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Money. It can be a really loaded topic, especially within ourselves. I haven’t met one person who hasn’t wrestled with their own beliefs and behavior around it.

Things can get even more interesting when you’re doing work you love and people actually start to pay you for it. A distressing amount of guilt can crop up.

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Whether it’s from a fear that your work’s not good enough, or that somehow you’re unethically “taking” from others…

Left unchecked, seller’s guilt can derail the success and joy you deserve and stop you from making the difference you’re meant to make.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, learn how to kick three of the most destructive money-guilt goblins right to the curb so you can continue to produce great work and enjoy the rewards.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever experienced seller’s guilt? What helped you overcome it?

Or, if this is something you relate to, let me know which of our three guilt goblins you’re ready to kick to the curb.

Remember to be as specific as you can in your comment.

Thousands of awesome people gather here for inspiration, and your share may spark the breakthrough someone else needs.

And since many have asked, here’s the other MarieTV episode for artists about valuing what you do!

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and being so generous and kind.

P.S. If you know anyone who is putting their work out in the world and may be struggling with seller’s guilt, please share this episode.

With so much love,


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  1. This is something I’ve worked with may clients about. One of the first thing I have my clients look at is where they DO value their work and themself. Remember, YOU are the most important product your company has to offer. If you don’t value you or your work, why should anyone else?

    The next thing I ask is always where do you value your time? If you don’t
    see yourself worth at least $500 an hour, how are you ever going to feel comfortable charging that kind of money for your work? When I first raised my coaching rates to $600/hr, people asked why. I said “If I don’t charge that much, how can my clients expect to charge that kind of money for their work?

    Marie makes a good point about “Validating their tastes and experiences” through your great work.

    If you’re facing a threshhold of belief issue (the gap between what you believe you’re worth and what you WANT to charge without feeling guilty), the answer is practice. Taking small steps to move closer to your ideal pricing range may be slower than you’d like, but you’ll face less fear and eventually, you’ll look back and wonder how you ever charged so little for all your awesomeness.

    • Great inspiration, Lisa! That’s courageous of you to continue to raise your rates, and I’m sure it’s inspiring to your clients, too! “Seller’s guilt” is a real thing and can take you (and your business) down if you let it. But it’s all about courage, confidence, and kick-ass customer/client service!

    • Great Episode Marie!
      Sometimes we get our fears and guilt from our surroundings… I know I have some money issues myself that were born out of my parent’s fears or what they preached I should do (Old school style- secure corporate job and mean business people out there)
      Great content as always and very entertaining!

      BTW- Congrats on the new Intro- I love it!
      Keep rocking it girl!
      Business Networking Coach

      • Yes, family. Sadly they can be some of one’s greatest detractors when it comes to earning money for something you actually love doing (see my much longer reply below to Osha Key’s comment).

        I’m guessing a lot of this attitude comes out of some Puritanical ideal that work should NOT be enjoyable: if you’re enjoying it, then it’s not WORK and therefore you shouldn’t be paid for it!

        This is the 21st century, not the homesteading days…

        and MARIE — mahalo for making me laugh early on a Tuesday morning: the Pinterest goblin quip (and in that voice, as a she-goblin) was what got me 😉 (if one of your staff wrote that bit, please let them know they made me chuckle out loud and I rewound to listen to it again to smile 🙂 )

        • Hey Donia and Lirone!

          I agree with you both. I am blown away at how many people are living other peoples lives and expectations rather than their own.

          As a career and life coach I help twenty somethings step out and live their OWN life rather than their parents, societies, or what is seemed as practical and “safe”

          Keep doing amazing work ladies! We all need more people to make that difference!

    • What an insightful article! When you get a raise, it isn’t because they gave someone else in your company a pay cut. When you buy an apple at the supermarket, this does not mean that a teacher will now go hungry. When you buy a house, you don’t make someone else homeless. As the demand increases, so does the supply. Of everything. We are constantly finding new ways to produce more. Whatever the public wants, the public can have. Whatever we can conceive of, dream up and imagine, there is someone out there who will find a way to actually bring it into existence. There is no scarcity. There is no limit. There’s an endless supply of Universal energy and it can be molded into whatever you want it to be. Your job is to allow that energy into your life and enjoy the hell out of it. And when you feel guilty about what you already have, you are not doing that. In fact, you’re doing the opposite.

      When you feel guilty about your possessions, you are telling the Universe “I don’t like what I have. I would like to have less, please. What I have makes me feel bad.” Unless you’re a total Law of Attraction newbie, you’ll know that the Universe has no choice but to bring you more experiences that feel that exact same way. Not only will you never manifest anything that you truly want (because that would match the vibration of joy, and you’re not a match to that, you guilty bastard), but you’ll also meet up with lots and lots of sob stories that will keep you feeling as guilty as possible. People will come out of the woodwork to tell you about their hardships, how they don’t have enough money for food, clothing, health insurance. You will meet up with the worst of the worst, the most unfortunate of the most unfortunate. It’s like the Universe is saying “You think you feel guilty now? Wait until you see this! And this! And this!”

      You can’t control the financial situation of other people (in fact, the poorer you are, the less opportunity you have to help them), but you can control how you feel. That’s it. That’s the only thing you can ever control. So stop feeling personally responsible for all the evil in the world, and start fixing your own vibration.

      • Hi Ben,

        No scarcity? What about fossil fuels, land and water? I admire your optimism, and you’re right that you can’t help as many people if you’re poor (perhaps the problem is not enough “rich” people are also “good” people), but I think that, unless you know of a commercially available clean fusion technology, the attitude that “whatever the public wants more of, it can have more of” is a dangerous one. Yes we have virtually unlimited energy from the sun, but until we find another planet with resources we can use, we will run up against material limits if our population and/or desires/expectations keep growing. It’s just not possible for everyone on the planet to have all the material stuff they want. Yes there is virtually no limit to the amount of information products or intellectual property we can produce – something that Marie has talked about before – but the value of the money that we sell such products for is intrinsically tied to and limited by how many physical, tangible material resources it can buy. We could arbitrarily make everyone millionaires if we wanted to (for example, if I go to Indonesia, I am a multimillionaire – in their currency), but what that million could buy would then not be very much.

        Absolutely, everyone on this planet (going on current numbers) can and should have optimal health, love, time to spend with friends and family and something meaningful to pursue and focus their energy on; something that makes them feel useful and valued and that helps others in some way (this is very synergistic). But we have to face up to the constraints that sustainability places on the kind of life that’s possible to lead with our fair share of material resources. We can have more of most things without disadvantaging others, but not all.

        I believe in synergy, but I also believe in the laws of physics (in my mind, the law of attraction is something that Newton discovered, not the karmic version you allude to – and on that note, while quantum physics is just starting to provide us with glimpse of a mechanism by which our thoughts could in fact affect the way reality is “realised” or “manifested, and has changed the way in which we think about cause and effect, no serious scientist will suggest that somehow the universe “knows” what we are thinking and then makes things happen to us that our thoughts “deserve”. Could it just be that by thinking positively, we tend to notice and remember more positive things, and vice versa?).

        So until our command of quantum physics is such that we can fashion matter into the material things we need from pure energy, or travel at the speed of light to other earth-like planets, or alternatively, turn ourselves into incorporeal beings living purely on “good vibrations” (or maybe a breakthrough in genetics will allow our skin to carry out photosynthesis, and we could all live on sunlight – they really should look into that), we do have to acknowledge that some scarcity does exist in some material quantities, and that we need to modify our lifestyles and expectations and societal systems in general to be sustainable, if we want the human race to be around long enough to give our science and ourselves a chance to evolve for long enough to be able find a way around those limitations, and, I would suggest, to avoid pain and suffering of future generations, and possibly even later on in our own lives.

        For further reading, see

        • Sorry, accidentally pressed send..

          That last link was


    • Kim

      I love this. Used to REALLY struggle with this issue in all my past businesses. Then one day I read something that changed my whole perspective. The author , whom I can not remember at this time, changed the term money into “Certificates of Appreciation” WOW They were right. I give my money to people to whom i truely appreciate the product of service they offer. If someone is willing to give me certificates for my product or service, Wow, what a compliment and encouragement to do more! When you find those who really appreciate you for you, its difficult to settle for those you are basicly telling you that you aren’t worth it (what ever you are charging)

      • Aja


        This comment just changed my life. No exaggeration.

        I struggled with my relationship with money my whole life. I grew up with an abundance of money, but always felt like money and material things were more valuable than me. So it seems in an effort to feel better about myself, I kept those things away.

        And here you come with your perfectly awesome comment which completely changed everything I felt about money.

        Thank you. You are indeed a lifesaver!


      • Hi Kim,
        I had been using the term “Thank you money” in my mind, to help myself realize that people give me money to thank me for creating art they enjoy & giving it to them. But I like “Certificates of Appreciation”! It gets the whole “money” word out of the picture altogether, which I still am struggling with issues with. But I’ve always been competitive & loved proofs of my achievements in the form of trophies & certificates! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like this advice, Lisa. It is all about taking small steps to help feel comfortable.

    How did your audition go???

    • Thanks for asking. 🙂 I rocked the audition, but it wasn’t what they were looking for. In other news, Jim Brickman saw my cover version of one of his songs on YouTube, and he sent me a message on Twitter to audition for a chance to sing with him on tour. His exact words were “I’m impressed!” – which was all I needed to hear. 🙂

      • OMG!!!! That is absolutely fantastic!!!! When are you going to audition?? (Can I add more punctuation??) lol

        • I submitted the video he was so impressed with. 🙂

          A panel of judges will narrow the field to 10, then public voting will narrow the field to 5. Jim will actually pick the winner. They’ll announce it this fall before his winter tour begins.

          • Please keep us posted and good luck to you! *breaks out my pom-poms* 😀

          • So awesome, Lisa!! Congrats. And Ms Pillowz, what a gal you are to remember about Lisa’s audition xoxo

          • Gemma Regalado

            Amazing, LIsa! I saw that Jim Brickman cover you did, and it was spectacular 🙂

          • Thanks, Gemma. That means a lot to me. 🙂

      • Peggy DaValt

        I love Jim Brickman. I am SO happy for you. Congratulations and best wishes!! His music is outstanding.

      • That is wonderful Lisa- The video is great. Break a Leg in your audition for the tour

  3. I have come across people who think that you cannot charge for helping people, especially when it comes to health and spirituality.

    This is how I usually answer: if I didn’t charge for my services, I wouldn’t be able to do this for a living. Then I would have to go to some 9-5 job that I hate and sell my soul. Do you think that’s fair?

    And If I worked at a job that I hate, I wouldn’t have the time and energy to spend on doing my research, studying and helping people. So it means that I couldn’t change people lives like I do now. So who wins in this situation? Me, who is overwhelmed, exhausted and unfulfilled? Or the clients (who, actually, would never be my clients if I didn’t do what I love) who end up being sick, overweight and not happy with their lives.

    Usually this answer changes their minds. Maybe you guys can use a similar one in your situation.

    • That’s it, isn’t it? We have to value what we do so that we don’t end up “selling our soul” doing something we don’t love, because we think we “have to”.

      • Exactly! I also ask these people: if it’s not OK to charge for helping people and doing good, or expressing yourself as an artist, then what is it OK to charge for?

        • Tania

          I am learning from you all lady s. It grate!

        • So true! If we can’t earn money doing what is good, what are we supposed to be earning money doing? Time to turn this around:)

      • Yes – this is basically what I tell people when they give me a hard time about selling my art… If you enjoy and appreciate my art enough to want to look at it every day, then you should be happy to contribute to me making more of it! Because if I was only earning pennies for it (which is what a lot of people think they should pay for something *you* actually enjoyed doing) then I wouldn’t have the time nor energy to keep creating it because I would be mentally and physically exhausted from working a “Regular” job.

        Making art takes more than just spare time. Some people can craft or even paint from photos in their spare time as a way to turn off their brain and decompress from a long day, but making original art requires a lot of mental, emotional, and physical energy!!

    • Osha & Marie,

      I was just having this same conversation with a women interested in becoming a life coach and joining the life coach training program I created for women who want sisterhood and financial abundance as a coach (Mentor Masterclass).

      She is a wonderful woman who was able to get off welfare and now offers her time for free at numerous non profit organizations including starting her own. She has 5 children, goes to college and is not financially abundant at this point in her life with very little time to launch her own coaching business. She offers most of her free time creating non profits for the past 15 years while struggling to make her own rent. She came to me for a scholarship to Mentor Masterclass. One of her missions is to help other women get off welfare and become financially stable.

      It brought up the core lesson I end up sharing in most consultations with new women I feel called to support. I have studied the women who are enrolled in my year long training to launch their coaching business and discovered they are ready to address their relationship with money in month 3 and it’s absolutely vital for reaching the next stage of leadership. It’s been powerful to run this course 3 years in a row because now I know the cycle, adversity and transformation that has to take place in each stage to really make it to a place in your business where you can be of true service and living your dream life as a coach and entrepreneur.

      I shared with this woman my belief that in order to reach a state of flow where we truly have the freedom to invest our time and resources we have to be in a healthy standing with our financial security. I have also found to be a leader of the path less traveled a vital lesson to share with our tribe is a powerful connection to money as a resource and a spiritually expanding support.

