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Have you heard this one?

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

It’s a concept made famous by the legendary speaker and author, Jim Rohn.

Whether you subscribe to this philosophy or not, it’s hard to deny that the people you spend the most time with do have an impact on you.

I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henley Click To Tweet

They influence how you feel, what you believe, what you think about, and the decisions you make.

That’s why I was intrigued when one of our readers asked, “What do you do when the people you spend the most time with aren’t as ambitious as you are?”

And even more — what happens if you’re not able to make immediate changes in who you spend time the most time with?

On today’s episode of MarieTV, learn how to stay on track with your own goals and dreams — especially if you suspect the people around you may be dulling your drive.

This is the key to staying motivated, no matter what environment you find yourself in.

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Look. It’s undeniable that who you surround yourself with can either help (or hurt) your life, so it’s important to choose wisely. But what’s even more important to know is this.

You always have the power to lead yourself to your highest creative potential.

Ultimately, it’s not your circumstances, friends, age, background, education or any other factor that determines your ultimate destiny.

Because when the depth of the human spirit is unleashed from within, it’s truly unstoppable.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Do you believe you’re the average of the people around you? What’s a concrete example of how surrounding yourself with the right people has made a positive impact in your life?

Finally, if your ambition isn’t at the level you want, what are 3 specific actions you can take now? Leave a comment below, and let me know.

Remember, thousands of incredible souls come here each week for strategies, insight, and inspiration. Your story may be exactly what someone else needs to hear right now, so don’t be shy and share away.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

P.S. If you want more on this topic, you might enjoy Are People Around You Holding You Back? and Personal Growth: The Right — And Wrong — Way To Share It With Others.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching, and adding your perspective to the conversation!

You make Tuesday one of my favorite days of the week.

With love,

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  1. “You always have the power to lead yourself to your highest creative potential.”

    I like to tell my clients that they always have the power to choose. You may not like the choices, but you always get to choose. Not only can we choose a better circle of people, we can also choose how we respond to those people – and any people, really.

    And dance parties help, too. 🙂

    • So true, Lisa. We always have choice. I had to make a choice regarding one of my best friends. Wasn’t easy.

      Years ago, I used to spend most of my time with a dreamer (which is fine), but that person had little interest in actually implementing those dreams. Whenever, I would start moving *ahead*, they would always find subtle ways to mess with my confidence in doing so. They weren’t malicious, just afraid I think. Although it hurt, I had to restrict the amount of time spent with them.

      Love them to death, but I refuse to sacrifice the totality of who I am to accommodate their presence. As I move forth in the direction of my desires, I keep attracting people who are inspiring to me. I had to clear out the weight of that stagnant energy to create room for movement.

      Yes. The five makes a huge difference in one’s progress. It’s not *impossible* to thrive in an unsupportive environment, but there’s so much more resistance you have to overcome.

      • Sometimes we have people in our life for a reason/season to help us through. When that season/reason is no longer valid, we’re not doing them or ourselves any favors by sticking around. Dreamers don’t always become do-ers and when we’re ready to start “doing” it can be a slow, painful hell to live in if we don’t recognize the need to move on.

    • Lorriq

      Just watched yet another inspiring video from you Marie and I am liking everything you are saying it is as if you are reading my brain and making me do what I love. I looking forward to watching everything you have out there and I mean everything and I just put your book on hold at barnes & noble I am sure is will also open up my eyes.

      I am excited about my NEW life and it all started with my friend Dawn who is a B student and designer & now you Thank you thank you thank you


    • I can definitely attest that others around you can influence your thoughts and feelings, it’s especially hard when you live with that person and the daily push to “get a job” can be overwhelming.

      I’m gonna have to try the dance party, for sure, time to get out the Zumba!

    • Our ability to choose is so powerful. I think that we don’t give it enough credit. Thank you Lisa for sharing the power that choice really has.

      Brandy xo

    • Choices are key Lisa! I have said for years we make choices all day long about everything we do so the power to make our lives better really does exist in the right-now. And thanks Marie for this reminder. In fact, choosing to make time for B-School this year (hopefully with a scholarship!) is a major step I’m taking to surround myself with ambitious and encouraging peeps. I like your idea Marie of going to business events too. As a multi-passionate, I can get easily distracted and give my time to people and activities that don’t steer my ship in the direction of personal achievement and financial success. I know B-School will change all that with direct calls-to-action and a community to be accountable to! Bring it on!!

    • “You always have the power to lead yourself to your highest creative potential.”~ I love that quote. 😉 I can so relate to this post. The people and environment I find myself surrounded by in my day to day reality are so far removed from my dreams, aspirations and consciousness of who I am and the unanswered potential of who I wish to become. I find the online community of people whose sites I frequent such as here at Marie are so much more in tune to my thoughts and beliefs. How do I translate my cyber-space persona into my day to day life? I do subscribe to what Jim Rohn says about those you are surrounded by and your day to day environment. I find myself having difficulty raising the consciousness level of my daily existence, however. PS~ your bun always looks good, Marie, whether you’re wearing stripes, or polka-dots. 😉

    • Yes Lisa, that mean it will be solve when we decide follow things we want, everything else will in right order to follow.

    • @Lisa, I’m right with you there! I like to share that lil ole nugget o’ wisdom with people too… The choice is *always* there!

      And shoutout to Marie & Oprah for quoting one of my all time favorite poems! <3

  2. Great video and advice! I was in exactly the same situation 6 months ago. My life changed when I stopped blaming everyone and everything else for my unhappiness or numbness. I realised that I have to take that responsibility and own it! Now each day I wake up and say “Teach me. Teach me today what I need to learn”. As I continue with my day, I look at each individual as my assignment and another lesson. I constantly ask myself what can I learn from others – no matter good or bad. This mindset not only helped me to be a lot more productive, but I enjoy life more!
    Worse comes to worse, I watch Youtube and someone who inspires me, like Marie. If I am not in the mood to kick my but myself, I let other influential people do that and remind me what it’s all about 🙂 Hope that helps, and good luck for those who feel stuck!

    • Angelica

      Yeah, the web can be really inspirational too. Good point!
      ( I sometimes OD on TED Talks when I feel stuck.) And then I dance.

      Or I make silly creative videos just for fun.

      • Right on!!! Cheers to You with “OD” on TedTalks!!! And similarly same here too; however, choice of hApPy is typically “OD” on episodes of MarieTV, or snoopy’s tweets. PS – latest poignant realness you might Love is: Marie + Daymond John’s interview!!! You bring joy + actionable steps, guys!

    • Always need people take responsibility for themselves, their outcome. Always find mean in their life, know things they really want and find advice or motivation of other for themselves to overcome situation of don’t have knowledge, lack of motivation, don’t know mean or worth of themselves.

  3. Hey Marie!

    Loved this video. I am surrounded with people who are just content and just happy with their lives. I got so bored that i broke all barriers and just step out to find people who are ambitious and living a life of their dreams. (Yes! Toastmasters is the first place I went to). Now, I find myself trying to make people around look for the best they can become and dream big things.

    • hI Sthuthi, We only spend give advice to someone when we achieve things they don’t have. If we are going on the process achieve it, we shouldn’t do that so much because it will take time, efforts but they don’t really believe in us. So Focus do things we want, achieve it. Then our results will inspirit other people follow our advice that we don’t need efforts so much.

  4. It is absolutely true that the 5 closest people in your circle are a reflection of you and your potential. At one point, I found that as I grew, some of the people in my life were not growing with me. Our conversations were flowing less. Our points of view were becoming more divergent. Their conversation was so negative and it tanked my energy every time I talked to them. We started pulling away from each other and I felt bad about that. I didn’t want our friendships to end, but I also didn’t to feel like I was regressing every time we spoke. I wrote about this experience. Of the tips I mentioned, being honest and releasing it gently has worked the best for me. We’re still friends who love each other dearly, but they recognize now that I am not the one to come to to unload all their drama. Come to me for help with solutions, support, and to check in. It really saved the friendship. It just looks differently now. I steered my ship and we are all much better for it.

  5. How did I know you’d say DANCE IT OUT, Marie? heheh But it’s true. Movement helps (said the couch potato who is really just ‘getting’ this!)

    My friend Kelly inspired me to create a Meet-Up for Heart-centered entrepreneurs and while I’m scared about doing it, I did it. (EEK!)

    Master / Captain – always gotta remember that.

    3 specific actions I do and recommend?

    1) Make sure you’ve got some balance in your life. I find I spend a lot of time on my business because it’s what I love to do. But that’s really unbalanced. So, I recently got a keyboard and am learning how to play “Clocks” by Coldplay. (It’s very challenging.)

    2) Get out and do something nice for someone else! It makes that serotonin swirl, yo!

    3) Write out what you really truly want. No one has to read it. Just you. And it’s okay to want THINGS along with world peace and massages every day. Open up into what you want and that might help lead the way.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone!

    • Hi Lisa , I also want to add more, we must balance what we love such as business with our family, time for ourselves to relax and think deep about our soul. That work will help we have balance lead energy and keep focus on goal instead feel tire, stress.

      • Hi Marie, Lisa and Chu 🙂
        I love the way you think and i totaly agree to every part of it, when i feel lost on my journey i need to clear my head of all the stuff that’s distracting me.
        So, i pack my backpack, leave my cellphone at home, jump in my car and drive all the way up north, into the woods.
        Hiking is my way to get back on track, it helps me concetrate on the goal i set for me and helps me think.

        After a day in the woods, i feel much more creative and energized 🙂

  6. Angelica

    A note for Claudia.

    It may feel like you’re standing still, but you probably aren’t.

    (You just moved from Brazil to Germany, for starters!)

    I too have moved to different countries a few times and I too have had times when I wondered whether the people around me were dragging me down mentally and I too have had years in which it felt I was not progressing in any way, and learning little – and that’s scary.

    Sometimes when I despair and think that I am totally out of touch and so far behind, something happens that emphasizes that I am really still in front of most of the pack, but got so used to it that it felt like standing still. Or I enter an older environment from earlier in my life and see how much I have grown, to my utter amazement.

    And there’s more. These times when we feel we’re are standing still? They can be great starting places. It’s where you build up momentum while you get itchier and itchier until you suddenly have launched yourself into the next stage of your life and never even saw it coming.

    You’ll be fine. Heck, you’ll be more than fine!

    • Heather

      Agree Angelica – It’s a brave thing to move countries and start a new life and Claudia it’s bound to take a while to find your feet and exactly where you want to be in that country.

      Just looking at other comments in this thread I feel very uncomfortable with the concept of looking critically at the people you spend time with.

      Of course it’s fantastic to go out and find inspiring people to network with. Deleting people from your life because you feel they are not successful enough or don’t ‘get’ your ambitions is beyond shallow and selfish. I agree totally with Marie about keeping good hearted people in your life.

      Judging your friends by their success or ambitions is surely never a good way forward. I would say true confidence comes from learning not to judge other people. So couldn’t disagree more with Jim Rohn on this!

      • Stefanie

        yeah, heather, i agree. hasn’t worked for me either. i do believe it’s true but i find i have to approach it from the perspective of being more open and connecting with more people rather than judging my current friends and family based on my perception of their ambition.

        i can not move forward and work on my mindset or my goals and be focused on trying to change people around me. whenever i am stuck in this funk it feels like i am pulling backwards and forwards at the same time. very frustrating. this only stops when i stop focussing on other people’s faults – at least what i think they would be.

    • Hi Angelica. Everything also change, one for better or one for more worst. If we effort we always grow even when we see at final result have nothing but when we see in progress we are growing.

  7. Peer Powah – that’s the secret behind one of my most successful programs I cheekily, but without trademark, called the Circle of Trust. For eight years, I’ve run up to 6 groups of 12 entrepreneurs at a time in Kansas City, each meeting monthly to cheer, lovingly critique, and support. It’s been a FABulous earner for me as well; so much so, I decided that since I’m taking my biz online (thanks to inspiration from Marie and pals!), I’m teaching others how to host the same. Beta testing the eguide now which will be ready to share in a couple months. (Marie forgive me if this sounds like a plug – you can delete me if so! REALLY, I just want others to have more proof from my experience about how important it is to find a trusted, supportive group to thrive in.)

  8. Daaance! Haaaard 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love you.

  9. Ooh this such a good one! I think it’s also important to note that it’s not always just being surrounded by ambitious people… they may be ambitious in their own ways, or after a different dream!

    I had plenty of ambitious friends in college. But their dreams were really different from mine, which was to start my own business.

