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The fear of massive, catastrophic failure. Boy, it’s a biggie!

Whether you’re considering a major change in your career or in a personal relationship — being afraid you’re about to make the dumbest move e-v-e-r is an experience we can all relate to.

I don’t regret the things I’ve done. I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance. - unknown Click To Tweet

This fear can keep us stuck, miserable and not making meaningful progress towards our dreams.

But what if there was a single question you could ask — and answer — that could give you both the clarity and the courage to move ahead?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in today’s brand new episode of MarieTV.

It’s a simple and effective method that helps you rewire your relationship to fear and, most importantly, make progress towards your dreams in a thoughtful and strategic way.

There’s a great follow-up question in the episode, too. It’s a slightly different perspective on failure that may both surprise you and give you a new way to see your potential for success.

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Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s the dream — big or small — that you’re considering? And, what’s your answer to the two questions from this week’s episode?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

There’s power in writing these answers out, so jump on in and leave as much detail as you can. Tens of thousands of beautiful souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your share may be exactly what someone else needs to have a huge breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Don’t ever forget . . .

Your time on this planet matters and it’s not going to last forever. Whether it’s a big change or a little change that you want to make, take that leap.


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  1. Courage is my word for this year! I can’t wait to dive into this episode!

    • Hey Wendy! My word for the year is release. It seems completely unrelated, but this intention and the way that the Universe has responded to the intention have forced me well beyond my comfort zone. Situations have been showing up and I am being triggered on a regular basis. Old wounds are seeping and instead of running away from the pain through emotional eating, isolation, and binge watching reality tv, (which I wrestle with), I’ve actually ventured into my pain and this took more courage than I ever knew that I had.

      So with that said, my fear of failure and need for perfection has kept me in this safe bubble, but I haven’t been happy here for a long time. I want something else. I’m sick of not living. The answer is to work on self-forgiveness and healing. Through this process, I’ve learned that my “failures” were more like course corrections. They’ve shifted me to different paths that worked out better. They’ve made me stronger, because I always bounce back. They’ve taught me a lot about myself. I’ve still got a lot of healing to do, but now I know that failure isn’t so bad. It’s all of the mind chatter that makes it so much worse than what it really is. This new understanding has been a game changer. Much success and well wishes! 🙂

      • Love, love, love these thoughts!

      • My word for this year is Magnificent! I want to live life on purpose accomplishing every one of my goals this year. I will make six figures this year, I will a liciensed Acupuncturist in 20 states and I will reach thousands of people with my online based business.

    • John

      Great subject…very hard to concentrate beyond that awesome dress! Thanks…

      • Rivero

        *cough* ahem; second.

    • Hi Marie,
      I am alive when I work on my DollPartz project, but the issue is funding. I’m so scared to take the leap. I was in the tech industry for over 20 years and have always been involved in fashion. I have a lot of courage, but I’m trying to protect what assets have left. If you knew my full story; you would understand. It’s a brutal one; probably would not be for this post 🙂 We all have them. I tried to post on B-School to win the scholarship. Sadly, I’m on YOUTUBE but was not able to upload to your site fast enough I suppose. Or, hey….maybe my idea isn’t “all that” Yet, everyone seems to be trying to steal my idea (sigh)

      I’m willing to leap, but also have a house and don’t want to lose it. I need about 4K and I can make this happen because I am well connected. Life seems to get in the way, so I pull back and start scouring the tech world for a position again. I was laid off about 8 months ago, so I’m gun shy to take the leap. I keep going back and forth in my mind. And YES …… rock that dress girl. I love it!

      • Holly

        Hi Rose Stake, I hear where you are coming from. Is there some way to start your business for less – maybe a portion of it to get you going? Can you work a “day job” while working your business on the side? Starting small is better than not starting at all. Good luck!!

    • Regrets aren’t fun but neither or grudges. I think we should focus on the WHY. Why should we go for out dreams in the first place it’s because deep down inside we know we are worthy of the abundance love and peace that comes from dream manifestation. No is a word of rejection but when used in the right way it can be the gateway to saying YES – just like finding that sweetheart or amazing life opportunity like creating a business you love.

      • @bernard charles. With most of people, it is not easy. So we must challenge our belief and our doubles to discover what is limit of things.

    • My biggest fear of putting myself out there was that I would fail and everyone would think I’m a fraud. So far, that hasn’t happened 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Marie! This is the battle I have been facing since I decided to start my business almost a year ago. The fear of failure is still there however, every day I keep moving on and looking for ways to improve not only my business, but myself, as that will naturally spill over to my business. I so wanted to take BSchool this year, but I will plan for it next year! Thank you so much for the encouragement and for all you do!

      • @Debbie. You are not alone. Congrats you go ahead and ready for your own great life. I love that.

    • Ken Hoffman

      Several years ago, my wife and I motored our boat from Baltimore to Myrtle Beach via the Intracoastal Waterway. I had always wanted to do this trip, but had so many fears and doubts. But…I carefully planed and executed the trip. Looking back, it’s one of the highlights of my life..
      As I was planning this trip, I was reading an article in a boating magazine and ran across this quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”
      I love this quote and it helped give me the courage to press forward and make the dream a reality.

  2. My business has made major leaps this year in large part, because I don’t want to live with regrets. I feel deeply that we have a responsibility to share our best with the world and if we don’t step out, as you say Marie, “the world will miss the special gift that only you can bring”. I am a big believer in living with no regrets. Yes, it takes courage but it is SO worth it. Thanks for your message, Marie.

    • @ Leelo Bush. I also think like that. I really believe and wake up that the world happen to me only change when I change myself, I must to do that need to improve myself first.

  3. I love your dress, Marie! 🙂
    Thank you for this episode; it’s a great reminder that many times (almost always?!) we have to push ourselves beyond our fears if we want to avoid regrets later on. I had a big decision to make 5 years ago about whether or not to stay in my job or go self-employed – and even though I was sincerely scared about not being able to pay the rent, I took the leap and must say it was the best decision ever! I like making pros and cons lists before making a decision, and will definitely add the question “what’s the worst that could happen if I do or don’t do this” to the equation!

    • @Moira Monney. That really inspirit to me. It also remind me talk about my biggest thing, that is I never allow give up on my goal and dream. Never, it also created my character and my purpose in life.

  4. Hi all and happy Tuesday!

    As someone who follows her intuitive knowings just about 100%, I find it’s the times I didn’t listen that I regret the most. The times I have and been pulled out of my safe place? Je ne regrette nien. 🙂

    Here’s my lesson: what is easy for some is hard for me and vice versa. Having to go in to my boss and say “I need to leave this job so I can do my own work full-time” was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It took me months of anguish over disappointing him and storing away the courage to own what I needed. I know lots of people for whom this would be a cake-walk.

    I’d say pay attention to the nudges as they will never lead you astray.

    (Waves to everyone here! Have a good day.)

    • You are so right about the nudges! The problem is that they nudges are so easy to ignore or rationalize away. I look at them as tremors before the earthquake.

      Sometimes it’s hard for me to determine if it’s intuition or my mind. How do you differentiate between the two, Lisa?

  5. Hi Marie,

    I really loved today’s Tweetable.

    I did and still do (not as badly now) think about failure. The embarrassment, my reputation, what would I do!

    What really helped me (I hope this doesn’t sound as bad, as it might read) but it helped me to read about other successful people’s failures throughout their business history. I mean, crazy, insane successful entrepreneurs have made a few seriously stupid and expensive mistake.

    It makes you realised that even the most successful people weren’t born with this amazing, perfect, intuitive business mind where failure doesn’t exist. It’s actually normal.

    Yes, there is a risk of failure happening (just like anything in life). But you live, learn and move on. At least I’m trying! I love my mistakes, they keep me learning… 🙂

    Thanks so much, Marie xxx


    • Evelyn Ramos

      Hi Marie,
      I interested in knowing on this late date if there is a some form of scholarship available? A partial scholarship would be helpful for I am someone who is a bit older and have small funds? I can apply privately to explain in more detail. I look forward to you response and find your forum and course of great import. Thank you, Ev

      • Louise - Team Forleo

        We do offer scholarships to B-School but the contest, and the selection, is over for this year. We plan to keep on offering them so there will be more in 2016. Feel free to write us at [email protected] if you have any more questions about the program – we’d love to help!

    • True Naomi!

      It has helped to look at the true journey of those you admire. I heard someone say once (maybe Marie!), “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”! That was so powerful for me.

      Brandy xo

      • Thanks Brady!

        At the start, I used to compare my beginnings to a lot of other people’s middles. It made me feel over whelmed and lose enthusiasm.

        So now I don’t! I gota focus on me…

        Have a good Wednesday


  6. I love this question. I interviewed Jonathan Fields a few years ago and he said the exact same thing. Look at your worst case scenario and once you find the worst case scenario, figure out how you’d recover from it. And if you can recover from it, it’s really not all that bad.

    Great advice, Marie!

  7. Ooooh I love this one! Whenever I’ve felt a lack of courage, Edison is also on my mind. His quote, “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up,” has helped me push through on days when I doubted myself and my goals.

    The exercise you shared with us today can be applied to so many areas of our lives. I sometimes work with weight loss clients who experience setbacks because they are afraid of how their life will change when they reach their goals. I have them ask themselves the same questions you shared here and while it can take time, those that dig deep will find that the worst isn’t all that bad (and probably not likely) and that the best things that can happen are what they really want.

    Here’s to a brave week for all the MarieTV fans 🙂

  8. Diana

    What a great way to kick start a morning, I had to laugh at the image of a sad sack of pancakes. Very true though. I’ve never regretted taking a professional leap, the biggest leaps required me leaving the comfort zone of the city I lived in and my network of friends to relocate. This happened three times and the universe generously kept the door open for me to return to my home base and peeps. The lessons and growth were invaluable along the way, especially the adventure. That said, there’s personal work I need to get off the griddle and will be hitting replay. Thank you for a great Tues Q/A!

  9. Marie such a great episode! I love this strategy – what’s the worst that could happen if I do it and what’s the worst that could happen if I don’t. I also like to flip it and ask myself what’s the best thing that could happen if I say yes. Which leads to excitement and adrenaline pumping! Does that good out weigh the worst? Is the worst manageable now or can I plan ahead to prepare for the worst so that it doesn’t happen or is much more bare able? Fear is the biggest thing we allow to hold us back. When we take all the excuses away that fear provides, we are left with opportunity for growth and an amazing ride!

