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Have you ever been sooo impressed by how a business treated you — you could almost cry?

In a world that’s dominated by endless automated phone prompts and sadly soul-less customer care, when a company gets it right, it’s almost as exciting as falling in love.

That’s why I’m introducing what may become a recurring MarieTV segment called “Love Your Branding, Baby.”

This segment is about looking under the hood of what smart brands are doing right so that you can use these ideas to brand your business.

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Here’s why I wanted to do this:

1.  Most of us learn best with concrete examples. I want to show you exactly how a winning business is standing out so you can use these strategies too.

2.  People and companies doing a stellar job deserve recognition. With so much negativity in the world, creating the habit of building others up and looking for what’s working helps us all enjoy stronger relationships and happier lives.

3. I’m challenging you to step up your game. I’ll bet there are priceless lessons for winning in business and life all around you — if you take the time to look under-the-hood and notice the subtle details most others miss.

All that, and… it was a prime opportunity to channel Donna Summer.

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One cool note — the good folks at Help Scout reached out to me after this and they were just lovely.

I don’t receive commissions or any form of financial gain from talking about them. Just wanted to share a great company that I personally use and love.

As always, insight without action is worthless so I want you to take at least one of these strategies and implement it into your business.

In the comments below, tell me specifically which strategy would help you make your customers feel understood and let them know that they’re in the right place?

Is there another actionable insight you’re taking away from today’s episode?

Thank you, as always, for watching, sharing and commenting with such kindness, enthusiasm and clarity.


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  1. Getting clear on who you serve, and really speaking their language is the holy grail of marketing. I really hope this segment lives on in a future episode.

    As a musician, it feels hard sometimes to identify a pain point, but one of the things I’ve found is that people listen to music to feel a certain way. My music is about empowering, inspiring, and raising hope. Love it.

    • Exactly, Lisa. Getting clear on who you serve is crucial. I’m still working on it but far less hesitant than I used to be when it comes to not feeling “inclusive.” A work in progress…

      And, Marie, I am down for anything discolicious. I will never listen to Donna Summer the same way. 🙂

    • Hey Lisa! I agree with you and , in music, I do believe marketing is different. Not about a pain point, per se. It’s so emotional, so creative, so about the art and the connection to fans. That’s where the internet really helps artists — by helping them form and nurture that direct connection. Gaga does an amazing job of building brand loyalty and really connecting with her core audience. Beyonce just broke the mold with her recent surprise drop. And Macklemore is an incredible case study too!

      • I actually participated in a skillshare class that was a great case study of Macklemore. Building the fan base is SO much about connection, and that’s why “speaking their language” and hearing their voice in your music is such a helpful and powerful tool to reach your tribe.

        • I can’t tell you how inspiring this discussion was for me. Lisa, I’m inspired by your statement, as I’m an actor and writer, and while I’m looking for my own unique place in the market I was just reminded that it already exists within the work I already do. Thank you, Emelia and Marie for this wonderful reminder, and Marie for this kick-ass episode. I have bookmarked it for future reference, and am looking into helpdesk now for my current clients.

        • Lisa, which Skillshare class are you talking about? It’s amazing how small this community can get! I was just thinking about how this video pertains to me as a singer. And I see it now! Thank you for speaking up, Lisa!

      • Rachael P

        I feel similarly about trying to make myself stand out as a yoga teacher and healer. It is definitely about personal connection and “speaking a language” that your target audience jives with. I know I do great at this in my one-on-one and personal time with my clients, but when it comes to making it stand out in an online format and drawing in people who haven’t met me, it seems so much harder to know if I’m hitting the mark! I’m sure a video introduction would go a long way, but I’m lacking other ideas. I’m going to go work on my ET tagline now! (…rides basketed-bicycle across giant full moon as music swells!… tear!) :’)

      • Mia

        Macklemore fan here!!!
        Marie & team, this was a GREAT segment! I could honestly use all of these today as I am in the midst of rebranding and reconnecting with my audience. I use to try to connect with all women (I’m a health coach/acupuncturist), but now I have a clear picture of the kind of women who vibe with my message. As always, superb content and wonderful choreography. (Guy in the fro got WAY into character!)

    • Hey Lisa!

      I’d also love to point you in the direction of Farideh Danger, who did a great job of this with her music (and is now business coaching). Her website is, but she also talks about how she did this stuff as a musician in this great interview on the Fresh Rag podcast:

    • Spot on Lisa 🙂

      The more clear I get, the more I step into speaking the language of the client. I have also noticed that when I tie in my own experiences into what the client is going through it becomes even more powerful because the client begins to trust me and know that they aren’t perfect and know that there is another person there for them.

      I tend to change who I am serving each week which seems to be a challenge at the moment. I reckon that the more honest I get about where I am and how I serve others through my work, the ideal client will present themselves. It always tends to happen. I am a Transformational Healer and Spiritual Mentor.

      A very Happy New Year to all xx

      Abundant and bright blessings 🙂

    • A) You are kind of a nut and I love it! B) Your segments are fun and super relevant. I am currently trying to rebrand my company as I go into year 2 of being in biz, and I am definitely terrified to alienate any potential customers. This video is a definite, much-needed shove in the right direction. Gracias!

    • That was terrific. I am getting clearer on how to help those I serve…I also love how to improve my home page.

  2. HelpScout looks great! What a fabulous birthday present to get from you today Marie 😉 I’m always working with my team to reflect, refine, and improve and HelpScout looks awesome.

    I worked with the fantastic Marie Poulin to implement a lot of big changes to and One of the things that we’ve got in the works are E.T. headlines for our site and our other products and services. I think E.T. headlines are so, so important and there are very few businesses that get these right. We want to be one of the ones that do!

  3. HelpScout looks great! What a fabulous birthday present to get from you today Marie 😉 I’m always working with my team to reflect, refine, and improve and HelpScout looks awesome.

    I worked with the fantastic Marie Poulin to implement a lot of big changes to She Takes on the World and The Conquer Club in 2013. One of the things that we’ve got in the works are E.T. headlines for our site and our other products and services. I think E.T. headlines are so, so important and there are very few businesses that get these right. We want to be one of the ones that do!

    • Natalie… Happy birthday!!
      Just thought I’d say that I always think of your business, and particularly your videos, as having ET headlines already!! I always know what to expect when I visit She Takes on the World…
      Enjoy your day, Emma x

  4. My grandma always said ‘you can’t please everyone’… and that advice has been so true in my own business… I was always reluctant to niche when I first started out BUT it was only when I got clear on EXACTLY who I wanted to help that I was able to really listen to HOW I could help. And then everything really kicked into place.

    My advice: Get picky. Don’t grapple for work. Place a value on yourself and be choosy about who you would love to work with.

    • Your Grandma is right Emma – I love that saying. You certainly can’t please everyone and you don’t even need to try – and as you say, it’s better if you don’t.

      Like you, I’ve found this to be a hard lesson. Not only in terms of my website and products but I used to find myself justifying what I do and trying to appeal to everyone in conversations with people. But now I’m confident in my offering and the value I provide I know it’s not for everyone and if people don’t get or agree with what I’m doing, I’m very happy to know that they’re not my ideal customer. I’m not for them and they’re not for me and that’s just fine and I can focus my energy on providing value to those who can benefit most from what I’ve got to offer.

      The lesson I’m taking from this is that there’s more I can do around this and be even more specific about the audience I’m talking to.

      Thanks Marie for a great episode.

  5. Karolina

    1) Love that dress! I need that dress. Where can I get that dress?
    2) Be flexible within your rules framework (for example concerning returns). Allowing a customer to make a case to be granted an exception can turn them into your biggest fan.

  6. Love it! Great tips. Exactly what I needed to hear right now!

  7. Marie!

    We are so humbled and honored by your kind words. Please know how much we appreciate you all, we’re so proud Help Scout has been a win for you. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

    – Nick, co-founder @ Help Scout

    • We love you guys Nick!

    • Hey Alejandra! To be clear — it WAS both of those things. We just started using them after the last course of B-School.

  8. MIND BLOWING and just what I needed to hear/see…

    I’ve really been giving some thought to my audience and how I can better reach them. When I started out my blog, I thought I was carving out a specific audience, but in truth, I haven’t. I now know who I’m trying to reach but my site doesn’t convey that at all.

    My site is too busy and hard to navigate…I loved it when I built it…but that’s making it about me…not my reader. Argh…the tough lessons!!!

    A redesign???? Scary, time consuming, but alas, necessary.

    Wish me luck!

  9. All i got for you right now is LOL. That came out great.

    • Thank you Derek for being willing to play (as always 🙂 xoo

    • Derek, I was just gong to mention you in my comment! I’ve been using your awesome 4-question formula to carve out my niche as I shift gears and re-brand (as an Infinite Possibilities teacher/coach/speaker) and focus on building my blog this year.

      Can’t find the link, but here are the questions:
      1. What do your ideal subscribers want?
      2. What’s the main problem they have that you can solve?
      3. What’s your method to solving that problem?
      4. What do you love to talk about more than anything?

      Loves me some Derek Halpern!!!

      • SWEET.

        • I love this also… Hey, but then again, I love all Derek Halpern stuff! Can’t get enough!!!

      • I’m a Derek’s life saved as well. Thank you for the reminder. Social Triggers rock my world with his video last week as well. “How I Answered 3X More Emails In Half The Time” . Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

  10. Awesome video and new feature! Plus Help Scout might be for me… Totally OT question, but I love your dresses. Do you have a particular boutique/designer/store you love?

  11. Ooooooooh do I sense a new Marie Forleo program about branding in the near future? 🙂

    • Hey Caroline! A new program about copy is in the works 🙂

      • Lori Fox Rossi

        When this program becomes available, please let us know right away. Your content is always so helpful. Thanks for everything you do!

  12. You really CRACK ME UP! You give great info…but fuuuunnny! keep up the GREAT WORK!

  13. Wow, what an awesome company! Thanks for the tips and the introduction to Help Scout.

    Fabulous information as per usual, Marie.

  14. Great strategies, thank you! The video just blew my mind. Will now try to make one for my clients 🙂

  15. I definitely thing being authentic to who you want to work with is a constant reevaluation process, at least for me. I am definitely a work in progress in that area.

    I love when a company wow’s me. It doesn’t take much sometimes considering what’s out there. As a consumer if I get a friendly and straight forward waitress/waiter or a store that answers my questions before I have them, I am usually blown away. There is a lot of cranky customer service people and just confusing websites out there, that sometimes to stand out doesn’t really take much!

  16. Fantastic segment! I’m going to watch it one more time Right NOW because I want to these strategies to really stick. It’s brilliant to see a real example (like the copy. I struggle with copy, especially drilling it down to one or two sentences that captures what it is I do. The “no help desk headache” makes me smile, just because it’s so simple and yet powerful. I’m getting excited about copy! Could this really be true? 😉

    Thank you Marie & team for always being awesome!

    Ps. I LOVE your Donna Summer outfit. Need to find a gold jumpsuit asap (I’ve decided to have sparkle and sequins as part of my branding. Because I can 😉

    Ps2. You have the BEST customer support.

