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My mom has this amazing quality.

She goes out of her way to tell people, especially strangers, genuinely kind things about themselves.

I notice it most often with wait staff in restaurants. But I’ve also seen her spread the love to taxi drivers, dog walkers and construction workers.

The burst of life and energy she brings to others with just a few kind words always inspires me.

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Probably because rather than just thinking a kind thought about someone else (which we all do), my Mom stops in the moment, focuses completely on the other person and makes sure they hear a few honest words of appreciation.

Which is why I was excited to answer today’s question from a reader named Nischala, who’s struggling with feeling undervalued at work.

If you ever feel like all the hard work you do goes largely unnoticed, watch this now.  

While I understand the perspective some may take that we shouldn’t “need” external validation for what we do, it’s hard to ignore our basic human desire for acknowledgment.

Now I’d love to hear from you. As described in the video, let’s get cookin’ with our challenge today.

Genuine appreciation is a priceless gift that makes people feel great. Who are 3 people you truly appreciate and why? Share your appreciation in the comments below and, most importantly, go tell them!

If you think they’d get a kick out of seeing your kind words in print, send them a link to this page and tell them to scroll down to your name.

It’ll only take you a few moments, but it could really make a real difference to someone you know. It could completely change their day, week or even — their life.

Because I truly believe in my mom’s philosophy. Most people just don’t hear enough kind things about themselves.

Don’t forget. Share as much detail as possible in your comment. Not only is that the researched-backed way to get the most bang for your appreciation buck, but also because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your share may be exactly what someone else needs to read to have a breakthrough of their own.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

And if you found this helpful, please pass this along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends — anyone you think could use a little extra support as they work to bring their dreams to life!

Thanks so much for making this one of the most inspiring, fun and supportive places in the digital Universe.

With so much love,


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  1. Hi Marie and everyone!

    Oh, this one hit home for me. I was just whining about this on my personal blog. I’m highly intuitive and I seem to know what people need/want before they do. Great skill, right? But not many have that and I felt like I was the one who was noticing everything others do but who was noticing me? I asked my readers (all 6 of them!) if I was acting like I didn’t need anything. And I got a resounding YES!

    It dawned on me that I was the one getting in my own damn way. It’s not as much that I wasn’t getting the love, it was that I wasn’t really open to it because it wasn’t the way I thought it *should* be.

    Once I got that I was the one who created this and thus could change it, I started working on it. The Universe moved some things around and I felt the love coming in from unexpected ways.


    If you’re not getting the praise you want, here’s my question to you: Are you OPEN to receiving it? <3

    • Agreed Lisa. So much of our experience of lack is for the things we haven’t made any room for. When we consciously clear the way, the space begs to be filled in more appropriate ways.

      • dj

        Thanks for the great reminder! Sweep, sweep, sweep – getting some (false) self sufficiency out of the way, making room for some loooove.

    • Ohhh I feel that everyone has that inner intuition but don’t think act on it enough to strengthen it! WELL I can tell you a matter of hours I got enough praise for just showing up in the world without expectations. That’s some major love magic right there!!

      • Lindsay

        DAM CHILD you be poppin them thangs ! Can’t believe I’m seeing you here too ! ! ! The universe is blingin us together for reason ~ I got’s a case a the colour wheels ! Xx

    • Yes, Lisa! You are so right. I was just talking about how perhaps my appearing like a SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) was making it seem like I didn’t need or want anything. Um, yeah!! So cheers to more openness in this department. XO

      • Love that: SCUBA! Funny. I’m afraid I block praise and appreciation, too. I’m gonna remove the block! Somehow…

        • I’m pulling for you, Marilyn!! We can do it! And I’m going to start by telling at least three peeps in my life what’s awesome about them. I think the msg of this video rocks.

    • I appreciate my friends.

      Michael Dorovich for his honesty and fire. For his tenacity and schedule. He is a rock, that rocks!

      Evan Raymond for being a f-ing genius. You don’t even know how brilliant you are Brother. I can’t wait to work together more…

      Courtney Devon for being the Goddess that is she.

    • Hi Lisa,

      What you said is powerful. I love that you took the time to ask your readers!

      I read and see your posts here regularly and I just wanted to say that I appreciate your contribution (even though I do not respond regularly :))


      Brandy xo

    • Amanda

      I appreciate my friend Michelle and having some things in common. And that we knew eachother as children.

      I appreciate my sons father for having him to stay.

      I appreciate my dad giving me a phone.

    • Lisa, this really hit the spot! I’ve only just recently become aware that maybe I’m closed to receiving too! I want to receive good feedback, but I’m TERRIFIED of receiving anything negative because my default reaction is to take it personally as if I’m not “good enough”… but blocking energy is blocking energy, if I strongly block negative then I’m sure that blocks the positive too. THanks for sharing your insight… brings lots more awareness about myself.

  2. Hey Marie,

    Great Q & A this week and one I think we all can relate to. I really didn’t know where you was going to go with it but your answer was great!

    I also thought it was interesting when you mentioned Nishala didn’t praise you. I’m a big believer of ‘you get back what you put out’ so the praise fairy suggestion was great. Cute too!

    For me, I appreciate…
    1. My kids for driving me to work harder everyday
    2. My mum for being 100% dedicated to raising me and 110% supportive (no matter what)
    3. Lastly, all the people who have ever wished or done me harm or caused me distress because you have made me stronger than I knew I was. Thanks 🙂


    • loved your comment, especially the last one you appreciate. in that moment when they cause us distress and hurt us, we feel bad, but it does make us stronger :). good luck in everything, Naomi 🙂

      • Hi Dona,

        Thanks for the reply. I try to see the positive in everything these days and to have some takeaways. So every time someone is intentionally horrible towards me I look for the lesson.

        That might be…
        1. Me learning a new coping mechanism for dealing with that type of behaviour
        2. Me being more aware of the negative personality traits people display and to be aware of the early signs (in new people I meet)
        3. Me learning something new about this particular person.

        If you can always look for a lesson then you will always be growing and benefiting from the situation.

        Glad you liked it


    • Angela Antonova

      Hi Naomi!

      I am inspired bu your last answer – “all the people who have ever wished or done me harm or caused me distress because you have made me stronger than I knew I was”- 🙂 wise words from an wise woman! Naomi, please accept my admiration! Thanks for sharing!
      <3 Angela

      • Thanks Angela,

        I’m one of these people who, when something bad happens I always think why, why, why! Why has this happened? Why to me? I’m ashamed to say I used to view bad times like a bit of a victim.

        But now I find why/what the universe (or life) is trying to tell me. What skill am I supposed to develop from this situation that I need in the future?

        Plus I look back now and think the people who gave me a hard time in my life… If they had been lovely and made my life easy I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today.

        So I truly am thankful. Haters you rock!

        Glad you liked my comment

        Naomi xxx

  3. Hey Marie,

    Thanks for sharing. Can I just start by saying huge thanks for all the effort you put in to our weekly videos… it really doesn’t go by unnoticed. I love when Youtube shows up in my mobile notification area a new vid on Tuesdays and I see it is from you!!

    I think we all get stuck in this appreciation boat sometimes. I was just moaning to my partner this morning that he doesn’t notice what I do etc etc… and whooop… your vid today was about exactly just that. Ok, so maybe it is not in the workplace, but heck… I sure could spread some appreciation love on him too. Gooood juicy reminder. Thanks for that!

    People I love and appreciate:
    Danielle LaPorte – she just gives it straight and speaks to my soul
    Gabby Bernstein – She reminds me to be the Light
    Kris Carr – Get’em greenies in the body, because I love myself!
    The list could go on!

    Another great episode! Love from South Africa,

    • I love all of them too, Lily. they are such an inspiration for all of us, it’s great to become a part of such a positive minded and success/giving love group. wish you all the best

    • Hi Lily! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 We do pour our hearts, minds and souls into each episode, glad you can feel that.

      And you’re right, this episode can apply to relationships as well. If you haven’t caught our episode about the Five Love Languages (another one that applies to business and your personal life) I really think you’ll enjoy it.


      • Sussy

        great video but i noticed Americans are quite fake when I moved here from the UK. cheerful and positive and then not upfront so i find it hard to know when praise is sincere in the US. too much positivity and praise can backfire and i find hard to trust

  4. Great topic. One of my girlfriends and I had a looooooong conversation last night about this. It really comes down to the issue of feeling unseen and unappreciated for the things you love about yourself-inside or outside of the workplace.

    We came to the conclusion that although self love & appreciation are key, we shouldn’t downplay the impact of occasionally having your self reflected back to you. So your tip about the praise posse is fantastic for this reason. It’s a safe space where we can openly celebrate our value. It’s a basic human need to feel like we matter. Because when we don’t, all forms of dysfunction emerge.

    As for three people who I deeply appreciate, easy! My mother, father and sister whose unconditional love continues to bolster me throughout this journey.

  5. 1) I appreciate you Marie for reminding me to be in a space today where I can focus on people I’m grateful for. I appreciate these messages you send out and your wit and smarts, and your willingness to be honest. I also appreciate your fabulous outfits, hair, and your cool life! It gives me something to aspire to! I have spent many a bad day manically watching your videos, always feeling better afterwards.

    2) I appreciate my mom. I feel bad sometimes for being 24 and still living at home, but my mom lets me with arms wide open because she supports my singing career and knows that this is the time to do it–with the comfort of my surroundings and the ability to save up some cash by not having to pay rent. She’s also a spiritual minister and I owe a lot of my spiritual disposition to her and her optimism and inspiration. Without this faith, I would be lost.

    3) Right now, I appreciate my boss. I’m a paralegal which is certainly not what I want to do with my life, but she makes my job comfortable and easy, giving me time to be creative on the side and always telling me she appreciates my hard work even though she knows music is my true calling. And she always starts her sentences with “When you make it big…” Just nice to have a boss believe in me when a lot of bosses these days can be cruel, power hungry, and unsupportive.

    Yee! Remembering these people really lifted my spirits.


    • Wow Camille
      So very uplifting to read your post and to see how loved and supported you are in following your passion and calling in life! I could feel your love and appreciation moving in waves xxx based on this I TOTALLY BELIEVE IN YOU ,,, your strength, passion and love shine through… You are BREAKING THROUGH xxx keep on rolling xx

  6. Great episode ! We are human and we need to hear that people appreciate our work. It is not superficial at all!

    As always, I am waiting for tuesday afternoon like a kid is waiting for Santa. I LOVE this channel!

  7. Kim

    Such an important topic, Marie. I know I notice good things about others all the time and don’t always say them out loud.

    I appreciate you, Marie Forleo, for the work you do and the wisdom you share. I look forward to your videos every week. I appreciate my husband who has been supporting and loving me for 33 years! And, I appreciate the work of Maria Popova of Brain Pickings, a real role model for me.

  8. I think it’s brilliant advice to give away what you want more of in your own life – that was my Mom’s advice to me when I was little, and it has always stuck with me.

    I use it in my own life for money – rather than complain that I’m not getting enough sales, I’m grateful when I get the opportunity to give away money, because I’m so grateful that I do have enough to give to someone else who needs it more.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I love that perspective Saiisha. Beautiful!

  9. I appreciate the following people:

    My Husband – For being a wonderful and understanding father, for his even-tempered approach to life, and his never-ending quest to learn and grow wiser. Also, for being a great chef!

    My Daughter – For teaching me the meaning of true love, for being brilliantly inventive, and for her incredible depth. Also, her beautiful smile!

    My Mother – For being open-hearted to other ways of life and thinking. For growing and maturing in her wisdom at the age of 78!

  10. Great video. I’ve always been someone who has needed praise and external recognition. Sometimes I think it’s made me a bit ugly as I can seem too hungry for it at times. However, it feels so good when someone says something nice!

    People I’d like to thank / praise:

    1. My husband for being my ever so supportive rock as I try to carve a life that’s a bit different from the norm
    2. My mother for supporting me every step of the way
    3. My audience on my newly set-up blog (only a month old) who, every day, are showing appreciation for the knowledge and gifts I have to give to the world.

    I also appreciate you, Marie, for teaching me so much (and your mum, who seems to have taught you so much in turn!).

  11. I love the last part about not being so dependent on external praise that you become super sensitive to criticism. It’s a huge lesson that I’ve learned in life (still continually learning). There’s a book called Love & logic (about raising children) which I love and in it they tell you how important it is to raise self assured children. One example they give on how to do that is when your child asks your opinion about a work of art they have created, before you give your opinion, you should ask them first about how they feel about their own work of art. I love that. I think this could apply to all of us; really know how we feel about what we are creating so the opinions of others will not destroy our self worth but just add to it and help us have a more well rounded viewpoint.

