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This is a big week!

My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is in two days. Plus, I’m test driving a new recipe for one of my favorite foods — mashed potatoes.

After some extensive research, I learned the perfect mashies are both an art and science. I’ll post pics of my experiment on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to join me there.

Today, though, I’m serving up a true feast for your mind, heart and business. The one and only Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, is on the show today and let me tell you, this man does not disappoint.

Everything else can be bought, but your caring can’t. @garyvee Click To Tweet

Before we get into the episode, there are two important things I want to share.

1. HUGE THANK YOU: Social media is an amazing connection tool. In fact, a HUGE thanks to @HappyAnceli in the Dominican Republic for reaching out to both myself and Gary on Twitter and helping make this interview happen.

2. ADULT LANGUAGE HEADS UP: Gary and I keep it real during the interview and adult language is spoken. So grab headphones if you have little ones around or be warned if you’re sensitive to colorful words!

This is one of my favorite interviews of all time. Not only does Gary share a ton of actionable lessons in this video, he also dances (oh yes he did!), and issues a pretty awesome and generous challenge to the MarieTV audience.

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Here’s a link to the article on haters, as well as Gary’s previous books, Crush It and Thank You Economy.

Now, Gary and I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Give this some thought and put a link to your Jab or your Right Hook in the comments below.

Gary will review your submissions and give some of them his personal feedback.

If you’re not in business right now but you still want to play, tell us the single biggest insight you’re taking away from this interview.

Remember, the more precise and specific you can be, the better.

Thousands of people read these threads and your share could be the breakthrough that someone else really needs.

Thank you, as always for sharing your genius and enthusiasm here. You are deeply appreciated!

With love,

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  1. Half an hour with you and Gary V?!!! Exactly what I needed. Thank you, both!

    • I agree Emelia! I’ve read every book of Gary V’s, and finally seeing him on MarieTV might be the best holiday gift ever. No one knows more about social media excellence than Gary V, and his realness and authenticity is just unspeakably awesome. I am so fired up to dive into Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook over the long holiday weekend. Thank you Marie and Gary V so much for sharing your insights with all of us.

      • means a lot to me Shola 🙂

        • I can’t believe you don’t have a gravatar? LOL

    • The first 10 minutes alone were valuable. Putting more effort into the jabs is EVERYthing. I willingly admit that I have not done as much as I’m capable of doing. This was the perfect injection of enthusiasm and I have a feeling I’ll be returning to this video more than once.

      In addition, as a writer, I have a feeling that Gary’s little reference to Medium will be invaluable to me. Signing up now.

      You two were better than espresso… or more like a braingasm. Can we do this weekly? lol

      • SO glad you guys enjoyed this — as did we!

      • Agreed. Would love to know more about Gary’s take on Medium!

        • I believe he is an investor in the site. I ran across a copy of ‘Crush It!’ at a thriftstore and thumbed through it, and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth the $1.99 asking price. A lot of fluff. I found what he had to say during this interview to be more compelling than anything he has ever said in his ‘influencer’ posts on LinkedIn. I will take a look at his other books after this interview. I am sure he has grown as a writer.
          I am in hopes that Marie can land an interview with John Paul DeJoria , (Paul Mitchell, Patron Tequila), as that is someone I am interested in hearing on Marie TV. I know Marie has interviewed Richard Branson, so maybe it can happen.

          • Hey Chas, I posted a blog on Medium and reached more people than my own blog does…so it’s worth checking out from my experience regardless of whether Gary’s an investor.

            Also, after watching this terrific interview and reflecting on Gary’s books (I’ve read them all), I see them as building on each other, like this:
            * Crush It is about how important it is to be engaging online and via social. How to use your passion to generate content and connections with others.
            * Thank You Economy is about out-caring your competitors.
            * Jab Jab Right Hook is about the “science” of making it all work.
            I actually went back and re-read the first two books before reading JJRH and it all hangs together. Good Luck to you!

      • Melissa

        I couldn’t agree more…. And extra kudos for the “braingasm” remark. As a self-professed word masher, major props are due. Really had me laughing and shaking my head with that visual. Accurately describes the feeling after taking it all in! Excellent.

        • Lol, Melissa. I make up words often enough, but I’m not sure I can take credit for this one…although I have no idea where I first heard it. 🙂

      • Holy Shit! This was unreal. BEST use of 28 minute for today!! If you get this much info, widom and action steps out of ANY weekend seminar you attend this year, then DUDE, it was totally worth it!

        I’m with Emelia! Within the first 10 minutes, I stopped it and pulled out my notebook to take serious notes. Previous to that, I was jotting down Gary’s and Marie’s nuggets down on my desk calendar. This is For REAL!!

        Successful experts giving you FREE advice. People, if you’re not diving in and doing what they say, you’re short sighted or lazy.

        • Ashley

          Rhema, I was laying in bed and wanted to way I one more episode. I hurried and grabbed pen and notepad from my night stand. I’ve read every book by this guy. The real deal. Customer for life. Ashley

      • cate

        What exactly is Medium – a site?

      • Kristy Darrengoue

        I totally identified with Gary’s method! Thank you for posting this! Getting the book today,can’t wait to learn more.

    • Ahhh how have I not heard of this guy? I guess that tells me I’m totally checked out of my social media.

      • Definitely check him out, Heidi. High energy & high value. Always something to take away from Gary V.

        • Well, I loved the video so I’ll be buying his book soon.

    • Gary V and Marie F, you guys are one of the reason why I keep doing what I do on the internet. Priceless wisdom…Gary V,are you interested to translate your videos in other languages beside English?

    • I love his authenticity. He’s so effin’ real and I love it. He even forces Marie to be real… Thankyou.

  2. So great to hear from Gary as he is the son of Russian immigrants and it’s really interesting to see his story unfold! Thank you, guys!

  3. I LOVE the concept of “give, give, give, ask for a sale” because it feels much better to me and how I choose to run my business than just asking for a sale all the time. And I’m still working on my emotional detachment when I DO make an offer, so I’m totally inspired by Gary’s ability to not feel attached to the outcome.

    P.S. Marie, you and Gary are SO fun to watch – I love that you both aren’t afraid to get REAL! Awesome video (as usual).

    • I was just gonna say the same thing about the “give,give,give,ask…” concept!

      LOVE IT!

      Hinna x

  4. I pressed the refresh button and saw Gary’s picture come up and I almost choked on the inhale. OMG, I am so freaking excited for this interview!!! Thank you for bringing Gary to Marie TV!

    Wishing all of you a blessed and happy holiday!

  5. “I want to guilt people into buying my stuff.” What an interesting–and necessary–take! It’s funny, Brene Brown also says guilt can be used for positive…but oftentimes we associate it with negative.

    Gary has awesome tips and thinking, and seamlessly incorporates seemingly opposing ideas. Love this vid.

    Thank you Marie!

    • t

      I know! the Guilt is obviously working because I want to buy that book so bad! Checking Amazon now… lol 🙂

  6. Marie, as always, you have shared beautiful insight, wisdom, and excitement in a segment!! You are as awesome, fun, beautiful, and smart as your fans could ever want…have a happy & blessed Thanksgiving! I know we are all “thankful” for having you in our lives…Peace!!



    • Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving too Jai!

  7. Love gary v, he has such a charisma and so many interesting thought provoking ideas! Awesome to see him on the show!

  8. This was a really good video. I saw Gary V speak at the Internet Summit keynote two weeks ago. He’s bold, honest and chock full of great advice. I appreciate how he provides information we can all actually use as opposed to just think about. Keep the great content flowing Marie.

  9. Thanks Marie and Gary for the Great Video.

    MY JAB JAB JAB: I created in October.
    MY HOOK: working on it 🙂


    +Respect the CONTEXT of each arm of Social Media, recognizing the psychology to properly story tell.

    +Respect the Haters. (My action: see what I can do different OR maintain my integrity even when others try to break me down.)

    +”People want to be heard.”

    PS I didn’t realize how long this video was because it captured my attention the whole time. AND I’m going to watch it again 😉

  10. First Marie, hold of on those mashers- I wrote an A to Z guide to all of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes and there are some dishes that are not to be missed! (click my name above to hop right to the post!) I have a tasty take on potatoes too- sourcing all the best recipes from across the web. It’s the meal I make every year for family & friends. Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday.

    Second, thank you so much for including Gary Vee on your roundup. I have been a huge fan of his for years. He’s done so much in the online space, revolutionized the marketing and sale of wine, and I love his energy and passion. Whenever I need a pick me up, I always listen to one of his audiotapes. Fantastic interview, as always. A great way to head into Thanksgiving, with some fantastic motivation…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Thank you so much for having Gary on, The Thank You Economy, completely changed the way I think about business and I just can’t wait to get the new one.

  12. No links from me for a jab or right hook, but can I just say that when you and Gary talked about truly caring about the people you are in business to serve, you both confirmed something I have been focussing on in my own business as a fundamental key – i.e that giving lots of value and building trust and respect with customers before you ask for the sale is soooo importante! Ditto for what you do after the sale too.

    Thanks for talking about this today. I sometimes see people talking about themselves as business owners and about selling and making money (which I have no objection to cause I’m in business to make money too :)), but equally, I want to make a connection with the people who come into my business and I want to make sure they know that I am also in business to make a difference in their lives too.

    Great interview – very inspirational. And Gary – you are amazing to follow on twitter – you practice what you preach and reply to many of the thousands of people who reach out to you. Thanks

  13. Great value content as usual! Thanx! The biggest insight for me was the context of each social medium. Gonna have to experiment! Also I didn’t realise you had no direct ROI from your videos? I hope u get something from YouTube at least!

  14. Love Gary V. Have been following him since 08!

  15. Marie, Thank you for your vision and edginess. You are doing an amazing job at Marie TV.

    Working on the jabs: (body whispers, a “youth-ing” opt-in not on my website yet and blog with video.
    Working on the hook: A High Performance online course for body mastery.

    Gotta say, While I had never seen the “crab” haha, I wanted a bit more from Gary’s dancing!

  16. I really cannot believe how “fitting” and timely this is for me with where I’m at in my business…THANK YOU!

    I spent the better part of 3 years when I first started coaching avoiding all social media. I hadn’t engaged personally and could not find the way to do it professionally. It didn’t make sense {not that that’s improved}. So I just didn’t do it. After that, I decided to start. The purpose was to get info out, get people knowing who I am and what I have to say. I have spend 2 years doing that. Now, I’m checked out again. Probably because it’s not working. It’s not driving sales, it’s not gaining traffic, it’s just not working.

    I cannot wait to buy this book. I will post my jab or hook when I actually do it that way. It all makes sense and I can’t wait to be further enlightened.

    Heidi xx

  17. Great interview with Gary.

    Jab, jab, jab… Grab Right Hook! 🙂

  18. Marie and Gary, two of the most passionate people on the planet.
    I can’t wait to read the book and I loved how you brought Gary
    into a romantic set and rocked it with ‘flowers and Holy Sh!?’
    You are giving and you two are speaking my language. I can’t wait
    to meet you and have an on camera conversation with you in 2014…

  19. Gary & Marie, thank you so much for the excellent and info packed video!

    Here’s my right hook: my exclusive one on one coaching program for women entrepreneurs who wanna learn how to tap into the wisdom of their inner CEO to create a thriving business (and an extraordinary life)

    Looking forward to your input guys!

  20. Marie, great job again with the interview. Gary is amazing and you brought out his best on camera in a way that engaged, entertained, informed and inspired. Thank you for bringing Gary to Marie TV.

    His advice at the minute 7 mark across FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram is golden. It’s wonderful to watch Gary transition from the “get out and just do it” elements of his first two books into his “mastery building” element of the case study heavy “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.”

    Medium is amazing and I recommend you take a long look at ways to integrate what you are doing into that platform.

    Lastly, thank you for focusing your question to Gary on building Vaynermedia. It is different than Wine Library in so many ways and it is great to hear his reaction to it and how he approaches the challenge.

    Keep rocking the interviews and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    – Erik

    • Thank you for all of this Erik and have a great Thanksgiving yourself! 🙂

  21. Hi all

    Great interview, I watch everything Gary V is in. I have all his books, getting this one soon. It’s because of this guy i got my flip camera and did a video challenge, to overcome my shyness,

    My right jab is helping handmade biz owners to achieve those goals, through marketing their gift smarter not harder.

    My right hook is my product:

    Can’t wait for your feedback Gary…

    Blessings Janet

  22. What a genius interview full of SOOOOO many actionable strategies and backstories! Love it and shared with my team and friends.

    I absolutely believe in the “jab” of tons and tons of original + valuable free content. So sorry and bored with people who chronically pitch without giving.

  23. One of the most interesting parts of the video was when Marie asked Gary about when creating his 300 person team how he felt about never having done it before. His response was something like ‘I never really thought much about the fact that Ive never done it before.’ To me this speaks of what it must feel like when you are so deep in action mode and implementation is simply something you do. I think this must happen once you’ve reached and are able to maintain a high degree of momentum and implementation just flows, no matter how previously initimidating or new the next step is, you just do it. This is very exciting to me. I’ve definitely amazed myself many times, and it seems that as you continue the levels of implementation just build and a degree of confidence and momentum just keeps building. Thanks so much for this video—so many inspiring moments!!

  24. I just LOVE Gary V.
    I got Crush It on audio, and I can’t recommend that enough, because he adds so much off the cuff that enriches the book so much.

    I particularly love this part about respecting the context of the platform. I have been doing this pretty well with my content about my sweet potato salsas, and now I’m going to power into this. I know this will help me get the word out even better!

    Thanks, y’all!

  25. Just this morning, after spending money on social media advertising for a couple of months, I was thinking maybe social media really isn’t the place to spend too much time and money (beyond keeping up some kind of a presence). Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong (no jab, jab, jab, right hook)! I’m buying Gary’s book today. Thanks, Marie!

    • Awesome Jason — you will learn so much from it! Thanks for watching today 🙂

  26. Karo

    Superbly disappointed by this social media episode being a Marie fan that I am. Social media has become a lame excuse for brands that stand for nothing yet can scream the loudest. Studies show repeatedly that social media platforms attract narcissists and that most “content” is never read or shared. Until this day, I haven’t come across one study that shows a direct, ongoing monetary ROI linked to social media use by brands (beyond spikes in sale from coupons and deals shared via SM platforms). Millennials and teens are leaving Facebook in droves. Twitter is a one-way megaphone with more fake accounts than one can possibly count and slowing user growth. Brands should focus instead on providing us with a shopping experience that is meaningful, rooted in giving back, where the goods and services are useful and actually stand out for what they are; Offerings which are so compelling that customers have no choice but to engage in word-of-mouth marketing, the most powerful marketing tool that organically and virally leads to long-lasting, exponential sales and brand growth.

    • Hey Karo! I see how you feel that way and you’re right. There are tons of people (individuals and businesses) doing it all wrong. In fact, I’d agree with you that most are doing it wrong.

      But – and this is a big butt (ha ha) there are some brands out there doing it the right way and I personally found Gary’s book to be extremely instructive in that regard.

      To your point about creating outstanding offerings that inspire word of mouth, I agree with you 100%. But understanding the nature of the platform that they’ll likely be sharing that word of mouth on (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) and having an active presence there to listen and engage — is vital. xxo

      • Thanks for this Marie
        Just as I suspected, there are ways and means to finding social media valuable…its the value is engagement.
        Thanks for the response – Gary got me with his Hook, I’m off to get the book, to understand more 🙂

      • I am walking proof that even the most uninformed social media user can still grab the sale that way. I keep track of where my clients found me and how they travel through my sales funnel. Although, not the hugest percentage and other things I do may prove *more* valuable, I still see about 25% of my clients finding me via Twitter, FB, Pinterest and Instagram.

        Like I said in my above comment… I’m barely into social media and I KNOW (especially now) I am doing it all wrong… But it has still been working to a degree.

    • Karo I agree with a lot of what you say however I believe that your point “Brands should focus instead on providing us with a shopping experience that is meaningful, rooted in giving back, where the goods and services are useful and actually stand out for what they are…” Should be the foundation you have in place before you engage in social media. Then your social message has meaning. As a business person I find tremendous value in social media. It is a way for my customers to keep in contact and share with like minded friends. I am very small, I do not have funds to create traditional advertising to get the word out about my business. As Marie states below most will spread word of mouth through a social site. It is best to have a good presence that they can point to.

      Read more:

  27. This was fabulous, thank you. Just ordered the book.

    My jab jab jab is my website with lots of recipes and content.

    My right hook is my product: Raw Kickstart

    • Hey Alison! First thing I’d change on your sales page is your headline. Too many colors and “screams” — could turn people off before they get to the rest of your awesome offer.

      This subhead is much stronger. Do you feel draggy and rundown? Look haggard in the mirror and hope it’s the lighting? Put things off till “tomorrow” or “next week” because today you’re just too tired?

      I’d also shorten it up this entire page. You don’t need to push that hard for a $99 product 🙂 Consider a carousel for all your testimonials, and tone down the colors just a hint. You won’t lose your energy, but it will come across cleaner and allow your gorgeous photography to really shine.

      Just a few ideas to get you started!

      • Hi Marie,

        Thank you so much! Great advice to implement.

        Doing B-School this year was the catalyst for so much – including the creation and successful launch of this product, so I’m very grateful. Thank you 🙂

  28. Great interview this morning! Thank you Marie for continuing to provide me with information that inspires and energizes me as an entrepreneur. Gary, here is my latest jab from my Facebook page: (Mamma Milvia’s Tiramisu).

    • Holy cow, Ashley! No pun intended. LOL
      Your site is awesome. So much content. Thanks for the share. I can’t wait to learn more from you. I’m not solely paleo, but definitely like the idea of it.

      • Shoot Ashely, sorry, my posts got morphed from switching windows. This post was for Pru.

        But, regarding your jab, I loved the Tiramisu post! 😉

        • no worries Kelly – the comments are flying around here. It’s hard to keep up. I am sure you don’t permit yourself tiramisu very often, but if you do, this is the one you should make. It’s worth it!

          • HAHA Ashley. You called me out. I don’t enjoy Tiramisu VERY often, but, I definitely splurge more than I should at times. 😉

        • Pru

          Aw thank you so much Kelly! Can’t tell you how much it means to hear someone say that! Thanks for taking the time to look xx

  29. You’re right hook worked, Gary! I just bought your book on Amazon. I can’t wait to get it. Thank you so much for this informative interview Marie!

  30. Pru

    What a brilliantly useful interview! Thanks so much! Just bought the book because I really struggle with the social side of SM – Aspergers Female that I am!

    So, I started my jab almost a year ago, and I just released my right hook
    It’s not doing as well as I’d hoped – I had A LOT of interest on instagram which is my favoured platform, but very little of that converted to sales. I’ve just this last week reworded my hook, but still, pretty meh! Would love to hear what you have to say about it, because I genuinely feel passionately that people should be able to eat food that creates and rekindles great memories , without it hurting their gut. I put a lot of effort into sharing free recipes, but in all honesty, I need to start makng some pennies to enable me to keep putting in the same level of jabbing! Thanks so much

    • Wow, Pru!
      Your site is awesome. So much content. Thanks for the share. I can’t wait to learn more from you. I’m not solely paleo, but definitely like the idea of it. 😉

  31. Excellent interview! I learned so much from both you, Marie, and Gary.

    The first time I saw Gary was on a TED Talk. I was so amazed, I had my tween daughter listen to it, and sent it to some friends. They were horrified I let my tween listen to language like that, but honestly, I knew she had heard it before. It was an amazing talk that my daughter and I still rewatch.

    Love the concept of content vs. context. I think not understanding the context is why social media feels overwhelming to me.

    My Jab: <<< Would love comments on this!

