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“Who is this guy?” That’s what I asked myself when I first saw his work.

He was passionate, articulate and massively creative.

Life should be lived to the point of tears. - Albert Camus via @JasonSilva Click To Tweet

If you don’t know Jason Silva, please take 2 minutes and 55 seconds to watch this video before diving into our longer interview.

You’ll know if this uber inspiring philosophical jam is up your alley.

Heads up: this video still brings tears to my eyes when I watch it because it reminds me of how damn much I love love.

How much I treasure life in all its forms and how incredibly fleeting it all is.

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Since you’re still reading, I’ll take that as a sign that you’re ready for more Jason Silva.

As a person who is always creating and learning, I love meeting people who can make me even more inspired to stretch my own capabilities, reach farther and dig deeper.

That’s what I admire so much in Jason and I hope he inspires the same in you. In today’s interview we’re talking futurism, technology, spirituality, idea sex and more.

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Check out this episode on The Marie Forleo Podcast

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Jason references fantastic quotes and books like no other. Since I had a feeling you’d ask, here’s a list of the four books he mentioned, via our Amazon partner links.

Here’s one of Jason’s recent masterpieces on non-comformity. You can find all of Jason’s videos over at his Shots Of Awe YouTube Channel and catch him on National Geographic’s hit show, Brain Games.

Now, Jason and I would love to hear from you.

What’s your answer to our challenge today, inspired by Albert Camus: What do you love so much, that it moves you to the point of tears?

I’m excited to know what most moves your heart, and what most inspired you about today’s discussion.

Thank you, as always, for watching, sharing and being so kind in the comments below.

You make this one of the best places online.

With all my love,


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  1. Eeek!!!! I’ve been stalking Jason Silva for a minute now. Love his brilliance.

    Besides helping me to discover new sources of inspiration, he also made me discover I have “cougar” tendencies…uh, nevermind.

    • RAWR! 🙂

      • lol @ Lisa!!!

        @Emelia – Cougar tendencies?! Do tell!!! lol

        • Ha! Me too after that short 2 min clip .. found him on social media everywhere and now I’m back to actually watch Marie’s video w/ him 😉

      • Eliza Blissings

        Mind~Blown!!!! Incredible! Have a lot to think about, Thank You!

    • Hah! Emelia, you crack me up — but you’re totally right, he’s definitely a fox, in addition to being brilliant, inspiring, and amazingly creative 😉 This was an awesome interview!

    • But in all seriousness, I love his enthusiasm. He is one of those rare people who feel like they are in perfect alignment. His expression is like a Divine stream of consciousness and you feel the power behind it.

      I love watching Shots of Awe because it is intellectual adrenaline. And, there’s something about not only his ideas but by being in his virtual space that reminds me of our collective potential. It creates inspirational momentum. That type of excitement is enough to “move me to the point of tears.”

      • I totally agree! He’s on the people that radiates that joy of life and seems to be in perfect alignment.

        • Linda Wiebe

          Yes to all of that! I love the phrase inspirational momentum!!

      • Wow, just the perfect words Emelia. Exactly what I’m thinking and feeling.

      • Francois Jacquier

        love your idea of collective potential!

        it reminds me of what Bill Viola said “what we humans do best is collectiv energy”

    • Haha, you are hilarious Emelia!! I’ve known Jason Silva for a while now. I have several friends who swoon over him too 😉 I consider him the quintessential creative grasshopper! lol

      PS Marie LOVE the new intro!

    • OMGawd YES! I got that too…he is sexy as heyell! LOL…He is definitely very inspirational…This is my first exposure to him and now, I’m stalking his YouTube channel…Love his passion…you can see it in every word he speaks…

  2. I like the new intro and the fun, creative ideas in this week’s episode.

    “Ideas as impermanence” – that drives a lot of energy for me. It’s also cool to see someone taking their passions from youth and bring them through adulthood and make their art their career.

    Idea “intercourse” is really a double entendre, since intercourse means dialogue, as well as sexual connection. What a great way to describe how ideas propogate.

    This is such a fresh departure from what we usually see in MarieTV. I hope it’s a trend that continues.

    • I also LOVE seeing how someone’s passions and interests from childhood translate into their current career. In fact, I often ask my clients to think back on what they loved as kids, because it can bring old passions back to the surface and get them fired up again.

      Love this MarieTV — I agree that it’s a little bit of a departure from the norm, but in a really fascinating way.

  3. Marie, you look great and I love the new beginning of the episode – Bravo!!!!
    Lots of Love for you and your team 😉

  4. elena

    oh my god Jason Silva you are amazing, please marry me hahaha

  5. It’s one thing to ask what moves us, but moves us to tears? I don’t necessarily cry but I would have to say singing in the car to my favorite songs makes me start smiling uncontrollably.

    I’m not a huge music fan – like
    I don’t follow a lot of artists or listen all the time, but when I do and I connect with what I’m listening to, I can’t help but start laughing out loud even if I’m all alone.

    • That’s totally not related to my business, so on the professional side of things, the idea of “lifestyle design” is something I’m crazy passionate about. I love helping people realize how much control they have over their career and how much impact they can make in the world.

      • Hi Galen, that was awesome to read, i have this moments while dancing. And I also work on lifestyle design, but does it move you to tears?

  6. Love, love, love heart-centred creative geniuses such as Jason <3

    HUGELY inspiring, thank you.


  7. What do I love to tears?

    Internet!!! And all the incredible possibilities it brings. When I do my “gratitude” sessions every morning, I always thank for the Internet and that it allows me to live on a tropical island and help people around the world to change their lives. That’s another thing that brings me to tears – to hear my clients’ or readers’ feedback, that by implementing my advice they have changed their bodies, health and mindset, and it has turned their lives around.

    One more thing – I’m sooooo grateful that I can live in the most exciting time of the history (yet), when following your passion and doing what you love is the easiest it’s ever been.

    It’s so amazing that you’re talking about all this on MarieTV now, because for the past week I’ve been obsessed with Paul Diamandis’ book “Abundance” (I’d add this book to the list on the blog!) and his amazing speeches that I found on youtube. If anyone’s interested in the future and how good it’s gonna be, please look ‘Paul Diamandis’ up 🙂

    P.S. Love the new intro and your hair!! Looks super hot 😉

    • Hi Osha! Thank you for your kind note. I’m a huge fan of Peter’s work as well. What he’s doing with Singularity University is just fantastic. XO

    • I meant “Peter Diamandis”, not Paul 🙂

  8. Marie: #1, could also be summed up as La Doleur Exquise — The Exquisite Pain. Also, one of my most favorite episodes of Sex and the City. Finally, that’s what makes memories so profoundly beautiful. You’ll be able to relive the six plus dogs in bed for as long as you can hold on to that memory. Sigh. Big love/Geri R

    • Another SATC fan. As soon as I saw the expression, I immediately knew where you were heading. 🙂

  9. That new intro is the biz! Werk girl!

    I love helping people so much that it moves me to tears. I just want to use my life, my words, my pictures, my experiences, my food, or anything that I can to help / inspire others to live an awesome life. As I mentioned here in another post, I am passionate about helping young people, especially young girls, be confident in themselves. I understand how low self esteem affects your life, how it taints your choices, and how much work and time it takes to build it up when it is low. The earlier you work on it, the better things can be in your life.

    I love the idea of just doing it, not caring where it goes, and yet it touches so many people. I am definitely going to check out Jason’s videos and the books he recommended. Thanks for this introduction, Marie.

    • Your genuine nature always comes through, Biba. 🙂

    • I love YOUR energy! Your passion for helping young women absolutely shines through x

  10. Mylene GT

    Wow, two of my idols together this morning! nice with coffee!

  11. When I leave all my technology at home, and go to the shore of the ocean to write I feel like I’m being cradled by the Universe with each crashing wave. In those moments I am totally present and feel I’m “living life to the point of tears.”

    • I hear you loud and clear Natalie… me too xx

    • LOVE this. exactly. 🙂

    • The ocean does that for me, as well~ thanks for the reminder. But, beyond that, I find I am most present and passionate through art, poetry and music. Electrifying interview. I also love Rilke. “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will find them gradually, without noticing it, and live along some distant day into the answer.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

      • Thank you, Chas. That Rilke quote has moved me to tears – of peace and contentment. Beautiful, wise words.

  12. Oooh and that short ‘Existential Bummer’ video moved to tears too… (I think it’s not what he says, but HOW he says it).
    I have to agree with Jason on that – I want to tight harder, live fuller and extend the moment forever. Or at least to try…

    • Best video ever. Inspired to share. Although, I may have to watch it 100 times more to fully wrap my brain around all that was discussed. It was thrilling for me to listen to Jason and Marie give voice to so much of what is churning around in my brain but I am unable to coherently put into words.THIS brought me to tears. Feeling understood and connected. THANK YOU!!!!

  13. I noticed the new montage too… its so nice!! 🙂

  14. kamlesh

    Ya imeging lol

  15. Marie + Jason = idea sex on a Tuesday afternoon 😉 WONDER-FULL episode, thank you.

    Many things move me to tears. However I am most moved when working with people who have been locked up, buried in years of shame and crying out for help inside. Those people may have experienced sexual or emotional abuse, addiction, or a deep pervasive sense that they have no worth. I have been there, I have been swamped in shame and self-hate, and I have discovered the love that is present at the heart of the universe.

    Much love
    Elloa xx

  16. Yup – LOVE that new intro Marie!

    Good question! Well, my dogs for sure.

    I also just returned from my wedding in Greece in which we spent a blissful week surrounded by close friends and family where we rented a villa, so I can relate to the sadness when you had to return to the city! The long dinners together, lack of cellphones, wine, laughter…and all the wedding toasts absolutely moved me to tears.


    • There is something so precious these days about extended time together w/out cell phones/internet, huh?

  17. Great stuff, except he got the concept of Buddhism all wrong. They don’t “not care”, they care a great deal. They just embrace the ephemeral nature of life and celebrate it to the fullest in the now.

    • Amanda

      Grace, listen closely to the video again. He talks so beautifully fast, exploding with thoughts, that it is easy to think that he put the thoughts of Buddhism and not caring into one sentence. They were actually separate sentiments. I think he is exploring all of the different angles and lenses we could see impermanence from.

      • Kristen

        Mmm, I must agree with Grace on this one. He sets up the Buddhist idea of non-attachment as something that is different/separate from embracing the fullness of the moment, when in fact it is non-attachment that allows us to do so without clinging as it changes, grows and passes away.

        I’m excited to see everyone so fired up in these comments, but I have to say I didn’t make it past the intro video… If I was turned off by the rapid-fire pseudo-philosophizing in the short one, will I get something different out of the longer conversation with Marie? I’d honestly like to know. Thanks, all!

    • Maria cristina

      Hi Grace,
      I don t think he get the concept wrong maybe he express it using a word ” care” wrong . I guess his intention was to stress the different approach the western culture has, compared the oriental one ( in particular the Buddhism), in dealing with the impermanance of life. The first one try to defy it with ” rage” ( as opposite of acceptance ) by holding on to the moment ( instead of releasing it) and extending it with the use of arts like poetry and film making.

  18. Karo

    I have never heard of Jason before but by watching this interview and subsequently his youtube videos I feel like he has infused me with life during a very challenging personal and professional time. I can feel my body’s atoms vibrate. Thank you.

    • Karo, thank you for letting us into your world with your comment x

  19. His enthusiasm and creativity and brilliance is contagious and wildly impressive.

    What a beautiful example of someone living their gifts fully.

  20. I loooooooooOOOve Jason Silva. Can’t wait to see the non-conformity project, those ideas are close to my heart! What moves me to tears… when I see someone living 1000% on purpose and fully expressing themselves with abandon. Malala, can’t even look at the girl without crying. “So You Think You Can Dance”, does it every time… And people who look like they’ll self combust if they don’t get out what they need to share with the world. Like Jason Silva. I live for that shit.

    • “I live for that shit.” LOVE.

  21. You ask what I love so much that it gives me tears?
    My neighbour has been very sick and depressed and he felt more than miserable. We met in the hallway last year. Slowly we started to talk and chat more and he came over for coffee.
    He has now moved out of his depression and is vibrant and healthy again. He has met new friends and has invited us all for Dinner. When we were all sitting together he said how life-changing the first coffee in my kitchen has been – this moved me to tears.

    • That is beautiful Anna!

    • Tal

      Anna, that is beautiful. Thank you for being there for him – as someone who has also dealt with depression, I know that it makes a world of difference to have just one person be there to talk to. Your story brought me to tears 🙂

    • simple acts of kindness like this…the potential of our loving to heal and inspire…moves me to tears…

    • That is beautiful Anna! What a special person you are x

  22. Great talk Marie and Jason. I believe 1+1=3 😉 the concept of synergy you speak of, the ability to defy the laws of science as well as man….

    I’ve combined science with philosophy for enough time to establish myself as an expert. This interview and consequently this comment is the first time I’ve felt there are others who participate in this same kind of conversation. Thank you for that.

    I’m an expert of children, having a natural born talent to understand them. I am brought to tears when I see the growth and development in the minds of children. They carry wisdom and live with passion. When I work with them in an effort to guide them to a better place (whether it be working through behavioral issues, learning impediments, or emotional distress) 100% of the time these children allow me to grow in a profound way. Sometimes I wonder if others see in them what I see. Its magical and powerful and full of life….and I’m lucky to be able to see it. But then again, we can all say that about one another. We can all say that about ourselves. Perhaps that is why I am moved to tears… because the children have reminded me to appreciate and love who I am, no matter what. They have shown me how a bad day will not stop them from playing and laughing.

    No matter what happens. No matter what others say. No matter what obstacle is next…Be an example of the impossible. Defy the laws that hold you back from full expression.

    • Beautiful! <3

    • Lovely! I’m reminded of that quote about the word impossible – the very word says “I’m possible” xx

  23. What a powerful conversation… I didn’t really know what to expect when I clicked play, and was pleasantly surprised at the focus on how unimaginably powerful we ALL are to effect change in our world today.

    Thank you for this! 😉

  24. I recently was moved to tears about sharing the truth about my journey and the 10 years of eating disorders I’ve had. Sharing the truth is terrifying, especially with my family, but the saying is true, “The truth will set you free.”

    • Aw I know the feeling! <3
      And but telling the truth you empower lots of other women do the same.

  25. Niv

    I think Jason is misguided in his understanding of non-attachment as he quotes in his first video-I don’t think the Buddhist teach you to not care but that all that we feel ‘attached’ to does not become a superficial identification of who we really are and what our true natures are.

    It’s great to quote intellectuals but yet as somebody as brilliant as Einstein said ‘we cannot solve problems using the same level of thinking that created them’.

    Thinking is what is creating our discontentment not Nature or Love. And whilst there is no judgment on Tears or Sadness, it seems like insanity to not accept what is.

    Love Marie F as always.

    • sandy

      I agree. In detachment from that which is impermanent one can appreciate the beauty of the moment. For instance if we are attached to external beauty it could bring suffering into our lives if we cling.

      Thank you for sharing this point.

    • Hey Niv! Thanks so much for your comment, and I agree with you. I won’t speak for Jason, but I can share my perspective. Since he doesn’t rehearse or script his “Shots of Awe” riffs – my hunch is sometimes words may string together that aren’t 100% perfectly accurate. Heck, folks who do script and rehearse stuff make errors too 🙂 Knowing that we’re all human (I make loads of mistakes too), I find it most fun to look at the big picture of an idea/video/piece of work and how it makes me feel. And for me, even including what you shared, this one was still very spot on. XO

      • Amanda

        Right on Marie. If you listen closely, as I mentioned a few comments up, he actually states Buddhism and “not caring” as separate questions… “should we embrace non-attachment” {or} “should we act like we don’t care?” Like you said, he is riffing and bursting with exciting ideas. While I can’t speak for him either, I don’t assume that he meant the two were one and the same. Loved everything about today’s episode Marie, including the conversation and beautiful sharing in the comments.

      • Niv

        Great to connect Marie! Thank you for your considered response 🙂 That’s why I love watching your videos- while you may make mistakes which are so much fun to be a part of (I really love the bloopers) I really value as a part of this gorgeous tribe that you do respect your responsibility and rehearse and have thought through enough before putting out content.

        Nothing wrong with Jason-he is a lovely soul seeking the truth as we all are.

        A big hug!

  26. Halia Keani

    I am moved to tears every single time I watch someone live their purpose fearlessly.
    I am also moved to tears when I observe acts of kindness – and I love that.

