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It’s been a doozy of a few days.

Over the weekend, Kuma took a really bad fall off a set of stairs. We were in an unfamiliar place to him and since it happened, I’ve been crazy stressed, nervous and scared.

We took him to the emergency vet, and I have faith that he’ll make a full recovery (thank goodness — no broken bones!) but if you’ve ever witnessed someone you love in a lot of physical pain, you know how helpless you can feel.

Send some healing prayers and good energy to the little guy if you can. He’ll take all the help he can get!

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Moving on to today’s episode . . .

Do you ever wonder why more people aren’t buying your stuff? Even if your product or service is amazing, if nobody’s buying — that’s a problem.

In today’s episode, learn 6 common reasons customers aren’t buying from you, and how to fix them.

Caution: Wigs, bad singing (by me, of course) and the high likelihood you’ll get a song stuck in your head for days may result from watching this video.

There’s a lot more to say on this subject than we could cover in this video, so I’d love to hear from you.

Got any more reasons to add to the list?

Think like a customer.

What exactly keeps you from clicking the buy button?

Thank you for reading, watching and adding your voice to the conversation.

I read every single comment and I’m always inspired by what you share.

As always, be as specific as you can in your replies.

Remember, what you say may very well spark a breakthrough for someone who really needs it.

With so much love –


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  1. Marie, I used to coach my newsletter clients all the time on actually asking for the sale more often, but so seldom mentioned what I did in my own newsletter. The minute I started adding a “How to Work With Me” blurb in most newsletters, I started getting more really great clients. I’d thought that my right clients should just know they wanted to work with me and approach me. Hah!

    Loved all the links to other videos in this one, too. Thanks for these tips!

    • So true, Jessica. Somehow I fell off promoting my products (books) in my newsletter. Simple addition to make. Will be done on the next one going out.

    • Jessica, I like the idea of having “work with me” link in your newsletter!!

    • Damn Jam, lol! Great idea and so easy to do.

    • “started adding a “How to Work With Me” blurb in most newsletters”

      So simple. thank you.

    • I’ve seen a few newsletters with the work with me button and it makes total sense. I’m always reminded of what they offer and they are running a business after all. Great reminder Jessica!

      PS: Marie love the jumpsuit!

    • So simple – so smart – Thanks Jessica! 🙂

    • Simple + Brilliant Idea! Thank you, Jessica!

  2. You hit it spot-on, Marie! I definitely don’t like being pushy or “salesy,” which means I’m probably not asking for the sale or promoting my services as much as I could be. But this was a good “palm to the forehead” reminder that I’m running a business, so asking for the sale is part of the deal! And the other specifics about pricing, trust, specificity, etc. are awesome reminders as well. Off to review my “shop” page with these things in mind…

  3. First & most importantly, healing energy to Kuma. 🙂

    As for selling, you are right on point. My downfall is trying to be understated. It’s an aspect of my character that may be helpful in other areas, but definitely has no place in sales. I’ve had to think carefully about if I don’t promote my worth because I don’t always fully believe in it. It’s a constant challenge but with resources like yours, it’s sure to be a thing of the past.

    • Yes, Emelia! I’m reading Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny and that’s what she says the underearners struggle with: believing in your worth. Bust of luck to you!

      • Emelia, you are so wise…you just articulated exactly what’s been under the surface for me as I build my coaching business that I haven’t yet had the courage to face and the willingness to let go of.

        And, Galina, thanks for mentioning Barbara Stanny’s book. It’s going to the top of my reading list.

        You ladies rock!

        • You are very welcome, Deane! I have to say I’m really surprised at how success depends on these psychological stuff. I’m so happy to read stories of women who went through the same things I do now.

          • Right, Galina…I’m always astounded when I realize that my struggles are NEVER unique to me. It’s comforting and empowering at the same time!

          • Seems appropriate to take Marie’s #1 Ask for the Sale here. 🙂

            Galina, I would love for you to check out a website I created for women to relate to one another, to not feel alone in a community of women.

            Currently there is nothing to buy. Check it out. 🙂

        • Thanks, Deane…and you rock, too. 🙂

          • Exactly, Deane! Great point!

            Thank you, Sandy! I will check it out!

    • AND….shout out to Sheena!

  4. Hope you and Kuma are doing well!!!

  5. I think one of the biggest things to do as well is to test, test, test these elements! Test target new audiences, test new sales copy, test prices, test email pitches, and on and on.

    It’s not fun or easy, but it has started yielding big results in my own business!

    • Ngoc Khong

      I can’t agree more, one must test, test, test to see what works and what doesn’t. This is also what Ramit Sethi has suggested and applied for his business to grow.

    • I completely agree with you Leah. I have acknowledged in the past few weeks that I need to start working on these types of testing to reach more clients. I believe in the services I offer, add a CTA in my newsletter, but the stats themselves is what I need to work on next, so that I can refine and work on a new marketing strategy. Are there particular resources you found useful for this type of work for newbies? 🙂

      • I can’t say I’ve investigated any particular resources. Mostly, I watch what other people are doing, and I try their strategies. After hodge-podging together a whole lot of bits and pieces, some of which worked, and some of which haven’t, I’ve caught my stride a little.

        Just keep swimmin’ Audrey!

        • The analogy is right. I will – thank you Leah! 🙂
          All the best to you with your business!

  6. I loved this episode of MarieTV. So much juicy stuff to think about. Marie, you just walked me through the struggles that I have! Thanks lot!
    I’m amazed at how many people you can serve by coaching online for free!

  7. Oh, Marie, you nailed it today! Not just for the wigs, either!

    I’ve been showing up and working consistently on various parts of growing my business without getting much traction, and knowing deep down that I haven’t truly clarified what I’m offering.

    There’s a fine line between “start before you’re ready” and “starting just to start something.” I’ll be giving myself permission to step back, get clear, and walk my own path in my own time.

    Best to you and Kuma…give her a belly rub for me!

  8. That’s right! It’s all about remembering that you’ve got the expertise and goods that someone else is desperately searching for. Go for the ask with gusto. 🙂

  9. Hi Everyone (or Nobody) 😉

    I wanted to sum it up below with my lil add ons.

    Places to ask: Newsletter, Shop/Buy Page on Website, Sidebar on Website, Footer on Website

    #2 TRUST
    Earn via: Testimonials, Reviews, Demos, Track Record, Before/After
    (Sandy’s Add on: As a customer I also check out how the person communicates with me via their newsletter, social media… and I get a sense of this person. If I see they just spew out stuff but are never interactive I get turned off. Gimme some love 😉

    Video with Ramit…YES YES YES!!! Video orgasm, perhaps. Its got it all and will leave you with all you need. Period.

    #4 ???????????????????????????
    Sandy’s Add on: As a customer sometimes I like the person I am following on twitter and then I check out the website and I have no clue what they are selling.

    #5 PRICE- Too Expensive or Too Cheap (OR INVISIBLE prices)
    Watch Marie’s Three other pricing videos
    Sandy’s Add on: I’ve seen websites where there aren’t even prices!!!!! So guess what, I don’t return. For sure I don’t buy. Please please please, provide pricing information because I won’t take it up to the register and ask to scan it. that is all.

    Just the right amount of Jam.
    Keeping it simple (and specific) will appeal to me. Example: I went to the library to see tons of books of yoga but guess what I picked the one that was “Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain” because it spoke to me.

    A confused customer will certainly not buy and may not even return to “that one confusing website.”

    #8 Pictures. They help capture attention. Use them please, at least one.

    #9 Too many words. Keep it short. A product description shouldn’t be an essay I have to read. this ties in with being specific, but not just on product name but description.

    That’s all!

    Thanks ladies.

    • Wow so many helpful add ons. I AGREE wholeheartedly with the hidden prices – drives me insane. Although it really makes me want the product, it kills me when it’s totally out of my comfort zone for what it costs. In the end, it makes me feel more and more disappointed.

      • Heidi, I’ve been there. Oh boy, the insanity of not knowing what something costs.

        AND the overwhelm of high priced items. Especially when I was starting out I couldn’t invest thousands of dollars at once. I got burned trusting the wrong people. I also found the right people at the right price and things have shifted since then. A great reminder for me when I am ready to offer my expertise with specific programs 🙂

        • Shannon

          Hi Sandy!! Thank you, Thank you! Quick question though: #8 what is the picture of or for?

          • Hi Shannon,

            A picture relevant to the topic or if its not at least something to tie it together. I can’t remember the source but I had read about visual stimuli to accompany words to retain the interest of the reader.

            I’d be more than happy to offer suggestions for your blog, website, newsletter, article, FB post, twitter post, etc. Instagram and Pinterest became popular because of pics 😉

    • Ngoc Khong

      Hi Sandy, thank you for your summary and addons, they are very useful!