    • Thank you Lina so much — for your comment and also for Ps2. Our customer support means everything to us. And while no company (including us) is perfect, we work really, really, really, really hard to get it right so we appreciate the feedback.

      One BIG announcement: I’m excited you’re getting excited about copy — because I’m working on a course that will teach you how to write the most effective copy ever — and, sound completely natural! Stay tuned 🙂

      • Marie,

        Truly awesome Tuesday video and info! I watched 2x and took notes. I can’t wait for the copy writing course as it’s something I find challenging.
        Keep up the terrific zany job, your efforts (with team) is very much appreciated.


      • Great video! Look forward to the new course!

  17. Great advice with that #2 Karolina. I loved this episode, both the hilarity and the usefulness. I don’t even know what I need to do more, all of it really! I’ve tried with 1-3 and 5, but getting really clear is alluding me. #4 I haven’t even attempted but I know I should. I think the first thing for me to work on will be #5 via #1. Making the distinction of who should stick around on the homepage. I’ll be working on that today. Thanks Marie!

  18. Drawing a line in the sand- yes! I’ve been stressing so much about what The Disapprovers might say or think. What a waste of time and energy! Thanks for the V-8 moment, Marie. I need to refocus my efforts on my niche market and blow raspberries to the rest.

  19. Lisa

    Soooooo funny. 🙂

  20. moni

    Love your show. I would go with #3 Irresistable call to action or chat room/ email. For example, i remember when i first started to use a Skype. When i got stuck, there was no phone# to call, no customer service. They only had a public forum, the thing with their customers Q and A’s posted. Well, that’s sweet. However, i would be more satisfied to hear the advise for my problem directly from a horse’s mouth, rather than going through tons of postings to find what i am looking for. Often happens that i might have something else, more to ask that is not covered in the Q&A’s, and then the frustration would come.
    Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you and your family.

  21. Yes, yes and THRICE YES.

    I see so many companies and small business owners playing it safe. You should SHOUT LOUDLY about the specific problem you solve for your people. We love to know that someone has REALLY thought about us.

    This year, I really plan to do more with E.T. headlines (ha! Love that), more specifically, testing headlines to see which work more effectively by both kicking my target audience in the pain spot while simultaneously offering them a pain-be-gone remedy. (Not literally, natch)

    I think I love, adore and covet the re-jig of Donna Summer here. LOVE.

  22. Cindy Harley

    I took away that I need to find the pain point of what I am offering and make it an ET in my headline. Clean and simple and a video under 2 minutes. Thanks for the entertaining way you present valuable information.

    • You are welcome Cindy! Thanks for watching – and commenting 🙂

  23. I love good branding, it makes me so happy. What I love about the HelpDesk example is how simple and straightforward it is.

    As far as what I can take away for my own branding, I have so much work to do, but for now I like the idea of focusing on the very clear pain point and highlighting it.

    For some reason branding has become the new cashmere sweater for me. To explain, the first time I touched cashmere it was when I happened to put my hand on my roommate’s boyfriend’s sweater. I had never felt something so wonderful in my life!

    My first thought was “Maybe someday I can have a boyfriend who has a cashmere sweater I can touch.” I never thought I could have a cashmere sweater! Now I have lots of cashmere sweaters AND a boyfriend with a cashmere sweater, but branding still has that allure of something that other people get to have.

    I’ll figure it out eventually, and in the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy and reward kick ass branding and customer service. Love this segment and would love to see more.


    • Oops! Make that Help Scout!! Sorry Nick.

  24. I looove this! You’re so right Marie, it’s key that we zoom in on exactly who our target market is and speak their lingo. I was just thinking today that if we addressed the exact problems, questions and concerns that our ideal customer has, we’d be heroic to them and that would ultimately have a huge impact on our businesses. Team Forleo is a brilliant example of a business that knows it’s customer extremely well. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Love that idea of being heroic. And thank you so much for your kind words, Vicky! xo

  25. Soorena

    I definitely need to look at and get clear with mysel about who I want my products to be for and who not for. This’ll really help ease the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to make my stuff make sense to ‘everyone’. Thanks MarieTV

  26. Great video! It reminded me that I’m not for everybody (and that’s a good thing).

    Good question too! As a high feminine-queer-sex blogger-and writer, it made me look back on the frustrations I have. In asking my own questions, it’s helping me to zero in on what should POP on my site. (Which is under going a huge overall and trasition to wordpress with my own domain name.

    For instance, where are all the high feminine queer writers online? Where are the high feminine queer writers writing about sex, relationships, and love online? Where can I find queer erotica online outside of the main three popular writers? What about queer romantics online?

    In looking at my own questions, I see that it’s going to be good to pinpoint that I am queer, feminine, a writer, a sex blogger, and a romantic. Originally, I only had queer, sex, and love as my big words.

    But the big question I answer, and what I bring to the table, is I write from a queer feminine perspective. That’s my niche.

    Love the video and what you do! I look forward to more.

    DeDe Deylnn

    • Awesome DeDe Delynn! Love how these questions are helping you find your own clarity. I’d encourage you to get to know your readers even better and pay close attention to what you hear. Similarly, as an artist/writer — keep paying attention to what lights YOU up and what you’re most passionate to write about. Often times — we fans don’t know what we really want until some brilliant creative (like YOU) has the courage to create it.

  27. When do we get the full video of Love to Love Your Branding?
    Great episode, baby.

    • OK Josh, you should really be shooting a TV show right now. Did you want a private video viewing, sir? I can arrange that. Love you xoxo

      • Umm, how cute are you two?!? Adorable… So glad I got to see the two of you together at RHH Live in 2012, totally inspiring and happy making. 🙂


        • Thanks Cecilia! I am truly a lucky lady!! xox

  28. Marian Knowles

    Branding case studies are a great addition to already super content! Please do more of these case studies. Although I don’t know if you and your team will be able to top your homage to Donna Summer:)

    • Oh heellllzzz no Marian, the Love Your Branding, Baby segment stays! When we do another one, you’ll hear that again — what will change is who we profile 🙂

  29. Loved your inner Donna Summer, Marie! It reminded my of staying up past bedtime to sneak a peek at Soul Train.

    Love how Help Scout is dead on with their customer avatar. Super important into today’s hyper-connected world. Thanks for bringing them forward as a reminder of how to differentiate and rise to the top in a positive way.

    The one thing I plan to implement PDQ is a fast effective video. I’ve been pondering making a welcome video for the last month. I’m prone to long discourse, so this is a wonderful reminder to tighten it up and get it done!

    Of course, I’ll going to take an outsider look at my site for the rest of the items to firm up everything else.

    Thanks, Marie!

    • How much do we LOVE Soul Train Africa?? Awesome to hear on your video. Please keep us posted, and be open to edits. Would love to see what you create. oxxo

  30. I love the ‘not for everyone’ focus you talk about today, Marie: I’ve been trying to just PUT MYSELF OUT THERE since arriving in a foreign country and starting my new arthouse project, and building a new career all over from scratch… At first, it felt imperative to just have ANY customers, and I got caught up in inviting all manner of folks into my life and work. But entering a phase of clarification and reflection, I see that vast amounts of resources and energy can be syphoned off this way, by whomever is passing and/ or needy! The boundary of saying ‘I work in this way’ (slowly, inwardly, meaningfully, peacefully, in solitude mostly) and that I ‘provide this kind of a place’ (a tranquil, inspiring, atmospheric, creative retreat space) rather than my trying to please anyone coming to town (we have a big influx of folks attracted by a house-hunting TV show my story was featured in, all wanting infinite amounts of info about property, etc, whilst I was trying to set up my arthouse, and they all needed masses of attention and support!)… Maybe it was good to compromise at the beginning, but it was also counterproductive in many ways, whereas now I am gaining a more select clientelle, who is more on my wavelength, and with whom I am having tremendously fulfilling rapports! I heard you refer to this concept of ‘not being for everyone’ before, Marie, in an interview with another woman: it feels great to have some of my own sassiness and particularity coming into my website and public profile, so that I am not seen as a ‘free for all’!

    • It also occurs to me, reading the other comments on the feedback flow here, that ‘knowing I am not for everyone’ also means NOT jumping to attention every time someone knocks wanting something from me. I’m learning to not respond immediately, but to segment times for each kind of response required, and to prioritise people who are looking to make a purchase or booking: initially, I spending nearly every waking minute, writing back to folks’ queries about anything from the weather here, when the trains are, how to speak the language. I’ve learned that I can synopsise a lot of info via my website, and then just direct folks there, if I respond to them at all… It was difficult at first to not respond immediately, but as I slowed down, it helped me see the huge difference between serious customers, interested in my work and philosphies, and folks wanting something for nothing- YEY for the learning curve! Thanks so much for being there, Marie- your TV show has been a great source of clarity and focus for me, as I’ve developed my project- I’m SO glad I came across you!! 😀 mwah!

  31. Totally informative! I regularly look up your web site or video segment to inspire me and help my coaching practice grow bigger and stronger.

    Love ya!

  32. Stephanie

    Marie, this video was right on the money. I constantly hear about folks who are so concerned with appealing to the masses that they are afraid to specialize in what they know they are good at. I love the idea of saying up front who would be best served by your business and who wouldn’t be. This not only helps you maintain your integrity, but it also weeds out problematic customers in the future. It increases your joy and peace because customers who really need you and know the value you bring to them are the most awesome to work with! Thanks for another amazing episode.

  33. Streamlining my website is a constant process. I am always trying to make the customer experience better. Because I am in grad school as well as, I hired a call center to handle my issues and its worked out well. As I grow, it’s nice to know that Help Desk is a resource available.

  34. Love the dress! Was that you singing?

    • Thanks Linda and ohhhh boy no, it was not me singing. I wrote the lyrics 🙂

  35. We like to complicate things by trying out every new tool out there but the fundamentals remains the same; people like to be heard and understood.

    When a service person comes in, asks me questions to acertain my needs, listens to my answers, takes notes and reads out my own words back to me and asks if I have any other questions rather than starting off with a canned sales speech, I feel understood and happily open up my wallet.

    I plan to “go do likewise” in my own business.

  36. It’s sometimes hard to draw that line in the sand when you believe that what you do can help everyone, but I’m learning that the line is there to benefit both myself as my clients. Thank you for your videos, they are helpful!

  37. Love today’s video on branding strategies. I have been recently revamping my website and have been trying to key in on being effective for my audience when they land on my home page. I’m excited to add in a “fast effective” video, and an irresistible call to action – two things I have been considering doing on my home page and now how the confidence that its the right move to add them in! Thank you, Marie!

  38. Thanks, again, Marie!
    I have a small handcrafted organic bodycare business and for years I have been tawkin’ to everybody. I have figured out that not everyone wants organic products, and that is ok. I LOVE what I do. Your video just pushed me in the direction I was going! Muah!

  39. The strategy that speaks to me is the last one, “proudly not for everyone”. This lesson is really starting to sink in for me, and I especially like the example of Help Scout “drew a line in the sand”. That is scary… and brave. And I think this is the one strategy I could do that would really make a difference in my business.

    As always, great video. THANK YOU!

