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A few months ago, we got a question in from a MarieTV fan that went like this…

“How do you put out such great content all the time without fail? What do you do when you feel like the creative well is running dry?”

When it comes to creativity, there’s always more where that came from. Click To Tweet

After 3+ years of producing MarieTV, over a decade of publishing a newsletter, and 5+ years teaching dance and fitness, I know a little something about steady creation.

Coming up with ideas is something every creator must master — whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, chef, stylist, etc. It’s the nature of the beast.

In the video below you’ll learn three tricks I use to keep creating content for this show. It’ll show you the secret behind your favorite songs, tv shows, and magazines, and give you the inspiration you need to keep coming up with new ideas on a consistent basis.

**Mature Language Alert**

Today’s episode has just a tiny sprinkle of mature language, so grab headphones if you have kids or other sensitive ears around.

If you want to learn how to bring more creativity and personality to your writing, be sure to check out My Dumb Buddy and I are happy to help.

Five More Strategies To Keep You Creatively Inspired

As promised in the show, here are five more ways to keep your creative genius on tap.

1.  Listen.

Pay attention to the questions people ask you in person, via email or over social media as they reveal the exact struggle and frustration points your audience wants to solve.

Don’t underestimate the power of curiosity. The more you focus on what people are saying to you, the more you’ll want to know. Plus what works for one person, might not work for another. By listening, you’ll be able to come up with the right ideas for the right people.

2.  Move.

Ever felt like you got your best ideas when you’re hiking or taking a shower? There’s real, scientific research to back that up — this research from Stanford proves how powerful movement is for creativity.

I’ve danced and moved my whole life and I’m certain that physical movement keeps me inspired. So next time you hit a creative wall, it’s best to walk (or dance 🙂 ) it out.

3.  Keep a List.

Collect ongoing ideas in one place. Whether you use Google Docs, Evernote, a paper notebook or another method, choose one and you’ll always have kindling to spark your creative flame.

I do this for my content ideas, and I know this is common practice for lots of writers, musicians, and other artists.

4.  Commit.

This is the most underrated creativity tip of all. When you Turn Pro and fully commit to producing/writing/creating/making something on deadline, it just happens.

If you need an accountability partner — get one! Whatever it takes to get those wheels churning.

5.  Read this.

One of my favorite, classic books on the subject is The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. Between this and my other favorite, The War of Art, you’ll be unstoppable.

When you’re starting out, it’s hard to imagine that you can keep coming up with one killer idea after another. But like anything you do, creativity gets easier and easier the more you do it. It’s like a muscle that gets stronger over time — you just have to trust the process.

Unlock Thousands of Creative Ideas With These MarieTV Resources

Coming up with ideas and following through on them is one of my favorite topics. These interviews and resources below will give you an additional kick of inspiration:

As always, I’d love to hear from you.

What three go-to-strategies do you use when you feel creatively tapped out? If you have more than three to share, fantastic.

Make them as tactical and specific as possible as tens of thousands of beautiful souls from across the globe visit us each week for inspiration.

Please add your best tips and ideas directly in the comments vs. adding a URL or link back to your site. The latter can trigger our spam filters.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing. You make my week!

With all my love,

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  1. This question resonates so deeply. Then I remember that as they say, there’s nothing new under the sun. The point isn’t to offer completely new wisdom, it’s to offer it from the point of view of who I am in this moment.

    Even if I did talk about it last year, my perspective has probably modified…and so has my reader. They’ve changed as well so they may hear it in a different way than before. As long as I’m delivering from my heart, it’s all good.

    3 strategies when I’m feeling tapped:

    1. Dance (like a maniac). Helps me dispel all that jittery energy.
    2. Sleep on it. Come back to it fresh.
    3. I don’t know. Let me sleep on it…

    • Wow Emelia. I never thought about how readers also change and may hear things differently than before. Thanks again for yet another thoughtful comment. I’m taking it to heart. 🙂

      • I find that the way I look at topics changes all the time too. I think Marie did a video about that a while ago (multiple ways to talk about the same thing) and it was very helpful!

        My biggest tip is to create content soon after you get an idea instead of waiting. I maintain a list of ideas but I find the longer I wait to actually build them out, the less interested I get in idea itself.

        • Galen,for me it’s not so much a lack of interest, but more of a “what did I mean when I wrote this down?” space after writing down an idea. So I’ve gotten into creating at least a rough draft right away so I know what I mean when I come back to it. Plus, WordPress has this handy “save draft” feature that lets me get it all out of my head before I push the “publish” button.

          For me, my three best tips are:
          1. get out of the vacuum. I need to be around people, in public, where you never know what will happen or who will cross your path.
          2. get out of the comfort zone. read a book I wouldn’t normally read, see a movie I wouldn’t normally watch, listen to music that’s not typically my taste. It gives me a new perspective.
          3. get out of the way. If I’m in my own head too much, it’s easy to second guess everything. I give myself permission to be messy and just create without censoring, editing, or judging. Then I come back to it later and see what i can use – kind of like MacGyver.

          • I love your 1…I work alone, so walking in my small downtown and just listening gets me going again.

          • Galen & Lisa,

            I keep multiple notepads. Just the other day, I was reading some thoughts and for the life of me could not figure out what the hell I meant when I wrote them. I really have to get into the habit of expanding on them at that moment.

            Many gems have been lost along the way. Hopefully, they’ve since been recovered, but I’m not sure any inspiration can be repeated in its same form. So valuable to write then and there if possible.

          • Lisa,
            Love your tips. May I learn from you? I’ve the same issue- written 47 ideas for new blog posts, 2 weeks later- huh??? what did I mean by that.
            Will draft them up in WordPress when they are fresh.
            I also found:
            1. Moving to a afferent working space helps, even going to a cafe
            2. Use the event,topic that got you thanking lately
            3. Getting a mans view on a subject, makes it totally new & fresh.
            Have a great week all

          • You are so right.

            I have even more drafts than published posts in my Dashboard.

            Because when I talk to people and really listen I get so much ideas for new content.
            Sometimes I feel the Universe supports me by talking to me through this person (I know it does)…
            Than I just write it down immediately without thinking and editing.

        • Galen~

          I so agree with you there! Strike while the iron is hot! I used to wait to create content but I find that when I’m inspired in the moment, I should just go with it. Often, I write out what I have and then need to come back to it later with fresh eyes.

          • Amanda, I feel the same way! I always do my best work when I’m inspired or fired up in the moment, so I need to capitalize on that more often instead of waiting to create content. Great reminder!

    • Emelia,
      YES to DANCE!!!! doesn’t matter what the genre is I’m moving and feeling good whether its my S Factor moves dancing to Nine Inch Nails, skipping around to “Happy”, salsa dancing, putting on Jay Z, or playing some classical and pretending I am a ballerina… 😉

      Its all good.


      • Love the ballerina moment. I’ve done a pirouette or two. I’m more likely to pick up the remote and use it as a mic to channel my inner Beyonce. I’m ridiculously fierce. Really. Even with my remote control. 😉

      • Haha, from a fellow ballroom dancer, I say yes on the salsa and ballerina! I love dancing to get my creativity up.

        When I really feel like my creativity isn’t there though, I do one of three things: meditate, journal (just write all that’s on my mind), or read something else! Listening to a podcast or reading material on my subject sparks up my creative spirit because, as a creative grasshopper, I come up with ways to improve what I read or hear and great offshoot ideas from the content I consume. I used to sit there pushing myself to “create”, but now I just flip open a book when I’m stuck, and it always helps.

        The thing that really used to trip me up though is being new and wanting people to find and read my great content. I actually shared my experience learning how to write good content AND get it noticed in my latest blog post, but I won’t share the link here because Marie asked not to – if you want to read it you can click on my name and go to “Blog”.

        Thanks for a great video Marie! Loved that last shot of Laura Belgray conquering the world – so evil! lol

    • Bwa ha ha, love a dance moment. Mine’s hooping for 5 minutes, nothing a good hoop can’t sort out 😉 Another add to when feeling tapped that I love is to write something totally pants on whatever topic… kind of ‘flushes out’ the dross and the good stuff comes after (obvs don’t publish the crappy writing, but it’s a great exercise to get things flowing!).

      • Marianne! I am so happy to see you here!
        Don’t know if you remember me, but a good 2.5 years ago, you reviewed my blog – and your words were harsh, but fair. I think you said it looked like a blog that someone would write about their pet. Ugh!
        I’ve finally launched a new site and I’m so proud of it 🙂 I want to say a huge thank you to you for the reality check.
        Much love,
        Elloa xx

        • I love this Elloa! Yes, my reviews contain classic Aussie tact. Seriously though, I love where you’re going with things from the look of your new site! And rocking that unicorn shirt. Great to run into you here, aren’t the interwebs small? x

    • Emelia.

      YES! As you evolve and grow, so does your perspective. And so does your audience, right? Sometimes I revisit topics to see what shifts have taken place since I originally wrote them. It’s a fresh look at it with new eyes.

      Also, as I evolve, my interests have shifted so there’s always something else I’m into that I can share with my audience. (I’m glad they follow me from thing to thing!)

      Thanks for your perspective! And thanks Marie for the info.

      (“do dumb shit” – my dogs will tell you I do lots and lots of that every day!)

      • Lisa, this is something I really need to remember. I’m often afraid to revisit topics I’ve covered in the past, but my perspective has shifted so much within the past year or two that I know I’d offer a fresh take on the subject. This makes me feel much better about recycling ideas!

    • candace


      You raise such a good point about the change in perspective at the moment that we are in. As we go through our personal journeys change is apart of the process and that to me is a great thing! Life is wonderful because of the growth we endure and then to be able to shed that light from the heart.

    • Hi Maria!
      This was hilarious! I needed this laugh today as yes, like all of us creative people naturally have these days and that’s o.k.
      Three things that I do is:
      Always believe in myself and my self worth knowing that this feeling will always come and go
      Leave my desk, and go greet nature, one will always come back and feel re-energized
      and take risks , as there is nothing to fear than fear itself! Go for it! You may be surprised.


    • Thanks for the great video, Marie! When I have no idea what to write about I do one of the two things: 1. revisit my followers’ questions and get inspired immediately. There are oh-so many questions which are actually a real waterfall of genuine ideas 2. check out Youtube channels covering the topic I want to write about 🙂

    • YES!

      I agree – dancing is my number one. I dance and I sing out loud (which I guess maybe falls into the category of getting dumb/silly).

      My second is that I go for a hike. The movement, the nature, the lack of electronic interruption fills me up with ideas.

      My final one: I scope out forums. What are people in my industry asking about/looking for information on? What about industries related to mine? People with the same audience?

    • 1. I definitely agree that dancing works a treat, especially when I don’t feel like it.

      2 – Clap. I’m not kidding! I heard that making short sharp claps with your hands all over a room helps to break up stagnant energy so I tried it and I really felt the difference. Can end up hurting your hands though…

      3. Go and get some fresh air.

      This is something i’ve recently been thinking about a lot so i’m glad you covered this Marie.

      • Awesome – glad it helped Denise. I was a big fan of “The Clapper” commercials back in the day, so I’ll need to try that one out!

      • Hmmmm. That clapping idea makes intuitive sense. Have to try that. Thanks, Denise.

        • Would love to hear how it works for both of you, Marie and Emelia.

          • perfect idea!
            It´s like changing the energy. No matter it you change your scenery (nature, public places), move (dance, walk) or clap.
            Don´t stare at the blank screen.
            You know you get your best inspiration when you let it go.

    • I’m so with you Emelia! I think your advice “As long as I’m delivering from my heart, it’s all good.” is gold! <3

    • I LOVED this episode! I have been struggling with this recently. I have a 5 month old baby so finding time to sit down and write, much less think of what to write is really difficult.

      The great thing is that I have my sisters in Jeannine Yoder’s Mentor Masterclass, I am currently training to be a life coach, and they are always there to give me inspiration!

      We also have a different celebrity mentor, like Cora Poage, Lisa Fabrega and Nisha Moodley, each month that gives us an assignment for the month. Usually, I can use that and my experiences in class to inspire me.

      My top three strategies to use when I am feeling tapped are:
      1. I find time to sit in silence and clear my mind. Once I can shut out everything else, inspiration flows.
      2. Reach out to my sisters in Mentor Masterclass. They are so amazing! I can ask them anything and get fantastic feedback.
      3. DANCE! I love this one. It’s a great work out and just plain FUN!

    • Kay

      Thanks for the perspective of the reader also changing; you hit the nail on the head with that one. My strategies are pretty similar to yours. I often pray on it just before I fall asleep on it. And I absolutely agree with “delivering from my heart”, that is critical for me and my litmus test. There have been times when I create content and it iust didn’t fit right with my heart. On such occasions, I go right back to the drawing board 🙂

    • Lori

      What works best for me is to go on a “mindful” walk. Just 20-30 minutes seems to free the mind from the day-to-day issues and opens my mind for new ideas.

  2. Hey guys! Great post as usual, Marie!!

    Since I primarily write about personal development and growth, I go within. To help me with that, I just watch Super Soul Sunday or read O Magazine. It gets me thinking deeply about my life. For example, my latest post, These Three Words Have the Power to Change Your Life ( ), was inspired by Oprah’s Things I Know For Sure in the April issue.

    Usually my posts are a bit personal, but as long as I can share openly and honestly with my readers, I know that I am bound to touch someone. Have a great day!

    • Ms. Pillowz: Great post and I say its really nice when you share openly because it makes you real.

    • I’m a huge Super Soul Sunday fiend. My 3 to 4-hour long Sunday morning ritual (including SSS) always gives me food for thought. I like that you’re so genuine in your posts. Like Sandy says, it makes you real…and very relatable. 🙂

      • SSS is so great! There really is nothing like it on tv. So refreshing and thought provoking. I usually have to have a pad and pen when I watch, because I always get something from it to think about. Thank you so much!! I’m such a fan of yours as well! 🙂

    • Ms. Pillowz, you know I love you, right?

      You are so real and we need more of that in the world. Wonderful posts all the time!

      Your fan in Maryland

      • Oh Lisa… That just warmed my heart! Thank you soooo much! 😀

  3. Sandy’s 3 Go To Strategies:
    1- Go for a walk (preferably the mall where I can browse around) and PAY ATTENTION to whats going on around you. There are lots of stories happening right in front of you…..

    …which reminds me, have you guys seen this video called “LOOK UP”

    2-Physical Activity. I find it that when I get my sweat on and let my body’s response of endorphin production do the work… this high on life feeling sparks creativity every time.

    3-Reduce Stress. (therefore reduce cortisol levels)
    Check out what my friend Dr. Lissa Rankin has to say about that:

    Integrating Chemistry and Life…..


    PS Nothing beats being yourself, no matter how silly or nerdy.

    • Sandy, I feel SO refreshed and inspired after a good long walk outside. I don’t make time for it as ofter as I’d like, but you’ve reminded me how important it is! In fact, I think I might go for a walk right now… 😉

    • I love your tips Sandy, especially number 2 and 3! And I agree that nothing beats being yourself. It took me years to give myself permission to do that..

  4. Marie and Chelsea, thank you!

    I LOVE this topic and I LURVED this episode (except for the end. Nightmares!). Your tweetable is on my vision board and The War of Art is honestly one of the best books I’ve ever read.

    Here are my 3 go-to strategies:

    1. Play! I especially love the swings in my local playground, even though they are for 8-13 year-olds only. I’m a rule breaker 😉 Other possibilities include doing a dance-walk (youtube it, you won’t regret it), or chasing your doggy in a stupid high-pitched voice. Play, play, play, play, play.

    2. Go for what Racheal Cook calls a ‘Creative Pause’ – walk in nature without music, shock horror! I did this the other day and had a ton of amazing ideas, plus I felt wonderful.

    3. Just start. I spent years being ‘blocked’ but as Steven Pressfield says, the hardest part about writing is sitting down to write.

    4. Had to throw a fourth in – COFFITIVITY. Just google it, install it, and thank me later.

    Elloa xxx

    • Holy crap. Coffivity is the jam! Thanks for the resource. 🙂

    • Elloa, thank you so much for your bonus 4th tip! 🙂 I’m listening to it now!

    • Coffitivity is pretty darn cool!

    • These are amazing Elloa! I thanks for sharing.

    • Elisabeth W

      Loved Coffitivity! Thank you!

  5. Hahaha!! This is some funny shit! Especially the ending…

    3 ways to generate ideas:

    1. Intake more information. (book: Where Good Ideas Come From)
    2. Ask your audience what their struggling with. (Derek Halpern approach)
    3. Read your email. — Subscribers always ask great questions!

  6. Loved it…Loved It…LOVED IT, Marie and team!! We ALL should be able to purchase a “Dumb Buddy”…after all, she does NOT live up to that title WHAT SOOO EVER…Her contributions to such a remarkable, informative, funny, interesting show, makes her a “Smart Buddy”, FA SHO!! Nevertheless, thanks again for such GREAT content and keeping our “funny boxes” turning around & AROUND like you silly spinning in that chair, while wearing that sexy dress!! Kudos to “E” for keeping you “High Maintenance Beautiful” and all those books and mentors for building a business minded POWER HOUSE…



    P.S. I still can’t figure out how to put up a pic on your comment section;-(

    • Hey Jai,
      Mine comes up automatically and I *think* it’s from
      Ell x

      • Elloa, hey, thanks soooo much! I will check it out…

        Much Love,


    • Dear Jai… Go to to set up an automatic picture when you post.

      • Rene, thanks!! I am going to check out this site…I just want to thank you for helping out…”helping” is a sign of a great heart and it shows caring, so AGAIN I thank you, too…

        Much Love,


  7. Hi Marie, first of all, this stupid dumb buddy song – I can’t get rid of it, it plays in my head on repeat :D. Anyway thank you for this video, you are really a great inspiration! I am a singer, songwriter and blogger, so creating content is all I do.
    When I feel uninspired or kinda lost I follow these 3 steps:
    1. Instead of thinking about what to write about while doing other distracting things like eating chocolate and complaining ;)… I sit down and start writing. Whatever it is. Mostly ideas comes after that. Just start.
    2. I talk to people and simply ask them for help. What is a topic that interested them most at the moment, what they like to read/hear about. When even that doesn’t help I go outside, do some sport. Sweat it out.
    3. Use some drugs. No seriously. Go drunk, or meditate, or have an orgasm. The point of this “exercise” is to get your brain on a different level. Break the old constructions of thinking, put your hands up in the air… you know what I mean 😉

    To all of you, have a great day and stay positive!
    Love, Lucia

  8. My husband’s a writer and gave me really great advice to break advice down to one tiny topic. I have a tendency to want to tell everyone everything at once. When I write a really broad topic it makes me feel like I’ve covered everything, when really I need to look at the smaller topic within that article. I also like to take a different take on a topic I’ve done before.

