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“What should I be when I grow up?”

It’s a question we all ask ourselves, whether we’re 11, 31, or 71. More often than not, this question can create a lot of stress, heartache and confusion.

Greatness doesn’t come from what you do, but from who you are. Click To Tweet

We don’t want to make the wrong choice. We don’t want to miss our highest calling.

But what if that’s the wrong question to ask?

What if shifting just ONE word could trigger us to open our hearts, our imagination and send us in the best and most right direction for us . . .

In today’s episode of MarieTV, learn a better question to ask (and answer) if you want to become all you were born to be.

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And, as promised, here are a few more resources to help.

  1. Finding Your Purpose: our beautiful interview with Adam Braun
  2. How Do I Figure Out What I Want? a great MarieTV episode on this topic
  3. Turning Pro: one of my favorite interviews ever, with Steven Pressfield

Something I know in every fiber of my being is that every single one of us is here for a reason.

A beautiful, unique and awesome reason. (Yes, this means YOU too!)

Now I’d love to hear your answer to this “better” question.

Leave a comment below and let me know.

As always, thank you in advance for sharing with such love, compassion and insight.

Thousands of souls come here each week for inspiration and support, and you never fail to deliver.

With love and excitement,


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  1. Ha! I’m always talking about this…and I have an upcoming presentation suggesting the exact same thing. I ask, “How do I want to move through the world?”

    That’s why I’m not tied to the external things like status, titles, and professions. They don’t necessarily say anything about the essence of the person. Because we’re always unfolding, it’s impossible to retain the same shape. It’s insanity that society tries to imply otherwise.

    The only thing I want and need to be is fluid.

    Great episode, Marie.

    • Great spin on the question Emelia! I am happy to know that you have a presentation coming up to address this topic. The more people we have out there sharing the better this world will be. Thank you for your contribution!

      Brandy xo

      • Wow, I love that sentence, Emilia: “The only thing I want and need to be is fluid.”

        • I absolutely love this as well Miranda & Emilia! I think we (including me) can often be so resistant to change because we feel like then something’s set in stone and then fear it’s the wrong choice, rather than thinking of it as a fluid transition or pivot that allows us to then pivot again if needed. Fluid may have just become my new favourite word!

          • Ha! I love the word “fluid” too, Courtney.

        • Thanks, Miranda.

    • Just one thought; “The promises of this world are, for the most part, vain phantoms; and to confide in one’s self, and become something of worth and value is the best and safest course.” ~Michelangelo

    • I loved this episode! I’ve watched MarieTV for a number of years. I love them and there are countless episodes I’ve learned from, enjoyed and connected with. This one was the pinnacle for me. It is simple and profound. After watching this episode I went for a run with my dog in Syngrou Park, a park on a hill in the Athens, Greece suburbs covered in bright green pine trees and dusty dirt roads. On my run, my mind was spinning. I try to stay in the present moment on my runs and walks in the park but yesterday my mind insisted on running too. And I came to the realization, another important question to ask is, what kind of world do I want to live in? If we ask those two questions, what kind of person do I want to be? And what kind of world do I want to live in? We can take the steps to making our lives and world a better place.

      I find it interesting that we ask children and young adults so often what they want to do. I don’t remember ever asking young adults, what kind of person they want to be. So, I’m changing my questions. Thanks Marie! This was a real eye opener and a beautiful and simple change.

      • I love that! “What kind of world do I want to live in?” Definitely another important question.

  2. Hi Marie,

    great episode! I’ll save the video and show it to my 8-year old boy when he’ll start to feel some social pressure around this.

    For the moment, he wants to be a cook, plus a policeman, plus an engineer: already a multi-passionate guy!


    • Anne- I am tickled pink that you love on your son by allowing him to be all that he wants to be and not placing him in a box. This inspires me. Thank you for sharing!

      Brandy xo

      • Anne Ricci

        Thanks Brandy! I was put in a box by my parents, two different and opposite boxes actually (which was quite complicated for me!) so I won’t make the mistake with my kids. Even when he wanted to be an astronaut and fly to the moon I said Yes, you can do that if you study astrophysics hard enough 🙂
        xo Anne

        • April

          Dear Maria,

          Thanks for sharing this episode, was something that reminds me of what I have said before about children and doing what you like and enjoy to try to be happy, O:) wonderful! Anne, This is a great aspiration for a child to have, is very natural for children to want to explore space, they have such an expansive awareness! o:) My mom wanted to be an astronaut as a child and remember her sharing this with me, and that was something she enjoyed witnessing astronauts and nasa, I think is wonderful as a mom you would be supportive of your child with astrophysics! I enjoyed learning about quantum physics, is really fascinating, thank you ! O:) I hope space exploration is safer in the future ! Thank you , Anne,

    • Awesome Anne – thanks in advance for sharing with your sweet boy!

  3. Safae

    Thank you Marie for all your help, and your precieuse answers to all the questions.. I really appreciate.

    Xo from Morocco 🙂

  4. First, Kristen YOU really do rock! I know you are going to BE amazing no matter how you end up answering Marie’s Q back to your Q and I can’t wait to see the result 🙂

    As someone who’s changed what I wanted to do with my life many, many times (entomologist, sassy German businesswoman, biologist, environmental scientist, forensic biologist, fitness instructor, science teacher, and finally BACK to fitness instructor/trainer-YES it’s been that crazy!), I can tell you that Marie is one wise lady with her A today.

    I’ve found that through it all and the common thread I’ve had in my life was that I’ve wanted to help others be understood and really appreciated for who they are. At first, these “others” were cool and amazing cute little insects. Then, my fitness clients, my classroom students, and finally my fitness clients again. The DO was different, but the BE part was the same.

    Even now having gone back and forth from fitness instructor to science teacher to fitness teacher in my major paid jobs, I’ve found that I may be changing the major part of what I DO again sometime soon. I’ve been having a lot of fitness professionals reach out for fitness business-specific advice. At first, I was resistant because I didn’t want to change my career AGAIN. BUT when I work with these women, I’m BEing who I be the the bestest-helping others shine in their unique way.

    I’m so glad you asked this question, Kristen, and know it’s going to help a lot of us older ladies. THANK YOU!

    Marie-love your wisdom here and it makes me think a lot of a great Maya Angelou quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Great advice to keep in mind to BE your best everyday. Thanks again for another great start to my Tuesday 🙂

    • Love this Catherine! I have done the same sort of thing – first a hairdresser, then fitness instructor (still am!) then corporate exec and now wellness coach. In all scenarios my goal has been to help people feel good about themselves and empowered in their world.

      Staying in touch with my desire to be a light for people that are in the dark or even just the grey, has been my answer back as people try to figure out my career path. Even at mid-life the game is constantly changing!

      Great reminder Marie!

      • Thanks, Laura! Oooooh what a good combo with the hairdresser and fitness gigs. My hairdresser definitely helps me feel amazing and empowered and clearly, I could talk all about the ways fitness is empowering for a looong time.

        What type of fitness classes do you teach?

