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Most of the time, we only get to hear about people’s successes.

The highlight reels, so to speak. We see the big moments. The impressive stuff.

While I’m all for celebrating wins and focusing on the positive, it’s vital that we don’t feel shame about our mistakes or missteps either.

Because let’s face it. We all stumble and fall. We all have errors in judgment.

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We all do things from time to time that, in retrospect, make us cringe and say “What was I thinking?”

The truth is, in order to experience growth and progress in any area of life, you’ve got to take risks and put yourself out there. Consistently.

That means you’re going to stumble. You’ll find yourself embarrassed from time to time. And yes, you will have flops. Guaranteed.

The only real question to ask yourself is this.

Are you going to let an embarrassing mistake, flop or fumble take you down, or will you use this method to get right back in the game?

Today, you’ll hear a few of my more foolish moments from recent years and my go-to approach for bouncing back.

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Never forget, we’re all human.

We’re messy, brilliant, emotional, love-and-ego filled creatures doing the very best we can in any given moment.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the biggest faux pas you’ve made that you can now laugh at? Maybe it’s an event or it’s something you do on an ongoing basis.

Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Thanks for being generous and kind in the comments.

I’m particularly excited to hear your stories around this topic.

With all my love,

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  1. Bare buns and Jam(s) and assless chaps first thing in the morning? How could this not work? Can not wait to read this stream. lol

    • Marie knows how to spice up a Tuesday morning!

      • Is it wrong that I’ve always wanted to wear and pull off assless chaps?

        • Just **right** the right amount of wrong, Sandy. 🙂 xoxo

          • 🙂
            Thong! TH-Thong! THONG! THONG!

            God I miss the 90s! 🙂


        • Nope. You should totally rock them out like Prince at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards.

        • UH

          The Village People’s cowboy is the first thing that comes to mind. 😉

      • What? That moment didn’t get posted to YouTube? Those things always seem to happen when our ego is shouting in our ear ‘You are so cool!’ Since you were so willing to share that vulnerable moment, I will also share one- I was walking down the sidewalk staring at a stunning woman across the street, when I walked smack into a parking meter- I looked around, and much to my relief, nobody had noticed my slap-stick moment. On a more serious note, regarding the mistakes we all make~
        “Supposing you have tried and failed again and again. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.” ~Mary Pickford

    • Jenn

      Oh…My…God… Can’t stop laughing. Thank you for this great way to smile on a Tuesday morning and for sharing a ‘less than ideal’ moment in your life.

    • Thanks, Marie! Love your video today. That’s just what I needed to hear. Was holding back on writing a blog post called, “Flop or Opportunity” sharing what happened in business just last week that didn’t work out like we hoped and how we made the best of it and moved forward. Thanks for the nudge:)

      • Call them “flopportunities” Donna. 🙂

        • Thanks Emelia! Great idea–I think I will:)

        • Lisa

          Emelia – BRILLIANT! Just thinking the word “flopportunities” pivots the away from the potential shame of messing up! 🙂

        • melinda

          flopportunities Love this Emelia! I’m using it.

    • This was too funny well done Marie. Rockin the dance floor with your moves. Thanks for the laugh

    • LOL…I’m cracking up at the “assless chaps” comment. I agree…we do need to learn to laugh at ourselves

  2. Oh Marie! Assless chaps? LOL Bless your heart, girl.

    Humor has helped me more than I can put into words. Especially in business when it feels like every mistake is magnified a hundredfold. I’ve done the all-caps yelling, I’ve done the foot-stomping “I want this now!” stuff. Yeah. (shakes head)

    Still and all, it helps me grow and if I can look back and say “well, that was fun!” and keep moving, it’s a win/win.

    Thanks for the timely video!

    Happy April Fool’s day, all!

    • OMG, Josh was hysterical! I’m in the middle of my “laugh about it” moment today, believe it or not.

      I went to launch ticket sales for my first virtual concert this morning, had the email all scheduled. Patted myself on the back for being done a head of schedule and the stupid link didn’t work (yes, I tested it). So I re-sent the email and THEN found out that the ticket provider made a change overnight to the event page, so now the tickets aren’t even available for sale right now.
      This too shall pass, right? At least I can tell people it was a joke or something. 🙂

  3. Marie, thank you SO MUCH for bringing such humor to your business and to this industry as a whole. I feel like the coaching & personal development world can take itself so seriously sometimes, so I really appreciate you bringing some humor and lightness to what you do!

    My business partner and I are forever making each other laugh in the middle of our “pity party” moments. It’s great to get some perspective!

  4. Hi Marie,
    this video is hilarious, I love it!
    I laugh at myself pretty much on an ongoing basis, and I really think this is a great piece of advice to give to others. I call it self derision, and it really helps to move forward and have more fun.
    I teach my kids to do the same, because it’s one of the top skills you need to have in life in my opinion if you want to enjoy it most.

    • I completely agree with you, Anne. This is a skill that we need to instill in our children as they need to learn not take themselves too seriously. Life is not easy and if we freak out because of small things, then we will always be stressed and unhappy.

      Marie, thank you for another great reminder! Do not sweat the small stuff and everything will work our the way we want to.

  5. Aww shucks! You are so right about having a sense of humor like that time that I feel face forward down the stairs at Bridal Town while shopping for a prom dress. I was wearing heels and my heel got snagged in the carpet. I pitched forward and rolled myself down those stairs, onto the landing and slid down the last two stairs on my back. OMG! I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed. I popped up like a daisy, ran out of the store, and had one of the biggest laughs ever! I know that could have gone a whole other way, but since it didn’t, there was nothing to do but laugh. (True Story!)

    Thanks for the reminder, Marie, and have a happy April Fool’s Day everybody!

    • Oh goodness Ms. Pillowz! I LOVE the visual of you popping up like a daisy 🙂

    • That’s freakin’ hilarious, Biba. I would have been the first one to ask you if you were ok…and the first one to lose it once you said you were. *hugs*

  6. That is HILARIOUS! Love Jams!

    Having a sense of humour is indeed critical to LIGHTEN things up and have A LITTLE FUN!

    Loved the episode (and totally enjoyed the laugh).

    PS: Butt naked in the club? ROTFL (My stomach hurst…:)))))

  7. What an inspiration surviving the ripped pants in the club.

    It’s said that laughter is the best medicine. I agree!

    There have been many times in my life and in business where I could choose to laugh or cry. Laughter always seemed to make it feel better faster.

    Thanks for the funny videos and for the amazing inspirational leader you are. 🙂

  8. Oh Marie, we have the pant split story in common. Luckily it WAS winter time and I borrowed someone’s sweater. It totally ruined my outfit. HA!

    • HA! I’ve never had my pants split, but I did suffered an incredibly embarrassing nip slip at my annual family reunion a couple of years ago. I don’t know which is worse: exposing yourself to a room full of strangers or a room full of relatives. Eck!

  9. Loved this, thank you Marie and team Forleo! Such important points to hold close on our journey. Also, how important it is for us to honor the trickle and keep it in mind as we make little mistakes and feel tempted to let stinking thinking ruin the moment.

  10. Marie, FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!! The visuals were remarkable…”Assless Chaps…Dropping it Low…The Brilliant, Sexy, and Entertaining Marie in a “Thong”:-)…Finding the FUNNY is truly the key!! I just hope you figured out a way to add a new product to your Empire aka “Jam’s Presents: Marie Forleo Thongs and Assless Chaps Collection” (Limited Edition)…Nevertheless, your story reminds us all of the down to earth Jersey Girl we’ve come to LOVE, each week, WITH ALL OF OUR HEART!!! Keep up the GREAT work, Marie, the new hair color looks AMAZING…the outfit KILLS IT…and the Business advise is “invaluable”…If anyone hasn’t told you today, let me be the first, “You, Marie, are Heaven Sent…AMEN (

    With MUCH luv & respect,


  11. I’ve totally split my pants teaching Kettlebell workshops…. TWICE! Fortunately, one was at my gym and I had extra clothes there and the time I had my clean laundry basket in my car where I had driven!

    • That is amazing Delanie — especially not the 1X, but 2X part.

  12. Jana

    Loved this video (like all the other ones too, of course). Not only does Marie teach us about the importance of just loosening up sometimes, she’s also exhibiting the maturity that is needed to actually revisit some of the embarrasing moments. My tactic is more to try to laugh at the situation and then FORGET about it. 🙂 The sooner I forget, the faster I move on.

  13. Hi Marie & Everyone! I am usually very easygoing and fun, but this is something I struggle with! I take myself WAY too seriously sometimes and hate being laughed at! I am definitely using your question about the kids the next time I am being crazy and beating myself up about something.

    I have done lots of embarrassing things – I am pretty clumsy 🙂 One of the worst was probably when I fell down the stairs face first at a restaurant. I still blush over that one!

    Thank you Marie for all that you do!

    • Erin,

      This reminds me of my little sister who falls aaaaaaaallllll the time. She didn’t like it when anyone said something but now she laughs when I ask her if she beat gravity today 😉

      • Beating gravity – I love it!!!!! LOL

  14. If you can’t look back on a silly situation and think it’s funny, you’re taking life way to seriously! This was the BEST way to spend a Tuesday morning. So hilarious!

    Thanks Marie

  15. The best part of this video is Josh’s reaction to Marie’s split pants. Hahaha. Amazing.

  16. Marie: great video

    My life was once defined as a tragic drama, full of bad luck and a series of unfortunate events. AND THEN, one day yeeeears later I looked back and laughed. It was really a comedy if I chose to shift my way of thinking.

    SO when I tried doing a sexy dance and my leg hit the table during a leg split … Or I flopped during the lap dance on one of those flimsy floor chairs that are basically one big pillow (and the guys face went from intrigue to concern)….. I made it through and laugh about it.

    Or whenever I get caught in an adventure, where the odds seem forever NOT in my favor I realize how exciting my life is.

    I’ve always wanted my life to be fun and not boring. I can say with 100% certainty that it’s not boring. I still have those tough moments, sad moments, etc…. Overall it’s pretty great. Kind of like “how I met your mother”


    • Sandy G., shifting the way I think about the events that happened and happen in my life was the best decision I ever made. We can’t control all the bad things that happen to us, but we can control the way we see and react to them.

      I love your life philosophy :).

  17. Ahh, I’ve been there!

    I was interviewing for a big, awesome dream job with a brand new outfit. I parked a couple blocks away, and while walking I was getting endless hoots, hollers and honks from passers-by. I was hot sh*t! Yeah, gonna rock this interview! As I walked to the front door, some guy pulled over in a pick up and yelled out his window, “hey lady, your skirt’s ripped and your whole ass is showing.”

    I calmly walked into the interview, face-first of course, and asked if they had any extra safety pins for a wardrobe malfunction (thankfully it was a performing arts company!).

    In hindsight (hee hee) my level-headed approach helped me get the dream job.

    A big thanks to the truck guy for saving my ass. Nowadays, working every day in my home metalsmithing studio, I don’t think my cats would extend the same courtesy.

    Fabulous video as always! Thanks, Marie.

    • OMG – this is AMAZING Emily. Thank you for that extremely vivid and incredible story.

      • And thank YOU for the weekly inspiration to keep on rockin, no matter what’s hanging out!

    • Nancy K.

      Great story about the interview! I’m convinced to this day – and in fact my boss at the time told me it was true – that I got the job when my answer to a question in a follow-up phone call about whether I was available for a second interview the next day was: “Sure. My blouse is still pretty clean from the first interview, so if you don’t mind me wearing it a second time, I’m good to go.” Of course, I could tell that my future boss had a great sense of humor, otherwise this might not have gone so well. But if I’ve learned one thing over my many years working, if you don’t mesh with the company culture (i.e. good sense of humor vs. serious and very conservative), you will not be happy. I consider interviews with companies or clients to be as much about me interviewing them as the other way around.

      Great video!

  18. Loved this video!! My most embarrassing happened in your lovely city while my husband and I were visiting. We passed out in our king size bed at our hip boutique hotel in midtown after a night of boogying, martini’s and drunken sex.

    (Now I need to preface this next episode by saying I had learned over the years to keep my eyes closed as I walked to the bathroom in the middle of the night as I found I could get back to sleep without lights.) So I woke needing to go to the bathroom and felt my way along the bed to my bathroom. Opened the door and WHATS WITH THE BRIGHT LIGHTS!? and BAM! heavy hotel door closing. In my confused state I realized pretty quickly I had locked my naked self out of my hotel room, but that’s not the worst of it. My husband has always slept with ear plugs and trust me when I say HE NEVER EVER WAKES UP. But I tried…oh yes and after about 45 minutes of knocking and sneaking around the floor to try and find a towel or room service tray or something to hide my bare ass, I began banging loudly and using every raw expletive, “open this MF door, you MF!!!” The hotel manager came from behind me, swiped the key and through open the door.

    OK, I said it. Hey, Gotta laugh about it, right?!

    • Geni

      LOL Debra!

      It’s funny tragic. I can clearly imagine what you did and how it happened. That would send me into a panic. You definitely need to laugh at these things in hindsight (no pun intended). It was probably just another night at the hotel for the manager who helped you out.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Thank you Geni!
        Yes, I was mortified and told my husband if he told anyone I would never talk to him again. He eventually couldn’t help it and when we were sitting and having lunch he just cracked up and said, “I think you should tell everyone…it’s a great story.” Yes, the manager said I should have just casually got into the elevator and gone to the front desk for a spare key like all the other naked people do that get locked out of their rooms!

    • OMG. Hilarious, Debra.

    • Persia Summerland

      I LOVE this story, made tears of laughter roll down. It’s soooo bad and I love the way the manager comes gallantly swooping up behind you like Mr Darcy and opens the door. Thanks for sharing. Makes me laugh every time I think about it. Bless you.

      • Brandi

        Debra you had me in tears at your story…fortunately my most embarrassing moment only one person witnessed. It was in college, I was visiting a guy friend whose dorm only allowed female visitors between 10 AM and 10 PM. Sneaking in wasn’t the problem, it was the next morning after a drunken frat party and I had to pee but I couldn’t leave the room for another three hours. I tried everything to hold it, and finally woke my friend asking him to scope out a path for me. He did and there were too many people around to sneak me down the two flights of stairs to the only women’s restroom and there were guys in the restroom across the hall. He handed me a moose cup and told me to pee in it…. and I did. The next time I came for a visit, his roommate was drinking out of the cup I peed in and I was mortified, but we had to leave the room we were laughing so hard.

  19. I agree with Kristen. Marie, your humor, playfulness and naughty language are a breath of fresh air. Love the videos.

  20. As always your videos are Great. Thanks for the message. I will keep pushing . I look forward to your videos.

  21. Marie and Team Forleo,
    Your sense of humor is the #1 reason I trusted you and your team. Being a fellow New Yorker, everything is always way too serious here, especially in business. I promise to laugh everyday from this day forward, Thank you!

  22. Such a funny video Marie. I actually forgot that today was April fools 🙂 My biggest takeaway from this Q&A Tuesday (or should I say FoolsDay) was that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and laugh at the not-so-classy situations that happen. I definitely needed to hear that.

    Thanks for being a beacon of inspiration & happy April!

  23. Love it!

    Just the other day I was freaking out about a payment being screwed up, and then my husband looked at it and told me I did my math wrong. I blame the fact I had a cold and was doped up on Nyquil. But really, it was ridiculous how upset I was getting over what turned out to be nothing!

    I always try to keep things fun and in perspective in my business–it’s hard, but so much better than stressing about everything!

  24. Marie, you always make my day! We’ve all done embarrassing things, and afterwards, our choices are to: 1) hide in a corner and cry, or 2) laugh about it and learn. Case in point: A friend was helping me a a crafts show, and she loves customer interaction. As one lady was picking out some jewelry with her teen aged pony tailed child, my friend said “I just love your daughter’s hair!” The customer said “She’s my SON!” and stormed off. I turned to my friend who was about to cry, and said “I wonder what kind of conditioner he uses?” Customer lost, but friend saved.

