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A few months ago, Sonya sent in a super smart question for MarieTV. Here’s the gist:

There’s so much free information online about what I teach. So why would anyone pay me for my online course?

Gotta say, I love this question. First, because I spend the vast majority of my time (at least 80%) producing the most outstanding free content I possibly can.

People don’t buy information, they buy results. Click To Tweet

But here’s the other reason I love this question.

Not only do I run an education based business myself, but I personally invest a substantial amount of time and money in my own ongoing education. I’m a lifelong learner and a lot of times, I’m buying some learning program online.

So I see this “fear” about selling information online in the age of “free everything!” from all perspectives.

That’s why I wanted to share 6 reasons most of us would rather pay you than learn for free online.

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Super important note.

Information may be free, but an education is priceless.

And to create a truly outstanding educational experience takes thought, effort, dedication and a deep commitment to your students’ success.

I’m constantly working to become a better and more effective teacher, leader and instructor.

For example, B-School (our online business school) has grown to be enormously successful. We have grads from 104 countries, across 160 industries, spanning 6 continents.

While the program has been producing results for our clients for over 5 years, we just invested an enormous amount of resources completely updating and refreshing every piece of the program.

That’s because we’re deeply committed to our students’ success and we take their time and  investment very seriously.

We provide a heck of a lot more than just “information.” We provide education.

Now, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Have you ever paid for anything online that, in theory, you could’ve learned on your own — for free?

What made you hit that “buy” button. And what advice do you have for Sonya or anyone else with these same fears?

Leave as much detail as you can about your experience. Remember, thousands of souls come here each and every week for insight and support. Your share and perspective may be exactly what someone else needs to move powerfully ahead!

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thank you for reading, watching and sharing your thoughts.

With all my love,

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  1. There’s something in the air about this question because we were just talking about that over in my FB group!

    One wise woman said this: whatever she gets (free or paid) she uses it in several ways: to see if the person is aligned with what she’s doing, to see if that person is someone she wants to refer others to or if this information is of benefit to her in her business.

    I have to keep reminding myself that all of it (free and/or paid) is a waste if you don’t put it into action. PERIOD.

    I’ve had issues with being distracted by the shiny bling of programs and whatnot and have become judicious of what I need *right now* vs. “Oh, I can use that down the line” (because, no I don’t. I forget about it.)

    So, my criteria for hitting the buy button? Does this help me NOW? How, specifically, does it do that? If I can’t answer, I don’t buy.

    Happy Tuesday!

    • Great point: There’s a time and a place for “Free” – and it’s usually a filter we use to determine usefulness of anything further from the source. My Library has TONS of free stuff, and I use it all the time, but there comes a point in time when I want to buy a book for myself. 🙂

      • Perfectly stated, Lisa. Free is a filter.

        When I pay for something, it’s so I can do a deep dive. And the only people I’m going there with are people I like. When I put my dollars into it, I’m ultimately invested in the person – in some ways, more so than the product.

        • Yes! Emelia! That’s what I was going to say! Free is a filter! I will look up free content when I’m trying to hone in on something, or if I’m trying to gauge a person’s ability to speak to me! I visit Heidi Swanson’s website several times a week, and I literally buy every book she puts out! Sure, I can find that stuff for free, but it’s not the same as having a piece of her awesomeness in my hands!

          Also, when it comes to fear based brain chatter about free content versus our content, we are often coming from a mindset of scarcity. And what’s more, we tend to inflict it on our clients and customers. We tend to spend OUR money and not theirs. We have no idea what they are willing to pay for, or why. By filtering our scarcity fears through them, we can subtly influence them not to spend their money. My husband tends to think about this, and I have to push him to overcome! He is always saying “But what about people who can’t afford that?” It’s OK… they may not be my clients.

          And just to give you some encouragement, I am building a coaching biz right now, and my newest client came to me after hours of using free content and buying books, cookbooks and meal plans. What they didn’t give her was the personal touch of a coach. It is easily the most encouraging thing that’s happened as I build a client base. Take heart! You have so much to offer!

          • Christina

            Thank you, Ginger! A scarcity mindset can be a strong deterrent to a successful business. Unfortunately, like your husband, I suffer from this. However, my business partner is good at not letting it stand in our way. Thank you for putting in perspective for me, again.

            I do agree that free content is great as a jumping off step. I like to go through it to determine qualify and if I am truly interested in pursuing further information/education. Of course, not everyone delivering content/information is the same, so I often look at several sources first.

            If I find something that truly speaks to me, and that speaks to me in the right way, then I go on and buy whatever else is being offered beyond the free content. I have found some great sources this way, and it has been well worth the cost. Free can often end up costing more.

        • Don

          Ditto on the filtering. I developed criteria to decide what’s good based on the freebies. And also if they answer my emails. By the way, I opted for Audience Business Masterclass instead of B-School because they provide 1:1 coaching on as as needed basis.

      • I love buying books! I rather the physical exchange in value hands down! It’s so much more accountable!

        • This rings true for me Bernard Charles. I find added value in nuances in physical books that I don’t get from their digital counter-parts from the art in typography to the illustrations(if present), to the binding itself.
          “Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.” ~William Hazlitt.
          “To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you, and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations — such is a pleasure beyond compare.” ~Kenko Yoshida.

          • Andrew

            I agree with this. Although I have heard from “internet gurus” that the days of the old-fashioned book are numbered, I highly, highly doubt that. I think the internet just brings MORE choices, not REPLACES choices. Some will always love books, some will always love ebooks. To each their own.

            Which is why, in the end, there is room for all of us to have an internet presence AND get paid for the solutions we bring our customers – because we all bring something a little “different” to the picture.

      • Oh, I love your analogy to a library and actually buying the book – so true! Thanks for that connection!

    • oooooh! I love a good debate! This is a question I always ask myself every time I have a bad day (hair or otherwise) and I think to myself – why on Earth do I want to do this when there are a zillion sites out there which can give what I say away for free. Or can they? They are not me, and they’re not saying the same things I am, with the same experiences as me either! You’re right when you say that education is priceless – I always say, and this is my favourite quote: It’s its free then it’s worth nothing – too bold? I always think that is someone wants to be paid for something, they are seeing a worth in it and so therefore, you should too. All the best advice in the world, the trade secrets are never given away for free. Be proud and put a price on it! – That’s my quote and you can use it you want but it will cost ya! 😉

    • Really love the filter of NOW! I am a learning junkie free and otherwise. From now on I am going to use your suggestion and ask myself, “Does this help me NOW?” Thanks Lisa!

    • I had the same question as Sonya when I decided to create my first course – why would someone pay me for this when they can learn it with free online resources? You hit the nail(s) on the head Marie! Not only does a paid-for course give you all the right steps to take but it saves you time because someone has already put all those pieces together for you. Plus, (you hope) that person had already put in the work themselves so it’s like getting a kickstart.

      I don’t discount free content at all, some of it can definitely be valuable, but, like Lisa mentions, if it’s just sitting on your hard drive collecting virtual dust, it’s useless.

    • Phyllis

      I paid for an awesome qui gong course & watching the master & working out with him was priceless. Now 2day I’m able 2 do the exercises on my own but 4 1 yr I watched & worked out with the master. Awesome Priceless!!!

    • Marie:

      It is wonderful that you have been able to spend time with Oprah. It is my intention to present the Seven Principles of Mindfulness in Healing from my new book, Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness: How to Thrive and Succeed in a Flawed Medical Environment.

    • Lorri

      I just watched your great video I agree with you when you say is nice to get something free as I offen go to YouTube for information an I also like you will pay for further information as I see that most information is not torally complete but get you inspired enough to buy what you seeking which I feel is the end result the poster is seeking, you Marie offer free while endorsing B-school.
      I lover everything you stand for hopefully B-school will be in my near future .

      Thank you


    • Di

      Dear Marie,

      Thanks for many free gifts you’ve been sending, and hopefully it will meet your exepectations! I ‘m very fond of great lecturers and marketing gurus, all though, I have never try this, by my self… I would like to share my sincere feedback, that might be useful for you…but in private note, only… For every trainer,best gift to recieve is an honest and helpful feedback.

      Respect your work!

      Best regards

    • Liz

      I’ve been taking courses left and right since last year. Yes, a lot of the things I learned I probably could have found for free. BUT what I realized is if I’m not paying for something I usually put it on the back burner. Spending the money forces me to get my money’s worth. Plus, my business has skyrocketed and I’ve made my money back 3 times over and more. And nothing beats being part of a community that can support each other!

      Like my dad always says, Never Stop Learning.

  2. I knew a guy that was a landlord, and he’d watch youtube videos to figure out how to fix most anything wrong with his properties… until he found something a little too big for him to handle by himself. That’s when he hired a professional. There are always people that will do it on the cheap – often because they feel like they don’t have a choice. But then, those aren’t your perfect-fit customers anyway!

    • I agree, but what I tel my clients is that when you get found and you offer valuable advice that leads your customer or client to a solution in turn you will be top of mind when the NEED arises for someone with your expertise. 🙂

      • You’re right, Kelita. If people are using free as a filter. Some folks don’t. They just look for free stuff… and that’s fine, but not who you create the free stuff for.

        As you said, we create the free stuff to position ourselves and help our right clients filter the other info out there and find us… for future business dealings. 🙂

  3. Hi Marie,

    This is one of the favourite episodes of Marie TV so far, for me. Properly cause it’s something I really relate to. Although I know and agree with everything you said (especially 3. convenience… people are so lazy!)

    I still have ‘fear based brain chatter’ and fight with my inner perfectionist. But you’re are right, number 6. You is the missing key. Thanks

    By the way, I’ve using your ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ for prioritizing my to-do-list and it’s been working great (Shown in Marie TV a few weeks back). It’s a lot simpler than the method I was using before.


    Naomi Dinsmore

  4. Thanks for video, Marie&team! As always – great information and awesome tips!
    The reason I pay for product/service is accountability. I always make sure I do my homework – research and pick out the best people in that particular field. If I want to learn something, I take it seriously and YouTube is simply not enough. It’s great for browsing and tips but not for deep, profound information. As well, I almost trust the person more if I see that they are confidant enough to charge money.
    Best of luck, Sonya! Be confidant, be you and keep going! Great minds think alike and the right customers will find to you!

    • Vita you hit the nail on the head! It’s about the confidence mindset that not enough of us have.

      I’m not going to apologize for charging what I know my services are worth. I would never expect others to do that, so why would I expect this of myself!

    • I’ve been thinking a lot since this video came out and I realised that all points were true and important, but for me at the end of the day, I think it’s about that human connection. YouTube will never ever change a one-on-one communication.

  5. Hi Marie,

    thank you for making this video! I can relate to this question; I was asking myself this Q. over and over when I got started online. Then I soon realized that the expert on a topic has spent hours and hours doing research, reading books, etc., and that the person who could find this information online will not invest as much time and prefers to buy a course that tells her if kale is better than spinach and if coconut oil is healthy.

    I am always happy to buy courses and other products that make my life better. When I joined B-school I was happy to have access to your knowledge, your experience, well-organized information that helped me take action, and a wonderful community.

    My Italian grand-father, who started from nothing and became a millionaire at the time, always said “cheap always ends up being more expensive”. He knew how to invest time and money and get a return on his investment.

    All my best,


    • Hi Anne! I hope to see you back in class this year (it’s all new – we’re soo thrilled) and I have to say, I love your grandfather’s advice.

      “Cheap always ends up being more expensive.” Well said!

      • Love it!!! I’m working my @$$ off now to get myself enrolled in B-School. I’m so ready already

    • Love love love your grandfathers advice – soo true!
      This video vas exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear Marie – I’ve been feeling a bit demotivated this month & this has reminded me why I do the work I do & how it truly helps people! 🙂

  6. Marie-This is some of the best advice I learned from taking B-School so I’m so glad it was a Q for Q and A Tuesday so it can help others 🙂

    I’ve been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade and in the last few years I’d thought about taking my business online since I love helping women who find themselves too busy to make it to the gym or just not into the gym environment ( I used to be one of them!). But, when I would tell people this idea (people who were not my ideal customer, but influential to me) they would shoot it down. Their reason? There are so many FREE exercise videos online! Why would someone pay for mine?

    Of course, this is true. However, just because you can watch a video doesn’t mean you will OR that it’s right for your goals-fitness or otherwise! I knew this, but the worry was in my head for a while. The tips you shared today are so important for those starting off online to take to heart!

    Once I did, I found clients who really needed my help and who’s personalities I loved flocking to me!

    Now that I’ve been able to have my online fitness business take off, I’ve been helping other fitness professionals get online and it’s been so rewarding for me to be able to watch them succeed and for them to be able to help more people who actually want and need their help AND unique skills.

    The fitness industry can be very competitive, but each fitness professional I’ve met has had something different to bring to the table that positions them to help a special group. This is SO important with our current obesity epidemic. If all trainers and fitness professionals are the same, we won’t be able to help that many people. That’s why the online world is so great for fitness professionals and really anyone with a business!

    Having your personality in your business is huge to your success and when you bring it and your business online both can shine and help way more people than you could in person.

    Thanks again for the B-School experience, Marie! I can’t wait to go back through it this year so I can help more fitness professionals enjoy their work again and make a greater impact 🙂

    • Robin Seeherman

      Hi Marie,

      I’d rather pay for B-School than get free information. You don’t have to convince me of that. Just can’t afford it. The free information is wonderful so please keep it coming. That alone has inspired and moved me to change my mindset and move forward.


