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Do you ever struggle to clearly communicate your message?

Whether you’re pitching yourself to get press, a new project, a new client, or a new job — being concise and compelling is vital.

But when you’re multipassionate, or just have a lot of valuable things to say, effectively selling yourself in just a few words can feel near impossible.

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But here’s the hard truth.

You only have seconds to get a producer, client, customer or boss’s attention — and keep it.

And in order to do that, you’ve got to simplify your message. If you’ve ever tried, you know this is no easy task.

Never fear — MarieTV is here!

And today, my guest has spent over 20 years producing television for big names like Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper. Translation? She knows the dos and don’ts of clear communication.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, learn four steps to simplify any message.

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Now, Rachel and I would love to hear from you. Which specific step from today’s episode will help you simplify your message and make it more effective?

If you’re up for it, refine your message using the four steps in the comments below!

Remember to tell us who you’re targeting (media, customers, employers, etc.) and workshop it right here and now.

As always, thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing so generously.

I truly believe the MarieTV community is the best on the planet.

P.S. If you know anyone who is looking for more clients, is job-hunting or is trying to launch a book or a business — please share this post with them. These ideas may help someone you love hit a homerun and change the course of their career.

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  1. For me it all comes down to presence.

    When I’m fully present, grounded, centered, connected -and not so much in my head- I know exactly what to say, when to say it and how to communicate it clearly to the person in front of me and hopefully even touch their heart…

    Does it help to get a little training and get clear on your message before hand?

    Hell Yez!

    But you can’t communicate authentically and from the heart if your not fully present.


    • So true, Caroline. Messages are communicated on two levels-verbally and energetically. The energetic component has to come from that place of authenticity or the message won’t truly resonate.

      My challenges come in because I know what I want to say – in FIFTEEN different ways! lol This is where the grounding you’re speaking of comes in. Tailoring that message for what is most important in that moment-and the only way to do that is to be in the depth of the moment.

      • Emelia, you’re spot-on about messages being verbal AND energetic. In fact, I might argue that the energetic component is even more important than what you’re actually saying, sometimes.

        I’ve found that, when I’m confident in what I’m offering, I truly want to be of service, and I let go of the outcome … that’s when the magic happens! The words just flow naturally 🙂

      • Hi Emelia!
        Your thoughts on energy are spot on. What you said about 15 ways is very very common…and it’s great that you are focusing on it! Go you!

    • David

      Great Interview..very informative!

    • Hi Caroline!
      You are right on! Presence and authenticity are critical to connecting. It’s the foundation. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • My issue is giving to many details. I am in search of my elevator pitch technique. My business is education and community outreach, so I spend a lot of time trying to convince people why they should be involved with youth. I really want to stick it to folks and get results. This was helpful.

    • I totally agree with you Caroline. I find I know what I want to say but I must focus on my heart centre, be grounded and connected before it comes out effortlessly. “Being present gives you presence” ♥

    • Sally Polihronas

      So true! This is great!

    • In agreement, Caroline.”Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.” ~Rumi

    • Paul Magnus

      Thank you so much for your very helpful insights and dialogue Marie & Rachel. The guiding messages and the dialogue did model just what you were suggesting were evident. Exceptionally well done. Keep up the graet work. Paul

  2. Letting go of insider jargon is so important – especially when it comes to communicating what you do to others. When I learned how to effectively explain who I am and what I do and why it’s important, everything started to change for me.

    I also really value the tip about pitching consciously. No one is going to pay attention to you if it’s clear you’re not putting the work it.

    Amazing tips!

    • Hey Demetria!
      I’m thrilled to hear you’ve had that experience. As you said, great communication changes everything! I am cheering you on!

      • Amanda Macdonald

        Wow Rachel and Marie. Great information. Working for Deloitte Tax we had to explain to clients in plain language quite complicated tax scenarios. We also needed a practical example and outcome for the client. We always started with this. Since doing my own presentations I was asked to give an example. I find a scenario to back up what your trying to portray gives people confidence that you can do what you say you will, and they seem to relate better. Getting to the point is critical in not loosing the audience? …and as I rave thanks so much for the wrapping it up comment…oulling it all together. I find after an hour of talking in the evening, I am tired and feel like I’d rather jsut leave than go through questions..>For the clients sake I don’t do this…but struggle to keep the intensity.

        • Thank you for sharing Amanda! It’s a great example of how communication helps in yet another way. Go you! Please stay in touch!

    • Elsa Alexandra

      Hi Demetria, I completely relate to this challenge. I tend to be very strong on jargon use, and I often come across as intimidating as a result. Great that you have found your way around it. Well done!

    • Being a finance person, that is always my challenge. Great tips/reminder!

  3. This episode was right on time! Simplifying the message is something that I need help with! I’m a wordy wordsmith type person. It takes me a while sometimes to get to the point, especially in my writing. This isn’t a bad thing with my personal development blog, but I’m working on a travel blog, which is a little different. My writing needs to be clear, simple, and to the point.

    You and Rachel provided so much great advice. I especially like the idea of personalization. I remember the toughest job interview I had. He asked me what I knew about his company. I had made NO effort in learning about his company except to get the address. I giggled and told a joke about the company cars out front. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.

    I learned an important lesson that I needed to make an effort. Do research and figure out and convey how I can be used to make things better for others. Thanks for another great episode!!

    • Ms Pillowz, I hear you about being a wordy wordsmith-type person! I’m the same! Even though I worked as a book editor for years, I know that I tend to be overly verbose in my communication sometimes (I guess it’s being a stickler for details!).

      I love Rachel’s advice about getting rid of the jargon and showing that you really ‘get’ what people are wanting.

      As I prepare to launch and promote the latest incarnation of my coaching business, this advice is so valuable right now!

      PS If there’s anyone going for a job right now, I highly recommend Dani Johnson’s ‘Job Domination’ training – she emphasises the need to really do your research on the company you’re wanting to work for, and she gives other fantastic going-the-extra-mile, think-outside-the-box advice.

    • Hey Mr. Pillowz!
      Rest assured – almost everyone is challenged by simplification – you are normal! And what a great example about the job interview – wonderful of you to share it so everyone can learn from it. Keep up the research!:)

  4. This was a wonderful interview – Thank you Marie and Rachel.
    Being clear, centered, and focused is where it’s at. It starts with believing in ourselves – and taking action.
    Appreciating you both!

    • Hey Robin!
      Thank you! And I agree with you on both points! Go you!

  5. The tip about editing out extra details hits home the most. I don’t have to tell ALL of my story ALL of the time. Just what’s pertinent to the moment.

    I always say that the best communicators aren’t interested in broadcasting their messages. They’re interested in getting them heard and understood. Thank you both for these great tips.

    • This is true for me too Emelia. I am such a story teller anyway and so I really have to start thinking the way Marie does when people ask.

      I love “I always say that the best communicators aren’t interested in broadcasting their messages. They’re interested in getting them heard and understood.” Will meditate this one today. 🙂

      • Hey again Emelia and hello Trish! You are on the right track! Yay!

        • Thanks Rachel,

          As a reminder to self, I’m going to be writing an article and adding this video. You’re suggestions for keeping your message clear are “stupidly simple,” if I can say that!! 🙂 Or maybe, “smartly simple.”

      • Hey Trish,

        Completely understand the storytelling angle. We build suspense with the details but I guess that doesn’t work for all situations. Still feeling my way through. 🙂

  6. I got to see Rachel live at a conference where she was giving hot seat suggestions to help people simplify their message, and it was amazing to see her genius in action!

    Love this, and simplicity itself, of course. 🙂

    • So sweet – thank you so much Nathalie! What conference did you attend?

    • Elsa Alexandra

      Hi Nathalie! Spot-on when you call “genius” the ability to simplify one’s message. I worked in Equity Research for several years, and one thing I learned from my mentors and a wonderful manager I had was to keep it simple! Focus on 3 main drivers for any investment story and that’s it! The clarity of thought it provides is amazing. It’s an Art!

  7. David

    There’s a piece of research out of Columbia University from years back called “When Choice is Demotivating.” One of the experiments showed that people said they liked having a lot of choices but their actual buying habits showed that they purchased much more often when there were fewer choices.

    In my view people too often feel like they have to “pitch everything” and thus often demotivate their “buyers.” The biggest challenge is deciding what to “leave out.” Clarity comes from focus (and practice).

  8. Thank you Rachel and Marie! I have been working on my message for about 6 months now, revising it, fine tuning it, perfecting it. It is of course always evolving but I think often times people say too much as a way of validating themselves. I tend towards the brevity side of things. But if you are brief, every word must be very powerful.

    Lots to think about – I appreciate your insights!

    • Hey Ashley! I love that you are focusing on your message! And yes, words matter (I love words!) Most importantly, you are correct…all of our messages are evolving:)

    • Ashley ~ I love what you say about people saying too much as a way of validating themselves… and that every word must be very powerful. It’s like each word must be packed with protein,vitamins & minerals AND that each word must build upon the other, so that “the people” who are hearing the message are both able to receive it AND absorb it! Phew! I have a great deal of work ahead of me!! Thanks for saying this !

  9. Great interview … to the point and very clear.

    I’m guilty of the jargon sometimes and use terms like “Hangouts” and Google Plus to people who have just about learnt the term social media.

    I’m all about simplifying the web and so if I can be more mindful of the jargon, I’m confident this will have a big impact on my business.

    Thanks Marie and Rachel.

    • Great interview with Rachel!! The message is so simple and yet profound. It’s so easy to know a topic in depth and not be conscious about translating it properly to the language of your audience. It makes all the difference in the world. And, clearly requires us to do the work of understanding our audience and simplifying and clarifying the message. I love the stories about the doctor and the gym friend!! Both were clear and simple!! Ta da! That was a perfect example of this interview!! Loved it all!

  10. AWESOME timing Marie and Rachel – My biggest takeaway: get rid of the details and get concise. I’ve been messaging people on LinkedIn, then conducting quick interviews and sharing my “what do you do” statement EXACTLY for these reasons – to practice my messaging. I’m getting so much clearer, and after hearing this interview I feel SO prepared to move forward with something I want to launch. Thank you!

    • Hey Kat! Awesome that you are practicing! Keep it up – great messaging is the gift that keeps on giving! Can’t wait to see your launch:)

    • Oooh, how are you finding Linked In for that, Kat? Great to use it to share message concisely ( and I love your site! ) x

  11. Fabulous. Working productizing my services and this is my next step. Much appreciated mama

  12. This was a fantastic episode! I’m in the middle of helping a local theater company simplify its message and build more of a business presence in our community– and these four steps really help break down what we should be focusing on.

    1. Meet the Person Where They Are At if You Want to Take Them Where You Want to Go.

    For us, we have to meet the parents where they are at — which is to say — they don’t understand that theater isn’t like other after school activities. We have to communicate that productions are far more consuming than a once a week soccer practice.

    2. Let Go of Insider Jargon.

    This is a good one. There is a ton of theater jargon we have to strip away in order to communicate effectively. I think we do this pretty well, but we can work more.

    3. Get Rid of Extra Details.

    Parents want to know the bottom lines — scheduling and costs. They don’t want to know all the intricate whys and hows. This will help us with our advertising and mailing lists!

    4. Test Drive Your Message Outside of Your Inner Circle.

    Another great tip. I need to find someone who can test drive our new idea for our acting audition process and see what they think. Any takers? It’s a one sheet description of how our theater company works and what parents can expect.

    Thanks Marie!

    • This is something I need to improve on. I’m passionate about so many things in the health and wellness field and I don’t always stay focused on one area. Actionable step for me today-get rid of the excess and get concise. Thanks Marie and Rachel!

    • Hi Julie,

      I’d be happy to look at your messaging. I have a son who is 6.5 and have thought about getting him into theater so I’d be the perfect person to test it out on.


    • Julie, LOVE that you broke down how what Marie and I discussed applies to your situation. Go you!

      • Yes it was really great breaking it down that way! I am going to format my stuff that way too so I can get more clear! THANK YOU!!

    • Aloha Julie,

      I really like the way you broke this down in terms of your industry/business interactions amongst the parents. This is definitely something in which I can also layout and answer for myself.

      I am so thankful for the opportunity to have watched this ladies.

      Currently, I am working on an awesome book (women’s health and fitness) amongst other things and this really helps me with each chapter. There is so much I want to say and it is tough to decide what to say and how to say it.

  13. elena

    Hello guys! thank you so much marie for today’s episode!

    I have question for all of you guys, maybe someeone has the answer of my question.

    I have been always interested in communication skills, and so amazing how the way you say sth can has an impact on other people. I want always to use these communication skills for a good reason-not to force someone to do sth which You think that is best for him.
    But i had always the ”Moral” thought. My head always tell me that i should not think on How to say sth, making me feel bad! If for example change the word order of the sentence( to pass the message i want to the person i have in front of me) My Head says me that this is Bad and that i should never do this again!! =/ it’s so weird what do you think guys?
    I am a cheerful girl, love to talk and meet new people 😉

    Thank you guys,

    • Hi Elena!
      Communication is such a powerful tool and I am so glad that you mentioned using it as a force for good. Yes!
      As for your “moral” dilemma…
      If I am understanding correctly, you are worried about being manipulative (please let me know if I misunderstood). I understand that and I hear it often. The goal is never to manipulate – it’s about learning what people care about and authentically meeting them where they are. When you do that, you can share your gifts! I hope that helps!

      • elena

        Thank you so much M. Hanfling!! Your answer is precious!

        It’s a ”moral” dilemma as you correctly said, but i have an ”automatically bad feeling” like i don’t have to do this. Maybe i have to remind myself your words : it’s about learning what people care about and authentically meeting them where they are.

        Thank you M. Hanfling! So glad to meet you !

  14. i want to do a short video, for my website, explaining it to the teen girls it is designed for… will anyone weigh in here… is it ok to have a mom/teacher (me!) passionately explain what my goal is or would they be more likely to listen if its one of their peers explaining how helpful this fitness/ nutrition/ beauty site is?


    • Absolutetly, Michelle! (p.s. love your name ;)) My daughter is 23 now, and it still amazes me how over the years she and her friends felt comfortable with me sharing my pov with them. The key is that I never judged or was preachy and I was almost honest and kept confidences. They need you! Let me know what your site is and if I can help in any way. cheers!

      • Hello to both Michelles!
        Great question…
        Perhaps consider trying both angles. And with the peers – perhaps a video with more than one – maybe three. You mention that you are a mom – do you have a daughter? If so, is she at an age and place where it would make sense to do a video together? There are many possible approaches. I hope this helps.

        • Rachel is right on point! Great suggestions.

        • I think this is a great idea, to do a video together with a teen or teens! You could have the teen introducing, or “interviewing” you, if you’re looking for a format… Or run it like a FAQ, with the teen asking questions less in an interview fashion (which is a skill in and of itself), but more like your most frequently asked “Dear Abby” questions… I’m a mom of a 12-year-old so keep me posted on your site, sounds like a good one! <3

  15. Letting go of the jargon is key over here. I’m not a wordsmith, so I stumble over my words and I am very visually oriented.

    So here it goes…”I am a creator of Reiki Infused Manifest Movies that help you live the life you love.”

    There you have it.
    Thanks for the awesome interview!

    • Hi Brook:

      Some feedback from outside your circle: I think the “help you live the life you love” part is compelling and clear. Maybe it would be better to lead with this sentiment, rather than starting with “I am”. I kind of think I know what you mean by “Reiki Infused”, but the term “Manifest Movies” doesn’t mean anything to me. I think I would need to understand more about what the movies actually are before I would be tempted to click to find out.

      I hope this is helpful!

    • Hi Brook! Thank you for sharing this!
      Being strong visually is actually a big plus because folks read a great deal not just from what we say but what what they see. That applies to what a person wears, the look of their website…many areas. So yay for you!

    • Sophie

      Hi Brook,

      More feedback from outside your circle. Offered in case useful.
      To me, “I make movies that help you live a life you love,” is it. “Reiki,” “Infused,” and “Manifest” are the Step 3 extra details. If a movie can deliver the above results, I don’t really care about the techniques the filmmaker used.
      I just went to your website. And from a quick glance at your first page, I would consider adding “custom” (as in “I custom make movies….”) or “tailored” (as in “I make movies tailored to help….”). Or “Got dreams? I make movies that help you live ’em.”
      If you want, you can also say “non-instructive” to differentiate yourself from those kind of movies.

      • I agree w/ Sophie–good input!

  16. Thank you so much for the interview!
    Breaking the message down is really powerful!

    Putting the message into a story that people can relate to, makes it so much more fun – and shows us from a vulnerable place.
    I think it is so powerful to share a vulnerable story so that people can relate.

    And once the story is really to the point it is much easier for others to share it again.

    • Hi Anna (love that name because it was my Grandmother’s)!
      Excellent point – people have an easier time remembering a great story!

