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Before we dive into today’s MarieTV episode, a heads up in case you or anyone you know may be in NYC this week.

Since I’ve been working on some new projects, I haven’t been able to do much public speaking lately. When folks ask if I have any live events on the calendar, I often feel bad because the answer is usually no.

But this Wednesday March 12th, I’ll be speaking at Town Hall in NYC in support of my dear friend, the legendary Marianne Williamson.

All the details are here and if it works in your schedule, I’d love to meet you in person.

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Click To Tweet

Now onto this week’s topic, which is something many of us struggle with — especially highly creative, multipassionate folks.

Do you have trouble articulating the big vision you’re working towards?

Do you ever wonder if you need to start with a clear vision of your end goal in order to create success?

While some people are laser focused on where they’re headed, many I know dread being asked about their five year plan.

If you ever wonder about whether you really need to “begin with the end in mind” this week’s episode is for you.

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Now I’d love to hear your story.

Have you always had a long-term vision for your success?

If not, what advice do you have for those of us who don’t necessarily see the entire plan laid out quite yet?

Tell me about your path — what’s worked, and what hasn’t — with as much detail as possible.

We’ve got tens of thousands of ambitious creatives from around the world in our community and you never know if YOUR share could spark a breakthrough for someone who really needs it.

Thank you, as always, for watching and commenting!

All my love,

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  1. I think of vision as a scaffolding. I’m learning to let the Universe fill in the holes. It’s impossible to plan every single detail and in doing so we don’t leave room for flow. We forget that we can’t coordinate synchronicity and opportunity. We can only receive it.

    I think in terms of co-creation, not singular efforts. That way, I’m exponentially increasing my chances for success. Great points as always, Marie.

    • I swear that you’ve gotta be my spirit animal. I LOVE reading your comments every week!! Thank you so much for sharing. You always give such great insight and at the perfect time too. Signed up for your newsletter. 🙂

      • Hey Biba!

        You are a gem. I appreciate you infinitely. 🙂

    • I just love your way with words. I agree with you wholeheartedly once I started to let go and let God things really started to come together. Great point Emelia and as ALWAYS … Amazing Video Marie

      • Thank you, Kike-Lola. It’s like the story I’ve heard about the kid who wants the toy fixed but won’t hand it over to get the help needed. I’ve been that kid far too often in the past. 🙂

    • Co-creation, not singular efforts…. and yet, each singular effort compounds on the one that came before. It feels like it’s both, Emelia. Thanks for the insight. 🙂

      • Hey Lisa 🙂

        Yup. We don’t have to do it all alone.

    • Cool analogy Emilia, and thanks as always Marie! It can be really difficult to let go of “control” and co-create with the Universe, but that’s where the magic happens!

      I had a “quarter life crisis” after I finished by undergraduate degree and wasn’t sure what I was doing with my life. But keeping positive energy, doing the best work I could and letting my heart be open for signs from the Universe worked (duh!).

      Through a graduate program (paid for by an assistantship I earned) I found my path doing visual facilitation and graphic recording, which I LOVE and am about to launch into full time!

      Cheers, Karina

      • Good for you, Karina. I love that your “LOVE” is in capital letters. We should all be so fortunate. 🙂

      • I feel like I’m in a “quarter life crisis” now! Ever since I’ve finished undergrad, it seems that every time I think I have a stable, well-paying job, something happens to force me back into job hunting. I’m starting to think it’s a sign from the universe that I should be on a different path than the corporate America path that I have been pursuing.

        I’m still figuring out what my long-term vision will be, but as you and Emilia stated above, I know I must do my part and trust the universe to take care of the rest. I’m similar to Marie with many different interests, so lately I’ve given myself permission to explore them to see how I could create career paths out of them. Before, I’d always dismiss my interests as not practical because they are creative and in the entrepreneurial. Now, I have committed to myself to stop my negative thinking regarding my wants and interests so I can take steps each day to create a life and career that I will love.

        Thanks for the advice, Marie and Emelia!


        • Hey Keyshia,

          The multi-passionate feel tortured but really, they are so lucky to have options that excite them. And to be aware of that at such an early age is a blessing. You have all the power in the world. The Queen Life awaits!

        • Hey Keshia,
          I totally understand what you mean. There is no reason corporate is for everyone as we are all different anyway.
          I am going to quit my fancy corporate job in a month to go full time with my coaching business and I feel at awe spending twice the hours I used to work on my corporate job kust to do my passion, help people, see people access a whole new awesome life for them as I am doing for myself and I am guilty of trying to get everyone badly in love with their daily lives 🙂
          Listen to your heart and intuition, the know better Keisha 🙂

    • It’s like you’re reading my mind, Emelia! I’ve really been trying to stay in the place of receiving lately and letting the Universe take the lead (actually, our business blog today is about JUST that! Love the synchronicity). Glad to hear I’m in good company! 🙂

      • Hey Kristen,

        I am learning a huge lesson in “the art of allowing.” Synchronicity is a huge part of it. 😉

    • You are so right, Emilia. It is impossible to plan every detail.

      We should always “leave room for the flow.”

      • Hi Kathy,

        All the planning…it’s exhausting, isn’t it? Allowing that flow leaves us with so much more energy…and clarity. 🙂

    • I like what you said about leaving room for flow! I rarely do that but now see how necessary that is. Thanks to both you and Marie for today’s pearls of wisdom.

      • Hey Lori,

        It’s an ongoing lesson for me. I am constantly getting in my own way, but it’s getting progressively better. 🙂

    • Chassey

      Love the video, as always, Marie….and great clarity and insight, Emelia! I am multi-passionate and have been successful in a venture or two. But I haven’t found that one thing that my heart and soul say to it, “you are the one!” So I find myself every few years feeling like I’m back at square one and wanting to tackle too many projects. And they are as different from each other as Maries’s were in the beginning.

      I’m a newbie to B-School (excited about that!) and plan on using it to allow the Universe to fill in those so-called holes. I will not be disappointed though if I live my life offering many small parts of me to the world, as it does take all those small parts to make a whole.

      Just want to add…reading what all of you have to offer lifts me up exponentially! When I’m here, my head swirls with all the great ideas in the ether. Thank you for being you! 🙂

      • I’m blown away by the quality of comments here. Thanks Chassey for putting in words my sentiments.

      • Hey Chassey (great name, BTW)

        You will love B-School. Did it last year and doing it again. Have grown exponentially in terms of my confidence and consistency. I’m starting to really see some pay-offs. Marie and her team do a phenomenal job of putting it together and you will never be alone in any of your challenges again. Congrats on making a life-changing choice. 🙂

      • Like your name. 😉 “In the measurement world, we set a goal and strive to achieve it. In the universe of possibility, we set the context and let life unfold.” ~B. Zander, The Art of Possibility

      • Chassey I can so relate to both the blessing, and the curse, that is being multi-passionate. I love that you stated you are not going to be disappointed if you don’t find that ONE big thing to offer… it’s a lot of pressure, right?!? And yet for me, I so want to have that thing figured out! Not to mention being involved with so many things, which I love, tends to make me feel like I am running around like a crazy chicken!!!

        I shall try to focus on one small hole to fill, one small project, one small step at a time… even as the tweetable states, we can’t yet see the top of the staircase 🙂

    • Josh Bond

      Hi Emelia,
      Your comment is absolutely spot on. I always try and remain open as to what surprise the universe has in store for me next. I guess in that sense life is a journey of faith.
      Best wishes,

      • Hey Josh,

        I feel you. It becomes a sort of extraordinary game. You never know what gift is around the corner. 🙂

    • Emelia, your “scaffolding” metaphor is near photographic in clarity, and is truly a divine expression of what it means to be in business. It also seems to come with built-in wiggle room for stretching where needed. For longer than I can recall I have set goals and worked backwards to the beginning steps. I still do that, but my “long term vision” is now a lot shorter time span. Setting up scaffolding for a month long job is a lot more manageable than setting up for a 5 year job! Thanks!

      • Hey Jan,

        Thank you. You’re so spot on with the idea of wiggle room. We need it or our rigidity will work against us. Plus, it makes for a more interesting journey.

    • Hey Emelia!
      Love your input : ) I think I try to force things along a path and then when I get thrown off my perceived course by life events I feel like I’m failing in some way… I love the idea of letting the Universe fill in the holes – whewfff, less work for me.

      • Exactly! We’re always trying to do this alone when there’s an organizing power beyond our comprehension. Let it do some of the work…that’s what it’s there for. 🙂

    • Such insight of pure gold. Love it! Thanks

    • Emelia great insight. I have say I am multipassionated and dont see how it comes together but I do have an idea and I am in B school. To get the missing gaps filled in and push my self through exercises that helped bring clarity to me already. I am still working on the exercises but this was the next step for me. I am working on health because of food allergies so its all part of the journey. Love you marie

      • Good for you, Connie. You’re going to love B-School. The information will always be relevant whenever you figure out the direction you wish to go. Enjoy!

    • Sarah

      Amazing. I love what you said about synchronicity and opportunity. We don’t create them, we can only receive them. I’m going to chew on that today.

      • Hey Sarah,

        I chew on it everyday. 🙂

    • Love your thinking Emelia. I try to plan every thing in detail, but as always the plans change a little as things progress, especially when building houses. But the end result can often be better than I planned.Have a direction but go with the flow.

      • Hi Robin,

        So true. That flow will always lead us to something bigger than we could have envisioned. 🙂

    • jen

      Thank you Emelia – loved how you put what I feel into words. A good reminder.

  2. So interesting how some people have clear visions (that don’t work out that way at all) and others who are totally open + going with the flow end up in a totally unexpected place…

    I used to have a very specific long term vision but now, the more I allow my inner guidance to guide and inspire my actions, the less specific (yet much bigger) my vision tends to be.

    And frankly, for me, that has meant letting go of a rigid plan and instead, allowing for miracles to show up on the journey.

    Thankfully, “miracles” are showing up and surprising me every time.

    PS: Don’t give up! Keep going forward; momentum is key in success!



    • Agreed! I find that just putting myself out there, pursuing what I’m working on now with unrelenting passion, and dreaming about the future without putting a whole lot of constraints or plans on it means an influx of beautiful miracles!

  3. Sometimes the end goal is too small, or too limited… so for me it’s about staying in alignment with my excitement and delight and using those vibes as guide posts to carry me forward.

    • I like this idea of “staying in alignment with excitement an delight.” I think that’s the perfect compass.

    • Gorgeous words, Robin. Life is completely about excitement and delight 🙂

  4. I remember as I kid as you to stand on my balcony in Haiti and just start talking like I was giving a good speech to pedestrian. My mom called it a phase but today I see it as my calling very early on to become a motivational speaker and impact lives.

    Now do I have a clear vision of what the path looks like NO. I was a software engineer for a while because I wanted to keep carrying the “first college graduate of my family” torch but I was extremely unhappy doing the 9-5 thing. I then got into fitness and loved the challenge, the journey I didn’t factor in that I would have to bust my behind to make a living out of it. Which brings me to my advice if you don’t have a plan laid out.

    What you are called to do, it is in you and at some point in your life you did it (like for me preaching to pedestrians from my balcony in Haiti). Sometimes you take detours like a college degree that you completed and don’t like anymore, working side jobs, doing something that pays the bill but allows you to have flexibility and time to pursue your dream. No matter what you feel in your heart you are called to do, trust that the universe will help you make it happen but most importantly you have to believe in yourself to make it there.

    • Tara

      Thank you, your comment really hit home for me.

    • Webly, this comment was for me, thanks so much for sharing your views

    • Yes. Yes. Yes, Webly! I absolutely feel this on the daily basis. Intentions that I didn’t even know I set years ago are coming to fruition today. It’s like I was born with a bamboo seed and it’s just beginning to sprout.

    • Webly, beautiful memory and thanks for sharing. I needed to be reminded of that today. xo

    • Maria

      Thank you for this comment Webly, I needed to read this today; it’s uplifting because I feel like I’ve been on a quarter life crisis for 10 years and sometimes it becomes so exhausting. Just when I feel like I’m on the right path, a few months pass by and I get discouraged because I know that that’s not my calling aaaand time is ticking and ticking which is no help at all. I know that I have a calling, but then again I wonder…doesn’t everybody feel like they have a calling? sigh. I guess leaving the gaps for the universe to fill takes a lot of effort and faith, but I’m working on it.

    • Karen Harlacher

      thanks for sharing those great words – good to hear.

  5. I think it can be tricky to see the full plan laid out… What can often be useful is to break it down. Think about what lifestyle/business/experience you want to create and imagine what ‘proof’ of your ideal would be… So rather than seeing the full vision for your business you could see ‘evidence’ that you’ve got your end result, as sketchy as it might be. For example, if it is generating a certain income maybe the proof would be seeing your bank statement. Or, getting to your ideal weight might be seeing the dial as you step on the scales…. Keep THAT picture in mind and step into how you feel in this scenario. That will be direction for your subconscious to get moving and to feel motivated…

    Good luck x

  6. I am a crazy planner. Crazy!! I plan things to DEATH!!!! This is not to say that I follow my plan or that I even get started on my plans. I use planning as a procrastination tool. ( I am TOTALLY diming myself out here, but maybe by exposing it to light, I can change it or get some advice from this fantastic community. 😀

    For those that don’t have a long term vision, I highly recommend Danielle LaPorte’s guidance in her book, The Desire Map. Find five words that describe how you truly desire to feel. Use those feelings in creating the vision for your life and your business.

    The best thing about using your feelings as a guide is that you can do things right now that will help you feel that way. It’s instant gratification, almost, without having to wait soooo long to feel like you accomplished something.

    • Ms. Pillowz – planning as procrastination is something most people can relate to! My only share for you is a mantra I live by – Start Before You’re Ready. xo

      • I have been watching Marie TV from the first episode, where you started out with your webcam. I totally believe that the right way will unfold as soon as you take action. If you show that you really want it, work hard and do everything you can, the next steps will unfold. You grow through the process, not by planning the process. Follow your heart and trust that the right opportunities will show up at the right time.

        • Thanks Ani! 🙂

        • Viva

          Emelia, Mz.Pillows and Ani, Thanks so much for your comments. Those about synchtonicity and about how one grows by going THROUGH the process rather than planning it, especially resonate. Ms. Pillow, I too am a “master” planner. Although helpful, as is my one year biz plan, my tendency to strategize so many of the details and plan for the “what ifs” can be a hindrance to the synchronicity of creativity and spontaneity. It’s a continual dance to balance it all for my creative entrepreneurial endeavors. A shout out to you , Marie for “legitimizing” those of us who are establishing ourselves as multi-passion, business-oriented creatives . I call the convergence of my interests and talents/skills: writing and speaking (indie film funding sources, travel and affordable beach living), photography (beach, cultural and nature) and vintage clothing and collectibles. I also specifically plan time blocks to carry out my planned actions. To be accountable to self & actually see/experience the success if my progress, I check off when complete with a note or indicator about the outcome. A bit belt and suspenders perhaps but it keeps me focused on the priorities and able to make steady progress with each of the multiple projects (which is continually expanding as new opportunities pop up). Greatly cuts down the frustration factor and wandering attention span. It’s so helpful to know that others are succesfully handling all this too.

      • Omg… Why did I just inhale like I haven’t had a breath of air in 20 minutes?! (I’m such a fangirl…) Thank you for your comment. You’re on point as usual!

  7. I have followed you for a long time and you have evolved into an amazing butterfly. You are for me, the best example of working with what you have, believing in your dreams & going with the flow. Thanks for the reminder. xx

  8. Barbara

    Oh I know what you mean about having lots of interests and growing up in New Jersey. What did I want to be when I grew up: a writer, an architect/interior designer, an efficiency expert, a pastry chef or a neuropsychologist, and I wanted to live in a big city for a period of time, live abroad, speak more than one language, and work for myself in order to have the flexibility to travel.

    I don’t have a set plan but I do have pretty clear ideas of the experiences I want to have – a variation on Danielle La Porte’s “desire map.” On the one hand I fell into most of the jobs I’ve had but if I look back, everything I’ve done is somehow inter-related and has brought me to where I am now and even if I’d followed a different course, I probably would have ended up in the same spot today. I tend to follow the “everything happens for a reason” school of thought.

    Of the above, I am currently a self-employed writer and live in Rome, Italy. I lived in San Francisco and studied architecture for a while, had my own upholstery business, and designed and built my home. I worked my way through university as a professional organizer for people who work at home. As time goes on, I add new interests and some of the old ones fade away (neuropsychologist – what was I thinking?). I’d still like to go to pastry school – maybe when I retire.

    • Kathy

      Absolutely LOVE this share. Like you never know whats around the next corner for you but giving yourself permission to be free to choose it if it seems right!! (I too had an interest in neuropsychology…fascinating field of study!!) Being aware that there is SO MUCH OUT THERE. I love it…possabilities are endless. Good Luck in Life.

      • Barbara

        Thanks, Kathy. I’m also grateful that I’ve had the freedom and the courage to choose.

    • I feel like I just found a soul sister. What I wanted to be when I grew up changed every year. And from the outside, I seemed fickle to even people who knew me well, but I just love so much! And to be honest, I’m pretty good at a lot of it. But finding that one, true calling or passion, that is an illusive and even scary thought. I don’t WANT to do just one thing forever, and hence why coming up with 5 or 10 year plans totally shuts me down. I loved this video, and I loved your post. My life is more like a song, with different verses. Right now, I’m in the part-time graphic design business/mom of young children verse. And I’m just focusing on singing it out as loud and proud as I can! The next verse? I’m not sure. Starting a charter school? A wellness clinic? I don’t know. I just don’t know that I’ll do it as an entrepreneur, full of love and passion for the work. And that sounds like a pretty good place to be in 5-10 years from now, what ever it is I’m doing in that place….

    • Karen Harlacher

      Wow!! You are amazing! Congratulations on doin’ it !

      I’ve dreamed /thought about many of those same things you’ve shared..

  9. Such an interesting Q&A Tuesday and makes me feel a lot better about my approach to my life, my career and my business.

    I believe that by concentrating on being the best you that you can be, being open to opportunities and being honest with yourself about what you want and enjoy, you can make the right choices without needing to know exactly where you are going. It got me a job working for The Queen, got me to Brazil and back, and is now opening all sorts of exciting freelance and business ideas… thanks to Marie Forleo as well more recently of course!

  10. Sweet video Marie!

    So, this is a VERY interesting and timely topic.

    I met with an ex-consulting partner of mine last week who asked me (as I’m not full-time in my business yet), as to WHEN I will be, and what revenue that will take…and how I plan to expand etc etc. I had NO answers for him. ZERO. I have a loose sales goal for this year but I realized I hadn’t thought about what my overarching goal is with my business because I’m so busy doing, that I haven’t been planning enough.

    I think one can easily OVER PLAN too much, ideally you want to get to a happy medium. An idea/vision of where you want to go with your business and life, without compromising the flexibility of being able to adapt to changing markets and needs.

    For me, my business goals are tied to feeling good a la Danielle Laporte. When I feel like my business is in the flow… that’s when I’ll find success.

    With gratitude,

    • Kristi,

      I agree with your sentiments on over planning. Having a vision is great, but you need to be open as you how it gets realized otherwise you can miss opportunities and short-cuts along the way.

      Thanks for bringing up over planning as most conventional wisdom around business points in this direction.


  11. you made me laugh out loud today! i really needed that. I’m in the middle of finishing a book that I’ve been writing for 8 years — yes 8 years! i had a vision for the book and it was a 3 year vision . . . this life happened. love the comment that the vision is the scaffolding. I’ve been teaching and living goal and vision planning for 20 years and i find that i don’t really have a lot of goals anymore, I have some core guiding principles and a compelling vision for how i want the world around me to be. then each day i am grateful for what comes. goals are useful and can get you started, but if they are written in stone then they will drag you down. we can only set goals based on who we are today and then we evolve and grow and often those goals do not reflect who we have become. so write the goals, and dream big, but be willing and able to keep your sense of humor about your self (like Marie) and keep moving forward! love the gems of humorous wisdom you send out each week. thanks!

    • I have applaud you for sticking to it Markey – sending you good vibes to get that book over the finish line (if that’s what you want, of course!)

  12. Absolutely LOVED this video.

    I’ve always been one of those hyper-type-A planners who lives and dies by her calendar. What I’ve learned is that while you can TRY to plan everything out, you also have to learn to roll with the punches and switch directions on the fly. This quote below has always inspired me. (Just replace “writing a novel” with “running a business” and it totally applies!)

    “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as the headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”
    ~E.L. Doctorow

    I see planning as a road trip. I might have a general idea of where I want to go and might even have a route mapped out, but if I hit a detour I just look for a new way to get there.

    Thanks Marie for an inspiring start to my Tuesday morning!

    • Great quote, Gabriela! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Awesome quote Gabriela. There’s actually a lot of similarities around running a business and writing!

  13. Excellent episode, Marie! Love the way you discussed how you did start where you are, that it was a journey of struggle and fun getting where you are now, and I assume, you have much further to go! Hope you don’t mind me hitching a ride.

    I have a long-term, what many people call “pie-in-the-sky,” vision for my business/life: to help hundreds of thousands of women rediscover their joy and fall in love with themselves, so that their joy and love will produce a ripple effect into the world which will bring to life “love your neighbor as you love yourself” and usher in world peace.

    That long-term vision keeps me going, and provides me so direction. Then I create working subset visions based on what is coming up for me now.

    My current working subset vision of my larger vision: I help smart and ambitious women rediscover their joy by teaching them to get out of their own way, so that their everyday lives can rock as they realize an increase in time available to do what they want to do and money reserves to make it happen.

    Thanks for providing a place to share our vision and planning, Marie!

    • Brilliant vision. Love the title of “joy strategist”.

    • Love your vision and the work you are doing! To me, you are talking about re-connecting with our hearts and soul and living from that place of fullness…I agree, that is a path to peace and joy…

      Light ahead!

  14. This episode is so inspiring. In the beginning I felt like building my business was like throwing out this huge net into the ocean and as I pulled it back in again I would see what showed up, sometimes old boots, tangled fishing lines and seaweed and occasionally a really big fish! I think the important thing was having a reasonable clear vision of what I wanted to be doing and being curious and creative about getting it out there. Above all, it’s been really important to be intentional but not too attached. So that I’m clear about what I want to create, feel and achieve and also curious about how it sometimes shows up in ways that I haven’t imagined. Thanks Marie, to you and the team for your amazing work in the world. Excited to be diving back into b-school this week!!!

    • Mitsue

      Lisa, I really like your comment about being intentional but not too attached. Be clear and curious as to how it turns out and be ready to how it shows up. . . ! Very nicely put!

  15. So… yes I have had a five year plan for many years but get this… it is always changing! It is not set in stone or written in blood.

    As we move forward in our lives, careers and businesses – THINGS CHANGE. That is OK, we just measure our success, monitor what is working and adjust to the changes.

    We still have a five year plan that we modify every six months. Over time the final results look different but we still have a road map to move us forward.

    Not everyone is a global or big picture thinker, give yourself some grace and allow yourself to be you 🙂

    Just my thoughts…


  16. I like this post Marie, and the comments below. A really kind person once showed me something about myself that I didn’t see and told me to write a blog. So I made a blog for two years, for folk starting out in their food businesses, with advice that I asked established food entrepreneurs to provide. People liked it, and wanted more. So I made a little book. And people liked it. And now I am making book 2.

    All of this I share to say to say that I totally agree with some of your other commenters “Listen to your heart. Follow what you instinctively are drawn to, even if it scares the pants off you.” Take a step and the path WILL unfold for you.

    • Awesome story Tessa! Thank you for sharing it. Huge congrats on your books and journey 🙂

  17. “Keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special something only you have” MF

    For me this has been the case. I’ve followed my dreams so through the rejections( many many many) and the unbelievable moments I can honestly say I’ve worked my cute lil buns off … Still do by the way.

    The easy answer lies in Marie’s ending quote. The hard part may be working and working year after year and not giving up. Believe me I wanted to give up my dreams and live in the world of bitterness but that’s just not me.

