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If you were in my house right now, you’d see something pretty typical.

Stacks, and stacks, of books.

I have a huge bookcase over my desk. And stacks of books on my desk. Then there are books on my nightstand. Oh yeah… let’s not forget the book I always seem to have in my bag.

I love books. I also love magazines, newspapers, music, movies, art and videos, too.

Don’t confuse getting inspired with getting things done. Create before you consume. Click To Tweet

This all connects back to my love of learning and being inspired by people, stories and ideas.

If you look around, inspiration is everywhere! There’s an infinite source of inspiration online. Newsfeeds, social streams, Ted Talks, design blogs — you name it.

But is there such a thing as too much inspiration? Are some of us so addicted to inspiration that we’re not actually getting things done? No doubt.

The good news is that there’s a cure. On today’s episode of MarieTV learn the secret to finding inspiration everyday without getting lost in it.

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In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the one action you can take right now to move your most important creative project ahead?

Tell me what that action is, then go do it.

For bonus points, come back here and write “done!” under your comment once you’ve finished.

Thank you, as always, for watching and sharing your genius here.


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  1. Thanks for covering this, Marie! I’ve definitely found myself getting lost in inspiration sometimes–wanting to find exactly that right piece, or even just finding it all so interesting that I don’t want to stop reading/consuming. Creating first is great advice–those days when I stay off line until after I’ve created are definitely my most productive. I’ve got a big letter to draft today–it’s been on my list for since last Friday. Definitely going to get that done today! Thanks for the motivation.

    • Totally agree Jessica – I want to do things to my best and can sometimes over-“research”. One leads to the next… to the next… and so on!

      Good luck with the letter writing!!!

      • Down the research rabbit hole! I can totally relate to that. I ended up hiring a VA to do my research and giving her strict time limits. It really helped put a cap on my time down the rabbit hole. 🙂

        • Lisa, that’s such a smart idea! Yeah, this kind of borders on perfectionism… you just keep researching and researching but what’s really going on is you’re putting off getting stuff done because you don’t trust yourself enough and it’s not “good enough” yet. I also just set a limit on my research, and I have a rule that when I feel it’s going to be “good enough” I let it out into the world.

          • This totally reminds me of my research & writing classes in law school. I remember asking my prof “how do I know when to stop?” (looking up case law to find arguments for/against your case) and he said “you just stop when you have enough”. Yeah, thanks for that clarity. Typical law school “wishy washy” answer. 🙂

          • I completely identify with this “inspirational-crack” junkie mentality. My thirst for research comes from my desire to have it all feed into my ultimate products (insecurity perhaps, but a perfectionism streak for sure- thanks Dad!). But some wise NZ ladies once said… “It’s better to have imperfect action over perfect inaction” – which really rings true for me as “the stationary research position” moves you no further ahead or into the gaze of your target market… the “active creating stage” is what garners momentum for your business! Thanks Marie, this crack has got me on a high to go and sketch out some final details on my children’s Word Art range – long ago conceptualised but to be a major priority in 2014!

          • Ah yes – perfectionism, that old chestnut I know so well. Love the quote from Stacey – “It’s better to have imperfect action over perfect inaction” I’m going to write it out and put it on my desk!
            Thanks for all the inspiration ladies, I’m off to create something.

        • Lisa, I’ve actually been thinking about just hiring someone to do the research I need done for me but for some reason I’ve been procrastinating on it. Thanks for sharing! I’m inspired to get to work now.


          • Hi Demetria,

            Just remember that there is nothing wrong with outsourcing (paying someone else to do work for you). I use to have a problem with outsourcing when I first went into business as I thought I needed to do all the work. But I have since learnt that I can pick and choose the tasks that I want to do and outsource the ones that I am not so keen on doing. But I always oversee what work is done to make sure that it is congruent with me. Outsourcing also frees you up to be much more efficient and productive.

      • Jessica

        Thanks Emma! And oh, yes, wanting to do my best! Can definitely relate to that :-).

      • Marie! Love the Crack! Marie TV. Okay job to do…get my website completed.

        You know one thing I could really do with help with is influencing others. I can sell sure, but when it comes to family or people who don’t need something from me I want to be able to inspire them. I’ve got a feeling it is to keeo acting in a certain way?>

        THanks Marie 🙂

    • I found that using a service like let’s me save all the content and articles I find during my “creating” time or when I’m trying to be productive so I can read them later.

      I downloaded their app of my ipad so I can read eveything off-line if I’m stuck somewhere later in the day waiting with nothing to do.

      I like the concept of creating more than you consume. That’s something I should definitely put into practice 😉

      • Adriana

        @Galen – Thanks for sharing Pocket!! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

      • Jessica

        Thanks Galen! I’m checking out now–keeping everything in one place can be such a time saver.

      • Thanks so much for the get suggestion! Just checked out their website and it looks like the answer to my problem 🙂

        One thing that I find helpful is giving myself one day to create. I’m going to try scheduling that one day in a month every single month without fail and see how it goes. I realised a few days ago that when I take just one day to create I produce some pretty good work.

      • Fantastic! I save so much and then can’t find it! Thank you very much for this! I just joined.

        • Kathi

          I have the same issue. 🙂

          Have you ever tried the Evernote app, or Microsoft also has OneNote.
          These also are great tools for organization.

      • Patty

        Pocket is a great idea! I just downloaded the app. It helps take away the anxiety that if I don’t read something right away, it will get lost in cyberspace- never to be found. Thanks for the suggestion, Galen!

      • Thank you so much, Galen!!! Awesome tool. 🙂

      • Thanks for the website – this is something I need now! 🙂

      • Kika

        Thanks for sharing Pocket; had no idea something like this existed!

      • Been using pocket for a while now – highly recommend it. It’s like my treat box and I dip in there for a reward after knocking tasks off my to-do lists.

      • Belinda

        @Galen – that is the best share I’ve seen in a while. getpocket is brilliant! (I just checked it out). Thanks for putting us onto this and a better C:C ratio here I come!

        (time to stop consuming – must go create now – in my case a new template design for a lecture series. will reply with “done!” when I’m done) 🙂

        • Belinda

          Done! Done! Oh so done!

          (but inspired to do more!)

          Thanks for a timely Q&A Tuesday!

      • I just discovered Flipboard. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It lets me consolidate all my “inputs” (ummmm, errrr, crack) into a custom magazine I can flip through whenever, consolidate all the little inspiring photos of things I come across, etc., into one place. I get Facebook, Twitter, WIRED, Inc, etc, all in one place AND my home redesign has its own unique mag I create whenever. So, yeah, another easy way to STACK YOUR CRACK is thru this app. I use it on mini iPad, MacBook (+ flip it button in browser), iPhone, and ChromeBook. 😉 Ah, my life has changed 7 days ago when I downloaded the sucker. xx

        • Risoleida

          Andrea, thank you for Flipboard. I will use it right now!! Awesome Q&A Tuesday!

          • You’re welcome Risoleida!!! I’m glad you tried it out. It’s literally keeping my “crack” in order, and out of everything I’m doing to create today. Sitting silently tucked away in my iPad mini. 😉

      • Deborah

        Galen, thanks so much for telling us about this app. It looks amazing. So useful. Now I can easily store things to read when I get to the “consume” time of my day. Awesome.
        Great message Marie – as always.

      • Thanks Galen!! I’m definitely checking that out….later of course after I create 😉

      • Wyn Andress

        HUGE thanks for Pocket…. I’m always wasting time scribbling inspirational notes down & then can’t find them when I need them.

      • Thanks for searching! This is going to be super useful!

    • Jessica

      Done! It’s a pretty terrible first draft, but those are sometimes my favorite kind–because then the final draft will be so much better ;-).

    • This is REALLY something I needed, too. I just got done taking a personality test that said that my biggest strength is “I have an idea and its possible!!!” and my biggest weakness is not acting on said ideas. I’m writing C:C ratio on the wall. Should be 1:2… double the creating. Ideally. I wish there was a way I could keep track of it.

      What will move my creative project forward… I have SO many projects. Right now, I need to make a visually appealing powerpoint for one project.

      • Gretchen

        I think keeping track is key here, and in order to keep track, I think you need to come up with a way to quantify your c&c that makes sense to you. If that = time, then it might need to be higher than 2:1! I’ve also found selfimposed consequences help keep me more accountable than rewards. And if you want something to make it into your life, it has to make it onto your calendar first!! 😉

  2. Great question! I’ve often fallen into the rabbithole. Love the idea of the C:C ratio. I’ve always said you can be a producer or a consumer and I’d noticed that the latter was taking over. “Create before you consume” is perfection.

    Action step: Take a damn shower then complete another video for my youtube channel.

    Thanks, Marie!

    • Oh my God… I think we suffer from the same problem. I just started “working from home” last year and I’m struggling with the “get dressed” problem. I want to make some videos but would never do it without looking my best and PJs certainly won’t do! I might have to add your action step to mine 🙂

      • Hi Ree,

        Usually not an issue but I had been feeling extra lazy at the start of the year. However, the fog is lifting. I started filming again this past weekend. Gotta keep the momentum going. Taking a shower is the easiest action step possible. I’ll commit to completing recording by late afternoon. Stay tuned…

        • It’s definitely all about consistency Emelia! That may be the most important C there is 🙂

          • I Love the C:C ratio… great concept Marie!!!
            I had a sneaky suspicion that I was turning into a inspiration junky… and it was like you just turned on the light and caught me in front of the fridge!!! Eeek… best I start creating!!!

            I think that consistency whilst blogging is my biggest challenge, but I’m going to try the batch approach you spoke about recently… and see what I can get out… maybe today’s first step is plotting the 4 Titles of the posts I need to write 😉

          • Consistency is my magical word for 2014.

          • ‘A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain.’ ~Arabian Proverb.

            Time to file my taxes.

          • Done! Now Uncle Sam has to cough-up.

        • Done… Well, the titles at least… Now to write them!
          *side note* Thabks for the accountability!

      • Vanessa

        I used to have the same issue! I resolved the issue by setting a morning routine of “being at work” by 8:30am. I wake up and get ready as if I was leaving the house to go to a job outside my home. My system works best when I follow the same routine: make first coffee and drink it while making breakfast, eat, then shower/hair/makeup/make the bed etc and then I go back to the kitchen to make second coffee and walk down the hall to my office. It feels like I am walking into work for the day and it sets my mind into work mode. I don’t have kids at home anymore so the school morning scramble isn’t part of my day but if it is in yours, perhaps the walk or drive to take the kids to school could be the same as my walk down the hall to my office. Good luck!!

    • DONE!!!

  3. One action I can take right now to move my important creative project ahead? Stillness. It seems like hustling and sprinting forward would be a better action, but the more stillness I find in my days, the more I sink deeper into my creative genius and that’s when I get more done. So this week I’m going to carve 30 full minutes of stillness into my mornings so I can get that big creative project moving ahead.

    • Oh yeah. Stillness was a hard and HUGE lesson for me, Natalie. And when I finally committed to it as part of my daily sacred practice, it made a HUGE difference in my creative process.

      • Hmmmm…. I need to take your lead. I’ve had quiet time on my ‘ideal morning routine’ forever but it always seems to get nudged down the priority list. I KNOW it makes me feel more me, more creative, more focused, more motivated… Must try harder!!

    • Oooooo Natalie. Yes. Stillness.

    • Ooooou this sounds & feels so good to me: Stillness.
      I agree with you Natalie that it sounds counter intuitive that we’ll get more done from a place of stillness but I know (as you know), that what comes ou of stillness can be… miraculous.

      Cheers to stillness!


  4. You’ve given me a good nudge here!!
    My biggest goal right now is getting my first ever webinar done… I’ve set myself a deadline (I’ve committed to 11th February!) and have a long list of things to do… learning how along the way!!
    Today – writing the copy for my lovely newsletter peeps a.k.a The Glitterati!!

    CTC message received and understood! x

    • Jessica

      Good luck, Emma! Webinars are awesome :-).

  5. I learned about a year ago that I had an actual learning addiction. It wasn’t about being inspired, so much as a psychological “need” to keep learning and never stop. I’m a double-fisted reader, and it’s not uncommon for me to check out 10-20 books from the library at a time (and read most of them) – or well I should say it wasn’t uncommon.

    I had to install some of the same strategies you’re teaching today, Marie. I had to limit my intake – which created a bit of withdrawal-like symptoms for a time. I had a space cushion of time that I always felt like had to be filled. Luckily, that’s changed now, and I can appreciate the space and quiet. I actually enjoy it. But it takes practice, patience, and a commitment to unparalleled self-care.

    The good news is that now, not only do I enjoy the content I consume, I also crank out a LOT more productive, quality content of my own. Last year I recorded over 50 songs on my journey to record 300. I’m pretty proud of that.

    • Fantastic Lisa!!! What an awesome accomplishment 🙂

    • Hi Lisa! I read that some entrepreneurs consume a lot of info before they start their own businesses. Then they get to the point where “doing” is the only option. I decided to limit my learning to the things I needed to know to move further. Otherwise, it takes up too much of my mental space.

    • Thank you for sharing, Lisa. I certainly feel like I’m addicted to learning. I’ve invested so much to learn how to build a business and now I’m at the point of doing. On one hand I could argue that coaching is the cost of doing business and on the other sometimes it’s just time to get into action. There will always be some shiny new toy/coaching out there.

      Thank you so much for your experiences and advice. It will definitely help me as I choose quality vs quantity resources.

  6. Oh, Marie, this is just what I needed!!! My mentor always said that if you want to change a habit, you must insert the new behavior BEFORE a habit or practice you already do religiously.

    Take flossing. I hated doing it, but once I started to floss BEFORE I brushed it became part of the brushing habit.

    I’m an over consumer of info and find that my day disappears before I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. I’m going to use your C:C ratio and get my buns moving!

    I have to leave for work now, but tomorrow is a day off and I am committing to finishing the curriculum for a 2 hr workshop I have to develop for a class I’m teaching in March. I’m half way done but haven’t managed to pick it back up again. So that’s my goal… I’ll come back tomorrow afternoon to report on my status.

    Thanks again 🙂
    Big love,

    • Love that linkage to a current habit, Ree!

    • Barbie

      Wow Ree, thanks for the tip on flossing, that’s so smart! I will start doing that today!

  7. Marie, Thank you. This was a great kick to my information junkie mind. I will be focusing more today on my ebook to help business owners be more tech savvy. Of course my to do-list has many other things before that, but that is the golden egg.
    Thank You again. I’m off to polish off next weeks blog post and maybe sneak in some Mashable articles.

  8. Oh Marie, Marie, Marie ….

    How true! I have to make a concerted effort to avoid the bright shiny and remember that my work is to put myself and my skills out in the world. There’s a time and place for info (and info products of which I have many) but there is also a time/place/need for us to share that knowledge with others.

    Thank you for shedding light on this and many thanks to those who comment and let me know I’m not alone in it all.

  9. write the translation of my article on medium

  10. Love the C:C ratio! I use to consume first thing in the morning, but now have a morning prayer time, study time, and then I open the email (where all the crack dealers send me their goodies).

    Before consuming more today, I will edit and post the welcome video for my website that I shot last week.

    Thanks for the awesome episode, Marie. Love the link between information and crack because it is addictive. The trick is knowing the difference between information and knowledge so one can produce wisdom.

    Be peaceful, joyous, and love-filled!

  11. My action step TODAY is to make that appointment I have been putting off with a mentor/friend. I don’t sugar coat anything with her so its nice to have a talk where conversation is safe, vulnerable, open (to say what I want to say and to hear what I maybe don’t want to hear, but I know I have to 🙂

    Thanks Marie!