      • Glad you liked it Ngoc! 🙂

    • Great add ons, thank you so much Sandy!
      In my training to become a health coach, I was told to not put a price on my website for the coaching services I offer. I have to say I would feel more comfortable putting a price on there. I was curious though if you make a distinction between tangible and intangible products sold when you say the price should be mentioned?

      • Audrey,

        I have worked with coaches and every single one of them has prices listed clearly. Besides knowing your value, it is about setting clear lines for those who choose to work with you.

        I do believe you can be clear and serve those with different needs. For example,
        Offer #1- One 1hr call with me at $x, with one email follow up

        Offer #2 Four 1hr calls with me at $3x, with two email follow ups. Must be used in 6 weeks.

        Offer #3 One 3.5hr call with me at $, with one email follow up.

        You could:
        -send a questionnaire prior to chat/meeting. (specific goals)
        -ask potential clients to fill out a form to see if you are a good fit
        -be specific on what you will accomplish in one call, one month, etc.

        these are a few thoughts. hope it helps 🙂

        • Hi Sandy,

          Thank You! Yes, it is very helpful! 🙂

          I am already sending a questionnaire prior to the first meet-up, to gather more information about the client and see if I can help. This first meet is for free and we can both get a feel for each other, see if we would like to work together. My work is very specific (hormonal balance + fertility for women) and I want to make sure my clients are at least as much committed to succeed than I am to make them succeed.

          The pricing makes sense – the example you give is really great. It gives me more ideas about the services I could offer besides a 6-months program. I was already thinking about something along those lines, but I guess having everything written down allows for a better client targeting too.

          Thank you again for these great suggestions Sandy! 🙂

        • Audrey,

          What you are saying is SO obvious and yet I wasn’t setting out my pricing, duh!!

          I have just added information outlining pricing and what exactly I am selling.

          If I have still missed the mark or it is not clear, feedback please!

        • Sandy, I surely could have used the idea of a preliminary questionnaire long ago! I counseled a lady for over 3 years before I recently told her to stop coming to me for counseling. She never changed, in 3 years, whereas some people I address change overnight. A questionnaire with the first one would have saved many wasted hours.
          I shall remember this! Thanks!

    • Brilliant list here, Sandy – I think the “no pricing” is a kicker because even if it’s for a completely custom product or service you offer, at least give people the idea of what minimum amount they would be looking at spending to let them know if they’re in the right ballpark!

      • Gemma, YES! Agree with the idea of a range or starting prices. That makes sense and leaves the customer with an idea of what to expect. I would like to know if this person is currently in my price range.

        I just thought of examples that would fit in this category…

        1-custom art work starting at $200.
        watercolors, oil paints, pencil drawings, etc ranging from $100-$500

        2-custom made clothing

        3-handmade items per request (ranges would work here)

  10. I don’t have any customers *yet* but am on the road to developing a branding service for bloggers after people starting reaching out to me for branding advice based on articles I’ve been posting through my blog. These tips are amazingly helpful, can’t wait to put them into practice!

  11. OMG I am laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.

    What an awesome topic… I am constantly wondering why customers aren’t running over to my website and purchasing my new programs or products. This is such great advice…especially the adding offers to the newsletter. I haven’t done that yet! Thanks!

  12. OH my I fell off my chair. The price is wrong bitch. My favorite movie ever!

  13. I loved this video Marie!
    Katie xxx

  14. Poor Kuma!
    I hope he gets better really soon! <3
    PS: I really needed this vid today!

  15. I think the biggest reason people don’t buy is they are sick of being SOLD! Stop selling, and start helping people get what they need from you.
    ‘Tis all.

  16. Wow Marie I love this one today. All I can say is that I have some work to do because I need to do EVERYTHING you mentioned.
    I am not asking for the sale on my newsletters
    I am targeting too many different groups
    I need to add more visual testimonials.

    Thank you thank you thank you

  17. Love and healing to Kuma!

    I don’t have another reason customers don’t buy to add to this list, but as I’m watching the video, I’m thinking about all the ways I could improve my own sales process. I made huge strides after taking B-School this year, but this video reminds me I still have work and tweaking to do when it comes to making my offerings more compelling. : )

    Making offers and asking for the sale, plus getting social proof on my site — the “earning trust” part — is the big thing I’m working on right now. This video is a terrific, succinct education on how to do those things, and the rest of the tips are pure gold too. : )

    I’ve been struggling with the social proof part, because I’m transitioning from working with corporate copywriting clients in the healthcare and real estate niches to working with creative entrepreneurs, so the testimonials and other social proof I have comes from the corporate clients, which is why I haven’t added them to my site yet. But I know how I react when I go to a site with no social proof — it stops me from buying — so I have to get this issue resolved quickly. Plus, as a copywriter, I’m well aware of how critically important testimonials and proof are to the sales process!

    Love your tweetable — that’s one of my favorite quotes and something I share with my clients frequently. : )

  18. Ayano

    Lol jammin

    • Request for a cover of ‘Morning Train’~ “My baby rides the morning train…”~ be sure Jammin’ makes a cameo wearing the ‘bush’ wig and doing those crazy dance moves he’s known for~ we need more Jammin’ appearances!

  19. Erika

    I have to admit that I have been receiving your newsletter through e-mail for about 6 months and it’s the 1st time I have really watched one of your videos, It was so funny and very true! I wonder why I haven’t clicked your links before!
    Thank you!

  20. Marie are you offering any website reviews? X

    • Steve

      I just reviewed your website … Fantastic idea, deliciously tempting recipes, great website design and navigation… BUT where are you located? It took me a while to find some small print that says you are in Perth, Australia.

      Wish you were here: )

  21. Such great advice! I’m going to incorporate these pieces of wisdom to grow my blog. My product is my writing, so I’m thinking I can apply the strategies to my blog.

  22. Ha ha that video cracked me up Marie!!

    I found that when I switched a single WORD in my copy and home page I had more clients and even better…the right clients clicking the buy button. It’s amazing what clarity will do for you and your biz! Thanks for the video and hope your little pup is feeling better!

  23. One thing I realized that kind of goes with feeling confused is making someone feel stupid, though to me, making someone feel stupid is even more disastrous than someone feeling confused. Not only will they not buy that product one time but make them feel stupid and they won’t buy any of your products ever! So when I started my web business, I put my picture all over the website, wrote the blog in a fun first person style, and seemed as approachable as I could be (the opposite of what many companies in my industry do: using stock photography and big words customers don’t understand). I don’t make it so simple that people who would ask ‘what’s social media?’ approach me (not my target group) but simple enough that people with a general understanding could say “Hey, I get this! I could learn a lot from this person!” (At least that’s my aim.) Great video!

  24. Marie, you’re so silly…and I love it!…great way to teach the lesson. Thank you. I totally got tons of value outta that simple lesson.

  25. Oh my God. I totally snorted on your point about people not knowing what you’re selling: “If you’re selling ‘juicy, sassy abundance…’ What is that? Does it remove makeup? Is it a Szechwan dish?” Hallelujah, Marie. Thanks for all these fabulous points, but especially this one. I can laugh at myself in my early coaching days for trying to sell “life coaching,” which might mean something more today than it did 10 years ago, but I confess I had no idea what I was selling.

    Gonna head to my website and newsletter now to evaluate all the other selling opportunities I’m missing.

  26. I think that a major issues for many entrepreneurs/coaches starting out is this message that we must “charge what we’re worth”. Our worth as human beings does not have a price tag! That’s a whole separate issue from the value of a program, service, or product we offer. Pricing is a major issue for many of us, especially when starting out, and I really appreciated that you mentioned KNOWING what your ideal client will pay… I think that it’s okay to push our client a wee bit outside of their comfort zones on their investments… AND the investment we ask them to make needs to be grounded in what is truly doable for them. Getting back to knowing and loving who we’re meant to serve is a first crucial step that we can’t rush. From that place, we gain such clarity about our simple, elegant offers at the right price.

    Loved the singing, Marie. I hope we see more of that to come!

    • Great conversation here, great videos Marie. Loved the (bad) wigs! Thanks for your follow up points, Sandra.

      Laura Thompson Brady: totally agree….Enough about “Charge what you’re worth!” We are ALL priceless as human beings. How about charging what your work is worth (so liberating to ANYONE who was raised not to brag or toot your horn, though lo how the rules have changed!)–the results people get, which is a lot easier to describe and
      measure than how much YOU are worth.

      • Jessa Ciel

        Laura & Ellen! I’ve been having this discussion in my head for awhile. I totally agree with what you said. It’s sort of inane to me to try to put a price on my worth and it’s totally out of line with what to charge for a service/product I’m selling. I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error with my pricing but once I took my worth out of the equation, I could be much more relaxed and much less frustrated about the process… More objective.

