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There once was a girl who wanted to go to school. But some people around her did not want her to learn.

They feared education would give her power. Those people had a meeting and decided to assassinate her. On October 9, 2012, they walked onto her school bus, asked for her by name and shot her in the head.

Her name is Malala Yousafzai.

As you may know, even their bullets couldn’t silence her.

I stand w/@MalalaFund to show that together, courage is #StrongerThan fear. Click To Tweet

Malala is one of the world’s most courageous leaders, and one of my personal heroes.

On July 12th, Malala will turn 17 and finish another year of school.

We’re partnering with and other organizations to celebrate Malala Day on July 14th, and we’d love you to join us.

In the words of Malala:

“Malala Day is not my day. It is the day of every girl and every boy. It is a day when we come together to raise our voices, so that those without a voice can be heard.”

I am truly blessed to live in a part of the world where I’m free to speak my mind, to receive an education, and to build a company based on the belief that creating a business and a life you love is the birthright of all human beings.

This is a chance to do something meaningful to help millions of women and girls around the world who are denied an education and the opportunity to chase their dreams.

Change is possible. But we can’t wait for other people to make it happen. We are the change makers. It’s us.

When we stand as one and raise our voices, we are stronger than hatred, stronger than ignorance, and stronger than violence. And together, our courage and power is stronger than their campaign of fear.

The world needs all of our gifts and it is our duty and right, to express them.


If you care about creating a world that ensures everyone has an education and an opportunity to chase their dreams, realize that YOU have power. You have a voice. You have strength and influence. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines. You can help create change in one or several ways. Here are three to get you started.

1. Share  

Show the world what you’re stronger than by sharing this #StrongerThan hashtag on social media now through the official Malala Day on July 14th, 2014.  Invite your friends, family and community to participate.

Here’s a tweetable to get you started:
I stand w/@MalalaFund. Together we are #StrongerThan fear, hatred, violence & poverty. via @MarieForleo

2. Get Involved

Visit to learn more and, if you feel to, make a donation Malala’s organization so that we can create a world where every girl receives an education.

3. Pledge

Take a meaningful action. Our company is sponsoring 17 girls both here in the U.S. through an organization called as well as girls around the world through our friend Tammy Tibbett’s organization, She’s The First.

Whatever a meaningful action means to you, make a promise and do it.

Whether the enemy we face is a terrorist or our own fear or apathy – the only thing that will create change is if we come together, raise our voices and take action.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you. Please share what you are #StrongerThan and any actions you are taking to celebrate the education rights of all human beings on this special day.

Thanks for reading today, and for continuing to be a part of our incredible community. I know that the 193 countries represented by our MarieTV audience can truly cause global change.

With all my love and gratitude,


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  1. You Rock Marie,
    Thanks for sharing that, I was already aware of Malala’s work, thanks for reminding me.
    Such important work and it makes me think of the steps women have taken and still have to take. Cheers.

    • Yes, Malala’s story is well known now.. I think her book sat at #1 on the New York best sellers list, forever. It’s a riveting read.

      What an astonishing, courageous young woman. Thank God she’s here to tell it.

      “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela


    • Thank you Marie for sharing.

      We really do need to put more effort into empowering women globally. What happened in Nigeria with the school girls shows that there is a real need for this work.

      The Dalai Lama said that the world will be saved by the western woman. Let’s do it!

    • So many people don’t realize the struggles of women to this day! Malala plays such a huge role for the advancement of young women in the middle east and all over the world! We all have to take steps daily to lift each other up so we as women can take our rightful place in this world! Glad that you recognize this Carolina. Many blessings to you!

  2. Marie – Malala is my (s)hero too. Thank you for harnessing the power of your tribe to help support women in the world. You are a (s)hero of mine too. Sending you love and money to Malala.

  3. I am so so glad that you’re posting about Malala and helping getting the word out on Malala day.

    This young woman is SO extraordinary and SO inspiring; she is the embodiment of what I call an Intuitive Leader.

    We need MORE women around the world to RISE UP + awaken to their inner leadership!

    Sharing BIG TIME.


