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Crocuses are in full force right now, the weather is finally breaking here in New York City and — a brand new season of Game Of Thrones has just premiered!

Life is good, and I’m grateful.

But when I think back to my earlier self, I often had a hard time enjoying simple pleasures because so much of my mental and emotional energy was focused (umm, obsessed) with figuring out my life’s passion.

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Click To Tweet

In other words, I spent an extraordinary amount of energy trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do with my life.

After much self-torture, buckets of tears, loads of “tests” and hundreds of hours of research, I thankfully came to some useful realizations around this idea of finding one’s passion.

If you’ve ever struggled to find your passion in life, today’s episode of MarieTV was made for you.

DIVE DEEPER: Struggling to choose just ONE thing to do? You’re not broken, you’re multipassionate! Here are five ways to thrive as a multipassionate entrepreneur.

A few extra notes on today’s episode.

1. Skills and strengths trump passion when it comes to doing deeply rewarding work that matters. When you employ your natural strengths as well as skills you’ve honed and mastered over time, satisfaction abounds.

2. Passions change.

3. Once you’ve done your research and you’ve intelligently thought something through, you’ve got to take action to find your own clarity.

After you’ve had a chance to watch today’s MarieTV, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Have you ever struggled to “find your passion” — and if so, what helped you crack the code?

If you’re still on the hunt, let me know your specific action plan, based on today’s episode.

C’mon over to the comments and add your voice to the discussion.

Of course, if you’re a fellow GOT fan, let me know that too!

With love,

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  1. I used to see “finding my passion” as a destination, something I had to get done and check it off the list so everything else would fall into place. (Love that image of it being at the end of the rainbow! Ha.) But what I’ve found is that I have lots of things I’m passionate about, though I still haven’t mastered feeling passionate while doing the dishes! 😉 Like Marie mentioned, actual engagement has been so key. It leads me from one passion to another. What’s more, asking myself what I like about x, leads me to other things I’d also be passionate about.

    • So did I, Jessica. I’ve come to realize that passion can be very fluid and we need to allow for that.

      • A short GREAT video on finding “the One thing” by my friend Jenna aka the Word Cellar

        • Tatjana

          Thx Sandy,
          The video from Jenna was beautiful and just what I needed to hear and see.

          • zuseth

            Just saw ur friend’s video! So beautiful! Thank you!

        • Gunhild

          This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Emelia!

        • That is lovely Sandy – thank you for sharing that.

        • Thanks for sharing this – it is lovely and oh so helpful. Makes me wonder just how many of us feel this same loneliness. This feeling of being in every group and no group at all.

        • Sandy,

          Thank you so much for the link. I loved Jenna’s message and I needed to hear it. So glad she shared it with the world.

        • Trish

          Jenna’s video is wonderful. It reminded me of a TED Talk! She has a beautiful message and shares it so eloquently. Thank you for providing the link, Sandy.

        • Marta

          Sandy, Great share. I feel the same way Jenna felt. Pulled in too many directions/desires and unable to figure out who I am. And at age 47, I really struggle with figuring it out NOW. But, maybe I already did.

        • That was such a beautiful video, thank you for sharing!!! Marie seems to attract a lot of “multi-passionate entrepreneurs” and I think this speaks to all of us! 🙂 I can totally relate to Jenna’s “Venn Diagram of Friendship” and her Internal & External Identities… it’s so comforting to know that there are so many people who feel this way and your friend expressed herself beautifully! <3

        • Janice Baleson

          Beautiful clip! So Inspiring!

        • @Sandy that actually made me tear. I love how deeply that resonated with me about the mosaic picture we are all forming. Thank you so uch for posting.

        • Tanja

          Loved it! Thank you for sharing, Sandy!

        • Tanya

          Beautiful video, Sandy! As a multi-faceted woman who thrives on variety, I can relate to this. Thanks for sharing!

        • Andrea

          Omg, I SO needed that validation today. I’m actually crying right now. Thank you for sharing that.

    • Passion finding really is a journey, not a destination. There are a couple of great books about that, but like Marie said, reading’s not enough. We must experience! 🙂

      • I agree Lisa. We program our brains via experience.

      • I could have not said it better myself! Experiencing life is what makes us find our passion.

        My husband’s cancer diagnosis and my son’s gluten and dairy sensitivity diagnosis helped me see that my passion is to help other families that go through similar health challenges. I have so much knowledge about making healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices that it is a pity not to share them with others and help them go through their tough times.

        Thank you, Marie, for another great video. I always look forward to Tuesday as I receive your awesome videos in my email :).

        • Very true, Alina. I think that if we really pay attention, the Universe is always sending us messages through life experience. An unpleasant or difficult situation is an opportunity to discover and engage in new things that will lead us to our passions or make them stronger.

        • Hi Alina – your passion regarding gluten is of particular interest to me. After his own celiac diagnosis 14 years ago and countless hours of research to satisfy his scientific sensibilities, my husband applied his own gluten, dairy (and eventually corn and soy) dietary restrictions to his patients – those being of the four-legged variety- and has had astounding successes ever since. He has spoken at conferences for both pets and people. Thought you might want to check out

          • Wow Darcy and Alina, this is so good to read. I’m gluten intolerant and have made all sorts of wonderful changes to my diet and as a result I feel great all of the time (physically) where I previously was crippled with stomach pain. And thanks for sharing the link Darcy. I don’t have a pet, but its so good to see that the diet works even with our furry friends.

            Alina, to extend on what you spoke about, are you thinking about branching into using those skills and knowledge somewhere? Would be amazing if you did, given that is your “passion”. A blog perhaps? A book? So many things you could do.

      • Tia

        Lisa would you mind sharing what those books are? I’m a doer and less of a reader;) but I need to for a project and this topic is right up my alley! Thank you:)

        • Thank you Marie. Your wisdom clarifies profoundly my here and now experiences. Feels like the only solution as my consciousness expands.

        • Tia, one of my favorite’s is Stephen Cope’s book “The Great Work Of Your Life” and for a more experiential approach, there’s Tim Kelley’s “True Purpose” For someone looking for a more reflective approach, I like Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s “Life Visioning” work – which comes in a variety of flavors. Each person takes a different approach to purpose/passion finding – usually with a splash of spirituality of some kind.

          I could recommend more, but these are a great start. I’ve done a LOT of reading on the topic, maybe a little TOO much. 🙂

        • Hi Tia and everyone else,

          For me “the passion test” was a life changer I took it and found out that after struggling for over a decade with “identity shopping” ironically enough one of my top 5 of my passions was to help other people figure out what theirs passions where, So I left my boyfriend and 13 month old daughter for 9 days and traveled from Denmark to the US to become a facilitator and now I help people all over the world figure out what their passions are.. A vary fulfilling life if I say so my self 🙂

          • Alena

            HI Marie,
            This is amazing! I love that. what program did you do if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Dina

        great video! I have always loved to dance, and have always thought what if, or if only I could, until I started as you mentioned engaging myself in Zumba. It truly, brought this enthusiasm in everything I did, because it brought me so much joy, anything I did, even at work in the office, driving or shopping at the grocery store, I thought about my choreography and I was so happy. You’re right people noticed, how happy and passionate, and very positive I became. In fact, I went in an event this Fall and as I was dancing on the dance floor an instructor that runs a ballroom dancing studio, came up to me and asked me to join his studio. I thought, wow, someone sees something in me. So I joined the studio, and it has been so rewarding. it has truly changed the way I have been approaching things in life. But, there’s still a lot of work in progress but at least it’s the beginning of how I approach now things. I absolutely love your energy! You are amazing, and look forward to more of you 🙂
        Cheers, Dina 🙂

    • Completely agree Jessica… My passions have certainly evolved over the years, and particularly when I’ve gone through big life transitions – not least getting married and becoming a mum. But the magic is that it only seems to reveal even more ‘gems’. (Dishes not included!)

    • I used to feel the same way, Jessica! I thought of my passion as something to “figure out” — as though you can logic your way into your passion (definitely not true). Engagement is SO important, as well as getting much more in tune with your core desired feelings (shout-out to Danielle LaPorte!). When you start living based on how you want to FEEL, you’ll naturally bring more passion into your life.

      • Jules

        Thank you Kristen!!! That is such a powerful statement that is tremendously helpful, “Start living based on how you want to FEEL!” That is so HELPFUL!!! Even if you are not sure where you are headed that is such a clear action item to get you started. Thank you!!!

      • Deidree

        Hi Kristen,

        I love what you said about passion,

        “When you start living based on how you want to FEEL, you’ll naturally bring more passion into your life.”

        Thanks for the insight! This make sense to me know.


        • Deidree

          Sorry for the typo above, I meant “This makes sense to me now.”

        • “When you start living based on how you want to FEEL, you’ll naturally bring more passion into your life.”

          That is the best quote for me! It really brings home what life is all about.
          Thanks, Kristen and Deidree!

    • Jessica – I used to think that way too! it’s so important to remember to focus on the journey and not the end of the rainbow 😉 I love how Marie talks about bringing passion to everything you do. It’s a hard concept but I think the more you encourage the passion to come out in everyday life the more it will stick around and make an impact!

    • Thanks Jessica – your input is helpful 🙂 It is good to catch ourselves, whether it is a new man, a new career, new exercise program, from using those things as “once I have that – I will be happy and my life will be great”
      And one passion does expand and lead to another! And trying it out definitely helps. I was going to dance walk my way to Belize until after my first one – it wasn’t for me but i wouldn’t have know unless I tried it. Now I am facilitating a dance class in my community!

      • I am a Soul Coach and I have some great life purpose exercises that I am happy to share if you leave me email me your request at [email protected] They helped me find my life purpose and have helped many others too!

        • yavette

          Hope you don’t mind sharing with other readers. I would love to try the exercises too!

          • I have been Yavette , as stated above, just send me your request via email!

        • Also, I wrote out my whole story about how I found my purpose if anyone is interested to read it on my blog site 🙂

    • Jessica, I can relate to what you say about asking yourself what you like about x, and that leads you to other things you’d be passionate about.

      I think of it as “following God’s breadcrumbs”. You know, you’re hiking, and you leave “breadcrumbs” behind you so someone can find you? Well, the Divine gives us breadcrumbs to follow to find our purpose or passion. We may not know what one particular breadcrumb or stepping stone is about, but when we step onto that, we can then see the next stepping stone.

      I am currently in the midst of leaping to a new stepping stone in my evolution – it’s a wonderful time!

      • hey,
        I loved your idea about following gods breadcrumbs… Thats exactly what I do too… And I have also learnt to be passionate about the spaces in between! Wow its so amazing to know people with similar mindsets! Good luck at your stepping stone!
        Love and Light,

      • following God’s breadcrumbs – I love this… and I will be tweeting this tonight before going to bed @angelabrooks

    • After years of struggle, I came across my own way of finding my passion. And no, it’s not about doing what you love every day or following your path and other bla, bla we keep hearing.

      It’s through anger. Anger is a very powerful tool we disregard, but it can give us so much more clarity.
      That’s why I wrote this article. It gives a totally different approach to finding your passion and it helps a lot if you have no clue what you really like.

      • Daisa, this was a great article! The first thing that popped into my head was “humans destroying the earth,” which is probably why I became an urban planner – to help us live more sustainably. For now that’s my day job… I’m trying to think of ways to turn this into my own business. Thanks for the insight.

    • Melinda Perez

      WOW, you hit the nail right on the head. OK Truth Bomb as Danielle LaPorte says, I actually paid money for a course that is supposed to help you “Discover” your passion, and have been banging my head on a wall for Months now trying to figure it out. The cracked code is this, “I’m passionate about many, many things”, I think as long as my business is doing something I am good at, have a strong knowledge of and it makes me happy to do, then Viola, problem solved! I will tell you, if it had not been for the “Find your passion” course, I would have never found Marie Forleo, so in that respect, the course was worth every cent!!

    • I still am somewhat stuck in this way of thinking. If I could just reach the end of that rainbow my life would be sunshine and happiness! Slowly, I am training my thoughts otherwise. I hope one day to just really be able to exude that passion to others about the things that I love. 🙂

    • Great post, Marie!

      And great insights, Jessica.

      Like you, getting in and doing it makes a huge difference. I’ve also found that I am generally a very passionate person, so someone can mention an idea (or I latch onto one of hundreds of my own), and I can gush about it.

      Because I have so many interests, I finally realized that I couldn’t do everything at the same time and be great. I took a pottery class and spent three years honing my skills and eventually had my own show. Then stopped and moved on to something else. I still love pottery, but I’ve moved to something else I want to try, and may end up back at pottery in years to come.

      Try lots of stuff. Or like Danny Kaye said, “Life is a great big canvas… throw all the paint on it you can.”

      Get out and play. Volunteer. Try new stuff. When it clicks, pursue it. If it doesn’t, move on without regret.

      Be awesome!

      • Jaqueline

        Wow. This words really clicked.

    • Hi Marie. I have been trying to find how to motivate others and I know I just don’t have the passion… But love your video. I have to bring the passion baby! Wonder why my children can not get motivated,,,hmmm…I love how you always have the answers and that it is not some magic pill I won’t believe in. Real truths… “like fake it til you make it” I guess this is the kinda fake the passion til its genuine.? Thanks Marie.

    • Hey Jessica! I found the same thing. As soon as I starting moving and doing the more I find what I love doing. I would have never known I was passionate about marketing and entrepreneurship if I never started my business.

    • I am also a multi-passionate person. I never had trouble ‘finding’ my passion(s). “We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.” ~Frank Tibolt

    • Kristy

      Loved this video!!! Living a passionate life is everything and I discovered this and started living this way about 8 years ago and so many doors have opened up for me. I began doing The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. Each book is a 12 week program to help you find your true hearts desire. It’s a spiritual path to creativity. I highly recommend this journey to anyone struggling with finding their passion. Thank you Marie!!!

    • Yes absolutely! Taking action on what I enjoy or think I might enjoy opens up so many other paths to explore that I would not have had the chance to discover had I not taken action. I also identify myself as multi-passionate and it seems you are too, or a multipotentialite as we at the puttlike community like to call ourselves. Being multi-passionate I’ve discovered my “overarching theme” to about enriching people’s lives with art, so I make everything I do artistic. Yes even doing dishes and making the bed I find a way to make it about art and therefore all of my different passions.

      This may be another good way to look at finding your passion.

  2. This is by far my favorite Marie tweetable. Love so many of them, but this one was a monumental shift the first time I heard it. I suppose it could also be said that passion requires presence which is why you can bring it to something as mundane as washing dishes.

    Passion is about being in the moment. As I like to say, you can talk about it or be about it…or in this case, you can think about it or be about it. Whatever the case, BE about it.

    Thanks again, Marie, for the reminder.

    • “Talk about it or be about it.” Sounds like a tweetable to me, Emelia. 🙂

      • lol It’s my blog (graphic) for the day. 🙂

      • I agree that sounds like a great tweetable Lisa

    • I agree, Emelia…. awesome tweetable from Marie today!

    • Incredible insight from Marie’s words of wisdom (as always) and your comment provided even more clarity for me Emelia.

      “Passion requires prescence…” Major aha!

      Thanks for sharing your insight!

  3. There’s “passion” and then there’s “Your Passion”.

    I was once told that the strongest energy always wins, and that’s been a guiding force in my life and work ever since. Bringing passion to everything you do gives you a chance to see not only how much positive energy you can create, but also to see where it really feels like WORK to bring passion to a project.

    More than that, though, I agree that sometimes passion wanes – which doesn’t mean the thing you’re doing isn’t your “Passion”. It could be a sign of burnout, a need to reboot, or you just might be hitting what Seth Godin calls “the dip” – that part of any project that requires more blood sweat and tears than the average person is willing to give.

    That said, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s what God put you on the planet for. This is really an internal “‘gut level” response. When you’re in the throes of what you think is Your Passion, how do you feel? Even when it’s difficult, how do you feel? When there’s a greater sense of determination and drive despite obstacles, that’s always been a sign to me that I’ve been on the path of my Passion.

    • UH

      I like what you said about talent, Lisa: “That said, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s what God put you on the planet for.”
      I have a lot of talents and I cannot possibly develop all of them in one life. We have no obligation to use every talent we have. And I interpret the second part of the sentence as “but we have to look for our purpose”. 🙂

      • Precisely. Part of the fun of life is playing in the sandbox of all the things we know how to do. Keep trying stuff out to see what really resonates. As we get older, we lose touch with that playfulness because we feel time pressure around what we “HAVE TO DO” – to make a living, raise a family, etc. In truth, that playfulness allows us to get clearer faster. My 8 year old reminds me of that daily. 🙂

    • Great comment, Lisa — the fact that you’re good at doing something doesn’t mean that it’s THE ONE thing you should be doing. Makes me think of
      “You don’t mess with the Zohan” 😀 … he’s good at killing people, but he wants to be a hairdresser.
      The thing is: Zohan knows what he loves doing and some people just haven’t found what they love doing, yet. And they can’t think of anything they might want to check out. I think that’s a huge problem for a lot of people.

      • I agree. And that’s when I tell people to just do SOMETHING. See what happens. You may find another thing that doesn’t light you up, but then again, you might find something you LOVE. 🙂

    • Yes Lisa, I could not agree with this more!

    • Well stated Lisa! I tell many people that who seem stuck on the passion and purpose question. Many people choose a career simply because they are good at it. Ability alone is never a good indicator or guide for a career choice or business start up. It has to connect with you so deeply that you will stop at nothing to see it pass.

    • i love this idea of seeing where passion feels like it’s taking extra effort. I’ve hit a big brick wall with my work and there are just so many great takeaways from this video and the comments.

  4. Great point, Lisa. Just because you’re skilled at it doesn’t mean it’s life work. I think this is why people often confuse profession for purpose. For some, that is the case, but for others, they’re just trained and efficient. Passion has nothing to do with it. You’re so right about feeling this at gut level. It’s about resonance.

    • It works slightly different for me. I think the value of most advice is that we can try these things out and see if they work for us as unique individuals rather than as guaranteed magic silver bullets

    • Emelia, In this day and age, we can rack up 10,000 hours in a job we hate in less than 10 years’ time. We can get REALLY good at doing something we hate because it pays the bills. And because we’re living longer, we can rack up 10,000 hours in a whole lot of things over the course of a lifetime.

      Kinda makes ya think about where you’d really like to invest those hours, huh? 🙂

      • Lisa Diane

        Amen to that Lisa! You have given voice to something I’ve felt for a long time. I know from my own personal experience that just because you’re good at something and devote a lot of time to it doesn’t mean it will become “Your Passion”. That’s something I feel has gotten overlooked in the backlash to the “Find Your Passion” movement.

  5. LOVED this episode Marie as it’s something I really struggled with in my mid-20’s…. It has ultimately become my reason for being and something I’m really passionate about.

    For me, stopping thinking and starting doing was actually nothing to do with finding my passionate work… I actually just started focusing on doing all the things that were outside of my comfort zone and things people never expected of me. For example, I was a very nervous flier so i decided to go to Far East with friends and face my fear AND I took a flying lesson in a light aircraft. That in turn started to build my confidence and made me learn so much about myself…. and I started to wake up to all the things that light me up.

    Now, it brings me HUGE joy and satisfaction to work with women and seeing them illuminated in the moment that they recognise this in themselves…. their inner sparkle as I call it!!

    Thanks again for another great episode x

    • WOW Emma this is a great example of just challenging yourself to do what you’re really afraid of. Pushing ourselves to those limits is where we often find the most growth, and probably where you will learn more about your passion (and yourself). I have done similar things myself. Whenever I’m noticing some fear or push back in a certain area, I find a way to get over that and it usually means pushing right THROUGH it.

  6. Oh ! You got some good stuff here girl ! I am off now to start getting my passion in high gear (-:

  7. This video reminds me of an awesome quote by Jonathan Acuff about how finding your passion “is more than a revelation or an act of discovery. I believe it’s a process of recovery. More often than not, finding out what you love doing most is about recovering an old love or an inescapable truth that has been silenced for years, even decades. When you come to your dream job, your thing, it is rarely a first encounter. It’s usually a reunion.”

    Love this approach to “finding” your passion!

    • Catrina

      That’s such a powerful thought. Those of us who suffered traumatic childhoods often ‘lose’ what makes us come alive, simply because we’re so focused on staying alive. I’ve definitely seen that with healing comes restoration of who we really are. Thank you for posting this.

      • Heidi

        I love what you said in your comment Kristen!

    • So true! I’m currently doing the 12 weeks of ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. It’s about creative recovery. I am not an ‘artist’ per say, so don’t let the title scare you.

      I feel that so much of our passion or purpose has been stuffed down by criticism, false negative belief and wanting to fit into a mold of expectations… Once you take those layers off, you recover what has been there all along.

      • I read that book too a few years ago! The part that has stuck out with me the most is positive affirmations. To say the good things to myself when the lies and the blocks start to suffocate me. It is an extremely hard practice but hopefully one I will be better at it. I also loved doing the morning pages. I don’t do them anymore but I still value and appreciate the concept of practicing a daily activity.

  8. I searched for my passion after first letting go of passion for holding on to the past. My search began early in life but not until I was 17 that I took it upon myself to attend seminars, workshops, groups, etc.

    Finding your passion, for me, was only possible until I broke through the barriers within. Finding my passion and myself was never on the outside but deep within my soul.

    I believe action is key because the actions we choose reveal so much about what we enjoy and what we don’t. I was good about doing self checks on whether or not I was Happy.

    “Happy” checks also indicate change in my life. I used to be happy going to clubs and staying up late. Now I’m happy in my bed at 2am.

    I’m passionate about leadership in health and wellness.
    I believe in leading by example and the influence we have on one another.
    I want to see the shift of a better world.

  9. I find my passion by trying, for an example for years I want to draw , It become really sad I will never do, and one day at the time I was on my way for changing my life, I take a class and after two workshoop I realize It was not really fun for me, and I was ok with my level in draw, and it’s ok, I was able to move to something else ( and finally what I like most is appreciate exposition and museum and get inspire by colors and history of artist, It bring emotion who bring me to a better level and speak with other about, it’s a incredible hobby never a job)
    I’m finally my passion is something I do for long years it’s about guidance, parapsychology (asking for light for me, people around me and world are in my mind and mouth since and I’m a child) and help people, bring back justice and power to people, It was already my will in playground.
    For me passion is what is in your mind from the beginning it could be dance, paint, selling : you know when you where selling plastic fruits with playmobil.

    That my idea where you can find passion and sometimes the way back home take time, but you still have the choice to enjoy the read and make some super experience.

  10. Hi Marie,

    Awesome advice today. I’m going to try it myself, especially when I have to get out of bed at 5am each morning to work on my business.

    It’s only because I’m passionate about building my business that I do drag my sorry ass out of my pit in the first place, lol.

    On a more serious note it also took me 3 years to discover my passion. Like most people I put so much effort into ‘finding’ my passion, that I missed it when it was right there in front of my eyes all along!

    Have an awesome week! Can’t wait for next Tuesday. 🙂
    Kerry Russell

  11. So freakin awesome!!! I’ve been totally torturing myself with “finding my passion” so your vid today is so great. I had to stop obsessing and start moving toward doing. Thanks a ton for the inspiration!!!

  12. This is ringing so loud and true right now. I’ve grown an amazing community and platform as the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies. But my life and obsession does not end with the green smoothie lifestyle. I’ve been doing a lot of work on discovering my strengths and zone of genius. And I’ve realized I have a strong desire to be fully expressed in my life. So I’ve started my own personal brand – – to let my freak flag fly. I needed a home to house all of my ideas, thoughts and projects that don’t necessarily benefit my green smoothie lovin’ tribe. It’s all a test and experiment. And as long as I honor my commitments, practice my non-negotiables, and feel good in my body, then I know I’m moving in the right direction. This video was perfect for the slight identity crisis I might be facing because I have many passions. 🙂

  13. It is all in the doing, you are so right, Marie. I am a jewelry designer and for a number of years I sold my work on venues instead of what I really wanted to do, to venture out on my own.

    When, I finally took that step, and trusted in me, the doors that opened for my business were plentiful. They were there all along, I just had to trust in myself.

    When you are not ready, leaps of faith are scary. When you are, they are exhilarating. ( I wrote this the night before I lept!)

  14. I realized a while back that I love something once I’ve mastered it. Too many people think it’s the other way round nowadays. Mastering something is hard work which often puts people off starting, so they never find something that they love.

    A really useful book to read on the subject is; “So good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport.


    • UH

      Thank you for this insight, Paul! So much truth in this for me, too!

  15. WOW… what timing! My new book “Passionate You – Creating a Business or Career You Love” is coming out soon,

    Marie is soooo spot on with this video… passion is not found outside of us. What do you do that gives you fulfillment, aka passion?

    It is not magic… you will FEEL it when you DO it.

  16. This is a lesson I seem to learn over & over. I can get really far into my head and the only way to get out is to just do something. Action feels great and moves me ahead. One small step at a time.

    Great advice Marie, thank-you!

    • bettina

      Agree! Same with me, Wendy- working it all out in my head. Thank you, Marie! A huge eye opener for me when I found your videos! What shifted? I could let go of the crazy but non the less overpowering thought: If something was my true passion, I would have to be already perfect in doing it.
      So happy I can point my marieforleo-gun on that passionkilling thought anytime it has the guts to reappear (and it does. As sure as the screensaver on my computer…another great idea from Marie´s videos that works wonders…)

      • Leilani

        Great insight..thank you Bettina !!

