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You know when you keep hearing someone’s name over and over again?

And then you discover the person is more kind, warm and impressive in real life than you could have hoped?

That’s how I feel about Grace Bonney, founder of the wildly popular Design*Sponge, the legendary design blog reaching over one million readers a day.

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We’re all fans of Design*Sponge here at Team Forleo, and I could not be more thrilled to share this interview with you today. In this inspiring episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Grace started her business, when she decided to hire her team and when she finally knew Design*Sponge was a real business
  • The way she navigates the challenges of being the “boss” especially as a natural solo creator
  • Her refreshing perspective on blogger burnout and how she decides how and where to spend her time on social media
  • How Design*Sponge brings in revenue and how that landscape is shifting fast
  • Two brilliant pieces of advice for new bloggers just getting started

And of course, a lot more! In a certain respect, Grace and I are internet veterans so I think you’ll enjoy hearing this discussion about the evolution of living and creating online.

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Now, Grace and I would love to hear from you.

What are three things that you feel make you unique? Whether you want to start a blog, grow your business or excel in your career. Take a few minutes and brag on yourself in the comments below.

Remember, thousands of bright and incredible souls come here each week for strategies, insight and inspiration. Your share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear right now, so don’t be shy :).

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thank you in advance for watching, commenting and sharing with love, compassion and kindness. You help make our corner of the digital universe a fantastic place to be.

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  1. First of all, love Grace’s energy. I would want to hang out with her which is huge because my introverted self doesn’t leave the cocoon for just anybody. lol

    Three unique things:

    1)I see things from all angles, even those diametrically opposed to my own. Plus I’m highly intuitive so I can easily read people. I know I could use that to manipulate, however I choose to use the power for good and channel it into compassion & effective communication instead.

    2) I’m a complete contradiction in terms of being in front of people. I can go from center stage to stealth mode in the blink of an eye. I spend most of my time in Diana Prince mode. haha

    3) I can take the complex and make it digestible-usually in 140 characters or less. 😉

    • Emelia, your “stealth mode” probably ties back to your introvertedness. When you’ve got something to say, you SAY it… and then step back to let the world just soak it in. 🙂

      • OMG I totally agree with you LISA. 🙂 I have been more ranty lately and letting the world soak it all in.

      • Oh yeah.Lisa. Stealth mode has EVERYthing to do with the introversion. 🙂

    • You’re so funny and interesting! 🙂

    • Yesi

      Are you Sagittarius by any chance… just kidding… I get how you feel. 🙂

      • Nope. A happy cancer in my shell. 🙂

    • Great interview Marie! I watched it 3 times!!!Makes me realize my business strategies are on point! Even though I sometimes second guess myself..

      Thank you 🙂 xo
      Gina Scalpone

  2. 1- I am creative but I am not woo. My approach to creativity is practical and down-to earth, based on experience and research.
    2- I am experimental. I am not afraid of trying things and reporting publicly what the results (or lack of!) are.
    3- I do several things at once. Since I experiment so much, and I have no guarantees, I never put all my eggs in one basket and see the dynamics between projects and what happens when they blur into each other.

    Thanks for this interview, Marie. Grace has been my idol forever and she marvels me every time with how not-loud, generous (she featured me in D*S when I was still studying!) and super smart she is. I really, really love her!

    • Marie – these are wonderful things to recognize in yourself! I can totally relate to your first point, being “creative by not woo.” Ha! Never would have thought to put it that way. Love it. xo

      • High five, Catherine!
        I think there is need for more “practical” creative voices (Grace is an amazing one, of course! But she talks about this creativity applied rather than a topic on itself).
        I’m so glad you got what I meant! Thanks 🙂

  3. Three things that make me unique? Hmmm… I’ve been a singer since I could sit up and make sound. I’ve also got a 20+ year background in business – specifically Internet businesses. I built one of the first-ever e-commerce websites back in the 1990’s. And I love sharing ideas… it can be written, sung, acted out, I don’t care! Just put me on a stage, and let me go. 🙂

    Connecting entrepreneurs in a meaningful way – so they can own their dreams without selling their soul – That’s what makes me unique in the world. 🙂

    • Lisa,

      I agree with you. Connecting with other entrepreneurs in a meaningful way is also something that I love to do. It is great to be around people who are open and ready to use their talents to serve others.

  4. I am so excited to watch this…. I have been following Design Sponge on instagram for about 6 months but didn’t actually know about Grace! Thanks Marie! can’t wait…pressing play…

  5. Hi Marie,

    Grace is lovely – Really down to earth girl and seems to have a genuine and personal connection with her readers. I just had a sneak, peak at Design Sponge and it’s a beautiful website. I love that Grace has taken her love of ‘design’ across different niches.

    As for your question, what makes me different…

    1. I give small, easy actionable steps so my readers/customer’s can achieve their goal(s) without feeling overwhelmed.

    2. I write about the topics my readers didn’t realise they needed to know (or should be doing)

    3. I’m committed to my customer’s achieving their goal(s). I give up on nobody!

    Great show Marie


    Naomi Dinsmore

    • “I give up on nobody!” I love that, Naomi! You exude warmth and positivity. xo

      • Jennifer

        “I give up on nobody” – what a great approach Naomi! – I think I’m going to make that one of my goals to be more like that!

      • Thanks Catherine,

    • Naomi,

      The small, actionable steps are vitally important. I had to learn tobreak information down. At one point, as I was feeding my brain, I would expect everyone else to be able to follow along in conversation. Once you get invested into your niche, you will find that leading by giving actionable steps is vital.

      • Hi Tiffany,

        The actionable steps totally helps and gives customer’s the sense that they are ‘achieving’ and they can see their results to.

        Plus small steps are easier to manage and cut down the feeling of being overwhelmed.


        • Hi All,
          I am a retired Transpersonal Psychologist with a Blog for continuing acts of service. For me, that’s “On Purpose” in life! I enjoy this conversation as to style in business. I notice that you allow clients to succeed, according to their sense of contribution. I actually watch for that with authors such as Marie, who gets excited about other people’s success in a society plagued with competition and self-centeredness. I think women get this from their mothers who are less indoctrinated than men coming from the rough and tumble sports in adolescence.

          Your style is nevertheless, attractive and lovable to us men, who have the seeds of compassion but never watered them much. Keep it up you darlings.

  6. I’m an only child too and work well by myself! I feel torn between all of the areas of social media. I think I’m hitting the wall because I’m not talking on social media as much lately. Sometimes you need to step away for awhile and then come back fresh.

    !. I’m a great listener.and can relate to many different kinds of people.
    2. I have a quick wit
    3. I’ve lived in 3 different countries.

  7. Gosh, doesn’t being the one and only High Priestess of the Woo make me unique?

    Good morning everyone!

    Here’s my thing: I am highly connected to the world of Spirit (Guides and Teachers, Angels, Archangels, etc.) and know how to take the guidance I get there and turn it into real-world action. It’s not fluffy, pretty woo, it’s wisdom from those who know what you came here to do.

    I moved from offering intuitive readings to training other intuitives to do that to helping those same intuitives create a rock solid foundation for their business. (Woo + strategy don’t often come in the same package but they can totally exist together once you know how! That’s where I come in.)

    (Also too: I write like I speak and that’s been an amazing skill to have when you do a lot of marketing and online work.)

    Happy Tuesday!

    • I’m a strategic-woo, too! High fives!

      • You are too funny! I can feel your vibe. Your name is quite striking. I haven’t done the market analysis, but I would guess that you might have a pretty uncommon title. lol.

        Your business is extremely interesting to me. I am very intrigued by metaphysics, spiritual things, and learning. I do not think that I have maximized the potential of angelic collaboration, and so I think it is quite interesting that you offer that as an expertise. I would love to meet!

  8. Sabine

    Very interesting and usefull interview, especially for those of us who are just starting out online!

    Ok, three unique things coming at you:
    1. I am quite into philosophy and generally playing around with some really big thoughts in life, but I am also an extrovert. It means that I am good at making people considering alternative solutions and approaches to the things that concerns them.
    2. I am a classical singer who also LOVES singing heavy metal. I cultivate both aspects and let them shine through in my business and it gives me an edge that the people I try to reach really seems to appreciate.
    3. I know intuitively when I have to change something and can change things at an instant, but still retain my own voice.

  9. Ekaterina

    Thank you, Marie and Grace, for such an open and useful conversation!
    I would like to run a blog. Actually, I’ve already started it in the form of a mobile app, which I developed by myself.
    My 3 unique features, I believe, are the following:
    1. My unique experience of changing things in my life
    2. Ecological approach in all aspects
    3. Daily advices in push notifications via my mobile app, FB, Twitter

    Thank you very much again

    • That is good thing. I love experience, it really teach, and make we understand what are happening. It is good way help we moving on.

  10. Great, thank you both.

    After nearly 10 years in business I’m just about learning to embrace how, where and with whom I work best – I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who has taken a while to work this out! Some things have to be learned the hard way, I think 🙂

  11. Grace, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us. Your authenticity rang true and I appreciate that very much.

    Marie, thank you again for bringing another awesome interview to us.

    I am a unique soul and am continually discovering those aspects of myself.
    However, the three that my soul wants you to know about right now are that :
    1) I am reinventing the manner in which I approach my current business as a CPA. I strive to ensure my clients feel less intimidated by the numbers of it all. I do enjoy that aspect of what I do and it comes naturally to me.

    2) I have begun the initial steps of creatively developing a book and creating a blog that showcases the other aspects of my life as a cancer survivor and oh ya how that impacts and changes your life beyond what I could have ever imagined it could

    3) Striving to be my authentic me and discovering all of the creative tendencies I have.

    Sending everyone thoughts of beautiful lotus blossoms.
    Warmly Lisa

  12. What a warm and beautiful interview! Thank you so much, Marie, for introducing us to so many incredible people!
    OK, let’s brag! Three things that make me unique?
    1. I am always honest. I do not try to make my life seem perfect or better than it is. When people read my blog, they can hear honest, truthful voice that makes them feel like they can relate and not idolise or be intimidated by. I talk about my flaws, struggles and I am proud about that!
    2. I talk about things that matter and I analyse my topics genuinely. I don’t believe in quick fixes and “5 ways how to’s”.
    3. I am inviting people to share and be a part of conversation instead of passing reader.
    Now that I made myself feel better, I’m gonna go back to work..!
    Have a blissful week y’all! 🙂

    • @Vita. I love to hear that.

  13. Funny you should ask for ‘three things that make you unique’, Marie, because as a writer/author/blogger, my signature style is branded as ‘funny, cheeky and fearlessly honest’.

    Really enjoyed the interview. Thanks, Marie and Grace.

  14. I’m a huge Grace Bonney fan! I run a blog as well that’s been around for 3 years now. I started it with a similar thought in mind – there are no modern advice columns for girls like me and my friends, so I wanted to create that. Thus came Advice from a 20 Something! From this, I’ve realized 3 unique things about myself:

    1. I’m resourceful. If I need to find a way to make it happen, I’ll make it happen.
    2. I love helping others. That’s what my advice column is all about – allowing millennial women to realize they’re not alone in the struggles they go through and that they’re totally normal!
    3. I’m independent. I’m enjoy working on my own, moving to a new city, and experiencing new things on my own.

    Great interview, Marie!

  15. 3 things that make me unique!
    1. I am the 4th generation in my family in the design world! My great grandfather & grandfather were skilled furniture craftsmen & upholsterers; my father continued the tradition and added drapery design to his business and I have a Bachelors in Interior Design and am a licensed Interior Designer
    2. I love to design spaces that transform lives not only on a daily basis for my design clients but more importantly I have designed a room for a girls “last wish”, I have designed a center for homeless children and now designing a facility for children with Cerebral Palsy.
    3. I believe if I can design beautiful spaces and products, I can also design my body, my finances, my life however I want so I am writing books about it!

    • How amazing that your family has been doing this through so many generations, Maria Elena! What a beautiful connection you have to those who came before you. xo

  16. Thanks for bringing a great space and good advices!
    – I make people be able to laugh about their issues…..of course when its appropriate….which I kind of can create a timing for….laughing is great for healing and to get a distance.
    – I always find a way to make people see their lives from a new angle
    – I hold a very inspiring energy… people only need to talk to me and then they take action and feel more hope ; )
    Im grateful for this and I LOVE my clients!

    • These are so great, Jeanette! You can tell just from your writing style that your tone is light-hearted, fun and genuine. Thanks for sharing! xo

  17. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!

    What a LOVELY interview. I’ve been following DS and Grace for years and I just love her honesty and her ability to really get to the point. I think I’ve listened to every episode of After the Jump, and Grace always shares really actionable nuggets of wisdom, and her perspective on the internet is so spot-on.

    As for three things that make me unique – here you go!

    1. My style is a hybrid of my Dad’s meticulous and minimalist tendencies (he was a Navy guy!) and my Mom’s ability to mix pattern and color in a space.

    2. My husband is a Navy pilot, so I’ve learned to accept change, adapt and move on. Our home is made up of people, not things.

    3. I design stationery that focuses on fostering relationships because I believe that people matter more than paper 🙂

    Love everyone’s responses. What a fun interview and convo! xo

  18. I find Grace Bonney to be so articulate and intelligent. I was unaware of her until now. I find this interview to be timely and full of useful advice for me, although I don’t currently have a blog; I have acquired a domain and have installed wordpress, but, I am still formulating what it’s focus is. I may be long in the tooth, but, have a youthful perspective and my life experiences are something I can draw upon. Although I am a very visual person, I was told while in college that I had a gift for writing. I know the platforms I am comfortable on, and those I do not wish to participate on. Thank you so much for this interview, Marie.
    “You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high. Behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give.”~ Dr. E.O. Wilson, Harvard biologist and two time Pulitzer Prize winner for nonfiction works.(He published his first novel, Anthill, at the age of eighty).

  19. Great episode – love Grace’s honesty and style.

    Hmm, three unique things:

    1. Friends tell me I’m a good listener but don’t pull punches in my gentle but honest responses or observations.

    2. My superpower is organizing: whether it’s a cleaning up a space, planning an event, or developing a book idea, I thrive when something needs to be organized.

    3. I live on a farm but write about high-tech.

    Thanks for a great episode and the permission to brag. It’s fun to read about everyone’s uniqueness.

  20. Awesome interview! Thanks for introducing me to Grace Bonney and Design Sponge – I’m genuinely intrigued, and will spend some time on her site and her social media spots.
    Marie – your questions about what makes me unique made me realize something. I have struggled with the fact that I just turned 65 and I’m trying to build a genuine business with my jewelry designs. I’ve been thinking – “who’s going to want to buy jewelry from and old lady!” But, my age could actually be an advantage, as our society is beginning to value maturity and the wisdom that hopefully comes with it. Growing Bolder is a fine example. I just realized being “more mature” may actually be a positive aspect that sets me apart!
    So, three things that make me unique:
    1. I am a late-blooming, jewelry designing entrepreneur.
    2. My socially-conscious jewelry company is working to bring Fair Trade Kazuri beads into the mainstream fashion limelight with contemporary, cross-cultural designs.
    3. I also strive to raise awareness of and help and Female Genital Mutilation.
    I’m new to B-school this year – and lovin’ it! Thanks for sharing your genius in such an enjoyable way.

    • Hi Ellen, just wanted you to know that 65 is by no means “old.” I’m not a huge fan of classifying people by age period, as I believe every human being has intrinsic value and that value does not diminish as we advance in life. Love that you’re in B-School and really love that you want to raise awareness around FGM! Sending love XO

  21. Bree

    What a fantastic interview! Grace was so clear and articulate. Very inspiring! thanks so much Marie!

  22. Mary

    I learned so much from this interview, many of my questions about blogging have been answered. Thanks Marie and Grace. This has encouraged me to get my blog going.

  23. I loved this interview. I agree with what’s been said about Grace’s energy – so warm and calm and relatable. I feel all cozy now!

    The 3 unique thing that I bring to my business are:
    – The ability to provide a calm, welcoming space for people. This is something that I’ve just realized since a lot of people have been telling me – otherwise I wouldn’t have thought it was true. Apparently I radiate calming energy and people feel comfortable with me.
    – I’m good at bringing people together and creating space for them to connect – through events and activities, but also just in my social circle.
    – I inspire people to expand their horizons, to try new things, to push themselves, to open up.

  24. Tora

    Hey Marie and Grace! Such a beautiful video and I am grateful to have tuned in today to receive all this inspiring and motivating advice and ideas. Thank you sooo much. It is most definitely true, we are all here for a purpose and our voices need to be heard. You’ve inspired me to continue blogging and continue striving to build my healing business.

    The three things that make me different…

    – I own a telescope, I am an astrology geek. Amateur but always learning and growing in the area

    – I love helping people heal and I am very in tune with energy, and I continue to tune and grow those skills

    – I am Jamaican! haha, it’s so funny ’cause Grace said their office was next to a Jamaican radio station lol 🙂 small world huh? 🙂

    Love and Light to all! Have a beautiful day!

