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When I first saw this woman, I knew I needed to have her on MarieTV.

Naturally, I stalked her on Twitter and Facebook. When we finally connected, and she said yes to an interview, I pumped my fist in true Jersey style.

Courageous, funny, smart and beautiful are just a few of the many adjectives I’d use to describe Maysoon Zayid.

It’s about what we’re talking about, not what we look like. @maysoonzayid Click To Tweet

She’s a writer, actor, and comedian whose TED Talk “I got 99 problems… palsy is just one.” has been viewed over 5 million times and translated into 37 languages. You may also recognize her from Adam Sandler’s movie You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

I love Maysoon because she’s blunt and bold, vulnerable and visionary and never afraid to tackle an issue head on.

If you’ve ever felt judged or marginalized because of who you are, hurt by what others say (especially online), or believed that something you can’t change about yourself is holding you back…

Today’s episode of MarieTV is a must watch.

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You know…

My hunch is that you watch MarieTV because you have something inside of you that you want to bring into being.

A life change, spiritual change, physical change or some kind of creation your soul came here to express.

Whatever your heart is craving, know that you can do it.  You wouldn’t have the impulse if you didn’t already have the goods to make it happen.

Now, Maysoon and I have a question for you.

What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from our interview today? Why is that personally important for you?

Let us know in the comments below and share as much detail as you can.

We’re stronger together and your insight may be just the thing that someone else needs to find their strength and keep going.

Thank you for reading, watching and contributing to our community.

Without a doubt, you make this one of the brightest, most incredible corners of the digital Universe.

I’m deeply grateful to you and can’t wait to see what insights you share.

P.S. If you loved last week’s episode, Chris’ book is available today. Missed our chat? Check it out here.

With all my love,


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  1. Love laughing … till I fall off my chair 🙂 . I need to hear this lady’s jokes.

    • Agreed! Maysoon Zayid is so amazing, and I was cracking up the entire interview. This is such an inspirational video, Marie!

    • There is nothing better then laughing. It just brings humility and honor to the lightness amongst our very human experience. What I love about Maysoon is that she is a physical and spiritual representation of unforeseeable challenges, uncontrollable situation and incredible opportunity and change that all exits in the same one breath. Beautiful interview Marie. Thank you for sharing Maysoon with us, this was my first introduction and it opened my heart more into expanding love.

      Wishing everyone these beautiful insights today and hello to all the ladies playing in sisterhood in the comments section (and the bros in community too).


    • Isabell

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      Hi MARIE–this is URGENT
      the FCC wants to pass a no net-nuetrality law. This would force Small Startups like ours to possibly pay up to $30,000 just to compete on the net: here’s one artilce from the news today:

  2. Maysoon is a total inspiration!

    • So true… a woman with a mission and purpose!

      • Such an inspiration! Shed a tear.
        No matter who you are, there is a place for you if Maysoon can do it so can we !!

        Keep on living the dream, it will pay off one day or another.

  3. Comedy is everything. If you can’t find a reason to laugh, you’re doomed.

    I love Maysoon. Was fortunate enough to see her at the Thrive conference. In this interview, she strikes the perfect balance between tackling incredibly important and sensitive issues and taking the edge off with humor…which makes me love her even more.

  4. I never thought a comedian would be bringing me to tears, but Maysoon, you had me on edge the whole time. Your message, strength, and inner and outer beauty are so powerful. I love how you are using your gifts to help empower so many people and remove judgements based on the labels we often fall into. Thank you for sharing your story with us today. I’m off to check out your non-humorous TED Talk and website for more inspiration and will be looking for your appearance on the big screen soon!

    • Amen to that!

    • bright

      hi,my name is bright kpoha.
      am artist designer from Togo but am now in Ghana.who like to see some of my artwork?

      • Everybody. Everyone would like to see your artwork. If you chose to show it. Show it rightly, proudly, immensely – Brightly. This is probably the forum where you can learn how to show it wisely. So don’t rush it Bright.

    • Another example on how humor can help assist in one’s journey to do great things, despite what others may say is impossible. It creates a positive mindset with the willing to persevere. Truly beautiful so see her live and ‪#‎ConquerLife‬. Thanks Marie Forleo!

  5. I came to the US from Eastern Europe. I had to not only overcome a lot of adversity, but also adjust to a huge culture shift. I could never have found my place in America without humor. It’s the universal language of joy and acceptance. Thank you for sharing this hilarious and inspiring interview!

  6. Oh my goodness! That is so beautiful. Thanks you Maysoon for such courageous and inspiring work. Humor does pay.xx

  7. Chelsea

    Thank you for having Maysoon on MarieTV! I love her, and think she’s one hell of a human being. I literally did a little fangirl “eek! omg!” at my desk this morning when I saw you were featuring her. Love you Maysoon, and love you Marie!

  8. PJ

    Thank you for this episode! I love how Maysoon radiates love with humor and honesty! =)

  9. The single BIGGEST take away… she is being whole- able to laugh at everything and put it in perspective of everything is an illusion and a choice. Inspiring.
    Yoga changed my life in so many ways, too. Thankful for her testimony to how it helps her live off the mat because really, how we live off the mat is the whole reason for getting on the mat.

  10. My biggest adversity is, is that I started my own online business so late. I should have done this much earlier. Thank you for so much inspiration.


    • But you’ve started – that now puts you way ahead in the game.

    • Elizabeth H.

      gotta let the past go and wave it a fond goodbye. You are where you are at this moment and the rest is all going forward. I’m a bit of a late bloomer and I just am grateful I got to where I am today, however long it took I had other lessons to learn first.

  11. Thank you for doing this interview Marie.

    I’m so inspired by this interview. What an amazing woman. Thank you Maysoon for being who you are and shining your light.

    Lots of love and support xoxo

  12. You rock, awesome!

  13. Lora

    This is amazing. You are an inspiration, Maysoon! Please ignore all of the stupid comments about your weight. Please take that message to young girls so we can stop this unreal, horrible culture we live in.

  14. This is one of my favorite episodes of Marie TV. I love how Maysoon decided to go on without makeup – way to walk the talk! It IS about the message and not what we look like. Thanks for introducing us to this vivacious woman! xo

    • Mairead- I second that! Such an inspiring interview! I loved how Maysoon talked about people finding a way to cut her down outside of her disability and the mindset that people don’t want others to succeed who don’t fit neatly into the box. That really resonated with me. Just because people believe something about you, doesn’t make it true or real.

  15. Thanks for sharing! Biggest insight is that anything is possible and obstacles are there to overcome and grow from.

  16. Dawn

    very inspirational and we all need to address how we discriminate against folks with disabilities

  17. The big takeaway from this for me is that everything about ourselves is a part of our own uniqueness, and can become part of our greatness if we “can” it – and tell all those who say “can’t” to “F….. ahem, go away.”

    Also, it dawned on me what politicians are – comedians under the delusion that their jokes are serious…

    And also… And also… And also… Every moment of this was a gem. Thank you.

  18. I loved this episode! The laughs, the emotion and the raw power of a deep desire to change a part of the world. Thank you Maysoon and Marie for this conversation, it’s made my week! Will head over to google the red talk right now:)

  19. My name is CanCan! If i was a producer I would totally produce that.

  20. Wow, amazing interview. Thanks so much Maysoon. I never thought of people with disability being the biggest discriminated group. So true.

    Thank you for opening my eyes. It is incredible how people like you have overcome and how much they paid for their success.
    Puts my excuses and lame rationalisations in a new perspective. Nowhere to hide.
    The very best of luck with your Tv career

  21. This woman is incredible. A true representation of strength, power, inspiration, vulnerability and beauty! Thank you for doing this interview, Marie!

  22. Love this interview! beautiful women, with our without makeup.
    that said, I’m so glad Maysoon touched upon how in today’s society, it seems so easy to be mean because you’re anonymous behind your keyboard. I’ve been seeing this more and more. Sometimes it may not be ‘direct or intentional meaness’ (though obviously sometimes it is completely intentional and which I find to be an incredibly sad statement about the human race) but rather a lack of thought as to how you’re saying something via internet/social media/email, and how it may be taken. I see it creeping into business and it’s a new challenge we should take seriously, because it not only can do emotional damage to a person, but can also have far reaching effects on business relationships and ventures. Thanks ladies. Thanks for broaching some tough subjects we should be talking about more.

  23. Maysoon you are beautiful on the inside and the outside- why can’t people just love and embrace everyone. Thanks Marie- super interview thanks for sharing this wonderful woman with us all.

  24. Maysoon and Marie, I find you both incredibly inspiring. Both speak on issues that are important to every one of us … sprinkled with humor. I have learned that the best trait to have as a human being (sounds like the simplest) … to be your genuine self. Both of you have it down!
    The two of you are yet another reason to love our Jersey!

  25. My biggest take away: it is entirely possible to be smart, articulate, conscientious and analytical – while still maintaining a sense of humor. It’s rare to find people who walk this line with grace, and Maysoon is one of them.

  26. Maysoon is an incredibly empowered, intelligent, warm and compassionate woman. Also it’s great that this was a slightly longer interview and Marie congratulations for using your profile to give space for such an awesome women to speak her mind with apparent freedom. More please!

  27. She is so damn inspiring.

    Not because she’s doing something with a disability or even because she is creating this kind of change (although that’s awesome too), but because she is so comfortable in her skin and with being herself.

    A difficult feat for many women with or without a disability. Love.

  28. Marie I am so happy you got Maysoon on Marie Tv!
    I have been following her for a while now and she is indeed such an inspiration to all of us.

  29. Loved it! Just what i needed to day! She is awesome! What I got from today is: no matter what one may be going through, we still need to be able to laugh!

    • And I love all the other comments, so much more eloquently stated!

  30. I suppose the biggest insight taken from this episode is that people are people no matter if they have a disability, are female, have money, are a certain race or whatever it may be. We all have fears, dreams, failures, difficulties and it’s always inspiring to see someone living the life they want for themselves not based on what other people say they can or cannot achieve.

    I often find myself surrounded by REALLY AMAZING people, living the life they want and sometimes I have this short flash of a thought.. ‘that couldn’t be me’. I don’t know why I think this. People are people, we are the same and seeing this episode is a good reminder that dreams are just as possible as the next persons with the right amount of effort.

  31. The single biggest insight? Be yourself and always speak your truth. It is what will transform the world we live in. Maysoon is a national treasure and I sincerely hope she gets her film made and wins that award! If I was a producer, I would be first in line to head the project.