    Thankfully I still work my butt off and today I’m being interviewed by the Global Sisterhood via
    Would’ve never happened if I stopped working and stopped dreaming 😉

  18. I graduated with a BFA in fashion design and thought that the end all, be all was to one day, be a huge, household name designer. But over the last 7 years, I’ve dabbled in all parts of the industry – i’ve had my own clothing line, I’ve run a boutique, I’ve consulted, I’ve done e-commerce… it’s only now starting to intersect in my head like puzzle pieces what my end result is going to be. I still have a vision of what my little “empire” will look like and do, but I’ve learned to just roll with it and collect all these puzzle pieces… slowly they’re being put together for the big reveal 😉

    • This reminds me of Steve Jobs Stanford alumni speech (check it out on YouTube). He talks about how he took a calligraphy course in college, and even though it seemed a waste of time back then, he used what he learned from it when he was developing apple. He called it connecting the dots, just like your puzzle pieces. He said he couldn’t see the connections right away until he looked back on all that he learned.

    • Hey Kristin,

      I LOVE the analogy of a puzzle – like one of those mystery puzzles where you don’t get the picture on the front of the box, and you have to piece it together and allow the picture to emerge.

      After 10 years of studying A Course In Miracles, I have finally admitted that I want to teach its principles. During the last decade, I’ve worked in corporate, in care work, in education and with my dad 🙂 I’ve explored 5rhythms, shamanism, the artist’s way, therapy, family systems, and feel that NOW, things are synthesizing and coming together – like you, my own little “empire”. Here’s to us, and to the staircase revealing itself step by step. xx

    • Kerwyn

      That’s a great analogy, Kristin! Our life experiences are like a huge puzzle, and we’re not sure how all the pieces fit together until we collect enough of them to see the big picture! As we gather those pieces, we move them around until we find the location that’s right for them. Of course, like a puzzle, we have a picture to guide us – that vision you mentioned. So our plans change, much like shuffling pieces around, but the vision (the picture on the puzzle box, or in your case, your vision of your empire) remains.

  19. Amen on this subject!

    I think it’s great when people already know their purpose, and just go for it, but being similar to you, Marie, I’m an idea machine!

    I’ve sold insurance, delivered papers, done telephone marketing, been an IT trainer AND worked in a pharmacy and a sports shop. Oh, and a garden centre. One thing I found out was that without starting different things, my life would live as a perfect little dream in my head.

    When I started believing that the dreams could become a reality, I found that being bogged down with “business plans” and “five year plans” was too restrictive. Ideas people need the freedom to let their plans breathe and evolve – like opening a bottle of fine wine. Get started with the resources you have, let it evolve – you will KNOW when you need to apply some structure to it.

    Good luck, Gillian!

  20. Hi Marie
    Love your hair btw… It’s interesting as I am a planner. Ever since age 12 I feel like I planned out most of my life. But you know that saying if you want to make god laugh tell him your plans.. My consulting business I started 5 years ago and closed due time/costs not planning it properly to account for my time/efforts… Going they bachool showed me exactly where my issues were and how to resolve them.. As for planning as much as I feel like I am planning I am finding new opportunities all the time for my business that I never conceived of before much less planned. Tonight I have a meeting with my mastermind group to discuss other areas of opportunity for the year. Another thing I never thought I would say ” my mastermind group”.. Looking for new guests for my podcast series is another thing I am surprised to be saying this year.. Yes a lot if concepts and business venturers have come to fruition that I did not plan 🙂

  21. ‘We’re all special and NONE of us are special’ Ha, YES! You know, I think we’re all multipassionate to some degree. Look at any Nobel laureate and you’ll see a rich, 3-dimensional personality.

    As a multipassionate student I couldn’t sit still and hoovered up courses from 7 different faculties to get my B.Sc. I spent my 20s and early 30s exploring the corners of my worldview and actively pursuing those staircases whose ends I COULDN’T see. Heaps of different jobs, careers, passions, ideas. Living with uncertainty was actually super appealing to me.

    I think for me, it’s only in the last year or two that all this is starting to coalesce into a real pull towards a long-term vision. I’m simply better at knowing what I like and my b*shit filter is way more developed. But if I hadn’t spent all that time experimenting, I’d be stuck on a path feeling weird and wrong. The only times I’ve felt stuck are when I used my multipassionate nature as an excuse to not take action at all.

    • Great points Jo — especially about using being multipassionate as an excuse 🙂

      • Thanks Marie. B-School is totally helping me kick those excuses in the butt (and explore them too). Rocking it 🙂

  22. I’ll echo the comments made so far — the way I like to think about it is direction, not destination. If you can identify a direction, you give yourself access to start moving, and then you can keep refining or adding as things unfold. If you get too crazy about nailing down the destination, you might not think big enough, or might shut yourself off from new possibilities, or lock yourself into a goal that feels paralyzing or that you have to drive yourself toward in a way that doesn’t allow for any detours.

    Strategic planning is often a useful thinking process to help crystallize the most important pieces of your current vision. But it’s not a step-by-step guide. As Marie says in B-school, you need action and experience to bring it to life!

  23. I find my five year plan vague as well. I find it’s easier to make short term plans, even in just daily or weekly increments. Reaching those little goals is so rewarding and it’s funny how the universe works to give you the creative ideas to reach those goals. It makes me realize that even if my longer term goals aren’t as easy to envision, every little step now is leading me in the direction that I need to go. I’ve accomplished so much for myself so far (though small) and it keeps me going and looking to the future, even if that future is only next week or next month.

  24. Thanks Marie,
    I totally agree. I have found it works best for myself when I have a vision of what I want in the future. But, I’m hardly attached to it because something better may come along. And I don’t let myself get caught up in all the day to day details of it all. I leave that up to intuition and the Divine to show me the next step in front of me. Which reduces a ton of stress.


  25. Lori H.

    I don’t have a plan but I know where I’d like to end up. I know how and where I want to live, what I want to give and who I want to inspire. I also know that the journey to getting there is going to zig and zag. The journey is the adventure that makes achieving your dreams so darn exhilarating!

  26. I knew I would help support people be the person they were meant to be. With a view this broad I was a energy healer, an executive coach and a psychotherapist and now an on line coach

  27. This is SO true for me!

    I started making little sweet potato dips in my kitchen about five years ago, because I couldn’t NOT do it. Just called to.

    Eventually, they were pretty good, so I went to my town’s general store and asked if I could try selling them there. He said yes.

    I had NO IDEA what I was doing with this, or where I was going. I didn’t consider, “What if this goes well? Will I quit my job?” I didn’t write a business plan. I didn’t think about selling to one or two stores on the side of my full-time job. I didn’t question it at all. I just took it one step at a time.

    I sold out that first day.

    Today, five years later, I just got news that Whole Foods wants us in the whole North Atlantic region. That’s over 30 stores. Plus we’re in about 50 additional independent stores from Wisconsin to Florida, plus we’re on Amazon.

    If I had thought about what I was doing, it would have paralyzed me into inaction. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, asking for a lot of help and advice, spent a lot of quiet moments listening for guidance, did a lot of dancing in my kitchen, listened to a lot of amazing women speakers, cried a lot, and made the most thoughtful decisions I could in the moment.

    There are things we can plan for, I guess. But my little (can I still say that?) business isn’t one of them.

    Thanks for the validation, Marie, as always!

    • Fabulous story and MAJOR kudos on your success, Lisa! Way inspiring for someone whose husband is constantly saying, “Why don’t you try to sell your hummus at the Farmer’s Market?”

    • Lisa congrats on your success – what an inspiring story! A great video Marie. I believe strongly in the power of creating a 10 year personal vision and in using creative visualization to achieve your goals. It’s so important to write out your vision and to do so in the present. ie. “I’m standing on the balcony of my villa in Italy overlooking the ocean and I can’t believe how far I’ve come…” Writing out your vision makes it real and helps to evoke the emotions that motivate you, every day Your goals then – both short and long-term, become stepping stones toward your personal vision and your dreams. When you write from the seat of your soul and include your values ie. what’s most important to you, ie. desire to serve and/or make a difference, the people and opportunities do appear simply because you are more aware. One footnote, however, just be careful what you ask for!

  28. Marie-
    This is one of my favorite segments! Finding our purpose and reaching our true potential to contribute to society is what many want to achieve, but the path isn’t always clear. It feels good to know that we don’t always need to see the end goal and that it’s okay to follow a passion and have little victories along the way that keep us pursuing a dream. I too am a strong believer that the right doors will open when the time is right! I have always loved being creative (from styling to fine art to entertainment-doing TV spots) but just can’t seem to find my niche yet. I can completely relate when you said you couldn’t pin point it in the beginning because you had so many things you enjoyed. Me too! Your encouragement and enthusiasm are amazing and I thank you for that! It keeps entrepreneurs like me moving forward. Let the journey continue! Thanks again, Rebecca (R.Levine)

    • Rebecca,

      I can SO relate! So happy to hear there are others who love being creative and so believe in following their passions, but still trying to figure out exactly their niche. And I think I have been trying to force it! Yoga, communication training, coaching, speaking, writing… I am starting to connect all of the dots but not totally there yet. LOVE the enthusiasm and energy ~ maybe I can give myself permission to NOT have to have it all figured out yet!!! Thank you!

      Great video, Marie… thanks for being open and honest in sharing your story and allowing us to see we shouldn’t feel we need to be where you now when only starting out 🙂

  29. Katie Van De Vijver

    When we stay TRUE to ourself, we don’t need much future perspectives …because we have a bigger trust in what is “NOW”.
    We start living in the future when we live in fear…which gives us even more fear because we don’t know the future.
    Bottom line…know yourself, stay true to who you are, have faith that life will guide wherever you need to be and you can skip the long-term vision exercise!

    Btw, great dress!

  30. For me, it’s always been about the hustle. I didn’t grow up in a working class family – we were welfare kids in a welfare neighborhood. From the beginning, I knew if I wanted out, if I wanted ANYTHING, I’d have to hustle for it. The best gift you can give your kids is a strong work ethic – which, ironically, is earned through hard work, persistence, and a smattering of hustle.

  31. Jeannie

    I have the MLK quote on my fridge! It is one of my favorites, too. I sometimes refer to myself as a “renaissance girl,” because I have so many interests and things I love to do. I began college as a dance major but finished as an English major. Now, I use my composition skills, sense of grace and movement, to create beautiful landscapes and gardens. Same skills; new tools. I have always loved the outdoors but it took years to figure out how to get the pieces to work together. Now I am going to take my writing skills and a long span of years as a retail manager to expand my business model to sell and share all the beauty a garden inspires. This is why I am in b-school! I think the best point is do what you love most and God, the Universe, whatever you believe in will help guide you to give your best gifts to the world!

  32. I think trying to come up with a 5 year plan can leave us afraid to take the first step too. Beginning something so big seems overwhelming. I agree with Danielle LaPorte’s ideas, and also just being mindful that what you are doing right now resonates with your true values.

  33. Thank you, Marie! This is so timely for me on this second day of B-School and a big time of important meetings during which I know I’ll be asked, “What’s your long-term vision?”

    I think when we take a step, our conditions, circumstances and world around us changes, as we see things from an entirely new perspective. So I guess we can discover our big dream as we go, but you always knew you wanted to make a difference and that is what you are doing. Katie x

  35. I love Emelia’s reference to scaffolding. I have just started my second year in business. I felt that I had to have an entire life plan sketched out when I started. One year later where I am at only vaguely resembles that plan. Because I left myself and my practice open to possibilities I was offered an opportunity that allowed me to sustain my business in the first year , (even though I would have never conceived of it when I started), show a small profit for the first year and allow me to grow beyond any expectations going forward that I could not have imagined or planned for when I sketched out that initial plan. Further, this opportunity has allowed me to grow my knowledge in my chosen arena.
    As such I think a framework is essential to business start up and growth coupled with an open mind to explore the possibilities! Common, Be Fierce!

  36. Somebody showed her Jersey today! I was sleepy but I’m awake after that! Great message, Ms. Forleo. By the way, the video doesn’t show on mobile. All that shows is “)”

  37. LOVE this. What’s helpful for me is setting a goal for the year. It’s not mobilizing enough to say, “I want my business to be super successful.” I need specifics in order to break down that goal/vision into action items. So I set a goal for the year and then break it down into quarters. The quarterly system allows me time to reevaluate and set new action items every 3 months. I break these quarterly goals into areas of my life I want to focus on: spiritual, networking, personal development, finance, family & relationships, etc. I can’t tell you how much more focused I am! Here’s a PDF I created if anyone needs help breaking down your goals!

    • Helen Rowland

      Thank you Krysta. I’ve just had a look at this and think I could use it in my life. Good of you to share it. All the best.

  38. Marie, I love this video! I feel like everywhere I turn I am told to have the end in sight and yet I feel just as you did – loving so much: culinary creations, soul interviews, health, wellness, body love, writing, editing, puzzles – oh my gosh the list goes on! But slowly I’m starting to reel it in and by focusing on ONE THING at a time, and taking action steps forward with that one thing, everything else is falling into place.


    xxoo, Jamie

  39. Kerwyn

    You’re so right about starting where you are and not being fooled into thinking that successful people woke up one day with everything they now have just dumped in their lap magically! It’s all a process. To reach any goal, you have to get started (just like your tweetable says).

    I’m somewhat ambivalent about not having a vision, though. I think that anyone that moves down a path toward his or her definition of success has a vision of what “success” is. Whether it’s a big vision or a simple one, that vision is what compels you to keep moving when times get tough – and we all know things DO get tough. However, our plans to achieve that vision often change. In fact, if you ask successful people if their path to success was what they expected, I’m sure the majority will tell you “No.” But if you ask if they achieved the things they envisioned, once again a majority will likely say “Yes!”

    So I think the vision is important, but the PLANS we make to bring that vision to life are constantly in flux. Thus we need flexibility if we’re to achieve our goals, even as many of the comments above indicate.

  40. Ola

    I love Marie’s style. I feel like she is speaking my mind. I look forward to her videos and contents. I am happy doing the b-school program.

  41. It’s such a relief to know that you don’t have to know exactly how your business will all play out in the long run. It’s really about knowing your purpose and passion and taking the immediate steps that you CAN know for sure.

    And that’s why I’m so excited to be in B-School now, so I DO know the immediate steps to be making.

    Thanks for the validation and another kick-ass and REAL video, Marie!

    • Nicely said, Kristen! We often won’t know the specifics, but we have a calling, a purpose as you call it. That purpose gives us an idea of what we want to accomplish. That vision crystallizes over time – and you can be sure our plans for making it a reality change and adapt to unfolding circumstances – but that calling pulls us forward.

      I wish you all the best in B-School. You’re sure to rock with that as your foundation!

  42. Dear Marie,

    You rock;) Really like your blueprint & work styel. Thanks for all the videos you have made to help us all. Focusing on this video in particular, I appreciate you have picked that question. I have written a plan for 7 years with all details, but to be honest I am just feeling I am taking a step of Faith in all its words;) Everyday I am focusing on the question, How May I Serve? and with certainty on my life purpose automatically everything else dissapears. Many blessings!


  43. Hey Marie and all the others,

    I’m a journalist from Germany, and the whole media world is changing extremely so that it’s nearly impossible to say precisely where I’ll be in five years. That’s a risk somehow but also a chance because as to my experience it gives me the possibility to transform myself and what I do frequently and it helps me to stay flexible. Whenever I ask myself where I want to be in five years, the answer does not only depend on professional purposes, of course. I am 34 now, and the “time slot” for raising a family gets smaller each month, nevertheless I’m not like some friends and I don’t say “I will be a mother when I am 36” or something.

    I think (no only) empathetic women have a certain gut feeling if the “time is right” or not, no matter if referring to jobs or marriage or kids or a new hair style. Things happen in life, people die, enterprises disappear, others spring up like mushrooms, chances go and new chances come. I would say, as long as I have open eyes and open ears, know what I want and what I don’t want listening to my instincts instead of lagging behind hypes and trends, I don’t need a “real” five years plan, but motivation and an ounce of luck on top of it. Luck loves happy people, not the do-or-die personalities, right? 🙂

    Hugs from overseas, Maria

    • “Luck loves happy people.” Nice, Maria! 🙂

      Yep, whether you make plans or not, life is full of surprises. Welcome them all!

  44. Sam

    I really loved this Q&A so I had to leave a comment.

    I DO have a long term vision for my business, and it grows more extensive with more ideas that pop into my head. It’s probably because I too am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I want to do so many things.

    My advise to those who don’t have the futuristic superpower? Join forces with someone who does. I believe that the reason I can see a future for myself is because it’s one of my strengths (check out strengths finder 2.0). I totally have a problem with being present and knowing what actions to take right now. That’s where an “activator” comes in, someone with an activator strength who can take my vision and activate it.

    Two super powers are better than one, and more fun too! So make friends with people who have strengths that are your weaknesses, and help each other out with your missions!

  45. Man! So many juicy comments, so little time… Here’s my perspective of my experience: I feel like I know where I’m headed, but that it may be much further down the line than 5 years from now (or not; that’s just what it feels like) before I get there. For now, I feel haphazard about my approach, though I want to believe that the pieces of the puzzle are becoming more clear and that some of them have even fallen into place. I haven’t launched a business – I’m still spending the bulk of my earning hours in someone else’s business where there are plenty of positives to go along with the no-so-positives. Which is likely why I’m still there. I do have a long-term vision, though, and know that I’ll need to bridge a huge expanse to get from here to there. I believe it will happen, that it’s inevitable, but the “how” still feels elusive.

    • You know… I really meant to speak my long-term vision then I guess I subconsciously frightened myself out of it. I see myself welcoming people to a place where they can come to exchange knowledge and wisdom about their passions. It’s a place in the mountains, nestled in a natural setting, and a sense of serenity pervades the whole place. There’s a strong feeling that eco-consciousness and respect for harmony are infused throughout. And bridges are an important symbol – developing the capacity to build one from where you are to where you desire to be. Which, clearly, is my own challenge / opportunity.

  46. How refreshing – thanks, Marie!

    Like many women out there, starting a family is the big [??] in my timeline. I’m five months pregnant with our first baby and as much as I’d love to have an outline of what five years — well, even one year — looks like for my jewelry business, I know it just isn’t possible.

    The one-month plans keep me going for now, with a handful of pie-in-the-sky goals for way down the road.

    Your videos help tremendously, too. Thanks for the weekly inspiration, and I know I’ll love B school when the time is right!

  47. I have a folder that I use to keep my work organized on a weekly basis and it has the following printed on the front:

    Inspiration comes of working.

    I love that. And I think Insight also comes of working. Through the work we get clearer on what we want to create in the world, the impact we want to have and the legacy we want to leave.

    So few of us land here with a crystal clear picture of what we want to do with our lives. Some are blessed with a “calling”, most of us must experience and experiment our way to clarity about our passions and our path.

    I work with a rolling 12 month plan that I break into 3 month chunks so I can focus on a quarter at a time with an eye on how the work is driving towards the bigger plan. Planning any further than a year feels like a bit of a fantasy to me because who the heck knows what the world will look like 2 years from now, never mind 5 or 10!

    At Curiosity Inc, are working with a vision of the future that we want our work to shape so we’re always asking ourselves if what we’re doing will contribute in some small way to that future state of the world. And if the answer is no or probably not, we stop doing it and shift our focus to something that will.

    Maybe that’s an important distinction…it can be hard to imagine up a long-term vision for ourselves, easier perhaps to imagine a future version of the world that we feel strongly about. The later feels more inspiring and motivating for me.


  48. I consider the planning of anything in life to be like a cross country road trip. Get in the car and have an idea of where you are headed. Know that you cannot possibly know everything that will be on the journey. The unpredictable pop ups like a flat tire, traffic, pit stops to refuel or pee—you know vaguely that some of this stuff will come but you don’t know when or how. So-think of the journey like the road ahead. How far car you see? As far as you can see, plan. Strategize with what you’ve got to the best of your ability. If you perceive something adverse or beneficial might happen ahead and you think you might need help, be ready for that too. (you know, make sure your spare tire has air and you have tools to change a tire-and if no skills to change it be ready with your resources like roadside assistance). Then you aren’t overwhelmed by everything or anything-you just take it as you can see it-the road ahead. Then the energy stays focused on your sights. Also be sure not to change direction too often or you will not reach the end goal. Stay true to your original destination-or at least the essence of it. Changing your mind is like changing direction on a road trip: originally heading north, then turning around to go south, then turning around to north, then south–whoops I am going east—and you never get anywhere. Focus ahead. Stay with the essence of your goals and intention. Plan as far as you can see. And above all enjoy the journey! It’s a road trip after all!!

  49. I find paralyzing having “too much vision”: is that possible?
    I´ll explain: I often have an idea for a project or business. And I start immediately making it so grand, that it becomes a huge ladder to climb, therefore making me loose the immediate perspective to take that first step. Taking Martin Luther King´s quote, I see a looong stair and that makes me doubt about which and how I will manage to get there. Has anyone experienced this? How did you overcome it?

    • Michael

      I 100% agree. I am one to get lost in all the details. My approach is to focus on “what can I do today to take a step forward”. I don’t necessarily like this approach as I like to know all of the details and the full plan. I also recognize I will not take action when I feel completely overwhelmed so I work on staying out of the future (because we don’t know the future) and trust the action I take in this present moment will move me forward to where I ultimately want to be.

      Thank you for sharing!

      • Shyralee

        I feel what your talking about. I am stuck in the too much vision. I ask the universe a lot of questions and have received so many answers. I’m like Sherlock studying the clues of my being and I see who I am becoming. What has emerged as the plan for my life is so big it is daunting. It has so many different facets that I could handle with a team, but they seem impossible to get rolling on my own. I feel like a butterfly laden with cheese curd wings. It feels heavy. I want to be lifted up.

  50. Carenna

    This was a great message because I have always found start with the end on mind very powerful. I have been interviewing for banking jobs in SF and I am having to take one step at a time. It is uncomfortable but this is why I appreciate your video. Feeling supported. Thank you,

  51. OMG NO!

    Me too! I have no idea what the big, long term plan is BUT I do know that I want to help people write their stories, share their ideas, and create their messages to make the world a better place for us all. So what am I doing about it? I am coaching people on how to write and unleash their creativity and I’m launching an online school to teach more people how to do the same. A BIG part of this is also doing it myself. You know, walking the walk not just talking the talk. This is a fantastic question and one all of us entrepreneurs deal with, even those who have a vision…because I’ve seen that sometimes that changes too.

    Thanks Marie and Team! Love you guys to bits! xoxoxo

  52. Love this Marie! (and your dress)

    I’m a big picture girl at heart and actually help other entrepreneurs with getting clear on their visions & dreams, but I always say there is a time & a place for thinking small.

    The BIG picture, which should be exciting & inspiring, can cause a downward spiral of doubt & overwhelm if you’re not careful or prepared. It can also cut off possibility that only the Universe could think of if you’re not open to veering off course.

    Knowing how to see things one step at a time is just as important as having a vision and can actually relieve A LOT of self-imposed pressure on the road to success. (speaking from much experience in overwhelm!)

  53. Cynthia Wilson HHP

    I have been trying to get my business started for over 5 years now. I am a holistic health practitioner, and many people don’t think what I do is real. Soit is hard to get this going. I have sseveral doctors that are now are on my side and have been working with another group that are trying to bring me in.
    But I tried to make it all move faster, but life keeps getting in the way, along with my own health.
    I just take it as it comes, trying to grab opportunities when they come. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I can’t give up trying because I know I can help if people will let me.
    Cindy Lee Wilson HHP

  54. Nancy Meek

    Marie, great information today! I needed that kind of advice right now. I have just started B-School, and am new to your Tuesday videos, but love your outlook and heart. I am a few years ahead of you (50’s) but also have so may passions and have delved into several careers in my time, so a long term outlook is still very confusing as to direction sometimes. I am going forward with one direction, and using your training to guide it along, but how nice it would have been to have someone like you around when I was in my 20’s! My daughter will definitely benefit from all of this, and for that I am so grateful. Keep up the good work-thank you, Nancy

  55. I think its best to dream and aim to get the life you like to have at that very moment and afterwards, as change is inevitable, your desires and dreams can change and lead you to a different way that you definitely like to be on.. I am so surprised Marie and I have too much in common, it gives me confidence in making my dreams come true. I am also really interested in dancing, life coaching and marketing & social media.. But so many special things made me come across with these fascinating ways of expression, and I am now sure that life will continue helping me out 🙂 So start dreaming, take steps towards your dreams and see the surprises universe preparing for you …

    Wish you all the best !

