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Do you ever feel pressured to dream big?

As though if you’re not trying to save the world, learn four languages or build a billion dollar company, that you must not be ambitious enough?

Bigger dreams aren’t necessarily better dreams. Click To Tweet

While some people feel confident with their personal appetite for — and definition of — success, I’ve noticed that some folks are struggling with what I call small dream shame: an insidious angst and drive to aim higher, “think bigger” and strive for more.

But what if dreaming big is actually crushing your soul?

That’s the exact topic we’re tackling on today’s episode of MarieTV.

You’ll learn why bigger dreams aren’t necessarily better dreams and why thinking (and dreaming) independently is the secret to real success.

In the comments below, let your dream freak-flag fly.

Big, small or in between — I’d love to hear about your dream life. Not society’s. Not your parents’. Not your friends’.

Especially for this week’s challenge: please be a specific as you can.

The more clear and concrete you can be about the life and business you most want to create, the easier it will be for you to bring that vision to life.

Thank you, as always, for contributing so generously and kindly.

You make this the best, most supportive and inspiring place to be online.

With all my love and appreciation,

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  1. This was perfect for me today. I’m getting ready to audition for “The Voice” on Sunday, and I’m so excited about it. But people around me aren’t always encouraging.

    Last year, I got clear on what I call “dream scale shame” – where the size of the dream doesn’t match the other dreamers around you. I even shot a video:

    For some of us, it’s dreaming big when people around us DON’T dream on the same scale. For others, it’s dreaming “small” when the dreamers around us are dreaming big.

    The truth is, EVERY dream is big. The scale doesn’t matter. If it’s a dream for you, it is big. Period. At least, that’s what I’ve told my clients now for a few years.

    • What a fabulous dream, Lisa. Good luck with your audition!!

      • Thanks, Jessica! I can’t wait!

      • Carolyn

        Hi Everyone! I love the support for Lisa’s dreams. I, too, wish you all the luck in the world while putting yourself out there for your dreams and helping to ignite other’s. Big or small, we need’em all!

        Thank you Marie for putting a name on a growing problem: “small dream shame”. I suffer from that BIG TIME 😉

        All the best,

        • Dear Marie…Fabulous q and a today… Being a single mum, I often feel pushed and pulled in many directions. To have a dream that is big enough to fund a great lifestyle for the kids and i is my dream. I want to help others too, such as train other solo mums who do not have the education to fund themselves in business and i was anticipating adopting a child, however I have not followed this up due to fear of other people (CYFS) having a say in my life and not always having the energy, plus no support from family and friends. 🙂

    • That’s fantastic Lisa! I’m excited for you. Sending you loads of love and light for your audition. 🙂

      • Thanks Emelia. It’s the closest I’ve come to making the big leap with my music. Fingers crossed! 😉

    • Fun!! If you’re allowed to tell us how it went, please do! 🙂

      • I’m sharing as much of my journey as I can on my blog. If it’s appropriate to share here, I definitely will! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • You are right. EVERY dream is a big dream!

      Often people critique the dreams of others when they aren’t living the lives that they dreamed of having. It’s so hurtful when people that you love aren’t very supportive of your dream. For me it caused me to question my friendships. Out of frustration with some of my friends I wrote this:

      Congratulations on getting an audition! Good luck!!

      • Thank you SO much! I’ll take all the luck I can get. 🙂

        • How did it go???

          • Thanks for asking! They weren’t looking for what I was offering. I nailed the audition, giving one of my best performances to date. I was in the room with a professional backup singer who’s currently on tour with a major country artist, and none of us got a callback. It’s just like any other audition. Sometimes you’ve got what they’re looking for, sometimes you don’t. 🙂

      • Amanda

        I am a dream to marry happily the man of my dreams. Then I thought well what I really want is for him to be single and for us to date exclusively. Have an amazing love life and relationship. Yeah then hey we can get married and have the best honeymoon!

    • Good luck Lisa! That is so exciting!

      • Thanks, Ashley! I appreciate the encouragement!

        • I have a massively huge dream. Massive. I want to fix every problem on earth and end suffering for all creatures (if we so choose it and I know suffering can’t/ won’t end completely as it is necessary for growth but I want to see, for example, animals being skinned alive for fur coats to STOP and war to STOP, Corrupt governments OUT) might not happen in my life time but it’s still my goal (except I am pretty sure the last one WILL )… cause at least I’ve put it out there and the ball will keep rolling. My plan to do this is with a TEAM. Earth Team.
          Which is why I created my S.O.F.T.E.R E.A.R.T.H TEAM policy. I created an eco online store to generate some income and so I could develop skills and fulfil my a mission. The shop doesn’t do greatly except lately. I’m not there yet but I will be someday- I want the store to be on every corner or in every suburb run and owned by the people who live there- all of my products are better for you and better for the planet too-that’s my motto. The overall idea is to create wealth and health for all so we can all take life a bit easier and enjoy its abundant gifts rather than plunge them.

          • OOps so sorry, Lisa, I didn’t mean to put this on your thread-it said ADD a comment at the top so that’s the box I pressed. This is my first time to comment on Marie’s channel thingumabob.

            But I am so excited and happy for you .. its one of my dreams too.

            One thing someone told me is its all in the breath. I think that means if you go with your breath at all times, it won’t be forced. In Australia this season a lot of the more natural, true to themselves are winning… so I’d be authentic, not over the top if it doesn’t feel natural but do if it does 😉 Hope to see you on the telly. xX

    • Lisa & Marie,

      I remember auditioning for American Idle years ago when I was a performer, before I ran Mentor Masterclass to help women who are aspiring coaches launch their coaching business and become life coaches with personalized support and training. Good Luck! You’ll have a blast!

      I have to admit I have always been a big dreamer and I am humbly honored and surprised by how beautiful and simple it can be to dream with more ease.

      The woman who apply to join my life coach training school Mentor Masterclass really have simple aspirations:

      1. Wake up when they desire
      2. Time for meditatation
      3. Move their body and get a good work out or yoga practice in
      4. Work from home doing something they love- helping other people live their best life
      5. Have the freedom to travel while still running their business
      6. Finish work early and spend time with their family and handsome husband

      The most amazing part of my job is watching these women achieve this over the year that they become a life coach and launch their business with me. I’m always surprised when they are completely satisfied.

      I started off just wanting to run my own life coaching business and as soon as I made my first 6 figures (which was my original goal) I had dreams of expanding world wide, launching a boutique life coach training school, becoming a key note speaker and now I dream of being known as the number one life coach training program for women on a mission.

      I have to check in often to be sure I am in a gratitude practice and grounded in thankfulness for what I have as it is now. Dreaming has always been somewhat of a passion of mine and helping other women to see their dreams as possible has always been a mission. Love this video and topic and feeling into it daily to be sure I’m embodied and dreaming for the RIGHT reasons.

      Thanks Lisa and Marie!

      • I’m pretty stoked. I was always “too old” to audition for Idol. Each time they raised the age limit, I was still “too old”. HA!

        • Lisa, Stick to your guns and show them what you have. I was 36 before my singing career really took off. We didn’t have American Idol or The Voice so it was just audition, audition, audition. My parents’ idea about my life was very different…get married, have babies. The baby boomer approach. But 30years later, I have sung w NYCity Opera, The Met, Alvin Ailey Dance company, The NY Phil.
          Don’t let ANYONE take your dream away.
          In bocca al lupo
          Break a leg!!!!

          • Thanks, Paula. I appreciate the encouragement. My family was the same “hey… that music thing is nice, but you need a fallback plan.”

            Ultimately, we all have to follow our own path – even if it means carving out a new one. 🙂

          • Paula, what a beautiful reminder. My parents have white knuckled their way (gripping the dashboard with terrible fear) as I’ve become a personal trainer, took a big leap to move across the country and am now a life coach. We have a bit of dream mismatch – thankfully the love is pretty constant, even on the days when they’re like what. the hell. are you doing?

        • Lisa, I’m SO glad you stuck with auditioning even though they kept ‘telling you’ you were too old. Age is of course a reason that people don’t go through with what they really want. Truth it, there are actors with white hair, 80 year old modern dancers, authors, you name it. It’s so cool how we can go after so much at any age (if we allow ourselves to believe it’s possible).

      • Janice

        Your six points are so in line with what I want out of life. Financial security, working at what I love, some traveling for work and pleasure, being with family and friends, and helping them when they need it! I’m thinking $100,00 a year. Lol

      • Awesome!!!! Will find your site.

    • Marjorie

      Good Luck Lisa!!

    • Lisa, I love that you make the comparison of dreamers around us matching our dream size. I struggle with this when I talk about my business with my parents, I feel like they don’t understand and switch off.

      At the same time, Marie, thank you for this video, I am actually a small dreamer, and partly, I think is due to being somewhat introverted. While I love people, I need quite a bit of “OFF” time to feel re-energized. I’ve never been a big dreamer, it’s just not me, but I think it’s important to support others with their dreams, whether big or small.

      • Megan, I think I’m a small dreamer our of introversion too. I also love people but reach a threshold and then need to sit in the mountains or in front of netflix by myself. It’s interesting how some people still see me as a massive dreamer. Others see my dreams as small and say that I ‘should’ be on large stages, writing books, doing the big-big entrepreneur thing. I don’t think I want to be that big and this thread is a nice reminder that that’s really ok.

    • Wow Lisa, how amazing, the very best of luck. You are so courageous. Cheering you on.

    • April

      Good luck on your audition!!!!

    • Good LUCK on your audition…so exciting!

    • Your audition will go great, Lisa!

    • Jobena

      Good luck on your audition. Thank you for sharing. You courage is inspiring.

    • Renee

      Loved this video, Marie! It seems like a lot of what you hear these days is “Go Big or Go Home!” or “Extreme This” or “Extreme That.” I don’t want to rule the world, but I do want to improve my little corner of it. Seems odd to feel like you need permission to dream a smaller dream. It’s all those little dreams coming true that will change the world’s future for the better.

      @Lisa Robbin Young – I read your blog post about your dream and how you’ve stuffed it down for much of your life because of well-meaning advice from family and friends, and how you’ve now decided to go for your dream, regardless. I’m so thrilled for you, and congratulations on getting the Voice audition!

    • Marie, you made my day, thank you. 😀

    • Wow! Good luck Lisa, that’s amazing!!!

    • Awesome post/video, Lisa. Thank you, and best of luck in your audition!

    • Woohoo, Lisa! Go you! Break a leg!!* 🙂

      *The origin of this phrase is, “Break a legacy,” as in, “May your performance exceed the brilliance of those that came before.” No worries on me encouraging Lisa to break any bones. 🙂

      • I didn’t know that, Ellen! Thanks for illuminating me. I’ve been in theater and performance for years and had NO idea of the reference. 🙂

      • Kristie

        THANK YOU, Ellen, for your “*”! I always thought “Break a leg” was the silliest thing to tell someone (because, why in the world would you encourage catastrophe?). Now that you explained it, I really love the way it sounds – who ever took the “-acy” off also took the meaning away. I’m going to start saying it in “long version” 🙂

    • Hi Marie,

      As always very inspiring and fun message!

      I would agree with you from a coaching perspective that individuals need to seek out dreams that best fit their uniqueness and personality. Big or small dreams should be given equal value. To often society places unnecessary pressure and stress on individuals to strive for more and be more. The norm or traditional sense of accomplishment propagates an in the box dream mentality, thus promoting conformity of thoughts and opinions on what are considered acceptable or attainable dreams.

      Individuals that have unconventional dreams that are outside the mass populace deal with a different kind of “80/20 rule” and are often not always supported in their dream quest. This is the counter side of the equation for those big dreamers that desire to set the world on fire! When a large scale dreamer is told by the conformist/non-risk taker not to embark on the unknown or start a new venture, business, relationship, project etc. This can be equally as soul destroying and deflating to those that want to make a difference and impact with their big dreams!

      At the end of the day the bottom line is individuals need to know who they are, to know what makes them happy. Once you have identified what brings you joy and fulfilment, then go for it big or small!!!

      Every dream is relative to the person holding it. An unacted dream is a dream lost forever. I tell my coaching clients to pursue whatever dream holds a burning desire in their hearts and keeps them up at night, as long as it doesn’t burn the house down! (LOL)

      If you are passionate about a dream you have a better chance of making it a reality!!!!

      • Darcee, I love that. “to pursue whatever dream holds a burning desire in their hearts and keeps them up at night, as long as it doesn’t burn the house down!”

        I often say it’s the thing that started out as a whisper, and then gradually kept getting louder and louder until your whole body and soul were begging you to do it. ..the thing that you can no longer rationalize away with logic (and boy I’ve tried on several occasions – never works).

    • Lisa! Good luck with your audition! So awesome to read that. xx

    • I watched your video Lisa and there was much food for thought for me. So much applies to where I am right now. I wanted to be an actor- and I did receive excellent training at a Conservatory Program in a University (my parents, being educators, insisted on the University, the safer route part) and I worked professionally for a number of years. A number of things contributed to me having some big emotional problems and when I came out the other side my mother emotionally blackmailed me into not going back into the theatre. So, instead, feeling guilty for having caused my parents pain, I tried to find something else- I drifted, nothing was right and I finally compromised again, getting my MFA so I could teach Voice, Speech and Dialects at a University level. Turned out I didn’t like the full-time University setting with all the politics- but I have created several voice and speech programs at independent training programs while continuing to act a bit here and there. I do like the teaching and coaching work and I still get excited when someone gets what I am trying to teach them- but although I have helped a lot of people, some quite well known, I have, in some ways, felt I have stopped being true to myself over 30 years ago. Watching the Tony Awards on Sunday was often painful. I need to find a way to get performing professionally on a regular basis back into my life while I build my coaching business. Guess the dream got bigger again. I never needed to be famous- Broadway, not Hollywood was my dream. I do need to act to feel fulfilled- I do know that I am really good.

      So thank you. I don’t watch The Voice- but if you make it onto the show I will watch and cheer you on. So- Break a Leg!

      • Hey Trish, Marie’s sweetie is Josh Pais, and I highly recommend his program – there’s also a great FB community there that’s VERY supportive for actors.

        I found that I couldn’t NOT perform. I had to. It was part of the core of my being. Start with some community theater to get into practice, and see where it takes you. You can do it at ANY age! 🙂

      • Trish, I completely understand and empathize with your experiences. I believe in you 100% and support you in getting started again (in the way that’s perfectly right for YOU).

    • Good luck on your audition for the The Voice! Even auditioning is an achievement.

    • Steph

      Go Lisa! Best of luck on your audition, and I appreciate your comment. I agree with your point about the size of the dream being unique to each of us, and that we can experience pressure in both directions. xo

    • Amy P.

      I dream of growing my mommy/baby yoga business, to teach more yoga for families and kids and even bring in nutrition support to moms. I want a flexible schedule so I can be there for my own son.

    • Love that show! Best of luck!

    • I really enjoyed your video, Lisa, and good luck with THE VOICE. I wrote, ‘good look’ first, well, that, too 😀

      with dancing dreams and vital visions
      xx Tanya

    • I love it! “EVERY dream is big. The scale doesn’t matter. If it’s a dream for you, it is big. Period”

    • Laura

      My dream is to open a small private physical therapy practice in Colorado Springs in a serene mountain setting that helps people with persistent pain, to heal and become all they were created to be.

    • Kathy Johnson

      Marie, you have the most stunning dresses…Love them!
      I also love your approach, your content and your sense of humor.
      Keep the goods coming at us! Thanks, Marie! You are sooooo


    • Nikki

      THANK YOU for posting this video! I only wish I had found it sooner rather than later. I have struggled with “small dream shame” for quite some time, so it was a huge lift for my soul today to watch this video. I work in sales, and I really have no interest in consistently being the “top” sales person. I just want to make enough to live the kind of life that I want to have for myself and my family, and to be able to give back to my community in meaningful ways. I’m constantly told that I have so much potential, so I’ve felt so guilty for “only” wanting that out of my life. Thank you for helping me see that the only person’s approval that I need is my own 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Lisa! All the best to you with your audition! Have a great time! 🙂

  2. So true, Marie. People are constantly projecting their own desires onto others and life is not one size fits all.

    It’s not the size of the dream that matters. It’s the resonance.

    If it fits your soul, then it fits. Period.

    • Beautifully put, Emelia! I’m going to write that on my white board: “If it fits your soul, then it fits. Period.”

    • “Dream” already implies it’s lofty for the person dreaming it, right? I like your approach. “If it fits, it fits.” Nice!

    • Emelia, I will be quoting you for the rest of my life. Thank you.

      “If it fits my soul … it fits.”

      We get to start living by the truth of our soul. The voice of our instincts. The GOOD FEELINGS and not the STRESS, PRESSURE, I MUST DO THIS TO LOOK GOOD “story” we create.

      We get to decide happiness for ourselves. And honestly, no one else is looking at us thinking, “why is that happiness for her? that’s weird.”

      We are all so wrapped in ourselves anyway. 😉 We forget that no one is thinking about us as much as our egos want us to “fear.”

      Thank you!

      • Thanks, Sammy. Love the #lipstickaffirmations.

  3. This was something I struggled with for a really long time–I thought I was supposed to create something huge and that if I didn’t that was because I didn’t think I could have it, not because I just flat out didn’t want it. What’s helped is working with a lot of clients who say they want a million dollar business–some of them do (and it’s really clear) and some of them don’t. The difference is so clear–and I think having that desire is what makes it possible–and that’s helped me realize I get to have the business I want.

    This summer, I’m dreaming of a bunch of little road trips instead of one big vacation.

    • Isn’t it interesting that when people get clear on what really happens inside a million dollar business, they often change their tune? In reality, it’s not a million dollar biz that most people want, it’s what they believe that million dollar biz can do for them. Good for you for helping people listen to their soul and go for what they really want. And DOUBLE good for you for following your own dreams!

      • Nice Jessica. Really like that. Love that you say, “I get to have the business I want” because desire (and work) is what makes it possible.

  4. My dream, for now, is to help millions of “everyday people” realize that they have a CHOICE in their life.

    I know a lot of people in our world are already on the personal development bandwagon, and I want to help “regular” people realize that they don’t have to be a victim of their circumstances.

    If they’re living in lives they don’t feel happy about, I want them to realize that they have a choice in that. And I want them to have the tools to choose HAPPY.

    Some specific ways my dream will be coming alive:

    – My dream is to have huge events that fill up stadiums. My first pilot event is August 30th. I’ll be helping women come in and get total reboots – physically, spiritually, and mentally. And between events (there will be many), I will have communities where women can support each other. I want everyday people to realize the power of SISTERHOOD – because it’s big.

    – I am creating a podcast that’s aimed to help people realize that since they have a choice, they can choose Elegance, Efficiency, and Ease. I dream of having 1,000,000+ subscribers listening in and hearing different ways to make life feel easier.

    – I dream of feeling totally rooted in my body, feeling great in it, and having a body I feel proud of.

    – I dream of creating more information products that I feel amazing about, and having thousands of people buy them, go through them, and get phenomenal results with them.

    Well… those are at least *some* of my dreams. 🙂

    • You have AWESOME dreams! I for one would love to see them come true for you – and for all the people you’ll inspire along the way. 🙂

  5. Julia, I’m so glad you asked this question today! I feel this way a lot, too. I want a big brand for my business, but I don’t want a ton of employees or to be super well known by the masses. I want a business I’m passionate about and that offers me the peace, financial stability, and simplicity in life so that I can structure my days however I want and have a ton of time to hang out with the people I love.

    Also, I recently coached someone who had “small dream shame” (what a great way to describe it!). And there’s truly nothing to feel shameful about. This isn’t about impressing other people with your dream — it’s about looking deep inside and seeing what’s true for YOU.