    My Right Hook: Working on developing a stand alone video series that will walk moms (and their partners) through the decision with exercises like I do when I work one-on-one with moms. <<< So you know what is next.

    Thanks for this review opportunity!

  32. I’m totally with you on the haters thing!

    I recently did an interview with the New York Times and got a series of hate emails afterward. One in particular stood out and I took the time to write him back, wish him well, and start a conversation. I also demanded that the conversation become respectful. And you know what? It did. Turns out he really just wanted someone to have the conversation with. At the end, he wished me well.

    • Awesome example here Gigi! Good for you on all accounts.

  33. my question is the jabbing in an alternative healing setting … the right hook is ME front and center and at your service [and good service with a hoard of … me!] the jabs would be to get people to respond via internet, but the right hook [distance reiki] is not something many people trust or understand. what other service of me can i offer as a jab to bring the right hook home?

    i had a nervous breakdown two years ago. everything i built was prior to that. this is my second out of the hospital and the first few months of remission from depression and suicidal ideation … i’m ready to own this . i am currently in a work rehab situation [nearing the end of the program] and volunteer my reiki services once a week at the local hospital cancer center for an entire day. i’m not sure how to present this and myself, as a buisiness [and i do know how to capitalise … i type faster when i don;t *wink*] i have just made and purchased two shirts to wear as a uniform at the hospital that has my logo/ phrase [stay in touch] on the front with web address on the back. i’ll be my own walking advertisement. … but i am stymied. this is something esoteric … how do i bring it mainstream?
    thanks, and awesome. always awesome. <3 gayle

    • crap i need to learn to proof read better … effing dyslexia! lol

      i would love to be able to have my services worldwide and well as local. i am between england and new jersey and want to be able to remain in contact and service wherever i go … soooooo, ok! help me find my boxing technique!
      and, thanks again! gayle

  34. I can’t think of two people I respect more in this industry – thank you so much for having Gary Vee on! I am looking forward to reading JJJRH.

    My Jabs include tips and constant interaction on social media, my blogs, newsletter content, and free giveaways. My most recent is my 40 FREE Workout Ebook:
    (once downloaded I continue to jab with follow up emails.)

    My hook… online personal training:

    B-School, Crush It, TYE, and continuous practice has helped me learn to give, give, give, give, then give some more… THEN ask for the sale. But hey, I’m always looking to learn more and improve. Thank you both.

  35. Love Love Love it!!
    Thank you for clueing me in…
    I was truly not even aware of who Gary was till today, and now I’m going to order all 3 books! Best takeaway for me was understanding the context of where you are putting out your content.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    What a way to start my day.

    • In an attempt to Jab Jab Jab I am offering YOU a
      FREE mini Soul Journey, which is a guided visualization that will help you, in your authentic self, become peaceful, through creation of your physical space. This process is helping you to create the blueprint of your dream space, which is your Soulful Interior.
      If this resonates with you, please email me at [email protected]
      And check out my new website at
      In the spirit of giving, the First 10 people to email me will get a full session which typically last 1 hour..
      Love and light,

  36. I LOVE MarieTV, I’m a new follower (been watching for about a week now) and so much of what you say is inspiring and motivating. I feel very motivated to up my social media use after watching this, but I am keen to see you you answer Karo’s observation – is there an ROI to be had from using social media?
    My company is a 2-man-band and my biz partner is extremely proficient at social media – twitter, youtube, linked in – I can’t keep up. While I am trying to create a name for myself in my own right, I’m not really sure what I have to offer other people (my Jab), like, who am I to help others in my industry with anything other than what I consult in (my hook)?

    • Hey Charlie! See what I shared above with Karo. I didn’t really address this ROI part so let me share my experience here.

      At the current time, we have one product — B-School ( which is incredible and we are so proud of the program, our graduates and larger community.

      While I’m far from perfect on social media, I do my best to listen, engage, share things that are important to me and that I feel would benefit my audience.

      There have been many times that would be customers have asked me questions on Twitter and FB about B-School, and then registered for the program.

      And I do know that bandwidth is a huge issue for all of us. That’s why I asked Gary about it and you know his response 🙂 I’m always a fan of starting small (pick ONE or TWO platforms that you can dominate) and then build from there. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks Marie
        This is perfect (and there you go inspiring me again!)
        I responded above too.
        I sincerely hope that I am one of those people that Gary mentioned: I’ll email you in a couple of years to tell you how successful I’ve been….and I don’t mean just in monetary terms, I mean in following my personal goals and sense of accomplishment in life
        C x

        • Hi Charlie! Its the best program ever! I totally recommend it!

          • thanks for that Yasmine. Your heartfelt reco means the world to us xox

  37. really inspiring
    respect the context, tell a strory two keys i wasn’t thinking about


  38. Opened a new tab…ordered his book. Can’t wait to read it!

  39. Love this video Marie! I have been a fan of Gary for the past five years – he really rocks!

    • Off the charts!! Amazing together. More. More.

      Gary, please check out my jab
      Right hook is a seminar called Heart Camp: Finding Fun In The Love Hustle.

  40. I have an instructional violin blog. I was getting a lot of requests to learn this bit music from The Queen of The Damned movie, so I worked it up with another violinist friend, and recorded our version in the living room. I think it might be a JAB!

    • Hey Jenny! Great video. I’d annotate it a lot earlier with a call out like “Want free sheet music for this? Link below”. You could add several more in there too. Also, the link below the vid on TY drives to your homepage vs. a special page with the sheet music. Don’t make people search for what they want because 99% of the time they won’t – and they’ll click away.

  41. I’m OBSESSED. Thank you, Marie, for welcoming Gary onto your show. Just kindled his book. All I do is jab-jab-jab and I wonder why I haven’t hit big. I’m ready for a knock out. Peace! xxxx

  42. Holy Crabsticks, Batman – what a VIDEO! I took so much away from this, thank you!

    So, my jab? My free 5-day crash course video tutorial called “Pimp That ‘Press Site”, which helps bootstappin’ entrepreneurs to add their own personality and polish to a basic WordPress site. You can see the intro here:

    Some more jabs include: and

    My right hook is what I’m working on for 2014 – currently I have a goal to help 10,000 women become web-proud and tech-awesome in 2014, and so I’m doing lots of planning around workshops, events and online courses, but I would LOVE to know how to more readily promote this through social media.

    Can’t wait to get stuck into the book!

  43. I get it – I’m a health coach – and I’m jabbing… jab jab jab. It feels right to give it a way. And I’ve been told I’m crazy for it.

    When Gary said something like – ‘look at my abs… I know how to get a 6 pack, but I don’t have one, because I haven’t done what it takes’ That simple analogy is hit home for me.

    I’m creating a free 52-Week email series that I call a ‘Kick-in-the-Ass’… it’s effectively a year’s worth of self-directed health coaching – and for the 1-2% of the people who follow it, and do the homework, and are that driven – this is going to be life changing – life saving – for them.

    Once I have all of the content in place – It can be packaged and re-packaged. The people who have received any benefit from it, who value it like I do – they will seek more. They may invest in the book that it ends up being – or move on to a group coaching program for accountability and support, or even hire me for one-on-one support, which is my premium package. That will be my right hook.

    Click through the header on my website to see my jab 🙂

    Thanks… Meredith
    The Forward Health Coach.

  44. Debora

    At 7 minutes into this interview I hit pause and sent it out to 4 team members that I know just have to watch it! Then I watched to completion and will watch again, and again…..
    Thank you so much for this interview. Marie and Gary are fun, authentic, passionate, and knowledgeable! I am inspired!

  45. Yo! Superstars!! This was off the hook. You bring out the best in each other!! Great info.

    I’m just getting started with my jab,
    My right hook is a seminar called Heart Camp: Finding Fun in the Love Hustle.

    Would love Gary’s (and Marie’s!!) input.

    Gobble gobble.

    • Abbey, I just went through your site! BRAVO! Well done, and you have an amazing amount of insight(s). I can’t wait to see how your business flourishes.

  46. Great interview!!! Just started doing this on November 7th!!!!

    MY JAB = my new youtube channel. Uploading a new video every Thursday to help people build a body and life that rocks!

    MY RIGHT HOOK = speaking, coaching, & products. &

  47. Gahhh!!!! Gary V is my fave! What a fabulous mash-up: Marie + Gary V. 🙂

    I was an early adopter of Twitter and I remember how jazzed I would feel when Gary would respond to my tweets in those early days. I really respected how he connected with his audience. I’ve inhaled his books like bags of snickers. Plus, he’s a Jersey boy. Jersey represent!

    Thanks Marie for bringing such great guests and advice from the “real-deal” folks out there!


  48. What a great interview. Thanks, guys. I loved it when Gary said to find 90 minutes of your day when you are doing dumb shit and use it to learn a new platform. That was the kick in the pants I needed to get on Tumblr and make better use of Pinterest and Instagram.

    • Delaine, LOL!!!
      I do use IG for business quite a bit so if you need any help, let me know. But, I need to start using Pinterest too. Thought maybe we could keep each other accountable. 😉

  49. Brian

    Great video! You guys have energy 🙂 Marie should have danced 😉

    • Oh don’t worry, I did dance. Not everything makes it into the episode 🙂

  50. “If you keep throwing right hooks, people duck, because they know it’s coming.”

    As a parent, I was once told that the most important thing I could give to my kids was time and attention. To me, my business & my music are also my babies. The best thing I could do is give them time and attention.

    My jabs this year consist of my blog, my email newsletter, and my 300 songs project. Here’s a link to the latest post:

    • Lisa, I love your post. I know I do a lot of “ducking”. haha

      Can’t wait to check out your blog.

      • Thanks Kelly! I came from a very entrepreneurial space, where right hooks were basically all I was taught to give. “Monetize” and “Squeeze” were common vernacular. Learning to give value freely was hard for me, until I applied the “these are my babies” principle. Now, I have a much better relationship both online AND off with my social media fans and followers… AND it’s a far more profitable, effortless process to boot.

  51. Tia

    Wait! What happened? I have the new iPhone 5 and all of a sudden I can’t watch Marie TV any more I got a your browser doesn’t support any of the video formats available messAge:( ?

    • Booo!!!!!!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      I know that there was a recently a software update for the iPhone. I just did a triple check on today’s episode on my iPhone 5s and it seems to be rocking and rolling. Maybe you could also try the iTunes app and watch through our channel there ( Definitely feel free to touch base with us at info @ and we can continue trouble shooting, this is such a fantastic one – you don’t want to miss it!

  52. Gary and Marie-THIS WAS PERFECT timing and so very much appreciated. In this week of, Thanks, no less. 😉 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    This is my ongoing 3rd jab that is promoted within my FB posts and IG posts once or twice per week after several posts of how to’s, motivation, inspiration, etc.

    “Pssstttt…..Health and Fitness are not going out of style regardless of what it might look like. Wanting to feel younger, be more fit, & have more energy will never go out of style. Am I right or am I right?

    Want help with any of the above? Fill out this short form and let me give you some pointers.

  53. My work is called “Womb of Light: The Power of the Awakened Feminine”

    My jab is my blog that is full of valuable content and a bi-weekly newsletter.

    My right hook is a 4 hour workshop called “Healing the Mother Wound: Moving Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You.” I am in the process of converting the workshop into a one-day intensive for individuals and groups. It’s based on my own 10 year journey in the form of a 7 step process to navigate the healing journey. In my opinion, healing the mother wound is the largest obstacle for women in owning their power and potential in the world.

    Again, thanks for this awesome video!

  54. Jabs: Blog and newsletter “Womb of Light: The Power of the Awakened Feminine”

    Right Hook: Workshop “Healing the Mother Wound: Moving Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You”

  55. Thanks Marie for interviewing Gary and killing it! I loved all the awesome marketing tips he gave you right on the spot.

    I’m definitely going out and buying Gary’s book! 🙂

    • You’re gonna love it Suzanne! Thanks for watching 🙂

  56. Great interview Marie! Quite possibly my favorite to date.
    And now for my jabs and right hook:

    Jabs: (A DIY Infographic)

    Right Hook: Let us turn your memories into one of a kind heirlooms. (we specialize in custom silhouette gifts utilizing your photographs).

    Would love to hear Gary’s thoughts on it!

  57. Amazing interview! Love the idea about social media – they are not the same…and we should consider it:) Great advice!
    My right hook are my products – upcycled tin cans decorated with felt and love:) + interviews on my blog with other eco artist. Because introducing earth lover designers is my “giving”.
    Thank you so much for your work!

  58. Blythe

    Thank you so much for such an informative and inspiring post. I am definitely adding this book to my reading list. As for my jab, I am copywriter looking to move back to NYC and am using Pinterest to showcase my portfolio. It seems to generate good responses and props for using the social media platform. Now if it could only help to land me that new job.:)

  59. Jessica Laughlin

    This is one of my favorite interviews to date. I have learned so much from both you and Gary. I love ” act like you have been there before”. So powerful since I am just starting to change direction with my career. I am looking forward to joining B-school in the new year and taking my business idea, make it happen and make it successful beyond my wildest dreams!!!! Jab, jab, jab, Right Hook…. I’m on it!!!
    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

  60. Great video with great “jabs” and nuggets of wisdom! The jab, jab, jab, right hook analogy really articulates the strategy I’ve been trying to get my clients to understand. So thank you for a clear explanation! I will definitely share this video (and book!) with them.

  61. Awesome awesome awesome interview! Thank you for sharing! Social media has been “swampy” to say the least for this one women show! Thanks for the clarity Gary & thanks Marie for having him on!

    – e

  62. I LOVED this! One of my all-time favorite MarieTv episodes EVER! I love his no-nonsense attitude!

    I sell hand-dyed yarn… so

    Here’s an example of a right hook for me, where I’m directly asking for a yarn sale:

    And here’s an example of a jab where I’m giving them an example pattern (not my pattern, just one I found online) that might help them out:

  63. My first time joining in the discussion, after avidly watching MarieTV for over a year now. That was such a great interview, and the jab, jab, jab, right hook principle is one I wholeheartedly believe in.

    As a knitwear designer, my jabs tend to be visual ones on instagram, pinterest, or my facebook page as these are the social media platforms I feel most comfortable on. I share images of in-depth construction & stitch techniques, the machinery I use, production methods, & work in progress, and other designers work that inspire me. These hopefully give a greater understanding of my inspiration & process knitwear designer, and to draw them into the story of my life & my work, and why I’m doing what I’m doing.

    Seems to be working pretty well, and I’m gradually building up a loyal following… I know I would feel uncomfortable just asking people to buy my products from me all the time, and I’m pretty sure it would turn people off from what I do pretty quickly too!

    Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into your inspirational content Marie – I look forward to your jabs every week!

    Sarah x

    • Thanks for commenting, watching and looking foward to those jabs Sarah!

  64. LOVE you both. You have contributed TONS to my business. Much gratitude for the authenticity you share.

    • So THAT’S why I resonate with you both. I was born in Phila at another JFK Hospital… ha.

  65. Oh Marie!!! This is excellent! Seriously. You know, that’s one reason I appreciate you & your work– and look forward to my weekly dose of Marie – you don’t try and get me to buy something every week. No gimmicks. No spam. You really care. Also, I love how Gary talks about knowing the culture/context of each social media platform. I know one of the reasons I love Instagram is that it isn’t salesy like Facebook and people aren’t ranting every other status, lol. Oh and I love Gary’s take on “haters” – I actually think that we have far more lovers than we do haters. Most haters are just lovers in disguise, we just gotta communicate better.

    Anyway, now that I’ve wrote you an essay…lol. I just want to thank you for inspiring me weekly!!! You always provides so much value! Thank you and happy Thanksgiving! xo

    • Thank YOU for all you shared Melodee, and for watching each week. I so appreciate it. Happy Thanksgiving to you xoxo

  66. Thanks so much, Marie and Gary, for your awesome interview!

    I’ll never forget tweeting about how much I enjoyed Crush It (this was almost 4 years ago!) and getting a thank you message from @garyvee. I went to his Twitter page and saw that he routinely thanked everyone who mentioned his work, and it made a huge impression about how important it is to care about and connect with *people* (with the happy side benefit that they could become customers). Love that!

    My jab is:

    I’d love to hear what you think, Gary! 🙂

  67. Marie and Gary together on Marie TV – my two fav people! I’m serious, I love you guys! Gary, we’ve met a few times and Marie, I’m a B-Schooler 🙂 Thank you so much for what you both give.

    Gary, my jab jab jab is free educational content through webinars, email, some video and social media. My right hook is my membership site Social Edge – however I wonder if my right hook is my special offer I give when I speak: buy a year of Social Edge and get a complimentary Social Media Review, done personally by me. Looking forward to your honest feedback, thanks Gary!

    • thank YOU Crystal!! Good on you for adding your Right Hook here!!

  68. Marie, your interview with Gary, “Awe plus Some!” Yes, you read it first on Marie Forleo!

  69. That was an awesome Jab!

    I think what is really great is that the Hook are even better than the Jabs, I mean, sure you have to pay for them but what the heck?

    It is our way to say thank you for the value added!

    I am excited to see this concept expand all over the world because selling times are over, creating relationships will prevail.

    Those who understand this will suceed 🙂

  70. LOVE this interview! The energy, tenacity, and desire to serve in that room is PALPABLE. Love the HEART and HUSTLE in you two!

    Before the book was released, on June 14th, I sent this JAB to Gary as a private link via a tweet. It was a puppet version of him saying one of my favorite rants of his. Didn’t want to make the video PUBLIC w/o his permission. He RT’d it & sent me a nice email. Today, I added a link to the book & made the link public:

    Another time, he was kinda publicly ribbing & teasingly criticizing Oprah & OWN about how they were doing Twitter all wrong. I emailed one of his “catchphrases” back to him & said “Do you give a F*CK about Oprah? Help her. Don’t criticize her. I am impressed she’s trying to do it on her own. She may be botching it, but at least it’s authentically her, right? I dare you to reach out & show her the right way to do it! “(or something like that) He immediately responded that he DID care & would help & in a few months I saw Instagrams of he, O, and the CEO of OWN having a little Twitter tutorial. How cool is that? He is amazingly, superhumanly responsive. Don’t know HOW he does it!

    So Gary, any advice for a RANDOM Jabber? I lack a strategy. Instead of a boxer JAB, JAB, JAB & Right Hooking in the ring w/ one opponent, I kinda feel like the boxer that stepped out of the ring & wants to knucklebump everyone in the first 5 rows. Feels great! Makes me happy! Great karma. But not a great way to ever land/lead up to that Right Hook or win a fight, you know? Or could it be?

    So inspiring seeing people operating out of their zone of genius. Admire you both! Thanks!

  71. Wil

    All of the above plus: Marie, what awesome shoes! Could’nt stop looking at them 😉

  72. Karin A. Olson

    Thanks for this great interview. Truly, so many take-aways, so little time!

    As someone who is launching in the next week, everything you offered here was pure magic. From the inspirational quotes (“Everything else can be bought, but your caring can’t.””Instill the heart and DNA in what you do.””I have to put you in a position to succeed.”), to the strategic advice (animated gifts on Tumber, Infographics on Pinterest, keep in touch updates on Facebook) to confirming the blue ocean concept that is so central to the way I envision building rather than tear down (“There are two ways to build the biggest building in town…”), everything you said reinforces the best way to step out into the world.

    Simply thanks.