      • Hey Robin, thank you for what you shared. You have my word. I’m fully committed (as is my entire team) to creating and sharing the best free, actionable content I can. I’ll be here each week for you!

  7. This is a topic that I often struggle with and so found very useful. Thanks Marie! See you in B-school :-).

  8. YES…this!!!

    This is exactly why I am so excited to be joining B-School this year! I want to learn from YOU Marie, cuz everything you say resonates perfectly with me.


  9. Perfect timing Marie! Clients ask me this often and I usually come up with 3-4 answers … but you’ve done it again and provided concise content!! I think I might have to share it!! Thanks again.

    • You are so welcome, and thank you for sharing! Hope it helps.

  10. Thank you Marie you did a pirouette on my totally lame fear based thoughts of this EXACT issue. Thanks for the fabulicious encouragement to keep going after my dreams you rock!!!

    • Mimika. You get the prize for the painting the BEST mental picture of the day! 🙂

      • Thank you darling! As a rusty ballerina and dancer myself I know just how hard it can be to do that now at my age LOL.

  11. Paid or free, the difference for me is the commitment.
    when we pay, we invest on us and we implement what we have learned
    I see it for myself, I see my clients
    The free online content is very rarely implemented
    when a customer pays I am able to give my time and thus optimal support

    Free is a way to provide access to that vou are, what you teach, and give an opportunity to potential research clients if they aligned with your energy you your values.

    • Support is a great word, too! I feel like it slides in nicely with Accountability + Motivation. I’m going to write it down with those two, thank-you!

  12. I hear this so often. Most people ask how do I sell products when my content is so valuable…

    The answer is that while you give tons of value and information away your ideal client or customer wants what you have to offer in the form of an already put together package or service or done with you or done for you option.

    I love that you answered this question because I know there are so many people out there scared to give quality information away… x

  13. Thanks for this advice today! I am preparing a proposal today and you have given me all the points to justify why they should engage with ME and pay for what I have to offer.

  14. That’s something I constantly deal with regarding my Screen It biz that provides movie reviews for parents. I sell online memberships, but there will always be people more than willing to point out they can get SOME of the same information for free. Ignore such people as you probably don’t want them as customers.

  15. Thank you so much for this valuable lesson, Marie! I loved this episode especially.
    I also wanted to let you know that I believe that B School is one of the best things I ever spent money on and that although I have only gone through the bonus section, I seriously can’t recommend it enough.
    Thank you so much for making the world a better, more beautiful space with happy, fulfilled people.
    Sending you lots of love from Innsbruck, Teresa Valentina xx

    • Teresa, thank you so much for what you shared. We are the kind of people that put 110% into everything we do, and I’m very excited for you to experience the rest of the program too. Sending you love right back!

  16. Misty

    Hi Marie,

    One of my favorite episodes to date.

    Free is a filter!! Having “skin in the game” is an action motivator. Accountability is sometimes all it takes to get up and go. When you become a life long learner… you stop seeing things as a cost and start seeing things as an investment. Big difference between cost and value!

    Thank you for all you do!

  17. PatriciaW


    This is an easy question. We all need to earn a living. If I want those who provide high quality products and services on line (or anywhere else) to keep doing it, I (not some unknown “they”) must compensate them for doing it. Otherwise, the people providing the quality I want will stop, sooner or later.

    The best analogy I know is contributing to NPR. I want there to be a radio station that provides news coverage they way NPR does. If I don’t pay for it, neither will anyone else, and it will disappear.

    Keep up the great work, Marie.


    • Pat, thank you for sharing what you shared here. I could not agree more!

  18. This episode was perfectly timed for me as I sit down (with an americano and some bright markers!) to outline a mini course.

    “People don’t buy information they buy results” is playing in my head like a record to remind me to focus course content on results. That’s what we all want.

    Thank-you Marie!

  19. I buy stuff all the time that I could have had for free, for two simple reasons:
    1. What you find online is typically only partial content (You don’t get the full scope and it’s also typically all over the place and not systematized).
    2. I buy off of the leader’s credibility and the results he or she’s personally had in that area.

    It’s like you said, when I see a leader, I like what they’re doing, and they have the results I’m looking for, I’ll gladly invest in their products regardless of whether or not I can get it for free online.

    Great video Marie! 🙂

  20. This is a great reminder for all entrepreneurs.

    I know I struggled with getting over the brain chatter, but ultimately, what I have to offer, in its unique sequence and structure, will speak to the people I’m meant to help.

  21. UH

    The biggest investment I have made in an online-course so far was B School. And that was a really good decision for me to make! Could I have gotten the information in B-School elsewhere? I am sure I could have. But Marie made some excellent points in her video: I wanted results, I wanted structured, pre-selected information (there is a wealth of that in B School), I did not want to spend my time looking for information. I didn’t even know what I was looking for specifically. I was sure if I paid for the course I would follow through and the community would help me stay motivated and as I had watched a lot of her videos I already knew I wanted to hear her opinion or take on business rather than anyone else’s.
    So it’s all true! And the funny thing is, I am selling information – not online – but in seminars, and had not realized all of this until now! Thank you, Marie! 🙂

  22. You walk your talk as always, Marie! Wau – chuncked Down to the bone and neatlystructured! I put it on the wall if times of doubt comes my way.

    There is also a seventh reason for paying for some course online: Desmond Tutu (, Kickstarter and Adam Braun in each their different ways taught me that: We pay, because we like the idea/concept, can afford it and want it to stay alive for others of lesser economical posibilities can gain access. A kind of scolarship-donation 🙂

  23. Hi,

    Love it.

    I’m in B-School. 🙂 THe reason I bought into is two fold. First, it’s about the connections. Secondly, I wanted to get the glue that binds all of the pieces together. I’ve bought a LOT of programs, but they are disjointed and I needed the sequence.

    I used to think that I could do everything for free. That’s probably true, but the real question is how long will it take me? It’s frustrating. I’m not helping. I’m not growing in the process.

    One of my rich friends said to me once that the reason he has been so successful is that he knows how to bring in the right people to do the job.

    I used to think it was stoic to do everything myself. i think that would be great, but I don’t have too. I can be much more successful (and make a greater impact) if I hire the right people to work with me. That’s what I am doing. I know that I need more individual guidance so I found the right team to help me. I’m excited to be part of the whole thing.

    For anyone considering an investment, I would say this:

    There is a difference between RECKLESS and RISK/OPPORTUNITY. If you are about to make a decision, due to your diligence. Consider how you learn and where you are. Consider what you need. Look at any beliefs that might be limiting you in one way or the other.

    And remember … Eye candy is catchy, but it is what you need?

    Thanks for the great video,


  24. I actually did this with one of Josh Pais’s classes to help me exist in a more present state when I’m outside of my comfort zone. Could I have read some self help articles online or gone through the shelves at barnes & noble? Sure. There were several things that were more appealing than those options, however.

    First, as Marie mentioned, the idea that you were getting lead through in a thoughtful way by someone who has done this before. Instead of trying to carve out my path fully on my own, it’s helpful to have a navigator.

    Second, and something that Marie didn’t mention but might not apply across the board, was the fact that the class I took was in a community of people looking to achieve the same goal. If you have any kind of community aspect around the online service you’re offering, that can be a real selling point to people who need that motivation.

    Third, I bought because on some subliminal level, spending money on the class showed me my own seriousness about implementing this mindset into my lifestyle. Some people need to spend money to feel committed to making a change in life.

    Thanks for the awesome video, Marie!

  25. Siobhan

    I personally will buy what I am in to, so I will vet the free stuff online, and if I like it and it resonates with me I then buy from the person, and learn a lot more, I also believe there is a karma, in every relationship, be it love, friend, work or pleasure, it has to be a 50/50 so you provide the service and I pay, it is an exchange of energy.

    • Andrew

      I love this comment. You’re right. It’s not just a one-sided transaction!

  26. Thank you Marie! You are so right about putting the information in an order and format that helps people apply it to their businesses. And, people are looking for outcomes from learning. One of the reasons I know that B-school will be totally worth it is that you have given AMAZING free information, and you are living what you are teaching!

    Thanks always showing your heart and your smarts!

  27. For me when I buy something, then I have committed to it. I’ve found it valuable enough to pay for it so I’m going to take full advantage of everything that is offered to get my money’s worth. Having that buy-in makes me accountable. If the content is out there and free, I sometimes put it off for a later date and that date never comes. But if I’ve paid for it and there’s deadlines, I do it!

  28. Marie, THANK YOU for sharing this awesome breakdown of why we should sell our content. I’ve shared it with several people I know that wonder that same question that Sonya posed. Keep rockin’ out the videos. I love each one! 🙂

  29. This was a big struggle for me because I’ve always been a diy-er who looks info up on the internet or at the library rather than buying. When it comes to learning Spanish, or improving my front crawl, free materials do the trick. But when it comes to the stuff that really matters in my life, I pay. I paid for a university education so that I could learn as much as possible about theatre (acting, directing, design, playwriting) and get hands on experience that would have been impossible otherwise. And I paid for Bschool because I knew that dropping that much cash would kick my butt into gear and make sure that I actually followed through. And it has! Can’t wait to take it a second time around.

    For me it’s worth buying if there’s an experience that I can’t get any other way, or if I feel like I really need the accountability.

    When it comes to my business, I’ve had to remind myself that my ideal customer is NOT me. She isn’t a self-starter like I am, and needs a little bit more hand-holding. She wants to pay for someone to guide her through the process and is thrilled when she realizes she can do things she never thought possible.

  30. So much of the free stuff online is the ‘what’, but not the ‘how’. The how (strategy and sequence) is what I pay for! Thanks for all that you do and the whimsical, entertaining way that only you can do it, Marie!


  31. Brilliant Marie! This may be my favorite post of yours yet. In fact, #4 (missing piece) is the only reason I invested in B-School…I wanted to be part of a community. I actually already had a successful business using strategies similar to what is covered in B-School so I wasn’t after the content (which was fabulous too); I was in it for the camaraderie. Since B-School, I’ve made more virtual and local connections than I thought possible and I’m so grateful!

    Great question Sonya!

    • Thanks for posting this Kathy! Your comment is helpful for someone considering B-School but isn’t quite sold on needing the content/modules.

  32. Debby / Author

    Free information allows me to see if I need or want more information from an individual. I can see what they think is important; how they communicate; calm versus high energy; if they are more interested in my success than their product or sales and so on. For example,I purchased Brendon’s Expert’s Academy and attended live because I knew I would be exposed to great information even though he’s a very high energy guy on stage and that wears me out. I’m low key and prefer a calmer presentation, but if the information is good, I will put out the money for the education.

    I attend a fair amount of free webinars to gather information and determine if I need more education in a specific area. Free allows you to get to know the site and/or author of the information and that is valuable to the process.

    Fear is generally worthless mind chatter and best to reframe it to how you can impact and improve your clients/customers lives or how it will improve or change your life. Define what is to be gained instead of fear of taking action.


  33. Yes! This is great! I just bought a web developer’s course and I am SO happy I did (Udemy). I was hesitant at first because all of this information is definately *free* but the way he presents is worth the money! Great topic!

  34. “Who wants to scour the Internet for a bunch of random information from different people with conflicting opinions and somewhat questionable credibility? Anyone? It’s free. It’s totally free.” Heehee awesome! Love this Marie. Btw, I listened to your interview on a recent Lewis Howes podcast and really appreciated hearing a little about your journey and the various thigs you have gone through to get where you’re at. Very inspiring! Thank you.

  35. I’m a professional fine artist and love the content you provide. I have found it truly is in creating that connection with other people, telling them my story, who I am and why I am inspired to do what I do. This inspires them. This builds that bond which is so important. I want to make an impression on them that way when they want a painting, a sculpture, or piece of art, they will remember me. Do you cover more advice in BSchool for artists?

    • Hey Derek! We teach you how to form a genuine relationship with your market, provide an outstanding customer experience (which yes, helps people remember and recommend you!) and increase your sales and impact from your online presence. We have had many artists (of all kinds!) in B-School. While the program is not specifically for artists — we have grads from 160 industries — the core concepts we teach benefit any modern business owner.

  36. For me the real difference is structure, support and community. In the past I would buy workout programs, thinking I would save money by exercising at home. The thing is, I would NEVER use them because I am inspired and stimulated by by being a part of a group. Not to mention I want comments and correction about my form, in order not to injure myself.

  37. Elena


    Just read this and normally I dont like leaving a comment, but here…You said something – “We provide education” and you do not believe that education should be free?

    • Hey Elena. I believe there is room for both in our world — free and paid, education. And, most importantly, I believe that teachers should be paid well.

  38. I love the distinction you made between learning free stuff and an educational experience. I can look up most anything and gain. a working understanding. I f I want a deeper, truly educational experience, I need to identify options, carefully select a reputable program in my price range with learning objectives aligned with my needs. Good job! Let’s keep figuring stuff out.

  39. GREAT episode, excellent topic, and perfect question to ask myself: When DO I hit the buy button with certain tutorials vs using ones found online for free (I make artistic soap and am always playing with design)?

    The free tutorials provide me with ideas to spark my creativity and I LOVE that. However, the tutorials I PAY for provide specifics AND community (as well as deadlines and possible prizes, if the tutorial is part of a “challenge”). Frankly, it’s more useful and time saving to have an exact recipe to experiment with (vs. “use your favorite slow trace mix” – soaping is chemistry), feedback from other soapers, and the accountability of a deadline.