  17. Marie-
    So, I haven’t wanted the vid, yet, it’s probably amazing as always (I still have to open up Module 4 of BSchool calendared for this a.m.) But, I did want to take the opportunity to share the following with another GOT fan because we all deserve a good distraction now and again. AND GOT is the bomb dot com. WATCH:
    The Intro Song Remix-
    An “Honest” Trailer-


  18. I had the experience of weeping because I knew I was doing what I’m meant to do just last night. I created a fun downloadable PDF as a surprise to my subscribers that encourages moms to have a simple but meaningful ice cream date with their daughters. Yesterday, a precious mom replied in the comments about planning to take her 12 year old daughter out this week. You see, her daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury in January and their weeks are filled with therapy. She intends to take her daughter out for a relaxed mom and me date after therapy and make their connection deeper. I know that this is going to be so meaningful to her little girl, so I’m praying for their time together. Can’t wait to see their date photo, too! Anyways, just knowing that I sparked that purpose in her, left me in a puddle. 🙂

    • Jenny

      Dana, that’s such a sweet story > you really had me fighting off tears myself! Thank you for being a gift in this world!

      • Thanks, Jenny. You made my day brighter. 🙂

  19. For your passion to become profitable, you need to turn it into something that other people can feel passionate about. Either way, engagement with it is the way forward. Great advice, Maria. Thank you.

  20. UH

    Right now, I believe I have found my passion – and I did so by trying, doing it, getting out there. For how long that feeling will persist, I cannot tell! 😉

  21. Ahh classic Marie wisdom, this is such a great reminder for everyone. Even though I’ve heard this advice from you a dozen times, it never hurts to hear it again and let it sink in more.

    My big ahas came from introspection after taking action. I think it’s easy to bulldoze through how you feel when you’re “busy taking action”. But taking a step back to evaluate what feels good and what doesn’t is a great way to keep moving forward toward the good things.

    • UH

      “But taking a step back to evaluate what feels good and what doesn’t is a great way to keep moving forward toward the good things.”
      Important point, Nathalie!

    • I love how you call it bulldoze, Nathalie! And you’re bang-on with the reflection piece. So so so so so so important!

  22. Hand analysis is my favorite tool for helping hone in on life purpose…

    That and my own work that I’ve invented on my business.

  23. Thank you Marie for a few laughs and a good dose of inspiration. I have been running my own vintage clothing business for over two years, which I built it from the ground up. The climbing involved a lot of my PASSION. However, I am in a different place now of trying to find that passion when I feel like I have given all my energy and real progress feels unobtainable. When you are in a “rut” where do you turn within yourself to find that extra fuel you need to just keeping going? This is especially hard when the road is covered with fog. There might be monsters in the woods and I generally like to avoid monsters. Much love, Emily

  24. Thanks Marie – everything you say in this video is bang on.

    Last year I finally started ‘DOING my passion’ (as opposed to just thinking about it) and guess what? Now I have a successful online business doing the thing I love – reading tarot.

    Passion! It’s where it’s at. And you’re so right – it’s contagious! Just like a domino effect, once I was engaged in doing what I love, new ideas started to flow. I’m so excited about my plans for my business this year, and it all came from passion.

  25. I can absolutely relate to the importance of the doing part. I have always been getting so many ideas wanting to do many different things. I have always been artistic – but also very social and love to work together with others. I got overwhelmed with what to go for and not to go for – and it became an ‘escape’ for my ego to not finishing anything. I stayed partly in day dreaming mode – and when reading the last pages of ‘Turning Pro’ these days – I also realize for sure now, that the things that are my path – does not always feel good or easy – but when I sit down, do my thing (or one of them 😉 – I get so filled with ‘yes’ from my heart that I know I am on the right track – and that there will probably be many different scenaries on the way in the future 🙂 – And Marie: regarding ‘Game of Thrones’ – then you get to enjoy danish actor Nikolaj Coster Waldau – every girl’s dream in DK back in the 1990s 🙂

  26. Darling Marie,
    Your videos always seem to be spot on in my life, just when I’m starting to “feed the bad wolf” one of your videos comes along to SMAK me into feeding the “good wolf.” Thank you.
    I left a very good and prestigious corporate job in September to follow my passion. Its April now and not only have I met an amazing amount of beautiful people involved in the same passion (reading Pencils of Promise helped too!), I find that my enthusiasm IS infectious and I now have people very interested in what I’m building. Its a long road ahead and moments like today, rainy, gloomy, doubt creeps in..THEN your video pops up to pull me up. You are a god send…OMG that makes you an angel!
    Fly on girl. you just earned another wing.

  27. Finding my passion has taken a year of (often very uncomfortable!) action. I fought perfectionism and repeatedly put myself out there and engaged, and you’re right Marie- when it comes together it’s ‘magically delicious’!

    I knew I loved to help people uncover their brand story and bring it to life, but it wasn’t until I had worked with enough clients that I realised my true passion was helping introvert entrepreneurs to discover the art of quiet self-promotion by leveraging their strengths and managing their energy.

    Now I’m refining and rebranding and I can’t wait for the next phase of my business!

    • Shay

      Wow. So inspiring Rebecca! You go girl. I need your commitment to engagement. I’m currently fighting perfectionism on my branding and website content/design. At some point I know I just need to let it go, launch it and refine along the way.

      Lots of love

      – Shay Orlena Brown

  28. Hodor !

    • lemon


  29. Two things:

    1. I think, sometimes, passion can be relative. For instance: I have no desire to open a cafe. But if I lived in a place where there were no (or very few) cafes, I might be inspired open one. It would become my passion.

    2. I LOVE Marie’s quote: ‘Clarity comes through engagement, not thought.’ I heard it for the first time time about a year ago, and I often think of it. Sometimes, you don’t really know how you feel about something until you start doing it. It’s like thinking you want to work from home. Then you work from home for a couple of days/weeks/months and you realize it isn’t for you. (I, personally, love working from home. But that’s just me.)

    • Emily Reynolds

      I love your point #1!

  30. Amen sista! I finally, FINALLY came to the realization that my passion is art, and no matter what I do, if I don’t start taking time to actually DO some art each week I will be forever miserable. My first attempt at launching a business failed because I didn’t incorporate this passion into it (I was attempting to sell t-shirts). My hope is to eventually offer my art for sale, but in the meantime, I’ve finally come full circle and I’m so happy!

  31. Jeanette

    Thanks for this, and so timely too. I have been feeling stuck in a rut. I am an astronomer doing research at a university. I love what I do, but my contract is coming to an end, and I don’t have anything new lined up. I don’t feel ready to leave this career yet, but I feel like I may have to. On the other hand I love education, and would love to get into more outreach based work, using astronomy as a way to promote an understanding of science. I also hope to promote the idea of women in science by doing this. The things is I don’t know which road to go down, and I think I have ended up being too wrapped up in my head to figure it out. i have been spending so much time thinking, that I have not been focused on either option. And why cant I do both (at least while I still have my current job).
    I have 6 month left in my current contract, and I am going to follow your lead and enjoy all that I can for the last 6 months of my current contract, while developing an outreach program on the side.

    • Julia Faith

      Jeanette, teach. Get a diploma of education. The world needs female science teachers.
      Mulling around.. Getting more confused by assuming the perfect position exists, then reminding myself..
      .. There will always be yin in the yang, and viceversa ..
      Love, everything you do!

  32. This reminds me of what my practical, get-moving mother says whenever someone has been contemplating too long: It’s time to do something, even if it’s wrong!

    And while I always *love* your outfits, Marie, this one is especially covet-inducing. Will you share where/how to get our own dress like the one you’re wearing?

  33. I love you, Marie!!! The timing of this could not have been more perfect, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I just left a comment on a B-school thread yesterday that I know my strengths, but have not yet identified my passion, and therefore felt stuck. Uh-uh, not no more! Clarity may come from engagement, but it also comes from this episode of MarieTV! I am in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, doing exactly what I should be doing. Seminar is set up for the end of the month, have three attendees so far, and I am going to keep working it as I have been to get that number to grow.I am going to start putting myself out there more (obviously a must) but MORE IMPORTANTLY I am going to STOP waiting to identify my passion to take action. In general, I am going to stop waiting for A,B, & C to do X,Y, & Z.
    Also, I loved what you said about passion being contagious and to be passionate about everything you do. I feel like I used to have more of that in me when I was younger, so time to dig deep and find that again! Yesterday was “clean the house day” and I cranked the music and danced my way though it. I must say, it was pretty darn effective.
    Hope I’m not rambling too much, I just love when all signs point to YES!
    Thank you Marie-I’m headed out to rock on with my bad self today. And you guessed it, I’ll be doing everything with PASSION in my heart! Who knows…maybe I’ll see a rainbow! 😀 lots of love and all the best!!! xxoo

  34. Sometime in December I found myself having the “go get it moment” after watching one of your videos. I started my blog and working hard at developing the skills I knew I wanted and needed and I haven’t looked back. I spent so many years telling myself I was getting too old, I didn’t have a valid opinion or I didn’t have the time before I finally pushed it all aside. I’m now 3+ months strong on my mission and I’m so thankful for the advice you provide. I have been struggling with the idea of redesigning my blog and after your video today I know the hard work will make me continue my passion. Have a great day Marie! I love that one thing that you provide!

  35. Marie, I know you’ve shared a similar quote to this about a year or two ago and IT CHANGED MY LIFE! (I think it was the video with Derek Halpurn, maybe on a different site?) Anyway, I didn’t realize that was what I had been doing — trying to figure out my life from my head rather than from actually doing. Ever since then, I push myself to TAKE ACTION and to see what I love from connecting with it and engaging with it, rather than just what seems good in my mind. Thank you! 🙂

  36. Marie, my mind just exploded…

    I’ve been struggling with this for a year or two now, knowing in theory that I needed to take action but feeling paralyzed because I didn’t know what, where, or how. Just this week, I started taking a course that I think will shove me in the right direction but the enormity of that has been freaking me out. Your video tells me that I’m doing the right thing.

    It’s not just that though. The mind explosion was caused by the fact that my name is Janelle, and while I didn’t write that letter, it 100% sounds like something I’d write to you. (Unless I just don’t remember? Or a loved one hijacked my email and asked the question for me? ha) So watching and hearing you answer this question about something that’s been aching my heart and racking my brain for so long… it was like you were literally speaking directly to me. Thank you so much!

    Like I said, I’m taking a course, so that’s my first step to figuring out where my skills, strengths, and passion converge. I also have a plan for weekly challenges that help me get out of my comfort zone and hopefully discover strengths and skills I didn’t know I had!

    Again, thank you times a billion. You’re the best and you always make me laugh while challenging me to think.

    • Jules

      I feel the exact same way. I needed this message today! My journey has been a long one, nearly 4.5 years. I took a leap of faith at the end of 2009 and left my “traditional, stable job” behind for a non-paid internship as a development assistant for a film production company in Beverly Hills. I wanted to find my creative passion! I needed to explore and I was terrified. I didn’t know exactly where I was headed but threw myself into the journey. It has been very difficult and exhausting emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and often times physically.

      This year I have found myself in the midst of yet another fork in the road, another major life transition and it is again terrifying and paralyzing. I carry forward because the only thing more powerful than my fear is my certainty. Somehow, I know to my core that I am on the right path. I may feel as though I am lost in a forest but with every step I take, every introspective action I take, I am that much closer.

      I wish you the best. It is very painful when you desire so completely to live, be and do your passion as your expression, as your lively-hood. Let me know if you have any desire to build a “Passion finding partnership.” It might be nice to have an additional cheerleader on your side who is going through the same thing. Keep moving and you will find it. All the best to you!

      p.s. There was a comment made in an earlier part of the responses by Kristen suggesting that you “Live the way you want to FEEL”. I found that to be tremendously helpful as a guide. I may not be clear on what “IT” the passion is, but I am VERY CLEAR on how I want to feel in my life. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Way to be brave! It’s funny that you said you needed to “explore” — that’s my chosen word for the year to help guide me into awesomeness!

        As for Kristen’s comment, I do try to live that way and keep reminders about a few core feelings I want to have. If that resonates with you, I highly recommend checking out anything Danielle LaPorte has to say, especially The Desire Map book/workbook.

        Thanks and best of luck to you as well! 🙂

  37. Eva

    Allowing myself to engage into every single thing that came to my mind as a passion (instead of forcing a dicision in my brain) shaded light in my life – big time! And this was a lot quicher than I thought this process could ever possibly be…

  38. Michelle

    Love your videos! I have a passion for improving the lives of others; and I’ve found that it’s too general. My biggest struggle is honing in on what I can do to most effectively help others! I have an idea that I want to try implementing, and your video has inspired me (once again) to take ACTION to test out my idea to see how it works out! Thank you!

  39. Instead of saying “bring passion to everything you do” I would say bring presence to everything you do.

    Bring ALL of your self.

    Be fully present.

    And THAT, is powerful and everyone will feel it. Heck, people will most likely say “there’s just something about that giiiirl…” It’s presence folks.

    (Could be a good name for a perfume LOL)

  40. Thanks Marie,
    Another great video. I totally agree. A few years ago I came to the conclusion if I have any remote interest in anything I would at least try it and see if it was for me. I always wanted to swing dance. So I took lessons. But after awhile I knew it was not for me (at least for the moment). And this brought me to yoga, which I feel in over with and dove right into.


  41. Great advice! I have been an accessory designer since 1992 and it has always been my passion. But for the last several years I have wanted to expand on that passion and turn my “label” into a brand. I have finally started taking the steps to do so, and I cannot believe how what I thought was my passion, has grown into even a larger passion! The only reason this is true is because I “took action”! Thanks again for all your love and advice to the world! XO. Debi

  42. I’ve found that being stuck in that “planning / wondering / waiting til perfect” phase can zap that passion you started with.

    Literally right before watching today’s episode I posted this link to B-Schoolers in Facebook: – This engagement was a big step out of my comfort zone but at same time, clicking “post” felt really good.

    Don’t know how it’ll unfold but am ready to found out. BTW, am already feeling that passion again – simply from doing that. Thank you, Marie!! xoxo

    • I have been there too, Angela! It’s perfectionism…. The paralyzing, nothing -to -brag- about condition lol! It’s my second bschool and i finally had a breakthrough when it comes to “getting it out there”. You might be already ready! And if you are not you will get hints what needs improvement. Congrats!

      • And when you mix perfectionism with falling behind overwhelm – it’s not a good mix. Especially if you’re an organizer by profession – ha! But am ready to move forward … will be curious to what clarity that action will bring.

        Thank you, Joanna, and happy you’ve experienced that breakthrough! Best of luck to you!

    • Have you attended the workshops Dorian? How long are they?

    • Wow! 12 years… Sounds good to this day, I think.

  43. Great episode Marie!

    I think we all have struggled with this, I still do and yes sometimes when we let our body talk and we are willing to listen things start falling in place.
    We have a partner at our firm that actually has made his mission in life help others find their passion… I strongly suggest you look what he is being doing, his name is Steve Miller. Check his web page:
    He developed a workshop called “Implicit Career Search” and it will be great if you invite him to one of your episodes Marie.



    • Have you attended the workshops Dorian? How long are they?

  44. I loved this Q/A because 1) I struggled with this for years and 2) I get this question a lot from clients.

    I spent 10 years in a career I was good at but wasn’t passionate about. And I kept banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what was that “thing” I was meant to do. In the meantime, I kept working and wasn’t moving forward in any direction. Until I FINALLY decided to do something about it. And I just started trying things… I sold Mary Kay products, I started a home-baking business, I taught yoga, online translations… you name it, I did it. Until I finally was able to put all of it together, deciphering what were the things I loved about each of those ventures and creating my current coaching practice.

    So, I would say yes, get out of your head and into the world. Test, Learn, Rinse and Repeat

    PS: Just because you love baking, it doesn’t mean you’ll love selling your baked goods 🙂

    • Megan

      Great insights! Especially about baking – sometimes things are better left as a hobby! I considered becoming a chef but decided I didn’t want to be cooking while everyone else was eating. So I’m pursuing holistic nutrition as career, where I can use skills I’ve acquired in my previous (unsatisfying) jobs to help people. Thanks for sharing!

  45. JM

    We’ve all been there, I guess, at some point in our life. Though I may not have distinguished what my ‘passion’ is, I’m done with the searching. I could say I on experiment mode! Like what you said, Marie. Engaging and trying on something first hand. And bringing passion into everything we do really got me. Thanks Marie, as always, a great content~

  46. Hey Marie,

    I love writing and baking healthy scones with spilt flour..But not good at baking cakes ….;-0 How to combine the two passions?

    • Elena, how about doing a culinary photo blog? You already have the niche… has a great advice for food bloggers

    • Megan

      Hi Elena,
      What pops into my head is writing a blog or cookbook. Or if you had a shop/sold scones as a market, you could write the content for your website? The other option is to work on the two separately until you can find ways that they intersect. Good luck!

  47. Thu

    I have learned that when you do things with passion, everything else just falls into place. 🙂 Marie, I love the passion and love you project in your videos!! You’re right–“passion is contagious!”

    Lots of Love,

  48. Marie,
    Thank you Marie! At one point in the discovery of my passion, I found an explanation for the word passion as this: “a violent over-emotion that robs a man of his ability for self-control.” Violent of course meaning “extreme, energy, intense.” That definition was the first definition that worked for me! I made a list of the things for which I had no self control, didn’t want to have self-control, or that I liked doing all the time. I found that I had so many passions, so I began lumping my passions together and creating my own unique opportunities to do business. But of course, the real work for me was picking the right “methods” to help me decide how to use my passions. What I now provide to others as a life coach is to help others pick the right “methods” to help them have a successful passion quest. These methods often times include past-life regression, karmic astrology, hypnosis, and astrology.

  49. Here are my two cents…

    Joseph Campbell, one of the world’s most respected methodologists, gave us a simple yet profound proposition for life:

    Follow your bliss

    The Internet and social media tools enabled anyone to follow her or his bliss and make money. For the first time in the history of humankind you can turn a hobby into an online business by bootstrapping from the comfort of your couch (or a village in Thailand).

    Penn Jillette, an illusionist and actor famous for his Penn & Teller show, in a keynote at NMX (New Media Conference) in Las Vegas described success as being able to do what you love while supporting yourself. Following his bliss, Penn recenctly raised over a million dollars in crowdfunding to make a scary movie.

    Penn delivered this powerful message to thousands of content creators, bloggers and podcasters, who chose to follow their bliss and came to Las Vegas to learn how to turn their passion into a business… while being able to support themselves.

    Do you know how many blog posts are written today? Check out Worldometers’ counter that provides real-time data on total number of blog posts published every day in the world (powered by Technorati). In short, millions.

    How to break through the clutter in a highly competitive blogosphere and turn your passion into passive income?

    There is a way that has worked for me, and I wrote about on Medium:

    Would love your feedback!

  50. Marni

    Loved the video today. You’re hilarious….keep those outtakes in there- they keep the message going that work and life is fun!

  51. I think we spend too much time trying to find this great big Passion (capital P). I know I did. Until one day I was speaking to this amazing woman who was about to retire from the UN and she said that her whole life she was searching for a purpose until she realised that her purpose was simply to be and to live life. That hit me like a thunderbolt. I was about to turn 30 and I was in a panic because I hadn’t found my Passion yet (or my life partner or my dream job or whatever else). In that moment I just dropped it. Just be and live life. So now I try to move towards what feels good and do less of what doesn’t. It feels much simpler!

  52. Yes, passion is contagious, and it is a way of life that elevates every experience to a high art form. I got there by working hard at the things I was interested in. The more I worked at hard things, the more I challenged myself, the more I discovered my strengths and my values. The more I knew myself, my passions were revealed to me and I realized that passion is not a thing outside of me, passion is me. Yeah, I said it, I am passion, hear me roar.

  53. I have to say, after a really long time obsessing about my passion, I’ve come to realise that “obsession about our passion can be a form of procrastination”.
    And the root of that is that we are scared sh*tless of doing something we might, potentially, love.
    Because doing what you love can be really vulnerable thing!

    • Mary Tracy, wow that is a HUGE discovery and moment of self awareness: “obsession about passion is a form of procrastination” , and i’m sure it was a painful state to be in… What did you do next?

  54. I used to be incredibly jealous of people who found their ultimate, #1 passion. I am multi-passionate and always have been. I never was “looking” for my passion. I naturally understood that if I was drawn strongly to something, that counts as a passion and I must engage in it.

    It really sunk in one day my father told me to leave hip-hop dance behind forever and focus on school. After about 2 months, I fell into a DEEP depression. I was like “Ok, I got the memo… follow my passions…”

    I’m struggling as a multi-passionate person, but I’m definitely going to keep in mind Marie’s advice. I need some kind of bracelet to remind myself. If I can take the time to be passionate about EVERYTHING on a consistent basis, I definitely I’ll make some traction and incredible headway.

  55. I did a blog post on this exact thing Marie. One massive thing I remembered that helped me to know what I was meant to do is a little tip that I had read in a Susie Ormon book back in the 90’s (I’m in my 40’s). Her books are especially about money, but she talks about the psychological part of why you spend money, etc. etc. she then gives you exercises to go back to childhood to about the age of 8 years old and remember as a child what you loved, how you spent your first bit of money. It just so happens that I’m actually living my passion and it’s very much what I’m living my dream doing now in a branched out version. I had all my children learn this way, while home schooling them. They struggled with ADD in a left brain world. I taught them at home to live on the right brain side and all my children live their passions now as young adults. I know once they are of adult age they will continue forward in the same passions.

    • Raquel, you inspired me to reach suze’s books. The psychological element was the hook. Thanks

  56. I guess I am really lucky, my passion found me when I was really young. I will say though that it took me until I was 23 to really focus and accept it as my calling.
    Once I did I had to learn accept organic progressions and changes.
    It is a process I am honored to have been a part of.

  57. Absolutely loved this video. Another thing I’d like to point out is that it’s ok and totally possible to have more than one passions.

    Many people fall into the trap of equating finding their passion to finding a soulmate. I know I certainly thought that there was this ONE thing that I had to find. Until I realized I have multiple passions… What a relief!

  58. Clarity comes from engagement is so true … Not only in this area of life. Think about dating haha!
    What I found to be true is, when you change careers ang go to the one you were passionate about, there are usually specializations and niches within this area, and you need to find your own.
    So many people, including me in the past, think that making a decision to go in certain direction is the biggest thing they will need to do, but it’s actually a beginning of a lot of work. Parts of it you may not be passionate about at all, but these are all stepping stones. And maintaining passion is also a matter of a decision.

  59. I struggled with finding my passion for years and got really down on myself when I wasn’t finding it. One thing that really helped me was when en I realized that finding one’s passion is also a creative process like writing a novel or painting a portrait. Clarity comes over time. And you’re right you have to get off your buns and do to find that clarity. Thanks, Marie

  60. Megan

    This is something I have struggled with for the past 10 years, and especially the last 4 months. I have identified with past Marie TV episodes because I’m multi-passionate and “clarity comes through engagement, not thought” has been so helpful.

    I have been trying to put this into practice and take action: I have made plans to transition out of my current job, I have enrolled in school to pursue a new career, I am preparing to launch my own blog (need to press “publish”, but I’m being a perfectionist), and I am trying to say “yes” to opportunities that move me in the direction I think I want to go in (and “no” to the ones that don’t). I’m much more of a planner than a trial-and-error type but I’m doing my best to let things happen and learn.

    As always, thanks for the inspiration, Marie and everyone in the comments!

  61. I have passion for many things but am lucky to be working in the field I am most passionate about… I weave contemporary art tapestry and teach classes online (just launched this–thank YOU Marie and B-School!)… and quit my healthcare job three weeks ago. I feel like a whole new person. But I never would have known I loved this like I do if I hadn’t started. I took lessons, I started a blog, when my teacher died I started teaching workshops, I started putting together an online class a year ago and now it is ready to roll and I am making some money doing what I love. But I had to do it to know. I mean, I knew I loved to weave tapestry and to teach, but how could I know that it was the perfect combination for my daily life if I didn’t just try it?

  62. Going to try to bring some passion into cleaning my kitchen today! Haha, Curious to see how it works to live life with that much passion on the regular. I read it in your book a while back, and if you’re still preachin’ it on Marie TV is must be true! I’ll let you know if anything changes in my life 🙂

    Also, how happy were you to see Jon Snow’s beautiful face on Sunday! At least we still have him… haha!


  63. My solution to this is problem was not to find it; it was to realize that I had lost the sense of having permission to be immersed in my passion, and I was the cause of the barrier. I was choosing to look away from it every 30 seconds or so. Like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, it’s not so much about going and getting it, it’s about removing the teaching and belief that you don’t have it. It is about removing the the shame energy that blinds you to it. Of course, when you open yourself to your true passion, you also open yourself to all the pain that made you want to “numb up.” But you can’t numb selectively, so one numbs passion feeling too. The passion itself is right there, But there is that “oppositional factor,” the fear that one associates with exposing vulnerability that makes us want to close our eyes. It’s as much or more a healing process as it is an intellectual one.

  64. When I was in my early twenties, and completely baffled about what to do with myself, I made a list of what I could not not do – what I seemed to do anyway, in spite of myself. To be happy, I needed to write, to read, to think and to sing. The first three almost landed me in graduate school studying Russian Literature, and at the time I decided to put more energy into singing.

    About five years after that, I added “I want to do good work with good people.”

    I’m now 43, and music is both my life and my love. The reading, writing and thinking have definitely helped me all along the way. Special thanks to B-School for helping me take another step forward!

