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Do you ever feel torn between different parts of your personality —  especially when it comes to how you represent yourself in the world?

After all, we humans have multiple personalities, so to speak. At different times we can be humorous, inspirational, sarcastic, kind, angry, authoritative, blunt, poetic, direct, friendly and a million other things too.

Whether you write (a blog, book, newsletter, social media updates, articles, etc.) or speak publicly on behalf of your company, it’s important to consciously choose the tone and language you use to communicate your message.

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But with all these different parts of your identity, how do you choose which voice to use out in the world? And is it really wise to show your real personality in a professional setting?

This is the topic we’re diving into today on MarieTV. You’ll learn two simple keys to consciously choosing a genuine brand to represent your business, and helps you make the difference you were born to make.

Note: this isn’t about being one-dimensional, but it is about being conscious about the words you choose to use!

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you ever feel conflicted between what you think is your “real” personality and the one you show in business? What say you on this topic of brand voice?

Remember, countless incredible souls from every corner of the globe come here to learn, connect and be inspired.

So please comment below with as much detail as you can. You just never know — your share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to have a breakthrough.

Thank you so much for watching, reading and sharing your genius with kindness and compassion.

You make my world and I could not be more grateful.

With all my love,

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  1. I absolutely loved this video and the tweetable this week. It’s so affirming to be reminded of the fact that I don’t have to feel like I’m failing if I choose to share one part of my personality but not everything. I also really like the advice about thinking about what opportunities you want to have and aligning your personality and your brand accordingly. I never really thought about it that way. Thanks Marie!

    • I think that’s the key phrase, Demetria — aligning your personality and brand according to the opportunities you want. Great insight!

      • That line is a tweetable in and of itself! Love it!

        • Perhaps you young ones do not remember it, but on Ellen’s first sitcom, her character “came out” as a lesbian. She went from star to cancelled. The world wasn’t ready for her to be herself. YET. Everyone thought her career was over for good. They were so freakin wrong. Times change, we change and if you are hard-working and love what you do, you will make it! One other thing for the coaches, I am a novelist and characters have voices too. Talk about splits. 🙂

          • I agree Demetria and Kristen the approach to aligning your personality and brand according to the opportunities you want is super critical – I see this in corporates we work with as well as entrepreneurs all the time. For example in bigger companies when there are a number of staff – they often ask should the brand be aligned with the CEO’s personality like Richard Branson and Virgin or should it stand alone and not change no matter who is in the role?
            I think it is really important to know your big WHY and who you serve so that you can bring out the strongest elements of your brand that are relevant in that situation. My audience is primarily corporates, managers, leaders and women in business and so I tend to have a professional brand voice, however I am (like all of us) a little unique so sometimes I’ll allow that to show up in subtle ways like in this video where I talk about “gobbledegook”
            Funnily enough everytime I show a little bit of my quirky side we get more comments, likes and views so I believe people really want to see the real you not some phony business face.

      • Such a great way to look at it for sure !!!

    • Love this. Perfection. Multi-faceted is exactly what we are. I write mainly about spirituality so I have worried about this in the past. I believe in every word I write. I also believe in the power of occasional well-placed expletives…in my casual speech. My readers aren’t interested in that and I don’t want anything to get in the way of the message. I think I’ve found an an authentic balance between the two. 🙂

      Besides, I don’t trust people who are exactly the same ALL of the time…except the Dalai Lama and the Pope.

      • I love how you have consciously set boundaries around when you use expletives and when you don’t. Like you alluded to, it’s all about knowing what type of readers you want to attract and what they’re looking for/are interested in.

        • Have to. I would never swear in front of my parents, either. lol

      • “We all have multiple personalities.”

        I think the problem is when one of those multiple personalities create a “disorder” – and try to hog the stage. Our humanity is multi-faceted. If we were all one-dimensional, life would be pretty predictable.

        And even the Pope and the Dalai Lama aren’t the same ALL the time. 🙂

        • “I think the problem is when one of those multiple personalities create a “disorder” – and try to hog the stage.” well said, Lisa.

      • Emilia I know how hard it is to find the balance in writing about spirituality in a way that is consciously received and clearly understood. I struggled with this in creating content for the women I serve who are training to become life coaches. I teach how to coach using spiritual techniques (yes there are techniques surprisingly) and very human psychological techniques in the course. We are souls having a human experience so it’s so interesting to find the balance in teaching these concepts in a way our human minds can grasp and integrate. I love and would be excited to hear more about how you find the balance.

        On this topic Marie I have found the biggest struggle to be more around creating friendships with my clients and deciding if that is part of my business personality and model. I share soo much of my personality, beliefs and dreams openly with the women who take my year long training. I do this so they can learn the behind the scenes challenges and growth that is possible for very real women when building their coaching business. This helps them to believe in themselves as they begin to see if I can do it, they can do it. Suddenly making 6 figures doing something they love doesn’t feel like it’s something they are not able to do. It changes their believe. BUT they end up wanting to be close friends and because I’m in a mentor role often that friendship feels more like I become the friend they go to for advice. I have had an interesting time establishing boundaries. Not that I do not want to be friends with every single one of these women, they are brilliant, beautiful, amazing women. Every year there are 40 new women in this course and I get to know each and every one of them on an intimate level. I wonder if you have any insight on how sharing your personality so openly in your business creates a level of familiarity and friendship between your followers and how you separate your personal life and friendships with your clients in a way that feels expansive for all. It’s a great challenge to face, having too many amazing women in your life available for connection. My intention is to be an open leader who connect personally with her clients but creates space for my personal family and sisterhood as well.

        Love this weeks topic! Love becoming all of ourselves through our business and brand in a balanced, powerful way.

        • Jeannine, thank you for sharing this question, because I am also curious about this. I remember hearing you speak on an Entheos conference I participated in, and I still recall deeply admiring your authenticity.

          Hope all is well! 🙂

        • I hear you sister! It’s very hard. My participants in reatreats and group coaching can feel very strongly connected to me and that they know me very well even if they just know one part of me. For a few years ago I got sad because it felt like people wanted me as a friend – not for ME but for themselves, that they felt better hanging out with me. Then I decided to put my foot down and when they only called me for advise I said: Let’s book a session for that. And I stay brutally honest with myself about who was my true friends and who I felt inspired by. And that I needed to be surrounded by highly professional leaders that would understand. Sometimes that has lead me to feeling lonely, but better lonely than being drained. Important question to discuss!

        • Great Questions Jeanine, I also have the same problem that many of my friends seem to come to me for advice rather that meeting me in the moment and it being a two way exchange.

          I love what Sanne said “lets book a session for that” but I still find it the boundaries hard.

      • Emelia that’s hilarious what you said about the Dalai Lama and the Pope being exactly the same all of the time. But you made an excellent point… Even though it totally appears that way in public, even the pope and the Dalai Lama get angry once in a while ;). In fact I once read that when the Dalai Lama gets upset, he lets himself experience the anger and express himself how he needs to in order to let it move through him. When I read this it allowed me to see that even the public leaders we perceive as “perfect” have multi faceted personalities and express themselves the way they need to at times and its ok for everyone else to allow ourselves to do that as well.

        • Hey Aziza,

          I joke about the Dalai Lama and the Pope because they’re seen as these models of “perfect morality” but, yes, they are human, too.
          I was just tweeting yesterday about how I try to let anger move through me and not hold onto it.

          You are so right about giving ourselves the permission to be all of who we are. We’d all be so much better off. 🙂

      • Steph

        That’s interesting that you say that, Emelia, because I seem to believe that inconsistent = inauthentic. I am a yoga teacher, and I speak and write a lot about spirituality from an intellectual perspective. At the same time, I have a strong rock star/badass side to me that loves to express power and passion. People who experience one side of me have trouble imagining the other side. And I don’t believe I can effectively integrate the two sides because they’re so different. If I keep them separate, as in two separate businesses or product offerings, it feels inauthentic. The problem seems to be mostly my belief system, but it’s a really juicy place to explore.

        • I hear you, Steph. I just feel different spaces call for different aspects of my personality (like you) but it’s all me. My values, my beliefs, etc…stay consistent although my expression may lighten up or intensify depending on what’s called for.

          The badass/rock star yoga teacher makes perfect (authentic) sense to me. 🙂

    • Demetria, you will not fail if you are who you are. 🙂 I love how Marie shares how she is with Kuma because that sums it all up. I don’t think she (or we) would feel comfortable if her videos were presented in the manner she speaks to Kuma. (baby talk is perfect for our pets!)

    • I couldn’t agree more, Demetria (by the way, I love your work, great combo of heart and strategy, that’s what I love to see).

      I try to be myself all the time with my brand but obviously we are such complex creatures it’s not even possible to be ENTIRELY shown as a brand with all that we are. Plus, there are all appropriate personalities for each occasion and circumstance.

      It’s all about adapting, being true to who you are, but doing so in a way that works for you regardless 🙂 Glad we’re all in agreement. Yay!

      – Kamila

    • I agree with you Demetria! I love how she told us to look at where we want to go and make sure we are properly aligned with it. I too thought I wasn’t being fully authentic. I’m very compassionate, full of fiery passion yet opinionated and direct…I think that is starting to show in my work.

    • Oh Marie I love your videos! This one touched me and the comments are fabulous food for thought. “Don’t show everything!” I love it. I live my brand. My target audience is every woman really who gets migraines. I have a website called Migraine and my preferred voice is to teach resilience, but to be honest it is hard not to express the angry self, the sad,depressed and frightened self. I want to be real, and I mean REAL because being in denial over this just doesn’t serve anyone. And every part of my personality is pushed to the limits almost everyday with intense pain. How does one brand such a painful topic? Even harder – how does one make it fun to read and fun to watch!!!!!

    • Well put Marie! I know you are always a strong advocate of talking to your target audience but keeping in mind where you want to take your businesses is a great addition to the view. This really takes it up a notch. Well done!

  2. This is such a great topic, Marie! The biggest thing that stood out to me was that we all have multiple personalities — it’s not about adopting a new personality or being someone else in your brand, but it IS about choosing the elements of your personality that you want to showcase in your business. I’ve struggled before with where to draw the line in bringing my personality to my business, but I always keep in mind my ideal customer and write the way I would talk to her.

    • Yes! I love this insight too. I find it super affirming, especially since sometimes – with me at least – it can feel like I’m coming across fake when I choose not to put everything out there.

    • I think more accurately speaking its that our personalities are quite diverse with many layers. Only because there is such a thing as Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as multiple personality).

      As we grow we add layers and we become new things, so we may be a girl and a child and know ourselves in those contexts, but then we learn who we are as women in how we interact with our female friends, as sexual partners, as a wife, as an employee, etc. We are the same person in all areas but we slightly shift. Also, I think its important to also remember that we grow, so I know in my life I can look back at my 18 year old self and see a completely different person because since then many things have happened in my life. I learned a lot. I have chosen to think in a different way.

      • Good clarification, Sandy! Your description of multi-layered personalities is spot-on and a more eloquent way of articulating what I way trying to say 🙂 And it’s true that all of our personalities will develop more layers over time.

        Then it’s up to each of us individually to determine which personality layers we want to bring into our brand (based, I believe, on your company’s purpose and audience). Some are appropriate to share with your audience … and some, maybe not so much!

        • Yes, Kristen!

          You know, sunday night I caught the first part of Miley Cyrus’ show on television. I remember thinking how I could never put my sexuality out in front of the world like she does. Thats just not me plus not something I would ever feel comfortable with.

          And it was kind of amazing to see how so many people follow her. Even Miley called herself a “leader” of her people. The point is she knows what she wants to put out there and who will follow, they do follow. It just goes to show how like-minded people are out there… 🙂

      • Sandy, LOVE this explanation!! You are spot on, WE ALL have multiple personalities, that develop even more so over time!! I am definitely struggling with which voice to be using right now, as I transition from Prime Time to Late Night!!

    • I couldn’t agree more – this is such an important insight to have. We are all super complex and we have to know what we can use (and what we WANT to use) for our business and brand. This is all going back to brand strategy, who we are talking to and why… and I like to talk to my ideal customers in a way that speaks to them too with enough (all) of myself in the mix 🙂

  3. Nope, I do not have this problem. :-p

    As Marie said, know your audience. If most of your audience is deeply religious, then f bombs littered all over the place is a bad idea. This type of thing will drive away customers. If most of your audience are the Harley Davidson riding Hell’s Angels type, then the f bombs are probably fine.

    It’s good to keep it real in our personal lives and business. However, in certain situations, it may be detrimental to you to keep it all the way real. If you find that you are at a level 10, you may want to dial it down a little to a level that isn’t so jarring to others. Toning things down some isn’t inauthentic. You’re simply adding facets to your diamond. 🙂 Good luck!