  12. Marie,

    You be crackin’ me up. (I couldn’t resist.) The one action I can take to get creating is to write the outline for my book. (I wrote the outline on a white board in November and it’s been in my room ever since.) I just need to edit it and get it on paper. Silly, I know.

    Thanks as always for your genius advice,

  13. This is me *all* over. As a designer, I always want to keep on top of what’s hot in my industry, as well as all the other non-designy things I’m interested in. At times it gets to information overload, so I’m going to try and take those little tips on board. Thanks Marie 🙂

    As for the one action I can take right now…it’s sending an email to a software company to ask them to help me see if their solution is right for a client project I’m working on right now. Getting on it! 🙂

  14. This was SOOO good Marie, I’m definitely an inspiration crack junkie and find myself overwhelmed with in.for.mat.ion

    Action: To commission transcriptions of the totally awesome videos and audios that make up my New Mama Welcome Pack. Yeah!

    Right…. on it now!

  15. Only you could make K holes and CRACK into high quality business wisdom.
    Love you woman.

  16. I have been facing similar problem , so I started a 10 do list for my blog. And only after I finish if off I allow myself to get inspired to do more 🙂
    Action Plan :
    I have been procastinating the recording of my podcasts , so until I get it done no more inspiration for me 😀

  17. jenny edwards

    Great advice. Simple and effective. I have tried restricting my online time till after getting my ‘chores’ done but always got sucked in. Now – Create before you consume – will keep me on track. So….I am going to contact someone RIGHT NOW who want to do some writing work with. Thanks!

  18. Dorothy

    Hey Marie, Thanks for coveting this topic. I have been crippled by my love for inspiration and haven’t been completing my projects then I am made and get down on myself. This then leads me back to inspiration to lift my spirit. I have been addicted to inspiration and unable to take project I need to finish is my title research for my an oil and gas company. I will update when its done. Thanks again for always sharing Truth Marie!

  19. Carole

    Great episode….and the timing is perfect and a great reminder to stay focused…like the c-c ratio concept….signing up for that one!

  20. Carolina

    wow, starting a new business is a lot of getting “ideas” from the i-hole and trying to do as well as they are doing. Bombarded by the way needs to be done and those “successful” websites have kept me lost about what I want to do.,. and yes, we have to have a balance!
    I guess is more action and less surfing for me…

    Action: Get the flyers to potential customers ready and start selling my Valentine’s Day flowers!

  21. I love the idea of “stack your crack” – filing that gem away.

    Today, I’m going to outline the next written product that I got inspiration for yesterday – how to leverage different methods of communication for efficient corporate communication.

    This episode was perfect for me – going to “stack the crack to keep things on track. 😉

    Thanks, Marie and team!

  22. Great advice, Marie. My pledge? I’m going to go to Starbucks and long an hour on my book. See you back later for “DONE!”

    • Excited for it Julie!!!! I’ll be watching for you 🙂

  23. I think you said it best a while back Marie – insight +action=results

    I can hide in the learning for days and months and years – always feeling like I need to learn MORE before I can take action.

    So my goal – is getting my new website out there – no more researching and learning to make it perfect… get it up and out – then make changes.

    Love the CREATING angle too… every morning, I dedicate 20mins to creating new content.

    Shelagh Cummins

  24. What I need to do, before I do even more creating in the form of designing logos, is create a blog post and check it off the list. without being distracted.

    • Hi Pamela, I just checked out your website, I LOVE it! I love all the new connections I make just by reading comments from Marie Forleo followers, a fantastic group!
      As for me, I am going to write my blog and come back to say DONE!

      • OK. Did what I said and I also combined it with the next thing on my list. Created a post on packaging product because I had prints to ship. Then I moved onto logo design work.

      • Hi Laurel, WOW. your canvas rugs are awesome. I love with the chevron- gorgeous! Thanks so much for the kind words.

        Good for you getting things done. Kudos.

  25. Pam

    Ooooohhh, girl! This is a good one! My action for today is to write this week’s blog post. Thanks for the new mantra: “Create before I consume.”

  26. Oh this was so juicy for me. I have 2 layers before I consume my inspiration crack. First layer, is doing my day job stuff!!! Second layer, is doing my side biz stuff that I seem to want to do all the time and forget about my day job sometimes (not good!). Then wallah I can get me a smoke of that inspacrack!

    My one thing to get done is 1. Respond to all the emails in my inbox this morning 2. Draft a contract I been meaning to do

    Can’t wait to write done!

    • DONE!!! Took longer than I wanted it to but its a miracle that I actually finished the contract today!! Time to read “Money: A love story” =)

  27. The best thing about this video is the feeling that I am in good company with my inspiration consumption habit!

    Thank you for giving me a tool to work with.

    The thing I need to create is order. Does that count as creation? Today I am going to create order in my bedroom. There are currently piles of unmatched socks and kids’ clothes that need to be given away on my floor. Not a great space to focus in!

    • Jenny

      I’m taking back what I wrote. I use my home life/family as the reason I am not creating my business. I am going to write my about page for my website. Before matching the socks or reading another inspirational word.

      Thanks Marie, for providing such a great space here. It helps me take an honest look at my actions.

      • NICE comeback Jenny. Please go do that now and come back to write DONE. Go for it!

  28. Cam

    Love this. I am all too familiar with the inspiration & learning rabbit hole, and the thing that has helped me the most in the past few months is pretty much a tactic for your second step, Marie. I downloaded a read-it-later/bookmarking app (I went with Pocket, but I know people who love Instapaper too) and installed the bookmarklet on all my devices and social media accounts. Now, every time I’m tempted to enter the vortex, I just send the article/video/presentation to the app, where I can access it later from any device (even offline, when I’m in line at the post office, waiting for an appointment, whatever). It’s great for taking the edge off those consumption jitters and building a big, juicy stack of reading material that I can also keep a record of. Your videos, of course, never quite make it there, but I’m doing pretty well with delaying gratification on everything else! 😉

    • Cam, I totally agree with this method! I’m an Instapaper gal myself. Before I started using that tool, I would email things to myself… but that just added up to a fat inbox.

  29. I find that over-inspiring ourselves is often an act of sabotage. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts on the prize

  30. Steve Szubert

    Marie … unless your legs are made of Velcro, one day your iPad is going to slide right off your lap and smash to pieces on the floor. Please, please, please put it on the table beside you.

  31. Carmela

    This video told me off in a very good way. I love inspiration, but my c to c ratio is darn near nonexistent
    My action step today is to stack my “crack” inspiration and go from there.

  32. OGA

    I am going to take an online energy healing course that I kept postponing the whole day .. 😀 THANK U FOR THE CREATIVE ENERGY BOOST Marieeeeee , LOVE U xoxo OGA

    • Hey OGA!

      That course sounds awesome! Care to share more about it?

  33. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I need to get to work on my one-pager for potential investors– Today I’ll get a draft outline completed at a minimum. (I’ll be thrilled when I come back to say “DONE!”)

  34. I’ve got an “Artists’ Retreat” I’m planning for May and need to finalize a few details, put it in my monthly newsletter and send the info out!

  35. I get my best “create” work done in the morning before I open up any social media networks or email. If I click on my Tweetdeck app too early in the day, I get sucked in! I try to get in one or two 90-minute blocks of unplugged creative work before I jump into inspiration-land.

    I will absolutely work to put create before consume EVERY day instead of just when I need to get something done. Thanks Marie!

  36. Marian Knowles

    I pledge to complete 9 more customer development interviews by 8:00pm today for a total of 15!

    • OK Marian! I want to hear an done around 8:01pm tonight.

      • Marian Knowles

        Done! Wow, thank you for the gentle nudge:)

    • that sounds like a LOT of work! good luck.

      • Marian Knowles

        Thanks for the morale support!

  37. Laura

    Great story, Marie! I will keep that mantra in my head: create before you consume. It was the subject I was trying to find a solution today when I was not happy that I lost my valuable morning hours while being high on inspiration (I am a heavy case inspiration addict).
    Now, i will write the sales page for the next event. Thank you for being this great inspiration!

  38. Thank you!!! I so needed this kick in the rear today. I appreciate the tips and I will now be heading to the web to finish and ship my new business cards. Peace out – m

  39. This weeks video is a fun share what I have been practicing daily in my 2014 resolution. It’s dire and become serious for me.
    Vata Dosha imbalance.
    First I announced on FB I was leaving. After 10 days I had to log on and realize it would have been liked leaving all email. Rediculois since my work(I am a conscious movement facilitator) relies on reaching people to attend my classes and to get new festivals and workshop gigs.
    Basically I need a routine, some ritual, meditation, and a block of time to paint or make music or choreograph music. I loved this post today Marie. Today I am going to teach my 5 classes and create a new schedule so that I can leave one of my locations(where I’ve been teaching 4x week) my goal is to reach out, land some new spaces to teach, and give my boss two weeks notice tomorrow, Wednesday, at 1PM. I hate it there even though the location is closest to my house. I want to just remain on the sub list, so I want a graceful exit. I know this release of a job will bring me double back. Remember when you had these jobs? F-ing aqua aerobics – those entitled old lady’s and the club are killing me. (!)

  40. Palabra! This is exactly why after doing a year of a business Mastermind, instead of doing it again, I took a year “off” to INPLEMENT. I still had a mastermind group but I didn’t need to absorb more – I had to take all the awesome info I learned and implement. In that implementation year I created my own lifestyle Mastermind group and also another digital program. It was awesome!

    I am also addicted to learning and actually budget thousands a year for coaching and studying new topics. It’s what I do instead of fancy shoes;) but I do have to remind myself to temper learning with doing, so this episode deeply resonated with me.

    Next – I’m launching my group lifestyle program at this week so I’m going to finish writing my blogpost for this month and schedule a free teleseminar for peeps to come listen to a related topic. Here I go! Good luck to everyone – happy creating!

  41. Tahnee

    Coffee, Check. OJ, Check. Breakfast of Champions including greens AND bacon, Check. Business plan about to get ‘stuck into’ for future investors, on my way dammit! No consuming until the creative fire gets fed too! Thanks Marie for the extra inspiration today.

  42. Hooray!! I’d already done it!! Before I started consuming I created ; first thing this morning and I’m having my “down” time now just before I pick the kids up..a good way to chill out and switch from work to “mummy’ mode! Thanks for today’s post,you are funny & wise & laughter is a great motivator ..oh poop now I’m late for the kids!!

  43. Kimberly Lennert

    I am going to write and send letters/e-mails to all family requesting recipes for a family cookbook I have had illustrated in my head for years.

    • Beautiful – write/send them and come back Kimberly!

    • Kimberly! One of my missions in life is to encourage people to give one-of-a-kind gifts that deepen relationships. I am collecting stories of unique gifts and have been looking for someone who has created a Family Recipe book. Sounds like you are in the process of making an amazing one. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to share your story with me? (I’m guessing that when you finish the book, you will share it with your family!)

      • P.S. Kimberly, if you are willing to share your story with me, would you email me at Sherry at simplycelebrate dot net? Thanks!

  44. I read the email that the video came with (yes, I is a Bona fide subscribeeeeer! Hum.) and I thought ‘I know exactly where this is going!’ and yet although I wasnt completely wrong, you surprised me with how you presented the solution! Braingasm. Ok to move my blog project One step now, I could finish that entry I’ve been working on. I got 20 mns though, then I got a meeting!

    • Done!!!! Sitting on draft to go out this Friday. Xoxoxoxoxo

  45. THIS WAS THE BEST — I can totally relate!!!!!!! Agghh!!!

    Sorry for shouting, but – it’s been that intense of an issue for me over the past few years. Solutions I’ve taken — getting off of Facebook, & emailing myself “digests” of links to different inspiring internet articles (i.e. during those moments when I have literally 50 tabs open in my browser, most of which are inspiration – I take each hyperlink, one by one, & paste them into an email to myself, which I then label “digest ___that date___”. That email then stacks up in the Digests folder, for some later date.)

    So I’m stacking already. The suggestion to create before consuming anything is the next level for me, and one I’m feeling ready for as we start this brand new year.

    Off to work on my ongoing creative project now, am thankfully not too far gone into a k-hole after this crack hit, like you said haha – THANK YOU FOR THIS MARIE!!!! 🙂

  46. LOVED this episode! So true. Not only can over consuming stop me from getting things done, it causes major education hangovers. Ugh. When I overload on consuming, even when it’s the most awesome, insightful, inspiring info I get a case of “confusion-itis” and major “comparison-aches”. Creating before consuming… brilliant!!

    My action for today – create my email broadcast for my upcoming UNDERGROUND ART INITIATIVE mastermind program and nail down the schedule for the accompanying retreat. My peeps are waiting for it!! You’ll see me back here later today! (Love the accountability piece). 🙂

    Thank you! Your vids always rock my world! xo

  47. I love this post, this is so me to a T! It’s like the 4HWW’s version of trying to go on a low information diet (no reading blogs, media, newspapers of any kind), but you make the analogy of consumer consumption being like crack which I never thought about before but sounds so true, you’re spot on! Yes, I plan to be productive by getting my writing projects done and creating before allowing myself leisure reading time from all print and online media. Cheers! Oh and will report success in here afterwards. Great video and great assignment!

    • Done, thank you for the kick in the butt!

  48. Hi Marie, thank you so much for such a great video! It’s always so inspiring watching your episodes. Please let me tell you that I absolutely love your dress on this particular one! You look stunning. Where did you get this one from? Keep doin’ what ya doin’! Best of luck and love from snowy Austria-Graz!

  49. Great vid. I am a chronic inspiration junkie. I don’t so much confuse it with getting things done, I do it when I am afraid of getting things done. Like instead of writing that next scene in my book because I’m afraid it might suck ass or I am just not feeling the writing vibe, I go look up some inspirational stuff on my SM sites (it sounds more like nasty addiction when you abbreviate it – lol). So my pledge is to sit my ass in my chair and just write, no pinteresting, facebooking, researching just writing. Everyday for at least twenty minutes. That is my pledge. I’ll come back and write done after my twenty. Cheers, 🙂

    • Please do Gabrielle — looking forward to it. 🙂

  50. Can I tell you how much I love you? You’re Crackin’ me up!
    My C:C is a bit off and I’m going to try your simple tool: create b/c you consume. I’ve been doing a lot of both and they are so intermingled that I often look up and think- exactly what have I been doing? SO, I’m gonna turn that puppy around. Create first.

    Ok, it’s 10:23- I’m going to meet with my business advisor today at 12:30 so I have two hours to do all my homework and get focused to make it an awesome session. That’s what I’m gonna do right now!

  51. Casey

    Go and finish my strategic plan!

    • Casey Erin Wood


  52. Hilarious video and AMAZING dress once again! (Your stylist rocks!)

    MANY of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed because they’ve been having too much ‘crack’ (watch the video people!) so I put them on an information diet. Once they take a break and create a little spaciousness in their head they can start focusing on creating their own masterpiece.

    And hey, I’m guilty of this myself! I have to stick to s strict “no email first thing in the morning” and “no social media” policy or I’l get sucked into a million things to do and my own work will get pushed to the end of the day.

    Cheers to creation!

    • The action for me today is: Rest & Rejuvenation.

      From a place of rest + rejuvenation new ideas will come forth that will take my creative project (writing my book) to the next level.

      So for now, I shall trust in my inner guidance and take it easy today.