  17. Because we’re creating something that is unfamiliar to many people (a website providing resources for online dating), educating prospective customers and others is key. So it’s really important that we meet people where they are. Great episode, it was right on time for our goals! Thanks is the Angie’s List(r)/Yelp(r) of online dating! We provide members with an opportunity to find new sites, rate and review the sites and share stories with other members. Launching June 1, 2014

  18. I really love the idea about testing outside of your inner circle. I’m TERRIBLE about just running ideas past friends and of course they all LOVE it!!! Planning to implement that now!

    Anyone on here interested in being my outside the inner circle person? I’m interested in helping in return! 🙂 Oh, and I’m super cool! 😉

    • Colene,

      I’d be happy to give you feedback.


      • Same here, Colene…and I’m super cool too. Isn’t everyone who watches MarieTV? 🙂 you can email me directly if you’d like! I’m on twitter too @MichelleTalbert

        • Coleen, Jen and Michelle – love that you are taking this step! Makes me happy!

    • I would really like to bounce some ideas around with you all. Have you set anything up yet?

  19. Number four – I am looking forward to this, even though it will require some serious vulnerability on my part. I am about to launch a new Youtube campaign, and I am re.branding my business. It is KEY that I nail this! Thanks so much for great advice!


    • Hi Shannon!
      I am so glad you mentioned vulnerability…and the truth is that is hard for most of us! Good for you for doing it anyway! You never know what you will learn…:)

      • Thanks, Rachel! I’ve kind of learned to thrive on vulnerability 🙂

        I’ve already reached out to two people and started a list of questions to help get some specific feedback on my main declaration, free gift and new Youtube campaign. I’m excited!!!

        This is such a great suggestion – thank you again (my family and friends are always tooting my horn) And the gift from opting in to your site ‘Why you need media and how to boost your communication skills’ is SUPER HELPFUL! So glad I ‘met’ you through Marie 🙂

        • Shannon, I am touched and thrilled. Learning to thrive on vulnerability is a massive achievement. Good for you!

  20. Hi Rachel and Marie,

    This is such a great topic and I am interested in studying more. Do you have any book recommendation or course recommendations?



    • Hi Storm!
      It’s wonderful that you want to learn more!
      I have many thoughts, but I will share just a couple now in the spirit of keeping it simple. 🙂
      First, one of the best things you can do is become a student of media. By that I mean watch TV and read newspapers and magazines. When you do that you get a front row seat to many styles of great communication and you also get a sense of what the public at large cares about. If you do that already, good for you! If you are not a TV watcher, start with just a couple shows – I recommend the morning shows because you get a wide variety of subject matter. I share more about how strategically watching TV can serve you and how to maximize your TV watching time in my blog at
      Second, you asked about a course – I teach a course about how to get media attention, rock it and leverage it into your business. You will find more info on that here:
      I know this topic can feel like a lot…but the great news is that even small tweaks can yield huge results! Good for you:)

      • Thank you so much for the reply Rachel. I signed up for your mailing list and look forward to your class offerings 🙂



        • Wonderful, welcome!

          • Hello Rachel and Storm 🙂

            I like this simple idea of being a student of media. I am behind the times as I tend not to watch TV and read general mags. This seems such an obvious way to connect with people and understand what my peers are looking for.

            Thank you for this tip.

          • Hi Tahlene and Storm!
            I am glad to hear it resonates with you. I look forward to hearing what you learn!

  21. This is perfect with starting a business and going through b school. I think all these steps will help me.For example I was at the farmers market and I heard a lady ask a question so I went over to her and gave her the info she had asked about. I introduced myself and she told me about her and said she was a life coach and she asked what I did. I hestiated and then said I was a food allergy coach and redoing my website. She said that was great because sometimes she needed to have someone that specialized in certain coaching areas to refer her clients to . I gave her my card but she didnt have a card. Is there anything I could have done differently so that I could created a referral or something like that with her if she gets people that need what I coach on?

    • Just jumping in here because I know the feeling! That missed referral can leave you wondering how to seal the deal next time. What I’d suggest is when someone says they don’t have a card, just be like “oh that’s alright/no problem – what’s your email address? I’ll send you a quick note with what I do in case you come by someone who needs help in my area” You can offer up one of your cards and a pen and let them write it on the back. I have grabbed top executives’ info this way because they don’t always carry cards. Then you send a brief sincere email a day later with a few bullet points of your focus areas. Make sure your subject line has your name, title & place where you met. You’ve just begun a conversation.

      I managed to get my business started before my site was up by doing this. Planning to include this in an upcoming webinar because I personally hated networking and found this to be a non-sleazy/salesy way to do it 🙂
      Hope this helps!

      • Aparna, This is great thank you.

        • You’re welcome! Would love to hear how it works out for you.

          • Hey Connie and Aparna!

            Connie, I think we’ve all been there and had the same feeling! I think Aparna had a great suggestion because it’s easy for people to lose a card or get caught up in something else. It’s so important to be persistent in a good way – and having contact info allows you to do that. Keep me posted!

    • Connie, as a fellow BSchooler, I’ve been using Marie’s list building recommendation to get people on my email list. I just tell them I would love their feedback on my newsletter and can I add them? I get their email address then and there. My service provider will allow me to manually add people, since I’ve asked permission, they won’t flag me as spam. If you don’t have one yet, put her on your list anyway for when you are ready to start sending. This way you’ll at least have her email and can send her a “great to meet you” follow up, then be at the top of mind when you’re sending your newsletter. Also you can periodically send her articles or whatever “hey this made me think of you” so you can build the relationship. For the spot you’re in, could you look her up online and get her info that way? If you can, just say “hey I was checking out your website and will definitely recommend you for life coaching to my clients who show interest”. Then build your relationship from there.

      • Naomi,
        Great advice. I took a chance on googling her first name since that is all that I had and life coach and she came up. I recognize her and her voice. I will shoot an email recreating where i met her and about recommending her.. I now feel like I took action and just didnt pass up an opportunity to build a relationship here. Who knows right. Its also helping me create myself as a food coach in the world.

        • Yes, absolutely! You’ll also be working to create an authentic relationship with her. Awesome action!

  22. I’ve been a wordy girl since I was a kid. It’s been a challenge to refine – and one of the reasons I’ve spent a lot of time learning words so I can pick the most appropriate choice for the conversation.

    But then I run into a wall where people don’t know the word and end up explaining it. Gah.

    So I’ve tried to remember my 9th grade english teacher that told me the average reading level is 4th grade. An occasional $2 word challenges the reader, but peppering your language with them makes people feel dumb, and they won’t want to listen to you. She suggested writing so an elementary schooler can understand it, and that’s what I’ve tried to do ever since.

    • Hey Lisa! Exactly!
      It’s all about meeting your audience where they are:)
      Go you!

  23. Dana Dwinell

    I too evolved out of a TV Producer experience and Rachel is spot on about her points as they apply to a “pitch”, but the basics we have all heard (or read) many, many times before. I personally felt that the BEST part of the interview were the points that Marie brought up, expanding the application to areas outside of media. Thank you Marie. And finally, while enthusiasm is compelling, could someone please advise Rachel about THE HANDS! I am certain that when she watches this back, she will see how distracting they became.

    • Iliana Deshotel

      Dear Marie,

      I was relieved to see the comment with regards to Rachel’s hand movements. I was shocked when she began speaking; and quite frankly, it appeared as though Your eyes glazed over in horror at the irony of the situation.

      I love all of the helpful guidance featured on Marie TV; and true to the “Wiz Kid” that you are Marie, you were able to make sense of Rachel’s epitaph. She lost me at hello.

      I could not endure an hour long lecture by Rachel. Although she may have a worthwhile and valuable message, it was definitely “Lost in Translation” for me.

  24. This is one of the best episodes yet. You can have all your ducks in a row and if you don’t have your messaging clear, you lose before you even get started.

    Adding onto Rachel’s excellent advice is something I find is the biggest challenge for my clients, career builders and side/small business owners. It’s understanding that this clarified messaging comes from inside, from what flows naturally from you, taking THAT and distilling it down to the strongest and purest part of the story. NOT rehearsing a script/adding/applying something new, because people know when they’re getting a cookie cutter pitch. And it feels sleazy/uncomfortable delivering it as well, because it’s not your own skin.

    For me, it took (and continues to take) practice so I know how difficult it can be for my clients. It helps to speak with someone who can help tailor your message objectively.

    I often go into this with clients during their Free Consultation itself, because it’s such a vital part of career and business success! I welcome anyone who wants help to grab an appointment.

    Thanks for this great episode!

  25. Ronke

    I am not an expert and so I have learnt so much and also from the comments. I think the first point is the most important for me. I have seen myself break barriers with empathy several times. I have used it with my children, colleagues, my boss and it has worked wonders and honestly I feel I am the win-win results that gives me a sense of fulfillment. I believe the first point will enable you to be clear about the use of jargon and what to leave out. To test drive is to challenge yourself and getting better may not come without this, really.

    • Hi Ronke! Exactly – empathy! Great examples about using it with your children, colleagues and boss…so true!

  26. Lori Glier

    Dear Marie & Rachel,
    I could usa miracle as Rachel said this is what I truly want to do it is connect to the people and serve them Authentically on a silver platter! As that is what my buisness aim is Authenticity!
    Lori Glier’s Story Angle Pitch
    please give your thoughts!
    The Statistical Probability of a single mom living in extreme poverty that was once homeless having three disabilities and comes from a small city called Regina, Saskatchewan Canada that has been working on a major book deal, landing a the lead female role in a major movie. Partnering with global partner’s to launch Authenticity.Is a 1 in 313,766,212,810 chance.follow her progress to see if she can prove stats wrong.
    Heaps of love
    Lori Glier
    Authenticity Agency Productions Corporation
    Founding CEO

  27. Great advice, thanks Rachel and Marie!
    So let me test out my draft message on the MarieTV community:
    “Are you a heart-centred person who wants more joy, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, fun, love, connection, success, choices, passion and juiciness in your life? I’m developing a card deck on the theme of “The Playground of Possibilities” (because LIFE is a playground of possibilities!). Each card has a question designed to prompt you to explore and transform your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world, to tap into the abundance of the Universe, and to take bold action. I’m also planning to offer one-on-one coaching and group workshops where you’ll get to play with the cards, experiment with some new thoughts and behaviours, get physical, play some improvisation games, have fun, and connect with like-spirited people. Will you come and join me in the Playground of Possibilities?”
    Is my message clear and compelling? If not, what’s missing? Or what needs to be cut?

    • I think I almost have what you are saying and I’m sure it would be a lot clearer if it was read out loud because inflection communicates so much. If you are going to use this in text form I word work with your favorite grammar fiend to confirm readability.

      • Thanks Jen, I really appreciate your comment. Yes, I’ll read it out loud, check the readability stats and simplify/shorten the text.

    • kate london

      Hi Kay,
      Thanks for putting yourself out here and inviting feedback!
      Your product sounds intriguing. I hope these comments are helpful to you in further refining your message:
      Because you used words like “developing” and “planning” I am curious if this a pitch to investors or to potential purchasers of the card deck?
      I recommend you open with “Life is a playground of possibilities” – that phrase is powerful and attention-getting.
      Your “are you” question’s list of adjectives felt long and all-encompassing, can you hone it down?
      You might consider keeping it simple and just focusing on one offering to start … perhaps just the card deck and how it helps people … using coaching and workshops as secondary, after someone has expressed interest. What does it mean to “come and join you”? Perhaps a more specific call to action would be helpful.
      Wishing you much success! – Kate

      • Thanks Kate! Yes, I’m still in the process of developing the card deck, and I do want to sell it. I’ll probably be doing a crowdfunding campaign to cover the design, printing, distribution and marketing costs. I love your suggestion about starting with “Life is a playground of possibilities” – glad you like that phrase. And yes, good idea to simplify the list of adjectives and focus just on the card deck. When I wrote “Will you come and join me…”, I guess I meant that I was inviting people to live as if life is a playground of possibilities (and I’m the Head Tour Guide, encouraging them to use the card deck). I’ll think of a more specific call to action.

    • Hey Key – love that you are putting yourself out there. That takes guts! Perhaps lead with the card angle – based on what you shared that feels most unique to me and I like it. Go you!

      • Wow, thanks for commenting, Rachel (and for following me on twitter). I appreciate your suggestion to lead with the card angle – that feels really good. I’ll let you know when the card deck is ready.

  28. I always put too much in. Like Marie – there is so much in my background that I can include when I speak to someone, that my message can get lost.

    Message: I’m a holistic sex coach and kick-ass intuitive who combines soul energy with sexuality to help you achieve the love and sex life you’ve always desired.

    So what do you think — too much? too little? jargon? Help a girl out!

    • How about :
      Achieve the love and sex life you’ve always desired through my holistic and intuitive coaching.
      ( I don’t really ‘get’ the soul energy combined with sexuality part) … although it potentially sounds quite intriguing…)

      • Thanks Jennifer!

        See – I’m using jargon and I don’t realize I’m using it because I’ve been doing this so long.

        Soul energy = your soul – the inner YOU. Each person emits a unique energy.

        But I love your wording! Thank you!

        • jen

          How about this:

          Bring the real YOU into/through your own sexual energy to Achieve the love and sex life you’ve always desired!

          p.s. will you take a look at this short animation that I put together to see if my message is clear?

          There’s no call to action (maybe there should be?) but I just wanted a way to communicate what it is that we do.)

          • Hey Jen!

            I love animals — have 14 of my own and if I had a bigger house – would have more. All of these guys showed up on my doorstep. I feed another 8 cats outside. So I love what you’re doing. But it brought up 2 questions:

            1) People walk by “what” to see the slideshow of the adoptable love?
            2) What do you want people to do? (so yes, you need a call of action at the end)

            You’re first suggestion for my line flows better than the 2nd one 🙂 But I like where you are going with this!

          • Hey Allie and Jen! It’s exciting to see you helping each other. Marie has an extraordinary community!

          • Cool, Allie –
            Thanks for the feedback – I’ll get to work on it!

    • ooooh, I LOVE the soul energy part! Great message x

  29. Great Episode Marie and Rachel! I also have sometimes difficulties in giving my message across in a simple way, especially when I need to pitch a story to my editor so the advice on making it clear and easy and not confuse your listener is really great! Will start working on it right now! thanks!

    • Hey Ewelina! As you can see from the comments, you are normal! It’s a challenge and I applaud you for working on it!

  30. I am loving this video and the advice is coming right when I need to hear it. I’m a personal trainer with a past as a science teacher. I get SO excited about fitness, because I am passionate about it. However, sometimes I feel the need to talk about my past as a teacher for…well, I’m not even sure why because most of the time it doesn’t apply. Sure I was also a coach, but that doesn’t really matter in most conversations.

    One thing I have found is that when I am introduced as a trainer or tell people that it’s my career and passion, I often feel like a buzz kill. Most of the time people start telling me about how they know they need to work out or eat healthier and I can sense their guilt. I think this is what I need to tap into when I do meet people. If I focus on the fact that I’m a personal trainer who works with beginners and am more specific and succinct from the beginning, I think it will be a lot easier for people to connect with me and my message. Because I am anything but the typical trainer. I used to hate gym class and I tell my clients it’s OK to have candy once in a while. I focus on healthy choices and changes that make a huge impact overtime (I have a client who lost over 60 lbs in the past 9 months without supplements or dieting or feeling deprived), but am not the healthy food/workout police.

    Excited to put these tips into action and work on my introductions and pitches as early as tomorrow for a networking event!

    Thanks Marie!

    • Catherine, As a health coach I completely understand where you’re coming from, when people feel guilty in front of you. It’s like they think you’re perfect because of your passion and choice to teach it, forgetting that everyone makes both good and bad decisions in their health. We all have birthdays, suffer Halloween mini candies, and go to Christmas parties with platters of fatty cheese and white carb crackers. I usually try to connect by listening first. I noticed that women la-love to talk about food, lol. So there’s usually the good and bad that they want to tell me about. I just focus on the good and say “see, you’re already making good decisions! no one is perfect, you’re always going to be faced with challenging food decisions, the key is to learn about why the decisions should be to eat good food and exercise. and it’s not just because of your weight.”

      My health coaching focus is on aging and longevity 🙂

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 You’re so right about the food thing. I share my favorite healthy recipes on my blog on Wednesdays and whenever I tell people about it, they get really excited. I’m no cook so everything is simple and easy in addition to being healthy 🙂

        I’m also with you on the focus not being on weight. I love when I get my clients to see that first hand 🙂 We really have a very rewarding job!

        • Awesome, I just got on your newsletter and look forward to seeing the recipes! I’ll share with my readers 🙂

    • Hey Catherine! Good luck tomorrow and keep us posted – go you!

  31. Louise

    About to pitch a feature film & all 4 steps are invaluable for my preparation as pitching to several different & diverse groups. I really loved the ‘meet people where they are at & take them to where you want to go…striving to determine what it is they care about avoiding all the insider jargon by keeping it simple so everyone in the room has no trouble understanding coz I will be serving it up on a big silver platter with a button on it (after I’ve test driven my message outside of my inner circle) !’
    Thanks Marie & Rachel for an insightful & very timely offering as am now revising my preparation armed with this succinct info…will let you know when the movie premieres!!!

