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Do you feel rich, secure, and financially abundant? Or do you worry about having enough to make ends meet?

Now, this ain’t about the cha chang cha chang… or the ba bling ba bling. I’m not asking about how MUCH money you make or spend. I want to know how you feel about your current circumstances.

Money can be a source of stress, fear, and limitation. Or it can be a beautiful tool to solve problems, live generously, and change the world.

How you think about money determines the role it plays in your life.

Don’t get me wrong. The numbers in your bank account do matter — but they’re not the whole story. If you’d tried to tell me that in my early 20s while I was working two day jobs, bartending at night, facing tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and living on my friend’s couch? I’d have rolled my eyes. I was way more concerned with changing the – to a + on my bank statement, not my brain.

Now after two decades of growing my fledgling business into a highly profitable, socially conscious company that helps millions, I can look back and see how changing my beliefs about money changed everything.

True wealth depends on your money mindset.

What Is a Money Mindset?

Your “money mindset” is simply your set of beliefs — usually subconscious — about money. It’s the way you approach earning, saving, spending, and sharing in your life.

Your financial habits — good and bad — are rooted in mindset. Your feelings of security or uncertainty, limitation or resourcefulness, victimhood or generosity are impacted by your beliefs about money.

All of the messages you’ve internalized about money over your lifetime boil down to two basic orientations toward money — scarcity or abundance.

Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset

Do you live in an abundant, expansive universe? Or do you live in a world of fierce competition for scarce resources? When we talk about money mindset, it really comes down to these two belief systems.

A scarcity mindset looks something like this: 

You’re always scrambling to make a few bucks or wondering how to earn more money. You stress about paying the bills, complain about paying taxes, and resist giving anything away. You scrimp and save yet somehow you never have enough cash leftover for a nice dinner, date night, or a movie. Whether you’re making minimum wage or a competitive salary, you have a “broke” mentality and it never quite feels like enough.

Scarcity beliefs about money sound like this:

  • I’m not good with money.
  • Someone else will take care of this for me.
  • People with money are greedy.
  • I’m not _____(smart/talented/privileged/etc.) enough.

It sucks.

If you’re thinking, “Marie, that’s not my mindset; that’s just my life. I DON’T have enough money.” That’s exactly what a scarcity mindset would say.

Don’t worry — if you’re operating from a scarcity mindset, you’re NOT stuck there. Stick with me here, and let’s flip the coin.

An abundance mindset looks like this:

You appreciate what you have — whether it’s pennies in your pocket or a private jet — and enjoy being generous with others. You have confidence in your ability to make and receive money.

You know there’s always enough, and there will always be more. You enjoy sharing the wealth and don’t fret over bills or unexpected expenses.

An abundance mindset sounds like this:

  • I love learning about money.
  • I can take charge of my finances.
  • Money gives people the opportunity to contribute to others and make a powerful impact.
  • I am always enough just the way I am.

Whether or not you’re operating from an abundance mindset right now, remember — mindset is malleable. When you know where your beliefs came from, you can change them.

Where Does Your Mindset about Money Come From?

Many of your deeply ingrained beliefs about money come from childhood experiences you might not even remember.

If you were raised in an environment of scarcity, you might take that mentality with you into adulthood. Maybe your parents said things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” or “Are you kidding? We can’t afford that!”

If you grew up in an environment of generosity and financial security, you might have a more abundant mentality. You heard messages like, “It’s only money, you can always make more” and, “We’re so lucky to have everything we need.”

Early experiences with money, lessons taught by your family, and the habits of people around you all affect how you think about money.

Your current environment matters, too: The people you spend time with, your neighborhood, the books you read and the podcasts you listen to. Research shows we’re more affected by our environments than we think. If you’re surrounded by people with a broke mindset, it’s easy for their habits to rub off on you.

Before you start cursing your childhood or vowing to ditch all your scarcity-minded friends, slowww down.

The people around you matter, but it’s not really about them. Changing your mindset starts and ends with you.

6 Ways You Can Change Your Money Mindset

Are you royally screwed if you learned to believe in scarcity?

Not at all. You can train your brain for a new money mindset starting today.

Not many people I know, including myself, grew up with wealth, whether that’s actual cash or an abundant money mentality. We don’t have to be stuck in that scarcity mentality. We can break out of it. You can choose to release your limiting beliefs around money and create an abundance mindset.

In this MarieTV, I’ll show you six ways to turn that money frown upside down — including habits I use personally to maintain an abundant money mindset.

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DIVE DEEPER: Money’s like you and me. It’s attracted to respect and appreciation. If you find yourself battling a scarcity mindset, try these two weird money habits to train your brain for abundance.

All your little thoughts and behaviors around money can make a difference, even the weird ones. Even tiny moves like picking up loose change on the sidewalk, buying coffee for a friend, and repeating certain mantras can transform the way you think about money — and, therefore, your entire financial situation.

Here are six ways you can change your money mindset from tight to right:

1. Write Yourself a Fat Reality Check

“Be thankful for what you have. You’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.”

~ Oprah

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth a reminder: Over 1 billion people in this world live on $2.50 a day or less, according to FINCA International.

For those of us who aren’t part of that population, we’ve got to get into the habit of appreciating what we have.

You’re not wrong for wanting more, but a positive money mindset starts with appreciating what you do have — a roof over your head, food to eat, clean water, and a closet full of clothes. Spend more time appreciating what you have than worrying about what you don’t and you’ll feel abundant in no time.

2. Get an ATM

By “ATM” in this case, I mean an “Automatic Transformative Mantra.”

That’s a simple phrase you put on automatic repeat in your brain to transform your thoughts about money.

One of the simplest and most powerful changes I made to bust free from my own scarcity mentality was this: Anytime I part with money, whether paying a bill, making a donation, or spending money on myself, I say to myself, “There’s always more where that came from.”

This might sound silly, but there’s real power in the words we say to ourselves. Our rituals matter. An automatic transformative mantra is a simple way to retrain yourself to adopt new empowering money beliefs.

3. BYOL (Bring Your Own Luxury)

Who says you can’t have nice dinners at home? Or an exciting staycation? Or happy holidays and birthdays without fancy gifts?

You can turn any inexpensive dinner into a 5-star experience with beautiful plating, a few candles, and the right music. Put on a nice outfit, invite your main squeeze to do the same, and voila! An amazing dinner you’ll both remember.

Put in some extra effort to add special touches to your everyday activities. Surround yourself with people you love. When you delight in small moments, you’ll find yourself living a life of luxury without the expense (or the stress) that accompanies it.

4. Start a Fun Fund

Busting out of a scarcity mentality is something you have to work at, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. A Fun Fund can help.

This is a checking account, piggy bank, envelope, or money jar that you earmark for fun — and fun only. Set aside a little bit of money from paychecks or any extra or unexpected income and use it exclusively for the stuff you’d otherwise say you can’t afford, like:

  • Movies
  • Eating out
  • Happy hour
  • Friends’ birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, etc.
  • A wine-and-paint night
  • Yoga classes
  • Just-for-fun new shoes

An abundance mindset means focusing on what you can afford and letting yourself enjoy the fruits of your labors.

5. Build Your Knowledge Bank

Learn how to manage your money. It’s one of the most empowering things you can do.

Develop basic financial knowledge, like how to get out of debt, build an emergency fund, and manage your credit card bills every month. This sets you up for success no matter how much you’re bringing in or how much you’re spending.

I love learning about personal finance and money psychology.

These are some of my favorite books about money:

There are endless seminars, podcasts, newsletters, and blogs on the topic, so find a way you enjoy learning about money. Don’t let “I don’t know” be an excuse anymore!

6. Spread the Wealth

This strategy is a little bit counterintuitive, but works like magic.

Anytime you’re feeling a lack around money, give some away. Donate to a cause you believe in, or treat your friends or family to coffee.

This doesn’t have to be a huge amount. The point is just to adjust your thinking from scarcity to abundance. When you’re generous, you’re reinforcing the truth that there’s plenty to go around. There’s always more where that came from.

If you’re surrounded by scarcity, your own generosity can be a living demonstration — for yourself as much as for others — of a more abundant reality.

Not sure where to donate? We at Team Forleo love Kiva, an organization that lets you make loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world. I’d be honored if you joined our Kiva lending team!

What’s Your Money Mindset?

If you want to achieve financial goals, start by making peace with where you are now. Appreciate what you have. Find small ways to be generous. Choose a more positive, abundant money mindset.

When you change your beliefs, you change everything.

Now, let’s turn this insight into action.

Grab a journal and spend 5 to 10 minutes writing your answers to these questions:

  1. What money problems in your life do you want to solve?
  2. What negative or scarcity-centered beliefs have stopped you from solving these problems until now?
  3. Now, write down all the reasons each of these beliefs is complete BS. Access the deeper, wiser part of you that knows they’re BS, and make an impassioned case against these beliefs.

You have the power to change your beliefs about money. Create an abundance mindset to transform your life from one of scarcity to generosity, which benefits all of us. The right beliefs about money just make cents!

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  1. Brilliant video, thanks Marie 🙂

    I’ve done a LOT on money mindset this year, and the biggest change for me came from gratitude. Obviously, gratitude about all you have is important, but when you want to improve the money mindset specifically, being thankful for money or value you receive is so important. Even finding a penny on the street, or getting a money off coupon is something to be thankful for.

    I’ve also learned about tracking my money too – discovering where it comes from, and where it goes, hands the control right back to me. Knowing what you can afford, and then being concious with your purchase decisions is really freeing.

    Good luck on your money journey, Elise!

    • Oooooo I love this and I’m 100% with you on this Gemma: tracking my money has been a real opener and allowed me to not only take control of my spending but to realize I was “richer” than I thought!

      Tip: I love using Mint to track money : makes my life so much easier.


      • paris

        i love mint! once you are conscious of your spending you start to make smarter choices. you’ll learn you can do more with less!!

        • Well done Marie! Keep up the good work. The FUN Fund has always been a priority in my life. Folks around me often ask how is it that I can travel the world. I tell them, I learned from Marie Forleo.

          • I’ve heard about tracking your money, I think Danielle LaPorte says that you should do it every day. This is a habit I would like to start ingraining into my daily routine – but dare I say it kind of scares me what I might find?

      • Thanks Caroline – yes precisely! I found that I had more coming in than I realised, and it allowed me to realise where the “holes” in my system were.

        I’ve not used Mint before – I’m simply tracking on a Google spreadsheet, but I’ll definitely look into that, thanks for the tip!

        • Kate Northrup’s book “Money A Love Story” helped me with this thought.

      • What is mint? A phone app?



        • Hi Rebecca,

          Mint can be on your phone, on the web, or on a tablet, I believe. Here:



          • As the founding engineer at I’m so happy to see many people spreading the word about it here! 🙂

          • Danielle Keenan

            That’s so cool! I love mint and have spread the word here in Canada to all my friends and family. Love the upgrades that have been made as well 🙂

          • Robin

            I have heard of Mint but have been afraid to try it since it links to my bank account. Is it safe and is it really that effective?

          • Em

            Hi Poornima,
            Any choice of expanding to Europe? I live in France and would love to use Mint.

          • Zoe

            It obviously doesn’t work in some places. My guess though. I tried signing up by it keeps rejecting my phone number even with the area code…

    • Gemma this is a good point! Tracking your money is super important. I read a book years ago called Your Money or Your Life that helped me not only track money but see it as life’s energy.

      • Thanks Marcy, I LOVE the idea of seeing it as energy, and thanks for the book tip!

    • Tracking your money is an insanely huge part of the picture. I always tell my clients, I bet you have more than you think. Even calling the cable company to see if there are any “deals” on right now that you could take advantage of. Knowing and recognizing that you spend $50 a week at Starbucks is a huge eye opening. Setting a budget for yourself each week is a great place to start when it comes to tracking, understanding and becoming more aware. Great tip! I’m glad it’s at the top!

      • When I started to track my money I was blown away by just how much was coming in from all the little nooks and crannies – not just the obvious income from my job. It made me appreciate it that much more, and of course more started rolling in!

    • Like, Gemma, tracking my revenue stream has made a huge shift in my money mindset. I’m always pleasantly surprised by where money appears in my life. The awareness has allowed me to be giving in ways I would have never imagined. Practicing random acts of kindness becomes second nature (like Marie mentioned).

      I wrote about one of my previous hiccups with the practice here:

      A few months after I started tracking my money, I began setting revenue goals. The first month was a complete miss. But, the months after that I am either a little low or a little high at the end of the month. My excitement, gratitude, is I am always in the ballpark.

      I show gratitude for incoming and outgoing funds. I know I am blessed when money finds me (earnings, gifts, or actual finds), and I know when money leaves me, it is blessing others.

      • Tammy

        I am very grateful for the money that comes my way, but I really love your thought that when money leaves you it is blessing others. Love it! Going to add that one. Thanks!

    • Thank you Marie for this excellent video today. I loved it. And I totally agree with Gemma that the first strategy around gratitude is my favourite.

      I find that appreciating what we have, whether it’s money, love, happiness, time for ourselves, family, work or anything else, is the best way to get in a place where you feel good about it, and this then helps you make the changes needed to get more of it.

      I also believe that the language we use to talk to ourselves about money is crucial to how we think and therefore behave around it. This is so ingrained in us we don’t always realise it and that makes it harder to change, but it’s totally possible to listen to the stories we tell ourselves and start rewriting the script. That’s why I like Marie’s little mantra about there always being more of it where that came from.

      • Just to add that I wrote a blog post about money and our internal beliefs and attitudes a few months ago called ‘So you want to win the lottery? Really? If you’re interested in reading it you can find it at:

        And thanks to all you brilliant ladies for the great discussion going on in this comments thread.

        • Thank you for the link. “Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” ~Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism, 1891

      • Mmmm YES! The WORDS that we use are imperative. The biggest shift I’ve made was when I stopped making any negative statements about money – to myself, to my man, to my family, colleagues etc.

        Make only positive statements about money. I can highly recommend it!

        (If you’re used to saying certain negative things it might feel like lying at first, but then realize that we’re actually creating a new REALITY.)

        A few mantras:
        Instead of “I can’t afford it”, say “How can I afford it?” (opens you up for possibilities) or “I’m choosing not to buy that right now (empowering!)
        “Abundance is everywhere”
        “I am receiving from the Universe”
        “People LOVE giving me money”
        “Life is magical and I’m always taken care of”
        “I am open to receiving money in both expected and unexpected ways”

        Now I’ll also add: “There’s more where that came from” 😉


    • Gemma, you’re right on track with that! Gratitude is the key.

      I actually loved this video so much that I was inspired to finally put in writing some of the thoughts I’ve had circulating in my mind relating to this. I linked back to this post. Mine is called “Want more money? Thank your Christmas tree.” I thought sharing it here would only be appropriate 🙂

    • Oh my word! What a surprise to find my question answered!

      Marie, THANK YOU so much for this video and how timely in fact! I’ve been continuing to work on my money mindset all year and things are really shifting including landing a job at a dream travel company here in New Zealand.

      One thing I’ve started doing is constantly asking myself “How would I feel if I had all the money (wealth, happiness, freedom etc..) I wanted” and then I get into the feeling place of that – which is relaxed, at ease, safe, secure, protected, abundant etc – and it totally infects my day with good feelings and I’ve found that that affects my money and other areas of my life as well.

      I have in no way got this down yet, and I think I have over a dozen books on money now – but I’m still chugging away. The more at ease I feel, the more the good stuff comes to me.

      I love your fun fund idea. My partner and I actually have a designated date night each week now, so we’ll definitely keep continuing that. I also love the mantra, ‘there’s more where that came from’, because in the past I haven’t even been grateful when I’ve been paid! So I’m working on that. I also want to start giving money away more, that’s the real test for me – sharing. Maybe it’s an only child thing? Who knows, but that’s the one I’m working on now. I’ll definitely keep you updated.

      Thank you so much for answering my question Marie, I hope it helped others out there. And also thank YOU guys for all your amazing tips. I’ll be sure to go through them after work!

      Elise xox

      • Love the idea of getting yourself in that abundant mindset, I will totally try it out!

    • Kristin

      Tracking is key! I truly believe starting with gratitude is where I will start. Such power to be had in being grateful for where you are right now.

  2. This video couldn’t have come at a better time, Marie.

    I’ve been doing a lot of work around breaking up with my scarcity mentality and while I think that I’m genuinely at a good place right now, I see it popping up again around taking “big risks” in my life and in my business. Personal development is most definitely a journey and not a destination :).

    I’ve also been looking for a good money affirmation for a while and I think you nailed it with “there’s always more where that came from”.

    Thanks Marie!

    • Demetria,
      You are so right that personal development is a journey and not a destination. That’s something to learn again and again. One of these days I’ll write my book about it called “Life is a Never Ending Onion”. 😉

      I love the affirmation too, so simple! Totally going to keep that one in my back pocket.


      • Ha! I LOVE the name of that!!

  3. As a personal financial planner, I see this ALL the time.

    Unfortunately, the MAJORITY of people have poverty-based mindsets–and they almost always learned it directly or indirectly from their parents. That means, these habits and thoughts are so deeply rooted that it takes concientious changes day after day after day to ALLOW yourself to save up for what you want and then get it.

    Anyhoo, above all, like you said: it starts with GRATITUDE. We are already rich beyond measure, and understanding that is the biggest upgrade we can make. Because once you FEEL abundnat, you start ACTING abundant.

    Love love love this–I’ll be sharing it with my community, too!

    • I sooo agree, Leah! I had to release so much of my parents’ fearful energy around money…it was frustrating when I didn’t realize this and I thought I “was just bad with money.”

      Another BIG shift for me were my beliefs about budgeting. I used to believe budgeting felt like an uncomfortable girdle (which, ironically, made my budget burst at the seams quite frequently). Now I believe budgeting to be nothing more than a simple structure I live within that gives me the gift of freedom:) Such a big money mindset change there:)

      Love this discussion:)

      • ooooh Deana I love this piece about beliefs and budgeting! Thank you for the insight, I have struggled with this too and being a creative entrepreneur ( also teach that structure is the key to freedom and Ending the Starving Artist Myth) this is one area where I have yet to master this teaching! Will dig deeper on this…thank you.

        I also have resisted tracking my out-flow. In flow no problem but outflow has felt time consuming. Any tips out there besides MINT? like an app or something? ( ooh just got a big insight on this energetically and how I manage my energy…inflow and outflow hmmm.)

        On of the biggest things that has helped my shift is The Abundance Book by John Randolf Price. At the center of our beliefs is really a reflection of consciousness and how we see the world/spirit and ourselves as creators. So going to the core of my beliefs around Spirit really shifted it for me.

        Fab discussion! Xx

        FAB discussion!

        • Great tip on the book, Melissa:) I will def check it out. That resonates with me!

          I don’t use an app. I use paper and pencil and a cash envelope system. I tried Mint, but i’m a tactile person. Need to see and feel things. So cash and envelopes work good for me:) I visited your site, btw…love it:)

          Take care…

        • I used to have a really hard time with money, telling myself I was bad with money. I’m still working out some of those belief systems but one thing that has helped me is a program called YNAB. It stands for You Need A Budget but something about their approach to managing inflow and outflow caused a huge shift in my perspective. It’s not free but it’s worth the investment. They also have an app that I use CONSTANTLY to stay on top of my money. For the first time ever in my life there is a cushion in my account and I’m not nearing zero at the end of every month. It was a game changer for me personally.

          • Thank you for the tip Makeda. I’ve signed up for their emails and will check out the app.


          • Kae

            Makeda I’ve been eyeing YNAB for over a year now. I was just on their site again last night. I think happening upon this video and comment today is just confirmation I need to just go ahead and get started with it.

        • Rebecca

          A great app is YNAB… You Need A Budget. It’s at It’s a basic system for budgeting and learning to track your money and be intentional about what you receive and how you spend. There’s also an amazingly supportive community of people doing the same and sharing about their journey… It can be so helpful to learn from others’ insights and experience, as well as realize you’re not alone.

  4. Kim

    Marie, a perfect question at the perfect time.

    Just last week, I had a talk with myself and am changing my conversation around money. I have two teenagers and I found myself saying, “we can’t afford that right now” a lot. It finally dawned on me that I was not teaching the right attitude towards money.

    I truly do feel grateful for the things that I have and live quite comfortably. I don’t feel poor but I realized I was talking as if I am. Now I say, “we are choosing to spend our money on” … Right now that is a scuba diving trip over Christmas.

    I really like your mantra of ” there is always more where that came from” and I will implementing that into my routine as well. Thanks, as always, for the great advice.

    Elise, thanks for submitting the question. It came at just the right time! Good luck to you on your journey.


    • Great advice when it comes to kids. We can’t afford that is also putting your money story onto them – from their parents is where most people get their money story – and this is a great example in reframing that into something positive that they can understand! Lucky lady going scuba diving!

  5. It has taken YEARS for my partner and I to find a way that works for both of us financially. He keeps spreadsheets (tons of them). But I need to work with a cash mindset. If I don’t have the cash – I can’t do it. I need to see the cash balance each month and plan my month accordingly. I also have two savings accounts (long term and short term) which help me plan for trips, and special nights out. And doing my own taxes each year helps me see where I spend my money – and what I have to show for it! I totally believe in helping charities – my fav is Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

  6. We get bogged down with money worries just like everyone else. What I try to do is save it for the things that are important to me (namely high quality food) and spend lavishly on it, and cut back on the things that are less important (e.g. clothes). But I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing my style – I’m creative with how I buy my clothes, buying items from vintage shops and Ebay. Better to live with a “have” mentality than a “have not”, I realize I have so much to be thankful for.

    • Jessica, you make a great point in that it is not always a sacrifice to not splurge on everything. Instead it is actually about priorities – you spend where you want to and save the money on items you don’t care about! This is a great way to feel abundant!

