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Last week, we were shooting a bunch of new videos at the studio.

Over lunch, a big talk bubbled up about drinking enough water. Especially how water makes your skin glow, turbo charges your energy, helps you sleep and wake up easier, and keeps everything “flowing” if you know what I mean.

So for the past week, my water consumption has been even higher than usual — and I gotta say, I feel amazing.

It’s wild how something so basic can so easily be taken for granted, right?

Water can give a woman dignity, at the most human level. @scottharrison Click To Tweet

That’s why I’m particularly excited to share this conversation of Scott Harrison of charity: water with you. Not only is this one of our most inspiring episodes of the year…

It’s also a chance for you and I to do some incredible, world changing good, together. More on that in a moment.

Heads up: there are two parts that you **must hear** in this episode. Please listen for the story of a 13 year old girl named Letikiros, and also for Helen.

I promise, this will be well worth your time.

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As always, I’d love to hear from you.

What most inspired you about hearing the stories of Scott, Letikiros and Helen? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know.

One last thing…

This episode also signifies MarieTV’s 4th birthday. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. This is a big deal for our team, for our community and for me, personally.

Each year we do something special to celebrate the occasion. This year, we’re partnering with you and charity: water to bring clean water to women and girls just like Letikiros and Helen.

Nothing would mean more to me and our team, to have your support for our campaign.CWEthiopia

Our campaign goal is $40,000. That’s a clean water project for each of the year’s our show has been online. I’m absolutely certain that with your help, we’ll not only reach our goal, but we’ll exceed it!

So you know, it costs about $30 to bring clean water to one person in Ethiopia, so when we reach our goal, we’ll bring clean water to four villages and radically change the lives and futures of about 1,300 people.

That joyous feeling of clean water on your face, and the freedom and opportunity that can bring to so many is simply breathtaking.

Whether you contribute financially, or simply help us spread the word on social media or email, any effort at all is deeply appreciated.

Click here to visit our campaign page and join us in our celebration.

As each year goes by, I see more and more that deep and lasting fulfillment is about contribution.

Whether it’s a smile, a kind word or any small act to support and care for another human being, it’s in these moments of connection that we experience the greatness of who we really are.

Thanks for watching today, sharing your voice and for supporting us over the years.

Here’s to a beautiful holiday season and many, many more years of helping each other create a business, life and world we truly love.


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  1. You’re amazing, Marie. I spent some time over in Africa a few years ago. The class focused on a political and cultural analysis of the Gambia and while we were there we took laptops and medical supplies for a few of their clinics. Power Up Gambia is a great organization that brings solar energy resources to medical facilities to try and give them sustainable energy, because their electricity is knocked out almost constantly and batteries just don’t seem to be helping them. I think it’s sometimes hard for Americans to think about such simple things like water and electricity, because we are lucky enough to have it in our grasp. I love you so much for bringing awareness to issues like this and for using your influence and amazing girl power to help. You are really a rock star xoxo

    • Zeynep Delahoyde

      i am so attached and cried ,cried , may god bless you all

      • OMG, Zeynep!!…I was full of tears too!

        I cried I was so happy when I donated and was told that my donation was matched. 🙂

        Brandy xo

        • Vince

          Humbly & totally amazed at the love in this world @Christmas this year, and you are definitely radiate warmth. Thank you Marie 🙂

    • I would love to go to Africa, I have a great desire to help those people who go through so much trouble and suffer so many injustices.

      Much your STACY PORTER comment, you were very happy in your words.

  2. This is a HUGELY inspiring interview! If you have just watched this, watch it again – and think about the areas of your life that could be radically changed for the better. Great interview Marie and Scott! Thank you.

  3. UH

    Today I don’t have time to watch the interview but I took a minute (and it didn’t take any longer) to donate. Thanks for that opportunity to do something meaningful today! I have felt grumpy all day for no reason. And watching myself I thought, ‘this is interesting, I don’t know where this anger comes from, but I certainly don’t want to feed it.’ I decided I wanted to do something good today whenever the opportunity would show up and it promptly did! 🙂

  4. “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

  5. It is breathtaking how much remains to be done in advancing the dignity of our fellow human beings in this world. I am overwhelmed with emotion watching this interview.

    Scott’s heart-rending stories remind me of this quote: “Responsibility…accrues through privilege. People like you and me have an unbelievable amount of privilege and therefore we have a huge amount of responsibility.” – Noam Chomsky

    I have a deep respect for the fact you are proactive in using this platform to improve people’s lives. It is a personal goal of mine to use my business to do the same.

    • Powerful — thank you for enlightening!

  6. I really love these interviews because they remind me to think deeply about the type of philanthropic contributions I would like to make. Thank you, Marie, for your incredible spirit that uses this platform to inform and inspire. This is what heart-based leadership & entrepreneurship looks like. <3

  7. I have no doubt that you’ll exceed the goal as well. What an inspiration!

  8. Love this. Love, love, love it. I’ve shared it twice, and will watch it again. Thank you!

    • Jacqueline Sene

      Me too! Inspirational….

  9. Wow!! Incredibly inspiring video for each of us to take action ! Thanks, Marie – for bringing this to our awareness.

  10. First of all… Félicitations on 4 years of Marie TV! Champagne!

    One of the things I like most about Marie TV (besides your funky sense of style and witty personality 🙂 is that you consciously use your platform to speak about important issues.

    Lately, I’ve been spotlighting charities close to my heart with each email I send out to my Intuitive Leaders hoping to bring awareness and inspire them to support charities or causes they love as well.

    Thank you for brining to the light issues that most would simply ignore. Together we can definitely make a difference.



  11. This is one of the most incredible interviews you’ve done, Marie. I love Scott’s raw honesty. He reminds me that it’s safe to share ALL of my story, rather than try to mask or hide it.

    You both demonstrate the kind of leadership I hope to embody. It’s so easy to get caught up in lack mentality, so what Scott showed with the polarity between the “Prada Club” and the “Poverty Club”. Yet I am here in my warm home with unlimited water available to me. So for that reason I am donating today.

    Thank you x

    • 🙂 wow – such a beautiful and cool response!!!

  12. Amber

    HOLY BANANA’S!!!!! Giving my birthday! love this and love MarieTV.
    Please excuse my enthusiasm!!! Feeling totally inspired.
    I have always felt it was hard to contribute, too much commitment, too much red tape, too much uncertainty about where my money was going. I feel ready to take a second look and find what works for me and my family. Thanks Marie Team!!!