  40. AWE-some! My services have been targeted toward specific “magical” people but my husband always thinks I’m limiting my ability to bring in more money. I try to explain that “I am not for everyone!” Love this – Thanks Marie!

  41. I’m needing a Help Scout yet, but noting it for later adventures. Considering adding disco to my weekly inspiration time! 😉

    I love the determining who you are for portion — that’s a tough one but so important. It’s scary to separate from the people that you are not for — but oh so necessary so you can get to the good stuff with the people you ARE for.

    My business is based on eco friendly products made with reclaimed materials. My target market is one of people who are conscientious, educated consumers – those who are not just don’t get what I’m doing and why.

  42. Great video, Marie! Loved it! And very timely as well. I actually am in the process of redesigning me website so I plan to incorporate all of your ideas, frankly. 😉 My first priority is to clean my site up and keep it simple/easy to navigate. (Yay! I’m so excited to do this that I’m cheering in my head!!!) I do have a video on my current website that has to be redone. I was going to wait to do it but you have convinced me that it is a bigger priority…thank you for the encouragement!

    Thank you so much for always delivering your sage advice in such a fun-loving way! Love it!

  43. Hi Marie, I loved today’s video. “Love Your Branding Baby” was just what I needed to get me started this morning. Since my business is only 4 months old 🙂 I’m still working on defining my ideal customer avatar- thanks for the inspiration to really dig down and define who that person is.

  44. This video is coming at a perfect time for me as I’m working on a collaboration project and we are discussing branding. I love this segment and I look forward to hearing about more companies that are doing it right. These real life examples are great case studies. I am currently defining my ideal customer and your advice on “not being for everyone” is so helpful. Great job Marie and Help Scout.

  45. What a fun way to teach, making people laugh!
    Two companies worth mentioning when speaking of FANTASTIC customer support are Citrix/Go To Webinar and GotVMail/Grasshopper.
    Two unprecedented companies that excel in customer support and that are a necessity for any small business owner! Hope to see them in one of your future episodes as well!

    One quick question? How do you find a pain point to create your ET Headline on such a happy product like balloons? I don’t have an ET headline at all! HELP!!!

    • Hey Diane! A few things.

      ET headlines aren’t always applicable to all businesses. Doesn’t mean you should look for one, though.

      For example, in the pizza business (which is arguably a happy business — at least for me), delivery times were all over the place. Dominos saw that as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the marketplace and make what used to be a typical customer frustration and turn it into a unique selling proposition.

      You know your market and industry best so I’d encourage you to listen to what customers talk about, complain about, feel frustrated about when it comes to what you offer and see if anything emerges!

      Otherwise, look at what people most want when they order your products. Do they want it there same-day? Do they want the most outrageous, creative balloons on the planet? This is really about knowing your ideal customer avatar better and finding out what they most want and need.

      • So glad I am enrolled in B School! There is just so much to learn from you!!!
        Thanks Marie!!!

  46. Aaaaah… Love Your Love Your Branding Baby Idea!!! MORE, Please :O)

  47. Daniela

    As always, I loved your video because of the way you can 1: identify key topics and 2: present them in a clear, easy to understand and funny way. Nevertheless -and I don´t know if this is something happening only to me- it´s always very hard to me to transition from “insight” to “action”. I guess it´s because I´m not a naturally executive person, but it´s frustrating for me to be so enthusiastic while I´m listening to you….and then not being able to do anything with all the useful information, ARGH!!!
    Anyway. I know that your great insights ARE just brilliant and ARE helping lots of people to just nail it. I hope that one day I´ll be able to just grab to all those accumulated great insights and put them to work. Thank you Marie.

    • Hi Daniela you can do anything if you just take the first step. What do you like doing? What are your passions. To start with, get hold of The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris. Pick a pen and write a 500-word article on a beautiful idea you have a send to EzineArticles.Com. Just start and you’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish within a few months. Good luck as you start navigating your path to greatness.

      • Daniela

        Thank you Paul. That´s very sweet. 🙂

        • So Daniela what are you going to do next? Just write out the three key things you wish to do within the next three days, three weeks, three months. Then begin. If you like you can share with me or your significant other. Hope this helps.

  48. This video totally cracked me up! =]

    Thanks for the strategies! I need to re-evaluate my own website and make sure I’m clear on who I want to work with and that everything is easy to find! I did that last year, but as I tweak things around I think I may have added too much and made things too complicated for customers, so I’ll take a look at simplifying!

  49. LOVE!!!!!!!! Please keep this segment going, it is such a great idea. I’m about to launch my first product this week and this made me feel better about the fact that I have a “who this product is NOT for” section on my sales page. I’ve been toying with the idea of a video about it too and this has given me the clarity to go for it.
    Thanks as always, looking forward to what the Marie team brings in 2014 🙂

    And damn girl you can hit the high notes, or at least lip sync them amazingly 😉

  50. Debs

    Love this Marie. I need to give it more thought before I answer your questions, but OMG I love your hair 🙂

  51. Wow. Okay, I’m back again because this has really changed my morning. I am knee-deep in complete website rearranging. Basically taking the extra stuff from my homepage and putting it elsewhere on the website. And trying to draw a line in the sand on the homepage. I think I really need to look at what I’m saying too many times in too many different ways and make it more like poetry. Using my poetry background to create a website is not something I’ve ever thought of before, but I’m feeling like it’s a really necessary way to articulate my intentions more effectively.

    And then I need to go do this on my other website! This is why I make Tuesdays my flexible days, I never know how I’m going to get inspired here. Thanks again Marie and for all the inspiring comments!

    Yeah, I really need to get my hands on that copywriting program!

  52. Amy

    I loved your five point strategy…quick and easy to follow. I will apply the draw your line in the sand strategy. Everyone will either want in or out….nothing in between. xo

  53. Wow, you spoke to me loud and clear today. But then again that happens often, are you sure you don’t have a spy in my office? or are tapping my phone or email?

    Being unique, stepping out and shining with authenticity, something that the world craves yet many of us are fearful of doing. You reminded me that I don’t want to help everyone, I’m not for the masses, but there are people who can use and value what I have to offer, THEY are who will resonate with me.

    THANKS again for your wisdom and best of all for sharing it with us.

  54. Sue Salamon

    Absolutely loved this. I’m in the early stages of creating my business and have gained some fabulous tips for the structure and content for my website. The idea of a video makes me nervous but I can totally see what impact this can have. This will definitely be a key feature for me. Can’t wait to hear more.

  55. Your videos always blow me away Marie. Yes, I’m a customer service fanatic and hate companies, stores, etc. that don’t get it. I know that I’ve been falling into that tawking to everyone trap and was lying in bed this morning trying to figure out how to tighten that up, so your video today was spot-on, thanks!


  56. GREAT new segment, Marie. I love the deep dive on a single brand. Way to keep your insights relevant and rocking’! Thanks.

  57. Ha! You had me at “macros!” Looking forward to checking out Help Desk. Thanks Marie for once again sharing useful tools with us!

  58. Wah! LOVED this! I’m in a cafe with headphones; watching the dancing part, I was laughing so much I was *shaking, everyone else looked up from their laptops and stared at me…

    My biggest takeaways are ET Headlines and really zeroing in on my ideal customer in my copy. I’m going to take a look at my “About” page and see what I can tweak there.

    Thank you! For the awesome inspiration and that SPECTACULAR gold jumpsuit.

  59. Tips for today “Not for everyone”, for me it’s first to be clear to wich client I talk, and what I sell,

    First video of 2014, and first video I take note for the new website I want to built with my name, many projects and I need a clear identity.

    Plus I’m sure I’ll meet you Marie, even if, I live in Paris, France.

    PS: Love you dress, and thanks for remember me the song of the beginning ( I think we love the same music 😉 )

  60. The strategy I take away is to really draw a line in the sand of how I am NOT Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig – I am a health coach who only works with people committed to their optimal health and eating whole foods!

    Great video, Marie – only you can rock a sexy Fred Flintstone patterned dress 🙂

    • THAT’S what that pattern is!

    • Christina, just wanted to jump in and say that I love what you do! I’m someone who went from “just wanting to lose weight” to understanding that the only way to sustainably stay at a good weight is to eat whole foods and take a holistic approach, so I’m basically a convert 😉 intuitive eating and a real food diet got me to a very stable point, but I wish I had discovered you a couple of years ago!

  61. First of all, what a great place to learn about awesome people. I was reading some of the comments and got to know some of you. There’s some of you that are rocking my life today.
    Secondly, my challenger for 2014 (next 2 months) is to finish my website. I’m a web designer and a woman. You know… when you don’t know what to pick to wear? That’s it. I’m done with it. Simple and plain design for my clients and for myself as well. Call for actions and build effective relationships with clients.
    Great disco Marie! Can stop to sing it: “Love My branding baby! ” 😉
    Thank you all for the amazing comments.

  62. This is a super great post. I am focused on the creative women business owner for my coaching and consulting business along with our other site. I tell people I only want to work with people who are focused on a solid product and customer service first. It amazes me how people really do not think about the importance of customer service or understand the basics before they launch.

    Really loved this video this week. Valuable information. I will be working on my new site to make sure it answer the questions soon as people land on the site.

  63. Marie, you did it again! Re-vamping my home page is high on the to do list for 2014 and I need to implement all 5 of these strategies, especially the video. customers love videos! Thanks for keeping us informed and highly entertained. My husband overheard me watching a Marie TV one day and said, “She sounds really fun. I’m really interested in what she has to say.” We <3 Marie!

    • Oh thank you, and your husband, Hillary for watching. So happy this will help you with one of your major 2014 goals!

  64. Arghhh! Having been there trying to find and having to use something that isn’t quite right, we know the pain! Unfortunately we haven’t found the perfect answer yet so are designing our own instead. Great video as always and yes please, please keep this segment going.

  65. After 2 years – I still look forward to your videos Marie. Thank you.

  66. I’ve already implemented one of these ideas! I changed the copy on my home page! A few weeks ago, I went live with a new, re-branded website, and I worked VERY HARD on the copy of the whole site, but I guess I thought the copy on the home page would grab more people… far it hasn’t.

    But I had a strike of inspiration when you were talking about the E.T. headlines….and I realized that mine weren’t addressing the pain points well enough! So I’ve already changed it! I hope that makes a difference and I’ll see more of a response!

    As always, THANK YOU for solid advice that’s actionable and easy enough to implement! You should probably wear a cape, ’cause I’m pretty sure you’re a super hero (in my book, anyway!).

    Love you, Marie! And Happy New Year! It’s going to be EPIC all around!

    • AWESOME Lori! Love how fast you took action. Sign of a true winner 🙂

      • I, too, was super inspired and took action to add a home page video to my website ( – it is a start and I will look to refine it in the upcoming months but thought it wise to really get out there who I am, what I am doing and how I can help – immediately! Thank you, Marie (and Lori!) for getting me motivated to get it done! xoxo, Licia

  67. Perfect first bit of info to read to start today! I’m in the middle of re-creating my website (ugh) and what I’m going to do immediately is make sure I have an E.T. headline. It’s all brilliant info and I’ll incorporate more of it as I digest the info.
    Thanks for the great content, as always!