    • Love this mentality of deciding where you spend your money ie: quality food vs clothing and I love a post mentioned above about telling her children we are choosing to spend our money else where! Great mind sets! When I have an added expense during the month like if my car needed a repair I try to look at it like keeping the money flowing out there and I am blessing the mechanic and his family to help meet their needs….
      Great topic Marie and what is this detox you have been on I need some of that you look amazing!

  7. Ahhhhh, this is a subject I LOVE!!! In fact, it’s the topic of my blog; the tag line is “Prosperity happens as you transform your relationship with money.”

    I agree with everything you said, Marie. I was TERRIBLE with money in my young adulthood and had to learn these and other money lessons to turn things around. Now, years later, I have no debt (not even a mortgage) and enough money to live a comfortable life when retirement comes. It’s not hard to accomplish, but you have to START!

    One tip I would add to your list is to shift from being embarrassed about your situation to being proud that you are pulling up into a better life. Be a role model to those around you with your actions. By that I mean, ask for a receipt when you didn’t before, pull out your pad of paper and write down what you spent cash on and what it was for. Information is power and if you don’t know what you spend your money on, it’s hard to make better decisions in the future.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll resist…Oh, one last thing…remember that “wealth allows giving,” which is reason enough to become wealthy!


    • Hi Ree,
      Thank you for this extra tip. Congrats on having no debt! That is something to be proud of!

      • Thanks, Theresa, it’s not hard to accomplish if you just decide that’s what you want and get started!

    • Thanks for the tip Ree,
      I like the idea of writing purchases on a pad, often I’ll go out with x amount of $ and wonder where it all went by the time I get home!

      • Wow, Laurel, I just checked out your site…your hand-painted rugs are BEAUTIFUL! I’m glad you liked my tip and I’d love to know how it works out if you decide to give it a try.

    • Exactly!! (wealth allows giving..) – and the more we have, the more we can give and serve the people of our world!

  8. The mantra was my fave for sure! “There’s more where that came from”… brilliant.

    Also a good reminder that we need to appreciate everything we already have.


  9. Natasja

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for your video. One of the things that I do is read books about money. I believe when you read book about this topic, that you are sending a message to the universe and life. And I call it tunning in on the money frequency. And it really helps whenever I pick up a money book and start reading it, the money comes in from all different kinds of sources. Also affirmations work great just like mantra’s. And I have learned that when you know that some one is rich or has the kind of lifestyle that you like, don’t hate them or be yealous but bless them instead. Which I love. Also show you money some love, communicate with the energy of money and ask how you are treating your money, and how you should be treating is and more. Thanks again X love

    • You’re totally right Natasja! I recommend Marianne Williamson’s “The Law of Divine Compensation” and Deepak Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” to anyone looking to shift their money mindset and tune into that money frequency as you said Natasja.

    • Lyv

      Hi Natasja,

      Thanks for your comment! Do you have any book to recommend?

  10. Pam

    Thank you Marie!
    I really love what you said, “there’s always more where that came from” really resonated with me.
    I’ve got to just compliment you too. You are absolutely glowing!! Gorgeous skin and hair to match your glowing personality.

  11. Such a hot topic (and not just around the holidays!).

    The more I focus on my gifts & talents (and how it’s such an honour & a pleasure to share them with my clients and the world) the more I step into the flow and receive abundance.

    I wrote a (playful) blog about flipping our Money Gremlins a while back and it was HUGELY popular so I’m sharing it again with ya’ll.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kiva and I’ve been part of your team for a while now 🙂
      Supporting entrepreneurs around the world is so rewarding.

      Every Christmas each member of my family we pick a charity to donate money (and good vibes) and we talk about why we chose that charity + why it’s close to our heart. It’s always my favorite moment of our Christmas dinner.

    • Hi Caroline…fancy meeting you in here! Great blog!!

  12. Beth

    Loved this. Me n my partner were having some major money issues even though we were earning a lot of money and it caused so many arguments. I started using a money forecast app on my phone. You put all ya bills and income in and it forecasts what you’ll have in months to come. With that, my partner did a lot of overtime at work and saved his arse off. It’s really helped to pay for Christmas and after we can start saving for the business. The arguments over money have stopped and even though we’re not going out etc we’re very happy. The tips Marie said that I use are the spreading the weath, I do that a lot even when I’m skint. I take friends and family out or when they’re struggling I pay for their shopping or cook dinner. I appreciate what I’ve got so much because I know there are people so much less fortunate than me and hopefully when I get the business steady I can give back to those people. Id love to start my own charity or be physically active in the community to help others.

    • This is beautiful Beth! I am so happy to see you giving when you have it and being willing to receive when you do not have as much coming in. One big problem I see for people is when they put a block up to receiving. When you are willing to receive you will see the money coming in.
      Keep shining your light!

  13. Sheira

    I’ve had scarcity issues myself and my big question is what to do when the person you’re with wants to spend more money than you have. We’ve had many disagreements about this – he has a ‘there’s more where that came from’ mentality and I too have some mantra’s (one which came about from someone’s comment on a different Marie-TV episode: “My bills are always paid, my bank account is always full, I am open to unexpected income” which I affirm every day)……but still we find ourselves behind the 8-ball. My man came from a home that had a lot of money issues and I don’t think he’s fully dealt with it but he doesn’t necessarily agree…..any advice, girls?

    • Hi Sheira,
      Yes! I feel as if you have some more internal struggles going on deep inside. My husband and I have had different money mentalities and it has caused stress in our relationship in the past. My advice is to see where the two of you need better communication and in which areas you can compromise.

      Here is an example : last week he wanted to get a TV on Black Friday and I my opinion was very strong that we do not need a TV that is 10 inches bigger than the one we have. We had not gotten a TV in about 5 years and we have actually been saving quite a bit of money. My husband is tricky to buy gifts for and I knew he really wanted this TV. I let him win this battle without an argument since we do have the money, he really wants it, and he deserves it. We also discussed that if he got this one, we would compromise and take the same portion of money out of our “fun money” for me to use on a retreat this summer. We both felt completely satisfied.

      Be sure to set a time to talk about money with your partner ahead of time. You do not want to talk about money when you are in the heat of the moment since both partners will only be focused on winning their point of view.

      Set the mood : plan a date at your kitchen table, create a fun dress code for both of you to follow, and go over your money goals. I always try to make it fun and creative with my husband. I have us both pick outfits to wear that allow us to dress as the person we want to portray with our finances.

      Bring a description of all of your expenses and income to the table with you. Come to the table prepared so you can actually see what your finances look like and so that your partner will have a clearer picture of your point of view.

      Create a list with your partner of what all you are grateful for. Make a list of how far you have come since the two of you started out together. Also make a list of how you want to feel when you have reached you financial goals. Take that list and see how many aspects of it are just perspective shifts and highlight them! It doesn’t have to be hard to create a new money mindset, many times it is a shift in perspective to focus on what you DO HAVE instead of what you don’t have.

      Play with your money, it is your friend or else you wouldn’t want it that bad! I love Marie’s advice to spread the wealth – my suggestion is to focus on choosing a charity that both you and your partner support together.

      I wish you the best of luck. Please get ahold of me if you would like more help.


      • Tracy L

        OH my goodness, YES!!! Theresa, thank you so much for this “money date” idea. This is just what we need in my house right now. My partner and I have owned our fixer-upper house for 1 1/2 years, and the cost of making improvements can be overwhelming. We both come from families with varying degrees of the scarcity mentality and it has definitely affected both of us. When we started dating, we both made very little money, but now she makes twice the money I do and the disparity is difficult for us. I’ve often wondered what we will need to do to overcome our money hang-ups — I thought therapy might be the only route. But this seems like a great place to start!! Creating some transparency and plans to reach our goals should help.

        And Marie, thank you so much for the tips!! I think my favorite is the “There’s more where that came from” mantra.– because it’s the easiest to execute, and because I’m pretty sure that will be powerful for me, personally. I generally have a scarcity mentality with everything, and I’ve had only partial success in changing it, so far. I really think that these tips will help me (and us!) a lot!

  14. Awesome, ATM, Marie. Thanks! I carry a little piece of paper in my wallet next to my bills with my own ATM: “I give thanks for my perfect financial security here and now.”

    No wishing about the future. No bemoaning the past. Just gratitude for every single thing I have. I see that ratty-ass piece of paper each time I open my wallet and indeed am grateful!

    I think I just may add yours to the mix!


  15. Marie and team (and Elise)

    This couldn’t have been more perfect for me today. Marie, if you remember, you told me a few weeks back that if I automated my finances NOW, the future Elloa would thank me. Since then, some huge shifts have taken place in my mentality and my behaviour around money.

    I am reading Stephen Pressfield’s Turning Pro and realised that I need to get my s**t together around money. On Sunday, I declared to my friends what I want to earn next year. It scared me but I did it. That night, I sorted out all my receipts for the end of tax year, and on Monday morning I was offered more hours in my job which almost hits my target – a target that had felt almost unreachable just a few days prior.

    I am amazed and this is just the beginning. I’m going to give some money away and repeat that fabulous mantra over and over.

    To anyone struggling, I would say – is the pain of where you are greater than the fear of where you have to go? If so, take action and if you’re anything like me, you might experience sweet relief and miracles galore.

    Love Elloa, abundant 10 xx

    • Elloa, how awesome a step was that to automate your finances! I’m half way there with automating, but it gives you so much more relief!

  16. You nailed it again, Marie! Like you said, one of the best ways to attract more money (or anything that you want, really) is to be fully grateful for what we have. It took me a while to fully grasp the importance of this life-altering mindset, but once I did, it changed my life. I absolutely love your “ATM”! My ATM that I have always used is “I am a miracle magnet.” That simple phrase is my way of remembering that there is always more goodness coming my way, regardless of how much I’m giving away.

    The only other tip that I would add to your fantastic list is to refuse to hate on other people who have more money than you. I found that being jealous of people who drive fancy cars, have big houses, or have any other worldly success is the *easiest* way to stay forever stuck in a scarcity mindset. Instead, when you see someone doing their thing, just simply say to yourself (or to the person directly, if you want), “Well done! I’m on my way to enjoying the same success too.”

    Thanks again, Marie!

  17. Loved this video! Thanks Marie!

    The tip that resonates the most is the reality check. The stats that you shared are a great reminder of how privileged I am. I have a MacBook from which I can comment from. I can afford internet. I have a beautiful apartment. The list goes on and on. Abundance is truly all around me!

    I also love the Fun Fund! Starting that today and that is going towards a trip to Indonesia!

    Thanks again!


    • The reality check is something I use all the time when I find myself (or my clients) getting caught up in a poor me attitude. I ask them (out of the blue), “Hey Debbie, do you have food in your fridge?”. It throws them off for a second but brings them back down to reality.

  18. Morning world.

    Here’s what shifted things for me.
    1. Tracking my money – both what’s going out AND what’s coming in.
    2. Keeping an abundance list – capturing awesome compliments, credits made, other’s generosity that might not necessarily be of monetary form
    3. Changing my language when speaking of money. No more “I’m broke or I can’t afford that.” More, I’m choosing to spend my money elsewhere.
    4. Taking it one day at a time.

    You rock. Keep it up.
    xx Johanna

    • Oh man! Thanks for the abundance list tip. I like the idea of keeping track of compliments and kindness – thats a good thing to look at on days you feel down.
      Thanks Johanna!

    • This was the biggest change I have been working on all year, to stop talking about being broke. that’s only focusing on what I don’t want, but it takes time to change the habit, even when talking to one’s self!

  19. Thank You so much for this! This is so timely. I am so depositing this into my list of A.T.Ms

  20. Alexandra

    AWESOME blog! For me, the biggest thing for my mentality is to ask myself what I really want. What am I really here for? What is my purpose? What NEEDS to be done? Doing THAT leads to prosperity and a wealth mentality for me. Just focusing and chasing money is a good way to lose it if I lose sight of my real mission, which has been different at different times in my life 😉 Thanks for your blog Marie it’s always a pleasure!

  21. Changing my money mindset is something I spent a lot of time on the last few years, and I now look at money as sacred coinage. Money has energy behind it, and where there’s energy there’s abundance. That’s how I see it now.

    I have a parting-with-moolah mantra too, and every time I pay for something or write a check, I say “I’m so grateful I can pay for this, and I know there’s so much more where that came from.”

    I also have a little ritual and mantra for when I GET money that other people can use too, which I explain more in my video about “playing a zero sum game” when it comes to money:

    Danielle LaPorte has said she looks at her bank account every day just to take a peek at her money and silently thank it, which I love!

    • I love seeing money as energy. Your mantra is beautiful!

      Gratitude is the attitude!

    • This is beautiful! It’s so much easier to think of money as energy – because energy never goes away, it just shifts and changes.

      • Exactly! Glad you like this perspective Farideh and Jennifer xo

  22. Oh Boom! Hello Universe 🙂 This is one area where I’m really working on shifting my perspective. Marie, your A.T.M. really resonated with me. I’ve also dived into reading The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson.

    • Ooo I am trying to read that one now too!

  23. CJ

    OK, when I first skimmed down the article I read Marie’s ATM I read it as:
    “PARTY” with money…

    Yeah, I like that one.

  24. Loved this! Everyday I remind myself I am the luckiest girl in the world living in North America, educated, fed, all my needs are provided for.

    I’ve been working on this for the last year and managed to pay of $30,000 of debt. Then I hit a plateau because living out of the red was scary. I’ve been reading some great books that if anyone is interested really helped me out.

    The Big Leap – Guy Hendrickson (recommended by Mz Forleo)
    Get Rich, Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield-Thomas
    One Minute Millionaire – I can’t remember

    All available on Amazon…and maybe your local library 🙂


  25. Marcene Alexis

    This is awesome! Number six statement hit it right on the nail for me. Thank you.

  26. Nailed as always Marie!

    I’ve always been able to let go about money, because I’ve always felt the universe takes care of me. Whenever I’ve been stuck in some kind of a money bind, I’d ask for the amount I needed and somehow, it always appeared…BUT I never got more than what I asked for! So I’ve decided to see bigger. Dream bigger. Want bigger. Create the burning fire, the project that will ignite me into asking for a whole lot more. So right now, I’m really focusing on creating my abundance wheel and listening every day to Karen Drucker’s “Money Is Coming to Me” chant (on Youtube). And believing, a little more every day that “money is coming to me easily and effortlessly, money is coming to ME!”


  27. Loved this video, Marie!

    Especially the ATM “Anytime you part with money, bless it and say – There’s always more where that came from.” I’m taking that one on for sure, because otherwise it’s so easy to get caught up in the mentality that it’s never enough money and spending it becomes a source of stress when it shouldn’t be.

  28. Right on the money! I would add be thankful for everything! Even what seems unpleasant and unusefull at the time. Melody Beady’s book A Mirical In 40 Days ( cheesy title , I know ) had some great rituals for being thankful at all times. It ends the fear and gets you back in the game! Love the show Marie.

  29. Mandy


    Thank you SO much for posting this! This literally couldn’t have come at a better time for me!
    I am going back to school at the end of January for Web Development and I couldn’t be more excited about it! During that time (9 weeks) I will not be able to work at all due to the intensity of the course. I had lined up a contract (in my current position as a video editor) that was supposed to take me right up until the start of school. I was planning on saving enough money during this time to allow me to go to school without incurring more debt.
    Yesterday I was told that my contract was being cut short…by 6 weeks 🙁
    They basically have given me two weeks notice and I’m trying not to freak out about money…but it’s hard.
    This is just the kind of thing that I need to hear, so thank you again.
    I also need to trust that the universe has my back and that everything will work out.
    Thanks for being you Marie 😉

  30. Thank you Marie, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I would love to start building my knowledge bank. Does anyone have any good reads/podcasts they could recommend?

    • Depending on the topic you want to start learning my fav podcasts about money are:

      The Financial mentor podcast
      Stacking Benjamins
      Eventual Millionaire

      My fav books are:
      The millionaire mind
      Thou shall prosper
      More Advanced Read: A Random Walk Down Wallstreet

  31. Ana

    Thank you!!! It all makes sense and I actually do start my day with affirming my gratitude and incorporate giving in many forms. it still is easy to slip back every now and then. thinking I will play this video every morning. Just last night I found out about this amazing girl who is building schools in Nepal and saving one child at a time from real poverty and missfortune. I am donating today to her cause at BLINKNOW.ORG
    Have a blessed day

  32. Shannon

    Hi Marie, I feel compelled to let you know just how much of a blessing you’ve been to me in the past year. Your words and information have resounding with me in such an influential mind and life changing way. I thank God for you again today, and am excited to one day taking your entire class. You truly are a gift and may blessings fall upon you always:)

  33. Perfect. I wrote a short post, titled “Plenty”, 6/29/11, which I’d be honored for you to read – I like to share the wealth. I think it complements your message.

  34. Well, I’ve just started reading “Money’s code” (El código del dinero), by Raimon Samsó. It’s a great book! The first part talks about the scarcity mentality and how economic problems are the result of a misconception about money that most of us have. The second part teaches you how to apply the change of mentality you acquired in the first part to your own life.

    Another source of knowledge about the mentality towards money is the course on Behavioral Economics by edX.

    What I already do is to bring my own luxury. I also have a savings account with my partner, and I share what I have. I think I should improve my daily gratitude, because sometimes I still feel that I don’t “have enough”, when actually, I am pretty ok. 🙂

  35. I actually grew up in poverty… often seeing my family get food from food pantries and our clothes from charities. I saw things improve at points, but whenever my parents got some money, they always found a way of losing it fast.

    I was the first person in my family to go to a university, and I thought that would help. But I was taught ZERO about earning money and success in college, and continued with the same poverty mindset after I graduated.

    It was definitely #5 on your list today that helped change the game for me. “Building my knowledge bank” really helped to shift my focus AND actions around finances. Ramit Sethi’s book “I will teach you to be rich” is a good one. It brought some practicality to my mindset shift that came from books like “Think and Grow Rich”. I’d highly recommend both of those books. Thanks for another awesome video, Marie!

    • Same here Shawn. Because I grew up without a lot of things, the first thing I wanted to do once I started earning my own paycheck was BUY ALL THE THINGS.

      Fast forward a few years (and en masse credit card debt later) I’m finally starting to get it all figured out. Now I love telling friends about cool savings account programs, credit monitoring services, and reward checking accounts. It’s hugely rewarding to watch my debt start to go down, and my savings go up, and all it took was a shift in mindset.

      • Ooh girl – Megan, I can totally relate! I had the same experience. It has taken me many years to realize that I cannot just BUY ALL THE THINGS to make up for the lack I experienced growing up. Money responds to how we treat it. I have read voraciously and even been coached on this topic, because for me, it was blocking my path to success as an entrepreneur. It still gives me challenges, but I have started to change how I see it. Using has also helped me see what is going on with my money picture, real time. I love that others have mentioned it here, too.

        Thanks, Marie, for posting about this. We can always use the reminder.

  36. Great blog. 🙂 Related to the Reality Check, I find it helpful to test my assumptions, especially about what is necessary. When I start to worry about not having enough money for X, I usually find that whatever X is, it isn’t really necessary in my life. An almost unimaginable (for us) outcome would be if we couldn’t pay our mortgage; but when I think about that, even losing our house wouldn’t matter as long as our family is still together – we could buy a more modest home or rent an apartment, for example. Living in such a wealthy society, it’s easy to forget how much of what we have is unnecessary, and may even be working AGAINST happiness rather than in service of it, if the mindset isn’t right. Thanks to Marie and all the posters for your thoughts!

  37. sam

    Good topic, thank you! Just one comment. Many don’t seem to realize when they talk statistics, that in those countries where majority of people make $1-10.. a day, the prices for daily necessities are in direct relation to earnings. Averaging earning and buying abilities of 3 billion people creates a distorted picture.

  38. Hi Marie,
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! Also, for the woman who asked this question, so many can relate to your ‘issue’. As a family constellation therapist, I work with many clients, myself included, that feel stuck because friends and family have a particular mindset. One piece of advice would be, in your case, to stretch the envelope slowly and one step at a time. When your whole tribe feels/thinks one way, and you feel another, you risk being the black sheep…which is ok, but it can feel very scary! Find other ways to bond and relate to your friends and family besides money scarcity, and move forward on your path one step at a time. Eventually, you might even serve as a beacon of light and a new way to live and they might follow you on your path which is so awesome!

  39. What perfect timing this is! Thank you so much Marie. I love point two. I need to use that right away as a new habit. It’s a good way to have a sense of humour and lighten up about the money stuff – mainly because it reminds me of that scene in Home Alone 2 (I love Christmas movies!) where Kevin gives the porter a ‘tip’ of chewing gum. He says ‘plenty more’ rather than ‘always’, I think, but the point is that the humour helps too.
    Scrabbling around frantically for work in order to earn money isn’t a good mentality and I need to remember to take action on things but let go of the outcome and enjoy the things I already have in the meantime. The reminder about making a simple meal a nice one by dressing up, putting it on a nice plate, having candles etc. is really useful for this too. Thank you!

  40. This video is brilliant! I have been having a lot of success in my life, financially, and many of my friends and family have been asking how to get out of the scarcity mentality. I’m definitely going to share this video with them.

    The number one thing that works for me is whenever I spend money I say “it’s all good, everything always works out perfectly!” which is similar to your phase of “there’s a lot more where that came from”. Going to start using your phase too!

    My husband and I have also always set aside 10% of our income to go to people in need, typically to women’s shelters. I know that giving is a big part of why I have been able to create and attract life that I love.

    I also really enjoy listening to audio books about money and the Law of Attraction. Training myself to raise my vibration daily, through meditation and visualization is the most important thing for me to do, daily, to achieve my life goals and financial goals.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    • Love your comment Kimra. Keep up the great work.

  41. I’m sorry Marie, I didn’t like this video, didn’t like it at all. I LOWVD it. Super inspiring to hear what we all hear all the time, but you’d just made it more palatable. Perhaps my mind is just more open to digesting it hearing it from a less damning teacher.

    Thank you :))

  42. Blue78

    What a good message to share with everyone about money. I love that saying, ‘there’s always more where that came from!’ I will say that from now on when I give something to someone and pray that they will be blessed. It is so important to accept the things we have and be truly grateful. Thank you so much for this episode!