  53. I want to spend more time writing, but put these false have to’s in the way. “Catching up” on emails leads to time on FB, Pinterest & inspirational sites that I think are filling me up. But really, they are a procrastinator’s dream…keeping me away from success because I fall short of actually putting myself out there for real, leaving me with this strange twinge of guilt. Signing off to write and edit for a few hours. Thanks for the C:C ratio idea…makes so much sense. I wrote it on a notebook as a reminder, and will be sharing with my kids when they get home from school. 🙂

  54. James

    I did enjoy you video for once. Yes,mI have book galore all over the place. I can’t even eat at my kichen table for it’s booked up! Being creative at consuming I’ve taken to eating out of the cat bowl while doing my down dog yoga pose! Not really but good thought.
    First creative indivore today, clean the kitchen off
    Thank Marie

  55. Erica Wilson

    Thank you, this was enjoyable and made me laugh. What a great way to lay it all out there. While the video was on I completed a task I was avoiding on the home front. The one thing I must complete before my next “crack” attack would be an acceptable resume. And GO! What an inspiring way to entice me to stack the crack and get on track. Thank You.

  56. Such a great Q+A!

    My C:C ratio is definitely off. I find that I start to consume more when I’m working and start to doubt my abilities. Social media, emails and youtube videos become a distraction from my work and my feelings. Inspired by your video, I’m actually turning the computer off and committing to picking up a pen and notebook and going somewhere quiet to finish working on the copy for my cookbook. Thanks Marie!

  57. Oh my gosh! I am a serial consumer according to being diagnosed by this video. LOL

    I LOVE the tip of NOT consuming before you create. But, what if your business is done through social media, connecting and talking with others, and celebrating their successes daily? I am inundated with hundreds of messages each morning on Facebook.

    • Hey Kelly! For almost every person I know, there is creation time that’s vital to reaching your greatest potential. Writing (for business, or to genuinely connect and express love with family/friends, or creative writing) is often essential. Taking time to wonder, ponder, think for ourselves and create from our own inner thoughts and reflections is vital. It’s essential to stay connected with your own wisdom and intuition. So even if your business consists of connecting with others, I’ll bet there are truly important “creation” items on your list that would be served if you handled them first. xox

  58. c:c ratio clarifies way to flow with time. thank you. today, I paused your video, completed a task (a bit of editing), and then finished watching.

  59. Barbie

    Hi Marie! GREAT question! Thanks for addressing this subject. I’m obsessed with nutrition, I’m constantly looking at videos, listening to gurus talk about health, learning healthy recipes, reading and researching every aspect of food and how affect us physically and mentally. I dream of the day I can make my own videos and help others. I have learnt so much people always tell me I should be a ” life coach” in nutrition.
    Yes I know a lot, but I can’t put it in practice!! I do so much research at the end of the day I run out of time and eat like crap! So how could I ever help anybody if I can’t get it together myself!!
    I think the first step would be to come up with a schedule and a sample menu. And I would always keep in mind the C:C radio for now on!
    Thanks again.

  60. Hi Marie and girls! (and boys, ok!)

    I know for a long time that I can spend hours, days and months in books, articles, creat content of others. I am on a no-news diet for long (I had also hated it anyway), now on a low-blogs/tv shows diet and I only selected those who provide the best content and all the books that are high value to me so I can really go deep in it. Of course marieTV is on the VIP list 🙂

    But what I still struggle with is not restraint my time consumming even after having restraint the materials I consum.
    You just gave me the answer: Create THEN consum! Thanks a lot! I have a FOMO when I don’t consum all new contents before writing my own.
    My new early alarm clock on the morning will help me just create content before anything else in the morning!

    See you later for my DONE 🙂

  61. This is a perfect video for today, as the writing client I do onsite work for Tuesday – Friday is officially closed today and tomorrow due to impending bad weather, which I just found out an hour ago. Two totally unexpected free days in a row, oh boy!

    So the first thing I thought of was, “Holy Cow, now I can watch that webinar replay from yesterday I didn’t have time to watch, catch up on email, visit all my favorite blogs, read the last two issues of Oprah magazine I haven’t gotten around to yet, then later sit on the sofa with a cup of green tea and read the new book I bought over the weekend, plus the two books I bought last week — you know, all the things I usually don’t have an opportunity to do for more than 20 minutes at at time on a normal day.

    However. Now that I’ve seen this video, first I’ll work on an essay I’m on deadline for, and for more than the 30 minutes I originally planned to devote to it today based on my previous, and now absent, client work.

    Awesome, awesome, thanks so much for the inspiration! : )

    • Done, yeehaw! I worked on this piece of writing for 90 minutes, and while working on it, thought of 3 other essay topics I want to write on, and made notes on each of those as well. And now I’m going to reward myself with some crack in the form of a good book. : )

      • Karina

        Good job Kimberly! I didn’t ever finish my writing project from Tuesday’s assignment.

  62. Sydney

    Oh. Emm. Geeee, Marie! You read my mind. I find myself getting sidetracked all day long – I have SO much I want to do. Great video. Thanks!

    I’m going to work on my list today, as I do every day. See ya when I’m done!

  63. Kelly

    My problem’s that I’ve been struggling to get on the right track. I see what experience I need to get to where I want to be, but because the odds are stacked so high now, I can’t seem to get there. Which then means I begin to procrastinate a lot. I’ve spent the last few months job hunting on various sites, and applying for relevant jobs for the field I want experience in, with no luck.

    I actually filled out an application that’s just took me an hour! It’s not even in a field I want to be in, but it should provide the hours and income I need to get the experience I want. As a result, I get lost either on the internet looking for other avenues, for ‘inspirational’ talks to stop me from sinking into the depths of despair… or just searching/applying constantly for all kinds of jobs. Fingers crossed something comes up soon so I can focus on what’s more important to me…

    That application done, I’m now going to go and transcribe a piece of audio for my English degree coursework before I get ready for my current workplace (which I hate).

    • Kelly

      Not done. Attempted to but it seems technology hates me and I’ve just spent 30 minutes having to listen through the full audio rather than pausing every couple of seconds to write down precisely what is happening as the laptop won’t allow me to pause/skip to the right segment. What is going on?? I’ll have to try the DVD player tomorrow and see if I fair any better.

      • Kelly

        Ok, I may not have completed my assignment due to “technical issues” (the DVD player didn’t work out, nor was the library open on a Wednesday) but I have stumbled across some ideas for developed more a ‘niche’ for my blog article writing AND it’s actually tied to what I’m working towards doing career-wise (creative project managing/hosting or delivering relevant workshops). How did I not think of it before?

        Went crazy and CREATED lists of things I want to cover. I have a job interview tomorrow and, if I get it, I’ll have the time around it to do the ‘work’ side of things for these posts since they will be experience based. If not, content will be much slower or of a lower quality, which isn’t what I want at all.

        Currently I’m on Tumblr but I don’t really like it. It seems pretty dead over there and I don’t like the fact that noone can comment on posts unless they’re connected to you for a couple of weeks. Any recommendations on free blog sites, that I can grow from, with an active community?

  64. Hi Marie,
    You were reading my mind! I was just thinking this yesterday, too much consumption of inspiration & ideas and not enough output of work. Well from one hard working person – that’s not really so true, but we can all get caught up in being inspired!

    Ok, off to do major pet projects today, you know projects for the pet industry!
    Thanks for your usual amazing inspiration!

  65. Laura

    I made a phone call to have an impromptu meeting about some very important career upgrades. Been needing to make this meeting happen for some time. Thanks as always for the inspiration, Marie!

    • NICE Laura! Congrats.

      • Laura

        And DONE! 🙂

        • Laura

          Had the meeting today and everything! And feeling awesome!!
          Now, back to my current crack- which I also found through you, Marie- Danielle Laporte’s, The Firestarter Sessions 🙂
          Have a great week!

  66. I’m all about the crack…. and it’s killing me! I love information/education/ knowledge/learning. The more I learn the less I know! Thank you for this video 🙂 I’ll get C:C’d for tomorrow. As soon as I finished watching the video I finished my work that I was supposed to get done today. Much appreciated for the push! DONE!

  67. As a recovering overachieving academic, my creativity was suppressed for so long that it feels like I can’t turn off the tap now that Im an entrepreneur!
    I am addicted to doing, so I do a lot but much of what I really want doesn’t get to completion -‘shiny object syndrome.
    I asked for guidance on this, to be able to decipher when an idea is inspired vs distraction and as I work out, i get the best crack – Marie flavor 🙂 so my action item is to follow up on a worskshop that I want to do at a studio where the owner recieved it well. That’s it! Assets first, distractions later 🙂

  68. I’m sticking my hand up and ‘fessin up as a member of the bookcase club (and the even more addictive kindle bookcase club). I was sick over Christmas and really rather enjoyed the chance to catch up on the stack, but I know I need to back up a bit out of that rabbit hole.

    Great suggestion to keep those two Cs apart! I often download all the nerdy podcasts then listen to them while washing up or digging the garden. Just like the Bad Tempered Ladybird, if I’m not careful I’ll go along picking fights with bigger and bigger book-animals. SO many blog posts get written in my head but not written down this way.

    So, my next action is to write down my upcoming blog post about a very similar topic: what to do with the feeling of ambivalence we all get when doing too much research, and how that impacts us as entrepreneurs who are often told to find a position and stick to it.

    Not reading any books till that one’s done 😉

  69. Marie,

    You are looking fabulous and pageant-licious 😉

    Great webby! -Kristen

  70. HA this was a great help!

    Thanks for the Crack Snack, Marie!

    I am going to start making stacks! I have a tendency to create lots of healing programs for my clients but when it comes to inspirational crack I tend to be like a ferret who see’s shiny things and become easily taken off track!

    I’m going to make stacks and “snack” on them during those days of down time.

    How much fun will that be!

  71. Prem

    You are really awesome. Nice to watch you

  72. What’s the difference between a triscuit and a lesbian?
    One’s a snack cracker and one’s a crack snacker..
    Sorry , couldn’t resist!
    Great post..I’m a crazy consumer…gonna stack my snacks and get crackin on my work now!

  73. Wow, thank you for covering this topic, Marie, it’s very timely for me. I’ve been stuck in inspiration mode for the last two weeks instead of building my business. Now I know what to do to climb out of this rabbit hole and get something done.

    Thanks again!

  74. I totally struggle with this! This video was right on target. Advice taken. Now I will update my website. Something I’ve been putting off for weeks.

  75. I am in the countdown of a rebranding launch for my company. I have set up a schedule of emails and facebook posts that will be sent out over the next two weeks. I am going to work on them now. Thank you Marie for this kick in the ass!

  76. Great post Marie. I like ‘create before you consume’ and I will start off my daily with that routine as of this morning. It is all about balance and I have been unbalanced lately with not enough fiction for pleasure reading.

  77. create before you consume! I need that on a shirt! Tomorrow morning I will start my morning will an hour of brainstorming THEN check out the online crack. Oh and “crack snack” gave me a giggle fit — I’ll be quoting that! 😉

  78. Marie & fam…I must say, this was interesting, inspiring, and as addicting as an illegal substance or a hot-sexy-body hugging Rodeo Drive looking mini skirt meets traditional Mexican garb/style…You made me want to get “tacos” for lunch today, Marie…I tip my hat to your “outstanding” stylist (you need to hide her in your closet at home)!!…C:C Ratio is a perfect way of looking at this issue, because as a creative artist, I have several projects in the works and one in the launch bay…But, I have indulged in the internet substance, as well…I will employ “time management” to cure the problem and focus on creating product first over research…Thanks for the idea and as they say, “an IDEA is more valuable than the produce/service that it creates”…Your mind is like a “Diamond Mine” and each time we come to your MarieTV show, you seem to take us deep DEEP down inside your “rabbit hole” for an educational retreat to see you bring out these “beautiful shiny rocks of pleasure”…and the GREAT part is…you hand out “happy nuggets” to us all for coming!! So, thanks…you did it again…and DONE!!


    P.S. XOXOXOxXx

  79. I have so many plans to grow my business this year, but newly self employed since April last year, I finally have a lot of ideas, however putting them to action is something completely different.

    So I am going to create a year plan that will not only allow me to commit to my actions but allow me to keep on top of it, month by month 🙂

    Love your work Marie Forleo, you are such an inspiration x

  80. Love the C:C ratio! Of course, I watched this before starting in on my work day … thank God for tomorrows. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with this! I think it’s why everyone is so “busy” lately.

  81. I’ve been all over my own case about not meeting my own daily goals to write my book in the last two weeks. My goal is to have my book completed by Day 1 of B-School **insert enthusiastic B-School squeal**. I scheduled my writing time for the end of the day because of all the daytime responsibilities I’m juggling, but I’m struggling with inspiration! Tonight, I’m setting my timer for 45 minutes, turning my phone to Do Not Disturb and I’m going to open WordPress in Distraction Free Writing Mode. I’m creating my own virtual writing fort!

  82. Alessandra

    Guilty as charged! Which means I accept your challenge and shall go now to write down even the silliest ideas I have for writing my story, instead of scouring my bookshelves or Pinterest for someone else’s ideas.

    Thank you for your wonderful way of inspiring!

  83. Dear Marie,

    I really liked your presentation today.

    In today’s tough business world, originality and innovation are the driving forces for success.

    I remember in my profession that in CSC Chennai in 2008, I was original when it came to HL7 Protocol Design and the CSC UK guy Tony & Mike where quarrelling with me whether this will be a Song Contest or a TV Show or a Cable Stayed Bridge. Some guys from CSC UK accepted my original ideas which were inspired by Czechoslovakia and Kashmir.

    I think Sharon was very happy with me for my innovation and originality for Healthcare Protocol Voting Feature Implementation which I really liked very much.

    Thank you Marie for the caution on getting inspiration. It made me feel that I should not get fired from my job. I am listening to the voice of Jesus and I strongly believe that everything in this world is bounded by limits.

    Rohan Sarker

  84. I will finally start my blog today! Its something I have been planning for 3 YEARS! And never happened. I overthink it too much because I want it to be perfect, and it just never happens. Meanwhile I got so much to share! So decided, I’m starting today with the first post. Just a simple, health directed, it can really help people. Today.

    • First post done! Not published yet, I will keep writing one post per day until I got 7 posts then I will publish it. What a relief!

  85. enjoyed my crack time today.
    Always an inspiration to watch and nuggets of wisdom.
    Thank you MarieTV

  86. Preach it! I love this so much, a big difference between days where I get a lot done and those that I don’t? Whether I let myself get sucked into reading a bunch of stuff, watching a bunch of videos, or whatnot. I do take a few moments when I need that “break” or downtime, but for the most part I prefer to consume content in my “after hours”. 🙂

  87. Oh.My.Lord. This one is for me! I was just thinking about how addicted I am to You Tube/blogs & how I am getting NOTHING done. Glad I am not alone..thanks for the wake up call. I’m about to get stuff DONE!

    With insane love & appreciation,
    Catina 🙂

  88. Leilani Ellis

    One thing I’m going to do to move myself ahead today is learn one new thing about my business or re-learn something! Putting my thoughts into action!

  89. Yeah! A Crack stack! I am building mine right now! I am going to update my website for a bit and then gonna have a Crack snack from my Reading list.


  90. Get to the office. In a chair with a cup o joe.

  91. Tricia

    My absolute Favorite Dress on You so far…..

  92. Barbie


  93. I’ve had “record bonus mp3 for my big year” on my to-do list for over a month now. It’s time to create before I consume. I’ll be back to check it off soon. Thanks for this. It’s exactly what I needed.

  94. Breanne

    I am a completely online student. I am not working right now so that school can be my main priority. I make excuses to not get to the gym because of my household and academic responsibilities, so that is my one project today. If I’m not feeling well physically or mentally, what good am I to myself or those around me, anyway? Thanks for this episode, Marie..I tend to consume way too many creative projects before I can even get started on the other commitments I have made.

    Love your advice, attitude, and overall outlook. Thanks for sharing with us!

