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Let’s get down to it. How much do you really care about what people think of you?

As social creatures it’s nearly impossible not to care — on some level — about what people think.

It’s a core human desire to be accepted, acknowledged and loved.

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But on the other hand, caring about what others think — especially about how you look, dress, talk, write, who you love, how you behave, decisions you make or what you do for a living — makes you a volunteer for a caged life of misery and mediocrity.

Lao Tzu said it best here:
Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. – Lao Tzu

In today’s episode of MarieTV, we’re answering a question from a young woman in New Zealand who has big dreams, but is feeling crushed under the opinions and doubts of those around her.

If you ever feel like you may care a little too much about what people think of you, this one is for you.

(Side note: if you enjoyed today’s little ditty inspired by Hall & Oats, be sure you check out this one especially for artists and creatives inspired by Prince.)

Time to turn the mic over to you.

Have you ever achieved something that people around you said was unrealistic? How did you handle their initial criticism and doubt — especially when it was from the people closest to you?

Let me know in the comments below.

Remember to be as descriptive as you can be. We’ve got thousands of beautiful souls from around the world who come here each week for insight and inspiration. Something you share may just provide the exact insight someone else really needs to hear to move ahead.

Thanks, as always, for reading, watching, sharing and being kind!

With all my love,

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  1. Ahhh, Marie – it’s like you’re talking to me today 🙂

    I recently created a new mantra “Brazenly following my purpose fills my life with abundance”, and I stick that shiz EVERYWHERE. So far, just fom having that mantra around me, I’ve launched an imperfect tutorial, a contest AND a totally new video blog direction for my website. And because I’m just doin’ it, even though it’s scary, I feel really peaceful with my choice, like it’s something I just need to keep on with.

    Paige, I think it’s AMAZING that you have the balls to start a business at your age (heck, at ANY age!), you should be totally encouraged. There will always be people who don’t get it, but as a good friend of mine recently said, “I respect that is their choice to think that way as much as I respect it is my choice not to.”

    Good luck 🙂

    • Gemma,

      LOVE that mantra (steals it BRAZENLY!) <3

      • There is something about that word “brazenly.” It sets everything on fire which is really how purpose would fuel our lives if we would let it. It’s great, Gemma, that you’ve been able to ride your fears and transmute that energy into peace.

        • Thank you, Emelia – admittedly, it’s quite a new feeling for me. Now I know it’s possible, though – and THAT’S where the magic lies

        • Emelia, you hit the nail right on the head. “Brazenly” is such a powerful word!

      • Haha – PERFECT Lisa!

      • Nida

        Gemma, Good on you!!!! Sometimes its a bit too tough looking at experts like Marie, so when someone like you has the balls to do it I’ve HUGE admiration!!! And you’re so right… Paige needs all the support she can get. Good on her too!!! X

      • Dear Marie

        Great to see you have a good following here in New Zealand. I have found that I make decisions these days without even mentioning it to family and some friends. I move house without getting my fathers opinion because I just don’t want to hear all the “don’ts” I’d do nothing if I listened to them and they are just being protective. Not meaning to create a paralysis within me, because I really do care what they think. The thing is if you do listen to others too much , like I did you will spend most of your life, living someone else’s life… And I tell you what the younger you are the more risks you should take as you learn more from mistakes. Than playing it safe. I hope your party planning business goes really well. And I hope my business goes so well so I can use you sometime Paige. Amanda 🙂

        • Marie I’m doing b-school… After doing a full accounting degree and CA, I have no second thoughts about doign B-school. I think you offer a lot of value here.

    • sam

      Thank u so much. Your video came at the right time

    • Love your mantra Gemma. I bet it helps keep you clear on what your purpose is too. It makes me think that if we just go for it, again and again, we’ll get clearer and clearer on what we’re meant to do. That peaceful feeling after is a big “yes” to reinforce it too!

    • Gemma, I just love that you’ve launched “an imperfect tutorial” and that you’re taking action – awesome! I’m a recovering perfectionist, my fear is always not being good enough for other people, but now I’m reminding myself that it’s imperfect action, consistently, that will create energy and the path. Think I need to stick a mantra Everywhere, to keep going. Fantastic idea!

      • Lina,
        I love the phrase ‘recovering perfectionist’. Thanks for sharing your post. It’s ‘perfect’ for me as well and is a great reminder how perfectionism keeps us playing small. It always helps me to keep in mind that mediocrity attacks excellence. As long as I’m getting out there and doing my (not someone else’s) best I’m striving…for excellence. Inevitably the folks who are feeling mediocre will attack that, which doesn’t feel good if I take it personal. If I look at what’s behind the source of judgement, I feel a whole lot better.

      • “Imperfect, consistent action!” Love that as a mantra, too, Lina!

    • Gemma that is perfectly said! Lets be Brazen women, changing the world by following our passion and finding our purpose!

      I also love that you said you feel peaceful with your choice because you are just doing it! Something I need to remember: if I am feeling nervous apprehension or unsure and scared, right on the other side of Just Doing It is peace 🙂


    • Amanda

      I created my own CD, and have now written my own musical and choreod dance.

    • Anna

      LOVE your mantra, Gemma!

  2. This is such an important video. I’m 55 and never went to school with the intention to walk out the other side with a degree. HOWEVER, I constantly felt “less than” in Corporate America because I was missing that coveted piece of paper.

    Oddly enough, though, it never stopped me from getting the jobs I wanted or being recognized for my work. I think it was because I thought more like an entrepreneur and didn’t even realize it.

    I worked hard at building relationships, doing my best work and learning everything I could about the company. I wasn’t shy about asking for more challenging work and I actually asked for a job to be created and ta da…it was.

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Marie, developing an entrepreneur mind set is critical to be successful regardless of where you do your work!

    Thanks for the dose of wisdom 🙂

    • You’re such a great example of how the entrepreneurial spirit is more powerful than a piece of paper Ree!


    • Great story, Ree! And such a great example of the power of an entrepreneurial mindset. Marie’s right — there’s so such thing as a “stable” job anymore, so thinking like an entrepreneur is the best security you can hope for!

    • You are right to follow your intuition, Ree. The promises of those pieces of paper are illusory, at best. It is best to do the work. “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.” ~Jim Morrison

  3. I completely relate to Paige’s question and I was in her shoes at the same age. I did the thing that was expected – I went to university, got the degree and started climbing the corporate ladder….! In honesty I knew from the outset it wasn’t me. The obvious ending, I needed out. I learned lots on the path that I chose but the biggest learning I had was learning to follow my own instinct!

    I actually went even further. I decided that I was going to do all the things people really wouldn’t expect. For example, I have always been a nervous flier and I decided that I’d take a trip with friends to the Far east (with 13 flights, 2 long haul!) and took my first pilot’s lesson!!

    Trust your instinct and give it your best shot, Paige!! x

    • I also relate to Paige’s question but from a different perspective. Like you Emma I went a traditional university route but then had a mixture of working for myself and others for a few years before settling in a career in education and training. This is a rewarding sector to work in and I ended up working for a government agency developing and implementing education policy – it might sound dull but it wasn’t! My point is that having reached a high level and achieved success in a field can also make it difficult to take a leap back into entrepreneurship.

      Although I generally feel that the older I’ve become the less I’ve cared about what people think about me, there was a small part of me that worried about what people would think of my new venture. Also because its in the field of self development I came across people who didn’t think much of the whole notion of self development (might be a bit of a British thing). I could have chosen to worry about this but soon realised that this said more about them than me – I even wrote a blog about it which you can find here is you’re interested:

      The best thing we can do is work hard, have faith in ourselves and remember we only control what we think about ourselves, so don’t worry about what others think – they’re probably not thinking about us as much as we think they are!

  4. I almost didn’t start my business because of the opinions of other people. At the time they thought I was too young, too inexperienced, not wealthy enough to start a business…

    After a trip to Europe and a big sign from the Universe, I decided to follow my heart and start a media company. I tell the whole story here:

    With a lot of hustle and loads of heart I won an Emmy just a few years later with all my “inexperience” so I’m so glad I trusted my intuition.

    I keep this Steve Jobs quote on one of my journals: “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice” because I need the reminder from time to time 🙂

    • Congrats on the Emmy… and listening to yourself. That’s the best reward of all. 🙂

      • Thanks Lisa! 🙂 At the time it actually felt more like a middle finger to my doubters and naysayers than an accomplishment I should be really proud of. It’s still a little surreal sometimes but I’ve grown to have soooo much gratitude for that particular project and the number of people it touched around the world.

    • Emmy win. That’s fabulous, Natalie.

      Chasing “security” is the prison most people are in. People encouraging you to take the safe route are usually talking to themselves. *They* don’t feel comfortable with your plans but they probably don’t have your determination and they definitely don’t have your vision.

      Marie is so spot on about finding the right circle and surrounding yourself with positivity. It’s difficult to maintain your vision when others keep placing their filters over your eyes. Been there. Done (with) that.

      Don’t forget, your resounding success would also be a slap in their faces for not having had the courage to live out their own dreams. Unfortunately, for some, it’s easier to keep everyone around them at the same level of dissatisfaction.

    • Well thank goodness for David Guetta, Natalie!!! 😉

      • I know, right?! 😉 Love your story, and your work too Emma!

    • Natalie, I LOVE your story – winning an Emmy for all your work a few years down the line is an incredible achievement!

    • Natalie, your story is so inspiring! I was also motivated to start my own business after an overseas trip.

      “Inexperience” is such a crazy objection. Everyone is inexperienced when they start!

    • Natalie you are such an inspiration! 🙂

    • Natalie, I’m SO glad you commented and that I came across your work.
      Thank you!

      A new fan,


  5. Permission. It HAS to come from yourself first. And yeah, those judging eyes are a problem… especially if they’re you’re own.

    This has been a renewing exercise for me. To remember that, as I go for my dreams in the music world, that there’s a lot of resistance from the world around me – so why should I add to that resistance my self? Trust myself, trust my instincts, and do what I feel is best for me – even if it’s counter intuitive to the rest of the world.

    The BIG thing is having a supportive group of encouragers that will tell you the truth in love. You don’t want yes-men or Nay-sayers. You need realists who give a damn. That’s what’s helped me most.

    • Lisa- you said it so perfectly. Why should we add resistance to ourselves? Why should we become obstacles to our own dreams? I think there’s two types of people in the world, doers and talkers. If we all stopped caring so much about what others thought we’d probably do more and the result would be less resistance to new, out of the box ideas.

      The way I see it, I came into the world on my own and I’m leaving on my own. So why shouldn’t I live my life for me?

  6. I’ve been telling people for ages that the “secure job” route is no longer a thing and a lot of people have told me I’m crazy for thinking that so I’m really happy you addressed this topic today and affirmed my so-called “craziness”. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Joy to us “crazies”, Demetria!!!

      I love this saying: I lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep.

      Yay for you!

    • Marie I wish you had been my career advisor at school instead of the one that said ‘people from round here don’t do things like that.’

      The secure job route has not worked for me as I relocate with my husband’s job. We have done this nine times in fourteen years. I did five job changes before I realised ‘this is not working.’

      Then I did B-School and the Start the Right Business module helped me towards knowing my business would be as a coach. I had been reading self-development books since I was 13. It was so obviously what I was passionate about that I didn’t realise it. It was already so much a part of my life and who I was.

      I have a load of certificates, but pieces of paper don’t decide for you what you are going to do in this life – you do. It’s possible to chase after all the wrong qualifications thinking ‘this will be the one’ when all along you really know what you are meant to do in this world if only you will just admit it to yourself.

      For ages I thought that being a life coach was not a ‘proper job’ because it was not an old style job of being a lawyer or a banker. What I worked out, and it took me a long time is you choose what is a proper job by the way you think about what you are doing. You have to value it and the difference it makes in the world.

  7. It’s hard to be deep into the Woo and care what others think! 🙂 But I still managed to do it early on.

    All I know is that when I follow my inner guidance, stuff falls into place for me that I could not have managed in my wildest dreams! It’s so cool.

    Thanks Marie, for helping us remember to let go of the need for that outer validation. It all comes from inside (and often, takes years of work to get to that place!).

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!

    • Lisa – Just had a peek at your site and love the woo that you offer!! I’m glad you followed your inner guidance….

      I was googling ‘muscle testing’ to support a decision I’m trying to make and so was drawn to your site!

  8. This article I wrote about judgement was just published by the Huffinton Post – I think it might be a little ray of sunshine for all of us who feel this same way.

    Thank you Marie for your brilliant take too!

  9. I’ve recently had some major press in a lot of international media. While it’s been great to be recognised as poster-gal for being a digital nomad and living life on your own terms and having a profitable business, and people have been inspired by it, there are always haters.

    In fact it’s always the people who’ve never heard about you before and who don’t understand what you’re doing, or don’t want to believe it’s possible or fear it or it shows their inadequacy of what they’d really like.

    I stopped reading after the first 15 or so comments and realised I must not take it personally. They didn’t know me from a bar of soap, minus an article they’d just read.

    And being a Suitcase Entrepreneur and working and living from anywhere is just not a reality to so many closed minded people that I couldn’t expect them to understand it. In some small way I hope I’ve shown them what’s possible and that even though they were negative, critical and downright rude at times, somewhere, deep in their brain they’ve had a small switch go on that they can change their life.

    When you’re doing work that matters and breaking conventional rules and traditions, there will always be people who doubt you and think you’re wrong – you don’t need to prove them wrong, you just need to focus on those who are willing and open to learn and make serious change.

    • Completely agree, Natalie! Hear, hear!

    • Oh wow Natalie! I know Tim Ferris got a lot of flack, and so did a bunch of others who buck the trend… and I love this quote:

      “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” – Albert Einstein

      You can substitute “right” for “right for you” 🙂

    • So true Natalie. Love that last part especially. Doing something different will include people who don’t get it. And there’s no need to prove them wrong.

    • Natalie,
      Even U2 received a rejection letter. They didn’t let that stop them.~

  10. Yes! It’s a new world out there, and we can’t wait for other people to wave their “approval wand” at us to make us feel like we’re “ready”.

    I also learned pretty quickly during college that the whole secure job thing was not the reality anymore. Two of the companies I worked for downsized a ton of people (I hate that terminology BTW) and they were complete opposites (small start up and big corporation)…. so I knew I had to forge my own path!

  11. I have struggled with this recently. I have been very blessed with some recent success but have encountered opinions and nay-saying coming from people very close to me. As I hear the doubt and commentary coming at from these folks I have to remind myself that I am working towards my great good and that the opinions of others are their own projections onto me around their dissatisfaction with their own life.

    The Australians have a saying: “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. Tall Poppy Syndrome is the need to criticize others for their success. To cut them down to size to ensure that they do not rise above the rest of the pack. It is a criticism of merit, achievments, and a resentment of happiness. Essentially: Haters gonna hate.
    I use the theory of “tall poppy syndrome” as a reminder that even with the naysayers, you must continue on. Encountering the doubt is a test of strength and commitment. The test that will show you just how badly you want the success that is rightfully yours. Success without apology – breathe it in – hit your stride. Take the wins graciously and know that you are on your rightful path…no matter what the peanut gallery has to say. xoxo

  12. What a GREAT Q!!

    Soooo, I chose to go to coach training school over an Ivy League grad-school when I was 23….and no one understood (except my close family + now husband) what I was doing. They thought I was insane to turn down an Ivy for something as “trivial” as life coaching. Well, I got rid of those ppl in my life 🙂

    Going my own way was one of the BEST choices I’ve made, but I will not say it was gold-paved. I don’t want gold-paved, I want hard work that pays off and earns me happiness and success as a result. And the $$ of course is great 🙂

    Listen to that gut-voice telling you “Go for it!” even if the path isn’t clear, it’s still worthy of walking along. You’ll learn so much about yourself and THAT’S the value in all this…then, you’ll help other people much better too.


    • Dear Rachel,

      I love love love your website. What a positive role model you are! Your website message of acceptance speaks well to Marie’s topic today. I wish you the best and will be checking out your column and encouraging others to as well. Keep it up!


  13. Great advise and love the humor too:)

  14. Could you please post at the end of each video where did you get your style from? Example, this CUTE blue and black outfit of todays episode #love #mariefashion

  15. I paint pictures and with almost every brush stroke my inner voice is saying “What are they going to say about this? Is it good enough? I bet it’s not good enough! They’ll find out that I’m not a real artist.” Now I KNOW I shouldn’t be saying this to myself, it just seems to come with the territory. But my husband just keeps telling me to keep going, keep painting regardless – sure enough, my work is beginning to sell. Just like Marie says in her advice – keep chasing the dream folks. xx

    • Congrats on selling your work Jodi! I love that your husband is supporting you to stay engaged in the present moment, with your art 🙂

    • That’s fantastic Jodi, congratulations on your sale! As a singer I can SOO relate to “They’ll find out that I’m not a real artist” and I feel the exact same way with my coaching business. They’ll find out that I’m not a real coach.

      But then I thought about WHY I’m creating my own path. I remember being at an audition for a musical, and afterwards I went into the ladies room. I overheard the conversation between to other singers, how this time they might not get the part, but some day their “look” would work for a part, and all you have to do is wait for that day when your look, your “type” get’s picked.

      I decided right then and there. I don’t want to wait to get picked. I don’t want to wait for somebody else to tell me I’m good enough.

      And isn’t that the thing for us as artists/entrepreneurs – that we don’t have somebody decided FOR us when we are enough or when we are “real” artists/coaches/accountants etc.

  16. Thank you Marie,
    I really needed to hear this and have dealt with it myself. For longest time I felt something drawing me to become a tripsichore yoga teacher and a spiritual and yogic life coach. But, when I returned from London a couple years ago I just got resistance from the people around me. Even those who I thought wanted to help me. It wasn’t until I decided to move out west and eventually to LA, which allowed me to shut off the negativity from people back home and allow my dreams to flourish. Also, turning off my Facebook account was a big help to.

    Thanks again,

  17. YES, I did (and still do a bit) care too much what people think. Why else would I attend a 4yr PRIVATE University AND study Chemistry/Biochemistry…….

    Anywho, I love education (as Marie says: life long learner) but the education system in the USA has a very unstable structure. EX: My degree cost over $120,000

    Last year I made a little book of notes for my cousin’s kids and published it in the hopes of providing guidance to those in need. “MOM AND DAD say I have to go to College: A Big Sisters Guide on Making your own decision” What have you got to lose? $5 at most.


  18. I’ve been online for almost four years now and every time friends or family ask me exactly what I’m trying to achieve online. When I explain they look at me like I’ve got ten heads or something with a blank look on their face.

    There was one time my mum said “oh Kes, why don’t you just go get a part-time cleaning job” WFT!!!

    But, despite what those around me said I kept pushing forward, educating myself and implementing what I learn. In 2010 I had my first 3 figure launch. I banked more money in 24 hours (while I was sleeping, than they’ve ever made in a whole month.

    Like Marie says: I got picky about who I discussed my online biz with because the negativity soon rubs off on you and I have a bunch of new, positive friends now.

    This time next year I’m moving away to a sunny place to start a new life thanks to following my heart and not giving a F*CK about what anybody else says 🙂

    Just do it girl! what do you have to lose?

    Kerry 🙂

    • I love this, Kerry – it’s so important to realise who you can and can’t talk to about your business. Some friends and family, however great they may be, just aren’t there to understand your business.

      I like to think that when people come at you with their opinions, it says WAY more about their own fears than it does about yours.

    • Thanks for this insight Kerry, it totally gave me an ah-ha moment. I know my friends are not in a place where they would understand my need to have a business never mind get what I am trying to do, but I was having a hard time thinking about cutting away from them. The simple decision of who I should and should not share with is like a breath of fresh air!

  19. LOL, confession time: I’m a high school drop out.

    While failing school, I would meet with my guidance counselor and talk about college. She kept reminding me that if I didn’t buckle down and do my schoolwork, I would never make it to college. I didn’t know how or when I would make it to college, but I knew it was in my cards. After getting my GED, I traveled around for a while. At 24, I was ready to do that buckling down and getting myself into college. I started at a Community College and ended up going to an academically rigorous private school. I even went on to Grad School, graduating with a 4.0.

    While my guidance counselor was kinda right about buckling down, she was wrong about whether buckling down in high school would make or break my chances to get into college. I didn’t listen to her. I knew that when the time was right, I would figure out a way to make it happen, and I did!

    I keep this in mind when other people try to dictate my schedule or how I should define business success. I know that If I keep working on my business and working on the problems that arise, I will reach my goals and live my dream 🙂

    Thanks for providing this forum for me to share. I’ve long kept this story in my heart but rarely share it!

    • Love this story Christie! Thanks for sharing it.

  20. Great topic today. Whether in business or in life, caring what others think about us is a very natural human emotion – and one that can be quite paralyzing.

    Marie’s tips, as always, were great! But I’ve written a post about this very topic that I think has some very actionable tips in it as well…and that I hope will be helpful to Paige and others.

    ~ Rachel

  21. I think Marie’s point about surrounding yourself with positive people is so important. It’s something so basic — and probably the “easiest” thing we can do for ourselves — but we don’t act on it enough.

    When I decided to start my business last year, I told myself that I have to actively create a positive internal/external environment.

    For me, that means surrounding yourself with positive people, exposing yourself to new ideas, creating a routine that works for you. All those things, and more, make all the difference in your ability to stay focused, mindful and pro-active as you strike out on your own.

    I wish Paige, and all the other amazing people out there doing the work that matters to them, all the very best!

  22. As we go along with our lives there is criticism at every turn. If you go along with your dreams and they are realistic dreams and they are dreams that benefit other people as well as yourself then is there any reason for criticism. I believe criticism quite often stems from jealousy and envy these two combined will destroy the person who posseses them. Always take on board constuctive criticism, decide if it is valid and make your decision to change what is wrong or challenge the criticism with logical argument.