  9. 1. The best way I have found to become inspired is a contemplative, quiet break.

    It is the white space and silence that gives our work, our art and our lives more meaning.

    It refreshes our soul and gives power to our new work. The world is a noisy place, so sometimes, listening more and talking less is really what is called for.

  10. Yes! I love this – after writing a weekly email for over 3 years (which led to a major book deal and more – testimony to the power of doing this for anyone wavering starting out!) I agree with Marie with all of the above especially about listening to your people. Each email I write, I have someone in mind, either from a comment on the FB page or from a course or elsewhere. You’ll never run out of people to write for, so the one person at a time strategy is gold. Mxx

  11. I love this video & article! Thank you for the silliness and ah-ha’s!
    Three strategies I use to find content to Blog or Vlog about are:
    1. I write down 3-7 tips from a book I’m currently reading that I found useful then turn those into content in a way that is relate-able to my market
    2. I scroll through social media and ultimately get HIT with a post that resonates with me and thus my target market, turning that into content, and
    3. I use stories in my environment to blog or vlog about – things in my personal or business life or posts or articles I read about in someone else’s life that I can end with a lesson for my market.

    For me, the stories always have a lesson or Ah-Ha at the end for my market to take away with them.

    • These are all great ideas, Jenny. Even though I do not have a blog, I do not think it would be an issue for me. I do keep a journal, though, so I am always writing something. I also read a lot. Two books I would recommend~ The Right to Write, by Julia Cameron and Zen in the Art of Writing, by Ray Bradbury. ” I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all.” ~Richard Wright, American Hunger, 1977

  12. Love this video, especially the end! The dumb buddy concept resonated with me because I sometimes get so far in my head that I feel alone and forget to reach out. Love it!

    My three go to methods once I get out of my head:
    (1) Mind map – ideas birthing more ideas
    (2) Dance to uplifting music (lovely perspective changer)
    (3) Take a shower. There is just something about washing away the blocks.

    One day, I actually danced in the rain. Now that unleashed some crazy creativity!

    Thanks for an fun educational video Marie and crew!


    • Agree with you Africa, shower has some magic power.
      It is my thinking space. Seriously 😉

      Best ideas come out of shower…just have to remember not to tell people…I was thinking about you in the shower and…

  13. Super funny episode. I rarely run out of things to share, it’s the relevance and the share/sell ratio that I need to focus on but in those moments assuming I haven’t Google binged the topic to death:

    1.) Reach out to core members of my network and/or mentors to gather insight to see if what I am feeling is impacting the way I am received on social media.
    2.) Revisit the original goals (which I call the original map) of what I wanted to create for my own brand or that of a client – this includes looking for key words in emails, proposals, articles, etc., that really moved the narrative forward.
    3.) Pay it forward – there is always a plethora of related do-gooders who are perpetuating a better world by complementary courses, interesting panel discussions or free networking events. So, my theory is, why not share what inspires?

  14. Well, you lost me on this one Marie. The word “stupid” makes me cringe. Do silly things? Yes. Dumb and stupid? No. I’ll save those words for when my hubby watches shows like Jackass and Ridiculousness. I would never call my friends dumb, either. They might make dumb decisions but I would never say they are my “dumb buddy”.

    I digress…another tip for finding content is share something you just learned. Chances are if you didn’t know something, someone in your audience doesn’t know, either!

  15. I’ve been blogging on green/sustainable business for 7 years so the well running dry is familiar territory. My top three techniques are:

    1. Look for a relevant news story, comment on it and broaden it out to a wider lesson.

    2. Read other blogs/articles outside my sphere of interest and cross-fertilise with my expertise.

    3. What a colleague calls my ‘parables’ – I’m constantly noting things that happen to me personally that can form a new introduction to one of my standard themes.

  16. Oh how I love the combo of Laura Belgray and Marie Forleo!!

    Do dumb shit… OK! I can totally do that.

    I think it’s easy to get stuck on everything thing needing to be so serious and helpful, and sometimes being silly is seriously helpful.

    Love you two, seriously!

    p.s. I need a dumb buddy of my own! Where can I buy one? I want to be creepy with a Laura doll. Eww, did I just write that? Forget I said that Laura…

    • OH! I forgot my strategies…

      1. Write about what’s bothering me FIRST. I find that often I feel stuck creatively because I’m not acknowledging the challenging emotions I don’t want to feel. So, if I take some time to write, to cry, to feel, then I get access to the creative well that’s hiding underneath.

      2. Just start! I set aside a clear time to just start. I love OMWriter to help me focus, I put on my headphones and just start writing.

      3. Talk to someone who loves you! I find it really helpful to talk to my friend Sarah. She is a superfan of anything I create, and she reminds me that I could write about what I ate for breakfast and she would love to read it. Your fans want to hear from you and they don’t really care what it’s about.


      p.s. I’ve been feeling stuck for awhile so these reminders are helpful.

  17. Laughing out loud at the running with the bulls photo – I adore you, Marie!!

  18. 1. Exercise… without music or any distractions. Inspired ideas will come to you!
    2. Think about the questions that people ask you the most often and write about those.
    3. Everything you share doesn’t have to be earth shattering and monumental. Remember that what may be second nature to you, may not be obvious or known to others. Share your favorite tips or habits. Sometimes what we consider “small” things are big things to others and very helpful!

  19. Thanks for the great video Marie!

    One way that works for me is to change my visual environment, whether it means simplifying/beautifying my workspace or going to work at a coffee shop, or getting out of town for a day. This works wonders for me!


    Sarah DeShaw

  20. 4. Keep a running list of things as they pop in to your head. Then you always have topics to choose from when you’re feeling uninspired.

  21. suzanne mccarthy

    yes, i DID dig this video! that’s it, i’ll be watching marie tv for as long as you keep doing it. keep on doing!

  22. Wow, never fails that MarieTV puts out what I need to hear. I was feeling in a funk, uninspired and uninspiring! This episode reminded me not to take myself so serious…for goodness sake, I make cookies…what the heck is there to take serious? And to just let my ego go so that another Power can work through me!

    Thank you MarieTV!!

  23. 1. Disconnect the TV.
    2. Disconnect the internet.
    3. Turn off the phone.

    If none of that works (but it usually does), then

    4. Throw open the windows and let some air into the house.
    5. Take a warm bath.
    6. Threaten yourself with housework if you don’t start getting creative soon.
    7. Set a timer for 15 minutes and do a brain dump to paper.

  24. I often have this fear of running out of content too. One thing that helps me is to ask my fans for their questions. I have a Facebook group for my fans that they can join to get basic help on their fitness goals and find accountability partners. Most of my Fit Club members are beginners and they ask the questions that I sometimes forget about. It’s content idea creation in an instant when I see those gems. Thanks for this episode and for helping us see that we’re not alone 🙂

  25. I listen to really awesome music of all genres. It just has to be awesome. And letting go with it is key. Gotta dance my ass off in extremely unusual ways. So, I must do it alone! I guess I could use a dumb buddy!

  26. Love, Love, Love this episode!

    I have recently launched my own radio show which, like you airs every week so keeping up with good content is a must. My top 3 things that have helped me so far are as follows:

    1 – I ask my audience what they wanna hear? Usually I get so much content that it expands across more than one episode.

    2 – I put something together whenever I feel inspired by something I’ve seen on social media. For example I watched a clip last week that was 4 mins long on FB. I was so inspired and needed to share I recorded an episode there and then which was 3 times longer than the original clip.

    3 – Magazines! I subscribe to 3 and have done for a while now. There is always something in them that sparks my interest, either for a positive or a negative reason. Either there’s my show content literally delivered through my front door.

    Hope these help folks 🙂
    Much love

  27. 1. go for a run outside! guaranteed to get my creativity going!
    2. sit down with an older sketchbook and browse thru my own sketches. That has enormous power to get my creative juices going.
    3. meander through a bookstore, antique store or art supply store.

    Great video today!
    ~erin 🙂

  28. Wow this was such an awesome video Marie. A lot of people do struggle with this but there are plenty of ways to drum up new ideas for content.

    I teach women entrepreneurs all about SEO and one of the biggest misconceptions is that you can’t be or you can’t retain your authenticity and creativity while using SEO. I call BS on that and so from a search perspective, here are some great ways to find new content ideas on autopilot.

    1. Go to the Google keyword planner too – and type in a seed word and see what keywords and search phrases the tool generates. Honestly this is such a great way to find inspiration for blog posts because the tool generates the exact language people are typing into Google everyday.

    2. Use the internet itself. Google has a great autosuggest feature whereby you start typing in a search query, Google will complete the search query for you. This is based on real search history and you can literally get headlines for blog posts just using this technique.

    3. Again using the internet itself, when you type something into Google, scroll to the bottom of the search results page and Google will tell you what related searches are for the keyword or phase you entered in Google.

    These techniques can be great additional ways to generate ideas when you’re short on content. And the bonus is when you use these techniques, you’re giving Google and people what they want.

    Shae xo

    • UH

      Wow! That’s genius! Thank you Shae!

  29. Lyn

    Oh myIMosh I am totally cracking up at that My Buddy parody. I can so relate to this! Let’s see. 1. This may sound weird but I actually revisit my old posts, to get me started on some tangent. Or I look for the ones where I say, but topic is for another day, ya da ya da. 2. Music always inspires me. If I drive around and listen to music, or cook with some Brandy… You’re a Fine Girl. . Blaring in the back ground, my brain juices start flowing. Zumba also does the trick. It’s like if I just let it go, haha, and try not to think about it so hard ideas come to me. I always have my phone on me so that’s how I take notes if an idea comes to me . 3. I ask my audience!

  30. Great video!
    Here are my tips for ongoing creative content:
    1. Invite people to guest blog on your site.
    2. Interview guest experts.
    3. I use (productivity app) to help organize and keep track of all my creative content ideas.

  31. Marie, I have to tell you – the remix of my buddy was a little scarey! LOL. What do I do when their is a kink in my pipe? My first thought is what would I love to do?
    – travel to a new country, a new city — a new place, unexplored cafe, new floor (get a new vantage point)
    – people watch (we are the most entertaining beings on the earth)
    – explore the uncharted places inside me (still learning a lot even though the colored gray is taking over)
    – have videorama! Get out those old videos or rent videos of favorite movies, cartoons or okay – documentaries.
    – dream I am that starlight or reporter or host or curator or fisherperson.

    Then I asked myself – so why aren’t you doing it? Ahh HAH! Time for my remix!

    • Yikes – correcting my faux pas “there” instead of “their”

  32. Great content as always!

    Here are 3 things I do to generate content:

    1) Go to blogs of other “leaders” in my field and read the comments on the blog. Often a ton of ideas come from reading what other folks think.

    2) Keep an content book. Anytime an idea comes to me for content I write it down and note it for later.

    3) Have a plan. What am I launching next? Where am I headed? With that in mind what content would most serve my tribe as it relates to what’s coming?

    4) Ask folks. What do they want to know.

    5) Look at products that my “competitors” are making. They’ve done a ton of research. What have they found out that people want? Produce content on that.

    I could go on but I think that’s enough for now. 🙂


  33. My easy three:

    Hum – you know, just kinda tum-ti-tum along to any old song!
    Walk – before you know it ideas just start walking alongside you

    Divide and rule! Divide and rule? Take an old poem, post, article and see how many new ideas you can make from it. Someone once told me every poem has three more inside it and it’s definitely the same with blog posts and newsletters too.

    Thanks Marie.

  34. Thanks Marie! Love the Dumb Buddy! So what works for me:
    1. Go for a walk. I’m just 2 blocks from the ocean, and that view does the magic, no matter what the weather!
    2. Look for things to appreciate. Things I’m observing visually, or things that I appreciate in my life. Like my partner, my kids, my business, my community. I get real specific here. When I can literally FEEL the appreciation, then watch out . . . inspiration to follow.
    3. Get wild and crazy (I guess I’m due for a DB!). Put some music on that I can “go nuts to” and go for it!.

    Love MarieTV!

  35. synchronicity today I put an article on my website about creativity, a quote I find in an article and the need of other to improve your creative skill…good to have a buddy for that,

    My tips:

    – Talk with friends…sometimes a great idea spread from a conversation, from an advice I give, or receive;
    – From my clients, their problems become material to article, I go deeper, find keys for them, ask for a connection above to receive the message need for my clients, my readers;
    – Art, visit an exhibition, learn about the life of an other creator and then make connexion, be emotional touched open my creativity;
    – A nap/relax time/do some reiki;
    – Travel or just make a walk… and open my eyes; my ears.

    And always have my notebook to write the ideas as soon as it come.

  36. Marie. Love your example of O Magazines repeatable topic!!! I’ve found that usually peeps are revisiting the new content and always taking things to a new level (always getting better and better at what they are studying/implementing/improving) AND therefore their perspective is altered – I know I always understand things more clearly after repetitively doing things over and over and over.

    If you come to my blog, I say the same things over and over, just in multiple different ways!

    Have a fantastic week and if anyone needs to de-clutter their closets or office, then hop over to my blog and start streamlining your buns off! You have permission to let your OCD decluttering spirit FREEeeeeee!


  37. for me it’s about staying connected to my readers, whom I call the Love Posse, I pay attention to what they are commenting about and working through in their sessions. There is a lot of rich material there that I can easily and effortlessly speak to, less my agenda and more what’s truly on their hearts!

    I don’t need much to stay in the groove with that, it is so fun and exciting – I keep an evernote file with ideas, I send myself text messages as they come to me (voice to text is fast and easy to copy and paste right into a blog post later), and I set regular times each day to write. This last point helped enormously even though I resisted for years!

  38. PS: I love all that jazz…a classic for burlesque and you do it well
    + the end is little creepy, I’m not a great “fan” of horror movies 🙂

  39. This episode is right on time, Marie! I just hit “send” on an email to my VA telling her that I am not sure WHAT the heck I was going to publish this week for my newsletter. These tips are going to really help. Thanks!

    *Pushing “play” on my iPod now…*

  40. 1. give yourself permission to make mistakes and don’t give a shit about it when you actually make one

    2. don’t strive for perfectionism – set a timer and just GO

    3. use your intuition – tap into it and ask it for inspiration and great ideas

    4. make a list of 50 ideas for whatever it is you need inspiration for (And: it’s OK to come up with stupid ideas, totally unworkable ideas, completely out of this world ideas, and variations on the same idea). Set a timer and just start writing down whatever comes up.

  41. For me, the three top things are:

    1) change activity (if you can!). If I’ve been writing, marketing or whatever all day, or even for a few hours, changing activity like doing some piano practice, going for a tiny walk, or reading something different helps.

    2) do a weekly Artist’s Date, as discussed in Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’. Just a couple of hours when you go and do something completely new. The literal idea is to ‘fill the well’.

    3) exercise!

    Now, seeing as I changed activity to comment on here instead of writing my essay, I better get back ;/)

  42. Man there was a lot of work that went into this video – I appreciated it.

    1. Watch dumb ass videos on YouTube or completely different channels to get a whole new point of view

    2. Get outside into nature and just be present and be inspired

    3. Read a book on a completely random topic or pick up a novel that has nothing to do with anything and let my imagination go wild!

    Now let’s create magic people


  43. The tweetable and Marianne Williamson’s quote both resonate with me. Three things I do when it seems creativity or content is running dry:

    1. meditate to reach the point of silence that opens the space for listening to what needs to be said
    2. do something in a different creative medium; I’m a writer but some of my best ideas come when I’m painting or sewing or baking
    3. talk to a friend or colleague; a friend of mine is a philosopher and talking to her often gives me a new perspective that spurs creativity

    Bonus 4: last but not least, look around; there’s inspiration and creation everywhere – from the lilac blooming outside my window to the shoelaces of the man waiting for the bus.

    Like many other commenters here, the block comes from thinking everything’s been said or that my readers will be bored, and I keep in mind that magazines thrive on the so-called evergreen topics, which Marie talked about, and my take on it will be different than someone else’s. From a practical viewpoint, I keep an editorial calendar and a list of ideas to cover although I leave it flexible. If I think of something better than what’s on the calendar, I may use it or add it for a later date, but having a backup for those uncreative times makes them less stressful.

  44. This is a great post Marie. I think most entrepreneurs struggle with crafting updated valuable content.

    Excellent framework. Thanks!

  45. The three tips I use, and they haven’t failed me yet, are:

    1. Meditate — I get some of my best ideas when I’m trying to clear my mind and *not* have any. Amazing how that works. ; )
    2. Move the body out in nature — I walk at the park near my house 4-5 times per week, and I never fail to have some idea that I must stop and add to my iPhone notes app during the walk.
    3. Magazines — glossy print publications spend thousands of dollars on market research to learn precisely what customers want to read, and create their headlines and articles based on that. So I piggyback on that research, and use magazine headlines in my niche as an inspiration for my own content

    And thanks for another inspiring video!

  46. This was awesome! I laughed out loud and was so happy to hear that I’m not alone in feeling the pressure of recreating the wheel all the time. As a yoga teacher, health coach, and culinary creative I have to create all the time. I feel when I’m the most creative is when I get out of my own way. When I come from a place of being in service, having fun, and disengaging the cerebral and letting the juices flow, I come up with the most authentic stuff. Thanks Marie! You truly inspire me every week!!

  47. Great episode! When I get in a creative rut- I stop trying! It’s like staring at a big piece of white paper. Where’s the inspiration in that? 1. Go outside! Go shopping! Get out of the house/studio. You have to interact with the world to relate to it. 2. Ask a friend or survey your customers. Ask them what they’d like to hear from you or what they want to see more of. 3. Don’t worry about what other people/businesses/bloggers are doing. You are the expert on you and your business. Tell a personal story about how you got started doing what you do. “The world needs that special something only you have.” Who said that again…?