  56. Aw, man…I’ve had the opposite experience for what seems like, forever!

    I can see the end so clearly, sometimes I imagine it for awhile and decide, “Nah, I’m bored with it already.”

    It would be great if folks who aren’t sure of or can’t completely see their end vision, could partner up with folks like me. Sometimes, people who can’t see the end, CAN see what needs to happen in order to get there. That’s who I’m talkin’ ’bout!

    Partner up with someone who not only has a big vision, but is dedicated to it; then, roll up those sleeves and learn all you can by helping someone out. You’ll have gleaned valuable insight, skills and determination. Just what you need, when you’re more clear about where you’re headed and ready to make it happen for yourself.

  57. Katya

    You are so gifted, Marie! Thanks for a great subject & for offering up your personal experience for us to slice through the confusion. I have personally felt that keeping the end in mind has been a hindrance – I could see A to Z, but not see the steps (B, C, D etc.) to get there. But when I do take small steps with faith, they lead me powerfully. Just need to remember to keep stoking that faith (and work habits) !! I have a fridge magnet that says “Begin anywhere.” I’m learning that it helps to build a strong foundation on what you feel and know then let it guide you. But there is a vision that keeps itself in my mind – I just try to keep it flexible. I’m starting B-school & totally pumped! Thank you thank you.

  58. Eva

    THANK YOU for this video!! I was asking myself this question over and over again (especially since I just had to write a 20 page long term business preposal). While it’s clear what I’ll do for the next months I have no idea where I’ll be 5 years from now (I trust my intuition that I’ll be closer to my “life-vision”).

    • Hey Eva, I love how you brought up intuition! To answer Maries question I like to plan & have a vision but also there are dark staircases that we’ve all got to trust sometimes. Intuition is a great tool for forging that balance between vision and mystery.

  59. Michael

    For me, planning out that far is a major challenge. I have a tendency to get lost in all the details. The “how” and “why” of trying to coordinate so many future details prevents me from taking action in this present moment. When I think of all the tasks that need to get accomplished to reach the end goal it seems almost unachievable. Instead, I do my best to focus on today. What can I do today that allows me to move forward. It’s not an easy approach for me and I recognize that I must take this approach or I will not take action. I can honestly say I had to take this approach with B-School. I literally registered 3 minutes before closing. The hours leading up to registration I was way down in the weeds in details and excuses for not taking action. “My vision isn’t fully baked yet”. “I’m not ready to launch my project yet”. “I need to complete these 100 tasks before I’m ready for B-School”. I took five deep conscious breaths, sat with my fear and uncertainty and registered for the course. I can’t say my approach is the best for anyone other than myself. I know I will not take action if the details and unknowns are overwhelming so I did what I needed to do in order to take a small step forward. “What action can I take today to move forward”. It can be frustrating for me because I want to see immediate results and I realize that is not realistic.

  60. WOW I just sprawled on the sand by the sparkling calm water of the marine reserve in New Zealand that I now live, work and study at, and totally created my very first Canvas Hug with words from my heart and soul about this very step you take in your quote from MLK. And now I come home, spend time on my B School course, and see this video.
    Dear Reader, I had no freakin clue what my vision was when I first started. Not even when I picked up the paintbrush for the first time in over 15 years. All I remember is that at each step, was an inner desire, this inner propulsion forward that had to happen: I knew I wanted to paint the picture in my head. I knew it was going onto a surfboard. (and then before that I KNEW I had to get into the ocean,,,,which propelled me to leave someone bad for me)..and then digging into following my dreams and chasing this passion…not having a clue what it was..dreams I had, yes, and they felt too big, too unrealistic to even have air-time in my head….I don;t knwo if they have been there along, but with each step, each hour, each day, I spent learning about setting up the online business, immersing myself in environments FULL of creatives and dream-followers and truth-seekers and beauty-lovers and soul -recognizers… it has been an organic, journey, marvellous, unlinear one, and where I am sitting now, it is as they say, ‘you never quite arrive’….but today I have full clarity of my vision , which has been emboldened by adding to it little by little, believing more and more each day and tonight I have just written out more dreams and goals that I now DARE to dream and create. And I have people around me who belive in me and I believe it is because I truly believe it will happen. I just gotta keep doing the work in that inspired, fully true-to-me space…. I wish I could show you to Canvas Hug. Or a Canvas Cuddle. Which is excerpts from the Mermaid Manifesto. For The Mermaid Tribe. Bless. Sending Love.

  61. Awesome episode, Marie!

    I remind myself and my clients to only look out as far as you still be connected emotionally. For example, in dreaming your Perfect Day, be as clear and descriptive as possible with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings. If that’s one year out, great! If that’s 6 months out great!
    If you look two years out and it begins to look fuzzy, come on back closer to now.

    Love the comments you all had on leaving room for flow! I will embrace that!

  62. Great points. There’s too much emphasis on constructing detailed plans. Here’s the thing about detailed plans, they never work out like plan. Change happens too fast for any detailed plan.

    Tap into yourself and use your passion and energy as a guide for what you should work on. That upwelling of energy is your inner self telling you you’re on the right track.

    Sometimes it comes as a sensation of freedom, or as Martha Beck states, a feeling of “shackles off”.

    Thanks for the video and the discussion, Marie.

  63. When I was young I have a life plan, when I get older It’s more six month, one year and I stay flexible to opportunity for my business.

    Ps: If you follow the link to my website you will see that you arrive on a french website but now you have the translate button in english so It’s a pleasure If you read my article and leave a comment.

  64. I find it really hard to envision a long-term image, but I’m working on it! But I always followed an inner feeling-knowing of ‘something splendid’ coming up in the future; it was a thing which kept me going when nothing else seemed solid or in harmony. Over the years, I’ve stabilised my life and business sufficiently to allow me to make plans for the long-term, and I’m just allowing myself to dream big! I do believe (and experience) that it’s important to have the vision, but also to sort of let go of it- to just put it out there in the world, and let the universe bring it on… Otherwise it can get stagnant…. 🙂

  65. I’m so glad, Marie, that you talk about being multi-passionate. It clears things up to why I have a hard time deciding on different things. It’s because I have many passions! You give me comfort in knowing things do eventually come together, as it’s a journey of sorts. Thanks for your insightfulness.

  66. I needed to hear the bit about “mini immediate goals” so THANKS! I am not quite sure where all my passions will converge but here are my mini immediate goals: 1) How do I amass a body of art work – aim for volume when it comes to my art and then pare down and curate my portfolio when the time comes (share the process so other creatives can be inspired). 2) How do i inspire more women like me to identify and affirm their soul’s work – again share my process 3) How do I write more persuasive and clear copy – google it then practice. While I certainly dream of creating an incredibly powerful and magnetic lifestyle brand to help women create more beautiful lives, I am all over my MINI IMMEDIATE GOALS! I feel less stressed now….Rome wasn’t built in a day. **hugs an hi5**

  67. I always tell young people that it is not their job to figure out where all of their interests will converge. That’s life’s job. Your job is to grow and to learn and to work hard to succeed at those things you love.

  68. Lisa

    I’ve never known what to do with myself but through trial and error I have learned what I don’t like to do, and that has shaped the direction of my life.

    I’m still trying to figure it all out but with everyday I come a little closer to having an idea. I aspire to one day having a 5-year plan for my career/business but until then, I’m letting the plan unfold slowly and purposefully.

  69. Joshua

    Jillian can still begin with the “end in mind”. For instance, with her current level of experience and knowledge of herself, her “end in mind” might look like:

    “I’ve found my passions, became a master at serving with them and they afford me x, y, z lifestyle.”

  70. I love today’s topic! I’ve always been a big picture girl myself. I loved visioning what my life would be like in 5 or even 10 years when I was a little girl and a teenager. While I still love dreaming, in the last couple of years, life has thought me a lesson to NOT take my plans too seriously.

    When I was about 19 or 20 years old, my 5 year plan was to graduate from university, start working as a therapist, marry my boyfriend and have my first child. Now, 7 years later, I have a MA in psychology, BUT I’m studying to become an operatic singer instead. I broke up with my boyfriend of 10 years last summer, BUT I’m engaged to my soulmate. I don’t have a child, BUT that’s ok, because I’m really living my dream. And, I’ll be able to start a family with the man of my dreams.

    We can never foresee all the twists and turns life has in store for us. But, what do you know, I’m much happier with the cards I’ve been dealt than I would have been with my own plan.

  71. Claire

    This is a great vid Marie and perfect for me this week. I love the excitement of taking a first step with faith and trusting it to work out somehow even though I can’t see how at this point (it’s rather scary too). It is like I have to fully commit to something before things can fall into place. It makes life a huge wonderful adventure. It’s good to make plans too and when you find them written down later on and realise they happened it’s a good feeling.

  72. Pamela

    Amen, sista! Marie, you nailed this!! I loved hearing about how you worked your buns off to get to where you are and that you had (and have) many passions, not just one. This describes me to a t and I’m so glad you shared this. It is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! Much love, Pam 😀

  73. Hi, Marie and amazing readers!

    I don’t have a vision for my business, and sometimes that drives me nuts.

    I started in my life with linguistics (study of languages: English, French, Latin), then I got interested in math and I got myself an MSc in Engineering, then I got curious about computers, so I got myself a College Diploma as a Computer Programmer and Online Marketer. Then I switched gears and went back to languages – this time as an Actress, dreaming about my first Oscar. That didn’t come 🙂 so I did what most actors do, learn to produce in order to create my own art and put myself out there, so I got myself an Independent Filmmakers Certificate at an awesome college, and established my own film production company. While acting was always in my life, I felt that business and marketing are the two elements missing to help me launch my acting career, so I went to my first love, and I started my own business as a Parisian French Online Coach, using all that I have learned before (making my own videos and editing them, created my own website, doing my own online marketing, newsletters, stuff like that). I’m also working on a web series meant to entertain the now tens of thousands of people who follow me on social media.

    That was quite a mouthful 🙂

    The short story is that I was born with a mission, I know that I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m doing everything that stays in my power to pull all these passions together to make a difference, and create some history.

    I don’t see yet the final form of my business, but I know that I already make a difference in people’s lives. I don’t even think there is a ‘final’ form, the form evolves every day and, if I am really quiet, and I step in the moment and listen, I’ll know what is the shape that my business will take today. People will tell me.


    • Helen Rowland

      Hi Llyane,
      I had to smile when I read your story, keep coming back to your love of languages. For me it’s the same; languages have really been the guiding force in my life, French being my first love.I wish you luck with any venture, but you must admit you’ve had a great ride up to now. Well done!

  74. Andrew

    As I write this I’m taken back to time where my life was disarray. The worse anybody could imagine. Within 3 days lightning stuck… lost well to do job, had to spend 120 days away from my kids, 4 and 1 1/2 year old and to top it off with a broken rib. All this happened without choice. I cried every night just wishing and praying to be with my family. I understand stand now that life with throw you some curve balls, but as long as you focus, passion, gratitude, and open awareness things in life will get better. One of my favorite poems that is
    so true to me is… “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”.

    Robert Frost

    Andrew M

  75. George

    Loved your video today on the 5 year plan. I am also a multiple discipline individual and same thing happened to me of going in 7 directions at once. I like lecturing, motivating, entertaining, leading, selling big ticket items like private jets, homes, super yachts, office buildings, (Anything big ticket), but not knowing how to break out. So came up with 15 min. solution. Focus on each discipline for 15 min. only. Then switch to the next and rotate through each one returning to the first one. This way able to progress on all. Did you have any other suggestions how to do a multi discipline daily organizer? Thanks Marie

    • MelissaZ

      George, thanks for our good words! Very helpful to me today 🙂

      • MelissaZ

        Your good words 😉

  76. Awesome video, as usual. And great thread. Like so many of you, I have always been multi passionate, but my constant has always been teaching people how to take excellent care of themselves. I am a movement teacher and a healthy lifestyle designer.

    A couple of years ago I had a pretty strong calling to start Grace & Grit, and with Marie’s teachings and inspiration from all of you, I am starting to see all of my passions converging into a beautiful thing….but I still don’t know exactly what it will look like. Maybe because it has never existed before?

    Love this ride and having all of you as traveling companions!

  77. As always, absolutely love this video & your energy Marie : waouh!
    I have a business for few months now : I am a Yoga Teacher. And I never had a clear vision of my business & still I am planning about changing it.
    I don’t have advices but for what I experienced. Taking actions it’s the best way to go even without a clear vision. The clear vision will come after.
    Going with the flow it’s so great. And unfortunately, when we don’t have a clear vision (my case), we (I mean I) tend to procrastinate. Oh! I will see later when I will have a clear vision, I will be sure! NO, doesn’t work like that. So, I think we have to experience things & see.
    Much Love

  78. I’m very happy to hear this message from you Marie. It is something that I fight with entrepreneurs over almost weekly (and struggle with myself in my own business). It is part of the Analysis Paralysis problem:

    1) You have a Grand Vision but are stuck because you ‘don’t know how to get their’. This is where a vision can hurt you more than it can help you. What I tell people is this. Remember your Grand Vision in the morning, use it to help you plan your day, use it to guide the small activities that you accomplish each day, but then forget about the vision and get to work.

    2) You don’t have a vision and you feel lost. There was a great article years ago, I think it was in Psychology today, about Grit. Grit is the persistent ability to work hard despite everything else, especially despite how you are feeling (feeling are great, until they begin to control your life). The most interesting thing about grit was this: many very successful people say that it wasn’t until they really began to master their craft that they began to love it. I think that people today–you and I–have too many choices which means their is a lot of anxiety, expectantly when it come to choosing our vocation and our life path. But, here’s the secret…

    * You will never be stuck on one path. You will always be able to adjust directions and course correct.
    * This is the really important secret, that almost nobody talk about. As long as something isn’t completely wrong for you, once you start mastering it, you’re going to start enjoying it. So, focus 1000 times more energy on mastery than you do on choosing what to master.

    • Thank you Grant for your great, amazing comment : absolutely love it.
      I am really attract by what you said : “The most interesting thing about grit was this: many very successful people say that it wasn’t until they really began to master their craft that they began to love it”
      I am struggling right now with my business which I start in September (Yoga teacher) as I am not 1000% in it. I find that teaching is not my path. I feel happy when I have my evenings free & that I don’t need to go teaching a yoga class. Find that yoga can be really complicated etc. Just to say that I am an expert to find excuses (for not being able to master it yet! Lazyness). I will think of that : sabotage or the voice of my heart…

    • Kendall

      Grant thanks for that great point – that MASTERY is the key to enjoying something, not whether it’s ‘right’ for us, love it! Thanks for the tip to focus 1000 times more effort on MASTERY than on choosing what to master. I tend to be indecisive, even when I think I’ve made a final decision I’ll second guess myself. Well, I’m not going to second guess my current business decision anymore, I’m going to concentrate on MASTERY, thank you!

  79. I haven’t had a vision of my long term success before, but I’m starting to work on that, knowing that I can change whatever I need to along the way. I think our future changes as we change and we need to adapt to those changes in order to continue achieving our goals.

  80. Delfina Bonilla-Lopez

    Thanks Marie for always reminding us that it’s ok to be multi-passionate and reminding us that there is never just one way to get to where you want to be.

    Coming from the fitness world and transitioning into the resorative exercise/wellness world, its so easy for me to see that my passions are varied and yet connected. I love deep health from the nutritional perspective and from the physical movement perspective. I don’t always know how I can best package everything together so that it’s most helpful for the people I work with, but your work is helping me trust that even though I don’t have all the answers now, I can continue to move forward, in a direction that fulfills my passions, takes me closer to a level of mastery and truly helps people.

  81. This was great! I can really relate! I was an executive, highly trained in strategy and had the hardest time going 100% into my coaching business because I could NOT see where it would go. I could not make projections and it put me straight into fear!
    As you all know, that doesn’t work so well. The day I made peace with the “not knowing” and really stepped into my faith and focused on just being of service is the day I left my corporate job. It has been a journey but things have showed up in my life and my practice that I just could not have predicted. It is learning to walk the line between having faith and kicking butt!
    I work hard, just as I have all my life, but this time it is in conjunction with my faith and the helping hand of the Universe!

    • Tori, thanks for saying that. I appreciate hearing how this worked out for you.

  82. Oh Marie,
    I love, love, love the way you Talk and the way you Are! I am so excited about being in your training. Now, did I have a 5 year plan, yea, sure, But (that’s a Big Badda Butt), I would start, then stop, then start again.
    Not good.
    I didn’t have the money for your training, but I got it! And now, I can take all those ideas to put them into the one plan, which is actually one step at a time. I found when I was interested in something, I’d try it out, but then being more mindful of what I actually did, which is what I love. Now I do a lot of different and want to hone it all together. That’s where you and your training comes in….Yipppeee! Clearing out the old, Focusing in on just will move me forward.
    Thank you deeply from my Heart. Thank you all.
    Nan ~

    OK, back to studying…. 🙂

  83. Your tweetable from MLK is sooo right on, Marie. It IS all about faith & making the first step, then the first next step…

    Many of my clients know there’s something bigger inside of them, but they don’t know how to grasp it & act on it. The “5-yr-plan” can sometimes paralyze us, causing us to miss opportunities & stepping stones. I coach clients into trust & faith that is fully grounded, so it creates the energy & momentum to bring their vision forward as we “dance” those steps together – one very stuck client just landed a 6-figure job as VP of a major franchise company because he was willing to step out of his “plan” & into a new perspective of his life. It took faith on his part, intuitive guidance on mine. He learned there is a much greater power at work in our lives than any of us can conceive & when we trust in this truth, we are following the natural flow of our dreams.

  84. When I started my business representing HBJ publishing company in my country, Argentina, 30 years ago, the publisher asked me to present a long-term plan. Of course, in a country like Argentina, you can’t plan that way since all of a sudden the country’s economic, etc. policies change. Successful entrepreneurs down here are used to use intuition most of the time while at the same time having a vision of what kind of business we want to have. It seems that the publisher had faith in me, since I represented them for 14 years in a run with high profits for both. I continued with my own company importing and distributing books in English (I am a teacher of English) which ran alongside the representation accompanying the ups and downs of my country’s economic and political fluctuations. We, (my husband and I) invented or created survival methods for the ”downs” (we handle book fairs, I read, sing, play the guitar, all things that I enjoy, in order to differentiate from the other 4 or 5 importers) and took advantage of the good times during the ”ups” But we had to be really awake to play the game efectivelly. (like soccer!) We keep changing our vision on how to handle business. The only long term vision is to keep handling our distribution of books. The ”how to” keeps changing, and, believe me, that’s the spice of life, you are never bored and your mind keeps working! And now that I am older, I started writing a blog (in Spanish)
    I hope this helps. I enjoyed your video Marie! .Thanks so much

    • Luisa, I think living in a Latin country teaches us so much about how to be flexible! I will look at your blog. Saludos de Costa Rica!

  85. In the past 6 years I created a business farming organic vegetables, created an e commerce site for hand painted canvas bags and built up a business creating hand painted custom canvas rugs for interior design, in Costa Rica. In the past year I sold out all of my canvas bags and shut down my e commerce site, and am now in the process of converting my small farm to fruit trees and getting out of agriculture, except for a family garden plot. My passion is design and color, creating custom work, a unique piece for each client and I choose to focus on that passion.
    I think it’s not only important to see where the passion lies, but be able top let the other things go. It doesn’t mean they were a failure, it means you have changed your mind and have selected what not only works but what makes your heart sing.
    Sometimes you just don’t know what it is, until you do.

    • Kendall

      Well said! A good reminder not to make ourselves wrong, or call it a failure, when we change courses. Your career trajectory sounds very interesting and exciting!

  86. Ronnie

    I had a business plan for 5 years. I felt overwhelmed by it. It didn’t work for me. All I sew how I would fail to gains all these goals… especially when my brain keeps on working on so many ideas all at once, and can’t figure out what to start with.
    and beside…
    “Life is what happens
    while you are busy making other plans”. John Lennon

  87. Helen Rowland

    Yes, have a goal, but understand that the goal in itself is not the important thing. It’s all that you do in order to achieve that goal. It’s the path that takes you there that is your life. The “goal” is hypothetical. And I believe that even when we do reach that goal, we may well realize that it’s not exactly what we expected, but it doesn’t matter because we have put everything into getting there, and THAT’S what counts. As we grow, new goals will emerge.

    • Lynn S

      I agree, there is always something higher/better that is waiting for us to tackle. If you run out of something to aspire to then life may seem “boring”. Look at many people, especially in Hollywood that got their fame too fast, got to do their bucket list quickly, and then well they just seem to spiral downwards… unless they find something else that becomes a passion with a goal to reach.

      Is that not the human experience, to learn to live in the moment with appreciation without losing site of higher goals?

      As for paths, I feel that all those other passions/activities over the years were only preparation (a universe school) to what I needed to be able to do at the appropriate moment. And frankly, each of those learning steps uniquely shaped who I am today; both good and bad decisions/events molded me into a happier, and more caring person.

      Love the conversation..


  88. Thank you Marie for this video. I literally just started writing an three-part series on how to craft a purpose, mission, and vision statement. And yes while I believe it is vital to do that I also feel that many of the particulars of life do begin to fall into place once we start moving towards our purpose. I know that has been the truth for me. But it wasn’t until I became clear about the general direction of my life what was my purpose then the picture began to fall into place. Thank you for putting it in a different light.

  89. Jessica

    I love hearing you talk about your experience getting to where you are now because I am very similar in the way that I like to do so many things and I am unable to choose one. It’s really nice to see that you were able to try everything you love and still be successful at it, it makes me feel like I can do the same and I don’t have to choose one thing to do for the rest of my life!

  90. Lucinda

    Marie, I love your videos, but I’ve never responded before. Today, I had to let you know that I loved your video, because, I’m a little bit like you. I can’t always see the end result of a project I’m working on. I know in my gut I should do it, but the end result is always a little vague. That’s kind of how I’ve always operated, by following inner guidance. That’s how I became involved in theatre, that’s how my husband and I decided to get married, that’s how we figured out a way to take a three month trip circumnavigating the globe. Almost all the decisions in my life were made that way. I found early on, that if I made a decision that went against my gut, I suffered.

    Six years ago, I knew I was meant to quit my teaching job and become a writer. It’s been a struggle because we were in tons of debt. We made a plan to take care of the debt, while I work part-time and write. We’re 10 months away from paying all that credit card debt off, and I’m in the editing stages of my first novel. Last May I started a blog, Sage Woman Chronicles. I’m happy to say I’m doing what I love.

    Thanks so much for your weekly videos. They are help keep me on track.

    I do have one long term plan, and that is to sign up for B School next year so I can learn more about marketing my books.

    • Kendall

      I loved your comment, way to go for commenting and way to go for following your dream and getting out of debt and completing a novel! 🙂 Good luck in bschool, you’ll love it! 🙂

  91. I didn’t have a long-term vision… I had ideas, but really didn’t know how they would unfold over the years.

    What I did have was a deep trust in the Divine to guide me and provide each stepping stone along the way. I trusted I would be supported and doors would open. I trusted that I’d be shown what I need to do, and who I need to become in my personal and spiritual transformation.

    And that’s worked pretty darn well for 25 years. 🙂

  92. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 25 years old and out of all the business I started none of them ended up they way they started. I learned early on if you can’t change your business when the market changes you have no business. Flexibility and being in the flow will keep your business thriving. Being grounded to your foundation (your initial business model) is like a tree but also being able to have your branches flow with the wind.
    I loved your Q&A today Maria

  93. I love the honesty in this video! I also joined B-School this semester and I have to say that it is the best decision I have ever made and has come at the perfect time in the life of my business.

    I started my intuitive coaching practice in 1999 when I was 19 years old with no formal training. I have always been a natural at sizing up the best qualities in people and using my spot on intuition to help them solve problems. I always had clients but did this on the side for little to no money until 2 years ago. Thats when I decided that enough was enough and I used my passion, drive and 10 years of doing every freaking thing that interested me (yes! including dance Marie!) to take my business full time. I had no full plan, just a lot of ideas (and 10 years of customer service and sales experience from my old corporate job). I went on the internet, purchased a domain name and put up my ideas on that site and started making money!