      I explained to her that I have witnessed women shift there connection to money, viewing it as a value exchange, believing in the massive impact their effort and service creates in the world and allowing money to be one expression of that energetic exchange. This is the shift that elevates there impact to the next level.

      This is our soul focus in Module 3 of the Life Coach Training Integration in our personal lives in Mentor Masterclass.

      Intuitively I felt this was the next integration for this beautiful woman so she could help woman on welfare to create this relationship with their own worth and money. I see it as a beautiful expression of an energetic exchange for the gifts these women will bring to the world and that when they learn this there is no turning back.

      She expressed her desire to continue working for free and offered that its the only way to do it. She had no desire to change things as she says she works with inner city and troubled gang members, prostitutes and women who do not believe in investing in this kind of support. So she has to find them.

      It really got me thinking on how we can truly shift the potential these woman see for themselves and how we can bring them to understand the power of this shift in relating to their life and money.

      I come from a poor family. The most impactful shift I have made in my life is moving out of victim mentality and into self worth and service. Healing my view of money and recognizing that what I bring to the world is worth the value exchange of a financial energy exchange is what took me from struggling to serving women world wide. It also allowed me the true experience of teaching women the value of this shift in their own lives.

      I have literally watched over 150 women initiate this new empowering belief to their coaching clients world wide. As a result I believe our consciousness around money is actively shifting one beautiful thought leader at a time.

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this discussion and holding space for all of the women who are the heat of this self discovery. It is no easy battle but it is worth every sword swing.

      Share & Shine

      • Inga

        Hello Jey,

        That woman you talk about, maybe she could get a sponsor to fund the work she’s doing. Or several! These could be private or official. That way she wouldn’t have to charge money to people who obviously can’t afford it, and she’d be able to spend more time and with more resources doing her good work. Just a thought 🙂

        Keep up the good work!

        Inga x

        • Karen J

          Great idea, Inga!
          One of the modules in a “Write Your Own Permission Slips” class I took was all about “Find a sponsor for your lifestyle” – Either the ability to charge the people you serve directly, or someone else to support you while you do that work. Thanks for reminding me!

          • Maria

            Since she has experience starting nonprofits, this seems like something that would be a great nonprofit enterprise. She could raise funds to do the work and to be paid a fair salary for doing it.

      • I can totally relate Jey, I discovered recently I have no problem providing outstanding service preparing people for work interviews, when it’s free, but get a massive block when think I should be paid for it.
        As if it’s ok for me to give it away for free, but not ok to be paid for what I know well I’m doing good.
        A lot of mind shift work to be done here, think closely related to my upbringing.

      • Dear Jeannine,

        I think what you are doing is wonderful. I truly admire you. You keep up your good work.


    • I LOVE your answer, Osha. Really hit me where I live. Thanks for posting.

    • Very well put, Osha. If ever there was someone who squashed the ‘guilt goblin’ about pricing and value, it was Steve Jobs. Money is merely an exchange of energy. If you value your work, there shouldn’t be a guilt goblin knocking on your door. A friend told me something a long time ago, that he probably doesn’t even remember saying, but, it was a kernel of wisdom that has stuck with me over the years. He told me that the best thing you can do is to develop your creative abilities. One should’t be shy about placing a value on those abilities- nor, feel guilty about doing so.

    • Love your response to this Osha. I work in the health & spirituality field and have heard those comments about it not being ‘spiritual’ to charge for services – like you I say if I can’t charge then I’d have to get a job elsewhere and tonnes of people would lose out on getting my help. I’m good at what I do, I love it, and I want to continue to help women overcome their own guilt goblins!

      I’m so glad I found MarieTV! And what a great topic today, it has been so helpful – you are so awesome Marie 🙂

      Love & light to you all.

    • Awesome perspective, Osha Key. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maire this is an AMAZING video! I LOVE it.

    I realized Goblin #1 is still bothering me from time to time. I will send my 2 boys after him with their pirate toys and I’m sure I’ll never ever see the goblin around again!

    I have had success in getting rid of “money guilt” by adopting the point of view of the satisfied customer:
    1) If the customer is happy about the results, he/she thinks it’s fair to pay for this. So, I as the seller should be happy, too.

    2) If it was free, the person would feel he/she has a debt and would probably feel guilty. That’s not what we want, either.

    Thanks for this awesome video! (really had a great time with the goblins).


  5. Dear Marie, LOVED THIS VIDEO!
    This is something I am particulary working on and putting my mind to. Everytime I give money I say “there is more where this came from” and everytime I receive money I say “I’m a money magnet, thank you, thank you, thank you” PLUS “We all deserve to be happy, abundant, healthy and wealthy”

    This last mantra is special to me, as I am not only conditioning myself, but also wishing this to all the people in the world.

    Thanks for this episode. Big love from Perú,

    • UH

      Thank you, Karla! I love your mantra – already translated it and will put it on a big, fat poster for my office door! 🙂

    • Jody-Lynn

      Your mantra is inspiring! Thank you

  6. Penny

    This Q&A episode could not have come at a better time. I am six months into the launch of my brand new business and I am definitely dealing with these goblins! Much of my client base are startups and entrepreneurs with limited budgets, so the ‘I win, you lose’ goblin seems to rear his warty, ugly head a lot…Who am I to take their money? Are my services really of value?? etc…Also feeling like a fraud from time to time…I mean, I’m (finally) living my passion and doing what I love on a daily basis – Do I really have a right to charge for this? As I launch head first into our new financial year, I remind myself that Yes! I do! And, as you so rightly point out, I need to trust my clients’/buyers’ opinions. Devaluing my talents and services is actually bad for business. Thanks again for such wonderful inspiration, Marie xx

  7. I’ve definitely felt money guilt and have, in the past, under charged for my services. The first job I took out of school I hardly negotiated my salary which I felt really disappointed with myself about. I guess I now sort of look at this point from the opposite perspective of the artist who asked the question: because so many people I look up to tell me to value what I do and charge appropriately, I feel more guilty when I don’t do that and set an example for the women/people coming after me.

    Another thing I struggle with is that I fully believe “Getting money means (I can & have) given joy”. The problem is sometimes I use this as a justification for a want of monetary success and that doesn’t feel like the type of righteous mind I really want to build.

    One thing Maya Angelou said frequently is that if you are praying for something personal and it feels selfish, turn it into a universal prayer and see if it still holds true. So if my personal prayer is that I see my company through to success & a surge in our customer base,” then turning that into a universal prayer would be “Let us all realize the success at the end of our commitments, beliefs, and hardwork to see the unfolding of our own potential right before us.”

    Making my beliefs more universal has helped a lot. Hope it helps some others too!


    • UH

      That’s beautiful, like Karla’s Mantra. I believe, this is where the solution might lie for me, too. Thank you!

    • Love this advice to make your beliefs more universal. I think this can be applied in many situations in life (not just around money). Thank you for sharing, Lucy!

      • You’re welcome, Osha! Glad it could be useful to you 🙂

    • What a crazy-good mantra! I’m using it! Thanks!

      • Thanks Nina! So happy someone else can put it to use, too.

    • Thanks for your comments Lucy Barber. It put a much needed mirror up for me. I get upset when I see people undercharging for their creative work because I feel like it treats customers to not value the work that we do. And then I do the same thing & feel guilty about charging when I know I worked really hard & spent a lot of time on my art! Hadn’t even made that connection till I read what you wrote. Thanks! Love the “universal” beliefs comment too. Thank you!

  8. We can’t be of service if we’re keeping ourselves small. Thanks so much, Marie!

  9. We can’t be of service if we’re keeping ourselves small. Thanks so much, Marie!

  10. I’ve definitely had ‘sellers guilt’ in the past… I sent myself on a goblin-detox!! I literally brain-washed myself with healthier thoughts, reading or listening to experts on this and re-educated myself!
    I’d recommend Marianne Williamson’s The Law of Divine Compensation, The Secrets of 6-figure Women and Denise D-T’s Lucky Bitch!

  11. UH

    Thanks for this video!
    I still find it hard to believe, that no one suffers from my making money. So I will get the book and hope that it will help me change that belief. (So far it has been a very persistent one that did not respond to NLP or any of my other tools…)

    • UH-

      One thing that may help you realize that people aren’t suffering is recalling that people make their own decisions and if they chose to buy something from you, they decided of their free will that it was worth that ticket price to them. At the end of the day, if they want your product, you are allowed to feel happy to have fulfilled their want.

      I have found that elevating people’s smiles, praise, gratitude, and joy as the more important “currency” in which I am paid has created a phenomenal change in my pricing strategy and money beliefs. I teach this in my entrepreneur workshops as well – because to grow a business you actually need both currencies flowing steadily. Where there is no emotional currency, your business never flourishes. The only businesses that bring in $ and no emotional currency are scams, wherein there is no wellmeaning honest human being behind the wheel. The fact that you care at all instantly ensures you’re not that kind of person, no one around here is!

      Try watching your own thoughts/feelings as you buy things – books, food, entertainment, etc. Which is (usually) greater? Your satisfaction and fulfillment/enjoyment, or a feeling of pain or having been swindled out of your money? You probably do not feel like a chump as Marie said, when you buy something you like. Nor do your customers 🙂

      I hope this helps you and anyone else reading!

  12. Ole

    Hey Marie

    Yeah there it was. The video og all fears. Im not an artist but an Web Designer. I still feel guilty every time i sell a website.

    Here is why i feel guilty:

    1. Anyone can make a website these day right?
    2. Why do i get payed for something anyone can do?
    3. Feel bad for taking money for something the costumer can do by him/her self

    Anyways greetings from Denmark 🙂 Keep up the good work on beeing inspirational.

    WR Ole C Olsen

    • Leslie Johnston

      Hi Ole,

      I wanted to share my perspective with you, and hopefully it helps 🙂 you are an artist because you are being creative … Art comes in many different forms, writing, dance, painting, architecture, woodworking, hair styling, cooking, etc… Anything you are creating can be a form of art .

      Here’s what I think about your 3 guilts:
      1) yes, anyone can probably make a website, however, business is about leverage and convenience. There are tons of cleaning companies that clean for people (one of many different examples, but cleaning is easy and anyone can do it, so it relates to your point),.. Can I clean myself, yes! But, hiring someone else to do it for me opens up my time to spend in my areas of genius, my gifts, and what I’m good at…so that’s creating leverage of my time. Same principle applies to you. Do not discount what you do because it comes easy to you. That just means it’s one of your gifts… What’s easy for you can be someone else’s challenge, so you’re also providing convenience and preventing people from getting frustrated trying to do something they are not as gifted in.

      2) you get paid to do what anyone can do because of the same reasons I outline in #1, you are providing leverage and convenience with your expertise in Web Design. I myself don’t even know where to begin when it comes to what you do. Can I figure it out, yes, but is it worth the time and frustration??

      3) don’t feel bad to accept money for something someone can do by themselves. Just because they “can” doesn’t mean it’s the best use of their time. Time is valuable, so providing any service that helps someone free up their time is valuable. It also helps accelerate the speed of getting things done when you hire help. Think of a contractor building a house, if he does it all himself, it will take him a heck of a lot longer than if there are 10 or even 20 contractors working together to build the same house. Help is a wonderful thing! Leverage and convenience are also wonderful! Hope this helps! 😉

      Leslie Johnston

      • Leslie,

        That was a wonderful, warm-hearted response and it moved me to read it. Thank you.

        • Leslie Johnston

          Thank you Nina 🙂 That means a lot to me!

    • Ole,
      At the end of the day not anyone can make a site! And if they have chosen you to make it, they did so of their free will. They could habe made their own site – but they didn’t. They chose you. Remember you did not cheat them in any way 🙂


    • Danièle

      I’m sure I could make a site if my life depended on it, but it really isn’t the best use of my time. Besides, I doubt you have no other input than merely producing a detailed, specific request.

      What I need from my web designer is to take the great mishmash of ideas and desires for my branding, and translate that into a functional website that really reflects who I am. And I am more than willing to pay for that expertise!

    • I can’t Ole, tech stuff terrifies me & I’m great at making balls of it. Someone like you, who knows what their doing, enjoy it and will help me build beautiful website instead of me pulling my hair and stressing is a blessing.

    • Hi Ole,
      I just made a website for myself a few months ago, and after all the research and work I had to put into just choosing what company to host my site through, I would have gladly handed that job to someone who knew what they were doing. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I only had about $20 in my pocket at the time, I would have gladly paid someone to create a website for me. I’m still not completely satisfied with my website, but it takes time for me to get enough extra cash to put towards good photos of my work, and professional help with my website. Now, I’m pretty good at learning to do things myself, but to create a GOOD website is hard! It’s not something just anyone can do. I have a lot of respect for web designers. I’d rather go back to designing and sewing clothes, and leave the web design to the professionals.

  13. I do not have the goblins problem, but many people think translators should charge less because, you know, a machine can do it! So my comment actually is to ask Maria where did she get that amazing dress!!!

    • Danièle

      Fellow translator here, and I feel your pain. Our industry is still very much about educating our customers about the value we add. Keep your chin and your rates up!

      …and I second the comment about Marie’s dress. It rocks!