  13. Charity Water is another one of my favourite charities. I’m so glad to have seen this episode. Despite the fact that I loved their mission for years, it’s nice to see the full story in Harrison’s words. It’s very touching.

  14. Marie, I don’t usually leave comments anywhere, but after seeing this video interview with Scott Harrison, I just had to reach out. I was so moved by his stories of the girls and women whose lives have been lifted up by the activities of Charity: Water. The biggest takeaway for me was the idea that launching and running a successful charity – as massive and as world changing as that is not an impossible undertaking. It’s incredible what one determined individual can accomplish if they have the skills and tools to rally a community. What a beautiful expression of human ambition and success. Thank you for this interview!

  15. Thank you Marie & Scott.

    I am so touched by everything you’ve shared. I can remember times in my childhood when our water was cut off due to non-payment and asking neighbors if I could fill up 2 empty milk jugs from their waterhose. Those things were heavy as a child, so I can only imagine the trek and strength that what you’ve described, would feel like.

    I LOVE what you’re up to Scott! Thank you for reminding me not to take my clean water for granted and help others change lives thru Charity: Water.

    Lots of love!!!

    • It also reminds me of one of the first places I lived on my own after high school. It didn’t have running water in the cabin, but, there was a well on the property shared by the three houses on the property and the ritual of going to the well to fill up my container made me appreciate this life-giving subsance even more. I have also experienced the excruciating intestinal pain from drinking dirty water from a river, as well as the effects of dehydration. We take for granted access to clean water so readily available in the Western world. Thanks Marie and Scott. ” We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732.

  16. Mary

    This is wonderful news and what is really great is that this is not the only charity bringing clean water to 3rd world communities. One builds play pumps where the children play on pumps designed as a piece of play ground eguipment.

  17. Thank you Marie! This was incredible!!

  18. Amazingly inspirational interview..

    Marie this is my favorite interview you have done (and I have watched most of them over the past few years.)

    Thanks for all you do!

  19. Stewart Kelly

    Congratulations on your anniversary of Marie TV Marie:) Loved this interview with Scott. Having travel to several third world nations I can speak from experience how important clean water is. Kind of gross to say, but I got infected with a parasite drinking unclean water. No lingering effects because I got treated right away, but it reminded me of how much we take for granting living in first world countries. I’m happy to help you spread the word and help you celebrate your birthday by making clean water possible for others.

  20. Sandy

    A 13yo that felt so much responsibility for her family – Letikiros, so unselfish
    A young mother and wife who can feel beautiful because she can wash and wear clean clothes – Helen, so grateful
    A young man who sees futility in his days and turns his life around to do something useful – Scott, making a difference
    What an inspirational interview.
    Congratulations to you Scott and may God continue to bless you and your family. I was not aware of your organization but am happy that Marie has shared it with us. I will be going over to get involved.

  21. Very inspirit! Thank you Marie and huge thank you to Scott for waking up yourself and your friends to helping others less fortunate. What a gift to have you on the planet at this time.

  22. I almost balked at the 34 minutes it would take to watch this video but am SO GLAD I DIDN’T. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be adding Charity Water to my giving rotation and plan to donate my birthday this coming June. Marie – thank you for sharing your gift with the world and inspiring me to share mine. xo

  23. Hristina

    Hey Marie,
    What to say – what you are doing, you and your team deserves to be spread all over the world. This water issue is a World issue and anyone all over the Earth need to hear this interview. I think we are here to help and by helping other people in a worse situation than us we are making a difference…

  24. Melissa

    Absolutely love the birthday idea. Especially the fact that the 7 year old boy went about it and succeeded so well!

    Anything is better than nothing. Too often people say they don’t have money, but don’t think about all the money they spend stupidly.

    This was a great interview, and I’m glad it was focused around charities and how a small change makes a HUGE difference.

    Will definitely be making a donation. The story earlier about the women walking with the water hits home, as my parents had that experience. We are so spoiled now and I don’t think people realize it.

  25. Thank you for sharing your important stories with us Scott and for creating an effective way to change milllions of lives. It goes to show how our paths may not always be the straight and narrow, but they are purposeful and exactly what we need to develop our necessary skills and wake up to our higher, inspired Calling.

    I’d never thought about the far reaching domino effect that gets created in these communities when they have clean water – and even how it helps empower women to become entrpenuers.

    Count me in xxo

  26. Michelle

    THANK YOU very much for sharing this video and especially to Scott Harrison for starting this AMAZING organization – doing so much GOOD in the world… and providing so many great stories about how clean water can transform lives! I will gladly help celebrate the 4th birthday of Marie Forleo – congrats! – through a donation.

    I first heard some of this story through listening to the book, “A Path Appears” (thanks for the great recommendation, Marie!). Another thing I love about Scott’s story – that I learned from the book – is to hear about the struggles and “lessons learned” Charity Water has experienced in building wells – and how the implementation doesn’t always go according to plan. I am glad to support an organization that is forthcoming about its struggles and found it to be inspirational how they have overcome those to do even more good! Thank you again! Merry Christmas!

  27. This was awesomely inspiring. I loved the Donate your Birthday idea most – definitely something I can do here in Chicago. I will definitely be researching this idea and finding a local organization to which I can donate my next birthday! Thanks Marie & Scott!

  28. Thank you for this video; but now I will have trouble working today.

    My assistant teases me because I get so distracted and upset about the situation for people in Africa that, whenever I hear about it, that I can’t focus on my own work. For example, I once saw a movie on malaria while traveling to a finance business meeting. At the meeting, I couldn’t focus, and finally exclaimed to my CFO, “Who cares about this? There are children in African who need mosquito nets! Let’s do something about that!”

    I feel very drawn to helping children there. We are so blessed in America and we forget it. For my part, I raise money for orphans in Congo and Uganda and give money to water charities. I have been unable to have children, so I am adopting a child from DR Congo — I know that it will kill me to go to that orphanage and see all those children and I will want to take them all home.

    Whatever I do, it just doesn’t feel like enough. It is part of my motivation to do well in business, so that someday soon, I will be wealthy enough to make a bigger impact.