    As to winning a prize – frankly, just completing an exciting new technique and having something to create new buzz for customers IS the prize! (Though getting a new set of essential oils or a piece of soaping equipment is great, too.) 😉

    Thanks again, Marie – this was a really useful exercise.

  40. Jacqui

    Because we need to spend for things that are important to us or else we will not totally understand the value of something if we get it for free. 🙂

  41. Andrea

    This first online program I ever paid for was Marie’s B-School last year. I am so thankful I made that investment, it is a great program and I learned so much! I have even taken a second online program already in 2015, because I learned from Marie it is important to keep educating yourself – and you have to spend money to do that sometimes! Thanks for everything Marie + Team Forleo, I look forward to taking B-School again this March.


    • So excited to have you back again Andrea — it’s all new this year!

  42. Suz

    This video was very helpful because I was wondering how I could even make a living with my blogging website. Like, Sonia, I too am a Holistic Nurse, huge on Naturopathy and a believer in healing through raw food and a holistic lifestyle. I hav

  43. I needed this in my inbox today! Thank you lovely!!

  44. I loved this video!

    It reminded me of the importance of our individual value and uniqueness.

    I never thought of this as someone is paying for results (in the context of free vs paid) but it is soo true.

    I was thinking back to when I first found out about B-School 10 months ago and enrollment was over for 2014. I was so bummed cause I totally wanted in. I told myself, I will definitely do it next year (which I am, as I am enrolled).

    I say all this to say…10 months ago I had nothing. Today I have a website, blog and formulating a clear message for my business. I have learned a ton of stuff for free online. And I am definitely in a different place this year than I was last year. I know about ICAs, and websites and list building and communication and copy and all that jazz. But, I am still totally excited to take B-School cause I don’t expect that I know everything cause if I did I would be at the top of my game and a millionaire already. Right?! 🙂

    And as Marie said: I love the spirit that is Marie, and I want to learn from her. So, here goes!

    Brandy xo

  45. Ashley Berg

    Oh I definitely pay for things I could probably find online for free, but for three very good reasons (this is written from my point of view as a customer of such products/information):

    1. It saves me TONS of time! I don’t have to spend tons of time searching all over the Internet gathering information and sorting through all of it – you have already done that for me, and so I will pay you for that!
    2. I get a tried and true plan ready made for me! I’m not an expert on the subject – but you are. Therefore, if I tried to come up with some plan or course of action on my own, it might not work, but since you are an expert, I assume that you already know what works and what doesn’t. So, I’m paying you to figure out the best way to digest and apply the information, saving me lots of time on trial and error!
    3. Although I might be able to find the same info for free online, a lot of the free stuff could be of questionable quality, poorly written, not written by experts, etc. If you are an expert with a professional looking website, I’d rather buy the information from you than risk dealing with poor or low quality info for free.

    Bonus: I am more likely to value information that I have to pay for, than information I get for free!

    I really hope this helps!

  46. Wow, I really needed to hear that today! I’m just about to launch my online web design and WordPress course. And as you now, there are tons and tons of information about the subject on line. But with my long experience in the subject it will be really valuable to attend.

    Thanks Marie!

  47. WORD!
    The experience and community of BSchool is the principle that I’ve built my entire business on- we live in the age of information overload- but being able to extract what’s meaningful and finding ways to integrate that into our lives to make a real impact? Well, that’s practically priceless!
    Add to that a community of people who are in the same boat as you (and your loved ones) and that’s a value add that fuels and supports change and the missteps that inevitably happen along the way.
    When I identified that my tribe (parents of tweens and teens) are overwhelmed by the constantly evolving digital landscape their kids are swimming in- and that expert advice is often contradictory and largely inaccessible (even if we parents make time to read the book- how do we change our family dynamic?!)
    Going back to the BSchool model of breaking it down into figureoutable modules, connection with community and experts makes it possible- and fun along the way. Thanks Marie and Team Forleo for everything you’ve done for me and the many people who are changing the world around the world!

  48. This is such a great post, Marie!

    Okay- I am paying for a course on female sexuality – Kim Anami’s Vaginal Kung Fu. I actually know a lot of the stuff she talks about already BUT was totally missing some core aspects, AND that sassy way she presents, challenges, and encourages us!

    I also knew that I needed an intensive course-structured delve-in, to make me really join the dots.

    A lot of what I see in her, is what I want to be too- as when I signed up to B-School: it is a truly marvellous experience to support the people we are inspired by- to give thanks for them- and thus to invite more of ‘that’ into our lives! 😀

    Love it!

  49. Suz

    This video was very helpful because I too am a Holistic Nurse big on Naturopathy, Healing through Raw food and a Holistic Lifestyle, yet, I didnt know how I could make a living with my blogging website.
    I am still studying for my NCLEX, so not yet a nurse, so I dont know if I have the money to sign up for the Bschool (I missed the whole Scholorship train info until there were announcements for winners)….I really want to sign up for Bschool. I also have to make money and study for the upcomming boards…so we will see! Keep me updated on everything! Especially if there is Bschool anytime soon!!!

    • Hey Suz! We’ll be here 🙂 Whether it’s this year, next year or beyond – we’d be happy to have you when the time is right. As long as you’re on our email list (which I believe you are), you’ll know the full scoop on everything we have going on.

  50. I just launched my first course and I 100% agree with everything Marie has to say. So many silly fears get in our way and we need to check those at the door.

    Right before I launched the course, I had a mini panic attack and thought things like, “what if they think I’m an idiot?” or “what if my content isn’t good or unique enough?” but that’s just ridiculous. As long as your content is rooted in your unique skills and experience and genuinely comes with a slice of your unique personality, people will find it valuable.

    The other piece of advice I have is to get your content/course out there as soon as possible so you can start to get feedback and improve. Don’t take too long to make it “perfect” just make it good enough and launch.

  51. Kelley Burrus

    I’ve been involved with Marie TV for 3 years and this is one of the best episodes ever produced. Thank you.

  52. This video really resonated with me. As a self-published author, free is a huge marketing tool, but sometimes it is difficult for me to find the confidence to charge a higher price for the later books in a series. I’m terrified that if I raise prices, my sales will dwindle to nothing! But a lot of authors I know who are raising their prices are making more money than I am. I need to remind myself that no one else in the world can provide my stories except me!

    I’m already enrolled in B School for the first time this year, and cannot wait to learn more! I have always seen myself as an artist, but I never imagined self-publishing would also mean running my own business. Four years in, I’m ready to embrace being an artist and an entrepreneur.

  53. Great topic. I feel when you go through a program online, there is more continuity, opportunity to integrate the information in a practical sense and you have support, compared to just reading free information floating around online. Also, there is the opportunity to implement best practices, network within the group you are studying with, and usually there is even more resources connected to the online education program than just googling random information.

  54. As someone who sells a physical product (handmade jewelry) the issue for me is more the opposite. It’s not that people can get what I sell for free (for the most part, they can’t), but that it can be hard figuring out what I can give away for free online as a “sample” to earn loyalty and trust.

    • Megan, I’m someone who buys jewelry. I look for great photography, insight into how and why the pieces were created (information about the inspiration behind them, materials, the artist, etc.) and of course, I want to know how to care for them. Go here, enter your name and email and watch video #3, listen closely to Tracy’s story.

  55. This was a genius video! As a new BSchool student I found this incredibly helpful.

    Marie is a testament to this – I followed her free videos religiously for about 4+ years and when it was time to sign up for 2015 BSchool, my reaction was basically this:
    “She’s done so much for me for FREE, I can only imagine what will happen when I take her course and invest in her, like she already has in me.” It was a no-brainer. You get out what you put into it and I wanted to invest more into Marie because she made it clear that she will be an endless chocolate (idk, chocolate sounds good right?) fountain of knowledge for the rest of us. I know it will be (and already has been) life changing, BECAUSE of her free content.

    As a trained (and constantly training! forever!) vocalist and singer-songwriter-performer I’ve felt “down” when I felt like I was “competing” with tons of cover song videos with millions of views. It has felt overwhelming and “not worth it” to try and find a way to make a profit from my “expertise.” However, a large number of views (although they often seem to get great ad sales) absolutely does NOT always represent a certain level of quality, professionalism, experience and training that the customer may deem valuable or trustworthy enough to invest in. (ie for a live event, or to record a new song, for a special occasion WITHOUT auto-tune and special microphones etc.)

    I think if marketed correctly, clients will witness the investment in yourself as an indication of what will happen for them, if they invest in you.

  56. Marie, YOU ROCK. (again)

    More than anything, I heard #6:
    “I have special gifts, love, perspective…”, and that as great as free is, it can’t compete with ME.

    I’m starting to truly see-feel-know this about myself, and it’s a game-changer!

    AND, the truth is, I specifically drink up your free content, because you’re fierce, compassionate, activational, smart, and funny – comprehensively power-packed. I can hear it from you.

    Thanks for everything you do and share (free stuff included)!!!

  57. Marie, YOU ROCK. (again)
    More than anything, I heard #6:
    “I have special gifts, love, perspective…”, and that as great as free is, it can’t compete with ME.
    I’m starting to truly see-feel-know this about myself, and it’s a game-changer!
    AND, the truth is, I specifically drink up your free content, because you’re fierce, compassionate, activational, smart, and funny – comprehensively power-packed. I can hear it from you.
    Thanks for everything you do and share (free stuff included)!!!

  58. This is great because this comes up with my husband all the time that I dont need to give all the information for free. I keep telling him that you want to give valuable content out there. I think I have a better understanding of how this works now. I can really get an idea of it from b school as well. perfect example of what to do.

  59. Hey Marie!!!
    I’ve been wandering around in that world of “free” internet YouTube land for 3 months. While I’ve made some progress the time it takes to piece disparate information together is crazy. Of your six benefits for paid material, I’d say sequencing and missing parts are the most important to me. My time is worth at least what B-School cost. I can have an end product in 1/3 the time it would take me to create it from free content. Thank you for all you do!

  60. I’m an independent knitwear designer and I get this fear all the time! There are so many free knitting patterns online, so why would anyone buy mine? But if I come across a pattern that I love, I always think it’s worth the couple dollars for the designers time. So hopefully people who come across my patterns feel the same way 🙂 And it seems like they do because I am starting to make sales!

  61. Dawn Rosario

    I have to tell you that the little bit that I get from you is so inspiring. Thank you!
    I have been a single parent for 5 years and I always thought I was procrastinator but my kids take a front seat in everything. My best friend said to me….”your not a procrastinator you a single mom and the funds are not there to surge $900. My goal is to figure out a way in the next 6 months to work extra time to make your classes happen for me. You inspire me!

    • Thanks for that Dawn! We will continue to be here each week for you, putting out our best 🙂

  62. kevin padayachi

    Yes, these is just an unbelievable amount of information on the internet with very little or no guidance as to ‘How’ to use it. Free information generally is in abstract and if in a full report, would still involve the reader interpreting the information against his/her own experiences and knowledge – therefore little could be learnt and lots of time can be spent.

    Not an absolute answer but just something to consider.

    Lots of love,
    kevin P

  63. Marie was sharp, why would we pay for free information? But surely we’ll pay for educators who deliver education. Therefore, if any program do not provide educators, who are human, then whatever provided is merely information. Unless you want to hire yourself as self-educator, then all that free information becomes education. Do you pay? Off course! Your currency is not dollars, but discipline, determination and dilligence. Not to mention desire you need to seed on while educating yourself. But it worths the seeding, for you will see harvest. But I have learned one thing, we all need likeminded friends to talk on regular basis and some support system, and that could be the best reason to join BSchool or any other entrepreneur training. Thank God for those who have them through church business ministry or women’s community. If not, nothing better to spend dollars other than for friendships.

  64. This is soooooo true! I have experienced it myself with many things. For instance yoga, there are hundreds of free You tube videos, but you cannot find 1 hour practice, or more than two long quality trainings from a good instructor, you waste tons of time searching for and you are never certain about what will you find. It is not enough for sustainable, thriving practice, especially if you are busy. Then I switched to and I know exactly what I have for my money. The same goes for gym memberships, coaching, accountability etc. We are not disciplined enough (or maybe we don’t have tons of spare time), we want formulas, step by step guides and solutions and yes, we want to pay for what we need.

    Awesome episode, thank you Marie!

  65. Jessa

    Love this video! I have been slowly working on my business since I graduated from B-School in 2014. (Side note peeps: Do it! B-School is phenomenal! All I had when I started B-School last year was a desire to create a business. Now, I have the tools I need and am moving in the right direction. Join B-School!) This video really helped me understand how the content I am developing needs to be structured. It helped to clear up some of the blurry places in my mind about online content. Really appreciated this one Marie. One of my faves 🙂

  66. Thank you for this great video! That question was in my own head since the new company I’ve started with sells nutrition education books and programs. I feel much more confident about offering them now!

  67. Ali


    This video really hit home! One of my fears entering B-School was, there are so many people in the fitness industry, who will pay for my product? Even though deep down I’ve always known I have something big to offer the world that can save people time, energy and not to mention money on thousands of gimmicks. I love that someone mentioned Free being a “filter”. Amen sister. I’d rather pay for B-School to give me a way to structure my ideas and a road map to get to my end goal, then scour the internet for freebies only to wind up frustrated, wasting time and back to square one. You’ve completely changed my thinking in just 7 minutes on WHY people will pay me for my information product. Thank you thank you, B-School hasn’t even started and my mind has already been blown, in the best possible way!

