂


  16. Def the humanity part. A huge reason my business is successful is because it’s just me. I am open and vulnerable in my message. I post on social media about my real life and what I do day to day, and I reply to people despite getting a lot of messages because I am a person. And my clients know what’s going on in my life. If I go on vaca I don’t just leave- I tell them I won’t be around but that I will get back to them as soon as I can because I want to be there for them!

  17. Thank you for sharing this Marie! I recently changed the “we” on my website to “I”…it’s just me and it feels much more personal.

    I’d like to work on my Why and making it clear how I give back and what my values are. One thing I definitely want to share with my clients is my environmental values — I draw large-scale and found refill-able markers so I reduce waste!

    I also want to improve how I Drive Desire. I want to get over feeling like I shouldn’t “brag” or write in a way that makes people want to keep checking back for more…what I do is valuable and really cool!

    Action step: I’m sending out my first email newsletter tomorrow, so I’m going to write some tantalizing snippets to send to my audience today and over the next few weeks to make them want to sign up to get my drawing tips!

    Thanks again Marie!

    Cheers, Karina

  18. Hi Marie and team,
    Thanks so much for this inspirational video!
    Just this morning and asked myself what was blocking me in developing my project further. Why couldn’t I get it where I wanted? Then I took a step back and started remembering why I started my project in the first place: I wanted to help my community, educate our children how to lead a healthy life and eat better.
    So I put aside all my plans of reaching as many people as possible and sent am email to the mayor’s office of the small town I live in to explain my project and ask for a meeting. The person at the mayor’s office responsible for education answered within minutes and offered to meet with me as soon as possible because she thought my work was amazing!
    So, being true to myself and what I stand for payed off 🙂
    Stay tuned for the next episode! 😉

    Love xxx

    • Wow Salima that is so amazing and inspiring … what a great leap forward trusting your instincts and acting from the heart .. i am excited for you! Congratulations!

      • Thanks Louise! It feels good 🙂

  19. Absolutely LOVE their site and their products and your branding baby vid. A FAB reminder how knowing your WHY is essential to success! Thanks for sharing another great pep me up Marie have a fabulicious day:)

  20. Now that’s what I call swimming g in a sweeeeet blue ocean!
    Thanks Marie. Great show!

  21. Super inspiring and always right on the ball! Simply love these video’s … keep ’em coming!

    x, Rob

  22. I’m from Portland! I’m so happy I was able to initially start my business there and collaborate with all of the amazing artists and creators there. They really made me who I am today and I’m so thankful for that town. I’m glad you got to visit and enjoy yourself!

    • I didn’t realize there was such a MarieTV/Portland connection. But, then, there is a lot of love between New York and Portland for some inexplicable reason. To think, I was this ” close to having coffee with marie over a VooDoo Donut. 😉

  23. When I became certified as a life coach, I knew I had to do something different and find my niche. My past has been quite an adventure so I feel like an expert on so many levels. I finally realize that my most important message is having a really crappy life is not a reason to die. There is so much joy in living. I’m in the driver’s seat now and I have control of my own happiness. This is leading to an awesome book I am writing! My latest blog post “secretly suicidal” was a stepping stone to my niche. Love who you are! Thanks for sharing Marie. I often refer my clients to your videos. They are always inspirational!

    • Amy

      Wendy, this is so good to hear. I love your enthusiasm 🙂 people are looking for connection. I think my past is the biggest reason I can connect so deeply with people. It may not have been ‘pretty’, but I don’t know many people with the perfect past. Plus, when you’ve been where you’ve been (and I’ve been there, too), every day truly is a blessing. I wish you all the best.

  24. i love artifacts and mostly photographs of the city. I have my room filled woth them on the walls. I will defenetly love to buy one. Thanks marie for the incredible value you bring to this world!

  25. New bucket list item… be a Marie tweetable some day…

    Loved this, as always, Marie. You boil things down and rock it every week.

  26. Marie you’re awesome!! And you have great hair! lol That’s the second time one of your vids has come at exactly the right time!! Crazy! Making our “Why” message much stronger is exactly what the doctor ordered. Thank you. I’m making a video msg immediately!!

  27. Marie,
    I love your “to the point” Marie TV episodes. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you honed your communication skills at a Fortune 500 Company!

    Also, thanks for sharing actual company examples to illustrate your points. It makes a huge difference in the value of your materials.

  28. Marie, This was a great video. Very helpful. I will be taking a look at my website and material to make sure it is clear about what my why is, and what people can count on from me every time they interact with my company.

    John Nepper
    The Ultimate Self™
    Creating a joyful world by maximizing the best of human potential.

