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Right now I’m nearing 30,000 feet en route to Santa Barbara, California for our year-end team retreat.

Since we’re a virtual company, having in-person time together is vital.

Plus, I personally love big sleepovers —  so a week with people I love in a beautiful location is a true blessing.

You’re not chasing the goal, you’re chasing a FEELING. @DanielleLaPorte Click To Tweet

Make no mistake though — we will get a ton done. Some major goal-setting and strategic planning for the next 12 – 36 months is top of our agenda.

As this year is winding to a close, I wanted to give you a primer on goal setting gone wrong — and gone right.

Even if you feel like you’re the master of goal-setting, take a few minutes to learn a fresh new way to set — and reach them — with myself and Danielle LaPorte.

No stress, striving or affirmations required.

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Now, Danielle and I would love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell us:

  1. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away?
  2. What do you think one of your core desired feelings is?
  3. Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it.

Thank you so very much for sharing your ideas, dreams, and goals-with-soul with us.

The comment section is a truly awesome and sacred place — due in very large part to your kindness, compassion and courage.

If you found value in this interview, please share it with your friends — it would mean the world to us.

Thanks again and sending you a ton of sunny holiday love!


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  1. Gyda

    Love Danielle and love you Marie 🙂

    My core desired feelings are:
    Free – Joyful – Authentic


    PS. If you are located in Iceland, sign up for the Danielle LaPorte Book club:
    PSS. If you are not in Iceland, check the location in your country for this BIGGEST book club ever:

    • I know! Two of my absolute favorite ladies hanging out and talking about core desired feelings?? What more could a girl ask for?

      One of my core desired feelings is absolutely FREEDOM — that’s a big reason I became an entrepreneur in the first place.

      • Two of my fave women!

        I did the Desire Map earlier this year and let me tell you, almost immediately after I chose my core-desired feelings (CDFs), wacky stuff started to happen. I’m still working through some of it, but feeling more optimistic and more aligned… which happens to be one of my CDFs.

        My unhappiness has always been due to being misaligned with purpose. I say I was “on track but off purpose.” I wanted to be accomplished in a particular realm but there was little of me in that pursuit. Danielle hit the nail on the head when she said,
        “It’s an epidemic that we have bought into other people’s version and visions of success.”

        As a result, I was disconnected for yeeeeeears. I started my journey back quite some time ago, but the Desire Map re-fueled me and the CDFs always bring my focus back where it needs to be. So so grateful for the process.

        • Emelia, your comment made me think of Amy Ahlers’ book “Big Fat Lies Women Tell themselves”…. In it there is a simple story about a fisherman in a village who catches enough to provide for his family. He has enough time for family, for friends, for activities, etc. A business man goes to him and tells him if he catches more he will make more money and get a bigger boat, then bigger house, then move to a bigger city and have millions. the fisherman asks what happens after the millions and the business man says then he can move to a small village and have time for friends and family, enjoy more life and less work…… which of course what he was already doing 🙂

          • Hi Sandy,

            LOVE that story so much…thank you for sharing. So crazy true!

          • meegan

            Oh my… I need to hang this story in a prominent place in my house. It gave me room to breath.

          • That IS a great story. Puts it all in perspective.

          • Danielle, you rock! I was just waving you book around yesterday in my Infinite Possibilities class and telling my students how much depth you bring to the categories. When I did the Desire Map (not that long ago), you guided me through such rich territory and such a thorough exploration of so many areas I never would have thought of. Thank you. Oh, and BTW, for me it’s Delight, Prosperous, At Ease in the Flow, Creative, Nourished.
            Wooooooo Hoooooo!

          • Sandy,

            Thank you so much for sharing this story! It’s so simple and yet, it’s so powerful. It made me giggle inside, because this truly is how so many people in the world operate. What’s funny is I’ve never been that guy who wanted the mansion, or the 60ft. yacht. I want a nice home, enough money to live comfortably, and the freedom to experience the joys of life and love. 🙂

        • I do my annual planning session every year after Thanksgiving, and this was the first year I included my core desired emotions in the process. It really shifted how I approached everything. Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds in store.

          • I LOVE the fact that you start after Thanksgiving! That’s such a perfect time to reflect and regroup while getting a headstart on the new year!!! 🙂 So genius!!!

        • Love “on track but off purpose” Emelia 🙂

        • Kim

          LOVE what you said with “on track but off purpose.” So pithy…I actually feel like I haven’t been either one of these things this past year (the word I focussed on for this year was “Action” to get myself moving) but am definitely looking forward to being more mindful, cultivating fierce and love this coming year 🙂

          • Thanks, Kim. I like the idea of “cultivating fierce.” That’s…well…fierce!

        • Wow. Powerful stuff.

          As I sat there and watched, I had to rewind time and time again. I was struggling to remain present, not because everything I was learning wasn’t captivating, but because my mind was plagued with sadness and confusion. This couldn’t have come at a better time, because I was able to take a deep breath, say to myself “this isn’t how I want to feel”, get focused, and shift my thinking. Truthfully, I wanted to cry a few times, and nearly did.

          I’m discovering my passions, desires, and my purpose, however; I’m experiencing confusion and growing pains in the process. The most difficult part is staying focused and not letting other people’s stuff (and my own) get in the way of what I truly desire. It’s the hardest when you have people around you watching you stumble and fumble, while trying to advise you on what they believe could and should work for you – their projected desires I suppose. Today I felt defeated… I felt like crying because I didn’t get a job I don’t even think I actually wanted… or I suppose I wanted it, but for all the wrong reasons… I felt like if I got the job I’d be proving something to other people, and I’d finally be that guy with the 9-5, salary, benefits, and security. That’s not what I want, but the projected fear and desires of others had lead me to believe it was what I wanted.

          Arriving to this point – this sense of semi-self-actualization if you will – hasn’t been easy. Writing and articulating my desires will certainly help me stay clear about what RENO desires, and not what everyone believes I should desire.

          Freedom, love, creation, joy, peace, abundance, service, connection.

          Thank you ladies. I will now sleep easy, and tomorrow I will continue achieving my desires – step by step.

          With love, authenticity, and vulnerability

          • Shay

            Reno, thanks for you for your post. I can relate I have been in your position, doing what I thought I was expected to do in order to be happy or at least appear to be despite the fact that what others expected did not equate happiness for me. I think that being vulnerable is a wonderful luxury afforded to those who have removed walls or even better never had to build them.

      • Kristen,
        Freedom is a goooooood one. I saw it and I felt an extension of it: Passion. To have passion, to be passionate…. then every moment will feel free. 🙂

        • Kristen and Sandy – like your words passion and freedom. Daring comes to my mind. Absolutely love these women, Danielle and Marie – thank you!

      • Hey Kristen! One of my other CDFs is “liberation.” Right there with you. 🙂

        • FREE! Yes.

          Expansive. Feminine. Peaceful. Limitless.

          Danielle LaPorte is one of my favorite people on the planet, and I’m thrilled she’ll be a guest at Limitless 2014, a free professionally produced online event happening December 17th. You’re all invited of course 😉

          Marie, this is my favorite of all your interviews! 🙂 xo

          • Hear, hear! I’m with Natalie – one of the best interviews ever.

            Mine: Sexy. Brave. Loved. Loving.

      • FREEDOM – That’s the name of the game for me too!

        I love Danielle’s process, it really has brought a lot of clarity to my personal life and business this year!

        Passion is another big one, how can I invoke passion in my clients if I don’t exude it myself, right?

        Fabulous timing on this post, thank you, Marie and Danielle! 🙂

      • I’m certainly with you Gyda and Kristen in loving this episode of two amazing ladies discussing desires and goals.

        Yes freedom is also a critical core desired feeling for me. It’s the reason I gave up a secure well paid career to follow what I wanted to do and create something for myself. Up until now I’d thought about this mostly in terms of wanting control over what I do (I didn’t like being told what to do and have my agenda set for me) and flexibility in how I do it. But I’ve just realised that my core desire behind this is actually freedom.

        So thank you Marie, Danielle and Kristen for that little revelation. xx

        I just love the way that Danielle speaks

      • Yes! Can absolutely relate to “freedom.” Feels sooooo good! 🙂

    • Hels

      Ever since listening to this, what was said here becomes much more powerful everyday. I can’t stop thinking about it… the concept of desired feelings instead of desired goals. I’m still mulling what’s really important for the rest of my life. How do I want to feel the rest of my life? Every day. Just consciouslly thinking about it has changed my attitude with work and family this week.

      On a side note, I wish I could have this on my ipad so I could listen to this on my daily commute. Is it available?

      thx for a great episode!

    • Dawn Harwood

      Biggest insight……being inspired and a desire to share this work!

      My core desired feeling : Playfulness

      Goal : Instigate playful moments every day

      Yippity dippity doooooooo!!!!

      Thank you for all that you are!

      Big xoxo

  2. Truly inspiring video!

    One of my core desired feelings is to feel at peace with myself and the world, to truly have that “knowing” that no matter what happens in the world, I will still be at peace and not crumble into pieces of worry, if you know what I mean.

    To feel that no matter what happens to me I will find a way to fix it, and to trust in myself 100%.

    • Yes, I can totally relate to peace as well, Sofia – that stillness of mind where everything just works out 🙂

    • Sofia,

      My curious mind and adventurous spirit led me to visit a Holocaust museum in skokie, Il. There I watched a video about a man telling a story of how he was among many naked men lined up in front of Nazis who were not afraid to kill anyone on the spot for any reason. He heard the man next to him thanking God and praying so he asked, “Why do you thank God when we are here controlled, we lost everything even our freedom?” And the man praying responds, “I thank God that I am not like them.”

      two things:
      1-even in your worst, there is room for gratitude
      2-your mind is already Free and you CHOOSE the thoughts.


      • Wow, Sandy, that story hit me like a sledge hammer. Thank you for sharing it!

        • That is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing that story. There is always room for gratitude. Amen.

          • Sabrina


      • ellen

        That story was exactly what I, and many others, need to hear right now in this supposed season of gratitude, and also as we approach the weekend of Nelson Mandela’s state funeral. You are a gem for sharing it, Sandy. I hope to hear more from you.

      • That’s a very powerful story. Thank you Sandy for sharing it. A light bulb went off!

      • Amen! Freedom really does begin in the mind. Having peace of mind is true freedom for me. Not being anxious about anything allows me to have clarity, be productive, creative, joyful, thankful, confident, giving …and pretty much the list goes on.

        Thanks for sharing that awesome story, mental freedom is possible even when our physical freedom is challenged.

        Nelson Mandela told former president Clinton:
        “I realized they could take everything, even my life, except my mind and my heart. Those things I would have to give away, and I decided not to give them away … Neither should you.”

        Peace and Love,

      • What a great story! Victor Frankyl speaks of the same thing in “A Mans Search For Meaning”
        It’s interesting how we can become so bitter and futile over such small things compared to something as traumatic as war camps. Power of the mind. The one thing we can control, any time, any where.

    • Sofia, I feel like this is a lot like Marie’s “everything is figureoutable” mantra. This is also one of my CDFs. What I desire is that deep connection with myself and with the world – the one that can look past appearances and into the heart of what is really true.

      That’s what I feel my work is all about – looking past appearances, doubts, fears, worries, shoulds, woulds… and into what’s really true about people and the work they are meant to do. My goal this year is to simply bring more of that into my life… by giving away as much of it as possible (one of my CDFs is generous… and of course free, which also means free of the need to ask for the sale all the time).

    • “The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible. That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942, translated from French by Lewis Galantière
      The main take away for me~ “intentional creator of your life”, and yes, Sofia, my core desired feeling is also ‘peace of mind’.

  3. I find this video fitting since I just decided to start re-reading The Desire Map last night in the bathtub!

    My biggest take-away is when I followed Danielle’s advice to ask myself:
    What am I going to do today to generate these core desired feelings? I paused the video and wrote down an entirely new action plan for my day!

    My Core desired feelings are Love, Authenticity, Connection, Abundance.

    If I were to pick my number one CDF it would be Love.

    My goal around this is to meditate on these desires daily in order to strengthen them and understand I already feel those feelings inside of me. I want to allow myself the strength to release what does not serve my core desired feelings in order to set my life based on these new feelings.

    Once I went through the process of putting my core desired feelings into words, I recognized that I had already started acting on these feelings in so many ways.

    Thank you Danielle. The last time I read The Desire Map I recognized that my biggest core desired feeling was peace. I have carried a peaceful mindset with me so much within the last year. I can turn any situation peaceful by holding onto my core desired feelings. I believe I deserve having inward peace and will always reflect it on everyone I see, even when there is conflict. I love you for being a catalyst for my peace. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


  4. WHAT A COMPLETE TREAT! I loved, loved, LOVED this interview. LOVED it. I could listen to Danielle La Porte talking about anything all day long – she has the most beautifully rhythmical and sensual voice. It’s like she’s reading poetry – glorious!

    The biggest insight was to just stop with the “I NEED to do this…” or “I HAVE to do that” kind of chore-thought. What the hell do I actually want to feel in my core. Gamechanging. Seriously, it’s just changed my entire 2014 plan.

    I think one of my core desired feelings is faith. Not in the religious sense, although certainly in the spiritual. My internal DVD player is showing me remaining true to myself, instilling the idea of faith in others and challenging accepted paradigms. Yeah, seems a bit woolly so far, ha!

    The goal to go with that is to build a network of amazing women in 2014 and to help women specifically feel more confident with technology – however, I need to be open to this as my One Big Ass Goal – no hanging on to other things that I do to keep things ticking over (but don’t love), but being faithful to the belief that I can do this (and helping inspire faith that my audience can achieve).

    Yeah. Holy Mother of Game Change, right there…

    • Gemma, you are hilarious! And, I KNOW RIGHT? Danielle’s voice is just amazing. I could listen to her all day long… she just emanates this energy that is beyond expansive. And I love the bit about your “internal DVD player” 😉 very creative!

      • YES! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that about Danielle’s voice – and thanks Laura 🙂 Everyone has their internal DVD player 😉

    • I know. Danielle Laporte is the most charismatic woman I’ve ever heard in my life. I could listen to her all day long…!

      My desires are:

      Which I narrowed down from the 3 life areas Danielle talked about. Another major part of my life is SCHOOL and my desires at school are different than these core desires — which I find interesting.

      Anyway, I think this is most useful for making decisions. What do I want to say yes to? I will definitely use this as a technique for decision making. And for assessing my progress towards my goals!!!

      No more feeling like crap!! As I work towards my goals, am I feeling my core desired feelings??? Super important!

      Thanks, Danielle.

  5. I love, love, love Danielle! She is my absolute shero! She is one of the people that got me to look at setting goals in a more positive and meaningful way. Martha Beck is the other person. I wrote a post about goal setting based on Martha Beck’s philosophy, which you can read here:

    I bought Danielle’s Desire Map book and am in the process of finding my core desired feelings. So far I figured that “connected” is one of them. I desire to feel more connected to God / Universe / Source. I desire to connect with people. I desire stronger connections with my friends and family.

    I travel a great deal for work and I find that since I discovered this desired feeling, I have more conversations with my seat mates, more than ever now. These conversations have been very engaging and such a great way to pass the flight time. I don’t even initiate the conversation a lot of the time. It’s really amazing. Thanks for your work Danielle!

  6. Marie…once again you have done it BIG!! You pick the best interviews, subjects, outfits, makeup, nail lacquer, cant forget the shoes, hair styles (layers, highlights and all)…Best of all, you are “YOU”!! My Queen, your loving energy has a ripple effect throughout the internet…Keep up the amazing work…We are “blessed” to have you, Marie!! To you are you wonderful staff, I send my X’s & O’s…

    “Unique, My Queen, so FEEL IT”
    Copyright 2013 by Jai Louys
    Practicality…”Feeling” the soul and goals match up…Connie, the Jersey Girl, can help you get in touch…Never live others expectations…Keeping up with the Jones is a staple in this Nation…Be who you were made to be…The Divine “Queen” royally set upon her Throne making wise decisions toward her destiny…So, close your eyes and breathe in deep for several moments and clear you beautiful mine…Imagine the “Best & Most Satisfying Feeling” that you have ever felt during this life time…Set your thoughts on how you want to “feel”…Are you unhappy with your social life?…Just maybe, you need to reexamine how you are being treated as a Wife, Queen, and Business Diva…Do you need a word to reconnect…Love, Power, Confidence, or Respect?…When you “dreamed” of the perfect man, friend, or business partnership, was “this” what you expected or had in mind…Life is short, so communicate the changes you need make to “feel” good & happy, againthis time…In the end your heart will be “happy”, that wonderful “gasmic feeling” we search for over and over again…How “relaxing” it would be to reach out and connect with “me” and hear intuitively the trueness of this message…No judgments, just be bold and declare how you want to “feel”…Your “desired feelings” bring forth options, and your actions support your will…You desire “authentic love” and I have it to give…”Know” who you are, my Queen, and plan, with feelings, the dreams you want to live…Friendship is the foundation to any successful relationship, so give…You are sooo much MORE than you know and have been told…More precious than diamonds & gold…You are…
    “Unique, My Queen, so FEEL IT”

  7. OH! I love love love Danielle Laporte! Great video – I really enjoyed it.

    I made a huge shift in the past year from doing what I thought I was “supposed to” do in my biz to doing what I LOVE to do. And that has made all the difference. I feel much more authentically me (and maybe my core desired feeling is authenticity) and happily so.

    Looking forward to getting my Desire Map day planner and kicking it into high gear in 2014.

  8. Amazing interview with Danielle, Marie! It was just what I needed to hear.

    My takeaway: Bring to your daily life what you want to see in your life instead of trying to change the world to give it to you.

    My core desired feelings are Connectedness, Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, and Alignment!

    I believe one aspect of Joy produces contagious and highly infectious laughter. So, my goal is to bring that aspect of Joy into my day-to-day existence. It is a true perspective changer.

    Thanks for turning goal setting on its ear, and showing the sacredness of aligning your goals with your soul!

  9. How do you squeeze too much amazing into one video interview? Oh, this is how. #mytwofavs

  10. SUCH important food for thought! Especially during the holiday season. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, Danielle (great name, ha) AND Marie!

  11. Great as always, one suggestion.
    Consider bringing the team to St. Augustine. The nation’s oldest city, absolutely gorgeous. Best kept secret in Florida. Much like Santa Barbara was in the 70’s. (I know whereof I speak. I lived in Santa Barbara in the 70’s.
    St. Augustine is better, more to see, less commercial, better beaches,
    warmer ocean water.)

  12. I’m MIND BLOWN and can’t wait to get my hands on Danielle’s book. I have always loved the couple of days around New Year’s Eve because I do like setting goals…it’s a fresh start, a new year and there’s hope for big things.

    Yet, I too have felt like a failure when not achieving the goals I set out. Take my business for example. I started Escaping Dodge this year with the idea that I could do the thing I love the most and earn an income doing it.

    I’m super happy with what I’ve produced so far, but the income? Nada. Zilch. Failure. So, I’m left with the overarching feeling of failure.

    I want to turn that around and this video resonated so deeply with me. I can’t wait to base my new goals on the feelings I want to experience and see what happens!

    Thank you both,

  13. 1) Biggest insight is to “be” the feeling or embody it with others rather than wishing for it.
    2) Marie I’m so curious about your CDFs! One of mine is Elation.
    3) Goal is to dance, have spontaneous days, say yes truly and sparingly

  14. I love Danielle! Thank you for having her on! I have been using The Desire Map for the last 6 months and will be running a book club in the new year!

    My core desired feelings:
    1. Connected
    2. Proactive
    3. Clean

    Heidi xx

  15. Gosh, Danielle is SO freaking inspiring.
    In 2014 I want to feel rewarded. And activated. And “in flow”.
    Thanks so much for another excellent interview!

  16. Marie, are you open to sharing your core desired feelings?

    I’m sure there are many who would be interested in hearing that!

  17. Elodie

    biggest insight ! I’m worth my cored desired feelings

    core desired feeling : serene
    bonus point : I need to feel worthy !


    • Karen J

      that’s brilliant, Elodie: “I AM worthy of my CDF’s!!!”
      Thanks for sharing that ~ 🙂

  18. Katy

    Thank you for this Marie!

  19. I’ve always been a big fan of dong what makes you feel good, and I love that Danielle has systematized this. So happy that more women will be setting goals based on how they want to feel instead of what they want to achieve!

  20. My core desired feeling is a sense of meaning and legacy.

    My goal to achieve that feeling is to build my website in 2014 so that it reaches three times the people it is currently reaching, helping others create meaningful work in their lives, which creates a deep sense of meaning and purpose in my own!

  21. Core feelings:

    Breathtaking, tear producing, goosebumpy interview. Love you two beautiful spirits.

  22. I just love this… I create a goal planning workbook thing every year, and have been doing it myself for years, but I’ve realized that so many people get caught up and it’s not the therapeutic and beautiful experience it should be. Thanks so much, incredible message!!

  23. Hi Marie and Friends!

    Thank you for another wonderful episode!

    What I received from this was that it is about core emotions and desires not boxy goals. That was an big moment for me when I realized that. No more boo-hooing over unmanageable goals! Instead, I plan on embracing joy and living in the present.

    Thank you again, Marie and Danielle!!!

    Amanda Jane

  24. Beautiful video! I think that’s somewhere we all get stuck sometimes…in that tension between being at peace in the moment, and striving, reaching for innate desires…so that our future ‘present moments’ look and feel like we want them to.

    Beautiful insight, thank you!

  25. Loving these messages! Thank you Marie and Danielle for this amazing talk today!

    My CDF is Abundance!
    My goal with this CDF for 2014 Is to host 3 Yoga Retreats! I will gain the abundance of sharing love to my community and throughout the nation.
    I am truly grateful for this episode!
    Keep Rockin’ It!
    Peace and Love!

  26. elena

    Thank you so much Marie for this video! so inspiring!
    I wish you all the best cos you deserve it girl !!

  27. Loved the line about confidence and success not being the feelings to go after because they can lead us out of alignment.