    As always, thank you Marie for introducing all of us to an amazing and beautiful being.

  32. Loved every single thing about this. Thank you Marie and Maysoon!

  33. Farrah Haidar

    Maysoon is awesome. I had the pleasure of watching her back in 2004, right when she was getting started. She has always been this frank, beautiful and funny.

  34. Lisa

    Wonderful. I am so inspired and strengthened by this interview. So impressed with how you handle the hurt in your life. Words/names do hurt but they don’t have to become our disability. thank you for this .

  35. Jo

    Maysoon reminds me (yet again!) that we should always concentrate on being the best version of ourselves, and not some other version that we think is more acceptable to others.
    I’m always trying to be more this, or more that and I end up missing the very reason that I’m here in the first place. I’m not always aware what I’m offering up to the world, but as long as I’m out there, being me, then that’s the most important thing.
    My insight is to be more myself!

    • Emily

      Yes! I totally agree Jo. This is a muscle that I need to beef up. Wish I could bottle up Maysoon and take a shot daily! It was honestly hard to see past her electric self and notice anything else. It’s a good lesson that this energy that comes from being genuinely “us” is really the part that others see in us. More of this!

  36. What I’m taking away from the interview with Maysoon (which I loved!) is a confirmation about the human psyche, both unevolved and miraculous aspects of it.
    I discovered, personally, about ten years ago, how really mean people could be with each other, specifically, women toward women (see Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler).
    I realized that there are possibilities for humanity that require an unhooking from the unconscious/mammalian/emotional/social triggers, as well as from the lizard/survival aspects of our brains.
    Socially, this means saying “no” to passive aggressive behaviors and much more.
    This is all unconscious stuff and extremely tricky to navigate.
    (I do it for a living.)
    We humans are visionaries – some more than others 🙂
    The vision I see and feel and know – is of people getting along, wanting the best for each other, supporting one another, honoring differences (really), and more. This necessitates a literal shift in consciousness that CAN be willed into action. It is not “natural” like fight, flight, freeze and fuse (cliques, etc.) that come from the ancient survival part of our brains. It is beyond culture. The newer way of being comes from the neo-cortex, where we can willingly tune into the cosmos, with our whole body, envision reality as it is “naturally” flowing through the ethers, so to speak, and create from connection with the unified field – and this tuning in literally changes our DNA, and more. This shifting, which is happening, is actually opening humanity into new unprecedented possibilities – that are fun 🙂 This is what I felt watching the Maysoon interview.
    Shine on Maysoon – and Marie – and all of us 🙂

  37. Kim

    Maysoon was totally authentic and inspiring. Yet, like Marie, I felt sad that people can be so cruel.

  38. Shirley

    This video was AMAZING. key points that I absolutely loved:
    1. Yes you can. When you have mentors who tell you you can do something you will do something. Her parents refused to subscribe to hear say, and they did what was true to themselves and proved everyone WRONG along the way. Love it!

    2. There’s always a way in. (aka everything is figureoutable) I loved that when others were afraid to take the risk on Maysoon, she still found a way to get into acting by using comedy.

    3. Always remember the purpose. When Maysoon became obsessed about personal image for all the wrong reason, she took a moment to step back and remember her true purpose. Go girl!

    and finally

    4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Not every situation calls for fact checks, or stiff postures. Crack a joke and life will fly by much easier.

    This made my day!

  39. So completely inspired right now. I can’t thank you both enough for your uplifting message and humor today. Maysoon, you are an angel on Earth and I shall Google you right now! 🙂
    My biggest takeaway is that when life’s obstacles hit us, we always have the choice to surrender, or work to conquer. You inspire me so deeply because you began facing and conquering your life’s obstacles from birth. If you can work so hard as an infant and onward, I can work much harder right this second and forward. Thank you, and with so much love! <3

  40. WOW! Equally I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! MARIE I have been juiced watching and hearing you on Marie TV! Thank you for sharing your brilliance with so many! You have lifted me and inspired me sooooo many times! And MAYSOON I am up clapping, crying with tears of joy and sadness, YOU ARE SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!!! You embody loving who you are and spreading that this is what we are meant to do as what we are is what we got and in the face of any diversity you show you can SHINE and be HAPPY and make a DIFFERENCE for the common good! LOVE YOU LADIES!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  41. Megan Morrow

    What a total bad ass. I love that she didn’t wear makeup. Thank you for all you do!

  42. Thank you so much for creating this video. Although I have been watching you for a few months (Love you!) my takeaway revolves around the fearlessness and courage that Maysoon radiates. I have historically been a ‘Fear Baby’ dangling off the edge with my feet stuck like glue and struggling to let go and fly. This beautiful inspiring share between the two of you is pushing me just a little bit further…stay tuned, I’m almost flying!!

  43. Maysoon, makes so many wonderful points. Bravo!
    Great interview Marie.

  44. I absolutely loved this video. When she said, “there’s no way that this woman who should be inferior is excelling” it resonated with me. People can be are so cruel. There is no reason you shouldn’t be as you’re not inferior. Thank you, Marie, for this interview.

  45. Mary

    Biggest thing I took away from this interview: CP does NOT always affect the intellect. Maysoon is brilliant, and so very talented. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more from her.

    Okay, when I first saw Maysoon I thought ‘that dress is a little too small’, but then I thought to myself that dresses always look a little too small when the person is sitting down (yes, even Marie’s). As for tapping dancing since she was little, yep, she has great ankles, dancers have great ankles. The yoga will tone up her arms, otherwise, she’s just curvy and girls should be curvy.

    I had a couple of co-workers who each lost their abdomen muscles due to pregnancy issues and/or C-Sections, they had back problems and round tummies too. They would really frustrated with themselves and other people’s nasty comments. If we were all thin and beautiful the world would be a very boring place to live in.

  46. Oh wow, this… This interview is the best! The best that I’ve seen from MarieTV (and I think I’ve seen them all). I love it and I want to thank you so much for bringing this inspiring and lovely woman on your show. Maysoon, thank you so much for all your efforts and for being such an awesome example.

  47. Love this video! What an inspiration for all of us to bring our full game into the world! Maysoon could have had lots reason not to, but she didn’t let anything stop her! SO happy to see our world really changing. Don’t let the critics bring you down, they got they’re own work to do on themselves! Yet another great video!

  48. Sandy

    I learned many things from todays talk with Maysoon. #1. No matter your situation make the best of it. #2. teach all children about acceptance. #3. Just because you have a disability doesn’t exclude you from life nor is it an excuse for a no-you-can’t attitude. #4. Just because someone is different (which we all are) doesn’t give anyone the right to take away another person’s dignity. A motto to live by ~ Let’s pump each other up versus tear each other down! And let’s give each other a chance! Great interview Marie!

    • Jo

      Love your comments Sandy. I vote for pumping each other up!

  49. She is amazing! I remember finding her when I was on my TED watching binge via youtube. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in stalking people I want to work with, 🙂 Great video.

  50. Biggest take-away? Where do I even begin….???? It all begins with not using the word “can’t” and the rest follows.
    What an amazing woman! Truly an inspiration!

  51. Wow, what an amazing interview with Maysoon! Thank You Marie Forleo and Maysoon! Professionally, I am a developmental optometrist. I specialized in Vision Therapy decades ago,as I have my own visually related learning issues. Up until very recently, when I’ve worked with patients, I mostly externalize my own issues. Now it’s time to talk more about what my experiences have been in my 53 years!

    It’s also time to get back to the work I have not yet done following through with your program that I signed up for eons ago, but have not yet followed through with!!! Elisa Haransky-Beck, OD.FCOVD, Pittsburgh, PA 🙂

  52. Leila

    Brillant and amazing interview! I just loved it 🙂
    Thank you so much Maysoon and Marie for doing this!

  53. Great Job Marie! I do not usually recommend stalking, but I am so glad you did. What amazing energy Maysoon!!! I will now be following (notice, not stalking) you everywhere. You dedication to your craft and to others is remarkable. BTW, I think it is important you understand I am not saying that because of any disability; I am saying that because I am a blond (well used to be, now it is a bottle), blue eyed, intelligent, fully capable woman that cannot keep up with you! Thank you for giving to the rest of us and reminding us what is truly important in life. Please keep embellishing and making things up, but you are hilarious.

  54. My take is that to be yourself following your dream is taking care of the obstacles regardless of who you are or look. And my giving, thank you ladies for this incredible, funny and witty interview! I loved it! (for having developed tourism for physically challenge travelers in Costa Rica for more than 15 years and climbed the highest peak of the country with the 1st group with a disability to ever done it (visually impaired in 2001) intellectuals stigma created by society against anything that does not fit into the “box” of their standard can be devastating for a large part of the population.

    “The first ever World report on disability, produced jointly by WHO and the World Bank, suggests that more than a billion people in the world today experience disability. People with disabilities have generally poorer health, lower education achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. This is largely due to the lack of services available to them and the many obstacles they face in their everyday lives.”

  55. I love you Maysoon 🙂

    You and Marie are both gorgeous! Hooray for quality content on the internet 🙂

    Thank you for your time and energy. It is always a pleasure watching MarieTV.

    Love, Rocco

  56. Cyndi C

    Love! What a beautiful soul! I LOVE her tenacity & resilience. There is no doubt that she will push through all the vulnerability & critics of the TED talk! It makese think of “The Man in the Arena” quote- Maysoon IS WALKING OUT HER DREAM… not in the audience watching it happen to someone else!! Way To Go!! Can’t wait to see her win an Oscar! So inspiring!

  57. Kim S

    Watching this interview was a fantastic way to start my day. Maysoon, you are a beautiful person and you filled my heart with love. Bless you.

  58. Anika

    Wow! Inspirational. Sometimes you think you know everything about how this world works and then someone like Maysoon comes along.

    Great job girls!

  59. She is really one of the most amazing women ever!! Thank you so much for this interview Marie.

  60. HQ

    Hi Marie, thank you for doing this segment. I usually don’t post comment, but this episode really liberated me. Why, because many moons ago I agreed to arranged marriage because I honestly believe it was right thing for me; however, things didn’t work out and I got a divorce. Good Pakistani girls don’t get divorced. The most emotional abuse I encountered was in my own home, surprisingly not from my father from my own mother. I never understood, why my own mother couldn’t understand my pain. Maysoon liberated me in sooooo many ways. Thank You Very Big!