  43. Whats awesome about this video is that I have been struggling with a scacity mentality. Growing up, we had so many money issues that I grew into this person that finds it hard to give and/or guilt around what I wish I could give but don’t have. I was watching “Til Debt Do Us Part” on CNBC and a contributor that btw him and his wife, bring in over $120,000 a year, said “We are not poor, we are broke.” At that time I realized that I am poor not broke. The difference to me is that broke is more of having but mismanaging badly, and poor is living on $1500 a month and foodstamps with 4 kids which is my life. Im not sad, Im pumped because I am determined to improve my money. My issue is that I feel like I have nothing to give and I feel lots of guilt when I can, and I dont in fear of not having. One of your techniques that I have used but not enough is the mantra…”the lord is my shepard, i shall not want” it helps tremendously! How do I conquer feeling like I have nothing to give which spills over in EVERY area of my life?

    • Giving money is not the only way to give back. you can give of your time, your kindness, your knowledge, your skills etc. I’m sure you have plenty to give if you just think about it. 🙂

  44. Lex

    “There’s always more where this comes from.”


    Implementing this A.T.M. now.

    Thank You!

  45. Great checklist! I learned about abundance mentality at a great course my local Unity Church hosted – truly life changing – with concepts I share very often with my clients who are growing businesses.

    I love your “there’s more where that came from,” comment. I realize I’ve been saying that more and more lately, and sure enough – there is always more money right behind what I’ve spent. I’ll be saying this with more consciousness now. Thanks as always.

  46. Molly

    A great topic! One thing I like to do is change my thinking about money spent on “fun.” If friends are going out to eat, how much is my time with those friends worth? As cheesy as it may sound, that time is priceless, so it’s worth spending some cash to be with them. Obviously, you can’t do this 100% of the time for everything you want to do, but it’s a shift in thinking that has helped me!

  47. I love the topic of this video and it’s a big one for me. My favourite takeaway from this one is your personal mantra which I LOVE and am going to start implementing right away.

    I am also a big proponent of gratitude and find it is the most potent way for me to transform my thinking when I am stuck in a self defeating mindset.

    I’ve recently been working through Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map and my biggest core desired feeling around money is clarity – getting very clear on my spending patterns and always knowing what is coming in and going out – which is rather revolutionary for me – especially as a small business owner as I can be a bit disorganized in this regard.

    Finally, I find Esther and Jerry Hicks have some fun exercises in their books for changing your mindset surrounding money and manifesting more abundance. If you can get past the esoteric writing style then there is some good material in there.


  48. It has taken me a long, long time to get over my money issues. I was raised in an environment of scarcity and fear surrounding money – my dad being very poor when he was a little boy having scarred him permanently. He was always worrying! Things got better as I got older, and even better once I was an adult, but never did he ever feel secure.

    I’ve done a lot of work to escape that mentality. There are still moments when I want to slide back into it, but I manage to recognize and boost myself out of it pretty quickly now.

  49. As someone who has built a brand around being budget savvy, this is something I’m constantly struggling with. Even though I have more money than I had several years ago, I still battle the scarcity mentality when it comes to finances. I feel like it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and a vicious cycle – if I worry about lack of money I will have less, and if I have less then I worry.

    The thing that resonated the most with me about this was gratitude. I always try to be mindful of my worries, and consciously remind myself to be thankful and count all the blessings in my life when I start to get stressed.

    The thing I plan to put into action that I hadn’t tried before is your ATM idea. There is definitely always more money to come and reflecting on a mantra like that is something I think will benefit me greatly! Thanks so much for this kick in the pants today- perfectly timed, especially with all the spending going on around the holidays!

  50. Karen

    Although I feel that gratitude is the foundation in any area of life, financially I feel most empowered by being grateful and sticking to a budget. A budget can be as simple as writing items on paper and the maximum allowed in that category and counting down the dollars spent as you go through the month. You can swap allowed amounts among categories, just not go over with the total…and use credit cards for emergencies only. This can challenge you to be more resourceful and help you feel very proud of yourself for doing it. Any of course, there’s Pinterest for great money saving ideas!

  51. I have had the scarcity mentality my whole life after growing up poor. When i started my business i only had $170 to invest. Its been a tough journey but I’m emerging now and I have just written a book about funding and budgeting your startup! My hubby and I have a fun fund and we are havinng lots of fun decing where we are going to travel in January. It is really exciting to feel like I am breaking free from the scarcity mentality!

  52. the gratitude part I have heard that wealth experts
    say that you don’t have gratitude for what you have you wont get anymore
    giving I try to do that all the time .But sometimes I feel that is all that I’m doing and other areas of my life need to be looked after.

  53. love your mantra! I think I’ll adopt it!

    My fave mind shift is being thankful for everything you ALREADY have. The one I’m putting into action today is making a donation! 🙂

    Thanks for answering this great question!

  54. Jen

    Just yesterday I was questioning my own historical default habit of tipping well and seriously wondered if perhaps that was actually a naive money practice, after all. I have always felt that we get what we give. What goes around comes around. That saving your pennies is important but having the kind of abundance mindset that allows you to give, where you feel it counts, is equally important ! Your last tip sort of answered my question for me that, YES! Being generous in ways that feel meaningful is actually a GOOD money practice. Thanks Marie !

  55. Great money insights! So true, when we have a poor money mentality we find scarcity where in giving we find abundance. Thanks for the inspiration!

  56. Thank you Marie,
    This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Money as an entrepreneur is always a bit of a roller coaster ride and at the moment it feels like I’m on the Leviathan. One thing I know is that it always works out in the end (it really always does) but sometimes the ride can get a little scary.

    Thank you for reminding me of getting on the same page as my partner. My guy is certainly more frugal than me, and while he enjoys vacations he gets a little grumpy about paying for them. I was so happy when I stumbled upon the 52 week money challenge. It’s super simple, you start by saving $1 the first week, $2 the second week, and so on, and by the end of a year you have $1378 ($2756 as a couple). My man and I decided to do it together to save for a trip next summer and we’re halfway through. I really love it’s fun to be consciously saving for something that we’ll enjoy together.

    So much here to take action on but I think I’ll start with the money mantra. Love it!

    Thank you Marie, you are a superstar and I really do love you.


    • AWESOME share Cecilia! Congrats to you and your partner for rockin’ this together.

  57. Jessica

    I love each of these ideas, Marie! It’s funny that you say to give something away when you are feeling the squeeze because I feel that same thing – almost overwhelmingly. I like the Fun Fund idea, too, since it gets you looking forward to something and not just dwelling on what you can’t do. Thanks for the mindset shift! And “there’s ALWAYS more where that came from” – AWESOME! Love it. Keep up the greatness, as always!

  58. One of the biggest factors in helping me move my money mindset was working on uncovering why I did not have an abundance mentality. Once I knew why it was happening then it was easier to overcome those beliefs and start creating new beliefs.

    As a financial coach, I can also add that many money obstacles are moved quickly once someone can begin making these shifts. Our money problems are rarely about math and instead about our beliefs – so take Marie’s advice and implement at least one of these! Then the math becomes the easy part!

  59. Every time I would budget or balance our family’s account, I would be filled with complete dread and anxiety. Every time I would go to purchase ANYTHING, no matter how big or small, I would get that buyers remorse, and spend the next hour going back and forth on whether or not to return the purchase. Needless to say, I was a money repellent because my mentality, my thoughts, were always so negative. As many people know, like attracts like. So by being so negative about money, I continued to receive more of that same negativity. Recently I decided to do a money mentality overhaul. I needed to learn how to relate to money in a positive manner. I couldn’t keep feeling sick to my stomach every time I paid off our credit card. I’ve only recently begun to shift my perspective and my money thoughts, but I can say that it is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. It is so peaceful to be able to review my finances without giving myself a panic attack. Now, I do still get some anxiety and dread, but I now have the tools and education to help put me back on track. I LOVE Marie’s mantra and plan on using that every time the dread and anxiety sets in when I pay for something. Practice makes perfect, and the more you work your money muscles, the easier it will be!

  60. Another great episode Marie thank you.

    Although I almost don’t have any income lately and my husband’s salary is 20% less due to deduction we feel really blessed and thankful for what we have and under these circumstances we managed this year to pay our house mortgage.

    I believe that gratitude and giving is the best way to attract more abundance in your life

  61. Cristina

    IHi Maria,

    I love your videos and the themes you tackle each Tuesday. Even if the suggestions are usually based on common sense, they are a good reminder to me. I do love the the fun you put in this video, the ATM scene was awesome! Well done Maria keep on.

    P.S. Please get rid of some of plant behind you, it looks like you are at the florist shop!

  62. Great topic to bring up – thanks Elise!
    Something I’ve been struggling with for decades, UNTIL … I started tapping – a.k.a. EFT.
    Thanks to Marie’s friend Nick Ortner, I’ve been tappin’ on my scarcity mindset for the past three months and am now experiencing multiple sources of income since I started my daily practice!

    As well, buckets of appreciation is Key.

    Thank you Marie, for introducing me to Nick via your fab Marie TV show.
    Big hugs,

  63. Fantastic Advice Marie,
    For me, this was actually an answer to my prayers this morning! I was praying for guidance on my money situation, feeling really bad for myself, scared and shaming myself for being in this place. I checked my email and this was the only new email. Bang! Exactly what I needed to hear. Even though my checking account is overdrawn, I am still hugely ABUNDANT. I have a fantastic husband, a great home, food in my fridge, lots of love in my life, a loving family, a great kitty cat, fantastic friends, mad skills in so many ways, and I have been here before and have ALWAYS made it through, so I KNOW I will again. I LOVE the appreciation, the ATM and the GENEROSITY. I give to KIVA, but usually only when I am feeling flush. Good reminder to give when I am feeling lack!!!
    Great video!! Great reminders, practical and spiritual!!
    love it!!
    Thank you!!

  64. Understanding your story around money is a huge factor in breaking out of the scarcity mentality. Knowing the WHY and letting go of it is key. When we change ourselves, we often have a ripple effect on other people around us. You don’t have to be a preacher, you can just choose habits for yourself that you decide to share with the world. I use a money altar to help with my abundance. I spend time thinking about bring in more money and “positively” letting go of my money for bills, spending etc. The rest of these tips are AMAZING!

    PS (Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup is a great knowledge builder and scarcity breaker. It’s a “workbook” so it’s interactive and you can understand yourself as part of it)

  65. chris

    The mantra, “There is more where that came from” resonated with me as I had never considered that mentality when contemplating abundance, rather a mindset of be happy with what you have. Trying it on as my daily intention.

    You are rockin that awesome dress. Care to share the designer as there may be more where that came from……

  66. thank you!! i always let my friends’ mindset about money bring me down. I am not going to let that happen anymore!

  67. I loved the video today because the scarcity mentality is something I have been trying to overcome lately. Big time.

    Growing up, my parents always talked about how scarce money was, yet we always had everything we needed (and most of the time, everything we wanted as well). I have carried that fear of lack of money with me into adulthood, yet I have always had everything I need and want to a reasonable degree. Lately, I have come to realize that money is just a flow of energy, and as long as I do my part to feed that flow, the money will be there.

    I have also tried to take steps to “respect” my money (something I learned from Oprah!) by doing little exercises…for example: When I use cash at a checkout, instead of getting all flustered and stuffing wads of cash and change back into my wallet unorganized because people are waiting behind me, I go to a little happy place and say to myself “respect the money” and calmly fold it in order and put it back in my wallet neatly. This keeps me aware of how much money is in there. It’s quite a therapeutic little ritual 🙂

    AND I recently automated my entire budget. Everything comes out automatically. This way, I don’t have to think (or second guess) what goes to what bill or how much I will put into savings.

    Great post, Marie! Love these episodes!

    • fantastic share Casey — thanks for all the specifics. I too learned that lesson on respect from an Oprah episode 🙂

  68. Mantras have been extremely powerful for me in the past and I know they have helped my clients re-shape their lives. An abundant life starts with an abundant mindset and repetition of positive mantras is like a workout for your heart. It will strengthen the part of the muscle that’s attached to your deepest desires. Wonderful topic today, thanks!

  69. HI this is a great topic. My major glitch with everything I embark on is implementation. I love that you said that. We can do a million affirmation, mantras, read and take seminars but if we don’t actually start using what we learn daily it was just some nice words and time spend listening to others. I love the mantra about “there is more where that came from” bc when I spend I sometimes wonder how I will ever get more for the things I want and need. And also acknowledging our current blessings is not just fro Thanksgiving! LOVE IT!

  70. Hala

    Marie, you are absolutely glowing!! What cleanse did you do???

  71. Loved this video, Marie. Perfect timing too. I’ve been tackling my money issues head on and trying to get my money ducks in a row.

    With the holidays coming up, I’ve been feeling the scarcity mindset. I always spend more money in December, but I can’t escape that sense of lack when I do – like I’m doing something bad (even though I planned for it).

    Going to use the ATM from here on out. Powerful way to reframe my spending.

    Thank you!

  72. Very useful video, as usual. Thank you for sharing.

  73. Marie,
    As a woman that loves herself some Jesus, but cusses juuuust a little bit, I have to tell you that giving when you have little or none to give is such a Biblical principal. It allows you to open up yourself for receiving. mmmm mmmm mmmm. Love that you shared that.

  74. Marie! Great video and suggestions. I especially like ATM. I find that when I consciously look at the abundance in my life, I feel better. I’m grateful for what I do have and that I can give away a few dollars on a regular basis to my favorite organizations. I may not have all that I want, but I sure do have what I need! Thanks so much for always being an inspiration!

  75. Brilliant as usual, Marie and perfect timing.

    I LOVE the BYOL tip and shall implement immediately. I also love the tip about giving to a worthy cause. Tithing works for me but it has so many negative connotations for people and this one is perfect for getting around those. Thanks!

  76. Blessing the money I spend, feeling the gratitude for what it provides, and using your “There’s always more” mantra is something I commit to practicing. I know the feeling piece is what I’m missing, and I love the idea of turning spending into a positive gratitude-filled experience. I do a lot of the other 6 recommendations, but I do them unconsciously at best or resentfully at worst. How’s that for honest! 🙂

    Thank you, Marie!

    • Love it Curtis — THANK YOU for that honesty!

  77. I’m realm grateful for THiS POST! My biggest challenge is that I know how bad the scarcity mentality is for me and I’m constantly catching myself. My beliefs on this are just not congruent with my actions and that’s a huge problem that I’m working on. We lost out home in Hurricane Sandy and the financial challenges have been do great a year+ later and still not back home all I think about are the finances. Like I sad I know better but overcoming this financial burden AND not feeling scarce has been the ultimate challenge!!! I’m needing south help in this arena and the challenge is practicing why I normally would preach. Ugh:(

  78. Love this! Thank you, Marie. I am currently rewiring all of my money mentalities by taking myself through Kate Northurp’s ‘Money: A Love Story’ book. It has been fabulous and wild going through all the hidden belief systems subconsciously affecting my relationship with money. I have felt that gratitude is a huge game changer for me and I love both your “There’s more where that came from” thought and the idea of giving any time you feel strapped. Putting it into action today! Much love and look forward to seeing you in B-School!! xoxo

  79. I live pay-check to pay-check. (Worrisome me says) Changing my mind around money won’t change the fact that I owe more than I bring home.

    So, to alleviate the worry, at least, I’m going to implement your A.T.M. – “There’s more where that came from.” At least then I will maybe not panic so much when the phone rings or the mailperson shows up.

    • Hey Dana! I highly recommend checking out Ramit Sethi’s book, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” — great practical advice for taking control of your money. I also love David Bach’s books too.

      Finally, a fantastic free audio for you from my interview with Marianne Williamson

  80. I’m working on the same issue, and I just wanted to recommend very cool and free courses on personal finances on the Open2Study MOOC resourse. One is called “Financial Literacy” and I’m finding it very useful as well as fun.

    • Roshini

      Thank you for letting me know about this course Olga, I’ve enrolled! 😀

  81. Great topic. I myself have already implemented these tactics because what I realized was that I transformed my life spiritually and had the faith and courage to leave a 6 figure career to start my own business however, I did come up with money blocks (I think it’s impt to know yours) I had no problem making money but not when I was doing something I love. I had the earning good $$ was at the cost of happiness. So my mantra is “making abundant money doing something I love is fun and easy” and u started to listen to [email protected] success stories instead of just spiritual inspiration (you need both) and viola I launched a workshop in Peru around Christmas eith less than 2 weeks notice and I have a client that’s coming. May seem like no big deal 1 person but I am celebrating because this is a dream that I though would be impossible bring payed to travel and give advice 🙂 but it came true and I’m happy to know that 2 of my tools were exactly what you recommended – glad to know I’m thinking like the Greats 🙂

    • That is weird money success stories auto corrected to that Email address – FYI that’s a typo

  82. Thanks. I’m new to your site (thanks to Mr Derek Halpern and a vid you did with him), and I love seeing your content come up on my facebook page. In fact, I look forward to it. 🙂

    I try so hard daily to be grateful for everything we have. And some days it’s really hard. I could sit and complain about it, but I’d rather just say thanks – because I know complaint just brings more worry and things to complain about. So THANKYOU. I love the mantra, and that’s what I’ll be working on. And the stats about 80% of the people in the world living on less than $10 a day… that’s just scary. It makes me want to earn more, to try to help even just a few of those people, to earn more too.

    Thanks. 🙂 Love the video’s. xx

    • Awesome Tracy — thanks for joining in and of course, I adore Derek 🙂 I love that you’re inspired to earn more and give more. If you’re interested, read: Banker to The Poor and The End of Poverty. xox

  83. Susana

    Love this video and all of your videos!!! Thank you 🙂 I am changing my scarcity mentality parcticing gratitude ALWAYS, positive affirmations and “tapping” (this one is very helpful and an amazing tool, to clear out past money dramas). Merry Christmas xoxo

  84. Great video as usual, Marie ! Watching Marie TV is always something I am looking forward every thuesday 🙂
    You’re absolutely right about money, we should feel fortunate and blessed with the money we have since we have more than 80 or 90% of people on earth. Learning how to track your spending habits is also important to keep a good relationship with your finance and not feel overwhelmed.

  85. Hi Marie,

    Love the vid today, it really hit home for me. I started my coaching biz not too long ago and left my cushie corporate job to do it. I knew I’d have too tighten the reigns during the start-up phase, but I wasn’t prepared for what it was going to do to my psyche. I too come from a family with a HUGE scarcity mentality and so I’ve had to “re-program” myself along the way. Mantras are huge and I’ve been using one for the last few months and it’s changed my whole perspective. I also do 5 mins of gratitude every morning…so o matter how much $$ is in my bank account or not, I see all the riches in my life and am thankful for them.
    Thanks for the AH-mazing vid today!!! You rock lady!

  86. Great post! This year I’m going to give back and start hosting boot camps for charity. A fun way to get fit, spread the word about my business and give back all at the same time! Thank you for some new insights!

  87. Shakila

    Great post, Marie!

    Can you please provide your top fave money books and money seminars that might worth investing time and money 🙂 into?

  88. Luca

    I sometimes say, if I ever have children, the only thing (or the most important) I want to pass on to them is abundance mentality! All knowledge can be learned, but the attitude towards life is really hard to change!
    Parents should be more aware of that.
    I was free of scarcity mentality most of my life (btw, not due to my upbringing, but by running away). My way of living was just accepting opportunities as they came around. ‘Normal’ people would actually not call them opportunities, but for me whatever caught my interest (no mater the $) I went after it, and $ always appeared! (always legally, btw :)) True, this kind of living also meant being outside of comfort zone most of the time. But I was young and with lots of energy. And most of time away from people with scarcity mentality (travelled, worked, lived abroad). I guess I was unknowingly lucky. BUT, then came the 30’s and I ‘decided’ I want to settle down. Ah, geeez. Since the return to familiar environment of family and friends, all I’ve noticed scarcity mentality all around and was openly annoyed by it (heck, I fell the whole nation is infected and conveniently GFC is used as an excuse). And few months into this situation, I, too, feel stuck (if not deprived) in ALL parts of my life. I’m still pointing at other people and complaining about their scarcity mentality, preaching they should loose it, but actually… I’m living it myself! It’s not good. I am aware of it and the energy I’m loosing by focusing on other people. But I can’t seem to flip the situation, unless I move away again? I guess you just can’t have it all. (See? Again! Doh :))

  89. Marie, your timing on this could not have been more perfect; thank you!

    I find that I slip in and out of my abundance mindset, and currently seem to be experiencing an “out” phase. As I noticed I was in heading back towards Scarcity-City, I started using the following mantra to help me snap back to Abundance-Town ASAP; “Money just seems to show up for me all the time. It’s pretty amazing, actually!” This is helping for sure. I’m definitely going to throw in your “there’s more where that came from” as I graciously part with the funds I have now. (I’m sure I’ll hear your voice in my head as I think it too!)

    Your suggestion around the reality check is another thing I remind myself of. All is well in my life, abundance surrounds me all the time (abundance of love, health, friendships, I’m employed, we own our home, etc.) so by reminding myself AND expressing GRATITUDE for all that I’ve got, the lack-butterflies in my stomach quell their flapping wings.

    Great message, and again, perfect timing, Marie. I love how the universe reminds me where to find inspiration and motivation at the exact right moments. Thank you!