    • I love it! “Toning things down some isn’t inauthentic. You’re simply adding facets to your diamond.”

      This reminds me of how children learn the seasons and match up a person who is wearing certain clothes to which scene they belong to. Certainly I wouldn’t wear a bikini to go skiing or wear my winter clothes while at the beach. Its all good at different times 😉

    • “Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior.” ~Juvenal.

  4. Ali Parnell

    Love, love, love this video! Helps so much. Thank you!

  5. Another on point post from MarieTV, Love it!

  6. The beauty of Brand voice is we can all be ourselves and that totally rocks!

    My clear dreams have been to give others the love and support they can use to become better people, especially leading by example.

    My target audience began with women in early adulthood discovering who they are by learning what they like and don’t like. Since I began, my audience has grown to young women as well as older women. In fact, its expanded to include men! (Mostly dads who have daughters and want to find consistent role models)

    I like who I am, adorably funny and down to earth relatable. That is why I keep it simple. I want others to relate to me so I share my struggles, but I also give them something to look forward to because its not always a struggle. I also continue to move forward and want others to follow their own dreams moving forward.

    Are there times when I become overwhelmed and unsure of myself? Yes. But I don’t write about it until some time has passed so I can share my experience of getting out of a funk.

    I believe women are role models, even if we try not to be. Staying true to who you are as you grow is key, especially for young women who do not know who they are as women and look around to those of us who through trial and error (or mistake after mistake) have figured it out.

    Much love…

  7. Marie, I loved this video! I struggle with this from time to time…how much is too much? 😉 But I love what you said about aligning your personality and brand according to the opportunities you want. Perfect! Thank you!

  8. I love this video! It’s something I’ve often struggled with in the past. And now, I’m in the process of finding a “new” voice, as I’m transitioning from my translation business into a wellness business – my real passion! 🙂 This episode has given me lots to think about. Can’t wait to put it into practice and hone my new brand voice! Thank you, Marie 🙂

  9. This topic really speaks to me. I am a fitness professional who owns a personal training studio for women. I am also kind of a science geek and I like that about myself and think that it differentiates me as a trainer, because I think it shows that I am serious about health and I have the background to back it up. BUT, in the fitness world it seems like the most successful trainers are big personality-type people, with super killer workouts, which I’m not so comfortable with and I really don’t like. Am I missing major market share by not putting a bigger ME out there?

    • Elyse,
      I LOVE that you have the science geek because it does make you different in your own way. As a science gal myself I would love someone like you who I can relate to. Its true, you may not get everyone, but who does? My city alone has 2.9 million people and I know not all will like me and thats cool.

      When you share who you are you will attract others who love that about you and then it just keeps getting better!!!!

    • Steph

      Elyse, I am a science geek working in the fitness field, too, and I totally get what you’re saying. IMO, the big personalities are usually to make up for the lack of actual science and health knowledge. I think we “geeks” benefit more from branding ourselves as experts–we don’t have to be all flash because we really know what we’re doing. 🙂 And there is a big market for experts who can make clients feel safe and supported and informed, rather than simply kicking their butts. I know he’s not a fitness pro, but think how big Dr. Oz is!

  10. This is what I’ve been struggling with! I’m an ordained all faiths minister and have a business that deals with the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life. I also drop f-bombs. I’m having a hard time finding my public voice, because when I’m with my friends and family I have a lot of fun exploring and exploring the same spiritual concepts I talk about in my brand, but I ALSO don’t want to alienate some of my more proper clients. I simply haven’t found a good answer to “who am I ok with turning off and repelling” yet. The people I enjoy working with the most have always been ok with a few curse words and real talk…. so this just might be an issue of learning to accept that not everyone is gonna like the “real” me and letting myself show up more fully.

    • Erin,

      It sounds like the real you is super cool and fun. Personally I do not drop F bombs ever when I speak (I did write it once or twice in a book where I added a disclaimer). It doesn’t bother me necessarily but as Marie said its also context. When I take my nephew to the park and grown ups are cursing left and right it really bothers me not because I want to change who they are or judge them but because I believe its respect towards children. I hope that makes sense 🙂

      • Sandy,

        Thank you! That makes perfect sense. I don’t curse around children or around my elders – I was raised in the Midwest so that’s seen as rude and disrespectful. But on my blog/videos, I think I’d rather curse… lightly. It feels like it would be authentic.


    • Erin, I think you might have answered this dilemma yourself in your post.

      If the people you enjoy working with the most are ok with a few curse words and real talk then why not try writing for them.

      Even if you felt comfy just sticking to the ‘real talk’ and left out the curse words, you might find your audience moves more and more towards the people you most love to work with.

      And there is nothing better in the world than writing for and working with clients you love. xx

    • Ha! Hi Erin-Ashley, fancy finding you here!! As I was watching this episode of Marie TV, I was TOTALLY thinking of the woo-crew and how much I appreciate a little authenticity (f-bombs and what not) with spirituality, as opposed to cookie-cutter-goodie-two-shoes. As far as different personalities go, I do have a bit of sassy and FUN part of me (that more of my family and friends see), that I don’t usually portray on a professional level. However, my professional persona sometimes comes across as ‘sweet’, which I’m not too sure I’m fond of anymore…I mean what does that mean, anyway? Sweet and sassy is more like it. LOL. **insert z-snap in air**

      • Well, isn’t it nice to see your beautiful gravatar face here!!! I had the same problem with the “sweet” thing… I love being sweet, but make no mistake, I got myself a serious attitude under the right circumstances…. and an accent to go with it. Love your sass!

    • Steph

      Hi Erin, I totally get where you’re coming from. I’m in the yoga world, but I face a similar struggle. For the record, I think a minister who can offer up a well-placed curse is a genius. 🙂

      • Thanks, Steph! I’ve made the decision to start light cursing in my videos and pretend I’m speaking to some of my favorite clients and just see what happens. Worst case? All my subscribers hate me. I think that’s unlikely, though. 🙂

  11. Madison Wise

    I struggled with this when I first began my blog. I began writing as a form of self-expression and as a way to connect with like-minded peers to share my resources, stories, and struggles that led me to where I am today. I remember when making the decision to share a very personal journal entry of mine I kept worrying to myself “what will my parents think?” (Now for some of you, that may not cross your mind, but as a 20 year old still spending summers at home… it was a big deal to me.) I debated leaving out the specific part to appease my parents, but ultimately I decided to publish my journal post as it was, in full detail, because that’s what my blog was about for me – self expression.

    Luckily for me, my parents read every blog I ever posted and they were behind me 100%. In fact, when I took an extended break from posting, they were the first to encourage me to start again. By staying true to myself and the purpose behind my blog, I was able to share my authentic truth and even be surprised by the range of people that connected with me.

    thank you for another great episode, Marie & the gang. love y’all!

    • Very cool Madison. Great to have parents who encouraged you to keep writing! XO

    • Hi Madison,
      I am on the opposite side of the coin. I am a mom with two children and I actually cringed when I walked into the kitchen one morning and found my 18 year old son reading my blog. I told him he wasn’t ever allowed to read it again. He asked me why and told me he liked reading it. Okay then.

      As my blog is all about being vulnerable and finding authenticity I try to write as uncensored as possible, but the incident with my son showed me that I do worry, “What will my kids think.”

      I don’t think it has really been an issue thus far, but I’m going to be more aware of it in the future.

  12. I am so glad you covered this. I struggle this a lot in my business. As a mom, and a business/team builder, I struggle with what to put out there that I wouldn’t mind if my mom or children would see it.

    I don’t want to be “too goody two shoes” when sometimes, inside, I am yearning to “let a little jersey out.”

    I really appreciated hearing how you changed things once you became more aware of your audience. Good insight!


    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

    • Jackie,

      As someone who’s been in your industry AND your shoes, I know this all too well. I found my balance when I remembered that I’m talking to my audience like I’m talking to my friends – which means sometimes I say things my kids shouldn’t hear, and sometimes I say things that ONLY my kids will understand because I’ve been around kids for faaaaar too long. 🙂 It all balances out in the end!

  13. Very important topic. Lots of people seem to read “being interesting” as “being condescending” or simply “snarky” when they’re working on their Brand Me.

    While I look for the contrarian angle in my blog so I’m adding value, I try to do it objectively and with self-deprecating humour. I don’t always succeed, but that’s what I aim for!

  14. This is so great! I think a lot of people get hung up on the idea that holding themselves back means restricting their “real” personality, when that just isn’t the case. I think you did an amazing job explaining how we are all multidimensional human beings and that different situations might require us to showcase different aspects of who we are. I love it! This is really inspiring.

  15. Super timely Marie. I’ve had this question going on inside me for the last month. It applies to my business and wading back into dating.
    I’ve noticed the facets happen naturally at different times of the day, week, month, and when I’m relaxed or keyed up. I’ve been focusing on being aware of where I’m situated inside when this happens to better understand myself. It is helpful to marry up times and tasks that go together and also strengthen the muscle of “this is my work time and stay in the professional playpen”.

  16. I was dreaming about this last night trying to figure it out!! Here’s why…

    A friend of mine invited me to tag along with her to her friends house the other night. I had met her friend a couple of times, but didn’t know her well. While there I met her parents. Her mom was really interested in what was doing on an entrepreneurial level and so I just let it all hang out telling her that I created this arm of my business as a result of a bad experience I had at my past work (gave some details), a frustration with toxic work environments and passion and desire to change it. I have a solid education to back it up and I could market myself based on that alone, but it was really my bad experience that really lit my passion for doing what I do. Well it turns out that her husband (who was standing there) is in a very high position at his work (eh em… Fire Chief) and I think it highly likely that he knows all the players from my bad experience. He made a comment about acting in ways that wouldn’t ruin work references… but I just feel/felt that I needed to be myself…. and courageously I need to stand in my brand.

    I was nervous as hell, but the Fire Chief invited me to sit down for a drink (we were standing) and we had a nice chat about work environment and some of the challenges at his work.

    When I left and all I could think about is how I came across. Was it right? Was it wrong? Ultimately I think you need to find a comfort level with how you are presenting yourself to the world without chickening out on your purpose.

  17. Awesome video and it came at the right moment! I’m going to start another blog and I was still having doubts on this topic. Helped me a lot, thanks Marie!

  18. I can totally relate to this. I used to work as a youth motivational speaker but due to the recent shift in my focus to help guys quit porn and love more, my content has been more explicit and real. It kinda sucks because a part of me wants to please and be accepted by everyone. But if I had to choose, I would rather choose to work with people who accept and appreciate the WHOLE of me vs getting turned off by a PART of me. It’s usually the very accepting and appreciative individuals who are more open minded and emotionally mature as well. Great video Marie <3

  19. beth

    Marie, thanks for that story. I had that exact exorcist moment yesterday when the teller at my bank refused to deposit… deposit, not cash, a check that was written to me using my everyday name rather than my “formal legal, I hate it and never use it name”. This had never happened before in all the years I have done banking, there or anywhere else. It is so helpful to be reminded that everyone has those moments when their specific triggers are hit in just the right way.

    For the record, I did go back to the bank and apologize to the teller in the presence of a supervisor while making it quite clear to the supervisor that I was still angry and that the policy of the bank to do that is not acceptable.

  20. Love this one, Marie!

    This is something I’ve thought about a lot, trying to figure out which direction to take; brash, bold, and brazen OR softer, silly, and sweet. It’s all there within me.

    I’m in a niche where the people who get “press” (it’s coming to me soon, I can feel it!) project “perfect”. The party industry is such that most of the people that I’ve met that are in it like I am, wanting their clients to think/believe that they’re capable, are out to have their customers thinking, “Oh, they are so nice!” Which goes along with wanting them to believe that everything is pretty and beautiful too. And, we all know “everything that glitters is not gold”.

    So, thank you for the great vid episode. You spoke into exactly what I’ve been contemplating for some time now AND your information helped!

    Cheers to you, Marie!

  21. Thanks for the awesome episode Marie. I loved this one. “We all have multiple personalities.” <- so true!

  22. We have as much responsibility for knowing who our ideal clients are as we do in offering our best work. We are at our highest and best purpose when we’re aligning with those who “get us” & sync with our values. That is how we reach Napoleon Hill’s “third brain” state where the most powerful creative ideas emerge. In many ways, Marie is suggesting we understand and live to our values by thoughtfully choosing them. When you have articulated these values, decisions become much easier because they filter through the values you’ve clarified and choices become clear — our life theme becomes the decision filter.

  23. About green tea – that’s probably because the water you used was too hot. Green tea is delicate and should be steeped in water that is very warm, but not hot. Using boiling water does release more antioxidants, but it also causes the tea to turn bitter. Also, remove the tea bag after a few minutes. Then, you won’t have armpit tea 😉

    • Ha, Brianne! I love that this is the part of the episode you pick-up and comment on. Brilliant!

      p.s. I totally agree.