    Oh, and I love that you mentioned going to events Marie! One of the reasons I started Off The Charts Live is because I want to bring together ambitious introverts… woo! 🙂

    • Christina

      Marie, once again you have described my former life with this video. I have always been hopeful and grateful in my life, but that numbness that occurs is paralyzing, but once you get out and seek the creativity and conversation with like minded people, your life opens up and the lives around you do the same. You bring back the aliveness to those that you once thought just didn’t have the drive. Life becomes your canvas to paint whatever soars your soul.

    • I am so excited about Off the Charts this year Natahlie!! I will be there.

      Brandy xo

  10. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with inspiring people, but I agree that everyone can be inspiring if you let them. I love playing that game with myself actually… what can I learn from this person?

    • I agree, Wendy. Every person has something to offer and if they’re in our close circle, there’s a reason. Either they’re family who, I believe, have the most to teach us about ourselves. Or they’re dear friends we’ve chosen for their special qualities. They may not have the same ambitions we do but we have a lot to learn from them!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love that perspective, Wendy. There’s always something we can learn from others, right?

  11. It’s so important to surround ourselves with people that elevate and inspire us.

    Tip #1 join a high level mastermind! So powerful.
    Tip #2 work with a coach who’s going to draw the genius out of you.
    Tip #3 don’t listen to your “small” thinking. Ask instead for advice from your inner Goddess.

    And of course… dancing it out! (Bonus points for the captain’s hat) 😉

  12. Looooved this episode. Sometimes I feel like I want to headbutt the wall because people around me don’t get what I’m doing and why it takes the time it takes to achieve goals. It’s so discouraging some times, but here is what I do to kick the funk:
    1. I dance too 🙂 actually belly dance. I blast some oriental tunes on my husband’s sound system (more power and bass can give you such a kick!). I love the power of endorphin. It makes you so much more positive!
    2. I now have an accountability partner, someone in the same industry with whom I speak on a weekly basis. We have WhatsApp chats every day and at least a call once a week. It really helps as sometimes we feel despondent for no real reason and it’s not until someone tells us that the problem is actually our mental attitude, that we actually realise it’s time to snap out of it.
    3. I’ve bought myself a Day Designer. I wanted a full on planner to organise my life and the fact that every day I am identifying the top 3 to-dos for the following day, it means that I will start the next day knowing exactly what my goals are and what I want to achieve.

    So far this has been helping 🙂

    Thank you again Marie!

    • Great tips Elisabetta for taking the reins and galloping forward!

  13. This is so true Marie-some of the hardest work I had to do was taking a step back to first figure out where I WANTED to steer the boat to. Now that I’ve left my corporate job, dabbled in a few things and decided – that decision has made it a lot easier. Now it’s just a matter of learning how to set my sails to get there faster!

    • Right on Dawn – it all starts with your desire 🙂

  14. Yep, that quote always concerned me, too. That’s why I joined virtual communities (I didn’t have a car to drive to places).

    Now, for the first time in my life, some of my closest friends are aspiring entrepreneurs. They didn’t even come from any of the groups I joined. I guess I just kept talking and talking about it, and so it brought the entrepreneur out in them or attracted them to get closer to me.

    Oh, wait way-a-min…. maybe this law of attract crap works? lol!

  15. hello my dear friends,

    A few years ago we were asked to make a short video explaining why we wanted to participate in B-School. It was very revealing to me because as I was filming myself I became very emotional. I wanted community. I wanted people who had passion and commitment, who were excited about life and their interests.
    I realized most of my friends, who are my age (60) are retired, and as wonderful as they are, they are not interested in business. They have been a source of support and encouragement, but my path was not their path.
    I mean, I go out dancing by myself because they’re all in bed before the music even starts!
    So, one way to seek encouragement and inspiration is through an online community! What it does is open your mind, and your vibrations, and when that happens, people start coming into your life that were there waiting for you to allow them in.
    I love how Marie said to appreciate those people already in your life. Who knows, maybe they feel the same way and need someone to reach out to them!
    What has happened for me is that now people are seeking me as a mentor. Others who needed someone to inspire them, that has been a surprising development!
    I have lived in Costa Rica for 37 years and was always on a different path then the people in my community, But I do know this, ask and ye shall receive. Just by clarifying what you need, writing to Marie, and sharing with us, has opened a huge expanse of possibility for you,
    You go girl! We’re all rooting for you!

    • Laurel – I love that you go out dancing by yourself! I’ve actually done that many times too 🙂 Send some of the Costa Rica sunshine to NYC please!! XO

    • Hi Laurel, nice to see you here! Also from Costa Rica and in the same PWC support group. The world is small but the online community is endlessly growing. I love it!

      Marie, you rock girl! Inspiring episode, you did it again! What a great model for the young generation and the one I am part of.

      I will be 60 in a month and still love to dance, not at night tho but in parks (like yesterday and at the Plaza de La Cultura on the 14th to celebrate this day by dancing our joy for life) or no matter where I am if I have a need for it.

      After reading many of the comments, here is a few things I have learned along the way that has the potential to inspire:

      – By taking responsibility of my life (how I perceive), I offer the opportunity for others to do the same;
      – To improve the quality of my inner being is my choosing, even tho I know that the permanency of perfection is found in a cemetery;
      – While choosing to believe that it is never others’ fault how I perceive and that I want to practice no harm, I am also responsible to learn to take no rubbish – a tough one when we know that one of the need of human kind (Maslow’s hierarchy) is a need for belonging;
      – By offering the best of myself to myself and others I do what Nelson Mandala so beautifully said – “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”.

      Let’s shine our light then!

      P.S. Thanks Marie and to all the beautiful people here. After listening to this episode and to read the comments, I reconnected in my heart with a person with who I had a long lasting friendship.

  16. Can I just say the timing of your video Marie is massively serendipitous? I have made a big shift in my life and chosen to hang out with inspiring, wickedly smart and clear therapists. Ambition is perhaps defined differently by each of us for some of us ambition means money, others scholarship, others personal growth. Anyway, me and 45 other therapists started writing together and get together quarterly for a writer’s jam. In the last few months we have a private list serv (not for office logistics) for philosophical debate about how we work as psychotherapists. Last week one of the therapists wrote this great piece on therapy working because the therapist loves their clients. There was some drive by criticism on a social network, I posted it to the authors forum and whammo….At least 8 of us were grokking the role of love in psychotherapy – not pithy commentary but deep, scholarly and many talk about feeling blessed. I felt teary just being a part of it. There were two interesting things I notices in the middle of feeling aglow with the love conversation…I really felt “Man I did this….I found these people – we are having this conversation about love that is so profound and my work with my therapy clients was more on point because of that conversation.”
    1. More men were voicing their thoughts than women on the list serv (I kept sitting back hoping more of the women writers would comment. I notice this is general that women are still being TOO quiet)
    2. A couple of colleagues are so inspirational/wise that I do have to personally quiet my inner critic who can easily co opt this great source of energy and use it to “compare and despair”.
    3. There has been a sweet shift around number two – which is to wildly and unabashedly embrace my flaws so that critic gets sidelined.
    4. My final new venture is I hired an assistant so I can spend even more time in those inspirational conversations and less time doing operations stuff.

  17. Lisa S

    I just so so so look forward to MarieTV. I hope you have a great day!

  18. I don’t believe “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”!! Yes our environment (people we are with, places we hang) can influence our being and make us thing that is the norm, but like you say We are in charge of US and if we want something different for ourselves we can get that no matter who we hang out with. If we really go after what our souls want, eventually we will see our environment shift and the people around us may have shifted as well. Not because they were horrible bad people, but because we changed our own behavior and took charge of where we were going!

    Three things I do when I’m in a rut:

    1) as silly as this sounds I clean my living environment. I go through and toss things I just don’t want anymore. I straighten up and I organize. I vacuum and I put everything in a place. I make my bed and dust. I feel like just going through the act of this is cleansing and re-organizing my mind as well and then I can really put in to action what might be stirring in my heart.

    2) I find a time to really listen to what my inner intuition is calling out for. If I feel numb, I think its because Ive been ignoring the voice and not giving it what it wants because I haven’t been able to find the “right” or “perfect” thing. If I nurture the voice and really go seek at least one thing out that is in line with what its asking, even if its not exactly the right thing, that usually gets the ball rolling on other inspiring ideas and before you know it I’m off doing the things I love!

    3) The last thing I do is check all the negative voices in my head that are telling me lies. That I need to feel bad, to feel like a slacker, for not doing my thing yet, That theres no hope, it doest exist, etc. Those can cloud your feeling of your own ambition so we gotta clear those out asap and I write them down, then laugh at how ridiculous they are, and write corrected sentences in a positive build-me-up light!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great tips, Allison – thank you so much for sharing. I love cleaning and organizing too when my brain feels “stuffy” and in a rut, and it really does help tremendously!

      Reminds me of one of Steven Pressfield’s books, “The War of Art,” where he mentions that the day he turned the corner and started really writing and going “pro,” he found himself washing his dishes and humming.

    • Hi Allison Lee. When we around 5 negative persons then we hard to find something support for us, someone will easy lost them hope or believe in their own ability. But if people around 5 positive person, we can see their results, know their thought, see their action all of that also will help we be more smart even we can’t same to them.

  19. I’m 66. I’ve made my decision. I am going to succeed & I am not afraid to be different. What I did for all those years never worked anyway, so my determination keeps me going.
    When I get stuck or discouraged I do some alone time. I read my inspirations on my bulletin board. I revisit great videos. I explore on the web. I listen to my music, my rockin’ blues. Chopping firewood helps.
    Just make the decision to get back to your zone, your happy place. Yes, you are the captain of your own ship. Accept the responsibility of your captaincy.

  20. This is great video thank you for dance party idea. :))
    I had the same issue in my life cople times, but the most important thing is to get out is just really listen to your inner voice and find your talent.
    When you feel that click that’s it I want to do this and this is the best for me then nobody actually can bring you down.

  21. I can’t even figure out who my top 5 people are. I think that what matters is the impact people have. I can absorb a lot from people with a lot of heart, even if I only see them once a month. I intentionally got a once a month job in a field I’m looking to get back into and that one weekend a month fuels me for the next month to come.

    And yet, I know I need to expand my circle outside of that one weekend every month and I’ve been working on it a bit. I dedicated last year to follow as many of my inspirations as possible and I’m even more dedicated to that task now…but it is mostly something I do online, which is great, but I need to find the time and the avenue to be around people who are professionally similar to myself as well as personality-wise.

    My goal is to find a networking opportunity, toastmasters is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I know a lot entrepreneurs are related. I’ve also been thinking about putting together a local or regional “journal” or “paper” along with some like-minded people in the health & wellness business, it would be fun and productive.

    On the other hand, I need to spend sometime with some light-hearted people that I can just enjoy fun activities with. Something with soul, but something that is also specifically for connection and fun. So I’ll be contacted locals in my field (which I already started doing a couple weeks ago) and I need to find something easy and convenient for me to do for fun because I know those types of relationships fuel me in my professional and private life.

  22. Roman

    Thanks for broaching this touchy subject. I actually do many of these steps. And they work. For me, the ultimate goal in this area is to set it up so that being around the environment I want becomes a much easier process. Keep up the good work!

  23. YES of course those around us do influence us… SO balance is important when it comes to friends 🙂

  24. The larger your social media/blog following gets, the more negative crapitutude (making that a word) gets thrown your way. I loved this advice. I like to re-read The Four Agreements to remind myself not to take things personally and know that their negative vibe is all about them and not about me.

    I love the braid bun and stripes too! Holla 🙂

  25. LOL Hilarious ship segment!

    I have been pondering this quote for a long time and I do believe it. We are influenced by those who surround us. It’s not just about what people think about or where they put their focus or what they believe to be possible or true, it’s also the energy with which people live their lives that influences our experience. Personally, I find the energy people emit to be very contagious. I don’t always necessarily want to be wearing the Captain’s Hat, especially in a social setting, and have found that not everyone is open to new ideas.

    Just this past week I took the steps to join our local chapter of The Hub which is a collaborative work space and network for entrepreneurs. It’s international! So when visiting other countries I can use their work space. I am so looking forward to hanging out with these people! There is even a Friday wine night and open mic. I plan to challenge myself to speak.

    You can find your local chapter here. If one doesn’t exist, you can take the steps to create one! :

    With Love and Compassion,

  26. Thanks Marie! I really appreciate your encouragement and spin on these timeless pieces of wisdom.

    There are two local groups of amazing and empowered women I have been wanting to join – and I am going to do it!

  27. Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for that awesome video and creating your fabulous B-School for people like me!! My desire and passion is to build my own interior design business, providing my design services and consultation services in person and online. I have no idea how to get started or how to make this my reality. I need help with ALL 6 pillars. Please help me. I look forward to getting starTed right away.