  73. What a fantastic, informative, insightful video! I LOVE this Gary Vaynerchuk and have just purchased his book Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook and I LOVE his challenge to put your own jab jab jab right hook right here!
    Here it goes Gary!!!
    JAB- Designer Balloons! You have seen this huge balloons gracing pages of magazines, decorating the most fabulous weddings and adorning the sweetest sweet tables
    JAB- Georgous, beautiful, fun, enormous and a perfect addition to any wedding, birthday party, event or photo shoot! Our Balloons are designed and made by hand specific to any color palette or any event with the Balloon Bling! The Glitterati…. The Fringey Tassely Balloon Tails that show off your party’s unique one of a kindness! They’ll compliment your decorations perfectly or they can be THE decoration!!!
    JAB- These party must haves will make any event instantly fabulous!! There are those occasions when you just want to stand out, get out of the norm, feel fancy, make a lasting impression, or maybe you just want to pull up to the scene with some freakin awesome balloons! We got em!!!

    Similar to Gary’s philosophy we want to give!!!!

    RIGHT HOOK! for the first 10 people reading this comment and contacting us through our website we will create a one of kind, unique balloon with the Balloon Bling… The Glitterati, The Fringey Tassely Balloon tails and ship it to you a no cost!

    For the next 10 people (that weren’t able to be the first 10) buy a balloon and receive an identical balloon free + FREE shipping on your purchase simply by liking Build A Balloon on facebook

  74. This has to be my favorite episode of Marie TV in a long time! I’ve seen Gary speak in person at a conference in Toronto, and it’s great to see him continuously evolving and refining his ideas and advice.

    Right now my jab is the free 30 day list building challenge:

    And I have a few hooks, but they tie into this generous jab really well. 🙂

    P.S. As a martial artist I think I’d switch up the hook with a roundhouse kick, because that’s more fun. 😉

  75. Hi Marie and Gary!

    My current JAB is a 28 Day Happy Healthy Hot Mom Challenge that I have been hosting on my FB page since Nov 1, please check it out, I’d love your feedback.

    I have been in the beauty, fitness and wellness industry with a brick and mortar business for 15 years…this Sept I switched my focus to my niche market coaching new moms to lose weight, get fit and have fun.

    I’m currently working on my RIGHT HOOKS–completing my book (a memoir/how to about my journey to lose 52 pounds and become a happy, healthy, hot mom) my one on one, online and live coaching programs as well as my website all coming in the new year.

    Thanks for all that you do. XO Celine Gabrielle

  76. Thank You Marie and Gary, lots of bells sounding off!! Thanks for the inspiration and insights, the social media world often feels overwhelming, glad for the clear direction. I feel so passionate about my business and to hear Gary’s enthusiasm just made me feel so much better about my instincts..THANKS for the give, give, give, now got to get the jab, jab!

  77. Jab, jab, jab…right hook. Give, give, give…then ask for the sale!

    Great metaphor. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Oh…and my jab is a 4-week online life coaching program:

    It’s designed to help people move from struggle and strive to ease and flow in their lives.

  79. Bunni

    Today is a super hero day!!! Thanks to both of you

  80. Lisa Baughn

    This is so motivating Marie! I want this book. Thanks.

  81. I agree with Nath, Marie…My favorite episode of Marie TV in ages!
    Strategic genius, that Gary Vaynerchuk. 🙂

  82. Dammit Marie! I got so into this video that my pancakes burnt! 🙂 Great stuff! Thank you for the continued awesome content!

  83. wow, this was amazing! Thank you Marie and Gary for this EPIC episode!



  84. JERSEY’S in the building! In case you missed that, I am from Jersey too;-)

    Thanks for the video. I gotta tell ya. I need to step up my jab game. I thought I was doing a good job by adding video, a newsletter, and some free downloads, but I need to do more (as far as content is concerned.) I am guilty of fear of giving too much away.

    I have a plan for 2014 to give more. So, this is really confirmation for me.


  85. Killer crab Gary! Great interview, thank you guys.

    Jab: a free iPhone app that helps people manage and monitor their eating disorder recovery (
    Jab: weekly recovery themed music posts (

    My hook: Offer a subscription to an online portal for the app users and their treatment professionals to view progress, patterns, and trends in real-time. (in the works)

  86. What a fantastic interview! I didn’t even realize when the time flew by. What I found most useful was Gary’s explanation of how each social media channel has its own “atmosphere” and therefore requires different types of things to be shared on it, and also how important “timing” is. I’ve never thought of timing my shares with what’s trending on Twitter before! This completely changed around my view on social media, and I can’t wait to get “jab jab jab right hook” and start reading it. I love case studies!

    Although I haven’t read the book, I can tell my jabs are my website with its articles and vlogs, the free ebook I offer that’s jam-packed with useful information on living a vibrant life, and the free 15-minute session I offer to subscribers. My right hook I’m still trying to be more specific on. But I’ll be back to update this once I read the book 🙂

    Thanks for the great info Gary! Love “the crab” 🙂


    First, I gotta be honest, a couple of years ago, I got completely burned out with social media and all the “noise”. (In fact, Karo’s comment above really resonated with me.)

    Now, I’m pursuing my dream of working as a full-time artist and have a love-hate relationship with social media. I don’t have a studio space, so most of the pieces I’ve sold in the last few months have come from my activity on social media (mostly Facebook and Pinterest).

    It’s clear I need to dig deeper into social media again since I’ve had success with the little bit I do. I don’t really jab. And rarely offer a right hook, yet I’ve had some sales, so I can only imagine what would happen if I started jabin’ and hookin’ with purpose! (Wait, did I just say I was going to start hookin’ with purpose?)

    SO here’s the deal, I have ONE question for Marie, Gary and anyone else who happens to see this:

    Do you have any quick input/resources/ideas on jab’s YOU would recommend for an artist? Are there any other artists out there CRUSHING IT with their jabs? (In terms of the type of art — I do paintings, mixed media, bold colors, fun.)

    • Hey Ashley! Gary may have some examples to share, or there may be some more artists here in our community.

      You mentioned FB and Pinterest so let’s stick with those.

      1. Put inspirational quotes on images of your art and share them on FB and Pinterest.

      2. Post on FB about things YOU find inspiring, behind the scenes in your workspace, what you’re reading/watching/into right now and how it’s inspiring your art.

      3. Pinterest: make boards not just about your art — but about great design blogs/rooms that have great art/colors that are inspiring you/fashion collections/foods/recipes/etc. making their way into your art, etc.

      4. Start connecting with design bloggers and start GIVING them some pieces/prints to use in their projects. I’ve found a lot of artists by following design blogger Emily Henderson and The Jealous Curator.

      Those are just a few to get you going! Who else has ideas?

      • Lucas Piontkowski

        Ha!! Thats great Marie! You just beat me to 2 or 3 suggestions I had for Ashley 🙂 Ashley I looked at your site and it’s great stuff! Super fun and colorful. I was thinking this would be great to have quotes over the top of small post card sized prints (potential Jab) Maybe offering a few small, quality pieces that could be printed and hung in peoples work spaces, dashboards, bathroom mirrors etc. This would be a chance to share the beauty and inspiration of your art in a small but meaningful way that keeps your art on peoples minds and makes a personal connection. As a result when they go to purchase art in the future or need a gift for someone you have already been a wonderful part of their daily lives already. I was also thinking just sharing more of your story. Why you paint what you do? What inspires you? Hope that’s helpful 🙂
        Cheers!! Lucas P.

        • Lucas,

          Thank you SO much for taking time to check out my site. I love the idea of quotes on cards, and am putting that at the top of my to do list. I’m also liking the idea of smaller, quality pieces. I just had some OFF THE HOOK (expensive, but AMAZING looking) business cards made. Think I’ll expand on that and do a few small pieces that fit with the cards stylistically.

          I also think weaving in more of my story with my art is a great suggestion. That’s what people actually really seem to love — my story and what my lifestyle and art represents.

          Good advice all the way around. Muchas Gracias!!!

      • Wonderful suggestions. Thanks so much for your time, Marie! Your suggestion #1 is a place I definitely need to dig deeper.

        I’m working #2 & #3 pretty hard already (which is how I guess I’ve managed to grab clients without really even trying) so I can say your advice 100% works and produces results! (As if we didn’t already know that.) 🙂

        Will check out Emily Henderson & The Jealous Curator and others along those lines as well.


    • Ashley, you got awesome advice from Marie and Lucas. You also asked for artists who are crushing it with their jabs, and B-School babe Ann Rea comes to mind. Check out what she’s up to: I looked at Cosmic Acres. Wow, I love your work, and I love the way you are blogging and connecting with your process. Unsolicited advice: your header/logo came up a little small for me to read the small text under it. Could add ease to your viewers to make it bigger. All the love and support in the world to you!

  88. Hey Gary,

    Love your energy!

    My cousin had both her legs and three fingers amputated.

    I started a giveforward site to get donations to get her better legs and hand. Insurance doesn’t cover all this. So that’s the right hook, But what’s the jab, jab, jab?

    Thank you!!!

  89. Hi, Marie and Gary

    This interview was a lesson in and on its own – thank you so much!

    1. My jab is 2-fold (I teach French on Skype):
    a/ Daily videos youtube channel:
    b/ Blog:

    2. My right hook is a 5-month Parisian French Intensive program:

    Hope to get some tough love on them 🙂

    Thanks again,

    • Llyane – you both jabbed and (future) right-hooked me. I can see how this JJJ,RH method really works!

      I have been rearranging my life to spend next summer learning French in Montreal, but I don’t yet have much of a plan. Your 5-month intensive is perfect for what I want. No tough love, just a huge thank you!

  90. Hello Garry and Mari,

    The show was amazing… so I just bought the book!! 🙂

    This is my JAB:

    My HOOK is one to one coaching, and group facilitation:


    A Personal Development Coach specialising in states of mind, helping people to understand the nature of human thought thereby boosting performance, creativity and well-being.

    Keep up the good work… both of you!x
    Much love,

  91. My first Jab & Right hook is for the new website I’ve built for my media company in Nashville. I’m going to use my blog to give free website building & marketing advice for small businesses and then use my blog posts to also offer my services and encourage readers to use our company for services to grow their business.

    My second Jab & Right hook is for my wife’s new online fashion boutique at Her plan is to give free fashion advice through her blog and link the photos of the fashion advice back to her online store.

    Thanks for the great advice Marie & Gary!

  92. I have not been on social media in two months. I’ve been overwhelmed,discouraged and everything in between. I’m so passionate about my brand and compant that it breaks my heart yo pthonk that people aren’t getting it. I’m ready to dive back in,after this interview!!! Thank you!!

  93. This was an awesome interview and I too got introduced to Gary through Crush it on audio a few years ago. I couldn’t stop talking about the book to my friends (and discovered I can do an awesome Gary impersonation while saying Crush It) for about a month.

    I’m jabbing these days with my opt-in offering of my favourite Mama Bliss Coaching tools in my free ecourse: Ten Days to Get Your from Crummy to Yummy, Mummy ~

    And my jab is my Mama Bliss Coaching:

    After much interest from my clients I’m in the process of opening a coaching training program in the spring so my jab jabs are going to take on a new flavour in preparation for that.

    Thanks for the great coffee date this morning!

  94. Great interview, Marie, and I loved your advice, Gary. Just went to Amazon to buy your book. Here’s my most recent right hook, that went out as an e-mail message to the people on my mailing list. And alas, the painting has not yet sold.

  95. Amy

    I love Gary!! Good job for not using the F-word! I love you with or without it! Oops Marie did LOL!

  96. I just got schooled. Gosh, was that good!

  97. Hi Marie, I just adore you since someone pinned one of your videos on pinterest that made me sit up and pay attention to my life.

    I have been in a transitional phase since turning forty. I started a blog in the fall of 2010 to share my passions and adventures in gardening, cooking, design and the underdog. I thought as long as I am positive and put myself out there people will magically listen.

    My ultimate goal was not to become this superstar all over the world. It was just to find a niche/community of support that encourages me in my endeavors and just gets me so we could form relationships that were mutually beneficial.

    Needless to say I have not had much success because I did not understand how social media works and I was still going about things in a way that is more one on one in my community rather than understanding social media’s limitations.

    There were many things you and Gary spoke about today that I resonated with but at this time in my life the single most important thing I learned is that you have to respect social media platforms and the form they take.

    I opened an etsy shop on August 1st 2013 and I haven’t had one sale. I don’t even have 10 followers on my blog and just lost interest after a while because it wasn’t turning into a lonely disappointment rather than a dynamic community.

    Pinterest on the other hand is the social media tool that makes me feel good, connected and alive. That is my most successful endeavor so far I have about 500 followers and I just feel such gratification when they pin my pins and I find other people interested and liking the same things that I find with my aesthetic. I love that I am always learning and organizing is something that makes me feel so good.

    Now I just have to find a way to connect on other social media and position myself to get the juices flowing to my ultimate community. I’ll be going to get that book and putting more GIVING into practice again but in a much smarter way.

    • Vanessa, thank you for sharing your story.

    • Vanessa, don’t give up!! You’re closer than you think!!
      After all, you’ve found the platform (Pinterest) that feeds your passion and more importantly makes you feel good. No surprise – you’re visual and so is Pinterest. Also, your blog is gorgeous!!! (I’m subscriber #11 and proud of it!).
      The missing link might just be connecting your sales platform (Etsy) to your promotional platform (Pinterest), and being willing to actually promote what you’re selling on all of your sites.

      You Can’t Be Shy About Promoting Yourself!! Somewhere between the hook and the jab is just having the confidence to tell people (boldly but tactfully) what you are offering. 🙂

      Have you tried adding your photos to your Etsy shop first, with the stories and whatnot associated with them, and then pinning THOSE images to Pinterest?

      Chin up. You rock!

  98. Hi Gary and Marie,

    One question: What was the thing Gary mentioned — Media? — In the middle of the show that Marie took note of. I had no idea what he said or what it was.

    So, I am majorly trying to explore what will bring my ideal clients in right now, because I find that a lot of peers are attracted to my work more than anything. I teach a method of natural birth control that is based off of signs women’s bodies give due to what is happening with their hormones (not calculation based and it’s over 99% effective).

    Non hormonal birth control guide


    (autoresponder) Coming off hormonal contraception

    And, of course, weekly content.

    I’m also in the process of making a new program, so my “hook” is changing, but right now my landing page for what I am doing is this:
    I know it probably needs to change a lot, but I find myself in the position of a person who is forcing themselves to be a salesperson, which has never come naturally to me. I do it only because I believe in what I am doing so much.


  99. My huge jab right here:

    Great to see Gary on here. I’ve followed him since 2007.

    Thanks Marie for having him on.

  100. Loved it Marie and Gary. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the ‘Right Hook’ down I just need to work on my ‘Jab Jab Jab.’

  101. Marie -This is THE best vlog of yours that I’ve seen! (ok, alongside the Marianne Williamson one). Pithy, practical and to the point with lots of great advice by Gary V. And so timely too: just this afternoon I interviewed someone who positioned himself as a marketing person – totally wrong for my little venture. He had the right skills but I was just not feeling him and could not imagine him coming over for dins with my family nor taking a long haul flight with him! So i left it. I’ll get Gary’s book for guidance and go the ‘learning by doing’ way for a bit instead. Thank you Marie for all your FAB JABS!

  102. Andrea

    Um, that was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have been so stuck in fear mode and after watching Marie and Gary, I realized that (duh!), of course that only brings more fear. Giving (more jabs) is the way out. Thank you!!

  103. This was a great video that opened my eyes to a new world. I could hear the passion and excitement in both Gary and Marie’s voice. These video always fill me with ideas and inspiration thank you

  104. Brilliant! I could listen to the two of you for hours. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Our entire existence is based on the service we provide to the new mommy community while giving our local resources joining us at the show the opportunity to shine their brightest too! Passion like ours and yours is contagious and unstoppable once people get to know our hearts. On that note, our first t-shirt design for NEW MOMMIES was intended to be…”Twitter? We barely have to eat…let alone Tweet!” I’m thinking we might need to rethink that idea after today’s episode but I love the idea of being great at one element (Facebook in our case) and building on that! Love you Marie! I ALWAYS make time to stop whatever I am doing to see what nuggets of wisdom you have to share! This is right up there with one of my favorites!! Love and Coos, Honey Dews!!

  105. Mary Ellen

    First off, I feel almost ashamed that I’ve never heard of Gary. That was remedied today. I went immediately after the interview to Amazon and bought the e-version of the book.
    I am on the verge of a new product launch in the craft industry. I know using social media is necessary for a successful business in today’s world, but it is SO intimidating to me. I hope that by reading this book, I’ll have insight into what I need to do before developing bad habits. I am a B-school grad and will be going through it again with the new class as a refresher.
    Marie and Gary, I think this was the best MarieTV episode ever. I’m happy to have a new guru in my world in an area that I desperately need one. Thanks to you both. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

  106. First of all, thanks a ton, Marie and Gary for such great interview! Some very valuable insights about social media. What I particularly found of value was the idea of sharing the same content in different formats on different social media platforms, depending on the context of each. Thank you, again!

    Here’s my jab (will get more regular on it):—lh2J2m8-G1VPnQJmuVIxBz
    Here’s my right hook :

    Hoping to hear both of you guys’ views/inputs. LOVE Marie TV 🙂

  107. Can’t wait to receive the book and up my social media game! I work for a summer sports camp for kids and we put a staff video together at the end of the summer as a jab (though we weren’t thinking of it that way at the time!) But here it is, I’d love to hear what you think Gary! Thanks for a fantastic video guys, you’re two of my absolute faves!

  108. Marie & Gary!

    What a kick ass, outstanding value interview!!!

    Two of my favorite people doing an interview together—made my day.

    I agree with gary on haters too. I get very few haters but the ones I get I’ve taken time to engage with and ask them what happened from their side of the story. 9 out of 10 times it’s something little and once I fix it they are enthusiastic again and thanking me for helping them. Apparently a lot of online business people do not take time to reply. So, like Gary says, your haters can often become your biggest fans.

    I’m taking Gary’s class “Context is Key” at SkillShare and loving it.

    Here’s one of my recent jabs on Facebook. Usually I don’t participate in the list games people play but for some reason I thought I’d try it and share stuff about myself that most people don’t know while slipping in some of my humor. Guess what? It opened up some fun conversation and more people engaged with me because of it!

    Going to be doing a lot more jabbing now!

    Thanks Gary! Love you Marie! You both CRUSH IT every time!


  109. Love you Marie and growing a fan base for you in South Africa and everywhere I go…… Love what you are creating thank you !
    Loved this episode and this interview with Gary Vaynerchuk defo getting his books all of them….. SN is all new to me !
    My jab 4 keys to having the life, living, body and joy of business you know is possible?
    Jab 2 free 20 min discovery session
    Is free re source and downloads jabbing amazing Gary Vaynerchuk ?
    My hook……. Out creating it now and in the future and my joy of being expands my target to leave the world a better place than I found it !
    I am also wanting to contribute to live water project in Africa and do more for wild and domestic animals here and expand consciousness of being human through horses and the power of EQUUS and animal communications – my priority in life…..
    Hope Gary Vaynerchuk takes a look and gives me some direction….. Overwhelm sets in often 🙂 what will it take ??

  110. My jabs are the articles I post on my website, many of which I spend months crafting. I take “blogging” very seriously and see it as an art form and a genuine service endeavor:

    My right hook is my one-on-one career coaching to help young adults find work that feels meaningful and purposeful. I don’t attempt the right hook too often (feel much more comfortable with giving out free than asking for the sale!) so I’m grateful that many of my readers come to me without me actively asking:

    Thanks for the great video! I’m putting Gary’s book on my Amazon wish list – just in time for the holidays

  111. Firstly, LOVE your shoes Marie and secondly your topics always come at just the right time. This resonated and helped so much (at exactly the right time) thank you and thank you Gary.