  5. Great episode as always! Isn’t she amazing though!? 11 and yet so articulate…
    But you hit the nail on the head there. I remember growing up thinking I don’t want to grow up to be serious and boring. I read that as a teenager, what i did then would impact my whole life so i had to chose then who i wanted to be. I wanted to be playful, engaging, spiritual and handsome…Not sure I managed all 4 but I know I’m no sourpuss. It works to be intentional with our lives!

  6. As always, great stuff Marie! Also, I have to give some serious props to Kristen too. I know people who are *literally* 4 times her age who lack the clarity to ask such thoughtful questions.

    Marie nailed it, per usual. The person who you want to be should always serve as your compass in life. The good news for Kristen is that she’s getting this rock-solid advice when she’s 11 years old–it took me until I was 38 years to figure this one out (I’m 40 now.) That’s why when I meet people these days, I rarely ask then “what do you do?” I ask them “who do you want to be?” or more specifically, “what make your heart sing?” It makes for a much more interesting conversation, believe me.

    Thanks again, Marie! And thanks to you too, Kristen. As a daddy to two little girls (5 and 3), I hope that they gain the clarity that you have at such a young age.

    P.S. To answer your question at the end of your video, I want to be the most powerful force of positivity that this world has ever seen (hey, I like to keep big goals, what can I say?)

    • Kristin

      Thank you Catherine, YOU rock too!!! This episode really helped me, and I hope it helped you too 🙂

  7. This is definitely a great Q to A Marie!

    We all face this question from a very young age, and “Yes” it does change throughout the years.

    You touched on such a great point…”Who do you want to be?”… I love that you said that we are “human BEings” not “Human DOings”. I think that if we begin focusing more on being the light, the joy, the love in this world we will see more and more change occurring and I see that happening now.

    Thank you Marie for all of your wisdom and love you put out into the world. You have shown us great things can be done when being “love” and being “helpful”.

    Brandy xo

  8. Hi Marie! Loved this one … and loved the life Q from your audience member!! And btw, isn’t she adorbes and SO smart!

    My favorite take away: We are human BEINGS not human doings!!! Love!

    Thank you for inspiring me everyday!
    X’s and O’s,

    • I loved this as well Judi! It’s so good to be reminded that we’re not defined by what DO (eg. lawyer, accountant, waitress) but by how we BE and BECOME. Love the comment 🙂

  9. They only thing anyone has to ‘DO’ is ‘YOU.’

    Just ‘DO’ You! 🙂

  10. I love this Q! 🙂

    When I was small, I wanted to be a nurse 🙂

    At high school though, I decided ‘I want to be free; I want to think my own thoughts, and not follow everyone else’ so I chose art school for my further studies… Later, once I’d had a few adventures, and learned about what’s really going on in the world, and what really matters, I wanted to inspire and enighten others.

    In the end, it took a long time to set up the practical container to hold all that freedom and creativity and inspiration, but I got there!

    Regularly, I check in with myself: what do I want to be, feel, radiate in the world?

    My goals evolve as I tread my path – always requiring an occasional tweak, but always honing in on the higher purpose, living my potential.


    Lots of love, Clare x

  11. Kristin totally rocks! I have been thinking about exactly this for awhile. Our society places a lot of pressure on what are you doing. I agree in what we are being is what matters and affects one another greatly.

    Right now, I am being the most loving and caring foster puppy mom I can to set these sweet babies up for a happy life. Sharing this experience and bringing smiles to others through the power puppies have on us. Automatic oxytocin surge. 😉

    I know you love the puppies Marie, so check out our latest foster babies! I am head over heels in love.

    smiles and wags ~


  12. There is way too much pressure on kids these days to grow up fast and mature. I feel for them. Can you imagine being 11 and having such pressing existential angsts and questions on your mind? I hope this sweet little girl enjoys being a child for as long as she can and that her family offers her mental space, support and tons of love.

  13. Tal

    I don’t care if I sound like a crazy person saying this, but this video left me in tears!! This question has kept me paralyzed for 2 years, and has even led me to a brief period of depression. The simple reframe you did just know – who do I want to be? – just sent chills down my spine. It is so simple and yet so powerful. I may not know what I want to do, but I have an idea of who I want to be, and I am going to stick that question on a sticky note above my laptop to always remind me to think about that. Thank you so much Marie!! (And kudos to the little girl with the video question. I wish I was thinking of these types of questions at her age!)

  14. ahhh! I love this episode of MarieTV! I’ve been wondering what I want to be all my life (and I’m 41). Danielle LaPorte’s wisdom asks us how we want to FEEL which dovetails very nicely with what Marie is talking about here. I want to feel love, creativity and luminescence which means I want to BE a loving, creative luminary! 🙂

  15. Julie Gondzar

    This video was not only very inspiring, but hilarious! Personally, I feel that sometimes listening to my intuition is scary, which either means I’m in a situation that I need to get out of, OR it’s something that I really need to do. Similar to the quote many people use in yoga, “The one pose you procrastinate practicing, is the one you need to do the most.” *sigh*. Thank you for making this video funny and entertaining, as it sheds a soft and comforting light on learning to hear and follow one’s own intuition. I feel inspired, as I certainly need to sit down and listen.

  16. Fantastic episode Marie! This is such an important question because it truly gets to the heart of what our soul desires to express in the world. And as we listen within, the answers always reveal themselves. And I also agree and love that we can express who we want to be in all kinds of ways – through our business or through a phone call to a friend. For me it always comes down to creative, soulful, and helpful. When I’m expressing any one of those I definitely feel like I’ve “grown up!” 🙂

  17. I am a jewelry designer. Sometimes I get so caught up in the excitement of bringing a design idea to tangible fruition, I need to step back and really examine it when it’s done. Then I ALWAYS ask myself: “is this who you want to be?” I have have deconstructed many a piece of jewelry with that question. . . 🙂

    • Wow, Dori! Your jewellery must be filled with soul. Can’t wait to check it out.

      • Thanks Wendy! Off to check out your site now!

    • Dori – The fact that you ask that question is fantastic! Such a great way to share you into this world! I love it.

      Brandy xo

  18. Kim H.

    I have been struggling with this for a while. I have a dream to be a writer but can’t seem to get the words on the page. I signed up to sell a few things at a craft show and found real joy in MAKING. Soon after, my sister invited me to join her at a jewelry making workshop. Then I saw this video and realized, aha! I want to be a MAKER! Thanks, Marie!

  19. Until now, I thought I was struggling to find what I wanted to be. What I discovered was I knew exactly what I wanted to be. The crappy part is, I spent years trying to find something to DO that would allow me to BE who I was on the side.

    I’m now in the process of BEING who I am all the time, without wasting my time DOING stuff that won’t let me be who and what I am.