    • The way in which modern media manipulates our psyche, we are prodded to create the next Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter, when really we need to shut-off the external noise and listen to those dreams which are closest to our heart and true self. Not that there is anything wrong with dreaming big, but, we must also nurture and care for the small seedlings. Like you, I am focusing on simple dreams.
      “That which the dream shows is the shadow of such wisdom as exists in man, even if during his waking state he may know nothing about it…. We do not know it because we are fooling away our time with outward and perishing things, and are asleep in regard to that which is real within ourself.” ~Paracelsus, quoted in The Dream Game

  6. The best way for me to inoculate myself from the pressures to be something or do something that is not me is to not frequent certain websites, like Techcrunch for example, where bigger is always celebrated as better, and smaller (even when truly meaningful) is frowned upon.

    • Karo, you make a good point. It’s always a good idea to protect our energy and our environment by setting clear boundaries and then enforcing them.

    • Such a good point – I limit my exposure to things that warp or manipulate my sense of centeredness. This filtration system is important because many people either feel shame or anxiety reading things that make more/bigger/better seem like the zenith of accomplishment. I’ve cut people out of my social media feeds who throw me off, stopped reading certain blogs, etc.

      One of my clients is a double ivy league-r, Cornell and Harvard, and is constantly stifled by doubt about her aspirations, and downplays her skills as a result. They never seem ‘good enough’ when compared to peers. Another whom I helped get a job at Google upon graduation, feels like her accomplishments mean nothing – a result of comparing.

      It’s a vicious cycle if you never find your own core desires, however small, and live for them, not someone else’s definition of success.

  7. Looking sharp, Marie!!

    What a great question, Julia!! I wrestle with this often. 🙂

    I had to realize that starting a business is a big enough dream. The most important part is being honest with yourself about what feels best for you. Does a business with tons of employees and satellite offices FEEL good? If it doesn’t, then don’t do it.

    If what feels good to you is running a tight business that makes you happy, helps others, and allows you to live the life that you want, then focus on creating that. Don’t let the “bigger is better” turn your dreams into a nightmare. Best of luck to you!

    • I wrestle with this often too. My coaching practice is built to be portable so I can explore, travel and have geographical freedom. It’s been a dream of mine! and I still provide great value to my clients.

      Recently someone (who’s opinion I highly value) told me that I need to open up an office at some point for branding purposes and also offer to meet people in person. But I REALLY don’t want to! It’s tough when the input comes from someone you trust who knows you so well.

      But in the end, I know myself best. AND I can also change my course of action (to open an office or whatever) at any time if and when I choose.

      • This is great! People do mean well, but sometimes their advice is not the best fit. Or maybe, it just isn’t the best fit right now. I’m glad that you are doing what makes you happy, but you are also open to exploring the option later. Either way, trust yourself and listen to gut. 🙂

  8. Yana

    My dream is to someday have my Jus4Kicks be known around the world but i don’t know where to start. I sell them at my local farmers market and i’m being told it’s a great idea. ppl thoughts are it’s the next silly bandz or jibbtz but how do i get this to the next step?

    • Yana, congrats on launching your own product and going the local route. I have the highest respect for this kind of business! It’s the hardest type of biz to launch but immensely rewarding when it takes off. There are a few keys to taking a product to the next level. I’d love to learn more about your biz and help you out – feel free to email me!

    • Judith Waite Allee, author/speaker

      Hi Yana. Love the shoes at your Facebook page. I’d suggest going to to find a SCORE chapter near you. They offer free business counseling to help you come up with a business plan, including a marketing plan. I’d also encourage you to post photos regularly FB–even some of the old ones could be reposted to help your wall look more jazzy, but I bet some your customers wouldn’t mind being photographed wearing the shoes. Remove the link to the defunct website, and let people know how to buy Jus 4 Shoes: in your site description, I’d list the Farmer’s Market hours, and post a photo of you with your booth, and suggest that people message you on FB if they have questions. Show some before and after shoes, too, since you talk about rescuing old shoes. 🙂 Lots of luck for you and Jus 4 Kicks. By the way, I loved your idea of “Kickdom.” Maybe you can use it more.

  9. Love this because I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Right now my dream is to have a richer, more intimate, caring relationship with my husband, lots of fun with my kids and to make the Bootstrapper’s Academy a collaboration with amazing teachers around the world. A place where men and women, not sure where to start or when to leap, find what they need to heed their calling and do their thing. A place that is home to the passionate, brave and crazy ones. A place that inspires real change in the world. And to have 1,000 members by the end of this year.

  10. My dream biz is to have a 4-5 hour work day so that I have quality time with my family and quality ‘me’ time.
    And my big dream is to help other mamas get Organized at home and in their head so they can live their dream life too.

  11. My dream is to open my gift/garden/gourmet shop near the ocean in St. Petersburg, FL. I thought I found a suitable location, but need to walk away from that and start all over again. I know this dream is working out because I am making it happen.

    Thanks for a wonderful and timely episode. My life choices may not make everyone else happy, but as long as they make me happy, then all is well.

    Thanks Marie!

  12. Fabulous video, as always.

    And yes yes yes – the pressure to “be bigger” and “dream bigger” creates a total gridlock for many people. I’ve met a lot of people who have these half hearted “big dreams” and they are left with a whole lotta desperation and depression when they don’t achieve those goals.

    The key is to be true to YOURSELF. Best way to do that is by not focusing on other people’s dreams. Stay on your own grind instead.

    My latest dream? To leave a legacy of young professional tarot readers. Passing on the torch is my new main cause. I’m all about reaching out and giving them a hand up. 🙂

    • You’re such a genius at what you do Theresa (and I enjoy working with you so much) that I hope you keep that Tarot magic alive for a loooong time. You have helped me infuse some serious juju into my latest program, and helped me get crystal clear on my launch. and THAT, is priceless.

      Big huge hugs,


  13. So true.

    I really felt I had to change the world with my tarot readings and start some kind of empire! When I realised I could just build my business slowly, gradually, with love and within my capacity, things took a swift turn for the better!

    Thanks for another fab, affirming post 🙂

  14. Adding my voice – this video really spoke to me. My #1 dream is not about my business. It’s about life. I left my corporate job because I wanted more family time. Long weekends away with my husband and 3-year old. Without having to constantly check email and social media.

    Second to that is my dream about helping other solo business owners. It really isn’t about the money or the size of my following. It’s about being useful – adding value to other people’s lives. If pushed to put numbers on it then my dream biz is to have a 10-20 hour work week where I’m helping a handful of new people every week.

    • Sally, I am totally on the same page as you – I was working round the clock in fashion, and “succeeding” by everyone else’s definition but my own. Congrats for going after what matters to you, rather than what matters to everyone else!

      • Thanks, Aparna. Congrats to you too!

  15. I love this. Our advice to our children: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Big dreams sometimes seem so unattainable and therefore it is easy to put them aside and not pursue them.

    That said – my dream is this: to gain a large readership on my blog (100K +) and create a community of people who share a love for Italy and la dolce vita. I keep plugging along and keeping an eye on the prize.

  16. One of my favorite episodes ever, Marie. I struggled with this, too, for a long time, thinking I had to have a million dollar company and followers. Deep down, I didn’t really feel the need to have all that, but I thought that’s what you had to dream of as a coach and business owner. i have since learned that it’s so important not to let others define success for us. Otherwise we just feel inadequate, like we are less than because we are not motivated to live someone else’s version of our dreams. We have to listen to the truth in our our heart and soul and let that guide us.

    I finally realized that my dream is really about having a business that allows me financial security, allows me to have freedom to travel and spend time with people I love. I have this pretty much, although I am still working on taking my income up another level and hiring just one person to do things I hate doing in my business.

    I am a coach and artist and I do both passionately and enjoy the freedom to take life in one day at a time with no stress to create a million dollar business. It’s about the simple pleasures for me and I am thrilled to be living my own dreams the size that fit me and my soul perfectly.

  17. Great listening to this as it puts things into perspective. Yet I do have a big dream that I have been nurturing for a long time and have used careful little steps to get to this point. Now I need the powers of a greater force to help me get to the next step as I know it is time. This is a Creative Experiment that everyone can join to help tell a fairy tale, unlike any other and we can all succeed together. I need your help to bring this to the world.

  18. I think it’s only in the past couple of years that I’ve realised that it’s okay to have my own dreams, to follow them and actually BE a daydreamer and live those dreams in my mind before I reach them in reality.

    Watching this, I remembered that my past dream of being happy and secure in what I do has already been realised. It’s taken 21 months of hard work and determination but I’m finally in the place I wanted to be a few years ago, working for myself and with plenty of work to be getting on with.

    My dream for the future is to help people. To help people through the work I do for my clients as a designer, to help others in my industry new and old, and to help others discover what they’re amazing at and how they can achieve THEIR dreams. 🙂

    On top if this, I’d love to achieve my personal dreams – feeling happy and secure and confident and to make sure that those around me feel the same way too. 🙂

  19. My dream is different from my goals. I dream of living a life of financial freedom, that affords me the time and energy to build a healthy family, work with youth to achieve their goals through scholarship writing, college & career prep, And have multiple tribes in which I inspire and encourage others to take ownership of their passions and do what only they can imagine for the world. I’ll operate and own a retreat a house, have several books and e-courses, and engage my communities online and on-site through retreats, workshops, and coaching!

    This felt GREAT to write! Thanks, for the invitation, Marie!

    • As others have said in these comments, this video came right on time. I’ve been a big dreamer my whole life, but as I’m growing up and planting my feet in the music business I’m realizing that maybe small dreams can be just as worth chasing after.

      I want to be a songwriter that inspires the listener and gives them what they were missing before they heard the song. I love creating songs that really mean something and inspire people. The thought of being famous and/or a celebrity scares the living daylights out of me. It’s just not my personality. But I do want to be well known in my field and collaborate with writers I look up to and respect, and get songs cut. That would be success for me, prospering under the radar.

      Another dream I have is to help people. I want to help make people’s lives better somehow. Kids, teens, adults, the elderly; all people. I feel like that’s a mission we all have in our own way.

      Anyway, thanks for this inspiring video! And check out my website, anyone, if you want to listen to a few of my songs.

    My dream: do what I love, make my living, save the world (just a little bit).
    Thank you, as always, for your incredible work,
    CB xo

  21. Patrick Boyle


    Your energy is contagious. My dream is PTAP – Peace through all People. Something that came to me a few years ago. Now do you know about the global meditation for PEACE? It’s on August 8, 2014 organized by Deepak Chopra it will happen at 12:00 EST. The consciousness shift is happening please join the movement.


    • Jay

      Thank you Patrick!

  22. Joshua

    You are awesome, Ms. Forleo. I was told that Big Dream Lie and I never bought into that. I do dream big but I also realize that it is not possible to buy into that idea big dream. That does perfectly describes me as well, Ms. Forleo. I love you, Ms. Forleo.

  23. I do have a big dream. I want my company, ARTISURN ( to become a household name for handcrafted cremation urns, jewelry and keepsakes. I have founded it on the premise that everyone deserves a lovingly handmade memorial vessel. People can celebrate the life of a loved one or beloved pet by finding a unique memorial piece that they can proudly display in their homes or wear close to their heart. I was inspired to start ARTISURN after I had lost my close friend and couldn’t find an urn for her ashes.

    Thank you, Marie, for another fabulous video.

    • Irina, this is such a beautiful and poignant concept. I really respect you for making tangible products in the real world, the artisans and designers of the world need to take back their own! Enough mass market stuff. Make meaningful things that enrich people’s lives.

      • Thank you Aparna for your kind words. I do love each and every handmade memorial piece showcased on I get inspired by the artisans I work with. They are so passionate about their craft and it shows in their work.

        • You’re welcome! I know that feeling well. Having come from the fashion world, I have a deep respect for anything produced with one’s hands. The seamstresses, patternmakers, embroiderers, you name it, all took a certain pride in their contribution. It’s the opposite of tech. That is why I choose to take my business experience from corporate and apply it to helping small & local creative businesses, above all else! I want to see craft flourish.

  24. Joshua

    I had dreamed about being able to love off of a good amount of income instead of the fixed income because I’ve always wanted to make the money that I need to be able to live the lifestyle that I wanted to live.

  25. Dreaming Big, just like everything else in life, is all relative. Big for someone may be tiny for another and vice versa. Maybe what matters most is that there actually is aspiring towards a dream and not settling for any one else’s idea of Big Dreams.

    Great video as always!

  26. My dream is not enormous. I want to help at least one new mom or dad every day with a problem they are having with their baby . Such things as not sleeping or having trouble nursing can cause so much distress for new parents. I have been working with parents for over 25 years, I know how finding the answers to these questions can be life changing.

    • Elisa

      Thank you Kerry, For what you are willing to do.
      Parents need support and a place to learn. I had the same dream but I have put my current reality as my forever dream. Raising my 5 beautiful and smart kids with my amazing husband.
      I hope more people can find fulfillment in parenting and being more loving, supporting and not judging when days are hard.

  27. Great topic ! I noticed that when I have BIG dreams I get exhausted but when I have LITTLE big dreams where you divide your big dreams into phases or bite sizes it gets easier, less stressful and more manageable.

    I used to want just enough but as my family grew, enough just ain’t enough! Everyday I feel like I’m just running… running… running… but when I started putting a “quota” it felt like i was running a relay where after one leg I get a fresh start for the next leg.

    Dreams change as you change and regardless of size what matters is you are happy during the process.

  28. Heyeee Marie and folks!

    Okay: my dream is to radiate positive energy outwards, to the fullness of my ability- inspiring and bringing colour to peoples’ lives…

    I’ve often gotten hung up about the scale I ‘should’ be doing this on, and did in fact spend a good part of my younger life sacrificing my own comfort for others’ needs- but my- what a lot of needy people there are in the world! 😉

    As an artist, I’ve always had a strong sense of supporting change, and supporting conscious transformation of the self, that this positive force can radiate outwards.

    I’m involved in the conscious transformation of culture in Scotland, in the lead up to our independence referendum, and feel immensely optimistic about the potential our independence has to influence the whole world positively.

    I’m a-working on my energetic dynamic, and on nourishing myself, and making my magical arthouse, so that I can best serve the people in the world who want to be inspired.

    I know that I already made huge steps in finding this base for myself, and in being protagonist in a renaissance movement in the old town I live in, and hope to expand this positive influence more and more, as I define the container for my creative outpourings, my passion and my ideas…

    I joined B-School to gain confidence in my voice, and to find a way to express my uniqueness positively: it is an incredibly exciting time, implementing all I learned in B-School 😀 -which allows me to organise my dynamic inner world into a means of being useful in the outer world! Yey!

  29. This video is right on time. I just started a new blog and coaching business and set a specific monthly financial goal to work toward. For the past month my life has been about working/commuting 12 hrs. a day then coming home and working on my business 4 more hours, only getting 5 1/2 hours sleep. I have totally been disregarding my self-care. My goal is to have freedom and ease in my life not stress!! Last night I slapped myself back to reality. I went for a 45 min walk, showered, meditated, made a green smoothie and listened to soothing music. I realize that I have to create a business that represents me not the formula my business coach has come up with. I have to do what feels right with my soul. I’m just going to chase the joy in my life, take baby steps and see where they lead me. Thanks for the confirmation Marie 🙂

    • Gail, I know the feeling of working/living the double life – from one determined entrepreneur to another, be careful of your health! I did the same as you when I launched my own clothing line years ago and experienced pretty terrible burnout in the wake of ‘success’. I still think those were some highly inspired years but the physical toll was not worth it in the long run. Best of luck but remember your most valuabel business asset is your own health!

  30. Oh hi Theresa!! Fancy seeing you here 😀

  31. Thanks for allowing me to share my dream .

  32. It’s all about perspective. I always think to myself “my big dream” but the fact is, it probably seems small to others. I suppose it feels big because of how fulfilling it would be.

    My dream is to help kids become more socially and emotionally literate by writing stories and creating curriculum for early educators.

    • Catherine, this is such an amazing goal. I would love to learn more about how you’re going about this and help in some way. This cause is so close to my heart. Feel free to email me, I’d love to chat with you!

  33. Thank you SO much for this. I do suffer from “small dream shame.” Although I don’t think I’d really identified it as such. It was more of a discomfort anytime I read something that says “DREAM BIG.” The intimation being, of course, that if you don’t, there’s something wrong with you.

    Here’s my dream: To make enough money with my biz so that my husband can quit his job and we, along with our two dogs and two cats, can full time in an RV across the U.S. I don’t even want one of those huge buses. Just something comfortable and big enough so we don’t get on each others’ last nerves.

    About 10 years ago, I was in the play, “The Rainmaker.” One of my favorite lines from the show is this: “There are all kinds of dreams, Mr. Starbuck. Mine are small ones, like my name – Lizzie – but they are real like my name. Real! So you can have your dreams and I’ll have mine.”

  34. this was perfect for me with going and finishing b school and pushing through all the stuff coming up for me and I deal with health issues which play with my head besides the other stuff. I know i can have the life that I love and make a difference for people with food allergies. I already do but I was in that I need to play bigger but I am creating a business and that is how I will make a difference in the world and its perfect. thanks

  35. I am a full time yoga teacher and am working now on growing my biz to an online forum with a telesummit, online courses and more retreats (thanks to B-School!) I know I want to make 6-7 figures a year so that I can engage in the experiences that make me really happy: eating AMAZING food both out at conscious artistic restaurants and at home, traveling with both my partner, friends and on my own and taking a ton more trainings to grow and expand my own expertise. I also dream of having a small sassy team of 3-5 employees that include a manager, web designer, social media wiz and book keeper/accountant that can work for me full time. I also want to eventually publish a few books as I love to write and have a powerful message. Part of me feels I want to reach millions with that but I am not sure that is what I really want. Still working that out. In the past I thought I wanted to be traveling around doing all the Wanderlust yoga festivals and teaching all over the world, but I realized that I actually don’t. I love being home with my partner and once we have a family I know I will want to be home even more. So while I know that the success I want may require some travel I also want the financial freedom to make my choices based on what I want and not what I am supposed to do or want. Thanks Marie! Love this one! 🙂

    • “I also want the financial freedom to make my choices based on what I want and not what I am supposed to do or want.”

      Exactly how I feel, too! 🙂

  36. I have a big dream… peace in the world.
    I use this as a cornerstone to what I create. I take baby-steps that align with that dream, first to achieve inner peace, then peace at home and in my relationships, to expand it into my community and, then, the world.
    I am constantly thinking about my dream, and working towards it in all the little meaningful ways I can imagine and visualize. As I evolve within this idea, my dream evolves and becomes more real to me.

  37. Pardon for being corny, but talk about hitting the nail on the head. I think everyone goes through a “how to become enough” stage and in that lose their way and happiness. I have always been an independent thinker but you still have doubts every now and again. This video is just another reminder that living someone widespread for us will only make us miserable. I believe our own dreams become possible,when we acknowledge they are really what we want.
    My dream?- Start and maintain a well run business that gives courage to other women in my life to do the same.
    – be able to spend time with my family (when I have kids) to do what I want without worrying too much about $

  38. This is SO GOOD!!! Thank you Marie! Even after being at the top of most games I was told to play throughout my “growing up,” it never feels like enough. The pressure to constantly strive is exhausting with no end in sight. Excellent video as always!

    Thank you for continuing to give people permission to be badasses in their own authentic way. You rock woman. Keep it up. We appreciate you.

    Love & Light,

  39. Shun

    I love this video. It so perfect for me at this point in my life and business. I just want to help people with food health and wellness, to make income for my family to send my kids to private education, make sure my vehicles keep running well to get us from point a to b and have no debt. Simple but true.