    • Liz

      I’m an accountant, and not only do people think they could do it themselves if they could only be bothered, but they find it even less desirable than cleaning for themselves, so they resent having to pay me.
      I have a fourth goblin hounding me, the one that says ‘You’re an essential service, like sewerage provision. You’re just out to take advantage of people’s need, with your ‘professional-level’ fees. With what they spend on you for one year’s tax returns, they could buy a dozen new hats!’
      Having said that, I am fortunate enough to be able to winnow out those resentful clients and keep only the ones who can see the real value in my services eg keeping the Tax Office off their backs for them.

    • Hey Silvia,

      So glad you love Marie’s dress! The Designer of the dress is Lipsy London and I found it on 🙂


  14. Hi Marie, thanks for today’s video! Yep, I’ve been working heavily on changing my ol’ “starving artist” mindset. The arts, as an industry, can certainly contribute to that wide-spread mindset, for a number of reasons. But these past months, I’ve been working on changing my money mindset, not just towards the arts as an industry, but also in my own personal relationship to money.

    All 3 goblins have definitely played out heavily for me, but doing that inner work is slowly taking away their power in my life.

    Actually, one interesting fact for you. After taking B-School as a director/actor/writer last year, some of my fellow B-friends literally demanded that I start up my first business to help ‘preneurs make videos that shine. And through starting that biz and having actual money coming to me without years of script writing, development, funding applications, freebies, starving artist-ness, etc, has been working miracles on shifting my money mindset.

    Who knew that taking a fresh perspective through starting my first business and taking B-School would begin to shift the money mindset for my artist self. Bonus! So cool.

    Thanks lady!
    ~ Sarah

    • I love your website and your intro video!! You definitely do shine on camera 😉 <3

      • Leslie Johnston

        I agree! Great video and website Sara! I love your authenticity! I just signed up for your newsletters!

        • Ditto! Much love to you Marie and this community. All you ladies ROCK!

  15. This was particularly meaningful for me, today. And, today happens to be the day I am talking to the non-profit I’ve been consulting for about more hours and more money.

    I related to every goblin.

    I need to remember I bring major value to this organization.

    Thank you, Marie. And thank you to all of you out there who can think to send me positive vibes — I know this increase in my pay will serve my family (I have an eight month old daughter, and I’m our sole breadwinner right now). I am already imagining the relief I’ll feel after the conversation and it’s all set and I’m getting that much more per month.

    And so it is.

    • Good luck Amanda! I can imagine it’s even more difficult than usual since it’s a non-profit. I worked with a young lady once who adamantly believed people in non-profit didn’t get raises of any significant amount because that’s what she’d been told every year. I worked with her on negotiation and this seemingly moneyless nonprofit she’d been brainwashed by offered her a 12% raise when faced with her possible resignation! It isn’t about the $ figure, it’s about the value you bring. Hope your negotiation goes well!


    • Karen J

      @amanda ~ here’s hoping your conversation went even better than you expected!

      Bright July Blessings!

  16. Thank you so much for doing this video. This is something that I have struggled with for a long time. I have a moral belief that if you have the ability to really help someone than you are morally obligated to do so. This often comes into conflict with my belief that I should also be paid for my time and effort. Some clients also seem to believe that I shouldn’t be paid for my help. This has gotten better over the years but is still something I struggle with.

  17. When I first trained, I used to give massages and healing for free. Then one day a woman came and pressed money into my palm and insisted she wanted a paid session, even though I offered for free. I spent so long preparing the room, warming the towels, lighting the candles just right….and I gave the best session I’d ever done!!!

    From that moment on I always charged and gave professional service: or as Marie says “go pro”! Money raises the bar and encourages me to give the best I can give. Plus I can reinvest it into better oils, a new massage table, user friendly website….

    At the end of the day, money is energy, and universal laws teach us of energy exchange. Charging money for our goods and services gives them value! and hey, don’t we all want to offer the best we can?!

    • This is such a fabulous point! Receiving and giving something valuable improves the experience on both ends.

  18. Ahoj,
    thanks Marie for the great video.
    You mention another video just for artists.
    I can’t find it 🙁
    Can somebody maybe post a link to it??

    Thanks in advance,
    send with love from Hamburg, Germany

  19. True story…just before going to bed last night, I realized that in order for my new business to succeed, I needed to become alright with charging people for my services. It’s always amazing how things like this then come my way. Thank you Marie! This was exactly what I needed today!

  20. Maureen Susan

    I have suffered with this forever…. That’s why my businesses so far have failed, giving it away! Its up there with asking for a raise. I thought it was my Catholic guilt. “Taming Your Gremlin” by Rick Carson is a good workbook. I will download “End of Poverty” and read it over vacation this week. I am writing my first book currently and my biggest emotional road block is nobody will want to read it or publish it! I am facing my gremlin and it is me!

    • I sooo agree with you re Marie’s outfits! I couldn’t stop staring at that beautiful dress and admiring the fact she looks so perfect in it throughout the whole video! Lol!
      My guilt gremlin comes out particularly when someone asks me “how much” for my art, and then I start wondering if I should just ‘do them a favour’..or quote them a really cheap price.. Sigh.

  21. thanks for the A Marie 😉

    goblin #3 is very present for me lately. i often feel like a fraud, which probably means that (#2) i still have a lot of self-doubt.

    i’ve now started using my tibetan singing bowl whenever i make a sale online. it’s a positive, meditative vibration which helps me feel happy, rather than guilty when earning money.

    still have a long way to go, but it’s all about the journey, right?
    lotsa <3

  22. Awesome episode! I don’t feel bad selling my best work, but I know that feeling when you undervalue certain services or products of yours and undercharge or give unnecessary discounts. I’m learning to do better too. Love the new intro!

    -Afura at OddSoul Designs

  23. There’s also another gremlin, in the form of people who expect that we should give our work for free or for very little.

    To those, we can offer an even better idea: “How about, you give me all your money, and I give you nothing at all for it?”

    Same diffence?

  24. Thanks Marie! Great video. I run a blog (ranked #1 religious blog in the world at this point) called nakedpastor. I do cartoons, art, and write, all to do with religion. I also run an online community called The Lasting Supper.

    I have wrestled with money-guilt almost my whole life, but especially since focusing on spirituality. Not only do I deal with my own inner-goblins about it, but almost daily I get an email from someone trying to shame me for charging money for my art, for my community, or for my services.

    That is my Achilles Heel!

    But I found the comments here very enlightening! It sounds like artists, health coaches, masseuses, web-designers, etcetera, get the same shame thrown at them. I had no idea this was so. I thought spirituality was a special case. Obviously not!

    So the problem isn’t the kind of products or services, but our attitudes about money.

    This has helped a lot! Thanks.


    • David,
      It seems anything people craft with heart, soul, and the intent to serve people is subject to varying degrees of this guilt. The misconception seems to be that creations of passion/art/inspiration or the desire to help others should be priceless so as not to sully the purity of that intent (and seem disingenuous, fake, soulless, or money-grubbing). But actually, in a world like that, only big biz (where that craft/passion/helpfulness is deeply diluted in corporate, nearly nonexistent, as corporations are “soulless” entities, some might say) would make money, and everyone else would be condemned to starve. This is exactly the mindset I set out to change with my consultancy serving microbusinesses, startups, and sole proprietors. We MUST believe in the worth and validity of the smallest of businesses 🙂 Unfortunately guilt cannot pay the bills nor sustain business, and no one was born more or less worthy of earning their dime than the next.


      • Wow Aparna: I never thought of it in terms of global economy or economic justice like that. It is true that in a world of shame on the artist, etc., for making money, that only corporations succeed. I suspect this is also linked to the “money is evil” mistake. Thanks!

        • You’re welcome! I agree, the idea that money and its exchange is evil, causes suffering, is limited (aka zero-sum) and is something that only soulless corporations juice out of the people is what creates this guilt for heart centered businesses! We inherently understand that we are NOT large soulless corporations, thus feel guilty engaging in the behavior of theirs we hate most – asking for money!


          • Isn’t that the truth.

            Unfortunately, my money-issues are very complex. Deeply related to a poverty mentality that is spiritualized into a virtue. You know?

            Sometimes I think this is so sewn into my DNA that I will always have to wrestle against this urge.

  25. At first, I thought this didn’t apply to me because I don’t feel guilty about earning money. But then I realized that #2 and #3 hit me right where I live! I’m so afraid to put some of my offers out there because I’m terrified that I won’t give my clients and customers value for their money.

    I’d love to say how I learned to overcome it but I’m still trying!

  26. I still remember one of my first online marketing consulting proposals. I had so many guilt goblins it wasn’t even funny! I ended up proposing a figure that was well-researched and quite reasonable, but at the time I felt as if I were asking for the world. The potential client was an established professional in a lucrative field, however he ended up stringing me along with a never ending stream of lame excuses. After a month or two it became clear to me that we weren’t actually going to be moving forward.

    At first I felt embarrassed…as if I had done something terribly wrong with my pricing! (I actually thought to myself, “Maybe I should go back to him and cut my proposal by half…”) Rationally, though, I just knew that was silly. So I stubbornly stuck to my rates despite the overwhelming emotion to do otherwise. As time went by and I secured more and more contracts from people who were happy to pay similar amounts, my confidence grew. I came to realize the value of my work, and the guilt goblins gradually grew quieter.

    Perseverance is key, as well as the knowledge that you’re not suited for everybody (or everybody’s budget). It does take time for the negative thoughts to go away — and they can still crop up unexpectedly — but if you can refrain from pricing based on emotion and regularly remind your rational self of these wise points (thanks, Marie!), you’ll grow into a more calm, confident, and profitable space.

    • Erika, this is such an important story, thank you for sharing! I went through the same thing the first time I pitched a consulting client at 5 figures a month. There was so much hesitation before I hit send, and so much afterwards as well. But ultimately the reason we did not proceed had nothing to do with money, but that it wasn’t actually the right fit. Backing down on rates is never the answer, it actually makes a person’s services seem more unworthy! It invalidates the first price quoted completely, and sets a negative precedent. Glad you stuck to your guns!


  27. Maria – you have a tiger by the tail with this subject – altho’ retired I am an accredited Gestalt psychotherapist – how I go to this subject of guilt does not matter right now – I have worked with many people who feel guilty about all sorts of issues – alongside ” guilt ” goes ” shame ” which can be much more difficult to ditch, abandon, be rid of – guilt and shame can for some people be traced back to specific incidents or repeated ” injunctions ” [instructions] from carers to their young charges – for other people it is much more difficult to find how guilt and shame are established – very significantly the American Psychiatric Association has recently included guilt about having survived as an issue of recurrent or perpetual ” mood ” as a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] – I have some more information about how a person can deal with this that I will send you shortly Andrew

  28. Anju Kotwani

    Marie, I loved the way you deal with some of the toughest problems of life in a simple manner. I agree that some people including myself feel guilty and are trapped by self doubts when it comes to charging high to their clients or companies. The number one reason is their beliefs that they have inherited from their parents and society which keep their financial thermostat below a particular figure.

  29. This came at the perfect time for me, as I recently realized that my money guilt is tied to my mother’s guilt. I’ve been playing small, fearing that if my business became successful that I’d have to sacrifice my time/relationship with my kids in order to keep the business going, so it’s been a tough transition from stay-at-home-mom to entrepreneur. Deep down I know that my personal success can only be good for my family, but I’m grateful for this reminder. Love the new intro & design!

  30. 1. I have a vision board above my desk. It has some things on there of actual items I really want like a Chanel purse, Laboutins, a sick condo and a yacht. If I intend to get those things I need money, so I don’t feel bad about accepting it anymore.
    2. The only time I really ever do feel bad about taking money now is if it is a friend. BUT I tell them ahead of time that I will give them my friends and family discount (which I created ahead of time and give to any of my friends so it’s the standard) and I also know that clients need to put their money where their mouth is so they value my time and efforts.
    3. In online personal training or any kind of coaching, if people don’t pay, they don’t care about their results or take the help seriously. So you are doing them a favor by charging.

    • I can’t agree more. Free work is never appreciated or taken seriously and thus the results come out…nonexistent, which brings the quality and value of your hard work into question, instead of theirs. In some cases where free material is provided, I urge clients to ascribe a $ value to it that I set, to ensure they take it seriously enough. This actually works very well!


    • I love this idea and am totally stealing it! 😉

    • Love it! Great points lady.

  31. Anne

    Thank You! That rang so true, I made a salve for psoriasis and it helps the person I sold it to, and I’m still wracked with guilt for charging her. Did I ask too much, am I a total jerk for getting money for something I made in my kitchen? Brain says I helped her, emotions have a hard time catching up. I love Marie TV!

  32. Thank you, Marie, for another inspiring video!
    Unfortunately these goblins a.k.a ‘limiting beliefs’, were so much implanted in our minds from an early age and I can see that it is somehow universal and even intercontinental. Born in Eastern Europe, its amazing to see that people from different countries experience the same limiting beliefs, and we had different education and environment…Why do you think this is?

  33. Oh the money goblins! I can totally relate!

    18 months ago I put together all my debt in one place and realized I was $30,000 in debt. I was a musician with no regular source of income. Before that moment I was in complete denial.

    After I got over the cold shakes of “OMG WHAT WILL I DO?”

    I dove deeper. I looked into my thinking and discovered that I didn’t think I was worth anything – and so I didn’t ask for money. Just this realization flipped the switch in me.

    Slowly i thought I was worth something. Then a little bit more…and a little bit more. As my self worth grew, so did my net worth.