  4. This young woman is a true inspiration – it is humbling to watch her speak, her passion and courage a shining example to others. How dare we hide our ability to change things for the better when we are so blessed in the Western World. Thank you to Malala for reminding us all to live our best lives, for ourselves and others. And for reminding us to step up and step out every day with gratitude. All children deserve the right to an education. Let’s make it happen. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Marie.

  5. Great cause, will share with our community of students, a large portion of them in the Middle East too.

  6. Lori Glier

    Dear Marie,

    Powerful I am here to support #StrongerThan Malala Day! She is an amazing young woman!
    Thank you I am blessed to here!
    Love to all,

  7. “To create a world where everyone is ensured an education and the opportunity to chase their dreams”
    We do have the power!

  8. Tania Phipps-Rufus

    I am so pleased that you’ve covered this. I am in full support. I hope that one day you might be able to get this inspirational young woman on the show?

  9. Thanks, Marie! Malala is a Spark Plug! That’s what I call leaders who start fires and transform the world. Cheers and happy Friday!

  10. Thank you for sharing this, Marie. It is appalling to realize that this kind of violence goes on everyday over something (education) that absolutely should be available to everyone. Malala is truly extraordinary and her strength and courage are incredible. I love knowing that I support your company and that you’re giving back in this way. And I shall follow this invitation to make my own company one that not only serves, but gives back to causes such as this too. We women can change the world, I’m thoroughly convinced of that. Thank you for this.

  11. Such a powerful reminder to show up, stand up, and speak up. I continue to be AMAZED by this woman and her bravery. I am grateful for all my gifts and freedoms and will absolutely do my part to support those who are still fighting for theirs. Commitment made. #StrongerThan

  12. Love this! Thank you Marie! I didn’t know there was a Malala Day! She makes me want to dig deep and honor my own voice. Courage doesn’t come easy. But come it must. <3 to all!

  13. Marie,

    Thanks for this. It’s easy to take for granted our circumstances and forget the challenges faced by so many throughout the world. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and I’m committed to supporting a change. #StrongerThan

  14. Thank you so much for posting Marie – what an extraordinary example of courage and hope in the face of adversity! We women continue to carry the torch against all odds, a testament to our strength and spirit. Knowing many women around the world continue to face extreme challenges like this enforces the idea that we must stand together as sisters, to do what we can to help lift them up in their quest for personal freedoms.
    I’d personally love to get involved with your initiative somehow. My services are at your disposal! #StrongerThan

  15. It’s amazing what strong little girls can accomplish … imagine what self confident, strong powerful women can do to improve this world and then … lets do it!

  16. Thanks so much Marie!!
    So proud to be a part of this lovely community!
    Just tweeted. 🙂 XO

  17. This is so powerful and important. Thank you Marie for using your influential voice to spread the word about something so important! Shared. Contributed. Fully Involved. Thank you!

  18. Beautiful Marie. Well done.

  19. Kristen

    You rock, marie. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. Gorgeous. Moved to tears. Thank you for connecting me to these incredible organizations. xxoo

  21. Michelle

    Excellent post and I would love to ‘Ditto’ most of the comments here. I look forward to the day that religion (holy books telling people women are not equal to man, let alone property) is done with.
    Then I think we can, worldwide, get on with making the world a better place to be for everyone. I am so grateful to be living in a free and secular country where every human being has rights. It’s certainly not perfect yet, but soon I wish to see the world free of bigotry against women, LGBTQ community, people of different ethnicity etc.
    Thank you Marie, for sharing this post to spread the word on this issue.
    As long as people still give respect to unfounded beliefs that justify bigotry I don’t see this happening soon, and at least not to the extent and speed at which change can occur when ‘reason’ prevails.

  22. Of course this cause is close to my heart, since I have now traveled with Malala in Jordan and in Kenya.

    In fact, the photo you posted above is my photo! (which I shot for the Malala Fund at the Syrian Border crossing in Jordan)

    She is an extraordinary young woman, and I truly enjoy being in her company. She is surrounded by an incredible team, and I am really looking forward to what she does with her bright future, on behalf of children and particularly girls, all over the world.