  90. Monique

    After leading a financial worry free life last April I filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage. We mediated the divorce in order to keep the legal fees down and agreed on most financial sharing of assets and liabilities and support. He always controlled the finances and most of the assets. As a top executive he makes a large salary while I make less than 1% of what he does. My personal savings are down to nothing after I have paid my legal fees and I still owe a large sum in legal fees and more to come as the judgement is dragging on. As the months went by and as the savings plummeted I went into a total scarcity mode which led to loneliness and despair. Once the judgment is signed I shall be more than fine and able to pay my legal fees. Somehow the financial worry has led me into a paralysis mode. I stopped going out to meet my friends, stopped all unnecessary expenses like hair and nails, that Starbucks cup of coffee, cable TV and I only used my car when really necessary. It was my son that first reasoned with mewho when visiting commented on the 1-ply toilet paper. I looked at people who had less than me and thought that is where I will end up. Everything relating to spending money and relating to money gave me anxiety. It was not until daughter and friends said something equivalent to “there is always more coming your way”. The first thing I did and one of the best was to meet with a financial advisor (free at my bank) to set a current budget and a financial plan for when the assets will be distributed. There will not be a lot once I pay my legal bills but I will be fine. Some of the cutting down on expenses like doing my own nails was fine but doing my own hair was a disaster!!!! There is nothing wrong with saving money but I went totally wrong: I let it lead me to a state of paralysis, self denial and daily anxiety. After being confronted with reality by family and friends that there is more coming my way at some point, I am now in recovery mode. I have implemented some of Marie’s suggestions like invited friends for a simple dinner. What a great feeling it was cooking and seeing my friends. I set up a piggy bank with money for fun and some for donation ($20)!!!! I do treat myself to that Starbucks cup of coffee and am working on feeling richer because as Marie point out compared to the rest of the world, we lead a very good life. I cannot thank you enough, Marie for this fab ideas! Also thank you so much readers for your inspiring comments.
    One more note, managing and planning my own finance after more than 30 years of financial blindness is extremely powerful. Married or single stay on top of your financial status and goals!!! Sorry about lengthy post but it was needed. Enjoy your day and thank you

  91. What an awesome video, Marie! I love it!
    I definitely have the scarcity mindset, and I grew up with a “fake abundance” mindset – we would buy whatever we wanted of some items (like food) and be very scarce around other items (like electronics). I’ve been working on balancing that out around my needs and desires (like you, I love homemade food much more than restaurant meals).

    The one thing I’ve been doing that’s been helping me a lot is simply being generous, which is your last point. I’ve been generous with my time, giving portions of what I cook and bake to friends, I picked up crochet to make inexpensive items for the people I love, and don’t shy away from giving some food to homeless people or money to charities I support. It’s made such a huge change in my life, and most importantly it’s showed me that abundance is not all about the money. It’s about the value that money would buy – and you can get the same value for less money if you think outside the box.

    What I will start implementing from now on is your ATM! I absolutely love it 🙂 Thanks for a great video!

  92. KIVA is a wonderful organization. My business donates 5% of all sales to KIVA and now the ladies(I prefer to loan to women) are paying the loans back and then I lend it right back out. When reading about these valiant women striving to make a better life for themselves and their families, it’s hard to have a pity party about one’s own lack of abundance. They are the reality check for grace and appreciation.

    • awesome Laurel. Agreed on the pity party 🙂

  93. Really great video Marie, I have been working on my money mindset for years, and weirdly lately I have allowed myself to relax and not panic about it so much and I seem to have more money coming my way. I have learnt to be more generous, and will now go and donate to a charity I’ve been meaning to donate to for weeks!

    Thank you for doing what you do x

  94. I have the same mantra, great tips
    Thank you

  95. Thank you for this video!! I sometimes stress about money too, and your tips are fantastic!! I totally believe in giving when you feel like you don’t have enough. There’s nothing that feels better than giving! I’ve passed it on to my kids as well. We are raising money at her school with a program that gives clean water to families in Africa and helps people all over the world!! AWESOME! I love the Fun Fund! I will have to start that NOW!! By the way, I love Cooking Light! I made an off the hook broccoli leek soup just last night!!! Thanks for such a great video!!! 🙂

  96. Kara Paige

    Gratitude. Oprah’s on it. Going to write my a*% off in the first notebook I can find. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. So timely! I’m really feeling tested in terms of what I really believe about abundance. The last two months have been filled with extremely costly and unexpected costs. Then, last night, in a series of hilarious but somewhat unfortunate events, I ended up downtown Toronto without my wallet, car or money. I had taken the subway down there to attend a business entrepreneur event that I felt was important to attend. I was still on the subway when I realized all of this. I thought ‘holly crap I’m stuck!’ I could stay on the subway and go back home without it costing me. I could walk home, but it would probably take me 3 hours. Then I remembered that I had put a taxi app on my phone and had a $10 credit. So I had two min before my stop to decide. Get off and go to the very important event. Or save the $35 it’s gonna cost me on my credit card to get back home.

    I felt like this was the universe asking me “how much do I really want this?” So I got off. And last night I made some valuable connections, connected with amazing resources and had the most hilarious taxi driver on the way home.

    Thanks for talking about this today.

  98. Marie, – Awesome advice, love the insight they bring.
    For me it was reversing the mind set, that I don’t have whatever it is needed to create build or do a particular thing. The TRUTH is, if you flip that thought process, you have in essence changed the out come to a much more positive result. I use the mantra you mentioned in my mind all the time. Another I tend to use often is one from Brian Tracy – He would say, “If its to be – then its up to me”. That is my second mantra. Thanks again for such great advice.

    Filmmaker / Co-creator
    Youthful Ambition

  99. YOU ROCK! Everything you say resonates with me so strongly! I was a single mom for twelve years making approximately $15,000 to $25,000 a year and I always had money. I was living in downtown Montreal so if I saw a homeless person or someone struggling I gave even though I had about $25 dollars a week to spend on groceries for three people. It sounds impossible now but I always found a way. I’m not saying that all my bills were paid on time all the time but they were always paid. I was fearless about money. I even found $350 to $600 to go to Maine every year with the kids for a summer vacation. But I have lost my “good money karma” . Sadly since I got married seven years ago we just can’t seem to make ends meet. The worst part about that is that our combined income is just a little under $100,000 dollars so I just don’t get it. I am just as frugal as I’ve ever been but I question what has changed. Sometimes I ask my partner if he is sending the right signals to the universe because I’ve given him this kind of talk too and he says that he is. We are often not just stuck in a scarcity mindset but living in scarcity. Thanks to you I don’t feel alone in this and I can show him the video to remind him and MYSELF to continue to have faith and believe in our “good money karma”. I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A NEW MONEY MANTRA: ” There’s always more where that came from”, “There’s always more where that came from”, “There’s always more where that came from”

  100. Stephanie

    Thanks so much for the gratitude reminder. It is true that I have so much, even when it doesn’t seem to measure up to my Madison Avenue-twisted expectations (or my mother’s!). Functionally, getting out of credit-card debt this March has subtly changed my relationship with earning money. Before, it felt like I was just working to pay Chase or Discover…or the IRS! Now, I pay the IRS on time with pride–and know that the rest of my spending or saving is up to me. It easy to forget where I was last week or a year ago! And I am super-guilty of feeling like “dinner in” is lame. I’ll give the fancy-it-up idea a true go this time.

  101. What a great post Marie! The Money Mindset shift that I am going to apply right away is “Get an ATM”. I truly believe that it is vital to speak to your money consistently. I know that money is a spiritual currency, and that I need to make more declarations over my money, and take more authority in that area! I am so thankful for this post!

  102. Retraining your thoughts is the best way to change your life. I mean, changing a ‘scarcity mentality’ means you either have to change your ‘scarcity’ or your ‘mentality,’ and only one of those is completely within your control.

    I changed my money mindset a few years ago, but I’ve been staying broke, because it keeps me closer to my family. I have three little kids at home, and with more money comes more responsibility and more action to protect and amplify that money.

    When I changed, I went from a 60-hour a week job to freelancing on my own hours. My net worth plummeted, and I lost everything, materially. But I gained a few years of working closely with my family, instead of living at my office far away.

    The key difference is that I’m laying the groundwork for much greater financial opportunity down the road, than I could have ever had with my old job. The labor I put in to pave this pathway, it keeps me at home among Hot Wheels and fairy tales.

    Even though I don’t have the cash yet, when I let go of my scarcity mindset, I gained a different kind of fortune.

  103. Hi Marie,
    Great tips, as usual! I had been working on expanding my consciousness into more abundance for the last ten years, and I tell you what: the more we expand the more we’ll see tangible results!

    The Universe always finds a way to gives us it’s gifts, we just need to claim what we believe it’s ours: with no guilt, no shame, no sense of greediness.

    Instead, I see abundance as an opportunity to connect further with the Universe and the Divine, and experience the blessings that are here for me to experience.

    I do a very similar exercise than the one you mentioned about spending money and saying a mantra such as “There is always more from which this came from”. I am not sure if we are allowed to share links in the comments, so please let me know if I am not, but I truly wanted to share this with your audience, as it has changed many of my clients lives!

    It is an exercise/mantra called “BLESS THE MONEY” and it truly helps us to expand into more abundance!

    Loved this post, will share it on my Facebook now 🙂

  104. Love the video and money mindset concepts! This past week (Thanksgiving) my sister-in-law and I decided to put together two Thanksgiving food baskets. We made a list that included other staple items plus everything for a fantastic holiday meal. We did most of the shopping but took the kids with us to buy the last few items and then packed the boxes for delivery. We used the “give it away” principle and put as much food in the box, plus a bit more, as we were having at our own dinner. So our surprised recipients of the boxes got more than we had! It was phenomenal and fun! BTW – we took the kids out for dinner afterwards and thanked them for being part of our family. Awesome!

  105. Great video and useful action items. As a financial planner I know there are many people that find it easier/safer to turn inward and worry about what they don’t have rather than using that wasted energy to build wealth. Unfortunately, much of traditional financial advice places a greater focus on restricting expenses rather than also creating income. I see too many cases where people are hoping for a windfall/inheritance/lottery/spouse to rescue them. Feeling they need to rely on someone or something else keeps them trapped in a scarcity mindset. For me, the hurdle I had to work through was recognizing the value in the work I do and the need to be compensated appropriately. I so love the mantra There’s more where that came from.

    • Hey Mary — I can’t agree with you enough. xoxo

  106. Tammy

    I came across a great idea to change my money mentality, I try give a dollar a day away, It has been so much fun to hide dollar bills along the isles of the grocery store, at gas pumps, in clothes at the department stores, etc. When I leave a dollar, I leave it with the thought that it will find someone who really needs it. Sometimes I put little notes on them too.

    • I love this idea! Before I had children, I was always a charitable giver. Even growing up, we did not have a lot of money, but we donated, tithed, and volunteered. Now that I have children and have stayed at home with them for the last 6 years and lived off one income, I developed the scarcity mentality. Even when I wanted to give, I always felt like I didn’t have enough to make a difference and that I was somehow taking away from my children (who already did not have enough). I know that was the scarcity mentality, as all my needs are truly met and I have a wonderful family and life. But I love this idea of giving. I love the surprise element of it and the fun of giving that I can share with my young children. Thanks for the idea.

  107. Marie and TF,

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    I’m saying: “There’s more where that came from,” every time I give money or send it away or whatever!

    I love this 🙂

    Thank you Marie

    Love Divinely Grace,


  108. Jessica

    Hi Marie!

    Love the video! Perfect timing for this as I am currently in the middle of a major budgeting crisis especially with the Holidays coming up.

    I made myself an adventure jar a couple weeks ago where I put spare cash in to save for fun things! Not only am I actually saving, I can see my progress right there and it makes me feel good knowing I am saving.

    I’m also reading “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” which financially is an easy read and has really helped me re-arrange my finances to benefit me. Instead of looking for more money and finding more part time jobs this book teaches you how to utilize the money you have.

    These have helped a lot with the stress of money but I am definitely going to try your ATM method. Re-train my brain. 🙂

  109. You are my hero Marie!!

    I read and watch almost every single video and message you post. And I feel that I am the one that gets the most out of it….! No fair to you is it? lol

    Anyways, I am an actor following your path to success! I don’t have much money now but will enjoy it soon……..not because I am an actor, simply because I am dedicated and humble enough to enjoy the little money I have. (-:

    Thank you!


  110. Anne

    You are SUCH a darlin’, Marie. My favorite was the ATM, and am now adopting that automatic transformative mantra, “There’s always more where that came from.” Love Kiva too. This vid was right up there with your Manifesting one with Gabby. Thank you.

    Hey, I wonder if people here have run across Charles Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics, about *together* changing our thinking about money. If nothing else, check out the beautiful 12 min. video interview w/ him at the top of this page: – would love to hear people’s thoughts/reax. xo

  111. These are really good, I like the ATM one, on top of that one even saying “thank you” as you pay for something… it switches the entire dynamic from resentment of having to pay (bills, gas, whatever) to appreciation for not only the service you’re getting, but that you can afford to pay for it to begin with!

    It’s these little shifts every day, month by month, that eventually retrains your mind into having a more empowering belief system around money and abundance.

    My view on money is this: Money is just gratitude in tangible form.

    • Awesome Drew.

    • Wow, thanks Drew, I love it! I always say “I love money and money loves me”, but I think “Thank You” is even better…! So simple, yet so powerful!

  112. Tracy

    Thanks for this, Marie. You are fabulous. My housemate walked into the kitchen while this was on and I introduced you to her as my “business guru”! I didn’t even know I had a business guru (I barely have an online presence, but do have a business!) but I get so much out of what you do, especially within the context of an ever-changing digital marketplace, that I am realizing that you are truly my go-to expert. So thank you – you are my favourite (yes, I am Canadian – hence the “ou” in favourite) combination of whip-smartwackygrounded too. Big love.

    • ha ha — I appreciate that 🙂 whipsmartwackygrounded.

  113. We’re in serious money worry, as many are, but it’s SO true that money can’t buy happiness…only gratitude can. The less we have, the more we try to give—of ourselves, our time and service—there is always someone else who is having a harder time of it. We feel richer in spirit which is really far more valuable than money. thanks for the post.

  114. Philip

    Love Marie TV!
    This episode reminded me of the money book that changed my life called ‘Financial Peace’ by Dave Ramsey. He has 7 baby steps to get out of debt and build wealth. The details for how to implement each step are in the book and on his site.
    They are as follows…
    1. Start an emergency fund of $1,000
    2. Pay off all debt (excluding your house) using the debt snowball.
    3. Save 3-6 months of living expenses for emergencies.
    4. Invest 15% of your income into retirement.
    5. College funding for children (if this applies to you)
    6. Pay off the home early.
    7. Build wealth and give.

  115. As a Financial Healer and soon to be radio show host, this is something I help people with everyday. I find it interesting to see how others approach the subject, and I’m a big fan of your work. 🙂

    I think your suggestions are all good ones, Marie, but they are not for everyone.They are part of the solution, but not the whole story. The reason?

    Many people have deep programming and unconscious beliefs from previous lives and childhood that require energetic healing to enable them to reach their financial goals. I’m speaking about business goals, goals for a certain amount of money in the bank, a dream house, big changes in life.

    When I heal a client through their Akashic Records we heal the Soul level wounds that enable people to really make the BIG changes they want in life. This work is my life purpose so I’m passionate about educating people about the facts around creating big change in life and what it takes for many people.

    Blessings to all,
    MJ 🙂

    • Hey MJ! I agree with you 100%. Advice — no matter who it’s coming from — is very, very rarely for everyone. Especially on such a vast and complex topic like money, it’s impossible to cover every possible angle/solution — especially in a short video.

      In a similar vein, I’ve seen many people transform their lives (financially, physically, etc.) without utilizing the methods you’re suggesting.

      There are many, many paths to success — which is what makes the world so incredibly rich and exciting! xox

  116. Eugenie

    Some of these tips are great, but having a bit of the “scarcity mentality” can be a good thing, as it allows us to save more money; whether for the “fun fund,” emergency fund or college fund! The fastest and easiest way to save is by living below one’s means, which many folks find challenging.

    I’d also recommend being very careful with “There is always more where this came from.” If you get too carried away with this mantra and start maxing out your credit cards, it’s gonna be difficult to save!

    • Hey Eugenie! Not sure if it’s a scarcity mentality vs. a strategic and smart one. I agree w/you 100% on living below one’s means.

  117. “There’s more where that came from.”

    I heard that and it sounded ridiculous. so stupid. I imagined myself saying it and meaning it and I almost felt a panic attack starting. What a great wake up call. I’ve been feeling scared and scarce-centric and didn’t even know how much!

    I realize with some self-reflection that I have decided to feel a way that is NOT at all helpful. Thank you very very much.
    rock on

  118. The one I will use right away is the ATM. I need to see things flowing more. I have been in some scarcity lately as I have been slow with my business, and it is sometimes hard to get my mind focused in another place.

  119. Loved the video. I have always found that giving when you are feeling a little pinched financially is wondrous. It makes me feel more in control in a good way. I loved the ” there’s always more” thought process too

  120. Thanks Marie! I absolutely love the the mantra. It totally resonated. Going to start today! Blessings and love xo

  121. Elle

    Loved this video! My “mantra” is similar to yours, and that is “I can always make more money”. My hubby and I are self employed so the money we make or don’t make depends on us.
    One question though, for the friends or family that are in that scarcity mentality and are always “broke” when do you stop “sharing the wealth”? Is there a possibility of getting taken advantage of?

    • Def. trust your own instincts on that Elle — it’s a very personal choice. If you haven’t checked out Warren Buffet’s philosophy on giving money to family, you should.

  122. Sara

    In the spirit of #GivingTuesday and the holidays in general, I think we can all start on our money-mindset journey with Tip #6. Who will you be giving to today? 🙂

  123. elinor

    I was put off by the well-intentioned but unappealing lectures of my family around money and used to live paycheck by paycheck, not ever wanting to look at it.
    At some stage, I started suffering from chronic anxiety. It took me a while to figure out what the anxiety was related to… I started tracking my expenses, plan for the future, read about investing, meet with the specialists, uncover old patterns and beliefs and of course appreciating all that i have very often.
    The results? I feel safe, in control, taken care of, always having enough, responsible, and extremely proud of myself! And also, good financial news and little miracles have been coming my way since I have done my work.
    I love it now!

  124. For me, appreciating the things that I already have.

  125. My favorite was the candlelight dinner at home. You are a classy lady Marie! I love the idea of the “lux”being in you and what you do not out there somewhere.

  126. I love the ATM idea. Your mantra is fantastic, and I am going to start using it today! Also, I always wanted to donate a portion of the income I receive from my life coaching business to It was always about the future, when I hit this goal, or after I paid for this business expense. But watching your video today made me realize that this has ALWAYS been a big issue for me and I need to take action and not just project it into some imaginary time into the future. As of today, I am donating a percentage of my income to this organization and automating it. This feels so wonderful to me and has long been my heart’s desire. THANK YOU for the wake up call and the nudge.

    • Huge congrats Danette — what an incredible step. From personal experience I’ll tell you I made the leap to give before I felt “ready” to — it’s made all the difference in the world. With all my love xxo

  127. Hi – Really liked this video, as it is so well timed with the onslaught of the holidays, when we are bombarded with things we should want/should buy/should give. I definitely suffer from a scarcity mentality based on my childhood, and I am desperate to get out of it. It’s a constant hurt, and it doesn’t do me ANY GOOD. My two favorite tips are: “There’s always more where that comes from.” And GIVE SOME AWAY! That’s brilliant, as even $2 can positively affect someone else’s life, and fill my heart with the good stuff, rather than the scarcity hurt. Well done!

  128. After learning about the JARS system from T Harv Eker, I started putting a few cents into an FFA jar every day. After awhile, I realized that I was unhappy that my FFA jar was growing, but my play jar wasn’t. So I started putting the same aside in both jars. But that still wasn’t good enough. So now I put the same amount of money EVERY DAY in three jars: Financial Freedom, Tithe and Play. Now I feel balanced … and that my priorities are balanced, as well.

    Great video. I’m totally sharing it with my peeps. 🙂

  129. Loved this Marie! I’m always learning something new from you 🙂 Thank you! you inspire me! <3

  130. This one was a huge eye-opener for me, Marie!! Thank you for the wake up call I think I needed to hear all 6 of those lol, not just one or two! I’m definitely guilt of living with a scarcity mentality lately. It’s so difficult to snap out of it, but your tips are really going to help. I think the biggest one for me is gratitude. It is so easy to get caught up in all the things that you don’t have and that you want (as a new home owner, there’s always SOMETHING that the house could use). I’ve got to work on it & I love the Oprah quote you used. I’m going to write it down in my planner so I see it every day 🙂

  131. Thanks Marie for this great reminder and inspiration to live abundantly in all areas of our lives. Also love Tuesdays with you!

  132. Marie – thank you so much for this video. Talk about perfect timing! I just finished looking at my checking account and feeling frustrated. This video reminded me to squash those scarcity thoughts and instead focus on what I have.

    I also love the idea that when you feel that scarcity to immediately give some away. Going to do that right now.

    One of my favorite books is called The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist. The way she describes how each dollar we spend has the power to multiply and make a difference has helped me to see that when I spend money with intention that I have the ability to change the world for the better.

    • Awesome Lisa…I love The Soul Of Money too! xo

  133. My husband and I have been together 15 years and we have always affirmed “money comes to us easily.”
    We have had one moment of “oh crap” when we had little left in our account & rent due but we still said, “it’ll be cool because what? Money comes to us easily.” Then hubby got a contract & I got a new client and we were all sorted.
    I do many of the things you suggest in this video but not the “there’s plenty more where that came from.” I’ll start doing that today!!!

  134. Terrific tips, Marie! Thank you!

  135. Pen

    Thank you Marie for another great video! Can I be you when I grow up? 🙂
    Money mindset and issues really resound with me as I recently started working full time again and it is wonderful to be able to make my monthly bills and have some left over afterwards. Someone asked me how I made it through this and other periods of unemployment and I told them that I knew that something would come up and it usually does – you gotta hang in there.(Ive been there more times than I care to admit…downsizing, 9/11, company closing, etc.) Try not to think about what you DONT have but what you do. (Like you mentioned above)Shortly after having this conversation, after months of working part time and getting ZERO interest from other employers, an employer saw my resume in their system, liked my work experience and hired me full time through a temp agency to be hired permanently in the near future.
    Now I am thinking of going back to school for a degree and trying to narrow down what I can do with my life. (dont give me too many options – it will take forever! lol) Whoever said that money cant buy happiness may be wrong – it can but only if your mindset is focused on making that money work for you and bettering your life.
    Thanks again – I like to think of you as a role model and I recommend/share your videos and info alot – they are a treat for me while drinking my coffee(s) and have helped me through good times and bad. 🙂

    • Awesome Pen — thank you so much for sharing your story, and our videos. Honored to be of service oxx

  136. This video came out at the perfect time. I have been sucked in to lack mentality that last few months and I am struggling to get out of it.