    Tomorrow: Wed, March 12th 2014 will mark the beginning of my 3rd successful year of self employment!

    It has been scary sometimes and like Marie says: I have worked my ass off but none of it feels like work because I am in full alignment with what my Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit are here to do! I feel like I am making a huge difference because I am helping high profile people really love themselves which in turn helps every single person in their industry. That advice service I began in the Quad of my community college is driving the talent in several industries on the planet right now. In the past 6 months alone 4 of my students have appeared on television and broadway shows in New York and London. I myself have appeared on TV twice. I am not saying this to show off, I say this to show you what I did with no 5 year plan. Just passion, talent, smarts and drive.

    And if this Long Island guy who also came from a working class family can do it so can each and every person on this forum!

    Yes! 🙂

    Oh! and if you are on the fence about B-School. Gently remove yourself from the wicker and paint and sign up next year. Give your self the gift of the support this program provides. The work in the first module alone have helped me to not only strengthen my clarity in life and business but also helped me to know that I have been on the right track all along! Any gaps in my understanding of marketing are being gently filled. Again: If you are driven, talented, savvy and compassionate, B-School will enhance your everything. Its been like taking a business multi-vitaimin (the delicious gummy kind!)

    Stop reading and Start doing! No body ever got anything done by waiting for someone else to tell them they are ready! You Are Ready!

    Big Hugs and Lotsa Love <3 🙂

    Rocco Distefano

    • Kendall

      That was a GREAT reply, thanks so much for what you said, “like a business multivitamin, the yummy gummy kind’ ha ha that is BRILLIANT! how cool you knew your calling at such a young age and took action on it, I love it! 🙂 I’m also in bschool and your words reminded me how great it is, when i get bogged down with some of the exercises and start avoiding, I’ll remember your enthusiasm! 🙂

  94. Dear Marie, you leave a smile on my face every time a watch your videos 🙂 Love the little “cut-offs” too!
    After doing many different things the last 20 years both professional and private – and having a growing conscious desire to connect the things and ways I really like to work – I now know that I have been collecting valuable knowledge and skills in different areas that enables me to create exactly what I am just in the process of creating now – also with doing B-school for the first time.
    Now it is coming together as a vision – but I never had a long term masterplan before – because I simply did not have all the pieces for the bigger picture. AND today doing first module of B-school I had so many ideas that it was too much. Then with my intuition and a tool I realized that they relate in a step 1 and step 2 vision for my new business. But I have for some time only known the step 1 and I want to keep open to alterations for step 2, 3 and so forth. I trust a supporting universe and one thing I always knew along the way was what felt right or not for me – so even though I made detours and I might not know or understand the full potential – I believe I am good as long as I follow my heart – and I believe now in perfect timing 🙂
    All the best to all of you!

  95. Marie, I LOVE this video! I always felt I was supposed to have clear plans, but the truth is, my best opportunities came when I just threw something out there and tried to figure out how to make it happen. I started out as a performer. Between acting jobs, i hated waiting tables, and office temp work meant making money during audition hours. SO I decided to teach yoga. Who’d have thought nearly 20 years later, I’d be only teaching yoga, and not only teaching yoga, but creating a therapeutic yoga practice for specific issues and injuries. On the way to that, I found myself as the go-to prenatal yoga teacher in SW Michigan for 12 years (I NEVER would have believed that would be part of the plan) and I spent time creating wearable art as well. Right now, I’m recreating myself again and the workshops I teach start as a title and a commitment from a studio. Then I figure out how to teach that topic. I throw stuff at the wall all the time to see what sticks. Do I have a vision of myself in five years? Yes, but it has to do with quality of life, not the specifics of how I’ll be achieving it.
    I can’t wait for next week’s video.
    ~ Lynn

  96. I’ve had a similar experience to Marie’s. I am multi-passionate and love so many things, it took me 6 years to finally be in a place where I can now see the future and know what’s ahead for my business. Which is the main reason I joined B-School this year.

    If you’re feeling like Jillian from the video, just trust that if you keep immersing yourself in all the things you love, eventually you’ll find the right combination and then you’ll be able to envision the future better. Best wishes!

  97. It’s so refreshing to hear someone like yourself say that you don’t have long-term vision, Marie! When I was an employee, I used to dread the “where do you see yourself in 5 years” question at appraisal time – and now that I have my own business, it used to worry me that I didn’t have a long-term plan. Now I realise that I have always worked best when I set intentions for what I want, then let go and do “stuff” that moves me forward one step at a time, in the belief that opportunities will come my way, and I will be ready for them.

  98. Thanks Marie! This was wonderful, I was recently dealing with this and because I am so present in my goals, I really can’t see past with the year. My advice, rules are made to be used as guidelines, take the advice and mold it to fit your skin.

    Thanks for all your wonderful videos!

  99. Angela

    I loved this one, because that this is how I operate. I have tried planning with the end in mind, 10, 5 year plans and although I get a nice overall picture, I am more driven to see immediate results, so the short term planning is a great tip Marie. Taking a more how, what and when I will do things, gives me the satisfaction of seeing myself achieving while getting to that long term vision. Sometimes altering outdated dreams will happen. Yeah, move on to the next!
    Thanks for all your great advice!

  100. Back in 2005 I had a plan for being a published author. After reading all the how-to books, I was going to follow the procedure of getting an agent, getting a major publishing house, and voila, best-selling author. Safe, predictable, and “professional.”

    After years of trying and failing to get a literary agent, in a last gasp bit of desperation, I learned enough of Photoshop over a weekend to design a cover, and I printed up 300 copies of my book. I had no agent, no publisher, no editor, no marketing strategy, nothing. And I was a little ashamed for having gone the “vanity press” route.

    Well, a friend of a friend read the book, and she talked it up to someone at CBS radio. One month after the “publication” (that is, my picking up the boxes of books at a local print shop that did an awful job, btw), I was on CBS radio in prime time. The other guest had not shown up, so I went in an hour ahead of schedule. Since my book was about my years playing of bass in the Boston Pops, the switchboard lit up with Arthur Fiedler fans calling in to reminisce, and they kept me on the air, coast to coast, for two hours. I sold out of that first printing in a few weeks. My biggest problem was no longer that of finding an agent, but of fixing the typos and finding a decent book printer company!

    I could tell endless tales about this one book publishing adventure, but the one thing I learned is, there is no path. People will not open the door if you do not ring the bell first. Leadership is rare. If you are following a path, you are going where someone else has already been. The need to envision the future and control it conflicts with the universe’s infinitely variable nature. I know dozens of people who want to write a book but they can’t bring themselves to write that first word, because once you do that, the universe takes hold and you lose the “control” that you have by doing nothing. Peter Drucker once said, “The majority of successful new inventions or products don’t succeed in the market for which they were originally designed.” Viagra started out as a drug for heart pain. -jl

    • What an awesome story Justin! Thanks for contributing this. It has inspired me.

    • Very inspiring Justin. That’s how The Infinite rolls….

    • Kendall

      ha ha your comment is BRILLIANT on so many levels. I had a real A-HA moment reading what you said about people not wanting to START on their dream, because once they do, the Universe kicks in and maybe starts pulling you in some direction, and you lose the ‘control’ you have by doing nothing. That is SO TRUE. I’m often paralyzed even when I know I have to and I WANT to work on my business, and that’s exactly why, I have more control doing nothing, once I start getting other people involved and making commitments and making decisions, I feel I’m not as much ‘in control.’ I need to learn to trust the universe, as many comments have said under this video, and let go a little. trying to feel in control by doing nothing, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! thanks for hte insight!

  101. I love today’s episode ! So true have so many things running on my mind and I’m glad I don’t have to set out a vision for my business ten years down the lane. Feel so relieved. I’m glad I have enough time to experiment and pray clear vision will be bestowed when the time is right for me

  102. I think my long-term vision tends to be based on how I want to FEEL in the future, without specific, concrete details. For example, I want to feel accomplished, proud of my offerings, hungry for more success, and confident that I’m doing something meaningful in the world. I tend to really listen to my instincts when moving forward with a new business endeavor and trust that if for some reason, I’m feeling good about it in my physical body and in my heart, that it’s time to press on even if I don’t know 100% what the outcome will be. Relying on that sixth sense will often bring about clarity that you can’t find with just the “sensible senses” alone — learning to trust it is one of the most important things I’ve learned as a business owner!

  103. Marie, first of all, I am so impressed with your support of Marianne Williamson. I didn’t know anything about her until you shared the link in today’s post. So, now I’m a fan of hers because of you. Thank you!

    Secondly, I love today’s topic for 3 reasons:
    1. I think there is a dance that planning and living in the moment can play, one feeding off the other. Our vision gives us a destination, but our present actions may require real-time adjustments. If we are open to this dichotomy, life can feel like a “dream come true”.

    2. Long term planning is such a great tool to providing tasks and milestones for today, but often our insecurities may diminish what we are actually capable of. I’ve found my long term goals were smaller than what Life has in store, if I’m willing to go along for the ride. See #1.

    3. The most powerful moment in my life is when I just “went for it”. I literally circled a date on a calendar and said, “On this day, I am doing X.” And, then, I did it. My husband and I put what we could fit into our cars, not knowing what we’d do for work, and moved from L.A. to a small town in the NW because we knew there was no “long term plan” that would get us there. We just needed to do it.

    So…. for me (key distinction), what’ worked has been: no rules, no one way of doing it…. Dance the dance and “go for It.”

    • Yes to the dance Greta! DANCE it up ya’ll. oxo

  104. Starr

    Good stuff Marie and right on time!! I’m working on 2 business startups at the same time and have really questioned doing that, but feel like as I move forward the clear path will become, well, clear 😉 Thanks for confirmation. I’m just going to keep on keeping on!

  105. Hi Marie! Regarding your segment on follow through, the way I get myself to do something I just don’t feel like doing is to ask myself “Is there any reason why I CAN’T do this now?” Will I feel better if I do? …and I’m off and running.

  106. This has been such a limiting factor for me in the past. I would lament the fact that I just don’t seem to have that vision. I am ambitious and driven but frequently feel like I’m running headlong into a black hole. I spend a bit of time ‘wishing’ I had a vision for my business. I’m good at what I do and keep thinking that if I had the vision, I could create the successful business I want.
    I’m going to let go of that belief and do the work and see where it takes me. Thanks for the great video!

  107. I relate. I love to do so many things and feel paralyzed by not knowing where to go and what to do. I feel like I’m treading water with no direction and costing the beautiful people around me money. They are supporting me because I’m following my dream of being an artist…. I am an artist because I am so good at it. I make stuff, and people are alway impressed. Basically, I just need to keep being an awesome artist and designer and wait for the time to come? This seems so passive though. I am the type of person who always needs to do something. Maybe now is the incubation period.

  108. The multiple jobs thing is one of many reasons why you have resonated with me Marie. I worked 3-5 jobs at a time during and after college for several years, trying to pay my own way and make my life happen.

    Whenever anyone hints at jealousy towards anything I’ve accomplished so far, my initial reaction is to respond with “Really? REALLY!?!? Do you even know how much HUSTLE I’ve put into this!?!” (But I keep those thoughts to myself of course, and keep my responses along the more polite lines of, “Your time will come. Just keep working for it.”) 🙂

  109. I think a long term plan is not the same as a long term vision. Your vision is where you see yourself and your business in a few years – for Marie that was a vision of making a difference and helping people. Vague, sure, but it was there. The plan is how you arrive at that vision. And it’s valuable to have one, even if you have to change it regularly.

    I write business plans (and train others to write their own) for a living – it’s what I do, getting new entrepreneurs from idea to open. And even now my company is changing our entire plan to focus more in the online space, because I realized the plan was no longer serving the vision. So the plan has to change. It’s no big deal. But without any kind of plan, I don’t see how I could ever achieve my vision!

  110. It’s so amazing to be in the right place at the right time. I loved when you said you are a “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur because that’s how I feel. I’ve been a student for too long and it’s time to take all that I’ve learnt and just trust myself and take that leap of faith and unleash my Unique Gifts and Talents to the world. It’s scary not having a plan for someone who is a Micro planner. I’ve had successful career in IT (masculine energy) and have had creative outlets through dance and my children over m(Feminine Energy) but have always had a deep ache for something much bigger than this. About a year ago I decided that I couldn’t keep ignoring it. The best thing about the universe is when it comes knocking at your door and you ignore it, it doesn’t go away. It will keep knocking at your door until it delivers a knocks so hard that it knocks you down. It doesn’t give up on you because you gave up on yourself. So Here I am, Terrified as heck… but moving forward with my plan to start my own Business. The best advice I can give to others is to Trust your instincts. Too often we second guess ourselves. We seek advice from others often seeking connection or significance. What most people don’t realize is that they already know the answer. And they already have all that they need to be successful right here in this very moment. It’s not something they can buy, or attain. It’s already deep inside them. So simple and powerful, yet so difficult for people to understand. Sometimes they just need for someone to say Ï believe in you” to help them believe in themselves. So I’ll say it. I BELIVE IN YOU! Trust your instincts. Made a decision, commit to it and take immediate action to make it happen! – Katherine

  111. Absolutely love this. I’ve NEVER had a five year plan and sometimes I felt it was bad. But, so many people envy the number of things I’ve done as a result and it makes me realize that being non-committal can some times be a good thing!

  112. Rose

    Hi Marie,

    I LOVED your video today (as always), but this time I disagree with you on a certain element.

    I believe that Stephan Covey was right, only the interpretation that starting with the end in mind, means having everything planned and cleared in advance is a misconception of what he meant.

    I believe that what he meant with starting with the end in mind, means that you know that you have a PURPOSE here in life and that you are here to fulfill your purpose. Once you accept that, you create a path that would be your life path, which in it you express yourself and fulfill your potential, even when you don’t even know how it is all connected.

    If I take your example – you knew you had passion to make a difference and be successful. Then you went out there and did your stuff. Today all that you have been doing has come together to support you in becoming so GREAT in what you are doing.

    Can you imagine Marie TV without your experience in Hip-Hop? Would it be as fresh and unique without it? NO.

    Can you imagine if you did not have the experience of writing your book about getting any man to want you? Would you then attract the same target audience as you do today? NO.

    Can you imagine if you didn’t have that experience in marketing? Would you be able to rise so much above all the other life coaches? NO.

    What I’m trying to show here is that in the end all those unconnected experiences that you had came together to make you who you are today and bring you the success that you enjoy today and allow you to fulfill what you started with – Making a Difference in people’s life.

    I always give the example of sailing in a big cruise ship. The ship has a direction and a path where it is going. However when you stand at the front of the ship (imagine the famous shot of Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic), when you stand there and look into the ocean you don’t see any path.

    However, when you go to the back of the ship and look backwards you see the path the ship has been through and the wake that creates it.

    Same thing in Life. When we look forward we don’t seem to see a path and we don’t recognize patterns, but when we look backwards and what we have done and experienced we can see the path that brought us to where we are today.

    So… to end a long story… I believe that yes we do need to start with the end in mind, but the point is knowing your purpose in life, the rest life will unravel to you what you need to do to express it.

    • Rose I am in complete agreement! Start with the end in mind but allow our experiences to add to the path we are on.

      • Rose

        Hi KP,

        I think that it is a much more feminine way of setting goals and making things happen.

        Having a clear end in mind and then allow ourself to be open to what would come our way that would lead us to our desired goal and dream.

        Have a magical day!

  113. Marie,
    I am sitting here in tears right now. I just started B-School and have gone through a major transition recently. I sold my business which I successfully built to 6 and 7 figures rather quickly. I was so passionate about that business but I was given a message in a dream last year. I was put on this earth to serve millions of people globally. How, might you ask? Well, I am here to fill the void Oprah left when she exited daytime talk TV. Please don;t get me wrong, Ellen is awesome and brings comedic relief but Oprah got down and dirty with the real issues people want to pretend don’t exist. By now you’re thinking, she’s crazy or what’s her point. Yes, I am a little crazy, you have to be in order to be a multi passionate entrepreneur. My point is that I’ve been allowing me to get in my head. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to monetize ValTV and need to make money today. I started consulting business owners within the industry I had my previous business. After all, I know it like the back of my hand. Here’s another issue, I don’t have the passion for it. SOOOOOO, how do I do what I was put on this earth to do yet make money…TODAY?

    You mentioned that you didn’t just arrive in your studio with a staff and I get it. How did you first start and what did you do to provide for yourself? See, I too am a Jersey girl although a tad South, but I know the cost of living in our awesome state.

    You’re video was awesome and it made me feel even more committed to my purpose and first passion which is to help people. I just need to know how to monetize it. Can you help a fella Jersey sista out?

  114. I’ve been traveling the world as an international tour director for years and training others to do the same since 1993….before we all had the Internet. My training has taken many forms and continues to change and evolve with technology. It has included college courses (credit, non credit, online), Fast Track, training tours to Hawaii, on-board cruise training, textbooks, ebook and more. I recommend doing your research and getting started! Know it will change and do your best to keep up!

  115. I totally relate to Marie’s comment about(wanting to do) doing too many things. I too was a pro dancer, spokesmodel & taught fitness. I felt lost and unfulfilled when I joined my husband in wealth consulting. A Huge leap right!? Well, I ‘m putting my passions together now: I created Financial Fitness for Ladies, a video series to inspire and teach women to make the most of the money they make. I combined wealth/ money with teaching, fitness & the fun being on camera all while helping women get it right with money for financial freedom. Thanks Marie for the inspiration!!
    To your good health & wealth- Krista

  116. Alyona

    Oh noez, I’m never able to plan ahead.

    As for tips, I like analogy with a car. When you drive in the dark, you don’t need to see the whole road, you are okay with seeing within your headlight reach. I believe it’s the same with a long-term vision.

  117. YES, FAITH! Add DREAM and VISION and HARD WORK. As a multipassionate person, I have pursed many things. I knew I wanted to be a performing musician in the hottest venues, like the Whiskey and the Roxy. I wanted to record and be heard on the radio. I had no idea how, I just knew that this was my dream and passion (one of them). I put one foot in front of the other, and it happened!

    Everyone has a favorite tee shirt (or 6) that tells a story that becomes a relic. I have had a dream to create a buttery soft tee shirt company with my art, with the intention that the individual will wear it to death, collecting many stories, make it their own relic. My business partner and I have dreamed and worked hard and we ARE doing it! And YES, all along the way, no matter what I have accomplished, I believe that there has been a measure of divine intervention….have FAITH!

  118. Marie! this might be my fav Q & A tuesday ever! You’re just the best love you! xxoo

  119. As someone who typically had a 5 year plan in place since I was about 16 years old, I’ve found it very refreshing and liberating now to not plan everything. Envisioning, developing and running a business is an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself, and while I had always thought that having a plan and sticking to it very closely was the best way to achieve success (which it was when it came to completing my education and financial planning), in business, I’ve learned that planning is important to a degree, but more important is staying open to the opportunities, new insights, your own personal growth -that inevitably will happen and the growth of your business. Over time you and your business will change and you’ll respond and grow personally and professionally in ways that you hadn’t imagined or anticipated. Have a plan- yes and do the things each step of the way to move you forward, but stay open and be in the flow. I am continuously amazed by the ways in which things seem to fall into place, how I am led to where I’m suppose to be and to how I’m suppose to serve.

  120. Hi Marie.
    “A beautiful rhythm that flows within, that only you can hear, is a wonderful gift, a silent message to share, saying there is need to fear.
    Believe in me and the light will enter your soul, this miracle sent from above,
    leading you and your destiny into the magic place of peace with gods love”

    Just had my first book published– “Thought and Squawks”

  121. Jessa

    Thanks Marie for another great video and thanks to all who have commented thus far. I look forward to this every week! To answer the questions of whether or not I have a clear vision for long term future successes I would say “yes and no.” Many of you make some poignant comments regarding trusting the Universe to unfold in its timing and as it should. However, others believe that having a finite, concrete vision for the future will bring that truth to life. I liken it to navigating a ship. The long term vision is the island destination. It is the piece of land you want to own and dwell in. The destination is concrete and you know you must take certain steps in order to navigate your ship in that direction. The ocean, on the other hand, does not guarantee smooth sailing and navigability. You might make it to the island but your ship is docked on the other side. This is a good thing! You made it to your destination. You set sail in the right direction and took the necessary steps but not matter what your plans the ocean had others. Though it allowed you safe passage to your final destination it knew the best place for you to dock a ship of your size and talents. How does that saying go? Life is a journey not a destination. Set your course on your desired island but allow the force and power of the ocean to determine your course and final docking place.

    See you all next week!

  122. Firstly… ahhh, Marie! You’re killin’ me! I will be in NYC NEXT week and not THIS week when you’ll be speaking in support of Marianne *sob*. Darn it, darn it, darn it all!!!
    Now, for the long-term vision/plan question: oh nooo no no- I didn’t have a clear vision of where I’d be now at all! However, I have always been an artist, and a true creative at heart. So ever since I can remember, I’ve known that my ‘vision’ and ‘plan’ and ‘dream’ was to be able to be an artist, and create, and make a living doing so. So in some respects, I feel that was a visionary ‘seed’.
    But I’m learning so much all the time, I’m not sure any actual vision for my career – even five years ago – would have been able to comprehend the amazing and serendipitous twists life has presented me… so had I tried to follow a path for a specific plan at that time, I might have missed some great opportunities.
    Which brings me to my current philosophy when it comes to envisioning and planning for my ‘bigger picture’ future:
    The real plan is in bigger hands (God, the Universe, Higher Power- call it what fits for you); MY responsibility is in doing the ‘footwork’.
    I love the simplicity and also the clarity of this idea, because it does involve faith- something I have had to work on really hard (and I love your tweetable this week Marie – totally borrowing that), but it also involves action. So it keeps me from becoming a control freak with my own future (’cause really… do *I* know best about everything?? Probably not!), but it also allows me to be an active participant, and discourages displacing responsibility outside of myself. It also allows for flux, flow, flexibility, and all those neat things that can take my path to greater places than I can even imagine at this time.

    Thanks for all you do, Marie! <3

  123. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love your soapbox & so appreciate you sharing this 🙂

    I’ve found that there are countless unexpected things that come up when running a business and remaining open to all possibilities is where it’s at. I have a solid general sense of my BIG world-changing vision, but I live in the here and now to make it happen – and sometimes those actions and my focus in my business changes a bit (not going waaaaay off but you hear me on this) based upon what I’m most in flow with. The Universe and your intuition communicate to ya.. 🙂

    What it comes down to is: I know WHY I’m doing what I’m doing on a daily basis, and that is & will lead me to the unfolding of my grand vision. YAY!


  124. Marie hit on some key topics in this video.

    (1) When the time is right our passions will MERGE to provide clarity and focus for our true path.

    (2) Moreover, hard work is really dedication, stick to it gumption, refining knowledge, and responsible ownership for the qualities you want to share and sell.

  125. Takes a lot of courage to trust it will all fall out into what you are supposed to do. Fear is a huge enemy. Risk management is fear’s refrain. I love your courage and “faith” like Dr. King spoke of. Way to Go Marie.

  126. I seem to go through periods when I get a vision and put plans into place to make it a reality (like creating my program and book Take the Journey) but other times I feel like I’m lost in a fog (like creating and implementing my promotion strategy).

    What I’ve learned from Marie is to “start before you feel ready”. Rather than taking course after course and basically giving myself permission to procrastinate, I’ve decided to just start somewhere, with something even if I’m not exactly sure it’s the right direction. And then have faith that once I start moving the path in front of me will become clear.

    I’ve started producing 10 Minute Time Outs: Short & sweet yoga practices you can do anywhere, anytime. They are by no means how I want them to look in the end. In fact I wasn’t even sure I wanted to put them out there, but I knew I wanted to start with something. The feedback I’ve gotten so far is my clients like them and I know I can always improve on them (they are selfies on my iphone). You can see them here. I hope their imperfection allows you to put yourself out there even if you don’t feel ready!

  127. Marie, this episode and the just the reminder of the five year plan triggered a response from the “Ain’t gonna happen” gremlin.
    But with a momentary Pause before acting or responding, I covered my ears and stopped to listen with my heart. And what I heard was: It is okay that the plan I have has been a similar one for ten years. It is okay that the five years has been imperfect and I have l learned a lot.