    • Many thanks Brianne! 🙂 XO

    • Yay! This is why I love Marie TV. Not only did Marie share some of her usual awesomeness for my business. But, I’ve also had a green tea question answered. Brilliant!

  24. Liz

    IMPECCABLE timing as always! I’m struggling with this AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT as I’ve uncovered the next deeper level of my niche.

    Just like you said, your message is for basically any age group until you realized that mom’s with little ones were watching your videos – I realized that my target audience is not just an entrepreneur, but one who is more established – with employees!

    I’m not just helping the entrepreneur maximize their value, I’m helping the team and the company as a whole as well!

    Because of this shift, I’m toning down the wild side of me, and refining the classier, (and still sassier), side of me that the established entrepreneur will relate to!

    Great honest insights as always!!

  25. Wonderful subject today! It is very true and can sometimes be overwhelming trying to find that ‘voice.’ I suggest anyone looking to develop their voice begin with archetypes. It can start a discussion about what deeply motivates you and bring clarity to your purpose.

    Thanks Marie! Keep up the great work!

  26. Such a timely post Marie. This is something I’ve been thinking about in my biz and you have such a great way of explaining it using the tv analogy.

    For me, I do want to be my authentic self as part of my brand but I also make sure that whenever I communicate either in writing or on video I am doing so in a way that is clear, action oriented and fun.

    This has been a tricky ride for me because I have recently stopped hiding the fact that I am both an intuitive pathfinder AND a business and marketing breakthrough guide.

    Yes being soulful and businesslike can go together when helping people grow their business 🙂 which certainly was not the case when I worked in corporate land.

    So my voice has to bridge both hard core business building strategies AND my ability to help people shine by tuning into their inner lives and journey as well.

    After struggling with this I now have found a way to balance the two. And my clients love it and it makes my heart sing.

  27. I used to struggle with this one, big time! I’ve recently started showing more of my own personality in my videos, which is actually harder than it looks like! “Just be yourself” is a great advise, but what does it actually mean?

    One tip that I came up with – listen to your gut feeling. It always knows best. I don’t mind when people use an adult language, but when I swear, it just doesn’t sit well in my stomach! It feels like I’m trying to pretend to be someone else.

    One more tip – I always try to imagine that I’m writing / talking to my friend. It eliminates the feeling of weirdness and the doubts whether I’m being my true self, or not 🙂

    P.S. I don’t watch TV because internet is so much more awesome! And Tuesday is my favorite “TV” day because my favorite show “MarieTV” is on! I love it!! Thanks so much for another awesome episode and great advise! 🙂

    • Thanks for watching and commenting Osha – so glad you love Tuesdays as much as we do 🙂

  28. Ha! We just prepared and launched a Kickstarter campaign. Much time went into considering exactly this before putting together our intro video. What part of our personality will connect our audience with us? It’s a learning curve and takes some time to dope out. Thanks as always Marie for simplifying thoughts around this.

  29. Angela

    I’m in the process of finding my brand voice–excellent timing!

    Reading the comments really helped clarify some of the issues I struggle with, too. Not sounding fake, not sounding goody, goody. Being authentic but not so much so that it’s inappropriate or turns people off.

    Awesome lesson! Loved the little devil face. I can totally relate to those not-so-nice moments that catch us by surprise. I call them “mama bear” moments.

  30. Becky

    Thank you, Marie. This came at such a serendipitous time. I was just journaling this morning about the word “manipulation” in relation to the personality that shows up when I don’t feel like I am “worthy” of what I really want. It’s interesting to hear you describe the facets of our personality and it makes so much sense that we show up differently at different times. Great awareness building.

  31. I was chatting about this with my husband on the weekend, particularly about a few silly photos I was tagged in on Instagram. They definitely aren’t my brand, but definitely are me. I decided to change my Instagram to a personal account instead. This was a difficult decision for me.

    I’m working on putting more of my silly self into my brand because it’s part of what makes me magnetic in real life, but I agree there are lines. Sometimes it’s really easy to see which parts to inject into your brand and which to hold back. Other times, when you just want to take little pieces of a personality trait and leave others, it feels hard to see where the line needs to be drawn.

    Thank-you for this thought-provoking post, Marie.

  32. Paranormal author, Zoe Winters, taught me SO much about the authenticity of “voice” — four years ago.

    Zoe (who is a pioneer quality-product IndieAuthor) definitely comes with a warning label for f-bombs and addressing her fans ( !!) as “witches” with a Capital “B” [yes!! she does ] . . . but in spite of being called female doggies, her fans LOVE her potty-mouth.

    I’m a little bit tooooo Queen Elizabeth to follow Zoe other than from afar; but Zoe proves that there is PLENTY of fan-base for even a naughty-tougued author **IF** that author has a quality design, fully engages her audience with acknowledgments, and keeps the product coming.

    • Fantastic example Emily – thanks for sharing this!

  33. Great post. I walk this line everyday on social media. So awesome to hear it fleshed out like this. Thank you!

  34. Your topic fit in perfect with my day! I am going to have my 13 year old daughter watch this, as this is perfect for life in general.

    • Awesome – thank you for sharing with your daughter too Melissa!

  35. Sydney

    I feel like you’ve been reading my mind, Marie. I’ve been concerned about this in the process of building my site. My upcoming business targets survivors of abuse but is ideal for anyone who wants to make healthy and clean lifestyle changes. I’m a massive goofball, but abuse and the resulting damage isn’t funny. So, finding the right moments to bring levity to the discussions is going to be a challenge.

    • Hi Sydney,
      I am also just starting my web site and even though I will not direct target survivors of abuse, I will be approaching the subject a different way. How/where can I find your site? Thanks!

  36. Great video! This is one of my favorites.

    I’ve been struggling with this issue for years. I too write personal development and often said I’d love to be the Suze Orman of personal development. One of the reasons why I like Suze is because she does not sugar coat things. She tells you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. Suze has a bit of an edge to her. And quite frankly, I think some people may not respond to someone who portrays “sunshine and rainbows” all of the time.

    On the flip side, I’m developing a children’s picture book series for ages 4-8. Parents, grandparents, school administrators, aunts, uncles, retailers, etc. will buy my books. I need to figure out my voice for this market. It hasn’t been easy.

    I’ll have to re-watch this video and meditate for guidance. 🙂

    @Brianne… Thanks for the tip about green tea. Mine comes out bitter. Now I know why… I use hot water. 🙂

  37. Jennifer

    So glad you mentioned families. I have been watching your videos since this spring and you’ve had a lot of great things to say. My husband and I are business owners and have a teenage son heading to high school. You certainly have some invaluable lessons here, for business and life that I know my son can learn from. Add to it your spunky style and bits of humour and I know he’ll enjoy watching your videos and learning a little something instead of us hammering stuff into him during dinner! We’re trying to teach him responsibility and manners and taking ownership of the things he does. He’s a great kid and no matter if he stays in the family business or branches out to do his own thing, it’s important to think about how he presents himself in public verses at home and with his friends. His high school program will give him a great opportunity to test this out as it’s heavily focused on presentations – both speeches and visual media. Thank you for the lessons!

  38. Veronica W. Robinson

    Yes, I struggle with this issue because I am 50/50 city/country ultra-modern tech vogue/earth mama down-home diy roots woman. I feel like the country girl is the REAL me and the city girl is the cultivated me. I always revert back to Ms. Natural Woman, but I have found money and business success as Ms. Super Chic. I know there’s room for balance, but I still find myself pulling one way and pushing the next, which I think makes people who’ve known me question where I’m at cause they don’t see the connection. Hope I’m being clear. Thanks for the post and all the comments. I’ll keep working at this!

  39. Never really thought about the different voices I have but it is certainly true. I drop the odd F-Bomb every now and then but I would NEVER EVER swear in front of my mother. No way. lol

  40. oliver

    yes.I am always altering and considering what I say before I say it, as to how it corresponds to what is being said and who it is being said to..I feel as if we have no alternative but to do this once we become people who have an impact on others and influence events around us.

  41. Terrific piece about one’s AUTHENTIC self. In my work helping people to build better, more meaningful, more effective professional relationships, I often preach that the best iteration — the best version — of our selves is the self we are at home, at work and in the community. That is our most authentic self. That said, I agree with Marie that we must know our audience, we must know which aspects of our selves to utilize at any given moment and be present enough to recognize it at the time.

  42. Love the contents of the Tuesday Marie Foleo TV. Today, image, brand and personality is a great one. So true we have so many facets to our personalities. Great thing, I’ve found that the more I’ve moved into doing the work I love the more comfortable I became to simply be me. In my old corporate job I really felt that only a small part of me could ever be shown on a daily basis. It’s not always easy this consolidation and the journey is not over yet, but certainly am in a much more personally comfortable place than I was before.The chat today really brought this home for me. Thank you Marie!

  43. Love this! I kept going in circles when working on the copy for my coaching website. It may have sped things up had I watched this video at the time. 😉 Anyway, I realized that I wanted to work with clients who appreciate authenticity, have an open mind and heart and are comfortable with a relaxed approach – but I had no idea how to communicate this. Finally I decided real is best, even if that means alienating some people, so I put a note on my Work With Me page – it says: “If you’re looking for high brow, uber intellectual and formal coaching sessions, I’m not your coach. If you’re looking for a compassionate, positive and intuitive coach…” and so on.

    Plus, the other day I decided to share some of my oddities on my blog – why not? I think our quirks make us more relatable to clients and people in general! 🙂

    That said, I haven’t shared all facets of me…

    • Isar

      Very inspiring Christine! Thank you for posting it 🙂

  44. Great video Marie! Indeed lots of entrepreneurs can forget that it’s parts of their personality that come into play in different circumstances. We all have many sides, and different energies that come out at different times. It’s all about figuring out which parts of you serve your brand and your customer.

    Love the “she-devil Marie”. Fun!

  45. Marie!!!!!! This is what has been keeping me up at night for weeks now!! This, and the cold-brewed coffee I’ve been drinking too late in the afternoon. BTW – I agree, some green tea does taste like b.o.

    I’ve really been struggling to identify my audience and figure out how to present myself. It’s been holding me back from moving forward at all. I have a sarcastic humor that people find pleasurable, but I blog about personal development, meaning creation and effecting change. I feel like my “real personality” is late night cable, but what I want to share with my audience (right now, socially conscious entrepreneurs and self-improvement fanatics) is more like BBC.

    WAIT A MINUTE – I think this is a revelation right here. I was going to say I thought my audience was PBS folks, but BBC came out. That means I can I still have my dry wit and moderately dark humor, just leave out any raunchy bits and lay low on the sarcasm.

    Finding the right voice is everything, and my fears of being vulnerable and feeling insecure about sharing my personal stuff has been dragging me down. I’m going to watch this video a few more times and let it sink in.

  46. I love this! Especially the part about who you’re ok repelling. I’ve realized as a Certified Life and Wellness Coach who believes in life purpose and that our purpose is to serve others, I’ve gotten clear a few months ago that I don’t mind repelling those who don’t believe in life purpose and knowing they are here do to more to serve the world.

    Thank you for sharing Marie

  47. I love the fact that you tackled this question and I have definitely struggled over the years with this issue.

    I’m bipolar and it’s a big part of who I really am and I need to express it. In my personal life, I use Facebook and write poems under an assumed name to keep a firewall between my professional (corporate) and personal life. Work people don’t need to know I’m bipolar or that I like weird comedy and art. My corporate facebook presence is personable but family-friendly. My work persona has a lot of the real me – caring, funny, smart, dedicated, but I keep the crazy under wraps.

    My blog,, is where I blend personal and professional because I am interested in helping other bipolar professionals. I use a different name there so I can be honest about both bipolar and work so no one (including future employers) can find out about my bipolar through a web search.

    • Beautiful Kathleen! Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for opening up a discussion for folks to connect, learn and grow around what a sensitive and important topic.

  48. I love this! Especially the part about who you’re ok repelling. I’ve realized as a Certified Life and Wellness Coach who believes in life purpose and that our purpose is to serve others, I’ve gotten clear a few months ago that I don’t mind repelling those who don’t believe in life purpose and knowing they are here do to more to serve the world.

    Thank you for sharing Marie!

  49. Thanks for continuing to add value to our lives Marie!

    I remember facing this time and time again. It kept me paralyzed for quite some time.

    Candid? Conscious? Consciously Candid?

    Couldn’t write. Couldn’t create. Couldn’t serve, until I made a decision.

    I landed on the latter of the 3, and made a decision to be as consciously-authentic as possible in sharing and serving my community. I’m sure my brand voice will continue to evolve as I and my brand continue to evolve, but it helped to see miracle workers like Marie Forleo delivering value while honoring their authentic Self. I’ve come to know that when you honor your authentic Self, it joins forces with the Universe and the two team up to make magic in favor of your purpose.