  29. Working your why is a powerful tool for my clients, especially when it’s hard to know what it is you really sell. I often find that by focusing on the “why” the other pieces start to fall into place over time.

  30. Eva

    I LOVE the “Love your branding, baby” section!!!! And I absolutely LOVE what this brand has built! What a great example!
    Thanks so much for showing how important it is to create authenticity from the very core of the brand. It is truly inspiring!

  31. I could write a book — yet I’m a lousy writer. Thank me for that.. There are so many things to do to turn my business around the list is several pages. I send too much time analyzing BUT I did find out 78% of my clients are women. Like the book Women are from Venus Men are from Mars… I now am changing my business to reflect that..

    Your weekly highlights continue to keep me fresh with youthful ideas Thanks

  32. Ann Lovett Baird

    Hi Marie! Love marketing strategy points. Work your Why especially caught my attention. I’m building a new website called “Live and Lovett!” I’m going to send “why” bullet points to my web designer today! Thanks!

  33. Thanks for your questions! I have no clue what I am really selling!!! I will mediate on that today. I’ll watch the video link and answer the question. Thanks for giving me a homework assignment!

  34. Thank you for this episode Marie! I discovered Artifact Uprising a few weeks ago and was ogling over their site as well and taking notes! How exciting to have your expertise illuminate the core take-aways… I loved every minute of this! (And I’m excited to know I can spot a Marie-TV worthy brand!) I know I can benefit from polishing up all 3 of these brand concepts but I think I’ll start with my strategy for “working my why”…

    My brand has SO much why going on about it that as times I get over whelmed trying to shout or whisper so many important messages & values at once. I love the concept of building a symbolic logo language that follows the products to highlight the values in each one. Its beautiful, simple and functional and can permeate the whole site in a way that’s not overwhelming. Right now I have a logos developed for the core values of my brand philosophy, but I think this strategy will work really well for the values & materials of each individual product on the sales pages in my shop.

    Thank you Marie for the cohesive strategy and the huge bump of inspiration today! And a big shout out to the team at Artifact Uprising for being so amazing!
    Love & Thanks,

  35. Heeeey!
    I love the company you used as an example today, Marie! When you brand with your heart everything you do vibrates with authenticity—that is my big takeaway!

  36. Hi Marie,
    First of all, you are fantastic. I love each little clip you hand deliver to me : )

    A comment about today’s branding strategies: I have created
    Eat Play Love, a lifestyle blog RICH in honesty, vulnerability, and the “real stuff” that people feel but don’t talk about.

    I am slowly building my brand, one nap at a time (my little girlies’ – not mine) and constantly struggle with the second strategy you highlighted today, Knowing Your Purpose.

    So here’s the action I’m taking straight away: I’m asking you straight up for your tips on how to refine your focus, particularly with respect to a business that um, isn’t selling anything yet.

    Any direction you point me in is so valuable. Thanks for all you do! You rock.

  37. Thanks for sharing this… I actually ordered a product from Artifact Uprising after you mentioned them in B-School, Marie – and it truly is GORGEOUS. This is a wonderful company that, I believe, is a group of quality-conscious individuals who is simply being who they truly are. Their WHY infuses everything they do – and so it is with me!! I do everything I do to help our pets have great lives!! Now I’m going to go back to my website and tweak a bit to make sure this is clear clear CLEAR!! Woot woot… thanks for all you do and have a pawsome day!! 😉 mb

  38. Rod Mula

    Dearest Marie and Team,

    “Humanity, what else is there?” I love your insight and your ability to energize others. I enjoy your promotions of the businesses that project the same initiatives. We all have to help one another!
    Keep the E-mails coming.

    Press on Marie,

    You are great!

    To You and Yours,

    Best Wishes

  39. Thanks for sharing this awesome company and their open, honest greatness. I think being more open about the organizations that my business supports, which are two organizations serving youth and individuals with special needs and disabilities, will help our audience see the honesty, integrity, and our meaningful purpose that’s grounded in making a difference. Go Girl!
    In Gratitude


  40. I love Marie TV. I have to admit I’m a little uncomfortable marketing my product. It doesn’t come naturally for me as I’m an introvert. But your videos really inspire me and have helped to make me more comfortable in promoting my product to others.

    Thank you so much Marie!

  41. Wonderful episode, Marie! I really admire Artifact Uprising’s commitment to doing good through their business.

    I think I need to incorporate more of the “work the why” strategy into my business. I am all about empowering vegans in mixed diet relationships to make the kind and conscious choices they want to make without the fear of sticking out from the crowd.