  23. Just got a say I LOVED that video….great way to start the day….’I will be judging you’ video was soooooo funny!

  24. Nathalie Haller

    Through many many experiences I’ve come to a mind-set where I feel blessed knowing how fulfilling it is to persue my dreams, I don’t feel like I need to explain or justify my life choices to any other person – rather do judgmental and snorty people need justify their comments to me – and I feel pity for those who really think living a life just for the sake of “stability” (which only exists in their heads btw, there is no guarantee or stability in anything) is what makes them truly happy. ..

    • Nathalie Haller

      I also always take a closer look to where the criticism is coming from. Is it coming from someone who truly lives his dreams? Who’s enthusiastic about his own life? Who has a healthy body and radiant skin?

  25. You’re speaking my language with this video. A friend, who is no longer a friend, recently told me she couldn’t be friends with me anymore because I wouldn’t do things her way and wouldn’t listen to her criticism. Her harsh words had me upset for a day, but then they were motivating to get the heck out of that friendship and make a life for myself that I can be proud of.

  26. Dear Paige,
    This (below) is for you (and of course everybody everybody everybody else) –
    It is the Shakespeare Sonnet no. 4. (and a translation into modern world english).

    I wish you all the miracles you need. And I know it from my own way, when you go a step in the direction of your heartfelt wishes and dreams, the universe conspires. Go for your sweet self!
    Warm wishes,

    Sonnet 4. (Shakespeare)
    Unthrifty loveliness, why dost thou spend
    Upon thyself thy beauty’s legacy?
    Nature’s bequest gives nothing, but doth lend,
    And, being frank, she lends to those are free.
    Then, beauteous niggard, why dost thou abuse
    The bounteous largess given thee to give?
    Profitless usurer, why dost thou use
    So great a sum of sums yet canst not live?
    For having traffic with thyself alone,
    Thou of thyself thy sweet self dost deceive.
    Then how when nature calls thee to be gone,
    What acceptable audit canst thou leave?
      Thy unused beauty must be tombed with thee,
      Which usèd lives th’ executor to be.


    You wasteful lovely person, why are you spending all of your beauty on yourself? Nature doesn’t give us anything; she only lends us the gifts we get at birth, and, being generous herself, she lends the most to people who are generous themselves. So, you beautiful miser, why do you abuse the bountiful gifts that were given to you to share with others? Why do you insist on being such a bad investor, using up the immense treasure you have to offer the world but unable to support yourself or preserve your memory? By only having dealings with yourself, you’re cheating yourself out of the best part of yourself. Then how, when nature says it’s time for you to go, will you be able to give an acceptable account of how you spent your time and beauty? Your unused beauty will have to be buried with you. But if you used that beauty now, it would stay behind once you were gone and preserve your legacy.

  27. Dear Marie Forleo

    Have a coaching program that seems to be against the grain, or I am.

    My coaching is Manifesting Empowerment Coaching and it is about giving up desires! Yes giving up desires. Now before running away read the next statement.

    The problem is, wanting a new lifestyle, relationship, health, wealth. The answer is, loving a new lifestyle, relationship, health, wealth.

    Manifesting Empowerment is created by love not desire. By learning to love our dreams and share our dreams with love, we manifest our dreams for the benefit of others.

    If this statement makes sense to you then we have something to talk about. It seems there is hesitancy for many people to give up desiring, or wanting.

    What would be a way to find people interested in learning this way of thinking?

    with kindness
    Michael Gilbert

  28. Have you ever achieved something that people around you said was unrealistic? How did you handle their initial criticism and doubt — especially when it was from the people closest to you?

    – Definitely! People didn’t think I could be a web/graphic designer without undertaking formal-schooling for it. But I didn’t listen to them – I just kept taking action and learning via online tutorials. Over the last 4 years, I have taught myself WordPress, how to customize coding, as well as all of the Adobe suite in order to be a graphic designer.

    Because of this strong belief in my talents and my efforts of constant learning, I have been building my clientele at a faster pace every year. So far, in this lovely life, I’ve learned that it’s all about believing in yourself and understanding that learning is truly Infinite!

  29. Marie, not only did your new hair color enhance your highlights and natural beauty, but the refreshing insight into the destructiveness of accepting the judgment of others hit home for us all. There is never a time that negative criticism helps, but it is meant to belittle, discourage, and deny the individual whom it is directed to a peaceful transition toward success & happiness! I can say this confidently, because “constructive criticism” is the opposite methodology. If someone wants to help and redirect someone toward a positive direction, negative criticism has anterior motives due to the feeling left behind after the “so called” helpful interaction. Everyone whom has followed their passion, dream, destiny, and life goals has received this form of negative criticism, but some were unable to deflect this behavior. So, again, thank you, Marie, for being a breath of fresh air to a World of hungry business minded entrepreneurs! We love you for that, and you spiritual insight, your passion to teach and assist, your commitment in being a living example, and you sheer “silliness” in doing it (“tweetable” as “You” would say)!! I admire you and appreciate your staff for making your Dream a Reality, Marie!! I hope Josh is aware how blessed he is in soooOOOO many ways…Until next time, I send mine…



  30. Well, yeah!
    Every day I go around being this person that I have never seen anywhere else. As long as I’m living in my intuition, things are fine. But once I start comparing myself… look out, here comes the doubt.

    I started a business on, of all things, sweet potatoes! Say what??!!?? And now, instead of “getting a part time job” the way entrepreneurs often do while building their business, I’m about to “get a part-time business”. I have a lifestyle brand I’m about to launch, and it’s going to bring joy and juiciness and light and love and fun into people’s lives.


    As wacko (in a good way) as I feel myself to be “compared” to everyone else, I know that every day I am still holding myself back.

    Go. For. It. Girl.

    My message to myself today.

    Thanks for the encouragement, as always, Marie.

  31. OMG! How much fun was that?! I will never think of Hall and Oates the same way again!

    I can’t say that I never let the naysayers cause me to doubt but, after a few crisis moments, I usually end up using them as catalysts and become determined to prove them wrong – even if they aren’t aware of it.

    When I was in high school and was working towards a piano exam, my teacher told me she didn’t think I could pass it. Maybe she was serious, maybe she just wanted me to practice more and knew how to get to me but I worked my butt off and ended up getting first-class honours – the highest level you can achieve.

    More recently, I had a family member go on a spontaneous but inspired hour-long rant – out of love – about how I should essentially stop what I’m doing and get a regular job doing anything and work my way up because I didn’t have what it takes to really succeed. That threw me for a loop but two days later I thought about what he had to say – assessed what comments were valid and what was a bunch of hooey and ended up booking $1000 worth of work in a few days. Ha!

  32. I have never really taken the traditional road, and that has been both positive and “negative,” I suppose. I had a college professor tell me, when talking about my art, writing and acting, “you have to choose. You can’t do all of them.” To which i said, “well I don’t want to choose. And I suppose if that means I will be “good” at all 3, and not “brilliant” in one, then so be it….however, I’ve always sort of had a battle with what “success” really means. I am a visual artist, actor and writer and have done “well” in all those areas…but I still struggle financially.

    I know that money does not necessarily mean success, but it is hard sometimes to feel successful when you are struggling financially. Especially in America where we seem to value material wealth so highly…I started an all female comedy troupe, EstroFest, back in 1999. that wound up growing into a very poplar group…( If i knew then what i know now I might have been more cautious about doing it (boy it’s a lot of work and my naivety about what I was doing was probably a blessing,) but it grew into something I wouldn’t have expected and sold out year after year. Estro brought me and the audience a huge amount of joy. People would come up to us after the shows and say things like, “I was so sad today…this is just what I needed–you all made me laugh!” Or, and this one really sticks w me….”I have been battling cancer for about 5 months…I almost didn’t come to the show tonight. It’s the first time I’ve been out in months. And it felt so good to just laugh for the first time in a long time.” THAT is success. it became more about what the impact we were having on people, than about us…We have been on hiatus for 2 years due to the other women’s crazy schedules and I miss it. I find myself hearing that negative voice sometimes saying, “see? you can’t make it.” Or “nothing good lasts forever. Now what are you going to do?” OR, “see? You can’t do it all.” Blarg to those voices…

    So everyday I remind myself that in terms of having a fabulous marriage, a wonderful daughter, a crazy supportive group of friends, and the gift of having some talents that are my lifeline to sanity, I am hugely successful.

  33. I have years of experience to know that Leaders Touch a Heart Before They Ask for a Hand. I think you are asking the wrong question – it is more about you caring for others first before yourself. Like the word JOY = Jesus (first) Others (second) You (last). For Leaders to be effective, they need to connect with people. Why? Because you first have to touch people’s hearts before you ask them for a hand. And that is what I do.
    CAPT Lucks USN
    Certified Health and Wealth Coach!

    I am interested in your comment.

  34. Changing your mindset requires turning off the noise and surrounding yourself with people already doing what you want to do and succeeding at it.
    When I decided to be a Health and Fitness professional I doubted myself and always thought what I wanted to do is not a REAL job. Everyone around me except my mom and my son believed in my dreams.

    I’ve had lots of detours in my journey and am not ashamed to do odd jobs to keep the utilities on while still pursuing my dream.

    Today I know that it will never get easy, I will get better at doing it. What’s easy for me today was hard a few years ago. What matters more than anything to me is what I believe about what I do because at the end of the day that’s what truly matters and no one can give you that belief in yourself.

  35. The days of secure jobs are looooong gone! These days the best way to have a great career is to be entrepreneurially minded. Like Marie said, we need to ALL think and behave like entrepreneurs.

    Plus these days so many of the ‘crazy’ careers or business ideas that people think aren’t secure are incredibly fun and profitable!

    I love how positive and supportive this community is 🙂

  36. I am so thankful for all the people like Marie and others who are helping the rest of us make an independent, entrepreneurial life reality. I’ve felt stuck in conventional jobs that go against my nature and have really worn me down. I knew I wanted something different, I just needed some help figuring out how to do it.

  37. Betsybe

    Hey Marie! Love this topic as it is my nemesis. Thanks for asking us about a time we achieved something no one thought we could. After having my two boys, I decided to try a 21 day cleanse. Both dietary and spiritual in context, it was a stricter than vegan fast for this meat-loving gal. People said I wa crazy. When it was done-having only drank water (no coffee or wine-what?), I lost 17 lbs. and dropped my cholesterol from 220 to 160 and didn’t have to take a statin. Woot! A coworker, who is low in self-esteem, said, “well-that weight loss can’t sustain itself”. That put my fire and I have kept 12-15 of it off for 15 months (and now enjoy meat, coffee and wine too). In other words-let the criticism for you up!! Do exactly what people say you can’t!

  38. Betsybe

    What I meant to correctly type above on my iPhone is to let criticism fire you up and motivate you. Someone once said-you don’t have permission to know what others think of you.

  39. Natalie

    Dear Marie, AND to whomsoever assists Marie in climbing to the bottom of her comments`email well, (popular girl, you are, Marie. Go, honey, GO!)

    BEFORE I even watch this episode of marieTV, I am wetting my Self from laughter b/c of the photo at the top of today’s episode.


    Marie, you are absoLUTEly doing what must make you full of joy because you are SO good at your job.

    Appreciatively, natalie

  40. Heyheyhey- this is THE BEST ever- so so right on, Marie! And my word, I would have achieved a hellofa load more in my life if I’d had you egging me on back in the 1990s!! 😉
    As for what did I achieve, which others got negative with me about? My lord, where do I begin: practically every project manifested, adventure travelled and outfit worn, since I was 6yrs old!
    Hehe- but seriously, one that jumps to mind first, in how much people said it wasn’t possible (!), was too dangerous (!!) and etc etc, was my driving to Italy. Jeeeez- you’d have thought I was suggesting a solo trip to the moon in a cardboard spaceship, the way folks booed me down!! I couldn’t believe how utterly against it folks were! It was the way they started each reaction, instead of with a smile and a ‘wow, yeah, when do you leave?! Can I come?!’ but with a frown and an immediate suggestion of some random thing that might happen. And when I told them about taking my cat with me, o dear- now that was supposedly a mission absolutely impossible.
    I didn’t get it: how is driving down the road a bit further than usual, and over a few national frontiers, any more difficult than driving down the road on an average day: the roads are all tarmacadamed (asphalted), with nice lines marked on them, and traffic lights etc: all me and the cat needed were a couple of motel stops, and an occasional sandwhich and pee break.
    If I hadn’t made that trip, I’d have never ended up here where I am, with a thriving business and my own home and a great lifestyle. But the biggest thing it illustrated for me, is how much people hold THEMSELVES back, and how, when you do something exciting or challenging, folks really are peeved about themselves not having the guts to go for it… Not to mock anyone for that, but there’s a heck of a lot in our collective culture which holds folks back, and I’d like to see that change!

  41. This is why I did both. Went to university to study Economical Science and attended an Interior Design School at the same time. I was never so proud of myself then the day I got my degree. Guess which one… 😉
    My parents never really aproved my decision. ( I can’t make a living being an interior designer bla bla bla) but even though I never worked in the industry it became the first step in my career as a professional organizer.

  42. Hi Marie:
    My wonderfully loving family was freaked out that I was going to build a career in Ayurveda and be an entrepreneur. So they tried to get me to get a job, become a nurse and other things, but I kept my focus on my vision. A few years later, I got hired to be the head chef at the Chopra Center in San Diego (I went there every few weeks and told them they had to try me out. A few asks and they said, ok). They never looked back for a year and a half. I just kept building on my gifts…yea some months were crazy hard financially. 10 years later, I’ve authored 5 books, created several programs, and do exactly what I want to do and have been raising my children on my own. In my books, I’ve made it and I’ve kept my eyes and heart on my dream/vision and feel blessed.
    Great video. Thank you.

  43. This was the perfect video for me today, as a celebration for signing up to B-school!

    Last week, when I thought I was going to wait ’till next year to do b-school and carry on in a job I’m not really happy in, your video helped me voice my dreams:
    “What if I got enough graphic design clients to make it to b-school by next week? ”

    Everyone thought that:
    1- I was crazy to want to pay 2,000 for an online course
    2 – to think I could make that money in a week and
    3 – that I’m not ready to start out on my own as I only have 1 year experience working for an agency.

    But guess what! I proved them wrong! I earned that money, met amazing people through B-school and already have a few more clients lined up for the future, and met a beautiful coach for designers who as B-school sign up bonus will coach me on how to package my services etc.

    I don’t think I could have asked for anything better!

    My boyfriend said that B-school seems like a scam or too good to be true (do I have to actually show him my bank account to prove that the community is really amazing?)

    But now I know not to let that stop me!
    Now I know I can achieve whatever I set my mind to!

    I’m forever grateful for Marie and everyone in her community!

    • Hey Joana. Very cool story — thank you for sharing it and welcome to B-School. xo

      • Thank you! I’m so excited I dancing all the time – people at work think I’m, as you would say it – “crazy pants” Or crazy trousers here in the UK hehe 🙂

    • Wow Joana that’s awesome!

  44. Hi Marie,
    This topic rings so true with my dream of becoming a teacher. My dream began when I was 5 years old of becoming an elementary teacher and I pursued it with some resistance I might add. Throughout the years, I followed my dream with fierce determination ~ almost too much to a point I burned out from studying too hard. The Universe’s way of slowing my butt down and testing my spirit if I wanted that dream badly enough. I had doubts along the way. Who doesn’t? With the 3 years of resting and taking odd jobs, I returned to finish my B.A. at Bishop’s University. Interestingly enough, all I heard people and my family say is: “How long are you going to school” or the most annoy one was: “Are you becoming a professional student and wasting your life away in school?” Wow. That comment came from one of my family members. I knew then and there ~ I had to cut out those naysayers dead in their tracks. Luckily for me, I slowly cut them out and kept staying true to my dream of becoming an elementary teacher. I lived on little money, left a 2 year abusive relationship, lived on a part time job helping native women in Montreal, and managed to graduate within 4 years. My heart kept saying: “Continue. You’re not done yet.” I listened and pursued a degree in elementary education. More naysayers started to say the same thing. I ignored them. I pretended that they were a bunch of little dogs barking at me. I laughed. I graduated with another degree. My heart never failed me. I might have gone against the status quo but, I knew that I was meant to teach. Something inside of me kept moving me to do greater things than I expected of myself. I was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability in my last year of University. Go figure. That never stopped me. That label never phased me at all. I knew that I was unique, intuitive, and darn special. I never listened that well growing up and I certainly didn’t plan on listening now. I am now working on my master’s degree in curriculum studies specializing in special needs. So, the moral of this story: Don’t listen to others. Listen to what your heart tells you, just like Marie says in her youtube videos. Follow it until you get to your goal with fierce determination and passion. You were born into this world to make a shining difference. You weren’t made to follow others. You were made to be a pioneer.

  45. Lisa Levy

    OMG – what perfect timing – I almost started crying listening to this! this is why I am in BSchool this year!
    I’ve had a dream for over 15 years – it came to me as an epiphany while living in Paris a long time ago – like 1997! for years I’ve struggled to figure out where to start, getting lost in the details and never really allowing myself to admit it’s what I wanted – or having so many useless non-pro habits that I flake out and watch BBC in stead of doing what I need to do….After New Year’s 2014 I decided – jesus , I’m about to turn 55, I’ve got to get a move on! I’ve always let the ‘I’m not ready’ bs get in my way, but after a lot of Marie TV and Aj Leon’s Manifesto- Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit, I thought WTF, I’ve got to do this – THIS is an off road motorcycle rally in Tunisia in 2015 – so I’m going there this week to watch the 2014 race and I am scared and nervous and feel very out of my comfort zone, but I’m lucky to have traveled a lot and no fears there – and my husband is supportive – but I posted a video on You Tube : this week to raise money to go and got some positive and not positive feed back and that just messed w my brain all day yesterday – so this video was spot on!!! Don’t have TIME to worry about it really…but still scary!
    Thank you so much Marie – I’m starting before I’m ready, that’s for sure!
    congrats to everyone who is finding their way along this path!!!

  46. You are 100% about needing to have an entrepreneurial mentality whether you are in a corporate job or in business for yourself.

    Thinking like an entrepreneur is what will open doors for you: in life AND business. It’s a creative way of thinking that creates opportunities EVEN if you work for someone else.

    As for doubts, I just wrote a little post about how to handle them :

    • About the negativity of other people…

      When you are standing strong in yourself, in your beliefs, in your gifts, in your desire to bring your work out into the world, and when you stop giving so much importance to what other people say (*including the nagging “lil doubts in your head*) the “negativity” will just stop bothering you.

      It’ll just fall over you (and not affect you) like water on a duck’s back. (It’s a saying in french, hope it makes sense in English.)

  47. AL

    Hi everyone!
    As for caring what others think and never letting that interfere or prevent you from what you want to do is absolutely right!
    I’m 34 and dropped out of year 12 and decided to go to uni at 30 to get a marketing degree of which I did. I’ve never let what others think stop me from doing anything I’ve always wanted, however having to explain or justify certain things I’ve decided to some people made me realize I had some negative people in my life of which hit home when you mention it in the video. I mean, why would you even have to explain something that makes you happy if those people were actually really happy for you;;
    Now, I can’t say getting my marketing degree was something I really wanted or want to do as a career but it made sense to get it at the time and I don’t regret having an education, I mean if you stop learing you’re as good as dead right;….
    So I’m now living in a country with a bad recession and plan to move else where where I can finally be able to pursue with what ever it is that makes me happy!

  48. Excellent points, Marie. I feel very blessed that my parents raised me to not “give a flying fudge” about what other people think. Yes, I went through a lot of angst as a teen about it, and I really didn’t fit in anywhere (even my parents will point it out that it was like people were TRYING to not let me fit in.)

    But I really think that it was for the best in the long run. I didn’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have love me for who I am.

    Being a misfit all my life also gave me the courage last year to throw everything I was working on at the time out the window and start over as an angelic life coach and crystal healer. People already thought I was strange, so what the hell? And it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. 🙂

    Keep encouraging people!

  49. Deepanjali

    I was 17 when my mother taught me if I start crying and paying attention to what people say then I am gonna live a sad life because people always talk because that is their job and I should pay attention to what I think of myself. This saved my life:)

  50. I will be in B-School next year…that’s the big plan. This video was definitely for me today. Thanks!

  51. This is fabulous and I laughed out loud-I fantasized about Ricky Martin too! You rock Marie, completely great advice about school and degrees that have a guaranteed income. You have be be a savvy chica now-a-days so you might as well LOVE what you are doing!

  52. Nicole

    HI Marie

    My Name is Nicole and I dream of being a Child Advocate and in particular in the school setting. I keep coming up against is that I am “fighting” the system. Or that is just the way things are done. I see a strong need for a child’s voice to be heard. I am not sure how it is looking long term yet. I feel very strongly about it. I for sure feel like I get the judgy eyes when I speak about my passion of creating a more child focused school system. And my network are government bureaucrat’s and Unions …. I believe in my vision and I have the passion for it. It is the patience I need to practice as I push the boulder up that hill. One step at at time, I trust that this is my calling. Peace and Love

  53. Maria Isabel Medina

    Dear Marie, and all,

    I feel so related to this video. First because you were so right when you said there is no “save job career” anymore. I am a lawyer and have the luck to work for a law firm developing something I love, however I have TONS of friends and coworkers highly qualified who are working as waiters/waitress or even without a job. Here is my piece of advice to all of you young/middle age or old people trying to find the quantus in their lives, GO FOR IT! I realized there is no such thing as wasted time when it comes to trying something new; and do not let your careers and jobs define who you are, life is full of wonderful things, just try to figure out what are you good at and what do you love, mix it up a little and amazing things will come along. As Marie always says, lets share with the world what we can do that anyone else can. Have a great week!

  54. Having a career in which I am happy and fulfilled (as well as paying the bills) is something that I wasn’t sure I could achieve. Mostly because my parents didn’t create a world for me in which that option existed. (For me, growing up the youngest daughter of immigrants meant I had to do something “professional” when graduating college. That meant doctor or lawyer. And since my two older brothers became businessmen who followed their passion for real estate, the pressure was on for me to fulfill my parents dreams of having a “professional” in the family. Can anyone relate?)

