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Have you ever let go of something pretty good in order to create something truly great?

Whether it was leaving a good-enough job, a comfortable relationship or even closing down a profitable business…

Sometimes the only way to get what you really want in life is to leave behind the sure thing you already have.

It takes courage to begin something, but it can take even more to end it. Click To Tweet

For many, success can be a trickier trap than failure.

After all, if nothing’s really “wrong” — why not just keep a good thing going? Shouldn’t we just keep our head down and be grateful for what we have?

Not always.

In today’s brand new episode of MarieTV, you’ll learn about the power of listening to your heart and forging your own path (and definition) of success.

One that doesn’t always line up with other people’s expectations.

Because I’ve learned that true courage comes not only in what you say yes to but, more importantly, what you’re willing to walk away from.

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Here’s a link to Jim Collins’ timeless book, Good To Great.

If you’re anything like me, you love the freedom and energy surge that comes from throwing away junk, clearing out stacks of paper and getting things off your ‘to-do’ list that no longer serve you.

So I’d love to know:

What should be cut loose in YOUR life?

What’s ONE specific thing that’s really good that you’re ready — or afraid – to let go of in order to create something great?

Could be a revenue stream, a relationship or something else. Leave a comment below and let us know.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing your genius here.

You make Tuesday my favorite day of the week.


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  1. Over the past two years or so I’ve done a really amazing job at letting go of all the crap that’s been getting in my way to being great. The one last thing that’s hanging on is my weight and I’m really excited to shed that because once I do, nothing in this world will hold me back!!

    Thanks for another amazing video Marie + I’m loving that dress on you!

    • That’s awesome, Demetria! Marie’s video definitely inspired me to come up with something that I can let go of to make room for great, but it’s hard! So often, I feel like as long as someone else still wants whatever, that I have to keep doing it/offering it. (This is especially true in my business.)

      I’m clicking over to your site right now because with a title like Liberation Strategist, I’m guessing you have even more to say on this topic. 🙂

    • Demetria – power to you girlfriend! The weight is a biggie (was for me too, it took me almost a year to lose 20 lbs), but it’s all rooted in your beliefs in the end. I had to discover what part of me didn’t want me to lose it before I could finally let go of the extra pounds! Once I achieved that however, it opened the door to inner discovery so much more.

      • You raise a great point, Laura. Recognizing that on some level we’re afraid to let go of something (that some part of us doesn’t want to let go), is often the biggest hurdle to actually clearing the decks.

        I just finished teaching a class, and I wasn’t sure where I was headed next. Seemingly out of nowhere I got a great offer to start something new. Totally changed me in that moment because I realized that it wasn’t really out of the blue. Everything I’d been doing in my life had led to that moment, and it wasn’t until I was ready to let go that the new opportunity could appear.

        • Isn’t that a fantastic discovery? Always gives me the chills when I realize just how well everything seems to be “orchestrated” in my life. You are always where you need to be in order to learn the lessons you need to learn and take the steps you need to take – but you won’t know it until you see what it was leading to 😉

        • I love the idea of clearing the decks! The hardest thing for me was leaving my 6 figure job but I had to do it to open myself to other opps. Letting go is a tough but needed thing!

          • Elise

            Marcy, I completely agree with you. I also left a good job to pursue something that would lead me to become great. It was really intimidating but I’m trying to follow Laura’s advice and relax and let life take the lead.

      • I love it Laura. Your comment is going to inspire women to look deep within themselves to trigger a real lasting transformation (that sometimes will look like shedding pounds).

        Cheers to inner discovery!

      • Laura – that’s something I’m definitely figuring out now! Thanks for sharing the insight. I definitely needed the reminder. 🙂

      • Laura, that’s such a great point that it’s all rooted in our beliefs. Once you discovered what was holding you back, how did you change it? It seems simple but I ask because we often have to do a lot of searching in order to find why we haven’t achieved a certain goal or why our life is a certain way, meaning these beliefs are deeply rooted and not in our everyday thoughts.

        So if you’re not even aware that you’re thinking them or that they’re there, how do you change them?

        • Erin, a lot of it is rooted in awareness. First I found out why I wanted to stay that way – basically, which part of me preferred being overweight and why. Then I went to the core of that issue, because I discovered that the roots went even deeper than that, and it was holding me back in more ways than one. Every time I would be tempted to eat without being hungry, I would remind myself of where it was coming from. At the time I simply waited it out, now I know better and I would surround that hurt part of me with love.

          There’s a lot of steps involved, it’s something I work with my coaching clients on extensively, but it’s all rooted in the fact that you’re essentially allowing your ego to rule your life instead of allowing yourself to live out of love. A lot of times when techniques and tools didn’t work for me it was because there was a part of me that didn’t want them to work. I had to dig deep and heal that part first, before I could use the right tools and habits to make a change. Oftentimes the change came by itself as I was healing the part of me that didn’t want to change.

          Start by simply asking yourself “How is it benefiting me to stay this way?” and “What am I afraid of in the change I want to make?” Sometimes it’s something you’re afraid of, and other times it’s just that you don’t believe you are capable of it. In the first case, you have to figure out what you need in order to feel safe after you change. In the second case, a good practice is simply making the change a reality in your mind first – seeing yourself there. A big part of how I lost weight was by simply thinking of myself as thin and seeing myself that way every minute. It really changed how I treated myself!

          I know this is a bit all over the place – but your question inspired me to cover it in a future video on my own website, so you’re welcome to stop by and check out my full answer in a week or two!

      • This is true for sure. But I am a believer than when we shoot for our dreams and have tons of fun in our lives, the weight will just naturally come off. You still have to address that inner demon at some point otherwise you’ll see the pounds creep back on!

      • Yes, exactly! When you recognize and embrace the fears holding you back from losing weight (or reaching other health goals), you can turn the fears into self-love and take action.

    • Demetria, I hear you…Loosing weight is my no 1 priority now! And Marie actually convinced me to exercise more often! 🙂

      A few years ago I was so upset with the “stability” I had in my life that I moved from Russia to China. Needless to say it completely transformed my life. That’s the reason why I started working on my project for women.

    • You’re such an inspiring woman Demetria: I’m rooting & cheering for you!



    • Thanks Demetria — I appreciate that 🙂

      Two things: 1. shift into “nothing in this world will hold me back” starting now. This moment. Before you lose any weight. That attitudinal and energy shift will directly impact what you eat, how often you exercise, and everything else.
      2. One simple, effective strategy to shed those pounds (apart from exercise and healthy eating) is portion control. Most of us eat waaaay too much and we don’t realize it, or need to.


      • Marie and Demetria – a couple of thoughts to add to your comments.

        In my work as a nutrition therapist and personal trainer, I help people “reconnect” to the wisdom of their body through nutrition and fitness (it’s got to be a package deal for total health). Overweight is typically a symptom of something else going on; i.e. lack of self-care, boundary issues, feeling undeserving, or not placing value on one’s own health. There’s often much more “stuff” to consider, but suffice it to say – dig deep and you’ll find that the excess weight actually serves a purpose. Once you figure out what the weight is doing for you, you’re on the road to discovering what life would be like without it (scary work, but so freeing!).

        To that end, I’m in the process of letting go of some things in my business in order to make room for re-branding and working solely in this space – such a timely video, and refreshingly encouraging comments from all! Thank you.

      • Marie,

        Yes! Shifting my perspective right now! Thank you for catching that :).

      • I totally agree Marie! Shift your mindset now. Because waiting on the weight seems blah – what if it never happens?

      • I’ve been struggling with my weight my entire adult life, and recently (about 1 month ago) I had a ‘aha’ moment:
        I have a very rebellious nature, and if anyone tells me “I can’t” I literally go mad, my brain freezes over, I see no logic, I just wanna do the very thing someone just said I can’t do.
        Until recently I didn’t realise that I was doing this to myself, meaning; I’m not only rebellious towards others, but towards myself. So when I say: I can’t have this, I shouldn’t eat that etc… it has the opposite effect, I become obsessed with the very thing I’m trying to deny myself.
        The strangest thing happened, it turns out I don’t want to eat so much, I don’t really like sweets (turns out I’m more of a savoury person, who knew!)
        Best thing is, I started to lose weight, almost 4kg so far 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Actually, No – the best thing is I’m FREE, free from that constant battle in my head, the constant war and obsession with food. I have so much more energy to focus on my business, and other pleasantries 🙂
        Hope this helps

    • Anna

      Demetria, I feel you. But trust me, your weight is not holding you back. If you are going to lose weight – do it for just the sake of your health. It’s not something that has to happen to make you feel happy. You can be happy any moment. You keep up the good work.


      • Anna – I need to lose weight/eat better/exercise more because my body is telling me to. Truth be told, it really has very little to do with appearances. My energy levels are pretty low and I need to take better care of my body so that my energy levels can be where they need to be to support the creative projects that will serve more people. :).

    • Demetria-

      Congrats on letting go to get to greatness 🙂 I’m working on letting go of some fitness classes I teach for other people so I can focus on having more of my own clients. It’s hard because these classes keep me on top of my fitness game, but away from being booked 100% with my own peeps and reaching new ones!

      Best of luck with your weight loss goal. I have a free private Facebook group for clients and fans that is meant to help people set and reach their fitness goals. I’d love for you to check it out and ask any questions of myself and my dietician friend as you’re working on getting on track. Let me know 😉

    • What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sue

      Hi Marie,
      I so want to become a Life Coach, I know I’d be great at it, however, coming up with the money for training is another issue–this episode inspires me to dig a little deeper- I love the job I have now and I am good at it, however, lately have been feeling the need to become a coach (and I know I could be great at it) and would feel so good helping to make a difference in other people’s lives….thank you!

  2. Great lesson, Marie. Creating space for the new depends on eliminating the unnecessary.

    Bottom line, we live life according to what we value. If we’re really honest about what we value, we’ll see why we make the decisions we do. And if we’re truly committed to particular values, we’ll trim the fat. Willingly.

    • Emelia, I always marvel at the wisdom that seems to just come out of you 🙂

    • Emelia,

      I look forward to reading your comments because they’re always so powerful and wise! Thanks!

      • Thanks, Mariah. I appreciate you.

    • I love what you’ve just said. Do you find that your values have stayed the same or have they changed over time as you have changed to reflect your new level of awareness?

      • When I think about my fundamental values (eg. love, kindness), they have stayed the same. But as awareness has increased, there have been major swaps of unconscious values. For example, I never once questioned “security” until my 30’s. When I dismantled that, I found authenticity replaced it with a quickness.

        I guess we have two levels of values-the obvious & the unspoken. It’s not until I shed light on the latter, that they could be “adjusted” to say the least. Thanks for the question, Catherine…I think you just inspired a new blog post. 🙂

        • Emelia, That is so profound! So true… Sometimes our core values might be hidden by a layer of what our ego thinks that value really is – “security” masking authenticity, Keep shining the light, girl!

    • Such a good point Emelia! I was talking to a woman on Friday who started her business to pay for the adoption of her child. Big surprise 😉 her bus was wildly successful!

      It’s gotta be about values first.

  3. Yeah.. “comfortable” can be a real success killer. Because it’s easy to think it’s good enough.

    I’m at a point where I only do what I want to do (in business that is.)

    I have a specific business plan.. it fits my lifestyle in terms of how I spend my time and how much money I can make. I don’t deviate. And I too have turned down quite a bit of money (not a million, but a lot)… Since the offer didn’t fit in with my plan I let it go. It was REALLY hard because of what it was, but I turned it down.

    Now I feel stronger than ever.

    darlene 🙂
    p.s. believer in dreams…

    • Congratulations on giving up what didn’t fit with your plan! That type of clarity is so hard to come by!!

    • So awesome! I love the P.S. at the bottom. You’re bang on! It is so easy to stay in that place of comfort! Lots of people “think” they dream but putting those dreams into action (and really feeling authentically true about them) is the magic key here!

      • Hi Heidi…

        Yeah, I think one of the saddest things is to let our dreams fade away in everyday living.

        We might even halfheartedly try but after a few setbacks, we give up.

        I’ve always been a dreamer and a ‘big picture’ thinker… but I haven’t always pursued my dreams. I feel like in the last few years I’ve deliberately gone after my dreams. It’s amazing how many are coming true.

        Like publishing a book. I finally (after a lifetime of dreaming about it) wrote and published my 1st book. (( )) It even hit Amazon’s Best Seller Rank!! Now, I’m busy on my second book.. which brings me to this:

        It’s truly astonishing how much easier it is to live our dreams once we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, and make a couple of them come true!

        darlene 🙂

  4. First up, gorge dress!!

    I’ve let go of big things in my past and, at the time, I was filled with doubt and worry that I was making the wrong decision but it was my gut instinct that told me to go for broke…. and now I can look back and see it made room for a new version of “great” in my life!

    Taking time for quiet (and to dial down the OPE!!) was the trick for me… My instinct is always spot on, but sometimes I need to listen harder to hear it!

    • You’re right Emma, our instinct is always spot on but the key is to dial down the noise so that we can hear it.

      In the past, I’ve paid the price for not listening to my inner guidance so now I make it a daily ritual to meditate & breathe to quite my mind and let the whisper of intuition come through.

      Now my life is so much easier…


  5. This is right on time, Marie!

    This is so tough, because many of us, myself included, are comfortable. We’re secure. I think about this when it comes to my job. My dream is to work full time as an entrepreneur, which of course would mean eventually leaving my comfortable job, where I like what I do, love the people I work with, and love the travel. In my head, I created a scenario, which would allow me to still hold on to a piece of it by working as an independent contractor for my company, but in my heart I know that doing this is not in line with my purpose. When that time comes, I just need to fully step out on faith and do the things that I am meant to do.

    • I’m definitely with you on that one! I’m within my first year of my coaching business and I cannot wait for the day when I can quit my job and devote more energy into building it up.

      • Exactly, but we both should have faith that it will happen. Good luck in your business, Demetria!

    • I know where you are coming from Ms. Pillowz. I had planned to leave my job and start my own business for 10 years. But, I kept hanging on to that security. My job was eventually eliminated, so I started my own business. I continued to work as a contractor, for one year, with the company I left. I found I just did not have room for them anymore. I am really sorry I waited and wasted 10 years. Now 18 months into my own venture, I don’t regret one minute of my “forced” decision. And, now Marie’s message today is helping me cross another hurdle. Thanks Marie!

      • Wow, thank you sharing your story. You made some great points that are really resonating with me. 🙂

    • This is why I’m glad I don’t actually like my job! Every time frustration hits I remind myself of two things: how much of a blessing the financial stability is in my life while I’m getting my business up and running, and how this frustration is constantly keeping me moving and never letting me settle into it! And it really does seem that every time I become comfortable with being here something else happens that sends me running in the opposite direction. I guess they must be reminders from the Universe that this is not where I’m meant to be 😉

      • Laura, I can so relate to what you say. I have a “comfortable” job that I don’t like. I’m counting the days, 163 actually, until I can quit. My job is all about the paycheck right now, but in 163 days I can say adios. Every time I get frustrated at work, I look at the little countdown app on my phone and remind myself that it’s not that long. I am so excited for the day I can quit, the not liking my job thing is great fuel for making my own thing happen. And, yes aren’t those little reminders from the universe interesting! Thanks Marie for a great video, and I love your dress. : )

  6. Thanks Marie, great video! One thing I’ve cut loose from (just last week) was my current business. I’d lovingly built up 8,781 subscribers on my email list but now my heart isn’t in it anymore. Today is time to break free of that business and start a brand new one. From scratch. I am absolutely petrified! Yet I really believe that fear and excitement are on the same line…. Catherine

    • Congratulations Catherine!

    • Huge move, Catherine. Get ready for the equally huge blessings coming your way.

    • They are, Catherine! Steven Pressfield says to follow your fear… it’s your greatest compass! Sometimes when your heart is pounding in your chest all you have to do is hold your breath and just take a step forward! Things start taking shape on their own when you follow your true purpose.

  7. Love this, Marie! It’s so important to “clear your plate” of what is just good in order to have room for what’s great. As you change, what was great at one point is no longer great later on in time. Many of the things we start and initially dream of continuing with forever turn out to be just learning experiences – stepping stones to something even greater. In the end, what matters is trusting that inner voice that tells you exactly what to do – because that voice doesn’t tell you to quit something unless the Universe does have greater things in store for you. Thank you for the reminder!

    • “Many of the things we start and initially dream of continuing with forever turn out to be just learning experiences – stepping stones to something even greater.”

      I love this – it’s so true. When we let things go that are no longer serving us, the universe will show up for us in bigger ways.