    Xoxo Ali

  68. That sequence nugget – golden. A Pure gold aha nugget for me right there. Thanks Marie.

  69. Pantothenic

    There’s a lot of reasons why I would pay someone to teach me when I could get the info for free. For starters, the person teaching, if they’re good, already knows what to teach. They’ve packaged everything up with a neat little bow, discarded the unnecessary stuff. Saves me the time and trouble. I’ll gladly pay for that. It’s like anything else in this world: I might know how to grow food, but I don’t have time for that. I’ll pay someone else, they same way they would pay me for a product or service.

    Also, it’s about fun, the human touch. I do keep educated reading a lot of free online stuff, but if it’s something that I require in-depth learning on, like business, I’d much rather have a fun time. I’ll pay for the Fun Learning Experience any day rather than slog through the Sucky Internet Research Drudgery Experience ZZZZzzzzz …

  70. Ketina

    Thank you, Marie!

    I needed to hear that as I am about to revamp my buisness and place myself out there online. Healer/Psychic Echo Bodine had a wise healer,Alberto Aguas, who expressed that there are two kinds of healers the kind that pay their bills and the kind that don’t. He said he doesn’t charge for the healing energy, he charges for his time.

    I love that. So if you have doubts know that this is your career and you’re charging your lcients for their time and not for your services. Plus, I think it is polite to give money to experts who do have the knowledge that no one else has.

    Bless you always, Marie Forleo.
    High Priestess K

  71. april

    Thank you for this video. I often feel overwhelmed with the clutter of information on the internet. I struggle with the same brain loop-how am I supposed to offer coaching services with all of this misinformation online that just confuses people plus it seems as though everyone is a health coach now. The market is saturated with nutrition experts! So while I sit here and complain, right this moment, someone will publish another amazing book.

  72. Well said Marie, whenever I look for free, I never get exactly what I’m looking for and it’s never complete. It’s always better to pay and get all that you need in a neat package.

  73. There is one word that describes when I decide to buy: Organization.

    Yes, there is a ton of information on the internet that is free, but you will never get the kind of organization that you get in a book or a well-designed course. I tend to get overwhelmed when information is not organized.

  74. Mauvis Miller

    I recently searched for online Vedic/Ayurveda Astrology courses, I came across many websites that offer this entire course for free. I looked at two of these sites extensively and realized that they are a bunch of Hodge-Podge pages of information that is not in-depth at all. You get what you pay for and I don’t mind paying for something with structure, integrity and depth of a certain subject. The free-bees don’t come with manuals or eBooks that complete the entire learning process/course. Some of these sites dont even offer and upgrade to pay and learn more, or learn the correct way. Im SERIOUS about Vedic Astrology have no problem paying for it. Plus, people who just want the free stuff aren’t serious and you don’t want to work with someone who is not willing to do the work on themselves, you’re not there to convince them, you’re there to take them to the next level that they are ready for…free sites are a way to weed out the people you dont need and they are there for the people who seek and need and want more, especially if it comes with a price, thats Value to them.

  75. This is such perfect timing for me. I’m a therapist who is trying to venture into the world of creating online classes, and I’ve definitely been having that fear based chatter going on!

    I’ve got so many google docs with all my different ideas on them, but now I realize I just need to DO. THE. WORK. … and not let my nagging, albeit it well-meaning brain try to make me doubt myself anymore.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  76. Hi! There I Love your School I know can learn a lot form you. For now I have my books online they are selling slow, so I was thinking to put my product of Sparkles dolls, CD, etc But don’t have no money at this to take classes and they look wonderful. You I have a home business had back surgery and left
    me with nerve damage I’m in a wheelchair. So I’m on a fix income and is art
    is my lift long work .
    Thank You

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  78. Vivian

    Synchronicity is all I have to say about the timing of this topic. I was just thinkin’ yesterday after watching an online youtube video on natural eyesight improvement, wow if this 10 minute video is all it takes to improve eyesight why should I offer a whole course. Well, it was a good exercise for me to think deeper about why I do what I do yesterday. What were the benefits of me doing this if a free Youtube video could do it for free and in 10 minutes. First I thought great if it did.

    I started to think why do people pay, why do I pay? Why would people pay me. Well, people need support, and that human aspect, which you also mentioned. I realized I could offer personalized knowledge to their specific situation. Clients want and are asking for a personal cheerleader to coach them through the process.

    Also, people learn in different ways, and a personal eyesight coach can address this while an online free video cannot.

    Further so, true, I do pay for the convenience of having something packaged professionally for me to save time searching for it all! Can I just say B-School-YEAH!

    Thanks for your great Q&A Tuesdays!

    P.S. loved the jeannie ponytail today!

  79. This episode really resonated with me because I am in the process of developing my first online course on website development. I was really feeling intimiated about all of the content out there but I decided to go ahead because I know I can teach it in a way that business owners will understand whether they are techie or not. I am going to test it out with a beta group, get feedback, relaunch and retest. A very iterative process I learned from my more than 20+ years as a User Experience Designer. I am so glad to get this confirmation today that I should forge ahead. Also recomitted to going through B-School again even though I graduated more than 2 years ago because it was life-changing for me! I am pursuing my dreams and growing daily. Thank you Marie for always lighting a fire under me!!

  80. Love this. It focuses on Food – my business! Sometimes I need some concrete examples specific to ME…I know silly.

    It takes time to search and filter and organize all that free information. Paid for products are neat, organized and packaged nicely to create a RESULT. People pay for convenience and in a connection!

    I think we all have a tough time to step out of our “educated” mind and don’t realize how others may know have that base knowledge that we do to apply it to the “free” information out there.

  81. So, I’ve built two websites over the past few months. In both instances I’ve had a person post a message about how they like the site but how my course are “way too much money” and should be free. It really ticked me off. And this tells me two things: 1) I need to get a thicker skin because this, and other nastiness, will happen with any business, and especially online where people can be crass without having to face you. 2) I need to better explain how my courses put things together differently for the client–how they will benefit from my 20 years experience as an educator and my perspective. I’m telling myself that people could buy a $20 purse at Target (which is what I do) but that there is a huge market of people who’d rather spend hundreds for a purse with a designer name on it. Clearly it’s all about what your clientele values. At any rate, I was glad to see this post.

  82. Once again, Marie, you nailed it!! I really do admire how you can create such valuable content in such a short time frame. I’m working on that, Oh and I would pay for that LOL.
    Here’s my say to Sonya:
    In 2012 I was transforming myself and I was searching the internet and signed up for a tooooonnn of free webinars, special reports, videos, etc. In 2013 I invested 25k on various programs.
    My choices came form those I most resonated with, who I felt had similar values as mine and of course offered what I felt I needed to know at that time.
    Today, I still invest in myself for the same reason Marie gave, I am a perpetual learner & grower–for me and my clients.
    So, its always timing. Only the people who are READY for your info & education and are willing to pay you for your value you provide, will be your ideal clients. They love you, you love them! perfect match…go for it!
    YOU are Gutsier than YOU think! 🙂

  83. Funny I knew this but so needed to hear it right now as I’m a month away from my big new launch. So first my gratitude for this video! I was online the other day and stumbled upon a site that is full of tutorials and as I’m reading thru one I’m actually going to teach I was flabbergasted at the errors and long way they go about getting an ok result. I see this a lot because the people putting these things online have not done the necessary experimentation but rather just trying to add content for the sake of content. So with my confidence boosted from the video I’m ready to go make magic. However since I set my goal to launch I’m afraid B-school isn’t going to fit in my schedule yet but I so enjoy your words of wisdom and love learning from you. Thanks!

  84. As a former educator and a teacher’s wife, I totally love that “teachers should be paid well” you mentioned above!

    I buy vs. free because I want the personality, style, and expertise of the person I’m buying from AND I like to “get my money’s worth” so I’m more likely to implement and engage with paid content.

    Lastly, I’m super pumped to participate in B-School this year. Bring it! Your Jersey flavor (and passion and genius) really resonates with this Philly girl 🙂

  85. II have some random thoughts on this topic. It’s been my experience as an artist and a Tarot reader, that there’s lots of work around for folks who will work for nothing. It’s called being a volunteer. That’s fine if you choose to be one, but I don’t know any volunteers who made any money freely offering their services!

    I wouldn’t work for an employer who expected my work place to also be my charity. That said, people, and their human nature, have the attitude if you don’t want to receive remuneration for a job well done, what you are offering isn’t valuable. If you truly value what you have to offer, others will value it, including in a monetary way. It simply is respecting and valuing your self-worth, and others, for what they have to offer; expertise, skills, specialized gifts, and creative talents.

  86. Hi, Marie!
    I have been procrastinating about finishing my ebook for this exact reason – I am so happy that you answered this question today! Of course, I often think “how does she know me so well?” when I watch Marie TV, but today’s episode really hit home! LOVE your reframe!

    Gotta go – need to get that ebook written – yay! Thank you for putting a spring in my step on this cold winter day!

    P.S. Can’t wait for B-School to start! I’m so ready! 2015 is going to be a great year!!!!

  87. This is so TRUE! I am a 2013 B-School babe! I am sitting in as an alumni this time round and going shoulder to shoulder with an industry colleague/cool friend who went last year. We are ready to review our progress and hold each other uber accountable!

    When I finished B-School, I took a huge leap of faith and stepped up in my online course efforts. That whole year, while I was happy to have students and use my B-school perspective and tools, I remained a little fearful, but decided to walk through it with all the confidence that I could muster. 2014 brought explosive online growth in my niche industry (Eyelash Extensions Education), and I knew just what I had to do – look at my experience in B-School from the perspective of what my future students would think, expect and how they could be sure that dropping a big buck to learn ONLINE could be very results driven A-N-D personal.
    (cue clouds parting and rays of sunshine – maybe some angels singing)

    My own online education has been so very eye-opening and inspiring. I am so happy (happy back beat making me tap my foot and bob my head) to bring the same kinds of a-ha moments and results to action taker students of my own.

    Gratitude!!!!! I love today’s video Q&A! You are singing my song!

  88. Hi Marie, really cool answer, thank you so much 🙂
    Out of my experience, most of the free stuff is not going deep enough to really learn something. Just scratching the surface and the rest you are supposed to figure out yourself.
    So, sometimes it’s good to check it out, but sometimes it can be just a point of loosing focus…

  89. Elizabeth

    I agree! It’s about engagement and commitment. There’s a quantum difference between surfing for free tips and being passionate or dedicated enough to pay for it and commit to turning up and engaging with a community in a forum structured to exchange ideas and facilitate learning. The stimulation and inspiration of group enterprise is a big part of that.

  90. Another awesome & thought-provoking video!

    I am an artist (painter) and was listening to this topic through the lens of a product-based business. The same wisdom really applies to both worlds particularly when we get nervous about our value.

    As an artist, I may not be challenged by “free” art necessarily, but there is always a nagging fear of “why would someone buy a $2000 original painting from me when they could easily buy a $20 piece from someone else.” Those thoughts (that we all have!) are joy and momentum stealers.

    When those thoughts come, I play the Marie recording in my head that reminds us that our gifts are unique, valuable, worth paying for… AND if we commit to excellence, connecting, communicating, and caring about our clients we are “WAY better than free”! 🙂 Go for it Sonya!

    BTW, after watching every free Marie TV video for the past year, I joined B-School yesterday knowing and trusting that the value and content will be worth every penny!!! 🙂

  91. This topic completely resonates with me.

    Right now I’m putting myself through school to become a health coach, so I have pondered this same topic myself and I can certainly relate to Sonya’s situation in particular.

    Marie, you hit the nail on the head – as health coaches/nutritionists/holistic healers/etc., what we bring to the table is accountability, encouragement and the advantage of having already sorted through the noise to bring a program or service to our clients that is tailored to them specifically, minus the BS.

    AND, if I may add another good reason to keep fighting the good fight and charging that fee – clients are more likely to stick with a program or service if they’ve paid for it. It also tells potential clients that you value the services you provide and they should, too.

    Free online information can sometimes feel like a low-fat cookie: it’s ultimately unsatisfying and will leave you wanting more!

    Keep up the awesome content, Marie. Love you AND your show! 🙂


    • Through research, I’ve learned that people have 8 very powerful innate desires and 9 learned wants. If packaged properly to tap into those two things, most people will invest in things that satisfy a few of these 17 things. There are times when an extraordinary presentation of something helps to enhance the very essence of that ordinary something. Buying it makes people feel like they are investing in a better quality of life!

  92. I once paid for a 6-week course on how to build a WordPress site. I knew I needed my own portfolio website for my writing, and knew somewhere deep down I’d probably launch a business one day.

    Everytime I thought about it, one of my first stalls would be “Yeah, but I need a website and I can’t afford to hire someone to build one for me.” This could have easily stalled me out forever. So even though I knew I could buy a book on building a WP site, I knew I wouldn’t do it. I knew I would get bored very quickly of all the technical details and just give it up. So, investing the money in the course meant that I would get hands-on education, get walked through each step in an easily digestible manner, and best of all…I’d follow through cuz I’d invested money (about $500, I think).

    AND, I’d have access to the learning materials forever. Sold. It still took me a long time to get through and I didn’t make every online class, but I did watch the recordings later.

    And I went on to build 2 websites for my fiance: his massage business and his music producing. They were basic, sure, but functional.

    Now my biz partner and I have built a WP site for our business that was so easy to implement, cost us hardly anything, and looks professional and polished.

    This is why I’m probably going to sign up for B School…like so many others here, I’m a little hesitant about the financial commitment but know that it will pay off in spades.