    Two tips that helped me overcome naysayers:

    1. As Marie shares towards the end of the video, the key for me was surrounding myself with the right people. I obviously couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) ditch my parents, so I instead chose to “drown out” their noise with the angelic sounds of “you can do it” coming from people that believed I could follow my passion and find success. These people included: my brothers, Rachel Roy, Seth Godin and of course Marie!

    2. Celebrating my wins – big and small – also helped me to drown out ego and people who thought negatively. Don’t get so caught up in an end goal that you forget how amazing it is to take the steps to get there!

  55. Marie!! It’s like you’re speaking to me – sometimes the nay-sayers and negative voices are loudest in my own head. But just like with people, friends and even family you’ve got to let that (and them) go to pursue a life you dream of for yourself. Thank you for your words of inspiration this morning, as always RIGHT ON TIME!

  56. Oh and by the way, I do actually know a man who is a potato doctor: quite normal in Scotland 😉

  57. For some reason, I can’t see the video – I’m using a mac. It has something to do with Flash. Macs don’t see Flash. Kinda over the whole mac thing when it comes to this aspect of it.

  58. Dominique

    This isn’t business related, but tons of people told me I was crazy for getting married while still in college. I heard phrases like, “getting the first one done with early?”, “you won’t graduate,” and “you’re taking the fun out of life” at least once a day while wedding planning.

    But I (well, we) knew exactly what we wanted. I ignored the nay sayers, got married, graduated, had more fun then I’ve ever had, and now we’ve got a beautiful baby girl.

    Learning how to ignore the negatives so I can follow my own positive dreams has helped me launch my business without worry. It’s what I want to be doing, so I’m going to do it! And no, I don’t have to make a YouTube channel just because YOU think it will help. Unless, of course, you’ll be editing for free. Then let’s get shooting! 🙂

    • Dominique

      PS: Nearly four years and counting!

  59. Jeannie

    On my bathroom mirror, I have a scrap of paper that reads, “Sometimes the only mode of transportation is a leap of faith.” I read it every day, several times a day. I left a “safe” job to pursue a dream of graduate school in Landscape Design. Many “well-meaning” people told me I was crazy!! But I didn’t let my inner light go out. I made the commitment and figured it out along the way. I now have a career I love and I’m moving toward doing it on my own! Turned out, after a huge restructuring at that “safe” job, most of my friends were laid off!! If I had stayed, I would have been both without my job AND wasted time pursing my dream! Always follow your heart!!! It guides you for good reason.

  60. Whoa, I needed this this morning! I’m signing up for bschool today and also have rented a space to open a learning center this same week. Just a little stressed about it but I know it needs to be done. I do have a lot of support around me but I know there are some that are looking at me like I’m nuts! But timing is everything and if you keep waiting for the right time, time is gonna run out! Thanks Marie for your wisdom and your sharing ;).

  61. Great one today Marie!

    Reminds me of something Wayne Dyer said, “Your opinion of me is none of my business.”

    I can remember feeling so frozen about how to tell people what I do. How do I tell them? How do I explain? I think it had a lot to do with getting clear on what I was doing. As soon as I got clear though, I started to use their confusion to open up the conversation. It often goes like this.:

    “So what do you do?”
    “I’m a family coach.”
    “What’s that?”
    “I help parents get along better with their children. I teach them their personality types so they can work better with who they are.”
    “Oh cool.”

    If only I could’ve seen years ago that sometimes people just don’t know what it is we’re doing. But as soon as we know, they get it.

    • Fantastic Selah, you don’t know how much I needed to hear what you just wrote. Because what I struggle with is telling people, especially friends and family what I do. So I often “chicken out” and not tell them at all – which leads to them talking to me about corporate careers and aren’t you going to go into this or that field etc.

      When I lived in Budapest in the fall I did exactly as you say here.
      The conversation went:

      “So what do you do?”
      “I’m a coach for other artists and creatives.”
      “What’s that?”
      “I have groups where we work for four weeks on the resistance they have, like procrastinating or fearing to take their art & business to the next level. I help them get more energy and move forwards”
      “Oh that sounds so cool!”

      I need to get back to that. Just stating very openly what I do, instead of fearing their reaction.

      Thank you so much for the reminder, really!

  62. Paige, do what ever you are passionate about doing, and don’t worry what anyone thinks of you…your dreams…goals…desires. A mentor of mine once told me, “What I think of you is my business…what you think of me is your business”….
    Get educated but don’t rely on the education to get you anything but honed. I returned to the university at 45 years old as I had always wanted to be a painter, received a degree in Fine Art…it was the best thing I have ever done.
    Life is short, make it luscious, rich, juicy, full and do exactly what YOU want to do. Thanks Marie, and be well.

  63. Alma

    Right on the money. I find myself around people that in the name of ” I am only saying it because I care and out of concern for you” umbrella. When I hear such statement I immediately re-set my boundaries and adjust the filters to be use in my interactions with them. If i love them I still keep on loving them, if I like them I may or may not continue to nurture the relationship…however if I do not have any specific ties with them….I am out and try to stay clear form their path.
    So how do I keep focus? I pursue, keep, and discern those relationships that nurture me and who I am. Not necessarily all those that agree with whatever flying tough that comes out of my crazy mind, but those who lead their lives (personal and professional) in meaningful ways.
    The below proverb is one of my directives to establish relationships.
    “As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another.”

    Marie, is my first time leaving a comment and I am a recent follower of Marie TV. Learned from you via Social Triggers.
    You are pure TNT .
    Thank you!

    Alma A

  64. Great Q & A. For me my struggles have come from what I call “self-imposed judgement” It was not necessarily anyone say specifically that I could not do something or achieve something. It was more about what I perceived as the expectations of those around me and whether my behavior/actions would disappoint. Unfortunately, this self-imposed judgement has impacted past decisions that I now wonder what would be if I had chosen a different path. For example, I love dance. No, I really love dancing. Anytime that I would be in a dance studio or dancing socially, the world was a much better place. I feel, no I knew, I can accomplish anything. I found such strength. But, I did not pursue dance full time. I danced some in high school, college and on an off after college in my adult life. But, it always took a back seat to the things that were the expectations of others. And allowed me to live up to their standards. I have reflected on my actions through the years and I work to live my truth everyday.

    My huge public confession: I am 39 (wow! time has flown) and I still have the dream to be able to successfully take a professional modern dance class. The dream just doesn’t go away. Especially, when on multiple occasions, while teaching yoga, students have asked me whether I use to be a dancer.

    • Jobena – love your story. What’s stopping you now, from taking that step?

      I have a gorgeous friend, who just turned 50, who’s part of the professional dance group I used to work with, and she joined just about two years ago – not having danced in a while. She’s fab, does it part-time and rocks it – she’s proof it’s NEVER too late!

      • Hi Lina,

        Thank you for your response. Thanks for calling me out. I have to tell you that if you had asked me this question last week I would have said obligations, kids, my age. But after viewing as a bonus of B-school “Strategies for Unstoppable Success” I know that these are all just excuses that are getting in the way of me living my dream. Well, I have always known that these are excuses but now its in my face and out there for others to know. Like Marie says “Everything is figureoutable”. Garth Fagan’s Dance school is here in Rochester, classes (I have taken before) are available on a day that I am available, have the support of family. No more excuses. Thanks Lina for the encouraging words.

  65. Kimmie

    Marie, your advice is so spot on.

    I had a boyfriend who would tell me that the time I was spending in design school was a complete waste and that I would never be employable. He would even call me “a wide-eyed idealist”. But guess what? I was recruited in my last semester for a job, got 5 years of amazing experience AND was able to achieve my long-term goal of going out on my own as the owner of my own design studio. BOOM.

    Turns out “wide-eyed idealism” is a compliment – and a powerful way to envision and build a life on your own terms.

    Thank you, as always, for the inspiration!!!!

    • I am happy for you I have the same story haha

  66. Nancy

    I initially watched your B-School intro video which was very professional and “business” like. I was impressed. Then I watched more and more of your vids and was disappointed that you swear so much – very unprofessional. Hence, I became unimpressed. Surely a smart girl like yourself can find other vocab choices? Count me out of future viewing.

    • Awesome Nancy! We would just offend you waaay too much.

      • Marta Dhein

        Marie, great reply! I keep thinking about what you said during your interview with Richard Branson. You wanted a life and a career where you could be yourself. I love your videos. I love how real you are. And, you never cross ‘the line’ in my opinion. You would be a blast to hang around with. Keep up the great work.

      • Hehe, I myself don’t swear because of the way swear words were used when I grew up (when mom swore, shiz was about to get real), BUT I appreciate the way they’re used in these videos because it’s just earthy and sassy. I appreciate sass.

      • Well, I still fucking love you, so it’s all fucking good!

      • I think what’s “professional” and what’s “unprofessional” has changed.

        Now, it’s all about being the real you and making an impact with your unique light – Marie great example of doing this and gracefully acknowledging that not everyone will like you (or us) when we’re our real selves.

        great lesson in the comments section…

      • Maria Isabel Medina

        We´ve got some fancy nancy over here. We fucking 🙂 love you and what you do Marie. So authentic. Thanks for all the sharing!

    • Gyda

      When I was in studying Computer Science people asked me if I liked to program. My reply was “no !, but I want to be a manager in a software company, so I want to study Computer Science to be able to manage and talk to people in that industry”. Most people where surprised by my answer… I got my B.Sc. in Computer Science and then a friend of a friend contacted me and offered me to manage the Web department of his company. The company grew and a few years later I became the COO of that company. This was 2000 – 2007. Then I told everyone I was going to start my own “location independent business” and people where surprised too…. I found B-School last year and now I’m a very happy and proud location independent business owner!

      For me just saying what I want out loud is very helpful – even if people think that is silly.

      …i.e. If you want to be a writer. Tell everyone you are a writer and that you are going to be a NY best seller!!! Because the universe is listening 🙂

  67. Rachael

    I’m so glad Marie TV is gluten-free! ;D

  68. Melissa

    Networking? Haha, I totally thought you were going to say you could walk into Starbucks and find a bunch of lawyers WORKING there. I’m pretty sure I’m doing retail/hospitality for life.

    I’m not sure I have a real answer to the question, because there’s no happy ending or overcoming aspect to my life. But the only thing I ever really wanted to do was craft and paint, and kids get taught at an early age how pointless that is. I never found that attitude to be in any way motivating to persue some other path. Happiness was still rated so high on my list of Important Things, far over wealth and health, so I tend to not work hard for anything that doesn’t seem “worth it”, hence retail. I didn’t think there was anything else to strive for and spent many years daydreaming about early death, honestly.

    I did end up getting a license and an online shop to sell art. It wasn’t too expensive though I didn’t expect to actually sell anything. I still don’t expect to ever make a career out of it. I didn’t get a lot of naysaying from other people, actually! I think everyone just kind of gave up on me.

    But I definitely feel better now that I have something to do, something to actually hope for.

  69. Marie, you’re video is very synchronistic (is that even a word?) for me! Thank you.

    My story is long – apologies.

    I did Bschool last year which is A-MAZING, but since then I just hadn’t been able to get my shit together and I honestly thought I was the only loser on the planet who failed even after the fantastnicness (another made up word, I’m on fire today) of Bschool.

    And then a couple of weeks ago, I split up with my husband. You know when you’re in a situation so much that you can’t really see what’s going on properly, and it’s only after you’ve had space, you find out what the score was? Well, in the last two weeks, something really unusual has happened; not only did I start to feel happy, but I also started to feel good about myself. Since I’ve completely cut off emotionally from the nightmare that he turned out to be, I’ve realised this; he doesn’t like strong women, or strong anyone in fact because he has very low self-esteem. But instead of doing something about it, he just puts other down to elevate himself to a level of marvelousness. His low self-esteem reared it’s head whenever anyone that he perceived was “better” than him. And unfortunately, he thought I was “better” than him when it came to well, just about everything (the curse of low self-esteem). But one area he has excelled at is work. And he really wanted to keep it all for himself. So as soon as I did Bschool and the possibility of me being successful became a reality, he pulled out all the stops.

    What he’s been doing ever since the day I graduated, is put me down so much that I’ve felt like I can’t do anything. I love him so have listened. But he didn’t do it obviously, it was really subtle. He never actually said outright “you’re crap, you can’t do it”. What he’s done is act extremely negatively every time I do something good and I’ve ended up feeling so bad about myself to the point that I thought I shouldn’t do my thing. He’s told me repeatedly for quite a few years now that who I am is so terrible, that I shouldn’t “inflict” myself on other people, and I’ve listened and taken it on board – so I’m not blaming him, it takes two. I’m responsible for my share in allowing this to happen. But after figuring it out (yes, it took awhile), I got rid of him straight away, and now his low self-esteem sickness that he passed onto me, has disappeared because it wasn’t mine to begin with.

    And now I feel completely free to do my thing. YAY! So the moral of the story is, people that try and bring you down are only ever talking about themselves, never take it personally, and never take it on as your own.


    • Wow Persia, what an incredible story. Congrats on shedding such negativity and gaining the clarity you need to succeed in making your dreams a reality. You are such a strong woman!

  70. Thank you for episode it is perfect timing .
    I feel it success is coming ….
    So I remind doing what I love and I think when someone tells you that you need to do something else it gives you more push to do even more and work harder on what you love.

  71. This episode was GREAT! I started a custom mascot costume business right out of college over three years ago and I had many laugh and scoff at the idea. I did a costume here and there for various businesses, and before I knew it I had something going. If I had listened to the naysayers I never would have tried to begin with.

  72. When I was about to enter my junior year of High School I was also about to enter a program called Running Start, where you can get your associates’ degree by the time you graduate high school. Your school district pays your tuition, it’s a real money saver and definitely a way to close the gap in standards between low-income high schools and universities. Somehow I’m in the car with my former step sister (my dad and step mom had just divorced), who, out of the kindness of her heart, tries to talk me down from doing Running Start. She said she knew it was only community college, but even when SHE did college classes (at the same college), it was really hard, blah, blah, blah, I’m telling you in the nicest way possible that you don’t have what it takes, blah, blah, blah.

    BUT guess what! I did that shiz. I got it done and graduated high school with an associates and a 3.8 (I always knew I was school-smarter than my step sister, which is why I didn’t believe a word she said). In fact, my college grades raised my high school GPA because I was actually being challenged and studying more interesting subject material AND learning in a less disruptive environment (college kids are significantly more mature than high school kids).

    I’ve learned to recognize that voice inside me that rebels against the “nice” voices around me who try to talk me down from “the ledge.” In fact, that voice talks just a little bit louder in the face of opposition and then I get courageous because I know I’d rather take the leap than betray myself by walking away from something I know I’m called to do in my life.

  73. Marie, this is by far my favorite video you’ve done, and I love a lot of them! I’ve struggled with this my whole life. It seems that, from the time I was a child, when people have looked at me, they haven’t seen much. I was unwanted at home, in school by the other kids, and by the teachers as well, some of whom were abusive. I was a creative and spunky kid though, and I knew that I had it in me to do something good. Something special even. I’ve become a writer and some of those same people now buy and enjoy my books (I signed a book for a teacher who once told me I was ‘useless’). I’m sure the young lady who wants to be an event planner will be planning the events of some of the people who are poo pooing her now if she can find the courage to stand up and take hold of her dreams. Thanks so much for doing what you do. I always find exactly what I need from you, exactly when I need it. <3

  74. I loved todays video. Just do it! Yeah! Put a little spunk in my step despite slushy weather today. 😉

    I will say I never much cared for people telling me I couldn’t do something or letting me know that my dreams where unreachable. I was fortunate to be born into an incredibly supportive family who always stood behind me no matter what they really may have thought of my crazy ideas.

    People who have put on the negative with me have often been left standing in the rain. Once I got out of a car at an intersection because my friend who was driving figured I would never make a living doing what I love. We are not friends anymore. 🙂

    Long story short, it may be rough at the time, but people are scared of you succeeding and leaving them behind. If there is no way to reconcile it may be time to put a little space between you and that person!

    Thanks, Marie, for the awesome advice today!

  75. Aphelia

    Hey Marie,

    This was exactly what i needed to start my idea. I want to become an expert on social media and how to use it on any level. Knowing nothing about it, I started to doubt myself and thinking I’ll never be an expert.

    But you just changes my mind and reminded me that I can.
    When I was 19, my parents and entourage all saw me work in the health department… I never felt it like that was my goal but pressure was huge. After 6 months I knew it wasn’t for me…at that time internet was the New buzz. I got intrigued knowing absolutely nothing about ICT, PC or whatever. People talked about Windows and i didn’t even know what that was so I signed myself up in college for an ICT degree. Parents and friends didn’t understood, I failed 80% of my first exams… Not really a good start but I managed and graduated cum laude. I knew inside of me I had to do this. Like I know next year I will subscribe to Bschool. As I know I’ll become an expert on social media and communication.

    so really THANK YOU for reminding me that I am capabel of so so much more!!
    I just kinda forgot…

  76. Sofia

    Love Love Love this episode!!!
    I was told that I could never pass two law bar exams in one sitting, that was an UNREALISTIC goal because most people don’t pass one in the first sitting. Well, I did it! In 1992 I took the NYS Bar and the CT Bar exams in three consecutive days of testing and passed both on the first attempt!!!!! Yeah ME . . .
    Thanks for asking the Q, I didn’t even remember this until I thought long and hard about your Q.
    BTW, I too use to have fantasies about Ricky Martin! LOL

  77. Sno

    When I was 23 years old, newly divorced and with an 18month old baby I applied to pharmacy school. People thought I was CRAZY – especially my mother. How in the world was I going to go to school full time, work part time and raise a child as a single mother??? My father said “Go for it! You can do whatever you set your mind to.” Thanks, Daddy, I think I will. Well, I was admitted to pharmacy school where I took a full load three semesters every year, worked twenty hours a week, played with my child every evening, then studied until 1 or 2 in the morning, got up at 5am to get my child ready for the sitters and then off to school to do it again. In four years I was now 27 years old and graduated from pharmacy school so I was able to get a great job and support my child without having to worry about money. If I had not gone to pharmacy school, I would have still been 27 years old living paycheck to paycheck and worrying about supporting my child. I really didn’t sleep for 4 years, but I achieved my goal and my mother is now very proud of me. NEVER listen to anyone who says you shouldn’t go after your dream.


  78. Jen

    Synchronistic timing.

    I was journaling the other day over what it was that was holding me back. I ended up writing that I have this inner pull and capacity to help hundreds or thousands of people, perhaps many more than that–and I’m standing still because of what, at the very most, a handful of ten people might think of me and my goals. The ratio just isn’t rational. LOL

    • Oh! So good. Needed to read this.

      • Jen

        Case in point, right? If you needed to read what I wrote, had I chosen not to comment on this(which was almost the case) you wouldn’t have read it. 🙂

        This business of us holding back…. It’s definitely past it’s expiration date now. lol

  79. Loved this video! As much as I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said, it’s still so tough to block the nay-sayers out (no matter how many positive people you surround yourself with). When I find that negativity creeping in, I try to remember the time I went against the grain…

    When I first met my now husband, I was working for a Fortune 500 company in their highly structured management building track. It was certainly a secure job, and one that allowed me to (barely) pay the bills. I showed up, did the work, and went home. The problem was, I went home crying almost every day because the job was terrible.

    Four days after our wedding I quit. Can you imagine what my new in-laws thought of THAT decision? My parents weren’t even thrilled with it. I had no new job, no health insurance (yet), and now was a stay at home wife.

    My husband knew how miserable I was, and supported me throughout the whole thing. He married me because of my drive, and put 100% faith in me making the right choices. Within 30 days I found a job at a local startup. That job taught me a lot about how not to do business, and allowed me to spread my wings and start my own gig! Now I’m in a business for myself and our family is making more, and happy, happy, happy!

    When I get down, I remember that I know what I’m capable of. Someone tells me no? I tell them… let me show you!

    Thanks for the inspiration Marie! I wish I could do B-school this year, as I think it could really help take my business to a new level, but I’m not quite able to invest that money just yet. I’m making it a goal for next year 🙂

  80. I started my business. Although I had a lot of support from the important people in my life, there were many people who questioned whether it was smart, the right time, or if I was ready. A few times I listened to the nay sayers and put if off. But then I turned inward and realized there wasn’t any more time to wait, I had to do it NOW. And so I did. 🙂 and I’m so thankful for trusting my gut and just going for it.

  81. Hi Marie,
    I love this episode! I’ve often been one to “buck the trend” and follow my intuition. More often than not, listening to my heart has served me well. I have had to tune out the naysayers and listen to the voice inside that is pointing me towards bigger and better things.
    A little over a year ago I left corporate America to start my own home textiles consultancy business and I have never been disappointed in that decision. Now, I am phasing out of my consultancy business to coach stressed-out corporate women full-time to help them to become healthier and happier versions of themselves. I have loved my journey and I am looking forward in making a difference in other womens lives. And it is all because I had the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone.
    Thanks for sharing your POV on this subject and spreading confidence around.

  82. Great video Marie! I do two things when I am feeling discouraged or judged: 1. Remember that every single person’s reaction (positive or negative) is purely a projection of their own inner world. 2. I picture explaining to my 80yo future self that I didn’t do what I wanted because I wasn’t sure what people would think. That smart, confident lady always sets me straight.

  83. Because college wasn’t allowed in my old religious structure and I’ve managed to have great jobs since I was 16, I never paid attention to the notion that you needed a degree to get anywhere in life.

    I left the regular work world just 6 months ago (at 39) to work fulltime in birth support and later this year I’ll get into life coaching. I’m lucky not to experience a lot of naysayers.

    What I do find is that others are being inspired by me. Little ole me, what?! One of my best friends just left her career in HR to teach yoga full time. Another is joining me in B-School this year to take her coaching practice to the next level.

    I’m still so early in my entrepreneurial journey, and 6-months from now it will look completely different to what it is today, but I believe being outspoken about my path of self and biz discovery is motivating people to dream big like that sweet girl in the Q&A. Even if not everyone supports us, we entrepreneurs, especially fempreneurs, are making real impact on not only the people we serve through our businesses, but also others who are inspired by our courage to claim our dreams and a life of purpose.