  65. YES! <3

  66. I’ve always known what my passion was, I just didn’t know how to turn my passion into a CAREER. Big difference there. I’ve been blogging for 9 years, just personally, but 2 years ago I made a decided decision that I would pursue it more seriously. About 1 year ago I decided this would become my career. And although I still have my “day job” while trying to make the transition, I’m doing my thang and totally excited about it. You can find me at Thrift Diving :). Love ya, Marie!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  67. Molly

    Hey Marie! Ok, first…my mind gets going with all sorts of inspiration from your vids, then later on you end up saying the same thing! WHAT?!

    Also, I am a fellow BDC alum and booty shaker! Maybe we took class together!

    It’s funny, part of my business (I’m in my first year of B-School!!!) is focusing on finding simple pleasures in your life and throughout your day…get out of my head! I think you may be my sister from another mister!

    Love your message and, of course, B-School!

    Your sister from Twerkville,
    {doing the Tootsie Roll}

  68. This is ABSOLUTELY true. I struggled for YEARS trying to figure out what I was passionate about, and I’m like you Marie–I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. It was only until I started doing things that I immediately figured out what I really wanted to do and what I didn’t want to do. Now, as far as being passionate about washing the dishes. Eh, not so much. 😉

  69. love this episode! As a multi-passionate entrepreneur (like most of us!) I’ve been so inspired by you Marie to blend all the things I love and integrate them into my online business! Cartoons, singing, making horses dance…! Sounds so crazy and I’m doing it… thanks for paving the way and helping us all be passionate about being our juicy selves.

  70. I found it by accident as a kid. Basketball. Got me a college scholarship. After that needing something to replace basketball, I interviewed six hundred world class performers in all kinds of fields, men and women, and learned what I had discovered as a kid, but took for granted. I simply asked them how they got where they were. They all said the same thing. They were doing something that made them feel the way they liked to feel, they wanted to feel that way every day so they built they’re lives around that and got good at what they were. They all did the same thing. Touch, feel, like, play, know, trust, create in that order. And they never stopped doing that process. My life turned into sharing that process….

  71. I struggled with this for years after I left my old unfulfilling career to have kids. My biggest obstacle was the self-judgment that came with every scenario and it prevented me from taking action. When I finally gave myself permission to at least try all the weird stuff I was thinking about (court reporting? pattern making?) I finally found what had been there all along (writing!).

    I don’t know so much about washing the dishes with passion (ugh) but the taking action part is spot on. I learned it is totally OK to flounder awkwardly for awhile. And it’s much more fun than the pain of sitting around and wondering about it.

  72. Hi Marie,
    I LOVED this episode! I have struggled forever with what my passion is. I am such a “thinker” that it about drove me crazy. Once I realized that if I just try and some take action that things will start moving in the right direction. I had to stop thinking and start doing. The worst case is that I switch directions or discover a new passion. Seeing as I am multi-passionate, that is likely bound to happen. 🙂
    Clarity comes with time, patience and practice.
    Thanks for a great video!

  73. I love the idea of being passionate in EVERYTHING you do. It is so true that it is contagious. I sometimes actually struggle more with how to hone in on my passions because there are so many of them. I literally do 5 or 6 things for a living at any given time and I would LOVE to find a way to bring all those passions together into something cohesive and lucrative. I am a health coach, I teach yoga, I love to dance, I act and I sing, I LOVE being in front of people teaching, and I cannot get enough of cooking and playing in my kitchen….thoughts?

  74. Game of Thrones fan checking in! Actually, not to brag too much, but I have been a fan since only the novels existed. Yes, I’ve read all the massive, brick-sized novels published so far. I’d recommend that fans of the show challenge themselves to read the novels, they’re worth it.

    Anyway, with regard to this video…taking action is probably my biggest lesson I need to learn and implement in my own life, for my own aspirations. I often catch myself sitting and thinking “why haven’t I broadened the audience for my message yet?!” And then I remember that I’ve just gotten started within the last year and I could definitely be taking more action to achieve my goals: getting out and looking for opportunities to speak in front of different groups, etc.

    It’s great to have a dream, but then you have to take that dream out of the house and into the streets!

    Thanks again for another great video!

  75. I had a friend of mine tell me to stop copying what another successful person in my industry was doing and to be me. If they wanted her, they would go to her site and if they wanted me they would come to me. I told her I needed a niche. My friend told me it would come and so I just started dabbling around with different things and then BAMMMM!!! it finally came. I put out a product and in less than 24 hours I had over 200 sales. I immediately knew what my passion was and have been working on growing it and developing my business ever since that day.

  76. I knew there was a reason you always looked so familiar to me from when I saw your very first video.

    I used to take class at Broadway Dance Center all the time. Bev, Sheryl, Maria Torres, Q, Rhapsody? Any of those teacher’s names ring a bell?

    Small world.

    Thanks for another great video!!

  77. Vicki P

    Awesome stuff Marie!

    I love Marie TV and have been following it for ages, but this one today really stood out for me, so I thought I would leave a comment.

    As someone who has been struggling over the past few years trying to find her “passion” in life, this video gave me the advice I needed to hear. Up until now I have been reading lots, analysing, and otherthinking stuff without having actually getting anything done. As from today I will commit to getting out there more and trying new skills, becoming more passionate about the ones I have, and hopefully this will turn into something I love and enjoy.

    Thank you so much for all your help, inspiration and words of wisdom. Marie TV rocks!

    Love and hugs,


  78. Cynthia Wilson

    So much I want to do and feel trapped from moving forward because of physical limitations of fibromyalgia, P.O.A. and care giver for my aging mother, running a household because my Husband travels for his job.
    I want to help others with thier fibromyalgia from the knowledge I have learned over the years. I went back to school a achieved a Clinical Holistic Health Practitioners certification. That helped me to achieve a better life through nutrition, herbs, and exercise.
    I still struggle with many symptoms, but I am better than I was.
    I cry often because I feel trapped and alone in my quest to move forward onmy dreams. Then after a good cry, I pick myself up and tell myself there is always tomorrow.
    Any advice?

    • Christine

      Cynthia, this may not be completely aligned with what you have been contemplating, but I have long thought that online caregiver coaching and support is a much-needed niche. So many of us will find ourselves in this position at some point in our lives. Perhaps what you have learned about self-care, along with your personal experience caring for your mom, would position you well to take on such a role.

      Best wishes!

  79. Loved this video! So true! As a freelance illustrator and writer people always ask how I come up with my ideas and my answer is–you get ideas by working on ideas! Lots of people get hung up in “analysis paralysis” (I don’t know who originally said that but it wasn’t me) and never get to the actual “doing”. You can never know where anything will take you until you actually go! So go. Do. That’s where you’ll find you passion.

  80. I am just embarking on a summer research project and while I have a general idea of the direction I want to go in, there are particular specifics that are just not lining up. Yet!

    This video came at a perfect time. I think that bringing passion to everything you do is great advice. It makes every action part of living according to your truth rather than waiting around for something to fall into place (which it is going to do anyways).

    While I have never used this wording before, it seems like when I move through the world with this passionate philosophy, the universe responds and rather speeds up the process of synchronicity! Thanks for todays Q & A!

    -K. Viva

  81. So true and I enjoyed the video exploration on the subject of passion. Even though I know what my passions are, for years I found myself stopping from doing in order to remain safe from disappointment if I fail at something I love. DOING is the KEY! Now, I do and struggle through the internal stuff that attempts to stop me. That inner voice that tells you to stop gets quieter and all is becoming easier.

  82. I have struggled for several years to find my passion, I thought I had found it in designing knitting patterns and dyeing yarn but then I realized that just because I enjoyed it doesn’t mean it was my passion. So fast forward a few years and now I’ve realized that intuitive work and helping others is really my passion so now I’m working on building that.

  83. Elisabeth

    Marie, I think Game of Thrones has really helped me find my passion. I’ve spent a long time thinking about it, and what I really want to be is Mother of Dragons and have a kick-ass army of slaves that I’ve freed myself using my brilliant brain 😉

    In all seriousness though, I find the character of the Khaleesi super inspiring, she’s completely singular and I feel as though she can teach us something about determination and vision. Her character shows such focus, and through her journey we can see the time it takes to accomplish what we want most, the sacrifices we need to make along the way in order to do what we are called to do. Another thing about her is her patience, the way she held off letting that slave master know she spoke his language, and didn’t let her fury at his mysogynistic attitude show on the outside, I feel like that’s a wonderful lesson in self-discipline and perfect timing!

    Just some thoughts on the connection between this week’s Marie TV and GOT 🙂

  84. Ha – this is something that I needed to hear again. Just go out and move and “do” and things will happen. The first thing on the list is to get my website up and going – I’ve had the URL for 3 years!!!!! Who knows what will go inside but I trust the process!!!

    Thanks Marie – so simple and so TRUE!!!

  85. Karima

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, my passion, my vocation was ripped away from me. I have been searching for a new direction but do not want to leave my deep passion and vocation behind, I want to expand on this and find a new way to fulfill my basic passion. Through yoga practice I have found a new passion that fits well, I want to become a yoga instructor and am working towards this. Putting this passion in place is one part of my ‘new me’ plan. For part two I looked at what I did best in my original vocation, what were my strengths and where my heartfelt interests lie within this original profession (my profession has so many avenues to follow and I searched for an avenue that cried out to me) I have found that avenue, I will need some further education to meet the requirements. I know I’m on the right track because when I think of yoga and my new direction in my profession (nursing) I feel a rush of joy, excitement and almost giddiness when visualizing living these new passions. To test out whether teaching is in the cards for me, I am volunteering in the field of literacy (which I am also passionate about). Continuing education and reaching out to mentors will help me know whether my second part of the plan is right for me. Yes, find your passion (I do think you have to do some thinking first) then try out the passion in any way you can, then if the passion still fires you up you are ready for the next step, dedication, commitment and perhaps hard work which will be required to move from passion to living your passion. Thank for this inspiring and practical response to how to find your passion.

    • Anna K

      Good luck and I am happy that you’ve found your way out and now you’re working towards making your dream come true! Best, Anna

  86. Anna K

    I know what I am passionate about – but it used to be a problem for me to make a living out of what I was passionate about. Also, it used to be a struggle for me to separate passion from my ego and a need to ‘achieve’ – the moment I let all the expectations go and allowed myself to stop and think – I finally got some clarity and peace 🙂

  87. Akshatta

    I’m sorry I’m a little confused with this video. You chose life coaching as your career and not hip hop when you realised it was your calling. 🙁 Help?

  88. This one really resonated with me, as I spent years researching and thinking, trying to work out what to do. It was only when I started taking action (in my case through something called the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge), that I was really able to start working out what I loved about the things I was trying, and understand what I wanted more of, and what place these things had in my life. I’m still on a journey, but happy that it’s evolving as it’s meant to, and now I am in the habit of trying things to see where they take me.

  89. Chris Lee

    OMG what an awesome video. Right on time for me. I have been working as a life-coach for the last 3 years and it’s been drudgery. In a “come to Jesus” moment recently I realized that my true passion is writing books, public speaking and facilitating workshops. I was coaching because I had convinced myself that I couldn’t make any money writing, speaking and doing workshops. So this was nice confirmation. My 3-step action plan to move from thinking about it to doing it:
    1) Clarify/better define my platform
    2) Write and or blog every single day
    3) Pick 10 organizations that I’d like to speak to and contact them.

    3.5) Be passionate about everything that I do!

    Thanks Marie and thanks to the other commenters also. #inspiration

  90. Thank you Marie!

    Simply put…..every time I stray from my passion and think I am going to go into another profession/career, all roads lead me back! I am a photographer and I love, love, love teaching others how to see the light! Working on my new blog/website so that I can communicate my vision. Making every day better starting with a photo a day! I am in B-School and lovin’ life!

  91. Hey Marie 🙂 Great video.

    When I stopped looking outside of me and started looking in, asking my own inner wisdom to guide me and show me what needs to be seen, I’ve become passion by being me in every moment and feel sooo much more connected to my mission.

    Big thank you to Laura Hames Franklin who is the master at helping you tune into your own wisdom to discover your hidden keys.

    I invite everyone to check this lady out – she’s brilliant 🙂

  92. I love this discussion… I believe all the talk about finding passion puts a lot of pressure on people. Some lucky souls find one driving purpose in life. But many of us have multiple passions or simply a lot of things we’re quite good at and enjoy doing. I 100% agree that engagement is key to finding passion in your business.

    Something else that helped me is discovering the common theme that links all my passions. In my case that’s a love of learning and organizing that learning to share with the world. I’ve accepted that what I learn and share will change as I grow. But that’s OK as long as I keep doing what fulfills me and helps others.

    Thank you Marie and everyone else for this fabulous discussion.

  93. Brigitte Fields

    The thought of “finding your passion” can be overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to look or when and where it was lost. I struggled with this for years until I realized that you only have to be engaged in something that you think is meaningful to become passionate. I thought that by thinking about what I wanted to do with my life that a light bulb would go off in my head and I would find the path that God had laid out for my life. When I thought about it, I have been passionate about various things in my life and the decisions that I made took me down different roads that lead me to the place I am now. I found a common thread among all those things and what I found was that I liked sharing information and as a first born, I liked telling people what to do. So here I am in human resources as a trainer and it has led me to use all my talents and gifts to assist people with their career goals. It has been very rewarding.

  94. In December 2012 I took a job as the Director of Youth & Family at the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago. It made no sense. I couldn’t afford to work for so little, it was inconveniently located and other than being a mom of four I had no real experience. And YET, something said I had to do it!!! I LOVED it. I grew the program swiftly and 12 weeks later I became the Senior Director of Business Operations. I couldn’t get enough I had found my dharma. In October of 2013 I became the Executive Director. It now ALL makes sense. When I made the first choice all I could see was the step right before me…the rest took care of itself in perfect and right timing. Love your tips on taking inspired action…or any action for that matter!!!

  95. Great video and so true! Im still “struggling”‘to find my passion though getting closer by the way. I know that I should be thinking less and acting more but the issue I have isnthat I dont know what action to take ornwhat activity/job to do that will help me get there. This makes me
    Feel stuck and frustrated because I have all this potential inside of me that really wants to be let out but I dont know where and how to apply it! Any advice would be welcome 🙂

  96. Robin

    Thanks Marie i love learning from you. I have been on the discover my passion path for awhile now. Trying on sooo many hats (my family and friends probably think i am crazy). I spend a lot of time “thinking” about new ideas wasting time, and money before taking action which most times I don’t even act. I get frozen by fear, fear of rejection, fear i won’t be good enough, fear that i will quit so i never really start. Your video today reinforced my choice to act. Last night I compiled a survey to get a better feel for my market. I almost didn’t send it out after spending hours on it…but I sat with the feelings and asked myself questions. What helped me push the send button was the aha that it’s not about me it’s about the service of others. It is for them and how I can serve them better not about serving my ego. My passion is to serve HA!

    with gratitude

  97. I, too, struggled for years and years, spending thousands of dollars trying to fine “the passion” I was supposed to follow. Honestly, I think the coaching industry puts way too much emphasis on this and creates a culture of “not being good enough” if you don’t know yours.
    I finally quit worrying about what my passion was – or even that there might be just one – and started doing things I liked to do and was interested in. I have found this much more freeing. I won’t say I don’t get the passion twinge/fear every so often, but doing things I like to do, letting what I always seem to drift back to be part of my guide, is WAY less stressful. 🙂

  98. Hi Marie,

    I guess I’m sort of a slow learner. I did find my passion many years ago: around the time I was 16 and it was all about helping people, specifically during moments of stress, conflict or sadness, but the way I have “implemented” this passion has evolved from just hearing out and helping into starting a full fledged Lifecoaching project. However it took me some years to crystallize this project since it required more than credentials but rather, formal experience in the field. I started working as a teacher on different levels, took a couple Diploma programs on Psychology and Pedagogy and later started working as consultant and Instructional Designer. All throughout that I have lifecoached so far over a couple hundred people 🙂

    Thanks for sharing in such a fun and lively way your thoughts and experiences.

  99. Love this Marie.

    Especially your note about skills and strengths trumping passion. It’s so true. So many people, me included, think passion will make it work. Work makes it work!

    Passion doesn’t have to be found. It’s in what you’re already doing. So engage deeper!

  100. I cracked the code on finding my passions from reading, watching, and writing things that stroked my interest bone. I am a lot like you Marie. I am multi-passionate, so much so it was hindering my progress. Your videos have been helpful in letting me know that I am not alone and that I have been wasting my time thinking and planning, trying to predict what the outcome will be if I choose to do what I am passionate about rather than what is expected of me- from both myself perceived image and my families expectations. This video was just a confirmation that I am going in the right direction. I have finally decided to push forward and forget about anticipating what will happen. Passion is most definitely contagious and I catch it every time I watch your videos Marie, though I have to limit myself because I could watch you all day. 😉

    I have always loved magazines. The images just drew me in, while the short bursts of information held me captive. I have a collection that could put small libraries to shame. A magazine is a great place for me to push all of my interests, such as photography, writing, design, general creativity, etc. Since deciding to create a magazine, I have made my way from just putting all of my interests into a magazine to having a definitive purpose and audience. My passion for exploration, personal/professional development, and need for social responsibility came together in Extrospection Magazine.

    The traditional 9-5 is no longer waiting for emerging graduates. With more than 50% of recent graduates unemployed or underemployed, young adults must capitalize on globalization to enhance career opportunities. Through information and inspiration, Extrospection Magazine’s interactive platform empowers young adults and the like to explore, professionally develop, and engage in social responsibility with a global community. Explorative readers will see different lifestyles, unconventional career paths, and entrepreneurial endeavors from around the world.

  101. Holy Christmas – this is true! This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect moment. I finally am standing in the space on a ven diagram where my passion, expertise, what I’m known for and what I think about 24/7 all overlap. BINGO!

    I’m a health coach for half marathoners – teaching nutrition to runners.

    It’s taken a couple years of doing things, trying out new programs and creating new projects to get where I am. I wanted it all to be figured out for so long.

    Now I see that as I’ve been doing things, it’s all leading me to exactly where I am today, which is precisely where I want to be.

    Three cheers for passion! (And half marathoners.)

    Thanks Marie
    Johanna xx

  102. It’s so true… passion is an inside game! I was totally happy dancing and bouncing like a Tigger when Marie said you have to do everything with passion because that is exactly how I live my life. When I fail to show up with joy for even the most mundane tasks then everything else starts to wither as well. Even the things I am most passionate about lose their lustre.

    If you want to find your passion you have to be passionate. Be the change you want to see… Take action.

    Big loves to you Marie and to this lovely community. May you find passion and success in all of your quests!

  103. Pam

    I loved this episode, Marie! My passion and personal business are centered in creating organic body and self care products. I found this passion through a very dark time in my life! I was depressed and I hated my job as a kitchen manager. My body felt just as worn down as my emotions and spirit. I began to soothe myself with more baths and exfoliation. I started to read more about how to make my own products and eventually I just started doing it. With my background in cooking it was a simple transition but the products make my life feel so complete. I was uncomfortable selling people food that wasn’t organic, but because I wasn’t in charge that wasn’t my decision to make. By starting my own business I can personally monitor where and how my raw materials are obtained and I am able to give back to the world products that heal instead of ones that do harm. However, I still sometimes struggle to create recipes for new products and I do all kinds of research on what other people are doing, which forms a good foundation, but you are right. Clarity and true JOY come through engagement. Feeling and touching and smelling the raw materials inspires me and guides me on how to combine them for the greatest possible result. Thanks for being so inspirational as always, Marie! And I pray that everyone searching finds their passion! ♥

  104. You nailed it Marie! Just like Tony Robbin’s mantra, “How you do anything is how you do everything”… passion is the key to thriving vs. surviving.

    I’ve always loved a whole lot of things but was on a quest to find that “thing”… that business widget I could sink my teeth into when I realized I was better at writing about other people’s widgets. They say that what you loved to do at 10 years old is what you were destined to do. Given I won a citywide newspaper essay contest around that age, it’s no surprise I ended up circling back to a passionate knack for writing.

    I’ve always been a marketer, but by combining marketing strategy with copywriting, it turns out I’m a rare 2-for-1 hybrid.

    Love for your energy and inspiration Marie. I’m enjoying B-School for the 2nd time around and just relaunched my business and brand. It’s go time!

    Thanks for all you do,

  105. Aparna

    Thank you for sharing that Marie- If you ever write a biography, I’ll be preordering a copy the minute you announce it!
    I went through something similar and just like you say, it’s only by TAKING ACTION that you can find out what you should do more of…I always knew I loved to write, dance and design and it’s only by trying all of these have I been able to find out how to build a life in which it is possible to spend a lot more time doing all of these. The more I give to the things that I am passionate about, the more I SHOW UP for the things and people I love, LIFE STARTS SHOWING UP for me. So passion, like compassion and happiness, is a habit formed by practice.

  106. Debbie Banda

    Loved this reminder. Made me think of Eckhart Tolle’s message in “A New Earth,” where he says that our life purpose is simply whatever we are doing in any given moment. When we wash dishes, that is our life’s purpose. . . for that moment! In this sense, small actions and our attitude toward them, add up to big passion and purpose in our lives, without having to torture ourselves to DEFINE and thus contain what that passion is. Things just sort of fall into place, like Marie says.

  107. You NAILED this ~ Thanks.

    I use to struggle with waiting to do something, for fear of it not being exactly what I was supposed to do or be. Now, I’m simply doing the things I love, and amazingly and like Marie says, people are showing up, resources and so much more. I do believe it’s because when you’re taking inspired action the Universe conspires to help you.


  108. GL

    Right on the mark Marie… you are so brilliant that finding your Passion isn’t magical and poof there it is. You must go through the exercise of being Passionate about things you do each day and then your true Passion will appear through the doing.
    That is what I’ve tried to force through for years, wishing for it to appear. That didn’t work. It was until I did find my Passion and that was by ideas in action and being passionate about things daily things, which created habits and then low and behold there it was… my vision and my Passion and my life’s work was before me. WOW! I was amazed. How did that happen? Out of thin air. It was in the doing and here I am living it.
    I was always looking for opportunities outside, but I found out that I make more opportunities within me than I can find. I had to trust this and my Passion came forth and became my life’s work.
    Thanks again Marie, you are the best and right on the money once again.
    Your videos are excellent. So keep up the great work you do on Marie TV.

  109. Chelsea

    This topic speaks to my soul! I’ve been struggling with finding my life’s work and passion. I came out of college, started a job in IT (a field, I personally knew almost nothing about), and I found myself simply going through the motions of life, which at the age of 24 terrified me. I couldn’t imagine living a life where I woke up each day and went… through… the motions, I wanted to thrive I wanted and still want to wake up each day and feel purposeful and excited about what it is that lights me up. However after being introduced to people like yourself, Kris Carr and Gabrielle Bernstein I have this overwhelming sense that I am not the first person to feel this way. It is a very comforting feeling seeing how you all created your life worth living.

    To start moving away from THOUGHT and into ACTION, I am going to start to say YES to more things that come my way. Instead of getting bogged down into my ego’s mind and come up with a million reasons not to do something, simply say YES, do it and be done. By saying YES I will be introduced to others, myself and new things I haven’t previously been exposed to.

    Also, I am going to start to journal more to find clarity on what exactly fills my heart with joy, and begin to follow that.

  110. Maria

    Being passionate about everything I do is the way I live. Now. It wasn’t always likke that. I was told not to be so ‘much’ and that has been something I needed to stop telling myself. And start opening up again – it this something other people recognize?

  111. We decided that surfing was what we wanted to have available to us first and foremost. So we packed our bags, got clear on our ‘feelgood’ and ended up moving to Nicaragua where we have started a brand called ‘Nica Love’. We are happy and passionate every day because we tapped into what ‘feels good’ and let it be our guide. That’s how we found our passion 🙂

  112. Bethany

    MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER!!!!!!! I’ve been going back and forth over what I want to start doing, and you just reminded me that actually “doing” something is what is important (not just thinking about it)! I’ve pursued my talents in the past, then had my family, and now am ready to jump back in– Soooooo excited— why didn’t I just do this sooner??!! I guess I was waiting for permission 😀 Ready to put passion back into everything! (My husband will be excited about that too! Ha!)

  113. Tal

    I SO needed to hear this today. I have been struggling to “find my passion” for nearly 2 years now, and yes, after all the tests, self-help books, research, TED talks, vision boarding, etc. I am more confused than ever before. I really do believe I have to start taking action, and I’m actually going to stick your quote “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought!” up on my wall above my computer monitor to always remind me to stop overthinking and get my butt out there!

    As for the action step I’m going to take, I think I’m going to make a list of what has always been on my mind as possibilities, and then I’m going to find local groups or places where I can volunteer or at least drop by to see how they are. I’m currently unemployed too, so I think I’ll try to dive in and apply when I see something interesting. Maybe contract/temp work would be best to try it out and see how it is.

    Just thinking of taking action makes me feel excited! Hmm, maybe this is the passionate feeling you’re talkin about Marie? 🙂

  114. Mel

    Yes, ‘just do it’! Get outta your head and into your life, engaged. 🙂

  115. Pete L

    It’s really horrible to admit to yourself that you’re STILL struggling to find out what you’re here to do or to contribute. The quiet numbing and aching you silently suffer really eats at you inside, for months then years!

    Since Christmas the amount of online tests, thinking and trying to find out what motivates me all to little avail made this video today very enlightening.

    From the video and messages above here’s my notes:
    “Clarity of passion is found from doing or trying something then testing to see how it makes you feel. Do you enjoy being engaged in it? Does it fulfill you? Do you get a (strong) “Yes” that you want to repeat it?”

    ..and here’s the question I’m asking myself now tweaked from another poster:

    “What is the one enjoyable and fulfilling thing I must do each week so I don’t feel down or miserable?”. …You’d be amazed at the simple answers I’m coming up with!