    Core feelings: joy – devine feminine (powerful & intuitive) – peaceful

    My core task is: I need to relook at my year and reevaluate my goals to ensure they are in alignment with my feelings

  28. Chrissy

    She is teaching Non Violent Communication-
    Core desired feelings = Universal Human Needs
    Giraffe vs Jackle internal speaking

    Lovely stuff

  29. Gina

    I did a little work on this recently with a life coach and four came out for me:
    Passion, Beauty, Power and my top, Freedom. I felt like there were some values like Authenticity that were better encompassed in Power; when I feel powerful (i.e. strong, grounded), I AM being authentic – it’s when I’m feeling small and afraid that I’m not being real. It also means that I want to bring more experiences into my life where I’m witnessing true Power. Love is that gorgeous mix of Passion and Beauty. Beauty was so important to me because I cannot be sustained by a life that is just functional. Nature and art and a baby’s smile or a perfectly ripe and shiny cherry are all things that feed my soul. But none of them are worth it if I feel trapped or restrained. I work hard to bring freedom into my life because we all feel these invisible demands pulling on us that are sometimes real and not real. But also there are times when I have a little freakout and convince myself that I’m restricted within a particular situation; it takes a deep breath and some mental space to remind myself that I can feel more free on the inside no matter what is going on around me.

  30. WOW thank you for this inspiring conversation, so simply put.

    As a spiritual person in the business world I know the rules that “you can’t find happiness outside of yourself” etc etc however, it had never REALLY clicked until I watch this. Success is about feeling the feelings you want to feel everyday = success = SO SIMPLE!

    So if you don’t identify how you want to feel every day how can you pick the activities that make you feel that way!? without this approach success is all a bit “hit and miss”:) and its more than likely we miss or worse in a way feel like we are “constantly searching for success” yuk

    really loved this, thank you

    my core desired feeling number 1 is INSPIRED

    Love and gratitude

    Claire x

  31. Artemis

    Wow! I ‘ve just watched the video and thought that there wouldn’t be any comments yet, but I was mistaken!

    Great vieo Marie! I loved the advice on looking for the words etymology and meaning. Deconstracting them and lead to their core. Like for example self confidence is loving yourself.

    My goals are
    1. Respect and love myself more.
    2. Find the strength to accomplish my short terms goals (finishing my thesis and siting my english exam).
    3. Find a job that gives me joy.

    Thank you for this amazing video and your effort on giving serious advice in a funny way!

    Love your videos! Please consider organising a workshop in Greece.

    Much love 🙂

  32. Thank you for this AMAZING episode!
    I just wrapped up a whole weekend on goals setting and projections for 2014 and this will definitely play a big impact on it. One of core desires is joy and this is a great reminder to infuse it in every task, every day.
    Marie, I would love to know what your core desires are!

    Also, thank you for the reminder to “think big and worthy.” You’re so right. We can not give off contradictory thoughts!
    love you, love you!

  33. Core desires: absolutely 100% the ONLY way for me to create.
    I call it the Inside Out Creative Process. And it’s yummy and oh so powerful. What other way of creating are your going to truly feel fulfilled?

    My core desires (or the essence of how I want to feel) changes as the year evolves but these days I’m moving into wholeness, beingness (as opposed to doing doing doing) and divine creative swlf expression which feels like… expanssion, flow, joy and grace.

    These desires are currently manifesting a book, writing for magazines, a new program for The Intuitive Leadership Academy and a VIP Master Mind exotic retreat with my amazing clients. Yum.

  34. Wow. This was a real eye-opener. And I think it was what Danielle talked about at the end, is ironically one of my core desires: to feel WORTHY. Thank you for offering a new approach for setting out our path through life. One that helps us become more of who we truly are.

  35. Kelly

    Definitely a big “Hallelujah!” moment.

    My CDFs as of this moment (I’m still working through them as I’ve just watched the interview) are:

    1) In control
    >Goals it relates to: my education, what I spend my time on, my weight, my finances, clutter…
    2) Passion
    >Goals it relates to: creating, education, work, relationships, connections with society, hobbies, life, love
    3) Feel worthy
    >Goals it relates to: creating, education, relationships, connections, life, love, achievements

    All the goals seem to be connected by my CDFs which gives me a much clearer picture of why they were my goals to begin with, but staying in tune with what those feelings are means I’ll be better able to remain focused on my goals when I know why it is I want them (or why those goals may change).

    Thank you both for sharing this!

  36. I don’t usually comment, but wow! This video is so dense with great messages and I think it was what I needed to hear this morning. The goals setting discussion in the beginning, really hit home as I’m working on my 2014 goals today. I’m flipping it, and letting my feelings guide me. One of my goals is to work through the Desire Map by January.

    Flipping the switch when you’re in a moment of anguish is a hard practice. I’m working on stepping back, and altering my perspective when I feel that way. Thank you for the gems!

  37. Jennifer Caballero

    I really loved hearing Danielle’s crisp clarity of the real goal being the feeling underneath the success, not the external specific achievement per se. I need to spend a little more time with all of this but right now I’m clear that connectedness is a feeling I really truly want in my relationships/society area. It’s funny because I was just contemplating doing the good old annual holiday card and remarked to my husband that since we have not seen a single card in our snail-mail box maybe we just forget it and post a FB pic and be done with it. After this video I now see I really want that connectedness that doing the non-digital snail mail card provides me (especially for those folks who are not in my digital circle), and I REALLY value that, so dammit I’m doing those cards because I want that feeling. Thanks as always Marie and thank you Danielle.

  38. Incandescent.

  39. Wonderful video.

    Thank you Marie and Danielle. You are both amazing. It’s interesting as I have made goals in the past without no feeling and these things never did happen and when I have set an intention from my heart everything has fallen into place to make that happen. I believe that feelings are the drive to take us from a to b and the desire in the moment is the thing that drives us into already having that experience.

    My core desired feelings are connection, joy, and love.


  40. Hi Marie and Danielle,
    Last December I could barely walk due to ongoing health issues, and I had begun doubting myself. I turned things around by making a conscious decision to embrace the opportunity for change. Today I am walking and working and living a better life. I often support myself by watching videos like yours, reading the kind of books you have written. I look for every opportunity for joyful, transformative experience. Your talk affirmed my approach to life. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be getting your new book!

  41. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!!! This be some good TV!
    I’m right there with you Danielle I believe that striving for success is an epidemic. We have put the suck in success and we have lost the meaning and beauty of success for ourselves. You are an intentional creator, not a follower striving for someone else goals & version of success. I also loved “you learn through contrast” I love that word rather than challenges. One of my core desired feelings is love and I was able to feel that this morning by taking a time out to watch this video. Thank you Marie and Danielle! xo

  42. 1. Biggest Insight – That I need to get my ass back into The Desire Map. I left off by riffing my core desired feelings, and am letting them simmer to develop their flavors a little before I choose them.
    2. A few flavors I’m liking right now – abundance, joy, serenity, calm, connected, inspired

  43. Marie + Danielle = MAGIC!

    LOVED that ‘Your sacred homework is to feel worthy!’

    My Core Desire Feeling is to feel connected. [to my body, to my family, to my friends, to my community]

    Thank you

  44. Nikki

    Super inspiring!! Just what I needed to hear right now. Looking forward to mapping my desires! Thank you both. My core desired feeling at the moment and off the cuff — happiness.

  45. I Loved, loved, loved this. Touched my heart and soul in such a profound way. One of the biggest things I’m taking away from this is what Danielle said about how “life isn’t always perfect”…and that we’re not always 100% of the time going to be living in our core desired feelings…BUT, when we’re connected to them and recognize them, we can recognize easily when we’re feeling something that’s NOT what we want and we can stop right there and make a new choice that gets us back into alignment with how we do want to feel. One of my core desired feelings is “connection.” I want to feel connected to my higher power, my intuition, my loved ones, my clients. I am going to start to add meditation into my life to support this connection. Love you Marie & Danielle!!! Thank you so much. This was the best 22 minutes of my day! xo

  46. You da best!!!!!!! Love you both! Hope you do this forever and ever and ever! 😀

  47. Awesome episode! My 1 most powerful core desired feeling over the last year has been ‘released’. Before I discovered Danielle’s Desire Map, I felt very much tied to my work and my clients, as if they owned me and I had to do everything they asked of me and it led to me really despising my job and not enjoying the work that I was doing. The Desire Map has honestly been a life changing program for me and I don’t go one day without implementing some form of Desiremapping into my daily routine. Love, love, love.

    • Shannon, wow…released really hit a nerve in me. Thank you for that!

  48. moni

    I truly enjoyed your interview and it’s so true. My number one core desire feeling is Love, and i mean to love and to be loved to be connected, to feel joy and to be creative. Thanks again a wonderful the video.
    Allt the best, Moni

  49. Marie, thank you so much for having such gorgeous guests.

    It is really difficult to single out one thing I would definitely take after the interview. But probably that would be the idea of being spiritual in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in your soul. That is just so fantastic.

    And my #1 core desired feeling is always and forever the divine femininity!
    Yes, please.

  50. Elena

    Danielle inspires, she breathes life into an overworked issue: getting access to our very singular, personal core values…they are not everyone else’s! I discovered one of my own beneath the shoulda-woulda crud that gets cranked out of typical pumped-up goal- setting classes ! One thing which I value greatly is to FEEL UNDERSTOOD, and be able to recognize when those around me resonate. Who would have ever thought that is a core value? But given my challenges, that is a significant value to me.

  51. Wow. Great interview session today!
    Danielle LaPorta has such an amazing energy oozing from her!

    gratitude for sharing, dx

  52. I love this. Great job Marie!

  53. Lea

    What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away?
    That I am not alone having this challenges writing down my Goals for 2014 and what I just had the aha moment, in the past I was not to lazy to do so, I was too coward to do so as I was scared of not reaching them, failing and they didn’t feel right. Getting in the How would I like to feel makes it so much more fun!
    What do you think one of your core desired feelings is?
    I think to have joy in my life which I almost forgot the last 30 years what this means and how it feels at all and with Joy comes for me Fun fun fun, lots of laughter and lately pleasure which is combined with feeling as a woman and therefore feeling sexy, sensual, attractive and just awe. I have this now since a while on my plate but realize it still didn’t get any further than on my plate but still far away from my daily life!

    Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it.
    honestly I don’t know it yet really myself and it makes me kind of feeling sad that I still don’t respect myself enough and put myself first and take those topics serious
    All I know I want to help woman to remember where they came from and why they are here and live it out in a feminine way, this would make me feel for sure happy and bring me joy lots of joy and pleasure and even more living my own feminity and awesomeness

  54. Danielle is truly a tonic for the modern age. Wise, witty, fierce and the beautiful messenger of so much truth.

    The Desire Map created really important change in my own life when I went through the initial program. It helped me get clear – and unapologetic for the first time – about the fact that I wanted LIGHT/NESS in my life. My business, relationships, everything, felt like a series of hostile, fat gorillas hanging out on my back. So, I said a loving, generous goodbye to all of my staff, gave up my office space and got focused on building a lean web-based business that I could run from anywhere in the world. (This was also the motivation for signing up for B-School, which I can’t recommend highly enough. Also a life changer. Thank you Marie!) This was a major, much needed shift.

    So, my key insight – one based on experience – is that setting goals with soul works. Getting clear on YOUR Core Desired Feelings and living into them every day is liberating, energizing and filled with so much freedom it’s almost criminal.

    My core desired feelings are:

    I’m leading a Book Club in Toronto that launches on January 7 with all of the other marvelous Desire Map Book Clubs around the world. If you’re in TO, join us. You’ll find all the deets on Danielle’s site at

    Wishing everyone a 2014 filled with juicy, soul-filled desire.


  55. Since just watching Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, a core feeling I would like to focus on this year is the feeling of making a meaningful contribution. As I write this from Cape Town, I feel honored to be spending the year among South Africans and feel much gratitude at this time.

    • Lea

      Hi Angelina,
      I so see you point and know where you are coming from! 🙂
      I was watching myself 4 hours this morning and I was in awe, grace and gratitude and back on track of what life is all about and watching how the Divine one more showed us all how he is working

  56. My biggest takeaway is that I am WORTHY of all the happiness and success I can stand. I struggle big time with this concept (always have, but especially recently because I allowed a stranger’s ruthless verbal vomit to derail my dreams this summer) and sometimes I need someone else to remind me, even indirectly, that I deserve happiness in whatever form I want it to arrive.

    So, even though I have not read The Desire Map (it’s on order and I’m looking for a local book club) I would guess that the process I’m about to go through will reveal to me that one of my core desired feelings is Worthiness, not from external sources but of the variety that can only be felt within.

    I would also guess, because when Danielle said this on the video it really resonated with me, that another of my CDF’s would be Creation. I live to create and I love the feeling that “flows” through me (as she put it) when I’m in the act of creation.

    Thank you for having Danielle on. I’ve only recently discovered her work and I just can’t get enough of her wisdom and words.

  57. LOVE- LOVE!!!
    Take away: You are worth it! Be the change you want to see!

    So true on all points–LOVE the whole interview! I get so excited when I see a new one posted and take the time to watch them every time!!

    Words: Love, Focus, Peace, Harmony

    Keep the awesome interviews coming—-Sharing!!

  58. What I’m taking from this is not so much an insight as a reminder. I’m a DM devotee and am currently working through my workbook…and yet you’d think I’d manage to remember that when I look to my goals for the new year, I have to remember to keep my CDF’s in mind. I keep thinking “goal goal goal” and avoiding taking my feelings into consideration. Clearly this video was a much-needed reminder, so THANK YOU!

    One of my CDF’s is “abundance”. I’ve always seen this dream image of myself…this abundant goddess, with a kitchen table always full of friends and food. Someone who is extravagantly generous with her time and talents. Someone who can give freely and generously to the causes that resonate. Someone whose garden is always chock-full to overflowing, whose laughter fills the house, whose lifestyle is full of travel and discovery, who loves on every single person in her sphere until they are full to the brim and then some. Yes. Abundance is a major player.

    • Linda

      Jennifer, I like how you defined abundance! When I first heard that word in the interview I thought of monetary abundance which didn’t resonate with me. Your definition lit me up. Thank you!!

  59. Loved this interview, thank you Marie and Danielle!

    My biggest take away was something that I was just just elaborating with my mastermind group last night. The soul of our goals, the way we serve our teams and clients is based on how we want to feel about ourselves, is about the person we are becoming and we want to become. Not just some fancy title, but the person who feels and breathes and smiles because we are operating on our core self!

    Love this! thank you girls! 😀

    My core desire feelings are:
    Faith, Joy, Abundance, Femenine Energy, Creation.

    This episode comes just in time for my personal planning retreat 😀
    Love you Marie!

  60. Richard

    Am I the only one who can see through this person, how fake and pretentious she is?

    Am I the only here who an recognize all the hypnotic words and language patterns she is using to BRAIN WASH you people that she is “genius” in her own way?

    What a bunch of herd!

    • I didn’t get that at all, just the opposite. Danielle seems very real, open, warm, loving and honest.

    • Richard, I actually understand what you’re picking up, BUT truth is truth. Wisdom is wisdom. It’s not her wisdom, it’s Universal. That’s why it strikes so many of us.

    • Donna

      No you are not the only one to notice how fake and pretentious Danielle is. But I’m sure you will be kicked around for your comments because you’re a man. I stumbled upon this interview and some short you tube clips of her after a friend had “liked” some short rambling of hers on Facebook. Just had to look her up, I had an intuitive feel that she was full of shit…..and now I’m certain. I can see how she would appeal to the emotionally insecure, weak and needy crowd. She’s figured out a great way to make a buck, there’s apparently plenty of lost, needy souls who need her garbage “guidance”. It’s sad there’s so many women out there that need reassurance and this type of pseudo support. Strength, confidence, and intelligence are not only sexy, they’re attributes we don’t acquire from anyone’s “teachings”. Danielle doesn’t have any of those traits, she’s a phony trying to convince women who are unsure of their own worth that her brand of crap smells like lilacs so that they shell out their money for basically nothing that they don’t already have. Wake up women and stand beautiful and strong, she’s not giving you anything you don’t already have!

  61. My biggest insight was that it’s soooo easy to step from heart to mind when we talk about feelings. They’re seam to be disguised sometimes and when we think we have a desire it’s in fact a need that we think we have. Because we’re living from the outside in.

    I’m going to choose two core feelings that go side by side for me at the moment: PRESENCE and FREEDOM. Presence so I can appreciate and connect with my soul and discover my true self and freedom to express that truth without taking “others” in consideration.

    You both are my internet girl crush! Loved this episode. From the heart.

  62. 1. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away?
    When you’re not feeling in alignment with your core desires, just stop and reconnect. Done.

    2. What do you think one of your core desired feelings is?
    Feeling treasured.

    3. Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it.
    Feeling treasured can manifest in lots of different ways but, ultimately, I’d like to feel treasured by the contribution I make to this world (my artwork).

    Did it, wrote them down :)!

    Thanks, have a wonderful day.

  63. Margaret

    Love, love this! Need to watch again and again and again. Not sure of my core goal feelings, but I do know I am sitting up a little taller; have more hope and joy just from watching.

    Thank you!

  64. Core desire: Become an effective self love and inner peace teacher. Feeling bliss and sharing the bliss 🙂

    We all love Danielle!!

  65. My biggest take away is that creating the feelings you want to feel is not about setting the world up to give them to you but but finding a way to feel them when the world seems to be doing its damnedest to create the precise opposite feeling in you.

    I remember hearing Daniele’s video from her blog a while ago and sitting down and coming up with some core feelings that matter to me. One on that list was Supported: the feeling that I am connected to and drawing to me people who can help me in areas of weakness and need.

    Based on the take away from today I will rewrite that feeling to:

    Support: I want to feel that I belong to and help create a network of people who support each other and fill in the gaps as we each need at the time.

    This takes me from passive–who is going to support me to active–what am I doing to create support right now.

    I can work with that.

    Thanks Marie. Thanks Danielle.
    PS I love that Danielle and you constantly remind us that everything is a growth and refinement over time.

    • Tricia

      ” when the world seems to be doing its damnedest to create the precise opposite feeling in you ” …. My take on your comment is that YOU are hanging around the WRONG people. Just a thought.

      • You misconstrue my comment.

        Events will happen that one has no control over. Parents get sick and end up in the hospital. Clients don’t come as fast as you wish. Cars break down at unexpected and completely inconvenient times. People who you think ought to help just then have their own things going on that preclude them doing what you think you need them to do. Help offered doesn’t look like your definition of help. I could go on. All of these external events can leave one feeling isolated and unsupported regardless of the people one is hanging around with.

        Also, in the first iteration it was all about what I wanted to get. That’s is not, the way I hear it, what Danielle talking about.

        If you are looking at the example of “support” as determinant that I am hanging around the wrong people, that is only one of the core feelings that I listed when I did the exercise some months ago. I posted it as an example because the way I wrote it originally made it about setting the world up as I want it not about seeking to find the feeling within myself. The first I can’t control, for reasons stated above, the second I can. It may not, as Danielle points out, be easy but it is still about my internal state not external conditions.

        I hope this clarifies my meaning.

  66. Lea

    Dear Marie
    Dear Danielle,
    I was watching this morning the Farewell from Nelson Mandela (you probably ask yourself what has this today with our video a lot I can tell you) and I was in awe, grace and gratitude about the talks, specially from Obama and the reminder of the life of Mandela and I was back on track. For days I was lost and only in my mind and Ego and horrible chatter about what is wrong with me and the should’s that I felt so out of everything, I couldn’t hear my voice anymore and the voice of the Divine. After 4 hours of Fairwell, back was my voice and the voice of the Divine I could feel the ONENESS again, I could feel the we are not walking a lone the Divine is always with us, showing me this morning this in the life of Mandela and Obama and that both visit this beautiful planet at the same time as I am here and that I can learn from them and be inspired and go back to my routes my SOUL and stay in grace, trust, love, joy, peace and compassion. After this I was so excited about life again but the next cloud arrived, being asked about my Goals for 2014 and announcing them this Friday to a friend and next Tuesday to a big group of women and here I was still stuck. I wrote to a friend, which I wouldn’t have done before to spend some time together to set up the Goals 2014 and next I look in my inbox and there she is my beloved Marie, who always cheers me up with her incredible videos, and what was the topic of today??? Goals. Here you go!!! 🙂 Thank you God, Universe, Divine, holy Spirit for bring me back on track for sending me big signs as I didn’t see the little one you send me. Thank you to Mandela and Obama who are my heroes and mentors to follow.
    Thank you Marie and Danielle for a video I just needed at this very moment
    Love you all

  67. Mary

    I love this … feels like the feminine power is in the house, informing the more masculine qualities of “getting it done” and “moving forward at all costs”…
    (all good when balanced)…
    Thank you so much this feels like the missing piece in so many systems of making it happen, rather than opening to the happening…
    CREATION indeed!!!

  68. I loved this interview with Danielle. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Just yesterday I was commenting to a friend that I’m feeling scattered, so when Danielle spoke about “life” sometimes pulling us from our core desired feelings and that we needed to come back to center totally resonated. One of my core desired feelings is to feel energized in whatever I’m doing. Hearing Danielle this morning, has moved me back to a place where I can start to center myself again. Thank you for this gift…especially at such a chaotic time of the year for so many.

  69. Marie, thank you for doing this interview. I’m totally digging what Danielle has to say about chasing the feeling versus the goal because so much of what we do is mental or psychologically controlled and feels empty although in our minds, we think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m loving the idea of embracing core feelings like sexy, affluent, freedom, belonging, joy, love, etc. because it feels (I’m noticing the use of the word feel) more manageable or in alignment with who and what I am, which is a feeling human being. This episode really resonated with me because I’ve been feeling exhausted with doing things, things that I know are helping me to move toward my desired vision but I’m constantly getting this feeling that something is lacking or missing or the energy seems off but when I embrace core feelings as a mechanism for moving into the life I want to live, I feel so elevated, feel so relieved, feel softer, feel less stressed because I’m comforted with a core that holds me up and keeps me strong without too much effort. I can’t thank Danielle enough for returning us to ourselves, our true innate selves and using feelings versus mental tactics to evolve into the beings of our fondest dreams. And lastly, I feel like sometimes that I am the only spiritually hard-headed person on this planet because I do know that life is from the inside out but this core belief systems grounds me in that knowing in a way that is liberating and so inspiring. Peace and Blessings Always, Charlotte

  70. Great video! My core desired feeling is “peace” because when I feel a sense of peace, I feel joy, love, balance, calm, connected, creative, etc. When I feel peace, I know I am in the right place for me.


  71. Karla

    Loved the conversation- great start to my day! Reminds me of the conversations my best friend and I have.