        Our worth is made up of so much more than what someone pays us. The quality of the collaboration is hugely important to me. Working with certain people is so awesome for your soul that the money becomes just a nice little bonus on top.

    • Laura, your feedback hits the needle on the head, that’s my current predicament.

  27. Great advice Marie, I’m starting right over to implement this.
    Thanks a million,

  28. Great video — so ironic because just yesterday I added a link to my mind-body coaching service to my Monday newsletter and I immediately got prospects. It’s the little things that we overlook. I agree with the ladies here too about the psychology of it. We have to believe in ourselves first and foremost.

  29. Sending lots of healing & virtual hugs to Kuma! Hope he’s better soon!

  30. Ngoc Khong

    Hi Marie and the team, I love this episode so so much! I couldn’t help ROFL, you guys are so creative and witty, haha.

  31. I don’t think that I waited for the video to end to contact my web developer…

    Even though I have an online store, there are tweaks that can be made for my site to run more efficiently. Thanks for the push Marie.

    Feel better Kuma.

  32. Sending love, light, and snuggles to Kuma!

    I resonated with everything in the video, especially a confused mind always says no. I had too many offers going out in my newsletter (working with me and others). I’ve changed to sending out single emails with only one CTA (call to action).

    I’ve also narrowed my tribe a bit more (thanks, Ramit).

    Like a few others have mentioned, it is hard for me to click buy when I don’t know how much it is (no pricing). This is especially true for a “fit” discovery session if I do not know how much the end program will cost. I don’t want to waste their time or mine because their program was beyond the scope of what is affordable at that time.

    I also do not like high pressure sales like buy while you are still on the call to get this price or by midnight. I like to take action, but I find it better to take informed action, rather than completely emotional reaction.

  33. I couldn’t resist watching your song, but the advice was awesome!

  34. What a great topic, one I was just discussing last night! I guess that would make us both great! HA!
    I have just started a website where we (or the customer) design custom balloons and matching fringy, tassely balloon tails in any color palette to match their party, wedding or event.
    The idea is they “build the balloon” based on their events color scheme.

    The question now, after this video, am I giving them to much jam??? Do they have two many choices? Balloon colors…. Tassel colors??? Am I confusing the customer????
    I am enrolled in B School for March but see now I better not wait to fix this!! ANY input from anybody (or nobody) would be so greatly appreciated!
    Hugs to Kuma xxoo

    • Diane, from a consumer point of view, I’d say you weren’t overwhelming me with too many choices, because it’s all about balloons. I want near-infinite choice when it comes to the one thing I’m seeking. Does that make sense? If you were to sell balloons/tassels, then also elephant toe shoes, bendable walking sticks, hand-knit turtle shell covers, and plastic plant leaf dusters, that would be confusing, and I would close the tab on my browser. But lots of choices about one thing is great!

      • Diane I completely agree with Prudence. Because you are offering only one thing balloons Its good to have a lot of options for balloons. If you were doing balloons and cakes and had a billion options that would be a to many options for me.

        • Thank you Sarah! I really appreciate your taking the time to respond and I agree with you and Prudence! A lot of choices for one target product! Whewww…. what a relief!!!
          Thank you again!!!

      • Thank you so much Prudence for your valued input! I so appreciate it!

  35. Preach it!

    I love all of these points. I also think that timing is a big part of it, too. If you’ve just met someone you can’t ask them to get married tomorrow. You have to woo them, go on dates, get to know each other… and then you can “go all the way”.

    I feel like we can do the same using email marketing, great content, and fun touch points like social media, video, or phone calls, too. 🙂

    • Totally agree on the “wooing”, Nathalie – thinking that everyone on your list, or even anyone who visits your website is a walking wallet is a recipe for disaster!

    • However, sometimes you get a visited once. And you do what you can to get them to do something. Today, there is less time to woo.

      For me, the reason I don’t buy is because I think something offered is too elementary for me.

  36. Hope Kuma feels better!

    Thanks for the video. Great advice. I always feel so pushy when it comes to sales.

  37. Mary Lynn

    Loved this video Marie! It was so perfectly timed for me as it is the things I am having problems with in trying to grow my business. A HUGE Help!

  38. I love your videos Marie! Love the wigs and song! I need to do so many of these to move my business forward. I’ve got my “work with me” info on my newsletter but I think clarity on who I work with and what my offer is are areas I need to focus on. Thanks for the tips and healing thoughts for Kuma!

  39. Marie, Oh, you are so right! Too many choices makes my head hurt. I stand in line at Starbucks listening to all the orders before me, it’s so confusing…are the speaking English? My order…”I want a mid size black house blend, please”.
    A mentor of mine said that once you ask for the order you need to stop talking. In fact he said that once you’ve made the pitch, shut-up because the next person to talk is buying something. If that person happens to be you then you just bought another 10 minutes to get the customer back to the pitch.

  40. A) I need to go to B-School.
    B) I need to go to B-School.

    Heading over to check it out now…

    Ree 🙂

    • Do it!! You absolutely won’t regret it. It is BEYOND worth the investment. If you have any questions, let me know!

    • I’m thinking the same than you Ree! 🙂

  41. I could talk about this FOREVER. I love this topic!

    Customers don’t buy products they buy solutions. You MUST be able to articulate how your product of service is going to change your customers life, business, weight, or whatever AND why it matters. People buy off of emotion and then rationalize it with logic.

    Another area trap I see businesses fall into is that they don’t differentiate themselves from others. I’m not talking about slamming your competitors but there is something that makes your brand unique, example Marie TV makes Marie different and stand out. Marie is able to use one of the areas that makes her different, Marie TV as a platform to share her offerings. It works and it’s not pushy or slimly.

    LOVE THIS TOPIC! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Love this but need help anyone want to check out my site and give me some feedback? thanks ladies I’m lost at what to do!!

    • Hi, Courtney! Sounds like a fun and easy system you’ve got. I can offer some suggestions from a consumer’s perspective.

      First, I love that you have a video to watch — and that it’s short! I think as a potential customer, though, I’d rather have you talk to me naturally, maybe even tell a bit of your own story (why weight and fitness are important to you), rather than a memorized script. Maybe someone could interview you?

      Second, there’s a lot of copy on the home page. I might limit it to a brief outline of the Star in Ten Plan and a few testimonials, with places to click to find out more. For example, I don’t think you need to articulate every step of what happens when you sign up for the Star in Ten process on the home page. It’s nice to have a little mystery and to find surprises in your inbox. I’d like to see you emphasize the daily personal attention and the follow-through plan on the home page, then be able to click to find out the nitty gritty details.

      Third, I got a little confused (sorry!) by the different names: Starz System, Star Systemz, and Star in Ten. It seems like these all refer to the same thing. Also, you sometimes refer to the system as a “diet” and sometimes as a “cleanse.” These are two different things in my mind, as one is a lifestyle change and one is a break for my digestive system. (As a vegan, I also wonder about the contents of the diet: is it food I can eat?) In the end, it seems like you’re recommending ten days of cleansing and then a transition to a better diet, but that’s not so clear to me on the home page. I think articulating just that, with links to click for more information on each stage, might be useful.

      Fourth, the flashing testimonials go by too quickly for me to read them the first time through. They are really great testimonials, though!!

      Fifth, I think that before and after photos of people you’ve helped might be more motivating than the photos of you with weights. You’re already gorgeous and fit! 🙂 And the video of you at the top is a draw. But from reading your testimonials, you’ve helped a lot of people in profound ways, and I’d love to see their photos down the page.

      Keep up the great work you’re doing with your clients, Courtney!

  43. Reason number 8:

    You haven’t written your copy for your sales page yet.

    But now that you’re back from holidays, you’re definitely going to be putting that at the top of your todo list.

    (You meaning Me).

    Great and wacky vid this week! Hopefully Kuma recovers soon and completely. Sending healing animal vibies.

  44. You go girl! Thanks for breaking it down!

  45. I would like to add that poor quality customer service is another reason why customers don’t buy. My recent experience with pre-ordering a book from a New York Times Best-Selling author (Hay House) was less than stellar. I wrote about it here

    If you’re selling a book through your email marketing services provider, test your promotion before you launch it to your subscribers. I pre-ordered the book because I wanted to receive the *free* bonuses. Note: I had to preorder the book in order to receive the *free* bonuses. Guess what? I received the bonuses but not the book. Sigh.

    The customer service director made feel (okay, no one can make me feel inferior) like it was my fault. I did what I was instructed to do: Click the link within the email, pre-order the book and receive the bonuses.

    I posted the author’s Facebook page but it wasn’t resolved. At least I have the free bonuses, I guess.

