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Words can’t express how deeply grateful I am. Last Friday, we shared about a powerful documentary we’re taking part in called Dream, Girl that focuses on giving young women a more honest, complex, and diverse look at what it takes to lead and grow a modern business.

Thanks to you, that project was more than fully funded in less than 3 hours. The notes you sent to us made us cry tears of joy. I said it before, but I’ll say it again…

Thank you.

Together, we are changing the world. Your support will positively impact thousands, if not millions, of young women in every corner of the Universe.

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Creating and supporting meaningful, inspiring, and educational media is something we’re committed to, and clearly – you are too.

Speaking of things that are meaningful, I’m excited to share a special episode of MarieTV with you today! If you ever feel a craving for deeper meaning and more adventure, this interview may be just what you need.

Listen in as my talented and wise friend Chris Guillebeau and I discuss his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose To Your Life

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • Why Chris believes getting inside your box can be great for your goals and your soul
  • How quests (of all shapes & sizes) connect us more meaningfully to ourselves and others
  • Why the heart-breaking quest of a young widower continues to bring me to tears

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Chris is one of the smartest and most generous writers I know. He cares deeply about his audience and everyone he has the opportunity to connect with.

If you go see him on his upcoming book tour, tell him you caught this interview on MarieTV.

Now, Chris and I would love to hear from you.

What does adventure mean to you? How can you create a quest, or a container so to speak, from a specific calling in your heart right now?

I’d love to hear your experiences with quests and if today’s episode has inspired you to find one.

Let us know in the comments below and share as much detail as you can.

Thousands of beautiful souls come here each week to get inspired and your share may be the *perfect* boost that someone else needs.

Plus, specifics make your insight more tangible and allow us to really connect with you, and what you have to say!

Thank you in advance for watching and adding your genius to the conversation.

With so much love,


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  1. So excited to see Chris back with you again on MarieTV! I didn’t realize he had a new book out, so that’s awesome. I absolutely believe that pursuing something or having a “quest” can give you an amazing sense of purpose. The key here, which Chris acknowledges, is that the quest is something meaningful to YOU and has an element of challenge.

    I know that’s been true for me in the past — when I in a job I didn’t love, not actively working toward creating and building something that I loved, I felt SO dissatisfied and something even apathetic at times. Being a full-time business owner, now though, is like having a constant quest! 🙂

    Thanks Marie and Chris!

    • Kristen,
      I’m also excited about the new book and book tour. I didn’t know about the book either!

      Agree. Meaningful and a sense of challenge! both elements are so important.

      • Me too Kristen and Sandy G! I’m glad to see Chris back on Marie TV and I am definitely going to check his new book as well. Cheers!

    • Perfect timing as always Marie! I am on a book writing journey myself and looking for a little reminder of why I am on this quest to give me the final push to publish!

      Plus, with the end of summer I am ready to dive into a new book with more substance than a beach book.

      Thank you Marie & Chris!!

    • Chris is a very sweet man, indeed, and inspiring too. But why does he choose to get in the box, and tell others to get in it? An adventure is not a rational process, with everything predefined, including the steps and a clear goal. An adventure, by nature, is an open process, where you do not know in advance, who and what is going to happen along the way, and you are in for big surprises. You may start with one goal, but achieve something completely different. Something you couldn’t envision, when you started your Journey. An adventure is not a rational process, with step 1, 2, and 3, but rather an intuitive unfolding on a journey. In the Native American traditions, one goes on a quest. The quest is to find your calling. Your life’s purpose. You do not decide ahead of time what your goal is. You humbly surrender to the Great Spirit, and let it guide you and tell you, what your purpose is. There is no ego involved in such a quest. The adventures within the container are worth while too, as they provide opportunities for learning and growth. But they do not lead to the Holy Grail. Man wants to break a record of some kind. That’s ambition. Man looks for fame and fortune. That’s ambition. All such pursuits have value. But the pursuit of knowledge of the divine and union with the divine, is the ultimate adventure. To pursue the known, is not really an adventure. To pursue the unknown, is an adventure.
      If you are a dreamer, you know that your dreams guide you to go beyond the limits of any rational destination or plan. You seek the impossible, you believe in the improbable; and if you pursue it long enough, you will achieve it. Hark! Dare to dream, and follow your heart. Life is too short for limitations. You go on adventure with your mind wide open, not knowing what to anticipate. Your heart races in fear and anticipation. Your adrenaline rushes. It is exciting.
      Have a good life time,
      Marie, you are doing a great job. Need I tell you?

      • Ana Paula Cavalcanti

        I absolutely agree with you, Gloria Eagle! Thank you!

      • Marion

        I think you may have misunderstood what Chris meant by getting inside your box. As creatives it can be easy to “spin out” with out some clear boundaries to the sandbox you are playing in.
        By creating YOUR OWN boundaries or “box” for your creative endeavors you free up all kinds of decision making energy to focus on the actual creative work instead of trying to decide constantly what work to do.
        What is key here is you are creating the box, not accepting one that is imposed on you by the outside world.
        This is not to say that you close your self off to change, but rather that you create a safe place to play and FOCUS.
        This box can be as simple as a theme for a series of artistic works or quest – the kamasutra alphabet comes to mind cant remeber the designers name but you can google it…
        This “box” that you create for yourself gives your creative work focus and you are more likely to be able to look back and see a *body of work* rather that a hodge podge of started and not finished projects.
        When you are “done” and feel the box is not right any more – no problem! Make a new box! Bigger! Different! Blue & Pink Striped! How you like!
        Personally I found this advice extremely helpful and liberating.

    • Paula

      To me adventure means freedom. Freedom to explore, discover and fall in love with life with my partner, Mariano.

      I am going to create my quest by taking my Top 10 goals and creating smaller quests to complete. 😀

      Awesome episode!

    • Abigail


      I just wanted to say that I went to Chris’s book signing last night here in Brooklyn and I bought the book. I’m loving it so far! It was a pleasurable event and Chris took a pic of my BF that I went with to send to Marie. It was exciting!

  2. Smart interview as ever! Very inspiring. I think I should take my backpack and have a long journey while building my online business. Please keep on inspiring others, Marie.
    xo Susan

  3. This was so right on time for me! I’m in the process of working on a new blog centered around travel, “quests” in particular. This is a reminder from the Universe for me to get focused and finish this.

    I feel SO strongly about travel. It has totally changed my life between the confidence I gained from each trip including taking trips to Montreal and Paris by myself. I’ve learned how strong I am, gained an understanding of people who think differently than I do, and it has made me more grateful for the things that I have. My goal is to visit all 50 states. I have 9 left. Not only do I plan to share about my travel adventures, but I want others to contribute their travel stories too. (I’ll keep you posted, because I would love to hear travel stories from this community especially. So many wonderful and insightful people here.)

    Thank you for this message Marie and Chris. I really needed this. Before I go, I want to share something with you guys: Peace and blessings to you all!

    • Elizabeth H.

      Awesome, pursue the writing to share your dreams with others

  4. I love Chris’s energy and I love this topic.

    I think many people are unhappy because they’re “quest-less.” There’s a sense of anticipation and accomplishment in a pursuit that can’t be found when you’re on automatic pilot. And it’s not a chase as much as it is an unfolding.

    It’s exciting to think of stepping into something and then the expansion takes place. It’s all about having the awareness to see when the Universe is offering the adventure. Great interview.

  5. To me adventure means taking a step forward in the unfamiliar. With that comes a bit of fear with the uncomfortable, however it also comes with heightened awareness through all my senses.

    For example, when I went to Japan I could not read it, speak it, understand it and was SO uncomfortable. I went alone. But guess what, I was so aware of who I was, my thoughts and feelings.

    I’m going to end with highlighting a key point I got from Chris and Marie. He mentioned his and others journeys who began as just a personal quest… a step forward by means of “hey I like to do X, so I’m going to do___.” which shortly after becomes “hey, what if I keep doing this and ____.” The goals continue to grow and change with progression. Keep doing what you love!

