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Most of us work really, really hard to make good things happen in life.

We put in long hours. We take risks. We keep the faith. We constantly work on our craft. We put ourselves out there and do our best to serve others.

But once you start experiencing success, do you ever worry about losing it?

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. - Winston Churchill Click To Tweet

What if everyone stops buying? What if I just can’t keep creating magic? What if people get bored of me (my talents/products/services) and I become yesterday’s news?

What if I’m actually not good enough?

It doesn’t matter how positive or spiritual you are, or how diligently you work, because our brains have ancient circuitry called negativity bias. Meaning, we tend to give more attention and weight to negative thoughts than positive ones.

If you find worries about it all “slipping away” mounting in your mind over and over again, there are concrete steps you can take to neutralize them.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, you’ll learn three simple and effective keys for how to deal with the fear of losing it all.

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DIVE DEEPER: Do stories of successful entrepreneurs make you feel like you’re doing everything wrong? These three revealing truths about overnight success stories should slow your roll.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Which one of the three steps shared can help you the most?

Or, if you’ve been neutralizing your own fear of losing it all, what strategies have helped you side-step your ancient circuitry so you can stay engaged and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to create?

Thank you, as always, for being generous, kind and insightful in the comments.

You truly make this one of the most remarkable places to learn and grow online.

With all my love and appreciation,


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  1. Great solid advice, Marie (as usual). For me, considering how I would respond to the worst case scenario is probably my best bet. My analytical side needs to be addressed and this takes care of that.

    The energy of worry drains the energy reserve that could be going towards creativity. Once I play out that scenario, I can return to the present moment where my true power lies.

    BTW, love the hand thong.

    • Still have this on my mind several hours later. As all else, being successful is a practice in faith. It’s being open to our constant unfolding and trusting that life won’t run out of great things to offer. It’s only our belief that wavers. If we’re assured of our worth, would we even doubt that success would sustain itself? The soul-searching never ends. But in the meantime, implementing these steps is crucial.

      • I could just cry reading this. Your words have touched my heart, yet again. You are a treasure here, Emelia. I always look forward to reading your comments. Thank you for sharing.

        • Awwwww. Thank you, Biba. I feel the same about you. 🙂

      • Emelia you hit the nail on the head! Great success magnifies our insecurities and therefore our belief wavers. Couldn’t agree more with what you said 🙂

        • Thank you, Jocelina. 🙂

      • Depending on how you define “success” in the first place, you may already have it, and never be able to lose it. So often we define success as something outside ourselves. Emelia, you make a great point about being assured of our own worth. If we define successful as standing sure in our own value in the world. We’re already successful, and that can’t be taken from us.

        I did an interview with Jonathan fields a while ago and he said that looking at the worst case scenario before you get there allows you to see that the absolute worst isn’t even likely to happen. And if it ever DID happen, you’ve pre-planned what’s next. As a friend of mine likes to remind me “faith in ourselves is the strongest magic there is” – and it’s a great insurance policy against “losing” success.

        • Love Jonathan. Would love to watch/hear the interview if there’s a link.

        • Hey Lisa! How did your audition with The Voice go???

    • Dear Marie. Great tips for managing the worry. I do have plan a worst case scenario, but have never written it down before. I joke with friends that my new worst case scenario is a two bedroom tent. I have 2 georgous girls to look after. Over the past four years I got involved with a business decision partner that didn’t go to plan and I borrowed $65,000 against my then home and rental investment. The time came to repay it and although my lifestayle had got better from business cash and income, I didn’t have the funds to repay the loan. I sold both my home and rental investments, and decided to put more effort into my business rather than the rental investment. My worst case scenario meant trading up to a flasher house where I work from home, and can be there for the kids. I don’t have as much overall equity in properties, but aligned myself with some new goals. I had to sacrifice the rental to do this though. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet. I really love that I have a beautiful new home and work from home. I never leave. LOL.

  2. This is so on time, Marie!!

    This time last year, I started a business, , and besides feeling overwhelmed, I had a lot of fear about surrounding the venture including fear of failure and fear of success. One of the things that is helping me with my fears is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

    I’ve learned that by tapping through your feelings and how it is affecting you is a way of facing your fear. You are fully exploring it with each statement that you make while tapping. By doing this, you are acknowledging and feeling it all, then the feeling diminishes. EFT has helped me quite a bit with all sorts of things and it is working on my fears too. Thanks for this video, Marie. Loving the side pony, Girl!!

    • LOVE THIS!!! xxDani

      • Thanks Dani! You are so awesome and your website is fantastic! New fan and follower. Peace and blessings!

    • This topic is HOT in Mentor Masterclass. I run a boutique style life coach training program for women who want to become life coaches, who want to learn all the tools ( EFT being one of them) to know how to lead their clients in a session with confidence. The most powerful conversations we have during the 1:1 attention portion of Mentor Masterclass is in the topic of launching their coaching business and pricing their packages. Charging what they are actually worth is so hard for women in the beginning of becoming a coach and getting clients to pay these new rates feels even more uncomfortable. When the women make this leap and actually succeed with a full roster of paying clients they are always more afraid the second round to go back and do it again. “It feels like this time there is more to lose” that’s what I always here when we go around in our sister circle calls each week on Google hangout. I have noticed that what really happens is we raise our ceiling and capacity to give and receive.

      We can never unlearn what we know now.

      1. Our beliefs change forever because we proved it possible
      2. This increases the potential we see and strive for
      3. The potential we notice has us take continued empowered action
      4. That level of action produces results.

      This cycle is exactly why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I love sharing this tool with the coaches and watching them soar with it in the sisterhood we create in Mentor Masterclass. This topic has become soo much fun because it feels like brilliance and power. Thank you Marie!

  3. This was a really great episode today Marie! I have also worried that one day my luck might run out in my industry. I’ve often thought about the success that I’ve had this far in my jewelry business and the fear of plateauing has often kept me feeling stuck in my business but doing the exercise today of thinking seriously about losing it all got me to realize that if I were to lose it all, things wouldn’t really be that bad and that I have friends and family who will always have my back and help lift me back up again!

  4. Great advice and all very do-able.

    For me as a musician and businesswoman too, I think points two and three are most valuable – but that’s for me personally. The reasons why are:

    – having a financial cushion and not having to worry about money (or where the next job/paycheck is coming from) literally frees up about half my brain to be creative, so it’s a double win – I’m not worrying about money AND I’m actually far more creatively productive at the same time.

    – going through the worst case scenario and what to do about it automatically releases fear. This is what I’ve found anyway – it’s something I learnt to do a few years ago and should really practice it more. I used to write down the situation, what was the worst thing that could happen, what’s the best thing that could happen, strategies for dealing with both, how likely it was that the worst thing that would happen (which is a great question to ask yourself as it immediately breaks the emotional hold the fear has over you), and what steps I could take to INFLUENCE the outside situation which would lessen the chance that the worst thing would happen. I really recommend that as a strategy as it calms you down and helps you think.