  93. WOW~ this is JUST what I was struggling with yesterday afternoon and today as I make my first paid webinar. Nearly all of the free stuff available on my topic (dental health) is just WRONG! Especially the video tutorials. I have yet to see one really good video tutorial. I have 40 years experience in dental health and 30 in dental hygiene, so I know of where I speak!

    Much of what you said I have actually said (customers don’t know what to look up on the internet). Todays video helps me tremendously in moving forward today. Thank you so much!

  94. Wilhelmien

    I just love this video. Thank you for answering the questions that I many times struggled with and for giving us the strategy to focus on Why We Can! I am getting ready for B-School and cannot wait for it to begin!

  95. Best Marie TV I’ve seen! Great question. Great answer. Even more excited that I just signed up for BSchool. Beautiful work Marie 🙂

  96. Danielle Anderson

    In my experience when I pay for something I am investing in myself and those around me. I can take the knowledge I gain and share it with others. It also holds me accountable with follow through and success!

  97. Recently I bought an online class that is teaching me exactly what I need to know to do surface pattern design so that I can design fabric and digital paper patterns. I’m sure that I could find out all this info for free, but instead of spending the next month or two hunting down a bunch of tutorials, I’ll be spending that time learning what I want to know. That $79 I spent will save me a TON of time.

  98. Sally

    Aside from my career as a Business Developer and Web Designer, I also am a certified Yoga Instructor. I loved this video of free vs buy and remember attempting to teach myself Yoga with free videos and even some purchased. Only when I jumped on a plane and flew to SF to attend a Yoga Teacher Training Intensive did I realize that when we teach ourselves or do “free” we forget we do it all from our blind spots. Despite our best intentions, we don’t see the mistakes or our weaknesses. So yes, it is the sequence, the missing pieces, the accountability and motion and certainly the results. And YES, the You! Thinking free is the cherry on top, the cupcake needs to be bought! Thanks Marie.

  99. Great video!

    This is also about really knowing your ideal client (shout out to Bschool!). I have a paid meal planning subscription site when there are TONS of free meal planning resources online. But my ideal client is too busy to spend lots of time on free (read: cluttered) food websites with annoying pop up ads.

  100. Alan


    I love the phrase “mental throw up” because so much of what you get online (free or even for pay) is a regurgitation of everything someone knows. What is missing is what I call the three Ps….Program, process, and progression. Information has to have context. A recent course I signed up for and paid for on how to start an online business by a well-known “guru” has a ton of very good information and examples. What is missing is the step-by-step sequence of the information, how to apply it and evaluate your progress as you go. As usual, your points are spot on!

  101. I created a niche within a niche to help differentiate my products and services from other people. I specifically serve health and wellness entrepreneurs who want to write books that help them grow their business. Now, there is plenty of information online about self publishing, however it may not all be specific to the needs of wellness entrepreneurs. For starters, most self publishing info is for fiction writers — not relevant to most of my group. Second, much of the self publishing info for nonfiction business writers often has an air of “get rich quick on Amazon” — which is fine, but I’m more about teaching people how to write quality books that help people. Thirdly, none of the self publishing info online speaks to how health and wellness is communicated. Health is full of jargon, abbreviations, and assumptions that lay audiences may not always understand. On the opposite end, a lot of wellness practitioners are using language that can get their business shut down.

    My business is new so I am in the process of creating materials that help to make that separation between myself and other people who have created a business around self publishing.

  102. Maureen

    Hey all, my business partner and I are going through the same ‘fear based’ mind chatter as to whether or not people will want to pay for the workshops we are planning to do as a business. So when the ‘fear based’ mind chatter begins, we both say – STOP, STOP, STOP…..and the more we continue to STOP those thoughts, they STOPS and it brings us back to perspective!!!
    Try it… will work!!!

  103. Particularly good today. Thank you.

    How do you separate your own free content vs paid material?

  104. Cyrina T

    Thank you!! I pay for mentoring for homeschooling. I tried to do it without help, and burned out.
    I love it because it keeps me accountable and took away sooo much stress just to have someone coach me through timing of things. By that I mean what to do when. My tendancy is to do it all at once and burn out. Having someone help me prioritize what to do first and what could wait was amazing. It took away lots of fear for me too that I was screwing up– which in homeschoolong is screwing your kids up 🙂 I love having a community there as well to encourage each other along the way. Thanks for this video!!

  105. I am a b-schooler lifer. Education requires infrastructure. My business needs infrastructure and a foundation. This is map I folow rather than random destinations. I hit the buy button for b-school, FTA and other courses because I need the foundation for a plan I can follow via a syllabus. The syllabus does not come with”free” hooks. Valuable information has a cost that delivers beyond its investment. This is my second year at b-school. I am committed to getting my business to the next level with a “blue ocean strategy” that works! Modern. Vintage. Jewelry. for strong, sophisticated women with distinct style.
    Monica Macha

  106. This is a fantastic video Marie! Thanks for the great information. I really liked the way you explained the difference between free marketing and paid marketing. So true, we can find pretty much anything online but it doesn’t necessarily means that it’s the good.

    Thanks again, you rock!

    Yonatan Aguilar

  107. My main question is… would BSchool be beneficial for someone like me who is in a network marketing business?
    I am so new to the concept of me even having my own business… not a lipstick side job…I don’t even consider myself a business owner yet.

    • Wilhelmien

      Hi Danielle,

      I know Marie would be the best person to answer you on this. But I just want to share with you my thoughts. I have been in Network Marketing before, and I personally believe that B-School will help you tremendously as she teaches Business Principles. To become successful in Network Marketing, you need to approach it differently to the old style – it is those with a fresh perspective and approach that understand that they need a strategy to serve that succeeds.
      I enrolled in B-School for other entrepreneurial reasons, but hope to see you there 🙂

  108. I was just thinking through this concept a few days ago! On my computer desktop, I have an entire folder dedicated to free ebooks that I have downloaded over the years. Whether they were someone’s opt-in or just otherwise promotional material, I didn’t pay a dime for any of it. But you know how many of those ebooks I’ve actually read in their entirety?
    And I think it’s because I didn’t have anything invested. I’m not losing anything if I don’t take the time to read those books.

    This spring, I was saving every penny to enroll in Sarah Jenks’ program Live More Weigh Less, even though the world is flooded with free weight loss and emotional eating information. It’s the whole package that was appealing to me and I was happy to spend over $1000 on it. (I actually ended up enrolling in B-School through Sarah and taking advantage of her amazing bonuses, which includes LMWL. So… two-fer!)

    But I’m sure if I really wanted to, I could string together information similar to that of Sarah’s program and of B-School. It would take a lot of time I don’t have to give away and really, I would never do it.

    So for me, the financial investment holds me accountable. And when I place high value on something by paying for it, I’m much more likely to follow through.

    • Geraldine

      This is very true, what ever cost you money,seek for your commitment.

  109. Christine

    Hi Marie and Team Forleo, I agree with what Marie is saying. There is free information out there and then there is direction-specific information. I pushed the “buy” button because I wanted to find out the price of the program. I didn’t realize Marie that you gave us the price, but later in the video towards the end. I only learned about Marie a few days ago, and even at that, it was by complete accident. My “business” is only in my head right now. I don’t have anything “concrete” yet, and because I didn’t know about Marie, I don’t have the money right now for the program. But this is something I could save up for and maybe try for next year. For those interested in BSchool though and who have the money, I would say, “Go for it!”

  110. Perfect timing! What a great advice! Thank you

  111. Dear Marie

    I’ve been going through a transition in life over the past few months. But it’s true that when you open yourself to positivity and change you will attract information and opportunities that will help you grow. You have been a wonderful gift that I have received in the form of your wildly entertaining and informative videos on marie tv. Of course this introduced me to you, your mission and this fabulous website. Before I say anything more I would just like to say Thank you. I see so much of myself in you and I aspire to achieve my true purpose in life. Everyday in the morning before work I put your video’s on, even if I’ve seen your video before I can watch is again and again. I like to listen or watch content that is stimulating and educational to set me in the right frame of mind for the day. So thank you for being one of my favourite role models and youtuber!

    I really found this video helpful, it definitely will strike a chord with a lot of people out there. There is so much free content available, but if we stop to think we all still purchase material that we can get for free. I think that we treasure and value trusting a product and/or service rather than always thinking if it is free or not. I don’t have an abundance of money but I won’t let that hold me back from investing in my present and future.

    Thank you Marie, for being an inspiration and sharing your wonderful wisdom and personality with the world! Thank you for being a part of my world.



  112. Hi Marie! B-School graduate here. :)) I have a closely related question that I’d love to hear some thoughts on from the B-team and or anyone here!

    I offer a service that is something I’ve been doing for years (Tarot readings), but have noticed a huge trend recently in people starting to want to learn this particular thing themselves. I feel like it’s a different kind of challenge (but still similar to the pay vs free thing) when you’re trying to convince the DIYers that coming to you for the *experience* will be better in some way than them just buying a deck and DIYing it.

    I know I could turn my knowledge into a how-to course, but *snore*! That just does not excite me! I want to connect with people and I love offering this service! What do you suggest when it feels like your field is being flooded by people wanting to learn a skill themselves rather than pay someone for their experience? How do I convince them of the value in buying my service?

    Thanks! 😀

  113. I have had a life of service (on Purpose) even before I became a psychologist and tertiary teacher in my 30s and 40s. I don’t do marketing but I love finding out what keeps people inspired and pushing ahead in spite of disappointment and mistakes.

    It has been fun to observe your style, Marie, and it had to be for free because I didn’t prepare for retirement and even though I think young, I look old (77) but I love unstoppable people, like you. I have been surrounded by people who have, what I call “the pioneering spirit.” including babies.
    I love the way you express your love to people on your Blog.

  114. Thanks Marie, that was fabuloso! I’m writing my first book and e-Course and have had some similar questions about content and people buying from me. You did a great job of answering Sonya’s question 🙂

  115. Yes! I couldn’t agree more with Sonya’s story. Saying YES to your dreams is scary but let’s face it if your dream doesn’t scare you, then, it is not that big of a dream! I said yes today and told fear in the face that, I thank you for the message, the what ifs, how can I afford this, and so on….But I said, I got this. I will be behind the wheel from now on and take full responsibility of my life instead of staying on autopilot. Yes, to making a difference. Yes, to living the life that you day dreamed for years on end. Yes, to growing and expanding. Yes, to your soul’s desire and yearning. Yes, to blooming where you planted. Yes, to being the Chief Executive of Positivity! Thank you Marie and team! I am so happy and cannot wait to start growing and soaring high to reach people in a soulful way.

  116. peter

    Hi Marie.
    Just quickly as I’m not really in the head space for this atm but I feel its important to share it In the moment.
    the nature of my learning difficulties has never been educational.
    Rather emotional and experential.
    As a result I’ve had to develop a system of behavioral modeling that works really well for me.
    And it’s enough to have your presence in my inbox remininding me of what you stand for.
    More on this later.
    Take care

  117. Thanks for answering this question Marie!

    I’m a consultant/coach who writes a retail blog fairly regularly (once a week) and provides tons of value in free downloables etc. They rarely turn into sales but I enjoy the process. Sometimes I do wonder if I’m giving away too much. You helped shift my perspective! Thanks!

  118. Ryan Smith

    Paying for something you can learn for free online adds value to it, and you’re more likely to take it seriously when you’ve invested some money in it.

    Napoleon Hill once said that generally speaking, free advice is usually worth exactly what it costs.

    • Ryan Smith

      Another reason people may invest in an education they can get for free is that they like the teacher so much that they want to support the teacher.

  119. WOW, this was sweet. 🙂 I really like this video. I really struggle when thinking about what to go for in business… What can I do good enough and what will people PAY for? Now I´m closer to the answer. 😀

  120. Awesome video today and great topic!!! Very important one, I think all of us starting out have the same question. I know for myself, I just don’t have the time to spend endless hours of the day looking for free info. I would much rather pay, and have all the searching done for me.

  121. I think over time, the content gets better and better. Both free and paid. If we are comparing content in the same period, I would say that the paid for stuff is always better than the free stuff. However, today’s free stuff is much better than “yester-year’s” paid stuff. Look at me with all of these technical terms like ‘stuff’. This here is good content and I will be coming back for more. Well done Marie. — Tom

  122. Marie, that was brilliant, awesome, excellent, and everything in between. I am an IIN graduate, and although it was great; the teaching was too; and the teachers are top notch, it’s still lacking the things you mentioned for a person like me that needs; a road map, a compass, accountability, structure , and direct support from one high caliber source like you , etc. What is keeping me from B-School Is investing more money; I already did invest in 4000.00 at INN recently. I should of done the gig to win the scholarship. 🙁 I know my niche is very original and the passion behind is too! 🙁 Love, Giselle

  123. I agree completely. People will troll on my facebook sometimes and say “I wont ever buy this because I can get workouts online for free.” Sure, but then they are the random pinterest workouts that are like 1000 squats, 750 push ups… the kind that leave you further from your goal.

    It’s awesome to have those free things out there for sure, it’s a great way to get started on something and a great way for us, as entrepreneurs to inspire someone to seek more from us.

    but when you really want to commit, you’ll put your money where your mouth is!