    Why? Because 49% of former vegans were in non-vegan relationships when they stopped being vegan. 61% didn’t like sticking out from the crowd.

    I am the vegan in a mixed diet partnership and I understand how challenging it can be. You want to make a difference but you’re tired of being different.

    But being a vegan benefits your health and the health of the planet. It mitigates so much harm. And I want people to stay the course. But to do so, they need effective communication skills, a community of support, and food they can share that everyone will enjoy.

    That’s a mouthful! I’m not sure how I can integrate this messaging in a less wordy, highly visible way, so that when a shy vegan in a mixed diet relationship comes to my website, they’ll know they are in the right place.

    Maybe a free opt in offer that popped up when they arrived? Providing a PDF on effective communication for thriving in a mixed diet partnership?

  42. Brittany

    I love Marie Forleo! I’ve been following her forever…and I know this is a really surface/shallow question…but can someone please tell me where she gets her hair extensions? Her hair is gorgeous!

    Haha…but seriously…

  43. Marie – I take something away from each and every video that you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you share to help us all towards creating successful and fulfilling businesses.

    Your videos are so polished and to the point. I’m starting to use more and more videos and would love any tips that you have on making & editing great videos (DIY that is).

    Thank you, thank you!

  44. Thank you Marie for sharing and for the reminder. DRIVING DESIRE & A FEELING OF CONNECTION is my number one takeaway today! My coaching work is ALL about reconnecting with our “inner power”, that part of us that knows our truth, why we came here and what we came to accomplish in this lifetime. So as I prepare to launch my free online webinar around this topic, this episode is a wonderful and timely reminder to revisit and review to ensure that my passion and my purpose continue to shine through. Thank you!!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Louise!

  45. I love love love businesses like that! There should be more giving, respect and humanity in business. Amazing points and I try to build my own brand around giving back, honesty and humanity as well. Thank you for this episode, very inspiring!

  46. Hi Marie…
    Thank you for your golden nuggets of info in showcasing Artifact Uprising.
    New to your site and a first time commenter!!

    Loved the section on working your why…this is what connects us to each other and to our tribe! An eye sparkle, perked up ears, and a smile tells me when you’ve connected with me in the most meaningful of ways. We are here to serve, we are hope dealers, and what we truly does make a difference. Thank you so much!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Woohoo Nicole, we’re thrilled this is your first comment and welcome to our world!

      Love what you said about being here to serve and dealing in hope. Amen. 🙂

  47. Hi everyone… and Marie, thank you for being you!

    Loved the strategies… I’m pretty clear on and passionate about my “why”, but my sharing and letting everyone know about it could use some love. 😀

    Thank you! Xo


  48. Excellent steps to get real clear on your purpose. For me step three is of absolute importance. I don’t want to ever give the impression I don’t really appreciate my clients business. I say never underestimate or minimize those little personal kindnesses that make all the difference to business in a world of big box mentality!

  49. Marie wow! This was literally the exact message i needed to hear today. You are so incredibly always on point. Thank you, thank you, Thaank you!

    When you said, “In a world where everyone’s trying to pretend to be bigger than who they are and often say we, when it’s just one person behind a laptop…” it really hit home for me so my takeaway for today is, to highlight more of my “humanity” and to not allow fear or self-conscious thoughts to cause me to not trust in myself — even if I’m just a “one woman show”. 🙂

    I thank you for all your great advice, love and commitment to us each week!

    Lots of love,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear that, Kerry-Ann. And thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words.

  50. Love Love Love your quick & witty view into the business world. You add fun and humor to business, which is a lost art.

    As for #1 tip for me: get gratitude notice (“please contact me if defective, I want to make it it right as I take pride my in what I do”) out to clients once orders have been shipping. The company does a great job of packing, invoicing etc, I want to add my personal gratitude touch.

    I appreciate you!

  51. Inquisitive

    Great video! I am at a loss! This is the most difficult aspect for me in my businesses. Audio producer & musical artist here… I have no humanity!!! LOL Buuuhh… I will be sleeping on this and thinking. Thanks so much!

  52. This was extremely timely as we’ve been working on our global brand position and I have been telling the team that we need to focus on one core value. As one of the only females, I am often the “feely” one in the company but the best marketing goes back to how it makes you feel. It’s what Apple does so well in that they’ve identified a core value that people want to be individuals and by using their technology you get to express your individuality and feel like you are the coolest person on the planet.