    Thanks for this, so inspiring. Sometime i feel like I have to have a huge dream and that I’m doing something wrong because I’m not where someone else is. It’s a relief to hear that simple is awesome and ok and more than enough for those of us who love it. I think greatness is not is what you always measured by what I accumulate necessarily but by who is helped along the way. Thanks again.

  40. It’s amazing how my dreams have become a lot more simple since I quit my job and started my own business. I had dreams of making it big and being interviewed by Forbes magazine and having an empire. Now I want a simple life – To work with a few clients that I absolutely love working with, to make enough money to pay the small amount of expenses I have (just need 4 figures a month), and to spend quality time with my Spanish love on the beach or in the mountains.

    It’s easy to adopt a mindset of wanting a lot and more more more, and I was definitely there when I was a corporate lawyer. Now that I’ve stripped all of that away, I realize my dreams are simple but they keep me happy. 🙂

    • Erica, I really identify with your story. My dreams changed shape quite drastically after I started my own business and left the crazy fashion industry. Here’s to not working for The Man anymore (one of my little big dreams) and enjoying each day!

      • Here here Aparna!!

  41. Thank you Marie for this video. I have a simple small dream of running my business all by myself (with a little bookkeeping and accounting help of course). I just want to live my life with my family, watch my children grow and be able to travel with my husband when our children are grown, and be able to do all this financially comfortable.

    I have no aspirations to add any employees or grow too large. I have a graphic design and invitations business and I mainly want to serve local customers and keep serving those local customers for years to come. I’ve had ‘big dream shame’ dished out to me several times, I never really felt the impact, because I’ve always been comfortable with myself and my dream.

    Thank you for confirming my feelings:)

  42. Kaoru

    That’s awesome video! Dream differs from person to person. Happiness is not measurable by the amount of money. Like Julia I have a family I should take care of. So, I was struggling to take a balance between my business and my personal life. I am sure the most important thing is pursue your dream as you think exactly. Thanks, Marie!

  43. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day. The generations before us were a lot like your parents – they just wanted a simple life, to be taken care of, to have a comfortable home. My grandmother worked at Walmart her entire life and my grandfather delivered bread. They retired and travel to a new place in the world every few months because that was their goal. And they’re happy. That’s really all my husband and I want. We want to live life together and run a small, but successful handmade business out of our home. He’s been working 50-60 hour weeks for five years, so we just miss spending time with each other. We don’t want to own a corporation or hire employees. We just want to bring in enough income to comfortably support our family and spend time with our kids.

  44. I’m going to look at a tiny space today for my one person dream operation in coaching and healing. My friends and family don’t support me in this because they mostly live in fear and believe that you just can’t do that. I’m glad to see all the posts and I love hearing Marie’s perspective to inspire me.

    • Laura, I know some people like that, too. Marie’s website is always such a haven for refreshment after having to deal with doubters! 🙂

  45. You know.. I used to think something was wrong with me when my little dreams weren’t as fabulous as everyone else’s. Then I just remembered that it didn’t matter what everyone else was doing, if I keep my eyes on my own paper (dreams) and I’m happy with that it doesn’t matter what size they are. Totally happy now with my little pint sized dreams and who knows, after I make those little dreams come true maybe I’ll have some bigger ones! Thanks Marie 🙂

  46. As usual Marie, this was SO timely! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. As I continue to increase my exposure, people around me keep telling me they can’t wait to see me on TV and I nod and agree. But inside I’m telling myself – I don’t want to be on tv! I love helping people on a one-to-one basis. Other peoples ideas of success can be so different than your own – and sometimes it’s hard to not give into “their ideas.” Thank you so much for this reminder. xo, mridu

  47. I am claiming that my book, Surrendering: When Pain is Transformed into Extraordinary Blessings will be picked up by Hay House. This was awesome Marie – thank you!

  48. Karen Rickers

    Thank you, Marie! I didn’t have Small Dream Shame, but I certainly did have Small Dream Anxiety. My Dream is to live a simple life, surrounded by nature, eating food that has been raised ethically and sustainably, and to earn my living doing work which is meaningful to me … helping others become their authentic selves through creativity; communicating on the important issues of our time like climate change and the dangers of agri-business and pharma-business. And of course, being creative myself as a writer and photographer. Love Marie TV, love this episode best of all, I think.

    • Hey Karen,

      what you describe sounds wonderful! This is what I think, too! Helping people in these stressfull times to reconnect with their creativity but also showing that we can’t keep on destroying our planet.

      I’d love to read your blog or whatever you bring out into the world!

  49. My dream is big, but recently I realized my dream is scaleable. Meaning, I dream to be a successful author. Really successful: best sellers list, movie deal, world-wide book signings – the whole shabang! BUT my first dream is to complete my 5-book series (best sellers list or not) and to spend more time with my husband and girls (they help me with promotions and events). They are my driving force.

    I won’t lie, the big dream is always there. It pushes me to be better, is the fuel for wonderful conversations and acts as my north star. My small dream keeps me centered and helps me remember what is most important in my life…my family and my health.

    Good luck to all of you: big dreamers, small dreamers, and even us scaleable dreamers! As Marie always says, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Big or small!

  50. I love that you addressed this, because it’s ridiculously easy for me to doubt myself when others begin projecting THEIR dreams onto my life. It takes crazy courage to claim your own path!

    I’m not interested in being on par with Google! But I’m not content with trading dollars for hours and limiting myself to a tiny operation where I can only help a few people at a time. I am a person who wants to go really big – without the restrictive, lumbering giant that is a massive company.

    My plan is to get to a point where I can live with financial freedom and help thousands – if not millions – of women create incredible businesses that fulfill THEIR dream. In some sense it seems nearly impossible given that I’m just beginning, but at the same time, I have this funny gut feeling that tells me I WILL DO IT. 🙂

    Does anyone else feel that way, too?!

  51. Isn’t that the beauty of creating your own business: to create it as YOU really want it?

    Break all the rules! No rules!

    Dream big, dream small… it’s your dream baby!

  52. Next 5 years – crossfit games athlete, take a hands off approach to my company with 10 – 15 coaches working for me to spread brand awareness and helping clients achieve their fat loss goals

    Next 10 years – explore the entire world for months at a time, via my yacht with all my friends

    Next 10+ years – start a dog sanctuary and yoga retreat. I want to save every dog on the planet and make some serious headway with animal cruelty laws in our government and around the world and just practice yoga all the time while surrounded by puppies

  53. Me too I felt a long time the “small dream shame”, because there’s no other way in society to be renown than dreaming big and competing with 1000s of others in reaching big success.

    Now I realize more and more, that the success systems in which we live in are hurting me. I get sick, when I dream big. Too much pressure to perform and too less desire.

    I was a photographer and studied music, in both creative scenes the mentors and teachers provided only ideas of fixed paths and traditional goals.

    At least now I know what I want: I want to be a singer-songwriter performing only in living rooms with likeminded people. If I’d want huge outer success then I had to make compromises in working with “likeminded” people.

    • Benya,

      Love your comment on here! I’m a singer-songwriter and a writer too, and have been really struggling with the ‘size’ of the success I think I want – as in, do I want to be massively famous (I don’t think so), but equally do I want music to be ‘just’ a ‘hobby’ (no). I think it’s somewhere in between. Plus I’ve been feeling additional pressure from my family (who always said that music and creativity was a mistake, and that’s something that I think I rebel against) and mentors who seem to think there’s only one way of doing music correctly. A friend of mine actually does living room concerts as her musical ‘thing’ and even did a living room tour in Europe last year! I’m going to head over to your website to check out your tunes now 🙂

      • Hazel,

        what a nice name. That’s good to hear, that you feel similar and have a different view on success than most people. I find myself also in the middle, music is not a “hobby” but I’m also not following stardom.
        See, your friend is doing it right 🙂
        Would love to listen to your music, too!

  54. Faruk

    Nice dress

  55. Hey Marie,

    This video is kind of an answer to something I’ve been struggling with recently, which is why am I going to school for my degree (which is currently business technology), and getting asked what I intend to do with it.

    Honestly, I don’t have some grand plan.

    When I was in community college, I worked closely with the computer lab and all the professors. I kind of slipped in my own interviews of how people got to where they were, and was a little shocked and deflated to hear that about 9 out of 10 professors just ended up there. They never intended to be where they were.
    These were my heroes, and I wanted to do what they did, but the only reason they were in that position is because they had YEARS behind them of experience doing everything else but teaching.

    I feel pressure because I have friends who are computer geniuses and have fantastic jobs, but I know I won’t be on their level, and I kind of don’t want to be. Honestly, I kind of want to have an adventure. I want to see where my degree takes me. I know more of what I don’t want to do than what I do want to do.

    My dream is much like Julia’s – I’d like financial stability, I have dreams of owning property to give my family something to pass down, I’d like to make a solid name for myself, but truth is…I don’t care what kind of career or job I have. I want something that excites me, and I want to be able to enjoy life and have fun. I want to take vacations when I feel like it, get some traveling in…and just have fun creating my life.

  56. Hi Marie,

    Great episode and it really made me think that my dream is very much in this vein because I want to be a hunter-gatherer.

    I teach people about wild food and how they can live from the wild all year round and, slowly but surely, I am working it into my life so that I can follow the log forgotten migration route I discovered. The more wild food I eat, the healthier, happier and more content I become and the more people want to come on my wild food walks to find out how I look so good!

    Small dream, big result!

    Love your work, thank you so much for sharing.

    • Elisa

      Fiona, How can we find you?

  57. Rolanda

    I enjoyed this video. Like the other posters, it came at a time when I need to hear your words.
    Three weeks ago, I just launched an on-line store on Etsy. BlockPartyIntl.
    I’m not expecting to “blow up” on the site but I am open to success.
    For me this means being able to pay off the small debt for buying supplies and materials; put money away for art classes and treat my husband and I to great getaways without touching our savings. All of this will take time and patience but I know it is attainable. No big dream shame just realistic expectations.

  58. Hi Marie,

    Great episode and it really made me think that my dream is very much in this vein because I want to be a hunter-gatherer.

    I teach people about wild food and how they can live from the wild all year round and, slowly but surely, I am working it into my life so that I can follow the long forgotten migration route I discovered. The more wild food I eat, the healthier, happier and more content I become and the more people want to come on my wild food walks to find out how I look so good!

    Small dream, big result!

    Love your work, thank you so much for sharing.

  59. I just stopped teaching to pursue full-time grad school in Teaching English as a Second Language. I want to work part-time at a university and be a Mom!

    I used to have a lot small dream shame in college. I only wanted to work in a field that would be super stable (thus why I went into Special Education), but instead I’ve just found myself kind of worn out and wishing I had just chosen what I wanted and done it faster!

    I love your website!

  60. Alexis

    I have some big dreams, and am realizing that I’m not afraid to embrace them for what they are, as I’ve had shame in the past about shining in my own spotlight. I also have some smaller dreams that I honestly treat the same as the big ones. This seems to have me marching to the beat of a different drum, but keeps me in the present moment and staying true to myself. I love being a part of this community for that reason alone. Thank you Marie, and every single B-Schooler!!!

  61. My dream is to get my business,, or any side hustle to make a little bit of money so I can quit my full time job in a field I am no longer interested in.

    That way I can afford to take a pay cut for my “day job” and do something that inspires me.

  62. Marie!

    Thank you for the dream space share! I’m slightly terrified (note the nervous pit sweat and shaky hands) but I’m doing it anyway!

    I took your advice and bought the book Double, Double from Cameron Herold and after reading it I was able to put together a Painted Picture for 2017.

    Here’s a snippet: is a pioneering company that has created a mainstream market place for psychics and intuitive guidance turning the psychic industry on its head and creating an accessibility and approachability that hasn’t existed for the mainstream before.

    Working with thought leaders of the world, as well as entrepreneurs, and leaders within the industry, is a intregral part within the mainstream entrepreneurial realm.

    I’m an international bestselling author and sought after speaker – speaking to mainstream professionals and collaborating with leaders to inspire and help people understand their own psychic capabilities and offer insights into their life maps.

    It goes on from there (and 2017 looks mighty fine!). Thank you for the book recommendation – it’s so helpful in aligning myself with what I need to do to achieve my goals.


  63. Love this! As always right in target for where I am!

    My dream: I dream of teaching tons of people how to live in their voice and truth… I can see it… What would it take to make it possible!

  64. I so needed this today! I love it when you ask and the Universe delivers. I am so blessed each and every Tuesday with a beautiful message!
    I needed to hear that I can be ok with where my business is and not where others think it should be! Whew… pressure uncorked!
    Thanks again!

  65. This is a great topic. My dream is to build a location independent business around travel and food – my passions. I’ve started this May and built a website so I can start blogging and gain expertise. I’m implementing everything I learned in B-school and small step by small step; I know I’ll get there! Thank you Marie!

  66. This by far is one of the best Marie TV videos I’ve seen! I’ve been going back and forth with my dream and doing the comparision thing that a lot of us do, but shouldn’t. I even began to doubt my dream. Why did I doubt it? Because of my questioning the significance of it and the impact my dream would make. This video helped me to re-evaluate the why of my dream and to remember that it doesn’t matter the impact if I believe it’s what I’m supposed to be doing and that it makes me happy! My dream is to bake, teach others how to bake and promote dessert business owners. I don’t want a big tv show gig. I just want to have a dessert business with cookbooks, teaching classes and eventually a dessert product line. I want to do well enough to do my dessert business full-time and be mobile in my career. Essentially I want to do what I love and love what I do! Thanks again Marie for an awesome video!! Hugs from GA! 🙂

  67. IAfter today’s video I’m humming the lyrics from the musical, South Pacific.
    “You got to have a dream,
    If you don’t have a dream,
    How you gonna have a dream come true?”
    And here’s a great book for everyone who ever wondered, “Am I living my dream of just living my life?” The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson
    “Your life dream is the key to God’s greatest glory and your greatest fulfillment!”

  68. Lori Glier

    Dear Marie,
    I continue to learn and I still have so much more I have to learn to get to where I want to go with my dreams I guess you nailed it as I see so many other people’s vision and would like to help.Yet then where are my dreams going?
    Wow you are amazing What do I dream in a big way how do I want to serve Authenticity to the world on a silver platter.
    The journey of Authenticity the quest continues to search for the best quality of life towards mental wealth Mental wealth and Authenticity are linked yet To launch my book and then go on an extensive quest for a new book movie to contiune the search for Authenticity and a better quality of life towards mental wealth.If we are not healthy we can not help or are not fully capable of being the best we can be.This is my life purpose my life mission and dream to have a better quality of life be Authentically me and live at peak mental wealth.
    Heaps of love,

    • Lori Glier

      Dear Marie,
      Any way you can help me in the right direction?
      Your Amazing,

  69. As always Marie, your timing is impeccable. This morning I was having a talk with God about the place that I have found myself. It is not by any means anything I could have imagined. I keep being inspired by ideas and encouraged by the positive responses I get from the littlest effort that I make. Which for me is confirmation. Besides, although I never saw myself “here” – what I do is thrilling. In my state, of wonder about my own life, I felt the “dream big” pressure just this morning. It was almost a voice telling me, that the amazing, exciting work I do, that I and those who benefit from it thoroughly enjoy is “not enough.” Then I got your email and video message. Your start was perfect because what I need is crazy abandon to follow my own path, which often feels like betrayal to my head. Like the home slot machine, that really is BIG living!! Love and thanks always!

  70. Mary

    You look beautiful Darling! I’ve got big dreams, middle size dreams, and small dreams for peace, prosperity and love on the planet baby. 🙂

  71. GL

    I enjoy your weekly emails and videos from Marie TV. And the subject is well timed and appreciated by me and I know so many others.
    My dreams are HUGE and at the same time I recognize all those I meet and read about in this world who have their own dreams. Both large and small and it is so great to know how interesting people really are. Their own take in life and business and it inspires me to be alert to what they have to say and contribute. And who cares how big or small or complicated or simple they are. The most important thing is that they each have one of their own.
    We realize many have them inside and don’t really share them… and that is unfortunate. I try to inspire others to live their dreams and visions and not file them away in Neverland without doing anything with them. I know this since I put off so much for too many years without bringing them to life and sharing them with the world. But… Not any more. I am making them come to life and sharing my own dreams with the many.
    Who cares what others think. We must bring our dreams to life and make things happen for the good of others and in this service, looking to benefiting others, our dreams do come true. This is Real.
    I for one, appreciate you Marie for great subjects and important awakenings hopefully in the lives of many people worldwide, who finally get it. That their dreams are important and can bring on such happiness and satisfaction for themselves through helping others. Just like you do here on Marie TV.
    All the best… A bright part of the week to hear from you…

  72. My dream is huge and I appreciated this episode so much! I want to travel the world, writing and speaking and using media to help people create and nurture relationships in business and romance that they desire!

    Thanks MarieTV

    • Awesome dream, Michelle! I guess we’re kindred spirits, because that’s almost exactly the same thing I want to do 🙂 Wishing you much success in having *everything* you dream of!

      • Way cool RM! Thanks for your well-wishes. I just hit you up on twitter! As connectors/relationship people would should well, connect!! LOL I’m looking fwd to learning more about your biz and dream and definitely wish you all the best for yours coming true too!

  73. kay

    A lot of my dreams came true and it all happened through writing down all the things I wanted. I kept diary after diary of what I wanted in life and I am living a lot of what I wanted. A European husband and I always wanted to have a baby boy named Maximilian: Now, I live in Germany with my German husband, my son is now five-years-old and we have a Porsche. 🙂 I still have lots of dreams which I still write about; some come true earlier than others but they surely come true. I always heard this phrase, “dream big!” and that made it seem impossible to reach or it seem liked it was from another galaxy, so I’m really grateful for this week’s topic because when I breathed a sigh of relief that dreaming whatever “I” want is dreaming big. Dreaming big is living my own life, doing what makes me happy and sharing that along the way. Simple just like Marie’s parents dreams. I love that they bought a slot machine for their house! What a great idea. I think I am going to get one but put my jewelry in there and I can win a piece of jewelry whenever I have the desire to gamble.

    Best of luck to everyone with their dreams.
    Thanks Marie and your team for an inspiring video. You look great in that dress.

  74. ken guerrero


    I get that not everyone needs to dream big! I didn’t know your parents live in Las Vegas as I do as well. I don’t go the strip or eat in the high mucky mucky places either or gamble as that’s not my thing and we live in the suburbs 8 miles from the strip. I’m happy pursuing my dreams and building my online business that doesn’t have to make a million dollars a year for me to be happy.:)

  75. Patty

    This was great and something I needed to hear. I have been studying all kinds of things to add to or change what I believe my gifts and talents are to please someone and become very successful and it’s so frustrating because that’s just not me. I have to think this blog and business in a different way so that I will feel enthused to complete everyday with helping others while enjoying what I want to do and make a living. “Everything is fixable” as we’re taught by Marie and it is time to fix this. Thank you for helping us look at who and what we are or can be with a different lens.

  76. Listening to your dream “A” reminded me of the attacks I’ve taken from my wife about dreaming big. For years I’ve wanted to build an interactive castle. Not to live in, but a place for others to visit. She accuses me of wanting to live in it and says she’ll have nothing to do with it. On the other hand, her idea of a castle is acres and acres of land surrounding a small log cabin style home with accompanying gym, track and vegetable garden. Now my dream is for her to be happy daily! 🙂

  77. Natacha

    I believe any human dream is huge: Be Happy…. MASSIVE!!!!
    But my subdream to go there:
    1/ be a teacher to work with kids and have plenty of free time to…
    2/ be a writer and then….
    3/ produce my movies based on my writing.
    I start small and see big. But my goal is to focuse on the first step, and see if my vision evolve from this step point of view!
    Love to all of you who dream! That’s the secret of aliveness spark!!