    For me my business plan is about creating step by step what I picture for the future with my business and then acknowledging that it may shift, but I have an initial picture of where to focus.
    And the five year plan is about the WHOLE of my life, which evolves and in some ways stays the same. As I listen to what my heart, guides (internal and external), and life opportunities present, this plan shifts and changes.

    I love your comedy. The authenticity. The connection. How you really have been in our shoes and know the joy and the time and pain that is involved in being an entrepreneur. Thank You.

  128. Kathleen McInnes

    Dear Marie,
    You are quite a force. Thank You for your generosity to share and inspire.

    I am a Passionate Yoga teacher, Lover of nourishing food, Nature Nut
    and committed to Living a Wholehearted Life.
    Trying to figure out how I would love to bring these together and out to the world?
    I definitely need direction?
    I just started a few YOUTUBE yoga videos listening to your advice,
    so its a start? check em out , i would love to know what you think?
    Huge Love
    Kathleen McInnes

    You and Kris Carr really Rock and Yes to Marianne Williamson for Congress

  129. Hi Marie and other wonderful people that take the time to read this –

    I just want to share how beneficent the Universe is to me! Last night I had a mini panic attack about being multi-passionate…I was looking at the careers of those I admire, feeling out-of-sorts because many of them became successful after streamlining and focusing on ONE thing. I was beginning to think having multiple passions (law, coaching, writing, fashion) was a hindrance to my success…I can’t see right now how all this can or will converge. I stopped panicking though, took a deep breath, got still and asked the Universe for some direction about how to proceed. Thank you Universe via Marie and Jillian! I feel like a weight has been lifted. This confirms for me that taking steps in the direction of my passions is the way to “create a business & life that I love” – and that my passions will converge as long as I continue to engage my passions.

  130. You are amazing. I like you are multi passionate. Love that phrase! I am an artist, choreographer, fitness trainer and instructor as well as a leather accessories designer. I just started B school so I could harness my power into a business and life I LOVE!! Thank you thank you thank you, Marie and your fantastic team! God bless you, girl!

  131. Sonja

    I totally agree with Marie! And who doesn’t?! 🙂 Yes, it’s good to have goal, idea, dream but at the same time be aware that we all change, evolve and that those plans could change and take different directions as well, which is in fact a good thing because you get to learn, grow, enjoy and have fun during the process. I don’t see any challenge in knowing exactly what’s gonna happen five years from now. Mistery is more exciting… be your own detective, investigate, find clues and I believe only good can come out of it. How often you have plan for the day and then something comes up, you end up doing some completely unexpected thing and yet it turns out to be best day you had in a while? It is you who decides and knows what is the best for you! My only long term plan is to be happy, successful and loved!

  132. ChrisS

    I’m at the beginning of my journey and have always struggled with the multi-passionate focus challenge/blessing. THANK YOU for the advice to “bring my A-game to everything I do” and then to have faith that my clear vision will emerge.

    You are a gift, Marie. Thank you for the years of working your behind off and then blessing so many of us with your wisdom. You are definitely an inspiration.

  133. Diane

    As someone about to make the leap without every detail planned? This resonates muchly. Thank you for the right words at the right time.

  134. I love this conversation – thank you! As a young painter, I was confused by being expected to have my finished painting in mind when I started…which is not how I worked then or now.

    I found my way into trusting my creative process, and learning how to follow the unfolding of my painting one brush stroke at a time. It’s a wonderful journey…

    Stede Barber

  135. I actually have both visions.

    I have my short-term goals that I want to create that will lead me to my larger vision but the path that gets you to where you want to go changes… and changes OFTEN.

    I align my energy and my actions with where I want to go and then Let Go. The right paths to take will eventually show up and they may not lead you to where you thought you were headed! 😉

    Hugs to all!

  136. “We are all special, and none of us are special. That is the paradox of life” LOVE that! It’s really true and worth considering. Hard work is what it takes and I think that’s what really drew me to Marie. Love that she’s worked for what she’s got. It’s totally inspiring for someone like me who knows that I have so much of value to offer and very little resources to do it. Hard work, wisdom & willingness – those are the keys of success and the tools to turn ordinary into extraordinary!

  137. I believe in iteration SO much.
    SOmetimes what we envision is not half as good as what we can slowly build learning as we go.
    Grat vid as usual, wonderpie!

  138. Marie, your dress is frickin fantastic!

    I’m an actor. I’ve been an actor and known it was the main thing I wanted to do with my life since I was 8. I’m also a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I’m an actor (and you bet your buns that means I’m an entrepreneur), a producer (not always by choice- but sometimes, if you don’t make your own work, you just ain’t workin) and an activist for human equality, art advocacy, the planet, and I sure as heck call myself a “Prevention-is-Hot-cheerleader” as the gorgeous Kris Carr calls it- A girlfriend/fellow artist and I now teach plant based cooking to a group of friends one night a month in Brooklyn.

    When I was 8, or even 16, I never would have guessed that running 2 small theatre companies, working with kids and teaching plant based cooking to my peers would be my life at 27… If someone 5 yrs ago had forced me to say where I’d be now… I’d have probably said Broadway. But I’m glad no one did- cuz broadway wasn’t where I belonged in my 20’s. I got married in my 20’s. Divorced. Moved to NYC. Finished school. Started a theatre company, took over another, became a vegan…. it will have been a brilliant decade of my life.
    I refuse to make a plan for what the next 5 years or decade holds- but I’ll be an actor, and I’ll work my ass off, and it’ll be brilliant.

    Thanks for always inspiring, Marie!

  139. Christine

    I used to a “HUGE” fan of the five year plan. I would have all of my goals and ambitions for the next five years all set out. This was helpful while going to University where everything is very scheduled and you have to work your buns off (as Marie would say) at two jobs and as would luck would have it the degree is five years. After University and getting a really great job I loved (related to my degree) I started to look ahead at the next five years. This time it backfired on me. A year later became very ill which would drastically change the course of my life for the next 12 years.

    Boom…my plan went out the window and my new plan was to survive. We never know what life will bring us.

    I now believe that is good to have a vision of what happiness and joy would be for you and try to find what it is that is going to bring you that…. not only in the future but Right Now. Be grateful for every little thing you have at this moment. Even for your Big Toe.

  140. kay

    I feel we are all doing exactly what we came here to searching is needed! I am muti-everything…so each moment, day, month or year are flowing right along. You see, I look at myself as God and as God we take each moment and flavor it with odds/ends of this or that….God loves to see thru our eyes, speak thru our voice and hear thru our ears….we are made with the spark of God within and it’s up to us to make the spark become a flame…u ask how, Give Ourselves Divinity..when we look,feel and act as God we are honoring the greatest power given to US..Light your fire daily…even if the fires flame may be in a low steady light it can always flame on again!!! 5 year plan…is so old energy….I came into this world without a plan and so far so good…I AM grateful to be here in the Joy moments and learning how to love the Fear moments..
    Love to you Marie and all who read this 🙂

    Kay, G.O.D. coach

  141. thank you, Marie! on the paradox ‘we’re all special and none of us is special’ i think you’ll appreciate this poem, ‘the miracle’

    it’s one i’ve written that always lightens me up with laughter. appreciating your playfulness 🙂

    love and hugs, megan

  142. For me I would say a vision of how or what you want to do could be of great help when you get started because everything that you do then will contribute to get you to that direction .

  143. Love this post Marie. I’ve never had a solid idea of what I wanted to do, other than help people. It’s nice to know that the way doesn’t have to be clear in order to move forward!

  144. Great video and love the quote! Just starting with you on b-school. I started designing sewing patterns to create snow skirts. Not sure what a snow skirt is….take a look at my patterns at ~ I love my snow skirt and don’t leave home without it (in the winter, which is a lot of the time in Alaska!). It all began with out any kind of plan – just a need! Turns out other people have the same need – amazing! So I have been teaching how to make the skirts and selling the patterns. But long term – I want to market more beyond Alaska. Other cold places in the US and….. to infinity and beyond! Long range plan – hmm??? Short-term plan – learning everything I can on B-school!

  145. Manu

    Oh yes, sure I had my dreams and I fulfilled the last one last summer when I finally moved into my (rented) 100 year old farmhouse heated with wood and wood only. Well, you might argue what kind of goal this is – but it was mine. Plenty of space, no one arguing when I want to play my accordeon in the middle of night because no one else lives in the same house. When I started horse riding lessons at the age of 12 I knew that I knew that one day I would have my own horse. After I started with an IT job, my dad told me that a very special horse was for sale. I went to have a look, but could not figure out how to pay for it, since studying for IT had taken more than the last penny. I decided if the horse was for me, it would wait until I could pay him. It DID wait. It waited so long that the owner sent it in a dressage education in order to finally be able and sell it. There are so many things that I just knew I wanted to have/do/get but could not figure out how – but then, the figuring out is not my part of the task.

  146. Such a good and important Q & A Marie. Thank you. The first point was upfront and direct… many of us (including me) can use as an excuse; the need to know where we are going and deny the hard work this can involve. Ive always worked hard …. but working hard for my own true aspirations and purpose that takes guts. Let go, Let God , don’t know & The plan with no plan are one of my two favourite mantras at the moment. There is a balance to be struck between action and surrender always …. Thank you again as I about to take some big steps this year into the known unknown. Big love from London x x x

  147. Welll…ha! I make up my future each and every day. I am a psychic and have so much world experience, working my way to collapsing a business/professional model that is “acceptable” in a most skeptical of woo woo world.
    Today, for example, I approached a Bank Manager and High School Principal to host self-awareness classes, telling them I am an Intuitive Coach. The Coach part got them interested. I don’t want to altogether ditch my metaphysical self so I made up the title as I was speaking to the Manager at Affinity Plus Credit Union! Yes, wow, scary and still…feeling a bit self-satisfied I can be clever too!
    Paula Finocchiaro Hill (B-School Bad Ass Woman!)

  148. Sonya

    I definitely see the larger vision of what I’m reaching for with many layers and elements and the challenge has been starting small and not getting overwhelmed with the day to day tasks that will bring about that larger vision.

  149. Tea

    Marie, I was such a crazy, perfectionist, future-obsessed planner that I even decided to make a career out of it and become a city planner. Plan, plan, plan is all I would think of, and when the plans didn’t follow through exactly as I wanted (which is what happens 99% of the time), I’d get upset. No wonder I drove myself into burnout!

    It’s been a few years, but I’ve been really working hard on balancing between planning and going with the flow. This has been such an important lesson for me personally and professionally. The way I see it is that it’s okay to have a general idea of a future vision that is more in terms of how I want to feel (from Danielle LaPorte’s work), but I make more specific, short-term goals that are aligned with that. So it’s like nesting the short-term goals within the long-term overall vision. I find this method gives me room for unpredictable or unexpected things to come my way and adjust course as needed.

  150. I loved this! I just decided to move off of my old store and set up and to have my own website, but I don’t know where it is going to end up. I have an idea of where I want it to be in 6 months, but I don’t know beyond that. This was SO helpful, having someone say it’s OK to just do what you know you need to do and plan once you get there and have a better view!

    Thank you so much!

    • Dear Natasha:

      With my experience of 850+ Responsive websites for iPhones/iPads with tablets – I will make sure it gets Best for you. U can talk to me via Skype ID: creativeboots so we make it Perfect for you & your Business grows more 🙂

      Take Super Care
      Shaz – [email protected]

  151. I can see the vision oh so well! Where I need help is the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month action steps so that I make PROGRESS towards that vision. I want to jump from Step 1 (e.g., “opt in to watch this great training video!”) to Step 436 (e.g., watching my bank account increase in online sales while I play with my daughter in the Caribbean Sea). Creative and multi-passionate? You BET! So many bright shiny objects, so little time…

  152. Thank you Marie! It is so encouraging to me to know that you started without a clear idea of the end result.

    Up until about 5 years ago, I felt my life had to be planned out years in advance or I would fall behind and miss out on something. I’ve realized that the best things that have happened could not have been planned for and are better than my expectations. If I were to stick with my original plans, not leaving room for growth and better things, I would be missing out on a lot of awesomeness.

    I am limiting what the Universe has to offer by strictly sticking to my plan. I like to leave room for something greater than what I can think up.

    I’m attempting that with my blog. Just start, even though I don’t have a clear idea of where it will lead. Don’t wait until I’m ready because I’ll never be ready. Acting on inspiration and going with the flow. I don’t know what will come of it but if it’s anything like the rest of my life, it will unfold as I go and be better than what I can plan for right now.

    Thank you for the reminder that it is not necessary to know the end result before taking the first steps.

  153. Wow, can I relate. Multi-passionate AND moved 20 times before I was 21 o the whole idea of a future plan that is predictable still remains to be rather elusive in my nature. I do believe I am getting more comfortable with just knowing that since one of my Strength Finder top 5 traits is ‘ futurist ‘ , then maybe it’s just me and I can learn to just let it (me) be more.
    But doesn;t that sometimes get in the way of focus if everytihg is subject to creative change? That’s what I have to ask my self often to make sure I am not just slipping into adaptation mode to avoid refined focus. Thanks for the topic Marie Forleo, seems like this is a BOTH AND situation indeed:)

  154. I am so glad to finally hear someone say that a 5 year plan isn’t necessarily the right way for everyone all of the time.

    I’m sure there are so many of us who get stuck, unable to move forward at all because we’ve heard that we should have the end goal in mind first.

    I’m not a strong long term planner…mostly because I get so lost down the timeline that I end up completely sidetracked…(enter procrastination) but I do short spurt planning exceptionally well.

    Working on giving myself permission to take small steps in the generally right-ish direction.

  155. Wow, can I relate. Multi-passionate AND moved 20 times before I was 21 o the whole idea of a future plan that is predictable still remains to be rather elusive in my nature. I do believe I am getting more comfortable with just knowing that since one of my Strength Finder top 5 traits is ‘ futurist ‘ , then maybe it’s just me and I can learn to just let it (me) be more.
    But doesn’t that sometimes get in the way of focus if everything is subject to creative change? That’s what I have to ask my self often to make sure I am not just slipping into adaptation mode to avoid refined focus. Thanks for the topic Marie Forleo, seems like this is a BOTH AND situation indeed:)

  156. Amen sistah! This concept of working toward an end goal that hasn’t been fully visualized yet has been on my mind a lot lately. I actually wrote two different posts on how NOT having a highly focused path ( or knowing the ultimate end goal ( has actually benefited me in living a really awesome life as an entrepreneur and artist. There have been times when I’ve had goals that I just HAD to achieve, and I went after them whole-heartedly, but ultimately I’ve found much more success and happiness in just learning how to make the most of today’s situation without having too much concern about where it’s going to go next.

    Marie- Good luck with the event at Town Hall! I’m still looking into whether I’ll be able to make it, but it’s great to see your support of Marianne Williamson. 😉

  157. Lynn Cook

    Interesting! I think I need a vision to be successful, but a plan just gets in the way.

    For example: my partner and I have almost finished renovating our house. We bought the house in 2006, it was a dump, but it had potential. We knew that we couldn’t afford to renovate right away, but we also knew that we’d need to live in it for at least a year, to see all the seasons through, to know what the best thing to do with it was. So in 2006 we cleaned and stripped and repainted the interior, and started planting a garden. Five years later, after a couple of sketch designs, and several models, we got plans drawn up and put them into council, and started talking to a builder. Even then, my partner who is an architect, wasn’t sure of some of the details of the building, so he chose a builder who he knew he could work things out with on an ongoing basis. We started building at the end of 2012 and the job is almost finished now. The overall vision of a house with light and air and space has been achieved, but without a detailed plan. And because there was never a detailed plan there’s been room for movement on the job. And wonderfully the finished eat-in kitchen living room which looks out over the garden matches a drawing I did years ago of my ideal house.

    So I’m all for vision, and engaging in on-going process and practise, but agree that you don’t need a five year plan.

  158. Omg! This is the exact reason I hadn’t taken any action in 12 months after finally coming up with a business name. Every ‘business’ blog I read was telling me I had to get clear and I needed a 5 year plan. Problem is I am always finding news ways I want to put myself out there and this exercise would completely stress me out and make me feel fickle. Once I found people like you Marie, I realised that I just had to start doing it, just take action! And it’s amazing, it’s like everything is organically falling into place. You and this community are awesome!!

  159. Just what I needed to hear!!!! My ‘bridging job’ requires me to create LTBP’s and I have been thinking, ‘How the heck do I apply this to a Palm/Tarot reading business?’ I thought I knew where I wanted to head, but that was just me following the lead of every other esoteric/new age business out there- and definitely not my style. I see a mix of events, small classes, online readings, a little retail and one on one sessions to help my clients to gain clarity and a personal action plan so they can reach their goals and get their life back on track. Recently the universe has thrown me some tests to see if this is what I really want to do, if this is something that I am truly passionate about. And, to date I am passing these tests with flying colours.

    Thank you for:
    a) being so freaking awesome!
    b) telling it as it is
    c) keeping me on track
    d) reminding me that everything is figureoutable

    Peace, love and light,

    Katie Jane x

  160. How right you are.
    Primarily i think it is a male trait to need the control of the big picture, the hunter instinct with the goal all set in mind. And conversely that it is a female trait to be Organic about life. –We create life this way— 9 months of evolution and 18 years later to view the beautiful child we made.Nature is like this. Going with the flow, adapting to the energies that present themselves. My 94 year old cousin Betty– my hero– has lead a phenomenal life, of teaching in the finest Universities,(in the 1940s and 50s– not a time for female careers) performing music world wide, writing books, traveling, hiking all over the world including India, even up to 90 yrs of age.I asked her this question several years ago–She said a resounding NO. –That she would Never have done all the wonderful things in her life if she ever had any “plan”. Instead she was OPEN to life and all that it presented and sailed on the opportunities that came

  161. Thank you so much Marie, i also cant think too far ahead in future and I use to think this happen because of my past. Seeing in this video you also have similar way of thinking, give me strength to just use my abilities the best way possible and carry on, i am sure the hard work will get paid off.
    You are so inspiring and i am so lucky to have you in my business life. With all the love and respect form Anju xx

  162. I’m a newbie to Marie in general, and was somewhat of a skeptic at first. I can’t lie (ever). I’m an MBA grad, Business Analyst, social entrepreneur, and small business believer. While I know there is a lot to be said for lifestyle businesses I think there is more that they, as well as other businesses and entrepreneurs, can benefit from once they’ve graduated from BSchool. I see what BSchool has done for many. I’m currently working on a project, SustainWe, that is where entrepreneurship’s passion meets small business practicality. I think there is a lot to be said for some of the systems that can help entrepreneurs and small businesses to start, manage, and grow. I’ve got some amazing, easy to use tools that I currently use with clients that I am looking to figure out a plan to launch…some how using the “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” as outlined in a MarieTv and G. Vaynerchuck interview. I have amazing tools that have really and truly helped everyone at various stages of their business, but I am still trying to figure out how to launch. The basis for the concept is create+execute+capture=plan+systems+strategies. Any feedback or ideas would be wonderful…

  163. YES, I’m a planner. I took your advice and bought Now, Discover Your Strengths, and then took the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. It confirmed that I’m futuristic… the future fascinates me. I’ve always loved to see projects finished on a distant horizon, then build the path from here to there. Even though I like to pIan, I don’t need the route entirely mapped out to start. Directionally correct in the beginning is just fine, with the ability to detour around obstacles quickly. Where I’m going rarely changes, but how I get there often does. If you can’t begin until all the lights to turn green at once, you’ll live your life with the brakes on. LOVE B-School by the way!

  164. I was slowed to a crawl by a well intentioned avalanche of study and directions I recently realized that I can drop a ton of it. Thanks for adding to the release.

  165. It is so refreshing to hear this. I like you a lot, Marie, because you do away with the rigidity of conventional business advice. It seems forever people have been telling me to choose one thing to do, but I don’t feel like it. I want to teach fitness classes in the mornings, I want to write about nutrition, and I want to paint, while at the same time growing my Feng Shui local and online business. Just because other people cannot multitask, doesn’t mean I can’t do it. I have been doing it and will continue to do it! As long as I keep walking on my path and every step I take is aligned with the things I am here to do, my business continues to grow and bless many. You cannot have a five year plan, and know exactly what things are going to look like when you are creating something new.

  166. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so nice to hear that you don’t have to have the perfect vision to get there. I am in baby step mode. And I am still trying to put one foot in front of the other, and I LOVE that feeling.

    I have a lot of people trying to tell me to ‘quit’ or to create a ‘plan’ because I can’t see where I am going exactly. I have vision, I see potential. But heck, no long term plan right now.

    I’m excited that I have clients, I am excited that people adore the work I do. And THAT is enough. I think I’ll keep doing that for awhile, and pivot when I need to.

  167. When I first started my photography business I knew what I wanted, that was to shoot babies, and nothing else but babies.

    It was a really slow start for me and I ended up second shooting a wedding with a friend of mine who was a photographer. I found that I really excelled at weddings.

    Now, my business has taken off in a completely different avenue than I had ever expected. Weddings are my speciality and I love doing them. Had I been inflexible with my vision, I would still be frustrated and struggling along.

  168. Great episode today Marie. When I first started my company, Ambition Nation nothing was crystal clear. I just knew that I wanted to have a talk show one day and I wanted to have deep soul talks that could really resonate with the audience. As time went on, I realized that I was under an umbrella. Meaning, you don’t need to know everything from the get- go, it’s part of your journey to discovering these challenges and learn something new everyday. I didn’t know that so much work go into becoming an entrepreneur. At first, I was ALL-IN-ONE; videographer, producer, editor, writer, marketer. All this until I could afford to delegate and be more efficient with 1 things rather than 8 which was ultimately holding me back from delivering my 100%. Bottom line ladies and gents; You don’t need to have it all figured out, just know what your desired outcome is and work your way towards it. Its the beauty of being an entrepreneur.

  169. This is such a perfect Q&A Marie and I am so happy to hear you confirm that we don’t need to know everything in advance, but move one step at the time. I will apply this to my art and see where it takes me.

  170. I love this!! I completely agree Marie. (oh that rhythms…) When I quit my job I never thought I would be where I am today. I just put my trust into the universe and followed the leads it gave me, you never have to worry about where you are going. If you believe you will achieve. xoxo

  171. Gabriele

    Even though I am a female agricultural scientst (haha naked natural sciences) the major decisions in my life have always been guided intuitively. I could tell tons of stories about this. This intuitive decision-making has never misled me. Don’t get me wrong – after the decision-making about the great lines, I had to do the job. But the direction was clear and without resistance. This made it always powerful.
    My current business project is on lemon verbena, the most divine herbal tea in the world. I was drawn intuitively to this plant and have been experiencing all sorts of “adventures” on the way to make it more known – here in Germany. Against market adversities I sticked to my high quality concept. The feedback of my customers and constant communication with the plant signaled me to pursue the quality concept. Now the time for the great harvest has arrived!!! Ladies you will adore it.

  172. Elisa

    Thanks Marie, your video came at the right time. And you are such a source of inspiration. I would love to know how you got out of your silly period. It is so easy to just ice skate on a life that has something that doesn’t make “you” happy, so easy to just go deep into vices, bad habits and dependencies, without even getting that you might have a problem. Maybe you just think this dependency that they call love, this cigarette, these beers, this lottery, this poker are done to have a fun and deep life. I know so many people that do think in this way. Or that justified themselves because they had a loss or a big problem and they just fall down and down because in some way they deserve it. So many young people that just stare at videogames, don’t know anything about their body, they just (ab)use it .
    But I love good happy ending stuff as you do, and I love seeing the change. I love seeing the grub becoming a butterfly. You can feel how the universe is mystically and magically working there. You can feel how easy it can be to go back to those habits and stay a grub or just fly and be light and brilliant. I am curious about that phenomenon, that mechanism, that moment of life in which something occurs. What goes in the mind and how make that occur?. What is really, Marie? How come that, somehow and in some time, there is the change? How does it occur? Is it about family education style? or school? or people you go with? or the sport you do? or how much you work? or just getting all the pieces together? or things that happen at the right time? Is it about being strong or weak? I guess there is not a least common denominator but it would be so nice to find that little key, that changes the nature. What I know is that you need faith, discipline, body consciousness and love for the others and in what you do. How is that quote that you find in so many cultures? I know it the one by American Indians Oh Big Spirit, give me the serendipity to accept things that I can’t change and the courage to change the things I can do change and the ability/sapience to understand the difference (I translated it from Italian…;-) And following you with your amazing videos and attending your B-School (yes I did!!! Yeah!) could also help a lot 😉
    Thanks Marie, really, you are having a great impact on my life, I am sure you will have it on other people’s lives through my growth as a “butterfly woman”. Love and true joy! Elisa

  173. This is a awesome subject and some great food for thought!
    Personally, for me setting up any sort of more serious and detailed plan means setting myself up for failure. That’s probably because I don’t operate too well under pressure, and not to mention when it’s about self imposed pressure, ugh, I’ve been there and done that so I know how to *not go* about things in life anymore!
    When I want (to do) something, I definitely will, but it will be much more satisfactory if I do it in a more intuitive manner and without too much planning. Definitely, “we’re all special and none of us are special”!
    Thanks for posting this! The video is great!