    Thanks for this video, Marie. So nice to see your young fans jumping into the conversation. 🙂

  20. I love this question. I’m 34 and right out of college, I knew I was never going to be the person that did just one thing in life, career-wise. It would be a whole lot easier if I was that person (I think), but I can’t imagine not having all of the experiences that I was fortunate to have thus far. The question of what I want to do with my life is a constant and I LOVE the idea of reframing it. Who I want to BE seems like an easier question to tackle… I want to be thoughtful, prepared, inspired, inspiring, connected, energized, active, and present.

  21. Jamie

    Hi Marie,
    Amazing video today. Where did you get your amazing dress, I’m obsessed.


    • Hi Jamie!

      The dress Marie has on today is from – and i agree, it looks pretty hot on her 🙂


  22. Great episode Marie and great question Kristen 🙂 I’ve mulled over this for years – what do I want to be? Like Marie, I’m multi-passionate and I LOVE being part of all of those worlds. BUT I can’t decide what I want to do! I want to combine all of those passions together and create a unique path customized to me. I’m currently a web developer but really into fitness. As much as I love technology and digging into abstract theories, I love people, communication, marketing, and sales. I have a great love for business and creating plans and strategies.

    At the bottom of it all as Marie asked – what do you want to be? I’d say – I want to be a successful business leader in the fitness industry to bring technology and marketing together for others and traveling around the world making a difference both as a philantrophist and an impact in people’s health and lifestyle. This decision made me discover Marie’s channel actually (because I want to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs again), linking with people who I can help along the way, start businesses with leaders around the world in bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition, and supplementation, and build my personal brand. I’m starting from the very bottom but I love a great challenge so it should be a fun ride. I’m keen on making sure I get a solid foundation down.

    I came across this quote – “It’s better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than the top of the one you don’t.” – Stephen Kellogg. Made me realize that I should stop climbing up a ladder leaning against the wrong window and it’s ok to start again the bottom. I’m the type that loves to climb ladders anyhow. Might as well climb towards the window I want to be.

  23. Hey Marie,
    You Rock! Thanks so much for sharing . As I am Becoming who I want o be my truth remains the same. I am finding that my desire to help change the world is burning ever so bright. This was just what I needed today! Much love and gratitude

  24. Love this shift in focus. I think too it ties in beautifully with our Core Desired Feelings (Your interview with Danielle LaPorte) –
    If we know how we want to feel, we can BE that person – projecting those emotions & sharing them, and then defining (and re-defining) how we can best do so. Love!


  25. “You have the power . . .” Lovely expression of heartfelt sentiments, Marie.

    You gave this grandmother of six THE best raising-the-kids-quote, “We are human BE-ings; not human DO-ings”. I admit that I ask the, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” to my little ones and have never thought far enough outside the box to expect the answer to be anything other than “muralist, paleontologist” [from the seven year olds]; and “a princess” [from the under 5-year old set]

    Only on my Facebook masthead do I reflects my personal choices of Being: “Diversity, Equality, Generosity.”

  26. Who do I want to be? Creative and Creating, Sharing, and Exploring in a helpful and loving way.

  27. May Bravers

    Since I was a kid I always want to be a person that someone looks up to or just be trusted, like be the person that people will never be afraid to tell their secret with me. So I try my best to be the best of me everyday as can. And I’m also the oldest child in my family. I’m trying to be a good example for my brother and sister by being calm and nice when fights happen in our family. When my parents tell me to help them something, I leave all my stuff and go help them. I do my laundry, wash my dishes immediately after I’m done eating. I never give them any advice though unless they ask me because I think actions say louder than words.

    And I never judge my siblings or my friends, or anyone when they come to me telling their secrets or their problems. I remember when one of my friend decided to tell me that she was pregnant when she was sixteen. She told me in the last minute because she thought I was gonna yell at her or something (I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t go to party. I’m also vegan. I meditate and pray everyday. I think that’s the reason why she thought I would kill her after knowing that LOL) But it was opposite from what she thought. Like, it already happened so instead of judging her, I asked “What can I help you?” I just love it when I can help others, when they come to me and say how much I have helped them with their life. It’s the best thing they can say to me.

    Right now I’m seventeen. I want to be a singer. I want to help people and also still do what I love by using music. When I feel sad most of the time music is the thing that make me feel happy again. I want people to feel that way when they listen to my music. I’m working on it everyday to make it happen. But while I’m waiting for my time to come, I will use every second that I have right now to help people around me as much as I can.

  28. Another great video, Marie. This is such an important lesson to learn. Sometimes we get so caught up on what we want to do, that we forget that who we want to be is what’s really important. Not only that, but you can be that person no matter where you are in your current life or career. You could start doing it tomorrow if you wanted to. You don’t have to wait for that promotion or that recognition from other professionals, you can actually start being that person now. It’s something that we can all start doing today.

  29. sd

    I have been a lil insecure person,but watching your episodes really make me believe in the possibility of a +ve and meaningful life..Love your insights and positivity….

  30. Jonathan

    Thanks Marie! Simple yet very helpful advice…thanks for BEING who you are in this world!

  31. A client and I were just talking about this last night. We ultimately got deep with her limiting belief(s) around success. She was stuck that success had to be built on failure – like a rags to riches story. So therefore, she is waiting for her huge, current project to fail first before she can actually succeed.

    I love the be-ing part of the new question that we can ask our kids, ourselves and everyone around us.

    We re-defined success for her as something that brings happiness, freedom and excitement. It is multi-dimensional, fluid, expansive and whatever you want it to be. It’s unique to everyone and it’s different now than it ever has been in the world. She now knows that she can build success off success and have many successes in her life. And be good at many things – all at the same time!


  32. camille

    Love the episode and you rock that pink dress! Always enjoy your energy and openness. Tx for BEING you! xox

  33. Thank you Marie!

    I have mulled over this question for years, ever since I had an unexpected career change in 2009.

    Many sleepless nights, tears, and anxious feelings later, it is finally starting to come together. I don’t know how to turn it into a career yet, but I do know this :

    I want to share color, light, and compassion with the world, ignite curiosity, encourage imagination, and bring people together to work on and solve major questions, obstacles (I call them “opportunities”) and problems of the world in a creative way.

    I’m currently an artist and working on my first children’s book about color and appreciation of the world around us. My next step is to make illustrations for this book and share them with people I love!

  34. Kate

    Thank you so much for this video Marie 🙂
    As a junior in college, I’m usually asked this question. Since I have never been certain, I usually don’t know what to say. I would then hate the looks people give me. They would look at me with an expression that makes you feel they are thinking ‘oh poor lost soul.’ You can see then why it was a great source of stress for me. I wanted to find the answer to the question so bad, but now, I am going to stop doing that because it has not provided me any success. Thank you as always for your brilliant advice.


  35. Oh how the universe is speaking out! I was just talking about this very thing with a friend yesterday! I totally agree, Marie, that youngsters hear the “What do you want to do when you grow up?” question WAY too much–when the “Who do you want to BE?” is so much more important. I think it comes down to, at every age, understanding the power of choice. We get to choose every single day how we will think, how we are going to act, how we are going to respond to whatever comes our way. When these choices are in alignment with our highest and best selves, we are truly a force to be reckoned with.