    And just a final thing for Philip (if you’re reading), in my experience as a music marketer, if you’ve got to the top of iTunes it’s extremely unlikely you’d lose absolutely everything as long as you have a great relationship with your fans through regular email communications, delivering value to them constantly, and acting in a way that’s authentic with your music brand. Your relationship with your audience is key to your success, and if you get that right people will remain engaged. I know that won’t take the fear away, but it’s a step that you can take to influence the likelihood that you’ll continue being successful!

    • Spot on Hazel. I agree with you. I’m doing all those things. And have been doing it for 12 years now. Doing those things you mention are important for all artists indie and major label alike.

      • Just want to say what beautiful music you make 🙂 I had a quick listen – very talented.

        • Hey Elizabeth! Thanks!

      • Thank you Philip. I couldn’t agree more – it’s so important for major and indies and we can serve our audiences way better that way!

        I’m having a listen now to your music – love it! I have signed up to your mailing list – you may have gained another fan… 😉

        Brilliant to hear another pianist and it’s always great to hear about more indie successes.

        • Thanks Hazel!!
          You have an incredibly powerful voice! Then I heard your speaking voice and it’s so lovely. Didn’t know you were British? Very cool to discover you. 🙂

          • Thank you so much Philip – that’s really kind of you!

            Yep, I am a London based Brit. Marie is connecting and educating people all over the world…

            Really looking forward to your updates on the music side 🙂

    • Completely agree, “Your relationship with your audience is key to your success, and if you get that right people will remain engaged.”

      The key to success is to lay the foundation right with time and patience.

      • Well said Umang.

      • Well said indeed Umang ‘the key to success is to lay the foundation right with time and patience’ – may have to write that one down 🙂

  5. Just finished B-School this spring and I have wondered how success will affect me. It’s refreshing to hear that the ups and downs are a natural part of building a business. That thought will serve me well as I build and continue to be creative.
    P.S. I love me some Jack Bauer. You probably want to cook for him because in all the seasons of 24, we’ve never seen him eat anything!

  6. I’ve had my ups and downs with my business, but the key is to always just keep your eye on the prize!

    • …means no matter what never lose your laser focus 🙂

  7. Hey Marie, great episode as usual. My current fears are around the opposite – fear of NEVER succeeding… I know that I have such a gift to offer to the world through coaching and teaching the principles of A Course in Miracles, but I can’t seem to get my ‘business’ off the ground right now. I’ve had two paying clients and have a list of people who want to do a group course with me, so there’s the positive, but I’m stuck in comparison, paralysis and money fears. I feel kind of close to my worst case scenario, and I haven’t yet tasted the success I’m aiming for. If I were a client of mine, I’d be highlighting that I’m in fear not love, and would be working on changing that focus and remembering the truth – that I AM safe and all is well right now. Still, the physical anxiety in my body today is horrible.

    I have spent years almost doing what I really want to do, and this is the closest I’ve ever been. I can hear the fear-based voice in my head telling me to go and get a ‘safe’ job but nevertheless, something is propelling me on… I’m in a catch 22. I need a coach really, group programs aren’t giving me the support I need, but I can’t afford one! Thanks for hearing me and the big thing for me is to manage my money right now xx

    • Elloa, Just pray and ask Jesus for Guidance xx

    • EFT has worked wonders in my life. Maybe it can help you too, in the meantime. Here is a video by someone who I follow:

      When you are in the thick of it, it is hard not to worry and focus on the lack. From my vantage point, it is easy for me to tell you to focus on your passion, which is helping others through their problems through the teachings of ACIM and your own journey. Everything else will be taken care of. That is just how the Universe works. Just trust and have faith. What you’re doing is so necessary, so don’t stop. It will work out for you, simply because what you’re doing is your destiny and from your heart. Peace and many blessings, Elloa.


      • Hey MP, lovely to connect with you again. Funnily enough, two days after posting this, I had the best response ever to one of my blogs, with 20+ comments and almost 160 likes! I was stunned and reassured… the Universe, it seems, has definitely got my back. Thanks for the EFT recommendation – I’ve used it in the past when I had a lot of overwhelming shame and body dysmorphia. Much appreciated x

    • OMG! I am so with you Elloa in that I worry about exactly the same as I start out. I have started doing more inner-work such as EFT to remove blocks etc and just “keep keeping on”. I have a quote above my desk which says “Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable”. I’m hoping it’s true 😉

      • Hi Vanessa, thank you so much for replying. I love the persistence quote and there’s been two comments for me about EFT, as well as ones further up. Okay universe, I’m listening…

    • I know where you come from and it is almost impossible to conquer that kind of fear intellectually.
      I offer for deeper rooted subconscious fears and unwanted patterns a 4 sessions program for $ 100 altogether minimum 4 people.

      I recently did it with a group and the results are stunning.

      please contact me personally if you are interested

      • Thanks Maria, I’ve done some EFT before. After posting this, I actually received some awesome support, including from within me 🙂 So I appreciate your offer, and it’s not something I’ll be pursuing right now.

  8. One of the problems I have when I’m afraid of something (or angry about something) is that I don’t actually let myself feel what I’m feeling. Instead, I’ll play the gratitude game and just go on for a while about all that I have to be thankful for and I really have no “right” to feel afraid given how much I have to be grateful for.

    I’ve recently learned, however, that this is really detrimental to my personal development. If I don’t actually let myself feel that emotion then I’m not ever going to be able to either move on from it or to turn it into something that will really benefit me.

    So, now, whenever I get some kind of fear or anxiety I really just try and sit with that uncomfortable-ness for a few minutes and see where it is stemming from. After that I’ll see if there is some action I can take to remove the fear or if it is something that is irrational and I need to just ask for peace on the matter.

    Great video, Marie! Thanks for the heads up that hammer pants are back in!

    • antidote to any kind of fear or procrastination is action!

    • Hey Lucy,
      I so hear you…
      I sit with what I am feeling, what I am thinking, what do I need + what I can do about it now…
      It gives me the answers pretty quickly….

      At the end of my day I will reflect on what I am grateful about before I drift off to sleep….so my day ends + begins with gratitude…

      And love me some hammer pants!

  9. Marie! I am so glad to hear you say, ‘Live below your means’. My hubby and I started out with a cute smaller home and simple lifestyle so I could explore creativity and entrepreneurship.

    So many people I see, create limits by getting trapped into these lives of too many bills, huge mortgage and then they can’t pursue their passions and dream businesses.

    I’m so happy we lived below our means so I can now run my biz full time.

    Great video darling!

    • Totally agree. Marie nails it every time! xxDani

    • Yes a great piece of advice that everyone should follow. There is so much comfort and joy in simplicity. Many forget that it is not about showing off your materialistic laurels but the ones that are right inside of you <3

    • Liz

      This is such good advice. It’s the way I live my life, and though I’m suffering health problems that keep my business teeny-tiny-small, the knowledge that my house is completely paid off gives me security in the knowledge that if everything failed tomorrow, I’d have a roof over my head, and I could survive on home-grown carrots! (Well, until I turned orange… I’d best get some spinach planted as well…)
      I’m looking forward to my roller coaster taking an uphill course sometime soon. In the meantime, one thing I always have energy for is keeping up my good relations with my loyal clients. Without that, my business is REALLY nothing.