    Awesome. Cheers Marie. 🙂

  116. Jen

    Marie, thank you for this! I’m in the midst of B-school right now and honesty freaking out a bit! I’m not sure that the business I’ve chosen is the right one. I’ve committed and I’m following through, but it’s scary! I have so many passions!

    So today, I’m going to follow through on all of them! It might mean my business launches a little bit later than planned, but I’m okay with that!

    I’m passionate about photography, and about rescuing dogs, and about yoga. I’m going to subscribe to a photography blog and start taking more pictures (probably of dogs! – I want to evoke emotion in my photos and use them to increase adoption rates), and I’m going to start volunteering at a local shelter. And I’m going to make sure I do yoga every day, even if only for ten minutes.

    And I’m going to keep moving forward with my Paleo meal plan business that I am developing with B-school!

    • Hi Jen:
      I just refreshed the comments and it landed right on your post. The first thing that I saw was Paleo. I have been working for a year to become mostly paleo. Dairy is okay for me, and really what I do it just try and eat all whole foods, and meat.
      Secondly, I was involved in rescue for over five years. My family would take in puppy litters and occasionally pregnant dogs. I have stopped that while I working on getting my business up and running. It’s nice to see someone with similar interests pop up. And btw, I really need to learn yoga! 🙂 Good luck!

  117. A

    OH MARIE! I am currently elbows deep in this ‘finding my passion’ thing. I graduated from college with a degree in graphic design and have been working in that field for 10 years now, BORED. I have always loved to dance but LIKE YOU, was never technically trained. I continuously take classes, and have even gotten a chance to create some choreo that people have really responded well to! I thought that because of my lack of training, Id never be taken seriously enough to teach my own class, but after hearing your story, I promptly picked my chin up from my desk (I watch your videos all day at work) and started pursuing contacts. Guess what? Im getting my very own dance class in the fall! Im scared shitless but VERY excited. Im offically in the take action process of finding my passion. NOW – Id very much like to hear more about your time as a dance teacher. Every time you get me leeaaaning in to my screen to hear more juicy details, then you cut me right off!
    You tease you. ; )

    I just cant get enough!

  118. Angela

    I’ve always felt getting out of my own head is a great way to figure things out. After all, if I keep asking myself the same questions, I’m just going to keep getting the same answers! I like to seek out people who have cool jobs or seem to have figured out a way to enjoy their life and then I interview them. It’s not an interrogation, just a conversation about what they do, what a typical day is like for them, how they got started, what advice they have for me, and what they have learned. It has been such a great learning tool! It always gives me a new perspective on my thoughts and helps me take action even if I’m not “ready”. This is definitely a lifelong practice that I continue to enjoy!

  119. Jill Rowe

    Marie ~ this totally resonates with me as I focused most of the last three years of my life searching for “my passion”. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree that A. It is not something you find outside of yourself and B. You have to engage in order to actually find it. I found it by listening to a thought that kept bubbling up for me over a period of two years and that was to write a memoir. I neither wanted to write a memoir at the time, nor did I think of myself as a writer, but once I gave in and allowed myself to write it, I found ~ lo and behold ~ I freaking love writing, and understood that my passions were always within me and were looking for the right ways to express themselves. My ultimate gift is my ability to deeply connect with people and I do this now through my writing and mentoring. I found clarity and my ultimate gifts/passions through simply listening to my higher self and engaging in things that made me feel really great!

  120. When I was in high school, I wanted to be an artist. With input from my mom, I decided that I could not make a living with art and attend the University for business. I got married and raised two girls and just went on with life for several years trying to find my passion. After two years of personal coaching, I knew that deep down I wanted to be an artist.

    I attended a conference in Chicago in 2006 about creating another life. A challenge was presented to sell my art before I painted it. I sold several boxes of greeting cards for cash, came back home to Kentucky and found native Kentucky flowers to photograph, then paint and print into greeting cards.

    Now I am an artist, not full time yet, need insurance and other benefits. I manage an artist studio with seven other artists and enter exhibits regularly. I won third place at Vanderbilt University Hospital and Best in Show at the All Kentucky Juried Exhibition. I even sold five paintings to golfer, Kenny Perry and his wife. Painting is my passion and I could paint all of the time. I get lost in it and paint for hours without realizing how long I have been in the studio.

    I am so thankful that I can follow my passion and paint. Often times, I wished I had followed my dream many years ago. But it is never too late!!

  121. I am PROUD of myself and passionate because at age 60, I work out for an hour at LAF. There, I said it.

  122. For GoT lovers: So Arya and the Hound walk into a bar…

    Okay seriously, I found that in my life a passion found me because of circumstances I found myself in. It was very intense I stuck with for almost 12 years but ended up just walking away from it. I was feeling so lost afterward and did not know what I was going to do. I have always been into art and crafts and realized I can do it full time for now. I am very fortunate to have a husband who makes enough money to support us right now so I don’t have to get a “real job”. Every day that goes by I find myself more driven to succeed, but I still don’t feel as passionate about this compared to what I used to do. I don’t think I’ll ever be as passionate about anything like I did before. But I think that is okay. I am a B-school grad (class of 2012) and feel that calmed the waters for me in making decisions on what to do with myself. Today’s tweetable really hit home. Thanks Marie!

  123. Tatiana Golovina

    This video was sooo valuable for me, I stucked for a couple of month trying to figure out what is my passion, and I still don`t know. When I started Module One I was applying it for one business idea, and the idea has changed at least 5 times and I still don`t know, that`s why I decided to become a bartender and make sure that I am financially secure and have time to find out what my passion is. I know it will work for me, and being bartender is a great opportunity to meet people who might open my eyes for new things and who knows maybe I will find my passion!
    Thank you Marie, you keep inspiring me every day!

  124. Teres

    Ohmygosh, I spent YEARS trying to figure out (read: struggle with) what I was supposed to do with my life. What do I want to be when I grow up? I was able to recognize my skills and talents, but I just didn’t have a clue what my passion was. In fact, I started feeling like I had no passion or purpose in life.

    Enter B-School.

    It made absolutely no sense to sign on. I had no clear direction. No business. Just a bunch of disjointed thoughts swimming around in my head.

    I took the leap of faith and registered for B-School at the eleventh hour. Four weeks later, I can unequivocally say that YES, clarity comes from engagement, not thought. It’s the process of DOING the exercises (i.e. Fun Sheets) that made everything finally gel and come together. So many “Aha” moments of clarity, not the least of which was, “OH, I might actually be a multi-passionate entrepreneur.”

    I, too, have cried tears of joy this past month. I can’t tell you what an incredible blessing that is after years and years of struggle and soul searching to try and “figure it out.”

    The magic formula for me has been diving in and engaging fully in the curriculum of B-School. I shall be forever grateful to you, Marie.

  125. Woah, this is one of my favourite episodes yet! I’ve tried so hard to engage with my passions, and it has indeed pulled them out of the abstract and into the real! So important, especially for creatives. I used to be a journalist and I can’t tell you how many of my colleagues secretly wanted to be novelists….and hadn’t written a word! You’ve gotta write, write, write (and read). Thanks Marie!

  126. Tiffany

    Thank you so much for this…it is exactly what I needed to hear and learn today!! I had passion in a career I loved for 15 years and I am now in limbo, not working in the work force, but caring for my daughter… but I am now ready to find a new passion and reinvent myself or at least my career… I am scared as I have been an at home mom for 5 years, but feel optimistic!
    Thank you again for such wonderful suggestions!!!

  127. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for today’s video and I remember how I wash dishes in home with energy and passion. I also remember about Clarity OSS in Reliance Communications Network for Network Provisioning. Clarity is about engagement and not about thoughts. This is a good point to be noted as engagement enables the thinking process with accuracy and thoughts can be positive as well as negative. Clarity OSS makes me remember about Dish Washer Job Advertisement from Gaurang Dave from RIL Kolkata in 2007 in Wipro Technologies Kolkata.

    I really like your training videos and they are just like motivation theories for me. May Jesus bless us all.

    Keep us updated as always.

    Rohan Sarker

  128. I am living my passion daily and LOVING Marie’s B-School!
    I took a leap of faith recently when I enrolled in B-School. It was definitely an action that I am grateful for having taken. The classes are helping me to implement Marie’s teachings on strategy and tactics that are moving my business forward. My passion is both spirituality and interior design and I have more than 15 years experience with both. I’ve combined the two to create a custom guided visualization to help people discover their dream space. It’s incredible and amazing to get to share my passion with people from all over the world. Does it get any better than this?

  129. Hey there all you Passionate Peeps and our Outrageous RingLeader!
    First I would like to give a big SHOUT OUT to our Ringleader and Passionate Partner…You Rock Marie 🙂

    I would like to say my life has resembled something like a Reinvention Master every 7 years…or so…new discoveries, new explorations ! I love to learn 🙂 I have always had the balls to put myself out there(education or not). My formula is this: passion is my driver, creativity my purpose infused with the art of persuasion.

    I have had this intuitive practice since 11(when I first sold my troll costumes…remember those funky woodland beings!??!) I’d ask myself what do I want to learn now? Meditate for a couple days…then by no longer then a opportunity would arrive. Or I would want to try something very badly and pray AND it would show up! Started at 19, as a Costume Designer…till I ended up at the Met in NYC…in my mid 20’s continuing with broadway and off broadway products till late 20’s. Then moved into Fashion…two BIG companies where I worked as a Designer, yet didn’t feel the connection or mesh with the corp vibe and quickly landed a freelance illustration job. Back to Philly to get married and rehab three homes. Got divorced and started working for women in small businesses(always knew i would have my own)…as a Designer or Personal Assistant. During the weekends I was making origami bags and kimono’s from silk scraps and doing craft shows. A midsize company found me at a craftshow . Soon, I was working for yet another start-up and was selling, designing, opening retail store, getting retail accts, running a small manufacturing shop, and learning marketing by fire! After burning out…I realized I am an entrepreuneur…I can run my business. During my recovery, I took a biz course and met another Artist. We started our own after school art program…I specialized in recycled Art workshops…So this all connects to my purpose and the question I was asking myself since I was 30 “how could I be the solution to reduce the post waste?” This journey, although ziggity zaggity has been leading me to my true purpose. A product line of childrens goodies (eco-critters, baby blankets and outerwear) all made from recycled materials…..Next BIG CHALLENGE blogging and fundraising. The fundraising is a biggie!! So check out my adorable eco-critters out at……we would love the company! Marie thanks so much for this incredible platform…you’re the bomb 🙂

  130. Jason

    I started volunteering with organizations that I like, respect, or thing I want to work for and the light immediately went on. Then, I go outside. Outside opens everything up. Heart, eyes, mind. Passion ignites from engagement (totally Marie!) and glows through the activity.

  131. Annie B Thomas

    I loved this video, the message, and the title were very catchy and smart too! Great advice that I can definitely use! Inspiration accomplished Marie Forleo!

  132. I am just about to turn 28, and I finally figured out my passion in life. It took YEARS!!! I started looking for it in high school, and it only became clear until this year in 2014. That is a looooong time to be searching for something. But Marie is exactly right, it is all about your experiences that shape who you are, what you love, and what you want to do with the rest of your life. I started out in the auto industry, then went to catering, then moved to recruiting. I absolutely hated the auto and catering industries but there was something intriguing about recruiting. I still knew it wasn’t the thing I wanted to do forever, but it got me to a point where I could explore more things because of the skills, knowledge, and experience that I now had after a few years of doing it. I think started watching Marie and I others that are similar, and while my business is now very different (and we still offer recruiting services) it is exactly what I want to do! We help people find jobs they love – and it does not involve me interview people all day, it allows me to engage with people, learn about their paths and their future hopes and dreams – and then help them figure it all out with amazing resources, that I only would have obtained from my experience as a recruiter. So thank you as always Marie! You have brought clarity and joy to my life and I am forever grateful. You seriously have no idea!!!

  133. You are absolutely, 100% correct. 5 years ago, my bleh job (which I was really great at but wasn’t challenging) was replaced by computers. I had the opportunity to get placed into another bleh job at the same company or take a severance package and hit the road. I looked at it as being paid to figure out what my true passion was and I gladly hit the trail.

    But nearly a year went by and I was no closer to “figuring it out”. I knew what I liked to do and what interested me but I had no idea how I wanted to make that into a long-term career.

    For me, it meant going back to school. Taking the first step to INVEST money and commit to moving forward with “figuring it out” by exploring those passions was HUGE. I was exposed to so much while in school, made connections, grew my network and yes, it all sort of magically fell into place for me.

    The most important thing to remember is that life is a journey. I hope I never “figure it out” because truth be told, life remains interesting when you’re continually growing, exploring and looking at new opportunities. Follow the paths that make you happy.

  134. Very timely video. I will share this with my cousin who I was discussing this with on Sunday. You really have a way with explaining things clearly and fast. I have practiced this until it has become a habit, but I always seek to learn new ways to continually improve. Thank you Marie and team!

  135. Rusti Quarles

    Love today’s episode Marie…particularly like the washing dishes part – funny stuff! But I agree, passion is contagious. I’ve started to take action before I’m ready and sometimes I feel like I’m doing things totally backwards, but when I get those thoughts, I re-frame it in my mind that moving forward is 100% better than continuing to “brainstorm” or just think about what I want to do…because I’m already doing something and that in itself will bring about and manifest my desires. Yay 🙂

  136. Lem Hernandez

    Hi Marie,

    I believe there are no coincidences. Today Tuesday (4/8) I had to report to my DM by 9am and by 9:05a I was released from the company. It has been a struggle between being a sales Territory Manager for a chemical company and setting out to follow my passion in music. My BA Degree is in Broadcasting, worked in the Music and Radio industry most my life and have been a career DJ since buying my first turntable by age 12. I know what I want to do and have all the resources and tools to do it but have also struggled with finance, time and fear. I’m 51 and simply afraid to take the plunge because I have no financial support. I have lived check to check for just about all my life and now I feel the clock ticking and the race is on. I’ve also had a serious of job loss over this time that now leaves me wondering do I just not have what it takes. Ironically, I’ve done plenty self help seeking, spiritual focusing and positive thinking but I seem to be the only one to also self defeat or cut myself off before reaching the goal. Kinda feels like self sabotage. I have a 25 year old daughter that I constantly tell her to never say never, never quit or look back, stay the course, you can do anything and everything you choose to do, yet face my own hardships. My coffee cups says, “a bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to turn”. I know I can…I’m just so stuck. I felt an instant connection when I first encountered your site but so caught with trying to succeed at work so I struggled with managing my time. I event wanted to enroll in your courses but as I mentioned, simply couldn’t afford it. So today I’m forced to face a new way of life and there’s some bittersweet relief in losing my job today-I just would love to look back at this being the greatest day for the rest of my life, the day I created a life I love. Thank you for being my inspiration today by actually taking this time to talk about it. BTW, I needed to reset my password for filing a claim for unemployment and found your email immediately under my reset link. Like I said, I believe there are no coincidences.

    The best to you always.

    • Kim


      I really related to your post. I have been in sales for 20 years and recently had my job threatened. Ironically, I am at 90% of my annual budget and that very same day was given an award for pacing so well this year. They are now saying that they don’t care if I am at 100% of my budget, if I don’t have a certain number of accounts by June I will be let go. What they are asking of me I don’t think is logically attainable. I started to look for a new job, but I don’t think I can take another “corporate job”…..without having a nervous breakdown:) The timing on all this is not good…..but, a good kick in the pants that I needed to get things organized to start my own business. I have kids to feed and not a lot of money in the bank. But, I am going to take the leap. I will do my work at work, but I am no longer brining it home and killing myself. If they make good on their promise to let me go….I will have things in order. I am not getting any younger and the time is never going to be perfect. I wish you the very best….and hopefully soon both of us will be saying…”being let go was the best thing to ever happen to us”


  137. karen

    I’ve been wondering lately why things seemed to go so much better for me when I was younger and not so much now. I was thinking it was because I was just oblivious to things in my life because I’ve just recently woken up and I see things for how they really are now. I now realize that it’s because I am not as passionate about things I do anymore. I’ve become bitter towards reality. I remember I would always do my job as best I could with as much enthusiasm as I could and I would get a lot of compliments whereas everyone else would complain about their job because of how they saw things. Somehow my thinking shifted to the way they think and that’s what made me think I was just being naïve about things previously. In fact I kept thinking that whoever said “ignorance is bliss” was right because I was happier then. Now I know, I need to get my passion back for everything! Thank you for this.

  138. Alane H.

    I was walking to work today thinking…It’s Tuesday! That means a new video and inspiration from Marie today! YES!

    And your video was for Q & A Tuesday was perfect for me today. I struggle as many do with what the heck am I doing with myself? My day-to-day job is not my passion and what I’d really love to do is be an event planner. I often tell friends who are getting married that if they need help planning to reach out to me because I’d love to help them. But I feel like often they aren’t taking me seriously and just think I am being nice. So instead of relying on my friends to take me up on my offer, I’m going to be more direct with them. Instead of “if you need help”, I could push to say, “I’d like to help you with your wedding planning”. Start taking action for me instead of waiting for action to happen to me. Thanks Marie!

  139. THANK YOU!!! I so needed this. I was laid off from my job of 16 years 42 months ago. I have been feeling lost and don’t know what to do. Applying for numerous jobs, but haven’t had much luck. Also been going thru self help and doing passion tests, with out any breakthrough.

  140. Great insights! Passion grows within you and has to be contagious. Thanks for the inspiration & passion that you share!

  141. Lori Anne

    Thanks Marie for another great video. Always thoughtful and grounding. I have always had a “big personality” and my passion for the things I believed in was clear. However, over the years, with my “grown-up job, marriage and family, that passion has extinguished a bit. I remember in my mid 20s I felt like a force to be reckoned with and there are days now when I just want to get through dinner. In Aug of this year – I made a commitment to myself to recover some of that “internal energy” and see if I could begin to recalibrate my life – to reflect and portray what I need was still kindling inside. This meant saying yes to things that I normally would have said no to – like sitting on boards and taking on projects. What has happened is that I have re-discovered and re-kindled some of the spirit I had in my 20s and people around me are noticing the difference. I look younger they say, more vibrant and for those projects that I am passionate about – I now have more help than I can use – so passion does attract people! For me, this happened because I redefined priorities in our house, had a chat with my husband and kids about what I was trying to do and why it was important – and as a family – we made “room” for me to pursue my goals. I still have a way to go – but at least feel that I’m on the road. I may not be back to “full force” yet – but I’m getting there and it is the best, most authentic I’ve felt in over 15 years.

  142. Great video as always Marie! I’ve found that taking action can identify passions you never even knew you had. I’ve been writing more for guest blogs and have discovered how much I really love it (and this is something I was dreading for a long time!) Perfect tweetable today! Thank you!

  143. eleonora

    Hi Marie, your videos are full of great advice as usual. I am still struggling with my passions. I think I have two main issues that keep me stuck. First, one day I love one thing and then I realize, like, some months later, that I don’t care about it anymore. And then, I am passionate about fields which, like you thought about dancing, aren’t giving a stable revenue. I love painting, sewing, translating in the creative fields but it seems like I cannot make a living out of it. And I am really confused. I am trying my best to solve these issues, but it’s a though fight!

  144. “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” This is one of my all-time favorite Marie Forleo nuggets o’ wisdom.

    I also spent years tormenting myself with a military-like drive to “find my passion, and find it NOW!” It was really uncomfortable and I felt the opposite of passionate.

    Now that I’m actually doing things (I just launched my business last month!) I finally feel like I’m making progress.

  145. Helen Rowland

    I think it’s worth noting that the word “passion” does come from the Latin for “suffering or enduring” (hence, the “Passion” of Christ), so the essence of the concept is that you are prepared to do whatever you have to do in order to be fulfilling what you know you are meant to do on this earth. I think that gives a greater weight to what is truly your passion and not just something you enjoy doing. In fact, devoting yourself to your passion can be an arduous task and not without its trials.

    For me, at the age of 11, listening to those strange, musical and beautiful sounds of the French language was the beginning of a fascination for language.I have devoted my life to exploring other languages and cultures, often throwing myself totally outside my comfort zone, teaching foreign languages and literature. I have experienced countless occasions of desperation and frustration, as well as many moments when I just know that I am doing the right thing in the right place. Finally, very late in my career, I truly realized that I loved the unique and privileged experience of sharing what I know with others ( which is the essence of any teaching), and exploring our humanity together, and I can see that this is my way of serving other people in this world.

  146. Marie,

    This was a great video!

    Very recently I was just like Janelle. I went through a period where I was “soul searching” while struggling to find meaning in my work. It can be hard because we are programmed to “figure things out” which usually means we close ourselves off from the help of others and try to think our way through our challenges. I was miserable and had little time or energy for things that I once loved. Through the inspiration of my friends (and of course by studying great influencers like yourself) I was able to break out of my shell and start DOING things that made me happy and ultimately drove my passion. The key: I made a “D.A.T.E.” with myself. I set a goal to be in an environment that supported my passions. I Here’s the formula I used to make my breakthrough:

    1) Decide – I decided what I wanted (and didn’t want) from my situation. I made a VERY simple plan, like 5 sentences simple, then vowed to work towards that goal while being receptive to feedback along the way.

    2) Action – I took immediate action towards the goal I had set for myself. No re-thinking or re-organizing (translation: procrastinating). I just got started doing the best I could given my circumstances.

    3) Talk to people – I have always appreciated the value of working with others and getting help from good and capable people. Not only are folks willing to help you accomplish your goal; they are often the reason you accomplish it. I especially sought advice from people with more experience than me.

    4) Evaluate – Once I got stared and had a little bit of experience under my belt, I was able to give a fair assessment of my actions to determine what was working and what was not. Occasionally on your journey you have to course correct; or should you realize you’ve gotten too far off track it may be necessary to go in a completely different direction, but you can only give a fair assessment once you’ve taken action.

    For me, the most important part of the equation was literally giving myself a date to achieve my goal. Giving myself a deadline really encouraged me to take the action needed to pursue my passion.

    The result: I eventually worked my way into an awesome new job that I love and teaches me skills I’m interested in learning. I also started directly applying my passion for business and art to help other cool and creative people as well.

    If I can do it, anyone can. =)

    • Jonathan:
      Thank you for sharing your D.A.T.E steps! love them. I am going to try to work on that!
      You say that now you help creative people by applying your passion for business and art? Can I ask out of curiosity what it is you are doing? Are you in business for yourself?
      Sorry if this is too direct., just love to hear the cool jobs people come up with that are usually really out of the box!
      Thank you,
      [email protected]

  147. I was totally that girl always searching, researching and thinking about her passion. But, as you say, Marie, “clarity comes from engagement, not thought”. When I finally stepped up and started moving toward the things that were calling me — like taking yoga teacher training — I was able to finally hone in on what would bring me the greatest joy! And, now, I can happily say I’m capitalizing on my unique skill set and talents in order to offer biz+marketing advice to yogis!


  148. Thank you for calling us all out!!! You gotta bring the passion to what your doing! It’s an effort to be mustered up for sure but if your not lazy you can do it haha! It could be hard to find some times because it takes ENERGY. That’s why digging deep into your soul to come up with the all important WHY for what you do is so important. Just creating your WHY can inspire yourself and cause your passionate feelings to come out. Then, when you go back and read that big heart felt WHY again later you can reignite the flame if it starts to go out. But I just love how you just called out the truth on the matter Marie, we gotta BRING IT, not wait to be struck by lightening!

  149. Sigh. I love lucky charms. I know they’re so bad for you but still. 🙂

    Love this video. Agree that life should be lived with passion in all aspects!

    I was jamming out on the streetcar today en route to my day job, even though I’d been up until 1am shipping orders… and I realized I was the ONLY person who looked happy to be there.

    We all need to embrace the life we have, because it’s the only one we’ve got.

  150. I always struggle with this because I have lots and lots of passions! I love the advice that you have to just start doing, and do everything with passion. Thanks Marie!

  151. Such an important video Marie! THANK YOU for talking about this. I find many recent graduates are asking this questions – among other people.

    I was in that position too – when I was graduating from my Masters – I kept thinking about how I wanted to FIND my passion. One of the best things I did was to apply those thoughts and get them out of my head. I wrote them down and started a blog as I love to talk to people. Writing them over time lead me to realized I love counselling and now a psychotherapist.

    I realized I don’t like the term “finding your passion” – because it makes me think I don’t have it already and that I have to search elsewhere to get it. When passion is already inside is, we just have to learn how to nurture it and discover positive environments which foster it.

    Keep up the great work, Marie! Thanks for making learning so FUN – we need more of it in our daily lives 🙂

  152. I loved this…because I have always made a game out of (almost) every chore. The chore is fun, energetic and memorable and looks very much like ‘passion’ at work.

  153. Great episode Marie! I love your tweetable- it’s simple but so powerful and acts as a strong reminder of the clarity that comes from taking action on the ideas and thoughts we have. Our physical and emotional responses to the actions we take informs us deeply. If the action resonates with you, you’ll want more and do more of that ‘action’, if it doesn’t, you won’t 🙂 The action will eventually bring mastery and mastery leads to passion. While I use to spend a lot of time thinking and planning, I’m far more inclined to act these days, and it provides amazing insights, guidance and direction.

  154. Lona

    I have spent the past few months doing the “thinking” work on trying to find my passion. I will say, some of the exercises did help me hone in on a few possible ideas. I am now in B School and am starting to execute on one of my passions and NOT just thinking about my ideas! :)Engagement absolutely does bring clarity!