    • Agreed. Those whispers from the Universe are NEVER random.

      • Now that’s a tweetable Emelia! Whispers from the Universe are NEVER random!!! Well said!

  8. Great topic Marie and congrats on staying true to you!

    I think people tend to settle with the “good enough” because of fear. They fear how doing something or being something greater will change their life and how it will affect the people around them. This is a huge piece for women.

    I too… have a strategic plan in place to create the business and lifestyle that I want and I stick to the plan. Is it always easy? No. It can be easy to get sidetracked, but I just keep my end goal in mind when deciding on a “yes” or a “no” for me or my business.

    Keep Shining!
    Julie 🙂

    • Hi Julie… I 100% agree with you that fear is a huge form of resistance.

      Feeling fear but acting anyway is very liberating. I think it is OK to feel scared, but not to let that fear lull you into doing nothing. There’s something quite seductive about fear that associates what is familiar with “being safe”.

  9. I loved this topic, and it’s so fitting as I just left my job in the corporate world to do a number of different things that fill me with passion: I started a blog, and I’m creating a business to help bloggers build a better platform and brand. It’s scary and I’m not making much money in the short-term, but longer term, I’m convinced that it will have been the right financial and emotional decision for me.

    Good luck to everyone who is taking a big leap this year, may we all land on our feet, and in a better place than where we started.

  10. All of the truly incredible things that have happened in my business and life were a result of not settling for good enough, and letting them go to make space for the incredible next steps to come.

    Leaving Toronto to move to Brooklyn, NY was definitely one of those things. Toronto was fine, it was really good actually! But leaving gave us so much freedom to re-invent how we wanted to live and be more conscious about our lifestyle.

    As for what’s next, I’m not sure yet because everything feels really good. I see some shifts coming, but nothing too drastic… as of now! 🙂

    • You are such an inspiration to me Nathalie. I’ve been following your blog and just watched your business unfold so greatly right in front of my eyes.

  11. Ahhh wow do I know this one well! I worked for years to build by online jewelry business and right when it was really booming I knew I had to walk away to start my do good biz! And sure enough that door closed was super smart of me and it opened a door to big things I couldn’t have imagined like TEDx, major media coverage and such fulfillment from my work! Thanks for this one Marie, sometimes we all need a reminder to clear the decks to make more room for what’s to come!

    • Hi Erin,

      I’m so glad you are doing great! It’s so amazing that you brought more awareness to sex trafficking!

  12. The one specific thing I was afraid to let go of was one of my classes that I teach at a local college. While I love teaching, to get benefits and a higher salary I need to teach at least 3 classes a year. In actuality, teaching one class per semester (2/year) works MUCH better in my life – I have time to focus on my own business, I stay healthier (hello three sinus infections in as many months last fall!), and I’m not such a crazy, snippy person to be around! It was a gamble to let the extra class go, but so far this fall it’s been working out wonderfully…and the “lost” income is being filled right in by new coaching clients! Letting go is a gift indeed.

    • That’s great 🙂 Glad to hear everything worked out for you, Rebecca!

  13. This was a great topic, Marie. And yay you for following your heart and being able to say no even when the dollah bills were on the table.

    I’m clearing space by putting classes on hold (I love to teach and my classes always sell out but I need time for writing) and eliminating products to create time for new products. It’s all about clearing and rebooting. If you don’t do that in your life – or your biz – you get stale, real fast. And stale bread is not that tasty. 😉


  14. Last year my hubby and I let go of a city. That’s right, a city. We were living in Santa Fe which felt like a dream. We loved the mountains, the food and the weather, but deep down inside we knew that life had more in store for us. So although people thought we were crazy for leaving we packed up and moved. At first we regretted it, but now we are seeing the big things life had for us in our current location. No regrets here.

    • Wow, that’s a good one!

    • Katie, I liked your point that at first a big choice for change can feel negative (in my case, downright shizzy and very lonely), but reminding yourself that you made the decision from a place of authenticity is just what I needed to re-connect with today–thank you!

  15. Sam Irby wrote recently, “Once life kicks the shit outta you, everything else is gravy.” For the first 17 years of my life I had precious little control over anything, let alone my happiness. So once I was free, anything less than great was never an option. I’ve left behind so many things that were just “good” because you only get one life and I need to make up for lost time. Sure people think my choice are crazy (leaving a perfectly ‘good’ relationship), or irresponsible (ditching a very lucrative corporate career for nothing more than some mental space)…whatever. It’s none of my business what they think. My policy is to live life like ABBA: build it to it’s pinnacle, and then step away on that high note. Great post Marie.

    • ” My policy is to live life like ABBA: build it to it’s pinnacle, and then step away on that high note.”

      Love these words Heather, they really “spoke” to me haha… hope you don’t mind if I copy them out and add them to my INSPIRING WORDS journal!! 🙂

      • Haha what a great way to put it – do it like ABBA!

        In Sweden we have a saying that goes something like “you should always leave the party when it’s at its best”.

    • I love this ABBA advice! Brilliant!

  16. I love the synchronicity of this, Marie and community. Last week, I started meditating and taking action on “Making Space” to build a business that is hip and conscious and pioneering (often freaking me out) and also attracting customers that care about changing their lives and making an impact in the world. You know….I am cutting loose the extraneous like trying to conform to mainstream when I never was mainstream, my patterns that keep me back, and continuing to uncover new ways to help my tribe get results that impact their health and family outcomes and happiness.

  17. geez louise when I got this email “How come I said no to 1 million dollars…” I had to check it out straight away.

    I have a plan right now to cut one of my businesses! Already culled one at the start of this year and now I’m ready to cull another one. It feels like cutting off a limb, but when you do some soul searching and cut through the fear and YES stop thinking of OPE…. it can be super calming and freeing.

    I’m culling the extra businesses I have so I can spend time on my Bschoolified business! It helps change lives so yes the more room I can make in my schedule to dedicate to my Bschoolified business the better!

    Love your videos. Love the new set.

    Love Jana xx

  18. Wow! Was literally sitting contemplating which way to go with a business decision – stay with what I have that is good, or take a chance and shake things up and voila! What comes in my inbox…this video. Talk about timing!

  19. It all comes down to alignment. You are here to share your unique spark in the world. If you know what that spark is, and you stay aligned with that, you can hold any opportunity to this and know in an instant whether it’s a yes or no for you.

  20. Amen, Amen! I walked away from art licensing deals because I felt like at some level that there was something better for me…you are so right, it was good but it wasn’t “great.” Now I started Smart Creative Women, e-course and am on the road to finding renewed passion for art in the way that fits ME! The results after “letting go” have been beyond rewarding!

  21. I love what you said about “amazing things won’t show up if you don’t have room for it.” I am working with my own coach to cut loose some pieces of my business that are good, but I know are holding me back from doing great things! Thanks, Marie.

  22. Jaclyn Mullen

    Ok, you got me this morning Marie. For a few months now, “good to great” has been popping up all over the place. The Lululemon store I go to for run club and yoga class had a copy of the book, a picture of it showed up in my Instagram feed so needless to say I picked up a copy last week and have been contemplating whether or not to read it this month. Well guess what? Sign from the universe and Mama Marie. I am reading the book! I took a picture of it with your post here to share with some of my closest friends who often doubt synchronicity! Amazing way to start my Tuesday morning. Now, to watch your video. I am intrigued to say the least : )

  23. Honestly, being great is hard, hard, work and not many people are ready to do the work!

  24. I love your stuff and am signed up for b school. Excited! I walked away from my stable, well paying, high profile job in June to start my own consulting firm. Yes- most thought I was crazy, but it felt right and things fell into place right away-it felt soul right. And I love the kind of work I’m doing! Now I’ve hit a financial snag and am a little panicked- up in middle of the night, WTF panic. Did you ever hit the panic wall and how did you get through it?? Ultimately, I know I’m going to be fine- but still.

  25. Three months ago I finally let go of my financial focus of paying off debt. Instead, I shifted my focus to increasing my earnings.

    This shift has changed my life.

    The result? My earnings have increased dramatically. The payoff? My debt has been decreasing significantly every month.

    • That’s awesome, Shelagh!

      • Congratulations Shelagh!! So happy for you!!!!

    • So glad you posted. I just checked out your website and it’s exactly what I need. I just stopped my spa & fitness business so I can focus on coaching working moms to lose weight, get fit and have fun so they can become happy, healthy & hot moms! And it looks like you are in Ontario and I’m from Ottawa. Anyway I was glad to find you 🙂

  26. I just shared the story yesterday of how I left a sure thing (seeing 6 to 10 clients a day in the gym) to start teaching workshops and raw food classes. I really did take a huge risk, but I just KNEW that it was the right thing to do and it was going to lead me to great things.

    When you take the action, the universe will give you the feedback if you’re on the right track (happy accidents, resources showing up, etc). Most people are waiting around for the feedback first without stepping up to take that leap from good to great. Take inspired action baby!

  27. B

    This came at such a perfect time for me! I recently left a (very) well paying job to go down several salary steps and do something I really love- when I get a new job, that is! At the same time, I left a long term relationship that I realized was stagnant and preventing me from finding one that could be fulfilling. Now that I’ve let go of both, I’m in that scary between place where nothing’s replaced either and it feels like maybe nothing will, and maybe I should have stuck with the status quo. You reminded me though that, as they say, you can’t steal second with one foot on first. Thanks!

    • Congratulations on making some HUGE steps towards your own happiness, B. That’s ah-mazing!

    • Andrea

      B, congratulations on taking such a brave step! I’d love to connect with you and talk more. The decisions you’ve made are the very ones I’m in the process of trying to make. I think this video from Marie was yet another sign that I need to bite the bullet already.

  28. Marie,

    You are an breath of fresh air. I did walk away from two careers.
    I quit selling real estate, before the crash, to live on a sailboat with my wife for 8 years – that was a great adventure!

    The second time I walked away from a good paying business because the partnership I was in made life so unbearable I needed to walk away from a good income, and all equity in the business. That took a while to get over.

    Now both my wife and I are committed to three things;
    1) Building a life surrounded by a loving community of friends and family.
    2) Develop businesses that allow us to travel.
    3) Have a service where anyone purchasing will say “OMG, this is exactly what I need, thank you so much”.

    As always, thanks Marie!

  29. Oh Marie, you nailed it. This is just what I needed to hear today. I’m changing my entire life right now. Yesterday I sold my (good) apartment. I’m walking away from (good) speaking and teaching gigs. All in the pursuit of something truly great. What that is remains to be seen, but when it gets here it will be awesome. I just know it.

    • Gabriella

      Wow Pernille, lots of big changes there. All the best!

  30. Dee

    Need to leave the EAST COAST!!! My cofounder and I NEED to move to CA to get GREAT angel investors and talent in order to grow our startup!!! Thanks for being such a great inspiration & motivator

  31. Thank you Marie for this reminder because I am in that spot again today where I am allowing comfort and fear to keep me in the good state.
    16 years ago I left my country, Haiti, because I always felt that there was more for me to contribute into this world. It was HARD as hell to be away from loved ones in a foreign land but I MADE IT.
    When I joined B-School all my friends told me I was crazy to spend so much money and this was not even a college certificate course. I was so scared for spending so much money and didn’t think about it too much. I knew that it was the right investment in my heart. God am I happy I did. I’ve met so many incredible women and coaches that I finally feel that I am heading for GREAT.
    A few months ago I was working for this lady and was very unhappy. I was always exhausted and had no time to work on what I really wanted to do so one day I just quit. I remained in that job because I needed the money. But the money made me feel worse and worse because I felt that I was giving up my soul (unhappy, frustrated, felt unappreciated and used).
    Today’s blog reminds me that every time I stepped out of my comfort zone, and conquered my fears, something great happened in my life. I guess it will always feel a little scary in unfamiliar territory but being afraid is good too as long as I continue to do it afraid.

  32. letting go of the persistent hold of shame that cages, confines and constricts. leaning into allowing myself to consider whatever stage beckons (that is, being seen and heard). always so grateful for the musical interludes. dancing to the rhythm of the drum is truly my native language. love the jam-session moments. thank you.

  33. Great episode! This is a really powerful message and I think it’s a great reminder that you need to be aware of where you are in life (and business) to avoid settling for less than you’re capable of…

    Now if only there was a secret to overcome the fear of the unknown. That’s always my biggest struggle and it’s hard to tell that scared voice in my head to keep quiet.

  34. moni

    great video and thanks, my biggest dilema to do what i want is my mom and sisters living in europe and me being here in new york, which they don’t approve off. I am trying to proceed with making it happen here, but it’s hard without their support.

  35. Rachel

    I have to tell you about the coincidence that just occurred – just yesterday, after months of grappling with the decision, I resigned from the highest paying job I’ve ever had in order to begin the process of starting my own business, something I’ve been dreaming about for nearly 10 years. I felt that in order for me to really dive into it without looking back, I needed to cut loose the safety net that was keeping me in happy land. I feel so invigorated by the decision and your video affirmed me even more. Thank you. Keep doin’ what you do.

    • CONGRATULATIONS Rachel! It sounds like it was a tough decision and at times it will continue to be tough but it’s all worth it in the end! Awesome!

  36. Thanks Marie!

    This video came right in my life when I am asking myself about a new opportunity and I am not sure if it’s right for me.

    Now I know it’s not right! Thanks so much for your great videos, you really inspire me.

  37. This is such a great lesson Marie! For new things to come into your life you need to create space. I’m in that place right now, letting go of fear, worry and doubt and creating space for the things and thoughts that I want, that I know will help me grow!

  38. Wow I love the synchroniscity of this blog Marie 🙂 I am just in the middle of relocating to expand and up my business and life … And literally last night I was talking to a friend saying how I felt I was becoming complacent in my cush practice where money was flowing in with amazing clients… But deep down I KNEW it was time to take this leap for my bigger life calling. The big one, not the comfortable one. The great one, not the good one. I think some people are Looking at me like I am crazy, which sometimes when it is scary I think shhhhheeeet here we go. It does take courage to let go of really wonderful things and working with amazing people … To I obey the intuitive voice within that calls you toward your bigger vision and calling. Thanks Marie 🙂 puuuurfect timing xo

  39. DSFglobal

    Hey Marie!

    So funny that this would be the theme of today. A coinky dink, rather!

    Yes, the thing I’m actively working to let go of (what’s most conscious, anyway, though I suspect this is only part of a BROAD life overhaul I’ll need to do soon) is a romantic relationship that’s gone on for too long and is going nowhere, really.

    -We both care for each other tons
    -We share totally different ambitions for the future
    -His goal post seems to always be moving (first he wants to live together; then not; then insists on being together when I suggest spacious friendship; then insists on space when I suggest a genuine romance) — and I’ve often just been trying to respond to whatever his current, yet-constantly-moving goal post is
    -It’s absorbed the past 6 — soon going on 7 — years of my life.

    To stay in the relationship would require me giving up even more of my time and youth, and miss out on other way more suitable suitors who could come my way. It also keeps the rest of my life small, honestly, because I’m otherwise a huge, vibrant, inspiring woman and it’s embarrassing on some level to even know I’ve been tolerating a relationship like this.

    This principle of needing to “Grow into more”, or me being at a stalemate in so many areas of my life applies also outside of romance. It also applies to my current: career; city/location; money habits; how I spend my time on any given day; friendships/social life; and, more.

    As I said, it seems to be a broad stroke sweep.

    The romance part is painful, and the other stuff is just slightly disorienting or scary. I’d love to hear anyone else’s strategies on how to move through periods like this with success or ease. How do you just plainly and successfully let go of all kinds of things that are literally going nowhere you want, nowhere that will inspire your happiness, and clearly so?

    Thanks in advance — and yes, very apt and timely show! <3

    • I too can understand your delema…20 years and 4 kiddos later, I am too struggling…just going in two different directions, or I at least am moving in another direction. He is complacent , won’t make any moves to grow change or stop his negativity. I feel stifled alone, scared….
      Change must be coming…….

  40. Amen, sista sledge- this is exactly right. I’m doing this in my life right now and can’t talk about the details quite yet, but every thing you said is true- i’m walking away from something good in pursuit of something great. It’s a bit scary a. leaving the comfort known is a risk b/c I don’t know for sure if it will be better, but I’m doing it anyway b/c my intuition says I’ll be better than OK and b. most people don’t understand and they let me know!