    Love, Tora

  25. I am unique because –

    1. I am me – no one else is!!!

    2. I can understand and connect with people on a level that is genuine, authentic & loving.

    3. I build myself – daily, to be the person I am and to stay satisfied, safe & peaceful in my world. It takes work!!!

  26. Marie and Grace,
    Amazing discussion, so perfect for the start of B-School!

    1. Live and work in Brooklyn (it must be something in the water that makes us special)
    2. Love to give friends and colleagues the experience of my hospitality dining at home – I’ve cooked for and entertained groups of 4 to 50 people at my place and everyone has a great time.
    3. I love that I get to learn from the pros – chefs who are talented and trained in fine dining, but at their core real artists and who love cooking and entertaining as much as I do.

    I started the other way business-first, but it is still based on my lifelong passion – and so getting your perspective on how to find my ‘voice’ and not to be afraid of learning about the platforms that are right for me came at just the right time. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences.


  27. I LOVE this interview! Grace seems so genuine and real. I feel like it’s hard to stay genuine once you’ve reach a certain fame. She has amazing points, which is perfect for me, because I just started my blog!

    3 unique things about me:
    1. I solely manage and write for my blog, Midwest Femme, which focuses on eco-friendly clothing.
    2. I strayed from my family “business.” All my family is in medicine, but I chose to go the artistic route. I’m now a social media manager.
    3. My passion for living a balanced life is becoming more evident: I practice yoga every day and volunteer twice a week.

  28. One of the wisest thoughts I’ve read/listen in a lot of time: you can love what you do and it will still feel like a job most of the time. I enjoy working from home on my business A LOT but not everything is pajamas and self-employment excitement. There’s a ton of work to do everyday and all the results -good or bad- depend on you.

    Thank you very much for sharing such an interesting interview, Marie! 🙂

  29. Marie thanks for the interview. Grace thank you for reminding me that ‘it’s never finished…’ I’m in the early months of my happy relationships blog so knowing that ‘it’s never finished…’ is soooo liberating I know now I just need to carry on one post at a time 🙂

    So what makes me unique and awesome?
    1. I choose to be happy.
    2. I’m in a happy marriage.
    3. I love spending time with my family. They are my little piece of heaven.

    There are far too many closeted happy relationships and far too many people who are scared to say it out loud in case they get stoned 🙂 . I’m happy! My intention is to spread the happy. We could all do with happy healthy relationships. Getting to the core of why we are unhappy in the first place. Helping shift that perspective and empower to make changes and choices that create the happy. That’s my thing x

  30. Hi Marie – got up the gumption to leave my first comment! Super new to MarieTV and jumped on board recently to B School when you opened it up this year. Learning tons, lil overwhelmed, great material 🙂 LOVE watching your informative episodes. Thanks a bunch and keep knockin’ it outa da park

    Three things that I feel make me unique are: where I live, being in Montana I feel like there is such a hunger for new, innovative, freshness from all over the world. I am a great listener, hardly miss a beat and have a caring cool way of breaking things down to help peeps understand them, inspire them to move past fear and see things from an out of the box angle. I am curious and enthusiastic trying new things (learned to snowboard at 38) and bringing peeps into whatever I am doing so it helps up their game too.

    Thanks for letting us take a minute and brag on ourselves ~ have a beautiful day ~Mary

    • Great first comment Mary! 🙂 So thrilled to have you here AND in B-School. Have a beautiful day yourself.

  31. Marie, this was exactly what I needed to hear! I have been struggling with what to do with my business. I am multi-passionate and have had a hard time trying to figure out what to focus on in my business. I have done the “Build the Right Business” guide and am taking B-school right now (totally worth the money already) and am defining my business. This episode was extremely helpful in helping me understand how I needed to use my uniqueness instead of trying to copy others.

    Like you asked in your video, here are three things that I feel make me a little more unique.

    I was born in Haiti.

    I took a test that told me I was 100% extroverted (I still don’t believe it). But I can talk to anyone and always feel like I know them as soon as we start talking (I don’t believe everyone is a stranger to me). Usually when I talk to people (the 1st or 2nd time) they always end our conversation by saying, “I can’t believe I told you that. I never tell people these things.” And I always feel happy they feel comfortable to open up to me.

    I was a psychology major in college & had 2-3 classes left to graduate when I decided that I did not like labeling people all the time (not my personality) and graduated in Clinical Laboratory Science (which is more of an introverted field).

    • Hey Laureen! I had a similar experience re: leaving a psychology major. So thrilled to have you here, and in B-School. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. Thanks for this interview. Grace has a very warm personality and a lot of what she shared resonated with me and my business. I wish all the best and even better for both of you, Marie and Grace.

  33. Loved, loved, loved eavsedropping on this conversation! That’s what the honesty and down-to-earth sharing from Grace felt like. Thank you, Marie and Grace. Your are both lovely souls.

    1. I can see the essence of something and hone in on the critical attribute. This is helpful in teaching which is what I do.
    2. I am not 23, 33, 43, 53, or even 63! I have thought deeply all of my long life and am super EXCITED about the next phase of my life with my successful sharing and promoting of our unique creation of how to read music easily and joyfully using a keyboard/piano.
    3. My sister and I have created a new methodology to teach music. What is unique is that we have combined our backgrounds in order to address the problem of learning to read music with a radically different approach. She is a true musician (25 years in the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra) and I have been passionate about teaching during a long career in education (First grade through college teaching with bachelors, masters, doctorate degrees in education).

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Merrie. I love your 3 unique things. I play music myself, so I was happy to see the note about the work you and your sister do – what a great meeting of the minds.

      By the way, one of my favorite recordings EVER was a 1990-something Christmas special on PBS of the Kansas City Symphony with the Kings Singers. I still watch it now some 20 years later. Small world! 🙂

  34. Wanda

    First I would love to say thank you for providing great insight to a very wonderfully scary online world. Thank you Grace for your words of wisdom. I’m so motivated right now!

    I’m an Esthetician/Makeup artist:
    So the the three things that make me unique are:
    1. I’m passionate about what I do and really transforming someone’s skin. Getting the best results.

    2. I’m always looking for newer and more authentic ways to improve the skin. Wether it’s machines, product or creating protocols to get me to the end all result.

    3. My head is always on a quest for skin innovation.

    My challenge:

    I don’t know how to promote myself and my name out there so that I can reach a wider community.

    How can I accomplish all that I want to do with the few hours that I have?

    I love what Grace said about using more than one venue to increase your business.
    Currently I work for a company but most of my clients tell me I should have my own business.
    How do I get my voice heard?

  35. Hi Marie and Grace, great interview! Really inspiring to read and timely too.

    More of a story really…..

    I’m a solo parent with my youngest having AS. I started young & one of the things that kept me sane was ART. I worked part time and went back to art school & got a BA and MA in Fine Art. Art = survival to me. Plus I discovered a love of teaching too. However, I noticed kids do art naturally whilst adults may want to, but stop themselves for various reasons. I wanted to work with adults, and ended up teaching in institutions, but saw some problems there so I took some time & developed my own art course – one I would LOVE to take (online). I truly believe art-making is accessible to all, it’s how it’s packaged & taught that makes a difference. I’m an experimenter. Life, like art, is all about experimenting and trial and error, but it’s about daring to do/experiment to ‘know’, and that, for me, is the key to creativity.

    I think it’s definitely about being ‘real’, honest, passionate, and able to go against the grain without worrying too much about what others think. Finding one’s own values and living by them takes courage. I aim to do this in my creative biz. Solo parenting and business-running can be tough (and a total juggling act), but finding my passion, own voice, core values and an ability (and a channel) to share is what’s kept my head above water and stopped me drowning in sea of tough things. And given we’re each as individual as snowflakes I hope what I bring to the table that’s unique is myself and sharing all that I have learnt through my own individual experience (life and art).

    Thanks for the opportunity for sharing by asking. I guess in a sea of social media shouting ‘look at me’, it’s a real gem to be asked, what about you? 😉

    Thanks again for the inspiration and guidance.


    • Really beautiful Amelia 🙂 Art lover right here!!

  36. Eva Medalla

    Hi Marie and Team Forleo! I LOVE to hear people’s stories and appreciate Grace for having the ease to laugh at some of the things she would’ve done differently now.
    Here are three things that kind of make me feel unique:
    – I live in Montevideo, Uruguay, (though I’m from Chile and lived in Canada a few years), and love to learn about different cultures and the way every person sees the world differently.
    – I am really good at connecting ideas and fields apparently disconnected.
    – I am an eternal learner and am very passionate about the fashion industry, from design to production. I love visiting manufacturing facilities, learning about equipment, and design studios and learning from how things inspire them.
    Thank you for asking that question! It’s a great exercise! 😀

  37. Fantastic! Thank you Grace and Marie! I really connected with your conversation. Grace, I loved your openness about trying things, making mistakes and figuring out what works for you. What makes me different:
    1. making a full-time living from art
    2. living on our beautiful rural hilltop
    3. an inheritance of independence and creativity

    Anyway, that’s what popped to mind. Thanks again!! Grace- I am hopping over to follow you on instagram. I’m looking forward to it!

  38. I have been struggling to create a blog business, hosting local businesses in our city. I loved Grace’s comment that people doing want to buy and ad, they want you to hold up a piece they can buy. I just recognized this for my own business. You have given me much to think about. Thank you. Great interview.

    • Sorry about typos, my device sent before I had an opportunity to correct.

  39. Fun! Love the passion Grace shows 🙂

    Bragging… well OK here it goes.

    First I am a serial entrepreneur who thinks they can do anything. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not so good but it is who I am. When I was young I thought I was scattered but now I realize is am just passionate and creative.

    Second, I love to help others find their passion and launch their business. After launching several of my own successful businesses I discovered that the biggest thrill for me was in the creation and launch process, so I started a business that helps others do just that.

    Third, I am strategic by nature. Success is not accidental, merely the implementation of a sound strategy with the correct resources and tools.

    Done Bragging 🙂 thanks for the opportunity. (Love your show and B-school)

    • Jen

      See my comment below. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from you.

  40. Jen

    1) I am a leader. First born, as well as first born of 23 grandchildren in a tight nit family. Mother of 4 as well.
    2) I am very creative, I do poetry, write philosophy, music, develop apps, paint native art, develop websites, edit photos.
    3) I am exceptionally good at Math and logic. I am 75% finished my degree in Computer Science. I have a diploma in Accounting and Bookkeeping and I have several awards.

    My problem is getting focused on what exactly I want to do. I want to develop websites and run a creative business, but I have 3-5 in mind. Is it possible to do them all and still be successful, or at least enough to provide for my family? Art is something I won’t stop anytime soon so I’m working on a website to display and maybe sell some, or prints. Websit building is my newest hobbie I am learning to master creative cloud. I also love inspirational writing and motivational speaking. I have many passions. I need direction.

    • Jen, you sound like you have all the tools and inspiration you need. Now just a little guidance to help you funnel all of these gifts into the right channel. I just started B School and it’s helped me niche down my ideas just within the last week!

    • Jean

      We have so much in common, I am also firstborn of 11 children and 28 grandchildren. I too am excellent at Math and logic. And like you am having trouble getting focused. I want to do so many things that I don’t which one to start with.

  41. I’ve been in the design business for over 25 years and have experienced BC (before computers!) Growing and changing with technology is probably one of my greatest assets because while I appreciate what technology allows me to do, I don’t depend on it. Human communication is a constant.

    A second unique quality is my ability to combine illustration with design. My imagery is drawn out of the computer and then scanned and applied to my many avenues of product design, brand design, package design or whatever else my mind creates. I also sculpt, garden, cook and these all feed into my professional career. Having a very rounded skill set and experience gives me quite an edge.

    My third unique characteristic is my positive attitude. Everyone knows me by my loud laugh (it keeps me healthy). I am a Libra so I see both sides of everything. I wake up everyday excited for what I am doing for the day, even if it is not the most exciting task. I like helping people find their own happiness and as a designer, that means helping them look good and be able to get their message across.

    I am learning how to evolve my own brand to the social media world and I have appreciated the nuggets of info I get from Marie TV.

    Thank You.
    Lisa Ballard

  42. This was a great episode, very useful, as all are. The 3 things that make me different are:
    1. My understanding of how an underlying structure causes people, organizations or communities to advance toward their aspirations — or to oscillate, never reaching their goals.
    2. My ability to help people understand how their particular structure is inhibiting them and how to set it up so as to get moving forward.
    3. My understanding of how leaders can be more effective in communities — in which there are multiple interests, decision makers, other leaders — and no clear hierarchy.

  43. I really enjoyed this interview, and especially learning about the early days. There’s just something interesting about going back to the start to see how the evolution came to be.

    I also think that our early days inform how we go forward, and the growth strategies and focus, too.


  44. Becki Whittington

    I am a 65-year-old-woman who is growing into my ideas that I am not too old and it isn’t too late. I am kind, detail-oriented, and enjoy working with people, especially to come up with problem-solving solutions.

    • I am certain you have many many gifts to share with us, Becki! Thank you for your courage.

  45. I loved this episode! Such great insight, and so many great ideas to start implementing in my event planning business right now.

    What makes me unique is I am the opposite of your stereotypical event planner. I am introverted, laid back, and frugal! I have a lot to teach people about staying stress free. 🙂

    • Katie, I love your thoughts on event planning. My own work within the event planning world (I’m not one but I coordinate and plan the entertainment aspects of events) can get so overwhelming. I’m always looking for ways to stay cool under the pressure of the unfolding moment. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  46. Good morning everyone.
    Thanks for an inspiring interview, Marie and Grace!

    This is a hard question. Inside my own skin, I sense my uniqueness, but as soon as I look outside of it, I can find a million reasons to count it as oh-so-much-less-than-unique. I’m gonna face my demons anyway and name a couple ways I indulge in my Amy-ness…

    ~I am constantly looking for the simplest truths in which to live and practice my work. That means I am never satisfied with an answer until I’ve broken down its parts to see the interconnectedness of all things. I dig deep to discover what’s under the surface, to understand what’s happening in the body, to understand what’s happening in nature, and within relationships. Then I look for the through-line among them all.

    ~In our Information Age where knowledge and information are at a premium, I highly value a life lived intentionally guided by my self-cultivated intuition. This brings with it a deep wisdom that quietly but brightly lights my way.

    ~I believe in the power of dirt! I believe it will make us healthier, more vital, more empathic, and our happiest best selves!

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  47. amy

    Really enjoyed the vulnerability about mistakes, fears and being real about office situation. I liked that there wasn’t a veneer blocking normal people from y’all. You came across as hardworking and successful and not pretentious or like we normal folk can’t achieve what you have. That’s why I bought B school. Thanks, Marie!

    • Thanks for what you shared Amy, and thrilled to have you in B-School 🙂

  48. This is a wonderful interview! So humble and honest and it is inspiring to see how these two women have built their business to where it is today. It takes time and these two women have truly been patient and enjoyed the process.

  49. Undra

    Great interview! The best part for me tho is when Marie said “more fiyah” lol!

  50. Grace is such an inspiration! I can’t even begin to list how much I’ve learned from her over the years on Design Sponge and specially on her radio show After the Jump. As an interior design blogger I’m really greatful to Grace. Oh, almost forgot, she also wrote an awesome book! Grace rocks!

  51. Eejee


    Thanks Grace for all you gave.
    It’s gold!
    Now I got to sow those seeds of wisdom and weed and water so in the end what you say produce something in my life.

    Thank you

    I’m not a blogger and it’s not something I ever did very well. I’m trilingual and all I hear about from people whenever I write is how incompetent and incomprehensible I am. So, even with a lit master, I did not want to go through a beating every single day over a coma or a semicolon. I leave writing to others.

    As for the challenge Marie gave us:3 things that makes me different from everyone else?
    – I wear my heart on my sleeves and it returns there after each mend. I know how to heal rather than harden
    – I keep trying, and believe me: my life feels like wack-a-mole with so many people acting to put me “at my place”, the box they say I have to accept I’m to fit in. I pop again, and again
    – I have visions… That’s not the hallucinations vision or spiritual vision. I mean I do the work in my head and I get it done. If you come and see as I lay the work layer after layer, it does not make sense. It looks ugly. But once out the kiln, it all make sense. It was making sense for me since the beginning, I saw it.

    I don’t know yet where my 3 above are needed, but it makes life interesting and to be thankful for.

    Thank you

  52. Alyssa

    First time commenter here. Im not usually motivated to get involved with online blog discussions but I really appreciate the type of people that particiapte here and the types of inspiring prople you draw Marie. Its such a boost to my creativity and I appreciate anything that gets me inspired.

    Three things that make me unique:

    1. I can find something beautiful about anyone or anything
    2. Im not affraid to be unappligeticly human, mistakes and all. I believe this leads to #3.
    3. I have the ability to make people comfortable being their true authentic selves and can inspire confidence in others to embrace real life from a serious but fun loving and silly way. That i believe is my true purpose.

  53. Three unique things about me… I’m 80…ready to launch… Get Clear with Clare… held at my ReTreatUrSlef… retreats–face to face in central NJ and eventually online.
    My site is about to be open with UrNuLif OptN… featuring The 7 Word Links of Conscience Communication; Your One True Voice Streaming 24/7–the most important personal tech tool we have…; and soon… A+ The Biz of your Lif… the Lif of Ur Biz … from the inside out. And, there are two other businesses that a part of this general idea… LOL.