    A little over a year ago I left my job oversees and moved back to the States. I changed everything in my life because I was not feeling the way I wanted to feel. I stopped chasing what I thought were the “right” goals that society often speaks about and started an intense love affair with my soul and listened to what it was whispering. Best decision of my life and an ongoing practice.
    Danielle, loved tour description of creativity as “Creation”. One of my core desired feelings is manifesting. Creating, making beautiful things and manifesting brings me deep joy.

  72. Jason

    She must still think sounding depressed is sexy. Had to laugh when she said that, cause I was wondering why she sounded like that the whole time I was listening.

  73. Tricia

    Great interview. What you bring to the world is very important. It is equally important to be aware of the environment you are in. Some environments are healthy…think good, solid marriages, athletic, fit healthy members of the community. Conversely, some environments are toxic…think communities with bad marriages, roving-eye husbands, abandoned kids with problems, community of people who do not embrace exercise and eating healthy. Now, it doesn’t matter how much positive energy YOU bring to scenario 2, it’s still going to ‘suck the life out of you’ and you need to be aware of that and maybe go somewhere that IS more in line with your positive energy. Nuf said.

  74. Great talk about inner passion, feelings.
    We say “feel the connection in order to release your inner horspower”
    keep up the good vids, they are great.

  75. I’ve been watching Marie TV for over a year now and I have to say that HANDS DOWN, this is my TOP favourite video of all time. Love love LOVE this! Danielle LaPorte is the BOMB!

  76. carole

    My core desire is to feel THE underlying unconditional love in the midst of community, and to watch the inspiration of that unfold every day. I own a small bead store and I get to practice/experience this every day.

  77. Barbara Hames

    So appreciated what Danielle had to say. I’m putting The Desire Map on my Christmas wish list.
    Biggest wow that I got from this is the importance of allowing myself to feel worthy.
    One core desire feeling is Flow
    And my goal for this is to feel the flow in my body most every moment – dance in the supermarket, the bank, the beach, the work station. There’s no reason not to share this. People love to be part of the dance.

  78. Nathalie

    Thank you for this great interview. My core feeling is PEACE in myself…every action we do at work or in personal life are driven from a feeling from your core….I want to end the massacres (which are the actions taken with frustration or anger) and enjoy the beauty of life…

  79. I love the core desired feelings, it’s really a life changing idea 🙂
    One of my core desired feelings is Respect, and my goal is to start by respecting myself, always.
    Lots of love,

  80. Great interview Marie as always….I wish there was only one take away…I’ve got at least five…but since you only asked for one I’ll say when Danielle said match your soul with your goals…that rang rhythms in my soul.

    On my way to purchase her book now!

    My core desired feeling I would have to say is creation…the ABC’s of my life are to Always Be Creating…

  81. Krista

    Wow, this really hit home for me!
    Biggest insight I’m taking from this: Not sure if this was specifically said but it still inspired this thought in my mind… what we desire doesn’t have to be something that has already been defined. I think we can get so caught up in putting a label on something, and having the ability to put into words what it is that we desire so that we can share it with others, that we end up putting a pre-defined label on it that actually alters what that desire is. It’s almost as though in the process of trying to define it, we actually change it by limiting it to the terms we are already familiar with, as if filing it in our minds as something that we already know is comforting. Not sure if this makes sense, but what I’m trying to say is that maybe we don’t necessarily need to define what it is that we desire at first, and instead just experience it fully first and foremost. When Danielle was talking about asking yourself (step 4) what you need to do, experience, be, etc. in order to feel your core desired feelings, and allowing yourself to feel and do what it is that has been pulling at you (like climbing a mountain), I thought “damn, we just need to DO these things and stop worrying about why or where it will get us and what we might label it as.” We can get so caught up in what it LOOKS like, and lose focus on what it FEELS like. This message actually keeps popping up for me, I think it’s time to put it into practise once and for all.
    Thank you SO SO much for this!

  82. Tara

    Loved this, it was juicy! What I can take away is that all goals are rooted in our core desires. First, identify the desire. Second, take steps everyday to feel that desire within you. My number one desire is love of course! For self-love, I go to the gym and do yoga.

  83. Jennifer

    Two powerhouses in one video – what a great way to start the day. The biggest takeaway for me was stopping myself in my tracks
    “I don’t want to feel this way” and redirecting myself with my CDF
    I’m in the midst of messy divorce drama and I get stuck in a pty party and feeling like a victim, and that is definitely not a CDF
    Thank you both so much for this video – clarity is empowering!

  84. My two all-time favorite people on Marie TV. Gratitude to you two lovely ladies. You made my week!

    My takeaway: Life is permission based. Are you giving yourself permission to feel good? Are you allowing others to feel good, too?

    One of my CDF: Thanks to Danielle I, too, am changing it from creativity to Creation. Much more powerful.

    I’m truly honored to have had those gorgeous 22 minutes with you both. Felt like I was in the room with ya! Keep up the amazing work.

  85. Beautiful interview. Both of you ladies are magical, thanks for the amazing insights!

  86. 1. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away?
    My CDF needs to govern the way that I do things from the businesses I support, to how I spend time, to how I speak to people. It’s a universal thing. How refreshing to think and live that way?

    2. What do you think one of your core desired feelings is?
    Harmony – I want to feel at one with how I spend my time and the people that I connect with at all point of life.

    3. Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it.
    As I take over my family business, I will not assume my father’s role, I will move into a role where my strengths are well suited. This will allow me to continue the legacy, not feel a sense of obligation AND continue to run my own little upstart. This will allow my soul to feel that harmonious feeling.

  87. Great interview…I received Danielle’s book when I signed up to take B-School last year, and am just now beginning to discover what my core desired feelings are along with my husband. We have both gotten trapped into the ‘what we should be doing’ stage of our lives and find that our life together is started to feel drudge-worthy.

    We started out last night with the fire-starter portion of the workbook, and felt like we were on a first date with each other, diving into what is important to us NOW. We have both changed over the last 18 years, and so have the stories about what we want to experience going forward.

    Thank you both for sharing your own experiences about the importance of feeling good based on internal excavation…it feels good to be waking up.

  88. I’m amidst goal setting for 2014 and to understand the emotion behind my goals helps me work towards things that excite me and make me happy. The Desire Map takes this to another level!

    The single biggest insight I’m taking away from this awesome episode is:
    “…It’s not about the goal. It’s about how you want to feel when you get there.”

    Off the top, one of my core feelings is CONNECTION.

    I can’t wait to take some time and reflect on how I want to feel this year and declare my core feelings!

    Lots of love and respect.

  89. I cannot thank you enough for this video. I cried a lot and it is just what I needed. I can get really attached to my goals and see how much I need to let go of what I think I should do/be/feel and step into what my souls goals truly are.

    Right now one of my core desired feelings is peace. I’ve lived many years with inner turmoil, head chatter, and heavy feelings of unworthiness. While it has lessened significantly over the years I still have bouts with it and am looking forward to making peace a goal in my life from this day forward.

    I’m having trouble thinking of how to take steps towards this that are directed outward. I do bring so much peace to my clients, students, friends, and family. People always tell me I ground them, that I have a peaceful presence, that they feel safe around me. And maybe I am answering my own question – believe them! Accept this is part of what I offer and truly own it.

    Mindmelt! Thank you Marie and Danielle. I am so happy right now.


  90. Melissa

    This was definitely one of my favorite MarieTV episodes ever! I love Danielle’s approach and will be buying her book. For me this was a breakthrough episode — a total shift in the idea of goal setting. It seems so simple and makes so much sense — it’s like “why didn’t I think of this before?!”

    I still need to drill down to my core desires but I love the idea of Joy. As a “depressive” person, this is a major sticking point for me and I love the way Danielle illuminated it.

  91. This reminds me of how “life is about the journey not the destination.” So focusing on how we want to feel will help us enjoy the journey! Great video!

    Mine for 2014 are: balanced, sexy, grateful, optimistic and fierce

    Thanks for the great video. What a perfect way to start a Tuesday.

  92. one word for the video says it all: PERFECT!!!!!
    what I saw is that I am still in the chase the goal and money game, even while experiencing that it does make me happy
    core value now in 2013: LOVE
    in 2014: HAPPY

  93. Got goose bumps! Beautiful. Wise. Passionate. Goddess. Powerful!

    1. Getting up in the morning and asking yourself how can I feel the way I want to feel today, what do I need to do to reach that feeling!

    2. FREEDOM

  94. elinor

    1. biggest insights: – the layers under a desired feeling
    – use your desired feelings as an anchor informing our actions, i’m writing it on my inspiration wall to meditate on this everyday.
    2. desired feeling: i thought respectful was a very good one

    This is so good, I’m taking these 2 concepts and 1 feeling as my base theme to work on in 2014 actually, and look forward to what it brings.

    What a great interview, thank you so much!

  95. 1. Go for the feeling, the desire, instead of a numeric goal
    2. Freedom is one of them. Some of the others are: authenticity, creativity, spirituality, variety, communication, abundance, femininity, sensuality.
    3. Having what I love support me finanicially instead of the disability

  96. Surekha

    Hi Marie and Danielle,

    Loved loved loved this vid… I’ve been following MarieTV for a while now and this one actually made me want to comment so you know you’re doing an awesome job 😀

    My big takeaway (and question) is both around worthiness and the sacredness around feeling worthy of my goals. That’s I guess what I am struggling with and wanted to get more from you wise women on how to bring that home and own it – Danielle touched on it talking about looking outward for affirmation – can you shed more light on this one… when Im stubborn, I can be really stubborn not letting any good stuff anyone says about me in…so in my mind, its more internal work, so would love to hear from you on how to build a greater ownership of my worth – from within me & from outside….

    Thank you so much!

  97. I have been struggling with finding my way for a while. When you said, You’re relying on outside forces to inform your realty! That’s not good. It hit me, this is why I can’t seem to be happy in anything that I do!

    I think one of my core desires has to be love. I’m going to start working on my core desires during my lunch break today and really narrow things down over the next couple weeks. I’m so excited. I truly want to be happy, wake up hopeful and share with others and I don’t want to depend on others to make this happen. You are an inspirations! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Oooo! Creation! I love it! I’m going to really consider this one as well. I’m a musician and I have always wanted to write my own music. This is a great goal!

    Thank you so much for your direction and inspiration Danielle. xoxo

  98. Funny. I just did this exercise less than a week ago. I love how Danielle takes some of the most complex spiritual concepts and distills them into something that everyone can benefit from, regardless of where they are on the journey.

    My Core Desired Feelings:
    Turned On

    And yes, it’s ALL about the feeling.

  99. Marita

    Marie I think this is the first video where I saw you almost break up a little. It hit me too like a ton of bricks. So simple yet so powerful.

    So let’s see, my core desire feelings are joy and love and freedom and knowing who I am and what I like. I also like how I feel when I learn new things and grow like watching this video . I also like to feel connected with people. A lot of what others want to feel as well I guess.

    As for goals, I have a feeling they will drastically change! Probably not moving to India, but they will include more of my feelings than just sense and be more respective of what kinds of people are included in my goals. In fact I think I will ‘fire’ some of the people and services that have been part of my goals.

    You both look fabulous btw!!

    • OH MY GOSH! This is sooooooo goood! I’ve never felt such ease in hearing the word, “goal!” For me, there is so much negative connotation with the word goal, or the idea of “goal setting.” I feel sooo much better and am so ready to set REAL goals that nourish my core desired feelings.

      Thank you so much. I can’t get enough of your videos Marie!

      I’m so glad I went to EIA and connected to your work!

  100. Genevieve

    I wanted to change something in my life for which I am not satisfy. I do not really know where to start because I wanted to change the way that i usually take decision. You gave me the answer. I recently experiment a moment of ” i don’t want to feel that way anymore at work! I want to give hapiness.”


  101. Michelle

    LOVE this vid of two of my favorite leading ladies ♥

  102. I could listen to Danielle for soooooo long. Marie, thank you for this episode, what a gem., a reminder.

    One of my CDF’s is ‘divinely connected’.
    I feel the need to revisit mine again tho, Danielle gave me some more food for thought.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  103. Lately, I have been so on my game, but yesterday I totally lost my footing and was so completely miserable. I felt so lost! I know false beliefs are being triggered when that happens… that childhood core stuff… and I woke up this morning and decided rather than punish myself with trying to make it happen, I am going to make cupcakes. Then I remembered I had chocolate and mold and I started planning in my head all of the creative things I was going to do with my cupcakes and chocolate and the molds and voila… suddenly I was on my game again. A whole big problem was solved by focusing on my desire and not on the problem I was having. I am not sure how.. because my problems was related to marketing not cupcakes…. But It worked.

    This is actually the first time I have been introduced to Daneille’s work, so thanks for doing this episode.

    Without having done the whole desire mapping process, I think I can safely say that one of my core desires is fun. I have to be having fun (oh well I’m a Leo). A second one is Kindness. Kindness to self, to others, to the environment. Kindness is big.

    Anyhow gotta grab the book and dive into more to capture some others.

  104. wow nice the whole thing about this is not how I want to feel
    and not buying into other people success and success is how I want
    to feel at the end of things is amazing I think my core desire feeling is love that what I want to feel all the time

  105. Tricia

    You cannot chose what happens to you, but you can choose what you feel about it. And I would like to add that you can choose what you DO about it. So to add to my comment below: be aware of your environment and if it is toxic … DO something about it! Go to a more positive environment that is more in line with your core values. There IS such a place and there ARE people you will resonate with on a more positive level. Do NOT stay in a negative environment and hope you can just neutralize all the negativity with Your Positivity.

  106. Caryn

    LOVE the setting your own rules to FEEL how you want…that just opened a door for me 🙂 Thank you so much Marie!! Can’t wait to get my copy!!

  107. Meredith


  108. Awesome segment! I want to feel laughter everyday.

    My biggest takeaway was to look at all the input in my life
    and ask myself , ‘Will this guide me to my core feelings?”
    If yes, the answer is YES and if it does not it’s what I call
    an easy NO.

    Thanks Marie and Danielle, you are real feisty sages.

  109. I loved this interview, Marie and Danielle! For years I’ve been driven to achieve my goals and feel like a loser when I don’t reach them, which makes me doubt myself anytime I set a new goal. “I’m going to do this no matter what” has been a recurring theme for three years and now I feel like I have a new language and perspective to create an empowering shift. As I listened, I felt like I was returning home to my heart and my body and all the tension went away. I can’t wait to pick up your book and go through the process fully.

    First run at one of my core desires…to feel connection. Thank you so much!

  110. I want to feel abundant and joyful.

    The most important part of Diane’s message for me is that I am worthy. I need to believe it everyday.

    Thanks for sharing!


  111. THANK YOU!!! This is brought to the point on what I was looking for and talking to my friends and clients! 😀 Good to hear that!!! This IS actually revolutionary, and this IS soooo god Danielle, you are getting out this message into this world! THANK YOU…!

  112. 1. My single biggest take away is that I need to do the work on matching my core desired feelings with my actions.

    2. Valued

    3. One of my core desired feelings is intentional. When I am feeling intentional I take control of my schedule and pursue those activities that make me feel good. For me this means turning off the TV at night, cuddling my hubby and pup and reading a book.

  113. My single biggest insight today: everything is progress. period.

    One of my core desired feelings is: useful and connected (Two feels better)

    One of my core desired feeling goals: Sell the rights to my first book and my core message to a publisher. BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss will be in the hands of thousands more when I move beyond my own network into that of the publisher who will spread it farther and wider in the world. Alongside that, connect with Danielle LaPorte in person.

    Thank you Marie and Danielle. I love you both. And Danielle, keep rocking it from the heart for all of us Canadian women around the world. xo

  114. Lizzy

    Thank you both so much for this video.

    I so related to Danielle’s comment that she used to find cynicism attractive, and happiness annoying. My biggest take away from this video is how expansive I feel when I am not living under that paradigm, but allowing myself to follow what inspires me and lightens me.

    My Core Desired Feelings are:

    Thank you both so much

  115. Great reminder to everyone that your goals must be aligned with your values and your core being.

    One of my values is being surrounded by family and community. At the core of who I am, I love being in close proximity to my friends and family. That is when I am at my best.

    As a software entrepreneur who co-created, a goal-setting productivity app, my goals need to support my VISION for how I want to live and work.

    In other words, once I am clear on my vision, I then create the goals or projects to support that vision. From there I break the goals down into phases or chapters or milestones. And from there I break them down into action steps or tasks.

    I don’t set goals or do projects unless they are tied to my higher vision. This is what helps me to stay focused and prioritize.

    Thanks Marie for always bringing your A game to these awesome videos. Keep rockin’ Girl!

    Brenda Horton

  116. Hello!

    I’m not sure how you do it Marie, but it seems every week that you seem to hit EXACTLY what I have been thinking of doing!! Talk about the universe delivering. I was so inspired today, as I have never been a great goal setter, for the reasons that Danielle has stated in the video. I am a teacher by trade and have taken a leave this year to follow my gifts (of teaching) in a more meaningful way (in a way that I am my own boss). I am going to be launching my business on personal development workshops in the new year.

    The single biggest insight that I’m taking away, is that now I know why goal setting was so hard for me before, it was missing the SOUL. Therefore, missing a large piece of what is missing in the puzzle. Also, allowing myself to feel worthy of these goals. It seems that my heart is taking me in the direction of the business I am starting, but I have alot in the monkey mind about failing. To keep on track with what I am doing is to keep it real with the feelings that I am wanting more of in my life, especially love!

    One of my core desired feelings is love. I am good at showing it and “love” to love on people in every situation possible. It helps so much with the energy in a room when I am doing a workshop. When I walk into the room with a group to teach, I decide before I enter, that I will love all of them unconditionally. Works every time!

    To feel more love, the goal that goes along with it is to push through all the monkey mind and take action on promoting my workshops, as doing them makes me feel alot more love.

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for this!!

  117. Without specifically trying to, I’ve been incorporating this kind of internal direction into my life. It’s been producing amazing results for me – great opportunities are being presented all the time now, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been because I’m guided by my heart. This doesn’t exclude critical thought, but letting go of the “shoulds” gives me greater clarity and more purpose.

    Thank you for sharing this video!

  118. Virginie Herserange

    Oh la la! What an amazing video! Danielle’s words got straight to my heart and soul. I felt so connected and in peace to what was said in this video. I got also very touched by the magical energy and love between Marie and Danielle. So much electricity and respect in the air: goosebumps time 🙂

    One of my Desire Core Feelings is to feel GRATITUDE. Deep gratitude towards my body, my soul, my life and things I experience, anytime anyhow. But also, gratitude towards me! As we go through our fast lives one day after the other, I find it quite strenuous at times to stop, breathe and appreciate everything, let it be good or bad. I see myself being happy or sad but not really ackowledge what my soul feels at the moment and how every experience and encounter changes the person I am in a very profound way.

    So right now, I feel so thankful and honored to be here at this very moment. Thank you ladies for your inspiring stories, thank you Marie and Danielle for those uplifting words, thank you world and thank you me!

  119. Ashley

    This was such a wonderfully powerful share with Marie and Danielle. I’ve read through the posts and love what is being expressed.

    I am currently homeless. Yeah. Like out on the streets and the such. I had never planned for such a life. I educated myself, still learn as much as I can and keep going forward. Being homeless today is much different than many people think it is. As a skilled person, I know how to use a computer and there is much access to wifi. Even in small towns.

    My ONE of 7 core desires is Abundance.
    I see where I am abundant in ideas, talent, skills, willingness to share, give and make. I have not experienced so much abundance in finances. There seems to be a disconnect there. I have volunteered, made, given, made a little bit of money and found myself on this roller coaster ride of being able to take action and being debilitated now with depression. Exercise, eating healthfully (I have food stamps) and getting sunshine are essential in ensuring I do not fall down that dark hole.

    I kept thinking that taking action, moving towards getting work would be my ticket. EVEN if I was to scrub toilets. There are 36,000 other folks willing to scrub toilets too…. so it is the luck and pick of someone/something outside of me.

    Saying to myself, “STOP, how do I want to feel.” is such a nice find. Thank you Danielle. Really? HOW do I want to feel? I want to feel safe and still have lovely adventures. I want to know abundance on all levels.

    “Look for affirmations and support that I am worth it.”
    “Allow into worthiness”
    These statements are the most powerful besides the “Stop” sentence.

    I believe me being without a space to be is a new beginning. I’ve just about lost everything in that I could not keep up with payments or storage fees, so material possessions are gone gone gone to the highest bidder. I do not feel relief from that. I will however, find my way through knowing HOW I want to feel going positively forward. I will find my way back to myself without getting all wigged out and going crazy! (EASY to do!).

    Thank you for your jab jab jab Marie and Danielle!

  120. Kaye Mills

    I was dead set on developing a strategic plan for the personal me for 2014 so I can focus on what I want and need in my life. Core Desired Feelings aligns much much better with what I want.

  121. Dana

    Moment of clarity –
    For (ever) years one goal kept showing up and that was to get out of debt. And each year (after year, after year), I’d be no closer to achieving that than I was before. This past summer began my Desire Mapping journey and I have five core desired feelings (CDFs). As I watched the video today, I put the word “debt” in the middle of a sheet of paper and before I could do anything else, my Divinity spoke up and said, “Debt doesn’t bother me, it’s having to deal with late payments and collection calls that distances me from my CDF of (at) Peace.

    Further into the video, my Divinity said, “I’ll feel (at) Peace when I pay my bills each month. So, the goal is to do that in ways that generate my CDFs.”

    I don’t think I’ve quite got it all figured out, but the relief at having gotten this far is immeasurable. So grateful for the light you and Danielle bring to the world :-).

  122. Kim

    Great interview… Thanks… Biggest tip for me was
    Focusing on how I want to feel is key. I think that tip would be helpful in pinpointing what I truly want.
    Also, interuppting negative thinking, telling yourself to stop that is huge! Cannot wait until Danielle’s magazine is launched. In the meantime, I will go to her website NOW.

  123. Love you two ladies you both rock this world! xx

    My core desired feelings are: Intuitive; Content; Earth Mama; Passionate; Alive; Vocal; Communicative…

    haha.. think I could go on for ever.. maybe time for some brain-storming riffing 🙂 x P

  124. Wow, I am am faithful watcher but a lurker until now. Danielle’s last part about not feeling “big” enough or just enough really brought me to tears in the middle of my work – luckily I work at home! I have never felt a lack of confidence or strength but to be that touched I guess there’s some work to do. Thank you both! Ordered the book right now and will work through it. If I could guess on a core feeling the first would be peace. Peace from the should’s in my head, peace to be able to enjoy and live in the moment, peace to be able to slow down enough to really feel my life!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  125. Katherine

    core feelings – FREEDOM and CONNECTION and the my cells dancing and vibrating with life and light and pleasure!!!!