    Three people I truly appreciate ( and I tell them all the time because they are so amazing that words of praise just spills out) are my husband (helps me feel like I’m one of the best people in the world and that the world needs me), my sister (always gives me great feedback whether it’s good or bad without msking it into a negative thing, and my friend Been whose honesty and loyalty makes me want to be a better person.

  12. Thank you for this, Marie! You know, when I was just starting my business, I didn’t really understand just how divine the concept behind Compliment was. A year later, I’d leave an emotionally abusive relationship and my job as a public school teacher to rebuild my own life, LITERALLY, by sending compliments to people through my company called Compliment. My love languages are words of affirmation and gifts in equal measure! (Of course, right?!) How perfectly perfect is the Universe?! What I needed to hear all those years was exactly what I was giving to others. And in doing so, my sense of self is stronger and so much less dependent on the approval of others. I felt this MarieTV was speaking right to me! Thank you for the validation. ❤️ You’re amazing.

    • Melissa, I love your business concept. Thanks for spreading light in the world. I’m going to check out your company.

    • It is really amazing that that’s what your company does. Great job and good luck, Melissa :*

  13. Ahhhh I love this conversation.

    The best compliment I ever had. Was when my best friend told her dad “I always come away from Jana feeling good about myself”.

    Ever since she said that, I’ve made a conscious effort to show appreciation every moment I can.

    1 I am grateful for my dad who I just had a conversation with about belief. We were talking about belief And religion. He said we were brought up to BELIEVE IN OURSELVES. 🙂

    2 I appreciate my clients so much for inspiring me and porting their hearts out to me.

    3.i appreciate my kids for being my ABILITY not my DISABILITY to achieve my big dreams. Because they give me the motivation to cfeate a leveraged life. I appreciate all the life lessons they teach me.

    • Hey Jana, I forgot to mention your name in my list too!
      I loooove getting your mails and absolutely love your kind of crazy! You are so bubbly and always lift my mood. You share from your heart and that is felt in mine.
      Your frog-a-thon was fan-frikken-tastic!
      Keep up what you are doing, because we definitely need and want what you are sharing!

      • OMG Lily I sooooooo appreciate you! Hehehe

        You totally just made my day. I’m so excited you liked the FROG-A-THON I poured my little heart into that challenge.

        When you said I always life your mood. Ahhhhhh so appreciate that. You’ve given me inspiration for todays email (hehehehe that’s where I get my inspo from!).

        P.S I’m squirming seeing all the typos I made in the comment above as I was on my phone writing it! Oopsie daisies 🙂

  14. Tal

    Marie, thanks so much for this video and answering this question. I’ve been going through a similar feeling of feeling unappreciated, and I like the tips that you gave. I usually do say nice and appreciative things to people I know like my friends and family, but I like the idea of extending the appreciation to anyone, even strangers. Usually I keep the kind words to myself in my mind, but sharing it would be a great way to brighten up someone’s day, which will help me feel better too.

    It reminds me of a saying I heard from Ariana Huffington – “Ime Euphoros”, which is Greek for “I am the bearer of goodness.” Rather than searching for the positive/good/light, BE the positive/good/light.

    As for who I appreciate, I immediately think of my mom, dad, and brother. They have provided me with so much love and support while I go through this time of change in my life. I can never thank them enough for what they do for me.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Tal, thank you for sharing that Greek saying. What a great little reminder to shift from seeking something external to living it and embodying it.

  15. I loooooved this episode Marie!

    On a similar note, I think that the reason why we need praise as entrepreneurs sometimes is that we need someone to tell us that we’re doing the right thing and that we’re on the right track because we don’t have a boss to tell us that we are! I believe that’s why an accountability partner or a mentor are soooo important to have!

    I appreciate my Mom, my boyfriend and my patient friends who love me despite of all my flaws (and my disability to instantly reply back to messages) 🙂


  16. Now this was right on time. Thank you so much for sharing this Marie. I just had this conversation with my mom the other day. I can so relate. Its so interesting how we believe that we are alone with the experience. The power of sharing your thoughts and stories can inspire someone else. Love & Light to you and your team:)

  17. 1. My mom and grandma: they are lights in my life and always remind me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I have a tendency towards depression, and I am working to let go of that story, and my mother is the greatest support in this front. I often find myself hitting lows even after my greatest achievements, and she helps shake me out of my negative cycle to come back to the present moment. Also, reading the Big Leap and the Motivation Manifesto have helped with this as well!

    2. Mitch: when you have a partner who is unrelentingly there for you, you can’t help but be in awe of the grace they bring into your life. Mitch is my rock, my other half, my best friend and my soulmate. He has such a powerful way of making everyone feel loved and taken care of. He is such a kind soul, and powerful, strong man. It’s incredible to see these often opposing qualities at play in him, and it reminds me of his true power. He keeps me sane, grounded, and supports me to live my dreams to the fullest.

    3. My girlfriends (Erin, Julie, Heather, Taylor, Zahra, Nicole): so many, I know! But I feel so blessed to have this team of powerhouse women in my corner every step of the way on this crazy journey of life! What we are creating with this film has brought so much amazing energy to us, but sometimes it’s overwhelming and these ladies both help me celebrate and help pick me up from the ground when I fall. They are a key part of my life and bring me so much joy, love, and happiness.

    I feel like the luckiest girl in the world writing this all out!

  18. You are totally preaching to the converted, Marie! I believe 100% in spending out when we think we are most in need. it always comes back. My business has been built on this and my blog as well.
    Great advice, great pantsuit, great hair!
    xo nancy

  19. Aleksandra

    Hi Marie, you did great job as every week! Actually you are THE ONLY ONE who makes me watch newsletter every week! I love Tuesdays because of you!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Aleksandra, that’s such an honor! We love hearing that 🙂

  20. Marie, your advice about being the Praise Fairy is spot on!

    A huge part of what I do for my design/brand clients is encourage them and build them up for the work they are doing because they are awesome and deserve to hear it!

    Beyond my professional life, I try to practice giving praise to my friends, family and my man because I know it makes them feel good. I feel really good telling them how awesome they are, too, seeing their faces soften and taking my words to heart.

    And you know what? I’ve noticed the more I give praise, the more I receive it back and the happier I am to focus on the positive in life. It helps me live my life in gratitude and not attitude.

    Thanks for the reminder that being a praise fairy to build people up is always an awesome way to be 🙂

    <3 Natalie

  21. I’m not a big commenter, but I thought I’d jump in here. One of the things I realize as I move up on the age scale 😉 is that it’s easier for me to give praise and compliments now than it was just a few years ago. It’s easier for me to say to a stranger that I love their hair smile and keep walking and I think it’s because I’m determined to spread sunshine in order to keep sunshine shining on me. . . I’m never looking for praise, I just love to feel that I was truly sincere with someone and shared it with them. . .

    The people I most appreciate in my life are:
    My husband for truly going against his grain at times to accommodate my entreperneural spirit

    My father who is my solid rock and is ALWAYS there for me

    My Children who supply the drive I need to get things done.

    Best believe, I tell them all as much as I can how much they are appreciated. After all, if I can share with a stranger, I better share with a loved one.

    BTW – I LOVE everything you do and how real you are in doing it. I sincerely appreciate you Marie (and Team Forleo) 😉

    • Dear Sedruola .. I loved reading your post .. it so resonated for me .. especially your list … although i don’t have children my husband like your’s accommodates my entrepreneurial spirit even though it can drive him a little bonkers as he doesn’t always “see” what i see at first .. and my dad of course is my 92 year old ROCK!!! thanks for sharing and resonating in the world xxx

      • Thank you Louise! Kudos to those hubbys we drive nuts! 92 wow! Bless him. 🙂

  22. As always, great video, advises and positive start of the day for Bschool team members and we all thank you again and again for inspiring us, dear Marie, for sharing your knowledge with love and passion. We all feel that and are thankful for that.
    Like your mom, I love giving compliments to people around me, especially those hard workers, who do their job with dignity and make our life easier. And I also believe, you get what you give away, positive energy, love and hard work will always bring good results, whether it’s happiness or wealth.
    Appreciate my mom, who believes in me, supports each of my decisions and loves me no matter what.
    My dear husband, who does everything for me, without even asking for it.
    And my best friend, who sacrificed a lot to help me to stand up on my feet.
    thank you for reminding us to thank those people again and make them feel good and loved.

  23. Jan

    Such a great episode Marie. You have the gift of bringing clarity where confusion exists and I, for one, appreciate it.

    Over the years I struggled greatly with this issue but about a year or so ago, I began to understand what a good thing it would be for me to see “from the other’s side” so I started to give positive feedback first thing whenever I emailed or talked to someone. It was such a positive thing for my own feelings to validate what others were doing, especially in the beginning of the connection.

    I also realize now that I was very much like you mentioned in this video–I was totally dependent upon others’ validation. My experience has taught me that putting the “good stuff” out there first, like your mother does, just gets the vibe right. And I really don’t have that desperate need for affirmation. Whaddya know!

    Anyway my 3 people I love and appreciate:
    1. My bookkeeper who is infinitely patient and teaches me so much about money, payment and financials each time we work together.

    2. My mother who is and always has been my role model for a strong entrepreneur (which she has been doing since she was 8, helping her father in his store). She ran our family’s stores for more than 50 years and, now retired, she is still a vibrant, happy, and delightful person to be around.

    3. All of my closest friends who each have amazing different strengths and qualities and support me no matter what.

    Your work, Marie, is amazing. It really helps us all to see how important we are in this world. Thank you.

    • Thank you Jan for sharing, and offering this tip. It’s a simple and easy to use one. Go Positivity!

  24. Lisa

    I love this, Marie! And all of Team Forleo!

    I’m a huge fan or RAA. Random Acts of Appreciation.

    Heck, letting people know that they’re loved, valued, admired and appreciated makes me feel darn good (on top of them feeling good). So I kind of do it for selfish reasons. I do it because I love doing it 🙂 And if it makes them feel good too, bonus points!!

    One of my mottos is: It Feels Good to Be Good.

    And, since you mentioned giving shout outs of appreciation, mine goes out to Arvind Devalia. A big-hearted man with a wonderful plan, who loves connecting with people, is a brilliant life coach, and an overall decent human being. Hi Arvind!

    And a massive thank you, and fireworks of appreciation, to all of you guys! Team Forleo rocks even more than Elvis!


    • Wow!

      Thanks Lisa for your public appreciation and acknowledgement:-)

      As I say on my blog and in my books, living a life of appreciation does wonders for us, for our soul and for the world.

      It’s time for all of us to adopt an attitude of gratitude for all those people in our life who help make our life so rich and comfortable.

      Let’s create and spread a crescendo or even better, an avalanche of appreciation from today onwards!

      And on that note, thanks again Lisa. You are the best photographer I know and an all round super human being.

      Lisa, I am proud to know you as one of my friends – and I am so glad you are back in London and will be sharing many happy moments this summer with me:-).

  25. mary

    I so relate to this Marie, I became a work alcoholic to try and get appreciation, seen by others. For others to see my worth. Inside I did not feel any worth, first I need to work on seeing and feeling my own worth, because my voice was much louder then anyone who did say they appreciate me. I speak with a lot of women and some men and I hear a lot of the same stories. With gratitude, I appreciate your insights, maria.
    I appreciate my partner who has room in her heart for all of me.
    I appreciate friends I have who are committed to supporting/challenging each others growth/learning. Love and cyber hug.

  26. Hi Marie,

    I absolutely LOVE your show, your Q & A sessions are super insightful and as an interior designer I got o say that I LOVE LOVE your set!
    I am very grateful for all the information you give us and lessons we learn from your show, your emails and your workshops.
    Thank you and keep it up!

  27. regina

    3 people I appreciate:
    Stacey Jefferson at Stanford Federal Credit Union: she provides excellent service, always-even when I’m in a dither!
    Myke Reilly: my accountability partner, for this, and just for being a beautiful, courageous human being!
    Eileen Brewer: for reminding me that I belong to a much much bigger world, and inspiring me to do more in it!

  28. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!
    Great video. They all are, but this one, I think, will be very poignant for a lot of people. I don’t really have a story about this. Just wanted to say thanks for doing these videos and thanks a million for creating B-School and all the work that went into it. It’s AH-Mazing!!!
    The three people I appreciate are
    1. My husband who is so encouraging about me doing B-School
    2. My Mum for all the sacrifices she made to raise me.
    3. My Grandad (deceased now) who was my best friend.
    And for the bonus… I’m doing module 5 of B-School about stacking bonuses…
    4. Danielle Laporte ’cause those truth bombs rock my world daily.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Fantastic list, Debs! I love that you have such a great B-School cheerleader in your husband 🙂

  29. Dawn

    Marie, That jumpsuit is so fabulous!