  25. Love this! Too funny. And I agree – the ability to laugh at ourselves and have a good sense of humour is SO important. Good thing is, I’ve had a number of opportunities to laugh at myself (at least in retrospect).

    Here’s one:

    A number of years ago my husband and I bought our first home. We were in the process of getting living room furniture and he said, “Hey – let’s check out the Laz-y-boy store.” I looked at him like he was an alien. Laz-y-boy?? When I heard the store name, all I could think about was the old image from when I was a kid: huge ugly chairs with cupholders, tv trays, etc. – couch potato land. Ugh. But he convinced me that the company had totally shifted direction and now had decent furniture.

    I allowed him to drag me into the store, and the first thing I saw at the front of the store was a big chair with its back angled upwards, showing how easy it was for someone to get out of the chair. I snorted at the fact that this reinforced my old view of the store and said (loudly and indignantly), “Are you freaking kidding me?! They now offer chairs for people who are so lazy they won’t get their own asses out of their chairs? They have to be LAUNCHED out of their chairs?!”

    Then… (ahem)… a salesperson came over and calmly said, “Ma’am, that chair was designed for people with physical disabilities.”


    Let’s just say I couldn’t have felt smaller.

    Yep, I’m not a stranger to faux pas! 😉

  26. I almost want to to go out and find (or make) some assless chaps.
    Thank you & xo

  27. Humor has helped me to get through some of my toughest job situations in life! I have been in corporate B2B sales for the past two years and have been overwhelmed, stressed, had angry customers to deal with, and been surplussed from departments, among other not so great things. It has truly been a crazy ride. However, my sense of humor has always kept me sane because I would always find something to laugh at in the midst of the storms. Laughing and finding happiness in the situations helped to give me hope that things would get better if I continue working towards better for myself.

    You definitely made some great points in this video! I didn’t realize how much my sense of humor had helped me in the past until you pointed out how beneficial it is. Ha ha 🙂

    Thanks for the advice as always, Marie!


  28. I used to be terrified to speak in public. Then once when talking to a group of about 200 about a project called “Lips” (don’t ask), I called it “Licks” by mistake. Everyone laughed and so did I – making me realize that the world didn’t end when I made a mistake. From then on I’ve never been afraid to speak in public – and the more myself I am (worts and all), the better things work!

  29. Great way to begin the day! The split pants is like a recurring nightmare I used to have as a performer!

    My recent embarassing moment was performing in Tanger Festival, Morocco last summer. I had checked with the presenters that my costumes wouldn’t offend, a modest, but sleeveless top for a hula dance. That evening, in the romantic outdoor setting of the stage, a mighty Mediterranean wind picked up my skirt as soon as I began dancing. It became a crazy convoluted effort to maintain grace and modesty as my skirt repeatedly flew up to my waist! Ooh la la! I’m sure the national Moroccan TV edited it out, but the live audience enjoyed the view!

  30. Dear Maria.
    I wish I am doing your course, but meantime the vids are HILARIOUS and informative too…roll with the punches, its all part of growing up xx
    Real genuine thanks.

  31. I loved this! Short and sweet. I think that man following you off the dance floor looks kinda keen 😉

    • That’s Josh, and based on the past 11 years together he is VERY keen 🙂 xoxo

      • 🙂 I love chemistry between couples…so saucy! it’s what makes the world go around.

  32. OMG. Josh’s reaction? Priceless.
    I’m LOL’ling at my desk, thank you Marie. 🙂
    Love your humor and thanks for cracking me up!

  33. I think my biggest faux pas was while I was a resident in my sports medicine program at a local university. I often received emails from people I did not know, asking for help with their businesses. It was common for the people that worked in my department. We would all normally do our best to offer our best advice, even though we were typically swamped with a million other duties.

    One day I received a message from a local doctor asking some specific questions about advice for her business. I had a moment of frustration at “yet another request for free help from a stranger”, and forwarded the email to a coworker in which I stated “do you have any advice for this person? I am having a ‘why should I help YOU’ moment.”

    When my awesome coworker replied with good tips, I then forwarded it to the person asking for help–including the body of the email that I had sent to my coworker. That person, an alum of the university that I worked at, the forwarded the entire conversation to the PRESIDENT of the university, along with her scathing emotional take on the situation.

    Forehead slap!!!! When the President kindly sent me an email addressing the situation and reminding me to first be kind and helpful, and second to be more aware of what I send from my university email, I was actually able to calm down since he hadn’t come unglued, marched down to my office and fired me. Whew.

  34. This was hilarious! I had a similar instance only I was jumping on a trampoline around some cute boys and split my pants from ass to crotch in the front. Not cute. Haha.

  35. What a crack up ! *pardon the pun*

    Yeah, mostly, I know when Im purposefully being silly me..
    But when Im just being OTT, its my husband that grounds me..
    He makes me have to laugh at myself… he is like, did you just hear yourself ! Normally I give him a slap in the chest to tell him to Shut Up & giggle away !

    : D

  36. Nena

    You’re not wearing shoes? That’s just wrong! LOL 😀

  37. AH, Marie! I love today’s video! Humor is so important and cannot be overlooked.

    I once peed my pants in Chicago – here is how it went down:

    It was exactly three months after I had my first child. I was new to mothering and with all the women in my life helping me throughout the process, not one seemed to think it important to mention post partum concerns of the bodily type.

    They talked blissfully about the wonders of motherhood and being pregnant. How giving birth to life is a magical thing and that the experience was not only life changing, but spiritually changing as well.

    What they did not mention was that in some cases, the old grey mare just ain’t what she used to be.

    This was one of those cases.

    I was visiting my cousins in the great city of Chicago and we had decided to do some shopping and dinner and perhaps even an adult beverage, because I had also failed at breastfeeding and had since started my son on formula. My child was blissfully colicky with my parents back at the house and my mom had assured me “She could handle it.”

    I will never forget stepping out of the restaurant on Michigan Ave. and into the sun. A sense of wonder and freedom to do as I pleased enveloped me—a feeling that had long been forgotten since coming home from the hospital.

    I began smiling at something one of my deftly hilarious cousins was saying and then laughing, really laughing, then obnoxiously guffawing there on the sidewalks with a million tourists, like we do.

    (I should mention here that I had forgotten to go to the bathroom before leaving the aforementioned establishment and so I carried within my delicate bladder two waters and a margarita.)

    Suddenly, everything was wet.

    My cousins turned—shock and awe can only describe their faces as they looked to me and to the puddle on the sidewalk and to me again.

    There was nothing I could say other than “I should have done more kegels!”

    It was in this moment that I realized – if I can’t laugh at myself then life (and motherhood!) would become extraordinarily painful!

    So I thank you, Marie, for the reminder that when all else fails – keep your sense of humor and put everything into perspective. Life is too long not to laugh. 🙂


    • OMG Licia, amazing. “I should have done more kegels!”

  38. OOO this is my JAMMM!!!
    Laughing at myself is the #1 thing I do to stay positive and productive.

    Also – I find people LOVE to see someone make a mistake and laugh at themselves. Thats another reason why this video is soooo fantastic – thanks Marie for being so transparent and telling us about your sweet pants & all caps emails.

    Here’s some public humiliation on stage:

    I’m part of a 1940’s inspired girl band.
    We dance in high heels with the full costume…

    Walking out of the washroom with your dress in your pantihose…no problem.
    Falling off stage (more than once)…absolutely
    Forgotting the words and stopping the song midsong to restart.. you bet!

    But because we all laugh together – the audience LOVES IT! It’s the highlight of the show for them and it gives us memories for a lifetime to look back on.

    Laugh at yourself and the whole world will laugh with you!

  39. *clapping hands. standing ovation.* Best MarieTV episode, yet. I love you guys!! LOL. This is why I stay.

  40. Oh, Marie, Marie, Marie.

    When I was working for and in charge of THEIR email, I once sent out the wrong link to 500 THOUSAND PEOPLE. Yeah, I weeped over that one. But then, you send out a correction and life moves on. That’s how I learned never cry over email. Again, that is.

  41. This was ROTF Awesome!

    I can remember cussing spirit up a storm because something didn’t go right in my world- and in the midst of my “one-sided” argument – What I was asking for showed up… RIGHT THEN…

    Can you imagine the *cricket sounds* followed by Oh… thanks!” hahahaha Whoops! 🙂

  42. LOVE IT! Yes, as I have gotten older, I have realized that if you can’t laugh at yourself it is going to be a looooong road. I have since been yelled at by former CEOs for f-ups but try to always remember, everyone makes mistakes. I still have times when I beat myself up for a bit but then remember that the only way to keep moving forward isto… Learn from them and move on!

    Thanks for this fun video, Marie!

  43. Josh’s face when the pants split… I can’t!

  44. Such a good video and reminder. Three things to remember:
    1. Never take life too seriously
    2. Self-deprecation is the best stress relief you can imagine. Laugh at yourself. It goes a long way.
    3. Always try to hang out with the chick wearing the ass chaps particularly on bad hair days – draws the attention away.

    Most embarrassing – presenting to 200+ folk with toilet paper on the shoe. When I realized it I told the audience I didn’t know how long the presentation was going to go so I brought my own equipment. It went well.

    • Chassey

      Great recovery…bet that brought them to life 🙂

    • Love that, Judy.

  45. Mark Goodacre

    Very Nice Marie, and Great Advice. I recently (2 years ago) went thru a major cancer surgery, and lost a big “chunk” of my face. Long story short, I had to learn to laugh at myself, because if I didn’t, I would cry!

  46. Oh My gosh! If I didn’t have a sense of humor, I would have buried myself in a hole long ago… thank goodness for the gift of “looking back and laughing”.

    One time years ago I was producing a huge benefit for Hurricane Katrina, and it was the first benefit I had ever put on. I had CLEARLY bitten of WAY more than I could chew and was so stressed out prior and during the set up of the event. My good friend Julie to help soothe my nerves offered to give me one of her prescribed 24 hour release Xanax. I was supposed to snap it in half and not take the whole thing, but before Julie could warn me I popped the whole thing in my mouth. *sigh* (Are you laughing yet? cuz you’re going to!)

    The effect this thing had on me was worse than having way too much to drink. All of my emotions from the stress came out in a fit of uncontrollable crying…ALL NIGHT LONG. My business partners, my mother, my husband…no one could console me..and while I should have been managing the event, I was a mushy ball of emotional goo useless to anyone. The next morning instead of a hangover I had an overwhelming sense of embarrassment and failure when EVERYONE kept calling me asking “What happened to you last night??”

    My biggest lesson (aside from taking someone elses prescribed medication without knowing its affects)… Don’t be afraid to ask for support, don’t be afraid to admit you have taken on too much…. and don’t worry about falling on you face because 8 years later I’m still standing, and thriving..

  47. laughing at yourself is good….I learned so much from this segment, especially because I’ve probably had more than one or two embarrassing business moments like the time I choked my investor pitch in front of 200 people and livestreamed. I look back at myself and think- wowzers, I made no sense, all the words came stumbling out of my mouth to the point that it didn’t make any sense. I could have just sat myself back down…instead I pretended that I was someone else spewing these words and finally I just looked out and said “forgive me I am extremely nervous.”, since I was the last presentation to the crowd but I pushed through and everybody came pooring over to me with praise and interest. I see now that I was not only not winning the pitch to the investor, I was actually just beating myself up in the process…I laugh now because this may just be one example of the fun I have had along this journey in entrepreneurshipping…. I have had several more and there will be more.

  48. LOVED THIS! I always share my most embarrassing moment in yoga class with all my newbie students: I was surrounded by super-yogis in a special yoga class on my birthday several years back. The teacher told us to take forearm balance and, I swear, every single person in the class went up easily. I thought, oh, no problem, I’ll just…upsie right into it–NO. I catapulted myself across the room and rolled down into the entrance ramp doorway. I sheepishly crawled back to my mat and put my head down. Yeah, I’m still working on that forearm balance. Still. *sigh* One day!

    • Sharon, the “catapulting” is KILLING me!

    • Tracey

      OMG … “upsie, right” ….i’m dyyyyyin’ here!!!! ; D hyterical

      • Karen

        Can’t stop laughing. Great story Sharon :)))

  49. Aaaaw, Marie, you have a great ass – you did everyone there a favor 😉


  50. All I can think of at this moment is a situation from this past weekend.

    My husband and I are walking around antique shops. One store had cookies at the front. I took out my gum and grabbed a cookie. I’m eating the cookie when my husband sees a coworker. I had just stuffed the rest of the cookie in my mouth when coworker holds his hand out to shake my hand.
    There I am, mouth stuffed with cookie, and I’ve got gum stuck all over my right hand fingers.

    Nice…. Sigh… GREAT POST!

  51. Chassey

    Great video, as usual! I have to admit, you got me. Not that Jams isn’t amazing, talented and a 10…but I had a ‘oh bummer’ moment when I thought it wasn’t going to be Marie. That makes twice today already….also fell for the pregnant daughter-in-law first thing this morning!!!

    I’m sure I’ve had too many of those moments to count, but when put on the spot like this, I can’t think of any. That’s probably because I was able to laugh at them, pick myself up, brush off and keep going. I love the old “I meant to do that” line. It works for a laugh for me and anyone else around. 😉

  52. Dear Marie,

    I am so glad to see your training video. It reminds me of my friend turned foe Prasenjit Gupta and our problems in Yahoo Group – IEMENGG2003 related to mail link not working that turned our mail links to be like Spam. It also reminded me of the Video from Prasenjit in Facebook about splitting in Space between 2 Satellites. It also reminds me about my Paper Submission in NRIAG Egypt in 2014 about Geomagnetism Modelling.

    I really appreciate your knowledge and I just attended a Video (YouTube) Interview in Wipro Ltd. Kolkata on Sunday – 30 March 2014 and I saw my UK Mail Working for just one day. I really liked your idea about faulty mail. My mind is now very much refreshed. It also reminded me of the “Home Alone 3” Movie scene where the Vamp got exposed.

    Thank you for being my close friend.

    Rohan Sarker

  53. Heather

    Many years ago, I was in a very stressful client meeting, I wanted to take a drink of my coffee. I grabbed the mug next to me, not noticing that it was the mug that the client was drinking from. I realized at the last moment before taking a swig and had put my mouth on the rim, I unfortunately had left some lipstick on it. Boy was I every embarrassed. The client took it very well and a few days later I received a nice mug with some candies in it from him. The mug had my name on it in huge letters. Guess that took care of that situation.

  54. Back in the 70s when “panty hose” were birthed, excused myself from a very prestigious board meeting to take a restroom break. Inadvertently tucked the back of my skirt into the panty hose and proudly walked back onto the platform to take my seat. Took awhile to grasp the snickers (and I ain’t talkin candy bar here)!! How did I fix it? Asked for a time-out…stood up facing the crowd and ever so eloquently pulled my skirt out of the grip of my panty hose and said “ha…bet y’all thought you had seen me show my a*s before”! I was elected Chairperson 3 years in a row! #epicfailureorwasit

  55. Diana

    I definitely need to learn to laugh at myself and my mistakes. I tent to be really hard on myself when I make mistakes. thanks for the advice.

  56. Lynn

    I have to say you just get more adorable every time I read your post and watch MarieTV! THANK YOU so much for sharing one “Classy assy” experience 🙂


  57. J

    Many moons ago I was in the car with my exhusband & he was lecturing me about something, I don’t remember what but he was pretty mad. So I waited for a pause in the conversation, looked at him & started barking like a little, yappy dog. He burst into laughter & so did I & it diffused the argument. Didn’t save our marriage but it saved the day. That’s the sort of card you can only play once though.

  58. Here’s a story for you Marie – While sitting around a camp fire at Yosemite National Park one night with a group of friends, I realized that the burrito I had for dinner must have been bad. I think you know where this is heading.

    Sensing the urgency of nature’s call as my eyes widened, I did the penguin walk as fast as I could to the nearest outdoor restroom about 50 yards away. Enroute, I stubbed my foot on a big rock. As Paul Harvey would say, I think you know “The Rest Of The Story!”