  32. Mia

    Thank you Marie and Rachel for such a great episode.
    I found the topic incredibly helpful and useful and will definitely be using your tips!

  33. These are great tips…. I’m going to use some of these pointers to help write a new about page on my website 🙂

    • Hey Cherry! So glad to hear this – your about page is a great place to apply these concepts. Go you!

  34. I loved everything about this interview – PERFECT timing for me!

    You are a busy entrepreneur and active GIVER! You go above and beyond in everything you do. If it were not for the restraints of time, energy, resources, you would be UNSTOPPABLE! Together, lets create greater ease, joy, peace and freedom, so that you can continue to give to what matters most, while elevating YOUR radiance in the world.

  35. I am excited to try out my message on a stranger as scary as it may seem . I am in the beginning stages of a photography/video business focused on empowering women thru letting them see their unique beauty , although they get a makeover and have a custom gown made for them , the most important thing I want to get across to the potential client is how that one experience can change their perspective. That’s the part that I struggle with…People that know me know how passionate I am about this and support me and get it . But how can I describe such a detailed experience to someone without going into detail?

    • You’ve almost said it right here. I’ll just rearrange a get of the phrases:

      “one experience can change YOUR perspective, empowering YOU to see your unique beauty. Based on YOUR true beauty we create a customized gown, give you a makeover which brings out your best YOU, and do a video/photo shoot where you will see the empowered, beautiful you that you truly be!”

    • Hi Ray! Yes, it is scary and I applaud you for doing it anyway! Go you!

  36. Rachel always has excellent, on point and valuable advice for improving your message and clarity for your customers. I watch all of your episodes Marie and always take away something of value. Great guest!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you Lisa-Marie, that means the world to us as we work really hard to bring the best to each episode!!

      • Thank you Lisa-Marie! And thank you Louise – you are wonderful!

  37. I am SO excited to receive this video today! I am going to do my first “How to market your private practice” presentation today to a room full of psychoanalytic psychotherapists! We psychoanalytic thinkers are THE WORST marketers EVER… thus, I’m very excited to integrate (even in the last minute) some of the wisdom from both Rachel and Marie as I prepare and this is definitely information that I will use when I do my next presentation!! THANKS!

    • That’s wonderful Tiffany! I hope the presentation went well today!

      • It did!! Thank you so much! I have begun to plant the seed that psychoanalysts need to market too (heaven forbid!). Slowly… slowly, we will get to the point will they, too, will be watching Marie Forleo episodes (I included Marie as one of my inspirations in my presentation!) and learning about folks like you, Rachel!

        Love your message and it helped me mightily today! Can’t wait to share your ideas with the world!

  38. Leo

    This was helpful to me and I feel that three for me was the best! I tend to get off course! Thank You

    • Hi Leo – glad to hear it was helpful. And know you are normal – most of us get of course sometimes. Go you!

  39. LOVE this one. Thanks so much Rachel and Marie. LOVE the one about meeting people where they are and not assuming they are where you are. I definitely worry about spelling things out like someone is stupid but the fact is, that of course everyone isn’t as far along as me at the thing I am most experienced at. Have been getting this message a bit this week and this is beautiful confirmation. Thank you, got it loud and clear!

    • Hey Rebecca – thank you for sharing. It’s a great point!

  40. If you confuse them, you lose them! Love it.

  41. Great topic and show! I have had this problem so bad!! For me an important note is that if you can’t explain what you are doing in your business in 5 minutes, you need to work on that.

    Before I would always think of one more element that was necessary to tie everything together. “Oh and” I was definitely doing too much too too much. Also I think I used to have self sabotage going on that it hard to rank my projects and interests.

    Losing the details!

    • Hi Sophia! Good for you for bringing the gold in your story to the forefront!

  42. sandy

    I imagine both of you want to know if this video hit home to your readers. Well it did for me.

    This video helped me to identify what I need to work on and confirmed why I have information anxiety. It will help me become a more effective communicator.

    What I need to work on…

    The tip I liked best is learning to communicate in laymen terms. Before seeing this video, I thought presenting my ideas simply was “dumbing down.” I thought I’d be insulting my audience. Because of this video, I have a different perception. It actually is respectful to present information simply so the receiver doesn’t have to work so hard to understand it.

    What turns me off. Now I know why…

    When I think about it, I, too, am turned off by many in the metaphysical science field who use jargon. For a long time, I made the assumption that maybe I wasn’t intelligent or enlightened enough to get their message, especially if the guru appears successful and has international appeal.

    Your video was effective…

    As you can see your discussion on this video helped me identify a way I can change and also confirmed for me that information overload can be harmful.

    Thank you Marie and Rachel.

    • Hey Sandy! Thank you for sharing. I love that you used the word “respectful”…that’s such a perfect word choice! Go you!

  43. Great video.

    Communicating clearly is key to every relationship, both personal and professional. I’ve found it very helpful to take ownership of my communication. Rather than saying/thinking/feeling that a person “just doesn’t understand me”, I make it my responsibility to communicate more clearly.

    • Hey Solmadrid! Exactly – it’s the key to personal and professional relationships and it’s a work in progress for all of us! Go you!

  44. WooHoo!
    Perfect timing – I’ve just been trying o get some feedback on this cute little animated video to see it if makes sense (and is possibly compelling) – SO, Fellow Marie Tribe: Is this a clear Message to you?
    Please watch and comment, just 2 minutes Thank you!!
    And thank you Marie for the invite to ask for feedback here!!!

    • Hi Jen, Since you are asking for feedback, I watched the whole video but it felt very long and you lost me in the first five seconds. It just takes too much time for the hand to draw the three pets. You need an effective hook to grabs your ideal person’s attention. I might start out with something like:
      Do you love animals? Meet Franky, Franky is sad because he’s on death row (over the top I know, but something that will stir up emotions)

      • Thanks Jen-
        I’m glad you said that because I also thought maybe I would lose people in that first 5 seconds.
        Just this morning I was thinking about starting the clip with,
        “We love cats and dogs. We all want them to be in loving homes, not shelters! (Do you?)” and then continue with the #’s of pets in shelters and so on.
        Thanks SO MUCH for the feedback! xoxox
        Q: If the hook was there at the beginning, do you (as an animal lover) understand what it is we do that gets pets adopted?

        • Hey Jennifer and Jen! I am a huge animal lover (and was delighted that Marie put my pup in the video). Good for you for speaking up for animals! Perhaps consider showing more adorable photos and video of the animals. I personally find great photos and video of animals hard to resist. Go you! Go animals!

          • Hey Rachel!
            What we Do is exactly what you’re saying – show great pictures of animals in busy areas (like shopping malls) so that people can’t resist! The think I used to create the video is limited (or at least my expertise in it is) but more effective than trying to describe it in words, anyway.

          • Glad you are all over it with irresistible photos Jennifer!:)

  45. Just love this video sharing the idea of being clear shows more class than trash. I just recently signed up for Bschool (which I love) in March and I have changed the way I write my newsletters to my ICA. With clear simple sentences in a newsletter, the subscribers gobble it up and I even get more new clients just from sending out these goodies full of free mini-readings for these folks.

    Thank you Marie Forleo for Bschool and for this fine video.

    Hugs, Trisha.

    • Hey Trisha! Many thanks for sharing…and I love B-School too!

      • Hi Rachel,

        No problem. I used to send these detailed jam packed newsletters…not anymore. I keep it simple and clear and concise.

        Totally agree with you. I love Bschool!

  46. I’m guilty of getting distracted with too much detail! Thanks for the reminder. Really helpful episode.

    • Hey Kim! You are not alone in that – so glad to hear it was helpful! Go you!

  47. Marie et al,

    This interview with Rachel was great! Leaving out extra details hit me square between the eyes! I’ve been pitching an idea for a number of months now, sometimes successfully, other not as much…

    There is a point in my pitch that I get bogged down giving too many details… NOT NEEDED! Thanks for the steps!

    I’ll streamline my pitch and leave out those details from now on.


    • Hey Alan! That’s wonderful to hear – thank you for sharing your experience!

  48. jude birch

    Loved this – so helpful. I’m in Management in a real estate. I coach coaches in our business (recruiting and performance). These four steps are completely applicable and will help me in a presentation tomorrow! I enjoyed the clarity, emphasis on simplicity and the reminder to take the temperature as one goes – make sure we are not losing the person we are working with. Lots of nuance here, but so very very good.

    Thank you. Marie – I never miss your e-mailed videos. Today (please please forgive me for this) but you said, every so clearly, the word important, with
    heavy accent, it came out IMPOR – ANT. I’m from the south, so I have to watch my own turn on words. Hope I haven’t offended. And your guest who is a doll, really uses her hands!! You both helped me today to be better at what I do; wishes you’ll see a reaction to those two incidentals as positive comment. You are both obviously in your prime with nothing but good to look forward to.

    • Hey Jude! Exactly, take the temperature! Love that you are going to apply this material tomorrow!

  49. Jackie

    Good timing. I was just thinking about trying my message for my new start up on my hairdresser this morning. My start up is BodySculpting with an Ems machine, everyone looks at me weird when I say this. Should I say I am starting a new business which guarantees a drop in dress size after 5 treatments. Or, my new business will help you tone your body without exercise and will do butt lifts and tummey tucks too. I am really needing advise.

    • Hi Jackie! Good for you for thinking about giving your messaging a shot with your hairdresser. We all have people around us who are outside our area of expertise and may give valuable feedback. Go you!

  50. Ava Reid

    The step that I’m definitely going to implement is #1 understanding exactly what my audience cares about. So key.

  51. Fiona Frances

    Take Aways

    Remember to wrap-up any meeting with the “Take-Aways and Tasks”
    Who is going to do what pertaining the topic.

    So many people walk out of a meeting and are confused what they need to do…what is their part. Make sure you ask each person what their understand their “Take Away” to be!

    • Hi Fiona! I appreciate you sharing such an important point. This applies to blogs and just about anywhere we share our message.

  52. This is super-timely for me and my business as I’m working on getting some media exposure. Thanks!

    • Hey Cathy,

      I have some access to the press, I would love to hear and help you with your pitch.


    • Hey Cathy, so glad to hear it! Wishing you great success with it!

  53. Wow.
    Thanks Marie.
    Timely information.

    I’ve been following you for a “hot” minute. Actually my husband kind of turned me onto your stuff.

    I am a little intimidated about testing my message on people I do not know, however, I think it is something I need to do. In this new forward action, I am asking feedback from the Marie Forleo Fan-Family to give me your honest [& hopefully positive] feedback on my recent post (message) at

    Thank you in advance.

    You are so giving Marie, thank you again for sharing. You inspire me.


    • Hey Amanda! I agree with your comments about Marie! And trust me – I know testing your message on people you don’t know can be scary. That is such a normal feeling! I applaud you for taking that step!

      • Amanda

        Thank you Rachel for the encouragement. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  54. Tal

    This was a great interview! I especially liked the second tip to use less jargon and make it easier for everyone to understand your message. I work in an industry that uses a lot of jargon, and I am always trying to find simple ways to explain it to my friends and family who aren’t in the industry. Actually, that is my way to figure out if I’ve simplified it enough – if my friends and family don’t get it, I haven’t done enough to simplify the message.

    I also love the fourth tip, but it is tricky to find people who aren’t your friends or family to test your message. I’m thinking these could be people you meet at a party? Or a gathering where you don’t know other people? I’m going to think about that some more.

    • Hi Tal! I know finding people to test on can be tricky. I think a party is a perfect opportunity! Funny you mention that because I often suggest that people share their message like they would share it with a stranger at a party. Go you!

  55. Fiona Frances

    P.S. And make sure you edit comments!
    Make sure everyone understands what they need to do!

  56. ​ ​Marie,

    Thanks for your awesome videos and advise. You are my new role model.
    I recently started following you and I can tell you this much– You are one of the few whose emails are always opened! You are unique and genuine ​and your advise works. That’s why we are all here.

    Rachel~ You also shine when you speak. I can feel your confidence (Marie you as well) right through the screen. I love empowering women; ​you both​​ are certainly that.​ ​

    I am currently working on reducing the amount of content on my homepage and through out the site​ for that matter. ​ I would appreciate feedback on that and the new and old message. Feel free to suggest one too– if you feel inclined. Grazie in advance 🙂

    ​Old message:
    healYOUnaturally is an informational website that raises awareness about healing your condition naturally without the use of harmful medications or procedures.

    Here is the one I am working on:
    ​​healYOUnaturally is all about inexpensive ways to help you restore your health –by showing you how to partner with nature, make small lifestyle to prevent and reverse disease for optimum health .

    ​Would you let me know with a short message what you think?

    Thanks in advance chicas!

    • Hey Astrid! Thank you for your kind words! And I love that you are working on simplifying. I think you are headed in the right direction by looking for points of differentiation in your business. Keep it up – go you!

      • You are welcome Rachel, and thanks for the encouraging words. I needed that 🙂 Gracias!

        I have been working really hard for a couple of months now, by doing lots of testing because– after following advise from SEO experts I ended up shortening or elongating posts. And in the end I realized that one size doesn’t fit all. I will now give my readers good informative- quality articles, and will listen to them.
        Ps: I will be following you on your social media channels- loved the advise. Keep up the great work as well.

        • Yes, to quality Astrid – good for you! I am so glad we are connected!

    • Astrid,
      Great job on re-writing your homepage! I am unclear on what “make small lifestyle” means. The rest sounds great!

      • Hey Megan Evans,

        Thanks for the kind words(huge smile)–and for picking up the typo. It should read:
        healYOUnaturally is all about inexpensive ways to help you restore your health –by showing you how to partner with nature, make small lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse disease for optimum health.

        I am pumped and ready to simplify. So much awesomeness and good vibes on this site. I am sticking around!

        Best of health to you Marie, Rachel and everyone <3

  57. Thank you – this came at a great time for me. I launched my website just last week and I’ve been working on getting my message right. I’d love some feedback on whether it’s effective.

    I’m targeting solo business owners. Here’s my message:

    Grow Your Email List And Business. Learn the truth about:
    > Turning traffic into subscribers.
    > Building your email list with your dream audience.
    > Convincing subscribers to open your emails and take action.

    I’ve been tweaking it non-stop and am still not sure if I’ve got it right!

    • Hi Sally! I applaud your desire to get it right! And of course there are many ways successfully deliver a message. How is this messaging working for you?

      • Thanks for replying, Rachel. It’s early days as I only launched my website last week. But I’m getting a 16% conversion rate from my first few hundred visitors. So it’s looking good so far!

    • Sally,
      well done, I’m hooked! 🙂

      • Aww… thanks, Megan!

  58. Hi Marie & Rachel-
    This was a boost of inspiration for me. I enjoyed every tip you offered.
    I am FULL of energy and love to tell stories, which of course leads me to talking TOO much! I talk so fast that people tell me to slow down! Here is a recent pitch I produced myself. My daughters and I started a movement called Say it forward, which turned into an online business. I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks again for the wonderful Tuesday video! xo Sandra aka Certified Inspirational Expert @ Say it forward + Co.

    • Hi Sandra! I SO applaud your desire to spread positivity! We all need more of that! Yay for you and your girls! I receive many questions about videos and I see many here…and there is a lot that goes into it. I think I will blog about that soon and I hope it helps. Stay tuned for that.:)

  59. Lani

    When I get on stage to perform, I end up rambling about nothingness… by the time I start to sing, I am so shaken up.
    When I get up on stage and I don’t talk before singing, I normally am ok.
    But 9 time out of 10 I mess up my set… Any advice?

    • Hi Lani! You are not alone – getting up in front of people is hard! And I am impressed with folks who can sing – I can’t sing at all!
      There are so many strategies to help…but I would start with the exercise Marie and I talked about. When you practice before hand it gives you your best shot at showing up as your best self when it counts. I also have other ideas on my blog that may be helpful. I am cheering for you!

  60. Nice tidy checklist! “Meet where they are” is the hardest part about sales in particular – we always want to sell what we think they should have, versus what they know and tell us they want:) But what will help me most is test driving the message to outsiders! SO, may I? This test landing page shows the whole pitch: With Rachel’s advice in mind, thanks in advance for your comments about this message for my newest venture!

    For more than a decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to help them build what they envision, while continuing to develop my own ventures. Selected from among 50 community-changing nominees, I was designated as a Maker for my work in entrepreneurship. And I’ve developed several programs for the Kauffman Foundation including, an online portal for entrepreneurial resources. Through it all, I’m constantly learning with my clients and capturing a valuable source of educational content. Now I’m ready to share online in my new web series what I’m experiencing, to take what has helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to mill-yuns.

    Building a business is a comedy. Not another snore bore talking head, nor an overly dramatized reality show, this web series will present my actual entrepreneur clients’ stories in real time to teach, entertain, and inspire others by their examples in progress.

    Scheduled to begin webcast later this year, the learning starts now, behind the scenes for early subscribers. From conception to toddler steps, this venture already has been educational, and I want these lessons to benefit more than me! That’s why you’re invited to come along for the pubescent stage of my venture – complete with awkward voice-changes, tentative market flirts, and first dances.