  28. Liza J

    Great episode. I tell clients that you don’t have to be physically around like minded people. Reading non-fiction books, subscribing to certain you tube channels, listening to pod casts, and receiving emails from inspiring people will help you while you’re on your way to building a great team around you physically.

  29. OMG! This is so good on so many levels! I’m not sure if I’m the average of the 5 people that I spend most of my time with, but I do know that I get undeniable energy and inspiration from people that I spend time with! Food for thought! Also, just gotta say that the clip of Marie captaining her ship at sea made me seriously laugh out loud! So funny!! Thanks so much for this…loved it!

  30. Celine

    Hi Everybody!

    I am grateful for the opportunity to post my opinion here! Thank you!

    When I first thought of the people that I spend the most time with, I thought of friends, but it’s actually work colleagues that I spend the most time with. That’s probably similar for many people.

    During a career transition, I made a list of the top qualities of the people that I want to work with: international, smart, open-minded, fun, and social change-oriented.

    Now I work with these type of people. It is awesome!!!

    I highly recommend taking into consideration the great qualities that you would like your co-workers to have. Secondly, taking responsibility for inspiring your co-workers and the people around you is …. inspiring and motivating!


  31. Heidi

    I can so relate with Claudia – those Germans (I am one ;-)) can really drag you down, especially if they come / live in the gray North of the country. @ Claudia: If you are lucky and live in a real big city (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich) get your butt out: there are tons of ambitious well traveled people, who love to dance and thrive! Just imagine your left ear as the entrance and your right ear as the exit of a tunnel, where negative comments / depressing point of views / drag-downers drive through and don’t get the chance to get stuck in your head. Keep on steering!

  32. Judy Moore

    Marie, thank you for the FUN, practical advice and energy that I need to inspire myself and help others.
    You’re a hoot!

  33. Gwen Cameron

    I’m a 55yr old divorced female that’s been on Disability for most of my life, due to trauma-based issues. I (don’t) live on SSI & SSDI totaling only about $750/mo, yet I’ve got 2 websites of my writings & photography, a fan page on Facebook, & a growing following. I’ve NEVERYOURE had a full-time job, & realize most of the folks in my life have discouraged me from pursuing what I truly want to do, saying it’ll cost too much or take Herculean effort. Nonetheless, they call me “adventurous”! This video is the first of yours I’ve watched, & it really spoke to me; I don’t even have a reliable car, but after heart surgery in Dec 2014, I’m HIGHLY motivated; Thant you for this video!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love that you’re adventurous and highly motivated, Gwen – we’re so glad you found us and checked out this MarieTV episode. You’ll never find people here telling you that you can’t – we believe in you, and we’re cheering you on!

  34. If Claudia is reading, this is for you. I also moved to Germany about seven months ago, and was grossly disappointed at the social circle that I found myself in. I came for a man, and he and his lifestyle were not what I expected. After many months of hoping it would get better, or that the man would finally get his act together, I realized that all I could really expect was endless hours of mind-numbing TV interspersed with weed smoking and maybe the occasional walk in the forest on the weekend. Whenever I would bring up an opportunity to experience a cultural or art event, I would get shut down. For someone who really needs intelligent conversation and engagement with the world, and a steady stream of art, I can imagine the disappointment that you are experiencing in your situation. But there’s nothing that says you have to stay in that situation. Maybe the money’s tight now and that’s why you need to work that job in the store. Maybe you’re also hoping that something is going to change and you’ll be presented with that big break you’ve been hoping for. But the change is not going to come from your workmates. That’s asking too much from people who have never had your level of education or background or ambition. You might be hoping to recreate the kind of social circle that you had in your previous life, which I completely relate to. This however will take a lot of time and effort. Time and effort that you could be using to answer the question ‘What am I doing in this place, working at a store? Is this how I want to spend the next years of my life? Can I let go of what I really came here to do?’
    There’s a reason why you feel numb. Because you are numbing yourself from seeing the truth of things, and hoping that you’ll be able to make do with what you’ve got now. You are afraid that you won’t be able to do better than this, which is why you’re focusing so much on trying to pull out all that you can from your environment to sustain you in this second-class life.
    Is it actually true that you wouldn’t be able to do any better than this? Is it worth it to be in a place, even a place as nice as Germany, when you are not doing what you love? Address your fear. Look at it square and imagine getting stuck in what you’re doing now. Which is scarier – taking a risk and trying something different, or working at a store for the next five years, hoping that maybe THIS weekend one of your colleagues will come to the museum with you?
    Don’t sell yourself out. Fortune favors the brave, and you must be brave, because you took that leap to come here for a dream. Don’t let that be the last leap you take.

    As for me, I left the guy and am striking out on my own and making my way. Money is also tight, and stability is nonexistent, but I’m WAY happier for it. The difference is only the difference between feeling trapped and suffocated by your life, and feeling empowered and liberated by it.

    Take the risk . You’ll remember what it feels like to be yourself again.

    And feel free to write me. I am living the nomadic life in Germany now and plan to be here for at least another half year.

    • Mirosalva

      Szen Szen

      Thank you for sharing. You have also enlightened me with your words. Seems like you were speaking to me, as well.

      Thank you,

  35. I loved it! Thank you Marie and an amazing crew making it all possible. All your videos are highly inspiring! This subject is like “the thing” for me today! I woke up in the morning and noticed the feeling of being uninspired and lacking motivation to move on with my day… I was forcing myself to finish an online project that involves sitting in front of the computer of course, and obviously I could not keep my focus nor motivation. I realized that I was working with computer for the last 5 days and hardly had any human contact! And that’s it! Inspiring interaction with real humans are so fueling to me! I do believe we all need it. Thank you so much for being one of my best fuels!

  36. Joyce Lyndley

    Not any more. I approaching seventy and now spend time with my granddaughters and a couple of people I feel in tune with. They all actually think I’m pretty special and its rubbing off on me ! Now all I have to do is decide what I want to do when I grow up.
    I love the site, Marie, it’s special and so are you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re amazing, Joyce! So glad to have you in our amazing MarieTV family 🙂

  37. Hi, Marie,

    Thanks for the cool tips!

    And – you look GREAT today! 🙂

    • Yes, and I love your videos!

  38. Hi Marie,
    I was in a Large Jewelry Design Group on Facebook. The Leader had been in the business 30 yrs. and had somewhat mentored me. I wanted to make high end Jewelry and was constantly studying Marketing. The Leader would find all kinds of wonderful things to sell the group, a lot of Vintage stuff and everyone in the group knew I would buy the Sterling Silver. They had no desire for it. I would share all of this wonderful wisdom I would find with the group and it was like it hit a brick wall, no one cared. Finally, the Leader of the Groups started a small Group for people who were really serious about their business and they had to pay monthly dues to be in the group and she asked me to be their Consultant. I still pour into them everything I learned and now when she sells Sterling Silver, there is a fight over who can get to it first! Not all of them have grasped onto the nuggets I share but there is a handful that are really interested and email on the side with more questions about my information. So slowly but surely, I think I am bringing them along. The Leader opened a second small Group for entrepreneurs and asked me to consult with that group as well so I guess I am making some headway. (But when I can’t stand it, I sneak away to other Groups that are very motivated and spend some time there 🙂 ). Thanks Marie! I love your wisdom! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us!!

  39. Mirosalva

    This video is just what I have been needing to hear for some time now. Thank you, Marie!! I have been in one of my “lows,” as I like to call it, and it has been very difficult to get out of it. I am working a lot lately and the free time that I have I spend with family or really close friends, which none have the same drive/ambition as I do. I find it difficult to get inspired or motivated nowadays and don’t know where to start to look for some inspiration. I am glad to hear I don’t have to stop spending time with any of these people since they have always been there for me through the good and the bad. But I am in desperate need to socializing with like-minded people. My career is court reporting, which is a very lonely career working from home. So I find it difficult to connect/find people with the same interests and/or ambition as I have. And the court reporting field is not my passion; it’s fitness. Any suggestions on what groups/communities I can look into to join? I would really appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you for your weekly videos. I listen to many of them over and over. They have helped me through many of my lows or when I’ve been stuck.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in a low right now, and I know it can be especially tough and isolating working from home.

      One thing you might like to do is search sites like Meetup DOT com. There, you can search groups either in your local area or by interest – so if you have a particular hobby that you enjoy, you can see if there are any groups meeting in your area. Or you can create one yourself!

      Another great strategy is to find people online to “hang out” with and talk to. MarieTV is a great example, as we have a large group of positive, growth-minded people tuning in here each week and leaving comments.

      Even if it’s online, feeling connected to others who have similar dreams and interests can go a long way. There are so many great groups out there online, so definitely try Googling some of your interests and checking out what’s out there.

      We also did another episode of MarieTV a little while back on a similar topic, so I thought I might share that with you too for a few ideas:

      I hope these tips help a little bit, and you can find some wonderful groups to join and be a part of. We’re so glad to have you as a part of our MarieTV community, and sending our best!

  40. Love today’s episode. You’re great, lots of fun. I love you.

  41. I have upped my game in the last six months by surrounding myself with these kinds of inspirational online teachers and motivational coaches. I am “marinating” in the creative and entrepreneurial juices of all the online gurus who are helping us take life to the next level. The result has been that the people in my real world are also up-leveling as I’ve manifested a few new sensational friendships and reignited a few very powerful ones. It’s proof that when we raise our vibration, the world has to respond.

    • Great point Peggylou!! Using coaches and a support of like-minded people is a great booster!! I am soo excited that you are now changing the vibrational energy in your surroundings. Kudos!!

      Brandy xo

  42. Did you know that Invictus was what got Nelson Mandela through 27 years of incarceration? Most particularly that quote…..”You are the captain of your soul…”

    And he came out to change the world at age 70. Never too late for any of us..

  43. Hey Marie, if you have her contact, then maybe you can send her the following message:
    If she is in a bigger city maybe there is a HUB somewhere close to her!
    That’s where she would find inspiring, innovative and ambitious people!
    Good luck and love from Ibiza!

  44. I believe the 5 people you spend the most time with *definitely* influence you, but I’d never call myself the average of those 5 people. The ability to rise above the average is how leaders are formed. I don’t think people like Gandhi or MLK were searching out the top leaders in their fields to schmooze with before becoming so historically influential, and they hit a lot of naysayers along the way.

  45. Nina

    Hi Marie 🙂 :)This video was great – and well, I recognize myself in that girl in some ways…

    – However, I am 35 years old, and well, – I kinda feel like although I know what I am good at (art, writing, music – creative things) – it feels like on one hand, some people (not people that I know, but people that I find on you tube, that are there to inspire you (such as you 🙂 ) and who shares their life stories, their wisdom and life experiences – are like; – follow your dreams, you can do it – and so on.
    – And in my best moments – I am able to believe that – however, the people around me (not my closest friends and such, but well, other people – such as my psychologist and such) are like; be realistic (which is good, but then I do believe that you create your reality…) and think more like “well, I can get an average job, an average home,” and so on.

    Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, if that is what you want. I am not using average in a negative way or anything, I am just trying to explain that I do have this urge, desire, dream, hunger – to get my artwork and writings out there – and to make something big out of my gifts/talents. I really wanna share them with the world.

    My dream is to be able to make a good living out of it, – so that I can travel the world and keep sharing my artwork and writings. I have done this (writing and painting/drawing) for many years, and for the past 4 years or so, I have been sharing both my artwork and my writings. I have not painted for a year (total lack of inspiration on that part of the creative spectrum) but I have been writing (I have about 700 texts, poems and songs) and I keep getting awesome feedback from people (I post them on this poetry site) and that is something that makes me really happy. 🙂

    However, no matter how much talent you’ve got, no matter how much you write, draw, paint (or whatever you do) – it is not enough just to write and share what you write – I know that, but I feel so stuck – I don’t know what, where, who – well, what to do – like the next step.

    My dream is also to make collaborations with people, – and create something cool and something that can get me and the people I collaborate with, somewhere – like get our stuff out there to the world, and through that meet new people to collaborate with and well, get a network I suppose would be the right thing to say…

    I must add that I have no kids – so I am in that sense free to go wherever I want – as long as I have the money for traveling – I can do that. (Money being one of the challenges sometimes, but nothing that can’t be solved in one way or the other.)

    Well, If you see this, Marie, and if anyone else perhaps can recognize themselves in what I write – then it would be awesome if more people would perhaps share their thoughts on this 🙂

    Much love,


  46. Thank you Marie, for being one of the inspiring people I hang out with on a weekly basis! I run my social media business alone from my office in a small town and most of my friends here are people I grew up with. Long before I started my business I felt like I was different to most of my friends, and none of them really understood what I was doing or why I felt the need to do it.