  23. I am #strongerthan all the external and internal voices that tell me that I can’t, I shouldn’t, life is easier if you just sit quietly by and do as you’re told. We are all #strongerthan all the shame, blame, and regret that keeps us feeling dead and subservient. Thank you Marie! I’m forever grateful for this community and what we represent as a whole.

  24. Wanda

    Thank you so much Marie for sending this and standing for and with an Incredible message and cause!

    Malala touches me so and I support her and this cause 100% so much so because I grew up in a household where children were to be seen and not heard, unfortunately, by an incredibly controlling, insecure male figure! That is why my voice and truth now are both even more important to me and still fearful for me! When I speak my truth others punish me for speaking my truth with their ego’s or unfavorable actions. I speak my truth not hatefully but mindfully as I would want for someone to speak theirs to me!

    Being in organizations or working for people who like you’re a smart diverse person/woman but not when your smarts question or wonder why they chose or choose their unethical behaviors or decisions.

    That is why it is so important for me now even greater to step out from relationships personally and professionally that no longer serve my spirit to SOAR and Grow! Why it is very important to me for my own children to have their own boundaries, mindful/respectful voice’s not only in our home but in the World! I pray I never take a bullet as Malala did but I have taken enough to my spirit, to my soul and why my soul wants to FREE not only myself but others as well!

    Thanks again Marie! 🙂

  25. regina islas


    Thanks for this opportunity-Sisters Rock The World! xo

  26. As always, you are a true inspiration spreading the good.

  27. Chaudhry Shahid Nazir

    I was in Nowshera Cantonment on that day and immediately travelled for 6 hours & went in the area where this sad incident happened to show my resolve. Malala will not be knowing it.
    At the moment I am remembering Serbinica incident of 9/10/11 July 95. I was in ops room of HQ Sector North East at Tuzla Air base Bosnia. You can get details how it happened and what I did to save 35000 lives despite a huge massacre & mass graves.

  28. In the very wise words of Mother Teresa… “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

  29. I am #StrongerThan the fear to take action and make a positive change.

    Sharing and spreading awareness is a wonderful tool.


  30. Marie, bless you for sharing this. This beautiful and inspiring story. I am about to attend a conference on POVERTY, completely paid for by my private practice to treat alcohol and addiction slated to open in 2015. I am a social worker with a degree, the first in my family. I am an artist and photographer for 8 years, and I am #StrongerThan Poverty.

  31. Amber Shannon

    This is powerful. Thank you for sharing and expanding my awareness. I am without words right now, but deeply moved and inspired to action. Thank you thank you thank you. XO

  32. This is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. I was already deeply moved by all of these new advertisements that have been coming out lately (Pantene, Always, Verizon, etc.) that are aimed at empowering women & girls, and I knew I wanted to participate in the movement, but I wasn’t sure how. Now I am certain that I will be tying it all together to try & help this organization in its mission to empower EVERYONE who feels that their voice is being silenced. As of now, my own personal audience (followers, subscribers, & likes) is small compared to yours, which is why its so wonderful that you are able to reach so many people! I am so grateful to be a part of your community, & thank you for your ongoing commitment to spreading peace, joy & equality.

    Best wishes always,

  33. Maura

    Thanks for sharing. Marie. I wasn’t aware of Malala Day and so glad you opened my eyes to this amazing young woman’s story. I donated today and will be sure to share as well.

  34. Debbie

    Malala Day! What a beautiful idea! What an amazing girl! I can’t begin to imagine my life without education, even the most basic! May the sadness and fear of the situation in her country and so many others be replaced with the strength, support, and celebration of education. Especially for girls, but also for the boys and men who hold such thoughts. Sending much love and support to Malala, her family, and all those supporting this incredibly worthwhile and needed cause. Cheers!

  35. Thanks Marie, that is such an amazing reminder what is important and a hugely needed wake up call for us more lucky, able to have things those girls have to fight for.

  36. Joy

    Marie, what an incredibly inspirational young woman Malala is. Her courage, her perserverance, her strength. Many today still think that children are weak and do not have the ability to make real change. That children do not have a voice because they are young. That the worth and value of children and particularly girls and women is small to non existence. Malala is one young woman who disproves all who think along these lines and forces many to reconsider and even change their mindsets. That children, girls and women have strength, have courage and have value.

