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99% of facts they’re made up. Just think on that for a minute. Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching Marie TV, the place to be, to create a business and life you love. So, curious, have you ever had someone not believe in you, or they said something really horrible about your work, or it felt like a punch in the gut and just left you thinking, oh my God, how could someone be that mean? I have. So, let me tell you what it did for me. And more importantly, what it could do for you.

Back in 2009 my program, B-School, was getting ready to be brought into the world and I was trying to do everything I could to make it a success. I was trying to network, find promotional partners, basically get the word out all over.

I went to this business conference in Washington DC and I was so excited to be there. I had my little conference badge around my neck, I had my big conference binder under my arm, everything was going good. I’m on the escalator heading to go up to one of the main sessions, and there was this guy in front of me and he was part of the conference too. So of course as you do at conferences, he turned around and he asked me, he’s like, “What do you do?”

This was the perfect opportunity. I was so excited. I started telling him about B-School. I said, “I’m launching this incredible online business program for women entrepreneurs.” And so he says, “That’s cute. Is that a hobby? Do you actually make money doing that, or do you have a rich husband who’s bankrolling you?”

For one of the very few times in my life, I was absolutely speechless. I felt like I just got gonged by the ultimate business D-bag.

I was thinking to myself, I cannot believe a-holes like this still exist and thank God it was a short little escalator ride, because I wanted to throw him over that freaking escalator. I got myself together. I mustered out something about that I had been successfully supporting myself in business for the last nine years, and then I did whatever I could to get away from that turd muncher as fast as humanly possible.

Now, here’s my point. While that guy was a total ignorado for what he said to me, I actually thank him for not believing in me. I thank him for underestimating me. I thank him for being a totally ignorant, chauvinistic piece of poop. You know why? Because he actually fueled me to make B-School even more of a success. I was already committed to it, but after that interaction, nothing was going to stop me.

Now I know that not everybody is wired in the exact same way, but for me, when I want something really bad and someone basically says, “You can’t do that,” it just gets me totally fired up and motivated to prove them wrong. And yes, I know in a certain spiritual framework we don’t want to be reactive to life. But what I’m saying is this, is that every single thing that happens to you, including what I now call escalator moments, are fuel for growth. Sometimes even more so than the encouraging moments. To help you remember this, here’s a Tweetable. Sometimes a put down is the best fuel to fire you up.

So let’s turn this inspiration into action. I would love to hear about your escalator moment. Let’s have a real honest to goodness, thank you fest for those people that have not believed in you, or for those times when life has challenged your belief in yourself. Tell me how you can take one of those moments and really let it fuel you into what you want to create right now.

As always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at, say it with me, the lovely land of, so go there and leave a comment now.

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Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world really needs that special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on Marie TV.

[foreign language 00:04:12]. Another day in New York City, lighting each other on fire. Here. I wore those army fatigues last night and I loved every second of it.


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