  78. Marie!

    I love all of your videos it has become part of my Tuesday morning routines, before any telephone conferences or meetings. This motivational mover of a video has lead me to thinking especially after reading that “The Glitter plan” number (if you havent heard of it yet) that our Twindollicious Brand is what I have always wanted to create. The process of building something with pride inspires me and success is the cherry on top. With degrees in Psychology and Education my safe plan is to teach, but my twin girls have taught me that we should go after fun and make a life out of it while doing so. Though we are yet to be a household name our V & K Designed TwinDoll fashion, stories of Friendship and fun shall bring us to our level of success. I am a bit of a big dreamer…Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and a happy place called Target visit me in my dreams often. Would love to see our brand there! All the Best to everyone Dreaming up their individual happiness!! :):)

  79. My dream is to be a globetrotter, with my writing paying the bills.

  80. Melanie


    My name is Melanie, I am from France and this is my first comment here.
    I discovered Marie only few weeks ago and it has helped me a lot.
    I was a former high-school teacher (for the german language) and decided to change my life to become a translator (german to french)
    In France I have the impression from what I hear around me that there is a real “big dream shame”. I guess it is cultural.
    When I tell people I want to be my own boss even if I have to work 3 times more, I want to have a confortable income, be independent… People think or even tell me “Who do you think you are ? Was it not nice going to school every morning and not caring about anything because you know you will get paid at the end of the month ? What more do you want?”
    I felt really frustrated.
    My dream was to start as a translator, find clients, market myself and move to Berlin.

    It has been a year now. I have worked my a** off. I learned to market myself, got some nice results aaaaand in 2 weeks I am finally moving to Berlin.

    People around me, my family, my friends still think I am strange but I got what I wanted by working really really hard and never stop dreaming.

    Now I set new goals for next year but I just don’t speak about it anymore 🙂

  81. Sarah

    This was exactly what I needed to hear today Marie! I am a sensitive introvert who needs lots of time to recharge my batteries and i have been running myself ragged for the past couple of years trying to run my on ground business, build an online business, teach and raise two kids! I got caught up in the big dream thing you talked about, how that has to be what everyone wants, … and it is affecting my health in a significant way. I have been thinking about this idea lately of scaling back and feeling bad about it, and your video helped me clarify some things, including how much I want a simpler life and lots of time to relax and create. I will never make it intact if I keep going at the rate I’m going at now.
    I am trying to prioritize everything now to make that happen, and still work on my online business like I want to. Thanks again for the words of wisdom!

  82. Hi Marie,

    I loved this post. But I think I’m struggling with what might be the other end of the spectrum from “Small Dream Shame” – maybe what we can call “Big Dream Guilt.”

    I grew up in an immigrant family where we struggled, and while I want the standard full-time job, security, time for family that I’ve been taught to be grateful for- I also have been dealing with an inner battle of leaving my AWESOME full-time job of teaching elementary teachers in NY for taking a more unstable route to pursue my big-ass dream of writing novels and illustrating books. The problem is I don’t let myself do it because I feel SO guilty that I am not fully satisfied in what truly is an awesome, stable, important job with benefits. Would truly appreciate your thoughts!

    Thanks and love to my homies-

    • Rina,
      As an author/writer who left a lucrative copywriting gig to do my own thing full time I applaud you. Most everyone thought I was crazy but it’s so much better and once I made the leap the universe supported me and now I make more than I did so I say go for it! if you need help or just want to whine about the naysayers around you, give me a shout!

  83. Amie Chamberlin

    I dream of moving to a unique old farm house in the country (not too far outside the city but far enough) with a few acres where I can have my own little vegetable stand and sell the sustainably grown, heirloom vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers I want grow (I already grow quite a bit in my suburban backyard!). I might even have chickens so I can sell eggs, and do educational workshops and host special dinners/overnight guests for extra money. And I might bring my goods to the local farmers’ market. I have a list a mile long of all the reasons I shouldn’t/can’t do this. Lots of fear, self-doubt in the way, especially because of my age (44) and the fact that I have student loans to pay off and this all feels way too uncertain and risky- maybe even unfeasible. But nothing makes me come alive like I do when I think about this dream.

    • Elisa

      Thank you Amie, the world needs more farmers! We need to eat and see the beauty that God created for all of us. You will do well, I can feel it! Much love to you and in your journey!

  84. Rebecca

    This is AWESOME! Got this message just when I needed to hear it. Marie, you’re amazing, and I’m so grateful to the person that asked this question. I’m really looking forward to redefining my dreams to meet what I really want to do, not what I think I “should” be doing. Woot, Woot.

  85. Bailey

    When I was younger (mid to late 20s), I had huge dreams which were realized by the time I was 32. I became a multimillionaire, I had all the things I pasted onto my vision board, and and AMAZINGLY prosperous business. After a divorce, the economy, and a bout with our attorney general, I lost it all.

    After about a year, I realized that I had given up on my “old” dreams and just settled in to my new life. I had basically accepted, what I thought, was my fate. I learned a lot about myself during these past 5-6 years. It has been very humbling living with so little again, and I appreciate the little things so much more than I ever had.

    The problem was that I WAS settling. Being an entrepreneur is in every fiber of my being. I HAD given up my dreams. But my dreams weren’t just about getting and being “rich”, it was so much more than that, and I hadn’t realized that in the past. Now I see it all so much more clearly. It’s about CREATING what I see in my mind, and MAKING it happen, because If I’m not creating, I’m dead!

    My dreams have always been huge, so huge that everyone that ever knew me said, “Yeah right, good luck with that!”. I’ve never contemplated the “SIZE” of my dreams, but all dreams are “Big”, whether you’re dreaming of owning a huge corporation, or a small mom and pop shop. It’s the realizing of those dreams that are “Big”. It’s the steps you take to make it happen that are “Big”.

    My advice is this: If you’re dreaming it, do what it takes to make it happen. DO NOT let anyone EVER tell you that your dreams are too big or too small. It’s not for them to say. If it’s in your heart, your soul, and deep down into your gut, you’re on the right track. I’ve seen some major miracles in my life, so I know NOTHING is impossible. and I mean NOTHING!!!

    I have less than a sixth grade education, yet I created a business that allowed me to pay myself $50,000 a month out of $350,000 monthly revenue. No dream is too big! If it’s crushing your soul, don’t change the dream, change the way you’re viewing the dream, and yourself. It’s not always a cake walk, but if you see it as a positive challenge, and a way to push yourself past your current comfort level, you can relax while still moving toward your dreams/goals.

    As for myself, I got back on the horse. I set up my LLC, formulated some great products, designed my own labels, which look pretty amazing if I do say so myself, and I’m feeling very positive and happy again. I’m almost 48, so my dreams are different than they were when I was in my mid 20s and early 30s, and they ARE somewhat smaller, but they’re mine and I’m so going for it. I’ll hate myself forever if I don’t.

    All the Best in Life and Love to All!

  86. First of all, Marie- your dress is everything.

    Funny enough, I was just thinking about this type of thing this week. I’m an Actor. And a plant based food enthusiast. I’ve always wanted to have a career in theatre, (and modest as it may currently be, I do), but I’ve also always had a huge passion for humanitarian work. And just in the past few years as my passion and knowledge about nutrition has grown, I’ve started to realize that this is my humanitarian work. Knowledge about nutrition is sadly lacking in the average home around the world. But that is all changing- with the help of people willing to eat this knowledge for breakfast lunch and dinner (literally) and then TALK about it. SHARE the info with others. So I am beginning my business, slowly but surely, teaching others how to improve their diets. And the more I put out there, the more people are asking me for more more more! Which is very exciting to me. And I see my business in the nutrition world being brilliant, and incredibly fulfilling…

    But my acting career…. Acting isn’t something I like to do, like a hobby. It’s who I am. Who I’ve always been- I’ve never wanted to be anything else. I see people leaving the industry all the time, and I think, “That would be like cutting out my heart”. BUT, what defines a successful career in acting? A friend of mine was nominated for a Tony this year- that’s amazing. Other friends made their television debut… I produced a short run of a play that touched my soul in a way I can’t describe in words. I took over a small theatre company that helps new plays get on their feet. I did a bunch of really cool short indie films that few will ever see…. Am I successful? I struggle with this question. I have aspirations of being a movie star. Most movie stars are not actors. Especially right now. But, I do want to reach more people. I want a lot of people to know who I am, because I have a lot to offer a LOT of people.. An actor I worked with last year said to me, “I’d like to be the 5th most famous guy in a big Oscar winning film”… “No more, no less”… I don’t care about the Oscars, but I appreciated that mentality. People know who that guy is- the #5 guy. He has a platform, a voice that people will listen to. But maybe he doesn’t need a body guard to go get groceries… I guess that’s what I want.

    • *DO NOT have aspirations of being a movie star, haha. Do NOT.

  87. Maria

    Hi Marie! I thank you so much for your videos. This one in particular made me realize that I am not so mistaken by thinking and asking myself everyday what are the things that REALLY make me happy and what are the things that make others happy and me… not so much. I was an A student back in highschool and my teachers expected lots from me, but somehow, instead of studying Law or something similar and entering a big company, my gut or my heart made me approach the creative and visual arts world.
    And even though I struggle to have a steady income, no matter what I have creativity in my life, while I cook, on weekends, while at home, etc..
    I thing one should learn to be honest with yourself and really shut off the noise of everyone´s opinion on what should be your future happiness.

  88. I think we dream in unique ways in the different areas of our lives. Though my work focus is helping others bust apart their inner fears so they can achieve their dreams – NO MATTER THE SIZE – as a single mom on the home front one of my dreams was to make enough money so I could easily buy furniture that was already put together. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea!). I’m pleased as punch that last weekend I got a media console – already put together! Lol. Funny little thing, so much pleasure.
    I guess what I’m saying is, go with your gut and you’ll be intensely happy.

  89. Marie:

    Right on! Dreams are pragmatic, realistic, provide me freedom and time alone, with friends, outdoors, with my critters and doing what I love ALL THE TIME. Which does NOT mean I don’t love to work, I just don’t like it to FELL like work.
    ‘Nuff said!

  90. Deb

    Hey Marie:
    I am so glad you shared this video today. I am a mom blogger who is trying to “do it big” when it comes to blogging. But my downfall as been comparing myself to my peers. Seems as if we each have different traffic patterns, content we cover, and audience but similar niche. What I have found is that I am nowhere near their size of audience and it seems as if I’m failing. Add to that a small subscriber list and, well, you can see where I’m headed–dreaded shame.
    I’m not a slacker. I work hard and do the best I can. I love how you offer your parent’s situation as an example and something I can relate to. Maybe I won’t be a six-figure gal now, but in the future–who knows? But I feel better that size doesn’t matter. I think the bottom line is whether I can look in the mirror at the end of the day and know that I have done well by myself, my family, my friends, and my readers. And, if I can say “yes” to that–than there’s no shame to speak of. Thanks, Marie, for helping me keep it in perspective! You rock!–Deb

  91. I sometimes feel my dreams live in a creative tension. I felt this as a teenager– each time I took one of the Cosmo quizes. I was never just the “crunchy girl” or the “glam girl”– I wanted to be both. I was so deeply happy in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua wearing shorts, vintage tees and chacos and spending long stretches of my day walking around a volcano talking to community members one on one or alone in my adobe house. But I also love to dress feminine & fancy and feel the charge of speaking in front of a crowd. I used to try to hammer these various sides into one dream. Now I think my life may be made in the tension. What this looks like for me now in my biz– I don’t have ginormous dreams. I have a boutique coaching practice where I work with people ready for deep inner inquiry using meditation & the enneagram. This size coaching practice is my right place of service for this season of life while my children are small as it allows me space to breathe and go at a gentle pace. I also love writing and teaching and connecting with more people through my blog. For right now– the two work together well. And I find the more I put some one else up as a vision of success I should strive for (like comparing myself and my ambitions to Marie Forleo!) it ends up just a distraction from what I know to be true for me and what I really need right now. Thanks for preaching the truth Marie. Grateful for you and your message.

  92. Literally the exact episode I needed to see today! Yesterday I was watching the Tony Awards, and I actually saw a friend of mine (on TV!!!) share the Tony for Best Musical. It filled me with joy and tears–really, the entire awards ceremony electrified my soul–and I fully realized that I want to “be” a part of that community. Whether it’s singing, acting, performing, producing, or writing content for Broadway, that’s my deepest life aspiration at the moment. And even if I DIDN’T get to Broadway…if I could replicate that electric feeling of excitement, passion, and child-like wonder for my day-to-day career, it would be more than enough for me.

  93. Tal

    Marie, I love this! It’s so true how so many people place huge dreams ahead of themselves and then become overwhelmed trying to reach those huge goals. I’ve seen so many of my friends live like that, and those ‘dream’ goals are usually what they’ve learned from other people and not themselves. The hustle to make it up to a top that is unreachable is not something I desire. Actually, I am a twenty-something that would love to move away from the big city, live in a small cute house, and live a simple life. Quite the opposite of many of my friends’ dreams! But sometimes being around so many people with big, lofty dreams makes me forget my own idea of a dream future, but then I take a step back and realize that I don’t want that for myself. That realization is such a relief when I remember! Thank you for reminding me once again that it’s totally okay not to have those big, overwhelming goals that so make so many people go crazy. If they want that lifestyle, then so be it, but I’m going to stay on my own track to happiness.

  94. You are so right, Marie. When I was younger, I had some pretty grandiose dreams of being rich and famous. “At what?” was always the question I couldn’t answer, but when I was working I always thought that I was living that dream. Now, I’m in my late 50’s, disabled, and “involuntarily retired,” I look around me and I realize, this is what I wanted: to live simply and have very little debt, have a roof over my head and food on the table, and just enjoy life. My in-laws were like that (and very much like your parents). Their daughter and I have been married 36 years, and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend my life with.

    I’ve wanted to write for some time, and I’m doing that now. Mary is a knitter and starting to design patterns and teach. Neither one of us is going to make millions doing that, I know, and that’s all right. Doesn’t mean we’re not going to try, but we’re realistic about it.

    I had a stroke a few years ago, and I remember waking up in the hospital unable to move anything on my right side. All I could think was “Thank God I’m alive.” Something like that really changes your perspective on things.

  95. Loved this video – thank you!

  96. Bethany

    I left my position with a prominent Ad Agency in my twenties where I had my “dream” job, to pursue a much bigger dream for myself– to start my family with my new husband. People told me I was crazy and that I would ruin my great career. But my “small” dream was to raise children to follow their own dreams and to be surrounded by a loving family, something I really didn’t have growing up. 17 1/2 years later, I have two extremely interesting and loving teenagers who thrill me with their ideas and their dreams for their futures! I have had their teachers constantly tell me what great kids they are and how much they enjoy teaching them. I don’t know why other people thought that was a small dream! I think it was one of the biggest things I could have done with my life (way bigger than designing Wendy’s ads like before!). Now that they both will be heading off to college soon, I am pursuing another project with my design and illustration skills, but it’s in Religion which most people think of as being monetarily dead. I don’t care because I know I can fill a need that I’ve seen and it is way more important to me than creating a million dollar company. I look at the little ways that I can leave a positive lasting change in life and that usually does come in the form of smaller dreams. My husband has been in the Fortune 500 world for his whole career and owned a business– we’ve been taken care of and met some dreams that a lot of people have. But it’s our family that has given us the joy in life and the small dream of having a loving and interesting family.

    • Diane

      You sound very balanced and living your own life has given you strength and enjoyment. Keep it rolling on! 🙂

      • Bethany

        Thanks Diane! 😀

  97. Diane

    Marie, Marie, Marie, what a top video! I have recently had someone (who was meant to be providing business advice) attempt to make me feel a failure because I didn’t have the ‘high growth’ attitude ingrained in me. The attempt failed and I withdrew from the course. I believe though that you have to be totally honest with yourself when naming your dream. For example, there’s no point claiming to just want a 9-5 job with no pressures and yet want a £100,000 p.a salary and three large holidays every year. Get real!

    I have a dream to open a sewing/craft studio where like-minded folk can create and learn together in a community. That’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds but I’m on the path. Let’s see where it leads me.

    I really believe that everyone’s dream is different and happens at different times but progress not perfection is often what feels best. Often when you achieve your dream, it doesn’t feel how you expected it to, so it changes, which is fine. The age old adage of ‘enjoying the ride’ is very relevant.

  98. Jen

    I can picture it now. The perfect white house with perfect black shutters, maybe a crisp red door. The backyard isn’t huge but has space to grow food and flowers; there’s even a chicken coop. My three boys (only one exists now 🙂 running around laughing while my husband and I sit in the perfect white Adirondack chairs sipping whatever it is we sip in the sun. The perfect ending to a great day. A day that began with a nourishing breakfast, some homeschool type education, then lunch. The next four hours I work my dream job. I don’t know if I would work out of a home office or have a space in one of those shared work space offices. I share my dreams and I help other people to realize theirs. A job full of inspiration and encouragement. Though, now I’m pretty much clueless as to what exactly that would be. After we spend our time outside, we finish the day with a nourishing dinner of real foods. Then we thank God for a wonderful day and go to sleep excited for what the next day holds.

    • Elisa

      Sounds Beautiful Jen! I have a very similar dream. We should talk!
      You can make this happen and it will fill you with peace.
      Hug, Elisa

      • Jen

        Cool! Do you have a blog or Pinterest account I can follow along the journey with you?

  99. Ida Momtaheni

    The timing of this video could not have been better. I literally asked myself this question the other day, and had a conversation about it with a friend. I am a big thinker, very ambitious and very driven. I like being that way, but often it results in having big, grandiose dreams that are too difficult for any person to realistically attain, at least in the shorter term. I have a tendency to make things more complex, when all I really want to do is simplify! I know this about myself, so I remind myself to simplify and think about what I can do today, tomorrow, in the next week; essentially how I can start NOW, instead of thinking about it, because what I am trying to do is so “big.” But by simplifying too much am I creating an excuse and failing? I guess I do feel ashamed, because I am comparing myself to others, and what incredible and “big” things they have done. But, I realize that I perceive it to be big, when in reality what they are doing is just awesome, because they followed their dream, their passion, and made it happen. As you highlighted bigger is not better, so it’s time for me to just dream forward; advance and be in pursuit of my dreams, small, medium or large.

    • Joshua

      I have to agree Ms. Momtaheni, Ms. Forleo said it wonderfully in her latest Q&A video today. Ms. Forleo nailed it today! Ms. Forleo is awesome, Ms. Momtaheni and I know you would have to agree with me as well, Ms. Momtaheni.

  100. Stephanie Lynn

    YES!! I am JUST going through the process of radical self-acceptance when it comes to an aspect of my business that, you know what?? ISN’T EVER going to be huge like the businesses it’s inspired by and THAT’S OKAY!! I want to keep my herbal business small and manageable by me- I want to touch everything I make, have a hand in everything I sell and form a relationship with every one of my customers. I don’t have to wholesale to every single health food store and THAT’S OKAY!!

    It leaves so much room for ease and happiness. A weight lifts when you realize your authenticity and stop pressuring yourself to be someone else’s version of perfect.

  101. Becky

    LOVE the dress. Oh yeah, great message too LOL.

  102. My dream feels simple but the path is more complex than I originally anticipated. Still, it’s worth fighting for every day.

    I want to work for myself as a creative entrepreneur in the photography field and I want to travel the world one month at a time.

  103. Amy

    I have a dream of running a residential facility for women and men recovering from bulimia and anorexia as well as other types of disordered eating. I want to have ‘outpatient’ as well as ‘inpatient’ care. I want to build a recovery program around the ideas of the four agreements and service. I want to fully support each person’s individual physical needs so they can focus on creating the actual food they need, the spiritual food they are seeking but have not found yet. I want to empower people about eating and work on the shame that is so rampant surrounding food.