  48. Kes

    Love you Marie <3
    But I thought this video was a little too much and too stupid. I don't think all kinds of audiences would appreciate the dumb buddy style when it comes to create great content. I don't think we need to go over the silly top. Anyways. Thanks for all you do. xoxo

  49. Anja

    I am SO gonna do more dumb sh*t

    • Anja

      Oops I wasn’t done yet. Love this, thanks for the reminder!

  50. This is such a great topic! I love all of the ideas people are posting in their comments. Inspirational! One thing that always helps me is movement, especially hot yoga. I find that ideas just come to me when I’m moving my body in that way. Maybe I’m sweating out the creative blocks too 🙂
    I also love reading favorite blogs for ideas. Sometimes you can take just one piece of what one of your favorite bloggers has written about an expand on it giving your own, fresh perspective. Third is walking my dog. Just getting out into fresh air and out of my own head often jostles my the creative flow up a bit!

  51. When the creative juices are not flowing I find that stepping away and doing something totally different is in order. A movie, a walk, a chat with a friend or even snuggle time with my sweetie.

    I’ve found that if I take a break for a few hours, and then come back to the project the words just flow.

  52. Jennifer

    I am a chicken hearted writer, an inventor and a relentless dreamer. When I would get stuck in a story arc, or run into a brick wall with developing my product a few things would help me find my way.

    1. Dive back into someone else’s creativity. For me that means reading, watching a favorite tv series or movie, and trolling around on Pinterest.

    • Jennifer

      …..and then I fumble finger a premature entry. Bummer.
      2. I ask the question, or consider the block, then wait for it. The answer would always come sooner or later.
      3. Do something I love and forget about the whole thing. I love being in the water, on the water, near the water, looking at pictures of water. 🙂 Some of my best ideas came when I was relaxed and enjoying myself. Note to self: find water proof note book!

  53. Sarah

    Ok. I love you Marie but that was a little creepy.

  54. Love this video! Great topic. As for me… 1. I’ll ask my friends on Facebook or the people who follow my Facebook page questions sometimes if I’m stuck. I always get inspired by their answers and it’s a great way to get diverse feedback on a topic. 2. I’ll go with a Gabby Bernstein philosophy of “F#%K it, let’s go!” and just go with the first crazy thing I can think of even if it seems too risky or too out there. I’ve found that often those ideas cut to the heart of the matter. My first video blog ever was called Stop Talking Sh!t and Start Getting Sh!t Done. It was crazy, but people loved it. 3. I’ll talk it out with a good friend. When I’m going in circles in my own head I’ve learned it best to get another voice involved to stir up the creativity.

    Thanks Marie and Team Forleo! You’re the best!

  55. Hi Marie

    Thank you sooooo much for doing that. I just sent in a similar question last week 🙂

  56. I’ve been writing a blog for a long time now and there are times that I don’t know what to write about… fortunately I probably already have 10 drafts started that I can just go to and finish. When I get an idea for a blog post, I open up the program and sketch them out, add whatever pictures I have, etc. More often than not, the moment will come when I feel inspired to finish it and up it goes. I also keep a little book in my bag where I scribble all manner of things. Ideas for content come at the weirdest times, so having a place to write them down right away is important. And I’ve started using the voice recorder on my phone if I’m writing a blog post in my head while driving (this happens a lot) so that I don’t lose it. I think I’ll remember, but it is amazing how 10 minutes later I’m singing to the radio and have no recollection of that fantastic idea.

    When I’m really stuck I do a variety of things:
    1. get some exercise. I love to hike and getting out for a long climb up a mountain always works to free up the stuckness and I feel much better.
    2. Have some kind of an artist date with myself… get outside my normal routine, go to a museum, read a new book, go to the local bookstore and see what jumps into my hands… something usually surfaces.
    3. Stop worrying and make my art and the content for the rest of the business comes back around soon enough. I try to stay far enough ahead with things scheduled to go up that a few days of not feeling the creativity for the writing stuff doesn’t matter so much.

    I have been hearing a lot about Evernote lately. I think I’ll try that next.
    Awesome episode Marie!

    • Oh yeah, and even though my ICA and most of my customers are retired professional women, I think they pretty much love my dumb sh*t. I’m going to do more of it. 🙂

  57. OMG Marie I love you! thank you so much for this video! I really needed to hear this. When I am feeling tapped out I like to do something fun like go for a walk or dancing. I love reading magazines they really help me with inspiration. I also keep a list of topics to write about but I love the idea of just being silly and having fun for some inspiration.
    Thanks Marie. 🙂

  58. Dear Marie, Oh wow I was laughing so much I almost fell of my chair.. I am so happy because I do this in private too.. when no-one sees me. and I have a question for you: Are you this brilliant 24 /7 ? Margherita Crystal Lotus

  59. 1. Like Marie I always gather any questions from my videos, social media pages, and e-mails to use in my content. If one person asks a question you can bet that many more are thinking about it as well!

    2. I watch other videos, read blogs and read magazines in my industry and try to bring a fresh viewpoint to a new or already covered topic.

    3. Think like a beginner. Sometimes in my videos and content I get stuck – Thinking everyone must know all of this information by now. But remember that most of your customers, viewers or readers do not know. This is why they come to you for information and support. Try to think back to when you were starting out. What questions or concerns did you have? These ideas are timeless.

  60. I think I found my future’s wife personality preference.

  61. Wow! Braingasm yet again! This episode lifted my spirits. So funny, and yet so true! I do some of this already, I blogged about it too (haha). I found that these help:
    1) having a list of draft posts that I can flesh out and use later,
    2)a proper schedule to write. I write Fridays, the blog post goes live on Mondays

    3) A sustainable approach. (as opposed to the ‘intensive farming’ approach as I call it)By this I mean if I dont feel inspired, I don’t force myself. I try to get inspiration somewhere, watch YouTube (on unrelated subject), dance, play on keyboard or just write anything that comes to mind. That might turn into another post in future.
    This is what I call kick-starting my creativity the organic way 😀

    P.S: The War of Art is awesome. Probably the only book I”ve ever read in one sitting. Need to pick it up again!

  62. If I hit a brick wall creatively or get into a funk I will write a note to God (or Spirit) and vent. I first did this a few months ago when I was ready to give up on everything. To my surprise, when I read it a little bit later, I wrote back to myself…from Spirit. Sound a bit cray cray? I know. But it actually inspired me to turn these writings into a book and the answers always bring me amazing clarity. So I would say go within. The answer is there. You just need to ask.

  63. Marie, loved all your examples. The last one has worked wonders for me! Letting myself go to allow a higher force work through me, is magical!

    I have to confess that almost ALL my ideas never came from me. Just sitting in front of a computer, trying to come up with something, would probably have me pulling my hair:)

    For me, traveling, trying new things, adapting to different cultures and most of all meeting people have been my greatest inspiration. Whether, as you mentioned, it’s in the questions they ask, an experience they lived, or a situation in the right here and now, by being open, an idea or message is out there that if you allow it, a higher force will let you see. Funny thing is that sometimes it’s in the small, daily routines that the best ideas are revealed:)

    Thanks for sharing!

  64. I don’t know if someone has already mentioned it, but the book “The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life” by Twyla Tharp is an absolute godsend for creative people. Full of useful, practical advice about making creativity a habit. Thanks for this great episode, Marie (and dumb buddy!).

  65. DUMB BUDDY! OMG …. As always Marie you freaking crack me up. Rob, my hubby, and I do a lot of silly stuff in our videos and our teaching when working with couples. We believe that you learn soooo much better when you are laughing and having fun.

    And, thank you for pointing out that our creativity doesn’t come from our human selves – it comes from Spirit, God, the Universe, our sexual/creative energy, whatever you want to call.

    Love you Dumb Buddy + Marie!

  66. 1. Read Shel Silverstein. He makes me giggle, and giggles are always creative.
    2. Recite some Hafiz. Ahhhh. Love and magic — gets me in a creative mood.
    3. Water my flowers. My hose leaks, so I can’t help but dance and giggle at the same time, very creative.

  67. 1~Go for a walk/run, bikeride to get out of the head and into the body; frees your mind for inspiration.
    2~Freewrite or just start writing for 15 minutes (no editing!) and a gem or two is bound to come out.
    3~Change your environment. Go to a new place, like a coffee shop, sitting in the park, etc. A change of scene always does a body–and mind good.

    Great episode, Marie, despite the creepy ending with Laura. 😉

    • Love the change in environment suggestion. It’s so key!

  68. Thanks Marie,
    I really needed to hear this. The well has dried on me too. I always put something new up on my vlog each Monday morning, but it’s been starting to get a little try in the content department. But, I always managed to put something on each week though since I started back in February. Except for yesterday, I’m just getting over an eye infection and was in no shape for sitting in front of a camera, editing and uploading a video this week.

    Looking forward to trying out your tips !!!


  69. Love this Marie! We all struggle sometimes and just sharing that is empowering.

    1. Do just one thing. Meaning, I may not be able to bust out an awesome blog post, but maybe I can return emails. Taking the focus off the “issue” helps me be productive elsewhere (instead of stuck and doing nothing) It takes the pressure and off guess what…before I know it creativity has struck again!

    2. I call my sister or grab lunch with a besty and talk it out- yep, sometimes a reminder of how awesome I am does just the trick.

    3. I get inspired by my hero’s! I check out what they’ve been writing/creating and it gets me fired up. If they can do it, I can do it, right!!

  70. Candace

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks, you go girl! And thanks to Chelsea for asking the question that we all ponder with from time to time.

    The three things I do:

    Play, laugh, and learn with my kids
    Spend time with my family and friends
    Read a book

    Also, giving back is another way!

  71. I have the opposite problem really now but I have had times when I’m just all dried up. That usually is a sign that I need to:
    1. take a break
    2. go get inspired by prayer, seeing a movie, reading a book, talking with a friend
    3. get sleep

    I really think it’s about pouring back into yourself after you’ve poured out everything you have.

    Now I keep a list and anytime I’m inspired I start writing a little bit of my idea down so when I look back at it I can remember what I was thinking at the time.

    Great job as always Marie!

  72. Laughing so hard. I love the punching scene and then the beers together. OMG. Dying.

    3 Ways I get the creativity back on:

    1. Workout, go for a walk, anything to get me out of my head and into my bod.
    2. meditate – you would be amazed at what comes out of sitting and trying not to think – magic!
    3. Read. Reading a good book gets my imagination flowing and so I can then apply it to my own strategy.


  73. Awesome! who wants to be my dumb buddy? 🙂

  74. Because my creative field is apparel design…here’s my process:
    1. Research trends, inspiration, competitors, fabrication. Compile boards and lists that detail the specific direction I want to take.
    2. Walk away. Go outside. Do anything but think of it. Comparison is creative cryptonite. So see what’s happening out there then basically try to forget it and just retain the big picture themes and your goal.
    3. Sit down, sketch as many design concepts as possible. Let it flow. Draw stupid crap that can’t even be made. Let it flow and build off each other idea without judging. You’re going to toss most of it anyway.
    4. Get feedback from those you trust.

  75. 1. I screw perfectionism.

    2. I screw what everybody else is doing.

    3. I realize I should be writing on my projects instead of commenting on other people’s blogs.

  76. Simone

    I must be the only one, but this post didn’t resonate with me. I really think using ‘dumb buddy’ is really quite demoralising, even though it was used in tongue in cheek. The word ‘dumb’ to me has such a negative connotation and it doesn’t add to empowering women! Sorry to be a downer, but thought I would share my thoughts.

    • Simone, what you say is important. Words are so important and then it is difficult to please all the people all the time. When I feel this same thing I take a sort of non reality check, overlook the detail and focus on the bigger picture.

      • Simone

        Sure I could let it slide and look at the big picture, but sometimes one needs to speak up. I don’t think I am being unreasonable. I am a pretty easy going, but as soon as I heard those words, I felt very uncomfortable. On the surface it probably seems like nothing, but really this kind of mockery isn’t conducive to growth, in my opinion.

    • Sandra

      Simone, I agree with you 1000%. The word usage and her child-like video do not empower anyone – man or woman!! Not only demoralising but also unprofessional of someone who wants to help people. Can I say – this was truly the “dumbest” Marie TV ever.

  77. Great video and topic I think a lot of people struggle with this given the amount of content everyone is producing!
    1. I take a topic that got a lot of comments/questions from the last 2 years and address it again but in a different way.
    2. I use peoples feedback/questions to create content – makes a great video or blog.
    3. Read one of my go to inspirational books and let the inspiration flow.
    4. Pray. I often will ask for guidance in what He wants to use me for:)
    Cheers to your greatness,

  78. The ongoing hope for inspiration: this Venice song says it all…

    Back to the Well:

  79. Okay, is it just me?… I think I’m now scared of Dumb Buddy after that last scene 😉

    Marie – speaking of movement and dancing… I know that you dig rap/hip hop. I would love to know your hip hop dance playlist. Can we get dumb and have a post/video with your favorite “break a move” songs?

    Because we all need a good booty shake here and there to spark our creativity.


  80. Todd

    #1: Get Out Of Your Head.
    The moment you think you have nothing to say, or are thinking about the fact that you CAN’T think of anything (uncross eyes); your years of experience tell yourself that you’re right. Don’t believe that. Get out of your head and feel something. Sometimes that takes getting out of the house and observing or interacting with people/situations. The more interactions/outside observations you have and make; the more dots you’ll connect, emotions you’ll feel, and thus be able to write or create about them.

    #2: Stop Trying.
    The moment you force creativity or are “tapped out”, you’re not creating anymore; you’re working. There’s a difference between woking on a creative project, and working to BE creative. One is authentic and most of the time feels effortless (but not all of the time let’s be real), the latter is faking it and comes off that way in one form or another. Stop trying and just be you and let that shine. If it (you) doesn’t feel like shining, go soak up some sun or happiness somewhere, play, this will fill you back up in order for creativity to come through you effortlessly.

    #3: Realize You Don’t Have All The Answers
    You’re not perfect, otherwise you wouldn’t have the lack of creativity. Admitting to yourself that your next creative project may need to be for you and not others is a big step to helping even more people down the road.
    You don’t have all of the answers, you have some, but more than anything, you have opinions about, or ways to look at problems. Not everyone will relate. Ask yourself the right questions, see if there are new ways you could come at a project, theme, or idea. Are there others who you’ve helped in the past, that you could offer a new problem you could write about? How can you better serve yourself to help others? Maybe your next creative project could be an open project on yourself and have others input along the way.
    Show you’re human and that you don’t have all the answers if you are okay with that. Your humanity will make you more accessible to others.
    “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

  81. Edwin

    I don’t know about you, but she scares me.

  82. Step 1. Crack open a window and let some fresh air in.
    Step 2. CRANK your favorite ♫♫ MUSIC ♫♫
    Step 3. Reflect + GET EXCITED! What gives you HOPE? What makes you GLOW? Let if fuel you with fun passionate creativity.
    Step 4. Alter Your Mind. (no…not with drugs) With your IMAGINATION! Think <<<>>> don’t get sucked into the shrinkage of stressing about this. You are MORE CREATIVE then you know! You can do this!!!!

  83. Edwin

    Interesting video, thanks.

  84. Bruce

    I find that when I get stumped for ideas I invariably come up with inspiration when I take a hot bath. And yet, my friend and colleague, (whose name coincidentally happens to be Laura Belgray), tells me that taking a bath is not so appealing because it’s basically “stewing in your own filth.”

    • That is so weird! One of my greatest friends, colleagues, and Dumb Buddies happens to be named Bruce. I collaborate with him even though he loves filthy baths.

  85. Water!!! My creative inspiration always comes in the shower or while doing dishes LOL

  86. 1. write whatever pops into your head with your non-dominant hand
    2. draw figure 8’s, all sizes, on paper, in the air, with hands, feet….
    3. go to a shop that sells essential oils and find one that clears your head 🙂

  87. Gracias Marie and team! I so needed this today.
    I’ve gotten stuck in a huge analysis paralysis vortex, even created several freebies that I never even shared with the world because I didn’t think they were original enough.

    Gonna work on getting those out there!

    • Oops, here are my 3

      1.Walk to a nearby coffee shop, notebook in hand and just jot down whatever comes to mind.
      2. Take out my sketch book and just draw (I used to draw comics) this really helps me get the juices flowing again.
      3. When the kiddo’s knock out, netflix a good comedy. 🙂

      • hello virgin, coffee shop owner allow to spend long time there to write? where are you from?

  88. UH

    Thanks for this video and thank you everyone for your great ideas! (On a meta-level Marie’s – totally legitimate – strategy was outsourcing it to her fans, i.e. us!)
    Here’s what I do:
    1. Spend some time in my pajamas at my kitchen table mind mapping stuff (sometimes I dump things on a brainstorming list prior to that).
    2. Exercise, preferably outside with no music.
    3. Dive into the materials I already have and find the missing piece of the puzzle.

  89. brian

    Some things I do when I’m ‘creatively starved’

    1. listen to other musicians
    2. go for a long drive
    3. sleep

    P.S that last part is WELL creepy

  90. Oh Belgray! You were surprisingly soothing at the end there… 😉

    Loved this and I can’t wait to check out The Copy Cure, it’s been a long time coming and it’s been fun to see it evolve and take shape since 2009 too! 🙂

  91. Great comments, I love all the dancers out there! Just last week I spent hours looking at logos then went to the beach and danced and the inspiration came for my own.
    I write in the morning when I’m fresh and just write it out. Sometimes I write on several subjects, and don’t pay attention to punctuation, I just get ideas out.
    Then I’ll go for a walk or dance or something to clear my head and go back to the words with a fresh mind.
    I’ll see what is genuine or focused and concentrate on those to develop into a blog.
    And when I am in the middle of a project the blog just writes itself in my head. I have to stop and take notes!

  92. I think there’s motivation all around us and you can always tie in world events to what you have to say. I also:
    1. related to your niche do a google search on a topic and see what other people are saying about it and then put your own twist on it
    2. get up and move- motion creates emotion
    3- go back over old posts and rework them to make them more relevant (if needed)

  93. I own an online fashion boutique, what I do is:

    1. Troll pinterest! So many new fashion trends and DIY that creative people are doing. It’s fun to see what projects people are creating, which in return inspires me.
    2. Talk to my buddy – Although my BFF is not a business partner, she sure helps me out with generating new business/marketing ideas. She’s always my go to when I feel stumped.
    3. Business Blogs – I’m constantly finding new ideas from people who have been there and done that. When I feel like throwing in the towel, I can always get motivated by trying something new for the business.