  61. Lori Glier

    Thanks Marie & Maysoon
    As people with disabilities do win awards on TV and Film!

  62. Maysoon, you are perfect just the way you are. I hope you know that for every troll or stupid comment you get about your weight, you are transforming 10 lives in ways you can’t imagine. I feel so blessed to have discovered you and your work. Namaste!

  63. Robert

    A great interview, leaving you with lots to think about. Particularly struck by the comments about how saying the wrong “words” in your stand-up act, can end your career immediately. Maybe that is why we never see any truly edgy, provocative comics anymore. They have been stifled before making it big.

  64. First…thank you Marie and Maysoon for the interview!

    What stood out to me is that Maysoon stands in her own brilliant uniqueness, not only using the gifts and talents she has been given, but working hard and not giving up in order to achieve her dreams.

    What this woman has achieved with a disability puts most of us to shame…we can break a nail or have a bad hair day and think our world is falling apart….she’s making her dreams happen! Now that’s inspiration!

  65. WOW! EPIC AWESOME! Is that a thing? Well it is now! Maysoon is amazing & so are you Marie! Thank you for your stalking skills & bringing her to MarieTV. I loved every second of the interview. I will be heading over to her TED talk & also to her website to see if she’s heading near me & to donate. My brother has Down Syndrome & my mom fought tooth & nail to get him integrated into the school system during the early 80’s so I do understand the importance. Good for Maysoon for setting up this foundation & going forth for these kids. BTW, she’s gorgeous without makeup & is so NOT fat! Thanks again Marie for the amazing guests you bring!

  66. Jill

    I so enjoyed this interview. I love that Maysoon didn’t wear make-up, and talked about why. We need a balance of ‘real’ with the glitz and glamour and fun of dressing up. I love the humor, especially when she talked about her strengths re: being feisty and opinionated and heading toward studying law … then turning her spark into a gift for speaking publicly with a comic edge. I love that Maysoon has several things going that make a difference for many people all at the same time … thank you, Marie, for doing this interview. I like the relaxed and inquisitive interview style you have. Seeing and hearing this intelligence and humor and compassion helps balance out some of the ugliness we all are exposed to on the internet. Thank you!

  67. Chantal

    This came right on time! I have been stuck in a pity party dealing with my chronic illness. It is a blessing and an eye opener to see that Maysoon is not only successful despite her disability but actually thrives because of it. As always enjoyed the show, learned a lot, laughed a lot and feel a little closer to my goal by just watching two inspirational and beautiful women <3

    Love from Suriname,

  68. I was so amazed and excited when I saw this video pop into my inbox. I love Maysoon, I think her work, message and voice is just incredible. Thank you Marie, for continuing to up your game with your interviewees on MarieTV. Truly inspiring.

    I think my biggest insight is how it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do the internet will find something to attack you for. Maysoon so eloquently pointed out how these people just have to find something to drag you down about. So, own your flaws or have them thrown back at you. Reminds me of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect.

  69. Maya

    There will always be negative people who find fault with others because they are insecure themselves. BRAVO for having the courage to be interviewed without make-up and you look absolutely gorgeous regardless. Looks aside, Maysoon is amazingly talented, funny and well-spoken. Amazing!!

  70. Kristine

    This was awesome!! Maysoon – Thank you so much for being you. I am nearly in tears. I have never heard you talk before, but I am now a devoted follower/fan.

  71. miranda

    I’m clearly one of the very few people who’d not yet heard of Maysoon, but I’m super glad I have now. So funny! So badass. Loved that she didn’t wear make-up and why, and she made an excellent point about how people with disabilities are given one of the same two lame storylines when they’re portrayed in film/tv.

  72. Leigh Ann

    Thank you so much for having Maysoon on your show today. I saw her TED Talk several months ago and was so impressed with her. I love that she had such loving, supportive parents and friends who never treated her differently due to her disability. Instead of retreating inward, she reaches out and does her thing. She exhibits such strength, wisdom and wit. A true role model for a ALL women. You go girl…xoxo

  73. Disability is the largest minority in the world and in the US and the least represented in Hollywood and entertainment in general.

    And why would that be so? As Maysoon Zayid rightfully points out that is because the industry does not feel like they should comply with ADA. What a shame and a disgrace for inclusion.

  74. Another great reminder that it’s what we say and do that matters NOT how we look.

  75. I love this interview! Maysoon is absolutely fantastic. Her spirit , her humor ans really sensitive personality really got to me. Thank you for making me know who she is…

  76. Marie, thanks for having Maysoon on! My biggest take away, was “If she can can, I can can!” Basically, if she can change the world, so can anyone who is determined to and who works hard. She was hysterical as well! I’m about watch her TedTalk and see whether I can catch her on tour in Virgina.

  77. Lea

    I loved this episode. Maysoon is beautiful, I will never forget how to spell her name… and she made my world bigger. Thank you Marie for bringing her to us!

  78. SOOO much awesome packed into one video 🙂 Loved every second… thanks for the beautiful inspiration, ladies!

  79. Claudia

    Great interview! I love Maysoon. I watched her Tedtalk and was captivated by her humor and courage.

  80. Eva

    Marie, I LOVED this interview/talk with Maysoon. I hadn’t had the privilege of listening to her and was so inspired by her determination. As a Fashion Communication “activist”, I was really touched to hear how people focus on her weight and looks. I was also moved by your tears Marie. I find that we are under an extreme amount of pressure regarding our looks. Years of efforts, overcome challenges and won battles can drift away with a harsh look towards your stomach or a nasty useless comment. Thank you so much for this. It gave me so much to think about and work on!

  81. Learning to be self critical but not self destructive…love that. Being a makeup artist I encounter women who start apologizing for their imperfectness before we even say ‘Hello’. Its okay to be imperfect, we all are. Its also to okay to say if something is not working, we can change it 🙂 So wonderful to see inspirational women here in a regular basis.

  82. The message I carry away from this interview is that the media rots American women starting with their minds about “What is beautiful and what is not”; beauty is what we embody, not what we look like. How does that saying go again… oh yes; “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

  83. Ashleigh

    Marie- my two best friends introduced me to you and I am forever grateful.

    Maysoon is amazing and a complete inspirational. It makes me really put things into perspective and make me want to follow my dreams and be the best version of myself possible. Her humour is contagious and I admire the strength she possesses. Thanks for sharing!

  84. Kiele

    Love MarieTV, and another episode I absolutely adore. I admire both of you for your honesty, brilliant works and ability to laugh and make others laugh too.
    PS. Maysoon, I didn’t even notice you weren’t wearing makeup. You are gorgeous!

  85. So incredible and amazing! Thank you for interviewing her and many ( careful:p)high fives to Maysoon and her work, I would totally see her in a film!

  86. Mishan

    I love Maysoon! So funny, so inspiring. That made my day. Marie, you’re SO brilliant and awesome for sharing her and her stories here. Thank you!

  87. Goga

    Thank you for this interview! Today I just found out that I’m gonna lose my job in a few days, so this was an inspiration. Everything is possible and if you add a little humor life is just a bit easier… If not easier, funnier, and that counts 😉

  88. Loved her quote, “If one person says the right thing, it can totally empower you.” I’ve had those people in my life, I think that you (Marie) and Maysoon are such people, and I strive to be one, too, every day. Good words and good deeds can move the mountains. =)

    Thanks so much for this post!

  89. Daniela

    She´s absolutely AMAZING.

    It´s hard to believe that anyone could make of fun of such a positive person, just for the sake of hurting.
    What´s wrong with people?

    Love you Maysoon.

  90. I can’t believe I’ve been living in Palestine for 2+ years and only just now heard of Maysoon., Thanks so much Marie! How many times am I going to laugh-cry-laugh today? My biggest insight I’m taking away from the interview is to not let anything hold me back. She not only doesn’t she let CB hold her back, she’s doing so well other people are saying the equivalent of “well, she’s successful because she has CB.” It’s like they are jealous of her disability. That’s the power of showing our vulnerability – of showing our weakness. It becomes our strength. Personally, it’s really scary to show the places where I’m less-than-able so to have her openly talk about and make humor out of hers is… well, strikingly, breathtakingly inspiring.

  91. Jaxx Sheard

    I’m blown away by this interview! I agree that people with disabilities are the largest minority in America and the world. We’re also underrepresented in entertainment and media. I’m a singer with hearing loss and you just put much needed fire under my ass to keep going! Thanx Maysoon and Marie for such an inspiring video!

    • Yay! Now thats the power to create inspiration that its all about.

  92. Jessica Davenport

    Loved this. All I can think of was, “what is my excuse” considering that I am perfectly “normal” but I am not putting in 100% best efforts. I am inspired and encouraged to keeping pushing through my personal adversities.

  93. Great, genuine and inspiring talk! Love this girl….she is definitely one of us “real chicks” who gets what her calling and life are about! Thank you:)

  94. Tessia

    Hi Marie and Maysoon!

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love Maysoon’s strenght, convictions and security. She’s a powerful inspiration for us all. I love her inner strenght and the fact that she can overcome fear and problems with such good humor and realistic optimism.

    With Love <3


  95. Thank you for this interview! Every time I watch Maysoon, I’m greatly inspired. I was especially touched by what she said about being self critical but not self destructive. And I admire the work and effort she’s putting into helping others. Way to go, girl!

  96. Parul

    What makes Maysoon inspiring is her attitude towards life. She’s a true source of encouragement to all those women out there wearing makeup on their souls. Get it off and see yourself much worthful!!! Thankyou so much for such a wonderful vedio..

  97. keep doing what you live for
    maysoon is just so inspiring, infuse strength, motivation and faith
    thanks for me know her

  98. Lill

    Thank you for having this inspirational guest on your show. I will have to go see her TED talk now. So proud of what she has accomplished. If she can do it, what is holding me back.
    Thanks Maysoon for weathering all the storms and not giving up. Too bad that complainers are the ones that always speak up the most. I am SO impressed with what you are doing in life and how you are helping others like yourself. What a gift. Makes me think about what I can do to give back like you have! Remember there are people that get you when the ones that don’t are speaking up.

  99. Mindy Richards

    Maysoon is such an incredibly articulate and intelligent communicator, and so funny too! I am so glad I made time to listen to this today. Her message of self-acceptance resonates with me.

  100. Barb

    The program today was just awesome! The positive and empowering attitude Maysoon has is an inspiration for everyone.