  104. Carrie :: Happy Fish Tarot

    A few years ago, I was miserable. I was spiritually starved, had a job that left me drained & even though I wanted to be creative, I spent most of my free time zoning out with the TV.

    Slowly, things got better. I discovered ‘The Artist’s Way.’ I began to meditate, to journal, to spend time getting to know myself & my desires. I began to work through blocks that had been paining me for years.

    And perhaps most importantly, I discovered Tarot.

    Now, my dream is to help people who are where I was. I want to help them awaken, come alive, work through their blocks. I want to use Tarot to inspire them to uncover their true nature & creativity.

  105. Persia Summerland

    I’ve only had about 10 seconds sleep so not the best time to write something but got so excited about this video that I can’t help it. If it makes no sense, please be understanding 🙂

    My absolute favourite Marie TV video is your interview with Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love. Every single thing he said made absolute sense to me and particularly this one sentence that made me go YES! THAT’S IT, PERFECT. If there is ever anything that encapsulates my tiny tiny dream it’s this Mastinism;

    “I’d rather be a beach bum on Venice with my laptop”.


  106. I love, love, loved this episode. You know, I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, and have rubbed elbows with some of the most successful digital marketers in the nation at events like Traffic and Conversion Summit, and SXSW. I am surrounded by some tremendously successful people who dream, well, BIG. I think that’s great. I also enjoy being a part of their success in some way. And, I often have that feeling that I’m supposed to have “dream shame”- but, I don’t.
    You know, at 47, I’ve got a pretty successful little business writing copy and content for others, building websites and doing SEO work for small companies. At the moment, I live in a sweet little Balinese-style bungalow with amazing jungle views in Costa Rica, right next door to my beautiful one-year-old grandson. My life is simple, yet completely fulfilled. And, he is my ‘WHY’. My “why” – that freedom that I have to live and work wherever, and whenever, I want; to enjoy my life; to take an hour out of my afternoon just to sit on the floor and play with him; to take long walks in nature; to garden; to write for myself; to enjoy reading a good book; to be with family and friends.
    I cannot imagine, for a minute, trading that freedom for the stresses and obligations of running a big, multi- million dollar company.
    There is a wonderful exercise called The Perfect Day Exercise. One takes a pen and paper and writes down, in minute detail, exactly what one’s perfect day would look like from sunrise to sunset. It’s really pretty powerful when it comes to gaining clarity around what you want. I’ve done it and I know, my life is exactly what, and where, I want it to be.
    For me, that is the perfect definition of success.
    Thanks, Marie. I appreciate your work and always find value in the content you put out there. You are an inspiration.

    • Bethany

      Lynette, I absolutely love your “Perfect Day Exercise”! I think that’s a brilliant way to hone in on what you really want. I’m 47 too and I really like this stage in life– things that were distractions in our 20’s and 30’s seem to disappear and it’s clearer what truly matters and makes us happy!
      Thanks for sharing!

  107. Hi Marie
    For the first time EVER I am here commenting on your video…I am in my fifties and for the past ten years or so I have been searching for my ‘thing’ and do you know I realised yesterday what it is….I love to cook for people, if they enjoy my food all the hard work was worth it. I am not looking for fancy cars or big houses, just enough to get by and set up some security for the future…so now to see how my passion can sustain me. Watch this space!

  108. Vivian Kim

    Oh my Gosh Marie,

    I believe that was what was missing from the pie! I was thinking to big and it was not really making me happy. Simplfying really feels good. It really comes down to I just want to help people improve their eyesight in a natural way. And that is it. Thanks, this has really helped to bring my dream to the core and has helped me to not get caught up in all the other ‘stuff” that often overwhelms me in trying to get this point. Also, love all the other informationa and advice you give every week! Love the psychedelic reptile look!

  109. Forever I thought my dream was to become some big shot something and rule the world. I was doing it for the purpose of ego. Now I want to help others, create change and make a good living doing it. I would hate running a 100+ employee business! I love working small but doing great things! Thanks for the inspiration Marie always love ya and your TEAM!

    • Yes, sometimes we get confused by all the possibilities the world seems to hold. And suddenly we are frustrated – not knowing what is in it for us.
      I like todays episode & your comment Steph – working small and doing great things!

      Have a wonderful day!
      Love from Berlin

  110. Lily

    My dream is that the business I am starting breaks even this year and pulls in enough money so that we can buy our first house. I also hope that it supports me and my family so that I can be a stay at home mom and my husband doesn’t have to work 18 hours a day any more. I want my business to become capable of being managed by my employees so that I can enjoy time away from it with my family.
    I am at the beginning stages of starting a shoe store all the way up in Yellowknife Canada. I am excited about this business but not because I personally want to sell shoes, but because I want to employ other people and I want to have some extra resources and use the store front as a way of bringing our community together to support local business. I want it to create some additional freedom so that I can do more of the things I love like spending time with those who are in need of some one to one talk time. I am building a sling shot so I can get to my dreams.

  111. Marie,

    I’m Living for that Rainbow Snakeskin dress! 🙂


    did you take a class to learn how to balance that iPad ? Mad SKILLZ! 🙂

    Big Hugs & Love
    Rocco Distefano

  112. Elisa

    After a year of huge ideas being poured into my mind, I have filled up and now, tapped out.
    I thought I wanted more money to travel, to figure out why I felt so sick all the time, more time with my hubby and more education for my kids and more safety for our family.

    I tried to go after the big dream of Helping Moms recover from PPD for over a year. I thought there was a great market and even enrolled in B-school to help me clarify my idea and marketing.

    For 10 months, I dove into creating a business that was confusing and overwhelming, ignored my kids, and nearly destroyed my marriage.

    I saw the disconnect and have had such a hard time letting go of my “dream” of being an online PPD recovery coach, (that replaces her hubby’s income). But recently, I have seen the slow discussions as beautiful opportunities to reconnect with my family.

    After all this, I am realizing that My dream is different, smaller and much more fulfilling:

    I want to be a farmer for this season, with Eden growing on my property. Healing from whatever has been ailing me and raising my 5 kids with my amazing husband of 14 years.

    I think eventually, I would still like to work with or help heal others from the same with Food, Love and Detox. Perhaps as a traveling Doctor or have an awesome clinic in Costa Rica.

    I love to see and hear the rededication of individuals to themselves and to their families and community.
    If you have a heart for any of these ideas above, Contact me and we will be glorious friends!

  113. My Dream is somehow Huge but at the same time “simple and small”.

    Maybe a contradiction but, as a Life Coach, Mentor and NLP Practitioner, my main Dream is to help as many people i can to change their lives. I’m Portuguese but currently living in Brazil. I wish i can cause an impact in Portuguese language countries and for that i don’t expect to have a huge company. For now all my work and products are a result from a single person effort: ME. I Dream to have a huge team, an army of Coaches or something like that. I Dream i can continue to do my Coaching programs, to write my books and to do some events but nothing more than that.

    I do not wish to loose the life i love, a very calm, private and “free” life. The solution I’ve came up to be able to help a large number of people is through my books, my blog and my videos. I cannot imagine life in another way. I just need enough to have a medium income and nothing more. My happiness is more important that the title of “Huge Entrepreneur.”

    I Thing we should follow our standards and not the standards of others. If we can feel happy with our business model, i can’t see a point in growing the infrastructure just to show “others”. I feed everyone should follow their own believes and forget the “media standards”. As long as i feel happy and fulfilled i can’t ask for much more.

    Keep on the good work.


    • Just a correction, when i wrote: “I Dream to have a huge team, an army of Coaches or something like that.”

      I Wish to say: “I Don’t Dream to have a huge team, an army of Coaches or something like that.

  114. Ah, sweet release from the drive to go big or go home! Thank you for this episode, I too have been making that shift recently from the ego scheme to the heart dream. Anxiety, proving myself, and overcompensating were my companions the last few years and I said enough! Now I am clarifying what’s really up for me and that is as simple as wanting to have wealth in time, money, and magical living for my son and I to be free to travel when we want and save $ for his future. My ultimate desire is to help people translate their soul’s gifts so that they understand themselves and are understood, and bought from, by others, all in the name of communion with life and god/dess in order to feel inspiration, validation, and love.

    • Joshua

      Mrs. Wirta,

      I have watched this episode earlier and Ms. Forleo said it very clearly. if you dream big all the time you will only have failure in your path. Ms. Forleo has posted this blog and video and it couldn’t have been done at a much better time than earlier today. I love Ms. Forleo. Ms. Forleo is awesome. I would also have to agree with you on that one as well, Mrs. Wirta.


  115. Bethany

    I want to open a fitness facility in order to help others love themselves and in turn share that love with everyone in their lives. I am so excited that I have finally identified my dream. 🙂 Thanks Marie!

  116. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the message today, as it makes me feel a lot better about my dream. I have found myself thinking I don’t dream big enough or want it bad enough to work 24/7 like so many people seem to do these days. When my book, Choosing Happiness After Divorce, came out, I dreamed of New York Times Best Seller List, but it’s okay it didn’t go there because when I started getting feedback from people on how much it helped them through a difficult time I realized it didn’t matter if it was one person or thousands, I made a difference. I am now working on an updated edition and when it comes out, I expect it to do better because I have learned so much from you, but my real dream is just to continue getting it into the hands of those who need help. We all benefit from choosing to be happy and that’s what I intend to do everyday of my life regardless of how big or small my dreams might be. Thanks, as always, for the inspiring posts!

  117. My dream…which is becoming a reality… is to run a Personal Energy coaching business to help others through Spiritual Awakening. On my Journey I’ve learned many skills and tools which can help others. This ‘fits my soul’ perfectly, since I’ve been energy sensitive, intuitive and a spiritual medium since I can remember. Working with clients this way fills me with excitement, passion and energy!

    It’s taken me quite a few years to ‘come out’…since so many people are now are in the throes of awakening the clients are beginning to come!

    What if I only help 100 people accelerate their awakening? With the butterfly effect this could change 1000s of lives in the long run. Even dreaming that dream can change so much.

    It’s not always a quick and easy journey to find your ‘fit’….when you find it – you’ll just know!

    Love n light to all!

  118. My dreams have changed and evolved as our family has changed and grown. My dream today is to be as available as I can be for our kids, while still trying to make a little money to help pay the bills. I’ve had people express their disbelief that I left a high-profile corporate job for an independent business owner in small town USA, but I love what I do and I love that my kids walk here from school. I love owning a business and the everyday challenges that come with that, too. It really seems like a win-win situation. My goal this year (my third year) is to break-even. That would be a HUGE success.

  119. Sam

    My dream is to
    live in London ☺ + travel around the world 🙂 + One of my books (or all if possible) become New York’s best seller ♥ = 😀

    • I also enjoy traveling! If I could go anywhere, I would like to go to Paris in April. I enjoy the movies and songs that glamorize Paris in the spring. Good luck on your New York Times bestsellers!! 🙂

  120. My dream is to write kids books and have a portion of the proceeds go to different causes. Therapeutic books, because I am a child therapist. I envision beautiful illustrations and meaningful messages that can help kids through hard times. I also want the books to help parents understand how to help their children. I do feel like that isn’t a big enough dream. Like, how am I going to have enough money? I could continue in private practice and teach on the side, and I like doing both of these things. To be honest with you, my dream is that I will find my partner, and we will have a baby. Id like to be able to be a full time mom and write my kids books and keep blogging. I would also love to write novels.

    • It’s a beautiful dream and so needed. i think parenting has changed a lot since we ourselves were children and it’s not always easy to navigate the way you want to parent in a new world.

      • Thanks so much, Amelie. It makes my day to hear this support. : )

    • Joshua

      Wonderfully said, Ms. Crawford, Therapeutic books can work for children especially if you’re a child therapist, Ms. Crawford. You would be a great writer for these types of books, Ms. Crawford. Good Luck, Ms. Crawford!


      • Thank you Joshua. I really appreciate this. : )

        • Joshua

          You are so welcome, Ms. Crawford! I will continue to refer to you as Ms. Crawford as long as you don’t mind me doing so, Ms. Crawford.

  121. Mary

    My dreams:

    1) Pay off my debts (getting there).
    2) A place of my own with just enough yard for a rose garden and a vegetable garden.
    3) Get people to understand that ANYONE can be the victim of a stalker and that anyone can become a stalker. And that the only way to help and protect ourselves is; to be honest, to watch ourselves, watch out for each other, and work together.
    4) To become a published author.

    • Hi Mary,

      I love your dreams, and ironically they are quite similar to mine. I like what you have to say about stalkers. I think you have a good point there that we can all fall on either side of that coin and need to be honest and watch ourselves to avoid becoming victim to either side. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  122. I love being a ‘tooner! A ‘tooner is one who cartoons. I’ve been doing all kinds of cartoons since 1989 and I am having a blast! I’m not trying to get rich, just well-to-do. And I’m not waiting for that to happen to be happy. In the words of PBS cartooning teacher Bruce Blitz, I “KEEP ON CARTOONING!”

  123. Hi Marie,
    I’ve never commented before but I wanted to thank you for validating what has been my choice (Small dream) for my business for a very long time. I’m an event designer and I get a thrill out of short deadlines, even unrealistic ones, being wildly creative and am SO up for a challenge! That said, I ADORE my free time — time to plant vegetables on my NYC rooftop and pick salad and tomatoes for lunch, time to get get to a great spin class or yoga in the park. Somehow, I think you can have it all — just not all at the same time! Embrace the small dream. Thanks Marie! : )

    • Hi Kristin,
      Thanks for commenting on here and sharing your business with us as well. I especially like your website. If I had an event coming up in New York I would definitely want to consider working with your company, you’ve got great style. I know what you mean about adoring short unrealistic deadlines. I used to despise short deadlines, but I recently had an unrealistically short deadline and I was amazed at what I was able to pull off in such a short amount of time. Good luck to you and your business Kristin!

  124. Barb

    This is was a great inspiration today! Clarifying the size and scope of our dreams is only something we can do for ourselves…’s okay either way as long as we own our own dreams.

  125. Rose Marie James

    Hello fellow MarieTV viewer,
    Here are some of my goals:
    Work in the music and entertainment industry (done)
    Become debt free within 5 years (making progress slowly)
    Own a six-figure business (owned a small business for eight years)
    Visit April in Paris
    Learn French before visiting Paris (Je peut parle un peux)
    Become a millionaire within 10 years.

    • Rose Marie James

      Correction: Visit Paris in April. There is a song called April in Paris, in case I confused you.

  126. Tara

    My dream is to help people on a one on one basis helping them realize their true potential and for them to feel good about who they are. I also want to speak to groups of people, helping to spread the love in this world as well as self awareness. I really want to give people the tools to help themselves. I’d also like to travel but only on my own time and not have to feel like its a requirement, but I do want to see more of the world. I want to really know the people in the places I visit and feel apart of their culture.

  127. LOVED this video! I think you are soooo right Marie that the new American (or in my case Canadian) dream is to go big! My dream is to be a partnerpreneur with my husband building our laser engraving business and living life fulltime on the road in an RV with our two young boys. I want to earn a living commensurate to the way we live and enjoy every day learning, loving and growing with my sons.

    I know I am capable of greater things but I know first hand the many sacrifices that building a larger business creates. My parents created a manufacturing company with over 50 employees before they sold and while they lived a great life, they also sacrificed in areas that I am unwilling to – my tenants of Freedom and Flexibility are non-negotiable. I’ve already squandered enough time living the life I was “supposed” to, it feels so freeing to just embrace my calling in the world and consider this – because you live a life in accordance with your dreams big or small, your way of being in the world is a game changer and that is how we change the world in small ways. There is a saying by Martin Luther King Jr. “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” Be great whether your dreams are big or small because they all matter!

  128. Geo

    Hi Marie,

    Great advice as always. However what if our main dreams aren’t about success? What about those women who would mainly want to have a family? This not only seems like an almost impossible dream in today’s world but women who think like this are usually ciritzied. Don’t get me wrong, I really like what I do but as a woman it’s just not a priority for me anymore and I only whish I had understood this more clearly earlier in life.

    • Geo,
      You are not alone. Many are like you. I think if you click on my name, above, it is linked to a website on which you can find others. <3

  129. My personal dream is to work during my peak hours, from the comfort of my home and have the flexibility to travel and to go where my inspiration leads me.

    My business dream is to help woman break free from energetic blockages so they can unleash their true potential and find the confidence to move forward. I love seeing people’s life transformed as the emotional baggage is release.

  130. Thank you TONS for this video! I’ve had an etsy store since 2006 and I love it the size it is – i still have time to chill with my kids and party on the weekends. I continuiously feel pressure to grow and expand my business (if you’re still – you’re dying) but I don’t want to! Thank you again for this wonderful post!

  131. My dream is to travel the world and speak to women and young women globally with the message that they can create a life that they love. I also want to live in the islands for 6 months of the year, write, speak and inspire and give back to communities.

  132. I have so been struggling with doing what I want to do instead of doing what others want me to do. I’m a natural big dreamer (although I have a lot of respect for small dreams and hope to never make small dreamers feel ashamed of it) but always considering other people’s wants & expectations has allowed a lot of doubt to creep in over the years.

    My big dream is to play an instrumental role in seeing the criminal justice system reformed in the United States. It’s a long term game but I’m making sure my cards are in place starting today.

    There’s an Abraham Lincoln quote that your video, Marie, resonates with: “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”

    I love the way he phrased that, because ultimately I don’t feel tied to my dreams but tied to live up to my light. And expressing my light more faithfully & authentically can be a lot more rewarding of a journey than trying to put action steps in place to achieve a dream, be it large or small.

    • Tara

      That’s amazing, I love that outlook, very inspiring.

  133. Lorna Cattanach

    Hi Maria,
    Loved this! My ambition in life is to make it as simple for myself as possible. Its taken me a lot of years to realise that the things I really want and need cost next to nothing – its the utility bills and every day living that take the bulk of my income before I even have a chance to live simply!
    I have what I call ‘Money Streams’ that flow into the ‘Money River’ I do lots and lots of little things that I enjoy and make money from these i.e I have a part time freelance job as a viewing agent for a estate agent, I am an artist, sell my work in my studio and other artists work for a small commission, I scour thrift shops and flee markets and sell online. I am thinking of starting up a mini snail farm, just enough snails to supply a couple of local restaurants. I live in a small town and offer my services to local shops and cafes as a ‘Fill in’ if and when required. Before my divorce I was super wealthy, but you know what? My soul was poor and needy – now I feel like the richest woman on earth! 🙂

  134. The Big Dream is Close : ) The most listened to Wine Radio Show in the Country. We are already on IHeart Radio and yes on the Dial in the Car. But the dream is be able to do the show from anywhere in the Country!!! SO SO Close…. We Love Dreaming BIG !

    Cheers !!

    Keith and Kimberly
    Wine Life Radio

  135. Hi Marie,
    I really love and enjoy your newsletter!
    This is a good one…fabulous advice!

  136. Thank you Marie, for answering this question. It is exactly what I needed to hear today. I am launching my creativity coaching practice, and while I eventually hope to reach a lot of people through writing and speaking, my own coach reminded me of the importance of starting my practice ONE CLIENT AT A TIME. This took the pressure off and opened up space for me to ENJOY the process. Your video also reminded me to embrace the small steps on the way to the big dream. Well-timed!

  137. Great video as always, Marie 🙂
    My dream is to share my spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and experience (in various formats) to make a difference in as many peoples lives as I can before I die. I want to make enough money to share with charitable organizations, friends, family, my husband, and other entrepreneurs whose work I want to support. Oh yeah, and I DO want to travel the world in First Class thankyouverymuch 🙂

  138. This is such a valuable reminder — thank you, Marie! I have a tendency to get a wee bit competitive, so when I’m in an environment filled with ambitious people gunning for a certain thing, as I have been a few times…I gun for it too! It’s hard to be the person who steps back and says, “you know, that isn’t actually what I want, and that’s cool.” But I’m learning.