  84. Udo


    Story of my life. My parents constantly told me I was unrealistic to think I could be a dancer or entrepreneur or engineer or anything besides that plans they had for me.

    The only thing that kept me going back then was Will Smith. He always said “why would you be realistic? I’m gonna do it, it’s done. It’s unrealistic to walk in a room and flip a switch and lights to come on. That’s unrealistic, fortunately Edison didn’t think so.”

    I always remembered that. And I kept watching MarieTV and Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher, and Will Smith and Gabrielle Bernstein and making new positive friends until my confidence grew to the point that I am now, for the first time, at a stage of taking consistent, though-out action.

    Now, I’m like “Ok, I’m ready, I’m committed to consistency, and I just need to be told what to do now. I will do it!”

    Thankyou Will Smith, et al 😉

  85. Thanks very much for these brief, but meaningful and motivating videos.
    I always watch these before starting work to help me maintain focus on what I would like to do.
    I’d like to share a little story about the place where I currently work. I have a job at an on-line school. Teachers design and record their lessons. For the recording they devised this program that links cameras and powerpoint slideshows. It is quite complex and it takes time to learn. It involves some coding, which, most of the time gives headaches to most of the teachers (if not all). So, I devised a way to avoid using that program and make everyone’s life somewhat easier, at least at work.
    It took me a while to come up with this idea, because anytime I told them that there HAD to be an easier way, they would tell me ‘no way, you’re crazy, not even the computer programmers have come up with that, so forget about it’. The more they told me that I couldn’t do it, the more motivated I got to prove them wrong.
    I’m an architect, so I don’t know how to code, but I DID manage to come up with a system that is much, much easier and it improves the use of the computer’s processor.
    I already recorded some lessons with it and both the technical support and editing department wonder why everyone isn’t doing it like I am.
    So, since the people at the top are still stubborn and don’t want to use this option, I’m going to make my own on-line school.
    Thanks again for the video and keep up the great work! =)

  86. I accomplished something that I was told by my doctors and all the medical research wasn’t possible. I was diagnosed almost 20 years ago with the auto immune disease, Chron’s Disease. It became so deabilatating that I couldn’t work or drive anymore. I was 27 years old, about to be married, and in horrible pain and crazy nauseous all the time. I also suffered tons of side effects of the medication I was on. Life was miserable until one day when I decided that I was done. I did what everyone told me couldn’t be done by making the decision to be healthy. I decided I was done with doctors and medication and all the pain and nausea.

    I didn’t share my decision with anyone. I just did it. Within one year, I went back to my doctor for my annual test and he was shocked to tell me that not only was my incurable disease completely gone, but there was no scar tissue at all left from all the healed ulcers I had had. Just gone with no sign that it was ever there.

    Whenever I doubt my ability to do anything, I remind myself of what I am capable of. . . anything!

  87. Kim

    You KILL me! Today’s video was fantastic! I was told that you remind others of me. NOT HARDLY. I am so flattered that people have said that. I, too am a coach and I’m excited to now be a part of your network. Especially since its gluten free. I’m cracking up. I think you are awesome! I agree with every word you speak. Thank you.

  88. April

    So pondering and realizing that I can’t come up with a single success where I had people around doubting me. There really is a true value in surrounding yourself with people that are believers and optimistic, and not grumpy heads.
    And thanks Marie for the quote “plan the confetti out of it!” Gonna take it out of context, but I have an overwhelming list of stuff to do today,. Now I’m charged to plan the confetti out of it and get some shitaki done!

  89. Fabulous!!! Hilarious!!!! I really needed this today, I’m in self judgement mode lately.

  90. You nailed it Marie! I am getting better at this, but worrying about what people think has been my brain sickness for far too long and it HAS held me back… time to put my big girl panties on!! Ha! Thanks Marie!

  91. I laughed out loud at the gluten-free comment 😀
    My story is somewhat similar to yours Marie. I’m also a dancer and decided to become a coach when I was 22. Although I had the limiting belief that you can’t make money as a dancer I started a professional dance education after school. I’ve always been interested in many different things and felt very torn because of it. It wasn’t until I heard you talk about being multi-passionate that I accepted my many different interests. When I finally did, everything shifted. Doors opened, I found the perfect school for my coaching training, I got hired for a dance project and actually GOT PAID for dancing!! Although I often felt scared and confused I kept stepping one foot in front of the other in the direction of my dreams, because I knew, the pain of not following my dreams would be much much bigger. My favorite quote that helped me through the process is: And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

    • This is another awesome video! I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday. I’ve worried a little too much about what others have thought about me. But, enough is enough. I’m coming out of my spiritual closet, and I know by doing this I’ll be true to myself. Thank again, Marie!

      • Yes Elizabeth! Come out of your spiritual closet. It’s the best thing you can do!

  92. You’ve made an excellent point in the introduction – of course we are all social creatures that want to fit in as much as possible, but there’s the thin line between simply fitting in and living (or rather – sacrificing) our lives according to other people’s rules, wishes and demands. The Lao Tzu quote really hits the nail on the head.
    Thank you for sharing this, the text and the video gave me some really intriguing food for thought!
    Hope you’re having a great day!

  93. Great advice bug I’m laughing so hard and I just sent this video to my boss. I work for the Idaho Potato Commission and we have a potato Doctor!! He even has his own blog.

    My job is to tour around the country in a semi truck hauling a 6 ton (gluten free as well) potato – so clearly I’m not concerned with what other people think! Haha

    • Kristie — you just made my day. Please give your boss a huge high five for me and bless you for driving around a 6 ton potato! Mashies are one of my favorite foods ever 🙂

  94. I can totally relate to this video.

    Your advice is as solid as always, Marie.

    13 years ago, I decided to ditch my goal becoming a criminal profiler for the FBI to get married and leap into the music business.

    EVERYONE around me thought I was crazy (actually, I thought I was crazy too.) But, I did it anyway.

    My transition wasn’t easy. I now know what it means to be a “starving artist.” BUT— It was the best decision I could have made.

    I have learned so much about myself, built some serious spiritual muscle, and finally accepted the other ways I am supposed to contribute to the world —all business I stop following the dreams of others and started making mine happen.

    Crazy thing, I actually wrote a post about my decision to go from Social Worker to Songwriter on my site today. Check it out if you’d like ->

    At some point we all have to be confident in who/what God created us to be. That can’t happen if we are consumed by what “others” think or our own inauthentic view of who we are.

    Good stuff!

    • That’s awesome and so so inspiring Nakeia!

  95. Elena

    Okay. Here’s the thing…people judge primarily by what they see. That’s all they’ve got to go on. However, everyone’s consciousness is so different, and all glean only SOME of what makes others tick.

    There are very many of us (due to chemicals in utero, or early traumas), who literally have DIFFERENT EQUIPMENT in our craniums. That means capabilities vary–both emotional and intellectual abilities.

    But we still are judged on the same criteria…what people see. Moving forward is another thing for the disabled. That judgment made on us never changes; it’s always the fault of the *victim*. Society is very myopic, ever finger-pointing, unforgiving and mostly UNCONSCIOUS.

  96. That’s one of the best advice I’ve heard YET! Listening to people putting your down all the time will crush your success online. – Marie, Loved your twist on the Daryl Hall & John Oates song. 🙂



  97. It took me a while to think of something that I had actually accomplished that people said I couldn’t – but once I did I couldn’t STOP thinking of things I had accomplished that other people thought I couldn’t. I got a masters degree in what my dad called “useless fluff”, I started my own business that my family calls a “hobby”, I joined a church an sing in the choir and do solos (all of which is just crazy talk in my family )…the list goes on and on. I don’t think Id do much of anything if I constantly worried what other people might think of it. Thank goodness!! I still fall into that trap every now and again though so it’s good to be reminded not to give a flying fudge what other people think. Thanks Marie!!!

  98. Jen

    I was one of those girls who grew up in a small town, in high school who didn’t have a clue, was constantly in the principals office and the guidance counselor had no idea what to do with me. I wasn’t brave enough to think for myself because I smoked a little too much pot, and bounced around from group to group looking for friends. Eventually I became a so lost I ran away to a new state and started over. I met new friends, took on much better employment, I raised a daughter, went back to school and after 30 years just finished a graduate degree and guess what. . . moved back to my home town.
    Now, I’m still not sure if this was a good idea, but it does feel like I’m finishing what I started, and for the last 6 months I’ve been working on two things: Forgiveness and Trust.
    Today I am committed to moving forward, and I’m ok with changing my plan and making things work for me and resisting those “judging eyes”!!! I may not be sure how it will all work out, but I trust I can make something good happen.
    Marie, talk about timing the skit today was so great! Thank you so much, I really enjoy getting your Tuesday lessons. Funny and Smart, you make me feel normal ~ what a combo 🙂 I hope I get to work with you someday.
    Thank you.

  99. Parents put security over excellence. We should keep this in mind when we listen to their advice.

  100. I dropped a twenty plus year daily battle with a bulimic eating disorder. The part that I am finding that is unusual is, I dropped it one day and never went back and I never gained any weight. I found a decision inside of me. What took twenty plus years was discovering I had a choice. I work now to help women find that choice sooner than I did!

    • You’re so awesome Mary. My mother struggled with bulimia for years, I love that you’re empowering people to choose a better way and find the power in themselves to do so. What an inspiration!

  101. Hilarious! You have such a great wit and inspired message in a fun and engaging way. Always brings a smile to my day!

  102. Loved this episode!! It can be tough doing what you dream of when those around you (even family) fill you with doubt and don’t give much support. I’ve dealt with this. For me, last year I set the goal of printing Sweet Violet Bride’s first magazine issue, and there were points along the way when I almost thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I never gave up. I filled my spare moments with videos like this one and inspiring quotes and music and kept going. The magazine is now out, and we just heard from Barnes & Noble that they’d like to stock it! Now for the next big hurdle…selling enough ads to be able to print issue 2 and meet their purchase order!
    When you set yourself monumental goals a fear of failing (what we think of ourselves) can be your biggest block – but being an entrepreneur I truly believe is to continue on past the point where most people would have given up. As Marie says, “everything is figuroutable!” : )

  103. “Even I was rolling eyes at myself” – I got chills when you said this! That’s exactly the spot where I’m at. I’m building a business that is so far away from what my friends and family find… well, realistic and smart.

    I’m a singer and have launched a business as a coach, for creatives.
    The word coach has a negative connotation where I live (Sweden), and in my day-job we often “joke” about that because we meet a lot of people in that field who aren’t serious.

    SO I’ve decided: I’m on a mission to find coaches, not just through B-school (love the coaches in b-school!) but in my local community, who are rocking it, making money and making a difference. Can’t wait to meet them!

    Awesome video, as always, thank you so much Marie (& your gorgeous team!)

  104. G’Day Marie

    When I first decided to be a professional speaker EVERYONE told me I would need voice coaching (I am only 4 11 with a really high pitched voice and Aussie accent). People said no one would pay me for such a high pitched voice… funny only one person supported me and now 15+ years later I am still running a highly successful practice sharing productivity strategies around the world. It’s important to solicit feedback from VIPs (very inspiring people) you trust but you don’t have to listen to the noise of the VDPs (very draining people)!

    • I love your VIP vs VDP analogy! Rock on Sistah! 🙂

    • Oh Neen, I felt my jaw drop at “EVERYONE told me I would need voice coaching” for you to become a speaker. It’s so interesting how these VDPs (awesome!) think and operate.

      Thank you for being gorgeous proof that they were all wrong!

  105. I was 15 when I starting planning my first business idea. There were the few who encouragede but mostly I received laughs and incredulous stares. But I rember even then knowing that I was meant to be an entrepreneur. Never a doubt In mind. Since then I started any businesses. Non that stuck until I started my jewelry line in 2011. When I told everyone I wS starting a jewelry line I received the same stares. People were used to seeing me start and fail so they didn’t believe this would be different. But my dear husband believed in me. And it was all I needed. I have a successful business now and I truly believe it’s because my husband encouraged me, believed in me, and told me I can do it; everyday!

  106. Thank you Marie!! I’ve been holding this thought that’s helped me set loving boundaries and do what I want instead of what I think others want: The day you don’t care what others think of you is the day you’re FREE.

    My morning meditation was devoted to it to clear my mind and then what beautiful message shining bright in my email inbox might I find only an hour later!? Your Marie TV on caring too much about what others think! Purely Divine, thank you!!

    Lovin’ B-School by the way and it ain’t even started yet! 🙂

  107. Samantha

    This really resonates! I am a chronic people pleaser, and have just begun to be really aware of it in recent weeks/months, and actually brought it up with my therapist last week. I think that in order to really be successful and happy, I need to fully own my life experience – not just some of it, but all of it. Thanks for the great video! (Also really love the Lao Tzu quote.)

  108. Like Gemma, I feel like I needed this video right now! I have accomplished a lot in my life, but am embarking on my biggest adventure, which is quitting my teaching job and becoming an entrepreneur. I took your B-School last year and got tremendous info and motivation. My website is revised and the member section is almost done. I know deep in my heart that I was meant to help many more people than I can now just teaching kids who are not very interested in music.
    To add to it, my partner and I are moving to LA in July, so I have to re-establish all my music contacts (because I have to quit my 3 successful bands I am in), make new connections to start teaching private students and create online products that will help students and student teachers. It’s a lot but I know this is what I must do.
    Thank you for your continued inspiration, Marie!
    Your video was a great reminder for me

  109. Kaoru Minagawa

    Your thought is the first. Then take an action to chanse your dream. Date your dream.

  110. Love your videos. They’re well done, fun, fabulously silly, and serve as a great distraction from work.

    Really related to this. I started an all women’s surf camp
    back in ’97 when surf camp wasn’t a word, especially a women’s surf camp. Now it’s a little industry and the professional side of me is more concerned about what people think.

    So I remember our motto: “We make girls out of women”. My eleven year old self was silly and didn’t care WHAT people thought. I try to check in with her often. Thanks for the reminder.

  111. I snarfed my water when I saw the “Judging eyes” music video! SO fun! 😀

    Marie, really love how you are yourself and you don’t care what anyone else thinks…

    I created a “Dancing Stallion Horse Show” that even my brother rolled his eyes at (at first) but when I got paid nice $$$ for the show, we traveled all over the US performing and I paid him and the other riders a small feel to perform, while I kept most of the income… he wasn’t rolling his eyes then. 😉

    Looking forward to the start of B-School and continuing to care less about what other people think – (which oh yes, I still do!) as I grow.

  112. Wayne Dyer said it best….”When we see a really FREE INDIVIDUAL it scares us to death. A really free individual are people who are not consumed by WHAT OTHER PEOPLEARE THINKING. These people become very frightening to us. These people are not concerrned about making money, with outcomes, and with seeking other people’s approval. We do not understand them. We fear things we do not understand. Love to all. Please visit Center Of Unconditionall Love and read the Be Healthy Plan for God’s people.

  113. Mayela

    Love the dress! Where did you get it?

    • Hi Mayela,

      Marie’s dress here is from Zara. 🙂


  114. Love this video, love to give a “flying fudge” about what others think. 🙂 Sometimes easier said than done, but I have accomplished some pretty cool things when I was able to do just that. Like Marie, I am multi-passionate and have surprised some people in my life (including myself) by succeeding at starting a successful non-profit, making a living at singing my original music for yoga classes, teaching kids yoga and music in the same class…I follow my bliss and am approaching that point in my life where I want to choose one thing….but I have definitely had a lot of fun doing whatever I want, whether others thought it was a good idea or not. 🙂

  115. Lynnaire MacDonald

    Ah! Marie! I thought you were talking to me since I’m from New Zealand too, tee hee….I see from the comments you’re speakin’ to the choir, sista! (peeps who replied above- love ya!)

    I definitely relate. I’m not 19 like Paige (weeeee bit older), but this was still SO pertinent!

    Let me tell you- I let other people’s doubts (and at times jealousy) stop me from achieving my goals fresh out of high school. I did. It’s taken me years to get back to that place of being ready to soar and it feels good but yes, other people’s bulls— can really affect you. In fact, their doubts led to my own doubts and I found myself saying; “I really love film but there is NO way I could work in films, that’s a silly idea.”

    I’m now working in publicity and social media marketing for independent films as an independent consultant, and while I’m only 6 months into it, it feels good to be acheiving my dreams. BUT….I had to throw out those doubts and fears and ignore the naysayers. Only you know what is right for you, only you know what you are capable of acheiving.

    PS: If Paige reads this- would love to network with you and help you any way I can since we’re both in NZ.

  116. Helen Rowland

    I have read through all the comments and your question has made me think a lot about decisions I have taken that have made no sense to anyone else.Firstly, I decided to study French and German literature in the south of England. Coming from a working-class northern family, I would be the first to go to university. My mum, very sensibly, said, “Why don’t you go to Manchester College of Commerce to be a trilingual secretary?” On finishing my degree, I decided to go to Madagascar for 2 years as a volunteer teacher of English and French where I would have no running water or electricity. My Dad: “I can understand you wanting to do good, but couldn’t you do it nearer home??!!” My Mum: “I’ve heard of missionaries going out there.. but I’ve never heard of them coming back!!!” On my return, I trained to be an EFL teacher in London, saw an advert to teach in Portugal, went there with numerous bikinis ready for pure sunshine, and got 5 months of nearly constant rain! I did some teaching of French in the UK, was not happy and did not do a good job, chucked my job in and went over to teach in Germany where I couldn´t have been happier. At the age of 31 and still unmarried, I envied my friends with their husbands, babies and “real homes”. Then I met a young Mexican, came over here( Mexico) to visit him for 3 months (to see if he was good to his mother!) after one month he proposed and we were married 2 months later. At the civil wedding here, he and I were practically the only ones smiling! I didn’t understand a word of what the judge said, and had to be nudged whenever I was expected to say “Si”. We got no wedding gifts. I suppose people rightly thought that it wasn’t worth spending money on a couple who hardly knew each other! (This was 34 years ago and we’re still here!!) For the following years, I experienced the roller coaster ride of living in one financial crisis after another, never having enough money to fly back to England and relying on parents to pay in order to see their grandchildren. I believe my father said many times, “I won’t be surprised if she turns up on the doorstep!” They must have lost some sleep, but they never said anything negative. I am in a country where teachers are underpaid. On my retirement, I was earning less than I had been getting in the UK 34 years perviously. Who in their right mind would keep going? Even a taxi driver said, “I’ve heard of people trying to go up in the world, but never deliberately going down!”
    My point is this. Even when you follow your gut and do what you believe is right, that doesn’t mean it will be easy. On the contrary, the road you are choosing will be bumpier, but it’s YOUR path. Any mistakes are YOUR mistakes and you must work through them. Or not. Many of my girl friends did do a midnight flit and disappeared in the night with their umpteen children. But now, at the age of 66 and just having received a B-school scholarship to turn all my teaching experience and life lessons into a business of teaching English so that others can profit from this life of mine, I feel at a good place. To quote Robert Frost ( I hope correctly!”) : “I chose the road less taken, and that has made all the difference.”
    Just a final word..sorry. There was a little picture of a plant in a flower pot on my sister-in-law’s wall that said in Spanish, “Donde Dios me ha puesto, debo florecer. “Where God has put me, I must flourish” That was my inspiration to keep going and I think I have achieved it.

  117. My big accomplishment was ditching most of my belongings, stuffing my messenger bag with the rest, and flying half way across the country to Portland, Oregon – somewhere I’ve never been, with no job, friends, or home waiting for me. You can see the journey here:

    It felt like my soul was rotting back in ghetto town Kansas City, Kansas. The environment and people were so toxic for me. I needed the green lush fertile quirky environment and people of Portland, Oregon to blossom…

    It’s been heaven and hell since July of last year. I’m still trying to put down roots here. But I’m so much better off than in Kansas.

    And I never would have gotten here if I’d listened to the well-intentioned but fear-filled friends who were spinning tales of horror about what would happen if I came out here. I love them. But they were holding me back out of their own fear and limitations.

    Consider what matters more:
    Your dreams, the things that light up your heart, send a tingle through your body, and make you happier just smiling about them.
    Or the opinions of others who may have totally different beliefs of what’s “best” for you that have nothing to do with what lights you up.

    Follow your heart. Use your brain. Trust your gut.
    And, sometimes, cover your ears! 😀

  118. I deal with Nay-sayers ALL THE TIME. At some point you have to decide whether you’re going to spend time wallowing in all that crap or whether you’re going to be stop listening and just do what’s in your heart…NO MATTER WHO SAYS YOU’RE CRAZY, even yourself!! THANKS for this Marie! I adore you and your team! XOXOXOXO

  119. Marie, I loved your straight talk on this topic and really appreciate your honesty. While I totally agree with everything you said and have recognized for some time that employment trends have drastically changed and are continuing to do so, I struggle with the idea that most entrepreneurs do not make a lot of money, that most business fail within the first three years of operation, and that people need to have some disposable income to participate in our economic system and to be in a financial position to purchase the goods and services that other entrepreneurs have to offer- which is not always the case for solo entrepreneurs. I love the idea of creative, self-directed entrepreneurship, which is why I’ve made drastic changes to the way I earn my income, however the statistics that I’ve read and many of the examples I know of personally concerning small business earning potential and success leave me concerned. I would love to hear your thoughts or the thoughts of other viewers. Where do you see the evolvement of business and economics moving to in the next decade or so, and do you think that people will either have to reinvent themselves as different types of business or run multiple businesses simultaneously to earn a reasonable living such as the one that may have been provided by the “secure” job of yesteryear?

    • I share your concerns, Trish. There are plenty of examples, including Marie, of entrepreneurs creating enough income to support their families and much more and who have started really small and have intentionally grown their business. Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield and John Lee Dumas are just a few great examples.

    • I think people have to reinvent themselves or be caught up in exchanging dollars for time. There simply is not security in any traditional job sector anymore. Nor am I blind in believing there is security in starting your own business. If anything, we have to change the way we think about making a living. Our ability to earn an income is based on selling ourselves be it to an employer or to a potential client or customer.