  124. I subscribe to and watch marietv for free because I enjoy the content. I paid to join B-School so I could get curated information, depth and a context that would put all of her insights and intelligence into a perspective I could use to grow my business. I am glad I did.
    I am back for a second year, for free!!!
    Thanks Marie.
    Fred xo

  125. My products have increased by about 30% since first finding out about you.
    THNKYOU…my book is selling worldwide and my products too. xx (Be all you were intended to be).

  126. OMG. Marie, you’ve been an inspiration for years, and hearing you this morning has MADE MY FREAKING DAY.

    I’ve been developing my offerings for the last year and have had so much fear that people just wouldn’t get WHY what I do is important – and here you are spelling it out for people – HOORAH! I just did a blog about it this week in fact – it was all about Quality – and how giving lots of random information isn’t teaching – it’s curating – and that if you’re really concerned about getting results for your clients, then you need to be taking them on a learning journey – not just spewing information at them.

    Creating a Quality Learning Experience is all about sequencing a learning journey that is needs based, solves a problem and conveniently supports you towards nailing your goals.

    This is my core message, and the guts of your video today – so inspirational that you’re preaching what I’m preaching – hoorah! So so so grateful that you’re talking about this – it’s so important, and it’s missing from so much of what is out there in this new world of online ‘training’, teaching and learning.

    Quality takes time, results matter, and it’s SO SO SO freaking good to hear you talking about it!

    Thank you!

  127. I don’t really know anything I have bought that I could’ve gotten for free. I have bought things and then returned them or I have paid the trial fee to use somethings and then cancel if I didn’t want to be billed completely, but I really don’t know. A lot of old music that I had on my old playlist were bought from iTunes and I know I could’ve got them for free. I bought them because I wanted the song, I was impatient, and I wanted good quality. I don’t listen to those songs much anymore; however, it’s cool to know that I did support the artist.

  128. Marie – I absolutely LOVE you and your free content and can’t WAIT to attend B-school! I’m working on doing whatever it takes to make it happen this year, despite financial considerations. In the meantime, I’m devouring as much of the content you have already graciously shared. Thanks SO much for your giving, loving, generous spirit and for keeping entrepreneurs all over the world inspired to do great things! – Diosa

  129. Michelle

    I look through the videos…look through the free information…gauge the experience level of the person who compiled the information…and if what I see tells me that this is a person who has the insight that I would like to have…I’ll buy it.

    I’m a very good researcher, love to learn! Everything always came easy to me academically! Internet Marketing, though…at one point it was REALLY hard to keep myself from chucking my laptop in the lake out of frustration! O_o NOT because there’s not PLENTY of free information out there…In fact, there’s TOO much! INFORMATION OVERLOAD! :/

    You don’t know which freaking direction to go in first! There are SO many OPTIONS! Nobody sees things the same way, nobody focuses on the same thing, one person throws in little tidbits that someone presenting the same exact information didn’t even touch on! AND there are so many “Fake it ’till you make it” students that haven’t actually DONE it…they just watched a training on it…rinse & repeat. O_o

    NOT to mention the “SQUIRREL” moments….you’re looking for one thing & there are SO MANY other interesting related topics that HOURS later you’re just like “How the heck did I even GET here??” … with about 50 other tabs & windows of all the things you found along the way!!

    Good GOD…it’s WORSE than Calculus!!!! O_o

    WHAT? Condensed, focused, insightful information in a streamlined program with step-by-step no-brainer instructions from someone who OBVIOUSLY has attained the level of success that I wish to achieve???


    (Can’t this server move ANY faster???)

    🙂 Any questions? lol

  130. Asmin

    Reminds me that some bloggers or people who published their illustration or comics online for free eventually turned their work into published books that people pay to buy.

  131. LOVE this! I struggled with this for the longest time — I kept figuring “if I’m sharing all of this for free, then why would anyone bother to pay?” But recently, I’ve been noticing several followers asking me questions for things to blog about that are either A. I already had answered this question before or B. It’s the kind of question where I know they have to BUILD on it in order to really succeed at it.

    … I guess it’s just a sign that it’s time to really start creating that product that can really help people get results! 🙂

  132. This is always the 60,000 dollar question – people often say that they can learn anything online for free BUT people are notoriously lazy and do not get around to it, information is scattered online and of varying quality – so if you aggregate good quality information that you are already skilled with, you can present it in a more intelligible format. This in itself is immensely valuable, people trying to learn a skill or develop in general often don’t know where to look, or to discriminate between good and bad information. Just about any degree could be independently studied in a good library, but people go to college to be guided and encouraged and to gain associate connections.

  133. Debi Kinney

    I am a new follower of Marie’s, and I have to say I am LOVING all the content and tips. Two things came to mind when she asked about why you would pay for something you could potentially get for free. For me it comes down to investment in myself and accountability. I am a lifelong learner – I will read about, listen to and seek out new information and research about topics I am passionate about or interested in. When it comes to my education or hobbies, making an investment is like declaring the value of the experience. I find that by investing money into it I find more value in it – I am vested. And a large part of that has to do with accountability. For example, I could commit to doing a variety of workouts at home, as fitness and health are a part of my passion for life. Instead, I pay to belong to a gym because I find more accountability in that and therefore more value in it. I am surrounded my others who want to learn and who are on the health/fitness path; I emeotj with coaches and trainers who ask about my regimen, my diet, etc and who also notice when I am not there. These are not necessarily things that the gym advertised to get me to enroll but rather the peripheral benefits of paying to belong to a community of like-minded individuals. So yes, I could download free workouts and content from numerous websites, but the accountability and community of a paid program are the true value for me – and what I am happy to pay for to benefit from.

  134. Great advice, I am still in the early stages of creating learning content online and this is an exact question I had. It was scary when I saw this email in my inbox I was thinking is she reading my mind?! Anyway awesome video, thanks heaps.


  135. Wilhelmien

    I love the free stuff, and I appreciate all that I have learned from it! I value the time that it has taken people to compile it and to share it and I have grown from it. I love that Marie is a great example of providing quality content for free and I am learning daily from it. Every minute spend in preparation and production has a cost, and I value it and do not take it for granted.

    I believe we need to understand the difference between serving people for free and providing education at a cost. There is place for both and the I believe the key is to provide both at a standard of excellence.

    I love the quote in Marie’s e-mail: “We provide a heck of a lot more than just “information.” We provide education.”

    That is what we pay for and I am happy to do it! 🙂

    Thank you Marie for providing both, I appreciate all the work that you do!


  136. Marie!
    How do you do it?
    Just when I am at the peak of a ‘confidence crisis’, you post the perfect pearl of wisdom to help me overcome it.
    Thank you for pointing out what I already knew, just didn’t realise.

  137. Thanks Marie, I love how any one of your 6 reasons would be an excellent reason all on its own to buy from someone on the Internet. The 6 together are just brilliant!
    Thanks so much.

    • Yup. So many of these distilled points Marie gives at times in her videos are worth noting down – I mostly tend to just ‘enjoy’ the video and move on. But many of her free videos have distinctly helped me too. Now I am looking forward to the B-School experience. What will it be like? I have absolutely no clue. Mango can be tasted only when it is tasted. An information sheet about mangoes does not give the mango taste. 🙂
      Not that information sheets about what we sell is not required!

  138. I just recently come from an online course that I can say I honestly had no problem spending , y money on it. My home is tight on money right now, so when I make a purchase it better be well thought out. This time around I didn’t have to do much thinking because I had been following these ladies for so long and I had seen results in what they were giving for free that when the time came and they had an open spot in a class I jumped right in.

    I paid for results, I paid to support the women that already helped me so much for free.


    Excellently put up Marie, very nicely explained. Useful clarification. Some things we get free. Other things we never mind paying for. It is a joy.

    An inquisitive person posed a question to a wise man: “Sir, whatever you teach is already written in the books. So I can get all the education required by reading these books. Then what is your role?”
    The wise man kept silent.
    The second time the inquisitive person insisted for an answer the wise man smiled and quipped “Why are you putting up this question to me? Go and get the answer in the books.”

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 Exactly what my bro was telling me the other day – a guru is needed. 🙂

  140. I purchased a Rick Jarow anti-career guide once online ( from ) – which takes one through one’s chakra’s to tune-in with oneself and convert that into an offering to the world.

  141. It all comes down to trust, too. I grow to know someone and their knowledge by their free content. If they are putting out sound advice/tips/education consistently and then offer an in-depth dive into something I want or need to know more about, I would be more inclined to buy it from them, then wasting my time surfing from place to place trying to gather it all myself.

  142. Rodrigo

    I so love the way you deliver your content. That goes along with the last step you offered in this video. You! Nothing in the world can compare to what YOU can offer in your unique, amazing way! So very true. So as the days get closer the the final day before BScholl closes. I’m on the fringe if I’m ready to invest my time and energy in this program. I know I want to but am still sorting out pieces to the puzzle. Not really sure what niche to focus on or what exactly can I offer. I feel I have so much to offer but don’t know where to start. Anyhow, I so enjoy your weekly talks. And am so loving your amethyst in the background! Keep rocking it chica and see you in the virtual halls of BSchool eventually. Xoxo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Rodrigo. If you have any B-School questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime to bschool AT marieforleo DOT com.

  143. I love people don’t buy info we buy results. Spot on I love it. This is a powerful video and great positioning! Katie 🙂

  144. Of course, coaching French online brings the same question over and over.

    I feel that I have to compete with the free stuff, then I remember that I actually don’t have any competition, because people pay to stay around me, so all I have to do is to be unabashedly myself, with my unique approach that goes beyond words (which could be the same words that are online in other people’s materials).

    Thanks for this, Marie, and thanks for B-School’s first materials – it’s amazing!

  145. I think it ultimately comes down to connection. There have been courses that I’ve purchased where I walked away and said, I learned nothing new or I could’ve googled all of that. But the difference in “googling” all of that is that I don’t have to waste my time and energy hunting and disseminating the info. The person I’m purchasing it from has done the legwork for me and so I’m basically investing in them to teach me what they learned. There are some things that I will research on my own and then some things that I won’t and that’s when I’ll pay. Plus at the end of the day, the ones I pay for…I’m potentially gaining connections through and you really can’t put a price tag on that.

    • Thank you Marie. Really puts a focus on how to sell my relationship products. I’ve been aware of pointing out results, but this just made me feel really confident I have value to deliver.

  146. I am starting up a new blog to go along with my business website. I have signed up for courses in things that I already know stuff about – and could probably find answers to…. if I search hard enough. HOWEVER, I do not want to spend all my time searching for answers. I need help now! I want plans in place with how-to tips at every step. I currently taking a course in photoshop & camera skills, blog building AND B-School!!! Now I just have to find another that lets me add more hours to the 24hr clock. Or maybe a DIY cloning video series. 😉

  147. Dear Marie,

    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your integrity and generosity. And SMARTS. It comes through in everything you do. I usually don’t refer clients to programs I haven’t taken myself, but I have seen such consistent good stuff coming from you that I think B-school would be a great investment for many of my clients, and have shared that with them.

    So this is just a simple thank you, for all that you do.

  148. Megs C.

    Very encouraging video! One of my favs! I knew as soon as I was introduced to Marie Forleo through Sean Croxton’s FREE blog on Underground Wellness that I wanted to join B-School. I had been following and admiring him and his career for a while, but when I saw how his attendance of B-School really jazzed him up and the significant changes in his business I ready and did not think twice about it. I wanted that! However, I got the cutoff date wrong for the 2014 B-School and tried to sign up the day after it closed. 🙁 I waited, not so patiently, for the last year and now I am soooo excited to be a part of the 2015 class!

  149. Ana Paula

    Hey Marie! How are you doing? This video gave me a clear perspective of what kind of content online I want. I love yoga, and I try to practice it through online videos on YouTube. There are wonderful free videos of truly amazing yoga instructors, but I needed something more estrucutred, so I bought a yoga course online that will give me all classes I need, but I still watch free videos. I think that the quality of content is more important, whether it is free or paid.

  150. Thanks for doing this video, Marie! It really made me rethink my own program and how I can improve it. I feel like I have the accountability and motivation part down pat and the ‘me’ part, but maybe I need to rethink how I’m distributing my info to ensure it’s conveniently packaged and structured in the best possible way–this might be something I need to talk to someone about tbh. My program I offer is to have a document completed (in a book, book proposal, article, or blog).

    Personally, when I buy a program it is so I can obtain a specific result and the person I’m working with really has to click with me–I have to feel like I’m really moving forward with what my objectives are. Sometimes it’s enough to have a coach who can help me become unscattered and help me reach one objective at a time.

  151. This was a great video, thanks Marie!
    I have also been into Raw food and nutrition for 7 years and have received most of the info online and in books. However I recently decided I wanted to learn more and maybe make a career out of it. I looked into full time courses at raw chef schools and they were very expensive. As I wasn’t 100% sure where this would take me I opted for doing an online course at a fraction of the price with Jennifer Cornbleet, someone I’ve admired for a long time. It’s been a great opportunity and she’s been very available and supportive. The other bonus is that I thought I had to become a raw chef or develop raw products but she’s helped me realize I would love to become a teacher.

  152. Free content gains my interest and trust in people, so then I can purchase a more in-depth product (if I want to). Marie, I’m signing up this year!!!

  153. I’m very picky and cheap (mostly because I don’t have that wonderful income to unrestricted support everyone), so what makes me hit the buy button is:
    1) I may learn it all for free but… It’s all in one place + it’s got support!
    – When you’re trying to find free information you always kind of end up searching for support too, paid stuff often offer help in some sort.
    2) Time is not an option… I need it now, I need it all, I need it structured.
    – Free things usually leave you with a big “hole” to fill up, like some information is missing. And I never find it really structured because of this. Of course, I’ve felt these holes even when paying for stuff, but usually it could’ve just been me not taking full advantage of the support and help.