  54. Wow! One of my favorite interview! Thank you Marie and Grace for a heartfelt and insightful interview. I learned alot!

    1. I have the ability to see beauty in ordinary things.
    2. I am an artist of making memories.
    3. I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies.

  55. Tracey Phillips

    Thank you Grace and Marie. The advice Grace shared is inspiring and makes me feel like I am moving in the right direction.
    The 3 things that make me unique:
    1. I love to interact with people.
    2. I love to teach in a very clear and simple way.
    3. I left my 25 year career as a librarian to teach online through my 2 Youtube channels!

  56. I always look forward to your interviews Marie and this one was amazing! Thanks to you and to Grace for sharing your experiences. I am one of your current B-Schoolers (lovin’ it) and am soaking in all this social media information. As a pediatric speech-language pathologist (SLP for short) and an artist/writer, I am using my unique gifts to provide therapy materials and resources for SLP’s and special education teachers. My focus is to keep it fun for the kids (and the Adult) so they can learn through play (not boring worksheets).

  57. Whooha really enjoyed watching this episode, thank you! You both are fav’s of mine and listening to the two of you was an amazing addition to my morning. Three qualities that are me?

    1~ I am open and authentic and in my candour I give others permission to speak their truth and unleash the dreams that they have carried since youth.
    2~ I am a free-spirit and have always been fine with beating to my own drum and enjoy co-creating with others.
    3~ I have a deep desire to connect with other people and learn from their stories and share all the beauty that binds us together in this big beautiful world.

  58. KayteeFaye

    Awesome interview- Marie you da bomb!! And I applaud all these commenters for their beautiful qualities!

    it’s always weird for me to toot my own horn, but here we go! toot toot:)

    1- I love people, and I have a deep conviction to help people to be there best, and to live to there optimal potential.
    2-I have some real in-depth visionary skills- I can see some pretty amazing things in my minds eye, and that’s always the first step!
    3- I have this awesome ADD+OCD thing that works well for me, a multi tasking mama– I love to organize and create an awesome space/content/material.

    Sending lots of love!

  59. My sister Hani and I run a hand-printed textile design studio which thrives on slow design and process. But we mainly run online to get clients and sell our work so we totally feel the pressure to be “faster” and “keep on track” with the changes in the online world. But you and Grace definitely made us realise again why we are still here with a thousand (and growing) global following is because we stick to our guns. I think for us, 1. We embrace our weaknesses and strengths and find the best ways to balance each other and respect what we individually is good at. Which is inline with what Grace said about no one being an expert in everything. 2. We see limitations as chances to diversify and tap into new grounds, the unknown. Since our design process requires time, we look into other areas we can offer to a bigger audience and that it to run an online class sharing what we know about hand-printing on textiles. 3. We’re not afraid to make mistakes which is part of our creative process. It is never always perfect for every print but when it is, it’s beautiful. So we apply that concept into the overall business like how Grace started the newspaper and it didn’t really work out. What we get from making these mistakes is a lesson on what not to do in the future.

    Thank you so much for this interview, it’s definitely on my bookmarks list to go back to whenever I need it.

    Lots of love,

  60. Hi there! I’m a B-Schooler!

    This was my favourite MarieTV yet! I am a publisher recently moved online, and this was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

    I also have a great story to tell, would love to join you on MarieTV sometime!

    xoxo Mari

  61. Great Interview!

    What you do know doesn’t define you for the next 5, 10, 20 years.

    I love to see that things can evolve overtime. Especially as embark on my own journey. Only 6-months in and evolution has been huge for me.


  62. My name is Zhanna. I’m from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Three things that make me unique: I am able to inspire people to strive to fill the world with the light of love and kindness and cook delicious cheesecakes. And I was inspired by your book, Marie!

  63. Hi Mari again,

    I wanted to add, that making big business decision like moving your print subscribers and print revenues to an online forum, is heartbreaking and paralyzing. Hearing Grace talk about Domino and other great print pubs falling apart, made me realize I should have made the decision earlier! Sometimes you have to know when to trust yourself and let things fall apart to put them back together again successfully! Even when others don’t see it that way!

    Thanks Marie, I think you are brilliant and I’m so glad you convinced me to do B-School!

    xoxo Mari

  64. Great Interview. Actually I do have a design blog called Web Designer Pad and I just need some tips from Grace on how can I improve my blog for more exposure.


  65. Thank you for this video! One of my absolute favorites in the past year, or even two years. I am also a blogger (today actually marks year 3!) and have been trying to figure out how to keep afloat and diversify as well. These were great tips!
    3 Things that make me unique:
    -I’m all about nature inspired wedding style and natural light photography.
    -I also stated a sister blog to go more in depth about all the natural beauty products mentioned in the natural beauty guide I put together for the biannual magazine of Sweet Violet Bride.
    -I have an MFA in creative writing and also make bridal hair accessories (

  66. I LOVED this episode! Can I just be friends and hang out with Marie & Grace?

    I’m still working on what makes me unique, but here’s what I’ll say today:

    1. I’m a creative problem solver. I can look at problems from many angles to figure out the best possible solution given the options available and I don’t give up.

    2. I’m laid-back and earnest in communicating with clients. I won’t give them information or advice that I don’t truly believe in.

    3. I try to meld all parts of my life together. Photographer, swing dancer, nerd. They may not fit together in everyone’s mind, but there’s tons of overlap in concepts. Bringing them together gives me unique sense of creativity in each area.

    Thanks for the great show today!

  67. Grace is so GRACEFULL! Loved her poise and transperancy, thank you for a great interview. My bragging rights are that I back my identity and brand coaching up with a masters in counseling and a doctorate in psychology and women’s studies. Also, that I have consciously been on a spiritual path since age 9 when I had a near death experience. Lastly, I also have reinvented my identity, each time getting closer to my core expression, 10 times in my career choices, entrepreneur path, and brand, so I really do get it!! We do need to keep listening and adapting and success, as I have discovered, depends on that flexibility. Thanks again for a super interview, time to go explore Design Sponge!

  68. Amazing interview! 🙂

    Three things that make me unique as a Life Coach & Business Strategist:

    1) My gift is to help people unlock their highest potential
    2) I can see the Vision for my clients’ lives and businesses and can help them find clarity on that
    3) I do my work with so much passion that is contagious!

    Thank you for the great insights!


  69. Vanessa

    Marie thank you for asking such practical questions that I could totally relate to! Grace thank you for answering Marie’s questions so honestly. I feel like I really got an honest look at what it might be like to manage a content blog and team. So helpful to hear some real struggles and solutions that are practical for actual people 🙂

  70. She was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this interview with us Marie!
    1) First generation college graduate.
    2) Would rather be outside sleeping in a tent than in a bed.
    3) Listen deeply and have a huge empathic heart.
    Reading these posts have been so fun! So many awesome Marie TV watchers.

  71. I am a first time commenter, but I have to thank Marie and Grace for a thoughtful, honest and inspiring interview. As an only child I too have to remind myself to occasionally step away from the echo chamber in my head.
    1- My ability to quietly and attentively listen to women is an asset whether dressing them for a special occasion or to perform on stage.
    2- The ability to recognize beauty in the simple to the sublime is one of my favorite blessings.
    3- My quiet sense of humor places people at ease and I am an excellent gift wrapper.

  72. Great interview! I love Grace’s calm and wisdom.

    I am working on launching a website right now, because I have a story and unique skill set that can help me serve vegetarians and vegans!

    Being the only vegetarian or vegan in your family is far from unique. I went vegetarian at the age of 10 and was the only vegetarian in my family growing up. Then I went vegan a few years ago, but my partner is an omnivore. But there’s an emotional experience there that is rarely talked about. If you’re veg-friendly, you’re often mocked, even if it’s not maliciously intended. But things can also be contentious. Food is more than food. It’s memory, tradition, history and taste. And if you are the person in the room who makes choices that differ from the status quo, people can react from a place of being threatened. Things can get especially heated if an allergy or another diet also needs to be accommodated.

    This is where I want to help. I want to teach that plant based food is not only for veg-friendly folks, it’s for everyone! And every allergy or diet can be folded into a vegan lifestyle.

    It’s not necessary to compromise between your ethics and your health. And more importantly, it’s not necessary to compromise your ethics to please other people. We can unite everyone around the dinner table with plant-based food that everyone can enjoy.

    On my website, I have recipes organized by meal and by diet. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, I’m particularly skilled at crafting recipes that cater to any dietary need, and I can work with clients one-on-one to accommodate their particular restrictions.

    Thanks again for a great episode, Marie! And for giving us some bragging space 🙂

  73. What an amazing interview! Thank you, Marie, for having Grace on your show! Grace is so down to earth and personable!

    Some things that make me unique in the ethical fashion/artisan made arena is that I lived in Mozambique for 3 years, working side by side the women who make our products! I speak their languages, Portuguese and Changana, and think of them as extended family, friends, and colleagues! My company’s main goal is to empower these women to live a more fulfilled life, while helping this community with development projects– everything we do, we do it with heart 🙂

  74. Bernadette

    Marie, I know you’ve staged this moment for me to brag all about my awesome self. However, I want to take the opportunity to say that as a community, we bring out the best in each other.

    So firstly, thank you for helping bring out the best in me (and so many others) incrementally every Tuesday 🙂

    …so now that we’re on the topic of me, three unique things about myself are:

    1. I truly thrive when wanderlusting. While being in places that are completely unfamiliar, is when I feel most like myself. Traveling instantly offers me the opportunity to understand that which is truly “home”– my whole-hearted, centered self on the inside. When I feel that, it shows on the outside, and I connect with others from a place of genuine authenticity–not the version of my expected self in my expected environments.

    2. My ability to help people blossom. By that I mean, for all my life, people have told me I’m extremely easy to talk to, easy to get along with… you get the picture. This natural blessing has allowed me to connect with the most unsuspecting people. People who wouldn’t normally speak up, people who struggle in social situations. I always tend to gravitate to the “quite one in the corner” and make best friends with them in that moment.

    3. My spontaneity. As you’d might assume in #1, I’m usually always up for a spirited adventure.

  75. 1) I am a former journalist as well as a poet/fiction writer, which I am trying to bring a mixture of into my blogging. It’s been challenging since I’ve had journalism beaten into my skull for 10 years as my primary job. So I love to blog, but I’ve had a tough time bringing it back to personal journaling rather than a journalistic approach telling people what nutrients in a bell pepper are good for them.

    2) I’m a photographer, crochet-er, wanna-be knitter, novice scrapbooker and novice macrame… oh my goodness, if it’s a craft, I am all over it. That is another aspect I want to bring to my “look” either personally or on my website and blogs. I adore bringing a “home spun” look to my business, which I think works well with the name, Plateful of Soul.

    3) My business is wellness and confidence coaching for women (life coaching for emotional aspect, and nutrition for the physical aspect). But my life is passionately dedicated to natural healing, from being a breastfeeding advocate (I have no children!), to herbal and essential oil healing, vegan/plant-based diets, to reiki/reflexology, massage, meditation, gardening, art therapy … these are my passions, and I love learning and educating people on these topics.

  76. Loved the video ladies!

    I think Grace is totally right about needing to figure out the thing that sets you apart from others doing the same thing. So in response to your question, Marie, 3 things that make me unique:

    1. I used to live in rural China,
    2. I am just as comfortable behind a camera as I am in front of one, and
    3. I am creative and analytical – I can design a website but then I can also do all the computer programming to support it!

  77. Thank you Marie and Grace for a great video! I loved the interview questions and it was great to hear how Grace has built her business over the years. I’ve just started blogging and I really appreciated learning from Grace’s wisdom.

    Looking forward to the next video!

  78. Loved this episode Marie! There is something incredibly refreshing about Grace–its contagious! 🙂

    Three unique things about me:
    1) I am a TOTAL jock! I can play any sport and be pretty good at it; tennis, golf, running, volleyball, basketball, and now I Crossfit. You name I can play it. And I have a very competitive spirit!

    2) I was a Geography Major in College. Now I am a guidance counselor and Life and Business Coach. Go figure!!

    3) My dream is to be on TV and entertain people. I love to perform and be in front of the camera 🙂

  79. Great episode. Good reminder that following your passion will take you where you want–and need to be. Love these episodes with guests who beat their own drum! 🙂

    Okay, what makes me-my site unique?

    1) I’m old with lots of experience in lots of areas that I share with others for their benefit of expediting their real life lessons.

    2) Most of my fiction and nonfiction products stem from a common sense approach, with core human-spiritual concepts introduced lightly throughout.

    3) I love new thoughts and ideas and to this end all my books deliver different ways for living and thinking and being better.

    4) Oh, and I’m an animal welfare advocate. Book proceeds go towards this cause.

  80. Great episode! I love all of your episodes and have learned something from each one.

    Three things that make me unique……

    1. I am highly intuitive and empathetic which helps me a lot in healing business and in my job that pays the bills while I grow my healing business.
    2. My dream goal is to assist people at the end of their life by providing comfort with acupuncture and Reiki so their final days aren’t shrouded in a drug induced haze and they can have treasured moments with family and friends before they pass on to the next journey.
    3. I have an incredible strong and spiritual tie to nature and bring that into my life daily in everything I do.

  81. I’ve loved design sponge for years and it’s so great to hear her insight!
    I love what I do, but I’m feeling pulled in so many directions and I have multiple businesses, that have potential, and I know I need to focus my energy, but not sure which way to focus.
    With my business Cover Girls Live, I see huge potential, but I’m feeling bogged down with the little things and limitations. And I feel like my energy keeps getting pulled into the work that pays my bills right now, which is my photography and retouching business.
    to answer your question, though, what sets my business apart, is that we are a company of powerhouse female performers, created and run by women with the goal of creating the work this talent deserves.
    I’m really proud of what we’ve done so far. And I have dreams of doing so much more!

  82. Eliera Goldaper

    Im a personal style coach and art therapist.
    What makes me unique is my belief that beauty is in the differences.And that we humans all suck at one thing… Suffering.
    Each woman has her own beauty, no need to lose weight, be younger, curvier or anything.
    im also very handy so I can upscicle old clothes, make unique jewelry, etc..
    aaand I´m great at simplifying. so I can find a way to make anything easier (from dressing to organizing to cooking)

  83. Marie Forleo and Grace Bonney thank you for this interview and all the work you both create- it is amazing and very inspiring! I am at the very beginning of my journey and somehow came across Marie TV last week and it had an enormous impact on me (like I’ve read already three books Marie referenced in some videos – The War Of Art, Turning Pro, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook and have got more on my list, created Facebook page and twitter account-all in one week! I have never been so productive, all thanks to you, Marie!!!!!!) (universe has sent me your way as the answer to my prays)
    So here are my 3 things:
    1. I’ve got a degree in Interior Architecture and Master’s in Urban Design (building cities) and pursuing a career as a free lancer- I would love to work/collaborate with small/local businesses.
    2. I make fine art photography- I shoot 35mm film, then i develop negatives myself, then i scan them myself. I enjoy every single step in this process, and wouldn’t want to use photo labs ever (unless I have to)
    3. I am a craftsman in my heart and love making little and beautiful objects by hand. All kinds of things. That is why I created a blog to unify all things creative under one umbrella and share with others.

  84. Marie, thank you for this interview!
    Recently I am diving in this blogging happening and
    trying to learn as much as possible and Grace is an
    awesome teacher!
    The 3 unique things about me:
    #1 I have been hard drugs addicted for 25 years
    and I have overcome it, 20 YEARS CLEAN NOW!
    #2 I am 65 and still learning and growing.
    #3 I am. And I love it 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful note, Vera. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible 3 unique things. Sending Team Forleo love as you dive into your blog!

  85. Wow, this was one of the most interesting interview, with practical advice for us, thanks Marie and Grace! I related so much, and it’s such a relief to see that after 10 years of business it feels just the same way I feel, after 4 years.

    3 things that set me apart as a French Language Coach:
    – I’m an actress, and I have a unique approach to learning
    – I also have a MSc in Engineering, as well as a Computer programming Diploma, so I can relate to and connect with “left brain” people really well
    – I am an expat, living in North America, so I know first hand how it feels and what to do when having to communicate in a second language

    Thanks, again!

  86. Love Grace Bonney – she’s been such an inspiration since I first came across her book! It’s my dream to someday send in a story about my nest in the forest home to Design Sponge 🙂

  87. Wow! Grace was so refreshingly intriguing to me.

    Her name says everything about her style and essence.

    Speaking of style. I believe how my life and style evolved over the last 15 years makes me unique and different.