  59. Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby

    I was going on a job interview and rushing down a busy street (can’t remember which city at this point). Anyway, I could feel my elastic in my half slip ‘spring’, and my slip began to move its way down. Being the confident, strong woman that I am…I simply let it slip all the way to the ground, stepped out of it, and continued on. I NEVER LOOKED BACK! I love that story. It was good to remember that I am a forward-thinker!!

  60. So glad to hear you say this!!! One of my big faux pas moments happened just a little over a week ago, and ironically it included you. I got so upset about something that happened in my husbands business, that I decided I was going to stand up and speak out about it. So, I wrote an email/article explaining what had happened, and how horrible this particular global corporation was. Writing the email is one thing, the “splitting pants” part is that I then decided to send this email to Forbes Magazine, Chicago Crains, the contact at the corporation that I was bashing; and last but not least you, Marie Forleo (because I had referenced you in the email, saying that maybe this global corporation could benefit from some B-School) 🙂

    Whoa baby, once I hit SEND . . . “What the hell did I just do?” Turns out some of my facts were incorrect . . . Oups! I quickly went from feeling so empowered to feeling like the biggest idiot ever!!! I could have screwed things up even worse for my husband’s work. I got pretty down on myself.

    But you know what . . . the basis of my story was still correct . . . and I stood up for something I believe in!! And NO small children died. So . . . Egh, That’s Life!

    Thanks Marie!!!!!

  61. Amazing & Perfect TIMING as always, Marie!!! ❤ॐ❤
    Just last night, I made a call to action on my FB page, and got a comment that was not super supportive. It was an old friend who’s a mega social media gal. She said I was “pushing, hahaha”. I could have been “Meh” about the whole thing and let it slide, but I decided to delete and then write her a note. This time, my heart wanted to make sure my tribe feels good when they read other comments in regards to my offerings. Or was it my ego? Who am I to say what my tribe needs at every moment? Or isn’t that exactly what my job is…. hmmmm…. This is why I am in B-School! This video shines a light on a really great lesson around connecting with my people – and not taking anything TOO seriously.
    Thanks, Marie! and Jam, you Rocked ★

  62. Girl, you crack me up!

    Thanks for the reminder and Happy April Fools to you!

  63. Marie – one of my favorite episodes to date. Perpetual success stories are a pet peeve for this struggling entrepreneur. Not only was this SO welcome today, you took us to a whole new level of goofy. Thanks!

    Here’s my laugh-at-yourself moment:

    Back in my waitress days, I used to list our draft beers so much, I could have done it in my sleep (I probably DID do it in my sleep.) Anyway, it always went the same: “What to you have on draft?” “Well, I have Bass, Guinness, blah blah blah.

    But this one time I got tongue-tied and said, “I have….gas.”


    They left me a huge tip with a note that said, “Thanks! It was a real gas!”

  64. Krista

    Love this! I needed a good laugh and a reminder to laugh since I am having mega issues with my WP site and technology is making want to pull my freaking hair out! 🙂

  65. OMG!!! I am dying! That is hysterical! Love the keeping the sense of humor, that honestly is all I know how to do! I have this fear of talking in front of a small group of people. Being Italian and from Long Island I have this ” kind of an accent” that I think when people are looking at me that’s all they see! Sooooo I turn beat red and start to shake!!! lol To make myself feel better I call myself out in front of everyone stating, I am petrified to speak in front of all of them and I am pretty much Just Owning It Now!! Which is what I preach in my own business!!! hahahah! love you Marie! You keep me Rockin!

  66. Gale

    Thank you for the giggle on International tatting day (where you have to tat and eat chocolate fast enough that it doesn’t leave a mark on your fingers); that is one reason I never wear that type of undergarment.

    I grew up in a house where humour was exercised before we could talk. My father was a kid at heart and before he became an alcoholic, made our lives magical … the whole house on a blinker at Halloween with dad dressed as a skeleton, big bunny footprints on the lawn at Easter and lots of noise on the roof on Christmas night, and dad answering the phone with. “Captain Stiff speaking; you stab ’em, we slab ’em”

    We learned to laugh at ourselves and WITH others.

    If you think that was embarrassing, I can top it: I was wearing a beautiful linen dress that had once belonged to my mom, and I looked like a billion bucks. I had lots of shopping to do that day so I had made sure I had gone to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and hair, had something to eat and had everything I needed in my purse for the day.

    I set off, grabbed a bus to the shopping centre and started my shopping. About an hour into my shopping, I was standing at one store window looking at the beautiful and very expensive shoes that would look good on my feet, when I felt a hand go up the back of my sheath dress and touch my rear end. I whipped around, ready to kill the nervy pervert, and saw a sweet little old lady who was trying to bring down the slip that was caught in my pantyhose BEFORE I LEFT THE HOUSE.

  67. Loved it! I agree, humor is my lifesaving wheel. I had my own pant splitting in half at the Penn Station in the middle of a crazy crowd, just a few days ago! I didn’t know how bad it was until I felt a breeze all the way from the top of my pants to my knee. Humor saved me!

    Thank you for your funnies:)

  68. Holly Ruiz

    Hi Marie! Thanks for lightening the mood today. Exactly what I needed. Exhausted teacher …

  69. Great episode! I can so relate! With everyone, really. One of my deepest lows was when I still worked as a film and TV extra to earn a bit of cash on the side.

    For my last gig I ended up standing in a crowded bus with a huge orange Afro on my head, the Dutch flag wrapped around my shoulders, an XXL football shirt on and being told that I needed to shout louder.

    I’d been booked on a McDonalds commercial and was meant to look like a Dutch football fan. For a slightly introverted, feminist vegetarian this job was a stretch, in so many ways. Plus, what the F was happening to my life? My dreams? My edge?

    So, at the end of a long day I handed in both my afro and my notice. And I never looked back. Well, occasionally, just to have a good old laugh.

  70. it’s funny it a month ago I wrote a text about “l’autodérision”, to me when you start to laugh at a situation, yourself drama ( sometimes you act like a drama queen for “nothing”), you can hit the road.
    I happened to make a huge foul language in the text and at that time I was in a position just below the CEO of a major bank, I could get into a mouse hole. I just smiled and I said ok I remember for next time.

  71. I’m the biggest goofball out there and am generally the one breaking up a serious business conversation with some cheeky ass comment to make people laugh.

    I’ve started including my silly moments in my video series now too to show that it’s the real me. I like to be a big kid and play around and I sure ain’t perfect.

    People really dig it. Gotta laugh right?

  72. Angela

    Once again, you brought funny into my day. Mind you, I bring much funny to my day with endless faux-pas. Like the time I was a server at a wedding and dropped a knife down the back of a man’s pants when he was leaning forward and my serving tray tipped at just the right angle to release the piece of silverware. Or when I received an email from the owner of a local gym announcing I won a two week membership, so I forwarded the owner’s email to my husband and talked in detail about how hot I was going to be with all this working out. Only, I didn’t forward it to my husband. I replied back to the owner. yep.

  73. Marie! Thanks for the laughs this morning, I totally needed the reminder to not let life get so heavy!

  74. My favorite part of this video was Josh following Marie after the dance incident! Hilarious!!

    Oh boy, things that I look back on and laugh about now… I’ve definitely got some for myself but for some reason the one that comes to mind now is going to walk the dog and either not having enough baggies to pick up her little treasures, or her having to go twice. I had to get creative and use a handful of leaves a couple of times! 🙂

  75. The dance floor skit made my day! The second best part of this post are all the hilarious comments. It’s nice to be reminded that our most epic embarrassments aren’t the end of the story. 🙂 I do silly things all the time — the only response I find adequate is to laugh at myself. I’d be a miserable person otherwise!

  76. Dear Marie

    Great video about laughing at yourself. For myself I have found that the people who most easily are able to laugh at themselves are people with a warm heart. A warm hear is developed with love. Love is the wish for others to be happy. Loving oneself is the wish for one’s own happiness. And being able to laugh at the way we try to create our own happiness is the sign of a warm heart.

    Look at all the silly things we do to try to be happy, education, homes, cars, clothes. Look at what a dog does to try to be happy, eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, PLAY! Play more, simplify and learning to laugh at all the silly ways we try to be happy, when all we really want to do is play more and laugh more.

    Inspiring video with the reminder to laugh at ourselves, this is a great key to life, success, friendships, a warm heart, everything we will ever want.

    With kindness
    Michael Gilbert

  77. Jenny Brewer

    Assless chaps? Classic! Thanks for sharing!

    My most embarrassing moment in business came when I set an autoresponder on my email notifying people I would be out of the country for 2 weeks and not checking email. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, unfortunately a setting on the email server sent it to my entire inbox–I’m talking ANYONE who ever sent me an email got a notification and got one for EVERY email they had ever sent! Friends and colleagues got these emails for days! Yikes, I was SO mortified–but I got over it with the help of supportive friends and colleagues who helped me laugh at myself and the situation.

    Make sure you have a support team around you who will not let you take yourself too seriously when stuff like this happens, because it will!

  78. Geni

    Great video as always Marie!

    I can’t help but wonder if that story about splitting you pants had anything to do with your “Nice Assets” header. 😉

  79. Ha! Get this one: Just this last weekend I was doing a presentation at a web design/social media workshop on ‘writing great, polished web content’, when one of the participants gestures discreetly for me to come over. I’m an editor, by the way, who prides herself on her attention to detail. I walk over to the woman and she whispers in my ear, pointing to my powerpoint slide. The slide, I read, with mortifying clarity, has a sentence that reads something like, “It’s important to right using a few key facts, not promotional language.” Bozo!!! Fortunately I was able to laugh at myself and I made a point of letting the crowd know this had happened. It was a great way to re-iterate my own dang point!

    • Oh Anna! Don’t you love it when the angels use us as living examples of our word? Awwwwww!

  80. One of the Enchanted Keys of my work is Humor. You’ve earned yours and made us laugh with you in the process. Thank you! When I was 7 months pregnant with our third child my husband and I were looking at a model home, that someone lived in, like the one we were having built. I thought the refrigerator came with it so I opened it and was rooting around, looking at the shelves. The owner asked me if she could offer me some food. My husband rounded the corner into the kitchen and the color drained out of his face. He gently led me away, explaining that the refrigerator was not part of the deal. I was so embarrassed! Twenty years later it still cracks us up!

  81. Joanne Moore

    This is a great day to laugh at everything, thank you ladies for sharing all your wonderful stories, it is so great to be reminded we are all human! In my work as a Professional Intuitive I am reminded constantly by the Universe and Angels that we are too often caught up in the drama and that they are constantly laughing with us. When in the middle of an upset I just have to tune into the Universal energy to realize that in the big picture this is but a learning moment.
    Thanks for the reminder Marie and have a rollicking April 1st!

  82. Deb

    Your vid touched me today. Humor does cut the edge off a lot of uncomfortable situations. Now for mine. Back in the day, I wore a lot of jumpers (a lot) but never realized one day until my workday was almost finished that I had worn mine inside out! Go figure! No one said a word. Obviously, this situation was easily remedied (easier than your dance floor faux pas) but it was worth a giggle or two from that day on. I think we all need humor to get us through all of our rough times. As my BFF says, “If we can laugh, we’re still living.” You go, girl!

  83. OMG “did any small children die in this situation.” I LOVE IT. My site crashed last week and at first I was like it’s all over. And then I had to just take a step back, but I needed a good phrase to get my reality in check and now I have it.


  84. Thanks for the LOL’s today, Marie! I had an embarrassing moment a few years back that I laughed at immediately and still laugh at today! I’m in the Air National Guard, and I was with my unit on a drill weekend. We were walking from one building to another for a training, and we were cutting through the grass. As I was walking, I stepped into a big hole that wasn’t visible because the grass had been mowed over it and it was even with the rest of the ground. As soon as I felt my foot start to go into the hole, I was surprised and shouted, “Oh, Shit!!” which caught the attention of every person in my unit, and they ALL turned and looked at me. JUST IN TIME to watch me completely wipe out and fall down!! And then they ALL burst into laughter. It was freaking hilarious and still cracks me up to this day!

  85. Peggy DaValt

    THANK YOU, Marie, and everyone for that major fun today on April Fool’s Day!! I appreciated it. I loved how Josh was “hawking” you in the dance portion. What a guy!! You are truly blessed.

    For me, I raise and show dogs. Years ago, my ex-husband and I were at a fun match with one of our young dogs. This was well before I tried to dress more professionally and I had on a summer sweater, flouncy blue skirt, no nylons, footie socks and tennies. Well…because I’ve never been a fashionista, nor really cared about fashion at all, including undergarments, the underwear that I put on that morning was the oldest pair in the drawer…read that as the pair with no more elastic.

    Now, picture me trying to run with Thunder, the almost a year old puppy, around a dog show ring, and my underwear working their way down to my knees. If I didn’t stop them by putting my knees together and running that way, they’d be at my ankles. I did have a slip on…but OMG. My ex said to me, “what the hell was that all about?” I said…my underwear is falling off of me and I didn’t want it to be at my ankles. He then told me to go over to the truck, take them off and to make sure that I go to the store later on and BUY NEW UNDERWEAR!! :=)

    I get lots of mileage out of that story at dog shows.

    In 2010, I was in Colorado at another dog show, this time a National Specialty and I had the #3 Gordon in the country there, along with puppies and other class dogs, ….and true to form, I had another wardrobe malfunction….however, this time it was my slip that was falling off….and down. So, when I ran around the ring, rather than panic, I just flicked the slip up and over to some friends who were sitting ringside!! They all burst out laughing hysterically at me, wondering how I stayed upright and the judge was just looking at the crowd as they were still laughing hysterically.

    Never ever, a dull moment in my world. I love sharing that, and I don’t ever have a problem laughing at me….I make even me laugh. The famous Bennett Cerf (I am dating myself) stated this, “For me, a hearty ‘belly laugh’ is one of the beautiful sounds in the world.” I concur. Thanks, Marie, for the GREAT episode!

    • Great stories!! 😀

      • Peggy DaValt

        Thank you so much, Susan, for commenting. 🙂

  86. O yeah.. listen to this one- I just started my healing business where I worked with clients in a very intimate and serious way~ tapping into the old layers of childhood trauma. My client had just sobbed about her father and his death at her young age when all of a sudden my tape player flipped the tape to the other side where the Eagles were jamming out “GET OVER IT! GET OVER IT!”

    talk about moments of bare buns!! Bless her for SHE, after a shocking moment of horror, had the grace to see that hilarious moment was a message for HER – thank you God for that one, because THAT was a wake up call for me to get new tapes for the sessions AND experience deep healing through-laughter!!! <3 🙂

    • Peggy DaValt

      Love that story…and you gotta love the Universe….it, too, has a sense of humor. I believe that Neale Donald Walsch in his Conversations With God, often said to God that he was really funny and God said, who do you think invented humor? That was great!!

  87. Thank you so much Marie. You made my day. I made my first video on you tube 3 months ago and when I check it after I saw it was longer than I recorded. So I watch it .Well before to start , (I though it was not recordin), I was preparing myself, looking at which position was best, my clothes, my hair , making some noise , talking to myself….. for 10 minutes before I thought went on air. How embarrasing !!! I also had the same problem you had with your pants when I was acting. I was on stage in a small theater in Paris , we were only two actors . I was dancing and suddenly my pants crack , I couldnt believe it ! Well I had to improvise !

  88. Marie- you are awesome! Thanks for a morning laugh! 🙂

    Funny thing happened the other day and I didn’t realize that I acted out in humor until you asked if we have had a situation that called for a #LAUGH.