  112. Woohoo! Just what I needed to hear to motivate me to make tons more videos for my audience. No more sellin’ just givin’. And yes, that is exactly why I have bought from both Mary and Gary. They give, but it’s a very non-desperate give. It’s cool, and casual, and comes from a place of abundance.

  113. This was awesome! Especially when Gary talked about how each piece of content has to work for the particular platform you’re on – SO TRUE!

    I started a blog and YouTube channel called Broke But Bougie. It’s all about helping twenty something women live the cashmere life on a cotton budget!

    I’ve got two jabs:

    My YouTube channel –
    And my blog – new posts daily! –

  114. Dear Marie,

    Thanks for the update. I really liked the Boxing Logic and comparison with different social networking and blogging sites.

    Rohan Sarker
    Software Engineer, Telecom Specialist & HR
    [email protected]
    Skype: arati_genius

  115. Seriously you guys, you don’t know how much this has come at the exact right time for me!! Currently now a little bit in love with Gary – THANK YOU.

  116. Melissa

    Thank you Marie and Gary! Gary, I am getting your book.

    Also, could both of you and anyone in the community RECOMMEND A GREAT BOOK on building and empowering TEAM from essentially a one person shop. I know about the mindset shift of being pleased by doing it all myself to being pleased by most of the work getting done through others. I am ready to make the shift but need the tools to get there (hiring, trusting team, placing people where they can thrive, empowering them and getting them invested in our success, etc.)

    My partner and I have multiple businesses with plans to create an empire. We have big vision and are working directly with our higher power. Any books by authors with that similar foundation would also be helpful.

    All recommendations are extremely appreciated. Thank you!!!

  117. I post my blog posts on Google +, Facebook, Linkedin. My Twitter account is linked with my Facebook. So I just distribute mostly, except for Facebook where I do lots of jabs.

    I try to have a consistent calendar on Facebook. Monday is a weekly challenge, Tuesday a quote, Wednesday I promote something, Thursday a tip, Friday a review of the challenge, Saturday I post my blog post. And then I share stuff throughout the week that I come across.

    I have been doing that for a while, but haven’t seen any ROI and I haven’t been able to grow my fan base. Facebook is getting so bad at publishing, I’m lucking if 25% of my fan base get the post in their newsfeed.

    My jabs are Facebook, blog post and this Free report : 8 best iPhone apps for stress relief :

    My hook is my ‘Experience rapid relief’ healing package.

    I have no conversion 🙁 I’ve tweak it as best as I could, so I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

  118. I saw Gary in Vancouver, Canada and have followed him on Twitter/YouTube/Vine for some time. He is one of the most spectacular speakers in media/marketing your are likely to see. Yesterday I tweeted him about his book launch–just an encouraging word. He replied in five seconds. He’s so fully connected and engaged, he lives with absolute integrity. I also think he separates what you care about, with what your audience does. You have to keep thinking in an empathetic manner if you’re an entrepreneur. He is the one person who makes me feel as if my reluctance for “selling” and hard push “social” can be resolved as a commitment to truth, caring and mutual reward. Yes, you can be in business and create a global community and make it better. This is a gift of greatness.

  119. LOVED this interview! I’m a huge Gary Vee fan. Thank you guys. So much value!

    Best take aways for me:

    The DJ-ing of content…

    “Everyone thinks of social networks as distribution channels to bring you somewhere else. I think of them as places to natively tell stories.” -GV

    Main point: Respect the context of the particular platform and pay special attention to the psychology of WHY someone is on it. You have to respect the context of the room in which you are storytelling. It’s all context. Booyah!!

    My JAB: I’ve been creating content for my healthy eating food blog, ‘Orgasmic Vegan’ on Facebook since Aug last year. No agenda just sharing. Never paid for adds. Up to 4657 likes, so seems to be doing ok. I’d love to do something ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ to monetize. Every man and his dog creates an ebook etc… Would be so super stoked to get feedback from Gary Vee… Cheers guys. You rocked it!

  120. Love me some Gary Vee and Marie. Always chocked full of usable nuggets when GarVee is front and center.

  121. Watching Gary do “the crab” from bar mitzvah days made this video totally worth it!

    But seriously, the first 10 minutes provided me with so much valuable content I instantly hopped over to Amazon to buy “Jab Jab Hook”.

    Gary – I would love any feedback you have for me.

    My jabs are the daily content I write on my blog, inspiring social media posts as well as a free 14 day challenge I have during the holidays. I care deeply about all of my followers and make a point to write back personally to all emails I receive. Here are the links for the blog and challenge:

    My right hooks are my VIP Coaching Programs as well as my Crazy Wild Love Bombshell Bootcamp. Here is the link to that:

    My question is that I have continual enrollment into my coaching program and my video course (Crazy Wild Love). I get how in Marie’s case if you’re launching a program once a year you can follow the jab-jab-hook sequence. But what about if your products are continual? Then how do you market without getting annoying? Or is it better to make them once or twice a year?

    Thanks so much!

  122. WOW. It’s been a while that I watched an episode that I paused repeatedly to right down important information. This was one.
    It did talk about exactly what I have been putting all my efforts in the past 4 months that has been paying off, and bringing me a LOT of frustration.

    + Love the Haters: A super challenge for me, I get ppl that do not know my company saying that we are scammers or that we are too expensive… among others. The hardest one is to see posts saying that… I’ve learned to post with the link for my facebook page so they would stop saying that… Just a tip for those who have the same problem. * I did not have one hater that gave me something to work on, that I could fix. That frustrates me.

    + Pintrest mainly women. LOVE the tip. My main clientele are women!

    About Karo’s comment, I think we are all looking for the best means to reach our potential clients in the intention to change their lives with the goodness that are our products and services. Being a company means that all the decisions, posts that comes from them are in the intention to the better, and those intentions come from humans, that fail. Sometime miserably. So if you think we can change on something to better your life always let us know and we will be working on it. At least I can say my company (me) will be.

    JAB JAB JAB – Love the concept. (my company sells Brazilian food, to cook and snacks)
    – Thanksgiving Coupon for those who share their recipes for thanksgiving. (did not worked out)
    – Buy more pay less for frozen items, will be launched this week. From 2 to 6 items you get more discount as you add more to the cart.
    – Constant posting of Brazilian Recipes in Facebook, and translate them to english if asked for.
    – Just created a set of coupons to give discount, as you buy more independently of the type of food 5%, 10%, and 15%.
    – Videos ( working on it since I have only one) explaining the differences between the average product to the Brazilian one.
    – Constant posting on Facebook of different things you can do to wrap our products and gift, or to do in the dinners for this season, including decorations of the table and eatables.
    – Created a custom box for shipping frozen supplies to be cheaper to ship frozen goods.
    – Do not charge anything different to international clients.
    – Do ship to countries that do not have address.
    – I’m partnering with another business to give to all the orders a custom made eatable logo of my business, and at the same time doing advertisement for the amazing work of the other company.

    – Sell products.

    Am I in the right path? I know I have to work a lot on my posts in the social media. Somehow I know I am not transmitting the information that is in my head. But I don’t know how to make it more clear than I am. The most common question is: -Where do I buy your products? Price? (Facebook)
    Well my logo has the address of the website. I have an icon that connects to my website, I put links on most of my posts of products. Where am I making the mistake?

  123. Loved this interview today, thanks guys. I’d not heard of Gary Vaynerchuk before today and have already downloaded his e-book.

  124. Great interview! Thank you Marie & Gary!
    Here’s a jab:

    Working on a right hook for Dec. sales and trying to find time for the effort – in between kids, school, Thanksgiving plans, etc. Marie you really know your target audience!! I’m thrilled to be new follower – discovered you via Food Babe. 🙂

    PS: I was going to put Gary’s book on my Christmas list as a personal gift but then remembered it’s a legit business expense so it’s now in my Amazon cart!

  125. I’ve been following Gary for several years now, and I think this is the most centered, focused energy interview I’ve seen him give. Urgency without screaming–love it (well, I love the screams sometimes, too. . .) Thanks for a great conversation!

    Can’t wait to read the book, because I’m wondering if I have too many jabs and not a clear right hook.
    Main jab is our Change Your Life at Work toolkit: ; also have a library of free career & success tools:

    Thanks again for caring!

  126. Cyd

    The whole interview was really timely. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about social media lately. Also, THANK YOU for the hater article! I was expecting support on my new business from one colleague that actually ended up being a not-very-subtle “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” moment. I felt devastated by it at first, but will work up the courage to ask her why she feels this way.


    Thanks again and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  127. I do a Tom’s Tuesday tip, giving out insurance advice on Facebook each week. Link it to Twitter and then will post it on LinkedIn.

  128. WOW! Thank you as always Marie and THANK YOU Gary!
    My eyes have once again been OPENED.

    So, drum roll……here’s my right hook;

    Totally getting that book!

  129. Mary

    This video makes my heart burn. No, not with heartburn, but rather I LOVE the content in it! I’m an aspiring community developer in my last year of undergrad. I love all the ideas Gary shared, however I have a hard time with the idea of “personal branding.” To me, I want to keep my personal social networks just to content that isn’t “strategized,” but rather, free flowing. I’ve ran social media platforms for companies before and loved diligently engaging and building the community around the company’s brand and services, but I liked being able to separate out my own platforms from the ways in which people contacted me on the company’s platform. Do you have any advice on how to break into the social media strategy when companies often require you to post your personal social platforms to see “how well you strategize and engage people?” I feel like that des not display my abilities at all, because I use the platforms with different mindsets. Using social media to accomplish a goal with an engaged community of people and someone updating people about things in their life on a more personal are, in my view, entirely different. Thank you for your care! It’s encouraging to hear people on the same page as I am.

    • Lucas Piontkowski

      Hey Mary!! I was strolling by and saw this post. I think you’re absolutely right!! Business-social and personal-social networks aren’t engaged in the same ways by people. Gary has a great little bit to say about personal branding here It may come across a little harsh, but may also be of value to you as an aspiring community developer/leader. I’m currently in the process myself of finding a healthy and appropriate balance between personal media and business media. Ultimately I believe Gary has a valid point. That the world is becoming smaller and more transparent, like it or not we are way more in the public eye no matter what we do. Especially with interest in community development and leadership ( I have similar interests or goals) we are subject to observation and scrutiny from all sorts of people… why not use that to our advantage and take the opportunity to set ourselves out from the others!! I hope this helps 🙂 Another great resource is Laura Roeder over at
      Cheers on your journey!
      Lucas P.

  130. Jab, jab, jab is all I seem to be doing. I am stuck on the right hook. Do I just wait for the right hook to reveal itself? Do your have employees who work on just jabs and just right hooks or do they also do jab, jab, jab, right hook with each customer?

  131. Jakub

    Marie, I’ve been following your blog for some time already and normally I do not post comments, but THIS ONE epizode really stands out; a real highlight.

    Greetings from the Czech republic! 🙂

  132. ohh and I’m from Jersey too (Somerset) !!!!!! ;0)~

  133. Gary and Marie,
    Thanks so much for the awesome episode and tips!

    B-Schoolers definitely know the importance of a good, loving jab!

    For my business, The Lotus Root, I screen print artwork by my partner and I onto organic cotton t-shirts & handmade goods. I’m also launching a new natural skincare line next week.

    Jab #1: t-shirt giveaways on Facebook – I’ll be doing this a lot more frequently with the skincare products.

    example: I made a graphic to announce the giveaway into a Facebook cover photo, and used it to run a targeted fb ad

    Jab # 2: Posting natural skincare tips & tutorials – looking forward to making these into animated gifs for tumblr.

    Made the graphic on this one long & thin for more pins on pinterest:
    Infographics soon to follow!

    Jab # 3: Donating 10% of t-shirt profits to –

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the book! If you have any tips you think I should implement I’d love to hear them!
    Thank you!


    p.s: The Crab rocks

    • Thank you for this Liz!! YES on the crab and YES on B-Schoolers being trained on the best jabs 🙂 oxoxo

  134. I traded buying Crush It to sit in and watch a Thunder Show taping at the Wine Library. I think the only thing I said to Gary was I drink champagne on more than special occasions (it was discussed during the show; I wasn’t blurting out random thoughts). Though Gary asked if I had any questions, I had too many, or too few, or was too intimidated, so I scurried out and regretted it ever since.

    I’m all jab, no hook for now– I want to start a movement. My goal is to help single women stop feeling like shit about ourselves just because we aren’t married. I want women to understand it’s ok to want to get married, it’s not ok to wait to get married. Life waits for no man

    My 19 word manifesto:
    Life is the sum of all your experiences. Have as many as possible. Some will suck. Have them anyway.

    My jab, jab, jab, jab is four e-books– so far. (Opt-in incentive on homepage I’m planning a Random Acts of Sweetness campaign to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The hook will be to ask people to do something sweet for a woman who appears to be single and over 40. Take out the trash for a little old lady, leave a rotisserie chicken for a sick neighbor– that sort of thing. I’ll jab random “sweethearts” with rewards (most likely candy- boy do I wish Hershey’s had a Tweet a Kiss like Starbucks’ Tweet a Coffee!)

  135. Lucas Piontkowski

    Once again and always great conversation and content from both Gary and Marie. One of my current JABS that is sooooo applicable to this video came from a Webinar Gary hosted last week with Nick Unsworth. I purchased 30 copies of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook as a special offer. I purchased all those copies for two reasons. One I believe in Gary, his message and what he stands for, and want to support that anyway I can. I believe good people who are truly passionate about helping other people, should be rewarded. Second I intend to offer these 30 copies of Gary’s new book as unexpected gifts to my clients and fans and followers over the next few months. Two notes here. One is that as a side benefit of this purchase I get to sit down with Gary for 10 minutes in San Diego in January… that’s huge!! Second I wasn’t able to do this because I currently make a ton of money and can just throw it down on these types of things easily. I hustled hard to make this purchase of 30 books (over $500) happen. I did this to add tremendous value not only to my future but to the lives and futures of others. So theres my long story short in offering a Jab to Gary, a Jab for myself, and all the future Jabs to my clients and fans.
    I believe in the amazing beauty and potential we all have, and that potential has value and purpose. One of the greatest things we can ever do is find that value and purpose we have to offer and bring it to fruition in the world around us. My value and purpose is to help bring people from the point of Inspiration to Realization, from Inception to Completion. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or just unsure of where to go from here and need a plan or a strategy to get from A to B, I would love to chat with you!!! I’m not interested in selling you on anything, just starting a dialogue… What’s your dream?! What do you need to get there? What/who Inspires you?! Feel free to email me at [email protected]
    Cheers! Lucas P.

    • Rock on Lucas — good for you for the hustle on those books 🙂

  136. I hit the pause button halfway through your interview and went and ordered the book before they were all gone!! But seriously, I can’t wait to read it as I am just starting a new small company and have been trying to figure out all of the whole social networking scene.


  137. Marie, I have to be completely honest … sometimes when I see your MarieTV episodes are 20-30 minutes long (the interviews vs. a regular episode), I don’t always watch them.

    I’m so glad that I watched this one! I read Gary’s book “Crush it” so long ago that I can’t even remember some of the content (hey, I had a horrible pregnancy and a child somewhere in there, so I’m going to blame some of that on mommy brain), but he was awesome back then and is still crushing it now.

    My latest jab, which has done really well for increasing my mailing list (it’s increased it by almost 15% in just about 3 weeks), is a 30 Day Stress Less Challenge: Holiday Edition. It’s for busy moms who want to maintain their health and sanity through December, and it provides a recipe for each day, plus the weekly meal planner and grocery list already done for them. Oh, and a super fun, [email protected] holiday playlist (there just might be some NKOTB on there … just saying!). Here’s the sign-up page.

    Now for the jab. I’m creating a 21-Day Real Food Reset, which is a real, whole foods meal planner for busy moms who want to do a New Year’s “cleanse”, but it just isn’t realistic with taking care of their kids and working at the same time. I finishing it now, so there’s no sales page yet, but all my moms keep saying that they’re in a rut, and they want more ideas for healthy meals that their family will actually eat.

    Thank you for this episode, I’m SO buying the new book right now.

    • Hey Ashley!

      Signup to your challenge! Looking forward to apply your JAB 🙂

      I really liked your opt-in page. What are you using if you don’t mind me asking? I can’t seem to be able to do something nice like that with Aweber.

      • Thanks so much, Amelie!!!

        I use Photoshop to create the images, and then upload them to my WordPress hosted website in that page as an unlinked picture (that way, people can’t click on the picture).

        I created the opt-in box itself in AWeber.

        I hope this helps!

  138. Liz Gross

    Loved this interview! First one I’ve seen…I’ll be back.

    For my day job, this is my jab:

    We don’t even really have a right hook. We get paid for providing customer service and facilitating payments for our customers, but student loans are very confusing so I do my best to teach our customers “a little at a time” so they’re willing to come to us whenever they encounter difficulty.

    Although I guess our right hook could be when we ask them to pay their bill each month….

  139. WOW! Fabulous interview Marie! And Gary is entertaining and so ‘out there’ real, it’s refreshing . . . learned sooo much! Thank you both!!

  140. Well, shit. I have A LOT of work to do – and I’m PUMPED to get on it!!! Thanks Marie! This was freakin’ amazeballs. Love you and all you do!

  141. Loved this episode! Thank you so much for this awesome interview. You and Gary left me with lots of take-aways that I can start implementing this week.

    I am a wellness coach and yoga teacher. This was such an insightful video for me as my issue is the right hooks. I jab and jab and jab and jab. I have a huge email list and my site gets a lot of hits each day. I struggle with the right hooks and how to fit them into my social media channels and even just on my website.

    Last month I tried something new with my monthly newsletter and shared all of my upcoming offerings with people, not as many people signed up as I hoped and it made me feel like maybe that wasn’t the right tactic. I’ve been in business just shy of a year so I’m learning as I go.

    My blog,, is basically one jab after another. That is the place where I share useful content like health tips and recipes and even personal posts that always get me a lot of emails saying how much I have inspired them.

    My strong suits are inspiring people I just haven’t figured out how to turn inspiration into sales.

    Thanks again for this video – just ordered the book.


  142. Wow, what a wonderful gift from Marie, Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s not even Christmas. Let me preface my “right hook” link first to say this is my first stab at a “right hook” ask. I like many others are still uncomfortable “selling” or pitching my services. So here goes, This is my “work with me” page sharing my services. I have a lot of work to do on the jabbing part of things and definitely my right hook. I just purchased Gary’s book on Amazon and can’t wait to work on this. Thank you again Marie and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  143. Marie & Gary, it’s been eons since I’ve commented, but this video was too much of a Divinely timed gift not too!

    I’m up for the challenge, so if you’re up for it, Gary, here are a few jabs and a hook waiting for your constructive feedback:

    JAB: About 4 times a week, I share intuitive insights + an inspiring image + a question for reflection on my FB page:

    JAB: About 3 times a week, I hop into Twitter to send and receive love with my tweeps, engaging in conversations and sharing their content:

    JAB: I share insights every Wednesday on my blog, and an additional love note to my tribe via my newsletter every other Wednesday PLUS newsletter subscribers get access to my Insight to Action Guide and Digital Library:

    HOOK: Keeping it simple, my current hook is all about investing in one-on-one time with me as an intuitive coach and energy healer (combining hypnotherapy, EFT, and energy work to guide my clients to awaken their intuition through the mind, body, and soul and take more inspired action in their lives:

    Big love to you both – and a happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    When Gary said his gut is wrong 25% of the time, I heard that his gut led him to UNEXPECTED RESULTS 25% of the time – and what he’s done with those results is what makes it all ultimately a success in the end :).

  144. Two of my favorite people to follow online! This video was like killing two birds with one stone!

  145. This was perfect timing for me today 🙂

    My jab – I have a blog that I post to pretty much daily (missed the last week for the first time in months due to an event last and I fell behind). – this is a recent post that is deeply connected to my right hook, which I am in the process of finalizing development 🙂

    Thank you soooo much!