    For my company, I brainstormed on #1. It’s the feeling that you are being healthiest person you can be and connected to nature; it’s like going camping or hiking up a mountain or rock climbing or laying on a beach, bring the outdoors indoor and continue your connection to nature; the benefit is you don’t have to worry about the toxins, the air pollution or how you might be affecting the earth; you are doing what is best for yourself and the earth, it’s really the only choice; by using our paint, you will create future memories of you and your family and friends staying connected to nature and each other in a positive way……

    One actionable item for this is I am working on a video for launching our product in Germany and have been trying to get at what the emotional connection is to our paint. I think I am closer now and I will incorporate the feeling of being healthy and connected to nature.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Exciting, Leslie! Glad this episode came at the perfect time to give you some food for thought for your brand positioning and connection to your customers.

  53. Adrienne

    Marie, you have the best laugh, and I think my not-to-be-missed part of your videos are the very first and last parts where you are just being goofy. 😉 I have been working on starting my business and for some reason I really connected to this video. “People don’t buy what you do… they buy why you do it.” I am re-inspired as I am working on writing my copy!

  54. I think the thing I’m best at at this moment is adding humanity to my brand. I think I do this best in my communications – the emails that go out to my list. I also get a lot of replies back from those on my list and I answer them all individually and really get to know the people who are on my list.

    The thing I think I need to communicate better is my ‘Why’. I’m very clear on this in my head, but I need to review my website and all my other communications to make sure it’s super clear to all my readers.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  55. I love the idea bringing humanity back to business. I think it is natural to want to be the next big thing with a huge operation and dozens of employees. But there is certainly something to be said for the personal attention you get from a solo-preneur. I know that while farm out some of the work that needs to be done in my company, the real personal, touchy feely stuff comes only from me. I am the expert, I am the one with the undying passion for what I do and that certainly comes through. Thank you Marie! I too found Artifact Uprising at a blogging conference last year and their branding comes through loud and clear in everything they do.

  56. Hi Marie from SmartGirl Bags! I loved this video. As a small startup, I am hungry for all of the advice I can get. I will definitely reevaluate our messaging and strategy to see if we have messages to drive the desire and are we communicating the why. I appreciate the tips!

  57. I just LOVE this!! I came upon Artifact Uprising a few months ago and saved their site to dig deep when I had more time — but I did so because their site spoke to me and I knew their WHY would absolutely pull me in. And it did.

    I just went through their entire site and I had chills while reading their about page. A true sign of authenticity and connection w/ their audience. Definitely a GREAT example of branding w/ heart!

    As I set-up my email opt-in coming soon message (starting before I am ready), I was having trouble in deciding what to write. Now I know to Highlight my Humanity and keep it as true to myself (and my story, as Artifact Uprising did) so people will connect more authentically w/ who I am and WHY my company exists!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes! Sounds like you’re absolutely on the right track, Lizelly.

  58. Every video I’ve watched so far has been so useful. Today’s vid really hit home for me. A minute into it I hit pause, opened Word and began making notes.
    I am just starting to put together a business. I’ve been trying to make myself sound uber professional, and I forgot the most important ingredient – me and my heart.
    Thank you for this insight. It is also a nice reminder that it’s okay to run a ‘small’ successful business.
    Marie and MF Team y’all have a lovely day.

  59. Thank you Marie Forleo for being real. And keeping it real.

    Without people the connections aren’t real.

    Looking forward to your next episode.

    As always.

  60. Sometimes simple and back to roots is the best answer. Right?

  61. Michele

    I recently discovered Artifact Uprising and agree it is a brilliant example of a company with humanity, that also has a great product. In a world full of faceless corporates, people are looking for authentic experiences and real people. I think looking at best practice, especially where the business is very different to your own, is a great way to learn and challenge your own business. My take away from this – be yourself, be proud of that and put it out there. People will respond. People with the same values as you, who are likely to be good customers because they ‘get’ what you are all about and want what you have to offer.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen to that, Michele!

  62. Ariel Myers

    This was so timely for me, I just can’t tell you! I am just starting the process of trying to find my “voice” in the branding of my product-based business, but I have so many design elements that I want to include and so many things that I think would look “cool” but at the end of the day, I have to focus on how my products make people feel and build my online environment around that. Already this eliminates so many options and gives me a much clearer focus moving forward. Hurray!

  63. Laura

    Great video Marie. I sell recycled (or up-cycled) glass sculptures (some call them totems). They are yard art although so far people use them as table ornaments. Most have no other purpose than decorative so you don’t need them. So lets see how I do with this…My sculptures can turn your yard into a fairy land, a place you can go to feel the magic around you. Or you can have a truly unique center piece for your table that express something within yourself. A great conversation starter for sure. How is that?