    I was texting an old boyfriend, well a recently old boyfriend, and he had said something that pushed one of my buttons and I felt myself going from a 0 of annoyance to an 8. I witnessed my thoughts and then emotions change in seconds. However, rather than getting #CAUGHTUP in what seemed (at the time) like a big pile of mushy annoying goo, I responded with an emoji, a #POOP emoji at that. I laughed out loud at myself and realized that if I could laugh at a #poop emoji, then this ‘annoyance’ which I had felt a few seconds prior to my poop icon, really wasn’t as big of a deal as my mind made it out to be.
    Although this is super simple example, this is the first time that I was able to dismiss my annoyance for humor. And it felt #GOOD. Much better than feeling like a victim of my own emotions and thoughts. I am thankful that I now know how to tap into my sense of humor and #SHAKE it off!

    Thanks Marie- for reminding me of this and creating me some laughter! 😉

  89. UH

    Once in a totally messed-up situation at work I had one of those “it wasn’t my fault it was all her fault, because…” moments and my client, a woman whom I desperately wanted to convince that I was worthy of her trust, simply informed me that she wanted a culture where no one was “wronged” for doing what they did and that she wanted me to focus on the solution instead. I felt incredibly embarrassed. But even in that moment, face still bright red, I knew this was such an important thing to learn for me! I’m still grateful to that woman! (Both of them, actually! 😉

  90. Ali

    I think this is my FAVORITE MarieTV episode EVER! So many hilarious moments… The “Side fart extravaganza” extra, Josh’s reaction to Marie splitting her pants… Seriously, this made my morning!!!

  91. Having more humor is exactly what I need to take seriously…LOL Not to take myself too seriously and if no small children died, it can definitely be laughed about! Thank you Marie, for your own wacky doodle humor!!!

  92. My latest and greatest hits/smashes: just when I noticed that I was wearing two different color dark pumps at a meeting at the state capital and was trying to push my feet under my seat as far as possible, I became even more mortified when the guy next to me introduced himself as a bank vice president. I put on a “I have it all together smile” anyway and ended up selling hundreds of my CRESBI crate to his bank for an Earth Day promotion. Later that day I was re-mortified when I realized I’d had my heavy black turtleneck sweater dress on backwards all that day…thought it felt a little weird around the neck…

  93. Love this video Marie! you are so funny and your energy just brings my energy up everytime I watch your vids!
    We had a big laugh about our recent “vacation”…the day before we were supposed to leave, we checked our passports and it turned out we completely forgot that they have expired…we never checked them when booking the vacation a month before!! so of course since it was Saturday the emergency passport offices were closed, so we never went on it, lost the money, but did have a good laugh about it!! i totally believe the money will come back somehow – and i made lemonade from the lemons – we painted the living room and changed the baseboards in the washroom – we wanted to do for a long time but never had enough time off!!!

    also today I showed up at a client’s home but it turned out she had me written down for yesterday….though for me it was today on my calendar! since i was ok with it since i was happy to have a sudden day off, everything turned out ok and we booked for next week!

  94. katherine grant

    Just a country girl..passing up my birkies for heels on a first date w/ my “now hubby, ” when a great dance song came -I grabbed him and stepped onto the dance floor and preceded to ‘skid’ on one heel all the way across the floor,
    that’s when i learned belly laughing at myself, inspite of myself was ‘the only way to win!’ -&That was just the beginning!
    But hmmm…’ass*less’ chaps, maybe you’re a country girl at heart?!

  95. Loretta Carrier

    This was an awesome video. The beginning was hilarious, and watching Josh do his thing was so cute.

    Once I was in between jobs I took on a waitressing gig. I was so cute in my white peasant blouse and black mini skirt and black tights, but I was even cuter when I came out of the restroom with the tail of my skirt tucked into the waist of my panties. So my ass was hanging out, but at least I had the tights on. I walked around like that for a couple minutes until a sweet man whispered in my ear and told me what was up. I was mortified!!! It took a long time before I could laugh about that, though. 😀

  96. This was so friggin hilarious! hahahahhahahhaha Marie you had me rolling! You and Josh hahhahahahahhaha too funny. I love this bit of advice. So classic and very useful! 🙂 Thank you!

  97. Scott

    Your story is hilarious!! It reminds me of the time I wore bell bottoms to school in 7th grade. I had never heard of a bell bottom and thought they were just jeans. Oh did I get it that day!! I think Mom may even driven up to school with a regular pair just to get me through the day.

    I wish you would start a dating site. Where are all the women like Marie in Dallas? or something of the sort.:) Please bring your friend Catherine back for more on manifesting!

    Have a great day!

  98. Veronica

    I’m still cracking up. Marie girl, you got a great way to spice things up! One of the most embarrassing times I remember was during high school when my friend and I went to check out a gym where we wanted to start working out. As the guy is showing us around and doing a high sales pitch I started cracking up. Out of no where I was laughing so hard and every time i tried to stop I would laugh even more. I had to run out and my poor friend was left there with the sales crazy guy!

  99. Marie,

    That was HILARIOUS!! Thank you so much. What a treat.

    I wore my basketball shorts backwards on accident for a game and everyone just thought I did it as a good luck charm!! I realized at halftime and readjusted, but was so delighted to know that everyone just thought it was part of the plan!!

    I have definitely been mortified by a few business slip ups but in the end it has always worked out!

    So grateful for you, for this, for BSchool. So much love!

  100. JC Zei

    Inspirational video like always. Keep going! 😀

  101. I was working on my first real estate contract for a buyer. I had been licensed for a couple of months or so. I wrote it up and sent the contract to my broker to double check it, as I was nervous and wanted to make sure that everything looked good. After I pressed send, I realized that I just sent the email to MY BUYERS! UGH!!! I was completely embarrassed. I survived, though. 😉

  102. Tina Pruitt

    Assless chaps….sweet buns.
    Love it!
    Tina xo

  103. Such great advice Marie! Great video as always & I loved the April Fool’s day prank!

  104. Dejana

    Dear Marie,

    You say= it’s vital that we don’t feel shame about our mistakes or missteps either.
    Well- no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no and no! What is VITAL is that we do FEEL the shame. It’s a forgotten part of us that needs our loving attention so that it can be healed. And that we feel any other unpleasant emotion, if we are to become whole. 🙂
    The video was hillarious as always, LOVED Jams, hahahahaha!! Still love you more:) xxx

  105. I want to know how you got out of the club with your booty hanging out? Please Finish the story!!!!

  106. Lea

    Back in the day before juice bars were the rage… we had a sweet little café that sold carrot juice. So I had a glass. Ate my breakfast. Paid my bill. I then left the café to run some errands, go to the bank, drug store, and a card shop before finally climbing into my car. Looking into my rear-view mirror to begin backing out of my parking space… who’s looking back at me? Me. With a giant orange mustache!!! Nobody had said anything to me the entire morning! I not only laughed, but swore that from that day on, I would never let that happen to anyone else! I’ve kept that promise ever since. I love Tuesdays and MarieTV. Happy April Fools everyone!

  107. Krisztina

    Did you really get Jams out of the chair in the middle of his sentence?! I can’t beleive it! This was very funny anyway, thanks! Happy April 1st 🙂

  108. Nancy Nelson

    Several years back I was tasked with assisting in the inspection of several fishing boats. This normally took place at the dock, so I dressed appropriately yet professionally in a cotton shirt, below-the-knees jeans skirt and boat shoes. After the moored boats were inspected, my team and I were taken on a surprise visit to a boat on the high seas. As our boat pulled up to the fishing vessel, I realized that I would not be able to climb up the side of the boat in a skirt. I told my team to go ahead without me. The man who was running the motorboat saw my dilemma, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder – like a sack of potatoes, no joke – and scrambled up the side of the boat, all under the gaze of everyone else (about 25 men). And after the inspection I had to go down the same way.

    I have never worn a skirt on a boat since.

    • I launched my tarot business less than two weeks ago, and I was beyond ecstatic when I had my first few paying clients. My ‘official’ turnaround time is 48 hours, so I was proud of myself when I had the readings emailed within 8 hours.

      A couple of days later, I received an email from a client wondering where her reading was since 48 hours had come and gone. “WTF!?” I thought. After some searching around, I realized I had sent the reading within 8 hours all right – TO MY OWN EMAIL ADDRESS.

      I was mortified at first, but I’m trying to see it as a learning experience – and an opportunity to laugh at myself. 🙂

  109. Rebecca

    I started my own law firm this year and it is going well so far, the only problem is my horrible fear of public speaking. So every time I go to court (which is not often because the type of law I practice) it is always a comical event. From my uncontrollable nervous laughter, tripping over my feet, saying the wrong name, or simply blanking out at the most unfortunate times. Luckily, contrary to what most TV shows portray, Judges are usually very understanding and will move right past these things, after they laugh a bit too. Thank God.

    My strategy is to keep trying and eventually I will be comfortable with being uncomfortable, but until then I have no other choice but to laugh it off afterward and share my stories with my friends so they can get a laugh too.

  110. Andrea

    Awesome! I loved all three stories. I was at a Halloween party once years ago, dressed as a sexy devil. I was wearing the most awesome sexy red devil wig – think long, shiny, bright red locks – underneath which was my completely matted, sweaty hair covered by pantyhose. At one point in the evening, I was at a party, dancing like miss sexy pants, thinking I was really hot, whipping my head from side to side. Suddenly, my wig flew off and landed clear on the other side of the room. I looked absolutely ridiculous – like a sweaty, bald, pencil tip eraser. For a split second I panicked, but the moment my eyes met those of my girlfriend who was standing in shock at the sight of me, we both burst into gut-aching laughter. I was laughing so hard that I didn’t even recover my wig for probably 5+ minutes. It was a case of horror turned into hilarity! Life is such a kick, especially when we can do exactly as you say Marie: laugh at ourselves!!! Hooray. As always, thank you for the wonderful wisdom.

  111. Ok, I am sharing . . . In my twenties . . . important to get that out there, I got in line at a KFC restaurant and looked over at one of the booths to see a couple that I used to work with at a Denny’s Restaurant in St. Louis. I told my husband, “I will be right back” , I walked over to the table – put my elbows on it – and got right in there faces and said: ” long time no see lovers” THEN I realized I had no idea who they were so I said: “and it will be even longer before I see you again becasue [I Have No Idea Who Either One Of You Are!”] then I scooted my fancy little humiliated ass back in line with my husband who by this time had disowned me and wouldn’t acknowledge me.

    Sometimes you just gotta get back on the horse and ride to get over the fear. I got chicken from KFC the next week, with no incident. I’ve had a good story to tell at parties ever since. . . just brush yourself off and move on.

  112. Too funny! I busted my “too tight jeans” out in 8th grade in the middle of history class. Thank God I had a sweater to wrap around my ass while I walked out of class to the office to call my mom to come and rescue me! So embarrassing but to this day it’s one of my favorite stories to tell.

  113. I’ve had a few of those screaming at people over stuff that probably wasn’t even their fault moments!

    I’d say the biggest thing I’ve bounced back from is trying to have a yarn shop in a small town. One would think, in a Midwest small town – where it SNOWS in the Winter – that, you know, people would want to make sweaters and stuff. But, alas, no. I would get people coming in asking for embroidery floss or the cheap yarn you can get at Walmart. The funniest one was this guy coming in with a saw he wanted sharpened, I guess – the name of my shop was “Bo Peep’s Wool Shop”, he thought it said “wood” shop LOL!

  114. Oh my gosh – the pant thing so happened to me and not only once.

    Something else that was really embarrassing? I was once on a flight from Vienna to Brussels on a Sunday evening, basically wearing pjs and this friendly old guy was sitting next to me (in the very last row next to the toilet of course…) We started talking and he was super cool! I ended up telling him my entire life-story and showing him holiday pictures of me and my boyfriend, being 100% who I am (including my big mouth and some inappropriate jokes). Until? He asked me what I was actually doing in Brussels. I was there for my job so I told him.

    Turned out he was the Austrian ambassador, my boss’s buddy who he always stays with when in Brussels. OOPS. But how am I supposed to know Ambassadors sit in the last row next to the toilet?

    I hope I won’t see him again 😉

    • Oh Hannah that made my stomach cringe. Good story.

  115. Nathalie

    Actually just yesterday I went to the Aveda Salon Institute which I’ve always had great service -to get a color and cut- I got a Academy Student which basically are working and up-grading their skills ( these are no beginners – they have been working for 3 years and charge according) Now I have had professional with 25 years cut me hair and provide back service and cut-but the Aveda have never let me down at any level Pro and Institute-the quality was constant.
    But this time I left with hair 3 inches to short.
    And I had been growing out my hair for nearly a year.
    I was still mad about this hair cut it this morning as I looked in the mirror.
    My husband was like “I’ve never seen you so mad over something.”
    Its just hair.
    But now I am thinking I need to cancel my photo shoot for my website, and will basically need to wear my hair up for a 6 month before I am presentable again. Little dramatic -I know but that is what is returning through my head.

    As I calm down -I asked myself
    First was I clear- check I was CLEAR.
    And realized what really made me mad was the lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE & PROFESSIONISM. He was not LISTEN to my needs nor wanting to know.

    Specific example: of BAD CUSTOMER Service & Professionalism
    A) Needed to ask the hairstylist to put colour blocking on my skin-because I facilitate and meet with clients all day and night-and don’t want stained on my skin from the dye. Basic 101 He first gave me attitude -until I explained why?

    B) Saying he will be back to take the color out of my hair in 7minutes -and I am sitting in the chair for over 15 minutes-then worried that this dye will be left in too long I got up to look where he was -and this manager saw me and went to go get him in the back.
    Then he had the nerve to says to me ” Did you get bored.” like this was my fault.
    to which I replied “No -you mention you would be back in 7 minutes and got worried about the dye being left in too long.”

    c) For the cut -this was clearly lack of education, attention and skills
    he toke the scissors a second time -and I thought ok he just trimming it off -then he takes an additional 2 inches off-I release this scissors cuts in because I can’t see in back of head- and ask what are you doing
    ” Oh this will make your hair lighter-great for spring and summer.”
    And he truly though he was doing me a favor.
    I was stock -to the point where I was speechless and the damage was done.

    I am aware he was a Academic students but I have been going to the Aveda for a decade and this Salon for a year -and never had this type of service-but I will send an email to let them know.
    I have champion Aveda for years, recruited staff for them and even through my career coaching practice -enrolled student in their institute.
    But the experience, after years of great service, made me want to NOT go back.

    • Bethany

      I think it was just that student. When you go to a school, you are giving yourself over as a practice head! Just go to a regular Aveda salon– in the 11 years I’ve gone, I’ve never gotten a bad cut or color!

      • Nathalie

        Yes Bethany I think this time, after a year -that I find myself a stylist at Aveda Salon that I can go to regularly.

  116. Laughing at yourself must be the best advice out there! It’s healthy and keeps you human.

    One of my worst moments (and I’m not embarrassed easily) was when we were having a work do with some food. I must have been a bit under the weather, because as I was helping myself to some snacks I suddenly sneezed severely – all over the food!! It came from out of nowhere and I didn’t have time to face the other way! One of my colleagues decided to go to the buffet on the other table 😉 lol.

    Love your Tuesday TV xx

  117. #1. Marie, I love your hair.
    #2. Did you and Mastin collaborate on the same April Fools joke or are ya’ll just super aligned? 😉
    #3. Thanks for the reminder to keep it light – I am pretty sure humor is the main reason my parents have remained married for 43 years <3 Taking it further into a grander scope when it comes to pretty much any aspect of life makes life more juicy and fun.


  118. Leslie

    Thanks for the laugh – I love the Spongebob reference in the title. Here’s my story:

    I used to be a flight attendant. I was working a flight when the hem of my dress caught on an armchair. I didn’t hear a ripping sound (who can with those noisy engines) so I just assumed that my dress was still intact. Big mistake – it had ripped all the way up to nearly my waistline! So I am walking up the aisle from the rear of the aircraft to the front bending over to pick up trash every so often while flashing my behind to everyone onboard. To make matters worse, I was not wearing underwear with my navy hose. (TMI, I know but afterall the word panty is in pantyhose.)

    Did any passengers or other crew members bother to let me know? No! It wasn’t until I was about to leave the cockpit that one of the pilots said, “Do you know that the back of your dress is missing?” Yikes! Talk about embarassing. Luckily, I had a sweater I could wrap around myself for the rest of the flight.