    I donated to your birthday fund. I think I will try that for my birthday too. 🙂

  29. Shashinyc

    Scott is a contemporary hero and role model…and so is Marie, who is so smart and sexy yet, more importantly, so loving and modest. I was moved that Marie was so obviously moved by Scott’s cause. Thank you. Happy new year and may 2015 bring you continued blessings and the full heart to keep giving as you do.

  30. Hadeel

    I just don’t know how you do it Marie, honestly, I wish I can be as inspiring as you are. You are such a role model. I love what you do, but today I’ve seen you grow even larger than life! Thank you for your hard work, Thank you Scott, and Thank you Marie Team. Sending you love all the way from Kuwait xx

  31. A fabulous and inspiring interview! Thanks, Marie and Scott, for sharing a great story; no, many great stories!

    I think I’ll donate my birthday next April 1st to the organization my wife and I started back in 1980 to work with Boston inner-city kids ( I’ll offer the choice between my nominal age of 35 (which I celebrate EVERY year since it’s April 1st) or my calendar age of 74. We even have a water connection: our summer camp in Vermont depends on spring water for everything so we have to teach water conservation: don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth, a shower every third day (luckily we go swimming every day)… Occasionally I have had to haul water, and we use rain barrels for clothes washing and flushing toilets, if necessary.

    I admire the work you both do. Keep on keepin’ on!


  32. This was such a beautiful and inspiring story! I am a pisces and have always been drawn to the water and now I know exactly how to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Thank you Marie and Scott for your dedication,love and consciousness and for sharing such an easy way to help others!

  33. I had just recently written a post relating WATER to LOVE. Poignant!

    In lieu of this mission – I’m publishing it early (TODAY) – and I’m overjoyed & honored to help spread the word.

    I’m not sure if I should be including links or not here – but I’m still a small fish in a big sea of online entrepreneurs. If anyone is inclined to give it an extra push on social media – I welcome that. (Thank you!)

    Such a simple way to give LIFE & LOVE. What a perfect gift to give this holiday season.

    PS: I now know how The Vitality Lounge will be celebrating anniversaries (birthdays) as those milestones are reached! 😉

    Big-time-Blessings to all!
    In Peace, Love, & Vitality

  34. I LOVE Charity:water! I received B-day wishes through it by a very special person.
    And I’m happy contribute to MarieTV’s 4th birthday celebration!


  35. It’s so sad that we have to be concerned about which charities we give our money to. There are some really scammy people out there, as well as well-meaning organizations that have scaled so much that less and less of each donation goes to people in need each year. I’m glad Scott talked about that directly. I’m sure many of us here have philanthropic goals in mind with our businesses, in addition to the “usual” goals, so thanks for doing this, Marie.

  36. Danielle

    This video has inspired me to make the request on my 30th birthday to have all my loved ones donate $30 to charity water…. I need to work on my speech as I will be making the request on my wedding day, which is 2 day before my 30th birthday on June 1st, 2015.
    Thank you for what you do, you are an inspiration and a stand for humanity.
    Gratefully yours,

  37. Thank you Marie, for featuring Charity:Water on MarieTV and for raising awareness about this important cause. I can relate to Scott’s stories about the impact clean water can make on someone’s life. I just got back from volunteering in Mozambique for the past three years. While I was there, I did not always have access to clean drinking water and would need to travel 17km to access it. Sometimes I would go a full day without drinking water because I couldn’t make it to the town 17km away. Having access to clean water makes life so much easier, and you can stay healthy and energetic and able to work and have a happy, productive life. Now that I am back in the States, I feel so lucky and blessed to always have access to clean water. Thank you again for today’s episode!

  38. What an amazing episode- so many synchronicities!!!

    First, I actually put one of the pictures you flashed of Scott in the intro (the one with him giving a piggyback ride to a child) on my vision board in 2009 because it symbolized the kind of man I wanted to attract into my life- handsome, playful and helping the world. I laughed out loud when I saw it (and yes, I do have that exact kind of man in my life now:)

    Second, I just donated money to the Khmer Child Foundation ( to help build wells in Cambodia. I do it every Christmas and it always fills my heart knowing that I contributed to such a worthy cause.

    Third, I just finished Tony Robbins new book and decided that my new business, Shift Bars, will contribute at least 1% of all sales to building schools with Centers for Spiritual Living- a worldwide organization that teaches the principles of Science of Mind (i.e., that we are an extension of God, Source, etc. and we create our life through our thoughts). This decision has fired me up more than the idea of making money for myself. I have been in survival mode the last several years (after leaving my own version of Scott’s NYC life as an attorney) and while I knew giving back was important, I didn’t fully own it until very recently.

    Thank you so much for this interview. I watched it while taking a long hot bath and it was not lost on me what a privilege that is.

    All my best,

  39. Danielle

    I love when Marie loves what I love! Redundant? Hells yeah!

    What inspired me most about this video is actually a combination from Tony Robbins and today. I got his book (had to, of course) as a gift and conversation piece for my dad for Christmas. I’m putting notes in the margin as I read it so we can talk as he does. But what has hit me so far is figuring out how to “do more for others than anyone else does”. I love how charity water creatively markets and does fundraising best!

    Now to channel my own resources into something great! Thanks for the continued inspiration Marie!

  40. I have been a supporter of clean water projects and helped with various campaigns – such a good cause – I support you … going over now!
    And congratulations on your 4th birthday:)

  41. jess schula

    I’ve been a proud supporter of Charity Water for years. They are a stunning example of a non-profit. Thank you for bringing this amazing work to more people!

  42. My biggest takeaway is just the reminder that we really are so lucky. It’s good to be reminded of how much we actually have and how we can use even a little to make a big difference in the lives of others. Thanks for sharing this cause and Scott’s mission with us.

  43. One of my most favorite organizations! Everyone of my kids get charity:water tshirts, so do their friends. WATER=LIFE. Thank you for bringing attention to this!!

  44. Dawn T.

    Thanks for the inspiration that one small kindness of heart can make a difference!! I will donate a donkey and my birthday! For all you do to shine light on the goodness in the world, thank you Marie!

  45. Completely amazing… thank you.

  46. Claudia

    It makes me cry of happiness that there are people like him in the world. Thank you so much for sharing, Marie. I will definitely do my part to spread his work to my family and friends in Brazil and here in the US.
    Happy holidays <3
    Much love, Claudia

  47. I’ve got my own Charity Water campaign going to celebrate my birthday and my biz.
    This was a great interview! Loved the story telling of Charity Water’s beginning and the woman who said “I’m beautiful now”
    Be still my heart.
    Thanks so much for the interview!