    I am also making some that are for catering. When throwing a party, presentation is everything. Right?

  64. Caitlyn

    Hey Marie,

    When I opened this weeks email I got so excited to see that you had just been in my neighborhood. As I’m writing this email I can see straight over the construction site, the parking lot and Samurai Lunchbox to the “Butter” sign in the window of the soon-to-be Buttercraft shop. We love our little neighborhood here in Portland and I’m so happy you got to check it out.

    This episode was really great. It was perfectly timed to arrive as we were dealing with a tough customer. And what your video said was this: Don’t worry, you are doing everything right. Your customer’s love you because they get to know you. No matter what happens you take care of them because you want them to love what they buy from you. We have hundreds of happy customers who buy again and again. Thanks for such a great Tuesday pick-me-up!

  65. HI Marie,
    Wish I had known you were in Portland, I would have invited you over for a home cooked meal and a visit to my studio so you get an inside look at the culture of makers in this town (there are 7 of us here)! I hope you had a great trip!!

    Insightful, heartful video as always, good reminders from BSchool :-))
    Lots of love to you and your team!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh you’re so sweet, Ruth! I know it was a bit of a short, whirlwind trip, but we’re thrilled to hear that we have some of our very own in Portland. Sending lots of love right back! xo

  66. Have a heart for your customers and a head for business. The Why must explain the What.

  67. Michael Riley

    I just listened to you video on branding tips and Artifact Uprising. I have been reviewing you communications for a couple of months now and must comment how wonderful this information is and how you make it fun and entertaining. I just retired 10 days ago from being Chief Marketing and Training Officer in a large community bank in the Midwest. I had a bout with cancer last year (and won!), So I decided that reprioritizing my life to what’s really important like my family and specifically our first two grandchildren but I am also in the process of to reinventing myself so I can still contribute and make a difference. I have been very active in creating a culture of engagement and the sorts of initiatives you talk about with Artifact Uprising, Your information during this process is very helpful, insightful and invaluable. Thank you very much! Any ideas on the reinvention process for someone in their mid 60’s? Thanks again, I love your approach! Michael

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your note, Michael. Congratulations on winning your bout with cancer, and it’s so wonderful to hear that you’re reinventing yourself! We did a great episode a while back that I thought might inspire you regarding your reinvention process:

      We absolutely believe it’s never too late (or too early!) to pursue the life of your dreams. I hope you enjoy your retirement and the exciting things you’re working on — we’re cheering you on over here, and hope that you’ll check out our episodes for some helpful tips along the way!

  68. I have 2 things I would like help with. First thing is, If you have a business relationship with someone and later you see things changing, what can you do to rebuild the relationship. Second, I would like to have others view my website and see if it’s catchy or if it’s too busy. Please advice.

    Thank you,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      N. thank you for tuning in this week. We have a great MarieTV episode that talks a bit about business partnerships, so I thought you might like to check that one out for some helpful ideas:

      I’m not sure what you’re looking for in terms of your website, but I know there are some great resources out there like Peek (peek DOT usertesting DOT com). Peek is free, and it’s a great way to get insights from someone checking out your website, so you might get some amazing feedback that way!

  69. Great Stuff once again from Marie Forleo.

    By the way, I visited but there were no optin section to submit my name and email address.

    How to I enlist myself in the wait-list, Can I please get an email reply?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Atiqul, sorry for the trouble! If you visit, you should be able to opt-in with your name and email address near the bottom of the page — just scroll down and you should see it (it’s a red box).

      I don’t see any emails from you in our inbox at the moment, but if you’re having any trouble opting-in, please feel free to reach out anytime at our email address, info AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be happy to make sure you’re all set!

  70. This was such a nice episode…And just in time for my mom’s 50th birthday – she always takes pictures of me and my sis and it’s time she got them out of her phone…

    I really really LOVE the human touch behind the branding. As you say there is so much ‘we’ when in fact it’s ‘I’. Many things I have practiced and stand behind in my shop have not been clearly communicated to my customers, Is see it now. Especially the ‘Thank you!’ card…I should definitely think about communicating how personal each of my pieces is to me and that if someone doesn’t like what they get I am upset and want to fix that 🙂

  71. Hi Marie,

    To me I feel that I’ve taken, it’s ok to just be yourself and build your business around uniqueness 🙂

    We all want that personal touch

    I loved your email story!


  72. By far the first idea is the greatest! So many people don’t understand that they are actually selling the experience their product can offer not the product itself!
    Thanks so much for the great material, as usual!