    I appreciate:

    1. My friend Paula. She goes out of her way to show appreciation for people all the time. There have been so many times where I was ready to give up because I thought no one cared about what I was doing…then along comes Paula with a note of appreciation and encouragement or a post of facebook saying she thinks I’m fantastic. What a difference it has made! We’re both looking for jobs right now and to have someone remind you that you’re awesome when it feels like the world is rejecting you is really great.

    2. My dad, who has way more confidence in me than I do in myself and is always pushing me to go farther and do better.

    3. My dogs – they love me no matter how big of a jerk I am being. They are happy to see me when no one else is. They shower me with gratitude every time I share a taste of my dinner or hand out milkbones. They act like they’ve won the lottery every time I put their leashes on.

  30. This was a great way to start my work day. Where do I begin???
    I was thinking of this exact thing today on my way to work. On Sunday, I was going to a meet-up (for B-School! teehee) and I was in a coffee shop and a woman stopped me and said “I love what you’re wearing, it’s beautiful and makes your beauty really shine! Keep doing it!” and just, really. It brightened my day and perhaps changed my mood for the rest of that B-School meet up. Amazing.

    1) Brian, my boyfriend. I appreciate him for supporting me and giving me the time to develop my business during B-School and discovering what I want. I appreciate his listening when I have breakthroughs, breakdowns and freak-outs about anything and everything. It’s unbelievable, how he amazes me with this!

    2) Sabrina, my sister. I appreciate the relationship we have and the fact that she is able to help me grow in my business and personal relationships. She listens and helps me to develop deeper connections with people and situations in a “hindsight” way to help avoid mistakes before they happen (or let go of the ones that do!)

    3) Toni, my mother. I appreciate the fact that she shows unconditional love even though our relationship is volatile and we do not connect as much as I’d like to. She helps me develop patience and understanding for people, situations and behaviours that I don’t understand.

  31. Lori

    3 people I appreciate………Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte and Tara Bliss. My 3 gunslingers in my arsenal. 🙂 You ALL inspire me, each, and every day. Thank you. 🙂

  32. Charlie

    Hi Marie and team

    Wow, this one was soooo good.
    Firstly – I appreciate you and your team – you always give consistently good advice that is based in being a good and decent human being and thats what I strive to be. So THANK YOU ALL.

    Secondly, I agree with the others who’ve commented hear that generally, people are quick to talk about what they dont like, instead of what they do. It can be in our nature, but this was a timely reminder to look out for it in yourself.

    Lastly, I would like to shower my appreciation fairy dust on:
    1) Catriona Stevenson: my company co-ordinator who keeps us organised and on track. She is such a positive energy in my life, and is a fantastic sounding board for ideas. I only wish she knew how valued she was, and had more self confidence, because I think she is amazing.

    2) My husband Rob – he rocks. He works so incredibly hard to provide for me and our little family. He is a constant worrier but I want him to know that he doesn’t need to worry about us so much – we have everything we need. I appreciate the time he finds to put into our family and our home and love him so much.

    3) My parents – for inspiring me to go for my dreams, and help me live the life I have. Their wisdom is something I seek willingly and openly, and I cant thank them enough for the support they give me and my family, knowing they’d drop anything to be there for us, or going out of their way to do so.

    Thanks Marie for the opportunity to share this here and with those incredible people in my life!

    Charlie x

    • Catriona Stevenson

      Wow firstly thank you to Marie for creating such an inspirational website will be most certainly signing myself up for regular updates.

      Charlie, Charlie, Charlie wow girl you made me cry having only met you a year ago you have become such a big part of my life and for that I an eternally grateful. I know I am not great on the old self confidence thing and if I could be better I would but with great support from you and fantastic comments like this I am sure to be taking a step in the right direction. I think you are an amazing role model to others in business and to my little chum Fairlight and I look forward to spending soooo much more time with you and your growing family xxx

  33. Great message. I needed this today. I could watch this over and over, mainly because of the awesome jumpsuit. 🙂

  34. Tiffany

    I appreciate my friend Tessa who reminds me by her actions to be appreciative. When she gets knocked down and hurt she keeps seeing the positive while nursing her wounds – it’s a practice that she tends to even when the going gets rough.

  35. I appreciate Pat Valle, my best BFF, for saying the words, “I love You,” while knowing that I am married to an Aspie who (literally) says those three little words every four or five years.

    And I appreciate Kurt Mattingly, my ‘loved-by-everyone’ guy buddy, who gives me awesomely generous guy-buddy hugs for the very same reason.

    Preserving my Sanity Two Awesome People at a time!!

  36. Nishchala

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you so much for answering my Q! What you said makes a ton of sense and has really helped me shift my perspective. The ‘praise fairy’ and ‘praise posse’ techniques sound fabulous, and I can’t wait to test them out! I especially love the last bit in which you mention how you should not depend on external praise or validation, but rather focus on just being your own best. That really struck a chord with me- thank you for that lovely piece of advice, Marie!

    I’d also like to apologize- I sent you the Q in the heat of the moment and missed out on expressing just how grateful I am for all your help! In the other emails I’ve sent, I took the time to express everything, but this particular Q was written in a rush. Your work is incredible, and you’ve truly been an inspiration for me and millions across the world! I excitedly look forward to your weekly Q&A videos and updates; the passion with which you work is contagious and something I truly admire and hope to inculcate one day. Your videos and updates make my day! 🙂

    A huge thanks to you and your team again for all the pearls of wisdom. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

    Until next time.

    Lots of love,

    P.S. Haha! I was actually jumping up and down when I found out that you answered my Q- super excited! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Nishchala, thank you for being so open and sharing your great Q with us! It’s sparking some AMAZING conversation here in the comments and I love that your question is helping so many other folks as well. I think this is something we all deal with at some point or another 🙂

  37. Great episode! Sometimes praise is all we need to keep us going through the tough times. I look forward to Tuesdays and your Q&As. . . they brighten up my week. Thank you so much for all you do.


  38. Let’s see… Three people I really truly appreciate:

    – Christopher Doctor, my boyfriend.
    (Yes, that’s his real last name!) We’ve been together almost 5 years and though these years have not all been easy, they have been wonderful. We met just after my freshman year of college, and he has helped me grow immensely. He challenges and supports me. Because he is brutally honest, he has taught me how to listen without taking offense to what people think of me. With him, I have learned that I don’t always need someone to help fix my problems but just to listen. And I’ve learned to speak up for what I want. I’m much less shy than I was when we met and I know he’s to thank for at least some of that. I’m excited to see what the rest of our lives together will be like.

    – Kristie Bergey of KB Consulting Inc.
    She hired me as a subcontractor when I was making no other money and has supported me immeasurably. She’s always praising me to others and setting me up with other gigs. She coached me through dumping a painful client (literally, she read every email I sent the client and was always available for a call to talk it out). She’s my mentor and a major inspiration.

    – Katie Ewen.
    I’ve known her for a few years but we’ve gotten a lot closer over the last couple of months. She texts me nearly every day, is always inviting me out to do stuff (so crucial when I work from home all the time!), and is always supportive. She offers advice and tells me what I need to hear (not just want to hear). She’s also made a big difference in how I see myself — and how I perceive others as seeing me. She has encouraged me to notice when guys are actually checking me out. I feel much more confident with her as my friend!

  39. Nathalie

    This episode struck a chord for two reasons:
    1. You mention ‘The 5 Love Languages’, this book changed my life
    2. I discovered I need affirmation to thrive
    This discovery has meant I am able to articulate to my husband what my needs are. As a result, I am continually head over heels in love with him because he makes me feel loved every single day.

    The people who I appreciate so much right now:
    1. My amazing husband, who works so hard to provide for our family and his desire to meet my needs (even though it doesn’t come naturally for him to express)
    2. My Parents, who showed me what Love is, who always has an open door policy, who instilled resilience and independence in me
    3. Katherine B; for gifting me the introduction to Gary Chapman’s book and being so bold about it’s weight in worth (“if it wasn’t for this book, my husband and I would not be together”)

  40. 1. I appreciate myself. I appreciate all that I’ve accomplished in the short 11 months of being an entrepreneur and having my own wedding photography business. I’ve busted through fear, and had courage in some then scary moments. I’ve succeeded through it all and done more than I ever thought possible. I believed in myself, and I’m so appreciative that I was able to and continue to do so. It’s further inspired me to be a support all of those on the same journey.

    2. I appreciate Nicole for sending me this link and spending a large chunk of time on the phone with me bringing me to realize a lot of interesting things. She’s kind of my soul sister all though she doesn’t really know it, or maybe she does. She just gets me and I get her and we don’t even really need to talk often. It’s this really cool connection that’s just inevitable.

    3. I appreciate Jennifer Moher, an inspirational photographer who’s so open and vulnerable with all she’s ever learned. She’s everyone’s best friend and a sweet soul I’m happy to have connected with.

  41. As Marie says, why wait for praise from others. There are always three directions in which we can open up the floodgates of praise (and it feels just as good as receiving praise).

    1. Praise yourself for doing such a good job.

    2. Praise those who taught you to do things so well (like Marie praised her mom at the start of the article.)

    3. “Praise the Lord!” … or the Universe, or Creator, or Source, or Nature, or Spirit, or whatever you choose to call it.

    And if you have any issues around feeling worthy of praise, try substituting the word “gratitude”. It’s very similar, if not the same.

    P.S. Marie, whenever you say, “You are watching Marie TV!” you are always right. How do you always know I’m watching?

  42. Boy, did I need this one! I’m feeling pigeonholed at work and don’t know where to turn. What a kick in the butt! Makes me think of Legally Blonde and the snap cup. Create the reality you want to see in the world. THANKS MARIE!

    My 3 people:
    1. My hubs – for listening to my extrovert processing as I try to figure out my work direction. For his kind heart, patience, and hope for our future.
    2. My mom – for remaining with me even after her passing. I’ve only just recently felt her continued support and it warms me to the core.
    3. Brigete – for renewed motivation from a new friend of IIN. Through simple facebook messaging, she showed me kindness, inspiration and clarity. What a bombshell!


  43. Just had an aha moment. When you do a good job people don’t feel the need to tell you. My kids rarely say it and come to think of it neither did I. I knew everything my mom did for me and so do they. And aren’t we creatures of pointing out the bad vs the good, so silence really is a good thing!

    I appreciate so many people but the top three are…
    1. My husband, he is my Prince Charming. He encouraged me when I needed to make a career change ( very scary), and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for our family.
    2. Ok their a pair but who can choose, my parents. They raised us with values, love, compassion and laughter and their pretty amazing people.
    3. My babies, their funny oh how their funny. I could really go on and on!
    Can we pick one more…. You, the person reading this right now!

  44. Love that your mother goes out of her way to appreciate others, Marie. She has taught you well! 🙂

    I make this a habit myself, especially in restaurants. Often I will ask to speak with the manager to tell them what a great job the server did. A little praise goes a long way. We all love acknowledgement!

  45. Mandy

    I am an administrator so I totally get not feeling appreciated or valued. Especially when I go out of my way to be extra amazing! But when someone does notice, it really makes my day. (BTW, tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day, so be sure to surprise your administrators with something nice, or at least some kind words!)

    I will make more efforts to appreciate others in the office, and brag a little when I feel like I’m not getting noticed. 😉

    Thanks Marie! I know you already know it, but you are f’n awesomely amazing! 😀

  46. This was spot on for me right now! I’ve been struggling with needing external validation. Love the advice! Thank you!
    ps-where did you get your jumpsuit? You have amazing clothes!!

  47. Never underestimate small kindness, because these are the big, and meaningful in the grand scheme of things. I always try hard to remember this, and to get into the habit to telling others they are appreciated. This is a timely Q&A Marie for me. I learned a hard lesson this past week about the importance of making sure you say and show others they are appreciated.

  48. Emma

    I definitely needed to hear this. I am totally guilty of wanting more appreciation but not giving any to my supervisor, and filling my head with what I don’t like about my job instead of focusing on the good stuff and the great work I’m doing.

    I already feel better 🙂

    • Well done Emma! And I’d bet your supervisor would loooove to hear anything you can honestly share from your heart 🙂

  49. Hi Marie,

    I appreciate you, Marie Forleo, so much for sharing with us in such
    a genuine way your love, wisdom en positive energy 🙂
    I appreciate my best friend, Ricus Dullaert from
    Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Johannesburg, South Africa,
    for helping AIDS-orphans and their grandmas.
    I appreciate Missionaries of Charity here in Amsterdam,
    for helping me 21 years ago in my hard times
    and for giving love to so many people around the world.

  50. This is funtastic

    • The first 3 people I like to appreciatie are :

      Me, myself and I for The life I have created and the many times I have been kind To me and picked myself up. It has made me more loving, strong and more confident.

      And I would like to inspire EVERY one to do The Same for themSelves: be kind to yourself in The first Place.