  27. Amazing interview! So much to think about.
    For me poetry is what brings me to tears, or at least attempts to capture the moments that are filled with such bitter/sweetness that brings me to tears. I have been a poet for years, but recently I can’t stop writing my experiences and sharing them. Thank goodness for social media! I don’t know what poets did with out it!

  28. October last year I left the safety of my job to start my own business doing graphic design and marketing for nonprofits and socially responsible businesses ( I am regularly moved to tears by the passion of my clients and the difference they’re making… and how lucky I am to be able to be a catalyst on their path.

    There is nothing that ignites my creativity faster than meeting with those who are working their asses off to make this world better. Being able to free up their time to do more or just nurture themselves instead of dealing with marketing is what makes me bring my A-game every time.

    Thank you for this interview! It’s these moments that nurture me so I can be the best to those I help. xo

  29. LOVE this piece. Amazingly profound. I am one of those a bit scared by technology and where it is going (Revolution is a series I love, go figure), but now, I’m open to a new perspective. Thank you.

    In answer to your question, I am working on an inspiration series for kids. Each limited edition piece of artwork tells a story and has a quote that summarizes that story. My first piece moved me to tears. I well up anytime I tell the story. The story is about overcoming the negative perceptions of being unique. So many of us, as kids, struggled with insecurity, or being different. Kids today need to know that their uniqueness is what makes them amazing!

  30. Lori Glier

    Dear Marie & Jason,

    I still have tears rolling down my face with the video Shots of Love!
    Jason this touched me so profoundly as I am so deeply profoundly in love with this unattainable love of my life and for awhile I though to let go .
    yet I was like this lioness before plunging forward for her mate.
    Right now so many ideas are plunging forth and so many doors are being opened yet how do you know which to take ?
    These are huge steps to leap into Love a movie and a major business and a book my passions and love!

  31. Literature! This was your best show yet! He is incredible……thanks for posting the reading list! WOW!

  32. Sharon

    The day I saw a counsellor for my depression because I went to him as a last resort as I was contemplating suicide. He helped me see that I don’t have to live the way I did, there are still possibilities out there, I could live the way I want to, on my own terms.

    That was the day I came back to life, and I cried tears of joy because I got back my power and realised how much I love life.

    Another time was when I meditate and took one very conscious breath. I shed tears at that moment because I realised how much this breath was sustaining my life and yet neglected by me. That realization reminded me once again how much I love life.

    • So incredible Sharon. Thanks for your courage and beautiful share.

    • Isn’t it beautiful how much one person can turn our lives around? So glad you found this counselor and that you have learned to breathe!

    • Sharon, the same 3 exact things happened to me: the wanting-to-kill-myself episode, the counselor episode, and the crying during meditation episode. And now: I am sooooooo happy to be alive and it often does move me to tears, the sheer joy of living. Thanks, Marie, for interviewing Jason!

  33. The philosophy that has been driving me is a little known quote by Horace Mann that states “Be too ashamed to die until you have done something for humanity.” Each of us owes it to humanity to do our part to advance humanity a little bit further.

  34. sandy

    What moves me to the world of tears(yes, it’s a world) is when someone who has the means reaches out and helps someone who appears to be lacking. That pivotal moment where a thousand words appear in the “stillness of love.”

    Here’s an example of such a moment within a TV episode: A boss of a company in disguise and works alongside their employees. Inevitably, there is an employee that has been working their buns off even when they can barely feed their children or take care of their basic personal needs.
    The disguised boss later reveals his or her’s identity to the employee and then gives the employee a reward far beyond their wildest dreams.

    These moments don’t only occur on TV. Such moments exist daily. Maybe Jason could do some idea sex around those interconnections.

    At the crux of these moments is the intersection of crisis and a demonstrations of love.

    If these moments were seen without their music( inspired from your quote) it would lead people to say “Why would you do that?”

    Those are the moments that bring tears to my soul.

    They are all around us if we will open our eyes and look deeply for the seed in our apparent adversity.

    We are the half of one of those moments.

    • wonderful example Sandy…I am moved to rears by the same show…

  35. joan jachetta

    You have to learn to accept life on it’s terms. Enjoy beauty; love life and learn to accept the beauty of change. You want everything to remain the same. What you see now is only a small taste of something even better, more beautiful, more loving. Relax and just be a loving participant in the extraordinary experience of being alive. The best is yet to come!

  36. This was an amazing MarieTV! <3 it!!!!

  37. Catherine

    I just want to say that of all the I would call “inspiration/how-to/business forum/internet based ventures, I look foward the most to your Tuesday video. These moments always bring in my life something pertinent, inspiring, thoughfull, intelligent and funny too at times. Thank you for being who you are, thank you for sharing your outlook on life and your undying enthusiasm for everything that matters. Your contagious in moving me to be, do and expand my experience.

    • Catherine – I really, really appreciate what you shared. We’re just about to work on our next round of MarieTV episodes and your kind comment is like a vitamin to my soul! I will pass along your words to the team 🙂 xxo

  38. Big fan of Jason Silva! :]
    Great interview, Marie.

    I’m moved to tears when people tell me that they were about to give up on their dreams and a conversation we had, helped them shift their mindset and attitude to take ACTION!
    Witnessing people taking action towards something they care deeply about, is emotive.

    We are all ‘Artists of Life’ meant to create things that vibrationally help others, in any capacity!

    • Marj

      Love your last sentence, Teresa.

  39. Martha Villegas

    Wow that was incredible!!
    I know exactly how you felt Marie, I’ve felt the same way a few times.
    Two things that bring me to tears when I think of how much I love it is my mom and my amazing my amazing boyfriend David.
    Theirs been a few times when I simply I’m talking to someone about how much I love them both and I have to hold back my tears :’)
    I love them both so much!

  40. Beethoven’s 7th Symphony – Second Movement. All that needs to be said.

    • Jean Marie

      Oh, yeah. I concur. I’ll also add the last movement of the 9th. And Strauss’s “Vier Letze Leider.” There is just some music I can’t listen to in the car or I’ll run off the road.

    • Bonnie

      Hi Nicholas
      Thank-you. Yes. Beautiful and powerful. Attaching a link to a ‘brings tears to my eyes’ TED talk. It is about Eric Whitacre and his music. An inspirational example of Jason Silva’s thoughts on music and technology.
      Thank-you Nicholas for reminding me of Beethoven and thank-you Marie.
      Much Love

  41. Grace

    Thank you, Marie, for your passion and sharing it with all of us. I love Jason’s ideas, and this video gave me a boost to go forth and chase a new job back in my hometown that I have been feeling is almost impossible to get. The comparison thief is at it again, and I know I am ungratefully throwing my gifts back to the universe if I don’t at least TRY.

    God bless!

  42. Jason’s brain is one of the sexiest things ever. I love his optimism. It’s almost impossible to not be hopeful after listening to a Shot of Awe (the name of his channel is phenomenal). Truly wonderful interview!

  43. GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE! Your passion is contagious!!!!

  44. Indi

    Great interview! Thank you Marie and Jason. I will definitely be checking out Steven Johnson’s book, Where Good Ideas Come From, and Jason’s Shots of Awe videos.

    As for your question! What moves me to the point of tears? I grew up mostly in SW Virginia, in the mountains. There is a conservancy about 10 minutes from my house called Falls Ridge. You park, walk through a huge field with mountains on either side of you… When you come to the tree line ahead, you enter into an almost fairytale type world. The trees tower over you, and there are hundreds or thousands of different types of plants growing. There are butterflies, spiders, insects I have never seen before, deer, rabbits and so on.

    You cross a small bridge and right in front of you is an enormous cave. You can climb in multiple openings, and sit there in the cool dampness. It is an incredible view, looking out from a cave into such a lush, green, magical place. There is no way that I can describe it, really.

    If you go to the left of the cave, there is a trail that takes you up the side of it, and across the top, where it is flat, and the trees are thin and spread out… a whole new kind of beauty. There are a few different parts in the trail where you can see small waterfalls off to your left, and then you cross over the water. In the water are crawdads, fish, gorgeous rocks and leaves.

    You start going down the other side of the caves, and that is when you see a large waterfall. You can feel the difference in the air when you are near. It is cool and damp, much like the caves. The waterfall is gorgeous, and comes down two sides of a rock wall. There are a couple of trees that have fallen at the bottom, that have made a home for lots of critters. The water is freezing and makes you feel alive. In fact, the whole place makes you feel alive.

    I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual one. The way that I connect with God is through nature. I feel his/her/their presence when I get away from the rushing nature of life in our society… when all I can hear are the drips of water hitting the cave floor, or the insects buzzing past, or the waterfall in it’s show of natures power. I feel connected to the earth when I separate myself from the crowds, from technology, from any worries I may have… it all melts away when I am in nature. That right there, that is what moves me to tears.

    • This is extraordinary Indi! Thank you for sharing in such vivid detail 🙂 I’m siting in my studio in NYC, but you just transported me to a magical fairy tale land for a few minutes – amazing!!!

    • Amanda

      Indi, you mentioned that this place is so magical that you couldn’t really describe it. I disagree! Oh my goodness… thank you so much for sharing this lovely slice of land, as well as your personal journey, in SW Virginia with us. You brought me there… I could feel the temperature in the air change… the moisture of the falls… I could see the greenery… and feel the gratitude that such a place exists. Thank you!

      • Thank you, Indi…I am breathing the cool air in and feeling waterfall mist on my skin…

  45. I am really moved to tears when I have the opportunity to see people’s dreams come true (my own included). For example, I am honestly a hot mess during the NBA or NFL draft. I’m not a huge sports fan, but the moment a player hears their name called, it’s a lifetime of hopes, dreams, hard work, sacrifice, rolled into one second that they get to see their dream’s actualized. It’s a beautiful thing!

    • Also, Mozart’s Requiem. I had the chance to sing the entire Requiem, and still to this day… Lord Have Mercy! It’s beautiful!

      • I hear you!
        Actually almost everything Mozart ever wrote moves me to tears – whether I’m listening or participating!

  46. Okay, I liked Jason Silva before he referenced Teilhard de Chardin…and now I like him even more! Great stuff!

    • Sue

      Beautiful. Thank you so much! I believe the late, great Alexander Shulgin would be moved to tears as well. What a wonderful, unexpected treat to hear a little about plant based psychotropics as a healing tool.

  47. Mel

    Ugh, I love watching Jason’s videos- his enthusiasm is contagious. I really enjoyed this interview, I was so excited to see this post in my inbox this morning! 🙂

  48. Hi Marie and Jason,

    I love all your episodes but I must say this one is by far my favorite. I’m so encouraged that someone as young as Jason could have such wisdom. Yeah! Though I’m much older, he (and you of course) is a kindred spirit.

    I’ve known for a long time that my zone of genius is putting things that seem unrelated, together in a creative ways and connecting the dots that leads to an intimacy that wasn’t there before. But I never thought about it as “idea sex”. Love that.

    What moves me to tears is sharing idea sex at the dinner table. There’s something about sitting around the table after a great meal with people you love (old and new) and being intimate by sharing your mind that yes, moves me to tears.

    I come from a long line of Italian philosophers and have spent my career luring people to the table with the promise of great food, but my true purpose has been to inspire them to stick around for some idea sex.

    I’m buzzing with excitement after this.

    All my love to both of you.

    • Fantastic Silvia!

      • Love you Marie!

        I’ve recently added Conscious Cooking Classes to my list of offerings to do just that…enjoy food and mind sex.

        Thanks again for this wonderful content.


    • Leanne Richards-Williams

      Hi Silva,

      I invited a couple over for dinner this evening to share dinner and ideas….didn’t realise it’d turn out to be idea sex.

      Hope my cooking would bring some good prelude.


      • Funny how that works Leanne. Build it and they will come…

    • Silvia, your comment is buzzing with beautiful energy! Knowing the little I know about your passion for food and for its potential to bring people together in body, heart and mind, reading your comment made me go “yes!” xx

      • Elloa, You just have the most loving, sweetest heart. You’re so worthy to do the work you do. Don’t ever, ever doubt it. And if you do…come to me and I’ll remind you of your mistake.

        Much love to you.

  49. june kellogg

    so now I know I am not NUTZ….
    i think about stuff like this all the time
    so glad to view this video… light years ahead thinking !!!

  50. I think.. what I’m moved to tears by is Love. Too vague? Being in love, being loved, sharing our deepest secrets/fears/ideas. Idea sex — hell yes. Being seen for who you really, truly are.. That moves me to tears. That makes my heart “sing”.

    beautiful episode Marie and I love Jason’s fantastic energy.. Imagine being in the same room as him! Cool 🙂

    xoxo C

  51. Years ago in college, a guy accused me of being way too passionate about everything. “How can you feel so strongly about so may things?” He did not mean it as a complement.

    At the tender age of 18, I internalized the pain of his insult, and I wondered what was wrong with me.

    Now, with the wisdom of years, I feel sorry for everyone who ISN’T passionate about everything!

    What moves me to tears?
    -The process of creating, when disconnected elements come together
    -While teaching, the moment when students break through their barriers, their self imposed limits and doubts, and come out the other side with confidence and inspiration (usually we are all in tears at this point!)
    -Philosophical discussions
    -Observing someone who LOVES their job (no matter where it lies on the social status ladder)
    -Listening to my children play music, especially that which they have composed
    -Teaching art and photography to children, their compositions far beyond what they originally thought they could do
    -Watching fire trucks go by in the city parade

    Thank you!
    Jason – your passion, insight and depth moved me to tears!


  52. What a wonderful video interview. Loved the Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe – so profound. I moved to tears every time I get to interact with my customers who come to me in times of need when they lost a loved one or beloved pet and they are looking for a unique final resting vessel for their ashes, be it a one of a kind urn, piece of jewelry or keepsake that fuses ashes with glass. Talk about transcending moments. I love that I can help them on their grieving journeys in my own way.

  53. I’m always moved to tears when I travel. An overwhelming sense of gratitude fills me up when I see a beautiful new place and reflect on all the effort it took to get me there. I’m so excited for my first big trip with my boyfriend to Puerto Rico. It will be so amazing to share this experience with him and live in a way that moves me to tears. Thank you for this mind-opening video!

  54. What I love so much that it brings me to tears is watching my daughter dance. She isn’t the best dancer out there, and there are many more who do the steps better technically, but few match her passion and love for dance and the pure joy she radiates when she dances.

    What keeps me from being melancholy is these beautiful, transient moments is sending gratitude into the universe, “thank you for this, thank you for honoring me with its presence, thank you for all the beauty in this world.”

  55. Emma

    Nature and true love moves me to tears time and time again. Witnessing acts of love has always made me tear up with a so happy I could cry feeling. Being immersed in beautiful spaces that take over my being and make me feel small also has the same effect 🙂


    • Mine is similar! Nature, set to a good soundtrack, always gets me. Driving through the rolling green hills of San Luis Obispo, standing on top of a mountain, or overlooking an endless expanse of ocean always reminds me of how abundant and beautifully perfect nature is, and of how small and insignificant my own life is. Somehow, that’s comforting — knowing that life will go on without me.

      Music does similar things. I have a theory that certain notes and frequencies resonate with each of our souls in a different way. Just one chord or note of a song can move me to tears!

  56. The older I get, the more I become a cry baby.

    I find that what most often moves me are stories of redemption, restoration, salvation, love…grace. These stories are so often told in a single hug, a song, a piece of art, a movie, an act of service, a battle for good over evil. Countless ways really…

  57. Yazminh

    Wow, what an explosion of brain and passion! LOVE IT! Thank you, Marie, for bringing Jason Silva to us! I feel that I’ve stumbled across his name before, but seeing him here in this interview has put him on my A-list.

    I really needed this today. I have been in a slump for the past 2 months, dealing with some drama (it’s over – just recovering from it), which messed up my momentum in B-School and beyond. Seeing you and Jason in this interview reconnected me with myself and my purpose. THANK YOU, JASON, for completely embracing your authentic self – it is clear that you are 100% connected to your being. Which brings me to…

    What moves me to tears:

    1. When I am completely connected to my purpose, my flow, and my energy source; this is as close to having a direct line of communication to God as one can get.

    2. The feeling of flying like a bird. It is one of liberation, not only physically, but spiritually.

    3. When someone shows me that they love me with every part of their being, not just through duty or booty, but everything. I feel seen, understood. I am usually that way to those I love, but I don’t get that back, simply b/c many (most?) don’t seem to know how. They don’t work on themselves, nor seek to learn and grow as I do, so it’s hard for them to appreciate things as I do, including the people they love.