  101. Eejee Art

    The sentence that hit my dash is : There is no way of this person that should be inferior should be excelling, so we need to find something we can tear her down for.

    I admire the courage, the energy and the wit into this interview, but also how it sound true, and how it is not just of people with disability. Your disability is not the one you’re born with, but the one you’re tagged with. And refusing the tag is a hard road, but the more rewarding long run because you inspired other people to do the same, to refuse the tag people have put on them to hide the light they could bring. Tear the tag down, refuse to wear it by excusing yourself. That is what I learned!
    Thank you.

  102. wow… i’ve been following and loving everything you offer, Marie, for ages, but never before have i felt compelled to comment. I’m so inspired by the bravery and frank honesty and clear sight of Maysoon. I teach yoga to children with special needs and find it hard to express to parents just how much of a life-changing process it is- I think I’ll let this video explain it from now on 🙂 thanks for stalking her and getting her on MarieTV!

  103. What a fantastic interview! I’d not heard of Maysoon and I’m so inspired by her humor, talent and beauty. Thanks Marie for this interview!

  104. Biggest take-away? What’s YOUR excuse?

    Awesome interview, very inspiring! Thanks to you both Marie and Maysoon!

  105. Claudia Lorena Balboa de Quinto

    Just amazing! A blessing! Thanks for sharing…

  106. Jennifer

    Wow, she has amazing, luminous skin, even without make-up! You go Maysoon. Keep up the great work. I loved the tension she named about the need to speak freely as a comic and not be labeled or pigeon holed, and also increasing awareness needed in our culture about the power of our words to hurt others,especially for us women in relation to our bodies. I’ve had hurtful things said to me about my body and weight, and it impacted me for years, and I agree with Maysoon it is a silencing tool, and a show of force. I appreciated her complexity, beauty and humour and caring for others as well as strong spirit. Thank you both for a great interview.

  107. Roshni

    This was just wonderful. I’m ridiculously inspired by Maysoon and her courage, her honesty, her conviction and her beauty. Maysoon, you are gorgeous- in every way. Thank you Marie, for bringing us this amazing eye-opener of an interview!!!

  108. Sara

    Such an amazing woman! Very inspirational.

  109. Thank you so much, Marie, for inviting Maysoon in to give us so much inspiration as she truly did – and she touched my heart. I have thought for years and years why we don’t see disabled in movies and theaters with their own stories without it being a point in the story that they are disabled…. Like Maysoon said: “I could be a lawyer in ‘the Good Wife'” That’s exactly what I think!!. I think Maysoon is so to the point in the way she talks about this and the way she is fighting disempowering attitudes about how we look and move and what we can’t do! It is so wisely done by using humor. I wish Maysoon so much success in all her endeavours. And now I will go and see her TED Talk. Thank you!

  110. Incredibly inspiring interview on so many levels!!!
    Continued success and happiness, Maysoon!
    Thank you for sharing your story and bringing our consciousness about very important issues into focus!

    Joy + Gratitude to both!

  111. Sundal

    Such a beautiful, authentic soul.

  112. Maysoon you are amazing! Thank you for what you do in the world 🙂

  113. Kevin W.

    A disability can be a positive and it reminds me of a quote used in marketing by Jack Trout “Differentiate or Die.”

    Here is the worst trolling comment EVER! This guys goes off hardcore on me. It’s fairly funny, I thought.

  114. HOLY CRAP. Did anyone else catch that she said something like ‘you can hear dozens of negative comments but then that one positive one can just fill you up and keep you going’ (totally messing up the quote but something to that effect). I mean…. that is opposite of what we always say…. that it only takes one negative comment to bring you down. Wow. I’m in awe of her attitude, opinions, spirit and beauty. Just in awe.

  115. Oliver Rojas

    I learned how Maysoon Zayid, exemplifies the power of the mantra, “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

  116. Maysoon is so fabulous. Thank you for sharing this inspiring interview. The Indiegogo has expired though! Please extend it so we can donate to such a worthy organization. 🙂

  117. Nicola P

    Thank you Maysoon and Marie. Like so many people I found this inspirational to another level, more people in the world need to see Maysoon!

    Biggest take aways – be self critical not self destructive and can’t isn’t a reality.

    Thanks again

  118. What an amazing lady, truly her disability does not show but is indeed very inspiring. Her success in what she is doing is very admirable. Blessings to her for her determination to be an inspiration to those handicapped individuals. Positive thinking is a gift.

  119. Maysoon is very inspiring, even to those who are NOT handicapped !!!

  120. Thanks Marie it was awesome
    I love comedy and I am glad I know her now.
    what a powerful smart woman.
    Thanks again.

  121. Wow, just wow! This interview totally inspired me and made my day! 🙂

  122. Paul Gilbert

    Outstanding! Thank you so much for having Maysoon on your show. I love her work and I’m especially impressed by what she shared in your show.

  123. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the idea of not faking how how we look. I struggle with this all the time. I started wearing glasses because people wouldn’t even look me in the eyes before they’ve overtalk me. Now at least they listen. But I’m fat. So there’s that. but you know what? I’m done with that. My ideas are good. And they will be whether I am polished or not. Edited or not. In fact, its my heart that draws people to me. So authenticity is what I am focusing on, as my empire blooms. Thank you both for this! ♥

  124. Dejana

    Yes, we LOVED this interview Marie, and love you for being loving and real! xxx

  125. Courageous life story Maysoon! Thank you Marie for bring her story to Marie TV.

    It is sad that people are mean towards others thought of as ‘less than’. I use to tell my kids that, “Mean people are people who are hurting themselves. Have empathy for their own walk, set boundaries for your relationship with them, and pass kindness back.”

    Maysoon what you bring to the world is your own special gift. Keep at it!

  126. that was awesome!! exactly what I needed!! can she be my best friend?

    Thank you so much!!

  127. Thank you Marie for sharing Maysoon with us . What an incredible smart funny authentic woman. Feel so inspired xx

  128. I loved this interview and have shared with with my friends. Maysoon Zayid is so funny and intelligent, and I love her chutzpah. She addresses so many important issues. I love the story of how she defied all of the doctors’ expectations of what was possible in light of her disability; that’s the inspiration takeaway. I can’t wait to look up and watch her comedy routines. Thanks so much for this bright spot in my day, Marie and Maysood!

  129. Thank you for that wonderful interview ladies. My big takeaway is that it is not what we look like but the content that counts. I think people are mean sometimes because they are not necessarily playing full out in their lives and you are reflecting that back to them with such great clarity. It’s hard to face. You are brilliant. Thank you!

  130. I really loved the point about how others will tear us down in any way they can find. It is sad that people do this but it is kinda good to know that in the end, it isn’t personal or our stuff but theirs stuff.
    I got heaps from this interview. I love that Maysoon was not scared to come on the show without make-up and still feel confident. I hate that her weight was the biggest topic of discussion after sharing her important messages.
    Biggest hugs to you Maysoon. I love your work!

  131. Hi, May and Marie

    It was such a great conversation and so much information. As an actress, I’m so inspired!

    What I’ll do first is to watch some of May’s comedy and then the Ted Talk (I guess I’ll see everyone else there 😉 )

    Thanks for this, amazing,

  132. We are living in such interesting times when we have these incredible messages to tell, brilliant minds, compassionate souls …and then we’ve got to get it past this wall of shallowness.
    But you’re doing it, Maysoon! So are you, Marie!
    We can all do it.
    Peace to you.

    • Jo

      So true!

  133. Kathryn

    Maysoon you are my inspiration and my hero! Thank you for reminding us and most of all for LIVING all of your very important messages…never give up, there’s nothing you cannot do, and focus on what the person has to say and not what they look like… AMEN! Best of luck to you making your dreams come true… You are going to kill it when you get that spot on prime time!

  134. Liz

    My son was just recently diagnosed with CP and at todays Dr appointment we didn’t hear the news we wanted this is exactly what I needed to hear! This has made me laugh, gave me yoga ideas and made me realize it will all be ok!

  135. Gayla from My Soapy Life

    Great episode! Loved the fact that she went without makeup to show the world that it shouldn’t matter what we look like, but who we are and what we have to say is what really matters! Who cares how much you weigh or what makes you different from everyone else?!?! Not me!! I LOVE that we are all different and unique as that is what makes us special and beautiful! That is why I love making handmade bath and beauty products for a living, as every single soap bar is different and pretty in it’s own unique design! You keep on going girl and you will achieve all of your hopes and dreams one day! Hugs & best wishes from My Soapy Life!!

  136. Patricia

    No makeup? Never even occurred to me that you were not wearing any. You look beautiful and emanate comfort in your own skin, Maysoon, which is the most beautiful anyone can be. You glow. 😀

  137. I’m in for combat Yoga, Maysoon! Lessdoeet!

  138. Laugh. Cry. Laugh. Cry. Cry. Cry. Laugh.

    One of your best interviews, yet.

    Marie, I loved that you let her share and gently guided the conversation.

    So many takeaways.

    The beautiful talk she gave on image, and negative commentary from keyboard bullies. Not wearing make-up. And just the carefree way she expressed herself without coming across perfectly polished was absolutely refreshing.

    Thank you, Marie and Maysoon for such a wonderful interview.


  139. I absolutely loved Maysoon’s Ted Talk. Thank you so much for doing the interview. You are both an inspiration!!

    Dawn xo

  140. Carol Goldthwait

    Out of so many AMAZING guests on MarieTV, Maysoon finally got me to leave a comment. I am in awe of her ability to navigate the world. The fact that she has a disability makes her even more amazing. She is a beautiful reminder of the limitless possibilities we all have, and serves as an inspiration for those of us who spend too much time being scared. I hate that internet bullies have put any doubt in her. Maysoon, stay strong. You are exactly as you should be. The world needs people like you to continue to inspire and amaze us!

  141. It may sound strange but the thing I am taking away from this interview is gratitude. I am so grateful that my parents instilled respect into my life and my siblings. Even as a young girl I would always be the one not laughing at disability jokes etc because I was taught about disabilities from a young age.

    I feel really enraged at the human race sometimes and I feel so shocked that adults (not children) can still bully and make fun of people.

    Thank you for this interview, it was incredibly uplifting and bright!

  142. This was it!!! Thank You. Speechless. We have two disabled actors in our production Voices of the Un-Heard BELIEVE!!!