  155. It’s true, it’s true and it’s all good. I think it’s in the intention. Do the dishes and do them as best as you can with joy and all your senses….suddenly you are passionate about doing dishes and you notice things you hadn’t before. Finding your passion, figuring out your purpose, knowing what you’re destined to do…they’re all the same and yet it matters not whether we can define it. What my body, mind and being just understood on a cellular level, finally in the last 24 hours (+ 20 years) is that it’s not necessary to build, create, make from nothing, figure out our reason for being…we actually know it, we were born with it and we have forgotten slowly over time what we knew at birth. So just know that you already have your purpose within you, and you just have to choose to do, to actively uncover it. Everyday you have to show up and say yes with the best “yes” that you can give. So thanks Marie for recommending Steven’s book: The Art of War and thanks for elevating the quality of each day with your spark.

  156. I count myself as an above average writer these days, and I attribute it to one teacher who told me: Write with an attitude. Thankfully, that attitude has usually been cheerful — lol — and has created a bounty full of passions in my life.

    • MaryAnn,
      I love this- owning an attitude takes some courage! What a great takeaway.

  157. Marie! Thank you for this great episode! It really is me! I love being a part of B-School this year and all it is offering, but I still LIVE for tuesdays! yaaayy
    Passion: I have so many, and I guess they change for me, well, not one ever really goes away, but I concentrate on some more than others at any given time. My list is CRAZY! and everyone I know says I am passionate at everything I do, great!…but they also say…FOCUS COLLEEN, find one thing and stick to it! Hmmmm. haven’t figured that out yet.
    I struggle still to find what am I REALLY great at, and what is my special something I can give/offer to the world! (AND the biggest! one at least that will help make money for me so I can live! ha!)
    anyway…back to B-School! so I can create more clarity!
    love and hugs! always make me laugh!…along with some good insight!

  158. Hello Marie,

    I am such a huge fan of your website and your message…Thank you for shining your bright light in the world…I always look forward to Q and A Tuesday! You always say exactly what we need to hear! <3 <3 <3
    Love love love…With deep gratitude and reverence…Marnie

  159. Hi Marie!

    This episode was “Magically Delicious”! Thank you!

    Although I’m still in the process of launching my new blog, I will definitely put into action your ideas of infusing “passion” in everything that I do. It’s not necessarily about finding that “one thing” you’re passionate about.

    There’s always that concern that you will run out of steam, ideas, and eventually passion for your work, but I think it’s critical to make a conscious effort to be consistent and keep yourself attuned to new and fresh ideas! It’s about knowing “why” you do what you do and this reinvigorates your purpose.

  160. Marie you are an answer to my prayers! I was literally praying this morning on my way to a client’s meeting for help to understand what is it that I want to in my life, to help me find my motivation and passion again, for a clear vision. I’ve always been such a passionate person, yet I feel my flame is dying out. Not sure why, all I can say is that I feel exhausted. I like a lot of things but not sure if any of them is what I really want to do and or if they would bring the financial stability I so desire and need. Taking action is such a simple concept yet sometimes difficult to engage in. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to so many people like me.

    Jonathan, great formula! I am going to try it for myself. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  161. This year I started a blog as my own form of “overthinker’s rehab”. Instead of waiting for my one perfect project, I’ve made a commitment to doing what I can do at THIS moment of my life using the talents and skills I have right now. I feel so much more at peace, and although I haven’t rolled it into a career yet, I finally feel like I’m doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing in the world.

    • Ed

      EXACTLY!!!! Do “what you can do in THIS moment”, that is a piece of infinite wisdom that is priceless!!! I too write a blog, I started it quite some time ago but have been a little slack lately. When I write I get clarity, and it cleanses the chatter box of my mind. Please feel free to visit and comment at and I will do the same but I need your link. I write about The Law of Attraction, Money and investing, Real Estate, and the infinite mind that lies dormant in most….


  162. Sasmita Lenka

    For me passion is to get success,what I do..You are amazing Marie..

  163. Lea

    Thank you Marie,
    so beautiful said as always, really really love your videos, always look forward to them and have a smile on my face when I see them in my inbox

  164. I too struggeled for years to find my passion! I was working in the Norwegian Army (for 16 years!), but somehow I knew that that wasn´t right for me. I finally found courrage to quite, and start exploring what my passion would be. I did as you say, Marie, I tried out different areas, and I ended up founding a online yoga-studio with norwegian instructors. I wanted to work with health and spirituality, and now I do! But the interessting ting is that all the years I “wasted” on finding the right passion enriched me with experiences that today are valuable for both me and the people I reach. I am so grateful for all I have been thorugh! 😀

    • Ed

      You are so right, and your way of looking at the past experiences of your life are the absolute healthiest way to look at them. I have been challenged in this respect, often pointing the finger at people that have had the most influence over me for my success or lack thereof… It is a daily practice to be grateful and appreciate ALL our life experiences, however difficult they may be, or have been. One that I must keep mindful of every day!!!

  165. Ed

    great stuff, I need to get off my butt and do it

  166. It’s so funny that you talked about this today, because this has been a BIG thing for me lately! As a student I worked at the college radio station, and I absolutely adored the job. It was the first time that I really looked forward to going to work and excelling instead of just doing what I was supposed to do.

    When I graduated, I had to go and find a non-student job. There weren’t any openings at the local radio stations, so I got a job as a marketing writing and social media specialist. These are things I enjoy doing, and the past year has been enjoyable, but recently I realized that….I just miss radio way too much! I’m proud of myself because last weekend I took action and applied to several radio jobs, including one at NPR! Who knows if I’ll get any of them, but I’m just so excited that I’ve figured out how much I really want to be doing radio.

  167. Dana

    The trick is to go with your passion when you are young no matter how little profit it brings; if you are happy it will eventually lead you somewhere else, even better. Don’t burn out doing what doesn’t feel right, try not to focus on material things but enjoyment instead. Life is too short.

    • Ed

      Very well put, when we concentrate on the outcome/benefit to us, we move further away from the JOY of doing. The vibration of JOY is on a similar plane as the abundance that we seek, so as we spend more time resonating at or near that vibration, the quicker and more effortlessly the material things come. They come when we aren’t looking at them. It’s kind of ironic, but it is very true!!!! It is so exciting to know that we can make this shift in attitude by elevating our thoughts….

  168. This is so true. I found my passion, making and selling jewelry, and it’s blossomed into a business I would not have ever expected. I did it simply by taking the leap, not giving up, and believing in myself. Now when I’m talking to people about it a large majority of them want to run out and start their own business also.

  169. Ali

    Al this talk about success. But in the end you have to do it by yourself. The sad part is that we actually want to help each other, but the way is set up the world today it only sets us apart.
    I don’t know if I can post it here but this: is how I see the world.
    ps. Is a work in progress.

  170. Meaghan

    Hey Marie,

    I love this. I have a question about this. What if you’ve found your passion? My passion is singing. I magnetized the most incredible musical partner and within 6 months we had written enough songs to make an album. Then our partnership became convoluted. I had to walk away from it… I know this is what I am meant to do. How do you do it? Its a new path. I know that I must continue to embrace my passion. I have let go of my past. How do you call in a new partner? Or perhaps, how do you rock it on your own? Ha. Faith and action is what I think. What do you recommend?

  171. Ana

    Hello Marie, I just wanted to tell you that this video was SO made for me!!!
    from know I’ll be doing something instead of just thinking and thinking.

    Thanks for making these videos!!!

    God bless!

  172. I also used to think that I was supposed to do research on the things I enjoyed doing, like the long -term benefits and success rates. I soon realized how much time I was wasting. It wasn’t until I started doing the things that I love that I was able to weed out what I couldn’t live without doing. I tend to overthink everything, so I had to break that habit by doing what I love, rather than just thinking about it. I do my best work when I don’t over think every situation. Great article, Marie you are very inspiring!

  173. Ed

    Hi Marie,
    I have many passions as I have heard you mention about yourself in a previous video. I have taken steps towards these passions and have engaged and learned what you said today firsthand. I don’t need any push or motivation to get up to go do the things I have extreme passion about and when I talk or write about them, whether on my blog or at Toastmaster International, I REALLY come alive. Here’s one of my challenges, or maybe more than that may come out as I write; The old habits of thinking that I must work hard to earn a living. Now working hard for many people is an overwhelming description of what needs to get done to succeed. I have found that I have prospered the most (made the most money at) things that I hardly worked hard on at all, both in real estate and the stock market, both of which are my passions!!! I mention this because for some reason I think I need to bust my @#$%% to succeed, and many others do too, and as a result many people are stuck dead in their tracks. Not only stuck, but they think they have to do something they HATE to do to make money!!! WHY do we think like this??? All’s we really need to do is relax and allow it to happen, and meanwhile ENJOY whatever it is we LOVE to do!!!!
    I loved your analogy of doing dishes, because THIS is the major point of life, we can choose to be happy and excited about WHATEVER we are doing, it is OUR choice. There are chores that we all have to do that we may not care to do, whether we choose to “just do it” with a happy attitude or not, is our decision to make. One of the most important things I have learned in my life with all my self-education is to find JOY and HAPPINESS in anything I do, it makes the “doing” SO much better!!!!


  174. Marie, it’s almost like you read my mind (and probably those of many others). I am an INCREDIBLY passionate person, who is always positive and looking to help others. But recently I’ve lost myself in an industry which I know I don’t belong. It’s been a journey of struggling to figure out what my next passion move will be (and you’re right, it’s been all in my head) – I have SUCH a fear of possibly wasting time by choosing the wrong next step… so I am trying to do my research as well as move fast when I feel something is not right. It seems that it is all about moving fast and getting started, but also being conscious about taking the leap. Would you agree?

    Thanks for this video. It was almost like a message sent from heaven, but from you!

    Can’t wait to update you on when I take the leap!

  175. I found my passion long ago, but most of the world rejects it while extolling how much they love it. They do love to exploit it as long it pays them well, which is great if they are sincerely benefiting all involved, which many do. The problem is most will also do the opposite of what they claim, while claiming to be doing what they say, not what they do. It’s the slight of hand of claimed altruism, while actually manipulating the opposite; extreme self interests regardless of how much damage it may do to others. Having gotten that out of the way, I don’t judge them, they have to work that out for themselves, but I try to expose and change the incentives to bring them back to the altruist motive and find their own good in sincerely helping others to find theirs. True mutual dependence, self reliance and self determination.. That is the goal of the site I just launched,, and is my passion. I need help now from those of like mind who agree and would like to become involved with the goals of the site. It’s basically about changing the old and successful, for enrichment and empowerment of a few, but destructive to most, model of; “us against them.” In lieu of that old model, all of us working together and prospering by applying the commonalities we ALL share to the benefit of all. Not socialism, ownership and opportunity should be available to all individually not under the control of a few. Each according to how far and in what manner they choose in which to “follow their passion” JFK summed it up pretty well with his famous quote; “ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country.” substitute fellowman or woman, family, community, planet as well as country or any other relative term. the substitutes and endless the principle is the same. Karma, reap what you sow, love one another, for every action there’s a reaction, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, etc….It’s amazing how we all share the same values, but are coerced into fighting each other over the different names and labels we give the same principles..

  176. NM

    Oh wow, this couldn’t have come at a better time.

    I’ve been unemployed for 2 years, trying to “find my passion.” This wasn’t working. Meditation, exercise, and gratitude kept me afloat, but were not sufficient in terms of getting unstuck.

    I chipped away at the problem by “doing one thing different” (a la Bill O’Hanlon), which led me to re-arrange my cupboard items in backwards order. BACKWARDS was the key metaphor…

    Life felt like a game of whack-a-mole, where each task (meditation, exercise, gratitude, cleaning) was an obstacle that stood in the way of finding my passion.

    It then dawned on me to see this BACKWARDS. Instead of whacking the moles away, to invite them in. Once I began to embrace these “obstacles” as part of my life, everything changed. In three days, I made two new friends and had an incredible job offer come through.

    Sometimes obstacles are the path, and embracing the small tasks can make the biggest difference. Thanks Marie for this great post!

  177. I found my passion and greatest ideas when I meditate, focus on what I really want. All of the pieces come in bits so I write down whatever ideas I have immediately! Frequently, I cannot recall the greatest-invention-since-post-it- notes for the life of me, moments after the insight. Keep a journal handy.
    Thanks, Marie, for having me recall my tricks and tips to pass along to my now best friends in B-School!


  178. Boy you nailed it with me. Lots and lots of thinking and reading, observing, talking about it, and little of the doing part. I think my action plan started this year when I said to myself “self, no more courses until you apply some of what you have learned to your business”.

  179. Fab

    I finally “cracked the code” when I realized I’m a Scanner, as Barbara Sher calls us multi-passionate people, and that my passion is following my passions and interests even if I know that I’ll get bored of it.

    I think the problem comes when you think that you should just have ONE and only passion, but it’s not like that.

    I like Marie’s advice on doing things you feel attracted to, but the problem with this is that even if you feel right while doing it, it will stop feeling so right and there you go searching for it again. If you’re like me, and you understand that your interests will come and go, there’s no searching, just listening to yourself and coming to terms with the fact that something is now boring, even if it make you stoopidly happy for a while.

    By doing this you find your passion, yes, but then it was just one of them. There’s nothing wrong with being in love with something and then hating it, and they should stop telling us that we should stick to something we love. Some people don’t work like that.

  180. Sonja

    Hi Marie, really interesting topic! I am your fan and of course in love with GOT! 🙂 Today’s Q & A reminded me of the time I just started to think about passion and what could be mine. I wasn’t even aware that false interpretation of the word “passion” or “life’s purpose” kept me stuck for a while. I thought that I have to look around and see what other people are passionate about and what makes them happy and if it seem interesting maybe I can try it out too. Now I laugh at myself for being that silly thinking it has to be something huge, phenomenal, sparkly that will make me rich and famous. I mean it can happen that someone’s passion is really like this but it doesn’t necessarily have to fall under any definition. You can’t figure it out, it’s all about how you feel it. Once I figured out mine I become obsessed with it and put so much pressure on myself that I have to start doing it, living it immediately. Like press stop to my previous life, then push start for my new one and that’s it. So Marie you are right, you gotta take action, at your own pace with no rush and enjoy the process, appreciate you get to explore and play, make your heart sing. Listen to yourself, you already know it. I feel such relief since I took responsibility over my life. I have the power now, I get to choose my passions, magic happens all the time and once I let go of need to control everything, being perfect, figuring out every step in advance, searching for passion desperately and feeling like failure for not having it yet, when I surrendered to myself it happened. It came. I felt it. I knew it. Almost I could smell it. For me being passionate is being true to yourself! 😉

  181. Great advice. I am in B School and well I am getting alot out of it and I do have some stuff to do on my website and just redoing some things on my product to make it the best I have to offer and its great for where I started but I see alot now with what I am learning about from you. Also other training I have done. Together its amazing.. I am passionate about many things. Mine came because I live with gluten intolerance and food allergies. I saw things missing when eating out,etc and i have all this knowledge and would like to support someone when diagnosed in living differently , socially , etc. I also am making a business out of this. I see others doing and my style and ideas are different but that is the cool part right. I had these ideas about 2 yrs ago but b school and people I am meeting through b school are really great in supporting and ideas to get it all started and what I need to change..

  182. Yoshimi Ueda

    Great quotes, Marie!!

    I’ll try being passionate even for cleaning a toilet and be grateful for it.

    Be passionate and grateful for everything will turn our lives better!

    ANd yes, I’ll stop thinking in the head and start engage what I should do for the world!!

    Lost of love!

  183. Aly Miller

    FOLLOW YOUR HUNCHES. I binged on self-help books, life coaching, advice columns, personality tests, wardrobe changes, and motivational speakers OBSESSIVELY for more than a year. It wore me out and made me feel like I would be this way forever. I was determined to find the website that had my life plan written on it. It wasn’t until I literally ran out of energy and had a total meltdown that I realized how simple it all was. We all need to stop taking life so seriously!! When you feel good, you naturally gravitate towards the little things you enjoy. It all comes down to listening to your subconscious. You are the expert on you. Listen to your gut and trust it. The answers are already there, you just have to STOP underestimating yourself!

    Not only did I find my passion(s), but I also started enjoying my life as it already is. Life is much simpler than we let ourselves believe! Just be and live. <3 Because what else is there, really?

  184. Sounds silly but I just started to pay attention to what felt good…what made me smile, when I felt happy! Now I am in the process of trying to find more time to do what I know makes me happy…I smile more I know and often many folks smile back at me..that’s when I know! Just don’t overthink or feel you have to “do” anything…just notice more…best to you! lucia

  185. I also started volunteering and taken action in the other things I am passionate about like the environment and figured we will see where I go. I know I can do this at least right now.

  186. I asked myself, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

  187. Yvette Chabrier

    Hi Marie,
    I have been following you for a while now just have not engaged in the comments. Since I am in Bclass I have decided to exercise my comment muscle. This video was hysterical. I have been doing this self contemplation work for years now too. I could not agree more. You have to just dive in and get your body wet. Unfortunately just dipping your toes doesn’t really give you the full effect. Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much . You are truly helping me transition from a successful business to a more conscientious & happier life.
    With Much Love Yvette

  188. Mara Trager

    Interesting video. I think I’ve struggled with this for most of my adult life. Now that I’m married and have a child I don’t let it consume me as much because I have other things to worry about. I have a full time job but still haven’t found that “thing” that I’m meant to do. Been toying around with some ideas for a business but like you said, I guess it’s time to just put them into action and see if it’s even something worth pursuing.

  189. Rhonda


    Your message was great!
    My passion is to help people understand how the true church came about and how it was established and what the bibical qualifications are.

  190. Mara Trager

    OH and I’m obviously a GOT fan. #winteriscoming

  191. Erin

    I kept searching for my passion and career fit but it wasn’t until I landed in a new, stable job working full-time that it found me. No, my passion was not the new full-time job which did give me the financial flow to explore and confirmation that a standard 8-5 desk job could work. I had the flexibility to take classes and just have fun. That led me to creative expression with dance/movement and visual art. I hadn’t danced like that in years and my heart opened again. Taking action and exploring through experience is what opened doors for me.

  192. Yes!! You have really hit it with this video, Marie!! Thank you so much!! I have been trying out all the different ideas that come to me. Doing this has really helped me to determine which things I could do every day and which things aren’t as fun as I “thought” they would be. It is so not in the thinking.

  193. Annika

    I am freaking out! That was my resolution for 2014: stop talking/thinking, start doing! So I am in love with todays episode, it encourages me to go on like this. It is so difficult, but when you try it in little situations first it starts feeling so good. Thank you <3

  194. My problem is finding too ,many passions and having to find out which one is the good one that I will be able to made a living of… so far, I haven’t found it, I am getting a little desperate because I’m too skilled for anything except for business!!!

  195. Isabelle

    Thank you Marie! This is exactly what I needed to hear today!

  196. Thank you for this. I have always heard that your dreams where you life’s purpose. Well, I have dreams just never the passion to go out and achieve them. I finally did find something that I have learned to be passionate about in my life and it is showing up in all areas. Even my housework. And I can not stand housework. I have just learned that my attitude can change how I accomplish those things I do or do not like to do. I chose to be passionate with everything I do each day.

  197. Great video Marie! I love the bit about bringing passion to everything. It’s about being present in every moment and making the CHOICE to bring life to each act. I discovered my soul’s calling (or “passion”) when I was only 22 and I feel very blessed! I was getting an acupuncture treatment for the first time, and as I lay on the table with tears streaming down my face, I knew it’s what I was called to do (become an acupuncturist). My practice has since evolved and always will, but I know I’m here to help people live and create healthy lives, and to teach them how to heal themselves. Thanks for all you do! B-School is rockin’ my world btw:)

  198. Passion, meaning, purpose, it can be in every single thing that you do. This is where most people get tripped up.

    And it is so true that doing what you love to do makes you sparkle. I remember being in the Corporate world for the longest time and then getting a great consulting gig. I could not get to work fast enough everyday.

    The cool thing about passion is when you find something that ignites you, it also unlocks other talents. Like when I started consulting, I started writing on the side, started running, hot yoga etc.

    So the key is to keep tapping those talents every day and keep fueling that passion! Creativity is one surefire way to keep those flames alive, which is why I want to offer creative coaching to everyone.

    Lovely post Marie!

  199. Georgie

    I really needed to hear and see this today. Thank you!

  200. Andrew

    Perhaps the important thing WASN’T that you went out and ENGAGED, but that when you DID, the passionate part of you said YES.

    It confirmed and validated the possibility you had a hunch about (according to how I heard the story).

    That inner communication, where we just KNOW what is the THING, what will bring out that passion, like a mission we were sent here to accomplish, might be what we need to nurture.

    So that we feel sort of GUIDED to WHAT we need to do, and how we want to go ABOUT doing it. How do we know? That passionate part of us can tell us, if we find the way to talk to it.

  201. james blake

    Did you know? Maria, tjat your name is almost an anagram OF ” AREA FUCK OF” with dew respect OFF course . AND give / send ME A crabAPPLE of all the people a whom YOU HAVE torn apart in the name of the love and happiness of the worshippers of the Lord GOD. Jesus 1nce was capital s.
    Childish , poppig NeveR

  202. von Hottie

    My problem is that I know what my passion is, but being a writer/performer, have found few people to “let” me do it so instead I make my own opportunities. What do you do with your passion when living it/getting paid for it is often out of your control?

  203. Mónica Cortés

    Passion is a lifestyle yes!
    I found my passion in Flamenco dancing, funnily when I started be committed to my Flamenco training, I started to develop growth-hunger. I always ask myself “Why am I doing this?” because I feel alive, because gives me skills, etc, etc… Clarity comes through the commitment of being honest with ourselves and not trying to impress the others. The passion comes from inside, never from outside.
    Have a great day and thank you!!

  204. Your advice to take action in order to find clarity is really affirming to me right now. My husband and I are about to complete our service with Peace Corps in Jamaica, and we’ve dedicated the next 9 to 10 months to trying out some new things we’re interested in. For one, we’ve kept a personal blog for years, but in the near future I’m going to try and launch a bigger site about intentional living. It may or may not be the right thing for me, but I won’t know until I stop thinking about it and start doing it.

  205. Farah

    Hi Marie, recently started watching your stuff and my hubby and I get so much from your ‘pearls of wisdom’. Its so true about getting stuck-in to everything with a smile, it has got me to where I am today and really helped me change from being a nurse (no more scrubbing asses) to studying to be a chef (scrubbing pots and pans instead, its sick but I love it). Love your hair woman!!! Thanks again, James and Farah, New Zealand!

  206. Deidree

    Thanks for this video Marie and to Kristen the Freedom Expert insight. This totally answered the passion question I posted at bschool last Friday.

  207. Hey Marie,

    Thank you for this great video. I as well struggled to find my passion. Even as I began growing my family (as I refer to this experience like a garden;) I still kept struggling with finding what I loved to do, until I realized my children are my passion. And so it began, and I started my website where I help other mothers become successful entrepreneurs. I feel we sometimes refer to our passions as hobbies, things we do on the side, but ultimately your passion should be what leads you through your day, what you look forward to doing and what in the end you can monetize. I find sometimes people just have to look at their “hobbies” to find what they are passionate about. And then like magic…poufff a passion is uncovered. Thank you again for all your inspiration. Cheers

  208. Passion pondering perplexities

    Trespassing into the distance,
    digging into complex simplicities,
    snorkelling at the surface
    to find those deep dexterities,
    I’ve wasted my time
    in passion pondering perplexities.

    Diving in with a leap of faith,
    too long i was shy of my minds celebrities,
    touched rock bottom
    but observed no certain diversities.

    Uncomfortable, I started
    to explore my creativities.
    Submerged, thoroughly spent,
    I realised my abilities.

    Like a flower that bloomed
    with its own proud activities.
    In its own growth,
    it found its divinities.

    And so I wasted time no more
    in passion pondering perplexities.


    Dear Marie,
    Loved your show today! Its so true and difficult to find your passion and thus your true purpose in life! I love your lively way of attacking this question. This a poem I wrote when I was 19! The biggest roadblock I faced about pursuing my passion and ultimately living your true purpose is self judgement and seeking outside/worldly/societal approval and praise. This is the one factor that makes you want to ponder into the perplexities overlook the breadcrumbs, and snorkel at the surface. Once you take that courageous step of moving past that, that courageous step becomes your infinite oxygen tank for diving deep within with all the breadcrumbs and now moments of passion required in your journey! Just like the flower bloomed in celebration of its own growth, if we were to create for the purpose of creating we all could leave into the world our own personal bouquets of blooms!
    And yes… passion is sure contagious! So lets sneeze harder and infect everyone around!
    Love and light,

  209. Hey!

    Every word you have said in this video is absolutely correct. I witnessed everything.

    Thank you!

  210. You’re SO right; you’ve got to engage to see if your passion even has potential to gain traction. When I was beginning my business of giving people spiritual readings, I did EVERYTHING I could to put myself around the thing I was the most interested in. I didn’t care if I was a cashier in a crystal shop; I just had to be around it. In fact, when I applied to be a cashier in a crystal shop, I was denied the job, but instead offered my first real gig as… wait for it… a tarot card reader! That was my “ultimate” desire at the time and it happened simply by courageously putting myself around what I had the most passion/interest for. 10 years later, I is pulling cards and giving readings to peeps ALL OVA the world!! And now, I’m in B-School to evolve my biz to the next level. WOOT! Thanks Mama Marie 😉

  211. My passions found me. I got a degree in Architecture in South America but when I moved to the US I found out my degree was not accepted and I would have to go back to school for four years, plus two years associateship before I could even take the boards. I had already gone to school for over six years! Someone suggested I try Feng Shui. I didn’t have a clue what it was but like the sound of it, so from then on whenever people asked me what I was going to do I would say Feng Shui. Then other people kept bringing me information about it, pushing me to get publications – my first book on Feng Shui I got as a door prize. Now I have published four textbooks on the subject!