    When I got to my hotel room, I decided to check out in the mirror what everyone saw. To make matters worse, I hadn’t lined up the seam of my hose with my butt crack. Not pretty!

    When I returned home, I shared this story with my room-mate. We laughed about exposing my smurfy butt to the world and referred to it as my Blue Moon flight.

    • Thanks for sharing – that’s hilarious! I’m glad you were able to laugh about it!

    • Made me laugh out loud.

  119. This is so funny and reassuring. Marie, it’s so nice to hear that you’ve been embarrassed and made mistakes in business. I look up to you so much that it reminds me that we’re all human and just doing our best. Thank you!

  120. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences Marie. I’m definitely getting much better at laughing at myself and the situations I find myself in, and, it’s no surprise that when I keep it light and happy, everything resolves itself with an ease that never use to happen when I was a crazy pants 😉

    Great stories everyone, thanks for sharing.

  121. Marta

    One of THE most embarrassing moments of my life was tripping over my underwear and falling out naked out of one of those stand up tanning beds into a waiting room full of peeps waiting to get their UV on.
    Yeah. Enough said.

  122. Love your videos Marie! I had the pant split episode twice! Once in Florida when my boyfriend (now hubby) and I were dancing outside by the beach and having a blast with our friends. I felt cool air and said, “oh it is getting cooler tonight” – not! Split right up the back side of my new silk pants! LOL

    I also had this happen at a networking event and asked people at the event if there was anyone who had needle and thread to stitch the pants up for the evening! I was one of the speakers that evening! LOL

    What Fun!

  123. I haven’t thought about this in years! When I was in college I was at a party and had injured my back, so I was wearing a back brace under my blouse. While in the bathroom, I lifted my blouse above my bra to adjust the brace. I was wearing an old, industrial-looking bra because it worked with the brace. I went back out into the party and talked to several people before someone finally got me to look down. I never pulled my blouse back down so my bra and brace were completely hanging out! And I circulated in the party for at least 5-10 minutes like that! I casually pulled my blouse down as I kept talking. We all had a good laugh!

  124. I so needed this. Thank you marie. I am in b school. I have food allergies which I am still doing medical protocols around that are making sick as hell so I just havent been able to do everything I want to lately. I know its fine to do b school at my pace but sometimes i just feel so sick its hard to do anything and I have so much going on but no small children have gotten hurt because of all this. Thank you . I need this laugh kick in my butt today.

  125. I have a funny one – I was asked to go on a local morning show for the first time (yay!) for a segment just before Christmas 2013. It was to talk about best mommy gifts. I worked hard to get all the info and look confident and I was prepared. So there I am chatting with the news anchor and we get to the fitbit gadget. I talked it up and as I’m finishing I say “it will get you fit for 2012”. Yes, that’s right, live television and I am going back in time! LOL The anchor didn’t catch it either and when I shared it with all my friends, it was only my sister that told me what I had said. So I cracked up and got the shakes at the same time!! I ended up posting it on social media anyway and in my personal FB page I said “clearly I am not getting myself fit since I don’t even know what year to get fit in!”. My friends thought it was funny – and I can laugh at it now 😉
    Happy April Fools Day, Marie! Buona fortuna e baci da Mama MOE

  126. Thank you so much, Marie, for cheering up! All Tuesdays are the best, to hear exact tips, which I need at particular moment!

    I have just been busted with a mean joke, although no babies died, so moving on! 🙂 The man I so happened to have feelings for, called loudly on facebook that he’s married today. Even though it was a joke, a secret girl exists, so doors closed over there. Yeah, I’m a human, so I feel foolish sometimes. Though it keeps pushing forward, no babies died haha, move on! 😀

    Time will tell


  127. Hi Marie,

    This video was just what I needed in this exact moment.
    I was having a teeny tiny heart attack….I just signed with Balboa Press to self publish my 2nd book…..and had some anxiety over a few things. I ensured that I was diplomatic in my email to my consultant, as she is super terrific, but feeling kind of silly for not asking these questions yesterday. Oh well I am certain it will all work out. Have a beautiful day sunshine and thank you for the smiles. Much Love and Joy to you, Jeanette Hunter

  128. I am constantly driving in the wrong direction, getting lost in a building, slipping down the stairs, dropping stuff out of my purse, making my 21 year old daughter hide and disown me…whatever!

    Used to get very upset at myself and now, with maturity, I laugh until milk comes out of my nose.

    Thanks, per usual, Marie!

    • Valerie

      Thanks so much for sharing your story, Paula. I read your first line and felt like it was me talking. Then I read your second line and remembered that I used to laugh at myself like you and need to do it again.

  129. LOVE this video!

    My sister has always had this motto: “I’m never so tickled as when I laugh at myself.”

    I’m not as good about laughing at myself but having a great sense of humor in difficult situations is something I learned from all of my family and it’s saved me in so many ways!

  130. I spent most of my HR career in the Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity field. So, basically, I made sure that people worked in an environment free from harassment and discrimination. My employer had over 30,000 employees, and I was kind of the face for harassment prevention (trainings, workshops, consulting, etc.). My office was in the process of planning a conference and I was emailing our speakers the details they needed. One speaker (we’ll call her Ann) happened to be transgendered (male to female). I finished an email to one presenter whose name happened to be Sissy. I copied the email to send to Ann, put in Ann’s email address, and hit send. The second I hit send, I realized I forgot to change the name to Ann. So… I sent an email to a transgendered woman with the greeting line of “Dear Sissy”.

    I was MORTIFIED!!!! I thought I would lose my job. Here I was the face of equality, diversity and inclusion and I accidentally used a semi-offensive slur in an email. I instantly emailed back to explain the situation, and called to try to circumvent any damage on the front end. Luckily, the presenter had a great sense of humor and completely understood my mistake.

    I learned a valuable lesson on slowing down a bit, and double checking BEFORE hitting send!

  131. My motto- ‘That which does not kill me, makes me funnier.”

    • Valerie

      Love your motto!

  132. so the carpet man was showing me the different carpets for my room, some with deep piles and some not so deep. I love a good shag on a carpet I said. He smiled 😉

  133. OMG same thing happend to me 13 years ago when I was picking up a very heavy bag of soil for my garden. As I bent forward and stuck by a.. out my pants split right down the middle and yep you guessed it…. I was also wearing a thong. Still laughing about it today. LOL LOL LOL. Love you all your videos.

  134. I showed up at a restaurant with 20 clients and the hostess claimed we had no reservation. I had a bit of a hissy fit. Fortunately, the discussion was in Italian and I did it all with a big (forced) smile on my face so the clients were none the wiser. The manager came and sorted all out. Afterwards I felt obligated to apologize and do some very strategic ass kissing. It all worked out and I return there every time I am in Florence. Thanks for reminding us that you bounce back from any awkward situation with a smile!

  135. Catarina

    Hi Marie – I luuurve this video and you are ridonkulous! It totally reminded me of when I was on a cruise ship in Greece sporting my new bikini by the pool and had a crazy embarrassing moment. It was one of those bikinis where the bottoms are held together by stringy ties on the sides of your hips… and thanks to a gust of wind one of the ties came undone and the whole butt part flapped open. Yes, yes it did. I luckily caught the front tie so managed to save some of my dignity, but to protect my naked arse’s dignity I threw myself backwards onto my friends’ lounge chair. She was still sitting on it, and my bare bottom was on her foot. I was too in shock and embarrassed to get up and expose myself, and she was not so pleased haha.

    By the way, I have had a job where work I did had a direct effect on the lives of small children (paediatric HIV to be precise) and it was an INTENSE amount of pressure. A sense of humour was super important, and now as you suggest I can remember to use that to put everything into perspective as I launch my new business. Good tip 🙂

    Keep em coming,

  136. Mbali

    Oooooh gurl, at one stage I couldn’t stop crying in professional situations because I took things way too personally or didn’t get what I wanted. I cried publicly and uncontrollably! I cringe just thing about it! Any tips on how to manage emotions in professional and actually, general situations?

  137. Kim

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Funny thing is this exact same thing happened to my roommate in University! In fact I just saw her a few days ago – we only see each other every few years since we live on opposite sides of the country. She however left the bar and proceeded to try to walk home! As some others of us were cabbing it home – one guy said “Hey look at that girl’s butt hanging out of her pants!” It took us a minute to realize we knew and lived with her!!! Thanks SO much for reminding me of finding humour along the journey!!!!

  138. This is perfect timing Marie! Thanks for this funny video! I totally need to laugh at myself today. I am actually home sick from work today. And I spent 3 hours last night at the after hours clinic getting treated.

    And why?

    Because I have a rash in my armpits! Both armpits! It’s painful and awful and apparently, it’s just infected hair follicles. Possibly from spending too much time at the hot tub at the house where I’ve been dog sitting. Happy April Fools to me!

    For now, I feel awful because the infection makes me fevery and achey, but this will be a funny story after I’ve recovered. 😉

  139. Hi Marie!

    Thanks for todays fun video!!! Love it, as it is my Birthday, and the sun is FINALLY shinning here in Brooklyn, NY! Woot Woot. Have a great one! Loving B-School! Big thank you to you and your team. AWEsome.

  140. The same thing happened to me dancing in Mexico! Funniest part about it, it was a random cold-front and my friend just happened to be wearing two pairs of pants. When does that ever happen?! ha! The universe totally had my back that night 😉 Thanks for the funny memory! Love you!! xo

  141. Bethany

    I am laughing from reading all the stories and especially the idea that if no small children were dead, then it will all be okay! I think it’s especially funny considering all the years I taught school and on multiple occasions slip-ups just happen– kids always point them out too! So, just thinking to myself that no one in the classroom died, makes me laugh even harder!

  142. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Thank your for the text and the videos. You made me keep a laugh and indeed I have now something even for my sleep. Now I close the computer but I have my TV and afterwords I go to sleep.

  143. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was one of a few selected out of an audience to participate in a comedian’s routine. We were all given instructions and then asked to return to our seats. I quickly learned that I was given “unique” instructions.

    As the comedian continued, I waited for my cue. It came. And I was the only one in the room who stood up and moo-ed like a cow. Yes, you heard me. I moo-ed and with such passion that you’d have thought I was cheering on my favorite sports team. The funniest part was that I was so into my “part” that it took me a few seconds to realize I was alone in this!

    Laughter ensued for minutes. And, yes, I was also laughing.

    Marie, thanks for this reminder today because I too often forget to laugh. 🙂

  144. Oooh boy!

    Love this video 😉

    My biggest faux pas was committed when I first started my business. I was working with a rather (too large) PR firm, and upset at their lack of press.

    I was exhausted and totally misread their email late one morning… I thought they said my product SUCKED but they said it was “SICK” (like in a good way). So, I sent off a heated 1-am-er email to them telling them how they were terrible people.

    The PR firm owner wrote back next day asking if there was confusion on her email?

    LOL. Oops. I apologize. It was embarrassing but I’m over it. Now. 😉

  145. Jennifer

    Love it! I once walked around with my skirt tucked into the back of my panties. Didn’t know until someone pointed it out…embarrassing at the time but now makes a really great story.

  146. Marie, girl, I’ve split my pants in public too. They were leather and it was my bachelorette party, many moons ago.

    In my career, I had a literal flop on stage when I tripped on the train of my costume, went flying across the stage, landed on my knee and my face, and got up to find my dress torn half off. It was a matinee show for senior citizens. We had to greet the audience after the show and one little old lady was quick to ask, “were you the girl that fell?”. I was mortified!!!

    Anyway, I learned my lesson because I was doing a show I didn’t even like, so I feel the dress knew it and was forcing me to face facts. I later blogged about it in a post about being true to yourself and dealing with embarrassment. I even shared a picture of my knee, which had a bruise on it that was shaped like a fishnet. I love that picture now.

    • Love “the dress knew it,” Mercedes.

  147. I slept in the nude. In the bedroom/living room of a new efficiency apartment. And my new roommate — who I hadn’t met yet and it was her home — came home with a couple friends to introduce to me.

    A little awkward for everyone, since I decided not to get out of bed. It would have been more awkward had I gotten out of bed though.

  148. Total flub of my introduction of the conference keynote Michael Port turned into a comedy skit

  149. Fun episode utilizing Arpil Fool’s Day. I like JamsTV.

    You transported me back to Manhattan, 2006. In a cab, with my sexy date, headed to a leather bar in Chelsea. Yes! Wearing assess chaps. On purpose.


  150. *assless . . . LOL

  151. Thanks Marie- Same thing happened to me. I was dancing to Applebottom Jeans, Boots with the fur and I got “Low, Low, Low, Low, Rippppp”. I laughed and (luckily) threw my scarf around my waist and made a new outfit out of it and just kept dancing. Several friends were surprised by my recovery. I just kept on laughing and enjoying myself.

    Your business message comes at a great time too. A couple years ago I had a pretty bad situation where a previous client completely copied our product, content marketing, and more and started their own company. It was awful and has taking a while to recover from (mentally and a bit financially to try to “stop the madness”). It definitely brought me down for a long while. We still have clients who have started selling there product. They are much cheaper and the product isn’t as high quality but they definitely know the internet inside and out (you know all the SEO stuff, etc) and definitely are competition now.

    But today we’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary and trying to just get over it all. We want to continue to just do our best and forget the rest. Laughter will be the best medicine! Thanks so much!

  152. During my late 20’s I was a certified Jazzercise instructor, known for putting on high energy classes and filling the room with well timed witty commentary. To the Jazzercise elite, though, I was NOT known for my exacting choreography. It was my “roll with it” M.O. that kept my people coming back for more.
    One class during the cool down portion, we were stretching in and out of wide plies when one of my front row students kindly pointed out to me that the crotch of my pants had a huge hole in them.
    A WHOLE 56minutes and 48seconds of my crotch in any number of moves on display for an audience trying to figure out what came next. Dear heavens!
    Without hesitation I decided that it was time to own the embarrassment instead of leaving any of those women to go on with the rest of their day with my crotch on their mind. So I blurted out (on the microphone) in the middle of Joss Stones “Bruised But Not Broken” a big THANK YOU to my friend in the front row for the heads up about the crotch shot I’d been giving everyone that morning. And that I hope my choice of chonies lived up to my reputation!

    The room burst into laughter- And so did I.

  153. As someone who used to like to drop it low and show off too, I have a rule formulated in Las Vegas circa 2001. Never, ever, wear vinyl pants. Sure to split on the dance floor. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this. I was feeling like a failure today from losing a client who could not afford me any longer, and it made me rethink everything. Time to start laughing at myself and how seriously I take things sometimes and move forward.

    You rock, Marie!

  154. One of my best friends from high school was a little early for a job interview in NYC so ran downstairs to get her shoes shined.when she returned to the interview, she noticed a glob of shoe polish left on her shoe so wiped it off only to find it wasn’t shoe polish. It was dog poop she had stepped in. As she frantically searched to find something stronger than a tissue to wipe it off with, the interviewer appeared and extended his hand to shake hers, which was otherwise occupied by the poop. She gave him her left hand which he clearly thought was weird by the puzzled look on his face. It also was now smelling really bad since it was up to mid-body height, no longer at floor height. She was so focused on getting rid of the poop that she missed half the questions and kept saying “Could you please repeat that?” Needless to say, she didn’t get a call back .

  155. Great episode Marie!

    My husband, Barton, reminds me to keep laughing, and keep smiling even through the wobbles. Keeping the laughter flowing keeps our relationship healthy! Our foibles, oh too many to tell… (but we have shared some of them in our memoir Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll).

    Recently, I got just a little too excited while giving an interview-

    2 miles, 2 hours. No difference- right? The one on air typo!

    At first, I was so embarrassed- stick my head in the sand, but then I realized how ingenious it was for the news station. They created the perfect way to break down stereotypical barriers (sadly those with speech impediments are still seen as incompetent). And they provided an avenue to cut through all that so you see our relationship in the midst of the story. If Barton didn’t keep me on track, who would? Oh, I can laugh about it now, and of course Barton reminds me every time we talk about driving to the beach.