    In less than a week since my big reveal, I already have paid early subscribers eager to learn from behind the scenes. I’d love for you to join me and my many other entrepreneurs growing together. Building a business doesn’t have to be toilsome; it can be funsome.

    • Really long, too many big words, to professional sounding.

      • Thanks for taking time to read and feed, Jen! Good feedback, as I realize this has already violated the first rule: meet peeps where they are, and this has been a piece I’ve used to speak to a couple audiences (institutional, and individuals). Already better thanks to you.

        • Yay! Would you mind looking at my website that I’m going to be launching soon. When it’s launched it won’t have any wix branding on it and will go to my real domain name.

        • Hey Dodie! Thank you for sharing! People love a behind the scenes look and I applaud you opening up your journey and being vulnerable! Gutsy!

          • Rachel, clicking the button to post was a moment filled with trepidation, so I appreciate your encouragement and acknowledgement. I am easily vulnerable and humble with my clients, mostly around Kansas City, but now to do this for whomever comes along in the big wide world…well…it feels big and wide:) I look forward to any other great lessons you choose to share and the prospect we’ll have reason to collaborate some day.

          • Hey Dodie…
            I understand what you are saying. It’s not easy opening yourself up to the world, but when you do great things can happen…and here’s to that! Good for you! I too look forward to hearing from you anytime!

  61. oliver

    So often when I try to work with a group or person I only see the point of view that I am interested in promoting. So today the most important rule I learned is Rule 1:
    Meet people where they are to take them where they want to go..

  62. The getting rid of details that do not further the point strategically is what really stood out for me, with circling back to the point. Sometimes I’ll make an example or an analogy and leave it at that and then wonder why people look puzzled. Test driving I think is also a great idea.

    • Hi Victoria! I have found that putting a button on a point can be a game-changer. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to hearing how it goes in the test drive!

  63. Oh, so perfect! Rachel is my new best friend, her words of wisdom were right on time. I’m struggling with a new message for my business card. I provide writing services and workshops for students and young professionals. Most of my work centers on scholarship essays, personal statements, passion projects and web copy for solo-preneurs. Which sentence do you all like better?:
    “Writing Services & Coaching for a Winning Advantage” or
    “Writing Services & Business Support to Increase Your Competitive Advantage.” or
    “Writing Services & Support for the Winning Advantage”

    • Melissa, you are so kind! Thank you! Good thinking to give three choices. Most people want to win, so I like that angle. Perhaps consider simplifying the words. Less is more!:) Go WIN!

      • Rachel, thank you so much. You are so generous 🙂 I’m using your straight forward one-liner as my example. I wish you all the best in everything you do!

        • Straightforward with kindness is the way to go! Wishing you the same…be in touch!

  64. This is a terrific, terrific interview! Super informative and direct. I end up tuning out of many of these videos less than halfway in because of too much cutesy / jokey stuff, so I truly appreciate this. 🙂

  65. One thing I would suggest is adding a “cheat sheet” in the written part of your post, so we can refer back to the critical elements without having to rewatch the video.

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Beth! We actually have a description of the episode over at YouTube which usually highlights the top points of the episode (that might be just what you need) and we also have a transcript/closed caption at YouTube as well which allows you to read along (some people say it helps them retain the top teaching moments). Hope that all helps.

  66. Great tips, and interview, thanks for sharing! Though I think its funny that while Rachel has the key points down, it took her a solid 60 seconds of meandering and hand waving to get to the point on the first tip 🙂 I do the same thing for some reason when I’m on stage or behind a camera, and I think that its more a matter of ‘warming up’ before getting into the message.

    • Hi Abid! So glad to hear the tips were helpful – go you!

  67. I haven’t,officially, started my online business precisely because I haven’t been able to find a label for what I want to do. So here goes, I want to help people, who are interested in taking complete responsibility for their lives, achieve their goals. This is similar to a coaching job but is more like a Facilitator. I don’t have the answers to my client’s questions, they do. My job is to ask questions to help my client find their answers. The label I’ve chosen is Life Transformation Facilitator. However, it doesn’t feel very informative & it doesn’t feel quite right. My site, at this time, is called ReBirth Living because I feel like I’m peeling away all the societal training to reveal the person we are born to be. I think we have all the answers, when we are born, & that knowledge gets paved over by our need to survive growing up to adulthood.

    Anyone have suggestions for a better label than my current one? Does any of what I’ve said make sense to you, the public at large?

    • I think the name “Coach” fits just fine with what you are describing, sometimes we can get really philosophical about names which can really muddy the waters of clarity.

      • Thank you, Jen. It probably makes sense to use a word with which people are familiar.

    • Hi Therese!
      I applaud you for putting it out there! And helping people find their own answers is important. I am cheering you on!

  68. Another great “Marie TV”! This is so timely for me as I’m beginning to reach out with my business. Preparing the message before I go out into the world with it will make all the difference in how competent I look. I kind of knew I need to edit my “long story” according to the situation, but this really confirmed it for me. This reminds me of my Toastmasters’ training on writing a speech — know your audience, speak in real words not jargon, edit the details to only the pertinent, and then tie it all up at the end. Of this, the “know your audience” is the biggest key, I think! Thanks for the great validations!

    • Hi Peg! Sometimes a reminder is all we need – glad it helped and good luck!

  69. I really loved this vid!! It completely hit home for me!! Thank you Marie and Rachel!! Great stuff!

    Would love feedback for a product launch I am doing!!
    Working on the name but here are my tagline….
    Feeling blocked, disconnected from your purpose or just plain stuck?
    Let’s get to the bottom of it!
    I will show you how to feel more balance, empower your inner voice, and have more energy.
    1. Create more balance in your life
    2. Understand how your own gut feelings work
    3. Make faster decisions
    4. Empowerment through validating your inner voice
    5. Feeling more connected to self and your community

    The product consists of some one on one time with me coaching giving them personalize tools, a energetic healing to work on a block they keep facing, and group calls to listen as we walk through steps, and some other goodies I am throwing in there.

    What do you think???

    • Hi Tonya! Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing! We all have gold in our story – they key is in finding it and how you communicate it. I’d love to hear more about you!

      • Thanks Rachel! I am really working on the communication part now to find out what works from a marketing perspective and still feels completely authentic to me and aligned with my purpose to connect people with their own intuition and heal the energy blocks in the way. Would love to connect with you!!

  70. Like a lot of others are saying, this interview and info came at the perfect time! Thank you for sharing Marie and Rachel. 🙂

    I am a branding + identity designer for passionate creatives and entrepreneurs. I’m in the process of redesigning and writing all new content for my website. The biggest challenge for me is getting rid of the wordiness to make it all clear, simple, and straight to the point! I am working with a content creator to help me out, but would love to get some feedback from anyone in the community before I go live!

  71. Caroline, I can definitely relate to your point on presence!

    I have found that being sure to be centered as well as being clear on my intention for the interaction, key. What is my intention for the communication?

    To persuade, inspire, have fun? Over all, being authentic and following my hearts voice is my base-line intention in all communications. Starting from this place makes it easier to become present and express the message clearly 🙂

    • Hi Michele! Yes, authenticity is critical – thank you for sharing!

  72. Hi Marie & Rachel-
    This was a boost of inspiration for me. I enjoyed every tip you offered.
    I am FULL of energy and love to tell stories, which of course leads me to talking TOO much! I talk so fast that people tell me to slow down! Here is a recent pitch I produced myself. My daughters and I started a movement called Say it forward, which turned into an online business. I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks again for the wonderful Tuesday video! xo Sandra aka Certified Inspirational Expert @ Say it forward + Co.

  73. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

    In other words, “Ain’t nothin’ dumb ’bout dumbin’ down.”

    Great episode, Marie! 🙂

    • Hi Ando! Both of those quotes are GREAT – so glad you shared them!

  74. The most valuable tip from today’s interview is the urging to try out your “product” on people you don’t know. And Marie is right – finding them can be a hurdle in and of itself although now I am going to be more present with those around me and some lucky souls will bound to show up. Thanks!

    • Hey Melissa! Glad to hear it resonated…and I know it’s challenging. My guess is they are all around you and now that you are focusing on it you will find them. Go you!

  75. Thanks for the great video Marie and Rachel! It reminds me of the marketing rule that we sell benefits/results, not products/services. And those benefits, framed around the audience’s needs, are what should be put forward.

  76. WOW! This is very useful. I tend to use a LOT of details (because I like them 😉 ) but many people get lost in them. I’ve improved in this area but see that I could do even better.

    I sometimes make the assumption that other people think like me, so I use language that makes sense to me but may not to them. I will take more time to be mindful of this.

    Thank you, Marie and Rachel <3

    • Hi Becky! I like details too! 🙂
      As you get to know folks you can strategically share them…you just want to get their attention first. Thank you for sharing!

  77. Jennifer

    Very helpful! I’m starting my internship as a chiropractor and am struggling with communicating diagnoses effectively and simply. As was suggested in the interview I”ve been afraid of appearing less intelligent by not using the technical jargon, but this is what the patients don’t understand. I loved the bit about how using layman’s terms is actually the smart way to go.

    • Hi Jennifer! Yes, yes, yes:). So glad it resonated and good luck with your internship!

  78. My message is that people–especially women entrepreneurs!– cannot be truly successful until they release the subconscious fear of their own power.

    • Hi Sandra and thank you for sharing! Here’s to the power inside all of us!

  79. Thanks Marie and Rachel. Great tips. I am good at breaking down science to my clients, but, I need to work on being more personal and avoid the selling. Recently, I was at an event, I was taking about finding Joy and Balance in your life. when I made it personal, I saw how open the group was. I realize I have to talk from the heart and not from the mind. In the Science field (example the doctor) we are taught to talk in medical terms, however, we lose people that way. For me I can break it down, but , I need to be more personal. This week, I will work on being more personal in my message. Thanks

    • Hi Renee-
      Thank you for sharing your experience – it applies to many people, not just folks in the science field. Good for you!

  80. Hey Marie,

    Thank you for this great episode, all four tips resonate with me as Rachel said spreading my message is a long term goals, so i will try to apply them every time.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jeanique. So glad that resonated. We are all evolving and so is our messaging!

  81. I really loved this episode! I struggle with this topic because I am a talker and I also work in the field of Ayurveda Health. It’s hard for people to pronounce it, let alone understand it. I am always working on my message and now I will be even more thanks to this video.

    Enjoy this day,


  82. All good information ~ thanks so much Marie and Rachel!

    BTW, I talk a LOT with my hands naturally. I’ve been this way from a wee one. I was always teased about this but now I see it being ‘taught’ to professional speakers. Ya wait long enough and those things you were criticized about become your best attributes! I bring this up because while Rachel’s message is good I felt that she could use her hands about 50% less and be far more effective in getting her message across. I’m a ‘hands’ person and was fairly distracted by what appeared to be a repetitive use of hands. This is not judgement just thought it could be of some use to consider . . .

    • Hi Darris! Thank you for sharing and I am glad the info was helpful!

  83. Ali

    Great topic! Totally inspired me! I loved when Marie said “keep it right and tight” and Rachel perfectly explained that feeling we get when communication does not drive our agenda forward.

    Two of my favorite quotes on this topic:

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
    –Albert Einstein

    “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
    –Mark Twain

    Forleo & Hanfling ~ Einstein & Twain 🙂

    • Hi Ali! I love the quotes folks are sharing in the comments! These two are awesome! Perhaps I should start a list of quotes on simplicity! Thank you!

  84. Hi Mariaaaa!
    I always keep my message simple. To prove it I will send you this 56 page report……lol
    All kidding aside, I want to thank you for the interview. You alwayways introduce me to great quality people.
    Thank for all the info Rachel.


    • Stuart! I giggled! I’m sure Marie(a) did too 😉

      • Ha Stuart and Elloa! Always good to keep it light! Thanks for the comments!

  85. Cassandra O'Brien

    These are helpful tips for me to start working on. Thank you Team Marie!

  86. Thank you Rachel and Marie for this wonderful interview!

    So many wise nuggets in there – I had my journal right beside and I stopped and wrote as I was watching.

    I totally agree that personalization matters. You wouldn’t believe how many times I get emails with my name spelled wrong or they say they’ve been following my blog for a long time yet do not know the title. Things like that stay in my head.

    Really loved the pro tip – “Great communicators continue to work on their messaging their whole lives.” I find today in our society we all want results to come instantly – however it is a process that takes time. Hard work pays off.

    I’m going to apply what I have learned from you both in my practice! 

    • Arianna, I LOVE your attitude! Huge applause for recognizing the PROCESS! I work to be better every day and it’s an evolution for ALL of us. If you have not already, perhaps check out my site where you will find lots more free info to guide you on that road. Enjoy! Here’s to all of our evolution:)

  87. Wow! I just rewrote a press release I’d been working on using the four steps outlined by Rachel Hanfling and, I have to say, the outcome was incredible. It went from an over-done, convoluted lecture to something that is informative and fun, with a cute button on it. I even asked a new customer what she thought and that was scary but rewarding. In my business I write everything from shelf talkers to a blog, from ads to billboards and it can be overwhelming. This is really going to help. Thanks for another great session, Marie!

    • Hi Pam, Do you have someone to publish your press release for you or were you just posting it on your website?

    • Hey Pam! That’s wonderful to hear – thank you so much for sharing! Go you!

  88. I’m absolutely thrilled about seeing this today! I’ve been a long time watcher of MarieTV but this hands down is one of my favs! And absolutely timely since I just launched a new video with the suggestion of a coach I worked with briefly. Armed with the valuable insights from this episode I know I can make my video *& future ones* even better because I can ditch the verbosity and get straight to the soul! <3

    And for me I think the last point is going to be hitting home first. Sometimes I get so excited and "lost in the sauce" that I may not make a clear relation to my point with whom I'm addressing.

    • Hi Naware! Thrilled the episode resonated with you and is helping already! Go you!

      • I had to come back to this video because as you said your message changes! What I’ve found now is that #3 is what I really need to work on. It’s so easy to want to slip “all the things” into what I’m trying to tell someone that they can get super lost!

        I’ve made #1 “just how I do business”, and still need to work a little on #2 (I don’t necessarily use industry jargon so much as “my special language” when addressing people.

        I’ve also been practicing #4 since I started going to Meetups now, always meeting people who don’t know from Adam and aren’t “in the know” about who/what/how with my work!

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Naware, we’re delighted to hear how you keep referencing this episode and applying Rachel’s tips to your messaging. Sticking with it like you are is how you really see results and continue to refine and improve. Like Rachel said, go you!

  89. I’m really looking forward to digging deep into this one Marie & Rachel! Recently I started considering the addition to video and I think this episode is going to have me hitting homeruns left and right because I’ll be able to laser focus my message and reach people immediately!

    I think what will make the most difference is somewhere between point 1 & 2. I need to know how to talk to who I’m addressing. Not only do I need to really know her and her wants/hopes/dreams as well as concerns and fears. But I also need to hit on the language that really speaks to her. Usually I’m pretty good at reaching people in a way that they can understand, but my diction and vernacular can almost get in the way of that sometimes. Food for thought ! <3

    • Hey Aradia! Thank you for sharing – here’s to your home runs!

  90. Ok here goes my pitch:

    My name is Jen, and I help local businesses get to the top of Google quickly by arranging for businesses to be featured in the news and the media. I give businesses that “big break” that they need to make their dream a reality by writing about them in a strategically positive (and honest) manner.

    Here is the website I will be launching soon. (Ads will be removed)
    If this doesn’t work, I’ve already launched and the address is

    Thanks for your feedback!

  91. Found this episode SO helpful – thank you Marie and Rachel!! I’m CEO of a new nonprofit dedicated to educating and empowering communities to grow stronger youth and create an environment in which no life is lost to suicide. Our community started this work a few years ago after the loss of 3 teens to suicide (

    We’re hosting our first annual Thriving Youth conference and Thriving Youth fundraising gala this autumn and are in need of sponsors. Just this morning I drafted the Sponsorship Packages one-sheet to highlight our work, the events, and sponsor benefits…and sent this to a board member to review. I will now comb through to make sure no insider jargon – and personalize the pitch to each potential donor (that mass email is soo tempting). My biggest AHA — need to add a summary statement underneath the sponsorship package info (button it up)! I also see great value in floating this document to people OUTSIDE my inner circle so if anyone would like to volunteer, please ping me here or email [email protected] 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Mollie, I think it so wonderful that you are taking on this important topic. I’ve produced stories on it and been touched by it my own life. What you are doing is very necessary.
      I am happy you are already taking action based on what you learned in our video. Please be in touch!

  92. “Get rid of extra details” might need to become a new mantra for me. This is something I always struggle with – especially when I write blog posts.

    Lately I’ve been taking myself back to having a ‘thesis statement’ for each of my blog posts. If I have one sentence that clearly articulates what I want to convey, I can use that as a touchstone to make sure I’m only including relevant details.

    Thanks for the tips. 🙂

    • Hi Carrie! Love your new mantra:)
      And I love thinking of it as a thesis statement…good way to frame the concept.