    • This is so true, and so wise, Susie.”There is no point at which you can say, “Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.” ~Carrie Fisher.

  10. I loved all 3 pieces of advice and the practicality of being able to apply them.

    Sometimes, I think we become so inflexible that we miss the opportunity to grow into a space of even greater success. We don’t want to abandon what works, so we double our energy and time. When in reality, we need to explore new ways of expressing our work and creating value.

    Thanks Marie!

  11. Marie

    So true – our fears are alleviated by taking steps, taking action and realizing that if the sh*t were to hit the fan, we’d be all good.

    xx Johanna

  12. Hi Marie and everyone,

    Yes, action always helps anxiety. Especially when you’re feeling big resistance.

    (Love the analogy of pulling down the lap bar!)

    It’s nice to know that the flow is part of life and that makes it easier to ride it out.

    <3 Happy Tuesday!

  13. Mary

    Always a bright time to see you Marie! 🙂 I believe in Jesus, God, and His divine plan for my life, so life is peaceful and happy hooked up with the Man. The lap bar is genius though 🙂

  14. I love Marie. You make the most awesome marketing videos ever and this one is outstanding because you are addressing a serious question that I have never heard anyone talk about before. I love Marie.

  15. Francine

    I’m just starting out, but I have considered a lot about the ideas of external success and how I might handle it. I can imagine that if I get a wave of it or more, I may feel some of those very things Philip mentioned. Living below my means, investing wisely, and understanding that any financial gain I have is not to be taken for granted or guaranteed will also be essential to keep my mindset healthy. But I also want to write a note to my future self here. I hope always to be able to come back to my core reason why I decided to do what I want to do in the first place–to offer something from my heart to others, with the hope that it can serve them positively in their lives. That is a constant, strong, and ever-renewing cornerstone in my heart that can’t be taken away, even if for whatever reasons everything else external would be. Of course, it may take some extra strength to stomach those hills, but in the center of it all, that constant can remain, there for me to return to and to draw from at any time. 🙂 Thanks for addressing this topic–you’re right–it’s too scarcely addressed!

  16. The tip that will help me the most would definitely be the first one – Pulling the lap bar down. I need to understand that it’s not going to be a straight line. I can draw an analogy to my weight loss journey and what I tell my lifestyle coaching clients – the journey is not a straight line and as Marie said it is filled with twists and turns.

    One thing I also like to add is that success doesn’t happen by accident. It only feels easy because you are probably having a helluva good time on the journey there. So if you hit a snag, remember that you are capable of doing the hard work. You have worked hard before and can do it again. On the bright side, you’ll get to have fun all over again. 🙂

    Thanks for another great one Marie

  17. I didn’t have a fear of losing success until I watched this episode! 😉

    Not because I think my business is all impervious, but because I’m always creating new things and building toward my vision… There are definitely ups and downs, but I know I’m headed in the right direction and things continue to work as I co-create my business with the world at large.

    I know I’m coming at things from a deeper place, and all the surfacy success is just a reflection of what I know at my core to be true and unshakable. The big things like love, service, creativity… can’t be taken away.

    • so very right! with all the ups and downs, your creativity never has to suffer, for you take each one of the down in your stride, learn and create even better! “Love, service, creativity” 🙂

  18. I LOVE this episode! I am all about living below my means and creating less stress by not giving myself every little thing I want.
    Thanks for the reminder Marie!!

  19. GREAT advice, Marie. I especially like the advice about money. Living below your means and saving for those down times is essential. Because there WILL be down times.

    My advice: the key is to neither be attached to your successes or your failures. If you are hung up on either, the ride will be an anxious one.


  20. Lisa Zaslow

    I am worrying about the worst case scenario BEFORE the success! So, this video post was especially timely for me!! Thanks so much, Marie!

  21. Love! Love! LOVE! This! Thanks again for another sensational Q&A on Tuesday! Loads of love and kisses from Australia xxDani

    • Love this video, so funny and true as always. But well done Dani, slick website, fitness and health and 4 kids! I struggle with just two. What’s your secret? 🙂 Tempy

  22. Excellent post – maybe the best yet. (Do you have a new director? The humor outtakes seemed to have taken a quality leap….)

    GREAT lap bar analogy, though I’ve got the ride down! Financial cushion is where I need to focus. Because of that high tolerance for the ride, I’ve been willing to roll on the edge of the rail, despite the stress it creates. I’m in the middle of a little crowdfunding adventure now, to assure funding for my next chapter without compromising my current resources, but have been spending early to further my progress. Combining your advice with my own (I tell my clients that just because it’s been, doesn’t mean it has to continue!), I can slow progress to match the funds as they come in. The third suggestion also is valuable, and I caught myself yesterday circuiting back yet again to an unresolved personal conflict. I told myself to stop wasting creative energy on what I don’t want to happen, and get back to the fun stuff in my control.

  23. When I did the worst case scenario practice I realized that worst case scenario is not bad at all!! I would move in with family – whom I love – and keep pursuing my passions while simultaneously getting my feet back under me. This was a huge relief as I continue to take steps forward in my life and career.

  24. Great advice on this!

    I’ve got my lap bar on, it is a bumpy ride 🙂

  25. Allison Bayer

    Oh Marie! How timely was this? Thanks to Phillip too for his question.
    So this month, after 17 years of self-employment, I have no work!! What did I do? Switched gears to pull another hobby into the forefront and focus on getting items ready to sell next month. We’ve been in “lay-off mode” for my husband’s corporate job since I started my business so we’ve lived below our means for quite some time. Honest, it doesn’t hurt and we aren’t deprived; we just make smarter choices. Oh and the money thing . . . you are so right!! We’ve been good stewards of our funds from day one of our 30 year marriage and it is paying off literally! We have a daily log in sheet to record everything we spend each day. It is so routine now and has kept us, wait for it, accountable!! I’m married to an accountant and find humor whenever I can. So last month the house has been paid off! The landscaping we did last year? Paid for prior to work starting. Vacations, yep, pre-paid too. So, good healthy talks about our action plans has saved us from the usual fights couples experience. All this to say that your last point is true as well . . . we will be okay. Because we took care of business on the front end and remained constant in our accountability to each other. The next decision that needs to be made is anybody’s chance to do the next right thing. All you have to be is willing to be uncomfortable going against the spendy friends/rest of the world that surrounds you. We are living proof it can be done. Hugs, Allison

    • Thank you for this – in the mode of “never too late to start” I am starting again with nothing and will be sure to implement these strategies from the start of my climb back upwards.

  26. Totally hit home for me this week. I recently “hit” on a needed service and I worry maybe it was just a one time thing.

    Definitely continuing to live below my means is essential. Also just being more in touch with my finances – where everything is going is important to me.

    I love the idea of dealing with the worst situation now – I suspect it won’t be that bad at all.

  27. Thanks for A’ ing my Q Marie!
    Very helpful.
    It’s a question many business owners have.

  28. Marie, I especially liked that you talked about having a financial cushion and how it allows you to have a creative cushion. So true! It’s crazy how mindset can change from creative to fear if you “think” the funds aren’t there. I would rather buy from someone who is creative and calm and would think twice before buying from someone who appears desperate.