    I’ll let ya know how it going 🙂
    xo desha

  41. In my experience, when OPEs are a huge drag (and even really mean), find some new peeps! It’s hard, and lonely to keep on keepin’ on. It’s also challenging to find new friends with all the *other* stuff you need to do to launch your new venture. But it’s essential to get some loving care from not only yourself but also from others who understand what you’re trying to do and think you’re a pretty cool person, too.

  42. Jenn

    Thanks for this Marie, hit close to home. I’ve recently left an abusive marriage in another country, I’ve relocated back to Vancouver with my two small children. It took a lot of courage to leave, aside from the obvious, it was not nurturing my growth and spirituality. I was blocked and knew that deep down there is so much I have to give. Since I’ve been outside of the relationship, my creative juices are flowing! There is so much to look forward to and for something so scary to walk away from, was by far the best decision I’ve EVER made!
    Lots of love and blessings of abundance to you Marie and to all of your followers, we’re ALL life changers!! xoxo

    • Jenn, congratulations to you!! I did the same in the last couple years and the shift in my life has been tremendous. Get ready, baby girl – because now you’ll be facing all the stuff that led you to choose that relationship in the first place. Sending you much love and light – you are doing right, my friend. xoxo

  43. Thanks Marie,

    I look forward to Tuesdays, because of the wealth of knowledge and encouragement given. I have recently walked away from a high paying corporate job to open an art gallery. My coworkers definitely thought I was crazy pants. It is certainly outside of my comfort zone, but I will never go back. I would rather work 20 hours for myself than 1 hour chained to a desk. Freedom feels so good to my soul!

  44. Marie,

    This is perfect and totally what I needed to hear today is this moment (thank you Universe). By you following your truth Marie, you allow others to do the same as well.

    While growing my own biz I am constantly taking a step back and tuning in. This doesn’t always feel good (hell it never feels good to let go) but so essential to happiness.

    Thank you for sharing. You are a rockstar Marie.


  45. Yep – I know all about this one. Sometimes you have to do the difficult thing, and walk away from a good thing, so that you can start something new and even more fulfilling. When you’re ready for your next big thing, you have to have the courage to trust your intuition and just go for it! So hard! So worth it 🙂
    Thanks Marie!

  46. Been nailing this one recently – 6 months ago me, my husabnd and son packed up our “good” life and business in Ireland and moved to Vancouver Canada to live our dreams and follow our hearts on what a “great”

    • …oops, pressed submit too soon….meant to finish with what a great life means to us based on our own definition of success

  47. I have let go of some many really good things in my life, almost marriage, jobs, job offers when I really needed to see some incoming money, friendships that were to be until we are old toothless ladies. It was never easy to let go but I would not want any of the stuff I let go of, back in my life. Letting go has made a room for new to come in, many times over. I agree Marie, when you let go, new can come in. Coincidentally, or not, this morning I posted an experiment/challenge on my facebook page: for next 7 days I will look to learn something and as a result let go of something that no longer serves me. Game on:)

    Thank you!

  48. Perfect timing for this video. Just yesterday i decided to discontinue working for a client as I wasn’t getting enough time to concentrate on my own website. I was initially skeptical, but not anymore after watching this video!

  49. Jennifer

    I really enjoyed your video 🙂 I have been struggling with my career for the last couple of years. I have been working for Corporate America for the last 13 years, I am a mother of 2 (ages 8 and 10), recently started unschooling/homeschooling, and do marketing for my husbands business. I am the bread winner in the family so it is not possible to quit my full-time Corporate America job but I am done with it. I ended up with a lot on my plate by trying to find what I enjoy but somehow only the job I want to quit makes any money! Help!

  50. Making the courageous choice to walk away is such a powerful message! Sing it sister! Exactly 1 year ago, I walked away from my 6 figure supposedly dream job in Zurich to fulfill my dream of a world trip and building my own legacy. I’m not going to lie, there are moments when the old salary+corporate perks+ old colleagues nostalgia creep up on me (the “good” stuff) but then I recognize the freedom, awesome people and incredible learning opportunity I’ve created for myself (my path to “great”). Leaving Good for Great is a life lesson in fear busting and stepping into the space you know you are meant to be. Thanks for sharing your story Marie and for showing us the courage behind being Great!

  51. Love this topic. Thank you Marie! I left my comfort behind when I decided to leave my steady job and become an entrepreneur. The hardest thing ever, yet most rewarding.

  52. Great topic, and perfect timing as always.

    I feel I’m in front of 2 doors. One, where I become the sales coach & speaker I have dream of since (I can’t remember). The other, continuing the family business. Quitting to my boss is pretty difficult, he’s my father. + I really like my job.

    Tough one…

  53. Francine

    Couldn’t agree more! I gave up my steady job 8 years ago and my home state halfway across the country to be with the man who is my loving husband. After my mom died 18 months ago, I gave up my identity as a daughter, as I’m an only child, and my dad passed away 9 years ago. While giving up that identity, I gained a ton of insight about myself and my past, my parents, and their past. This insight help me let go of some friends who weren’t able to support me during that time and instead chose to ostracize me. Since those friends were connected to my previous job at a church, I gave up that job as well after a part of it was taken away from me with no good explanation.

    So now, I have no parents, no environmental or human ties to the first 25 years of my life, no local friends, no job, and no sense of community in the tiny rural area where I live. But…

    I have a loving, supportive husband. I have so much more understanding of myself and others around me. I have a house over my head and food on the table. I am at peace with my past and with my present. I have compassion for those who hurt me, because I know they’ve been badly hurt as well. And I have forgiveness for myself for the ways I’ve hurt others and for the times I have let my life live me instead of living it. Maybe for the first time in my life, I have my own approval of myself and my “outsider” perspectives that are often not understood because of my life experiences being so different from most. I’m okay with being me no matter if I’m liked or understood or not. I no longer have a desperate desire to fit in and give up my own identity. And that is perhaps, to me, the gain of a lifetime. 🙂

    • Catherine

      This is fantastic, Francine, thank you for sharing! It’s amazing the things we will put up with to belong and not hurt the people we love. But in the long run, we have so much more to offer if we’re true to ourselves!

    • Danny M

      Francine, high five to you. Thanks for sharing your situation I can relate to you in so many way. You are on the right path and God Bless you!

  54. Today’s Q&A couldn’t have come at a better time… As I’ve been gently nudged out of a day job that was definitely holding me back from “great” – now I’m having to deal with other self-imposed obstacles! Not surprisingly I keep swimming to the fridge or Facebook to fill the void left by shedding “good”… And yet there is so much more to shed! My mantras since pushing off into my new life of full-time entrepreneurship: Clarity and Right Action.

    Which means letting go of aaaallllll that doesn’t serve me anymore. An exciting, nervous-making, energy-freeing time!!

    Thank you so much, Marie. You have been like a lifesaver, buoying me at the choppiest times, cheering me on during the smoothest!

    • Marylou Gomez

      I feel you completely. This video totally hit home for me. For the last few years, I’ve been a high school teacher. And, while this was the career I dreamed of when I was younger, I no longer find joy in it. Last year was uber difficult to get through and this summer I decided to just let go of what doesn’t work for me.

      I’ve been looking for work for a few months now. Every now and then, I think maybe I should just go back. I can get a job really easy or I can even sub. My life was okay. But, that’s just not working for me anymore.

  55. I need to let go of the sensible pants I am wearing and start putting on my crazy pants. People might think I have ‘gone loco’ if I start talking about manifesting, the law of attraction, and vortex’s but my inner guide is starting to put her foot down and I will be taking another leap of faith and using more of this language in my business.

    EEEEekkkkkk. Wish me luck! x

    • monica

      You don’t need any luck, you got this, do it gurl go for it!! Your inner goddess is screaming let me out. Speak your truth sister it will set you free.

    • There are tons of people who there to support you while you “go loco”. Me included! You’re not alone!

  56. Wow…so on time. I am the Master of Volunteerism. I recently started my business and decided that I had to be more strategic with my time and what I volunteer for. So, I am sitting in a meeting and someone “volunteered” my services without asking me. I very kindly told them I would not be volunteering and I don’t appreciate them taking for granted that I would be on the team. Others are so accustomed to me saying yes, well it’s a new day and time. Time for someone else to step up and take the reigns…

  57. Well, Marie, thanks for the encouraging and inspiring email and, as a new published author, I MUST let go the fear of not having my book shared by the masses. I know the negative idea that NO KNOWS about the book yet, because of funds for marketing & promotions, but I must, as the smart & beautiful Marie says, let go and move on!!

    So, my “gift” is to for the next 2 weeks “let go” and offer my book for free!

    Free download of book:
    Coupon Code for free download: i2014jai


  58. LOVE this. You are always right on point. Years ago I walked away from a cushy relationship that was OK. He had won millions in the lottery… seriously. He was a kind man with similar core values. Something was missing… it was not MY life. I felt a call and pull end the relationship and the wellness center we were establishing on Sanibel Island… ( big dream) I relocated to Atlanta, GA where after many years of plugging away… I found my current career and the man of my dreams. We now have a beautiful daughter and a fulfilling life. I just launched my blog which I have big plans for thanks to YOU. Thanks for your bravery and courage to do the right thing. We need more leaders out there like you.

  59. Laurie

    Great advice!! I have been trying to have the courage to walk away from my career for over ten years!! But because it’s “comfortable”, steady and helps pay the bills, I haven’t the courage to try something new. I’m 44 and feel like the clock is ticking. I want to do something different with my life. I want to feel inspired and inspire others!! Help!!!

  60. “You can’t have really amazing stuff show up in your life if you don’t have room for it.”

    Love that!

    This fall I’ve been scaling back on my one-on-one sessions to make room for a) LIFE! and b) creating my first course. It’s been a refreshing change of pace, and I know I need that “room” to grow and create something great.

    Beautiful advice – and beautiful new set! Happy October to you, Marie 🙂

  61. Namaste, Well I walked away from working with the Homeless & Domestic Abused people,due to the fact that I am a very Highly Sensitive Person with a lot of Empath gifts its not easy being me,But its getting better each day,being able to feel others emotions & pains throughout the day/night,and Know when others are dealing with emotional baggage,Now I started a Healing & (Psychic) Reading Business,but it can be very difficult starting any business.But I am also a Ordained Minister,with a PhD. in Metaphysics. So now what ever message the Universes gives me to pass on to others I follow the call.and do a lot of Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and I teach it as well,But the Universe has me at a stand still,I am unable to work or see clients.when my time comes I will be ready & stronger for my next mission,I am unable to work with large groups.Only one on one.Have a Blessed Day Beloved

  62. Hey Marie,

    I’m thanking you for this video before I even watch it. From what I read in your email, it hits home as I recently decided to stop working on websites, which brings in maybe 80-90% of my business. Not that I could fully walk away from dabbling in WordPress, but I realize I’ve gotten as far as I need to get in the world of website development and it’s time to start walking away. What’s helping me to walk away is realizing that I have a much bigger purpose to serve and I’ve been blessed with so many gifts and talents and it’s time to see how I can be a blessing to others and also how much farther I can spread my wings 🙂

    Thanks again Marie!

    P.S. Wouldn’t it be funny if my comment has nothing to do with the video? lol

  63. Trippy video Marie! (I love the gal chugging Perrier LMAO)

    I closed a “good” retail business of few years back and I even though it was a tough decision it freed me to start my new coaching biz which allows me to play a lot more into my zone of genius.

    PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress!

  64. What a timely post Marie!
    I am sitting here in the office of the college where I am adjunct faculty… I teach 2 classes each semester– it helps with the bills, vacations etc. BUT it is eating away at the time I can spend growing our art business…
    So many of the comments here resonate with my own experience, as in the past I have “jumped off the ship” to recreate and follow my dream… this time, for some reason it is proving more difficult to ‘let go’…. but YES- when we follow our passion…what really, truly *moves* us-THAT is when and where the *mirmagical* happens, when dreams come true!

    Love & light to all,

  65. You only need one really good experience to follow this advice forever… I turned down a non-paid weekly online blog spot (with a really juicy online mag). As a professional poet it was a matter of principle and honoring fellow writers making their living from their talent. The next morning (no kidding, no waiting!) I got a call from someone who wanted to book me for a very well paid live 20 minute performance at a breakfast meeting… and that led to a poet in residency worth a four figure sum!

    Serendipitea or law of the universe?! Whichever, I know what feels best…

  66. heather

    I’m so grateful for these videos! This year, I quit my job to pursue a lifelong dream of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.
    Now I am back, after a successful thru-hike and I’m taking time to consider what I want to do from here. I did a lot of thinking and soul searching on the trail and decided that going back to my old job was just not what I wanted to do.
    However, I am surrounded by friends and family who are afraid that I am “throwing my life away” and that I should just be practical now that I got that hiking thing out of my system. I love them and I know they are just trying to look out for my best interest, but I also know that I need to follow my intuition.
    Videos like this one are wonderful in that I know there are other people like me out there and I’m not crazy to want something different in life.
    Thanks so much for giving me the support I need!

  67. THANK YOU MARIE! This MarieTV episode comes in the best moment, as I am stepping into the next stage in my life. I’ve lay down my strategy, I am working towards making things happen and I am keeping a good attitude. Of course it’s not easy, sometimes I even wonder from where I get this energy to keep going and how on Earth I started to live this path; then I realize how blessed I am to be living the life I create and be able to do the work I do. Thank you Marie for fostering this desire to keep going for my dreams and of course love my business and my life the way I do.

    Sending you tons of love from Peru! 🙂

    • Karla,
      Love your comment, it certainly describes my life. Everything starts with our mindset and you are certainly on course. Marie has provided some tools now it’s left up to us to become great and become a “Change Agent”.

      Melinda, simply beautiful St.Lucia

  68. Hey Marie,
    How often in life we fail to live up to the “Dreams” that we receive. What makes you video so inspiring and encouraging is that we are challenged to review our present and strive for our destiny…To ultimately make good on the “Dreams” contained in our heart-of-hearts. As you stated, “Sometimes the only way to get what you really want in life is to leave behind the sure thing you already have”. That comment says it all! And, so, Marie, I praise you and thank you for helping us all to stay focused on “Dreaming” BIG…I dedicate my poem from my book, “The Bridal Chamber: Where Dreams Become Reality” [ ISBN# 978-1-4566-1987-9] to you and ALL those like “You” for “Dreaming” BIG…





  69. Dear Marie,

    First and foremost thanks for the inspiration. You have truly been my booster rocket, starting my own business 8 months has been rewarding and yet challenging because of the financial constraints. You have given me so many great ideas and I will use them to turn my situation around. I look forward to becoming one of your student at B School.

    You are truly a “Change Agent’.


  70. Thanks Marie for this video!! This content reminds me of the book The Big Leap…amazing! Right now in life I am letting go of the urgency to fill my life with making money because I am broke into surrender and focus on creating a business that truly will support many peoples lives. Rather then coming from place of I am not enough to I have everything I need. My business keeps going on the back burner. I have aloud my side jobs to get in the way from growing and limiting myself from fully living in my brilliance!! It is time to shine shine and shine more and my business is about supporting others to do the same. So most of the time on going from good to great, is me getting in my own way….that is getting old!! Thanks for the reminder and courage you constantly give me Marie:)

  71. I dropped out of stanford’s phd program to…explore my options. Leaving a prestigious university and diving into uncertainty was really hard and scary. The worst part was my family – they all freaked out with my decision and insisted I change my mind!

    However, I believed that was the best time for me to do such a move. No kids, no mortgage, I had minimum responsibilities. The longer I didn’t take the step, the harder it would become.

    This led to the creation of Fitness Reloaded and then eventually writing my book and other goodies.

    If I hadn’t done that then I would still be asking myself…what if?

  72. Powerful message Marie, I’ll take great any day to a lifetime of good.

    I spent 7 years of my life getting my MBA at night because I wanted the security I thought it would bring only to find it opened up the wrong doors. Sure I got a great job, but it wasn’t what made me sing or bring my kind of magic into the world. But life has a way of finding you and bringing you back on track if you keep that spark of wanting to do great instead of good.

    For me, that was starting a restaurant. Talk about letting go of security…at the time, I thought it was my mind. But that was 20 years ago and today I have a great business teaching people how to cook and creating recipes that combine great taste with great health benefits! Good definitely would not have been enough for this mission. Silvia

  73. You rock girl!
    “Good is the enemy of great”, I have this discussion with a friend once and he was freaking out! Glad to hear and see some like-minded people, it fills my heart.

    Anyway it’s time also for me to think about the next step, what is working and what is not. In my experience I left a well-paid, funny work in a little sort Apple Store in Milan to go to London with a big luggage and a backpack. And I am more than happy with this choice!