    With Love & Light,

    • Good point about the continued evolution. I really do think it takes practice to find your truest voice. And that voice changes (as it should) as you evolve as a person. Glad you got over your block.
      With joy,

      • Thank you for your kind words Geeta! <3

        I had a chance to look at your website, and I must commend you for your many accomplishments. It's women like you who inspire me to be great.

        With Love & Light,

  50. I needed this, Marie! I’m a therapist, but I sometimes feel like I don’t fit the mold. I can be very deep and thoughtful, but I’m also playful, extroverted and like to think I am funny ;). When you’re trying to start a business I think it’s tempting to want to be everything to everybody. I’m still working out my “identity crisis!”

  51. I worked in broadcasting for years and I totally struggled with this question in the early days. The way I finally resolved it for myself was that my “on camera” persona was me, but the best parts of me. Me always having a good day. Me well-rested and well-fed and full of joy and hope. Which is not to say I don’t display my sarcastic, irreverent side (I actually think my twisted sense of humour is the best part of me), but that I’m careful to not be hurtful or negative. As I tell my toddler, you can swear but never directly at someone or to make someone feel bad.
    Anyway, great timing as always. I had been looking to do a version of this “finding my best self” exercise for the purposes of writing a bio.
    And I got me a kickass template!!!

    • I love this blog post/template, and your comment Geeta! Thanks! I will use it later today. 🙂

    • Geeta, Thanks so much for sharing!! Just read your blog post!! Great advice! Thank you for the link to the template and the additional tips!!

      Side note: I think it is awesome that you have worked with Jian Ghomeshi!!!! I love the Q!!!

  52. This topic is right on time for me! I have been in the midst of filming videos for my new body+mind+spirit program for women over 40 and while the aspect of me I get into when filming is totally real and authentic – “best-zen- me” – I’ve struggled with the fact that I then shift into “frustrated-no-so-zen- me” when I have to do 20 takes or some real life crisis pops up – not wanting to be a hypocrite… then realizing – hey! this is life! we are multifaceted! I recognize the inconsistency in myself and therefore my humanness!” Thanks for the great article and video!

  53. Doris Day, Mae West – very different but both got it right: consistency is the key.

    • I love this!! Simple, yet powerful!! You are correct, consistency is the key! Thanks for sharing!!

  54. Okay, Marie, you nailed … again! I’m currently moving my ministry into a new direction and along with that has come a new brand for my work. The problem is, while I’m more “Ellyn” (kind, compassionate) I also can be a little caustic (think Joan Rivers or Don Rickels) in my delivery, particularly if someone has asked me to challenge them in moving toward success. I’ve had to “temper” my writing and my speaking, but I’m still being authentically me. For example, my coach threw up a red flag at my new slogan, “Find your vision – Get a Life!” But, I insisted on using it (after nixing countless others) and it’s working perfectly with great feedback. No, it wouldn’t work for my coach, but then he’s not me! Thanks for yet another amazing video and all the help you give so many people!

  55. Shawna Giefer

    Always love your insight and wisdom. And I also very much think green tea tastes like armpits sometimes 🙂

  56. Thank you! so right on time…it’s OK to have multiple personalities!!! Who knew! Now I have to tell my therapist to quit trying to consolidate all of the “me’s” in my head… #IJS

  57. Great topic! Thanks Marie! xo

  58. AZ

    Thanks for the video.

    The reason your green tea tastes bad is because you’re only supposed to steep the tea for 1-3 minutes, depending on the quality.

    Take the bag out. No squeezing. And viola, tea that doesn’t taste like booty. 😉

  59. Another great episode of Marie TV!
    I know that it is important to balance out my brand voice with who I am trying to reach. Sometimes that can be challenging but I love how you provide why it is important to separate the different personalities.
    Thanks Marie. You are always an inspiration.

  60. I have a couple of different social media outlets and I am different on them. I have a lot of stay at home moms and southern Christian women who follow me on facebook and they will get upset if I use foul language. In my real life I have a potty mouth so I have to be very selective with my words there. I call it my mom filter. My mom actually follows me on facebook so if I wouldn’t say it to her face, I won’t use it on Facebook.

    Now, I have Instagram and that is what I use as a crossover between my real life account and my get in shape girl account. I don’t hesitate to put up a photo of me drinking margaritas, ciders, champagne, or hanging out with my friends or dancing to tupac because my brand is me.. I am a real life person and it’s a younger social platform so it’s more accepting of this kind of behavior.

    Right place.. right time.. right audience is key!

  61. LOVED THIS VIDEO!!! Right on key with something I am going through right now!! You always know Marie, you always know!! I was just talking about Brand Voice with a fellow blogger and we were both on the fence as to what our voice should be in our biz!!

    I have been Prime Time voice for the past 6 years and actually feel that has done more harm than good. My business has soared because I have presented myself and my business in a certain way that actually has never been authentic to myself. I have felt like I have dug myself a pretty deep hole and I am trying to get out of it, and get away from being known as the “very sweet and traditional values gal”; because that ain’t me!! I’m not sure how I even got to this point, but 6 years later, I am feeling unhappy with my business and now I am transitioning to “Late Night” but doing so in a very rebellious way; meaning I’m full on shutting down/closing my business because I have grown bitter about the voice I have chosen to use and feel unable to make the change.

    Does anyone have insight as to how I can go from Prime Time with an established business (Prime Time followers/fans) to Late Night?? I feel I do know my audience, but they aren’t hearing me right now because I’ve been preaching to the wrong audience. I hope this makes sense, I just woke up and a light bulb went off and I just had to share!!

    • Hey Nic. No big mystery here, you just do it. You shared you’ll be closing up your existing business, so that handles that part. I’d also encourage you to get clear on what exactly you want to accomplish with your new business/new voice, and why. What’s the bigger purpose? Who’s lives do you hope to change? How will you make an industry, market, the world a better place? Use this episode as a framework to help clarify your dream and audience, then just get to work!

  62. I am super duper conscious of my public voice vs. my private voice. This Age of Internet means that people can publicly review my business, and the last thing I want to do is put a bad foot forwards. My website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., are my public billboards for my business. My private life is separate from these, so I tailor my online voice for biz only.

    I think the underlying idea behind which personally we use is about creating boundaries for ourselves, personal rules about the way we want to be seen in different situations.

  63. Thanks Marie, you hit the nail on the head with this one!

  64. Brooke Underwood

    Thanks Marie!!! Looooove that dress!

    My brand personality is ALWAYS on my mind as I have spent hours just thinking of brand names, concepts, the umbrella that I want to be affiliated with, etc. I’ve finally settled on my last name for my healing/intuitive/health coaching biz, but I know it’s going to be a struggle to find both my “authentic voice” and “authentic business voice.” But I’m getting closer and closer! I just have to look at it as “re-educating” or “re-learning” myself and my voice.

    Recording my voice to flush out ideas and clairaudience really, really helps! xo

    Love & Light,

  65. Hi Marie,

    LOVE this message! I ask myself this question often and your A to that Q put it into a healthy perspective for me.

    Thank you!

    PS. I just HAVE to ask… HOW do you know what armpit taste like? Hee Hee LOL!

    • Troyann, you’ll just have to use your imagination for that one 🙂

  66. Liz

    This video is like a personal gift from Marie to me! It could not have come at a better time. I just wrote a blog post ( about my personality struggle. I’m direct, demanding and determined, which should be good things, but I fear being perceived as The Mega B—- at work! This video reminded me that I can still be myself, but that maybe I should tone some things down in the workplace.

  67. Thank you for your wisdom and insights Marie. I now accept my multiple personalities and voices, Mama’s voice, daughter’s voice, wify’s voice, business voice, change agent voice…. got it! and be the authentic me.

    MORE power and blessings! Mwahhhhh Jhet

  68. great question
    for me it’s really challenging because I’m in a transition to awake my spiritual voice as I realize it’s my true voice and what I want as a brand voice

  69. I definitely censor myself. I have a teen and parent audience, so I usually keep it PG rated. Ideally, I’d like to go PG-13 or R, but educating children is about setting good examples. If I’m dropping F bombs, then the moms might not hire us.

  70. Thanks Marie, truly great information! So many people struggling to find themselves and their market – your topics are always right on!

    Wish you Health, Happiness & Success

  71. Great episode Marie!!!

    I have been trying to launch a new business and this is an area in which I struggle. I tend to write very professional and don’t really have that fun and crazy side. But, I dont want to come across as boring or rigid. Any advice for me?


    • Hey Claudia! Head over to – you’ll get a few tips to kick things off via email 🙂

      • Thanks! I am headed over there now.

        My goal is to help entrepreneurs build organizations with heart. Where employees are seen in a new light.

  72. This was very helpful! We all do have different personalities and it is a matter of merging them together to express ourselves.

    I started SPARKITE to help others tap into their true and authentic self. Here, users SPARK what they want to be held accountable to. It could be to work on your business, blog, be your most authentic self and the list goes on. Check it out here Lots of love, Lauren

  73. Rim

    1- I often struggle with this thing ,and I often feel bad about myself , because in some situations where Im supposed to act differently , I feel guilty after doing that . I start saying that it is a fake personnality !
    2- when people ask me ,I do not know how to answer in order to satisfy them .I ,sometimes, do not control myself and start talking about a bunch of things to let them understand everything about the thing that they are asking me about , which seems annoying to some of them , and makes me feel sort of embarassed about myself and about everything Im saying , I think that is what made lose selfconfidance somehow

  74. Love, love, love.

    A few months ago, I launched a web app that tells professionals how they’re coming across in their photos, so they can choose the right ones to use online. (It’s totally free to use @

    Given the nature of my work, I’m so happy to see you preaching the good word that “letting it all hang out” doesn’t necessarily equal “the real you”– that what we show in business should ultimately depend on our goals. I’m sure many women will feel relieved to hear it!

    • Hi Ann,
      Just wanted to say that I checked out and I LOVE IT!!!
      I sometimes spend entirely too much time trying to “guess” which photo to use on my profiles and websites.
      I just posted 4 photos on PhotoFeeler for testing!
      Even as I was rating others’ photos I got some valuable insight into what caused me to consider their level of Competence, Likability, and Influence.
      Hope you get TONS of people using your service!
      ~Troyann, Breakthrough Specialist for Entrepreneurial Minded Professionals

      • Aww, Troyann, thanks so much!! It makes my day to hear it. 🙂

        We’re working on tons of new features, so hopefully it will only get better in time.

  75. Hi Marie,

    The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters is a great read on this subject of multiple or ‘split’ personality.
    Kind regards,

    Vincent Mac Nally,
    Tel: 0035386 2532518. E-mail: [email protected]

  76. Very interesting to compare Chelsea H and Ellen. Chelsea is successful to be sure, but when it comes to income, who wins? Ellen is worth tens of millions of dollars and Chelsea? Well, not so much…

    So…question is: does having a more “cable” or “late night” voice mean making less?

    Much of the time this would seem to be the case… You can have more of an edge, but it’ll cost ya.

    (And this is coming from someone firmly in the be-yourself category. I just realize that 99.9% of the time there is a trade off for fewer jobs)

    • Hey Beth! Great point. It makes me think of some others too like Sarah Silverman, Dave Chappelle and Howard Stern. Those folks don’t hold anything back and all have reached quite a high-level of success, too. Just more interesting food for thought!

      • I think that those you mention are the “exceptions who prove the rule” or however the phrase goes. You can name the super successful edgy / honest types on one hand where there are scores of “daytime” folks. Just seems like a much, much more limited number of slots for the edgy folk.

  77. Oh man! This is a good one. A really good friend of mine told me just a little while ago that she was glad I’d decided to start using my own personality on my business blog…I hadn’t realized that my personality was lacking before, but looking back I can see that I was very concerned about being “professional” Kris instead of actual Kris…and it sucked.

    It was boring and drab and TOTALLY not me. Luckily, it was also totally boring for me and difficult for me to maintain, so I slipped into my own self and started writing as me.

    Maybe it’s a coincidence, but my readership TOOK OFF at roughly the same time. Yeah. Not a coincidence 😉

    Thanks Marie! And remind me to not ever approach you on a bicycle. I’m a pacifist…it would be traumatic.


    • LOL! As long as you don’t approach me from behind yelling insults and accusations, you’ll be fine 🙂

  78. Sherrie

    Our real personality should definitely show through, naturally. Just show your best side! I think if we’re not real, people will sense it and we’ll come off as being a fake, and untrustworthy.

  79. Hate green too, LOL.

    Great topic like always! I have struggled between showing my edgy creative personality and my total Zen one, so I’m creating a brand for each and that way I don’t have to try to figure out how I marry these two under one umbrella 😉

  80. Love the concept and definitely a topic for discussion – true colors always shine through, can’t be afraid of who you are or what you know -shout out to the creative gangster!