  10. So true! Thanks for re-confirming this, because this was the feeling I got last week when asked to be in a very important event out of state. I sat there asking all “the fear questions” and then looked at myself in the mirror and said “why not”? If I didn’t do this, wouldn’t I be going against everything I have been working towards? So I have jumped in full body and said YES, I’ll do it. And now the pressure sets in to prepare and be ready for the event. (Which is 24/7 because I only have 3 weeks to prepare 15 looks.). I joke that I feel like I am on Project Runway with 15 looks to prepare with less than 3 weeks. But like the little train said….I know I can.

  11. aahhh, this one is hard to face…

    I somehow feel, the worst case scenario is already happening to me – I followed my dream and now I’ve put myself and my family at risk of ending up in severe poverty. I’m not kidding…

    But, I’m still not giving up!
    Even though I’m struggling right now, I believe the answer is to keep trying new things.
    So, for instance, in a few days I’ll be attending free women entrepreneurs networking event. I’m an introvert by nature, and spending an evening with strangers in sooo not fun for me, but I applied anyway. Have no idea if I’ll even have one conversation with anybody, but at least I’ll be there. I made sure to not miss out on the possibility that could be good for me and my business.

    And, you wanna know the funny part? I have no problem speaking in front of a large audience. I’ve done it a few times, and got an amazing feedback.

    My point is we should all try new things, if for no other reason, but simply because they’re new for us. I wouldn’t know I’m ok with public speaking if I’ve never done it before. So, here’s to the brave ones, right?

    Wish me luck at networking event 😉

    • sandi

      Hi Vesna,
      I looked at your website. Your work is beautiful. As a jewelry designer myself I certainly appreciate all the time it takes working with all those seed beads. So I assume that the financial situation you talk about stems from your jewelry business? Can I make a suggestion? Have you ever thought of translating those lovely designs into etched metal pieces to which you can embellish with the pearls or other stones? I can visualize some really awesome statements pieces. I think that would make them more saleable (I know personally I’m not a fan of jewelry made with fibers, cords, ribbons, etc.) You already have a story, a foundation from which to build!! Thanks for sharing your story!

      • Thank you Sandy!

        I apreciate your advice, as a jewelry designer, and a woman 😉

        I think the ribbon is a benefit of my jewelry, as a woman wearing a necklace can choose a lenght of her necklace depending on the outfit, but I do see your point about disliking ribbons…

        I might make a compromise in the upcomming bridal collection 😉

        What’s your web page? I’d really love to see the jewelry you make!

  12. Thanks, Marie! This was right on time! Lately I have I have been feeling like I haven’t been putting myself out there as much as I know I can. I know what will grow my business and I know it will be successful if I do it but for whatever reason, I have been afraid. Maybe it’s fear of success (though I always thought that wasn’t a real fear until now), fear of being vulnerable or what but it’s obvious that I’m afraid of something. I will use these tips to see if they help me get “unstuck.” Thanks, Marie!

  13. Rachel

    This is a great exercise I’ve been using for years – it was actually originated by Dale Carnegie, who suggested that, when you’re feeling nervous or anxious about something – whatever that something is – you ask yourself to imagine the worst thing(s) that could happen and then what you would do if those things were to actually happen.

    Never hurts to get a reminder of it, though, and a different perspective! So I think it’s wonderful that Marie is sharing this exercise with her community…

    I have a meeting later today, actually, that I’m a bit nervous about because it could determine whether I secure a certain opportunity.

    Just yesterday, I was asking myself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”…and walking through the exercise suggested here…

    I’m still a bit nervous (which is natural), but, hopefully, I’m also prepared for the different scenarios that could also play out!

  14. That are great questions, Marie!
    Giving always the RIGHT answers.
    Marie, thank you, you are so COOOL 🙂

  15. OMG, so many times I have been faced with this. Here is one that pops into my mind immediately. I had made the decision to launch my new business and since I felt a calling to be a speaker, I declared I was a speaker to everyone, thinking I would start out small and grow from there, well low & behold I was offered the oppty to speak to a Women’s Group. Sounds awesome, right. Well, this was about 90-100 women in the room and local to me too. 100 women OUCH. So if I said yes & messed up, I felt big consequences, if I said no, big consequences too! Well, I said Yes and then studied speaking and practiced like nuts. It launched my business in a big way!
    I’ve learned that courage comes from having the willingness to learn what I don’t know and feel worthy of the task at hand. I wont see the REWARDS if I don’t take the RISKS. Thanks for laying it out so eloquently!! You Rock!

    • Rivor Lau

      Hi Roe,

      “I’ve learned that courage comes from having the willingness to learn what I don’t know and feel worthy of the task at hand.” <– this is so well-said! You know what? I have a same calling too – to be a speaker but my audience will be children and very young students. I wish you every success in your new career and I hope one day we will share good news to each other. I strongly believe that a good speaker will bring strong impacts to many lives 🙂


  16. I love this topic Marie! I always go with adventure too, mainly because it builds my “go for it muscle”. You get to see how resilient and resourceful you are and you then have a history of events to look back and say, “Remember when you thought you weren’t going to survive that last one, but look how you persevered! You got this next hurdle too! Go for it!”.

  17. Hi Marie, I’m not sure that turning every experience into a negative, is the best way to approach life and potential opportunities.

    By asking “what’s the worst that can happen”? on both sides of the equation, we’re turning both sides into a negative, with the intention to choose the better negative.

    What if we truly understood growth and failure and embraced it as a bare necessity for success? What if failure was only feedback? What if every time we try something and it doesn’t go the way we imagined it, we think to ourselves “Well… that didn’t go the way I planned it but here’s what I learned”. Then take that single lesson and bring it into your next attempt.

    If you’ve gained one single insight from the experience that you didn’t have prior to the experience, you’ve gain a treasure that can never be taken from you.

    If we repeat this process enough, we will, over time, have it mastered and reach our desired outcome or better!

    This is actually how I approach books as well. If I read an entire book and get even one principle I can apply in my life, it was worth the time and effort.

    When we understand that failure is simply a method of correcting our course until we’ve arrived, we can be better prepared to face it with confidence and power.

    Failure is not a bad thing at all! It’s actually a good thing! It’s a perfect system of correction that will lead us right into our desired outcome and in the process mold us into more powerful and able beings.

  18. My biggest fear in life has always been looking back with regret. When I put that fear up against doing something scary in the pursuit of my goals and dreams, the fear of regret always wins and I have to go for it. That doesn’t mean I always choose the scary path – sometimes I let unconscious fear talk me out of it. But when I get honest about what I really want and lay the two choices out clearly, it’s always a no-brainer.

  19. Hi,

    I love the opposite question. What happens if I say no?
    The haha is that I ve been asking it a lot recently.

    My imagination is often worst than reality. I will deal if ot happens. For me, it also helped me make done logical decisions about reducing risk. The only thing that I could not control is if I got sick … Solution was to buy disability insurance. Everything else I can handle!

    I tried weight- loss and I’m glad I did because it’s brinyong me closer to me. Its a step that lead to the next one. For that I’m grateful!

    Thank you,


  20. It’s SO much easier to make decisions when you’re Aligned with your Purpose and your Passion.

    When you’re connected and clear the amount of Doubt and Uncertainty subsides and you find yourself riding the roller coaster to fun-land! 🙂

  21. Loved today’s episode, Marie! 🙂

    I’m completely in alignment with “I don’t regret the things I’ve done. I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance”.

    Courage is everything when it comes to go to the next level in life and business.

    Sexy dress, btw! 🙂

  22. Kathryn

    I’m in the middle of giving up irrational fear for Lent. This is the most perfect, supportive video for that! Thank you!

  23. Although I’ve been in business for 9 years, the fear of failure “or pulling the curtain back on the wizard of oz and finding out he was just a man” still come often for me. I keep moving forward, but don’t know if the fear ever completely leaves me. That may be a good thing, at times…so I don’t get too comfortable and continue to challenge myself. But still, would be nice to just let that go and relax. I remember a friend gave me a piece of artwork when I was thinking of leaving my full time job and was very nervous. The artwork had the words “Sometimes you must leap, she said gently, and grow your wings on the way down”. Of course, with my nervous enthusiasm, I said, let’s hope those wings sprout before my face hits the pavement! 🙂 And then I jumped.

  24. I am 62 and planning on leaving my nursing job after 22 years to create my business of coaching and leading retreats always including Nature. I want to do it this year! I have taken risks before and not knowing how it would turn out, they always worked out. I agree with you on “what is the worst thing that could happen?” I can always go back to nursing, but I would miss out on my PASSION of being in Nature and trying to reconnect people to Nature. Thank you for your this message!

  25. The worst is not going for it in life. If you’re truly passionate about something, you have to go through with it. Sure, it may not be easy but it is SO worth it!

  26. I’m still working out my courage kinks. I’ve learned that success is an orientation. If you’re approaching the jump with your brakes on – or all you can think about is how scary it is – then you’re not ready to take it. You’ll probably hurt yourself AND make a fool of yourself.

    You have to get to where the leap feels like freedom, where you could easily stomach more, where you WANT the feeling of flying.

    How do you get there? Visualize. Picture yourself doing the thing you’re afraid of, without the fear. What does it feel like? Practice and practice in your mind – feel it in all parts of you – until it’s ingrained.

    As for the possibility of failure? Picture success, and only success. Picture everything that comes as a result of the success. Let that be the only reality you allow.

    . . . then F L Y ! !

  27. This tweetable is sooooo true!

    I would add one more thing. Writing worst case scenario (for the case that you decide to go for your dream) is very liberating and so is the awareness that the worst case scenario rarely really happens! Most of the times it is just the fearful projection.

    • Susanne Guggenberger

      I love that tweet too – and so true what you mention Milena…
      Writing worst cast scenarios is a great excise and a very cool thing with writing is that you can write and walk through different endings until you are so much within the story that you are not (or at least less) afraid any more.