  174. Jacquie

    I find the 5-year goal thing pretty interesting. I’ve never set 5, 10 or 20 year goals. Being the artist that I am, I find that I plan according to what feels good. Planning goals makes me feel really uptight. It makes me feel anxiety. It makes me think of disappointment when I can’t reach that goal. I really find internal conflict when people start talking about at work. It’s so much easier to follow your heart in the moment. Any thoughts on how to become an artist, goal planner person? 🙂

  175. The only plan for five years out is to be true to my passion (to create beauty in the world…for now that means creating jewelry). What that looks like or how it unfolds remains to be seen. My task is to be a peace with that and not miss the opportunities that are before me every time I put myself out there. Always find something meaningful in your videos. Thanks Marie!

  176. Suzie

    I LOVE this week’s discussing. This is very interesting indeed. I have friends who have their plan all set out when they’re mere teenagers. And are very proud to hit 30 knowing it’s all gone to plan. BUT i would say that only suits a certain type of person. And it’s a very dangerous game to play as you honestly don’t know what’s around that corner so you could end up either missing out on things in order to stick with your plan OR making yourself miserable killing yourself to make the plan work. We’re chaning all the time and so is life. So how could you possibly know what’s going to be right for you in 5 years time? I certainly don’t. All i would say is that it’s good to know what type of life you want and what things you really need from it. For example, i’ve always known i want to do good for people with my caring nature and make a real mark on this planet with it. I’ve also known i love the creative and commercial side of business which drives my desire for big financial rewards. But it’s only until the age of 31 have i known how i’m best to get that…to set up my dream business rather than doing dull jobs for other people. Like Forest Gump says ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get next’. So embrace it and doing ruin it with planning every next step!

  177. I’ve never been a goal setting person ~ perhaps my life and work would work better if I were, but it just isn’t for me – it’s too “left brained” for me. While I’ve not thus had a clear outline of what I want to do, and how I believe I could go about getting it, or doing it ~ I always have a “feel” for what it is that I’m wanting to do or participate in, and then I get to the point where I simply cannot live with my Self, if I don’t step out there and begin. It’s like, there isn’t really a pathway, but once I start moving my foot up, taking that first step, a portion of path appears beneath where my foot will land, and then I take another step and so it goes — and sometimes, it seems like there is nothing there and won’t be, it seems that by forcing my Self to “believe”, and knowing that I simply “cannot go back there, where I was before I took that first step out”, I just have to keep the faith – taking that leap ~ and somehow at times I find what I need to help build greater character or strength in one way or another, and at other times it simply seems to rain down on me and the flowers begin to pop up as I walk my unfolding path! So far, I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do. Now, for this new “older” segment of my life, I need to do what I feel the need to do, to give much to others and to inspire others… so, we’ll see where my leaping takes me, this time around!
    Marie, you are a wonderful, glowing assist ~ a kick in the pants… gulps of fresh air when I’m feeling smothered by wretched doubts or lousy worries or just the dull-lows! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE AND ALL YOU DO, AND FOR SHARING WITH ALL OF US!! Many BLessings to you!

  178. Emma

    I love this! I’ve always struggled with a longer term plan because my head is always full to the brim of ideas and different avenues I could take. More recently I’ve began to create 6 month plans though to keep me focused… It’s so easy otherwise for me to lose my focus. I’m determined to move my little business forward, and through Marie TV – and from this week BSCHOOL – I feel really supported to make that difference – thank you!

  179. Hi Marie, great video, and thanks for answering this question.
    I’ve used an approach very similar to yours in everything I’ve turned my hand to. I’ve had so many interests in my life and I’ve done all of them, because I had the ability to do them.

    I’ve never had a job that was long-term. The only constant throughout my life was the ability to read people, energy and work with the Spirit World since I was a child.
    I focused on reading professionally for over 10 years but I never, ever thought of making a career out of it. I always read for Love – and I still do.

    I never began with the end in mind, as Stephen Covey suggests, I followed my intution and strong guidance from the Angels – and they are all in favour of pushing me out of my comfort zone, believe me!

    There have been countless times they’ve nudged me along my spiritual and professional journey and I’ve heeded the Call to step up to the plate and work through my self-limitations.
    So much has already happened for me along the journey and I know my professional journey starts with you and Team Forleo.

    I took a huge leap of faith on 01 Jan 2014 and created a website to share my services as an Angel Intuitive™ with the rest of the world, as well as creating free blogs and angel readings for people to access on a weekly basis. I got over my fear of technology to achieve all of this, and I look forward to learning about how to get the Angels’ messages across to as many people as possible.

    So, in answer to your question, I have a loose framework to work within, but I know from personal experience that every time I’ve devised a plan for ANYTHING in my life, I end up shortchanging myself, because the Universe’s plan is always so much bigger and better.
    As a result, I’m a little reluctant to draw up a 5 year plan. However, I do make short term goals and achieve them.
    The goals morph when the energy shifts and I have to change my schedule accordingly – just as I did to accommodate B-School. I hope that last paragraph made sense 🙂

    The bottom line is that I surrender to the process and take guided action whenever it is needed.

  180. My vision when I started my yoga centre came to fruition but after 25 years it was time for me to (happily) move on. I had many days of despair when I had no passion for anything and no idea of what would happen next. In the end I gave myself permission to be lost and that gave me space to start exploring new options and really getting in touch with what I wanted to do.
    My only long term plan is to feel healthier + to love my life + those in it…
    My vision for my business will continue to evolve ~ as I do….

  181. Great video Marie. For me the vision is still the same; having my own online biz, doing what I love, helping other people, freedom, lifestyle, blah blah … however, the business concepts changed over time. It takes a while until you find the ‘sweet spot’ and yes; it’s a long process and requires persistence – no overnight success. I’m learning to enjoy the process. 🙂

  182. Loved the video…thanks for sharing! I’d love it if you could talk or write more about the balance of hard work and letting go to reach the amazing life planned for each of us. 🙂

  183. Every week I think, “this is her best video yet!” then the new email pops up and you amaze me again. This was perfect. I work my butt off on my site and just recently realized I have no freaking clue where I’m heading next and started to lose my cool. Thanks for getting me back on track. Love, a devoted follower since your vids were done in your living room. Xo

  184. Thank you Marie, this is so inspirational. I can so relate to this and it’s nice to have the validation that we don’t need to have the perfect blueprint for how to run our business. It’s made me feel heaps better knowing that’s it ok to just make a start and see where it all leads. I’ve always been that type of person and I’ve always felt there was something wrong with me for not having the perfect vision for what I want. Now I know it’s ok to be that way. It certainly makes life more interesting! 😉 xx

  185. Marie as ALWAYS you give great advice, because
    being a solopreneur, I at times start to feel like~
    I’m never able to ‘switch lanes’ & give ‘my real passion’
    ALL that I’ve got. I’ve watched your video on organization /
    Crossing ‘MEH’ off the list. I’ve hired an assistant & learned
    to delegate & enrolled in ‘BSCHOOL’ -/ sooo things
    Are looking up:-))

  186. I have ALWAYS been able to see the BIG vision for my business. For me, my business is about fulfilling my life purpose as a healer. It has been clear since I was little: Helping women clear their blocks from having a life that they love. My advice to anyone not able to see the big picture is to break the steps down in small parts and see the end result of THAT small task. For example, working on your website. Ask yourself: what is the goal of this website. BE REALLY clear on the goal of having a website and then work towards that goal. Here’s a golden tip: the more you can connect to the desired FEELINGS of the outcomes you want, the easier the goals are to achieve e.g by having a website I want to feel important, valuable, respected etc etc. Manifesting 101 right there 🙂

  187. Jade Varley

    Really helpful thank you Marie. I think sometimes I have tended to look too far into the future rather than focusing and enjoying where I am at now. This can be good but also debilitating. I love short term 90 day goals, I find them much more motivating. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness. Jade

  188. This video was divine timing for me. I have been working on my business more or less on a week by week basis since the beginning and was really just trying to make it work. Now I am at the place where it’s working and I realize I have no idea what my vision is other than achieving what I have now, which I did already. I’ve been stuck here for a while, just being in the business, wondering if I am a weirdo for not having a great vision for this thing. THANK GOD this is ok and I am not the only one! I am looking forward to my vision emerging. Thank you so much Marie!

  189. Janet Marie

    Faith is a verb and it is my plumb line, like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King quoted.
    Live fully today and the vision for tomorrow will come in due season.
    So now that my garden chores are fini for today it’s time to read B-School materials…then back to lead needy kids in the morning. Day by day we become our prophetic future now, when you believe and step-out in faith.

  190. It’s great to know that I’m not crazy! I have an idea of where I’d like things to go… I think… but mainly, I just focus on the steps I need to take daily to achieve my short-term goals. That’s about all I can handle right now! Thanks so much for this!! 🙂

  191. Awesome vid as always Marie. I love the comments above about Flow and allowing room for life to seep in. I also love your advice about doing the tasks within your grasp really well. Its definitely hard when you’re a multipassionate person – I love music and cartoons and I run an online business helping other women get into singing by sharing tips that I’ve learned along the way in my own music career and it feels like I’ve got so much on!

    Your video has inspired me to focus TODAY on getting more gigs and making sure I have a nice full gig calendar before moving onto the next task. Thanks Marie!

  192. Thank you thank you Marie for answering this question.

    I have often said I have career goal ADD. I appreciate your honesty about your struggle with distilling your passions into a clear vision.

    I often see this, as well as women not being sure that they are good enough, or valuing themselves enough to even allow their true passions to shine through. Sometimes allowing ourselves “to want what we want,” hence having a clear vision, actually stems from fears of being vulnerable, trying to please other people, and being afraid to truly shine.

    Your wisdom in business, (not my strength) is invaluable.

    Keep rocking,

  193. Shirly

    I have learned that long term version can help to steer the direction of what and where I want to go. However at the same time, one has to be willing and open for changes – take a different route, try a different strategy, add in or take out whenever necessary etc. ‘It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop’ – Confucius. If you truly believe in something, have deep unwavering faith and trust that there is always a plan for you! Of cos you must be willing to put in the hard work and determination! Cheer on everyone! Go for your dream! xx

  194. I am loving this video! This is exactly what I needed to hear today! I used to plan everything, and I mean everything, like down to how old I wanted to be when I was married and had kids. I am SO thankful my plan didn’t work out, because I feel like there are so many more things in store for me.

    These days I am trying to enjoy life and just have fun testing out my passions and seeing where they take me. I am not going to say this is easy, but it is a necessity for me to be happy! I am learning to trust the universe to put me on the right path and help me get to where I am supposed to be in life and in my design business one day when it’s right! Keep on keeping on everyone! We will get there someday! 🙂

  195. Dear Marie,

    Your Video is a very learning material for me. I remember in 2006 when I was in Wipro Technologies India when my Supervisors used to instruct me from USA, India & UK to fill up my short term goals and long term goals in Performance Appraisal Template. My Supervisor from UK Sarah Ismail also informed me earlier that I need not create any mess in my work or act like a stupid Embedded CHIP Programmer.

    So this material is a very good document for me and my love and respect for you will always be there and I wish you that you will become a billionaire by 2020. Sonia Gandhi was from Italy and she became the wife of our ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and made the whole nation proud by being the Congress Party President. I wish that all successful Italian – American be as happy as you are.

    Keep in touch with me. I am happy to be with you.

    Thank you.
    Rohan Sarker

  196. Mary

    Marie’s episode talked about just what has been on my mind as I try to ooze from the security of a good paying job (ER nurse) to something that feeds my soul. My deepest heartfelt aim is to do good in the world and working in a #$%@* hospital just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I am doing Bschool again this year because a) it is awesome and uberhelpful and b) I really want to get my life on track by serving the universe in my own unique way. Lawd have mercy! I CAN do this without having every detail worked out, right?

    • Cyndee Noble

      Right! You CAN!

  197. Cyndee Noble

    I am a planner, I make lists, I am a capricorn and get off on crossing things off my list. I can plan an event and carry it out. But if you ask me what I want to be when I grow up (I’m 53) I am still unsure. So to make a 5 year plan is a joke! What I do know about myself though, is that whatever I do has to be impactful. B-School is helping! I feel it. I don’t know what my “thing” will be for sure, but it will come from my heart and be huge. I know that when I’m on to something…I’m unstoppable. 🙂 Thanks Marie, you are awe-inspiring!

  198. Love you Marie!!!! This might have to be my favorite Q & A yet cause it is sooooo relatable for me. I am very multi passionate/talented – in different art materials, writing, film. And though Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” You have been the one week after week telling us to take the next step and the next step and the next step. It’s easy to begin but to finish project is another thing. My overwhelm of all my many passions and what their end result is suppose to look like can cause fear that freezes me, but you and your weekly smarts and charm and this video and b-school release my mind – thank you!!!!!!

  199. HI – Thanks for todays Q Marie & Gilliette – and especially for the last comment: We’re all special and none of us are special…

    I’m 50 and the pain and insight, I want to share, is that I have always FELT that something important ond neccesary not only to me but also to the World was resting, growing, struggling & working like a dough swelling deep inside – sometimes so deep I lost track of it – and now it is coming together. Not to say, I did not do valuable Things along the way!

    Our unique and special gift can be WHAT. But most likely it is HOW. It is the specific energy vibe or way of listening, its the way, we combine our knowledge and use our intuition, its the tone, that we speak and the angle we dare exploring. It is how we are congruent with ourselves – or strive for being. That is our uniqueness, and it is common for all. And thats how we respond to the World: Chosing this instead of that. We choose what fits our own special combination.

    My red tread is:
    “Strengthen your Inner Leader. Create success with your YES”

  200. Marie… when I first heard your advice for multipassionate entrepreneurs… I was REALLY battling to figure out where I wanted to niche… and I WASNT happy to give any of my “baby’s” up… I loved your advice… and it gave me the permission to do what I loved.

    And I think that’s the secret.

    The more you DO… the more you realise what you love, and how it all comes together… whoever thought I’d be able to mix my creative photography, design and video… together with my skills in HR!!! but I HAVE…. and am now a visual storyteller!

    But that’s not where my end point is… I think my journey is only starting… next step will be an online business… and I cant wait to see what I’ll create next.

    It all starts with a tiny step… and having faith… Ps… LOVE THE QUOTE! I think I’ll turn it into a poster for my weekly subscribers 😉

    “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. via @MarieForleo

    I also wanted to share… sometimes I do get a bit overwhelmed by the three “personalities” of what I do… especially when trying to do something that pulls all three areas together… but I have come to realise that I just need to start in ONE area… develop that… and then create the other two when I have time… it helps take the paralysis away 😉 And writing it down – helps me to remember where I’m focusing when stress hits 🙂

  201. Oh Marie, this question was so timely for me! I am at the starting of my career in fashion consulting and I have NO IDEA what my five year plan is! Right now my plan involves transitioning into more clients and out of the bridge job of running a dayhome as my youngest child is almost in school. My plan 2 years ago was to become a full service personal stylist with make up and fashion consulting, and I’ve taken steps toward that one class, one client, one blog post and one professional training at a time. My next goal is in growing my client list. For now I just have a overall vision and am taking the next logical step. But I’ve found that the vision changes over time as I get more clarity on what I want to do and what direction I desire to take in my career. Thanks again as always, Fiona.

  202. magda

    Thanks Marie for the post. You’ve inspired me to blog about it too!

    I just wanted to let all aspiring MFBschool members for 2015 know that a group of us have come together to start a facebook group to support each other in enrolling next year (and doing the actions that will help us get there!)

    Would love you see you there.

  203. Loved this reminder. It’s one thing to know this but another to keep practicing it. Walking out in faith even when you don’t see all the staircase takes courage so we need all the reminders we can get! There are no guarantees and I find this often keeps otherwise very gifted people stuck.

  204. I couldn’t agree with you more Marie.
    When I started my Sevi’s Online English Academy, I had only my mac pro for video shoot and I gathered together all the lights in my house in order to make a great video for my online students. Then, I started to purchase camera and professional lighting with my first investment. We all start from some sort of base in our business but if you believe in what you do, people come in and work with you. And, you get better and better by trying over and over again. Practise is the key to success…

  205. Hi Marie,

    This video came at a great time for me. I’m making a huge shift in changing careers and I am way out of my comfort zone, to the point where I sometimes feel like a fraud. I loved your “soapbox” lecture. I keep thinking about it as I keep pushing forward.
    Also, I don’t know where I’ll be living in 6 months, let alone 5 years. I found a 5 year plan oppressive, but I do have an inkling of my vision.
    Thanks for the weekly inspiration!


  206. I work with various companies on strategy, and many times they really strive to be able to find a vision and also to lay a long term strategy. Especially I find this to be true in some branches or “industry sectors”. We, people, are different, and so strategies need to be different. There is on right or wrong answer. Personally I find it really inspiring to have a clear vision, because I helps me everyday to focus, especially when I am struggling. I also find that many people are growing, streching, when they find the REASON WHY they are in business and when they put this “reason why” down on a paper and look at it everyday. All the best, Benedicte.

  207. I can’t believe how identified I have felt in this video. I like so many things that I get paralice. Is so frustrating to travel “alone” to anywhere to learn new different things. No way to make to come with me any friend or my girlfriend. I can feel how they look at me and they feel compasion about me, like… poor guy he has not idea what he want. Thanks Marie, you are a great inspiration …even in my channel. Can you see why? 🙂

  208. Marilou M.

    I love the analogy of building your mountain one rock at a time. I believe in the power of working smart not hard.
    I truly love your whole hearted way of sharing those wonderful thoughts and learning. A newbie in your B School dreaming to one day weave all God’s thrown puzzles on me, from architecture school, to accounting now in construction, and passionate in jewelry making, hopefully they will serve well the purpose that the Divine guidance had conceptualize for me.
    Laying a 5 year plan is like drawing the plans before building your dream house but sometimes my hard head attitude brings me to wonderful challenges I never imagined which I usually use as spring board to a more resourceful idea.

  209. Dear Marie,

    I was rebirth when I was 40, right at the beginning of my emotional healing after years of abuse. Life couldn’t be more clearer then. Ever since, I have developed in me a sense of leaving a legacy for my generation to come. When people learn about success from today’s business men, I learn from those who were born in the 1800s, just to find the secret behind their legacy today. However, just like you say, I am still not sure about the future path. I have follow my heart to start artisan jewelry for more than a year now and has a dream to inherit the business to my offspring. This artisan spirit was born in pre-teen years but died when I was abused. Now it comes to live as I am alive. But I also have this desire in industrial work process and I truly have passion to manufacture any kind of healthy breakfast or snacks or beverage. This desire probably influenced by my work experience in various food industries for years. I am willing to start at a very small scale for I believe it will grow and becomes a huge legacy for my offspring. However, since the two businesses have not grown yet, I still do training and coaching, my bread and butter. How is the convergence process, Marie? How do you finally decide to do what you do? Was it because of the money? Or because that’s the only skill you have? Many people have said I am multi-talented person for I sew, woodwork, teach, coach, craft, make jewelry, sing, cook, design web, massage, event plan etcetra. Many times I hate it because people always relate skills to possibility of making money so they think I have too many wants. But I love doing all this because I love doing it. What have brought you to convergence point? Was it the job that really brings profit? In my case, training and coaching brings fortune, but this is not something I want to leave for a legacy. Probably my convergence point is what gives an opportunity to leave a legacy, no matter how small the scale I have to start with. What is your advise, Marie? -Grace, Jakarta, Indonesia

  210. I am continually frustrated about “visioning” anything. I am an extremely auditory/kinaesthetic focused person with virtually no ability to “visualise” anything. I have tried till I am blue in the face, not “tried” and just “let it come” (it didn’t), read every possible bit of advice about relaxation/visualisation techniques to no avail. When I close my eyes/or not close my eyes but try to imagine a picture of what it is I want or have or have had – nothing happens. Just a black blank screen. So what advice does anyone have for a specimen like me? I am sure there must be a few others out there who have the same challenge. But very little is written for people such as us.

  211. I did not have a long term vision to begin with. I did what I thought would impress other people. I eventually figured out that in life the best option is to do the work you love to do, not the work you think you should do. Martha Beck talks about ‘turtle steps’. What is your very next turtle step to what you want? If you still feel resistance the turtle step needs to be even smaller.

  212. Wow! Thank you! I feel that I’ve been let off the hook! 5 years to me has always been way to out there. I’ve always been a day to day survivor. I know what I want but to guess what that’s going to look like in 5 years is just too abstract. What I’ve found works the best is knowing what my overall intent is with my business, which is to inspire others to change their Can’t into CAN! Then I work all my projects around that with small time lines like 30 days. With I’m then not overwhelmed by all my ideas and not frozen doing nothing! Life doesn’t happen in leaps and bounds, it happens step by step! Thank you Maria for the wonderful video and to your viewer fir her great question!

  213. Wow, great advice!
    I am an inspirational artist starting a new business. I believe it’s important to work hard, have a plan and a strong mission but it’s also important to be open to “divine guidance.” You know, that guidance that comes in the form of crazy coincidences, when things seem to miraculously appear in your life and you have an “aha moment!”
    A favorite quote…
    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

  214. Marie, I’ve been watching your videos for several weeks now and I have to say — THANK YOU. I just love them.

    I am starting up my own business as we speak and holy cow, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one without a full-fledged “long term vision.” I can’t see past 6 months, either!

    I have general dreams and visions for what I would LIKE to see happen, of course, but right now my VERY specific goals are really only fledged out one week to three months out.

    You’re awesome! Thanks for your hard work and inspiring all of us to hustle and succeed!

    – Erika

  215. Great advise and another awesome video.

    In the past I had a plan, an income idea from it and a way to achieve it. It felt constricting and as I grew personally and professionally I out grew it.

    I know I want to help change the world in a special way. Rather than focus on an idea that I have – like it’s got to be THIS WAY. I check everything I do with my big vision of being an instrument of change.

    This has kept me open to ideas and people I would have missed if I’d stuck with my original plan.

  216. Brona

    I find that whilst I might not know exactly what’s what five years down the line..I ALWAYS know how I want to feel….So it’s beginning with the end in mind based how I want to feel…And for the peeps who find visualizing a big challenge…. pen and paper works! A declaration of how you want to feel about a certain issue…works for me…

  217. Hi Marie, I LOVED your video. Thanks for letting yourself and us off the HOOK. I’m a visionary, so having visions is who I AM, but they are flexible and permeable. They morph and let things in (or out) as needed, like living breathing beings. And I know ‘someone’ who has a much bigger Vision for me: Yep, That One. Our Great Creator, higher Intelligence. Teehee, ‘who’ by the way doesn’t have a website and yet the biggest list. So TRUST and FAITH is certainly the best thing to have on this. PLUS, I will never forget this one thing that is such a perfect metaphor: Before I moved to the UK, I was told by one of my friends, who is a medium, that she sees me move into this place that has a special lamp in it and that I would pass by everyday, saying:” I so LOVE this lamp!!!” Usually, that’s not what I let influence me, but she seemed so lit up about this one, that it impacted me. So… when I looked at places, I subconsciously was looking for ‘that lamp’ that would just sweep me away and reveal my ideal new home. None of them did. So, I finally chose the one that had the best feel to it, I fell in love with the photos and rented it via internet from Germany, moving countries without having seen the place in person before, because it just felt so great… and guess what… about 5 months in, living there already, I actually bought a lamp that I fell in love with an ancient crystal lamp with an unusual form to it, hung it into my hallway in absolute harmony with the 3 arcs of my long hallway…. AND… literally, each day I pass it by several times, and I never get tired of thinking:”I SO LOVE this lamp!!” Had I stubbornly stuck to my initial vision (or hers) of ‘finding a house with a fantastic lamp in it’, I would not have moved in here, because that lamp was to BECOME part of my vision – through me. Also, as we grow, we outgrow our dreams and visions, and rapidly, especially with all the people here being such speedsters in manifestation. Meaning that if I have a vision now with the capacity of understanding it from who I am now, and then intend to stick to it for 5 years, then I keep trying to align my life to my ‘back-when-me’. Not a good idea. Imagine, if at the beginning of the century everyone would have strongly held on to their vision of creating solutions for the horse manure problem with all the horse carriages… and instead Ford came hopping along with a CAR… instead of a faster horse or a horse with a better exhaust system. Weird example, but that just came to me. Ah, thanks again, Marie, for absolving us (teehee) from all ‘shoulding’ ourselves. My Visions guide me as they morph (me). oxoxox Tanya

  218. I love this! I have no long term plan (at least not written down), more a sense of direction, and I follow my inner calls to action that are quite similar to your immediate short term goals.