    • Great point Sandy. I love that incredible, life-changing adventures can evolve from simply experimenting with small ideas that capture your heart! XO

  6. I’m o glad you’re interviewing Chris for his new (incredible) book The Happiness of Pursuit.

    I received the book last week (SURPRISE!) and dove in immediately.

    Chris is so inspiring and his book will inspire MANY to find & pursue their quest!


  7. Marie and Chris this was awesome!

    I’m a big list maker myself and am always thinking of new adventures so I really connected with it. Chris’s book sounds like it will be an amazing and inspiring read, too. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and appreciate you sharing it with us.

    I started my own fitness business last year and have recently started taking online clients. Yesterday, I was on Skype with Denmark, Australia, and Japan. NEVER imagined that would be possible when I got my start in fitness 7 years ago. My client in Japan commented on how I’m always so happy and bubbly on our calls. It’s because I truly feel alive working with my clients and helping them realize all the fringe benefits of fitness. While many come to me to lose weight, I’m lucky to see them blossom as they have more energy and confidence and get to enjoy witnessing not only their success in fitness, but also their success in business, relationships, and other personal quests (totally recommending this episode to my tribe!).

    My quest, therefore, is to add 3 new countries in the next 6 months! I’m excited to see where my computer will take me next and hope one day to start a new quest, to travel to meet my international clients for in-person workouts!

    Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t wait to report back 🙂

    • Awesome Catherine! What you shared is one of the reasons I ***love*** the internet. Do keep us posted!

  8. I’m a big fan of $100 startup! And what an awesome title as well. I feel like my entire life is a giant quest. This was so inspirational, I don’t feel like the only one now. Thanks Marie and Chris! xx Ritu

  9. Wow, this completely resonates with where I am right now. It was relieving to hear Chris talk about self-doubt. I am fairly close to the beginning of my ‘quest’ and I face the self-doubt monster daily. Marie is right – this is something we don’t like to talk about. I think that needs to change, and it’s nice to see that change starting with Chris and Marie.

    It’s also nice to hear people acknowledge that they had to GIVE THINGS UP in order to pursue their quest. It seems like I hear so much talk along the lines of ‘follow your heart and everything will work out!’ This might be true, but the reality, at least for me, goes something like “follow your heart, wrestle with self-doubt, give many things up, and then eventually everything will work out, but it might not look exactly like you thought it would.” 🙂

    • Right on Carrie. Most people I know — especially those with who are the most masterful and accomplished at their craft — struggle with self-doubt. It’s very normal. Same thing with making choices/sacrifices. It’s all about aligning your daily actions with what’s **most** important to you!

    • Elizabeth H.

      Carrie – I hear you. Fear and self-doubt are normal hurtles, we have to push through the resistance. But there is often a “cost” – just the potential payoff is WAY bigger.

    • “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

  10. Loved this special MarieTV!

    Chris is amazing. Whip-smart & an equally high EQ, makes him this wholehearted creative catalyst for good in the world!
    I was fortunate enough to attend the World Domination Summit in 2012, and I think EVERY attendee left wanting to make a BIGGER impact in the world.
    A tiny group of us started a Kiva lending group (microlending to give people in other countries a hand up) & 2 years later we’ve made 224 loans across 48 countries and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! If you went to any WDS and want to join us, please do! Here’s our impact sheet & you can find the team there.

    Marie, you & Chris have such a powerful presence. You radiate such genuine empathy & compassion. Thanks for all you do to help people connect the dots & begin their quest/hero’s journey!

    Big love,
    Electra Ariail

  11. Hi Marie thanks again for the inspiration. Having a quest is wonderful, however it should also include a way of gving back. For instance where are all the kitted hats going? Homeless children who live in the cold would be so grateful to have them. The rewards of the quest would multiply 1,000 fold by giving back.

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks for your comment. You’ll be happy to know that Chris talks about this in his book and it’s one of the things both he and I stand for 🙂

      • Excellent! Can’t wait to read it!

  12. Thanks for the talk! So inspirational as having a quest is important and staying on track with it. My quest is to take my new business and be known for my inspiration and insight to help other women succeed at what they want to do.
    Thanks for the insight in helping me to continue on my journey!

  13. Recently, I read some of John O’Donohue’s writing. I loved this from him and it is the flavor of this post today: Growth happens at the frontier. And sometimes frontiers are scary places for any number of reasons: we might feel alone, like it too big a risk, that we are “on the edge” literally and figuratively.

  14. Tiffany

    OMG…first of all I loved loved loved the “100 dollar start up” book Chris wrote. But there was something super cool that happened at the very end of the video and it had been recorded from Chris and Marie before…”the choices we make now affect the options available to us in the future”…WOW..I loved that part.

  15. Proof that if you let go and be truly open, the universe will provide just what you need. I am just starting a week-long stay-cation and this is going to help me focus and design my quest. I’ve been floundering around trying to figure out what I want to do, and now I know I need to put some walls up on my box so everything isn’t spilling out and slipping away. I will be able to settle in and get to work! I’m dusting off my B-school binder and notebooks and getting back to it. There is nothing like having things falling into place to create that ah-ha moment that gets the fire blazing anew.

    Thanks so much Marie and Chris for sharing so much of yourselves to help us all create a better world.

  16. What a dear and kind and smart soul Chris is. He is very authentic and inspiring. Thank you for bringing him on!

    For me “adventure” means tuning IN first, connecting to my truest, highest self and then stepping OUT and off the daily path to explore with an open mind and an open heart. That initial tuning IN ensures I step OUT with mindfulness, expanded awareness and ability to soak it in without all those judge-y voices in my head.

  17. Ah I love seeing Chris back on MarieTV! And I absolutely love this week’s episode.

    Adventure to me is doing something that scares me.

    But like you mentioned {this week and last}, I have trouble bringing things to completion. I absolutely love the way you challenge us to create a container.

    Over the past 6 months I’ve had a gut feeling that I need to start publishing my writing. However doing it to prove my worth to prospective clients felt wrong. I really like the idea of reframing it as a personal quest. This past week I’ve been toying with the idea that I should publish something everyday in September — if there is anything my mentor taught me it’s that consistent action is key. I think this episode is a sign that I should go for it so thank you Marie and Chris, it’s about time I give myself permission to prosper. xxo

    • Malcolm

      Ok this is not a neg but not everything you cover is relevant to me, the reason I persist is that every so often you come up with something that makes a difference…this interview was one.

  18. Great interview Marie and Chris!

    Thanks for sharing parts of your journeys.

    I’m on a bit of a quest myself, involving my art (writer/director) and following a 15-year long dream of making the move from Canada to Manhattan. I’ve always felt so at home in NYC, so I’ve got everything crossed that all goes well in the process to get my papers.

    “Successful artist in Manhattan box”, here I come!

  19. Sally Webb

    Loved this episode. And Chris is such a nice guy. Ive been following him since you introduced us to him in your first interview together. I have actually sent him messages from time to time and he always answers 🙂 My passion is also travel (been to 76 countries so far and lived in 12 of them), but I don’t think I want to visit every one of them. However, to tie in with my new business as a holistic nutrition and wellness coach with a humungous passion for super foods…. I want to travel each year to volunteer on an organic farm for a month in the countries where these super foods are grown to learn as much about them and how they become the final product/s that are sold worldwide and learn a local recipe to put up on my site. My first stop is an Organic Cacao Plantation in Equador. Chocolate and travel are such a great combo 😉

    • Love your quest idea, Sally! This is right up my alley too. Good luck on your adventures, and please stop by my blog so we can connect. I’d love to check out your website 🙂

  20. Patricia Concannon

    Honestly, you just produce the most amazing content. This was a great interview. So thought provoking. Thank you for bringing Chris to Marie TV. I realized that I have had his “$100 Start-up” book on my “radar screen” for a long time. I feel like I learn about the greatest new thinkers from you. MarieTV is so inspirational!