  126. This was a really interesting video. Thank you for sharing it, truly.

    What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away? The part about deserving. I have often put others’ needs before my own, and it’s time for me to stop doing that so much of the time.

    What do you think one of your core desired feelings is? Peace.

    Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it. Freedom. I have several small goals that go along with this core desired feeling, but one is having a fully online business. I’m taking steps to get there, thanks in large part to B-School. So thank you for that, too.

  127. Great interview, as always! This one felt soooo good to the soul. Ahhhhhhh….

    The pressure is OFF. Goal setting is dead. It never felt that good.

    You can’t push the river anyways. Even though, most of us keep trying. 🙂

    2014 is going to be exciting. It’s going to feel great and I am ready to allow for things to flow, and unfold naturally and with grace.

    I want my 2014 feel like this:

    At peace
    Inspired and fun
    Goddess / on purpose

    Thank you Marie and Danielle for this divine reminder to get centred, real and in touch with what truly inspires us to make the changes we want to see in our lives.

    I am now even more excited for launching my Goddess Coaching Bootcamp in January. I want it to be fun and transformational (for both me and the participants) more than a successful/ measured in numbers launch.

    • Tasha

      I forgot it’s almost the new year! That makes this video even more perfect!

  128. Tiffanie

    My Core Desired Feelings:
    – Joy
    – Courage
    – Peace

  129. This was sooo timely. Lately, I have not been feeling the way I have wanted to be feeling. But still trying to struggle through it, just saying “I hate the way I am feeling”, without connecting it to the idea that my goals might be off course. Striving to succeed at something that doesn’t make you feel good, is not worth the effort and mental drain. Period. Hearing Danielle say What do I have to do to feel and create these Core Desired Feelings was like a lightening bolt. I too long for Joy/love I consider them akin. But I always long for this inner tranquility and calm… and equilibrium, and poise. I know I am off when I feel that poise is lost. So now, I KNOW what I need to do. I feel it in my bones, because I KNOW what will make me feel the way I want to feel. Don’t we all KNOW what will make us feel right? How come we never do it?
    Thank YOU both.

  130. Love, love, love the approach and message. Just what I needed to hear today! I was dreading New Years because resolutions of the past have felt so vapid despite being the societal definition of “success” they did not really resonate – I will take Danielle’s approach into my new year with heart and soul. Thank you!

  131. WOW! I am totally changed forever!

    It’s almost like I received permission to slow down! Taking away wholeness!

    I don’t want to feel struggle anymore…I am not sure exactly if that counts as a core desired feeling, but I think it’s a start if you know what you DON’T want.

    Today, I want to feel vital and abundant but still holding patience and a knowing that everything will happen in time. That I am making all the right choices and even though it seems like things are going slow, I don’t have to feel pressure because I am making things happen! My goal today is to allow my heart to lead. If I want to pig out and veg out that’s OK. If I want to pick up a brush and work with some colors I will do it! My goal is to slow down and take it all in – to enjoy the journey!

    Much Love and Gratitude!

  132. 1. In the end, it’s not about the goal, it’s about how you feel when you’ve reached it.
    2. Simple, Energized, and Influential
    3. Simple: Decluttered home, healthy whole and natural meals daily.
    Energized: Lose 20lbs, Keep on top of my work INBOX.
    Influential: Help my patients achieve their goals, learn how to be another type of healer, like a yoga teacher for children/teens.

    Thank you for this video. THANK YOU.

  133. OMG just the best interview ever! Thank you Marie and Danielle!! When Danielle said our sacred homework was to open and allow worthiness I had a wave of emotion and tingles flow through my body; that one clearly touched me. I have allowed myself to struggle far too long; and I’m just really DONE with it all. I’ve had a year that as much as I’d like to forget, I never will as it has carved my soul and created something beautiful.

    One of my main core desired feelings is to feel needed. Perhaps that is
    still very closely linked to my own sense of worthiness but that aside, I don’t need people to say “Lorri I NEED YOU”, rather, I’d like to feel like what I’m putting out into the world is making a difference for someone [or many someones].

  134. So FANTASTIC! Thank you ladies ~ and I enjoyed the belly dance reference! (Belly dance instructor here 😉

    The biggest insight I’m walking away with:
    “You learn through contrast.” Thank you, Danielle, for the revelation that you don’t need to get sucked too far into the harsher feelings of life before catching yourself. Hearing it in the way you’ve just put REALLY resonated with me.
    One of my core-desired feelings is clarity, both as in clarity of mind due to taking great care of myself and my health and body, and also clarity of mind as in trusting my decisions and trusting the process. Everything you’ve just put out there for us has certainly given me clarity today. Love you! <3

  135. I want to feel: full of purpose, full of understanding, full of patience and full of gratitude with my goals.

    I want to be able to stand in awe and say, yes that fulfilled my purpose, yes, I understand where that takes me, yes I am patiently appreciating what this action/achievement has in store.

  136. This was amazing!! This is exactly what I needed for the month of December as I plan my goals with soul!! This reaffirmed my own core desires and in writing them down, passion seems to be my driving force. I also love getting rid of what isn’t resonating with me and as I learn through contrast to not give my power away, being true to myself and trusting my intuition to make the right decisions. Thanks Maria and crew, Happy Holidays!

  137. I love this. My work with EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting reveals the core desires …. those feelings are SO powerful. For me, they are universal Qualities and there is a never ending abundance of them, so learning to be clear is so wonderful.

    Then what I like to do (and I have my clients do), is breathe those Core Desired feelings right into every cell. Magic.

    Thank you Marie and Danielle for sharing this.

    My one desired feeling? Connection.


  138. Beautiful conversation and how it’s changing thousands of life.

    Only if this could air in schools around the country to empower young women to start building a life they really want, young.

  139. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away?

    I need to get Danielle’s book.

    What do you think one of your core desired feelings is?


    Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it.

    To do thorough research on a product I’m interested in purchasing or a plan I want to start doing.

    Read more:

  140. Marie, I live in Santa Barbara! Let’s meet for tea! 🙂

  141. Wow! This video comes at the exact right time. Setting goals for the first time on my life this year. All about business and numbers but missing out the spiritual part. So i am going to buy the desire map.
    My core desire feelings…. Tranquility, stillness, how can i totally express what’s residing inside me (authentic), being present, connection with body,mind & heart… And so aligned entering the outside world…
    So apart from business analysis i am going to enter my core desire feelings and take that along. Think I just want to be happy

  142. Lorraine

    I felt so light!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much you both, biggest insight “you are chasing a FEELING”

    light, worthy, free, liberating

    Lov you so much Marie

    Lorraine from México

  143. Marci

    My problem is I don’t know how to feel. I have felt MANY years ago but so much has happened that I don’t know how anymore. The feeling of wanting to feel is there I just don’t know how to connect with them any more. I lost the connection to myself and I don’t know how to find it again.
    That’s the best way can explain it.
    Loved the episode.

    • Tasha

      While I’m not like that constantly, I definitely have slumps where I don’t know how to feel too….we should get Marie to do an episode on it 😉

  144. Donis

    It was great Marie and Danielle!!! Beautiful! One core? Compassion.

  145. Sheri

    I think the biggest takeaway from this video is that I’m a deserving human being (and believe that everyone is). I don’t let my light shine as much as I should because I just do things and keep going with great fanfare. My core desire feeling is compassion. I think it takes courage to be compassionate that goes beyond the level of feeling sorry, but to understand one’s suffering and be there for that person. When one suffers, I suffer. My desired core feeling should be the compass that will guide my goal setting. I’m going to set my goals tonight and having a tremendous feeling that frame of thought will swift and put me into another direction that I haven’t anticipated and look forward it. Thanks again for the video.

  146. Nelia

    This video was literally an answer to prayer. I have not been feeling good about myself as I have struggled to reach my goals. Time to step back and reassess my goals in light of my core desired feelings. Thank-you!

    • Tasha

      Same here. It’s so easy to take it personally when I don’t reach my goals consistently. This has helped me at least a little bit realize that that’s not the way to do things.

  147. Tasha

    The biggest thing I got from this is what Danielle said about when you’re at a low point, where you’re not even CLOSE to feeling your core desired feelings. The concept of stopping, saying, “This is not what I want to be feeling” and then figuring out how to get to your core desired feelings is a pretty novel concept! Love it.

  148. Thank you, thank you Marie and Danielle for this video today!! I just love you both so much! Everything just pops into our lives in such perfect time and this video today is no exception. I have been slowly getting my business off the ground this year and am thinking forward to 2014 and WTF I want and desire for the coming year. I know for one thing, I want it to feel better than this year. It has often felt like an uphill battle.
    My core desire feelings come to me right away. Danielle, when you speak, it’s like a spark lights up inside of me. Every word resonates and vibrates in my inner core.
    So, my core desire feelings are abundant, free, uninhibited & joy.
    Thank you again so much for reminding me to get back to my feelings. With this spark, I plan to manifest some greatness in the coming year because I am just so ready to feel good.

  149. Another heart-strike with this episode. Worthiness. That’s what really got me. Thanks Danielle and Marie. I love you both for sharing such deep wisdom. My core desires… To feel strong yet be ok with vulnerability; worthy but be able to be humble; self-assured but accept responsibility for mistakes (without feeling like a total looser); to love openly without the condition or need to be loved back.


  150. Core feelings are: Joy, sharing, abundance, compassion, and growth

    Insights. Being okay with how I am feeling, rather than trying to get to how I am supposed to feel.

    This information is coming to me in multiple channels. The universe is rich. I have been doing this work for some time now.
    I am encouraged, it does work and I hope others are encouraged by those in the flow with intentionality and positive creation.
    In Loving Kindness,

  151. Janice Fiori

    Wonderful video, the out-take at the end was fun to see too!

    Although much of what was said was great, I heard the last part and rewound it twice, about feeling worthy to receive the blessings you are putting out. When it does start to come together, accepting that you are worthy to receive such a blessing, that got me. I struggle with that and will look to do some sacred homework about it.

    One of my core desired feelings is Love.

    Cheers to us all on this journey!

  152. Though this is nothing new, it is the first time a see it put in such an insightful beautiful way but we must keep in mind that desire is only the beginning 😉

  153. So strange to think that Danielle could ever feel like a loser. EVER. Great Interview. Love the out-take. One of my core desired feelings is showing myself compassionate self-care. Here’s to an extraordinary 2014!

  154. Insight: BAM! Post-it going up… “The sacred homework is allowing yourself to feel worthy.”

    CDF: Adored

    The how: Being more in the moment with my loved ones and allowing myself to feel adored by them.

    Thanks girlfriends! Can’t wait for book club to start! 🙂

  155. Beautiful words, and lots to think about. Immediately: I think abundance (and security, within the same vein.)


  156. Marie and Danielle, thank you sooo much for this episode! Wow, I LOVED it! My biggest takeaway is that it’s not really the GOAL that’s important, it’s how I want to FEEL! And I love this idea of finding my core desired feelings. I’m going to spend some time on that tonight!

    Even though I haven’t yet spent some time to really dig into this, I already have a feeling that I know what some of my core desired feelings are… Connection, Joy, and Love are definitely BIG ones for me. 🙂

    Thanks again, lovelies! xoxo

  157. Yes! wow great mastermind ladies <3
    Danielle is practically a neighbour to me, I've processed much with her help over the past year and a half beginning with FireStarter and meeting her at the book signing in Van (I think I'm due for Desire Map)
    My biggest insight I get from her and she goes through it here: It still wows my brain… This is not what I want STOP What I really want to feel is……"YOUR BRAIN starts firing in a different way" and its soooo true when I stop to ask myself how I really want to feel EVERYTHING shifts and miraculous sensations with solutions occur. Its vibration, sensation, if we aren't getting the full effect then we are grinding at goals without real results. If our goals aren't happening we are approaching them with blocks we must walk thru the wall we keep banging our head against and walk through it leaving what we don't want behind. <3
    my Core Desire feeeling: EMpowerment
    Goal attached to this feeling: Generating an above average income beginning at 10K monthly by teaching others to do the same with our passions, skills, personalities in tact. LIVE the luxury of time and money not an issue. Retire my husband take him and my daughters on a wonder trip to Miami and the Caribbean this winter with a beach body and pink locks to dye for 😛

  158. Oh my gosh…my two favorite people, together again – LOVE you two!! And what perfect timing. I’m in the middle of launching a creative workshop, ‘Vision Board Dreams’, and we, of course, explore the topic of tapping into our heart’s truest desires. I definitely plan on sending people your way, Danielle!!

    Danielle, I remember doing this exact exercise before Desire Map was ever published (from Fire Starter Sessions, right?). I was in the process of getting back on my feet after the recession (a whole ‘nother story – ugh!) and this process really helped me focus on things in a whole new light. I am forever GRATEFUL – and to this day, I still have my original 5 CDF’s pinned to my bulletin board, next to my calendar, right where I could see it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who might take more than a couple of years to simmer in my CDF’s.

    That said, I do feel I’d like to focus more one one particular CDF for 2014, and that would be: GROUNDED (or centered).

    I’ve been working my tail off this past year to launch my new website, brand new programs, and learning SO many amazing and wonderful things from the B-School community, that I think next year, I’m going to lay off on the self-inflicted ADD. I need to just hone-in and stay FOCUSED (ha! another CDF).

    Thanks again, ladies!! XO

  159. The fear I feel about not being able to attain the feeling I really desire in my life is so overwhelming it brings me to tears. I’m am so afraid of taking the first step, even though I know I’m capable.

    • Here’s the thing, Rosie, the feeling is already within you – or you wouldn’t know to miss it. I found this video really helpful, and it’s not too different from work I do with hypnosis clients — the way to feel the feeling is simply to generate it in the active form.

      That is, in English we don’t have a lovee, we have a lover – love is a verb. If you want to feel respect – find something you respect and think about it – you generate the feeling from within.

      If there is nothing you can think of that you love or respect, then imagine you feel that way — every time you step into a feeling, you exercise it and it gets stronger each time. Go ahead and cry, Rosie, let that fear go, rinse it away. And then spend just a few moments in the feeling you really desire. It’s scary because you’re thinking of doing it all at once …. you’ll be more confident after each little moment. Promise!

  160. My Core Values Joy – Love – Expression – and I know there are more….Will write in my journal tonight 🙂

  161. “Blissful ” – Thank-you Marie for all you give, very grateful for your profound wisdom and the brilliant guests you share with us.

  162. Samantha

    Hello Marie,

    Thank you Danielle. That was a powerful interview. I really enjoyed. Peace and Contentment those are my core desired feelings. 2014 is going to be my year. Loved the episode. Marie thank you for having Danielle on this episode. Talk about perfect timing.
    Cheers! to the New Year.
    Peace out.


  163. Lex

    What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away? — “This is not how I want to feel . . . how DO I want to feel?”

    What do you think one of your core desired feelings is? — Joy

  164. Great video. I just recently ordered The Firestarter Sessions and The Desire Map (the latter of which is on back-order at Amazon), and I have a personal 4-day retreat in the woods scheduled for myself over the new year to do that work. So excited.

    From other coaching work I’ve done, I do know that two of my core desired feelings are freedom and peace. What’s really freaky is that while I was going through a horrendous divorce, my Al-Anon sponsor asked me what were the main things I wanted out of leaving my marriage. I said, “Freedom & Peace.” She had me hang signs all over my apartment that said “Freedom & Peace.” This was before I started the coaching work. And when I did a lot of the core value work in coaching, those same words kept coming up for me. Funny how, in unguarded moments, these deep truths reveal themselves.

    Thanks for a great interview, Marie. Really looking forward to doing some deep work with Danielle!

  165. Wow. I love this. All of it!

    Biggest insight? I’ve been trying to let how I want to feel drive my decisions and actions, but it’s been a struggle, partially because I wasn’t able to articulate what I was doing. Watching this video, I had one of those “YES!” moments. YES to using how I want to feel to drive every day and action. YES to using moments of emotional agony as opportunities to stop and decide how I want to feel (based on how I *don’t* want to feel). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    One of my core desired feelings? After watching this video, I realize that I have to work on focusing this, but I try to cultivate happiness in my life. I use that phrase to guide my actions. By doing X am I making it easier or harder for me to be happy?

    My core desired feeling? Joy! To me, joy is being full of love and happiness. It’s laughter and connecting with people I love, or those who fill me with energy and creative fire. The goal that would goes along with this core desired feeling? BE JOYFUL. Bring the joy to the table (or party! – as Marie said in the video).

    Thank you for a wonderful video!

  166. Michele Cole

    Welcome. I want to be the person people are and places are happy, joyful, excited to welcome into their lives, homes, businesses. By feeling welcome I feel confident and loving and willing to give everything I’ve got to influence positively and open my heart and mind to those around me.

  167. Sky

    Great video!

    Biggest insight? Once you write down your core desires, you may be surprised.

    Found my core desires bizarre and surprised myself. Things like, fantasy, whimsical, tranquil…….very eye opening.


  168. My juiciest gift from this talk is the clarity of core desires feelings is to keep doing the work I am doing! That I have been playing with my core desire feelings for the last 6 months now and I love my inner garden transformation and fulfillment is motivated more and more naturally from inside me vrs outside sources. One of my inner tweaks and guidance is when I am feeling “off” , I begin to step into those old ball and chain habits seeking love more from some person or thing in my life. Once I begin to tap back to my root soul feelings of Shakti, Love, Joy, and Flow my outer & inner life weaves more with ease and feels so good again. This is one of my favorite radical self nurturing practices I have found!! Profound results in the moment and actual inspired focus is refined now~ Love Danielle Laporte and this interview!!!

  169. Amazing and true. She said exactly what I have been investigating the past year, and making changes for myself. Although I respect and learn from many successful people, I do not resonate, completely, with their core beliefs about goal setting, etc. I have my own map of designing and achieving. Thank you for this interview. “What can I do to create these feelings I want?” YES! everyday…

  170. Jhenelle

    Funny enough, while setting the external goals, we ultimately think about how it will make us feel (when we get there). However, the awareness of these feelings and the desire to have them NOW allows us the peace and grace to let go and trust. I’ve come to realize that focusing on the feelings we wanna have allows us to think bigger.

    I have been praying for Health Wealth and Wisdom for the past year and it has been manifesting (slowly but surely).

    Thanks to Danielle and Marie for the insight and i’m hoping to make leaps in these areas.

    Thanks you! ,#

  171. What hit me big time about this interview was: stop! I don’t want to feel this. That is where it starts to change…just that! To me, that sentence is a major AH-HA! Thank you Marie and Danielle!

  172. Thank you Marie! This is such an awesome interview with Danielle LaPorte. I can’t wait to get the book. Some things that resonated with me:

    *It is not about the goal it is about how you want to feel when you get there.
    *Don’t rely on outside forces to inform your reality.
    *Be the intentional creator of your life.
    *What am I going to do today to create my core desires.
    *Know that you do deserve your core desires.

  173. Melissa Plotnick

    This is a perfect video for the perfect time of year! I just had this experience of making my goals and realizing many of the same things discussed in this video, and wondering how to “deal” with these goals. Whip vs Feelings. Now I know. I need to figure out how I want to feel 1st, then layer them in. Thank you so much for sharing!

  174. Loved this! Thank you Marie and Danielle.
    I’ve been saying my little mantra of core desires for some time now… while I run, when I meditate on getting away from stress, etc. It’s : “Thin, healthy, wealthy and wise” And, I just repeat it to any type of rhythm I’m in – when I need it… which is a lot, lately. It sounds silly, but the foundation for these words is to keeps my weight goals on track, eat right, work on prosperity and abundance even when it is really hard…and to stay sharp and focused.
    This episode expanded this idea so much for me and really helped me dig deeper into what I mean by this and what I’ll do in the new year.
    Thank you!!

  175. OMG!! As always Marie, just what I needed. I was suck in the “I gotta. I gotta. I gotta” mode and beating myself up for it. As someone who is almost a perfect left brain, right brain split, my left brain is always beating down my right side for being emotional. Thank you Danielle for giving my right permission to express itself!! And thank you Marie for posting this before going to Santa Monica!
    Feeling worthy has always been my core issue. Worthy of the blessings and gifts in my life and even of the natural abilities I possess. Getting the book today!

  176. Absolutely yes, loved every minute of this one! I ordered the Desire Map back in July and I’ve listened to it, read it, re-read and listened some more. It’s 100% helped me fine tune my process and help me consciously feel how I want to feel in each moment. My biggest takeaway from today is, the reminder, stay away from the monkey mind and ACT on you want to feel. “No striving.” One of my core desired feeling is serene clarity (followed my “in blissful rhythmic harmony”, nourished and abundant. Cheers ladies and thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the world!

  177. Carolina BautistaR

    My core desired feeling is:
    adventure hiker.
    The most important insight for me is that i can mixed up and create my desires beyond wishing as everyone els: ‘I want to feel confident”. For example I think desiring to feel “Sensual Dancer” embodies been confident and goes beyond. Tnx a lot. Great episode!

  178. Tears. Hit so many levels xo Thank you Goddess xx

  179. Light.
    My desire to feel light. In mind, body and spirit.


  180. I LOVED this interview. It is clear that Danielle has really done her inner work.
    The revolutionary approach to authenticity is recognizing the core feelings we wish to be experiencing is HUGE.

    I also struggled with realizing that not only did I not fit in with my family’s or society’s expectations and definitions of a woman, of a healer. Finally I had to let that go as the inner struggle was killing my spirit to follow my true path and shine my light.
    After a lot of soul searching I am finally realizing my inner truth and following the Good.
    My core desired feelings are always Love, Peach and Joy. they have so much power and attract like a magnet.

  181. I needed this reminder, Marie.
    It’s so easy to get sucked into the feeling that you are striving and not achieving anything. I feel this way right now, I feel I can’t do anything right!

    !. My biggest insight is that I need to go back to the things that were important to me when I was 18, before I got corporate brainwashed. I have already started to do some of them over the past 5 years and they bring so much joy. After years (and I mean over 20 years) of trying and trying things that just gave me grief, and knocked my confidence, it was a real shock when suddenly the new things just dropped in my lap so easily!

    2. My initial core feeling list is: Freedom, healthy, confidence, love, positivity.

    3. Goals: I’ll have to work on those, but some are already in achieved! Yay!

    Thanks to Danielle too.