  143. Ah, that was so beautiful and painful and whole. THank you.

  144. Oh my goodness! I loved this interview! Thank you Marie and Maysoon for sharing your story! You dad is awesome!

  145. Mary Lu Saylor

    Marie, thank you for having Maysoon on your show. Maysoon, you are a gem. You are a wonderful, strong woman with a message! I love stories that lead into greatness. Your project to help other children is incredible.

    You are on my prayer list!

  146. I just love, love, love her spirit, her message to the world and her inexhaustible enthusiasm! I am inspired deeply, moved, and lit up inside. Thank you Marie for introducing her to your community!

  147. Heidi Wallace

    I loved this interview very inspiring! I’m a budding Herbalist and happen to Love Yoga and meditation, but I must admit that my self image suffers a bit because my body type doesn’t match what most people think of as a yogi. I’ll be 55 in a couple of days and I’m not a size 2 or 4 or 6…..on a good day I’m a size 10 and more often a size 12, I used to be a size 22! Yoga and meditation saved me but I still feel judged and I love what Maysoon said about it not being all about how we look, it’s about what we say and how we live. Thank you for your beauty, inside and out, I’ll be less critical of myself and others from here on out. Namaste!

  148. Rivero

    – If it’s not one thing, it’s another….

    – Self-conscious DOES NOT NEED to = Self-destructive….

    – What you see is what you get, but not exactly what you expect….

    Truth 4 thought:
    “….I realized that, like, theatre was not what needed to happen….”

  149. Terry

    OMG. I loved this. She was sooooo inspiring and such a beautiful spirit. I was almost in tear just listening to her and the zest for life that she has. Makes my issues seem sooo small now. WOW. She taught that we should really get to know another person that is different than who we are instead of just making assumptions and judging. Maysoon you are such an inspiration and a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing and your excitement in the midst of your “disability”. I don’t see “disability” I see “ABILITY” Because you have done exceeding and abundantly above all I’m sure you could have imagined. Thanks for showing me that I too can be more and do more and to stop living small but embrace who I am and GO FOR IT. 😉

  150. I went to a conference where George Barna spoke, he said that people are tired of characters that are white, middle-class with first world problems. As a writer, Maysoon’s comment about no stories about people with disabilities really challenges me to add characters into my books that have these characteristics without making that central to the book’s theme. Thank you, Maysoon, for broading my horizons.

  151. A TRUE INSPIRATION !!! Thank you so much Marie for such an insightful 27+minutes xoxo

  152. MARIE!! Thank you so much for having her on. In-freaking-credible. Maysoon’s passion is captivating. I have never been so drawn in by any guest of your show!! My takeaway from this episode is to let NOTHING stand in the way of your passion. You are both an inspiration! xo

  153. What I loved most about Maysoon was that she essentially said that people often give lots of importance to words instead of context. As a writer, I know that words are super important, however, perhaps more than most people, I know that words fail me sometimes… Big time. What I also know is that when words have failed me, it’s when words have been taken bluntly for what they are (a.k.a. Out of context) instead of focusing on the context that truly matters, the context inside the speaker. This means that when I listen to someone, I should a moment to care about what’s going on in their inside world to see what their truth, their pain, their positive high expectations and their love is truly saying.

  154. Fay

    What a priceless gift…thank you!

  155. kerr1654

    2 Take-Aways: First, you can clearly see that Maysoon took her best qualities and what makes her unique and found a way to make that her career. She talked about how she behaved as a child, and she still seems to have that light in her eyes when she talks about her comedy career and advocacy work. Second, I loved her advice about acknowledging and admitting when things don’t work. Maysoon wasn’t hard on herself, and she changed things up and moved on. This is definitely a lesson I want to put to work in my own life!

  156. I just sent this this my two sophmore girls, Kate in college and Ava in HS. I invited them to watch. You will laugh, until you cry.

    You must cry tears of release and joy and pick yourself up (higher than you thought you could dare) and go be the girl you are sent here to be.

  157. Marie, you have given me so many gifts since I started watching MarieTV and then doing B-School and this video is up there amongst the best.

    Thank you for introducing me to a beautiful, funny and intelligent Maysoon. I cried listening to her story both on your channel & on the TED talk, not because of pity but because of the cruelty she has had to endure through SM. What is wrong with people?

    With or without make-up Maysoon is beautiful because her soul shines so bright. She’s speaking her truth and she’s fricken hilarious. I love her! xx

  158. Jennifer Rodriguez

    I never comment about Marie’s episodes but when I saw this one I knew I had to. Thank you Marie Forleo for introducing me to Maysoon! I’m her new fan, biggest follower and supporter! I was shocked because everything she said resonated with ideas or thoughts I have had about women, people with disabilities and even politics. Absolutely everything! This woman is definitely ONE to watch and pay attention to! My kudos to you and your team for scouting this LEADER out and bringing her to the public even more. My biggest takeaway was just to see her whole attitude towards life and the negativity that gets thrown at her, her abundant courage and fierce determination to see her dreams come true no matter what! I’m just in AWE of her! You GO Maysoon!

  159. Great interview Marie!

    It’s amazing how unaware we’ve been about the underrepresentation of the disabled population in the media. Maysoon’s approach to actively fighting the injustice is awesome. Makes me think about what I can do in my own sphere of influence.

    I also loved the talk about image and self-value.
    Thank you for introducing me to Maysoon Zayid!

  160. Bethany Siegenthaler

    Wow -so many things I picked up –
    mainly – people just want to be treated like people – ethnic, religious, sexual, and able/disabled differences aside – we are all human and so many people try to make it about our differences. I am SO inspired by Maysoon’s ability and determination to conquer in life. THANK YOU for taking the time to do this interview!

  161. Desirée

    I needed to see this today because I’ve been wallowing. CP is not one of my 99 problems, but I have others and I was allowing them to dominate my thoughts. Maysoon’s energy just pulled my right out of the hole. You both rock. Thank you.

  162. MsTui

    Thank you thank you thank you. Keep up the great work.

  163. Maysoon you are my idol! I too suffer from a disability and can totally relate to everything you said. I was nodding my head listening to you talk about doctors telling you, “You’ll never walk” and your parents’ egos not letting you give up. I was in a very similar situation. I wish you the very best of luck in everything you do honeyxx

    Marie I love you for loving adversity 🙂 <3

  164. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    I just loved this interview. Maysoon is so lovely – thank you for introducing me to her work!

  165. I’m drawn to her energy & positive outlook. Wish I could just hang out with her – she looks like so much fun!

  166. Stephanie

    WOW!!! It’s almost 2am here and I was having trouble sleeping. I checked my emails and found this video. Generally videos I receive through email are a sales pitch of one kind or another and put me to sleep so I thought this one would too. Was I so wrong. Thank you Marie for introducing me to this incredibly amazing woman. I was riveted the whole time hanging on her words. You even appeared to be speechless from time to time during the interview. I’ve got to check out her TED Talk. BTW now I’m even more awake than before, but grateful and inspired.

  167. This is the best thing I have seen in a very long time. It makes you want to fist pump the air and shout “YEAH GIRL!” Maysoon totally dominates.

  168. harper

    Maysoon is beautiful and inspiring she’s just the medicine i needed for today.What a star x

  169. Bertha Colaco

    Believing in a higher power, make the best with what you find yourself with and you will succeed!

  170. Ilaria

    This made me think to another Wonder Woman I would love to see on MarieTV: Aimee Mullins.
    That would be another great episode!
    Thank you so, so much Maysoon and Marie 🙂
    Ilaria (Italy)

  171. Thank you, Maysoon and Marie, for talking about the importance of simply LIVING LIFE FULLY WITH A DISABILITY. This is such an important piece of overall disability education because society still needs to know about women like Maysoon who are just living their lives (in a big way), pursuing dreams, breaking through barriers, and as I like to put it, “taking their disability along for the ride.” Maysoon, please continue to advocate for people with disabilities to be NATURALLY INCLUDED in film and TV. That’s how people will be most educated about how we are more or less “just like you.” This topic is so important to me because I too live with cerebral palsy and have a business, Radiant Abilities, dedicated to helping people feel empowered to live life fully and pursue dreams. PS – I’m also a 2014 B-Schooler!

  172. brenda

    I like this lady! Maysoon is wonderful, honest and must be an awesome friend.

  173. caroline

    My favorite MarieTV post thus far. Compelling and critical.

  174. Deb

    Nice job! What an inspiration. The darkness on the internet needs some light to shine on it! Yours is a beautiful, bright light! Keep shining!

  175. Harriet

    What am I taking away from this interview?

    You put it well when you said “vitamin for your soul”…your conversation with Maysoon certainly was that. But mostly, I would say, that it warms my heart to see women kicking ass. Period. As a woman, who grew up in a family that also felt she should be a lawyer (because I talk a lot and argue for sport), I was NEVER told I couldn’t do something. It was always HOW will I do something. I’m in a time of my life where I’m facing a lot of challenges and feel somewhat directionless and have forgotten that belief. Watching this interview fanned those flames…I’m greatly appreciative to you, Marie and you, Maysoon for reminding me to just get on with it and BE AWESOME! Thank you for empowering others through your actions AND words. 🙂

  176. Tom

    I’m only 4:16 minutes into this interview, and I’m already inspired to up my game, be a better father to my two children, and really instill that refusal to accept “can’t”. Thanks!

  177. Jan

    Beautiful show today. You inspire me to go… get out of my own way and make my dreams happen!! Thank you!

    And by the way – Maysoon, you are beautiful inside and out. I feel sad for the people who say mean, hurtful things to you. Keep doing your amazing work!


  178. Stefania

    Wow, Maysoon is so amazing, I’ve seen the TED talk too and I laughed, cried and clapped at the end. She’s a brilliant comedian and a great inspiration! Thank you Marie for this interview!

    I think that with her experience she could also teach parents how to really support their children, and this is valid for any condition and any dream. Love 🙂

  179. Normally I just watch your videos and don’t comment but this one made me laugh, cry and get mad all at the same time! I LOVE Maysoon and am so glad you interviewed her! What a great message about self-empowerment, acceptance, and the ability to laugh at yourself. I am a strong believer that every person on this planet has worth and nobody should ever treat anyone with disrespect. I am so happy to hear Maysoon talking about this subject and I loved every minute of the interview!