    • Hi Patricia! Thank you so much for your comment – means the world to me. We pour a lot of time and energy into creating the best content we possibly can, and we deeply appreciate you letting us know it makes a difference. XO

  21. Fascinating interview. Thanks Marie ! Chris looks really fired up! But it’s especially great to see there is real depth behind his fire, experience, not hype. He puts it accross very convincingly too…

    My quest would be multipassionate in nature… Working on the specifics though… I wish to be an author, entrepreneur and recording artist for a living. I’m missing the authorship and the “for a living” side.

  22. Adventure means many of the things Chris mentions like finishing something, or starting small and learning there’s a bigger achievement ahead. A couple years ago, the reverse happened, I saw a big adventure, and challenged myself to scale it back – to begin without the venture capital I COULD raise to reach a critical mass sooner.

    So getting into the box has been the most challenging part of the adventure thus far, taking the big vision backward until it fit in the box at hand. Now, my first phase (that teeniest of starting boxes) is nearly crowd funded at 91% without even a pitch video (!), and the pitch video will be completed this week. (One could argue it’s unnecessary at this point, but it’s another skill/confidence-building step as it hones the production cycle for my actual product due out this fall.)

    I consider myself a very practiced creator, yet this particular adventure surprised me with regular moments of Project Doubt. I’m glad I back up my vision. It’s given me time to remember doubt as part of any worthy creative adventure. It allows the market to reinforce or redirect what I’m offering as the project grows. I only THINK I know where this adventure is going.

  23. When I think of a quest or adventure, I think of an event or action that pushes you from stagnancy and comfort into a new, expanded version of yourself, with more potentials and opportunities. This conversation has given me a new quest with serious goal posts to attain. By my 30th birthday (I’m 28 now), I will have written and published three of my own books and published at least one external author in my publishing company, Positive PollyAnna.

  24. This is so inspirational and timely for me. My quest is to move to Spain with my husband and 10 year old daughter by July 2015. Its the riskiest thing my family has ever tried but we really feel in our hearts that it is time to pursue a dream. After all, we are not immortal right?

    Within that quest is to finally pursue my dreams of full-time travel and build a business on helping people inject dreaming into their lives more so they can be inspired everyday. Food is the focus of my travel dreams because I truly believe food is what binds us and it’s how we learn from each other.

    Thank you Marie and Chris for such a fantastic episode!

  25. I love adventures, big or small, they are one of my favorite things, and make me feel alive 🙂 ! I think your attitude about going somewhere new is what can make a a trip feel more or less adventurous. My quest right now is working on my blog, I’m trying to go on several new adventures to share sustainable travel experiences, my new quest will be to figure out to earn a little bit of income while I’m at it, LOL.

    Thank you so much Marie and Chris!!!!

  26. Thank you Chris and Marie. This interview was what I needed to hear. There are several projects I have been thinking about starting. Now I know which one is my quest. The one I must do. When you imagine and picture it in your mind, you must get it out into the light. Thank you again for nudging be along my path. The sign posts really help.

  27. Thank you Marie and Chris!!! I have been watching Marie TV for a year or so now, and this episode is my favorite by far. Chris, I am definitely getting a copy of your book. I can’t wait to read about all the different people you interviewed, and their quests.

    I am a big dreamer, and it seems like my brain just won’t stop with all the ideas. This interview made me realize a big mistake that I have been making. I need to make my goals very specific, and put a deadline on it. Right now, I’m in the middle of… getting healthy physically and mentally, trying to get in the habit of trail running 5 days a week, running my business, researching more about canine rehabilitation, starting a blog on dog aggression and why NOT to give up on aggressive dogs, and making videos on natural treatment for bipolar disorder. I also try to find time to paint, photograph nature, spend time with my boyfriend, family and friends and dogs. Whew!

    All of this really important to me, but I know now that I need to make clear goals. My schedule is my best friend 🙂 I am going to start using it more, putting time in specifically for painting or whatever needs attention at the time. Again, thank you!

    p.s.- I am a huge list maker myself. I have notebooks full of lists… short term, long term, and everything in between. Oooh! I can’t wait to get your book.

  28. I just finished reading an uncorrected proof of this book (I signed up on Chris’ site for a copy — don’t know if this is still available) and LOVED it. The timing was perfect to both read the book and watch this video today, because I’ve been feeling this deep sense of malaise lately and have spent many hours trying to think of something to do to knock the dust off myself. That thing Chris mentions about feeling a sense of discontent and a yearning to connect to something deeper — that’s exactly it.

    After reading the book I made some notes about quests large and small I could undertake and I’m still batting around ideas, but one thing that occurs to me is I most definitely need more adventure, fun and frivolity in my life on a daily basis, so finding ways to add that into my life — everyday, not just on weekends — will be part of it. I’m tired of putting off the “fun stuff” til some arbitrary time when I can stop working so hard and for so many hours, so starting this week, there’s gonna be more F-U-N. 🙂

    This might not meet the strict definition of a quest, but who knows? – it could morph into one!

  29. You guys together explore all the pertinent questions. Thanks for sharing so much. Again.

    I’ve been composing for years, always for a specific purpose. My application for a qualification in composing was rejected so I set myself the challenge to improve my skills, without the funds or capability to attend college again. My #PsalmQuest is the result: composing 150 new pieces by the time I’m 50 years old, each piece inspired by one of the Psalms in the Bible. Why not?! The large number of pieces and the age limit were directly inspired by Chris’ country quest, as explained here:

  30. I had a quest 5.5 years ago to follow my intuition and travel by signs. I didn’t know how long I would do it (it was 6 months) or how I would get through it, but the things I learned from this quest are still hugely motivational, inspirational and I’m still integrating the experience. It was a huge challenge, but it definitely grew into more. I hadn’t remembered until this interview, that these things can start small and if I put structure into it, it has a container to grow in. Lately, I’ve been “outside the box”, very little structure and as a matter of fact, not the inspiration and growth I’d known in the past. I think it’s time for me to get out of my dreams…having “quest” ideas are super easy to me, I have so many! I feel certain now, that I need to actually start small…just start. I’ll do some thinking on where I can create a container for something I’m feeling called to. Thanks for facilitating this thought process!

  31. I’ve never thought of putting my mission into a quest, but it’s a great idea to keep on track and not be drawn by all the opportunities available.

    I like the imagery of the knight on a quest 🙂 Might use something similar to create a quest business plan!

  32. Brittany

    Thank you so much for this video! You inspire me so much by listening intently to your inner voice, which inevitably resonates with so many other women! Adventure to me means to always push beyond your boundaries and to approach it with your heart and mind wide open. And I am actually in the process of creating my own container, hence why this interview means so much to me! For me, the first step to creating that was to put into solid words what my true talents are, what I’ve been training for my whole life. What I enjoy doing to the levels of fire burning in my heart. The next step was to be observant enough to see what need needs to be filled. Whats missing from the current model that I could simplify and create in relation to my talents. Hope that answers your question 🙂 toodles!

  33. I used to laugh about travelling to every country in the world. I’ve been to 35, but it is my dream. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it. I’m up to 35…

    Oh… and you are so cute!

  34. Lahdeedah

    Yes, but what should convince me that I will be as business-successful as all these poised, attractive, educated, women who appear to have people around them who support their ventures and don’t think they’re silly or fickle or unrealistic? As a woman who doesn’t have a nanny or paid servants. Or a lot of money to start with or fall back on. Just a lot of useless art degrees.

  35. Oliver

    Hello Marie and Company,

    Adventure is going thru a series of transitions that come about thru reacting to the stimuli around you without a preordained script limiting your ability to take in or interact with your environment

    Quests are a life journey…they dont’ occur deliberately…they are inadvetant culmination of events occuring when trying to achieve personal and professional goals. Somehow along the road a person starts entering and growing thru a seriers of self-discovery episodes that bring about ephiphanies how they are a part of and impact the world ….

  36. Jay

    how to make your life more meaningful and exciting..?
    come to marieforleo tv 🙂

    really great video.
    enjoyed video and learning from it.

    thanks for sharing.

  37. While watching the video I couldn’t stop thinking about the complete and utter shame I felt at the end of 2012 when I realized I had 53 unfinished work projects (online digital products).