    We live our lives out loud and out in public, and that means letting life be what it is, in all it’s tantalizing crazy fun!

    Thanks for the smile today!!


    Megan Cutter

  156. Favorite video of them, Marie!!! Badass. I’ve already watched it 3 times!

  157. Janet Marie Petty

    HaHa..big smile, I needed your dance floor & biz confessions to start my activities…this B-schooler has to lighten up. so you wanna hear our biff?
    Many years ago I was dancing on a stage and was on my knees, wearing stilettos and a dark curly fro like wig when suddenly leaned back into this amazing backbend but when I popped up my wig stayed stuck to my stillettos and there I sat starring at my audience who, mostly beer drinking Canadian, were stunned when they saw this gal with short hot pink punky hair starring at them in shock! I just laughed a big grin and said, “Salue” (some local toast) and humbly left the stage. It was SO embarrassing but it brought more customers back to see what might come next. By the way that accidental trick did not work a second time. Live and learn and just be happy! Yeah Marie and GO team Forleo, make more fun!!!

  158. Betsy

    Well…years ago I was at a friends wedding. It was in one of those big churches with 2 aisles. (Thank goodness as you will see). At the time I had long thick hair, kinda like your Marie. I ended up sitting on the last seat of the pew by the aisle. There was a lit candle holder right by the edge of the pew. The wedding march started playing and we all stood up as the bride started down the other aisle, not the one I was sitting next to. She took about 5 steps into the church and the next thing I knew someone was POUNDING on my back! I of course turned around to see who it was and then I felt my date pounding on my back! Then I smelled it. The awful smell of burning hair! Apparently my long hair was going up in flames! And we had made such a commotion the whole church had turned around to look at what was going on…and not at the bride!! You can only imagine my embarrassment. We finally settled down, but the stench of burning hair was STRONG! And that did not end my embarrassment. As I was going through the reception line the bride and grooms family kept asking me if I was OK. Oy! I laugh now…then I just wanted the earth to swallow me! 🙂

  159. Humor is a must in my career! If I couldn’t laugh at myself or my students, I’d be a basket case. I teach English (and Foods when I’m feeling especially daring) to 12-14 year olds. It is especially useful when discipline students. A humorous message is much more readily received than a harsh one.

  160. OK, that would be the time I was so in love, I called my unbending boss trying to come up with a reason I had to stay on vacation with this guy an extra day, and the best I could come up with was “they cancelled the ferry” (I was on an island)… Needless to say he called to check, and was not amused. Fortunately, I was on vacation with a group that included one of his management peers, who went to bat for me, but not the smartest move I ever made!

  161. I am notorious for spilling drinks; milk, coffee, beer – if its liquid, I’m going to spill it. This can be extremely embarrassing, especially if you are trying to impress someone, like when you are out on a date. Anyways, I was on a date and we were at the hockey game. Of course my date and I both had a beer beverage. My date was almost finished his beer, but mine was still mostly full. Now I really can get into the game. So when my team scored, my arms shot up in exultation. So of course the beer I goes flying up out of my cup that I was holding, and by sheer miracle it went and landed straight in my boyfriends cup. Only a drop or two actually got spilled. I was embarrassed, but being it actually didn’t turn out that bad – it turned out to be a most hilarious situation. No damage done, and the boyfriend got a little more beer to drink.

  162. Victoria Kitanov

    Loved the April Fool video, Marie – what a hoot. The “assess disco pants reminded me of a date with a guy I was desperately trying to impress at the tender age of 22 (I’m now 55 & it was many moons ago). Since art school I was very into vintage fashion, and in the late 70s-early 80s, you could still find stunning dresses from the 1950s-1920s in op-shops. I was wearing a black REAL velvet cocktail dress with a small scattering of diamantes on the bodice, an underskirt trimmed with red satin, and an impenetrable side zip, circa 1951. I felt so elegant. But as the evening progressed with a bit of dancing, etc, the dress began to disintegrate!! It was an epic Cinderella moment, with me as the pumpkin if I didn’t get home before midnight!!! (can’t recall if it was April 1, but the joke was def on me!!) The guy is long-gone & forgotten, but remarkably that dress is still packed away in a trunk! Perhaps a reminder not to keep something beautiful & unique as your talent, ability & business dreams locked away. Share them with the world, be honest & laugh at your flops & foibles to keep it all real, and live life to the full – the one you were meant to live! 😀

    • Victoria Kitanov

      I wrote “ASSLESS disco pants” but Mac’s enjoy editing! :O

      • Andi

        Love this metaphor! Thank you

  163. My biggest faux pas moment arrived in my ninth grade English class. Thankfully, for the events of this story, it was an all-girls school. Here’s how it went down: We were assigned into groups of 4 and had to memorize and recite the classic Romeo & Juliet speech at the front of the class…” What light through yonder window breaks…it is the East and Juliet is the Sun!…” Well my group included some of my funniest, most irreverent friends and the truth was that none of us had this speech down. So, by the time we made to the line ” Her vestal livery is but sick and green. And none but fools do wear it; cast it off!” some pretty ridiculous things were coming out of all our mouths and I lost it laughing. Like uncontrollable, red faced laughter. I also lost control of something else….and straight up peed my pants—er my plaid school girl skirt..right then and there. The damn broke…and there I was in a puddle of my own pee in from of the whole class. Mortified beyond belief, I ran out and hid in the bathroom until the bell rang. The next day, in the very same class, I mustered up all the courage I could find. I raised my hand and asked to say a word to everyone, where I proceeded to apologize and say how embarrassed I was for what had happened the day before…. I was met with mostly blank stares. The fact was that no one had noticed! They all thought I was a huge nerd who was only apologizing for not memorizing the speech perfectly! Lesson learned: almost no one is watching you as closely as you think they are.
    Im thinking that this story is more aptly titled: My worst Faux-pee
    High Five & Thanks Marie for all you do!

  164. alohajerseygirl

    Your story about chewing out your email provider reminded me of something I did. When my son was young, he had a lot of cavities (I thought there was a problem with his tooth enamel, but it turns out, I learned from him years later that he wasn’t brushing when I thought he was–eeek!). I had to take him to the only pedadontist available, over an hour’s drive away. Not long after he had a bunch of fillings, they all started cracking and falling out. I called the dentist and unleashed on him, saying, “Don’t you stand by your work?” He made it clear he would no longer treat my son. Shortly thereafter, I learned my son had been chewing on the metal parts at the tops of his pencils. I still owe that dentist an apology but haven’t been able to bring myself to do it yet.

  165. Dawn

    I went into a natural foods store recently and when I got to the checkout, I said to the the MALE at register, “Oh, I almost forgot, do you carry nutbags?” He gave me the most perplexed look, and I continued..”you know, like cheesecloth bags to make nut milk?” As I left the store, I realized my mistake: they are called “nutmilk bags” and I LMAO all the way to my car!

  166. This was so embarrassing. I remember it like it was yesterday. (Even though it happened in the early 90s.) I sent an email to collaborators all over the U.S. without noticing that auto correct had changed “Dave Ericson” to “Dive Erections”!!!! To make matters worse, I didn’t notice this until my co-worker asked me “who is Dive Erections?” I ran back to my desk in horror and saw what had happened. I tried to recall the email but it was too late. My husband said “Maybe you have discovered a new health problem?” He then imagined a newspaper headline “CDC researcher uncovers a serious public health problem.” We still laugh about this now. But geez, it took me awhile to think it was funny.

  167. Karisa

    A rather related question about your VOICE! – Your tone, mannerisms, even phrase-ology is all so YOU! Very unique, sassy w/ smarts. My business voice and my personal voice are different…what was your journey to cultivating the MF voice = MF brand which permeates all media: social, web, video, presentations, etc?

  168. Love it! Humour is our most valuable currency at my house. We cook on a camping stove and need to go outside to pee at night, and have awesome second-hand furniture so def. no tantrums over designer sofas, but we LAUGH daily. Over the smallest, most stupid things. Out of all the tools at my disposal as a parent of little kids, humour is a secret ninja weapon. If I can raise my girls to laugh at themselves and the situation, I can rest happy.

    I remember when my daughter was little and I was away from her for a whole day for the first time, on a group fitness course. I was wearing a nice halter-neck yoga top to display my bee-sting assets but I failed to take into account the effect of a breastfeeding mum going a whole day without, um, releasing. It was Dolly Parton by 3pm and wet patches by 5pm and I would have been quite impressed had it not been so very damp and painful and downward-OMG-ish!

  169. Kamila

    Marie – you are too good today 🙂

    Well this is something I am thankful for : I am a master at laughing at myself and I do it very often. Such a gift 🙂

  170. Wal Herring

    Thanks! a great post. I love to laugh at myself, but when your pregnant emotions can be even more over powering.
    When i was pregnant with my second, my husband but my little girls hair to be short ‘like a boys’, i went all crazy and sent him out of the house as i didn’t want to see him! I often laugh at how psycho i went!
    So ridiculous now, he did it a couple of weeks ago again. Now i can see as if she likes it, how am i to come in and be all negative nelly!

    Laughter is truly the best medicine!


  171. I began to type an email to my sister (Deborah) and it auto filled with someone else (named Deb). I was ranting about how I could not relate to the women I was meeting in this small town where I moved. I got a reply, “Linda…I think you meant for this to go to someone else.” Such a classy lady. I still know her many years later and she remains one of the women I treasure most.

  172. My biggest faux pas happened way back, when I taught aerobics in NYC. I was lean, mean aerobics machine with a truly hip – light – blue – lycra -one -piece – leotard on. The class was full and we were working up a sweat when I turned around and saw in the huge class mirror, that I was sweating EVERYWHERE accept on my nipples and my hair down there. Totally embarrassed. But I lived and now I can tell the story. 🙂

  173. Watched it, hoping to see your buns – but you always provide great motivational content so it was still worth my time.. thanks! 🙂

  174. Marie! The same (nearly, but not quite as bad) thing happened to me once. I was bowling and rrrrrrripped my pants. Haha it was only the pocket area on one cheek, but I didn’t notice, and was also wearing a thong. And my friends DIDN’T TELL ME. Haha I was sitting on the plastic chair all like “hmm why does this chair feel so cold on my ass?”

    Good times.

  175. I actually did one of these Monday night at French class. We had actual French people come in to converse with us. So when I introduced myself as Tamra and went on to share that I was a Relationship and Sex Whore, I received many a look from the group. What I’d meant to say was: I’m a Relationship and Sex Therapist, but with a slight mispronunciation of ‘therapist’ it sounded more like ‘whore’. It was really quite funny! And isn’t the first faux pas I’ve made at French class. Last time, as I offered everyone macaroons during a talk I had to do, saying what I thought was: ‘Would you like a sweet treat?’ my teacher informed me that I’d just offered the class blow jobs! Opppppssssss…

  176. Kendra

    Oh girrrrl I love this video! When I was a freshman in college (way back in the day), I thought I was SO AWESOME for being invited to a senior party. I arrived way too drunk and immediately felt like I needed to sit down. I went into an empty room to sit and one of the likeOMGSOPOPULAR guys came to see if I was ok. I was sitting down, so he bent down on his knees and had his face right next to mine. I then proceeded to projectile vomit into his face. Yup. That happened.
    He asked me on a date a few days later. Whaaaa?

  177. Have you ever worked as the guy in the Easter Bunny costume at the mall, the week before Easter? I have. Have you ever been the Easter Bunny and have a drunk dude pull off your BUNNY HEAD and go running through the mall with it and have to chase after him through a chorus of SCREAMING children. I have. What did I learn? Never take a part time gig as the Easter Bunny!!!!!!
    That is just one of many. I could write a book about what I have learned from sucking, even as the [email protected] Easter Bunny.

    • Andi

      Laugh tipp I cried – THANK YOU!

      • Andi

        or even Laughed until I cried 🙂

  178. Stephanie Woodward

    Love this advice, Marie. It is SO true. I am reminded of when I was an unpaid intern at a fab cause branding PR firm in my early 20s. I worked my a** off in that internship and, one day, my boss said to me that the research I’d been working on was something the SVP “needed to see”. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine. They told me to priority courier it overnight to the SVPs house. So I rushed off to do it…and (logistical and admin details not being a strength of mine), I priority couriered it to MYSELF and found it on my desk the next morning. At the time, you can imagine, I was MORTIFIED and as a melodramatic 22-year-old, was convinced my career was over…and I took all my food money for the month to take a cab to and from her house to drop off that document. Now, of course, I chuckle at that story and am so thankful for all the awesome apps that are now out there to take care of admin details!!

  179. Tracey

    … thank you, Marie.. all that have shared… so many great… needed …big laughs … !! .. I hope I can offer the same ; }

    Chicago. Winter…almost Spring. Dog sitting for some friends.
    So… I sleep in the buff. Barely daylight arrives, Riley, the big yellow puppy lab, needs to go out.
    I grab the set of keys, and I make my way to the back door which opens to a thin, short hallway leading to another door for the garage. In between is a sliding glass door that opens to the smallish square of a backyard. I let the boy out.

    As I am watching him in the melty, muddy backyard, I think ..oh geez, the muddy paws … so I race into the kitchen and grab the paper towels sitting on the counter and race back to call him in. As I shimmy myself to the other side of the door so he stays in the hallway, my butt hits the back door, slamming it shut. I freak… because when I picked up the roll of towels, I set the keys down. I am locked in this little hallway!

    –almost– naked –OMG, for some reason,(thank you lord!) at the last second before we bounded down the stairs to go out, I put on some undies. Sadly, It did not stop a total breakdown. I had to pull myself together; they were not coming home any time soon. I am thinking, my only hope is a neighbor.

    It is probably about 6 a.m… I venture out to the side of the house–about a body width wide the whole length of the house and then a 6 foot fence to climb. It is muddy, misting and cold. I delicately squish through the mud and brush and hoist myself over this fence, essentially placing me right out into the neighborhood… I quickly slink over to the neighbor’s door–it has a full length mini window on the side. I am trying my best to spread my arms all over my body as I press the doorbell. Two mammoth Rottweilers come racing and barking, and then the neighbor -lady- appears (thank you again).

    I am trying to shout through the glass what happened….adding a one-handed mime: “dog…I am from next door”… she opens the door and tells me to come in and walks away, leaving me with the two Rotts. Mind you, I am watching a dog, and today I have dogs, but I have always been very fearful of dogs. So there I stand. Finally, she comes back, barely says much as she hands me a key, “they did tell me someone would be sitting for Riley” …with a huge, embarrassed “thank you” I quickly backed my way out and dashed over to the house.

    Fast forward … it’s sunny summertime… Again, I am sitting for Riley. I am laying in the sun, chatting on the phone up on the 4th floor deck. I decide to go down to grab something to drink and check on the pup. The kitchen, which is was open to the great room was where I had Riley sectioned off. I walk in, grab a glass, pour a little Orange Crush… as I begin to sip… on the ground I see a pen, mangled and strewn and then something that…looks… like…. my… prescription glasses …. on the ground! OMG… I am only seeing ONE lens!
    Again, I FREAK. Did he swallow a lens? What do I do?…Suddenly the phone rings… I think maybe it’s them! I have to talk with them!… the phone… I had the phone upstairs on the fourth floor!…. WHY, I will never know..but I do not put down the glass of orange crush… I am am racing up 3 flights of spiraling stairs to answer the phone I left on the deck.

    BAM!… whoa….Somehow, the light was such that it looked completely open… I took out the entire sliding screen door… face down on the ground with orange crush everywhere. …bloodied and lying on a twisted screen…the phone stops ringing.
    Needless to say, I never did sit for Riley again. … I did find every piece of the pen and my glasses though ; )

  180. Alan Dingwall

    Hey Marie awesome video! 😀

    I think you’re right about the laughing at yourself thing. I always laugh at myself when I make the most stupid mistake in every day life.

    This one time when I was in high school I walked into a window because I thought it was a door that had been left open when I was heading out the school.