    All the things I was passionate about from modeling to acting, from owning a shoe store to taking fashion design classes, to now inspiring people to be more than the status quo, give more of themselves and reach for their dreams.
    Traveling the world has trained my eyes to see people and listen with a whole heart.
    I’m blessed to embody all my evolutions in one brand. It’s so much fun.
    Thanks for listen
    xo Malaika

  88. I loved this episode! Thank you so much*
    Down to earth and so approachable! Amazing.

    1. I have traveled to Iran and 34 other countries before I was 30
    2. I did my Media Arts (photography/scenography) Master exhibition about self healing and the power of food
    3. I healed from a Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis naturally though lifestyle and dietary changes in less than a year

  89. Great interview! I enjoyed hearing about the imperfection of growing a business, even years into it. I’ve recently transitioned from 20 years in landscape architecture to real estate and am working on a niche as an agent who understands space, design and light as well as the transaction process. Still working on my research to determine if this is something my clients actually find valuable 🙂 I’m not afraid of change or challenges, and am always looking for new systems to streamline my workflow.

    Thanks for the Tuesday inspiration!

  90. Three Things That Make Me Unique:
    1. I am a messy, spontaneous, non-conforming baker. Yeah. I don’t stick to the recipe. I rarely make sure my ingredients are perfectly measured. I am a phenomenal baker(with an Etsy shop opening up soon) just the same.
    2. I prefer laughing in all situations. I don’t care if I’m being disciplined in a workplace or hanging out with a friend. I prefer to laugh and to smile. I don’t feel that being slightly silly should negate someone’s seriousness. I am seriously happy and I like sharing that.
    3. I lack focus and I love it.

  91. My three unique qualities:
    1. My training in history, art history, archaeology, and healing traditions gives me a much-deeper way to teach my students. I approach it in an interdisciplinary way.
    2. I make connections between music, literature, art, poetry, history and our daily lives.
    3. I have the ability to express myself succinctly and memorably.

  92. Darya

    Marie, I love you so much, you have no idea! You are an immense inspiration, and your presence and message that you share with us every week, including equally inspiring guests, help me stay in touch with the “oh yea, everything IS ok, the world is beautiful, and I can feel empowered and happy!” vibes in my darkest times. I have been tuning in from the start, ever since my mom made me read your book 🙂 I find it funny that you bring up cringing at your earliest episodes! I honestly, used to get turned off by your style back then (kind of Barbie pink and girly), but I stayed tuned and have watched probably every single episode because I knew that the core insight you were sharing was absolute GOLD. I just wanted to let you know that you just keep getting better and better! I am loving your refined presentation. You have managed to portray your lovable quirky humor with authenticity, yet in a very polished and professional way. Kudos!!

  93. Great video!
    I’m a photographer in transition to filmmaker biz-wise (or maybe not, as confused as I am) with a brain full of crazy paths to take.

    3 things that make me unique:

    1) I’m from a Midwestern farm town and grew up playing German-style soccer. I often out-muscle, out-hustle, and (perhaps) out-beer most people.

    2) My life revolves around the giggles. I do improv comedy, write and film sketch comedy on free weekends. My partner is even a comedy writer – complete with Taco Bell tattoo.

    To put it in perspective, I once got dumped because I “took comedy too seriously” (isn’t that an oxymoron?!).

    3) Even though the aforementioned points may seem a little low-brow, there’s some high brow to this gal as well! I’ve gotten my BFA in Fine Arts from a private art institution and MFA in visual studies with an emphasis on filmmaking (both documentary and narrative). My brain hurts after thinking about the conceptual art of Alec Soth or William Eggleston (photogs- seriously look them up :)) or paintings by Lucian Freud (YEP, nephew of Sigmund) and I bring these inspirations to any project.

    As rad as this video was (seriously I took notes!) I keep watching inspiring biz things, but they leave me with more questions and options than answers. If anyone feels like taking on a biz mentee or chatting, I’m a crazy artist who needs focus and would love to hear you!

  94. oh my gosh – i loved this interview. it was just what i needed to hear when i needed to hear it. grace is lovely and marie is bad-ass awesome!

    3 things:

    1.) i will talk to anyone about anything and love making connections with people. you never know where a random conversation will take you and i’ve made some of the most outstanding contacts this way. the process never fails to invigorate me and renew my faith in humanity.

    2.) i also know when to say when and reserve some quiet, reflective, regenerative time for myself, sans people or stimulation.

    3.) i can wield a thesaurus like nobody’s business!

  95. I’ve been following Grace for years now. Through the many iterations of DS, and through her inspiring Podcast which helped me take the leap of pursuing my business full time!

    I was getting ready to watch this interview preparing myself mentally, and w/ pen and paper, and as I opened a journal I hadn’t touched in months I found a post-it w/ a quote:

    ‘When you finally accept and appreciate the life you have, the Universe seems to give you the things you’ve always wanted.’ Grace, D.S.

    Definitely what I needed to hear NOW! Definitely the Universe working its magic, yet again, to whisper in my ear what I need to keep present!

  96. Wow Marie, this is the one of your most difficult challenges. Bragging on myself is not easy but here goes:

    There is nothing I love more than sharing my love and passion for Italy with people. I lived in Rome for 5 years and it changed my life. Now my company and my blog are dedicated to things Italian and la dolce vita

    My proudest moments are when my clients return from Italy and tell me that the trip I designed for them changed their lives. I know it sounds like hyperbole to say that a vacation can be life altering, but I think it is true and I am good at creating that trip of a lifetime

    I listen and care about my clients. It is rare these days and I am happy to brag about that.

    Thank you Grace and Marie for another fabulous episode.

    • Ashley, that sounds wonderful. I currently live in Siena, Tuscany and would Love to join your blog or even refer to your services. I work as an Intercultural and language coach and having a travel expert to refer to is a great idea. can you share your blog or any other type of contact info, please 🙂 Thank you.

  97. I run a small consultant business in Canada that focuses on the leaders of not-for-profit organizations. Every non-profit consultant I know says they offer services to non-profit organizations. Not me – I specifically support the leaders of those organizations, both management and governance leaders. To date, the business has been pretty location specific and mostly delivered in person but I am just on the brink of launching online training along with (I hope) a blog presence. I think I’m unique because my focus is different from other consultants (much more human than organizational), I’m a great coach and one of the core principles from which I operate is generosity. I share whatever I can with anyone I can, including other consultants, and it hasn’t hurt my business one bit. Yes, there’s lots of consultants out there and yes, we can share, cooperate and collaborate and still have great businesses.
    Thanks for this video – I’ve been a Design Sponge subscriber for years and it was lovely to ‘meet’ Grace. Thanks Marie – I appreciate your Tuesday posts!

  98. Yay, Grace! So nice to see Grace on Marie TV. Although I’m not a design blogger, I’ve been following her blog for years. Grace has been the calming voice in the ever-changing blogging world. She echoes my fears and brings them to the forefront, which makes you feel so much better about things you can’t change.
    Thanks for the great interview.

  99. This was rad! Already followed her and feel a little better about my Instagram love affair now 🙂 Super helpful and inspiring, thanks Marie! Always so great. And even more inspired watching this in conjunction with BSchool!!!

  100. Thank you Marie and Grace,

    It is amazing how the episode are always matching my process.
    I was moving from absolutely knowing what I am good at and completely not knowing how to make it a business. Funny enough, when I was 22 I didn’t have that question. I just started my business of live shows build on passion and creativity. Then when I when I lost it all and thought all is over.
    Now I am starting again.. I see that what I was good at before got a bit more depth.
    I can now say ( with not so much apologizing 😉
    1) I am good in energizing, inspiring audiences with my voice and music
    2) I love people and healing is my number one effect
    3) I am creative with music, stories, teachings, concept, paintings

    After this interview and doing second year with B-school, I see that it is o.k that some aspects of building a business I need to learn more of and improve. It is the best practice I had to self love and self acceptance.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  101. Courtney

    Marie! Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview.
    I enjoyed every minute of it and all the Nuggets of Wisdom that Grace gave! I know this interview is one that will be getting quite a bit of replay!
    Three things I do well…
    1) Expressing my passion for the things I love or care about.
    2) Engaging with others.
    3) Learning from other’s wisdom as much as I can and applying it.
    Good luck to us all on our personal, meaningful journeys!

  102. WhoopWhoop! This was sooo good and inspiring! Thank you Marie & Grace for engaging us in an amazing and real conversation. To hear your journey of growth and struggles in your passion biz settled the wavering feeling we get sometimes when we are growing and expressing our authentic selves with awkward bony knees with freckles.

    After going through a recent major shift in my life from being a kaleidoscope of identities to a simple lustrous pearl, I am honoring my natural beauty inside and out which has brought soooo much clarity, joy and harmony. Through finding silence, connecting with nature and hearing the poetry of hear, these amazing feelings have inspired me to express this authentically in my jewelry designs and business. I was so scared to express my quirky and etherial visions of the world and my love for love and being in love. So here I am a magically multifaceted pearl that continues grow more beautiful every day.

    Three Facets of my Pearl:
    >123< Passionate about creating and designing endlessly

    Wishing you all a beautiful and amazing day!


  103. Loved this interview! And such a great reminder to do things your way, not the way you *think* they should be done…. I’m not sure if I ever want a formal office either!

    The things that make me unique ….
    1. My story! (I was hit and run over by a car and overcame a tremendous amount of PTSD using EFT, which I now practice!)
    2. My humor (I can be a goofball weirdo)
    3. All of my life experiences, both good and bad, that have helped shape me as a human being and ultimately help me relate to my clients on a much deeper and more empathetic level. It’s that “I’ve been there, girl…” factor. 🙂

  104. Thank you for sharing this interview it’s so authentic I loved that her business took 10 years and wasn’t really full time for many years. She’s so honest about mistakes all along the way and becoming comfortable with change. It’s one of the best episodes ever.
    what makes me unique is 1. my passion about teaching kids to be people who can invent and can code my passion is teaching kids about robotics 2. I bring an artistic museum backgrounds to science
    3. I champion girls and minorities in STEM fields because many diverse minds are needed to solve our large global problems.
    This interview gave me strength to embrace an ongoing process and remember even jobs we love include tasks we hate. Less can be more. Thank you so much

  105. With age comes wisdom! Sooo, with that being said here are three things that give me my uniqueness.

    1. Being able to see both sides of a view and showing others what points they are missing from the opposing individual.

    2. Doing things my way and not being afraid to be different. Different is great. It makes me who I am and comfy in my own skin!

    3. Always evolving. Some can’t or won’t do it because of being scarde but I don’t have time for fear.

  106. Taryana Rocha

    Hello! I’ve never posted here before, but let’s give it a shot.

    I’m doing B-school and it’s really got me thinking about my unique strengths, so here goes:

    1) I follow my heart no matter what.

    2) I’m committed to becoming a better person so I can contribute to the world in a big way.

    3) I’m multi-faceted (polyglot, pole dance athlete, writer, loooove to sing 😉

    Well, I guess my challenge has been: how da heck do I make a business out being the linguistic, cat-loving, R’n’b singing, self-help loving pole dancer that I am? lol

    Whenever I figure that out I’m sure it’ll be interesting, and no doubt one-of-a-kind.

    Happy to participate in the comments finally!


  107. Jen Joy

    What makes me unique is that at 35 years old I made a career change to do what I love by auditioning and being accepting into a full time commercial dance college course (where all my peers are 18 years old)! I’m also doing a self study in spirituality, specially focusing on metaphysical healing, loving myself and meditation. I’m now creating my own website and blog about my spirtual self study and with inspiring though a to help others.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  108. What an inspiring video!! I love how down-to-earth you both are! Design Sponge is a great example of leading your business with your heart. Wonderful!

  109. Thanks Marie for introducing me to Grace & Design Sponge! This was an AWESOME interview and I love you both so much for sharing yourselves. I thought about it for a second and wanted to skip this challenge, which made me realize… I NEED TO DO IT!

    So, what makes me unique? I’m a psychotherapist & yoga teacher specializing in trauma recovery, so that combo is relatively unique but in addition to that:

    -My studies in psychology focused on resilience, an inherently empowering take on people and possibility

    -I’ve worked with some of the most challenged populations, from women in prison to youth in boarding schools to earthquake survivors in Haiti.

    -I’ve been there. Right in the middle of my education my brother died suddenly and traumatically. So, I get it. I’ve worked through it. I’ll always love & miss him but I was able to cope, grieve, get my sh*t straight and deepen my commitment to the healing practices I teach.

    Thanks for this challenge, off to watch my Bschool videos now:)



  110. Love the earnest, down-to-earth vibe Grace has. Love also that she is willing to share the cringe-worthy, oopsie moments in her biz. )I feel like I’ve had LOADS of those).

    Here are some things I feel make me unique:

    1.) My sense of humor- part irreverent, part potty humor, part dark- I think it transcends just my personal life and has now started to influence my work. I’m some how more myself when I create clothing with a bit of a “wink” or kitsch. Ex. I make turbans, and I once used Coprolite stone (dinosaur dung)
    instead of traditional stones. My dream is to sell it to a fancy society lady. Or, Amy Sedaris. Whichever comes first.

    2.) Growing up in a unique culture- being Lithuanian. I am a first generation Lithuanian, and it was my first language and a constant influence in my life. I once rebelled all my differences, but recently have not only made piece with the things that made me “weird” and not assimilated, I love them and use them in my work. I mean, how many people can say that their name is the definition for The Lithuanian Goddess of Love?

    3.) I’m a good listener. Usually, it was all the crazies on the NYC subway that somehow always talked to me and asked me for advice or shared their whack-a-doo stories, but now I’m able to temper that to the amazing friends and interesting people I meet. I love listening, hearing stories, and I love caring. It keeps me connected to humanity, and constantly feeling hope and possibility.

  111. Marie, I loved this episode. As a current student at IIN, I am exploring how to blog and navigate social media outlets to launch my health coaching business and expand my aromatherapy practice. This episode answered alot of questions for me and gave me some good guidance in easy to understand format. Thanks so much!

  112. had

    My 3 skills
    – Intuitive but kick-ass, when I receive a message, let me say that It will always mean something, It will always but people in action and give result.
    – I’m always there and connect with my clients, no matter how many they’re, and it”s sometimes super freaky.
    – I’m able to know at the minute the potential of someone, a project and also what will not work, what need to be cut.

    I’m a kick ass intuitive with a big brain full of idea and connexion.
    I Know that my skill are going better with year and I will do it greater and greater for business owner.

    Want to grow let’s start talking and acting.

    ANd that what I love when people win, get the contract, the promotion, clarify relation, live theirs passions.

    My mission in this life is to put people on the top of their potential, and for that I give my best, I don’t compromise with ego, and I give love.

    I love my job.

  113. Jean

    I loved this interview. Grace is so relaxed and genuine. This is my first time here and I love all of the comments from the others. I am 60 years old, the first child of 11 and first grandchild of 28. I spent 14 years as a short order cook and then broke into the insurance business where I spent 25 years. Now I am disabled and spend all day at home online and dreaming of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am enamored of all things fiber. I love to knit, crochet, sew, tat, make lace and want to learn to spin and weave. I also love to draw, paint, sing and used to love dancing. The things that I think are unique about me are :
    1.People find me easy to talk to. People open up to me as soon as they meet me. They tell me things that they have “never told anyone else.”
    2.I love figuring out how things are made. I have the ability to “read” the patterns in knitted and crocheted pieces and copy them. I have taken old, stained and torn pieces that I have found and remade them. I can make them bigger or smaller or the same size. I love doing that.
    3.I have a very analytical mind. I love Math and Science and logic. I do logic problems for fun.

    I find that I don’t know which direction I want to go from here. I would love to make things and sell them but I would like to do something that I can do to make money to support myself. There are just so many sweaters, hats or doilies that one can make in a day. Maybe I can design and make patterns. I just don’t know.

    Everyone, have a great day and keep working on your dreams.

  114. AWESOME interview, Marie! Amazing the level of quality you continue to put out with this program. kudos.
    I loved Grace’s advice about differentiators – it’s so key to any business and sometimes hard for us to identify in ourselves (or our business). I help clients with Strategic Messaging and Brand Clarity and, through them, I’ve learned that I…

    1) bring a fresh mix of confidence and approachability to messaging and copy
    2) coach effectively on the importance of investing heavily in strategic clarity up front to create smooth sailing as a business plan moves into action
    3) dig deep to reveal the nuances that many brand discovery process miss which results in true, differentiated clarity that fits “just right”


  115. Clare Bresnahan

    Grace’s warmth definitely shines through on this video!

    I’ve become increasingly proud that I:
    -add contagious joy and passion to every interaction and experience
    -am creative & strategic in developing and implementing goals
    -envision new realities by making the once impossible, possible

    Anyone else feel relieved to state publicly what they’re proud of and rock at?!

  116. Had the courage to post my first blog a couple of weeks ago….took me 4 years to do it. What helped was hearing Maria’s voice in my head saying I could do it. When I hit the publish button it felt pretty awesome!
    Here are my brags:
    1. I love being a volunteer service dog trainer and being around such beautiful, intelligent animals.
    2. I’m a recovering perfectionist and feeling okay that I can make mistakes.
    3. I have awesome friends who are kind and supportive

    A thousand THANKS Marie and Grace for sharing!

  117. Hey free spirits, I’m spunky-sweet, playful, confident, strong, friendly and approachable. I see the beauty in all things, I’m playful and a hopeless romantic. This all comes out in my art. Bam!