    I’ve described it many times as feeling constipated (yep! Tmi maybe?)

    And then the corresponding euphoria when I started to actually finish, for the first time in years…. Since then I’ve finished nearly 20, and I am still feeling something pulling me forward to do more… a lot more.

    I even released my first kindle book this spring on this very topic, (Info Product Complete -because finishing changes everything)

    I’m going to have a big think about this today, but in this moment it feels like my big adventure/quest for this decade of my life might be completing 53 products! I’m sure it would go against the grain of much wise advice…but maybe this is my box!?!

    Thanks for this!!

  38. One word – brilliant! I loved this interview. This was perfect to watch today. So inspiring. Thank you so much : )

  39. Laura B

    Liberating episode today!
    The idea that I create my box made me look at guidelines and deadlines in a powerful way! Signed up to see Chris in Vancouver, BC. Holla!

  40. Marie!

    This was fantastic! You touched briefly on the feelings that are coming up as you are creating your new program (which I am incredibly excited about by the way!) I could be totally off, but it seemed liked that emotion bubbled up a few times. I know that a lot of us would benefit from you sharing those feelings and struggles (if that is the case). It helps us buckle down and push through!

    • Hey Wahida. I’m def. no stranger to creative struggles. Right now, I’m in the trenches working on the basics for a new book. It’s doubt-inducing, exciting, and terrifying all at once :). Emotions: I’ve got lots of those too and was very moved (especially in this interview) by the story of the widower. XO

  41. Hi Marie! Today’s interview with Chris really hit home for me. Six years ago I was diagnosed with a rare but manageable blood disorder. After raising three kids and practicing marriage & family therapy, I realized (through what you & Chris referred to as the reality of mortality) that I was still pregnant … with unrealized professional possibility. So I embarked on a lifelong quest and creative adventure to package my biggest “Aha” realization (When we over-function we invite someone to under-function) into a children’s book character and traveling musical. I couldn’t be happier in my pursuit! Now I’m going to run out to buy Chris’s book because I know it will help me stay the course and continue to expand the vision (as your show does every Tuesday). Blessings, Jeanne

  42. To me, adventure means outside of the box. I’m having a difficult time thinking of my quest as inside the box. I’m a doer, a list create-er and I enjoy ticking off the tasks. I know that great feeling of getting stuff done, it’s what drives me everyday… But the box comes so naturally to me that creating space, freedom and adventure of getting outside of the box IS my quest.

    Here’s what I mean: Growing up as an “over-achiever” I’ve had to do the work to undo the “musts” “shoulds” and “have to’s” and teach myself to just BE. When I hear Chris talk about making a quest to visit all the countries in the world, I felt sorry for him until I heard his “why”. He has a beautiful “why” to back his quest with meaning. Unfortunately I have worked with countless over-achieving people, youth, and high level athletes who are on a quest inside this box that they think is the right thing to do because they believe it’s attached to their identity… and it’s not. It doesn’t make you more worthy or valuable. You are worthy for just being you. It’s ok to have a goal to run 100 miles. Just be sure to know why you’re doing it. Here is an article I wrote about running that touches on this mindset:
    Does anyone else relate?

  43. An adventure can be had anywhere and in many ways. My biggest adventures are often those that just happen and I take up the gauntlet and embark on it. I thrive on these things.

    My current quest is to write a novel. I never written a novel or in fact written that much, but I like writing (I found) and I want to write a novel, the best novel I can write. Now that may not be very good, who knows. I never written a novel before. The first draft of the novel has to be finished by 42nd birthday, that’s roughly 1100 words a day, every day. Not easy by a long shot. If I miss a day, the next day I have to write twice as much.

  44. Susan B

    Adventure for me is learning something new, whether physically, intellectually, spiritually, or all of the above. New experiences. I think the best ways to connect that to other people include either learning with the goal of teaching others, or learning with the goal of providing others with the fruits of my labor. Although I must admit that I am goal-oriented to a high degree in a smaller or shorter-term way. How can you die without completing your bucket list and not feel inadequate? I do not feel that the bucket list idea will work for me with my present mindset. Thank you so much, Marie, for all of the great information and concepts you bring to all of us all the time. What a great platform!!

  45. omg, Chris you hit the nail on the head for me. I know hardly ANYONE can relate to my story (but I’ll tell a bit anyway), cuz for 7 years I didn’t have to work. Can you imagine being retired at 38? Amazing, right?!!?
    Well, as someone who balks at structure, and always HAD to change jobs every 2 years, in my vast expanse of joy and fun and bliss, and living in the moment, I learned I needed….structure?! wtf?!
    So, amongst my life of volunteering in Africa, and hiking in Nepal, and doing lots of yoga, and skiing powder snow, I became obsessed with goals. eg. I decided to run a marathon, and yes, it absolutely impacted my glorious ski days! As GO TIME got closer, I was obsessed. I’d already committed 6 months to this, and NO WAY JOSE was I going to let something stand in my way. My friends were literally afraid for me and my Single-Minded Obsession, but the real truth was……my bright and shiny, amazing life had some serious dark spots if I didn’t set and achieve goals.
    I finished that damn marathon, and it hurt, and it sucked, and I destroyed my back 3 weeks before, but nothing was gonna stop me, because Not Achieving would have left a dark stain on my soul. It was my purpose.

    So here’s a question right back at ya: once you HAVE achieved your quest, felt the joy, satisfaction, and relief, then what? Do you crash back to earth and get depressed? What do you do to recover and bounce back AFTER achievement?

    • Karen Brown

      Perhaps just learn ‘to be’? In the words of Lao Tzu ‘A good traveller is not intent upon arrival’. In other words, maybe its the journey that helps us grow and not the end goal? Instead of literally running from your dark spots, maybe you need to be still and look them in the eye?

  46. I like Chris’ term “emotional awareness of mortality.” I find that this permeates a lot of the bigger decisions I make -or rather, maybe I use it as an excuse to do something I want to do when there’s a good reason for not doing it. I always think, “well, you never know what the future might bring so, if we can, let’s do this now.”

  47. Jenni Johns

    Dear Marie and Chris,
    I LOVED this interview. After a weekend of self-doubt this is just what I needed to hear. The idea of the timelines and “getting in the box” were really helpful. I am highly creative and resist schedules, routines, deadlines, etc. I have great energy for beginning new projects, but difficulty in following through.

    Adventure to me always includes travel or doing something I’ve never done before, or both of them together, like going in a seaplane to a wilderness area and watching bears all day (which I did in Alaska a few weeks ago)!

    My lifelong quest is to create as much harmony as possible in the world by helping people learn how to get along and be happy and equalizing opportunities for everyone–which requires tackling education, hunger, & poverty. My volunteer work for the last 10 years has been as the Chair of the NM Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association. In addition to advocating for people with disabilities in the schools and community, fundraising, and meeting with our Senators and Congressional representatives about legislation, one of the greatest pleasures I have is providing a shoulder to cry on for parents of kids who are newly diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS). Because my son with TS has made it through school (without being bullied and having his educational needs met) and turned into an accomplished young man, we provide the light at the end of the tunnel for those families just starting out. Others were there for us when we needed them and now we are doing the same. My newest quest is the creation of a diverse community (veterans, Native Americans, people with TS, members of the gay community, people in recovery, and others) to fundraise and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania next summer with K2Adventures, who specialize in helping people with disabilities successfully climb mountains! Not only is it a thrill to be able to visit Africa and to do some service there as part of the trip, I totally love bringing all of these people together in a common goal. It makes my heart sing!

  48. Regina

    So glad you invited us, to play a part in making this happen Marie!

  49. Love Chris and have been listening to him well before finding Marie last October. He is part of the reason I’m planning to make a huge step and start traveling with my 3 kids soon in the future. I want to see them see the world from a totally different perspective!

  50. Stephanie

    This is so inspiring, and in fact just this weekend I saw a preview for a movie that seems to dramatize what Chris wrote about — that the pursuit of a goal in and of itself leads to happiness. Anyone know what film that is? Now I can’t find it! Thanks so much Marie & Chris!!!