  146. Loved this video! I have a to-do list coming out of it and am very excited to get back at understanding and mastering social media! Thanks Marie and Gary V!

    Here are my jabs through my website…
    and my feeble facebook page…

    Thanks again!

  147. Erin Branham

    This was fantastic! Thank you for the jabs you shared. They were incredibly insightful. You had me within the first few minutes, and I paused and ordered the book.

    My jab: (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));
    Post by Apartment Two Events.

    I am excited to read the book, and keep working on social media skills. My right hook is booking an event with a customer. My jabs are always sharing tips of the event planning trade- information that anyone can implement, etc. on facebook. On instagram, sharing behind the scenes pictures. And on pinterest, I save the research I’m doing into categorical boards and share. ie.

  148. Thanks Marie & Gary, what an amazing and content-rich video. I consider myself pretty knowledgable about social media but the execution for me is difficult (I work full-time, and have my business on the side) but try to create lots of JABs, and likely don’t HOOK enough..

    JAB #1 – Encircled Soulnotes to inspire people .. posted mainly on Pinterest and Facebook

    JAB #2 – A cost per wear calculator so women can ‘justify’ their investment clothing pieces

    JAB #3 – My good karma “kitty” where I donate 10% of all online sales to a worthy cause each month.

    HOOK — still figuring that out… but our Chrysalis Cardi makes the perfect holiday gift for any women in your life who love to travel!


  149. Hi Marie + Gary!

    Thx so much for this vid – it was beyond valuable and I can’t wait to read the book. I have a question about “calling to action” … specifically on Facebook.

    I’m still small as far as numbers go … with 237 likes … but I engage my Healthy Sexy Hungry FB page daily … and I would say I include questions or call to action on about 1/2 of my posts and responses consistently come up dry.

    Am I asking the wrong way? Am I not asking things that are “exiting” enough to respond to?

    I was super drawn to the notion of social media being a science (thx Gary!) and I’m wondering if there is a call to action FORMULA that I’m missing out on?

    I am genuinely interested in engaging my Facebook audience, and I’d love to hear your thoughts (as well as thoughts from the community that is reading this)!

    Thx + love,

  150. Hi Gary and Marie!

    Thank you for being real and bringing it for this episode.

    Gary, you made a very generous offer. I would be thrilled if you took a look…

    I’m currently testing out a business that will empower women through the stories of Old Hollywood divas. It is an offshoot of a larger theatrical project called “Garbo Dreams.”

    I’ve been jabbing with weekly emails and blog posts:
    Also promoted on the FB page:

    My right hook is a workshop:

    How does this format look to you? How effective is it? What am I missing/what can I improve?

    Either you get to this or not.. Either way I’m buzzing with ideas from the interview and look forward to implementing….and continuing to sing your praises.

    Warm gusto,

  151. Marie, thank you so much for bringing Gary into my world.
    Gary thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, enthusiasm and actionable strategies. I pinned a photo to link back to my blog while I was watching because I learned that I could while you were talking!

    I am just starting out, working my way through B-School since last March and am in the list building phase. I would love to hear your constructive insights on my jab jab jab:

    I truly want to give, give, give before I ask and do it with the kind of style and humanity that you teach Marie and that I saw in you today Gary.

    Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  152. Just wanted to say Thank You!
    It’s 3am here in south west Western Australia and I’m inspired to getup and work on our business.
    We are a husband and wife team living, loving and growing a business together which is challenging and at the same time the best thing we have done. I’m new to Marie TV (a girlfriend suggested I check it out) and have found the info and delivery feeds my soul. I have never heard of Gary V but what a pleasure to not be able to sleep and watch this session ( on my iPhone). Thank you for giving workable insight to social media I will definitely be following up on the book and taking a good look at our presence on Facebook. (Which is all we do).
    A quick question as a photographic business would you suggest we utilise more social media platforms, we have been more concerned with the unlicensed use of images….to really put the effort into exploring this avenue. Facebook has been a great tool for us though.
    So much to do! So exciting!
    Many thanks again ….Look forward to ordering the book.

  153. Eeek! Trying to think…trying to think…

    My right hook:

    Great episode!

  154. Hey Marie and Gary, you guys MADE MY LIFE today!! Ack, love you both so much and seeing you together today was simply magical!!

    Here is my JAB

    Thanks for checking it out!

  155. I absolutely loved this interview. Such great info. In fact i an so moved, i want to work for Gary… Think i’m a great fit.

  156. I absolutely loved this interview. Such great info. In fact i am so moved, i want to work for Gary… Think i’m a great fit.

  157. What an awesome interview! Gary has such a positive energy and I am so excited abut everything you two discussed. I did not know about the book until today and, well, looks like it is a “must buy” (plus I am a huge boxing fan – great title/concept!).

    I am currently in “jab mode”…my facebook ( is my current ‘jab’ as I post post info that I hope is beneficial to my clients and I ask nothing in return.

    I am working on my “right hook” as we speak.

    thanks for the positive energy boost and I wish you all a magically social day 🙂

  158. I loved this episode of MarieTV and am so inspired to re-engage with my social media presence in a BIG way. Like you Marie, I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur (two books under my belt “Chakra Detox” and “Hot Yoga, Hotter Sex” out in 2014, a magazine launch next year and a burlesque/bachelorette party/wedding-based business, with several more book + business ideas brewing away.) I don’t suffer from creativity and love the initial brand and business building phase, but I sometimes am unclear about my USP and creating cohesive marketing strategies.

    For my health and wellness catch-all brand “Nicole Carlin Yoga” I offer a free 10-day meditation course JAB for anyone who signs up to my mailing list. My weak right hook is an “ask” to buy my book, Chakra Detox — but since it’s priced at 2.99 it’s not much. I’m creating an accompanying e-course that goes with the book that I hope will be a much stronger right hook.

    I definitely suffer from the fear of asking, though!

    For my second brand, POP Fizz Academy…. I’m writing a book called Epic: 50 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Offbeat Bride. As a jab, I’ll offer free tips on planning an awesome bachelorette party (that doesn’t include phallic straws) and regular city planning tips for destination parties (visual what to wear, where to stay, etc.)


  159. Dear Marie and Gary,

    Thank you for your wealth of wisdom and “jabs.”

    JAB: my latest weblog post full of fun and informative photos and links from my Annual Tarot Tour in Europe:

    HOOK: my world class expertise in Tarot (card) counseling skills:

    Thank you for your JABs:
    > Explained the psychology and context of four social media sites.
    > Gary modeled something I do and was glad to see—compassion and genuine interest in the feedback of others, even if it appears to be negative.

    Keep up the Great Work and deep appreciation for your contributions in the world.

    Warmly, Katrina

  160. Such an awesome interview Marie and Gary! This message is so important – it is all about giving and caring 🙂 Stopped the video so many times and took notes. Thank you both for caring for your audience!

  161. leslie rousseau

    appreciate the value you two fellow N.J.’s share…time for me to take what I have been learning & observing in my short time on the internet…& wrap my brain around how I integrate what I can share…whealth. Nature is what I know. The business aspect is not. I like the expensive champagne & it is what I will drink more of when I connect with my big KO! So overwhelmed with learning how to navigate….will add your book, Gary, because I think it will be another cog in my wheel…time to get unstuck.

  162. Great blog post, definitely will apply it to my consulting client at

    Glad I stumbled upon this this!

  163. Wow! I’ve never seen an interview with Gary, but the energy from you two seriously got my heart pumping faster! Of course, this Minnesota girl is used to a little different pace than Jersey so that may be part of it. 🙂

    Gary’s book is already on it’s way to me and I can’t wait to dive in! And I hereby publicly promise to take action on what I read and not just add it to my collection of “awesome info I do nothing with”!

    My website and biz are brand new, but since I could really use some cash flowing in I’ve been focusing on creating my “right hook”, but really need to focus on my “jabs”. Duh. It’s embarrassing how often I need a “smacks hand to forward” kind of reality check.


  164. Awesome episode guys…
    Off to download the book onto my reader.

    I’m a science writer and consult on neuroscience – ‘neuroplasticity’ has become such a huge buzzword – I’m there to explain the science and stick to the facts.
    Here’s my jab – a brain health blog for baby boomers:

  165. this is my right hook:
    would absolutely love feedback for it 🙂 thank you for the inspiring video! Just today Shopify did a blog post about Gary’s new book so I’m pretty much convinced about getting it!

  166. Thank you both so much for this interview! Loved Gary’s description of how to tell your story differently on each platform. And I appreciated the discussion about the book – I never would have bought the book based on the title because I’m not a boxing fan. I will have to buy it now that I understand the metaphor!

    My Jab is to encourage Christian moms who are trying to run a business while raising a family and to let them know they CAN do it and they are NOT alone. I do this lots of ways but it all starts here:

    And I would agree that Marie puts her heart and soul into all of her Jabs and I appreciate it! Thanks to both of you.

  167. Loved this, Marie and Gary!!

    I run a small design consultancy and recently started a pop-up branding offshoot specifically to serve, motivate and inspire creative entrepreneurs. It’s called Poolside Projects and I’m really excited about it.

    My jabs:
    Tweeting and writing on Medium (!) to inspire, offer resources and share new perspectives: fordvisuals

    My Hook: Offering branding bundles and a la cart services from tiny to massive!

    I would love love love any and all feedback. Thanks again to you both!! Off to buy Gary’s book…

  168. Anna

    How I loved it! I feel lost…I’m in the bespoke shoe business and I guess I’m doing a lot of things in social media.(Just ordered Gary’s book amd I ‘ll see what exactly;))
    I have a tough time finding out HOW I an reach out to my customers and what I could tell them about…. I’ m bad on videos and writing…. well, guess I can mprove my skills…. But what shall. write about!?

    • Anna,

      Write about shoes and fashion, how they make a woman feel, how each shoe tells a story about a certain kind of woman, what type of shoes go with what clothes… so much shoe stuff! go for it! xx

      ps: you could even interview niche “shoe people” like me – I make chocolate shoes xx

  169. HOLY SHIT! That was the best episode ever Marie, thank you so much. I didn’t know Gary. I’m all shakey after watching that, taking notes like a crazy lady and ready to take action and do, do, do! Okay now

    JAB: Free Weekly Juggling Tip Thursdays (video+blog)

    HOOK: Mums Juggling School –

    My To-DO list for this week, just completely got flipped on its head and I’m going to take action on all the things in the video. New photos for my jabs in different areas.

    Marie, thank you sooo much for all your ‘jabs!’ I bought your ‘hook’ BSchool this year, best thing I’ve ever done and the above are my creations from that. I still listen into the Bschool vids everyweek all year round.

    Love Jana xx

  170. When I watched this video this morning, I had a question in my mind.

    “Should I charge for the video of the workshop I just did in Austin this weekend, (my first ever by the way), or should I make it free.

    Well I’ve decided to make it a jab. Give, give, ask. Gary on MarieTV is a giving that will keep on giving. Marie & Gary are givers to emulate indeed.

    Thank you,

  171. Loved the idea of changing the way the message is delivered to fit the site. I hear my daughter talk about Tumbler a lot, wasn’t sure what it was until recently, same with Instagram, YIKES, keeping up is a challenge for sure.

    I’m really looking forward to receiving this book and diving deeper into the topic of being myself and sharing my message yet in a way that it’s easily consumed by those I’m trying to connect with. Excellent Interview – book on the way thanks to my friends at Amazon.

  172. Love the energy in this video! I actually just finished Thank You Economy and am now super excited to dive into this new book. My Jab is my website and my right hook will be my book that will be coming out in December. I was actually just soaking up all the goodness on JJJRH sales page. Thank you both for being so dam inspiring!

  173. Hi Marie,

    Always love your videos! I am a personal chef/ dietitian and have a gluten-free meal planning website:

    Hook: gluten-free meal plans (grocery list + instructions for spending 2hours prepping from-scratch food for the whole week)

    Jab, Jab, Jab: typically recipes, for example, w/ Thanksgiving recently posted my cranberry sauce recipe on Mind Body Green:

    Excited to pick up Gary’s book, working on building my social media presence and being smart about what I post!

  174. My head is spinning guys! That was the best MarieTV episode ever.

    Off to buy the book and do, do, do! I’ve got a feeling some of the things Gary taught here are potentially life+biz changing.

    Jab: Weekly Juggling Tip Thursdays video, blog and email combo.

    Here’s My Hook:

    Would love your feedback.

    My to-do list just completely changed for the week implementing all the things I learned from this episode.

    Thank you for all your ‘jabs’ Marie and thank you Gary for being so generous and not holding back with practical actionable implementable advice.

    Jana xx

    • Forgot to add my ‘objective’

      Objective: help mums achieve their big dreams by unjuggling their juggling acts with my practical and actionable tips, techniques and tactics for balancing babies, businesses and big dreams.

      Biggest Insight: Use different photos for different mediums. Communicate in the context of the medium. So I won’t be recycling my vlog image and distributing it on FB, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be changing it up to meet the context of the specific medium I’m promoting it on.

      Jana xx

  175. I just ordered the book! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.
    I contribute to 2 non-profit Facebook pages, I manage my own business FB page, my personal graphic art FB page and a local ladies consignment store FB page… along with all the Twitter accounts.
    I’m looking forward to some fresh strategies for all these accounts as they are all different with regard to target audiences etc.

    Great interview Marie!


  176. WOW! I have to say that again, WOW! I fell for Gary’s style late last year when I happened onto his video called, Big Omaho Video Series: – I’ve been hooked ever since.

    When I need to get pumped up, I watch that video.
    Ok, here is my “Jab, Jab, Jab.” I launched a website about women in the culinary industry last November:

    I’m currently trying to find my “Right Hook.”

    Marie, thank you for having Gary on your show; this interview and the one with Ramit are my two favorites (with guest) so far.

    Mad kudos and props to what you are doing. I flove Marietv!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  177. Also, forgot to add, there were so many “nuggets” within the video, but this really resonated for me, “Act like you’ve been there before.” Words to live by.

    • Yes, how good was that insight. Big AHA for me too 🙂

  178. You two together are too good to be true! Like peanut butter and jelly. PLEASE do this again!!! Loved every minute. Can’t wait to read Gary’s latest!

  179. Awesome sauce!! Getting Gary’s book today! Just what I need to take this to the next level!

  180. Thank you for this interview – it’s all new to me. I am a recent B-School grad and this year I’ve been integrating what I’ve learned and trying to give more. I gave my students a gift (thing) during one class and it seemed to have gone completely unnoticed. I made a financial investment and it felt like it wasn’t appreciated. (I teach parent education and am a parenting and life coach.)

    This interview helps reframe that – CARING – that is what my student want. How can I ramp up how my caring is conveyed. I do fall in love with them – that’s the easy part – how do I show them?

  181. Thanks Marie and Gary
    It’s all about proving great value, live by that principle. My jab is a free guide on how to create a unique and kick butt wrapping for your business …

  182. Wow! What an awesome interview! Thank you so much to both of you and Marie Forleo Team!

  183. Awesome video today! I love that they’re getting longer and more in depth.

    I’m excited to run out and get all three of Gary’s books. Looking forward to the read since my latest website idea is all about the jab.

  184. I loved this episode! There were so many aha moments that at this moment I can’t choose just one. I’ll watch it again and again! There’s so much to learn. Thanks, Marie.

  185. Sandy

    I can’t believe the number of comments below this video! Wow!
    I cannot talk of my jabs and right hook yet but I can thank you guys for all those precious info! Can’t wait to buy this book AND take action! As Gary said no matter how powerful the tools are, only us can make the decision of implementing them, take action and change the course of our life!
    Being at the very first steps of our project, my husband and I are focusingon learning from the best through MarieTV while building our Website =) our list of books keeps growing and our inspiration keeps expanding!
    You and your guests make this whole business and social media field so thrilling AND positive (in a world filled with negativity and economic crisis, that’s such a relief)! I can’t thank you enough Marie!
    I discovered you very recently through Gabrielle Berstein (whom I discovered recently as well btw) and as she often says the books just started to fall from the shelf! I was guided to you and your friends and their works and I feel truly blessed!

  186. Jab 1: Learn How to Make Chocolate Butterflies:
    Jab 2: How to Temper Chocolate:Microwave Method:

    Jab 3: How to Store Chocolate:

    Hook: Buy Luxury,Unique, Handmade and Fairtrade Chocolates this Christmas

    ps: Thank you Marie for this video, I had never heard of Gary before, now I am a fan and will be soaking in all the information from him over the next coming weeks… (as much as my mini brain will allow)

  187. Freakin’ awesome guys.

    Marie, I’m absolutely amazed by the quality of production and the thoughtfulness of your interview style.

    Gary, you’re always so inspiring.

    I’m a brand guy (social media) and have been working on my Jabs…

    Podcasts – on Storytelling, SEO, Branding (Marty Neumeier)

    Video Interviews

    I’m looking for a right hook and would love your feedback.

  188. Hi Guys,
    I would really love some feedback on my right hook, you can find it here Its my sales page for my program Organising your time, systems and spaces online program.

    I loved this interview, really thought provoking and so much value in it. I totally now understand about the jab, jab, jab and then the right hook. I have been just doing the right hook, no wonder things are slow. Thanks again!

  189. Karen Carson

    I really enjoyed this video. Lots of good nuggets to munch on. Here is my question: I own a student services business (tutoring, college prep, ACT coaching) and I have built my business solely through word of mouth. Marketing really doesn’t do much in a business like this since people will not send their kids to someone whose reputation they don’t know, especially in this day and age. So my question would be…How do you create jabs and right hooks in a service based business where self-marketing really doesn’t bring in a lot of business? I suppose I could argue that my jabs and right hooks are simply being amazing at my job and letting my work speak for itself (which is what I have stuck to for almost three years and it works fairly well). However, I am curious if there is something I am missing that could really make a difference in my business. Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Let me get this straight, so your “jab” is actually content marketing? This is, give, give, give and wait through the funnel of enquiries and trust built to get a customer. This is not really new, maybe I misunderstood, but I would like to hear about how much time you would spend in content vs. doing business and generating the much needed cash $$$ for micro-businesses. At what point in time or business stage you can have the “luxury” of content marketing.
      My husband and I run a small dog training and pet minding business and we have managed to do so in a foreign country, with a foreign language and with very few initial contacts (2 dog owners). We rely on word of mouth but mainly on our website and directories. A tiny budget means a free website, but hey, we have managed to produce a profit in the last 2 years and now got a volunteer web designer (God bless her!) engaged in our web revamp. Anyhow, the point is, when you are micro, can you jab much or “just enough” so people call and buy your product? This is our website btw: … Will post the revamped version soon for comments. Any dog trainers out there? Please get in touch 😀

      • Hi all, we just published our revamped website:
        There still lots to do but any constructive comment is welcomed. All the best with your businesses guys, you are amazing. 🙂

  190. Great chat, Gary & Marie!

    My “jab” this month has been to develop and host a free online tutorial (aka webinar) to share creativity and mixed media art techniques with my community across the globe:-

    I will also be giving away 16 handmade postcards, created just for this tutorial. I love being able to connect to people around the world and know that if I have inspired at least ONE person to create some art today, then I’ve had a GOOD Day!

    Happy creating,
    Michelle G Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  191. Liz

    Fabulous! Loved the interview! Demystified social media in 28 minutes and left me wanting more! Thank you, Marie :>.

  192. Erin

    My jab:

    Thanks, great interview!