    My dream is for my storytelling business to generate enough revenue for me to work four days a week or less so I can work on my own creative writing regularly. I have to remember not to get distracted by all these amazing business superstars! My business needs to be strong and relatively steady, but small is okay. 🙂

    Loving everyone’s honesty here!

  139. Anna-Maybritt Lamberth

    I am so grateful for this one…. thank you so very much!
    I know I have gifts for writing, for painting and other things, and I am very grateful for my talents.
    I also feel a big and constant pressure to ‘share my talents’ with the world, that is: have my writings published.
    Because it is such a shame to waste it.

    But my biggest dream, the one most valuable for me, seems to be to create peace inside me… outside me. To heal. To heal others with my presence. To let go of what is not really my soul.
    And who knows, if I stay true to this, it might inspire some more writings 😉

    Thank you for reminding me that my biggest dream is not necessarily shaped as a business… it can be just letting my heart fly free.

    Love to you all out there 🙂

  140. Love that dress, Marie!

  141. Potent topic, Marie!

    Biz wise, I dream of creating a thriving business and a global name for myself. I confess that I DO want to be comfortable, to own property, to be able to travel. These seem like simple things when I write them but they feel ‘greedy’ in my head. Upper limit problem!!

    The scary dream to admit to though is this one: I want to become a mother. For 14 years, I didn’t think this was something I wanted. I loved learning that you didn’t either, Marie. But I am not so different from all the other women out there who want to have a business AND a family that they love. Sadly, my husband doesn’t want children. We are trying to work through it. I feel very sad right now.

    Thanks for the incredible content, as always Marie.
    Elloa x

  142. Bev Wright

    My dream is to become an amazing high school math teacher and impact the lives of teenagers at the time when they are trying to find their place in the world. But I also want to run ( and have started) a hand made bow tie ( I’ve been sewing up a storm) business that flourishes but doesn’t overshadow my first love: teaching. I think it can be done!

  143. Wow, totally resonated with this topic. Especially when it comes to stickin’ it to the man and going out on your own, it seems as if you must have a huge big EPIC kind of dream to justify it all. Such a great point that really, there are no rules or musts. There’s only what YOU want and what YOU love. I have a small, simple dream… less is more… to find my joy in life and laugh in good intimate company. I don’t need fancy, brand names or posh… rather the wholesome simple living of yesteryear 🙂

  144. Thanks for the video Marie! This is totally unrelated, but you always look amazing- love your clothes and your outfits 🙂 Kudos to you and your awesome sense of style!

  145. Kristen

    I absolutely love this topic!

    My dream is to eventually take my knowledge as a wedding and event planner and transform it into owning and operating a Southern-style bed and breakfast that doubles as a gorgeous wedding venue. 🙂

    My inspirations:
    -My time working at Disneyland, the home of seemingly-impossible dream building
    -My experience planning and executing weddings in Hawaii
    -Princess and the Frog 🙂

  146. I love this video! I’m totally happy with where I am right now in my business; I run a full practice with amazing clients. I take my work very seriously and have a business coach but have no interest in working 80 hours a week to chase big, shiny, objects. Last week, I attended a 3 day marketing event as I’m also big on business development and staying ‘in the know’. The event content was heavily geared towards creating products/packages and hiring teams to do the work. While I know that packages and outsourcing are not for me personally (I’m a VA and love the close relationships that I have with my clients and have no interest in outsourcing those relationships), it was interesting to me how several people (who are not in my industry and have no idea how successful my practice is) tried to challenge me on my business model and how I could “really take it to the next level if I did XYZ”, based on the models they were currently learning/chasing. I like to call this “jumping on the crazy”, so thank you SO much for sharing your insightful perspective with the masses! 🙂

  147. Marta

    Hola Marie!
    Thanks for your words, and glad to read everyone’s dreams!
    I dream about simplicity, I haven’t got much details on it, but I see myself living totally connected to Nature, feeling her on my daily tasks, being a part of it, while my business grows with my 2kids (that still don’t have but we will soon, as part of my dream). Organically, earthly, quietly, respectfully and lovingly…

  148. Grace

    Can you dream too big and when do you know it’s time to cut back on the dream?

    My new industry is very much in flux and a few times now, just as it looked like it was taking off, government programs came in trying to encourage growth and ended up cutting our business off at the knees. The idea is a really good one, it makes the world a better place, people hire us, but not enough. Also when a huge entity comes along offering the same named services (certainly not equal) for little to nothing, you can’t compete and doing the debt dance can only last for so long. It’s exhausting.

    To salt the wound, we get letters of encouragement from people all over the world that what we’re doing is awesome, but it doesn’t translate into enough sales.

    Can/Did we dream too big? Are we so ahead of our time that we should press pause and look for something else?

  149. Andrea

    Dear Marie –

    I could hug you for this today. I saw the title of the video and I wanted to cry. This exact issue has been going around in my mind for the past several weeks – feeling really guilty that maybe what I really want to do at this time in my life is to spend more time living my life and less time focused on my business.

    I also come from an Italian-American family where the work ethic is ingrained. At least in my family, your job pretty much defines who you are. I didn’t get much push back when I decided to go out on my own about 13 years ago because I had already done lots of great things in my career – engineering degree, MBA, worked for lots of big companies, blah, blah, blah. Then I went out on my own with a consulting practice for about 5 years and then did a 180 and started a jewelry business, which I have been doing for the past 8 years.

    During the last 13 years, my life has been almost entirely focused on my business…meaning…my life has revolved around my business. Then, 2 1/5 years ago, I met the man of my dreams. We are so completely compatible – honestly, I never thought such a person existed. We just got married in April and I am finding that all I want to do is do home projects, plan for the future, travel with him, etc. And so, I’m feeling some shame that I don’t seem to have the same passion for my business.

    I would love to be able to have a very specialized jewelry business that is very intimate and personalized with my customers, so that I don’t have to work all the time and so I can travel with my husband. And I would also like to explore some other design projects that I have been thinking about. I don’t want to have any employees – maybe a personal assistant – but nothing more than that. Funny thing…this “shame” is all me….not coming from anyone else. My husband completely and supports me and just wants me to have a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I couldn’t ask for a better life.

    Thanks for this, Marie. Big Hugs….


  150. This video is so great. I’m a personal success coach and specialize in personal, seemingly insurmountable goals. The key word is “personal!” It doesn’t matter if someone needs help getting to that art class after 20 years of being away or if they want to take some massive trip or anything in between. It’s what matters to YOU that’s important.

    At the same time, I completely understand how we can get off track and feel like we have to live up to other people’s goals. I often feel pulled in so many different directions, like I’m wanting too much or not wanting enough and have to constantly come back to what’s important to ME and not give an eff about what other people think is valid or important.

    • Joshua

      Well said Ms. Reilley. I also have that problem in eating pulled in so many different directions, Ms. Relley. If you don’t mind, May I call you Ms. Reilley instead of Suzzanne? I am a lot more comfortable by being so formal when I communicate with professional people like you, Ms. Reilley. Keep up with the great work, Ms. Reilley.


    • Joshua

      Hi Ms. Reilley,

      I can completely understand where you’re coming form. I do get pulled in different directions a lot of times myself. I try my best to stay on track. If you don’t mind, may I call you Ms. Reilley instead of Suzanne, the reason why is because I am a lot more comfortable with being so formal to you because you are very professional with what you are doing Ms. Reilley. Keep up with the great work with what you are doing, Ms. Reilley.



  151. It’s really cool to hear other people’s dreams. I was a housewife most of my adult life – no “skills” – so I’m using what the job market doesn’t recognize to create a whole new life. I haven’t been able to get my business off the ground in almost 2 years. I’m still making about $100 a month. I was blessed at 51 to meet the man of my dreams but we started over with nothing. My small dream is to be able to just make a living and be with my amazing husband as we ride off into life’s sunset. We live so inexpensively and simply yet we are still struggling to pay bills every week because we can’t make enough to get out of the rat race. We’d love to garden and have our own cottage and chickens running in the yard. Is a happy ending a “small” dream? 🙂

  152. Marie I am so glad you covered this subject. I feel quite the same way, not wanting my company to become a huge corporation.I want to just make a living while still having the time to do the things I love and take care of my family. I just want my business, Scenter of the Mind, to be able to support me. I also want my all natural soaps to remain handmade. However, all the self-help gurus and law of attraction people will tell you that you have to dream big for your dreams to come true. I always felt that it shouldn’t matter how big I want to be only what I want to be. Thanks for the confirmation.

  153. A while back, I posted on Facebook that I just wanted to live a simple, ordinary life and be of service to others. And it’s true! That is why I started my business.

  154. Dreaming is fantatic. The approach discussed takes a lot of pressure off me!
    Dreaming is good, but the outcome is very much related to practicalities, possibilities and capabilities. Dreaming too big and not able to achieve that will leave anyone drained and frustration sets in.

    This is a good piece of advise, Thanks Marie.

  155. Loved the quote from Bronnie Ware’s book! It’s so important to live your life the way you want, in order to be happy.

    My dream – making money doing what I love, a beautiful (but not huge!) house by the beach, no debt, enough cash for 1-2 overseas trips per year, a part time housekeeper, and enough spare time that I can go surfing 2-3 times per week. I want to be seen as an expert in my field (healthy eating), but also happy to share that stage with other, like minded people.

  156. Deidree

    Love this video Marie! Love your parents dream, my dream is to master the simple living – zen style.

  157. My dream is both small and big. It’s on a small scale but it spreads big smiles and love to children! 🙂

  158. My dream is to raise big fat money for conservation here in Australia, teach a little yoga, empower expecting and new mammas, have time to act on creative impulses, particularly writing, and spend a whole lotta time with my gorgeous girl and hubby!

  159. Thank you for this episode, it’s very encouraging. My dreams is to be able to support myself doing what I love, namely abstract painting. I want to have an opportunity to live day by day scheduling my time like I plan and want it to, not tied to any employer in particular. Meaning having enough time and energy daily to exercise, studio time, managing business/marketing side, and spending time with my loved ones while making steady income out of my paintings. In the back of my head/ in my heart though, I believe it is one way I can contribute to the good of us all. I am convinced that by being happy and living my truest self is a way I can achieve what I want most : to end all wars and suffering for all who want it as well.

  160. Marie – Thank you SO much. In areas I am feeling unsure, it always feels so good to get permission to feel how I feel.

    I’m tired of blog posts and business courses telling me that I need to shoot for number one or not try at all.

    I want to help people determine their own meaning in life, to figure out what makes them feel most alive. My business is my blog, and workshops on

    I’m just beginning, and hearing so much advice. It’s confusing to hear about what works best in marketing, copy those who are succeeding, passion doesn’t pay the bills AND passion is the only thing that will pay the bills.

    I’ve got drive, dedication, presence, talent and resilience. I know that whatever my business ends up looking like, I want it to be from my heart, and it will be a success.

    <3 ella

  161. Thank you Marie, this is such a great reminder. I really needed this now.

  162. One of my small dreams is to make at least $1,000 per month through my online activities by the end of 2014.

    The bigger dream is knowing exactly what my purpose is and how I can serve others better. Looking forward to my “aha” moment. 🙂

    Here are the other 9 things I hope to achieve by the end of 2014:

  163. Ohhh the Universe is drumming its fingers and “Mmm-mmm-ing” over its glasses at me toooday!!

    Thank YOU for this video! I’ve always felt that I was ‘under-dreaming’….that not desiring that car, that trip, that mansion was somehow weak and not gutsy enough. I love my home, perhaps a little more garden would be nice but not much more (you can hit the back fence with a spit!) But MY dream…..I LOVE marriage – like with a FREAKING HUGE passion! My dream is to equip others with skills and ideas that makes them want to embrace their marriage, both in every day life but even in business with their partner, and do this with utter passion to end up living a married life jam packed of fun and intimacy!…… *happy sigh* Yep. That’s my dream 🙂

  164. Thanks Marie. With so many choices set before me your advice just helped to remind me to be authentic with my dreams. I don’t have to do what other people consider success as long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and the money will follow the mission and the ministry.

  165. Marie,
    I never doubted what my dream was: to have many children who were happy and loved me. I also never realized onced I’d accomplished that, I’d still have many productive years left.
    Now I have only once desire, which is to publish one book. Yet they say in order to do that, I must have a big following and do much marketing. These things I do not want to do. So I look toward self-publishing, and they tell me I must be very careful not to allow these companies to make a fool of me.
    So I keep pressing on. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.
    Thanks for a lovely presentation.

  166. Hi Marie,

    Thanks, as always, for being such an amazing inspiration to us all!

    My dream is to live and love fully without any boundaries. To have my own magical home overlooking a little stream with room enough to have a studio (I’m a painter of the oneness of the natural world). To enjoy the peaceful quietude I need to thrive every day. To be close to nature so I can paint her without interruption or distraction. To live in complete affluence. To have the time and space to nurture myself so I can give even more to my family, my friends, and to the organizations I cherish through philanthropy and volunteering. To conserve the natural world that I love so deeply.

    Thank you, Marie, for inspiring us all. I will stay on my game, keep going for my dreams, and share the gifts that only I have. ; )


  167. Now THIS is a dose of honesty not often heard in the entrepreneurial world. Thank you Marie for always keeping it real, for bringing it back to what success looks like for each.

  168. I’ve based my whole life on my dream, but I still struggle with owning it, sharing it and keeping it authentic. I’m still tempted to alter it to fit with external standards. There’s also many layers to it, so I struggle with forgetting my full dream and just the summarized idea.

    I want to travel and create temporary temples where people can immerse themselves in a healthier lifestyle. I have always felt like the hardest thing to changing and meeting any goal is making it comfortable enough to make the full commitment, you know the “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” idea. But it’s so much easier to change your lifestyle if you’re immersed in the kind of environment that you can just go back and replicate and alter on your own, because you have lived it…fully..even if just for a few days. I want to basically create and design the environment and host/perform it.

    But the biggest thing about my dream is that I am in no rush to get there. I want to methodically start building little bits through all the practices I’ve learned thus far.

  169. Marie your shows are one of a kind and one of the few I watch. Why? Because you bring value, its unique and it makes a difference. Thank you! I grew up in Europe, the first thing i noticed when i moved to the US is how big everything is: fridges, cars, egos…And of course lately the buzz is: be big, dream big. However the value is not whether its big or small, but whether it has quality, realness and a heart. So right, the soul gets crushed if we are not true to ourselves, and follow our spark, the unique dream in us.
    Now my dream is with me since a very very long time, and it feels big only because it asks me to step up a notch. When I play it down, hide it etc. I feel soul crush. So, now I just put it out there, a taste of my dream image: She is a queen seated on an andulsian stallion, holding a torch, and rides from town to town to set people’s hearts on fire. And a movement emerges…

  170. Dee

    I don’t have BIG dreams. My dreams are small, I just want to be able to earn enough to pay the bills and live happily. I don’t need designer clothes, I don’t need expensive holidays or restaurants….. I didn’t receive an inheritance when my Dad passed away….. I’ve never expected a handout from anyone!

  171. My dream is to live a life where I can chose my schedule. My husband and I want children, and I want to make them breakfast, pick them up from school, sit around the table and help them with their homework, and spend evenings cooking and eating healthy meals while the family just talks about our day. I want to be able to do all this without having to answer to a boss (other than my customers of course) and without worrying about being fired. I want to fully enjoy the process of being a wife and mother.

    On the business end, I want to continue to build my lifestyle coaching business to where it is self sustaining and can pay me a salary that I can live on (about $2000 a month) while supporting two other employees. I want to go to work mid morning energized and ready to do what I do best, helping my ideal customer to find practical ways to get and keep the body she wants.

  172. Sometimes I think my dreams are too big! 🙂 I want to write hit songs. I don’t necessarily have to be famous as a singer (though I used to think I did). I just want to write something that’s memorable & that touches a lot of people. At the moment I’m doing a bit of sync work but would like to get back to my more personal songs – even if I give them to someone else to sing. I just want my stuff out there & to be able to make enough money to buy my own place & have a nice life – not the glamorous Hollywood life but enough to be comfortable & not have to worry about financial security. 😉

  173. OMG!
    Was this Q from Poland? So proud! 🙂
    Marie! Thank you for everything!
    Regards from Poland, too 😉

  174. Deb

    Refreshing message. Many of my clients come in with huge time consuming ideas. After going through what I call “Identifying What You Really Want” session(s), they are reduced drastically and they are really happy with the new vision because it’s now workable and not so overwhelming.

  175. I know it said write your goal but I have a few… ☺️

  176. Thank you! I’m struggling with the “big, flashy, more” mindset that somehow infuses the air around discussions of dreams, goals, PR and nearly everything about designing and creating anything. I’m definitely small and less, and have always felt like the slogan for the Ritter Sport chocolate company “square, practical, good” ( was based on my identity. So what’s a square, practical gal to dream in a world where everyone’s supposed to be hip and whimsical? Here it is:
    1. Modern home on rural property with a water source, some woods and some tillable land (Internet service a plus).
    2. Studio/workshop space for me and my hubby.
    3. A way to receive necessary income that allows time to exercise mind and body, grow food and cook well, create things (see 2.) and invite others to share what we have.
    In German we talk about how we have a need to “entfalten”, which means “unfold, unfurl, develop, evolve”, if you can imagine the life of a leaf, connected to the tree, but moving in its own direction. That’s my dream.

    • Entfalten – I love it Paula 🙂

  177. Thanks for this video Marie! I think the biggest take away I got from it was the name it and claim it action point, so here goes:

    I moved to Finland about 4 years ago and over the past 6 months I’ve started my own business. I’m juggling quite a few balls at the moment between: gymnastics coaching, flexibility trainer for hire, and blogger – as of this week also marketer.

    The path I really wanna head down is developing the blogging into my business (this is why I started in the first place) to help people learn Finnish (sort of like life coach meets language coach). I don’t need anything fancy, I just want to make a difference and create something new. That’s the dream I’m naming so I can claim it: innovate to improve the current situation.

  178. My dream is having revenue whith my bussnes so I can be tha mom I want to be and take care of the ones I love most

  179. Thank you Marie for this video.
    It is interesting for me the evolution of our dreams. This year I joined the B-school and the most amazing thing happened, some of my old dreams. which I felt I it is time to give up on, just come into being. The size of the dream is not what make our heart be joyful, it is how close is it to our soul mission and heart desire.
    If our dream is build on our passion and strength, we are happy.
    that what B-school did for me. It set me straight.
    I am so excited.
    Few weeks ago I wrote about dreams;

  180. I started my blog with the simplest of intentions….communicate with other like minded individuals. I’ve got so much joy from seeing my content spread and be read in different parts of the world. I think deep down I started it because I eventually want to become my own boss and work freelance but I have such a hard time letting go of my consistent salary job I have now. In my biggest of dreams my work will take me to Australia but that’s not something that I have written in stone or even something I strive for every day. If it happens great, if not than I’m o.k. with that too.

  181. This is my favorite video of yours that you’ve ever done because I COMPLETELY agree.

    So many people make themselves miserable chasing other people’s dreams only to realize in the end that they didn’t want what they were chasing anyway. It’s so important that we have an authentic personal definition of success and stay true to it.

    I love the synchronicity in that on the same day you sent out your newsletter, my post on “How to Give Yourself Permission to Succeed” went live on Forbes:

    To your brilliance!

    • Joshua

      Hi Ms. Saunders,

      I do agree with what you are saying. If people would tone down their goals just a good amour to a reasonable, then they could be much more happier with themselves. If you don’t mind, I am going to call you Ms. Saunders from here on out and I will continue to do so regardless what you do say about that Ms. Saunders. You are awesome and keep up with the great work, Ms. Saunders.