  29. Dear Marie,

    Aside from your fantastic delivery; you content is astounding. I thought the advice you suggested to be tweetable was the best of the 3 tips. How true that a disaster plan flushes the fear of the unknown.

    Uber Fan who loves you too!


  30. Marie, loved the MC Hammer parts – hysterical! Also loved your solid advice. For me, thinking about worst case scenario will ground me the most. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  31. Great question but I am happy to say I don’t have this fear. Mainly because I never focus on my success to date, but who I’m serving and what impact am I making in their lives.

    That takes ‘my ego’ or doubts or fears out of the equation because I’m focusing on others. I also know that I become more successful by helping more people in what I currently do which makes me happy.

    However I’m confident enough now after the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship that I can probably turn my hand to a variety of other types of businesses and lifestyles when I’m not the Suitcase Entrepreneur and will probably be happy to change direction by then and start afresh and see if I can once again build up a successful business and a lifestyle I love.

    Don’t get me wrong I still have doubts about what I’m doing and whether I’m on track to make my vision come true, but more and more the Universe is showing me that I’m on the right track and momentum is showing me I’m doing the right things.

    Plus given I live in my suitcase and lead a minimalist lifestyle, and don’t buy stuff just experiences, plus have a healthy six figure business, I am definitely living within my means and still feeling abundant.

  32. 😀 Heheheh- I am wearing Hammer Pants right now, so I can really relate to this video!

    Hmmm- nice question: I’m still building up my successes; my work and life are founded on strong foundations, rooted deeply and stabilising more and more as I grow.

    I love your advice about living simply, Marie- and about saving- something I could start looking at!

    I used to sit in constant fear though, of losing what little security I did have- this kept me paralysed for years! :-/

    As time has passed, I’ve gained more and more confidence (particularly since doing B-School!) in my own inner resources being the thing which will always ‘travel with me’. I’ve organised my external resources in a way that I can live comfortably, without the fear of losing everything, though there’s still the possibility that it’ll all crumble round my ears, if there’s another big earthquake! 😉

    Great, great advice, as always!

  33. Sarah

    Oh this is a favorite! My partner is the fearmonger. After experiencing 8 years of success in our business, you are so spot on & I have 2 pieces to add:
    1. Funnel your money into assets that produce (preferable passive) income to diversify your earnings. Odds of it all going south simultaneously is lower. We invest in small multi family real estate which also serves as a nice appreciating retirement plan.
    2. List the upsides to the downturns. For us, there’s life & professional stuff we’d LOVE to do but feel trapped by the golden handcuffs of a hugely profitable business that absorbs our energy.
    Thank you Marie – to all of our success!!

  34. CC

    Several years ago, I took dance classes with Marie at Crunch. She was always my FAVORITE teacher and made everyone forget that they weren’t pros and just go with the music.

    Imagine my surprise when several years later, I come across all of this great rich content after being referred by a friend. It’s definitely not a coincidence. And there continue to be these happy occurrences every time I’m contemplating something with taking my blog to the next level and come across a Marie topic in my inbox dealing with exactly the thing I’m stewing on. Today is no different. As I gain readership, I start worrying how I’ll have time to do it all, if I can truly one day make this my sole source of income. Totally agree with the tips here and think that it’s great to honor these worries by addressing them with love.

    Thank you for the continued inspiration, Marie!!!

  35. Lisa A

    I love this video because you made me realize I have a different fear — fear of the roller coaster ride. I’ve been following the advice of all the gurus and now feel happy in my own skin. Getting on a roller coaster ride again and being knocked around isn’t fun. But, after you made me face this fear, I realize I have better tools now. I can put my lap bar down and wave at the pimply teenager instead of gripping it with fear. Woo hoo! Life is great and I’m ready to get on the next ride. 🙂
    Thank you!

  36. Leslie Johnston

    Reminds me of the quote by Benjamin Franklin:

    “If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

    I’ve also heard a saying that ‘true wealth is ability’… If you did it once you can do it again!

    I definitely agree that making a plan for the worst case scenario is a good idea so we realize we are ok, and keeping a financial padding and living below our means is also very wise! When we alleviate stress, we can increase our creativity, and keep the energy flowing! 😉

  37. Cristina

    Thanks Marie, that is a great advice. As always!

  38. I needed to hear all of this. I’ve been CAUSING a plateau in my life currently to keep from “moving to the next level” in my life. I’ll fall back on old habits then focus on “fixing” those old habits that I’d actually already worked on and conquered.

    I think the best thing I can possibly do for myself are truly all three of these things.

    Every time I get extra cash, I live moment to moment. I go out and enjoy a meal, I travel or indulge in some kind of fun activity. It’s time for me to strap down on my cash and start saving for myself. I also always live above my means. While at first it was fine, now it’s very challenging mentally and emotionally to barely afford what you have.

    I also struggle with the downs of the roller coaster ride. I take the drops harder than most. I take mistakes and failures as a personal fault in my personality or abilities, rather than recognizing that this is part of the journey of growing your business and yourself.

    And lastly, I need to visualize what losing everything would look like for me. I stay up at night obsessing about what I would if I lost the things I had and it paralyzes me into more fear.

    So I am going to make an action plan–so there will be no falling backwards or self-destructive behavior if I do lose it all.

  39. Melody

    This is so important to address when working for yourself and/or in a creative field. There are so many stories of famous people who squandered their wealth. Because I have yet to make money and had the fear of doing the same thing (squandering it), I started asking myself what I would do with $X income, then $Y income and so on. It helped me clarify priorities, and while it is almost the reverse of what you are talking about here, if I already had more money than I knew what to do with, I’d hire a financial planner. I’m preparing myself mentally and emotionally for financial success so that I won’t crash and burn.

  40. So glad you decided to cover this, Marie. I live in a state of worry and I’m constantly doing what I can to prevent myself from falling victim to something that most of the time doesn’t exist.

    If I lost all the success in my business, I might I have to get another part-time job doing what I love while hustling on the side like a mad woman until it could be a dream again.

    PS – I wish I could breakdance like you. Cheers!

  41. This is really fantastic advice, Marie! I followed this same advice when I started my private practice in 2010. Me and my husband drastically reduced spending and got rid of any bills / luxuries we could live without. I even sold my car. This took the pressure off of me to be a financial success over night. It allowed me to focus on the business and the work I needed to do. As far as the ups and downs go… Yes! It certainly is a roller coaster, although I have found that it stabilizes more and more with each year. My biggest advice to budding entrepreneurs out there is to just be patient. We reap what we sow. You’re sowing a lot right now and many of you have been sowing for a long time. It will pay off eventually. Just keep going!

  42. dear sweet marie,

    YES! i need to do all 3! thank you for these words of wisdom.


  43. OMG, Marie. You have NO idea how badly I needed to hear this today. Thanks so much for making this video! As someone plagued with worry, I have to remind myself of these three tips on the reg, but having you confirm what I’m already doing makes my mind even more at rest.