    • Great point, Amandah. Thanks for that reminder. I hate it when a client calls and says she tried to sign up for something through my website and didn’t get a confirmation email or “isn’t sure it went through.” Ugh! It does happen, though, and I hope I am more apologetic and gracious about it than the customer service department you dealt with! Thanks for the reminder.

  46. Wow, this is exactly what I am living – now!

    Every single week I have people/friends/clients telling me how much I inspire them, and how I have helped them make changes in their lives through my posts, newsletters, etc but I am NOT getting sales…I receive emails from friends I haven’t seen in years giving me these long testimonials, and I didn’t even know they were following what I do…

    It’s so frustrating because I know what I have to offer people LOVE but I am not selling my services…

    I am definately going to go through these 7 keys to rework my stuff ;).

    • josé

      Hi Jennifer, just an idea on your website: what would happen if instead of saying “what i have to offer” you changed it to “what you have to gain”??

      • josé

        “what you have to gain” sounds better in spanish… it could be “what you can gain”

  47. This is exactly what I needed today. I have been hearing crickets and I know it’s because my offers aren’t clear. It’s time to add some examples and rewrite some copy.

  48. GREAT video, Marie!

    I feel that another reasons many people with amazing products and services don’t get sales is that they don’t TEST enough.

    If something isn’t working, have the audacity to try something else. Try a new headline, try new pictures, new sales copy, see if a video converts better than a written offer, test different prices, and so on and so on.

    There are so many things that you can do online today. Split testing allows you to see what works and what doesn’t. And anyone can do it! If something isn’t working, have the courage to change it 😉

  49. Great video….thanks Marie! Excellent advice, “ask for the sale,” but I am not sure how to do this on my etsy store in a way that doesn’t sound too pushy.

    I also like the pointer to keep it simple…so as not to confuse the customer.

    Sending Kuma lots of good energy and love…I hope he is feeling better soon.

    Xo Candi

  50. BRILLIANT! I know I’ve been to Bschool and should know all this, but this was just so well wrapped up that I took a piece of paper to check each and every one of those points once more 🙂 Love the performance!!!

  51. Mindy Richards

    Awesome video, Marie–and I loved your revamp of the Prince song. 🙂

  52. Thank you Marie and LOVE to Kuma.

    For me, I DO buy when I am extremely clear on what I am receiving, and when I know that the person I’m buying from conducts themselves with integrity and professionalism. I DON’T buy when the language in people’s offerings is unclear – “juicy, sassy abundance” is just not up my street – and I therefore hail Alexandra Franzen for her work on communicating with clarity.

    I also need a personal relationship to some extent with the person I’m buying from. Like Natalie says above, it doesn’t just happen instantaneously. I need repeated exposure to that person and in time, if their work consistently feels good and I genuinely enjoy opening my inbox to them, I will probably buy, whether that is a place in B School (for life!) or a 6 week social media course with Jackie Johnstone.

    I’m on the cusp of getting clear about my next steps and this is one video I’ll be coming back to. Love, Elloa xx

  53. This is such an EXCELLENT video Marie! My ultimate favourite so far (must be the wig, the music and the jumpsuit.) And the topic… Great tips, great advice.

    I would add that it is ever SOOOOOO important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes once in a while and look at your services, copy (language) and website from their point of view.

    Much, much love and healing light to Kuma and to you & Josh. What a traumatic experience! Take care of your little one Marie and take care of yourself…


  54. Oooooh I loved this one, especially they hysterical video!!

    But for realz, great stuff. One of the reasons I don’t buy is it seems too good to be true or overly cheesy. Trust is a huge part of the deal for me, so consistency and referrals are huge.

    I also, as a new business owner, LOVE LOVE the Ah-ha moment of putting an offer / reminder / ask for the sale moment in my newsletter!!

    Thanks for rocking!

  55. Sending love & healing energy to Kuma and you.

    Loved the video, got me thinking about some services I’ve been wanting to get rid of but haven’t yet. Definitely will be coming off the website today!

    One thing that keeps me from buying a product or service is information overload. There’s some online companies that that have you watch a promotional video, then after the video there’s paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of information about: the person providing it, what it can help, why it helps, who it’s helped, testimonials, blah, blah, blah…all.before getting to the “meat” (or veggie ball 🙂 of the what the actual product or service is and how it works. Drives me nuts and I lose interest.

    All those things are important to me, but throwing it all on one page with no way to easily sift through it is a total turn off.

    Thanks for another awesome video Marie 🙂

  56. All I have to say to that ‘video spoof’…is y’all are stoopid…in a good…funny as hell…and gives me some work to do…lol…cuz I think I definitely fall into that category..

  57. Dang, I’m cracking up. I LOVE when your music videos!!!!!
    Very good advice, too!! 🙂

  58. Goodness, Marie TV is each day funnier! You all are doing an amazing job!

    I would add packaging. The way you present your product makes such a difference and it was the reason I chose B-school over other online courses on the same subject. 🙂

  59. Marie,
    If I haven’t told you lately..I love your entertaining video’s….so funny! I keep forwarding to friend’s because they have great content but are so to the point” with your humor. I am an Interior Designer and quickly realized it was easier to bring my clients 3 choices (once I understood their style) rather than taking them shopping. They get so overwhelmed by all the choices that they can’t make a decision! I can paint the picture of what each option will look like and they just pick one….they are paying for my eye and experience and that’s what I give them..Thanks and keep those videos coming!!!! Love them! XO

  60. I’d also add “you’re not moving forward confidently” to the list. Too often I hear people already second-guessing themselves and compromising before they put their offer out. Make sure your offers are compelling and confident when you write them out!

  61. Loved this Marie!
    Can’t believe no one else mentioned how damn smart your man is! You seem to reference him often in your videos. So often we do not recognize the wisdom that is constantly incorporated into our lives from our loved ones because its given over in a casual environment as Jim Rohn says- ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’!

    As usual your points were spot on! Although i was surprised that you didn’t situations when there simply is no market need. Is that possible or is it all just a flaw in marketing?

    • Hey Elisheva! You’re absolutely right. Sometimes there’s not enough of a need/demand for a business. Another topic for another day 🙂 oxoxoo

  62. Great thought provoking episode!

    Here are my main reasons for not hitting the “buy” button:

    1.Not knowing the shipping costs & not wanting to share my personal info before I find out EXACTLY what the total will be.

    2.Expensive shipping costs.

    3.Needing an account/having to sign in/sign up. I just want to give you my money and go, I don’t want another password to remember.

    4.Bad product photos/descriptions. I like product descriptions to be clear and complete. I want to know what the front looks like as well as the back, sides, etc. I want to know what to expect, when to expect it and what will happen if there is a problem or if the product doesn’t meet my expectations.

  63. Sorry guys- anyone know how to get a photo as an icon next to my comment?

    • You need to open a Gravatar account using the email address that you signed your comment with at That way, every time your gravatar-enabled comments (which is pretty common on most WordPress sites) are associated with that email, your picture shows up!

      Magic 🙂

  64. First of all, love the wig!

    One reason that stops me buying, which might sound a bit strange, is when I can’t find any criticism about a book/course/service.

    I know that everyone wants to show how awesome their pie is, but when all I can find in terms of feedback/reviews is “OMG best pie ever! You need this pie! This pie is tha bomb!” I start to doubt the pie, and it makes me think that someone just got all their friends to talk about their pie.

    When I say criticism, I don’t even mean “Yuck. This is the worst pie ever, and the person who made it is a real pie-hole” I just mean a more balanced review from someone who clearly isn’t affiliated with the seller.

    Say on Amazon, I always find the 3 star reviews to be the most useful and balanced. The kind of review that says “There are pros and cons to this pie. The pros are that it’s a great introduction to pie-ing and covers the basics really well. But, if you’re an advanced pie-er, you might find it a bit simplistic”

    I find that kind of review really useful, and sometimes I’ve even bought books after someone has really criticized it, because what they hate about it is what I know I’ll love about it.

    Say interior design. I know nada about interior design, so if I saw a review that said “omg, I didn’t like this book. I’m an interior designer and it was too basic” I’m more likely to buy it ‘cos I know it’s good for a newbs like me. But if all there is is “this is the best interior design book. In the world. Ever” I still don’t know if it’s appropriate for me and my level.

    I think sometimes business owners can get obsessed with only having positive stuff about them on the internet, but for me personally, a bit of criticism shows me what the pie is really about, and let’s me know that real people, not just friends, have consumed and spoken about said pie.

    Not saying anyone should let people chat sh*t about them, but I find a balanced review can be more informative than just rave reviews.


    • Fantastic point Jade — really, really stellar.