    However that didn’t slow me down, because I got myself out to networking groups and events and made other new friends through doing business. I also regularly schedule in time to ‘get inspired’ online, whether it’s watching your videos, browsing TED Talks or seeing what others in the industry are getting up to.

    My three specific actions would be:
    1. Get out of the office and meet new people (networking events are great and make sure you invite the people you find interesting to meet one-to-one for a coffee)
    2. Subscribe to an evening or online class (it doesn’t even have to be directly related to your work, just something exciting to get your creative juices flowing. I took an evening class in Creative Writing recently and felt really energised afterwards)
    3. Find and follow content online from people and companies that excite you (I love reading business success stories, industry news and inspirational words of wisdom from people I admire)

    I feel inspired and supported by my friends in business, but I get a boost from hanging out and relaxing with my other friends too. I also have my own dance parties in the kitchen when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil 🙂

  47. Great episode Marie! With social media and the Web there are so many easy ways to make connections. I use Twitter the most to make business connections, but then I engage a lot to make offline connections. There are a lot of really smart and interesting people using Twitter and they are looking for connections daily. I also use the hashtags a lot to find out what people are doing that matches my interests. The key is to find people that you feel would you would enjoy being around. is also a great resource for finding local groups/organizations for you to join and best of all it is FREE! I also reach out to professional organizations to find people in my field that could also relate to some of the same challenges I face in my industry. If its a national organization then that’s a great way to find someone in your same city who you can meet with for coffee to chat and strategize. I found so many great connections, who are now dear friends that I am collaborating with and talk with weekly through a professional course that I took. I also made one of my dearest friends when I went through B-School three years ago! We live in completely different parts of the country but we connected in B-School and have stayed in touch ever since. I am going to visit her in March and we will meet face-to-face for the first time! All it takes is the courage to reach out. Don’t be afraid to make the first move because someone is waiting to meet the AWESOME person that you are!

    With love,

  48. I had a huge problem with the peer group. No one understood my dreams and passions.
    The remedy for me was feeding my should with books and audiotapes. And now, I have this amazing community of likeminded people B-schoolers. I am soon grateful for that! there is nothing more important than a group of people who can stimulate you and help you grow!

  49. Yes, this is sooo true. It’s been a mission of mine to surround myself with others who are smarter and can aid in my journey and me in theirs.

    After getting to a certain level it can be a bit hard to find them in my opinion.

    I absolutely loved this post as always Marie.

  50. Laura Gonzalez

    Great lessons! I love your programs. Thank you!
    I am going to start practicing right away. = )

  51. Thanks,

    Just what I needed this morning. Thought it was interesting that I re-watched the interview Marie had with Gabby long ago about Manifstation. I was having a very foggy morning of figuring out my true intentions and went back to that video. Then, oddly – today’s episode seemed to be talking directly at me. I think when I am in a numb rut like the woman who wrote the question – mines stems more from being overwhelmed by too many things that I want to motivate around, thereby rendering me immobile. This was really helpful this morning.

    Thank you!

  52. I can totally relate with the Q I’m so driven but when I achieve my goals I get bored and stuck in the quicksand puddle of my comfort zone. YIKES! Then it gets hard for me to find new dreams that excite me. When this happens I go for the outside in approach, I change my environment, meaning I move to a different home sometimes to a different city, if that’s not possible at the time then I shift my schedule and create new routines. The idea is to create newness for your life, this usually brings a fresh perspective, ideas and inspiration.

    It works amazingly for me. Moving to a new city next month, YAY!!! 😉

  53. Marie, awesome video today!! My questions is where is the actual link to apply for B-school or a B-School scholarship? I receive the B-Schol info and when we click on the landing page I see great info about the program but how do we actually apply? We don’t see anything to click on!!
    Help because we know time is running out to apply for both. And we apologize for posting on your blog but we did not know how to get in touch any other way. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so thrilled you’re thinking of joining B-School! While our scholarship contest did close on February 16th, enrollment is opening a little bit later today (Feb 18th) and will be open until March 4th. You can find all the great details over at

      If you have any trouble at all, or if you have any questions we can help with, please reach out to us at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com. We’re always happy to help!

  54. Marie,
    Your stuff is always spot on and I know you had to work your ass to get where you are. B School was a great place for me to start and now since I am getting out to network and get visible. I am learning that yea that might be a conversation I have to get started to find my peeps and let them know where i am. Its made me think back and look at how I would have found some one that does what I do. I know that people will use my services. Its just getting the word out in the way that people can relate to it and offering vaulable content.. I am working on sharing my story and valuable content. I think writing or doing videos takes practice. You make it look so easy and I am figuring it all out. I know this is what I am here to do.. I coach people who are newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance and/or food allergies, or if someone is told to go on a gluten free diet. I guide them on getting started on the path living gluten and allergen free, including all the little intricate details that will keep a person sick for years; emotional state of mind related to gluten intolerance & food allergies; managing social situations; how to eat out, avoid contamination; and managing relationships.

  55. Alison

    I just had this conversation with my Mom. I grew up in the Midwest in a family that worked hard for what we had. Since college I’ve moved away from home and have traveled to 30+ countries. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to find my niche – ideally it would be something artsy and involves getting paid to travel. Would be nice, right? 🙂 Anyway, I has this immense feeling of guilt one night because it’s always been my Mom’s dream to travel (she has a little) but not much. I felt like I had too much of a good thing going. I had the exact same thought of, who am I to be so blessed when my parents worked so hard and I’m reaping the rewards? It’s not that I don’t work hard, because I assure you, I work a lot of 16 hour shifts. I just felt guilty for some reason. My Mother assured me that all is well and I shouldn’t feel guilty. After all, I make sacrifices to be where I am. I’m 31, single and don’t have a mortgage. To some that might sound horrible, but to me, most days I just see freedom! Thanks for the video – it’s nice to know other people have the same thoughts.

  56. Marie touches on a great point when after bringing up the “average of the 5 people” quote, she acknowledges that even the people who show us their uninspiring sides probably do have an inspiring side. If we can’t see the inspiring side of them, the easy way to deal with that for the betterment of our future is to not be around them. A potentially more beneficial step to at least try before taking the easy (read: cowardly) way out is to make good attempts find their inspiring side. They’ll likely surprise you, but you’ve got to give it an honest effort before they’ll bloom!

  57. Thank you, yet again, Marie! Super timely episode, as this is something i struggle with constantly. I LOVE my friends, family and coworkers but just like Claudia, I feel numb. Everyone is super supportive of my efforts to create my own business and the life that I want but to an extent it only feels like a superficial support. They absolutely want me to succeed but it seems most people in my life lack any real drive, ambition or experience and it begins to feel quite lonely trying to navigate entrepreneurship on my own. I work full time and then have my business on the side that unfortunately just tends to get the scraps of time that I have left. I constantly feel exhausted and uninspired and that’s no way to live. I can’t at all blame it on the people around me, as you and many others said, I’m the captain and no one else. I would love to find a local group of inspiring people but am having trouble finding people in more creative fields to join. Also groups for people who are just starting out and haven’t quite “made it” just yet.

    In the meantime, I watch, read and attend every video/e-course/book/workshop out there that in ANY way relates to my business to help keep that spark alive. Basically, that is the group that I’ve built for myself to help fend off the numbness (which is a really great word for it, btw). Constantly drawing inspiration from afar from people who are already doing what I’m hoping to do, or something similar.

    Spirits are definitely higher than they probably sound but as time passes, I am more and more sure that this is what I need. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to go it alone and not rely on other people to help me get there necessarily because a lot of times it feels just as draining hoping and wishing that my loved ones had similar levels of ambition and that’s just energy wasted.

    Thanks again for your amazing insight! You guys are awesome!


  58. I really enjoy your videos Marie and this one particularly…
    you are so joyous… a real sunshine…
    we need to spread all that love around

  59. Sasha


    Your videos always have a beautiful timely quality, but this one so perfectly speaks to what I’m currently experiencing and questioning in my life, that it totally gave me chills and made me cry. Thank you to Claudia for having the courage to ask this question.

    I had a college professor who said “Your are the pilot in command of your life,” and, wow, I really needed today’s MarieTV to remind me of that powerful concept: that I need to take the responsibility to fly my own plane, or steer my own ship, or just to be the *inspiring conversation leader* of my crew (interesting and inspiring conversation is something I’ve definitely been craving within my circle).

    My action steps:
    1. Just had a Kelly Clarkson dance party with myself.
    2. Taped “Invictus” on my mirror so I can see it every day.
    3. Bought a yoga package to invest in my own wellness and mental clarity (which has a really good way of provoking inspiration).

    Thank you x a million.

  60. Hemu Dhage

    It was a very good video, I t will definitely help us, cuz even I have few people without ambitions n hopes. But we should start changing our circle n find inspiring people cuz that will be a quicker way to reach your goal.

  61. As stated by Marie, your timing for this topic is divine and a clear sign that I am where I am supposed to be. Thank You for your illumination.

  62. What an interesting concept…I’m thinking about the people around me and I am definitely not the average when it comes to ambition and drive. I’m the leader of the pack on that score. In fact, many of the people around me seem to lack drive including my adorable husband. I so love him, but he just doesn’t have ambition. He is a dreamer but not a doer. It drives me nuts and I’m really confused by it. I talk with him about it and he’ll appear pumped up by our chats but there is never any follow through. I’m off on a tangent here but I think it is a related one.

    Here is another related tangent connected to the people I surround myself with. Over the years I’ve dropped some friends who were jealous of me. They were definitely bringing me down with their sneaky anger and little digs. I believe it is important to surround ourselves with positive people…fellow celebratory friends.

    These days I’m on an all-time creative high and super focused on my dreams. To keep me on track I:

    1. Check in daily and complete a task or two or three every day that moves me toward accomplishing my projects. I love that sense of accomplishment.

    2. I maintain an editorial calendar that keeps me blogging weekly. I like working ahead and by doing so, I have time to really develop my ideas and involve other contributors.

    3. I’ve created an awesome community online where participants of my latest project are actively engaged. Since I have a following, I feel accountable to them and it keeps me showing up and producing.

    4. I make time to think of my BIG picture goals and take steps each week to move toward them.

    Thanks for another thought-provoking video.
    Kathryn, Collage Diva and hopeful B-School scholarship winner.

  63. I definitely agree that the people you spend the most time with have an impact on your life. I have noticed over the past 10 years that I have outgrown friendships and attract people who are like minded to me. I have even noticed that the areas on my life I haven’t sorted out are reflected in the behaviour of friends as well.

    My 3 things are:
    1. Movement. Anything, even if it means I put on my clothes and go to the grocery store. The act of moving and getting out gets me motivated. However yoga or dancing are my favourite activities.

    2. Scheduling. Being self employed it is so hard to actually get work done sometimes, so I pull out my calendar and schedule what I want to accomplish in the month. Sometimes it’s even a detailed timeline in a day. Also condensing the time so I have maybe 3 hours to get it done, as opposed to the whole day.

    3. Pep talk. From my hubby or close friends to help give me the motivation to reach my dreams.

  64. Samantha

    I agree Marie. You have to take criticism. I am a writer and I have been rejected so many times!! Dealing with that rejection has helped me deal with rejection in other parts of my life. And sometimes I have taken criticism from close friends and family and have examined it and made myself a better person if is substantial and true! I have a honesty policy with my friends: If I am acting like a b’otch let me know and I will let you know.

    However, about the celebrity thing it is true. I am extremely anti-celebrity. People make millions without having any talent. I don’t know how these people are considered role models?? They often contribute nothing to society. Some of them are great like Geroge Clooney, Edward Norton, Ashley Judd, but people like Kim Kardashian are the scourge of society and exploit any part of their body for fame. I don’t see how that is respectable.

    People such as nurses, teachers, humanitarian aid workers, social workers, police officers, and firefighters and others who make an impact are often ignored which is sad. They are the unsung heroes.

  65. I really liked your advise about how to get out of a slump. Dance parties are essential, but most of all I find that when I loose motivation in any part of my life, I have to find some way that I can act. When I find a list to make, or a person to contact, or a fun and creative task to do, or even a new book to read. I have found this is the best way to infuse myself with anticipation and something to focus on and look forward to and almost always, this small spark of excitement brings on more ideas, and more sparks, and soon my fire is lite again! Things are possible again and I am back on track. Thanks for this great video Marie!

  66. I wish you would make some slightly watered down versions of these videos for KIDS! There are great lessons here that I think: wow, my 10 year old needs this! I don’t know, you did bleep out the F word when Eddie used it, maybe it would be ok for him to watch? lol
    That’s my 2 cents and you would definitely be re-using and extending your content. Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea! 😀
    Thanks, Marie, for being the positive spot in my day. Keep up the good work!