  48. Sooooo inspiring! Thanks so much for this. It’s made me think about how I can use my skills in video to really help promote charities. I can tell a story with images and music in a very emotive way, and it would be great to do this somewhere it really counts!

  49. Sandy

    I will be plegdeing my birthday. What a remarkable interview and it made me cry.

  50. Amazing episode! I just got back from a third world country…my first of this type of trip ever. And, YES, the water was a major issue, and one I came to appreciate. Thank you for bringing this awareness to the forefront through Marie TV!

  51. Evelyn Garing

    Beautiful, what an inspiring story. and such a beautiful vision. Thank you for enlightening me and others about this basic thing, water, that we take so much for granted. Jeez, what a hardship it has been whenever I have lost water temporally. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to live in part of the world where one would have to walk hours to carry back heavy water. Thank you for helping me understand this better, and for taking such a huge step to help with this. I adore both of you and all who are involved in this.

  52. Fiona

    Wonderful interview with Scott – love Charity Water and, as usual Marie, your timing of this interview is AMAZING. Yesterday the Senate passed the Water for the World Act – many of us have been advocating for over a year for this bi-partisan bill that will help even more people around the world get access to clean water. See for more info. Woohoo – as Scott said let’s keep making a difference for women’s dignity!

  53. Oliver


    What I learned today is that if a person thoroughly evaluates what they have, sometimes what they have is more valuable then what they believe.

    Scott took his nak for promotion and created a revolutionary way to promote a cause for water access and development in Africa.

  54. Awesome Interview – Deeply Inspired.
    My take away: I can do so much more…
    Thank you,

  55. One of your best videos yet…it brought tears to my eyes multiple times. I practice gratitude on a regular basis but watching this really made me feel the gratitude down to my core. After taking a long warm shower this morning, I sit and drink my tea, eat oatmeal and have clean clothes…usually all without a thought of how much that really means, but hearing Scott’s stories puts everything into perspective. What he is doing is truly life-changing,…having clean water is such a basic human need and in this day and age it’s heartbreaking to think that there are those out there that do not. I know you’ll reach your goal Marie! I am donating and sharing in the hopes that others will too.

  56. Truly the best video yet. So heart-warming and inspiring, thank you. I don’t have “one key” that I came away with, it was all of it.

  57. Thank you Marie! I just pledged my birthday next month and I am so grateful to you and Scott for giving me the opportunity to help.

  58. Marie, thanks for highlighting humanitarian work being done by Scott and some of your former guests. Some of your best episodes.

  59. Wow you have made a difference to Millions of Peoples Lives

  60. Maureen

    Inspiration – love the simplicity of the birthday giving idea! Thanks Scott and Marie…keep on giving.Thanks.

  61. What a beautiful, heartfelt interview! I was mesmerized listening to Scott’s story and how ultimately it was in giving back that he found his passion and his joy. I love how he has revolutionized the model for charities. Marie, you have such a big heart, and by sharing the story of Charity Water you are helping not only the people who will be gifted with clean water, but you’re allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the giving. Thank you, both!

  62. I have watched all of Marie’s interviews since I signed up. This is my first time to leave a comment. When you are on the search seeking growth, it is always amazing what presents. I was highly inspired by this interview. Thank you for all your efforts to make these interviews happen. I am a truly a fan.

  63. Made a donation, but made it directly to the site. Inspired!!

  64. EXCELLENT INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my first time hearing about Scott and his organization, Charity Water, and I was so blown away by everything I learned that I immediately sent emails out to all of my friends and posted this on my Facebook page.. telling everyone to tune in and watch this interview. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  65. Dear Marie:
    Thank you so much for the wonderful interview with Scott. His work is so amazing. Through my travels, I know what water can do and how it can liberate women. I hope everyone seeing your TV video will give up their birthday, or another holiday to help bring this life saving water to thousands. Thank you to Scott for this powerful call to action.
    Much continued success!
    Judy Berry

  66. I love episodes like this. It’s also the perfect time of year to remind people of the importance of giving over receiving…

    Your work in this world goes far beyond business and life advice. “Make Money. Change the World..” those words hit me the moment I joined your community and I never forgot it.

    Happy Birthday Marie TV

    Best of everything to ya!

  67. What an inspiring interview. It inspires me to believe in myself; that I, too, have something special to give and I WILL find a way to bring it to the world. thank you!

  68. Ale

    i love seing people who make a living while helping things improve in the world. while it is beautiful and extremely inspiring how much can change something that we all take for granted (water and why not money), what really moved something in me was the part about the good marketing and design for a beautiful and good cause as opposed to selling other stuff that may even be bad for people. i am graphic designer and illustrator and somehow i find myself struggling with my work sometimes because of the lack of good intention behind the product/job. i love what i do and i truly think this is my calling but for a while now i have been trying to find projects and ngos that fight for good causes, to work for, because as an artist i need inspiration for my work and my inspiration clearly comes from good intentions, kindness and love. beautiful interview guys. keep the water coming!:)
    xo from Romania


  69. Fiona

    Very Inspirational! Will always see my bday differently! I luv that he stood back from the way things -are working in charities and re-invented donating with personal stories.

    (On a girl note: he kinda reminds me of Dr. McSteamy!)

  70. Wow, another great episode Marie! It’s so inspiring to see how much he’s been able to help and in such a fundamental way. We are powerful, even as individuals to make profound change.

  71. Cheryl

    Thank you so much for introducing me to so many wonderful people, and their organizations. I’m becoming a monthly contributor to Charity Water thanks to this interview. What I took away most is how much we take for granted the things we have access to in this country. We have no clue how hard it is for these people, and the gift of time that they now have to live is the most wonderful thing of all.

  72. Wow, what an incredible interview. Love his mission, very inspiring!

  73. Ali

    What an amazing guy! So nice to hear about the good things that are happening in the world. Thanks for sharing Marie.

  74. Trevia

    Wow! thanks for continuing to knock my socks off!!! My birthday is in two days and I wasn’t celebrating it. It’s just such a stressful thing to fit into a busy holiday season. NOT THIS YEAR! I am celebrating with a fundraiser! Thanks for the inspiration!