  51. Adventure to me means living every day full of passion! 😀
    My current quest is releasing my first book – about passion! It’s already been an adventure writing it as I’ve interviewed people, shared my stories, done psychological research and come up with a research based approach to living a more passionate, fulfilling life. The whole writing bit was my own passion quest in itself!
    It’s coming out in 2 weeks and I can not wait to go on a quest of sharing it with the world following its release – and celebrate this amazing achievement of writing a book 😀

  52. Wow! Two wonderful people in one very cool interview…. awesome! Thanks for having Chris on Marie and Chris, thanks for being such an awesome, humble, and inspiring human being as always. My idea of adventure for sure is traveling, getting out there, out of my element, out of my comfort zone. I will be traveling around the world with my girlfriend for an entire year beginning 4/2016. So that’s the adventure, although I am still giving thought to a quest. I haven’t quite identified yet, but it circulates around the idea of believing in ourselves and in each other and how together, we can be more, have more, and do more than we ever imagined possible. My thought wheels are in motion and I couldn’t be more excited for all that’s to come. Thank you both once again for being who you are and doing what you do, it’s simply just awesome. I’m off to now to go get into my box….. Cheers! 🙂

  53. Majeed

    Adventure? Well, writing this comment is an adventure!
    Simply, whatever you do, when you decide to ‘get into your box’ for it and illutrate your creativity while doing it, is a wonderful adventure. Because everytime it’s going to be different.

    As for how to connect our personal quests with others, I think that’s best found within those stories we pick from the sideways of our journey’s road. They only require a more aware mind to notice, enjoy and happily pick them up!

    Marie and Chris, I just can’t express my gratitude in words for you guys <3

  54. Thanks for the great interview. So amazing! I don’t really have anything extra to add compared to everyone’s great comments. So for now, just thanks!

  55. I just started a Quest without realising it! A couple of weeks ago it came to me that I had to share publicly some Tapping for Peace. (EFT Tapping). No sign up. No money. Just connecting for peace.

    I have done two weeks – live 15 minutes on Tuesdays – and thought it would go on forever. But I now know I need a box! So I am committing to 100 Tapping for Peace broadcasts…. YES!

    I am excited to discover what this Quest will bring me… and at the very least, it will connect people connecting for peace. xoxox

  56. The book is out only after sep 09! Is that right?!?!? C’mon!!! I can’t wait that long!!! lol

  57. Marissa

    What an incredible interview! I just completed a quest, spend a year living and working in Haiti, and honestly it felt so good to honor the call to go on that adventure. But, something I wish you all got to was, what do you do after you have completed the quest?

  58. To go beyond the ego-self limits to create for ourselves a life journey filled with joy and love is the greatest adventure.

    I am at turning point. My first book in French “How I tamed fibromylagia” will go out in October. Therefore a new project that is bigger than me was needed to maintain the motivation high. After several years to get back to a physical and emotional form, at 59 years of age the need to reach more people with my message is increasingly present. To continue to do the same thing didn’t not make sense to me. If I want a different outcome, it is essential to modify something in my life to succeed it (what ever success means to us). Life is too short. I left Canada for Costa Rica at 37 to give my life (and that of others) a deeper meaning (not knowing anybody or Spanish/English languages, just French). I developed tourism for disabled people in Costa Rica and later on created a personal development business. I would go again on the road next year to convey the message that yes it is possible to inactivate physical and emotional pain by following the path that has a heart while glancing at what is going on inside. Discovering who we really are.

    A part of my message is: You are young and unsatisfied with your life and job? Jump in the unknown (with a clear intention), it is really worth it, believe me. You are 60 years of age and more? Replace the “old” believe that you are too old to…dust out your bucket list, revise it and take the 1st step towards its completion.

    The most precious advice from one of my coaches was: “Redirecting my goals is not the same as quitting”. Janeen Detrick. This really saved my sanity:-)

    Thank you Marie and Chris. Your sharing stories gave me the courage to put a deadline on my next project. To visit Europe (never did) on wheels while sharing my message: Dare to be who you are and reinvent yourself regardless of emotional and physical suffering.

    I take advantage of this opportunity to declare publicly that I will be at the Eiffel tower in France on March 22nd, 2015 to celebrate my sixtieth anniversary and to initiate this journey. Thanks again Marie and Chris. Your work is SO important. Continue the good work!…

    P.S. I will share this coming experience by interviewing people along the road and by writing about them in a book, in English this time, this last item also being on my bucket list:-)

  59. Nena Metcalf | Photographer and Designer

    This was amazing and meant for me right now. As a business owner I have created the flexibility to allow myself to lead my family where I choose for it to go. My husband, on the other hand, is stuck with the daily grind and he and I are in talks of our future “quest”. I feel this interview will inspire him to take the steps needed to go on this quest to lead our family on a path that is not only enlightening, but that gives us (and our four children) the opportunity to learn and grown beyond the confinement of our conservative Southern city.

    This was beautiful. Thank you.

  60. Thank you Marie for bringing up the self doubt aspect of writing. I SO have the same thoughts and wrestling matches with myself.

    I know I need to get this project out into the world but the resistance creeps in and blocks my flow daily, especially when people ask “why are you writing this?”

    Thank you for the reminder that others have this same struggle.
    {back to writing!} XO ~ Krayl

  61. Ooh! This interview really resonated with me. Adventure to me means stepping out of your comfort zone just enough to experience joy in new ways. It keeps life exciting! This has inspired me so much that I’d like to declare a quest that speaks to my heart right now. I am now on a quest to grow 40 different flowers from seed by my 40th birthday (less than 3 years from now –eek!). I get chills just thinking about it. Thank you Marie & Chris for this inspirational challenge!

  62. Suzie Bartle

    Thank you so much for today’s Marie TV topic. I’ve been struggling to define the yearning i have had inside me since i hit an all time mentally and physically. And i realise – like the widower – i found purpose in my life through being diagnosed with a serious disease. For that i’m grateful. The next step is figuring out how to take action. I’ve taken actions but i always feel like i should be doing more and my biggest fears have now become that i won’t ever fulfil my multi passionate dreams. If anyone has any wise words to encourage me along the way and to win that self doubt battle then please do come forwards.

  63. Wow, adorable and uplifting. People talking about mortality always has that effect on me! What a short, beautiful, crazy, fun, sad, happy love-filled life we have. Just the one, as far as I know.

    This sounds like a teeny quest, but I made some fresh pappardelle tonight for dinner with fresh eggs from our chickens, and pesto made from homegrown basil and garlic. I remember buying the heavy pasta maker from an elderly man a decade ago in New Zealand. I remember his words: ” I’m selling everything I value before I die.” I remember being sad for him – his wife had died, and I felt almost guilty for taking the Italian machine from him. I shipped that goddam pasta machine all over the world for a decade and tonight I really felt elated at the noodles strung over a chair in the kitchen. If that elderly gentleman had known, he would have been pleased 😉

  64. Nicola P

    Hi Marie and Chris,

    To me adventure is taking that all encompassing fear that can completely stop you from following your dreams and, like you have said before Marie, party with that fear! Doing things that you have been too scared to do and not necessarily knowing what will happen.

    I have to be honest, I have always let fear and over-thinking get the better of me and don’t feel like I have ever really experienced adventure – do you have any advice on how to take the first steps out of comfort zone and into a newly defined box?!

    Thanks so much

  65. Kelsey

    Thank you, Marie and Chris, for such an inspirational episode. Your honesty about self-doubt was exactly what I needed to hear today.

    I am in the midst of of my yoga teacher training with the ultimate goal of helping teenagers and children cope with the high levels of pressure and anxiety they feel from school, technology, relationships, and the physical, emotional, and mental transformations they experience in such a short time.

    It has been an intense journey for me personally because I deal with many of the anxiety issues that I hope to help other people overcome. For me, quest or adventure means showing up and moving through discomfort with vulnerability and an open heart so that I may one day help other people embrace their light. It means constantly checking in with my heart, and responding when I feel called to pursue something.