  36. Kay

    What to be when you grow up is such a hard question to answer!

  37. Hey Marie!
    Wait that’s “Oh Marie” … Dean Martin, right?

    I digress from a topic that strikes hard to home. I went to school for 9 years, first in my family, and was doing very well in what I trained to do. Then something happened that was out of the ordinary. It may have been Grace.

    Medicine and what I believed, all of a sudden had a hint of wrongness in it. Like something going bad, but not quite, in the fridge. The next 7 years seemed like I was becoming a shaman. So many beautiful experiences during those years. I felt more connected with everything! Then I developed MS for the last 15 years.

    Now I start over again, again. What a great opportunity! What is the image I should hold of myself? And yes, not what will I do, but who will I be. I think I have to be me, because everyone else is taken!

    Our answers lie in the stillness of our own being. In Eastern wisdom traditions it’s called Dharma. The perfect purpose that we each have to learn and express in our lifetime. It is said to be tucked inside the heart and it is how our Soul expresses its needs. When we live it our lives are more effortless, fulfilling and beautiful. So is everyone’s lives around us!

    I guess I will keep listening for clues. I’m up for the adventure!

    Thanks for being yourself, Marie!
    PS – Kristin was great!

  38. Hey Marie:
    I like your spin on the age old question. My work (and passion)
    Is helping people find and follow their Dream Careers. I too find many people get stuck on the “what” they should be doing and not only that, they are also in a hurry to find it. They often want me to “just tell them” so they can get on the right path. The pressure that parents, society and peers puts on them is enormous. And as you touched on in your video, that pressure just builds because they are focused on the wrong question.

    I turn the focus on what they will FEEL when they are doing something. The secret lies in our feelings. Most people spend way too much time in their heads trying to “figure this question out”. And then, when they make a decision they spend years, and often decades, trying to make themselves feel good about their choice, often to no avail.

    Humans are feeling beings first, thinking beings, second. With a little guidance, people find that when they turn to their feelings, their future becomes a lot clearer. At first, it is a little strange but I believe people’s “feelings” is the best compass they have to guide them to their own unique Dream Career.

  39. Thank you again Marie for the amazing encouragement! Love your advice to Kristen and all of us, how beautiful that she is discovering purpose at such a young age!

    One of my passions is to impact young people to realize their worth and purpose beyond what they do. This is something I’ve learned throughout the years – that it’s not necessarily what you do and finding that one thing but discovering who you want to be and who you were made to be! We truly are human beings and not human doings and our purpose is more of a being than a particular doing.

    I loved your interview, Marie with Mastin Kipp and how he found purpose and who he was by getting quiet, hearing from God and allowing the process of discovery and clarity of who he is in the deepest sense to guide him. Thanks so much Marie for being who you are and continually inspiring us to enrich the world with our unique callings!

  40. David Drake

    Wonderful episode! A great question to ask ourselves several times a day.

    • So true, David. I have an alarm set to go off at 1:08pm everyday reminding me to think about this. After reading your comment, I’m considering adding another one. The more I remind myself of this the better.

  41. I am Elainee Presley Rock N Roll Singer, loving, caring, supportive, positive and professional, and ohhh yearrrr that did take me 52 years to figure out, 🙂 Love ya Marie xoxo

  42. Compassionate loving STEAM teacher. That’s who I want to be and train other teachers to be. I also want to marry and have children and mentor entrepreneurs at an incubator and develop new STEAM teachers. I want to empower my students to dare greatly learn continuously reflect often and create a community they love. Be is not enough and habits of working harder more productively are what I need. I recently finished Charles Dunhigg the Power of Habit. Trying to discover my keystone habit. What can I stick to?

  43. Omg I love the girl in this episode!! I just want to love her up!!

    • Kristin

      Thanks Laura. If you want to find more if me I make videos on YouTube. My YouTube name is “My Creative Soul” Thanks once again for all the love

  44. I actually think it’s great that Kristen is asking this question at 11. If you do this soul-searching and know who you are at 11, losing yourself to conformity further on in life is much less likely to happen. And why should the joy you experience as a child stop at 12 or 16 or 18 or ever? Why not carry that over to adulthood? Why not skip the part where you work for years or decades at a job that you hate only to wake up one morning realizing that you can’t do it any more and have to rediscover who you were at 11?

  45. After facing multiple sclerosis 5 years ago, my journey with the overwhelming condition as an award winning social entrepreneur pushed me closer into demonstrating selfless practices. I have directed social causes and self-assurance strategies that have allowed participants to discover the humanitarian passions that they are dedicated to. In spite of difficulties, since relocating from Los Angeles to Austin, I desire growing my organization even further into a female driven initiative. I anticipate creating many more women and girls who are change makers.

  46. Kristel

    Thank you, Marie, for this and all your wonderful vids! I recently discovered them, as I am exploring my own life purposes. You are so inspiring, and you have a lot of energy, power, humor and knowledge.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    Love from Holland!
    Kristel, 33 yrs.

  47. Edna

    I really love this question! I’ve since I was Kristen’s age I would tell everyone I wanted to be a lawyer. Now, I’m recently out of college and decided perhaps that’s not right for me and figuring out “what I want to be when I grow up” is a question that has been haunting me. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and realized just what you said in your video. Regardless of what I do I know who I want to be in the process. Thank you validating me and answering this very important question.

    xoxo (you rock!)

  48. Love this. Also, I think another alternative to asking “what should I do” is asking “what can I do”.

  49. Randell Martin

    Hi Marie,

    I enjoyed this episode, especially Kristen’s questions. Your answer really makes me think, and it is a great question. I am in the midst of seeking a second career after serving in the Navy, and this is really the question that needs to be answered. Thanks for your insight and encouragement.

  50. I LOVE this way of thinking about that question that is asked far to often. My husband and I play a game of trying to see how long we can talk and hang out with someone new before asking them “what they do?” It’s so much fun to see how much more you can find out about a person and can get such a great feel for who they really are before just jumping to that questions.

    I desire to be warm, kind and openhearted. I want to be helpful in connecting people back to nature.

    Thanks Marie I always get so much out of your show!

  51. We become what we focus on, so to emphasize focusing on what you want to BE instead of what you want to DO is so valuable. Thank you for sharing this message, Marie! Always love Q&A Tuesday.
    Dani. Xo.

  52. Awesome episode Marie!! I must share this with my 12 year old niece. She already has the entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age. You are such an inspiration and I thank you for continuing to put out such excellent content week after week.


  53. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

  54. Kavita

    I m a yoga trainer. I m from India.. Living in USA with my husband. I m on H4 visa so cnt work here. I know who am i and what i want to be. I feel i m part of Almighty God like everyone else and i want to be liberated, beautiful and rich( rich not only finencially but in my deeds too. I feel i m spiritual and artistic. I m interested in yoga, Aayurveda, philosophy, psychology n i m interested in glamour, dance, wearing different clothes too. I do not know if i can combine both passion together. I do not know which path to choose. I m confused that what shall i do in my life.