      Andthen there is 3 other great people in my life I would like to praise :

      1. My wonderful husband Filip for accepting me 200% with alle my good & bad stuff ( and there is a lot of it Ha Ha ) day in day out

      2. My beautiful and talented daughter Kate (age 15) for her courage to keep going although life is reaaaaaally though right now and for her decision TODAY to stop a bad habit (she knows with one

  51. Hi,

    Great episode, I really appreciate

    You Marie, for being so generous with your clear headed (not sure that is a word) advice! You keep it fun but always meaningful, which is an art – way to go!
    My friend Michelle for always being positive and ready to help or support in any way, shape or form
    My friend Kattis for our walks and talks

    Thank you, I am so grateful to have you in my life : )


  52. Joanne Larkins

    Thank you Marie, for all these wonderful videos. I admire your beautiful wardrobe, so colorful.Thank you for your inspiring resources of people, to quote and to spread their greatness with us.
    You say, “Be the gift that you most want to receive.”
    Colors, YES!!!! I knew it, I love to see colors on me, around me. So I am in the process of revamping my whole wardrobe, no more drab anything, for me, only vibrating, cheerful, joy making colors for me!!! 🙂

  53. 3 People I Appreciate

    1. My mom. She is supportive of my goals and dreams. She always makes me delicious food when I go home to visit. She took in my dog, Gravy, when he was very unhappy living with me and now she cares for him just like her own dog.

    2. My roommate, Kris. Also very supportive of my goals and dreams. She sometimes brings me surprise treats when she picks up food. She takes me out to eat. She drives me around in her Audi Car. She is caring and generous.

    3. My accountability partner, Laura. She listens and gives my ideas her attention when we check in. She gives good feedback and suggestions. She shares with me what’s going on in her business. She volunteered to be a guinea pig for a new service and wrote me a nice Yelp review.

    These chicas are the best!

  54. I have this philosophy to make one person smile a day, because it’s so much easier to be nice than mean.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Katherina, and very true!

  55. Just Loving Marie today!!! I am jazzed and I am thankful to Marie for the wise A to the Q’s! Today I woke up and named that subtle lingering thought that I am not creating new workshops because I am afraid I won’t be able to fill them! HA! Caught you! So now, I see, how I am riding down the road with my brakes on. Wanting to step out and shine my light – share my wisdom – and yet secretly afraid – so therefore – I am not doing it. So now I have to create one and do it and show up fully!
    So Thank you Brilliant, funny woman!
    Your’s truly,
    Showing up fully!

  56. Love this, Marie. I made a conscious decision a few years back to articulate out loud kind thoughts I might have about others… my family, partner, friends, patients. We have so many wonderful people in our lives. It occurred to me that I was always praising these people to others, but never offering that love directly to the person involved. If you admire a person’s style, accomplishments, kindness, or anything else… don’t keep it to yourself. Let that praise fuel the dreams of someone else. This is a game changing practice. I’ve done this quietly for years… leave it to Marie to articulate it directly… and with clarity. Lovely!

  57. Lynell

    Dear Marie,
    Here are three people I appreciate and why:
    1. I appreciate you and your incredibly helpful videos. I look forward to them each week and I always learn something new. I’m sorry that I haven’t told you sooner. You are doing great work to uplift the world.
    2. I appreciate my dear friend Debbie who is editing my book. She is pouring her heart into making sure it will be great. She is also my biggest supporter who keeps me moving forward.
    3. I appreciate my husband of thirty one years who has encouraged me through every idea I’ve ever had. He is a special man, a great husband and a wonderful father to our sons. I’m so lucky to have found him.

  58. Hi Marie,
    great episode as always! 🙂

    This comes right in time when I invented a little game with my partner (well, only I play it at the moment, but he pays me complements all the time anyway, so I feel appreciated already :).

    After MarieTV episode where you introduced me to the concept of 4 love languages we both took the test and I figured that to my beloved words as a way of expression mean way more than they do to me.

    So I recently came up with an idea of An Appreciation Song.
    Basically, I start singing to any tune that comes into my head and improvise lyrics that say gratitude for the beloved.

    I found it’s easiest to start with physical appreciation (not in any naughty way, actually), but if he’s next to me I’ve got plenty of inspiration, because I can sing about eyes, ears, neck… head and shoulders, knees and toes – the topics are never-ending 🙂 And once you get into the groove, it’s easier to start coming up with non-physical attributes that are worth appreciating.

    And the song goes on until you both cannot stop laughing 🙂

    I now sing the Appreciation Song whenever he seems to be down or too harsh on himself – it’s a great way to pick up moods and let others know how much you appreciate them.

    Works especially well when it’s done with someone you’re very comfortable with, so that you can be a silly self and sing made up words to whatever melody comes into your head.

    The possibilities are endless!

    And now, a little Appreciation Song for you, Marie:
    (to the tune of Lionel’s HELLO)

    Hello… is it this kick-ass-entrepreneur you’re looking for?
    I can tell it from her eyes, she’s got passion that she shares
    with everyone around
    so ge-ne-rous-ly…. 🙂

    There you go. Hope it inspires someone in the community! 🙂

  59. 1. Seila, the studio manager where I work. For being beautifully organized, and managing to balance the crazy demands of our busy studio with her family life and being a new mum.
    2. My friend Joann, who does not appreciate any of her own work, yet does incredible things and has wonderful insights.
    3. My mother, for being a committed life long learner and overall oddball who laughs at all my dumb jokes.
    And a sneaky 4th one – my father for being an enthusiastic supporter of all my weird creative projects and one of the kindest people I know.

  60. Great episode Marie! You do a great job by expressing so clearly what others are not capable to do. I appreciate you and your team for this great work.

    People I appreciate and why:
    – I have appreciation for myself for having the cour-age and being willing to put myself out regardless of my pitfalls and mistakes that I probably could not avoid making being human;
    – I so appreciate a long time friend, Ginette Laurin for being such a great listener;
    – I appreciate my siblings for respecting me regardless of our contrasting life path (need to write this one in French for them to be able to read it:-):
    J’apprécie mes frères et sœurs pour le respect qu’ils me portent malgré que notre chemin de vie soit différent);
    – A great appreciation for my clients’ willingness and courage to look closer at their life and to have the privilege to see it being transformed (working in 3 languages, here is the translation: Une grande reconnaissance pour la volonté et le cour-age de mes clients à regarder de plus près leur vie et d’avoir le privilège de voir celle-ci se transformer; Un agradecimiento por la disposición y coraje de mis clientes a mirar más de cerca a su vida y tener el privilegio de ver está transformarse.);
    – I can go on…but need to go on with my work:-)

    A great, loving and joyful day to all!

  61. Fannethia

    Great topic and great advice Marie!!!!

    I appreciate my husband, my mom and my kiddos!!! They make life great!!!

  62. Fannethia

    Forgot to say why…to my husband- he is my balance!!! I am learning to appreciate our differences!

  63. Great video Marie as always. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a loving way! Even though, I have never told you, I do appreciate you and your Q&A Tuesday.

    My appreciation also goes to:
    1) Brendon Burchard for his over delivering and generosity.
    2) Miriam Oliveira, a friend, who’s always helping others and who’s also very generous.
    3) Debbie Fontenelle, a friend, who’s very sweet and always available to mastermind with me about teaching.

    Thank you!

  64. The three people I’m appreciating right now:

    1. My husband. He always is willing to step up and help me, he is such a hard worker, is an amazing dad and husband.
    2. My daughter – she is such a gift. She is funny, sassy, and sparkly.
    3. YOU Marie! I’m taking B School right now and it is AMAZING. I’ve learned more in these few weeks than in the years I’ve been working on my website. xoxox!

  65. 1. My girl Kim Wallace. She’s been at my house all week and we’ve been having fun, but she’s also been an incredible sounding board.
    2. My girl Erin Gallagher. She has made me laugh so much which is life’s best medicine.
    3. Britney Spears. Because her music always cheers me up 🙂

  66. diana

    I would add, stand in front of mirror and say to yourself: you’re great, you’re doing great job!

  67. Adina

    You are so great at what you do Marie!!

    I admire your authenticity and constantly coming out with material that is valid and useful in our everyday lives.
    I can tell how hard you work by the quality of videos and content.
    I look forward to every Tuesday to watch the latest video.

    You are an inspiration to me…

  68. Helena

    Thank you for this video, I needed to hear the message.
    Today I appreciate
    1) my mom for supporting my dreams, my travels, my ambition while being thousands and thousands of miles away. These days I’m struggling with knowing what my exact purpose is, but knowing she just believes in me period, is reassuring.
    2) my friend Sheyla, for hosting me. I’m French and recently relocated (from NYC to Mexico), and the transition is smoother because I’ve had a friend and a roof over my head for weeks.
    3) my brother for showing me it’s best to just DO and ask for help during a project, than to constantly THINK (being in your own head) without taking genuine steps. If adjustments are needed, it’s always better to resolve them than to procrastinate and have nothing to adjust.

    Ps: Since nobody did…I’m just gonna go ahead and ASK WHO MADE THAT JUMPSUIT?! I’m obsessed

  69. Amy

    You are FABULOUS and I am so glad that I found you!!

  70. Thanks Marie & Team Forleo!
    Another great episode and one of the few weekly blogs I always take the time to follow! My list is restricted to three although it could be a lot longer:.

    My wonderful husband Rob who has been a constant support in my professional and personal life. I am forever fired with ideas that is what makes my heart sing and he continues to fan the creative flame within me.. Although Rob may not always “see” what i “see” he supports me and is now on board to help me expand my lifetime dream of creating a Wellness Retreat Centre here on the remote Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada “Willow Wellness”. I am truly blessed with his love!

    My wonderful dad Joe and my mum Anne. Although we are separated by the miles (dad lives with my sister in the UK) I call dad everyday to let him know how important he is to me and how grateful i am for all the love and support he and mum have given me over the years (my mum passed away 10 years ago now). I tell my dad how incredibly strong he is and how his wonderful values and life choices have rubbed off on all of us. There are many challenges we face as we move in to our elder years. Our world can become smaller especially as loved ones leave us. So i feel it is SO IMPORTANT to always share with dad how much he means to me and how he fills my life and my heart and continues to be my rock solid and my anchor!

    And my amazing sister Jen! When i left my life, family and friends in Amsterdam and London England to be with my love in Canada Jen supported me (even though she had yet to meet Rob!). When i doubt myself, Jenny reminds me of my strength and has never EVER wavered in her love for me, for rob and for the life i have chosen to live on the remote central coast of British Columbia.

    Thank you Marie .. for allowing us to share our love and appreciation.

    PS I recall some time ago now, when we had some guests staying in our cabin accommodation. It was the BC court team, since we are so remote, they travel here 4 times a year to conduct the local court house. I was struck my the super approachable and friendly nature of the judge. I felt compelled to share just how amazing and blessed I felt the community was to have such a kind, open heart working with them. Then i doubted myself Who am I to judge or pass comment. What do i know of the legal system. But a little voice prompted me to just go ahead and share. So i did and it warmed my heart at how openly my comments were received, which just affirms Nishchala that we often assume that people don’t NEED to hear the good stuff! Thanks again Marie

  71. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for another awesome video! I think your advice about not depending too much on others’ praise is so important! I agree that it’s beneficial for us to learn to have our own self validation and knowing that we are great no matter if people give us a compliment or a criticism!

    I appreciate…
    1. My best friend and colleague, Percina, who has taught me so much about life– how to be generous when you have nothing, how to be understanding and patient, and how to love deeply. She is my everything!
    2. My mother, Karen, who is the most caring and selfless person I know. She has done a great job bringing me and my brother up and is very supportive of everything we do.
    3. My host mom in Mozambique, Gina, who is like another mother to me! She treats me just like another one of her five (soon to be six) children, and is nurturing, kind, and loving 🙂

  72. Awesome post, Marie! You’re fortunate to have such a Mom. 🙂

    When you shared this, I immediately had to see where your Mom fits in our research of what we call “world-class.” Your friend Richard Branson is an example of world-class.

    Here’s how your Mom rates:
    – Level of Consciousness: 826 (world-class is over 800). Yes!
    – Anger Scale: 1 (world-class is 1 or less on 10 scale). Yes!
    – Caring Scale: 99% (world-class is 95% or higher on 100 scale). Yes!
    – Money Issues: Zero! (world-class people have zero money issues – Note that this has nothing to do with how much money someone has. We’re talking about zero emotional, mental or spiritual issues around money) Yes!

    So kudos to your world-class Mom, no matter how she is demonstrating it.

    Ed 🙂

  73. Three people I appreciate

    1. My beautiful boyfriend. Yes he is beautiful inside and out. With me and everyone he knows. He puts up with me and loves me everyday.