    I do believe all people have one or more life missions, things they came to do. There is a point in acupuncture, my acupuncturist friend tells me, that is activated when the person has deviated too much from their path or life mission, and has as a consequence developed illnesses.

  212. Nadia

    Finding passion is alot like finding love. If you look for it, you’ll most likely won’t find it; probably wouldn’t see it even if it hits you on the head.
    I, too, wasted so many years trying to find my way. Now, that I see clearer, I’m convinced that my passion has been around me for most of my life. I just didn’t see it or was too afraid to follow through. You can’t find passion, it’ll find you. The things that come naturally and bring joy, the one’s that make you go the extra mile without minding, that’s where passion is found.

  213. Anne

    I completely disagree.
    Passion can not be found by doing.

    I completely agree.
    Passion can only be found by engaging.

    Doing never insures the state of engagement.
    Only sensitivity and sensuality insures engagement.
    Sensitivity and sensuality never comes from doing but from being.

    The way to find passion, therefore, is to do nothing but be everything.

    Doing nothing gives just the environment needed to crystallize passion.
    Passion must be met with serinity and stillness to understand and connect with the character and composition of this powerful energy. What it’s all about, where it’s trying to lead.

    Refrain from action.
    Take all the time, energy, commitment and creativity necessary to decode the message from the all images that will be sent from passion.
    There is a need for accurate interpertation here.
    To link insight with action so quickly and surely is dangerous.
    What one must do is feel and perceive, understand and connect.

    Unlock the 5 senses plus one.
    See, touch, taste, smell, hear and know.

    Read and write.
    Learn and study.
    Listen and listen.
    Talk but only when asked for a opinion.
    Feel and perceive.
    Unlock the 6 senses.
    Do not act outside but activate inside.

    If and when accurate interpretation is achived, mind melts into the body and becomes one with action. When this connection happens, action is born, and the body will serve on it’s own accord. When action is born, with it commitment will be born. Committed action fueled by passion, sustained by soul, cultivated by the mind, and served by the body.

    Forced action before this connection is achieved will only contribute to confusion, because from action is born reaction, and with reaction comes more and more messages to decode and deal with. This is often called responsibily. So often the messages dilute each other and create unhelpful diversions that also must be delt with, creating a sense of being stale, drained or overwhelmed. A state of mind and body being lead away from Soul and Spirit. Passion is lost.

    Being grateful is an ongoing dicipline.
    In the same way, sensitivity and sensuality is an ongoing dicipline.
    In the same way, doing nothing but being everything is an ongoing dicipline.

    Do nothing, or at the very least do nothing new.
    It is useless to try to find passion in doing without upgrading the capacity in being. It will be like trying to fill a basket full of water.

    Shure, something new or something else will work, but only for a while.
    The need for another something new or something else will arise again. And again. And again. And again. There is no getting out of this cycle but by not acting outside but activating inside.

    The very power of inaction, along with accurate interpretation, will crystallize passion like nothing else can, set the soul on fire and unleash the spirit. With perseverance, the state where action is fueled by passion, sustained by soul, cultivated by the mind, and served by the body will be acheived.

    It would be so easy if this could be achieved by changing jobs, changing careers, changing partners, changing where I live, changing who I hang out with, changing this and changing that. Changing anything but myself.

    Fact is, I just have to change me. It is about 2% in what I do, and about 98% in how engaged I am with what I do. How deep my understanding is, how genuine the motivation is.

    This is my journey in “finding” passion.

    I just want to be living a life that I can say this is what I would be doing, even if it were the last day of my life.

  214. I think you are amazing Marie! I read your book at such a pivotal time in my life. Everything you talked about in Make Every Man Want You hit home and made me so irresistible… I wanted me…lol!

    Thanks again for what you do for me and for the rest of the world! You rock miss thang!

    Currently I am also going through what seems like a shift in perspective in career, love and life…and my plan is to just “write” through it. 🙂

  215. Ali

    HUGE GOT fan right here!!!! I can’t get enough of of Tyrian… or Daenerys <3

  216. Oh my, did I ever. I’ve had 43 jobs in my 38 yrs. At one point, I thought for sure there was something wrong with me. I started getting terrible neck and head aches in jobs I hated- my body literally would not allow me to take jobs that weren’t a good match- but I was too immature to know what a good match was early on. After much exploration, trial and error- I feel I am finally on the right path and LOVE my work. Would I call it my passion? Yes, because I’ve created my business in a way that encompasses many different elements of the things I love so that I won’t get bored- it’s an evolution and I love the process. I fully agree- you can’t THINK you’re way there, you have to explore and try things and then be open to the answers- even when it sounds crazy, stupid or scary.

    Always enjoy your videos dear Marie!
    xo Desha

  217. When I read the email before connecting to the video, I thought that I had written it. I have obsessed for years over what to do. I read about “passion” all the time. I am borderline out of my mind. What I realized is that the fact that I want to know is a really BIG thing. Another thing is that you have spoken to my little heart personally. I get how you have to do something. Do anything. I remember hearing this a while back and I thought..” WHAT?!!!!” I think that we are afraid that we won’t be so “passionate” about it once we do it in real life. So what! If it is not the bomb, then it is out of your system. NEXT!!!!!

  218. Oh, Marie! Once again, you’ve nailed it! LOVED this episode. Heck, I love ’em all. But you know what they say, “my favorite flower, er Marie episode, is the one I’m standing in front of.” I used to make lists and lists in order to “figure out” my passion. Now, I just START. Life gives me an idea. I feel the zesty energy, and I go with it. It always leads me someplace! Passion is like a fun house at the carnival. Just keep going where it looks colorful and fun!

  219. Marie, thank you for this. I just heard a recent CD of Esther Hicks and Abraham which said passion is internal, it’s not outside you and not something you can go looking looking for. So many of us out there trying to “find our passion” and that puts us looking for it somewhere outside ourselves. I am really focusing on creating inside of me now, now looking for some external trigger that says “hey I am your passion, you found me”. Like you I am multi-passionate on for now I just need to follow one of those and love it up, until it takes me on to the next thing. And if I am happy and excited about life, then those around me will be the same! It takes so much pressure off knowing it’s an internal job!

  220. I’m a passionate person so finding the one passion to follow was my challenge…A book and online system called The Passion Test really helped me to drill in on the one passion above all else that I needed to focus on …. or I would die! 😉 Plus it was a good read.
    I loved this MarieTV segment…. as I always do! Thanks Marie x

  221. I’ve been struggling with clarifying my passion. I love teaching yoga as well as writing and podcasting about yoga but am looking for just the right niche. Just yesterday, I committed to a self-created 40 Days of Sanity Challenge to facilitate forward movement and creativity. Basically, I challenged myself to practice yoga every, single day and then to write about my experience in the hopes of clarifying my mission from the inside out.

    • Erin what a great idea!!!

  222. I have found my purpose and passion! Yay me! I took action almost 7 years ago to open my own personal training studio. I have met amazing people and have the best clients. BUT, I am getting burned out! My business has allowed me to not just offer fitness but also nutrition coaching and health products I love. I just can’t do it all! I’m trying to figure out how to pare down this passion. It seems all my things that I’m doing for together so it’s hard to tease out. I know what you’re gonna say–hire someone!! But I’ve tried to find employees to take on some of the training but that has been a huge challenge. Help!!

  223. Andrea Burgess

    The moment passion permeated my life was the moment I stopped thinking about myself and started serving others in everything I do. I was a career focused A type who was achieving all sorts of great things – but there was no passion to it, no soul. Then I had kids and all those self-centered motivations had to fly out the window in order to just keep them alive! The more I focused on serving them the more of a thrill I got out of everything we did together. They put me on a high – and it wasn’t just the hormones! I started to bring this philosophy into my life. I stopped thinking about me – achievements, money, other societal views of success and starting thinking about making others’ lives better and as a result my life became a life of passion and joy. I don’t get it right all the time – but I usually find that’s when I’ve gone off the boil of serving others and have returned to my “what about me…” thoughts.
    I think Marie is a perfect example of someone who lives a passionate life through serving others. It’s the slant she puts on her guidance that makes it so palatable and enjoyable.

  224. Yes, yes, a million times this video!! Clarity comes from engagement. I spent years learning this lesson.

    When I went off to college I had no game plan. I had no idea what I liked to do. Up till then, I had always been good at getting good grades, but that’s not a career. I took an ‘exploratory’ class where we took a lot of personality and interest tests and THOUGHT about what we would like to do. Sure some of it was helpful, but it ended and I still had no real idea. The sad thing is, you can’t pick a career based off of THINKING or doing a test, unless you get extremely lucky. We all know that it’s a tall order to ask 18 year olds to pick their career when they have very little working experience.

    While in college I was helping at a preschool and liked it so I pursued that after college. When I was laid off from a teaching job I decided not to teach any more (it had never felt like my thing and I was relieved to stop). I had no clue what to do next. I decided to take 2 classes at the community college, for careers that felt they’d fit. I had been painting for fun and wanted to try something creative. I loved my Graphic Design class so much I dropped my other class and am now going for design. I am so happy to be using my creativity and problem solving skills. I always get so engrossed I lose track of time. I still don’t know exactly what I’ll end up doing as design is a big field. I’m open for finding out. It’s all a journey. We have to accept that it takes time and exploration.

  225. For me it has been less about Passion and more about monetizing. I am passionate about almost everything I do and love doing so many different things i.e. DIY apartment over hauls, cooking, designing, solving peoples problems… But my frustration comes from not getting paid for all of these awesome things I am good at and ecstatic about when engaged. Thoughts?

  226. I love this topic! I totally agree with Marie that passions change but are beacons to follow when configuring your dream job. What I think is also equally important but different is your purpose. I have found that your talent and purpose together are a winning combination when trying to create your dream job.

    Here is an article I wrote on how to uncover your purpose, which is easier than you think. It’s linked to your psychology and history. I hope you enjoy and thanks Marie for bringing this topic of passion to the surface today.

  227. Lisa

    Great thoughts! Finding that passion is really important! I’ve felt a few times that I know what I want to do in life that would suit my personality but following it up was always a challenge, and when I gave it up I felt I am missing something. But going back and continue was a no because the circumstances made me stop doing it. Now I have a new passion and I am giving a chance to myself to try again. Reading, listening, doing it, talking it out and talking with others are the new approaches.. I believe it will work this time!

  228. Karina

    Similarly to many here, I used to think passion was a destination, that there was this thing, this one thing I’d fine and that would be it. (Cue the credits). Then, I started putting passion and enthusiasm into everything I did, my work, my relationships, my daily activities. You name it, I did it with gusto, brio, and enthusiasm.

    And then the best thing to happen, happened: I burnt out.

    It wasn’t until I burnt out that I realized that there were things I was doing that wasn’t fueling my fire. It wasn’t until I was burnt to a crisp that I realized that there are some things I can go all in for, and others, not so much. I agree that bringing passion (and gratitude) to all that you do makes your life better. But I’ve found that flaming out made me be more specific about what I poured my energy into, and how I did it. It made me be more specific about where to direct my passion. For a full life, a whole life, I need to be on fire, and know where I’m directing it.

  229. Awesome episode Marie.
    I have been connecting with people in fields that interest me and asking them questions. Right now I am gathering and sifting data. I don’t want to jump into grad school if I’m not sure/excited/lit up by the career I’m studying for. So, my engagement pledge is to continue connecting with folks, job shadowing, to bring clarity to my next step!

  230. I live by the belief ‘Everything is important’, and try to demonstrate that in all I do. I am driven to elevate the everyday to the extraordinary and the byproduct is a passionate life. I make everything more beautiful, delicious, entertaining, meaningful, hospitable, possible and effortless because that is the world I want to live in. It is contagious and people do notice. I often get invited to speak at engagements on “anything I am passionate about” because people are drawn to those who ooze passion when walking down the street. Having a passion without exuberance will never get you noticed. Having the ability to live and communicate passionately surely will.
    I know many people who are passionate about something but don’t communicate passionately. When you love something so much you are willing to dedicate your life to it, GIV’ER with all you’ve got and then show people you did and TALK about it!
    Marie does and it works.

  231. Jen

    Lol I’ll be thinking of you when I’m doing my dishes Marie Forleo, I had my tears of joy when i went through the first module of B-school a couple of weeks back and now I’m so confuse I’ve got passion but not clear on what to do, no clear on my value my wishy-wash-it will be to find some clarity. but thanks for sharing with all of us your passion and inspire us to be more. Love J

  232. Ateira Griffin

    This episode truly resonates with me! I have always operated under the mantra “Be the Change You Want to See in the World” ( Mahatma Ghandi). In order to truly affect change we have to follow the leading of our passions and natural skills. In my life this has led me to switch careers from engineering to education in my early twenties, and now to women’s development and motivational speaking as I enter my thirties. I used to think I wanted to be a school administrator, so I tried it…. I changed my mind!

    In order to be the change I could not fear change!

    Thanks for the insight Marie!

    Ateira G.

  233. Len

    Do we confuse “passion” with “purpose”?
    I think many people do. Can you find “your passion” if you haven’t found “your purpose”? Leaving a legacy that can affect others around me in a positive way. I struggle with finding my purpose more than passion. Starting to read “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren again since I sense something’s missing right now.

    • Ateira Griffin

      I read Purpose Driven Life, it definitely helped me to focus on what my purpose was which was directly related to my passion. In my opinion in order for us to function properly in our purpose we must have passion about it. I hope you find clarity after reading and doing the exercises in the book.

  234. Janet

    I loved this episode! So timely! I am so looking for the pot o’ gold at the end of the lucky charms rainbow!! Thankfully, life is teaching me through multiple ways that it is more important how you show up day to day than chasing after the elusive ‘passion’ or one thing that will bring all the goodies you’re after. When you are busy looking for passion outside of yourself you miss out on all the delicious little things that bring you joy. Still working on this and have to say I ROCK at doing dishes!! Gloves on and tunes cranked, it is a true groove session! It just takes me twice as long!!

  235. I struggled for years to find my passion. I have so many interests – from crochet to hairdressing to dancing to teaching to mathematics and the list goes on. I had the misconception that I could only have one true passion. Since I was interested in so many things, I incorrectly concluded that none of these was my one true passion. I too wasted a lot of time thinking my way through. I ended up being confused, frustrated, depressed, cried many a tears and had many a headaches.

    I cracked the code when I decided to get out of my head. I decided that I was gonna pursue as many of my interests as possible. I decided come what may, I was gonna see where this journey takes me. After years of searching, I am pleased to say that I was born to teach. I am slowly but surely figuring out a way to incorporate quite a few of my other passions into my teaching.

  236. Lauren Clemett

    Love, love, love this post Marie!

    Perfect message that by taking action and immersing yourself you will find your passion.

    So true that once you start to live it, you attract everything you desire, it all just magically seems to fall into place. Not only do you know what you stand for, everyone else does too.

    Make it happen!

    Thanks you.

  237. “Start the Right Business” really helped me hone in and make sense of everything, thus helping me figure out my passion. Thank you, B-school.

    I think a common misconception is that work is easy if you are doing what you are passionate about. Totally not true all the time. It’s a struggle not to second guess yourself or your decisions. This is where self doubt and resistance easily have a chance to make an ugly appearance. So I really loved what Marie said, “Bring passion to everything you do.” Honestly, it does make a difference but it’s not so easy to do. Think about it… it’s hard to bring passion to that article you just reread 20 times but still it’s not where you want it to be. It’s a practice that you need to remind yourself of.

    Thanks for the episode! It was good timing for me.

  238. Amy

    Thank you for another great episode, Marie! And perfect timing for my life exactly where it’s at today!

    I’m learning that thinking/over-thinking is quite paralyzing ( I end up doing nothing).

    Starting to implement this practice – when I am over-thinking and moving toward paralysis…I stop, re-boot and take a few minutes to complete a task that I have been intending to do that will bring me closer to doing the work I love. When I take action around what I love, I keep getting affirmations from the universe and other people that say “yes, do that,”.

  239. Sharon

    Thanks for this episode, Marie. I know what I am passionate about but need clarity with the why and who part. (Why are you doing this? and Who is it for?, basically the vision and mission part). Being a mixed media artist you don’t always know those answers. I am working at the art though. ( Expecting clarity and a coming together soon, in the mean time, I am pressing on with my projects.

  240. Hi Marie and crew,
    I could not agree with you more, stop thinking and do. While it can be really scary taking that first step, this is the the secret to waking the sleeping giant of the journey to being in touch with what is going to make your heart sing.
    I took the action to help me connect to my passion, and signed up for a 2 year Diploma in Commercial Floristry, loved the learning and the realisation that this is something that I am good at and that I love doing.
    I spent way too long thinking about it, making excuses and talking myself out of this action. However from the moment that I made the decision to go ahead everything feel in to place and to this day I feel that it still is.
    Thank you for being a part of my continued learning and your real approach to living a life we deserve.
    Kindest regards,

  241. Here is my problem Marie — I love everything I try. I mean seriously, its not that i am not focused, I just love it all.
    I am the person who absolutely loves to work, loves to make money, loves to help others find their dreams, and want to do it ALL. All my life I have held multiple jobs and had multiple irons in the fire and I simply thrive doing such.
    Today I have a “day job” working in online advertising for a couple entrepreneurs who provide me the flexibility to pursue my additional passions without any sweat, and then I have a full time “hobby” officiating women’s NCAA basketball (which I love), and I invest two small businesses with family, and I mentor young professionals through volunteerism and my blog at
    Right now I balance them all and love them all, but I have known since I was a young chick-a-dee that I wanted to mentor and do public speaking. I feel like that is the way for me to chase all my passions in a single way. Here is what hold me back I guess – what do I give up to pursue that dream wholeheartedly?

  242. Shelly S

    Thank you

  243. Skye McKenzie

    I am so grateful for this video clip – the sentence, Clarity comes from engagement and not thought is priceless. I too have spent far too many years thinking about what it is I am passionate about and trying to find that “one” thing that is my passionate calling in life. I too have done hundreds of self-help courses, all have added to my life in some way, and yet here I am still looking for my passion and my purpose. I want to create a Spiritual Retreat Center in one of the most beautiful places in Australia and I am going to start looking for property and brainstorming ideas today. Thank you Marie.

  244. Tracey

    I find that exercise really brings my wildest & often most promising ideas to my mind. I love it when a certain song comes on & an idea works its way into being by just letting my mind & body “go”!! I have to stop procrastinating & just get out there & “do” my thing!! Thanks Marie today’s video is perfect timing 🙂

  245. Jordan

    “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” has become my theme for this year (especially with the help of B-school!). Last year I spent the entire year just thinking and I got nowhere and didn’t feel good about my life. This year – I signed up for B-school and talk every week with my best friend (a B-school alumni) which keeps me inspired and accountable to taking action steps to get clear on my passion and ultimately, turn it in to a business. My challenge area would be bringing passion to everything that I do (including dishes, as Marie said!) so I am going to have my best friend ask me about my progress in that area every week when we talk.

  246. Stephanie

    Did anyone else just sigh a breath of relief? I’m a perfectionist and feel like I should have everything figured out… and if I don’t, then I’m a failure. Which usually means fear wins and I never think I’m enough. Last night I decided that instead of talking about the body confidence workshops for girls I want to hold at public schools (to reach all socioeconomic, race, etc. populations), I would volunteer at a fabulous local girls’ organization where I can not only mentor, but also offer my services. It is an excellent way to give back to the community and discover if this is something I am truly passionate about–it could lead to amazing collaborations and support–possibilities are endless! Thank you Team Forleo!

  247. The best books I’ve ever read on finding and following your passion/ideal life are: WishCraft by Barbara Sher and Cancer as a Turning Point by Lawrence LeShan. You don’t have to get cancer to turn your life into a more rewarding one, but he has stories of amazing recoveries in people with life threatening illnesses when they discovered how to create a truly fulfilling life.

  248. Ah So True, I love when you say “Passion is contagious” That’s brilliant. It’s like a muscle, the more you add passion to your day the more it grows 🙂 And I believe there may be a root love behind everything that you do – but that specific Thing will likely change over time. Especially in business, what you share/deliver often morphs and changes as we change.

  249. It is one thing to do everything with passion. I have been dong that all my life. I believe the secret to finding what you want to do in life, is to find the common denominator of it all.
    I have found it years ago, however never realized what it was until recently. My thing in life is writing. I have recently started re- writing, fiction novels and poetry storybooks, because I realized I love to write these much; more so than any other writing I have been doing all my life.
    Writing about anything is what my thing in life is. At this point I find myself writing about political issues, health and nutrition. and so many other subjects. So it is writing for me. My best passion is writing the books that will be coming on to the world scene very soon, as I am in the process of
    doing this one step at a time. I have found it possible to leave the tech work and marketing for others to walk me through, as long as I stay on top of what is being done. I finally can, more or less, just do the writing.
    This is the cat’s meow for me.
    Watching your shows increases my passion for my quest in life, every time I see one of them You are awesome.

  250. Thanks Marie. When I was little I had 2 passions. One was Ballet and yes I did become a professional ballerina. The other was my love of animals. I did not become a Veterinarian, but I did become an Animal Health Tech in NYC. Now I am passionate about Internet Marketing and hope to merge my passions together. You have rekindled my desire to do this. 🙂

  251. B

    Ahhh!! This episode is GOLDEN… Here I am thinking and doing the same things from self-help and ending readings; I feel as if it just never ends! I need to get my butt up and going, so this totally knocks me over the head. I’m glad someone submitted this question, as I have been asking myself the same thing all this time!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for this!!

  252. Mindy

    I have spent the day contemplating your message about passion, and it has brought me clarity, thank you. However, since I’m self employed, I’m trying to narrow my focus and get my message out to my right clients, which I find difficult because it is fluid as I try new things, magnetizing toward what I am passionate about, and conversely editing out the things I am not.
    Is it okay to alter that message as you grow? Or, will that come off as flaky?

  253. Tanya Smith

    I loved this video! Yes, finding your passion takes allot of changing your thinking and your heart. Actually stopping and realizing how you feel as you are in action really can pinpoint your passion as well!

  254. Hey Marie — love Game of Thrones and sweaty knights in armor as well. I also love the dragons and would love to see more of them — particularly breathing fire on that kid king who I can’t remember his name but he definitely deserves some dragon fire in his life.

    Anyway this was probably one of the most practical pieces of advices around finding your passion that I’ve ever heard. And the best part is it’s really simple too — simple AND practical. What a great concept! Thank you for sharing.

  255. Live (and work) with gusto!

  256. Mike Nelson

    I have to agree with Marie completely about engagement versus thought AND being passionate about that engagement.

    Mid 2013 I lost my job. It was so hard for me to find work in my field I took two part-time jobs, both in retail. They were customer service focused. I passionately worked my butt off. One day a woman I was helping looked at me and said, “Do you like this job?” and “Would you like to come work for me?”

    As of last week my official title is “Director of Wow” for a hotel group all with properties on the sunny sands of Southern California beaches. My job is to make amazing guest experiences and showcase them in our social media. For example, tomorrow I am throwing a big old sushi happy hour. This is where passion got me. Yahoo!

  257. My grandfather used to tell me all the time that the say he started teaching was the day he retired because he loved doing it so it never felt like work. He said the key to finding happiness was to figure what it was I loved doing, what I was really passionate about, and then find a way to do it for a living and I’d never work another day in my life. He was a great man and one of the constants I had in life, especially growing up because we moved around a lot. I listened to him but for a long time didn’t really understand what he meant. There were a lot of things I loved doing but didn’t see how that mattered when it came yo working.
    In 2007, he passed away a week after my 29th birthday and I was devastated. In 2008, a few weeks prior to turning the big 3-0 I was fired from my job and in a lot ways it was one of the best things that could have happened. I had been planning a vacation in Denver to celebrate my birthday and even I lost my job I still went. As I was driving across the mountains during the 5-hour drive I had a lot of time to think and with the anniversary so close most of I thought about was what grandfather always told me. In fact it was one the last things he ever told me, figure out what you love doing and then find a job doing it.
    I realize on that trip that photography has always been something I was passionate about. And I stopped at the store and bought myself a simple P&S and started learning everything I could about photography. That Christmas I came home and dug out my old 35mm Canon Rebel and went to down, even though shooting was expensive I didn’t care because I wanted to learn so I used dig and my digital point & shoot, experimenting and finding better ways to capture the images I wanted to make.
    Fast forward to now and I’m still learning and loving every minute. My skill has vastly improved, I’ve upgraded to DSLR now and still trying to figure out how to get things going on the business side. But one thing is for sure I’m not giving up.
    I hope that answers the question about how I figured out what my passion is.

  258. Shelly

    Wow Marie! I think you did this video for me, thank you!!

  259. Ashling

    Wow, I always love your videos Marie but this is just EXACTLY the advice I need right now! I was feeling overwhelmed, but now at least I have some action to take. Thank you xx

  260. Total advice perfection Marie! Thank you. 🙂

  261. Pia

    Hi Marie

    I feel quite blessed that I gave myself permission to allow my passion to be part of my every day.

    It is so wonderful to be creative and make things with my hands, and to have creative elements all over my home.

    Now I just need to fulfil all your techniques and guides from B-School to be able to make a real living from it.

    Exciting times ahead.

  262. I actually knew my passions very early; the problem was that I resisted my passions because I heard everyone else and their “advice”, which was always the same; “get a real job and see what happens with that hobby of yours.”

    BS. BfrigginS.

    Seriously, if you love something, you’ll work hard and you’ll MAKE it work. If you have tried something and you LOVE it, try it more and more and you will find a way to make it work.