    • Oh, you know you are right!
      If I find a negative that, for me, would be a positive, I feel more secure. “That pumpkin pie was not sweet enough,” tells me it probably is just right for me and the person being negative could not find any other thing wrong. It tells me I probably would love it and there is nothing else wrong with it.

  65. Marie, another fabulous outfit! And you guys really have talent (singing) !

    On the topic, I asked a customer last night if she would write a review of one of my products. I know she absolutely loves it, but she is a really private person and so I offered to have it anonymous…I know that doesn’t really pack as much of a punch. 🙁

    Second I know that I could ask for the sale, but I am worried that all of my time would get tied up in selling the thing that I want to spend less time on.. the one- on-one, which I love but there is only one of me. I am working on a workshop and a ebook, but when I do that stuff, which takes a lot of time, I am not selling and I don’t make money… Hopefully I will in the future.. but I feel a strange guilt about not making the money now.

    One other thing, this morning a colleague I know sent me her website which is selling the most adorable astrology gift bags based on birth signs. I was thinking all of these ways I could promote for her on my Facebook page which is growing and so on… and then I thought….. hold up… I haven’t even promoted myself yet! So I think you can add putting yourself second or hiding behind others or something like that… I not sure how to term it!


    • One more thing, I got an email yesterday from a company that was asking you to join their company and they would promote you to speak at conferences etc. They had excellent stuff in their email, but first. I didn’t sign up for their newsletter, so it was unsolicited; they found me on linkedin. And second even though they had comments about being rated excellent with BBB they had no web address. So I didn’t trust it. I Google and found out it was a fraudulent company. My point it its important to have all of the things that show you are legit, email address, mailing address, contact number etc. or I seriously question your legitimacy. Especially if unknown.

  66. Love your song Marie! 😉 Totally agree with having too many choices, I always think I love it, but then when I get it, I get overwhelmed and leave, or buy something and then wonder if I made the “wrong choice”, and feel somewhat ripped off which is crazy.

  67. Prayers for healing for Kuma, Marie! Thanks for tips! xoxo

    3 TIPS for Women Event Sales with Social Media Relationships – Facebook Personal Profile (Yes, Personal Profile converts to sales):
    1. Update Profile photo with a smile that’s welcoming, wear something bright, and enter brief description in area provided with one call to action including active weblink to women event;
    2. Update Cover photo with brief women event details like event title (clearly targeted to women), location, date, hashtag, and website. Enter brief description in area provided with one call to action to register for women event with active registration weblink;
    3. Show up daily on Facebook by commenting with your opinion on your friend posts (NOT only clicking “like”). Your friend will appreciate the attention and if your friend and/or friend of friend relates with your stated opinion, they’ll click on your profile photo to learn more about what you are up to.

    BONUS Tip: Complete your “About” section work title and for company name, enter the active company Fan Page so easily increase new fans.

    Hope this was helpful. Let me know your opinion. Thank you. 🙂

  68. Marie, if you would post Kuma’ s picture it is easier for me to send him healing reiki energy and I can send it to a number of other drink practitioners for healing.

    as always you hit the nail on the head- I saw many confused faces when I explained my last product -oops and so they sit in the basement 🙁

  69. Lisa

    This is such solid advice Marie, thank you! Loved your video!! LOLed big time this morning. 🙂

  70. This really got me thinking JUST how many reasons there could be for a lack of sales – I’ve read quite a few in the comments already (Marie Forleo commenters really are a clever bunch!), but can definitely add:

    – Your list isn’t big enough. I read somewhere that approximately 1 – 2% of a list will become buyers in general, so getting a bigger list increases that pool. Not everyone is going to buy, and in fact, most don’t.
    – You’re not in regular contact with your list. Annual newsletters are a bit crap and cause the “who is this person and when did I sign up to this?!” response. And if you’re barely connecting on social media, you likely won’t be seen.
    – Having a crappy website – well, I would say this as a web designer – but I refuse to buy from a site which is awfully designed, hasn’t thought about HOW someone will use it and is just plain insecure.

    Love to you and Kuma, Marie.

  71. This was such a funny video. I think it’s my new favorite Marie TV episode 🙂

  72. What a wonderful vid today… it had me on the floor. Sending (((light))) to kuma and your family.

    i recently opened up my shop and I’ve heard of the too much jam research before. It really made me think about buckling down and creating a solid line of product instead of 21 bars of soap 🙂

    I signed up for B-school FINALLY! and ready to take my spirit and biz to the next level… oh and I’m so excited about meeting new energetic spirits I will bond with

  73. Hi Marie!!

    I loved today’s topic!! GREAT information and super funny! I hope Kuma is feeling better!! 🙂

  74. LOVE your videos! I watch them over and over. But you said 7 and there were only 6 reasons, and a very rockin’ video. What was number 7 supposed to be. Sorry I always go for the details…

  75. Shannon

    Great video Marie! Perfect timing since I’m creating a new website and my 1st product/service.

  76. Love this Marie, simple easy ways to boost business. I’m going to start adding an ask or offer in my newsletters right away. You rock!

  77. First of all, I am sorry to hear about Kuma! Poor baby! Sending him lots of love and light for a speedy healing.

    Second: that song. OMFG I’m laughing my ass off! Great message done mad funny! LOVE!

    One thing that I have found turns potential customers off: speaking in a high falutin’ tone. Come down to earth. Speak in a manner that is CLEAR so that people understand + don’t feel alienated. Yes, it’s great to show how smart you are but people want to feel connected, not bored.

  78. Marie – Love this episode! You’re hysterical and all of your points are spot on. The answers are always so simple and right there in front of us but hard for us to see. Thank you as always for your guidance!

  79. All your points were spot on – I feel like also its vital to build trust with your consumer! Purchasing from you is like home base , often i need to get to know my provider much much better before i take out my wallet!

  80. I am curious though what the balance is between free content and payed content.

  81. So sorry to hear about Kuma! I’ve recently been through a sad time myself with my little doggy who is now sadly no longer with us (he was 15 and had a great life), so I understand how distressing and painful it is when they are hurting! Sending big hugs, much love and healing prayers to your boy! Hope he gets better very soon. Look after yourself as well Marie! Much love and thanks for all you do to help us all, Caitlin xx

  82. LMFAO! I was spewing coffee out my nose watching that parody of Sheena Easton and Prince. But I am bookmarking this one and watching it again (not just because it was funny) because I am not getting clients for almost ALL of these reasons. The one that hit me was tell people in your newsletter that you are open for business: DUH!

    Healing hugs to Kuma!

  83. I sell to restaurants. I think that the value of our service to train their staff on food allergies (digitally) so we have some how get the value to them. Also since I am just starting a business. I have no testimonials from restaurants who have used our food allergy training. Any suggestions on how to get those before you get a customer or how to handle this one? Its a challenge to get them to see the value. They think they can do it themselves or do it great now. Any suggestions on this?

    Love your information helps me look at different things.


    • Connie, have you thought about using 1 or 2 “pilot” (or Beta) clients who get your service at a reduced price (or even free) in exchange for some public testimonials? This can be extremely powerful..,just make sure they KNOW they are getting a deal and that this is only for Beta customers. Good luck!

      • I have thought of doing that. Its a great idea. Thanks for brininging it up again. Restaurants that I have talked to about that are strange. They all seem to think its cheaper to create their own training materials. I will be sure to bring this up again though and see what happens. Thank you.

  84. Ohhh i LOVE asking people to work with me! If I have a client on a consult who I KNOW I can help and I’m genuinely excited to work with her, I always ask! I find clients can hear your enthusiasm, and the more confident you are, the more confident they feel in hiring you!

  85. I released a newsletter telling my friends, family and fans about the pre-sale of my new holiday CD “What Christmas Means to Me”. Normally I’d see a better response, but I think I released the info too early. Lesson to be learned: timing. It was in October. Too early for holiday music. Too Soon 🙂 Thanks Marie!

  86. maybe my questions could be on the next tuesday q& a.

  87. I’ve said a little prayer for angel hands to soothe Kuma and bring healing – together with everyone else’s prayers, I hope it helps!
    Meanwhile… you’ve again had perfect timing with this video, Marie, and some great tips. I know my pricing is okay, and I don’t have too many products (yet!), and – since your community is my target audience for women’s fiction – I too am posting my link! Reviews and comments will be coming soon, but these novels were only recently released so it’s a bit early yet. Enjoy, everybody!

  88. This is great stuff…. BUT what if I don’t know what to sell???

    To clarify my confusion…. I’m a food blogger and what could I sell?

    I do offer sponsored posts for companies which (when I approached them) have been successful, but it’s really behind the scenes work as I don’t want my readers to feel like I’m doing this for the money… this I don’t but I do add a lot of work into sponsored posts – advertise them and therefore feel it’s appropriate to get paid for that.
    Should I have info on my blog about my Sponsored Posts?