    I paid the debt off in a year, not from spending less, but from earning more. Now I see money as a reflection on how much I value myself. When the money isn’t rolling in – its time for me to find a new goblin and take him down.

    Thanks Marie for always talking about the stuff I love!

    • Karen J

      Great observation, @Farideh ~ “When the money isn’t rolling in – its time for me to find a new goblin and take him down”! Thanks for that.

  34. Marie – I was raised in a Mennonite family. We seemed to believe that having any money was evil. The way to prove our Godliness was to be broke and miserable. Fortunately I’ve had some wonderful mentors along the way. As an author and coach I have observed that where there is no cost, there is no perceived value. The best thing I can do for my clients is to charge a lot of money – it puts them solidly in the game of making positive changes. It doesn’t matter if I don’t need the money – I can give it away but I still need to charge them to maximize the results. Thanks for the reminders.

  35. I have made some positive growth in the past year increasing my fees for my vibrant health /spiritual alignment courses in my studio this past year and still find I experience these resistant vibes for charging more than I am. I have practiced the technique of mentally doubling my prices until I reach a point of energetic resistance than examine what that is about and I would say its stems in the category of who are you to charge that for this? Its very old programming I know yet still it rears its head. I continue to practice making steps towards a better alignment with the flow of energy exchange ie money for services and to feel grateful for the opportunity to bust out of these old myths that women in particular have been saddled with.

  36. Sigrun Muyakwa

    Marie, I love this video. It is so creative and funny.

    I will pin it and go back to it every now and then using EFT.

    Thanks a lot fot the nice tool.

  37. Hey Marie,
    I recently launched a new business which I had spent many many months considering not launching because I was worried that people wouldn’t see and pay for the value in what I do.

    You see I am a very intuitive person (have been since I was really little) and before I started my business, this skill helped me build a very successful high level corporate career because I was able to clearly see what sat underneath other people’s behaviour or frustrations, and the insights I had, allowed me to clearly understand people and build fantastic teams.

    I finally decided to kick my “what will people think of me’ goblin out the door and launched my business where I help women in business create their next business and life breakthrough and I do that by combining my business & marketing skills + my intuitive ability to help people understand what sits underneath any hesitation or confusion or fear they might be feeling.

    Phew! Deciding to value (and charge for) all of my talents and being honest about them was hard to do but since I did that my life has turned around. And now I frickin LOVE MY LIFE!

    I get to the end of each working day and I am filled with gratitude that I get to work with and serve amazing women from around the world.

    I feel so blessed and I just wished I had kicked that little goblin to the curb sooner. Thanks for the timely reminder about these little goblins Marie. x

    • Clare, reading your story I feel like we had a very similar path. My intuition helped me build an incredible corporate career much the same as yours, and is largely related to my business now. High five for no longer working for The Man and making it happen for ourselves! I had one amazing mentor who told me how to set my rates right before I left corporate. If not for him, I may have wrestled with guilt for more than the 1 month I did… There is nothing like an amazing mentor to illuminate the path.


      • Hey Aparna,
        Thanks for the kind words. I too had an amazing mastermind give me the confidence to grab my biz and run with it and now I get to do things I love every day. Congrats to you for doing the same thing Aparna xxx

  38. These stories are SO HELPFUL! thanks!

  39. Thank you for this video. Great points to remember, and a great mantra to help.

    For me, the zero-sum goblin is the worst of the 3. And it’s not just that I’m taking money from someone else in a transaction. It’s also that I don’t deserve to have wealth when so many others don’t have it.

    It sounds almost ridiculous to write it, but it’s true. Seeing people in poverty hurts my heart, and while wanting no poverty is a good sentiment, this has somehow turned into a goblin. I’m definitely going to check out that book you recommended. Thanks for helping shed light on this.

  40. I had an “a-ha” moment with Goblin #3 – Buyers are Suckers. I know I offer a valuable service, but when clients purchase my highest level of service, a little voice inside me spoils my joy by whispering, “Why would they do that???” Just because what I do is fairly easy for me, doesn’t mean it’s easy for others. I’ve paid people lots of money because I value their skill or knowledge at things I suck at, so why wouldn’t my knowledge be just as valuable to others? Thank you Marie! I think I’ll go follow up with some clients now.

    • Sonya, this is such a valuable insight, everyone reading should repeat to themselves! “Just because what I do is fairly easy for me, doesn’t mean it’s easy for others.”
      Thank you for that!

    • Wow Sonya, my words exactly! I do web design and graphic design and sometimes I whip things out super quickly and if I calculate the cost per hour (which is an awful thing to do for a business), sometimes that brings upon guilt and the idea…well, I could have done it for less. But it’s important to remember how much expertise, experience and years have gone into getting us to the point where we are today.

  41. GL

    Interesting, How many times I felt that in the past… especially when my dream wasn’t quite complete. Like it wasn’t quite finished for full value. But I find that my work and ideas and products are of huge value. The first customers have the honor of being the first one’s in. Bragging rights and even more money in the long term. But I like it better when things are finished, packaged up and profitable for all who buy my stuff.
    I guess it also feels like holding on to my baby too long. Afraid to let go what I love so much and hold so dear. Now that it’s out there it feels better as it should be. I feel great now receiving money for my work and what I create, and wanting to deliver more than the price I’ve set. For my real treasures are the people who I serve and share my dreams with. I will not disappoint them and will deliver so much more than expected. So the money paid for my stuff is the score card. Proving how valuable it is to them and how they value me as well. These are good things.

    Good thoughts Marie. Much success to you and yours on MARIE TV.

  42. Peggy DaValt

    Wowza, Marie!!

    That was a most excellent Q & A Tuesday!. I loved your little goblin dudes and this episode. I so needed it.

    I have read all the books I can and taken courses on how to be get a grip on my finances, but the biggest thing I HATE doing is my bookwork and it’s because of 2 things (1) – my ex-husband said I’d never make it as an entrepreneur and (2) I love doing what I do so I don’t think that I should have to charge people.

    Wrong on both counts….so what I end up having to do is take off large blocks of time from my real job to get my bookwork done. It truly would be easier to do it monthly. My brain knows that, but I haven’t in many years ever been caught up. And I do not want to hire anyone to do this for me.

    Kate Northrup’s book, “Money: A Love Story” really resonated with me – she quoted her mom, who said, “You have to FEEL it to HEAL it.” Right now, I’m feeling the pain of going a long time without billing my few customers that I have. Pain in the pocketbook. The guilt adds up the longer I wait. I usually think it’s because I don’t deserve the money and I’m not a top-notch dog handler-I do okay as a great breeder-owner-handler, but who am I to charge someone when I’m not a “professional” handler.

    So thanks, Marie, for this. I have plans to attack the bookwork this weekend (yes…it is 4th of July, but it is a holiday from my “real” job) and I think the “feeling” is the pain of having to just do this. Maybe then I can “heal” from this fear-driven situation I’m in. I know that I am an “avoider” and I do my best to put it off. I’d rather mow lawn than do bookwork.

    If all of you could send me collective zen to have FUN doing this, I’d really be most grateful for that.

    Be well and again, what a super topic!!

    Peggy DaValt

    • Peggy, I hear you on doing catchup work over the holiday – I am actually looking forward to it in the sense that I’m NOT taking time off my work to do it, and come next week I’ll be that much better off and back to the fun stuff.

      As for the guilt of not being a pro…just remember that there is no gold standard for these things. If you provide your best possible service and your clients are pleased, you need not worry about your professional level or not – let their patronage of your business be the validation. With the exception of certain certifications (and I mean required industry mandated ones) most self-proclaimed pros are no better than you, they simply may be using words that make them seem that way or wording the facts in a grander fashion. This is all a part of brand positioning and communication strategy – chances are it is not effortless and is quite deliberate. You respect them as pros for it, but remember likewise your clients respect you as a pro given what you present and deliver to them!

      Good luck to you and if you want an accountability buddy to help power through this weekend, get in touch!


      • Peggy DaValt

        Thank you so much Aparna, for your encouragement and wisdom. I also appreciate your willingness to be an accountability partner. That is cool. I surely could use that encouragement. Thank you.

        Have a great day and thanks for reading my post. I appreciate it.

        Peggy DaValt

        • You are most welcome. Let’s connect! I didn’t see an email or site link for you – if you’d like drop me an email at hello @ and we can keep each other on track through the long weekend.
          Have a good one!

    • Sent Peggy! You can do it!

      • Peggy DaValt

        Thank you Aziza – I am thankful for your encouragement. I know that I can. 🙂

  43. When I first saw the tittle of this video, I didn’t think it was for me as I’m making absolutely NO money. I realized that I’m making no money because of goblin # 2. I have ideas I’ve what I’d like to do and become but that goblin keeps telling me that they are silly, stupid, and not worth anything. I’m letting this goblin rob me of a pretty awesome life and I’m sick of it. It is so time to get off my butt and just do it. What is the worst that could happen? I could be laughed at. Well, ok. Bring it on.

  44. just a few years ago on a subconscious level I felt guilty about charging too much for one of the most popular jewelry items in my shop: my custom name necklaces. And then one day I finally met one of my mentors in the industry who is a very successful jewelry designer and entrepreneur. We discussed my work and my prices and her exact words to me were “I don’t know how you’re making a living charging such low prices”. I admit out of fear or thinking noone will buy them if I charge more I had kept my prices relatively low even though I wasnt making much profit but since then (with a little guilt) I developed the courage to raise my prices by about 25%… and get this, my loyal customers still keep buying them! In fact, on occasion I meet someone who thinks they are worth at least twice what I am currently charging! Needless to say I no longer feel guilty about charging “too” much. 😉

  45. Amen, a million times over! It’s incredible how many of us holistic, heart centered entrepreneurs feel that our work is not worthy of being sold. But in reality the feelings you mention happen to so many people from all walks of life, which is why we don’t have nearly as many entrepreneurs as we should in this world! I live on an island in Thailand where there are thousands of family businesses of all sizes, frequently living above their business in a townhouse with what they call a ‘storefront’. Entrepreneurship and family intermingle, which I love.

    I hope more and more women become entrepreneurs and realize that their work is valuable and the world NEEDS it!

  46. On another note Marie, can you link to that book within the post? 🙂 Rewatching the video to grab the title so I can head on over to Audible and see if there is an audio version.

  47. As always Marie, you were right on the “money” I loved how you break it down. I have always had a subconscious aversion to making money due to the dialogue that surrounded it when I grew up. The whole, “money doesn’t grow in trees” idea & “money makes you greedy” were ones so deeply embedded in my belief system it took time to break through. But as you mentioned awareness is key & through conscious repetition of the new thoughts we can begin to replace these beliefs with new and better ones. Besides, if we aren’t making money, it means our message isn’t getting out there & people cant benefit from our service and wisdom. People like you prove how much can be accomplished by squashing our guilt Goblins and being of service. Thanks again for everything, you rock sista xxx

  48. Marie, thanks for being a truth-teller.

    I still struggle with all three goblins from time to time. In the coaching world I think it can feel like we have to conquer such beasts before we have the authority to teach or support others.

    Instead, I’m coming to realize that these goblins and their friends are simply part of the growth process. The inner critic (which probably fuels all these inner voices) tends to get more stirred up when we are growing which is true for me as a coach and for my clients. That said, we do have a lot of choice about how we relate to the voices and can choose to cultivate a compassionate inner observer who watches the goblins do their thing, but doesn’t have to follow their marching orders. It gives us a bigger sense of who we are to identify with this observer self, rather than the critical self.

    I especially relate to the struggle around money as someone who has come out of the non-profit/church context into being a “soulpreneur.” So many of the messages in both of those arenas were about pouring yourself out to serve others, which I think is a serious oversimplification. Yes to service, but first it helps to have some inner resources to share. Being well compensated for time and energy is a vital part of filling that inner cup.

    I’m still learning and wrestling with how to find the right balance on all these fronts. I launched my first ecourse this spring and gave a donation out of the profits to the support entrepreneurs in the developing world. That felt so great! To not be asking for donations but rather channeling money to a worthy cause and getting to support and teach an amazing group of women all at the same time. Thanks again for the great lesson and discussion in the comments.



  49. Love this! BUT what if one of the guilt goblins are right… I’ve made only a handful of sales over the last 5 years. I design modern organic fabric and eco-friendly upholstery. I love what I’m doing and I keep moving forward with new designs and products. I only display what I love in my online store. I do social media, I send newsletters, I contact magazines & blogs, I’m always sharing my work…. I get some good feedback but not many sales. I have little to no money for advertising and marketing. I start to self doubt – is this for me? Does my work belong on a “This Sucks” Pinterest board??Should I just give up? And if so then what? Feeling discouraged big time!!

    • Samantha, thanks for sharing your story. Having glanced at your site there is no way your work belongs on a ‘This Sucks’ pinterest board. It is professional and beautiful and clearly you are knowledgeable about your work. I understand having no money for advertising! My second venture, a luxury designer label, was in a position similar to yours. I will tell you though that advertising isn’t what makes sales – (so don’t worry if you’re not dishing out $$$ for ads) – a carefully crafted communication strategy is what does. If you’d like, let’s chat about it – I’d be happy to take a look at your biz overall and offer you some insights that DON’T involve working yourself to the bone for a couple of sales in 5 years… Chances are this means that you have one channel that generates sales and most of your other efforts have been taking up lots of your time but not yielding results for time invested. Let’s talk!