    2. My mother, who finds the best in the most horrible situation and is always willing to forgive. She is always giving even if she does not have it.

    3. My friend and comadre who is always willing to help me with my novels even when she has her own full schedule.

  74. I love this video!! As a mom of two toddlers(my main job at the moment) I rarely get appreciated for the long hours I pull caring for – well – everything. I am going to flip the complaints to bragging when I get Mom/kid play date with my best friend, Melanie. I know it will help bring more positives to my already blessed life and I know it will help re-energize my “Mom care” mode. Thank you so much Marie for all your hard work on “Marie TV”…it is the best channel out there. ~ Kelly K

  75. Thanks so much for your videos Marie! You truly inspire me! The people I appreciate most are:

    1) Jenny Shih for her awesome no-nonsense straight up fantastic business coaching genius!
    2) Debi Berndt, my amazing friend, coach and mentor who has been such a blessing and provided me with so much guidance on my journey to becoming a coach and starting a business.
    3) My best friend Amy, I adore you!

    And a shout to everyone who reads my blog or checks out my YouTube channel. I appreciate your love and support! Thanks for helping me bring more love into the world!



  76. Hi Marie! Thank you for all these videos! I love them and i often pass them on to family,friends and sometimes my students to. Three people I appreciate is great friend and also colleague who has made a course for musicians about mind/body awareness. It has meant a great deal for me not just as a singer, but also as a human being. It has changed my life. And I am very grateful. 2. For ascention meditation and the teacher there. It has also changed my life and I could´t live without it. It is my way of life now. I would love to become a modern monk and help and ispire people to live life 200% and make the most of their life 3. My loving husband who loves and supports me no matter what. BUT also “puts me in my place” when that is appropriate. We learn a lot from each other and I just love it! Feel very very lucky. I could go on! Life is pretty awesome. I am very grateful and I have a dream to get to communicate music to the world and I want to be a free spirit.

  77. Oh, Marie – of course I appreciate YOU!!! You continue to give me the inspiration and courage to keep living my dream.
    I’m equally as appreciative to my amazing husband, my biggest supporter, both professionally and personally.
    And also my parents. Whom without them I’d never be where I am now.
    Thank for you this request this week Marie. Feel so good! xoxo

  78. ALLAN SAVORY- Mentor & friend. As a Savory Hub looking to carry his mission throughout the world, I admire his vision, wisdom and humility. I really am stoked that he was a finalist in Virgin’s Eco-Award!

    MY FAMILY- They are the constant reminder as to why it was critical to leave “the big life” in Northern Virginia to create “the right life” on a 1280 regenerative agriculture farm. Their drive & constant encouragement to do the right thing is truly inspirational

    SEAN CROXTEN- Sean’s style and drive is truly on target and resonated with me as he has shown unique and creative ways to enter the marketplace. You rock Sean! Thanks for being my B-School Mentor.

  79. This was so good, an soooo important!!! I recently struggled with this very same topic as it appears we all do, and it’s good to know we are not alone. Which is what is so great about this movement. How do you find the balance is the question? We all want it, and need it occasionally, but shouldn’t become too independent on it. It’s like a diet; it’s ok to have a little wine, a little chocolate, just not bottles and bottles or multiple boxes. How do you find the balance?

    I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn, to share, to explore my passions with other like minded individuals.
    I am grateful for a husband that’s driven and smart; but could use some reciprocating the same to me :).
    I am grateful for my son; who is smart, and a good kid!

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories; I am oh so grateful.

  80. This was such a timely email Marie, great job, I think everyone needs appreciation and I certainly appreciate you making time to share not just this week but every week with your followers.

  81. Bree

    Marie! I so appreciate YOU and your team 🙂 You inspire me every week! thanks for this invitation to go out and tell people I appreciate them.
    I am so on it!
    I also appreciate my sweetie pie, Kyle, for all the support and love he gives me everyday, for the last 8 years.
    lastly, I appreciate my mamma for being my greatest teacher.

  82. I appreciate my awesome hubby and two sons:

    RON: you are my ever-present supporter and you never panic! Somehow you keep your cool through it all. Solid. My man and best friend forever!

    OSCAR 9yrs: you are my little fire-ball of energy and you inspire me everyday with your enthusiasm, smarts and drive. You will crush whatever you set your mind to!

    SOLOMON 6yrs: you are my gentle cuddle dude and you remind me to slow down and listen to all your very detailed stories!! Cause it’s all in the details, right?! Your creativity will take you on awesome adventures.

    Xoxo mom/Heidi

    • Heidi,

      I could just feel your sweetness in the beautiful comment you left and I wanted to learn more about you, so checked out your website. I LOVE YOUR WORK! And now I’m going shopping 🙂 Thank you for making your art and sharing it with the world!

      Cheers, Karina

  83. I loved the little warning about praise. I have seen first hand that often times when one needs praise affirmation, most times they are also very sensitive to criticism.

    Over all this was an exceptional solution to feeling under appreciated. I used to work with a company that had a dedicated department called the Recognition Team whose sole job was to make the employees feel appreciated! That truly shows how important it is!

    Thanks Marie! You’re awesome sauce!

  84. Sarah Cohen

    Love love love love.
    I couldn’t be happier to see Mama Gena mentioned in this episode–she taught me the power of loving myself in all my glory. And who introduced me to Mama Gena, and to you??? The lovely Cathy Collautt, who I appreciate every day. I know you love her too. But she has helped me appreciate myself, my dreams, my perspective, my desires.
    So, that’s Mama Gena. Cathy. And Elena Brower–a miraculous yogi who reminds me, like you do, that my presence is needed.
    Thank you for an amazing episode and the amazing work you do.

  85. Desiree

    This is such good stuff.
    Thank you for the great advice!

  86. Great Post Marie!

    I was just dealing with this recently!

    Someone at work left and as a result upper management decided to promote my boss (YAY!!), but then they decided to laterally move another manager (without promoting him) just above my position.

    With all the accolades I do get, I felt like I would be thought of next for a promotion. I felt so hurt and unappreciated.

    However, what it did do was light more of a fire under me to get my business off the ground 🙂

    Thank you, Marie!

    Brandy xo

  87. Colette Varese

    I am so grateful to say that choosing only 3 people to appreciate is a challenge. I appreciate so many people in my life, and I realized after watching your clip, I do not tell them enough. I appreciate you, Marie, for being such an inspiration to me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching your clips every Tuesday. Thank you for being YOU!
    1. I appreciate Blanca Suarez, a woman at my work. She has an unyielding amount of generosity and she is always so thoughtful. Thank you, Blanca, for always being such a nice person. Love YOU!
    2. I appreciate my brother, Adam, for always being so loyal to me in matters of the heart. He is my little brother, but he helps me so much. He is also the 2nd biggest cheerleader for my 2 daughters in the area of good grades and success. He is always the first person we call because we know how proud he will be of them. Thank you, Adam. Love YOU!
    3. I appreciate my 2 daughters, Isabella and Gina. They have taught me unconditional love and loved me unconditionally. They both have such amazing spirits and are so special. I love them with everything I have, and I appreciate how they try to make me silly…because I have a tendency to be serious way more than I need to be. Love YOU my little sweeties!

  88. Thank you so much Marie!

    This episode resonated with me as a conversation I’ve had with my husband. He doesn’t like feeling like he should need praise, but if I don’t acknowledge his knowledge and skills when we’re talking or around others, he gets bent out of shape. I sent him the link to this video, maybe it will help us continue improving our communication!

    I so appreciate my loving partner Spencer for his patience and for how we work together to support and uplift each other.

    I also appreciate my mom Kathy for her immense amount of joy, energy and desire to teach and love the children of this world.

    And I appreciate my mentor and friend Brett who has inspired me to be the change I want to see in the world and has impacted countless lives through his teaching and non-profit work.

    I FEEL SO GOOD! Sending virtual hugs and appreciation to all y’all out there!


  89. People I appreciate. My husband of 42 years – his love, helpfulness, and steadiness. My friends Chris and Joan who are terrific phone pals on all sorts of topics. Skip and Dave who send me e-mails and regular mail to make me think deep and to laugh. They all enrich my life.

  90. Bonnie

    Great reminder to praise others if you’d like to be praised. But I’ve found that sometimes it makes other people feel awkward. haha. I’m sure that this is really their issue to deal with, since some people just have a hard time accepting praise… but sometimes to the extent where it just gets so awkward I can’t be around them anymore! For example I wrote a raving Yelp review for a class I took. The teacher started acting really strange around me in gratitude, but it just got to be too weird so I stopped going. 😛

  91. Thank you for another inspiring and entertaining video Marie!

    My husband and I are both physicians and we have often said over the years that you tend to receive more negative feedback than positive. In his field of Radiology, it is particularly easy for his colleagues to point out your ‘misses’ than your amazing ‘catches’. Recently one of his partners did praise him for reporting a very small, faintly visible new breast cancer on a mammogram. That positive comment held with him and now he is also more likely to share positive feedback with another partner. This falls in line with your tweetable: “Be the gift you most want to receive”.

    I truly believe in the power of gratitude and love this idea of recognizing 3 people you appreciate. Three people (among many) I appreciate are:

    1. My husband who supports my dreams and visions and often puts aside his own agenda to help me.
    2. My friend Crystal who is a loyal friend and supports everything I do.
    3. My colleague Vincent who recommended me for my new position that aligns with my passion.

    All the best!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful share, Sara.

  92. I appreciate all the wonderful things and people in my life, especially

    Greg who endlessly supports me

    Katie who is so wonderful to spend time with

    Brad who is so generous with his time and ideas

    and the great gurus like Marie who share words of wisdom

    They all make the world a better place to be and make me a better me!

  93. 1. Marie! Thanks for sharing this incredible video, just what I needed to hear. Love tuning in every Tuesday for your video inspiration.

    2. My husband Ken. He’s constantly supporting me and lifting me up when things are not going how I think they should go. I often take his encouragement for granted and really need to take to heart what he tells me on a daily basis.

    3. My mom Jennifer! If I need feedback on something, I always turn ask her for her input and advice. I appreciate her honesty and creative thoughts and also her encouragement.

    Loved this little exercise! <3

  94. I am sorry if I am repeating what someone else might have already mentioned but I have to bring up the fact that praising up (praising those in charge) is often seen as different than praising down or sideways. I think a lot of people would be afraid to be viewed as a** kissers if they praised their boss. It is a shame.

    Here is my list:
    1. my husband for letting me be the person I need to be and become
    2, my three kids for speaking the truth, for daring and for not giving up
    3. those who came before me who showed me the way

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love your list, Anna!

      You’re so right that praising up can be perceived differently, but I also think that genuine gratitude and acknowledgement can be shared in all directions. 🙂

  95. Great video I love the praise posse idea. I know what you mean about people always just complaining & in competition for the worst story or being the most hard done by.

    I really appreciate you Marie and Team Forleo. I’m in Bschool and am loving it. Thanks so much for creating it and being real. Also appreciate my mama friends – always there to chat about real life with kids. Appreciate my sister she is always there for me too.

    Thanks again x

  96. Love that fairy!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  97. Wanda Bowing

    Years ago this happened:One day I was complimenting a dear friend on the work she was doing. I guess I really praised her up because she looked at me and said, “you know, you’ve never given me a compliment before.” I was truly stunned. I had never given her a compliment before? How could that be, I thought good thoughts about her all the time, really. I thought long and hard about this, and then I apologized. I honestly didn’t know all the nice things I thought about her and her work were only in my head.

    I’m like Marie’s mother now. Even since that terrible thing happened and my dear friend pointed out my silence I tell everyone everything really nice about them right away. Everywhere I go. I don’t ever want anyone to feel undervalued, unacknowledged or invisible again. All thanks to my friend Marian,

  98. Hi Marie,

    As usual, love this week’s topic. To answer your call to action, I appreciate:

    1. My mom for her constant support and encouragement as I run my own business.

    2. My dad for his entrepreneurial spirit and example of what it means to be an incredible parent.

    3. My fiance for his unconditional love and support through the creation of my coaching practice.

  99. Dear Marie,

    I appreciate you and your amazing work. Fantastic tips.
    I appreciate my fabulous creative builder – John Williams for his kind and caring nature.
    I appreciate my entire team of 23 trades & suppliers who are helping us on our charity project.
    I appreciate entire team at The Entourage – Jack Delosa, Andrew Morello, Rose Patterson, Luke Hawson and all involved as my mentors.
    I appreciate Elise Hutley at “Ideas Fusion” and Melody Jarvis from “Shop My Town” for appreciation as my work as philanthropy visioned entrepreneur – as they are themselves.
    You all have an active role, in helping me to lead, help and inspire others.