    4. Songs that tell stories of humanity, love, triumph, even grief.

    5. Vibrant, sharp colors and pure, white light.

    6. Stories of courage, justice, and unsung heroes.

    • Betty Pena

      i am from the Philippines, which has been badly hit by super typhoon Yolanda. what moves me to tears is that there is so much suffering and resilience on one hand and there is also so much compassion that flows from others to the people who have been affected. this makes me realize how connected we all are to each other.
      those who suffer need not suffer alone, they know there are people who keep them in their minds and hearts..

  58. Robin Kauffman

    Excellent interview. Very thought provoking. My dad passed away a few months ago. We were very close, and words can’t express how much I loved him and miss him. During his illness and up until his final moments he was 100% cognizant and we were able to spend some very special moments together. Nothing was left unsaid–no regrets. Looking back what truly amazes me was the fact that even during this time I continued to benefit from all that my dad continued to give. His allowing me to wittness and help him during his most vulnerable moments gave to me more than I could have ever hoped for. Even though we spoke of our love for one another, I guess what brings me to tears is that he is not here for me to tell him just how much I learned from him during those last weeks, hours and days.

    • Robin, you are so blessed to have a relationship and love like this…I am moved reading your sharing…thank you…

  59. Lindy

    What moves me to tears is the knowledge that what we now see and experience is only the tip. We are given the clues and means to all he describes right now. To those of us who know and believe in God and the Bible, we are certain those perfect moments in life are merely a peek of the best of a world to come. It is not us who is the designer, but God.

    Loved the new intro, Marie. Thank you for all you do.

  60. One of the best MarieTV episodes EVER! Yeah, I know it’s connection to everyday business may seem a bit loose, but expanding our mind to wider thought + our place among the world and the entire timeline of the comsos is vital. Notably, I tend to live in my head, so that also made this even more exciting for me.

    It’s a bit of a broad “thing”, but music brings me to tears. As I mentioned, I really live in my head + expressing my creativity can sometimes tumble out in a way that lacks elegance or logistical flow. Music, in all its forms, is beautiful. It’s simple, it’s complex. It’s felt physically, emotionally, mentally, + spiritually – all at the same time. Music is the rhythm of our own existence, externalized. Every time I write lyrics or I sing or I listen intently to a piece of music (no matter the genre), I feel alive. I feel every organism that’s every lived, swaying to the rhythm. Just writing these words is making me tear up. Music is love. Music is life. Music is oxygen. Music is eternal.

  61. Alana

    Wow what a cutie.

    As for being moved to tears, every time I think of my brother and his strive towards success I feel overwhelmed with love, joy, and even sadness. I want him to succeed and be so fulfilled and happy to the point were I am willing to sacrifice something of myself to see him achieve his dreams. Its very powerful and I am curious why. I would love feedback.

    Great episode!

  62. When I see my small nephews playing! They are so full of spirit and energy that I am delighted to the level of crying. 🙂

  63. Melinda

    Great show! Two things lately have moved me to tears: watching my 3 year old son grow and embrace ideas, although that’s rather limited. Example: my husband dropped a grate THROUGH our deck slats. How, I don’t know, but we thought it lost until we replaced the deck because it has lattice all around it and we were leaving in a couple of days. My in-laws came to take care of my son while we went overseas for work, and the next thing I get is a picture of my son with a board propped up with his Cranky the Crane helping lift it.

    The other thing that moves me is when I’m teaching a violin concept to a 3 or 4 year old, and one day, it just clicks. I love when that happens.

  64. Monique Helfrich

    Great new intro!
    And I noticed the ‘Existential Bummer’ video was shot in Amsterdam – must be a sign 😉

    The love for my children can bring me to tears in a positive way; when they achieve something they worked hard for, when their big smile is proof of happy times, when they perform or when they easily speak in public.
    Happy tears of a proud mom and sometimes tears of a worried mom.

  65. “Existential bummer” video by Jason Silva moved me to tears. My son when he gives me garden flowers as a “surprise”. Music that speaks to my soul. Conversations that connect. The man or woman who is diving with the great white shark because he teaches us something about our own humanity.

  66. Loved this interview…. How awesome it is to be uniquely individual and how empowering it is to embrace that. We should all let go of our fear and be in love with who we are.

    What moves me is working with animals. My passion is working with animals that have been abused or neglected and seeing how much the power of love trust and patience can bring them back to their true nature of peace and calm.
    I absolutely love what I do. I am unique in working with animals and I am ok with that. I tell people all the time that we (my business) are not for everyone and we are ok with that.
    I would rather fail doing what I love and believe in than succeed by conforming to the majorities.

    • Thank you for what you are doing Kim. I am moved to tears by the amazing ways animals accept, forgive, and heal…and by their boundless, unlimited love, joy, wisdom, and sweetness.

      You remind me of a gift I was given, of these words:

      As you work in love, you can never fail.

  67. Maria A.

    I can not believe u could word this so beautifully !!!! thanks for that.

  68. Leanne Richards-Williams

    What moves me to tears is when individuals come together in solidarity to challenge the status quo and create positive change. For example, yesterday I got goose bumps when I watched a documentary on Hactivism carried out by a group called “Anonymous”. They used their technology hacking skills to stand up for freedom of speech and even help support individuals in protest against oppressive regimes in other countries.



    But the inherent controversy is what drives me and brings me to tears about the solidarity people can develop despite how different we seem to be.

    I live in a country where an online career is not the norm, and I applied this principle of finding solidarity in online communities and challenging the status quo by resigning my regular 9 to 5 job and getting an online job as the start to my career. In effect I have directly impacted 5 lives.

    I’m about to conduct a community workshop to teach others about what I’ve learnt so far. I am truly living out Ghandi’s quote:

    “You must be the change you want to see in the world”

    Thanks Marie & team for giving me an head-start!

    Lot’s of Loves from Leanne

  69. Katie Titi

    Sooo I cry all the time HAHA… I mean not constantly but you could say I’m a very sensitive lady… 🙂 I was moved to tears quite a bit by a recent project. I’m an interior designer working on a renovation design for a cat shelter and hearing some of the stories about injured/scared cats and how much the staff members care for them was nothing short of amazing. Any time I can work on a project like this, I jump at the chance. Knowing I have a skill that could benefit those who truly need and deserve help (and maybe who are sometimes/otherwise overlooked) is something that totally fuels my fire.

  70. What a great MarieTV! Thanks for this. I had never heard of Jason Silva and now I’m all signed up for his YouTube channel. I am inspired by this video today, all the energy, the insight, the creativity! Wow!

  71. Inter species acceptance, assistance and what seems to be appreciation or love moves me deeply. It is amazing to see bears play with dogs or dogs cuddle with deer, or any other unexpected closeness. 🙂

    • As a dog trainer I am blessed to be surrounded by animals on a daily basis. Sometimes, I will stop and look at a dog and be overwhelmed by how they have journeyed with humans through evolution for thousands of years to be our companions and protectors. As a human race, we would not be the same without them.
      The beauty and truth of an animal is stunning.

  72. the Buddhist practice of letting go is not one of non-care, it is one of acceptance. it is one of caring for each and every individual. yes, we hold to each, each precious every one of us as we accept that each precious one will pass. allow that grief to open you. let the pain let the light in.

    “ring the bells that still can ring. there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” ~Leonard Cohen

    please. infinite love and blessings, thank you, megan

  73. I would love to talk with Jason… I worked in Area 51 in Nevada blowing up atomic bombs… great place to learn about life… Self Evident Learning is our future… Thanks a bunch… Gary… 🙂

  74. Whoa!

    I haven’t heard about all of these philosophers since undergrad school and Jason Silva sounds so transcendental and inspiring with all of his passionate philosophies. You can feel the fire…his energy can be compared to a meteorite, when it hits the earth. So shocking and life changing.

    Thanks for this video, Marie!


  75. My beautiful, miracle daughter Devyn. Just typing this makes me ferklempt!

    Also, writing. I cannot stop. I’ve been rediscovering my passion for creating fiction in addition to my work.

  76. Oh my, Marie and Jason! This is my most favourite interview EVER on Marie TV! It aligns so profoundly with my life-purpose and intentions, which I’m just getting the confidence up to share with the world!

    So, I was moved to tears a couple of times in the past weeks, since I released My Big Secret: an essay on Thinking Differently (how I turned my outsider/ weirdo label into unique awesomeness -and the core energy source of my life-work)…

    I had several responses from folks which BLEW ME AWAY- they’d been deeply moved by my being so open and honest, and it made them feel happy about their own sensitivities and their challenges with being so different from the conservative ‘norm’. Lots of people wrote sharing their very personal experiences, and were so glad to share with me.

    (The essay is here:

    It was an utter joy to feel so RIGHT about using my voice, and to KNOW that I am on a good creative path, as I begin speaking about my deeper perceptions/ experiences. 😀

    This interview calls to me even more, and gives me a huge sense of purposefulness!!


  77. Tal

    Marie, I love your new video intro and designs!

    This was a great interview. As for what brings me to tears – beautiful acts of kindness, watching nature, listening to music that touches my soul, seeing people live their dreams, the love between a parent and child, a full expression of emotion through dance and art.

    What all of mine have in common is that I only notice them when I am in the here and now, the present moment. It’s the beauty of the fleetingness of time, as Jason spoke about. Really beautiful!

  78. I was sitting on a big rock in the middle of Go Forth Creek in the Smokey Mountains, the water cascading down the mountain crashing from rock to rock. Streams of water splitting apart and reforming in deep pools. The sides of the creek lined with Rhododendron and wild flowers. I was in awe. So deeply moved by the scene the tears streamed down my face.

  79. Sometimes when I sing – other peoples songs, or my own, I cry.
    Ideas, music, emotions and memories all wrapped up in the melody is really powerful.

  80. It’s truly amazing what technology is doing and most of us never stop to fathom it. It’s connecting us internationally. It has the power to provide education to anyone who has internet access ( we homeschool our daughter using free or cheap online resources). Social media has turned business into ‘peer to peer’ as customers want to know exactly who they are buying from and where the money is going. It’s created opportunities for Moms/Dads to work from home. It allows affordable marketing for small businesses. Looking at wikileaks and online journalism in general, we are seeing the rise of the citizen journalist vs the big multinational company or government; I don’t know about you but I get my news from Twitter where it’s in real time and chances are doesn’t have the same spin that traditional mass media would.

  81. Just off the charts sexy and inspiring! Being upgraded here 🙂 Much gratitude to the both of you, and the armies that have inspired you to have created this message of hope, beauty, truth, love!

  82. This was a wonderful interview! And the initial clip had me on the verge of tears, knowing that feeling.

    I loved the co-evolution discussions. While we continue to make technological evolutions, we are unfortunately also making Physiological de-evolutions.
    I am a Physiologist and Nutritionist and one of my key areas of work is helping people to continue to “feed” their brain to evolve, not de-evolve!

    The standard american diet is actually causing de-evolution of the brain! This is scary and mind blowing! But is happening now! To enjoy all that is to come in technology, innovation and creativity, we MUST address our own physiological evolution and food is one part.

  83. LOVED this video and especially the quote ” “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.” -Nietzsche

    As someone totally obsessed with dance floor liberation, this quote makes total sense to me. Thank you Marie & Jason for being true to you and sharing that with the world. Its truly inspiring.

    As for your question about what I love so much that I’m moved to tears (great question by the way), I would say the thing that I love so much and am so deeply grateful for is my gut, my inner voice, my intuition, my heart, or whatever you’d call it. Its the thing deep down inside of me that burns with truth, authenticity, passion, and love so much so that despite all the crazy shit that has, can, and will happen in my life, I’m still lead to a sincere place of happiness and purpose. I’m currently writing my first memoir about a time in my life when I was 17 and spent 6 years in what seemed like a cult. It was one of the most treacherous times in my life. My marriage was arranged at 20 there and I had two babies there but yet somehow my inner voice broke through and I left. I’m here, 6 years later, 29 years old, writing my memoir about it, and I honestly just can’t put words to how grateful I am that my inner truth has brought me where I am today. I quit my job 3 months ago, trying to start a biz, and still figuring out what the hell I’m doing but I honestly couldn’t be happier in my life! Its so crazy but the more I listen to my gut, hold true to my truth, and steer clear from conformity to dance my own dance, the better my life is, even if I don’t have much to show for it just yet.

    This video truly gets to the heart of why I do what I do and dream up the life I want to live. I have one life and in that life I’d like to dance so dirty, so buck, so wild, and so fun because doing so helps me know that I’m truly living.

    Thank you for this and for creating a space to publicly share our thoughts with one another.

    Sending you two love,


  84. The more I think about what moves me to tears, the more I realize how lucky I am to have a full list of what brings me to tears. Love from family and friends is huge. My love of photography and art in general. But more than and dance brings me to tears. I can’t sing to save my life and I can’t play an instrument. I haven’t taken dance lessons in forever (needs to change). But listening to music, especially live, always takes my breathe away. And dance? Even more so. I remember visiting Spain – Sevilla to be specific – and sitting by the water listening to a flamenco guitarist and watching a random stranger dance to it. I didn’t want to leave. So inspiring, so beautiful, so raw.


  85. Sandra

    This could be a complete study on how passion and enthusiasm ‘sells’ powerfully. Some wonderful ideas and insights about life and consciousness that are well worth seriously chewing over without necessarily swallowing the mainstream evolutionary constructs that poke through here and there. Wonderful to experience this infectious exuberance about the multifaceted nature of being alive.

  86. Melissa

    Brilliant, loved it. Thank you!

  87. OMG!! My entire being is on shine overload. I feel like I’d be zapping everyone if I weren’t in a room alone at the moment. I will be bookmarking this episode to go back to again and again. Idea sex indeed!!

  88. Loved Loved Loved this. It was a must needed view. What moves me to tears is this need express myself in imagery and art and when I does finally come out as visioned it such a wonderful synergy.

  89. Alexandra Ricard

    I am so moved to tears by LOVE, and it can be manifest in many forms and bring me to tears. The laughter of my child, the love I have in my heart for my husband, the bursting creativity that sometimes mixes with fear and has me want to explode, the intensity of love is so sweet. Sometimes it shows up as compassion, as gentleness, as acceptance…..and tears come again, but it’s all illumined by LOVE. I just love that 🙂

  90. Eva

    I work at a homeless shelter and some days I’ll leave work thinking about the good and the not so good that happened that day. Both bring me to tears.

  91. Well I love this video – it exactly described what I oculd never quite figure out of put into words. Love can leave you sad. Not because it is gone, but because someday it will all be gone. It’s deep and I never quite knew how to put it into words or why LOVE made me cry.

    Things that move me to tears:
    – When my hubby says honest, lovely things to me that bare his soul
    – My dogs: There is a song that reminds me of the first time my dog learned to swim. Every time I hear it, I think of that day, of his doggy grin, of how he would run back to us like “hey, did you see me?!”, and of how purely proud I was of him. Instant tears – every time.

  92. When a new or surprising or original aspect of humanity is revealed in a film, that moves me to the point of tears. Like Jason said, I think for a lot of us who didn’t grow up with a real sense of spirituality, film is that. It makes us feel closer to God.

  93. Thank you for this. What atrophy was left, was shaken off – after watching both of these videos.

    A year ago I thought Animating for movies was the happy tears threshold. After being part of Xmen (2014) and Cinderella (2015) I found the gutted shell of a broken dream job.

    I witness, first hand, an artistic medium thats being grinded down by a fossilized corporate mentality. Creatives being underpaid, unappreciated, and overworked has woken up my entrepreneurial rebel. I’ve started with the tools I have to create a Online Business that teaches aspiring animators how to get started with their dreams.

    I’m moved to tears everyday- thinking this online course could allow me to sign my own pay check – That 1,000s of students through my teaching can skip the debt of $100,000 or more in college tuition – That the success of this business can sprout a Animation Studio for creatives by creatives and bypass the hollywood bankroll – That my life will lead to films that inspire people to unshackle themselves from conformity and be all they are supposed to.

    Things are broken and thats good. It leaves room for fixing.

    Thanks for inspiring me to share and I hope it inspires you all back. Great content as usual. Hats off.