    I also have written a few recipe eBooks which I have given out for FREE for signing up to my mailing list.
    I do want to revamp them and sell on Amazong – should I sell that?

    I would love to hear from someone in a similar situation or any advice would be greatly appreciated 😉
    xox ella

  89. Marie looks the longer the more beautiful. Nice clothes. And the delivery of the message is very powerful and the content is Amazing too.

  90. So great! Thanks! My added, make it easy for them to book an appointment. Love the singer!

  91. As always, Marie slays everything with amazing words of advice, coupled with a smexy video. 😛 (Yes, smexy, not a typo).

    I will definitely be joining B-School! 😀

  92. I love your video!

  93. amy c

    marie and co. frickin rock!

  94. DANG, you’re back up singer can SING!!!

    Thanks again for all the juicy reminders and, for me, keepin’ me in alignment with what the heck I’m doing, ‘cuz I’ve drifted before into “la-la-fairy-land” and it didn’t work. I don’t wanna go back there!

    I learned to add that… “I have an opening!” blurb in my newsletter. Then give them a way to learn more about each other, plus make that BIG decision to move forward.

    I’ve just updated my pricing…so I may take a peek at it, just to make sure “the price is right” for my ideal clients and the results (ROI & other great things!) is puuuurfect…

    When I don’t buy, it’s because I don’t have a clue of what I’m getting, there’s no private (or real-time group) interaction AT ALL (besides a great book) or I’m being smart with my money and really questioning if that’s where I want to invest. I also don’t buy if someone puts me on the spot and doesn’t give me 24 hours to consider my investment… (even if the opportunity appears to be SWEET – I want to make sure it’s in my best interest & in alignment with what I’m designing…not just their best interest.)


  95. LOVE the content – but did I miss the 7th reason? Anyway, the 6 that I got were worth of gold already! Thanks!!!

  96. Sierra


    You’re such an inspiration! I admire your authenticity and love the practical advice. I feel like you ARE my personal business coach!

    Love what your doin,

    Sierra <3

  97. LOVED this post today! Thank you so much for posting! I always have trouble with feeling like I’m being too “salesy” or “pushy” but it is SO true that people have to see the same stuff over and over again to really “figure out” this is how they can work with me. Upon reflection, even I do it as a customer. Even something simple like a free teleconference — I see it and think it’s cool but the day of it I’ll very easily forget completely unless I get several of those e-mails reminding me earlier that day and within that hour beforehand.

  98. This is pretty fantastic. Such helpful and actionable advice.

    I agree with what Kendrick Shope said in the earlier part: people buy solutions. People want to improve their lives and get what they want. So you have to be really clear about how you can help people achieve there. Sometimes people use buzzwords in their marketing, expecting people to latch onto that and project their own idea of what the product does and don’t really articulate WHY I should sign up for this course.

    I also agree with what another commenter said about reading critiques and negative reviews. I prefer a more well-rounded view of a person or product – and reading about people’s negative interactions with either the product/service or the entrepreneur themselves – is ALWAYS helpful to me.

    And I find it interesting that people don’t put a hard/soft ask in their newsletters. I see this ALL THE TIME when I sign up for people’s newsletters so it’s interesting that some people aren’t doing it.

    And I agree with what someone else said about not buying from someone who doesn’t have prices articulated clearly on their site. It’s very frustrating, and when reading long web copy I always scroll down to see how much it costs because I want to be more financially selective/pragmatic in what I’m purchasing for my business or otherwise.

  99. Marie, I almost spit out my water when you started rocking out. Hilarious!

    I always tell my clients “‘Everybody’ is not a market.” That’s always the red flag that they need brand, messaging and positioning clarity. “If you’re trying to be all things to all people, you’ll end up being nothing to no one.”

    Thanks for this gem of a video today. And hugs to poor little Kuma!

  100. Sooo much good stuff..

    I concur with all the concurring! I’m definitely an introvert and this often seeps into my selling approach. Funny thing is I teach people how to “get more clicks” using research and strategic design… ( Find out how, here ) however I get camera shy when it comes to taking my own advice.. I have a handful of reviews and have been procrastinating to highlight them.

    Going to put my street-cred back on the streets! (serious duh moment!)

    Thanks, Marie! On point as always!

  101. OMG – I just pretty much fell IN love – and OFF my chair! I appreciate learning via humor and you are fab. But your Prince video takes the cake!
    Appreciate all the tips & info.

  102. Hope Kuma is doing better! So scary. Went through something similar recently with my cat 🙁

    Sooo this video to me highlights the need for objectivity in your business which can be SO difficult when you are into it DAY IN and DAY OUT. This is why businesses need consultants.

    I’ve had a pricing conundrum since I launched. I have had many people tell me my cardi is too expensive. I’ve tried everything — including shipping, highlighting the fact that it’s made from sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics, emphasizing the fact that it’s made in Canada … and that we give back a portion of our proceeds… AND that it can be worn so many different ways (I even created a cost per wear calculator!) BUT I still here it. And that’s OK. Maybe those customers aren’t my ICAs!

    I can’t drop my price or else I wouldn’t make any money and be able to sustain the business.. the alternative (Taking cost out) involves going overseas like many designers do but I LOVE producing locally…. so I’m continuing down the path of selling value.

    AND when a customer gets it… they truly GET it and it is an amazing feeling.

    I was in a retailer last month when a customer TOTALLY got it and she was in LOVE with the product. That is my ICA.

    That said….
    Brand means a LOT to consumers. Many women do not hesitate to drop $200 on a marc jacobs scarf made from cheap cotton because they know and feel an affinity to the brand, be it through their association with celebrity… or seen in magazines.

    So, the last point I will add that I think is not mentioned in this video is that … if people can’t FIND you on the web… or haven’t heard of you, of course you’re not going to sell. Generating traffic to your website is PARAMOUNT be it through advertising, PR, blogger collaborations etc … as important as converting it.

    Best of luck to everyone! Happy selling!

  103. I loved the video today Marie! Thank you.

    I just posted about how I’m so over all the coaching programs out there that are inundated with 17 bonuses, tele-sumits with 50 different speakers, and sales pages that take me 20 minutes to scroll to the bottom to find the date, price, and actual details.

    For me, all the extra stuff doesn’t add value, it actually takes away from it. I’m much more likely to buy something simple and to the point, that I know is going to help me or solve a problem without all the extra fluff (who has time for all that?!).

    I love your message, and your offers because they are straight forward and easy to understand. Thanks for being a great example.

  104. Great video! I especially like the point about not having TOO MANY options. Thanks for the tips:)

  105. Marie I knew you would eventually get your music videos into the main segments. Heray !! Love it !

  106. Great video! I especially like the point about not having TOO MANY options. Thanks for the tips:)

    Read more:

  107. Yes! Absolutely. “A confused mind always says no”.
    When I was redoing my kitchen, it was choices galoooore!! Wherever I went: To pick out a new fridge, or tile, or sink, or faucet, or … you get the point. I would NEVER make a decision at the stores that offered too many choices. I would look around, ask questions, get TOTALLY overwhelmed and leave. I ended up buying from the smallest mom and pop stores that – yes – had the same stuff, but only stocked a select few.
    P.S. I am redoing my website as we speak (thank you B-School) and my motto as I work on it is KISS (keep it simple stupid) 😉

  108. In my newsletter as well as follow up sequences, I will bring great content, then every 4th email do a hard sell for a product of mine.

    I also upsell another product of mine after someone has purchased a first one at a special rate. You gotta strike while the iron is hot!

  109. Oh Marie, Marie, Marie… this is such a crack up. 🙂 So cute! And as always chock full of good advice. Sending big loves to Kuma. xx

  110. Another great reminder that if you don’t promote your business, no one else will. Marketing courses, newsletters, and creating a strong online presence is great, but I find my downfall is actually getting out in front of people and selling. Moving forward, that’s what I plan to focus on, especially since I sell natural perfumes — something that definitely needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

  111. I believe when people don’t buy is because their specific need is not being addressed. Their need needs to be built up in the video, sales letter, newsletter etc in other words their pain needs to be pinpointed and made really clear, because the medicine to that pain is your product or service.

  112. I’m often overwhelmed by too many choices. Life was so much simpler when there were only 3 TV networks and 2 or 3 UHF channels. Now I have over 100 channels and it’s harder than ever to find something I want to watch. Let’s not even get into the bill that goes with it.

    These days, lack of funds due to unemployment curtails my spending impulse more than anything. It’s more crucial now to get what I want/need than it was previously so I spend a good deal of time comparing features/prices to make sure an item meets my needs and budget. As marketers I think we need to be sensitive to this with others as well.