  120. So love this video. It got me thinking about “potato doctor” as a career choice 😉 I went to school in a very small teaching college in Mexico City. Our professors had the same message “all you will ever do with this degree is get a job in the public school system. The end” I was handed a full-time position in the public school system automatically after graduation. I turned it down and people thought I was crazy for giving up “job security and a pension”. Instead, one of my friends and I started our own practice, working with children that had learning disabilities. The business failed, life took twists and turns and I ended up moving to the US and getting married. Many years have gone by and now I design blended learning solutions for big corporate clients and I’m starting my own business helping bloggers and entrepreneurs design their online content. Nothing is impossible. Thanks, Marie!

  121. Oh My Goodness!! Thank you SO MUCH! I needed this today. I have been building my online business for the last few years and yes, it’s been a dance financially and emotionally, BUT I am now enrolled in B-School (Woot Woot) and am so passionate knowing that I have incredible gifts to share with the world. The reason why I needed this, though, was my dad just sent me an email the other day basically suggesting I spend my time and money getting a traditional teaching certificate so that I can have a steady income. I get where he’s coming from, I understand that he loves me, but it also kind of made me want to scream. He just doesn’t get it and it’s hard sometimes. All that said, I know I’m meant for great things – they’ve already happened and are happening – and I’m sticking to my guns. Thank you, Marie. See you in school 😉

  122. Angela Willis

    In the end Paige, you will only be happy with what gives you peace. Don’t second guess yourself or you may eventually regret it! Just like Marie has said of her past decision when she discovered her “Aha!” moment, imagine what life would have been like if you do not allow yourself to do what you are passionate about, even if it is scary or others make light of it. And last but not least on this subject, one of the most powerful things that has come out of Marie’s mouth that has hit me and knocked me over with a feather was, “If you have a passion for something, you OWE IT to the world to do it!” (or something like that). I too, have dreamed of being an out outrageously successful event planner, Paige… there are a lot of people that you can make very happy on their special occasions, giving them fantastic memories, by planning and organizing their party. You owe it to the word to spread a little happiness… now, use your youthful energy and spirit and get out there and plan! Mazel tov! 😉

  123. I originally wanted to be a Photographer. My Dad said, “NO, I am not paying for you to go to school to be a starving artist.” So I went to college for a while, taking all of the courses to get my Associates Degree. I met some awesome people, and went away with some great knowledge. BUT, I didn’t follow the “Be a Doctor/Computer Programmer/Lawyer” hype I was being pushed. I went on my own and learned Photography from some of the best in the business within my reach.
    I did not go the route of a Photographer, but I applied my knowledge to my business today at Honey Bee Holistics,and take awesome pictures of my Organic Handmade Products I sell on my website!
    Each experience adds up to a stronger & better you! Even if you think it is not what you ULTIMATELY want to do, it adds experience and knowledge under your belt to further you along.
    I tuned my parents and other authority figures in my life and went my own direction!! Marie is right when she says to surround yourself with others who have your back with encouragement and positive words!!

  124. Every major success I’ve had has been in part because someone said I couldn’t! There will always be naysayers, but I am getting better at ignoring them or using them as motivation.
    I totally agree about surrounding yourself with positive people.
    A friend of mine surrounds herself with friends who she thinks are more clever and more successful than her – forces you to grow.

  125. Every single time I listen to the mob outside of my head, looking down on my ideas (they no longer tell me what they think ’cause I have an incredible stink-eye!) I regret it…getting a job, even a part-timer always leaves me feeling inept, out-of-the-loop, I know I can do it MUCH better, faster, more cost-effectively, with more freedom and support…end up hating the job and all of the people that go along with it.
    So, I pick another business to start, glom onto another idea and run like hell, far away from all of those crabby naysayers!

  126. So needed this today. I was just scanning some of the other comments and I am like Jane but needed the reminder. I find myself more motivated when told I cannot do it. It can get me in trouble that is for sure but it is always a motivation. Sadly, right now I could use someone telling me NO! YOU CANT so I can! Love everything you do Maria!

  127. Sylke Grabatsch

    Dear Marie, all,

    I hear you all and I want to share another quote which may help you to go forward anything you desire:
    “What people say about you says more about them than about you”.

    I don’t know the source of this quote but personally find it very encouraging. I have done a lot of things in my life. Always what I wanted and in case there was an inner struggle it helped me push all the way through.

    May it serve all of you seekers as well.

    Always go for your dream. And remember: sometimes there is a lot of room for many many dreams in one lifetime. ;)))

    Much love,

    • That quote is dead on and I can easily see how that has been true for me with some of the people in my life.

  128. In my late teens/early 20s I was boxed in and labeled by Dr’s and sent out into the world with the advice that I was wired in a way that I couldn’t do everything I wanted. I had to choose just one. If it’s marriage, then I couldn’t handle working. If I wanted to work, I shouldn’t even dare think of having a family. Forget those dreams of being a mom! Thank goodness I chose not to listen to them! Now, I’m a 36 year old US expat living in Australia. I’ve been happily married for 10 years, and have 2 kids. I have worked on and off during that time, and am now beginning a life coach business. The life you were meant to live is possible when you turn your focus inward first, gain the knowledge from your inner guide, and then share your love with the world!

  129. Thank you for giving me the “kick in the pants” that I needed today! Great advise! I own an Event Planning business, however I moved to a new city, so it’s like I’m starting over again. Hard, but got to bite the bullet and make it work!!

    The young lady who wrote in today might want to get in touch with “The Association of Bridal Consultants”- It’s a worldwide network/school for anyone wanting to become a wedding planner.

    Thanks again!


  130. I started a new career @ 57 and am still going strong @ 85 ! I listened to the whisper in my head and began to get my doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy.
    That was 26 years ago… Everybody said I was crazy and that no one made a living doing hypnotherapy. I have proved them wrong. I not only have a thriving practice but I have a small school where teach others hypnotherapy. People that told me I was crazy when I started now shake my hand and tell me ” I always knew that you could do it ” If we listen to others we are like a puppet on a string always being manipulated by what “they ” think, or at the very least being a chameleon always changing just to fit in. Follow your dream so you can live a life you love and live it powerfully.

    • Good for you going after your dreams no matter what!

    • Lily Olteanu

      Wanita, you are such an inspiration. Thank you!

  131. As usual. Such great advice! <3

  132. Jenifer

    What were the names of the two young women entrepreneurs you referred to? Thank you!

  133. Melanie

    Thank you so much! Great video!

  134. Alicia Montplaisir

    Omg Marie ! I’m so glad you talked about wanting to be a life coach at age 23. I’ve just turned 26 and I have been telling myself for the last few years that I had not enough credibility to be one and have only started recently offering sessions (in exchange for other services or for free) and got incredible positive feedback but I’m still struggling with the idea of getting paid for it. I’m gonna keep investing time in my business and follow your advice, I would have LOVE so so much to take B-School this year (working my way out of financial disaster). I’m not waiting for it though and gonna get started right now ! Tons of ideas popping for my blog – already bought my .com. Woohou!

  135. I wanted to be a speaker and share my love of using art and photography to tell your story. The one person I thought would support me was my husband at the time (we are now divorce). He would not even entertain the idea of me not having an office/desk, cubicle hell job. He wanted “security” and as a result, I went ahead and got the desk job and I was miserable the entire time.

    I did land some amazing speaking opportunities and they brought me opportunities I would not have gotten if I did not push forward and go after what I loved doing.

    While I am not exactly where I want to be today, I am on my way to it and surrounding myself with amazing people who support me and push me forward.

  136. I love the quote in your text: “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner”.

    P.S. Gemma – great mantra!

  137. One thing I know is that we always KNOW what is going to take us wherever we are going in life.

    I’ve coached lots of people around developing their business direction and the hints of what they would be amazing at are always threaded throughout their choices – even though on the surface it may not look at all coherent.

    What if you can have it all? What if you followed every burning inspiration for the curiosity and adventure of where it could lead? What if what you know is leading you somewhere greater than you can fathom logically right now? Be tenacious in sticking with what you know about you… it truly does create magic! 🙂

  138. Trina

    Oh I wish this episode had come along 6 years earlier! I have always been in love with writing. I mean serious over the top deeply passionate I never wanna do anything else kind of love. But in India writer generally equals “Broke, Frustrated and Defeated”. And my dad had an apoplexy attack every time he contemplated the idea of his beloved daughter throwing her career away. Well after several rounds of jabbing and punching to put Mohammed Ali to shame, I finally caved in and went to Engineering grad college. But 5 months before I was about to graduate and join some tedious job at the IT slave market, I was diagnosed with thyroid and a severe case of it. Well there went my chance to become a software professional. It couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time! I was pretty much home all the time and cranky as hell. So I went and registered on Elance just for the heck of it. And in the Writing and Translation category to boot – my form of passive aggressive rebellion. Well, its 15 months later and I have already made my first million rupees.

    I just wish I had the gumption to stick up for myself and my aspirations and attend a writing course instead. But life did me a huge favor and put me right back on track after a 4 year detour.

    And dad? Well he goes around telling people “I always knew my girl had it in her to become a fantastic writer”. How times change…… 🙂

  139. Serious kudos to Paige for having the courage to know what she wants at 19!!!!! I’m a professional singer songwriter, and careers in the arts come with a legion of naysayers for some reason. When I was 19 (up until I was 23) I was in what I like to think of as the “Are you my career path?” stage. Even though I had been writing songs since I was five and performing them since I was 14 (without extra encouragement from my family) I was too afraid to even THINK of music as a career. I didn’t even know where to begin.

    One day, right before my 24th Birthday, I got a tarot reading, and while I don’t recommend using tarot readings to make big life decisions it sparked an epiphany: I could continue to live in a world in which other people dictated my success, or I could set out to discover for myself what I was truly capable of. It’s taken me about 5 years to really stabilize this crazy dream, but I just finished up my busiest performance month EVER. Oh, that’s the other thing about learning when to listen to people and when not to. Even when you’re going for what you really want there are a lot of people who say “This is how it’s done”. If I had followed their advice, I really WOULD be a starving artist. The only reason I’ve developed any level of success is I trusted my intuition, I got innovative, and I broke the rules.

  140. Thanks Marie!

    Great video. Insecurity has plagued my business since launch, it wasn’t until b-school where I was able to surround myself with the most positive and encouraging people that I was able to move out of that place.

    My family is not as supportive as I would like, and thinks my business is a hobby (even though I’m double sometimes triple digit growth & profitable — not to mention making a positive impact on the eco-fashion, ethical clothing industry!).

    I used to be very concerned with what others thought and as my confidence has grown in my abilities, and my passion, I’ve truly moved on to a better place!

  141. This Video and Post right here is Wonderful ( As usual!!) Sharing across the land!!!

  142. Hey Marie,

    AWESOME Video! I stopped worrying about what people thought of me years ago. I work for team ME! As long as I know I am on my game and my clients are getting results then life is good.

    We have so many influences around us that can cloud out judgement, like you say “Stay on your game” and from me, BE YOU. There is only ONE of you and there is no one else there like you. So be you and LOVE IT!

    Thanks Marie, you are da bomb as always 😉

  143. Stefely

    I’ve also always wanted to do event management and planning. Only 2 years ago, I started interning while doing my Marketing degree, at a foreign high commission in my country (Trinidad). Ironically my job was to plan a major international function for different heads of government, which came out successful. The high commission kept me and allowed me to have a major role in assisting in planning of events.

    Coincidentally, I became close friends with someone there who also ran an outside event company which they insisted I be a part of.

    I’m currently 22 years and I’m still finishing my Marketing degree and working two jobs (at the high commission and managing/planning major events) that I love and am still growing in.

    Don’t ever give up on your dreams and always be YOUR best!
    My next goal is to be a speaker to empower young women to stand up and respect themselves. I was a victim of child abuse for years, which I’m still overcoming and I wish I could have had someone tell me it’s okay to stand up for my rights. I want to be that someone in other peoples lives.

  144. Marie!!!! I’ve just taken the biggest leap and signed up for b school. My feelings are all over the place. I haven’t told anyone in my circle because I know what they’d say. I have no one to root me on or tell me I’m worth investing in even if it means taking my last to accomplish it. I really need some new friends because it really sucks not having anyone to talk to who is on the same path as me. It makes me cry sometimes. Like I’m completely alone, so I know it’ll all be worth it in the end. 🙂

  145. I Loved this Marie !!! Love Marie TV and all the inspiration you provide !!!! I can not wait to get my site up and running !! I look forward to my daily dose of Marie xoxoxoxo

  146. Great topic Marie, thanks for your style and sass and intelligence, coming atcha over the airwaves!!

    Many times over the years I have had people saying I couldn’t do what I wanted – when I wanted to travel round Africa on my own when I was 19, my GP refused to give me the jabs! Many other times, specially with my parents – when I wanted to convert a factory into a living space in an area of London that later became the cool centre of the universe, and most recently when I was starting my business – I know we shouldn’t be caring what our parents think in our (ahem) 40s, but they were completely unsupportive and dismissive of my idea of restoring and repainting the wonderful vintage furniture we have here. I shouldn’t care what they think, but I’m a single mum and haven’t got a partner to bounce ideas off…

    How did I deal with it? I IGNORED it!! Luckily ( with the business) I am old enough to be confident that I really do want to do this, and I just ploughed on and I NEVER spoke about my business to them for the first two years. Now that I am feeling more confident and starting to sell pieces and have set up two selling pages on dealers collectives that are bringing in sales, I can finally loosen up around them, and of course they are now being more supportive. Wahey!

    My lovely best girlfriend on the other hand, can always be counted on to cheer me on, so I speak to her instead.

    You go girl with your business plan, and don’t give up and keep working at it!!

    Love and tenacity to you all xxx

  147. Lily Olteanu

    I’m so thankful that this issue was addressed. Thank you Paige for this excellent question. I have 13 more years of life experience then our dear Paige, but I too struggle with the nay-sayers all which have been my dearest and nearest for the past several years. When I return to my husband’s home country and tell people my dreams and aspirations, they all tell me I can’t do it, that it won’t work, that I’m a dreamer and I’m crazy. It’s very frustrating. But it’s their limitations not mine. Well, those days are behind me and now I’m taking action and living a life that I love.

  148. Mandy Briskie

    Thank you loads Marie, I can most definitely relate with Paige as I am a Kiwi as well, and this country has a very strong TALL POPPY SYNDROME mentality, so we really do need to keep above that and work harder in keeping our inner beliefs in POSSIBILITY strong!!! I am just starting out in my Life-coaching career and in NZ it is very much still like the potato doctor stare when you mention what you are doing hehehe!!! its proving a challenging journey so far but I am super determined to make this work as there is no other way I say!!! Cheers for you inspiration its part of the food for my brain I am thirsty for :), I re-enforce daily by absorbing this stuff and so much more. Warmest regards Mandy

  149. Hey Marie,

    This was just the kick up the jacksie (pardon my British!) I needed. I’m currently at the investment stage of an iOS photo booth based application which is testing and pushing the boundaries of all my previous professional experience.

    Sending the presentation to VCs and angels is a challenge to someone who has historically been a little over-sensitive, but hey…you’ve gotta be in it to win it, and I’m staying true to my dream! Keep spreadin’ the wisdom Marie…



  150. Denise

    I think that “judging others” is just a form of bullying. I run as far away from judgmental people as I can and never look back. I have always followed my passions and entrepreneurial spirit.

  151. Mike Nelson

    OMG! Great question Paige and great answer Marie. One of my favorite mantras is

    “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

    Paige, the bottom line is you need to follow your heart. The only person you need to stay true to is yourself. Your family will love you no matter what. And as Marie said, if your friends don’t support you, make new friends.

    I remind myself of this constantly as I find myself in an exciting and strange place working two jobs while building a coaching business and brand. I left corporate America after being laid off last year. My degree and experience in the end were not a safety net. The only net there truly is is the only one God gave me (me, myself and I).

    My believe in myself, the decision I make to build my dream life and consistent action are what makes dreams come true. At the end of the day who can regret following their heart? I know I won’t. 🙂

  152. How do I handle others negative comments? I don’t listen to them. I keep my intentions in focus, surround myself with positive people, and know from my life’s experiences that once I am confident in a decision, I will succeed. I moved to Mexico by myself and started my own walking tour business when others thought I was crazy! Six years later I am still growing and loving it.

  153. Pei Sim

    Hi Marie,

    I’ve been following your post for awhile now. Thank you for inspiring people

    However, are you aware of what’s happening around the world and especially in the US at the moment?

    Impending economic collapse, inflation of currencies, martial law, the oppression of the citizens by the powers that be, invading of countries etc

    I’m sure you do.

    But there’s no mention of that on your posts?

    I feel that is avoiding the “elephant in the room”

    You could help people wake up to the tyranny of what’s happening in your country and generally all governments around the world since you’ve got a wide reach

    This is not conspiracy theory, just do a quick google search.

    You could join people like Stefan Molyneux to help preserve freedom in America

    As if you’re in the “life coaching” business”, it would be good not to ignore but keep your followers inform

    In my opinion, being aware i.e the change of mindset from ignorance to awareness is the only viable way to overcome tyranny thus preserving freedoms for the future generations

    I apologize for being so blunt but what is mention here is not fear mongering but factual

  154. Emmy - Relocation Coach in Australia

    LOVE this episode! Sure wish I had seen this when I was 19! 🙂

    My challenge? Since I was 16 I knew that I was going to travel the world, but was never quite sure how to do it. 2 weeks after finishing high school in my native Sweden I was on the plane to San Francisco, on my own, to work as an Au Pair for a year. Have never looked back since!

    My biggest hurdle to date came when I was living in the UK at the age of 28 and decided to quite my stable job and go for an around the world trip with my friend (also 28). Everyone (including close friends and family) said we were MAD to do something like that when we should be ‘grown up and taking responsibility for our lives by settling down’. Especially my parents struggled to understand why travelling ‘was snot out of my system yet’.

    But I stuck with my dream and funnily enough I never got all the way around the world. I ended up finding my groove (and my now partner) in Australia, and 4 years later I’m still here. I have just started my own business as a relocation coach and mindset specialist, working with expats and relocators and loving it!

    I’m forever grateful that I kept going, kept meeting people who shared my vision to grow and find my way of life, not just the conventional framework of life, that might not suit everyone.

    Thank you Marie for your weekly wisdom and energy, it’s truly inspirational!

  155. Thank you so much for this reminder, it came at the perfect time for me! I know exactly what I want to do in my business, but I’ve been feeling lately that my path forward isn’t going to be easy. But I’m becoming more ok with this, because the more I connect to my passion, I know I’m doing the right thing with my business. Luckily I have a small group of very supportive friends and family that I’m very grateful for, and I know I’m going to be leaning on them a ton in the months and years ahead.

    Thank you again for always being so inspiring, and so timely!

  156. Marie, you hit the nail on the head with this video. There is no such thing as a ‘secure’ job any more. From a young age, I was groomed to follow a traditional path of going to college and working for ‘the man’ – the thought of ever being an entrepreneur was just too crazy and out there. I followed the path that was set in front of me, but I just wasn’t happy. Looking back, I wish I would have started my business right after college (instead of wasting 4 years of my life at a job that I hated). I absolutely love what I do now, but I definitely hit tons of obstacles along the way, including being at the receiving end of unsolicited advice from plenty of nay-sayers. I ignored the advice that I was given (as hard as it was) because I knew that I was destined for bigger and better things. Now, I wake up every morning feeling excited about the work that I do. I’m a dietitian and I use a cutting-edge approach to heal people with food. I knew that this was the right decision for me after I took on my first client in my biz – she suffered for over 15 years from migraines, headaches, digestive problems, heartburn… you name it. After a couple weeks of implementing the recs that I gave her, she felt like a completely different person – migraines and headaches were GONE, digestive issues GONE, heartburn GONE, and, as an added bonus, she slept better and had TONS of energy. To me, this alone was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears (and judgement from others) that went into building my biz. My advice to anyone thinking about going into business for themselves: DON’T WAIT!

  157. Marie you know I loooove your work! 😉

    Even though this is not business related, I wanted to share my experience with the negativity I received about my plan for a natural, un-medicated birth. (because I think it is such an important issue)

    I think what was most shocking to me was that anyone would “put-down” my positive plans, especially those close to me. But my baby’s birth was something I definitely had an entrepreneur’s mentality about…I had a strong desire, worked my butt off planning for it and had the successful outcome I was hoping for.

    As for dealing with others’ negativity…when your mind’s made up – it doesn’t matter what others say!

  158. Thank you Marie, I loved your video, if you care too much what people think. I grew up doing exactly that and developed many limiting beliefs by living my life that way. I totally agree with life learning, as we are always changing and growing, in need of new ways and new wisdom. There has never been a better time to live your dreams and get the support needed. Here is my story:

    I finished high school and needed to decide what to do next. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I was supposed to choose my career and begin traditional studying anyway. I loved reading, photography, teaching, helping people, and I had always wanted to write a book. At the time, traditional publishing was the only option and I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my writing skills—I never could get those assignments just right in English class.

    I received the message, “You can’t make a living being a writer. You have to go to university so that you can get a ‘real’ job and make a living. You can write as a hobby.” I know this advice came from a place of love; my father wanted me to have a good life and at that time it was hard to get published.

    Fast forward many years, much life experience, awesome changes in technology, and I have just published my first book on Amazon! I also love that quote by Lao Tzu, “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” I used this quote in my book, Love Yourself Being You: A Way to Live Your Best Life.

    I can’t tell you how many times I cheered a huge “YES!” in agreement as I watched your video today. I am especially excited about the learning opportunities we have today, like your B-School. Marie, you are an inspiration and your message is awesome!

  159. Hey Marie and Everyone!!!

    I totally agree! And this doesn’t just apply to business. Just the other day I was dancing around my apartment enjoying how free I felt by allowing myself to be attracted to someone different and outside who I ‘should be’ attracted to. I have realized many-a-time how good it feels to listen to my heart and not worry about societies norms. It always works out in the end too!