  94. It is no so much tears, but perhaps and all encompassing awe that at times elevates me, the thought that we are even here at all, that this planet with life exists and we who walk on this planet have were given the rare privilege to be here for such a short moment in time.

    What moves me to tears is perhaps more a sadness that most people don’t have this crystal clear realisation and meditate on the very idea of life and in particular human life on this great, amazing planet.

    Being here is an amazing gift. Life is an amazing gift. No matter how you live it, we are here, we experience it and for me, pay homage to those who have gone before us and left their creative genius and to those yet to come.

    Thanks Marie and thank you Jason. Cool.. there is a crack in the curtain of life through which sometimes if we are lucky we can see things as they really are.

    Julie x

  95. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for this inspiring video, I really took the message and applied it to a difficult decision I have to make. Thank you for just being you.

    What moves me to tears in my business is when I help someone overcome digestive issues, like awful gas, bloating, and life-altering bowel patterns. When they get better and relieve these symptoms, they become themselves again. Free to wear what they want, travel, and not be in constant worry of where the closest bathroom is. It moves me to tears to know I helped to change their lives simply with real food (I’m a dietitian) in a possible way!


  96. I have been facilitating Emotional Connection/Release groups for 15 years and I am continually brought to tears by being in the presence of others while they find a place of deep love and empathy for themselves. This empathy happens when they have the courage to allow themselves to be seen and heard in a transparent way. We are then all nurtured and loved by this Community through Communication. It ROCKS!

  97. Kindness…walking under pine trees while snow falls around me….walking on a beach collecting tiny polished stones…watching my beloved dog play in the waves…a child giving me her hand…a stranger helping me find a ripe avocado at the market…sitting on a warm rock in the sun listening to the silence and bird song of a canyon…being totally immersed in painting…spiritual exercises that restore my sense of peace and well-being…seeing the light go on in someone’s eye’s when they “get” a new idea, approach, transformation inside while we are working together…and so so much more…

    Thank you Marie for opening this conversation, the opportunity to focus on these things, share my own, and be touched by others sharing is better than chocolate…

  98. What is one thing that moves me to tears? “The Bittersweet-ness of Life”

  99. Jessica Marie

    Totally needed some of that deep, thought jam inspiration this Tuesday! Thanks Marie!
    Amazing to see Jason on Marie TV. whop whop!!

  100. I am also moved to tears when a great Light leaves this world, someone who has consciously or unconsciously been a personal reference point for good, who has given their all to what they love…

    • sandy

      Yes. And then there are those who have given their “lives” for others to have freedom. That moves me also. Thank you for sharing this.

  101. What moves me to tears… traveling, being able to have the opportunity to just hop on a plane and go across the country or to another one entirely, seeing people transcend their expectations and succeed in expressing their true life’s purpose on a more global level, and, of course, the internet that can help bring all of this together. 🙂

  102. Jean Marie

    If I listed all the music that moves me to tears, it would be a long list. Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” came on the radio Sunday and did it. I once cried over a tomato sandwich the summer after my Grandad passed away. It was the kind of sandwich you have to eat over the sink because the tomato is so juicy. It was such a visceral reminder of him.
    Recently I went to a support group for those who have lost children from conception to age one. The compassion and the hope of those people moved me to tears. I’m also in awe of those people who can minister to those who have had such a loss and can bear witness to such pain. Sometime our capacity for compassion just knocks me out.

  103. Wanda

    First off Marie you looked so serene and the softness of your hair with it slightly pulled back and the flow of your waves, your dress, the pop of color of the red shoes LOVED IT!!! Also thought Jason was a Cutie Pie 🙂 and loved his passion in which he spoke and it was evident his passion was a natural part of him/his being in the use of his body language as well!

    What brings me to tears is when my children say “I Love You Mommy” for no reason but especially as it’s the last thing they say before they go to sleep as I leave their room! To hear two little people that you love more than life its self express openly their love for you well brings me to tears every time!

    The love of my husband and best friend knowing all that we’ve been through in life (all the seasons of life we’ve seen and been through together) and still to be together as friends and partners is another.

    The love of our two fur babies and their furry little faces and to love us unconditionally every day and light up when we walk in a room and out of the room every time with the wagging of those tails.

    I absolutely love when the four of us and our dogs near by on their doggie beds are cuddled up in one room and us in the bed having weekly family movie night and we cuddle so close to each other as if we’re all each others second skin that I LIVE FOR & I LOVE!!! 🙂

    Thanks for this episode Marie and Jason to allow all of us to get more heart centered which if more people would come from that place in their hearts than from their ego’s how cool would that be. And when all we all want is to be seen, heard, loved and understood! Thanks again! 🙂

  104. I love it when parents of children with autism, read about our techniques for teaching (or come to our seminars), take the information we provide, and apply it with their child to give that child the gift of behavioral choice. It is very moving and gratifying to hear or read about families whose lives are significantly changed for the better when they use techniques that they learned from us, especially when this happens via the internet.

    Here’s an example from an autism dad who taught his daughter to feed herself, by starting with reinforcing her for touching his eyebrows. Yes – from eyebrow touching to self feeding – the magic of shaping with TAGteach This is one that moved me to tears:

    Thanks Marie for another thought-provoking episode!

  105. Hi Marie,
    Fantastic video (kudos galore!) and great interview. I am a real weeper, have been my whole life. I get what Jason is saying. Impermanence and cycle of life stuff is emotional. It also defines the nature of life. If everything where permanent we would take it all for granted. Death gives us the gift of perspective. Live your life knowing it’s not forever….. Laurie xo

    • Sandra Mora

      “Death gives us the gift of perspective”, and it is probably the best gift we can have.

  106. Thank you for this episode, thank you for every episode but thank you especially for this one!

    I love life so much it moves me to tears. The endless possibilities for joy, yet the constant threat of tragedy, the odd joy to be had knowing you can feel the pain in tragedy and thus are alive. My family and friends. Beautiful people doing beautiful things just because they can, to make people smile.

    My aim in life is to make it my job to do ridiculously nice things for people, complete strangers, who don’t expect it. That would be bliss, the thought of that brings me to tears.

    • Sandra Mora

      Amazing Amanda! aim high and change lives!

  107. Jason Silva is absolutely filled with Genius!!! He is gorgeous too! Both videos today inspired me to check out Jason and the books he referenced! When he spoke of his passion to put parenthesis around what he loves I could relate as I just love to take photos of anything I witness that looks good in a still frame…I love the art of the photo from anything in my daily round! I take snapshots of ANYTHING that looks artful, thru my eyes, and just love to review and enjoy them on a daily basis! The notion that we are able to use all of the tools available to us in this age is mind blowing and so very exciting! Life is infinite and the reverence of it is AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so much for having Jason on, Marie! You Rock!!!!

  108. I am back for another reply as I was so excited to express how much Jason inspired me that I really didn’t say what moves me to tears…!

    Witnessing any Being that is truly awakened and touched emotionally, that effects others…I am moved to tears by that ‘Knowing’ that blossoms for the receiving by others, the gifts we are all given to then pass on in Life! Enjoyment of Living!

  109. ronnie

    My children’s future. What will they choose, all the opportunities they have. I think about it with excitement and fear and it moves me to tears.

  110. My goodness! this video just made me cry like a baby! You know when you realise that there are other people out there that just ‘get it’? I’ve been a futurist for around 5years since studying nanotechnology fashion at University, since then I’ve delved into the spiritual, written a little, read a lot, began blogging with a view to inspire others. I’m grateful everyday to live in an age where an individual with little more than a wifi connection can reach a global audience, connect with like minded folks, influence and inspire others. Thank you for sharing this. I freakin’ LOVE the internet. x

  111. Sandra Mora

    They say life’s gifts sometimes come wrapped in very extravagant wrappings and we need to learn to find the real value inside, and I couldn’t agree more.
    Thanks to some of those gifts I am able to love to tears so many people and things today:
    My son Andy, who survived a kidney desease and transplant when he was only 3 years old and is an example of tenderness, gritt and love of life.
    My youngest son Nicolas, who unexpectedly arrived to our lives and newly formed blended family after I survived breast cancer, and whose smile, laughter and giggling are the living daily examples of how life blesses you and compensates.
    My oldest son Diego, who has endured all this with grace and is becoming a very mature and compassionate teenager.
    My dear husband, who propposed right after I was diagnosed and showed me what real unconditional love and support feels like…
    My family and friends, every sunrise and sunset I am able to whitness, being able to pay forward so many blessings by helping others, dancing my bones out to salsa…
    Having the opportunity to question and start re-inventing myself and my professional life and to keep learning so many new things every day…
    The simple exercize of sumarizing all this brings tears of gratitude, love and joy to my eyes.
    LOVE LIFE TO TEARS!!!! Celebrate every single day and help others in your way!

    By the way: Congrats on your new intro. and: Amo a Jason Silva! his passion is contagious and his geniousness is mind blowing.

  112. Jennifer

    Man, this dude is so smart, my brain hurts. 😉 Really enjoyed this & excited for the new season of Brain Games. Thanks, Marie & Jason.

  113. JoAnn

    What Brings Me To Tears?
    I am a substance abuse counselor and what brings me to tears are the moments when disrupted, dysfunctional, desperate families come together with understanding, love, and compassion for one another…families who, for years have been struggling with the addictive process finally, “get it,” and begin a new life together…witnessing a mother hug her formerly addicted child for the first time “in forever,” the husband and wife who have learned how to communicate at a deep level with honesty, truth and love begin to be the couple they were before the addiction and become sound, logical, loving parents to their terrified children…life is good. Thank you to the hundreds of families who have travelled these roads and have found the life they deserve…my hat is off to you!

  114. What moves me to tears is that moment in meditation where I connect with God. I can feel my soul becoming larger and larger and it touch home, God and I just melt!

  115. Love this interview Marie and Jason. I’m grateful for the work you do and the passion and purpose you pour into shaping our world for the better.

    A passion project I’m currently working on for my children’s elementary school to bring their learn forward movement to life through digital media moved me to tears when the school released the first of two videos illuminating its’ manifesto last week, here –

    What Willowstone Academy is doing, the transformational ideas they’ve poured into creating a unique blend of learning, creativity, innovation, technology and spirituality for children at the elementary level is incredibly exciting. Your discussion today reminded me of how important their movement is to the essential conversations happening around the world about what school is for, inviting all to the table of learning and carving a path for the future of education.

    Marie, there are so many valuable nuggets of wisdom in your interview with Jason. What inspired me most was the reminder of where good ideas come from – bringing a group of people together to form ecologies of thought uniting new ideas, advancing technology and inciting change for the common good.

    Thank you for the work you do!

  116. I love the business that I am working on. I am training to become a certified personal trainer and health coach. My business idea is to bring health and fitness to people’s homes!
    No time? Kids are always around? No more excuses! I go over and we personalize your workouts!
    My passion: To bring health and physical activity to people’s homes! Not necessarily with intense workouts and restrictive diets..but with what it can ADD to your life! Try out a new veggie, drink more water, and go for a walk with the kids after supper. Create memories.
    By changing a moms outlook on change a whole family! By changing a change a community! By changing a can change the world!
    And THAT brings tears of joy to my eyes!

  117. Oh boy, Marie!!

    I love what you’ve created in you business & love all the episodes I’ve watched of MarieTV, but after watching this one, I had to respond to your challenge of sharing “What do I live do much that it moves me to tears”.

    There are, of course, my friends & family, especially my son who is a Sgt. in the United States Marine Corps. I’ve always been a single mom, so I’m proud of the fact that we “beat the odds” of single motherhood and he’s an upstanding, contributing member of society! Hooray for us!!

    But there are two other things about which I’m incredibly passionate.

    The first is my dream if providing a much stronger, empowering support system to single moms; especially young women who perhaps haven’t been able to finish high school or college due to an unplanned pregnancy. And what I want to help create there will be funded by my own career as an actor.

    Which leads me to my next passion. The education of actors in the “business” end of “show”! I’ve been lucky enough to have discovered a BRILLIANT marketer, Dallas Travers! What I’ve learned from her has been invaluable to my pursuit of my career over the last 4 years! She has provided the tools and sense if community that is oftentimes missing in the acting world. I encourage every actor I meet to explore her website! It just breaks my heart to see talented actors if all ages defeated by the business end of this industry! They get defeated because they don’t understand how much the CAN control of their own creative path!! They can easily fall into the habit of, what I call, “passive bitching” with other soured actors and that further strangles their passion & dreams.

    This dynamic just breaks my heart!!! I’m so passionate about guiding folks towards the resources that will allow them to take control of their careers and thus allow these wonderful storytellers to TELL STORIES!! Every society NEEDS storytellers!! And to see the industry that has grown up AROUND storytellers KILL the dreams of so many of them, well, it just fires me up more to combat that dynamic, that “false” idea of “how this industry works”!!

    I’m combatting it one person at a time right now, but am working with a few connections I have on the university and collegiate levels to include more practical “career pursuit” instruction along with the “artistic instruction” they currently provide. My inspiration & main resource recommendation is Dallas Travers. She’s brilliant, kind, creative and so full of integrity! I think her resources should be in every actors’ tool box! And I’m doing my best to see that they do!!

    Ok… Rant over! Thanks for letting me share!!

  118. suzanne

    your show just keeps getting better and better. love the content , the new music and intro. well done!!!

  119. Bean

    What moves me to tears? Nature in its beauty and generosity. Nature in its whisperings of wisdom, the messages it imparts to us if we are really looking and listening. The graciousness of Earth. Like a true mother, it gives to us ceaselessly even when she has already sacrificed everything. Even on her death bed, set ablaze by her children, still she gives all she has. Amazing.

  120. PS: Typing this on my phone allowed for lots of typos!!! Hope y’all understand what it was SUPPOSED to say!! Lol… Lots of “if”s where supposed to be “of”s!!

  121. Bethany

    Fred Rogers’ kindness towards everyone, especially children makes me weep… he’s one of my heroes. I cried at Mass this past Sunday because it’s so beautiful and I also was mourning that so much of the world searches for love and meaning in so many wrong places– places of selfishness, greed, pride. It’s like a bunch of running hamsters on a wheel chasing all the different philosophies of the day! I had finally given up running on that wheel and started studying truth, virtue, and love in the way of God’s amazing plan for my life, which has been so miraculously changing that I tear up whenever I can see His loving touch on my life and on the lives of others. I wasted so much time in philosophical thought when I was younger instead of just doing what was right and helping others. Most philosophers will tell you things that sound beautiful but they don’t love you nor do most of what they say actually cause great things to happen in your life.

  122. Mercedes

    Loved it. I am a dancer, so I love the Nietsche quote.

    The thing that brings me to tears the most is dancing my favorite Flamenco rhythm, Solea, which means loneliness. When I am having a good day where I am totally in the moment and in sync with my fellow musicians, I start to tear up when I hear the first strums of the guitar and the first, “quejio” or wailing singing that the singer uses to warm up their voice at the beginning of the piece.

    I love that Jason talked about transcendence. I think each Flamenco piece is transcendental. For example, in the loneliness piece, you dance to lyrics about loneliness. You channel your angst and your sadness to the audience and they tap into it as well, but you don’t stop there.

    You have to move through the heel-work section and the climactic resolution at the end where you usually walk off stage with resolve and purpose, as if you’ve worked through those feelings and know that you can move on with your life.

    That’s what I love and I am often brought to tears there because I feel like I have connected to everyone in the room, in some universal feeling. And often if feels like love.

  123. I’m generally moved to tears by life in general. Yesterday it was the strawberry from the garden. This was a great episode!

    Talking about black holes, Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton and her continually blow my mind on the subject. She has an incredible new theory that is gaining momentum that black holes are actually the seat of creativity.

    Even thinking about that can make me misty. Or maybe someone is just cutting onions. 😉


  124. Alison

    I’m moved to tears when I see someone rage against the impermanence of life. A cancer patient who battles their illness with all the power they have, my father-in-law refusing to give up even though his body is failing at the age of 88, a widow who has lost her husband 10 years ago but keeps his voice on her answering machine, a child who bravely marches on after losing a parent, a soldier finding a way to help others after losing their legs. It’s not the sadness of the events, it’s seeing people be brave in the face of loss. It also gives me strength and a knowing that I too can deal with adversity.

  125. Ligia

    My family moves me to tears…life….friends…nature…meditation….nice episode today love it!
    Is so nice to see people so inspired and passionate about life and the beauty around us….