  118. I wasn’t born good at many things but on whatever I put my heart and soul I can excel and become great at it. Today i can say I’m good at many things, I’m a great singer, dancer, business-woman, interior designer, graphic designer, yoga teacher and creative mind.

  119. Charley

    I appreciated this interview, particularly as I am shifting towards creating a two businesses that I am excited about. I’ve heard it said for quite some time that you have to determine how you can set yourself apart, and I formerly hated hearing this because I found it to be so daunting. I lacked the desire to embark on answering this question with previous endeavors. As I approach these two new businesses – one as an actor and another as a life coach – I find myself excited to explore and discover the answer, which I am already tuning into. The difference between then and now is that I love what I’m setting out to do, I believe my success in both fields is imminent, and I am inspired to bring my individuality to both, so the question feels to be a very natural and productive one. I’ve tried applying that question to things I was less passionate about and ultimately didn’t want. It went unanswered and drained me in the process.

    So if anyone found themselves sighing when Ms. Bonney suggested to determine how you can differentiate yourself, consider if you’re passionate enough about the work or project you’re undertaking. If the question is too painful to answer, perhaps reorient your perspective on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how aligned it is with who you really are. Then don’t be afraid to backtrack if necessary.

    So my three things:
    1. I’m a relational individual able to connect with most, make people feel very comfortable in themselves.
    2. I’m a gifted communicator, in love with writing, singing, performing and using all to express and to encourage others to express.
    3. I’m not afraid to be wrong.

  120. I enjoyed the content on today’s video.

    1. I am a creative and love to create things on the spot, thinking on my feet, and being innovative.
    2. I am a power listener and hone in on what people are saying and what they are not saying.
    3. I am in things for the long haul-perserverance.

  121. Christine

    I loved this interview! It’s so refreshing and encouraging to hear how others have become successful in the space we all share. I hadn’t heard about Design Sponge before but it was fascinating to hear Grace’s story.

    Thanks so much Grace and Marie for the encouragement and inspiration, you’ve fired me up to give my second round of B-School my best shot!

  122. Thank you SO much to Marie and everyone at Team Forleo for having me. This was truly one of my favorite conversations in a long, long time. It was an honor to be on the show and I am genuinely blown away by the amazing audience and community that Marie has built here. You are all so thoughtful and open-minded and kind- what a wonderful alternative to the snark and anger out there. Thanks for creating such a wonderful place to have meaningful discussions.


  123. As a new blogger doing b-school this was a really refreshing video. I’ve being struggling with my “story” and something which Grace said really resonated with me, almost a lightbulb of what my story is.

    I think being unique in a plethora of voices is hard, but it’s something that I really strive for. This video just reiterated the importance of that.

    thanks for taking the time to interview Grace, truly inspired!

  124. haseena bheekhun

    Another amazing guest interview! I always get especially excited when I see you collaborating with other great minds, You are an inspiration and role model to me, and when I see you getting creative and revealing more of yourself and your experiences through these interviews I feel that I learn so much more. I am in awe of your journey i life and you are someone who has made the business world see, much more easier to understand and I connect with so many experiences in life that you have described. Thank you to you for being you and sharing your gift with the world. Thank you to you and your team for creating this youtube channel and always delivering great HQ videos, both visually and in content.

  125. Joe Williams-Nelson

    Once again another beautifully put together and informative video from Maria. I am a writer, and I am new to blogging. I love hearing the wisdom that others have gleaned from their experiences. I am a person who also likes to share information that I believe will benefit someone else and/or support them in navigating a smoother path towards success. Just listening to these two brilliant ladies have a conversation, I wrote 5 pages of notes to apply to my work. Thank you for the excellence.

  126. Awesome interview, Marie! I really enjoyed the openness from both of you ladies that have been doing business for a decade. Kudos!

    In response to your question about what makes me different:

    1. My purpose in life is like my fingerprints (and so is yours)
    2. I am a full-fledged creator: I am a visual artist in literary, sculptural, painting, graphic design, etc.
    3. I will be taking my “big jump” from the corporate ladder in the US Military to my own business next week 26 March 2015 and I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!
    4. I will be homeschooling a 7 year old entrepreneur-minded young masterful mind
    5. I am married to an Entrepreneur and Pastor, the man of my dreams
    6. I am a fourth generation of side-job entrepreneurs, however, I will be the first FULL-TIME entrepreneur
    7. I love to help people with self-actualization and cracking the code of why they are here on this Earth,so I have started a product line and created several other things to encourage more thought about life purpose.
    8. I am a self-published author, podcaster, and blogger

    And, finally, I love you Marie!

  127. Grace is just a breath of fresh air — and I love that she admits she’s more analog than most in the blogging world, and that’s how I am too (I ALWAYS carry a notebook with me wherever I go). It’s made me skeptical of creating an effective blog or web presence, so I felt a tad relieved hah.

    I’m still a new reader of your site Marie, but I’ve read Design*Sponge off and on for years so this was my favorite video by far! Plus, I’m very excited to start listening to Grace’s radio show now =)

    Thank you Grace & Marie for this wonderful interview!!

  128. Laura

    I am glad you’re here. This is my first post, mostly because I want to see if I CAN pick three unique things.
    I should say that your voice seems like it’s coming from some version of my future self, because I am (mostly) NOT doing those things that I’m great at and passionate about, and instead am slaving away at a low-paying job.

    You do inspire me and remind me I can be more of my real self and get paid for it!

    Three unique things:
    I ) My witty, cultured parents exposed me to great things (but unbeknownst to them, I was severely traumatized early, and was scared into keeping it secret, so I developed what used to be called multiple personality disorder as a coping mechanism). No one would ever know I’m anything other than fine, though (really). This means I’m VERY strong and resourceful, have great sympathy for and lack of discomfort around mental distress, while having a wonderfully whimsical sense of humor (survival tool).

    2) I am multi-creative (very good at cooking, painting, cartooning, playing music, designing things)

    3) I’m an herbalist (but still learning (a lot)

    4) (because I’m being rebellious) I LOVE learning languages and listen to language cds a LOT in the car– it’s such a turn-on when I get to use them with people I wouldn’t otherwise be able to converse with!!!

    It’s tough to figure what I really want to do, when there are so many things I love!

  129. Marie always shares the most interesting interviews. Thank you, Marie!
    So what makes me unique?
    1) I know to DO that scary thing! I’ve learned that stretching, getting out of my comfortable routine, is what makes me FEEL ALIVE. And I know if I’ve done scary things before, bigger, riskier, scary things, I CAN DO IT AGAIN. Do it.
    2) I know that “scary” and “fear” are the WRONG WORDS. According to Brendon Burchard, the correct word for that feeling is “uncertain,” as in “I feel uncertain about this thing.” Much more powerful. Right?
    3) I know to accept my missteps, learn from them, and view them as my incredible, oh so personal holy crap! moments. Gotta love them to survive them!

  130. This was the most authentic and enjoyable interview I’ve seen Marie do! Thank you for this – so refreshing to see two genuine people connecting over challenges, wins, and lessons.

  131. Hi Marie, Grace and all these unique blogging women,

    I’ve began my expatriate blog a month ago and I’m trying to post once a week after work while my baby sleeps. I have big dreams for the Wherever Café, hoping to become that friend I’ve always wanted to find. Here are three things I want to do differently.

    1. Serve twenty something women living abroad. Women who are going through that crux where early-twenties exploration clashes with the pressure of late-twenties solidification. My blog isn’t hooked to any particular country but rather the decision making process that goes along with living in another country. It’s intensified when you’re an expatriate because you might love your job, your partner, or life in general, but its happening far from home, without your traditional support network. I want to offer resources and help women make brave decisions.

    2. Offer authentic professional development, specifically to teachers, NGO workers, and writers. I like to share embarrassing stories because the professionals who train you don’t do that. Experienced teachers sometimes forget how hard the first year was. Writers don’t always admit how long it took them to get their first stories published. The emotional aspect of working for an NGO can be so overwhelming that it’s difficult to articulate. I want to do all those things.

    3. Create a break room. I want to write content about all the stuff you would talk about after work if you had someone to have a beer with. For instance falling in or out of love, raising multinational bilingual kids, the crazy rising price of the dollar or quirky tricks for learning a language. There are so many times as an expatriate that there’s nobody to have a beer with, so I want to offer that.

    Marie, thank you so much for your videos. I love your show even more than The Walking Dead (not that I’m comparing them). The talk and these posts are so inspiring! My husband is home with the baby tonight, so I can get to work!

    Love you all!

  132. Michele Bolitho B-School Student 2105

    Hello Marie. Thank you for your great interview with Grace Bonney. As a would-be blogger who plans to make a rich and full living from my writing, it was helpful, practical and reassuring.

    For many years I heard Oprah talk about epiphanies and they sounded like great things to have. Always hoped I’d have one for myself. And now I have.

    About a week ago, after listening to you Marie, and also to an interview with Tara Gentile, I had an epiphany!

    I’ve been working in the field of personal development since 1986 when I began my own psychology practice and opened my seminar centre Open Mind. I have always been ‘alternate’ (more so, according to Australian norms than the less excluding norms of the US).

    After so many years of thinking of myself as a person with way out ideas which often end up being way ahead of their time, I now have a new definition of myself. Instead of being a bit uncomfortable and somewhat marginalising for me, it’s uplifting and inspiring.

    My epiphany was the instant re-definition of myself into ‘Thought Leader’. ‘Thought Leader’ is how I’m going to describe myself from now on and I have no qualms at all about keeping an endless supply of fresh and progressive ideas coming!

  133. michele

    This is a really great interview. It inspires me and challenges me in equal proportions. I’m just about to take the plunge and start a blog with a serious intention to monetise it. But I already run a business now with 3 others and have been a Director of another small business and been self-employed. My blog business will be radically different again and what is interesting about this interview is that it speaks to both sides of my business self. Thanks Grace. Thanks Marie


  134. Beautiful show today. 2 lovely ladies.

    My uniqueness…

    *Fairytales…I reveal their encrypted subtext.
    *The truth about Evolution and why we’re really here…that’s my message.
    *Words…all words carry secrets that divulge hidden info.

    Thats me!

    THanks Marie.

  135. wow, it’s amazing how reading others’ comments (about themselves) can really give you insight into YOUR self. Amazing.
    I loved this interview, and what I kept hearing in it and keep hearing lately it seems is that we all get uncomfortable with the creative cycle and waves…the reality that there is an ebb and a flow, and change, always. We are always growing and adjusting, and always a bit frightened by that. But it’s just the way it is, and we are all here to help each other keep some perspective during the times we think the world is about to end!
    I also love, as a designer, illustrator, and curator of my instagram as well (collecting images I love and sharing them- giving authorial credit of course- to express the world around my brand….)
    Three things:
    1. I’m a musician, (singer) who went to school for fashion design and became a designer but never stopped being a singer too. Ive worked for years with Afro American Gospel Choirs (complete with choreography and robes, an amazing experience!) Cuban Charanga bands, Brazilian Bossa Nova groups, Jazz quartets, Pop bands, and Brazilian dance bands, and classical and sacred choirs. I taught Music Together (mommy and me music and movement) for a few years too and it totally taught me amazing things about how we grow up and develop our attitudes towards and about art.
    2. Feminism?–As a single mom I was able to homeschool my 2, now three kids (now 14, 13, and 5) the oldest is going to high school now, but I’m amazed I got to enjoy every year with them…. I’m very passionate about encouraging people to homeschool and educate themselves, raise their kids how they feel truly called to. I’m so excited that that journey happened for me, and love to talk about it. I’m also passionate about nursing and breastfeeding education and rights and freedoms (the world average weaning age is 4!), birth rights and freedoms (I trained as a ToLabor Doula and have had one hospital, one home, and one hospital birth), and dance/ movement …. hips especially, especially samba and afro-brazilian dance.
    3. I’m a fashion design instructor, online and on campus, among the other things, at a big fancy design school, and now in my own business. I am so excited about ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, handmade and new , small business models that aren’t exploitative but make a good living, I have ALWAYS been obsessed with mixing races and cultures….it makes me feel happy and peaceful and healed when I see people of different cultures coming together to share experiences and reach out to one another. I want to see more diversity in fashion: color, age, size, shape, culture…. I want to see fashion that is truly loving and joyful, colorful and vibrant, affirming. I want to do away with the distorted body images and sketching styles that are still dominant today in fashion. Real women look really amazing.

  136. Hi Marie,
    Please don’t change a thing about Marie TV or your Social media! My office is also where ever I want it to be, and I just love having breakfast with Marie to start the day with a shebang! Your format is perfect for now. It’s clean, fresh, beautiful and inspiring! We both share a love for the European/ Italian mentality ’embrace the abondanza’. My social media page and business LEVA CREATIVES works to inspire Australians.
    x x x

  137. Daniela

    I adore how authentic Grace is, just like you Marie. And her openness is extremely kind. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    3 unique things about me:
    1. I’m at my best when I can speak in multiple langues and pick the best words to fit just what I’m trying to say.
    2. I can analyse a situation from multiple angles, without taking sides, often seeing a way forward that works towards consensus.
    3. I am super social (people think) and funny (I think) but really I’m a closet introvert, who prefers to work alone..kinda like Grace. Not sure how unique any of that is… This exercise makes me realize that I don’t know how to use “me” better in my consulting business with big corporate clients…!

  138. Nicki

    I loved this video! Grace was so full of information, I could listen to her all day.

    The three unique things about me…
    (1) I have a big heart especially when it comes to my family, friends and animals. In fact, when those ASPCA or polar bear commericals come on, I have to change the channel or I cry.
    (2) I was born and raised in the Midwest and now live in the Southwest and have to say my best traits are my kindness and work ethic. I think there’s just something about being raised in the Midwest that shapes you as a person. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    (3) As I child I was constantly rearranging my bedroom…like weekly. I also had an obsession with pens…specifically those gel pens that came in different colors. As an adult, I may not be rearranging as often, but I am always looking at how I can change it up. The pen obsession…still there, though not gel pen, just pens in general. 🙂

  139. I would love to, and am in the process, of starting my own healthy recipe blog because:
    1 – I LOVE cooking and creating recipes that taste and look amazing and are super healthy
    2 – I am a creative being and love nothing more than getting in the kitchen and experimenting
    3 – I am super passionate about all things health and wellness

  140. Anna

    Grace Bonney, what a beautiful legend you are! Really enjoyed this vid. And thanks again Marie and Team Forleo for bringing these amazing people into our lives. So inspirational. My 3 things…
    1. I have a knack for turning complex instructions into super easy to follow steps.
    2. I am obsessed with making stuff and always have multiple projects on the go.
    3. I love hosting themed parties.

  141. I love helping people understand their own ego, how it innervates their lives and can sometimes wreak havoc. I love helping people then learn how to tap into their higher selves so that they can rise above the ego and really start tuning into their intuition, rather than the analytical thinking ego-mind. And most importantly I love helping people remember to forgive themselves for all the times they cannot seem to rise above the ego!

    I really enjoyed this episode. It is nice to hear that businesses, whether online or not, are really a constant evolution. And the more we seem to stay in touch with our inner guidance and intuition the easier that constant evolution is on us. We can better stay in the flow of how we need to change and evolve which keeps us interested, fresh, and enjoying the process, rather than becoming overwhelmed, distracted, and ultimately lose that sense of excitement around what we are sharing with the world.

    Thank you Marie for helping keep us on this track!

  142. Ana

    Loved this video. Very inspiring.
    I am just starting a new travel agency which was born actually from my blog and my 3 things now are:

    1. I have the travel experience that many travel agents don’t have and I advice people genuinely based on my own experiences.
    2. I work with passion and I get out of my way to personalize every itinerary because I know every trip is special
    3. I am an independent traveler so I know what independent travelers want. they know how to find the best deals so, I find the deals available around and I make my ones better.

  143. Stephanie

    Marie your awesome! I’ve been watching and getting your emails for awhile now and you amaze me. This interview with Grace couldn’t be more timely for me! I follow Design Sponge on FB; her site and her voice is authentic and so nice to put a face behind the name. I’ve got my new website done and am just procrastinating on the blog part before I publish it and get going. Some parts of social media stress me out if truth be told. The nuggets of wisdom from Grace I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them. I struggle with developing my Interior design business /new blog with my spirituality and finding my voice to just get my story on paper and go for it. I have been on a real spiritual journey and am not the same person I was a year ago or even 6 months ago. You both have inspired me with this video….. THANK-YOU!! Three unique things about me:

    As a HSP or Empath I can read or intuitively sense what clients ‘don’t say’ around how they want there space to look like
    I’m very creative I like that about myself. I can get lost in any new project and it’s so much fun I can’t believe that I get paid for doing what Ido. I can see a blank space and picture it finished.
    I live in Cape Breton Island on the east coast of Canada

    Thanks for this challenge ….this is me getting out of my comfort zone 🙂

    Stephanie xo

  144. Hi Marie and Grace,
    You have no idea how much this interview inspiring me and help me to solve the problems that I face with now. Thank you for you and Grace!!!!
    Amazing questions and answers with full of faithful spirit!
    Thank you again.