  75. Jennifer

    this episode made me cry. I needed to see what was really going on around water. I am inspired and grateful for both of you sharing on this important issue. I had let fear stop me for too long in acting. I can start small, with a donation, and then follow where things go from there.

  76. Phenomenal. That’s all I want to say. Thank you for tihs story of humble hope:)!!!

  77. Michelle Anita Wirta

    Phenomenal. That’s all I need to say about this story of humble hope:)!!

  78. Beautiful story and reminder that we can make a big difference in someone’s life with so little. And the we are so lucky to have everything we need and then some 🙂

  79. Gwen Lyndsong

    What a great interview! Maybe the best I have ever watched yo do. I saw so much love expressed. You are an amazing woman dear Marie. So much gratitude. I love Marie TV. Thank you. May the good keep getting better for you.

  80. Jess Cudzilo

    This interview has certainly changed my life. Thank you for using your platform for good. You are certainly changing the world for the better because of it.

  81. ahsha grace

    This was awesome.
    What can I do to contribute so practically right now?
    Something about everybody everywhere is needed… EVERYBODY !!!

  82. Hi, Marie & Scott

    Thank you for today’s interview, I’m sure I’m not the only one really moved by it.

    This interview showed me one more time the power of the story.

    How, by telling real, raw stories (like a journalist), we can impact the people who need to hear them.

    Thanks again!

  83. Stephanie

    Definitely one of my favourite Marie TV’s! What an amazing organization and inspiring story. Thank you, both!!

    I saw this and thought how many more people could have access to clean water if you didn’t have to drill expensive wells into (near non-renewable, in people terms) aquifers: “Weighing only 60 kg, “Warka Water” can collect up to 100 litres of drinking water per day”

    Happy 4th Birthday Team Forleo!!

  84. My greatest “take-away” was what seemed to be quickly glossed over–and moved away from–was that Scott’s life changed once he started reading the Bible, searching for a more fulfilling purpose to life (see Ecclesiastes chapter 1) and having his own relationship with God. I was interested in hearing more about that. But it was not allowed.

    Now that he is not living for “self,” his joy is full and he has purpose. Others may disagree with me, and that is their prerogative, but true joy is not contrived or man-made. It comes from the Creator.

    Glory to God!

    …and yes, I am very happy his water project is such an immense blessing. I hope to meet him someday.

  85. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, Marie and Scott.
    This is the first time I have heard about CharityWater.
    I will definitely factor this into my goals for 2015.
    I am all about Empowering Women. I am always in awe of what they do to ensure the survival of our human race.

  86. Oh Marie I could see how you were visibly moved when Scott was relating his stories and I have just cried and cried. too….So enough of that now girl! My 64th birthday is coming up on 12 Feb 2015 and I’m thinking of how I can adapt Scott’s idea with my friends and family. Something like….any combination of the numbers 6 + 4 or 12 + 2 as a donation to Charity Water. $64 would be quite a lot for some people to give – especially my little grand daughters Heather and Ailsa who are only 2 + 6 years old! So I’ll be making it easy to answer the question “What do we get for Grandma on her birthday?” !! Thank you SO much Marie for bringing this to my attention. Always love your videos XX

  87. Allyn

    I love you Marie. You are so darling and have such a tender heart. Those sweet tears in your eyes were there at the same time they were in mine. Such touching stories. Love your show, love your guests, love your style, love all you stand for. You make my day!

    xox Allyn

  88. Thank you so much for sharing Scott’s story with us Marie! So amazing and inspiring! Yesterday as my husband worked on some kitchen plumbing issues & had the water turned off for eight hours, it made me think about how we really do take water for granted. It really is unfathomable for us in first world countries that someone would spend 8 hours walking to an amount of water that we simply flush down a toilet without a second thought. I’m hosting a women’s event for about 15 ladies tonight & you’ve inspired me to donate all proceeds to Marie TV’s birthday campaign for Charity Water. Happy Birthday & Thank You for being such an inspiration! Sincerely, Shannon

  89. So glad to see this, every year for the holidays we stick to the four rule of gift giving. Something they want, need, to wear and to read. Because of our good fortune in being born into a country like ours (Australia) I don’t actually believe my children “need” anything so we always choose to make a donation to someone in need.
    To be shown a transparent and beautiful charity like this makes it an even greater pleasure to have the privilege to give this year.

  90. Gail

    Thank you for sharing and gifting me a beautiful Christmas present. I am so touched by your energy and love for providing a space like MarieTV to use as a wonderful platform to transform peoples lives. Thank you Scott for living your love for life. It was not just the water (yes it is important) but about the human spirit, the connection of our light, how we learn and heal from each other in so many ways. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

    With Warmest Aloha,

  91. I am so inspired.
    Thank you!

  92. What a touching episode Marie, thank you.
    It made me realise how much I take for granted.
    Every morning I drink water from one of the cleanest in the world (Rand water in Johannesburg). On top of that I have a water filter to purify it more. And to think some mornings I complain to myself that the filter is flowing too slow! I did my gratitude exercise on water this morning. The episode has definitely shifted my perspective, thank you again Marie .

  93. Suzy

    What struck me is just how amazingly patient and loving God is with us. He waited to use Scott for His glory..when Scott was ready! The minute Scott realized he wasn’t being fulfilled, he took his brokenness and blessed it a thousand fold! WOW!

  94. Anne-Marie

    Hello Marie,

    thank you for being you and for bringing this good cause to our attention.
    It is very much appreciated.
    Anne-Marie from Belgium (Europe)

  95. Truly inspirational.
    My biggest take away is that 100% of donors money goes to the cause and you have 100 sponsors that cover the overheads. What a brilliant path to open


    Most Inspiring…
    Has left me speechless!

  97. Water is life! Thanks Marie for sharing because in life we give, receive & share to complete life’s circuit.

  98. Rocio

    Thank you for sharing Scott’s story and the opportunity to contribute to this great cause. Its amazing that such things as clean water and a donkey can help women be mothers as well as give them honor to be and do more. It’s sad how many of us take such blessings for granted.
    This story will forever remind me to be a little more selfless and give more when an opportunity arises. Thank you for your continued devotion to make a difference Marie!