    Your email came exactly at a time when I was angry, frustrated and felt powerless as I had just had communication that boiled down to me being told that my child may have to be out of the education system, missing a year of education, because his birthday is 7 days after the academic year cut off date and no school will not take him until September 2015, yet whilst some whose children also miss the cut off date are able to afford to put their child in a private placement, as a low income family we can not afford to do so and so have been told we need to keep him at home.

    My son was born with a physical condition that means he is missing a left hand and his left arm is shorter than his right. He does not receive physio, despite pushing for this since he was months old. He was eventually referred to Occupational Therapy, but after an initial assessment was not seen again. We received an apology being told he had somehow “slipped through the net”. Academically he is ahead of his years, and yet now this is being threatened to be pulled out from under his feet based on our household income.

    It made me angry that in London, UK in this day and age children can be denied education based on their families not being able to afford private education. It made me wonder how many other families are in the same position and do not know the first step to take to campaign that all children have equal rights to education and that it is not biased system.

    Receiving your email and watching Malala’s video, hearing her story again, gave me renewed strength to do something to change this. Even if it takes a while for the goal to be met. Something must be done and voices can rise up on behalf of all children in whatever country they may be who are being denied such a basic right.

    I will support Malala’s campaign by spreading the word, the hashtag, her video and message and encouraging those who I know and those who I can reach out to via social media to speak up for the education of all children around the world


    • Hi Joy,

      Do you mean that your son will be nearly 5 when he starts school? Our daughter’s birthday is also at the very start of the academic year. But this may prove to be an advantage. When our daughter first started school (at nearly 5) she was actually put straight in a yr 1 class where she flourished academically but struggled being the youngest in the class. This year she has been in with her class but does lessons with children of the same ability ( so although yr1 she does lessons with yr 2 and even yr 3). There was some talk earlier on the year of her going straight up to yr 3 but she would be youngest on the class again and after much discussion we all agreed she would stay with her year group but continue to be stretched as needed. My point is that if he gets into a good school they will educate him at whatever level he needs. Our daughter learns at junior level bit emotionally and socially she is happier with her own year group oldest in the class. We do have to keep an eye on it but it’s fine. I’m in the UK and she is not privately educated. There will always be children that just miss the cut off date. Her best friend’s birthday is August 31st. She started school a year earlier (even though she’s only a week or so older) but our daughter is now far exceeding her academically. Don’t worry about this. The statistics say children oldest in the class fair much better in all sorts of ways. Take heart in that. Perhaps all his friends are going to school in September but he will make new friends. This was the case for our daughter. I know schools vary but just try hard to get him in the right school. We write to the LEA and got our school preferences changed after the cutoff date. As I understand it to aye schools would still not allow him to enter if he is ‘too young’. Try and see the benefits. To be honest the worst thing for us was a whole extra year of nursery fees! Chin up ;-). Our children are incredibly lucky to have an education that for the most part free from violence and terror.

      • Joy

        Hi Lynsey,

        Thank you for your comment it was definitely an encouragement!! (Much needed) Yes he will be over 4 by the time he starts school so really good to hear from someone who has had a similar experience! Also for the advice about the pros and cons of being oldest or youngest in the year.

        I hope I was not misunderstood in any way to give the impression that either the situation for children who miss the cut off and have to wait is anything as extreme a situation as Malala’s experience, not at all. It just seemed like a way that some children were missing out on a year’s education whilst others were not, and it made me wonder “what happens to all this kids who miss the cut off date? They just miss a whole year?” It seemed there was a gap that a number of children were slipping through each year.

        I definitely agree with what you said about our children not having to go to school fearing the threat of violence or terror for having an education. Absolutely! I take heart from that (and yep, will keep my chin up)

  37. Marie, thank you for this. We do need to take a stand and fight for all of those who cannot fight for themselves. This is a great reminder to not take our freedom for granted and to help others who have no freedom.

  38. jen

    thank you for your passion, your humanity, and your love for women! and thank you for another amazing resource in

  39. Thanks For Sharing

  40. Malala has been a huge source of inspiration for me. This past May, I completed my Illustration MFA and debuted my thesis show, SUPERWOMEN, in Atlanta. The first image I illustrated was of Malala and her courage against the Taliban, and I would like to share it here:

    This is a movement!!!
    Warm regards,

    • Yes, it is a movement! One I love to share in. Thanks for letting me use your gorgeous illustration of Malala in my blogpost Erin. You are such a talent!