  95. C:C ratio great idea. I’ve established a pattern in which I create for 90 mins and then consume “i” or a snack for the next 30 or so before taking a walk. Once or twice a week I’ll schedule a two hour block of time to absorb other’s wisdom.
    Right now? Complete some HR paperwork.

  96. This was a great topic to cover! Often, I find myself feeling inspired by various things, but still going through the motions every day and feeling stuck in life. I’ve noticed lately that if I really want to get things done, I have to stop “wanting” to do them and I have to consciously make the time to do them and create action plans to hold myself accountable. The item I will hold myself accountable to today will be publicizing my blog. I will research methods for publicizing a blog and execute at least two of them today!

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Marie!!


  97. Today, I’m editing the blog post I wrote last night. Then, I’ll send it off to have a fresh pair of eyes look at it. Also, I’m going to get my Twitter plan for @beyondinsulin together for a coaching call I have tomorrow.

  98. Thanks so much for this video Marie! I can get stuck on researching until my eyes fall off…I get stuck on perfectionism, which ive learned to tame. I’ve heard a lot about pocket, so I will surely ck it out, but after I finish editibg my youtube video! Wink wink 🙂

    • DONE! DONE! DONE! Super proud of myself! Thnx Marie! Now off to check out pocket!

  99. I need to finish 2 art pieces for a show this weekend. Heading that way now!

    Thanks for the push.

  100. I am going to put down the inspiration crack for at least an hour and finish ordering business vinyl clings I started designing 5 months ago, and then do some bookkeeping? Thanks, Marie, I needed that.

  101. I’m going to call 30 people today in order to create new business. 🙂

  102. Lisa

    This was great! Today I’m going to create 2 or more blog posts!!

    I just started following you and have received great ideas already! I’m hoping to take your BSchool soon!! Thanks Marie! 🙂

    • Lisa


      And now I’m ready for some “crack” so I can continue the flow of creativity this afternoon 🙂

  103. THANKS to the Marie TV viewer who asked this question! I’m addicted to inspiration crack myself. So, here’s what I’m going to do right now: finish my guest post and send off my pitch. Will come back to post “DONE!” Thanks Marie. You make that mariachi dress look hot! xoxoxo

    • DONE! Whoo hoo!

  104. Thanks for this. I’ve certainly been a victim of that rabbit hole. Here’s what I do to help me with this. I write down 2-3 things I want to achieve that day before I even touch my computer. If I’ve already been on my computer, I get up, walk away and evaluate what I want to get done and the repercussions if I don’t get it done. Keeping the goals down to just a few is sometimes golden.

    Today, I’ve written down that I’ll write a blog post and find a site to submit a guest post. I’ll be back with my “done” in a few! Cheers!


  105. this is the most hilarious Marie TV of all time. Ready to get in my I HOLE! *chortle*

  106. Have to admit I found this post after browsing my “Inspiration” list on Twitter 🙂

    Going to shut Twitter & Facebook down for a few hours to actually MAKE things! CYA!

  107. Wow! Thank you for this video #TeamMarie! I’ve found I get totally bogged down in too much inspiration – which leads to the dreaded analysis paralysis! I’m all about the start now. I’m launching my eBook: How to Connect with Influential People When You’re First Starting Out in two months, and today’s the day I’m going to share a free MP3 with tips to start spreading the word. I’ll be back here to say: DONE!

      • Nicole

        Hey Gwen,

        I was interested in your .MP3 and downloaded it. But it’s not an .MP3.
        It’s an .M4A
        Now I can’t listen to it. Bummer!
        Hoping you’ll make it an .MP3.

  108. Going to schedule some online classes on essential oils (they’re crack too!).

    thanks Marie!

  109. Thanks Marie, awesome reminder!

    Today’s ToDo: script for my homepage intro video.

    Merci beaucoup ! 😉

  110. Today I need to install an after-post widget area to move a project forward. I’ve been putting it off. It’s easy, just boring. Guess I better get to it!

    • Aaaand done! Took 5 minutes, but took me a few hours to get around to it still. Too many things to read. Gotta work on this!

  111. Karina

    I love this C:C ratio. I pretty much live in the consumption part of this ratio. It is time for some balance so I can start creating a life and business I love!. I need to write and post a blog topic that has been on my mind for a while now.

  112. Awesome video and excellent reminder. Like you I love books, I’m a self proclaimed book-aholic. Striking the balance can be tough, especially when I need to learn something to solve a problem or challenge I’m having with my business.

    Today – I’m committing to working the list rather than getting lost on the web. Biggest project, inviting people to a local event. Second, developing the program guide for the mastermind group I’m starting in March.

    Good bye internet for a few hours. 🙂

  113. Mary

    I will add four articles into my WordPress cue before I touch anything else. I’m tired of getting every article out last minute!

  114. Ok, “crack” break over. Now to send out a Press Release to announce our first Fashion Design Competition! Thanks Marie 🙂

  115. Most important thing to move my project ahead is another C: CONNECT! Today I’m reaching out (emailing directly) three amazing girls who already showed their support on Instagram and said they’d love to be Eva Icons – just need to get them the details and keep the ball rolling!

    Thanks for the great reminders and positive energy kick in the pants 🙂

  116. About to write a blog post RIGHT NOW!
    Great post! Thanks for doing what you do!

  117. Eva Gonzales

    Great Q&A Tuesday! My stacks have been growing and distracting me for years. I am definitely going to put off my “inspiration crack” time until after my creative time.
    Today I will complete the draft for my Toastmaster’s speech, due this week.
    I am so grateful to find such an inspiring forum. Thanks everyone and especially you Marie!

  118. Wow, this one’s a keeper!

    1. direct mail follow up campaign content
    2. facebook campaign
    3. current client followup.

    Let’s get crackin 🙂

  119. Hello everybody!

    My husband is starting a medical practice in Galveston, TX officially in March and today I am going to help him make a business plan. The model for his practice is called Direct Primary Care ( In short, DPC eliminates the middle man, a.k.a insurance companies, which allows providers to spend more time with patients with tons of access for patients and allows providers to charge a low monthly membership fee for the majority of a patient’s primary care needs. Anyway, he needs my help because he lacks focus, makes things too complicated and he would just as soon give all his services away for free, but we know that doesn’t help anyone in the long term. Soooo, that’s why I am helping him. Anyway, off to the races and coffee shop because we have no wifi. <3

  120. OMG this is it !! You named it! I am addicted to being inspired!! Yes it is constantly derailing my productivity -,add /inspiration disorder – totatally feeling like I am not reaching my potential each day – but alive with so many ideas – too many – I totally derailed since b- school last year trying to find the inspiration to hone it down to that one thing – my business has slowly been falling apart since last year with all the new inspiration from b- school – and the possibilities it brought up – I am like the girl in ur trance dance video frozen in possibility – I have taken refuge in a nanny job – it is so mindless I just have a clear task that i know how to do and I do it – my life’s work has become so over whelmed with possibility and inspiration -when I sit down to work I just can not focus so I stray to tha “crack” making it worse – I know there are so many amazing exercises in the b- school homework but to be honest I am nervous to revisit in fear I may get sucked into an I whole – at this point I have so much resistance and frozen ness everything is falling Apart – cant sleep – now no brain ability to focus and write . I feel like I am spiraling down into the abyss – this Lil video gives me hope – just named it in this new perspective – perhaps the spiral can change directions – today! – my one thing – get my newsletter out ! Keep it simple and finish able ! Committing to NO I- crack today! After this I mean !! Ill be back later – thank you for naming this!!! Let’s do this!!! Big ur awsome you can do this hug to every one! 🙂

  121. Sweet video! I like the C:C ratio, that rings a bell because it does come down to getting things done! My action step today is to finish the first draft of my free guide for people when they sign up for my newsletter. I need to shut down the “crack channels” and focus my creativity – READY……..GO! Thanks Marie!!!

  122. Excellent video!!! I am an information junkie. Establishing an effective c:c ratio and stacking is an excellent solution. I will put this to use immediately. Setting up the payments page on for an upcoming product launch is my “get done today” task.

  123. Love this Marie! You always speak to me.
    I can talk to my website designer and have a tough conversation. I also want to get some new content figured out and written.
    Send me good vibes! I’ll be sending some your way too.

  124. DONE!! Thank you for the “inspiration”!

    Heard that you stayed at La Bandita this summer – isn’t it FAB?!?

  125. Dammit, Marie! Now I want some crack!

    Today, I will create another page on my website (she’s getting a facelift and it’s a big project!)

  126. OGA

    DONE! 😀

  127. My TO DO ACTION: Stack my crack. This is some good crack right here…I have stacked this video to share with my team – DONE. BOOM!

  128. This is great advice. I’m trying to figure out how to deal with the links to fun stories on FB that suck me in and occasionally move/inspire/educate me. My attempt at limiting that to a scheduled 20 minutes is a struggle. Maybe I’ll start bookmarking the links in a CRACK STACK bookmark folder… Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to create that now and re-balance my C:C ratio!

  129. Candi G

    Dear Marie
    I loved todays video and can sooooo relate. I will write and photograph my first blog post. Yeah!
    I will also stack snacks in reading order and complete one at a time.. (yeah right.. )

  130. My task is to send an email to potential manager.

  131. I love it when you curse at me….hahaha but seriously!

    I have just created a CRACK folder in my email and on my browser so when I am working and something juicy pops up (which happens all day) I can stick it in my pipe for later 😉


  132. Ruth

    I’m busted! Today is the first day of the rest of my website and if you hadn’t interrupted my i-reverie with your video, I wouldn’t have committed to posting here followed by AIMing (ass-in-motion) and getting to work. I’m off to look at a few great coaching sites to make sure I have all the right components (place to subscribe, etc.) for my new suite. And I’ll use a Pomodoro timer to make sure I don’t consume before I create or else you’ll make me wear that sombrero… Thanks for waking me up!

    • Ruth

      That is, for my new site (thank you, auto-correct, for creating a vision of a lovely office suite).

  133. Marie this was an aha moment. Been watching you for awhile and always love it but never thought of a c:c ratio. I think there are days i am super creative and not letting consuming. Then other days i am consuming not being creative. I have books and magazines every where. Always watching videos.

    Today I am working on redesign process for my company site and I am going to focus on being creative then later this evening read to consume. Thanks

    ps. can yall create a follow up for your comment because otherwise you get email notifications every time someone comments which isnt that fun

  134. Mónica Cortés

    Thanks Marie!
    Ok so today I have to make a PR campaign for an awesome project that will give culture to one neighborhood that has many delinquency on México City. I’ll come back here to tell you how it went. Time to work!

  135. Melissa G

    Marie, thanks so much for this awesome video 🙂 I find myself doing way too much consuming, especially on Facebook and Instagram. I’m on my news feed looking at everyone else’s life/inspiration and realize that time is precious and I need to create my own story.
    My goal is to spend more time on my entrepreneurial ideas, write more, and use my creative mind much more.
    *Question for you: what can I do to expand my creative mind if I feel like it’s not where I want it to be?

  136. Marie,

    Genius! I love the C:C ratio.

    Action step for today: switch out desks. Let’s do this!

  137. Thanks, Marie! Loved the advice, and the sombrero, Chica! 🙂

    Heading to finish a blog post RiGhT NoW. See u in a little bit to do the “DONE” step!

    Have a beautiful, crack-free afternoon.

  138. Hi Marie,

    I will write and publish PART II of my series: My Life is like a Jewel Album

    • Miracles do happen! I just love you Marie for the joy and synchronicity you bring!

      I’m finally done my blog post. Phew thanks for that. After watching your video I was able to squash down those pesky bad habits of trying to do everything and doing nothing instead.

      There was a link in Steven Pressfield’s newsletter that I read this week which was very apropos;

      Henry Miller’s eleven commandments on writing:

      1- Work on one thing at a time until finished.
      2-Start no more new books, add no more new material to ‘Black Spring.’
      3-Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.
      4-Work according to Program and not according to mood. Stop at the appointed time!
      5-When you can’t create you can work.
      6-Cement a little every day, rather than add new fertilizers.
      7-Keep human! See people, go places, drink if you feel like it.
      8-Don’t be a draught-horse! Work with pleasure only.
      9-Discard the Program when you feel like it—but go back to it next day. Concentrate. Narrow down. Exclude.
      10-Forget the books you want to write. Think only of the book you are writing.
      11Write first and always. Painting, music, friends, cinema, all these come afterwards.

  139. Today, I’m working on an email for my list and designing line sheets for my 2014 wholesale push!

  140. Time to set up weeks 6,7,8 of our new meal plan! ALready organized, just have to enter it all:)

  141. 1-confirm students and payment fir Indian crown massage teacher trading
    2-edit and post super old vlog post

    I think I like this system!!!! I’m so excited to send me done comment already-I’ve been on the emotionl breakup crack all morning
    Ok back to me now!!!

  142. Jen

    Holy CRAP! Love it! Create before you consume. Watch the crack stash. I get so caught up in being inspired that I don’t make enough time to commit to creating! Thanks so much Marie for the great tips. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  143. If I was going to start my day with crack, I am so glad that YOURS was the drug of choice. Your videos ALWAYS inspire me no matter what the topic. It’s like they shout, “Be yourself. Express! Kick off your shoes and have fun while you work!” Ah, but today’s topic definitely hit home. I love the simplicity of the solution. Am grateful to whomever recommended Pocket. I just signed up for it so I can stack my crack there. AND I immediately sent off a response that I’d been procrastinating on for too many days. Done! Yay. THANKS!

  144. Vanessa

    Great advice, thanks! Taking up your challenge. About to shut down my browser and open up MS Word. Time to tackle that difficult chapter…

    • Vanessa


  145. Yep, you got me! The create before consume is my $1,000 idea today! Offer to edit my video now!

  146. Tal

    Marie!! How in the world did you know my 2014 theme “Create more than Consume”? It’s like you read my mind, saw that I wasn’t getting on the ball (woops), and made this video just for me. Your strategies to put creating ahead of consuming are just what I needed to hear to structure my day and get the ball rolling. THANK YOU!

    So, as of now being inbetween career changing and jobs, my most creative project is to rebrand myself. It’s something that’s been a bit scary for me to start, and it’s probably why I’ve been driven to consume more than create lately. So that’s my promise – to get started on this by devoting 1 hour of my time today.

    Also, just a quick sidenote – I love the dress you’re wearing today – You look awesome! I wish I had your wardrobe!

  147. This morning I was notified by a beep on my phone that an email from you came in. It took every bit of my strength not to click and open the email. I even received calls about your post but I did not want to become distracted. I was successful. For the first time of my work history I was able to wait for my lunch break to read and view your video. Marie you are awesome! Thank you for what you have chosen to do and being so good at it! Thanks Marie
    Mary Beth Nunez Realtor with Keller William Realty CT

  148. Rosa

    Very timely video. Thank you. So easy to get hooked on great articles that lead to other ideas and then new articles and books…. Today, however, I did my chores before opening your email and watching your video. Surprise!

  149. I am overwhelmed with inspirational sites, books, emails. Thank you for breaking it down.
    What would make my productive day even more productive is chatting with a nutrition school about becoming a Health/Wellness/Weight/Nutrition Coach.

    • Lynne

      Done. :)))

  150. Man Marie, your timing is perfect w/this Q/A session – what awesome advice! I swear, I was thinking I was going to have to enter “Consumer’s Anonymous” because the ‘consuming’ has completely stopped my creativity and productivity in it’s tracks! Right now,…I’m pushing aside the ‘research’ and heading out to a business luncheon w/a perspective client and when I’m finished I’ll come back here and let you know! Thanks again! Cheers, ~Shel~

  151. Jade

    I need to finish making business cards and send them to print.

    • jade


  152. Whah… this is probably my number one procrastination tool.
    Thanks for the kick in the ass, Marie. =)
    I’m off to get my ebook online.