    I’m also in the trap of “why would anyone pay for my service?” My boyfriend is the right opposite, saying everyday to me, “You should start selling X and Y!” And I’m like, “But if I can do it, then anyone can do it, why would people pay for something they can make themselves?”
    You see, I’m generally the person, if I see that I can do it to, then I do not pay, but I make my own and I make it better 😉 And somehow, I’m convinced that everyone I know [speaking about my community where I market myself] has this mentality too :/
    Like I wouldn’t be okay with selling something without giving them the free recipe first -.-

  154. Maria Virginia Antivero

    Hello Marie,

    I have been following you since 2013 and I thank GOD I cane across someone lije you…YES, on line and for free.
    I would love to enroll and take your class as well as keep learning more from you but (and problably its the same situation as many other people).
    Educacion is priceless and your course is excellent. However not many people have the possibility to make 4 big payments or credit cards to pay.
    Is There a posibility in the future that the payments are more flexible?
    Im sure a lot more people (including mua) would join.


    Maria Virginia Antivero.

    Ps: we need a live event here in Washington DC. : )

  155. Lisa Eisenhauer

    Despite being very well versed and trained in holistic health, raw food, herbalism, etc., I just spent $97 on Donna Gates’ Body Ecology Diet online class. Why? I asked myself that too, after I’d purchased it. After all, I already know how to make sauerkraut, the importance of fermentation, probiotic foods, alkaline vs. acidic, etc. The reasons are the same as those that Marie presented: I have a specific health objective, and wanted trustworthy, organized, action-oriented information all wrapped up in a bow for me so that I could simply focus on getting the results that I want. I did go specifically to her because she is the one who can be largely credited for enabling this movement within the U.S., and so I feel confident that I can trust her information. Shortly afterwards, I found a really great link to a site that offers free videos on how to do the same thing. Had I found that site first, would I still have paid for the Body Ecology course? Yes. One, because I’m happy to support Donna, who has devoted her life to this topic, and who was “country back when country wasn’t cool.” Two, because her information is organized and presents a plan to follow, which goes back to the packaged with a bow, results-oriented reason. I don’t want to go down the endless rabbit holes of clicking links and collecting information. Just refresh me on what to do, how to do it, so that I can do it NOW. That’s what I paid for.

  156. I love to learn and feel very self-directed but I signed up for B-School because I don’t want to do it all alone (or reinvent the wheel =)

  157. I have to admit that I think most customers start by looking online, and then quickly realize that they want to work with a pro – whether it be to follow my structured content, or getting into a personal working relationship with us. I so much appreciated this when it came to working on my own business. I am a B-School grad, and believer!

    One thing Marie didn’t call out specifically was that the really good pros offer SO MUCH MORE value than what is paid for. B-School was worth every penny, and so is the product that you will offer to your customers if you follow this guideline.

  158. YES! FREE in a product is overrated and undervalued. People do not respect a product unless they pay for it. That is just the mental set of most.

    However FREE in the realm of virtues are priceless! 😉

  159. Stevie

    Hello Marie
    Very true, I often check out free content, trial it and if I feel happy with it, I am very happy to pay to support their work, I think it is fair, I like to check what support is given as well as many people are becoming too distant from their customers, I certainly feel that those who give support and back up will win over those who don’t.

    Thanks Marie and Team

  160. As someone who lives on a shoestring budget, I thank Heavens every day for the internet and all the free content people put on it. Still whenever I could, I have at least donated to the creators when that was available, or bought books, music, movie DVDs, etc. I think it’s important that creators are supported, especially when they are indie producers of content. Whenever I paid for content, be it an online course or a book, I was looking for something more in-depth than the free content available.

    The illustrator Matt Kohr, who runs the site Ctrl+Paint is an example of someone who has been providing a lot of quality free content, but who also sells videos with more comprehensive content on creating art.

    As someone who benefits from free content online but also wants to earn a keep from selling online content, I think content creators can both provide quality content for free and sell products/services or ask for donations from visitors. I’m sure that anyone who can will be willing to pay for exclusive content if what is available for free is of great quality.

  161. I’ve paid for information online, because it’s more convenient and saves me the time of searching on my own and struggling to piece everything together.

  162. Kaisa Rahuoja

    What a great discussion!
    I like to view on the issue of free vs paid content as targeted to different groups of people. For me personally the motivation and commitment factor rings true and I have seen it in many businesses as well. Whenever I was organizing a free event for students, I struggled to gather the audience, since I suppose a free thing is easier to give up than a thing that you have invested your money in. When it comes to topics such as nutrition, training or personal development, the consistency is very important and the financial investment helps to keep you going.

    On the other hand, there are people who can not afford being convinient, and oftentimes need the knowledge even more than people who can buy the online courses. I think for such people the free content is a great opportunity.

  163. Kaisa Rahuoja

    I am really interested how the courses, videos and other content (free or paid) influences your personal wellness!

  164. Thank you for this! I was thinking a lot about this this week.
    I should have watched this video on Tuesday! Oh well – all in perfect timing.
    I give away a boat load of information each and every week.
    I was beginning to wonder if I should tone the free info down because my paid offerings aren’t selling as well as I would like them to.
    But after watching this, I know I just have to tighten up my offerings.
    Thank you again Marie and team!

  165. Iris Chaabane

    Loved the video. These 6 reasons I can even use when I’m talking one on one to a potential client. 🙂

    I usually buy online content for these same 6 reasons, so it made me realize why wouldn’t someone do the same for my work!
    Thank you

  166. What a great video! Thanks Marie and Team.

    It is so easy for us new business owners to feel small sometimes and to lose sight of our value. This video has motivated me to follow through on an idea that I started to lose faith in.

    Thank you!

    p.s. How do I add my photo? I seem to have lost that option when posting here. Thanks!

  167. 100% accurate in the process portion. Its so much better to get information from one source that creates order.

  168. Love this video, Marie (as per usual). Just love your style, love what you have to say, and how you say it. Thank you. 🙂

  169. Ann Marie

    Free doesnt always means it’s legit!

  170. Great video & reminds me of (no affiliation). Sure, you can find all kinds of free online video tutorials on topics like how to knit, but by taking structures course with professions who have taught tons of people already how to knit, you really are a “knitter” by the end of a class.

    It makes me think of the cliche “you get what you pay for.”

  171. Jen

    Perfect timing! I’m just starting out and so far, this question is the most relevant for me. So true and just what I needed to hear.

  172. Ida

    Thank you Marie. This was a lovely video with a hands on, really practical technique. I will definitely use it. A lot. It was just what I needed. And thank you for everything that you do. Your work really inspires me. <3 / Ida

  173. I think my main take out from this video was the distinction between education and information – information is everywhere, that’s true and you can find almost anything for free nowadays…But as a former teacher, i have to say that education has much more to do with applying information that you don’t necessary think you need to develop skills that will surprise you in the long run.

    People buy education not only for the knowledge but for the networking and certification as well.

  174. jackie

    Good Morning
    I have purchase many different course online and still never got the results as the I expect of these courses
    What I learn is that in order to get right information is to stop buying these course because even thou some of these gurus have camouflage these different courses,it does not mean that they all tell all of the truth.

    They tell you half of the truth and then hold some back, because they don’t want you to make the amount of money as they have and that is why I have stop buy courses on-line, because I have lost thousands of dollars and still have not gotten the results I would have gotten,
    So if the B School is giving there course for FREE I would be gladly to do it

  175. Hi Marie,

    Thanks you for this.

    What springs to mind for me is this: Be unique. Be interesting. Be yourself.

    And then the clients and customers will come AND be happy to pay for something of value to them.


  176. hi marie; loved your video. think that it is important to remember that people buy the person as much as if not more than the product. and yes accountability is a big selling point. of course, that only works if the potential customer connects with you and who you are. thanks again, max the blind blogger

  177. Hi Marie.
    I am considering B-School to grow my “eco-songs for children” brand. I considered B-School last year and while I was considering it, my “day job” as a psychotherapist got busier than ever. And, at the same time, my body and spirit were whispering to me, “Slow down, get back in balance, don’t take on anything new right now…” So I listened and postponed B-School. Now here I am, just about ready to sign up for B-School (because I’m passionate about my music brand 🙂 and I have this question: If I can’t give B-School the full 10 hours or so per week, will I be able to achieve the same results if I take more than 3 months to complete what I am learning in B-School? Would love to hear your thoughts. And, BTW, what does the “B” in
    B-School stand for? 🙂 Thank you! Cheryl aka Birdsong

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Cheryl! We’re so glad you’re considering B-School this year. We do offer lifetime access to our program, so you’ll be able to access the course materials anytime throughout the program and all year afterward. If your day job is keeping you busy, you’re welcome to take a “lite” approach to B-School and work at your own pace.

      As part of the lifetime access, you are also invited to participate in future rounds of B-School at no additional cost.

      If you’d like more info or if you have other questions, the best way to reach us is at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com. We’re always happy to help!

      P.S. “B” stands for “Business.” 🙂

  178. This really hit home for me. I’m an Instructional Designer so my every day is creating training. I struggled with the idea of putting myself out onto YouTube for about 3 year and finally posted my first video a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed it and I’m going to continue to do it but I was definitely dealing with the negative mental chatter. This post helped me solidify my continued efforts.

  179. Philiy

    Hi Marie
    I wanted to know how up to date the content is that you teach on B- School. As the Internet is changing all the time I wondered how often you up date your course? Also it seems very American in tone and I wondered if you had case studies of your course working for the UK market? Thanks so much. Your answers will help me decide about enrolling. Philiy

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Philiy! We do update and revise all the course materials each and every year before B-School starts, so the content is as fresh and up-to-date as possible. We had some major revisions this year in particular, so you’ll be getting the latest info on building your business online.

      While we’re based in the US ourselves, we’ve had students from all over the world including the UK. The strategies that we teach guide you how to identify your ideal customer, then come up with a communication and marketing plan that speaks directly to that ideal customer. As that’s completely adaptable to your customers and your business, all the tools can apply no matter where you live.

      For a few specific stories, you can check out our Live Your Dream campaign here: Jackie Harris and Diane Rooney are two amazing B-Schoolers on that page who are living in the UK, so I think you’ll really love checking out their stories. We also have a number of B-Schoolers on that page from other areas of the world too, so it’s a great place to start.

      If you have more questions we can help with, definitely reach out to us at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be happy to help!

  180. Philiy

    Thanks so much. I’m going to have a look at those links now. One final question- if I can’t enrol tomorrow for B-School, is there another enrolment this year?
    Best wishes

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Not this year, as we run B-School annually, so if you’re looking to jump in this year, now is the time! Otherwise, we’d love for you to join us in early 2016 🙂

      • Philiy

        Hi Caroline- Team Forleo
        I think it would have to be this year but can I ask you one more question? I run training courses and this is what I want to set up on line. At the moment $1999 is an awful lot of money for me. I have never taken an online course before so I am scared about it not being the right ‘fit’ for me. I know that you say you can take the first 2 modules and if it isn’t right you can request a refund- could you explain how that works? It’s the one thing that is stopping me from signing up- not knowing if this is the right fit for me and not knowing what to expect as I have never done an online course before. Thanks so much. I know I probably sound like I am over thinking this! Best wishes Philiy

  181. susana

    I like a lot Marie Forleo for You tuve, I dont understant well english but a I am studie with your videos.
    Please help me
    The People persiben me as a professional and very capable person, as I do when I myself do not feel that.
    Me are offering the management of the company I work, as I can do to feel safe.

  182. Great video Marie! It’s very helpful and interesting. I often think of this question a lot as well. It’s good to know there’s a solid answer for it though. Thanks.

  183. I, too, invest in my own learning and education. I search for a lot of information for free on the internet. It’s there and in great abundance. I also find that when I am wanting more, the best way to get it is to invest in myself. The free content is great, and I do the same thing, offering my content for free, but at some point, the free content is not enough. When I invest in a program I get more access and “intimacy” with the leader of the course. The more I invest the more access I get, and that is where the most effective learning takes place for me.

  184. I love this question, as I get asked the same thing all the time as well. The simple thing for me is that people are busy and don’t have much time and they want instant results. Therefore if you can package information together all in one place that solves their problem, rather than them spending time searching for it, then they may just buy. Also they are not just buying the “information” they are buying you, your personality, your background and the authority you have in your marketplace. Simple comparison why do some people go to Asda (cheap food shopping centre) whereas some go to Waitrose (expensive food shopping centre), they are happy to pay for me for a better service, better presentation of food etc. So remember to add value and experience around the information you are selling, be unique. That’s what makes me buy, all day long. Cheers Kylie

  185. From my own experience: yes, nowadays you can find almost everything on the net for free but there is a ton of people -and there will always be- who prefer to pay for high quality content and/or services, one-on-one sessions and more customized information.

  186. I have bought courses on line and I believe the reason that it works is that I perceived at the time that the person/institution could help me alleviate pain I was feeling in my business/personal life and I would have the answers quickly and would stop feeling the way I was or fix the problem that I had.

  187. Sharyn

    I would like to add that perhaps the most important thing that a person gets from a paid teacher or coach is feedback. Free information can be useful, but when traveling along a path towards a particular goal, a person usually doesn’t get very far at all without some feedback from someone with more knowledge and experience. Getting no feedback is like trying to pilot a plane without the assistance of air traffic controllers; the plane is always going SOMEWHERE but without help from people who have a broader perspective, making minor adjustments in direction and helping to navigate through nasty weather, the pilot may not land where s/he intended to.