  180. What amazing, inspiring, and encouraging words! Maysoon’s words about confidence and self-image were awesome!

  181. Marta

    I loved watching this interview – two women with infectious, positive energy. As I watched and listened to Maysoon’s experiences, it struck me how we women DO NOT support each other. And I realized that this is something that I have been seeing and struggling with in my journey as a mental health practitioner … I couldn’t put my finger on why I’ve been feeling so weird in these different agencies that I’ve been working at until I watched this video. It’s this notion that we need to always find something that we can knock people down for, and women are so horribly guilty of this. You’ve made me realize that I want to be part of a community in my personal AND professional life that champions me instead of always finding something to criticize.

  182. Laura

    Loved this interview!!
    Maysoon may be considered in the category of “disabled”….but her spirit, drive, intellect, and authenticity are absolutely not. 🙂
    It really goes to show me that really believing in yourself and your purpose…is the biggest strength there is. (And the absence of that belief is the biggest disability).
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Marie for all you do!! And Thank you Maysoon, for sharing your glorious presence, you true authentic self with the MarieTV community! (….now I’ve got to see your TEDTalk!!!)

  183. I’m with BOTH of you ladies! I used to use a half a can of Aqua Net on my hair every day, and had a thick coating of it on my bedroom dresser. This was terrific! I appreciate Maysoon so much! You’re awesome! Wishing you continued success!

  184. Thanks so much for this @MarieForleo and @maysoonzayid. You both keep it so real. The part that really resonated with me is how Maysoon challenges so many systems at the same time with the simple decision to not wear makeup on set. Maysoon is funny, intelligent and courageous. Her ‘future success’ (although I already consider her to be successful), will benefit us all. Her TED talk was amazing, this interview was amazing, both these women are amazing, we are amazing! Thanks for your great work Marie and Maysoon!

  185. Thank you Marie and Maysoon. Maysoon Just love how down to earth you are. Thank you. I am from NJ too and you feel like someone I can sit down and shoot the shit with !
    I was really touched by the way you knew what you wanted and went for it and had the foresight to know the steps to get there and have the patience to track and strategize at the same time flow with the where things were going. That is so inspiring.

    Most of my work in the world is supporting women, come home to their bodies and loving themselves through dance, art, ritual and massage.

    I just started working with a young woman who has CP. It was really great to see this and just get this conversation out there about allowing each other to be who we are as we are and to not let peoples perceptions of disabilities or body image limit what is possible.

    I feel so much is possible with this young woman and it is challenging breaking through and unlearning all the bad habits from limitations created over the years. You have really inspired me to keep going and try new things and embrace all that she is challenging in me to grow within myself!
    Ahhh this life is such a grand rollar coaster! Im laughing and crying. Thanks ladies.

    Rock on Jersey sisters !
    Exit 93 – how bout you gals?
    with love and gratitude.

  186. Don Haney

    Marie, thanks for doing this interview with Maysoon. I do not have a problem with how I look but, when I open my mouth, I get looks like people are thinking “What’s wrong with this guy?” People look at me and ask me if I am a coach, detective, or former military officer. I have never been any of those but, I always say that at least people think I look like a good guy. That’s better than thinking that I look like a criminal.
    I have worked as a sales representative for 35 years. So, I never had a problem talking with people. My wife and my son tell people that I will talk to anyone.
    Over time, I have developed a voice disorder call spasmodic dysphonia which causes my vocal cords to stick when trying to pronounce certain sounds. Now, even when my vocal cords do not stick, I have very little volume because I have worn my voice out trying to talk through the sticking vocal cords.
    People stare at me trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I have found that it helps if I smile and just keep repeating myself until the person understands. Finally, the person seems to understand that I am being nice and patient, I am going to keep repeating myself until they do understand, I do know what I am talking about, so it would be best if they quit trying to pass judgment on me and start trying to listen.
    So many people that attempt to explain what we are going through are people that really have no idea because they do not have a voice disorder. Like Maysoon says, why can’t the person with the disability define what it is like or play the character with that disability?
    While there are differences between me and Maysoon, it was nice to hear from someone who can actually tell what it is like to be judged by how you look or sound. You will never hear someone with spasmodic dysphonia being interviewed because everyone would be asking “What did he/she say?” So, it was inspiring to hear from someone that has been in similar circumstances. At support group meetings, we often say that we did not lose our minds, we just lost our voices.

  187. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this interview. I saw Maysoon’s TED talk some time ago, and it was heartbreaking and funny at the same time. She is fascinating, so getting the chance to know her better is great!

  188. Leann

    I really loved this MarieTv, especially when maysoon spoke at 15:30 – 17:22. Thanks to both of you for coming together!

  189. Isabell

    Hi Marie, IMPORTANT For All Small INternet StartUps:!!!!!

    the FCC wants to pass a no net-nuetrality law. This would force small startups like our to possibly pay up to $30,000 just to compete on the net: here’s one artilce from the news today:

  190. Hi Marie

    what I took home is how cruel people can be. you damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I admire her as a person. I don’t know if I would have grown to this level if I were her. And I love her parents for what they did to her. she is one lucky girl to have her parents. and last but least look is not what is important is what you can offer. hi five

  191. Kevin

    Usually I never comment but this wonderful woman touched my heart. I became disabled from the ill effects of the first Persian Gulf War so I do understand what it is like to be discriminated by many individuals because of your disability. I am looking forward to seeing and laughing at her jokes on u-tube. Thanks for having Maysoon on your show it was a true pleasure to hear what she had to say. Please let her know she isn’t fat maybe a little fluffy but certainly not fat. One of my favorite comedians is fluffy and that is where I got that from.
    Also Marie I just wanted you to know I so much enjoy your videos on Tuesdays. I discovered you when you had Dr. Hallowell on your show and have been watching for about a year now. Thanks Marie

  192. That was SO awesome. Probably my favorite guest yet, besides Adam Braun. I had so many take aways, at first I was obviously to the weight and the looks because its the same struggle I have dealt with for years when I was like WTF no, there were so many other amazing things in there and by me focusing on that, i allow other people to focus on that too. My favorite part was learning how her time in Palestine spending time with her aunts shaped her comedy. Its the most unexpected things and connections that ultimately help us the most.

    Thank you Maysoon! Stay so rad and standing on your head.

  193. Debbie

    The first time I saw Maysoon was on TED and I watched it twice, one right after the other. I shared it on my Facebook page because I thought she was clever and funny, not so much because she was clever and funny and disabled…and what I took away from this interview is Perseverance. She hasn’t stopped trying or TALKING! LOL She’s not giving up, she’s not using excuses, she’s not negative, she’s DOING something. She’s doing a LOT of something’s! Anytime you put yourself OUT there in the world, you are vulnerable. People don’t realize the cahoonies it takes to get on stage; on any public platform you are subjecting yourself to ridicule and judgement. This day and age of everyone feeling the need to voice their “opinions” can be overwhelming. Even the thickest skinned people feel the sting of the abusive language. It permeates the strongest Armour. Humor is the BEST shield. Humor is the last laugh, and Maysoon you will always have it.
    As for me, I consider myself an armchair comedienne; my friends think I’m hilarious, but when I tried stand up comedy- I was a huge FAIL. I hated it- it’s REALLY difficult and terrifying! Oh, the stage fright! I was shaking so bad my knees were knocking together! So when I see her do it- I’m impressed and a tad envious- there I said it. I’m also a little chunky. I’ve found that if I address my weight and laugh about it- it takes away anyone else’s power to hurt me by commenting on it. People usually say “No, No, No- you’re not fat! You are so funny!” So…I’ve replaced thin with funny. Comedy is our gym. We give people the best AB workout just with laughter- My Aunt once passed out because she was laughing so hard she forgot to breathe IN. When she came to- she asked who punched her in the gut- I confessed I hit her with laughter. So keep knockin’ em out with laughter Maysoon! The Universe is lining up for you and I will be happy to be one of your dedicated viewers when you get that TV show. You go girl!

  194. Kristin

    Hey Maysoon,

    I think you’re super rad. I didn’t even realize you were “disabled” until part-way through the interview when you and Marie were talking about it.

    Internet haters (and any haters) are such losers and really just at an earlier point in their spiritual development with a lack of self-awareness and overall understanding about life. They don’t realize they’re mirroring their own insecurities.

    I am the limelight on occasion in my line of work and there are always people who will be negative, create imaginary problems, insult me, show jealousy, overall hate etc. I’m pretty sensitive and I know what it’s like to read those types of things about you but just remember, none of them know you and their opinions are irrelevant.

    And you’re right – 1 positive comment eliminates the energy of 10 negative ones! Eventually I stopped reading the negative comments and I think that’s what celebrities must have to do. It doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are – you can be JLo or Kim Kardashian or Halle Berry or Michelle Obama – some people will find something to complain about and especially love trolling on social media.

    I hope that our world will continue evolving to where collectively we get to a point where we don’t think people are lesser than equals because of their skin color or beliefs or disability or anything. I really hope I see that day but until then just shake it off and keep being yourself because you’re really cool and you’re changing the world.

    Show biz is tough for anyone and you’re killing it.

    Thanks Marie for bringing this lovely lady and her accomplishments to our attention!

  195. Marie, thank you so much for giving Maysoon the time on MarieTV to share her story. Her parents were right, she knows how to talk, and I could listen to her all day. What an honest, real and hilarious woman.

    Biggest insight… do yoga with my kids! They are by no means in the same situation as Maysoon but I love how she said that yoga taught her how to live, and if she can learn that then maybe my 3 year old and 2x 1 year olds will learn how to share. No? I always was a big dreamer.

    Also, just a reminder to be aware of how we treat and perceive others. Be kind, it’s not hard, and if you can’t think of something nice to say you’re not thinking hard enough.

    Thank Kid President for that one-liner.

    I’m adding Maysoon’s not funny TED talk to my list of videos to watch.

    Thanks again. *warrior pose*

    Much love,

    Phoebe xx

  196. I find Maysoon to be the most inspiring guest that has come on Marie TV. How she has overcome the challenges of CP and changed the world is amazing. I liked her comment about how it is ok to be self-critical but not self-destructive. Sometimes there can be a fine line between the two. I love her confidence, she is absolutely beautiful!

  197. Elisabeth

    I totally forgot about her disabilities. She is smart, funny and beautiful. If only we as a human race could see beyond looks. And the “high-five-comment” was so funny.

  198. Angie

    Maysoon, you are a wonderful wonderful lady.

    I find it really difficult to believe that people are able to criticise you, in any way, as you have achieved so much more and are doing so much more for this world than most people could even dream of. So, if they do feel the need to attack you, I can only conclude that they are the ones with the disability.