    I liked tip 1 & 2 focusing on what I have and transformative mantra. I love these concepts and I am committing to infusing them in to my life more fully from this day forward. Thanks Marie!

  137. michelle

    Marie, always love your creative answers, and Marie TV. Just one thing, please pronounce your t’s in the middle, cer-inly and impor-int downgrade your image. You taught us that the details count! I am abundant-ly thankful for your presence, and B-school! Thanks!

    • Hey Michelle! Thanks for your note. I’ll certainly do my best to remember 😉

  138. Fay

    I love the money mantra idea. Gonna start using that TODAY – there’s always more where that came from! This is great and expands on something I’ve been working on for awhile — focusing on the power of words. I have switched from, “I can’t afford that” to “I’m choosing to spend my money on ______ right now.” I’ve also banned the words can’t and need. It’s really simple, but feels so much more powerful, proactive and abundant to say “We’re out of eggs, let’s make sure we pick some up while we’re out” vs. “we need eggs.”

  139. Teresa

    OMG that is an awesome dress!

    Love what you said about being grateful for what you have, getting some perspective, and re-framing how you view what you have!

  140. Melinda

    My attitude toward money:

    * Money is a tool nothing more, nothing less.
    * Paying tax is good. It provides society with services and infrastructure.
    * I’m fortunate because I already have every thing I NEED to stay alive. All the other stuff I desire are WANTS and just frosting on my already fabulous cake.

  141. Marie,

    I feel the topic on this video is one of the most important. You can’t move forward if you are stuck in survival or scarcity mode. Two years ago I went through a loss it put me in a very stressful financial position. Instead of allowing myself to go down the path of depression or scarcity I said daily affirmations of being thankful for what I have and for what I am about to have, I have enough right now and more is on it’s way. I also took massive action and today I am healthy in all aspects.

    Thank you for all that you do.


  142. Frantzie


    This is so on point. #1 is so REAL. My clothes are indeed cute. I stay fly. And, my hair always done. #2 I have to get better at saying and believing There’s more where that came from. BUT, my favorite was #4. Start a fun fund. Well, of course, duh. I suffer from I want it and I want it now syndrome.

    And, I always dig your tomfoolery at the end. You can sang. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  143. C.ash R.ules E.verything A.round M.e CREAM get the money dollar dollar bill yo! (I thought you might like the throwback reference Marie)

    So another good one this week. I’m all about the money for the freedom, fun and flexibility it allows. That said in North America where people just recently gave up Thanksgiving to stand in line for stuff and fought for TV’s on Black Friday it’s easy to see how we get stuck on the idea that enough is never enough.

    My take away, the Oprah quote and my new manta…”there’s more where that came from!”

    Smooches, to you Marie and all your beautiful followers!

    • Thank you Celine — you know I love the throwbacks 🙂 oxo

  144. Stephanie

    Loved it Marie! This hit really close to home for me. I am constantly in conversations with the girls at work about money– specifically, student loans, other debt, and “how do people do it?” conversations. Everyone has different needs, goals, and lifestyles. I say, budget and stick to it, but LIVE, too! I love your advice to create your own luxury. My food is always better. Birthday dinners are now at home and consist of fillet and crab cakes and other heaven for a fraction of the cost. Yum.

    • I love that you talk money with ladies at work Stephanie. You guys can share/trade books, best practices, etc.

  145. Roshini

    OMG Marie! Thank you SO much for this, so timely! I;ve been working on my money mentality for months now- it was abysmal to start with, due to scarcity programming in childhood- but, slowly but surely, I finally started turning this ship around! And now I feel so much more love toward money, as opposed to the abject terror, oblivion and resentment that I used to experience before.

    Here’s what helped me with my money relationship the most:

    1) Doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or ‘Tapping’

    2) Writing out a list of ’10 Things I love about my life right now’ every single day (this helps with gratitude- the number one thing you can do to improve your life right NOW!)

    3) Writing out a list entitled ‘Thank you Universe, for..’ and then listing 10 things that I really want to happen, as if they’ve already happened! Ofcourse you’ve gotta take action too, but writing it out like it’s already happened helps prime you to receive that thing you really want.

    4) Reading ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch’ and ‘Money: A Love Story’

    5) Tracking my incoming monies every single day and giving thanks!

    I have plenty more left to achieve in terms of a supremely healthy relationship with money, but using the above methods, I went from having none to finally getting a secure income. Thank you Universe!

    P.S. I LOVE your mantra: ‘There’s always more where that came from’. I shall be using that from now on 🙂

  146. Girl! Such a good episode and great litmus test for how far I’ve come 🙂

    I grew up on welfare. 4 kids. Not enough food in the fridge at the end of the month. First kid to go to college. Worked my ass off all the way through. I have every excuse to be scared…BUT –

    When I see myself falling into fearful thought patterns from the past, I immediately go to gratitude. In fact, recently this happened and before going down the shitty rabbit hole, I literally cleared off a bunch of clutter from a shelf and set up an altar. On this altar I placed handwritten notes from fans, love letters, even apology letters, so that I could meditate on the abundance that is ALWAYS around me.

    Then, I called my teammate who is slowly helping me delegate tasks. She gave me a big smack down on how I hadn’t been reverse engineering my sales goals.

    So, I poured myself a nice glass of wine while my kitties and boyfriend hung out in my studio, and got to work. Cranked out some numbers, visualized a desired outcome, and then made a plan to implement specific marketing strategies that lined up with how much product I desired to sell to meet these goals.

    Not only did I hit my sales goals, I freaking knocked it out of the ballpark! Some days I made three times my goal, others ten. And somedays I hit it right on the head.

    On the days sales slow down, it doesn’t freak me out as much. I know that with a little tweaking, number crunching, WORK, leveraging, GIVING VALUE, and jab jab jab right hooking…it will happen.

    Most importantly, my heart is in the right place. Even if I don’t make a goal or come up short after a product launch, it doesn’t mean I’m a total failure. It’s part of the entrepreneurial path! Buddha Doodles as a business is very new, so uh hem…gotta get a little scratched up to know how to play the game even better next time 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to share Marie, I’ve been working my little tush off since B-School {just released the new Gratitude Journal + started teaching online art trainings – “Doodle School”} so I haven’t been chiming in as much, but I do watch every episode and I’m so excited about the launch this spring!

    Love and Doodles

    • Awesome share Molly. So so so happy for you! oxo

  147. I think being grateful for what you already have is numero uno. And don’t voice lack of money. I always make a conscious effort to not complain about bills. Thanks Marie!

  148. Marie,

    Fabulous episode (and what a cute dress)! I agree with you 100%. Even though I started my business late last year and haven’t seen a single paying client yet, there is one thing I won’t cut back on and that is giving.
    In fact if there is one thing I regret about quitting my corporate job is that I haven’t been able to give back as much this year. I have given time, but would love to give more money.
    I know there are many entrepreneurs who are struggling to pay their bills. I am fortunate in that I have a supportive husband and years of hard work that allow me to see the big picture. Scarcity is a limiting mindset, we can only lead others by defeating that mindset ourselves first.
    I just joined your Kiva team. As I continue to work towards my dreams, my humble hope is to help others achieve theirs through organizations like Kiva.
    Many blessings! Happy #GivingTuesday!

    • Kay — thank you so much for your share and for joining our Kiva team. Means the world xxo

  149. Brian

    Great advice Marie!

    Usually when I want to move to Greenland, it’s because I’m projecting my own scarcity mindset on others.

    I don’t encourage condoning scarcity, but usually the scarcity mindset of others is as a result of their lack of desire to be abundant (really), or lack of knowledge about another way.

    The best thing you can do is be an example for them, and get them to ask you what you are doing (if they please).

    P.S Reading is a must! 🙂

  150. Hilda

    This video is exactly what I needed today!!! My sister is always “borrowing” money. I have had some bad feelings whiling giving it to her, now I know I was only attracting it to my self. My new ATM, “there’s plenty more where that came from”. Going to make a fancy dinner at home tonight, and treat my friends to lunch tomorrow.
    It’s like a light was shinned on me today! I have heard this things in the past, but I never knew how to apply them. You have made it so simple Marie! A thousand thank yous and blessings!

  151. Awesome life lessons = love it!

    Would you suggest tracking money??? And if so how?

    I’ve been working on my mindset and constantly reading books the one thing I’m hung up on is tracking it, I just can’t seem to bring myself to keep an eye on my finances… I’m stuck there right now.

    My own ATM = “money FLOWS love FLOWS energy FLOWS!”

    Off to donate to the fund, I’ve always felt giving gets me out of scarcity 🙂
    Jana xx

  152. Lucille Rogers

    Check out Kate Northrup’s book Money – A Love Story for more juicy goodness on our relationship with money. She also runs an online program that gets you digging in very deep about your patterns, why you’re at where you’re at, putting on your big girl panties about your money, falling in love with your money and a whole heap more….incredibly shifting & again it all starts with gratitude! Kate gently and graciously holds your hand and helps you move through and let go of old junk (both in your head and heart) and begin a beautiful new relationship with your money….highly recommend both the oak and the program!! X

  153. Love the idea of an ATM and also the gratitude part. Too often I focus on what I want rather than what I need – totally going to try and reframe that.

  154. Great timing on this video. yes, overcoming this scarcity mentality is something I’ve been working on for a couple of years now. I see progress come in fits and starts, but I know that it is me who slips back down that well-worn track of scarcity and fearful thinking. Still working on creating new habits that will last and benefit me for many years in the future.
    I will be replaying this video many times and sharing with friends, but the take-away that resonated the most with me today, is the “blessing” of the money that goes out and saying “there’s more where that came from”. Love this!
    I know my own personal breakthrough is just up ahead. Having this wonderful video show up today is one more indicator that yes, this WILL happen.
    Thanks so much for your wisdom.
    Karen W.

    • Thank you for watching and sharing, Karen xox

  155. Isabelle

    I also recommend Morgana Rae’s approach to money. The idea : get rid of your “money monster” and create a loving relationship with your “money honey”. It’s not only about loving your money, but to make sure your money love you! So that it doesn’t want to run away from you… Asking your money things like “what can I do to make you happy today”. Mind-opening answers, sometimes very surprising or even weird will come to you. But it’s a brilliant way to engage in a dialogue with our higher self (intuition if you like) all the while bypassing our negative subconscious beliefs, in no time. Thank you Lucille for the link about Kate Northrup, didn’t know about her. 😉

  156. Joy Roxborough

    Being thankful for what i already have resonated most because I have much more than one dollar per day!!

  157. LOVE this video Marie! The thing which struck me the most was the ATM concept. Having grown up without much money I’ve often held onto every penny because of the fear of not having anything. The idea of ATM totally shifted my line of thinking and now I keep repeating the mantra that there’s lots more money where it came from. Money flows and even if you have to spend a little, it’ll come back to you in the end.

    And once again your hair looks fab! 🙂

    • Awesome Vicky — so glad you enjoyed it. And thank u on the hair!

  158. This vid is great timing for me! I’m working through a lot of money mindset stuff right now as well. I’ve been reading a lot (and doing the exercises in the books – can’t skip those!) and I agree with your point here, Marie!

    Something one of the books suggested is having a nice ritual around bill paying and budgeting – light a candle, have a nice cup of tea, maybe play some music and get the good vibes going. Reframe something that may have previously made you feel resentful, into something enjoyable.

  159. I used all 6 tips you mentioned to help get myself on track. It also helped to shift from an attitude that the universe was against me to an attitude that the universe was on my side. I started seeing more opportunities to improve my financial situation and less problems (like unexpected car repairs) that made my situation worse. A true and lasting feeling of abundance came from paying off debt and building savings. This was so much better than the temporary feeling of abundance that came from spending more than I was earning.

  160. I love all of these strategies, for me appreciating what I already had at every level changed my whole life in ways I’d never imagined!

    Now I do have to set up that fun fund, right now, even if I just a add a few dollars per day. Sometimes we waste money on silly things that do not add real value to our lives, the expensive daily latte, the can of soda, the fries or chips, etc. these are things that are not the best to our health or pockets if we save the money we spend on those in the fun fund we can have enough money for vacations after a year 😉 $10 per day adds up to $3,650 after 1 year.

  161. Great advice on how to use gratitude to refresh a scarcity mindset and tap back into abundance. Thanks Marie

  162. Hi Marie
    Thank you so much for this video. Money and my issues around abundance are things that I am working on a lot right now. Thank you for the tips about gratitude and giving.
    Annabelle xx

  163. I live these mentalities every day and it works. Most important tip is the number 1 tip, being thankful for what we have as we are truly blessed if we are fortunate enough to listen to Marie, we are already wealthy.

  164. Amy

    Excellent Marie! I feel like I can never do enough of this work. Finding the balance between gratitude for where I am now and everything I do have and knowing I deserve more.

    It has been a lot of work. I think it is important for anyone going through this to know that it takes a while. It isn’t one mantra or a month of meditation. It is really changing yourself day in and day out.


  165. Wow Marie! That was a great video. Just over the weekend I was thinking about how to save money, keep track of it….and…boom! Your video appears! Thank you! I love all the comments below as well. I’m going to check Mint out right now. Love Q&A Tuesday!

  166. Steve Szubert

    Yay to KIVA … you soon build up a global investment portfolio that makes a real difference in the world, which makes you feel truly rich. And it doesn’t actually cost a penny, because every investment gets repaid.

    Marie … one day, that iPad is going to slide right off your lap. Please put it down on a table or something. Or maybe just smash it down on the floor and say, “There’s more where that came from!” 🙂

  167. This was timely. As a small biz owner, December means reflecting on my income over the past year. I reached my financial goals, but am still working on my abundance mentality—both in terms of money and clients. I find myself thinking, “What if I don’t do as well in 2014? What if my success in 2013 was a fluke?” One of the best things I’ve found is to invest in service providers that enhance my personal and business life—my life coach, massage therapist, accountant, etc. By deciding they’re worth it, I’m sending a message into the universe that my services are worth it too.

  168. love this – “be a living demonstration of a more abundant reality.” oooh that was so good Marie!

  169. Vivian

    I LOVE this! I am working on this, and I’ve come a long way since jumping the gravy train to be my own boss and act and interpret/translate. The two tips I have been implementing/will implement immediately are the replenishing mantra and giving away.
    So, I was just thinking about my scarcity mindset today (I know, the synchronicity!)- and -before seeing this video, I came across a little technique which is supposed to do wonders for any affirmation (especially money-related ones). It’s called the “temporal tap”, and it basically consists in tapping around your ear (on your head), while you repeat your affirmation… If you’re familiar with EFT or other energy medicine/psychology techniques this is a close (and simpler) relative, used by Donna Eden. ‘Nuff said. Here’s the link . Also, I’m a big believer in giving away. I often leave one dollar bills (in my building’s elevator, on the street, etc.) with a post-it reading: “May you be happy and wealthy” or something to that effect. I haven’t done that in a while. So I will! Did I mention I love the show? Cause I do. LOVE Marie Forleo and the fun, insightful emails/videos I receive (thanks!), with which I feel so in sync. So there. Onward and upward! All the best!

  170. Thanks Marie! I LOVED this episode!! I’m actually working on this. I just attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar by Harv T Eker. It was really good! And the energy beautiful!! 🙂 I’m just having some trouble coordinating with my husband about how to pay off our debts and save. I believe we should still save some $$ and have some fun fund while paying off the credit cards, but he doesn’t feel it’s moment to save if we have debts. Instead, put all the effort on the debts first :/

    Any idea/suggestion/advise from anyone??

    I’d appreciate!!! 🙂

    By the way, also I’d like some objective opinions about my new blog!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    • Maria,
      Congrats on approaching your money issues head-on with your husband. That’s a huge challenge for many couples and you’re already ahead!

      I’ve worked with many individuals on this issue, and most money experts would agree that while it depends on how much debt you have, if you’re paying high interest rates on credit card debt, you’re usually losing way more than you could be making on savings or investments every month, so paying off cc debt should be a priority.

      Once you get a handle on that, start building that cushion of 3-6 months coverage of your basic expenses. While doing this, I would be putting a small percentage aside in the fun jar to splurge with on occasion.

      Happy holidays!

      • Huge thanks on your reply!! I found it very useful and straight to the point of what I needed to ‘hear’

        Blessings and Happy Holidays! 🙂

      • Holly,

        Huge thanks on your reply!! I found it very useful and straight to the point of what I needed to ‘hear’

        Blessings ! 🙂

        • You’re so welcome!
          (I’m a big fan of “straight to the point” myself, and for my clients! 🙂 )

          • Yes! Most of the time is the best approach!


  171. I will be starting that money mantra right away. When writing bill checks, I will occasionally say a prayer of gratitude that I have the resources to pay this bill and decrease my debt. I’ll make this a every time thing.

  172. I really needed some uplifting spiritual nudge and comfort today. this video was a celestial srendipity. Thank you so much Marie for addressing this issue. Being grateful for even the tiniest propserity or abundance makes the universe shine even brighter. I just looked online at my bank acount today and found out I received my first ever royalty money on Nov. 29th on my book Celestial Serendipity. I became elated. I felt so blessed. I know now that next year more and higher royalities will come to me because of my belief in being grateful for everything. I will forever remember Oprah’s quote. Mint is a good money tracker. I highly recommend it.

  173. I was just working with a client on this issue this afternoon. It’s certainly up these days!

    There are some fabulous tips in this video…..thanks Marie!

    Over the years in working with successful entrepreneurs, I’ve seen that our views about money, and abundance in general, invariably reflect our deepest held beliefs about ourselves. Whether we deserve it or not, whether we are “enough” just as we are, plus all the family conditioning we absorbed around money.

    Whatever limiting beliefs are operating at that unconscious level, the good news is that they’re all “figureoutable” and can be shifted quickly and permanently so we can let in that natural flow of abundance that’s always there for us!

    Happy holidays to all!

  174. Thanks Marie!

    It’s like you are READING MY MIND!

    I was having this discussion with several other entrepreneurs the other day and this has been my most difficult adjustments — getting comfortable with uncertainty around money. That feeling, like “When is that next sale going to come?”, “Is it ever going to happen?”, creeps up like wildfire, even a year into my business.

    As I have a clothing business, an immense amount of capital is often tied up in inventory, which leaves me feeling a literal lack of fundage. Every sale, feel s like I’m pulling up out of a financial hole.

    I love the strategy of saying “There’s more of that where that came from” every time you pay a bill. A little money mantra would definitely help ease the anxiety I feel over investing in inventory and paying off those big bills


  175. Brilliant! As if right now I’m going to start using the mantra ‘there’s more where that came from’ as I pay for things…it will change my mindset and I think also that those who hear me say it will wonder why and might even ask. There’s nothing better than finding a new tool and using it in a way that will help others too. Thanks Marie

  176. This was exactly what was on my mind this morning. We’ve been spending tons of money right now on things (as I’m sure many others have during the holidays). And I am aware of my “scarcity mindset”. I woke up today deliberately looking for a way out of this when I saw your email.

    Although I’m aware of the practice of blessing my money as I spend it. I still emotionally recoil. I still believe in my heart that giving money means “less” for me. However, I want to be more generous. I love being the person that says “my treat”. And I want to be able to do this more.

    “There is always more where that came from”.

    Thanks Marie.

  177. Tahlia

    Number 2 – Money Mantra – creating subtle shifts in an instant was one i resonated with. Number 6 too – giving some money away when you may slip into a scarcity mentality (temporarily) is a great reminder of the abundance that you are part of, and reminds us to be grateful of what we already have.

    Keeping a gratitude journal helps too. Being grateful for what you already have also creates subtle shifts, and detracts you from a scarcity mentality.

    Thank you Marie x x x

  178. Hi Marie,

    Fantastic tips as always! And so timely. I’ve been thinking about investing in mutual funds and thought to myself, what for? And “starting a fun fund” was the answer. Thanks!

  179. Susan

    Marie!! Girls! Help! If any of you had implemented the fun fund Please let me know! I need this so much in my relationship. We are both immigrants from different countries living in Canada with a small child. Thinking about going out is always charge 5-7 bucks an hour for a babysitter and this fact always makes us procrastinate our date to the future (3 years and no movie/ dinner at all) I have realized about this fact lately because I keep myself busy but since then I started feel it and need I have to do something about it

  180. I love this video!! It’s so relevant right now.

    I’ve been dealing with this since I’ve been home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Holiday spending, having family and friends comment on my chosen line of work, seeing their financial need, and dealing with my own feelings of lack all led me to get my thoughts and feelings about money straight.

    Earlier this month, I chose to combat feelings of scarcity by deeming the month of November as a month of “OVERFLOW.” So whenever I became concerned about anything dealing with finances, I reminded myself that November is a month of overflow, a month of more than enough. This allowed me to make decisions based on the knowledge that I will have more money coming even if I didn’t see it in my hands at the moment.

    Marie is right. What you tell yourself really makes a difference. I already practice a few of the strategies she mentioned, and my favorite is to Give Some Away (I’ll admit, sometimes in excess). But I find that it feels better to give than to receive. And I do this in lots of areas. If I want love, I show others love. If I want opportunities to come to me, I share opportunities with others. You can attract what you want by putting it out there!