  68. I love that segment Marie! Please do more!

    I will point out the difference of my product (which is totally blue ocean) to my competition (which is so different since the blue ocean) and I’ll poit out who it is NOT for on my new DVD sales page.

    Live from Berlin! Coco

  69. Hi Marie, we are a small company based on Brazil and every video of MarieTV helps us to get new insights and ideas! Just like Lisa commented up there, we work with art (creating drawings of persons and feelings for every special occasion and customizing objects) and marketing has to do with a lot of emotions and different feelings than a solution for a problem, for example. Thank you for all the help! 🙂

  70. Marie…You did it again…I LOVED the lyrics to that song…You are a natural “Poet”, I most say…I must work on clutter on my page, I suppose…Really lost for words…Look GREAT in that dress with the hair & make-up, it makes the entire look POP (BamaJama WORTHY)…OXOX


  71. Thanks Marie, Help Scout looks great and just what you need to complete your brand after you give your customers TLC.

    Love your helpful videos!

  72. As I prepare for a re-do of my website, I am taking every single strategy from today’s video with me!

    My first stop: Make sure I am speaking to the specific needs of my specific someone.

    Great video!
    Love the new segment 🙂

  73. Clearly stating which clients you might not be right for is key. I know I’ve spent a lot of time honing my target market, but…I’ve never really come out and said “I’m not for you, go over here to get help.” Neato!

  74. Marie:
    How do you market if you work for a big company? I work in sales, but my company does not do any kind of lead generation. Do you try to market yourself and your company on your own personal website?

    • Tell us more Oksana. Is it a network marketing company or something different? Before taking it upon yourself to market the company you for for through a personal website, I would definitely talk with the folks you work with.

      • Marie: thanks for your response. I work for a company with 100 employees but the sales people run their own territories and don’t really have any help from the marketing group. I’ve asked several times but it seems that our group throws fancy parties because as a small company that’s what they’ve done in the past. It is an IT services company and we have amazing engineering talents and tend to keep customers for a long time once we attain them, but there is nothing done to generate new clients to earn more business. The only advice/help that we are offered is to keep networking with people. Our company website is too cluttered and very confusing. We also don’t do any social marketing. I’ve tried to speak up several times but to no avail. Any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

        • Thanks for the fleshed out situation. A few ideas for you to consider.

          1. Do you know if the company wants to grow? The owners may be fine with business as is, and not feel like there’s a problem. If that’s the case, you can focus on excelling at your role and looking for ways to add value that both light you up, as well as further the goals of the company. And of course, you should find out what those are!

          2. You said “.. the only advice/help we are offered is to keep networking with people.” Not sure who is giving that advice (or who is asking for it!) but once again, I suggest finding out your companies goals. This will help you to be more persuasive and align your energy with the rest of the team.

          3. You said, “I’ve tried to speak up several times with no avail.” Take another perspective and ask yourself, “What about my communication wasn’t super compelling?” Don’t beat yourself up, but be curious and genuinely interested in the answer. Taking responsibility for whatever results that show up in your life is awesomely empowering and may give you insight to move yourself and the company ahead.

          • Thank you for your response! I appreciate the help.

  75. Hahaha, you must have so much FUN recording these videos! I just love the effort, the dancing, the glam & glitter 🙂 Hilarious and 5 starts for that!

    And back to content, I LOVED this new segment. There is nothing better than “live” case studies that can promote my own growth. Just reading “Jab, jab, jab…” right now so it blended well with your content today!

    THANK YOU! And have a lovely start in 2014 🙂

  76. Hi Marie.

    Thank you so much for this. I am launching my website in January and was struggling to really get it right and this was exactly what i needed to get more focused and effective.

    Love your videos! Wendy

  77. Marie, I really enjoyed this segment. While I think my offering are interesting, useful, and benefical for any who is “really” interested in fashion, what I offer is not for everyone. I have to come up a creative, direct, and non-offensive way to get this message across.

  78. Thanks for the entertaining advice! The biggest thing for us right now is a redesign of our site after refining our services. I am aiming for simplicity and adding more of our glowing testimonials in a new format to our site will be the kicker. I want it to be compelling without being “salesy” or “corporate”. Thanks for the examples – really helps to see who is doing it right since so many are doing it wrong!

  79. Thank you Marie!

    This is just in the nick of time… I’m finishing up my website in the next couple of weeks. I am definitely going to implement these goodies on my new website.

    My favorite tip is #2: The E.T. headline… reach out and touch their pain point. …. the wheels are a turning!

  80. Thank you Marie, as always, for such an entertaining and valuable segment. This really made me look at my ET copy very closely. I think I’ve been using words that I want my ideal customers to use vs. what they really say. Will definitely be making some change to this soon. Look forward to seeing you every week. You’re the highlight of my day. xo, mridu

  81. You are fab as always, Marie, but the guys in this video are HILARIOUS!! Thank you so much for sharing your customer support woes (and wows!). I am making a major shift in the way I think about my business this year and it begins with this exact subject.

    • awesome Sharon. And yes, my fellas are fantastic 🙂

  82. Awesome advice… you are so the truth. Thanks again.

  83. Marie as usual drives home the point with precision about the need to be customer-centric in words and deeds. 99.99% of companies believe customer service is a department. Sorry, it’s not. It’s a mindset. A mindset that says we’ll do everything humanly possible to make life easy for ”the customer”. Sounds easy to say in theory, but it’s never easy in practice. Thanks Marie for highlighting Help Desk’s the-customer-is-king tenets, the ideal I write about in Bridges to the Customer’s Heart. A copy is on the way Marie just to say thanks.

    • Thanks Paul! And quick note that it’s Help Scout vs. Help Desk. They are amazing!

      • Oh it’s Help Scout Marie! Thanks!

  84. Great advice. I’m just wondering how these points could be adapted to a visual artists website. Hmmm.

    • Hi Caridad. A few ideas to get you started. This is really about understanding what people are looking for from you — and from your website, and making their life easy. Make your art easy to see (great photography, clear descriptions, easy to navigate between work) as well as making it easy for your clients to know about you, the inspiration behind the work, what is for sale, what materials you use, sizes available, framed or not framed, how to buy from you, etc. — all the things that folks who are interested in art want to know!

  85. Stopped the video at 4:11 – and had to make tweaks to my home page! Amazing the silly things one can miss!

  86. Love the new segment! But my cat, Missy did not. She flew out of the room so fast when the music came on. Well… I guess… “Love Your Branding Baby” isn’t for everyone. All she is looking for in a brand is a comfy place to sleep for 23 hours a day. Okay, 23.5 hours.

    I’m working on a new webpage which I hope will be simpler and more action driven, but packed with info punch. I know my ideal customer doesn’t have a lot of time to read a lot of words. It’s underway as I type!

  87. I really really liked this episode!! Thanks for sharing! I loved that you highlighted what a small business is doing right.
    Thanks…and awesome outfit. I dare say I’d love to see more music videos!

  88. Thank you Marie!! Does the world really another _________ ? I needed to hear that this morning as I am launching my new site in the next 2 weeks! And, yes because of B-school and your SUPER VALUABLE lessons, I have created a rockin’ homepage that I am so excited to share when it goes live. Also, great affirmation that a video is the way to go and now you just solved my white space dilemma.. An arrow pointing towards the video will do! LOVE love your new branding segment and your video. As always thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I adore this new episode, inspiring and full of suggestions I needed to know. Thanks for the nudge, Marie! The main one swirling in my mind, is a clean webpage. Mine is too clean and needs a major update. Love-loved the tweetable — brilliant!
    Thank you Marie and staff.

  90. A few years ago I attended a conference of professionals with a walk on water feeling afterwards. One female presenter said something that I’ll always remembered, “If you can make people feel it, they will remember you, your service, your business etc…” You do that time and time again
    Marie so Happy New Year !

  91. So first I’m all like “Oh, my husband would love this too, since he needs to work on branding in his biz” and then I’m all “Nah, scratch that, Marie’s too damn hot, he might start crushing”.

    So I’ll just share the nuggets of wisdom and let him think they came from me. Though he knows how much I love Marie and he’ll secretly know where they came from.


    THANK YOU for this today! Just recently I had that special talk with myself where I reminded myself that I keep falling into the “gotta please everybody” trap. I needed a reminder that it’s okay and actually GOOD to draw that line and be all “Here’s who I serve and that’s that”.

    Also? The E.T. line? YES! Need that!

    Meanwhile, customer service is so key and I agree with everyone who has praised Team Forleo and their exemplary service. Thanks as always for being a standard we can try to emulate!

  92. I LOVE this new segment! Absolutely brilliant. And I can’t wait for the new copy program.

    I’d say the biggest lesson for me is fully knowing the pain point of the customers. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before – but it’s something I repeatedly seem to mess up on in my copy. Probably out of a desire to serve too many people! 😉

    Thank you so much for the great work you do, Marie. You’re a godsend!

    • adam

      I am really interested in this Godsend. Also the customer pain point and Help Scout. I believe in God and this has had an affect on me,but nothing compared to the infinite immortal, omnipotent, omnipresent that is on, in the people involved. It is important to have friends with the definite righteousness of, as you say”know who you are working wf4 for.
      My writing this does not give allowance to entertain anyone. You, the criminal, watch and learn, meaning, Im glad you know not to take the boat called titanic but most importantly you don’t take the diaries of the dead from the boat and claim it as international knowledge. See, then the whole world is guilty I’ve never taken anything, my albums one through six are called originals, the new order, as you seem to be comming from, with thieving, pushing the human spirit and an “unatural” connectivity that thrives in any climate. I understand that the commandments have no bearing, direction,space +++ in this money is God business world. Yes you too can follow a belief that the Almighty is dead and continue with a” I liked Tony Robbins better attitude” and that all from all sides is one in some hypnotized commonality based on the fact that whoredome is abound.

      Please excuse the intensity…it’s hgot here, no food, too busy to think of water,woman is almost a God in my mind…might never reach there(United Nations should have a law that , unless a priest*, man should be gifted with one of the wonders in life. Tits and ass, with my religious ass a la Leviticus.
      Love is four words after all
      Peace out

  93. Love this video and your pleasantly disturbed style (this is a compliment by the way) and how obvious the changes are that I need to make to my homepage. Thanks!

  94. Mandy J.

    Great idea for a regular segment, Marie! Please do keep it up!

  95. First Time Commenter here!!! Holla!!!!! 😉

    I watch MarieTV religiously, to the point where I add reminders to watch the Tuesday episode to my to-do list! But, I’ve never commented before.

    But THIS episode is so incredible, I just had to comment to tell you how awesome (and effective) it is AND to let you know that it just helped me in a big way.

    First, here’s what I mean by how effective it is:
    From around 2:55-3:17 you had me so curious and enthused on your behalf about Help Scout that I paused your video, googled Help Scout, watched their intro video and checked out their pricing plan all before going back to finish watching your video. In other words, your enthusiasm was so genuine that I immediately wanted to see what had you so excited!