    My 3 things are… ( I have an education center for healthy body method and Eco Friendly shop )
    1. Body- fit and healthy
    I studied modern dance and have worked with a rehabilitation center at spine hospital for 15 years so I can help the students and general clients adapting medical information how to prevent ache & being healthy.
    2. Mind – fit and healthy
    I studied modern dance & Improvisation.
    I love to help people to express themselves with movements through their inner soul freely and being physically sound, beautiful, and healthy
    3. Soul-fit and healthy
    I am still learning and experiencing in dance, dance therapy, body method, meditation, communication, and mix healthy ingredients with care.
    So I can help people proper nutrition & make natural environment for health ,beauty and happiness.

    You might find some awkward expressions but please let it go….^^
    I am not a native English speaker.

    With bottom of my heart,
    Michelle Hyun

  145. Please Marie, will you invite me onto your show. I started my life in terror and shame but was then fostered, and that was my turning point…I instantly recognised normality versus insanity. I then felt that I could live, but away from my foster mother it felt impossible.
    I finally reconnected with her, a treasure of a human being. She told me that the social workers said not to bother with me because I was “backward”, yet thanks to my foster mother, I have a PhD and I write to tell about teenage despair and the awful and final act of taking one’s life

  146. Jhamam

    What a super episode!

    I completely love it <3 <3 <3

  147. I am Happy, healthy, holy and having it! (may that count as one thing please).
    I am a 50 something Creative Goddess.
    I am an innovator, mentor artist, stylist, poet who knows no bounds, just truth – dress up, leave a fake name be legendary….art as crime, crime as art B spontaneous…
    I am a B Schooler
    Thank you for this platform…Look after number 2 then you know someone is looking after you…ps. that s more than 3 things, right? who s counting… she’s juggling with numbers, manifesting wonders, liberating thunders all about the house… love Do Gudda jan xxxx

  148. Natalie

    Grace! THOSE SHOES! Oh myyyyy. Where are they from?

    And my unique 3? (Oh and I consult in youth mental health, social media, sexuality, education and research)
    – I am adaptable. I’ve worked in corporate, community, public and alternative education and health. From policy to ground level to planning. Anarchist workshops in squats, yup. City meetings with CEOs, yup.
    – I am truly interdisciplinary and have the quals to back it up. You want to know about physiology? Critical theory? Public health? Sure.
    – I am reflective and reflexive. This keeps me sane. This keeps me challenged.

    • Natalie

      I think the shoes were from JCrew, I was eyeing off a pair, shipping was too expensive for Australia. Cool hey!

      • Natalie

        You are BRILLIANT! Thank you for answering that – I was going to do some shoe research after I finished some work tonight… now I can go to bed before midnight 🙂

  149. julien

    great interview, great content, feeling inspired!

    thanks 🙂

  150. Marie

    I was super excited when I sae the tile of this weeks Marie TV!

    Bonnie was on my top ten list for you to interview.
    1) Grace Bonney – Design Sponge
    2) Anna Bond – Rifle Paper Co (grew her business in 5 years! & Yong ADC Awards)
    3) Jenna Lyons – JCrew
    4) Sophia Amoruso – Nasty Gal #girlboss

    Such amazing words and advice from Bonnie she is such an inspiration, and love your interview Marie! AMAZE!!!


  151. Generous information ladies.
    Maria, you’re my role model 🙂

    What’s unique and awesome about me?

    1. I love that I am not unique, I am actually very similar to many others in this beautiful tribe of entrepreneurs

    2. I am an 80s rock star by night and a life coach by day and I think this gives me an edge and keeps me young and fun

    3. I have had a very diverse career history, and teamed with my formal education in Sales, Coaching and Psychology, I have a lot to draw from when I create my specifically crafted coaching packages

    Thank you so much for asking.

    ps… sausage dogs are the bomb 🙂

  152. Hi Marie,

    I recently launched a blog site, so your post is perfect timing for me.
    I live in Sri Lanka and I’ve watched your videos and they’re inspiring and awesome. If you put it all into a book, I’d buy it!

    Thank you for your generosity x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, thank you so much, Dayanthi! Marie actually does have a book called “Make Every Man Want You” if you’d like to check it out. You can find it on Amazon (or maybe at your local library), or check out the audio version here:

      Although it doesn’t focus on business, as many of our MarieTV episodes do, it’s a wonderful resource for being the best YOU that you can possibly be, so I thought I’d mention it just in case it sounds like something you’d like to read! 🙂

  153. My favorite Marie Tv Interview.

    It’s so authentic, clear, and resonates with me 100%. Right now I’m exactly in the moment when I have to step back, see the hole picture.

    Thank you for sharing

  154. I LOVE this! Here comes the bragging 😉

    1. I have two masters, one in Psychology and one in Creative Writing (screenwriting), and I’m working on my third masters in Creative Writing with a focus in novel writing and creative nonfiction.

    2. I LIVE what I teach. I don’t just give out great advice, I live it every day.

    3. I create systems of profound change and my students go through some serious transformations. Luckily, I’ve been changing up how I do things (thank you productivity systems!) and I’ll be able to release at least four new courses this year that I’m STOKED about!

  155. Fantastic interview!!! My 3 things that are a bit unique to me:

    1) I was a circus performer for a few years in college.

    • Hmmm…where did my other 2 go? I’ll just enjoy the “1” I guess!

  156. this was seriously one of my favs! It didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like sittin’ round a cafe table, gabbin’ about life. Love you two!!!!!!!!!

  157. Hi Marie and Grace!
    I want to thank you so much for putting this video together. I enjoyed listening this morning, after spending hours last night with a friend who tried to coach this older woman into blogging!
    I am a teacher of metaphysics, a medium, and offer summer workshops for people to work with horses and their wisdom. Its incredibly exciting work, but up to now I can’t find enough hours in a day( or energy in me) to do advertising, teaching and farmwork all by myself-whew!
    I so appreciate yours and Grace’s youthful energetic ideas of how I too might “jump” in. Working with our loved ones on “the other side” has and will always be best as “face to face” work, but how can I reach more people to help them know they too can have this ability in their lives…
    Maybe writing about it and “mini” teaching, as you do, Marie, could be a new direction for me.
    Thank you, Marie, for being out here for all of us, and thank you, Grace, for your inspirational stories and suggestions! Onward and Upward! Blessings!

  158. Hi Marie,

    Loved the video!

    3 things that make me unique….(from the perspective that I’ve recently started my very own website which talks about social media marketing for small businesses)

    1. I have a background in coding so I can understand technology and the internet pretty well. I learnt CSS all on my own while working on changing my site’s design. I had NEVER used it before!! In fact, I have zero background in web design.
    2. I realized that I have an interest in social media and online marketing about 5 years ago and started learning more and more about it. Today I have amassed a lot of knowledge on the subject, enough to actually start talking (well writing) about it. That’s exactly why I started my website.
    3. I am smart! :). And no. I just don’t wanna brag about it, but I can learn things very very fast. (Honestly, I don’t really say that to people, but this was a platform to brag so I did it – and I’d like to thank you for that!!)

    I would love to enroll for B School one day – hopefully soon enough!

    Cheers! xx

  159. I enjoyed hearing about Grace’s story about realizing she didn’t need an office and instead enjoyed working from home. I am sure that seemed counter intuitive at some point, but good to hear it is more important to choose what is best for your work ethic and productivity. Also, shout out to all my only children B-Schoolers!

  160. Marie,

    What an awesome interview with Grace! I got so much out of it – perfect timing as we are into week two of B-School!

    Eighteen months ago I left working for others after 30 years and formed a consulting firm working exclusively with non-profits on organizational development, systems and data management. It has been scary at times but I have been so energized by B-School already. (so much so that this is the first post I’ve ever done, after watching Marie TV for at least three years!)

    Others on this comment thread have mentioned “being old”. But the cliche “being old is a state of mind” is so true. Having raised three children who are now successful adults living in other parts of the country, I have struggled with this mindset. It is a huge shift in life. But I realize I want to live as long as possible to see all the awesome things they do, and therefore have another 30 years or so on this planet so I better do something awesome too! I do not know how I got to this third chapter of my life so quickly, but it is what it is so I need to be grateful and get on with it!

    My three things:
    1) I create order out of chaos for businesses. I think in spreadsheets and systems.

    2) I am a compassionate listener and can respond with solutions in concrete, easy to follow action steps.

    3) I have very strong ethics and zero tolerance for dishonesty. The five years I spent working for a hedge fund was a terrible fit for me. I then was COO of a non-profit emergency assistance agency and have made the decision to work in that space for as long as I am able.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yay, happy first post on our blog, Julie! We’re so thrilled that you were inspired to share your comment here after following us for three years. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, and we’re honored to hear you’re in ‘School with us too 🙂

  161. I loved this interview! It was so helpful and spoke to me on so many levels especially the advice about diversifying. I recently launched a new business, the one that I have always wanted to. It is truly my passion and resonates from my core. I have been able to merge my joy of serving from the heart with encouraging others and creating beautiful digital brands for my clients, but I have been struggling with how to do everything I want to creatively with the notion that I needed to be on every social media platform. It was such a relief to hear that I didn’t have to, to have a successful business.

    3 things that make me unique:

    [bragging starts here]
    1. My 20+ years of experience in User Experience (UX) design, having worked on everything from hardware, to software, to Web and everything in between. My passion for making websites easy to use and beautiful.
    2. I am very resilient and I’m not afraid of change. I’m constantly pushing myself to try new things and I’m not afraid to take risks. The art of reinvention is one of my proudest claims.
    3. I know a little about a lot of stuff. My friends tease me that I am like an app. Even if I don’t know something, I become voracious about finding out and learning. Especially when it comes to business and technology, two of my loves. Having taught myself how to write html code in the 90’s, I can go from speaking to developers to breaking things down for a client very easily.
    [end of bragging! :)]

    Thanks again Marie!

  162. So sorry for the three posts, only intended to post once. Just wanted to fix a few errors.

  163. These were all wonderful advises. I was feeling guilty for metamorphosing my business and offers on my clients lately, but I see that it’s all normal and even healthy!

    Why i’m different :

    – I have transformational powers (to be used for good 🙂 )
    – My approach is gentle, selflessly patient and open-minded
    – I have a deep respect and love for the sacred in all things/people

  164. Great interview, thanks Marie and Grace!
    3 things that make me unique:
    1. I combine 3 passions/talents: I’m a marketing consultant/editor/copywriter with a knack for diagnosing what doesn’t work with some text (from a marketing and user experience point of view) and then knowing how to fix it; a improv performer, and a bodyworker healer. The common thread is storytelling.
    2. I’m 50% extrovert, 50% introvert – I love getting up onstage to perform improv or teach, and then I need to retreat to a quiet, private space to re-charge my batteries by reading a book.
    3. I’m an expatriate Australian who has been living in Hong Kong for 21 years.

  165. Khushboo Babulkar

    Hi! I loved your episode! It really was inspiring and guess what, I just got clicked with my ” Oh so awesome!!!” idea after listening to it so thankyo very very much. And about the three things:

    1. I love love designing, in all aspects, see it in all dimensions be it inside or outside the box, be it subjective or objective to the concept.

    2. I really like exercising that right brain of mine and although I am not very proud to say this but ya I mostly finish off with end time of my deadlines, But the awesome part is is dont give a damn about it cuz I am too focused on giving new and quality ideas out and they are pretty kick ass 😀

    3. I am a highly optimistic, full driven, nothing can stop me ‘go girl’ and I am so proud of the fact I carry such amazing energy around me that pumps up not only me but my whole environment and the people involved, sometimes it gets so much that i almost feels sparks coming off!! Haha but its brilliant right!

  166. Cassidy

    I thought this was a great interview. Are there any tips or suggestions for people who are just starting out in regards to designing a website and how to create one on a budget? I felt like I did not understand a lot of what was addressed because I am just starting out and only have a facebook page for my business. Any tips? Thank you Marie and Grace! xo, Cass

    • Francine

      Hi Cassidy,

      I’m building my website now on Squarespace, and I really like it for a lot of reasons. (I’m not affiliated, just liking the process.) There are some great templates to choose from, and it’s pretty easy to use for someone like me with no experience in coding or web design and who envisions pulling her hair out attempting to learn. 😉 It’s also pretty inexpensive–averaging about $250 per year, if you include a custom domain (which they can host) and custom e-mail address.

      I also hired a friend photographer to take some pictures of me for a great price, and I’ve got some decent ones now for my site. There are many options for photos, though–you could find someone you know and respect, take some of your own pics if you like doing that, even get a headshot to start with if you want a picture of yourself. Picmonkey is a great cheap site for basic photo editing. It likely depends on what your business is and how you envision your site.

      WordPress sites work for a lot of people, and I’m sure with some research you could find some great designers/developers who offer basic site packages if you find the tech stuff more challenging. There are also people who teach the tech side if you’re interested in that route. I’ve also heard of many people who love Squarespace. I’ve found that it can really help to research different options and then determine what you want out of your site, how much time or money you’re willing to spend, if you have tech background or not, etc.

      I also chose to get a good legal foundation in place, such as including a disclaimer and some terms in order to protect my content. That can be a bit more costly but worth it in the long run, I believe.

      All those factors can influence a decision, but ultimately, I think what matters is finding whatever works best for you and allowing yourself to be confident in your choices, no matter what anyone else may be doing. There can be a lot of steps, but I’ve found that taking one step at a time can prevent a lot of overwhelm.

      My site’s still in progress, or I’d post it here. 😉 Good luck with your business!

      • Cassidy

        Wow, thank you so, SO much Francine! That was incredibly helpful! I really appreciate you taking the time thoroughly help me out. I will definitely look into some of those, and you are right, one step at a time. Thank you again. Sending so much love, and good luck to you as well! 🙂

        With gratitude,


  167. Pat

    My favorite Marie interview EVER! Learned so much. Especially about how to handle my blogging burnout and how to diversify. Thank you so much! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  168. Gosh 3 things. Describing yourself has got to be one of the hardest things to do!

    1. I like to reuse pieces. I know I know, everyone is doing it. But I love the creativity it takes to reuse pieces that people already own. It’s like a puzzle to solve.

    2. I have a great personality. Lol. But seriously people that hire me tell me its because of my personality. That’s a compliment right?

    3. I am a great listener. I make sure to repeat back to my clients what I heard them say. So many times we mess things up because we understood wrong!

    Thank you both for this great video! I am still a bit of a newbie with my blog and love to see inspirational women who have followed their bliss!

  169. Francine

    This was a wonderful interview, Grace, Marie, and team!

    To answer your question about three things that make me unique:
    1. I’ve learned and continue to learn how to better balance the fine line of being an observer of life and being an active participant in it.
    2. After hours of research, learning, and reflective fun (for me!), I’m able to take complex concepts of human behavior, influences, thoughts, and feelings and provide simply-worded and insightful written reflections about how to tune in deeper and open to great peace in life through understanding.
    3. I have the lighthearted soul and curiosity of a 6-year-old coupled with life experiences of some a couple of generations ahead of me. –Well, hopefully as time goes on, that childlike curiosity won’t be as much of a “unique” thing in society! That’s my hope, at least! 🙂

    Thanks as always for such great and inspiring content!

  170. Ann Simkins

    This was my first Marie Forleo video thanks to my friend Asha. I loved it. Going to watch another after I finish watching this. I met Grace about 10 years ago when she worked at a pr firm in Brooklyn. I am always so inspired at what she has accomplished and how she constantly evolves. My husband and I have a pet care business in Flatbush Brooklyn and there is a lot of competition. Which gets hard sometimes. So three things that make our business unique:
    1/ Clients will always get a response that day or the next morning if they reach out over night. That is really important to us.
    2/ I always try to help a client find a solution to an issue with their cat or dog, wether it be health or behavioral .
    3/ We truly love what we do.

  171. Hi Marie!

    I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and have never commented. I think this question, what are 3 unique things about you, is the perfect time to do so! Thank you for the amazing work you do, and I enjoyed your talk with Grace. It was full of insight, especially keeping in mind that the market is always changing. There is a terrifying, but liberating fluidity in being an online entrepreneur and that excites me!

    My three unique things:
    1. I’m nerdy – I’ve always loved learning but I also love space and science fiction films, TV shows, and books.
    2. I’m a spiritual person and I am passionate about personal development and positive living.
    3. I’m great at connecting the dots and looking at the bigger picture. (That could be the Scorpio in me. 🙂

  172. Wow, what an inspirational video! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I have been blogging few months now and although there are hundreds of personal finance bloggers out there, Financially Wise On Heels is different:

    1. The blog is about YOU, not about me! I don’t really blog about my life, instead I blog about everything that could help YOU with your personal finance, business or family.

    2. You can look fashionable and fabulous on budget. You can be a beautiful woman inside and out and still very smart.

    3. Tips, resources and ideas for women all around the world so they too can get financially wise and independent.

    My blog has big plans and now I feel so inspired, thank you so much!


    • Emily

      Love your blog!

  173. Loved this interview, thank you!

  174. I appreciate Grace’s down to earth style.
    it reminds me that, with the work, I can achieve whatever I want to do.