  50. Rob

    This episode awakened some guilt issues I thought I had conquered. I am still surprised that my art sold for the prices it did. Upon a suggestion from a stranger I “overpriced” my work. It sold. I think I feel unworthy since I never had formal training. I need to get over it 🙂

  51. When I first started to coach it was hard to charge because I had a belief that you can’t make $$ doing something you love. I used tapping and that helped me charge $500/month and then I saw the impact I was having and I upped my game by working on my self worth using mantras and various tools. I actually made a 7 day make your world bigger challenge on my website to help others Now I have international clients paying $3750 for a 90 day program (2 sessions a month) and I just put out a 10,000 retreat to My homeland India with 5 full days of physical emotional and spiritual support with me!



  53. I loved today’s episode. When you know your worth, and we’re all worthy ladies, it’s time to show up and raise your money consciousness.

  54. Omg! This was such a good Q&A, I constantly give my regulars discounts here and there for services that are on my price list! I rationalise it by saying to my colleagues who question it that i’m making them feel special and keeping them loyal….when i guess they already where anyway…in my head i feel guilty charging extras when i know the material hasn’t cost much even though its more my time involved. and i charge competitive rated in line with my industry. I know I should be strong as I know if I was my customer I would totally pay for my service and it makes a massive difference to my bottom line over the year!
    I think I need to remind myself to be appreciative of their business not guilty!!!
    Thanks Marie for a great vid!

    • Charge those regulars regular price! 🙂 They, better than anyone, have already decided your services are worthwhile. Customers don’t stray if they’re getting what they want. If someone actually left because your prices were too high for them, they weren’t your target client to begin with.

  55. My ex-boyfriend BARELY graduated from high school and didn’t go to college. He was unemployed with nothing to do but surf, and one day he started painting. I remember him telling me how SHOCKED he was that people bought his stuff. Especially because he never took an art class and it only took him an hour or so for each abstract work. He didn’t feel he was worthy of what people were offering him, same as the girl in this Q&A.

    FFW 10 years – Today, he has his own line of shoes and clothing at one of the biggest sportswear and sneaker companies on the planet (think Nike/Addidas). Clearly, he was talented and people recognized it. Eventually he must have found a way to accept that and accept the $$. If he could get over this self-doubt, trust me, anyone can!

  56. Lyz


    I feel guilty about the final cost of my work.
    I make fine jewelry about people and their history and desires ans inspirations…
    But the final cost is ofter very high, and I`d like to sell more afordable jewelry, but the prices of the prodective chain doesnt let me!

    Feels like I’m trying to become a big fat capitalist….

    • girlfriend~i get it!!! i feel the same way. i have a shop in sacramento, california which is ONLY relevant as there are a lot of folks living HERE who will gladly drive over the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge into the city and LAY DOWN THEIR COIN (in a posh, SF BOUTIQUE) for something that if it were in MY STORE, we’d be dickering OR i’d be shamed or worse…YELP SLAMMED for charging so much DOUGH…

    • I feel the same. I design quality organic fabric and custom upholstery – All made in the USA. My margins are not that big! I would love to offer my products for less, I feel like I’m competing with ikea, target, westelm… I spend a lot of time crunching the numbers and it is impossible to be competitive with the big box stores!! BUT I know there is my perfect market – finding it is the problem!!

      • Lyz

        that sounds so awsome!

    • Lyz, cost of creating goods is actually one of the most honest reasons for a high price, you’re not inflating your prices superficially (like plenty of people out there)! If you’re entrepreneurial and out to make a living, you’re engaging in the best part of capitalism so don’t berate yourself for it…

      • Lyz

        That surely made me feel better (:

        • Awesome 🙂 I’m glad!
          Your jewelry is absolutely STUNNING, by the way. I just wish I understood the site… haha.

          • Lyz

            Oh, I just wish it was ready for you to see it! 😀

            I make custom jewelry (is that how you say when someon ordered it?) honoring people’s histories and feelings.
            I talk to them for months and develop a project just for that moment. And that moment is unique, so, everything else must be too!

            All the stones are brazillian gems (:

        • Lyz, I was unable to reply to your last comment – I would love to continue this conversation and learn more about your services and art! This is really an amazing concept and your work is so evocative. I would love to understand better, so I can refer clients your way. What is the best email address to contact you?

  57. Janice

    I love your wardrobe. Thanks for the Q & A.

  58. Terese

    I started working as an independent personal trainer about 18 months ago, and struggled for the first whole year to “take money from people”, which is what it felt like.. But I had to change my mindset to make a friggin´living out of what I do, and now I live by this rule: Treat your business like a business. And that´s it. The moment I could wrap my head around the fact that this is in fact my business and not my hobby, my mindset changed, and so did my way of looking at getting payed. I am offering (not selling) something to someone that they can choose to take or not, and I charge for it. It´s simple, really. I just had to detach it from being personal.

    • Roshni

      Terese, I LOVE this! ‘Treat your business like a business’. It’s helped me a lot, thank you!!

  59. so yo’…that said (my answer to LYZ)…i feel guilty about charging what my one-of-a-kind things are WORTH, generally speaking. of COURSE you can go to a thrift, an estate sale a flea market and get your groove on…find a PRIZE for a couple bucks…but if it’s in my shop, i’ve found it, i’m displaying it, i’m keeping the shop stocked w/other cool thangs for relic lovers to love…so, duh…sadly my inventory can be pricey based on what it is…so how’s this for neuroses…i feel guilty for trying to hold out for prices that are fair and reasonable in the ‘market’…not just my zip code, kiddos!

    oh well…i CHOSE this biz (or it chose me) either way, i’m pretty passionate about it so i gotta’ get my rear in gear and work even harder than the 24/7 i’m working right now 🙂 HAH!

    here’s what i’m guessing…marie’s b school actually slips you the magic password to 28/8…and it’s that extra 4 hours and 1 extra day a week that creates unstoppable money-making machines!!!

    just. kiddin’. that’s the kind of thing peeps like me say who can’t afford the program…i’m being a gremlin. eeeeek!

    thanks for the shares and thanks for the Q & A and expertise, MF. it’s ‘Mighty Fine’! 🙂 everyone have a joyful and abundant week.

    peace out,


  60. Sammy

    I know my creative pieces of work is worth all that and more … I have the opposite problem .. I like it so much I regret selling it and wishes I kept it for myself .. I love buying from other artsist , especially around the holidays for friends , but then keep it for myself …
    I love to create many things but my apt and storage places are too full ! HELP!

  61. Such great advice and timing Marie! Thank you. This video confirms the messages of wisdom I’ve been receiving from my inner-guide as I plan my Get Unstuck Now book tour. I love the animation in the video. It drives home the stories so many of us tell ourselves about building personal wealth. I have always seen my ability to financially flourish in life as an opportunity to be a blessing to others. But sometimes we can get in our own way, so I appreciate you answering this question. Thank you for contributing value in the lives of so many. I am thankful that you had the guts to follow your dreams. It’s people like you who continue to inspire me to tap into a greater measure of the seeds of greatness in my potential. I will always be grateful.

  62. Hello,

    Thank you for this video..
    Mrs Self-Doubtfire is my famous goblin; I do notice her more often now..
    Hope I can send her to the goblins-hole before she does more damage..

  63. Bethany

    You have a great perspective on this!

  64. Jennifer

    Hi Marie!

    Thank you for this video it is just what I needed! Yes I definitely need to kick the mrs. self doubtfire goblin to the kirb! I feel guilty about receiving money for my angel card reading services because I dont think people see them as a service they should be paying for. I often just let my clients pay me what they want and even give them for free at times.

    Even though there is nothing wrong with giving free readings I feel even in my babysitting ventures that I should just charge the minimum and I worry others resenting me for giving me there money!

    Still got alot of work to do on this one, seeing myself as valuable and worthy of receiving abundantly! Thank you, good to know I’m not alone in this!


  65. I’m so glad this was addressed! Guilt is one of the hardest things to overcome, especially when we grow up made to feel guilty about money, love and happiness. It is sad that that is the norm. I personally have struggled to overcome these guilt goblins by retraining myself to believe that I can provide value to my clients. The value exactly is irrelevant really, as long as I have satisfied their expectations and they are left feeling charged and empowered 🙂

  66. Monica

    Great video! I’m in my first year as a business owner and I am struggling with that last demon…..feeling like a fraud. Thank you for the video. I don’t feel quite so alone. And I must remember that what I provide does bring joy and I deserve to make a living from a career that feeds my soul.

  67. I don’t feel guilty about charging, but I wouldn’t raise my prices.
    Price what you’re worth thing… what if I don’t want to equal money with my worth. I do have some worth issue I am still working on.

    I do want to charge, but I want to still be accessible. If i can’t help people because I’m out of price range, I’m not doing myself or them any favor. Right now, I am just trying to find a way to be sustainable and accessible. To diversify what I have to offer so everyone can benefit.

    I know I have some money block (I was actually journaling about that this morning!), but raising my prices is a no-no for now.

  68. Oh my god Marie, I have been battling with this ever since my web design business started making money (which was actually almost immediately). Growing up not having a lot definitely makes me feel like when I make money someone else has less, and all those little goblins have been hanging around me for awhile. Now that I’ve gotten good at what I do, I tend to be able to do things quicker and had started feeling guilty that I can make so much more money for less time. But that is the point right?

    I have realized this and have been constantly working on retraining my brain whenever I feel those guilty thoughts creep in. Whenever I feel guilty for being able to make more money easily, I always remind myself that my years of experience, training and knowledge are worth what people are paying me. I also remind myself that I have worked very hard to get where I am.

    I think the biggest thing that helps is when I remind myself that I really am helping people (as you said, giving them joy). Even if it seems easy for me, the value I add to their life and their business is obviously worth the money, if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t pay me.

    Thank you for another great video! I think this is something people (especially women) struggle with often and in the end, you really need your thoughts to be in line with your dreams…and there’s no room for guilt in that equation!

  69. I struggle with this. I quite my corporate job 2 years ago to pursue my art through my remembrance jewelry. I was approached by someone in my local community to do 6 necklaces for a mother who is dying of cancer, each piece had a special phrase unique to that loved one and in her handwriting. I find myself when I do custom work for local people, I don’t charge as much as I do on my site. I always feel that it is just an honor to be brought into someone’s life and making a difference in the healing process, but then I realize, I need to survive too…

    • I can understand that, Jennifer. Sometimes there are people where you don’t want to charge that much, I did this also in my former photo business. It can be seen in a generous way, like ‘you can afford it’, as long as it’s not to often. I think it depends on what kind of value you give to your work. Are there other clients where you feel well compensated?

  70. Jack Kemp

    This comment is about a woman, an acupuncturist I went to a few years back. She was so ashamed of receiving money from me for her hard work that she told me that after I got fully dressed I should go into a common area (accessible to the public) and leave a check there while she locked herself in her office and talked. Besides the fact that anyone could steal the check, after two weekly visits, I found out that she was, in fact, talking on the phone rather than to someone in person, so I would not have been rude to interrupt her and give her a check in hand. She was totally weirding me out with this and I decided to stop seeing her after I realized – in general terms – what her issue was.

  71. “Money is my friend.”

  72. Shaelyn

    This was *exactly* what I needed to watch today.
    Your inspiration never falls short.
    P.s. Still juggling all four… But something tells me I won’t be for much longer.

  73. Besides dim sum! I literally LOL’d. Love the mantra! 🙂

  74. Wonderful video Marie!! I struggle with charging enough for my art too. I am not a traditionally trained artist. I am a self-directed artist. I sell regularly and have won several awards. I’ve even sold five paintings to a famous person. However, the trained local artists sell at higher prices. My goblins do hold me back from charging the right price…not worthy, etc. I will be rethinking my price structure!

    • Myra – don’t let someone else’s training or ‘credentials’ hold you back – if you know art sells at higher prices in your area, then charge the same as the competition – or perhaps (I recommend) even charge a tiny bit more. Charge a premium for the fact that you’re different! The beauty of art (which incidentally is a double edged sword, the subjectivity aspect) – is that it creates a feeling, and that feeling is based solely on the art, not the logistics behind it, and then the price is simply a question of the buyer’s personal beliefs about how much $ they will pay for that feeling.
      Good luck reworking your pricing! If you want a sounding board to throw some figures around with, feel free to get in touch 🙂 [email protected]

  75. Great, and timely, video, Marie.
    Many thanks!

  76. Loved it!!!

    I always feel like Im charging to much for something someone else can do. But the fact is when you have a true business you have to cover all your overhead and various other costs….

    I do suffer with this. BUT the video helped… ;o)


  77. Hi Marie,
    I love the new style of Marie TV rock on 🙂 I am working now on replacing new thought for money guilt and I’m reading Marianne Williamson s book the law of divine compensation.
    Thanks marie

  78. Stephanie

    My business is health rather than art, but the goblins are the same. It is all about self doubt and worth! Thanks! I am sharing this link with all my business friend!

  79. Great topic. My business coach helped me realize that I was robbing the downstream good I was planning to do in my two non-profits by NOT collecting money owed to me by clients in my for profit business. Whenever I feel bad about sending a reminder invoice, I think about how many people I will be helping when my foundation is fully funded.