  55. Beautiful insight as always Marie!

  56. Ms Tui

    An Inspiration, that’s what I’ve decided for today.

  57. Kim

    Marie, this was the best dress so far!! You look gorgeous. Your entire outfit is a great representation of how I want to look and *feel* when I grow up 🙂

  58. Nice to see your nice legs back 😉

  59. I want to be my kid’s hero! I took them to the park today and pushed them on the swings. They said, “Mom, you rock!” I’m almost there. LOL I want them to see a mom who was there for them when they were younger and a person who teaches them to be good productive happy people. Simple, right?

  60. I love this topic. I am going to give a talk at a college next month touching on this very thing. Formal education prepares us for what to do, but a lot of us skip the personal introspection we need to figure out who we want to be. That’s information that serves you regardless of the twists and turns life, career and the economy may dish up. Thanks Marie for bringing this important concept to people’s awareness.

  61. I just have to tell you as a designer, I’m so glad you cleaned up your back drop area. It looks much cleaner and more cohesive and zen like. (It’s the little things Marie)

    Yours til my next swim, Mermaid Junkie Raquel

  62. Kristina

    Yes! Thanks for this great perspective Marie! 😀

  63. Marie – Awesome post! & I absolutely adore that 11 year old girl. To build on what you were saying – another really great thing we can do is think back to when we were young and spent hours doing something (without anyone telling us to). What was that something? Was it creating lego cities? Exploring human nature with Barbies? Spending time outdoors?

    For me, it was always teaching (anyone and anything I could) and playing piano…and after many twists and turns, I now run a successful music studio called Musicians’ Playground in Boston! Even though for some, it may not be a direct translation to the adult world of work (like it was for me) – it can always help us to understand what we truly love and what positions might allow us to put forth those strengths/talents more effortlessly. (On a side note, it took me some time to embrace my passions as REAL opportunities for work which is another hurdle all on its own).

    Also, I have been looking to join B-School for quite some time and saw at the end of this video, it’s coming up! How exciting! How do I go about registering? I’ve already signed up for updates regarding it but want to make sure I don’t miss the deadline to apply. Can someone on the team let me know what my best bet for getting in would be?

    Many thanks for being your super amazing, wonderful self! The gifts you have been able to find in yourself have inspired countless others (and especially women entrepreneurs) like myself, to go after our real purposes in life – fearlessly & passionately. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Hope to continue my learnings with you at B-School soon!

    -Alyssa O’Toole
    Founder of Musicians’ Playground & The Hands Movement
    Musicians’ Playground:
    The Hands Movement:

  64. I think today’s questions is something most people can relate to throughout their lives. I’m still trying to figure this one out! I’m a writer and have published three books but sometimes, I’m not so sure if this choice is going to blossom out in the career that I had originally hoped. It is frustrating because there are a lot of sharks in the water (especially when you are a creative person) attempting to take advantage of people with big dreams, not to mention all the time, work and enthusiasm that has to be brought to the table everyday – which is great but when you are up against a lot of competition (…seriously, does every celebrity have a book out?) after awhile I can’t help but wonder if I may have to fine tune my original plan. Then again, even if I had a great deal of success, maybe I would grow bored and want to try something new. I guess we go through life wanting to know what we’ll be when we grow up…. 🙂

  65. Hi, Marie

    This is such an awesome answer, and it simplifies our lives SO much!
    Not to speak about the fact that it helps us avoiding second guessing and unwanted shifts.

    Yes, I want to be a Star.
    Movie stars with longevity master a certain art of professionalism, business and charm that I didn’t find in anybody else. A one-man brand (or one-woman brand) is very fascinating to me.
    A fluid mix of thin and thick skin – and *that* is who I want to be when I grow up!

    There you have it, Universe, I said it out loud! 😉

  66. Great episode Marie and the timing was great. I just got back on my path of just being me. I started a new business 15 month ago and was having difficulty with my business partner not living up to their part of the deal. I found myself being angry all the time because things weren’t getting done as promised. On my way to work one day I thought, “This isn’t me, what happened!”. I finally dissolved the partnership and just did what I knew needed to happen, just be myself and not have to worry about this ugly person coming out that wasn’t who I AM.

    I have now turned back to what I know I am to share to the world with writing my story of living life with HIV/AIDS for 28 years and healing through positive thoughts of love and nutrition and by BEING myself! Well the story is deeper than what I can share on this reply sheet but I hope to share it with you in the year ahead!

    Thanks again for sharing and being in sync. I LOVE when that happens!

    Love and Light, Jesse

    • whoops,

      Love and Light, Jesse

  67. So, aside from being a great topic and a great show (as always), can I just comment on how AWESOME it makes me feel to see women supporting girls in an empowering constructive way. There is something so beautiful about sharing wisdom between females of different generations in a non-authoritative way…just sharing on an equal plane.

    I love it!

    Ps. Great hair Marie. Honestly, you Italian girls…

  68. Love that question, “What do I want to be right now?” That question in itself, once answered, can surprisingly lead to a lot of “tasks to do”. I’ve also found that the less I worry about “what I SHOULD be doing” and simply go along with what I feel like being and doing, everything else falls into place. 🙂

    Great post, Marie!

  69. Wonderful question indeed. Incredible to see your audience expanding with young kids, Marie. After all, they are the future! I love the care and inclusivity of your response. Thank you for the important reminder!!!
    Much love.

  70. Natalie Moon-Wainwright

    I just heard a piece about epitaphs this morning, which prompted similar thoughts for me. I want to live a wholehearted life, authentic, loving, and joyful; and I want to lead people with that same wholeheartedness and to wholehearted lives! a la #BreneBrown #DaringWay
    I think I can make that my mantra and slogan, too!

  71. Len


    I had too share this with my 2 teenage daughters. They tease me that I may never “grow up” but isn’t that really the way most women feel about men:)

    When you look in the mirror, do you see who you are or who you were meant to be? It’s not always an accountant, lawyer, doctor, etc…

  72. She’s so adorable and what a great question to ask.

    Who says we have to grow up EVER?! I’m all for exploring and staying curious as a lifelong learner while making a ton of impact and inspiring others along the way to achieve true freedom in business and adventure in life.

  73. Valerie

    amen to this advice Marie! It took me more than half a lifetime to finally learn this lesson. So glad you are out there teaching and sharing- to an 11 year old at that! 🙂

  74. Hi Marie,

    Wow, you’re not kidding – asking those two questions certainly gives two completely different answers for how to live your life! Excellent point.

    I love how you pointed out that asking kids “What do you want to do when you grow up?” puts a lot of pressure on. Pressure and focus that they shouldn’t have to deal with yet. Great reply to your cute little 11 year old. How about her, huh? Awesome!