  126. GL

    Fabulous Interview… Wow! Jason is incredible person. An interesting
    leader type of today and beyond into the future… Lots to think about
    and it amazes me that special beings rise up out of know where and have
    so much to say and share with us all. Kind of makes me feel I am not
    getting the best of me out there to the world. Disappointed at myself
    by not given out such passion that would bring me and others to tears.
    All I can say is Wow. And ask myself why I am not more passionate and
    being myself before the world. I have a lot to give and love to share and
    who is holding me back? Me of course. So I must change that NOW!
    Marie, an amazing awakening for me this day. Thank you and thanks to Jason for being who he is passionate about in these challenging and yet most incredible times.

  127. Marie.. Thank you.
    Two words that are inadequate for all you have given me;
    And long overdue.

    It surprised me how quickly the answer of your question came to me

    Consistently in my life I’ve had the privledge of being brought to tears when a group of people, that I was a part of accomplished something TOGETHER that was thought individually to be impossible.

    Most specifically the CREATION of a work of art, far greater than what we the individuals thought was possible.

    But we the TEAM.. Accomplished it.

    On a particular consulting project, working with a team of designers- all exhausted, all involved had our entire souls poured into the success of the project (in this case designing a women’s wear collection). I’d proposed a few tweaks to a dress, as had others- the head designer was selective on which still maintained or took his initial design further.

    The last thing I asked of the tailors and seamstresses “could it be done this way holding the fabric a certain way). The question was met with with pale faces. I might as well have asked then to climb Mt Everest grab a piece of the moon and be back by lunch..

    But then one said “yes.” “It can be done. But what you are asking is really Haute Couture.. It could never be reproduced for ready to wear”

    My reply “but we can do it.. Lets worry about how to do it for production and how to sell it later. What we need at present is something nobody will believe we could do”.

    The following day I was invited into the atelier where the small crew of experts had literally been working their fingers to the bone.

    Upon walking in their workroom, surrounded by the team of seamstresses, designers…

    The moment I saw the dress. I burst into tears.

    They had done it.

    Several of the team members cried along with me. Few were as overcome as I.. Which I teased them and said the French were so much better at managing their emotions than this Texas girl.

    Before the runway show a very famous stylist had been brought in and determined this work of art along with two others needed to be cut short.

    The “impossible” act of tailoring would be lost, never seen by the market, never photographed by the fashion press..

    Hearts were broken.

    My hope is that today, each and every one involved remembers what I’d said at the time and is equally comforted..

    “But we did it.. Together we did the impossible.
    That is what is important.

    And we will do it again ”

    Thank you for triggering one of the greatest memories I have.
    I needed it.

    With love and Gratitude
    Kate Sheldon

  128. Jaclyn Urban

    Scintillating, Divine stream of consciousness….game changer. Thank you

  129. For some reason, any time I see a group of people accomplishing something in a group setting, I’m moved to tears. Marathons, graduation ceremonies, the Olympics, etc. Even if I don’t know anyone involved, I still cry – it’s so impressive to see people who have trained and studied and sacrificed, accomplishing their goals.

  130. Larry

    Hmmm…. what moves me to tears. The joy in the heart of a baby laughing. Looking into my sweethearts eyes when she is looking at me with so much love in her heart….for me. Those two things kill me every time.

  131. bEsT . iDeA . ePiSoDe . YeT ! 🙂

    Passions that move me to tears . . .
    The rhythm & cadence as one with my horse,
    Teaching new thoughts, and being a part of someone’s ah-ha moment,
    Therapy dog visitations with my Toby,
    Seeing, being across the veil,
    Everyday notions.

  132. What moves me to tears is to experience the present moment ! To access the multidimensional space that opens up by fully being present ! It’s like opening a door to unimaginable parallel realities and multiple realities. Those moments of authentic radical presence move me to tears and crack my heart wide open 🙂
    Thanks for asking …

  133. Breanne

    Travel, travel, travel. I love traveling solo to a place that is both beautiful and that scares me. Coming upon a cultural or nature scene that pulls me completely out of my bubble into another world brings me to tears.

  134. Milena

    Marie, thank you for this interview with Jason. Thank you also for sharing your story about coming to tears and the first video from Jason. I often have such moments when I love something so much that it moves me to tears and it takes me a lot of time to stop crying.  For me those are my loved ones.

    I feel so moved after watching the interview and so calm, and happy, and as light as a feather, like some great weight has been lifted from me. And also feel some warmth which is hard to explain 🙂

    Thank you so much for bringing such happiness to the world.


  135. Wow Marie!

    This guy Jason Silva is PURE GENIUS!! I LOVE his passion for ideas! He exudes living his life with purpose and curiosity. I can’t wait to learn more from him as my website explores creativity as well. So glad this subject is getting so much attention. Without innovation, we as humans will grow stagnant.

    Thank you Marie for having such awesome guests on your show and I love the new intro and the whole NEW Marie TV!! Great Job!


  136. What moves me to tears?

    The incredible love that I feel for my baby girl born on June 12th of this year. I can’t imagine feeling so incredibly protective and thankful to be entrusted with the life of this precious baby.

    Of course, the love and sacrifice of my dear Husband, my parents, and friends.

  137. Tears come when I am so engaged, so completely consumed by the moment, that my ego, which is the seat of all fear, dissolves underneath me. It is that complete surrender to the activity, the content of the moment, that lifts me out of myself so that I float in trust and joy and well-being. That to me IS love. That, to me, is the only thing that inspires the tears we are talking up.

  138. What moves me to tears is being in the forest. Every time I’m there, I can connect to and clearly hear the guidance I need from the divine consciousness that helps me move forward on my path. Everything is clear there.

  139. my baby girl!!!!!!!!!

  140. june alexis

    Like many others before me, I have enjoyed the internet for various meaningless data. Fortunately for me, I came accross this site and subscribed. This is definitely a breathe of fresh air. I will definitely start reading a book again.
    Thanks for the short yet very informative and game changing episode. Looking forward to the next one.

    By the way I just saw jason’s trailer at nat geo, and found the clip interesting… Then hours later I got this email.

  141. Mrs. Ward

    What brings me tears? Poetry…and people quoting it accurately:

    “…And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

    This poem is NOT about a guy saying he won’t go gentle into the night; it’s about a man begging his *dad* to keep living.

  142. valerie Smith

    not gonna lie – Waaaay to deep for me.

  143. Julie Westby

    What moves me to tears is witnessing someone have an aha moment and watching the shift in their space that moves them to their own tears. I now they have encountered the universe.

  144. I would love to just hang out with Jason and get his thoughts on life. Every time I listen to him, I have a renewed sense of energy.

  145. It is my work that moves me to tears. I am a psychotherapist and when I sit across from a person in their utmost raw state of vulnerability it is a feeling like no other. It is such an incredible honor to be there with peoples’ pain, love, joy, grief, despair in all of their shades and variations. To hold one’s heart with precious attention and to be there in a sacred communion of deep emotion together is unlike anything I have ever experienced. My work brings tears of joy and sadness to my eyes on a daily basis. I am truly blessed to have found my passion and to be able to live it through my work.

  146. An Thys

    I desired to become a mom a long time before having children. I am now a blessed mom of a 5 year old daughter and a son who will celebrate his second birthday in July. What moves me to tears is: Listening to the breath of my children when they are asleep. Watching tiny pearls of sweat build on the nose of my almost 2 year old son when he falls asleep. The snoring of my daughter. Hearing my children laugh. Giving them tender kisses. Thinking about the colors in their irises. Feeling their skin and hair with my fingers. Seeing them being loved and cared for in the world by others. Investing all that I have into their well-being. Feeling honored to be their mother. Giving them space to grow and flourish. Imagining them as elderly people and hoping they will feel fulfilled and loved still at that point in their lives when I won’t be there anymore (physically). Wishing that they will have loving and supporting life partners. Yeah, that kind of stuff … my experience of motherhood moves me to tears.

  147. Jason is so much on my wave length LOVE his creativity concepts and making your minds ramblings real. Finally I’ve found someone who is just as weird as me:)))

  148. Linda Wiebe

    Energy and enthusiasm for the creative realm moves me to tears. Making art – I know I am in the flow when I am laughing with joy, moved to tears or get that sparkling electricity feeling in my head…. Thank you Marie for the introduction to Jason Silva. His divine spark is infectious.

  149. I want to hang out with this guy. I want to be surrounded with people who ask the type of questions he asks… and answers!

    Thank you Marie for another inspiring video! You Rock!

  150. Ihab

    Absolutely amazing notion 🙂

  151. Many things move me to tears. Even got teary eyed at the movie Maleficent last night! I suppose it all boils down to the expression of love for other living creatures. One major recurring and overwhelming emotion of mine comes from seeing/hearing someone suffer from an illness that they shouldn’t be suffering from but is the result of the environment. And then not knowing that they could heal because the doctors only tell them to take meds that cover symptoms.

  152. Great video. Just a shame that he hasn’t actually studied buddhism to see how they view attachment. He has just quoted what the everyday person thinks they understand about Buddhism and attachment.
    Buddhists do not “pretend not to care about anything”, in fact they care very deeply and more wholly about everything and everyone. The practice of not becoming attached is about gaining a deep understanding of the impermanence of life and everything in it. A deep understanding that everything changes. This enables them to see even more value in things and to cherrish everyone and everything, but not to be crippled by grief when it is gone, and it will go, because everything changes. It is far from not carring. Is he saying the Dali Larma is campaigning for Tibet, world peace and compassion for all, simply for the fun of it? That he doesn’t actually care about it? Buddhist are capable of caring far more than the average person BECAUSE of there views on attachment. It’s disappointing when people with influence don’t do their research and make comments like that. Rant over!

  153. moni

    Hi maria, totally loved your video with jason silva. I would tear for creativity and design. thank you again, all the best, moni

  154. Since the first time I taught a primary school class body language and communication through dance I am moved to tears after every class. Feel blessed to live my passion and purpose!

  155. Lori Glier

    Dear Marie,

    Your quote says get anything you want and Jason talks about go for love or die trying . Well I kinda have this unattainable dream of being a Princess and Love a Prince . So I sit my self in the Queens Garden in the Queens City trying to figure out how on Earth love like this can manifest.
    Today I tried On Oprah to get a Oprah Royal Treatment Makeover yet again I continue to get Barriers I guess I just am not going to give in and go forth And Die trying! 🙂

  156. What moves me to tears the work of the Kabbalist Rav Berg and when ever I apply (not easy) these Kabbalistic principals, what we call simple things move me to tears. As I am writing this I am moved to tears. Love esther

  157. Watching my two daughters 16 months and 4 years old discover the World moves me to tears. I love watching their eyes light up at watching water spouts jump up from the ground at little kid water areas. I love watching my 4 years old, Micaela, care for her little sister Savannah. I love when little Savannah wants to sit on her sister’s lap, and Micaela likes to do silly things things that make Savannah laugh. Watching them experience life, moves me to tears, always.

  158. Doing things my way can me to tears. There are some many times when I think I could quit discovering and taking the road less traveled and be more successful faster but I really believe that if I breakthrough “my way” I will have revolutionized my industry. On days when I’m winning battles it’s great but on days when I’m not I wonder why I haven’t packed it in long ago. In the end the answer is that I love it too much. The hard parts of staying true to my self are better than the easy parts of becoming someone I’m not.

  159. This was phenomenal. What wonderful insight, and a reminder of the importance of passion, ideas, and breadth.

    Thinking and connecting with global communities is what moves me to tears. Being able to learn about people, their stories, and their existence in other cities, countries, continents, communities–is what keeps me moving and my heart pumping.

  160. Amanda

    Wowzers! Thank you Marie for introducing me to Jason, love love love it! And great new intro and video design, you rock it girl!

    I am so passionate and inspired by ideas, innovation, creative genius and following your truth! Like you mentioned, ” all coming together in miraculous ways.” It moves me to tears knowing that we are in this space of existence where more and more are awakening and leading fuller, healthier and honest lives. For so long many have led empty lives. Today we brake the mold and create the ideal future that we cannot even imagine. We are here to learn, share, teach and elevate idea sex. I love nothing more than to be the light so that others may see the light in themselves.
    I tear up with really really good indie films too!

  161. Stacey

    What do I love so much that it moves me to tears? As the late Philip Seymour Hoffman said in the movie Twister… “Ha ha! It’s the wonder of Nature, baby!”

  162. I can’t begin to explain how refreshing and energizing hearing Jason speak was. His passion is infectious and it makes me want to go read a million philosophy books.
    I am moved to tears a lot. My friends always look at me first to see if I’m crying-during movies, tv-shows, award shows, contests (like for example dancing with the stars-Amy Purdy the finalist who had her legs amputated and won a gold medal in the para-olympics). I think it’s something to do with people either a.)realizing their dreams b.) being an incredible inspiration and c.) the fact that I’m really empathetic

    Sometimes I’m moved to tears when I see someone who is struggling in some way (like for example the blind homeless guy who asks for food/money and is so grateful when I buy him a bagel) and I realize how lucky I am. And all I can do is walk away and hope that someone else buys him his next meal. I wonder how he got to be where he is.
    I remember one time so vividly. I was at the beach last year, lying on a towel. The wind was blowing, the waves were lapsing, the seagulls were caw-ing and I was hearing the conversations from all over the beach being carried by the wind. All of a sudden it was the most beautiful symphony of sounds. There was a baby crying somewhere and it was in perfect time with the other noise. I realized- I was listening to the symphony of the universe. It was so beautiful, I wanted it to never stop. I try to hear that symphony often but it’s never quite as in sync as it was that day. And that, moves me to tears.


  163. Thank you for the Albert Camus quote, and what I love to tears is the true connection between people. I feel that those ‘moments’ are what we crave the most in life, because they contain love (any type of love), attention (the other food for the soul), validation of our own humanity and the feeling that we are ‘one’.

    I think that this is what I’m trying to achieve with my brand too, connection between people that transcends cultures, languages, backgrounds, ages, races and dreams.

    Thank you for this, Marie and Jason!

  164. What brings me to tears EVERY TIME is those few short lived moments where you are fully conscious, where your aware of the present moment and accept it fully as it is!
    PRICELESS and makes me cry like a baby!
    Thank you Universe for such an amazing experience!

  165. I’m moved to tears by perfect family moments, when everything is just right. I call them moments of utter perfection and they are the reason I do what I do.

  166. Brandywine tomatoes move me to tears. The flavor is so rich, concentrated from a long time ripening on the vine. Their flesh is like a juicy steak (if you like that sort of thing, which I do.) A thick slice on a piece of toasted sourdough, with a bit of mayonnaise underneath and a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground pepper on top is one of my favorite meals I’ve eaten in this lifetime.

    I miss living in a tomato growing environment.

  167. WOW, beauty AND brains!
    Actually, that goes for both of you 🙂 Great Marie TV today — much fodder for thought.
    Thank you,
    ¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’*~ Lee*

  168. What do I love so much that it moves me to tears?
    3 things – 1. Seeing my clients heal and live their life to the fullest 2. How there are so many ways to become one with the Divine. 3. Getting involved in a compassionate rebellion with vision to make the world a better place to live.

    • Fiona Buchet

      Compassionate rebellion!! Love it 🙂

  169. I could listen to this man speak for hours. My brain didn’t always ‘understand’ the words he spoke, but the poetic nature by which he delivered it was beautiful and descriptive. I am officially a fan, thanks for sharing him with us all Marie.

  170. Thank you so much for this episode of Marie TV – it is so infectious, stimulating and inspiring it truly provides an opportunity for ideas to have sex!
    Marie your show was one of the elements of inspiration for our own corporate YouTube Channel UQTV where we challenge managers to break with tradition and how they had always done things because rules stifle the originality and uniqueness that enable people to achieve their highest performance.
    I loved this so much I wrote a blog post about your episode today to share with our community in corporate land

  171. Wow! I love hanging out with smart people. Thanks for a great day.
    As for the challenge…
    I live in New Mexico and everyday I see natural beauty that brings a tear to the eye. We aren’t called the Land of Enchantment for nothing.

  172. Fiona Buchet

    I am moved to tears when I see a loving moment shared between two human beings, and the more unlikely the act, the better (i.e. strangers sharing a smile, a knowing look, a hug). I am moved when I see acts of brotherhood, when people connect with what we have in common with each other, not our differences. I know it sounds soooo corny and very general, but it is true and it’s because my soul recognises and resonates with love. I want to amplify those momentary acts of love everywhere.