  28. I am dealing with this fear now. My fear is even more closely linked to testing my packages. I know it’s needed, but how do I become seen as an expert. Will people take me seriously?

    I’m in the process of putting together my first package. How I handle this fear is I just do it anyway (if I know it will move me forward). fear is often just part of the process. I take a few breaths when this comes up. I also practice acceptance (of who I am, where I am in my journey) and I practice present moment awareness. This all works amazingly well for me.

    There is now fear for me now. It is fear of some future date/ result that has not even happened.

    Great episode Marie!

    • First Now=no in last paragraph ❤️

    • one thing you can do is create a beta testing group that way you can test, tweak and make it fabulous 🙂

  29. Fear is an old friend that has stood the test of time. Always offering an opportunity to reframe my beliefs and trust in myself. I now know when fear shows up dressed in Boogy Man attire, I’m in for one hell of a ride while I pull back the veil towards living beyond my wild dreams!

  30. I love the synchronicity of the universe. I also got a newsletter from Mama Gena today which is about women needing to support each other in new ways – instead of supporting our victim mentality, how about supporting by kicking in the ass and challenging our friends to get out and do whatever it is they are saying they can’t. hmmm.
    I’m in the process of looking for love, looking for dating, opening my heart and my body, all that. So this is is apropos to all kinds of “business” Thanks.

  31. Sandee

    Hi Marie!!

    Great video!! I think it serves as a helpful reminder for everyone because even if you’ve been successful at taking blind leaps, there’s always that tiny voice that needs silencing for new challenges!

    My success with a blind leap came almost a year ago when I was juggling full-time work with a great company that I’d been with for 8 years (we’re talking yearly raises, 7% Christmas bonuses, excellent core values etc…) with my pursuit of a college degree in a great accelerated program with a great university.

    My problem was that I had gotten as far as I wanted to go with that particular company and in that industry. However, not having a college degree was making it difficult to land another job anywhere NEAR the pay I was getting after 8 years with my old company. I was looking at coworkers in a similar position who had been there for much longer than I had been and they were LITERALLY trapped. They couldn’t afford to leave the company to get their degree because of financial obligations.

    After about three months of thinking it over, my boyfriend and I talked and decided that it would be best for me to quit full-time work and concentrate on finishing my degree. I quit my job, but then not only THAT, decided to supplement our income by becoming a bar tender which was something I had always wanted to try but was insanely afraid of.

    I don’t regret any of the moves I made a year ago one bit. But I can tell you, if I was still at that old job, I would still be wondering what it would be like to be focusing on what’s truly important. It was incredibly liberating to have made such a huge decision for my life. I made myself feel better by reminding myself that there have been thousands of people who have made this decision before me and lived through it. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

  32. Yasmine

    Awesome video Marie. And how much more fabulous can you look :)!!!

  33. Elisabeth

    I believe this quote from Anais Nin says it all…”And then the day came when the pain to remain closed tight in a bud became more than the pain it took to blossom.” I have to face my fears every day in order to step outside of my comfort zone. But I now know that as difficult as this can be it’s nothing compared to sleepwalking through life.

  34. Following your gut is so important. Last year joining BSchool was a hell yes for me. I was tired of not giving myself a chance. I learned so much about myself and how to move forward with my dreams. A decade in the making and a year out of BSchool I’m finally launching my business this week. Overcoming fear is a biggie and its a one foot in front of the other daily “I got this” mantra kinda thing. Keeping positive is the key! Thank you Marie! I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you!

  35. Thank you Marie. I really connected well to that saying from Edison to the reporter about it being a 1000 step process. What a great way to look at life and the opportunities that most see as failures.

    I’ve been on a roll recently with lots of success. Here’s just a sample of what I manifested into my life in under 1 year. I married my twin flame (woot woot). I bought my dream home. I’m happy and healthy and loving life. I’ve painted portraits for celebrities and leaders in education.

    I’ve been applying this principle and take immediate action when I feel that inspiration. I go for the adventure of living rather than riding on the backseat letting life happen to me.

    I’d like to thank you again for your inspiring words and videos. You rock!

    • You are slaying it 🙂

  36. Jacob

    Really great video! Thanks for that!

  37. Marie, my dear,
    Thank you so much for the Flip Side of this question! While I can usually feel better that the world won’t end if I say “Yes” sometimes I, still, don’t move forward. When I asked myself the flip side question that’s when my feet got held to the fire! No more excuses, Culver.

    Thanks, once again, Marie.

  38. MJ

    My sister asked me this very same question when I was agonizing over going into business with her. My answer? “get divorced and leave a secure job”. I took the leap, got divorced and am soooo much happier. And, we’re about to move our business into a new warehouse and put our own processing facility down.

    Life is an adventure, have faith and you’ll be in for the time of your life.
    PS: You can always make more money….

    • yesss I love it because this is kinda similar to my own story x

  39. Elle

    Anyone have any applications of this that are less self-focused?

    My biggest regrets are always about my own actions that had unforeseen negative consequences for others. I’m fine with risking things for myself, but JUST DO IT! has consequences for other people, too…what if the failure isn’t losing money or being embarrassed but instead having the homeless shelter close. Anyone in other-focused fields dealing with this issue?

    • Can you share more details Elle? Not sure if you’re referring to having consequences in terms of your loved ones, business associates, etc. – but honest communication with others (using the ideas above) and some realistic planning can help to ensure that everyone who has a stake in the decision (and consequences) is on the same page.

  40. Pamela Hdz

    So I recently decided to take a leap of faith by putting myself out there when I entered the BSchool Scholarship contest this year. It made me feel so uncomfortable doing it and it was extremely stressful trying to figure out what to say because I really wanted to win since I didn’t have the funds to pay for it myself. I ended up speaking from the heart, which is always the best option, but I DIDN’T WIN. However, my manfriend was so moved by my video and proud of me for trying that he awarded me his own personal scholarship so that I could attend BSchool! The sponsorship came in a totally different form and that’s okay! I get to experience something amazing because I had the courage to take action. I encourage anyone who is on the fence about any big decision to “Just Do It!”

  41. Maria Bayliss

    Hi Marie,

    Today’s episode really resonated with me in a massive way.

    I have just come back from viewing a studio to work in. I wanted to go for it because I know I need the space to work and I know that I need to get out and mix with people again, (as I’ve become a bit isolated due to illness and having to live back with my parents) but I just wasn’t sure.

    I came back from the studio viewing really fired up but with all of the same old ‘what if’ doubts in my head – but I just transferred my first months rent so I’m now committed! Yay 🙂

    Thanks for the impeccably timed motivation! I also signed up for B School – so onwards and upwards.

    Thanks for all you do,

    Maria x

    • Amazing Maria! What a brilliant adventure (I know how scary it is to transfer those funds). I’m thrilled we’ll be alongside you as you go. XO

      • Maria Bayliss

        Thanks Marie 🙂 me too! x

  42. Donna Harris/The Crazy Caregiver

    Hi Marie, I was so afraid to join the scholarship contest and come up against all those professional videos that I was seeing but I felt the fear and did it anyways. Look what happened…..I WON!!!! Thank you Marie 🙂

  43. Courage and Confidence.
    No Regrets!

    I think taking action, and accepting the result of said action is HUGE. The biggest regrets are the ones where we did absolutely did nothing.

    Like Nike says – Just do It 😉

  44. Big leaps are energizing! Love them, I learn that no matter what you do, we will make mistakes. Now the question is what kind of mistakes to make? The ones that will keep you stuck and regretting or that ones that will teach you something and make you change directions and take other leaps?

  45. LOVED this one! I’ve been a big leaper a lot of my life, sometimes I think due to naivety (“It’s not such a big deal!”) as much as anything else..

    The biggest leap I took was leaving everything and almost everyone I know to move from London to Toronto. It was WAY harder than I expected and I had a lot of moments where I questioned my decision – but now I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I love living here!
    (though I was right about how much I’d miss my mum 🙂 )

    Here’s to adventure and saying YES!

  46. If only I could name all the things I missed out on because of fear… that stops here and it is why I signed up for B-School. Ready to take everything to the next level and put a stop to the “missing out”. As the young and cool kids say, “yolo”.

  47. Frida N

    Thank you for being so inspiring!

    I have great dreams and I feel greatly drawn towards dropping out of my studies and follow what I’m meant to do. I feel a strong fight inside if me and the only thing I want is to follow my path. But as you point out – I’m scared, this because I have no idea where I should go or what I should do to discover my true purpose. Do you still think it’s a good idea to drop everything that keep me smothered? Without a direction, I mean

    You are amazing, Marie.

    Xoxo, Frida

  48. I have been dabbling in online business since 2003. I’ve self-published my own books, built my own readership…and then my dad passed in 2013. Since then, I’ve had terrible writer’s block. I wrote a blog post to acknowledge his passing and haven’t written a thing since. It’s two years later now, and I don’t want to die with my music still in me. Today is my birthday. My gift to myself is to get my online business rolling again and next year, join B-School. There…I said it. My fear has always been of failure, of not making enough income to feed my family with my gifts and dreams. Now, after watching Marie TV, I feel like I’m not alone. There is help. Anything is possible and the sky is the limit. All I have to do is get started. Thank you for the inspiration. Blessings.

  49. regina

    The worst-not following through. I am in B-School, a HUGEInormous challenge, moving to a new city, and am in training for what I feel to be my true path (and no, I don’t know where this is going to lead). I am truly in a life moment as The Fool in the tarot deck. Here’s what I KNOW, that I have a moment, a window, a precipice, right here right now, and I’m stepping out, into it. I will not forgive myself if I don’t, if I back out. I have spent too much of my life underperforming and the gig is up. Happy to be here, happy to be facing the truth. I have no guarantees of success, but I have to face my beautiful self each and every day, and I deserve this challenge. While in a training this weekend my allergies-usually annoying late winter sniffles went on steroids-hard to breathe, no sleep, just bloody misery! Oh great. In training, prepping for B-School, the new move, LIFE is in session, in caps. No I didn’t crap out, I did shared appropriately what was happening, showed up, participated fully, enjoyed a lot (!! yes !!) and had a dream that was the gift of The Goddesses. This is the price of being ALIVE. I’m grateful.
    Now-what’s a ass biscuit?!?