    A left a tutoring job for a private company because I couldn’t use the contact of my students, start my own business.

    Now it’s again time for changes, I tested the field something works other thinks not, more than that I am becoming more and more aligned with my big vision, message and personality I want to bring and offer, all the rest will follow. I saw that each time money go down and than up again, so I don’t how, I am confident another up (or UP) will follow. I feel it because I am having more and more fun (and get more deeper too) in what I am doing, keep crafting with love my big deepest why.

    PS: I LOVE your dress!

  74. Oh my this is just what I needed to keep going. I just let go of something very important and I think I am going on my way to greatness! Thank you Marie!!

  75. AZAM

    I needed this!!! ugh such a great sign…right now I’m running my own business and everything is GOOD but for the past few weeks I’ve been having that nagging feeling that I should go back to my #1 dream…I used to work in my dream industry left to pursue other passions and I’ve had fun and made money doing it but I’m know I’m destined for more I’ve always wanted to be GREAT! I cannot fathom the idea of being like “most people” This video is just what I needed thank you for everything you do Marie you’re so f*cking awesome and real!

  76. Catherine

    My toddler does this thing where she leans for two toys just out of reach at once. When you see it visually, you know it doesn’t make any sense. After a moment, she commits to one toy and then she can scoop up the other later.

    I find people are totally lacking in patience and imagination most of the time. Ten years ago I was living in a dorm room with three other girls, running from a workplace to an internship and back to campus – so a car and a cell phone were essential. Now, I’m home with the toddler and share a car and cell with the husband. My current situation seems to horrify the women I talk to, but it won’t even take ten years to get back to the running around in the car again. Sure, if I got a full time job tomorrow I would have my car and cell phone pretty quickly, but I also wouldn’t have the parenting experience that I prefer to everything else.

    I am not afraid of being victimized by other peoples’ judgements or opinions, nor do I feel any need to persuade them of how happy it makes me to get exactly what I want at this stage of life.

    This is what I love about following Marie – this stuff applies to every facet of life, not just business.

  77. I walked away fro my corporate job seven years ago. From one day to the next without steady income, retirements savings and health insurance.

    And I never looked back, it was the most liberating thing I ever did.

    Now I’m able to help many many beautiful people to discover the best in them and help make them shine. It’s awesome!

    At the moment I would say there is nothing I would walk away from, I’ve been rebranding my business this year (throughout B-School, YAY!) and am at a level of slight discomfort. lol Once that has settled I’m sure I can figure out my next step to greatness!

  78. I’m letting go of OPE! I live in New York City and currently pay way too much for rent and it’s eating up the money I could use to market my business and travel for content for my website. I didn’t want to move back home because people expect me to continue to work 9-5, pay rent and work on my “dream” on the weekend.

    Forget them! I want to turn my “dream” into a reality and I need to begin listening to myself or to people who have actually accomplished what I want.

  79. Hi Marie – wow this resonated with me. I am so glad you shared this and I can’t wait to hear what you are cooking up behind the scenes to reach more people. I walked away from a million dollars in my high tech healthcare boutique PR firm. Microsoft wanted to hire my firm but said you will be eaten up (politics) by the other firms. I said no. It was not in my heart to manage politics and people. Yes I was great at what I did and I was ready for something else. And as it turned out, my younger brother was murdered two years later and I downsized my work and helped my employees find other full-time jobs. Sometimes we are guided by forces we can see yet if we trust our intuition and follow it, life unfolds as it should. Now I am on a very different path and one that is heart centered and much more fulfilling to my soul’s path here on the planet. Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom and hilarious videos. Much love to you. Sherold

  80. Almost a year ago I let go of my best friend. We had been friends for 15 years, and even though some parts were good, there was a lot of other stuff that just wasn’t ok. Some might look at my situation and say that maybe I could have worked it out, or maybe I could have just kept in contact, but I know that it isn’t possible to be casual friends with someone who has been so intertwined in my life for so many years. I have no desire to communicate even though I truly wish her well. She’s contacted me and I do appreciate that, but I am not letting that door open. It feels good to leave the drama…

  81. Hi Marie,

    This is great advice! I’m a huge fan of clearing clutter out of our lives to make room for the new. This topic can be a bit scary, because as you said, it takes courage to start something but more to end it. I’m about to get married, and this issue has come up for me a lot! Fear around commitment “Is this relationship GREAT? or just good?”

    What I realized is that you don’t need to necessarily walk away from the person or relationship to go from good to great. Sometimes the only thing you need to change is your thoughts, behaviors and relationship patterns. Good to great can totally happen inside a relationship! I saw this more and more as I begun to shed my own fears and embrace the person in front of me.


  82. Wow. So wonderful and timely!

    Today is literally the first day that I’ve eliminated the clutter of my business and started focusing my time and energy on the travel and inspirational writing I’ve been doing on the side for the last year. It was so hard (and is so hard) to walk away from the thing I’ve built, but I feel like it’s time for something bigger and better and more impactful in the world. Thanks so much for this exceptionally well timed reminder!

  83. Alexis


    I just walked away from a relationship I’d had for almost 8 years with a director who worked with me to develop my web series that I created. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew in my heart of hearts it was the right thing to do and I didn’t have to explain myself any further. I’ve never felt better and more open to the most infinite possibilities as a result.

    Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing this today, as you’ve once again reaffirmed the power in believing in myself and listening to my heart on the deepest of levels.

    Love to you!

  84. susan

    Marie, love your videos. Always come away inspired.
    Have a question? What is the difference between being a perfectionist and wanting the best/or something better.

  85. Megan

    Oh, Marie.

    I KNOW it’s my relationship. That “tug” is very familiar at this point.

    Your video is so helpful and gentle and straightforward. I appreciate you so much.

    I feel queasy and yet I too love the “freedom and energy” surge from letting go of things that no longer serve me.

    Thank you again for your truth. Your video has a lot of meaning and came across my path for a reason.

  86. Nice! But sometimes it just doesn’t have to be complex.

    For instance,clothes! I have been hanging on to that pair of pants thinking that 1) I will be able to get back into them and 2) they will come back into style (not likely) but they are good AND comfortable. Aren’t parachute pants suppose to be that way?!

    By letting them go I have make more room for some other cool and new styles because my closet doesn’t like a void. And I suspect that life, the universe or what ever you want to call it, doesn’t either.

  87. DSizzles

    Question, folks:

    Given all of the great stories on this thread of those who have successfully left behind ‘good’ in exchange for ‘great’: what were your strategies for doing so?

    Specifically, HOW did you finally leave behind:
    -The good but not great job
    -The reliable — yet mostly unfulfilling relationship
    -The merely mediocre in your life, in ANY area?

    What did you — yes, YOU! reading this! 🙂 — literally do? What kept you going? What gave you strength and what was on the other side once you got there?

    I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I especially need and would love to hear this while doing an overhaul on my entire life, at large.

    Thanks, ladies!
    D-Sizzles! xxo

    • Hey D-Sizzles 🙂 For me it was listening to my intuition and knowing I could not betray it. There is no magic potion you can drink, the truth is—it IS hard. It Does take Courage and you do Fly in UNCERTAINTY. There is no way out of this…..unless you let the bad or so-so linger on for so long, sometimes the universe will take it away from you and force you to move on…….But you dont need to wait for that. So the answer is, faith. And since faith is a feeling, and connected to intuition, it is about daring to follow that……And of course, looking at your bank account(if its a career change) and making sure you can realistically do it and have some degree of savings and recognizing what in your life can you let go of that you dont really need (sometimes we think we need more savings than we really do to take that leap of faith), and in return you get peace of mind for following your inner wisdom and inner guidance. Not sure if that helps….But you can practice following your intuition on little things on a daily basis so that you get into the habit and practice of it and watch it working for you, so that when it comes to the big things you have a little more trust in the process….But either way, its not gonna be easy. Its a leap, and it is worth it. And know that, nothing is the end of the world (unless it is 😉 you can always turn around.

      • DSizzles

        Awww – thanks for that, Tova! 🙂

        I especially loved:

        1. Nothing is the end of the world — unless it is! — and therefore can always be turned around;

        2. Listen to your intuition in little ways, literally every single day, to get a hang of it!

        Thank you. Appreciate this! 🙂

  88. HI Marie, thanks for a great Marie TV episode. Over the last year I’ve walked away from a lot of good stuff to move to great stuff. Each time was scary with no certainty, but ultimately certainty is an illusion and I feel the best source of information always comes from following our inner guidance. I walked away from leading yoga trainings so that I could fully dedicate myself to my coaching practice and new book release, and although the money was good before, and I even enjoyed what I was doing, I knew I had to leave it anyways! Your story is so inspiring and I totally believe in that magic of letting go, and because of that letting go, the Universe brings amazing gifts your way, like you getting the call from O seems like divine timing to me 🙂 Thanks for this inspiring and awesome episode 🙂

  89. Marie,

    This video could NOT possibly be better timed. I’m still in my day-job while managing my fashion line on the side and got a call from a recruiter a few weeks ago for another job.

    This job would be way more money (+60% raise), growth opportunities and high profile. I accepted an interview but it hasn’t been sitting with me properly since I did that. I feel like I’m just trading stress and hiding from my true calling further by doing this…. and you’re right, I’m going for it because it’s safe and comfortable, and I’m TERRIFIED to go out on my own as I’m single, have a mortgage, and no steady income is just way out of my comfort zone.

    I actually re-thought the job after watching your video. I think I’m going to decline the interview. I’ve got to stop running from my dreams!


  90. I am letting go of my “fashion design” legacy. It lives in my spare room, and is a tome to something I used to be really great at, but no longer aspire to make a significant part my life. I don’t make time for it (and haven’t in YEARS,) I have other dreams that involve food, communion with good people, and sharing creatively – and making clothing has nothing to do with it. So I’ve decided to box up my supplies, my texts, my guides AND my dressform, and offer them to someone whose aspiring to get into fashion. It was fun for me, but I will no longer hang on to something I was “good” at 8 years ago. (Yup – 8 years taking up space in my life)

  91. Lali

    I really need to let go of what others expect of me and want for me.
    I also need to let go of my critical mind and resistance to life control!!

  92. Everyone here has shared some truly inspiring stories and insightful thoughts!!

    For me, growing up in a traditional Italian background, I was raised to believe that success in life is measured by working hard to make money so you can buy a big house, car and all that fancy furniture and wardrobe. So, about 4 years ago, I was supposed to be happy. You see, I had all these things. The problem was, I wasn’t happy! I wasn’t doing what I really wanted (travel, write and help people). It took me a good 2 years to build up the courage to let go of everything I was ‘supposed’ to want. I quit my job, sold everything and with a small suitcase filled with a few of my clothes I bought a one way ticket to Argentina. I spend 2 years traveling across South America, starting my blog and my coaching program. Today, I am making half the salary I used to. I still have more money left than I used to. Most of all, I wouldn’t give this up for just one day of doing what I used to.

  93. Dear Marie,

    – I have to admit, even before I hear your message, I find you look fantastic with a beautiful color dress. and soo fantastic that you look very slim and beautiful, the way I love to look to you.
    Besides this the message is terrific as well.

    – Thank you so much for being so beautiful and confident. I love it ! You always lift up my spirit, and show me that it is all possible. Thank you for being the force of nature in my grey life. Because of your powerful messages, I gain confidence & answers out of this sometimes confusing & scary world.

    Hugs & Kisses Marie

  94. Hi, Marie,
    Thanks so much for this video and all the insights! I’ve been working at gaining clarity in my businesses and MarieTV and B-School have been invaluable to me through the process.
    Interestingly, it took bunion surgery to get me to sit down long enough and really get serious about what I want to do the most. Prior to that I was still trying to do a little of everything, all good things, and might not have gained needed perspective on that unless they knocked me out and sliced my toe in half! 😉
    Shortly after my surgery, you came into my life via the Oprah episode you mentioned, and I thank the universe for sending you my way. Now on the the other side of recovery and a good long thinking stretch, and with your weekly dose of advice, I’m seeing the focus I needed for great things.
    So grateful and always looking forward to your next episode.
    Thank you from my heart!

  95. Let it go! This is such an important topic – thanks Marie! I recently let go of my successful business as a sex & intimacy coach. *I never even dreamed that I could make a living talking about sex and expression all day! I thought “best job ever”* It was super uncomfortable to let it go, but I too felt like there was something even better (and more important for me) to be doing. Within days the great poured in!

    I wrote this blog during that time. When To Let Go Of A Lover/Job/Friend ::

  96. Iza

    Hi Marie 🙂
    It’s great topic 🙂 A month ago I left my job becouse I was asking me a question “What am I doing here” and still wondering what I want to do in life.
    About quitting a job I was thinking for a half of a year and finally I made my decision 🙂 I think that’s better for me, now I’m trying figure out what exactly I want to do in my life 🙂 And I’m almost there 🙂
    Thanks for great advices and interesting topics 🙂

  97. Danny M

    One thing I just recently let go of was a job. I was working in a position that entailed working 12+ hours a day and walking and standing to the point of me developing a knee pain injury. Not to mention, while working in that position I couldn’t enjoy holidays or weekend with family and I wasn’t doing something that made me happy. This has not been an easy thing for me because I am very motivated and independent woman who likes to pursue her dreams. However for the first time in my life I found myself jobless by choice. Furthermore, shortly after leaving my job I found out I was pregnant. I am taking everything in stride because I have a new baby on the way and I am accepting that I made the right decision. At times I feel alone and that I don’t have a support system. Recently I have come to the conclusion that I need to distance myself from family and friends. I have extended myself to them over and over again only to find that they will or have betrayed me, and have failed to support me when I needed it the most. This is a tough time for me but I am keeping my head up.

    • Catherine

      When I had my daughter, I felt obligated to let everyone get a piece of me and her, even my mother who has not been supportive through the years. I think your instincts are spot on. It’d definitely a vulnerable time, but your strength and ambition will just come out in a new and different way as a mother.

      • Danny M

        Catherine, thank you for your insight I definitely needed to hear that!!!

  98. Pris

    I laughed out when I saw you dancing and stuff, Marie! That was just soooo funny!

    I need to cut loose this relationship… I don’t know should I even call it a relationship. We got intimate but we are not a couple. Sometimes he seems interested, sometimes he is cold. I tried hard not to get affected by all these but it’s hard.

    I want to cut it but don’t know how…or I should say, I don’t really wish to cut it. But I know I had to.

  99. Three years ago I, along with 3 others, founded an organization to provide free yoga to cancer patients. This was in an effort to honor of a dear friend and yoga instructor that worked for me at my yoga studio. Following her death from breast cancer, her father and husband asked me to help find a way to honor this wonderful yogi. It was heart driven, successful and energy consuming work. Now a rooted foundation, I feel a strong need to close that chapter and move forward to work that I am excited about and into areas that allow me to grow and offer my unique skills and passions. Specifically, my yoga studio, yoga teacher training, family and simply teaching the practice of mindfulness through yoga. The mental weight was heavy and I am certain that my personal truth is best honored by this decision. I know the foundation will continue without me as the work is largely administrative at this point – not my skill set. However, the hurt feelings from those I am leaving has not been easy. I gave my last formal presentation on Saturday and then found this in my inbox this morning. Thank you for the support.

  100. Great insight. I’ve come to this crossroad many times in my life and I’m getting much better at recognizing it and following my spirit. As I grow, I’m becoming more comfortable with letting go of good in order to receive great. As YES, most times people think I’m crazy for the decisions I make but I’ve never been one to live my life to please the masses. With that said, I’ll continue to march to the beat of my own drum (AKA spirit) and go wherever it takes me. Thanks Marie for all that you do!

  101. Marie,
    I sooooooooooo needed this today!! I just stepped away from a 2.5 year business relationship, which came to an angry (on their side) end yesterday.
    Thank you for this reminder that it is ok to give up something good to create something great!
    Love your videos and they really help keep me on track each week. Thank you for your gifts and offerings!
    xo, B

  102. So timely… I’m feeling it may be time to do something different from my 20 plus year career as a graphic designer. Opportunities have come up and it may be time to jump! Thanks for the encouragement.

  103. As usual love your episode! Thanks so much for the advice, I feel like all of these always hit close to home with how I’m feeling at the moment!