  81. My challenge is that the “real” me tends to drown in the sea of corporate-y language I use during my 9-5. After a day at the office I go home and start writing for my site…I re-read what I write the first time around and BORING! It takes me a few rounds to get in the groove – does anyone have any suggestions on how to shake off the blah?? I am in the middle of rebuilding my site now so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  82. Great show Marie!
    I was curious to see what your take would be on this. You made a very sensible point and delivered it powerfully. Nothing like a true story to instill some good old wisom. I am always struggling with this. I am a bit wacky, I love laughing so I hesitate to let it transpire in my writing in case it hurts my burgeoning credibility. Glad to know that doesn’tt make me inauthentic!
    Thank you 🙂

  83. Marie! This video came out at the perfect time.

    I began making videos biweekly and I’m torn between whether I should use profanity or not.
    When I make my videos, I’m so passionate about the topic that naturally the four-letter words just pour out. I make my videos a little brash but funny and the profane language adds shock value and a Jenna Marbles comedic vibe. I also make fun of certain health and lifestyle habits general people have, but I still want to be taken seriously because when I work with clients one-on-one I would never be insensitive and I would never swear at somebody.

    Compare this video which is very uncensored, to this video that’s a little more tame

    The work I do with my clients can be very intimate and sensitive, and I don’t want potential clients to be deterred from working with me because of my “stage” personality.

    Should I speak on video the way I would with someone one-on-one during a serious consultation? Or should I keep making it light and entertaining?

    A mixture of both perhaps.

    Marie you always ask the right questions because I always end up finding my own answers.

  84. I’m a “helpful” personality…to the point that I actually sometimes make myself look bad on purpose, if that’s what another person needs or seems to need to get a point.

    In other words, making suggestions or polite contradictions don’t work, I can—and have—gone extreme overboard bitch…so I can then back up to what I’ve been saying all along, or at least leave the person open to hearing my point from someone else.

    The extremist reaction isn’t my first or second choice for dealing with something, and I do it rarely enough that even close friends go O.O “Oh, yeah. Forgot about that” when I do it.

    But the end effect is that I’m helpful to the point of hurting myself. That’s something I have to keep in mind when interacting online, because “Will this help the other person?” can’t be the first question I ask myself. My first question has to be, “Do I really want to say this?”

    And if my answer starts with “It’ll help—” I seek to stop there.

  85. Great advice Marie! I find that your true voice comes out when you are true to your passion, whatever that may be. For a while I was trying to write to an audience that I THOUGHT I wanted. Everything sounded forced and fake and I was not happy with any of it. Now I am ME – sometimes goofy, obsessed with Italian food and wine, and sometimes I talk about my husband and my kids. The response is much more enthusiastic and vibrant and guess what? I am attracting EXACTLY the audience I should be. Stay true to yourself and edit if necessary. Thanks!

  86. Brand voice is so something I have been working on figuring out on my blog. These tips were super helpful. Thanks Mairie!

  87. This is a fantastic question and one that I also have been struggling with in the last few months. I am a little more ‘Chelsey’ but sometimes, I feel I should be more ‘Ellen’ and I recently asked myself which voice better suited my brand as a writer. When I look at my book (which tend to lean on the taboo, late night cable side) I realized that I can probably get away with being myself but at the same time, I wanted to not be as impulsive with tweets, blogs etc and take the time to stand back and think about what I am putting out there. Although I don’t want to lose my edgy side, I also want to keep it positive and be open-minded. Thanks for a great blog! I always enjoy them:-)

  88. Great topic, Marie, thanks as usual for sharing great insights. I’ve struggled with this topic when I was building my brand a few years ago. I come from a surfing career and jumped into teaching women entrepreneurs how to manifest their businesses and life’s dreams.

    So I had to blend the aspects from my surfing “personality”, with my “business personality”, some spirituality, manifesting techniques and personal development.

    It took me lots and lots of blogging to slowly start finding my real voice (which may change as I evolve, and as I showcase “my other personalities”).

    Writing on a consistent basis helped me find my way. Sometimes my posts would be “too formal” and business oriented, and sometimes I would bare my heart and bones on the keyboard and share my deepest processes and fears.

    To be totally honest, I’m still figuring out what side of me is the one that I am going to be truly sharing in the world at a larger scale. I have a feeling that I’m going more towards the personal development route.

    The few times that I shared from my purest truth and vulnerability, I found the most fulfillment and connection with my readers.

    And yes, I might have lost some people who followed me more for my business tips. But I’m OK with that. I think it just takes trial and error and more trial, and finding what fits most to our gut and heart.
    Thank you Marie!

  89. I have a nice side and get it done side. So when working with my clients who are looking for financial advice I’m gentle and encouraging. But at times I want to be more military on encouraging my clients.

    My ideal client is a entrepreneurial woman between 30-55 years old.

  90. Love that you’ve brought this up. I don’t know many people who don’t struggle in some way with this: I certainly have. But that focus on getting more comfortable with copywriting is a good one. Once we explore the terrain of our brand and personal values and get into a happy place with voice, it seems to free us up to snuggle up with our language and even invent our own lexicon (great way to get around those f-bomb dilemmas – invent your own words.) Great vid, and an artful magimix of Papa Smurf and Regan!

  91. Great stuff Marie… I like the diamond analogy! We are all just people and of course that means we are NOT one dimensional – but we must keep in mind WHO we are creating content for.

  92. This is something I’ve been thinking about last week. We as human beings are so multifaceted. When we create a business and brand around ourselves it can be challenging to know which parts of ourselves we want to focus on and share (especially in the beginning).

    When it comes to branding consistency is key. So, whatever we decide to showcase needs to be consistent with all of our forms of communication (written, visual, social, etc).

    I LOVE how our brands can evolve with us, just like your branding is evolving with you!

  93. I love how these things sync up! I’ve been teaching a new course at Aphrodite University where I teach women entrepreneurs how to connect with their authentic voice in their writing and other communications (e.g. video, body language, etc.). We then learn how to connect that authentic voice with the language/communication their primary and secondary audiences will understand. It’s so important that you feel empowered by your voice and the way you communicate. It’s such a big piece of who you are, and it can be nerve wracking to share ourselves in what we perceive to be a larger way (such as being the owner of the company). When we own our language and communication, we own our power and presence 🙂 So much love!

  94. My brand voice is one of positivity in the face of chaos and depression. But sometimes, I gotta tell you, I don’t feel all that positive. And when that happens, I feel like a fraud and neglect to write which is detrimental to my blog, my audience, AND to me. I am working on getting to a place where I feel free to share my true unmasked feelings without fear of my audience abandoning me or losing respect for my message simply because I show my raw humanity, fears, and flaws. Thanks for helping me find that voice!!

  95. My brand is like me, better 🙂 it is me, I am not making difference between life and business, I am living with my vision coz I just see it is working.

  96. Loved this episode, especially the part about having different “facets” to our personality. I have to say, I’ve never really struggled to find my “brand voice.” I stay pretty authentic. It’s just more comfortable to me to be myself..but of course some facets are suppressed from professional viewing!!

  97. Marie, I love this!!!! I’m a B-Schooler since 2012 and I appreciate that you are your authentic self, but you’re choosy about how much of yourself you choose to “show”. I’m one of those 40- something Business women with a family and I love to share some of your videos with my kiddos!! Thanks for sharing this!

  98. Being authentic is very important in business and this shows in how you write blogs and what you post in social media. Filtering your words is never meant to be a bad thing. Although you want your authentic you to come across, it is still important to know you are not the only person in the planet. Sensitivity and authenticity can blend nicely once you know your own true self.

  99. Kristine

    This was so helpful Marie! Thank you <3

  100. Vera Lentini

    I struggle with brand voice all the time! Since I represent a technology brand marketing to CIO’s and CTO’s that’s definitely different from my “other” personal voice(s). The KEY is to know which hat to put on at what time. As a certified writing instructor (another hat), I’ve got some tips:
    1) Write, write, write! This helps you look back and decide what you love that you may not realize at the time.
    2) Have you heard the phrase “write drunk, edit sober?” totally works, and not necessarily the drinking part – just the idea that when you write a draft just let it all hang out so you can clean it up (revise) later. This really helps you get to the core of what you really want to say and helps you stay “authentic.” Just be careful before you hit “publish”! You may want to keep a separate Word document for this… just sayin’
    3) I love Marie’s advice about “we all have multiple personalities” and the question to consider: “which facet of your diamond” do you want to represent in your writing?
    4) Also it helps me to put on some music/background of something I want my brand to sound like. Do you speak another language? You know how listening to people talk in that language helps you gain fluency? It’s the same with writing in a tone you want to adopt. The English language is multi-faceted and there’s so much to explore. (I have the “fly-paper ear” so this technique works especially well for me since I adopt the tone of whatever it is I’m listening to. Good thing I don’t listen to death metal at work because I might give my co-workers a bad impression)
    5) Also did you know that Benjamin Franklin learned how to write by simply copying the kinds of writing that he wanted to emulate? Yes, it’s true – he straight up copied it and if he were in the 21st century, he would have re-typed it. That helps you get that kind of voice in your head (and fingers) so that when you go to write something like that style or tone comes out (hopefully).

    • I love the “write drunk, edit sober” expression! I’ll use it now more and more for my blog…

  101. Love the Ellen Degeneres and Chelsea Handler examples. Such a great reminder that we don’t have to worry about trying to convey alllll of ourselves in our brand, but can pick the pieces that feel most right to highlight and just focus there.

  102. Interesting post, Marie. I’m pretty comfortable with my voice but it was still nice to be reminded that we ALL have multiple personalities. I know I do.

    Regarding GREEN TEA. I keep trying to love it. But I don’t. I just received this on how to do green tea, the right way. (I’ll keep trying.)

    Here are some tips to get the best cup of green tea:
    •Use a teapot rather than a tea ball. Green tea needs room to expand as it steeps.
    •Take care with water temperature. I suggest heating water to almost boiling (about 180 degrees). If the water is too hot, the leaves will cook the tea and it will be too bitter. Warm your cup with hot water first so that the temperature of the brewing water won’t cool too quickly.
    •Pay attention to water quality. If your water tastes bad, your tea will taste bad.
    •Steep from 1-3 minutes. The smaller the leaf size, the more quickly the tea will infuse. However, if you steep the tea too long, the tea will again be too bitter. You can experiment a bit to find the taste that you like best.
    •Store tea in a cool, dry place.
    •For those who want to avoid caffeine (as I do), put the tea in the near boiling water for 30 seconds, pour off this water and then make the tea. This removes most of the caffeine.

  103. I’m a radio / tv broadcaster and the feedback I get from my listeners when they meet me in person is that I am exactly like the person they hear on air. That at first seemed a strange comment, as I thought, “who else could I be but me?” The question then becomes, “Who is, “me”?
    As I grew older – and my on-air focus changed to issues that I was more passionate about – I would also become more emotional on air. That aspect is one I need to manage. I think this is a life-long process as you change and discover more about who you are – that for me is the most important question of life – “who am I ?” and how you want to most effectively express that to the world.

  104. So what I get out of the video is that it all comes down to YOUR own decision. Only you can decide what you want to show in your brand and what not. Beyoncé once said in her movie that this was one of her most difficult decisions in her music biz.
    How do you decide? In listening to your inner melody rather than to your rational mind!

  105. I’m a Gemini. One day my personality is sweet as pie and the next day I’m an edgy, bitchy, no bs gal. I get mixed reviews no matter who I am. But what I love the most is when people tell me I’m exactly like they pictured. I must be doing something right, eh?

  106. LOVE this episode Marie!!! Great question and brilliant answer. My “multiple personalities” is something I’ve contemplated when it comes to biz and branding. I’m definitely a personality brand mixed with professionalism and don’t do extremes of anything, so I feel comfortable with the direction I’m heading!!!


  107. Your brand voice needs diversity or else you come across as predictable and that can be boring for many. I like to show my three dominant sides; creative, whimsical, and spiritual, and then let my more vulnerable sides come out when I need to express struggles or pain or something I am growing thru.
    It’s great when we get each others brand, so let that be as real as you are, not bottled up for mass consumption, which ends up feeling flat and ultimately doesn’t quench our thirst for knowing and seeing each other.

  108. OK

    Marie you are right, younger audiences do listen with grown ups and I appreciate your attention to your tone. You have no idea how much your advice is not only helping my business but also my parenting! Sometimes it is your acting, your dancing, the message in your videos, and sometimes the funny things you say what brightens our day and starts the conversation with my young adolescents. While listening to today’s video, my daughter replies: “Finally someone gets it!” See mom green tea stinks and tastes bad!” Why I can’t have hot chocolate instead? Just a comment, I adore you and I am always improving with your products 🙂 Hugs

    • OMG, you so just made my day 🙂 sending love to you and your kids!