    Thanks for the question and the answer!!!

  160. Amen!! I love the message in this episode, Marie! So true!
    My husband and I are both entrepreneurs. And it takes alot of guts to do what we are doing especially since we have two babies! Some people think we’re nuts, but this is our passion and our dream, so we are following our hearts.
    Thanks for this great inspiring message!
    ps- soooo looking forward to B-School :)!!!

  161. Doris

    Thank you, Marie!!! Great advice:))

    I am 21 and I study in foreigin country, in one of the best universities in Germany, just have started my first PR internship in enterntainment industry. Few years ago I met a lot of people who criticised me for dreams wich now are part of my reality.:))
    Its so important to move on and move on with good attitude!

  162. Hi Marie!
    Thank you so much!! I just made the huge decision of my life and just now JOINED B-SCHOOL !! 😀 my heart beating like crazy and almost choking I was so excited !! 😉
    It’s my first time ever commenting, although I’ve been a “silent follower” of your work for a year.. I’m a designer and artist and have all my life been strangled with the thoughts and limits of others around me. Being too scared and shy to do things, afraid of what other people might think of me.

    Until last year. I watched your videos and YOU gave me the courage to do things I’d been dreaming of for years… Like doing my first exhibition of my art and believing in myself as an artist, because I simply love doing both art and design but never dared to think I actually could do both.

    Then last week I made the decision that I would save money and join b-school in 2015, when a little voice whispered to me : ” why not now..?” and BAMM it just happened! my boyfriend supports me 100%, my heart says YES, and although I’m still a pretty shy person and now using ALL my savings for b-school, I just believe in it. I know it’s worth it. And most of all I am starting BEFORE I am ready. Thank you!!

  163. Good advice as usual Marie and team, ta.

    Years ago, I helped my husband start a ‘male dominated’ business. When he broke his ankle, it was necessary for me to take over some of the more masculine aspects of the business.

    When I’d turn up on job sites, dressed as a girl, I’d get all sorts of comments, some positive and some extremely negative.

    I lost it with a guy one day, when he said “I didn’t think they’d send a WOMAN to do this job, are you sure you can handle it?”

    Without taking a breath, “I ‘was’ educated to read a tape-measure” just slipped out my mouth. Oops! I was surprised at my unfriendly retort.

    After that, I was grateful that some people openly verbalised their negativity, because it allowed me to prepare the appropriate responses, when it was really important for me to be professional.

  164. I love this Marie! So very true. You really can’t give a damn what people think. Everyone will ALWAYS have an opinion, wanted or unwanted. Have to keep on pushing forward regardless. 🙂

  165. Hey Marie! Wow, you read my mind! I just did my “Master” class at a Health club in a nearby town and was expecting the usual “Oh my god, you are the most amazing instructor in the world and I just LOVED your workout!!” I did get positive feedback from the students, however, my friends who came to the class were more like, “Great class, Deb” or “It was so much fun to workout with you again” or “Yeah, I really liked it!” It has been on my mind since I just signed up for B school a few days ago and am GOING FOR IT BIG in my fitness biz. I was kind of mopey this morning with a mind thread of, “maybe you’re not so hot after all…”, but since watching your Marie TV just now I’m like, “fuck it! try and get rid of my ass…I have something amazing to offer and I know I have peeps who will definitely benefit big time!” So there!!! Thank you so much!

  166. Can’t help but be inspired by you all every time I come here! Thanks Marie! Thank you all! Y’all rock!!!! 🙂 x

  167. Marie, LOOOOVED to see you dancing & singing 😀

  168. jan

    I am so feeling you, and I am not YOUNG! I recently signed up for B school, which btw I am sooo excited about, but when Marie said share on facebook, I didn’t, I was afraid. Crazy right? But I have accomplished quite a bit and I don’t really know what people think. Recently my little blog was number 2 on the GOOGLE search engine and right below Martha Stewart! Yah! When I shared this with a co-worker at “my other job” she said something like, “wow, I am seeing you in a whole different light”…what does that mean? People majorly underestimate me, all I can say to that is, “look out cuz I got the tiger by the tail now” Booya!

  169. LMAO – Marie, you are SO rockin’ that mullet in the awesome “Judging Eyes” spoof on Hall & Oates.

    This Q & A was so timely. My sister-in-law is the classic example of someone who told me directly to my face “you’ll never make it”. This coming from a girl who has proceeded to copy cat my career. My brother chooses not to see her actions and this has effected my relationship with him. They both seem envious of any success I have. However, I have found the healthiest approach overall is for me to distance myself from them. I no longer tolerate toxic people in my life.

  170. Marie, you are seriously always reading my mind! It’s like you know more about what I’m thinking than my best friends. I am always worrying about what others are thinking of me, and I know it’s something I must get over ASAP in order to be successful! You have helped me a ton through your videos, and I’m happy to say that I just enrolled in B-School today!! Yay 😉 Cannot wait to learn more!

  171. Kate

    YES! Holllah Paige from a fellow NZ girl. I SO need some new friends that are encouraging instead of raining on my wee parade.. I tend just to not tell anyone what I’m planning on except my husband 🙂
    FYI, I have 2 degrees (= lots of debt) and I WISH I had had the proverbial balls to NOT go to university at age 19. I thought it was the only way to “make it” and “get taken seriously”. It did teach me, though, not to let other people tell you what is right for YOU. ANYTHING is possible! Go woman go!
    And I am so excited for Bschool! 😀

  172. Hi Marie! I just wanted to send you a message saying that you inspire me. You have inspired me to really find clarification in my business and to really find the direction I want to take my business. By watching Marie Tv, and reading your e-mails, you have helped me to stay motivated and imagine multiple ways to put my business together. I have never been more clear about my business until now. And it’s all because of your inspiring words. I decided 2 weeks ago that I was going to do B-school, and so I made a huge jump and signed up for a credit card, was approved the exact amount of the school, and then just waited patiently for the card to come. Unfortunately I will now not get the card until later this week which really bums me out because now I cannot attend B-school. Even though my plan did not go as I saw it, thats ok. I will still follow you daily and I know I will reach my goals this year because I still have you by my side each day giving me the inspiration and info to push through and succeed! That’s all you need right? I hope next year I can take B-school to increase my business even more and I can’t wait to show you what I put together even though I am not attending the school but still following you. Thank you!

  173. Lora

    Hey Marie!
    Wouldn’t it be great if…The Naayyyhhhh sayers with all their opinions would hush up already! Oh! This is not a Wouldn’t it be great if….moment…lol

    But really…I have had such great ideas only to have them SHOT down. It stopped me dead in my track from achieving them. I heard these people (family members) say, “Not enough resources”, “It won’t go”, “really?” “lol”…

    Once someone asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was 45 at the time. I told them “missions” and then pursued it! Went to Kenya for 15 days an worked, taught school in Congo. Found out that Missions was not my cup of tea. I like helping others, but I would rather be on the giving end financially. I Dove in with lots of passion! I’m more of an entrepreneur minded Chick. Funny, but when I had my house cleaning gig no one shot me down on that one!

    Marie….It’s time for a new chapter and I’m excited to see what we are going to brew up! Your Youtubes are hilarious, informative, thought provoking, and right on!

  174. Janet Marie

    Just-DO-it does gain vital needed experience BUT I am attending B-school because I do NOT have another 38 years to “figureoutable-it” LOL ok I need to organize “it” all now, ‘my’ on-going A.D.D. like mental streaming into a concise social flow and kick-start being Sexy at 60 this year!
    With your help I am and So grateful you have shared your vulnerability and all you have learned.
    “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”. Well so does every entrepreneur!!!
    RAW Love 2 U Marie and team.

  175. Nancy

    Hey Marie,
    and fellow Ricky Martin fan! I like him too. This episode so resonated with me and could not come at more perfect time in my life. You said surround yourself with positive people and i do surround myself with positive friends. The negativity i have is from my family. My mom or dad or sister will hear a relative from either side comment negatively about either job choice or choice to end relationship with guy (most probably that relative has set me up with) and they will put me down for days after or maybe even bring it up years later. I just believe its destroying our relationship as family. I do not regret any of choices i made and do believe they were great for me plus i am spiritually guided so i do believe even though i am 37 now my time will come and i am doing what is needed to get there at my pace not the worlds.

  176. Immigration was the one thing that everybody around me considered to be too ‘out there’, yet I know that, despite the difficult times, I’d do exactly the same thing, should I go back in time.

    It is always a heart’s nudge there, when what you have to do is true for you. It is just hard to hear that little voice, but so worth it.

    Same thing with being an entrepreneur. I tried many many things until a business worked. I’m pretty sure that what works for you chooses you, not the other way round.

    Thanks, Marie!

  177. becky

    Hey Everyone,
    Marie, the subject of caring what people think is one I believed I had escaped until recently. When I graduated from chiropractic school (many years ago) I was really scared I’d lost my intuitive abilities with all that science school. So, the first action I took was signing up for a training in body/mind psychotherapy thinking (rightly) that I’d at least be introduced to my inner being. I did the training w/o ever once thinking I’d actually BE a therapist. Chiropractic was my bread and butter w/ a side order of body/mind psychotherapy. I practiced both (took a LOT of practice) for over 20 years. Oddly, people never judged me for it. BUT, I didn’t talk about it – I just did it!!! However, I was the best kept secret on the Planet. I was (somehow) ashamed of BEING TOO MUCH – LOL……That’s why I’m doing B-school now. I’m coming out of the closet as a multi-talented healer. P.S. Writing this out loud is a big step for me. Love and Guts To You All, Becky

  178. Claire

    This has totally been the theme of my past few weeks. Lately I’ve been stuck in a rut and feeling trapped by what I’m “supposed” to do, and then I came across “The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying.” The #1 regret? “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” It’s exactly what I needed to hear this week to light a fire under me and now I’m writing it ALL over the place so I don’t forget to just go for what feels right in my gut instead of wasting tons of time fretting over what I “should” be doing.

    • So powerful Claire. Thanks for sharing that #1 regret.

  179. I hear this one so loud! Marie, I left Corporate America 14 years ago at 26 years old as a Manager in Cable TV to start my own mini ad agency and my co-workers were like, ‘You crazy, girl!’ Well, I knew I could ALWAYS go back to a big company. But I HAD to see for myself. I ended up landing Estee Lauder as my first freelance account that paid me MORE than my manager job at Turner Broadcasting! This leads me to where I am today with my very own organic skincare line (as a result of seeing stuff out there I didn’t like to put on my skin), and the reason I am signed up for b school – WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!! I sometimes hear those naysayer voices in my head and I wonder and pray they are living their dreams today. I am, and I owe a lot of my recent successes to YOU. THANK YOU!

  180. So agree with everything you said in this video Marie. I managed to rise to the top of my field in medical research, without a degree. I loved learning, and would enthusiastically learn everything I could. Meanwhile I also had a night job as a pro singer.
    I’m told that by the time someone has graduated from a degree and worked for a few years, everything they learned in university will be out of date. Great advice about getting a job in the industry to learn all the tricks of the trade.

  181. Hi Marie, don’t allow the bullshit opinion or judgment about what you can do stop you. I am in total agreement with you. I know first hand what it is to allow the opinion of others to determine what you should or should not do, until I put a stop to it and prove them wrong every time.

    I still remember, I was unemployed at the time, and could not afford a new living room set. I sat, looked at the set and decided I was going to take the challenge and cover the chairs one at a time, leaving the couch for last. I plan on starting on the single chairs first. I then shared my brilliant idea with a very close friend and the response was, “you can’t do it.”
    How much material I needed, I was not sure, so I bought more than I needed and started my project. I wanted to hide it, but it was not possible, therefore I spent as many hours as possible to try to finish my chairs before her next visit. During that time when we spoke she would always ask how I was coming along with the chairs, I always told her I was reconsidering what she said.
    I worked hard and long, the first one was the most challenging, the second one was easier. I had already learned a thing or two.

    By the time of her next visit I had the two single chairs done with only the sofa to be done. Remember I kept her in the dark. So imaging the shock and her facial expression when she saw my chairs, she blotted out, “you did not do it” I replied, I know, you did!
    To the end she had only praise for my work. As for myself I felt a surge of energy when I completed the first chair, felt like I had would a billion dollars. Only you and I can conceive an idea, and give birth to it, making it a reality. Give a death ear to the naysayers, they are not going anywhere, and they will make sure you don’t.

  182. Great advice. So many people hold themselves back because they’re worried about what the nay-sayers say. We’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with and I sure don’t want to be a nay-sayer so I don’t listen to them! 😉

    I love the potato doctor scene in this one!

  183. Thank you for this post Marie/:

    It’s funny, considering that I’m a personal vision coach and speaker, I used to be SOOO bothered with what people thought of me. To the point where I would feel physically sick if I thought someone didn’t like me or thought I was weird. Then 2013 came (after my depressed and spiritually lost year which I call “The Year I Slept Away” – 2012) and it hit me – most people are part of The Walking Dead.

    “The Walking Dead” are people that are roaming around lost, aimless, purposeless, worried, and bitter, waking up every day with no clue why they get to. I decided that if I was going to be alive, then I would have to make the brave choice to figure out my God-given purpose and to create great vision(s) for my life so that I can actually have a great life. This decision changed EVERYTHING. To the point now that I have come to expect and embrace the opposition against me and my dreams.

    What I’ve realized is that no person that has ever achieved great feats had an idea that “made sense”. They never “faced reality”. They were always “crazy”. It is “crazy” for a blind woman to believe she could become a great American author, activist, and lecturer – Helen Keller did it. It is “crazy” for a South African man to spend 27 years in prison because he was fighting for freedom/an end to apartheid in South Africa and then come out willing to continue! – Nelson Mandela did it.

    My goal is to get as comfortable as I can with being “crazy” in my God-given purpose because anything less will not result in the great life I desire and the great positive impact I want to make on people in my world.

  184. April

    Love this video Marie! Thank you for your tangible and sincere encouragement!

  185. If I cared about what people thought or waited for permission, I would be still waiting to do what I always knew I was capable of. 10 years ago I tried to buy an abandoned bank in an inner-city neighbourhood that was closed because it was robbed so many times and in a community impacted by drugs, homelessness and violence. All I saw was possibility and needed a home for my hair salon. No bank would give me a mortgage for the property even though I was pre approved for more than the amount due to the location. My family and friends thought I was making to much a gamble, AKA a mistake and I had to sell my home to make the purchase. I opened my business, a luxury salon and lifestyle destination in a marginalized neighbourhood. In order to succeed, I knew I had to invest in the success of those around me and the real work began. I started supporting organizations that provided housing for homeless women and their children, art programs for street engaged youth, outreach for sex workers, launched a breakfast and leadership group for inner-city young girls, an employment program for young women and neighbourhood clean-ups. This took a lot of work and it was worth it. While I grew my business, I grew relationships with my community and we overcame challenges together. People are being cared for, there are solutions for problems people thought could not be overcome, businesses are prospering and more and more new ones are opening, families have moved in and it is now the best neighbourhood to live and work in the city of Halifax. Everyone told me I was making a mistake and in my heart I knew it was something I could take on and my business, FRED. is very successful and we are now opening our second location in New York. I love everyone in my life but I knew I had to believe in what I was capable of more than anyone else did. It is what guides me. Let it guide everyone who knows they have what it takes.

  186. I opened the first pole dancing studio in my country. My father (a successful business man) was completely against the idea, telling that this was “just a fantasy in my head, and sure to fail”. This hurt me, since his opinion and support mattered to me more than anything, but I actually used this as “fuel” to prove him wrong! I almost think that if he wasn’t so harsh about it, I may have never even done it!
    Almost four years later, I’m still open, expanded to a 2nd floor in the building, and we’re currently on the verge of having more students than our current classes can accommodate! Not to mention, my father is super proud, and is now my biggest supporter!
    My experience has taught me this: Listen to your gut instinct, the faint voice in your head, and notice the signs that the universe throws at you, and follow them! One thing always leads to the next when you allow your internal drive to guide you!

  187. Christy


    Great video. The line that jumped out at me most was “Don’t let anyone’s b-s*** opinions or judgments about what you can’t do – ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN – stop you from following your dreams.” I know and admit that I am mine own worst roadblock. Thanks for calling me out again.

    Oh and THIS –

  188. Kat

    When I competed for Miss Westchester 2012, I was encouraged to wear a weave so that I can fit the “pageant girl” expectations to have a “realistic” chance of winning but I strutted my beautiful Afro into the Second Runner Up position and also won the best style award! Don’t let anyone tell you who you have to be! Team #MakingDreamsReality

  189. Paige! My sister from across the sea. I was 21 when I started my own event management company in Australia. I was still at university doing an Arts degree (there was no such thing as a Degree in event Management 10 years ago!) and was also doing TAFE on the side as it was a great practical Event Management course. It was HARD work, crazy hours and a bit of juggling a few jobs to keep afloat in the beginning. Fast forward 9 years – I sold that award winning company a year ago and now have a new Biz in Wedding Consulting – including online programs, a super popular blog and am LOVING it! Keep going for your dreams, work hard, as Marie said surround yourself with inspiring individuals who support you! I had some negative friends in the finance industry in the early days who used to turn their nose up at my career choice – but now they are so proud, and just quietly a touch envious of my success, as we all know how that world has gone south. There is no such thing as a secure job, but if you do what you love, ooze passion and commitment and constantly deliver to an outstanding level there is no limit for you!

  190. Melissa J

    Hi Marie,
    I signed up for B-School yesterday and “I’m so excited!! and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to “get some” control and I think I like it!” Props to the Pointer Sisters:)
    Great video!
    It really hits home for me. I think that not caring what other people say/think about you or your choices is something that takes practice. I may seem “vanilla” on the outside, but I’ve never really fit into that cookie cutter mold (must been my fruity filling) and have always been interested in things the people around don’t get yet. Like starting massage school in Michigan in 1995, or studying homeopathy, herbs and nutrition. I’ve always tried to see the “signs”, follow my intuition and be true to who I feel I am. I haven’t let what other people say stop me from making choices that I know are right. But sometimes the negativity can still effect your outcomes and I have definitely allowed them to dampen my spirits. In the past when I would enthusiastically share my “next step” with my family/friends and their negative responses always seemed to burst my bubble. Then I would spend time in my head justifying my choices and reminding myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. It seemed that I could never feel quite that same amount of joyful enthusiasm that I had initially.
    So I have made a wonderful decision and that is to only share my outrageously exciting B-School news with my supportive husband and kids!! And I will selectively choose to share it with some positive people along the way. I am going to create an awesome new business for that is going to help thousands of people!! Which will make me feel great all by itself, but then I know with a lot of hard work it will also provide my family with financial freedom! And can you imagine what a great example I will be for my three daughters, when they see how far they can go when they follow their heart and do what they love and how many others they will help along the way! Ooo Wee Baby!!
    Thanks Marie! I’m so grateful you found your way into my inbox!
    Click, click, click, click, click (I hear the roller coaster on it’s way up the track)
    Be well,
    Melissa J

  191. You’re so uplifting. I felt down tonight and you made me remember to forget what anyone says I should do or be and just be myself. thanks marie.

    • First off: Can I just say your last name is amazing? 😀

      Secondly! Be yourself is right! That’s great to remember!


  192. Marie,
    Holla from Canada!! You absolutely crack me up, love your videos. Always look forward to Marie in my inbox. Thanks for that!!
    Totally agree with your comment about who you surround yourself with. Your environment is so important!! I do have to say I can relate to Paige and since we can’t choose our family, I have another perspective to share. Paige – many of our parents and their generation were raised with the mind set that you get a good “secure” job, work your way up the ladder and then retire. I am pretty sure that my parents thought I was crazy for constantly switching jobs and changing careers until I found the “one” and then decided to start my own consulting company based around that industry. I now make more money and am much happier then I ever would have been as an employee in a job I really didn’t like. The beauty is that while my parents were very skeptical at the time I started my business and not very supportive, they now see me thriving and are constantly bragging to their friends and relatives about all my successes and are so proud of me. Your parents and you family love you and at the end of the day they just want you to be happy so even though your choices may not be the way they would do it, follow your own path and trust your gut feeling. When you succeed they will understand that you made the right decision for you. Best of luck!!!

  193. That was a great impersonation of the Hall of Oates. Really enjoyed this clip because of the fact that people will try to bring down a person who is trying to achieve their dreams.

    Thanks, Marie

  194. Juliet

    At 26, I decided to leave the medical device sales industry and start my own residential & office cleaning business from scratch. My parents were supportive on the outside, but were flipping out on the inside. My friends were a bit stunned on the outside and probably thought I was crazy on the inside. Now, going into my 5th year of business, everyone is a complete supporter of me AND Bella Cleaning! If I had listened to anyone, I would never have been as happy as I am today. And to grow my dream even more — I can’t wait to start BSchool next week!!! =)

    • K

      Congrats, Juliet! =)

  195. Hi Marie!

    You almost lost me during the singing but, but I stayed with it! I love your videos. Not only are they fun and enjoyable, but you tell it how it is using your “adult language” but most importantly, there are parts that we can all use on a daily basis.

    I just signed up for the B-School!!! I honestly can’t afford it. I am behind on my mortgage and car payments, BUT I 100% believe in myself and in what you have to offer! I spent a week meditating about it before I pulled the trigger. I have no doubt that I will make the money back in no time!

    If anyone is second guessing yourself about joining the B-School, I suggest that you go for it! Being on the fence will hurt after awhile, but going after y our dreams and passions never hurt! Believe in yourself and take a chance on YOU!

    Thanks again Marie for all that you have done for me in the short 6 months that I have been following you YouTube!

    Peace and Love,



  196. Hi Marie

    Great Q&A today! I was told to surround yourself with people who bring you up, not down at a young age… even before I really new what it meant and agree that this is KEY! My trick to doing what I dream of even if there is critisism from people around me… It makes me want to do it more and show them. I simply take what they say won’t work and turn it into something that well using their negativity as inspiration in a way. Works for me and gives me drive!