    I hope to have my “box” more clearly defined one day, but for now, it’s about learning as much as I can and embracing my authentic voice.

  66. To me adventure is all about Discovery of yourself and the world. Every time I feel scared or timid, I think, “Pauline, your alive it is supposed to be an adventure.” You know you would not want it any other way! lol
    I think what can I discover in this moment, in this adventure.

  67. Excellent interview Marie and Chris.

    Inspirational and keeping it real. I am on a spiritual journey quest and share this journey with my tribe. It has been a journey of love, discovering self-love and love for all. It has opened up my heart to what is possible in a peaceful and impactful way.

    The quest is a wonderful notion. Will continue my quest and welcome others who join me, with an open heart.

    with love and gratitude for sharing such inspiration.
    Maria xx

  68. Hi Marie,

    I really admire what you and Chris are doing. You’re living a life of purpose, with a pure intent. Love it.

    I’m an ex fired security guard who became an island hopping pro blogger. I’m writing these words from a place nestled 50 meters high on a jungle cliff, in Savusavu, Fiji. We are treated to a view of the bay, and hey, my happiness is rooted in freedom, and I feel as free as ever now.

    Me and my fiancee Kelli had to let go, to grow. We let go the 9-5 job thing, and let go much of our money in the process. The pendulum really began to swing when we simply told ourselves that we’re making our freedom, and happiness, A1 in our lives, because doing so would make it so much easier to inspire our audiences to become free, and happy.

    After circling the globe as an island hopping pro blogger for the past 40 months I feel that being free, through engineering a lifestyle of travel, has inspired me to inspire others to do the same.

    I really want to take everybody with me. That’s why I’m Blogging from Paradise, Marie. I’m freer than I’ve been now, and I SO want to take as many people along for the ride, as possible…..and teaching folks how to retire to a life of island hopping, through smart blogging, is what makes me feel alive these days.

    Thanks so much for inspiring us Marie and Chris.

    I’ll tweet this in a bit.

    Signing off from Savusavu, Fiji 🙂


  69. Kiki Reef

    I’ve been a fan of Chris’ books, including “The Art of Non-Conformity” for several years now. This last July I attended my first World Domination Summit in Portland, OR (Chris’ annual conference). A friend turned me on to you, Marie, about a year ago. Your content is awesome! Imagine my delight to find you both together in my In-Box today! Thank you both so much for your inspiration, both of you! I’ll be in Pasadena to see Chris in October!

  70. connie curtis

    I can relate. I am starting a business and seems like so much to do but I do know if I put structures now and in adding fun. I will never have the lifestyle I want. To contribute and make money doing that and travel.

  71. Dan Nielsen

    How nice has this interview been for me. I’m 57 years old and I always have a feeling that I would like something more, or just the need to add something more to my life. But my family keeps telling me that I have all I need ” Just look at those grandchildren!” It then makes me feel like a bad parent and grandparent because I still have a longing for a “Quest” I love my family… But… Watching this interview makes me feel that I’m not a bad person for wanting something more for me. I had a photography business for 18 years (All film) and lately I have been thinking about starting it up, and your MarieTV has been silently nudging me to start again… Thank you for that and even if I don’t go back into it and won’t feel so bad…

  72. Kimber Lee Falkinburg

    Thank you, Marie and Chris, for your authentic discussion about the paralyzing fear and self-doubt which can accompany a personal quest. I began my current journey (about two years ago) with courage and strength. As I told others of my plans and ideas, I quickly learned not all of my “peeps” were going to jump on this moving train. Often times I felt lonely and scared. Most of what they questioned or shared concerns about were the very things that I feared most. I became overwhelmed with anger, frustration that my friends and family weren’t supporting me and considering giving in until the fateful day I decided to reach out for help. I emailed the author of a book that resonated with my spirit and said, “Please help me. I feel scared. But, more than that, I don’t want to give up.” The rest….as they say…is history!

    A true adventure is one that catapults a person into a space so foreign, so unknown they are forced to reach out to others for help. Only when I am experiencing “the gift of desperation” can I appreciate the assistance another offers and through the mind and spirit of another human being I am transformed for the better forever.

    Because of the brilliance and support of people like you, Chris and so many others, I have started my own business, learned how to listen to my mothers concerns without anger;) and am working on the next quest!

    Great Big Love to You Both & Thank You For Keeping Me Focused,

  73. I have been following Marie TV for a few months now and this video has been yet another inspiration to follow my inner quest. I share the similar goals of helping nonprofits and people who want to do good in the world, and market “good ideas” by teaching them through video, books, and articles.

    My quest feels like it lacks specificity, books haven’t sold, articles aren’t being seen, and yet I KNOW they have potential! But for the first time, I feel I can ask for that inner guidance to have the specific intention behind my own inner journey that will attract the support from the universe– whether ebooks or not…

    Side note: I also have always wanted to appear on Oprah.

    I also just started a quest around sharing happiness through fun tees but again, it lacks its specific goals. I tell my clients all the time to do this, and set an intention, but I always let others’ goals get before my own. I help others before myself. How does one know the right balance?

  74. Adventure can mean many things.

    It is an adventure to travel (probably the most obvious one and most loved), but it is also an adventure to learn something new, to be an entrepreneur, to paint your house.

    The container… probably defining what it is that I want to do.

    For instance, I started to do French Immersion Retreats in Paris and, unlike everyone else, I do a 1-on-1 VIP because I don’t like holding flags and hoarding people to see a place and speak with a mic.

    When my first client said “YES” and trusted me on this type of immersion, it felt like the most amazing adventure to me, and then I wanted to create the most exquisite experience for both my client and myself.

    I’m doing my second this month and I can’t tell how happy I am.

    Another adventure is a web series. Once I’ll start, I’ll create that ‘box’, stay in it and make the best out of it.

    Thank you so much for this – awesome inspiration!

  75. Perfect timing… as I have been going through a ‘Blue Period…’ particularly love “life is short… we should live with urgency!”

  76. Thanks for the interview Marie & Chris.For me, it’s definitely the “meaning” aspect of the quest that most resonates. Whether it is an internal or external adventure, I find that staying open, curious and focused on the inherent value/meaning of the quest is what is ultimately most fulfilling throughout the process. What is meaningful is a very personal thing unique to each individual and each quest. So as Chris says, there are no small or big quests when we are focused on what has meaning for us.

  77. I absolutely loved this video, Marie! Thanks so much for sharing this interview. I’ve always been a list maker and felt happiest when having a “quest” or “goal” I was working on (i.e. getting my BA and MSW). When I got out of school I felt a little lost because I didn’t have a natural goal I was working toward. I liked hearing Chris say, too, that feeling discontented doesn’t mean you’re miserable, but that you have a stirring for something more. Yes!

    • Abby, that statement also resonated with me too. I have often connected my longing for more with being discontented. Now I know I am just looking for more and that’s okay.

  78. i’ve always wanted to sing and play the piano. playing the piano was one thing, i knew if i took lessons and practiced i could learn, but singing was another story. my quest has been figuring out if someone like me, not naturally gifted, can learn to sing…not necessarily like Adele, just confidently be able to sing in front of friends, family, in my living room 🙂 i took private lessons for one year, which was great, but it didn’t give me the platform to practice singing in front of others… the scariest part of singing. so, i took a community college Voice class, where you had to sing a classical song, in Italian, in front of the class for the mid-term, and sing a song of your choosing for the final. crazy scary. anyway, i’m now taking the class for the third time. i have cried in my car at times, feeling so scared and afraid to get up in front of class and sing my heart out… and it hasn’t been pretty……but, it is getting there. i’ve now decided to pursue an Associates in Music/Piano, continuing my voice and piano classes and maybe even joining a college singing group (if i make the audition). this video inspired me to get even more in my box with this quest. i’ve had ideas for a blog / workshop to capture my experience, hopefully inspiring other “non-musically-inclined” people to pursue this very possible path. i’m going to give it more thought and keep going! love Chris and you, Marie. thank you for all you do.