  80. Love, love, love this episode! I have had guilt for the event I am planning for awhile now. I feel like it’s an event I should be running not as a for profit and that I’m being greedy. When I hear this goblin, I tell myself that the event is helping serve others and by making money I will be able to continue to help and serve others.

  81. I just had the thought, that when a client pays me then at least creative independent people like me get supported, which means the world is not that bad 🙂

    I have solved some of my money gremlins when I asked the part inside of myself, which didn’t want me to earn lots of cash, why was it acting like this?

    What I found out was that I needed to sware to myself that I only ‘do good’ with the money: I’ll live a sustainable lifestyle, eat more fruits in order to have more energy, improve my biz/art in order to help more people, donate to animal help or environmental groups and above all not consume something that I don’t really need…

    Now I have a quite calm feeling when money rolls in, but I wouldn’t know what would happen if I’d earn a million 🙂

    • Benya – I love this strategy 🙂 I may suggest this to some clients of mine who are underpricing…not only businesses but even employees not earning up to their potential.
      I do think the fact that many big earners brag about (or are known to have) this lavish lifestyle, crazy vacations and amenities and this and that has also aided in making ‘having money’ look bad.

      • Hey Aparna,

        great, I’m glad that I may have helped! Feel free to report me how your clients react 🙂
        Exactly, there are some rich kids and adults who do lots of bad in the world with their consuming and more conscious or creative people don’t want to take part in that…

  82. Hi Marie, thank you so much for this episode. My guilt goblin is definitely the zero sum game one. I must read that book you mentioned. I have grown up around environmentally passionate people and most of my friends are environmental activists who either work long hours for free or get paid very little money. It’s this idea that real environmentalists are poor and anyone with cash is met with suspicion. I’m working on surpassing these deeply held beliefs!

  83. Pip

    I love what energy work can do here – using tapping on meridian points or EFT to shift the emotional and energetic blocks we have about money, and replacing goblin beliefs with more resourceful beliefs, like the positive sum game idea.
    It works so well because it addresses these powerful sub conscious beliefs and gets them out into the light where they can be addressed.

  84. Loved this one and also wanted to say I love the new INTRO graphics and opening … keep it up … you are FAB!!! XO

  85. Yes, I do have money guilt.

    I deal with the first one – if I get money they lose money.
    Hmmm… not sure where this comes from, because, consciously, I do know that there is an unlimited resource out there.

    So, what I do, I keep reminding myself that the Universe expands (that includes money, health and relationships), therefore I should get out of its way to expansion.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  86. I always look forward to getting your emails Marie, however, today’s email really stood out to me and is exactly what I needed this week.

    I launched my website yesterday and received a generous amount of subscribers, which I am so grateful for!! I was instantly plagued with Mrs Doubtfire thoughts. I thought to myself “OMG, people are following me! I’m not a leader!”. I have an incredible partner that responds well when I am doubtful. I also talk to two friends in particular who encourage me and make me see just how special my work is!

    I work from home and I sit in the sunshine for most of the day, it is so beautiful and peaceful where I live, so I feel HUGE guilt. I love everyday and the opportunity to be at home and I really relish in the idea of not working in an office anymore. To wake up smiling is a foreign feeling and to so many people out there it is not a common experience, so I do feel guilty.

    Each night I write down 3 things that I value about myself and each time that I have self doubt, I go to my journal and read through all the valuable things that make me unique and my business unique. I instantly feel uplifted and really inspired to share more of my thoughts, knowledge and experiences with women!

    Thank you so much! Those goblins and getting kicked to the curb!

    Leisa x

  87. Corina Bohn

    Hi Marie,
    I design and knit toys and other items. My money goblin was focusing on the potential income when building stock. My inner mantra was that if I didn’t hurry up and make it, I couldn’t sell it. I found that this was actually hindering my production level instead of increasing it.
    I was fortunate enough to notice this and changed the belief. So now every time that I am making a toy, I say to myself “someone is going to love you, there is someone special out there that is the perfect fit for you”.
    It has increased my productivity levels to switch the thought from money pressure to spreading the type of happiness that only I can provide with my patterns.
    Great ep Marie, keep em coming x

  88. Hello Marie,
    This is a perfect summary – with resonance and succinct. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with such clarity and practical application. Maria xx

  89. Anne

    Thanks for addressing this topic! Your timing couldn’t be better. I’m earning less than I should be, yet because the company I work for is struggling financially, I feel guilty for even earning what I do. I am one of the highest paid employees, yet I also have the most responsibility and work long hours. Thank you for reminding me that I do deserve to be paid for the good work I do!

  90. This is something in my industry (yoga/healing arts) have struggled with for years!
    With the help of BSchool I increased all my prices for therapies + retreats and no one has blinked an eye!
    I now am paid for the work I share with my clients. However, I soon began to go overtime, offering my CD’s free (even if they wanted to buy them) and the final straw was offering my client list discounts….
    I actually started to notice that when I did this I would feel quite exhausted or flat within myself….
    My energy + health needs me to step up + STOP …
    Its a work in progress with closing a session on time but all else has been sorted out.
    Any advice for closing a session when they just want to continue talking?

    • Hey Susanne – just tossing in my 2 cents on your question. What I have found works is that 10-15 minutes prior to the designated end time, start closing the session then. Discuss next steps, recap learning from that session, or ask how they’re feeling about their progress. Then you have 10 mins to wind it down, but at least you’ve already started the process and they will follow your cue. Ultimately a customer who likes you will keep talking to you endlessly if they are allowed to! Hope this helps 🙂 It has worked wonders for me.

  91. I’ve come across these little critters many a time, and one of my favourite things to remind myself is that the services (or products if you’re in the product business) are probably a lot more valuable than some of the “garbage” people spend most of their money on (e.g. junk food, club nights, cigarettes, etc). If these companies have the right to sell their products, how could you not provide them with something that’s changing their lives in a positive and healthy way, and why the heck wouldn’t that make you worthy of compensation… I’m sure the big guys at “Garbage/Junk Food/You Dont Need Inc” are sleeping tight in their California King beds, so why shouldn’t you reap the rewards of your value. You are all worthy, and you are ALL worth it!

  92. Dear Marie and Team,

    I really love the new look and feel of your videos! Very inspiring! Will you ever share your behind the scenes way of making videos (possibly more basic ones) to share content. Do you change your style every year or just when you feel it is needing an update? Thanks for your insight. Very grateful!

    All the best,
    Nicole =)

  93. Dude! I loved that goblin moment. “Business and life you hate.” Epic! Getting that Sachs book and reading it NOW.

  94. Allen Hooper

    Hey Marie cool video first time viewer. I do feel guilty about making money. I’m 20 with an associates in applied science. While i’m scurrying off to make 60k a year my friends are still in college struggling. Thats understandable with school and all but, I even feel bad talking to adults who have been working 10 plus years at (insert company) and just now making what I get now. I never tell anyone what I make nor do I show my wealth inappropriately.

    Just feel guilty for being in the position i’m in so early in my life.

    Anywho loved your video! I’m going to go through and watch ALL OF THEM!!

  95. Wooo fabulous content as always Marie and, I especially LOOOOVE the ‘New’ (2 episodes so far) INTRO! So catchy, sexy, sensual and inspiring who knew a well done wiggle would be just that -only us girls!!!! and YOU Marie, wiggle better ‘n the rest!

  96. Yes, yes, yes!! I do this all..the..time….! I do this even as I’m writing out the invoice! So, thanks Marie for pointing it out one more time.

    I need to remember that creatives bring beauty into the world and we can not insult the buyer by doubting their choice in buying our art or our creative service…

  97. Patti

    I gave up a real estate career because I felt like a fraud every time I closed a deal. I didn’t have confidence in my skills or research because I didn’t have the proverbial degree in economics or MBA like so many of my colleagues. Not to mention that I was the only female in my sector of “expertise”…I kept the broker license…it’s been over four years that I worked in the industry…I’ve been working menial jobs scratching and kicking making a living…good news: after I viewed the video and watched some of your other work I took a step and hired a biz coach for a couple of sessions to help me break through my Mrs. Doubtfire/fraud complex. Thank you for the kickstart.

  98. mehul

    I believe that emotions need to be killed during business hours and will lead to good business and money making opportunities. The moment you get emotional you loose money. Throw your all emotions for passion you have but after 17:30.

    I have personally experience. And it did work for me. Yet again this Video is a very good wake up call to be more stronger.


  99. Hi Marie
    Money – No no problems and definitely no gilt. Are you nuts? It’s not just me Some years ago I did some research on top business people, CEOs and the like. The following was one of the questions I asked them: It is an extract from my recent blog: From Philosophy to Life.
    Which would you choose. Love and family; Money i.e. great wealth; Health or Luck?
    Without exception they said. Ah, there is fashionable answer and a pragmatic answer close to my true beliefs. Which do you want?
    “The answer close to your true beliefs,” I say.
    “In that case I chose Money and Great wealth.”
    “Why do you choose Great wealth,” I ask.
    “With money or great wealth, I can make my own luck, I can buy health and the love, and thus the family that I want.
    These were the views of the smart people who run big companies. There is a lot baloney said about money. Let’s face it money makes the world go around and it makes life far more enjoyable. I hear people say, “look at the mess rich people’s lives are in. First, all we see is those in the press for some bizarre reason. There are millions more wealthy who live a great life. Second poor people can be happy, yes. But their lives can get in an equally bad mess, just from a lack of money let alone anything else. Okay so there is the well travelled expression that ‘money does not bring happiness.’ You know who says that? Yes, That is right – the people who do not have money, so they are speaking out of ignorance. Me? Well I build my wealth and then lost much of it due to a serious illness. Now I am recovering and working my way back up to wealthy I have no doubts about the importance of money to my health and happiness.

  100. Still struggling with this – feeling that “I’m not worth making money.” But I have come a long way since I started my business. I always find inspiration in Marie and glad I found her! Thanks Marie!

  101. Michelle Berrios

    We all have beliefs that may not serve us well and when it is money, it has a real impact on our lives. Using Bilateral Meditation, you can totally release those beliefs easily and quickly. When I started this process, I was told by someone that I truly respected that when charging for this service, I should keep my prices low since I did not have a college degree. After speaking to a good friend, understanding the going rate for similar services and feedback on how powerful the process is I changed my rates.
    My corporate job demanded so much of my time and energy. I loved what I did, but missed out on time with family and friends. Now I have the best of both worlds. I earn more, have free time and have the joy of knowing that I am helping people release limiting beliefs that hold them back.

  102. Great Episode! Definitely something I’m tackling right now and asking the important question of how much do I believe I’m worth? But what’s truly been helping me change my whole perspective on money and understand your tweetable on a deep level is the book I’m just finishing: The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. I’ve never been religious – but I feel like I’m reading the Bible when reading this book. Getting money means giving joy – definitely a wonderful new mantra to add to the current work I’m doing here – Thank you Marie!

  103. Thank you again Marie! This is something I have struggled with for a loooooong time and have only recently turned a corner on. You and your videos are a blessing! They continue to lift and enlighten every week. I love taking time to watch what you have to say. It always has a positive impact on my work.
    Blessings back to you!

  104. Jody-Lynn

    I always feel guilty and talents not worthy which I believe stems from childhood to adolescence of not feeling adequate in multiple ways. I have a hard time speaking up and feel as if I ask for too much then I am being greedy.

    Marie your goblins and video helped put more perspective on things (there’s that but – I feel as if I don’t deserve to have more which makes me sick to my stomach, ugh).

  105. When I worked as a healer and psychic, I definitely felt guilty about charging – so I didn’t most of the time. It was partly due to the fact that the people that I helped were the people who were struggling so much, many of them couldn’t even work and I couldn’t bear to not help someone just because they didn’t have any money. I used to get my joy from the helping as opposed to the earning. There is another reason why I felt guilty though.

    My abilities to help have gradually unfolded the further along the Ascension Process I’ve gone. Now although this process is hard work and agonising, the abilities are just my innate skills, they’re who I am and I haven’t had to do that much to get them, if anything. So to me, charging for something I haven’t had to work for just doesn’t work for me.

    As a Self-Mastery expert, if it was something I could overcome I would have done it by now, but I’ve never felt happy charging for helping others when my work has a spiritual foundation. I’m an Atypical healer with the view that charging for spirituality just isn’t right – for me. BUT, I’m happy to pay someone else hundreds of dollars for an appointment. So it’s not that I think it’s morally wrong, I just don’t feel good about it for myself.

    The other feeling I have is, once you apply money to something, it kind of loses it’s glow because it becomes part of the wheel, churning it out, putting spin on your marketing etc. I feel (for myself only) this defiles it in some way and doesn’t make it special anymore and that’s the last thing I want to do with something as magickal as spiritual stuff. I’m not dissing anyone else who does it though, I think that’s perfectly fine and LOVE what other’s are doing.

    How I’ve overcome it is not by changing my perspective because my perspective ain’t budgin’ and that’s ok. You can’t (always) make yourself like liver if you don’t like liver. I’ve made the decision to create a business based around my other passion in life which isn’t spiritually orientated, it’s something that I feel extremely strongly about and it’s something I’ve worked like a dog for. I’ve separated my earning money out from my spiritual life – and it works for me. I know that won’t work for everyone, but all I’m saying is there’s more than one way to swing a cat meeooooow 🙁 Hate that saying but can’t think of another one lol.