  67. Omgoodness Marie…that was one of the funniest episodes ever. The captain part…totally believable for you to have your own ship! Lol
    Love from Vegas baby! Keep up awesome work

  68. Ana Way

    I completely agree Marie! I used to feel that I was being pull down by the people around me with their comments, attitude and vibe. But as soon as I decided to do my own thing, I’m just very grateful about everything that is happening in my life and for everyone who is part of it right now.. There is a reason why we cross paths with people. Sometimes people moved to different places, lives change, nothing stays the same. The only person who is always in my life is myself. The only person accountable for my life is myself.

  69. Pamela

    Thank you so much for this episode today! I do believe that you become like those you spend your time around. My best girlfriend is one of the best people I could be spending my time with, but our schedules don’t always mesh enough to spend enough time together and make that change. I want to join Toastmasters, which is difficult right now, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I’m thinking I just need to bite the bullet and just do it. I appreciate you and am SO happy I found you Marie! Thank you again!

  70. I’m learning that the people I want and need to know are around me all of the time! Maybe they aren’t the five people I spend the most time with at this very moment, but if I an acquainted with a person through a moms group, a facebook group, or our paths cross at an event – it isn’t THAT HARD to make a new friend and see where it goes. We have to start somewhere! I’m also taking a leap and paying for some training where I know I’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are serving the same audience that I am and I think that will be really helpful!

  71. I couldn’t agree more! I actually had written a list of the 5 people that I want to be the average of. I make it a priority to talk to or see them at least once a week. I observe them and ask questions. I learn and I grow and I DO. When feeling unmotivated, I’ve found that that’s when you need to do something the most! Just Do It. You have to end the day with a win. And I absolutely love that quote about being the captain. It’s so true! Successful people always take full responsibility. It’s one of the first steps in the Success Principles and it’s a game changer!!
    Thanks Marie!! Loved this episode!! You always make me laugh but challenge me too 🙂 Have a great day!!

  72. I am the one of my friends that is always out there following my dreams and making things happen. I find that through me I inspire those around me to grow and develop and see what is possible.

    What I do when I have nay-sayers or crabs in a bucket… I usually just don’t share what I am doing (if I think I may not be strong enough to handle what they might dish out). I am finding lately, however, the excitement that I have overflows and they just change.

    Example: My father. He has always been animate about me being an engineer, doctor, lawyer, accountant or teacher. These were the only “appropriate” professions that made money and had great benefits. He has been very frustrated with all my “business building” ideas over the years and keep asking me “when are you going to get your CPA”. About 6 months ago, I was about to enter yoga teacher training and I had just decided that I was going to be a coach. I was talking with my dad…and something inside me just lit up and I told him what I saw in my future for how I was going to contribute to this world. He just looked at me… paused…. and said…”I like that for you!” I was floored!! One of my best moments i have to say…I am almost welling up with tears again…It also goes to show that when you are following your purpose the universe just makes a way.

    Thanks Marie for sharing!

    Brandy xo

  73. Karen

    What a great post! I love the fact that overall, I ! am the one that has the power to lead myself to my highest potential. I also completely agree that it is not our circumstances, friends, age, background, education, or any other factor that determines my ultimate destiny. At the end of it all it’s what I choose to do or not to do.

    Great day everyone!


  74. Great video Marie!

    I totally agree with your comments around who you surround yourself having a profound impact on your business, and motivation.

    A few years ago, when I started my fashion line, I had little (ok pretty much no) support from family, and a little from friends. It was tough. None of my friends are entrepreneurs, so while they are great listeners… they didn’t have any real world advice.

    Joining B-School made a huge difference in that respect, I was able to cultivate a virtual community of like-minded entrepreneurs in similar businesses.

    I’ve just recently joined an Ecommerce Mastermind group with high performing stores to push myself to the next level. We are always evolving and need to continuously push ourselves to do and be better.

  75. Fabian Markl

    Marie you’ve got nature on your side 😉

    There is scientific truth in that simple quote. There are certain cells in our brain called “mirror neurons” and their sole purpose is to literally mirror the behavior of the people around you.

    Unless you’re consciously aware of this, you almost have no other choice but to become like them. Just look at couples that live together for few years. Observe them when they sit in the cafe vis-à-vis and you’ll find they mimic each others behavior and even dress like each other 😉

    “Do you believe you’re the average of the people around you?”

    No, I am not like any person in my family. First I didn’t understand how they don’t have such big goals and why they are comfortable with their life. I was little angry about them. But, then I surrendered.

    It’s their right to live the way they want. And my right to aim for a higher level. It’s hard to leave your loved ones, but at a certain point you’ve got to decide: “I will make my life a masterpiece, and take care of them along the way.”

    “What’s a concrete example of how surrounding yourself with the right people has made a positive impact in your life?”

    Few month ago I was stuck. I reached out to Dan Pink for advice. He replied instantly. It took him only sentence to get me unstuck.

    “What are 3 specific actions you can take now?”

    – make a list of 10 people I want to be like and want to build a relationship with
    – write an amazon review for a book I’ve read and send the link to the author along with a genuine note, like “thank you, your book sharpened my mind”
    – I signed up for a course about building relationships with influencers

    • Aracely

      Loved your comments. I too at times get disappointed when others that I know or who are close to me are so brilliant and talented however their big goals remain stagnant our of fear. It’s almost painful to watch. I push them to succeed but I think I do it in a way that is my version of the best coaching – not theirs. So I have learned to let go as well, they have to want it more for themselves than I want it for them.

      I am a huge supporter and a coach but I also need to learn HOW to be the best coach according to their personality and character or it fails every time. Also, I have to see their level of engagement in their own goals and dreams or yet again it won’t come to fruition. I am glad you were able to let go. I tend to be a control freak so it’s definitely hard for me to let go as well. Everything does not have to go as planned or it doesn’t have to look the way that we want it to look. Sometimes that’s the best plan, not knowing the outcome, that the beauty of it.

      • Fabian Markl

        What kind of people are you coaching?

  76. <3 LOVE <3

  77. John Sallie

    I am like no one I know and my friends and family will attest to that. I am like no one you’ve ever met. lol That is my business niche.

  78. Thank you Marie for another great episode 🙂 !!

    Claudia’s question is “our” question :).
    I had many times when people around me (friends/family/etc) were not on the same path as I was..and that is more than fine. Being on this spiritual journey for many years now, I’ve come to understand that we are all here expressing ourselves differently but in the end we’re all looking for the same thing and that is LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE .
    When I feel like I don’t have anything in common anymore with any of my friends/family…I just ask the question : “How can I meet new people like me that have the same intentions to change things and just be aware of how things work in life..and then bam…I receive all these “messages” from Universe that I have to follow.
    Listening to intuition is a big YES in everything I do , so I’m more than grateful for my internal Gps :).
    Another great lesson I’ve learned from my experience is that everyone you meet has an important role in life. People are here to remind us that LIFE is beyond this physical plane and we are all going to connect with one another at some point.

    And yes sometimes you got to say goodbye to people that were once in your life and were part of your journey ..and just be with yourself, take time to heal ,etc..but again that’s the natural way CHANGE occurs:). And when you change, your perspectives changes and of course the “reality” you live in changes as well :).

    The fuel behind change is always the intention and of course then taking action.

    So NO REGRETS like Robbie Williams says in his song…

    “No regrets they don’t work
    No regrets they only hurt
    But they tell me I’m doing fine”

    So as a conclusion to Claudia’s question ….When you feel stuck in something that doesn’t work anymore, that’s a sign you got to change something..your job/place/people, etc. .. YOU.
    Ask yourself “What’s the next thing I have to do?!” Asking for clarity in life is something we all need to do every day with every step.
    There are lots of tools to help us get in that clarity space. I’ve discovered meditation, Brain Sync, EFT, yoga/pilates, etc..
    And another advice I would offer for Claudia is that when you see people around you are giving you a hard time then it’s time to leave.That’s a sign you have to follow in order for you to evolve and fulfill your dreams :).

    So here to us and this amazing community you (Marie Forleo) have created!

  79. Hey Marie LOVE this episode! Just curious what is the SONG you busted out your dance party to? 🙂

  80. Oh this is SOOOOO true!
    I struggled with this last year right after I took the plunge to running my own business. In sort of the opposite way. I had always worked among artistic people and I thrive on creative, people energy. When out on my own, it was WAY too quiet for me–especially the inner critic in my head. My solution was to find an amazing–and affordable–studio space where I could be with my “tribe” while still working for myself. It was –next to b-school–:) the best money I’ve spent on my business to date. The energy difference makes a huge difference. In the Artist’s Way, it notes to make an artist’s date with yourself once a week. You need to fill that tank!

    In addition to hanging around people with low ambition, what drags me down is being around people who are negative. Such a downer! The way I look at it is if you wake up in the morning and see the dust on the table instead of the flowers in the vase you’d better head back to bed, get up on the other side and try again.

  81. Loved this! Thank you! I love hearing that when you started, you took steps to meet some new people. I am doing that today! B-School here I come!

  82. Hi Marie,
    I do believe we can be the average of the people we surround ourselves with. That’s why, even though my friends may not be at the level I want to be I make an effort to follow and interact with people online that are.
    To get my spirits up here are the 3 actions I’m going to take next:
    1- Act on your awesome B-School 6 Pillars PDF
    2- Finish my first product.
    3- Put my first product online!
    🙂 Have a great week everyone!

  83. I loved this episode, you really Cracked me up, sense of Humour is the best!!!
    The capitana on this Ship, seriously needs to take Control over her Vessel this Year, I have got a few Lifejackets ready for a Choppy Ride…. or not!
    Let´s Go,
    With Love <3

  84. It can be so hard and lonely when you move to a new city or country to find your tribe straight away. I’ve moved to a few different places on my own, and know exactly how Claudia feels. You can help yourself by joining a group that interests you, such as yoga or a running group or reading group or church, or whatever it is that you love to do in your spare time. That’s a great way to find likeminded people. Meanwhile, you can surround yourself with “people” you love hanging out with via the internet, books and films. We’re really lucky to live in an age where we can “hang out” virtually with any number of inspiring people. Reading autobiographies of inspiring people is just like hanging out with them. Their life story and influence rubs off on you. You can also strike up conversations with people online, on forums of websites or blogs that interest you. And you can feed your soul with uplifting film and music. Building your tribe or finding your soulmates in a new and strange place can take time, so use the virtual world to get yourself through and keep your head above water. It can be hard not to be affected and brought down by negative or uninspiring company, if you don’t have the opposite to counteract it, but thank goodness we live in the 21st century.

  85. Thanks for another inspiring post to help us move forward and take action! I love that quote you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with….I am fortunate to have built an inspiring group and hope to continue and extend it out.
    I wanted to say thanks because I hang out with you every Tuesday!
    I’m dancin’ this week!

  86. Cara

    I know this might sound crazy, but sometimes we don’t have a choice who we spend the most time with. If we work at a traditional job, chances are you spend the most time with your co-workers (especially if you’re single!).

    And I hate to say it, but a lot of times my work environment influences me in a big way. It can make thinking positive easy and effortless, or it can make it incredibly difficult. Systems are powerful.

    But, I still agree we have a choice.

    When I am in the middle of a negativity puddle, here are three things I do to create some shifts.

    1) Stop judging and controlling it. Stop saying this is negative and this is positive. This should be and this shouldn’t. Just let it all go wherever it wants to go. Stop trying to control any of it. This helps me so much!
    2) Find a laugh. Laughing lets down your guard. Laughing helps you remember to stop taking it all so seriously.
    3) Give. When I feel lacking in inspiration, or cranky that people aren’t helping push me where I want to go…I realize that maybe I can be that for somebody else. 🙂

  87. Irena

    Hey Marie,

    Loved this episode and the timing could not have been better. I have been struggling with the same question for some time now.

    I think Jim Rohn was right. I feel more inspired, empowered and creative when I’m around someone who is as ambitious as I am. Or who is not settling for having a traditional job, which is basically the Holy Grail for practically EVERYBODY in both my private and professional circle.

    I had a colleague last year who felt the same I way do about careers and dreams. It was nice taking to her about what I want to achieve in life, both personal and professional. We would basically uplift each other. She helped me believe more in myself and realise that I have the potential to achieve my dreams. She left the company last year (and I’m about to do the same), but it’s been hard being around other colleagues 8-9 hours a day who are great people, but are comfortable in a crappy job they hate (but you know, that false sense of ‘security’ keeps them there) and don’t understand why I want something else.