    And second, how this video helped me more than any other…
    When you talked about being clear about who my business is NOT for, it finally clicked. See, I run a business where I teach Yoga to populations currently NOT served by stereotypical Yoga Studios. I teach plus-sized people, older people, brand new beginners, people with physical limitations and other students who don’t feel comfortable in the over-crowded, popular Yoga studios in the city. I’m just about to open my very first studio specifically to offer my style/brand of Yoga (Body Positivity Yoga) designed for this demographic. In the process of getting ready, I have been working on getting some marketing materials together.

    While I have always known it’s important to let my potential students know who my Body Positivity Yoga IS for, I haven’t always been clear or brave about saying who it ISN’T for. And I realized, while watching this video, that If I start making a point in my copy of saying that Body Positivity Yoga is NOT for advanced, hardcore Yogis or people looking for an intense work-out, that this would be exactly the thing that would put the students I’m trying to reach feel comfortable coming to my classes.

    After this amazing AH HA moment, I fully intend to implement this strategy in the copy of my studio website, flyers, and other marketing materials.

    Thanks, Marie!

    Lisa ~ The Fat Yogini

    • Absolutely beautiful Lisa — thanks for commenting too 🙂

  96. Hi, Marie!
    Your videos are always fun to watch and deliver powerful messages, thank you! I would take on board number 5, draw a line and specify who my ideal client is.


  97. This is AMAZING, Team Marie! I’d love to see more case studies on great brands. Sometimes I think I’m biased being a web designer, but I think a company’s website speaks volumes about their brand, and it’s so important to make sure your company’s identity and online presence are aligned. Loved loved loved this episode! Thanks guys.

  98. I’m a newbie – I’m in the middle of validating an idea: organizing services for small business owners and freelancers (to help me out, click the link to take my survey). I think that even though I don’t have a business yet I can still learn more about my (potential) customers through this validation process. Surveying and interviewing them to make sure I really understand THEIR needs and how I can meet those needs in a way that would make life easier for them.

  99. Holy crud, our team is living a parallel life to your team! We have been pulling our hair out over the same helpdesk issues! Thanks Derek and Marie for sharing this app, which I am totally checking out right now.

    Oh…and my big takeaway is to do a better job of letting visitors know who we’re for and who we’re not for. We already do this somewhat, but the “enterprise” example opened my eyes to how we could be communicating it even better. Great post Marie!

  100. Marie, love this video – you’re so funny and effective.

    I’m narrowing down my ideal client, but having a tough time finding them online. They’re Jewish women who work and have families and spend time taking Judaica classes …

    I need to work on my website and my CTAs, big time.

    And, I love Derek’s no-nonsense approach too.

    Can’t wait for more info.

    • Hey Linda! I’ll bet you can def. find your market. If I were you, I’d consider going to hang out with them in person, too. For example, I did a quick search and here in NYC, there are Judaica classes at the 92nd Street Y. 🙂

  101. Marie is so spot on here, she speaks about customer service : that really is the hart of the company. Me or any other customers need to feel validated and be served for what we paid for. I remember the customers experience what Marie is talking about, years ago. When you do not feel appreciated you are not content WHAT you are paying for the customer experience is a disaster, you just loose another customer and another & another.
    Those experience exceeds my expectations 10 years ago and now I still remember the good things.
    The same bad feelings also happen as well. You never forget a BAD customer -experience. So be certain those kind of companies are very soon out of business. Care is the new currency! You don’t feel the loyalty anymore.

  102. As someone whose worked in the help desk field, I can definitely say this is brilliant. And definitely would not work at an enterprise level but this is great for small businesses! 🙂

  103. Hi Marie!
    Thank you so much for this episode. The way I plan to use this is to utilize the word that comes up for me as I listen to you as it relates to my own website. That is the word “crisp”. I have a new website I love, but my gut has been telling me I need a faster paced intro video that is more lively and more to the point, or more crisp.

    Experience has taught me that when you do identify a target market and draw a “line in the sand” with who you are serving it only creates more referrals from the customers with whom I love to work. Prior to not having fear of closing others out I found myself working with people who didn’t really draw my best abilities forward because I didn’t feel passionate about the work. You’re so right about this, girl! Thanks again!

  104. Sophia Stravoravdis

    Firstly, “Love Your Branding, Baby” nearly made me fall off my ruddy chair! Fab! Secondly, as a person involved in numerous business reviews, in the are of customer service and experience, you echo precisely what systems thinkers believe, that you must Know Thy Self (or Thy Business!), you must sit down and STUDY your systems. There is a marvellous practicioner, an occupational psychologist by trade, John Seddon of Vanguard, here in UK, who has a purpose-centred philosophy that changed the way I think about business forever. Best of luck (not that you need it coz you are Awesome!!) Xxx

    • Thank you Sophia. And, I’m always happy to accept good luck and positive vibes 😉

  105. 5 keys to a killer home page… YUP, bang on, Marie.

    It drives me cray-cray when my clients don’t get it. They want to stay in 1999 with a splash page and gifs and fluffy poetic text that gets them no where. Eee-gads!

    I’m all about a balance of straight cut modern business sense AND being hip, creative and unique as possible. The more unique and true to yourself you can be with your branding and message to the world will not only narrow down the target audience (which is good!), but also leads you directly to the customers that are ACHING to get what only YOU got.

    Also note the FAB promotional partnership that just happened in this episode. Promoting other businesses you love not only gives YOU easy as pie content to produce, but THEY will also start promoting YOU. Win-win-win.

    I heart Marie TV!

  106. Another AWESOME and insightful video. The one strategy I picked up on that I can put in play is being more specific about “who I help”. We work with so many different chronic and acute issues being a high-level wellness company that specifics can get lost in the day-to-day communication.

    Thanks so much Marie and team!

    • Definitely Shawn — especially for what you do!

  107. Jen


    You did it again! I had JUST stumbled upon a tip about the three components to an effective Home Page, and you phrased it so perfectly well with #1. I realized that I need to make sure that the gateway to my website is speaking to my ideal customer from the moment they enter. Thanks for the brain spark!



    • hooray for the Universe conspiring for you 🙂

  108. Shannon

    Thank you for the great tips and the motivation to move forward. We are in (STUCK) in the R&D stage of our business and your words today are moving me beyond high center!

    Thank you,

  109. Jenna

    Marie and co.,
    I used to love MarieTV. But the amount of silliness has gotten so long that I just avoid it now. Which is a shame and completely not what, I assume, you’re trying to do by adding it. But just as you said in today’s episode, by Helpscout creating a 70 sec video they know we entrepreneurs are a busy people, waiting until after minute 3 of MarieTV to finally get to today’s actual topic was the epitome of why I’ve stopped watching. I love your approach, your attitude towards life and work, what you have to say and your lessons – and you used to do it sooooo succinctly. But little by little the amount of extra ‘silliness’ in the videos has gotten to a level where I rarely watch anymore…
    -signed, a sad exlistener

    • Hey Jenna! Thanks so much for your comment. I completely understand where you’re coming from and want you to know we really appreciate your feedback. We’re always mixing things up around here and like to hear what resonates and what doesn’t, so we’ve taken note of what you shared. All my best, xoxo Marie

  110. YES! LOVE this video. Niching down is the toughest thing to do as a new businesses because… well, you need sales to keep the cash flow going.

    The biggest takeaway for me is the “drawing the line in the sand”.

    The customers that truly LOVE my designs are creative, and not afraid to experiment with the different looks and ways to wear on their own.

    The customers that need specific directions and step by step handholding on creating looks are a bit challenging for us – even though we have videos to educate them, they are often the ones who return it. Not because it doesn’t fit well BUT because they are getting frustrated with it and are scared to play around with it and stick 100% to the directions in the booklet (and not everrrry look will look super fab on every body type!).

    While, we do plan to do MORE, and better videos, there is a honesty and relief that comes from seeing those who truly love the garment… have fun with it and to state out loud, creative & fun customers only!

    Even a statement on our website would help clarify this!!

    Thanks Marie!

  111. I knew my landing page needed work – but wasn’t exactly sure which direction to move, first. Your insightful video helped me to get a clear picture… now for blocking the time to play with web site! Thanks!

  112. Hi Marie,

    Uhm… Your lead song sounds a lot like this track to me: Is that on purpose?

    Thanks, and take care,

    • I have never heard or seen that one before Kelsey!

  113. Anna chilingarian

    I enjoyed this new segment series.

    One thing I learned from this video that I will apply is finding my audience.
    ~Talking to everyone means your talking to nobody makes a valid statement to clarify who is the right audience my business and talent can serve.

    Thanks for all the great videos!!
    You all put in a lot of work to produce them.
    Looking forward to the next ones.

  114. Pearl

    love it !

  115. life- changing stuff right here!! I am redesigning my website for 2014 and this could not have come at a more opportune time!

  116. Thank You, as always Marie, for your truly magical E.T. fingers pin pointing exactly what I need to hear this week. Loving the branding tutorials, especially as I have now landed in an entirely new city with different needs and target markets. Would be very interested in your perspective on inclusive branding for different communities/ cities/ countries and beyond.

  117. Hi Marie,
    With regards to the information video being very short – I sell an online training – specifically for women to experience the greatest amount of passion in their sexuality and lives – I’ve been watching what Eben Pagan and Brendan Burchard are doing and they seem to have some very long marketing videos where a lot of high quality information is given – do you have a recommendation for which is a better route to use for information product marketing?

    • Hey Layla! It’s all about context. In this instance, short was great because it’s an intro to their company. Help Scout offers longer content — not in video form, but in free PDF reports about customer service. They share these with prospects and customers who want to know more! So in short, both are valuable — just in the right context.

  118. Hey Marie, I love this episode…some really serious tips and guidance and really serious silliness! In my business, I notice that it’s the glimpses of a person going beyond what’s expected that’s really compelling. I ALWAYS make time (sometimes days later) to watch your episodes and look out for those glimpses, and really admire the lack of inhibition and true show-woman-ness (not even a real word, sorry!) of your style. You inspire me to up my game when I’m performing – to allow the real me, the fun side and the playfulness to shine – thankyou!

  119. Awesome in Every Way Marie!
    You Shaked It and You Baked It SO WELL Here! 🙂
    As an Intuitive Life Strategist and Wellness Coach my take-away is to SIMPLIFY and CLARIFY my offering.
    I’ve honed my approach and system with my clients, but my on-line presence can be greatly Boldened and Tighten-ed Up.
    Thank You for the Inspiration and Love You!

  120. Hi Marie!
    Love the video you made for this segment! I really hope you do continue to do a segment called “Love to love your branding. I am always looking for that kind of info. Thank you so much for all that you and your crew do!

    Cheers, Tani

  121. I am still learning to draw lines in the sand, but definitely feel like I’m getting closer every minute! Excited to continue to learn how to speak directly to my audience and get that ET finger going!! xoxo

  122. Hi, Marie

    Thank you so much for this – yes this segment is awesome!

    My one take-out and action would be to be very clear about who my product is not – I did start, but it may not be obvious enough, and I have to work a bit on the copy (don’t want to be too much, or too little, and the balance – read inspiration – comes from the Gods, of course, after I work on it on my end :))

    Thanks again,

  123. “If ya talkin’ to everyone ya talkin’ to no one….” hahahaha LOL

  124. i love these kinds of posts. not only are you sharing a great company, but we’re learning from what they do well! keep them coming :]

  125. The best segment yet Marie!

    So vital for business owners and entrepreneurs to understand they don’t need to appeal to everyone. Niche it and be the best at what you do for the people who will love you for it.