  93. Super helpful video Rachel & Marie. It was great to hear straight from the source about how we need to take time out to personalize our message. I also agree it’s vital to dumb down your message so your potential customers can relate to you!

    • Hey Carol! So glad it was helpful! Simplification is the new smart!

  94. I big aha for me was “Meet people where they are and take them where you want”, also don’t use technical terms, bring the message to the common language, so all can understand what you’re talking about.

    Great interview, thank you!

    • Hi Mihaela! Many thanks for watching and sharing what resonated! Go you!

  95. Lisa

    Enjoyed today’s show. I have a tendency to go off-topic when speaking and writing, but I think that the “put a button on it” point will serve me well. Especially with my offerings which involve teaching people a technique. Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you for sharing. You are not alone on that one! Glad it helped…exciting!

  96. Hi Marie and Rachel,

    Thank you for this illuminating episode. I have learned a lot about creating simple, crystal clear messaging from Alexandra Franzen so had to give her a mention here.

    I loved the “meet people where they’re at…” tip. In my work coaching the principles of A Course in Miracles, which a lot of people find impenetrable, I find it critical to meet people in their lives, rather than in some lofty discussion of vague, unattainable spiritual principles.

    Thanks again for a stellar 20 minutes!
    Elloa x

    • Hi Elloa! Wonderful to credit those who have helped you! Thanks for sharing!

  97. Lori Evans

    Thanks!! Loved this! 🙂

  98. cat

    Thanks for this timely, informative information. I feel like I’m great at coming up with ideas but when it comes to communicating them English may as well be my second language:) So any and all help with this is much appreciated.

    I am trying to write a proposal to a non-profit with an idea, basically I’ve created a creative job for myself involving travel and empowering third world children and communities. I’ve written parts of it I’m happy with but would love help with how to start it without saying “I’m writing to propose blah blah blah…”

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Cat! Coming up with a catchy beginning is both critical and challenging! Good for you for focusing on it. There are many ways to approach this, but you can start by thinking about what is unique about your offering. What makes it truly stand out? Hope that helps!

  99. Hi Marie + Rachel,
    What timing for this episode. Thank you both. I just finished B-School and wrote a book on Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take A Bite Out of Publicity (Behind the Scenes Interviews) which will launch June 7.

    Rachel is actually in the book as Amber Schaub, Founder, Rufflebutts said Rachel’s guidance was critical for her success on Shark Tank. She met Rachel on Anderson’s show and hired her ~ said it was one of the best decisions she made. 🙂

    Rachel Olsen, Founder, Best Mom Products

    • Hi Rachel! Amber is the BEST – what an inspiration! It is an honor to help her!
      Thanks for commenting and good luck launching the book!

  100. Hello!

    I’m a bit delayed on this but as I’m creating my business and deciding on what my profile information needs to be I’m struggling with TOO MUCH DETAIL! I’m in the exactly space of skimming it down and deciding what parts of my story are the most pertinent to my potential clients. Thank you so much for this video. I can’t help but think that today was the day I decided to watch for a reason!

    Yours in Love and Wellness,
    Arielle x

    • Hey Arielle! You have probably noticed in the comments that you are not alone! The more you share your message, the clearer the gold in your story will become. So keep testing! Go you!

  101. Ok here goes my pitch:

    My name is Jen, and I help local businesses get to the top of Google quickly by arranging for businesses to be featured in the news and the media. I give businesses that “big break” that they need to make their dream a reality by writing about them in a strategically positive (and honest) manner.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    • Cat

      Hi Jen,

      Not feedback but I was interested in reading more about these services and your link led to a photography page. Is there another site with this info?


      • There is another website that I’m going to be launching soon but when I put the link in the post it flagged the comment as spam first time around. If you click on my name for this comment it will take you to the write place.

        • Hey Jen! Well who doesn’t want an honest, big break? Go you!

      • CUTE STUFF Cat! I LOVE your etsy shop.

    • Hi Jen – here’s my suggested revised version for your pitch (I’m an editor, copywriter and marketing consultant):
      “Do you want positive media coverage for your business so that you get to the top of Google quickly and attract the perfect clients? I’m Jen Roberson, and I help businesses get the “big break” they need by writing the right words that grab media people’s attention.”

      I recommend starting with “where the reader is at” rather than talking about yourself. Also the phrases “make their dream a reality” and “in a strategically positive (and honest) manner” feel vague, abstract and too wordy, so I’ve changed them into shorter, more concrete concepts.

    • Hi Jen – here’s my suggested revised version for your pitch (I’m an editor, copywriter and marketing consultant):
      “Do you want positive media coverage for your business so that you get to the top of Google quickly and attract the perfect clients? I’m Jen Roberson, and I help businesses get the “big break” they need by writing the right words that grab media people’s attention.”

      I recommend starting with “where the reader is at” rather than talking about yourself. Also the phrases “make their dream a reality” and “in a strategically positive (and honest) manner” feel vague, abstract and too wordy, so I’ve changed them into shorter, more concrete concepts.

      (Oops, sorry, I just posted this message below, then I wondered whether it only appears as a reply to Cat’s comment, so I’m re-posting it here to ensure that you see it. Kay)

      • Thanks for the input Kay. I think the question at the front really gives it punch.

  102. Ah, details…
    Getting rid of details is the hardest part for me. I know I love me some tangents. I’m working hard on cutting out the sidetracking because I can tell that when I am on point with one focus, my words and teachings are so much better received.
    Thanks for the continued support and education.

    • Hi Lynn! Take comfort in knowing that your challenge is normal! I think you will find that the more you test, the more you will realize what is important. Thank you for sharing. Go you!

  103. My biggest issue is that I have a lot going on that isnt really connected with each other. So I def think that getting rid of extra details will help me a ton!!

    If anyone is willing to listen to my message, let me know!!!

    • Hey Alisha! Good for you for reaching out! Perhaps your different topics will work with different audiences…may be something to consider. Go you!

  104. Thanks for the tips Marie and Rachel! I’m right in the middle of sending out media proposals and this is perfect. I feel pretty good about the first 3 tips, but definitely need to test my material on some other folks! I’m an acupuncturist and natural health expert, and the language can definitely be confusing if I don’t make it accessible to everyone!

    BTW, Marie, LOVE the bonus vid from B-School on being a media rockstar. Super helpful and inspiring:)


    • Hi Tarah! So glad it helped – thank you for sharing! And I agree that B-School is awesome:)

  105. Cassandra

    I have been revising my biz and message for some time. This is the latest revision of my Elevator Speech. With my previous speeches, I say it and feel I need to keep talking to explain further or convince them because I thought they were not getting it. Any advice is welcome so I can move forward. Working on my new Elevator Speech and trying to get clear. Please read and inform as to which is most clear and marketable. Thanks in advance.

    I teach innovative entrepreneurs and executives leadership skills and how to build leadership teams so they can have more time, success and freedom to live the lives they want.

    • Elsa Alexandra

      Hi Cassandra,

      I would slightly rephrase your pitch so that it reads like a formula:
      I do/teach [subject matter] to [audience] so that they [achieve a certain result].
      Also, I would avoid some repetition in the wording.

      Suggestion: “I teach leadership and team-building skills to innovative entrepreneurs and business executives, so that they have more time, success and freedom to live the life of their dreams.”

      Hope it helps!
      Elsa Alexandra

      • Cassandra

        Thanks so much, it helps a lot. As an Attorney, we can be wordy and I am trying.

        • Hey Cassandra! Good for you for putting yourself out there! Everyone has gold in their story…I would love to hear more about yours!

        • Elsa Alexandra

          Wonderful! Happy to help Cassandra.
          All the best!
          Elsa Alexandra xx

  106. Marie and Rachel ~
    What a GREAT video! I love the message about simplifying the message (ha!). I’ve come across many in my industry (tarot/astrology) who do what I call “tarotbabble” or “astrobabble” – technical terms that a reader or astrologer would understand but confusing to the general public. When providing a service or putting a message out there, it’s so important to make your language clear and concise.

    Thanks for this!

    • Hey Theresa! Yes it is! Thank you for sharing how this applies in your industry!

  107. Dee G

    Hi @MarieForleo @RachelHanfling Thanks Marie/Rachel, fairly new subscriber. Love the piece. I’m taking points one and four because I can relate to them. Regarding point four I am an independent product consultant and I am also a Bio Energy Therapist and I use fairs and markets to showcase my products and bio energy but I also use them to practice on people who know nothing of the brand or bio energy. This helps me to test waters with people who are not family and friends (maybe useful for others). However, I realise when I meet with people who I know nothing about I need to find out as much as I can about them so I can discuss specific products or reason why bio energy might be beneficial to them. There is no point telling someone who is not suffering digestive issues for example that a particular product is good for digestive issue. We all tune into what is beneficial to ourselves or perhaps our friends or family otherwise it is simply not on our radar. I think going forward when I do these fairs or markets I will start with ‘do you like close by’ and what brought you here today’ instead of jumping straight in with the product ect. Thanks Marie

    • Dee G

      Meant to say ‘do you live close by’

      • Dee G

        Had to share. Got a bit excited when I went into my email and seen that someone commented on my post only to realise that it was actually me correcting a post I had earlier sent. Kind of line when you get excited when you see and missed call only to realise that it was you ringing from another phone earlier when you couldn’t locate your mobile. lol ha ha …..

        • Hi Dee! I am commenting! 🙂
          Yes, finding out what folks are about is key – then you can authentically target those points! Thank you so much for sharing!

  108. Elsa Alexandra

    @ Rachel, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

    @ Marie, thank you so much for inviting such brilliant speakers and providing such good guidance on life and business success! I continue to listen to the B-School Office Hour calls, even now that the B-School season has closed for the year. I keep learning tons from every module and call!

    Where it comes to simplifying my message, Steps 1 and 4 are the most crucial for me at the moment. I am going through B-School with the intention of setting-up my coaching and info products business focusing on professional women who are successful in their careers but lost in their personal lives. It’s very important for me to understand what it is exactly that they need and want (Step 1), and I also need to make sure that my message is understandable (Step 4).

    Therefore, I would very much appreciate your (and the broader community’s 🙂 ) feedback on my message!

    Here it goes:
    I’m a women’s success and feminine presence coach. I help career-driven women reconnect with their femininity so that they thrive both at work and in their personal lives.

    Do you believe that this description is (1) clear and (2) succinct enough?

    Thank you in advance for all your help!
    Elsa Alexandra xx

    • Hey Elsa! Big props for sharing your message! I would love to hear more about what makes you special. Go you!

      • Elsa Alexandra

        Thanks Rachel!
        After 7 years in the corporate world, working mainly in fast-paced, male-dominated environments, I have come to realize how many of us women disconnect from our Femininity thinking that this will help us get ahead in our careers (erroneously or not). What happens though, is that we tend to take that masculine behavior into the rest of our lives including our relationships.
        The thing is: this doesn’t work in our relationships with masculine men!
        Believe me, I’ve learned it the hard way…
        Once I realized that the missing piece of the puzzle in my life was about reconnecting with my Feminine, everything changed. In less than 18 months, I attracted the man of my dreams, we got married and we now have a wonderful daughter together!
        Hence my passion for sharing this message that the key to our happiness as women lies largely in owning and embracing our Feminine!
        I’d love to hear if this message resonates with you.

        Elsa Alexandra

        • Thanks for sharing more Elsa! I would incorporate your story because it differentiates you from others and shows transformation based on the method you are teaching. Transformation is a very powerful tool in messaging. Go you!

          • Elsa Alexandra

            Thanks for the feedback Rachel! Really appreciate your feedback. My challenge is how much is too much!

            Have a wonderful weekend,

          • Yes, very common challenge!
            Perhaps think of it this way:
            Your before, your after…and how you can help others do the same.
            Then see what resonates most with people and hone from there:)
            Keep me posted! 🙂

  109. Once again, brilliant insight from Marie and Rachel. I even made adjustments to My Story page based on Rachel’s insights.

    I would be so grateful for your feedback on my pitch to my new lifestyle concierge service for busy women seeking to up-level their lives in Philadelphia. I would love to know if you think this is clear & does it make you curious to learn more? Any feedback is great. Thank you!!

    My Pitch:
    I ❤ PHL helps both female newcomers + long-time residents discover the perfect-for-them resources for playing, connecting + pampering themselves in Philly… and maybe pick up a few new best friends or business partners along the way.
    From mani/pedis to martinis, hair salons to happy hours, we’ve got you covered with curated experiences tailored to your unique interests, needs and desires.
    Our goal is to help you fall in love with Philadelphia, build a personal and professional network and infuse more fun into your busy life.

    • Hey Marla! Thank you for sharing! For me, the time saving element is big. Go get ’em!

  110. Patrick

    Rachel honed these skills in the context of large audiences and the value they provide. Everyone needs to be conscious of what is at stake, and do what is required to make sure that they are providing value to their audience.
    Preparation, and reducing the message to its critical essentials, takes work.
    Do the work to get the results.

  111. Thanks for another amazing video Marie, you never fail to inspire me! Thanks Rachel, for your words of wisdom! I am just about to pitch shows and media for my book Beyond Soccer Mom: strategies for a fabulous, balanced life. The part that struck me most was personalizing my pitch: I need to do some research before I send out! I sat down and simplified my message too: I help moms to create a thriving life, so their whole family will thrive! Children don’t flourish when mom is a downtrodden martyr, they flourish when mom is energetic, engaged, fulfilled and present!

    • Hi Leonaura! I’m so glad you are going to work on personalizing! That’s big! Go you!

  112. Hi Marie, Hi Rachel,
    Your message is at the core of everything I’m practicing now.
    Simplifying life and keeping a clear focus on my dreams.
    I’ve created a sauce that is a product of everything I believe in.
    Family, friends and a good healthy life. Staying in tune with my
    customers beliefs and sharing my own experiences is my goal.
    If I’m having fun and sharing my passion about food with the world,
    I believe my success will definitely follow.

    Thanks so much for what you do Marie and thank you Rachel
    for visiting with Marie and sharing with us. You’re both awesome!

    Chef Jay

  113. Yes communication is key not only for business success but for everything in life! Very important to keep learning & practicing this crucial skill.

  114. Jess Robson

    ohhhhhh girl. The minute I heard multi-passionate entrepreneur I knew this was the video I NEEDED to see today. I’m in the client/contract/employer search phase and clearly describing myself from a position that is aligned with my values the work that I want to get up to in the world is a constant practice.
    @Rachel: the thrid step/point about ‘putting a button on it’—or as I like to call it, closing the loop—is the bee’s knees. Whether it has been a personal pitch or a piece of communication on behalf of a client, being able to tie up what I have said with a clear connection to the introduction or the theme woven throughout is what creates a message getting across in an uber clear way. High fives.

    Thanks for a great episode, chicks, and have a great week!

    • Hey Jess! This chick say thank you! Keep closing the loop:)

  115. Anna

    I am Spaniard, and we speak a lot “with/trough” our hands (although not as much as Italians). Moreover I am “too expressive” with my face.
    It is JUST an opinion, I don’t mean to offend. I want to comment that Rachel’s hands movements from close view were too forced imho. It looked muche better from further away. The same thing with her expressive eyes.
    It helped me when a friend told me something similar in England. I never tried to be British but I downed my hand movements a tone 😉

  116. What a great episode, thanks for the 4 points Rachel and Marie, I really appreciate it.

    My pitch goes like this ‘I facilitate world peace through inner peace, one woman at a time and I do this by helping women step through their self-sabotage and fears so they can do what they want to do in business and in life.’ How does that sound. Would love any constructive feedback.

    • and I just read my pitch back and realised that I missed point 3 which is to circle back to my message and tie it up. I’ll try again

      I facilitate world peace through inner peace, on woman at a time and I do this by helping women step through their fears so they can attain a sense of peace in business and in life, cultivating inner peace within their family and children so eventually the World will experience peace as well.’

      A bit rambling but it’s a start. Workshop me 🙂

      • Hey Anne! Good for you for putting yourself out there! You may have seen me say this before in previous comments and it certainly applies to you…I would love to learn more about why you want to do this work. Keep us posted and thank you!

  117. Step #1 made the biggest difference for me. The rules for messaging change daily. One day you should acknowledge a person’s pain, and the next day you shouldn’t! Step #1 clarified the messaging goal for me. Thanks for the great stuff Marie and Rachel!

    • Hey Sharon – thrilled to hear it! Thank you for sharing!

  118. I thought this was great – still trying to figure out how to get the message out about Epigenetics – so important to save the lives of the new born kids.

    • Hi Captain! Yes, it’s very important. Keep testing your message with people who don’t know anything about your topic. I think that will help you. Thank you so much for sharing!

  119. I’ve tried taking a very simple approach in this video, but with a little humor. So I would like to test drive it before I try it on other video platforms. It may be the dumbest one I’ve ever done?

    • I thought it was good…not too silly but it made me smile. I felt like the middle part with the mom convo dragged a bit… maybe you could shorten that.

    • Hi Scotty! Thank you for sharing and for pushing creatively – that’s exciting!