  99. This is very touching and inspiring, Marie. Thank you! The stories made me cry, too. And I just made a small contribution 🙂

    I wish more charities can adopt the 100% model, although I know it’s not easy. WWF is a charity that I’ve supported for years, because protecting and preserving our beautiful wild animals is a cause very close to my heart. I can’t help but think if WWF have an 100% model, perhaps more people would contribute?

  100. So so touched by this episode and deeply inspired by Charity Water. Happy Bday Marie – to many many more.

  101. What an awesome Post!

    I felt so blessed today when I donated and had a second screen pop up unexpectedly telling me that my funds had been matched. I was just so happy I started crying and then laughing so hard (that I was crying).

    Thank you Scott and Marie for giving me this opportunity to give and be supported in giving.

    Brandy xo

  102. One of the most amazing interview I watched from Marie TV. Thanks so much.

  103. Christine B

    Thank you for sharing Scott’s story and information on Charity Water, such a wonderful organization and model for others to follow. Your information is always such an inspiration for me. And Happy Birthday to Marie TV thank you for giving me the opportunity for my donation to be doubled for such a worthwhile cause.

  104. Marie,
    I so loved this video. I find value in all you share. This, however is a cause i want to be apart of. I can assist my grand children and others in giving back and they can see how their money is helping others in such a deep way. I love and appreciate you greatly. Scott, you are the I love you and your Heart. Thanks for changing your life around. I will become a follower.


  105. Jacqui Srewart

    I have just watched Charity Water interview with Scott who is truly an inspiration. Three years ago I was a marketing manager who wanted to improve the opportunities for vulnerable groups and individuals in my community. Each year it’s built and the smiles grow. You Scott have not only boosted my own energy to continue but will have ignited others to be selfless, and trust that everyone can give…..give of themselves in time and energy.

    Thank you for sharing and for honoring the girl who broke her pot x

  106. Tal

    This episode touched my heart. Scott, the work you do is so inspiring! I think the biggest takeaway for me is that I can contribute and help make a difference from wherever I am. I really like the birthday donation idea so much, I think I will do that for my next birthday coming up (and maybe even for the rest of my birthdays to come). I will be sharing this video with my friends and family. Much love to both of you.

  107. Anne G

    I heard Scott speak at an international conference of nonprofit fundraisers in Vancouver a few years ago. I almost didn’t watch this video, but am so glad I did! Not only was I reminded of his amazing work, and his attention to branding and marketing (my passion), something he said in this video also gave me a little kick in the butt that I needed. You see, I have been feeling really discouraged and uncertain about what to do with my life. I recently left a nonprofit Director job because the ideas I had were not supported by the board of Directors. Hearing Scott talk about how Mercy Ships said “no thank you” to his ideas gave me an “aha” moment. Instead of giving up, he decided to start his own organization. I realized that I don’t have to give up my ideas…I can just do what I want through different means….perhaps even start my own nonprofit. Thanks!

  108. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Hello Marie,

    Indeed each person might have a dream and it is important to arrange the dream with practical activities as just so we can go a step forward in life. It meens to think optimistic and might be also able to help other persons or to stay in contact with them. For me one of my dreams was to be a journalist since I was a child.

  109. Hi
    the biggest insight came when Marie said that she gets sick about the prices on the Menus on restaurants, It really touched me, sometime its so easy to spend money just because you have instead of taking consideration that there is just so much that this money can do, It really touched me and will keep resonating so I will make better choices from now on how I direct my money. Spiritually talking I am sure we can also spend this money on whatever feels right, but its worth the awareness.

    Thank you

  110. Marie,

    This is incredible I am so moved by this conversation and the authenticity of the human condition. It’s such a great reminder to me especially now during the Holiday season. I made a vow to have a “no spend December”


  111. I traveled to Jamaica this summer and went into Clarendon where the river, which was vast and abundant as a little girl, when I went to visit, was barren. Water is a necessity but not readily available for my mother’s village. When I returned I attended a reading that told the story of Letikiros. It rings true to my heart. Marie, thank you for sharing, thank you for organizing. From the top and bottom of my heart.


  112. Your birthday x10 plus pledging my next = $89.00 Maybe a drop in the bucket to me, but with your help, may it wash away a lot of troubles in some poor community. Bless you, MarieTV!

  113. Dear Marie and Scott,
    Great cause, great video to tell your story. I am so glad that God touched your heart so that you would be called to use your gifts to help those less fortunate. Clean water as a tool to lift girls out of poverty is near and dear to my heart. Many times in the video I felt my heart breaking, especially for the girl who took her life from the shame of breaking her water carrying container. I have a goal of helping put 25 water wells in the next 5 years. The ripple effect would be huge and I look forward to visiting a town with a new water system. I know of one other organization who has done what you did by having the back end being covered by separate donors so that all the donations go directly to water wells. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! Keep up your work and I hope to see you at the August 6-7 Willowcreek Leadership Conference in Barrington IL.

  114. There’s been a water ban in my town for the last week and shall continue for another week I believe. It’s amazing how we don’t notice how much water we actually do drink until we have to BOIL IT! hahaha

  115. Marie (and Scott) – Thank you so much for telling this story. I spent one year in Liberia, West Africa 1999-2000 – reopening a school of nursing and paramedical training programs at Phebe Hospital. The project was funded by the government of Denmark and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I, too, know first hand the value of clean water in infection prevention. I loved your stories of how women with access to clean water could sell in the market (and their children could go to school – otherwise the water toting is done by children – consuming their time that could be spent learning in school.) The recent ebola outbreak in West Africa emphasizes the need for water for handwashing, laundry and cleaning to prevent transmission of the ebola virus among communities – especially in rural areas. Bless you for your effort in this mission!

  116. so much love to you Marie (and Scot)… gorgeous interview – sad but uplifting, be still my heart. Every human being deserves access to clean water.
    Love the birthday idea, I have done something similar for mine for my last few. Merry Christmas to you and yours… keep on doing exactly all that you do…you make me smile x

  117. Dear Marie, Your inspirational interview with Scott could not have been more timely. I opened it the day before my birthday and it nudged me to start my own birthday campaign. This was a huge step for me because I hate asking for money or suggesting charities to other people. But some force propelled me ahead 🙂 and I realize that some very sick and thirsty people somewhere in the world will benefit because I pushed beyond my comfort level. I realized that I didn’t hesitate to donate to your campaign and that if I didn’t do this I would be denying others the opportunity to help out, as well. My campaign is a small one, but every little bit counts, right? Happy Holidays, Marie, and keep shining that bright light of yours!