    I’m already looking forward to your next episode. You always bring up such great questions and perspectives. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone. :))

    cheers, Lash

  75. Hi Marie,

    My teachers ask me what I want to be when I grow up. This is something I have thought and struggled with throughout my live. My friends and peers have put me down for what I want to do. My parents not thinking it is a safe enough job. Although, it may not be what my family had thought I have always wanted to explore the world. Take chances. I’m only 12 years old and I’m already thing about what I want to do as a career. I like the sound of a Forensic Psycologist. Yea. That’s a biggy. Even thought my ideas are really out there people are so happy to see a girl at grade 7 think about things like that. Your videos have helped me through braking down the wall and helping me see what I could do in life. The world is my playground and I intend to use it. Look at people for help. Thanks to you for getting me and my dad in Gary Vaynerchuk. As always I love your videos.

    Love, Amelia

  76. Janis

    A couple of questions I ask myself to help make decisions…

    “What experience do I want to have?”
    “What memories do I want to live with?”

  77. Great question from such a young person and great answer from you to her and all of us adults.

    I enjoy that you mention how much we need to ask ourselves as human beings and not human doing who we want to be. We are constantly asking our selves questions that actually is limiting us and our dreams.
    i now realize how much power I have to change my life and those around me by being the best person I can be.

    Thanks for that interview and information.

  78. Great video Mari! Helps a lot!

  79. Great video Marie! Helps a lot!

  80. AWESOME video!!!!

    People struggle every day with issues..and they know the resolve!
    BUT they just don’t gave guts to make first step!!!

    So, BE what you want to be!
    Live your life as you WANT to!!

    Life is just ONE!
    USE it or LOOSE it!

    Get OUT the CHILD in you waiting for YOU to DO something NOW!!!

  81. Erin

    I’ve always fallen back to the great quote from George Bernard Shaw, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

    … but then I add my own statement to the end of it: “what will you create TODAY?”

    That always gets me moving more actively towards a positive, productive place.

  82. Love this video Marie! And Kristen, you are such a wonderful young lady!!! Great spirit!

    This is a fantastic spin on this Q. I’m going to do some creative writing around it.

    Thanks for the fresh perspective.

  83. Hi Marie! I recently celebrated my 44th birthday and was JUST thinking this. You always pop up at the right moment with the right words.
    Thank you! You’re awesome!

  84. Atzimba

    Awesome episode!!! I’m currently going through a change in direction and I keep asking myself “What do I want to do?” and feeling like I can’t answer the question so I will ask myself “Who do I want to be?” instead…I already feel it working.

    Thanks so much!

  85. I loved this! And I have to agree with Kristen, the first time I watch a video I also fell in love with you! You’re so well spoken and inspiring. Keep up the great work Marie!

  86. Really good!! I just feel the stars aligning with purpose and clarity. I am being fueled with information, support from so many resources and Marie Forleo is definitely in those stars. When I saw the little girl, it reminded me of the curiosity we all had as little girls, and then sometimes, as we get older it starts to dim, because we’re not encouraged, and other influences (Social Media) start to move in.

    As a Teen Empowerment Specialist, I focus on being empowered myself, so that I have something to give to the girls I deliver messages to on Self-esteem, Self Worth, and Self-value.

    Who do I want to BE? I want to be a difference maker in a great and positive way.

  87. What an inspiring little girl, and great video.

    You can absolutely Be, Do and Have anything in this world. In that order. 🙂

  88. Hi,
    I love this question. I’ve been wondering that got a long time. And I still wonder –always looking for that next thing.

    What I do will change over and over again, do I moght always do what feels right today.

    I know who I am want to be and my actions represent that. I am that already and becoming more of me every day!

    One of my teachers said to follow what you love and you will find your purpose. I think thays true. In my case must also look what I ignore (or push away) because it scared me. Writing scared me so yet it fascinated me. When I finally allowed the words to come, they came. It’s not about the result so much as the impact this book has!

    I followed my heart and I found the best of me! That’s also true with weight loss coaching — I wanted nothing to do with it until I sllowed for the possibility.

    if you are reading this, love & light to you!

  89. Doing what you want typically defines who you are. Finding your passion is paramount to who you are and what you will contribute. Hey! Shameless plug here but check out my book “Turn Passion into Purpose” located at:

    Marie, very awesome dress today!

  90. Marie:

    You always give great advice! So many people don’t know who they are. They take on goals or projects that are not in alignment with who they are or who they want to be. It starts with asking yourself some questions like the one you gave in the video. I am passionate about this subject, which is why I am building Actionplanr, a web and mobile productivity business and life planning app. Keep up the great work! You are rocking it!

  91. Don Haney

    I know what I want to be. I want to be as smart as Kristen. School is never out for the pro, and I believe that we can learn from anyone if we truly listen. Kristen is going to be the next Marie.

    We are human BEINGS. That’s great Marie!

  92. Wow, Marie, straight on once again! I actually first heard about the difference between “human being” and “human doing” in the context of right livelihood from Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the Conversations With God. I totally love that you take these rather spiritual concepts and get them “down to earth”.
    As for the questions, right now I want to be creative, devoted and aligned with my inner guidance. => I will do a short meditation and simply listen inside.
    Sending you lots of good vibes from Germany!!!

  93. Hi Marie –

    what a spot on answer.
    To me the extract of today was you beautifully twisted interpret of:
    “You are a human being, not a human doing”

    Half a life ago, when I was 24, I worked with elderly people & sports. That made me ask myself the Q: Who of these many people do I want to be like when I grow old? The answer was: Those who have taken life as it comes: Losses, grieve, joy, inunderstandable coincidences – opening their Hearts, looking it straight in the eyes.
    That insight has helped me throughout my life. I have had tough challenges – as most of us – being grateful for every insight and deepening that anchor has given me.

    I’m so grateful to being part of a community supporting you, Marie, and spreading your generous A’s – always grownded in both mind, heart and spearheading powers, gentle and firm.

  94. Stevie

    I am only ever at my most happiest when helping others so this is a must for me, this is where I hope to help others through my site. The doing not being is an important note also. Thanks Marie

  95. I absolutely LOVE this video, Marie! Yes, I am always continuing to ask myself this question so I can refocus and make sure I am prioritizing my actions. Right now I am focusing on showing more vulnerability while still showing strength. I always have thought vulnerability showed weakness, but now realize that it provide a place to for us to share our human experience while being transparent, kind and loving… while still offering our expertise to help someone even with business solutions. Thanks so much, Marie!

  96. Hi Marie,

    Beautifully said & what a cute Q girl! Having just turned 40, what keeps coming up for me is the desire to be of service.

    However, as a Realtor in Los Angeles where it is highly competitive and full of ego…being of service is refreshing. We started giving back to a local non-profit, Voices for the Animals and by adding a new real estate agent needing work to our team.

    In addition to in-person. I would love to be of service by having more video’s, guide’s, and how-to’s to help guides. Now to get out of “perfection paralysis”

    Marie, I remember watching video’s of you from your home office computer…look at you now! Gives me hope to just get started.

  97. Carmela

    This came right on time. What I love about this approach is that it doesn’t use our careers to define ourselves, but our very essence.