  104. Keli

    Thank you for this video, exactly what I needed to hear today! I’ve really been struggling career-wise. I’ve been in my current position for 7 years. I worked very hard to secure the position and when I got it I thought, ‘Finally! This is the kind of work I was meant to do!’ I have enjoyed it and learned so much but in the last year or so I’ve thought a lot about moving on. It’s to the point where it’s dominating my thoughts and starting to affect my attitude at work. I just feel I’ve outgrown this position and need to move on to something more fulfilling and challenging. However, just like Marie said…I’m pretty comfortable here and have worried that I would be leaving without a good reason. Now I KNOW I’ve got to go and nothing is going to hold me back!

  105. I loved this message (and your dress!)

    Creating mental and physical space for growth is key! If you want to see better results in your business, productivity levels, and your attitude – it helps to remove the clutter. You’ll have more energy and having extra energy makes everything easier to do, enabling you to be your best.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Tia

      That was a great dress!

  106. Hell yes! I have left a well paid job I was employed into do my own thing 8 years ago. When I built a new successful business and it no longer served my lifestyle needs with chronic illness and children, I let that go too, against a lot of opposition! I am now happily running my blog and blog coaching business, and also coach other people how to get back to work with chronic illness; everything is designed around my life and children, and I am creatively fulfilled and happy serving others and doing my thang!
    Quitting is great when you know you need to be on a new path. Thanks so much Marie xx


    • Oops I hit enter by mistake. What I meant was I feel like you made this video just for me and it creeped me out a little! I just closed my 8 year old Interior Design business to start a new Marketing Consulting firm. How could give up my wonderful clients, all my branding, etc? I knew in my heart it was time for something new, that I was being led in a different direction, and I had to be ready for it. No dabbling in what I want to do and keep my day job. Quit and build something great and have laser focus on it.
      Thanks for the reminder today!
      See you at the top!

  108. Hi Marie! Great video – thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom with us all. I’ve been struggling with leaving my day job, in my family’s business, to pursue my own health coaching business full time. I’m taking action steps each day to actively grow my business so I can leave in the near future, but I will admit that it is a bit nerve-wracking knowing that I will leave my salary position and will be in charge of my own destiny. Exciting, but nerve-wracking! I’ve been working hard this last year on myself, my goals, and not allowing others to make me feel guilty for going after my dreams. I’m looking forward to what the future has in hold for me, and I am ready to do it soon, so that I can make way for new opportunities 🙂

  109. Thanks, Marie! I love that you made me laugh and think seriously at the same time! I need to make some career changes. I’m building my personal training business on the side of my day job. I wonder what it would be like if I could focus on personal training all the time. FUN is probably the way to describe it!!

  110. I am in a tug because I am very comfortable making good money with my own tutoring business, HOWEVER, I recently received a feng shui certification, and want to pursue and create a different mind/body path and create a conscious living website. I think I just have to GO FOR IT, but am scared that I won’t be able to make enough money.

  111. Loved this video, especially timely for me as well!

    For the past 6 years I spent so much time and energy running away from my dreams (I’m an actress & writer). I even spent the last two years studying law and have the student loans to prove it. I was just getting settled into a comfy job at a law firm, all set to transition from a student position to a full-time position with salary and benefits, when I had the realization that if I don’t go for my dreams now I never will (there’s no such thing as “tomorrow” or “someday”). So I got up the nerve to sit down with my boss and talk it over. Low-and-behold, she was super supportive (even excited for me) and created a part-time position for me that has the flexibility I need to pursue my passion while still providing me a bit of income to support myself. Within a month of “making room” I’ve already travelled to New York City (from Canada) to study with my acting coach and secured an agent. I now have my afternoons to write/work on acting-related projects, and I know that when the time comes I will be able to walk away fully from my job to pursue my passions full-time.

    There are still things I need to let go of, a few being the excess weight on my body (I have about 20-25 lbs to lose), my attachment to “stuff” and my need for security (which is an illusion anyway).

    **I want to make special note that I am blessed with a wonderful husband who is supportive of me and wants me to live the great life I always dreamed of 🙂 **

  112. Gotta love Marie with her super fun and wise videos!

    This is so close to home I left my home country where I lived a VERY comfortable life to move up to the next step.

  113. Thanks Marie! I just quit that low paying gig I was holding on to. It feels great!

  114. Deidre

    I’ve been searching for quite some time for a satisfying career and because I’m “good” at fitting into any industry and immediately being productive and valuable the to the business. However, clearly I keep quitting and moving on to the next challenge because while all these jobs were good for me they weren’t great. In the end, I’ve accumulated enough capital to focus on starting my own business.

    I’ve got to agree, it’s more fun leaving on top, but it’s very hard to avoid the drama when you’re of value to a company, very successful and an integral part of a team, and you leave saying, “I can’t find my greatness here.” You have to use, very diplomatic language to avoid the drama of departure, because the business is very away they’re losing an asset and unless they’re very dense, they can connect the dots and quickly figure out they’re being dumped for lacking a certain something.

  115. Anne Olson-Calpe

    Wow – what an encouraging video. This is ECACTLY where I am a tn life! I have been at my current job for over 17 years (yep, that’s right – 17 YEARS!) which I wanted to believe was my calling. I work for my family business and with my father – which I love; however, my current position is one that I do not love (Assistant Controller, HR Manager). Our business has taken a run for the worse after the economic crisis a few years back and now what I thought would have been a company that would have been passed down to me will eventually be sold. It has taken quite sometime for me to detach myself from this place an except the fate of our family business that has been operating since 1926 (my great-grandfather started our company). With that said, I am NOT a numbers person (although I do it well) and have ALWAYS been an artist and creative (I did all our company’s advertising, brochures, print work before working as the Assistant Controller). My husbands sees this an opportunity to do what I love but I am finding it difficult to look past this with the possibilities of not bringing home the bacon and what would set me apart from others doing the same thing as I would be doing. I wish I could get past this hurdle and believe that I can do it – but boy, having two small kids, the looming “I need to bring home some moolah”, I still finding myself looking at similar career options of bookkeeper and controller. Ugh! I need to go deeper within myself and KNOW that I can do this! But then, I doubt my myself on really what I want to do…baby steps…I can do this!

  116. All of these comments are so great! Love the conversation…

    Thanks Marie.

    For me, I have to let go of certain partnerships. Accountability is HIGH on my list and if others don’t have enough self respect to stick by their word (meeting a deadline, committing to an event, or responding to an email within a certain time) then its time to let go of that, along with the money & stress.

  117. Great timing Marie! (Or I should say Divine Timing!)

    Just last night I was talking to my husband about transitioning out of being a “Designer” and owning the title of “Visual Marketing Expert” by creating a service that speaks to my natural expertise and interest. Making visual connections that emote and inspire!

    Now I KNOW the universe definitely has my back!

  118. Tia

    One of my best gal pals told me “Good is the enemy of Great” a month or two ago in regards to my relationship. Just over a year together but there are no sparks and I don’t feel loved in the way I want & can be. The strong spiritual connection I’m seeking isn’t there. He’s with me but not crazy for me & doesn’t have me integrated into his life (friends/family/social). Just this morning before watching the video I felt I needed to talk to him about this and take a break or “just be friends.” Good timing to reinforce my decision.

  119. Marie,

    You are a fierce, funny angel with a beautiful mission (not to mention, awesome fashion taste!). Your power lifts me up! Pure Heart, CJ

  120. Hi Marie (and all)
    On Sept 1st I stopped cold turkey my spa & fitness business called HAPPY after 10 wonderful, profitable, award winning years. I have hundreds of clients who count on me; I see a lot of them weekly, they’re more like friends.
    This was such a TOUGH choice…the loss of income, O.P.E of my client/friends but it had to be done because even though I was so good at what I was doing what I really want to do is help working moms, lose weight, get fit, have fun and become happy, healthy, HOT MOMS! Yeehaw!
    I had to go through this process myself after the birth of my two kids and having over 50 pounds to lose, feeling overwhelmed, juggling this new life as Celine, business owner/operator and mom, I had so much to learn and I did. I’m living proof and I want to share that with other new moms facing this same struggles. I’m so looking forward to perusing my passion, wish me luck!
    Thanks so much for all that you do to help us feel like we are not alone.
    XO Celine

  121. Loved this video. So very true! I walked away from one of the best educations with exchange program in both Florence and Berlin. Went to Florence and gained so much life experience but when in Berlin I felt that I can´t spend more time in school. I need to be brave enough to let go of a “secure” future. Two months later me and my sister started our company and I haven´t looked back since then. Best decision!

    Thank you for always inspiring me!

  122. Joslin Mitchell

    Such perfect timing as usual Marie!! Recently I have decided to close my successful business. I love what I do but, all I do is work and never have anytime left to spend with my friends and family. My son spends his weekends in the car or waiting around while we do our installs. We are so busy that I’m missing out on life. I have been torn with this decision for awhile. I have grown relationships with my clients and see them as more than just money. As of right now I am still open while my employee finds something else. Once she has something lined up I then am going to give my clients a resignation letter of sorts to give them notice to get anything done before I close my doors. You only live once and I don’t want to regret working mine away. I am sad to give up what I worked so hard to build but, look forward in having a job where I can clock in and out and not have it consume who I am. Thank you for being you and so inspirational.

  123. Hi Marie,
    This was really a timely post and it felt like it was made for me. But in reading the other comments, I see that it was timely for a lot people too!
    For me it’s hard to leave the day job that pays the bills, but that eats away at my creative juices and the time that I could be dedicating to my art, astrology counseling and writing. I know I’m on that threshold between the comfy life and the adventure ahead of me. But I’m struggling with taking the leap of faith.
    Nevertheless, I did sign up for B-School and I’m very excited to see how it will help me on my way. I really want to build a business where mobility (away from the cubby and the 9 to 5), juiciness and helping to midwife others into a more fulfilling life is my goal.
    Thanks for the good work Marie! You are an inspiration!

  124. I definitely can relate to this video. I quit my job at a famous NYC bakery. It paid well, the days were pretty consistent and I absolutely loved my co-workers!

    It was hard, but my goodness – it felt great! It felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I could finally breathe.

    Now I’m working for myself – helping successful women get their modern day fairy tale – and it just feels like a dream come true!

    GREAT video as always, Marie! It totally cracked me up while reassuring me that sometimes walking away IS the answer!


  125. Thanks for the reminder today Marie!!! I’ve done exactly this… but I kept thinking that people only wanted to hear the rags to riches stories… so I felt out of place and nervous to share that I walked away from RICHES to be Happier + Richer + Freer from the inside out. Hubby and I closed the doors on a 6-figure real estate biz to create an online biz that’s an extension of our life… so our LIFEschooled kiddos could participate with us and we could have the freedom to do our biz anywhere in the world while we explored living different places. This was very daring for me on many fronts… cuz who wants to give up the cushy life of a big fancy home in a prestigious community in tropical Florida, dream cars, and having the best of everything you want when you want it… and it also meant that I personally was going to step into the forefront of our biz and that’s not an easy undertaking for a former shy introvert. But I {and hubby + kiddos + animals} took on the challenge and like my dear friend Michael Beckwith says… the Universe has got your back… and even though we hit some big ole bumps and had to do without for a bit, we came out on the other side… Happier + Richer + Freer as a family just like we set out to do. This has been an AHA moment and now I know my story will inspire even more families. P.S. As I share my comments to your video post from my penthouse apartment overlooking the ocean in tropical Puerto Rico!! Be inspired to let go of good to live GREAT friends!! Much <3

  126. Great video and so true. I not only think that I need to evaluate “Good to Great” business changes, but this applies to LIFE overall. It’s been really easy to add more and more stuff “to do” – but it’s caused me to squeeze out important relationships and the mission God has created me for, too.

    Thanks for the reminder. We are all created for a purpose. I believe trimming out the fat and living a little more lean will put my focus where it needs to be. Blessings. Pamela

  127. I am in the process of letting go of working one-on-one with clients and moving towards group programs.

    This is TERRIFYING! I was filling my one-on-one spots every month at $1200 each, and I just cut them off cold turkey to move towards what I REALLY want to be doing.

    It’s scary and exciting!

  128. Ginger

    To answer your question…both.
    I am working on them so I can walk away without hurting myself.

  129. I opened a yoga studio almost 4 years ago. It has been voted the best studio in my area two years in a row. We have an amazing clientele and extraordinary staff. The entire experience has been a Zero to 60 growth opportunity for me as a business owner, yoga instructor, energy healer and artist. I felt called to create this studio as a place of transformation and healing for myself and the community. I do not, however, feel like the business and management side has ever truly inspired me. As the studio continues to grow, more of my time needs to be devoted the the business and less time is left for my true gifts and passions of teaching, energy work and painting. It is time for me to step away and continue to pursue what I love. Is there anyone out there who has experience in selling a business? We are profitable and have much potential for the person who enjoys building relationships and growing our presence in the market. I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts!


    • I’m doing that too Suzy! Letting go of a healing centre to make space for spreading my passion (Tantra). I am delighted that the space I created is thriving and will continue to grow without me.

  130. Wow amazing timing…as I pack up my home of 11years and walk away from my business…a healing centre and workshop space, cafe and community which I LOVE!!!

    But I’m being moved on…

    I’m taking Tantra out of simply workshops limited to 20 people and into a movie that has the potential to reach the world! To tell people how this ancient system can help them today in sex, love, relationships and spiritual experiences!….I have a message to share!!!!

  131. Regina

    I think you have ESP into my brain. I took a new job about 5 weeks ago ignoring the feelings in my gut that it would not be a good fit for me. As someone who likes to see things through, I have ignored those feelings and tried make lemonade out of the situation. I have spoken with friends about the situation, and many have encourage me to resign but I have not. Yesterday I gave myself a deadline to submit my resignation letter and I did not. After watching your video, I know that I have to stop ignoring my gut. The job may be good, but it’s holding me back from greatness. Thanks for inciting me to action!

  132. All your videos resonate!! I’ve been feeling just this..gotta let go of what’s not inspiring anymore, so the new can birthed! Thanks for the confirmation as I’ve just cut back my schedule to 1/2 for next year to make space for the new to arrive…I’m expecting miracles..

  133. I call the “good” stuff “golden handcuffs” and I definitely had them on in my last job and my last relationship. Since I ended the honest-to-goodness sweet relationship with a truly wonderful gentleman my life has become exponentially better each and every year. As for the job I dropped, it’s still too soon to see exponential results, but I can tell you that it has definitely made room for some AMAZING life experiences within a short eight month period. I’m excited to see what will be happening in my life in the future…already doors are opening for me left, right, and center. Knowing how awesome life is on the other side of “the good life” that you leave makes it a heck of a lot easier to shake off any golden handcuffs that come along again…it’s just that first leap that’s the hardest. Leap and the net will appear!!

  134. Ohhhh your words of wisdom resonate sooo deeply. I have a good job (consistent, comfortable). I want to focus more on my artwork, but without a proven income stream, how in the hell will I pay my mortgage? And I’m not a fan of Cup of Noodles y’all! I haven’t figured out how to find my courage…but I’m working towards this end. Thank you for the kick in the keester to keep me going.

    • Hey Denise – Feel free to press the picture of me and my family there to connect with me and share more about your artwork and what you want to do with it… I definitely can help you with the proven income stream that you’re looking for and it will complement what ever you want to do with your artwork. :o)

  135. Deborah LeFrank

    The timing of this video is a perfect reminder of a very good (no, great) decision. After 30 years as a successful Landscape Architect I’ve decided to take a sabbatical year in order to persue my new career as a Graphic Journalist. Just this morning I told someone that I if I didn’t go back to my landscape world, that I was leaving it on a high note. Can’t wait to start B-School. Bring it on.

  136. I see a very subtle, and maybe important, detail in this: Make changes from a place of gratitude.

    If you’re staying or leaving something out of fear: ie…fear of missing out, fear of change – then you run the risk of never really being happy because you’ll constantly be stressing over whether something is “good” or “great”

    However….if you make a change from a place of gratitude…you are able to enjoy what you’ve had (perhaps simply because it taught you something…or moved you closer to something better)…and then move toward something better with a stronger, intuitive “knowing” (even if it scares the hell outta ya!)

  137. Talk about good timing, this video was exactly what I needed! I’ve been experiencing a crisis of confidence these last couple of days, I’ve gone part time in my job and my health coaching blog and business is going well but I noticed a job advertised that is full time, great money and would be very ‘comfortable’. I have been so tempted to apply for it, but this video has reminded me that if I did that I would be living in good land and certainly not reaching my potential, or changing lives the way I am now. Thanks so much for this Marie!

  138. I love the expression “clearing the deck’s” Marie. I totally believe in the power of letting things go to then be able to make way for something new. I’m sure Super Soul Sunday was NOT a coincidence.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  139. Hi Marie,

    Loved this video! Thank you for sharing xx

  140. Letting go is so much harder than accepting something or someone in your life.

    It takes a stronger person to do that.