  94. Katherine

    GREAT engaging video! There is so much truth in taking an hour to be “dumb” with your team. Laughter and craziness are incredible tools to open up new directions and inspiration.

    #1: Music. Music! MUSIC! Oh and don’t forget to sing and jam out to whatever is blasting! lol
    #2: Take a walk outside. Exercise and lose yourself for a moment in the physical to clear your mind. Get your blood pumping and that oxygen to your brain. Energy breeds energy.
    #3: Shift Creative Focus: Channeling creativity into some other form. Instead of writing…play with graphics and design. If you’re stumped for design…eat, bake, cook something fun. (Then try #2 again. lol)

  95. Hello Maria
    I am on my fourth book of the Ice Dragon series and the heroine and hero Charlotte and Henry Barton-Jones. This is a good question about inspiration drying up. I like your comment about a higher intelligence. Why? Because when I am feeling uninspired, you know that feeling, Oh my God where does the story go from here?
    I simply let go, open the manuscript file and wait. Before very long the story just flows into my mind. Like Mozart said, he could not claim to have composed two notes; on his death bed he said he just took dictation. In those days not something to admit to in the middle of a carrier.
    If the story won’t come then I shut everything down and take a break for a day or two. I write several blogs too, if I get stuck I take a look at past blogs until I find a subject and then develop it. Its not repetition just a matter of developing a thread of another subject, QED. If you are script writing for your next TV program, it takes courage but the same principles may work. If not then as you say just ham it up and the crazier the better to get something great.
    My latest thriller, Tango Dragon and the Asteroid should be released probably by late June. is not my best writing although it has just been set up. I want to attract attention but not get too far ahead until I have a definite release date form the book. Then the weblog will get more interesting and open the door to an all singing all dancing professional website with bells and whistles.
    Well done with your show, you were made for it, which is why it works. It is what I call unconscious ambition.
    Best wishes
    Robert Denton

  96. Hey Marie, just wondering why you didn’t mention finding white space? I find my creative genius needs me to be free of busyness to arrive! I also find that brilliant ideas surface while doing mundane tasks (dishes, folding laundry, brushing teeth) esp if you are not begrudging the task. Whistle while you work and often your best ideas show up! Lastly, turn the radio off in your car and just think and let your mind wander while you drive-this is always great for planning! Luv my Tuesday tea time mainly cuz it involves your great videos! Always so inspiring:)

  97. Hi Marie,

    I normally just doodle, do a walk about, and completely surrender to the Universe and say: “Move me!”

    That’s my secret and normally within a few minutes or an hour. I get an answer out of the blue as a thought or a feeling.

    Hugs, Trisha. 🙂

  98. Here are my go-to’s for content creation:

    – Consume some content from those I love (i.e. Marie TV, Gabbie Bernstein, and Terri Cole). It usually sparks an off-spin idea for me!

    – Change up my environment. I have my favorite “inspiring” spots on Providence!

    – Think about what’s relevant in my own life. It’s likely that it will strike a chord with some of my readers as well.

    Happy creating! I love this site, this blog, and you Marie 🙂

  99. Loved this episode. Long time watcher, first time commenter. 🙂

    Here are my 3 go tos:
    1) Go for a run. Sometimes I just need to clear my head, and even a quick run is the best way for me to shut off my brain and open up my intuition and creativity.
    2) Phone a friend. I have a few people who are part of my “inner circle.” When I’m feeling stuck, or just want to bounce ideas off of someone, these trusted friends are my advisors and sounding board. And I return the favor to them when they need the same.
    3) The action of distraction. Do something else on my to do list, usually a mindless errand or task that will let me clear my brain and also feel like I’m accomplishing something. When I finish that task, then I can get back to whatever I was working on with better focus.
    4) Meditation. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like creating space for them to show up.

    One or any combination of these usually helps me to get back on track.

    Thanks again!

  100. Sally Ann Webb

    When ever I get into that stuck mode, I always say to myself ‘To get creative you’ve got to be creative´
    1. I go thru old magazines… just tearing out, or cutting out words and pictures and even tho they might be totally obscure, I usually come up with a host of ideas just going thru this process.
    2. I take a shower… some of my best ideas have come to me in a shower! Just have a notebook and pen ready when you get out. Or, get out write it down and get back in again.
    3. Dance, or Rebound…. I think its the bouncing up and down that does it….re-jumbles the thoughts in your brain to make up something different 😀

    • Sally Ann Webb

      Oh and meditation is always a goody too! But thats 4 😉

  101. “God is the waster and you are the faucet”…

    To turn on that faucet…

    1) Go to a coffee house (leave kids and man at home for several hours) chew on back of pen and people watch. BAM inspired
    2)Swimming laps and talking to myself out loud under water. Screaming under water too always helpful.
    3) Meditation and Chanting…direct link to the water…

  102. 1. Change locations. Sometimes just moving from the office to the living room or from the living room o a coffee shop can get the juices flowing.

    2. Set a timer and create content for 30 minutes straight. Crap might come out, but at least you’ll be getting yourself going and chances are – there will be some gold in there!

    3. Give yourself an assignment with boundaries. Anything with qualifications and limitations. For example “Write a blog post that includes a story about something that happened to you last week” or “Make a video inspired by your favorite TV show.” Oddly enough, nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than limitations.

  103. PS….I meant water not waster and not sure if I can edit!!!

  104. Love this video. This is something I think about a lot (and sometimes write about)! I think the most important thing is to keep a notebook (or notebook app) handy so you can jot down ideas as they come to you. Ideas often appear when you least expect them—on the bus, while jogging (that’s a big one for me), at an art gallery. Once you start making connections between your work and the world you just might find them everywhere!

  105. 1) Run- outside! Being outside seems to open my mind. Being stuck inside too long sometimes closes up my mind.

    2) Lay on the floor and close my eyes. Sometimes I need to see and do nothing. Like creating a blank slate in my brain. It helps me remove all the other thoughts that may be cluttering my creativity.

    3) Call 3 of the smartest people I can think of (based on the subject I am trying to be creative with), even if they have no idea who I am or haven’t heard from me in years! It works by the way, sometimes people will give me 5 of their precious time.

  106. Whenever i get stuck

    1. I get away. step away from work and do something creative I enjoy.
    2. I visit my pinterest or bookmarks. I alway come up so many ideas when I don’t have time to actually execute them, so i’ve created a folder where i jot down a sentence and save the link or picture that inspire me, my own little cheat book.
    3. Ask, If you can’t come up with something,why not ask what people want?

  107. This episode was HILARIOUS! Thanks Marie!

    My three strategies are:

    1. Listen to fun music. Moving my body and singing along, that feel good energy turns into good ideas.

    2. Read for fun. I heart books and the way they inspire me.

    3. Meet new people. A good conversation with a stranger always sparks new perspectives (and sometimes friendships).

    I think they all essentially boil down to the same thing. When I interact with others, whether it’s their art or their personalities, it gets my neurons firing. It makes me think of making babies: when two minds/bodies come together to create, some pretty cute things can happen! All the more reason to make sure we share our work with the world so that all the creative wheels can keep spinning.

  108. A good source of Content is DIScontent – there seems never to be a shortage of what people complain about.

    And of course,, the best Content breaks the cycle and points to solutions, rather than just repeating the discontent.

  109. 1. Feed the well.
    I like to listen songs, visit a gallery, do some window or grocery shopping.
    When I’m always creating, sometimes to be able to receive again is an important way to get refreshed.

    2. Move.
    Excercise, go for a walk, do some gardening. Get the blood flowing and it will get the juices going.

    3. Focus on gratitude.
    This makes me re-see the perspective that is “big” when I start to feel that I and my thoughts are “small”.

  110. 1. I take a step outside and enjoy a short walk,
    2. I state my opinion on news or updates in the Web and;
    3. I ask my peeps what they want to talk or know about.

  111. Kim

    This video is so timely and absolutely awesome!!! Thank you for being you and giving us the release to be goofy! Laughing is some of the best medicine and inspiration around. That lead me to my three things…
    1. Laughing
    2. dancing
    2. exercise


  112. SylviaCM

    My 3 creative tips:
    1- I move: run or go for a walk, outdoors “outdooring”

    2- I listen “appropiate” music classical or not

    3- I’m alone and “listen”

  113. Thank you for taking the time to talk about this topic. The video was great! Your tips are very helpful and easy to apply to my life. When I need inspiration, I do several things, but I will share some here:

    1. I go to the water and get silent. This helps to relax my mind and connects me with nature and simplicity.
    2. I talk to people, lots of people, about anything, I engage them in conversation. It shifts my thinking back on my audience – what do they need to hear from me at this time.
    3. I pop-lock and hum my own music. I might even sing a song that I make up on the spot, as I am singing. This just makes me feel good and grateful.

    Thank you!

  114. Claudia

    1. Look at someone’s blog, get inspired, and expand in your own words. Make it deeper, and applicable to your own stuff. For ex., “needing to unplug” I then write about how I would deal with the challenges to unplug step by step:-) Or how to help my kids unplug etc.
    2. I always ask my Higher Power, angel (when I remember:-) to channel material through me
    3. Think of something happy (for me a galloping horse), meditate on it for a few minutes and get to work:-)

  115. Oh, I loved this episode. Thank you Maria and all the inspiring women who commented. I was reading this to find a bit of inspiration for a talk I am giving, it was perfect. Three tips of my own:
    1. Fake it to you make it. We now have neuroscience to show that our actions change our minds, not just the other way around. So, if I pretend to be hopeful or inspired or confident, I begin to feel this way. I am also a content writer on social change issues and I find the same thing works for my readers: if I present things in a positive light we are able to accomplish more because we believe we can…
    2. You don’t have to wait until you are an “expert” to talk about issues that matter to you–indeed, when we take on or write about or talk about the unexpected, it can have more impact. The cobbler who admits her kids run barefoot kind of thing…
    3. Take a moment to connect to others in real-time: reach out directly to those that inspire you or that are your heroes. This is often hard for me, I think why would this person ever want to hear from me, I am a peon compared to them. I just try to remind myself how much I love hearing from others myself. And, just like I say in #1, if I pretend I am worth having connections with my heroes, then I will eventually believe it.

    Thank you!!

  116. So I recently launched a program helping women engage their creative energy on a regular basis (as a path to a more joyful life!) – so this is pretty perfect. I also just posted on my facebook page (and I’m now planning a post) about the Universe’s need for our expression. So yea, this is hitting really really close to home for me. Love how the Universe works things out that way!

    My go-tos when I need to get my creative juices flowing (4):
    – Physical activity – dancing is great, but also jogging and walking. Raising my physical energy totally raises all other kinds of energy I have flowing.
    – Changing my environment. Sometimes this means redecorating, sometimes it just means changing my surroundings. Your outside environs impacts your inside environs and vice versa. Shaking things up can wake up ideas in you.
    – Shifting my creative focus. So if I’m writing and feeling stuck, I’ll explore images on Pinterest, for example. If I need to create a meal but I’m not sure about what or how, I put pen to paper and free-form write. I find that getting creativity flowing in one way helps it to flow in all ways!
    – Silence/meditation/deep breathing. Centering myself helps in all things, including the creative process. It also makes it easier for me to “hear” or receive Divine Guidance on what I need to say to the world.

    Thanks for your tips and this conversation Marie!

  117. Licet

    One of the best ideas for coming up with, well, ideas, came from a professional development seminar I went to years ago for PR pros. The woman leading the seminar worked for various clients including a pharmaceutical company. She asked us right off the bat – at the start of the day, about 9am – to come up with fake names for pharmaceutical drugs. Most of us had NO clue what to write. Maybe we each wrote 3 ideas. Then we didn’t even touch the subject for hours. ….. After lunch, she asked us to do it again and the lists were FLOWIN’. Easily, 20 ideas or more per person. It’s amazing how inventive you can be WITHOUT the pressure…… She said it’s alright to just put the seed in your brain and then, without realizing it, your mind is subconsciously working on things for you. When it’s time to bring it up again, ideas will just pour out. …. This is something I have consistently used for years now. It really works.

  118. 1. I walk in the ravine and get my intuitive downloads almost every time.
    2. I meditate.
    3. Noticing what comes up for me or my clients that week and write about that.
    Getting into my body or engaging in some other creative process, often gets my content mojo revving!

  119. I love the idea of a dumb buddy- I can really appreciate how acting silly with others gets energy moving and creative ideas flowing. Similarly, dancing gets a lot of energy moving, neurones firing, happy hormones like serotonin pumping and before you know it, you’ve got boundless creativity.

    For me new inspiration comes from- going to the gym, taking a walk in nature, and being still, quiet and reflective.

    Thanks for some great ideas Marie!

  120. Funny funny episode!
    1) Watch other people being creative on YouTube (always helps my own creations start flowing).
    2) Spend some time in nature.
    3) Sex! (gives me a whole new perspective).

  121. Oh my goodness Marie! You are a freakin’ hoot! I was seriously laughing out loud!!!
    It does help to be silly, as I look forward to what kind of silliness you have coming up in your episodes!
    #2 is so true! I have been revisiting the old topics, linking up to them with new information, or videos I am now doing on them!
    Tapping into your connection with the Divine is also a good point!
    Meditate and it will come!
    Keep it up silly girl!!

  122. I look to what others have done ( -_- )
    Oddly enough, it has helped me more to look at stuff that has nothing to do with what I’m writing.

    Or I just pick a “boring” idea and try it out… and I usually figure out what I want to change or what I actually would like to do.

    3. Existential crisis. :p :l

  123. I write about health and fitness so I subscribe to Health magazine, mostly to refer to it for writing ideas. It only costs $9/year. I figure if they can come up with tons of story ideas month after month, I certainly can!

    2. I always write down when someone asks me a question, even if it’s not from my target audience which is firefighters (as long as it has something to do with health)

    3. I keep a running list of blog ideas on Trello. I use it on my phone and my computer. It’s amazing how quickly an idea can escape your head, so I get it down immediately. This lessens my anxiety about running out of content bc I know I have my running list.

    Another note: I find that many bloggers write articles that are way too long. If I am writing a blog post and it begins to require more than a little scrolling to get through it, I simply break it up into parts and call it a series. I double or triple my content from one idea all the time!

  124. Ali

    OMG Marie, that was sooo funny! You are hilarious and I have to say BRAVE, it takes courage and vulnerability to put yourself out there like that. I was trying to imagine if I could have done that and it scared me.

    Any way on to your question. I’m a fitness instructor, when I am feeling stale with my teaching or the well runs dry for newsletter ideas, I will:

    – go to someone else’s class for inspiration – I usually get one little nugget that inspires an idea in me

    – attend a conference, they have great energy and lots of ideas come up

    – read or listen to a book (self-help, fitness, wellness related), always get the juices flowing

    – go outdoors, bike ride or walk along the ocean or in the woods, clears my head and the quiet allows ideas to take hold

    – peruse the web, it’s an endless treasure trove of ideas

    Thanks again for the fun this morning!

  125. Kathryn Ortega

    Hey Marie,
    Thanks for another U-mazing video! I realized that what really helps me out when my creative juices are running out, are my friends. Your quote “clarity comes from engagement not thought” then has really changed my life.

    One of the things I do then is talk to my friends. They first help me realize, that my current problem is not serious. This I think is important because it gets you out of your head. Second they help me loosen up by doing exactly what you had said: acting dumb. We awkward dance, we watch movies, talk about really random stuff or sometimes even practice spontaneous bursts of evil laughter! The third thing I realized is that it also helps to have friends that work in completely different fields from your own because this means that you can also talk to them about why you are struggling. Sometimes the answer that is not so obvious to us was blatantly obvious to your friends.

  126. Great question…and great answers!

    When I struggle, I do some of the following:
    1) I use a running list. Some of my best ideas are when I’m not sitting in front of my computer. So, I type things into my iPhone when they come to me.
    2) I watch the news. Sometimes a new piece of news sparks ideas.
    3) I reuse my content (selectively). I often will rewrite on a topic from my books. My books are NOT republished into books, if anything, it goes the other way around.

  127. Hi Marie!
    When I feel stuck in a rut I use a variety of “unstuck” tricks, three of which are:
    1. Cleaning up and reorganizing – if my space is messy, I get uptight and being uptight doesn’t let my creativity flow. A clean workspace is just the breath of fresh air I need, usually.
    2. Just beginning the project – it might be crap but at least I’m not staring at a blank canvas/page anymore! And more often than not, letting go of expectations of perfection lets something much better than anticipated show up.
    3. I go back to the basics – instead of stressing out trying to come up with the next most brilliant thing, I go with tried and true simple recipes for success that have worked in the past. There’s a reason they worked in the past…they’ll work in the present too.

    Thanks for asking for my two cents!

  128. Lorin

    Almost peed my pants when I say the cover for this vid! LOL!

  129. When I need to recharge the creativity well the most important step for me is to ‘get out of the house’!!
    I’m and artist and I work from home – too much time on my own in my own little space seems to have a finite amount of available creative spark.

    My favourite recharging stations are:

    1. browsing in the local art gallery – seeing all the amazing things other artists are doing really ignites a creative fire in me
    2. taking books out of the local library on travel, interior design or whatever catches my eye – it’s surprising how seemingly unrelated fields can be a great source of inspiration
    3. walking on the beach or in the woods

    Thanks for this great episode Marie – it’s great to read about how other people keep the creativity flowing.

  130. Eda

    1. Singing loud, really LOUD.
    2. Moonwalk on the sidewalk OR playing “step only on the flagstone. If you stand on the line you will lose!”
    3. doing stupid things and say about this to my friends or write it and publish
    4. I had a painting with Einstein with tongue and sentence “why so serious” hanging on the wall next to my desktop 🙂 Einstein always works.

  131. My tip for “coming up with ideas”? Evernote.

    Whenever I have an idea, I write a note on the Evernote app.

    And whenever I need an idea, I can choose from all the notes 😉

  132. First of all Marie, I spit my drink out while watching – that was so “stupidly” funny!!

    Being stupid is a forte of mine…and I try to use it too! But my ideas come to me when:
    1) I’m doing any type of exercise
    2) Watching other “stupid” videos and/or shows
    3) I take some “me” time and not put so much pressure on myself.

    thank you so rock!