    Kind thank you.
    Kim Williams
    Renovation Perfection

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Kim, we SO appreciate having you here tuning in and looking for inspiration and growth.

      Honored to be on your gratitude list 🙂

  100. Oliver

    Dear Marie,
    I live in a self-managed condominium association.
    Normally by the time I reach the front door I feel so dejected. The people there do not appreciate me and only speckle random compliments my way. We are not very good at working with each other and it feels like they are holding a great big grudge against me. I realize as treasurer at times I slighted them and did not meet their performance expectations. I just am not prepared for the backlash of passive aggressive it generates.
    Thank you so much for this tape. It really helps. I have to say recently I am on the road to recovery as I learn to work for people and issues that really matter to me. The issues at home, while important, seem to drop to an abysmal level of insigficance when I think that my work at home benefits people against me. Although this method of coping is self-destructive, until recently it was really hard to feel differently.

    Three People of Importance to Me are:
    Mrs. Posey, a supervisor at work who constantly reminds me that a super positive attitude and patience prevail over constant badgering and nagging employees.
    Ms. Karimi, who kindly granted me her name and number to be used as an emergency contact on my dental applications. If not for her, I might place a superficial acquaitence or leave it blank.
    Mike Golash, he introduced me to the Progressive Labor Party and some of its members. I am grateful he’s stays in contact with me. Progressive Labor Party members are often interesting people with captivating thoughts and outlooks on life. I am indebted to one person in paticular within the party who shared her account of a book she read on Haiti.

    Marie, thank you so much for what you do. Also, I must not forget the intrinsic people that work in tandem with you to write, direct, and produce shows that raise consciousness and give viewers the fortitude to confront professional and personal development issues (PPDI) they might otherwise neglect.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Oliver, thank you so much for your wonderful share. We are thrilled this episode helped.

      It sounds like you’re thoughtfully and humbly managing your responsibilities, while also stepping back and looking at everything to make sure you’re spending time and effort on things that are important to you and honoring your goals. That’s all really good stuff!

  101. Ollah

    Hello Marie!

    Let me start by saying that i love the effort you put into making others better and be the best they can be. Funny i had an interesting incidence at my office about my Boss not appreciating me but now i know i need to be a bucket of praise myself! Then i get to feel better about myself. Great Job!
    With Love from Nigeria..Ollah

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Ollah — be a bucket of praise yourself! 🙂

  102. Elena

    Hi Marie
    Thanks for this video. I really appreciate these thoughts. The Fun part is that I was preparing a class and doing a little research on Mirror Neurons and how the same part of our brain activates when we perform an action and when we observe an action. In other words It does not really make a difference. This are also the neurons responsible for mimicking and learning as well as empathy. SO this, in my brain, chimes with what you said about “becoming the Praise fairy”. Interesting thought. I guess that it is also a good exercise to learn how to learn to receive praise, that is not always as easy as it sounds.

  103. Elena

    I appreciate my Husband for being so attentive ( coffee in bed every morning) and such a problem solver and ( for getting exited about Star Wars and Midwives with me.)
    I appreciate Shannon for being such a great friend and laughing at my bodily function jokes.

    I appreciate my colleague Dominique for her Honesty and her amazing capacity for listening and problem solving and her wise words.

  104. I appreciate my hubby Adam who, despite all the challenges, keep rocking and keep fighting for his dream. He inspires me every single day!!

  105. This video was definitely a gift from the universe in response to a situation that happened yesterday! After spending two full days painting my daughter’s room and rearranging her furniture over and over again until she was happy with hit, despite having a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain, instead of thanking me when I was finished and had done a really good job, my daughter called me in to show me a little bit of pink paint that got on the inside white part of her closet door (something quite unnoticeable to others). I walked out steaming at first at the lack of appreciation and the criticism. Thankfully, having been down this path of feeling the need for appreciation many times, I caught myself and decided to APPRECIATE MYSELF for all my hard work. I realized that if I pointed out to her her lack of a thank you, I would only shame her which wouldn’t serve her or me. I thank me. I did a beautiful job and was so giving and generous with my time and money on the project ~ to top it off I had re-done her room for her only a year ago. I brag that I’m a wonderful mother. 🙂

  106. Laura

    excellent! As always:)


  107. Great episode! We all just want to be seen in the world, and seeing others and putting the attention on them is a beautiful gift.
    I appreciate/acknowledge:
    Cheri Borchardt for being the best Mom ever who has supported me in everything I’ve ever done, even when she thinks I’m nuts:)
    Quaid Long for his endless sense of humor in every situation and being the best big brother a girl could have.
    Jennifer Oney for her presence each time we speak, and for letting me into her heart unconditionally.
    And so many others!!! Damn I feel so blessed, thanks Marie and crew:)
    I appreciate YOU ALL!

  108. sam

    Be the gift you want to receive! That is brilliant! It’s like the opposite of misery loves company! Cheers, Sam

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES! I love it, Sam 🙂

  109. Jennifer

    I appreciate my friend Megan because she is always there when I need her. Always willing to listen. Being around her always feels like home. Love her the most. <3

  110. If you treat people the way you want to be treated, you will be treated that way in return. Thanks for this. I’m posting this to the Facebook page for my blog.

  111. Ana

    I appreciate my friend, she always tells what she genuinenly thinks and by that she doesn’t even know sometimes how this makes things easier. Another person is the other friend, she is so polite and thoughtful, we work together as sale advisers for a switzerland company but can’t sell as much as we would like. No matter this fact we still have fun together in our chats. So I guess aI appreciate people who are fun to be with. The third person I appreciate is my mum. She works hard and is a great example of biblical saying stay away from idleness.

    Thank you, Marie!:))

  112. I love your videos. I know you hear that often, but one more never hurts, like EVER! One of my favorite parts AFTER the content, are the out-takes (insert crying laughing smiley here), specially the fairy. The fairy was BOSS. On a more serious note, definitely in agreement with learning to depend on your OWN self-appreciation! I am a work in progress in this area myself.

    1- My friend Scott: He is ALWAYS ALWAYS a listener when I need one and a swift “kick in the butt with brutal honesty” when it’s due. Friends like that are thumbs. Ya just need them, trust me!

    2- My husband: he never skips meditation. And when he does, I know he needs medication. He inspires me to take time to focus on my own self, which I should really do more of.

    3- Jennifer: she is my new team member. She is so freaking awesome and has already made such a difference on my fan page. She is going to fly high I tell ya, the force is strong with this one!



    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Aymee, thank you so much for your wonderful note. Your list is so lovely and I hope you share your words with your husband, Scott, and Jennifer too – I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!

      Also I’ll have to let our praise fairy know he’s boss 😉

  113. Hi awesome people and hi Marie!

    Thank you as always for posting amazing videos on amazingly useful topics. Now I’ll train myself to be the praise fairy 🙂

    Have a fantastic day all!


  114. Hi Marie,

    I can’t help to post this comment because you ask for it! 😉 I want to jump into the screen and tell you…”It’s you, it you I appreciate, Marie!”. LOL. For real though, I truly, genuinely appreciate you and all your videos and messages you put out every week. Even though you don’t know me or speaking to me personally, but I feel all your sincerity and and best wishes in each and every video when you say…”stay on your game and keep going for your dream because the world needs that special gift that only you have.” I want to call you my friend, and I hope that I can someday i can find my way to truly thank you in person. Best wishes and many blessing to you, Marie. xoxox

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re so sweet, Vanessa! It means the world to hear you appreciate Marie – I know it means so much to her too. Thank you for tuning in, and we appreciate having you in our beautiful MarieTV community!


  115. I appreciate all the awesome mentors and coaches, including you Marie who help people, including me to realize and believe that we are not just ordinary, but extraordinary with our own unique gift to share with others. over the last 12 years, several mentors and coaches have helped me through some very difficult times in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    I appreciate my amazing kids, my oldest 23 and youngest 12 who give me life and love everyday.

    I appreciate all the hero’s in the world who work countless hours to make sure we are safe and well in the world.

  116. Jeanette

    Hi you amazingly clear and inspiring woman!
    I appreciate you for being you…being real by showing your “crazyness” and not just your professional side so to speak! Then I can see how its possible for me to do that too in my business : )
    Also appreciate and love your clothes.

    I appreciate Danielle La Porte for all her work she put in to the Desire Map process.

    I appreciate my spiritual teacher Samuel Sagan and his clear no-nonsense teaching about consiousness : )

  117. Thank you for this great video Marie!

    I realize that I am someone who needs to feel appreciated, and perhaps I have been relying on that external validation too much, and perhaps I haven’t been genuinely giving enough appreciation to others. So here goes:

    Kim Torr – You have been there for me when I felt like I had no one else during one of the darkest points in my life. You didn’t hesitate, you offered support, your couch, your shoulder. Thank-you for being so kind and such a great friend!

    Hannah Chalkley – Thank you for listening without judgement during this difficult time in my life. It can be so easy to dish out advice or to say things I just want to hear, but you just listened patiently and offered your fullest support, checking in on me frequently. Thank you for your kindness and friendship 🙂

    Tyler, my babe – For all the ways that you show me love, for all the things you do for us, I appreciate you. You have been the one person I needed to tell more than anyone, I know I haven’t done a good job at this, but the feeling is there, believe me, despite our difficult times. I love you more than I can put into words.

    Marie Forleo – I couldn’t do this without showing some praise for you girl! BSchool, Marie TV, and your genuinely kind persona have changed my life and made me connect with what it means to be more human. Thank you for your awesomeness, your incredible program, your fabulous Team, and for sharing that special gift that only YOU have 😉

    Lots of love and appreciation,
    Crystal Ceh

  118. Dear Manager / Reviewer,

    I wish you International Mother Earth Day 2015 greetings full of love, cakes, mathematics, coding, relativity, gravity, exclusivity, dating, social networking, Agile Modeling, blogging, angels, fairies, blessings, flowers, wonders, greetings, magic & miracles from rohansarker DOT com !!! I wish you all the success in life. I am inspired by you. Today’s question from Nischala is very relevant for me. I think for India this scenario is a Fairy Tale of Cinderella. The good princess wins the race in the end and not always a case for University ragging or praising all to be a boss or princess. This is my view on becoming a fairy or princess. On the other hand I like the following 3 actress in Bollywood and appreciates them and they are Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra. I like Deepika for her simplicity. I like Sonam for her brave roles. I like Priyanka for her beauty and presentation of theory. I also like my dad, mom & elder brother very much.

  119. Great vlog! I relate to this week’s question. I’m an up-and-coming author and work very hard at my craft. Recently, I was frustrated when I posted info about my new book on Facebook, only to get a lukewarm response. Meanwhile, another girl posted pictures of her recent haircut and got TONS of praise, likes…I’m not going to lie, I was a little frustrated. I spent months writing my book, editing, deciding on a cover, writing the synopsis, sending out newletters, updating my social media etc…and people were more excited over this other girls (very modest) trim? Are you f#cking kidding me? Anyway, a friend later pointed out to me that maybe it is because people felt that this particular girl NEEDED that praise more than me – who has authored a few books and seems pretty confident. I guess when I viewed things from that perspective, it made sense and didn’t bother me as much, but you make great points in this vlog about recognizing others and perhaps it makes sense to have a small (but loud) group of cheerleaders rather than a whole stadium – quality not quanity. Thanks Marie! You’re the best.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Michelle, as a fellow writer I want to give you some major props for the hard work you put into your book. I have no doubt it’s been a labor of love for you and you deserve a huge congratulations for the time and energy you’ve poured into it!

      • Hi Kristin!

        Thanks so much for taking the time to make such a lovely comment! It made my day:-) Take care!! Michelle

        • Kristin - Team Forleo

          You’re so welcome, Michelle! xo

  120. Marie, as ever, what you say chimes with me as it clearly does with many others. You are an awesome and giving marketing guru who has really helped me over recent years with my own understanding of life and business 🙂 I appreciate my late father the most for all he did for us and our amazing education and making us self-sufficient, caring human beings. Then my Mum for all she does for us and puts up with! And my sister for keeping on trying with me even when I’d almost written her off and for her consideration for my happiness and wellbeing. Hope that’s not too cheesy!! We’re not good at this stuff in the UK 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Definitely not cheesy at all, Caroline (I love your name btw)! And sending out appreciation fortunately gets much easier with practice 🙂

  121. So much truth here! Many assume that those who appear strong don’t need anything which couldn’t be further from true.

    I work for a large corporation and sit on the executive floor which contains the C suite. People on the floor seemed so sour and never speak so I decided to run a baby experiment where I started asking every person I passed how they were and giving a pause four them to actually respond. The results?

    Some looked at me like I was crazy at first but now I get more smiles and genuine hellos than before. The environment is totally different to me now because the energy I’m receiving reflects what I’m putting out. Thanks for another great Q&A Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ashley, that’s really incredible! You’re making tremendous shifts in your workplace by giving people a few moments of real, genuine connection and concern. I bet it improves their day more than you know!