  153. Michelle Wirta

    I’m going to schedule my weekly writing time in my calender AND choose the template for my blog! Part of the schedule is also to make time to do my pre B school goodies. Thanks for the Create B4 you consume, love that so much.

  154. Right now I am going to go finish writing out MY version of our management plan for the family business. I have been listening to my mother-in-law/co-manager’s ideas and it is time for me to put into writing MY version so we can move forward together. Thanks Marie. This video was perfect for me right now.

  155. YES!!! this is me – a total inspiration junkie! I can spend hours lost in the inertia of the next ah-hah! moment. So… what action can I take right now? I’m going to look for a supplier who can reproduce my original artwork on socks, tights and other fabrications – wish me luck : )

    • Lex Cross

      DONE!!! Two mock ups printed of fab tights ready to start budgeting for production : )

  156. This has probably been the most relevant video that I need EVERYDAY!!! Thank you girl! So I wrote a post about my favorite greens and protein supplement and I only looked at instagram 1 time today 😉 ha


  157. Hey Marie,
    I love your videos and watch you every week ! is it crazy to ask you where you got this amazinggg dress???

    Thank you alot for everything you do !

  158. Marie, this week’s Q&A was sneaky! Did you intend to test our resolve with this exercise? 😉

    I was starting to read thru the comments and realized they are rich with great advice and inspiration…and another way to procrastinate!

    So, I’ve just taken all the links I’ve been meaning to read and filed them under my brand new account (THANK YOU, GALEN!)

    …and included this very page of comments 🙂

    Onward to that bit of research I need in order to send out my query letter for my first magazine article!!!

  159. Thanks, Marie! I just got my first contract with my new business and finding a way to balance my consuming vs creating is hard! I am always afraid I am going to miss something if I am not connected at all times. Well time to pull the plug and go to creating. It really is my favorite part anyway. Off to do a literary review on three articles. I will followup! Thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

  160. Thank you for this post, Marie. I am currently signed up for a few trainings as I prepare for some upcoming launches this year. I’m so eager to soak up the advice from those who have gone before me in sharing their message with the world (and been successful), but I needed this reminder to continue creating every day. So, I’m off to go write an article or two to submit to online magazines geared toward my target market. I will submit at least one of these by this evening. (And, then I’ll get back to the online trainings ;-)) Thanks again!

  161. I love this topic! I have a hour each day at work when I read and check out Youtube videos. This hour is my inspiration time. I also read in the subway. I have one assignment that I do per day that is my homework…this is stuff that I do that pertains to my art and music (where my heart is).

  162. I LOVE this epi! It took me a while to figure this out and then Evernote became my friend. Whenever I find something valuable that doesn’t relate to the project at hand, I quickly file it away into Evernote. If it’s something I think I’ll need in the next couple of weeks. I use Clearly and print to pdf and save on my desktop.

    Lately, I’ve been looking around at the stacks and stacks of books (physical and digital) that I need to read feeling a little frustrated. Marie, watching your video just reminded me this is a GOOD thing. That means I’m busy creating.

    Though I’ve been coaching/consulting behind the scenes, I haven’t yet put my first offer on the site. I’m ready to go do that. Today.

  163. MARIE! OMG! Laffed my a$$ off this morning! ☺ Love you so much!

    Confession number one: I am an addict. Here’s how it goes:
    I sit down with my morning cuppa joe and my piece of toast with real butter and I snuggle in for my Tuesday Q&A with my sweet Marie. Gonna jump right into my work for the day just as soon as the outtakes are done. Gonna write that next chapter.

    Suddenly, I look up, it’s lunchtime, and I’m tooling around Bonnie Beauty Buns’ site, learning how to get beautiful buns. Crap! Chapter not written. I suck.

    Last fall, I finally recognized that I was doing the resistance dance and I took drastic action.

    I took a deep breath…and I broke up with all my gurus! Ohhhhh, the pain of it!
    Yes, Marie. I even broke up with you. Again, OH THE PAIN OF IT!! ☹

    Confession number two: I allowed myself to keep two of my peeps in my inbox during that time (well, your emails still came, I just hit the “D” key and trusted that you would still be there when I came back—and that you would still love me ☺). I chose two specific people who:
    A) Gave me inspiration for the specific project I was working on right then
    B) I could read in a few minutes without going into ‘idea’ overwhelm

    Then, I hunkered down to write the damn book.

    And write it I did. Jotted my last tittle just before Christmas.

    Now that I’m back, I find that my appetite has lessened, I’m more laser focused and choosy about the trails I follow. But the urge is there…waiting…hungry… So now, before I reach for the pipe, I first ask, “Does this read serve me or is it feeding my ol’ pal Resistance? What is it that I really need right now?”
    Sometimes the answer is simply, “CRACK! I NEED SOME CRACK RIGHT NOW!”
    At these times, I just answer as kindly and compassionately as I can, “I know, I know. It’s okay. Write the query letter. Then you can have a little hit.”
    ☺ xo

  164. Love this episode. I am such an info junkie. Ok, so I’ve just watched this episode when I should be writing my newsletter…. doing it now!! Be back soon to say “done”.


  165. Shawnie Benda

    Great advice Marie! Thank you. And I hope “The Business of Belief” is in your current stack of books. It’s one of the few books that not only inspires, but also moves you to take action. Kinda like a combination of crack and steroids. 🙂

  166. I’m a new mama and just started working from home a few months ago. All that time at home makes it really easy to consume and not create. Thank you so much for the action call – I really needed the little motivational boost today! I need to edit my new vlog and get it posted to my website and social media. I’ll be back when I’m done!

  167. Write my bio! Going to do it! Bye!

  168. Leanne Richards-Williams

    Write on spot Marie!

    I was recently inspired to set a calendar for a;; the books I want to complete reading.

    My important task for my super-creative project: get a logo/emblem and submit to my website designer.

    • Leanne Richards-Williams


      I decide not to do the logo/emblem ….My face should be enough! 😀

      I compiled other pertinent info my web designer requested (which I was procrastinating with a long list of inspirations!) and sent them off across cyber space.


      That out of the way…now it’s back to creation time! 😉

  169. Frickin genius! Loved this clip, thank you as I for one constantly get lost in the labyrinthine tunnels of the i-hole. It has improved lately though through the powers of where i have learnt to stack the crack.

    Muchos thankos Ms Forleo

  170. Thanks Marie! Great video. I watch inspirational videos in themorning when I have breakfast (two in one) or before I go to sleep. This approach keeps my c:c ratio well balanced to creation part;)

  171. Marie – you nailed it! I have been so sucked into inspiration and learning and learning and more learning! I don’t have time to work! Great ideas!

  172. Mella

    Thank you so very much for your delicious information and guidance Marie. As an artist and designer I get stuck devouring eye-candy online and in magazines, and that is not always productive!
    Today I am completing my first fashion illustration to go on my Facebook page – Charles Hannah Art & Design – and dedicating it to you!

  173. I could get to writing the outline of the script/brainstorm the ideas I want to flesh out.

  174. On point today, Marie! I needed this one.

    My goal: plan all my blog posts for the month of February!

  175. dori

    does Marie Tv have a pinterest board i can follow without getting lost ? 🙂 thanks
    Marie you are awesome and inspire me to get going!

  176. Another great episode!!!
    My big time “crack” is my email inbox! I subscribe to so many great blogs, I get tons of great info daily and I spend so much time learning and planning – but sometimes not enough time to put it into practice.

    My solution – I don’t look at email until I get my “Must Do” tasks done for the day.

    Thanks again for the great videos!!
    Valerie from Smartte

  177. Lovely, Marie,
    just this morning I got lost in Research and did not finish a chapter for my book on homone free contraception. I will just put myselt to it right now. Your Video came just as I needed it. Thanks!


  178. So I did the homework and booked a flight to my next speaking gig (always a stress test to make sure of the right date) before posting here.

    Yes, I can relate. If all this advice and inspiration was guaranteed to lead to success, we would all be millionaires, right? 🙂

    Just to agree with you, I have found a lot of advice I am offered is actually detrimental, because consuming it creates an illusion of “doing.” I find it is far more productive to just bumble forward than to spend too much time trying to plan the most efficient approach.

    In my book on the “Principles of Applied Stupidity” I share the ways we are conditioned to see a “non-success event” as a shameful “failure” instead of seeing it as the most effective way to learn just about anything. Again, like so many things, such fears are a trained/learned behavior, put there to maintain the societal status quo.

  179. I’m going to rewrite at least on of my website’s services pages.

  180. I’m gonna take this as a sign that I need to get back to work!!

    I do need to be:

    1) putting the finishing touches on my new online offerings (very excited, but have some major blocks around it)

    2) revamping my site, services page and copy

    P.S.-Marie your waistline is giving me life!! #thatisall

  181. Laurel

    I use an app for Macs called Self Control lol ( I think there’s something similar for windows users) to BLOCK MY ACCESS to sites like FB and Pinterest, Youtube, etc. I choose an amount of time to block and once set it can NOT be undone. I’ve also started multitasking with listening to an inspirational audio/ video or webinar replay while making/ eating my breakfast. If I’m not going to the gym that day I’ll do a mini workout first as well while I listen. That way I’m getting my inspiration first thing but I’m not wasting any time. When I do this I’m off to a good start, the problem is still with stuff that manages to seep through the cracks and distract me, usually in my email which is hard to avoid. I did sign up for so thanks for the tip! Just need to keep finding systems that work for me and always remember to CREATE first thing!

  182. My ideal clients are massage therapists and holistic healers. So the one action step I’m going to take is – Reach out and connect with massage schools. Learn who’s the individual I need to connect with in order to see if I could be a guest speaker for their students.

    This way I can share what I know with my idea clients and help them avoid a lot of the dangers most massage therapists face once they graduate school.

  183. Susanne Wilson

    I am sending a beta client a questionnaire to begin my practice.

  184. Marie, your C:C is an inspirational reminder in the form of a genius icon–I’m plastering it everywhere. Being aware of my create-to-consume ratio immediately cuts my workload in half, because it focuses me on what I need to really act on. The rest will always be there waiting for me!

    Besides, what do I want to give more of my attention and Self to: MY ideas, contributions, and creations–or everyone else’s at the expense of my own?!? (Say it with me, 80’s Mama’s: “No Duh!!”)

    Here’s my action: I’m going to organize these vast piles of unfinishment on my desk, and instead of randomly plowing through them in a misplaced sense of hamster-wheel accomplishment, I am giving myself a half hour to order them according to their importance of Create:Consume. (This blog post counts, it’s the action that began the action! …Wait, does it count that I’ve created after/because I’ve distractedly consumed…? In this moment, YES!!)

    Then I am going to attend to the one on top of the pile. One.

    And then I am going to stop and be present this evening with my loved ones.

    And when I return to the waiting pile tomorrow, I will feel excited to play instead of frantic to accomplish.

    Bless you, Marie.

    • DONE!

      Ho.Lee.Crap. Just gettin’ ONE focused step in mind and then gettin’ to it magically creates time. (And peace!) It didn’t take me nearly the time I thought it would, it was even fun, and I then was able to tackle more things from the pile! Oh yeah, I can do this–I’m empowered! 😉

      Time to switch gears and attend to family, which I can now do fully. And I look forward to coming back to my desk tomorrow with a new zest!

  185. Thank you Marie! I felt like crap this morning, and your Q&A Cracked!!! me up!

    Thank you for your refreshing approach, and I totally resonate.. You were my morning Crack Snack – Now! I am going to do some work, I am working on a new client welcome pack which I am going to put together right now and send off to a new client!

    Thanks again – you rock my world 🙂

  186. It’s blog writing time!

  187. Jennifer

    Hi. I never post comments but I felt like today would be a good time for my first comment. I actually did it backwards today, I consumed consumed consumed but after watching I commited to your challenge of doing ONE thing to get myself on track. That one thing resulted in me creating two blogs, ( it was an accident but I actually think that it might be meant to be.) I registered jennilovesmakeup, because Jenni really does love makeup, and I registered purpleconfetti, because I regretted the jennilovesmakeup one, but in retrospect, it is actually just like me to have two blogs. I have one for my fun stuff and one for my “heavy”stuff. one is candy and the other one steak and potatoes. It was a struggle for a really long time to get this blog name going because I couldn’t figure out how to integrate the two themes in my head, and I guess in this moment of “creation” I found that I don’t need to integrate, I can do them both. So I am very very happy and as always you Marie have been an inspiration in just the right moment. I love watching your videos, and reading the comments.


    • Holy productive Jennifer and THANK YOU both for watching, and for commenting today 😉

  188. too funny! I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to watch this as I was ‘updating’ my website, but kept googling how to hints and adding so much that the whole thing crashed, so I checked this as a breather on my phone while my laptop reloaded – and calmed me right down to get something concrete done before dins 🙂 hi 5 multiple enjoyments again x x

  189. I need to rewrite my sales page for my upcoming Bliss Intensives! My inspiration is a dry creek OF DOOM right now. I need to get to it, and just write the thing.

  190. What I am about to get done:

    Check copy-edits from publisher for textbook – Ch. 1.

    Stand by…

  191. Hi, my name is Karen, and I am THE inspiration junkie.

    Realizing that has helped me take baby steps forward, but I keep getting sucked back in! Deep breath… I’ve also realized this past year how much fear has kept me stuck in “inspiration only” mode.

    Action step for today: draft outline of my Simply Startup guide (all the “boring” details of starting your own biz, but simplified) and the intro video. All while my daughter sleeps! (which is only for another 45 min or so…bye bye!)

    Sooooo ready for B-School “Round 2”!!! Thanks Marie & Team Forleo! 🙂

  192. Done!

  193. Jodi

    “Create before consume” is good advice – thank you, as always for the helpful kick in the pants to move forward.

    I will draft the marketing brochure I’ve been mentally crafting.

    • Jodi

      Done! Feels great to have gotten over the hump on that task – now I have a good solid first draft of a brochure for a new avenue I’m planning to pursue with my practice. Thank you again!

  194. Meg

    Hey there! I’m officially launching my coaching practice Live in Atlanta Feb. 1st. One action step I can take today is focus on which part of my story I want to highlight for my audience. Sharing my story is super important to me, and linking it to how I will serve my clientele is step 1.5 (intertwining the two). Will let you know once I have a draft!

  195. Love the video. The best thing I can do to move forward on my project today, is to review 3 websites reviews on Optimize Press. We need to move some websites, and I want to make sure we do it with the least loss of data possible.

  196. Thanks, Marie. Funny video with real life down to earth content. I love the entertainment I get from you with serious content. It helps to put life, love and business in perspective. So my project is not so creative. It’s pretty basic. I have a client who owes me money. I’m doing the invoice reminder that I have been avoiding to send out for almost 2 months now. I spend a lot of time soaking in material and picking up courses. I have been in a lopsided business model. All this inspiration with no action is … well… fruitless. I appreciate the reminder to get the C:C ration in perspective.

  197. Great video Marie, and I have definitely found myself down the rabbit hole when it comes to getting my daily dose of personal development.

    My tips (and I hope they help anyone reading):

    #1 – I have found that writing everything I need to do in my business down and scheduling it all into the hours I have available has helped me implement what I am learning because I can physically see time that is available to get my fix on.

    #2 – Another idea is when you come to the end of a program or book, ask yourself what are the takeaway points are that you can start doing right now in your business or life, and not move on to another area until you have implemented and tried for yourself.

    After all… you don’t know anything until you have done it, until then, it’s only something you have heard about… and you don’t want to become one of thooooooose people. *cough*I’m-a-recovering-know-it-all*cough*

    As for your challenge, I’ll be going through the final draft of my Aligned Business Plan (for big dreamers) so when my designer gets here next week I am ready to roll and then change a lot of business owners lives, and in good spirit, I’ll let you know when it is done.