  73. Hey Marie,
    I’m very clear on my why, but know I could be better at sharing it with visitors of my web site.
    Food for thoughts… as usual with Marie TV 😉

  74. Hi Marie, I always love your videos – short, sweet and very much to the point. I took on board your ideas and have already changed the entire text of my home-page – trying to make it more emotional and hopefully more passionate. Thanks! Keep them coming.

  75. Ida

    I like all advice but really started to think about how I get my “why?” out there, so I will try to incorporate that even better and one action step I can make and really should do is to translate more of my website to english, I’m Swedish and still only sell here, want to make it easy for customers abroad.. Thank you for the video!

  76. Dear Marie, I loved this episode! I had heard you talk about many of these points before (after all, I’m a 2013 B-School graduate 🙂 ). But the way you just condensed them here in 3 short bullets added a lot of clarity.
    My business is growing slower than I wished, and I was just thinking about what to do about it as I power walked back from the nursery run this morning.
    I’m going to start with the Drive Desire point right now!
    Thank you again for the inspiration 🙂
    Elsa x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Elsa! Sometimes those mini, condensed nuggets of wisdom make all the difference in sparking insights. Always happy to hear from our B-Schoolers <3

  77. Ron

    Hi Marie,

    Great stuff, I especially loved the thank you card shipped with the order. A very nice touch.
    Thank you for your great inspiration. I loved B-School!!


  78. Marie, could you be anymore adorable?? You are a prime example of how being yourself and embracing the opportunity to do what you love makes your business stand out. I am a network marketing professional, but I branded my team to keep it personal and encourage a strong sense of community. I need to focus on driving desire more, and really putting out there why I do what I do. While I have expressed this to my business team on numerous occasions, today I am going to start letting the customers on the team know I am passionate about helping people live a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance! Thanks so much Marie, you rock girl!! XOXO

  79. Thanks for another great video. I have been using B-school and MarieTV to improve my holistic clinic. Clarifying what we are really selling has lead to a profound shift in our operations. We came out of school thinking that we were selling reliable, research based natural therapies. We are really selling the opportunity to live life vibrantly. I shifted my word choice during visits, and have seen the patient’s energy shift along with me. They used to be in a state of pre-final exam focus to better absorb the science; now they are relaxed, inspired, and excited. i still share the science-because it is awesome-but now they take away my passion and trust that I know what I am doing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Incredible, Brenna! It sounds like you’re taking some amazing strides in your biz and feel free to keep us posted on how it’s going (bschool AT marieforleo DOT com).

  80. Always looking for inspiration in building my websites, this is great I am in the market for a photo book for my husband for fathers day..just started my first project with Artisan Uprising – win win!

  81. I loved the video and found some interesting items I might use in my shop. Loved the third one in particular. My shop donates 20% of its sales to: Rescued Rescuers: Dachshunds and Friends of the Emerald Isle. I do have this information in my announcement, but I am contemplating putting it at the end of all my descriptions in my listings. Sometimes people do not take the time to read your shop announcement. Going to try this.

    Thanks so much for the useful info.

    • How wonderful, Rosemary! It couldn’t hurt to make it a little more prominent. Seeing a charitable business gives people the warm fuzzies, and that’s never a bad thing.

  82. Hello Marie, thanks for the video! Dang, I remember that old video and completely forgot the advice!

    I need to apply all of those, but I think I’ll take the step of what I’m really selling first. I’ve been writing a novel where people get to vote together on what happens next and focused on “it’s a story!” where what I REALLY want to sell is an experience to connect with a community that’s helping direct a story. I want to sell fun, adventure, and connection! (only it’s free, so it’s not really selling it yet 🙂

    • What a super cool idea, Josh! It’s like a crowd-sourced “choose your own adventure” novel. That’s seriously the coolest thing! Fantastic way to connect readers, authors, and the storytelling and writing community.

  83. Amy

    Hi Marie!

    I have just recently signed up for your emails and I am loving them and your videos! About today’s video, you briefly mentioned using ‘we’ when there’s only one person at a company. Is it better to put it in the first person and say ‘I’? I had always thought that it sounds more professional to say ‘we’. I have begun my own interior design company and throughout my page, I use ‘we’ thought for now, it’s only me. Would love to hear your thoughts!


    • I think it’s important to follow your heart, so definitely do what you’re most comfortable with. I think Marie’s point was more about how being a one-woman shop is nothing to be embarrassed of, so you don’t have to succumb to the pressure to make what your doing appear bigger than it really is. It’s awesome to run your company is a solopreneur and rock it!