  193. My site/blog is still pretty new and I have struggle with social media over the past year but I finally realized after watching this fantastic interview that I was treating social media platforms as a distribution channel only – and I was always pushing information out (mostly post links) and not exploring it anymore beyond that. I was also not being sensitive to how people engage on the different platforms and who their main demographics are.
    Gary – I’ve not read your book but I just ordered it and now can’t wait for the parcel to arrive in the mail.
    Maria – thank you so much for including such a fantastic author and inspiring message in this weeks episode. Loving it!
    I feel like my head is spiraling into a whole new world and its awesome 🙂

  194. Woah…. this interview was PURE GOLD !!! Am so psyched to delve into the book now and really get going on this.
    I think my issue is that I sometimes get into a place of being all jabs and no hook. Which can leave you feeling kinda exhausted ! Anyhows, working on an epic little right hook as we speak and here’s my latest jab :

  195. Megan Betterman

    There was undoubtedly great content being shared by Gary but I couldn’t handle how many times he interrupted you, Marie! You were quite gracious about it but I started cringing at how much it was occurring!

    • Megan,
      He’s just passionate and really into the conversation. I am the worst interuptor and my boyfriend wants to kill me sometimes, but it’s because I’m a big sharer, usually too excited about what I’m talking about, and maybe sometimes probably don’t want to forget what I’m about to say 😉

  196. Renata

    Marie! I LOVE when you swear and curse and keep it real….. the more normal and real you get the more you are a magnet to others.
    You are spiritual
    You are a cursin’ sexy lady! You can say fucking good and FUCK IT! we all get it.
    Please keep it real! LOVIN’ it. That is a whole NEW concept … because we all say it… it is sooo fun and a relief to hear it….
    You are classy and a swear word here and there…it is awesome to see you always always keep it REAL. Soooo much BS out there and people afraid to offend. Or sugar coating it or fearing being themselves.
    YOU Marie are all out 100% the real deal…. My fave interview yet! Other than the one with Sir Richard Branson. hehe.
    Love for you and abundance of all good.

  197. Wow! I have so much to learn but I know Marie brings it! And now I have Gary in my back pocket too! Thank you for such an informative video and I can’t wait to dive into the book.

    My Jab(s):

  198. Siosi

    I absolutely enjoyed this interview and I learned a few valuable insights from Gary V himself. I’m onto figuring out my simple but caring jab #1, jab #2, jab #3 and of course, my hook! Thanks Marie!

    Love it!

  199. This was absolutely tremendous! Thanks Marie xoxo

  200. Loved Gary explaining each of the platforms and what content works there. I am just getting started with all the social media stuff and taking a deep breath and diving in. Thanks Marie xx

  201. I loved today’s episode and just ordered the book! Here’s my latest jab.

    Thanks so much!

  202. This was such a great video, I especially love the context vs. content distinction. Thank you Marie and Gary! I’m a fairly new business owner and know that strategic marketing via social media or other outlets is going to be key for me in the near future. My current jab is here: and my current (high end) hook is here:
    Although I’m getting ready to launch my first product (hook) in the next month.

  203. This was awesome! I’ve read the Thank You Economy, but it was so “well, yeah, duh!” that I didn’t really see the forest for the trees. Now I see that he’s so much more than just a great personality – he’s got loads of substance to back it up.

    I got JJJ,RH and quickly looked through it. It’s clear that MY people are on Pinterest (which I love) and Facebook (which I need to learn how to use better). It’s such a relief to know that there is a strategy to using these, and that I don’t have to master every social media site out there, if it doesn’t help to tell my story.

    I sell handwritten, illustrated, personalized travel letters by subscription through Most of my customers buy the letters as gifts for family members who are homebound, elderly, or unable to travel.

    My JAB: A free letter, sent to anyone. I would like to offer more, but am quite stumped on what other things I could give…

  204. Great session love every minute of it. Thank you for all of the suggestoins. Wasn’t sure where to post my jab, so I hope you don’t mind that it put it here.
    Here is my jab in as short video. Please let me know what you think?

  205. Stopped the video halfway to buy the book. I teach how to communicate design by drawing. My jabs are samples of drawings:
    My hook is “ideally” my course offer:
    Just started reading the book, so not sure if these qualify as examples of Jabs & Hooks for my niche. Would love your feedback! Thank you both.

  206. Freakin Excellent ~ It just makes senses to adjust your message to the social media culture you are using. Marketing 101 :)

  207. This interview was AMAZING, I was only thinking this morning I needed some coaching in this area and then bam, you deliver this amazing video. Book is now purchased. Thank you for this wisdom, lots of ‘oh, yeah of course’ moments.

    Getting to work this afternoon on

    Thanks!! X

  208. Hallelujah! A good man— love the underlying principles of heart and DNA in all Gary does, super cool. Thank you.

    My Jab:
    also, I write articles about mindfulness for Elephant Journal (indie journal based in Boulder)
    This is one of them on “Loving a Man of Honor”:

    Also Facebook has been my way of connecting with community and sharing myself (being vulnerable). I like to show that I am human. I have been through some hard times, but I have faith and hope that I will rise and I still believe this universe to be kind. I think people need to see that rawness more than the lip gloss. At least that’s what I am giving them 😉 cos I am tired of pretending to be perfect. Truth is: I have been given the task of turning some ugly realities in my own life into beauty. If I can do it, anyone can. Who doesn’t love transformation?

    Hook: I know I can write something beautiful and from my heart. I am a certified coach, but tend to give my services away for free. I am working on some ebooks that I want to self-publish. I have not been able to get Amazon Prime to work on my site at all. I need to raise funds to make my site better (or find an investor). What I want is to have it be a place that explores 1)intimacy/sexuality 2) health/organics 3 )birth/ family 4) yoga 5) and whatever else I feel called to sharing “in the moment” that will uplift people. I have raised some eyebrows that “I am trying to talk about too much” etc. It just feels natural and intuitive to do it this way. That is why I like Marie TV— she shows her complexity.

    I feel as though every topic is inter-connected— an “ah-ha” in one area can bring freedom to a seemingly unrelated experience. At the end of the day doesn’t all commerce boil down to selling *life* and/or a different (hopefully more positive) experience of it? For me, information in the form of books and the web have given my life magic and meaning so that’s really what I want to focus on for my “selling” point. That is where I have received the most—I feel like giving others books I have written and finding financial freedom from those sales makes the most sense.

  209. My right hook “fall flat on your face” via my FB page….here goes:

  210. Hey Marie and Gary,

    Thanks for an informative and inspiring video! I absolutely loved it.
    Here’s a link to my JAB, that’s a free ebook ‘MASTERY IN WEIGHT LOSS’ for my subscribers –>

    Thanks for having a look 🙂


  211. Hi Marie,

    I’d just like to say thank you. I’m so glad you’re in my world.

    Your weekly emails are the one of the few email lists I’ve stuck with over time, and when I accidentally unsubscribed, I actually missed it. A very rare thing you are indeed.

    You always provide great content, and I really truly appreciate your authenticity and passion. I feel like I know you (to an extent) and I feel connected to you. And that great relationship that we have, albeit in cyberspace, means that even if I don’t agree with you on something, it’s no biggie. I love you anyway 😉 and so I’ll stick around because it’s fun.

    Thank you for being you,


  212. I once won a boxing match solely on a jab… landing me into the first Women’s Boxing World Championships back in 2001. The use of jab, jab, jab, right hook is brilliant! Throw in an uppercut and you’re golden.

    Can’t wait to apply Gary’s knowledge and stun the world.

  213. Fred Miller

    This is an amazing community congrats. Gary, if everybody is
    ‘crushing it” will we have to chill out to be successful in the future? Crushing it is so unCalifornia.

  214. Great interview with Gary already posted on Medium and created my first animated gif on Tumblr! JAB and Right Hook!

  215. Hi Marie and Gary,
    Thanks so much for your jab jab jab. I have the same philosophy, with all the intent of giving and serving others (currently, for moms) to lead with authenticity. Currently, just working on my jabs… @fearlessmommies +LuciaGriesbach, in 2014 will be doing videos to inspire moms… hopefully work on the right hook, sometime in the early part of the new year, for the most part it is just me alone working on this… some etraining courses plus a book I’m working on. The right hook is really just about making a living so I can stay creative in ways to keep giving back to humanity. Doing all the things I love 🙂

  216. It’s nearly midnight right now and I just watched this video (even though I should be in bed). It was probably a mistake as now I won’t be able to sleep!! So pumped. I’ve watched tons of marie tv episodes but never really felt the urge to leave a comment (sorry) But this video was different and awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. The amount of passion you both show for what you do is amazing and the world needs more people like you in it. I will be watching this again tomorrow!
    Thanks for being you, being awesome, and sharing the love


  217. Years ago I took a social media course and they used Gary’s videos as an example. I have leaned a lot from him over the years.
    If I understand this video correctly my jabs are my FREE eBook and my FREE tips that go out in my newsletter twice a month.
    My right hook would be my services.
    How on track am I??

  218. B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.
    Craving-Free in 7 Simple Steps:

  219. Hey,

    I have Read His Book ” Crush It” His Book Has very strong impact on my life.
    I wanted to start business even i tried couple of business but i failed miserably:( but after reading his old book “Crush it ” my life and views have changed r.
    He asked for follow your passion and how we can use social media plat form to build our business.
    I have seen Mr Gary Over the Tv Or Social Media plat form but i just found out he is the one who written the book who have changed my Philosophy:)
    You Guys are the best !

  220. This was one of the best interviews I’ve seen Marie do! Off the hook. Speaking of hooks, I put my first novel on my blog as a type of jab, and found that even though you can read it for free, people still went to Amazon to buy it as a sort of thank you. The link for the book is at:

  221. Sarah Zadok

    Holy smokes Marie… and Gary. Hot diggity dawg…. I. Am. Inspired.

  222. Great video – found your website today. Can’t wait to read/see new stuff! Greets from Austria!

  223. I loved this, thank you, I clearly need Gary’s book, off to grab it immediately! Thanks Marie, love how your authenticity attracts amazing people of the same spirit such as Gary.
    I’ve been jabbing now for a couple of years every Wednesday with my blog it’s all about good living, fitness, food, mind set, feeling and looking amazing and being curious with it all. I have plans for more jabbing and got a right hook planned for early March, which is full of jabs too.
    Thanks again!

    Hi All of U nice people out there!
    The Best part of the interview with Gary 4 me was his ”dance”.
    Seriously this guy does not allow anyone to speak more than 3 seconds!
    He needs a training to be in silence for 10 minutes a day.
    I am sure with a bit of training his enthusiasm will dangerously influence people with the correct amount of silence between his words.
    His story is interesting and I find him very controversial figure as he worked for companies like PEPSI CO!
    Yes you can continue to poison the planet very effectively , with the BEST Social media Marketing STRATEGIES AVAILABLE!!!!!!
    From many perspectives the interview is eye opening!
    and I wish Marie to bring more controversial figures in the future.
    As for the science of mashed potatoes mentioned at the email….
    Oh dear,
    Wheat, Potatoes and Sugar are as highly addictive for our bodies as
    the so-called benzodiazepine drugs, which include Ativan, Xanax and Valium!
    Potatoes triggers production of your brain’s natural opioids ur — a key to the addiction process. Your brain essentially becomes addicted to its own opioids as it would to morphine or heroin.
    Scientific research proves that wheat, potatoes and sugar can be more addictive than cocaine taking into consideration that people consume them daily.
    It is true, tell people to cut their pasta, potatoes and sugar and they will KILL U!
    People who stay away from these food drugs for a few days report dramatic increase of the quality of their life in general the better control of their emotions and their creativity their sleep their natural beauty.
    A planet free from food drugs- one potato in the bin at a time.(wishful thinking)

    Love you all,

    Dina and the C.B.&F. team

  225. Thank you Gary and Marie for giving us a “knockout” interview!!!!!

    I am definitely going to get Gary’s new book, read it and pass it on to my social media team leader. Although some of the tips he mentioned seem like the “extra” work nobody wants to do, I am sure those are the things that set someone apart and make them SHINE!! Thank you Gary for living with passion and for offering a great sense of contribution!

    Here is my RIGHT HOOK-
    After traveling the U.S. in an RV and having sooooo many people look at my Hispanic face and wonder if I spoke “Mexican,” I decided there needed to be a resource to break the Hispanic stereotype of Latinos in the U.S.. I decided one of the best bridges to people is food! So this is my labor of love and just the beginning of many other projects to come…Enjoy the “pinata and tacos” line…

    I look forward to all the feedback : ) Thank you!

  226. I’m an artist, and I produce a product — high-end contemporary abstract paintings. I don’t know what my “jab, jab, jab” should be, since my collectors aren’t interested in my process. They’re only interested in the finished product. Most of the things I think of for a “jab” only appeal to other artists.

    Any other artists or non-artists out there who might have some ideas?

  227. Fatima

    Happy Thanks Giving to every one

  228. Fantastic video. I already bought the book (after watching the video) and started reading it. I don’t run my OWN business. I used to run one (how I initially found you), but I now support the online aspect of marketing my young daughter’s book. I do this mostly for fun and to keep tabs on technology so I’m not lost when I want to get back “in the game.” We added free printables for her book as well as Words of the Week that we do in conjunction with a local school district.
    So these would probably be considered our jabs:

    I already know of ways to improve this based on what I’ve read so far, so thank you!

    After a little reading of the book, I came up with this jab (with my daughter’s input) for Facebook:
    So, I see the mistakes we have been making and while it will take some time to get to the end, I’ll keep working on the jabs. As for the punch – there is an article coming out about her in December and I think I will work on a picture for that, ahead of time, with a link to her book on Amazon.

    Thanks for all you do Marie. Even when I was completely business free, I still watched your videos. They are some of the best education and entertainment around! Thank you.

  229. Fantastic video this is what I’ve been struggling with. I do care deeply about my customers which is why I created my product. I get giving as your jab but being that I sell childrens clothing I don’t know what my jab could be. I’d love suggestions on great free content I could offer my customers that would be directly tied to me. Thanks everyone!

  230. Lisa in MD

    Marie: I usually come here for the more self-helpy kind of interviews/Q&A Tuesday content. I don’t even own a business, and this has to be far and away the best thing I’ve seen yet from you and your gang! This stuff is so useful for ANYONE that has something to say, whether there’s a business involved, or a charity, or a political message, or ….. ANYTHING.

    Thank you. And I’ll be following Gary now as well!

  231. Hanna

    This was one of the BEST interviews on Marie TV! A bit gritty, down n’ dirty…it was just honest by cutting to the core and being real about who they are and how to make things happen. I LOVED it!

  232. This was an incredible interview! Thanks so much to both of you. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments and have checked-out many of the jabs listed and am excited to dig in more. I will be buying Gary’s book today. Excited!

    One of my jabs: 4-part free Digestive Health Video Training Series: An Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle:

    My most recent right hook: The Vitality Transformation Blueprint Program: Your Map to Vital Health:

    I love the boxing metaphors! Helps a lot. Thanks!

  233. Great interview with Gary V! I am reading JJJRH right now – and am going to recommend it highly to the rest of my marketing team. For what it is worth – here’s my Right Hook:

    Thanks for all the great content you provide, Marie Forleo!

  234. I started thinking about how many “JABS” I have out there, and I gotta say, there are a lot.
    But on the other hand, they are kinda always out there with STRINGS… a forced opt-in, a follow-up to the salespage, etc.
    But then I remembered that I have many of them on Scribd-

    Actually, just answering this question has shown me that I have entirely TOO MANY projects out there, and there is very little focus on one.

  235. Thanks so much for the request to share our jabs and right hook..
    Tell me what you think
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    Do you want to actually become a wealthy affiliate?
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    Right Hook:Never abandon your dreams,

    Julie Dujardin

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    Includes intensive Blog Training videos, my live online meetups to encourage you in reaching your exact results you desire and your own blog website that you can use to build as many blogs as you like.

  236. Marie, you got one of the best show on the Internet about business.

    • Thank you for that Darcy – I really appreciate it!

  237. Dearest Marie, thank you so much for doing this interview with Gary. I’d never heard of him before! Grateful that you made him known to me. I found the interview refreshing, insightful and inspiring. Most especially when Gary spoke about specific content for the various social medias. Huge penny dropping moment. As a B-School alumni and still working on my business, I’m going to now re-evaluate how best to utilise social media by carefully thinking about appropriate content! I’m also about to got to Amazon and buy Gary’s books!

  238. Keith

    I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put in to your work. It is definitely what separates you from the rest of the noise. Great interview with Gary, I learned a bunch and will be reading his new book on my flight tonight.

  239. Hell-freaking-yeah! That was exactly the kind of message I needed to hear right now. Hello from the UK!

    I’ve been watching MarieTV most evenings whilst eating my dinner. And as I can’t afford to take B-School, I am trying to glean as much wisdom as I can. Already you have had a profound impact on how I view myself as a potential businesswoman.

    My Jab is my blog, Rosalilium –>
    I have been writing it for years. Mostly without much of a focus other than a passion for blogging, sharing and connecting with my readers. It’s not the biggest blog in the world but I do have a regular following and great interaction from my readers.

    In the past few months, I have realised that I need to start making some pennies from all my efforts. I put hours of work into blogging but for very little return. So this is where I’ve been brainstorming and trying to figure out what that special gift is that I have that the world needs. I don’t think I’ve got it all figured out, but I do want to share my blogging and social media passion for small local businesses.

    My hook?! I don’t think I’ve got one yet. But I’m writing an ebook and a short ecourse. So maybe they’ll be my hook?

  240. Every-freakin-time I listen to Gary V. I learn something. Awesome interview! My jabs, I work my ace off to research medical journals and articles (the nerdy stuff) to create videos, articles, and podcasts that make it all easy and understandable for people. I help make health fun, funNY, and engaging.

    My right hook it this ->

    • That’s looks like good boxing to me, Shawn. You got your game in gear,
      wouldn’t you say folks?

  241. What a great episode of Marie TV!
    Coming a little late to the Comments party, I expect Gary has already packed and gone home.
    I write a Blog so a lot of it is jab anyway so maybe I need a right hook? Or more jabs on different platforms?

    Love to know your thoughts Gary!


    • Hey Elle! Gary is smack in the middle of his book launch. I have zero doubt he’ll make good on his promise, but he also needs time to keep hustling, enjoy the holiday and review all these comments too!

      My take: Since fashion is all visuals, first thing I’d change is making sure you have big beautiful pictures up there, along with clear copy that explains what you do and who it’s for. Also, I’m not 100% clear on your business model — so can’t advise on the right hook just yet!

      • Marie,
        Thank you so much for your comment, I will think about what you have suggested and how to apply it!!

        Hope you had a great holiday!


      • Marie,
        You also asked about my business model (sorry, I’ve had a migraine so my brain is not firing on all cylinders!). I want to sell a product (along the lines of a guide, like B-school) , but my first couple of ideas were not viable, so I need to think of something new. That will be my right hook.


  242. I’m so inspired by you girl! And I’m a dude. Love it. I had heard of Gary but never took the time to find out more. He is me, I’m just black. Love the passion, love the “just do it” energy, and I’m going to get the book now. Planning my jabs for 2014. All the best and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Awesome Corwin! And to be clear, everything we create is for EVERYONE — gals and dudes alike 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  243. Awesome awesome awesome, Gary and Marie! Thank you! Have JUST launched my biz and am excited by all this goodness!

    Ok, here’s my jab: What Actors Know. What Entrepreneurs Should. — the Opt In gift is a 9 page gift with a tip and some exercises that come from artists but are critical for business folks.

    Right hook? I’m thinking it’s my: Setting the Stage eCourse:

    Thanks for your great work!

  244. Marie~
    I can’t find my post and now my e-mail box is inundated with these messages. How do you stop the madness?

    Loved the interview, posted it on FB.