  197. I just stopped caring all together….as caring too much paralyzed me into inaction…since letting other people’s thoughts go…I’m soaring too high to even see the side eyes I used to get on a regular for my aspirations as an entrepreneur.

  198. Such a timely subject. I’ve rediscovered what I honestly feel inside and am learning to courageously express that authenticity with others. Simply bringing my awareness to my authentic feelings is a powerfully healing act.

    As I am honest with myself and healing self-judgement, I’m losing my fear of judgement from the outside.

    Thanks, Marie!

  199. I’ve been really lucky in the sense that I learned at a really young age not to listen to the naysayers (which just so happened to be a few judge-mental family members).

    They’re a lot harder to get away from, I mean you can’t just stop talking to your aunt or uncle because they don’t understand you. So finding ways to work with them has been a trial of sorts.

    One thing I like to do is keep the topic of whatever they disapprove of off the table. That means no talking about it with them, if they bring it up, be extremely brief and bring the convo back to another topic. This has helped my relationship with my discerning family members improve drastically so there’s more time for enjoying the moments than being annoyed with one another!

    Hope that helps 🙂

  200. Hey Marie and Paige!

    I started out my business when I was 19 years old too. I was so sick of societal pressure and the one-size-fits-all approach our schools and culture tried to pile on me (I’m from Singapore).

    I decided to take a break year which turned into a business. I wish I had found Marie 3 years ago! I worked with local clients and with no agency experience (I worked as a graphic and web designer), I got by but wasn’t making a lot of money. Thankfully my husband (then boyfriend) supports my dream and we don’t need much (and he has a super-stable job)!

    I’m 22 now, I have a new business geared to the US and UK market and creative entrepreneurs and it has been AMAZING. I revamped since last July and just joined B-School 2014 (can all 2014 B-Schoolers give me a shout!). I am a little worried about time passing me by though. I have so many dreams and things I want to do. But I am super excited about the process!

    Now for the questions:
    Have you ever achieved something that people around you said was unrealistic? How did you handle their initial criticism and doubt — especially when it was from the people closest to you?

    Well, people thought I wouldn’t make it from day 1. My family, my husband’s family (that was the worst) and a lot of my friends. Till today, people cannot understand how I work with clients from the UK and the US. But I have worked with some amazing women. I have written an eBook. I am now branching into legacy mentoring and want to dabble in weddings and photography. I have people reading my blog, complimenting my photography and I earn some money.

    I slowly PROVED THEM WRONG. I stuck at it, I worked hard, and I slowly warmed them to the idea. I talked more about my business, was more confident about it and shared OTHER PEOPLE’S success stories with them. I showed up. I worked hard. Even though I work from home from a 12sqm home office and bedroom (waiting for my first home!), I get up and work “office hours” everyday. I don’t slack off. I invest in my business and learning and I know SO MUCH when people talk to me, they stop critiquing me. It’s mean but – these horrible people, it’s nice to see them flabbergasted.

    Love Marie and lovin’ B-School. Can’t wait for 10 March! It’s the biggest one-time investment I ever made and I can’t wait!!!!!

    • Shout out from me! I joined b-school. Are you on the fb page? Awesome story very excited to meet you!

  201. Hi Marie,

    First time leaving my comments here. I love your videos. It’s fun and funny! Love your humor. 🙂

    I’m a former accountant who leaves his job to pursue my passion in animation. I’m from Singapore and the creative industry here is not really that established. And yes, I do get a mixture of doubts and support from others.

    What I feel that is important is that you need to be committed to what you do. When you believe in what you do, no matter what other people say, they won’t be able to sway and affect you. People don’t understand your dreams is because they’re yours, not theirs. They won’t see what you are able to see. Communicate to the people close to you what you are doing, if they support you, that’s great. If not, don’t fret about it. Be yourself and do what you love is the most important. You don’t have to explain or have everyone supporting you before you start.

    I feel that people trust my dreams when I trust them myself. Currently, I’m happily pursuing my passion in animation and writing a book to inspire others to pursue their passion. And I don’t find that much judgment from others as compared to when I just started out.

    Nerdy Creator 🙂
    Author of upcoming book “Fearless Passion”

  202. My parents laughed when I said I wanted to live and work in Germany. My friends did not think I was going to make it over here. I flew over, applied for some jobs and with 2 weeks I got a place to stay, a job, and a visa. I have been living in Germany for 2 years now:) Sometimes you just have to listen more to the voice in your head and tunes others out.


  203. Perfect timing for this one today, Marie! I was having a little motivation struggle today — kept having to adjust my thinking, ALL DAY. Mostly because I have to let someone go that I THOUGHT I could work with, but he’s a walking “limiting thought.” I was starting to feel like, “Oh he’s such a nice guy, and what could it hurt to work with him a bit longer?” Thanks for reminding me that, as great as his INTENTIONS are, he’s constantly farming and nurturing limiting thoughts, so he has to go. I needed that clarity today!

  204. Agostina

    Hi Marie.
    I love your videos, they help me a lot.
    My parents forced me to choose a career that I do not like at all, I’m in the final year before and found an art school in a town near mine. Art is my passion but never completely left me and filled me with negative comments that continue to this day. However, this year I decided not to listen and I signed up, I hope everything well arise.

  205. This video was so needed today! I am such a “peacemaker” that sometimes I go overboard. Definitely something I need to work more on. Recently, I have found that caring what people think really slows me down on where I want to go with my business and life! I absolutely love how Marie you get it to our head just at the right time!

  206. Mary Dean

    After driving by the West Highland Way (a 95 mile hike over the highlands in Scotland) twice and thinking “If I was younger, I’d do that” I decided “I am going to do that next year.” So at 57 and not in great physical shape, I started preparing to do the hike which is pretty strenuous. People were pretty skeptical. In the summer of 2013, I hiked the Way with my daughter and over the course of the week, we baked the idea for a great business. In addition, I felt empowered and am doing it again this year by myself – calling it my personal retreat and thinking time. I have signed up for Bschool to work on 2 ideas – the one with my daughter (we are both social workers and t is related to personal empowerment and dream pursuit for women and men of all ages) and my own pre-existing handmade jewelry business.
    Hurray! Mary

  207. Patty

    Been there, don’t care – did it anyway!
    Mannnnny years ago as a young girl I wanted to drive one of those flashy race cars. “What? Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? Women don’t race cars!” And that was just from the women. The men on the other hand mocked, bullied, got in my face and laughed except a small group of men who said; “Hey this could work and she’s good.” I put it in gear and took off. After many races, many types of cars and later a couple of National Championships, which btw takes a whole lot of races, bumps, teasing, being blocked out and jokesters along the way but after I proved myself and DIDN’T CARE WHAT THEY THOUGHT, I gained a lot of respect even from the big timers and names.

    This taught me that I CAN do what I set out to do and if I have to put my dreams through all the gears to get what’s in my heart – so be it.

    Look at it this way > what’s the alternative? How will you think and feel about your self if you don’t give it a try? If you stand at the bottom of a tree crying because you believe you can’t climb it, how do you know until you’ve REALLY tried. Go for it! It may not be a race but each new step is moving forward to your dream and makes you a WINNER!!!

  208. Corina Vanana Valcan

    No matter what others think about me (first depending on the fact that of profession I am a journalist and second on the fact what my jobs have been), for the present and for the future my interest is the education for persons with disabilities, the collaboration and reading behind all, the press.

  209. I really relate to this. I was sixteen and I knew I wanted to be an artisan. I loved to make jewelry, pottery and interior design. Even when I was fifteen I would use my allowance to buy interior design magazines and help my mum and her friends decorate and organize.

    I didn’t follow my dream I listened to my parents and went to school. While in university I moved out, got married and got pregnant at nineteen. I had my daughter at twenty and quit university with a year left.

    I was divorced at 27 and I was pregnant with my son. Everyone told me not to keep the baby that I was crazy I was already a single mom bla bla bla. When I told my parents they stopped talking to me. It was scary but I knew in my heart that I wanted this and that it may be my last child.

    So I made friends who supported my decision, stopped talking to all the rest even my parents for a while and kept him. That was the beginning of me making my own choices.

    I had finally graduated to adulthood and guess what I still love making things and I have returned to that. I have an etsy store and I’m going to b-school to try and launch myself in selling my designs.

    A funny anecdote to that is that when I started doing craft fairs this year and opened my etsy store it even helped my mother come alive and she supports me but I was listening to her when I stopped following my dream.

    Just do it follow your dream it is not worth putting aside because you will always yearn for it and come back to it anyway.

    Lots of love and support xo and Gemma I think I will use your mantra if that’s okay 🙂

  210. Hi Maria! Thank YOU!!!!
    Oh, this was so ON THE MONEY today! To answer your question, I quit my lucrative career to write books and inspire people. Some people around me were saying old myths like “books are hard to sell” or “you can’t make money selling books.” Well, I said (to myself), I am mentoring with people who are doing things I want to do and succeeded at it – not the ones who said it could not be done and never tried! How would they know what works if they never tried it? So, its just about reframing the advice from their perspective and only taking to heart the advice that fits with YOUR DREAM! Guess what I found out? My books are EASY to sell and I AM making a living and loving it!!!! Thanks so much. Saira Priest Author of “Seek Joy” and “Zen of Hoarding”

  211. Sabrina

    Hi! First time leaving my commments here too! Great question today and many interesting answers. I sometimes feel stuck with other people opinions. I try to concentrate in the idea of: who is living with the results of my opinions? Who has to deal with the consecuences of my decisions? When I realize that the answer is always ME, I feel more confident on choosing what really makes me happy. Finally I am only following the path to myself.
    thanks Marie! You and your team really inspire people to be the best version of themselves. 🙂

  212. Thanks Maria for the video and the post. The fear of people holds so many back from really living the life they want. I came up in a family that was the 9 to 5 type and owning your on business was not even consider. I have always thought outside the box and was the first to attempt to own and run my own business. I was frowned on by my family and my peers alike. But now it is different as I have a very successful business and actually have several businesses that are thriving and growing. If I had listened to my peers and family, I would be stuck in something I hate. Thanks again for the post and video.

  213. Thank you, Marie! GREAT and timely video as always!

  214. Marie, what a great episode–the challenge to forge ahead despite self-consciousness and naysayers resonates with soooooo many of us! Go you, and go Paige!

    Here’s a great Martha Beck quote, on this very topic:

    Today, remember that what you perceive as prudent social
    caution is probably limiting your life to about half its natural
    capacity; that if you did everything you long to do twice as often,
    twice as boldly, twice as openly, you wouldn’t attract a shred
    more social pressure than you already think you’re getting.

    Let’s All Be Bold! XOs

  215. Marie, A very timely reminder. Makes me think of when I first decided to be a private practice counselor and other colleagues were not leaving their agencies. I had to reach within three meditation to find the strength to move out and do this. Don Miguel Ruiz talks about how we’ve all made agreements about taking things personally and that we can simply undo the agreement by being aware of it.

  216. I was 19 when I started my first company! 🙂

    Now 24 years later I have only worked for someone else a total of 15 months of my adult life.

    I started studying dance + tumbling (and gymnastics for a while) when I was 3. By the time I was a senior in high school I knew I was “over” studying – at least for a while. I had very supportive parents – but all my high school teachers and school counselor were adamantly against the idea of me teaching dance. They told me over and over again how I couldn’t do it and how I would never make any money at it!!! One year after graduation I opened my studio. My parents got me a loan, which they never paid a penny of – I made all of the payments – if was just their credit I used. We doubled the size of their garage and completely remodeled it to create my studio.

    I come from a small town in Indiana (less than 10K) people. There were FOUR other well-established dance studios in the community!! But, within in two years I was charging more than any of them + had more students than 3 of them. I was very successful – over a 15 year period I taught around 2500 students before I sold my company.

    My husband + I are an entrepreneurial couple now 🙂 focusing on couples in business together. He and I have been in business together since 2004! Had only been married a tiny bit over a year when we decided to buy his family’s business. Did that for 6 years before moving across the country and creating our current company.

    Paige (forgive me if the spelling of your name is incorrect), you have got this! I completely agree with Marie – educate yourself in your field of expertise. But, don’t let anyone hold you back – especially not simply because you are young!! My son is almost 18 and is just starting his entrepreneurial journey as well!! No college in his future because of what he wants. I went back and got all of my college education because it made sense later (psychology – undergrad, transpersonal psychology – graduate + post graduate). But, that is NOT for everyone!

    I hope you see this post and feel some further inspiration from it 🙂

    Go for it!
    Honoring you,

  217. Marie! We are on the same wavelength lately! Could not agree more with this message, and I’m so glad you chose this topic for MarieTV.

    On Monday I wrote a piece on my blog with a similar message called “Are you living the Should Life vs. The Good Life?”

    In that post, I share my personal experience back in college with turning down the glamorous NYC ad agency path and how hard it was to let go of the thought that my friends and family might not see me as “successful.”

    Caring too much about what other people think is what leads so many of us down the Should Life path – the one that leads to empty accomplishments because we’re not serving our inner truth.

    Being able to focus in on our own values and gifts and to make decisions based on what’s right for US (not what other people think) is what leads us to the Good Life.

    When I turned down the ad agency life in favor of moving back home to work alongside my significant other at his startup company, everyone thought I was nuts. But I kept my head down and I just focused on how I wanted to FEEL in my life, not what I wanted everyone else to SEE.

    That decision led me to start my own design business, and I can now say without hesitation that I’m living the life of my dreams (which SO much more ahead!)

    Thanks for your continued inspiration, Marie! You remind me that the best way to create a business and life I love is to simply be true to who I am.

    Be bright,

  218. I love this video b/c it applies to everyone !! I am sending this video to my daughter who just graduated college. ENTREPRENEURSHIP WHEN LEARNED & MASTERED CREATES MAGIC … xo T

  219. Marie I love your spirit! Thank you so much for your constant courage. It is so hard to find a adult in this world who is still willing to play, be silly and have fun. You inspire me to make choices not wait for them to be made for me, to fight for my dreams no matter how far fetched they seem! I want to join you for B-school, but it’s not in the cards this year. I have only recently become a Marie follower 🙂 and I now know that my goal is to get my vision focused and get ready to join B-school. I look forward to your videos and emails each week. I thought you should know that as a 30 year old woman, it is wonderful to finally find a woman I truly admire!

  220. Do I have a story about having to overcome other people’s opinions.

    I’m a Relaxation Therapist. I work with people to find techniques that help them overcome the energy sucking effects of stress. I use Yoga, Ayurveda and Reflexology as my tools. I was sharing the fact that I had expanded my services with some friends. Instead of support, what I got was a letter that sounded like I was time-warped back into the 1600 during the witch craze.

    My friend and his wife both “warned me” that I was treading dangerous ground and that even worse than taking Yoga classes, teaching it was the work of the devil. At first I was shocked. Then I had to reassess the kind of friendship I thought we had. Then I had to make a decision to end the friendship.

    This wasn’t easy but I am passionate about what I do and know that I really help people find more joy and contentment in their lives by helping them build resilience to this challenging world we live in. I realized I would be wasting my breath trying to convince them because they felt just as strong about what they believed in. I do not regret my decision and prefer to surround myself with inspiring supportive people like Marie!

    Bottom line is: when you believe in what you do and what you have to offer in the world, it’s a little easier to deal with other people’s opinions without letting what they think destroy your self-worth.


  221. lisa | renovatingitaly

    Plan the Confetti out of it…..classic!!
    We moved our family to Italy from Australia (twice) against much advice and judgement. Nobody really thought we’d do it, we just kept moving steadily towards our goal, listened to great motivators, took coaching and coached as well, kept learning and refused to be sidetracked or given the guilts by family and friends. Continuing to learn and be with those who lift you up is the best advice I can give, and yes I did have a coach once who was in her early 20’s and she was awesome, coached the hell outta me lol xx

  222. Jaclyn

    After doing what I “should do” getting a business econ degree and a corporate job that made me unhappy, I made a decision to live in New Zealand for 6-months, on a suggestion that the sushi was good and it was a beautiful country. Changed the course of my life forever. My boyfriend at the time and his dad were making bets about how long I would last….as you can imagine, he is looooong gone. I definitely cut people out of my life that are not supportive and have learned to trust the feeling inside that says, ” we have to do this” …and take whatever steps I can to move forward.

  223. Have an entire history of people telling me what I couldn’t/shouldn’t do! Ah!

    My favorite time to tell is when I suggested joining a marathon training group to meet new people in Las Vegas. My husband thought I was crazy and said ~ ‘you can just decide to run a marathon when you have never even run a 10k!’….so I did it. And I ran a marathon….in San Francisco (can you say hilly???!!!) And….the cherry on top is I ended up getting my photo taken while running and Nike used it for a billboard to promote the race the following year!!! HAHAHAHA!


      I hear ya, my family also think i’m crazy and I have a silly idea and they think ‘running a business online can’t be done with two young kids’ but I know deep down in my soul that it CAN! It’s annoying that I have to prove them wrong, but that also given’s me the drive and determination to do great things and help amazing people. I stopped using the word CAN’T in my vocab, I just refuse to use it anymore.

      The great thing is that my friends totally get it and believe in my idea, which is awesome. I believe in myself and my idea and I have stopped caring what others think. Thanks Marie for this video and re-confirming my beliefs.

  224. Faye

    Thank you so much for being there. I have watched most of your videos on youtube. I can’t afford B-school at this point, but I will con’t reading and watching you.



  225. Paige,
    Six years ago I quit my job as a Hollywood talent agent, traded my in sandals for cowboy boots, and moved from Los Angeles to Montana for a better quality of life.
    People thought I was crazy for leaving the business (in fact, one of our clients, June Squibb, was up for an Oscar award on Sunday evening), but I knew in my heart it was the right move for me. Of course, when I told people what I was doing, I got one of two responses: “You’re moving to Montana … on purpose?” OR “I’m so jealous!”
    You know yourself better than anyone else. Even when I was in college, I knew a “real job” was not the right thing for me — it only took me 15+ years to accept that fact and follow my heart.
    Accept responsibility for your life, and go for your dreams! Even if things don’t work out the way you had hoped they would, you will never have to live with “if only I had …” because you will be one of the people who actually tried!
    Blessings, my friend!

  226. K

    The way I see it is: people will always have something to say or criticize you for…let them criticize you for doing something you LOVE! =)

    At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you’re happy pursuing & living your dream.

  227. When I decided I wanted to start a business at 16 years old running personal development workshops for teen girls, I had so many people laugh in my face and tell me I couldn’t do it.

    The way I dealt with it was I only chose to focus on the people who were supporting me (Lucky I have an extremely support family)
    Then I decided to turn the naysayers into my motivation and made it my mission to achieve & to prove them wrong (being really successful is the best payback)

  228. I was put down saying I was never a good illustrator, I could never make money as an artist.

    I went to graphics design school at a local college, it wasn’t anything special and I found myself on top of the class in terms of motivation. I then dropped out after 2 years realizing they wasted my time, and moved to vancouver to study visual effects. 14 hours a day, networking, doing whatever it took to get my creative ideas out! I had to avoid my entire class to put forth that work effort and people hated me for being anti social.

    When I graduated, I didn’t even get the HONOUR award, I developed a creature, a 30 second vfx shot, including backdrop paintings and compositing effects…. blew the class away but the award went to a girl who had realtions with the head teacher….

    I moved back home and kept working, I got a call from a company in Toronto and boom, I was working in the movie industry doing all sorts of tasks…. I later moved on into business finding it was my passion as well, but thats another story.

    Im 25 now but at 21 I was the youngest person working for a great Visual effects company. and yes I made money as an artist!

  229. I have a website created around food allergies. I also did an e book for cooking around the holidays which i am redoing so its in how I eat now. Everyone just sort of thought ok whatever but I did accomplish and I am still creating a company around the digital training I have for food allergies. I am in B School. The biggest thing I have gotten from you and others is to go for it no matter what your competition says, other people say. People just dont get owning a business but I am out to make a difference in this area. I love supporting people around this subject since I live with it myself. I am excited , scared and just dont know to expect but I know B school is the right thing for me. I am going through how to create the right business. I am doing on homework and it makes you look at everything.

  230. “And it’s gluten free.” Marie you kill me in the best way possible. 😉

  231. Heather

    I do care too much about what others think; need to work on that. Now ever, I love when people tell me they don’t think I can do something because it motivates me to accomplish it that much more! 🙂
    Thanks for your great work!

  232. Hi Marie,

    So funny to read that the potato doctor is quite a celebrity in some places. Kudos to the potato doctor! French fries anyone?…LOL!
    I loved the flying fudge and I will keep it in mind anytime I hear discouraging words.

    One of the things I heard long time ago was that I was not pretty enough to live in America. Ouch! Luckily, I never had to rely on my looks for anything before in my life; just my mindset. So, that didn’t affect me.

    I’ve been living in the U.S for the past 13 years 😉

    I’m happy to come from a family that taught me as you always say, everything is figureoutable. I’m fortunate to rarely take anything personal but, if there is something to listen to, I’m aware that there is always room for improvement. That’s a reason why I also encourage education. The more you know, the better you can serve others in this world. And, there are many ways of learning. My curiosity is what leads me.

    Love this episode!

    P.S: I still have many things to prove wrong, but for that time will tell.

  233. My entire adult life has been bucking what I should be able to do. Became a ballerina as a teenager (went to classes with eight year olds) after injuries I barely graduated high school and was told to find a career that did not involve college. I went on to a 3.8 in graduate school while working three jobs. Now I run a successful portrait business while being partially disabled with a chronic illness. Strong fierce and a little oblivious goes a long way=0)

  234. My husband and I recently became completely debt free (including our mortgage)! Many people told us we were crazy and that it couldn’t be done in the time-frame we had set for ourselves (before we were 25). Well, we sure proved them wrong! Check out our interview with Dave Ramsey, here: Thanks for the awesome advice, enjoy your videos!