  109. Thank you for this Marie! I really struggle with this myself. In most of my life I don’t have a filter and that was one of the things I found really stifling when I worked for someone else. Now that I’m working for myself I love the freedom I have to be me when I’m with clients but as far as my writing/online presence goes I’m torn between the careful, filtered version of me (whom I honestly find exhausting to do) and the me who says things that she probably shouldn’t but easily connects to people. I’m trying to find the bridge where those two things meet. Knowing that others struggle with this too helps!

  110. Loved this video and the reminder to think about who the information is catering to. I am an intuitive grief coach but also a happy person at large.

    Your advice about the different facets of the diamond and each of us having multiple personalities really spoke to me. When I wrote my bio, I disclosed my personal losses not as tragedies but using grief as a tool to empty out the sorrows in our hearts to make room for even bigger love. I struggled talking about addiction and suicide wondering if it would be too taboo for people to read. So I tried to do it in a loving way that speaks to her strength also.

    Since b-school, I’ve learned to blog in a way that is filled with practical tips for people who are grieving and am looking for ways to fill their cup and empty the suffering. I was afraid for a while to write so much from my POV. But I find that this is who I am at my core, vs. a psychology textbook answer. And that joy and grief can co-exist. at least in my world. Thank you for another great video.

  111. Great topic! I have a hard time moving in between Business Professional and Personable Human Being. I took a hard look at my audience recently and decided that I wanted to share my Business side on my site and leave my personality to my private Facebook. Partly due to the fact that a business professional who was visiting my site called me out on a funny post about Why I Wouldn’t Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. I figured if I was going to create a website that truly reflected me I needed to share it all. Nope, I need to refine my business voice, tone and content.

    Do I post Harry Potter things all over my Pinterest still ( Of course! Because it’s a shared medium and you can choose to follow just a board or the whole thing. I’m thinking with my new found realization I’m going to have to purge my site of personal posts or move them off the main page. Making it more a pick and choose how Jennie you want to get.

  112. Lori Glier

    Dear Marie,

    To create the Authentic Image and brand I want to serve the world Authenticity on a silver platter with class dignity and respect for our people and planet.I have teens so I want to always be a good role model for our youth.To strive to be uniquely authentic with dignity of all cultures faiths and genders.
    Heaps of love
    Lori Glier

  113. MARIE!

    WOW! This was a truly perfect question to answer. So many people question my authentic brand and my desire to be myself in my business. I I am able to blend my teenage, immature, never grow up, sense of humor with my I’m a college graduate, mom , and entrepreneur.
    I also an artist, hiker, a crafter, and even I can let somebody have it and still remain authentically me!
    However, this comes from being extremely out of control and uncomfortable with myself for many years so the desire to be authentic came from much suffering.
    I just documented all of it in my recent book 99 Excuses: Not to Tell the Truth About my Teen Years available on Amazon
    Stay authentic people!

  114. This is such a great topic, and questions I have been asking myself over and over again these past several months as I am “evolving” professionally. Marie, I absolutely LOVE your commitment to stay true to yourself, and sharing that passion with so many. You are a blessing on this earth!

    • What a kind thing to say, thank you Michelle!

  115. I’ve been a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner for about 15 years and used to struggle more with who I thought I should be in my business and who I was at home or in different groups of people. At some point I found much more peace and balance between accepting these “multiple personalities” as appropriate. Then, about a year ago I published my first book, which is a memoir called Plus One: Finding God on the Yoga Mat and almost all of my personalities appeared throughout the book. Publishing the book in and of itself brought me to a whole new level of allowing my various personalities to blend and be seen across platforms…which had many challenging but rewarding side effects. Although I still choose which aspects of me I’m going to share in different groups and in moments, I LOVE that it’s no secret there are other dimensions. This makes each dimension feel even more authentic because I’m clear I’m not “hiding” anything or pretending. Here’s the Amazon link if anyone is interested in the book: 🙂

    • I can really relate to what you’ve said here, Cori.

      My own blog is about natural, conscious beauty & living. I only started writing on New Year’s Day 2014 and am always finding myself having to switch voices slightly. At first this concerned me a little as lots of advice says you have to be really “on brand” at all times.

      Now I get that reviewing products, getting excited about a new fashion discovery or explaining certifications or product ingredients lists all require something slightly different from me – and that that’s totally cool.

      Like Marie says, it’s about looking at what’s appropriate for your business and your customer. If it’s YOUR business I don’t think that you should ever feel the need to act like someone you’re not or be inauthentic (That would be exhausting and attract all the wrong customers anyway). I reckon it’s about picking which of your own unique personalities will do the job best and get your message across to those you want to hear it.

  116. Great advice Marie – love that advice! As an image consultant I am always coaching my clients to be authentic – within the space that you are creating for yourself. Branding comes right down to your voice, your image and your actions. Be conscious of not only where you are but where you want to go! I coach my clients to dress for the job/career/ business that they want! Keep talking – we are listening!!

  117. I have a difficult time with this because I am a Certified Master Sex Expert & Sex Coach that teaches groups and speak to audiences on the importance of sex and how to have better sex. Usually when I speak and write it is a lot more technical as I know I am a girl that likes to speak raunchy! I feel as though I need to let more of my authentic self through but also chase those who already “afraid” of sex.

    • Hey Nikki, my suggestion would be to keep getting clear on who your ideal clients/audience is. The folks you would find the most joy serving and who you most want to serve. Do they appreciate a dash of raunch? Sex is a sensitive and heated subject and many people who seek you out may feel a lot of shame and inadequacy around the topic. First meet them where they’re at (if that’s who you want to serve) and use compassion, understanding and empathy to make them feel comfortable and trust you, then add it some spice later. Just thoughts to consider!

  118. This was a really good one Marie! I do struggle with this and have been vacillating back and forth constantly, because I love to insert humor into my writing but some folks don’t get it or think it is silly. Maybe it is, I always think I am better in person vs writing. This helps me make a decision and I love Ellen and Chelsea both! I am swayed to the Ellen side though and your video helped me get there… thanks!!

  119. Great topic! I feel very comfortable and confident with my persona online in my videos and articles – I totally agree that there are multiple parts of us, but I know the person I want to be and that I feel I’ve become and that is the person that I try to emulate to my audience. Another way that has helped me decide how I want to approach my audience is by seeing what has turned me OFF in the way others are – there is a particular “voice” in my niche that I can’t stand to listen to – the manner of the person is simply so offensive and putting down of his audience, a constant acting like people are stupid for having any questions or doing something wrong, that it always reminds me of how I NEVER want to be like that towards my audience and I am very conscious to go to the other end and be the supportive and informative yet still respectful voice that people in my niche feel close to and need for to achieve their own success.

  120. This is so awesome and perfect timing! I’ve been tweaking myself to be more myself… I live in west Texas and I’m not religious.. Needless to say, I’ve been hiding my personality just to survive, but I’m tired of hiding who I am.. Do you have any advice on staying true to yourself while promoting your business, when everybody around you is focusing on trying to “save you?” It’s one of the reasons I went to internet marketing, but I am wanting to grow more in my hometown.. Any tips for an occult lover to prosper in a religious town?
    Thanks so much!

  121. Thanks for another great episode Marie! I really struggle with this one. When I started my brand I had been designing men’s fashion and accessories in the action sports industry, and coming from a big family of boys that felt quite natural to me. Now I’m running a very masculine, gentlemanly brand, but am a mum and spend my whole day with two little people, knee deep in dinosaurs, milk and bananas. I often feel like I have to switch personalities to run my brand, and feel quite lost when it comes to creating content as I feel so disconnected from my target market. I’m constantly battling with whether to alter the brand to better reflect my current reality, or keep going in a direction that I genuinely love, but struggle to explore with a baby on each hip! Perhaps the key is to focus on my dream and what aspects of that also align with the brand – like showing integrity, craftsmanship and heritage.

  122. Yes, yes, and yes!
    I did have trouble figuring out who I would be in my business, especially because I use a lot of videos (daily and weekly), and I’m also an actress.
    But I also took in consideration my audience – first started with kids, so I was conscious of who is watching the videos, then I continued with adults, and even in the adult zone, I want to be more Vanity Fair than US Gossip. Being an actress as well, it is easy to take on different voices, probably as easy as choosing one.
    Thank you for this episode, it confirmed my choice 🙂
    ~ Llyane

  123. I enjoyed your content today, this is the first time I have watched you. I think my main problem is I don’t have a blog. I do all my marketing on facebook! I try to keep my comments fresh and new but they all seem to sound the same! I am trying to build my business up on my estore. If anyone has any advice to help me, I would welcome it.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hey Marti! Thank you so very much for watching and commenting – both for the first time 🙂 I’ll be so bold as to recommend two resources.

      1. Head over to – you’ll get some free writing tips that will help you freshen up your copy.

      2. When it comes around in 2015, consider joining us for B-School (more info here

      In the meantime, I’d highly suggest building your own opt-in email list and expanding your marketing beyond just FB. Consider using a service like Aweber or Mailchimp to manage it. The goal is to deliver consistent value to the folks you serve (prospects and customers) and develop a real relationship with them over time.

      Hope this helps!

  124. Great post today, Marie! I’ve found myself in this struggle several times over what aspect of my personality that I want to come through in my brand. Thank you so much for providing some extra clarity. 🙂

  125. JUST.WHAT.I.NEEDED right now – thank you. This feels like my final step in the creation of my business. I appreciate all the thought provoking nuggets that you offered (like you always do). I actually just created a file yesterday that says ‘My message. My voice.’ as I realize I need to nail this to clearly and effectively communicate how I want to help women. Thank you 🙂

    • Great idea Shannon! I think that may help me as well! Finding a place to capture my true voice.

  126. I cannot even believe how perfect the timing of this video is for me. Late last night I got an email from a current client who was just now exploring my website, and she expressed her concern over my using the “s” word in my writing. She said if I am calling in high-end clients, they’re placing their trust in my professionalism, and reading some sassy posts with curse words might not make them feel as safe. It was a great point, but I still feel like every once in a while, using expletives as punctuation can create a desired emotional response.
    After watching this very well-timed episode of Marie TV, I’m going to ponder what hour and network I consider myself, and act accordingly. And of course, I’m going to peep Marie’s new copy project! Woohoo!
    Thanks team Forleo. You guys rock! <3

  127. Justine Guest

    You have hit the nail on the head. I like ‘real’ but I also like to read a post that I can relate too. Sometimes all the swearing and up yours stuff I am seeing really makes me feel uncomfortable (and I swear like a truck driver but not at my clients….).

    Pulling back a little and focusing on the content is a much wiser decision than making it all about ‘you’.

    Thanks Marie. Sage advice!

    • Good point Justine! Make sure the content that is produced is of good value and quality…not just for shock value.

  128. Thank you Marie for this awesome episode! It speaks to my current challenges. I am getting more courageous about putting myself and my business out there but I’ve been struggling to find which “voice” to speak through. And to be honest with myself, I feel that I sound generic in my writing, as a result.

    This video has inspired me to feel more comfortable using a voice that speaks to my brand and my audience without feeling the overwhelming urge to be perfect or include all of my personalities at the same time.

  129. I admire Marie’s opinion. While she probably had millions on the line, that is not my story.
    I am no holds barred when it comes to teaching you how to “Become insanely productive..without losing your mind”.
    so check me out at
    Yeah….that was a plug!!!!!

  130. Marie,
    Thank you so much for being such an incredible gift!! You inspire me more than words can say. : )

  131. This is such a great topic and perfect timing as I have just reignited my blog as well as prepared scripts for my new video range as well as my very first online Google Hangout Animal Conversation. Great tips I can now apply.


  132. This is great! There are parts of my personality that I know are not good for my readers – like the monster time of the month person. I can totally relate to your head spinning on your shoulders person – I have one of those too. (and I like her sometimes)

    I once had a customer who didn’t like a post I had made on faebook and sent me a long email about how she thought I should act… ugh…well… I have one mother don’t need two.

    I let her know I am me…from morning to evening and that is who I feel most comfortable being – thanks for this post

  133. I think maybe some people struggle with this because they’re assuming that they have to come up with a professional persona that is totally different to how they relate in other aspects of their life.

    I don’t think I’ve had much of a problem with this because as a technical support consultant I had to be quite firm and authoritative with my clients in order for them to listen to me – especially as a woman. However, I’m also leaning towards being quite casual as well. So, I think I’ve developed a tone that is conversational and informal, but authoritative at the same time.

    I also come from a place of having my clients’ best interests at heart, even if that means recommending that they not buy from me. This gets communicated subtly and leads to further connection and credibility I believe.