    Would love to see more of these segments, definitely!

    Thanks so much.

  126. Great video Marie! You are our greatest inspiration in many different ways. Marie TV is the only one channel we recomend from our different social media communities.

    Our last video is inspired directly from yours:

  127. Marie,
    This was the best video yet! Not only fun with the Donna Summer reference, but so exactly right about the branding and homepage of Help Scout. I couldn’t agree more. Knowing who you serve and talking directly to that audience is the key to drawing them in!

  128. LADY! I love this new segment. Love the tangible examples and love learning about awesome new companies. Cool.

    Wildheart 4-eva!

  129. Aloha Marie,

    Thanks for sharing your “likes” about Help Scout. Interestingly I’m in the beginning of a website re-design and your 5 points really help shed light on how and what I want to new look to encompass. I really liked your point #5 – be sure to let your customers know, that you are not for everyone. That’s important for me, and I need to do a better job in this regard. I manage high-end vacation rentals on Maui, people’s 2nd home, so we do not want “just anyone” staying with us. It really is important for me to convey that point. As an addition to #5, I learned long ago that sometimes good business is walking away from a sale.

    Great video as always.


    • Aloha Matt! Loved your share and agree 100%. Sometimes the best way to increase sales is by having the courage, every now and again, to prevent some.

  130. Great Video headed over to check help scout out!

  131. Great video today!! The ET finger is absolutely genius. That is what I am striving for in my business, to tackle the problem head on when my customers hesitate to buy my yarn, even if they LOVE it.

  132. Great topic. And I particularly love the end, that it doesn’t matter how many business are out there delivering the same, your business may be exactly what the customer wants.

  133. Hi Marie – thanks for talking about Help Scout. There are a lot of customer service/help desk services on the market and as much as I LOVE a new toy to take apart, there’s only so many hours in a day!

    I was planning to use Zendesk for a new service I’m offering, but it really is too much for a micro-biz like me. I’m a techie, but ZD can leave me scratching my head sometimes. I took a closer look at Help Scout and it appears to be a great fit.

    Again, many thanks for the tip! 😉

  134. Joy Roxborough

    the one about not being afraid to alienate anyone.

  135. Well, I love the way YOU are branding baby! Marie you’re a great example of excellent branding! So inspiring to see people who actually walk their talk.

  136. I loved this video! What a great idea, seeing businesses that are doing it right!

    What I took from this is that I need to let me customers know that if they dont know what they want in a design, I can come up with something fabulous for them. They dont have to do it alone!

  137. Great advice for me especially today! I’m a personal trainer so this is my busiest time of year. What can I say, I’m a hustler, baby I just want you to know 😉 Anywayyyy sometimes I feel like any client is my ideal client because I can help anyone with a fitness goal. But, then I fall into the trap of working with people who aren’t ready to make a change or creepy men who don’t seem creepy the first few sessions, but NO I do NOT do massages! I really love working with beginners because although I’ve always loved running, I also always hated gym class and I can empathize with these clients the best. I specifically love working with clients who don’t want or need a gym. Sometimes I forget this and it backfires. When I don’t, I get to do awesome things like host fitness classes over Google Hangouts for brides and their bridesmaids. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 AND I also LOVE your dress even thoughI don’t know if I could pull it off…

  138. LOVE the idea of pumping up companies doing it right! As I expand my biz in 2014, I’m embracing the “proudly not for everyone” strategy. The way I talk about non-profits and go about fundraising is VERY unique & is not for everyone, but it works — I’ve raise more than $71M at this point in my career! In the past year, everyone’s been telling me that I’m “a total bad-ass,” but I’ve been hesitant to claim the title. But all that’s changed — at the top of our soon-to-be-launched new website, it says “New Era, the home of bad-a$$ fundraising.” Yes, some people are going to be offended by that. But if that’s so offensive that they don’t hire me, despite my amazing track record, then it’s just as well, because they’re not going to be ready to hear the other things I’m going to say to them!

  139. I have been watching marie for about a year now. This is seriously, one of the best ones. I had to take notes on these great points!

    After looking at my website’s views, especially the unique views, I had to wonder why my bookings were so low each month. This was the new perspective I really needed. Design and functionality are key for visitors.

    Thanks Marie!

    • Thanks Rochell — and so glad you found it useful! xoxo

  140. Kate

    Love this episode Marie and sooooooooooo excited for B-School. Woot Woot!!!! Bring it on!!! xxx

  141. Work on ET headline and get clear on who I want to serve (not being afraid to say I’m not for everyone).

    Love this one! Thanks Marie (and Help Scout)

  142. Hi Marie,
    I’m struggling with narrowing my focus market when my goal is to reach the masses via my website. Is it still possible to strive for this? Entertaining as always though, thanks for the funny video!
    Thanks, Lisa

  143. Awesome stuff Marie! I’m loving the groovy video 🙂
    This MarieTV episode definitely made me reflect on where I can improve in my own brand so that I can create that awesome experience for my potential and existing clients.

    The strategy that I’ll be implementing is definitely #5: They’re Proudly Not For Everyone! After watching this video was like a light bulb went off in my brain! Ahhh! How could I have missed this? I’m very specific as to who I want to help and serve but do not address ANYWHERE on my website who is not a good fit for me.

    I feel complete now 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

  144. Marie, this is a timely video bcause I’m actually in the process of revamping my blog! I realized it was too vague and DIDN’T tell my potential freelance clients why I was right for them.

    I did some soul-searching, and realized that I can talk about business, marketing, and life from a geek angle. First of all, not all freelance bloggers and content strategists take this angle, and second, SO MANY people enjoy geeky, pop culture stuff that they’re going to feel like I know them when I reference those topics in my posts.

    That’s going to be my strategy for 2014. 🙂

  145. Im a small business owner with a passion for what I do(Paint/Art). However talking business is not my strong suit as of yet, I believe I can do it I just don’t really know how. How can I incorporate these tips with out looking like a cluts to future potential supporter’s/buyer’s?

    P.S. Thank you for doing what you do, your a freakn genius!

  146. I’m always comparing my personal styling like a personal trainer but I NEVER mention this on my website. Am I right for you? What is personal styling? These are all questions people ask ME face to face but I don’t answer them on my website. Gah how did I not see this before? Time for an overhaul!
    GREAT segment today Marie xxx

  147. Marie – you have hit a great sweet spot. This is a great way to show and tell. Also your energy is so up and it shows how excited you are to showcase companies that are nailing it. Thank you. btw, love that dress and that necklace.

  148. What do you do when you’re new to the online market and don’t have enough sales data to determine who your target market is? I’m an artist and have had clients from all walks of life over the past 20+ years, but I’m not sure how to determine a specific market to zone in on.

    Also, can anyone recommend an affordable yet knowledgeable ecommerce web designer for artists?

    • I always look forward to your Tuesday. I agree their site is clean and pull downs and to the point…as I need a redo on my own older site ( which I did code myslef 5 years ago) – its time for a new shmanzy looking profile. Also, you fired me up on your New Years Post asked our community how have we changed and been inspired by MarieTV and I have to say that I find it rewarding to wake and listen to women leaders’ experiences that care enough to help us all, my business and personal journey is complicated as is everyones but I enjoy entrepreneurship and reinvention. I included you as part of my Guest Lecture “Creating Incredible Social Media” taught at NYU Communications Program.

      • Thanks for including me in your guest lecture Milly — that means the world to me 😉

  149. Thanks so much Marie for re-stating that the world does need another jewelry designer. With so many other jewelry designers in the world sometimes it feels like my business is another commodity in the world but I love examples like this company because it gives me hope that I can offer jewelry buyers something different, something they really want.

  150. Dear Marie,

    I am highly impressed by today’s video and I had increased my Website Visits by being more focussed on mailing my potential clients.

    I also visited Social Triggers – Derek to increase my Website Visits by 100% in a month. I am also receiving many mails for increasing my Social Networking Sites Visits and Website Visits after mailing you.

    Thank you for providing me the information.

    Rohan Sarker

    Skype: arati_genius

  151. Can relate. I felt like my world changed when I finally found your web site, Marie. Had been searching and searching for some help from someone who “got” me and was totally clear from your web site that you did. Within 2 minutes I knew I wanted to be in B-School and joined last year (an excellent decision, I was right, you do “get” me). Such a relief to find you! Thanks to you and Team Forleo for all you do!!!

  152. Thank you for this great video to add to the many many other great ones! I will particularly practice drawing the line in the sand. As a holistic health coach I find SOOO many people constantly asking for ANSWERS and quick fixes. But that is not what I do! Sustainability and empowerment are my focuses, thank you for reminding me that I need to make that clear to not give out unrealistic expectations for them or myself! WIll definitely share this amazing info thank you for doing YOU to remind me how important it is for me to do ME. xo

  153. Oh honey you had me at ‘Donna Summer’ in the headline!

    So for us here all the way over in OZ….understanding buyer personas, their emotional ‘Fears, Frustrations & Desires’ drivers and creating content and an online experience that speaks directly to the persona at each stage of their journey is one of our key focus areas for 2014.

    We have many clients in the chemical free skin-care, nutrition and organic food space and I always love asking a new client….’So where are you a fit on the customers journey from the drive thru at MacDonalds up to the staunch vegan’?

    And PS… loved the bam bam-ba-jamba (did I get the intro right??) outfit you had on for the clip!

  154. Great time, I’m revamping my website while I write a raw cracker cook book. Love your message of not trying to be something for everybody.
    Home run to my thoughts today. Thanks so much Marie!

  155. Fun episode! My message is “make your world bigger” and yes anyone can be play bigger but My target is people pleasers. Folks who stay small so they don’t Rock a loved ones boat but they are done living for others! I call them out and get them quick transformation by taking them out of their environment and bringing them to a high vibrating space (ex) Peru, Sedona. I call this my a “travel with a purpose to better your world inside and out” cause Im passionate about humanitarian causes and plan to add that to the experience. All my loves: travel, transformation and compassion and these are the folks I attract, it’s a dream cone true!

  156. I find sometimes hard to go to only one target market because of fear of loosing clients but everytime I get brave and stick to what I decided is my market I get good results that motivate me to keep on single point focus even though sometimes seems that the progress is slow…! 🙂

  157. Melissa Plotnick

    This is my 3rd or 4th time watching, and I am loving it. Making Tuesday a bit sweeter of a day, so thank you. As for this video you hit the nail on the head! Such a great find to come across a website and company that gets it. Something my company is setting out to help others with. As for how I am going to use this info, I am going to take your advice to clearly state who we are best positioned to help, and who we aren’t. Thank you again! And keep em coming … love the segment and the dancing. Lol.

  158. Great episode today!!
    So, to answer the question, the one thing I can do right now is get crystal clear to whom I want my customer to be. As a brand new (and I mean NEW entrepreneur) I am certain I haven’t nailed this down specifically – which probably explains why I feel I’m running around in circles.
    I certainly needed this exactly right now!