    Anyways, check out my blog for more,

  181. Kellie

    I was stuck in a major lack mentality after a divorce and bankruptcy. I didn’t allow myself to shop ever and stopped getting small luxuries like manicures, hair cuts, and coffee. I felt poorer than ever and my self esteem suffered. I finally made the shift when I started thinking about raising my income instead of just pinching pennies. I visualized a higher income and abundance, practiced gratitude and adopted the mantra “money comes easily and frequently”. Next thing I knew, I was browsing Craigslist for fun odd jobs like babysitting and hosting a party for a neighbor on the weekend (which turned into a well paying and fun recurring gig!). Soon my name got out and I started getting requests to give training in my field, a great new job fell into my lap, and in my spare time I got certified as a health and wellness coach, and I’m now building that business. Slowly, I got out of the debt trap and now I’m starting to build back those luxuries like budgeting for a monthly shopping trip and manicure and finding that I really can afford it. This video makes me realize that I have fallen into scarcity mode again because now I’m focused on saving for a home. Thanks for the reminders!

  182. Great video, Marie! Always enjoying your stuff.

  183. Sarah

    This is a great video! I feel especially triggered around a certain family member during the holidays. I find it hard to listen to strong negative beliefs and feel the tightness/scarcity this person has around money. I want to help her, but I see how heavily conditioned she is.

    Changing our money mindset is essential to bringing more abundance into our lives. I’ve been doing a lot of work over the past year. The most helpful strategies for me came from “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker. His Millionaire Mind Intensive completely changed my life!

    It’s up to us to do the inner work necessary and I know of NO better trainer than the team at Peak Potentials. Find out how to change your money blueprint here:

    Love and light,


  184. I highly recommend fellow B-Schooler Denise Duffield-Thomas.

    Her website is and she’s all about making and manifesting money. Sign up to her newsletter, read her books and when you’re ready for a massive shift, do her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.


  185. I’ve done a huge amount of personal development work over the years but the one thing I resisted was doing anything about my money mindset. When my financial situation got to the stage where I couldn’t ignore it anymore I read anything and everything and had to start tracking every penny.

    The main things that have been useful for me are:
    1 | The power of gratitude
    2 | As mentioned by lots of others tracking my money has been invaluable
    3 | Another big one for me is awareness and realising where my beliefs about money come from. A family member would insist on asking me how much a pair of shoes or a new bag cost and despite them not being expensive they would tell me it was obscene to spend that much on shoes or that I had enough shoes. It all fed into beliefs that I was “bad with money” and that “good people didn’t have money” which led to shame and guilt and it was a self fulfilling prophecy, I was bad with money because I didn’t think I could mange money well so didn’t even try. Oh yes, and I’m an emotional spender so the shame and guilt led to me spending more so it was a downward spiral

    So to sum up, for me awareness was key followed by daily tracking and gratitude to stop me falling off the money mindset bandwagon, plus forgiving myself if (when) I have a little wobble!!

  186. Mel

    Thanks Marie, for a great video as always! I especially like your point about giving a bit of $ away whenever you are in “scarcity mode”. In fact, just a few hours ago, I woke up feeling really frustrated and I decided to make today a “giving day”. I decided I would tip everyone I could – cab drivers, waiters, etc even if they weren’t nice (have had a few bad experiences here on my travels). And … I ended up having the best day ever where I got way more than I gave, not monetarily, but in other ways $ can’t buy. 🙂

    What I personally found helpful were to:
    – always keep my credit card at zero, paying it back right away whenever I use it
    – track all my expenses in detail for a year with dates, items purchased, etc. Then I thought about why I bought what I did … and wrote down the main motivators behind spending (stress, health, learning, etc). So now I have a better idea of what I’m actually looking for, and am better placed to say ‘no’ to some purchases I might have otherwise said ‘yes’ to. It also helped me to see how much I spend per day / week / year / etc.
    – bring less cash out with me when I go out
    – stop worrying – probably the #1 thing to do, which I try to do as much as I can.

    Look forward to your next video.

  187. Thank you Marie for making this episode today!! Its very timely for me specifically. But I can imagine everyone also since it is the holidays and it would seem a lot of money is going out instead of coming in. I find it difficult to break free of these thoughts when it seems that my partner is always worried about every little cent coming and going. I am going to teach him this blessing “there’s always more where that came from!” to help relieve the tension. 🙂 Thank you again.

  188. A friend once told me that he “lives his life as if he was rich” something that I have never forgotten. Being rich isn’t about having money it’s about believing you are blessed.

  189. Love the ATM! Automatic Transformative Mantra! Totally adopting that TODAY!

  190. Emma

    Thanks for the awesome tips Marie! I have been using an ATM for a little while now, whenever I feel myself in scarcity mode I just say to myself ‘money flows easily to me’ until I feel better. It’s been really helping! I like the idea of a fun fund, I think I might start one… 🙂

  191. You freakin rock Marie!!

  192. Nathalie K

    Fantastic Q&A Marie! And exactly what I was
    looking for.

    The strategy which caught my attention
    was the A.T.M one which is awesome. Mantras and rituals
    are such powerful tools and can really help to change your
    perspective and behaviour.

    Thank YOU fabby lady!!

  193. Thank You so much for the reminder to break out of this mindset. I have let my guard down so to speak, and my broke ass thinking has taken hold once again. Dang it, the thoughts of lack are so ingrained that I didn’t even notice I had let them come back in. Just yesterday I had taken my daughter out to lunch for her birthday and I only ordered a small salad, not because it was healthier, but because I did not think I could spend $3 more on an actual meal, so that everyone else could have what they wanted. I have done two things with that one, allowed scarcity to creep in and questioned my own worth, all in one simple lunch. Wow.
    I am absolutely going to adopt the ATM that Marie suggests in this video. Every time I crack open my wallet to pay for anything, I am going to bless it and believe that there is more where that came from! Thanks again for being so awesome.

  194. Carmel

    This is wonderful Marie. Thank you for the wisdom. What works for me is when I am feeling that scarcity around money, I focus out and donate , even if it is ten or twenty dollars. It as though I turn on the faucet flow of abundance and things get better all around after that!

  195. Thanks much for the reminders —

    Have added a bit to the mantra:

    “There’s so much more where this came from”……. It shifts the energy immediately and counters the “less than” tendencies.

  196. Just set an alarm on my phone to go off at 7:30am every weekday with my money “ATM.”

    Last month I used this strategy with the ATM “I have plenty of time to be in the flow” every weekday at11:30am as a reminder to get my nose off the grindstone at least once daily. I then “flowed” (no work) for 30 minutes daily until I arrived here – feeling like I always have more than enough time.

    Looking forward to applying this to money!

  197. As usual, this was a GREAT video with great advice. Funny how that ‘giving concept’ makes you feel more wealthy :o) I think we need to be reminded of that periodically when we’re feeling whiney. Okay…speaking for myself :o)

    Good stuff…thanks!!

    Happy Moose Garden Art

  198. Loved the video. Thank you! I’ve been on the path to financial healing and making progress! Today, #2 resonated with me. Get an ATM. I’ve been practicing the others, and this one I needed the reminder. Thank yoi!

  199. Thanks Marie!

    Gratitude has always been important for me, I love your mantra and I’m gonna start using that, uh huh! I always pick up change left on the street and say to myself “Thank you Universe for the abundance in my life!”

    I also donate monthly to a non-profit called the Samburu Youth Education Fund that helps kids in Kenya go to secondary school. I volunteer as a trip leader with a local University taking students over there each winter and have personally seen the difference this organization has made in the community. Hooray for education!

    Thanks for the Light and CoffeeEnergyBoost!


  200. Erika

    I’ve been struggling with this recently and knew there must be a way out. Having come from a third world country my scarcity mindset is very large.

    I think the mantra is the tip I will use most out of the tips given in your episode. Thank you for all that you do.


  201. Kathy CM

    Love the first rule of abundance mentality….appreciation. I find if I appreciate money or anything (smiles, my health and well being, my family and relationships, my possessions, career, etc.) then it appreciates and grows.
    Cool how the word “appreciate” applies to money when it gains value.
    Hmmm, love it!

  202. Great Video! Perfect timing for this I love #2 . 🙂

  203. This was great. I loved the ATM! The spoken word is powerful and speaking abundance and that “there’s always more” keeps me in the positive flow.

  204. Loved this!!
    Thank you!! Simple and true.
    I most love the mantra… “there’s ALWAYS more where that came from”!! Woo Hoo! I’ll be chanting that all the time now.
    in gratitude and towards your success,

  205. I absolutely agree with ‘giving it away’. I now take 10% of my earnings and give to those less fortunate through Project Understanding – a wonderful organization that helps homeless people become self sufficient, get jobs, get sober, etc. Ever since I started doing this, my business has grown and I no longer have a nervous feeling about how much money I have. I always seem to have enough. Opportunities are finding me. I am grateful!

  206. Sofiya

    It always comes back to thanking for what you have. I feel like people should put that in their schedule (appreciation time). Love this video, just like the rest.
    Thank you.

  207. Michaela

    ATM & being generous!! Thank you for putting this in my face, & helping me to see that there’s another way to be :). xox

  208. Loved this Marie! The tip that I will use immediately is your mantra. There’s plenty more where that came from!

  209. Jay

    The strategies that I love and implement in my life daily:

    I recently read Marianne Williamson’s Divine Law of Prosperity and it served to remind me of many important truths, that all relate back to being of service to the world. I find that has been my greatest secret, the more I give, the more I receive!
    I come from a very poor background (grew up in the slums of a south-american country) and it has taken me a long time (still in the process) to break out of a lack mentality. I moved out on my own when I was 14 and pregnant, and have never taken help from the government, I suffered many years, but now ten years later I’m finally on top of my $$ game. Thankful!!!

    One MAJOR TIP that has worked for me: I never say the words “I’m broke” Instead my ATM is “I’m Blessed” and almost every time I swipe my card I say a silent prayer of gratitude that I am able to buy groceries, pay bills etc… I immediately feel a sense of happiness, and I believe that is the main reason why I have been “taken care of”
    Thank you to whoever reads this lol, with so many comments it’s like KAPOW 20 min gone reading comments alone LOL 😀
    Ur amazing Marie, if perchance you read this! xx

  210. Lynne Twist talks about the “soul of money,” and how money is like water: if you horde it, it grows stagnant. If you share it, keep it running through you, it refreshes you and the world.

  211. I am currently working on my money mindset and love the mantra you offered. I am going to begin using it TODAY “There’s always more where that came from.” Brilliant!

    Thanks for all your wisdom. You rock Marie!

  212. SatyaPrem

    Great video! Still working on changing my mindset about prosperity. Fear and scarcity thoughts still come sometimes but less often. I believe it is an every day discipline to train the mind, because your heart already knows, that there is an infinite source for every and each of us. There is a great book I use every time I feel there is too much scarcity thinking in my mind: The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, highly recommended.

  213. I needed this Q&A! I have been stuck in the same mental attitude as Elise for quite some time. I am in my twenties and I recently got married. My husband is a super positive guy but I struggle to be. I truly believe there is nothing worse than being worried or stressed about money. But I also always find it amazing that whenever we need to pay bills we magically are able to make it happen. It’s like what Tony Robbins says “Life will pay the price you ask of it.” And when you ask life to just ‘pay bills’ that is what you get.

    I am going to implement these tips in my personal life starting with being more thankful for what I do have. There are so many people around the world that are struggling to live, and in comparison my life is easy. Thank you Marie for you amazing work and tips on how to avoid money scarcity! I love you!

    • That is so true Alanna, never heard that quote from Tony Robbins but I totally agree. Would love to know how you got on 🙂

  214. Jascollins

    I liked this; but the assumption that “breaking out” will solve everything is a bit misleading. Like other emotions (how serene am I today, how social do I feel today, how powerful do I feel today, etc), How rich I feel today bobs up and down like a cork on the sea. I have had days when I felt totally abundant, and they were followed by days when I felt totally lost.

    I feel a better way to to express that might be to say you get better at THE HABIT of viewing yourself as abundant. Though you might take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I am NOT that great at this. Still working…

  215. Thank you again for your wise advises!!, I wouldn’t have gone all the way throught my business and still keep on going wihout your incredible advices, tips and knowlege.

    Thanks Marie.

  216. Ana

    YES love this!

    I have a similar “ATM” I put it onmy vision board to, its:

    “There is PLENTY of LOVE and ABUNDANCE to support my journey”

    <3 it makes me feel like even if the cash isn't there there is always LOVE which is abundance so I am always full of abundance – and the cash always flows some way! 😀

    • Bridget

      Thanks, Ana!! I love that affirmation! 🙂

  217. This video was awesome! I was stuck in that mentality for a really long time, mostly because when I lived at home as a teenager, there were times when we were super broke (like had to go to a neighbors house for bread kinda broke). So I started working in my teens just to help make ends meet. Even when things got better, I could never fully enjoy it because I was so scared that I would go back to the dark times.

    It would take me meeting my husband, who fortunately never experienced what I have, to change my way of thinking. We actually have a fun fund that we contribute to once all the bills are paid and we put money away for savings.

    This was a great video (as always!)

  218. Dan

    Spread the wealth. Great tip for overcoming a scarcity mindset.

  219. Love the donating/giving back suggestion – I started this about a year ago through my local food bank and it’s been a giant leap that helps with my ‘abundance’ mindset.

  220. Great question and great answers. I’ve been working on money mentality issues for a while and luckily the improvement is steady if not always fast. I do think the hardest part is when the people around you are not on the same page. It has taken a couple of years for my family to not say things like, “why would you spend money on that?” when I go to money workshops or invest in coaching about money. Yet, I’ve tripled my income since I started studying this stuff. That allows me to be quite generous when I want to.

  221. Victoria

    Thank you for all the info you put out into the world. You are a lovely human being & absolutely beautiful. I enjoy your videos.

  222. I LOVE the tip about saying: “There’s more where that came from” every time you make a purchase. I will adopt this!

    Thank you, Marie.

  223. Giving when you almost have nothing to give is the best advice. The money will come when you help people (or animals :)). This is how i have managed to enjoy my life with no stable job for a few years now. Money will always find you. Just be open to it. Thank you, gorgeous Marie.

  224. I give when I need to be reminded of my abundance. I clean out closets to find clothes and canned food that I don’t need. The joy of giving makes me thankful I have more than I need. My abundance can be a blessing to others.

    I’m a Kiva donor. I’m joining Marie’s Kiva team!

  225. Hi Marie~
    Another nice one…great reminder to be grateful for what one already has and that is the foundation for building abundance mentality.

    I will probably continue using this one, as well as blessing the $ (“There is always more from where that came from”) and being generous with friends, family, and others in general.

    Thanks! 🙂

  226. My man and I used to stash away $200 every other week ($100 each of us) and we called it the “Vacation Fund”, and it afforded us two amazing all-inclusive week-long luxury Cabo vacations.
    I have no idea why we stopped doing this, but I am SO grateful that you reminded me to do this again…
    Viva el FUN FUND!

    Thank you, Marie! Mad love and appreciation to you and your team!


  227. Therese Totten

    Thanks for this video, Marie! Money is such a charged topic for me- dare I say that it is THE most charged topic for me. Money is a very complex subject for me, especially as it is how my often absent parents would show me love. My husband, on the other hand, comes from an opposite mentality of “we can’t afford that” and “save, save, save.” I feel oftentimes like the grasshopper among the ants (my husband being an ant) in Aesop’s fable. Having a baby then electing to stay home did not help curb my anxieties and then my solace in spending, then the whole cycle of guilt and money-lack-feeling. So I have realized that I need to step out of the house alone more, and actually I have seen by doing so that I do not need to spend as much money that way, that the experience is more the reward. So I am still working towards that feeling of abundance, but I really like that quote you got from Oprah, and I need to write that down. What was it again? I need a mantra, too, and to read Kate Northrup’s money book. Bari Tessler-Linden’s money course has been on my mind, too! And Erin Stutland’s Shrink Sessions for those beautiful affirmations <3

    • Therese I will be doing Bari’s money course next year. If you decide to join I will see you over there 🙂

  228. Therese Totten

    I will also confess that I still feel like I am not doing enough, that I also need to step out of the house for that- to eventually make a living. I am still struggling with this feeling of inadequacy.

  229. Oliver


    Yes, a better paying job helps with getting out of the money scarcity mentality. It took about 7 years to help make this happen. Understanding the value of money more thoroughly was also helpful with reaching this goal.

    Getting out of money scacity strategies that resonate most:
    1. Big fat Reality Check.: Remembering I am not homeless
    2. Automatic Transformative Mantra- I use this in times of crisis to pull myself out of situations that seems dire or helpless. The mantra usually provides comfort or represents a complete solution to problem.
    6. Spread the Wealth: Oddly, take stock of what you do have, and then realize that maybe your not as badly off as you thought. It’s almost like getting rid of the,”me, me, me” attitude. When you realize what you have, it’s easier to give a little away.

    Stragies to start implementing:
    3. If out on a date, I might use the special mood affect and mind alterting tactics of turning down the lights and dressing up. Lol…”What a great idea,”. You can pretend your in an expensive without being there.
    4. Starting a Fun Fund: Hmmmm that takes a lot of discipline..don’t know that I have reached that point of maturity
    5. Build your Knowledge Bank: Did this in the past, can continue to do it, by as you say, attending money saving seminars, money building seminars, reading books, watching video, researching on Internet. It’ll provide good review and may also learn new eye opening tips in process.

  230. Hey Marie,

    I have to start by saying I love your videos!!! I am going to start using the ATM mantra and also donating money.

    Thanks for the amazing video. xoxo

  231. Hello ladies and Marie,
    thank you for a wonderful video again Marie, and all you ladies with your insights. I would like to add that in addition to the mantra ‘ there’s more where that came from’ which focuses on our abundance, I like to see the money I spend as a blessing to others, even when I don’t really want to ( i.e. a big fat parking ticket, etc.). Yup, ‘ God bless you city revenues, spend my money wisely please’ 🙂

    Also my husband and I have learned to respect any amount of money that comes in how little it may be. Gratefulness really pays off!

    It’s takes us a very long time to get to this, btw, and we’ve learned the hard way, but keeping your heart and mind on what you enjoy is so important.

    Thank you Marie for your inspiration, we appreciate you!
    *showering you and yours with blessings right now*
    Lee Ann

  232. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing the great information. I have been trying to focus on gratitude and giving and it really does make a difference.
    Keep on sharing the love, Marie! You rock!!!

  233. Awesome! Love it! I’m currently getting myself out of the money scarcity mindset. One of your suggested tips that I adore is “There’s more where that came from!”

    Usually when I send out payments, I get into a gratitude mindset towards my credit card companies for covering my purchases (until I can send my payment, of course ;-)). I love the idea of adding “There’s more where that came from!” in that process!

    Mike Dooley also has another great one — when that fear over money sneaks in — especially when you’ve made a purchase, payment, or someone makes a comment on what you’ve spent, say “It’s a good thing I’m rich! ;-)” They’ll see it as tongue-in-cheek and laugh, and you’ll laugh at it, and it makes you FEEL GOOD! In turn, that good feeling attracts more money to you. ;D

  234. Thanks Marie!
    Been working on this for years and there’s definitely been progress. I can definitely benefit again from using your ATM, love yours, I’ve used different ones in the past. i.e. “I have more than enough” “I am always taken care of”

    What was important for me to know and remember was that my scarcity mentality came, with good reason, from my grandparents living through the Depression through cold, difficult winters farming on the Canadian prairies. There were often times where resources were scarce. Remembering this has helped me to have compassion for my parents who unconsciously passed on the scarcity mindset in spades!, to me. So when I see the scarcity thoughts, I remember how blessed I am and how far I have come. I also bless those hardworking determined ancestors of mine and am grateful our life is so abundant.

    Thanks for asking!

  235. This post struck me deeply this week…. I was so thankful to hear Marie remind us to consider our relative wealth and to be grateful for what we do have. I also loved the idea of giving when you are feeling the most deprived, like a homeopathic remedy for getting back into flow.

    I also saw reference to money tracking in the comments. I had stopped tracking my personal money (tracking business expenses seems enormous!) and was inspired to check back in. When I got back into and saw the hard number added all up I truly felt rich (and had been feeling like a bit of a loser that day) and amazed at how much I have manifest each month. Now to get those expenses down and track all the free ways to bring more joy into life!

    It felt sooooo good

    I read two great books on money that I’ll recommend here: Financial Recovery, and Sacred Economics…. oh and also Mark Silver’s Heart of Money course. They are life-changers!

  236. Μαίκα

    Hi Marie,

    I very much enjoyed watching your video. As always!

    You made me curious about the cleanse you mention at the beginning. What’s that?

    I believe the most important thing I’ll take from this video is that the only person I can change is MYSELF. I must stop thinking [hoping] to change someone else. After all I wouldn’t want to be pressurized into doing something I don’t want to do.

    I love being generous and say it’s my treat now and then. It makes me really happy.
    I should do the reality check more often (!) and I’ll definitely start a fun fund soon!

    Thanks Marie for all the effort you and your team put into those videos. Just love them!

  237. I just read this on wikipedia:

    “Even though Kiva itself does not charge interest on the loans, the Field Partners charge relatively high interest rates.”

    I am now researching organizations that truly offer interest free loans and will get back with what I find. Here is the first hit:

    Apparently supporting an interest free loan organization part of Jewish spiritual practice…. lovely.

    More soon….

  238. I have an ATM. It’s on an index card in my financial folder. I am also writing out one thing a day I am grateful for. I’m using this to attract more than just money 🙂

  239. Elina Leclaire

    When I feel I scarcity mentality, I certainly focus on where my life is abundant and focus on gratitude. The following meditations also help: Abraham Hicks – Financial Abundace.

  240. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for another great vid! The one that resonated the most to me was everytime I have a need, I should give what it is that I need first. Heard of this from someone else but really did not follow it. So will try hard to keep that in mind and do it!


  241. I try to remember that money flows through me, not to me. It’s helpful to think about it that way.

  242. Terry F.

    In the past year, I have gone from nearly getting FIRED to a new management position, from driving a ‘good car’ to getting my dream car (a red MINI Cooper S!), from floating payments to paying my bills and having $ leftover, having a Christmas fund, and, the big fish: buying a home. I didn’t break the bank on any of these items. I shopped for the best value for my money and what I truly wanted. I looked constantly for the best used MINI, looked constantly for the estate sale home in the neighborhood I loved. And, most importantly, I trusted myself, my spreadsheet, and took the plunge. All huge steps for me that previously, I would have never thought possible.