  182. Biggest take away – it’s the feeling not what you get.

    Danielle hit the nail on the head when she described missing, or hitting or coming close on a goal and feeling bad.

    When we make how we feel a priority, the rest comes together.

    My core feeling – FREEDOM – each thing I do, the people I surround myself with and the actions I take in my business all support my goal to be totally free to be ME.

  183. Love Marie. Love Danielle. Love the Desire Map. Love love love!

    I asked Danielle a question a while ago when I was struggling with what to post on my social media pages, and she gave the most beautiful, poignant (and extensive, detailed, deep, respectful) answer. Post what feels good to YOU and your brand.

    Thanks again for another amazing video

  184. Marie, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it was to see you so inspired and almost moved to tears in this video. I’m so glad you’re being more and more of yourself on camera. I’m working toward that–you’re quite the inspiration for me.

  185. Rochelle

    Wow, ladies! I will be re-watching this a few times. Thank you so much for this insight into what really brings us satisfaction vs. the “success” we think we’re craving. I’m new to Marie’s world and really appreciate all the tips and wisdom so freely shared on this site. Thank you!

  186. Laura

    Love these two ladies, LOVED this conversation.

    Big takeaway? Using the CDF’s to stop the monkey mind.
    CDF’s? Still a work in progress.
    Okay, I have been a bit reluctant to get the deep, dark work done here… but this gives me Fire!

  187. Wow. Simply Wow. I just watched this interview for the second time (this time uninterrupted). I could not stop thinking about the core desired feelings since the first viewing. It hit home in a very big way and I am grateful. I realized that what has been holding me back is that how I want to feel has ZERO do do with the goals I set and am therefore frequently feeling dissatisfied even though I achieve the goals. Isn’t that amazing? What an eye opener that is. Goes to show, no matter how old you are, you can and do learn something vital everyday (if you allow it). Thanks to you both.

  188. Hanny

    Marie, this was not a very convincing episode of Marie TV

    And I love Marie TV.

    It looks for me that you were not so impressed yourself. You spoke the right enthusiastic words but your face and eyes said something different.

    Don’t fool yourself.

    Looking for your next episode 🙂
    (from Holland).

  189. Loved this. Yes, it’s about how you feel; this certainly changes the look of your desires. The psychology behind attaining your goals … I great read + practical exercises is ‘The Winners Bible’

  190. Love, Love, Love! I am about to order the Desire Map book and can’t wait to start mapping my desires for 2014 and beyond. What an inspirational woman. She just oozes stillness! Love it!

  191. Hi Marie and Danielle, Thanks for your wonderful insights.

    I loved Danielle’s comment about not buying into other people’s idea of success and agree wholeheartedly.

    The idea of wanting to achieve a really big goal and feeling ‘good enough’ to achieve it was a big one for me but after years of research and practise, I’ve ditched many of the demons that undermined my confidence in my ability to manifest my enormous goals.

    History tells us that anything is possible and what a timely reminder we have had this week… Nelson Mandela’s story surely inspires us to believe that if he can do what he did, we can achieve our own successes … as long as we stay focused on, and resonate with, our ‘why’.

    My core desired feeling is Joy also Danielle.

    My main goal is to provide universal ‘success’ principles to all 8 year old children in Australia every year via my book ‘A for Attitude’. I wrote the book to provide children with the insights I wish I’d had when I was growing up.

    It is a huge goal and because I kept focused on the ‘why’, rather than allow the ‘how’ to talk me out of it, one day, a Rotary Governor gave me the ‘how’ and the project is now taking off. In the meantime, other people in other countries are finding my book and asking to translate it.

    When people feel your passion, and understand your why, they are so more likely to help you achieve your goals.

  192. I just grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “It’s not about the goal, but how you feel when you get there” Hearing that was suddenly like finding the word that’s been on the tip of your tongue. It was a relief.

  193. Thanks Marie what a treat to watch you two incredible women together.
    I love The Desire Map! I have never been a competitive person even with myself and goal setting always felt so ridged and contrived and not FREE and FLOWY 🙂

    My core desired feelings are Adventurous, Abundant, Generous, Free, Connected.

    When I’m not feeling abundant I give of myself.. even if its just in my time and I feel generous which in turns makes me feel connected and abundant and free.

    Thank you both for being so generous in sharing your insights with all of us and changing lives.

  194. One of my core desired feelings is a feeling of Liberty/Freedom.

  195. Teresa

    Wow. Marie, I really love you. However; this interview with Danielle was epic – as in, life changing for me. Four years go I, coincidentally, saw a morning spot on TV with Kimberly Snyder that changed my life. While watching it I just got chills and felt like crying. I was not desperate to lose weight, but I needed a way to control the bad anxiety issues which had just put me in the hospital for 3 days. Changing my diet and exercise habits while reading her book saved me!! I did lose 40 lbs and look a good 10 years younger than I did then. Now I’ve been feeling, for a couple of years, desperate to change my life!! Watching Danielle just gave me those same chills and emotion that I got years ago watching Kimberly!! I am so excited!! I will buy her book for me and for my 3 daughters and their husbands to read (great Christmas gift!) because I think this will be so life-changing for all of us. Thank you so much!

  196. I think one of my core, desired feelings is sattva: a serene, harmonious, balanced mind or attitude. Yes, yoga teacher here 😉

  197. Thanks for this. I’m a big believer in taking ownership of yourself and your own feelings rather than relying (needing) heavily on other people to fill you up.
    My words are Love, Freedom and Connection.

  198. My CDF’s Are: Creatively Expressed, Connecting, Abundant, Expansive, Jovial.
    Goal: To use my CDF’s to honor my full creative expression throughout my business and life and manifest abundance.

    Thank you, and Love to both. ❤

  199. Pam

    This is really true. It might sound frou-frouy in a way, but it really is important to understand the WHY behind what you’re doing. Maybe there’s a funner or more efficient way to achieve the feelings you want to feel.

  200. Oh wow oh wow oh wow. So much love, insight, shared wisdom. So beautiful. And such a testament to what Team Forleo is creating.
    thank you!
    deep bow,

  201. Oh my goodness, I am so happy I made time to watch this before heading out of town! I cannot wait to get your book, Danielle! I do believe everything has to do with timing, and I know this interview is going to make a big impact in my life starting, now.

    I want to feel at peace with decisions I make and I want to feel needed (again) after caring for my parents for the past three years.

    Thank you, thank you Marie and Danielle.
    You have touched my life today in so many ways.

  202. What a fantastic start to my day ! Thanks so much to both of you Marie and Danielle 🙂
    I feel quite blessed to have been able to tap into one of my own core feelings, which is joy. It’s taken me 46 years to get there, but I figure some people never get there!!
    I’m about a week away from launching a new social enterprise that will bring clear vision to 10 million people in the world. YOU (yes both of you!) have played a part in that. Love, love, love the philosophy.
    I hope to see you at – maybe you can be a part of changing who can see this fantastic world we live in ! Best wishes, Carol.

  203. Thank you for this beautiful lesson! My biggest take away and one I’ve been working on is “How do I want to feel?” And not just about reaching my goals but every day of life. I love it, it’s so big of true but taking control of my own priorities. One of my core values and feelings is a desire for Peace, and I’m thankful to pray for it and work towards it in my daily life. I put both her books on my Wishlist and look forward to getting them! Love you too Marie 🙂

  204. Dear Marie,

    Outstanding presentation. My core desired feelings is to be a rich businessman. The Desire Map from Danielle is outstanding and appears as sweet music to me.

    Rohan Sarker
    Software Engineer, Telecom Specialist & HR
    [email protected]
    Skype: arati_genius

  205. What a wonderful, inspirational, and smart video. Thank you Marie and Danielle!

    1. My single biggest insight is when you said what can I do in this moment to feel the way I want to feel (when you and Danielle were discussing what to do when you feel like the world is caving in on you).

    2. One of my Core Desired Feelings is wanting to come from the heart. Feeling my heart being open and filled with light creates a connection with the universe and everybody in this world. It helps to remember one of the sutras from the Aquarian Age (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), “Recognize the other person is you” and the quote “if you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all”.

    Thank you again, Marie. You truly practice what you preach. Sat Nam.

  206. Hi, Danielle and Marie

    Thank you so much for this visit you paid me today! 🙂

    One take-away from the interview:
    – when we feel good, our brain fires differently and we start seeing solutions

    Some of my core feelings:
    – love
    – attractive
    – instrument of nature used by the Universe to create
    – connection
    – joy


  207. so grateful for both you ladies! this was a beautiful conversation. very excited to read the desire map!!

  208. Alison

    Wow. Blown away. Danielle…this is your best. You seem so intoxicating and grounded. I’m blown away. Did I already say that? I honor your gentle and powerful spirit. You were so kind to me on a call back when you did selling your soul. I will always remember how lovely you were. Even though your were answering a gazillion questions. I felt heard. Can’t wait to see where you’re headed next. But it’s all good right now…but where you’re going is gonna be great. Hehehe.

  209. – do i want to say yes to this…

    – happiness

    – this one core desired feeling of mine helps me attract the people I want to share my life with and ultimately, the partner I want to create, dance, laugh, explore, savour and love life with. Amen.

  210. Ali

    I LOVED this interview! Marie Forleo + Danielle LaPorte = A duo of a couple of my absolute FAV inspirational women. Rock on, ladies.

    1. My single biggest insight that I am taking away from this interview is what Danielle mentioned about having the desired core feelings, and then planning tasks and projects to set ourselves up to embody that feeling. I had heard her say this in other interviews or writings, but it really sunk in this time.

    2. One of my core desired feelings is sensuality.

    3. The goal that goes along with my core desired feeling of sensuality is to take dance classes in belly dance, salsa, and continue with 5Rhythms/Ecstatic Dance classes to support me in dropping into my sensuality on a more regular basis – As well as to help to educate my body in living from that place on a more regular basis.

    Thank you, as always Marie!

    Xo Ali

  211. Lula

    Wow, this video was so healing for me. Hearing this actually helped me to instantly let go of years of regret. For years I was pursuing an acting career, I moved to NY, went to NYU, started getting gigs right out of the gate, but it didn’t give me the feeling that I wanted to have. Then I saw a bright shinny thing (as Danielle said) and for me is was the beauty industry. That made me feel what I wanted to feel. I left acting, which shocked everyone, and got into beauty. For a long time I regretted it, thinking that I was a loser for giving up. But really I was following my feelings and I am in a much better place now. I’m excited to move forward looking to my feeling for guidance first. One thing I want to feel is light hearted. Typing that makes me smile, so I think it may be a keeper. xoxo 🙂

  212. I love having spiritual homework!

    First I would like to say that your dress Marie is soo pretty! What is it? Where can I get me one?

    My list is long and I know I need to break it down, but the strongest one for me is FULLFILMENT/ACHIEVEMENT

    • Beauty. For me it’s always been beauty. Not physical beauty, but the beauty the Universe offers up to us, and we neglect to see. Beauty that lifts our hearts and souls and brings us comfort and solace and closer to our god-dess. As I listened to this interview, that word kept clanging in my head. Beauty, abundance, joy, and sex to share. Why on EARTH must sex stop at 60?! Sorry–you asked for one, but there are my four.

      A timely video–it was a total CRAP day, and I think I can go to bed and wake up with a fresh view of the world. Thank you to you both!

  213. Great! So freeing! a big core for me is respect. I didn’t realize that until watching this video. Thanks for sharing your friend (Danielle) with us Marie! And thank you Danielle for sharing your insights! I will be buying this book! So inspiring! sending love to you all.

  214. I’m such a huge Danielle LaPorte fan that I can’t even put into words what my biggest takeaway from today’s MarieTV is. (omg, that sounded really nerdy and crazy.)

    I went through the Desire Map when Danielle first released it last year and my CDFs are: luminescent, prosperous, creative and energized. My mission behind all four is growing my business. When I make decisions based on those 4 CDFs, I feel that I am connecting with my authentic self which allows me to be of service to others.

    If there are any MarieTV/Danielle fans in Baltimore, MD USA who would like to join me for Danielle’s World’s Biggest Book Club starting Jan 7th, get hooked up with the details here: (we’ll be getting together at Breathe Bookstore Cafe!)

  215. My biggest takeaway is to get laser-focused and intention around what I truly want out of this spin around the planet.

    Off the top of my head, I want to feel wild and free, relaxed, sensual, passionate, creative and whole.

    My goal is to start a business which embodies and reflects all of the above.

    I just put The Desire Map on my Christmas wish list.

  216. Div

    Hi Marie,

    I have been a passive reader and follower of your blog for a little over 6 months now. This has been my most favorite blog and video of yours till date. Thankyou for having the most amazing interviews and just being who you are! Here are my answers from today’s blog:

    What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away? – That i can stop and choose my core desire of love even in the middle of feeling angry and disappointed. That i can take control of the moment and not wait for it to be over to feel loved again or wait for the emotions to subside. I can choose.

    What do you think one of your core desired feelings is? as cliched as it might sound, my core desire feeling would be love- to be loved and to love unconditionally.

    Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it. – To be a great team player who not only gets her own work done but supports and helps her team to do their best together.

    Thankyou for introducing the Desire Map. Cant wait to get my hands on the book and all that materials!


  217. nancy


  218. Jessica

    gratitude- to you fine fine women for who you are and sharing the goodness- opening the consciousness- rippling out…. thank you.
    CDF: peace, abundance, joy, inspired, love

  219. Leanne Richards-Williams

    1.What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away?

    I have been sufficating my core desire through my endless pursuit of goal accomplishments…as Danielle puts it: “No matter what” is a dangerous word. So i find myself in place that does not fit my mold and my innate character/desire.

    2. What do you think one of your core desired feelings is?

    I work best whe I am focused on one thing, so I think my chief core desired feeling is FREEDOM

    3. Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it.

    I am settled in my core desire of FREEDOM and with today’s Marie TV episode I realize I can stop stressing myself to accomplish goals that make me feel trapped instead of FREE. So my main 2014 goal is to create a lifestyle and a livelihood where I work when I want, earn what I want, and being able to engage in that which gives me freedom. The body and wellness, and relationships and society aspects will be addressed in following years. Who knows…?

    Thanks for this UPLIFTING contribution

  220. Valerie

    OMG! This is definitely one of the most spectacular videos you have done Marie ! I will be running out to buy Danielle’s book ! Like she said…so practical . I am very inspired !

    • Valerie

      oops, so rattled up I forgot to answer your questions Marie.
      Biggest take away: in the moment…STOP!…this is not the way I want to feel….adjust
      and the reminder to stop looking for my core feelings from outside !
      1 Core feeling…..unconditional love!

  221. I thank the Good Lord for you two ladies!!!
    I have followed many people in the last couple of years to find some direction in this chapter of my life, and it is you Marie and you Danielle who feed my spirit and bring the guidance and wisdom out of the deep places in my soul. I am forever grateful to have found you both!
    Take away-turning away from anger and creating love- awesomeness!
    1 core desired feeling- freedom! My love and respect to you both!

  222. Biggest takeaway: “How do I want to feel” is code for “what am I willing to wholeheartedly offer to others.”

    Core desired feelings: laughter, creativity, curiosity, awe, appreciation, abundance

  223. Megan Gavey

    Best interview yet, Marie. You and Danielle are two beautiful and inspiring women who bring your gifts so generously to our world. Thank you.
    -Core desired feeling is to feel worthy.
    Worthy enough to take the time to do The Desire Map for myself. Must a find a book club nearby.


  224. Kraypaper

    Biggest take-away: that feelings can actually be MORE important than thinking with regards to our self-interests. Let me explain: I have formed a life based around the belief that feelings are impermanent and subjective; rational, clear thinking is a more trustworthy gauge for best actions. Interestingly, I am in a period of my life where my feelings have known clearly the best course of action to solve a problem I am experiencing: I HATE MY JOB! My feelings have said “Get OUT, this place is toxic!” while my rational mind has been saying, “Form an exit plan. Build your business BEFORE you leave.” I have now overstayed my ability to function. I am sick, have gained 8 pounds, and cannot even face the commitment to stay through end-of-year. When I ask “How do I want to feel?”, the answer is clear: How I feel when I am working from home for MY clients.

    My core, desired feeling: FEARLESS. 2014 goal: I want to experience an entire year of my life where I listen to *How I’m Feeling* FIRST. And then to honor how I’m feeling by taking action to make that feeling GOOD. I will not let fear dictate my decision-making process but rather, Move towards that which creates my core-desired feelings. THANK YOU!

    • You have just spoken the words of many! I could feel the intensity knowing the feeling myself 🙂
      Thanks for sharing and good luck as you slide into 2014..the year of fearlessness!

  225. Ah – maz – ing! Is how I felt watching. First time commenter, so stoked the fire indeed.

    A long time follower of the law of attraction, sometimes it’s just the way people say things that hit you smack in the face. I call it my Mac Truck – if you don’t get the little signs they get bigger and bigger until they knock you down and make you pay attention.

    Anyhow, one of my CDFs is to ‘be of service’ in the field of weight loss. My own journey had a ‘stop listening to the others out there and notice how it makes you feel’ element to it which was the secret to my success. Example: they say gruelling work outs will help you lose weight but when I tried to do them I hated it and it felt bad to me. So I let go of the ‘you should’ from out there and listened to my inner ‘I don’t wanna!’ And then was free to find what did work for me.

    It thrills me to no end when readers of my ebook tell me it’s working for them too.

    Danielle and Marie, I know you feel that thrill too, or you wouldn’t do what you do.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Sunshine and sparkles.

    Kristy aka Slim Birdy

  226. Shyralee

    The biggest thing that I took away from your talk was a remembering of how to activate my higher self through coming into harmony with what I desire. It is so frustrating that even though I have known this on some level for years that I still get caught in the problem way too often. Thank you for bringing clarity and focus.

    My core desires this year is to feel Pleased, Yielding, and Mercurial.

  227. Claudia

    OMG! I listened to this on my drive home tonight and let me tell you, I cried so hard as I realized more than anything I want to feel safe. You see that is something that I rarely feel because of fear. My childhood wasn’t a safe one and as a result I have scars that are hard to overcome. I work hard on it everyday and try to focus on the here and now. It is really hard when I feel attacked by others and it takes a lot not to revert to my fearful child inside. Lately some co-workers have been really triggering this fear and making me feel very different than them. So my biggest take away from the video is that I no longer want to feel that I am not safe. If that means that I need to make changes in my work then so be it. But I choose not to feel threatened. I am a good person and deserve so much more. Thank you Marie and Danielle. Love!

  228. April Rice

    Ha, just when I figured I had followed y’all long enough to have heard all the nuggets I heard “don’t rely on outside forces to inform your reality”. I’m glad the people you are, Marie and Danielle, keep me compelled to come back.

    In the past I looked to the stuff, the event, someone else’s praise, the right bra (actually a bra and panty set) to make me feel like me and give me permission to do the next thing/take the next step or leap. I’m sure many of us have. Funny thing happens when you get in touch with how you want to “feel”, the outside becomes less noisy, your head starts to clear up and your focus on what truly matters “to you” gets pretty sharp.

    Still a work in progress in terms of application to my goals my core desired feelings are: ease & grace (two words, one meaning for me), in service, radiant, intuitively creative.

    Thank you again ladies. Keep doing what you’re doing. So many of us have been and will continue to be inspired beyond measure.

    In service,

  229. Elise

    I LOVE the desire map, it’s literally helped me completely change my life.

    I used to think that ‘abundant’, ‘playful’ and even ‘vibrant’ were my big words, and they are, but when I dug deep deep down I realized the strongest feeling I wanted to feel everyday in every area of my life was ‘at ease’.

    I asked myself how I’d feel if I had everything I ever needed & wanted.. and immediately a deep feeling of ease came over me. I searched through words like ‘relaxed’, ‘safe’, ‘trust’ and ‘protected’ but when I came to ‘at ease’ that felt like it summed all of those words up.

    So yeah, that’s my word. Seems so boring but it hits me right in the core! LOL

    Elise 🙂

  230. Gitcela

    This is one of my favorite interviews of all time at Marie TV. For starters Marie your my hero and my role model.. I’m proud to call you my mentor through your books and your show!!!! This interview made me cry!! And gave me one of the biggest “aha” moments ever… Tears of joy almost it was , tears of discovering an actual way of accomplishing the true essence of the “Goals” one has!, this method simply makes you go about it in such an amazing way!… A way that I never imagined to approach accomplishing my Goals, but asking myself why I want to accomplishing them in the first place!

    Now after much thought one of my core desires is SECURITY (the feeling of security in my relationship with my amazing boyfriend [which you indirectly help SAVE with your amazing book] security in my finances, security in my health). THANK YOU MARIE for being who you ARE and helping make us out there BE the BEST we can be… LOVE YOU!!

  231. Once again, Marie!

    Very cool video – I always enjoy your stuff – so happy I found your website a few weeks ago!

    Thank you,

  232. One of my core desired feelings is to feel generous – because feeling like I have enough abundance in my life to give some of it away feels so good!

  233. Thanks again Marie!!!

    I am a great fun of you and I am watching your videos every week. This video was one of your most powerful.

  234. ClareMC

    I notice the few negative comments have come from men. When I first watched this I was bowled over. Much more than I expected. But what hit me is that this is the feminine approach to goal setting. Newsflash: Men and women are different. And the meet ’em head on and bowl ’em down goal setting approach, though effective, is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have been thinking that all year. Getting A, B and C accomplished and making tons of money does not light my fire as much as accomplishing the exact same things b/c it feeds my soul and my emotional vision of what I want to surround myself with does. Same destination, different approaches. Looking forward to reading the book – I had already changed my goal board to reflect this somewhat and it is nice to be validated that what was the mainstream model may not resonate as deeply and this does.

  235. Tabassum

    Incredible interview w/ two incredible women. And I just love hearing Danielle’s sultry voice 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and the Firestarter Sessions for myself and for people in my life who I know need this.

    The concept of CDF has truly revolutionized the way I set my goals. Now it’s not about attaining material goals or goals that society or other people think I should strive for but it’s about creating the life that I want to live and about creating a state of mind/body/soul that is in alignment with my authentic desires. It’s truly amazing and liberating.