  122. Mara

    Hi Marie, Really appreciated this episode and your energy was wonderful in it!

    I want to connect better with my colleagues at work and this has jogged my brain about how to do that.

    Thank you!

  123. Cholena

    Thank you for this episode! And for all of your work.

  124. You, Marie, are absolutely one that I appreciate big time! 🙂 Your weekly videos, your humor, B-school and everything. You´re a great inspiration! And there are so many other people that I appreciate in my life too, both people I know and strangers that I only have met once in my life. I don´t know who to name. My good friend Gunn is definetly one of them, as she allways inspires me to have more fun! (I tend to work too much). <3

  125. Liz Franchot

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you for this episode of MarieTV! I needed to hear it. I want to give a shout out to these wonderful people:
    1) Amber Flanigan: This young woman is amazing. I’ve been in graduate school with her for almost 2 years now and she’s wonderful. We are currently working on a project with an urban garden and I appreciate all the consistent hard work she has put in. In class yesterday she wrote me a note saying she thinks we should go into business together: it was so flattering! Thank you Amber!
    2) My parents: They have my back and continually show me love and appreciation. I’m actually tearing up writing this! They both love me so much and only want the best for me. They show me grace and unconditional love even when I am short with them. They sacrifice for me and are my #1 cheerleaders. I love you Mom and Dad and I appreciate you both so much!
    3) Zach: Thank you for your patience and trust. We know this has not been an easy time in our relationship and I appreciate you fighting for us. You haven’t given up on us and I thank you for your strength. After dating for 3 years, it can be easy to take all the amazing things you do for granted and I want you to know that I appreciate you!

    • Thank you Liz for sharing appreciation! You are an amazing woman also and a beautiful spirit. I have enjoyed working on this awesome project with you. You have great ideas and always make great contributions to our project. I was serious about going in to business together! 🙂

  126. Lynn

    HELLO MARIE!!!!!!

    Perfectly timed message…….you seem to have a way about you!

    I appreciate:
    My wonderful, loving, amazing hubby
    Being Earth day……I so appreciate my wonderful, loving Mother…….Earth.
    All my amazing friends
    Marie Forleo and her AWESOME team for bringing the world insightful topics and transformation
    Thank you!

  127. Patti

    Marie Forleo, I SO appreciate you! I don’t know how you got so amazing, but you are! You DO have the greatest ideas, you are always encouraging, positive and have great ideas for your readers. I love everything I have seen you do, and I appreciate you!

    I also want to say that I have friends who need “words of appreciation”, and I usually forget to encourage them, because that isn’t one of my love languages. This was a good reminder for me to encourage people. Thank you!!

  128. Nancy

    Marie your jumpsuit is giving me life. Yaaaaas!

  129. Candy Newton

    Anna Newton, thank you for your service to the Air Force and the children you counsel and teach, I know you have made a huge difference in their self image ina positive way. Charlie Jr., Thank you for your service in the Marines Corp. in the front lines of combat to keep our nation free and the music you create that brings much joy to those who come to your shows, Steven for your service in the SF and the happiness you bring to us all with your sense of humor and your knowledge of many books and subjects of interest. So thankful to be your Mom and watch your greatness expand every day. I love you and so does your Dad always. Hugs and Kisses!

  130. ellen

    I want to express my appreciation for three members of B-school (although the list could be much longer):
    Andrea Wysocki – who makes beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry. She’s a busy wife and a mother to two little boys, but always takes time to help me with questions about my website.
    Tina Potamos Kulias – although busy building her own life coaching business, spent at least an hour with me on the phone helping work through a re-branding idea.
    Margaret Kastner – An accountability buddy who has her own jewelry buisness – always providing feedback, ideas and helped enable me to be a part of B-school.
    There are many, many more in the B-School community that i appreciate – it’s an awesome group of creatives!

  131. Mj

    That was a wowzza video. Thank you for your insights, and inspiration.
    It is on target for just about everyone. The #1 one reason people leave a company is because of lack of appreciation or recognition.
    Two weeks ago I switched companies for precisely that reason. I’d been with a ‘team’ for 4 years, contributed heavily for the first two. Then I found that the only calls that I got were for help, questions, take on difficult clients, support recruiting. When I looked for personal support, there wasn’t any. I’m in the top 10% of the team, and low maintenance. If I have questions I would hope that it deserves more than a 2 word text. My ego was a little bruised when I asked 3x for a short biz meeting and was turned down because our leader was too busy attending squeeky wheels, and all the other duties he has on his plate. He didn’t make any attempt to reschedule, he was busy. My conclusion was that it’s not important to him.
    When I called to tell him that I was leaving I was stunned that he was upset, he had no clue I was unhappy. It became the breakup call, it’s me, it’s not you. But, is it? I don’t suffer in silence, but I don’t demand a lot of hand holding either. Should I make more noise, be more demanding, add a little drama? Maybe it is my fault?

  132. FABULOUS video and info…awesome reminder to get our own love, appreciation and source of feeling good from within. So crucial to develop this and LOVE the ‘braggin’ part too. Way to go Marie F! Love you and what you’re up to. Hope to connect with you at some point soon…I watch every week and even almost made it to the final round of being your happiness customer specialist. Kudos and well done! With love and blessings,Julie R <3

  133. What a great video!

    I love and appreciate my friend Sabrina whose creativity and love of food always inspires me to eat better!

    I also appreciate Whitney of Naptural85 for her kind, generous spirit and her kickass hair tutorials.

    And finally, I love and appreciate Team Forleo! For being awesome, making B-School great, and keeping us encouraged. THANK YOU!

  134. Great question!
    I appreciate my husband Paul Lechner- we have a wonderful balance of inspiring one another to become the best versions of ourselves while caring for our family and prioritizing our relationship.
    I appreciate our school St. Michael’s University School for NOT teaching to the test, for teaching our children how to find their core values and strengths and then providing the education to use these strengths.
    I appreciate my sister by choice Gail Knudson for being generous with her time, with her thoughts as well as with her material stuff. The Ohana we have chosen are thicker than blood.
    Thanks for getting my energy focused on attracting more excellent people into my life by acknowledging with gratitude the ones who are here already.

  135. I am grateful for this remembering. Thank you, Marie! Thank you for the reminder. I appreciate you. I appreciate the woman who asked the question. I appreciate the women who commented here.

  136. Hi Marie! Great advice (I always love your videos), and I agree with you. When I was in management, I made a point to always thank someone for their help or complement them on the job they did in merchandising or dealing with a confused or irate customer. All people want is to be acknowledged and appreciated, so I’m happy to do so! I know we don’t hear these things often enough.

    Might I also suggest to the woman who asked the question that she learn to delegate more – now THAT is a sign of trust and appreciation! Lead with: ” know how good you are with {fill-in-the-blank}, could you take on this for me?” Then give a deadline and let him/her know you’re open for any questions they may have about the project.

    Marie, I really resonate with your mom. I’ve always made it a point to thank and/or complement people I run into during the day, whether on the phone or in-person: customer service, cashiers, baggers, post office personnel, my neighbors and their children, and more! They especially appreciate it when you *know* they’re having a bad day or not feeling well. They feel heard and recognized. It matters.

    I can’t list three people in my life because I only have two: my dear husband and my sweet son. I also make it a point to tell them both I love them and what exactly I appreciate about them.

    My husband, who does his share of all daily-life tasks (esp. when I had a torn rotator cuff + frozen shoulder–it took a year of care to heal!) and also for believing in me and supporting me with my non-traditional business endeavors while I try to get a stable income going. He keeps me grounded, is very kind, generous, patient, extremely hardworking, and more intelligent than he gives himself credit for…and so handsome! 😉 (He blushes when I tell him that.)

    And my son for his perseverance in college despite having a broken wrist the first year then a broken elbow (skateboard accident) the second year! He’s an intelligent, caring, fun, strong, handsome young man whom I’m so proud of and am eager to see what sort of life he pursues after graduation!

    For those who aren’t sure that words matter, here’s a powerful example of how they do.—> A few months ago, I received a letter from an ex-best friend stating that someone in that town recently mentioned me and something I said and did for them…more than 20 years ago!! The woman even mentioned the “lovely note” I left for her. It touched my heart. 🙂

  137. Donald G. Theiss

    Hi Marie,

    You are absolutely magnificent, alive with the energy of life and brilliant so thank you for inspiring me.
    I really appreciate Oprah for her incredible gift to the world in introducing us to so many extraordinary people.
    I love Ester Hicks for her inspirational talks about centering in our self and following our own inner guidance.
    I really appreciate Eckhart Tolle for his quiet wisdom and clarity.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Donald — and thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words!

  138. Pippa

    I have just told my amazing B School team how much I appreciate them and how awesome and inspiring they are.
    Also I really appreciate Melissa Ambrosini and her gorgeous team for providing so much fantastic inspiration and empowering content on her blog and through her new Goddess Group which is giving me the opportunity to meet some fabulous new people. They have also given me the chance to meet beautiful women through the B School group too.
    Finally I appreciate me and the journey I am going through. I have had a difficult couple of days doubting myself and what I am trying to do and asking myself many questions as I go through my experience of self discovery and improvement to find out who I really am. So I am truing to be thankful and grateful for who I am and my abilities…..
    Love to everyone on here and anyone who reads this xo

  139. Marie,

    I enjoyed the fact that you addressed this question.

    As I was watching it, I was thinking that people feel unappreciated most intensely when they’re doing something that THEY don’t fully enjoy, that they’re tired of doing period, that they’re tired of doing without some sort of recognition or that they don’t fully feel proud of.

    It’s almost like they’re seeking to justify to themselves that what they’re doing is worth it.

    I think we can all relate to having a job (or a task) like this. We may think that we’ll feel satisfied when somebody recognizes our unstoppable commitment to this job/task.

    But deep down, however, we’re noticing that this job that we want to be appreciated for isn’t worth it or satisfying our innermost needs. Why? Because we’re not proud of the job we’re doing ourselves. The work that we’re doing may be great. But our personal sense of pride for doing that work isn’t filling the void or the need that we may feel inside.

    We notice that we’re meant for bigger things. Things that bring us joy, that speak to our life’s purpose and that allow us to live life on our own terms.

    I was surprised to hear that bosses/leaders are not appreciated enough. Looking back on my life, I’ve expressed the most amount of appreciation to leaders. Teachers, bosses, thought leaders, seminar facilitators, college professors, etc. I like to nominate these people when possible… and I’m happy to report that many times, the people whom I’ve nominated win awards.

    I’m also the type of person who will want to speak to a manager, just to praise someone who has given me great customer service.

    I also like to reply to customer service questionnaires, for that same reason, meaning to highlight the good and to indicate the areas for improvement.

    When it comes to this week’s Q, there’s an underlying theme going on that speaks to how unappreciated teachers increasingly feel in general, year after year. They’re asked to do more FOR less. More WITH less. More during a shorter period of time. More with hardly any praise. More without the support from society. And this makes them doubt whether what they’re doing matters.

    Your advice for praising yourself and perpetuating opportunities for self-praise is spot on. However, I think that most of us would throw in the towel today if we knew that we would no longer receive any sort of spontaneous compliment for the rest of our life.

    We need the love and appreciation from one another. That genuine (unplanned/unsolicited) connection is priceless. An unexpected compliment can brighten anyone’s day.

    So who am I grateful for?

    1. I am grateful for you, Marie Forleo and MarieTV team.
    2. For my family and friends.
    3. And for everyone who is out in the arena really going after their dreams because you make chasing after your dream cool and possible.

    You are all inspiring and make my life more fulfilling. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  140. I’ve been feeling very overworked and under-appreciated lately, so much so that I broke down in tears yesterday. Needless to say, this video arrived in my inbox at the perfect time.

    Marie, I really appreciate you and the work you do. Thank you for reminding me that I can approach the situation differently and in turn create a different experience for myself.

    Other people I appreciate:

    My friend Nikki who is an amazing ear, sounding board, and energetic presence. I am grateful for her listening without judgement and her asking the right questions instead of giving advice. She has an amazing soul and I am beyond blessed to be friends with her!

    My boss who has allowed me to use my education and my talents to successfully help people get healthy. She has created space for me to do work that is deeply rewarding and helped me confirm that I made the right career move one year ago. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities she has given me.

    • Shri Dhattha

      Just wow … The word ‘energetic presence’ is so awesome, it was just sounded like my Mentor Ms.Eileen … She always used to tell me , its your presence and your positive vibes that impact things by a lot …

    • Kristin - Team Forleo


      I’m glad this video was perfectly timed for you. I hope things are feeling better today!