    What I’ve noticed is that when do try to dream big and plan ahead, everything just turns out totally different and so much more awesome than I could have ever imagined anyway.

  219. Mel

    Thank you, good Q & A. Peace.

  220. UH

    Today, my long-term vision has helped me to say “no” to a lucrative job that would have taken up too much of the time I will need to make my vision come true. Thus, I find it very helpful to have this vision and use it as a compass. (Instead of automatically saying yes to every job that comes my way.) But it’s a compass not a railroad track that will not allow me to take detours whenever I think that is necessary.
    Also, I have made the experience that some of my visions and goals got torn to shreds by this life that is happening no matter what I plan. I had to adjust my goals and visions, often to something that actually represented myself much better than my original plan. Did I get over it?
    You bet I did!

  221. I have a vision for what I want my work and company to do and the kind of impact I want to make, but like you Marie I have sooooooo many passions! I am a musician, composer, writer, performing artist, health freak, spirituality chica, photographer, and more! So as you can imagine its paralyzing to take action in what I might think is the right direction. So many things I want to do creatively and also many different ways I want to help people. Sometimes I wish I weren’t so multipassionate, but I know that the universe has my back and I just gotta have faith. I’ve done exercises envisioning the type of lifestyle I want before, but I have no idea on how to get there. So I guess I just gotta keep going and praying that it all works out! I’m glad I joined b school this time around I know that will definitely help me!

  222. Thank you so much for this video! It frees me up to focus on the small steps I need to be taking right now rather than spending time focusing on what my business will look like in the future!

  223. Invaluable advice, as always, Marie!

    I find that when I’m on the right path, things start to fall in place easily. People show up (“when the student is ready the teacher will appear”), situations shift and ideas come to me that lead me to exactly where I should be. The latest one: signing up for B-School. I can already feel a shift in the/my universe… (insert woo-woo music here) . Great stuff! 🙂

  224. Marie! I am also a multi-passionate entrepreneur! And, a Jersey girl – but well, I grew up on LI 🙂 Ok, so I started on my own as a writer and now have an organic skincare line! I use my copy wit and love of words in the names (‘Hey Sugar, Lookin’ Good!…a sugar scrub) and I feel like I am incorporating it all together. Now, I just started bschool – yeah baby! – but I was flying by the seat of my pants for a while now. I am excited about going with the flow, and simultaneously ‘putting the ladder on the right walls’ ya know? Since I began bschool, crazy stuff is already manifesting! It’s true! THANK YOU for delivering such amazing content and info that is just so freakin’ accessible! XO Gilly

  225. Marie,
    I love you!!

    You are so amazing and so insightful!

    Thank you for inspiring me every Tuesday and thank you for
    opening up windows of possibility through vision.

    Love this subject and for years I have been dwelling and rigorously
    planning so that I don’t slip out or forget the goal.
    But you know what. Which goal? So many, just like you said…
    I love so many things,
    …and sometimes the things I love are in alignment,
    other times they seem off…

    So, from now on… relaxing on goal setting is my goal.

    Thank you for being!
    Much love

  226. So… I ghostwrote a NYT bestseller on this very topic. (Vision: Your Pathway to Victory by Gordon D’Angelo). In producing Vision, the idea of having an end goal in mind was ingrained in me. I thrive on goals, without them I feel like I’m meandering. But, if you don’t know what you want you can’t force it. If you can’t create a long term goal, I think it’s still important to have short term goals that are measurable so you can track your progress.
    I’ve been fortunate enough to coach people on this subject and I tell them the same thing– Pick your end date, close your eyes and imagine what your life is like, what’s your business look like etc. Vision is merely a daydream about your future. The new issue of Psychology Today actually talks about this very topic. Good luck with your vision!

  227. Paula Renee

    As Marie I love many talents as well: fashion Consulting and Costume Design, blogging and social media consulting. Targeting and putting a 100% into it all is a task I am learning which does make the bigger plan is very hard to envision because I do not know which way the road will take me. The only thing I know is what I would like to feel like at the end of it all, happy and successful. I like the advice of just putting my best to each task. I’ll work on conquering that! Thanks

  228. I’m in biz with my sister who CAN see 5-10 years down the road, while I’m more like you Marie only seeing a short time. It’s great to have her and her vision, but sometimes I have to grab her shirt and pull her back to the here and now. Other times, she drags me kicking and screaming into that vision. It’s actually a good balance…..

  229. Great episode, Marie! I would add that we should also be focusing on our day-to-day habits – which are way more important than the end goal. (See for way more on this; he’s got some amazing content.)

    I used to work toward long-term visions, but this year I’ve scrapped those and am focusing on habits instead. Instead of “write a book”, I focused on “spend every Wednesday working on writing”. And whatdya know, the book finished itself and is gonna be published in November. Instead of “do 20 chin-ups in a row”, I’m focusing on “do sets of chin-ups at the beginning of other workouts, 3 times a week”. It’s still gonna get me there.

    And then, of course, are all the other chance projects and opportunities that come up without my planning for them. If they fit with my overall business mission and values, I’ll do ’em. If not, I know to say “no”. 🙂

  230. I have to start by saying, I know I don’t’ KNOW you but I know I LOVE you!

    I’m a first time commenter, currently enrolled in B-School 2014 and I’m very excited to start before I’m ready 🙂 Being a multi passionate entrepreneur like yourself I have to say this video makes me feel a lot better about this next step I’m taking – which is putting it all together. The truth is I really don’t know how it will all turn out but I’m trusting in myself, you and all the skills that I have acquired over the years. As someone who’s lost over 80lbs and kept it off for over a decade, to being a make up artist, personal trainer and actress, one belief that has served me well is — all skills are transferable, how I do one thing with success will be how I do other things with success. For example, my background as a make up artist who only had twenty minutes to get a face ready for the runway taught me time managemen, while trusting my first choices and still being creative. I use those same skill as an actor, when I only have a couple of hourse to create a character for an audition.

    Thank you so much for all you do!

  231. Say what?! I had to re-watch the beginning a few times because, well my name is Jillian and I’m 95% sure I never submitted that question. It felt like you were responding directly to me. I mean, you were kind of…right?! This might be my all-time favorite episode simply because it silenced my inner critic while fueling my flame to ground myself in self-care and dig even deeper into B-School. You nailed it by saying, the universe is shifting because that’s what is happening for this west coast revolutionary 😉 Seriously though, thanks Marie and to this amazing community you have formed that includes your own dear friends. I’m on board with Ms. LaPorte prediction…you will be featured in TIME magazine <3 Here's to following through with making 2014 a Revolutionary Year!! xo

  232. Hey Marie!! OMG I am sooo exactly like you. I am interested in so many things. I hate those 5 year plan questions. I am all about the 6 months. I have clear plans but it is like you say. Like Lisa above me, I am also in B School and this video also makes me feel better!

  233. Thanks Marie, I am becoming a huge fan of your mantra : start before you’re ready. It really gives me strength, courage and FUN when I am working on a new idea. Somehow, it gives me permission to go after new projects !

  234. Yes, and it gets in my way. I know how I want everything to look and end up and I get so overwhelmed trying to arrive there. I know I should piece it out but the finished idea is just so pretty it becomes difficult to take only one step at a time.

  235. Katalin Morocza

    It took me a very long time to see my future clearly and be clear about the path i am right now. It still doesn’t mean i have a clear idea about my next 5 year plan. For me in the beginning it was very helpful to decide the things i don’t want and say no. These days i do make plans and love vision boards, even though my plan changes all the time. I try not to stress about the perfect plan, but just have a flexible idea, and be open for changes if the universe puts me on a different path.

  236. Thanks for the continual INSPIRATION Marie!! I have to say that you can’t hold too tight to any one vision you must be open to shift (shift happens right 😉 I have owned a brick and mortar business for 13 years now. It’s a rehab and wellness center and I’m truly grateful to have known my lifes passion and purpose from a young age. I’m even MORE grateful for the lessons it has provided me in learning to shift and respond to my environment. When the economy tanked we were hit particuarly hard here in the motor city. Thank goodness I had other interests and skill sets-i.e. Pilates, OT, Brain Gym, Body Ecology etc etc so that we had enough diversity (of offerings and price points) to keep afloat. And it presented an opportunity to revisit dealing with insurance for rehab. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been filled with so many lessons, opportunities and gifts. Now I’m looking to embrace the opportunity of leveraging the internet to grow my business in new directions. And THANKFULLY you provide great insights and empowerment in that direction! Thank you! Keep INSPIRING 🙂

  237. One of the hard (but necessary) things for me is letting go of my expectations.

    Sometimes, God, the Universe (Whatever you want to call it) will be pulling you in a direction not part of your plan SO hard that you know you need to follow it.

    That involves letting go of where you had determined to go, and simply taking the next step in faith.

  238. YES! Do you know how you have something inside but can’t seem to find the right words and then you hear someone say it?
    That happened in this video Marie. You talked about having multiple passions and working hard on them until finding convergence.
    I’ve got two great businesses just about as opposite as can be and I love them both. Having huge drive, wanting to make a difference and help others, to give love, and do what I like is moving me forward day by day. (I’m in action on the 3 goals a day, 3 goals a week, 3 goals a year plan)
    You gave me the inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing, cuz I’m doing it now!

  239. Excellent episode Marie! Thank you for being (nutty) you and for sharing your experience with us consistently every week. Loved the guidance on goal setting in this episode of MarieTV. I’m the same way. Way too many interests and it can be a challenge focusing on one thing long enough to see results.

    B-School didn’t work out this year for me.

  240. This is a very relevant question to goal achievement. Breakthrough results require masculine and feminine balance / integration. In my 20s and 30’s I accomplished a lot with the masculine linear drive of goal setting and achieving. As I gained even more awareness, my life expanded with the feminine essence of my being — which wholly thrives off of emergence and co-creation. I think that this it is the future of business actually. Great video!

  241. Hi Marie,

    After watching your videos and reading onto your sight, you are truly an inspirational person. I was recommended to check out your link through a good friend of mine Sharon Keely, and you are an amazing person, I have only started my business, if I had all the money and finances in the world right now I would attend your seminars your offer.. 🙁 but unfortunately I am at a nil balance until such time I bring my business to a a point where I can start making decent money…. I am a passionate Life Coach, however still studying at the same time working through all the small challenges.. my vision is to empower and inspire people… so everything that you do is so influential, and I am truly grateful for you being around for everyone to be touched and inspired by. Just an email to say thank-you… and fingers crossed in time I will be able to do or join your seminars!! Much love Mary

  242. No. Freaking. Way.
    Marie, I just found your site this week, and this segment confirms my gut feeling I’ve had since Monday that you are my spirit animal. I am in the EXACT same boat you were – I am passionate about so many things it is sometimes paralyzing. I love writing, teaching fitness, singing, acting, drawing, analyzing, strategizing, hip hop (and ridiculously incredible music in general!) – and while I am currently am (or in the past have been) blessed to do all these things in some sort of professional manner (well, except for the hip hop.), I honestly have NO clue what even a two year plan would look like at this point in time. All I know is that I LOVE empowering others to be their most authentic, empathetic, actualized self every moment of every day – being real, confident, loving, fulfilled, all that jazz. I would feel empty without any one of these many passions in my life, which is a tough concept to explain to most people. However, I am yet to find the *thing* that fits them all *just right*. Yes, that’s what she said.
    I feel as if the concept of just trusting the universe is foreign to most and therefore deemed unacceptable. But hey, I would have never imagined myself where I am right now, in the wonderful line(s) of work I am in right now – so who’s to say what the rest of my life will bring. I am fiercely certain I will be able to live a life – personally AND professionally! – that encompasses everything for which I stand and have to give, I just don’t know what it looks like yet. I know I will be blazing a trail into uncharted territory, but hey, that’s the most fun work in my opinion 🙂
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing your authentic self to your site and your videos – you’re the only person I’ve found I can truly relate to when it comes to how I see myself and my place in the world. I plan on signing up for B-School the very next chance I get. You’ve got a fan/subscriber/supporter for life, yo.

  243. Spot on! Sometimes looking at the “end” is too intimidating. Wondering how in the @!%# do I get there. I love what the end looks like, but taking the earlier/beginning steps seems more doable. Thanks.

  244. Karen G. Foster

    Hey, Peeps! I’ve been growing and learning, especially in the last few months, and one of my AHA! moments came when I realized that even the best outcome or goal I could imagine can never compete with what the Universe wants for me. To set long-term goals, for me, is limiting. Why would I want, with my limited vision, to place perameters on what I could or might achieve? All I know is that when I go into each day with my eyes and ears open, the answers come and not always in ways that I expect…that’s the joy and the wonder of living in the moment, being fully present. Hope this resonates with someone out there, peace and love to all!

  245. I tend to be a planner, but regardless of how much I plan or think I know what direction to pursue, God steps in and redirects me, haha! As a marine wife I also must be flexible and realize our physical location will always be up in the air, but this has led to so many unique opportunities that certainly weren’t just “good luck” or a coincidence.
    That said, I still plan, but now I create multiple plans depending on the variables at play – if I get certain accounts, if we move here vs there, and sometimes new opportunities arise that I couldn’t even imagine previously! I like to be prepared for any situation and set goals for myself, but most of the time, I just have to roll with what life shoots at me and keep moving! 🙂

  246. Drea

    This video described my life exactly…scary AND enlightening. Loved it!

  247. LOVE the new, more professional, polished Marie. I’m back on board.

    Thank you!


  248. I’ve never had a 5-year vision, but I always make sure I have A vision – mostly of how I want to use my time for the highest all around good TODAY.

    The art of living into a vision – on whatever timetable it has – keeps me PLAYING BIG EVERYDAY regardless of where life actually leads me. And THAT, my friends, has made all the difference. : )

  249. I can’t imagine wanting the same thing for 5 days straight, much less 5 years!

  250. Thank you Marie for the straight forward and, Always, witty video, sista! I absolutely hear this message, as if G-d, was speakng directly to me. When I allow myself to expand into the infinite bigness that I am, I have more room for receiving, versus contracting into smallness from the conditioned treadmill of my to-do list and external goals! I know I am a co creator in my divine plan, yo! And it is soooooo important to be reminded and bring my self back to center in the power of I am.

  251. Brendan

    Thanks for sharing!

  252. MammaG

    fake it till you make it…
    my friends think..Ok they know, that I’m nuts and think I’m losing the plot..but i know everything is falling into place..Ive got up off my butt and doing what i love . i want to be like Marie and motivate and help others and have the nice lifestyle and why not, we all deserve that..
    i hula hoop daily and make videos of myself on you tube having a gr8 time in my kitchen, home alone..i turn up the radio and hoop for ages..i have lost half my dress size i was a uk 16-18 now an 8-10..feel magic , dont care about food so much, i eat healthyish…i drink n smoke , yip me bad..
    i also had cancer and beat it . i want to be proof that their is life after cancer..don’t lie down to anything us woman are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for ..
    keep the faith girls x

  253. Yes, I have always had a long term vision for my spiritual life. To be healthy, whole, fulfilled, loving, kind, a helper, aligned with God. And, whatever I have done in the physical world has always been #1 geared towards that goal. For example, when I had a solar design and installation business, I knew that my primary goal was not to save the planet but to build “I CAN” into my habitual inner dialogue! I can’t tell you how many times I had to say to myself, OUT LOUD, “I can do this,” particularly when it came to using hand tools and doing diagnostics. Helping the planet was tangential … a good way to earn right livelihood. So my advice is to feel the perfection of God as your biggest, and your primary, goal.

  254. Claire

    It was so refreshing to hear someone say they worked their ass off for something and it didn’t just fall into their lap. I think often times people, myself included, are too focused on the end product and not the journey that took place. We look to people who are rich and famous and successful and discredit their hard work because they are celebrities or movie stars or whatever as if they were born into that status.

    Right now I am where you were in 2001. I have a 6 month plan of some goals, which may or may not change, and have no idea where or who I’ll be in 5, 10, 15 years time. And that’s OK. I believe everything will turn out the way it should be and my goals will evolve with me.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m once again comforted by your insight and encouragement.

    All the best,

    P.s. Let the haters hate…your message is awesome!

  255. Angela Pearson

    GAWD, I love you! That is all.

  256. Karen Harlacher

    Marie! loved this video! Makes me think there must be lots of us silly people out there – so fun to see you being your goofy smart self… I’m not the only one that sits around talking in various accents and being paralyzed by my vision.

    I think i must be such a whiney baby sometimes in the eyes of the universe because I have these great visions of the end product but can’t get to a place in my own mind where I can see how to accomplish it – I know I’m not to worry about the hows — i don’t think i worry about them but subconciously i believe the only way i can acheive such goals is to have massive moola – (win the lottery ..!!).

    I try to plan several scenarios based on budgets and think about what I could do to “start small” take the first step”” but since I don’t even have the budget right now for the $3K version i prefer to plan out the $300K version. Also, I feel like maybe I don’t try hard enough or I’m not trying hard enough at the right things even though I feel constantly busy. In my inner heart of hearts I know I probbly should just sit back and enjoy the ride knowing I’m gaining experience that is needed and everything will fall into place as meant to. i have many passions and feel this urge to combine them – and i also love lots of alone time to think about all this stuff — i find it very comforting despite it sometimes being frustrated when the “director” personality of myself yeslls at me for not having accomplished anything yet..
    I definately know how several interests can be paralyzing — but actually it is only paralyzing to linear progress — my zen self says — our progress is circular – we are winding up like a spiral staircase and we go around to all sides and build each one a bit at a time for this is the type of being you are or rather this is the type of structure your being creates – more llike the dome on the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore than a sunflower. –

    i would also love to hear more of the starter steps you took – what exactly did you do to work your ass off? Some examples of how you started with what’ya had *& where you were. let it evolve – it’s evolution is sped up when ideas are acknowledged by action.

    oh and one last thing – – quote I saw when looking for the name of the italian catherdarl .. from Ekhart Tolle (sp?) “can you cease looking to thought for an identity?” ie: stop thinking about it so much and just be / become – allow your true self to emerge. (does not happen instantly after years of programming to be what one is supposed to be).

    well….there’s my thought blurt.

    gonna his

  257. I’ve never had a clear vision about far off goals but I’ve always been able to rely on my authentic feelings to guide me to the right decision for more immediate goals. In this way, my life is unfolding in way better ways than I could have ever imagined.

  258. Great question Jillian asked and I loved your response. I was just saying to my husband that I think even In a year from now, my business will look very different because my vision isn’t quite clear yet! … Thanks Marie. Always enjoy your video! 🙂

  259. Yup, I can totally relate to Jillian’s question!

    I’m a Naturopathic Doctor who has recently graced the professional world with my presence. I have also been questioning whether it’s a good idea or not that I don’t have a long-term plan. I do however have core ideas of what I want to achieve as an entrepreneur – that I want to make a difference in people’s lives and I want to be successful at doing so (great minds think alike, Marie!)

    What I have learned so far with this crazy journey: the future is messy and colourful. I think having a long-term plan limits creativity and evolution of not only visions for a stellar business but also for personal growth. If setting out a 5-year business plan doesn’t feel right, then it doesn’t feel right. Trust in the process and trust that whatever your end-product may be, it’ll be a good one.

    All the best!

  260. I love this video! Thanks so much Marie for affirming that we dont necesarily have to have that 5 year plan and have it all figured out! I used to think there had to be something wrong with me, why did everyone else have a long-term plan for their life and career when I could barely see past the next few weeks. In the past, this has sometimes kept me stuck in inertia/inaction – if I didn’t have a long plan, what was the point in starting anyways?
    Over time I have learnt that you have to just go for what you want, decide how you want to feel (thanks Danielle Laporte) take that first step, and get going. Life opens up to you and the world is actually conspiring to help you! You just have to keep taking those steps and you will be amazed at what unfolds!
    “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

  261. Marie as always you come up with something different and refreshing 🙂

  262. My business hasn’t taken off yet. And the way I see for now it’s because it has soooooooooooooooooo many projects to complete. Thing is -it’s highly emotional, intimate content and at times it feels impossible to put ALL OF THAT onto screen.

    But I take it step by step and slowly my ideas begin to form. I’d say, it’s the best to start with what you love, crave and want to give. From there your vision will develop. If it’s to get down to the ‘T’ or to move into a new direction *shrugs* …………. you’ll never know unless you start with what you have already. And that is plenty: A mind, passion, and the first step.

  263. Feeling stressed about starting a new career? Have the changes in your life left you feeling overwhelmed and fearful?
    Sometimes, we all need a little extra help. And counselling can be an answer.
    Online counselling is available for various issues including anxiety, stress, couples therapy, serious illness.

  264. Cristina

    Hi I have many things that I like but my question here is…How can you balance pursuing what you want withrecent married life because now you have to think about two. Example: We share house responsibiities and we both want more from our jobs. We want to be happier.

  265. Myra

    This has been my lifelong nemesis~crafting 5 year goals, when I have is the essential broadstrokes vision roaring inside.

    Marie — I relate to your response and feel encouraged that B school truly gets the entrepreneur that is truly creating from the ashes while getting glimpses of the beauty possible and desirous of collaborating with the creative juices they feel stirring inside to make it real and share it.

  266. Lyndsey Baigent

    I remember the first time I saw one of your videos Marie it looked as though it had been filmed in your kitchen. Your man was in the background cooking up a storm and you were being your usual fun self committed to making a difference for others. Next came the brick wall, followed by a more elegant style backdrop and now your beautiful studio and probably a bunch of other options I’ve forgotten about in between. Its been a process and one that I take inspiration from as I grow my own business. Watching you and your business evolve over the past few years has been inspirational to say the least. So grateful for your willingness to share your journey with us all. Love your work xo

  267. I couldn’t agree more with you Marie.

    There is a saying that goes something like this: “if you want make God laugh, then tell God your plans”.

    We defintily don’t need a long term vision defined to start because as we walked trough our own paths we learn more about ourselves, about the things we like or are passionated about.

    BUT yes, as you mentioned we need to take the first step. Define a short term goal and then expand.

    Best of all,


  268. Great video Marie! And what a relief that you feel this way! Although I do like having mini goals to feel a sense of accomplishment, I don’t think it’s possible to plan very far ahead in the future, because often we can’t even imagine the great things the universe has in store for us. I like to believe that what God has planned for me, is bigger and brighter than I could even imagine.

    Let God do your dreaming, because God’s dreams are way bigger than yours.

    That’s my tweetable 😉
    Lots of love!

  269. I love this because my brain is constantly going 100 miles an hour. It took me a while to figure out my end goal. Now that I have it, I have to stay focused on the mini goals that they will get me there. 🙂

  270. Lanai Winter

    Loads of Gratitude to Ya, Marie!

    Love your answers of wisdom (wisdom answers…) and LOVE YOU )'(

    peace, prosperity and bliss, lanai

  271. I just stumbled across Marie’s show and feel in love. I just turned 22 and had a vision to start my own show last October. It is Youtube show that sets out to motivate,much like Marie’s, I hope you all will check it out and support. Thank you

  272. Hell no you don’t need to see the end!! We started a dogsled tour business 14 years ago thinking that is what we would do and while that has been a huge part of our business, it has now morphed into our Iditarod & Yukon Quest race team which in turn has started a keynote speaking business on passion, leadership, team work, vision & overcoming challenges. NEVER say that 14 years ago when we started but having so much fun!! Like Marie says put your heart & soul into what you do and you won’t believe in 10 years time where it will take you 🙂 Good luck!!