  133. 1. Think of the three biggest stumbling blocks you’ve had lately, how you overcame them, and how the solution might be related to your audience.

    2. Read things outside of your area of expertise and pay attention to dots that can be connected to your readers’ needs.

    3. Loosen up the reigns and allow yourself to be ridiculous when brainstorming. If you have a thought about using an analogy for UFC or writing a haiku about toilet paper, just write it down. You’re in the safety of a brainstorming session and can edit later. Quite often the “holy-shit-that’s-brilliant!” is hiding in the silly.

    • Being ridiculous while brainstorming gets a huge YES!

  134. Great tips Marie (as always). In case you guys are interested, I just came across a great post by Noah Kagan which outlines some terrific steps to coming up with more content ideas for your blog, videos, etc…


    PS. I’ve got no affiliation to Noah – just found it extremely helpful.

  135. That’s an awesome video! I used to struggle with content creation all the time! I’ve research my field in and out, and it sometimes seems that other people have already covered everything in the weight loss and health industry! And because all that info is available online, everyone should have seen or read it already…

    What a dumb mistake to do! (Talking about dumb, I should get a dumb buddy too! 😀 ) There are so many people who haven’t spent years to study nutrition and weight loss techniques.

    So here are my three to-go strategies when I need to create valuable content:

    1. I think of myself 5 years ago when I had no clue about nutrition and how to take care of myself. What would I wanted to know back then?

    2. I think of the questions that my clients, subscribers and friends ask me all the time.

    3. I think of the proven techniques that have helped me and/or my clients change their bodies and lives, and then talk about one of them at a time.

    I hope you can apply all or at least one of those techniques in your business.

    Much love,

    • I love thinking about yourself 5 years ago – genius Osha 🙂

  136. When I’m feeling “tapped out” creatively, I love to click over to free, live online workshops geared for entrepreneurs. It’s a great resource to recharge.

  137. elena

    Last week i saw a video on Tedx from the author of the book ”eat,pray,love”. She was using all the time this phrase: ”i need to go back home”. She was right that’s why it was so inspiring !!
    Home is where you feel good with youself. Home is where your heart is.
    Is there something that you love more than yourself?? What do you adore doing? Whatever it is, you have to protect it!! No matter how bad things going….it’s your home! you have to protect it!

    Try, try hard and one day you will definitely Shine !

    Now, tips i personally use are:

    1) read books!
    That put more questions in my mind, help to think things deeply and differently.

    2) be more observant!
    When i feel myself ‘stuck’ i like to go at ‘big cafes’-> more people, more things to observe. And of course it’s less likely to remark that you see them:) haha

  138. Susan

    Hi – Here are a few in addition to all your great options that also work for me. They are all variations on a similar theme – clear the mechanism:

    1] Go outside, or if stuck indoors, soft focus on something outdoors like the the patterns in branches or clouds. It’s amazing to me how simple and refreshing it is.

    2] Take a shower. Breakthroughs come in some strange packages, and this is one of them.

    3] Do something creative as long as it doesn’t have any words.
    Better if it is body-based and doesn’t require too much brainpower, like coloring in a coloring book or playing with play dough.

    All of these involve taking your poor overworked brain off the hook and letting the deeper ideas come up.

  139. #1 creative block breaker is….
    getting into Nature. Taking a walk around our local lake (3mi) or into the nearby woods clears my mind so I can tap into my flow. When i’m clear of emotional clutter ideas come as fast as I can write them down. But Nature has a way of sorting me out when my flow is blocked.

    #2 have a pow wow session with a friend where we just be girlies and chat non stop for 4 hours thinking we’d only be at it for 2. There is so much tension from unexpressed emotion and ideas when you are alone all the time. I find a good pow wow brings out my inner indian and all of a sudden I’m dancing in circles around my own creative fire!

    #3 make fabulous, passionate love to someone. The release of endorphins, whew! knocks my blocked socks off and allows a new kind of creativity to flow. Sometimes you need a good F&%k to get yer creative mojo on, don’t you agree?

  140. 1) Dare to do something that scares the crap out of you! I trained to become a volunteer radio announcer; knowing my vocal voice (rather than my writing voice) could be heard by anyone with a computer any where in the world was a blast.
    2) Trust your judgement but do something really risky. I once let a homeless guy sleep on my couch for a night, then dropped him off at the train station the next morning. Dangerous, yes; I was so nervous I barely slept. But it sure provided me with some new material.
    3) Go for a long walk with the purpose of “finding” something. I picked up a single playing card off the sidewalk one day; it was the Joker. I’m still pondering the significance of that one.
    4) Try out a new activity, even if just for one time. I’ve tried fencing, a day-long silent retreat, and Qigong. I was terrible at all of them.
    5) Get yourself a yoga ropes wall and spend some time hanging completely upside down, just thinking.

  141. “Get your own Dumb Buddy” . . .

  142. I meant to quote, “Get your own damn Dumb Buddy.” Priceless . . .

  143. Aphelia

    Great video again!!
    I too have a dumb buddy. She’s amazing and we kinda do silly things.
    I often do that in my business. People get stressed a lot but i always try to make them laugh… I’m not a clown… Yet but people are more creative when they feel happy.:)
    My dumb buddy just bought me an Animal( from the muppet show) pen. Makes me laugh anytime 🙂

    Thanks for this great video!!

  144. I have a list of over 100 topics and anytime I think of a new topic and don’t have time to write the blog I add it to the list. Also, if you don’t have that are are just getting started, ask your followers what they want to hear about!

  145. Marie, you call it acting-being dumb to spur creativity > my version is just to have fun which raises the vibration level towards reaching the creative zone. All the same.

    Being creative is just having and exercising that muscle to get results. The more you practice the more its perfected.

    You are also right in that ideas get recycled, re-purposed, and reworked for new angles and audiences in the proper time and place.

  146. Having just finished B-School, it is such a lovely surprise ON TOP OF our bonus materials, to have this fab fun MarieTV episode come to my inbox- it gets me all revved up even more!

    My ways to keep fresh mostly involve simply stepping into a completely different space:

    1. Walking, moving, driving even: just moving from one place to another- preferably with a stimulating view, and observing nature- this helps me get my brain realigned, and thus able to channel the creativity again. (Yes- dancing also helps, if it’s raining and I don’t want to go outside!)

    2. Train-of-thought outpourings: a step up from automatic writing, but any method of emptying the mind when it is full: for me it usually involves writing a few pages in my favourite big red A4 card-backed notebook, of a morning, over a coffee and croissant with myself in my favourite coffeeshop. 🙂

    3. Scribbling: making shapes, colours, lines, and allowing them to form into ideas or solid things. This is how I start most paintings <3

    I love the concept of being silly, thank you Marie! This helps me get out of my tendency to take things very seriously, when I have a big important-feeling concept coming to the surface and wanting to express itself.
    ìMany of my ideas are around how to free up peoples' creative power in the everyday, and I get caught in a sense of urgency and worry about being responsible for fixing the world, all by myself 😉 so it is wonderful to be reminded to take the P out of oneself 😀 Heheheh! One of THE most important things in having a big happy influence in the world HAS to be lightness of being!

  147. Cynthia Baltimore-Hutson

    OMG! Marie you are soooooo silly! And I love it! When I need to be inspired I:
    1. Take some quiet time to pray. Then most importantly, I listen to what is downloaded into my soul, then take action on it.
    2. I go to sleep asking and thinking about the fact that I need inspiration. I always wake up with ideas.
    3. Ask somebody. Talk to people, especially little kids and older people.

    • Hey Cynthia! Sleeping + request for ideas = awesome. Our subconscious minds are so powerful.

  148. Oh that dumb doll piece was so deliciously dumb, thank you!!! I often get tripped up on wanting to sound smart ( which I am:P) but it really gets in the way of play and creativity. In fact, I have to write for my blog right now so I’m going to take a dance break right now and shake some silly shizzle out of me:) thanks for being so real Marie!

  149. Rummana

    Thank you so much Marie, Here’s what I do to keep myself creative: if I need to write an article, I do something different (before I write, I work with my hands, I am fond of crafts, I like felting, I work with a needle and make felted jewelry as I read this interesting fact : when we do some work with our hands, the ideas come to our mind in the process of doing it, 2) I read other magazines and other sources, and there I find my ideas, 3)I do some routine stuff, like washing the dishes, or washing the floor and at that moment something brilliant can visit me.

  150. Yikes, forgot my three strategies . . .

    1. MOVE! My daily lone beach walks are where I sort out life. Along the way I often run into a writer friend, a retired teacher/activist friend and other colorful creatures that totally inspire me. I also will garden, do yoga, dance, jump on my mini trampoline, cook, clear clutter and clean the house.
    2. DO something creative . . . for me that’s almost always photography but I also sew or mend.
    3. MATERIAL. Read/listen/watch motivational material. I love Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo but there is a plethora of material on YouTube to draw from as long as I’m not using it as an excuse to procrastinate. I also write and mind map. I keep an ongoing list of all of the things I want to do in life. No boundaries.

  151. Jan

    One of my favorite movies is First wives club with Goldie hawn. There is a scene where she is on the stair stepper and says “I get my best ideas working out’ Sure enough she does I find this to be true and now carry my phone on all my walks To record any Idea that pops into my head

  152. Janet Marie Petty

    Creativity I breathe…being silly is intrinsic and I could use some “dumb buddies” even one, but with follow-through as I struggle with taking on too much without being able to consistently judge how much time it requires to complete “it”.
    So it’s a dance or process of slowing down the head, pausing (like those annoying red lights) to regroup and take another step by step.SO B-School is the bomb I have much to apply, s.l.o.w.l.y
    Love you

  153. I have two mantras I use. One is from Jay Abraham:
    “If you fail to acknowledge and respect the worth of what you have done, what you do, and how much more you can be doing for your clients … if you don’t respect and revere that, it’s shameful. If you do respect and revere that, you have a causal purpose to do even more. And also to help your clients appreciate it so they can understand the significance of what it has meant to their lives.” If this is not working, I try this one from another source:
    “The consciousness of a victorious human life on earth is born of that creature faith that dare to challenge each recurring episode of episode of existence when confronted by the awful spectacle of human limitations, by the unfailing declaration: Even if I cannot do this, there lives within me someone who can and will do it, a part of God. And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even your faith.
    If that doesn’t work I take a nap, read, or goof off.

  154. Nina Parr

    I am not sure why, but just getting out into the sun gives me the burst of energy I need to start writing and creating amazing content. All of that Vitamin D coursing through my veins is just the jolt I need sometimes.

    Other than that, LOVE movies for inspiration, since most of the time they are a great escape from reality – so you can really think outside the box when you see a movie.

    Sometimes I just need to talk it through with someone over a glass of wine. I am not going to actually write everything down at the table, but I do take notes when inspiration hits.

    Another great episode, Marie – as always! Your doll is pretty creepy though, hahah!

  155. Great topic! I own a product-based business and when I get stuck, my trick is to go shopping or to go to craft fairs. It’s a great to get a sense of what is trending and scope out how people are merchandising, etc. Plus, you get to go for a walk. Also, I like going to events and meeting people who are not in my industry. Sometimes, it’s just the thing I need to think differently about my product and company.

  156. 1) I say a prayer. I ask for the ability to get out of my own way and serve as best I can. When it’s not about me, creativity is much easier.

    2) I color. I really do. Recently when I was sick in the hospital my husband bought me a huge Disney princess coloring book + a set of 152 crayons which made me a big hit among the doctors and nurses. Gotta tell you, it helped a lot. I didn’t want to give up on working just because I was sick but it’s not easy, of course, to keep the creativity (or even the give-a-damn) flowing when you’re, ya know, a human pin cushion who has to report how many times they’ve gone to the bathroom every day. So breaking out my coloring book and figuring out exactly what color Cinderella’s latest gown should be was a distraction, and a way to center myself and de-stress. Silly/”childish” methods do help!

    3) I just write and write and write. It doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t even have to make sense. But I have to turn on the “faucet” in order to get anything out. And I find that once I do, creativity becomes easier and the writing gets better. So I open up a Word doc and just let it go until something good comes out.

  157. Thank you so much Marie for this great site and especially this post. I totally agree about the physical movement, and the ‘it’s okay to re-cycle material at times’ is a revelation to me – just giving myself the permission to do it and not be a perfectionist slave-driver of myself has cheered me up and enthused me no end.

    Here are my three main tactics when I get stuck: [As well as TRYING to do a meditation every morning]….

    Go walking….then come home and read over old notes and diaries or look at photographs….then start scribbling – don’t worry if it’s crap (great word!) – it will start to make sense eventually, just keep doin’ it, you can edit and polish later.

    Thanks and all the best 🙂

  158. One of my favorite things to do is to “parody” or respond to someone else’s content that fires me up in some way. Rather it’s negative or positive, it’s a great way to get out of my own head and just go by passion.

    Another thing I do is to ask a friend, or a kid to tell me what they’d like to learn or what they’re inspired by and just re-work it for my own personal gain.

    And sometimes I will blatantly steal a story from my kids or my life or something I’ve watched on TV or read in a book and just muster up the bit of relevance I can find, in relation to my topic of choice.

    That’s all I got.

  159. I luurve this Miss Marie, its so spot on and the tip on giving ourselves permission to be dumb has really clicked! i tend to give A LOT of free content to my clients and email list an di tend to wanna give differnewt stuff on my social media updates, blogs and newsletter..i want each part of my audience to get something unique so your ideas really helped..

    other things i do to get creative..

    1. i remember and tune in to things i read or quotes i love or scenarios from inspirational people i found out about and draw the lessons from them to write about..

    2. i think of all the things/ideas/values/concepts/ i feel passionate about and break down their valuable meaning to write about them. i often get more than 1 thing from each idea to write about.

    3. i get inspiration from visual things around me, graffiti, landscapes, people, a scene on the bus and literally draw inspiration to write about..the world is full of that kind of stuff and i feel so alive to notice and then reflect on that stuff. The same from audio input, music, as well as various other forms of art.

    X mwah

  160. I write the Creativity Blast Blog about ideas to rediscover and reclaim your creativity. My three favorite tips are:
    1. Make lists – than add to them. If you can think of 5 topics, keep going til you have 10.
    2. I call it Mind Storming – a combination of mind mapping and brain storming – lots of scribbling, arrows and using of multi-colored pens. Then use that the template for your action list.
    3. Take a walk out doors to refresh your spirit and your body. Round the block is enough. I take my phone, sometimes read, but often find myself dictating ideas as I go.

    Marie left out her own best tip – ask your audience for their questions! How can Q&A Tuesday ever run out of topics?

    • Ooh, I wanted to add that having things planned in advance is a huge help to me. I have my weekly Creativity Blast blog topics set through until February of next year, AND my Work In Production topics on my Résumé Review business blog set through then too – created in one long and fruitful list making session – and it is sooooo freeing. Now all I have to do is write the blogs, with a quick bit of research if needed.

  161. This video was perfect for me. I am new to blogging and often times what I want to say and write about just doesn’t sync if that makes sense.

    How I get inspired
    (1) check out other bloggers, websites and YT videos for inspiration
    (2) journalling
    (3) sitting still and meditating

    Thanks for the video! So funny and helpful 🙂

  162. Alexia

    The #1 thing that I do when I feel creatively stuck is get outside and sweep the leaves!

    Seems strange, I know, but something about the combination of getting outside, sweeping the leaves away and making a beautiful area really clears my head. It’s kind of like the all the leaves are my thoughts and as I organise the leaves I also get clear on what I’m thinking about.

    Alexia 🙂

  163. Raquel

    Hi Marie,
    A mind running out of creative ideas, is like a train running into a brick wall. It stops running! You have to back off and change directions. Instead of hitting your head against the wall, you take a pause, rest a few minutes or do some other activity and then return to your pursuit.
    Here is a great tip: whenever you run into a wall in your mind, your eyes tend to get focused in a certain direction. If you broke the fixation of the eyes, your mind would get loose and start running again. Here is a simple exercise to break the fixation of the mind:
    Role your eyes three times. I like rolling my eyes clock wise, but maybe some people would feel more comfortable rolling their eyes counter-clockwise.
    Have a creative day. Raquel

  164. DawnD

    Hilarious! Best one yet. Except now I have the DumbBuddy song repeating in my head…..

  165. Jacquie

    Thank you for that…I swear I busted a gut!

  166. Thanks Maries again, just so perfect and so relevant for the situation I am in, even if not, I just think you are so super onto it!!

    You make us feel your right here with us every step of the way, and feeling of not watching the video at no cost and being a part of your community make me feel bad… You are so Valuable Marie! and you definitely make a huge difference in everyone’s lives, and it’s simply just being YOU!

    Thanks again

    Can’t wait for your next videos… hehe no pressure ( Jokes) …. even if you were singing in the video, or doing something crazy I’ll still watch yah! haha

    Mary Williams

  167. To fill my creative well I go for walks in nature.

    I go for a walk with and/or pay full attention to my child – kid’s are so able to delight in what’s present right then and there. Tapping into that helps to fill the well.

    And finally, I love the Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron. Her morning pages and prompts always have something to stir up the juices.

  168. There are so many good ideas here. I have to try them.
    Three things that work for me are:
    1) Clearing my head: I stop and pay attention to the other things I might have on my mind and I either write them down and set a time for me to address it or I address it immediately. This helps me to regain focus.
    2) Beyoncé: Beyoncé always inspires me to be creative!
    3) The beach: Being near the ocean automatically makes me feel free and opens up my creativity.

  169. Thanks, Marie this was great. I love the be silly tip. I’m working on allowing myself to embrace the silly.

    This is what I do to keep creatively inspired:

    1. Break Out from My Daily Routine – Sometimes inspiration is aloof because I haven’t given it space & an invitation to show up. It can be as simple as walking on the other side of the street to see the world in a new way.

    2. Get Out of My Echo Chamber – I’ll seek out what the “other side” is saying and up to. Outrage can be a wonderful inspiration & motivator.

    3. Engage with Nature & Other Forms of Culture – Go for a walk. Read that book I’ve been meaning to get to or visit that museum.

    4. Practice Self-Compassion & Self-Care – Creativity doesn’t live in judge/harsh environments.

    5. Get to Work Away – Sometimes, the work is in the work itself. Creativity begets creativity. Often, I just have to get back to work.