    As for 3 specific actions I take when I feel my ambition slipping:

    – I ‘block out’ the naysayers at work by listening to inspirational podcasts

    – I have coffee/lunch with someone who’s on the same level and discuss my strategy to achieve what I want

    – I try to have a specific activity to look forward to. Like right now, I’m taking an online Web Development Course I really, really enjoy. When I’m at work and frustrated and/or annoyed, I think about the amazing things I will be learning when I got home and do my assignments for that day and how this will help me achieve my dream career.


  88. Bla

    I find it so funny that Marie has this uncanny ability to answer problems that come up for me. I though she was going to read out my email to her, my problem is so similar. I am surrounded by umemployed people and I live in a rural area where I am trying to build my own business. I am a total novice to business and it does worry me that I have no role models around me, so definitely the online community is my source of inspiration as I have no one to talk to or help me out.
    Dance and movement NB to release the demons
    Watch inspirational videos on line
    Join a supportive community (online in my case)
    Thanks Marie you’re a star 🙂

  89. donna harris

    WOW Marie, I needed that inspiration. I live with a very controlling person. Caring for a mother who NEVER encouraged me or any of my siblings to go after our dreams sometimes drags me down. But coming to MarieTV keeps me lifted up and inspires me to continue working on myself and not to give up. Thank you Marie Forleo. I love MarieTV
    ~ Donna The Crazy Caregiver

  90. Victoria

    Hi Marie,

    I laughed to myself this morning while watching your video as i was trying to figure out my 5. i laughed because i think you are one of them.not to weird right.:) but i have been watching your videos for about three months now and watch an archived one every morning, so i kinda spend more time with you than a lot of other people lol , i feel so empowered and action oriented after i watch one of your videos,they start my day in such a great way, they make me smile, laugh and wonder. thanks for being my top 5. cause thats the kinda average im looking for.

  91. Thank you for this video Marie! I came across your Facebook page via The Daily Love and automatically clicked “Liked” on your page after watching this video. Thank you for the wise words and inspiration 🙂

  92. Rozina Daniels

    I was unsure in the beginning but I think it is safe to say that I now have a girl crush on you.
    Marie = authentic, intelligent, expanded, brilliant, smart, funny, grounded, passionate, present, friendly and I could go on and on and on.
    Well done for creating Marie TV and your life attitude.
    You are an inspiration to this 48 year old woman who is breaking down old patterns and about to launch herself into an online business.
    Thank you.
    I hope we get to meet one day but until then enjoy…

    …good things, Rozina xo

  93. Tamsin

    I do have amazing people in my life, but I find that sometimes to really build up my own mojo I like to contain my ideas and inspirations. I feed myself with the Internet. I am subscribed to the most amazing thought leaders like Marie and others, and discipline myself to watch or read them for at least 5-10 minutes a day and I get so fired up and inspired it fuels me. Thank you team Forleo!

  94. This couldn’t ring any more true. I personally had to do a friend “cleanse” about a year ago and though it was really hard, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Once I realized that I felt drained after interacting with a certain group of friends I knew I had to make a change. It was awkward, uncomfortable and it left a few of them mad at me but even with all that I knew that what I did was the best thing for all of us. It wasn’t fair to them for me to feign my friendship. Afterwards, I immediately felt lighter, more empowered and my social calendar actually filled up with really meaningful hangs with some great friends and also with the new ones I met because I had opened up the space for them to come in. Now I always make sure that those 5 people I spend the majority of my time with and even those that I spend any significant time with are in line with how I want to live my life. That doesn’t mean those other friends were bad or less than. They just weren’t my people and that’s okay.

  95. Naomi Bell

    Hi Marie.

    That is the first episode of Marie TV I have watched, loved it and really is an area I struggle with quiet ofter.
    I will be watching the dance party scene a few times, was not expecting that :-), loved it.


  96. I LOVE this! As human beings, we can’t help but be influenced (not to be confused with controlled) by one another. It’s resonance, baby! We are all resonant beings, which means we feel one another. You can still maintain yourself in any situation or around any person, but influence definitely happens. The best example of the people closest to me having an influence on my behavior is my partner. I am overly sweet and it used to be difficult for me to be assertive with the people I loved. My partner is very grounded and does not have a problem putting anyone in their place or telling them exactly what he thinks. It’s been great for me because we completely balance once another out and bring out the best in each other. I teach him patience and he teaches me sincere groundedness.

    Three specific actions to get my ambition level up where I’d like it to be:
    1. Create (and stick to) a schedule that helps me accomplish more
    2. Be consistent with my actions, not just my thoughts
    3. Have inspiration parties (taking 30 mins-an hour at least once a week where I read or watch things that inspire me and then take action based on the inspiration I received).

    • I feel the EXACT SAME WAY ABOUT THIS. I am literally the same, overly sweet, nurturing, and my partner’s grounding energy has been so great for me, to be able to be myself but also become more assertive!

  97. I totally agree!!! Environments have a huuuuuge influence on us as individuals. I also believe we can lead the stagnant energy away and inspire action and productivity, but what if the people around us don’t like to make a move towards a richer, nicer life??? Should we insist and persist or find ourselves better and healthier environments where we can attune to more like-minded people? I have been through tough situations and decided to find better and healthier social circles, and my life shifted to much better paths. So how do we know up until what point should we try to change our immediate environment and make a difference there, or should we sail to other – hopefully better – shores?

  98. Jessica Zenon

    I totally agree with this segment. My obstacle however, is myself. I find it hard to stay motivated to follow through COMPLETELY with an idea or project I have. It’s like I burst with energy and excitement in the beginning stages and then, slowly but surely I fizzle out with for no good reason. I don’t know what triggers the stalling. Any remedies? Advice? HELP!

  99. Marie- you are the always so on point at the exact time I need it! I am starting my own business as we speak, and I have been doing all I can to surround myself with positive, inspiring, beautiful women. Its making such a different in my life!

  100. bernard

    So at last, every thing is explained.
    That is why, after a separation we can’t recognise the “being” whom we used to be in love with. Of course, the poor lad daesn’t benefit any more of my presence.

  101. Marie is awesome! Am always inspired by your classic exposition, I prefer the word inspiration than motivation, I have come to understand that Motivation is a temporary euphoric emotion that galvanized you to do something for the moment, it precipitates without external stimulation, whereas to be inspired is to be touched deep down the very core of your emotional being that brings out the desire to do some awesome thing that no challenges or people could put you off from achieving your inspired mission:)

  102. Hi Marie,

    This might sound like a basic question, but as someone who digs what you do, I have a question I ws hoping you could help with.

    How do you always make the background look so nice in your videos?
    Also, if you can’t afford a set, or filming location, what is your best suggestion for a setting? I’d like to do something similar to what you do for our company, and was wondering if you had any suggestions.

  103. Cindy in Aust

    What an amazing few mins of your video blog. You never cease to empower your audience and uplift the spirit. While I don’t have my own business I am coaching others. Touching their souls and enabling their spirit to soar is the key to getting incredible results from my team. Amazing…thank you so much. 🙂

  104. natsu

    thank you, thank you, thank you,
    your tuesday Q & A just came on the right timing – I have almost derailed having ownership of my fate and my soul – you have saved me to be back on track !
    few weeks ago, i wrote about happiest day of my life and that I am starting my own business, recently got financial support, and now i am staying in Paris for a long business trip.
    just had a very disturbing experiences with my bf… ( long story short )
    I will take myself tomorrow to the Picasso museum tomorrow, and will sit in a nice cafe and have a coffee & read, and meet up with friends to share life stories and our dream in the evening.
    I will also reach out to some people who are in the same industry. yes !
    thank you so much for sharing your video and it means to me so much. Arigato – –

  105. Candace Worthen

    How do you submit your question for Q & A Tuesday?

  106. Aracely

    Marie – I needed this video today. You always inspire me when I need a little Marie Forleo kick in the pants! I love another saying that sticks in my head when I get a little complacent from Jeffrey Gitomer and he says “Kick your own a**!!” When doubt creeps into my thoughts, I always go to God first but I also say “Aracely, go kick your own a**!!

    I absolutely believe in the motto, “you are who you surround yourself with”. I make sure to constantly be changing and surround myself with new people, good people, intelligent people who can feed my mind and in turn I do the same. It’s all a choice, you can surround yourself with people who are just living this life and choosing to be just a passenger or you can choose to be with people who are driving the vehicle to their destiny.

    Now everyone go and kick some butt today! 🙂

  107. Hi Marie (love your sense of humour lol 🙂 the boat image made me laugh!)

    Thanks for this episode, it’s so very, very true. I’ve changed the people I hang out with in the last year and it’s had a massive impact. I went to a branding seminar a year ago and met an awesome group of women. We formed the “Angels” biz group and we meet regularly (six of us). Four in biz start-up and two in established businesses. We share ideas, encourage each other and cheer each other on with goals and dreams!

    One of these women has become a very dear friend. Every time I walk into her house I can feel the positive energy and I know I can do what I dream of doing! She’s an ideas person and very positive, encouraging and such a beautiful soul. She’s one of the best things that happened to me last year!

    This has a trickle down effect onto my daughter and sister who are both starting businesses and I encourage and mentor them regularly to help them grab hold of their dreams too! Beautiful!

    So thanks for another vid with great content, encouragement, practical wisdom and some humour in their to reiterate your points 🙂

  108. Heather Clarey

    Thank You Marie:).
    I Love Your Face On The Video Picture!

    I Absolutely Am Not Inspired In A Work/Carrer/Dream Way By The People I Am Surronded By. I Am In Recovery.

    Most Of The Women I Associate With Are Not Super High Functioning.
    It’s Not Their Fault! I Just Need To Start Looking For Opportunities (Will Check Out Toastmaster;), To Suround Myself With People That Are. So I Can Come Back And Help/Inspire This Beautiful Women.
    That Just Had Allot Of Abuse And PTSD From Their Childhoods.

    Have A Beautiful Blessed Day!


  109. Marie! Thanks!
    You saved my sinking ship tonight.
    My mother not so ambicious but like criticize me. She can do it easily, because she can read my blog. Today she left a negative comment on one of my article. I was so sad about it. Why doesn’t she belive in me? Why doesn’t she support me?
    But now I know it doesn’t matter. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. And I will dance.
    And will stay on my game. And I will continue follow my dreams. Because I have a mission.
    Thank you to be exist.

    • Aw….Sophie…I am so sad for you that your mother was unkind to leave a negative comment on your article! Please try to not let that be a shard in your soul. I can only guess she wants to keep you down because that is where she is…or maybe where she felt with her own mother. Know you are loved….you have 12,000 friends and supporters with b-school.

  110. Love this video, Marie!

    I think that I am more ambitious (or have bigger ambitions) than my closest 5 friends, but I think they respect that and do a great job of connecting me, advocating for me, and cheering me on. In return, I help them set specific goals in their lives and hold them accountable. We’re a “rising tides raise all ships” kind of group.

  111. Sairah Pettes

    Really hit home with this one Marie! Thanks for all that you do. Needed this reminder today!

  112. Megan

    Hi Marie!

    I’m an avid watcher of your videos and had a quick question:

    During production are there two cameras used for the zoom in effect that is used in the videos or is this done in post?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  113. Gabriele

    when I got sucked up too much into my business, not nurturing enough my creative side, I made a list with my important life areas. Since then I visit this list each Sunday to make concrete plans for each life area in the coming week. The life areas can also change.
    This way I make sure that the various parts of me are energized each week.
    I love this system. Despite still working a lot – I am living more my other parts which makes me feel a lot better.

  114. Ashley Rodgers

    At the moment I’m not surrounded by anyone. But like you said, I got out networked and surrounded myself with the people who are just as ambitious as me. The people I see potential in are the ones I hold near my heart. I should push them to see their potential as well but one specific person I know, I see the longer we have a relationship the more alike we are : ). He should be like me though, even though he beat me to success, I’m going to be sure he’s there for the next big thing. As we speak I’m moving in the direction of my dreams for sure.

  115. Hi Marie,
    I believe that we are like we spend time with, which is a frustration to me because I am unable to work outside the home or get out a lot due to a disability. So most of the people I’m around are family and while great I don’t think they inspire me to create a business I love which I’m trying to do online. I do my best to connect with people online so that I do have some interaction with ambitious and creative people.