    It took me some time to get to this point: the point of believing that I could do it, believe that I could afford it, and realizing that my scarcity mentality has been holding me back from really going after and achieving what I want in life.

    The past four years have been a financial roller coaster and really shook my confidence. My mind acted as if it had lived through a depression, but ironically enough, I would actually waste more money than I could afford. The fear of ‘not having money’ had such a hold on me that I did not think about getting the best value for my money, spending my money wisely and when needed, but just about being cheap. Sure, that blouse may only be $15.99 on the clearance rack, but it’s not really what you want, you just settle because it’s cheap. And you figure that is all you can afford, and then, you start to think that because you ‘don’t have any money’, that’s all you deserve. It’s an ugly war of attrition.

    Everyday, sometimes every moment, I remind myself to be positive about money; to be brave about it, fearless (not foolish) but strong and in control. I look at what is the best VALUE for my hard earned money. The best VALUE involves a few key elements: Is it *really* what I want/need? Is it worth MY MONEY? Does it portray the real me or the scarcity me? We all deserve the best we can get in material and spiritual things and we should never, ever settle.

    • What a story!! Huge congrats!!! You greatly inspired me!! B 🙂


  243. Thanks, I needed this!! What resonated the most with me was “Theres always more where that came from” Sadly, I have seen this work over and over in my life, but I still continue to “fall off of the wagon” and slip back into money insecurity mentality.

  244. I love love love “more where that came from…”

    I highly recommend looking into your “money paradigm.”

    Here is what I do:
    1) picture yourself at 6 or 7
    2) picture your parents having a convo about $$$$
    3) Notica what they say and do and how they both feel. Then, notice how you feel in reaction to them. This is the money paradigm you downloaded long ago……. See any similarities to your current relationship with cash?

    After you’ve done the exercise, meditate away those old beliefs and picture new ones you want to instill. Or use my favorite toot, EFT Tapping, to re-wire those old limiting mindsets.

    I have EFT scripts for money if you need them! Let me know how it goes!

  245. Shanika Journey

    I’m actually grateful that this video popped up as “recommended” right when I was thinking the same question. I feel that the tips you share not only help you with a money mindset. It also helps with developing an abundant mindset to apply in biz and life as well. I’ve always believed in making the best f everything and the fact that you shared a couple more tips that I can apply to bring more of my best self out is fabulous. Thank you for answering such a very important question on many minds who just want to help others see the best in what they have and (most importantly) themselves.

  246. Hey Marie,

    Nowadays I am working on figuring out my limiting believes about money. However when I was 18 I have won a big scholarship from a private collage that changed my life. However, back than I was not conscious enough or as aware as I am now, especially when it comes to money and how to make a life. All I remember is that I have surrendered any situation everyday. I have stopped doing things that I was good and and started working on things I was not good at. One day at a time I have done more and I have become more relaxed because I have let myself go with the flow. I have focused on my flaws and appreciated them because they have showed me the way where I actually wanted to go. I worked out one flaw a month with having fun and did not force when I wasn’t good enough, I gave myself time and just focused on doing the thing, the fun and friends followed this process. At the end I did not feel like I have worked hard to win that scholarship but by the time I have gained many nice friends and collected fun memories. It was the lightest journey of my life.

    Thank you for sharing this episode. I think gratitude and appreciation are very important but making them a habit is the most important thing that I have done that transformed all the anger, disappointment and revenge I had in me before, to flowing love, joy and money.

    Thank you again for being you.


  247. Melissa

    Great video, message, mix of humor and meaning – as always! I have one remark. Not to be negative, but I was blessed while married to a successful lawyer and many friends, etc. didn’t have the financial stability I was afforded. To that end (and because I was raised to give unto others), I always did the “treat” thing. Fast forward to now – couple years after divorce and zero income. Those people I “treated” have stabbed me in the back and completely disregarded my efforts. I’ve been called horrific, judgmental names for my efforts when I NEVER once wanted any repayment or thanks. The “thanks” I got was stabbed in the back?!? WTH? I am nearly 40 and this is beyond my comprehension. It feels like high school immaturity at its worst. What do you even say to these people who took advantage of you at your “best” and then turned on you when you (for the 1st time in your life) fell down? I am disgusted. If I didn’t want to be someone’s friend, I would be an ADULT and graciously distance myself. Not accept benefits until they ran “dry” and then screw them over. Yeah. You can see how baffled I am by the entire situation. I keep repeating my mantra “Can I getta what? what?” since I’m so floored by it all….

  248. Hi – Thanks for the video. I am currently in the process of taking stock of my finances in an attempt to be more productive. I found the instruction to say a mantra whenever handing over money as a really good piece of advice and have been following it. It helps me feel less anxious about spending money – after all we have to “speculate to accumulate”

    One piece of information that might help is “Get your finances in order” so, keep your financial paperwork up to date, pay bills on time, understand your cashflow, even if you run a small business. When your financial management is good you create an environment ready to deal with more money!

  249. great video! SO true that generousity breaks the scarcity mentality… it reminds me that even though i feel like i don’t have enough – the TRUTH is that i have enough for me, and for someone else too. thanks, marie!

  250. i like the part about telling yourself “there’s more where that came from”. I will always keep this in mind moving forward

  251. I Love Your videos and this one came right on time!
    Thank You for being you and keeping it real.


  252. I have always been pour and have found that I have lost my perspective on thinking rich. Thank you for such great reminders!!

    The donating part reminds me of something that happened years ago.

    I was on my way home to another city to visit family and had $10 left to my name. Outside the grocery store was a big radio station bus collecting food for the holidays so I bought $5 worth of food and donated it. Besides I still had $5 left for food for myself 😉
    On my way home it was late and no buses were running to get me home so I intended to walk. I was 19 and had a bug gym bag of stuff and it was a cold Canadian Boxing Day. The Greyhound bus driver was concerned by this and insisted on putting me in a cab. He shoved money in my hand and had another gentleman get me a taxi.
    In the taxi I thought ok cool the driver gave me $5 and I have $5 left I can make it home. When I went to pay the cab driver I found he had given me $10 so in the end I still had $5 left for food for myself AND made it home warm and safe!
    A story I can never forget and great inspiration to donate again and again because in the end it felt amazing 😀

  253. I really liked your 6 suggestions! The ones that have been beneficial to me as I have implemented them are: gratitude/really appreciating what you have and giving back.
    I find that when I’m not busy, like in off seasons, I get depressed. This used to be a money issue (or so I thought), but this year it has not been and I still was down in the mouth. What I did was start a relief program for the Pine Ridge Reservation. I have always been motivated by helping others. When I was struggling I couldn’t donate money, but I did know that I had other resources to put to service, like time and energy. Instead of donating money, I got resources and people together to serve a community that I wanted to support. I knew abundance abounded around me in my community and I wanted to tap into it and channel it where I thought it was most needed. I got people on board and we have, over the last month or so, sent 1000 pounds of clothing and supplies to the people of the Pine Ridge Reservation! It has helped keep me busy, positive and in a state of gratitude during my slow time.
    I’m also super glad you mentioned Kiva, as I’ve been researching and inspired by that organization. I think it’s a great solution to some difficult issues. Thanks so much for your contributions, one and all. 🙂

  254. Yes. I have. I started giving 10% of my gross pay towards my favorite charity. Seriously, it taught me gratitude – which led to abundance with the stuff I have now – which made me strive to make more so I could give more. I seriously think its key thing to do to break out of scarcity mode.

  255. june simiona

    I just love this video. Clear and simple to understand to follow.Thanks Marie

  256. Elise

    That’s funny, it’s exactly like you’re talking to me!

    I like being generous because it’s all the points you mention in one. Plus, you can be generous with noney, things, time, attention, skills etc. Also it creates a culture of generosity around you.

    More than that is forgiveness, that liberates you from being stuck in a victimpoor-old-me mentality. It’s incredibly powerful. You have to be very systematic and regular with your practice. Eventually there is no need to forgive because you don’t take anything personally….

    Thanks for the video!

  257. The book All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren has helped me tremendously to get my money under control, allowing me to pay off debt, have enough for my bills, savings and fun! I highly recommend it to add to the Knowledge Library.

  258. Just joined your KIVA team! Have been looking for a good team for a while.

    Love all the advice in your video. I always donate money when I’m feeling broke and it ALWAYS comes back around.

  259. Kae

    I think I will use the A.T.M step. I used to have a mantra from my grandmother but I got out of the habit of saying it. Whenever I would find money on the ground be it a dime or a dollar I would pick it up and say “thank you Lord keep on blessing me.” Other people have mentioned in the comments sometimes not being thankful when they get paid, I’m guilty of that too. But I will re implement my mantra not just with found money but also whenever I get my paycheck or any other random money. Also when I pay bills because it really is a blessing to be able to pay your bills and pay off debts even if it is only a little at a time.

  260. Great advice. I struggle with this a lot. I deny myself the pleasure of spending money due to the scarcity factor. I am learning though, and I agree with you that saying, “I’ll treat” is a great feeling and giving to others is also helpful in getting me to realize there is always enough. Thanks you for being spot on!

  261. These are all such great ideas! A couple years ago we did start a fun fund and it’s been so nice to be able to do fun things without worrying about how they’re going to effect the current budget. Also, it’s so true that spreading the wealth is really a wonderful way to break of of the scarcity mentality. Every time I share or make it possible for someone to do something or have something they would have not otherwise been able to have, it just supercharges me and resets any negative money mindsets that may have crept in. Thanks for another great post Marie!

  262. I wrote a line down you said to say…. I couldn’t write oprah quote down..I will try B.Y.O.L, ATM saying and fun fund. I do read Dave Ramsey and other financial books, but I do still get discourage about money. I will try to repeat the mantra. Thanks

  263. Andrea

    Marvelous advice. What resonated most? (1) “There’s more where that came from!” – very powerful and reassuring. (2) “Spread the Wealth.” – Yahoo sister. Love that one! (3) “Fun Fund” – I’m starting this one tomorrow! Thank you Marie. You’re truly amazing. xo

  264. Diana

    This is a wonderful video. I really like the ATM idea and am going to try to implement it!

    I was disappointed with your heterosexist slip. Elise didn’t identify the gender of her partner. Maybe in your research on her you know her partner is a man. However, as a viewer it was jarring to me that you assumed she had a male partner. It worries me that you might not be talking to me in your videos.

  265. Love this topic and some great advice Marie!! I’d add that some work on core beliefs would help too! Its our core beliefs that drive our thoughts about money so its really helpful to uncover those! Not always easy but we have to bring the unconscious into conscious awareness!!! Then, we can really start to change 🙂

  266. I adore this video, and the Law of Attraction as a whole. #5 resonated with me – creating a “fun fund.” My partner and I did David Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and created our accounts: Emergency, Checking, Charity, Savings, Investment, Checking. My funds in these accounts weren’t growing at the rate that I wanted. So, I decided to change the terminology of these accounts.

    Checking to Limitless
    Emergency to Peace
    Savings to Experiences
    Charity to Contribution
    Investment stayed Investment

    I was challenged with feeding into emergencies instead of peace of mind and heart, and I don’t care about savings, but what I do care about is experiences – travel, wedding, baby, etc. The energy felt limiting. So now the umbrella over all of it is my “limitless” account…limitless abundance. It’s amazing to feed into and watch these accounts now grow with this new mentality.


    Marie, ur soo amazing. Look, i rarely, i fact i have never commented but this, man this worked for me. I shall, going forward bless every dime i spend with those sweet words ‘ there is always more where that came from’. God bless you Marie

  268. George

    Thanks for this great video! I’ve been looking through some of your stuff, and what you said here about developing a mindset of gratuity really spoke to me. I’ve been realizing lately how so many of my core weaknesses revolve around feeling like I don’t have enough–specifically, not enough money to stop feeling poor, not enough love to stop feeling like a pariah (or at least fearing I will become one), and not enough talent/skill/experience/knowledge to feel like I can ever be successful or be in a position where I can truly help others.

    I’m going to start focusing on practicing gratitude for what I already have in those regards and track how well that improves my life over time. Thanks so much!

  269. Elana Essers

    Great video! Five years ago my husband and I went through the Dave Ramsey program Total Money Makeover. It was life changing! We learned to make a budget that we could stick to and live with. We also learned how to talk to each other about money! It was marriage-saving! These days we have found ourselves in a very tight money situation and that is stressful, but our communication has stayed strong and we know we can get though it together.

  270. I like what Dustin Moskowitz says about money :
    “I don’t think about it as MY money, it’s just THE money – doesn’t belong to me, and I’m just the momentary keeper of it”. Sane relationship with riches!

  271. Marie, Your videos get me by! Thank you 😉 The one that got me is the FUN FUND and “there’s more of where that came from”. I also have seminar videos sitting in my hard drive, that I am about to watch right now.

    Thanks again,

  272. Safae

    Hey Marie,

    Thank you for all your effort, and I wish you all the best. You don’t know but you are one of those people that changed my life.

    Thanks from Morocco 🙂

  273. Great post Marie! Such useful, positive information. As a yoga teacher, the tips about gratitude and ATMs really resonated with me. There is a yogic principle called santosha which means being grateful with what you have. Transformative mantras are what we do in order to break out of the loops of automatic negativity that often play in our minds if we are not mindful. It’s so true…give to receive…there is an abundance in this universe if we know how to tap into it. You go girl! 🙂

  274. Hey Marie,

    Love the money mantra. That’s gonna be a huge one for me. LOVE IT 🙂

    Thanks for the video!

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

    Brad Spencer

  275. Barb

    I have done a TON of work on money mentality over the years, and of all the strategies Marie menionted the most powerful has been gratitude. I started keeping a gratitude journal daily where I write 5 things each day for which I’m grateful (thank you Sara Ban Breathnatch). It transformed my life. And not just around money . When you appreciate the good things, that’s great. But when you have a crappy day and you force yourself to seach for things for which you’re grateful, it makes you look at mundane things in a totally different light. If I can’t think of anything to be grateful for on a given day, I remember to be grateful that I can read. Reading is such an enormous influence and joy life, but how many of us remember to be grateful for it?

    I also track my money and regularly and review my spending with a financial advisor (a very, very wise investment – get experts on your team!), read about money almost daily (Daily Worth is my FAVORITE blog – sorry Marie!), and have learned to say no. That is, I no longer feel compelled to spend money the way my friends do (e.g., “that’s not in my budget right now” or “I’ve decided to only buy gifts for my family from now on, gift spending was way out of control” and many people are impressed by this esp. those who want to stop buying gifts for friends). I declared bankruptcy 15 years ago, but now I have a 787 credit score and money in the bank, so this stuff woeks!

  276. Citlalli Garcia

    Just found your awwwwe-some youtube channel which lead me here …
    The energy and confidence you have are soooooo
    I sure need to try most of these specially the FunFund!!! I spend on fun all the time, certainly applying more management skills onto that spending 😉 and find new innovative ways to have fun!!!!
    PLUS the ATM idea is brilliant!!! “I DESERVE TO SPEND THIS MONEY AND … something, something…” working on it!!! 🙂
    Lots of Luv…
    – LALITX

  277. Chelsea

    This was an awesome video! The best money resource I have ever come across is Dave Ramsey’s book, “Total Money Makeover”. Serious. Life changer. It takes some discipline, but my money stresses have SIGNIFICANTLY decreased since following his plan, and I am really close to paying off my student loans! Thank you Marie for the content you provide- I have been binge watching at work!

  278. I read a book called “Overcoming Underearning”
    It has changed my life ….

    I am debt free, I have financial goals that I achieve weekly, I track my spending daily and am committed to spending less than I earn.
    I am responsible for myself, my money and my life – no more blaming, no more being a victim, no more waiting for the trust fund to arrive (or the white knight on a white horse)
    But basically I have grown up and become an adult who is a B.I.T.C.H
    Babe in Total Control of Herself ….

  279. This is a great post and video. I see the scarcity mindset holding too many people back, I was one of those people myself. I’ve found that life is much better when I start my day thinking about everything I am grateful for. Everything else is bonus after that.

  280. Sydelle

    Hey Marie,

    One of my friends doesn’t want to get into a scarcity mentality and is about to take a loan to provide for her friends when she is already under a huge debt that will take her at least a year to pay off. I am pursuading her not to take another loan but it is difficult given that her wedding is round the corner and her fiance wants her to take a loan cos he already has a lot of unpaid credit card and other debt.

  281. Melanie Wagner

    We, as a family, ♥️ to pay for the car behind us in the Starbucks or Chick Fil A drive thru! It’s such a charge. The kids like crane their neck so they can see the people’s reaction. As my wealth increases (implementing law of attraction here!) I’d love to pick up people’s tabs in restaurants, or buy the meals for everyone dining that night. Small dream. It’s a start. It’s Just How I Oil. Thanks, Marie!
    Melanie Wagner in SC

  282. Amanda

    This is SO amazing! I’ve seen it before, put it into practice, and it WORKED! Now I’m sending it to my dad, who’s been struggling with his biz lately. Thanks, Marie 🙂 xo from Brazil

  283. Greta Zukoff

    Marie you are MAGICAL and so is your wisdom and insight! I truly needed this post today after doing some holiday shopping for my family. Just watching your video brings relief to the heaviness that I sometimes feel when I spend any money on things “no one really needs” and Christmas is a huge trigger for me. I love the ATM, already repeating it in my mind and I’m purchasing Tony Robbins’ “Mastering the Money Game” as well for my boyfriend and I to share as a Christmas gift that will hopefully be the gift that keeps on givin! Deepest Gratitude for all that you do! huGZ, Greta

  284. Lizzy

    One of my intentions for 2015 is to grow up my money mentality. This helped a tonne. Especially the money mantra. I love that. Thanks Marie! X

  285. Farrel

    I watch ALL your videos. Thank Marie! (and team 🙂
    I would like to know – what do you recommend for money books/seminars. Is Tony Robbins book everyone? I don’t want to go into the stock exchange.


  286. I think having red or purple purse helps. Also keep it clean and organised.

  287. Marie!

    “There’s more where that came from” is SO simple yet brilliant! I am totally using that, beginning TODAY!

    Thank you!


  288. Brilliant as always, thanks Marie. I love the mantra. I recently added a program on my computer that flashes up subliminal statements regarding what I wish for in the financial aspects of my life. Although initially I didn’t “believe” the statements I now have absorbed them at a deeper level and accept them as true. In the last month it has really turned around my finances. For those commenting on checking out your own finances it really is a must do, because either way it will enable you to do something about it, or stop worrying. I give away for free a sheet I developed some years ago to help others, you can find it at I hope it helps

  289. ron

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for your video.
    As you mentioned many of us did not grow up having a money mentality or people around us with money. And as I look back I can really say (the practice, not the theory) I found is that most of the money I made was when I had a scarcity mentality. By applying this so called ‘gratitude & abundance’ mentality I have found most people (including myself) tend to relax, take the foot off the pedal & generally move into a ‘comfort zone’. In this way the pain/effort that is normally required to ‘do what it takes’ to earn money are not a priority that they would normally be.

  290. Amy

    Very helpful video! I liked that it was just enough info without being overwhelming. I really feel like this is going to help me out. I liked the tips you gave about gratitude and making your own romantic dinners at home. I will have to try that. Having a fun piggy bank, i might be able to talk my fiance into that if it includes money for his fishing hobby. Also the tip to give like treating someone for coffee what a good idea! What great ways to have a an abundant mindset!

  291. Love it! your always bring great stuff Marie ….you Rock!

  292. Hi Marie, first time I’ve visited your blog. A friend of mine referred me to your blog. Glad I did, the video was great and with a touch of humor. I liked the ATM tip number 2. I think the what I got from your blog post and video is that we need to respect money and in turn it will pay dividends.

    Pay it forward. Excellent!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Anthony, I’m so glad you found us and started with this episode on money! We have some great episodes in the works, and we cannot wait to share them with you in the coming months.

  293. Hey Marie – This video came at the perfect time, as I just finished watching your money interview with Kate Northrup and left a question about how to change my money scarcity mentality! I had stated that I thought that saying “I have more than enough money” felt inauthentic and I wasn’t quite sure if I should fake it ’til I made it….but your mantra really hit home with me. I have already begun a daily gratitude inventory, and I want to leverage that around my money mentality by adding your incredible money mantra: “There’s always more where that came from”. So a big THANK YOU, for doing all that you do – I am deeply grateful for you and the work you and your incredible team do! Keep it up lady!

  294. I broke out of my scarcity mentality by recognizing that my knowledge and skills was its own wealth and no matter what they would pay the bills.

  295. Hanna

    Hi Marie,

    I really enjoyed this video, thank you! I am a college senior and as graduation is in the near future, I find myself worried about how I will support myself after college. I know my parents have my back, but I want to become 99% financially independent for my own good and for theirs. Do you have any videos/advice about how to start out on a good foot with balancing expenses after college?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Hanna, that’s a great question and it’s wonderful that you’re already thinking ahead and starting to plan for your future. Although we don’t have any episodes dedicated just for financial tips after college, we do have some great episodes that talk about a few different aspects of building your financial knowledge:

      Checking out free online info like the dailyworth DOT com (mentioned in the first episode I linked) is also great for boosting your financial know-how.