    • not corny Fiona 🙂 a wonderful mirror to view through xo

  173. Kelly

    Kundalini Yoga. And being in nature in wide, open spaces.

  174. April

    O;) Maria, thank you ! Awesome video, I like how you wrote I love to love!
    Awesome guy, a really good interview! Thank you!

  175. My 4 year old son when he grabs my face and meets it with his and just smiles from ear to ear…. no words… Marie you totally ROCK and Jason, wow, my brain is spinning. Loving the spin!

  176. I love my kids and I enjoy watching them develop into great human beings. They are so passionate about daily activities and they are very discipline.

  177. Lydda Pabon

    People like Jason and you move me. People that love ideas, technology, creativity, and knowledge in passionate way. It so encouraging and fun!

  178. Wow! Thank you Marie!! A wonderful interview that I know I will return to watch time and time again. So many great nuggets of info here.

    I love your interview style – it is your gig yet you graciously step aside and allow your guest to be the star, leaving your ego at the door and meeting your guest at their map of the world. I love you and adore what you are bringing to this world.

    Jason’s passion is intoxicating. So much I could comment on.. however will stick to your challenge for the day.
    The thing I love so much and moves me to the point of tears is my five year old son. My beautiful angel has a diagnoses of autism. He is high functioning in the sense that he is very much like any other neuro typical child. For those unaware they may simply judge him as misbehaving, bad mannered or quirky. He merely processes things differently. His perceptions are varied to what many would consider appropriate. He has so much light and beauty to contribute to this world, and by the time he is at an age to fully and openly express his gift or varied perceptions (whatever they may be), I am saddened to think society will have squashed him down to fit into the peg hole of conformity. And when not fitting into the peg hole then certainly squashed down by humiliation and bullying. A society that seems to be lead more by the ideal of fitting in, rather than belonging. Albeit I am doing my best to foster an environment for him to feel free to express his uniqueness and flourish into his own, he also needs to integrate into our society. A society that has predominantly been raised to conform. As a mother some days it feels like I am allowing my baby to walk into a dragons lair (which he would love very much! LOL). Perhaps my role is to fashion a cloak of dragon skin for him to wear to reduce the burns whilst he grows amongst them until he reaches a time he can stand fully within his own skin. (NB. I do believe current society is beautiful in many ways, the reference to dragons is in part to express the vulnerability of a child who is different and also dragons are a fave of his 🙂 )

    I am so very VERY excited Jason Silva is working on a project to do with non conformity. And looking very much forward to seeing the product. My son is only one of so many children, autistic or not, that with reap the rewards of this kind of work. So thank you to Jason, for embracing his own uniqueness and having the courage and tolerance to not conform.

    I believe the concept of non conforming is more and more becoming a part of our society today. Not just the fashionable teenage resistance and search for self expression, but a more sustainable internal acceptance. Much of the work I am now doing with people (in part due to my sons journey) is centred around acceptance of self and others. Striving for a life of kindness, love and truth. Utilising the knowledge we now have regarding neuro plasticity and changing in-grained beliefs to strive and attain a life of abundance. B-school has been a blessing to me. And writing this comment today has provided further clarity around what really drives me. You assist people progress even when you are not trying LOL!

    Big hugs to you Marie, and your team xo

  179. I am an artist and academic philosopher who wrote a book that should be seen as a breakthrough and a bridge between casework and phenomenology and Vedanta and German Idealism and Greek Idealism ! You know it is Indian idealism that was reflected in Wordsworth and Keats ! Forget that if you want , my book bridges our Ideal spirit through time and philosophical thought of East and West! If anything at all it gives is a sound entry into western philosophical thought! You might wish to look at my website www. Runhildroeder. Com and determine the connection between my book and paintings! Amazon. Com has the book listed Truth over Method: Art Matters

  180. I. Dry much enjoyed your interaction with Jason. Transcendental. Odyssey , transcendental ecstasy is obviously what we seek in spirituality and in everyday world! Without transcending the moment , moment loses its meaning for us! It seems you both were trying to cement transcendence in your conversation! Philosophy at its best is conversation enacted with an open mind! You both were it seems as Wittgenstein would say, ” doing philosophy” that is ot an easy thing to do!!! It seems you both pulled it off! I am consequently quite inspired!!! This is why I find myself writing to you I do love film and enjoy Bollywood movies nowadays more than ever for the reasons Jason gave!!!

  181. Whoa whoa whoa whoa!! New Hair! New Intro!! Fun!!!! 🙂

  182. Alejandra Garcia

    Wow Marie + Jason + idea sex = my favorite combination ever!!

    I love Jason and his passion and that he is from my country!!

    I cant wait to discover what will move me to tears.. And I know I will find it soon because it is not a coincidence that I run into Jason some months ago. And I just recently went throu the material learned at Bschool and just seeing them irradiate all this passion. I want to feel it.

    Thank u both for being such an inspiration!!

    It is the first time that I see Marie just in total awe without many comments.. I know.. If we thought u were too much.. He is in another level.. Any body else felt this way?



  183. Sheri

    What doI love so much it moves me to tears?
    My daughter.
    I am aware of how clichéd that sounds, but it is true. She is two. Today, we went searching for The Gruffalo in the North Woods of Central Park. She helps me see familiar surroundings with new eyes. ‘A tree!’ is exclaimed with delight over a fallen tree or watching a duck on a riverbank, then mirroring its waddle. Her delight and pleasure over the simplest of things brings great perspective to what life is truly about – Joy and Love.

    • Karene

      It’s not cliche’. It’s important to acknowledge. When I thought what brings me to tears, I was surprised by the answer that immediately came to mind – it’s every Christmas performance, every prize giving, every ballet concert of my children… I always have to take tissues. It’s as if I then see them in an environment removed from daily life/ daily routine. I see how they’ve grown and changed and how they’re becoming themselves. Real life miracles. They really are my ultimate creation.

      • Sheri

        Karene – beautiful and true. They are real life miracles. And, true reflections of ourselves. At least, I see myself reflected back in my daughter in the behaviours she copies from us. And how she mashes it up into her own thing. She makes me strive to be better. The best that I can be. And THAT moves me to tears. Forever grateful.

  184. My passion for bringing together the world’s greatest thought leaders and innovators on a seven day chartered yacht cruise through the Caribbean in the summer of 2017 with the goal of completely reinventing the systems our planet currently operate within brings me to tears. We have all of the technological innovations we need to recreate systems of living that are sustainable, luxurious and abundant, giving humans the true ability to thrive and create at our highest potentials without the limitations of our current antiquated modalities. This is not a cruise to create an Utopian or “sci-fi” future, but rather realistic systems that can start to be integrated immediately into our lives which will lay the groundwork for more and more shifts toward our collective ideals of happiness and meaningful life experiences. To that end we will start by reinvisioning global agricultural, educational, housing, and value exchange systems. Because I personally know this really is my purpose for being alive, whenever I take a step toward making this plan a reality, I am moved to tears. 🙂

  185. Angela

    I’m happy to see Jason on MarieTV! I had the chance to meet him last year when I was on the Katie Couric Show! Katie and I did some brain game challenges on stage. I learned a lot that day and have kept up with the latest from Jason ever since. I’m happy I had the chance to meet him. I love his passion!

  186. Wow I am so moved by this, I’m getting pumped up with motivation! My favorite interview so far. Super packed with inspiration, great quotes/tweetables, and awesome book recommendations. Thanks Marie & Jason for sharing your insight. So glad I found you both, b/c you guys are truly making an impact on your followers. 🙂

    My life-long dream is to have my own business, travel & connect w/ people around the world, & create more leaders to help push humanity forward. Every day I adopt this mindset to work towards my goals, but not gonna lie, it does get tough sometimes. So I usually watch this video every time I need a boost of inspiration (sometimes to the point of tears). “The Most Astounding Fact” by Neil deGrasse Tyson:

    If you haven’t seen this before Jason, I’m sure you’ll love the cinematography & its message of staying connected with the universe. I never get tired of watching it.

    – Val

  187. Mary

    “Electrified thoughts traveling at the speed of Light”; genius! Wonderful, expansive, fun interview. ; the Thrive Movement, and Heart Math are excellent vantage points as well, and worth exploring. Thank you Marie and Jason! Watch out for the drugs; it’s what derailed the peace movement in the 60s and 70s. “Stabilize Happiness”- I love it!

    I love Freedom and Love. That patriotic feeling on the 4th of July. Gold Fireworks 🙂

    • Gayla D'Gaia

      Hi Mary! True about the drugs derailing the 60s… or rather – from Entheogenesis – Awakening the Divine Within documentary, holotropic breathwork founder, Stan Groff, tells the story that it was that one group of people had a mind altering experience while back home, mom, dad, and the siblings, did not. Susie at Woodstock went beyond her mind and felt touched by the surreal and found it to be fully loving and yet, when she brought this news home, she terrified her family who had not had the same radical chemical brain shift she had had… so, there was no harmony among those people and they ability to love one another was suddenly marred by the immense confusion this caused. Family were broken and this is the most valuable lesson that must be woven directly into any major advancements in technology. The good of what we can do must be holistic and in harmony with the Divine guidance so that human beings and all living creatures are allowed to love openly, fully, completely, and to harmonize with one another. If technology moves us in that direction, it will only be due to a shift in consciousness that allows us to inhabit and embody that 1000%, imho.

      • Mary

        Hi Gayla!

        What a beautiful thought; all beings loving openly, fully completely and harmonizing with one another. 🙂

        Thanks 🙂

  188. Sarra

    Wow! This episode was a true tour de force. Thank you!!

    Two things consistently move me to tears: (1) kindness (witnessing it and, this will sound weird, *being* kind), and (2) putting the finishing touches on a piece of writing I care about. Now that I think about it, I haven’t written anything I care about in years. It is time to change that, so thank you for that insight!

  189. Wow. I just felt my heart move out of my chest. What an uplifting spirit of a man. Thank you for inviting us to expand our minds to think move and breath.

    it moves me to tears to see change in someone’s life that I love dearly. I only want the best for others and myself. If we can all explore this life and move and breathe on spiritual level where we just trust our instincts and trust the God of each and every one of us. I’m still on Ideas having sex. yes bring it

  190. Debbie

    Sending him over to my daughter in college- she is taking Psychology and Philosophy and I think she will really enjoy his YouTube videos….I have watched almost all of them now! Thanks for introducing him to us, Marie!

  191. Darling Marie, I too cry when leaving one of my favourite places on earth our family beach pad in Sydney Australia and whenever I leave New York City after a visit. I feel rested energised inspired and loved all at the same time. Leaving is like those feelings are gone forever but of course they aren’t you make new great feelings.
    I also remember many moons ago getting teary on a Monday morning saying goodbye to my boyfriend (who is now my husband of 22 years), just because of the wonderful times we shared together. I call it ‘blessed’.
    Love to you Marie and Josh xxx Fe

  192. What Moves Me to Tears?

    The Light & Spark I see and feel when I am working with clients that “get it” and I can see something has awoken within them. Working with recovering addicts is one of the most empowering things I could have done with my life. I am able to Serve, Give Back and Celebrate. Being the mother of an addict it has had a profound effect on my life, my mindset and the Joy I feel just being alive and that is what I bring to my clients. And in doing so I am setting an example for my 23 year old and I live by example. I still feel that I can have an effect on my children regardless of age.

    Just talking about it (and as I type this) my entire being comes alive and I am brought to tears.

  193. The process brings me to tears. One day when I had a great day on set shooting one of my short films I cried with happiness. Another time it was when I was having a large amount of development of ideas for a shift of the way I thought about my business and recently it has been getting comfortable with the idea the things are working out one at a time and persistence really does pay off emotionally and otherwise. Thank you Marie for this episode and B-school, it has really moved me forward and gave me clarity in where I want to be.

  194. The beauty of inter species connection, especially with horses moves me to tears. There is so much love and wisdom in the animal kingdom and when we deeply know we are part of, not rulers of this beautiful planet we will find the harmony we seek within ourselves, with others and with the earth. Thank you for sharing inspiring ideas to nourish our minds and hearts x

  195. Gayla D'Gaia

    I’ve been speaking with a close friend in Silicon Valley about these tools of the future and I’m keen to get back into the mix and be there again to feel the energy of it. I’ve been in Virginia since early 2012 and it feels as if everything has gone quantum times ten since I left. I’d say that to be able to harmonize the perspectives in the world among people in a way so that families can continue to thrive all around the world and come to some sort of same pagism would be a moving experience. I know that people in this area are some of the finest human beings I’ve met – the older generation, that is… and they are tech savvy but not at the level of the future makers who are working on the levels of thought Jason is speaking of… I feel I am one of the bridges to the harmony consciousness. The best that we can do is truly improve the worlds we exists inside of for the life forms that come here – to be the living embodiment of love, compassion, empathy, and joy! Some of the human sorrow that comes with loving something passionately might not be significant at all if we alter the fabric of how we harmonize awareness to the ends of what the ascended masters have spoken of as a non-dying of living beings. It is actually, from all I have experienced, the dawning of heaven on earth in a literal sense… because, as an intuitive and as a channel, I’ve felt a few of my loved ones who left their bodies and they showed me by allowing me to have the feeling sense of their experience, where they are as a frequency. This means that they have nothing to forgive anyone for any longer, they have no fears, they have no regrets, they have no sorrows… they are one with love. If the death encounter were to be allowed to be unnecessary, Jason, it would be a radical adjustment to the entire duality context we live in and so a higher and ultimate order of harmony would be achieved or certainly, I can see no way for that to be possible, other than for it to be achieved.
    As for what brings me to tears, I am a sucker for playful expressions that animals not normally thought to bond have with each other when I see videos of, say a dog and an elephant hanging out together totally in love with each other and giving each other the time of their lives… every single day!!! They don’t hold back, they don’t worry… they just give and receive and give and receive and they play, play, play, play, play… Every act of kindness and genuine loving playfulness, of immense tenderness, that brings me to tears.
    I also appreciate what is being said about the use of virtual reality glasses and entheogenics. I had an experience in the early 1990s with a set of goggles, an entheogen, and specific tracts of music layered together. The goggles had random patterns of flashing lights and I experienced flying, making love with dolphins, and witnessing my parents death about 8 or 9 years before the first parent died. That helped me deal with my Mom’s actual death long before it happened and my Dad’s, as well… death entirely, actually. As we move forward, I’m leaning towards massive resolutions – forget revolutions – let’s just choose to resolve and bring peace to our conflicts and play a bigger game.

  196. Liat

    I was moved to tears this morning while listening to the radio announcers talk about how the US/Portugal World Cup game was the most watched soccer game in the US, ever. I love hearing about things like that with the power to bring so many different people together.

    I think that’s what I also love about art and art history. Art is so universal, so human, and so timeless. It’s my favorite way to learn about us. That’s why I’m going to go to France and get my masters in art history next year! It’s a very non-conventional choice, especially in my family of logical engineers. I have told no one in my family about it as a measure of preservation for my dream – my family tends to judge and un-support whatever they don’t understand. I care zero percent because it’s what I love and it’s going to happen.

    • The World Cup has been BIG here, in Australia, too! And it’s not a good time for our part of the world but we are all there in spirit!

  197. What brings me to tears is THIS:

    The work and life and message of Gabor Mate.

    It is good and hard and sad and gives me my spark to do my work and continue to help our global community.

    He gives the state of our situation a name and presence.
    I’m helping solve these issues in my work.

    (Also, LOVE LOVE The new Marie TV production value).

  198. Wow! The sharing here today in the forum is incredibly moving. I loved that Jason said (in a sense) that art is his religion. As a creative person and a classically trained artist, I feel the same way.
    As for what brings me to tears…Just the realm of possibilities, the range of experiences and emotions we can feel, this journey we call life, the vastness of our existence and contemplating it all often brings me to tears.

    By the way, great new intro Marie! And I love your hair!

  199. Elisabeth

    Nature moves me to tears.