    Much love,


  198. Alyssa Boyle

    Thank you so much for the crack check today! I have always had a very healthy thirst for knowledge and have gone down that rabbit hole more times than I care to remember. I am in the midst of selling my company without another job or project lined up, so you can imagine the inspiration seeking run I am on. What I have been focusing on lately is “blank slating,” so I can discover what I really want. This has resulted in me taking a permanent break from consciously watching, listening to or reading the news. I figure anything I’m supposed to know, will be revealed to me. And I am much happier for it. It has been a little harder for me to get out of the internet/social media dimension, however. What I’ve started to do is unsubscribe from most all newsletters and daily/monthly blog posts. The ones I still want in my life get coded in Gmail and some even get archived upon receipt. I figure if I really want to read what is going on with those particular organizations, then I will go to those folders and read the archived emails. Usually, I find that I am not missing anything and eventually unsubscribe from those too. (Not yours, though. (-:) Today, I went to Pilates, washed and gassed my car, watered my plants, washed dishes and then sat down to check my messages and see what’s happening online. I did stone more unsubscribing, read a few articles and found some Super Bowl recipes on Pinterest (one of the scariest drug dens of lost souls I’ve ever encountered). It is 1:15 and I haven’t even showered yet! My goal this afternoon is to go get a shower, do some filling, do some more office organizing and then go visit a local art school to see about taking classes. I’m going to keep on track by not reading the comments below. I may stop by the library after my afternoon errands either, but I will get quiet and ask myself if I really need to beforehand. I must make conscious choices!

  199. Done!! I’ve completed my “create”. Now for my infocrack fix! =)

  200. Valerie

    I need to finish my book in 4 days. I am in the final stage and I need to do it now!

  201. sarah

    Most important project is the adventure travel company Im starting and I need to get prices on the guides and food costs for the trip in May. That way I can set a price point for the trip and start to market it by next month.
    I need to set aside time to get it done – so I just asked a client who was changing her scheudule all around on me to please come earlier tomorrow. That way I should have at least a good 2.5 / 3 hours free tomorrow to work on my ventures outside my day job. Hoping to be able to post DONE tomorrow night. 🙂

  202. Love it thanks Marie – Insightful (and funny). I’m going to re-write my website front page so that its more inviting.

    • DONE! (a start anyway – I need to explore more about what I actually need to say here) and I wrote my first blog!! Thank you Marie for the information, encouragement and asking for accountability.

  203. Molly

    I totally needed this! Thanks Marie for covering this really crutial question. I always find myself like Rashiki seeking out new knowledge bombs without quite having found the balance yet between the doing and the learning. As always, love catching up on Marie TV!

  204. This video is just what I needed to see. Each day I spend time out in nature getting inspired come home and then get distracted trying to get even more inspired on social media, with books or articles and my list of awesome ideas grows and grows…. but then when I think how many of these ideas have actually came to life… eek!

    Spend time working on my 20 min speech (on cleaning) that I am doing for the staff of the sustainability team on council.

  205. Great video… Great advice… I get caught up in the inspiration vacuum all too often. I’m going to finish an important piece that needed revamping today! Thanks!!

  206. Chelsea

    Fill out a Uni application and mail it. Boom.

  207. Wow, this one’s a keeper!

    1. direct mail follow up campaign content – DELEGATED AND TRACKING
    2. facebook campaign – LAUNCHED!
    3. current client followup. – DONE!


  208. I needed this today – I just wish I’d seen it earlier before I let myself get all absorbed! But today was not the usual battle with social media/information/books and work, it was one piece of non-paid work vs another (paid). I just felt compelled to do the non-paid (far more creatively interesting), when perhaps I should have focussed on the money…

  209. I love that dress, and it does match your sombrero quite nicely.

    Nice advice on the C:C ratio!

  210. Well Marie considering that b-school has filled “the crack pipes of all crack pipes”, this is wonderful input. (Yes, I hold you responsible for the whirlwind of information currently available to me). Overwhelming and at times, hard to keep up with. But Lord knows, I keep up. Just today I mailed a long overdue love letter to my customers and this evening I’ve fine tuned the “add on’s” for the next newsletter.
    Oh. I’ve never smoked crack. Blessings to be sure …

  211. Oh my goodness! That whole k-hole/i-hole thing was pretty wild! I was so not expecting to see k-hole being referenced in Marie TV! anyway, I need to message a client and then get down to biz working on a miniature sculpture of someone’s house.

  212. Sarah Kang

    I need to submit documents to extend my teaching credential, submit some more documents to my resume builder, track down my old principle to get my letter of recommendation from him, design a lesson, and write a chapter summary.

    • Sarah Kang

      Finally! It took a few weeks, but I stuck with it and now I’m all done! Yayyy!

  213. Kim

    This inspirational video really hit home since one of my missions in life is “to inspire and be inspired.” (Mary Ann Radmacher) I can definitely go overboard on the “be inspired” part, but I have to create or share to “inspire.”

    I sat down and wrote a short essay that had been mulling in my brain for awhile. It will either be the intro to my book or, at least, a blog post.

  214. Felicia Barlow Clar

    “Learners are earners.” Well, you just made this information seeking geek so happy. Now I know that my obsession and addiction is OK. AND….the C:C ration is a really useful tip. Now I gotta go implement!

  215. Marie- loved this one!!! This reminds me of the earlier days of my biz- where I was taking more and more classes upon events upon courses upon books etc instead of putting my biz into works!! SOOOO true! It’s about striking that balance between being productive and inspired. I had a good laugh on this – needed that today! I loved it , because it rang so true for me- thanks 😉 !

  216. WOW!! That was like a mini intervention for me. I AM an inspiration junkie!

    Big time…I get SO distracted throughout my day looking for my next hit of inspiration….

    This is exactly wanted I needed to hear thanks Marie.
    Create first, then consume. I will work on that…

    Big huge enormous thanks Marie for this well timed and always inspiring Q & A. And to the clever cookie who asked the question

  217. Fabulous article. I am an information junkie and love reading or listening to others point of view. However, some days I would find that I had wasted my whole day consuming rather then creating. I use Pocket to bookmark all webpages that I want to go back and read at a later time.

  218. And, Done! 😉 Thanks Marie!

  219. Frances Lamb

    I love the C:C Ratio. Thank you. I have been finding it hard to maintain a balance between researching/finding inspiration etc and getting my own stuff going. Yesterday I came to the conclusion I need a VA and to outsource! Now …. Great video…. Great reminder….. Great timing for me today. Thanks

  220. This is so important the learning addiction held me back form completing lots of projects. No more! Now I’m on track and I only set side a couple of hours for learning and the rest of the day I’m creating and hustling 😉

  221. I can post my next 30-Day Challenge on my blog.

  222. One thing to get done today…..
    Write a blog post.

    One other thing to get done today…
    Complete a first draft 2014 products and marketing calendar.



  223. Jess

    Not only the funniest but the most VALUABLE episode to date!
    Laughed the whole way through 🙂 Anyone that works from home knows the trap of the AM crack temptation which chews up the most productive part of the day. From now on I’m going to keep the email, blog bumming, social media and random riff raff for after 3pm and spend the first half of the day CREATING not consuming. Love the C:C ratio rule!!! This has massively helped me clarify boundaries.

    Off to collect my final book manuscript from the editor and then get the interior file and cover ready for upload this week 🙂

  224. I love thinking of the relationship between creativity and consumption as a ratio. A ratio that has to be kept in balance with a skew towards creativity. I have always created before I consumed (and sought inspiration), and I find it works really well for me. Creating before I consume also keeps me true to my purpose, my work and my brand. Thanks for the the C:C visual Marie!

  225. 1: I should go to SLEEP!
    2: I should get my rabbit a new good bunny-friend!
    3: I should let my dig hang out with her good doggy-friends!
    4: I should get a real life! 😉

    The best thing is, it can all be done at the same time (except sleeping, but I´ll start with that)

    // Lina, the Animal rights junkie

  226. Debby

    Love the C:C ratio idea. I usually have several projects going at any one time, so decided I had to prioritize them. I schedule my time differently each day so that I don’t feel like I am stuck in ” routine or rut”.

    Recently I decided to cut the number of people I was following and read e-mails at a set time (10am, 2pm). They is so much information available, one has to determine what is valuable and if not valuable cut it from your routine. As human beings, I think we are afraid that we are going to miss something.

    Someone mentioned being still and quiet. That’s a great suggestion. Whether it is a short mediation or listening to “brain wave” music.

    My problem is having too many ideas, wanting to create all sorts of material. That’s just as dangerous. Ideas are constantly popping into my head. I’ve gotten to the point where I write the idea on 3 X 5 for later.

    Take action and create first, then move to consumables.

    This is my first post here, though I have been watching videos and reading comments.

  227. Finish my artwork and writing for my Valentine’s promotions!

  228. Jeffrey Razon

    It’s funny because, one of the things I have been looking for inspiration for is the creation of my website(about 6 months of inspiration lol). I am a graphic designer, and instead of working on my website. I have been looking around for inspiration up until today, when I took action(decided to just DO something after watching the video)…

    The first thing I did today was I purchased a host for my website, and I am now starting with a clean slate. Having something rather than nothing is my first step. It’s funny, it took a solid 6 months of “wanting to have this”, but now that I have the hosting and the site up (in 1 day), I can just start populating it. It was just a matter of working first and inspiring later!!

    Done!! 🙂

    Thanks Marie!!

  229. OGM! Marie and crew I LOVE YOU!!
    How the hell to you do that (hold it together) without cracking up the whole time?!

  230. Ken

    Marie, I just wanted to say thank you for doing an incredible job and putting out such quality information. I attended Tony Robbins UPW event in November and have been a huge fan of him for over 20 years. I stumbled upon your channel while looking for positive energy videos. I instantly got hooked and watch your videos every morning. Now I’ve watched them all and find myself waiting and looking forward to more. I know you don’t have a high percentage of male viewers (that’s a shame) your outstanding! Once again thank you.

    • Hey Ken! Thank you for your note — means the world. I too, adore Tony and was fortunate enough to be interviewed by him. He’s a true legend and someone I admire. Happy to report that our incredible male viewers like you are growing each day!! Thanks for being here 😉

  231. Video Challenge Response: This week is one of those weeks where I must get everyday life tasks conquered so that next week I can use my kid-free days to focus on my book and new business venture. So mundane life chores here I come! 🙂

  232. Brian

    Oh did I ever need this. I am a self proclaimed personal development junkie, and I am constantly consuming. Love the C:C Ratio. Not sure what the proper ratio is, but know I need to raise the Create and lower the Consume.

    Action is to get past my need for just the right topic, written just right, for my first post for my new blog.

    • Brian


      Thanks for the push to create Marie.

  233. Just what I needed today! Thanks Marie – great video!
    I have to focus on making some simple yet important changes to my website that I’ve been considering for some time. You have inspired me. Will report back! 🙂

  234. I’m going to go learn a new fiddle tune, Tamlin, to teach to one of my students and possibly perform at an online concert I have scheduled for the end of next month:

  235. Joan

    This was a great webcaste, or whatever it is called. Since I watched it right before I am going to bed, I guess that would be my action. Ha! But tomorrow my first action should be to finish rewriting a presentation I am doing.

  236. Oh my, Marie, it’s as if you’re speaking to me directly with this message, lol. You see, I got this really BIG project of translating a best selling book and at the course of the the day, I keep checking back and forth to my mail, facebook, mostly and other social sites. What I did is to set a goal of doing 2 chapters a day and reward myself with browsing and checking what everyone else is posting trying to get some inspiration. So I think it’s DONE for me. Thanks for the amazing TIP. Love yah!

  237. I have been putting off sending my new product samples (um, first real physical product after being a successful ebook author for some years now) to Bali so I can get started on production. I received my buddy’s address there 2 days ago but have been avoiding sending them. They are so precious and irreplaceable. But also I NEED To send them or my product will never get made.

    Will return to check off as “done” tomorrow! Thank you for the inspiration (not the crack kind).

  238. INSPIRATION = that which is derived from your INNER SPIRIT. Inspiration cannot be found outside yourself. All that we need is within. I feel that it’s fear and doubt in our own INNER SPIRIT that sends us out to look for more fuel. Our uniqueness is WITHIN.

  239. Amen to that Marg! I just caught myself out watching Marie TV doing exactly what is advised against LOL! So I now I end cracking and dive into creation mode – back to work with a smile! When I put my inspirational jive into practice every early morning in a way that’s going within – I am engaged in the creation process throughout the day so much more than if I reach outside of self for that inspiration – and yet when I stagger about getting into that space I am truly grateful for those inspirational sources demonstrated by others such as Marie. Lovingly…back to work!!!

  240. Jacki

    Wow! How appropriate for my day that I had today! I dedicated this entire day to resume writing, and while I’m not exactly in the spot I’m most comfortable with in regards to what I came up with, I have a good working draft that’s better than what I had yesterday.

    So, DONE! Thanks, Marie!

  241. Brielle

    I definitely need to start picking up my reflective journal and start writing before I read more about what to write in my reflective journal. All of this information seems so vital, and it constantly leads me to new content that I’ve been yearning for …..but I often find my journal empty and my topics to journal about growing.

  242. Thanks Marie, I can relate to this.

    I’ve got a presentation to plan and I keep looking for inspiration to get me inspired! It ain’t happening, I think I’m overloaded :/

    I’m committing to getting the draft completed today. no more searching outside me, this is an inside job 🙂

    • Done! Wow that wasn’t hard at all, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  243. Risoleida

    Marie, thank you so much for this video. This video handels my main problem, too much inspiration…and I feel paralized because I don’t know where to start and as soon as I start something I can’t control myself and go back to “web research” for more information….At the end of the week there is nothing done and a lot of saved URLs to check later….

    Right after clicking the comment bottom I will turn off this Notebook and have a shower, get dressed and leave this home office. I will head to the local library and start writing. My local library has no internet, regional history books and a nice corner where we can work in peace. When I come back tonight I WILL (no, I won’t hope) post a huge DONE here.
    Thank you so much for every video you make, Marie. It is an eye opening experience, everytime I watch.

    • Risoleida


    Thanks for the crack!

  245. So many great comments! I’m in the habit of allowing myself an hour in the morning to consume but like the idea of creating first, then consuming. I was struck by the call to action “most important creative project” as opposed to “project that’s due next or bringing the money in.” My task is to create a platform plan, and I’m sure it will be a few days, or more, before I get to write “Done” since I’ve got other deadlines to meet first, but I like the challenge and accountability of posting it here.

    In one of the comments, someone wrote about choosing the things to read/save that are relevant, which is outside of what Marie was talking about but another consuming habit. I’ve learned to ask myself “do I really need/care to learn about the driving habits of the stars (pick your poison)?” before clicking those flashing headlines running down the side of the page. Using an app like Evernote or Pocket is great because the Reader functions eliminate the distracting links on the side.

    Another site that I find really helpful is [email protected], it plays background music that neurologically focuses your brain – I get so much done when I put it on and even my dog calms done.

    Thanks everyone!

  246. Marie!!! This episode could not have spoken more strongly to my heart. Thank you so much for your inspiration. 🙂 I’m SO guilty of calling things “research” and then three hours later ending up wondering how the hell I got onto an obscure Wikipedia page. I like this “C:C” ratio idea–I think that will drastically increase my output.

    Okay, so, one of my problems is jumping from one creative project to the next. Today (and the next few days) I am devoting to a short story I’ve had mulling in the back of my head for weeks. I created a to do list for today–first thing is finishing my thoughts on my story’s theme and doing some character sketching for one of the two main characters.