  50. hi marie; this is a great post on a subject we all struggle with no matter how many risks we take no matter how many successes we have. earlier this year i wrote an ebook. writing it wasn’t the real risk. I could do that in secret. The risk came when I sent it to an editor knowing I would have to pay to have it made ready for submission to and then pay for the submissions to amazon create space nook press etc. i should mention that i am a totally blind computer user and didn’t think I could have a quality book without help from a sighted editor. this did cost money, and to date I haven’t broke even; but I am happy I did it. I have gotten some great reviews and have helped a few people. I haven’t helped anywhere near as many as I would like but its a process. and hopefully my next book or product will do better. the other experience has to do with recording myself singing for youtube and in audio for download from selz I used to be afraid to sing in public and now I am putting my voice out there for anyone and everyone to hear. but people seem to like my singing. there have been a few downloads and one woman even gave me five bucks. I have it set up on a pay what you want basis. people say i need to record them again with instrumentals and i hope to. but that again would be stretching myself. I think the point from your email about the dance audition is that if we are living it right life wil challenge us which means it will send opportunities before we think we are ready for them but not before we can handle them if we are just willing to take a chance. thanks for the post. its something we need to hear more often, max

    • Maxwell,

      I am right there with you. I too wrote a book and had to shell out money. But I don’t regret it one bit, as a matter of fact I’m working on my second one. I love what I do and have complete faith the sale will sky rocket, and if they don’t, that’s okay. I hope I helped the people that purchased it.

      It sounds like you are in music. My daughter is a voice and english major in college (double major). What is the name of your book? I would love to check it out. Peace & Blessings and I will meditate on the prosperity of your book.

      Sincerely Yesenia

  51. Aphelia

    Hello everyone,

    Ok…i’m taking one of my biggest leap today! I’m signing up for Bschool. I’m just waiting for a little confirmation of team forleo and then it’s done.
    My fear is that I would invest all that money but that I’m not consistent enough to follow trough . And I’m gonna use my credit card for the first time for such a big amount.

  52. Sherry

    One of my big leaps was going back to school after I got laid off from my job. I’d searched for a new job for quite a while, with no luck (and believe me, I applied for anything and everything). Nothing was happening. I felt like this was the universe’s way of saying, “You’re going in the wrong direction. You know you don’t want to be doing what you’ve been doing, so take a shot at something else.” I went to see a career counselor at a local college and we worked and worked through my issues and questions until I was ready to say, “I’m going to take a class and see if it’s right for me, and if it is, I’m going to go for it.” And I did.

    So huge a leap for me.

    The hardest part was getting through it. I liked the creativity of the classes, I liked learning, I liked trying this new career path, but I wanted to be on the other side of it, already in the job, and you just can’t click your heels and get there. You have to do the work. And it was HARD. I’d already done college, I had a Bachelor’s degree in a different field, and the thought of going back to school at 38 years old seemed exhausting. It *was* exhausting sometimes! And sometimes it felt like forever until I’d be done. But I did it, and now I’m working as a part-time web design contractor for another company, and contemplating building a freelance business of my own. My dream is to create a business in which I can make money AND help people. I just don’t know how to hone that desire into an actual business focus. That’s where I think I need B-School’s help.

    But… one of my big fears is financial. What would be the worst thing to happen if I said yes to B-School? Taking the little savings I have after being out of work for so long and putting it into B-School (and loving the learning and joy and energy boost that I get from Marie’s amazing personality and her stores of knowledge that I’ll be able to apply to my business), doing all that exciting stuff, but — nightmare scenario for me — going broke in the meantime because that money needs to be for rent and food and health insurance, etc., and there’s no guarantee that success will come immediately. As Marie said in today’s video, it took Edison 1000 steps to get to his ultimate invention. (I love that story, by the way. I like that it’s “steps along the journey” and not “failures.”) But it did take him 1000 steps, and I bet that took time. Right now I’m not sure I can afford to take that leap.

    I’ve read the accounts of people seeing a return on their investment not long after they started B-School, and it’s SO inspiring (as well as tempting). But 10 years ago my finances were a mess, I was young, I didn’t know how to budget anything, I overspent, took too many chances, and ended up in major debt. I was finally starting to get back on my feet when I lost my job, and wracked up medical bills because I had to get two breast biopsies (which turned out to be non-cancerous, thank goodness), but all the savings I’d built went to paying for bills while I was out of work.

    All of that work I’d done to save money was a wonderful thing, because then I had it when I really needed it. But then it was all gone. I had to leave my home and give up a lot of my independence and move in with relatives (thank goodness I had that family to help me or I could see all too well how a person who loses a job can end up homeless on the street). Even with the help of my family, it was a frightening and stressful time. I don’t ever want to be in that position again.

    So while B-School could end up being this amazing thing in my life that helps me in ways I can’t even begin to fathom right now, and saying no to it right now might mean that my dreams will take longer than I’d like, I just don’t know that I can take that big of a leap financially at a time when I don’t have the money to spend. After everything I’ve been through, it feels too big.

    So I may have to be patient (a difficult task for me when it comes to my own life, LOL) and wait until next year. It makes me sad and disappointed, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in a different way, I guess.

    I’d love to just dive in and join B-School and go for it, 10 years ago I probably would have, but hard experience has taught me that I can’t afford to make financial leaps. I *want* to, but it feels like it would be foolish of me.

    And I feel like my business is too shapeless right now; I struggle to believe that I would be able to learn fast enough to shape that business into something that would yield me results so quickly (in order to recoup those finances which I need for daily life and beyond). So many people seem like they already know exactly what they want to do and what they want to present for their business, and I’m lost in that regard. I feel like I’m hugely behind and it would take a miracle for me to get my ideas together enough to see results and not feel that financial pinch, you know what I mean?

    So… long long story short (and sincerest apologies for my rambling), I think I have to wait.

    • Aphelia

      That’s exactly what I did. I waited too but now I feel like I have to do this. I’m digging in my savings but I calculated every financial aspect to see how I would follow bschool and pay my credit card back step by step.

      Last years would have been impossible for me. I had all my money in renovating my house… So bschool was out of the question. I still have things to fix in my house but I kinda wanna “fix” myself first.

      • aphelia

        Done!!! I just signed in. I feel scared and excited at the same time!!

    • Marilyn

      Hi. i understand your feelings, some of your story resonates with my past. I’ve been there. It IS terrifying when positioned with the realization of how close homelessness can be…when things line up, bad luck.
      I have just deleted a whole message I had for you…. Because I didn’t want to influence you to take the B school leap. I know where you are right now. Been there, but have shifted. You will get to this place too. I see from an old email that I first met Marie and Bschool 2 years ago. According to others it would appear I’m again taking a risk, but I am mentally in a different place. Same story but different. I’m on the what are the lessons/opportunities/breakthroughs from the breakdowns. On a compass, if you sail just degrees off in another direction you get to a different place. i wish you much peace, while you get yourself to the other side of this story. life will inspire you and you’ll get closer. Just pay attention. Mind the conversations you have with yourself and others… Those are breadcrumbs which will hint at the direction your leading yourself to… And what we think is what we get… Bummer I know… This will all make sense to you soon. Best wishes

      • Sherry

        Hi, Marilyn —

        Thank you so much for your kind words and for understanding my feelings and worries. I appreciate the things you said, especially about paying attention to the thoughts and inspiration (and potential negativity) around you, and how you can take just the smallest change in direction and end up in a whole other place. I feel like that is just around the corner for me in some ways, that I’m working toward *something* bigger than I can fathom, I just don’t know what it is yet. But I want to keep paying attention and inching my way there, in whatever way I can.

        I wish that meant joining B-School this year, but in my gut I feel like I have to wait and do it next year. There are leaps that feel right (like seeing the loss of my job as an opportunity to go back to school and seek something meaningful to me), and some leaps that feel like “too soon, not right, not yet” in the way that you have a gut feeling that it’s not a good time and you have to listen and be patient and be ready to leap when it *is* right.

        I’m so inspired by all the people who are diving in, and I can’t wait to see what their efforts create. I look forward to being one of those people, but I feel like my time is not yet. The pieces don’t have to be in perfect alignment (nothing ever is), but they need to be more stable than where I am right now. I wouldn’t be able to focus on learning everything Marie has to teach me, not if I’m too busy worrying about my finances. So I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing right now (clearing through a lot of “stuff” in my life, including actual “stuff” — I’ve been going through all my stuff that was in storage and donating it or throwing it out, paring down to the essentials that I truly need and/or that mean the most to me, emotionally). I think it’s helping me to clear my physical space as well as my emotional and mental space, perhaps in preparation for taking stronger leaps in the near future. Like B-School 2016. 🙂

        Good luck to you and to all who are joining B-School this year! I hope Marie posts a place where we can see links to your businesses and support you wherever/whenever possible.

        All the best,

      • Sherry

        Hi again, Marilyn —

        I don’t know if you’ll check back or see this, but I thought I’d share anyway. I was just watching some of Marie’s MarieTV Q&A videos on Youtube, and found one that I thought was particularly fitting for this conversation, because it’s all about struggling with wanting to be farther ahead than I currently am and trying to stay “present” in my current life when I’m not where I want to be yet:

        In it, she has a great tweetable that resonated with me:

        “Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go.”

        She also talks about how all the pain and annoyance and frustration in our life stems from resistance to the moment, instead saying “This moment isn’t how it should be.” But the moment already “is,” and we can choose to either resist and be miserable or engage with the moment and enjoy it and fully invest in it.

        So while I’m not ready for B-School (and boy did it kill me to see that sign-up time cut-off pass by yesterday), I can still choose to engage in activities that help me work toward being ready for it next year and in the meantime keep working toward taking better care of myself and clearing my head of the negativity and fear and frustration with “the moment” as if it’s not where I should be.

        I have a lot that I want to accomplish right now, stuff that I’ve already been working on bit by bit since I finished school, and I should take time to recognize that I’m in that moment right now, getting stuff done at my own pace, and just keep at it. And by next year when B-School comes around again, I think (and I do feel this deep in my gut) that I will be in a whole other place and much more ready to go for it.