  170. My top 3 creative idea muses:
    1. Vacation: For some reason whenever I go on vacation it ends up being work on a new idea. I think being in that fresh new environment sparks something.
    2. Nature Walks: I have a few places I go near home where ideas get a flow’n. Always!
    3. Listening to someone ramble on and on about whatever: This is a big one for me. It’s probably kind of rude but, whenever some one starts rambling on about something my brain starts rolling out the ideas for my business. I still listen to the person but now I want to bask in my new ideas!
    Awesome stuff by everyone. This was a great vid! As usual though. 😉

  171. Erin Ginkel

    1) I think of the conversations I just had with my friends. I look at the advice that I gave…or talked about passionately.
    2) I find a quote that sparks my interest off FB or Twitter and write about it…just let it come through me.
    3) I look at old journal entries…when I felt passionate about something or got to really writing about a topic and pull an idea from there.

  172. Such a good question. Everyone feels blocked sometimes. When I’m feeling tapped out of good ideas I like to
    1) Step out of what I’m doing shift gears into other things. This usually sparks an unlikely fire.
    2) Look at what others outside of my industry are doing. Often we feel like we have to do what other people in our industry are doing but mixing it up can really turn some heads.
    3) Sleep on it. Someone else said this but it’s a really good one.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  173. 1. Meditation
    2. Taking a day away from devices (computers, etc)
    3. Move (I agree with Marie on this one)

    I find that creative insights arise spontaneously when I get out of my head.

  174. Cassidy Davis

    This is going to sound SO looney…. But go with me. I believe our most creative selves, our genius, lies in our unconscious… And a lot of our unconscious lies in our bodies. SO… Sometimes when I’m feelin stuck, I pretend like my mind is my “stuck self” and my body is the “self with the answers.” I literally picture a goddess energy in the middle of my gut… And I ask her what to do next. I wait, I listen, I feel… And suddenly, she will tell me the answer. She alwayssss knows the answer. I told you it was looney!!! But “self with the answers” told me to write this 😉 xoxo!!!

  175. ah so many good ones already shared!

    1. I step away and move, movement helps my brain flow, even walking
    2. go outdoors, I used to take my children outdoors to shift their moods and it works for me too
    3. stop trying so hard and surrender to silliness, that usually will bring a new perspective

    love your videos Marie, they are always delightful and engaging!

  176. Here are a couple of nuggets I am using as we speak 🙂

    1. Meditate, meditate meditate…whether it is on my own or with a guided meditation (YouTube is a great resource). It gives me some more breathing room for the flow to come through. Who couldn’t use that…right?!

    2. I have been setting attainable goals and once achieved I spend the rest of my day setting & preparing for the next days goals. I love the feeling when I wake up and know that I have done so much already for my days tasks that it doesn’t feel like work and I will usually exceed my goals. If only all jobs were this loving and helpful 😉

    3.Switch gears and allow some other thoughts, activities or nothing at all to come into my awareness. I have done this and woken up days later with a head full of awesomeness!!

    4. MEDITATE!!!

    5.Positive self affirmations are always nice little additions to life..

  177. 1. I always trust that ‘ anything I think is current, relative or interesting, others will also.’
    2. Clean or organize something. Do one or a few of those tasks you know you have to do but were ‘putting off’. Get the easy shit done and it is AMAZING how much room it leaves for creativity and ideas to flow. It
    3. Ask people in your sphere what they have been thinking about or are concerned about and then put your spin on it.
    Bonus. Turn off the TV and turn on TED talks. It never fails to inspire me to think about things I hadn’t before and realize I am not the smartest person in the world.

    • Fred, cleaning is a great idea! I’ve never thought to do that before. And TED talks are ALWAYS a great way to light my fire. Thanks for the reminder!

  178. Love this! The idea of “recycling” ideas is something I hadn’t really thought of before… sheesh!
    I worry about being able to consistently create content, but it seems that the more I do, the easier it gets. My top three creativity-boosters:
    1. Get away from my work area. I need to refresh every hour or so, and it’s good for my body and my mind to take a breather. If it’s nice and I get to go outside, even better.
    2. Find inspiration. I try to listen to, read, see, visit, and appreciate inspirational stuff as much as possible. It’s actually a big piece of my workday schedule. It doesn’t even have to be in the same category as my work – I can see some beautiful photographs of nature that fill me up even when what I’m doing is writing about eating better. 🙂
    3. Let myself off the hook . If I really can’t write, like, it’s just not coming and I’m forcing it and it just… sucks… I pull out my personal journal (no work allowed) and write in there. Once I can get my mind out of the way and get into the flow of writing, I can usually switch back over to the writing notebook and get a lot done!

  179. 1 – Drop it like it’s HOT!
    Stop. Walk away. Banging on and tearing your hair out is not productive, give yourself a well earned break to clear your frustrations!
    2 – Embrace Mama Nature!
    Get outside, enjoy some fresh air and marvel at the beauty around you – it’s super inspiring if you take the time to look!
    3 – Start Small.
    When you come back, start on something small and unrelated. Draw a picture, write a letter to a friend, get your creativity flowing before moving onto the big stuff!

  180. 1 Gather knowledge
    2 Talk to someone
    3 Meditate or
    4 Take a walk in nature.
    5 Breathe deeply and relax
    6 Intuition cannot be forced
    7 listen to your guides ancestors and the universe
    8 you can be a clear channel if you just allow it to happen
    9 Write down you dreams and insights

  181. It’s funny – I hear this a lot about having trouble coming up with content, but I’ve never had this problem! I come up with a new idea for content or copy or a blog almost every day. I have a 16 page document teeming with ideas. I could wax poetic on emotional eating and diet-free weight loss day in and day out.

    However, I wouldn’t miss this video for the world. haha. Anything from you, Marie, is priceless. <3

  182. Hi Marie,
    i can certainly relate to this. Infact wrote a blog post a few months ago by adding dance to the mix! Even included a fab video from youtube, to encourage my readers to get up and do a boogy right then and there. Love the silliness too. x

  183. I try to combine things to come up with entirely new meanings. I also try to use objects that were not meant for their original purpose. I also take a concept or philosophy and try to either turn it on its head or argue with it.

    • 1-Doing inversions! Blood flowing to my head brings clarity and new ideas forth! Some of my best creations have come from bring upside down 🙂
      2- Gardening 🙂 digging and planting new seeds really helps with setting intentions, turning over new ground helps me sift through old ideas and often times ground me.
      3- colouring and doing crafts with my 4 year old little girl.

      Thank you for this hilarious video and keep them flowing 🙂

  184. Loved this episode! Marie, hold on to your hat (or dumb buddy) while you watch this one go viral 😉 Being a graphic designer, this episode really resonated with me, though I have found many strategies for dealing with it over the years. Here’s a few:

    1. Always, always carry some sort of note taking device on you (evernote changed my life here) as you never know when creative inspiration hits. when it does, make a note!

    2. Move! It’s bizarre how mental and physical constipation seem to be interlinked. If you’re feeling stagnant, get out for a short walk (and again take that note taking device with you.)

    3. There is an absolute abundance of places to look for inspiration on the magical interweb! Let other’s creativity spark yours!

    4. Sleep on it. I find it amazing how often I can see an obvious solution to a problem I spent way too long on the previous day unsuccessfully resolving, after a good night’s sleep.

    5. Don’t take life too seriously! You’ll never get out alive!! muuuwaahhaaa!

  185. Nic Rose
    As an artist, my number one rule is – don’t be your own judge – at least not at the beginning. There are 4 stages to creativity:
    1. be a researcher – go and get ideas and be inspired
    2. be an artist – go and create ideas from that research
    3. be a judge – (important this only come after 1 and 2 and not at the same time) – be a smart judge – judge what ideas would work and how.
    4. finally – be a gladiator – go forth and conquer with inspiration, clarity and a plan.

  186. Vanessa

    1. Go to the beach alone, without disruptions (no phone), breathe read and a great book.
    2. Have lunch with a friend and ask some different questions, such as “What would you love to do if money wasn’t an issue?”. You’d be surprised what you’ll learn about someone, insanely awesome hobbies/interests and you might even create some momentum for them to do more of the things they enjoy.
    3. Flick through “where children sleep” and get some perspective in your life. It centres me and reminds me I have potential and the resources to make my own choices.
    These 3 things are always sure to put me in the creative mind frame.

  187. This episode was amazing! It was silly and funny yes, but it really encouraged my heart and I feel not alone in some way, as I think about the fear of not knowing what to say and how “everything has been done already” when it comes to coming up with content and ideas.
    For me, when I need to recharge and refocus to do the following~

    1. Do what I love for fun ~ I grab my camera and get outside and take photos of what inspires me now. Bright colorful blooms, old doors and windows or adventure around my town where I live. It seems to calm me and remind me of what matters most.

    2. Work-out ~ getting my energy flowing helps to clear the cobwebs of my mind and I instantly feel centered and hopeful again, even empowered if I have the right dance music to inspire my mood.

    3. Go to the beach! I love the beach and it helps me to just slow down, be still and just BE!

    I love all that you shared today and appreciate all that you are! Thanks for what you do and all the love and support.

    Love, love, love

  188. Shanika Journey

    Well, I learned that I have TOO many ideas. Probably because I find an a-ha and get ideas from so much. As a cartoonist, I was taught to find ideas from:

    1. The things I LOVE to do for fun (play games, go for long walks in the park, play with my son)

    2. Get inspired by others doing the craft/hobby/passion I love most – which is cartoons for me. I’ll watch my fave cartoon a few minutes or study how a cartoonist created his latest drawing or animation. I always get ideas by watching others in craft share their stuff so I can test an idea or two on my own thing and see how it works.

    3. Read fiction books. Nothing jolts the imagination more than stories that involve me… well, using my imagination! I read comic books growing up and still read some pre-teen books because I have to imagine those stories playing out in my mind. This helps me not only stretch my imagination. It also helps me become a better storyteller.

    4. Make sure to laugh at least 10 times a day. I do silly things like make my own theme song when I drive, have dance contests with my 2 year old, and say off the wall things to make my family and friends laugh from time to time. My family are people that love to laugh and that’s what makes the tough things easier to handle. So I agree with Marie on that part – do some silly stuff. It does bring up cool ideas when you least expect it and often.

  189. There are 3 things I do that can really help the creativity to flow.
    1. Take a nap in the middle of the day.
    (This allows my ideas to percolate and come together without me effecting)

    2. Take a walk in the woods.
    (This always stimulates my creativity, and by the end of my walk I’m energized and excited with new ideas to manifest)

    3. Clean my workspace.
    (Sometimes the new project isn’t quite ready to happen, and preparing and cleaning up my work area gives it fertile ground to root it when it’s time)

  190. Therese

    1. I keep an ongoing list of topics and record some comments on my phone. I never seem to be short of ideas.
    2. Watch people! – Who can’t get inspired when you take a moment to stop and watch people?
    3. Send out a survey to friends, family, readers, etc and ask a few open ended questions about the topic that you are an expert on. There’s at least a months worth of topics right there.

  191. Michele

    Great post as always Marie, thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    Here are 3 ways that ideas come to me
    1. While swimming, I’m in motion and it’s very quiet
    2. From observing people, I often see things that people do and I love to tell a story about it.
    3. Walking on the beach

  192. Great Sharing! I do most of what you listed – keep a notebook, allow myself to be dumb, listen to what people are asking me in person. I also, read all sorts of things, mostly magazines because the information keeps evolving.
    I also do channel surfing and make a point of stopping on shows which i wouldn’t normally watch just to open myself to something new.
    P.S. Thanks for hooking me up with Steve Pressfield via your interview. I’m a big fan of his now.

  193. Gabriel ... Of the Night

    Marie!!! That was super duper dumb! And I loved it!!! It’s amazing how you can go from crazy, silly chick to super serious in a heartbeat. Well done, kid … well done.

    Anyhoot, when I have writers block or when I feel like I just can’t think of what to talk about, I Google a dumb word. Something like “Fraggle.” Then I see pictures of crazy things and it usually triggers something to blog, talk, or type about.

    Another thing you can do is listen to music. I like to tune in to jazz. Then my mind races into some sort of a feeding frenzy. I just pick a random thought out of the madness and wala! I’m back in business. Sweet.

    Finally, numero tres. I simply go outside and observe. You would be surprised what’s out there! (o;

    Have a great day!!


    PS. I can’t wait to see next Tuesday’s vid!

  194. Hi Marie,
    I need to be in a calm non anxious state to get inspired for ideas. I need to feel happy and not scared or feeling negative emotions like self criticism or judgement.

    So my list to get creative:
    1. take my dog for a walk
    2. vegetable garden
    3. self esteem booster (reading, cooking, massage, being true or any activity that makes me happy)


  195. Since you mentioned being dumb…I usually gobble up everything from your blog, b-school and other nuggets of wisdom you share but I’ve been really confused about your really strong recommendations on The War of Art book. I have seen it mentioned a few times and when you talked about in on a recent office hours call I downloaded it right then and listened to it in one sitting. I tried my hardest to connect it to real life situations but it just didn’t click. It wasn’t until now that I clicked the book link above for one final check that I realized I had been reading The Art of War by Sun Tsu this whole time and not The War of Art.

    Now that my dumb moment (that lasted a month) is over, I’m going to finally read the right book LOL.

  196. Elsa Alexandra

    Hi Marie, I love that quote by Marianne Williamson! Actually my ONE big strategy where it comes to creativity is related to that. I have figured-out that, somehow, I am the most creative at dawn, around 3-7am. So if I need to get something creative done, I wake-up (ridiculously, I grant you!!!) early and just pour my heart out on a sheet of paper for as long as the creative vein is on!
    So my tip is:
    Step 1: Figure-out what your most creative hours are in a day. Experiment around to see what works best for you.
    Step 2: Make sure to schedule your creative assignments in a way that matched your most creative hours.
    Good luck!

  197. This was a fun episode to watch, as well as informative. thanks for all the tips!

  198. Michelle

    I hate you Marie Forleo for putting that crazy song in my head!!! I can´t get it out!! 😉 (just kidding of course, I love you but the song…Oh the agony!!! That´s a real creativity stopper! Better get out for a walk to get more creative juices flowing again and listen to some music to get another song in my head!)

  199. I’m a songwriter. This is a good topic. When you think about it, there are millions of love songs & break up songs out there & yet people have found different ways of saying the same thing. I mostly pull from my own experience. Here are some things I do to get song ideas:

    1. Listen to other music. If I really like a song I might think to myself, “What’s a different way of saying this using my own experience &/or hopes?” and I’ll come up with something completely different even though I may have started with the same idea.

    2. If I have a subject that I want to write about (or if I’ve been given a subject by a composer) & I’m coming up empty, I research it online & read poetry about it. That helps with finding a specific vocabulary, even if it only helps find one word it might be an image word that’s crucial to the song. I never plagiarize (that’s just bad karma) but I do get inspiration from others.

    3. I constantly write down ideas or record them into my phone as soon as they come to me. I’ve gotten better at backing up phone memos after my phone got stolen & I lost months of ideas. If I hear a line on TV or read something that I like, I write it down right away & transform it in my own words & make it singable. A lot of things will remind me of stuff that’s happened in my own life & bring back memories. All fuel for the fire.

    4. I know I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare – it just has to get a message across in a way that’s enjoyable for the listener.

    5. I write down all my dumb ideas. This is very important. There are lines that I know are just too stupid or cheezy to go into a song but I write them down anyway cuz they lead me to other, better lines. I used to not write them down for fear that someone might go through my notebooks one day & think, “What was she thinking? This is terrible!” And I would get blocked. It would completely stop the creative process & I’d give up & the song would die right there. Now that I’ve learned to just keep flowing I get a lot more written. Someone once compared it to a dirty water hose. You turn the faucet on & the first thing that comes out is nasty, dirty, muddy water but then once that’s out, the clean, clear water comes out so you get to the good stuff.

    6. Get specific. You can’t fit an entire 5-year relationship into a 3-minute song (nor should you – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”) so I might break it down into tiny topics – specific moments in time – like something an ex once said to me & my feelings about that or the day I left him & what I went through or what it was like when we first met & everything was thrilling & new. Then I try to use as many image words as I can & try to make them rhyme which isn’t always easy.

    7. I listen to free songwriting workshops on YouTube. I think we can always improve. Yes, some of them are duds but every now & then you’ll get a new piece of information that you can integrate into your songwriting process. has a lot of free classes on tons of different subjects.

    Happy idea hunting!

  200. On the spiritual side, I set an intention (say to open up to new ideas or ways of sharing relevant content for existing and soon-to-be followers), ask Spiritual Helpers and Guides to send me my daily “download,” which I receive as if absorbing a brief infusion of sweet nectar, I then express my gratitude for the download and “zip it up,” (run my fingers up from my pubic bone to my lower lip, along that central vessel, as it’s called in Chinese Medicine) and affirm my intention to use this fully for the benefit of all, and then use my non-dominant hand to do a bit of journaling, to tap the creative side of my brain. I’ll also put on Eastern Indian Ragas and just move my body to the unfamiliar music as way to allow something new to move through me and be articulated non-verbally.

    • Pam

      I love your intention-setting practice! I’m going to borrow it for sure!

  201. This is such a fun way of looking at something so boring and feared. It totally works, now I’m worried I’ll start typing the same way Marie talks, it’s just contagious!

    My one, two, three is to read every day and keep the best content-inspiring links right in my website backend.

    I’ve created a Facebook Home Page monster by liking, un-liking, following and un-following the best and the worst-suited content. Now, this does not only help me become an expert in my topics (work and home; Russian politics and economics; long-term travel) but also creates a one-stop-shop for all the things I need to read on the go.

    When done with reading, I add a few links to the greatest online content to my WordPress backend, with a few notes and a working title, in case I ever need it. This means I already have almost 200 unpublished articles, which will come to light one day (and they do, one by one).

  202. 01. Go to competitors Blogs
    02. Search YouTube videos and convert video to text or other format of content
    03. Watch Shark Tank, Dragons Den and get some new ideas that rejected and find solutions for those ideas.

  203. Ooh, I loved this!

    For my part, I:

    1. Try and think of what’s happened in my week – and whether I can relate it to my topic (networking). I often won’t write the actual story of what happened in the blog, but just thinking about my recent experience can trigger an idea

    2. Brainstorm, writing down EVERY idea that comes to me, no matter how silly-seeming

    3. hold solo ipod dance parties in my office.