  106. Awesome eps.

    This really helps! I love the new look on the videos! thanks for your hard work Marie!

  107. Api

    Hello MarieTV & Community!

    I loved Marie’s take on this topic-related common feeling. I would like to add one word to this reflexions: CHARITY. Sometimes I feel that I am not deserving of the abundance in my life. Then again, usually helping somebody else, makes feel worth what I got immediately! So I try to do something that’ll make a tiny difference, such collect from my friends unneeded clothing’s and bring it to an orphanage. Simple, but it’ll make you feel like a million dollars! Even bring food to an animal shelter, or donate even a tiny bit to a cause you love.

    Trust me on this one! You deserve what you earn and MORE!



  108. D Morse

    I haven’t been able to read every comment, so forgive me if this is a repeat. There’s a saying among us artists who stumble over what they should charge and/or encounter a customer who hesitates/objects about pricing. With art you are not only paying for the finished product you are looking at, you are also paying towards a life time of studying and learning prior to that moment. (Same could be said for doctors, too.) As well as allowing the artist to continue to create and not starve (as the cliche goes). When you factor these other “acceptable” things it ends up sounding like a lot smaller of a selling price. It helps the artist accept it more comfortably as well 🙂 It’s not one art object, it’s a lifetime of art.

  109. Ali

    Ohhhh this video is SO timely! Earlier this year I finally stepped out with my first real paid offering and officially began my business. I have had several clients work with me since then, including a woman who signed up to work with me in my one-on-one mentoring program for a full YEAR! I was so shocked when she signed up to with with me and regularly feel sellers guilt whenever I get a payment from her, or whenever a new client signs up with me.

    It’s typically a reaction of feeling both so enthusiastic and excited about getting a new client, to be followed closely by this sellers guilt. I loved all of the suggestions that you shared here Marie, and will definitely be using this mantra and replacing the guilt with more positively affirmed thoughts.

    The validation from this video is irreplaceable and I feel a deeper level of confidence in my offerings because of it!

    Thank you so much, as always.

    xo Ali

  110. Thanks for this one! I think I have had these little goblins int he back of my mind for a while… Time to clean out hte backroom of my mind! Thanks Marie!

    All my best to you!
    Sharon Orella

  111. Thank you – loved it 😉

  112. Money Goblins! Ahhh! I used to have them too, big time. I have a BA from a university, I am a talented artist, I had been studying and practicing in the holistic field for over ten years, and I had been a mentor, teacher, and counselor for children for over 7 years. Sounds like I was successful in my career, but I usually was making only 4 Figures per year in $$$.

    When I realized I had “stuff,” with money, “money goblins,” I did many exercises to exterminate them, and I found my truly successful life in my soulmate career as a coach, as well as other coaches, mentors, and helpful people who helped me thrive in my $. I wanted to share some of the exercises I used to get over money goblins~

    Every day, open your bank account online and tell your $$$, “I LOVE You!” Money and true divine wealth is an expression of Love and, as Marie says, Joy. How can we make money, if we are not loving the money we have? It’s like trying to be a teacher when you are treating your own children poorly. Do you feel a strangling or constricting feeling when you have to purchase something big? That’s a clue to how you’re treating the $$$ you do have.

    Every evening before you fall asleep and every morning just after you wake up, imagine and feel what it’s like to have a lot of money. Actually say out loud a specific amount your heart truly desires to have that feels realistic but out of your comfort zone. When I was only making 4 Figures per year I had to start by saying, “Universe, Thank You for my $10,000.”

    If you have a few hundred $$$ in the bank to withdraw, go withdraw it in $100 Bills, preferably crisp new ones {you can always put it back later}. Take it home and throw it into the air and let it fall back down on you. Celebrate your $$$. Feel, smell, and caress your face with that money.

    I hope this helps some beautiful people out there exterminate their $Goblins! Blessings to All Your $$$. ~Goddess Allison

  113. It really comes down to having Confidence in yourself & what you offer! Once you have the Confidence, you will start to Value your self-worth. Good Stuff!

  114. Maybe you have never been in a position of really really hurting for money. When you finally receive pay for your services, and you have been biting your nails wondering how you’ll pay bills, you don’t feel guilt when you get paid. You feel gratitude and relief.

    The way to turn these guilty ideas around is just with one word: Gratitude. Gratitude to the Universe, your Angels or God, and to the generous client. It is a supreme gift that I am actually receiving money for the service I perform as a musician.

    When you receive a gift, you say thank you. There is no guilt attached. Say “Thank you!” and be grateful.

  115. Marie, as always love your Q&A Tuesdays! But this was really helped me. I have been aware of these money guilt goblins for years now. And have worked to lessen their effect on my ability to be productive. But somehow your way of wording this FINALLY released this stress. I think the last one you share, getting money means giving more joy. Its just so important to see things this way. Thank you!!!! xx Julie

  116. Thank you Marie!!

    I just watched this twice to really drive it home. So many great points. It can be hard to re-write our story, especially around money, but I am full of gratitude for the place I am in and the opportunities I create. I owe it to the Universe to be me and be successful doing it! Keep up the Q&A brilliance!

  117. Leslie

    Hey Marie,

    First of all let me just say thank you thank you for all your videos! They are inspiring, nurturing , humorous, yet get straight to the heart of what makes us squirm and give practical and genius tips to tackle them! Sometimes I hear your tips and I think “my gosh, it’s that simple? Why didn’t I think of that?” But of course that’s what you are here for! I also totally love how you let your inner fashionista shine! Great new opening montage!

    Today’s video came at a perfect time . I have a particular appreciation for Marie TV as I’ve been a TV journalist for 8 years. . and contrary to popular belief, the pay ain’t that good unless you are Katie Couric! After 5 years with my company, I resigned to take a breather and explore my creative side! My former company asked if I could still freelance for them from time to time when they needed help . I was grateful for this to have an on and off “bridge job” (another favorite Marie TV episode of mine) since I do still enjoy the work, I just don’t have the energy left to do such a fast-paced job all time right now! However the past few times , negotiations have been rushed as they suddenly call me “urgently” needing a report, I have a fast approaching deadline in a few hours, I hurriedly agree on a flat rate for a certain product, and then it ends up taking much longer than expected since various parties all of a sudden want extra things from me. I end up feeling resentful for working far more than what the original job should have required, for the same pay. I have said no a few times to extra requests, but end up feeling guilty or judged for not going above and beyond for them to be a “team player” like I used to do since I had always worked my butt off to try to meet all their demands (and suffered burnout at age 30, a reason I left). I guess I need to switch my mindset that I’m a free agent now and the situation is different from being paid a monthly salary! They just contacted me tonight at the last minute asking me to work for them next week. To solve the problem of working overtime, I had previously proposed an hourly rate which they kinda ignored. And then I felt guilty thinking “I’ve worked with them for so many years maybe I shouldn’t ask for that much. Maybe that’s why they never got back to me. They might try to find someone else cheaper and then I’ll have no income while I’m waiting for my other creative work to gain momentum”. However since they’ve come back to me again, I think I need to change my thinking ? Since I’ve worked with them for so many years as a full time employee and have proven as a freelancer I can run in at the last minute and deliver since I’m familar with how they do things, THEY should see my worth and I should stick to my hourly rate instead of agreeing to their flat rate, which always means I am paid too little for what I end up delivering. No “friend rate ” here since this is a company I’m negotiating with,! Thanks for this Marie! I will get back to them and stick to my guns! Go away guilt goblins!

  118. Leslie

    Hey Marie,

    First of all let me just say thank you thank you for all your videos! They are inspiring, nurturing , humorous, yet get straight to the heart of what makes us squirm and give practical and genius tips to tackle them! Sometimes I hear your tips and I think “my gosh, it’s that simple? Why didn’t I think of that?” But of course that’s what you are here for! I also totally love how you let your inner fashionista shine! Great new opening montage!

    Today’s video came at a perfect time . I have a particular appreciation for Marie TV as I’ve been a TV journalist for 8 years. . and contrary to popular belief, the pay ain’t that good unless you are Katie Couric! After 5 years with my company, I resigned to take a breather and explore my creative side! My former company asked if I could still freelance for them from time to time when they needed help . I was grateful for this to have an on and off “bridge job” (another favorite Marie TV episode of mine) since I need to pay the bills and I do still enjoy the work, I just don’t have the energy left to do such a fast-paced job all time right now! However the past few times , negotiations have been rushed as they suddenly call me “urgently” needing a report, I have a fast approaching deadline in a few hours, I hurriedly agree on a flat rate for a certain product, and then it ends up taking much longer than expected since various parties all of a sudden want extra things from me. I end up feeling resentful for working far more than what the original job should have required, for the same pay. I have said no a few times to extra requests, but end up feeling guilty or judged for not going above and beyond for them to be a “team player” like I used to do since I had always worked my butt off to try to meet all their demands (and suffered burnout at age 30, a reason I left). I guess I need to switch my mindset that I’m a free agent now and the situation is different from being paid a monthly salary! They just contacted me tonight at the last minute asking me to work for them next week. To solve the problem of working overtime, I had previously proposed an hourly rate which they kinda ignored. And then I felt guilty thinking “I’ve worked with them for so many years maybe I shouldn’t ask for that much. Maybe that’s why they never got back to me. They might try to find someone else cheaper and then I’ll have no income while I’m waiting for my other creative work to gain momentum”. However since they’ve come back to me again, I think I need to change my thinking ? Since I’ve worked with them for so many years as a full time employee and have proven as a freelancer I can run in at the last minute and deliver since I’m familar with how they do things, THEY should see my worth and I should stick to my hourly rate instead of agreeing to their flat rate, which always means I am paid too little for what I end up delivering. No “friend rate ” here since this is a company I’m negotiating with,! Thanks for this Marie! I will get back to them and stick to my guns! Go away guilt goblins!

  119. Leslie

    Sorry I posted twice by accident! Feel free to delete the duplicate!


  120. Marie-

    Thank you so much for posting this! Iwork in an industry that is FULL of people uncharging for their services. Even though I understand my CODB and have priced myself to be profitable sometimes I can’t help but feel a little guilty when I tell people what my prices are. Even though I know I am worth it and why am priced that way. I feel like I need to be more confident and proud of my prices and what I offer!

    Thanks for this episode! Loved it!

  121. I think what really helps is using your art in any way. If you see that you can make something beautiful from it or simply hang it on the wall you want to give people around you the same pleasure.
    When you create something with all your heart people are happy to pay for it, me included.

  122. Such perfect timing! I’ve been busting through my money and pricing blocks big-time over the past couple of weeks, and I have to say, it’s SUCH HARD WORK! It really doesn’t help that I have been attracting some really lovely potential clients, who have very attractive business proposals… but very small budgets. I realised that by telling myself “Her budget is too low… but she’s so lovely,” I was falling into the trap of smittendom. Just a few small tweaks to the self-talk and now I’m saying “She’s so lovely… but her budget’s too low.” What seems like such a minor tweak, has totally changed my psychological response!

    • JessicA

      Hi Emma

      That is brilliant indeed! I will remember this one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      P.s. Loving your website! All the best with your new business.

  123. Lisa Jalette

    I was hoping my question would be addressed in the video but if someone could direct me to an answer I’d greatly appreciate it.

    When I’m finally doing well financially, how do I deal with the guilt of having money when a family member is struggling?

    It hasn’t happened yet but I know myself well enough to know that it will, lol! This family member is also in the process of creating an entrepreneurship also and I’m confident that she won’t ask me for help but instead be very happy for me. My guilt is strictly self-induced.


  124. Love it Marie absolutely love it.
    You’ve just killed all 3 of my money guilt goblins and kicked them in the ….

    This is one that I definitely will share.

  125. Whooo, Marie you hit the nail right on the head. I deal with this alot because coming from a place of poverty, I understand the hustle and struggle and I feel that if I price my art too much that is not affordable. As a stationery and web designer for special occasions for people of color, I find that I’m serving a market that historically has not had the economic privileges that other groups may have had. I also question my design work ALL THE TIME wondering if it translates right and if my spirit is in it (which it is but I question because I guess I could never believe that people would find my design work interesting, inspiring and beautiful)

    But based on what you mentioned, I have the little green gremlins in my head and I should value my art and work for what its worth. So I’m changing my mindset “I think; therefore, I am”

    Thanks for video and your inspiration,

  126. JessicA

    Thank you Marie! Thank YOU!

    I was still unclear as to my exact business direction, but this video gave me a lightbulb moment. It has given me the inspiration and vision on which way to go that still values me, my time and knowledge, as well as providing value to my clients and the service providers. So now I am super super excited about this…!!! I will be able to make money, do what I love and still provide and offer great value to all of those I work with.

    Thank you and I CANNOT WAIT for B-School. I’m in!

  127. Dear Marie,

    Your hair and clothes look very beautiful today as always.


  128. Dear Marie,

    Do you have a reading list?

  129. Thanks Marie! From a BIG supporter in Australia!!!!! Xxx

  130. Whoops! Wrong website! Xxxx

  131. Thanks for this insightful video, Marie!

    Ahhh I totally related with two of the guilt goblins. Particularly the “I get more, you get less” goblin. Think this stems from growing up, but rather than getting into all that, there is still a part of me that feels “guilty” for having more when others have so little. I think somehow me having more money means taking away from them.