        Thank you for the inspiration, Marie! I’m going to keep trying and working toward my goals, and your positive, fun and thought-provoking videos are helping me get there. 🙂

  53. Renie

    After signing up for B school last week. All things surrounding my new business adventure have kicked into high gear. Energy and intention are flowing.

    I have been all good with the fast pace until yesterday, when the old familiar ‘money anxiety’ kicked in. As a single mom and sole practitioner in my business, the ‘it’s all up to me’ voice can be a bitch to tone down at times.

    The reason I joined B school was to help me transform my successful, sole practitioner, in home Myofascial Release practice into something more expansive. The plan in the works is to build a yurt on my property to have room for other therapists and offer classes and workshops. And anticipating whatever else is in store!

    As the financial reality of the cost of the yurt isbecoming clearer, it is fertile ground for self doubt and fear to fester.

    I am committed. I’ve announced it socially on FB to ‘my tribe’ of colleagues. In roughly 3 weeks I will have to put down the deposit. I’m making decisions on heating systems and build out. It’s thrilling and terrifying simultaneously. It is a guided process, rich in spirit and connection. It IS my next part of the journey.

    Having signed up for bschool is giving this long awaited dream true wings. There is no way in hell I’m turning back now!

    Thank you Marie! Your A definitely answered my Q today!

  54. Hi Marie!
    I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational words, wisdom, courage, and AWESOMENESS. You’re hilarious. I often battle with the fear of failure and this was a wonderful exercise for me to do. I accepted and then rationalized my fears down to a wonderful realization… that on the other side of my biggest fear is the life of my DREAMS. That’s right. So for those of you who are on the fence and still waiting for a miracle, you’re really just putting your dream life on hold. (What the heck?! Why?!)
    Can’t wait for Bschool to start on Monday!
    With Love,

  55. I did make a huge change and take a HUGE leap of faith 4 yrs ago. I felt stagnant and stuck, I gave up everything to get a fresh start and moved cross country. I wish I could say everything worked out great but instead it turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. My leap landed me at the bottom of a chasm I am still trying to work my way out of. Am I glad I made that choice? Resounding NO! I wish I had made a different choice/choices and not listen to people who were being manipulative.

    What did I learn from this? That I had no idea you could go from feeling so happy to suicidal in three days, that the people I thought I could trust and had my best interests at heart were not what I thought they were, that I am so sorry for all that I took for granted and all the things I didn’t appreciate before I moved.

    My goal now is to get the hell out of the Midwest and back to the West Coast. I have no idea how to do that but I am determined to ‘fix’ this mistake.

    • Aphelia

      I hope I won offence you… Not my goal but you have learned two valuable things:
      1) you are stronger than you think. You just took the leap and you are still fighting. You are not giving up.
      2) you know now who you can trust. If you hadn’t took the leap, you would still trust the same people and they would have stopped you living the life you want.

      I think the leap you took will take you further than you realize now.
      I admire you for the fact that you took such a leap. I never would have the guts to do that.
      Now you can think of your next steps!!

      • Hello Aphelia, Thank you, no offense taken! You are right, I also learned those things. I often say I wish the Universe has given me the lessons in smaller bits LOL.

        I also know that I ignored many things for a decade prior, just shoved them down and trudged on. The Universe kept trying to teach me slowly but I wasn’t paying attention. So, in order to get my attention BAM!!! I got a huge boatload of crap at my door I had no recourse from other to deal with it head on. And as weird as it sounds-for that I am grateful, that I finally woke up, started listening to my intuition and fully dealt with lots of things. I have been getting rid of people and things that don’t support me. It’s been really tough, but I am better for it. I know things will turn to the life I want. I do admit- I am impatient and so ready to get back to warmth and sunshine LOL
        Thank you for your reply!

        • aphelia

          Yeah but the universe don’t work that way…grrrr. at the other hand if it worked slowely, we wouldn’t feel it with the same impact.
          But after those bad experience, I always feel much stronger. 🙂 But it takes time…

  56. I had to ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” when I signed up for B-school last year! Definitely did *not* regret that! It was super scary to go for it and trust that I could build a business this past year. My courage muscles are only getting bigger as I continue to grow and create. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been so worth it. You can’t have all the answers in advance. Otherwise you miss the adventure of it all. xo

  57. Hey Marie,

    Thanks for the invitation to write out our thoughts here- I am taking advantage of the opportunity to tackle the questions today because writing it out will be so helpful for me right now!

    I am currently mid-leap in a new project working to create a business- I am going to launch a workshop series for young women. Inspiring young women to be confident and strong is one of my missions in life. I started blogging last fall, knowing that there was more I wanted to do with it but I hadn’t yet been able to put my finger on it. Well I was busy at that time getting ready to move to Los Angeles to study my master’s degree, and now that I am here, I realize I don’t just want to study right now, and I don’t want to waste my time at a part-time job for someone else. I want to focus on my passions too. So I took my tax return money from last year and funneled it into the resources I need to start a new business.

    My fears are simply that I won’t be successful, that I won’t be able to put the right material together, or that I won’t end up attracting the youth that need to hear my message. Other fears are that I am stealing my own focus away from my master’s degree studies, and that I will have wasted money.

    But when it comes down to it, those fears are so SMALL when it comes to remaining unfulfilled by not sharing my message. The simple act of writing my blog has been rewarding, and I have a small audience. But I am expressing myself and my ideas to more than my journal, and the growth that comes from it is amazing.

    As far as my workshop series attempt- I have to see it as just that, an attempt. I am giving myself six months to see if it works out, and if it doesn’t, I will reevaluate and see what other steps are needed to create the “lightbulb” that is my product.

    Like Seth Godin said, it may not work, but it is worth doing.

    Thank you for your videos and everything else! Have a great Tuesday.


  58. What a perfectly timed episode! Thank you!

    My whole life I have wanted to be a writer but always believed that I was no good at it. I’ve been working on dropping this belief and just yesterday my third online article posted. It got 3500 likes in the first day! Overwhelmed. If I have never hit that send button, I would still be thinking of myself as a terrible writer.

    Thanks for being one of my inspirations Marie!

    • Tara

      That is amazing Renee, what encouragement the universe is giving you! Keep going. 🙂

  59. This is so in line with my post this week. I’ll just take it as confirmation that I’m on the right track! lol

    I agree, that we have have to think about all possible scenarios to be sure we don’t talk ourselves out of our dreams. None of us know if our ideals are going to work. The thing is, they definitely won’t work if we don’t give them a chance to. Great episode!

  60. Hi Marie,

    Every tuesday I am eagerly awaiting the notification in my email inbox to let me know that you have uploaded your next video, and honestly this topic couldn’t have come at a better more perfect moment.

    It is just like you and Gabrielle said in the manifesting video you did together. When you open your mind to all the possibilities and have that positive energy flowing and have the visualisation of what your goal is in front of you it really truly does happen.

    Your videos always touch on pertinent topics that answer the questions I have right now. I loved how this video embodies the mantra of seizing your chance and not making the mistake of walking away because of fear. A life with regret can be a heavy burden to carry.

    Thank you again for the amazing work that you do, and thank you to your team as well.

    See you next time on marietv. One of my goals is to meet you in person to say this thank you and I am sure that I will.


    Haseena 🙂

  61. Marie, this is a great video. Fear can feel paralyzing at times. I think you are spot on with the advice. I took a huge leap to open my own garden design business. My “what’s the worst” was considering spending a lot of money and not realizing a viable business. The worst of doing nothing would be subjecting myself to the whims of the market, the contractors, and anyone else to whom I would be subjugated. I decided that even if I grew my business slowly AND organically–it would give me the business –just like you say–and life I love. And I did. I am so thankful. Also like you said, every day there are fearful decision. I take one step forward. Every day. Even if it’s a small one it takes me toward where I want to be.
    Gratitude for all of your advice and sharing!

  62. You nailed it, Marie, when you asked – “What would happen if you did NOT do it?” If our businesses help others, stay focused on those who need us and what we offer and don’t worry about the sacrifice. God/the Universe helps us along when we are helping others. Remember that your business is not just a good idea – we need you! Don’t give up.

  63. I did have to take a scary leap when I decided to organize a one week VIP 1-on-1 French Immersion Retreat in Paris last year. I learned to manage it as it came to me, and to figure out what the event needed. It was more than thrilling and a huge success – even much better than I had imagined. The client came again in my second Immersion Retreat that year, this way not only did he validate the model, but I had a repeat client. Happy Dance! 🙂

  64. “Jump and the net will appear.” I can’t remember where I heard it or who said it, but it stuck with me. There have been many times in my business where I thought I was biting off more than I coukd chew, but it always turns out better than I imagined. I believe when you are passionate and what you’re doing fills your cup and blesses others, you can’t lose.

    That’s my two cents.

    • Well said Danielle! I too took the dive into owning my own business, and like you there where times I thought I bit off more then I could chew. But with hard work and dedication it all paid off and the rewards were/are sweet. 🙂 The best part about the whole thing, is I get to help others indirectly all the time.

  65. The two questions: What is the worst thing that could happen if I go all out to pursue work that I love NOW? And what is the worst thing that could happen if I don’t? These are great questions Marie- thank you! This topic lends itself well to pondering one’s individual risk tolerance and belief in the ability to create one’s reality.

    My Dream: I am a 47 year old career changer, dropping the time wasting, doldrums of corporate America to pursue work that I love in plant-based culinary arts.

    What’s the worst thing that will happen if I go for it NOW?
    I fear that I will fail to make enough income to keep my half of the bargain back in Seattle, while I am a full time culinary student supporting myself in Austin. Thus, being forced to sell the house (at a financial loss) that my partner and I just bought together six months ago and then my partner would leave me because he felt abandoned and left holding the bag. Since I am changing careers, moving from a fixed income for corporate America (with next to nothing in savings), and living pay check to pay check with sizable debt, like most- it’s a pretty risky move, I’d say.

    And what is the WORST thing that will happen if I don’t go for it now?

    Oh yeah, that same old broken record in my head, “One more year, one more year…” will win! And guess what Pita?! One more year comes and goes just like any other year. If I don’t act now, I may never do it. And I will continue to feel like a slave to my paycheck for the sake of other people’s comfort. That I will stay stuck in continued procrastination of waiting to be ready and that I will never make a difference in the world with my life. But as I recently heard Marie say something along the lines of, “You’re never gonna be ready, if you keep waiting to be ready, you’ll wait forever!”