  113. Sending lots of love to Kuma. Hope he is getting better every day.
    Thank you for a great and very entertaining.
    Really liked animated story about jams:)

  114. Sorry I meant great and entertaining video.

  115. That’s some mighty fine jam ma’am. I am talking about your song-jam of course! I would add one more to your list which is not explainin’ what’s in yo jam. I have been meaning to make some videos to do just that.

    Prince called and he wants to collaborate with you 🙂

  116. No credibility. If I don’t see credibility. I am NOT buying. Credibility can be testimonials, social proof, case studies.

    Great video Marie! Keep up the awesome work!


  117. Brilliant – thanks Marie -great reminder about confusion vs clarity and asking for the sale.
    And loved the song!

  118. Great post Marie! Good timing on this- I am getting ready to launch my home staging e-book soon and will keep these points in mind!
    Thank you 🙂

  119. Vivian

    Love to Kuma!! 🙂

  120. Jessica Johnson

    oh my! best marie tv episode EVER. thank you for this.

    thinking like a customer – i want to feel like they care, that they are genuinely wanting to help. i know this sounds silly to some, but it’s important to me and often makes the decision on who i decide to buy from.

    my example: i recently decided to start incorporating meat back into my diet after being a vegan for a year. at the farmers market this weekend i was overwhelmed by the options and had concerns about where the meat was coming from, how the animals were treated, etc. i started talking to a vendor about my concerns and she came over from the counter to talk to me in person and discuss the farms they buy from and the different kinds of meat they sell. it wasn’t the least expensive option, but i bought from her because she made me feel good about the decision i made and she took the time to answer my questions in a friendly and caring way. i am all about great customer service.

    • Great story Jessica. Proves that prices is often not the most important factor.

  121. Leigh

    What stops me from clicking “buy”? There just might be something better/cheaper/more perfect out there. Trust and a great return policy can take hesitation away.

  122. This is my favorite Marie TV’s so far. Funny!

  123. thank you team Marie!!!
    and Sandy Galiano too because I could only count 6 reason, and I was like what the hoo-ha????
    7 reasons???
    to many options and confusing count as 2, I thought it was confusing because it was to many options, got it!!!
    now I just need to get my buttons clicking…

  124. I watch everything and took notes: all the videos referenced and I’ll work on the information with my accountability partners.

    I can’t answer any challenge until we drill this down on our websites 🙂

    Thanks so much, Marie

  125. josé

    like Jeffrey Gitomer says, “people dont like to be sold, but they love to buy” We have to figure out how to create the best conditions and environment so people feel free and secure to buy.

  126. Jeannie

    OMG – This video is so funny. Marie’s gone off the deep end. In a good way. Hysterical.

  127. Trisha

    Marie, you are awesome 🙂

  128. Totally going to add in “how to work with me ” in my next newsletter. But seriously, huge thanks for the duet – mate, you bring a smile to my face. Every. Time. Much appreciated, especially in this crazy retrograde time xx

  129. May

    God Please send lots of healing power and tender love to the little one xoxo
    Kuma – what a cute name! Hope he’s getting well soon.

    My little GG jammed her leg once and couldn’t walk properly for a few weeks, it was so devastating!

    Love your work, Marie, you are so fun to watch!..along comes the truth:) I have been thinking back and forth for putting my pricing on the website… Just need to do it!

  130. It’s taken me a couple of years to get my pricing, message and pitch where it works. It took a lot of learning and then facing where I was blocked in asking for what I wanted. It’s made all the difference. I now see when a potential client is ready to sign up for coaching, but is just scared. Or when they only think they’re ready, but really they aren’t commited to the work involved in making changes.
    Thanks for all of your awesome advice, Marie!

  131. Josie

    Could you please link to the three other videos on pricing mentioned in this video? Thanks so much!

  132. In addition to trusting who I am buying from, I am also seeing that I purchase more if I have an genuine “like” for the people operating that business.

    I love buying from people and businesses that I love. 🙂

  133. Love Loooove the jumpsuit 😉

  134. Anne

    From a customer point of view, something that I really hate and that makes me run away directly, is when a seller asks me for personal details or to sign up for an account, even before I got all the information on price (i.e. shipping costs). Or when they ask for credit card details on the first registration screen. Just turns me off 🙁 It can be really stupid details that ruin a sale!

  135. Jay

    This video was hilarious, Marie you just keep getting weirder and I love it.
    I also love how quickly you can go from silly to serious, it’s inspiring.
    I have a feeling Marie TV will soon appeal to a much younger audience, and that’s so cool because teenagers and young adults could greatly benefit from the very REAL and amazing wisdom Marie shares week to week….not to mention, that ever important reminder that we all have that ONE unique gift to share with the world….to some it may be redundant, for me it brings a smile to my face every time. My favorite line was “once you can Identify it, you can Rectify it!” And as usual, kudos to Marie’s stylist….best dressed girl in the business!

  136. Hey Marie, thanks for a great episode! I have another big reason people don’t buy. It’s kind of like #1 where you don’t offer enough. How about there’s no clear way to purchase on the website. Making people go through hoops to try to buy because either they have to contact you for more info, or some other way that the online shopping experience isn’t clear enough.

    I’ve seen this be an issue in my own business. I need to make a more clear shopping experience with buy now buttons for everything rather than one paypal button under my rates page.

    I mean, would you be able to buy anything in a store if there were no sales registers?

    Love ya!!

  137. Great video + love the tweetable, Marie!

    Clarity is crucial. And thank you for reminding me to ask for the sale in this week’s newsletter. Check!

  138. Soooo this could not have come at a better time-how do you do that?! I am working on a sales page for online personal training and want to include an 8 week shape up as well but then started trying to include all these other ideas and options for add-ons. If a client really needs extra sessions, I can just recommend that in our consultation – DUH! I already do that so why clog my page with extra junk? Thanks for saving me here 🙂

  139. lisa

    2 man freakin choices .. YOU LOSE so funny… this was valuable…. thanks – who is the lady doing the Ted talk? Sheena?????

  140. LOL! Love the the red wig.

    When you’re not selling is because you are not marketing right or marketing enough.

  141. What about if the offering just sucks? It’s a watered down product of someone else’s work? I see that a bunch.

    Or I am being pitched to and I have a higher skillset, but that probably goes back to my first point.

    I know right now I am signed up for two course that I’m doing, one is an Instagram course that I think was way overpriced, so not a value.

    The second is the Brene Brown course through Oprah network, and while the class is juicy great full of healing, and I AM LOVING IT!!! there is a persistence technology glitch that keeps me from getting the most out of the course and the tech support’s best advice is “sign out and sign back” to see if that fixes it. Which it doesn’t.

    So I would say
    1) suck/weak/low skill set offering
    2) previous experience left me knowing that the course would not be a value
    3) persistent technology glitches with enthusiastic but ulitmately unhelpful support

  142. Hi Marie, great episode as always.

    Just wanted to send my love to Kuma hope he gets well soon!

    My cat took a fall from our 7th story window last year and my heart stopped for a few minutes. She survived, no broken bones or damage, 7 lifes and all…

    Hope Kume gets well soon, I’ll keep him in my prayers. 🙂

  143. I feel silly, but I seem to have only gotten 6 reasons:
    1) not asking for the sale
    2) haven’t earned trust
    3) offer isn’t specific
    4) no idea what you’re selling
    5) price is wrong
    6) too many choices

    • or is 7 “a confused mind always says ‘n'”?

  144. as far as the “too many choices” thing goes…what about people that sell wearables and such – clothing companies, knitters etc. ???its kind of good to have a selection…albeit a focused one

  145. Awesomeness!!
    What was the Ted Talk lady’s name? Sheena something?

  146. OMG — this is among my Top 10 All-Time Favorite Business Videos.


    I KNOW our website needs help. And I intend to take your advice. The #1 thing it needs is TESTIMONIALS. But I would love to run our site through the lens of the Top 6 criteria you just shared. We need to reach more people. And the right people need to know what we are offering, and recognize why our product is just what they are looking for!

  147. I am very guilty of offering far too many jams. When I built my website I’ve taken the contents of 4 Etsy shops and then some, and placed all of those products in one place. There is way too much for people to have to choose form, that I am sure many of them are leaving without anything.

    Now just to figure out the best way to purge all of the extra inventory so there isn’t so much but so I don’t lose out on the cost of the supplies & time to make all of it…

  148. Hello
    A big hug to Mary from Paris. How right is she!!!! How fun is
    it!!! Dont speak too fast

  149. LOVE your videos! great advice thank you.

  150. Oh Marie, I love the awesome song break! You two rock!

  151. Hi Marie and everyone else here. I have finally finished my site and did some promoting, but NO SALES! After watching Marie’s video, I still can’t see what I am doing wrong with it. Please comment on my site.