  41. Malala Rocks! Inspiring Every Generation… let our youth with the love and prayers of our Ancestors, lead the way!

  42. You have my support and the Love and Light of

    Big hugs and Love


  43. Hey Marie,

    I just want to say thanks for shining a spotlight on this. I have been feeling out of alignment with my business as of late. Feel lots of pressure in the “make the money” department. Today after reading this I realized why— at my core I’m all about giving back, and I haven’t focused on that at all in my business. I have travelled extensively throughout my life and just spent a year in Nicaragua and it changed my life. These life experiences have helped me realize how fortunate and abundantly blessed I am. My husband and I already give to a local family that we fell in love with while in Nicaragua, but I want to do the same with my biz. From now on 10% of what I make in business related profits is going to The Malala Fund — I feel so free in making this decision that I know that it’s the right thing for me to do personally and professionally. Thank you for sharing!

  44. Bridget Gleeson

    Thank you for sharing this and bringing it to our attention.
    Malala is my hero too – I look forward to helping her shine her light even brighter and stronger by supporting her cause.
    To a better world!

  45. Hey Marie,

    Thanks so much for sharing. What an incredibly strong, resilient young woman. I will be sharing this through all my networks, with both men and women who inspire me, and those in need of inspiration. I love positive change…seeing the ripple is beautiful.

    With much gratitude for sharing. Xx

  46. Discovering how to help girls get educated is the most important job of the 21st century – a young man from Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley is empowering girls in Nepal to learn and be educated, check it out now, let’s stand together and roar.

  47. Thanks Marie for sharing about this amazing young woman and inviting us to stand up for education for all people

  48. Courage.
    Warrior Spirit.

    THANK YOU, MALALA! We all celebrate you and who you are, your wisdom, your spirit and for making ALL OF US #Stronger because of what you are showing the world with your presence. Your gift of owning the ground you stand on firmly with both feet to say what you think, what you feel and what you believe not only gives the next generation a chance to learn from your example, but to show that no matter who you are, no matter what age, it is never too late for education. Your leadership is schooling the whole world just with your actions and your voice for change. And for that, WE SAY THANK YOU.

    With much gratitude, we all salute you and are honored and humbled by your courage.

  49. Don Goeschl

    Marie I wish that every person in America as well as the rest of the World could see this. This young woman is what America is supposed to be about. The right to a free life, education, being able to walk down the street with your head up high and feel safe be able to speak your peace without being told to sit down or to shut up. What this young woman did was to show what the world should be, She stood up with her head high and said this is my God given rights.
    We have at present several thousand MEN and WOMEN fighting for these rights, we have MEN and WOMEN who gave there life for these rights and yet we have some who go against the Government and protest and in my opinion these are not good people.
    It is of my opinion that MALALA is another soldier that did Her part in the preservation of FREEDOM that made this country such a wonderful country and she set the example for HER PEOPLE. a EXAMPLE THAT THEY SHOULD FOLLOW

  50. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for sharing about #MalalaDay, it’s such pleasure to receive your mail this morning in Indonesia. Wow, i can’t believe her age is just like me, She’s super Awesome young woman!
    Such amazing inspiration that i receive today from reading her story. i think i need to do it too, I’ll going back to teach little Children in my Village after i quit to teach them for 2 month.
    i’m so grateful i can receive education, and i’ll trying to make a better place to the world! 😀

    thank you so much to make me realize!! 😀
    together we louder!

  51. I’m so moved and empowered from Malala story! Thanks for sharing and reminding me how blessed my life is and how I must take more action to be part of a real world change. Giving every day a little bit more can make the difference. She is a true inspiration to keep working hard and giving back as mucb as I can. Thank you Malala and Marie

  52. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for bringing our attention to Malala Day. Such a beautiful and inspirational young lady to us all. xx

  53. Mike F

    Well I’m glad someone is saying something positive about people in the Arab and Islamic community! I’m neither but I’m sensible enough to understand that these wars are NOT against any race ir religion out there and people need to put away their ignorance and hatred towards others as we are all God’s children. This is coming from a US war vet with no political affiliation ANYWHERE but if I see a worthy cause like Malala Day then WHY NOT support it? Thanks Marie. Will not put this one aside.