  120. Hi all!

    I loved the episode today, I found it at the perfect time! I’m also trying to get my message out there succinctly and clearly, in a way that people can connect with and also be inspired by. I’ll leave what I’ve got here, and then let you know who I am and what I do ;~).

    “For too long the soul of healthcare has been neglected.

    I believe that healing must happen in body, mind, heart, and soul. I believe that your world will change when you reconnect with all of these levels of yourself. I believe that your soul knows the way, and that the map lies in your story.”

    I would appreciate any insight that you have to help me along the way! Thank you so much!

    • So as promised, a little bit about me: I’m a medical student and acupuncture/Chinese medicine student, preparing to graduate next year. For me it is vital to address the soul in healthcare. I am also a student of mythology, and I really LOVE talking with people, hearing their life story because it helps me understand so much about them! This is the core of what I want to do with people. However, as a doc I’ll also be able to address physical health and mental/emotional health on my way to the original cause of disease.

      Thank you again everyone!

      • Hi Emilie! Great that you are putting your messaging out there! I would love to know what makes you personally interested in this approach. 🙂 Go you!

    • Hmmm… I love ideas behind the message. Maybe it’s because of my poetry background, I would have to say lose maybe one or two of the souls and replace it with something more concrete.

      I think you should keep it only in the phrase, “I believe that healing must happen in body, mind, heart and soul.” I think most people can really grasp that phrase.

      • Thank you Catherine Ami! I see what you mean, especially with trying to tighten up my message; each word should be a powerhouse. :~)

    • Hello Emilie – I love the passion in your statement, and I certainly agree with what you say about healing. However, it’s a statement of what you believe (like a manifesto), not a pitch about what you do. A manifesto is an important piece in your marketing material, but in a pitch, I want to know what product/service you offer, and why I should buy it (i.e., what will I be/do/have/feel when I use your product/service and tell you my life story?).

  121. Wow! So needed this. If there is one thing I suffer from it is entrepuener ADHD.
    What are you working on leads me to a cold sweat
    well I am a photographer…a disability is leading me to rebrand
    I am super passionate about boudoir and showing women sexy stunning and strong from a female perspective
    Did I mention I am starting a website for my fine art photography that will show you how to use it to design in the house
    Oh oh and there is the book I almost finished
    and yes starting an after school program for teens and preteen to explore their purpose and possibility

    OK see what I mean? So hard to take me seriously though I am doing all of these but it makes me sound unclear

    • Hi Monica! Great to put yourself out there…and having many passions is a great thing! For you, listening to your audience is especially important because your topics are so different. That will help you target your message appropriately. Go you! 🙂

  122. I must tell you, Marie is a much clearer communicator that her guest. Needs to get smooth on her delivery….Like Blu says, too choppy. Marie, you should teach this.

    • I agree but the tips were super useful and could be applied to almost all areas of communication. She did seem a bit nervous.

  123. Carol

    I was distracted by Racheal’s overly gesticulating. Maybe she was neverous especially in the beginning. I feel like such big hand motions are ok when your standing talking to an audience being motivational but I not in this case it was kind of awkward.

    • Veronika

      I agree with you, Carol. I was tempted to stop the video and ended up listening only to the conversation instead.
      The 4 points you made, Rachel were very useful, but moving your hands in front of your face a lot of the time wasn’t helping to bring the message across.
      Always lovely to watch Marie looking and behaving perfect in front of the camera, which I’m sure isn’t easy and takes a lot of practice.

  124. This video came at an amazing time! My whole business concept is about teaching how to simplify life, yet I always have trouble simplifying my message. I just participated in an expo where I was able to pitch my message many different ways, and a lot of the things I learned were right along with what Rachel and Marie were talking about. It’s really time for me to hone in and focus on my message!

    • Hi Shenaye! You are very normal because sometimes it’s hardest for all of us to advise ourselves! It’s great that you are focusing on messaging – go you!

  125. I think these tips are great though being a b-schooler, I feel like Marie has already solidly ingrained these ideas in the beginning of her program.

    Recently, I wondered about my messaging though. I realized in the education field there are many phrases for pretty much the same idea but I’m not sure how they resonate with people outside my field, such as, parents. For example, “emotional literacy”, “character education”, “social and emotional learning”… basically all are around the same concept.

    When I started my website, I decided to use the phrase, “Exploring literacy with heart” because it is dedicated to helping kids express themselves and understand themselves through books. I wanted the site to be for parents and educators. I’m not sure if I am just confusing people or if my messaging is clear.

    Any feedback would be helpful. Are you confused or totally get it and I’m over-thinking this?

    • Hi again Catherine,

      I love the phrase “Literacy with Heart”, and yet as an audience member with no prior information in what service you offer, I would need that to be followed up with a clear, simple explanation of what that means in terms of the service you provide. I also love the concept of “social and emotional literacy” (a blend of words you’ve offered above), because that does provide me a more clear image of using literature to develop a child’s social and emotional literacy.

      I hope my comments provide you some insight. Your work sounds exciting; I wish you the best!

      • Hi Catherine! Reading is so important. No doubt my love of words, reading and learning began with my parents putting emphasis on it!
        Getting messaging right outside your field is always challenging so it’s great that you are asking for feedback! As an awesome B-Schooler, I imagine you know this – but I would continue thinking about the endgame for parents. What do they really want for their children and how will reading help them get there? I hope that helps and keep us posted!

        • Thanks, Rachel! That does help. As an educator, I naturally know how huge of an impact reading can have on the life of a child on into adulthood. I’ve taught the kids that make it to high-school with a 2nd and 3rd grade reading level so naturally, my idea was to start with parents with younger children to highlight this importance and possibly prevent such a problem.

          I think you’re right…I need to fix it where it speaks to helping parents achieve something. I’ll start rethinking it! Thanks again… you got my wheels turning in a different direction!

      • Emilie, That helps a bunch! It’s good for me to know what educational jargon non-teachers resonate with and understand. It’s a huge insight for me! Also, thank you for pointing out that I need to be more clear on my offerings. Definitely, will need to add more to make it clear. Thanks for your help and good wishes, Emilie!

  126. I could listen to Rachel forever – she’s such a New Yorker! 🙂

    The tip that hit home the most was giving up the details – I tend to do that.

    And yes, everything in this episode is applicable in a pitch for a new client.

    Thank you so much!!

    • Hello [email protected]! Many thanks – so glad to hear it resonated! 🙂
      It’s wonderful that you see the application in pitching a new client. Great communication is the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂
      Go you!

  127. Gerard Castles

    HI, Watched the video. It’s confusing. I reckon there’s a simpler way. It’s all about structure and that’s the key to success in business. What people need to do is:

    * Understand your audience
    * Get the context right
    * Highlight the “so what”
    * Build a tight case to support it that’s logics (grouping or deductive)
    * “Skin” it well – get the packaging right.

    Contact me if you’d like to talk some more.

  128. Gerard Castles

    HI, Watched the video. It’s confusing. I reckon there’s a simpler way. It’s all about structure and that’s the key to success in business. What people need to do is:

    * Understand your audience
    * Get the context right
    * Highlight the “so what”
    * Build a tight case to support it that’s logical AND hits the right emotional buttons (grouping or deductive)
    * “Skin” it well – get the packaging right.

    Contact me if you’d like to talk some more.

  129. Great video! Very helpful.

    If I use a term in my blog but provide a link to better explain the term or concept I’m referring to should someone be unfamiliar, does that comply with avoiding jargon?

    • Hi Allie! Glad to hear it helped and excellent question!
      Providing more information is great and sometimes it’s appropriate, but generally I would keep looking for ways to keep it simple so people don’t have to go elsewhere for more. It’s not a hard and fast rule, just a good goal! Hope that helps. Go you!

  130. It was amazing timing for me to see this video. I had just sat down to start writing an article when I realised my whole approach was going to confuse people. As I flicked over to facebook for minute I saw Marie’s post for this video with Rachel – sometimes timing is everything 🙂

    As someone that has spent a lot of time in christian evangelistic organisations it is so easy to speak christianeze and then talk to others presuming they have any idea of what you’re saying. It leads to sounding preachy and unrelatable – it can get more confused because it can come from a passionate place.

    For that reason I loved your first point! The challenge is to find a way to connect where people are and then use words that spark some inspiration in them to want to know more. But there are certain words which will always get a reaction from some, no matter how good you get!

    • Hi Sharryn! I am so glad it helped! And I am so thrilled that you and the awesome people in Marie’s community are sharing the applications in their own lives and work. Go you!

  131. Great episode Marie – and I really loved Rachel’s expertise and her wonderful energy!

    I also really appreciate all of you who comment here – sharing your stories, struggles and examples is just as valuable as Marie’s work! THANK YOU!

    I’ve never been good with pitches – despite the fact that I’ve made a living communicating very poignant messages through my music (three min is all you get in a song).

    “Get rid of extra details” is my challenge.

    And for test driving my messaging (another really hard one), if anyone has time to review one of my web-show episodes, I’d be deeply grateful – and I’ll return the favor:

    • Yes, To Long… Needs to be shorter and get to the song quicker or start with the song. Your So talented… Also share a personal story which connects with most people who struggle and how you solved or changed it.

      Again remember who do you want the message for.

      Its great, but there is ways to change the world, and there is groups doing it.
      They are called Happy Science, bringing down the barriers of all differences and teaching to love regardless.

      Any ideas how I convey my message, scan down the page I posted too.

    • Hi Tajci! I am so glad the episode was useful!
      Good for you for putting yourself out there and please know this figuring out what details to share is a challenge for almost everyone – you are not alone! 🙂
      I love the beautiful environment in the video and that you are at a piano…singing and playing…that differentiates you and is connected directly to your message. It’s strong when you talk about the healing power of music because that is clearly connected to your power. Perhaps consider starting there and simplifying your message based on that. Remember, you can always share more later. You said you feel in your element when you write songs…think of this like that. 🙂

  132. Thank you Marie for this great episode, it was very informative and clear 🙂

    During the “It’s smart to dumb-it down” part of the video, I thought about a tip I got when I was writing my master’s Thesis :

    –> Make your audience feel smart.

    It’s about finding the right balance between explaining your thought process and letting your audience form their own deductions.

    It also ties back to the first point of your video : in order to strike that balance, you need to know your audience : What is their level of knowledge on the matter? what do they believe on the subject?

    Is that something you experienced as a producer of content or as part of the audience ?

    Thanks again, and thanks to the amazing inspiring community 🙂

    • Hi Anna! Exactly! That’s a great way to think of it – make your audience feel smart! Thank you for sharing it!

  133. Hi Rachel & Marie!

    SO loved today’s episode – really, really useful! Rachael, I would love to know what you think of the professional bio on the ‘about us’ section of Addictive Daughter – the alternative lifestyle brand I am the co-founder of – here it is:

    Hailed “irreverent British gurus” by Marie Claire magazine, 20-somethings Persia & Joey – the founders of – are passionate social entrepreneurs. Having overcome their own destructive behaviours, they’re rapidly becoming the world’s leading authority on how to cure the Quarter-Life Crisis from the inside-out. Through their humorous, practical & relatable approach, they’re determined to remove the stigma of self-help & spirituality and make it accessible to their generation.

    As regular contributors for The Huffington Post & New! magazine, Addictive Daughter have featured in Marie Claire, OK! & Hip & Healthy magazines, The Daily Express, The Sun, BBC Radio, Radio 4, and Channel 5 news. Most recently, the girls filmed for the upcoming documentary ‘A Royal Hangover’ alongside Russell Brand.

    Former actresses, Persia & Joey are represented by The London Speaker Bureau, and are currently in talks with publishers for their first book. They have also developed a bespoke life-coaching program for teens and 18+, helping young people break their negative patterns and live the life that’s waiting for them on the other side.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Big love,

    Persia xxx

    • Hi Persia! I am super glad the information was useful! In the spirit of simplicity, here are two thoughts…
      First, your bio creates curiosity – that’s awesome. Second, congrats on your success with media! This is a great example of how media hits grow credibility. Go you!

  134. Communicating your message properly yields you durable and everlasting results. Communication is the backbone of every successful business and it should be strong enough to conquer the world and win the hearts of your clients. In short communication make and break your whole business.

  135. parwez alam

    Dear marrie ,

    its wonder full thoughts , thanks for post


  136. Shalinicj

    Hey Marie ,
    I am a huge fan of yours.
    This was a really informative video and the last item totally resonated with me . We are so comfortable in our cocoon that we end up using our family and friends as our sounding board .I totally get how that would defeat the very purpose of effective messaging as they would either know the background of our business initiative or may be polite with us to be politically correct.
    Thanks for the advice.

    • Hey Shalinicj! So glad to hear it helped! Cheering you on!

  137. Hi Marie,
    I found this really helpful and although I was watching for my own business I found it really related to my job as a secondary school teacher too!
    Love Marie TV it really motivates my day, thanks x

    • Hi Ruth! I love Marie TV too! It’s music to my ears that you see the application for school. Go you!

  138. Jennifer

    About #4, I was thinking of joining a business networking group in the city closest to me and using my “test driving messages” on them.
    That way you have lunch, you hear what other people are doing, and observe and note their messages, etc., and should get some legitimate feedback on your message too.

    Also, I’m working on my 2 minute elevator speech this week – talk about getting rid of extra details! This is not easy!

    Thanks for the video 🙂

  139. This is a really great episode, And I am really working on these very issue right now. Any feed back with my issue?

    My work is a type of healer, actually its more than that its working on any physical or non physical, stress, pain or illness, etc. On any age. It is alternative and it gets to the roots of the problems. because when to dig the root causes of what the issues anyone has and resolve them the mostly dont come back. This goes from head aches to emotional issues. Again because I am not a Doctor I can’t this is a cure. I only can speak from experience from what I have seen with my clients. So chronic pain to behavior changes in children all can change easily with this method.

    Has anyone got any idea how this message can be easily understood and conveyed to the world. Also without getting me in trouble with Medical people…

    Adam (Sydney, Australia)

    • Sophie

      Hi Adam,

      I don’t know Australian law or medical jurisdictions anywhere, actually.
      And can you just say you help people live easefully again in their lives.
      As you have clients, you are already have case studies you can just present. Just the objective facts (you aren’t diagnosing anything. No diagnosis, no cure.)
      Also, you can look at the front or back of most alternative health care books to see how others have handled it (eg. disclaimer).
      If people want more details, including what the specific technique is, they will ask. And if they want to learn about it or learn it for themselves, they will pursue it. Mostly, people just want to feel better.
      Hope this helps.

      • Adam K

        Thanks Sophie, I am getting a better idea now. And today again keeping it more simple.

        • Hi Adam! So glad it was helpful!
          I can’t give legal advice…
          Perhaps consider asking yourself two super simple questions:
          What does your audience want?
          Then, how you can honestly share your experiences in a way that will connect to the needs of your audience?
          I hope that helps. Go you!

  140. Sam

    Sorry,did not like neither her (she is too much into herself and looks and sounds fake ) nor her presentation,which is mostly a common sense thing. She just doesn’t come across as someone you want to learn from.
    Marie is down to earth person who seems sincere.

  141. Hi, Rachel. What a great interview! So many excellent tips and so timely as I’m currently working on my message as a diversity speaker (focusing on multiracial identity development) for independent schools. If possible, could you give an example of a “button”? I’m trying to figure out what this would look/sound like for my industry.


    • Hi Heather! Glad the interview was helpful and great question!
      Often people remember what they hear last. When you are speaking or writing, think about whatever your most important point is and circle back to it at the end. Let’s say you set out to make one point that has three subpoints – you would be putting a button on it if you reminded people of the main point when you finished with the third subpoint. It helps people follow along and remember what’s most important. I hope that helps! Keep us posted!

  142. So simple yet so important to be reminded of these tips for being clear. The best of the group?…let go of the jargon! I am in the design/build world and we have so much field jargon that I know the client is a standing there feeling like a big “out of the loop”idiot. Nine times out of ten they WILL NOT speak up and say they don’t understand. I am typically playing the referee in this scenario…such an important reminder for me to always make sure everyone in the design huddle is on the same page.

    • Hi Blake! Exactly! Anna mentioned this earlier too! People are much more likely to be receptive when they feel good (smart). 🙂
      Thanks for sharing how this applies in the design/build world!

  143. Loved this video! I will start by creating a message..and then I’ll simplify! 😉
    I am just starting on a new career/business path and need to start thinking of how I will present it to friends, family and strangers!
    Thanks ladies!

    • Hi Nadia! Glad it helped and great plan to focus on simplifying from the start!

  144. Hi Marie.

    My mission is to reduce road accidents by 75% day and night.

    To get safer conditions for all road users.

  145. Evelyn

    Thank you for this so very helpful video. Humbly I was in the category of those folks not knowing I had/have problem in this area. Now I am enlightened and armed with some helpful tips.

    • Hi Evelyn! You are not alone! I can’t stress enough that great communication is a journey – and even small changes can make a big difference. I am glad the video helped. Keep us posted!