    Clients have given me feedback that how I write comes across as authoritative but informal and that they like it – so that’s gratifying. 🙂

    I would recommend anyone struggling with this to ensure that they’re coming from a place of care and commitment to their clients’ welfare, confidence in what they have to say and the rest will probably work itself out. 🙂

  134. I would love someone’s opinion with this issue…
    I write my blog very quickly – it takes in my quirky, dry Australian sense of humour and it comes from my heart….
    THEN I go back and edit, edit, cull, delete + edit again…until I have these stunted sentences…like I don’t want them wasting their valuable time reading my blog!
    Why do I do this…… My first copy will take 5 minutes and the editions will take all day….
    I write like I talk…and my personality shines thru…..
    Are there any writers out there that can help me to stop culling + to know when good enough is OK!
    Appreciate it…

  135. Thank you for this Marie.

    It is certainly something I have struggled with for some time. I was brought up to behave in a particular way ‘in public’ and so much of who I am was hidden. So for me I needed to reveal more facets of myself so people could really know me!

    But as you say, you don’t need to let every facet hang out in someone’s face haha :o)

  136. Personal branding is a hugggeee part of businesses because we tend to work with people we like and identify with on some level. Seeing more into an entrepreneur’s life is compelling and also serves as good marketing.

  137. I so loved this video. I often want to be quirky and funny when we film a short video for work that is informative for our clients. however i feel i am wasting peoples time and might loose focus if I do funny stuff?
    Also Marie, I would love you to do Marie T.V on how do you create your closing line to wrap up a video. I would so love to close or say bye to my viewers with a inspiring statement as you have. How did you create your closing line? Is there a formula, a deep meditation I need to go into to to connect to the inner message I would like to close with? please do share…thanks so much i loved this video. Naomi

    • Hey Naomi! While I do meditate on the regular 🙂 I didn’t do a special meditation to create the way I sign off on videos. It’s the truth of what I believe, and the core of why I do what I do. Look in your heart, what do you want people to know/understand/hear from you? Have fun and play around with different ideas. Try them out – say things out loud and you’ll find one that just feels and sounds right. All my love xo

  138. Hi Marie & Team,

    I love this post. I recently questioned a high profiler on this topic about how much do you disclose YOURSELF with your branding. They were heavily including their children as part of their branding, but I’m very protective of mine. I was encouraged by a business coach to have a photo of me and my children on my website, but that’s not what my business is about so I didn’t do it. And your blog explain perfect what I felt and that it’s okay to have multiple personalities for your business and life.

  139. Angie

    Hi Marie and Everyone,

    That was such great timing for me too. Has certainly given me food for thought. I haven’t got my brand up and out there yet but I am working on it and have been wondering about precisely this. I know the authentic me can have a rather checky, playful writing style but wonder whether that is going to translate into a suitable voice for a Wellness brand?
    No fear on the foul langauge front, as that is not in any of my personalities, but how does playful and sass adapt to expert in the field? It would be great to get both.

    Does anyone have any examples of respected experts with this style to share with me? That would be so useful.


    • Hey Angie! My dear friend Kris Carr is a force of nature in the welllness industry and she has quite a bit of down-to-earth sass in all of her writing. She’s a multiple NY Times bestseller and has been on every major media outlet. Check her out!

  140. First, you have to know that my twin 7-year-old daugthers watched this episode with me! They are going to take over my business when I’m in the nursing home. My personality is a big part of my business. I LOVE what I do and I am passionate about it and my customer’s know it. I think it comes through in my social media posts and in my brick-and-mortor business.

  141. I love this episode! I am struggling A LOT with my brand voice and my everday voice. I know there is a disconnect with how I write and feel versus what I say in-person with friends. This video has really helped me start the process of getting clear on how to distinguish my brand voice moving forward – thanks!

  142. Love this vid. Graphic elements were super fun! Glad no one got hurt!!!
    Excellent question from viewer.
    Lots to consider from this Q&A. For me, I think middle ground is probably best.
    We can’t be all things to all people and if it’s about authenticity then, we also can’t worry about being politically correct, all the time. Stuff happens, we’re all human.
    Thanks Marie!

  143. Felicia

    This was so great! For a while I struggled with the thought of being professional. But now that I have been true to me, people are really resonating with it.

  144. I am singer/songwriter and marketer. At least that’s how I entered the community right out of college (4 years ago). Now I’m beginning to hit improv comedy a little harder. Improv has been part of my life for 7 years now, and it does not lend itself to the same personality-type as “musician.” I find myself stuck on my social media platforms jumping between grounded musician/artist and nonsensical/spontaneous comedian. When I advertise for my shows (both comedy and music), I feel I’m not allowing my “fans” to put their full trust in my path. I’m afraid I come across as torn, even though both creating music and creating comedy are two of my intense passions. I was happy to see this video! I’m not alone.

  145. Cassidy - Yoga Teacher

    I think that this video is exactly what I needed to hear today. As a yoga instructor, I struggle balancing my mellow yet quirky personality with the clear and articulate voice of a teacher. I teach beginner level classes, so I need to be very clear with the instructions I give, but also teach in a calming way. However, I have a generally “bubbly” personality, so when I “tone down my tone”, I feel as though as I sound boring, or sleepy. I need to keep the students engaged, yet keep their calm frame of mind…which can be challenging. By deciding what it is my students are there for, which is generally to just relax and stretch or just turn off their racing thoughts for an hour, I can clearly speak from a place of truth and understanding for their needs and hope to project a compassionate yet concise voice. Thank you Marie 🙂

  146. Killer video… but then that’s every week. This is so true though, knowing your audience really helps with defining which voice you want to be heard in your business.

    Loved It!

  147. This was really helpful for me. I’ve been finding my voice, and finally after many years realised I need to put out there what I want to put out there, rather than what I think people want to hear or want me to say (because if I don’t feel passionate and show my ‘true self’ I just lose my motivation shortly after starting). HOWEVER, I have been struggling with this concept of swearing or expressing myself in a way that may put certain people off. I’m not a big swearer but sometimes it just feels appropriate. So thank you for letting me know that that choice to sometimes NOT swear isn’t being a sellout, but rather making a choice about my audience.

  148. Marie,

    This is exactly what I needed!

    Are you in spying in my head?

    Thank you for making complex things so simple!


  149. This post is exactly what I needed. I have 2 sets of social accounts and I had often debated about what content to put where. I’ve gotten better at managing and not letting the “Brooklyn” out. Thanks again.

  150. raechanah syafei

    This is cool….
    throughout my experiences having consistent brand personality anywhere and anytime makes more free from other judgement…perception…surprises…..

  151. Lauren Yogi

    I like this. I’m an up and coming yoga teacher and I’m really having a hard time finding a “voice” for my business. It’s good to know I can pick which parts of my personality to show. I’m in school to be a kindergarten teacher too, so I can but my School teacher self on the backburner and let the yoga me shine! 🙂

  152. This is an ” AHA! ” moment! I’ve been confused as to how I approach my business and brand voice because I’d like to be authentic but at the same time, I wanted to be smart and want a clear message sent out to the world. Sometimes I can be clumsy and flimsy with my words. This episode just validated how I feel about my copy/message/brand.

    Another aha: I can’t believe I’ve been waiting for permission to do what I felt in my gut was right!

    Anyway, thanks for another wonderful MarieTV episode! 🙂

  153. Siobhan

    Great episode Marie! Funnily enough I watched this episode with my 2.5 year old son, Jack, on my lap. And after wrapping up the video he said “Mummy, more please!”

    Loved the analogies between Chelsea and Ellen and agree that we have different facets to our personality and it’s a question of how much to show. It doesn’t have to be everything!

    Now, I better go and find another episode to watch because my son wants more!! 😉


  154. Hi there, beautiful video Marie!
    My thoughts on beeing authentic in communication you might add the happiness from within when seeing more parts of your own “diamond”. If you experience more about your qualities, your beauty and true beeing inside & outside. If you become clearer not only about your clients but also about the whole beeing with all aspects then you will stand out proudly and become succesful.
    I offer a beautiful SOUL LOGO who helps to open your heart, reveals your inner secrets, potentials, beauty, qualites while looking great as a brand logo.
    Feel free to check it out on:
    XOX, JyotiMa Flak – Creative Life-Coach from Germany 😀

  155. Comment from an actual guy fan. Marie, *thank you* for broaching this subject. There is so much corporatey BS going around that says you have to have *One* “true personality.” What a load. It’s so true, we all have multiple personalties. Great bike story, LOL.

  156. Thank you! As I start to reformulate my brand and what I am becoming, I really needed this direction! Tuesdays are my favorite days! I look forward to your Q&A’s
    Thanks a ton!
    Mellisa Rupp
    “Moving your body through Intervention, Innovation & Change.”

  157. Maria

    You ask and you shall receive!! Exact question I was looking an answer for. BRILLIANT! Thank you.

  158. Mina Merry

    Dear Marie. Thank you so much for this video, I was realieved to hear YOU talking about this topic! It’s a present thought in my everyday life. When I was very young, I didn’t have the chance to learn from my mom, how I should deal with emotions. She didn’t know as well and I learned her way of “Black/white”, “only good/only bad”, “best friend/ worst enemy”. Now I am 28 years old and I just got the chance to work on that, because now I know what’s the matter with me. Anyway, I’m digressing.
    So, I often think “should I behave other than I do now? What is the real me and what are others? Masks? Lies? And why, the heck, can’t I always be like I like myself the most?” I’m so glad to hear, that others know that as well and that it’s normal! Still, I never know which people I should show more of me or less – I just don’t have a clue and I wish there was a handbook!

    Thank you for your work, Marie! I enjoy your videos, it’s a bright spot 🙂

    Greetings from rainy Switzerland


  159. Ha so you compete on road bikes very cool.. I love your tantrum on the tarmac. I have done so…however privately. I ride road quite a bit. however My 10 yrs as a pro racing downhill mountain bikes has taught me much about myself and many lessons learned that directly apply to business.
    rock on sista’
    P.S. am I the only dude commenting here?!

  160. I used to have some stockphoto guy as my profile picture for a long time. Because I thought, It is always good to have a attractive profile picture (I’m ugly Asian guy)..

    However, I changed my profile pic to my real face few months a go. I can see many people engaging with my content now.

  161. Honestly, this is the best question that I’ve hear all these years. And Marie you are the BOMB! Hope to run into you in the west village- but not on our bikes!! Hehe!

  162. I enjoyed reading this article 🙂

  163. Oh, Marie! I loved this video! I’ve become really serious about my life goals in the past year (the last year of my 20s! ack!), and I’ve been reading your site and using your resources. Thanks so much for everything that you share!

  164. Awesome episode!! Great advice.

  165. Juli

    Great topic. I struggle with whom should I be in the office environment. I`m usually friendly and sharing, but it seems that in the big company I work for I need more of agressiveness to reach higher positions and earn respect of some people. I do have some agressive part in myself, but I don`t how to intentionally use it in the right situations.

  166. Marie,

    Green Tea is “supposed to be” en vouge, but the truth be told— it does kind-a stink.

    Great balance with the difference facets of personalities we are; and that it’s cool to be that way.


  167. Ive been drinking green tea with ginger flavour ..the producers inSri Lanka probably knew it tastes like old socks. Great video Marie!

    I ve been working from home and find its an ongoing project to declutter and show a certain professional profile. Ill need you to come over to NZ to point out what has to go and what can stay and speak.

  168. This really resonated with me. When we 1st started out I kept trying to sound really professional. It was soooo not me. I mean I am professional I just don’t speak that way. It caused me to not want to post, write ads, blogs etc. Since then I have found my voice, a little snappy sometimes always kind, but no longer dry. I use lines like Life’s too short for ugly shoes and if you want to look like everyone else don’t shop here. It clicks with my tribe and feels so much better, I actually like writing copy now. Thanks for reaffirming.

  169. Janelle

    Thank you Marie. Your vids always ‘ping’ with me, but this one more than most. I’ve always worn ‘masks’…. I believed them to be an asset … to help the people I’m with to feel more comfortable with me (from all walks of life and from different socio-economic groups, while still allowing the real ‘me’ to come thru and reach them). … Recently someone said to me that I wasn’t being ‘authentic’. Thank you for confirming for me my own self belief that I am using the tools that I have been gifted with… to connect with all people. My ‘masks’ don’t alienate me.. (perhaps ‘masks’ is the wrong word to use). My ‘masks’ help me reach and connect with people who might otherwise feel intimidated or unable to talk to me. I once again feel happy with this ‘gift’ I have…. the ability to help people feel at ease and able to talk…. to help them to feel comfortable and to off load, if they need too. I’m a sounding board… and I’m OK with that. I believe that this is why I have been granted the gift of ‘universal listener’…. and I’m happy.
    LovesyaMarie. xx

  170. Hey Marie, thank you!
    Your work is truly inspirational… And you just keep getting better and better!
    I absolutely agree with aligning your personality to the opportunities you want, and I will keep this in mind…
    Yet I also like the concept of transparency, as taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza in “How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself”…
    Is it possible to be the same- your most joyful self- wherever you are, with just a few modifications for appropriateness?
    Keep rocking!