  84. Angela

    Thank you for saying all this, especially about adding humanity, as this is something I have always believed! Now I feel even more strongly. Thanks.

  85. I LOVE that you brought up the WHY Marketing and branding through the WHY is beyond essential in this cause-based economy where authenticity matters. We all must focus — both internally with our people and external with our various audiences. The challenge is in clarifying and clarifying your individual and organizational WHY so that you attract your ideal people and customers. My WHY is to contribute to the success of others — as such I am over the moon about bringing tools forward that help people and companies do just that. The result? What I call BUY-ME and BUY-INTO-ME METRICS: engagement, productivity, profitability and connected ideal customers, clients, partners, investors, etc!

  86. Ryan

    Number 3! About showing your humanity. That means being vulnerable which is never easy, but can open up your life in so many ways.

    A tip to start…well hmm! Opening up my vulnerable side. I think I need to do this in baby steps.

  87. Thank you so much for this. Great reminder – why, why am I doing this, loved that and also really liked bringing the humanity back into what we do.

  88. Thanks for the video Marie! I really believe in authentic connections and have weekly reminders / reflection on my own (without the ‘noise’ of other blogs/sites) on the kind of content i write on my blog so as to keep it true to whats really inside. And reminder to never sell my soul – even if it means a slower pace of building my community. Engagement more than ‘likes’. This video opens up new perspective!

  89. U got some emotions rolling Marie. I am from Germany and the blog overall is for a German quite “American” I love to see your videos. This one for example, inspired me to sit down immediately and rewrite the story for the small company I am working with!
    Inside without action is worthless!!
    Thanks so much!
    Enjoy and be happy!

    • How wonderful, Mario! There’s no shame in being a small company or a one-woman/one-man show. So glad you’re embracing the positive qualities that a small company can bring with the company you’re working with. 🙂

  90. Marie – I’ve been following you in “silence” for a couple of years now. I’m picky about who my mentors are. All your posts speak to me, but this one made me take immediate action since I’m launching my “sell or die” program this week.

    I strove to address each point you made in this post in the redesign of our main site. And since I actually TOOK INSPIRED ACTION, I felt compelled to share with you and your other faithfuls! THANK YOU!

    • This is excellent, Mindy! I’m really happy to hear that you took inspired action and weren’t afraid to do a redesign of your site so close to a launch. That would make a lot of entrepreneurs sweat! Best of luck with Sell or Die–we’ll be cheering you on. 🙂

  91. Great tips! Random question, where did you get your awesome bag rack? I want one!

  92. Love this episode and LOVE Artifact Uprising! I’d love to recommend Branch Basics (pure cleaning products) as a future brand to highlight. They’re my latest brand crush.

  93. Carmen

    Hy Marie , I just want to say Thank you ! i follow you in silence and You inspire me and a lot of people . Your Humanity is the best quality that I have find and also I am sure this si the secret for the succes .
    Thank you again and if you ever came in Italy please let me know I will be there in the first place .

  94. Patricia

    Hi Marie,

    I love your work, I found you when you were promoting b-school on the internet, I don’t remember which web, but I have to say that since then I’ve become adicted to your work and videos. I’m also a B-schooler 🙂 yaii

  95. Sherry

    This is a big one for me. Oh boy is it ever.

    I’ve been a web design contractor for another person’s company for the past year or so (and my boss is AWESOME, so I have no desire to leave; I’m learning so much from her and she’s the best boss I’ve ever hard). But I would like to make more money, just as a good cushion, and build up a solid freelance client base locally. So I’ve been working to start up that freelance business.

    I just got invited to a happens-only-twice-a-year luncheon involving a lot of local women in business, but it’s NEXT TUESDAY! *tears hair out* So everything I’ve been doing leisurely on the side for my freelance business, while working my contract job, suddenly has a deadline. I’ve found myself scrambling to get my business cards re-printed with the current information and most especially redesign my website.

    But here’s the thing: when I first created my website, it was as a student, looking for a job. Now I have a job, so the website needs to be more about me as an actual web designer who has services to offer. It needs to be business-oriented, but in my voice.

    And that’s why this particular Marie TV video resonates so hard with me right now. I feel like I haven’t quite found my branding voice. I’m still working on making the decisions about what I’m going to offer and for what price(s). Now that I’ve made tentative decisions in that regard, I’m sitting at my computer, trying to draft the wording to present it. And it is SO hard. Because everything I write is either too wordy, or feels stale, like I’m trying too hard and not being myself. And the harder I try at it, the less like myself I feel. My voice gets lost, and my self-confidence goes with it. I find myself saying, “What do I have to offer? It sounds so boring! I know I will do a good job for people, that I work my butt off to do the best I can, but I don’t know how to convey that. Not without sounding desperate or obnoxious. I want to punch myself.” (LOL.)