    • Hey Maggie – write to us [email protected] and the team will help you out in a jiffy 🙂

      • Agree- when you click the “notify” box, you get everybody’s comments – but actually the reason I (narcissistically) only wanted comments on my comment! That’s why I don’t check the box anymore…
        Just a suggestion

  245. This made me reflect on if the ” right hook product” is there at all….what a wakeup-call…………….

  246. Amazing interview, so much valuable information. I have been in my practice for a couple of years but am just getting comfortable with technology and social media now. I am grateful to both of you for your leadership in this area!

  247. Sensational interview Marie and Gary! Loved the authenticity and genuine care. Love the last book plug at the end Marie. Got me onto Amazon and ordering a copy on Kindle. Excited to get reading.

    I love the boxing analogy. Did a couple of rounds in the ring myself while I was in the Aussie Army.

    Talking left jabs. My latest combo is a mini workshop on pimping up your Life Master Plan.

    Thanks again for an awesome candid interview and for keeping it real!


  248. Thank you Gary and Marie- A lot of food for thought! More dancing please 😉
    Ok… my jabs and right hooks…
    even thinking about this made me see that my jabs and right hooks are all mashed up in my “throwing things on the wall” “strategy” – and I changed my web page accordingly- thank you!
    My jabs – all the time! Free gigs, free living room concerts, radio shows, my whole tour, so here’s a trailer for you. (you’ll see my right hook somewhere too)

  249. Sofia

    Realy interesting and valuable interview, loved to meet Gary! Your tips are just wonderful…thanks so much 🙂

  250. My biggest takeaway from this interview was the importance of “natively telling stories according to the platform” i.e.

    Facebook – creating and sharing quote cards
    Twitter – posting according to trending stories
    Tumblr – posting animated relevant GIFS
    Pinterest – posting content related infographics

    I also love the idea of starting with just one platform and dominating that before moving onto another one!

  251. Hi Gary! I’ve been following you for a while.. Yanik Silver gave me a copy of Crush It! when it was first released which made this video-phobic girl get in front of the camera and launch my own .tv channel (which has been THE best way for potential new clients to get to know me before they ask to work with me), and you once tweeted with me about a glass of wine I was drinking. Yep, years on and I remember that one-to-one interaction – thank you!

    I’d love you to take a look at my current ‘Jab’ here on my Facebook page: Any feedback is much appreciated!

    • Hey Sarah, I’m not a social media person. But I see no one responded to you, so I’m gonna take a jab at it…

      Though I’m not the target demographic for your thing, there were too many words for me. I would make it more actionable.

      Your image has nothing to do with having a baby. Put a frickin’ baby in the image. Put the cutest one possible! Then, for image text, put this:

      “2014. The Year Of Your Pregnancy.”

      Maybe even put that in a speech bubble that the baby is saying.

      For the Facebook ad text, put this:

      “An entire month-long set of free fertility techniques, and even some baby-making product discounts. Click below to sign-up!”

      And that’s it. Please respond to my comment so I can see if you tried any of my stuff. 🙂

      Again, not a social media person. Just thought it would be fun to give you my opinion.

      • Thanks SO much for your comments. I was about to start Facebook advertising so your feedback was very timely! I have created a new graphic and it’s going to be posted at in just over an hour.. I always do seem to shy away from baby images in my marketing. I think it’s because I once her someone dealing with fertility issues say how insensitive they thought using baby images to sell fertility products. BUT everyone from IVF clinics to fertility nutritionists use images of babies, and this was ONE comment from ONE person. Hmmm… time for a re-think!

        • Anthony Recenello

          Hey Sarah, I’m so happy you read my comment! Post looks great. Here are my further tips:

          -Still clean up the text. Too much to read and do in just one post. Tell them to “Like” or “click” just one thing. One post, one action.

          – The baby is frowning. I know the mom is smiling, but the point is you want women getting EXCITED and INSPIRED to have a baby, not thinking, “Uh oh, am I doing the right thing?”

          – I thought about the comment that person told you about offending women with baby pictures. I agree–but only if done offensively. I think there is a kind way to present baby pictures, you’ll just have to use your intuition.

          By the way, I love the name Fertile Mindset! It rolls off the tongue, has a multi-layered meaning, and is inspiring all at the same time.

          Maybe you can give me some tips on my new Facebook page, Tales Of Woo. I probably am doing some stupid mistakes (ones I prob even mentioned to you above) and don’t even realize it! Please tell me your thoughts?

          • Anthony Recenello

            Oh… forgot one more tip:

            – Use pictures of smiling pregnant women! Going further, ask your success stories to send you pictures of them being pregnant with big smiles on their faces. Not sure if you’ve been doing this already, but this will go perfectly with your Fertile Mindset name as just visualizing women who are pregnant is inspiring them to get in that headspace every day.

  252. Jab: My website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. I blog about job openings in St. Louis on my site and then share out the link on Facebook and Twitter. I also have a couple of email lists that people can join depending on the type of job they are looking for. (IT vs non-IT)

    I want to help people get access to all kinds of job openings they might not be able to find otherwise.

    I don’t make any money unless someone lands a job and I get a referral fee, or if someone seeks me out for one on one counseling.

  253. Absolutely fantastic Marie. As one of your male fans, I resonated with Gary and his boxing metaphor. Ten minutes into your interview I bought his book on Amazon. But the deeper significance of his message, and yours, is the gradual augmenting of the profit motive with the service motive. This high spiritual message and calling is a great gift to us all. Thank you.

  254. Helen

    As always a great interview with lots of concrete takeaways.

    There was one aspect of this interview which really frustrated me. Gary frequently interrupted Marie! Although he always had great insight with these interruptions, I did want to hear where Marie was going with her line of questioning. By the end of the interview, there were all these loose threads that I would love to go back to.

  255. Awesome interview – thank you!

    I have learned a lot from Gary’s previous two books and I look forward to reading his newest.

    I really liked what he had to say about social media channels not being places to just broadcast your jabs. I have definitely been guilty of that.

    Here are my jabs: (lots of free content. I use my best, I don’t hoard it for a rainy day)

    Here are the places that I circulate my jabs:

    I also have about 400 opt in subscribers that I send recipes to twice a month.

    Here is my hook: (two cookbooks available in print or to download)

    I also have this hook: (a natural approach to getting healthy in 21 days)

    Thank you Gary and Marie!
    I think I will spend my day off today reading the new book. I have lots to learn!!


  256. Hey! Really loved the interview. Went and bought the book as I was watching it from Amazon :). Exactly what I needed to see today!

    So I run a salsa dance academy/studio here in Helsinki, Finland ( My hooks are mainly some salsa training team courses that we sell here in Helsinki. We also offer some regular weekly salsa/latin lessons and we use quit a lot of facebook and also have a newsletter on aweber. I can’t wait to get to the book tonight (it is still night time here :)) to actually take some real action to begin using other platforms also like you suggested :).

    At the moment our jabs have been basically trying to provide some good value and content through our facebook groups for our followers in terms of posting interesting links and videos and educational material to try to serve our community. I know this is really not much and so it is a good coincidence to see this video because I have had the idea of actually begin shooting some really good quality HD instructional salsa videos and give much of it for free to our community as well as also around the world. There would be a hook also to sell a complete training course. Got the video equipment ready and hope to begin to shoot in two weeks!

    I think these ideas and your book will give us much more ideas to really spread the word and our love for salsa dancing out there! Thanks one more time :)!

  257. Wow, I almost didnt make to this box of commenting. There are so freaking many comments. Marie, you brought a lot of value to us (the ones who want to make it online). Thanks you very much girl!

  258. Gary’s the best, it’s that simple. I’m a longtime supporter and proud owner of Crush It and The Thank You Economy; and now Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook.

    Thank you Marie for another amazing episode!

    For this weeks challenge:

    My Jab (that I’ve been throwing for the last year and a half):
    MY Right Hook: asking the AP community to support the Indigogo campaign for AP apparel, launching in early 2014. The goal is that every apparel purchased from the AP shop has a triple bottom line affect on people, profit, and planet.

  259. as i continue my quest to unlock the mystery of social media – i found this interview fascinating. raw. authentic. informative. you and gary are the real deal.

    thanks for teaching me the psychology behind the jab

  260. Thank you for this motivational and educational discussion. I design outdoor spaces with ingenuity and passion and I’m just getting started with my online business as a compliment to my consulting business.

    JAB: (providing information about living outdoors in regards to: aesthetics, play, community, sustainability)

    HOOK: (online & in person design of outdoor spaces) I’m working on launching these services in January.

    INSIGHT: Respect, Strategize and Put in the time.

    It’s a pleasure following you both, thanks again.

  261. Todd

    So many gems. Thanks guys!

    I wrote a book (self help/psychology style) only because I want to help a lot of people and not for fame. I don’t have a platform that is something publishers look for in the form of social media/followers and every time I think to start a digital platform, my hesitation is that I don’t want to cookie-cutter myself into being only my product.

    How do you gain momentum or get noticed as yourself, rather than only the niche of your product?

  262. Hello Gary & Maria – love this episode, thank you! The whole time I was watching this I was thinking “I do all this stuff, I care, I know exactly what he’s talking about, why do ppl think they have tear down all the buildings around them to build the biggest building but…..what am I missing? why is my income so low? what is that’s holding me back? how come i’m not more successful?”
    My right hook is this private meditation program, the program is solid, the few ppl that have done it have had fantastic results, I’m an expert in the field of meditation but I can’t seem to sell the program:

  263. Check out my first animated gif by Tumblr inspired by Gary go to

  264. That was AWESOME! We’ve been really struggling with social media and its purpose in our industry (clinical trials/recruitment) and I know it is critical but been having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Partially because the two most valuable things are the patients in our database and reaching clinical trial coordinators.

    What I’m realising now is that we pretty much only have jabs and not really any right hooks. I need to sit down and really think about a right hook we can give back to our community. If anyone has any ideas or experiences I’d love to hear them!


    ps – our jab is building out our database, and we try to do so immediately. Mainly because people coming to our site in AUS/NZ are looking for that action. What do you guys think?

  265. Hey Gary,

    This is my business’ latest jab:

    Before jab

    Another jab

    Now I have to figure out what my right hook is going to be… I guess I should read the book!

  266. Michelle

    I’m sorry but did I hear him say ‘guilt people into buying my things’? I understand the concept of giving so much that people ‘want’ to buy but ‘guilt’ people into buying? Lost me and my interest in the book

    • Pru

      Hi Michelle

      I know what you mean, I think that isn’t the best way of putting it, but I do get the reasoning behind it. As a food blogger I give a lot of recipes away for free, and I love doing that, as do most other food bloggers. As a result though, I think people now just expect to get everything for free. So if they can have their consciences pricked a little, to help support the upkeep of the source of so much free information, then I don’t see that as a bad thing. I’ve witnessed some quite unpleasant behaviour towards food bloggers that have released recipe books and offered teasers of what will be inside, and it seems to me that there is an awful lot of ingratitude around with quite poisonous retorts about how you dont need to buy a book, just google for a free recipe. This, to my mind, really belittles and degrades the work that we do, so in such cases, I don’t think it’s unethical to make people think, and if they feel guilty as a result, then that’s their own inner voice giving them a nudge to do what’s right, if you see what I mean? Perhaps it could have been worded differently so that it didnt sound so manipulative, but realistically, in my opinion at least, pretty much all sales related stuff has an element of manipulation written into it by its very nature.

  267. meredith

    this blew my mind in about 40 ways. love it.

    on the idea of giving, giving, giving (jab, jab, jab)… i have a question:

    how do you give over & over without saturating yourself as something/someone that is eternally ‘free’ / become un-special?

    is it the diversification of your content? something else?

  268. Gosh, where do I start? The professional chemistry between both of you was spot on with both of you being on the same page and I think that’s why this interview is arguably the best I have seen in years. I’m not exaggerating when I say that within those 28 minutes the bite sized chunks of useful and actionable information just kept rolling one on top of the next.

    Excellent work guys, I’m going to write a blog post on it and head over to buy that book. I’m sold!

    Now I know Gary has a RebelMouse site set up and so do I. Most of my site is dedicated to the Jab Jab Jab part and I think I’m doing pretty well with it. However I still need to work on the Right Hook part. The link is and I would love for you Gary to do a review and tell me how I could improve my work so far.

    I have set it up as a sub domain to my main website and my belief is that we should do our work on social media first and have it come back to our website. At the moment the common theory is to push our work out to social media from our website but I think we should do it the other way around – push our social media work back to our website.

    What is your opinion on that approach to modern marketing?

  269. That was so great!! thank you so much.
    so my 1-2-3 jabs are. (I’m still just starting out…but would love to know if I’m in track…)
    2. (and I put these on my biz page on fb as well)
    3. coming soon…iTunes podcast

    and my right hook:

    would really appreciate some feedback! thanks!!,

  270. Amazing content! Thank you so much! I am actually struck my how wrong we are doing things, want to buy your books and put some effort into adapting how we use facebook and our blog to grow. Basically we use our blog [JAB] share and showcase our training and we use facebook to advertise and get students for our training [HOOK]

    Basically our business is handgun training and combative fighting, all for personal defense especially living in south africa. We do have dreams to have our own full outdoor shooting range, selling own ammo, combined with combative facility in the future, of course with full time training as well. Lots more ideas, but we really will appreciate any advice!!

  271. Rachael

    Gary- you have nay-sayers??!! What the heck? How could anyone argue with your fantastic and beautiful logic?! Your take on social media just took all the noise in my head and turned it into something like a symphony. Seriously. You are amazing and I LOVE your passion and fervor! Thanks for sharing and thank you, Marie, for another fantastic video! You are THE BEST!

  272. Hi Gary & Marie,

    1st, I send one million ‘thank yous’ for your time investment in these comments! I have a few different products that I’d like to say tie in together but I’m having a hard time figuring out my jabs.

    Company: OneLife
    A business offering solutions to live healthier & with more confidence through swim lessons, dance lessons, and health products to all ages.

    Products/right hooks: (swim lessons) (nutritional products) (dance classes)

    Current jabs:
    Swim: I give tips and motivation on my facebook, I put a lot of effort into making it convenient & 1st class, like: free water at class, 12 hour window to schedule classes, we come to them for lessons, I follow up with clients and send out cards for birthdays and Christmas.
    Dance: I give free goodies out at class, try to be motivational on the Facebook, first class is free always
    Nutrition: I give out samples, follow up, send cards, build relationships.

    I don’t think my jabs are enough or even jabs. They are just nice things to do. What are your recommendations. Give it to me raw. I appreciate you both soooo much!


  273. GREAT interview! Can not wait to read his book.

  274. Incredible interview. Book is bought. Notes taken. Signed up for Medium. Very excited to implement some ideas that this inspiring video sparked for me, and as someone who has boxed for years and trains weekly, I love this idea of the jab versus hook! Genius.

    My Jab: over 500 free plant-based, gluten-free recipes and resources: http:/
    My Hook(s):

    Thank you Marie and Gary. This is now one of my favorite MarieTV videos ever… x

  275. Great episode. I can so relate to this today! Major headache and overwhelmed with all the social media while trying to grow my own business, still working full time, family, etc. Got burnt out but listening to your show is inspiring and motivating.


  276. This was amazing!

    Just the affirmation I needed to keep trekking down the path i’m on when it comes to social media. I’ve found myself discouraged from time to time with the “the noise” and the fact that my approach seems so much different. Definitely not saying I do everything right [by far not the case] but I resonated with so much of what you shared. So, Thank you! Book is bought and I can’t wait to dig in…

    Jab 1 :

    Jab 2:

    Would so appreciate your feedback!

    With Gratitude,

  277. Love, Love, Loved this!!! Thanks for bringing Gary to life … I’ll def be checking out the book!

    My current jabs:
    My blog on life and leadership:
    My Holla! Back Thursday video question of the week:
    My Fan Page:
    My Twitter Page:
    ***Also working on an upcoming jab where I’ll film and produce a live weekly interview show.

    My hooks:
    To hire me as a speaker:
    To hire me as a host:
    To hire me as an emcee:
    ***Only been at this since January … so working on some upcoming jab like an e-book to get started and eventually a book!

    What do you think??? Thank you Thank you!

  278. OMG Marie & Gary, you 2 just changed my whole game plan! I have been jabbing, because I love to give. But I have not been throwing any right hooks. I am going to focus on FB, Twitter and Tumbler to bring in more business. I’m so motivated to make this work. This was my jab, and I do them a lot. – Cookies I did for free.

  279. Hey Gary,

    Thanks for the kind offer! I just read your book (yes, in the past 48 hours and even did celebrate thanksgiving too) Totally changed the way I think about how I interact on social media! Here’s my first jab since reading your book:

  280. My Mantra, It’s all about RELATION-SHIPS and I Intend To – Highly – Value All of My – RELATIONSHIPS – starting with ME ! I’M IN

  281. Great video and information…thank you so much for sharing! Could have done without all the foul language LOL but the content was great.

    • BTW…I received Gary’s book a day before Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful present to myself :).

  282. My right hook is also a jab. I’m giving something valuable, and it’s also my marketing “hook.” What do you think of this strategy?

    • Book just came in the mail! Looking forward to reading it–thanks!

  283. Great interview with so many Legacy Building components so thanks a ton. Gary this is our Jabs. http:///

  284. Hey Gary,

    I help small business onwers who want to make a difference and need to attract more customers with their online presence. Was inspired by your talk today and wanted to take advantage of your call to action!

    Here is my jab:

    Let me know your thoughts,


  285. Un Freakin’ believable. I’m thinkin’ I will watch a few times. I even stopped it a few times and wrote up some tweets and posts about it, yay!
    Thank you Gary and (my gurl) Marie!

  286. Melinda

    Only ten minutes through watching this and fucking LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE this guy.

    Strategy, context your speaking my language.

    Running off to buy THIS book.

  287. Marie,

    I saw the REAL real you in this interview, you were so tuned in and visibly absorbing his energy and wisdom – I really loved this interview. Just going to brainstorm my jab jabs xxxx

  288. Excellent interview and insights. Thank you both 🙂

    My jab jab jab is a series of 5 free videos on how to recover from a crisis or trauma, fast.

    My right hook is my new book:

    Then my downloadable program and live workshop.

    Thank you again 🙂

  289. This video is unreal! Thank you both so much for being so fucking awesome and down to the point. I have so many jabs but no right hook! I have Crush It and just took it out again to re read then I bought Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook on Amazon and cannot wait to get to work. I need to start believing in myself – I get so worried about coming off pushy or not as good as the other baker/blogger/DIY-er’s {since I am just starting out} that I am my own demise! Anyone else feel this way? I need to kick it and this was the perfect start to getting my ass on track!

    Rachel Metz

    • Pru

      Totally feel like that Rachel! I read someone, somewhere, say recently though, that you have to not look at where ‘they’ are now and feel rubbish in comparison, because you are at a different point in your career, and so you really cannot compare, you just have to keep on keeping on and that will get you where you want to be.

  290. April

    Marie ~
    Thank you so much for this episode. After a challenging past year I am starting to catch up on B-School while I prepare to (re) launch my health coaching practice. My biggest supporter is my guy, Earl. He’s totally invested in my success and proudly claims the title of “the team”. He’s helping me with the techy stuff like my website, email marketing, and such. Prior to this video with Gary Social Media was a hard sell for him. I’ve shown him a lot of material to support it’s use and he outright stated last night that “Gary was the first person he’s heard that made him want to listen and learn more”. Guess what he’s getting for Christmas, ha! Thanks for writing your “rant” and your “actionable” books Gary! Like Marie your genuine expression of what you know that can help others shines through. Thank you both for all you do. ~April

  291. I caught myself acting like an ideal customer – by the end of the interview, which I was watching on my laptop – I simultaneously browsed on my tablet Kindle shop. And yes, I bought the book 🙂
    Excellent interview!