    This is very timely for me Marie – thank you.

  141. My day job! I have a day job that people in my profession would kill for and it’s very, very good. But it’s not great and it doesn’t make my heart sing. I want to write, blog, and add peace to people’s lives and the world. I want to quit my day job to do that.

  142. I live by this principle – danger can be to change too often or because you ‘think’ you should change.

    The rule of thumb is to make sure that the nudge comes from the gut, not from the head.

    This way, everything that follows will be naturally flowing.

    Thanks for the reminder and inspiration, Marie!

  143. OMG, Marie!!! How come u’re videos always show up at the right time, like they were meant for me??
    I am struggling to leave a dream job i’ve always had for a chance to start my own business, but i am too afraid and financially insecure.. However, i feel like if i wait until i will be safe, i will wait for ever:((
    You are just absolutely AWSOME!! How do u do it?? That’s just a rhetorical question 🙂 thank u anyway for being who u are and sharing all that is u with us!! Love from London:) xxxx

    • Sorry, i meant a dream job I’ve always dreamed of having. I am an Events Manager and want to become a wedding planner:)

  144. ‘Cause I’m Naughty by Nature, not ’cause I hate ya!
    And did I see some poppin of Perrier bottles? Pretty hardcore. 😉

    I need to let go of FEAR. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of meh. Fear of fear. And so on. I know what to do but I just keep delaying the actual doing of it in my business because I’m afraid that once I give it my all it might not be enough (a side business that I would like to become a full-time and lucrative biz). So I just keep postponing my products and everything…. But even when I get frustrated and call myself out on it I still don’t move forward.

  145. Karen Hoefener

    Thank you for this video! The timing of it’s release is perfect… well at least for my life.

    Last week I left my really good job (with a great boss, that was the really difficult part), cosy NYC apartment, and moved to Changsha, China to finish a cookbook I started a few years ago. Crazy best describes the reaction I got from friends, family, and coworkers. Now I am here (btw here is a very nerve-racking location) and I have the goal of a November 5th completion! I agree, it takes courage to begin something, more to end it, and that time between the two spots, strength.

    Thank you for your inspiration!

  146. I need to let go of the idea that a six figure business is good enough. And I need to let go of the self-imposed belief that I’m somehow undeserving of fantastic wealth – which for me means I have a healthy retirement fund, my own home, good investments and enough left to help out my mom!

  147. Absolutely brilliant video Marie! Delivered in complete style and very engaging. Love your tweet quote, so very true. Look forward to your next video. 🙂

  148. Great stuff Marie. Awesome reminder.

  149. Being Great is stretching me wayyyy out of my comfort zone and plunging me head first into the unknown. I knew I wanted my new biz to be international so signing up for BSchool, having an international resource team and launching my biz in LA in 2 weeks has all been part of being Great rather than just good. But guess what, boy has there been plenty of self sabotaging behaviour over the past 6 months to try and keep me in my comfort zone. Such as taking on too many things, signing up for too many courses, saying yes to things I don’t have the time to do. Being busy prevents be from being Great and having the space to breathe and be me. I know I need to let go of a lot of things but hopefully the biz launch will still be Great and the cool thing is I can pass on this learning to my clients.

    I also have to add to Marie how gorgeous that dress is on you! Love it!

  150. Christina Miller

    I just left a 4 year relationship, and last May left a job that was a “good” fit. I am absolutely itching put my Bschool knowledge into ACTION, and now I feel that with a clean slate and some re-focusing, things will be GREAT!
    Thanks Maria, your passion and humor draw me in and fire me up!
    ***Christina Miller****

  151. Hi Marie!

    You make such great videos, but I’m guessing you didn’t always have the $$$ to afford the crew you do now. How did you start?

    And in contrast what size is the video crew that helps you do them now?

  152. Thank you Marie, this is one of the best and most relevant videos I have seen ::::) I am about to walk away from my housemate and our lovely house with my big bedroom AND my first ever office to go and live in a caravan at my place of work – which is a horse whisperer’s yard, my childhood dream job and the next BIG step in my evolving career as a horse healer and trainer, author speaker and and and .. 🙂 🙂 🙂 thank you, you rock x

  153. Thanks for this inspiring message. I am a really difficult place right now. I had a decent biz, but I was suffering from burn out- then I got news my sister died, and I just shut down my biz temporarily because I couldn’t work on projects. But I needed cash flow, and had to return to a regular JOB, which I really don’t like. However, I never had no problem having FAITH before, but now its something I am struggling with. I really want to quit my job, and start my biz back up, but I have NO Safety net. All of my friends are telling me NO, but I am just miserable.

  154. Kim

    I feel like this message is hitting me upside the head one too many times this week. I heard a similar message from a Mindvalley talk yesterday and now, this today. Well, I believe that it is truly my time to move on from my part-time work. Here’s the problem…my husband was let go of his job and he’s trying to get a new business off the ground. My income is minimal, but it’s a little gas money here and a little food money there.
    My husband (and most people), say to hold onto it, at least it’s something. But, it’s not GREAT and I’m not thrilled about this. I want greatness and I believe that I can have it! I’ve been floating along since my daughter was born and it’s my time to step up and shine. What should I do??? My wanting greatness is not helping us pay the bills…

  155. Dani

    Thanks for this video Marie. I needed the reminder to keep moving and releasing more, in my case, stuff, a little bit everyday. It’s way too easy to say I’ve done a lot and I can take it easy for a while.

    My mom passed away this year and I now have my 95 yer old grandma to take care of and two properties to sell before the en of the year and I’m not even 30 yet. I don’t even think I actually became an adult who was really conscious of taking care of money until I really took in what my sister an I had just inherited.
    Anyway, the point is that my family and I are in the middle of that process of releasing on every level. Releasing the relationship with my mom on a physical level, releasing the attachments to all the stuff in the house that has accumulated for 20 years, and releasing the actual properties that hold so much of that energy that i’ve always felt held me trapped there. It’s like the universe wants me free just as much as I want to be free myself. Because the truth of the matter is that I feel called to a new life in NY to fulfill my dream of being on Broadway. It is scary as heck and that’s why I think it’s right. But I know I can’t do that until all of the work here is done.

    Thank you for your constant encouragement!

  156. I’ve been blessed with many opportunities for work – and I used to say “yes” to them all. As I developed my business this translated to 100+hour weeks and 6+ “jobs” with more in the wings waiting for my time.
    I took the month of July to reset myself – to transition from a work-a-holic to a life-a-holic. I started saying “no thanks” to new work and eliminated several clients from my billing that didn’t fit with where I wanted to go with my lifestyle.
    The biggest “ah ha” for me came a couple weeks ago… one of my old clients hired a new person to come in and take over the work. They asked if I could train her and I agreed. This woman was super excited for the opportunity and I suspect she is going to do a better job than I was.
    By letting go of the work that I was doing “good” at, I gave the client the opportunity to hire someone who would do “great” work for them and I opened up a job opportunity for someone else. win win win

  157. Holy comments!

    There are so many amazing gems in this episode!!

    I am a walking example of this concept. I have a degree in social work. I’ve always been able to find employment (sometimes with a really good income!) and generally felt satisfied with my work. It has been good but not great. When I found something that makes me feel great, it seemed weird or difficult to leave something that was so good. But I wanted great. So many friends and family really didn’t understand and don’t understand why I would leave something so well-paid, fully pensionable and super stable/permanent. I did. I have now developed this beautiful balance of stability and excitement!

    Heidi xx

  158. liz

    Perfect timing. I have stayed in a marriage too long because my husband is my best friend, an excellent companion, and very good to me, comfort, and OPP. However, our relationship is good but not great.

    For more than eight years we have lived as platonic friends, and I am finally facing right now that I need to move on.

    I DESERVE great.

    Thank you, thank you, Marie for the reminder. I posted this vid. on my FB page.

  159. Fabulous video Marie. It was something I needed to hear today.

  160. Meegan

    ****************Oh Marie, I love that dress you’re wearing and that belt, damn! Can you please tell me who they are by???

    Your dresses are always so fab, at the end of your videos for us nosy gals could ya do a what am I wearing moment.

    So about that dress and belt…..

  161. Marie you always trust you gut + inspire me when you stop doing what you are done with. For me I was doing great as a yoga teacher with my classes, privates and my DVD then knew the next steps were doing Teacher Trainings, I had to say NO to this. I turned away opportunities to move in the direction of coaching and am happy I did. I wanted to talk about business, money and spirituality without feeling icky. Now I pull all of that together as a coach + have had to say NO many times even if it would bring in money. Trusting new opportunities will come when we say NO is a big shift + when we take the leap it always tends to surprise us. 🙂

  162. Awesome vid and so timely. My last day at one of my jobs was last Saturday. I was FREAKING out, even though it felt right, because my husband and I closed on our building TODAY. When I saw the check we needed to write for today, I almost had a cow and thought “why in the world did I quit my job THIS WEEK???”

    But I know it is the right decision and I know that leaving this position will give me more time and energy to dive into my passion work: teaching gals how to pursue healthy relationships. And it even seems like perfect timing as today is the start of DV Awareness Month. Anyhow, I don’t know what’s ahead, but I think it’s good to give myself more room to find out.

  163. Yes, I too, resigned from a good paying job WITH EXCELLENT BENEFITS, 401k, life insurance, the whole she-bang. I just launched my own VA business. It’s scary as heck… but I have faith that I did the right thing to pursue being my own boss.

    Great video!

  164. narkis

    Thank you Marie-it was the perfect video in the perfect time.
    I need your help-I have a great business already, but i’m very passionate to start a new one. I used to use excuses such as:i’ll start when I’ll have money etc..and then the money came-and now I feel terrified to start! I feel like:maybe i’m not ready…maybe I should start with a pilot and do it next year…I don’t know how to approach it.

  165. Best episode yet Marie!! I have worn crazy pants more times then I could count and listening to my gut has ALWAYS paid off. Now I realize (and teach to others), that all the experiences I have in my life are not to arrive at my goals and intentions, but to arrive at the version of me that I ADORE! I love feeling my limitlessness and recognizing that I have come here to be fully me!

    Keep being brilliant and marching to your own drum beat and inspiring others to do the same!

  166. Marie, I loved this! Just resigned my job to launch my own venture. Your encouraging words were just what the doctor ordered. x

  167. Tammy

    Thank you once again – I am getting the “crazy pants” look a lot these days!

  168. This came at the right time! I am also used to wearing crazy pants and walking away. I appreciate the reminder to hold on and keep the faith that the crazy pants courageous decisions are the right ones.

  169. Cat

    Best episode ever Marie! I loved this one!

    I left my cushy well paid job in Germany to emigrate to Australia and start again. And yes everyone thought I was crazy pants but it was so worth it!!

  170. Well, the one thing I could have let go of at one time was my j.o.b. – but my j.o.b. let go of me instead (though I have to stick around for the rest of the year). So that decision was made on my behalf, and I’m happier for it. In fact it took all of my restraint to keep myself from dancing on the guy’s desk when he told me!

    Rather than looking for yet another full-time waste of time in order to keep myself comfy and safe, I’m using this time to learn as much as I can and hustle my butt off to get as far ahead of the game as possible once the cord is finally cut.

  171. Giselle

    This just suits me so well. I’ve been holding onto too many of my memories and I’m still not sure if I should give that step or not; The thing is that I don’t know if I should change the school I’m in. I mean, I already know the people and the way it moves, but I think it doesn’t fit the goals I have, besides I found a side option that may not include the people I know and the things I’m familiar with, but it could help with my finances and approaching activities that I enjoy doing.
    But I’m trying to make up my mind to get the best, as you quoted in this video, I need to let great come instead of settle with good. But the trick is getting to know if my choice, whichever this may be, will be the best.
    Anyway, great video thanks for sharing n.n

  172. I am always amazed at how the Universe speaks to me… I haven’t watched one of your videos in several weeks (sorry Marie ; ( ) and today of all days I actually watched and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I have been thinking of making a dramatic shift for a little while… and then today when I was really feeling like it is time to walk away I see this video. I am in a position that I am good at…. but I think it is time to walk away so that I can find what I am great at! Putting the wheels in motion. Thanks Marie!

  173. Three & half years ago, I walked away from a high income position as a partner in a company I founded in 2006 that did over 84 million dollars of sales in 4 years… I was miserable, as my values and my partners became drastically different ~ in the Springtime, I fired myself & walked away from it … and decided to take time off and think about what made me happy … I hung out all Summer, I painted, I partied, I thought … in the Fall I opened a small independent fashion design Studio and rebuilt my original Cydney Mar Fashion Collection in a much more grown up way, focussing on clothing that I loved and wanted to share with my customers, and decided to serve the TV shopping channel niche market, world wide ~ Today I have a thriving business ( its still small ) but its 100% my own, I do what I want, all my successes and failures are my own ( and yes I have made mistakes ) but it has been a labour of love … my Cydney Mar Fashions are domestically produced in Canada and are sold in Canada, USA, UK, Italy, Germany & China, and hopefully soon in Japan, Thailand & Australia … the growing pains are painful and it is not easy, but I have built a small corporate culture that serves and feeds my team, we are happy ~ so yes, Marie’s message is a message of our personal truths… it spoke to me and I am sure, it speaks to many of you … so courage my friends , it is definitely the road less travelled with its requisite highs & lows, and is for me, sublime.

    • that is amazing Cydney! You are doing what makes you happy!

      • Christy Laverty,

        It is amazing, and frightening as well, as I have risked everything for my freedom,and while I did tons of business in my previous business with a pretty secure high income, I walked away with almost nothing ~ this is where Marie’s message says, we have to have guts and courage, or as my wonderful spirit kid, Vanessa Bork calls the Banana Factor we have to be a bit bananas to do what we do! Its funny how the Universe conspires to create miracles…

    • What a fun video, Marie! Cydney, I love how you put it~ that you ‘fired yourself’. What an eloquent paragraph you wrote, and I love your story- thanks for sharing it.”If I could only remember that the days were, not bricks to be laid row on row, to be built into a solid house, where one might dwell in safety and peace, but only food for the fires of the heart.” ~Edmund Wilson

  174. Talk about eerie timing – this was exactly what I needed to hear at the right time. Can’t share too much, but THANK YOU MARIE for sharing this incredible message.

    Even though I was dying to attend a RHH Live event. Oh well.

  175. Thanks Marie for another great video. I never comment on these but it was just too amazing not to. I have been going through a shift in my business lately where I feel like I am in the middle of a double dutch jump rope. I’ve wanted to jump out for a while but wasn’t sure if it was the write time.

    I guess when you feel like it’s the write time to jump you have to go with your gut and make the move. Life isn’t going to wait for you to get your ish together. In my case, it may just leave you in the dust. Thanks to you I am getting a much needed wake up call before hitting snooze again.

  176. Thank you for this very important message. I agree with you 100% that courage is much more to walk away from something than to start something. I am so eternally grateful for the things I have walked away from. Some were easier than others, in the end I am who I am. and I have what I have because of having the courage to believe in something much bigger than OPE and something bigger than me. Such a powerful video! Thank you again. Much Love.

  177. Love this Marie! So often achievement is seen as doing more or getting busier and this is a great reminder that you don’t always need to add, sometimes you need to subtract to allow even more amazingness to flow in. It’s funny, as I just made the decision to do this on a much smaller level over the past few weeks. I’m going to cut back a day of my one-on-one clients to continue to grow the online side of my business in the new year. Can’t wait to see what new inspirations and opportunities I can create (and allow) with the change xx

  178. Amy

    bahahahahhahaha @ 2.31! I burst out laughing! OMG i love your video’s Marie, They are constantly educating me and i love the little dance bits! Keep em coming!

  179. Hi from Sydney! Marie you share with us such wonderful wisdom. I let go of a few toxic connections through …. a colonic! Well four actually. Yes I was holding onto 5 years of emotional baggage. I was clogged up. I let go of some crap, for 2 days felt like crap but now terrific. Besides a flat tummy and a clear mind, I’m moving forward by hiring a web developer to finish my site, and pushing through my comfort zone of getting my name out there. Love and light to you Marie. xx

  180. Thank you Marie, that’s just abt the right time again. Funny how your video always work like a reminder to me. I learn a lot from you n all the great women posts here. They all are like inspirations, energy booster, mind relaxer and a noisy sound to follow my dream 🙂

    In 2010 my husband and I stop our comfort good paid salary and jump in to sustainability wagon without a guarantee of whether we will be making a living from it or not or how to bring meal to the table once our resources are finish (that’s for 6 family member in total). It’s the greatest decision in our life as a family to let go something good, as well for me personally as a woman. Looking back now, we’re one of the rarest sustainable family & expert in Indonesia, we have our non profit organization for sustainability that’s funded solely from the profit we’re making from our home based business Green Mommy Shop, creating to make fresh homemade products for day to day needs, from toothpaste to cosmetics, from raw food to vegan cookies. We also do woman empowerment toward sustainability trough Green Mommy Network with more than 10.000 followers offline and online. Right now we are building the first real sustainable Eco Village in Indonesia up in the mountain with our hands and we will invite more people to give them sustainability training.