    So let me tell ya, at the New Year I declared to my friends and family that I am dedicated to pursuing work that I love. I set out to Austin- 1,700 miles away to enroll in a plant-based culinary school on June 30th. To my family it was still distant noise (though they seemed all for it). THEN, something magical happened. I discovered Kris Carr and Marie Forleo through Louise Hay on fb. I immediately related with Marie’s voice and message at the core of my being as she ever-so eloquently connected the blank pages in my mind about internet marketing with B-School education.

    I knew right away that I would enroll in B-School and this even further pushed me to ask myself, ”Why wait until June 30th and not bring up to the next available enrollment at the culinary school of March 30th?” What have I got to lose? I vetted this question with my family and me- and oh boy, Nellie! Each of us had big stuff to address… and that stuff, as we quickly realized, would be the stuff that would surface just the same if I waited until June. The difference being- is that it brought my dream front and center for all of us to deal with NOW and that we did! Together as a partnership and family we discovered there is nothing we can’t do or support each other to do! I trust that with my hard work in school and in life, and my family’s continued love and support that the goodness of the Universe will prevail. I will be persistent, dedicated and am willing to grow and change- even if it’s just so hard to do! And so it is.

    My Plan that initially sounded like fantasy chatter is actually is becoming more sound and real by the day: In Austin, I plan to make money by driving for late at night and walking dogs in evenings and weekends. Driving for Lyft will help me learn the lay of the land and allow me to meet new faces everyday (and maybe even gain a few fans!) and walking dogs will keep my spirits up, thinking of my own dog back in Seattle while also getting exercise! All while getting paid! Plus, I negotiated reduced rent for a room in someone’s home for trade of my personal chef services- mind you I’m coming from the IT/Tech world and know very little about being a personal chef. Yep- I do my best work under pressure! This got me to talking with professionals at the culinary school and doing some fast reading to learn how to value my services so I won’t over extend my commitment and under-price my time, and still bring value to the table (no pun intended!) And back at home, my daughter will start paying rent (instead of moving out) and a friend will rent our guest room. And if either of those options fail, then we will register our spare rooms on (the same place I found my living opportunity in Austin). And my sexy-sweet handsome boyfriend will pick up extra opportunities for OT, since I won’t be around to play with him. Where there’s a will- there’s a way, Sista! And to boot- I have joined B-School 2015! While Marie touts, “This is not a get rich quick program”, and okay, Marie, I’m not out to get rich quick, but I am banking on learning tools, concepts and behaviors in B-School that I can put into play immediately, to ignite my entrepreneurial spirit into even HIGHER GEAR to really make this a successful and sustainable life journey!

    My motivation- pursing work that I love, now and forever, and perhaps a chance to make a nutritional difference, even if only in the life of one. And not letting my partner down financially (It’s great to have accountability!). And am I going to leave my dog behind to attend school 1,700 miles away, just to fail?! Oh Hell No!

    So- there’s my two cents in a nut shell!

    Happy Trails to All!

  66. Pippa

    I am really struggling whether to sign up for BSchool – it sounds awesome and I love to learn. However, I moved to Australia from the UK two years ago and am currently going through a redundancy process, which is possibly a great opportunity to go Yay sign me up for BSchool. I need to keep working for my visa to be valid and so I can stay in the place I want to be and have learnt to call ‘home’ for the past two years.
    My partner is trying to start his own business but he doesn’t make much money but he is following his heart and his dreams which is awesome. I am the main breadwinner as well as the principal visa holder.
    I now have a couple of months to find a new job or we move back to the UK. I need to make sure we have money to pay the rent and live, as well as possibly fly home and send all our belongings back.
    I have wanted to have my own business for a long time but never quite know what I should do – maybe I need courage to pick something and give it a go, which is why I have been looking at BSchool as a perfect way for me to learn and maybe work out what I want to do.
    I am scared to write this and also scared to decide whether I use some of what could be our lifeline (my small savings) to sign up and take a GIANT leap into the unknown and see what may happen…….
    Good luck to all those starting BSchool and maybe I will see you over there if I have the courage

    • aphelia

      I felt exactly the same until I clicked on the button enroll.
      And now i feel more scared but so excited to start.

  67. I love this topic! Or shall I say the Q to your A. Love Marie, woot woot! What’s the worst thing that can happen? Not doing a damn thing if you don’t go for it.

    I always wanted to work for myself and show my daughter no matter where you come from, you can always do better. So this Jersey Girl (Yes me too) packed her belonging, child and moved South. I have to say, it was tough. I had no room for failure! I had a five year plan that I stuck to and it came to pass. I open my own salon. and wrote AND SELF PUBLISHED my very first book, oh yes, I also bought a townhome. I say all of this to say sometimes we just have to go for it. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

    One of my next goals is to join Marie’s B School, finish my second book and be the best me I can be while helping others along the way. Peace & Blessings to all that read this.

  68. I took a BIG leap yesterday (as a result of being encouraged by you, Marie!) and had my first day of teaching as an RN! I’ve always wanted to combine my love of teaching with my nursing skills, and finally found a job and DID IT. It was so fun, so fabulous…I got so much great response from my students, and I felt like I was doing what I’m meant to do. I think this might be the beginning of something more 🙂

  69. Hey Marie,

    I absolutely loved this episode and just shared it with a friend who I know it could really help.

    Last year I took the ultimate leap of faith and quit my job in insurance and banking of 11 years and a great salary to pursue a career as a yoga teacher and health coach. I hadn’t even finished my health coaching course, I had just started my yoga training and to be honest I hadn’t had years and years of intense yoga practice prior to jumping into my training, I just knew in my heart it was meant for me and I wanted to share what I received from my journey with others.

    In December I opened my very own yoga studio!! It’s still very new and there is a lot to be done, the classes aren’t full yet and I am in a complete financial struggle at times but there is no way I would change a thing. Last year really tested me, can I just clarify when I say financial struggle I meant it, sometimes would pay my rent and have $50 left over to buy my food, petrol etc for a week, luckily I have parents that live close by and sometimes I would steal a meal or 2 off them but going from earning $1500 per week this was huge for me and I still cannot believe I did it. Things are starting to balance out now and my relationship with money has completely changed, yes money is important but its not everything and I am confident that the energy that I am giving out from doing what I love will bring in money.

    Daily I manifest what I want my studio to become and I am positive it will grow. I want this more than I am scared of it. There is definitely fear that comes up, sometimes I have dark days where I think “whats the point, its too hard, its never going to happen” but then I think about how much I would be kicking myself if I didn’t give this all that I have got, and thats why I just signed up to B-School last night!!

    I honestly am tearing up just writing this, if anyone else is reading I want you to know that it may not be easy, there will be struggles but if you want something bad enough you can make it work. I’m not saying run out and quit your jobs but start taking steps towards what you want in life and stop waiting till tomorrow. Give yourself loads of love along the way because you’re going to need it.. that smile on your face, that motivation and drive you will receive from committing to giving yourself ultimate freedom in your career is something that is completely priceless, its has actually changed me as a person, Im just so happy. Cant wait for B-school to start!!

    Keep inspiring,
    Love Carrera xxx

    • Thank you for your honest and brave story!
      Very inspiring!
      I wish you all the success in the world and I am sure you will make it happen, because you are already doing it!
      All my best, Roxane

  70. I have taken many great leaps of faith, and never landed exactly where I thought I would be. The Universe has always found some place much better than I expected.

    My latest leap, starting a business, is probably the scariest – but I’m certain this is where I’m meant to be. I signed up for B-School and for assistance through a local Small Business Development Center to give myself the best possible chance to succeed.

    What has helped the most in making this decision is “surrounding” myself with like-minded people, by reading through and listening to stories from B-School graduates. I looked for stories like mine, people who were around my age and in the same circumstances and/or similar industries. I saw myself in those stories and realized I had to do something to move my business forward, or just go back to looking for a job. I LOVE what I’m doing, and I want to keep doing it.

    As one of my former employers used to say, “Onward and upward, dammit!”.

  71. erica sutherland hayden

    Definately had to flex my courage muscles about a month ago. I kept talking about wanting to start my healing practice but was very hesitant about putting myself out there and looking stupid and spending wayyyyy too much time worrying about what other people would think. I was challenged by a friend to put myself out there, and I offered a few short sessions for free to get some exposure and hopefully end up with referrals. I was scared to death for the first couple of sessions, but it was for no reason at all. I got AMAZING feedback and have done a few more sessions and that gave me the confidence to realize that I can do this, I can be working towards having my healing practice. So I guess just that small step of putting myself out there also provided the push I needed to realize I had to learn more about the business world and is also a huge part of how I ended up in B-School

  72. I love how the Universe works! I happened to ask these question Yesterday! They were my catalyst in making my decision to attend B School this year. I started backwards – What is the worst thing if I don’t go to school? That’s all I had to sask, because I knew that I’d be in the exact same spot I’m in today. Working at a job I’m uncomfortable in and feel stifled by. When what I really wnat to do is get out of it and create a life of freedom. So what will be the worst thing to happen now that I’ve made the decision? I’ll sound like an idiot and make a fool of myself. But guess what? That will only last a few seconds as I learn new information and put it into practice.
    Thanks for the questions, they turned up as a validation to what I was able to do on my own. This is going to be an incredible year!

  73. Another inspirational episode, Marie and team! Thank you so much for the answer to the question that is stopping so many entrepreneurs from living their dream.

    For me, when I look back, the things that I said YES to changed my life for the better. The things I said NO to….I don’t even remember half of them.

    It’s a pleasure to live your life with a YES.

  74. nneamaka okafor

    I can relate to this ,i had gone through three failed network marketing business,i got burnt and lost money ,but i knew its a field i would excel in so ,i decided to go into network marketing again ,even though i was terrified about loosing my money time and energy ,i still felt i would regret it ,if i didnt join the company ,i am with ,however ,beyond dealing with my fear ,i gave in to research and education on multilevel marketing and also the company i was going to work with .This time i took responsibility for my business and have continued to create avenues to make my business profitable in terms of changing lives and making money .