    Three things that I value are my location near d.c. – a city that influences the world, my Colombian heritage and family history of strong dignified women, and my fierce faith that has evolved through a lot of spiritual and mental obstacles.

  175. Baiba

    Hi Marie!
    …timing is just unbelievable. Couple days ago I decided to create a blog. And this interview just inspired me even more.

    Three things that makes me unique:
    * I take my responsibilities seriously.
    * I am trusting of other people.
    * When I start to do something I don’t quit until it’s done.

    Thank you!

  176. this is my favorite as well-so fresh, clear, honest and has filled me with faith in myself, people and life! Thank you Marie and Grace

  177. Cari

    I really loved this video with Grace Bonney as I always want to blog about so many things. I love the down-to-earth conversation and it was quite inspiring with lots of points on pitfalls and realistic nuggets of wisdom of the day to day life. I’m not sure what my future self looks like or how I can make my own business happen but you always get me thinking.

    I find a lot of the videos you publish very inspiring and I love your kookiness and silliness. Since my mom died 2 years ago, I really struggle to be inspired. She was my inspiration and best friend and was oodles of silliness and a strong, smart, self-made businesswoman so I really love the blend of good business sense and silliness in your videos.

    I friendly dare you to fit “kooky” into your next video. 😀 Keep doing the good work. I hope to attend your school next year and I take your sign off seriously “stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have”.

    Unique gifts:
    1) I’m a powerhouse in everything. I don’t know how to do things half-way.
    2) I’m an empath which means I have a highly tuned radar for shifts in energy whether they are good, bad, alarming or downright electric.
    3) Most important (and which I am most proud): I AM my mother’s daughter. I learned so much from her and developed so many good skills from her that often seem contradictory. The one thing I didn’t learn was how to live without her. Still working on this…

    Stay on game, Marie. The world continues to need your gifts. xoxo

  178. I loved this interview! You both seemed so at ease chatting. It was like peering in on a personal conversation with you two. Thank you for the insight.
    Here is what makes me unique:
    1. I can, and will talk with anyone.
    2. I have chosen to be a papercut artist, but I am a multi-talented artist and can pick up new techniques and skills very quickly.
    3. I see the world through shadows and light and love to depict those special features in my work, especially in my commissioned pieces and pet portraits.

  179. Richelle

    Hi Marie!

    I love the interview. You two are awesome, very experienced, and great!

    The three things that makes me unique are the ideas that would be a great business or product, always trying to help people be successful in everything they do, and laughing. I love laughing.


  180. Thanks Marie and Grace,
    Super interview, how inspiring that she keeps defining Her Path!

    3 things that stand out about me:
    1. I’m an RN from the midwest, now living my dream of life in California in Palm Springs where I do wellness/self care retreats from my home
    2. got my health and life together at 52 and recovered from a ton of chronic illnesses in short order. I know what being down is and how to get up again.
    3. passionate about nature inspired healing, hummingbirds, hiking and keeping women well in natural ways

  181. Very inspirit conversation, we can know more to success is not easy, it need passion, talent and efforts overcome challenges and obstacle in process. One mistake I also made and other don’t achieve results made that is lack of focus on be trust and give value. It really wake up something to me and other. Thank for share good conversation.

  182. Three things make me unique:
    1. Work hard on my work, my project.
    2. Trust and always be kindness person.
    3. Always learning, growing, forward to achieve more freedom, knowledge, happy…
    Those things are parts created my character and is my purpose.

  183. Great stuff – took notes on advice for new Bloggers – thanks!
    Uniqueness for me looks like this:
    1. More like a man in a women’s body with the voice to match (meaning, i like bourbon, football, dressing in t-shirts & jeans and will hang with the guys watching sports over shopping ANY day!)
    2. Been married three times – I’ve had some experiences!
    3. Enjoy traveling, exploring, eating out alone.

  184. Awesome episode Marie! This one really resonated with me! And thanks for the inspiring story Grace!

    Now for the 3 things that make me feel unique… I have honestly only just begun to realise these…

    1. I am an anti-artist designer – I never studied art at school and I studied Civil Aviation at university, becoming a Commercial Pilot before embracing my passion for creativity and turning to a career in Design!

    2. I am an idea mixologist – I love to take all the little bits and pieces of ideas from my clients, (to be honest, that’s where some of the best ideas come from!) and pull them together into a design that works… and looks good!

    3. I strongly believe everyone is an artist – I seem to inspire the inner artist in the most (self-proclaimed) un-creative people!

  185. Sensational interview…such a delight to hear her info and advice..
    Love her site…well done you 2 and THANKYOU.

  186. Thank you so much for the awesome episode.. I loved every word of it..
    I am unique because My French and Italian are perfect. I am both of them
    I am unique because even in one drawing lesson I will change your way of drawing and in three months, you will draw anything anywhere
    I am unique because I can give you confidence
    Thanks to you Mary for being unique and marvelous

    a big kiss to everybody from PARIS

  187. Maria

    Hi, Hi!
    I love hearing about how people started + the gems of information – especialy since I am brand new to all this. The biggest message I took away from this is to be yourself // authentic….because the reader will know whether or not you are coming from a place of passion or not. This is something I have to remind myself a lot, because I have the bad habit of thinking “OMG, I’m just gonna post something!”….So thanks!
    Here’s how I am unique:
    1. I have a degree in interior design. I studied in the fabulous city of San Francisco. So not only do I get to share my talents in decorating + design, I have the academics + experience to back it up.
    2. I have a great sense of style + color. I love making interesting and eye-catching combinations with furniture, art + accessories. I especially love marrying vintage with modern designs.
    3. I am uber organized. [Some may call it OCD ;)] So I’m always looking for fun + creative ways of organzing and keeping your home beautiful !

  188. Marie your website is new to me, I found your site from someones post on linkedin I was reading. As a woman in marketing myself I was curious when I read a positive quote someone posted giving you credit so I tuned in and I must say love your program.


    • Thanks Angela! Welcome and so glad to have you here 🙂

  189. Wanda

    I’m probably going to sound like the biggest, “negative nelly” but here goes. My original fears in starting this program is, from time to time, reinforced by the questions asked in the modules, and topics covered in this video. I believe what Grace had to say is spot on. Equally true is my lack of interest in doing most of what she (and Marie) deem necessary. God help me but it’s true.

    What makes me different? I’m not sure much but, I’m not 30 anymore. A long time ago I owned a print mag and online mag. It was the love of my life. I enjoyed the highly dynamic and fluid process. Loved it in fact. I didn’t see a million functions a day but I did have a million readers a month.

    I’m not 40 anymore either. I am in my 50’s and apparently what is required or needing to be done (garnering followers ergo dollars) just doesn’t interest me that much.

    There are reasons for this, 1) been there, done that, 2) the persona and interests of a woman in her 50’s is vastly different from those of a woman in her 30’s, 3) little interest in spending large amounts of focus, time and energy engaging in sound marketing techniques (that I know from experience will work) because it will (as it always does) take me away from what does sustain me.

    It’s a conundrum. We must always (it seems) prostitute ourselves for what we really want. My prostitute is pretty much used up at this point. I question what I will be able to extend myself toward, in order to sustain what I want to do.

    You might think then, what are you doing here? I cannot answer widely other than to say, I have again followed my gut and am awaiting what will be revealed to me as essential. Uncomfortably my impatience has not diminished as greatly as my age; but I’ve no doubt that whatever is revealed won’t be what I expected; but will likely be what is needed.

    • Hey Wanda. I don’t think you sound negative, I think you sound honest and like you’re asking yourself some important questions. I don’t agree with your use of the term prostitute, though. I don’t do anything in my business or life that I truly don’t want to do. One last thing. I found this incredibly inspiring video of a 100 year old dancer/choreographer – she’s brilliant. You should have a look:

  190. Hey Marie,

    This was THE BEST ever!! More so to me personally because recently I wrote a 24 hour guide to where I live (Marbella, Spain in case you are interested) and Grace published it on Design Sponge this week. I swear that when I saw it there on her amazing site, which is something I have been loving, aspiring to and reading practically every single day for years, I literally jumped out of my chair and showered myself with my bowl of porridge (I read DS in the morning which is your nighttime) and I almost wet myself (Ok, too much info!). I cannot tell you how amazing it made me feel as it was the first time ever I have contacted a website/blog/made comments etc because I´ve never had the confidence to do it. Like my voice didn´t matter. And here I am again now having the confidence to write to you and it´s in part down to your motivational videos and speaking from the heart that has really made a difference to my life.

    Thanks so much, Marie!

    • This is AWESOME Michelle. And for the record, not TMI 🙂

  191. Lee

    Fantastic episode Marie! I love meeting/seeing behind the scenes from creators of awesome, matterfull businesses and hearing their personal journies. It’s inspiring to see that they’re human after all, just like us, not some productive robot who does everything right all of the time 🙂

    3 things that make me unique? I’m having trouble with that. I’ve travelled around the world to amazing places and had amazing experiences, but so have many other people. My mind is like a movie theatre and I can visualise ideas so fantastically, but surely others can too. I’m a very honest and loyal person and an extremely deep philosophical, understanding thinker but again, I’m not the only one.

    How do you qualify your own uniqueness in comparison to the rest of the planet? There’s most likely many others like me, like us?

    I would love any feedback from anyone.

    I’m all for self belief and empowerment, but only when it’s based on some essence of purity and not just for the sake of masquerading positivity.

    I’ve gone too deep in my thinking mode again. Help! 🙂

    • Hey Lee! As a small note, not everyone can “visualize” ideas clearly. I know many folks that have a challenge with that. So don’t assume that everything that comes so naturally to you comes naturally to everyone. Yes, we all have gifts, and some of us have similar gifts — but no one has the exact same combination YOU have, nor do they express those gifts in the exact same way.

      • Lee

        thanks for the awesome reply Marie! I never looked at it like that!

        You are an amazing person, and you’re doing great great things. The world needs more people like you. Stay bold, and thank you!

  192. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for another great episode.
    Three unique things about me:
    1. I teach college and use chi-king to help my students relax.
    2. I am writing a book about my own anxiety and how I got passed it.
    3. I believe that you can access more of the brain through movement and I do this in my life and classes.

    • @Therese Ayla Kravetz. The good way overcome stress or anxiety that is make think clearly, really understand what are happen by ask to other, look around. Then all is our choice to do thing with our way.

  193. My 3 brags…
    1. Seeing the great potential in others is gift that I have always had. It allows me to hold the space for others and nurture others, as they unfold into their potential.

    2. Now, I have learned to live from my soul’s desires. Every experience is full and filled with a sweetness. My choices are those that honor my soul’s desires and bring me aliveness.

    3. My journey has been frustrating, loving, stagnant, and energizing, depending on the moment. Appreciation of my journey has created a seed of possibilities in others.

  194. sheliyah sunny johnson

    Loved that. I loved her authentic energy. This was a privilege to hear

  195. I am a healthcare provider with extensive training and education in conventional medicine as a family nurse practitioner and equally extensive training and education as a hypnotherapist/ guided imagery practitioner… who understands the depth and complexity of the mind and the body and ultimately how healing occurs.
    So many years of direct patient care allow me to see clearly… I regard the healing arts as important as fine arts and performing arts. Humans are innately creative and at our best creating; however that may manifest.
    I see the body as a sacred and reverent container for our soul.

  196. Loved this post. As a clothing designer I focus on pockets, fit and comfort.

  197. This was amazing, and the timing to view this could not have been better. I changed my viewpoint summer 2014, and have been posting 2x a week since (so proud of myself).

    1. I have my BA in History. I’m enraptured how design and history influence one another: economy, politics, social, entertainment.

    2. I also have my Certificate in Interior Design and my Master of Interior Architecture. I teach my readers how to use the principles of design to create a cohesive and successful design

    3. My blog shares how to create a fresh and timeless eclectic design that is personal to you. I share about my own home, discuss historical periods, color theory, and create collections all to show how to mix and match your space. It doesn’t have to match, it has to go together- an interior MISMATCH

    Thank you both for sharing this interview. I work full time, and blog in the evenings (and squeeze in all other social media). I’d love to turn my blog into a business- I love it so much~

  198. Mag

    Thank you Marie and Grace! Love this week’s episode <3 I found Grace's podcast show "After the Jump" a weeks ago and it's incredible. I highly recommend everyone to check it out! xxoo

  199. Ynja

    I just wanted to say hi. I relate to you and its weird because I’m not a blogger or a buissnes owner. Everything you talk about I know from my life being a mom and being Ynja. Ynja is loving and living from with in. I feel strongly about pursuing creative expression, I dont know what that means its a feeling I feel in side. I like Ynja she is uplifting and inspiring person.

  200. Sooooooo juicy and good! Grace’s message about business and unplugging hit me straight in the heart today. I needed this. Thank you as always, Marie. <3

  201. This was a terrific interview – Grace Bonnie is inspiring. I’ve only been blogging for about a year and a half and it’s been a slow and steady progression for me. I like what Grace said about identifying what makes us unique and diversifying the business. I’m going to think on that. BTW – I came by this discussion by way of my mother – who is actually friends with Chris Bonnie. Shout out to the Moms of the world.

  202. The three things that make me unique, are:
    1. Even thought I had a “The Wonder years” childhood with all the advantages of good successful and loving parents, I am just starting to learn who I am and who got lost now at 57 years old young. A Blessing.
    2. I built and awesome social network of friends and followers before I knew why.
    3. So much of the spiritual journey that many are starting to take was me before it wasn’t. I am excited to continue this journey and share all I find and learn along the way. Thank you Marie. Your energy just fits! kp

  203. 3 things that make me unique:

    1- I have an extremely good and diverse academic education.

    2- I have mingled and made sincere friendship with people from all walks of life, from shepherds to high Government officials, priests to prostitutes, billionaires to homeless men.

    3- I am very loving and generous, and I feel most pleasure when helping people, and more specifically when teaching people cool stuff that’s good for them.

  204. Thank you so much for sharing all these valuable advice. I hope to be able to speak to groups the same way in the future and share my learning curves. I have very recently started a blog even though i have been wanting to have one for years. I just couldn’t figure out what i wanted it to be about. Deep down i knew it shouldn’t be this difficult and that my blog had to reflect who i was and the entire idea should come naturally. So i let it cooked for some time until one day it just popped out by itself.
    So my blog is an illustration diary reflecting my personal life and things i love.

    The 3 things that make it unique:
    1) i am a clown really and try to share this as much as i can in my illustrations and writing. I don’t try to have a formal voice even if i am speaking about something serious
    2) i make my own illustrations and eve though they look like they were done by a kid that is my whole goal. I am an illustrator and it was my choice. It is a way of showing the kid in me.
    3) i am an expert in what i am talking. I have studied fashion design amd wokr in the fashion world. I am not a fashion victim and lile looking at fashion with an experienced eye but still unique to who i am and not what the mass wants to hear.

    PS: it felt like a good exercise as i am a new blogger and i am thankful for it. I will make sure to keep this writing and see what happens.
    Good luck to everyone


  205. Love this video- Bonney is awesome and her advice is brilliant. Thank you Marie for sharing this-
    Can I ask what Boomerang is?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Maudie! I believe Grace is referring to Boomerang for Gmail and you can check out the details here:

  206. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing!
    I’m new to discover Marie’s great TV 🙂

    I started a business to help out Expats feel ”at Home” and settle in a new country.

    When I think of 3 unique things, I want to name what ”differentiates” me from colleagues/competitors:
    1/ Lived and worked in many different countries and speak 6 languages,
    this gives me experience in change and adapting to the new.
    2/ I’m very straight-forward, down to earth and say directly what I think.
    3/ I’m empathic, but help you straighten your thoughts by providing priorities and action list, so that your mind can calm down and stress reduced.

    Having said this, I do have a question for Grace or Marie:
    How can I use these 3 unique things to formulate my value to the potential client?
    Or, how can we (everyone here) use these 3 things for our business?

    Hope to hear from you and thank you again (from Europe) 🙂


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Rachel, we’re so glad you found us and I’m happy to share some tips. In a nutshell, what makes you unique can really be the heart and soul of your brand, and there are so many ways to incorporate these unique things. For a few tips on that, you can check out this other MarieTV episode about standing out from the crowd:

      All the tips Marie shares in that episode really hinge on knowing and leveraging your strengths, so that’s a great place to get started.

      Communicating our own value and strengths to customers is something we love to talk about, so if you’d like to see more great episodes around this topic, you can always check our archives or reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com for suggestions!

  207. Marie, I’ve been watching your shows for several years and love them.
    I enjoyed Bonnie’s message regarding simplifying and redesigning your site according to who you are.
    I work with stepmoms and trying to be everything to everyone doesn’t work.
    I’m taking some time off to be with my grandchildren and writing what are some of the challenges I sesimplifying is giving me back the joy of coaching stepmoms again.
    What makes me unique is that I’ve been a stepmom for 25 years, love my husband more now than ever and enjoy 6 beautiful grandkids along with my adult children/stepchildren.
    I spent 7 years studying what makes Stepfamilies unique and ways to create happier and healthier relationships between the members. That’s me in a nutshell.
    Love the show. Always inspired.