    I am still finding a way to make my passions work, but thanks to Marie Forleo, a wonderful husband, an excited best friend, and discipline not to get discouraged, I believe my passion for art and story will pan out.

  263. Malia

    Seriously, Marie. I wish I heard this advice a year ago! Over the past year I attended various groups, read numerous books, and thought way too much about what my passion is. While I learned little tidbits here and there it kept me paralyzed from moving forward and put me into a bigger slump than when I started. Today, I started a new job, and while I don’t know where it will take me, I am grateful to be in motion and engaged again 🙂

  264. Thank you! This was such an affirmation. I was in such a frantic scurry and worry that i didn’t have a passion. All last year I searched for this, then I found Steve Pressfield. His book, Turning Pro, saved me from an endless search. Now YOU have just affirmed I’m moving in the right direction.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Continued Success to you.

  265. Anna Wilde

    I have recently found my big thing, the work/life focus that feels YES YES YES, when I engage in it. I have always been self-employed, but the strands of all my life experience have not come together until this year. After 6 years of intensive child rearing I am about to turn forty, and am currently diving into creating my dream. The the doubt of the past has gone, and I just know with my whole being that I have found my calling on earth.
    I have also realized that all the skills and experiences of the past are all giving me what I need for this ‘life’s work’ and I feel deeply grateful. The strands are weaving miraculously into a magical cloth.
    Action is indeed the key, but it’s also about timing!

  266. Great video!! Awesome advice… I tweeted away!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  267. Sara

    This has been an answer to my prayers!

  268. Terry Juanita

    It took me a longtime to figure out my passion when it was right in front of me all this time lol. My passion is helping people. I have been working in social services field for over ten years and realized that I have been engaging in my passion. I think the reason I could not see it for so long was because I have worked for organizations that did not value their staff and was more focused on meeting quotas then servicing clients. I guess I gotta find the right organization because I am in the right field. Next, I want to take my passion for helping people to the next level like doing motivational speaking and being a life coach. Watching and listening to you Marie just inspires me to live my dreams!! Thank you!!

  269. So true. I picked one thing I loved, and everything since has grown from that one passion. Then I wondered if the new developments were too disparate, but then they came together as part of a whole. Now the whole business has facets of passion rather than an abyss of inflexible focus that doesn’t allow for growth.

    It was just DOING that one thing to start that made all the difference.

    Thanks for the reality check, Marie!

  270. Kat

    Fantastic episode. I’ve known my passion for years – acting and improv. My struggle has been being able to fully commit to my passion and make it my full time career. But I love your advice about going ahead and doing it and eventually things will click. I think another key is to be grateful for the opportunities that you DO get to engage in your passion. For me, that’s forming an improv troupe with my friends, auditioning and doing short films. I may not be making a full time living acting, but I’m thankful I get to do it at all!

  271. Anca Cristina

    Thank you so much for your advice!! Right on time!
    I didn’t realized that in my obsessive search for my true passion, I lost the very basic sense of FEELING PASSION in whatever I do! This is my BIG take on from this video and I am so grateful to you for reminding me this.

    Today I will rock my life with passion! 😉

  272. Maria, as always your videos are right on time –so relevant and extremely insightful. I love what you said about bringing passion to everything that you do. I tweeted that “passion is when you think of that thing, it makes your heart jump, forces a smile across your face and helps you know deep down that you simply can’t live without IT”.

    Personally speaking, I think of the eternal struggle I’ve always had between my passion for wanting to be a recording and performing artist (BROADWAY and a Grammy! :-)and my mission to motivate people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Just recently I realized the incredible marriage between the two and that I don’t have to give up one for the other because music is a form of healing!! My heart opened up when this all came together and I found a way to merge the two in an ingenious way…

    If I had to add any other thoughts to this issue of PASSION and CLARITY I would say based on personal experience, don’t just be a “lister” or a “to-doer” as I have often been guilty of myself. ACTION is the key. Get up, go out, be bold and do something out of the ordinary or slightly beyond your comfort zone that puts you in contact with like-minded individuals. It is amazing how under-rated face to face meetings are these days …what’s the worst a person can say? Sorry you have to make an appointment? So what! At least they will remember you. Share your passion and personality with people in a position to benefit from what you have to offer and as Maria suggested, you’d be shocked at how the universe will conspire to support you because passion is very contagious!

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂
    God bless,
    Monifa Maat

  273. I really appreciate the way you solve and give solution of most common mysterious problems. Mostly we moving around the problem instead of dug in and finding solution. Passion never allow you to sleep, you are so much indulge that you never feel to take rest. The more you do the more you start enjoying the way you do.

  274. petra leimbach

    I haven´t find yet my passion to work with,but the idea that it comes from engagement not thaught is very inspiring! I will follow this and I can feel
    I ´m on my way…
    Thank you so much Marie


  275. Hi Marie,
    I’m your fan from the past one and half year. I want to share with you my findings on Passion. Excuse my English I’m from Bulgaria and there may have some discrepancies in the translation of my point.

    I’m 26 yrs old entrepreneur and NLP practitioner.

    From many years I kept asked to myself this question:
    What makes people to act? (taking action)

    Then I specified the question like this:
    What is this thing so ignite a man, that he begin to act in a certain way, to get up every morning with a great passion in his eyes, to make things to happen quickly without overloading and late in the day goes to sleep happy with his life?

    And I found that my answer is in my question. It is PASSION.

    So the next question was:
    How to ignite the passion within us?

    As everyone I studied the people with that quality.
    What kind of people are the passionate ones? And what are the differences between them and the non-passionate people? etc.

    This research took me around 3 years of reading, watching, thinking, taking action, testing different habits, beliefs, techniques, approaches and so on. To find that there are 3 major components which drive people to take action in a certain and passionate way.

    Mission – vision, goals, clarity etc.
    Motivation – inspiration, reason etc.
    Security – confidence, competence etc.

    If some of these 3 components is missing no one can’t make the right action and achieve the desire result.

    The research goes very deep not only in our mind, but in our biology/body and spirit. It goes far back in the Ancient Egypt but thats another story. Now I write a book about my findings – that’s a hard stuff to do.

    I want to thank you and the other entrepreneurs with great content, great product and programs and great passion like you that I follow. You inspire me to make my place in this internet industry. And I do it.

    Recently I launch a little email course where I share my program:
    Ignite Your Passion: How to find your mission and learn to binding goals emotionally so that you achieve everything with a burning desire, passion and ease.

    The program is based on proper beliefs, self-knowledge and how to manage, listen and operate consciously with the body to make whatever we want it to make and connecting with the soul to charge our self with will power and faith.

    We are in the middle of the course. It is 7 weeks with 2 emails per week. Now I have 17 students from a email list of 173 blog readers.
    And the price of this first edition was $27 so I can collect some feedback before I start charge the real value of the course.

    I just wanted to share with you my experience so far and I will be happy to know your thoughts about it.

    Keep going. You’re doing it magnificent.


  276. Very True Marie.

    I can totally relate.

    The Clarity of what you want to do in your life comes from trying and testing the options you like! Understanding comes from Involvement and not from excessive thinking.

    I just created a Blog post “How to Connect with your True Calling”

    This blog post will cover 3 lessons
    (1) Busing the Myths about finding your Passion.
    (2) How to Eliminate Fearful Thoughts About Pursuing Your Mission.
    (3) The Secret strategies to find your True Calling.

    Do check it out if you are tired of feeling miserable while finding your True Calling.. Thanks

  277. Janelle

    Hi Marie!
    I was actually very surprised that the question about passion came from someone with my name, so it felt a litte more personable:). I am actually a dancer now, but teaching and choreographing mainly. I am definitely passionate about dancing, but trying to find another passion that will catapult me into a more lucrative career.
    Dancer to dancer, I feel really connected to you and your words of realness and always look forward to the next episode:). I will keep you posted on my ACTIONS taken to find new passions.

    Thank you!
    Janelle Cruz

  278. WOW synchronicity!! I enrolled to do a Raw Food online class just this week. Without concerning myself with whether this may or may not be my next career (as I have been doing for the past 4 years), I decided to do it simply because I would love to learn more. It also never felt quite right to over-invest in expensive courses (which most of them are). Thanks Marie, it already felt right but watching this video clarifies WHY it felt so right.

  279. I did struggle finding my passion a long time until I first heard about this very same message one year ago. I started to take steps towards my dreams and I am still taking those steps and continuously discovering and getting more clarity about the things I would love to do and how can I be for better service for others. Thank you for reminding me to continue with those steps in the moments of insecurity Marie. 🙂

  280. Ruby

    Hi Marie

    Synchronicity:-) Have been doing this whole thing for way too long, what is it I am supposed to be doing? blah blah blah, so bored of the same ol question in my head. Have just started making more home made delicious meals, why? Because really I would prefer to eat veggie or raw, but you have to get creative. Stopped thinking, started doing – result – very happy me, very happy family members, a daughter who actually ate all her veggies and complimented me on my cooking skills, I loved it. Also been wondering if writing is what I should be doing, what will I write about…blah blah blah, decided to de-clutter my computer and found I have been writing for the past year, just saved files, probably have a book there now 🙂 Have been doing these things all along. Just getting on it with that Tweetable. Thank you Marie. Love ya.

  281. Doing the dishes with passion right now as its post breakfast in the UK! Fantastic!! That is what I am taking for today’s broadcast. Believe in my passion, be passionate about my passion which is Energy Psychology (EFT and EmoTrance). Am off to a meeting later and be will driving there PASSIONATELY!!! What a wonderful idea! Marie, you rock!!!

  282. Andy

    Hi Marie,
    Don’t we have multiple passions? Surely running this website and business is a passion too? If that’s true, then I could list many passions, but I still may not know the *one* to follow, even though I have put myself in the way of experiencing each of them.
    To put it bluntly, (and I’m not saying this to be critical), if dancing were your ONLY passion, then why are you doing business school etc. and instead plow headlong into something else (“dance school?”)?
    I guess my point is, yes, clarity does come from engagement, and I get the point of the post, but several times, I’ve hit the ‘I want to do this for the rest of my life’ feeling, and then gone on to something else.

  283. Nidhal Ghazi

    Hi Marie.
    I would like to thank you from my heart.

  284. Carolyn Trethewey

    I can so relate to this Q! The tips I’ve found useful are:
    – Follow your joy. This will eventually lead you to what it is your meant to do. Find those things that affect you deeply, swell your heart and really make you feel connected to something bigger than yourself!
    – Make a list of your unique talents, no matter how small they might seem. It’s funny that often the things that come easy to us we pass off and we strive instead, making things harder than they need to be! These ‘easy things’ can be a great clue as to your own special niche.

    Absolutely agree the next step is action! All the best in connecting to your passion! 🙂

    Ps: Love your work Marie!!

  285. This is a great topic. Another awesome video I saw which addressed this was by Randy Komisar titled “How do you find your passion and how do you persue it.” It totally changed my thinking on the question “How do I find my passion?” which Komisar says is crippling.

  286. Shana

    Wow, so many comments from everyone and I hope that you get to read mine Marie. I really enjoy your videos and thank you for that. I’m commenting all the way from South Africa and this particular topic is the one that describes where I find myself right now, a day away from my 39th birthday…I’ve always been passionate about many things, like you! In my thirties, I’ve realised that some ‘passions’ were more serious than others and I’m at a point where I literally fed up with trying to figure out what it is that I should be doing. My first love has always been makeup/cosmetics and I have explored this passion to the point where I started my own mobile make up service. The money started to trickle in but that is where it stalled…the idea was to create my own cosmetic range and promote these in a professional studio and in certain retail chains. The next genuine passion is fitness/competition. I’m a born competitor and I absolutely love training and keeping my body in tip top condition. Some would say I’m obsessed with this! I have a qualification in Pilates instruction and train 6 days a week. The next step was to get a personal trainer qualification because if I’m not training ,I’m talking about fitness and nutrition. The ‘problem’ as I perceive it is I’m sure you’ve heard that many times but , as an example, I recently entered a bikini fitness competition and had to withdraw 3 weeks out due to lack of funding. I thought that I had budgeted fairly accurately but the final phase costs just sky rocketed in the end. This left me feeling very negative ,heartbroken and even more frustrated with everything. I have however vowed to enter in 2015! You talk about doing more and thinking less. Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I’m always taking action but the money never follows and I always end up penniless and disillusioned, further and further away from what I want to achieve..Apart from my idea to star in my own version of Ocean’s Eleven, I have no cash flow and passion can only get you so far. I can relate to being unable to smile and enjoy the simple pleasures anymore because being emotionally and physically invested in figuring out what to do with my life is sucking the life out of me…and I’m broke!

  287. Hi Marie
    Yes, I have watched too many people in torment searching for their passion, only because they believe this is the secret to their life. Hmm, not sure about that. However, for 20 years I have researched what makes real leaders, movers and shakers. Eventually I came to the conclusion that passions are imbedded in our unconscious ambitions, (this is quite different from purpose) which emerge into our conscious thoughts via intuitive intelligence, intuitive insights or intuitive guidance, call what you will. Careful analysis of this process suggests that goals that work also originate from our unconscious ambition. Goals and for that matter, perceived passions fabricated within the conscious mind, so often driven by stress, are those that invariably fail. For further information on unconscious ambition see my weblogs (What Makes Great Movers and Shakers) also (Stop Stress) at my weblog: http://www.neurofault
    All power to recognising your passion/s
    Robert Denton

  288. This is such great advice, worrying for ages about choosing one thing, the exact right thing to do, and not getting involved can be so counterproductive. You can’t know you’ve made the right decision until you get stuck in. I know so many people, including myself who have procrastinated for years about a career choice.

    I think the advice that it’s fine to be passionate about lots of things is important, you don’t need to choose one thing before you start.

    Also, I love GOT, not least because the world is now full of things with my name on. There has never been a better time to be a Stark!

  289. Andres

    Being open and honest to A-friends.

  290. You are a riot!! I mean this in the best way possible. I love all of your videos but this one in particular really struck a chord in me. I was struggling after my husband’s death and just going to work and raising our young son took all my energy. I found that going out there every day and really trying to do my best was what got me through it. My passion is writing and I am constantly trying to improve. Just as you said, you have to do it, not think it. I have a blog which is about helping others work through grief by staying healthy and strengthening your inner resilience and emotional support system and I am very passionate about it. I am still trying to get the tech part of it into shape but the writing is what keeps me going. Thanks Marie for being you and please keep doing what you do for it really helps a lot!!

  291. Ruth

    I suspect passion is an outcome not a goal…. some of my thoughts around this are on my blog at

  292. I love this: “Passion is Contagious” People are drawn to passion, aren’t they!? But people can see through BS/contrived passion, so it’s got to be authentic. And that only comes from clarity… which only comes from action 🙂

  293. Quinda Vader

    Wauw, this is all so true! I have spend years thinking about all the things I would love to do but not actually doing them because there was always a reason not to. Until I took the chance to just start writing about my idea, talking about it to friends and family, starting to interview people in this business. And now I’m in a situation that I have everything going; my conceptstore is opening soon and I must say I have learned and enjoyed so many things when doing this and still am. I couldn’t have done without action and doing.
    And to be honest; if things hadn’t worked out, I wouldn’t have cared because at least I tried to follow something I love.

  294. Lizzie

    Thanks Marie! Great straight-talking advice (as normal!).
    I try and find the fun and happiness in everything, much like being passionate about everything, and I find that quite often people ask me what kind of drugs I am taking! LOL. This aside, it makes for much better days and more happy memories. Life should be relished!
    Right now I am super-passionate about B-SCHOOL! 😀 Taking action through the modules is bringing my dreams closer! (Live testing coming soon, which will be like action on caffeine! Woohoo!)

  295. Mary Shabestari

    Marie – I love what you say about not thinking your way to finding your passion but rather going out there and doing. I’d like to add to the engagement piece by saying we can find what we’re meant to do through helping others. It helps us discover what we’re good at and the feedback keeps us motivated.

    Another point, after years of trying to find the one passion to pursue out of the many that I’ve had, I just look at what I keep coming back to. Some passions are life long, some come and go.

  296. I had a similar yet opposite experience like yours Marie. I was in my twenties studying at the design academy (Holland) a very prestigious conceptual school, and I thought for years it was my ultimate dream but it turned out it wasn’t working out for me. I always thought it was my passion and dream school but once there I got very frustrated with there way of teaching and system. It was a huge disappointment and I felt lost for some time.
    I also had other big passions: dance, video, music and choreography so one day I decided to pay a visit to the dance school for a choreography course. It was great to see how they were training yet I also felt right away that it was not for me, I wasn’t much of a dancer myself, it was more a personal passion, not a five days in the week thing. Not the realization I expected but very important one.
    The dance school happened to be in the same street as the filmacademy (which I thought nobody ever got into) but none the less I causally dropped by. The people their we’re super nice and told me about a department which had exactly all the video technical stuff I wanted to learn, I didn’t even know there was a course for it and I was just one time for a second round of admission. And I got accepted! Since that day I found my calling, great teachers, colleagues, everything fell into place and I also get to work with dancers, musicians and performance, only in a way I couldn’t imagine back then.
    Thank you Marie, you always very inspiring and a great example for multi-passionate people that like to follow their passions and figure it out as life happens.

  297. What an interesting video!
    I’m so on board that action leads to clarity so totally cherish the “doer” approach.

    I also believe that you don’t have to ‘find your passion’ or ‘follow your passion’ – you can choose to bring it out of you! Recent research in passion has shown how passion is a positive form of energy that you can choose to bring out throughout your life if you pursue a ‘passionate way of being’. So there’s no need to limit your passion to one thing, you can choose it as a way of life! I recently did a TED talk on this & highlighted the 5 key elements to living life with passion, have a look if you’re curious 🙂

  298. “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” -Marie

    I think that quote in itself IS the SECRET to finding PASSION. I found my passion in Calligraphy and Hand-lettering last year by engaging and going through a “TRIAL AND PROCESS” process. And yes, it FELT like I was FALLING and FAILING for MANY years (6 yrs to be exact). Computer science, Architecture, Math Education, Media Studies…these are some of the majors I tested the waters in and I found myself settling down as a Communications major where I found an interest in the art of writing (as in the aesthetics of letters) from a visual com course I was required to take. BUT it wasn’t until I contributed to a fundraising event for Typhoon Haiyan for Philippines did I realize how much impact I can have with my work (art). I’ve always showcased my talent but to be INVOLVED really SPARKED the fire inside me. I’ve been freelancing ever since as a SELF-TAUGHT Calligrapher and Hand-letterer even with a full-time job. It’s not EASY but I think being “passionate” about something crosses all types of emotions. You just really got to commit and take action in order to get there.

    (Feel free to follow me on ig @carminacruzb.)

  299. Marie, have you ever thought about doing a series for high school girls? As a mother of a 14 year old, I’m always trying to set positive, fun examples of hard work and play but…..Moms can’t do it all! I just love your videos and calls to action, which are often missing in the other internet videos my daughter watches. Besides your awesome self, any other ladies out there speaking directly to teens?

  300. eliezra

    I find that being consciously thankful always helps! I keep a gratitude journal where I write 5 reasons why Im grateful every day, and what that does is this: I catch myself during the day actively looking for the things I will write about that evening so I live my days in a completely different way, much more present and passionate!

  301. My passion changes about as often as I change my socks. One day I love doing one thing, the next day something else. I’m cool with it and I let it roll. Last year I was like, BRING ON MORE CLIENTS, I LOVE COACHING! Now I’m not so in love with coaching but in love with sales and marketing. So I’m taking the steps necessary to do less coaching and more sales and marketing. Nothing is ever permanent so go with what you love knowing that it’s cool to change it tomorrow!

    • Hi Get in Shape Girl, I can relate to what you said… and I could also imagine a well-crafted blend of coaching people in sales and marketing, isn’t that what the brilliant Marie is doing? ;D Just popped up when I was reading your post xx Tanya

  302. Corina Vanana Valcan

    I love the video and if it`s to speak about my passion, it depends also on how I practice myself and how I feel my energy inside for the things around.

  303. I was at a terrible job and decided to go into interior decorating. BUT before ditching my job and falling into a potential dead end, I opted to take some design courses online and find a designer in my area that would take me in as an intern on Saturdays. I ended up LOVING it and now I’m out of my yucky job and focusing on decorating while also doing several others things that I’m passionate about. I’m a freelance decorator, singer/songwriter, blogger and idea machine! Love my new life! Thanks Marie for all your fabulous advice! You are an inspiration and you are officially on my life’s vision board. I heart you! Z~

  304. Finding our passion has a lot to do with letting go of the stories in our heads that are keeping us stuck. It has also a lot to do with doing what it takes even if we are scared. I left a very successful 15 year career as an engineer and architect to write, coach and run leadership trainings, and trust me, I was VERY scared, but also VERY excited. The first step I went through was letting go of the voices that said I couldn’t. It was the best thing I ever did.

    • I love what you said about stories. It is so true! Sometimes it’s our stories that hold us back, and certainly not our abilities!

      Dawn xo

  305. Great episode. I have struggled with this idea for years! I went to 5 colleges, each one a different major. I have had several (unsuccessful) businesses. I’m that person that has a new idea every single day (sometimes more!). And I live my whole life passionately. But when it comes to what I spend my time on, I realize that when I feel expansive, I move toward that (even when it doesn’t seem to make sense to others) and when I feel contractive I somehow find a way to stop doing those things. It’s not about careers or even talents (some things I’m good at aren’t business or career things…I just like doing them for myself!). I love making people laugh, and I’m not a comedian, but I bring humor to everything! That’s a passion. I love to write about everything, so that’s a passion too…and now I’m working on a plan about how I can use my passions to serve others and create a sustainable living! It’s a lot of fun!

    • Hi Becca, sounds like you would LOVE Improv Acting Classes, if you haven’t tried them yet. You sound like a natural and making people LAUGH is the best medicine you can have. Thanks for bringing that into the world xx Tanya

  306. I absolutely love this! When you bring a better attitude to all that you do, you radiate with good energy out into the world and you attract what is right for you. Great advice! I’m still discovering my passion, but I have lots of interests and I have been allowing myself to dabble in each thing that has been of interest to me. It’s been a lot of fun discovering what I enjoy and it’s made me feel like anything is possible in my life as long as I try and I allow God to guide me.


  307. When I coach my clients who struggle in finding their passion, I let them know right away that doing so is not a cookie-cutter formula for everyone. We are all unique people and we all can find our passion in different ways. While I agree with Marie in that you have to take action, sometimes taking action happens only after the opportunity ‘finds you’ unexpectedly – when you’re not looking for it or pro-actively doing something. I think we all need to take the pressure off ourselves about a deadline to find ‘what our passion is.’ The stress of that sometimes can override or cloud one’s clarity in being present in the moment to discover that feeling that speaks true to our heart and being. Everyone will discover what their passion is. We may all feel that it has to be now. But the truth is accumulating life experiences is like a life school in that we may not realize we are becoming prepared to meet the opportunity in ways we did not expect. Being engaged to find clarity only works when one is present. We have to also be ‘ready’ to receive and hear the message for a passion to truly grab us at the right moment whether we are engaged or not. For instance – think of your family member or friend repeating things throughout your daily life. Maybe you sew the best clothes. Or maybe you decorate a room like no one else. They’ve said the same thing over and over… and to you throughout your whole life, they are merely the same repeated words. You brush it off as a biased compliment. It’s nice of them to say. But they are really trying to tell you that you have a gift for something. But you pay no mind to it because you don’t do these things for the compliment – you just loooove doing it. It makes you happy. Then one day you actually HEAR those words. You realize you’re being told you are good at something or they like something and it’s not a loop recording – they’re saying it repeatedly because they’re trying to penetrate your ears so you HEAR them. And say “Ah ha!” – and it triggers an idea or hits a button where suddenly you have all the clarity in the world as to what they’ve been trying to tell you. Your gift of doing what you naturally do effortlessly because you enjoy it – can also be a passion, too. Some people discover their passion through adversity – ask anyone who has survived cancer why they started a support group; or people who grew up in poverty why they opened a soup kitchen or someone who lost their home in a hurricane and decided to work for a relief effort – and you’ll soon realize that finding one’s passion to discover their life purpose sometimes comes in unexpected ways. None of these folks planned or imagined where their life would take them – but they were able to create something through passion of wanting to help others. We’re all different. But if we trust that we all have something within us and just breathe and be present, the opportunity will come by ways we don’t expect. “Doing” and taking action is one way; sometimes “Being” is another. But we can all make it happen – it starts with being true to who we are. Good luck to everyone on their magnificent journey – I send you lots of light and cheer!

  308. Love the tweetable–so true. My hobby is my passion and I fortunately got to make it my profession more than 20 years ago. although I tweek it along the way, I’m absolutely all for jumping in and doing…it’s a must.

  309. You know how to make a girl smile, thank you for your honest sincere quirkiness. I love it always brightens my day.
    Hugs and Love,
    God Bless,

  310. I am so passionate about connecting people to their passions and shedding fresh light on great ideas and big dreams, and when I put my fingers to key there’s always a great outpouring of intuitive insights and ideas. I just wrote down several new big visions in response to this question. Therefore, I copy/pasted it over into my own file for my next ACTION PLAN (got a little long for here).

    So, from this I could see two Action steps:

    a) enjoy my tonight’s Improv Acting Class # 5, which I started to break the ice and ease my way into speaking or stage work

    b) learn to discern and be concise about what pours out to be shared with you and others and what are visions for my own projects to be started, so as to keep the inspiration going without over-feeding others.

    c) When so much bubbles out, one of my own action steps can be to ‘not take action’ instantly, but allow myself to ‘sit and sort’. I used to be a notorious over giver, so for me oftentimes the ‘recipe of the day’ can be the exact opposite of what might be getting others into focus and action.