  235. Alana

    Hi Marie I really liked this topic as I can relate to it. I knew from the age of 12 that I wanted to get into the field of marine biology but my family were not very supportive about it especially my mother. So I put down the dream but then I picked it back up when I was 25 when I finally decided to go get my Bachelor’s degree. I fortunate to have started reading Joel Osteen’s first book “Living your Best Life Now” and it made me realize I had a lot of negative thoughts and as I started to change them to positive I meet my mentor who was my Marine Ecology lecturer and I started working with here as a research assistant and since then so much other great opportunities opened up. I realized that all things are possible with faith and belief in one’s self. I am currently in New Zealand on a scholarship pursuing my Master’s in Marine Science. It is a dream come true and I have learnt that you really have to not let the negative people get to you and the ones who support and encourage you are the ones worth keeping around.

  236. Oh, how timely!
    I spent Tuesday putting together my first video series. I wanted to create a series of free videos on enhancing relationships, as my new opt-in. I say ‘wanted to’ because after creating and editing the videos, I showed them to my husband, who said:
    “You can’t use those, you’re not looking at the camera the whole time, like the newsreaders do. You look warm and intelligent, but you can’t use them”
    He was just being objective. He didn’t realise that I. was. GUTTED.
    I spent the next 24 hours wallowing in self-doubt, angst, frustration, and sadness.
    Two days later, I’ve decided to prove him wrong. I’m going to make some improvements, and re-shoot them, but I’m not going to let his comments keep me down.
    Thank you, Marie!

  237. Oh yes you bet. Plenty. I started out wanting to do web design and development for people. My mom rolled her eyes. My ex-boss rolled his eyes asking will that even earn? (That’s pretty ironic cos he was providing the same business nature to his own clients) and many more of my friends. Sometimes i just had this feeling that most are seeing when i would give up and go back to find a job. To be truth, surrounded by the negative pple really made me wonder and even had the idea ok if it doesnt work, I can always head back to the workforce. Blink blink a decade had passed and i am doing well and because is my OWN business, i can set flexible time for my work, child and do even much more. People are still skeptical on what I am doing at times and i had learnt to close my eyes and ears to them. Instead I choose to hang out with positive people like what Marie had mentioned. I may have not experience much BIG success (yet is the word) but i had many small successes which I know i will never experience if i ever not step out to do my business. And guess what i am on to my 2nd business 😉 and a brand new field from what i am doing. You know what Marie, everytime i felt doubts i will google to see if you have any video on the topic. Most of the time i realized i had watched more than once. That’s shows humans are really forgetful and yes to other people out there! Just move it. You never know what lies ahead! 🙂 Pardon for the grammer mistake cos this is the first time after watching your video i very much want to leave a comment behind! You go, Girl!

  238. Marie… you are great. Watching you is sooo much better than watching these other boring entrepreneur shows! Who knew you could l could learn stuff about entrepreneurship and have a good laugh!

    You’re awsome!
    Thanks, Ryan (from South Africa)

  239. I honestly envy those women who just do what they desire and don’t give a rat’s a** about what the world feels about it.

    I have always been so conscious of other’s opinions even at this age – 25. I feel bad for myself because by now I should have gained more self-confidence. But no. It drives me crazy how I still care SO MUCH about what others think. And yes, I do feel like a prisoner. This probably answers why I don’t think I’ve achieved a lot in life even when I know I can.

    I really want to get this sickening fixation on how people think of me over with. And how amazing that my discovery of Marie Forleo and B-school gradually helps me do something about it by just listening to the positive messages that she is sending out which are actually, if you look at it in a broader perspective, just reminders that we have something in us that can make a difference in the world. In a way, it’s so liberating. Like I’m slowly getting out of prison.

    I’m finally starting to be more self-aware again and it feels great. The progression may be slow but nevertheless, it’s progress.

    To hell with the what people think!

  240. Ah! I love this!

    When I first came out to my parents as a spiritual entrepreneur and writer, they couldn’t wrap their heads around it. I was constantly being asked things like, “What makes you think you’re qualified to do that?” When people you love challenge your passions, it can be disheartening to say the least. At first, I started saying things like, “Two master’s degrees, a lot of professional praise from leaders in my industry, and a secret lifetime exploration of this stuff makes me qualified.” Then I started changing the conversation to, “I love you, but if you can’t support me in this, let’s just not talk about it, and I’ll show you over time.” It wasn’t until over a year later when I appeared on Awakening Code Radio out of Laguna Beach (and my mom was in the studio with me) that she got to see me in a professional setting rocking my awesomeness. Then she got it!

    For me, I never had a conception of accomplishing the impossible in my industry because I just don’t have self-imposed barriers there; rather, I accomplished the impossible when I refused to tone down my passion and aligned more with dreams, receiving something I didn’t think would ever happen – respect from my family as the professional consciousness and creativity development mentor, as well as writer, that I am.

  241. Vanessa

    Great video! I’ve found that as I get older, I care less about what others think, but I still care too much about what others think. So I needed to hear this and read all the great comments and stories that other’s shared.

    Could you tell me the names / websites for the 2 young ladies that you mentioned at the end of the video. I obviously can’t spell thier names correctly as my search didn’t turn up the right girls. I have an 18 year old daughter who has big dreams to run her own indoor soccer complex. It would be good for her to have inspiration from other young people who are pursueing their dreams.

    Thanks so much!!

  242. bostjan

    Thanks for the valuable content, I love it!

    An Idea > everybody talks about surrounding yourself with positive people, get rid of the negative, how you are an average of 5 people you hang around the most etc. Nobody says how to actually do it. Forums are a start for sure, but maybe some strategies would help or even personal examples, how did you get “connected”?

    Found you through Derek Halpern and Social Triggers, really grateful for it!

  243. Pat

    I absolutely love the way you address your wisdom to the young and young at heart. I thought of letting my 13 year old listen to you……… and I did. Bravo for inspiring people specially women. You are real, spicy and smart.
    That is the kind of example I want for my kids.

  244. Thank you Maria for this great video!! I couldn’t stop thinking about my 5 year old child while listening because those are the things I want him to learn from life and I tell him all the time, “only you can decide what you can or can’t do in life!” infact I made many things in life and I recently knew not many people believed I could but you know something? I never stopped to check if everyone believed or not in me I just kept on thinking everyone did jajaja! thank you thank you so much for all this great things you share with us. For teching us to think different and possitive!

  245. Oh my! Thank you so much, not only for your wisdom as always, but for the humor. My funny bone was big-time activated watching and I burst out laughing several times! I really needed that. Merci sister!

  246. I just want to say that you are truly one of the most magnificent souls on the planet. I have been following you for 2 years now and just listened to your podcast via entheos. It’s funny, because last night I was having a mini-breakdown in terms of living my dreams and being able to motivate myself (despite the fear) to start from where I am at and get going…So when I was having my little pity party last night, my man Mike said, “What would Marie say?” I then woke up in the morning, clicked on an unopened Entheos Newsletter, and whaaala – that is what Marie would say! I realised it is my fear of also disappointing all those who think I rock and will succeed. My voice of my gremlin stopping me from seeing the truth that I am already “doing” and being me. So thank you for filling my cup of inspiration to help me keep the faith in myself and love xxx So much gratitude (ps: B-school next year for sure – that way I can really create the life and business I love) xxx

  247. Kat

    Hi Marie!
    I Realy like your Energy!!!! And that you are also funny!!!
    Truth, Amazing Energy, believe and funny. Great!
    I Could Write Books how happy i am Here in this so positive, High energetic Field!!! And New at b School!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!
    Till soon!

  248. Elizabeth

    Interestingly I have always been entrepreneurial. I always surprise myself and get things done. When people pooh pooh me I just ignore them and say to myself “I know this will work. I don’t care what they say.” Somehow if I believe it can be done and it will. People are then shocked and say wow I can’t believe you did that! How did you do that? My next step is taking myself to the next level! It’s harder to do when the naysayer is you. You have to fight yourself, to win for yourself! I honestly believe that we will bring our country back with entrepreneurs! I wish you all much success!!!

  249. caroline

    inspirational as always. Uncanny how I was asking myself questions in my head about this topic for the last three or so days and this vid popped up in my email. thank you muchly 🙂

    Life coach at 23… yes maybe not fully ripe yet, but introspection like yours doesnt come with just age but alot of experience and know how… which obviously you have now.

    Thanks again for your vids. They are gold and full of stuff you more than likely would not learn sitting in a uni lecture hall.

  250. Paul

    I care what others think. So, when I want to do something that I am passionate about, but it sparks criticism, I feel most comfortable doing it outside my own culture. Being in another culture releases me to be me. My example is a pentagonal shaped house I wanted to build. I accepted the criticism in the USA that it would be too expensive and too impractical. I left the US and went to live in Ecuador and built it there. I could still hear criticism, but because it wasn’t my language, and it wasn’t my culture, the emotional component of the criticism didn’t touch me. I’m just saying that, if life is too constraining where you are, there’s the option of living it where everything is different, fresh, and people expect you to be different from them. One of the construction crew was overheard to say, this house looks crazy, but this must be the way they do it in the States.

  251. Wow, B-School is really firing off already in the first few days!

    So I’m doing the “How to start the right business” sheets right now and watched the videos recommended, after that I stumbled upon this video and OMG this was exactly for me! From the title I didn’t expect it to be this topic but it was just like the perfect addition to the things I was just learning. Damn, this program is so intuitive and guided and it’s really a dynamic noticeable that’s so empowering! Thanks Marie! And thanks for this answer and thanks for the asker.

    I’m also 20 and have been on the “spiritual path” for 5 years now.. I tried not to listen to other people’s opinions, didn’t go to University – although highly intelligent – and instead searched for my own way. After failing at becoming self-employed as an energy healer I went to University but dropped out again.. and so here I am, again at the starting point! I really have to admit that it’s only recommendable to leave conventional education when you’re clear, structured, motivated and COMMITED. When you’re just stumbling around, “looking for” the “right” thing.. you’ll get lost. That’s what happened to me. And that’s where B-School comes in! It’s totally crazy, after all I’ve done the past few years, spending money I don’t have for this training BUT – it’s like the missing puzzle in my search and I think that it will be a great turning point in my life 🙂

    I’ll stop rambling now and continue my work, figuring out what business to start and how – thanks for everyone who read this 🙂


  252. First off- Hahahahaha I LOVED the metaphor around being a Life Coach in the early days as a Potato Doctor. I know a lot of other Coaches can appreciate that too! (In some circles, Coaches are still considered Potato Doctors!)

    Second, to answer your question, before I became a coach I was an actress– and I pursued that in spite of my High School Teacher shutting me out of nearly ever play, in spite of my continued efforts. I couldn’t let her one opinion dictate my future, so I kept going, and I ended up landing the LEAD in the first season show in College. That moment was awesome!

    Yes, yes, yes about the power of the Entrepreneurial Mindset benefiting all of us. If you listen to what everyone else thinks, you won’t have an identity of your own, and therefore you won’t be able to really help others, or yourself.

  253. Ashley

    Wow, I know you get this a lot, but I feel like this video was made for me. In high school I told my Mom I wanted to go to culinary school. She said, no way, no how, not on my dime, that people who work in kitchens have crappy jobs with crappy hours and crappy pay. She said she wanted me to go to a real school and get a real degree that would actually get me somewhere in the world.

    So I went to a state university and got an accounting degree. Now I work in a secure job on a regular 8-5 schedule and make a decent 40k salary. I’m actually very good at what I do, but (I know this comes as a shock to most people) turns out accounting is really really boring at times, and un-fulfilling to me.

    Having been on my own for a few years, I realized I was finally free to pursue the passion that I had been holding back on. Last summer I started taking culinary classes at a local school and I have loved every single minute of it! I’m still slightly terrified to give up the day job, but the experience has made me think about how much my life has been based on what other people think I should be doing instead of what my own life is calling me to do.

    I love every one of your videos Marie, thank you for all your inspiring words and help!

  254. Dianne

    Very encouraging!

  255. This is a message worth hearing repeatedly because it will always come up when you’re beating to the tune of your own drum! I’ve found the shift to this mindset of not caring what other people think to be relatively seamless though it did take time, but when situations come up and I actually get a grouchy person who has anger issues and directs it personally to me – that mindset shakes up a bit and it takes time to realize that everyone is going through something that we may not be aware of, and therefore projects it on me/you often through doubt, uncertainty, questioning what you’re doing / actions / choices, etc.

    Practicing letting go & surrendering helps and I think when you know who you are and that you’re living your mission, you’re golden no matter what people say (there will always be 1 grouch in your audience)..

    THANK YOU! xx

  256. I love Marie’s quote > nowadays there is no secure job,
    And another quote > entrepreneurship is a mindset for survival,
    Marie’s observation > getting a degree is passe . . . will continue to become more true, but the larger challenge is changing the current mainstream mindset…and an entrenched educational system.

    All great thoughts hopefully well heeded by others.

  257. Dory

    This is a great video! I have to say, I still worry from time to time about what people think. I’m terrified of my new idea with a friend of mine, that it’ll flop and people will think I’m a failure. My classmates in high school thought I wouldn’t be successful after and that my only wish was to be married (although I am and love it), it wasn’t my ONLY want in life. I went the traditional route of going to college, dropped out myself, then went back to finish what was a personal goal – to become a doctor. People thought it was silly to “waste” that money on getting a doctorate, but it is something that I always dreamed of and I accomplished it. I may not have the big house on the hill, but I do have (at least some) of what I’ve dreamed about, and I’m going after the rest.

    I was often relegated to the background in plays and in my chorus, my teachers thought I wasn’t good enough. But (totally out of character and exceptionally scary) I sang with a live band (people who played with the likes of Journey and other large bands from the 80s and 90s) and people loved it! I have to say, I did care what people were going to think, that I wasn’t good enough, but it turned out…it was me all along who thought I wasn’t.

  258. Loved the question for today and how you addressed it Marie. As always, lots of good information that can help many of us starting out in business.

    Paige, in my locality here in the South of NZ I am seeing a lot of demand for the Events Industry so I say, you go girl and get that Events Management business going because the demand is just rolling out!

  259. I was about to start my second year of law school when I decided to drop out and become a Pilates instructor with the dream of someday opening my own studio. All my friends thought I was crazy and every person I told my plan to said I should just stick out law school because I would have “job security”. But I knew I didn’t want to be lawyer. So I quit law school, became a certified Pilates instructor, and started teaching Pilates out of my spare room in my apartment. Fast forward 4 years later and I have a thriving Pilates, Barre, and Yoga studio called Mint Studios in the heart of San Francisco and employ 10 people. It wasn’t easy and I definitely doubted myself along the way, but I am so glad I followed my heart and took a leap of faith to pursue what I love. 🙂

  260. K.M

    This video was one of the most realistic videos I’ve watched. In high school, I went through may troubles and had substance abuse for several years. No person had faith in me in completing anything or doing anything in life and everyone that was concerned for me thought my life would be spent working a minimum wage job or on the streets. Marie, you are completely right about friends and no matter what, they should always be a positive role model. My previous friendships were all negative and “backstabbing”. I met my positive role model, someone who actually believed in me and encouraged me to reach my full potential. He’s my best friend and I couldn’t ask for better. I managed to pick up my grades and enrolled in a Health Informatics program at a four year university affiliated with my states medical school. I also found a job in fine dining and became promoted with event/planning, working with catering, business events/meetings, parties, and so on. I enjoy working with clients and exceeding people’s expectations. I’ve seen people who put their heart and soul into the catering business and been truly successful. Follow your dreams girl, I am 19 as well.

  261. My 16 year old daughter and I were just talking about this very topic, and wondering why so many people feel compelled to squelch other people’s dreams.
    A few years ago, we came up with a dream to explore all 50 states together before she turns 18. Our first leg was a 5 week trip across the South west with just me, 2 kids and a tent. We got a whole lotta buzz kill advice and warnings before we went. One grandparent even tried to convince the kids that they should postpone their travel dreams until retirement….they were 10 & 13 years old at the time, and this well meaning adult wanted them to hold off until RETIREMENT. Seriously?!?
    Luckily, they just smiled and said thanks~ later we all laughed and we went on our trip anyway. And, it was AMAZING! We had a wonderful time working, learning, playing and exploring together. A year later, we did another trip across the Pacific Northwest. Currently, we’re planning how to tackle the east coast. I’m so thrilled to be able to work together with my kids on their dreams and to watch them grow up knowing that big dreams and big goals are very worth while.

  262. Hey Marie, Thanks for this video.
    I’ve been through the same things, people keep saying my business idea is not good with whatsoever excuses, yet the business I want are still growing and people still got income doing that!! Isn’t it funny?
    But it’s my passion and desire, Marie.
    I want to make it come true…
    Thanks for this video,Love ya.

  263. I really enjoyed this episode. I think every entrepreneur has faced this. I’m still working on this and I’ve noticed there are always barriers, but you know what I’ve made it to the point where people are perkin up and actually contacting me for my expertise. I’m just thankful that although I still have a ways, God has blessed me with a family that’s proud of me. You know what is so cool, when you hear the naysers become yessayers. ^_^

  264. Carli Neveling

    Hey Marie!

    This was just great! It’s not always easy to let go of those “nay-sayers”, especially if they are supposed to be your biggest supporters. But it is so key to surround yourself with positive people who aspire to more than just concerning themselves with judging you and telling you that you can’t do it!

    Thanks so much!



  265. Great video. I also want to add more my story about this topic. That is 8 years ago, where I live people hard to overcome exam for go into a big university, someone even who is member of my big family don’t believe I can get into and they said together about that. But at that time, it is my compelling goal and I focus and efforts prepare myself then I over my exam to get into this university right now I gradual this more 2 years and work at a good office as well. And another story is no one believe I can run a business, but right now it is my passion and I have one business online that I help many people that I start learn about it and start my passion 4 years ago while I still studying in university while my friend only focus on studying and keep work with normal job.
    So from my experience don’t bother about what people say or think on what you really want to do or who you want to become, let do it with passion and discipline then you will success.

  266. So glad this was gluten free, PHEW! 😉 Thank you for sharing! I needed to hear this!!

  267. Marie…why are all of your videos so timely to things going on in my life? Maybe because we all have the same issues? BINGO.

    Paige, believe me…you’re at the toughest age for worrying what peeps think. It gets easier to let that go the older you get, but get started on that NOW. I sold my very successful salon to be a freelance consultant and work on the degree I never finished when I was 37 years old. Peeps were negative. They told me I was insane. Now, the direction I chose lead me to becoming a freelance consultant for nonprofits. The work has MEANING to me, and guess what? I’m doing just fine. I enjoy getting up in the morning and going to work, and I make an excellent living. Can’t complain one bit. It was tough to believe that I could be successful in a completely different arena than the one I’d been in for nearly 20 yrs, but I did it anyway. You get to work, my friend. The sky’s the limit!

    Let us know what area you’re living in. You never know…I might need a party planned! 😉

  268. HELL YEAH, Marie.

    I was 23 (now 24) when I began life coaching. I got comments from my parents like, “You’re 23! Who would listen to you!?” and “Do people really pay you to listen to them!?”

    UM yes. They do.

    I was SO held back by my age at first, but when I realized it was all in my mind, everything changed. Most people have no clue how old I am. I look young, but people are surprised often when they find out my age. A girl called me yoda yesterday when she found out (hahaha!!)

    All this to say, your videos have been a constant inspiration. So much is mindset and presenting yourself like you know what you’re talking about. (especially if you DO know what you’re talking about.) And producing quality work. No one can argue with excellent work.
    Much love,


  269. I wrote two books in six months. While I was doing physical therapy on my shoulder three times a week. It hurt like a mofo. But I got. It. Done.

  270. Merari

    I really took away from this video the importance of having life minded people around you. I think I am really missing that in my life and I am going to look into ways to find other female entrepreneurs. Thank You!

  271. I loved this episode. Love. Love. Love it! Thank you!

  272. Shennie

    Thank you Marie. This video was exactly what I needed.

    I’m turning 30 years old in two days and freaking out about where I am heading with my life. I’m currently 6 weeks away from completing my first year in a teaching credential program, but I’ve been having that gut feeling. I just don’t know if this path is right for me. I admit, I have a problem deciding if I should continue with this program or to withdraw. As I reflect on how I got myself into the teaching field, I think about the people I was surrounded by were teachers (including my partner) and the teaching profession seemed more “secured” at the time.

    After going on a historical dig, I realized that I dismiss my instinct when I care more about hurting the people I love or disappointing them. I end up making the “safe” decision and the outcome always turn out the same: I end up hurting the people I love or disappointing them anyway.

    I realized I need to be around people who are like-minded and supportive of my dreams. I am missing that important aspect of my life. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I love event/party planning, career/life counseling, fitness and nutrition, and making DIY videos. I am ready to live the life of my dreams.

    Thank you so much, Marie!

  273. carmen

    What if its your boss or co-worker that could say something against you and get you fired….how do we stop caring about that if we feel our job is in the line?

  274. Hi Everybody,
    I decided I wanted to learn how to sail and sail across the Atlantic one day… People of course said it wasn’t realistic and of course dangerous. So I didn’t listen and started joining people who needed help on their sailboats who would teach me about sailing in exchange. I did that in Copenhagen, New Zealand and French Polynesia to start with and then I made the public announcement that I would cross the Atlantic the next season. This time, my family and friends listened. Since I had gained some very positive experience, I had proven that I could make it happen (from thought to engagement, it was figureoutable). I spent six months sailing with more captains in the Baltic Sea, in the Med & the Atlantic. 5000 nautical miles and some passages later, I was then ready to contact the Captains about to cross from the Canary Islands and I found the right one… and had a blast.
    One point I want to make here is that I could have paid to cross straight but I wanted the journey to be as enjoyable as the destination. Realizing our dreams is mainly about realizing ourselves!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, this is so incredible, Perrine! What a wonderful journey, and thank you so much for sharing this here ♥


    I love your white and gold dress!

  276. Monalisa Chong

    Hi Marie,

    This episode cracked me up. Your interviews and contents are part of the my last 20 minutes of learning and growth (from Robin Sharma’s 20-20-20), so thank you for that.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to many including me.

    From the Philippines

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