    Also can relate to the “Buyers are Chumps” goblin. If you don’t feel what you’re “selling” is intrinsically worthy, and it took me a while to feel worthy, than I felt like I was suckering someone.

    Now, when I hear people tell me how much their work has changed my life, I know that you are right Marie. Getting money means giving joy!


  132. Steve Thimmig

    Just watched your video on money guilt. Can’t believe people actually have this. I paint because it’s my passion, it’s what I love to do and if someone wants to buy one of my paintings I consider that a bonus. If anything I have an artist friend who says I don’t charge enough, but seeing as I’m new to the selling part I figure I have to start somewhere.

  133. David

    Hi Marie!
    I’m not sure which goblin it is, but I often feel guilty for being paid high prices. If I undercharge, I feel like a underfed gerbil on a treadmill. When I charge a modest amount I feel like I’m rowing my own boat, but it’s a long way to Venice. If I charge a lot I feel as if I’ve lied to the customer, because I know I would have done it for a lot cheaper had they asked the right questions. Honestly I don’t feel completely contented charging any of my three rates for the above reasons. I know I deserve a great life, and money to go with it, but there is a disconnect between my lofty dreams and my earning capacity. If anyone has any advice it will be much appreciated! I would love to actualize my newest venture, but it’s big… much bigger than anything I’ve done. If I’m having a hard time charging enough now, how can I attempt to make my quantum leap to the next level?,
    gratefully yours,

  134. In my case, I have a fear of success and of supporting myself, mainly from the Ms. Self-Doubtfire. I’m not sure how much of it is natural to me and how much is from my controlling family that insists I can’t make it on my own and has previously gotten upset at me before for succeeding at something (because, they claim, I did it to prove them wrong—and if it’s something I did to try to prove myself wrong, they insist I’m lying).

    *sighs* They’re well-meaning, just full of fear and doubt themselves. They don’t want to see me fail, which I can appreciate, but all the negativity sure doesn’t help me.

    In any event, thank you for this video. 🙂 I needed to hear that.

    • You are so brave! I also struggle with miss doubt fire because it is strange being paid for something I do for fun and I also get moments of people bringing negativity which is double hard when you already have Mrs Doubtfire on your back.

      I figure the more resistance that turns up, no matter what form it may take, means that it is because I am heading in the right direction. If you haven’t read Steven Pressfields books, now is the time. Let’s keep on pushing through our resistance together : )

      • Negativity from random folks online actually doesn’t bother me as much, because I have yet to encounter a critic as harsh as my family. But WOW. I’m discovering, more and more, that what they insisted I was? Is essentially the opposite of reality.

        I’m great at reading people, for example, and I have solid social skills. I also can sing and cook quite well. All of those are things that my family has, repeatedly, told me I suck at, for over 15 years.

  135. Becky H.

    Hello, and thank you for this video, it was very insightful. How did I not know about you before?
    I have a question too. I am in the process of setting up a small biz. There are of course different pricing structures for products, and many people sell their goodies for the average market price, or at cost. I do not want to go down that route, my target is a different customer with a different price range. All this would be ok, but looking at how important Facebook is theses days, and the huge biz and hobby community that currently exists on FB in dozens of groups… I fear they are going to lynch me, and hurt my biz before it even had a chance to take off. You would not believe how vicious they can get and how they gang up on people for simple disagreements. I do not feel I can go without Facebook, so how would I best address this if questions should come up? All it takes is 1 person the scream: “Oh look at her prices, she cannot do that.” And all hell will break lose. Have you got any advice? Thanks so much for your help.

  136. Kaitlyn


    Just wanted to say
    1. I love the Q&A Tuesday (like always)
    2. I LOVE the new intro! It’s so you.

    So much love and blessings

    K x

  137. love your dress today Marie.

    (Love all your dresses you wear, but this one in particular is gorgeous)

  138. Jo Manzi-Crean

    I’m a Brit living in South Africa and truly rule 1 does seem hard to swallow when there are so many people that are not paid a ‘live-able’ wage. How can one reconcile oneself with this?

  139. Marie your goblins and video helped put more perspective on things (there’s that but – I feel as if I don’t deserve to have more which makes me sick to my stomach, ugh).

  140. Rb

    I am not sure about point one either…but that’s a problem that’s a bit too big for me to try to get my head around right now.
    My more specific issue on sellers guilt is my worry that the customer will be disappointed. I do proofreading, which unlike an art work, can’t be seen before it’s bought. The customers have to put faith in me that it I am going to do a good job, and I get nervous that I will not meet their expectations. Does anyone have any tips for people in a service rather than goods industry??

  141. Oh gosh, Mrs. Self-Doubtfire is my arch nemesis. She can take a hike – and hopefully she will soon 🙂

  142. I think most of us in creative and artistic fields can relate to Mrs. Self Doubtfire. She’s a real doozer.

    This episode’s tweetable was really helpful, Marie. Getting money means giving joy. It places value both on the giving and receiving end of things, which is lovely! Thanks for that!

  143. Love that piece of nugget! It’s so true, lately I’ve been having people contact me about my services, mind you, I still haven’t put up my services page! Which I’m currently doing now with defined prices. But I will say this one has been a real struggle for me to the point I’ve been asking people to just give me what they would like to donate, I sometimes feel like they came to me so I can’t turn them away. And feel as though if they knew my real prices that it will “turn them off”, but I will say when I do set my prices people are more than willing to pay it! Which always surprises me. Ce’la vie. It’s not easy but the tips you shared about this subject are really helpful! I feel like I need to change my mindset in order for things to go a whole lot smoother in the finance department if you know what I mean! ^_^

  144. Marie Soh

    Totally hit the nail on the head for me on all 3 points! Like Linda, I struggle to quote for my services. When they accept it, I find myself adding more services on to justify the price they have paid. My clients have no complaints and often surprise me when they are so appreciative of my efforts and service. I like the tweetable quote and will be added onto my mirror to repeat.

  145. Ahhh! It’s like you were talking to me. Every time I get an order, it’s like a punch to the stomach. I feel like I’m scamming people. Like they’re all going to discover I’m a fraud. But, I truly believe in my product and my message and you, Marie, you have helped me greatly! I need to respect the fact that the people who purchase my product believe in it and I need give them the benefit of the doubt. Thank you!!

  146. bebe

    thank you again, Marie, for another loving buncha insights!!! I was going to a chiro who said that i was attracting betrayal into my life…it turns out that he was a key source. i paid a lot of $$ with not much results over a period of time. I always knew there was something amiss, but people kept saying how great he was and how he had helped them. Something was off. I realized when i finally confronted him in a lie that his values are so different than mine. He values money, but not compassion. I also see a lot of anger in him, and forgiveness is something that i want to work on, along with compassion and know that if i can see it in him, it’s something i need to work on also. Money is not so important to me as living a life that i feel good and honest about and that i am adding value to the world or people that are on the path. I am not angry at him, nor sad for him. We all need to find our way and do what we know works for us.

    • bebe

      also, a friend of mine once said, “find your people!”

  147. Ingrid Seraphin

    I think people pay for what they appreciate in others. We value the abilities that others have, because we may not have it ourselves. It’s a recognition of the God in you that does incredible things, like using a paint brush to make beautiful art. I would encourage her to see past the ego that says she doesn’t deserve it, and recognize the God in her that is expressing beauty which other people recognize and appreciate. Their payment is recognition that they see God flowing out of you and doing superhuman, amazing, and wonderful things. I agree, the hardest thing to do is accept money for the things that come naturally and effortlessly. But I have learned it’s natural because it is God flowing out of me, not me having to do all the work. Which is different to accept when society tells us we should workhard for money. It is a blessing the pinnacle of life to be paid for just being an awesome creation and free flowing expression of God. Enjoy it 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Ingrid!

  148. Marie,

    I used to feel guilty about selling my services but I started looking at it the other way round.

    I was happy to pay the going rate for a particular service provided it was good quality.

    And as my service was good quality and charged at the going rate, there was no further problem.

    Believe me, if clients had an issue with your rate they would either tell you or go for someone cheaper.

  149. Great question again! My money goblins creep up to tell me “I always have enough” but what I want to feel is abundance. When I examine my money history I can see that I come from a very bad money pattern. Every time I find a bigger source of income I wonder why or if I am worthy.Then the universe slaps me upside the head by changing the pay structure or hitting me surprise expense. I am a work in progress but I love today’s tweetable and will also use it as a mantra!

  150. So I posted a few comments & replies about this video and finally hit a point today where I am resolving my money issues once & for all. I spent the entire day determined to find a resource that fit what I needed. There are lots of books out there, but I came across Denise Duffield-Thomas’s work, watched a ton of her videos, & then bought her book Get Rich Lucky Bitch. All I can say, is I feel my life changing already. I had had some serious traumas in the area of money that had kept me most often totally broke & in need of constant financial rescue. Comments in my childhood from someone I love dearly led me feel like if I took money from someone they might die because of it & it would be my fault. Needless to say, this f’d me up in the area of money. I knew I needed to have confidence in my abilities, ask for the sale, etc.,…but how dare I take anyone’s money! They may die because I was greedy! Logically I knew this was not true, & no, no one actually died from it, but the statements made had me stuck. I’m 43 & knew I HAD to get past this. I’ve made good money briefly here & there, but never felt comfortable with it. After watching Denise’s videos on youtube all day today, then buying her book (got the Kindle version so I could read it right away on my laptop) I can confidently say I’m well on my way to being healed from this. I’ve already found hundreds of dollars of items in my home that I don’t want at all & plan to sell. I cashed in my credit card miles & got $75 added to my charge acct. to pay down debt., I’ve set up a show to sell my art. And, I found a bracelet an interior design client of mine gave me a couple years ago. I was a recent Interior Design graduate & was working as a free designer in a retail location for poor pay, but loved the experience of getting in to clients homes & helping them. Unlike most of my clients, this client had a lot of money. I felt like a fraud helping her. She lived in a huge house, & I lived in an apartment & was in my 40’s with new huge college debt. Everything I did to help her left me feeling like a fraud, but she seemed to appreciate me so much. Tonight I just came accross a bracelet she gave me as a thank you for my helping her with her home. I’d never thought about the cost of it, cuz I was just ashamed to accept anything from her, since my confidence was so low. She gave it to me when she took me out to a fancy lunch, both to show appreciation for my help. It’s a Tiffany bracelet & I looked at their site tonight & it cost 375$. I was shocked. She actually valued what I did that much to give me that & a fancy lunch as a gift? So I’m now wearing the bracelet. I think I’ll be wearing it every day for a very long time, as a reminder that people do find value in what I have to offer, and they do appreciate me, & I am good enough just as I am. What a life transforming day I’ve had. Check out Denise’s book if you are struggling with money guilt anything close to what I was. I hope it brings you the happiness it’s bringing me. <3 <3 <3

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Stacey, what a beautiful share! That bracelet is the perfect reminder to hold close — that you absolutely have unique gifts and strengths that others deeply value and cherish in you.

      It sounds like you’re on a new and incredibly exciting path and opening up to the possibilities all around, and we’re thrilled for you. Thank you for sharing this — you go girl!

  151. Ian


    I just had lunch with a female colleague and the issue of guilt and money came up. I have spent my working life in finance and hadn’t realised how much of an issue it can be, but a few recent conversations have made me realise it is a big one for women.

    Thank you for your video, you are very entertaining too. Great stuff.

    I am currently writing a book on finance for small business and will now include some content on this issue.

    All the best.

  152. Adrian

    Hi Marie:

    Thank yo for another great video. I am a stock trader and I feel guilty when I make money from the stock market and worry about people in the other end are suffering. It’s not a service or a product that people can enjoy. Can you share your opinion on that? Thanks


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Adrian, I think being a stock trader is ABSOLUTELY an incredible service that people enjoy and very much need.

      You cannot serve everyone through what you do, but it would be hard to find a job where you can. However, knowing what to intelligently do with money, and increase it’s flow for the betterment of our lives and humanity is huge and that’s what you’re doing on some level. Perhaps this is a matter of you spending some time shifting your own thinking and energy around what you do to be really clear on how you’re helping people and the service you most want to provide them through your knowledge and integrity.

      If you haven’t seen this episode with Tony Robbins below, I highly recommend giving it a watch. It may offer you insight into how providing money insight and tips can be such a tremendous service.


  153. Michael Rafter

    Hey Marie I carry a million dollars around do you think that’s a good idea.

  154. Woody

    Hi, I am feeling guilty for selling items online when I know my customers can get the exact item for far cheaper. What are your thoughts on the matter? Thanks!

  155. Taylor

    I feel guilty making money because I am always broke living paycheck to paycheck and I feel like if I take money from someone else that I am contributing to their poverty. As a health and wellness coach I feel that the information I give people should be free because I want them to live and thrive! It’s so hard to charge for something that can make someone healthy.

  156. Thomas

    Unfortunately, I’m not sold. It feels terrible stealing from the wealth of others, especially if they are not. Being told you should listen to your heart, then told you should manipulate your heart to make you feel better is simply lying to oneself for selfish reasons.
    Hard to believe that with all the knowledge in the world about what makes people happy, this is the advice you offer.

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