    I’ll check back in when I’m finished! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂


  247. Narelle

    This video is amazing Marie! Thank you for the amazing advice on creating BEFORE consuming, I love it! It’s like a recipe for keeping it real 😉

  248. Awesome video Marie. Great advice to reserve the crack until the end of the day lol.

    I’m going to get straight into doing two Soul Blueprint readings for that aren’t due until tomorrow so I can spend the whole day tomorrow working on my book x

  249. OK, so my creative project is to draw in my journal. Sometimes I get so busy on Pinterest and Youtube I’m exhausted and never get to my creative side. It’s not business, but it helps me relax after work so I’m charged up for the next day.

  250. Great episode . . . as always.
    My task – finishing determining my WHY! (from your episode where you spoke with Simon Sinek – awesome).
    Have as much fun as you possibly can today.

  251. Nikia

    I need to post ads, write video scripts, and continue to edit my children’s book.

  252. I’m about to smoke some crack.

  253. Ok, Done smoking my crack.

    But, seriously love today’s show. I’m guilty of being a self-help-motivational junkie. But like crack, when that high is gone, you need more crack. Better to moderate my crack intake and develop my own skills and self-motivational muscles. Then I can sell my crack. YAY. Thanks for your show yo

  254. Just realized I hadn’t come backwit my “done” but it was actually 🙂

  255. Rachel

    My action for the day is to sit down and make a PLAN. Instead of hemming and hawing over the most important thing I should be prioritizing each day Im going to create a plan with real goals and dates to be accountable to.

  256. I consumed this inspiration while consuming my granola. I will put my bowl in the sink and redesign a slide for a class I’m teaching before a client strategy session.

  257. DD

    OK, thanks for keeping me on point. I will write tomorrow’s blog. =)

  258. Tracy

    Hey Marie,

    I don’t normally stop to add comments, because so many others do too, and they often say everything I need to. 🙂 But I just felt that I had to say a HUGE THANK YOU. I have a serious i-Crack problem, and it causes so much stress not only to me, but to my family. I try to fit in “crack-snack’s” as you call them, at random times of the day, and end up on the computer for an hour, telling the kids to “leave mummy alone for just 5 more minutes”. (Which turns into an hour….) I also often check my e-mails in the morning, and end up on them for an hour or so – and I’ve culled my e-mail signup list to about a dozen solid people I follow!! And still it takes that long. You just follow the i-crack line, hoping that next peice of information will be the nugget you’ve searched your life for. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this, and I will be putting it into action. xxxx Tracy

  259. Deb

    I have several creative projects that I need to get done, but I’m choosing to put a saying on the five children’s tote bags for our church. AWESOME dress and show today!!!!!!!!!!!


  260. I have already done something to help me get ahead in my creative world. I hired someone. 🙂

  261. Risoleida

    Oh yeah!!! OMG, DONE!!! OMG, I am so DONE that I can’t stand myself!!! I can’t believe that I’ve done my work!! All sent !!! All done!!

    Thank you, Marie!!! You are my hero!!!

    Done, done, done!!!!

  262. Great video! I’m going to go write up my blog post outlines for this month – right NOW!

  263. Great message! I’m going to send my PR to all my Linked In contacts today! GOT IT DONE!! 🙂

  264. I am so on board with this, Marie! I always work in the morning and start consuming my inspiration, etc. in early to mid afternoon. Thanks for sharing all your fantastic advice.

  265. Thanks for this idea that has eluded me all this years. Henceforth, I will create before I consume for a healthy C:C Ratio!

  266. Deb

    DONE!!! Also set up my husband’s ipad!!!

  267. Spela Grohar

    So needed to see this …. it feels like I am lost in a sweet shop of inspirations so from now on I am having ‘sweet stuff’ (inspirations) only after having ‘healthy’ stuff first! Making ABOUT ME today!

  268. Tanya

    Thank you Marie! Loved this and the timing was spot-on (as always) – I’m going to make myself a Crack Stack Folder immediately, close some windows and get some c:c balance going on. I’m also going to remove ‘get my inspiration fix’ from the top of my daily to-do list ;)Tomorrow morning I will start with, finally, getting my CV together…

  269. Hey Marie, that is surely the topic of this week, since months I have been thinking about cleaning my gmail account and today I have got that done. Besides I am working here in Turkey with a women group who are called Republican Women that organizes events and manage their business to help poor people around and give free tutor sections for students and many events as such. I will be doing my second talk to them this Friday and I will prepare the contents of the talk today it is called: Meet Yourself. Thanks for the tips, I would love if you could help about ‘to the point speech giving’ 🙂 or tips related with public speaking. Or any names about this topic would be helpful too.

  270. Rita

    One thing I can do today is…. write down all the stuff I have to do and prioritise it 🙂

    • Hey Rita!

      One of my favorite things to do is write a to-do list at the end of each day, including its priority. That way, when I get to my desk in the morning, I know exactly what needs to happen first without spending my first few hours reacting to email or mindlessly searching Facebook. Maybe that’ll help you like it has me? 🙂

  271. Donna

    Write 200 words!

  272. Hi! Marie.

    I So relate to the inspiration rabbit hole. I try to limit my inspiration dosages to the time just before bed. After my work is done.

    My plan was to comment earlier and tell you what I was planning to get done, but instead I decided to get it done first, then share my done-ness with my Marie Forleo peeps.

    I’m an almost one woman show. I say almost, because I work with very creative music producers who make music to go with my free online meditations (my jabs).

    But I do everything else. Including my behind the scenes, online stuff.
    I’m not that tech savvy. So some things take time, because I have to learn about it first.

    Well today, Marie, I got a job done that was making me a LITTLE frustrated for quite some time. I finally created a Gravatar!

    and if all works well, it will show up on this comment with all the fixins’.

    I hope it works!

    Now I can call it a day!

    Thanks Marie! Your inspiration is NEVER a waste of time.


  273. Hi Marie and all

    I’m hoping this is not in-appropriate but I am looking for contacts in the U.S that may be interested in a partnership in selling a book I have recently had published. It’s for the hospitality industry so there is a huge market.

    Basically the book is about growing profits for any cafe / restaurant. I owned 2 multi-award winning cafe restaurants here in Australia and this book is the result of 6 years worldwide research into why establishments are successful and some are not. I welcome any ideas as to how we can establish a sales plan with potentially a best seller as there is nothing like this out there… it is gold! I also have another recently published book on Importing and setting up an online business which is already selling very well but I have not considered the U.S market for that yet… who knows, one step at a time.

    My apologies if this is deemed inappropriate on this site but we are all wanting to do something entrepreneurial right? This could be a great opportunity for many people right across the States. Looking forward to chatting soon.

  274. You’ve now addressed the biggest problem as a perfectionist/inventor/artist/entrepreneur/DIYer with, perhaps a wee bit of ADD, thrown into the mix. I find inspiration everywhere & it consumes me.

    Great advice.
    “Create before consume,” reminds me of give before you receive.

    It’s the _Paradox of Choice_ of inspiration.

    One last question: So how much research is enough? There is always more to know.


  275. Here’s what I find interesting. There is so much information available (which I consume like a fat kid in a pastry shop) but most of it isn’t relevant or inspirational. What I need is filtered content sent my way at designated times in my week for “personal and career development.” It’s so damn hard to know which article, book, video, podcast, etc to consume even when I’m disciplined with the time I actually scarf it down. Anyone else have the same problem?

  276. Anya W.

    I have a brand brand new start-up. My website is being developed as we speak. However, I have not even started putting together the content that needs to fill the site by the time the developers finish the infrastructure. Right now I am going to complete the content for my “About Us” page.

    • Hi Anya,

      Congratulations on your new business! It is an exciting time but I know that stressful feeling of finding creative ways to fill up your pages. One suggestion I have is to infuse your personality into your site. Especially if it is a personal brand business. Tell people who you are, who you serve, and whatever you do, don’t forget your call to action! Good luck!

      • Anya W.

        Hi Ashley,

        I appreciate your words of wisdom. It is an exciting time, but also nerve wrecking as I’m sure you well know.Thank you so much for the call to action reminder. I was getting so wrapped up in “pitching” myself that I forgot to say “HIRE ME!” Lol.

    • Anya W.


      • Anya W.

        Not only am I done but I outlined my services page as well. Tomorrow night when I complete that, I can have my inspiration crack- and articles. Yay me!

  277. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for your video today! It could not have come to me at a better time. I started creating my business in June of last year and didn’t launch until November and even then I didn’t feel like I was totally ready. I’ve definitely spent too much time consuming rather than creating. Every new thing I read, I’d get a better idea and want to change what I just created. I’m going to try to schedule out times for me to quench my thirst for knowledge and spent the rest of time creating. I’ll let you know how it works out!

  278. Lol! Poo~Pourri? I have been a designer for them for years. Just thought it was funny that I caught that 🙂

  279. DD

    Done with my blog. Thank you for the nudge. You can access it here (if you are interested in doing business with the federal government) =)

  280. Thanks for the POO shoutout, chica! Let us know if your inventory is ever running low, we’ll send ya some goodies! LOVE LOVE LOVE all that you do 🙂

  281. Oh man can I totally relate to this!!! WAY too much amazing inspiration out there — and I’ll admit it’s hard for me to actually feel ready to create — I can be so easily distracted by what to consume! I agree with Barbara sometimes I need to be very careful about what I choose to read/watch, etc… A wise friend and fellow entrepreneur once told me to trust we’ll come across what we need to read when we need to read it…

    Action Step: Complete Creative Brief for new wordmark and website… how apropos!

  282. Hi Marie,
    I made a huuuge mistake watching your video two days after it was published. I was about to read through all the inspirational comments above but I barely resisted the temptation…

    First off, awesome video as ever and came just in time for me. My C:C needs tweaking and I will make conscious decision to adjust it thanks to you 🙂

    Action Step: Draw two cartoon illustrations that will be included in my first book.

  283. Another great video Marie!

    I’m also guilty of consuming too much and creating too little. This video was an eye opener, a wake up call. We should finally learn to differentiate our C’s 🙂

    Also, “learners are earners” <3

  284. Thanks for another great tip. One way I “stack my crack” or build my inspiration list is on Trello. I created a board for “read or watch later”. Then, I make sure to schedule in time to get inspired by the links I’ve saved–in addition to going back to it when I have free time and need an inspiration fix. This is great for those of us that have hundreds of windows open, hoping to find the time to go back and read/watch the content.

    Getting inspired to: BLOG

  285. Stack that crack so you can stack that cheese. Love it. I am admittedly procrastinating right now with a crack snack instead of editing videos because I hate editing videos and can’t outsource it (yet). I guess I’ve been called out, so back to editing I go!
    Here a crack, there a crack, everywhere a crack crack. I can’t even remember what the original words are now.

    • Jen

      Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! And on that farm he had a cow, E-I-E-I-O! With a moo moo here and a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo, Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!
      (stuck in my head now, grrreat)

      Good luck with the editing. The inspiration sinkhole is always more appealing when we’re not inspired by what we’re already doing. I’m sure there’s another video on this site about that 🙂

  286. Lula

    I need to make some fresh products tomorrow night. I can set out my ingredients now so that it’s all set to go, when I’m ready to go! I can also update my pricing spreadsheets with the new great deal I got on labels! Sweet 🙂

  287. Can’t wait to show you all … It’s going to help solve this very problem about saving inspiration.

  288. Melissa

    Whooop! Can I say how crack-alackin I found this? *air high fives!* So, my goal would be to address the entire ADD/ADHD references since that’s pretty near and dear to me. On a seriously personal note since our family is diagnosed with such. And to give a “what what” to those who really have a hard time grasping the voluminous and always-changing tech apps/concepts/best methods of any form of approach to get your message and business out there. Sheeeeesh. What a process, right?!? Yeah. Working on it. I’ll post the “done” if it happens and hoping/praying that Marie is one of the instrumental methods which helps me get there (eventually)!

  289. Marie, as usual girl, you are right on! Thank you so much for your timely tips and sound advice. I’ve been consuming for the past few days and upset with myself for not getting anything done. I just stuck a post-it with your tips on my computer, so I see it every time I start to consume. Thank you!!! You rock!

  290. andrea

    I do this all the time! Ok I am logging off and making myself finish a project for work that I am actually enjoying…I’ll be even happier once I send it off to my boss. Thanks for the push. I will save my crack for when I am finished as a reward for getting my creative work done!

  291. This episode was SO impactful for me!!! This hit right into the center of my heart. I absolutely suffer from this exact thing and just had to come back and tell you how grateful I am for this little chunk of wisdom. “Create before you consume”. Amazingness!
    So with this inspirational push, I have cleared some time to create a blog post!
    Thank you!!! xoxo

  292. Jen

    Ooh ooh, I have another one! The i-hole/roach motel is like Hotel California – you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave! Thanks, Marie for another great video and Rashika for a great question. This love for learning applies to so many of us – what an awesome community!

  293. Hello Marie, thank you for this amazing episode!
    I will create 3 things this weekend:
    1) The profit clarity and marketing for my Fuxion project.
    2) The PMO Project, the OMS project and e-lib.
    3) A blogpost for my blog.

    As a reward I will read “Sophie’s word” by Jostein Gaarder,

    Thank you to all the community for the tips and tools to stay focused and be productive! Let me honor you by rocking my part!


  294. Oliver

    After getting home from work. Go to sleep. Do project tax work tomorrow..night.

  295. Creative action: I will ad to my blog for my wife and my new book.

  296. OMGosh! I can’t believe you covered this topic and referred to it as “crack.” Perfect analogy. I SOO have found myself being sucked into the “i” hole lately. It’s such a great tool for procrastination. But I love your 2 steps to avoid it.
    So, right now, I need to transcribe one phone interview for an article I have to write. ‘Bout to get right to it.
    Thank you so much, Marie.

  297. Jennifer

    Great topic! and so easy to do. I need to find quiet space at the office to create first thing in the morning (when I can) so that I can consume (emails, resource links etc) later on, preparing for the next day or next project. it is easy to get distracted. so what I did is reserve a small conference room for a few hours so I can finish up a big task on deadline for this week.

  298. Katherine Turpin

    Great topic, Marie! My most-important creative to-do: I need to figure out how to put the copy for my product into HTML-format. Dread! Of course, in my mind it has taken on epic proportions and I feel like putting it off until I have a correspondingly epic amount of time to do it. Not!

  299. This video is perfect! I’m constantly getting drawn into inspirational articles and books – my husband likes to call it “dreaming” and calls me a Dreamer (opposed to an Entrepreneur) when I do it. One thing that you touched on was getting everything done before getting into inspirational content – I need to build a more thorough to-do list on a daily basis so that I can confidently say that I’ve completed everything. I have my first set of workouts coming out later tonight so I need to wrap that up – and I know what I need to do to complete it. Will be back soon to let you know it’s done!

  300. Katherine Turpin

    Hey, Marie, I nailed it! Figured out how to use an HTML editor for my copy. It wasn’t so hard, either! Thanks for the call to accountability!

  301. Yes, I get this a lot, too. I don’t understand how it happens but it does. Thanks for this. I thought I was the only one but seeing all these comments, I feel normal. Hahaha!

  302. Hi Marie, love the c:c ratio! I’m working on the copy of the home page for a new parenting coaching program I’ll be offering soon. Have a wonderful day! Dana

  303. Invoice client. DONE!

  304. Marie
    I absolutely LOVE your way of “being !
    Market online & create a video
    June xo

  305. I love this! A lot of times I use inspiration crack to avoid my work. I’m strugging with feeling like what I want to do/create is not worthy (I’m not worthy!) It seems like everyone else has already done what I want to do and of course done it so much better.