  204. Such a creepy doll! Loved it!

    Okay, three things I do when I feel my creative well is running dry:
    1. Get outside. Go for a walk, sit on the grass, talk to the birds (no, they haven’t talked back…yet), anything outside!
    2. Just get out some art supplies (whether it be paint, fabric, etc.) and just play…with no specific goal, other than having fun!
    3. Stop trying to be creative and just be! When there is no pressure, creativity comes naturally.

    Great video!

  205. When I am strapped for content for my blog or newsletter, here’s what I do…
    1-Listen to music…something always comes from a line in a song
    2-Go out and do some “people watching” especially at the airport…it’s always easy to make up the story of where people are going, who they are with or something they do is so “interesting” it becomes a blog post
    3-Remember your “why” and that takes you back to what you love and what you want to share with others.
    Thanks Marie….love this episode

  206. Marie you are so right about the GO PRO scenario. When we rebranded and relaunched our new web site we decided to commit to 1) Tuesday 9 things for fun post and 2) Thursday beefier commentary on the Tuesday post. We divide it up between our team members to take the pressure of me all the time and we sit down the last Friday of the month to plan the month ahead. This is key! Although it is early days….we haven’t slipped and continue to find ways to bring content that our audience wants in our own ways (on brand). Committing although scary and requires planning, is a huge part of it.

  207. Thanks for the video, Marie! I ask myself this question all the time, especially in the last few months. Lately, when stuck in the creative doldrums, I’ve been trying to shake up my routine and exercise the art of paying attention. Often, that means that I:
    1. Read. Something totally unrelated to what I’m working on and outside of my area of expertise. Books are best.
    2. Explore. Preferably a place I’ve never been (even if it’s just to the shop across town that I’ve been saying I’ll get to “one of these days”).
    3. Listen. Eyes closed, windows open/headphones on/speakers up. Birds, wind, tunes, or a brilliant speaker–any or all will do as long as I focus with my ears.

    • Great video Marie 🙂

      1. Walk it out! Sometimes I feel it is not a lack of creativity, but my own mind blocking the flow. Getting out of my physical work space and walking helps shift the creative tide.

      2. Synthesize. Much of the time we compartmentalize our lives, but I find that bring together my experiences together breaks new ground. I might add an art piece or poetry to a dry academic paper (of course not randomly; rather, one that emphasizes an important point).

      3. Explore. Through interacting or watching with other’s content (e.g., watching and commenting @MarieTV ;)) new perspectives arise.

      Thanks for all ya do.


      Genni L. Hester.

  208. I’m still cracking up. Thank you for that great laugh which I needed but also bringing home the idea that it’s OK, even generative to get silly, and when appropriate, put your “silly me” out there for others to see.
    When I get stuck, I take a walk, dance or physically move in some way, or wash the dishes, or allow myself to daydream for awhile usually watching the birds out the window and letting the mind drift.

  209. I love this 🙂 especially the last part where Laura goes wicked. LOL made my day

  210. Pam

    When I feel creatively tapped out I use the following tools:

    1) Pray & meditate. I surrender to a higher power and ask for guidance in carrying out the path chosen for me through intuition and inspiration. Then I meditate to quiet my thoughts and become open to receive such guidance. Sometimes a creative idea comes right away and other times, not yet, but I always feel peaceful, calm, supported and loved afterwards which are perfect conditions for being creative!

    2) I dance. It just helps to get the sillies out!

    3) I check out what other people in my industry/network are doing. Do they have content I can add to? Sometimes looking at other people’s content sparks something inside of me to learn more about a topic and how it relates to my company which I can then share. Thinking of others in my industry as teammates instead of competitors goes a long way 🙂

  211. Hi Marie – LOVE this episode! I learned a LOT in B-school about pulling content. Most of what I have to add here is just piggy-backing off of what you’ve already taught me.

    3 Additional Strategies I use or am inspired by to produce content:

    1. Make a list of “hot” words for your brand or services. For mine, three might be “expression”, “assertiveness”, and “introvert.” I pay attention to any and EVERYthing relating to those hot words, regardless of industry. Magazines, TV Shows, Pinterest boards, Instagram, etc. I evaluate the context of how they’re being used in those places & it often inspires an article or several even. “Do not be industry incestuous.” ~Marie Forleo

    2. Brain Pickings by Maria Popova. My goodness, that newsletter & site is PACKED with content that has everything to do with topics I (and my right person) loves, from psychology to research to sociological studies. I’m CONSTANTLY using quotes, notes, & research from this website & newsletter to inspire article after article and building on the premises presented there. It’s amazing!

    3. Books. Reading, reading, & more reading. I get SO much inspiration from reading book after book, whether it’s focused on relationships, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, or something else.

    I think my new rule has become looking outside my industry. It activates the innovative side of me I really love, and consistently creates new ideas. For anyone who likes to express themselves through their business or writing, these are all fabulous “go-to” strategies I highly recommend.

  212. As an artist, providing myself time to play with materials, to focus on the process and not the product and to give myself permission to throw out the results revives my creativity.

    Also, too much time spent inside seems to dampen creative ideas. I go outside three or four times a week to one of our gorgeous West coast parks and walk. I take moments to consciously use my senses, smelling tree bark, wet soil, the ocean, breathe in fresh air, close my eyes and listen.

    The third thing that hinders me is dwelling on why I am not very creative! I can end up going down a rabbit hole for days. When I remember that I can just as easily spend my time thinking that I am an amazing person filled with endless creative ideas, stories and ideas spark, joy bubbles and I think in pictures once again.

  213. I see what you did there! Sneaking in a new product without huge fanfare. 🙂

    She’s crafty!

  214. I ALWAYS get my best ideas when I’m not thinking of what to write/draw/etc. They almost always come when I’m doing one of the following:

    1. Riding my bike
    2. Washing the dishes
    3. Taking a shower

    I also find that great ideas come as I’m falling asleep, dreaming or just waking up. So now I keep a notebook at my bedside.

    I have to do better at jotting everything down in one place. I have way too many notebooks, iPhone lists, etc. going on at once. I have a bit of a journal/sketchbook addiction. 🙂

    And when I am stuck while in the process, like many others here – I get up and dance!

    As always, you are hilarious, Marie! This was a particularly funny episode. Watch out for your co-worker! 🙂

  215. 1. Go for a run
    2. Revisit StuffIt you wrote years ago – it is amazing how new angles and details emerge from that
    3. Get focus OFF your ego! Just being present to the World around me opens up wells of freshness and inspiration

    • Good Morning Siri,

      I just started reading this book and it’s amazing the things we can do to increase energy and be more productive. I think being present and enjoying our environment and the people we socialize with makes a huge difference. Listening to our conversations with others can also help our brain do it’s magic. I do relate with going for a run at the gym this can really do it for me as well. Here is the book: The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.


  216. Lucienne

    Mediate to still my mind
    or light a candle and talk with Lord Buddha, Father God and Mother Earth
    Wash dishes – thoughts, ideas and silliness flow
    Walk in nature with all my senses alive
    Nia Dancing
    or listen to the likes of Joe Bonamasso, Beth Hart, Ted Hawkins, BBKing and many more including the classics
    Write down ideas, thoughts, inspiration in a notebook, on scraps of paper (I then transfer to said notebook – mostly)
    Make time to read my notes and creatively do …….

  217. Michael King

    Great video and the concepts are awesome. I am going to use this information when it comes to being a dad. Sometimes I get blahhh when it comes to coming up with new ideas for the kids.

    • Hey Michael,

      A great place to get ideas for kids would be at the park because is their environment and they are free to be kids. Take that same approach and go watch them as they play, laugh and run around. This might inspire you to be free with your thoughts and get some new ideas rolling your way.


  218. Hello Everyone,

    What a great topic to discuss, because at times I’m in the slump! I do agree with Marie, moving makes my creative juices flowing. When I’m stuck and don’t have anything in mind these are the three things I do. Let me know if you relate.

    1. Find a festival or event in the city to attend.
    2. Take a walk at the park
    3. Watch a creative movie

  219. How is your content always so relevant to my life? I recently published a blog post that compares my primary subject matter (eLearning) to Justin Timberlake. Why? Because I needed to lighten things up!

    What three go-to-strategies do you use when you feel creatively tapped out?
    1. Watch Marie TV (No joke!)
    2. Read Blog Articles
    3. Watch YouTube videos

  220. 1. Take a shower: Weird I know. I can’t explain this, but for some reason most of my really great ideas come to me in the shower. I thought I was crazy until I heard your buddy Oprah and Pharrell say the same thing.

    2. Sleep on it, start first thing in the morning. Don’t force it if its not coming.

    3. Just write 50 words: When I hit a really hard deadline and I can’t think of anything I just tell myself: Write 50 words. It can be the worst thing I’ve ever written. When you finish write 50 more. But its a start.

  221. Hi Marie!

    Great episode! I love the “Magazine Rule” tip. I get worried about that all the time but then notice how bloggers I love say the same things in different ways and I keep coming back for more 😉

    One way I stay creative is by shutting out all distractions. Usually if I’m writing articles it’ll happen all at once. So I turn off my phone, email and just sit down with me and a blank page.


  222. My 3 Strategies:

    1. Do yoga
    2. Meditate on it
    3. Ask my children – they are always creatively tuned in!!

    Loved this video, Marie:)

  223. Yao

    I like the Dumb Buddy idea. Sometimes feel that i am too serious to everything and lose my creativity, the good thing i used to have when i was around with my dumb buddies .

    My three strategies:
    #1. wandering in somewhere(internet/library) that has lots of pieces of inf. to help you brainstorm
    #2. do exercise. any kind of exerceise you like. moving you body will help to renew your brain
    # take a shower; ideas alwaus come out when taking a comfortable shower

  224. 1. Talk to friends, strangers, anyone.
    2. Go for a walk around the block.
    3. Read an inspiring passage from a book, until I am on a roll and then get creating.

  225. I’ve had “Dumb Buddy” stuck in my head since Tuesday, and imagine it will now always be there. And for this I am glad. (Though I do hope it will not always be this loud.)

    My additions to your fantastic list:

    1. Time spent being absorbed in nature– a park, a beach, anything that feels really beautiful to me. I let my eyes soak in all the beauty and am just there with it. I always return with something new.

    2. Dreams– as in night dreams. I pay attention to them by writing them down, pondering them, finding ways to play and elaborate on them. I reread ones where I felt inspired when I woke up and recapture that feeling. I also follow hunches in my dreams, reading books on topics that they’ve prompted.

    3. Spending some time helping a creative friend with a project– someone in my mastermind group, for example. I always get insights for my own work, and often notice that the advice I want to give is exactly what I need to give to myself!

  226. Oh, Marie how you make me laugh! I LOVED the “My Buddy” reference! 🙂

    Thanks for doing an episode on this topic. I know all of us creators can stress about this a lot. When I feel like I’m all tapped out I:

    1) Listen to music. Sometimes, when I’m jammin’ out, an idea just pops into my head. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but at least something’s happening.

    2) I take a break. Clearing my mind and trying not to stress about what to write about next can leave you open for creativity.

    3) I brainstorm with other people. My mind can’t come up with everything all the time, so having my freelancers pitch ideas and fleshing it out with them works very well!

  227. Up until about a year ago, I was one of those people who wanted complete control over everything that happened in my life. In some ways, it’s good, but not when this included controlling people in my life.

    It was hard to surrender, but little by little, I let myself open up and accepting that there is a greater power and that this greater power always has my back. Amazing things have happened since.

    For the last week or so, I’ve been running on ‘E’ with my creativity. Clearly, I can’t be that bland ((silence)). When I stop for a moment and show gratitude for the things I already have in my life. The answer appears. So appeared your video! Thank you and much love,


  228. Kathleen

    Dumb Buddy had me ROFLMAO. Thank you!

  229. Hi, its so much related! I am often struggling with creative procrastination and actually never thought about my strategies to go out of it 🙂 so know, by reflecting on that question, i feel good to find out that I actually have and can use it and share with you:)

    1. meditation – i close my eyes, breath deeply and calm. then i just imaging myself in the open space and let my imagination guide me. when i allow myself to embrace emptiness and follow my inner voice i can see a lot of great ideas for next creative piece. the only challenge – is trusting yourself 🙂

    2. searching and looking through ideas of other people – i can serf websites, look through books or go to bookstore.. and just picking up whatever goes in my hands – i believe that universe will help me with ideas and all what goes to me at that moment is a helpful message 🙂

    3. asking someone – but noe for advice – but for intuition.. so i can call to my friend or mom or ask stranger at the street about topic and ask for first thought or association which comes to his mind – and usually it really gives some golden push in great creative direction.

    so hope it will help and enjoy your inner wisdom!

  230. Great topic. Writing exceptional content requires energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge. When my well runs dry it’s usually time to do 3 things.
    1. Walk Away: The best thing that works for me is to walk away a few hours. This gives my mind time to rejuvenate.
    2. Read: You cant give something you don’t have. Usually when I’m stuck I need input. When your output out weighs your input your in trouble.
    3. Music: Listening to great music helps my creativity, and puts new ideas, feelings, and emotions into my content.

  231. Dance! Dance and then dance some more!!!

  232. When my creative well feels empty, I always:

    + Exercise
    + Masterbate
    + Surf the Web

    Moving from my head to my body always does the trick. So does thumbing through art.

    And, Miss Marie, you ain’t dumb. Just silly!

    Michele xoxo

  233. Great process for coming up with ideas for content, I think this can help me a lot, I know it can!

  234. Piet Hein

    Fun post, to clear my head and get more inspiration from content, I like to: some kind of physical activity,like sports or dancing ( yes some men like to dance).

    2. reading something motivational or listening to some video’s also helps

    3. picking up my guitar, which I have not done in a while, (but this video is inspiring me to do so again) and practicing and playing is also really effective, and I get more practice time in which helps me improve my guitar playing.

    And even having a few good drinks once in a while really seem to open up the creative flow, all do I do not recommend it if you have an alcohol problem. 😉

    Inspiration seems to come at the weirdest time’s for me, and I really need to start using the voice recorder in my phone or write things down.

    Ok those were my tips.

    Gr. Piet Hein

  235. If I feel creatively stumped I’ll scan the media to see what’s going on. Often what I read will inspire me to create a blog/article. Also, creating a series of articles on a subject can cause creativity to blossom as each article builds on the last one.

  236. Dana Smith

    Marie- that was brilliant! One of my favorite shows yet.

  237. Sunita

    So silly!
    I love your videos, they just keep getting better and better. You make this business enchanting and joyful!!!

  238. I definitely keep ongoing lists. Everywhere. I’ve been using Wunderlist lately. There’s an app and a website and it all syncs together. I just slap in an idea for a blog post, write notes if needed and then I have it for later.

    However, I agree with those that are saying it’s best to write when you think about it because you’re inspired in that moment. I have 30+ blog post ideas that I’m no longer inspired to write.

  239. Love this video (and reading everyones ideas!)

    Some of my “inspiration sparkers”:
    1. Changing my environment – it’s insane how much your surrounding can influence your thoughts, mood, creativity etc. When my inspiration well is running dry, I like to head to a new coffee shop, go outside or add some pizazz to my home office (maybe some fresh flowers or a new notepad)

    2. Reading more – getting in the head of my ICA and following other similar blogs and discussions in the community

    3. Listening – seems basic, but just listening to what’s being talked about, whats hot and what my ICA is interested in. This can range from social media discussions to talk around the gym (I’m a healthy coach).

  240. 3 Things On How I Tapped my Creativity

    1.) I watched dumb people do funny stuff and it creates creativity on my mind.

    2.) I listen to people mocking me it gives idea on my head.

    3.) I let myself think of crazy stuff and not do it.

  241. 2. Move is the most important trigger to vacuum new ideas. Be on the move. Do things, live things. When you have a workflow going, of course you can stay at your desk but things on a larger scale are triggered when you are in motion, in action. Practice what your preach. Live your trade.

  242. My 3 go-to strategies are:

    1 – Take a shower. Being under the water always helps get my creative juices flowing. If only they made waterproof laptops; I’d stay in there all day.

    2 – Go for a run/jog/walk. Surrounding myself with nature and basking in the sun does wonders for creativity.

    3 – Read. Whether it’s a novel, magazine, or a post about someone’s journey, I can usually find something that sparks my down-trodden muse.

  243. Hilarious, Marie! I love dumb and jazz. lol…

    Here are my ways to be creative:

    1) Write them out
    Sometimes, it’s difficult to connect the dots in your head. Write all your ideas out and you will be able to see their relationship clearer.

    2) Lie on bed
    I’m not sure if this works for others, but whenever I’m stuck without any ideas. Lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling works for me. I guess it’s about stopping what you are doing currently and slowing down.

    3) Talk to others
    It helps to bounce off ideas from each other. Other people provide different perspectives which may be useful for you.

  244. 3 things I do to spark creativity:
    1. Go for a surf.
    2. Move to a different room of the house – shake things up a little location-wise and posture-wise.
    3. Go for another surf.
    And if there’s no surf, I may resort to caffeine 😉

  245. This episode of Marie TV really hits home. Great timing! My business partner and I have a new business that really requires the social media and e-blasting to get our message out there.

    I do all of the e-blast writing and do believe that content is really important to keep people reading.

    My 3 tips for when the mojo is running low:

    1. Move…I love to walk and listen to music as it gets my creative juices flowing.
    2. Keep a tablet on my nightstand. I seem to wake up at night with great ideas and have given up on thinking I’ll remember it in the morning without writing it down, lol.
    3. In our business, we LOVE to be quirky.

  246. Linda Zheng

    I am an acting student and aspiring actor and when I run dry of inspiration for my monologues, or acting roles, when i feel like im doing the same thing over and over again:

    1. I take a freakin’ break!!! Like I just have a day (or even a week if time permits), when I just chill the f out and not even think about trying to create that new material or be inspired. I just relax, go out, have a coffee, read books, watch any new films I wanted to watch, interact with people, just let go and come back into myself… then bam, usually I come back refreshed ready to start fresh, or in the midst of not trying so hard… a brilliant idea just drops into me and comes at exactly the right time.. 🙂

    2. Like Marie, in acting school we have the same ideas for finding creativity in acting- as in we just play, let loose and be dumb!! We get physical. Move around in our bodies, act out animals, make silly noises, stretch our bodies, crack crazy jokes, physically shake out all that old, stagnant, stale energy in our bodies, get into our bodies and out of our heads- and usually a great new idea pops up. and usually with a lot more energy, vitality, fun and life in it than if we were to sit down and think it all out.