  236. Sophia

    well, that was a lightbulb moment for me – how can I have had it all so wrong all this time! I am going to make sometime to hammer this out, re-connect and follow the process of converting these ‘psedo-goals’ into a true and worthy acknowledgement of my core desired feelings. This is a genuine mapping exercise and an exercise in putting yourself first; that alone, for many women is a hard change…

  237. Sophia

    oh yeah, core feeling: feel healthy!!! Hopefully when I take the steps I need to I will feel the energy to do everything else. This is spelling out more ‘me’time and less ‘other people time’….know what I mean?

  238. Love, love, love this! I hopped off the treadmill to scrawl my notes ~ so great!

    Dolphin – Joy
    Mermaid – lithe, sexy, womanly
    Hawk – in the flow

    I had these totem animals / symbols, but was having a very hard time integrating them into my daily life. HUGE ah-hah moment when I thought about how I want to feel…. each relates to one of my symbols. Now, I have a visual to help them stay in the forefront.

    I also jotted down a few notes on how my clients want to feel – a wonderful approach to the design process. It feels so liberating.

  239. Thank you for this.
    It was very validating to hear that it is OK to make feelings a goal rather than specific “things” to attain. At this point in my life journey I had decided that all I wanted from life was to feel the way I do when I am creating art. Art whether I sell it or just make it.
    Hearing that I am not a loser (ha ha ha) for wanting a feeling rather than cash or cars added to my journey very much.
    Thank you.

  240. Loved this interview! You two are so inspirational!

    One of my core desired feelings is freedom and knowing this (and my other desires) has been life-changing. It seems so simple but has been groundbreaking in the way I prioritize and react to life.

    My favorite piece was the idea of being an intentional creator. I believe in the power of taking control of what you can control (your reaction and how you feel) and this concept articulates that beautifully.

    I mentor successful corporate women and this idea of goal setting turns the existing thought process in how and why we set goals on it’s head. (Is rebellious a core desired feeling because I LOVE that part of it!) I’m so inspired by you both. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


  241. Taiia

    Biggest takeaway: To chase the feeling, not the goal, because even after you achieve the goal, you can still feel empty. Been there, done that. Did not realize that is what was happening.

    Core desire: Freedom, fullness, satisfied, authenticity, inner beauty that radiates outward

    Goal + core desire: Using my authentic voice/storytelling + message to launching a youth motivational speaking biz in 2014.

  242. Really breathtaking, inspirational interview!
    I love the power Danielle has over creating this sense of peace, enlightenment and self-respect. It’s amazing!

    I’m so board with connecting with your core desired feelings, I always embed the “emotions” into the equation with my coaching clients too when they talk about goals and moving forward.

    Some of my core desired feelings definitely include connectedness, joy, and gratitude.

  243. Adel

    Good & timely video. In 2014, I want to feel liberated and feel the infinite potential in myself.

  244. Lori

    Probably one of the most profound videos about goal setting that I’ve ever seen !!

  245. Ana

    My core desire feeling is to feel connection with my primary relationship, my husband. Most people tell me Men are not like women and that is not possible and I should just accept that he is a good man. But the lack of connection runs into every aspect of my life. I know I need to accept who he is, but how do I satisfy my core desire.

  246. jenaya

    amen to ” chasing a feeling” . what perfect timing in preparation for 2014. Fullfillment. for me this means doing what it takes to feel confident in the path I have headed and willing to celebrate the victories and failures along the way!

  247. It was fun! Marie’s video are my guilty pleasure in my busy days. My core desired feelings are…Well, at least the first draft is:
    – Beauty. Surrounded by beauty!
    – Peace and calm
    – Absolute freedom
    – Contribution
    – Love

  248. Single Biggest Insight: To recognize that understanding my core desired feelings can be a life-long process. I bought the Fire Starter Sessions and fervently completed the exercises, but the daily practice of checking in and revising has fallen away. It’s encouraging, honestly, to hear Danielle’s process and time span with her own divine core desires. Thank you.

    One of My Core Desire Feelings: Still unraveling them, but Expansive is one that has come up again and again for me. I want to feel Expansive. I think there are parts to that feeling that come from other feelings — for instance when I feel safe, it leads to this expansive feeling … when I connect with others I feel expansive … when I give I feel expansive. But that sense of relaxed and open expansion truly is how I want to feel.

  249. What a great video! I love the idea of listening internally to your feelings and that it’s okay—in fact imperative—that those are your goals. One I can think of right now is peace/equanimity. Thanks for this interview, Marie!

  250. Brenda

    I have been working on understanding my values for some time now. I am already hooked on how Danielle talks about Core Desired Feelings. With values work I have had a hard time feeling connected to my feeling around them, it has always seem more like “what is logical here”. As I listened to her talk about the Core Desired Feelings, it gives me a feeling that something new is about to be uncovered. I am taking away step one, What feels good to me in the various areas of my life. I am going to journal and listen to me “stream of consciousness” around these. I will be picking up the book sometime in the near future, but I will start with this. If I can think of one thing that makes me feel really good, it is growth. When I feel I am growing and learning, I feel like I am my best self. I think I need to dive in deeper but this is my starting point.
    Thank you for sharing, always!! xoxox

  251. biggest insight? That I want to hear “I deserve, I deserve, I deserve…” on an endless loop.

    Core desired feelings:

  252. what an echo for what i’m trying to create in my life

    and the part of being to small for the big things that I’m made for

    my core is abundance, and i know that i just have to make alive all my idea of oracle, books, tools, to follow the divine inspiration I’m a grateful to be in contact with

    thanks for the discover of Danielle and her book, and I’m happy to join a club reader in Paris, France, a great Tuesday.

    And some french

    Merci beaucoup pour vos inspirantes vidéos, les découvertes, les rappels de toutes ces choses simples pour aller vers son bonheur.

  253. Amazing video!! Just wanted to say this happened at the perfect time for me to really analyze my goals. I wasn’t feeling good about some of the business choices that were coming my way this helped me get back on track with how do I want to feel. Two of my core desired feelings are Passionate & Free. My goal to finally free myself of the bridge job that keeps cutting into my business needs and stops me from expanding my own brand. Thanks so much Danielle & I loved the Desire Map!

  254. Berta

    Amazing video as usual! this is interesting because last week before i saw this video I felt the urge to write my core desired feelings down not realizing they were my core desired feelings. i just titled a page “what do i want to feel?” Then i wrote 6 words. I’ve been writing about each one and studying my feelings about each one for almost a week so it was really amazing to see the exact video i needed to see in order to help me make sense of everything and continue to keep these things my life’s priority. So thank you! This came right on time! Mine are love, happiness, contentment, stability, acceptance, forgiveness.

  255. amazing.. thanks for such post..
    have another

  256. Claudia

    Hey goddesses!

    I did not know that my relationship to goal setting is totally flawed, in serious need of ‘Defrag’. Thank you, so that is my biggest take-away.
    One of my core desired feelings I am guessing is feeling Free, let me head off to my drawing/scribble board and do the inno-storming…
    Love, love, love – Claudia

  257. Daniel’s Core Desired Feeling’s and Goal’s

    Goal – Launching JIT to a level. Changing the world so that there is no such thing as the HAVE’S and the HAVE NOT’S. Creating my own Art, and selling it on a regular basis.

    Quit Smoking = Having more money for other things.

    2. UNITY
    Goal – Bringing together the LightWorkers, JIT Community, and Family (New & Old)

    Quit Smoking = Joining the Other Side… the non smokers.

    3. JOY
    Goal – Having JOY in my HEART while Being with (Myself, Meditation, Yoga, People GOD etc.) and Doing (all things)!

    Quit Smoking = The Joy I will feel for finally quiting.

    4. LOVE
    Goal – Connecting my Head to my Heart and asking my HEART what would LOVE do?

    Quit Smoking = Loving myself at a new level.

    Goal –Accepting my Peers, Friends, Family for Who they Really Are and in turn they will accept me for who I Am with a Non-Judgmental/Unconditional LOVE.

    Quit Smoking = Being accepted for being a nonsmoker. NO I need to accept that I do smoke and that I am accepted for either being a nonsmoker or a smoker. I don’t really want to quit smoking for me, I want to do that so the HAVE’S will accept me!

    My Core Desired Feeling is being accepted for who I am, and for me accepting me for Who I really am too…a smoker!

  258. Katy

    I do not have the words to describe what Marie has done for me and my life. All of this free information she has so so generously shared lifted me from the rock bottom I was at just last year. One morning I woke up and decided I wanted better for myself and to turn my life around, I then stumbled on her website. I sat all morning drinking so much tea and writing notes just taking in every minute detail of this incredible resource. One year later I just received my copy of my first ever cover star feature on a magazine as a professional artist, celebrating my work. If I wasn’t all the way here in England I would buy Marie a drink and thank her for saving my life in every way, every corner and every format.

    This particular video has just bowled me over and I cannot fathom the amount of lives it will change.

  259. Brr! it’s cold this week in San Francisco. My core desired feeling is WARMTH. I want to connect with the warmth within throughout my day every day and share this love and light with everyone I encounter, especially my inner circle and my (prospective) clients. It is my new goal to consciously share this warmth in every interaction and bask in the glow that is reflected back to me.

    Big insight from this episode: sometimes we have achievement and goal-setting backwards. I have definitely experienced the loser feeling when I don’t reach my stated goals, or do as well as I’d hoped, or even when I did everything just right, I still don’t feel that accomplished. Being pregnant (7+ months now) has changed this for me. For the first time I feel like I’m really doing something that’s aligned with my core desires. And sure, I can’t take full credit for the incredible experience pregnancy has been so far (hubby, good health, and good luck have played a part), but I can say that I’m proud of myself for finding this abundant energy and being grateful every day and extending this good feeling to my baby, my life, and my business.

    Thank you Marie and Danielle for a great interview. Can’t wait for B-School 2014!

  260. Loved this interview. Bought the book for myself and my 2 daughters.
    I want to be conscious, connected, a creator, charismatic, and grateful!
    Here’s to putting all this into the launch of my business and my life. Thank you.

  261. Irena Vieira

    First, let me say that it is was a joy to see 2 of my favourite people in the world having this great talk. Loved every minute of it, you gals ROCK!!!!

    1) So many great insights. One I really liked was when Danielle said that her version of spirituality has to work in her kitchen, bedroom and heart. I agree with that. Don’t go looking for a guru and follow her/him blindly. You can be inspired by someone, but whatever you do has to work for you. Another insight I’m taking from this, is that you have to be careful about sending mixed signals to your mastermind group. ‘Your sacred homework is allowing yourself to feel worthy’.

    2) I think one of my core desired feelings is feeling 100% feminine (intuitive, strong, sexy, beautiful, empowered, empathetic). And also, feeling connected is one of my core desired feelings.

    3) With my core desired feeling of feeling 100% feminine, my goal would be to be the person I want to be and live the way I want to live NOW instead of waiting till I loose the weight, have the great job, fantastic condo and great guy.

  262. A core desired feeling of mine: “In Awe” ~ as in the tingles & butterflies that come as you witness miracles (which can be in every moment)
    Such a beautiful interview between such gorgeous, empowering women! thank you xoxo

  263. My hubby bought me The Desire Map for Christmas last year and it has helped guide me, but I need a refresher! 🙂

    As a mom of a 2 year old I find myself getting angry and frustrated often (and I’m not the angry type), so I am thankful for the suggestion to say to myself “Stop. This is not how I want to feel. I want to feel joy, peace, love, happiness.”

    Thanks so much for that!

    My core desired feelings for this past year are joy, serenity, fulfillment, abundance, connected, energized.

    Every single one of those CDFs will be felt by my practicing the above technique. When I am feeling way outside of who I really am, I am going to STOP, take a deep breath, and focus on how I want to feel. This will help my family life, marriage, and sense of personal fulfillment. Yay! 🙂

  264. Melissa

    Thank you thank you! Two of my favorite, most inspiring women. I sat down with my pen to watch this one and boy was I not disappointed. As usual. 🙂

    I think the most significant idea for me is the comfort in knowing that wanting to FEEL a certain way while striving for your goals is even an OPTION. I feel like I’ve been explaining that (in limited vocabulary over many years) to professionals and therapists and others and never quite finding the validation in those thoughts. I’ve given the validation to myself and am now finding the support in these delicious avenues that you two women have paved the way for. Thank you, tribe! xo

  265. FREE, SERENE, CREATIVE & HAPPY. I’ve already made steps. I’m a songwriter & I quit my job to do more songwriting. I’ve made progress & new connections in the biz. I had a friend who used to say, “Sometimes you have to jump off a cliff just to see where you’ll land.” That’s kind of what I’ve done. 😉

  266. Matea

    Wow from Croatia, thank u so much for this video, God bless u for sharing this gold 🙂 it made my day, month, made me get out of my monkey mind who`s been running the show for a month now, it feels like a fog has been cleared and I can finally feel the present and future,

  267. Krystal

    I am working through this process; however, two of my core desired feelings are VIBRANT and connected.

  268. It’s not about achievement, it’s about how you feel. Wow. I love this – letting it not be about the goal but be about how the goal makes you feel. Creativity, Freedom, Peace.

  269. Anna

    Hey Marie & Danielle!
    I’m uber excited about digging into my core feelings! This video just changed my entire day, from being in a frumpy mood to now wanting to do a happy dance. Thank you.

    My biggest take away:
    I am worthy.

    One of my core feelings:

    I’ll be digging deeper into uncovering the rest of my core feelings ASAP! Thank you for once again changing my life.

    With lots and lots of love,

  270. Daphne Dominique

    My single biggest insight take away is to feel and celebrate my daily and overall life goals.

    Biggest core desired feelings is serenity (Peace, Courage and Insight)

    My core desired feeling of serenity and the goal to live my best life is so real and true; 1-Expereince my/our world’s beauty (nature, food and people) 2-Build a foundation for my daughters where they live their best lives, 3-Give love to all souls.

    Be love! Be blessed! Be you!

  271. This was fantastic and so powerful! Knowing what my desired feelings are makes it so much easier to decide what I am going to work on each day 🙂

    My 3 desired feelings are: Fulfilled – Joy – Abundance

    Thank you Marie + Danielle!!!

  272. Lina

    Marie — one of your best Maire TV episodes! I can’t thank you enough for helping me improve my life through B-School and the great information that you share with us each week. Danielle is amazing and her goal process is truely life changing! Joy, service, freedom, creativity and abundance are my core desired feelings. Biggest take away: Don’t let outside forces dictate who you are, what you want and how you feel. You ladies are truely inspiring. God Bless!!!

  273. I just love this! I got goosebumps and I couldn’t stop smiling. Heart opened wide and mind blown. Thank you Marie and Danielle.

  274. Dear Marie,
    SinceI have been watching your videos I am reminded to not be afraid to take more risks and put myself out there and express myself. You are so beautiful in your expression and it has inspired me. This video jumped out at me because I just blogged about self love and feeling like you deserve and to stop what I call “the noise” . Watching Danielle just re-affirms what I wrote and I just feel like I am dialled in to my life for the first time in a long time. I am running out to get that book.

  275. One of the best videos I’ve seen in ages! Danielle’s other book arrived the same day I started this video. I take it as a sign. My core desire is to feel HARMONY! I seek it in every moment! Thank you for the awesome support!

  276. Jessica

    ~ Wholehearted ~

  277. Luke

    This was so potent and powerful. The presence of both Danielle and Marie was incredible. I’ve been following Danielle for a while now but I just witnessed and experienced her at a whole new level.

    My core desired feelings:
    1. Joy
    2. Balanced
    3. Peaceful

    Thank you so much for the video – great timing.

  278. Brian

    1) we pursue things for how they will make us feel
    2) love
    3) fun: to start making my music (I’m a musician) more fun

  279. jan

    Good Morning, Thank you, thank you for this inspiring break fast of inspirational, supportive and do-able wisdoms, you nailed it today ladies. Thanks for the reminders of how to Be Schooled. So its up shower, tibetan rites, and work early to prepare for our ladies and the Chelsea Pensioners to eat mince pies, drink mulled wine and sing a long. Yey!
    The Desire Book is on the top of my Christmas list, to myself.
    Love you

  280. Charlie

    Biggest takeaway: Stop the monkey-brain with a “This is not how I want to feel”. Replace it with, “What I really want to feel is this (CDF)”. Today I am going to set myself some small goals (small, but with massive repercussions to my feeling good about myself if I achieve them), this will include calling the potential clients I have been putting off.

    a Core Desired Feeling that I have thought of is “Content”. Contentment is something I have been chasing my entire adult life and not reaching it in all parts of my life at the same time. Right now I would like to feel content in the career path that I have just embarked on. I must remind myself that I am worthy of following this career path, that I am credible and that it is my right to try.

  281. Hi,
    I think my core desired feelings are safety, love and joy. I’ve got to buy this book!

    Thanks ladies!

  282. Giuseppina

    This was touching……I’ve been needing to hear this, that how I feel matters and what I feel comes first!,,,, it’s beautiful it’s priceless …

    I’ve had to listen to this video twice I’ve got work to do…..and reading

    Happiness….something I’ve always wanted ….for me not for others around me


  283. My soulful gratitude resounds to you both Marie & Danielle for this divinely timed serial #truthbomb.

    As I head to meet with our publisher in what appears to be a tumultuous negotiation with plenty at stake, my CDFs are:
    * Guided/Grounded
    * Potently Present
    * Nimble in the flow
    * Wise

    My #mo’Mojo l i g h t b u l b moment from this was to bake CDF’s into how the Soulful Leaders in our mastermind group set their intentions for the work we do together over the year. Crucial shift. #moremojo

  284. Love that this is a process, not a one time discovery. But I also know that process means I need to keep working. Keep going. Keep on. It doesn’t end. That’s the hard part. But it was encouraging to hear how long Danielle has worked, is working, with her CDFs – it’s like breathing and eating and moving – you just do it every day.

    I’d like to start working on feeling strong, free, present and some kind of radiant, like that little flame in the wood stove in the basement that doesn’t go out and warms the whole house all winter, like a pilot light that needs to be tended every day to keep it going. Thanks for all of your good work.


  285. Jodi

    Thank you for this video. There were many points Danielle made that sparked “ah-hahs” and I’m sure I’ll re-watch it in the future to capture as many of them as possible.

    The most striking take-away for me was the simplicity of thinking about how I want to feel, and making choices that move me in that direction. It was especially helpful that she talked about life having “not how I want to feel” moments for everyone. I tend to be self-critical, and when I’m not feeling the way I want to feel, I take it as a personal failing. 🙂 I think her teaching will help me remember that it’s (a) a temporary state, (b) inevitable at times, and (c) something that I can move myself out of by making that shift in perspective.

  286. Wow…the timing of this interview & information is incredible! I am going to get the book, but in the meantime I have been doing the work & this just honed & focused it for me. Joy, Freedom, Authenticity, Femininity, Abundance, those are my initial core desired feelings. I am going to do the stream of consciousness exercise & see what else comes up! Thank you both for your insight, love & help!

  287. Moved & so very inspired beyond words. I really resonated when Danielle said “it’s not about the goal, it’s about the feeling when you get there” and when I make my list of goals for the new year, that is how I will think about them. I will be diving deeper into my core desired feelings & will be picking up “The Desire Map” today!

  288. Amazing perspective. Interestingly enough, I have learned the meaning of core feelings, but at the same time learned to push through to get to goals. It was beautiful to hear her say “don’t push”. It is like music to the soul. It lifts the heaviness that can suffocate. Brilliant 🙂 She explains it beautifully 🙂

  289. christin

    Strangest vid this sounded more like tweets then a conversation.Danielle doesn’t speak in complete sentences.

    • Doris

      I also noticed this but I didn’t mind. In real life not many people speak in complete sentences, they just do so in public speaking after preparing for this. So I think this may be weird in public speaking only. I know I speak more through gestures and facial expressions, I use images in my speech rather than information. One time I asked a woman walking the the street “do you know where is… this thing… you know?” and she just showed me the building I was looking for 🙂 I can write beautiful articles but I’m not particularly eloquent when I speak. So Danielle’s speech seemed perfectly natural for me, maybe it’s not what we’re used to, but it’s understandable and catchy, at least for me.

  290. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away?

    To really forgive myself for focusing on achievement so much, and recognizing that the goal is not to achieve the goal, but to feel a certain way. If it’s the feeling I’m after, I can begin to feel that way immediately, and don’t have to wait until I achieve something.

    What do you think one of your core desired feelings is?

    I’ve constantly sought the approval of others, but I’m now just admitting it to myself. The deeper issue is that I’ve felt unsatisfied with the current moment, because I don’t feel like I’m doing what I want. My core desire is to feel at ease, and not seeking other approvals, not constantly what else could I be doing? just relaxed and content with the moment.

    Bonus points: tell us your core desired feeling and the goal that goes along with it.

    I’d like to make $100,000 a month through my technical recruiting business, and then go on tour with my comedy show.

  291. This is serendipitous, I just came from Danielle’s site and I have been reading the Essential Dalai Lama!
    As we head into the new year this is such a helpful message to incorporate into our goal setting. Feelings as a compass who would have thought! I especially love what Danielle said about parenting, because often we don’t think about how our parenting style makes us feel.

  292. Sallie

    I’ll need to do the mapping to be sure but I’m connecting to Love, Freedom, Acceptance [accepting] & the Joy of giving. I especially connected to the point of choosing in a moment where I could be upset or angry and say, “This is NOT how I want to feel.” Powerful!

  293. I took myself on a personal retreat at the beginning of the year and Desire Mapped. My core desired feelings are: Abundance, Elegance, Passion, Union, and Joy. I pulled the DM off the shelf and looked back at the goals I came up with during the retreat: 1) launch my own business and brand that I am passionate about and love. 2) Develop a spiritual practice. 3) Develop a personal brand.

    1 and 2 are a hell yes. In fact, I just published my manifesto yesterday: I found a spiritual teacher who recently gave me a meditation practice. Number 3 is in progress but pretty close.

    It’s amazing when you set an intention how things just fall into place unconsciously! Looking forward to mapping 2014. Thanks Danielle and Marie for a great conversation.

  294. Doris

    I absolutely love this perspective on goal setting. I think I’ve been working on getting to this kind of life anyway, based on scraps from other philosophies, just not this one. I appreciate Danielle’s honesty about the ups and downs in this, that it’s a constant learning process, it’s not like you wake up and you’ve achieved happiness once and for all.

    I always use to name magic and love as my core values. It’s hard to describe those. Love is this deep, sometimes warm or painful feeling that gives meaning to everything. I feel the half rather than the whole. I can work on my emotional independence and it would be helpful – and I’m absolutely sure I can be almost as happy alone as in relationship – but I still feel I was made to have a spiritual union with another being for many years on this earth. Also, love of the nature, loving my life, loving the moment I’m experiencing or my day, the people around me and in my life in general.