  116. Thanks for making that video. I needed to see it.
    I have to be honest. I’m trying to be the captain of my ship, but I don’t think that I’m there yet. What advise would you give to help someone stick with it, in order to make their dreams come true? My dream is different then many. I couldn’t be left home alone when I was younger because I had severe seizures. My father had leads though, and I was taken back-stage to work. I wanted to become famous when I was younger, but as I grew my health got worse. I had up to 100 seizures a day ,and although brain surgery for it once did not work, I knew there was more of a chance that I would die. I didn’t have anything to lose, so had it. I woke up with my left side temporarily paralyzed. When I was in rehab. I looked around and saw all of the sad faces. People without legs, arms, people who had just had a stroke. I did what I learned in theatre. I went around in my wheelchair singing. There I learned art therapy and from then on you really could never get me not to paint. My family would accept paintings as gifts, but never truly believed that I could do this as a job. Due to the lack of support from family and friends, I haven’t had the help that I need to pro sue my dream 100%. Someone who can’t drive,has to see specialists, etc. needs alot of help. Still, that’s why it’s best for me to make my own hrs. Many with disabilities like mine, don’t try. I wish to be an example to try! How can I do that though without my family believing that I can? I personally think that they’re in denial. I’ve also been majorly confused because my family supports me alot when it comes to my health. I know where I want to go, but how do I achieve getting there, when I wasn’t in the health to learn that much as a child? Am I in over my head?
    Even if I am, I’m still going to try. You asked to name 3 actions that I can take to help my level increase.
    One is I just because Vegan and it has helped my health a lot. I stayed by myself mostly and have recently been striving to get out in the community more! I can keep going to Vegan meetings, and meeting people who seem interested in the things I am.
    Two are art events. I’m going to be in a recycling show in April! I’m working on finding an area for my save the dolphins art as well. I worry about how I’m going to get there, that’s one thing that I need to work on. If I can’t get there, I can’t get better…etc. Please tell Oprah that I said hey!! Give her a huge hug for me. As odd as it is, I would just walk up to almost any celebrity and treat them as normal as ever. Being in the theatre, they’re family. You all are!!! <3
    Three is I need to do more yoga! Drink daily green smoothies, yoga and paint!
    I hope that I did this right.

  117. Emi

    Hi Marie,
    Great episode, love the dance and will try it next time 🙂
    Thank you!


  118. I have been watching your videos for a couple of weeks now and I’m really enjoying them. You have given me some ideas on how to get more creative in order to get things going. One thing you have mentioned is, one doesn’t have to be technical. The first website I build was UGGGLY. With a little help from our dear friend Google, I have found lots of ideas and instructions to get me where I am today. Not perfect, but I’m starting to make some headway. I’m happy I found you and your wealth of information.

  119. If the people around me are not as ambitions / inspiring / etc. I read.

    Books are the best friends, and it’s amazing how meaningful every day becomes when you have to stay in an environment that is not better than us.

  120. Dear Manager / Reviewer,

    I wish you belated Valentine Day greetings. I really liked Claudia’s question and I really accept that I am the average of the person with whom I am mixing and socializing. I had done a lot of mental exercise to move in the right direction as a captain in the ship. I am a Software Engineer – HR turned Entrepreneur. I started doing Internet Business from 2008 after resigning from Wipro Technologies in 2007 – 2008. I had nearly 4 years work experience and 7.5 years Business experience. My Entrepreneurship was well rewarded when I reached Semi-Final (Top 100 Teams) in IIT Kharagpur – Empresario 2014-2015. My Site with “Buy Software Solutions” Page had Google Rank 37 as per review from a Poland Internet Company for Search Keyword “Telecommunication Industry CLEARWATER”. I had more than 2.0K visitors count in my Site as of now with Facebook Likes in my Site as nearly 2.1K+ Likes. I tried to do business partnership with and Ashley Madison Dating Site and I am still waiting for the response. I also contacted many Florida Universities and Advertising companies in India to sell my eBooks. I am strongly determined to be successful.

  121. Carol Prendergast

    Right on Marie, when the time comes I’ll get the right crew, and allow my leadership to c’mon through ! I tend to do things my way

  122. Akisha

    You are only the average of the people you hang out with if you believe it and allow yourself to be. I am not the average of my friends at all. I am the only one I know who would go for my dreams even though everyone else around me thinks I’m crazy.

  123. Thalassa

    I used to model for 12 years, of which 3 years fulltime after graduating from university. I felt exactly the same way! I decided to quit modeling, found my passion for marketing and have a great, challenging job. Although in a different field, my new boyfriend is very ambitious too; we’ve got the most inspiring conversations and really motivate each other. I’m not surrounded by many other people who are that ambitious (or maybe I’m just not aware of it? Time for a check up with my friends!) but all the podcasts I listen to, blogs I read and webinars I follow are the perfect alternative for me.

    A few months into this new lifestyle, I can look back and definitely agree that when I’m surrounded by inspiring, ambitious people, I challenge myself much more the be the very best ‘me’ I can be; and I love it!

  124. I appreciate how Marie’s suggestions empower viewers like us to choose our circle of influence. She shines a light on areas where we can meet like-minded people. But she also gives us permission to maintain relationships with the people already around us. I find this point, choosing to lead the people who are already in my life, to be a bit more intimidating than meeting and leading new people.

    ~Rose Marie

  125. This is so brilliant! Marie, I love ya girl 🙂

  126. Recently I bought a boutique retail store and I paid for the business, in part, because of the location. It had been in the same place for 20 years and had a committed shopping base.
    Yesterday the landlord informed me they needed my space and I am kicked out ASAP. UGH! Yesterday I truly thought my stomach would crumble up and walk out of my body.
    But this morning I am certain that I AM THE CAPTAIN of this retail ship and I will make it work. Thanks for today’s motivation and inspiration (dance party happening soon).
    Make it a blessed day Marie!

  127. Great suggestions! I, for sure, know that we pick up the energy of the people around us. If the people around you reflect a state that is less of any trait you want to be more of, you’re going to feel conflicted, stressed, or like an outsider. I’ve found that it’s also ok to detach from the folks around you and keep your our counsel even in a group. Always be authentic to yourself, but sometimes in a work situation that you know is just for the money, it’s better not to be a constant rub on the people you work with. You don’t have to put all of yourself out there all of the time or try to elevate the people around you all of the time. But, don’t linger too long on your way to what you really want to do!

  128. cassilda

    I can completely identify with the average of the five concept. I live in a very small town (300 people) and a few years back I hit this “nobody wants to do anything wall”! The women I worked with gave new meaning to conservation of movement. I found it very frustrating and there were no other people to hang with.

    My kids ran into the same things at school after being homeschooled. They thought they would have more people to hang out with etc. We discovered that it did not work that way at all. So, grasshopper, what did you learn? Here is the nut…

    What we end up doing is developing friendships and relationships with people that we would not even come in contact with out in the big world.
    We find that we have nothing in common even in the same profession.
    We finally came to understand that we are indeed the leaders of ourselves and to be a leader the only thing required is to have a follower. So, lead yourself and follow your own lead. Those who are meant to be in your world will fall in and before long you are likely to turn around and find that you have a group of like minded people following you and thinking you are all that and a bag of chips. If not, just enjoy the journey and don’t waste precious energy needed to fuel your dream on people who do not share your dream.

    Thanks Marie

  129. Steph

    I have subscribed to Marie TV for over a year, maybe years… I don’t remember life before Marie. Marie is my lifesaver. I love this energetic yet gentle reminder that I am responsible for myself. My life is not dependant on the energy or actions of others. It’s empowering. Thanks Marie.

  130. I am SUPER happy you addressed this question because it is something that I struggle with. Given I’m a backpacker/traveler/nomad the people around me change ALL THE TIME. I’m a new country or city every few weeks – the bonus is I get a fabulous world perspective and meet amazing and inspiring people… the downside is the faces are always changing!

    I’ve been listening to and reading so many different podcasts/video/books and consistently hear this theme of “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

    To overcome my forever changing “5 people” circle of influence… I now consider my digital mentors my top 5 because you all have been the only consistent “conversation” I’ve had in my past 10 months of travel.

    It’s amazing because I’ve watched you all become more connected recently – so now I feel even more part of a group…. like your creepy (yet awesome) friend you don’t know exists — YET!

    So big shout out to YOU, Lewis Howes, John Lee Dumas, Drew Canole, and Brendon Buchard for being my EPIC 5 People I spend the most time with.


  131. I love the concept of being a culmination of the five people I spend the most time with. I spend time weekly in person or by phone with:
    a) my amazingly compatible playmate/partner/”boyfriend”, who helps me create who I want to be emotionally, financially, intellectually, physically, sexually, and spiritually (Sorry if that’s TMI for some people. I think the sexual intimacy and compatibility is very important and special in our partnership.)
    b) my best friend since I was 12 years old (and I’m 45 now!), and
    c) three mastermind partners who hold me accountable for achieving goals bigger than I think I can accomplish

    Now that I am watching your videos weekly, in some ways, I am spending significant time with you, too! I’ll gladly accept you as a key influence in my life!

    The next three actions I can take to move my vision forward are:
    1) Send you a copy of my book, DIY Conflict Resolution: Seven Choices and Five Actions of a master (Check your email!)
    2) Fulfill on my current obligations, yet take a critical look at what I really need to get done this quarter and start saying no unless I can take care of my needs as well as those of the people around me
    3) Get back to work!

    Have a great day!
    Nance 🙂 xo

  132. I have really been struggling with this lately. I am a Type-A, go-getter and after my day job, I come home and unwind by working on my freelance illustration. I love it and look forward to it, even if others feel it’s “more work”.

    The issue is my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 2 years, and are having the talk about moving in together. But more recently, he’s been unbearably negative… about everything. When I voice my fears and struggles, I do not get reassurance about our relationship or my dreams. My gut is telling me not to move in with this person, but we all know that after 2 years, it’s not so easy to just end things because some of the time, that person is not perfect. I try to remain positive, but some days I just feel so drained. I can’t be positive for 2 people at once… but I’m very afraid to throw away a relationship I value.

  133. Was gonna include this in my Scholarship Application video for B-School 2015, but there was not enough time. This fits perfectly for your lesson today, Marie. 🙂


    You echo my recurring dream,
    A shadow in the day.
    You move the thoughts from my pillow,
    So please, don’t slip away.
    Your touch releases a tonic
    To stimulate my brain–
    Fire, water, Earth and flesh become one
    In my heart’s hurricane.
    I dare the wind to follow me,
    Destiny’s in my hand.
    I’ll share the gift of magic speech
    That you may understand,
    For if souls are not of this earth,
    Though our bodies they rent,
    I’ll defy the laws of reason
    Till every thought is spent.

    COPYRIGHT, 1990, by Diane Maietta. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

  134. Thank you Marie for this episode.

    I’m working on a project that has been challenging in many ways and different than most of my work and I’ve been taking a victim kind of stance on it instead of Captaining the heck out of my ship!

    Ways I can hold myself accountable:
    – Stick to a daily work schedule
    – Practice for at least 15 minutes each day on live illustration
    – Listen to my inner Goddess (Thanks Caroline Frenette!) aka don’t listen to that self-sabotaging BS!

    Thanks Marie!


  135. Oh this is so me. I have all this stuff I want to do. I used to talk about it, but would just get blank stares. Made me feel foolish and less than,so I stopped talking about all I wanted to do. Now, I still have things I want to do, but they are just daydreams that will probably never come to fruition.

  136. Great episode, Marie! I have dance parties once a week and I recently danced my way through a breakup. Dance on!

  137. Arun

    Good Message..Every video gives a lot and lot messages but how to follow up this daily..

  138. I watch these episodes every week but this is my first time leaving a comment! Just wanted to say how much I adore Marie TV, and one of my favorite parts of the episodes is always “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams, because the world really does need that special gift that only you have.” I need to hear that every week, so thank you! 🙂

  139. Krista

    Great video, thanks so much and so many inspiring comments! Great to see how many like minded folks there are – which made me wonder – who and where are the girls living on the european continent (or wherever! since we’re living in the age of technology :)) who’d love to connect and build a power posse club? 🙂 do let me know if you’re interested, by sending me a message to: [email protected]

  140. diana kontarovich

    I’m so happy I found you! Is it to late to submit a scholarship video? Can I submit another form of introduction for bschool? It already happened! DGK

  141. This is so spot on!
    I have a whole chapter in my just released book Screw Finding Your Passion (It’s Within You, Let’s Unlock It) about connecting with your tribe. I’ve used this same quote by Jim Rohn in there too 😉

    The 3 actions I’m going to take to connect more with my tribe are:
    1. Go to the London B-School meetups regularly – and I have already signed up to the first one this Friday wohoo!
    2. Become more active on the B-School Facebook group (so psyched it’s starting up again!).
    3. Find two London entrepreneur ladies to join my Small Business Mastermind group so we can keep sharing, inspiring and encouraging each other with our businesses.

  142. Thank you again for such a great video.

  143. Leslie

    Yes, yes you SHOULD wear stripes, a braid bun, and pink lipstick more’re rockin’ that look!

    Thank for the reminder–I’m steering a MOVING vessel, even though sometimes I might feel becalmed.