  200. What moves me to tears? Living. Mother earth. Humanity. Being able to walk out onto a breathtakingly beautiful beach here in Western Australia, and marvel that it is part of the world. To swim in the blue ocean and think, this water was very likely at one time perhaps on the other side of the planet, and now I am swimming in it, and it heals me. To think back on my childhood gazing out the window on a chilly night, feeling the cold air from the window radiating on my face as I gazed at the northern lights while they reflected off the white blanket of snow on the fields of our farm. To have parents who always tried their best and have resolutely shown me love and forgiveness is the only way.To drive in traffic at night and marvel at the headlights on the cars and think of the people who invented them and then consider what the world would be like if only my mind had existed. Oh god, what chaos! Definitely no cars yet folks. To be moved to tears when a person donates hard earned money to help us preserve a small piece of the planet so one day my daughter will be able to step on that very earth. To marvel at all of the little critters, flowers, that for centuries, have called it their home. To be alive in a time where I could meet a sweet man from halfway around the world and one day create a beautiful schmooshy little cloud of love that is our daughter who fills me with bliss every time I hold her. To be healthy, and living in a place where my basic needs are always met, where I feel safe. To feel joy and happiness from the simple act of moving my body. So privileged and so very lucky.
    Thanks for the reminder Marie and Jason. xo

  201. Great song lyrics can move me to tears. Just the other day I was watching the CMA Series online & there was a country song about a guy who’s girlfriend gets pregnant & he thinks his life is over but his little girl grows up & she’s his everything & I was just bawling! I’m a songwriter so it’s not always easy to jerk my tears. 😉

  202. Virin

    The intelligence, sensitivity and creativity of Nature moves me to tears!

  203. Lee

    You Marie. You move me to tears. And a million other things. All because of what I’ve learnt about passion and gratitude and presence from you and the people you’ve introduced me to. The day I found was the day the books started falling off the shelf for me, and like you and Jason said, it’s frikken mindblowing how you can create content on one side of the world that inspired me on the other side of the world to change my life, change my world, and inspire others to do the same.

  204. PIXIE

    Drum and Bass / Dancing

    moves me to tears
    (and did on the weekend)

    This is my favourite thing that has ever been on Marie TV! Thankyou for sharing, so much gratitude


  205. This was exactly what I needed to hear. Marie – you are a gem.
    Well, I am super excited (a slightly terrified) to expand my online brand this summer. Where I was focussed on travel for the last 3 years, the new site will be offering “life in full”. The goal being to help people in a more holistic way. I will be referencing you a lot Marie!

  206. Jason Silva is a genious, I can’t agree more. He talk was proof of how science & spiritualiy are so close, I mean they are so congruent.

  207. The song Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd always brings me to tears. It reminds me of why I do the work I do when the going is tough. I am inspired by the warrior First Nations people of Australia who continue to fight for sovereignty, equal rights and social justice.

  208. Fabulous interview. The intro video “Exsistential Bummer” articulates one of the best reasons to create. Children and art are the only two, true fountains of youth; they are our path to immortality.

    The comment on the all encompassing brain also really struck me. Is this not what some believe god to be: an omni-brain? Would we actually be bringing into exsistance a perceivable, measurable, reachable god!? What a fascinating proposition! Some might also say its heresy to say that we can create god… But societies have been doing it for millennia right? So would it be kind of like that song “Dear God” lyric? “Did we creat You (God) and the Devil too?” Which would it be? And that brings us right back to the double edged aspect of creation you mentioned. Have you heard ‘s most recent interview on the science of sound? They interviewed a gentleman at the end about his new invention EMI which can generate music in the style of a composer. Feed it some sheet music: it finds the patterns in the notes, and creates new music in the style of Bach or Motzart or whomever. And it’s good. People have not been exactly happy with this invention. But it’s is fascinating. The idea that a machine can analyze and then synthesize our artist patterns and aesthetic preferences. Perhaps the true test of artificial intellegence will not be empathy or artist creation but original pattern generation or the reation of new -isms ie. idea sex!

  209. What moves me to tears is when I connect people to their intuition, inner skills, and I can see light and action coming easy

    I’m working on a project that bring that to more people and It bring me energy, fear, and wow

    super épisode

  210. I was moved to tears after seeing The Last Supper in Milan. I spent a month working there and visited museum after museum. I left this masterpiece for last — for right before I returned to the States. I returned to my office and broke into tears, surrounded by Italian colleagues who understood. Not quite the full Stendhal Syndrome but after weeks of being surrounded by everything Italy embodies, I succumbed to its beauty.

    FYI – I met Jason Silva at TED/Global in Edinburgh (2012) – where his extraordinary film was shown.

  211. Marj

    I’m moved to tears by meaningful interactions with others. Just last week
    I was with a friend whom I don’t see very often but she’s someone who has always intrigued me. In the midst of our conversation, out of the blue, she mentioned that she had two brothers but always wished for a sister–someone like me. Could I be that sister? Even as I write this, the beauty of that brings tears to my eyes. I’m an only child and I was overwhelmed.

  212. Marie, thanks for keeping learning fresh and fun!! I look forward to your weekly videos and Jason brings such an inspiring energy to the table. He has a way of talking / teaching that draws you in… very powerful!! And yes, loved the new intro as well. Keep shining in all you do!! XO

    Emelia, Osha and Kristin, your comments made me smile 🙂 Great to connect with such beautiful souls here~

  213. Rick

    Omg thang you so much Marie for bringing Jason silva to me what inspiration I’m walking above the ground .

  214. “Existential bummer” is a poignant and well-crafted video. However, as a metaphysical theologian and philosopher, I disagree with its inference that detachment means not caring. The opposite of detachment is attachment, which is fear, not love. Attachment is fear of loss and suffering. Detachment is letting go of the fear, letting go of the illusion of permanence and security. It is understandable to want to hold on to what we love, to what is good in our life, even knowing it has to end. That is the quagmire of human existence. It may be rare, but it is possible to love profoundly and at the same time emotionally accept its essential temporariness, knowing that spirit is eternal, into which we will all transform again. This is detachment, and not “not caring.”

  215. Loved this Marie! Jason is a genius. I totally get being moved to tears over impermanence. I’ve always felt a bit sad about my two young daughters growing up. Every time they grow out of something or have a birthday or reach a developmental milestone, I want to cry. Not because I don’t want them to grow and develop or that I’m depressed but because they will never be that small, cute and innocent again. They’re moving out into the world and I can’t stop them. It’s such a bitter sweet thing.

  216. love love this episode! and I love, love to travel every time I am in the new place it brings me to tears how lucky I am to experience moving from one place to the other and meet local people and their culture I feel super happy!

  217. WOW. He has the most beautiful energy. It’s infectious and inviting and I want what he has! 🙂

  218. The thing that I love so much it moves me to tears is my puppy, Sunshine.

    I started my business because of him. He would give me so many puppy kisses that I wanted to make sure he wasn’t eating anything bad for him. Turns out, the products I used to use were full of chemicals. So I set out to make all natural, puppy safe skin care.

    But enough about biz. This is about Sunshine. I never knew love at first site- didn’t believe in it, in fact- until I saw the picture of this little white ball of fluff. He called out to my heart in a way I can’t even describe, other than to say, upon meeting a few people in life, I have had a bolt of intuition that they would be important in my life. Sunshine was that. I wasn’t even planning on getting a dog when I saw his picture, and yet, I was picking him up from the airport five days later.

    There is a point in the movie Marley and Me (I do not recommend this movie at all) where Marley is very sick and his person says to the vet, I know but Marley is a special dog (and I know you hear that a lot), but…

    I have never cried so hard in my life. Because I was thinking of Sunshine. He is a blessing so potent that he not only brightens my life, but other lives he touches. He is a terror, a lover, a protector (at 22 pounds), a comedian, a flirt, an escape artist, and a brilliant thinker. I never knew a dog could be so many things. And when I think of it, I don’t know how I will survive without him.

    Sometimes I think of the pain I will endure when he is gone. But it can never equal the love and gratitude I have for every day we are together.

  219. Sylvia

    Mind blowing episode. My favorite video this year. This is so exciting. What brings me to tears, tears of joy is watching my kids grow up. The same as Christine above, it’s not because I don’t want them to grow up, I know they have to and that it is part of life but that just makes me sad.

  220. What do I love so much, that it moves me to the point of tears?

    Delivering the Avatar Course!



  221. Lucid, eloquent, interesting, fascinating….AND gorgeous?! WOW. It’s uplifting to witness someone who is both philosophically spot-on AND part of mainstream culture. “You are absolutely genius”, Marie said to Jason. I agree!

  222. Sandra Scai

    Best, Best, Best, interview as yet, Marie!
    Jason is inspiring on so many levels. I needed this break from all the “reality” I have been hearing and watching. These new reality ideas and his work is fusing through me!

  223. Janet

    Movie trailers make me tear up. This is probably the reason I chose to edit video for a living.

    I think Jason says it so well that movies really are that transcendent form for me. Something about them create a magic that is so much more than the sum of their parts and they serve so well to inspire other films. I like to think about this inspiration when I get bummed out by the concept of no new ideas, remembering that remixing and re-imagining ideas is inspiring.

  224. Thank you for introducing me to Jason Silva. He was’t on my radar. Your interview and write up is so great! Thank you for listing the books that he referenced. I couldn’t keep up and it was awesome! Happy to add Jason to my list of go-tos for my inspiration!

    Thank you!

  225. Marie – this is such a great intro to someone who finds life so fascinating and exciting – what a rev up for loving living … so awesome to hear things I have been shown for the last 20 years coming into mainstream.
    Woohoo – thank you, thank you, thank you xxx.

  226. Rebecca

    Oh my… the timing of this is perfect!

    Yesterday I took my 4yo son to the Bronx Zoo. He absolutely LOVES the Bug Carousel and on our first ride of the day (there were four), I teared up thinking about coming back to the zoo when he was a teenager and getting the “I’m not riding the carousel” eye roll.

    So I made him pinky shake that he would still take a nostalgia ride with me and videoed it (he mostly looked confused). I wonder whether it will be enough to convince him?

  227. What if, Love is all there is? And there is nothing ever lost. Love is what is guiding us, directing us and embracing us.

  228. Adejoke (Ade)

    Love the New Look-commitgment &dedication fuels progression, advancement and creates more opportunities..

    Have been listening to Jason Silva for sometime. His work is unique, captivating and brilliant.To speak that fast and at that speed, with such big words and great content, and make sensethat Brilliance at its Finest. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know him better. Great Conversation.
    I am grateful.

  229. amy

    wow! jason’s passion got me all riled up – thank you for sharing, marie!
    i wish i were so extemporaneously eloquent in communicating my commingling concepts.

    and the new opening is a brilliant BIZZOMB!

  230. I am brought to tears everyday, for reals:) My dogs, my son, the magic of life. It’s all tear worthy when you feel into the sweetness and power of life.

  231. J

    What moves me are pediatric cancer patients. My son went through years of cancer treatment and blessedly he is now in remission. The oncology floor is filled with beautiful human beings. They sparkle. They are incredible. None of them should ever have to fade.

  232. Angela Willis

    If the question posed is in regards to what Jason mentioned… living your burning passion and living and loving it so much that it moves you to the point of tears. I haven’t known what that was in such a very long time. I just seem to exist to survive… I feel very numb to life. I don’t know what my passion is, or what I am passionate about. How do I find that?

  233. Wow!! So many ideas! that will take a few viewings to get the key bits into my brain!!

    LOVE the new intro and style!

    What moves me to tears of excitement?!? That I found this world of “non-conformity” in my late 30’s, so that I still have time and energy to embrace it!

  234. Wow! I’m completely inspired by this video! He is so brilliant in his way of thinking and delivers it in such a powerful way that everyone can relate to with an open mind. His aura is so transparent and he just seems to radiate this inner happiness that he to share with the world. I love his work. Thank you Marie for featuring him on your program. You are the best and I always look forward to the awesomness you bring to every episode of Marie TV. I can’t wait to check out the books he recommended. He is so bright and I would love to read what inspired him in his journey.

  235. Diosa DeAgostine

    Today I went to teach my fitness dance class as I do every Wednesday night, with the difference that I had to tag my 5 year old daughter along with me this time because the babysitter never showed up. She has come to my classes a couple of times before, and even when she LOVES to dance she was always shy of doing so in front of my peeps. But for some reason today she felt in her waters and told me in the middle of me adjusting the volume, that she wanted to dance with us. Of course I said “sure cutie pie!” Well, let me tell you, and no because she is my daughter, but she is a beautiful precious little doll. Today when I saw my precious gem dancing like it was nobody’s business and following all the steps and making them even more amazing, I was truly moved to tears of joy! I just wanted to jump off stage and grab her and kiss her suntanned cheeks! SO MUCH LOVE I could not hold the feeling back. I love that little trouble maker! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

  236. Tanya Miramontes

    1st of all, LOVE YOU MARIE for interviewing Jason Silva and featuring him on MarieTV. He is SOOOOO worth your time and our time. 🙂

    For you and Jason and this wonderful community:

    The love that exists and is shared and expressed between family and friends moves me to tears,
    An inspirational piece of music that uplifts me and makes my heart sing moves me to tears,
    Traveling and setting my eyes on new horizons and new landscapes moves me to tears,
    Acts of kindness and compassion move me to tears,
    People achieving their dreams and overcoming adversity moves me to tears,
    New discoveries and new inventions that elevate humankind move me to tears,
    The idea that our potential is infinitely powerful beyond measure…that the energy of life is boundless and limitless moves me to tears,
    The fact that I AM ALIVE moves me to tears,
    Tears of Joy…Tears of Happiness…Tears of Gratitude…
    Life should be lived to the point of tears.

  237. So many comments, my goodness! Will add mine aaaall the way at the bottom here. :o)

    Thoroughly enjoyed yet another MarieTV episode. Thank you for doing what you do, and in such a genuine & unique style!

    In answer to your question: the thing that gets me teary-eyed, combined with a slight knot in my throat.. Every time. Without fail. Is… when I witness someone in their moment of realisation that they have overcome a personal fear, one of life’s challenges (whatever obstacle that seemed huge at first) and get an internal explosion of happiness that you can see spread across their face! It’s such an amazing combination of emotions .. relief, achievement, pride, joy, freedom, excitement!!

    P.S. I had never formulated it quite this way before.. but now that I have, it seems much more clear. Thanks for the question, Marie!

  238. I am moved to tears by my love for my dog. His constant companionship, pure love and devotion and everlasting trust fill my soul.

  239. Really interesting interview – I enjoyed being introduced to Jason.

    I’d like to share another perspective on creativity & inspiration and the point you discussed on everything existing before. My friend and mentor, Laura Hames Franklin once mentioned the idea of IN-spiration vs out-speration to me.

    True inspiration comes from within – our unique insights that we could have never known before that moment of time, and came through because we got out of our own way (giving our mind a rest) and allowed the insight / download / inspiration to come through.

    Often now, when people share insights and inspiration or exercise their creativity – it’s coming from something or someone else and that I’d call is on out-speration.

    For anyone who is interested in experiencing true insight, inspiration, creativity to come through you — I highly recommend checking out Laura’s work at

    thanks marie and community! very cool convo here 🙂


  240. Jason is my man. Reminds me of the conversation I had growing up, deeper and philosophical…and certainly what I have now with my coaching peers.

    It’s time to get more evolutionary conversations on the books! Some times I can get to personal development-y I’ve noticed. I love addressing socio-techno evolution into the conversation. It’s a whole new angle!

  241. This really hit a chord with me.

    We just moved to the place we always wanted to be and I’ve been so overjoyed to the point of overwhelm that we’ve gotten here. (California!)

    Suddenly I also felt so so soooo sad for no real reason. I wondered if something was wrong with me. I had never truly felt that way before.

    I shook it off and then saw your email and now it all makes perfect sense. Existential bummer is a bitch! Sheesh.

    Anyway what is making me so super happy now is getting to the place in the world we always wanted to live. Seeing my husband glow that we are in California, where he always thought he belonged, makes me so completely happy. We feel we are in a place to truly flourish and are both so on the same page, being a team on the way to more and more happiness.

    Thanks for the video and the insights! I’m always so happy you exist, Marie.

  242. I am absolutely in love with Jason Silva. He electrifies, ignites and illuminates everything he talks about and is passionate about. Thank you for this episode. Marie TV is something I look forward to every week.

  243. S. Hill

    This is my first comment, though I’ve been watching MarieTV for a while now, and so enjoy the catalyst it becomes in decisions and thoughts in daily life.

    The aspect of living my life that moves me to tears is the deep gratitude of being able to provide to those in true need. That I have access and am able to provide something that helps so many people and that it makes a positive difference in others’ lives, as well as the world around, literally moves me to tears nearly every time I think about it or talk about it. It’s as if connecting to some unseen river, and there is no way not to be “in it”.