    Thank you,

    • Amy

      It looks like your product is extremely niche. Do you know if there is enough folks out there who would be interested in a photography business with a firefighter fundraising angle? It’s possible that there’s so few out there.

      It sounds like a wonderful combination but you might want to test out to see if the combination in the way you present it visually on your sales page is confusing folks. I was so sure I clicked on the wrong linked site when I first saw it because I never saw the link between photography and the strong firefighting branding aspect.

      Did you check to see what your Google Analytics are showing and if they are clicking off or staying on the site? If they are leaving immediately you might be confusing them. Hope this helps!

  152. Haha – watching your version of Prince made this totally worth it!

    Loved the 6 reasons. I struggle with pricing and will watch your other videos on that. You also made such a good point of not asking for the sale.
    Thanks for the advice 🙂


  153. Hi Marie,

    First, so sorry to hear about Kuma. Poor lil’ guy. And poor you! Sending prayers your way. I hope he feels better real soon…

    Absolutely love this latest video. Great advice as always. You inspire me! Thank you for making business ‘fun’ and never boring.


  154. I’ve just recently added a “work with me” option to my newsletter but I only have a few subscribers so I can’t really tell if that’s working yet. 🙂 I think I should put more offers around my website and blog posts.

  155. Very helpful! Thank you, Marie. 🙂

  156. Great video, info and song. Hehe! 🙂 Thanks for all the great info and I hope your baby is feeling much better today. 🙂

  157. Marie, You are hilarious! Love the way you turn great information into some solid entertainment.

  158. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for the great advice as usual. Yes i suffer from the cobweb “enquire” button”. But the good thing is that I believe i only need to implement 3 out of the 9 points to see an improvement.

    #1 DUH point. I haven’t actually told people i have sessions open.
    #3 I think i need to be a bit more specific as to who my target audience is
    #5 I believe for my target audience i think my services may seem too cheap.

    Thanks a million

  159. The number one thing that stops me from buying is not having valuable information. What’s it made of? How big is it? etc. When I have to look for important specs like that I get turned off to the sale. Even if I really want something I may not have the time when I come across something to hunt through a website for that info so it’s really important to cover that clearly in your copy!

  160. Wow, is it ever a long way down to the comment box!
    I agree with Aradia about not enough description. How many times I’ve weighed the price of a book against its number of pages, only to find it’s not listed! I usually do not buy, then, unless I already know the author. I mean, we’re selling on line, so the buyer is already buying sight-unseen! So we can’t at least give them a rough estimate? Huh.

  161. Great article. I think my lack of sales is down to 2 factors – visibility (or lack of it) and not asking for sales. Must rethink things. Thanks for sharing.

  162. Fab video I am already an avid fan of your videos but have to say really enjoyed this one as discovered for the last two weeks I had way too many services so have cut down on them the so loved your jam example!! Also I wasn’t specific enough on my customer audience was trying to target two audiences not one opps!! I think what stops me buying from other services is their website or of it seems too good to be true. If someone’s website doesn’t represent their personality or is a bit dull I won’t buy from them. Also if they have videos they need to seem passionate and genuine about what they want us to buy if they are doing it for show or in a fake way I won’t be buying from them!! Thanks again for your awesome advice!! I had a PITA client this week too so much of what you happens :)!!

  163. Hi Marie,
    Always love your videos – they have awesome little nuggets of wisdom to take action on 🙂

    Sometimes one of the ways I’ve noticed that people can turn off potential buyers is by being too spammy with offers and sales. So, finding that happy middle is key.

    Hope Kuma’s doing a lot better now. Sending lots of prayers + healing vibes his way!


  164. Rob

    I feel that making the customer feel valued is always a good ingredient to having a successful sale.

  165. Shadiah

    Hands down the most hilarious Marie Forleo video!!

  166. I just love you Marie you are one of my favorite TV Host, you share such great info and that is why I had to subscribe to your Chanel! 🙂

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    For some reason the video isn’t showing up for me. Did it get deleted?

  168. Nathália

    Wow! I liked the example of pots geléa! To me, a Brazilian translation of YouTube is often fails and my English is not very good. Examples excited help you better understand the topic. I liked the hint of presenting a few options. Very cool!

  169. Loved the duet! 😉 but the info was the best – gotta be clear! Thanks!

  170. Alicia

    ROFL!! OMG….the Prince / Sheena Easton throwback alone was worth the time it took to watch this video.

  171. Amy

    This has got to be my all time favorite post of yours, Marie, for the concise yet powerful value of the advice and the absolutely AMAAAAZING music video!!!!

  172. Melissa

    Are you my sister-from-anotha-motha??? Wow. The vid was beyond legit. Can’t give you enough props for the entire post. I am bowing down with respect. You are the woman!!!

  173. That one bit alone (single offer targeted to a specific audience) increased my revenue tens o’ thous and continues to do so. It can be tedious in theory, but in practice I have great fun flexing my creative muscles for really synced up messaging. And I’m doing the other things fairly well. My big opp for more sales is to describe what goes on behind the curtain of my work. What really happens when I “help biz owners get clear about what they want then mentor to assure they get it?” I’ll be describing that more specifically. And your advice is once again just in time: ready to fill the few spots I have remaining for 2014 with a sweep series of customized campaigns! Thanks again Marie! Good luck fellow sales divas.

  174. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for the video, and the great reminder that *clarity* about what you are selling, and the easier you make it for your customer to buy it, the more they will!


  175. Melissa

    Great vid as always Marie! I could definitely resonate with ‘hitting the wall’ at social gatherings – dont feel so bad about feeling this way anymore 🙂 Great advice also on finding a job that resonates with my temprement – will definitely keep this is mind as I job search 🙂

  176. And interestingly, that slightly-awkwardly-long song will probably make the lesson stick that much better. Thanks Marie, ahum, Prince!

  177. Ok, yes that song is now stuck in my head, love it! Hope the lil one is ok. You did an amazing job AND look amazing. Lately I keep hearing that guarantees are important to have in there. I am reworking some of my info. Thanks for all you do!

  178. Great tips as always!

  179. Rachelle Bergquist

    Hi Marie–I am new to “you” and just watched a few videos on your site…I don’t think I’ve ever had this experience of someone offering advice or a product, etc. and I leave feeling excited about what else she knows–has to say…and WILL say or do!! haha–What you do is BRILLIANT and completely entertaining and appealing! You’ve developed a very cool concept/”brand” in this world of “personal development” by understanding how to engage an audience and then blast them with great advice and insight at the same time! Thank you for what you do—I’m so impressed!

  180. Hey Marie!

    I’ve just opened my shop so I guess the building trust is a big one for me. I’ve redone some of my photos this week and am now going to tackle my listing descriptions to get specific about the value my products offer.

    Thanks so much for what you do. I consider you one of the biggest reasons that I got brave enough to give my dream life a go.

    Sarah x

  181. Great video ! It is critical to identify why you are not getting sales on your website. As you say, if you identify, you can rectify !

  182. A mentor on provided the link to this video. I will have to say it was not only informative, fun, and different but also presented differently easier to understand and ‘hear’. Thank You.
    I see the next post addresses me as an INFJ. You get me/us 😉 Kym

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  184. Hi Marie,
    Just wanted to thank you for this video. I L-O-V-E-D the music video!! It was the best perk/pick-me-up at the end of a long day. When I tackle my website and message, I’m going to recall this music video and smile and make my message clear for sure! 😀

  185. Amazing. I’ll use this on my sales letters. Thanks!!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Christiane! We hope you have a blast implementing these tips and techniques. Thanks for tuning in!

  186. Jackie

    Hi Marie,
    Awesome, I find these tips and techniques that could really change my business and to bring in more customers, but I do have a long way to go.

  187. I have a private counselling practice, so I am not selling product but service. Identifying my target market is challenging because I deal with any person struggling to live a life of comfort, ease and enjoyment; and to make that happen, I advertise that I can help you through your Heart + Home + Health. I am looking for my clients “pain point” and trying to show them how I can help solve the pain in their lives. thank you for your feedback.

  188. Great video. I have a online customize store that has numerous products. How can I post products without being confusing? Also how often should I post?

  189. Everyone I talk to say my products are to high priced. I am contracted out so I can’t change my Price’s. I pick one product and take pics of myself to promote my products. I don’t know what else to do

  190. Great video clip! It’s what I m going through right now. I am in direct sales for Agnes & Dora as independenct representative and handmade earrings business. I was doing well until I started to feel burnt out from trying to grow my inventory. Any tips of suggestion would be excellent.

  191. nl

    i still can’t figure out the reason why no one is ordering my products..
    i am into POD with very cool designs but still can’t make any sale ,trying hard since last 6 months..
    your advice in this regards will be highly appreciated..

  192. Jordanfab

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