  208. Hi Marie,
    so great to see your shows. I love it! They always inspired me.
    Good questions what makes me unique, I think it´s that I´m living my dream, was running a theater at Times Square, moving to New York, getting my Investor Visa, coming from Germany and raising up 5 kids, this experience I share with my clients as a Dreamfinder to help them to awake the hidden dreams and start to create the life they are meant to live. I love to encourage people and be their guidance.

  209. Marie introduces us to Design*Sponge = 1.5 hours of my life lost to amazing inspiration. I’ve been blogging for nearly 8 years and I can completely relate to the ups and down of online publishing. Kudos to Grace for making it into a business. I know a million others bloggers who couldn’t and I’m one of them. This is definitely inspiring. Thanks Marie + Grace!

  210. This was such a great interview. Marie your talks are always so inspiring. And I have more friends in Paris this year taking your course (as I retake it! So much fun with a group!) I’m in the design field and have been grappling with my value proposition for over a year! When Grace talks about writing and photographing the things that she liked and wasn’t seeing in magazines back in her early days … it finally – FINALLY – hit me. The information I can’t find – the ideas that have been blocking me will now become my topics! I’ve had an avalanche of ideas form my blog. I know this is basic but better late than never. 🙂 I’m finally in a place where I’m ready to put myself out there! Thank you thank you thank you! xoxox

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Elizabeth. Love the way you’re reframing those sticky points for you, knowing they must also be sticky points for others and are prime topics.

      That’s really exciting, and it’s wonderful that this realization is intersecting with you retaking B-School with us right now!

  211. So inspiring! I’m a long time Design Sponge fan & have been in business as an independent designer, selling mostly online, for 7 years, so I can relate to many of the industry changes she described. At times it can seem impossibly overwhelming to keep up with it all & still be successful. But this interview helped me see that I’m on the right path with a lot of things & just need to be consistent. Exactly the motivation I needed. Thanks for sharing your insights, Grace!

  212. Thank you so much for this, Marie.

    *Just* today, I was scanning for women-hosted podcasts (so many men, so few women….), and Grace was listed #3!

    I wouldn’t have recognized her name if you hadn’t “introduced” me to her last Tuesday.

    Thanks – she’s great!

    I can’t wait to check out her podcast.

    – Tricia

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Tricia — thanks for sharing that!

  213. Wow, thank you sooo much for this interview ! I really find this inspiring. I follow Grace’s blog for several years now and i love your videos but for both, i never leave a comment. So today, i couldn’t stay silent. Thank you for all your advices, this is gold. I read your articles everyday during my break at work and it is always really helpful to stay focus on what i wanna do and what i have to work on for my personal blog and my little dream about it. Thank you for interviewing people like Grace who give a really great exemple of a successful young entrepreneurs. She is experimenting and try to do her best. This is good to see that we are all human after all 😉

    For the bragging, i have a lot of trouble with that, but i will try :

    1. I think i see the best in people and trust a lot (and yes this could be a biiig issue sometime). I am shy but once i am out there i always connect fast with people i meet.

    2. I stay optimistic (most of the time). My mother in law say that i always see the positive side of things and i think it really helps me in some difficult situation.

    3. I am creative. Not having all the money that we needed when i was younger really helped me find solutions on my own. Since i was a teenager, I did a lot of things myself, from fixing a staircase to craft my jewellery. 10 years later i began a blog, and i think it all begin at this point.

    Thank you again for all the tips, advice and exercices you gave us to improve ourself !

    PS I hope my english is not that bad. Hello from the south of France by the way 😉

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hello to you, Adeline, in the south of France! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Those are wonderful things to know about yourself and see in yourself, and your English came through beautifully too, by the way.

  214. I enjoyed this episode. Grace made me feel more relaxed in my approach to blogging and business. Many times entrepreneurs give you so many tips or so many things you have to do to be successful that it seems the mountain is too high to climb. Both you and Grace make success (as defined by me) attainable.

    1. I am unique because though I have been through many challenges (i.e. sexual abuse, physical abuse, layoffs, widowed at 23), my hope never flailed. I want to show others how to maintain hope under pressure.

    2. I am unique because I have the gift of discernment. It is an ability to look within a broken process and see how to fix it or to zero in on a person’s passion and encourage them.

    3. I am unique because I am intent on living my best, fullest, healthiest life despite it all!

  215. Bea

    This was a really great interview! One of the things that blew my mind was how Grace does all her social media herself. I find the world of social media intimidating, so I had a question for either Marie or Grace- any ideas about the research process? Between working a money job and trying to stay creative, I often feel behind the curve. I’m not a regular user of the major social media sites out there, and even reading/watching other people’s content is tricky as I find I just don’t like to consume that much content in a day. It’s really easy to watch Marie TV because I think it’s brilliant, but that’s not always the case for all that’s out there! I would love to get some input as to how to stay on the “market research” game without going totally bananas! xoxo

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Bea, if you’re referring to social media research, you might like this episode of MarieTV –

      The biggest takeaway – do as much as feels good to you, and don’t feel guilty if you aren’t active on EVERY social platform!

  216. Lorri

    Hello loved this segment and glad I watched it I have a quick question I don’t blog but want to how do I go about it and get it right and get follower & write things followers will love and follow? Who is the right blogger site to look into.

    Thank you


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lorri, there’s no formula, really. Write about the things you love or feel passionate about and the right readers will connect with that! There are SO many bloggers out there and everyone does it their own way, so I encourage you to do some research. You could start here on our blog and over at Design Sponge as well!

  217. Lorri

    Love love love this very inspiring so real so to answer the 3 questions here I go I am passionate about creating & turning imperfectly beautiful glass into perfectly beautiful pieces, I am quirky I don’t conform to whats popular (fashionable) and I am truly learning to love me…..

  218. Elizabeth L.

    3 things that make me unique….
    -I am hilarious… if you let me be
    -I believe anyone can do anything they want, duh!
    -I am phsychic… not in the crazy cat lady way, although it does drive me crazy sometimes…. but in the emotionally intelligent way. I am literally the hostess with the mostess because I can anticipate wants, needs, feelings, expectations, all of it, in the blink of an eye.

  219. 3 things that make me (and my business) unique:
    1. I am completely self-taught when it comes to fabric design and sewing.
    2. I see new ideas and potential all around me, whether at the gun range, walking through the woods, or browsing through or a swanky fabric store.
    3. In terms of my product line, I have a very open mind. Screenprinting, watercolors, batik, quilting; you name it, I’m willing to give it a try.

  220. This was a fun show!

    I am a support personality and seem to be really good at sensing what a person needs in the moment whether it is food, a nurturing space, words of love (it’s usually loving them up in some way)

    I am really good at communicating via speaking or written in a way that is non threatening, uplifting and can be received. I also have an eye for the design element of marketing as a way f communicating a message.

    I am really good at helping myself or others find and release energetic blocks if they are willing. I tend to be able to feel them out (energetically that

    That’s a really great question and I will sit with that some more as these are just my initial answers….thankyou!

  221. Jenny

    Great interview! Grace is so refreshingly honest and inspiring to just be yourself and to trust yourself too. It is exciting to listen ! 3 things about myself are; I was born in Yellowstone National Park, I’m a pretty good cook, and I give a great massage 🙂

  222. Loved this show! is so cool. I love the call to action:
    3 Things that Make Me Unique

    1. I am always looking for the miracle. It could be in someone’s story. It could be in a sunset, a rainbow, a newborn baby, or anything. If we are open enough we can find miracles are all around us.

    2. I love public speaking and being part of a team, but am somewhat of an introvert.

    3. I love to uplift, and inspire people.

  223. I really enjoyed this video with Grace and learned a lot! As a new blogger, I was worried that I didn’t always feel the same passion every day and am so afraid of failing! Grace’s tips about blogger burnout really helped! I’m excited about my journey and am finding strength through your videos and emails Marie, thank you!

  224. Kelly

    1. I think I’m really enthusiastic and possibility/opportunity-focused.

    2. I’m very playful – being at my best involves bright, bubbly energy, connection with others, and a great sense of humour.

    3. I have a great visual imagination and use this frequently in conjunction with #1. It also helps me a lot with writing, something I’m good at and really enjoy.

    (OMG I hope that wasn’t as hard for others as it was for me!!)

  225. Thank you for this very interesting video.
    I think my personality is what makes me different in my business. I just launch a website to help young designer to manage their life on the net and we are really few to create girly websites. Moreover, i’m really rock’n’roll (my 12 tattoos are here to prove that…), so i target a different market than the others. I’m actually creating a website for a burlesque show: pink bubblegum, mint green, gold and glitter, fifties spirit… I love it so much!

  226. How cool was this interview!? I feel like I could’ve heard kept listening to whatever else Grace had to share (and bounce back and forth with Marie) for another hour. Awesome and thank you!

    3 things that make me unique…
    1. My nomadic upbringing created a thirst for exposure and life experience that places me in a small sub culture of world citizens.

    2.Adaptability and constant change allow me to grow and thrive.

    3. Manifesting my life dreams comes fairly easily (not always sure exactly how it happens, but for the most part it is that “focused follow through”.) And I trust the process.

    Hoping more of you tap into your “3”! This is yet again, another great and simple task. Thanks Marie!

  227. Anita

    Love Grace’s energy – and her shoes!

    I appreciate the up-sizing and down-sizing of Design Sponge as part of her strategy of keeping it sane for her and her team – as opposed to just going hardcore for growth. Very inspiring to maintain control of your business and what you want it to be. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Totally agree, Anita, and LOVED those shoes 🙂

  228. Catherine

    Thanks for this interview, Marie! So valuable to hear Grace’s long-term perspective in regards to creating and growing with an online community. I especially loved the part talking about the cringe factor when we look back at our younger selves – I sometimes think of this and Grace’s advice to stay compassionate to how (and who) you were always rings true for me!

    And for my bragging best:
    1. I have the ability and desire to care greatly for those around me, intuiting their needs, sometimes without a word.
    2. I am courageous and possess the strength, determination and resilience to keep on keepin’ on in spite of hurdles and tough times.
    3. I make every commitment to myself to never settle for mediocre in my life, dreams or actions.

    Thanks as always for the inspiration and encouragement, Marie & Grace!

  229. Love, love, love – thank you Grace & Marie. Amazing watching two killer female entrepreneurs talk shop, so inspiring.
    Here are my 3:

    1. Mystical Queen – sounds whack, but I have a innate instinct for design (mystical intuition?) and a quietly regal confidence (ok, screaming loud on the dance floor, but quieter by day). When I’m not working that confidence, my clients start workin’ me – so it is a must.

    2. Truck Tires to Finance to Design. My path to my passion was a wee circuitous. I grew up thinking I would take over the family truck tire retreading company in Michigan. When my family decided to sell to the highest bidder, I decided to get serious at school and got a degree in Finance while figuring out what was next. I knew I would own my own business one day, so when I kept recycling my Fortune for Elle Decor – I knew I’d found my way.

    3. Sometimes I over-share. : ) Leaving it all here.

    Thank you!! Sandra

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love your shares, Sandra. Truck Tires to design – how cool is that? 🙂

  230. I think this is one of my new favorite Marie TV episodes. So down to earth and honest, so refreshing.

  231. Gloria

    Three things that make me different:
    1. I am an introvert so I rather stay at the corners quite in the events. But that actually helps me capturing special moments when I take photos. I love getting close to people without having to speak necessarily.
    2. I am bad following trends so I march at my own beat, which helps creating something different whether its about fashion, makeup or writing.
    3. I like everything and I am down for everything. I work as a reporter in the automobile industry even though I have a fashion design degree, and I love photography. I have the ability to love wherever life and work takes me.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Gloria, I absolutely love your list, and hope you keep it close to your heart.

  232. This is one of my favorite interviews, Marie.
    Grace is so authentic. I love her energy.
    The “passion project” aspect touches my heart like no other.
    I’d say I’m more of a social introvert.
    I prefer to be on my own, but when in a social setting, I switch to a semi-awkward extrovert.
    But I like my awkwardness.
    Thanks for this interview, Marie! I’ll have to watch it a 3rd and 4th+ time. 😉

  233. I hadn’t checked in with MarieTV in awhile and this episode caught my eye. I’m SO glad I watched it. I’m drowning in social media overwhelm and it’s just TOO much. Grace’s story helped me step back, reassess, and you both offered some easy tools to help me clarify & move forward! Thank you!

  234. Ladies! This is absolutely soul re-charging for me! While I applaud everyone’s success, it is so refreshing to hear about the ups and downs of being entrepreneur- the REAL ups and downs. Both of your energy & honesty just put a huge smile on my face <3

    Much Love,

    • Hailey– Team Forleo

      We LOVE hearing that, Nicole! We’re glad Grace’s story resonated with so deeply with you. Thanks so much for watching!

  235. Very inspiring and so to the point – thank you so much, Marie and Grace!
    I’ll stick to the 3 things that set me apart as a French Language Coach (which I shared 4 years ago), but I’ll refine:
    – I’m an actress, and I have a unique approach to language learning as a performing art
    – I also have a MSc in Engineering, as well as a Computer programming Diploma, so I can relate to and connect with “left brain” people really well – which are my Ideal clients
    – I am an expat, living in North America, so I know first hand how it feels and what to do when having to learn and communicate in a second language, the phases, the highlights and pitfalls

    I’m revisiting this post as part of the Start the right business program – inside of B-School

  236. Silvia

    Wow, what an inspiring video. It has helped me rethink/reshape how I think about the evolution of business. To think that allowing your business to ebb and flow as you change and shift is a brand new realization for me! Thanks for that nugget!

  237. Amber

    Loved this episode and love Design*Sponge! I am actually looking into setting up a design & lifestyle blog so this episode was super helpful and gave me a lot of valuable insight to consider. I would have to say that my 3 unique qualities would be:
    1) I have a BFA in Interior Design and entered the design world initially as an artist.
    2) I worked my way through school as a Kitchen & Bath designer while being the first in my family to attend and graduate college. Which gave me quite a bit of insight and experience as well as a lot of strength and grit.
    3) I grew up where we had to be thrifty out of necessity not just to be part of a trend. Therefore “DIY” and “repurposing” wasn’t just a catch phrase it was a way of life and is second nature to me. However because of this, I also understand the value of quality over quantity! 😉

  238. I love that Grace is so open and willing to share her experiences! I am a new fan of Design Sponge and am now following her journey.
    Three things that make me different:
    1) I live in a very materialistic part of the world were money and “stuff” equals the only way to have a “successful” life. But I am the exact opposite, I crave simplicity, I buy all of my clothes second hand and am obsessed with local products and DIY items (hence, why I am also a new fan of Design Sponge.)
    2) I have very curly hair, and have no desire to wear it straight. I have gone through hundreds of hairdressers because as soon as they tell me I should straighten my hair, I am out. I finally found a hairdresser who honors, embraces and enhances my curls.
    3) Even with all this love I have for doing things on your own and living simply, I am the world’s worst gardener. And I really do not love doing it. I have this large, sunny, backyard and I would much rather just grow sunflowers and then pick up all my fresh veggies at my local farmer’s market.
    Phew. Feels great to put that all out there!

  239. Jacki

    The three things that help me feel unique? You got it.
    1) My ability to make people laugh. It’s something that I have developed preeetty well over the years and I just love to make it happen. I just came back from San Francisco and sent a bunch of thank yous out, and I definitely got a few laughs. Three hours on those thank yous!
    2) I am ridiculously organized. I keep things in place how they need. I’m super tidy, but I’m not quite there like Marie Kondo.
    3) Love me some media consumption and talking about it. I once wrote for a now defunct online video game publication as well as got my bachelors in media management, had two internships in news, and just like to talk about how what makes one thing good and another oh so bad.

  240. Corrie

    This was an interesting interview. Sometimes, one of the challenging things of watching Marie videos is knowing when they were produced? Some of the market challenges change and without knowing when these things were made it’s hard to know how relevant some of the details are. For ex. I googled today (2/27/2020) and DesignSponge will be only available in the library of congress by September.

    • Sarah M - Team Forleo

      Great point Corrie! This episode is from 2015 – you can find the year of each episode in its web address ❤️

  241. 3 things
    1) One of 3 certified Baptiste Yoga teachers in Singapore
    2) I’m on an IVF journey
    3) I suffer from anxiety

  242. I am unique in my life experiences…we had 13 newborn foster babies when I was little, became a handball & football goalkeeper, ice hockey left wing, lovely home birth, international travel and then my life changed dramatically after multiple concussions. This growth experience has been like a thousand deaths and births in 10 years. I am listening to the amount of energy both the ladies bring to their A game. Although I am no longer A game American material I am learning that Z game can be quite intriguing once you stop fighting it. I hope with B School I will learn all the superhero efficiency to allow me to make the contributions still within me.

  243. I loved this message that you had for me today. I am an opera singer who mixes spirit and music. I love being intuitive and merging that with my singing and bringing a new style of concert experience to an audience.
    Thank you both for such a great interview!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Hi Nadine! We’re so glad this message resonated with you! And we love that you bring your spirit and your own unique expression into your singing, it must be such a special experience for the audience. Keep sharing your gift, the world needs it!

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