    It can feel a bit embarrassing to cry openly while speaking to people about my passion, my gratefulness, (as it is often in a professional setting), but learning of this Camus quote will help me make peace with the vulnerability of connecting with something, being moved by something so deeply that the emotion overwhelms my resolve and reason. I have worried that the open display of emotion may make others uncomfortable , but feel I may now see it as way that my body and mind grounds itself in the real, the here and the now, in the feeling of being alive and in life, connected. Why should anyone be embarrassed to feel that, even if at work?

    I will see at as a fortunate gift to have something with this level of meaning in one’s life, as I certainly did not have access to it before. Many thanks to you Marie and Jason.

    Upon reading my post, I feel I should note that it has nothing to do with religion, as understandably, some may infer. Thanks again.

  244. Tahere

    I got so excited when I saw you were interviewing him, because I had watched a ton of his shots of awe and had been immensely touched.
    I love how Jason has this fantastic flow when it comes to talking. Almost each and every sentence he says, even his selection of words to describe emotions and experiences resonates with me.
    I’ve come to realize that the only thing in life that truly brings to such a joy that makes me tear up, and brings me to this moment that “okay, THAT’s why I was born” is when I share a particular experience with someone, and they respond in a way that you know they actually know what you’re talking about, and they have the same passion, concern, suffering even. It’s like for a second you feel this amazing sense of unity, and you kinda find an extension of yourself in somebody else. It’s the textbook opposite of being lonely.
    People should make each other feel less lonely.
    To me, this is the one single thing that makes the difference between a fruitful life and a boring one, no matter where I live, or what I do for a living.
    Thanks again for the interview.

  245. Love the new intro! You could probably make a whole show about it.. 🙂

  246. Jason is hard to keep up… Listening to him is like going on a roller coaster!

  247. Dear Marie and Jason,

    My husband, 10 year old daughter and I are huge fans of Jason Silva’s show Brain Games, it’s genius! Talking about what I love so much that it moves me to tears – my daughter first and my husband second. I have such intense love for both of them that as Jason said in the first video, there are times that I feel melancholy about that love. I always felt that feeling inside but have never put it into thoughts or words like Jason did.

    I love them so much that I have changed my work life completely around: so I can be location independent and spend every moment I can with them. Sometimes, it’s scary because I’m a novice but it is well worth it.

    Thank you both so much!

    • Dan

      What drives me to tears (joy and anguish:)? Pressin’ on to the upward call that God has given me to guide people to live their lives to the fullest!
      Like the new format Marie!

  248. My husband and I enjoy thoughtful conversations about ideas so much that we’ve been considering holding salons at our home. We’ve begun the guest list and brainstormed some themes. This video has given us the push we need to just jump in and do it.

  249. What moves me to tears is to see someone blossoming from their soul, shining in their own authenticity, surrendering to their being, to who they really are.. I see that in therapy often times and it,s just so beautiful that moves me to tears. That,s also the reason why I love my profession so much. We human beings are just so precious and amazing. Thank you so much for this inspiring video. Much love to you all!!

  250. I loved this episode. Yes, I understand about the cougar tendencies! lol…Something about that passion…

    Music moves me to tears. It could be any genre… Headbanging to FooFighters, playing my own originals on guitar… but especially the sound of children singing… ah, I am already feeling teary thinking about it.
    Lately, it has been nearly every episode of Nashville the TV show. I swear, every time I hear a slide guitar or Clare Bowen (Scarlett) opens her mouth, or when the sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella (Daphne and Maddie) sing, I just weep.

    Oh how could I forget? Oprah makes me cry… As soon as super soul sunday or life class comes on, I am already teary… no matter what subject she’s featuring! lol

  251. Rachael P

    Marie looks absolutely twitterpated during this interview! #madcrushin
    Cute! <3 <3 <3

  252. Diana

    my kind of men…

  253. This is what my mind and soul felt after watching:
    Meet Brilliance
    Meet yourself
    Arrest YOU
    Fall in love with the words
    your words
    and have them become your world
    Become alive and take a look inside
    to discover the pain that is now naked beauty
    SHINING for all to experience…to share
    Bursting with creative life..NOW
    vibrating on the highest frequency of YOU
    Just become Alive
    feel it? so light
    SO GOOD…digest love

  254. Nicki

    My life, and my dad. And yes, I cried at the end of this video, happy thankful tears!

  255. Hands down my favorite episode of MarieTV (…and I don’t miss an episode)! Doesn’t get much better than idea sex. Great conversation and a good debate are two of my favorite things. Alright, so to answer the challenge questions…. what moves me to the point of tears? Two things come to mind…. I absolutely love (sometimes to the point of tears) the way I’ve setup my lifestyle. Pretty much every week the boyfriend and I have a mini-vacation of sorts…camping, biking, hiking, wine tasting, etc. So grateful that I’ve actually setup my life this way…so there is plenty of fun and play. Second, I love what I do…help entrepreneurs free up time and location in their business by making informed decisions about tech tools and resources. …but mostly, I adore how I do it…by focusing on including diverse perspectives and providing a very personalized, boutique service for my clients….makes it fun for me and them. Good tears are awesome.

  256. I can’t even put into words what this interview did to me today.
    I have been swirling in my own existential pond for a few months now, and I can’t get enough. Everything he said confirmed my seemingly crazy thoughts that plague my brain all day. i’m not the only one! i’m not alone in feeling these things. the future is coming whether we like it or not, but it’s not as scary as we think it is.
    (i ended up writing all morning after watching this video, so i could talk more, but I’ll save that for my blog)
    UGH. finally. I just want to pick that brain. have a jam session. wow.

  257. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this talk!!! Jason really brings words and ideas into a new light!!
    What moves me to happy tears most is when I am able to witness that “AHH HAA” moment with people I am helping. To see a family suddenly realize the true value of what I have been attempting to teach them makes me beyond thrilled. And, many times, when our time together is nearing an end, I do tend to honestly tear up at the thought of not having them in my life any longer. (I am still learning to deal with change. 😉 )

    Thank you for all YOU teach me! I look forward to the day when I will be a student of your “B-SCHOOL”. Blessings.

  258. Nature and life are what brings me to tears…
    So I love. And I paint…

  259. Torsten

    Thank you for the inspiration!!! Great and cool! 🙂 I love it when i see moments of inspirations with my children, or in film, music or technologie when it comes from the ground of the soul. And you can see, hear and feel it in the moment it flows.Thats life for me! And i am happy to find this here on this site. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  260. Just tweeted and face booked this to all of my students. So excited to watch everything this guy is a part of! And am excited to take that journey with all my students!

  261. Thanks Marie and Jason.
    In reply to ‘what excites and moves me to tears?’
    Tina Turner singing the Mantra Sarvesham. Check it out,
    Inspired me to make these Sarvesham bracelets

  262. Larry

    It’s refreshing to know that there are still many of us who understand what is happening in our society and have the knowledge and courage to resist falling into the traps and being herded into mass conformity. Too bad for our children who have to deal with the nonsense imposed on them by the drones in authority positions, and have their sensibilities and creativity choked out of them should they dare to think for themselves or have ideas that don’t conform.
    Hooray for the Jasons’ of the world. His passion, I hope will be contagious! The Spielberg of the 21st Century.

  263. Jason is fantastic!! As are you Marie, obviously. I feel smarter just listening to him speak passionately. He is so passionate that he almost seems uncomfortable while being totally comfortable. I can totally relate. LOVE THIS!!! Also just watched 8 Shots of Awe in a row…on a roll! <3 <3 <3 GRATEFUL for people who let their light shine BRIGHT!!! xoxoxoxo

  264. I so love his effervescence and enthusiasm! I am right there with him! The things that bring me to tears (my life passions) are music and hair. I have literally unintetionally cried about these two things unwittingly on seperate occasions. They are a major part of my purpose on this earth. I think it’s so cool you pulled that quote and asked the question! Divine confirmation! I love it, thanx for sharing this amazing interview! I love intellectually stimulating conversations void of ego and foolery, this definitely was that. You always bring the awesomeness, thanks Marie! Oh, and I totally love you, you rock sista! <3 <3 <3

  265. I am moved to tears often when I see others working to reach their dream. Whether it’s a child trying to hit that note in their school musical and just “living” or an adult running the last leg of a marathon they trained really hard for. To see others celebrate what they have worked so hard for and want so badly, touches me so deeply. I understand the work that it takes and feel their pain and rejoice in the success.

  266. How do I even limit this to one thing? I love so very many things! If I had to find a uniting theme it would be exploration and learning new things. Fueling my curiosity and creativity. Bringing disparate ideas and knowledge together to see how they fit.

    What Jason Silva is doing is so inspiring to me, because I would love to be able to spend more time just reading and thinking and absorbing, then putting my spin out into the world.

  267. Thanks for the inspiring interview..
    I definitely have many things that I love, which could move me to tears..I guess an old persian carpet my father gave me on my wedding..
    Thank you,

  268. This was wonderful! I’m a Peruvian that grew up in NYC and went to the United Nations International School with people from allover the globe. I can fully relate to mind sex and the plethora of creativity and collaboration that cities offer. I also see the power of technology being a great tool for everyone, including the indigenous women artisans I work with in the Amazon rainforest.

    What moves me to tears? The work I do with amazing and talented indigenous women in the Amazon rainforest. Seeing their joy when they learn that people around the world are loving their work. When I see how they are embracing technology to help themselves and community through their vision to bring internet to their community, which I’m helping them with in a joint effort with two other organizations. It’s exciting to see how this tool will allow them to make themselves, their art, culture and beautiful environment, known to the rest of the world.

    Thank you for yet another great interview!

  269. Helping women awaken to their divinity.
    Watching them blossom into powerful magical women who remember their ancient truths and can heal themselves and their communities.

    • Love this answer. 🙂

  270. I am a quote person so the list never ends there but also this piece of music from the Pocahontas soundtrack.

    Farewell by Alan Menken

  271. What a fascinating discussion, and I am in love with the quote from Camus! I’m moved to tears when I think about the big-picture mission of my emerging business venture: I want to support men in discovering their inner fire and igniting the world with their soul purpose. To imagine a world full of people living with purpose, connecting with each other on a soul level, and how this could foster a more peaceful, inclusive, exciting, and limitless existence….that makes my heart race and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you, Marie and Jason, for living with passion and purpose, and sharing it with all of us!

  272. Linda

    I am moved to tears whenever I hug my dad or embrace him and tell him that he is the best and only dad i will ever want.

    xxxxx just thinking about it moves me to tears.


  273. Zoe

    Love the passion for life.
    Food for thought.

  274. Unschooling my daughters + watching their self expression blossom in the freedom to learn + explore + discover their world…

    Being on this incredible, unconventional, beautiful, challenging journey with two little angels in my life.

    Being alive…this moves me to tears.

    And seeing this video reminds me again how precious + wild + free + wonderful this life experience is.

    Thank you Jason + Marie…such wisdom + inspiration!

    Love + Freedom,


  275. Tina Presuhn

    Educating people through the internet of the topic of sexual slavery and then reading stories written by those that have escaped that life and are healing and thriving. Something that would move me to tears is to be behind the scenes of those rescues…to be a part of the healing and inspiring of the survivors.
    Thanks for the question/challenge Marie. And thanks for this awesome video!

  276. Awesome video Marie. I think this is up there with my favourites. Jason is an inspiration, not just his words – which are inspirational and evoke thought, but more so his passion. He oozes passion.

    What moves me to tears? The fact that I have 3 beautiful kids after being told I had cancer 6 years ago and thinking kids and even life might be off the table. In fact, I have tears in my eyes as I type this.

    Thanks again for the amazing video and I love your new intro!

  277. Loved this episode Marie!! I feel like I could just listen to Jason speak for hours. Such an interesting person. For your challenge – my little 2 y.o. daughter, Halle, moves me to tears. Of course there are difficult moments as a parent of a toddler, but sometimes I just look at her and I feel so much love that I get choked up. Thanks for this awesome vid Marie and Jason!

  278. Great discussion and video. Im actually lost for words to the point where I cant actually explain how I feel about this. I really enjoyed this and Im looking forward to connecting more. This was beautiful and amazing! Thank you Marie and Jason:)

  279. Brandi Mahurin

    This is one of the best videos I’ve seen on Marie TV. Don’t get me wrong I love your site and all of the messages are so relevant, but I really like how excited Jason Silva is about life and getting immersed in it. This piece totally reveals how deep human nature can be if we embrace ourselves and others and not get caught up in the mundane. I’m so inspired. Thanks.

  280. Jason Silva rocks. I love that guy and everything he spits out!!!

    I have to say I love the Camino de Santiago to tears. I just finished hiking it for the 2nd time and it absolutely transforms people. We see miracles happen on a daily basis, people find God, prayer, love, connection, hope, passion, joy and even marriage on the Camino. I have got a few good crying sessions in both times I have done it and would do it again.

  281. Maaike

    I am moved to tears when I can truly connect. Through 5-rhythm dance (by Gabrielle Roth), I can connect with my true self and with others: it’s about creation, for which words are not required.

  282. I’ve known Jason Silva for years through a friend but this is the most I’ve actually listened to him. He’s brilliant. However, no one here gets lost when he starts talking a mile a minute and does 10 philosophical espresso shots in 30 seconds? Maybe I’m just not used to listening to him but I felt like I was gasping for air through most of this interview.

    Also– the thing that moves me to tears is my family. Specifically my mother. She is my biggest supporter and fan — and it’s just amazing to have someone who is always on your side like that, no matter what.

    Love the new graphics and open btw. Soft and sassy 🙂

  283. Skye

    When I see someone push through and succeed in life, I am moved to tears and their bravery and boldness.

  284. Jason Silva speaks the truth!!! Ideas as memes!!!

  285. Fantasy worlds, especially Harry Potter’s. It was when I found a balance between that passion and my work that I created my business: Heroine Training.

  286. I LOVE dancing, traveling, sex.
    I love Bali, Koh Phangan, and my home here in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
    I love the tantric community and Ecstatic Dance community that surrounds me.
    I love my little brother and sister.

    Above all (although it’s kind of silly to quantify love, which is infinite) I love my boyfriend >> now, fiance since a week >> future husband, Toby Sebastian – whom I’m beyond grateful to share this life journey with.

    I’m moved to tears by all of the above, continuously.

    Thank you Marie and Jason for this. Mmmh! Exactly what I needed today. And so the ripple effect continues…

  287. sandy

    Late to the party here but so glad I watched this.
    The song, Longtime Sun, Monet’s Water Lilies, the Grand Canyon–all of these have moved me to tears.
    Thanks Marie–fabulous content.

  288. Kristin Milburn

    The first time I saw whales from a boat off the coast of Masschussetts in my 20’s I instantly burst into tears of awe and joy at their mighty-ness and shear beauty. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

  289. Hi! So super late to this party…but going through my emails that I could not get to in the last few weeks.

    This interview totally amped me up and made me search out more Jason Silva online. So, thank you.

    But what literally just moved me to tears TODAY was poetry by Tyler Knott Gregson. I feel like I’m vomiting up his name since last night when I read him for the first time. (There’s so many good ones, I want to write them all…but…I will be reasonable-ish). Here is the one that cracked me in half today in a way that I had no idea was necessary.

    Find the positivity. Find the grace. Find it and hold it and cling to it like it is your lifeline and only breath of air before everything sinks. Find the silver linings. Hold them in your lungs and search for them in the bubbles and rubble of all that pours down around you. Find the bright spot in the dark clouds, listen for the sounds of the birds when the winds pick up and tear down the house around you. It is there, shhhh, it is there, it is always there and it is waiting for you to reach out with both hands, bloody and shaking, and hold tight to it like it is the last thing you will ever learn how to let go. Find the glory, the glory through the ache, and understand that it is what we can endure that defines who we become. That it has never been about the punches we can throw, but the punches we can absorb and still stand up from. It is the standing up, it has always been the standing up and the refusal to lie still and quiet as the numbers count towards ten and the knockout becomes complete.

    Rise, my soul, rise through the flame and the ash, rise through the waters that fill the spaces under your arms as they crawl toward your throat. Rise and find the grace, for it is all around you.

    Find it. Find the grace.

  290. Maddy Culbertson

    I love the earth so much. This planet that we are such an intricate part of, that has supported us throughout time and continues to do so. That does not see race, gender, or socio economic status but supports all life equally. I love it sooooo much!

  291. Ana

    Excellent Read!! I am always so immersed in your posts. You have a gift for keeping people immersed!

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