    Thank you so much for this episode – and the resulting insights and visions and long list of actions that now are calling to be prioritized.

    Guess, I did yet another Dream Dump, which is normal for me as Idea Generator.

    Hugs xx Tanya

  311. SC

    Know what I want to do, taking the steps, and then fear of failure and putting myself out there is now slowing me down…causing me to “think” about doing it. Thank you for the kick in the bum…your reminder to “just get out there and do it” already!! Enough thinking, take that launch step!

  312. FrannieK

    My husband has been struggling for years to find his true passion. While I agree with Marie that clarity requires engagement, I wonder how this is possible for people like my husband, who works 2 jobs (one full-time and one part-time) six days a week. He has very little time to explore his passions, or even take on a hobby. He has thought about quitting one job, but can’t seem to come to decision as both are equally horrible and unfulfilling. I believe this is becoming more common as people take on multiple jobs to earn a decent wage.

    • Hey Franniek, first – thank you so very much for your comment. What you’re experiencing along with your husband is something that’s becoming a real challenge. It’s certainly not the choice for everyone, but one of our incredible B-Schoolers, Mara and her husband Danny, actually decided to take a bold approach and have moved from NYC (very expensive) to Ecuador (a fraction of the price and amazingly beautiful living!) You can read about her adventures on her blog here: I hope this helps spark some ideas.

      • I have a friend who lives in Thailand and makes his income in USD. He lives like a king in Thailand and has been able to pursue many passions and live a very fulfilling life with his family. It may not be typical but it got him out of the working like crazy to stay ahead….Get creative about the options – you never know what will come up!


  313. To be honest having everything I built crumble around me helped me find my passions. Although it was insanely stressful to have my business name taken away, my office burn down and to be in a head on car accident all in one week before christmas it made me realize that I didnt really want what I had built. I was stressed but also relieved that I could just stop. It gave me time to think about what I really wanted in my life. I also realized that I actually knew what my passions were and it was fear that was holding me back.

  314. Sam

    I still struggle with finding my passion …well technically I know what my passion is it’s traveling, helping people and making difference in this world but I still don’t know how can I adjust that into my career life “which I didn’t choose yet still trying to find a career that works with my passion” and I have no idea what to do 🙁

    Great video 😀 very helpful ♥

    • I get passionate about many things, and try them to see where it goes. After all these years, I just consider these “interests” not my passion.

      I always thought my passion was sewing, and it really is!!! It’s just that for many years I was a custom dressmaker doing weddings, proms, theatre costumes, etc., until 25 years went by and I kept reminding myself “this is the last (wedding, play, sewing class, etc.)”. When I finally gave it up and started designing and sewing my own ideas–well, Marie, I had the same moment you did as you sat on the dance floor warming up! I had the OMG moments every time I sat at the machine, or pulled fabric, beads, buttons and other fabulous doodads from my 35 year stash. I am in heaven sewing up a storm, and selling my handbags, totes, clutches and more online and at arts & craft shows.

      I believe passion is within us from the start, many people just don’t know it, and many people are unable to access their passion because job, parenting, and other life commitments get in the way.

      I struggle with getting myself noticed and especially marketing my product. My goal is to be ready for B-School next time it comes around!

      Thank you for all you do. I am a big fan of you and LKR! (((Hugs))) -Jeanie

    • Hey Sam,

      Remember that all of your passions don’t have to fit into one part of your life (e.g. career). For example, you can love to travel, but not necessarily travel for work or have your career based on travel. Wanting to help people and make a difference will definitely help bring fulfillment to your life. What types of things do you like to help with? Is it people, animals, organizations? What do others ask your for advice or help with? Have you ever done volunteer work? That may be a great way to get into action and try some things to see how it really feels.

      Hope that helps a bit!

      Dawn xo

  315. Sheri

    I think in order to have passion, you have to engagement in whatever you are doing. How will you ever know where are your passion lies, if you are not engaged and utterly emerged. I decided to create a food blog because it’s what I love doing even when I’ve been on my feet for hours doing it. While creating the blog, I noticed that I needed to customize it in the way that using a service like Squarespace or Wix couldn’t do for me. I’ve always had it the back of my to learn how to code as well, and that led me to take a Blueprint Web Developer course at Skillcrush (business-owned by women). I enjoy the process of learning how to build a website in the same way that I love to cook. Cooking and web development has one thing in common and that’s the ability to create, build and complete from scratch.

    • Hey Sheri! The owner of Skill Crush is a B-Schooler 🙂 She’s AMAZING and we love her. I love your share and thank you so much for contributing. xoxo

  316. As a business counselor for the SBA, I work with clients on a daily basis. Some come in and say ” I want to start a business but I have no clue what to start it in”, then they might say, “well I LIKE to do a lot of things. Then I ask, but what are you passionate about, and they look at me like I just asked them what color is there brain. I always tell people I see everyday, that there is a big difference between liking something vs. being passionate about and never start a business just because you like something. Great video!

  317. Jacquie

    You crack me up! Thank you for this video! Have to say that, I’ve been working on engagement, and yes, more opportunities have definitely come my way!

  318. The true test of passion is something that keeps coming back to you, keeps getting you excited for long time to come. All the rest is infatuation….:)

  319. Tommie

    I learned long ago that fashion was my passion so as you stated in your video I pursued it. But over time my passion for a certain part of fashion has changed, I want to pursue another area in fashion but not quite sure which one. After listening to your video I am going to get out and try different things and see what sparks!

  320. I have stumbled upon a few passions. Writing is one I always excelled at but wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to do for a living. And then last year I went on a mission trip to Haiti and I stepped off the boat onto the island and thought, “I’m home” and then thought how weird that was. I didn’t want to come home. I want to be there. And so many doors have been opened for us. My husband and I leave on April 30th to go for 12 days and work at an orphanage where I connected with the owner. They have asked our family to move there as missionaries and so we are going to explore that option. And we’ve been raising money for this orphanage and wow, we are SO close to our goal!! And that is exciting and confirms even further that we are on the right path. I’m so excited for my husband to see Haiti and I pray he falls in love like I did. I have wanted to work with orphaned and needy children since I was a little girl and the Sally Struthers commercials would come on. Now I feel like that dream might be coming true. We shall see!!

  321. HI Marie!

    Love this and so agree! Getting into action is the way to go. I recently got myself unstuck this way. I started by putting stickies up on my wall with all my ideas so they are out of my head! I have started to pull down the ones that don’t fully resonate and I’ll be taking action on the rest.

    I love bringing passion to what ever I do, and you are right, people often ask how I am always so happy. It’s not that it’s always rainbows, it’s just that I put my all into whatever I do!

    Dawn xo

    • Love this Dawn! Great idea on the stickies and so good you got the knowing to pull down the ones who didn’t resonated. Reminds me of what Arianna Huffington said in the other video about choosing to take things off our to do list (getting them ‘complete’ by taking them off 🙂

      Passionate about all of you here this morning!

  322. Beth

    Hahah, you’re so silly. I am pursuing several passions, thanks to listening to you go on about being multipassionate in the first video I saw of yours. The opportunities keep coming, too. I have actually flown an airplane, learned some baking, tai chi, qigong, dog training, agroforestry, and now I’m also working in a greenhouse learning about sustainability and organic nutrition. It’s awesome! I plan on so much more and I would like to thank you for sharing your ideas with all of us. You’re the best! (Oh yeah, and GoT rules!!)

  323. Jenny

    1. I’ve found that I’m passionate about helping others to get through things that I’ve struggled with. I help them do it quicker, easier, better, healthier, and happier. My clarity came with reflection on what I loved to do combined with taking action on those things. That helped steer me in the precise direction that my higher power wanted me to go.

    2. Can anyone give concrete, actionable tips on how to “bring passion to everything that you do?” I love how clear Marie’s videos are with very actionable tips, but this one isn’t clear to me. I saw some people talking about being present. Any other suggestions??? Please??? How can I bring passion to everything that I do?

    • Get all loving and appreciative about what you are doing.
      For example right now I am writing you this note. Standing in my kitchen wiht my little one sleeping next door eatin ga bananas smoothie. And I am loooooving being able to connect with you and Marie and everyone here and share a bit of wisdom and love (more like my own experiences). Imagine I am getting to communicate with you accross continents (so maybe the part that Marie didn’t mention is you gotta be willing to be a bit dorky about it…ya know… like washing dishes… oohhhh I get running water! Amazing!! The miracles of getting hot water in our kitchne! The soap and how it foams….. ) That’s how I find my passion in the now I am in complete awe about everything that has to do with what I am doing.

      Now I will say because I just ran into a client who had this issue: without an open and clear heart chakra it can be uber hard to feel happy and positive or passionate about anything. For the exercise I gave him, he had to find one thing that got him really happy – just thinking of that one person or event would make him really happy.
      He came back a week later without a thing realizing nothing made him really (heart open big smile) happy.

      So now we are going to work on clearing + healing his heart chakra and getting it activated.

      Let me know if that helps Jenny and for more on what the heck is a heart activation here’s what I facilitated last summer and will probably do again this summer from sacred sites around Europe:

      • Jenny

        Hi Danielle,

        Thank you for your reply. I have been doing a lot to get all loving and appreciative about what I’m doing. I work a lot on gratitude (every day – multiple times) since I struggle with depression. I’m still having trouble with it. I am going to look more into opening my heart chakra. Thank you for the link to your heart activation video! Blessings.


  324. Marie!
    Thanks for your blast of insights! Great content and energetic passion. Much appreciated!

  325. I just love Marie and her philosophy on life and Business! What amazing messages that we can incorporate in our lives everyday!
    In the middle of ‘ B School’ Awesome!
    Cheers! B x

  326. I love this! And you are right, we can’t find passion since it’s inside of us. Just 2 weeks ago I was asked 3 questions about finding one’s life purpose and how to know one’s own gifts so I recorded a video ( that explains how to back it up and start with how you want to feel (facing that all powerful feeling of ‘lacking safety’ if we step on a new path) and then we moved into willingness to try anything.
    Following those breadcrumbs 😉

    “Best way to get rid of feelings of insecurity is to get on living your life purpose. Then all of your needs are always met”.
    Danielle Dove.
    PS: Big hugs and gratitude to everyone here!

  327. Yvon

    I too wasted a lot of time trying to find my passion. I then had it narrowed down to either coaching or starting a business selling my crafts. The former seemed more worthy so I enrolled in a home study course. At first it felt great, but my enthusiasm quickly evaporated and I realised that this wasn’t it. And even though I believe in sticking it out, this time I gave myself permission to quit and pursue my crafts instead.

    Since I decided to commit to my crafts everything fell into place. I LOVE what I do and I am passionate about doing something every day that brings me closer to my dream. There is so much joy in the process now, that I hardly feel like I’m working all the while being more productive than I have ever been!

    Sometimes you need to choose one path and see where it takes you. Life’s gift is that you get to choose again.

  328. Totally agree! I was going in circles for months after I decided to start my own business because I wasn’t sure what my true passion was and what was the right business idea. It wasn’t until I stopped thinking and I started doing that I got the needed clarity. My experience with finding my passion was a business idea in disguise – my mission is now to help people find their passion and business idea in only one week. I wrote about my path to my passion here

  329. Thanks a lot Marie, great tip about being passionate about small things. Also be open, as sometimes thing you never though of might ignite that passion. I started to help people prepare for interviews, kinda boring huh, gosh I absolutely love it and it came as a total surprise.
    Keep trying different things, the more you have choose from more chances something will light up your heart.

  330. Persia Summerland

    Are we talking passion or purpose here? I don’t think they mean the same thing. I have lots of passions, i.e. things I love doing, but not all of them are my purpose. But some of them are part of my purpose but not part of my making money purpose. A passion is something very in-your-face so to not know what that is, is a bit confusing. Our purpose on the other hand is somewhat more elusive.

    Passion is something that makes us excited, makes our heart beat faster, makes us leap out of bed in the morning, makes us feel drawn to something and enables us to get absorbed in it for hours on end without realising the time going by. Do you have any of these feelings around something? Another good question to ask when trying to locate it, does anything make you really angry about the world that you feel needs changing? What are you really good at? What are your natural, innate abilities? What are you really interested in? If something isn’t in your life, do you feel bereft that it’s gone?

    And the best question of all is, if you see someone else doing something out in the world, does it really piss you off that they’re doing it? If yes, chances are that’s because it’s something you really want to or should be doing.

    If you find yourself at a point in life where you really can’t find anything that makes you feel passionate, there will be a reason for it. Life is indicating that you need to focus on something else. You just need to find out what that is.

    My best advice that I can give in finding your passion is, just completely forget about it. I know that may be upsetting but if it’s something you’ve been focussing on and obsessing about and have come up with no answers, you need head space. Force yourself to completely give up searching and the answer will come.

    And if after all of that, still no purpose or passion, I would think that’s because there’s some conditioning in the way obscuring it. This could be in the form of a belief you have about yourself for example so some inner work is required.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Marie, you have to actually go out and try things. It can be a process of elimination.


  331. AMi

    Excellent advices!

  332. Agatha

    I loved this video, I do struggle about finding my passion, there are so many thins I would like to do but or I’m too sacred to do it or it is just waay out of my league. This week’s tweetable had alerady helped me a lot, just like the marie’s quote : ” Everything is figureoutable”. Thanks to all of you for taking time to make this great job on Marie TV. We reaaly appreciate your help and effort.


  333. I am reminded of the Clairol commerical, “I’m gonna wash that grey right out of my hair!”. She was super passionate about getting that grey out! I bet that passion sold a lot of product! 🙂

  334. CJ

    Doing EVERYthing with passion always sounds nice but it doesn’t feel authentic. Then I feel bad for not being enthusiastic about EVERYthing.

  335. Oh my gosh, Marie, I laughed for about 5 minutes about the dishes thing. Hilarious! But you are right, passion is contagious. I have proven it time and again!

  336. Marie
    You know, there’s one thing that really resonated with me from this post. The point of being engaged in your passion and not just thinking about it. This one statement has so much meaning for me and no doubt to many others. It’s so easy to get caught up in details when initiating something new. Thinking, thinking over and over. The emotions behind this, the wheel spinning, analysis paralysis. Spend more time actually doing whatever your thing is, and less on planning the minute details and this will provide much more clarity. Planning only clogs up the mind even more. And like you eluded to, this only makes you more confused.
    It’s been a few days since you posted this, but this idea of engagement still lingers and is the motivation and action prompt I needed.
    Thank you

  337. Great video Marie, my wife and I are huge fans of yours. When it comes to ‘finding my passion’, I used to focus so much on that process that I lost track of what passion really is. Most of us want to do what we like for a living, and we want that thing to pay well and not demand too much of us. At least that’s what ‘finding my passion’ was all about. But then I figured that it’s just a thing that gets you going and that you can do or think about for hours and not get bored or tired, it doesn’t have to be your bread-winning job.
    Thank you for sharing your insight and advice Marie. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  338. The other day someone asked me,”If money is not an object, what would you do for the rest of your life?”

    For once in my life, I was able to said,”This, I am passionate about making people happy. I want to travel all over the world and make this world a happier place. ”

    I have always loved people ever since I was young and people always came to me asking for advice. When I finish high school, I said to dad that I wanted to study psychology. He disagreed and told me to study IT instead, so I did. He passed away in 2012 and it made me question on what is life is all about and to follow my heart then somehow I stumbled into life coaching, fast forward to now, I just started my business this year and have been coaching my ass off and I am so proud of myself when I said,”OMFG I love what I do!” It gives me greatest joy to change people’s life just by having an hour conversation. An insight changes the way you see the world and when you change the way you see it, the world around you changes.

    And, you definitely change my world Marie!! You are awesome!! 😀

    Love, Hugs & Happiness,
    Nat x

  339. Saikat

    Hello Marie
    Very food Morning

    I wrote something in your FB as a note did you see it? I saw your email in my mail box and loved it after reading. You know which e-mail I am talking about. Same I do wait for the time.

    Rest up to the almighty.


  340. Hi Marie, I spent years doing one job after the next. Hobbies too. One goal to the next and kept going. You’re right when you say, you’ve gotta ‘do’ it, not think it. And, I never really felt passionate about anything, or I maybe felt passionate about everything. Whether I passionately loved doing something or passionately despised doing something. Realising though I’ve arrived at what I want to do with my life, because when I started to do it, I could see that everything I had done in the past has come to this one point in my life. All roads leading to this one career. Now, I have purpose 🙂 Cheers to you for doing what you do – you rock!

  341. Well it took me a while to get to the end of your comments on this topic…. You surly have a winning topic. I recently flew to the USA from Aus to do a course with Janet Attwood called the passion test…. It was awesome! You guys should look her up and Get Marie to interview her. She has a New York best selling book “the passion test” -check it out!!!!
    Thanks Marie and her team -your work is awesome!

  342. I started looking at what brought me JOY and EXCITED me everyday! ART & Teaching is my passion.

  343. You so crazy! I adore you, woman!

  344. Manu

    Dear Marie, I never struggled with finding my passion, in fact I rather struggle in not being overwhelmed BY my passions. PLUS, I know and have experienced that I could pretty much just do anything I choose to do, having so many capabilities intellectually, spiritually and also not being afraid of really going for in on the physical side (i.e. making hay for cows and horses manually on the steep Swiss mountains, working in horse stables, helping my dad to build up furniture as a kid, and now doing it on my own etc.). SOOOOO … it is ALL about … CHOICE. Which choice do I take, for what DECISION do I go for? To be honest, I guess it’s much more easy if you just have one big, but very clear passion instead of so many capabilities. Love & hugs to the whole Marie Forleo team. Manu

  345. Woody

    Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. @MarieForleo

    Marie, you can feel your passion (It came at the right time). Thanks and be blessed during “Passion Week!”

  346. Steve Lui

    Go video Marie, this is what I need to here. Thanks for sharing.

  347. Shinji Chijiiwa

    Thank you for making me watch amazing video.

  348. I need to be passionate about everything I do because right now I am in a rut with my startup business. Thanks for making these videos!

  349. Holly

    My comment might be a little bit different than the others I have read here.
    I feel I was very passionate about being a wife and mother.
    But the children have grown up and I am divorced.
    Now i need to find my passion so i can make a decent living rather than work two jobs like i do now . By the way , i am grateful for both jobs, just not passionate about them. I am 53 and want to shed the struggle. Plus i feel this incredible longing to do something else just dont know what that might be. Any advice is welcomed.

  350. Got it!
    It sounds so simple yet i have spent such a long time thinking and therefore feeling like i’m taking action just because its in my head so much.
    So now is the time to stop thinning and start trying! Here i go!
    Thanks Marie.

  351. An article on the subject I find interesting, 8 provoking questions to find your passion

  352. Oh, Marie
    I just remembered now how to THANK my life for bringing me where I am.
    That was before watching the episode.
    But passion MUST be everywhere, otherwise you start cutting it off more and more (when you cut a slice of me is going to be chocolate cheese cake all the way, because the way you do anything is the way you do everything).
    Thanks again, and see you soon,
    L xo

  353. Hey Marie,

    I can get really crabby when someone points to me that I am an owl!
    I tell you Marie, how many times I have encountered people close ones especially who think they have the birth right to comment about someone else’s body clock. I am gonna forward this video to them, let them know your views and all other lovely people’s comments.

    Thank you for the awesome topics you come up with all the time!

    Madhurie Singh

  354. All I knew is that I desired a business where I could run it anywhere in the world. At first I thought getting my Cert IV TESOL certificate was the answer. So I got my certificate, I enjoyed teaching however it was not the freedom I thought it would be. Then I came across online business and knew that this was for me.

  355. Wow Marie! This video really spoke to me on a personal level. I am definitely an (over) thinker when it comes to my passion and other areas of work and life. Its clear to me that my (over) thinking is a result of fear – fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of….you name it. One of my goals this year is to kick that fear in the butt and be more engaged/action-oriented with my new jewelry business. Getting myself into the studio and making/experimenting rather than thinking and rethinking ideas – it is a vicious cycle. This doesn’t come naturally or easily to me at all. Any tips for how to push past the fear and convert from a thinking mindset to a doing mindset?

  356. Pam S

    Hi Marie, this is just my two cents but I think it will be great to have a “Share” button for all your amazing posts. “Share” for Facebook, or the all-in-one “Share” button for various medias. A lot people I know, including myself, love to “Share” content on Facebook and what better way when there’s a ready “Share” button available?

    (On a business-related note, I think this helps you track how many people “share” your post on Facebook too, instead of when people post links of your posts on Social like FB)

    Love what you do, keep doing what you’re doing so well. I have been watching your videos since you started out with a simple set of a table with a plain-ish backdrop. Love what you’ve done in terms of art direction for your latest video 🙂

  357. Stacey

    I used to struggle with finding my passion, specifically straight out of college. I completely agree with this video bc what I have found was that when I stopping focusing on it and just “did me”, new and exciting opportunities arose. I had always loved playing cello, but never saw it as something I could turn into a business. When I stopped focusing on turning my life into some sort of cookie cutter success story, I realized it was okay to pursue a variety things. Now I have a side business with a good friend of mine who is a flutist and we perform at all sorts of fun events. That wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t let go of this idea of finding a “successful passion”.

  358. Taking ACTION is what I did after reading one of your posts Marie….I spoke at a large presentation, speaking about ‘spirit’; now tomorrow I am speaking to a group of teacher graduates…..(and watching your videos to get my confidence up)……I have 56 years of experience and was waiting for all of my talents to come together and a ‘perfect’ job come knocking on my door — guess what??? You know it… knocks. Now I am truly taking hold of my own reins and ‘creating a life I love’……open to the possibilities and curious to see how it all plays out, who I meet, and how the next opportunity will be presented to me! Thanks….

    • Well said Patsy! I totally agree and am striving to do the same!

  359. Jennifer

    I love the video about finding your passion! I stumbled across your site just when I needed to! Any my favorite part is your “tweetable” …Clarity comes from engagement not thought. Thank you so much! I will definitely stay tuned.

  360. Hi Marie,
    I really needed this episode! I am always searching for that “one thing” that will be my passion, but I think that I miss a lot of opportunities because I am searching instead of engaging. I especially took to heart your advice about bringing passion to everything I do because it will be contagious. I will definitely have to try that out right away!

  361. I am passionate when I “pee”!

  362. First off – Marie is hilarious! I cracked up when she was scrubbing that bowl!

    Secondly, yes I so agree with what she said, that passion isnt at the end of the rainbow. You have to get out and DO what you THINK you are going to love.

    I have an exercise I do with my clients where I tell them to visualize themselves in the future, in their IDEAL world living their ideal life. When they visualize themselves doing a certain something, or BEING a certain something, I urge them to go do it, experiment with it, and see if it gets them excited! If it does, GREAT! You’ve found it. If it does NOT give them that all-encompassing feeling of “this is IT!”, then move on. Try something ELSE you visualize yourself doing.

    Visualization! Then.. engagement engagement engagement! 🙂

  363. Anna

    Amazing!! Thank you 🙂

  364. This is great! I think the trouble lies in the phrase itself, which Marie alluded to. Finding your passion like it’s something you’ve lost makes it external and faraway. Similar to taking action and engaging, once you get in on the steps to create your passion, they will start to feel an intrinsic part of who you are. Just getting out there and doing, even routine every day tasks, like washing dishes and making the bed, the mind will retrain itself to create passion in anything it becomes engaged in.

  365. My absolute FAV Marie TV episode! Thank you thank you Marie, I sent a lot of my clients to watch this … it’s so much better when they can see you pour passion into washing the dishes instead of me just saying it. The illustration is a beautiful thing!

  366. All I can say is, WOW! Thank you so much for this inspirational pep talk! You are so right about doing instead of thinking. I constantly find myself dreaming about all the things I want to accomplish, but I actually need to do these things if I want to discover my passions. Thanks for sharing!

  367. Anthea

    I’m in tears. This was exactly what I needed to hear. I too have spent years wondering why I couldn’t pick one thing and follow it. Thank you so much for posting this link. Blessings to you xXxX

  368. I have been struggling to find that one “Passion” for so long. It is so hard to just focus on one thing for me. This blog (and the comments below it) really help with understanding that there is no “one passion”. We are who we are and what we choose to really do, at that moment can be different from what we might do next week. But you have to be experiencing things to see them. Thanks for posting. Really liked this one.

  369. Tina

    I am passionate about writing- a possible career as an accountant- piano- and part of me would LOVE to foster care a puppy. (but that passion will have to wait until I am able to live on my own)

    Oh, yeah, and I’m passionate about LIVING ON MY OWN. Maybe that’s why I get annoyed with my parents- but laundry- ugh- no passion in that.

  370. Stephanie

    This video was really important for me today. I’m currently “wasting” a lot of energy trying to find out what my purpose and passion is. Someone already told me that I have to be more passionate about what I do now but it’s weird… because it’s like I did not understand it really until now. Thank you for opening my eyes!

    I really love personal development, listening to people and give them advices so I will take a life coach class soon. I was struggeling about that… didn’t know if it was right for me…thinking I wasn’t good enough to be a life coach because, normaly, life coaches have done so many things and blah blah blah. I’ll just take the class and feel it 🙂 see how it goes.

    Thank you again!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Stephanie, I’m so glad to hear that this video was helpful to you! The great news is that you can bring passion to your every day tasks rather than seek it out as something external.

      • Cristina

        So true … slightly more difficult to put into practice when overwhelmed by boring and urgent stuff everyday!
        Anyway thanks for remind us!