  75. jeanette

    I think the biggest thing I did was in 2012. I went to a 2 weeks course in the states (im from Sweden) it was a course at a meditation centre in north CA. Ive been a student in this spiritual school since 2006 and before this course in 2012 I really had a dream to be able to do fulltime spiritual practices for a longer period… but …. i had a job… I had bought an aptm…I had serious stuff to take care of back home in Stockholm.
    When in the states I got the offer to stay at the meditation centre for 3 months….happiness..and fear….it was a risk to go back to swe and solve things and then go back in to the states again…the US customs could acctually stop me cause they are tricky and suspicious when you travel in and out a lot.
    So going with my heart I decided to stay and had to call my boss about it….he is a nice guy but I didnt think he would let me just come back in 3 months time and keep working….but he did. I was able to lend money from my parents….but I also shortly after my decision to stay got a request from a person that wanted to rent my aptm….
    Ive never been so happy and I felt so well taken care of : ) but of course I was scared before I jumped!

    • Yujin

      Wow!!! you seem brave enough to deserve to get that kind of happiness and care from your boss and people around you. Congratulations!

  76. Thanks a million for this awesome reminder, Marie! 🙂

  77. Yujin

    Marie, your episode gave me great strength to make every effort to overcome and heal my past trauma which has been keeping me from moving forward something meaningful to me. I’m very happy to join your gorgeous community. Thanks so much!!!

  78. Thank you Marie! I really needed this perspective today.
    I want your voice in my ear when I have to get up and do these talks. It is very new for me, and I am so nervous, but it is something I do want.
    Thank you thank you.

  79. B-School hasn’t even started, and I am reaping serious reward already! Monday can’t come soon enough (who ever says that?!?)!

    I won’t go into detail, but your point about “What the worst that can happen” dovetails amazingly well with what we teach our clients (get the public to understand the “Null-Alternative”). . .

    From this short video, I realized: “Duh! We need to use that same point to market ourselves!” I know the worst that can happen if they don’t hire us, and it’s no bueno.

  80. Wow – a really powerful post – thank you very much. Just shifting that Q a bit provided me with much peace. You are so right… looking back wishing I had done something would be worse than taking the risk to try.

  81. Ah courage! Thank you for that easy cost/benefit analysis, I have excellent courage skills in life (like quitting my job to ride my bike across Africa), but in business I seem courage poor and let myself down by not being bolder with opportunities, and then experience bouts of regret. I forgive myself, but still I think this really simple trick will get me going and shouting about my excellent products from the rooftops rather than worry (which cognitively I know is about the silliest thing one can waste time doing!)… and I know everyone’s probably said it, that dress: burning up the screen!

  82. Michelle

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Fear is my worst enemy, I know it is. My biggest problem is I feel like I failed in my current career, and I’m thinking of starting a new one but I am so fearful of failing again. My family makes it even worse, because I really feel overwhelmed that they will suffer if I fail. I have this weight on my back all the time.

  83. I let fear get the best of me last year, I cowered into a corner and let uncertainty and doubt completely stop me from moving forward with my vision. I froze, and I spent a year ‘in crisis’ – last week something changed my life and I knew, then and there, that even though my vision is unimaginably HUGE, the worst possible thing I could do was not pursue it. I know in my gut, my heart and my entire being that this is my purpose on this planet, and even if it doesnt work out the way I envision, it will lead to whatever else is waiting out there for me. The worst course of action is Non-action. Sometimes we are so afraid of failing because we grow attached to the outcome – if we let go of that and trust in the process, then we are able to dive in the deep end without the fear holding us back!

    Thank you for the awesome video. Hope everyone is having an amazing week and going after their dreams.


  84. Hi Marie, I absolutely loved this episode, it felt as if you were actually talking to me ;). My fear is public speaking and this week I was invited to speak at a correctional educator’s symposium and I said yes. I’m going to finally face my fear and do it, and I’ll keep in my mind your words, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Thank you so much.

    • I send you all my love and energy! You will be awesome! And I love how you decided to overcome your fear and just allow yourself to do what made you feel excited! Even seasoned actors still throw up before they go on stage – but they still do it, and we the audience are so grateful that they do. Thank you for reminding us that being scared does not ultimately mean that we can’t do it anyway – and just think of how many people you will touch with your speech! I wish you the best, but most of all that you have fun 🙂 xo

  85. Great video. The idea that not doing something is worse than doing something is spot-on. I also love to fast forward and imagine the end of my life looking backward. From an 80 year old’s perspective, you’re damn right you should’ve friggin’ gone for it, because what the hell else is there if not the courage to go out and try?!

  86. I want to buy a Tiny House and spend 2016 touring America and doing workshops. If I try it and fail, the worst thing that could happen is being embarrassed, sad, feel like I let people down and feel the shame that comes with failing. If I don’t try it, I will regret it for the rest of my life. Guess I’ll be sending you a post card from the road next year! <3

  87. Hi, I really enjoyed this post. To succeed in life one must answer one fundamental question at every turn and it is, ‘is what I am about to do tied to what I must do to get to where I want to be?’. The answer to this question must be the whole truth.

  88. Marie – thank you! It was just the sign I was looking for 😉 One of the biggest leaps I am still facing is allowing myself to actually BE the person that would have a successful business and all the other things I desire. For some reason, I am sabotaging myself and not letting myself “turn pro”, as that would mean super visibility, vulnerability and a less “lazy on my ass” lifestyle. However, I truly want to allow myself to be the person I know I can be, and asking myself your questions today – and just being reminded of the concept – helped me move forward mentally! Thank you! I send love to you all, Cat

  89. Marie,

    This episode has an amazing message, I love the idea of 1000 steps to create the lightbulb by Thomas Edison!!! thank you very very much for keep sharing these amazing messages and incredible energy…

  90. Hi Marie!

    I’m right there with you on this. I’ve made a habit of jumping towards my dreams, even when it feels terrifying or uncomfortable to do so. Living abroad by myself for a year when I was 16, founding my own business, teaching English in Vietnam, starting a blog to share my thoughts, etc. In fact, if I’m scared to try something, this shows me just how *important* it is for me to not avoid it!

    Fear thrives in the shadows. But when you confront it and pull it out into the light, it stops being so scary. Making a habit of pushing yourself in this realm will only give you more and more confidence with each try.

    So remember, everyone, the most successful people in the world are *not* fearless. Nobody is fearless. They’ve just decided that their dreams are more important than staying in the safe zone. So be brave- you got this!! 🙂

  91. Katie

    Well, lets see, things I have done that required courage and a leap of faith.
    Since Dec 2011 – left a 20 year relationship. Took a redundancy package and had 16 weeks off work. Then, instead of going back to an office job I started driving trucks in the mining industry. Then, put all of my belongings in storage (where they have remained now for 2 years, still living out of my suitcase) and set off overseas with a one way ticket and no plan, no accommodation booked and no clue, all in non English speaking countries and I had never traveled before. After 17 weeks, I went back to Australia, and took up a great office job, but I hated it and quit after three months and went back to driving trucks. Dec 2014, set off overseas again, with another one way ticket, a tiny plan, and this time with a bit of a clue…I am now house sitting my way around Europe and while I am house sitting I am attending B-School, writing my book and doing everything I possibly can to use this time to set up my life so I can keep traveling and ultimately live in the UK as a financially independent woman. And that is just the tip of the ice berg of things I have done in the last 3 years that required courage and a leap of faith. Watch this space, there is so much more to come :o)
    Thanks Marie for B-School, perfect timing, and just what I was wanting.

  92. “UH. YEAH.” “Yeah, ya digg that funky beat?” “UH. YEAH.”

  93. Courtney

    Last month I sold my house in Delaware and quit my job to follow my Spirit. Signed the papers and drove to San Diego without a job and no place to live. Not sure what it is all about yet, but “had” to make the leap of faith and trans-continental journey. Felt like I had one foot out the door for the last 10 years. Now that I am back finally in California, I am at peace. Sometimes a “big leap” is courage; sometimes one have no choice but to follow one’s heart. My Spirit was dying where I was living and in my job – the leap was life or death. I choose life. And as soon as I crossed the border into CA the Donna Summer song, “I’m coming out…I want the world to know…want to let it show” started playing and I cried (confirmation I wan’t crazy; good to know).

  94. Such an inspiring and true lesson you give us her!! It makes me remember and realize that: “Only if have the courage to go my own way, the way will be shown to me”. Doesn’t every pro starts off as an amateur?

  95. Allison Lee

    “Whats the worst thing that can happen? and how will you deal if it did?”….good mental exercises to ask yourself!!! Really makes you stop to reflect on your fears and address them in the face so they don’t hold you back!

  96. I took a leap of faith last year (one year ago this month), and I opened a small day spa. I do have a knack for marketing and networking, so it took off! And…I discovered about 10 months into it…I don’t love it! So, now what? Well, I am teeing it up to sell, and I am moving on to my next endeavor. I love that we can do many, many things in one lifetime. It was a blast to build this business, and I am thrilled about my next adventure. Courage is amazing. Do what you are passionate about, and when it changes, you can change too!

  97. Paola

    Thanks for this video! I am in the process of going for something completely new – a leap into the unknown. I changed careers and am starting fresh in a space I have little knowledge about, which is business, with something I have a lot of knowledge about, which is healing of the Soul with multicultural approaches. I used to teach at a University but I was not as happy. And my Heart and Gut tell me I can be MUCH HAPPIER as a business woman who can work with joy and creativity and make a lot of money with the things I love the most. At some points of the process of making this choice of getting a license from my former job I thought I might be going crazy for switching from stability and a predictable safe life to the wondrous world of the unknown, but you know what? I absolutely know I will love it and I will rock it!!! 😀 I’ll make sure to keep myself very connected to all you have to offer, Marie, and I really want to go to B-School. It is definetely one of my goals. Thanks you SOOOOO much for the work you do and for inspiring us women to be the best versions of ourselves. Love and many blessings xoxoxoxoxo

  98. Michele

    As always Marie your Q&A is spot on with really valuable advice.