  79. Hi Marie & Chris,
    I found this discussion to be very inspiring, thanks for being so open and frank. is much appreciated. Can’t wait to read the book!


  80. Caroline

    Adventure gives me butterflies…from the smallest new paint color on the wall, to working on a bigger group project, to making that something new in my life happen. Butterflies let me know it’s right. Go for the flutter : )

  81. Changing the world as a Team, am really enjoying going through these life changing articules. Glory be to Marie and Chris.

  82. Amanda

    To start a quest, start with a question… Do I love it? Does it fill me with positive energy? Is it important to ME? If the answer is “yes!” Then go for it! An adventure is where the outcome is unknown and it has never been necessary to know where the finishing lines is to start a race. If you do not know what you want, what to do, what is best for your highest self or “what your quest is” then choose what you love. Eventually you shall be surrounded by what you love and your quest shall become apparent. If it is important to you then it is worthy. X

  83. Clive

    Thank you so much Chris and Marie.
    Chris,what an awesome time that must have been. You would have stories to last a life time.

    “I think it is ultimately achieving one’s purpose”

  84. Love this…I am turning 50 in 6 months and was just thinking of taking a QUEST before the big day…a quest that will change lives and also make my life more meaningful and peaceful!

  85. Adventure, to me, means continuing to build my own box. In doing so, I am challenged to be authentic, to use my voice (which can be scary), to find my truth, to live my virtues, and to put my purpose & passion in the world. It’s been over a 14 year journey for me – beginning when I held my second baby in my arms while he transitioned from this life – a pivotal point in my life, no doubt… but also filled with purpose. This pain catapulted me to thinking about what I deeply believed and FELT about LIFE! And so the adventure began and only picked up in speed, excitement, and passion. Life is amazing! Marie and Chris – thank you!

  86. Wow – thanks, Marie! This interview got me thinking about how vulnerable it feels to just pick a direction. Especially in mid-life, when a lot of women are thinking about what they want to do “next” for work when their kids are gone, it can feel overwhelming. Thanks for the reminder that it is okay to move in the direction of our passions and see where that takes us. It helps to hear about other people who didn’t know where they would end up when they started.

  87. I love the idea of a QUEST so much! My 10 year old boys have been tasked with reading 40 books this year and it feels so daunting to them! I think I’m going to challenge them by positioning it as a quest to make it more fun! As an avid reader myself, I decided to approach reading the Amazon 100 Books to read in a lifetime. After watching your interview I decided to make it more fun and turn it into a quest. Now as I read or re-read each book I am going to visit as many of the places that are mentioned in the books as possible. I am challenging myself to complete this quest before my boys graduate from high school in 7 years. This is a journey we can go on together. I feel it would be something they would never forget. I know it has nothing to do with business, but this connected with me on such a personal level. I lost my husband very suddenly when my boys were 4. He didn’t get a chance to take them to many of the places he wanted to share with them. I see them growing up so fast and the time I have to impact their lives is so short I wanted to do something special and memorable. Thank you Marie and Chris for inspiring me to create such a wonderful legacy for my boys! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

  88. Mary Maki-Rich

    I am an inveterate list maker. Man! I love to travel also but I find myself getting into situations which make me feel safe instead of trying new things. …I am grateful for your words. This is totally wonderful…Almost every word you speak is true to me.
    The word “quest” has so much meaning to me. Open my heart. Be true to myself. You have made an amazing contribution to the world. Deep gratitude….

  89. As person who put a check listed box around a past quest I’ve got to say two things to say:
    1. Bang-on…loved this interview as it sums up so much of what I experienced during my year of round the globe questing for snow and vertical (
    2. Cannot wait to get my paws on that book.

    And I’ll add a third just cuz…

    3. Bravo Marie and Chris. Bra-freaking-vo.

  90. Roseanne Bottone

    All of your interviews are wonderful, but this one made me feel particularly JOYFUL! Jumping into life with a purpose really is the secret to happiness.

  91. Loved this interview because Chris was kind enough to send me a copy of the book and I can’t wait to meet him on tour in Tampa.

    The book is awesome because it has stories and ‘guts’- tactics, how to’s and lists. It hits the right and the left brain- hooray for that! Adventure means to me to always be trying something that scares me a bit- whether its writing, or building my own business, or changing where I live- all of it is an adventure. I love it.

    As always, thanks Marie! See you soon Chris.

  92. Sharmin

    To me Adventure is when you feel alive.
    An adventure is trying out a new recipe or eatery.
    An adventure is slowly putting on thick socks and sinking them into my hiking boots.
    An adventure is meeting someone I love or a stranger and connecting.
    An adventure is everyday I choose to put effort into growing my business.

    I grew disheartened wishing for big adventures so have learnt to appreciate every second of my day as a chance to feel connected, inspired and fulfilled.

    I really love this post. This has finally pushed my self-doubt off the cliff and I’m going to sit down and plan out my next challenge.
    It’s time for a biggy… Thankyou both 🙂

  93. Hi Marie! Love that you brought Chris on today! For several years now, he’s been such an inspiration. I’m also a big traveler, and the fire he seems to feel for life really speaks to me. I’m looking forward to seeing him during his book tour to Miami. 🙂

    From my experience, adventure means stepping outside of my comfort zone from whatever realm I happen to be at in life currently. At one time, stepping out of my comfort zone meant to travel. When I was 16, instead of doing my junior year of high school in Florida, I went to Germany as an exchange student for a year instead!

    But now, after many years of travel, the new area I feel uncomfortable in is starting my own business. It’s something that I passionately want to do and have been working towards slowly, but it’s still so scary for me to take the full plunge. So maybe that should be my new quest- my new adventure: taking actionable steps towards my final goal of opening my own online wellness business.

    Thanks, Marie!! Feeling so inspired! 🙂

  94. Adventure is something you want to start but don’t quite know where it will bring you! Life is the most exciting adventure we all undertake!
    Thank you for this interview!!! It gave Mie something to think about and it makes Mie feel confident over the deadlines I set for myself!
    You are an inspiration! Thank you so much,
    x, Altermie

  95. Cristina

    I really liked the format, very informal and surprising. And of course, timely and sweet. Thanks.

  96. AWESOME!!! Thank you, Marie, for putting this on my radar. I really enjoyed the stories you and Chris shared from the book. It sounds like a great book. So inspirational!

  97. What a great interview! If was like listening to a friend talk to a friend. I’ve been on a journey to get my head and heart around the meaning of care. As an academic and as a mother (both at the same time) I find myself fascinated by the question you asked: “How can you create a quest that will connect you with others?” personally and professionally. I believe that life is an adventure of making meaningful connections. I look forward to seeing Chris on the book tour in Edmonton. Marie, you are welcome here any time!

    One of my favourite take-aways was: “Quests fuel the power of finishing.”

  98. The timing of this was amazing! Earlier this year I set a date of September 22nd to head to Washington to start my “new life”… then an opportunity to spend two months in Kauai came my way and I took it and knew that it just might set me back in reaching my goals financially and otherwise in order to get to WA on my projected date… Long story short, I got back into town last week, am completely not prepared in the ways I thought I would be to make my move (or at least make me comfortable with it), but as of Tuesday, I have purchased my plane ticket and will officially be in Friday Harbor, WA (my new island home) on the 22nd! I now have 3 weeks to downsize and figure out what the heck I’m doing, but the commitment has been made! And most of the time I feel a little like I’m going to throw up, but in a good way!