  181. Marie!!!
    I am LOVING this video, thank you for sharing! Making room for the “great – ish” that is going to be happening for me ~ thank you for the reminder!
    Kelly Lynn

  182. I was a social media marketing freelancer for 3 1/2 years and FINALLY got the courage to let it go. I’ve since taken a part-time job and started a life coaching program — what I REALLY want to do. I’m LOVING it and so thankful I finally made the move.

    Great video, Marie! 🙂

  183. Thank you Marie. This year has been filled with letting go of a number of old, outdated beliefs and actions. Upon releasing the old, I immediately am aware of the new belief/emotion/thought process filling the old space. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey of self-love and renewal!

  184. OMG you alwasy nail it girl!!, you always have the right words to say. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Having the courage to start my own business and follow my dreams has been very challenging in many ways, but you are always there to give the right advice that keeps me going!


  185. Hey Marie. I was working in the WRONG niche for almost 2 years but I was just so passionate about it and really didn’t want to let go.

    Anyways, I finally made the break 4 short weeks ago and it paid off well 🙂

    btw – YOU ARE SO AWESOME! Your videos always cheer me up! Keep up the fantastic work.


  186. First, I need to let go of this relationship that brought me much during the last year and allowed me to grow in many ways, but is now changing and needs to be released.
    Second, I am changing my business and I should let go of the one “old style” customer I have who is actually my only source of income. Which is a though one of course.
    Third, I really need to go around the house and throw away anything that no longer has a place in my life. Which I will start doing TODAY!

    Thanks Marie, your video has been as inspiration


  187. One of my favourites on MarieTV & one that really hits home at the moment – Love it!

    I’m thinking about letting go of a dream I’ve had since I was 10… Riding in the Olympics. Over the last year and half, training my 4 year old young dressage horse with potential for the 2020 Olympics, I’ve started to realise that I might not want that anymore. I’ve just finished my Masters in Positive Psychology, my business is starting to fire up, I’m getting married next April, we’re planning a year of travels after the wedding, and I’m trying to secure a book publisher for a book I want to write about passion in life – so there’s a few other things going on! And it seems I want them a lot more than the old Olympic dream which maybe just got stuck on me when I started riding and competing horses so young… Now that I have the horse that can take me there, I can’t seem to commit to 5-8 years of training to potentially get me there… It seems I want the other things more…

    So I’m thinking of giving up my dream – or at least putting it on hold – because I don’t know why I’m holding on to it anymore. I still have my older horse who I can keep just to ride for enjoyment – maybe that’s exactly the way I want to keep riding, as a hobby with no pressures…

    I’m still working up the courage to give this dream up and potentially sell my beautiful 4 year old to someone who can take him all the way, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I want to do and can do!

    Thanks Marie, this video really helped gain some additional clarity – and to understand that giving up isn’t failure, it’s simply making space for something greater!

  188. My husband and I have just decided to give up a gallery that we have been running. It’s a pretty scary decision, but when we started it, it always felt like a stepping stone to our passion rather than our passion. I now have learnt the hard way that I don’t want any more stepping stones in my life, I only want to invest my energy in things I am truly passionate about now. Excited and nervous to see where we go from here. So true though about other people’s expectations, one of the hardest things about giving this up is telling family members. Oh yes, we are always going to be difficult to understand because we don’t want ‘good’, we want ‘great’ (or fantabulous really). Love you Marie!

    • jennifer

      Your comment about “I only want to invest my energy in things I am truly passionate about now” really spoke to me…. we can always put it off and keep putting it off. But at the impact of our life and time is short. thanks for that perspective

  189. I can so relate to this! Exactly a year ago I started a back-to-school program, only to find that my body totally rejected it. Every time I opened the chemistry book I bawled my eyes out! I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me. Plus at that same time I left a relationship. It was rough to walk away from the direction I had been planning to go in. I was just reflecting on this last week and wrote about it here!!! –>

    Great timing Marie! As always, I love this video.

    xoxo elyse

  190. “Amazing things can’t happen in your life, if you don’t make room for it.”
    Enough said!

    Great video Marie.

  191. I love your dress Marie!
    Thakn you for another fantastic video. It is very aspiring. It is important for more and more people to work for themselves. I mentioned this in my book that recently was published by Balboa Press called Celestial Serendipity. When we catered to our true desires without materialistic drive we achieve our utmost desires and dreams. Money should never be a driving factor in staying in a place that does not cater to your soul.
    Our American cultures overpumps a false dream about more money we make the happier we become(this is what us in the spiritual community call the false matrix, but I call it the human system in my book). Our careers should be based on talents and skills. Money orginally was refereed to exchange of talents not a piled of paper money, stocks, bonds, etc. However, in modern times, we went from obtaining money by molding ourselves into society’s standard of skilled asets not our talents. So when a person gives up a six figure job or refuse a multi-million dollar offer, they are not fools but wise people who are following their own yellowe brick road and not somene else’s. At the end of that yellow brick road is gold waiting for them on their own acount of following their dreams.
    So thank you again, Marie.
    Ketina, a spiritualist and author of Celestial Serendipity.

  192. Lezlie Davis

    I recently realized that I needed to shut down what I was doing and devote all of my energy to building a new business. It’s been really hard, but I cleaned out my office to prepare the way for starting over. It’s amazing how much of a difference it’s made in my outlook/perspective. I’m so excited about what is to come … but it was hard to let go of what I already had. Thanks Marie! It’s a perfectly timed message for me!

  193. E

    Hello Marie ,
    So my response is going to be based in a relationship. I dated a guy for 3 years. Broke up in March. Right now there are enough things going on that is keeping us from being together . We currently live in different states. So he is amazing but he lacks motivation to decide what he wants in a career. I am still in the process of working towards mine, but i keep working towards it. He doesn’t . I met someone younger than i & what i am attracted to is his motivation, he knows what he wants, and he is not letting anything defer him from doing that. Right now i am confused. Should i try to make it work with the guy i am comfortable with because of the years we been together OR should i have this other guy as a potential partner who keeps me motivated . What do you think?

  194. prakash

    I became very happy to see your video film as well as well your tv interview with young girl please write details to me what I have to do for this business ………..
    with regards your’s Prakash

  195. This is such an important topic Marie. I left my job as a professor to focus on my business. I wasn’t walking away from a lot of $ but it I was very worried about OPE. Plus, I set out to earn my PhD so I could teach at a university, so it was tough for me to admit that it wasn’t fulfilling enough for me. I kept saying “I like teaching, but I don’t love it.” The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that actually nobody was judging me, I was just projecting that onto people. There are definitely many friends and family who don’t really get it (they are totally fine with good and think great is “unrealistic”), and I have to accept that. But even so, I now feel like everybody admires me for my decision.

  196. I’ve been thinking about moving for years, and in the aftermath of some major externally driven life changes, I’ve been mixed between feeling internal restlessness to fly free someplace entirely new and feeling comfort / gratitude for a safe and stable resting spot with grounded community for my family, while we get ourselves together. Just before I watched this, I was walking around my home and looking at all of the physical things I would NOT take with me if I moved, and wondering why I even have them. I believe this is my sign from the universe to start getting rid of these things now, opening the space in my life and make myself less tethered and ready for the next adventure.

  197. Supah!!!

  198. vidya henderson

    hi marie,
    i couldnt find anywhere else to ask this, so its going in the comments section 🙂 will you be holding B school at the same times each year? im not sure if i can make the dates work for 2014, but would be interested for 2015. do you change the schedule each year? thanks!

  199. Alia

    I’d just like to say that recently I had the audacity to donate my living room furniture to a great charity in the pursuit of detaching myself from clutter and stuff I truly did not absolutely love. I did this in an effort to make room for things that I really need and really do want to be surrounded by. I now have an empty living room with just my sofa and loveseat. When I take inventory of how I feel about it, I can honestly say I feel a lot happier and lighter. I had accumulated stuff I really did not like. It is true that less IS more. Surround yourself with what you really need, want, and absolutely love! Be daring enough to release those things you are merely putting up with to make room for better things in your life.

  200. Marie,
    Your video today is a little flower of synchronicity verifying I’m on the right path. Thankyou Angel. I have been operating a Shiatsu massage business since January this year and under your B School guidance rented a beautiful room in at a health clinic in West Perth one day a week on Saturdays as well as operating from home. All the while I have been studying Naturopathic Medicine full time and will graduate in a couple of weeks.
    Since taking on the Saturday lease the heavens have opened and the universe found me an amazing house with a perfect healing studio at the back of the garden (and it belongs to me).
    Yesterday I interviewed for (and accepted) an entry position in the most beautiful, high quality, successful Naturopath Clinic in town but starting out they want me for Saturday mornings. The experience and networking opportunities I will gain for my naturopathy career path in association with this new clinic is exceptional and I feel it is too great an opportunity to pass up. This means I need to say goodby to most of the earning potential for the Saturday room…. and lose out on the rent.
    In 6 weeks I will have loads of free time to pursue Shiatsu and healing from my gorgeous home studio, and heck, perhaps that Saturday morning shift will be passed on to the new new guy in a few months.
    It’s hard for me to explain, but I feel the universe wants me to go this way at this time, even though I’m going to lose out on a few months rent. I completely trust all my needs will be met. Your video couldn’t have come at a better time.

  201. So timely! This week, I have been struggling with self-doubt because I’ve been shifting work schedule and turning over some of my private clients to others. It’s been emotional as I love these clients and I feel like I’m letting them down. I keep telling myself that I’m doing this to create more time to work on my passions. Hearing you validate these choices was just what I needed. Thanks Marie for your sound advice and inspiration!

  202. I have started and stopped quite a few projects over the years and have found it best to tell people that I’m ‘just taking a break’ from whatever it is I know in my heart I want to stop. Outsiders seem to cope with that reason and don’t question it, where as when you tell them you’re discontinuing a product or service, or simply STOPPING, it’s a much bigger deal for everyone (even though they usually have NO IDEA how much has to go on behind the scenes).

  203. Awesome video, Marie!
    I´m expecting you to have a regular show at OWN…
    You deserve all the success you have, which inspires me!
    I´ve walked away from love relationships that were good…
    I´ve walked away from business ventures that were good…
    I´ve walked away from daily activities that were O.P.E….
    And I´ve never felt better in my life!
    The great life I am building now is priceless!

  204. Kaitlyn

    I love this! I just walked away from a 2 year relationship that was good, but not great, and it was the hardest thing I have done, it’s still hard right now but I know that this is for the best and I need to make room for the great.

  205. So I FINALLY walked away from my six figure corporate job. It took me FIVE YEARS to walk away…and there were a couple slim years in between that I wasn’t making six figures, but I still wasn’t ready to walk.

    After moving to another company for more money, I realized that I was literally working my ASS off for other people, and the satisfaction of making more money wasn’t what I was after. I finally felt like it was “time” for me to work hard for myself and my family. I have been doing just that and is scary as hell but I have never felt so freakin alive! I could go on and on, but I have to get back to work! lol…

    Love your story Marie it reminds me that I will have to do some clearing out in the new year after the dust settles a bit. I have some awesome projects I want to launch (one in particular) and that means I will have to walk away from some other projects that are very time consuming.

  206. I need to let go of the weekly farmers markets’ income in order to take my products to the next level. Small, local wholesale accounts aren’t bringing in the income. So BSchool is going to provide me the skills and tools to develop a profitable online business. The result: an independent income that allows me to pay my bills with ease and have money left over AND to live anywhere in the world without having to be tied to a retail outlet. I’m ready.

  207. Jiani

    Thanks for the video!! I resigned from my full time banking job to start my own business ZeaYou Travel. Yesterday was my last day and I couldn’t help weeping while I was packing my CFA textbooks (which represent years of hard studies). Took a lot to walk away from a stable (and GOOD) salary but just like you said perhaps I need to leave room for GREAT things to come to my life 😀

  208. I am actually currently at a crux in my life. I run a successful wedding photography studio (He Loves Mi) , I also have a bridal blog / marketplace / vendor listing which requires loads of my time (Bisou Bride)… on top of that I’m an Arbonne consultant (think home parties, products and business building)… I’m also 50/50% partners in a company that develops food lines which are Organic, Local, Paleo & as green as possible… To cap it all off … I’m now helping a friend with the ADMIN side of his biz & helping him get his ducks in a row… WHEW. maybe i need to really look into it..because it might all be too much?! *sigh*

  209. One person’s good is another person’s great and vise versa, so it seems we’re all pretty blessed when you think about it. I have a great husband that does enough for the both of us to have a good life and it would be really easy to sit back and kinda ride his coat tails to greatness as he sees it. But I realized that I wanted to define greatness for myself . And for me, at the end of the day, greatness is more about what I can help others to accomplish than what I can accomplish myself. And its not easy but it felt so good to step out and into what I’m here to do!

  210. Nicole

    Hi Marie,

    It was time to leave a comment. I follow you now for 6 months I think and I like you:) You really inspire me, and it was time to tell you!

    Four months ago I started a personal coaching for myself for three months with a dutch coach to create a Fablife (that’s how she calls it)
    I worked for 5 years as a dental hygienist, had a great job, but I wasn’t happy and something inside me (during 5 years or maybe also during my study) told me that I want to do something else. People around me could see that food and health is my passion, when they look at my FB-comments and photos 😉

    One month ago I quit my job and now while I’m travelling through Indonesia with my boyfriend for two months, I will to start my own business 🙂
    So I don’t earn money, but the freedom and the opportunities to be creative feels so great!

    Every week I will watch MarieTV and it helps me to confirm that follow my heart is the right choice. Thanks you so much!

    Nicole (from the Netherlands!)

  211. Lisa

    I KNOW it’s time to leave a lot of this crap in my life behind. I just don’t know what for, yet. I haven’t figured out what my destiny even is.

  212. Maddie

    Over the past 2 months I have been ending things that no longer served me and did more harm than good. First, I quit my bartending job. Although it was really good money, the opportunity to meet someone important to my future career or to learn something I could use, or to help others the way I feel is right, was very small. I now work at a job in my field meeting women who fall into my target audience.
    However, I recently broke up with my boyfriend and that was difficult for me. I’m new to relationships and although I felt unhappy, I wasn’t sure if I was right for feeling that way. I kept doubting myself and thinking “How is a relationship supposed to be?” It was hard to let it go because I was scared of losing something good. After talking with my friends, I had the courage to break it off. It took 3 weeks of contemplation, but now I actually feel happy. I’m much better off just being a single lady ‘n doing my thang, rather than constantly worrying if I’m doing the right thing or not.

    No regrets though! I cherish every experience and relationship because there’s so much to learn from them, even if they suck.

    It seems like I always have a million opportunities pouring in, but now I follow a specific criteria and level of standard when deciding what or who to give my time and energy to.

    The more “failures” I have, the more clarity I have about what I want, and the more the universe provides it.

    Thanks Marie! Having this friendly environment to just put this in writing gives me even more clarity and closure.

  213. You are so brave. I admire YOU

  214. I’m experiencing this in my career/life right now.

    I have a job that is OK, but my boss makes it miserable. The only reason I stay is because we’re in the midst of paying off the last $3k of debt we have and planning a wedding simultaneously. I don’t want to put all the pressure on my fiance while we do all these things; but it’s preventing me from being able to dedicate my energy into my business, which actually energizes me instead of draining me like my job does.

    I don’t have the bravery to quit because I feel like I’ll be putting too much pressure on him, and it would decrease our income enough to make us uncomfortable… but is also preventing me from growing my business to increase my earnings.

    I don’t know that I’m ready to leave, but I don’t know what can change to make me brave enough to do so.

    What I’m learning is that God is testing me to distinguish His Voice in “lower volume”, as I like to say. He no longer gives me big brazen signs when I pray for clarity. It’s like He’s training me to see His path for me in a more nuanced way very single day.