  273. Did anyone else notice the 5-year plan video ends at 5:55??? 😉

    If you were to ask me about a 5-year plan 5 years ago, I would tell you — heck yeah, check out all these goals I have and what I’m going to accomplish. My life presently?? Not even close!!! HAHA! I have two gorgeous girls, I have traveled, I have dared, I have made bold choices that made all the difference. No way would I trade my life and goals NOW for what I envisioned for myself back then.

    Life is not a race that you have to accomplish certain things by certain times 🙂 Just take the first step!

  274. Jennifer Martel

    My dream & intention is to change the food supply. I have always known I am meant to do something significant with my life- a higher calling- and I am very passionate about our food supply becoming healthy & non-toxic. I have a vision for people of all ages & incomes to buy healthy, non-toxic foods to nourish themselves & their families, whether at home or on the go. I am all for getting to the root cause of issues, so in order to make a global change, I have to go to the root of the problem & change it! An action item I can do is contact agencies & companies that support that vision & try to work together & get their support (as well as them having my support). United we stand! Especially now that my husband and I have a baby due this summer, game on! I intend to get moving on making this a reality sooner than later! Thank you Adam for being such a power of example! Looking forward to reading your book! That will be great inspiration along with Marie’s B-School I am working on. Much Gratitude!

  275. Rolene

    Thank you so much for this! It mirrors my experience – I started my business with many skills to offer but my end goal has always been to serve my community and country through education. Slowly as my business grows, it is finding its niche and path and if I can give any advice it would be to keep the faith and don’t be disheartened during quiet periods. It is the universes way of allowing you to recalibrate. Thank you Marie – your advice is always so value and appreciated by me.

  276. great video marie, as per usual 😉 i started watching marietv over a year ago and this message of beginning where you are has been a consistent one of yours. i started off simply knowing i wanted to 1) be an entrepreneur 2) serve as a catalyst for change in people’s lives 3) be location independent and 4) feeling inspired and hungry all throughout. THAT’S IT. i knew nothing else. placing consistent action behind my emotions has landed me in a place where i am currently a life coach and working from anywhere. and yes, i feel the inspiration i yearned for. this journey is far from over and i still can only envision the next few months ahead of me. and that’s ok. Have faith and do what you know you are born to do. the universe WILL take care of the rest 😉 much love!

  277. Natalie N.

    Another excellent video and topic! It’s great to read so many comments and find that I am with many like-minded peeps! I have always struggled with “long term vision” thinking as I am more of a “live in the moment” girl. I also love so many different creative avenues (floral designer, soapmaker, financial services, interior design, etc.). Recently, I found my true passion which is floral design and the focus on following my bliss has been a lot easier than getting stuck and/or overwhelmed with other “likes”. And for the first time, I can see a longer term vision with my floral business that I didn’t have before. It has been a journey, that’s for sure! I love this community and the wonderful insights shared here! Thanks Marie! 😀

  278. For me acting as if works the best but I need to decide on the picture first.

    First I decide on my best values and I start with stuff I love the most.

    Then I dream about that future person I wanna be. I get clarity on the picture.

    Lastly, I act as if I am already that person. If my vibration level is 5 and the person I want to become vibrates like 50 then I need to improve my skills 10 times more than my current vibration level. Its like an earthquake. 🙂 in a way.

    I keep my reps up till I vibrate more than 25 for instance ! I think thats the key (see James Clear). After I pass this level, I am good to go, I am shifted.

    Another trick is to remember my top 5 values and take all the decisions according to those (unity, kindness, sincerity, peak health, peace). 90% of my decisions are filtered, so I base them according to these main values.

    Thanks Marie, it is a relieving thought to remind ourselves, not to stress about our big future potentiality. We know it is there and I repeat everyday that I am getting clarity day by day.

    With love <3

  279. Loulou


    To have a long term vision can be a waste of time:
    -Nobody kow how we will be in the next few years (the world is changing every day and we do naturally the same). So considering a long period plan means we are not allowing oursleves to move forward and to be a better person.
    -To have too much specifics objectifs in life can bring frustration and will stick us on a specific position we don’t really want (too much pressure).
    -We rather figure out who we are today and we should follow our own path (dreams, ambition, appreciate the moment) and then the universe will bring us at the place to be…

    The question would be why do people need to schedule everything in spite of reaching their dreams ?

  280. Joseph T

    -Yes the plan may be laid out but the transition from analysis to implementation may be the problem due to lack of technical know how.
    -With a good vision coupled with consistency, I can see clearly but in order to show the true meaning, I have to be circles with others.
    -I feel like revising my steps from scratch.
    -if I do not see the plan laid out yet, I can seek for personal consultations.

  281. Thank You~ Thank You ~ Thank You! So often, I have no idea what what the heck I’m aiming for, and it’s a little discouraging when so many people tout needing to make goals exact and measurable. Like you, Marie, I have a pretty loose big picture, but don’t really know what the details are. I personally like having some flexibility and wiggle room for how things happen, and figure as long as I’m moving forward, it’s a good thing, even if I change directions sometimes. It’s great to see a very successful and smart woman who was able to do some amazing things without having a concrete plan, and instead just keep working! Thanks again!

  282. I am a planner-type. Even though I know that usually the plan does not work out. For me the planning is a way to sit down and get centered. My actions flow more smoothly from this centering. What is “success”? For me this seems to change so fast I can’t even keep track! Much easier to just go and be creative. The ideas of planning and success will take care of themselves while I am having fun!

  283. This was *just* the question I woke up wondering today. My tarot business peaks and troughs and I genuinely have no idea how to control that! I think you either put a plan in place or you don’t. And that has so much to to with your personality type, right?

    Although I totally agree with what you’re saying Marie, I’m starting to really feel the urge for a strategy now. I’ve spent years being a ‘free spirit’, pootling along and hoping the tarot business will take care of itself. For me, it doesn’t – I know that the more I put in, the more success I have in the immediate-term, but in terms of a longer term strategy – it’s time I had one.

    But I love what you’re saying about your vision emerging. It’s taken me this long to decide I need a strategy, because it’s taken this long for my vision to really emerge. Four years ago I was just blogging away, I had no idea people might read, or ask me for tarot readings! As I’ve found my professional feet, I’ve felt my vision slowly crystalise.


  284. Hey Marie, I wanted to reach out and say thanks for all the amazing posts and work you have been doing! Very inspiring. I think many people struggle with long-term planning because they want to see the TODAY results. And also that the world is changing so fast, it’s hard to think that far ahead. Those two combined, often causes people to not have ANY plans and end up just “winging it.” I think shorter, more attainable goal setting, setting the right activities, and having a long-term vision (about your character), are far more important. I also wrote today about how you intimidate me and that we need to stop comparing ourselves to others and just do our best work – impacting others.

    Thanks for all you do!

  285. alohajerseygirl

    Not only do I not have a five-year plan, but I feel a long-term plan can actually be a detriment. I have found that when you go for your passion, amazingly, unpredictable, seemingly magical things can happen. You meet a person who offers an opportunity, and suddenly, you are moving in a new direction. You yourself have said that your MTV career presented itself in the form of someone attending one of your fitness center dance classes. If we set out too strict a plan or set of expectations for ourselves, we might not recognize opportunities outside of that scheme when they present themselves; worse, we might steer ourselves away from opportunities because they don’t fit “the plan.” I believe in the law of attraction, in serendipity and of a path that unfolds itself as you put your energy to work doing what you love. Imagination, inspiration and intuition tend to happen in the moment for me, not in thoughts about a distant time and place. Allowing things to unfold in their own way can be very scary, but it’s exciting too. I love your Dr. King quote; it really says it.

  286. Kate

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks for the video. As a sophomore in college that has a lot of passion but has NO IDEA what I might do in the future, it is very hard for me to make a five year plan. I appreciate all the amazing advice you give then. Thank you!


  287. Erin

    Marie, you are speaking to my soul right now! I am binge watching MarieTV and I feel like the past 3 videos are specifically for me. At 25 I made a 5 year plan which included; buying a house, buying a car, getting a master’s degree, meeting my dream man, and joining a sorority. I’ve completed 4 out of the 5 things on my list (no sorority) plus I have a new job that pays me twice as much as I was making before. And guess what………. I’m still not happy! Surprise, surprise. I work in higher education helping students find their passions and career after graduation. Parts of this job are very rewarding but what I am most passionate about is interior design, event planning, fashion, anything visually creative but I cannot find the courage to do something about it. I have the same fears that some of your viewers are feeling challenged by; I’m afraid of what people will think, should I just give up my job and go for what I love, I feel like my passion is stereotypical of females which in my head is not viewed very highly by others (I hate admitting that). I still don’t know what to do after writing this, I just needed to vent and say that you are wonderful!

  288. Hi Marie
    I always have my bid vision what it will look like but I take each step at the time which give me opportunities to get closer to my vision.
    Many people think I am crazy workaholic have so many passions .
    I have never been disappointed in myself, believe in, have FAITH
    that someday I will get there. Sometimes I get the wrong path , when
    I realise I go back and stat all over again but NEVER GIVE UP!!!
    I love watching your videos they are so inspiring and exactly on time
    to boost me with inspiration. Love Goldie

  289. Oh my goodness, Marie. Nailed it! I’ve watched dozens of your videos over the past couple years and have never commented, but I have no choice here.

    Just last week I was trying to convince a friend who is in an economic/job he hates funk to start his own online business. He kept saying, “But I need to know what I’m going to do first.” Finally I pushed back and he came out and asked, “Did you know you wanted to do exactly what you are doing now when you started?”

    Jaw. Hits. Floor.

    I started my first online business in 2008 focused on weight loss/sugar addiction because I lost a bunch of weight, helped my brother do the same, and then a bunch of people started asking me for help. Long story short, after two years of mounting credit card debt and negative income I married my awesome wife Jamie, moved to Texas, and took a sales job at an oil and gas intelligence company.

    I had NO idea why, but even after I got that job I thought it was important to stay on my online marketing grind. I took every free e-course I could find, kept attending National Speakers Association meetings, and reading every blog on marketing I could find. After the company fired me from sales a year later, they made me a technical writer. After a year of doing that I wanted to jump out of a window and sold the leaders of the company on going all-in on content and social media marketing. They bought the whole thing, gave me the scissors, and said, “Run!”

    After 18 months of total domination online other people in oil and gas started asking me for help. Then *magically* they started offering me money. Enough to go out on my own. And now I’ve got the only digital marketing consultancy in the oil bidness.

    So, did I know I would eventually move to Texas and wind up running a digital marketing consultancy in the largest vertical industry on earth and be seen as one of the leading experts on the topic in the space when I started helping people lay off the Krispy Kremes in Michigan in 2008?

    HECK NO!

    The point is, just START!

    And once you start, stay on your grind no matter what. While no one can guarantee what your path will look like, we can guarantee you won’t find it sitting on your couch. As Jim Rohn said, “The Bible says, ‘If you wish to find, you must search.’ I believe that is true. Rarely does a good idea interrupt you.”

    So get on your grind, keep hustling, and always tell yourself, “I’m (X) years into my 10-year overnight success story.” Personally, I’m 5 years my overnight success story. And I can’t wait to see what’s poppin’ in 2019!

    Thanks for letting me get up on my soapbox here Marie! And thank you for everything you do! I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. While I don’t exactly have a personal brand, you played as much of a part in that story as anyone else.

    So thank you again, and keep doin’ YOU, sista!!

    *triple snaps wit a twist!!* Lol

  290. This gives me relief. I have felt immense anxiety in the past which I am learning to let go of. I understand faith is HUGE and learning to be really good at having a lot of it can be challenging but I am getting there day by day. I now don’t care when people look at me like a deer in headlights when I tell them I (now) do illustration, photography, write music, video editing and voice acting. They say “well, you do everything!” with scepticism in their voice and then usually I feel ashamed for being so lost in life. To me, this was a bad thing, and was for a long time. I’m going to start being proud of it now because I am lucky to be so passionate and to have creativity and skills and not be tied down to a 9-5 job. Even though I’d be richer if I was. 😛 But that’s where faith comes in.


    I am most passionate about is interior design, event planning, fashion, anything visually creative but I cannot find the courage to do something about it. I have the same fears that some of your viewers are feeling challenged by; I’m afraid of what people will think, should I just give up my job and go for what I love, I feel like my passion is stereotypical of females which in my head is not viewed very highly by others (I hate admitting that). I still don’t know what to do after writing this, I just needed to vent and say that you are wonderful! Just stay happy

  292. Tena

    Finally! Marie, thank you for this. I, too, have so many passions and I was always thinking that it is impossible for me to see the end. But I have faith in every small step I take, day by day, and this video is a great wind in my back. Greetings from Croatia.

  293. I truly believe it is about passion and believing in yourself especially when the “trolls” or nay-sayers try to get their hold on you 🙂 Trust, trust and more trust in your intuition and believe in what you are doing, even on the grey days when you don’t want to get out of bed. Be kind to yourself, so if something doesn’t work out exactly as you hoped, you can honor yourself by knowing that at least tried. Remember that being in the race is just as important as winning. Keep positive and connected to your inner soul. And be doubly appreciative that there are people like Marie out there to help guide you along the way. Vibrational Thanks. Debbie A. Anderson

  294. I really loved this message about not having to seeing a final end goal when working toward something. Sometime having to commit to an end goal before you’ve actually LIVED through the process can be intimidating and always feels slightly off. Just like your journey you can’t image how wonderful and perfect your end game can look like until you have tailored it along the way to fit you just right! Thanks for a great video!

  295. I really loved this message about not having to seeing a final end goal when working toward something. Sometime having to commit to an end goal before you’ve actually LIVED through the process can be intimidating and always feels slightly off. Just like your journey you can’t image how wonderful and perfect your end game can look like until you have tailored it along the way to fit you just right! Thanks for a great video!

  296. I am still trying to work on building the stairs after I have taken the first step, knowing that my ultimate goal is a landing just ahead, but still feeling out of reach.

    I think my biggest issue with goals and long term vision is keeping the faith. I am in my third career, the first not being what I ever wanted to do, but did it anyway, the second not being what I thought it would be, and the third being my true passion. However, even with my passion, I get to feeling like the struggle will overtake my desire to push on.

    I never intended to be a business owner when I got into my passion field (I own a small video production company). I thought I would just be working, and others would be making the big decisions. Yet, here I am, trying to figure out how to get clients, keep clients, and have the lights stay on. Most days I love it, and some days I wish I was hiding under a rock. Since I never thought I would do this, it has meant that my goals took another path that I never saw. It’s the right path, and I intent to stay on it. It’s a matter of me being smart enough to figure out how to stay on it.

    Admittedly, I struggle. That’s why I am here to learn.

  297. I loved this video and the message. There is so much focus on long term goals and for many of us, looking that far down the road is a challenge when you have so many passions.

    All of a sudden I feel very free to just continue to follow my heart and stop worrying that I don’t yet have that clear “end” picture … just lots of fun along the way 😉

    Thanks for this — it’s a much watch!

    Janet Legere

  298. Ahmed Hassan

    Hello Marie,
    Thank you for you information you present to me ,so can i know what is your study?,and can i know why you are wearing sixy.
    Mr Hassan.

  299. Dolly

    I like to have a vision of what I want to do and where I want to be. For years I have maintained a spreadsheet that was 30-50 years out. I have a row for my parents on it and my children so that I was mapping what factors would affect what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.

    Not everything works per the plans. I got sick for 2-3 years in 2003, I was doing more things than one for a while which slowed me down but having the spreadsheet helped me a. Look back at what I have done so far and feel grateful b. If I got de-railed, I know where I need to pick up from. I have also been able to look at it and ask myself why it is important that I get what I want in my present.

    I don’t look at it all the time. I would look at it once a year either during Thanksgiving break or January, make updates and then never look at it for another year.

  300. Having a vision, trying to clarify it, maybe with some objectives and writing them down, whether by way of a five year plan, yearly sutras or whatever means, I think is a good idea. But life happens, our dreams can change as can our ‘plans’. So I go with the flow.

    I’ve heard some positive and negative about that Joseph Campbell quote, “Follow your bliss”. Regardless of the negative, following my passions has always been the beacon of light for me in retrospect. Following my heart and intuition has been the way to finding a satisfying vocation. Doesn’t mean I didn’t have to work some crappy jobs to make some scratch just to survive, being an artist, and work hard at what I wanted to pursue. It has helped me to learn how to be resourceful, while still hanging on to my passions, that are absolutely vital for me to live life creatively. This is what really makes me happy, that, and especially being grateful to grow where I’m planted.
    Great video Marie!
    Vanna ain’t got nothin’ on you girl!

  301. Marie,

    Love this episode. You may not have known where you were going to land back in 2001 but you did have a crystal clear vision. How it manifested was secondary to that vision because it was always going to bring you to where you are today because you were so focussed on achieving.

    I think we get caught up in the how when what we really need to clear on is the why and the what.

    As you say bring your A game to EVERYTHING you do and the success will follow

    Julie x

  302. Ivy Lee

    Hi Marie,
    I am so glad to have known you through the Youtube channel. Your advices are fantastic. I see you as a great role model for myself. I find your advices very practical and useful. Previously, I went through a slump in career and life. It is your advice that guide me through step by step. I want to see myself to be like you one day. You are my inspiration to make a difference and to be successful. Thank you for doing what you do for the world.

  303. Michelle

    I just started following you and I have been watching tons of your videos. I LOVE them. This question was a great one, and one I struggle with. Like you I have many interest and passions, however I had children early on, which lead me to work where I could early on to pay the bills. I was a single mom so I wanted to spend anytime I wasn’t working at home with my kiddos. Now I’m 36, decided to have one more child, who is 1, and wanting to do something new with my life aside from being a mom. I have many interest such as dancing, photography, ceramics, I’ve wanted to start a website to help other moms, I love planning parties…. I don’t have a degree in anything. I’m only a certified medical coder and this is not my dream job. Which is why I’ve taken a break to be a stay at home mom. In the past I’ve wanted to be a counselor, a lawyer, an event coordinator, an ASL interpreter, an occupational therapist, and many other things. The one thing I’ve realized is that I want to help people, however, I have no idea where to start and what field to start in. I feel like at 36 I can’t waste my time trying 100 new things. I was thinking about going back to college, but I don’t know what degree to get. I’m so lost.

  304. Even though this video is a couple years old, it’s still such great advice.
    I’m a new health clinic owner, and even 1.5 years ago I didn’t know I’d be here today. I followed what felt right in my core, worked hard, and everything fell into place.

    My biggest advice: even if you don’t know what your 5-year goal is, start cutting out what you know you DON’T want. Focus your energy on things you enjoy and things you feel are making the biggest difference, and those areas of your life will grow.
    Thanks Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Andrea!! Figuring out what we DON’T want can be such an important part of the puzzle. Thanks so much for watching this episode and sharing 🙂

  305. Becky Livingston

    Take the first step. Start close in. I recently finished the manuscript for my book (now with an agent) and I had absolutely NO idea at the beginning (4 years ago) how it would move and change and become what it is. All I knew is that it was a story inside me, of a journey (literally and metaphorically) which needed to be told. I let it take the lead. Every morning I began my day with writing. It’s been perhaps one of my greatest teachers – to just do the work, and then get out of my own way. Take the first step. Start close in.

  306. Nope, no idea, but I do know some ingredients that have to be part of my big vision.
    – respected brand
    – inspiring brand
    – outlet for my creativity
    – using my left and right brain
    – travel

    I’m revisiting this article as part of the Start the right business Bonus from B-School 🙂

  307. …and, oh, I forgot…
    THANK YOU!!!
    Knowing that not having a long term plan is normal takes a huge burden off of my shoulders.
    Thanks, Marie! : )

  308. Alexandra "Alia"

    This is such a great video, I just started B-School and I’m usually an “overactive planner” to the point where I try to plan and predict everything I can accomplish and want to do and I also think it’s such a relief that I (or we) don’t need to have a totally clear plan. I’m definitely in the stage of having SO many passions and experiences (published writer, artist, actress on TV, wanting to pay it forward and help people), and just to hear that Marie (who is so successful) didn’t totally have the big picture/view clear.

  309. Ann

    Thank you for the freedom to not have a 5 year goal!!

  310. Kat

    I did start out with a long-term vision in mind, but what that looked like then and what that looks like now are two totally different things.

    I think it is important to keep yourself open to discovering new ideas and new possibilities. For me, when I started my freelance career, I just wanted to earn a certain level of income. I was not thinking about hiring other people or the various ways that I would serve my clients.

    Today, I have one additional team member that helps in my business besides myself and TODAYS dreams look totally different than the dreams of four years ago. Today I want to continue to find better ways to serve my clients. Being open to what is in front of me has allowed me to discover new ways of serving my clients and my industry better- all things that were not even on my radar four years ago.

  311. Jacki

    I can say without any doubt that I have not had a full plan! Kinda shows since I am still in retail at 32. However, I am a life learning and work on that every. single. day!
    One endeavor I’ve been successful in so far is learning Spanish. When I started out, my only goal was to be able to have conversation in Spanish with customers. I haven’t quite hit that yet, but I am able to understand some and communicate basic needs with coworkers. Since I do want to move out of retail, I changed my goal in the last few months to being able to read a book in Spanish and am doing OK with that so far (Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal es muy bueno y dificil). Two pages a day just to get vocabulary has me finished with the first chapter, and now I’m back tracking to understand the grammar, too. I am learning, that it’s the idea behind the goal.

    What advice do I have for those of us who don’t necessarily see the entire plan laid out quite yet? You don’t need the whole plan immediately. You need to have something though, and you need to think with your gut and reasonable info what it is that will take you to what you need/desire. You could just have an idea, no experience, and that’s fine! Like with writing, often start with the end in mind and make a map that directs you there. Break it down to make it easier, and be proud of yourself every time you cross off another step completed. Celebrate small successes, but don’t forget to celebrate the big ones even bigger.

  312. Bev

    I agree sometimes it’s just not possible to have a clearly defined plan, and I think this is the thing that trips most people up and keeps the from starting anything at all. However, I do think you need to have a general idea of what direction you’d like to go in to get started. I think the path(s) to take will become clearer once you start walking in that direction, but if you don’t have a destination in mind you will walk in circle or just stand there.

  313. Alyse Palombaro

    Hi Marie!

    Alyse here:) I am slow-starting, but committed, on the B-school train, and I just wanted to say thank you. These videos, resources and lessons are immensely helpful! I am learning soooo much, and gaining so much clarity. This video really struck me as I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur as well, and it has massively effected me and my success, and life really. It feels so comforting and empowering to hear your stories and to know I am not alone. I am putting together my own puzzle, building my own story and version of success; and your road maps and nuggets of wisdom are helping to make this all possible. I don’t know 100% where I am going yet, but I know it’s somewhere incredible and fulfilling, and I am finally ready. You rock!

    Ps I look forward to meeting you one day, maybe being Interviewed on Marie Tv 🙂 #manifesting

  314. Tim Ferriss, Denise Lucky Bee talk about taking just the next step. Like the Christmas special, “put one foot in front of the other & soon you’ll be walking cross the floor..put one foot in front of the other & soon you’ll be walking out the door!” After brain injury the steps are nano, not even baby steps, however it is the same principle. Don’t try to get ahead of yourself you may trip your self up. Taking a purposeful, grounded, solid step forward is just that—FORWARD : ) Remembering to acknowledge the effort and gains are also key to preventing burnout. Plus some happy dancing, right Marie?!

  315. my long term vision i see myself as a multi-faceted producer of entertainment from books to tv to netflix specials like ellen. i want to promote kindness to the masses and help people make kindness their trademark. my goal isn’t to produce a tv show on nbc this week, but opening an instagram account, posting my beliefs, starting a newsletter, little, baby, baby. baby steps. checking them off. always be moving forward in doable actionable baby steps and celebrating my wins of all sizes!!!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Yes, celebrate those wins! We’re rooting for you as you promote kindness to the masses!

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