    Seriously, writing copy is one of the hardest things. The Copy Cure can’t come soon enough. I need the help. *GRIN*

  96. Truly inspired by this. Artifact Uprising is one of my favorite companies. I discovered this video through Donald Miller’s Storyline. I look forward to implementing these strategies (one by one) in my team. Thanks.

  97. lynelle

    Hi Marie.

    I really enjoy your “stuff,” you know that? I really do. This is rare for me. I just enjoy your Whole Deal, to put it patly…

    One question, one comment:

    Q: I don’t seem to be receiving your weekly MarieTV on a consistent basis, nor the Tuesday Q & A. Just sometimes rather than every week. (?) For instance, it was by accident that I found your Morocco trip blog…which was great, by the way — kudos to you for bringing that back with you!

    C: You may or may not find this comment interesting…when you say on this present MarieTV, “insight without action is worthless,” the question that comes up for me is “Well, who is taking the action?” And also “Is the insight itself the action, by any chance?”

    Anyway. Thanks, and I look forward to (as you say) hearing from you!


    • Kristin - Team Forleo


      We can definitely look into why your emails aren’t arriving! If you send us a note at info AT marieforleo DOT com, we’ll help you out asap.

      And thank you for sharing your comment with us. I think ANYONE can take action, and while insight alone is great, I personally think a concrete step is more “action” than just the insight itself!

  98. I really appreciate your cool stuff & your work make me to think my ideas in a different way.

  99. Thank Marie, love this video, it also remind me thing I have wake up the motivation to keep doing work. I really understand why I am doing these things, because I want to create more useful knowledge help people live with easier and better by understand things which most of us don’t know before. It really is my passion to work on it doesn’t matter about how long or else, just simple I love doing it.

  100. Thank you so much! The messages in this video hit home for me…

    I thought I had already communicated to my audience and on my website, about my purpose and my why…but I can do better! so THANK YOU!

  101. Marie!
    This was a great video, exactly what we needed as we solidify the branding for the jewelry business my daughter and I are creating.

    Actually though, the reason I’m writing is to tell how much I LOVE your dress. It’s gorgeous, fun, and looks great on you.

    Thanks again for all you do. I absolutely appreciate all your help and guidance.

    Jana from Montana

  102. Monica Taylor

    Wanting to do something different or more than just what I am doing as a school registrar at a small boarding school. Thinking about professional organizing. Although I am a hoarder, I have mentioned to teach organizing this year in our school. I love to organize. Need to make time for more of it. Your videos have been an inspiration to me.

  103. Marie-
    I am thankful to have discovered your website (which I learned about from Experience Life Magazine). I appreciate the “smart” strategies and plan to use them to help me re-brand my business, emphasizing my desire to help people adopt lifestyle practices that will enable them to keep their brains sharp!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Linda, we’re thrilled you found our work too — welcome!

  104. This is superb..Small thing that will drive people to love our product. Part that i loved it so much is Drive Desire. This is what I missed before. Thanks marie, Love to be your subscriber.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So sweet, Arya! We love having you in our amazing community too 🙂

  105. Hi Marie,

    I love this video, I´ve watched it several times just to remind myself of all the good points you make. I own a vegan juice bar and take away spot, we are definitely into the “why we do it” thing…and after watching this I definitely need to communicate it better. Also target our customer more directly. Right now we are giving our image an overhaul and “going pro” like you´ve said haha. And I´ve been searching your whole site for more info and how to build a good website but I can´t find anything…A to my Q please! I want to know what a good web page structure should look like, how much info is too much info, and how to build in all of your branding, marketing and selling strategies in there.


  106. I do not know how to do step 1 but I understand pretty well, steps 2 and 3. Thank you!

  107. Love this vid! I love how you highlighted someone else to show how they’re doing it right. 🙂 Thanks for that advice, Marie!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you found it helpful, Carmela!

  108. Susan Federspiel

    Hey Marie –

    Great episode! I LOVE this company and agree they do a great job of showing up in a way that feels totally authentic.

    You bring up a really important point that a lot of small businesses miss – the importance of knowing your BRAND!

    I’ve worked in branding for over 20 years and I can say with certainty that it’s vital to have a clear idea of who your brand is for and the promise it makes to customers.

    I know you cover some of this in B School and I applaud you for reminding your followers and students of the importance of BRAND!


  109. Intersting

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