    Oh, and P.S.: My worst case scenario? Getting a day job. If that’s the worst thing that could happen? I’m a lucky girl. Thanks again for the reality check!

  44. Marie,

    Thanks so much for this awesome video! Funny – my husband and I were literally talking about this yesterday. That overwhelming feeling when everything is going the best it’s every been and you can’t stop wondering when everything is going to go really bad.

    I love that you say “think of the worst that could happen”. Facing your fears is one of the best way to prepare for the worst and (inevitably) everyone will face bad times. And good times (hopefully!).

    It wasn’t too long ago that I wasn’t able to pay for groceries each month, so “the worst” is still fresh in my mind. I think the longer one has success, the harder it is to keep the mindset that everything could easily be lost.

    Living under your means, in my opinion, is one of the BEST ways to prepare for tough times. Put away that extra $$ and save it for a rainy day.

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, I feel like this can also be applied to everything else in life and ultimately point out how important it to try our best to cherish each day.

  45. Thanks a bunch, good adivce, “Deal with the worst case scenario now”. I will be putting some thought into this one.
    Thanks again.

  46. When you know (when you truly know) that life is created from the inside out, from the infinite flow of creativity also called divine intelligence,
    the fear of “losing success” just doesn’t have a hold on you anymore.

    Tune out the noise of the mind and tune into your inner wisdom and creating (anything) becomes effortless.


  47. Great episode. In fact, it’s my favorite so far since the fears you mentioned are exactly what I’ve felt in the past. As you said, living within your means, is a must. And doing that is exactly what has helped my creativity to thrive.

  48. I recently faced my worst case scenario! My art business was not doing well enough to support me since the recession. I had to sell the house I had lived in for 37 years, and move to a different city where it’s less expensive to live and I don’t know anyone. I was terrified, but guess what? I’m fine, and I actually like it better here. It’s quiet, I’m out of the city, and I’m starting to meet new people. It’s like starting over again, and an opportunity to reinvent my life.

  49. Natalia Stefanova

    Really cute episode – love it!

  50. Great timing on this one Marie. I just spent 4 grueling days looking for a house to relocate my family as my wife goes to graduate school. Everything is scary because though my business has done AMAZINGLY well since I quit my day job and did B-School this year, I am afraid it could all disappear in a puff of smoke. I’m going to be the only one earning money, the rent is going up a lot in a more expensive city, and I have to support my spouse while she gets her PhD for approximately 5 years. I have to pull that lap bar down! In my heart I know we can be smart and it will be fine. And worst case scenario, I have to go back to my day job full time. We will not starve, we will not be homeless, we will still love each other. Thank you so much for the perspective and the image of the roller coaster. It is perfect and oh so helpful.

  51. All great advice, as usual, Marie! As a serial entrepreneur who’s been through many “twists and turns that make me want to hurl,” one thing I’ve learned is to trust in the process.

    Every time my business takes a bit of a nosedive, I trust the universe is simply clearing a path for something even better… and it somehow always happens.

  52. I wish I met you four years ago Marie. Your advice for people that are successful and also that aren’t anymore (like me) need to know all this. I never asked the question of what will be the worst scenario I was so sure it will be alright……but it wasn’t…and I end it up taken by my friends and losing my home and my businesses… the problem also was that I am not alone I have 3 girls and my husband, and YES it was devastated because I changed their lifestyle and put all under risk without knowing and without asking myself the question and being caution. I never work for anybody and we had to do it in order to bring food to the table… I never thought I could possible be doing something I don’t love…..but let me tell you something I am just FINE my family is happy after all and we are working very hard to improve our situation and get back to where we belong (Business)….you don’t need to go through all this I am mentioning, that is why it’s very important to be wise and save as much as you can…I am starting all over again this time without money just with an idea to serve others but I have to keep my full time job in the meantime…..and sometimes I don’t even know if I will be able to make it…..But I have learned to trust GOD and I am working with my mind and my heart open and whatever it happens I am enjoying it :)……Love and Blessings to all …..Nancy

  53. I find asking “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” is a fantastic tool and something I do all the time.

    The funny thing is I don’t usually take the next step of writing down my action plan. Even though this is basically the same as risk management and contingency planning. Something I’d do automatically in my old corporate career. For all new projects we’d write risk and contingency plans for various worst case scenarios.

    Thanks for the reminder to start doing this in my business too!

  54. First, I just have to say Marie, I just love you to bits and pieces! I’m a long time follower and you share such amazing gems, and I am so appreciative of it.

    This week was no different – for me… its all about pulling the lap bar down. I know there are ups and downs in business. I run a higher end photography and design service and I will go for weeks sometimes without a single new booking and then get slammed all at once. This has happened on an off for the past 5 years I’ve been in business. I’ve come to expect it, but it is so nice to hear you say it. Thanks again for everything you do!!

  55. Marie,
    Ever since I got introduced to you, I have been loving watching and listening to what you have to say and Thank You!

    With love, faith, action and surrender ALL is possible <3

    The last 7 years of my own life is proof of that. Monetized my passion, started my business from scratch and never looked back. A lot of hard work, a lot of time and a lot of effort, but a lot of the best support of my mother and my coach. And I have never believed that I need to reach "a point" when I should just sit back, for there is so much joy in doing what I do – impacting lives all around me – why would I want too sit back? It actually fuels my passions even more!

    I have learned to sit back though on a daily basis with play and nap times. I am into this until my last breath 🙂

    What do I do? Check me out:

  56. Isn’t it interesting how our brains seem to default to worry? When we’re not successful, we worry we never will be. When we are successful, we worry it won’t last.

    This is all great advice, as usual. In particular, I’ve found that as Danielle LaPorte says, having a worst-case scenario is liberating.

    This is something I’m constantly reminding myself of. Even if the crap hit the fan, I would survive.

  57. I really liked what you had to say about planning for the worst case scenario. Even if it never happens, having a plan is calming and comforting and will help you relieve the stress of thinking about it. And beyond that, spending your money wisely and making sure to live within your means will insure that if the worst DOES happen, that you at least will have some savings to fall back on. Excellent video!

  58. Awesome video!

    MC Hammer tip was my favorite! (and not just because of the cool dance moves 😉 ) My business income is more or less sporadic, and no matter how much I earn, I live simply. It gives me a peace of mind that I could survive a long time even my business doesn’t go according to the plan.

    Being relaxed about the finances allows my creativity flow and be able to serve people. I don’t work well under pressure – when I’m stressed I’m pretty much useless haha 🙂 So no MC Hammer mistakes, no matter how successful the business is today!

    • I love love love your website and signed up for your blog 🙂

      • Thanks Jennifer! 🙂 Glad to hear you love it! <3

  59. Becky Byrn-Schmid

    Just love her! She has great ideas!

  60. Thank you for this Marie! I think it is so important to address this subject. People avoid it like the plague because seriously, after you have worked SO hard to become successful, it is overwhelming to think about a time when you won’t be. It is the elephant in the room and failing to plan is planning to fail. I am going to write down the worst case scenario and decide what my plan of action will be. Thankfully I have a husband who is an engineer and thus, a planner. We can usually tackle these situations with great success.