    Looking great and saying something as usual but this video will definitely be in the top10!

    Just reading Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook (another ‘brought to you by and think you’ve hit on a great hashtag!


    I for one will be using it (and all your tips) as we take another step in creating a beachwear brand the world will love…

  160. This video is chock-full of fabulous information and groovy tunes! Marie you are such a diva! I immediately forward to my business partner to watch. I am most interested in revamping my home page to speak directly to the coaching clientele I want to attract and not have such a broad/blanketed “I can help anybody” sort of thing. Thanks Marie and team! I am making a brand new start with my personal development coaching business and I continually get pumped and ignited by your blog! Rock on sista girl cause you FAB!

    Karen Drosnes

  161. Hey Marie!

    This is exactly what I was discussing last night with my marketing consultant – being specialized for our etiquette clients! Crazy timely video and right on time!

  162. Gabriel Common

    Thanks Marie!

    Learning a bit more everyday!

  163. Marie,
    First, let me say your Donna rendition was FANTASTIC! One of your best so far. Second, fabulous info as always. I thank you for the motivation and strategies to excel in my art biz. Website update is on top of my list! Thank you for all your help to us entrepreneurs!

  164. I’m figuring out what services I really want to provide and I’m building my website. This video is sooooo helpful ! Thank you Marie !

  165. Nuala Guildea

    I loved your branding video, you crack me up every week, I just love how funny you are,
    thanks for always making me laugh and you are so funny & smart, a deadly combination.

  166. I try to push in my product descriptions, blog posts, and other content that my jewelry is for people who want something different that will make them stand out. It most certainly is NOT for ladies who want to be invisible, or blend into the crowd by accessorizing with the same pieces as everyone else.


  167. Loved this! I just completed a masters in marketing, but find it so hard to allign all the brandind stuff to us because we are a printing shop, and we serve a person or a small business or a multinational munster!

  168. WOW! We really need to de-clutter our website. I am actually building a new one in WordPress now so this couldn’t have come at a better time. We also serve a niche market and need to cater to that market more effectively. So much to do……;-)

  169. Elyse

    Stunning dress! 🙂

  170. Hi Marie,
    This is good stuff. I will simplify my homepage, customizing it to my target audience.
    Thank you,

  171. Great new segment Marie. I love the idea of shedding light to companies who are getting it right, and your platform is perfect for it. I checked out Help Scout immediately after watching your video and I was absolutely impressed. It’s so nice when a company makes you feel great about your purchase.

  172. Ariel

    Yes this was a great episode! This is a great segment and would love if you could it going in the future as branding is always changing in the different industries.

    Thanks for the Video!

  173. Hi Marie,

    Your videos are very addicting, entertaining and helpful for both my personal and biz life. Thank you! 🙂 My resolution this year is to work on my brand and develop my product. As for who my audience is, it’s a work in progress, I don’t know super specifically since I’m in the VERY beginning stages.

    Speaking of brands we like and how we love it when they get it right, I actually just wrote an article on one of my favorite brands today:

    As an aside, I basically live this brand lifestyle wise- I not only like their clothes but I’ve been training for my first indoor triathlon and the Athleta blog has tips on how to train for it and also has opportunities to participate in their other sporting events like Athleta IronGirl (shorter version of IronMan but for women). The brand makes the experience not just about apparel but also brings together a community of active women.

  174. Love this new segment, Marie! My partner and I were just talking about how we’re to streamline potential support emails and this (Help Scout) might just be our answer.

    Personally, I’m still working on honing in on who exactly is my target customer and what their pain points are. I’m a copywriter/blogger who enjoys apps and working with app developers in getting their message across without the tech jargon, but I’m still unsure if my copy is reflecting that value.

    Keep this going! I love learning based on concrete examples. 🙂

  175. This video made me scream… with laughter Marie.

    Absolutely brilliant. And your backup dancers were kinda groovy too. 🙂

    I love how you mix up life + business lessons with your quirky + impromptu moves.

  176. Hey Marie,

    It is wonderful video as always.

    I believe helpscout missed one big thing which is “MOBILE”. Their website is not optimized for mobile and this is something they need to take into consideration.

    On the other hand, they are doing a great great great job. I really learned a lot from them and will definitely put into practice.

    Now, I have a little question for you. You got many women in here so where are the men 🙂

  177. Fabo video. This and the interview with the Food Babe were two of my favorites. I love it when you showcase up and coming entrepreneurs, and in a way we can learn and benefit from. Many thanks! xoxo.

  178. Silvia

    best dress ever!

  179. I can definitely do more to highlight who we are for.
    Thanks Marie

  180. Thank you! All of these are great tips. The one that I know will make the most impact immediately is an internal shift. When we recognize that our customers are not everyone!!! that will be the difference. We attract only those folks who are serious about their spiritual growth and life change….so that is what we need to acknowledge. I love your spirit and am saving like a crazy person to be able to take B-School. You are an in-spirit-ation!!!

  181. I love Help Scout and their intro video is fab. This is such an awesome reminder to keep things simple. Thanks Marie!

  182. Hi Marie.
    Thank you so much for this. Kick-butt strategic branding is what I offer. I’m so happy you are reinforcing the importance of this with your new segment … awesome!!!!!!
    THANK YOU! Happy 2014 Everyone!

  183. I love the new branding segment Marie!

  184. Christine

    Funny, I was just talking to my husband about the business I am developing and he said something to the effect of “why would I buy that when I can just go to the store and get something cheaper?” To which I replied, “Well, you wouldn’t because you’re not my customer.” 🙂

  185. Dear Marie,

    I am viewing your Videos on Marie TV and I really like them very much. I want to share with you something new. It is very tragic past of myself.

    I joined Facebook Site in 2009-2010 to do Social Networking & Business Advertising for Sales & Marketing. But my Facebook Visits were significantly less and my visitors were upset with my Facebook Page saying that it was not professional and abusive and vulgar. My Facebook Page is:

    The problem was that someone from India was programming and modifying my Facebook Page so that I came out in the World Market as a looser. I had seen State & Cental Government calling my phone and via Media – TV against my Facebook Page. I had seen Cops also inspecting my Facebook Page from 2010. I needed a solution to prove myself as a winner.

    I would like to know from you if there are organizations in Europe or USA which takes money for work to groom and design the client’s Facebook Page for better Views Count and more Exposure Time. Please let me know the organizations which does this business and I want to connect to them and do my Facebook Page Optimization for getting gorgeous client’s looks. It is something like changing Resume for better Client appreciation and successful job offers and business offers. The only difference is that here I am talking of my Facebook Page instead of my Resume in any Job Sites.

    Please reply in the same.

    Rohan Sarker

  186. First let me say you are HYSTERICAL! Sometimes i go to watch your videos just to elevate my mood! You have a personal and humorous way of breaking down business issues and categories that is memorable, funny yet serious and very very informational.
    Now, my comment on this video. first VERY memorable, easy to visualize and action, and can i say funny again? FUNNY. All your points are perfect and in the right order. Point 3 Irresistible Call to Action: with the time call out on the website, that is spot on. If i commit to 70 seconds I’m more apt to watch the whole thing. Crucial.
    Brava girl. Keep up the good work.

  187. I was going strong with my business and marketing plan at the tail end of 2013 and then the New Year came. Although I kept pushing forward these last 10 days, I was getting distracted by my competition and the (terrible) materials flooding my mailbox and email by them. Just before watching this I’d felt myself losing heart for my self directed creative work and I really needed this EXACT video to jump me right back on the #teamforleo track. Your exchange with a commentator above regarding writing copy is really exciting as well as my goal to enroll in BSchool this year. Cannot wait.
    Thanks for being a bad @$$ & thanks for your gifts and expertise so generously shared.


  188. Great segment (and great company featured!)

    We started using helpscout a few months ago and we were blown away at how intuitive it is (of course, the fact that they had ‘Wistia’ on their home page helped (I love that company too!)

    Great tips to implement lickety split!

  189. This was SO helpful Marie, and timely. My world has completely changed since completing Bschool last year. I can’t wait to do it again this year and see what else can happen.
    I’ve just hired someone to tweek my site and help me with branding–something I NEVER thought I’d be ready to do. Your videos just make it all seem so accessible.
    Thanks for your continued support, and silliness.
    wish you all good things in the new year.

  190. A super helpful video summed up by the idea of knowing YOUR customer. The only way to know your customer is to listen to them. Pay attention to the feedback. Go to sites which are reviewing your service or product and see what the customers are saying. Use their words in your copy. That is how you will touch their pain points – how you will strike a chord with them. Most brilliant web marketers do extensive A/B testing of every change on their website. A great exponent of testing is Michael Aagaard at – he is well worth reading for the examples he gives of small changes to website copy/layout/buttons/CTAs that can really boost conversions.

  191. Kerri

    O.M.G.. If you’re tawkin’ to everybody.. you’re tawkin’ to nobody.. I LOVE IT. I’m in the middle of a job search and this is speaking volumes to me. And finding a company that emulates this kind of service is my #1 priority. Thanks for the inspiration. You’re so awesome Marie!

  192. Create a super effective home page is my top pick

    This resonates with me as I am revamping my personal offerings and website plus re-building some business platforms for some amazing clients. One of my objectives is to build better websites and I’m not just talking about creating a pretty site but one that really works to convert visitors into customers.

  193. Yes, PLEASE keep up this series. SO helpful to have tangibles and real work examples. love this.

  194. What a great series! Thank you and please do more 🙂

  195. OMG I LOVE IT!

    PLEASE do more of those! It’s a great way to a) find useful new brands and b) understand the strategies behind them.

    “What’s a macro?!” is genius! 😀



  196. LOVED this, Marie + team! Brilliant and can’t wait to see more.

    Also, fab dress!

  197. This gives me a beautiful way to gracefully expand this 1 woman show I’ve embrace for a bit too long, thanks Marie! 🙂

  198. Hi! I recently discovered your videos from a post by another YouTuber, Chescaleigh, and I am in love! Towards the end of last year I started working towards my doula certification to assist women in childbirth. This year I’ve decided to focus on “owning” my business and not just seeing it as something I do on the side in addition to my full-time job; finding your videos/website was right on time for me. In response to your question about which strategy I’ll try from the video above, I’m going to go with adding a short effective video and including client testimonials. I have a link on my website to view client testimonials and I’ve gotten wonderful feedback from my families but now I need to pull it all together and display it more prominently on the site. I think a video is the perfect way to do this so Moms & Dads can hear from other families about their experience with me in childbirth. Thanks for being such an amazing, inspirational coach and teacher!

  199. Great video and you are right on! The one thing that was my light bulb moment was to put out there that we are not for everyone and we shouldn’t be afraid to put that out there.

    Keep up the great work!