  199. Stephanie woodward

    This is now one of my all-time favorite Marie TV episodes. Maysoon is such an incredible role model on so many levels. “Can’t” isn’t an option. Love that.

  200. Brogan Micallef

    What an awesome, awesome episode! I never comment, but this interview was incredible. Thank you so much Marie and Maysoon!

    I have been saying “can’t” far too often! Maysoon well and truly showed me how to kick it out of my vocab.

    I also really loved the point Maysoon made about being self-critical. That balance is key.

    Hands down my favourite episode! Please, please bring Maysoon back some time!

  201. Raymora

    I so love Maysoon. She is so real, not trying to be something she is not. I was touched by how Maysoon talks about how she was treated about her weight. I am a 53 year old woman and still have conversation in my head about not being pretty enough, sexy enough. Hearing her, made it real that this is a sad universal condition. I say I am 35 til I look in the mirror then I see in my distorted eyes that I need to appear better. Maysoon inspired me with the courage to embrace myself and see my beauty within myself.
    Marie, thank you I have been inspired by your words? You are making a difference M

    Blessings ,

  202. Jamie

    This interview was so emotional and touching! I have never commented on Marie TV prior to this although I watch you every week. Maysoon’s honesty is refreshing ans so needed. Thank you for interviewing her.

  203. I can’t even say it. I can’t tell you how much I loved you on TED, or how excited and proud I am that you are burning up with the success you’ve worked so hard for.

    My older daughter (14 now, OMIGOD!) has CP. She was told she’d never walk or talk or do anything…FORGET IT! She dances with every step and uses ASL (American Sign Language) to tell the most beautiful stories with her hands.

    It breaks all of the painful things around my heart to hear you talk, Maysoon. I just can’t even put it into words. There is no can’t. I love it!

  204. Thank you so much, as always, Marie, for having such incredible interviews. This was so inspiring–life can be rough and it was a good reminder that nothing has to stop us. I am so humbled by you, Maysoon! You are beautiful inside and out–thank you for changing the world. I covet your courage!

  205. Also…do you need teachers for Maysoon’s kids?

  206. Iviett

    I love the new direction that your program has taken. It is inspiring, deeper and more powerful. You are a great interviewer … Thanks a lot

  207. Ben

    I hope that our world will continue evolving to where collectively we get to a point where we don’t think people are lesser than equals because of their skin color or beliefs or disability or anything. I really hope I see that day but until then just shake it off and keep being yourself because you’re really cool and you’re changing the world.

  208. omg i was not expecting that!!! that was seriously one of the most insightful marie-tvs i think i’ve watched! go maysoon! never give up xoxo

  209. Loved this interview on Marie TV! Thank you Maysoon you are truly inspiring. Go get that Oscar!

    Thank you Marie TV!

  210. Daphne

    This was incredibly impacting and wonderful to hear the truth from the heart of Maysoon’s soul!
    Passion, love, pain, laughter, survivor, adversity, strength are just a few words that come to mind when I think of you Maysoon! You are addictive in your speaking and that kept me eager to hear more! It isn’t just about your comedic character but rather I was intrigued with how you speak your words so fluidly, you are clearly talented with understanding your life and what direction you need to go despite the ridicule from the masses and your challenges with CP..that takes courage and more courage!!
    My favourite piece was your purposeful “no makeup” presence and your comment that it’s not what we look like its about what we talk about and living that on stage.
    My personal favourite mantra is “when we judge others, we are actually judging ourselves” So those people are the ones who need to take a long look in the mirror” hugs to you both for a very inspiring Marie Forleo chat! xo

  211. Navid

    Thank you both. Marie for always bringing your humour and insights and being yourself is so inspiring to me. Thank you Maysoon for bringing attention to so many things most of society does not. You are very inspiring on so many levels and having such great and supportive parents to teach you have no problems. Much gratitude.

  212. I LOVE YOU MAYSOON! IF YOU CAN CAN, I CAN CAN TOO! <3 thank you for being who you are and for inspiring the world to be a better place for EVERYONE!

  213. Megan and Mom Christine

    They called a young, sleek Sandra Bullock a pink whale at some awards show and she was so bummed she went on and on about it on Letterman. Look at her now! She kicks butt all over Hollywood. It bugged her too. And it did not stop her. You go, Maysoon.

    p.s. People needing others to be inferior based on what they perceive as your weakness deserve to be blown past and embarrassed by your success. (says the single mom who know this silly story well)

  214. Vanessa

    Maysoon is SUCH an inspiration. Shame on all the internet trolls who spread negativity. This woman is AWESOME and seriously BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  215. Maysoon Zayid, I loved her! Yes, beautiful, talented, so courageous and bright, and I suspect that without her disability she would be equally so, she is using her skills to make big changes in the world. The ability to be courageous and determined is what I believe makes people a success in life, in business and in the world. Some of us do it quietly, stubbornly, in their homes as they fight loss, grief, oppression and hard times, even illness as `i did, but turn things around using a quiet determination and application and know how learned the hard way, some of us need help and some of us, i.e. Maysoon, uses their fame and public voice to effect change. Well done Maysoon, and well done Marie for a great and enlightening episode – I learned that I am not alone, and others speak out where I fear to tread. A voice for women is all I ask, and education for all. Angela Saunders at

  216. Jsol

    I loved this! my favorite quote especially for a lot of women out there (specifically my close girlfriends) “You have to be able to be self-critical, but not to the point you’re self-destructive!” So true! I tend to pass that line to self-destruction. Maysoon is great!!!! SO inspiring!

  217. Marie, On so many levels, I loved this. Body image, woman’s equality, and dealing with a disability. Thank you! I laughed and cried.
    Beyond grateful,

  218. What a great interview! Maysoon is so funny and and so passionate. Love her!

  219. Kristine

    This is a great talk! I’m not sure at what point in the talk but I had an insight I felt worth sharing.. We are all born with unlimited potential but at some point we let our thoughts (not reality) guide us. We let our lives be run by outside influences (be it big business, social expectancies or just limiting beliefs imposed by others etc.). When these outside influences don’t fulfil us we crash and burn then wonder why.. I loved this talk and every topic she talks about is so important. I look forward to a world full of empowered people, we have a long way but a journey so damn worth it!

  220. Michael

    Tuesday IS my favourite day & I never ever miss your Q&A video.
    But this time I think you’ve surpassed yourself!!!
    If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have ever discovered her.
    Maysoon Zayid is just so inspirational, such a breath of fresh air. AMAIZING!!! We are all just so blinkered in our opinions & beliefs about other people, it takes someone like Maysoon to wake us up. Listen to other perspectives & not just blindly take/believe what anyone else tells us is true & right. Apart from that, she is very very funny too.
    I have seen her videos & website & i was really moved by it all.
    She is someone with a cause & a real purpose in life. There are a lot of famous v.i.p out there in the media/world but, unfortunately, it’s mostly PR & no substance!!!

  221. Wow! What a wonderful interview!! Seriously enjoyed every moment of this.

  222. Wanda

    Thank you so much for stalking Maysoon Marie and allowing all of us to get to know her! I absolutely LOVED her! She is passionate, compassionate, smart, witty and lovely! Thanks again Marie!

    On a side note I was digging the hell out of your shoes Marie! 😉 Thanks again!

  223. Des

    Marie this is the best interview so far! Love this lady! Thank you!

  224. Marie, you always deliver great content! Thanks
    My biggest take away is that everything is possible and to reach for the stars!

  225. Maysoon Zayid makes me still be an optimistic person. Hu mor is the best way to handle your everyday life and problems. Also it’s true that laughter is the best medicine but in every humor you don’t need to laugh out. Sometimes, smiles are enough.

  226. kiran

    loved it! great work girls.

  227. How inspiring, encouraging and empowering Maysoon is. I think, what we can learn from her is her confidence and the conviction that everything she is, is enough. Human beings today so much struggle with accepting themselves and believe, that they are not good or lovable. And I’m one of them. Having watched that video I know I’m on the right path to self-love and self-compassion… It’s just such a loooooong way to go. Thank you, Marie and Maysoon!

  228. A heartfelt thank you Marie for introducing me to Maysoon and for another greatly inspiring interview. Soooo many powerful points were brought up. It lit up my spirit every time another was talked about!

    Having been bullied in my junior high years (and more often than not, I didn’t even know why), I’ve wondered about what a different world this would be if people were taught to practice kindness, instead of being judgemental (which seems so ingrained in society). You both made such very good points about this.

    Thank you for sharing your courageous, beautiful spirit Maysoon.

    Love and hugs to both you exquisite lights, Marie & Maysoon!

  229. Sarah

    Ahhhhhhhh! This was the BEST video that you’ve EVER done! I loved every minute. I first of all didn’t realise that Maysoon wasn’t wearing makeup, I actually thought oooooh nice fresh face.

    So many things inspire me from this but the biggest is seeing the person and hearing what they say. Nothing else.

  230. This is so beautiful and heart-fulfilling, thank you ladies for all the work you do and bring to the world. Couldn’t resonate more to me, you both rock!

  231. What an amazingly inspirational woman. Her parents must be so beautiful, just like her.


  232. Amanda

    When I first saw the title of this interview…I was wowed already thinking it was a “coincidence” because I recently have had a bunch of synchronicities opening me up to the idea of doing comedy…or at least incorporating it into what I do. Then when I started watching it and realized that Maysoon has a disability (I hadn’t know of her before) I couldn’t believe it. I too, have what’s considered a disability and so the timing of this interview including that factor actually blew my mind! I felt like this was a sign from the universe for me. I was emotional watching it and really admire her courage and strength to talk about things that I also thought but haven’t considered enough yet, so I’m so thankful she brought up many important issues that need to be addressed. She is so brave and doing amazingly good work. I hope her dream comes true and she wins an Oscar one day!

    Marie, thank you SO much for doing this interview! oxoxo

  233. Well you asked for our comments so I’d thought I’d contribute too… I love what Maysoon added about the importance of being self critical but not self destructive. Although a man, I still find it relevant to me. And I’m certain many more men than in years past can identify with the need for such sound advice. I never identified those two ideas as even being different.

    I have to admit, I initially found it uncomfortable to hear her joke of her disability. But then I realized that’s my problem, not Maysoon’s. It’s easy to say how horrible hollywood and the world in general has treated the disabled community but on a much smaller scale I must ask myself: Am I that person? Do I reflect the attitudes of an entire industry individually?