    Excellent, actionable advice. I appreciate all you do!

  61. In a previous life I was a therapist and I used the “worst case scenario” with my clients all the time. It usually showed them how, at the bottom of their fears, there wasn’t really anything to be afraid of. I use it on myself when my anxiety gets the better of me.

    Since I do not consider myself successful, I didn’t think I would get much out of the video, but what it did for me was force me to ask myself what is the worst case scenario if I got out there and did all the things I want to do. People would laugh? Yes, being laughed at would hurt, especially if it was done by people I love, but would it kill me? It would probably feel like it for a minute or two, but hey, at least I tried.

    It is time to put that lap down bar and go for it!

  62. This reminded me of Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED speech on the Elusive Creative Genius. Great reminder that even after success, the trajectory is not constantly up. 🙂

    • Oh, and the Buddhist saying…Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. 🙂

      • Liz

        Yes! Yes! Yes!

  63. Thank you Marie. Love this advice and it comes in perfect time. In life, in business we have to enjoy the ride. Be smart with our money, be brave and enjoy the ride. Thank you

  64. I have already lived the nightmare so I work hard to control my spending and pare back my expenses. I need to enjoy the ride more – even though that is hard having experienced the downs. I’m ready for some ups now and I’m releasing my creativity and enjoying myself more now.

  65. Jen

    It’s true! I always know that the worst that can happen is I put my stuff in storage and move back in with my parents.

  66. Strangely enough, I’m not even worried about “losing success” but about getting more income in — and I unexpectedly found so many things mentioned her beneficial. Thanks, Marie! 🙂

  67. Paul McManus

    Marie, great episode. I have just become aware of you the past few months and now yours is the one YouTube channel that I look forward to watching every Tuesday. You have the perfect combination of wit and wisdom. Also, what a coincidence that you chose this topic to talk about. I just experienced a very stressful situation in the past week, where I had to mentally face my fear and be prepared to walk away from my company of 10 years where I am the CEO. However, in being able to mentally accept the possibility, if I had to, that freed me up to address the situation in a calm, rational manner, and the situation was resolved smoothly. Thank you for being you and providing the wisdom and humor to keep all of us entrepreneurs on our A game.

  68. Mary

    It’s amazing how the right words and the right actions always come to us at the right time. For me, it wasn’t about being afraid to lose it, it was more about not feeling good enough to keep it. Does that make sense? I know it might sound the same to some, but for me, there is a definite difference. I found that by searching outside myself, I was only feeding the inner “not good enough” part of me.

    When you asked us to consider what was the worst thing that could happen, you mentioned needing to be taken in by a friend. That’s where I am at this time, but its not a bad thing. There is a certain need within each of us for some type of security before we can move forward with our life’s purpose. I’ve known my life’s purpose for the last 10 years but have not pursued the path because of the lack of confidence I had in myself to provide the security I needed without that steady paycheck.

    The friend I’m staying with has provided me with the security to allow me to pursue my purpose fill-time knowing that when the universe responds I will be sharing the blessings. Each day I am sincerely thankful for every experience in my life because they have all led me to trust the spirit within and taught me that’s where the answers lie.

    I love listening to your presentations Marie – thank you for being who you are and allowing your light to shine on each of us.


  69. Wellll
    Having just reached that “bottom” I am happy to say that my happiness has not been altered (although I had some depressed days) and I am encouraged by the BSchool group, once again, to bounce back – with new strategies to make the “bottom” a little “cushier” next time.

    Being here now – I can tell you that no matter how much money you have in the world, the important things are your health, relationships, supportive posse, and drive to succeed. You don’t even need motivation, you just need to get up every day and take positive action.

    I’ll let you all know when I am “back” on the upswing. 🙂

  70. I’m definitely still at Step 1 on my blog. I’m prepared for the ride and love the highs and lows of learning how to communicate with my audience. I’m going to come back to this video when I start to feel discouraged and remember to ask myself “What is the worst that could happen?”.

    P.S. You are rocking that dress! Love it!

    • Liz

      I only watch Marie to pick up clothing tips 🙂
      (Only joking, Marie, the content is really number one, though I do love your wardrobe… and the hand thong.)

  71. When I made the leap from my full time job to my full time self-employed business, I decided to keep in mind that there would always be a job out there I could do. It does keep things in perspective.

    For me the challenge is to stay balanced. To be present with my family and partner even if I could keep on working. Because in the end, there will always be work and something to do, but the relationships in your life my not be there if you didn’t nurture them.

  72. John G

    I really liked the part about writing down the action plan. I’ve tossed around what I would do if I lost my current success but I haven’t made an exact action plan. This is good stuff and I’ll 100% get started on my immediately.

  73. Talk about good timing! I’ve been running my business for over three years – and this week I decided to make the leap and take on a small and reasonable mortgage. I’m very excited, but also very nervous because of the “What if all of a sudden my business stops doing well?” bug in my ear. The last thing I want to do is lose the two things I’ve been working to hard to earn the past three years. Thanks for all of the great advice. 🙂

  74. I feel that if I were to have this worry (I’m still trying to get myself up and going with consistent income!) is really write out an action plan to keep the momentum going and work on my finances. Another great video, Marie, thank you! 🙂

  75. Hi Marie,

    Awesome video & super timely as I was just wondering this morning WHAT it will take for me to go full-time into my business.

    There is a lot of fear (though I have experienced immense success in a short amount of time with my business part-time) that once I jump in, everything will halt.

    The technique I liked the most was your WORST CASE SCENARIO. I’ve had friends tell me to talk through that before but no one has ever suggested making an actual plan if it DOES happen. Since I’m such an organizational and planning guru, it’s on my to do list this week now.

    Thanks again! Kristi

  76. Giulia

    Hi Marie! Thanks for the episode… It seems like if in this last period you are reading my mins and adressing all my problems… Thanks for the help! 🙂

  77. Darling Angel Delgado

    Watching your video & thinking about my situation. I am already living my worst case scenario so I can drop that fear. I hadnt thought of it like that. A d I have fallen out of the roller coaster seat a time or two, landing both on my head & my ass wondering if there is any difference between the two so.etimes. living beyond my means is the hole Iam currently buried under right now. Lesson learned, I hope. I have reservations in making that statement without feeling like its a lie. Probably cause I am buried so deep at the moment & health circumstances have me so tied up I havent the wherewithal to get past my problems as I rack my brain for the quickest easiest solution. So deep in the forest. I cant see the trees. However, once I get my money unfunny than my biggest fear factor thanks to todays video wi no longer be a thought in my mind. Thank you Marie & Phillip.

  78. Awesome advise, Marie! Thanks!

  79. Every week, you seem to be spot on with what I’m facing. I have fears of losing success especially when my health factors in and can’t design outfits or work on some deadlines because of health problems. I battle with heart disease and a genetic disorder known as 22Q and came to find ways to not hold onto success with my fashion so to say, but rather do something with purpose like blogging to help others who face exactly what I do and use my experiences to inspire and give hope to other sufferers who are feeling these fears or trapped by their circumstances as I often feel. In our minds, it’s easy to feel that we are losing success, but actually, when you keep working your hardest and reaching out to others for the greater good and to make the world a more positive place, then those things are successes in themselves. Only you can stop you from being successful, not fears, because fear has no power unless you allow it. And Ms. Forleo is right, it is important to manage your life in a realistic way and live within your means. Lifestyle choices are important.