    I have always asked what is the worst that could happen if I say yes (to overcome any irrational fear and hesitation and realise that my worst fears aren’t that bad and I’ll survive them if realised) but I never ask what happens if I say No (which of course, is more likely to flash up the big losses and if it doesn’t then maybe its not such a big deal to do it and may look appealing for all the wrong reasons). From now on I’ll be asking myself both questions.

    • This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I am in a “make it or break it” moment. I am going for it and the worst thing that can happen is that I do all I know to do and I actually have a breakthrough, but don’t meet my goals now. But if I don’t “GO FOR IT” I will NEVER know AND never meet my goals!!! Thank you Marie for your whit and wisdom that comes from your experience and the greatness that is withing you!!

  99. Loved this! So much of living is about courage. I’ve been diving deep into this topic over the last few weeks – and I’ve realised that I have so much more courage than I’ve ever acknowledged.

    Almost every choice we make takes some form of courage. We have it within us… sometimes it just needs a little excavation!

    From having lived a crazy last ten years that took more courage than I ever imagined I’d need, here’s a little of what I know… “You have more than enough courage for living… or you wouldn’t still be here. Go play with the universe…” <3

  100. My ultimate goal is to end the cycle of self harm and abuse by educating patients and physician on their PAWAR(TM): Personal Awareness and Responsibility. This has been my passion to give voice to the hidden lonely pain that drives us towards these behaviors emPAWARing us to thrive in our lessons in pain.

  101. Wise words, wise woman. I’m diggin’ it, thanks for the buzz Marie.

    You need to get your people connected to the PR at Pantene ’cause the way you be shining on your show make it like Pro V-TV!

    Hugs and love from Toronto!

  102. Can I just say how amazeballs Marie looks in this video and in the same breath, submit a feature request for Shop Marie’s Closet section with links to wherever her stylist(s) acquire the outfits. Or something. Because. Want.

    That being said, loved the video and will go see another one now 🙂

  103. Hi Marie,

    First of all I’d like to say that I just love watching your videos! They make me feel tremendously positive about myself :). Now coming back to the question, “what’s the worst that can happen?”. Well actually, when I asked myself this, the only A to that Q was – that I would not be able to meet the goals I’ve set for myself right now. However, if I don’t give my 100% towards that goal, I may never find out if I can/can’t achieve what I’ve planned to achieve. So there you go…its not as bad as it sounds.


  104. Wow Marie, you always have the best stuff! I love how you have specific actionable steps to get us out of our heads and into the game with a strategy. I’m going to try this trick of writing what the worst could happen if I say “yes/no” ASAP. All the other tips and tricks you’ve shown me have helped me move forward into making my dream a reality so far, so thank you.

  105. What is the worst thing that could happen if I said yes?
    – The worst thing that could possibly go wrong is people not liking my blog and what I write about. Also, putting myself out there not knowing if it is something I should be pursuing.

    What is the worst thing that could happen if I said no?
    – Not starting my blog would hurt. I have been thinking about starting a fitness/lifestyle blog for 2 years now! Each year that has gone by, I have watch others that I admire and look up to do exactly what I wish I had the courage to do.

    The lesser of two evils is say yes and starting my blog. It is scarey, but I think once it is out there I will feel better! I just bought my domain – I can’t wait to add content and share it.

  106. Paul

    Hi Marie,

    YOU are so inspired. It was better, I used to be you as teacher. That would be so awesome and a better way to learn isn’t possible, hahaha, so awesome! I love the direct way to simple solution, it’s excellent! waaaaw!

    Very friendly greets,


  107. This was exactly what I needed today!

    I have had my business for about 16 months I am not growing as quickly as I had hoped and I’m frustrated with myself. I haven’t done much work in the past week due to illness and that has me questioning my ability.

    In answering your question I realize that giving up on my business will be giving up on myself. FAILING!!! That for me would be the worst possible scenario. I love Thomas Edison’s reply about 1000 steps as opposed to 1000 failures !!! Marie, You helped me find courage today. Thank you!!!

  108. I’m right there, right now. The signs I’ve been getting to take the leap are phenomenal. I’m about to launch a series of storytelling writing videos and the worst that can happen is that I fail, but if I don’t do it, I know I will regret it for the rest of my life. I’m doin’ it. I am prepared to fail, but expecting to excel.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kathy, the fact that you’re doing it means you’re already way past failure — no matter the outcome! Good for you and I have no doubt you’ll excel too 🙂

      • kathy mercure

        Thanks Kristin… seems so long ago already. Still fighting the fight.

  109. I’m no stranger to taking leaps because I can see the empirical evidence piling up in my own life. And yet, at the time of every new leap, the feelings are the same – while overwhelmed the impulse to run and hide is very strong. It’s jumping off the cliff every time. The self pep talks and balancing emotions with rational thought is key because it is so, so easy to forget. I love this video, and all Marie videos, because of the insights Marie brings but also just for the reminder of what I already know and just need to hear it again. And again. And again! Thank-you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Magda, love what you shared. And know that we’re honored to be those reminders of what you already know over and over and over again. 🙂

  110. Dear Marie, I was wondering if you know this. Sometimes i am between being super optimistic, close to megalomania, and totally without any perspective and feeling stuck. One day i feel all the potential in my ideas and the other day i feel, ahhh this never gonna happen. Thank your for your thoughts on this. Nükhet

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Nükhet, thank you so much for stopping by and watching this episode. I know exactly what you’re talking about, as that’s happened to me too. I think a big part of it is having the courage to keep going and taking small steps forward, even if you feel stuck from time to time.

      One of our favorite people who talks about overcoming that kind of resistance is our friend Steven Pressfield. He’s such an authority on overcoming resistance and getting our work done no matter what we’re feeling, so definitely check out these MarieTV episodes where we interview him:

      I hope that helps, and thanks again for watching!

  111. Thanks, Marie, you are one of the mentors that helped me “jump” and take courses to become a Health & Wellness Coach — from one Jersey Girl to another — You ROCK! Thanks for your amazing support – insight and encouragement….blessings – bp

  112. Amanda Swartz

    My husband and I (with our 5 year old son) had to make a decision about moving from Canada to Kuwait to be teachers. With help from friends who were already working there, we set off to do this in 2014-2015. We are back home now, but the adventure was well worth it (the experience in Kuwait as well as the travel opportunities). It was a hard choice to bring our young son away from family and the familiar, but we did it and loved it! And our son loved it too!

  113. If we just take 30 seconds of courage and move out of our comfort zone we will experience huge success in our lives. I work on this daily as a MomPrenuer! I don’t want to let myself or my family down. Thank you for this video. Every time I get scared i will ask myself what is the worst that can happen. If it does not kill me, I Will Go For IT!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely Trese! Go for it — we’re cheering you on! 😀

  114. People would laugh at me and I look and sound ridiculous…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear that, Nicoleta. I hope you found this episode inspiring and helpful. And if people are making fun of you, they may not be the kind of people you want to spend time with anyway. We believe that everyone deserves kindness and respect.

  115. If we just take 30 seconds of courage and move out of our comfort zone we will experience huge success in our lives. I work on this daily as a MomPrenuer! I don’t want to let myself or my family down. Thank you for this video. Every time I get scared i will ask myself what is the worst that can happen. If it does not kill me, I Will Go For IT!!

  116. ilham surya pratama

    I’m no stranger to taking leaps because I can see the empirical evidence piling up in my own life. And yet, at the time of every new leap, the feelings are the same – while overwhelmed the impulse to run and hide is very strong. It’s jumping off the cliff every time. The self pep talks and balancing emotions with rational thought is key because it is so, so easy to forget. I love this video, and all Marie videos, because of the insights Marie brings but also just for the reminder of what I already know and just need to hear it again. And again. And again! Thank-you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Ilham! We really appreciate you and are so glad you’re a fan of MarieTV. We always look forward to sharing new episodes with you. 🙂

  117. Ashley Tee

    I love and agree with every word you say. When you know what are the worst things that could happen to both decisions, you’ll be able to know what are even worse! (Right?) I was always scared when I just resolved to start doing and stop thinking and planning about everything. Literally. But it was in past tense, fortunately. Marie, you motivate me, every time! You can’t seem to cease to do it, and I’m glad for that! You are the best Marie!

  118. Amanda

    Hi! I logically understand all of this, but I have already gotten myself into the “worst that could happen if I say no” space- already a sad sack with regrets piled like pancakes lol
    So I just don’t even know how to climb out of this hole, or where to begin. Idk what my action step even would be if I were to make myself leap!

  119. Pauly

    Thanks Marie! You always share awesome ideas. You are such a Huge Blessing to so many!

  120. Kristina Kallur

    Just what I needed to hear today. The worst EVER would be me cowarding out and someone else stepping in doing it before me. OK, I’m taking those needed steps TODAY!

  121. Robin

    If I decided not to go for it, I would be mad at myself and that would be the biggest failure I would have to face. That wouldn’t work. But I do see where I probably would be bent out of shape for a bit, then get real contemplative about what happened and how and, then finally just get right back up, and go forward. I’ve done it before. Only this time around, getting restarted seems more of an uphill challenge that I think has everything to do with me, for real.

  122. Stephanie Rushlow

    I need that dress!!! Please share the details : )
    love!! xoxo

  123. Nancy Davies

    I’ve always used the “what’s the worst thing that can happen” question for my big decisions; however, I never consciously thought to ask the same question if I DIDN’T make the choice to go for it. Thank you for the important flipside of this. I’ll be thoughtfully asking that second question of myself going forward.

  124. Toya

    Believing and having joy is what pushes me these days. Made a big decision to start self care and leave all the worries behind me. tnxu for the inspiration

  125. Roberta

    This Q&A hit home with me. I have an opportunity by a developer of a medical device that sought me out because of my experience, relationships and network of Physicians. This medical device is exciting….and I am excited about its capabilities. I believe this device will help physicians and their patients. I never sold a medical device. I recruited, educated, and advised physicians re: their careers. I need the courage to approach this new opportunity with confidence. What’s going on in my mind is what you said, Marie….if I don’t go for it, I will regret it!!! So, thank you for this Q&A….courage to do what I know to be great!!!!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay! We’re so glad you’re moving forward with courage, Roberta! It’s always scary venturing into the unknown, and you’re doing amazing. All of us on Team Forleo wish you the best in this new adventure.

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