  99. Marla

    My sister, Karesa, and I are heading out on a 2 week quest Sept. 13th, 2014 called “Love Connects…join the journey”, to document (through photos and video) the affects that love has on ones’s emotional and physical health. It will be an interactive journey, with anyone who likes our Facebook page. The end result we are hoping for is that people will become more conscious of how powerful love is, and that they become more loving and kind in all their daily interactions with others. If you would like to hear more about our journey you can go to our Facebook page, “” Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

  100. val

    I loved listening to you both! Definitely got me thinking…
    I’m not much for travel, but I know that I am on an adventure, although I never thought of it that way before…
    My adventure is to discover myself, and what it means to truly take care of myself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
    It started as an interest in healthy eating, but it grows and grows every day. Sometimes, I wonder if I can do all of this,and I get scared. It was refreshing to hear you both talk about self-doubt.
    Anyway, I am working on a blog, business, health coach training, etc.
    On my journey, as I learn more about what physical, emotional, and spiritual health look like, I become painfully aware how few actually possess it. I become more in tune with the suffering I see all around me. My goal is to begin sharing my journey with others, so that maybe I can help chisel away at all of that. I hope to help others find the health, happiness and freedom that sums up the destination of my ‘adventure.’
    Thanks so much for the inspiration! <3

  101. Star

    I love lists and the satisfaction of crossing achievements off so much that sometimes I add things onto my daily list after I’ve done them just so I can cross them off and have the written record of how much I’ve done in a day!! Cheating? Maybe. Satisfying? Definitely.

  102. I want to begin by gushing about how much I LOVE Marie TV and all your content! You are the SNL (funny, happy, uplifting) of Inspiration and I love your style and message. I am personally and professionally feeling as if am about to take a quantum leap in life and I truly felt like this piece spoke to me by pointing me in the right direction. I had read the $100 start-up and bought it for several of my friends who were, like me at the time, looking to make a change. I am so happy to see that Chris has written another book and I am downloading it right now. Life is all about the journey…. happiness is the pursuit… Thank you for all you!

  103. Vanessa

    Cool, this rings true to many things I have been pondering lately. I’m energised and inspired with more purpose now. Very timely reminder that I am heading in the right direction this year after some soul searching from watching this.

  104. Alis

    Excellent interview – inspirational – makes me want to go and buy a new journal and make a list!

    And Marie, you look lovely.

  105. I love how he talks about setting a specific goal and how important that is. Just like Napoleon Hill said in “The 16 Laws of Success”, you MUST have a DEFINITE CHIEF AIM to reach success.

  106. Adventure is one of my favorite words so, of course, I LOVED this episode! I enjoy adventure so much that I wrote an adventure, fantasy novel: The White Falcon: TALON series. It is about a young boy that is discovering his purpose and that discovery takes him on grand adventures (or quests ;-).

    My current goal is to sell 10,000 books. Then I will buy my girls a tea cup pig. Sounds silly and disconnected but its not. My girls have always wanted a pig and I really couldn’t justify the expense or the commitment of time. BUT if they help me boost book sales, I will get them a tiny pig (WIN-WIN). Plus it’s a fun family project that’s bringing us closer together as we travel from convention to convention. What we didn’t have was a box. So I am “getting in my box” and setting a date. Christmas, the deadline is Christmas. I am really hoping Santa will put a tiny pig under our tree!!!

  107. Adventure for me is about pushing boundaries and exploring new places, meting new people, experiencing new experiences. I just got back from a Erasmus exchange in Romania and it was the most wonderful adventure.

    Right now I want to DARE, dare to do what my heart calls for and dare to give more of myself. So my challenge will be to really dig in to my creativity and present one small illustration, drawing or sketch on my blog or facebook page.

  108. Thank you both so much.
    I’m just about to make a decision to either staying home and studying or going to explore other countries and do it there. I feel i want more adventers like traveling, seeing the world, exploring cultures which i did many times in my life already only it was defined as traveling only and this time i want more – that as i travrl and explore to also create my own busines, share with others my insights and inspiration and build something. Also not give up on studying what i want, also fit that in my
    mgreat adventure as i go.

  109. Lesley Edwards

    Ok, adventure for me is charting new territory. My personal heart quest is to help 1000 singles find True Love in my lifetime 🙂

  110. Thanks to this video, I create my own personal quest: eat in all 52 neighbors in the City of San Diego within a year.

    I even created a blog to document my food experiences (

    Grateful to combine my love of eating with a concrete goal. I can already feel the increased sense of purpose!

  111. Such a great interview! I absolutely adore both Chris and you, Marie. I love the idea of a quest – I think it gives people something to be excited about, instead of just coasting through the days!

    My current quest is to write a book. Just like Chris said a quest should have a beginning, middle and an end, I am at the beginning of my quest now. And what a thrilling quest at that!

    I will be sure to stop by and see Chris at his book appearances in my city, Calgary 🙂

  112. Isabell

    Hi Marie—IMPORTANT For All Small INternet StartUps:!!!!!

    the FCC wants to pass a no net-nuetrality law. This would force small startups like our to possibly pay up to $30,000 just to compete on the net: here’s one artilce from the news today:

  113. Loved this! Adventure to me is giving “The Resistance” the middle finger and having the guts to pick myself. It’s taking risks. Saying YES! But also being brave enough to say NO. One of my favorite things to teach in my workshops is your classic line “If it’s not a Hell YES … then it’s a Hell NO!”

    I have had an idea for a while now and after listening to this I think it’s more of a quest. This vid gave me the push I needed and I’m going to start thinking about how to make it happen. It’s all about connection with myself and the world and I can’t wait to share it!

  114. Wow, Marie and Chris. Great interview! What a story about the young widower taking on his wife’s bucket list after she passed. Takes my breath away!

    Adventure means to me living your life in a way that’s engaged and full of purpose. From simple things like taking my baby for a walk to check the daily temperature at the post office in town (albeit a teeny tiny quest) to bigger and deeper ones like a daily spiritual practice, adventure means fully engaging with your life on a daily basis, no matter how ‘prosaic’ or redundant the activity may seem. Adventure is more of a mental outlook and approach to life, meaning we don’t need to be able to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro for it to be considered an adventure.
    To-do lists are great because they can serve as a daily reminder of a larger vision quest, so long as we are also able to edit that list and let go of things which no longer serve our quest.
    Chris seems like such a nice person and you Marie, as ever, are so on point with…well, life, death and just about everything in between! Go Girl!

  115. Alessia

    Marie, I have watched many of your videos and it’s actually the first time i feel like writing a comment. I find you and your work just so authentic by The fact that you get emotional and try to resist tears in several videos. It looks like you are a person with a huge and open hearth. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your gifts with us in such a great way. 🙂

  116. This is great! like so many, I’m multi-passionate with big and much stuff. And often forget that defining, structuring MY box is where I actually flourish. It’s about choosing 1 thing each day that matters – to ME. While listening to this interview, I saw what it is today.

    I’ve been fostering 4 sibling kitties for 5 mos (they were semi-feral, and already 7 mos old when I brought them inside, so it’s taken some time to domesticate them). A week ago I sent an email with attached flyer to local family & friends, introducing the kitties, and asked folks to forward it to good-hearted folks. No one has responded. I felt deflated about this as I know the kitties need more one-on-one human attention than I can give them, to form a deeper bond their human; they’re ready for their Furrever-homes.

    This interview inspired me to list neighborhood places to post/hand out the flyer I created about the kitties- and get the word out TODAY.

    The ‘adventure’ here is it’s been a year-long quest (that I hadn’t intended). The kitties are now 12 mos old: they were born outside, I fed and built a shelter for them thru the winter. I thought they would eventually be used to me enough from feeding them outside, to carry them inside, so I could get them ready for adoption. But that didn’t work. I had to safely-trap them, get them spayed/neutered, and started fostering them.

    (I was able to bring their mom inside without trapping – she was a tame lap-kitty (probably stray instead of ‘feral’). I adopted her, and she is companioned with my other resident kitty.)

    So what I thought would be a simple process, hasn’t been! Why is today important? Because this Adventure has evolved into its final phase, and it’s time to Do The Right Thing…. link the kitties up with their loving-humans so both can begin a new Adventure.

  117. Xiu

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you for putting together this interview. I have been very unmotivated recently and the reminder about my mortality is absolutely timely. I am going put aside some time tonight to think carefully about my quest. Thank you and Mr Guillebeau for the inspiration!

  118. What a brave man! Very inspiring story.

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