  80. LOVE the dress you are modeling in this episode. You can wear anything but I love this design concept and seein your hair styled different for summertime fun!
    Ride that hip-hop coaster, like U do. <3

  81. some fears are almost impossible to conquer intellectually.
    I offer a workshop for deeper rooted subconscious fears and unwanted patterns a 4 sessions program for $ 100 altogether minimum 4 people.

    I recently did it with a group and the results are stunning.

    please contact me personally if you are interested

  82. Susan

    Great practical advice, but what I really want to know is where did you get that smokin’ dress??!! Love, love, love it! Seriously – who makes it and where is it available???

  83. Facing the fear is such a great tip! We can’t necessarily control the twists and turns of the “rollercoaster” but in the end true success, contentment, or fulfillment comes from the inside. If we get in touch with that place we can pull ourselves out of needless worry. That being said, it is a practice– and getting reminders like this is so helpful. Thanks, Marie!

  84. Wanda

    Totally agree with a financial cushion for your creative cushion. With being self employed for fourteen years and in a cyclical kind of business/industry has taught me to plan out all the finances first, create that cushion so that I can feel freer so to speak and also to be selective in my choices as well of who I work with.

  85. Marie,

    The topics you are willing to address are not being handled anywhere else and certainly not in the way that nurtures trust and a smile! Thank you for following your passion so that others feel inspired and unafraid to follow their passion. You SO rock.

  86. Jodi Brown

    My walk away tweetable….A financial cushion actually gives you a creative cushion. – Marie Forleo

  87. Bryan

    The hardest thing for me is the financial fear. Without a cushion under me (which I only feel like I can get from working my current full time job) I will be in fear.

    With the right financial backing I think I can get that. But How do I break away and have the financial cushion at the same time? I guess I have to keep saving up yes? And break away at the right time?

    • Hey Bryan,
      I’d say, saving up yes. but also getting super clear on what current comforts are you willing to give up?

      Sometimes we have so much stuff we dont actually need, and often we spend money without a second thought. When we consciously focus on the money coming in and out and figure out whats essential (food +rent) versus whats extra – we can clearly see a path to great savings and a path to letting go of the work we dont truly desire to do.

      But until that time, there is no need to wait on starting your creative pursuits. You can still embark upon your creative desires even while working another job.

  88. I loved this episode. My favorite line was “A financial cushion gives you a creative cushion”

    And so true, that if we dare ourselves to actually go into the worst possible scenario, it’s normally not that bad. By being fully present and aware and allowing ourselves to take a moment to go into the worst case scenario we allow that fear to release.

    Really awesome episode, thanks 🙂

  89. I started to take care of my finances and it feels great! I just started (so I’m in the middle of it), therefore I am counting it in.

    The worst case scenario is quite scary to deal with, but I understand why I should.

    I’ll probably start with it right away 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  90. Olga

    Marie, rocks Tuesdays, (Wednesdays in Asia;)) as usual!

    I loved the 3rd advise to play the worst case scenario in our head and have a plan B, C, D etc. life is beautiful in all it’s ups and downs and we can just enjoy the ride and witness whatever is happening.


  91. Thank you SO much for this video! I didn’t realise I’ve been holding myself back from more success because of the fear that I can’t sustain it if I do get it. Thanks for shedding light on this so we can disperse it! I think the 2nd action step, of taking wise action with your money was very helpful for me. Though ALL 3 are amazing!! LOVE you as always Marie. You are always SO comforting. You may be the sole reason I am still in biz after several years and an initially slow start:) xxx

  92. This is a great post – I love hearing that those who have achieved a level of success I wish for are still feeling the feeeeeear of failure…not because I wish harm on successful people 😉 But because I think it’s important for those of us who are at the beginning of the tough climb to see that it isn’t like we will cross a line to success at some point and just be there. We have to go with the roller coaster.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  93. My worst fears are happening right now. I’ve had a successful massage practice for 23 years and I’ve injured my shoulder. I’ve had injuries before, but this one will end my career. I have worried the entire time about loosing my success because of the physical nature of the job and took all of Marie’s steps, but now I have to start over with something else. I’ve trained for other “spa” professions, but I don’t have the same passion for them as I do for massage. I will miss my clients a lot and I’m overwhelmed with the idea that I can’t do what I love anymore.

    • Oliver

      Sorry Barbara..

  94. Agatha

    My fear when it comes to success is to do not achieve it. I come from a very small town in Brazil and I have a lot of people discouraging me when I talk about my dreams of living abroad and becoming a successful businesswoman. I know that everyone have their own concept of success but I dream big, and I’m afraid I won’t become as big as I want so I can help as many people as I would like to. I’m young just started working, just got into college, and I put a lot of preassure on myself on exactly how I should lead these next years, knowing that if I screw up once, I would loose the opportunity of my life. It’s becoming overwhelming dealing with it, any advice ?

  95. Great Video. My problem is that I get discouraged easily. I feel I put out so much effort and get rejection when calling on new clients. I am really good at what I do where I seem to have issues every time is taking it to the next level. II would love to see a video on how to take it to the next level once you are executing a successful service or business. How to get others interested . I laready use Constant Contact. Any advice?

  96. Been there. Done that. Wrote a mini novelette about it :). Seriously though. I lost a lot a few years ago and had to really dig deep inside and decide where I was going to go next. Once you face your fears you can achieve anything.

    Further, I always keep in mind something that my mother said to me when I was first going away to college, “Sometimes you have to go sideways in order to move forward.” And most recently, my father said to me, “Be patient, and stay focused.”

    It sucks to have to eat crow or go “backwards” so to speak; however, if you are revisiting a past career in order to get yourself back on your feet in order to move you towards your ultimate goal (whatever that may be); there is no shame in that game. Oftentimes we are afraid of what people will say about us or think of us if we have a failed business venture, etc. But the reality is that YOU took a chance, and while it may not have turned out exactly like you wanted, you CAN always change and revisit things and make them better in the future, because presumably you have learned from those mistakes and may be able to twist some things and make them better!

  97. Oliver


    Thank u for the tweet able and informative, fun, sincere account of three steps to dealing with the fear of losing success.
    In my case I also fear achieving more progress.

    Pulling down the lap bar is most helpful step in reducing my fears.
    In some cases fears of losing success or making progress is causing physiologically changes such as: runny nose, sneezing, blocked nasal passages, watery itchy eyes, stomach problems and sleep deprevation. It also attacks minds. Randomly forgetting things and helping others. At the end of the day if I frequently forget and help enough people I lack energy or time to help myself.

  98. I have so much confidence in what I do as a beauty expert that I don’t fear losing it as I have an equal amount of confidence and passion for the other things I do but don’t make a living at. One would be house keeping. If I lost everything I have built, I could easily become the worlds best house cleaner and make a great business and living for myself. Having more than one talent or passion offers an entrepreneur great peace of mind.