    The other thing, magic, is even harder to describe. It’s also about emotionally intense experiences, romantic in a very broad sense, also about art, dreams, imagination, mystic thinking. It’s hard to describe and all my life I feel like I’m alone with this feeling. It’s so depressing since I’d love to share the experience with someone else. I’d love to lie under stars with someone else and name them whatever we want to. I’d like to lie on bed together and listen to music and share our experience on what we imagine. It’s hard to describe it because it’s so hard to meet anyone who would like to play this game.

    Unfortunately, my relationship doesn’t give me the sense of spiritual union or the experiences of magic and imagination. I’m so disappointed with this and I try to make a place for this to happen since I love the man and we are connected on other important levels, but it feels difficult.

    I could make more effort to do the magic things on my own. For a few years I haven’t been listening to music much. I’m going to try to implement more creativity, art and magical reflection into my life. It’s hard as you get older and you make choices like “I need to do my homework instead of writing a poem” more often.

  295. Awesome awesome awesome! Thank you for this.
    Amazingly inspiring as always

  296. Wendy

    Oh, how this video rocked my world! SO much so I cited this video in my online discussion for my management class. As a feeler, this is a natural way to help me gain clarity about my goals and remind myself why I set them in the first place! No more planning boredom and slogging thru the to-do list. Goodbye overwhelm. I love you both!! xoxo

  297. Wonderful! I just wrote my weekly newsletter about The Missing Key To Manifestation, saying that we are doing it backwards!!!!! Thanks Marie. I’m with you. I feel that first we create a matrix of love within (feel good) and then whatever dreamy seed we sew will manifest in its highest, most pure form. No more focussing on our small goals…love first and we’ll manifest beyond our wildest dreams with ease. Thank you both for a fab Marie TV. Much love. Marg

  298. Thanks for this, I love it! I have been feeling a bit of track and I was searching for a way to find my “why” or drive or something else that would be helpful to give me direction and purpose. I love this method! I will be trying to find my core desires and tie my goals to them in the next couple of weeks

  299. Sue

    Before a meeting with a client or even for something as simple as returning a sweater at TJMaxx, I ask myself, “How do you want to feel after this encounter or transaction.” It really sets the tone for that initial greeting and then oddly enough, that feeling will carry through for the entire encounter without me having to even think about it.

  300. Insight: What am I going to do today to feel this way?
    One Core Desire: Affluent. . . Because the reason to have more is to give more. And giving makes me feel good.

  301. Perfect timing for this video!

    I watched it the other day in the middle of a big launch and was feeling super stressed out and anxious. I was trying SO hard to hit my specific goal! The core desired feelings I chose are:

    Joy, abundance, calm, beauty.

    Instantly I felt more relaxed. I went home that night and cleaned the apartment, lit a ton of candles, made dinner and waited for my fiance to come home so we could surround ourselves with beauty 🙂

    Alexis Meads

  302. Avaleen

    My core desired feelings are is to feel 1) relaxed, 2) generous and 3) loved.

  303. I’ve been a fan and follower of Danielle’s for years. I know this language. I get this concept. And yet, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. Guess I’m ready for desire. Thank you {and deep bow} to you both.

  304. I love you both so much! My CDF’s are Focused, Shakti, Excited. Yes – LOVE!!! ~Renee

  305. Pauline

    The best insight I got was that I have control over my life. I am who I am and though still learning and growing, I have control over what I want and to be the woman I am borne to be.

    My Core Desires include Freedom, Happines, Calm, Passion, Abundance.

    The top Core Desire feeling is Freedom. I’d love to live on my own terms and just as what Marie and Danielle said, I don’t want to live merely by doing things others want me to do or by making their dreams come true, whilst putting mine aside.

    To do this, I want to have a business of my own. 🙂

  306. Fi

    Last night, I felt stuck. I know meditation candles and oils that deals with this helps a lot but I knew its not what i wanted to fix this. Today after checking my email, I clicked on Marie TV email. Quarter way in this video, Danielle is the answer to solving my “stuck” feeling. My intuition was correct – I didn’t need candles or oils. Glad to have followed Marie from fall of last year. The universe has solutions years ahead ready to solve problems to come. Danielle is now another one of the authors books I will highlight and reread because of Marie TV. The other author from Marie TV is Marianne Williamson where one of her books is currently shaping my life.

    Marie… thank you.. thank you… thank you for introducing these rare human jewels from where ever your team researched to find them. I will be on one of your web series one day because your project goes along my journey to fulfill what I want in life

  307. Melanie

    Wow!! I would just like to thank Marie and Danielle for this amazing episode of Marie TV.

    I haven’t stopped thinking about it all week in the lead up to my annual review and goal setting for 2014.

    After reviewing 2013 and feeling my way into 2014 I feel different, I feel like I am no longer pushing to achieve something that may not make me feel good.

    So thank you so much for bringing this paradigm shifting miracle to mine and other peoples lives.

  308. When I saw Danielle Laporte in the marquee, I said this needed to wait until I got to a quiet place like the weekend.. So glad I waited til the weekend to listen. I am changing the post-it notes I’m surrounded with. One of my core feelings is LOVE. This year I re-learned how to love myself by taking time for me. If I don’t take care of me, how can I do anything else.

  309. I loved this video! I have been working a lot with goal setting lately and it has been exactly as Danielle described, setting the same goals over and over and just not feeling in touch with them enough to go after them. I am really looking forward to getting deeper into my core desired feelings, but one I noticed right away is Stability. I own a business, am married, have a 4 year old daughter, and a baby on the way. Being prepared for the baby and having my business on track have both felt stressful and a little off lately and I have been chasing my tail trying to get to a place where I feel good, and then with this video it hit me. I want Stability. Thankfully there are a few steps that have already come to mind that I can do to feel like I have more power in these situations, but I definitely have a little more brain storming to do before I get down to it. Thankfully we are snowed in this weekend so I have plenty of time. 🙂 Thanks Marie, and thank you Danielle. I have already gone over to Danielle’s FB page and given her a like, and when I’m done with this post I’ll be looking into purchasing The Desire Map. Have a great day ladies!

  310. Wow. So glad this conversation is in the world even more! Thank you ladies.

    Unfortunately, however I think that Danielle is missing the whole picture and that may lead to some unintended consequences. When you make a declaration of a core feeling you must really be in the space of possibility for it to “take hold”, otherwise it is only an affirmation and a wish list. This space is when the person really truly “sees” and therefore believes that their declaration as really possible to have/experience in their life. Congratulations to her for creating this space of possibility for herself and creating effective declarations! But for most people, intentionally getting into this space of possibility is not readily available without trained support.

    Additionally, when a declaration is made in an authentic clearing (space of possibility) and one steps into it fully in their life, everything that is NOT that declaration (anger experience verses love declaration in her example) will come up–usually very loudly and frustratingly. Without the appropriate support in uncovering the core beliefs that have whatever is NOT the declaration established as a pattern in the first place, people are bound to continue to repeat the same feelings and behaviors or at least find the process to be difficult and arduous (see D.r Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief).

    I feel Danielle is doing a great job touching on transformative work, but is not revealing the secret sauce, which is that the core of the work is being willing to feel, acknowledge and release old, painful patterns. In order to do this most effectively, we absolutely need support from people who know how to navigate others through the process of transformation. Without this work and without creating from an authentic space of possibility you are still just doing affirmations.

    Transformation is about experiencing oneself fully and truly, reading a book and setting feeling goals alone will not do it. Transformation of being is an entire technology and methodology of which recognizing your desired “being” or “core feelings” is only one basic piece of a whole set of important distinctions that source real, authentic personal transformation.

  311. My core desire is feeling peaceful. This interview has helped me a lot setting my goals for 2014, which are going to be three, all of them related to feeling at peace:

    – Stop the monkey mind
    – Living more consciously
    – Earn money in a way that helps me keep my peace of mind.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful interview.

  312. Gina

    I adore you, Marie, and so enjoyed this conversation with Danielle Laporte. You gals ROCK!

    One of my core desire feelings is REVERENT. I’ve been contemplating that one a lot lately. According to the Oxford dictionary, it means to exalt or hold something sacred. Love that!

    Happy holidays to you, too!

    xoxo Gina

  313. KimDar

    I’ve been watching MarieTV for a while and this has been the greatest episode for a long time! a BREAKTHROUGH way of looking at goals Danielle. The best thing I’ll take away from this is to ask myself when doing something, “Is this how I want to feel?” and if not, to STOP.

    The #1 desired feeling I have is to be happy and feel joy. Not sure how I will do this yet, but I think just by asking myself the question above and reacting accordingly, I will feel happier.

    Thanks so much, I will be following you both on Twitter.


  314. Thank you to Marie and Danielle, that was an amazing interview. The biggest insight I will take away from this is that I don’t have to say yes to everything that is passed onto me, if it doesn’t feel right, I don’t feel the way I want to feel then I will say no, I never got that before, I just felt that I should try everything in case I miss pout on something. My core feeling is joy, abundance and love. I will be working on my core feelings for the next couple of weeks.

    Thank you again and have a fantastic Christmas
    Donna xxx

  315. Talk about aha moments! This totally transforms my thought process on how to prep for 2014. Tremendous thanks to you both!

  316. F’ing loved this episode of Marie TV. Love both you ladies!

    The biggest insight I took from this was that you’re not going to feel your core desired feelings all the time because “this is life”. AMEN Danielle. It reminded me that life is not going to be ‘perfect’ 24/7 and that we should stop expecting it to be.

    My core desire feelings are love, joy, inspired, graceful, creative

  317. Emma

    Thank you both so very much for sharing this POWERFUL LIFE CHANGING message.

    The biggest insight I took from this was using your core desired feelings to guide your life e.g. when Danielle says her core desired feelings guide what restaurants she eats at, how she parents, what she says yes to….I LOVE THAT!!! What a brilliant indicator to use!

    My core desired feelings are WHOLE, GLOWING and CAREFREE.

  318. Sophie

    thank you very much for this moment and the power of the message

    it’s a perfect timing with my life right now; I was so moved I cried, feeling so grateful <3 so thank you 🙂

    my cored desired feelings:
    *** b e i n s p i r e d***
    *** b e g r a t e f u l ***

    much love, season's greetings & merci !

    Sophie (from Lyon, France)

  319. Diana

    WOW. Thank you Danielle and Marie for sharing such beautiful truths with us!! I just watched this today, took notes, and will be returning to this for reminders and further insights in the future.
    The biggest take-away from this interview for me was the manifestation part. I’ve heard it put in other ways, and am becoming more and more aware of it as I open my mind and heart to the energy and beauty of people. I have always been such a self-centered girl (still working on that!) who suffers from depression…just an overall feeling of LACKING. It’s been my life struggle.
    When Danielle so lovingly said, (paraphrasing here) “You must be the intentional creator of your life,” I felt my heart open. I get so worried about relating to other people that it’s always from a distance. Being afraid of letting someone get to know me fully has kept me from loving boyfriends, having more genuine friends, and my family.
    If I am to feel noticed, loved, and appreciated (three of my Core Desired Feelings) I must genuinely notice them, love them, and appreciate who they are. Thank you. I am doing the first step today. And will be as honest as I can be about going deep. This just might hurt so good!
    Much love and light, thank you for being.

  320. Renate

    1 – … choose how you want to feel and try to make it happen..
    2 – … ‘useful’, I would like to be useful in the world {I would like to be useful through Art or Photography or to boil it down: by creating in a socially relevant way} and right now I feel very distinctly not useful, which makes me feel very powerless and worthless.

  321. Wow! So inspired that I almost could not sleep!
    The biggest insight I got from watching this is: God!
    Thank you Danielle for bringing spirit into the goal setting.
    I will buy your book, use everything in my daily life and work and
    of course I will share it with the world!

    Danielle- thankful that you came into my life today.

    And one of my core desired feelings are: love!

    XX Maria

  322. Michaela

    thank you for this video like for all of you videos. 🙂

    I just came back from Tony Robbins DWD and this stuff you are talking about vibrates with me and rings a bell so hard that my neighbours have to hear it. 😀

    Thank you. I love your style, adore your playfulness and that sparkle in your eyes.
    You are my inspiration. 🙂

  323. Frances

    So powerful! Really enjoyed listening to this. I completely saw myself in Danielle’s old way of being when she mentioned her “cold pot of tea on her desk.” I’ve got one on mine right now!

    One core desired feeling completely inspired by Danielle…

    Wow. Amazing.

    Thank you for sharing your resources with such love and abundance!

  324. Catherine

    I’m really surprised. I always thought of goal setting as “How am I going to put myself out in the world and get more to look more important than I currently am?” Which for me is a pretty alienating way of looking at things, and so I always resigned myself to being a failure on some level.

    I immediately knew watching this that one of my core desired feelings is intimacy. I mean feeling like I can connect with another person in a meaningful, nurturing way, whether that’s a customer I’m helping, my child, my spouse.. even myself. It’s amazing, because I can see in my house, my hobbies, my *honest aspirations* how they all support that desire.. But I’ve always downplayed them as fluff, indulgence, distraction, or even laziness.

    I can see why I haven’t been happy in the past setting goals, because they were always external, performance based, and didn’t feed into that core desire at all! I’m going to start with intimacy as my one little word 2014, and see where that takes me! I’m excited!

  325. One of my core desired feelings is also creation/creativity/creating.

    I’ve always yearned to produce some sort of gift, a magnum opus, that I can leave behind to make the world better after I’m gone.

    Something monumental, like Danielle’s Desire Map, or the Myers-Briggs. Something people will turn to, to help them provide a better life for themselves.

    I don’t know how to accomplish that… yet.

  326. Hello Marie and Danielle,
    1. That you have to go deeper and deeper into your goals and your feelings. That each of us, has to be eager to find out what it truly is how I would like to feel.
    2. To explore what the gift is what only I have and which only I can bring to the world.
    3. Beeing authentic and valuable. Let go old patterns which hold me back.
    Goal: I am the creator, show of to others that personnel change is possible.

    Thank u both so much, this interview is very inspiting!
    Best regards from germany 🙂

  327. Fantastic piece! To answer your questions, I would say that my biggest insight (which brought tears to my eyes) is that when you are clear on what you want to feel, you know what to say “no” to. Just love that! My core desired feelings that come right away are: having purpose, clarity and abundance to share.

    Thank you for such an amazing segment. Love your energy and your message 🙂

  328. LoL I was goal setting this morning at 1am…. Too funny perfect timing Marie thank you! =D

    Biggest thing I took away was the core of the message in my mind, FOCUS ON HOW I WANT TO FEEL! Focus inward on ME instead of all the things I want outside of me. Like focusing on the roots, instead of the fruits. Genius, thank you so much!

    A Core Desired Feeling of mine, and the MOMENT you asked for it this little voice inside was like FREEDOM! I want to feel freedom, expansion to do and be whatever I want without constraints of “Well I can’t because…. I’m out of shape, don’t have enough money, don’t have the time…”

    Thank you so much for putting this on!

  329. I LOVE this so much. This is fundamental spirituality put into goals. I was definitely in a disconnect when approaching goals, and in that “out there” type of striving which felt nervous and stressful. I love this so much. In fact when she was talking, I said to myself “DUH Vanessa” in a loving way….
    I am in the midst of working through the desire map and I am really enjoying it…..
    Thanks so much Danielle and Marie

  330. Wow that was truly inspiring! My favorite part was learning that it is not the goal that I want but the feeling that comes with accomplishing it. I had always questioned my ability to complete things, because unless I was passionate or in a crunch I would procrastinate. Now I see that passionate is the key word here and it may become one of my core values.

    Another concept that made me think was being too pushy. I always confued being pushy with being disciplined. But if I had paid attention, I would have realized that if I can sit for hours doing one thing but force myself to complete a goal then I wasn’t doing something right. That something was being ou of alignment with my core feelings.

    Thanks so much for this video! I’m going to start working on my core values right now!

  331. This woman has captured my Heart. Danielle you are the Absolute truth! Divine Feminine Power Girl!

    Thank You!

  332. Janice

    I stumbled onto your site and I already love it. I have been pushy with my goals and haven’t been very successful (because of it?). I have The Desire Map on hold at the library and can’t wait to read it! I believe my core desires are creative, abundance,love,joy and respect. We’ll see after I read the book.

  333. Blue Whitney

    I have to comment just to say, that im thankful i stumbled across your video with Danielle, im at a cross road and ive been asking myself what to do in order to feel more of a connection and understanding with my life and my purpose…

    I am only 19 yet I really can relate to the desire to have goals and be able to fully achieve them .. The nice thing about Danielle’s philosophy is that its true, it doesn’t ask you to build it asks you to expose and break down ones feelings and desires..

    At my age i’ve been faced with people telling me not worry, that life will sort its self out, that one day i’ll get to where i need to be, im too young to worry about my desired goals , ive been told to live each day happily and blissfully, that my happiness is about surrounding myself with people who love me.

    That is what im told to do in order to feel good day in and day out..

    I love Danielle’s words because they turn the table, they make it about me, about how i can view the world I live in and the people around me.. how i can set my own desires.. And its not just about thinking the right way its about actively applying my desires into my actions..

    amazing that i found this video at this point in life… Thank you..

  334. After much deliberation and reflection, my top core desired feeling are….

    At Peace
    Creatively Expressed
    Aligned Integrity
    In Love
    & Connected

    (I could SO relate to all the feelings you experienced Danielle about underachieving, overachieving goals etc. I felt huge relief in knowing I was not the only one and am totally inspired to put my core desired feelings at the forefront from now on)

    Thank you Danielle & Marie!


  335. Lukas

    Precious Interview.
    Profound Message.
    And Danielle.. my oh my. What a radiance.
    Very inspiring 🙂

    Thank you for being you, and doing what you do.

    1. The intention of the goal is creating the desired feeling.

    I always sensed – even though I was not allowing myself to really see it – that with setting goals FOR MYSELF the way I used to, I was actually betraying myself since it came from a very unloving and judging place.

    2. Strength.

    As a man it is my purpose to find my balls to
    – live in integrity
    – be vulnerable
    – love a woman fully, free from restraint
    – fight for my visions
    – change me to change the world
    – be an inspiring example for other men

    Much love from Germany,

  336. Janice

    Wow, Luke it’s great that you recognize and acknowledge the need for change in your life. So many men would find that difficult to do. 🙂

  337. Just wanted to say thank you for this video, it’s exactly what I needed! xoxo

  338. Hels

    I’ve been thinking about this constantly and I had an ephipany while in the tub on NYE after hanging out with friends and family all day.

    Goal feelings:
    – Creative
    – Sensual
    – Confident
    – Sexy

    When I’m creative, I’m sensual. When I’m feeling sensual, I feel confident. Confidence is sexy. Great looks alone doesn’t necessarily evoke sexiness, but confidence sure does. This chain reaction may not make sense to everyone, but it all clicked when I drilled down. Thanks for this lightbulb moment.

  339. Pat

    My biggest insight was the futility of the way I have approached goals. I am not sure what my core feelings are but I plan to make that a ‘goal’ for this year to find them. Loved this interview!

  340. Thank you.

  341. I’ve been following Danielle Laporte for a while now, and I can’t get enough of hearing her talk about Core Desired Feelings. Every time I hear it, it just hits me right in my heart. Thank you!

    -My CDFs- Joy, Energized, Powerful, Supported, Clear, Connected

  342. Kim

    I’ve been going through a few years of a long difficult marriage (27 years) which recently ended. At the same time I have continued the business I started 19 years ago. I believe in a higher power, but have struggled with the feeling of worthiness in many things. I was brought to tears hearing the profound words from Danielle, “You are Worth it, You are Important, and You are Worthy of your Desires.” Thank you for reminding me just who I AM because of who HE IS. God Bless and please keep such inspiring messages and speakers coming on Marie TV.

  343. Clare

    I have been doing the workbook and I find myself very emotional and occasionally crying. Anyone else? Can’t wait to get to the final four or so.

  344. I love Danielle. I worked hard with a coach to reach some core desired feelings that are deeply connected to who I am, then added two more because my favorite number is 5. 🙂


  345. Insight: that I am sending crossed messages between my core desires and that which I am actually trying to achieve – crossed messages to the universe (whatever you shall call it), to myself, and to that small posse that supports me.
    One of my core desired feelings: connection. To divine. To my tribe. To myself. To the world. To love.
    Bonus points: The goal? To publish the book that connects me to others to me, others to me, in a message full-up with love and grounded in the roots of divine connection.

  346. Jennifer

    Hello 🙂 Thank you so much for this <3 I Love you Marie and I love you Danielle, you inspire me so much. The single biggest thing I have taken away from this interview is that the goal is to feel how you wanna feel, not hustling or running away from your true desires and passions but living them, breathing them, feeling them! Every time I hear you talk Danielle I get a rush of excitement and my inner goddess does somersaults! <3

    I am so looking forward to buying the desire map soon… One of my core desired feelings is Sensuality… embracing my inner goddess and beauty and also intimacy, sharing this new found love for myself with my twin flame, from a place of wholeness.

    I'm working on the others and will declare them some other time.

    God bless,

    Jennifer xxx

  347. Biggest take-away: Open yourself to worthiness! Yes! Thank you.

  348. Rachel

    The biggest thing that I’m taking away is Danielle’s poetic way of describing how to discover and write down your core desired feelings. “Blue” is a perfect example of how I (anyone) can let their soul sing the way it wants to so that it can truly be present. I always try to “practicalize” what I say, when inside I am totally abstract and poetic like the way that Danielle communicates.

    Thank you Danielle, for being who you are because it gives me permission to be who I am (like the quote about how shining gives others permission to shine). I have never seen someone so real and unapologetic with their airy connection to things unseen.

    Love and Namaste 🙂

  349. Just ordered Danielle’s dayplanner and it linked me to this video, which I do believe is a bit of the world letting me know that it’s all going to be wonderful.

    Last year was a bad year, with my father passing away and me being in a bad car accident, I felt lost and not worthy of much. The single biggest feeling that i have taken away from this video is that need to do the sacred homework to allow myself to feel worthy! No more feelings of inadequacy.
    And as I was watching the video I literally felt my heart open. It was amazing.

    One of my core desires is to feel Peaceful. It doesn’t mean that i am going to go off and paint my house white and go all minimal, it means that i am going to work on quieting my “monkey mind” and find that peace. The first thing I am going to do is take more time to read. It’s one of my loves, and it’s the thing that i connect with deeply.