  118. Thank you, Marie and Scott, for bringing attention to something we take so much for granted in the US. Having worked in nonprofits myself in the past, I completely understand Scott’s frustration at seeing the ineffectiveness of so many of these organizations, and then being compelled to start his own thing. This failure isn’t because they’re bad people, but because most orgs are not leveraging their resources (human, intellectual, financial, technological, just for starters) optimally, and thus their effect is minimal, and sadly not sustainable for the target communities. Seeing organizations like charity: water renews my hope for nonprofits to be a powerful player in solving the world’s largest problems. Thank you for what you do.

  119. How truly lucky I am that I was born in a place that has clean water and that my daughter will never have to know what it’s like to go without clean water.

  120. Marie and Scott-
    so thrilled to watch this video that is about helping others.
    I may be late to the party- but what perfect timing to watch this at Christmas time. I am inspired and will be ever more grateful for my clean water.

  121. This has been so touching and eye-opening. Thank you so much for sharing and raising awareness on the water crisis.

  122. How did I originally miss this? Running to go donate now. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for staying connected to the bigger vision of making the world a better place for all! Hugs 🙂

  123. Mike Glenn

    Brilliant and inspiring!–How the $110 donkey changed a family’s life is resonating, percolating, expanding inside my mind right now

  124. Lorraine

    OMG girl, this was awsome!!!!! how beautiful video, and the messege, so inspirational. THANK YOU MARIE FOR CONNECTING US WITH THIS KIND OF PEOPLE.
    You are amazing, he is amazing…… thank you for giving us the example that we can do this to!!


  125. Thanks Marie ans Scott. So inspiring I have started my own birthday fundraising campaign..and have donated. Thanks for the opportunity to make a difference.

  126. I love this idea of using your gifts in the way you’re truly compelled to, even when that can be scary and new. The things that can happen when you follow that light are nothing short of incredible. So inspiring. Thank you Marie!

  127. I ADORE this video! Scott is one AMAZING human being who is one of the “People” who brings pure ~ Spirituality ~ through to humanity, in what is a way that is more assimilate-able… when “we people” can see and hear someone who has had a purely materialistic life, and who REALIZED that material “things” would “Never~BE~ Enough”, has been able to make a HUGE change… and that now, HE SHOWS US HOW WE PEOPLE CAN HELP MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES, TOO ~ no matter how small a bit we can do, WE CAN MAKE CHANGES everywhere we are, to bring good, helpful, positive things to other people, in need… even in our own backyards! He shows that people don’t need to be stopped by thinking they can’t do enough… ENOUGH STARTS WITH A TINY SEED… and then you WATER it and it grows!! This applies to everything we may do for the betterment of this life we live, on this planet we share with our brethren human beings and our dear and necessary animal friends! Many Blessings to ALL !! Eden Cross, Animal Communicator

  128. Madhu Madhavan

    We all have the power to make a difference to the less privileged. Just got to commit to it.

    Great work Scott.

    Thank you Marie for putting together this wonderful interview.

  129. Big ups to Scott for charity water. I am from Africa and i am aware of what this project has to offer to people in need.

  130. Kim Kestner

    I donated on behalf of my parents as their Christmas gift this year. As I am writing this they are listening to the interview-mesmerized!
    It is the best feeling.

  131. Such an incredible interview. Truly opened my eyes to how serious the water issue is in other countries. Scott I just want to thank you for being bold enough to step out beyond what most would not do to make an impact that most have not been able to do. You have inspired me more than words! We are blessed to have such amazing men like you in this world!

  132. Thank you for sharing your gifts Marie and Scott.

    Water is LIFE and does change everything. I spent some time in Liberia, Africa this year doing Empowerment work with teachers and delivering clean water systems to rural villages. It was an incredible and inspiring journey. The stories are incredible and what we can do with so little money is almost unbelievable.

    My next trip is to Ecuador in March to do similar work. I look forward to watching Charity Water grow and make a difference in millions more lives over the years to come.

    Dawn xo

  133. Fannethia

    I passed this video several times thinking “I know…we need to drink more water. I didn’t think I would be so inspired. Women and girls have a special place in my heart, so to hear how something that I take for granted as a woman, wife, and mother is such a need for someone no different than me is heart wrenching. On this 1st day of 2015, I am going to challenge EVERYONE I know to donate at least $15 to charity:water. Thank you so much for sharing this!


  134. What an incredible story. I love what this man has done with his life and for the world. Just yesterday I was wondering, how can i make change in the world? Thank you for showing me how its done Scott! The interview wasnt even halfway through before I went to his site and at least bought a tshirt.

  135. You are doing an amazing job. This is a sincere humanitarian service. It takes a kind hearted extra-ordinary human being to embark on a project that is truly altruistic. Most people in most countries of the world do not have access to the most basic things of life that other ‘lucky’ ones take for granted. And they whole heartedly appreciate any gesture aim at alleviating their suffering. Xoxo, let me tell you this, you are definitely, a God sent to the thirsty people you are giving water to. Keep it up!

  136. This episode was so good! What he accomplished and how he changed his life, beautiful. It reminds me that the ‘simplest tool’ can have a profound effect on a person who hasn’t had access to it. I have experienced that myself when I was given to. It changed everything.

  137. Water is the most important nutrient we can consume. And alkaline ionized water creates the benefits nature intended us to receive from water. The alkalinity helps neutralize acids in the body, the ionization process makes the water more absorbable (thus making hydration more efficient), and this water is also a natural antioxidant.
    with kindness
    Michael Gilbert

  138. Marie, you keep on inspiring me, I love the interviews and you truly choose the most wonderful human beings to interview. I am constantly learning from these and getting inspired. Thank you for doing what you do.

  139. Did I like this video???


    Signed the birthday pledge 😉

  140. Being brought to this video through a B-School link is, alone, worth the price of B-School. Seeing all the good being done in the world is, for me, a game changer in terms of understanding who I am with what I have to give in this powerfully evolving global force that helps first and thrives second. The truism taught in organizational theory has always been: The primary goal of every organization is to ensure its own survival. People like Scott will walk away from ANY endeavor that fails to prioritize the service. This is the quiet revolution that will, ultimately, topple kings, both political and economic. This is nothing short of subversive and the kind of movement only feminism and the internet could spawn: about consensus and unstoppable liberation. It would have to dress in heels and lipstick. Thank you, Marie, for “getting” that and picking up the baton passed by the Second Wave.