  99. Tony gurney

    Wow. That was good, cos I’m planning a career in music myself. So they are some really helpful tips put into context for me 🙂 thanks marie xx

  100. It is so funny how we freak ourselves the minute we have a bit of success or happiness, it like we are waiting for something bad to happen the minute we get to enjoy something. The thing is that most of the scary scenarios we imagine never get to happen so it is great to do that writing exercise Marie suggests, I started having this practice a few years ago and it is like mental house cleaning! You feel clear, relaxed and empowered after doing it, planning for the worst is sometimes more empowering than planning for the best.

  101. I use this exercise all the time with my clients and it is sooo powerful. Facing your fears, and creating a plan around them just helps you dump out all that gunk out of your head and make room to move forward.

    Loved this episode! Also loving the hammer pants… ha!

  102. Cara Robertson

    This was a really timely and great Q&A. Thanks Marie! I would love to hear more about Philip though too. What’s his story? He sounds like he would have an interesting one.

    PS. Agreed with the comments earlier that it’s about trusting in the universe to be working in your favour even if it’s not visible. Sometimes those “hard times” are the best things to ever happen to us. 🙂

  103. Really good advice and tips, Marie. We tend to feel more at ease when we feel like we are in the driver’s seat of our lives. And we all go through this fear of losing not just the success we’ve got, but anything that is dear and valuable to us.
    Thank you very much!

  104. Yes, yes I do love Jack Bauer…especially when he whispers. Ha. 🙂

  105. Dealing with worst case scenario is most helpful tip for me! Makes me realize than I can pull out of any trouble, if I put my mind to it.

  106. Hi Marie. I came across your videos today, oh my god i can say i love your videos. When i’ll have a little bit of time i’m gonna watch it all! I’ll have also some questions to you. Hope you’ll read ! Kisses from Italy

  107. Another great Q and video. As an indie author with a seven week old baby, I’ve found myself feeling anxious and stressed this week about the possibility of using up my financial cushion to focus on loving and adoring my baby. What if less (or no) promotion leads to a big dip in sales of my books? What if I find no time (or creative energy) to write the next book in my series as promised to my readers? What if this time next year I find I need to get a “real job”?

    I find talking out loud about the worries and issues in my head almost instantly dissipates them from my mind via my own babbling answers: “But why would my sales slow now when they’ve been steadily increasing? And I’m really getting the hang of this getting a baby to sleep business, so I’ll have loads of time and energy! And this IS my real job! Right. Good chat. I’ll get dinner on so. Fillet steak and a bottle of Moet it is; the pot noodle of the wealthy like us!”
    He nods back at me in agreement, not having had a chance to even inhale on the expectation of getting a word in. “Good chat.”

    Despite my brilliant sound board, it’s always reassuring to know that we are all in the same boat and these thoughts and fears are natural, and likely conducive to spurring us into action when we pay attention to them – becoming more organised, efficient, positive and proactive. At least that’s the plan anyway 😉

    I also love the reminder that change is constant – trying to cling to how things are, whether it’s the success of your business, the current balance of your relationship, or wishing teeny adorable babies would never grow up is futile. Embrace the ebb and flow of life. With change comes new experiences, deepening love, and equally joyous parenthood. (They were my out-loud answers anyway…)

    Thanks so much for your awesome website Marie! Love your wisdom!

  108. Jane

    Have a superficial observation that adds nothing to the discussion whatsoever: Marie, you have very good-looking staff. Just fyi.

  109. Loved this episode, Marie. I can so relate to the final step on what’s the worst thing that could happen and the benefit of doing that. 9 years ago when my husband died, I was laid off from what I’d hoped was going to be the last place I ever worked. I had 2 mortgages on my house and went from a handsome salary to unemployment. I had savings, but I had not planned for this and I totally freaked. It wasn’t until I sat down and wrote “what’s the worst thing that could happen” and took myself to the, as you say, “bottom of my fear” that I started feeling better. I mean, after all, I’d already lost my husband and my job, what else could go wrong? So this is a very powerful way to address and neutralize fears. Thanks for giving it oxygen.

  110. Hey Marie. This was a great video. I think as entrepreneurs, we all have a fear of losing everything. This is a great tip to realize what it would look like and how would we handle it. This keeps us moving through the fear and allows us to remain focused. Thank you so much for your constant value!!!

  111. Do not many people talk about the fear of losing success because not many people are experiencing it? Or because people are still in “success would be a fine thing” mode and would love to experience success before they worry about losing it all?

    Whatever, your 3 step advice is still good, Marie:
    1. Experience success as the rollercoaster ride it is – with all its ups and downs.
    2. Be smart and mindful with your money – live simply, and invest wisely (young Sky Walker!)
    3. Think about what’s the worst that could happen to you right now and then consider how you would deal with it, emotionally, mentally and financially.

    As to which of these steps will help you overcome the fear of losing success?

    Well, I’m intrigued as to whether there’s a hidden – I may not be worthy of this success lying in here somewhere? So I think it would be worth looking at your underlying beliefs and values too. And for that reason, step 3 is my choice as it’s getting you to consider and work through those conscious and subconscious fears and how you will practically deal with them.

  112. What would I do if I lost it all?!

    Something I think about all the time, but never really addressed. NOW, I know exactly what I would do thanks to your video!

    Thanks bunches!

  113. Fear stops most folks from full-filling their grand potential. The rest is a piece of cheese cake. 🙂

    The worse that can happen is nadda. If stripped of every material wealth every one of us still has the holy grail inside of us. It’s our SOUL which is our essence of creation.

  114. Love this simple 3 step plan. I’ve always been a big believer in ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ planning (Step 3) so that anyone can take over if worst ever happens. Putting it down on paper or at least where it can be found is always best.

    Step 2 is just plain common sense, but when has that been that common?

    Step 1 – saved your first and best for my last. Too many people are afraid to start so your ‘Pull down the bar and enjoy the ride’ metaphor should be applied to everyone who wants to start but think they’re too afraid to.

    With a presentation like yours, no one will be afraid to take up the reins and ride like crazy – no matter what business they’re in.

  115. Ben

    Success never fades away!! Never!! When one falls, you will know how to get back up, ONLY if build your success yourself

  116. Linda

    I lost everything due to a business risk I took years ago, I was paralized emotionally and financially, and it took many years to pay out the debt I was left with, and I am still not in a position to buy my own home yet…..but I did learn that everything was figureoutable! (Thanks Marie for that phrase!) I did figure it out, it was hard and I made it out the other side.
    Now I am in the process of building my next adventure, and looking forward to the ride. 🙂

  117. Good idea to have a plan B, just in case.. Thank you.

  118. Kiki

    Marie you are the Best! I admire you for your talents in helping people! As I read and watch Marie TV , I remember my self when I was in my 40’s and 50’s doing just what you do with my younger clients! Just helping them and yes making some money. I am retired but as soon as I move, I will find ways to continue helping and inspiring people again and possibly work again. Keep up the good work. We need more young people just like you! Kiki

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