  182. Ah, such great timing.

    I used to dream about saving the world and being famous and all that jazz.

    Now, my dream is to go into digital art. I just want to cuddle up on the sofa and draw all day and nothing is going to make me happier. Or if we scale it to a further point – my dream is to be a game artist, especially if I can somehow work for a specific game saga I am really excited about – The Longest Journey. This field probably doesn’t pay as much as my current one, but it is something that fills my soul.

    Good luck, ladies! Awesome comments.

  183. Just like a person can have a dream, a company can have a dream as well.

    The person’s dream is individualistic – The company dream is collective.

    Our company dream is to attract the whole world to a new way of learning public speaking.

  184. Hello Marie, i really enjoy your tv. Its fresh, quick, insightful and fun. I really love this new motto of dreaming whats right for your heart and soul. It is freeing my mind tremendously. Yet, at this time, I am struggling with one dream and a vision. Vision: Back in 2018, i had a vision of a non profit music school in Africa and i proceeded with starting a private music school on wheels here first. I now have an LLC and Trust, administrative assistant and 4 teachers but hardly making enough profit to pay my personnel. It feels liked he School needs a location so it could naturally expand which i may have found right now. BUT, i am concern that investing more into the school will prevent my dream from happening!!! The last 4 years of my life, I have been writing and recording songs and performing around town.
    My heart wants to sing and fly all over the world, sell CDs, poetry books and become Reiki master. My reality is that my teaching money has been supporting my art form so far and i don’t feel ready to let it go to fully plunge into performing career. In the back of my mind, somethings tells me that i can have both but the teaching and running the school has been so overwhelming this year that i found myself to exhausted with a little to no energy left to develop my music and expand my performances opportunity. What shall i do? .Do you have any insights for me?!?

    • Sherilyn

      Maybe you can create music, get a website up online to showcase it and sell songs to make more money to support the school?

  185. My dream is to speak and teach internationally. It’s happening this year and I know it’s the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Time to own my power. xoxo

  186. LIGIA

    Perfect for me today Marie!!! Thanks for this video! made my day!

  187. Ronnie

    First I must say that I had to watch the video twice.. that great dress just took my attention away 😉
    My “small” dream is to raise a healthy children, who can think for themselves and know that everything is possible, that there is nothing to be ashamed with hard work. I would like them to follow their dream. And to accomplish this dream… I need to show them, give them example of doing exactly this – be healthy and follow my passion.

  188. This is a really great video and I agree with all you say. Your parents sound really sweet 🙂 I think the other aspect of this discussion is that we perhaps try to do so much more than we can really fit into our lives in order to meet those expectations.

    • Sherilyn

      So true Caroline! I think we sometimes do too much to meet even our OWN expectations. That’s probably one of my greatest challenges. I’ve often beat myself up for not not achieving my goals “fast enough”. The lesson I’m learning is that dreaming is the first step, but appreciating what you already have (and have accomplished) is the next. It’s so important to trust the process of life instead of trying to control it. Can you relate? 🙂

  189. Elena

    Loved it! Ever realize that all or most of the rules bug you! That would be me.
    Ever realize that other people’s priorities are truly not yours? That would be me. Yes I want to find birds of a feather, but I can’t change my feathers for it…

  190. Thank you so much, Marie. I love your videos and this one was spot on for my life too. I do have a ”small” dream that I found in the past year. I realized early that ”changing the world” was not specific enough (and waaay too big for one person).

    I would like to have my own academy for around 50 students, to live with them for a year in an environmentally friendly house, to learn about nature outdoors, about philosophy and sciences, about arts and self expression, to help them find a path for the future, something they would love to be the best at. A school that I wish I had a chance to attend.

    I know I will make this dream come true, even though it will take many years. I even know where I want the school to be and some of the teachers that I would love to have there.

    Until then, I will learn from my own business and from you and your invaluable lessons. Thank you!

  191. Oh, wow, how this hits home. I was sitting at work during a lonely night shift at my part-time PRN social work job and made the mistake of going on LinkedIn to see all of the people I graduated with now are program directors, executive directors etc, and there I was not a manager, director, supervisor or anything. Depressing. But when I thought about it, I don’t WANT to be any of those things. The fact is, I like my part-time job. It gives me the flexibility to run my daughter to her gazillion dance classes and take care of the home front, but I feel as if I SHOULD want to go further. Yeah, thanks, but no.
    My dreams for my “business” aren’t that big either. I want a nice blog with a great community full of connection and to offer online classes on personal development. I don’t want it to be big. If I ever get five people to pay me $40 for my class I would be ecstatic! I wonder if that is why I really haven’t done much to make it a reality. Is small dream shame keeping me from doing what I want to do? Wow. That is one heck of a wakeup call!

  192. Hi Marie,
    I LOVED this video so much.

    It is my favourite one you have ever done.

    I love the simple pleasure and living your truth and having courage, to do whatever makes your heart, not ego happy.

    Katie 🙂

  193. Thank you Marie for this great video. My big dream is to travel the world. One day I want to visit the nationalparks in the US. Crossing the US with a camper. Seeing wildlife. THIS is my big dream.


  194. Nina


    I am currently stuck in a situation where I went a direction because many people around me, who believe in me so much, thought I should go. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mad love there, but my decisions weren’t from my own heart.

    That being said, I admit to feeling stuck on what the next step is, and in what direction, I should go because I have been the “people pleaser” my whole life.

    le sigh…

  195. Thank you so much Marie for this video, I so needed to hear this today and thank you for sharing so much of your brilliance with the world. Hugs.

  196. My dream is to marry for love and stay at home to raise babies. Always has been my dream. I was engaged once and it wasn’t meant to be, I was in love a few years ago and though we talked about marriage it wasn’t meant to be… and I’m falling now for a man who is FALLIN’ FOR ME!!

    Sooooooo screw all the judgmental b*tches I’ve encountered along my path who look at me – a woman with two degrees and an income that’s taken me around the world several times – and say, “WHY would you ever want to give all that up??? Just to cook and clean?? What are you, nuts?”

    Nope, I’m just crystal clear. WOO, thank you, Marie, for your story about your parents!! I LOVED it!

  197. Thank you, Marie!

    Dreaming big is my motto. I’m working on my third book, and I have a gut feeling this book will help my dreams come full circle. Oh, the dream? To give abundantly to women in need while having an incredible time watching my own self come more alive in my business. Plus, I want to start a rock band in my garage so I can sing Janis Joplin songs on stage “just because”.

    You Rock, Marie!

    Your Fan,


    • Joshua

      Ms. Nielsen, Props to you. I do appreciate it a lot that you do Ms. Nielsen. You are Awesome, Ms. Nielsen May I call you Ms. Nielsen instead of Tiffany from here on out? Would you please be So strict about me calling you Ms. Nielsen and would you please refer yourself to me as Ms. Nielsen while you’re at it as well? I would greatly appreciate it a lot, Ms. Nielsen. Good Luck and I hope to hear from you soon Ms. Nielsen.


  198. screw it I always say dream BIG! These are you true thoughts, hopes and feelings coming out anyway. Don’t dismiss them and don’t be afraid to acknowledge them. Just be realistic in recognizing the small dreams that are coming true that lead up to the big one and always be patient!

  199. My dream is to be financially free. I want to be a philanthropist! Right now I want to earn 6 figures in a networking business, and be a great copywriter 🙂

  200. Sherilyn

    My dream is to be financially free, in amazing health, traveling the world, teaching people to heal themselves from emotional traumas and enjoying deep, fulfilling friendships with fellow (because I will be one too) Hay House authors. Being part of an epic drum circle and singing group would be a huge bonus! 🙂

  201. Emily

    Thanks Marie,

    I really suffer from small dream shame! I’m a writer but I really just want to write to have a peaceful existence. I am constantly asked if I have a blog and am writing a book. There’s a lot of pressure if you’re capable of doing big things but really don’t want to go there! I struggle with feeling obliged to make things happen because I can, and whether I really want that. Usually NOT one bit. I just love writing stories and working with people to tell their own, which then gives me an income to go and do the fun stuff that doesn’t pay. But it’s HARD. Especially when starting out and everyone tells you that to make a good living you SHOULD be doing everything you can. Love this clip so much! Thanks again, Marie.

  202. Thank you for contacting me. I basically agree w what Sherilyn is saying in the first half of her comment – financial freedom, good health and travel, and also helping people to heal, if I have enough info…
    My personal goal is my Invention, which I’m working on it for 3 years, I mean trying to promote it. I was in contact w Davison PA, and Patent Assistance Worldwide Miami FL, but because lack of money I had to stop it. Now I was already in contact w Shark team – Daymond John, attending his webinars, but again, I have to cancel due to payments, can’t afford it right now…..

  203. Susie

    Hi Marie,
    I love your episodes, always so much fun and soooo wise 🙂 I have a dream that the children’s story I have written which is funny and spiritual will be made into a Disney Movie 🙂 Well as the man himself said “If you can dream it you can be it” so hey why not my dream!

  204. Hello Marie, I absolutely loved this video – to dream on your terms and live your story is profound. You are the author of your story and when this changes – life is not the same and expectations are different to soul desires. Yep – so resonated – this will way cool. Thank you for keeping it real xx

  205. Susan Winters

    This was timely Marie.

  206. Lynn

    Best message ever! I love the example of your parents.

    Honestly my dream has always been to be a stay at home Mom. In today’s world especially among other women it doesn’t always feel safe to share that.

    • Cat

      I’m a stay at home mom of two, and I think the response you get is totally based on the other person’s character. If someone is willing to be respectful, they will be respectful to you whether you are home with your kids or a working parent. If they’re just looking for some excuse to put you down, then they’ll take that and run. I think mature people understand that no approach to life is perfect and they’re secure enough in their own choices to respect yours.

  207. Angela Willis

    Does anyone have this problem?

    I use to have dreams when I was young, most of which never came true, and as I have gotten older, I have spent so much time focusing on what others around me need or want (I’m a mom of three) that I don’t seem to have any dreams, or even know what causes me joy has, any more. I feel that I am just existing, rather than living and am not sure how to even begin to find, let a lone, chase my dreams, whether they be big OR small. :/

    • Angela, I wonder if you could start by taking some time to yourself, where you’re not required to care for anyone else. Have someone watch the kids for several hours (or even the entire day) and go do something simple that you know you like. Maybe go to your favorite local coffee shop or take a drive…go for a walk – whatever you want – but no checking in on others. Just ‘be’ with yourself and see what happens.

      I’d love to hear back if you decide to try it.

    • Piet Hein Bredero

      Hi Angela,

      believe it or not you still have dreams, they are just hidden. You need to start to focus on you now. I suggest two things, take some quit moments, sit, close your eyes and go back to certain moments in your childhood and young adult live. Go back to the ages 6 or 7, your teenage years, early twenties. Look at what you were doing, what gave you joy? Was it something creative? Did you like helping people, were you a great organizer? I also suggest you start meditating a few times a week and if you can everyday for half an hour.

      It is not as difficult and fluffy as you might think, you sit somewhere quit where there are no distractions,close your eyes and just focus on your breathing. Mediation will clear the mind, get creative juices flowing, and you can get great insight’s.

      It will all work out, I have been there myself.

      I wish you well.

      Gr. Piet Hein

  208. Wonderful reminder, Marie. So true. No small dream shame… and no big dream shame either… No shame. period.

    Thank you so much,
    I really enjoyed it,
    oxo Tanya

  209. Bosede Agbaje-Williams

    Love this post! It puts me at ease. I am actually one of the people that perpetuate small dream shame. I love the world of personal growth, taking ownership of your own life and living your fullest potential. For me, living my fullest potential looks like, living on the edge of my comfort zone, expanding my financial life, my network, my body etc. When I am not on the edge of my comfort zone I get depressed. I have projected that need unto others around me; indirectly, shaming them for not stretching more.

    This post did 3 things for me:

    1) It showed me that everyone has their own path. That part is sacred. My job is to help others get on their path.

    2) It helped me feel at ease about other loved ones who I’d judged to have small dream. I was so concerned that they won’t live a fulfilled life that I’d carried the burden of, “I have to be super successful so I can take care of everyone else around me”. Today, I release that burden. YAY!!!

    3) It showed me that it is also appropriate for me to dream small sometimes.

    Thank you so much for this post Marie!

    Much love and many blessings,


  210. Danielle

    Thank you so much for todays video. I wouldn’t say that I suffer from Big Dream Shame because I think my dream is too small. Rather, I hold myself back because I fear my dream is too BIG for me.
    Your parent’s story is a great example of finding happiness in the present moment. I think if I apply that type of thinking, I can find happiness in my small victories on the way to the top of my Big Dream.
    Also, Thank you for BSchool! What a gift.

  211. People seem to not really “get it” when I tell them I want to be a small boutique designer… they sometimes project their “make it big” stuff on me. I’ve learned to just say to them, “Hey, I see why you’d say that – but, I’m not interested in managing a bunch of designers… I’m interested in being a high-quality designer for a few awesome people.”

    So thanks for this video, Marie and totally helping me validate my “little dream”.

    I think it’s good to look at this conversation from a larger societal context. Many of us are taught from a young age things like: “bigger is better”, “dream big”, “go big or go home”, and even “you can be whatever you want” – this is everywhere, especially in the media. It’s ironic that we tell our children they can be whatever they want, but we have created a system that let’s them all only behave one way – and if they do not behave that way, something is “wrong” them. The school system and our televisions teach us there is one right way for just about everything.

    And when some of us break out of that and decide to start a solo business, we are still looking for the “right” way to do everything. So, we have to come to terms with (not just what others may think, but what we think about ourselves) having a “small” dream.

  212. Kari B.

    Thanks for creating this video. Right now I’m in the process of doing some “dream changing”. I am a graphic artist and have had dreams of taking my little stationery company to the National Stationery Show in New York and making it BIG TIME. Being a divorced mother of two young boys and running my own company of one, it has been a huge chunk of dream to carry all by myself. I have had to sit back and really evaluate what I want in my life. I realized that I don’t want fame, or even the glory of an enormous empire to run. I just want a nice, successful business so that I can purchase a home to provide stability for my children, and afford a vacation every once in a while. That’s it. If I can pay my bills every month, buy my children what they need and not worry about how I’ll afford to buy groceries for our next meal, I would be truly blessed.

    I wish everyone would think like this. You truly don’t know how fortunate you are until you’ve struggled for every single thing you own and scrounged to pay every bill. All I want to do is live comfortably and do my best to support others so that they can do the same!

  213. Em

    I’ve never responded to the comments sections before, but this was such an amazing episode that I felt prompted to respond.

    To all the commenters before me, I am in awe and just amazed by your plans for your businesses. I wish you all the very best of luck!

    As a mom to two very small children while also juggling a full time job, my life is primarily made up of small, day-to-day dreams. Sometimes the dream is just to be able to find some time to rest or have a few peaceful moments with no interruptions! My big dream of “saving the world” now has a different interpretation – my children are my world, and for now my time and energy goes into filling them with love, positivity and encouragement. That’s how I fulfill my big dream on a small scale for now. I am changing the world slowly and within the walls of my own home.

    I will also add that sometimes in order to create a big dream, you also have to reconcile what the heart wants and what the head wants. I work in a technical support job and for years thought that my big dream of finishing college would have to be parallel to what I do now. I have a coworker who is following this path, and listening to her talk about the difficulty of classes and her disillusionment has allowed me to alter my big dream a bit. I finally had to admit to myself that I do not want to be a geologist; instead, I want to pursue my college dream focusing on what my heart is truly, fully and explicitly passionate about… and honey, it has absolutely nothing to do with math or science!

    Blessings to you all!

  214. Dear Marie,
    You gotta name it to claim it.
    well I wanna be rich. I don,t know if sounds shallow or not but that’s what I want for sure.
    By the way what a wild dress. It does resemble a psychedelic snake. I love it.
    K V.

  215. Hi Marie,

    So here are two dreams that I have and I consider them to be fairly big.

    1. I want to be a world renowned relationship and marriage expert and conduct live seminars across the globe.

    2. I also would love to be a cultural change consultant for companies who are wanting to expand their business and their cultural paradigm isn’t working for their growth.

    Yeah buddy!


  216. Great video Marie, you hit the nail on the head, follow your own dream not what some else thinks it should be. Create your own success.

    My dreams are therefore:

    1. Build a very successful online business, helping entrepreneurs and start ups with there business.

    2. Train, coach and inspire people to follow their dreams,goals whatever they may be.

    3. Live on a beach in tropical paradise…It will happen 🙂

    Greetings from Rotterdam

    Piet Hein

  217. Linda Zheng

    My big dream is to become a well respected, high earning Hollywood actress one day who gets to act in many different kinds of deep, heart-touching film roles in cinemas and who has won Golden Globes, Academy awards or others for her work and impact on the world.

    Thank you :))

    Good luck and all the best with all of your dreams- whether they are big or small as well :)) xxx

  218. I want to be a Flight Attendant. It’s been on my mind for almost 10 years now and every now and then I’m trying my luck. I like the lifestyle attached to it, the idea of moving around but coming back to a hub. The travel side is also appealing of course!

  219. Kathy

    Hey all! This was a great video! I have always been a people pleaser and have always done what I thought I was supposed to do, not what I wanted to do! Just lately have I started to become ME and I am loving it. This video was just some great reinforcement for me! Thanks!


  220. Rebecca

    My Dream? To become the Executive Producer of a television show that I write and create.

  221. My dream is definitely a big one.
    Coupled with a small one.
    So I’ll have to get creative 🙂

    The big dream is to make a mark on the Planet. To have my name written in a history book. Don’t know yet in which one, but the dream is there, I can see it. I always felt that I’m a girl on a kind of a mission.

    Every time I’d see my parents feel ‘content’, I’d remove myself and got to work at my dream.

    The ‘small’ dream is to have a ‘content’ life with my dream partner. Didn’t find him yet, but he’s there, I can see him. I always felt that I’m a girl made to be in a real, honest, loving partnership of some sort.

    Though that I rarely see people with big dreams having that ‘small’ dream realized (and the other way round), it doesn’t mean that is not possible.

    So, there! I put it out in the Universe.

    I know it will come back to me 😉

  222. No dream is too big for anyone. You can have the smallest dream but to a non-dreamer, it could be as huge as that Universe of theirs thus their initial reaction will be — “It’s too big for you!”

    When I was young, my dream is to retire early and have all the times in the world to do the things I want. It does happen! I was unemployed for “donkey” years by now, having all the time in the world to do all the things I want BUT without a constant income.

    So, do be careful with that dream of yours? Is it really too big for you? Only you know!

    William Siong

  223. This video made me think.. Are my dreams super big? Or are they small? Perhaps average? I don’t really know. The size depends on what you compare it with.

    Some people think that what I already do (online business, following my passion) is so big and unreal! For others – it’s just a very small business.

    I have a dream to reach millions of people and inspire them to change their health. Because if you lose your health, nothing else really matters.. So I want to empower people to follow their dreams and be their true authentic selves, by helping them be healthy, full of energy and confident in their own bodies!

    I don’t clearly know the form how it’s gonna turn out.. Bu my heart says that if I just follow this path and stay on my mission, everything else will take care of itself..

  224. Lori Glier

    Dear Marie,

    Today I just saw this on Facebook again and no that all these dreams big dreams I have are dreams of living a life in a city I truly love.My dreams are dreams that will happen here.