  292. What a wonderful and inspirational video to watch on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks Gary and Marie. You are both awesome and Gary so much Truth in everything you say and more jabs and right hooks to think about. My Jab is to help people in the world to #createLifestyleFreedom from working a homebased business that affords them family quality time and enough residual income to have a comfortable lifestyle.
    Im going to order your new book and am continuing to watch and follow you both. YOU both Inspire me to do better.
    Thanks so so much and blessings to you both
    Rosanna Springer

  293. This interview and the introduction of Gary’s new book restored faith for me.
    Here is one of my jabs This will go out in an email blast to my list and I will try my attempt at DJing this bit of content!

    It’s a place I am not confident it’s where I belong for the long haul but It is one I found that I believe offers good resources for those who want to understand the work involved by blogging to build a business. The training for $25 a month is worthy and won’t break the bank. And of course there are up sells but they are all optional. I like that!

    The hype chaps my ass but I try and disarm that with my messages and post to my readers.

    I want to be someone for someone in the arena of network marketing. I wanna be seen as the “real deal” not someone who as Marie says “blows smoke up someones ass” for my gain.

    The take away’s from this interview are many- It’s a science, It’s a talent to be learned and more importantly can be learned, the DJing of content( wow wow wow)!, being romantically involved, the site Medium, the book… It was ALL great!

    Thanks for these “jabs” Marie and Gary

    Peace, love and understanding ,
    JoAnn Donahue

  294. Loved it!!! Thank you, Marie! Thank you, Gary! Been jab-jab-jabbing for years and just last night, landed a giant knock-out Right Hook! Grabbing book ASAP to continue this confirmed super science!!! Love you, Marie.

  295. Just bought the book! Great episode. Thanks you! Perfect timing for my 2 week old website and beginnings of my business!

  296. Marie & Gary,

    Amazing interview – thank you! I often feel like I am jabbing to a different audience than my ideal customer avatar (yes, I’m a BSchool devotee). I have an interior design business. My Jabs are my social media posts on things that inspire me, what I’m up to, a peek “inside the studio”, etc.

    Other Jabs are my participation on twitter, Facebook, instagram, pinterest & houzz. I naturally pin inspiration images and create houzz idea books for projects that I am working on.

    My Right Hook is where I think I need to focus. I have no online Ask, but I’m not sure it makes sense for me. I have a standard contact page, and offer a place to sign up for my email newsletter (another Jab), but there isn’t a specific ask to hire me for a design project.

    What would you recommend? Most of my clients come from referrals. We usually get a phone call from a potential client and schedule a complimentarty initial site meeting. We discuss the project, I go over my design process and then I put together a Design Agreement based on the scope of work. I then follow up to try to “land” the client. I know that is not an effective way to close a sale, but gone are the days of billing hourly, and a flat fee contract takes time to prepare after the scope of work is defined.

    I would appreciate feedback! Any other interior designers out there? How are you landing that Right Hook?



  297. Holy Smokes!!! This one sat in my inbox WAY too long! Finally got my kids back to school after a looooong Thanksgiving break! What an amazing interview! THANK YOU Marie and Gary!! There was so much incredible content (not that I’m surprised…You always hook us up, Marie)!

    I have just gotten started with blogging and opt ins, etc. I’ve done a little but of jabbing with free content for school fundraising and I have a couple of hooks too! Here are the hooks:

    Fundraising Assessment Questionnaire:

    Auction Success Kit:

    I’d love to know what you guys think!!


    Sarah B 🙂

  298. How is it that I viewed this today, at this moment, right when I needed it the most? I’ve been jab, jab, jabbing on instinct because I feel that I need to community build first before selling. But I’ve been feeling (keeping the metaphor going) TKO’d lately and watching this has given me the confidence to get up and keep jabbing – TY! Jodi

    My jabs are to give my community a collective voice as a way to show they matter:

  299. This was really good. I was getting overwhelmed by social media. I’m downloading this to my iPad now.

  300. Unique, refreshing, energetic… that’s Gary in a nutshell. Awesome video, thank you!

  301. LOVED this episode. You never disappoint Marie! Can’t wait to get into B School!

  302. I don’t normally take the time to leave a comment but I really was just so inspired by this interview. Thank you to both Marie and Gary. I struggle so much with social media because I recognize it’s importance in creating a brand and a business, however, it seems to be highly “frowned upon” in my profession (I am a Psychologist.) I’ve done a good job creating a successful private practice and I want to take my business to the next level utilizing social media, I just don’t necessarily know how to do it in a way that is professional and ethical. I think I have messages and fears that it can’t be done!

    Here is my jab:

    I mostly utilize the page to post inspirational quotes and images and every once in awhile a link to my blog posts.

    I’d love to hear thoughts and feedback!

    Many, many thanks!

  303. Marie, if you didn’t give me this information, I’d be sitting in my frustration, tossing my energy to the wind. Thank you.

  304. friend

    shame about the vulgar language, otherwise I might watch other episodes

  305. Freya

    Appreciated this…so many of my issues with social media is the lack of professionalism. It seems to be a place for many to avoid real life, put a bunch of “stuff” out regardless of what it means, how helpful it is, with no thought as to why anyone should care. I’m consistently amazed at how much of social media is simply a time suck with (in my opinion) nothing worthwhile coming out of it. My current business does not lend itself well to social media and frankly I’ve avoided it because I’ve never figured out the point. This was one of the few interviews I’ve heard that actually talk about strategy and thoughtfulness and intent which I really appreciate and it resonates with me much more than the dictates I hear which are just about getting your name/business out there consistently (regardless of content). I’ve still not sure how/if this works for me…but it has given me some things to think about.

  306. I’ll admit. Lately, I’ve been absent in terms of MarieTV. And I had never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk before this. Man did I pick the interview to come back to!!!! A HUGE, FAT GRATITUDE IN THE HOUSE to Marie, her crew, and Gary for this information and inspiration!
    Just last night I taught a yoga class (if I do say so myself, it was my best yet as I am a beginner teacher) that was based around “You get what you deserve, not what you desire.” That theme then took a turn to talk about confronting comfort zones. That all resonated while I watched this interview and I soooo look forward to reading his books!
    Thanks again!

  307. Manu

    here thanks to Jacob from Sensophy
    And now thanks to both of you, I’ll get some #jabs for my Christmas present

  308. Great Great Interview!!! OH.. Long Branch New Jersey here, but back back in the day…. Great Job Marie !!!


    Keith Miller
    Wine Life Radio

  309. So great! Thank you for this video.
    Here’s my right hook:

  310. Marie & Gary thank you, thank you, thank you very much for a wealth of information. I went out and bought the Jag Jab Jab Book and I have been sharing gold nuggets after gold nuggets with our team. This is by far the best book I have purchased in the last three years of preparation for
    The Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, is truly a Heavy Weight Champ.

  311. Trish

    This may be too personal of a question (if so, feel free to ignore), but I’m SUPER curious.
    How do interviews like this one work for your business?

    Is having Gary on and recommending his book an affiliate deal…i didn’t see a link to buy the book so I’m assuming not?
    Do you pay him a fee to be on the show and view it as an expense to give great stuff to your audience for free?
    Or is there no money transaction at all?

    More importantly, I’m a huge fan of Gary’s and a friend just recently introduced me to you, Marie – I became a big fan very quickly. Thank you for being a great role model for us female entrepreneurs (or future entrepreneurs)!

  312. Hi Marie and Gary!
    Wow!! What an awesome video! I just loved it! I loved your energy, your passion and I love you keeness to educate!

    I am a new entrepeneur just starting my Wellness coaching business.

    This is my right hook –
    I have also sent out the above info via a mass email to all my contacts also telling them of my exciting news of beginning my biz.

    This is my blog which I guess is my jabs!

    Thank you both so much for all you do! It is truly inspiring!

  313. Sallie

    I love that you [Gary] speak about caring. So many small businesses ask for our email address and to share their content but they don’t interact with the comment stream (like this). Seems so simple but that kind of stuff shows people that you care which you so eloquently put “can’t be bought”. Big Thank You!

  314. hi marie+gary!

    loved the interview segment, ready/excited to dig into jab,jab,jab,right hook just bought it on my ipad at this moment!

    i initially became a follower of yours (gary) because, i worked in the wine trade. eventually i felt that there was more to the wine industry than just sales, managing bars, and working at an actual winery… thats when i decided to get my mba in wine marketing at the bordeaux international wine institute. there we actually did a case study of wine library and it really inspired me in terms of what could be possible for any business (not just the wine trade) through social media.

    so here is my jab, my blog vinodorado is a very fashion centric view of the wine trade. i give advice on how to dress for wine tastings, vids on making simple cheap wine drinks such as calimochos, and reviews of wine merch like the one i did on “the essential scratch and sniff guide to becoming a wine expert”.

    another jab is my delectable feed where i post all the wines i’m drinking at the moment with a rating of each one.

    last jab, me using my twitter to promote products i genuinely like even though i have no affiliation or benefits from doing so.

    my hook is i would love and welcome the opportunity to interview at vaynermedia nyc!!!

    thanks a lot to both of you, have a great holiday season!!!


  315. LOL! Gary V always cracks me up. And he always has some amazing points about business. I can’t believe he danced for ya! That’s awesome!

  316. Loved this sit down conversation. I took it in little bits over a few days so I wasn’t really overwhelmed with information. I even got to the end to a little participation,

    Here’s our jab,

    “Is your moisturizer, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste tested on animals before you get it?” on the SKINourishment Blog!

  317. Okay…. I’m getting my book today:-)

  318. This is amazing. Great content – thank you for sharing Marie and Gary! One more book SOLD. Thanks for caring xoxoxo

  319. This has got to be my favorite episode thus far. My 2 favorite people in one setting. Brilliant! Thanks for all of your jabs Marie and Gary! You guys can kick my ass any day. [Here’s my jab]

    I like to do monthly contests on various social media platforms. I believe I need to do less right hooks, but it’s tough when your business is an e-commerce site.

  320. Marie and Gary,

    Thank you so much for making this video. I haven’t gotten my hands on the book yet, so I am not linking my work right now, but I wanted to let you know that this is huge for me! I am so excited to get my hands on a copy of this book. I take full advantage of our local free business classes through the college and recently took a social media class that, besides the networking opportunities, felt like a waste. Social media is absolutely something I want to be a master of and I’m so glad to know there is an up to date guide that I can dive right into! This point of my career is all about my own personal development and getting my hands on as much good material as possible to help launch my own success! Marie I often look to you as a source of this material and you haven’t steered me wrong yet! Thanks so much! Have a great holiday!


  321. Respecting the context of the social media platform you’re using… I think this hint just made a little lightbulb go “bling bling” in my head!
    Thank you, Marie and Gary. There is so many ways to market online and you can get so mixed up and confused and overwhelmed and so bummed out if it seems like you’re getting nowhere at all.
    Considering the psychological background of the channel you chose to contact a possible audience is such a helpful and simple advice.

  322. I had the honor of meeting Gary V at a Social Media Summit gathering last year. One word: AMAZING!!! Thank you Marie for putting this together this interview. I can’t wait to read his next book.

  323. One jab is the course, Business Edge,, a super low-cost but super-intensive 6-week program I’ve taught in Kansas City to more than 300 business owners. (Gary, I use “Crush It!” as one of our texts!)

    Another jab is my twice-weekly tips tools and tales published for small business owners on google+, linked in, Facebook, and twitter. (I adapt the posts for context but will do even more so thanks to Gary! Need to upgrade my visuals and leverage Pinterest and Instagram.)

    My right hook is a program called Mountain Time,, clients hire me to be their sherpa for a year en route to their ideal summit.

    I’ve got some other things that I’ve considered feeders for my big right hook, but not sure this makes them jabs. Does a price tag on a jab automatically make it a hook? Maybe it’s a left hook for my right! I suspect there are some missing jabs that would more accurately capture my good intentions AND further prospects more directly to what is most helpful for them and profitable for me.

    Look forward to reading the book!

    • How could I forget my newest jab!? Brain Snacks™ – chewable advice for business owners – I distribute in social media. These sound bites are perfect for your infographic suggestion Gary, which will make my art director very happy to hear. (I also turned this into a fun low-tech journal surprise for my clients. Shhhh.)

  324. Not sure how your taters turned out, but you’ve gotta try The Pioneer Woman’s restaurant style smashed potatoe recipe. …to. die. for.

  325. Thank you so much for this video. I have read the book and was equally as blown away. That being said this interview drew me to your site and I am looking forward to being able to drink up all the stuff you and your videos have to offer! Thanks!

  326. This is one of my jabs – – it’s to get my clients and list to dream bigger and believe they can create success.

    Shared the stage with you Gary at the No Excuses summit in Vegas awhile back, always get massive value out of your stuff, thanks for being you.

    Marie, you rock, your game is tight!

  327. Ginny McKeown

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG. Huge thank you for this Marie and teamForleo. I am 3 days into BSchool and saw a post from Cassie Price on fb to watch this video. My heart is still racing from watching you and Gary nail it. You were right about assuring us that we would see exactly what we needed to see. Thank you.

  328. I love this interview! My husband bought me his book for Christmas and I loved it! I am now trying to implement his strategies a little at a time, but after this interview, I’m going to be hitting it a lot harder. I think he is brilliant, as are you, Marie! Thank you!

  329. I am in awe of the two of you…and oh, so grateful. Gary, thanks to you, I’ve now incorporated my Ninja Baker logo on all my photos. Marie, it is thanks to you that I have Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. (My sister is a B-Schooler and gifted me with Gary’s book.)

    Building a bridge between Japan and America (via my Asian fusion cuisine and cupcakes) is my heart’s delight at

    In terms of dollars and sense =) My immediate goal is to gain more subscribers and better SEOs. (Translation: More opportunities to work with sponsors. An audience in place for my books which impart info about Japan in a dramatic way.)

    Sooo, here are samples of recent jabs.

    The right hooks:

  330. Memorize these meanings, and you’ll have an simple handle on an overall studying.

    The meanings of the playing cards thus turn out to be stepping stones
    for your journey into the Common Consciousness.

  331. Incredible article, thanks Marie. Gary V is a pioneer and it’s incredible to see you working with him in this capacity! Keep the good stuff coming.

  332. My main jab is on the homepage at – it is a 32 page free guide that teaches people in my niche the ins and outs of internet marketing.

    Marie, thanks so much for your work, did not find out about you until recently. Love your stuff.

    Keep rock’n!

  333. Hey Marie and Gary!

    Absolutely got some gold from this video and I love the work that you are both doing.

    I’m a Feng Shui practitioner from all the way “down under” (Australia), and love helping align people with their life purpose.

    Here’s one of my JABS!

    With the net growing and able to help us spread our work, what could be a better way than to help thousands achieve an aligned life? Marie Forleo and B-School of course!

    I look forward to staring B-School next year, and have just purchased my copy of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook!

    “An aligned life! Is a fulfilled life”


  334. This was a delight. Love the adult language.. gotta keep it real (all times).

    It is akin to the law of attraction. You receive what you put in. People can sniff through the bullshit and see if you are just trying to sale them a product without building some form of rapport.

    Thanks for the gems of wisdom.

  335. Jabs, what a great concept, this guy rocks all the way. Thank you Marie this interview was so well conducted to get the best out of Gary. He showed us that not only should we put a huge conscious effort in our jabs but also care about people to get the same in return in our personal and professional lives.
    Plus you guys keep it real, fantastic!

  336. Thanks for posting this Marie. It was very informative. As a yoga teacher trying to get the word out on social media, I think the most valuable bit of information from this interview was how closely Gary’s approach resonates with yogic principles, namely, speaking from a place of experience, not being so attached to the fruits of your efforts and, the number one in my book, caring about people.
    I also found it useful when he talked not just about content but context as well and that these different social media sites are not simply about distribution but about places to natively tell a story. Wow!
    My jab right now is my blog: My right hook is in the works by way of a yoga lifestyle brand website.
    Awesome job Marie and Gary! Off to get the book!

  337. Really awesome overview about social media strategys!

    Thanks for this 🙂

  338. My jab is my podcast.
    I also share lots of personal stuff about infant potty training with my now 16 month old on my FB
    My right hooks are my book sales pages

    Thanks Gary! Just ordered your book. Loved Crush It!. 🙂 Andrea of GDF and new line Tiny Undies

  339. William Stewart

    Marie, you need to have Gary on every year and for longer. #IcantGetEnough

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  343. I read Crush It and The Thank You Economy. Haven’t read Jab Jab Jab Right Hook yet.
    Nice interview with Gary Marie.
    Have a good day.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Luke — we’re so glad you checked out this episode!

  344. This Guidebook would help and really should be “pre-reading” before you possibly start the game (for me and an email to Supercell).

  345. Michelle Jung

    Wow!!, Thank you so much Gary. I believe I learned quite a bit just from this interview. I’m going to order your book right away. It will definitely help change my life. Can not wait to read it. If I’d have to guess at this time.. my post that I attached would be a “jab”? Jodi Melendez just released a new video, however prior we did many oust in social media for her single.. leading up to the day it was available for purchase on iTunes and others.. now the actual video came out. A few months back I started doing some graphics and album cover artwork for Rick Agosta, owner of Big Fan Record Company (also Jodi’s Manager) That’s how I got into posting on different social media.. I am so excited to learn from you… I am very interest in VR ..

    Thank you !!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for tuning in, Michelle. We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode! 🙂 I hope you love checking out Gary’s book — it’s such a great one for giving your social media a boost!

  346. Thank you for redirecting to Marietv! from me watching the 6 pillars. This question is for Gary. I hope he can get it and read it.. I would love to hear some of his feedback to my question….

    Gary, this is also a question that I asked Marie which to linked me to this awesome video and where I got to finally know about you! She is fantastic and you are a wealth of information. So, I hope you read this and here goes….. I have a book that will be published in the Spring. A Survivors cookbook guide to kicking hypothyroidisms booty. I am blogging with little to no traffic??? (, I have awesome material that I am writing about.. I am on instagram @thyroidismchick and the same for twitter. Soon I will start podcasting & periscoping to try to brand myself better! I am trying to hit every area that there is to hit when it comes to getting myself out there. I know what my niche is. I hope that I will be able to learn what I am doing wrong or why am I not getting people to want to hear what I have to say. I have the passion . I want to add value, inspire & connect with people who are struggling with hypothyroidism. ( and make $$ doing it , of course) I can’t wait to hear more of what your saying! I am also working on my 2 & 3rd book about hypothyroidism. Your insight! What am I not doing!? –Audrey

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Audrey! This is an awesome question. Marketing yourself better online is definitely something Marie’s program, B-School, can help with. And we’re open for enrollment now, if that’s something you’re interested in!

      For a quick note to help, Marie suggests finding someone who represents your ideal customer—the type of person you most want to serve through your work—and interviewing them. Find out where they like to hang out online, what they want to know, what resonates with them, what they’re struggling with, etc. Knowing things like this can be instrumental in finding out where and how you should target your messaging to attract more people that you love to serve.

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    BTW what kind of wrist watch are you wearing in this episode? Its a beautiful watch.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good question, Marcos! Gary is a stylish fellow. 🙂 I’m not sure about his watch myself, but it may be helpful to reach out to Gary on social media to ask. His social links are at the bottom of his website:

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    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love this, Arisela! So glad that you enjoyed this episode, it’s definitely on my list of faves too. Please keep us posted on how your “jabbing” goes and how your business and ideas continue to evolve. Thanks for sharing!

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    My jab I’d love to share with you all is a guide to creating your own self care routine with free printables, the link is here:

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