    Overall, In my pursuit of discovering how to reflect love to the best of my ability this interview imparticular was an outstanding resource and I’m so happy to have a permanant link in my email.

  234. Your pal, Erin

    Hiya lovelies!

    Just a quick note to let you know that I just popped on over to The Copy Cure and tried to share the three different slogans in FB, but the one about miracles just posted three different times. Thanks and happy Tuesday to all 🙂

    Your pal,

  235. Biggest insight from today’s episode: take a risk and go after your dreams. 🙂

  236. What an amazing woman. The insight and mantra I always carry, being dyslexic and yet a writer, is, “Never give up.”

  237. gigie

    A Great Personality, Intelligent, joy truth, radiant person, energizer person, I don’t have words for express what Maysoon Zayid can be, relevant, touching and so strong, she kind of Guru. ”Don’t be scary I’m not a freak”
    But she’s very aware of….and capable what’s not or did happen.

  238. I have watched Marie TV for years, years! and this is my most fav one ever! I am fascinated and inspired beyond words. Thank you so much for sharing Maysoon with me. Your loyal viewer.

  239. Lisa

    Not loving the increasingly common use of the word “stalked” to denote commonplace use of social media to learn about information that people are purposely making public. Why would people want to verbally attack themselves or others for doing something that no one actually thinks is wrong? And since actual stalking can be a terrifying experience for victims of it, using the same word to describe signing up to get someone’s public posts in their Facebook or Twitter feed minimizes the meaning to something that no one will take seriously on those occasions when it should be taken seriously.

  240. WoW! What a wonderful conversation! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  241. Sarah

    Thank-you for this really inspiring interview!

  242. Dave Crenshaw

    Fantastic interview. Thank you!

  243. Self critical but but not self destructive love that. Thank you maysoon

  244. Hey Maysoon I love the confidence that you have it really shows how your parents really loved you and supported which I think is very important no matter how we are born. It only means we are unique not different.
    I also love your vulnerability, fearlessness and courage. To see that you want to be outstanding in whatever you do. Inspires me.
    Thank you Maysoon:) love jeanique

  245. Wow Maysoon I absolutely love you! Marie thanks for bringing us her interview.

  246. Clare

    I’m so glad I went back into my “to be looked at later” emails to watch this one! It was completely riveting and I did not want it to end! I think I could listen to Maysoon talk all day! I was not even conscious of her “disability” and who cares if I was! She is just plain and simply a brilliant, powerful, beautiful, inspiring, courageous, totally hilarious woman, and exceptional human being. My favourite Marie TV episode yet! No wonder you were stalking her! Lol! Thank you Marie for introducing me to Maysoon! Now I’m going to listen to her Ted Talk and check out her website. 🙂

  247. Melody

    Maysoon is such an inspiration to Women and Disabled individuals! This video was so fun to watch and inspired me to continue to treat everyone with kindness no matter their ethnic background, disability or gender!
    Thank you Marie for always sharing great content on your videos as well as great people you have on them! I am always learning and inspired by you and your guests… Keep it coming 🙂

  248. Maysoon is an Amazon.
    What a woman !!!

  249. Marina

    Oh my God!!! I’m watching you Marie for a long time now and am ALWAYS inspired and happy after your videos! But THIS ONE is simply the one that I also must (finally) comment on – Maysoon Zayd ROCKS!!! I love this woman!!! She is such a complete person like many would die for to be! Girl you rock!!!!

  250. “Be self-critical but not to the point of being self-destructive.” WOW who does this not apply to? I LOVE this woman, her incredible humor, and the fact that she is FULLY who she is–so smart, so funny, so frickin’ lovable. I hope that your career SOARS, Maysoon, and thank you Marie for revealing her to me!

  251. I love Maysoon. A true representation of being courageous and an inspiration to work with humor and honesty. What an amazing woman!

  252. Maysoon is a voice that needs to be heard. She’s funny, bright, real. She is the definition of “change agent.” She’s changing the world for millions of people, women, people with disabilities and governments! If I had 1/10th of her ambition, her drive, her creativity, what could I create and change in the world? Thank you, Maysoon for this interview and thank you, Marie, for being such an invitation for creativity, success, humor and business know-how in the world. I adore you both! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  253. I love Maysoon! If only more people were as real as she is, the world would be a much better place. Please have more interviews with notable cool crowd like this. We all need a reality check, and we got it. Thank you Maysoon, you rock!

  254. I want to meet both of you for lunch- I know I would be crying from laughing so hard. Beautiful interview!!

  255. Jenoye Cole

    My biggest insight take-away from today? There are three:

    1. Cerebral Palsy disabled Arab woman excels by daring to dream and set goals, while exhibiting determination, fierce competitiveness, not giving up or in, but fighting limits and negative challenges and people (in a nice way), and hutspah!
    2. Her parents started it by disbelieving [Doctor’s] negative assessments by others of their child’s potentials and abilities–and acting to help their child. Dad taught her to walk and believe that she could walk by letting Maysoon stand on his shoes as he walked. Just one example of many.
    3. HUMOR has been a key to so much of Maysoon’s success and accomplishments. The laughter, applause, and people’s delight in her sense of humor probably helps her to stay “up” and motivated; it definitely wins her acceptance, openness, and relatively quick change in people’s POV’s! I love how she speaks out and takes on so many important issues and injustices.

    You are so sexy, winsome, smart, perky, savvy, with it, and knowledgeable, compassionate, feeling, happy, and fun! You encourage so many people. Thanks for introducing us to the great “Maysoon.”

    You might suggest (I might suggest through you) that M. tell people who want to cut her down for being successful and for supposedly being “fat”:

    “I’m not fat. I’m healthy. You are looking at my voluptuousness, my full sexy bazooms, and how I exude confidance, my “earth-motherly” vibes, and other of my goddess qualities.” Good Luck, Maysoon, with If I Can Can Can,You can Can Can!

    Keep up the good work, Marie!

  256. Brooke DeBoer

    I also felt like I was going to cry when Masoon was talking about people making fun of her weight. The biggest take-a-way I received from this interview is the reminder that we should walk a mile in another’s shoes before making any kind of judgement. I love that she is light about her challenges because I am sure there have been very difficult moments. This inspired me to remember humor in the hard moments and to have courage to stand for things that are really important by just being an example. Thank you so much for giving us the gift of this interview.

  257. G M Levy

    Mayzoon is amazing and inspiring! I admire her strength, courage, and tenacity. Thank God for people like her! Marie, thanks for this interview. I was playing catch-up on emails and somehow missed this one. I am soooo glad I found it!

  258. Wow, Maysoon is amazing!! Her movements and her facial expressions are so familiar to me – yet, she seems at peace with hers, and I still struggle with mine from my dystonia. I, too, just wanted to live my life as though my condition was merely a difference in how my body operates and looks, rather than to be judged by strangers that I was somehow disabled in all aspects of my life because of this difference. Eventually, I reached a point where I needed to become a more explicit advocate of sorts in order to continue opening doors for myself, which were being shut more and more often by people who could not imagine that I could do the things that I can do. Perhaps my life in engineering will not attract as much lighthearted feelgood laughter as Maysoon’s life in comedy does, but I hope that by writing my story in a book (possibly even containing some engineering-type equations), that I, too, will continue to change the face of “disability”, for people who think that they don’t have it and for people who think that they do. It is motivating to see the confidence and joy with which Maysoon creates and follows her dreams, and how naturally she reminds people that her condition is but one of her 99 problems – and in this way, she and I and others who are different, we are just like everyone else. Thank you for sharing Maysoon’s story.

  259. What a great person!!! I enjoyed this interview so much. I cried and i laughed… Beyond inspirational… Go, Maysoon!!!

  260. Randi Bayne

    UGH! I want to be Maysoon’s friend sooo bad!!! I could hear you guys talk for HOURS! Marie, you have to do another video with her. You know the BEST people, I’m so jealous you get to be around such amazing people all the time.

  261. THIS is your best interview. Wish you had more comments on it. This is the interview with the least amount of bullshit and most amount of real-life I’ve heard you give.

  262. Steve

    Maysoon is as refreshing, delightful and liberating example as she is because she gives the world that gift only she has – that of being, doing and presenting Maysoon. She makes her private observations known – entering them into the public discourse. She sees children not being integrated into schools and, rather than trying to initially take on the whole school system to institute all of the remedial function to integrate them, changes the school system from the other side – 7 children at a time – providing them the skills which enable their participation. She takes MY usual, disabling question (that I ask myself): “Who do I have to become, or what do I have to accomplish before I can begin to make a contribution?”, and she turns it around. She says, “I’ve ALREADY become the person that I AM (now) who has ALREADY accomplished enough to begin contributing. And, as she is putting herself “out there” she asks: OK, there’s good, life-tested insights and skills in what I’m putting out here. How about all of you who agree pick up on it and we’ll get some good things done around it? Her humor, which includes herself, and her injustice-O-meter overcome a lot of the resistance to picking up on what she’s putting out. I really love the enabling questions she expresses to us in her public discourse (which flow from Maysoon being Maysoon) over the disabling questions many of us ask ourselves in a disabling inner discourse. And when we see the results of her discourse, it is SO clear that she, being far from “disabled” herself, is enablingly encouraging to so many others. Thank you, Maysoon, for your life embodiment of “I am already enough and have done enough to … take the next step”, whatever that next step is. If that is not essentially ENabled and enablING … well … it simply is. I am taking away a meaningful, entirely doable (this moment) “I am already enough” outlook on the gift I have to bring to the world. Again, thank you for your embodiment of that outlook.

  263. What a beautiful person! May God bless her!

  264. What an incredible Human!
    Maysoon is friend from NYC. I have had to pleasure to know her when she was just breaking into the comedy club scene in New York; from the moment I meet her she has served as an incredible inspiration. It gives me such great joy to see all her continued success. Her joy for life, and inspiration to help others and her sense of humor along with her friendship through out the years has truly been priceless. Thank you Marie Forleo for this incredible insightful interview; as it truly captures the real Authentic journey of Maysoon.
    Take aways – the difficulties and reality in media and tv for disabled actors – the challenges to rise for those who are thought “less than” in the eye of the public – life is better when you make fun of it and laugh – laughter and comdey is a platform for great growth and not hindrance. No matter what people think of you or say about you continue to speak your truth and do you.
    Self love comes from within and Maysoon from all the time I have known her… has been extremely proud and ground in this – even more so now; and truly serving not only as advocate but as role model for ALL women.

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