  98. Hi Marie,

    Being brings you peace. Here and now you can change your life by changing your being. I found wanting to do, or even wanting to be, doesn’t satisfy like being. Totally different energy. Totally different shift. Totally different mindset and totally different level of happiness.

    Some look for their purpose in the future when being the person you want to be now brings fulfillment, happiness and peace.

    I am an island hopping professional blogger. I inspire people to do the same. Anybody who wants to go from employee to entrepreneur can learn from my practical, simple tips over at Blogging from Paradise. I went from pier guard in NJ to island hopping, pro blogger because I changed my being and did the freeing stuff which helped me mold this life. Now I intend to bring along as man folks for the ride as humanly possible.

    Thanks Marie, I learn more from you every time you post.


  99. Marie, you are IN MY HEAD again!! I was struggling with this so much on the day you posted this video and just now got a chance to check my email.
    For me, I know I want to be helpful, a leader, and creative. I have two paths that I’m struggling with choosing from – one being continuing by business (helping and educating new and expecting parents) and the other is starting a whole new chapter helping small business owners.

    Both paths allow me to be the helpful, creative leader that I want to be, so I’m still torn.
    I keep telling myself that I have to see this first business through and give it everything I’ve got for one more year and then see what happens.

    It’s a tough decision and being a military wife, who moves every year and a half makes it even harder.

    Thank you for all you do, Marie!

  100. Who do I wanna be?

    I LOVE THAT! It’s a totally genuine question!

    Much better than what I do I wanna do… how boring.

  101. Stephanie

    Hi Marie:

    I love, love, love this episode! It is relevant to people of all ages. At 52, I struggle with knowing that I am making a living at something I’m great at and still enjoy but I don’t LOVE it. Asking myself those essential questions will definitely help me express the creative, artistic and authentic me in the world. Thank you!

  102. Peter

    Hi Marie,
    I’d like to offer a light workers perspective on the question of what do I want to be and do as I believe that at the core, we are all light workers of one form or another.
    Whether we recognize it, take action on it, or not.
    As a light worker, the question of what do I want to be is relatively easy to answer. (If less easy to fathom).
    The answer of course is to connect with your heart and simply be.
    Whatever and whoever it is that you are.
    Then whatever you do becomes a matter of how you spend your time being.
    The problem with this approach to life is that you can be content sitting under a rock for the rest of your life.
    Because within you is all you need..
    As human beings, we have free will and free choice to do and have whatever our hearts desire.
    So that then becomes the question.
    What is it that you desire.
    What is it that you want.
    It is our dreams, goals, and aspirations that have energy.
    That keep us up at night thinking
    “if only…”.
    That imspire us to jump out of bed in the morning and proclaim,
    I will do whatever it takes to become the person I need to become because I dream.
    Of doing great things.
    Of having amazing experiences.
    And making a difference on this planet.
    When you focus on your dreams, everything you do becomes a piece of the puzzle that is your dream.
    You attract into your life the people and experiences you need to help you achieve your goal.
    There is no wasted time.
    There is no boring job.
    Or crappy relationships.
    Life becomes a dance of squeezing out of it the resources you need.
    Whilst at the same time ignoring the things that you dont
    Because you are clear on what it is that you want.
    Because you have purpose.
    And when you have a purpose, you can’t help but be all that you can be.
    Which is of course,

  103. Andrada

    Breakingold: How I changed my life from a “world of corporations” into a life with purpose. My story could help you.

    I talked about courage these days, when I announced that I resigned after 17 years of a career from a bank, holding a management position, for a career as an entrepreneur in the field of personal growth.
    I want to share how I got to have courage to change my life. In a moment of “emotional bankruptcy” caught between a career entering in a full mood of a “corporate madness” and role of the mother of two young children, very exhausting, which seems like a burden and barely see them, and a marriage that did not work well, I realized how unhappy I was even my resume was “a successful one”. I had turned into a phallic and miserable woman. I had to change something; I need to learn to become happy.
    And I had the courage to make a change. I started with simple things. I rediscovered fitness, an old passion. Now I go to the gym almost every day early morning. Then I did something new. At 37 years, I took snowboard courses in the winter and in the summer I continued with kiting.

    By practicing snowboard and kitting I downloaded many negatives emotions, blocked, internalized. I discovered adrenaline, nature, relaxation, wellbeing finally after I had longed so much. On the slope with the board or in the water with the kite I was getting out from my mind. And I enjoyed a lot these new sensations. A shift started to occur inside. I began to discover who I was, the welbeing when you do something you enjoy. But It needed something more…

    …Looking for that something I took acting classes, Argentine tango, but it feel that there were more to discover. And that something were my “beloved books, m y friends from my childhood, adolescence and college, which I had left, being so busy with my life of ”corporate girl”. I started with philosophy, psychology in an attempt to find a book to guide me how to do to have a happy life.
    It felt as I was reconnecting to my soul, but it still look like was not complete what I was experiencing. And then I said to myself, “God give me a book to teach me, to show me what am I doing wrong.” And then I learned a great lesson. When you want something, you start feeling inside, ask for guidance and have trust, miracles happen in our lives.
    They fell off the shelf “the perfect books” for me with recipes for happiness. I learned to discover, to identify my negative patterns, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs that helped me see who I really am.
    Thus I discovered my purpose, what I like to do to be fulfilled, a career because” I like” and do not that “I have to”. I got rid of addictions, addiction of external accomplishment. Here are a few examples: I got rid of romantic love addiction, obsession to be loved, to control other’s life. I gave up cigarettes, no longer felt the need.
    And so I went through a process of metamorphosis, healing, and began positive changes in my life. At the office the stress has disappeared it only occurred manageable situations. I received then a quiet post. I had chosen to resign in a moment of silence in the office when I had the greatest clarity. I didn’t resign because of stress. I had chosen to do something else that I liked to support those who are in “madness” similar to me recently, to have clarity, strength and courage to make the right choices to live the life they want.
    With clarity, vision and strategy I now know”where I’m going”.

    Courage is not just about being able to do something new. It means you can look at you to see the naked truth, to think of solutions and take action to be someone NEW. How do you see who you really are and what you do not want to be? First you discover patterns, beliefs and behaviors that created the life you have. Then have the courage to analyze them and change them. This examination allows us to choose. If you want to change your life, change your choices. I know what it’s hesitation, I know how you feel. I was also there. Choose to have courage, be YOU AUTHENTIC and thus grasp the full force of life.

    Andrada Dan, #breakingbold
    Bucharest, Romania

  104. Vera

    Thank you! Grate Q to the Q 🙂 Really gave me a new perspective 🙂

  105. I recently found your website and instantly became your fan. This is so inspiring and helpful!
    I’m in my early 20s, struggling with this question. Thank you for this! It really puts things into perspective.

  106. I intend to be the person that leaves all in my wake feeling better about themselves.

    This reframe is exactly my response to the incorrect question, “What am I doing with my life?” Thanks for sharing it in your words, and to a large audience that will instantly improve our planet by applying such thinking!