  225. Good one today! I have SO many dreams and they seem to get bigger by the day. The one that’s top of mind right now is to successfully launch my online program AND secure a book deal and get this book that’s inside of me out to the world! Thank you for the opportunity to share 🙂

  226. Cassie

    Hey Marie,

    Thank you for this!
    It has helped me to really think about what makes me happy/feel good.
    It makes me feel good when I make other people feel good.
    I want to generate a program to empower probably the most un-empowered people in my locality – the unemployed, to believe in themselves and to chase after their dreams.
    I want to turn apathetic people into passionate people and I want them to change their life so that they can change the future of their children. Plus they would hopefully become members of society that give back vs take take take.
    I know this is something that would be difficult and I know I probably won’t make much (if any) money, but I see so many people in Australia living on welfare not making the most of their able minds and bodies, I want to help spark change.

    Thanks for triggering me to think about this.

  227. Not even a minute in and Marie makes any awesome point – we should not give a fudge what other people think. I always dream big but it is always unique for me!

  228. Marie, your comments about dreaming big or dreaming your individual dream is perfect. I have owned my own business for 20 years, been successful and I’m ready to move on. My dream is to sell my business and begin to run Spirit of the Lotus full time. I love seeing clients heal, find their true joy and drop the baggage that they’ve carried. Guilt….that word is like should, it needs to be banned from the language.
    Hugs to you.

  229. Wanda

    Loved this! I think dreams change as you change as well in life! What I thought would have made me superficially happy when I was younger wouldn’t make me happy now! I’m all about Quality vs. Quantity and Quality for me is living my life authentically for no one else’s approval but my own and to teach my kids to live their lives for them, not what they they would make me happy. My husband and I followed those paths and we were miserable! I also loved the share about your parents how cute are they – loved the slot machine in their home with their own change. Last time we were in Vegas I played pennies and nickles and that was good enough for me. Gave me a little sense of walking on my version of the WILD side, to someone else that would have been a waste but I was SUPER duper happy! 😉

  230. I ɑm regular visitor, how arе you everybody?
    This post posted аt this site іs actuallʏ ǥood.

  231. I’ve always had bigger, wilder, crazier dreams than anyone in my circles… But luckily my friends and family are supportive, the only “shoulds” in the arena of my dreams come from my own ego and need to achieve. The whispers of what I really desire are much quieter, but I am learning to listen!

  232. Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for this video. You deliver such a wonderful mix of content on, I really love getting my email each week. I run a small mobile physiotherapy business in Melbourne, Australia. It’s so lovely for a change to hear someone give permission for small business owners to shoot for the sky, not the moon or the stars. We all want to create a positive impact on the people we work with, but it’s nice to get to a point where your passion becomes a sustainable career choice. I’m getting there, certainly in part due to your inspiration.
    Keep it up!

  233. Tanya Miramontes

    Marie, what about this: I believe everyone is put on this earth for a reason, nothing happens by accident. I pay attention to what life is telling me and I always ask myself what is this here to teach me. But how do you know who to listen to? When do you listen to the serendipities and coincidences that life presents you (mentors telling you to dream big) and when do you ignore them and go after what you think you want (small dreams that could possibly be fulfilling enough)? In terms of building a business…isn’t it a good idea to take advice from mentors since they have walked the walk and can offer great advice??

  234. jan

    I don’t think my dreams have changed much throughout the years, I am going to be 60 this summer and I am getting closer to achieving my dream of being an entrepreneur, who helps others in some way. I finished bschool a couple months ago and am busily working on my biz. But I do have a dream of retiring up to my little mountain condo after I fix it up to be the most awesome efficiency apt ever. I have been collecting magazine pics to make my condo board over the years and know exactly what it will look like. My dilemma is not what other people think but that I am in a situation where I cannot give up my house in the city yet. Hoping for a grand success at my launch.

  235. I needed this today, it really spoke to me!
    I’ve been feeling like my dreams aren’t significant enough because they are so different from my peers, I’m starting to realise that mine are just as important as everyone elses! Thanks Marie x

  236. Angela Pearson

    This was perfect for me today!!! I need to be reminded to live MY life and not others. Thank you!!! You rock!!

  237. Thank you so much for this! I recently came across your site and have been loving your videos and posts. A few of them, however, have been prompting little nagging thoughts that maybe I should be dreaming bigger – more of a ‘change the world’ type of dream.

    But I love my dream, and I want it passionately. And if it blows up into something bigger than I imagine I’d love to use that income to help change the world but until then –

    My dream is to be a published novelist. To write books that engage people, entertain them, and inspire them too – challenging them to think just a little differently about some aspect of their life or views. I want these books to be successful enough that writing them can be my main source of income and I can spend my days doing what I love – writing stories – without the pressure of feeling like I should get a ‘real’ job.

    Thanks again!

  238. For Julie (the question asker) and to everyone else. The best thing people can do is to turn off the TV, and stop buying into social media’s IDEA of what success is –or is not. Only each person can define success and balance it out for themselves. 😉

  239. Thank you Marie for this video! My dream is to run a photography business where I work enough to comfortably pay my bills and have a little extra on the side. This would also help support my other dream of writing a book or e-book one day.

    I have a lot of people try to tell me that I “should market to these people” or “run these kinds of specials.” I appreciate their suggestions but I tend to say no (and feel bad about it) because it’s not the type of photography I practice. After watching this video I don’t feel the need to feel bad about saying no anymore. Some suggestions aren’t supportive of my dream, and that’s ok!


    • Dawn Davis

      Mary, I read your comment and I have to agree with you. I have my own massage therapy business. People are forever telling me that I should market to this group or do this or that. I am comfortably busy (by my standards) and my home and work life are well balanced. I, too, aspire to write a book some day and this home-based business gives me just the right mix of work and leisure time to do just that. In addition, there’s a certain type of practice I want to run and the suggestions I’ve received are far from what I want to be doing. I’ve found that you just need to tune those well meaning but aggravating people out and blaze your own trail…however small that is.

      • Mary

        Thanks Dawn 🙂 As long as we all find our own personal balance, we should not pay attention to anyone who tells us different. I appreciate your kind words! Good luck on your trail!

  240. This was amazing.
    My dreams are massive- and sometimes they freak me out. I have a passion to become one of the top event planners and lifestyle experts in the world- teaching people how to celebrate life.
    I want my event planning brand to be franchised all over the country.
    And I want to do it slowly so I can watch my kids grow up, and potentially have more.
    I love the affirmation that whatever your dream is, is fine- and I love being reminded that living my life on my terms is the way to go! My industry is full of comparison so that can such be a challenge.

  241. Great Video and helpful tips as usual Marie, love your website

  242. Ben

    That’s fantastic Lisa! I’m excited for you. Sending you loads of love and light for your audition. 🙂

  243. Such a powerful message that I needed to hear today! Thanks, Marie. 🙂

    After taking 7 months in a management position (and FINALLY realizing that working *for* someone/a board is NOT for me anymore!) I’m refocusing on my health coaching practice. I’ve been having a lot of concern and fear around what my dreams even are — and comparing them to what dreams I know my partner, friends, and family have for me.

    This video was the perfect message: Whatever dreams I have, they are mine and mine alone. Forgettabout everyone else’s views on my dreams and my life!

    No more pressure – just gratitude and bliss as I create my own visions and reality. <3

  244. Nicole

    Hi Marie…
    I read all the comment above, it said all dream is big…i has the same situation like the experience above, sometimes people has their own dream, they have a big big dream, if people has a big dream and they had desire to that, there’s possible if they working so hard to reach that dream
    in my case, i have a huge dream to work in multinational/national or international company after graduate and i planned to work in that company for at least 3 years or more, to earn money, mostly that big company were placed in other city, in industrial area…i want to go to abroad to be able work and continue study overseas, i have dream to work in international company overseas..but neither support my dream, even my family, neither of them, like they said my dream is too big, it’s too much impossible like too good to be real…i know, they had a good mind that they think it’s dangerous work in that kind of company, because it’s probably has a small salary and the place is in industrial area, so it’s not completely safe.
    but i do anything in my effort to be able work in that company, but still, they said you’re not supposed to work in that big company after graduate, you MUST work in small company as work experience, im thinking, if i have chances to work in that big company, so why not take it?it could be my first step to reach my dream, but then they said, you’re not supposed to work in other city, you better stay here in that city, in small company because they said i’m not good enough, bold, deft and even said you can’t be a leader instead 2 companies recommended me to work they said im good, potential, enthusiasm, qualified and mature..
    so what should i do?should i still follow my dream and chase it eventhough neither of my family support me to reach that dream or i should forget that big dream, and try being realistic like they said?
    thank you…

  245. Lori Falloon

    Hi Marie 🙂 My dream freak flag is………………… work 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, 3 people per day, doing what I love………….Tarot Guidance Cards and Reiki with a perfect balance of online and offline. With your amazing videos and guidance, I KNOW I can do this. I am aaaalmost at “that” place, it freaks the hell outta me, but, what makes you scared, is what’s right for you. That is my dream. I have a weekend of nothing but “ME” time on my hands and plan on going “there”…..big time. xo to you! L

  246. I really want to work for myself and no one else. I have dreamt of the day for many years, it feels closer than ever, but just out of reach. I made the first steps and started blogging, redoing my website and launching my new brand.

  247. Hey Marie! You must have been a fly on the wall in my home today. My son and I had the same discussion. I was explaining to him my feelings of shame that my website wasn’t getting the traffic that it should. He asked me: “Are you happy writing what you’re writing?” I answered emphatically, “Yes!” The bottom line is what Marie mentioned: No shame in small, so while I may not be a Martha Stewart, which BTW is okay by me, I’m living large by living my dream job.

  248. Good one there Marie!

    Big or small I think whatever it is follow that. For me it’s all about following my passion. I dream of having a horse, I have the land and the farm. Having some successful art exhibits, selling some more art work, and making some scratch for that and my Tarot Reading business. If I hadn’t had dreams, big and small, I’d never been able to go riding horses for two years when the odds were well against me and close friends thought I was crazy. I went learned to dance and teach belly dance at fifty, and went back to finish my Fine Art Degree at 56, and the odds again were very well against me.

    Yes I dreamt big and small. Most important thing I knew what I wanted to do and I set out to make those dreams reality.

    Finally paid November 2014 I paid off my 20 year mortgage all on my own. Never ever give up on your dreams! Now gotta get me that horsey!

  249. What a refreshing perspective to hear. I agree that things have changed to a point where dreams aren’t traditional, we don’t share the same type of dream, and it’s important not to compare ourselves to others on the scope of our dream. It’s a matter of going for our dreams, the journey, getting past fears, what we learn along the way and inspiring others. Love this video and the slot machine at home idea, awesome and smart!

  250. Melanie

    Thank you! I so needed this right now. I have always had HUGE dreams, bigger goals and was always a high achiever in whatever I did. But then my son came. And my life got flipped upside down. I have my own successful business, but sometimes feel so guilty for wanting to just be a Mom to my little guy right now. I want to enjoy his childhood. And with another on the way in July I want to make my family my priority. My big dreams at the moment are to enjoy my children, watch them grow, have a steady income, the freedom of time to do what I want. As a former (and deep down) high-flyer it is hard to accept a ‘simple’ life, I am in constant battle with myself. But this post sooo helped! My dreams and ambitions will no doubt change again when my boys become more independent, but for now I want to just enjoy living my big family dream 🙂

  251. Yazminh

    And to add, this article: 🙂

  252. Hi Marie,
    thank you for your videos and your positive energy.

    I wanna by the world’s most successful surf photographer and water photographer (taking pictures from the water).

    The think is that I am from Slovakia which is like 1000 miles away from the nearest ocean, I have no camera at the moment neither money to buy one, I’ve never been a great swimmer and I am 34 already.

    I lived in Hawaii for a while to follow my dream but it didn’t work out and now I sleep on my parents couch. It’s the worst thing that could happen to me!

    BUT I still believe… Every day I do 5 things that bring me closer to my goal and also I fall asleep with ocean waves sound.. 🙂

    I know I can do it!

  253. Hi Marie! Love your dress, love your answer, & love that your parents live in Vegas! Maybe I’ll run into you out here one day. I ‘d love to meet you! Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  254. Dawn Davis

    LOVED this topic! I own my own massage therapy business and while I am surrounded by people who are constantly giving me marketing advice and telling me what they think I “should” do, I am just about as busy as I want to be for the most part. I love that I have a small (in every sense of the word), home based business which balances my family and “down” time with my work time very well. I have never aspired to have an overly booked work schedule. The best thing about my small dream: I’m not stressed! And not working myself into the ground means that I’m not suffering from work-related repetitive use injuries AND I’m still loving what I do! It doesn’t feel like a JOB! There is beauty in the simple and simplistic! Rock on, Marie Forleo.

  255. meg

    This video reminded me that it is OK to be a one woman studio art jeweler making unique items. I may never command a huge income but I am doing what I want to do, simply and happily.

  256. Hi Marie – First, I loved your dress. Absolutely beautiful. And yes, I truly loved today’s topic. I have a tendency to work hard striving for what is expected from society that I lose the joy in the work. Thank you for sharing. You are awesome.

  257. Michelle

    Hi Marie,

    I was taken aback by the comment that people who dream big are often crushing their soul. AS I listened to the words again I considered the meaning to be towards those who’s dreams are naturally smaller and attempt to change those dreams to be bigger makes the whole dream disingenuous- therefore crushing their soul??… But what resonated with your words initially for me was that having big dreams crushed souls perhaps because so many have big dreams don’t get accomplished or moved towards. I am not sure… anyway, can you clarify?
    Love your show! Big Fan,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Michelle! I think what Marie is saying is that having big dreams can come with a lot of pressure. For example, I remember when I was a kid, I heard a story about a child prodigy that was a millionaire by age 12, so I thought if I didn’t become a millionaire by age 12 too, that I somehow failed. Sometimes people feel pressured to have these lofty dreams that don’t really align with what they really want to do, and it just adds a lot of pressure and stress. It’s totally okay to have smaller dreams—everyone is on a different path. 🙂 I hope that helps!

  258. Hi Marie,
    This video is so amazing, thank you for creating a video about Dreaming Big.
    I dream BIG- BIG. In doing so I have had many trips up along the way, fallen off the rock and picked myself up and moved on. One BIG dream is to Work and the Moulin Rouge designing fabulous costume’s for showgirls and the thrilling audiences around the world. YEHAWW!! Also, Winning 4 Oscars for Best Screen Play, Best Costume, Best Movie and Movie of the year. Accepting my award in Full Drag and waving
    #ThisiswhathappenswhenyougoforyourDreams. 🙂

    This is all fine and dandy until coming down to fine tuning to the steps of moving toward my dreams. Here is the fun party, I had a friend say to me once–“I see you having your big company one day, etc. ,Ect” So.. at the time I kept thinking it was x,y,z in x,y,z place…. Then I watched your video on that had a women say “You don’t have to be married to your dreams”. At least that is what I believe she said.. Go with the feel of what you desired for the dream and move ahead.

    Continue on with my buddy, I thought that my dream would be in Paris and after awhile it shift to other places – where I felt embarassed by saying “I don’t know if Paris is the place, eek.” After a while I had said to my buddy- my dream possibly has more life in Amsterdam or Italy. Know what she said, ” Well when you go there, I will come visit you”. Gosh that make’s me feel good.

    Dreams are own commitments and where we want to go, not what other peoples expectations of our dreams should be.
    Love you very much.

  259. True. My mother hates traveling, fancy clothes or luxury. Some people like a simple life.

  260. I have a dream and a pretty big on imo. Sometimes I get a little voice in my head that says that will never happen! I don’t know if this is me putting a big expectation on myself which I often do. At the same time I feel really passionate about my work and where I want to go with it. I guess time will tell if I land on the moon or the stars. I will be still living my dream and making it happen in my own way.

  261. Liz

    I am an Interior Designer and my dream is to run my own small business which allows me to have a flexible schedule to be more involved with my three beautiful children’s lives. I want to help educate individuals about design and help them unlock their own potential to create beautiful spaces that reflect the best versions of themselves. Everyone in this world can benefit from a nurturing and loving environment and I dream of helping a wide audience of people to realize the ability to create the space of their dreams lies within themselves.

    <3 <3 <3

  262. Yes, I thought I had BIG dreams, but really, I have BEAUTIFUL dreams.
    I thought I want an apartment in the city and the downtown extravaganza, but really, I miss my little townhouse where I had the space to do my beautiful live that had my name carved on it.
    I though I want the big company with the millions of dollars, but really I want a small boutique where I can express my beautiful life and inspire others to go for their self-expressive ideas too.
    True, very true – and I want a dog again : )

    I’m revisiting this as part of the Start the right business Bonus inside of B-School – thanks, Marie!

  263. Marie, this is an awesome reminder to live the life we want and not others. I just got this realization recently… I secretly felt ashamed that I did not have the ambition like people around me, i.e. moving up in corporate ladder. I have been doing the same jobs (that I whole-heartedly looove) since I moved to the US. Not that I do not want to improve my life, but events in my life seem to drift me away from one of my dreams (go to grad school so I get the chance to move up the corporate ladder). From losing jobs twice, to cancer and other health challenges, I have not been able to finish even my Certificate of College Counseling program (I intently chose present continuous tense, because Who knows I will in the future!), let alone thinking about going to grad school without incurring life binding massive debt! In the field where I work, a master degree is almost always preferred to move up. The past two years, I have had this dead-end feeling, how could I improve my life with no master degree, with no money to even just finish my cert program, my future seems to be really bleak!
    Then only this year, I came to a realization when I looked hard within me. I found out that I actually did not have a genuine desire to be a director. Yes, I do want to go to grad school to better myself, and to get by the job market demands. But when I looked into the reality of my situation, I asked myself if grad school was my only way out of the rat race? Do I really not have a way out (with my restricted financial mean)? And I refused big time that thought, that I do not have a way out! Not possible, there should be a way out for everything (other than death, of course!)!!!
    Then, this light bulb glowed, what if I am meant to be a something else, what if something else (and not necessarily grad school) is my way out? And my floral passion surfaced first of all things! This has been at the back of my mind for years. I now even remember, when people ask what my absolute dream is, I always answer to have a flower shop!
    I have been trying to take off with this business, but always die down with running out of contents, and I guess I did not try hard enough to figure out how to survive. But with this light bulb moment, I now feel this urgency to work hard on this, learn as much as I can. I (momentarily) look away from my grad school dream, and want to focus on how to grow my floral business to be profitable.
    In a few weeks I will get a laptop replacement, and my website is on top of my priority to build.
    Thank you for this reminder to stay true to ourselves, and stick to our own dreams no matter how small they sound to others.

  264. Jacki

    Big, small or in between — I’d love to hear about your dream life. Not society’s. Not your parents’. Not your friends’.

    I want to publish several books, mostly of of my short stories, and to create stories through visual media, too. There was a time that I’d draw every day, and I had even a friend or two ask to buy a print. So I think that I should probably incorporate a picture book somewhere into things, which is great because I have a few ideas for that, too!

    Somewhere down the line, I’d also like to produce some games. I have a handful of game ideas.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exciting!! Go for it, Jacki! Your dreams are important and it really is true what Marie says: “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.”

  265. THIS. I’d be perfect content with a business that allowed me to pay myself $40K a year and want as few employees as possible. I don’t WANT to be the next Steve Jobs or start the next Google.

  266. I would love to sponsor an athletic scholarship in honor of my best American friend, Lynn Wenstrom Happy, who won Emmy back in the day with ESPN when she was one of the very few women there. She died too young, was a the quintessential true blue friend. She saved every letter I ever wrote her for over 15 years. When she married and moved to Manhattan there just wasn’t room. She played volleyball in high school, would cook a turkey for her Super Bowl parties and had the loudest belch of anyone I’ve ever known. She’s my top guardian angel and so I’d love to support a female athlete in her name.

  267. my dreams are to:
    pay off my brothers’ crushing student loans
    pay off my mom’s medical bills
    pay off my husbands business loans
    galvanize people all over the world to help end child separation at our border, reunite families that have been separated, help asylum seekers going forwards, and ensuring this NEVER happens again in our country

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