  200. Perfect timing. Just finished my new website and branding is on the brain. Is my home page effective enough? Have I targeted my ideal customer? Is my “Why” clear? Lots to learn for us little guppies but your format makes it all seem so doable. Thank you for that. Looking forward to B-School and growing into a little fish 🙂

  201. IMDB

    I have no business. I have no website. Yet, I watched your entire video! Great job! It made me laugh and was very entertaining. Thanks for brightening my day 😀

  202. Brona

    Hmmmmmmm…. I recently completed a dream trip of a lifetime so – I’m now ready to create my dream business and go PRO! I’m just taking it ALL in….so MUCH useful info here to inspire clarity, insight & action….mmmmmm…thank you! I’m gonna get me some B-school…NOTE my friends call me B, so B-school sounds PERFECT for me! SAVE A SPACE FOR ME MARIE!! xxx

  203. Luyi

    Love this new segment!

  204. EntrepreneurialSkillsLV

    This whole episode was a flipp’n plug. I don’t agree with having an awesome homepage…..if there is one thing i know that marie is completely blind to. Its the fact that -just because you don’t make the sale the first or second time doesn’t mean you should give up on the client full time. I know about 100 times what marie knows. If you’re tired of hearing subliminal plugs saying- go check out this website now, because they paid me, don’t listen to what she has to say understand why she’s saying it.

  205. Marie – just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your content. I found you recently and really appreciate all the insights you provide across work, life, and home. Thank you!

  206. Just wow!! No, more like “WOWZA.” This vid blew me away Marie! I do struggle with the branding side of things, and am trying to find focus in what I provide as a speaker, but your tips to grow one’s business is giving me the insight that I was lacking. For me, in this video, it’s especially the idea about the “E.T. Help line” and being clear about who you are and are not for that has triggered the ol’ brain cells and getting me excited! Rock On Marie!!

  207. Thanks so much! I realized I need to do a better job communicating who I’m for……would love more segments like this!

  208. I FREAKING love this video, Marie –
    The information was perfect and inspiring.
    You totally have my vote to bring this back as a recurring segment.

    …and the gold lame pantsuit? Fuggedaboutit!! Perfection.


  209. Thank you!!! Please make this featuring companies who do-it-right a regular part of MarieTV. Which strategy? #3: Irresistible call to action. Why? When people understand what you offer, what it really is in-a-nutshell – they can make an informed choice. Maybe not about purchasing that moment, but at least whether or not to go further, subscribe to newsletter, if what you offer is worth their initial commitment of time and effort.
    Some folks subscribe to everything they encounter, every ‘free’ offer – whether or not it resonates with them, or has potential to be of service.
    Sure, we all want to build-that-list – but how useful is it when your worthy message falls into the void of just more cyber-chatter?
    Many years ago I did cold-calling and door-to-door (by appt) presentations for promotion/sales. Not having the precious & lightning-speed email technology to reach thousands of peeps just by hitting ‘send’, made me qualify, pre-screen whom I invested my time & effort on (can cover only so many miles of territory in a day, and schedule only so many appts in a day).
    Whew…! glad those technology cave-woman days are gone!!
    The good news is: that past experience has given me a deep appreciation, a reverence for the value of my time/effort and money, and for my customers’ time/effort and money. One of the ‘golden rules’ of the old days of cold-calling was: “With every ‘No’, you’re closer to a ‘Yes’. Meaning don’t waste their time or yours, as soon as you know it’s not a fit – politely say good bye, hang up, and dial the next number (this kind of aligns with strategy #5 – Proudly not for Everyone).
    Thanks again, Marie – You have my vote to continue this featuring-companies-who-do-it-right!
    Yes, I’m a 2013 B-school alumni, and looking forward to 2014 session!
    Love & Light

  210. Thanks for this, I am going to show this to my clients.

    The best part of the video was that they showed that they were not all things to all people.

    As a business coach I struggle some times to convince my lovely High Heelers that when they start their businesses they will have a greater success to niche their business. They fear that if they stick their head above the shoe box and say that they are expert in a certain area or certain type of client they will loose rather than gain new business.

    The next time I face resistance about this point I will have them stick a stiletto in the direction of this video.

    Thanks again

  211. Can’t be afraid to highlight who we’re not for and what we don’t offer.

  212. I love this video! Great Donna Summer channeling! This video was so helpful, especially about drawing a line in the sand and telling people who my services are NOT for. I help people gain health and lose weight by going plant-based, yet I keep ending up with clients who ultimately have no intention of giving up high-cholesterol, high-saturated fat animal-based foods, and then are disappointed that they are seeing little or no improvements. So I’m not getting my ideal clients. I’ve considered saying that my services are “not for you if you’re not willing to go plant-based all the way for at least 4 weeks”, and this video just assured me that that’s what I need to do. Thank you!

  213. Maxine

    Loved this segment Marie! Great idea about our businesses not necessarily being for everyone – fabulous 🙂

  214. joeaux

    Marie – you just rock it! You make me laugh, you educate, and you inspire! The one strategy is what I already know (the 3 most dangerous words on the planet) “to not be for everyone”. But, I love how they do it. I am definitely going to steal, well… borrow that concept in that exact fashion. Proud and loud!!! Awesome!

  215. Jacquie

    Girl, that dress freakin’ rocks !!!!
    Now on to business. Please do more branding videos ! I still struggle to develop a clear brand, since I’m one of these multi-passionates and trying to create multiple income streams. But they don’t all match. (as Stacey and Clinton would say, “they don’t have to match, they just gaveto GO”)
    This video was helpful, thank you ! I took notes 🙂
    Cheers !

    ps if you need a holiday, come to Prince Edward Island…I’ll show you around, feed you lobster right off the boat, heck, I can even take out on da boat ! Awesome beaches !!!!!!!!!


  216. Len

    thank you so much for sharing too many things.It is very helpful. I have so many struggles going on in my life.I thank God that I found you.I will keep on watching you. May God continue to bless you.


  217. This video was much needed, as a online fashion retail owner, I have not been able to properly target a customer.

    Maries 5th strategy, “proudly not for everyone” definetly inspired me to re arrange my website and my brand direction.


  218. Even after B-school and honing in on our ICA it is sooooo hard for us to not feel like we are going to be missing out if we focus on only one person. However, we are definitely talking to less and less people the more we try to include everyone. Thanks for the reminder to speak directly to “her” and not “them”!

  219. I just watched this episode. Love it! I want to make a quick video on explaining what my CSA program is and how it’s different from others. I think it will help people understand what we are doing!

  220. The other smart thing this company does is to compare itself to the big guerrilla, Zendesk, rather that another small company. It’s a great trick, because it forces the reader to consider them as peers, rather than perky upstarts, giving them instant cred. Smart.

  221. Designing my web page and this is a HUGE help. Thanks so much!!

    Also, I love how you’re leading by example. I shall follow when it is time for me to implement the customer experience portion of my business.

    Gracias again!

    Your pal,

  222. How helpful is this?! The biggest thing I will take away from this is the last strategy. Not being afraid to draw a line in the sand. This is a new concept for me, but it makes perfect sense as it really makes it clear that you are not out to get every customer but the right customer for you. Thanks so much!

  223. Hey Marie and Team,

    Just to say… I showed this fab episode to 19 of my students from the Ivory Coast in West Africa today. They loved it. So did I. Your humour, professionalism and insights were muchos helpful.

    Big love from the UK,
    Elloa x

  224. Thank you for all your episodes! The one thing I grasped from “Branding” was, “If you are talking to everyone, your talking to no one!!” I am working on developing relationships with customers to value my services and products so they can value their life totally! Working on the next chapter!

  225. Thank you for the useful advice 🙂
    Always nice to watch you…

  226. Hi Marie,

    Quick question: I’d be so super stoked to hear back from you on this. How do you use Youtube clips in your videos? If you ask the user for permission, is that sufficient? Or must you also ask Youtube? I see you use music video clips, and all sorts of fun clips like that on your videos and I’d be curious to find out how that works. Thanks Marie. Keep rocking!

  227. Hi Marie, Thanks for this new segment. I am a firm believer in the importance of looking outside of your category- to brands that you love- for inspiration. It’s a core principle of our branding work with entrepreneurs. We call it the TWIST. Here’s a story about my own personal epiphany and how McDonald’s inspired me to create a new business, help others, and changed my life.
    Love your insights as always.

  228. Jennifer

    Wow, some days you deliver exactly what I am looking for! I created my business 6 months ago on a dime and have managed to grow (acupuncturist) and am now backpeddling trying to BRAND the who what where and how in a rural midwest area. I am in the midst of creating a website as well as update my presentation materials and today’s takeaway? … If you’re talking to everybody you’re talking to nobody! I’ve been trying to target everyone and their pets within the surrounding 100 miles. . . ALSO ringing in my ear: “I don’t have to be the first, or the biggest!” Others have come and gone so I just intend to being the best. And did I see you are planning another B SCHOOL? I missed the last one, really don’t want to miss the next one. Thanks Marie 🙂

  229. Great segment Marie! I really believe in branding (and personal branding too!) and that we can learn important lessons from other businesses from different industries. And you’re absolutely right: when you try to speak to everybody, you speak to nobody!

  230. Oscar

    I love my experience with

    I bought this product months ago as a gift for a friend

    I still haven’t received it (which they communicated to me along the way) and they have consistently kept me updated about ETAs and nice to know things along the way

  231. Marie, I loved these 5 Tips!!! And the presentation was awesome as well. I’m immediately going to think about who I’m connecting to for my audience. I appreciate your quote: “IF you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.” I’m now encouraged to narrow the focus of my website and its initiatives. I also appreciated the quote: “Insight without action is worthless.” How many times have I had insight about something but did nothing? To many times, I’m afraid. But, no more. This video has enlightened me and empowered me. Thanks Marie! You rock!

  232. Great video Marie and Team. I guess I am struggling with narrowing down my target audience. I am a personal trainer and wellness coach and I really just want to share healthy living education with the world …. I need help finding a focus or a niche to target. Thanks!

  233. Five killer strategies. I really the idea that they are not for everyone. They what they are doing and who suits them…thanks for sharing

  234. I just came across your website thanks to Chris Ducker and it’s awesome! You have some fantastic resources for entrepreneurs at all stages. It really does come down to establishing a brand for your products and for yourself. Thanks so much for the inspiration and I’m sure I’ll be back to read more!

  235. Caroline – Team Forleo

    Gave me a few links to review for branding earlier in the week and this was one of them–I’m glad she took the extra step and helped me to organize the links for my review.

    Looks like you practice what you preach, coach!

    Right on! (Fist Pump)

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay! Phillip, we’re thrilled you’re enjoying the links we shared! If there’s ever anything else we can lend a hand with, let us know.

      We’re so happy to have you tuning in for tips, ideas, and advice. (Fist pump back!)

  236. Brilliant episode like always. Thank you for the tips.

  237. V

    Can being known for having multiple styles of jewelry actually become part of my branding now that I want to sell online? In my direct sales to individuals, people have appreciated the variety…but can that transfer to online sales?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question! If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit it for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday.

  238. Not make promise that my book can solve everything but that my book can give them the tools to solve the problem they want to solve (in my case how to get a promotion.)

  239. Loved this new segment! What I relate to is ensuring there are testimonials on my homepage. Going to work on securing some good ones and getting them up there – thanks Marie!

    Thanks for these amazing tips. I’m glad that I got around to checking it out again.

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