  54. don stevenson

    The following piece was presented at a Spoken Word show in Windhoek, Namibia on 5 June 2013, by six readers. The show’s theme was “Icons of Note”. The piece is entitled, “She would go to school”. (The first line of each section denotes the speaker and is not read aloud.)

    (Helicopter pilot):
    King Cobra, this is Alpha-Hotel three-niner on sortie — lots of ground movement west of Mingora.
    (Command post):
    We acknowlcdge Alpha-Hotel three-niner, clearance granted to engage, fire at will, over.
    (Helicopter pilot):
    Roger that King Cobra, will engage.
    Alpha-Hotel one-four, advise drop payload of toffees at co-ordinates 4-7-fiver north; 2-2-seven east, over.

    (Kainat, Malala’s 16-yr-old friend):
    Shazia, look, helicopters swoop low
    they’re flying west, cannon very loud
    My brother runs, it is not for show
    yet toffees rain from heaven
    and he wants a share from that store.

    Peace in Swat district? At present, slim chance,
    the army and Taliban prolong their lethal dance.
    Our media princess, speaking out again
    seeks to salvage her bombed-out education
    Shame for her, she is not a boy
    though for the networks and her cause,
    it’s a perfect ploy.

    (Taliban commander):
    Foreigners in growing numbers defile our lands
    bleach blond wives, Mercedes Benz
    With no respect for God or law
    they will be driven out with merciless hands.
    They use our children to unholy ends
    decreeing girls have equal right to schooling
    It’s a shame, puppet princess,
    had you been a boy
    there would be no story and no cause
    that you meet the wrath of Sharia.

    (Malala’s father):
    We live in miraculous times, my precious,
    times when even a child may sway the world
    and swaying, the world surely needs,
    for it must change.
    Look at us, our sorry condition:
    Mothers, first educators, of the next generation
    are unlettered throwbacks of a former century.
    As our women train to be commandos
    so mothers, I do believe,
    will one day go to university.
    Who better than you, child of mine,
    precocious by nature, sharpest of mind?
    We need to stand up; it is your time!

    (School teacher):
    She was born to raise her voice
    in great assemblage, I know.
    With only two and a half years
    she sat in my classroom
    a study in silence, that face,
    large hazel eyes framed in khimars
    never bored, never out of place.
    Growing up, she was always first in class
    an ordinary child, with extraordinary gifts.
    Had she been a boy, that delicate lass
    could become the nation’s president.

    A day at school, a bus ride home,
    like any other, after a war.
    Shazia, did you write a good exam?
    What do you have, to bring home to father?…
    WAIT! Whose uncle just boarded the bus
    and what is he pointing?
    He barks like a dog, shouting at us:

    “Speak up! Which one of you is Malala?”

    Though silent, we must have looked at her.
    There was a loud crack, she slumped over
    another crack and Shazia too, then a third,
    and I only recall a hard thump in my shoulder.

    (Sirajuddin Ahmad, Taliban spokesman):
    All praise to Alláh, girl child,
    for surely the Prophet boarded your bus
    to bestow mercy, and liberate you from sin.
    It is done: His will is fulfilled.
    Honestly, we did not want to kill you
    as we knew that righteous action
    would only bring us bad name, but…
    there was no other option.

    All praise to Alláh
    from Whose mercy bestowed,
    comes a miraculous ruling
    Malala still lives,
    to continue her schooling!
    In place of the verdict
    that decreed she be silenced,
    Taliban merely amplified her voice,
    a voice we love so dearly.
    buildings shattered, bricks and clay.
    Our spirit alive, singing clearly,
    greets a likewise living day
    laughing in the face of tyranny—

    (In UNISON):
    Each one of us is Malala!

  55. What an incredible young woman – strength in the face of adversity, and determined to change the world. The video sent chills down my spine. Well done Marie, for helping to spread Malala’s voice. x

    Carol Pearce

  56. Dear Marie,
    I’m sponsoring the education of one girl in Guinea Bissau (via Plan Norge).
    This is my contribution, but hoping to do more in the future!