  146. Sue

    Thanks so much to for the great tips, I definitely can relate from getting off track and losing people.
    I am starting a Wholefood Personal Chef business, Where I cook onsite in clients homes and leave them with up to 30 pre-cooked wholefood, healthy meals for them to enjoy at a later date. I call it , ‘The healthy personal chef service that leaves you nourished from the inside out’ which is not to confusing, but often people think of a personal chef as someone in your home waiting to cook for you for each meal….I need to convey the inhome and multi meal cooking. Would appreciate any feedback.

    • Hi Sue! I love a healthy meal! So glad it helped!
      Many of us have gotten off track at one point or another and I am happy to say I think you have your own answer.:) Think about what you are actually delivering for people and how it will give them what they want. And then that’s your explanation! Go you!

  147. This was a great vlog for me! I’m a writer and am always trying to figure out the best way to captivate a new audience. However, one of the issues I am having is how to deal with questions from the media. Although I love the opportunity to get the word out there about my writing, I often feel I come across a bit wishy washy in the interviews because most explanations turn into really long answers. I like Marie’s advice on taking one aspect and focusing on it. Although I would love to see Marie do a vlog on interviewing – whether it be for a job or in a situation like mine, where you have to take questions from the media and don’t want to sound like a babbling idiot;-) I don’t want to guess what kind of questions they will ask me and mentally rehearse the answer because I feel it sounds too contrived. But at the same time, when put on the spot I feel like I hesitate too much, stutter as I think of the best way to answer it….I feel it reflects poorly on me but at the same time, I’m not sure how to overcome it. Again, I would love if you addressed this in a future blog:-)

    • Hi Michelle! Glad Marie’s advice about taking one aspect resonated – it’s very powerful. I think it’s wonderful that you are focusing on messaging.
      What you are saying is a very common concern – I hear it a lot.
      I completely understand not wanting to be contrived. A great guest is present and authentic. Here’s another way to think about it – practicing allows the best of you to shine when you have your moment. When you hone your messaging, it frees you up to let go and speak honestly from the heart with clarity. That’s the goal and the more you do it the better you will get. I hope that helps! I am cheering you on!

      • Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me. That’s a great idea and it actually gave me a great idea. Maybe next time around, I will have a friend go through a ‘practice round’ with me – that way it gives me a chance to kind of work things out. Thanks again – I see you answered a lot of people on here, super thoughtful of you:-)

        • Hey again Michelle… thank you!
          Great plan – please let me know how it goes!

  148. Hi everybody!
    That’s a very good topic, thank you Marie and Rachel!!

    I am an Italian Winemaker, I am just working on an e-mail/letter to pitch my new startup company about Worldwide Wine Consulting Services and I would love the forum opinion about how effective is my message. I am also looking for people, better than me, to collaborate with our Team in the next few month. This is the very beginning, I’ve got one important client and I am VERY excited about it!

    I’ll paste the letter below; thanks a lot to everybody!

    Dear __,

    I lead a Unique Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Cultural Team where our main purpose is to combine our clients’s strength with ours, to improve their weaknesses focusing in continuous improvement in Wine Quality Management, Environmental Management, Workflows/Cost Management and Team Achievements Management, (your people).

    We study and identify leaks to find elegant solutions according with the Clients’s structure and his own cost management priorities.
    For our Team, “problems”, are opportunities for our Clients and Challenges for us.

    As a result, our fees are paid by the savings that our solutions provide, which also allow our clients to re-invest in the process to capitalize their profits.

    Our main approaches are:

    – Interdisciplinary Thinking
    – High Impact Actions
    – High Achievement Team Culture
    – Emotional Intelligence
    – Workflow/Cost Management and Analysis
    – Sustainable Thinking

    We have experiences in 7 countries, this is our new Innovative Project and ____ cloud be part of it.

    I will personally be available in NZ from Tuesday 28 to next Sunday 01-06.
    Many thanks for your attention and please do not hesitate to contact me for further informations.

    Best Regards,

  149. Hi again!

    The other suggestion I would like to ask to all of you is: how to ensure that your message reach the right person?

    This is a typical issue when your target is a big company, you don’t know anybody there and in their website there isn’t any e-mail address to the person you wanna talk with.

    I was thinking that could be nice to send a nice personalized letter with a nice paper and a nice envelop to the right person offering your services and asking for a meeting.

    Thank you very much!
    All the best,

    • Hi Salvatore! Winemaker – cool! Glad you found the topic useful.
      I love the approach that problems are opportunities! And good for you that you are focusing on your messaging! I think it will be helpful to keep looking for ways to express what you deliver in everyday language. There are many ways to increase the odds of your messaging reaching the right person. One is what you just mentioned – making your visual presentation so appealing that the recipient feels compelled to open it! Go you!

  150. The power of influence comes from the ability to communicate. Something I struggled with for years on a personal level, much less on a professional level. This was such a great and timely reminder, for me, in why and how what I am communicating matters. To get really clear about what I’m about so that I can deliver what I promise. Soft skills are creative and giving them tangible consistency is something that is important when the rubber hits the road. Thank you… this reminded me to bring my marketing message even more into focus for the sake my community and for my own sanity! Thanks Marie & Rachel!

  151. That was INCREDIBLE to watch! My life runs on synchronicity and true to form, THIS is what I needed today. I am debuting my “brand” tonight, Tarot Card Readings in my hometown. I have a god feeling about it to start with, but watching THIS is just icing on the cake for me!
    EXCELLENT advice!!!! I have the 4 steps, with tips, written down in “my book of biz”.
    Thank you ladies!!!! Have a lovely day. 🙂

    • Hi Lori! That’s wonderful! Big congrats on the debut…let us know how it went!

  152. Ketki

    Woah! Loved the video, thanks Marie and Rachel! I had one question though – how do I strike a balance between leaving out the the details i.e., being succinct and crafting a narrative i.e., telling my story. I often feel like I tend to ramble, when I start to narrate a story (because in my head I need the details to make it interesting…) when in reality I am losing my audience. Thoughts ?

    • I try to ask myself “What is crucial? What do they have to know to keep wanting to know more from me?”

      It also takes me 2-3 times to teach something before I get down to the core. As a classroom teacher, my lessons for the first two classes were never as good as the lessons for my afternoon classes. I learned what hit and what missed only by trial and error.

      I really like the suggestion to find guinea pigs to try out your messages/lessons/spiels on before you get into the “marketplace.” Great advice!

      • Hi Ketki and Leslie! Ketki, your question is SO common – very glad you asked!
        Leslie, I think you have a great answer and it’s so helpful that you shared your experience. 🙂
        Ketki, keep thinking about which details will make your audience care the most. And remember, you can always share more later, but first you need them to care. Keep us posted!

        • Ketki

          Thanks for your response Rachel! 🙂

  153. Hi! Thanks to Marie and Rachel for that message.
    I also try to over-explain things so I am grateful for this episode. I have started to seek out feedback (which was a huge obstacle for me to overcome) however I have been doing this with family and friends, you have inspired me to seek out people I don’t know.

    I have just started my nutrition based website and currently working on a programme that I will sell.
    If anyone out there in Marie land is tired of making the ‘wrong’ food choices and would like to follow a programme that will take their health to the next level, I would love your feedback!
    Click on my name that will direct you to my website and sign up for my newsletter. During the month of July you can take this journey for free (Taking place only in my newsletter). At the end I will ask for your feedback before I add the finishing touches to ultimately package and sell.
    Thanks Marie and Rachel for inspiration!

    • Hi Wal! Congratulations on overcoming that obstacle – go you!

  154. Hi Rachel and Marie,
    As a former professional ballet and broadway dancer I have always expressed myself better with movement. As the owner and creator of Fitness Flower, Inc. with 2 fitness products and many more in the works it is a constant challenge to remain focused and communicate my message clearly with people. I am learning to fine tune my message and narrow down my target market. As I’m bringing on investors I have definitely been dealing with #4! I am going to be doing a focus group with 15 women and have 10 very specific questions in order to get some honest feed back. It’s true, in the past my family and friends have been supportive. Once I can really narrow down my target, I can really start marketing to them in the most valuable way. I’m constantly learning. Thank you for your advice. Marie always seems to have the right guests when I need them. In Good Health, Estelle Shaw

    • Hi Estelle! Broadway dancer – wow! So glad it was helpful – your strategy is music to my ears!

  155. This is perfect timing as I’m launching a very unconventional business. I work with adolescents and their parents to help them explore unconventional paths to adult success.

    Pitch attempt number 1 (and I get as many chances as I want!):
    What does it take to gain the skills & experiences to be a confident, competent adult? As an educator with 15 years experience work with teens and young adults, the most powerful tool I have found has been helping the learn how to navigate what I call “Off-Trail Experiences.” These are problems that have no right answer and cause us to feel frustrated, confused & uncomfortable while we find our way. I help parents & adolescents gain the crucial skills that are essential to becoming fulfilled adults.

    That feels clunky. Your feedback will be much appreciated!

    • Hey again Leslie! Good for you for putting it out there. I would love to learn more about your motivation…:)

      • I hear from the parents of 17-25 year olds everyday who are searching for something to help their kid who is “lost.” That’s what they all say. “My kid did great in high school but once they got into college… things just fell apart and now he/she is lost.”

        My belief is that it’s NOT that they are lost. My belief is that they need to feel empowered to explore alternative paths with dignity and guidance. I am preparing a series of interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and other folks who have gone Off-Trail On Purpose. We are going to explore what it takes to navigate unconventional paths to success.

        Meanwhile, I’m developing a series of lessons to help young people develop the crucial skills necessary to stop feeling lost and start feeling brave. We need young people who know how to function in ambiguous situations with no right answers. Our education system has trained them to find the right answer. When they can’t find it immediately, they collapse and think they have failed. I want to share all that I’ve learned as a wilderness instructor and bring those lessons online for this generation & their parents.

        • Thanks for sharing more!
          Got it…
          So being lost is the pathway to success and happiness. (Been there!)
          Perhaps consider combining that concept with more of your experiences and success stories.
          Keep me posted!

  156. Kimberly

    GREAT TOPIC that really hits home! I am currently introducing a high end product from Germany to the United States. Not only is the product unique, it also requires explanation that is difficult to express. I brought this product EVERYWHERE I went to get a variety of feedback from people I didn’t know. I also went to my friends to practice by pitch because they had no knowledge of this product or how it worked and I asked them to be brutally honest. I stammered, I over talked, and when I saw their eyes “glazing over” I knew I was loosing them so I came up with a simple three line explanation that has been working very well. Even if they still don’t get how this product works ( most don’t and really don’t care) but are interested, I have one final simple statement that is the core benefit of this product. If that doesn’t work, I haven’t hit my target market. Target market and knowing your client are essential components to a sales success.

    • Hey Kimberly! So glad it hit home! Good for you for practicing everywhere! Go you!

  157. Amanda

    Thanks Marie & Rachel! Very informative. I just graduated with my Master’s degree from NYU and have moved back to Southern California. I’m currently job hunting in the event planning & project management field and am looking to build a professional network in my region. This video gave me great pointers and tangible takeaways in how to make sure my messaging is clear when I reach out to potential contacts and apply for positions. I can be overly-wordy, so I am glad to know how I can streamline my communication and make it clear to those I reach out to. Thank you!

    • Hey Amanda – great to hear this! Cheering you on in your job search!

  158. Great ideas. I like the button idea. Full circle with your message.
    Check out my latest FREE offer and please give me your feedback.

    > Are you feeling overwhelmed?
    > Would you like better control of your time?
    > Get a totally FREE zero-obligation 30-minute Reclaim Session. Get the details and grab your session here ==>

    • Hey Rowena! So glad it was helpful!
      I would love to hear more about what motivates you…

  159. Mary

    This brings to mind Media Blackouts of topics such as the Building 7 Collapse on 9/11. How do we get across messages that are vital to our Freedom and Civil Liberties yet are ignored by the “Big 6”? Thank you Marie and Rachael! Much Love 🙂

  160. Lucienne

    Fabulous topic – thank you Marie and Rachel.

    Simplification often becomes a jargon e.g. BTW by the way) BBEE (black business empowerment enterprise), EdS (Education spend) …….. messing with acronyms that don’t form words is what I call it … drives me crazy! The quickest way to lose your audience. Something I am coming across quite frequently particularly in social entrepreneurships. Perhaps just here in South Africa?

    • Hey Lucienne! That’s a great example…thanks for sharing. You need to know your audience.:)

  161. What jumped out at me was “put a button on it”. I can tend to look at a topic from many sides and try to share too much.

    Thank-you for your enthusiasm and focus on this topic. I was speaking with my business partner (in a different business I am growing with her) and this conversation is ‘right on’ regarding an area she wanted to present. I was not hearing the “sales pitch” to be able to say “yes” to. I will share this with her.

  162. Rachel, Marie,

    Thanks you very much for your great advises about simplifying the message. I have a postproduction business and this is the kind of advise we need to put ourselves in the right direction.

    Thanks 😀


  163. OMG I am SO happy you chose this topic for Marie TV! I struggle with this ALL the time. I have a direct sales business and I am so passionate about our products that I really struggle because there is so much I want to say at once! The two pieces that really resonated with me were finding the “in” and “putting a button on it”. Our products appeal to a wide range of people (the environmentally conscious, health nuts, people with allergies, cleaning professionals, and more), so finding the “in” to know which direction to take the conversation is key. Once that is accomplished, “putting a button on it” for whichever reason is most important to that particular person should really help!

    This is one of those things that seems so obvious and yet is so difficult to do, so THANK YOU!! for taking the time to break it down into steps for us!

    xoxo Amber

    • Hi Amber! Thank you for sharing your experience. I love the way you are phrasing it as finding an “in” – that’s exactly it! Go you and keep us posted!

  164. Here’s my A to your Q 🙂

    Q: Which specific step from today’s episode will help you simplify your message and make it more effective?

    A: Simplifying my message. I have a hard time cutting through the things that I would think/hope the audience already knows to get down to the meat. Knowing your audience is key! I’m learning my community and how to get my point across effectively by writing on a blog which I share on social media sites and professional sites and blogs.

  165. Hello both, great episode indeed. Lots of information to practice right on. I am in the industry of promoting brands and products, and it gets very challenging sometimes to get the attention to buyers, they are usually getting tons of emails with other products as well. I have been trying several strategies, some research about their current needs, brands they carry and how we can complement their portfolio. We even educate them with videos about the products we have and their advantages, however, the challenge is still there. Any other suggestions to grab their attention and conquer more sales?

    • Hey Catalina! Thanks for sharing – you are not alone. I think just about everyone goes through this. I’d love to hear more about the types of brands you promote…

      • Rachel, thank you for getting back. I am in the housewares industry so promote everything related with Kitchen and home organization. From cooking, baking to organization and small appliances for the kitchen. There is only one line that is associated with well being or sports that are hydration bottles with a mist or water spray, and fans with the same mechanism. Any tip to be successful please welcome!

  166. Thank you Marie and Rachel!
    This makes so much sense, and I definitely agree that personalization is key. It means so much to me when someone sends me a personal message, and on the other hand, when someone sends me a copy paste message, they loose my interest right away.
    looking forward to next weeks show!

    • Hi Leeron! So glad it was helpful and thank you for sharing! I’ve saved personal notes for years:)

  167. Hey Marie, My lovely dog pass away three days ago and I felt devastated (I still do), The thing is that I had this idea of creating an insurence for animals like dogs, cats, etc. In my country (Venezuela) we have a “SITUATION”, we just have no money and when my dog was sick I payed A LOT OF CASH, But not everyone has it, i wanna do this because I would help people with difficult situation like mine, and also make it a business that I´d enjoy (when I said we dont have money I mean we dont have every month like 2.000 $ for spending in medicines and stuff, but paying about 300$ montly would help a lot and its still cheap) The bad thing its that I have the idea but not the money to make it happend. Thanks for each video, even when I dont speak english I understand a lot of what you say, Keep doing it 🙂

  168. Communication is as simple or as complicated as we make it. The intelligent know simple talk is truly the best. Clutter talk just shows unclear, extraneous mind chatter and less reasoning.

    Step 1 is the key here, to which every thing else should follow that que. Great episode today! Thanks once and again.

    • Hey Patty Ann! Glad step one resonated! Thank you for taking time to share…

  169. I love the idea of pitching your idea to those outside your inner circle! Particularly because my project is inspired by my closest friends and loved ones. I’d love to pitch my idea here and welcome any and all feedback:

    I am in the process right now of writing a cookbook called, “The Inclusive Vegan.” I am vegan, and my boyfriend has to follow a Specific Carbohydrate Diet for health reasons. Another of my best friends has gone gluten-free to combat an auto-immune deficiency. I am developing recipes with their dietary restrictions in mind, hoping to create a resource of elegant yet simple recipes that can accommodate many diets and lifestyles (dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, SCD friendly, vegan). I will self-publish it in the coming year as an e-book.

    Is this a cookbook you would buy? If you were going to pick up a copy of “The Inclusive Vegan” what information would be helpful? What information would you expect to see?

    • Hi Amanda! I am so glad you are going to test outside your circle! Go you!