  144. Marie, you just crack me up! I love to laugh, and even though my businesses are not online based, I subscribe for “tidbit value” as well as a bloody good guffaw.

    Thanks, love it!


  145. “I want cowboy boots, a beer, and somethin’ to ride…” Best quote ever!

  146. Jacqueline

    This week’s video touched a hidden part of my soul–the part that I often ignore, but is always nudging me forward, forward, forward. Part of the evolution/growth of our souls is learning to take responsibility and initiative. The discomfort we feel is our better/higher self trying to get us moving forward, to breathe, to look up and stop staring at our collective navels then complaining about the view. We are meant to be engaged in the world around us, to savor it.

    Starting with physical movement is a great way to climb out of a slump–whether it be dancing, walking, running, riding a bike or horse, hang gliding, gardening–doesn’t matter. Movement increases the energy flow and gives us a different perspective. It starts the process of growing forward.

    When I am in a slump, I pick up a hose and water the yard–my therapy. Then I move on to gardening. It feels so good to be out in nature. I always come away with gratitude and new ideas. I am better able to release that which no longer belongs in my life and move forward to my higher self. I can let go of petty hurts and see the good in other people. For me, being outside in the garden in a balm to my soul. For others it may be in a museum, a concert, in the company of family and friends. Each of us has that special place/activity that restores our souls and gives us the energy boost to move forward.

    Despite lengthy and repeated attempts, I have yet to gain much from whining and complaining–Lord knows that I have tried. Yet the world is full of wondrous things for each of us–who would guess that a garden hose could be a source of healing? Who knew?

    Loved the bun and the pink lipstick. Who could be depressed wearing those?

  147. Aiste

    Sounds sooo familiar! I just recently moved to Australia and cant work before i get visa. My cure – blog about Australia, craft and various seminars. Plus i dived in for more knowledge. Hope that helps 😉
    Marie, thanks for inspiration, your tv is a bliss 🙂

  148. Suzy

    It is SO true how being around unmotivated people can effect me! I need to go back to school so I can be around people who are moving forward in their life, not stagnating and just making excuses!

  149. OOOooooooo….this content is making my wheels spin! I can’t wait to get started with BSchool again and my coaching program. This is the year I am fully claiming my captain’s hat! No more just looking at it on the hook…I’m putting it on daily. It’s amazing to think that you ‘thought’ you were figuring it all out…but the results show something so different. THEN a moment happens, and it’s not something ‘new’…but it came at the right time, at the right frustrating moment…and then BAM! You become the captain.
    #BringIt 🙂

  150. This is something I’ve definitely struggled with – and continue to struggle with. I live in an area where it seems like most people are set in their ways and would rather complain than take action to change their lives and businesses. There are few young professionals, but there are a bunch of colleges. I feel very isolated from other young entrepreneurs, optimistic business people, young professionals, and people with ambition. I live with my parents, who don’t quite understand what I’m attempting to do with my business and life, and who have quite different perspectives and opinions from me. Because of all this, it’s easy to get down on myself and feel lonely. Even my boyfriend has like a decade on my and is pretty settled. I’m not complaining – just setting the stage. So, what I’ve done is begun to take control of this problem. I can’t so easily change my living situation and I don’t want to leave my boyfriend. So, I allow myself to indulge in inspiring content, books and things that will inform my mindset, inspire my actions and expand my mind. I also actively seek out relationships with people with whom it would be mutually beneficial to know. I have friends all over the world, and I try to keep in touch as best as possible. I have one friend in particular who is somewhat of a mastermind with me, and that helps a lot. Basically, I’ve realized that we have control over who we spend time with and in what ways, and that we can decide, at least to some degree, what influence different people have over us. Obviously not everything is predictable. But I also love what Marie said about trying to be a leader with the others around you, to perhaps inspire something in them. Now, it’s not our job to change people, so we also need to recognize when it’s a lost cause and take responsibility for ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with. It’s a balance of knowing when to work through it and when to say, “enough’s enough” and move on.

  151. Sarah Binger

    I admit, it’s been a tough 18 months past. I went from hiking 18 miles a day on the Appalachian Trail where everyone else had the same goal of hiking 2200 miles North, to being at home, in the frozen mid-West where I have 4 part time jobs and I don’t seem to fit in with my old group of friends because I’ve changed so much from the Trail.

    It took me some time to start remembering the dreams of having my own business. But now that I’ve taken the time to let that incubate and coalesce in my head, it’s time to take action. I had to find the next goal, the next Mt. Katahdin to hike toward. So, now I can make my plans and GO!

    It’s difficult to allow others to slip in and out of your life. Some of my friends will not make time for me as I move into a new schedule. But, others will come in. And to continue beating the hiking metaphor to a bloody pulp, they will be at a similar pace to my hike than what my current group is.

    So… hike your own hike!

  152. You do look sassy in a bun!

    Another great MarieTV topic, and Claudia you’re not alone when you find yourself in a funk, we alllllll go through it, even if we are doing what we love. Just know that everything in this life is energy, so if your energy feels still, move it to move it. Enjoy your wanderlust. x

    On a side note, super excited about my 4th B-School round with all this new content and creativity. Bring on March 9th!

  153. Claudia

    A big, big, big thank you to Marie for replying amazingly to my question. Another big thank you and lots of love to everyone of you that are commenting and giving me such great tips and advice. I will reply to everyone that were so kind to directly adress a message to me, but I wanted to quickly leave a comment before I read everything carefully and take those amazing advice that you have giving me. You are amazing people and I feel beyond grateful that this community exists. Thank you again for everything!

    • Hi Claudia!

      I was going to address you as well, so I’m glad I found you somewhere in the comments 🙂

      I recently had similar feelings, except I felt I should get out and meet people because I work from home and hardly ever have people around me.

      I’m not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but I started up a group for other people like me who want to start a fashion business. At our first meeting, I met two very stimulating people which was awesome. A few people are, like your coworkers, very nice but seem a bit lost – but I came away from that first meeting buzzing with excitement because I feel like I’ve been given a purpose to motivate and influence these people to start their dream fashion business as well.

      We’re now going to meet once a month (our next one is tomorrow – yay!) and I’m looking forward to connecting again with those I met last month as well as any new members who would like to join. That was my super-long way of recommending starting your own meetup group 🙂

  154. I definitely feel energetically influenced by the people around me, which is sometimes unavoidable. I love getting myself out of those funks with dance parties as well, it’s the freaking best. Thanks for this message, it’s much appreciated!

  155. Lee

    hi Marie , i watch all your vids and am a huuuuge fan!! your wisdom and smarts are so appreciated!
    my question for you is pressing since B School is now open for enfrollment. i am now very confused as to who i actually sign up with – You? or the DWYL partner??? the cost with DWYL (am i totally off on this?) is an additional 2 K-ish to your fee of 1999?? pleez esssplayn :)) Lee

  156. Katalin Morocza

    Thank you Marie! Just what i needed to hear today…that lovely episode to motivate myself!

  157. Nieves

    You are right Marie, we have to take control of our life. That’s why I decided to listen to your videos, meditate, learn a new language and spend my time learning new things as a way to grow. I don’t that have many friends but I consider you and some other coaches like my friends. I appreciate your great and inspirational videos. Thank you so much!

  158. Well now I know why I mostly act like a child I spend all my time around two people who are 3&5

  159. Good advice Marie. I love this video. There is a quote said: “What we focus on, it will grow” In this case people should focus on their goals, things they want to do, their dream through their action, thoughts. Positive increase, negative will lose.

  160. Leandro

    Hello Claudia!
    I can relate to your situation. I did quit my public sector job two years ago (lots of unambitious coworkers) , currently do have my business well stabilished in Brazil, and I am also on a trip to open a new business in europe. Just got my Italian Business Startup Visa yesterday and will fly to Italy and Germany this may and june to attend some small expos as a new exhibitor.
    Growing up in difficult Brazil as we say here you ‘had to learn the game playing in the hardest mode’. After surviving this tricky environment, if your still hold that flame in your heart your are destined to be more active, more passionate, have more more drive and hunger than your average counterparts.
    Just take action and start to put your strenght into play!
    We could possibly meet in Germany to exchange some ideas if you feel like it. My email is [email protected]

  161. I can totally relate to this! My sister and I run a creative business but we are surrounded by businesses with common business models. So everyday, we have to tell ourselves to be different and innovate. People sometimes think we’re being foolish, young and ignorant to “how it works” but really, we’re just staying on top of our game.

  162. Great question and great response! The three things that come to mind to try to own up to the title of ” Captain Mary ” is:
    1. Scope out like-minded people and events.
    2. Find ways to lead others by sharing, volunteering or creating something new.
    3. Don’t stop learning. Continue to develop and expand knowledge base in some form or fashion.

    Mary Lahti

  163. This is Part of our Core, our foundation. Surrounding ourselves with Uplifters, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and All people Positive Has a SIGNIFICANT impact on our life experience.. In a Positive way!
    Thanks for the awesome Post Marie!!

  164. It’s so true that the energy you feel is directly related to the people you are surrounded by, the people in your environments. My best relationships are the ones that empower me, bring me joy and inspire me. I have also learned the value of understanding that sometimes you have to upgrade or change the people you surround yourself with, or move past a relationship as you yourself begin to grow and change. It’s a hard transition, letting go of friendships or relationships that no longer serve you, but sometimes the richest and most meaningful growth comes from appreciating what relationships can teach you, no matter their season.

  165. 1) love the dance break – so fun 2) love this quote as well from Ms. Winfrey “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” 3) love how our comments and this community can help us connect with those who inspire us and are living the life we aspire for ourselves <3

  166. I love this video and all the lessons shared. I do feel like the 5 people I spend the most time with are highly influential and even though we only meet up in person a few times a year, it makes it all the better! When you’re hustlin’ life can get busy for people that bring ya down! So you just have to push through, in my personal opinion.

  167. Popescu Daniela

    great stuff, thanks a lot, very inspirational. I am glad to find out this great advice of Opra’s.
    I enjoyed it a lot!

  168. kellyann

    Marie you are darling….your look, your wardrobe, your cute skits…i am in a funk and you are helping me find the light!

  169. Jessy

    I make it a point not to put too much stock in philosophies or beliefs that seemingly make the argument that I can’t go for my dreams. I am familiar with that quote and resented it for a long time, but then I thought, sort of like Marie said, “If what that guy says is true, that means whoever spends most of their time with me will be influenced by who I am.” So I felt this sense of responsibility to be my best self and not blame the people around me for my shortcomings. I also considered that maybe the shows I watch and the books I read are like people I spend time with. Somebody’s mind created that, so I’m spending time with that person’s thoughts. So, that toxic drama or that smutty magazine doesn’t help me become the person I want to be.

  170. My parents always said, “Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are.” I have found this to be true over and over in my life. I can honestly say I am proud of the people I associate with. They are good people, motivated, and inspire me to be a better person just by being around them. If I find myself around people who affect me negatively, I disassociate myself from them. It’s not always easy, but always better for me in the long run.

  171. Great vid, loved your advice as I’m currently feeling exactly how Claudia describes. Thank you x

  172. Hi Maria, I love this video. I am living in a country that is totally different in all respects from mine. It is not a western country and iit feel as if I am on another planet. I have been here 5 years and have tried to reach out to the locals. nothing happening really. I did find another American living here and I have been spending a lot of time with her. I have learned, after 5 years that it is not worth my while to spend time with people whom have very little motivation. It is much more beneficial to remain alone and wait or those people of like minds to come into my world. I have no problem with staying alone.
    Thank you and keep up the good work,

  173. This is right on time! I am currently working on getting out of a funk and expanding my circle at the same time! God bless!

  174. Rishika

    the video was really inspiring….nd it gives this strong message that “we are the captain of our ship called life ”
    nd no one can influence us in a negative way unless we allow them to .Thanks …

  175. I am just practicing some basic search engine optimisation, I didnt realise it was so hands-on-luckily I found some good sites though
    Added a share on Facebook, hope you dont mind

  176. Your commiunity is very important. Make new & better friends.

  177. That is really fascinating, You are an excessively skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to in search of
    extra of your fantastic post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my
    social networks

  178. Wonderful site you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article?

    I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same
    interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me
    know. Thanks!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Marvin! Thank you so much for your kind words. We’re thrilled to have you here tuning in! While we don’t have specific community forums that we refer people to, we encourage you to keep exploring your unique interests online to find like-minded people. We do have a vibrant community here of folks all over the world who create wonderful conversation around our episode topics each week. We’d love for you to continue joining us here if it feels like the right fit, but most importantly we’re sending our best wishes that you’ll find a community that feels supportive for you!

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