    I’m working on building up my blog and eventually want to create and offer an on online couse. Before I came here and watch the video I posted on my blog! Can’t build the blog without posts! So, I had already done my homeworke! Go me!

  306. Loved this! It’s all about balance, right? The c:c. content/creation balance!
    I have been working on creating amazing blog content that I wish I had when starting out, and and this was my treat after optimizing it for SEO, but I still need to go back in an add an SEO optimized image. O.K.- be right back!

  307. Done!

  308. Tanya Grimes

    My main issue is having too many inspirational ideas. They are so overwhelming at times I can’t ever seem to focus on just one. I’m a natural born problem solver and inventor. I know that equals something great…but there are so many possible results I’m drowning. I don’t have the degree to back up an official position. I’m currently getting my BA in Criminal Justice. But I dream of being an official and profitable inventor though…is that a reality that can be achieved without having thousands of dollars at my disposal? I wouldn’t mind being an author as well…I love to write/type.

    PS…Am I the only person who cringed at the constant drug reference? I find it disturbing and will never share a video that jokes about drugs. 🙁

  309. Love this video. My creative project is to plan / organize my upcoming branding / coaching session. I’ll be right back when I’m done.

    By the way, I noticed that you are making the comments a lot more actionable – really pushing us forward. I feel myself doing more as a result of your show. It’s great. Thank you so much!

  310. What a perfect video Marie. You always seem to know how to read my mind. I’m a seminar, book, audio in the car and any other information junkie. What a fantastic idea to create before you consume. Thank you for the advice.

    My most important creative project is to redesign my website so that it’s more user-friendly and interesting. Step 1 is to answer a list of exploratory questions to find out what we really want and need in our new site design.

  311. Action now: send the stuff to Julie she needs, and send Jen my questions.

  312. Perfect tip for me and my clients who are ever-curious and ever-ready. I like the tip of rewarding action with more inspiration. (Though I confess starting most Tuesdays breakfast making with your video, and it hasn’t slowed my output.)

    My action item: draft email invite blast for my first freebie live webcast to help owners make their business “the love of your life” just in time for Valentines Day!

  313. I love this! Thanks for sharing!

  314. You guys are crazy! Love it. This is such a good video Marie. I tend to be very ADD so I will start working on a blog post but then half way through, I will pause to check Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you name it. I will make it a point tomorrow morning to write my blog post first thing and only when I am done, will I allow myself some social media crack. 😉 Thanks for all the great work you are doing! You are truly an inspiration and mentor for those of us getting your business going.

    • Oops, I meant, “our” business going. ADD = typing too fast and clicking submit to move on to the next thing a little too quicky. 😉

  315. I am so high on “crack” right now I have a headache 🙂 It is 1:32pm and I have been spent all morning getting inspired and now I can’t think straight !!

    It’s time to go off line and finish editing the wedding I shot recently so I can keep my client happy.

    Thanks for the C:C reminder ~

  316. Ha – I safed the mail with the link to this video for tonight (it’s 11 pm here now) – after I finished writing quite a long blog post. 🙂 Bonus Points? 😉

  317. Err, saved, I mean… too late.

  318. I am going to write the next chapter of my second book. The ideas have been swirling, yet I’ve spent most of today (a Sunday) consuming inspiration! Time to create!

  319. Shannon W.

    Finish my website

  320. It’s time to proof read and type up the program workbook I have drafted out on paper. Very important part going towards my next launch!

  321. Loved this video — really great advice! Thank you!

    I’ve had this post bookmarked for weeks, but hadn’t commented yet because…I guess I was afraid I would never finish my “one action,” and I didn’t want to embarrass myself by putting it out there and possibly never coming back with a “DONE.”

    The action was a book proposal that I’d been working on for a lot longer than I’d planned to. It wasn’t going well at all. I wasn’t confident I’d ever finish.

    Anyway, finally today I got it done and submitted it. So this is both my “one action” comment and my “DONE” comment, all in one. 🙂

  322. Betsy Summers

    Great post!

    My fiancé and I talk about this a lot; he’s a writer and I’m making headway into starting my own business and pursuits (looking forward to B school,YEAH!)

    John Cleese sums it up very well in his talk about creativity: pivoting between “open mode” — letting inspiration in, gathering all the inputs– and “closed mode” — protecting time for yourself to meditate on what inspires you and create something of your own. Scheduling that “closed mode” time and sticking to it really helps us DO things (even when we just want to hang out and talk about all the cool things that inspire us!).

    Cleese’s talk

  323. I need to make a list of Keyword for my site! BUT I created before I consumed today, for once! It made me more productive and I didn’t even realize it! Thanks for the enlightenment!

  324. Michelle

    What’s a K hole and what’s an I hole?

    • alohajerseygirl

      I’m going to make a flyer right now!

    • alohajerseygirl

      Well, an I hole would be an Information or Inspiration hole, I imagine. I suspect I’m too old to know what a K hole is.

  325. Fortunately I did all my R&D, packaging design and creative work BEFORE I tuned into Marie TV with my last glass of wine and an E-Cig. Thanks and DONE.

  326. This makes so much sense. I actually just finished my to-do list for the day (creating content, etc.) and then had to pop over here for a few videos!

  327. I’m a writer and a couple of days ago I downloaded what is supposed to be the best program ever: Scrivener! I’m going to go do the tutorials and learn how it works. I’ve been putting it off because I’ve been enjoying way to much inspiration and not enough creativation! So here goes! Oh, and btw, thanks for the crack! 🙂

  328. C&C Well, Marie, I’m cleaning up emails from 2013 in 6 email accounts since 6 am this AM this morning since I replaced my hard drive. I’m going to get this done so I can have a clear head and get back to BSchool. As I’ve said, I’m so glad theres no BEHIND in Bschool cuz I am plugging away at ALL of it! Love YOU cindy

  329. Robin

    Wow! I’m continually impressed with the content of your videos. And I’ve checked out many others. You are by far above the competition. This episode was great and perfect timing. I knew I was frustrated about not making progress lately but didn’t realize I was” paralyzed by possibilities” and also confusing getting inspired with getting things done. I will definitely implement the “Create before I Consume”. THANK YOU for what you do!

  330. Linda Zheng

    Go out and buy a big piece of paper and vivid and just sit down at the library for 2 full hours, drawing out and brainstorming the end result, the final game plan of how i want my future inspirational, life changing well of a business/cafe in Sydney to look. Everything from how it’ll feel, what it’ll consist of, where it might be, the look of it all, the size, basically the end game plan- so I have my dream castle/know where i wanna be some time in the future to slowly work towards :))

    • Caroline Coates

      Hey Linda,

      That’s a fab way to go – making it visual definitely works for me too! (A little bit of networking – hope you don’t mind) but…Give me a shout about your cafe as I would love to get you in touch with some amazing Healthy Coffee to help you stand out from what everyone else is doing! [email protected]
      All the best, Caroline :))

  331. What a beautiful dress You have!!

  332. Erika


  333. I just joined SARK’s six week writing course just in time to light a fire under my ass to complete that book proposal that’s due Nov. 21st, 2014. Thanks for challenging me to do one thing today to help me move toward my goals!

    ps. I love me some Mama Marie Inspirational Crack 🙂

    Your pal,

  334. 1. translate 3 more articles from Dutch to English
    2. finish the Creative Style test that’s going to be on my website
    3. create and design a beautiful little booklet that tester get in their email

    Don’t expect to do the ‘done’ thing within 24 hrs….But I will be back!
    Thanks Marie!

  335. Tonya

    I have been asking myself this very question lately!
    As for what I must go do now: Payroll Taxes!

    • Tonya

      Oh ya, THANK YOU! Thanks for a great answer to that question. I shall go create now!

  336. Hi, my name is Shauna, & I’m addicted to inspiration. 🙂 Marie, I so needed this Marie TV loving little kick in the pants—thank you! Moving ‘consume’ to the end of my day, starting … um,.. as soon as I finish this post. Today: two blog posts, 3 overdue email replies, & a ‘farm family’ sales page draft. Aaaand… GO!

    • Darn it! Almost Done. Still, a super productive day! Staying on track tomorrow… creating first thing in the morning.

  337. Oliver

    Project 1: Make call to Union Rep. to ask about response to e-mail
    Project 2: Make appointment for Fire Sprinker System Test

    • Oliver

      Project 1: Left Voicemail at 12:17PM
      Project 2: Left Voicemail at 1:29PM

  338. Kristine

    I have been putting off the first draft of this proposal for 3 days now. Starting now.

  339. Tina

    Thanks so much for this topic. This was so appropriate for me.

  340. Jessica

    Hi Marie,
    That was a great Q & A today as always!!
    Today i am going to accept a business opportunity and start my own float centre business!
    First job is to the place my order of the tank! So excited!!

  341. Jessica


  342. I need to work on my email list! Every marketer says how important it is AND I even pay for the AWEBER service and yet I still put it on the back burner!!

  343. Muskan

    I literally thank God to have come across this amazing site. Marie you are a blessing, i swear. All the things that you come up with, all of us are fighting consciously or sub-consciously within. It happens when our mind believes imaginary things as reality, and thats where I found your videos gave a reality check. You are awesome. Never ever stol this work of pushing people up, help them to fight the battle against odds and giving them mental strength by showing. YES THINGS CAN CHANGE AND FOR BETTER.
    Muskan malhotra

  344. Muskan malhotra

    And yes i can get over the fact how elegant you are. *eyegasm*

  345. I can identify with this “crack” I spent a week away to write my book and also to organize my bills and have yet to organize my bills and only wrote a few paragraphs. Tonight I am determined to organize my books and receipts and leave the “crack” until I’m finished

  346. I love stack your crack 🙂 I’ve got so much floating crack I need to order it!

    Today I will create the competition offer for my magazine.

  347. Awwwww I just loved this, right on time for me <3
    OK, so I am raising my prices in January, sooooo I will just put more testimonials in my website and make a pay what you can pay, or 50% discount Xmas sale and advertise it through FB ads. Soooo, I will boost up till Xmas break and chill out after that for a while. Yayyyy, awesome Marie!

  348. The one thing I can do today IS actually publish a new post on my website. I have been too caught up with consuming “how-to’s” to improve my online presence, but have not really done anything. Just as you said, I will be back when I’m done later today!
    Thanks for the much needed push Marie!

  349. Another great video! I’m working on my video blog for my fantasy photo studio.

  350. Megan

    I’m such a junkie! Definitely need a ‘rabit hole’ detox!
    My task for today – email my website to at least one agent.

  351. I love this video!!! I started implementing this by assigning things to read/follow up on in my evernote account with a tag called stack crack. This way i can have all the items i want to follow up on in one spot and still feel that i wont loose the source or time frame of the information by putting this into evernote. Great idea and amazing video!

  352. I’m all about busting out good quality work and pushing others to do the same. My “done” list for today is long – you’ll have to trust me! See you next week.

  353. L.D

    I’m painting walls while listening to your videos, so how’s that for having my crack & working too? 🙂

  354. Man. Another video that says exactly what I need to hear.

    The next thing I need to do to move my big creative project forward:

    Find a space to hold my yoga and New Year’s Resolution workshop! It’s time to identify and call some yoga studios!

  355. Nate Wagner MA LPC

    The most important thing I can do is spend time writing my memoir before my daughter wakes up from her nap. that way when Emma wakes up we can have daddy daughter time 🙂

  356. Create more of my Radiant Health course new slideshow.

  357. Kellie Sue

    Whoa. This called me out. And this is the 2nd vid of yours cuz I get your newsletters on Tuesday and watched this weeks (3/31/15), which was fabulous. Just when I was feeling like I wanted to sit and cry and feel very, very sorry for myself for being a “gifted” singer/songwriter – and I know I love it and I know I rock at it cuz I been doing it on stage since I was 3. I feel super human when I do it, but do to various twists of fate (self-sabotage in the form of abusive relationships, etc.) I have never made consistent money from it and it makes me feel very, very, down very often.
    HOWEVER, then I watched THIS video, and I realize that there are way too many days when I get nada done or not as much as I should to feel good about myself anyway because I’m sucking on the Inspiration Crack Pipe trying to come up with a new better way to make money or something. And my own products are in notes, half done, in stacks, etc. (and worse, in my head!) and not happening cuz you gotta finish to ship (Seth Godin). As of this moment, I’m off crack. I have a long list of stuff I know I gotta do to market my business and I got a tall stack of song ideas, melodies and lyrics I been meaning to get to. I’m probably not gonna come back and post done to this just because I need to stay focused and I’ll start reading comments, etc. But THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Marie for this post!

  358. Trina

    Very helpful video, thanks Marie! It has me thinking…..What should my action today be? I’ve been over doing it, burning out, blissing out from inspiration then frustrated with my lack of action distracted on too many things.
    Action: Call a mentor I admire in my field and consult today.

  359. Inspiration binge is really hard to overcome, especially in a total Googleable Pinterest world. Thanks for the tips! Timing is everything.

  360. vani

    I would draft my introductory letter of my new practice by TONIGHT!
    Thanks for the challenge !!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Vani! We believe in you and we’re cheering you on. 🙂

  361. Nice advice on the C:C ratio! Thank you.

  362. Brenda Heins

    Thanks Marie! I am an inspiration/information junkie. I swear since I have dove into the pool of personal development I can’t seem to get out! I am literally drowning in all the online webinars, books, conventions, speaking events, etc. I swear I have racked up massive debt on a credit card on all this inspiration crack! I absolutely NEED to get therapy! I love, love, love your channel! Your channel is the best discovery I have made and I thank you for all the content!

    Now – what I need to do is to either do some writing on my book or…open my etsy store and reserve my domain name….we’ll see if I can get past my ADD and do something!

  363. After watching the episode, I finally started a spreadsheet of the designers I want to reach out to about collaboration. Yay! Next step for today – reach out to 2 of them!

  364. Rhonda Shrum

    I need to sit my ass down and create a freebie and an opt-in Page!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      You GOT this!

  365. I am going to sit down and write my kids yoga class.

  366. Cat

    Done! Wrote 2 blog posts today ?

  367. Hayley S.

    THIS is one of my big problems right now. I am surrounded by so many articles, videos, books, etc. that address solutions to some of my personal growth struggles. I consume and consume but I struggle tremendously to actually hold on to and implement the changes I have now at my disposal.

    I read something about how, oftentimes, the act of researching solutions to a problem feels gratifying to us to the effect that we feel as though we have accomplished our goal – this absolves us of our sense that we need to solve the problem.

    I’m not sure what my solution will be but think your suggestions are good ones. I think setting some sort of simple limitation on my social media use, as well as streamlining the *sources of my inspiration, is a good call. I also think it might be good to condense down the knowledge into digestable “pills” you can refer to each day in lieu of going back into the fray of knowledge available on the internet.

  368. Thank’s a lot for your work!

  369. Great job!

  370. Wow, Marie! I’m certainly guilty of this! I do Arts and Tech! I’m a Learner, but I do produce! The interwebs are so fascinating to me and about 20 years ago, I realized the Internet was The Library. But it’s not like a book because I have shiny things distracting my attention! Funny though, as a dancer, I don’t get lost in the ether of dance videos or watch Tiktok challenges. Those “challenges” rarely make you money! And I’m no Starving Artist! I do make slots of time for going back. But I use too many bookmarks!! My Evernote looks like scrapbooking sometimes!

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      We totally get it, Peg! Well done on realizing where you can improve and taking baby steps to make it happen. We love the idea of the internet as a library!

  371. Victoria

    Thanks!! Love this! I think I finally understand this concept. I am studying so no crack today ?

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Yes, Victoria! Crack and studying do not mix. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  372. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

  373. I Love this!!

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