    This was a embarrassing moment back then because people were watching and laughing, but now I just look back and laugh at it. I know it’s not big, but I’m just saying that I get where you’re coming from and this is superb advice.

    People who listen to you about business will most certainly take their businesses far and they will find success. You’re one of the best resources out there on the web and I appreciate your videos.

    In fact you’ve inspired me so much that I’m learning my Japanese again so I can teach it to other people online through video with both youtube and my blog.

    Your content is great and you’re the one who has really helped me find my way around this. I knew as soon as I subscribed that I would want to do video and that I wanted to be like you if that makes any sense.

    I evaluated my other online business idea’s and I knew that I was neither having fun or passionate about that and that’s another reason as to how you helped me.

    I see your video’s and I see your passion for it and your passion to help people like me and I think “There that’s it. That’s what I want to do” so I’m going to launch my own online business teaching Japanese online.

    Thanks for the video Marie! XD

  181. Mary

    Once I was nursing my sweet baby in the car. I put the baby back in the carseat and crossed the street to the post office. I stood in line with my baby. I noticed people looking at me weirdly. I crossed the street back to my car. I looked down and voila! my boob was still out in full view. Holy Criminy!

  182. Hahaha, “Are any children dead?” … that’s a good one and so true!

    When I was growing up, for any and every situation that was getting out of control my mom always used to say, “There’s no blood, no one’s dying

    … you’re going to school.”
    … do your homework.”
    … eat your brussel sprouts.”

    For some reason, it always worked. Loved this episode!

  183. Hi-la-ri-ous, Marie!! I can totally relate to the “ass-chaps” & you took me right back to the moment (hours, really). I was performing with my band at a club in college – wearing a pair of hot, suede pants (no “give”). I, too, went down & rrrrrriiiiipppp – ass-chap bonanza. I couldn’t leave, so I had to perform for several hours like that. The audience couldn’t see it, but my drummer said it was his most enjoyable gig ever. Nothin’ to do but laugh & get over your ego, right?!

    And, Ms. Pillowz, I’ve taken that same wild tumble – rolling down a long flight of stairs in my Sunday best.

    Thanks, Marie, & everyone here, for sharing some good laughs today! Life will certainly give us more!

  184. Most embarrassing business moment: It’s still fresh as a daisy, painfully just two days ago. “500” conference attendee’s were clapping at the end of three day’s of training, very successful conference and the excitement and momentum was building and I stood up in the front row (yes everyone could see me) and I turned to the crowd and invited them to stand and they ALL “500” let me fall flat…ugh, they all remained sitting. Funny then and funny now! I just kept smiling!

  185. Carisa

    Ha! Thank you for the greatest laugh of the day, first of all. OK, so, embarrassing moment. I was using a new headset at work and got a phone call from a guy I had gone out on a date with the night before. When my coworker/friend asked me how the date went, I put the call on mute and replied to her, “He was really nice, but there wasn’t any chemistry so I don’t think we’ll go out again” only to hear him saying, “Hello? Hello?” THE MUTE BUTTON DIDN’T WORK. HE HEARD EVERYTHING. Mortifying.

  186. Carisa

    Oh yeah, OK. Another embarrassing moment. It’s 9 years ago and I’m working my way through college, by being a teacher in a daycare program. I’m taking a group of kindergarten boys across the playground and 3 of them have those giant, bouncy playground balls to take to their special playground on the other side. We’re walking in a line and it’s taking us FOREVER to get over there because they keep bouncing these balls and losing them and running out of the line to get them. Finally, in total frustration I put on my serious teacher voice and say, “If you boys don’t show me that you can hold on to your balls nicely, I will take them away from you!”

  187. No April foolin’ Marie!
    A sense of humor is a MUST for everyday life.
    “Roll with it” I always say!
    Along with “This too shall pass”

  188. I always say that in stressful situation it is eigher laugh or cry, and no one wants to work with crybabies. Anyway life is too short to cry about mishaps. The worse it is the better story it will make for your grandchildren 😉

  189. As a public speaker, I’m constantly on stage in front of lots of people (talking mindfulness, life coaching, human sexuality, etc.). I’m also a free-wheeling extemporaneous speaker whose mouth ejects things I immediately wish I could shove back inside.

    In 2012 at a Yoga Festival in Los Angeles, I was running one of the main yoga tents and introducing one of our sponsors, who was being represented that day by a very attractive young woman. In my attempt to be both humorous and complimentary, I went a little too far and essentially hit on her in front of 300 yogis and yoginis. I think we both played it off well – and she and I became good friends – but I immediately wished I had thought that through before it went out through my fast mouth!!

  190. This makes me think of a time when I was getting a very intense massage from a physiotherapist. He was putting a lot of pressure through my sacrum and lower back, so much so that he was actually up on the table to use his whole body weight on me.

    Out of NO WHERE came a GIGANTIC fart. And I mean huge. I expect my pants probably fluttered in the breeze. I didn’t even feel it coming, which means I wasn’t even trying to hold it in. It gave the poor physio such a shock that he literally slipped and fell off the table….

    All I could do was laugh.


  191. Yes, Marie, thank you for reminding me 😀
    ~ Llyane

  192. Excellent reminder about not just maintaining a sense of humor, but not taking myself to seriously. Thank you for the humorous story and your source of laughs on the set!

  193. And that is why I love you!
    My whole newsletter communication plan is based around me laughing at myself! It has worked so far.
    I love, love, love people who don’t take them themselves too seriously.
    Where’s the fun in that??

  194. Andi

    Loved this video – made me smile all day! Thank you. I have m a n y embarrassing moments (I’m older so I’m allowed to have collected a few!) but these 2 immediately come to mind both from my role as a Corporate Trainer….. I love to use visuals but am not a good artist. Alas one day my stick man was accidentally all too obviously male and the entire class. I love to music. One day I had to leave the house in a rush, couldn’t find my usual stash of CDs (see I am old!) and so bored some of my husbands. I choose an instrumental looking track and am on the other side of the classroom when the music changes to the sound of a woman having simulated sex. I vaulted across 3 desks and tried to make out nothing had happened. Im actually very prim and proper! 🙂

  195. Loved this video. Lately I’ve been writing posts/ comments that after an hour later I realize have major grammar mistakes (may even happen with this comment). Although English is my second language, I feel absolutely terrible and sooo embarrassed. Anyway, I will adopt your small-child- hurt- rule. Thanks!!!

  196. Hey Marie, great vid this week. It brought on a big belly laugh as I remembered…

    I was confronting my housemate in a packed Sydney pub, because his dog had eaten a hole in the front door. I was angry and I was loud.

    My housemate just kept his cool through the whole session, and quietly pointed out that my skirt was caught up in my knickers.

    I threw the skirt away after the same thing happened in a crowded Paddington restaurant, where everyone seemed to have a smile on their face.

  197. AMAZING, Marie! Such a PERFECT way of teaching such an important lesson. Being able to laugh at oneself means being able to love and respect oneself. Gave me goosebumps to watch this because I wrote practically the same article on my blog today: 🙂

  198. Lora

    Hey Marie! Have I got an OMG moment for you!
    Okay…I was asked to talk about my success in fundraising, that I used when traveling and working in Kenya. The small group of Volunteers, University Professors, University Dean, and Ministers were meeting to discuss very important University topics. Incredibly well versed speakers. It came my time in the program and what better way to share than to have them participate in a segment of my talk.

    Well, I passed out the words to a song that I learned in Kenya. I was so excited an passionate about it that somewhere in the prep or the lack of preparedness getting ready I twisted things up. Unfortunately, I had the words to the song I played mixed up with the music an what I was singing. I was solo and didn’t even know it! Yikes!!! Someone in the group politely waved an said, “we don’t have the same words that you are singing”. Me…”Huh? What?” lol No wondering they look dazed, silent, and confused.

    Awkwardly, I put two an two together, laughed, and took a slow and deep bow. I regrouped an recovered. My face must have been so red. These were people I respected an admired. These were people with Doctorate degrees an wisdom. But…in hindsight…I think my bowing recovery saved face here! Ta dahhhh! 🙂

    • tracey

      i keep reading yours … wanting to bust out loud laugh again and again ..
      what a riot! thanks for sharing “…What? … dazed” OMG too funny

  199. Marie, Josh’s reaction to you splitting your pants was a riot. I seriously went back and watched that part a few times.

  200. Mavis

    Great video!

    I was in college in the late 80s. I was in a Political Science class that just did not appeal to me. I tried to feign and force interest, but it didn’t work. So, it was the end of the semester and I needed to complete my final paper and get it to the professor by the due date. This was pre-PC. My typewriter had been stolen, so I spent hours feeding quarters into the typewriter at the public library. I had no car, so I had to take a bus to the campus (40 minutes away) and walk 15 minutes to the campus from the stop in pouring rain to meet him in his office. Tired, wet and worn out from several days of pounding out the report (I was not a good typist), I delivered the report to him. He looked at it and quietly said, “You did your paper on the wrong book.”

    Oh my.

    It was a long walk back to the bus stop. In pouring rain. Without my quarters. 🙂

  201. Hi Marie,
    The exact same thing happened to me! I was in Miami on Spring Break and I dropped it like it was hot and blew out the butt of my pants… I too only had on a thong and no jacket or sweater….
    One of my friends walked behind me, with her arms around my waist the whole way back to our hotel. It was awful! I will never forget that.

    So, I think this makes us sisters or something.. hahahaha!

  202. Anna

    Aww so true! Just last Saturday I wanted to go view an apartment that I was interested in and was a great price. I’d twisted a friends arm to drive me home after spanish class to save time and then my boyfriend and I peddled our bikes so fast to get to the place on time, his bike broke, then we fixed it but were covered in grease, then when we arrived, we saw literally 40-50 people lining up on the street ready to view it and then… the real estate agent announced that he didn’t have the right keys and we couldn’t go inside!!! I was ready to have a tantrum! but my boyfriend always has a great perspective on things and we were laughing about it shortly after. I asked the agent for an application form and I came back in 2 hours when he had the keys. What seemed like bad luck was actually good luck (for us) because a lot of people were annoyed and didn’t come back that afternoon. We handed in our completed application forms and the next morning we found out that we were accepted for the place! PS. now we will have 2 spare rooms, 1 large bedroom we will rent out on air b’n’b to make a little extra cash (it’s a beautiful part of inner melbourne, lots of shops and bars), the other room will be my workshop/office. I’m glad we kept cool and kept pushing.

  203. I really feel like this is your most charming and endearing video yet, that Josh made a cameo was really the icing on the cake.

    So here goes:

    I recently applied for a job with a company that I’ve done business with for the last 10 years or so. I went in for the interview and it went really well and I was offered the job. It was for less pay than I had wanted but it seemed like a good fit, also I’m an independent contractor where I work now and don’t have benefits so I was excited (I was going to start May 10th).

    I told my boss I had a new gig and was giving him my notice. I also went ahead and checked over the paper work I had sent them including my resume just in case. It was then that I realized I had sent them a copy of my resume with 2 glaring errors on it. I thought the best thing to do would be to call them up and let them know I made a mistake and send over the corrected file but I could tell as I was explaining myself that it was not good.

    I got a call 2 days later saying they were rescinding their job offer and it was because of my lack of attention to detail.

    For a few seconds I started beating myself up, why did I even have the version with mistakes in my document folder? Why am I not more organized? Why didn’t I take more time to pay attention to what I was doing when I was initially responding to their job posting? But then I stopped and decided it was okay. I made a mistake, it happens, I tried to do the right thing, it didn’t work out in my favor and now I’m going to move on.

    I went straight to my workplace, walked into my boss’ office and told him exactly what happened. I let him know that I would still be looking for a full time position but that for the meantime I’d still be available to work. Turns out he was in a panic after my email saying I was leaving and was more than happy to get in touch with HR to get me a permanent position with benefits.

    My coworkers couldn’t have been more supportive, I’m really glad it happened that way, but I’m happiest about the way I handled it.

  204. Completely agree! We are all human and ALL make mistakes sometimes. But it’s often after our greatest failures that we find our greatest successes…;)
    I wrote a song about this, it’s called “We All Make Mistakes”!

  205. You’re my muse lady!!looove you^^ thank you so much!

  206. Kamila

    I woke up today with a brand new thought: “Crazy pants got a new meaning, because of this video” 🙂

  207. Hi Marie,

    I loved that you shared your embarrassing moment with all of us.

    What is one of mine? Oh… how about 20 years ago— baptizing a bunch of people in a Seattle lake, and not realizing that 100 people or so were watching from the shore, and could see right thru my wet shorts, and were “enjoying the show” of my stylish blue & while stripped bikini briefs.

  208. Thanks for brightening up my day.

  209. I LOVE this video!

    And yes I have totally split my pants too. In town, in summer and I hastily went into a clothes shop to buy some emergency pants (or trousers as we say here in ye olde England).

    The shopping assistant came up and whispered “you’re trousers are ripped at the back”.

    Quick as a flash I whispered “I know. But at least I’m wearing my best knickers to it’s ok”.

    Luckily I’m a hotpants kinda gal and not a thong wearer 😉

    • *your not you’re (ye gods, I can spell I swear)

  210. Netilia Williams

    My Dear Marie, you do have a way of boosting up a gal.

    Last week, it was last week Thursday 27,I had my most embarrassing moment. I entered a Toast Masters speech Contest, you must understand for an introvert turning outrorvert that is a huge move. Being in B-School I am learning I have to be out there, which scares the daylight out of me.

    Anyway, I did my presentation well, I was confident and not very nervous which is usually the name of the game. Based on the complements received I realized I did much better than I thought.

    The embarrassing moment came when I was called up to answer two questions. I was not expecting that call, I almost went through the tile floor.
    First question: What is your favorite dish, and what is it call?

    People, my jaw locked on me, I could not answer the easiest question ever ask to a human kind. My brain seized, I could not remember what the eat a moment ago. It took me at least one minute to two, the longest one to two minutes ever, then I came up with the most flimsiest of an answer

    Answer: augrautin

    That’s not true, I could have died. Out of share embarrassment after the contest was over while we mingled with each other I made a joke out of it, and told my colleagues the following day.

    I also plan on doing a presentation on “My Most Embarrassing Moment”, and bury it for good.

  211. Hilarious way to learn a valuable lesson! I have done way to many things to even reiterate here. I was very lucky. My parents taught us early on, never take ourselves too seriously, own the mistake and then do whatever you can to fix it. A great sense of humor and some really quick problem solving has saved my ass often. Although I am glad my ass was never hanging out, because it was never as small as yours Marie! Thanks for the laugh and the lesson :).

  212. Err, I’ve made a huge mistake before too, and it also involved a butt. Haha, I blogged it about it here. Good to hear that one of my mentors (you, Marie!) has also had a mishap like me. Thanks for being awesome! Much love, Ritu

  213. Yup – been there, done that in too many ways. I dream about making huge mistakes – like being on stage and forgetting why I’m there or trying to sing a song I don’t know. The biggest “real life” mistake I made was when I missed my own farewell party hosted by some people I didn’t expect would miss me. I was totally humiliated as they had gone to a lot of trouble.

    If I get too proud, that memory pops in to remind me how human I am.

    Thanks for the chuckles!

  214. this one!! And thank you Jam for this one!haha…well if you ever get bored of doing costumes, let me know and I can jump in!;)

    And yes Marie, what would life be without humor! Man, I do all kind of stuff all the time and I happily give that away to people around me! Well, one thing I seems to always give away is me falling in dance combos! since I am a dancer this gives my coworkers and the people I take class with a nice and good laugh!:)

    Lets keep on laughing and make this world a happy one!

  215. Brian Andrew Stephens

    Marie I don’t really look forward to anyones video’s like yours . You keep it short, exciting, and entertaining. Thank you so much for the work you do.
    – Brian

  216. Kim

    I had to ask a favor from the most grumpy nasty person in our company. Her reply was, as predicted, nasty and grumpy. I forwarded it to a friend- poking fun of course. Somehow, through a series of emails, she ended up seeing the forwarded message. D’oh!!! Lesson learned… a)don’t forward, b) be nice and stay professional c) careful when you hit reply to all!