    3. Meditation is also a great way to come back to myself and be realigned. If I feel like I dont know what the heck it is that I am trying to say, convey or what my truth is anymore, I just get still, get quiet, listen and trust that the Universe and my own magnificence inside me will bring me back to “home” and say what it is that I really am here to say.

    Hope these helps xx

  247. Daniel

    Great post. Nice stuff you got here

  248. Great post. Nice stuff you got here. I really like your site.

  249. Mr. X

    Im so proud of you

  250. Kat Calderon

    The biggest thing that helps rev up my inspiration is working out! Taking a long run helps me cultivate new ideas, motivation, and inspiration! It’s also great of course because it gets you away from the computer and just out in fresh air. Great for body, mind, and soul! 🙂

  251. When I feel stuck / creatively frustrated, I:
    – Go for a walk: get out in nature and fresh air, walk my dogs, and clear my head, which, in turn, usually means that ideas actually pop in my head.
    – Put on music and be-bop around my house, act goofy, sing to my dogs.
    – Take a cat nap. This may sound lazy, but some days, my brain hurts and when I get overwhelmed/frustrated, I find that a quick 30 minute nap or cuddle session helps me feel reinvigorated. And many ideas come to me while I am laying in bed — so I keep a notebook handy right on the nightstand.

  252. Hi Marie,

    What a great video today! You’re always inspiring and so amusing….I love how much I laugh and smile when I watch your videos.

    I might be creating more content for you today with my comments. This post definitely was timely as I’ve been really struggling in my head with content. I have so much to talk about I actually have a difficult time knowing where to start. I also have it scattered every where. Your post made me rethink how I need to get organized on it and stick to one thing at a time.

    A big part I struggle with the most is what is more important to focus on Content or Selling. I have an online shop where we created the first “Fashion for Cupcakes”. Yes, fashion for cupcakes….our little designer cupcake couture skirts (aka cupcake wrappers) are to wrap around the base of your cupcake and dress them up for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc). My husband suggests making calls to all our clients as frequently as possible but I know content is important too. Both can be very time-consuming. I feel in the long run content can really help with driving new traffic but don’t want to not offer great service to our clients by checking in. OR even calling new potential clients. Any suggests on balancing these two areas? Or is one more important than the other?

    PS If “Content is King” are there specific ways we should be adding content to our site for clients and for good seo? (This might be to long to answer but had to ask)

    Cheers, Carrie

  253. Great tips! I agree that if you make it a priority (okay, I HAVE to come up with 5 new blog post ideas by Tuesday at 8pm) it becomes easier.

  254. ****** MAJOR HEADLINE******
    I’m loosing my “answering to a blog” virginity… right here and now.
    At least one virginity less at age 41.
    While figuring out something brilliant to say… I actually came up with nothing groundbraking which is also the essence of what my experience tells me.

    1) Don’t chase for excellence
    Trying to hard to be original and brilliant is the downfall of many great minds. Sometimes simplicity can do the trick. There are enough elephants out there so being a mosquito can be refreshingly different.

    2) Go abstract
    One of the biggest issues that I encounter with my own clients is that they can’t think abstract. If your product is an apple… then stop talking about the obvious… and go wild with everything that might even have a little bit of appleness (yes… I know this might not even be an actual word… but hey who told you that creating new words isn’t allowed and I’m a non native speaking english writing person… so there you go). So instead of writing about your apples you might end up writing about temptation (bye bye garden of eden).

    3) Challenge your believes
    So, you think you are brilliant and everybody else is a looser? Challenge yourself and change your perspective by questioning what you have done so far… or just simply go bipolar… find your inner Mr. Hide. It can be quite refreshing to stop being you and go the direct oposit direction that you normaly would do. Believe me it will surprise you what new unknown source of creativity you will find.

    Aaaand if all that doesn’t helps… I will shower my brains to oblivion and get into sugar overdose with some insanely tasty cake at that little bistro around the corner. Seee… back to step Nr. 1

    Have fun

  255. My top 3 are:

    1. Go for a brisk walk
    2. English breakfast tea
    3. Listen to music (I swear, “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees, is all it takes sometimes)

  256. These are the top 3 things that help me…

    1. Sit back and watch a little TV.
    2. Read articles from other successful bloggers.
    3. Sit alone in a quiet dark room and meditate for at least 30 minutes

    I think it has helped me in my personal life and with my blog.

  257. You are brilliant! Truly an inspiration not only for me but for the many who comment and leave their own sage advice to share with your audience. I am grateful for this platform. Thank you!

  258. I absolutely needed this video! Thank you. And for the tips following the clip, another thank you. When I train teachers, I am always trying to get them to embrace repetition, but I hadn’t been applying it to my content online. It is true, people may only grasp part of what you’re saying the first time. Or their lives have changed so the same information may be received differently on second hearing.
    Three ways I try to tap into creativity when I’m stuck?
    • Walk my dog. Just getting moving and being outside gets me outside of my stalled brain.
    • Talk with a friend. I have a few go-to cheerleaders. They don’t tell me I’m great, they give me new perspective and inspiration. They let me know how they’d respond to whatever I’m trying to say/do. They are honest and funny and recharge my energy.
    • Knit. Seriously. It calms me down, gets my brain onto another task, and suddenly, CLARITY!

    By the way, I love “Do dumb s%&t” as a way to create content. My first video was so boring and I knew I didn’t teach that way, so I added all this goofy written commentary over the filmed stuff. It saved that first effort and is mentioned by my students when they tell me they saw one of my videos.

    Thanks again, Marie!

  259. My top-three strategies:

    1) A mindful (not thinking about anything but the scent of the wind, the sounds of the birds, the glow of the sun, the sparkle of the water) walk outside (by the river/ in the woods…. Must include nature – or at least fresh air.)
    2) A shower. Mindless and relaxing. My mind can be free for the moment – and things always come to me in the shower (when I can’t write them down, of course! Someone invent a way to do that, yo.) 😉
    3) Get an extra hour of sleep. I’ve come to realize, my mind gets tired. I get an extra hour of sleep, and the next day brings about a new spurt of physical AND mental energy.

    Love the idea of dumb shizz! Shall add to my list – today. As in NOW!

  260. Hi Marie, great video on creating killer content. And thanks for inviting us out to add our tips. Here are my 3 go to sources.

    1) Stop and do nothing! Sometimes when I am tapped out it’s a sign that I need a break or in the very least I need to rejuvenate. Not being big on walks, outdoors or anything super active, this means I drop everything and watch a movie or some captivating TV show that takes my mind off the work. Often this is all I need to reset my over worked A.D.D. brain and get back to basics.

    2) Look to others for inspiration. I have a number of super amazing thought leaders in my “circle of influence” that light a spark under me daily! They are all over the world, accessible anytime I need them OR want them and they seriously fire me up – more than I can fire myself up sometimes. I am not even sure where I would be without them.

    3) The Google Keyword Planner. Being the massive research and analysis geek I am — I freaking LOVE this tool. It is one of my best friends in content and I can seriously come out of a session in there will well over 50 blog ideas in less than an hour (depending on the topic). This tool is the bee’s knees and NO I do not work for them, nor do I get anything for endorsing them but I cannot and will not let my clients live without it!

    Hope these help others on your comment wall too. 😀

  261. This was so funny! Great Job Marie and team!

  262. Jenn

    I think I read this in O mag once… When I need a creative brain boost, I pick up three different pieces of reading material. Like a food magazine, a novel and a how-to guide about something. I read one or two sentences from each, then move about the house or back yard or office or wherever and clear my mind for a few minutes. THEN I go back to my project. It’s kind of like a reset button.

  263. Hi Marie, I always look forward to your Tuesday Marie T.V edition thank you so much. My question is about how to create and or stimulate the idea for a closing line. If you could help me out on a closing line for my video’s that I make for my business that would be so great. At the moment I am still working though your B-school program and through this time I have definilty become more confident in my delivery in my video’s. I open and deliver content with more confidence and clarity however I am never to sure how to close and I notice each and every time you say the greatest closing tag line if I can call it that? And I also notice other business educators do this as well. How can I find my awesome, inspiring closing tag line, that i will say each and every time like it becomes the branding closure of the business message? Thanks so much Naomi x

  264. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Marie! My absolute favorite tip is from The Creative Habit (as you mentioned) and it’s: build a bridge to tomorrow. The concept is that you end your day/work period not when you’re “done” something but when you’re at a place that you can pick up from the next time you work. That way you’re not dreading sitting down to work, thinking “what the heck am I going to create?” You already know. Of course, this also has to do with your #4 – committing to a certain schedule.

    Thanks again for sharing your brilliance!

  265. With the high prices of gas, among dr couch columbia tn other things,
    people want to know who you’re looking for direct marketing in Albuquerque.

  266. Karina Olszewski

    Brilliant as always! Beautiful soul. Thanks for the inspiration.

  267. Brilliant as always! Beautiful soul, thank you for the inspiration!

  268. Carmina

    One thing that starts my creative engines is biking. I don’t know why, maybe moving legs my brains moves too 🙂 Once a bright idea comes to me I write it down, I use one of those clouds app that sends my note to my mobil and computer.

  269. What works for me is not putting pressure on myself and then waiting to ‘hit the zone’. It could be on a train, in a coffee shop or 1am as I’m about to go to sleep!

    But when I’m in that zone I can whack out 25 great ideas or topics in under 10 mins.

    That means when I get stuck and don’t feel in the mood, I have a whole list of suggestions to fall back on.

  270. I love this topic. It used to freak me out until I came up with these 3 ways to NEVER run out of content:
    1. Always be learning – either read books, listen to podcasts or attend trainings in your niche – it provides fodder for your content
    2. Make a pact with yourself to schedule your content regularly. I started doing daily videos – its a quick way to force the mind to come up with ideas
    3. Any question I get asked, or see being asked in my niche, or whether its something I just figured out how to do – I know for sure that someone else would like to know that too – so sharing the love is an easy way to let the content Queen have her way!
    LOVE this!

  271. Hi Marie, I LOVE how you entertain while you teach! This post cracked me up! It’s such a common problem that can easily be mastered and solved. Well done and thank you for sharing your insights in such a funny and warm way.
    I just wrote an blog article (and linked to this article) that gives practical ways to come up with content when the creative juices just ain’t flowing.

  272. Lisle

    Loved “…and all that jazz!” insert….soooo funny!!
    Thank you Marie for your awesomeness, mwah!!

  273. My creativity boosters:

    1. writing stream of consciousness

    2. meditation, physical exercise or dance

    3. deadline


  274. Marie,
    I appreciate the little note you included on staying open to our Higher Self for creative flow. I personally think it is essential.

    I am a huge fan of journaling and recommend it for keeping the creative pump primed. I am also a life long artist and my journaling really helps me determine what direction I want to go in with my art. Journaling combined with prayer/meditation is a powerful combination for great ideas.

    I also appreciated the first comment left concerning sharing from your personal point of view; that’s what makes sharing what each person shares unique.

    As the host of #JournalChat Live on Twitter and Facebook, I can relate to the similar topics being discussed, but they still resonate since they are so relatable to anyone who keeps a journal.

    Thanks for the fun advice, Marie.

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring

  275. Love the little dumb body 🙂 amazing Marie.
    What works for me when it comes to being creative is keywords. So I find some key words and start splashing all over one blank page then choose some and create the content accordingly. Second tip is to allow it flow through my mouth (well to my pen) actually and what I need for this process is to dance to feel more flexible and a little confusion for my logic to get out of my way:) Third is to love my ordinary life style if I am looking for exclusive stuff in my life, I am mostly feeling unhappy, so I focus on nature or my focus on my daily routines, like very basics of my day makes my creativity and my silly jokes to come out.

    That’s all from me for now, and revisiting the same topics is a very nice tip and it is something I forget about, so thanks for the reminder.

    Being creative is not for everyone that is why we need to cooperate and share our gifts, and that I wanted to share as well! 🙂

  276. Three of my strategies to keep the creative juices flowing:

    1. Do my spiritual practice. Some of the best ideas come when on the yoga mat, when the mind is quiet and there is more space for creative ideas to flow through.

    2. Take time to browse libraries, bookshops, museums, art exhibitions…just to look around and be inspired by what others are creating.

    3. Spend time in nature. A walk in the park, watching the sun rise or set, dew on the grass… nature is chock full of creative energy.

  277. Loved it!!!! Just what I needed today, made me laugh out loud! Gloomy here in Central FL so needed your sunshine!

  278. Stacy

    Here are my tips:

    1. Change spaces – Go somewhere where you have visual peace. For me, it’s not my desk.

    2. – This is a fun site that I’ve used in brainstorming sessions. Generates lots of laughs!

    3. Review other marketing materials that are being created for the business. There’s always something that can be reused or built upon. (i.e. Little statistic call outs can be repurposed for an infographic.)

  279. Loved this Marie TV uberly:) dumb and silly are two of my favourite ways to not only get creative sparks flowing freely, but also release stress from my body and mind.

    2. pick up my guitar and sing and play even if just for a few minutes, this helps me connect to something greater, my HP, my muse, those good ol creative juices and makes me feel powerful, creative and strong! So whether you like drawing or dancing or have some other thing you like to do that creates such feelings for you it’s great to take a minute break and allow yourself to do this…it also revs up your solar chakra which pumps which activates your creative power and confidence!

    3. Go for a walk or meditate:) things just seem to pop into your mind and heart this way.

  280. 1. Magazines
    2. TV Shows
    3. My kids 🙂

    Yes, #3 is very true, why you ask? Have you ever really listened to the kids and the ideas they come up with? They are amazing. The other week our mid kid said “Wouldn’t it be great if for one week we eat nothing but veggies and fruit” It’s not a new idea, but it got me thinking of creating a meal plan for a week of vegetarian items that are kid friendly. Our oldest is not a big fan of the vegetarian anything, but she was obsessed with some items we made. Than it got me thinking to write a segment of benefits, make a cute video etc. One little comment spilled into 3 different ideas 🙂

  281. Elisabeth W

    Great episode and perfect timing! I was struggling to get started today and this came in handy!
    I learnt from an excellent writing class some year ago to write the first shitty draft – just to get started. Then refine and work on it. It is so fun and liberating to sit down to write the first shitty draft instead of the first shiny perfect draft. – At least if you are a clever-girl like me!

    Elisabeth W

  282. Here’s my tips for keeping the content flowing!

    1. Questions posed on social media that get a lot of comments can be easily turned into blog posts! I use this trick regularly. And guess what? It gives me a unique view in to the world of my fans so that I can better write the blog post!

    2. I’m a very visual person. Sometimes all it takes is just a beautiful photo or a video I’ve watched to spark an idea.

    3. Re-purposing a ost from another blog is a great way to get content ideas too. You can basically take the content, boil it down, add in your own flare, and target it to your audience – DONE!

    Leigh Ann

  283. @marieforleo you’re my hero.I’m from india. can you write content in Hindi?

  284. Thank you. We all have creativity blocks sometimes. What helps me is watching videos, listening to music, going to Cinema, being in a bar, by the sea, traveling, even eating a great pizza. Being happy makes me creative.
    All I have to do is to make myself happy.

  285. Valerie Peli

    I have the Creative Habit in my “to read” pile! How perfect. This was the funniest yet super helpful video – I love to laugh while learning 🙂 My go to when I’m lacking creativity is to move and to immerse myself in nature. What’s more inspirational than this intricate and amazing planet?

  286. 1. I keep my eyes and ears open ( my thinking cap, if you will) turned ON while watching a webinar, reading a book, skimming an article, even paying attention to subject lines for ideas.
    2. I go outside. My mind works differently when not attaching to things I’m s’pozed to be doing.
    3. I doodle. I’m NOT an artist in the canvas and paint sense and my stick figures are even unrecognizable. However, I write a word, sketch and pry something out that seems to be buried under the pragmatic side of me!
    Go get ’em!
    Love Paula
    Sorted Affairs, Critter Sitter, Psychic
    Portland, Maine

  287. Marie, thank you for the quote about God is the water, you are the faucet. Yes! That is such a great reminder. It made me think about Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, and how she believes there is enough creativity to go around and creativity is looking for a home to make it real and turn it into something here on earth.

    Thank you Marie and all your Dumb Buddies.

    I am trying to think of ways to incorporate my fun and silly and playful side into a serious topic like fertility and egg freezing. Going to get my creative hat on…and leave my ego at the door.


  288. Amy

    Great video, and it’s aligned perfectly with where I’m at in B-School. And can I just say —
    your hair is always fabulous, but OMG EXTRA FABULOUS here!!!

  289. Rebecca

    Love the video and the question!
    My 3 strategies when feeling tapped for content are:
    1. Turn on an epic soundtrack/playlist that I have curated and let myself slip into the internet (i.e. watch videos, read some non-work things, let myself be distracted by the internet)
    2. Movement. I dance, go for a walk, workout, go to the store, anything that gets me moving. This helps me take my mind off whatever roadblock I have built.
    3. Dive (mentally) into my content list. Reading I have meant to do but have been too busy to get to helps me refocus and sparks new ideas!

  290. YES!! Twyla Tharp’s book is GREAT and has been on my shelf for a long time. A few other’s I go to when my tires are spinning: Stephen King (yes, that one): On Writing; Natalie Goldberg: Writing Down the Bones, and Annie Lamott: Bird by Bird.

    On committing (a karmic challenge of mine): a quote by Chuck Close written in large letters in my studio: “INSPIRATION IS FOR AMATEURS.”
    And one more Kick My Ass studio wall quote by Ernest Newman: “The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired, but becomes inspired because he is working. Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, and Mozart settled down day after day to do the job in hand. They didn’t waster time waiting for inspiration.”

    And deadlines definitely help, though external deadlines work much better than ones I set for myself. It’s a work-in=progress.

  291. I often find I’m all blocked up for ideas and panic, but if I try to keep optimistic about it I can remind myself of these gems:
    1. Go for a walk
    2. Take a nap – I like this one for any kind of problem actually!
    3. Meditate for 10 minutes

  292. That was hilarious! Dumb Buddy! Lol.
    Great reminder that the ideas are freely given to us and right there so long as we stay open and receptive. Like Jazz 🙂

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