    Thank you, this is important to me.
    Looking forward to connecting.


  350. Just so wonderful to listen to women, addressing similar issues, trying our damnedest to “rise up” and break out of the mold – my heart-felt appreciation to you both. What I came away with? Keep going deeper to find the true Core Desire. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance

  351. 1- single biggest insight? that my core desire feelings can be be particularly useful during the moments when i’m not feeling the way I wanna feel.

    2- core desire feeling? divine feminine

    goal- use pendulum in morning meditation every day for the next 30 days

  352. I had to laugh out loud, Danielle, when I heard you talk about “Connie” your pushy alter ego. Simply being a Connie and from New Jersey (now Seattle) I thought maybe I should be more pushy for myself like your alter ego. I have all the Desire Map stuff, online and now the beautiful book and bought a great little journal for it and I am absolutely frozen solid and unable to even pick up a pen for step one. Maybe this tells me that one of my CDF might be FLEXIBLE or RELAXED or MUSHY. Anyway, I loved the video with Marie. Thanks for being you and I am very excited about the magazine come spring. Be well.

  353. And another thought, when you and Marie were discussing working from the inside out, I have been saying to self and daughters and dearest friends that it is not what others think of you BUT what YOU think of them. Now them may not mean other people, but rather more about how the internalized them is always provoking us with it’s shoulds and can’t s and not good enough, young enough, etc., etc.

  354. ldpa

    divinely inspired
    unapologetically powerful
    soft, kind, feminine, beautiful, elegant

  355. AMEN!. Such a blessing having 2 great woman guiding us in our own process.


  356. Love Love LOVE! While all the glorious nuggets were significant the last sweet note was what I needed to hear. The worthy ness of my bigness!
    Been working on the D Map for a bit now and my vision is getting clearer all the time~ Can not thank you enough!!!!

  357. Clare

    Wow. I am creating new career post divorce and have no income at the moment except very infrequent odd jobs. I went to the Barnes and Noble 4 times with my notebook to work this program (Sorry Daniell!!) I just finished honing in on my CDFs and just reading them made me so happy. There was a shift. I could feel the gears stripping as my brain changed speed. I do not know if these will survive the year, but they are going on a test drive for six months at which time I will reevaluate. I found the part about looking them up in the dictionary vary useful – helped decide if that was exactly what I meant.

    Free, Joy, Intrepid, Desirable (meaning worth having or wanting; pleasing, excellent, or fine – might dovetail with worthy and the only one I am not sure if it resonates at the right frequency), Abundance (in family, friends, resources, opportunities as well as wealth)

  358. INSIGHT! Desired feelings come from within. The noun form of the word feels more powerful.

    CDF’s: Connection, Divine Femininity, Luminous, Creation, Gorgeous

    One Goal aligned with CDF: Create more writing and other work that lights me up, and makes me feel connected to my readers, friends and followers.

    Thank you, Marie and Danielle!

  359. Ok, I finally did this. Still working on my goals/how I will create these feelings, but I feel the need to declare…

    My Core Desired Feelings
    – Energy –
    – Inspiration –
    – Truth –
    – Powerfully Feminine –
    – Abundant –

    Thank you Marie & Danielle!

  360. Kate

    So I started off watching this episode nervous that it was going to be a little to “zen” for me, and ended feeling refreshed, inspired, and maybe wanting to cry just a tiny bit (in a good way!) The real lightning bolt for me in this episode was how essential and powerful it is to understand, know, and believe that I AM WORTHY. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, just a few minutes into the episode I was immediately able to recognize that one of my core essential feelings is Connectedness.

    Love it, as usual. You never let us down, Marie. And Danielle – I’m so excited to have learned about you and look forward to instilling what you’ve already taught me into my own life.


    • Wendy

      “feeling refreshed, inspired, and maybe wanting to cry just a tiny bit (in a good way!)”

      Preach! The entire time I watched this video a part of me was screaming, “Yes, yes, yes! Do this, please!” The biggest relief was actually sitting down to write my core desired feelings, and feeling a big weight lift from my shoulders when the words began to resonate with my soul.

      We are all worthy of feeling great.

  361. Laura

    I totally agree with you girls

  362. Kerim

    I just watched two of your videos. An old one with Marianne Williamson and the one with Danielle. I have been following both people for a long time, but at the age of 48, a few months ago something clicked. I had been having marital woes, same stuff we all go through (he doesn’t, he is, he won’t…). It hit me (a prayer was answered) that maybe I need to show more love! More love, more affection, more forgiveness, more compassion. I choose, MY actions, I choose my reaction, I choose the feeling that I reflect back.

    This is not easy, but what I have found in these last 4 or so months of controlling ONLY my feelings and passing on ONLY love, I have found that LOVE is what comes back in return. Not always, but my marriage is better, it not perfect, but things are better. I can only control my feelings. I still have a great deal to learn, but videos like these help validate that what I do, feel, project, how I choose to act may have merit. So, thank you! You have made a difference.

  363. Connie P.

    I just lost my job-work that I loved doing, but working for some very mean, unethical people. Just emerging from the shock, terrified about having no income, but, as a B-School scholarship winner last year, realizing this is the time to start again, figure it all out, move through the door that just opened for me. A good friend said to me last night ( I told her I feel like I should be working day and night to find a job (that I don’t really want) and get the ball rolling) that I was hearing my brother talking. He never trusted me to do the right thing in a timely manner and always pushed me into things I didn’t want to do. She is right. It was his voice, not mine. That is one thing that stood out in this video for me.

    A core desired feeling? Feeling worthy-I say that I know I’m good at what I do, but every time I try to move ahead on my own I don’t think people will pay for my time and talent, so I go work for someone else. I want to wake up every day knowing in my heart I am worthy of earning money for my work as a photographer, which has always brought me joy-so why do I not believe I can do it on my own? I don’t trust myself!

    I didn’t complete B-School last year. I was too busy trying to keep my job working for the mean people! The door is open, and now I should walk through it. This I know. Without feeling guilty that it is almost noon and I’m sitting here in my pj’s watching all the Marie TV videos instead of pounding the pavement!

  364. Haruna

    The biggest insight that I’ve had was that…my instincts are right. I do know what I want and no one can tell me otherwise. I just take time to asses sometimes and that’s okay. Goals are not dictated by shoulds, but by feeling. Visions.

    Core desire feelings
    Vibrant, joy, balance (love — to you, invaluable– myself)

    Tentative goals
    1. Truly enjoy the moment and the act, significance is birthed by myself not the moment
    2. Appreciate those around me by showing that I understand
    3. Live slow and simple. Yoga, meditation, hikes

    • Wendy

      I love that you chose the word “vibrant.” It makes me think of flowers, paintings, and music (3 of my favorite things).

      Also – balance. I wish I had more of that.

      Your core desired feelings make you sound like a lovely person. I wish you the best in making them come true for you! 🙂

  365. Aphelia

    Oh my god! this so great!
    I saw this episode and I had to have the book. I was just re-analyzing everything in my life and i asking myself why i’m so successful in my career but not in my personal life… now I know why. 🙂
    so thanks!!

  366. Maryam

    I like your website because it gives me practical info. This was not that for me. This was just psycho-babble for me.

  367. Carisa

    My biggest insight from this wonderful video is that spirituality and goal setting are not mutually exclusive!!! Wow. I can’t even tell you what that just did inside my head and spirit.
    Also, two of more core values are Divine Femininity and Abundance.

  368. Gracelove

    I just got the insight that it is within my power to choose how i want to feel no matter the situation.
    My core desire feeling is freedom…..

  369. Sheri

    I found The Desire Map and Danielle Laporte from one of your viewer’s comments. This woman totally makes sense to me and I feel between Marie and Danielle that I can finally make some sense of what I’ve been feeling and searching for. Thank you soo much! Goddess Power…

  370. Kae

    w/o even working through all the steps which I plan to do this week; ;I know one of my core desire feelings is accomplishment. I always procrastinate and don’t commit or finish things. I do this with big things little things and all the size things in between. this always makes me feel off base and less than which tells me it’s natural for me. I want to complete things. the first thing that came up in my head to complete was the reading of a certain book, The Who Run With Wolves. so that I shall do! ordering it today!

  371. I had the great pleasure of meeting Danielle at a mutual friends wedding. I immediately fell in love with her and probably did not let her know. She was on a great journey 15 years ago and I am so happy of her that it has led to this joy. Marie, you rock and am so thrilled you were able to showcase how she does as well. Valued is the core value that resonates with me the most. I give a shit about everything I do and have realized if others don’t appreciate that they can [email protected] off. It is after all their right to [email protected] off.

  372. I have felt guilty for something my entire life. I want to feel worthy. I am definitely going to buy the Desire Map. I think it might help me put my goals into the right perspective and have the inner feelings to achieve the outer goals.

  373. Wendy

    I am actually a little surprised at what I feel like some of my core desired feelings are. I still need more time to figure them out (I feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle), but so far mine appear to be:

    1.) Strong
    2.) Benevolent
    3.) Zealous

    I had proud at first (it was the first word that came to me, along with “success” and “acceptance”), but then I realized that what makes me feel proud are all three of the words above. I’m not sure if that’s mean that my core desired feeling(s) are the three words above, or maybe it’s just to be “proud?”

    Either way, I’m loving this! After I realized that I wanted to feel zealous, I was shocked. I never use this word, yet it came to me first when I thought about what type of happiness I crave in life – zeal! Then I heard myself say “benevolent.” Another words I NEVER use, yet it ringed so true. I want to be generous, but with purpose. It reminded me of the old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

    I will need more time to soul search, but this is really helping to me to discover who I really am. It’s like my soul finally has a voice and it’s breaking out! Finally my mind and spirit are finding peace, now it’s time to get that body moving. 😉

    Thanks Marie and Danielle! Loving this feeling (pun intended).

    • Wendy

      After thinking about it some more, I think the three words I came up with are 10X better than to be proud. Being proud is such a selfish word, and I’m so tired of being selfish!

  374. Sara

    Hi, Marie! So, I came up with a little phrase/mantra for myself a little while ago and as I watched this video I realized that it is really in line with my core desired feelings and I didn’t even know it. I thought I would share it here just in case it might resonate with how someone else is feeling :
    BE LOVE (in everything you do). BELIEVE (that you can do/have anything). BE ALIVE (in every moment).

    Whenever I am getting too caught up in overthinking or worrying or stress or striving to reach goals or gain acceptance from others I say this to myself in my head and I think: “Am I ‘being love’ right now… am I spreading love and joy and projecting it out into the I feeling the love and joy and beauty of my surroundings?”, “Am I believing in my power to create the life I want and to transform this situation into something positive through the way I’m perceiving and thinking?”, “Am I really alive and present in this moment and appreciating it for all the good and the bad and being grateful for the just how amazing this life is?”

    This is a strategy that I am slowly trying to implement into my every day life to help me manage my emotions and reactions to the world around me and so far it has really helped me keep things perspective. I was really excited to see this video and to learn that what I am doing is something that others have done and has worked for them too. Thanks for this awesome interview and thanks for sharing all of the amazing information that you put out into the world through your videos/website, Marie! For an overthinker like me, the way you simplify things really helps me to organize my thoughts and feelings and to take a breath and not get overwhelmed by all the things I want to do to live my best life!

  375. camellia santos

    Wow! This video tapped into my core desire I had yet have a name for until now. Danielle mentioned that one of her core desires is for Divine Femininity and it struck my spirit and it revealed that this is indeed true for me; Divine Femininity is one of my core desires. It brought me to tears and it took a big chunk out of one of my biggest insecurities. Thank you so so so much Marie for having her on your show. Thank you for the work you do. Im devouring your teachings at the moment.

  376. wendy harris

    harmony is one of my core values. really appreciate this episode. you two are a great team. blessings in 2015. may you “vibrate” at your key core values…. attracting life’s abundance to you.

  377. Vibrant and Secure, I want to feel those two things. It’s amazing to feel secure, secure in love, secure in finances,secure in abundance. Thank you for re-asserting what I believe in. Goals are not just numbers, by realigning them to how you want yo feel, they become more perks all, more achievable and more real.

  378. I loved this episode so much! One of my core desired feelings is freedom. Working on aligning my goals to that feelings.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Rachelle!

  379. Nithya Nagarajan

    Thank you so much for this video. The biggest takeaway personally was Danielle’s insight on how most of the population externalises their goals, and the need to try to find your centre and look inward to really tap into your core desired feelings.

    My core desired feelings are eye candy, soul food and brain fodder.

  380. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this video. I am going into a personal development group that I started in Paris : Called Paris Personal Development and Accountability.
    Now, I have some great juice to bring to my group and share.
    Biggest take-away way understand the core value’s : Deeper and Deeper – and the 4 part structure that was given.
    My core value is Acceptance.
    I am in this world and the world needs my special gift- even in Paris or the EU.
    love you

  381. HI Marie!!!
    This is an old Video!! but.. I did like this video very much so. Thank you !! hum.. here is where I am with visualization. Recently and actually for the past few weeks I have had so many dreams (Literal dreams) of a voice saying “BECOME A SCREENPLAY WRITER — CREATE STORIES FOR THE theater , create art for the theater and movies. Ahh.

    I am a design in fashion and been “pursuing” this career for many years. Perhaps when I was young I visualized myself as a wealthy design “comme Gianni Versace” surrounded by fabulous people and amazing clothes and experiences. Now that I am older, that vision as shifted and changed with my experiences and what feels good.

    At what point do we “Let go” of that vision. I know through Buddhism we say “let go” from the start and it will manifest.. so I guess my question even further is at what position financially (hitting rock bottom), socially (when non of my connections or friends are mattering to build a relationship) or education ( I was educated in this many times and worked in many areas- yet the vision I have still has not come to fruition in the real world) with I need to step back to let other visions be present or open up.
    *Note- the Gianni Versace” Style vision still makes me feel good 🙂

    THank you for all your work and everything you give. You are an amazing gal. I used to live in NJ and my mom is an NJ Gal. toots to you from Paris.


  382. Danielle:
    Each day, I generate a postcard for someone who needs cheering (started this 23 1/2 years ago after my mom died) that so frequently includes a message you create (truthbomb!)
    Anyway, I do include you in my conversation often…
    One of my core desires is…solidity!
    I walk the talk, more consistently than not.
    And, encourage my followers to do the same!
    ‘Cause it feels soooo damn good.
    Thanks for being you, Danielle (and, of course, Marie!)

  383. laura young

    Thought-provoking discussion , I was fascinated by the facts , Does someone know if I would be able to get access to a blank My Life Planning Workbook version to use ?

  384. Jaimi

    Wow, I read the desire map and completed it about 2 years ago and it changed my life! I quit my job, started a new degree and career!
    Every now and then I feel a little overwhelmed and let the sneaky feeling that life would have been easier if I had of stayed on the path I was heading down. However, this just brought to light how much I have to be thankful for and the fact that while financially I’m not as steady as I was previously (but will be in a few years I’m sure), that wasn’t my core desire. My core desires were to feel love, freedom, and inspired and that is who I have become as I live out my new life every day. I found freedom when I stepped off the treadmill I was on in my career ( a psychologist who needed one myself) and changed to a pilates instructor and physiotherapist. I feel inspired every day when I move my body and teach a class- I love teaching and learning and helping people to find peace, strength and their own inspiration. And after all of this, I finally found the love of my life who adds to my life a whole new dimension of respect, loyalty, honesty and kindness I’ve never felt before.

    Thank you both so so much!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We’re so thrilled for you, Jaimi. It sounds like you did some great dreaming and mapping and planning in order to get here. xoxo

  385. Lailah

    I think Danielle is great, however, I don’t think that understanding that it’s not the goals we chase, it’s the feelings behind them is “revolutionary”. Have we forgotten the late great teacher and speaker Debbie Ford? “The Best Year of Your Life” and many other fabulous books? She spoke about this same thing! So while I’m glad Danielle comes along and gives a fresh new perspective on the whole concept, I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s “revolutionary” without honoring the shoulder’s in which she and all women motivational speakers, authors and coaches stand. Debbie Ford is one of them.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lailah, thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us. To quickly clarify, the intent of this episode was to introduce Danielle’s “The Desire Map,” which is something that’s so unique to her and her voice, and a fresh take on goal setting overall.

      That’s absolutely not meant to imply that we don’t recognize the many other incredible visionaries who have done great work in the field of goal setting and helped pave the way for those doing wonderful things in the world now.

      Thanks again for commenting and for tuning in with us!

  386. I love you changing your to-do list to how you want to feel instead of tasks! Game changer! Because you’re right….it never feels like enough.

  387. Cindi A. Assad

    This choked me up at the end, reminding me that I’m worthy of feeling loved and included, and that my gifts are important to the world. Heading off to teach my Yogilates class now, much more inspired. Thank you both ????✨

  388. Danielle

    Connection. To feel connected to all that I do, who I’m with, what I’m creating, how I’m showing up. There’s a feeling of connection in life.

  389. mandana adam khan

    this is just what i needed to hear , i have a bad habit of doing the monkey mind thing than you both talked about , all that chatter blah blah negative untrue perceptions of what could be ,,, and so it goes all off track . with this core desires , what is the way i want to feel, iam going to do this next time i go all crazy with the monkey brain,,, stop and remind myself that thats not how i want to feel,core desire is underneath everything i want contentment , which i think pretty much covers everything,contentment all round in all aspects , love ,finance, home ,life ,achievements ,,, contentment is my core desire.

  390. My cored desire feeling is “Abundance”. Thank you Marie, Danielle and team for this video.

  391. Jillian - Team Forleo

    What a beautiful feeling, Trevor. Thank you for sharing this with us here!

  392. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

    IMPACT is definitely one of my CDF’s – in everything I do I want to be a positive influence on the world and people around me & it validates my work as an entrepreneur when I am helping others own their lives and be the best version of themselves!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Regan, your enthusiasm is jumping off the screen! Thank you for sharing your take-away on core desired feelings, and we’re wishing only the best for you!

  393. I just listened to the podcast version and after hearing Danielle talk about the Desire Map, I literally said out loud to myself “I have to get this book.” Funny enough, I’ve known about this process for a while, but just never really paid much attention to what desire mapping actually is. I think it’s calling out to me because I have done a process similar to this on my own. There’s a few words that keep coming up for me which I now believe to be my core beliefs.

    My three words (or core beliefs) for me are: abundance, creativity, and connection. (I think I may need to agree with Danielle into changing my word from creativity to creator!) I found these core beliefs because it’s what I am craving and missing in my current job. I spent the past decade working as a bartender. Although it was not my calling, strangely enough, my three core beliefs were met. Abundance was always possible, creativity could be found in cocktail recipes, and I was connecting with people from all over the world. Flash forward, I am now nearly two years into my current job in corporate world where my core beliefs are not met. Abundance has been a struggle (I took a large pay cut), creativity is stifled (I do not feel valued or inspired), and my connection is with my desktop computer via email, where majority of the time I work alone.

    Regardless of where I am now, I am grateful for the discovery of how it is to NOT be living in my belief system. It’s not sustainable. But it’s allowed me to arrive in a place where I now value my worth and know that I am capable of living a life this makes me feel good.

    Thank you so much to the both of you!!! Xoxo

  394. Joslyn

    Dear Marie!

    Thank you, I have finally exhaled! My word is ‘brilliance’ – it means intense brightness of light! Just beautiful and an everything-perspective changer for me! It instantly makes all that doesn’t matter fade away! What a relief!

    Thank you x

  395. Keri

    I was just on my morning walk (gettin my little to school), took the long way & turned on ‘My Marie’ for some inspiration <3 It's been a few months & Ive been doing a crap load of back tracking. THIS episode was meant for me today, THANK YOU!! Danielle, I am blown away. EXACTLY. What I have been searching for to help myself. THIS is my biggest insight!! I didn't realize I've been searching for exactly this! – My husband and I just a very 'serious' conversation that contained goal-setting in the mix & how much I suck at it… Tears and all. I literally told him months ago that I wanted my 'super power' to have the ability to make everyone feel happy. I think I was talking about myself??! I believe that will end up being one of my core desires. My goal to go with that core desire: Making it a continuous Happy feeling. Keeping those 'sucking at life' thoughts at bay so I can move forward and actually reach another level. I appreciate both of you amazing ladies, your time and energy that you have put forth for me and everyone else in the world to find this podcast/TV episode so we can realize what the hell we are suppose to do with ourselves. <3 Cheers!!

  396. Syd

    “It’s not about the goal. It’s about how you want to feel when you get there.” When I heard this, my jaw dropped. I’ve been following you and Danielle for a while now and finally all the positivity and encouragement—and the dare to consider myself worthy of my desires—is breaking through the thick concrete wall around my mind.

    Core Desired Feelings: Valid. Strong. Stable, like a giant tree. (All the things I feel when I’m in the middle of a forest, or helping someone plan their book, or bringing a story to life.)

    Enough of living in fear, and fear of not feeling these things! Thank you both for being such an inspiration.

  397. VLC

    Wonderful inspiration. And Danielle is right about plugging away at a goal — out of “integrity” but not feeling it. It’s then that I know, “this is not right,” even though the goal is. I will now shift my approach.
    Core Desired Feelings: HOME, COMPETENCE (strength in well-being and mindset and what I create), VITALITY (this encompasses joy and passion and all liveliness) and COMMUNAL (sharing and giving and benefitting others).
    Thank you for this. I literally feel that I’m breathing easier now.

  398. My single biggest nugget was the core desired feelings and how to write and link them to your goal with soul. I had it totally wrong. Now I am going to redo it with my feelings instead of writing what every other entrepreneur writes.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you watched his episode and shared your thoughts with us, Rowena. It truly is a game-changing way to look at your goals and the WHY behind them.

  399. Katie

    “The sacred homework is allowing yourself to feel worthy.”

    Thank you!

  400. LOVE. Brilliance. Electric. Sacred Feminine.

  401. Great talk!! Love the feminity Danielle pours out so naturally.

    Take away- Let the underlying feelings of what we seek steer our decisions, guide our actions and enliven our connections with others.

    Core Desires- AAAABundance, Deep Satifaction and Contentment.

    Namaste to the power of Desire- Shakti, the driving force of all life!
    The undercurrent of living.

  402. Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was super
    long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what
    I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new
    to the whole thing. Do you have any suggestions for beginner blog writers?
    I’d certainly appreciate it.

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