      I hope those provide a few great tips, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

  296. Kristen

    Great video! I really liked what you had to say – so happy I found Marie TV

  297. Well, Marie, I first watched this video of yours a couple of months ago probably and it was one of the first ones that changed my life and me into having a rich mindset. And yes, every time I invest in something (even yummy groceries!), I mentally say, “There’s a lot more where that came from!” I do that so naturally now that it becomes automatic! In addition to that, I have given myself the green light on being richer, happier, more successful and more prosperous than my parents REGARDLESS of how they act! When I first started earning, even if I was generous to them and have NEVER threatened them with my money, they expressed jealousy and resentment towards my success. That made me implode into my shell and made me feel like I was supposed to adhere for their happiness which meant forcing myself into having less and less income. And guess what?! It actually did! My income plummeted!!! But not anymore!!! I’m the happiest than I have ever been in my life because I’m making more than I have ever made from my actual passion which is performing, DJing and music!!! So if they want to be jealous, scared of me or feel like i owe them my soul just because I’m richer, happier, more successful than them then be guest!!! Because I’m just going to prosper even more in life 🙂 I don’t owe anyone anything. Plus with poverty minded people, no matter how much you give them, it is never enough. Knowing that brings me calmness in wisdom 🙂

    • Wise words, Alexis! So glad you’re living an abundant and fulfilling life. There will always be people who don’t understand us, even our families, and it’s really sad, but we can’t shrink ourselves to fit into someone else’s box. Rock on with your positivity and success!

  298. GREAT video. Last year I blew out of my scarcity mentality by making a big ask when a contract job opportunity came up. My whole mentality about money shifted, but only after I had to make some huge changes about 3 1/2 years ago, including going through bankruptcy after being dismissed from my job. I learned to give, and share my abundance. Not just with those I know, but other organizations too, like KIVA. Now, anytime I start to constrict around the subject, I utter a simple word, “TRUST”. And that reminds me all will be well. I will adopt the mantra Marie shares every time I give money away. I love it!

  299. Lydia

    Great video. I felt like I was inheriting the legacy of my mother’s scarcity mindset after she died four years ago. The estate was much larger than I would have guessed and it broke my heart to remember all the times she said, “It’s SO expensive! I can’t!” when she dared to admit to some of her travel dreams. My husband gently suggested that paying off the mortgage would be a practical use for the money. My gut screamed, “NOOOOO!” It took me awhile to figure out what my gut was trying to tell me. I have set aside that money as our “Living our dreams” fund. So far it has paid for building a pool in our back yard, which has enabled my youngest son to conquer his fear of the water on his own terms and at his own pace. He has gone from being afraid to leave the steps in the shallow end to diving for toys in the deep end. I am so proud of him. It is also funding my dream to travel and explore the world with my kids.

  300. Recently I found minimalism, and although it sounds like I’m being a bit of a tight wad, it’s more about respecting that unlimited supply of things comes at a cost. And I’m not talking about financial cost.

    I’d say now, I am a mindful consumer and don’t buy things because a want them, but more so because I need them.

    Money isn’t scarce, you’ll find it when you need it the most. But I prefer to spend my money of services rather than ‘things’ ’tis all.

  301. I love your great business advice and the Kiva site is such a great Idea. My only objection and why I would not join Kiva is that you have loaned funds to people selling live animals. perhaps encourage them to find a better way to earn a living or help fund training schemes.

  302. Terri

    Thanks Marie! I appreciate all you do <3

  303. Christine

    Loved the video. The tip that most resonated was “There is more where that came from”. I also liked the reminder to be generous with family.

  304. Hey Marie!

    I really love your uniquely powerful videos!

    A few of these steps resonated with me, but the “give it away’ step was a real revelation. I have been thinking of donating for a long time and one of charities I was considering was Kiva as it is especially empowering. I feel that this video is a sign to start, so I’ve decided, from my next pay cheque I’ll begin!

    I’m so excited – thank you so much for being you. You are truly inspiring!

    Love Jessica x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching, Jessica. We’re so happy to hear that this episode really resonated with you, and that you’re planning on donating to Kiva. That’s something we’re really passionate about too, and we’re so glad you’re inspired to get involved!

  305. I am trying to catch up on my IIN modules,and of course the first additional reading link i click on is yours!!! <3 I saw this video! I'm gonna watch it again! You rock Marie!

    • Wow Lauren, it’s made it’s way into the course curriculum for IIN. How awesome is that! 😀

  306. Legal requirements Of Attractive force like all of Universal Legal requirements is dependably on the job and dependably sends correctly anything you choose.

  307. liz

    I have always loved all your wise advice and recommendations so your quirky tips about picking up money in the street is no different.
    I came from a very poor background and my mum had a very negative and scarcity view about money which unfortunately takes major hold of me when it comes to crunch time when deciding on spending or investing. I would fear that the moment I part with my money the stream from which it came from will end and I will be stuffed, despite telling myself that there’s more where they came from, without chanting out the mantra. Deep down I had the conflicting belief!

    Unfortunately, my negativity is always proven correct. Eg just last week, when I had a few bad news with home appliances all breaking down at great expense, I feel I had to be thrifty, but then friends came to visit and I didnt have time to stress about preparing meals at home so thought, I may as well show abundance and took everyone out for an unplanned meal. The bill came to $350 which was not what I envisaged. I didnt enjoy the meal at all as I watched in horror as they all kept ordering alcohol and I didnt even drink myself. I felt literally sick after that but to make things worse another major unexpected expenditure surfaced on top of my existing financial woes. The sad part is this sort of thing always happens to me whenever I tried to show abundance! There had not been more $ coming to me but the reverse. What do you think is wrong with me? Rgds,Liz

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh no, that’s so tough Liz — financial troubles always seem to come in clusters, and I’m sorry to hear that your generosity in sharing with your friends wasn’t a great experience.

      It sounds like your heart is absolutely in the right place — it’s always wonderful to share with friends and family.

      One thing you might like to consider is finding small, subtle ways to start shifting your money mindset a little bit. It’s incredibly generous of you to pay for a meal for your friends, but as you’re noticing, if that kind of expense would put you in a bad place financially, it can be a source of strain or stress instead of joy.

      Marie shares a couple wonderful small tips you can use to start feeling abundant in one of our most recent MarieTV episodes. You may have seen that, but if not, you can check it out here:

      Abundance doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag — it can be as simple as being grateful for a penny we find on the street, or thanking your money while paying the electric bill. There might be times in our lives when we don’t have as much income coming in and we might not be able to be as generous as we’d hope to be, but we can still share with others in different ways, or simply send gratitude out to the universe for the blessings and the things we do have.

      I hope that helps — sometimes the smallest shifts can start making the most difference!

      • liz

        Thank you so very much for replying and added tips. You make me feel better already. My clusters have not ended yet …. too long a story to tell you my whole string of it. I hope to be more positive and pray the bad clusters will be blocked!

  308. Mindset is everything in business, most entrepreneurs get down on them selves quickly without putting in the work. Having a positive mindset and thinking positive is the best way to make it with your business.

  309. Found your website because my friend and I were having a discussion on the psychology of the rich and poor based on a ‘social experiments’ she posted on her Facebook. I wanted to say thank you for this video. I feel I have a very healthy relationship with money, although my savings could be a tad better (at least I have an IRA), I manage my debt really well and choose to not have money be a source of stress as it has been for my parents. Thank you for your video as it gives me confidence I am on the right path.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Rebekka, and welcome to our world!

  310. The one that struck me the most is the giving back. I’ve heard it before but I tend to think, “I’ll do that when…….” I recently left a career in astronomy to do health coaching full time. As an astronomer I felt like I was on top of my money game. However, once it was up to me to make the money as a coach, I felt myself start to go into that lack mindset. Being careful about my spending is one thing (I can do that) but it was more the way I started talking about money to myself that got me. Once I realized I was going into lack, I went out and spent some money (a small donation and then purchased some essential oils from a friend’s business). That week I got three new clients!

    New habits:
    1) Instead of saying “I don’t have the money” I will either decide it isn’t a priority, or sign up and figure out how to get the money.
    2) For every dollar I make, I will put some aside for a donation. I know! There are taxes, my bills, etc. but showing myself that I have more than enough is worth it.

  311. Chalene

    This video was the perfect start to my own money scarcity mindset turn-around. These steps are so simple yet so motivating. My favourite was definitely number 6 – share the wealth. This is such a wonderful idea that I will start employing immediately. The fun fund looks like a great way to still be able to do nice things without feeling guilty you are spending money in the ‘wrong’ place or on the ‘wrong’ things. I had someone tell me once that it is good to look after your money but to have fun with it too. Thank you so much for posting this Marie. It was truly helpful and needed. Your videos are always so inspiring and such a treat to watch. I make sure I watch them in the mornings before work to give me my happy boost for the day. Your energy is infectious. Cheers, Chalene x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this episode! We’re cheering you on as you share the wealth and start your fun fund. Thanks so much for tuning in! We appreciate you. 🙂

  312. Joan de Windt

    Donating time last weekend to give elderly people a lovely day picked me up no end. I waived a fee (which I could have used very well) and had immense fun. When at the end I heard a 75-year old gentleman state softly to himself: this has been an incredible day’ I felt such…gladness to have been a part of it all. The feeling stays with me, it’s lodged itself in my heart. No money could ever have replaced that.

  313. Zoe

    Thanks for all the tips!

    I find it a bit difficult to be generous with my family. My mum especially, and it bleeds into other areas.

    I would buy gifts for her which are pretty expensive relative to my income, and she would chuck it one side on the floor. Or she’ll give me a disgusted look and say “why are you wasting money?”

    She gives me disgusted looks all the time. So I’m actually surprised whenever she is nice to me.

    It leads to a lot of resentment in me and inadequacy. It’s worse because I’m living with them (property and rental prices here are too high for me to move out) so I feel I’m stuck in this vicious cycle.

    I’m trying to avoid it by just spending time in my own room, almost cutting myself off from the family. But I hate the feeling.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds like a really tough place to be, Zoe. I’m sorry to hear your mom doesn’t appreciate your kindness and that you have to live at home. We’ve got our fingers crossed that things will get better soon!

    • liz

      Hi Zoe,
      I understand how hard it is in your shoes with your mum giving disgusted looks. May I suggest that whenever you find her being nice to you (no matter how rare that situation is) just make sure you jump right on to her and say something like this…. “Mum, you know, I just realised how lucky I am that you let me stay at home with you and put up with me. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate it. If there is anything you want me to do or help you with around the house, please let me know ok?”

      I am speaking from a mum’s view point… and I feel this approach always breaks the ice no matter how tense the relationship is. That is ok course you feel it in your heart to say that too, dont fake it if you do not agree from the bottom of you heart.

      Would love to hear how you go with it. Good luck:)

  314. Alicia Kranak

    The getting an ATM resonated most! Going to implement this starting today.

  315. Pam Lewis

    Thank you as always Marie. Loved all 6 tips. My favorite is to create your own luxury. It’s easy to fall in the self pity trap of not being able to splurge as much as you want to when you’ve had to tighten your budget so it’s important to splurge for less like making that special meal at home as you suggested and creating the right atmosphere so you don’t feel deprived or like you’re missing out on life.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching and commenting, Pam! I love that tip about making your own luxury, too. There’s so much potential when we take a moment to get creative! 🙂

  316. Nicole

    Hi Marie,

    I really appreciated your 6 money mindset shifts. One that I’m working on is to get on the same page about money as my partner. We are a mature couple in a new relationship and uncovering our own personal mind set over money has been interesting. Our personal experiences with money has me open my eyes and I can clearly see how different my upbringing and messaging taught me that money has value and that value is directly related to how I value myself.

    I’ve noticed that when I have felt guilty, money slips through my hands like water through a sieve. When I am empowered in my skills and strengths people want to hire me and give me money like there’s no tomorrow. When I don’t see abundance all around me and lack gratitude people want to take from me. When I get stuck in a made up story about lack I notice people want to give me things (or ask me to pay for things) I don’t really want. When I ask for what I want from a place of honesty people come out of nowhere to fund me and align with my dreams.

    But the greatest connection I’ve made about money is connected to my worth. When I don’t feel worthy of the life I want to live then all I get in return (whether that’s money or work or relationships) is directly related to the self-limiting beliefs that hold me back.

    What I’ve learned is:
    #1 I have to believe I am worthy and that self worth can’t come from ego, it has to come from a pure place. When it’s pure, the Universe always shows up for me.
    #2 visibility is everything! If I don’t know how much I need for this, that and the other, then I don’t know what to ask for so tracking spending and seeing where I spend my money helps me gain control and make decisions with ease. Also helps me budget year over year.
    #3 I can’t be afraid to say no! Just because it’s free or cheap or someone is giving it away doesn’t mean I should take it. I have to only accept things that are a pure YES for me on ALL levels (not just financial). Saying NO allows for the energy to go to someone/place that really needs it and I can remain integral with my money path.
    #4 Forgive the mistakes I’ve made in the past and trust there’s a new way! Also, switch things up when it comes to saving and spending. Finances can be boring!
    #5 Spending doesn’t always equate to self care or self love. Putting money away IS paying yourself first. No matter what, whenever I get a lump sum of money I always save a minimum of 10% in some sort of investment.
    #6 I’ve defined my tolerance for debt and am proud to say I’ve never had any sort of “bad” debt. My mindset around this is simple – I’m worth more than paying someone else for money that could fuel my destiny.
    #7 the best habit I’ve ever created is setting up automatic withdrawals either for payments or investments. That way the money just comes out and I don’t even see it!

    Wow! Didn’t know I had so much to say 🙂

  317. Danica

    I thought this would be more emotionally authentic, like Denise Duffield Thomas. Reading books on investing will do nothing to get rid of money blocks – those are emotional. Maybe I’m just not a ‘thumb guns’ kind of person

  318. Loved all the tips. I always train my mind to see the posibilities instead of scarcity.

  319. Hey Marie,

    Thanks so much for this video, I loved the Money Mind Shifts – I was struggling with this same predicament, my family has a total scarcity mindset when it comes to money and finances, they live in constant fear and I used to as well. However, I’ve found these amazing little money/abundance habits and mind shifts that have really changed things up for me. I do a bunch of different ones but I will highlight the best three.

    * Abundance Affirmations
    I created a list of affirmations that focus on increasing my abundance. I write these affirmations three times each in my HAPPY LIFE journal (AKA a book of positivity, gratitude & goals) here are a few of my affirmations that I know will help to reprogram your mind for attracting money – I am a magnet for (divine) prosperity
    I am a money magnet, I attract prosperity with ease, I earn (insert desired amount) comfortably and easily, I live in abundance, Everything I need is given me, Affluence and Abundance are at the core of my being.
    If you’re a super busy woman like me in the mornings – record your affirmations on your phone, grab your headphones and listen to them on the go!

    *Magical Chequing account
    I create an imaginary chequing account where I deposit $1000 on the first day and every day after you increase the amount by a thousand. The trick is if you have anxiety about spending or about money coming in this little trick will help you overcome all that sticky stuff. So you deposit the money and spend it on the same day- ALL OF IT! On anything you want, be as extravagant as you want to be. For example on my 10th day I had $10,000 in my imaginary chequing account so I imagined myself spending it on a trip through South America. You can use an old receipt book, a box and a some loose paper. Use the paper in the receipt book like a deposit slip, write deposit to the top, write down your amount and deposit it into your box. Then start spending lovelies – use the loose paper to write down the things you want – like the actual cost of it and attach it to your deposit slip, minus your spent amount, get your balance and go again until you have spent all of your money for that day. When you’re finished, ask yourself – is there anything I need right now? For me, the answer is also no but if you still feel the lack , I suggest doing this practice for at least 21 days.

    *Create your abundant reality by claiming it!
    So whenever I see anything I would like to have, I say this out loud – That’s for me, that’s for me, I claim it, it’s mine! Yes, you will sound crazy to the people around you but it will definitely train your brain to expect better things, to claim beautiful experiences, to affirm that anything you want you can have and to program your mind to demand wealth and affluence. I am a firm believer in the universal law of attraction, if you ask *GOD * or the universe for help like this ” Please, please, please, I’m so helpless I can’t do anything, I’m broke please help me!” – chances are you will get more situations that create the need for you to beg/plead. However you can change things up by saying “Hey Universe, *GOD*, Higher Power, Energy (what ever word resonates with you) I know you see my consistent efforts to move into a better space financially, I ask for your divine guidance and command your assistance with this (insert your desire) Thank you for your constant support, I am eternally grateful – trust me, darlings you will get a much kinder response.

    So that’s my advice with Money Mind Shifts. Wishing you all the best on your journey to Abundance.

    Lots of love – Kristen

  320. Aurora

    Dang! Oldie but goodie right here.

  321. Love it! I’m working on my money mentality every day. I’ve come so far and I can see major changes in how I deal with money. Some of the things that resonated with me in this video are the “Fun Fund” and also eating at home. I totally agree, tastes way better and feels better and costs so much less. Most of my friends have pretty good money mentalities and are making good money. One of the things I’m working on is self worth. You have to feel like you are worth making and having money. I like to give it all away to those I think need it more. Not the best concept. Balance is much better and that is what I’m working on. My partner has a great money map and he has taught me a ton!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love what you shared about self-worth as it relates to money, Stephanie! I’ve never thought of it like that before, but you’re absolutely right. It sounds like you’re headed in the right direction with your goals and that you have a good support system to be there for you.

  322. I have earned a lot but saved a very little. Money saving is a kind of an art and also a sign of maturity. This video can be a learning lesson for growing kids also. Thanks for such an inspiring video

  323. I am going to say, THANKS for this video, I went ahead and posted this video on my facebook to share the Wealth of info. lol.
    But I personally want to say that for me I am going to have to start making sure that I talk to my honey about how to stay on the same page of money, we got married not long ago and actually before we got married I started attending IIN and I am still paying that off, so unfortunately now we have allot to pay off. But hey! I hope this will pay off soon because I am going to start working in this field to start making this work for me and making what I have invested so much on.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Dylan! Congrats on going to IIN and thank you for sharing this video with your friends––we appreciate you. We’ve got our fingers crossed the money conversation goes swimmingly and that you’ll be working in the field you love soon!

  324. This was a great post! I love eliminating how you mentioned eliminating a scarcity mindset I wish I had thought of that earlier. I actually wrote a article on how millennials are embracing a new wealthy mindset that is changing how we interact and think about money.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing this awesome takeaway, David! We’re glad this message resonates so closely with your own work. Thanks for stopping by!

  325. Great content, Marie! While most people believe once they get money their scarcity mentality will disappear, that is simply not the case. For the last 30 years, I have advised the top 1-2% of millionaires. Interestingly, there are millionaires with an abundance mentality and others with a scarcity mentality. That is why it is critical that you start working on your money mindset now – this will make creating a financially free life you love possible!

  326. My mantra is Trust, Serve, Receive. I am going to borrow Marieʻs ATM: “thereʻs more where that came from” I LOVE IT. Mahalo nui loa (Great big thanks: olelo Hawaiʻi)

  327. Edz

    This topic is so timely for me. I have a debt that I’m still paying on top of school fees and helping my family. I have mastered the gratitude practice over money but sometimes I still struggle with the feeling of scarcity. I think what I need to improve more is to “Spread the wealth” and to bless the money that I spend. When I feel that I’m lacking money, it’s hard to treat myself or my loved ones. Or when I do treat myself or family, I feel quite bad that I spent money when I don’t have enough. So really the biggest insight I learned in this episode is to feel good about spending, to make myself truly believe that a lot more money is coming my way and just be more generous when the feeling of scarcity comes. Thank you, team Marie! As always, you guys are huge help. ❤

  328. Thank you Marie for this excellent video. I loved it. And I totally agree with Gemma that the first strategy around gratitude is my favourite.

    I find that appreciating what we have, whether it’s money, love, happiness, time for ourselves, family, work or anything else, is the best way to get in a place where you feel good about it, and this then helps you make the changes needed to get more of it.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yes yes yes Harry; you absolutely get it! We’re so glad you resonated with this video, and we’re grateful to have YOU in our world.

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  330. Loved “there’s more where that came from” when you pay a bill. Thank you, I’ll be using these words when I pay a sizeable bill later today!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES Trish – we really hope it’s a helpful perspective shift for you around money!

  331. steve

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  332. Build your knowledge bank – this is the one that resonated with me the most. The more I read, the more I feel empowered to make an informed decision and start saving for my retirement right now and the faster the decisions I make on whether or not to spend right now. “Spread the wealth” also works, as giving money away or treating a loved one gets us out of feeling anxious around money all the time. In the end, we’re all just stewards of money. It belongs to no one. We just channel it through our lives, from one place to another.

  333. I am very actively fighting a scarcity mindset around money. I am an artist, and “starving artist” is such a big part of our identities and I’m working on letting that shit go! I used to try and make it funny with “I’m broke” or other self deprecating humor, but no more! My favorite tool from this video that I will be using is the ATM. Instead of saying “there’s more where that came from” (which I love) I’m going to use “what goes around, comes around.”

  334. Mykel Ashmore

    What keeps me grounded with money it’s this one saying I’ve always said about money basically in the same sense of yours. Especially when the parting of money is in the hundreds range, but definitely everytime I pay my rent I say “Easy come, Easy go.”

  335. I have three funny rituals…or declarations that I use every single day.
    The first one is “I always have more than enough money for everything I need and desire.” I have it on my wall, in my wallet, in my head and it speak it out loud every day while I”m saying my daily rituals.

    Also, whenever I pay a bill, I always say out loud, “I am so grateful that I have the money to pay this bill. Thank you.”

    And my final declaration is “People love to buy what I create.” This one is particularly awesome in my business and it so far has proven to be true.
    Thanks Marie for your inspiration!

  336. Precious Oguntunde


  337. Love this! Love that you are transparent about your own journey! The last 7+ years Ive had massive transformation & shifted & created 6 behaviors around giving, saving, creating, investing, leverage, and spending. Def some overlap!

    Totally agree on speaking life to money & do my Iams daily & love your mantra. Esp coming from a fam that often focused on not enough! The transformation in the mind is REAL and takes WORK!!! Today alone listening to your episode on money & Pinnacle from Dave Ramsey (avid FPUer) & teach the class too.

    Strongly believe give more of what you want & it comes back to you. We reap what we sow! Thank you as always for your service in the world! and LOVE Kiva!!!! Got to connect with Jessica who worked with them before!

  338. Great tips! They honestly work! I’ve had such great experiences implementing this.

  339. Ani

    Thanks for these tips, really useful. It helped me a lo.



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