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Intuition, intuition, into, into, into, intuition. Wow. Where’d my question go?

Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching Marie TV the place to be. Isn’t this place awesome? To create a business and life you love. And today is Q and A Tuesday and that means we have a question and I am going to A it. Here we go. This comes from RP and she writes, “Marie, the wisdom you put out there through your videos is life altering. It’s really created a positive shift in my thinking.” You’re welcome. “However, there is one thing that you keep on referring to that I don’t quite get yet. Listening to my gut. Everyone talks about it. For instance, when someone tells me, ‘I just knew he was the one.’ There are crickets chirping in my head. I’ve never experienced this whole, ‘I just knew,’ phenomenon. I’d certainly like to get on the gut feeling train. What are some actionable ways to tune into your gut? Thanks so much, RP.”

Wonderful question RP. Whether you call it listening to your gut, or tapping into your intuition, or following your instincts understanding how to pay attention to your natural knowing is a vital skill for success in business and life. In fact, notable people like Sir Richard Branson and Ms. Oprah Winfrey always talk about the power of using your intuition. And if you’ve been watching for anytime you know that using my intuition is a huge part of how I run everything.

Now, you may not think that you have the intuitive gift but that’s just not true. All of us have what I call natural knowing. I mean it’s how our species has survived on this planet. We all know when danger is present even if it’s not right in front of us. Hey, do you guys hear something? Now, everybody has the potential to tap into this wisdom as long as you know how.

So, here are four action steps you can take to get on the gut feeling train. Number one is go on a historical dig. So here’s what I mean by that. I want you to look through the mental file folders of your past. Take a look at a situation where something went wrong and in hindsight you can realize that some part of you said, “I knew it when it all went to crap.” So maybe it was a relationship that went south or a business deal that just turned sour I’ll bet if you really look you’ll notice there were some red flags that you missed and you probably dismissed them because you didn’t have proof. I want you to take a few minutes and actually write down every instance from your past where you had that funny feeling and it turned out to be true. Why? Because of this here tweetable. Seeing that you’ve had a gut instinct in the past will help you pay closer attention to it in the present.

Number two is meditate. You want to know why most of us can’t hear our intuition? It’s because our minds are filled with this guy. Meditation is one of the most powerful practices that I think every human being on the planet should take up. I meditate on the daily. I sit in my cross legged position, I set my little iPhone timer for 10 minutes, and I slip into what Deepak calls the gap. Now you may think you’re not the meditating type just like you think you’re not the intuitive type but let me tell you, you want to get that gut feeling train going choo choo get your meditation on.

Number three is ask for guidance. So whether you call it God, spirit, the universe, creative consciousness, each of us has access to an unlimited, infinite source of wisdom. So, if you find yourself stuck in a certain situation ask for guidance. Pose an inner question to yourself and really ask, “Is moving ahead with this person or project the right decision for me right now?”

No girl, don’t do it.

Jams, are you my inner wisdom?

Guilty as charged.

My inner wisdom is so cute.

You better put a ring on it.

But seriously, once you ask for guidance you have to actually listen to hear the answer. It’s very subtle. It’s like a whisper and you have to tune in to pay attention. The other thing is you might get your answer after a full night’s sleep or perhaps after you get yourself distracted with another project. In fact, research shows that when you give your subconscious mind a little bit of a break and give it time to process it will come up with the perfect intuitive answer.

Number four is pay attention to your visceral reactions. So, this is how my intuition speaks to me and I have to tell you it is really loud. So, I’m talking about the physical things that you feel in your body. Whenever you’re considering a decision what are the physical sensations? You have to ask yourself, “What am I sensing? What am I feeling right now?” Do you feel an immediate sense of dread? Are you getting tight in your chest, or do you feel tired, or do you feel reluctant? On the other hand, do you feel a sense of openness, or lightness, or a sense of relief? I’m not talking about thoughts I’m talking about physical sensations in your body. Now, if you have no idea what I’m talking about then you need to make like Olivia Newton John and get physical.

Let’s get physical, physical. I want to get physical. Let’s get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, body talk. Let me hear your body talk. Let’s get physical.

Why? Because intuition lives in your body not in your mind. Now, if you’re having any trouble at all getting in touch with your visceral reactions you need to get those buns off the couch and do what he’s doing. My visceral reaction says, “Yes please.” So there you have it RP, four concrete ways to get more in touch with your intuition. Now I would love to hear from you. You got some concrete ways to build your intuition muscles or if you’d prefer you got a great story about when you really listened to your intuition and how it impacted your life? As always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at so go there and leave a comment now.

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Hi, this is Bear and you’re watching Bear TV. The place to be for your bear related business. First question today comes from a caribou. I hate these caribou. All right. It says, “Do you really shit in the woods?” Very funny. Yeah, it’s not the first time I’ve heard that one. it’s not what I got into this industry for. I’m sorry guys. This is the last Bear TV I’m ever going to do.

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