  217. My hubby has leather assless chaps. He did make me try them on once 🙂

    I lost my bikini top when tubing when I was 15 in front of other 15-year old boys with raging hormones. OUCH!

    As I’ve gotten older (and once you have kids and there’s 100s of people staring at your VJ) you lose all shame and don’t really get embarrassed anymore.

    In business as long as I don’t lose my top – all is well. (or maybe it would help my case? who knows!)

  218. Marissa

    Loved this! Sometimes it can be hard to remember to just laugh and keep things light. Most embarrassing thing that has happened professionally, was the night before a huge event that I had planned, I was using a dating app and accidentally sent invitations to every single person in my phone book…. including my boss. Yep, not so funny at the time but hilarious now.

  219. OMG, the same thing happened to me…I was butterflying to Janet Jackson’s “You Know You Want This” and split my black booty pants, in college. So hilarious! Thanks for the humor.

  220. Thanks Marie ! That was one of my favorite video !! A very good reminder that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. Exactly what I needed !

  221. Mosbah Awad

    this was a good move of you
    Hope you all the best

  222. Marie

    Jam’s Tuesday – more more more 🙂

  223. I actually need to laugh at my business right now. Things are not going the way I intended and I’m trying to find out why…but laughing about it will help. So I’m going to find the funny.

    Thanks Marie.

  224. (Ok, taking a breather from B-School to finally comment today! 🙂 )

    LOVE your videos, Marie, and had to share this one w/my grown kids. 🙂

    Yes, I also use the method of comparing a given stressful situation with something worse. I think the “no dead kids” one is a pretty good universalable one! Thanks for the tip! 😉

  225. I totally bombed a presentation to a group of fundraising professionals. I had no idea how to shift gears at the time. So, I put everyone into a meditation just to get their eyes closed. I flubbed my way through the rest of it. People left after saying, “That was…interesting.”
    Fortunately, I had a friend laugh so hard that she wheezed as I recounted the story. It made me get a lighter perspective on the whole damn thing.

  226. Allison C Bayer

    Good topic!! Many laughable moments . . . which one, which one? Oh, I know!! I was a new employee an an airline in Houston, TX. We had a community kitchen next to dining services on the top floor where I worked. Was told during orientation that any meal in the fridge still on a first class serving tray was fair game after 1:00 pm. Cool right?! The one time I chose to eat the lovely meal that was Asian cuisine was designated for the President of the Company. Unbeknownst to me at the time, of course! I heard foot steps in the kitchen, next to my office, the fridge door opening and someone loudly screaming “Who ate the meal today??!!!” I froze. My office door flies open and they ask “Did you see someone come through your office with a tray for Mr. Prezident of the Company?” I could honestly say “No, I did not see anyone come through my office with a tray for Mr. Prezident of the Company.” Since it was during my probation period of 90 days I said nothing. Of course I waited until well after 5:00 pm to leave only to have them ALL arrive at the elevator at the same time discussing the topic. I politely listened. After a sleepless night, I fessed up the next morning. Dining Services called me over and asked for a critique. Turned out fine and now I’m able to laugh heartily at such a rookie mistake. Allison in Plano, Texas

  227. I agree! Great Video, I love find the funny!

  228. Loving all these stories and will bookmark the thread for the days I need a laugh (or to feel better about something stupid I did, LOL) Lord knows, I’ve had more than my share of faux pas, but this one came to mind immediately…

    My husband and I took our sailboat a couple towns away for a long weekend. The marina we stayed in for a couple nights had a pool that I was enjoying Saturday afternoon while sipping a Corona. When it was time, I picked up my things and started the long walk from the pool to the boat (this walk went past a restaurant with outdoor seating, two outdoor bars and a busy water toy rental place). I noticed a LOT of people looking at me and then smiling. I’m thinking, “Wow, I must be lookin’ good today :-)” Then I stopped in the bathroom right before I got to the boat and saw a huge piece of lime pulp hanging off the end of my nose! I really did bust out laughing. What else could I do?

    • tracey

      BJ… WHAT A GREAT SHARE! thank you! total out loud bust up! OMG… still laughing … you’re awesome
      (i had a similar “wow, i must be looking good today” moment years ago …. all i can share is pizza place, little pieces of toilet paper on my face … cute guys) ;: * {}

      • Thanks, Tracey 🙂

        I just thought of another (not as embarassing, but embarassing just the same…)

        On my second visit to Paris I went into a charming little épicerie shop on Rue du Champ de Mars. A very handsome man came out of the backroom carrying a box and, after exchanging bonjours, he of course began speaking to me in French.

        I stammered, “Uh, no parlez vous français.”

        He replied, “Je ne parle pas français.”

        I just shrugged and said, in English, “I’m sorry, I don’t speak French.”

        He replied in perfect English, “That’s what I just said.”

        I imagine my face was about the shade of ripe cherries. I have learned a smattering more French (and I do mean just a smattering ~ a word here and there), however, that is one phrase I have now perfected.

  229. Keli

    A similar thing happened to me a few years ago…at work. It was about 30 minutes before this big event I spent months planning was going to start. I bent over to pick something up, realized my pants had split (also wearing a thong). I didn’t have time to go home and change to I grabbed my stapler, went to the ladies room and stapled the seam shut. Went about my day and it was all good!

  230. Diana

    I’ve also split my pants — actually, it was my swimmers! At the local swimming pool one time with my kids, it suddenly felt quite airy around my bottom, and sure enough, there was a great big split down the seam of my swimmers. I laughed, showed my boys and then made them go get me a towel so I could get out of the pool. I still smile when I remember that.

  231. Mary

    I was made recently made redundant and applied for lots of jobs. Suddenly I
    was offered four part time jobs and enrolled in three training programmes including B school. I’m trying to juggle them all and getting a bit muddled. Found myself taking my jewellery making bags to a gardening session…. doh!

  232. The geek in me had to look into your “8000” years claim.

    You’ll be glad to know you don’t have to wait 8000 years! If you’re still making MarieTV only 11 years from now in 2025, you’ll be able to do another April Fool’s edition of Q&A Tuesday!

  233. Belinda


    That was the funniest video I’ve seen in a while. Jams – you’re a total star 😀

    My funny moment was when I was 16 in my final year of school & I had to play the organ at school mass (I went to a Catholic school). I’m a classically trained pianist since the age of 3 so playing a few songs was not a problem. Or so I thought.

    The problem was that I was really tired from studying late the night before and before the mass we did some ‘deep breathing’ and ‘mind calming’ to relax.

    It worked.

    The nudged me into action to play the organ which I did … until I fell asleep in the middle of the song.

    Next thing I knew, I was being elbowed awake and jumped upright and started banging away on the keyboard … until I fell asleep again and hit the keys with my head.

    Funnily enough they never asked me to play again … can’t think why 😀

    I can now laugh about. As I laugh about when I accidentally got Jesus stuck in a tree and set the Christmas carol booklets alight with my candle … all in the one mass.

  234. Cat

    Ahah!!! I had a similar experience. I just finished a new line (of clothes) and I was wearing a new dress with a braid in the back.
    It was very early in the morning, I was walking in a street in Mexico, going to the Marina’s Market on Sundays… And I was feeling HOT.. And I flirted with a guy passing by and when I turned back I saw his face in horror..
    I didn’t understand but instinctively I look at my rear and saw a big white spot.
    I looked again and when I realized it was my naked white butt sticking out I step jumped about 3 feet in the air!!
    I never laughed that hard at myself, I still giggle thinking about it!

  235. I ended up sharing my humiliating missteps as a first year teacher in a storytelling show in the Perth Fringe Festival. Being a teaching artist, my business is basically to sell my competency as a teacher; so the memories of trying out new games that upset the kids, and yes, has ended up in tears haunted me. The real clincher, the story I shared at the Fringe Fest is about me getting inspired by this Kid’s Yoga training course I took.

    I decided I’d do a lesson based on yoga movement to teach the kids Spanish — a Journey to Mexico! Well folks: we never made it to Mexico. The kids started to pretend they were planes in order that we get there, but then they turned into fighter planes. Then I decided to step in with some social-emotional-moral lesson about how fighter planes cause people to die, and made some kids pretend to be dead and others help me to bury them. It was…out of control.

    Being able to tell that story in public got me to own the mistakes, look at the experience with light in my heart, and provided acceptance through the laughter of the audience. Indeed, we must laugh to grow! Thank you, Marie!!

    • tracey

      OMG .. I keep saying i gotta get work … and here i am .. .
      trying to read fast … but not getting it … so i re read… and totally ‘got it’ .. Sarah…. picturing all these little guys burying each other… following orders… aaaahhhh ooooooohhhh .. i am laughing typing … so great you can laugh about it now .. and thanks for the share! T

  236. Erika

    My hubs and I have permission to sing “ah, freak out” from Le Freak by Chic to the other person when things like the sectional couch happen. It quickly puts things into perspective, brings a smile to our face, and sometimes we bust out a few disco moves.

  237. Love it, Marie. My most embarrassing moment in business? I was teaching my first class ever at a prestigious school. All my students were adults looking to move their skills to the next level – and most of them older than me. I was so nervous. We had just started the first lesson of a 9 month program. I was hanging an overview of the course on the white board when I drop one of the magnets. I’m looking around the floor all flustered before I finally realize that the magnet is NOT on the floor, but down my cleavage! You gotta laugh to save that one!

  238. This is the one lesson I am truly thankful I learnt many years ago before any interest in online marketing.

  239. Paddy

    Oh girl!
    You’ve broke me into tears after reading your words…This has helped me to connect with things I don’t like to remember but need to face it in order to move forward. Looking at the things I’ve learned from those experiences was a great exercise too.

    If we take risks we’ll gain, lose or both 🙂 But if we don’t, iwe’re not living, we’re surviving!!!.

    Thanks fr my heart,


  240. I am definitely on the path of Self Mastery when it comes to laughing at, with and for myself. I think the most recent one was during my cleanse when my coffee cravings were getting so intense I could actually hear the french press talking to me. So what did I do? I made a comedy skit to ease the tension….

    “Conversations with Coffee”

  241. Michelle K.

    I love how your husband follows you out after the pant split. I hope “She’s Got the Look” by Roxette was playing! haha

  242. Persia Summerland

    Love the video this week, especially the bit when Marie drops it but the camera stays up so she just disappears – hilarious.

    Luckily laughing at myself is one of my favourite things to do. The more ridiculous the faux pas, the harder I laugh. I seem to have an inbuilt mechanism – if I’m ever feeling as if I’m uber cool and being sniffy towards anyone else (usually an ex husband), literally one second later, I’ll do something really stupid to remind myself to get off my high horse. I’m not sniffy often fortunately but there’s just no way I can ever take myself seriously.

    The only problem with this though is that I treat others how I treat myself, so this means I’ll laugh at everyone else as well. Doesn’t go down too well with those that do take themselves ever-so-seriously (you know who you are. Hint: you have dangly bits).


  243. This made me laugh… humor is SO important on the journey to being your best self!

    I’m currently making a feature film about a life coach who is having a quarter-life crisis… there’s lots of laughs as I **attempt** my first stunt!

    You can check it out here:

  244. Carrie

    OMG Marie – I needed this one right at this time! Sooo funny, but the real message for me is I am taking myself way too seriously – mid-life dating after being divorced for 6 years. Beginning to think this is a hopeless situation. I just need to lighten up and laugh!!
    Thanks for helping me realign myself.


  245. JAMS is my new hero. Love. Still laughing at this video.

  246. Ashley Chandler


    You inspire me every day! Thank you for your honesty, your silliness, intelligence and soulful approach to business. It fills me up!


  247. I don’t have any room for keeping major mistakes in my memory (or I just haven’t really had many of those), but I have a natural tendency for getting myself into lots and lots of awkward situation, or to make them awkward if they’re not. At the moment I want to bury my face in the ground, but a week or so later, it serves for a good laugh.

  248. Amy

    You are priceless, Marie! It has taken me so long to learn to laugh at myself, but I am getting there. Yesterday, I was busy around the house, noticed a little fray on the seam of my jeans, “and then (yes, really), I split my pants” – like all the way up the back! I instantly thought of your recent post. My family and I all had a nice giggle about it! It was a great opportunity for my kids to observe to choose to laugh instead of being embarrassed. You are right – laughing at ourselves is so important!

  249. The Oprah Show called me for permission to include a comment from a guest about me being “the napkin Nazi” at Yuca’s. Yeah! A mention on the Oprah Show! I told everyone, and then some, only to have the bit cut due to time constraints. Embarrassed to the max – maybe people would think I made it up?!!!
    My sister had a lovely response. She told me, “Oprah made a mistake. Don’t worry she’ll call you back, you’ll see.” We had a great laugh about it and called everyone back to let them know our firecracker had fizzled.
    And then, a few years later, I learned that my sister is never wrong.

  250. Ok, so I had just bought a car with my first hands free Bluetooth option and was calling to leave a message for my brand new boss…when my husband called in…I clicked on his call (which of course, I thought would end the call to my boss)…and I told him about a situation that had happened at work that day…using lots of 4 letter words because I was REALLY mad! THEN….I realized after I hung up with him that the call to my boss had not disconnected. OUCH! Therefore, all that I said to my husband was now on my boss’s voicemail! Lucky for me, I was NOT angry about my boss and had actually told my husband how she supported me…whew! My boss never mentioned it to me, but I was REALLY careful with my Bluetooth I my car after that!

  251. On a lovely Spring day in the city, I walked to my temp job, all the way from 46th & 8th to Grand Central, during rush hour, with my skirt stuck up behind my backpack! Yup…thong and all…soakin’ up the sun!

  252. Deanna

    Toooooo funny with that sqweechy whiney voice “I should have chosen a different fabric, I have wasted so much money”. I have been there with the exact same words and whingey face!


  253. Biggest embarrassment ever… The lame video I made trying to Win a scholarship to b-school!

    My intentions were good. I was trying to let go of my perfectionism, all or nothing, tendencies. But instead it turned out like a pageant gone wrong episode “I want to save the whole world by making people pretty” moment.

    but me and my friends roll laughing at it!

    “When ya knew better, ya did better”

  254. LoL just this weekend I was in my bedroom, butt naked talking to my man…. and my new neighbor walks by and looks in my window… I immediately dropped to the floor. Boyfriend and I got a good laugh… Hoping I don’t run into my neighbor for awhile lol

  255. Shawna Boyd

    I love your stories. Thank you for the laugh.

  256. I knew I recognized you. I was there in NYC that night you slit your trou. I have these great photos and was going to discard them, but I know you and the rest of America would love to see them. It’s really no big deal, the cheeks are less than half the size of Kims.
    So before I go too far with this bit, I have to extricate myself with two words…. April Fools (now it the 18th ), but I only joined you a few hours ago.
    Check out my Website and lets talk! I need help creating a You Tube video than can go viral to help promote my e-book ($4.95 on amazon and all the other online sellers). I know “why” men break-up with women and other MAN Secrets. 90% of dating books (none as funny as mine) are written by Women for Women. It’s time for women victims to finally learn why men leave, and other horror stories.
    Marty Savarick

  257. alex

    Hilarious. Thank you for that. And yes getting things in perspective is absolutely necessary in life.

  258. Amazing video!

    I learned a lot with this and this can help me to help others too.
    The key is to look for people that will help
    you to be more successful. You can learn
    from the mistakes of others. You can learn different
    approaches to overcoming challenges. If you would like to listen to other
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  259. Nothing like watching a Marie Forleo video to amp up your day. Gives me that extra thrive I need. Woohoo!!

  260. Lisa

    always interesting how folks want to pick my brain, but rarely listen or adhere to my advice. Ultimately people filter through info and find their own methods for what works for their personality. But, I am always flattered that someone admires my work/my accomplishments to the point of wanting to know my secrets. ?

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