      I like using the word “inclusive”…perhaps consider a subtitle that continues to forward inclusiveness and brings fun to the process.

      Keep us posted!

      • Thank you, Rachel! That is great advice. After lots of brainstorming, I’ve tweaked my working title to: “The Inclusive Vegan: Simple, Elegant and Creative Recipes for Every Diet”

        I want to put veganism from and center, but also highlight the intention of being able to create healthy meals that anyone can enjoy, regardless of whether or not they are vegan. The recipes avoid all common allergens with the exception of tree nuts, meaning they are all gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free and wheat-free. Most recipes can also be consumed on a paleo diet. And all recipes are Specific Carbohydrate Diet friendly.

        What do you think?

  170. Gilberto Nino

    Which of the four steps will help you simplify your message and communicate more effectively?
    All four!
    Which one called out my attention the most? Would have to be. letting go of insider jargon. Because I understand thing in a different language, than the people am speaking to, Plus my own insider jargon. But I believe that my strength here would be to truly understand the idea or subject, whether is a product service or even teachings. Albert Einstein expressed once that you don’t understand something well enough unless you can explain it to your own grandmother or a six year old. This makes great since to me., to be able to speak in simple terms that I child could understand you. So i would say letting go of insider jargon when speaking, would defiantly help anyone to get their message across.
    Getting read of extra details also fascinated me because it will help one stay present and focus.. Because if you want people to understand you. You need to focus, stay present. it will help you to be flexible in whatever the person you are speaking to needs are, for them to truly get your message. So it’s of vital importance to know well what you are speaking about,, I can’t stress this enough! (To myself). If you need to find out whether you truly understand it, try explaining it to your grandmother or a six year old.

    • Hi Gilberto! I love the Einstein quote – thank you for sharing it! Glad we are in touch…

  171. Huge Thank You’s to Marie and Rachel ~ and everyone commenting! It’s been daunting for me, attempting to clarify what it is that I do and what I bring to others…I do find that most people tend to use either too many words that go ’round-the-point, or it becomes “too impressive”, or never honestly gets to the-heart-of-it. I’ve an enormous challenge as an animal communicator who’s a psychic medium, in getting my reason-for-being-and-doing ACROSS TO PEOPLE! I’m thrilled to bits to have heard your points. I am led to think of a wonderful receipe that 1) needs to be clear /precise 2) made up of items that make sense when thinking of/picturing the end result 3) put it all together and your audience comprehends what the receipe entails, PLUS, they have been educated about it. *NOW, they can decide if they want it or not.

    Okay, I believe given quiet time and a lot of write & re-write, putting my insides out on paper (I mean what’s in my head), I can do this! Conquering the ADHD penchant for over`wordiness mixed with a pinch of OCD needing to put in every last bit of info including the kitchen sink! Or, worrying so much about saying to doggone much, that I opted to edit to the point where I’d gloss over too much. NOW, I believe I understand…. I GET IT! Hurraaaahhh!! Thank you both so so much, gi-normous hugs and many blessings!!!

    • Hi Eden-
      Thanks for watching and go you! Glad we are in touch!

  172. maryjo

    i thought this woman was going to give 4 tips on being precise etc boy oh boy does this woman like the sound of her own voice! allot of talk , useless content

  173. Helen

    Thank you so much, this was a fantastic topic. I am clear on my message but I get scared that people won’t connect with it so I tend to ramble on.

    My message is “Love being who you are” and “feel Alive”

    My expertise is in mind/body connection.

    Can anyone relate or is interested to know more about my message??

    Thank you :))

    • Hi Helen! So glad you found it fantastic! Feeling alive is a great goal. Would you like to share more?

  174. Hi! Wow I’ve been reading thru so many of these posts and have to say I love the feedback everyone is getting from Rachel and others. I enjoyed this video but have to say I am still not certain how to in fact dumb down my pitch or slim it down to get people on board. I’ve recently joined a home marketing business and to be successful need to host parties and grow my inner team circle. I have to say I’ve always been the person leery or even a bit suspicious of these things. I didn’t go in thinking I’d come out selling this stuff but instead as an interested customer.With many close friends and family of those I love being diagnosed and suffering with different cancers I’ve begun to look for products and foods that are Beyer for me and my family. I love makeup and skincare and being a Cosmetolgist wanted something I could use and feel good about. I found Younique and I loved that the business is naturally based, chemical free and selling products of high quality. All that I knew I felt good about when selling to people.
    So what I need help with is asking people to host online parties or get involved with business. I’ve gone round and round with more info and then less info to see what works. Of course customizing to what interests them. So after your video I’m left thinking, I’m not using jargon big words so I should be understood but I still think my problem may be what I’m saying. So here’s my message:
    Have you heard of the 3D Mascara? Do you want to try it for free? Co-host a party with me on Facebook and earn free and half off products! It’s easy and done completely online so you don’t have to have people over,
    take time off or worry about delivering orders! Message me or go to my link to start your party!

    Okay so I have v tried many ways of wording with not much luck. I don’t know why people aren’t interested and hosting parties with me! I want them to see how easy it is and how great the products are. I want this to be successful but need advice as to what’s not right. Could it be I’m sharing too much? Am I trying to hard? Any feedback please

    • Hi Drea-
      First of all, you are not alone! This is challenging for most everyone!
      I think 3D Mascara is an interesting name, but I have not heard of it. Perhaps consider sharing a couple of the most interesting and attractive points about the product to let people know why they should learn more.
      I hope that helps. Keep us posted!

  175. Cassandra

    Thanks for the previous response, but I have tweaked my biz a bit as I work on designing a biz that I love. My goal is to work with established entrepreneurs and small biz owners who have lost control and their passion for their businesses; it’s just not what they envisioned and in actuality they just created a job for themselves and they are unhappy. Topics I plan on teaching include changes to their company cultures; creating a co. mission and personal statement; how to hire and retain innovators and top producers, how to motivate employees, ethics, biz etiquette, customer relations, conflict resolution, etc. I have come up with the following:

    Tagline: Reignite Your Business Passion Through Transformational Changes for Success and Freedom.

    Elevator Speech: I work with entrepreneurs and executives to regain their passion and transform their businesses by building leadership teams and making innovative changes to their company culture; employee and customer relations, so they have greater success and more time to live the life they want.

    • Thank you Cassandra! Perhaps…fall in love with your business all over again? How to run your business instead of having your business run you? Either of those resonate?
      Keep us posted!

  176. Stevie

    You must have made this video for me, I have a real love of people and now living in the countryside don’t come in to contact with them so much. I often find that when I meet people I am so excited to talk, I change the subject constantly, I can sometimes see them even getting confused, as if to say “what is she talking about now”, I really need to get a handle on this, I am so passionate and I am not really helping my cause. Thank you Marie and the team.

    • Hi Stevie! I am so glad the video resonated. You are not alone! Keep paying attention to where you lose them and try to adjust based on what you learn. Keep us posted!

  177. I hope this comment isn’t to late, but would love some feedback.. I’m for sure one of those people who can chatter on and on and basically give my prospects the whole program in 5 minutes… Wow even know I’m rambling and I’m out of breath while I type! YIKES… TIME TO GET FOCUSED

    Here I go…
    Hey, I’m Jill and I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Training. I truly believe everyone deserves to be beautiful inside and out and I’m here to “create a Beautiful You.” I will help you determine what foods and activity work for your BODY. This isn’t a one size fits all and its going to take us both being detectives to figure out why you have the cravings you have, or why you can’t lose weight, the list can go on. But by making small changes with your food and your activity, you will see Big Result! When we introduce new foods into your life, you will improve your energy, your skin may change, you will lose weight, your sleep patterns will change, your general outlook on living healthy will have a positive outlook. Lets make you Beautiful!

    Ok so how was that?? Love any and all Feedback! THANKS!

    • Hi Jill! Thanks for writing I like being beautiful inside and out. I would be curious to know what made you interested in this field…

  178. I love this theme as I get really wordy with my messaging. I am working on pimping out my site right now, a major overhaul based on all that I’m learning here. I also have a few online body image boosting offerings coming soon. I’m wondering about my hook – what my site is all about and how I can help people:

    Feel comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t take extreme diets or fitness crazes, just your intuition – I’ll show you how.


    • Hi Jessie! So glad to hear the video was helpful! I would be curious to know your story behind the brand…

  179. Great advice – hard to do.
    So how do you actually simplify something that is really complex and not easy to understand – and that is what you are selling?
    I have been thinking about my message for very long and it is still not in a state where people understand
    Any hints would be appreciated.

    • Hi Jerlich! Thanks for watching. No matter what the topic, there is a way to explain it simply…so I know you can do this!
      Try this…
      If you were explaining it to a child, how would you do it? Sometimes that helps simplify matters. Keep me posted!

  180. Thank youuuuu!!!

    I always argue with my husband because he corrects what I write about yoga and he always changes my jargon and now i’ll tell him how right he is:-)

  181. thank you–very helpful! I’ve been working on letting go of jargon and getting specific. how’s this?

    As a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, I support women who struggle with feeling fulfilled in their lives, and want to nourish themselves naturally with healthy food and cooking, conscious lifestyle choices, and spiritual growth work.

    • and if they want to know more, i say:

      In my Nourishing Wholeness Approach, we partner together to uncover and transform your limiting beliefs and patterns of body, heart, and mind so that you can move forward and craft a rich and soul-fulfilling life.

      • Hi Katy! Thanks for watching! I am curious to know what got you interested in this topic…

  182. Very Very Helpful! As a designer, I work in clients home. They have invited me into their home. What an honor. I am working to bring this concept to e design, and found this video very helpful to simplify my message. I have the joy of receiving many referrals for my work. When moving on line, it is a different ballgame. Thank you.

    • Hi Sue! I am so glad it was helpful! And I love that you say it is an honor to be invited into a client’s home – what a lovely perspective!

  183. So glad I found this today!
    Just putting together my audio opt-in and have too much to say! Going to chunk everything down and put in only the most crucial parts.
    Thanks Marie and Rachel 🙂

  184. Audra

    This was a great complement to my current project of redesigning my company’s web page, which is requiring content updates…consumer-friendly content updates. We’ve always used the website to inform professionals, but we have been interviewing our clients and realized that our web page is one of our top referral sources. The web page needs to be simple, informative and for the consumer. Thanks for validating!

    • Hi Audra! So glad it was validating! Happy to be in touch…

  185. This interview was perfect timing as I am just preparing my new website now. I’ve been struggling how to write a clear and concise Mission statement. This advice will help me get clear. THANKS!

    • Hi Indre! Clarity is so important – good for you! Glad to be in touch…

  186. I am a baby nurse and my business is helping people with their babies via Skype and so for me it’s…….
    Speaking in words that everyone understands!
    Here are some of my new pitches……
    Do you struggle to get your baby to sleep?
    I can help you with baby feeding questions.
    Do you want to talk to a baby nurse but can’t leave the house?
    Baby nurse to help you via Skype!
    Please let me know if my “Australian” language hits the spot.

    • Hi Kerry-
      I think those are good questions. I’d love to see a few more…

  187. I had a person message me and wanted to share information with my audience. As I talked to him I realized he didn’t even know who my audience was or really anything about me. He just thought I had a big email list and he wanted to “use” me and my audience to pitch his information product. I even said to him “funny you are wanting me to share something with my audience when you haven’t even taken the time to read my about page on my website”. He got the point that I didn’t want anything to do with him.
    I’ve had other people approach me who knew right away exactly how they could help my audience, who my audience was, what I was all about, and really connected with me. These people I was completely open to doing joint ventures with them, and share their information.
    xx Kimra

    • Hi Kirma!
      Thank you so much for sharing this story. It’s valuable for everyone to hear!

  188. Annemarie

    Good video, good tips. Thanks for sharing useful information !

    • Hi Annemarie-
      So glad it was useful and happy to be in touch!

  189. We are always struggling with how to “pitch” our company/brand/services. I definitely feel this is our weakest link. Thank you so much for the great ideas. We are excited to try these out!

    • Hi Natosha-
      I’m glad you’re excited. There’s a lot to be excited about!

  190. The end needed a button.
    Repeat the four tips and hit it home with a sentence about how the four tips work together to grab people and get your message across.

  191. Thanks for this great, informative video. I am a life coach writing the messaging for my first group program as we speak, so this is helpful. I will post it when it’s ready for any input.

    Rachel, your 4th step really hit home with me. As I was trying to brainstorm to pick a URL name for my new coaching business, I thought I did extensive market research and asked a wide range of friends & family what they thought of my web name INARUKUNDO. (Which is my African middle name and the meaning is “A girl who possesses love.”) I was unsure on whether to use this name because no one can pronounce it or spell it ever, but because I wanted something more interesting than my name and since my first name is “Hope” every cool URL I came up with was taken because the word is so popular. So, my friends that I thought were my ideal market all said go with “”. “It’s different, the meaning is beautiful, it’s you”, they said. Now that I’ve had it up for almost a year and I’m blogging, I’m realizing the truth, what I already knew. The name is not easy to recognize and it’s not working. I should’ve done step #4 a long time ago. My coach suggests just using my name Hope McGrath as a URL, but I’m not really into that. I’m open to input. I need to make a move. Thank you!

    • Hi Hope! First of all, you are not alone. It’s great that you are realizing the challenge now. It’s also great that you want to fix it. I am wondering…why don’t you feel into using your name as a URL?

  192. Rachel, you are wonderful and awesome! Heading over to your site right away. I saw you blog and will start reading you as my important things to read!
    Will probably need your services too. Thank you!

    Thank you so much Marie for this video, its so perfect for me at the moment as I’m working on media attention.

    • Hi Sid-
      I’m so glad you found the video useful and that you will be checking out my blog. Did you see the one I posted last week? It’s all about how shy people can shine…
      Stay tuned for next week!
      Welcome and happy to have you…

  193. as you all are amazing people working on your dreams, would you make me a small favor make mine a bigger reality?

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    Thank you so much in advance if you are in!

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  194. I actually used my local business group that has a variety of different types of entrepreneurs not in my industry to get feedback on my new site. There was a very interesting detail that came up. That I think my family and fellow people in my industry just knew automatically. So great that I used people outside of the circle I am in … absolutely believe in tip #4.

    • Hi Karen-
      So glad #4 worked for you – big congrats for doing it! Happy to be in touch!

  195. Maggie

    I’m grateful for this information and the opportunity to address this challenge more directly.

    I often have a hard time communicating verbally and in writing with clients. I am a massage therapist. I rely on the fact that when I am “in communication” with the body that I’m working on and actually doing my work, I naturally connect. I think most people would agree that verbal communication often gets in the way of an effective massage. However, as we progress, it becomes necessary. And working in silence really hasn’t helped me sharpen my speaking saw!

    Since healthy, proactive people typically want to understand their bodies, questions arise and I do find myself trying to explain the way I see it, often unsuccessfully. It’s true that when you confuse people you lose people.

    I will try incorporating your steps into how I approach communication with clients. Please LMK if you have any other tips after reading this. Thank you!

    • Hi Maggie-
      I love a good massage! And I am so glad you are going to give the steps a try. Good for you! It’s hard to give specific advise without knowing your style, but I think listening to your clients is super important in communicating successfully. 🙂

  196. Dovid

    This was very helpful

    • Hi Dovid! So glad to hear it and be in touch – thank you!

  197. Rachel & Marie, How did you know I need this video today♥

    Right off the bat..I am not ashamed to say that I a not so great writer and I feel that often times my heart is in the right place but the thoughts aren’t conveing what the heart is trying to say….lol So I am working on that♥

    I am a good listener and genuine when I talk to people. I have been told I am easy to talk to and people feel REALLY heard. It seems people don’t often have a chance to say what is in their heart but that’s another conversation.

    I loved this message, it totally makes sense. It could not have come at a better time, as I am a health & wellness coach Helping busy mothers improve their selfcare and happiness. I feel I can be raw and myself around this subject seeing as I am a mom and have the same struggles.

    So a huge thank you for putting yourself out there and spreading your very needed message♥ Big Love & Happiness always, Nancy

    • Hi Nancy!
      Thank you for watching and sharing.
      First I want to say that writing is hard! I write professionally and I teach writing…and I STILL work hard at it. Try studying writers you like and learning from what you like about them.
      Second, it’s amazing that you make people feel heard! Keep at it – the world needs more of that!
      Keep us posted.:)

  198. Jennifer

    Thanks so much Rachel and Marie for a great interview, and reminder on what makes for great communication. Just had a meeting yesterday to pitch a class series teaching yoga, and incorporated the steps you outlined and gave me clarity on why the meeting went so well. I noticed though, at one point when I began to veer into a direction that the person was less interested–I will incorporate Rachel’s suggestion to keeping focusing and honing in on the areas of mutual interest and not getting lost in the weeks. Blessings and appreciation to you both!

    • Hi Jennifer-
      Thank you for watching and sharing your experience. I am thrilled that the steps are helping. Go YOU and keep us posted!

  199. This is really helpful, thank you to both of you. I’ve been working on getting clear on my message (and have only just really figured it out myself!) so this has come at a good time. Thank you!