  57. Malala is a TRUE INSPIRATION! To discover herself and the life she’s meant to live at such a tender age is amazing. Self-discovery is one of life’s most cherished gifts we can give ourselves. Learning to not only love yourself but contriving the meaning behind your existence will bring you to a place of peace and true contentment. We have the Innate ability to tap into our inner being and develop our future success and usefulness. Our energetic field of power has the ability to attract anything we desire into our lives. The possibilities and potential prospects are infinite. In order to use our intrinsic ability to discover our purpose, we need to become aware of the mind chatter in our heads. Our thoughts are energy, our physical bodies are energy, our relationships are energy, we are filled and surrounded with energy from the universe and it’s electric field. When we use these energetic thoughts in a beneficial way, we are contributing to the betterment of the world. And, when we give to the world, we feed our souls purpose.


  58. In the Spirit of Recreation! Godspeed everybody!

  59. A truly inspiring person indeed. People like her who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in can change the world. We need to support each other and realize that every one of us has the power to create change. Thank you Malala! You are awesome!

  60. Jennifer

    Ahh… to be so courageous!

    Thank you Malala and Marie …
    for galvanizing inspiration
    and awakening us for the benefit of all.

  61. jacksparro

    Thanx Marie,
    I’m a Saudi man, i believe I’m from a country which is new to civilization, my parents have never intended school, because their parents, don’t believe in education, though all my parents wanted was to know how to read and write like some of their friends in that time, but even those who had some education in that time, were few, and they were all males, because in that time, families either had never let their kids to go to school, or let only one of the boys to go to school for only a year to help them with reading letters from relatives, because all they needed was one in each family, and of course they would be a boy, not a girl, that made my father wanted to make his dream come true on me and my brothers and sisters, he had been so strict to educate us, thanks to his past. now 99.9% of boys and girls in Saudi Arabia are getting a satisfaction education. and I’m sorry to hear that ignorance in other parts of the world is still taking place in our age, i think it’s their government responsibility to educate their people, and it’s our responsibility to put pressure on those governments through the internet.

  62. Marie, your post inspired me to write my own #StrongerThanOppression post. And the lovely @ErinMcManness let me use her gorgeous illustration of Malala, love it. Thank you for bringing Malala to my awareness. Giving back is a pillar of my biz (still in the starting phase), so I am more than excited to support this amazing, courageous young woman. What an impressive role model and leader she is!
    Did you know she had a book out? I can’t wait to read it.

  63. Lea

    In honor of Malala day, I first took a moment, and more, to be grateful that I can read this. I then realized how I take my education and my free speech for granted. This has actually had a huge impact on me and has caused me to look at things a bit differently. I will continue to do what I can to bring awareness to the importance of education, at home and in other parts of the world. I’m also making it a part of my everyday conversations with people. And I am making a blog post in Malala’s honor tomorrow. Thank you Marie for all the ways you touch us and help us to grow into ourselves.

  64. This was a great topic! 😀 Have shared hte video!

  65. Phalnniehz

    Well done ladies! lets forge on to our path on what we want tp achieve in life! We respect the guys too & together we achieve Greater Heights! Ladies Power..

  66. julia Betancor

    Thank you Malala, because you are here to remember me day by day how unfair is the world for some kids and womans, thanks for survive, and thanks Marie, because you stop my day and make me feel proud about her and sensitive and vulnerable about this .
    Gracias Malala, y Marie.

  67. Thank you for posting about this Marie! I first heard of and saw Malala on The Daily Show and was both moved by her incredible voice and energy and cracking up from Jon Stewart. But you could tell that even he was incredibly, incredibly moved by this amazing young girl. I’m glad I read your email so that I could donate to such a special cause 🙂


  68. Such an inspirational story. The strength and determination that Malala had is very powerful!

    I really wish that girls and women didn’t have to struggle against such oppression!

  69. I just made my donation! Malala plays such a huge role in women’s rights all over the world. She is a huge inspiration as are you Marie! I love how you are using your position for the advancement of women around the globe!

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