  188. Marie, thank you so much for this. This fear is always on the back of my mind and your 6 reasons just made me feel great about charging for an online course. Thanks!

  189. It is so much about what is authentic and unique about each and every one of us. Sometimes it is difficult to remember this in the big sea, and to stay focused on it.

  190. Gotta say I really loved this video, topic and the answers you shared Marie! Way to kick free in the butt, and give “only-freebie” seekers a thing or two to chew on when they’re spending a ton of time searching for stuff someone with experience can teach them for a fee that ultimately might be far less than the time they waste trying to figure things out on their own from free stuff.

    That’s not to say some free stuff isn’t awesome and better than some pay-access stuff but in the end, if you’re spending money and getting worse than free then you’re simply spending money with the wrong folks, up your hunting ground and you’ll find that paying your way is often the better way to go especially when it comes to gaining knowledge or skills that could potentially change your life for the good, forever!

    Thanks for the kick in the pants Marie, you’re awesome!


  191. Bethany

    This was perfect. I didn’t realize that this was one of my major stumbling blocks when trying to create my own offering. Every time I’d find something for free, I’d say ‘oh well, it’s already been done here’. Not anymore!

  192. I loved a free course I saw on a creative site and ended up purchasing it after it finished so that I could really pay attention for the full course. I loved it. Now I joined B School and it is amazing. It is nearly organized and offers so much more than I could have ever thought of. Actually, Marie offers everything I would start thinking about. Even how to download the info! Amazing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Joselyn! We’re so glad to have you on board with us in B-School, and thrilled that you’re enjoying it. <3

  193. I’d like to add that sometimes when you’re getting a free course and you want to ask a question, you don’t always have the instructor available, or the information is not covered in the book. I say, “Don’t Be Discouraged” if you are offering something for cost that can be gotten for free. Because I learned something else as well. People would rather have someone tell them something directly than look for it. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ll tell a person to look it up on the internet and they’re like, “Come on, just tell me.” I just smile because as long as they are dependent on other people for their information, people who sell education will always have customers… Yay, team!

  194. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed
    reading it, you will be a great author.I will always bookmark your blog and will eventually come back very soon. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great writing, have a
    nice holiday weekend!

  195. When it is free, very few people take it seriously.

    When they do take it seriously, the cost is very high considering how much time you have to spend.

    If someone can cut that time to half, you have come out way ahead.

    I know this because I mentor an online public speaking class where less than 1% who register will finish the course. The reason is that cost is too high even though it is a free course.

  196. When I first started online I didn’t have any money to invest in expensive course, so I signed up to received all the free info I could get, I ended up wasting sooooooooo much precious time which I’ll never get back, not to mention that I ended up all over the place and taking action in the wrong directions, all because the information was not organized properly so I was learning really advanced marketing tactics when all I needed was a simple website. Oh well you live you learn 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ohhh yeah, I so hear you Tatiana! Thanks so much for sharing your experience today — there’s nothing like wisdom from those who have been there! 🙂

  197. Hi Marie!

    I’m a little late on watching this, but it makes me feel so much better. I am just starting out as a Beachbody coach and while learning as much as I can about the products and the company I’ve come across so much free information it’s ridiculous!!! However, steps 5 & 6 really resonated with me. Accountability and motivation is something that I have always struggled with personally so being able to have someone following up is HUGE. Also, I’m a good time and you can find a meal plan on Instagram, but you will miss out on what I can offer you.

    Thanks again!

  198. Amy

    I just checked out this video based on a link in B-School and all 6 reasons why someone would pay for something when they can find everything online for free totally resonates with me ….and is exactly why I purchased my seat in B-School! I’m also currently in graduate school and have access to many of the theories, concepts and book titles/speakers Marie mentions or recommends. However, I was feeling like I wanted to grow my business faster and Marie is really helping me fill in the missing pieces in a brilliant sequence that is very straightforward and easy to follow. For me, I feel like she has curated the most useful and relevant content related to starting an online business and is helping me translate all the theory and strategy I’m learning in grad school into a tangible plan that will resonate with my ideal customer. The time saved searching for all of the info and resources coupled with the convenience of being able to learn on the go and at times when I can truly pay attention is priceless!!

  199. Useful info again! True, online content does not give you feedback.

  200. What makes me hit the “buy” button is when I see that all the information I need is in one very organized place and divided into methods that make it easy for my busy “mom-brain” to understand. It’s better for me to go to one place than to spend half the day Googling!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Keri! Organized info that you can trust packaged all in one place can make all the difference. 🙂

  201. With a deep passion for knowledge, I simply didn’t know where to start with my business. Free content is great, but what I paid for in B-School and Ellegant Excellance is so much more than learning. It’s about mindset, daily activities, not just hustling but being more intentional with your time. I’m always going to invest in my education because there’s no way I can do it all alone and being a business owner – I’ve learned it’s so easy to become overwhelmed (job, side hustle, mommy duty, taking care of the house) I’d be wasting my time trying to learn everything on my own. And one thing we cannot create more of is time! And sooo much more is shared in the paid content.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Kelly! We’re honored you’re a B-Schooler and are really proud of you for building your business. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  202. Canadian

    If everyone learns what you know for free then you might end up working in McDonald’s and they might end up as millionaire

  203. Also, they have ruled the market due to their anatomical constructions of shoes that make
    the shoes anti-stress with special shock absorption system.
    They are going to almost any extent to look good
    and attractive. A new kind of wire mixed with natural fabrics, like cotton, provided the perfect adjustment to the body.

  204. M. Q. Consumer

    This sounds just like the Tony Robbins sales model. I hope you can make it work as well as he has.

  205. To prove your point that people go to trusted sources when looking online, I am doing research about how to bust up shame for a workshop I’m presenting. Doing a google search for Marie Forleo + Shame popped up this video (among a bunch of others). LOVE your content, proud to be a B-Schooler and not at all shameful that I haven’t finished it yet, I know this is my year to get through it all! TBH though everything so far has helped me on my journey and I so appreciate that I spent the money to learn what you have to teach!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome you have a workshop coming up! I’m so glad Marie’s videos could be helpful as you’re preparing. It really is true what she says: “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.” You’re going to do amazing and we’re proud of you for putting yourself out there and sharing your wisdom.

      And it’s totally okay if you haven’t finished B-School yet––that’s one of the beautiful things about lifetime access! We’re gearing up for the 2018 session and would love for you to participate if you’re interested. If you didn’t receive an invitation email from us about 2 weeks ago, write to us at bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll make sure you’re all set! 🙂

  206. I love this video and it gave me some additional ideas for my blue ocean! Part of B-school! Best investment I have made in life. Thank you Marie!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Dragana – SO glad to hear this!! We’re honored to have you as a B-Schooler and cannot wait to see all you’ll do and create in your business.

  207. Thank you for this great article.
    In my opinion, people already can learn everything online!
    At this time I work as a freelance writer. All my knowledge that related to writing i learned in the Internet. Thanks such informative blogs like your. Now I’m just sit at home, raising my daughter and earn money 🙂
    I think that everyone can learn everything online.

  208. I haven’t read the comments, but I think people inherently value the RELATIONSHIP and discussion with a live person. Even if what you discuss or what information you provide can be found online, we need each other and interactions to help us process and retain information in a much more lasting and satisfying way.

    Just think of restaurants.
    Many times you order what we could easily make at home.

    Just think of yoga, dance, Pilates, etc.
    We could do the exact same sequence of moves at home in front of a screen.
    Yet, we go to class. Why?

    When you just look at it simply, even if you don’t know the mysterious ways we provide something of value to each other, it’s obvious that it’s happening. We are Wired to Connect!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Love love this ‘we are wired to connect’ concept Maggie! You’re spot on that relationships and connections with other people inspire us to seek out things that we could otherwise do for ourselves, or learn for free. These are great examples; thank you for sharing!

  209. If you look at a expert baseball team enter the stadium, you would assume the
    group to involve the head coach, the pitching coach, the hitting coach, and a several other coaches.

    If you want to thrive on the web wanting to do perfectly
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    proper state of mind, but unless you have a coach who is accomplishing actually properly and can instruct you his step
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    Below is why you require a particular mentor on-line:

    A individual mentor will give you step by stage recommendations on what you ought to do to do well on-line.
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    I am not likely to go into also a great deal specifics but you get the photo.

    When you obtain an on the web mentor that will educate you how to make it on the world-wide-web, do as they say
    and by no means consider to do issues your way. If the techniques that they educate you function and they should,
    then keep carrying out it.

  210. Hey Sonja and anyone who has these fears, myself included!

    Great topic, and Yes how many times do I wonder this and yet I buy online courses at least 2x a year.
    WHy? Because free stuff isn’t a roadmap or all the info can’t be given in even 2hrs.

    WHen we’re experts, we have so much to share, and then when we create a a-z course to educate and empower others, its worth so much more than money 😉
    Glad to hear myself say this to myself. Haha

  211. Mary

    I completely fall in love with some of these teachers through their free material. Head over heels. And that is because they speak to me personally. I feel connected to something greater than myself. And I want more. And More. And More. I will spend lots of money eventually if it feels right to me. (10,000 dollars for a coaching program for one thing…) And I want to still stay connected. And buy more programs from them. I love this way of looking at things.

  212. I will often purchase things online from people or businesses that offer free content if I know I will want to revisit that topic or content in the future. I may not be able to “save” an email or remember a youtube video as much as I hold onto my login information for online programs. I will also remember my financial investment in it. For example, I have a lot of Gabby Bernstein’s free content, but the ones I keep re-reading or re-watching/listening to are the ones that I paid for because of the depth! It’s like saying to myself “this is valuable to me so I better use it.”

  213. jc

    Yes! More than one thing. One, is speed to the information. Two, is knowing that the information is vetted (again some speed here) but I don’t have to qualify every step of it if it’s a reputable educator. Three, accountability. I like to find systems that have built in accountability because that works for me. Whether that’s a test at the end or a group with actual homework and requirements. The more accountability the more likely I am to get the most out of it. And four, the direct resource and hopefully likeminded community. I get access to people who are likely smarter or more experienced than me in this area that I want to grow.

  214. Nisha Foerstner

    What a great question and one that has been on my mind for years! Thank you Marie for your six reasons why people pay for you … Now to remember them…. LOL

  215. Marie Reynolds

    I waited literally 9 years to get into B school!!! (Clap for me, it’s 2020 and I’m in!) I kept getting all Marie’s great weekly free content and thinking that “YouTube University” would teach me everything I thought I needed to know, for free…..and when it all ended up in one enormous and overwhelming pile of wonderful ideas, collected over most of a decade (how embarrassing)….I was buried beneath them, paralyzed by all the wisdom I’d gained and the fruits I’d grown over years in so many DIFFERENT directions! Here’s the perfect example of what Marie is talking about in this video! In B-School Marie and her team gently took my hand and step by step led me out of the woods. And all those great ideas I’d collected in the years before? They were finally coming together, making sense, and being put into action….NOTHING WASTED (Except time and profits and relationships that could have been in place years ago, if folks could have connected with my talents.) They’ll buy, and they’ll be greatful!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaas, Marie! There’s so much clarity and goodness in your comment. It’s true –– YouTube is awesome (obviously, because that’s where MarieTV lives!), but it’s soo valuable to have information organized and curated. And that’s exactly what an online service or program does. It helps you reach your goal step-by-step, which is hard to find for free online. Plus, when you invest in resources or education, the energetic shift of paying for something motivates you to pay closer attention and do the work. Great job, Marie! Thank you for sharing your journey with us here.

  216. Anne-Lise Botting

    Oh, did this episode hit the spot during this Coronavirus period. What I have to offer will include these 6 things – all crucial in my field of education – but most importantly my love and encouragement toward students and their parents, my heart and SOUL! “Free can’t compete with (me)!” Love this so much! Thank you Marie!

    • Anne-Lise Botting

      Whoops! I meant to comment on the episode, “What If People Can Learn Anything I Teach Online For Free!” Which was AMAZING – Thank you!! 🙂

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Anne-Lise! We’re so glad this is helping you create content that will serve others and help keep connected right now. We’re cheering you on!

  217. I have reached this video through B School. And these point resonates so well with what I always think when I ask myself, ‘Why invest in B School, when Marie has already so much free content?’ Even before seeing this video, I had come with a similar answer as structured, points which I would not have thought of to look out for while building a business, sequence of doing things (even though in business everything goes hand in hand, but this course has put so much in perspective), great community to push you through the struggles and keep us accountable, and of course the ‘Marie touch’ which I am always grateful for. Thank you Marie for the awesome free and paid genuine content. 🙂

  218. I got the Breakthrough Experience book for free from a friend and it did help me when I read it, BUT… when I attended The Breakthrough Experience Seminar by Dr JohnDemartini I was grateful for every cent that I saved and paid for this very valuable life changing course!

  219. Patrycja

    This is such a thought provoking discussion! Love freebies and use them a lot to learn, but they do not seem to have the same impact as buying a product I value. There is something about spending money on quality online training that sends a message “I love you, you deserve the best in life”. That’s why I enrolled in B-School (which I’ve not completed yet by the way), but it already helped me see myself as a successful entrepreneur. It is also feels good to support people I respect and admire – thank you Marie for being one of my role models.

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