  141. Afedziwa Hayford

    Emphasis on sharing compelling stories is one of things this video highlights. The role of water in life is all encompassing. Unsuffering people anywhere take water and life for granted. The story about the young girl who killed herself because of water is unforgettable.

  142. @shanondawns

    1. I watched, loved it, cried
    2. Posted on facebook
    3. donated to
    4 Opted in for the birthday pledge on FB
    5. Marie, Scott and everyone involved = amazing!

    I’m grateful for these interviews that introduce me to such strong characters on this planet that invite me to participate in the change and to pass it on.

    Thank You!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Shanon — thank YOU for participating and passing it on too 🙂

  143. Avani Mohan Singh

    Haritika is ngo working in drought prone region of central india with marginalized and excluded tribal communities in and around Panna Tiger Reserve in central india where women and girl children walk miles to fetch drinking water and spending around 6 hrs to skip their classes kindly tell us is there any possibility of our organization to work as project implementing organization with support from your esteemed organization,will assure you our hard work complete financial transparency for the success of the programme

  144. Suresh

    Marie, this was one of the best interviews. I was born in Tanzania and have even spent some years of my childhood in Kenya and Uganda.Africans are different. They are usually, friendly, polite. and generally non-aggressive. Unfortunately , the politician are very corrupted and the common man suffers a lot . Scott is doing a great service. Life for the Africans living in remote areas is extremely difficult and the sight of children drinking dirty water is common. After graduation from India ,I returned to Tanzania and worked for two years. Of the two years one was spent in an African village due to housing problems. The Africans in the village were very protective of me but they never let me know. Once a local policeman-slightly drunk- did try to create problems but very soon women and their teenage sons and daughter came out from the mud houses with sticks and just stared at the policeman.He became very polite and let me go. Most African deserve help and money will not be wasted with people like Scott in charge.

  145. Wonderful interview!
    The best part is the feeling that we can do something to make our world better. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed but we need to know there is a way out. Great job, so inspiring!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Nelize — thank you! We’re so glad you enjoyed it.

  146. I was soooo inspired by this interview. A few years ago I traveled from Kenya to South Africa, crossed 7 countries in one month, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience. It was life changing in every way and I have never been the same. The things I experienced traveling has forever left me with a feeling of wanting to give back, to make a difference, however small. Never knew how to start taking action but after watching this interview, I have decided that for every order I receive through my online shop I will donate $ to Charity Water. I’ve been meaning to do this with every order I receive but wasn’t sure which charity to choose from until now. 🙂

    Giving back starts now!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Vanessa! That’s incredible 🙂

  147. This interview filled my eyes with tears of joy, my heart with gratitude for others who feel the way I do and super charged my mission to continue doing those things that are good for, needed by and in tthe best interest of others. I too dream of giving consistently in a big way with my music. I hope to be interviewed by you when the time comes Marie!

  148. Smart, generous, inspiring and hot? Yes please!

    Thank you for your work Marie & Scott and for leading the way for change and awareness. This world needs it. <3


  149. As I sit right now with tears flowing down my cheeks and my heart totally exposed only 1:20 seconds into this video, I’m overwhelmed by immerse since of joy and emotional happiness as I know that I have found my calling in life and that I am going to change lives because of it….

    Seeing these beautiful children’s smiling faces fills every part of my soul with so much warmth and elation!!!! Because of you Marie and our creator showing me the signs that are firmly reiterating that I am on the right path and that by combining the skills our creator has given me and your phenomenal knowledge I am going to create an incredible amount of difference in this world…

    I’m only week 1 into B-School and after working 8 days straight have managed to complete the first fun sheet, I’ve written over 58 pages with our creator messages and your insight flowing through me….This course was always written into my journey I now know I just had to wait for the right timing, be aware of my path unfolding and watch for the signs….

    I can’t thank you enough Marie you are a truly amazing women filled with so much wisdom, passion and life changing knowledge… Thank you with every inch of my being, my life and my business will never be the same because of you, you are igniting my passion and hurtling me years in front of where I would of been without you. With not even one Module completed your’ve given me so many necessary skills needed to not only have a successful business but to most importantly have the ability to make a difference in this world…

    Because of B-School I truly believe and know deep within my soul that my business will change lives, thank you for making my mission to bring equality to all women and children though education have so much more clarity….your TRULY EXTRAORDINARY!!!!

    With immerse joy and love in my heart, sending White Light, Emma Mcleod

    P.s… I off to watch the rest of the video now, I just needed to share this life confirming, emotional moment with you….xxx

  150. Lisa

    I am so moved and touched by Scott’s story and the stories he has shared and the experiences he has had that have inspired him to make such changes in our world. I don’t know either of you personally, but I am so proud of the work each of you, Marie and Scott, are doing on your own and together. I am happy to say that I am a B-Schooler this year and this interview gives me ideas on how to connect my work to movements like Charity Water. Thank you for the good you do and the inspiration!

  151. Dr. Jacqueline Whalen

    Wow. What an inspiring interview. Saw this the 3rd time through B school.
    Thank you Marie! This guy is so real and genuine, I really connected!

  152. I started a plan and a log to contribute with this cause. I had a “clean water for children” frustrated project, and he is all I needed to see. My business is going to marry charity water! I am sooooo excited exploring more options to contribute with them!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Cessy, we have partnered with Charity:Water for years and LOVE making an impact with them in the world. Scott and his team are remarkable. Enjoy the satisfaction of putting your business to work for good in the world. We’re so honored that you’re here with us.

  153. We really appreciate your work as part of a Muslim NGO we know hot much it’s important to provide clean water refugees is big challenge we know not easily mange at this level really you’re doing so well.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear! Thank you for sharing and for the important work you’re doing.

  154. Wow, definitely teared up and thought of the last time a hurricane came through and knocked out our power…I said that I would rather lose power than not have running water…for something that seems so simple and that I take for granted every day…

    Thank you for this powerful and eye opening interview

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad it spoke to you, Crystal. Thank you for opening your heart to this good cause! <3

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