  141. Your great.your great your great!!

  142. Shri Dhattha

    The 3 most important people in the world i appreciate are my parents, whom i always tell them how great they are, and the second is my mentor Ms.Eileen to whom i am incredibly grateful for for bringing me from poor Life taking me as a responsibility and made me a Millionaire now, and the third one was You , Ms.Marie and Your Team, from the moment i had found your Marie TV and the subscribed, you always been a best inspiration ever ….
    Thank You so much Team

  143. Listening to your video above and speaking about Upper Limits, reminds me of Christain Pankhurst’s teaching us “Lenn’s Law”, which talks about how we can only let in so much “good” and then begin to create ways to sabotage any more good from coming in . I found you through Christian, and am very grateful for both of you. Two awesome teachers. Like it that you bring the strong feminine and yet some masculine energy and he brings the strong masculine and yet some necessary feminine energy. Learning so much. Thanks. Jeanne

  144. Here’s yet another awesome Q&A! My goodness, they all rock!

    The 3 people I am most grateful for:
    My husband. Why? It is thanks to him and all the ups, down, lefts and rights we have taken in almost 18 years, that have allowed me to grow, stretch, flex and discover my true self. Most of all…I have had the courage to love and be loved.
    My children (yes, I will count this as one) – they hold up a mirror every day and ask me to take a long look; they demand me to take a risk and transform; and they are the fuel for everything I do in life, and create in this world. They are a manifestation of true love.
    My childhood friend. Because we have traveled this life together for almost 40 years. We came together, we are “seeing” and experiencing together, and we will leave together. We are partners in this lifetime.
    I am grateful to have a soul mate, a soul sister, and 2 little angels to guide me through life.
    (Marie, if it was a top 10 list, you would’ve been in there!) 🙂
    Hugs to all,


  145. Such a great video Marie, thank you! It resonated so much that I’m actually commenting and really feel like getting out there who I appreciate and why. Its simple, easy and so totally effective- definitely going to start doing it more often! Love breeds love <3

    1) I appreciate my amazing boyfriend, Tyler who has worked 'hard' at it passion, I'm so proud of him for creating the amazing career he has doing what he loves everyday and being so successful with it. Hes supported me and believed in my vision when no one else would.

    2) I appreciate My mum- i know its obvious but since I moved out and to another country I don't see her so much and rarely tell her how much I love and respect her for what she has done brining me up and looking after me, always caring and making sure i'm safe and well. I LOVE YOU MUM! haha!

    3) I appreciate my entrepreneurial sisters that I've made friends with this year: they have bought me so much fun, laughter, support and given me a (loving) kick up the backside when I've needed it. I really love them all.

    ahhh that feels good to get out on here. Now to go and tell them 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Cassandra! I’m sure they’re going to love hearing from you, and thanks so much for commenting this week <3

  146. Sheila

    Hi Marie- another great video and you answered so honestly that is a quality that should always be appreciated! I agree, you need to show appreciation by praising and acknowledging something you value or like even if it a pair of cute shoes on a stranger, tell them ‘ cute shoes’ it might just make their day.
    I am lucky I do feel appreciated, I work with pre school children ( live in Ireland ) and when they smile at me or call my name to show me their creations then I feel appreciated. Myself, my co workers and boss always compliment each other it’s contagious if we compliment each other , then the children do- we teach by example. So go ahead and tell that friend, stranger whoever you notice and wish to compliment, tell them they look nice, did a great job, thank them for holding that door be the ‘praise fairy’.

    As always Marie your words of wisdom are great, keep up the good work

  147. 1. My boss, Del Williams, because he consistently shows me how to lead responsibly and with compassion.

    2. My assistant, Renee Marbut, because there is little that I have to direct her to do. She is self-starting, self-sufficient and super productive.

    3. My husband, Marcus Mitchell, because he chose me.

  148. Azhar

    Thank you so much Marie and Team….
    Lately Thanks to some crazy people I had began to believe(subconsciously) that all people will take me for granted.
    This video and the quote “Be the gift you most want to receive.” opened my mind…
    Love you guys 😀

  149. Beth

    Hi Marie & Team!
    Thanks so much for this Q&A- I appreciate it immensely 🙂 It inspired me to turn my birthday party into a literal Praise Party, and I will be giving a special gift to ALL of my friends who attend, just to remind them how much I love them, and WHAT I love about them, because they make my day so special. I don’t know why I didn’t think about GIVING praise before, it just makes so much sense! I give my time, I give my energy, so why don’t I give my WORDS, too? I will let this bleed into my work life, and can’t wait to see how it turns out. (I might even give awards for the specific things that people do that ROCKS my SOX!)
    Y’all rox my sox, too, so, THANK YOU!

  150. Thank you.
    This is one is so especially helpful.
    You are amazing!

  151. Penni Courtnall

    HI Marie,

    I love watching you and hearing your advice!! You are an inspiration, by simple being you!

    I often feel inspired by the thought that I want to be a good example for my grown sons.

    I also want to be an inspiration to myself. Every time I accomplish something, I feel better about myself.

    Kind Regards,

  152. Yoga

    Hi Marie! I’m Yoga from Indonesia. Your videos are complete magic. I fell in love in an instant. Your videos are like ice cream and weekend; something i always crave for and looking forward to 🙂

    Looking forward to watching your next videos!!




    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh you’re so sweet, Yoga! We’re so happy that you are looking forward to our videos so much, and we can’t wait to share brand new episodes with you every Tuesday (our new one was just released!)

  153. Pamela

    Marie, it is true, as I have spread praise and appreciation around my office it does multiply and come back to me. People start to focus on how awesome their co-workers are which helps boost morale.

    I appreciate my cozy home because it is filled with love.
    I appreciate you and this community of can-do go-getters.
    I appreciate my husband for his abiding, outstanding, and powerful love.

  154. Annie

    I am in the situation where my boss is the one who wants to be praised all the time – she has even gotten upset when she felt she wasn’t getting enough (fishing for praise is common). She will often try and be a praise fairy but it just comes off as insincere and obvious that she just wants praise for herself. Other times her praise comes off as passive aggressive – like she doesn’t really think you helped but she’ll thank you for it.

    It’s just so draining being badgered for praise all the time. I personally think less often and more sincere praise is more impactful. She is making her issues work issues and I don’t know how to navigate around it!

    Thanks to the community for letting me share.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Annie, I’m so sorry to hear you’re in a situation where your boss isn’t being sincere with her approach to praising. Your point about sincere praise, even if it’s less common, is a great one — if it’s not coming from a heart-centered place, it won’t be nearly as effective.

      While I was reading your comment, one of our recent episodes popped to mind that I thought might be helpful for dealing with difficult people overall.

      Even if you can’t necessarily persuade her that too much insincere praise isn’t really a good idea, it’s always a real asset to build your own skills for positive influence.

      Thanks so much for tuning in and commenting! xo

  155. I read something very similar once on The Indie Chicks. I believe that saying something nice not only brightens someone’s day, but it also makes you feel good about yourself as well because you’ve made a difference in their day. Validation every so often when people are not confident in themselves is a great way to make them feel special, loved and WORTH it. Beautiful post!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, J’na! Showing appreciation for someone is good for everyone. 🙂

  156. I love this one and am obsessed with that jump suit! Go girl!!

    Ok, so first up … I bought the 5 appreciation languages after you featured it in one of your vids a few weeks back and am using it with our board of directors in our May board retreat … so excited! So thank you for the idea and this is an awesome place to start so we can make sure we are loving our people they way they need it!

    My three people:
    1. My fiance Scott who is my bestie and so my life coach. I am so lucky to have him and value every single second with him.
    2. My sister, she is sweet and soft spoken and so full of love and kindness. She was just with me to pick out my wedding dress and I am so grateful for her friendship!!!
    3. YOU!! You motivate and inspire me on a daily basis … thank you for sharing your gift!

  157. amanda

    I appreciate my friend, Militza. She cares about me and is willing to talk to me about important things even when I don’t particularly want to hear it. having a friend like that is awesome…although, unfortunately, it takes perspective in hindsight to see it sometimes.

  158. Hi Marie

    Love your video’s, I look forward to them every week – thank you.

    This week was really interesting because we do tend to assume that really successful people know they are and of course everybody deserves a little praise. – Jane

  159. Marie, I think this fits the bill from everything, from swearing to parties.

    Our actions give ‘permission’ for others to act in that same arena. I was mentoring a young man who swore like crazy. I let him know besides being unprofessional and running off some good connections, it would drag some people down to that level. Why? Because when he was swearing, he let others know that swearing would not offend him. He was giving them permission to swear.

    A much more positive version of this is simply going to dinner or party invitations. My wife is very shy. I battled shyness when I was a young adult terribly. I showed her that speaking to people and suggesting that maybe we garb some dinner sometime let them know she was not being stand-offish. She struggled with it but after a bit invitations starting coming to her, and not from the same people. In effect, she had given them permission to ask us to dinner and gatherings.

    We are all battling something. We all live in too small a world that should and can be bigger. We are often afraid to ask or invite people to things for fear of rejection, when most of the time they are wishing someone would do just that.

    Your mom had it right. Go Mom!


    Hi Marie ,
    I actually started following you because of a very close friend of mine named Bhavana Ganu and I will always be grateful to her for doing so .
    Bhavana happens to be my business partner too on two ventures that we started together , one is into value education for kids where we make them life ready and the other is about Social Entrepreneurship , where we contribute to peoples lives.
    You and your videos add so much value to my life in terms of knowledge and learnings and I must tell you that your personality is the third best after My Mum and Bhavana..
    So I want to take this opportunity here to really Thank Bhavana in front of the world here for being that one Beautiful person in my life , and its not just her beauty but her impeccable smartness and intelligence and the abundance of her knowledge which is just remarkable.
    Infact she has added so much of value in my life in terms of knowledge , exposure , learnings , way to do things , value systems , that I feel like a total different person today from what I have been all these years , and all I can say about her is that I am not much without her , I am that 1% and shes like those two important zeros that make me 100%..
    Bhavana Thank you for being you , and I am the most Luckiest man to have you as My Partner.
    Life couldn’t have gotten better without you.


  161. Gail

    Hi Marie,
    I love love love your videos and appreciate the thought (and action) provoking knowledge and humor. I am going to assimilate and work on giving more compliments – because I know how much it can put more happy into someones day. I am also going to work on accepting the appreciation I do get, because often I just try to deflect and excuse any little nuggets of praise when a gracious ‘Thank you’ is all the reply needed.

    Grateful and Inspired,

  162. Hi Marie (and team),

    I never take the time to post after your videos, but I wanted to stop today and thank you all for the time that you take to make and post these videos. I save them up and watch them when I am feeling down or in need of inspiration and motivation, and they never fail to make a difference. So thank you. Much love from Australia.

    Katische xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so, so much for your kind words Katische! Thank you for choosing Marie as an inspiration. We appreciate you and look forward to sharing videos with you every week. 🙂

  163. Andrea Jordan

    LOVE the appreciate fairy!

  164. I appreciate
    1) Dan – for always supporting and believing in me – even when I show the less than lovely sides of me
    2) Jennifer – for the “on da regular” inspiration
    3) Ashley – for our Walk & Talks – such a fun way to connect and a painless way to exercise


    There are no three persons, there is only one person whom I genuinely appreciate and it is because she intuitively knows the topics and the areas where I need support, guidance, encouragement and help.
    That person is Marie

    Adore you for your guidance in life skills as a life coach

  166. You know that saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ Well, I never thought it applied to my friend and mentor until I learned of his sudden passing last month. Always mindful of how blessed I was to have him in my life and in my corner as my champion, I routinely told him how much I appreciated his nurturing of my natural curiosity about everything. Your post, though, reminds me of the first time I told him. Genuine surprise and gratitude for me saying so. I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true just what I felt. How I miss him and our daily conversations.
    On a side note: I think it’s important to remember that just because you’re willing to take the time doesn’t mean the other person will reciprocate the same way. Do it anyway. There’s nothing worse – in my opinion – than fake praise.

  167. Lisa

    This is a great topic and I feel inspired to comment. Sometimes it’s not always as clear cut. For instance, if one goes around supporting/appreciating everyone else and everyday makes note of the things for which one is grateful, eventually it gets frustrating and depleting when hardly anyone is returning that back to you. It actually happens. There are some people that just give a lot and need to feel that reciprocity in return- in whatever form it takes. Making the space for that is very important too.

  168. Janee Carlile

    This is great, thank you!! I’m sharing with my team at work!

  169. Annelise Remigio

    What a great habit to build with bragging, thank you! I didn’t catch Regina’s last name and I’d like to know more if you could please pass it on. Thanks Marie, love your style ❤

  170. Agnes

    Great going, Marie! I got an answer to my question. I reflected on your suggestions.

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