  171. Kit

    This video came just in time as I am wondering if I should blog as myself or myself as teacher or myself as a spiritual person……etc etc…..

    Thank you for this awesome video………

  172. Tess

    Hey Im Back , yeah I just have break connection virtuel this last moment of my LIFE…It just have detox my mental….And seems quit fluid to capte some clarification to my mind…..and today I decided to check my email and of cours first is to watch and listining Marie Forleo YESSS< I MISS Ur Video….Great to hear U……Your true…… is really useful to manifest all these hidden personality in the LIFE.As of now im having fun to surf all my aspect and theres some part of my old personality that I don't want anymore to express It. Did AM a good way this thoughts_I still at my skill to integrate and I need more practice withl my new personality…….. really heartly thankful U once AGAIN lovely Marie to ur TV SHOW, You open my canal to communicate some of my personality to say goodbye and all my gratitude for all years I been with……Thank you so much to remind ME those aspect would BE more show to my NEW brand LIFE…… Wish You a blessings day…

    Love n Light

  173. Jen

    Great tips Marie! Once I started letting my real voice come through instead of being “appropriate”, I found my message was more readily received. I do have an edgier side in some aspects of my life that I don’t show much in my business & have wondered if I need to let it out more. I love your thoughts on helping to decide & your perspective that even if I do hold that back somewhat, I’m still being authentic. I totally agree! Thank you

  174. I loved this video because it handles a question many people face. They wonder if they are somehow not being authentic if they choose to show only one part of themselves in their work or business. As you point out here, it’s not about suddenly being inauthentic. It’s about being appropriate. We are multifaceted people. To show one part of your personality in a business setting is not only acceptable, but well, advisable. Remember that while it is your personal brand, it’s not about you, but about how your audience perceives you. So show the part of you that will resonate with your audience. They don’t need to be distracted by other irrelevant parts of you.

    As an aside, I was one of those parents you mentioned, who would sometimes watch your videos with my 4-year-old son. One video had you joking about, if I recall correctly, a certain Mexican meal and well … my son is at an age where potty humor is sooo funny to him, so he immediately began laughing and joking about that. Now, I try to watch the videos alone. A little bit of potty humor goes a long way with a 4-year-old boy…

  175. I definitely have had to consider this myself. As a Mystique + Rebellion type I very much so like to play my cards close to my chest in some ways. HOWEVER, I have always had trouble with this because I’m such a sharer…now as Numerologist I’ve gotten a better grasp on this because some of my inner & outer numbers match up making me very WYSIWYG!

    But just because my internal and deeper personality is very in line, I still have the reminder to pick and choose what and how I say things while still being authentic! Thanks for the reminder Marie! <3

  176. This is such a great video! I definitely have many different sides to my personality, and this question was right on. I love being a little more “Chelsea like”, yet it made me realize that my ideal customers probably would really appreciate that. So, I’m sticking to professional. I will use my sense of humor, and empathy for others to shine through in my writing.

    Thanks Marie!

  177. I agree that everyone has different “facets” of their personalities! I feel like when you are your brand- it can be a little harder to distinguish the fine line between what is authentic and what is appropriate. I am a very laid back person, and while that is certainly part of my brand… it takes a back seat. I am a newborn photographer, and working with newborns I have to display a strong leadership while working with clients. I naturally have leadership strengths- but in my personal life- I opt to be more laid back.

    Does that make sense?

  178. Piet Hein Bredero

    I love this point, I have struggled with this myself it is very clear now, thanks for the great advise. Keep up the great video’s 🙂

    Greetings Piet Hein

  179. I can’t agree more with this multiple personalities we own. Along with the confusion of branding and what you will reveal. I have always been a bit goofy and take charge A type gal that’s kinda eccentric! As , I started my company of really kool green products for kids, I discovered I really liked to write in third person. When I’m posting on fb, sometimes tweeting…I post the cuddly eco critters and write in the personality of an animated animal or third person. This is both fun and authentic and have noticed my posts are getting much more attention. I see why people buy from me and I engage their kids in a fantasy game while doing(craft shows). I have never been conventional and never will be. So glad this topic has come up and keep on deliverin’ Marie!

  180. I love this!! It is always a struggle, especially when you own a my-name-is-also-my-url kind of business. Opening my magazine was what allowed me to open my voice, to stop being a brand, but rather a person working for a brand. Now I’m much more clear on my voice and my target. My parables may be from the Catholic Church, but their stories of the Feminine are relevant to everyone! Which is why I share the Feminine in every faith on my magazine. Thanks Marie!! I needed the reminder!

  181. Good reminder 🙂 Love it 🙂

  182. Marie – I LOVED this week’s Q&A. I’m in the process of starting my own life coaching business and committing to my “voice” has been challenging. I’m speaking to new moms about the challenges of motherhood and I REALLY want to be honest and authentic and raw. Last week I created a graphic quote about exhaustion in motherhood and I dropped the F bomb. I knew it was risky, but I felt it was SO TRUE to my experience (and probably that of other mothers!) that it would be okay. I received “unsolicited advice” from friends and family right away on my choice, and I kept thinking, “but YOU’RE not my ideal client.” It was still a tough call, and I’ve doubted it on and off. Thank you for featuring such a relevant and helpful MarieTV. I seriously LOVE you, your brand, your message and your voice. Jersey strong. 🙂

  183. For me, it’s about showing my personality in a way that brings out the most powerful and most inspiring parts of myself, and that resonates with the people I work with. I like to show my playful, confident and empowering self so that others are inspired to do the same. I usually describe myself as a “badass polymath”, and that resonates with exactly the kind of people I like working with. Those who think it’s offensive or inappropriate will just keep moving along, and that is OK because we would not be the right match for each other anyway. So it’s not “alienating” them, it’s more of a beautiful, easy process of screening that happens without me or them having to do anything. It’s also along the lines of “giving permission” in a way. If I show up authentically and powerfully in a way that makes others want to work with me, I am automatically saying to others: “Yes, you can show up authentically, too, and you too will feel liberated and self-expressed”. And that creates a huge space for others to show up as they wish and from there, they can explore and take risks.

  184. Wow, this episode definitely “spoke” to me:) Thanks so much for presenting it!

    I worked in a very conservative industry for over 25 years and definitely developed a conservative personality at work. I still liked to have fun, but was very cautious about how much “fun” I’d let myself have.

    I always kept my personal life and work life separate. While I am not totally off the wall in my personal life, I do like to take risks and love to have fun!

    Then I started a business of my own…well, two businesses, to by honest. I do consulting for the industry I used to work in AND I am the co-owner of a artsy/crafty inspired business. My problem? I find it challenging to “let my guard down” in my artsy business because most of my “career personality” has been in a conservative industry. In addition, I still work part-time in that world with my consulting business.

    I find myself envious of the other business owners (and my own business partner) in my artsy business because it is so easy for them to let loose and just have fun. I, on the other hand, have been described as very businesslike (and told this is a compliment, lol). I want to figure out how to let my guard down, have fun AND still work as a consultant (which pays the bills right now).

    Anyone have ideas on how this can be accomplished?

  185. yashas

    In business u just have to think before you talk .. U can gain a fortune or you can loose one .. After deciding what you have to talk in your business personality .. be real careful in the starting couple of times then you get a better hold in your business personality..

  186. Great video and I laughed through it too. Though I’m not the Lisa who sent the question, I’ve asked myself those same questions and here you are with the answers that resonate with me. Thank you.

    Now what to do when you evolve in your own journey and the former audience wants nothing to do with where you’re going?

  187. Again, a reminder I need to look at my web copy Miss Marie x Ta

  188. This is a great reminder. I got an email from someone this past week that said I needed to “tone it down.” My husband said, “You’re more Chelsea Lately than Martha Stewart.” I guess he got the reference half-right! 🙂

  189. I believe your personality is your brand, showing up with your true self is keeping to making your brand authentic.

  190. Emi

    Okay I’m french so I’ll try to be as clear as possible.
    I don’t have a business but I can certainly apply this to work. I realized that my internal guidance system has always been conflicted since I have always been scared of speaking my truth. It also made me realize that not only I had this huge fear of rejection (which makes me act this way at the first place) but I also hate my job. I have tried to be positive and I am VERY grateful for having a job but I don’t feel like I am contributing to something bigger, you know? I also feel like staying here would also be an insult to the burning sun that wants to express itself. And because of that I started to write down every little inspirational idea that comes in mind, to reconnect with my true source of happiness, knowing that I will figure it out what to do with it. It is scary because I don’t really know what I’m doing, but it is also fun to bring back the things you’ve tossed away thinking only teenagers begin projects every single day.

  191. Carli Neveling

    Hey Marie! Great video and just what I needed to hear. Loved how you described us as a diamond with different angles to showcase! For me it is quite easy to express my brand voice in my writing, but lately I’ve been thinking of launching my own video episodes, and that’s where I’m having a bit of trouble finding the best “me” to showcase! Definitely going to keep experimenting to find the most suitable one for my unique brand!



  192. Great video. I love your brand voice because it isn’t boring. You straight tell it like it is and have a sense of humor for our enjoyment.

  193. OMG thank you for this, Marie! I had been struggling with this one big time.

    It’s so funny, because in my business as a home stylist, I’m always comforting my clients who feel like they are wrong for liking multiple things in design, & telling then that it’s actually a good thing, is perfectly normal, & is why I focus on the eclectic style so you can incorporate everything that makes you happy.

    But I’d been struggling with the same thing feeling confused about my business voice, my various personalities, plus everything I’ve learned from business coaches. And for the last few months I was seriously overwhelmed by the voices in my head of all the experts I’ve been following, & realized I’d lost my voice.

    A couple days ago, it all clicked, & I totally go my authentic voice back. But then I wondered, …where do I draw the line? How much is too much? This really helps! The late night vs. day time or pbs was a really helpful analogy.

    You rock, Marie! <3 🙂

  194. Perfect timing on this one Marie! This is the number one reason I haven’t started blogging. Oh, and green tea always tastes like armpits to me . Lastly , I love love your dress and necklace in this segment!

  195. this video was so helpful today as I continue to affirm my choices. because as an artist and as a past person who worked with kids I constantly felt a dichotomy in wanting to touch upon certain types of subjects that would not have be seen appropriate for those working with kids.

    I know committed myself to my art and its expression and found myself at peace.
    I found it so hard in the past to be myself and realized I was with good people but needed more room to be myself.

    And empowered myself with the decision to go back to art school.

    Now I find myself enjoying my voice verbally and , artisticly .

  196. Oliver

    When it comes to branding I believe you always ought to be your authentic self. What will come about as you try to be that person is that soon it will become apparent that audiences have varying tolerance levels for accepting your authentic content. Some take you in all day and absorb your content without becoming saturated, while others restrict their consumption to two cups and prefer a favorless variety.

  197. Natalie

    Hi Marie, Thank you for this video. Your authenticity is refreshing and inspiring. People are often labelled with all kinds of mental disorder’s. Unfortunately for them the stigma attached to the label becomes like a ball and chain they are left to carry with them throughout their life. Thank you for your work and the hope you bring to your subscribers. Much love X

  198. Hi, i used to be able to watch every episode in mi iPhone and had not met the knew website. I was interested in this week’s TV episode, but have not been able to access the video. Just wanted to let you know so any adjustments can be made ’cause I know Marie is a perfectionist 😉

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sylvia, so sorry to hear you’re having trouble! It sounds like it might be from a known issue we’re working on. Basically, the older iPhones and older iOS can’t handle our robust site. We’re definitely looking into it on our end, but in the meantime you can reach out site via a computer, updated version of iOS or even right on our YouTube channel at!

  199. Great video. Thank you.

  200. Sarah

    Dear Marie,
    I just had to send a huge thank you from Kemptville, ON, Canada tonight for this video. I was literally in tears just this afternoon driving in the car with my husband after having run into the bank for an errand and feeling the dichotomy between who I was with the teller and who I had been all day with my husband. I started to cry, feeling so screwed up, as I knew that ‘fake’ wasn’t the right word, but I couldn’t figure it out otherwise, until I saw this tonight. Thank you, very, Very much!!
    Since discovering your work last week I have been re-inspired on such a deep level.

  201. hello
    can i get your slave donkey?

  202. I believe your character is your brand, showing your personality is what makes your brand genuine. I have a yoga store with the word “bastard” in the name (in a quirky way)… And yes, it’s not easy targeting a yoga audience using this word, but is what make it unique.

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