  107. Jen

    I just found your site today and it couldn’t have been better timing! I’ve actually been asking myself that very question for quite a while now. I have a few degrees and ready to make a career change but I haven’t found my passion in life. I’m good at a variety of things but none that have really seemed to pull my undivided attention so I’m going to try asking myself who do I want to be instead of what do I want to be.I intend to check out more of your videos for your uplifting advice but if any have some they would like to share now I have open ears. Thanks so much!

  108. Christina

    This could not have come at a more perfect time. Thank you Marie!

  109. Ranganathan

    Hi Marie,
    I think from last few months, all your vedio’s i am watching (if not all), the interview with Mr.Tod Harmen for ho brain and WOW brain makes me to recall my habits. In my school days from 1st to 4 th std I am very an average student, from 5 to 7 I understand the concept of WOW brain and I am the little king for school. From 8 onwards my teaching system changed, i could not able make it again. If this idea of words spreading teaches to me from anybody in 80’s, may be my career have changed.
    One of my colleague is like in this Character only, i am following him, stated that we need to learn always. Due to some misunderstanding with existing company i moved to another company. There they are expecting more than my knowledge and skills, I tried to lean myself everything in and out and after hard sweating and now I am almost capable of handling the things Independently.
    I think the Kick given in this vedio I never forgot, while liking you in the Face book, i got the great menthor Sir Jim Rohn, Brain Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma and I am watching TED talks regularly.
    But Sir Jim Rohn made me crazy with his speaks, i never never never forget it. Earlier i am hering songs and now I am hearing Jim Rohn speeches. I am Indian, I dont have so much money to US/UK to meet all. But is my ambition to meet all you Directly once in my lifetime.
    Kindly post if possible Sir Jim Rohn daughters interview for sharing her fathers legacy.
    I once again thank you for all your vedio and daily majo’s in the FB.

  110. Nicola

    Well, I’m 35 and this is still relevant to me now! 11 year old me was like this little girl – I miss her, she was funny and curious and creative. Marie, this is a great message for anyone losing their way, love it x

  111. I am grateful for Divine guidance.
    1. Without it, I would be dead. Literally. I’ve had many health issues in the last year, stemming from a carbon monoxide leak at lethal levels. Divine intervention protected me.
    2. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself.
    3. God is always looking after us and trying to get us to work for the greater good.
    4. Spirit communicates with us daily. With development, we can tune into our divine guidance helped.
    5. I get to do this amazing task of delivering messages from the divine to people. I want more amazinglife could I have asked

    • The last line got garbled. It should read, “What more amazing life could I have asked for?”
      The Divine Sacred in its many forms is awesome.

  112. Amazing Video and such a simple explanation for a complex question.

    Marie, many thanks for this inspiring visual !

  113. Awe… such a sweet girl! Reminds me of my 11 year old, she is incredibly intelligent and open. Such a beautiful little spirit and is already stepping into Entrepreneurship, such a blessing! Loved your response Marie and just shows the IMPACT you are making in this world when you have 11 year olds diligently following you! xoxo

  114. Kristie


    You truly are such an inspiration to all women out there! I’m a 25 year old living in NYC trying to figure out my next career move and after watching some of your videos you have given me the hope I need to start my own business. Thank you for inspiring me like so many others. I hope one day I can do the same. Absolutely love your vibe and your contagious energy!

    All the best always

  115. Thank you for sharing this great video, Marie!

    I love the work that you are doing in making this world a better place. I believe it’s important for all of us to focus on our intrinsic self.

    Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

    How do I satisfy my soul?
    What legacy do I want to leave behind?
    What do I want people to remember me as?

    At the end of the day, we are all here to make a positive difference in this world.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!

  116. Azzy

    Your videos are uplifting, I always get inspired and get going. I like how you come with such spirit, such heart…
    Love you Marie

  117. nneamaka okafor

    Hi ,am Nneamaka ,am Nigerian ,who has a passion of helping people add value to their talents and skills and turn it into a source of income.I do that a lot for friends and family members who have advised a turn it into a business,instead of continuing to complain of my 9-5 job.Especially as i enjoy ,it and i can spend my whole day inspiring people.people. Thats exactly what i want to do ,but i dont know how to go about it .Do you have any tips or training you will recommend.Someone asked me to get qualified as a life coach what do you think?Thank you for your honest and down to earth videos.I love you.cos you have inspired me in far away NIGERIA .

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so excited to hear that you’re tuning in and enjoying our videos all the way from Nigeria! 🙂

      It sounds like you really enjoy helping people, and being a life coach is one great way to do that. There are some wonderful certification programs available out there if that’s something you’re interested in. Finding the right course for you is a personal choice, so while we don’t have any specific courses we recommend, I definitely encourage you to do some searching online for life coach training programs to see if there’s one that really resonates with you.

      We also have a great episode about getting started as a coach, even without experience yet, so I thought you might really love to see that one:

      I hope you enjoy checking out that episode for a few great tips, and we’re sending our best wishes as you explore your next steps!

  118. Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than just your articles?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Mathieu – not sure what you mean, but each post also contains a MarieTV video!

  119. Kristen!
    YOU ARE AWESOME!! You have wonderful energy , just be yourself – which means give yourself the opportunities to explore, to keep learning and creating.

    And if you let your self be, you’re going to Flow!

    Marie – everything she said and more 🙂 !



  120. Off topic, I know, but I LOVE that pink dress!!

    And Kristin, you’re amazing. You will go far!

  121. amy

    Such an awesome answer to re-thinking the typical question I’ve always struggled with myself. By seeing yourself as who you want to be, your intentions shift becoming more positive and connected to others. And asking yourself how you’re going to achieve it by saying, how can I express this, gives you the best kind of action to take. Being an artist, this is truly helpful. Thank you!

  122. I love the human-BEING idea!

  123. Shubhangi

    Awesome Episode 🙂
    Well, since I came across a person that actually possess a huge potential to motivate at anytime , anywhere …yes! It’s you Marie! I want to be like you.and I want be useful- being useful that actually makes me happy and always motivate to get my butt up. Love angi 🙂

  124. Danika

    No, I don’t want to evaluate who I want to be, I want to know what I should be doing. As a profession. How do I figure that out? Sometimes I wonder why I’m even alive.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Danika! Thanks for stopping by. We’re so sorry to hear you’re feeling so disheartened at the moment, but just know you’re not alone. These are big, important questions and it’s wonderful that you’re investing in learning more about yourself and your goals. As you may already know, Marie is a firm believer that everyone has a gift to share with the world and having struggled with finding her own path, she’s since made it her mission to help others create businesses and lives they love. Be sure to check out her powerful, free audio training, How to Get Anything You Want under “Get Started” at the top for some of her time-tested strategies for finding clarity and taking action. Your message brought to mind a few other episodes from our archives that may provide some additional insight and inspiration for you:
      We believe you’re here for a reason, Danika, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things are on the horizon for you. If you have any questions or we can help guide you to any other resources, please don’t hesitate to write to us at [email protected] at anytime!

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