    I know I need to quit my job, but how do I do that after I just got a promotion? It’s like I’m stuck in a war between Good & Evil.


  215. Doris

    I just finished 1 month long reorganizing my bedroom (me & my parents live in a small apartment so it’s not only where I sleep, it’s where I keep ALL my stuff). Normally I’m not a fan of “less is more” philosophy, I’m all for abundance and meaningless little stuff in my life if it keeps me happy, but I plan to move out in a couple of months or so, so I needed to take a look at my stuff, plus I literally suffocated, I kept my important things on the floor or all over the table because the closets were filled with cheap birthday gifts and school notes from 5 years ago and clothes that were too worn out even for charity. So now I’m the queen of my space, I made room for fun decorations, I have almost three almost empty closets for my recent passions, and I intend to spend the last part of my dependence on parents in a place I love and feel great in (and I plan to drop by occasionally for a weekend after I move out).

    So, what I want to write, it’s nice to start making space in your life by literally making space around you. It gives you more time and attention for important things in your life. I just kept the things I feel I needed and got rid of the rest, sometimes in creative ways (charity, auctions, gifts). Sometimes I asked myself, “would I take this to heaven?”, because I’d take most of my books and my favorite clothes etc., if I could.

    Now I should think what daily habits would I want to keep in heaven. Tough job…. I bet even when I’m dead I’ll still be wasting so much time keeping in touch with everybody, responding to all the emails, from other dead people, you know. Damn.

  216. This really got me thinking. I already made a switch from breeding and showing Dressage on our farm to my dream of using it to help others with PTSD, other emotional issues, physical therapy etc. We started with a particular organization and got accepted under their 501 c3. But things have not been “right” and I have realized my dream is far deeper. It is about helping those who need a particular type of help with animals, and that can not be sold as a compartment commodity to be true to the purpose of deep healing. I have tried to “conform” to this organization’s strategies, and they are a huge help in many areas, but it is time to take a true leap and design our own program and allow the Universe/ Law of attraction to bring us those who need this brand of help. What I have found most scary is that in the meantime, we have to keep feeding our helpers, the animals who do most of the healing work, and this has become an excuse to stay with the organization, as well as the fear that no longer being with a National accerd. organization will “tarnish” our reputation. Any specific suggestions out there are appreciated!

  217. I need to let go of my negative self-talk. If a friend talked to me the way I speak to myself in my head…we sure as hell wouldn’t be friends. So why do I continue to think that way? It ends today!

    I am an amazing beautiful and intelligent woman and should treat myself that way.

  218. Marie! One year ago September, I left my job to pursue a side business. I had complete support from my husband (he’s amazing) but unfortunately after 3 months the business wasn’t producing the way we needed it too. So, after some not-so-easy conversations I picked up a part time retail position. I remember being sooo embarrassed! You see, I had left a good paying engineering position to become a customer sales rep at a bridal store.

    Your post has given me so much joy! I always knew there were people in my position, but I never considered my simple part-time jobs to be bridge jobs while I pursue my dreams and passions! I am now working as a server for a brunch restaurant. This schedule is great for me because I am up early and out of the restaurant by 3:30pm at the latest. I get more done before 6pm than I ever have before. Another positive is that my relationships with the important people in my life have improved significantly! I have more time to spend where I need to instead of where I had to (at the office).

    Thank you for putting a positive spin on what I once was ashamed of and embarrassed about! I have only followed you for a couple weeks & you have already inspired me so much!

    Blessings, Laurie

    • laurie

      I totally wrote this comment under the wrong post! 🙂 I’ll repost in the other post soon.

  219. Naomi

    Hi Marie,
    The day I signed up for your updates, about a month ago, is the same day I became aware of your videos on Youtube. The evening before I received the above video update I had been more strongly, like actually having an anxiety attack while contemplating leaving my job of 15 years by the end of this year. My internal debate became, “…I’ll make it work so December is it, I’m out of there but then if not December than definitely by May 2014” to make sure I have more money saved. I’ve wanted for so long to pursue writing and I have in a way, I’ve written a screenplay and book that’s currently being edited but to leave my job soon, I have too many responsibilities to up and quit. I often mentally/emotionally kick myself for not saving more over the years, that financial cushion would certainly make the decision to leave much easier.

    Because i had been internally going thru it the night before, when I received your update the next morning, I stared at the title of your video and synopsis, from what I could see before opening the email on my phone. I stared at the email in disbelief but relieved, I felt that the very “thing” that’s been weighing on my heart I was getting an answer to. In that moment, your words became encouragement to try, to plan better since I do have people who depend on me, but to not give up on what I’d rather do in my life than to remain in a good paying job and be miserable. A video I saw today reminded me of yours and I didn’t want another day to go by without saying thank you for your great advice and examples of what can become possible if I don’t give up. I look forward to your emails/videos. Thanks again, be well!


  220. Thanks Marie!

    Another sign that I need to let go of a few things. I’m facing the challenge of whether or not I keep my current business or sell it to completely focus on my new business. Very scary since it does 1. provide comfort (or in Tony’s words – certainty) 2. It does meet other’s expectations (I’ve had it for 10 years and get to help a lot of people every day) and many more reasons to stay plus it completely fulfills the 6 human needs (certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection, growth and contribution.

    However, my heart isn’t in it like it used to be and an exit strategy has now begun. A plan will come in place soon!

    Dawn xo

    • Morgan

      Hi Marie! This is my first comment despite following you for over a year! I am a speech and language pathologist who has been trying to branch out on my own for the past year. I really wanted to open my own (small) practice in my town and do the therapy that I found rewarding. I am sick and tired of the caseloads of the public schools and didn’t feel like I was tapping into , as you say, “that special thing that only I can bring to the world.” I have grave fear of walking away from a GOOD THING, a guaranteed paycheck to enter an unknown abyss! I have a husband and family that pull on my conscience as they have come to expect creature comforts that would be threatened by this decision. I won’t make better money or consistent money, at first, by going out on my own but I feel I will be happier being my own boss and working with families I can really help. I have been unable to let go of the GOOG THING. This video meant a lot to me. Of course, I’m not faced with walking away from a million dollar thing like you did, but it may as well be. I hate being comfortable, it’s the Petri dish of complacency. I’ll let you know….
      Keep inspiring us with your fabulous posts!

  221. Great reminder, Marie! And one of my favorite books.

    sidenote: I have always wondered… how the heck does your iPad never fall?!

  222. Nathália

    Hello, rs I always fetch a trifle to write in English. I had a wonderful boyfriend … but I was not wonderful for myself. Say not give me the value and the fact I do not see how a beautiful and full of qualities made ​​him leave. The truth is that it all had to walk through those sides. I stopped and thought “Gee, this is not the first that does it! What am I doing wrong?” It was not wrong for others but for myself wrong. It is not easy losing a pain, especially when you see that you are so devoted to each other and doing everything they wanted, but look now got a state of calm and love itself surprising. This change did not come because of him, but thanks to myself that rather than whine and fall into deep sorrow fought and won.

  223. Chiara

    Hi Marie,
    I’m new here but this post totally open my heart. I’ve just left my boyfriend because the life that I could have with him could be good but not great so… Thank you to remind me that!

  224. I love your honesty and insights Marie! In order to make space for abundance we need to let go of what is not our ultimate joy 🙂

  225. Mal

    very inspirational … Yeah I’m 24 and living with the inlaws NOT FUN! NEED TO GET OUT!

  226. Hi Marie,

    I highly doubt that you read the comments anymore but I REALLY want you to know this video truly hit home. Yesterday I read a old Paul Branson post and he mentions you in it. So I subscribed to your newsletter then started watching videos.

    Earlier this year I told myself its time to end my store Shop ICB. It kept playing in my head. Had conversations with God. I didnt tell friends because I didnt want their opinions on my personal decisions. Then weeks past still this lingering thought. I told one friend and saw said she knew I was leaning that route. Then I told another friend today and she was questioning me why. I told her I was calm and knew this book was over for me. Watching this video has confirmed it for me. So I know when December 7th comes no issues. Thank you!

  227. Julie

    Oh, I SO relate to this! I am currently stuck in Good Land. I have a good job, making good money. (It’s not a ton by some standards, but it’s the highest paying job I’ve ever had and we’re sort of in the “comfortable” category money-wise.) I’ve been there almost 4 yrs and I am nice and comfortable w/ the job. Nothing is WRONG per se w/ this job and I love the type of work – so much in fact that I’ve started doing consulting on the side for social media marketing, which is a huge part of my digital marketing job I do FT. So what’s the problem, right? My husband is HUGELY risk adverse and while he is being super supportive, I know he thinks I’m crazy for wanting to leave or even bothering w/ the crazy hours I am putting in by consulting on the side. I work FT and have 2 young kids, so I work from 9-11 PM weekdays and several hours on the weekends (while the kids are napping) to get my side work done. It’s kinda crazy. But I still love the work and dream of being able to turn the side hustle into a FT gig. But I’m stuck in good land, absolutely terrified to leave it for the unknown. I have a mortgage to help pay and a family that’s counting on my income. How can I risk that? Seems insane to even consider. So I’m sort of in limbo right now. Still taking on clients and trying to figure out my rates, services, etc and just…IDK, hoping for some sort of magical sign that it’s time to quit my FT job? Or time to quit consulting and just stay in good land? How do you know? How does anyone ever know when it’s time to take the leap??

  228. Amazing video! It’s what’s happening to me right now. I’m starting my own business in March and I’m working in a full time job from 8 a.m to 7 p.m and have no courage to end it because I’m afraid to loose my balance!

    You’re so inspiring! Thank you!

  229. Connie P.

    My job let me go, not the other way around. BUT-I was working so many hours that I let everything else go. I had no time to work on my ideas for my own business. The job taught me so much, I worked with fabulous people of all ages (with so much knowledge to share in our field). As the dust settles (it’s been 3 very unfocused weeks) I know that it was the universe giving me a swift kick in the rear to finally get to work on what I really want to do. Whew.

  230. I think my career is in the right place, so is my relationship and my artistic pursuit BUT! This video made me think – I am not in the right apartement! I have enough of living with my family (I’m a young gal) and I would like to go on and start living on my own with my BF, it is a hard decision to make and a risky one financially, but I really want to try and do this to just grow on a new level personally.
    So for me it’s time to change a comfortable, good apartement to a maybe a little smaller, but more amazing apartement of my own 🙂
    Thank you Marie. Best!

  231. Such a great inspiring article, thanks!

  232. I really needed to hear this message. I’ve never commented before but I felt compelled to this time. 🙂

    I walked away from so many things in my life that people thought I was crazy, and I even thought I was crazy… I left “cushiony” jobs in counseling and public schools for a less secure entrepreneurial life. The road hasn’t been easy at all (not even close to it) but I wouldn’t give it up because it has pushed me to my limits and made me a much better person for it. There are still times that I doubt my past choices and whether I made the right one, especially when there are critics out there, but I’m learning to trust my instincts and surround myself with the most positive people and resources, so that my subconscious begins to support me too! And I’m happy to say that MarieTV is one of those non-negotiable daily resources for me. Thank you Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lehua, this is so lovely, and I’m SO happy you decided to comment today!

      It sounds like you’re in a great place and doing wonderful work. I really love everything you shared about following your instincts and surrounding yourself with positive people – that’s so important for entrepreneurs.

      Keep on rocking it, and we’re so grateful you’re a part of our world!

  233. Mariah

    Hola Marie,

    Love, love, love your emails. I usually foward to fam and friends.

    My issue is that I’m terrified of letting go of my Social Security Disability Benefits. I have been receiving it since 2008. I have currently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I have suffered from extreme bouts of anxiety attacks since the age of 9 after my parent’s separation (which have substantially been reduced due to therapy, meditation and reading about this condition). I am now in my late 40s. My story is a little odd because I’ve always enjoyed working. I was a legal secretary, obtained my Paralegal Certificate in my late 20’s and loved getting on a plane. Those things though were always temporary (meaning that for maybe 5-10 years I’d have little panic attacks and depression and then 6 months of feeling totally at a loss).

    I’d love to return to work part-time but the best paying jobs are in another city which would require me to take public transportation (bus, train, etc.). I drive and would love a job where I can drive there. So my issue? I become very enthusiastic about returning to work but then anxiety sets in and I’ll remember that if I go back to work, I will lose my security blanket which is my disability benefits. Can someone help me? I know that Marie says make your own choices, but this would be a big decision.

    Thank you.

  234. I just left the state that I had lovingly called home for over the past decade (Colorado) and moved to a city that I just didn’t feel aligned with (Las Vegas) because my husband got stationed here. I was bitter that I had to leave on someone else’s terms. But once I arrived, got bored with throwing my temper tantrum and accepted this strange city for what it is, boy did the doors open. I’ve attracted amazing opportunities and people into my life and now the idea that I was hanging on to a former life and location is almost embarrassing! It was good to let go.
    Love you! Thank you for all that you do!

  235. Going to dump my bf. He is only good! :)))))))))
    I adore this episode! Brilliant! Thank you, Marie!

  236. Yes, this validates a change I made that I was doubting.
    I moved to a place that was supposed to be great, leaving behind a good one. It took a year for the new place to show its full value, but in the meantime I started to doubt that I was supposed to be here.
    In conclusion, this episode helped me to see the advantages of the move and to trust again the intuition that told me it’s a good idea.
    Thanks, Marie! : )

  237. OMG Marie, this one is so right on for me!!!
    I just cancelled something I’ve been doing for 3 years because it was energy consuming and not that money maker. Although I loved doing this thing, I felt for a few months that I was ready for something else, something more. But I kept asking myself if I was silly to quit something that’s working fine. But YES, fine is good and now I’m going for GREAT! Thank you Marie xxx

  238. I have actually had the experience of being attached to things that I thought should go better, and realizing after I finally, finally, finally let them go that I probably could have let them go when I first got the inkling to do so. And it’s funny because I’ve always been someone ready to let things go when they’re no longer productive or serving me – and yet that’s the very reason I think I was so reticent about letting go of the things I was shown the writing on the wall multiple times before I finally heeded the writing. I think I thought of myself as being perceived as a flake, as not count-onable, as someone who had no integrity. I was desperately wanting to be perceived as having a strong constitution and that got in the way of me letting something go – a job that I felt was a calling – that was making me miserable. The calling, I now know, is what I’m still following. The job was just a step on the pathway inside of the calling. But I had to learn about my own integrity and what that word / concept truly meant for me before I could let go of what was causing my misery. In letting go, I finally had the relief that allowed me to do all sorts of jobs that I had missed, enjoyed greatly, and was ecstatic that I got to experience as I left my misery in the dust. And! The journey is always unfolding. There are things that I now know I need to leave behind — it’s a constant pruning of the vines, yes?

  239. Kate Wash

    Loved this episode- short but so rich!
    I think its time for me to leave where I’m living…but I have no idea of where is next- go a few cities away, across the country!

    I’m wondering if I just need to commit to leaving and see what falls into place.

  240. My corporate job! 4 months ago I was in love with my job and 3 months ago I got an intense fire in the pit of my stomach telling me to leave it and grow my business. Soooo scared to take the leap! I am the only secure income in my family with three kids so have such a hard time believing I can make enough to support everyone. Also having a hard time trusting my husband can step up the plate to support my decision. I loved this episode! Very synchronistic to my inner calling

  241. Zey

    What if it’s your family? Would you let go of the good relationship and time you have with them just for the sake of being great?

  242. Just watched this video while working through B School. I left a business that I loved and was doing well at, a great teaching role and students I loved, and also a pretty good reputation in the industry that I had worked really hard at building. While I loved my life and was so grateful for everything, deep down I knew that I had gotten comfortable and it was time for a new challenge. So I left everything to move to a different country for love/marriage and maybe carve out a new path doing what I love so much. Fast forward 2 months in this new place, I’m freaking out about not having any friends, any community and any idea how I can possibly build a profile again and wondering if I made the right choice. So this video has been reassuring. As all of the Marie TV videos are!! Fingers crossed I keep nudging myself to starting!

  243. i’m scared to even type this. i have been at a wonderful office job for 20 years. i am 40 now. i have friends that i love, i am valued, appreciated, and i work without supervision. i have no education or experience and still make good money and receive health benefits, vacation and sick time, and retirement. i think if i left the company that has been so good to me i’d have time to focus on growing my side hustle and passion project of my kindness podcast, book, course, coaching, and workshops teaching kindness.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Clare! Thank you so much for leaving this comment. What a blessing that you’re at a job that you love and allows you to feel supported –– that’s the dream! Of course, if you want to grow a business, you can absolutely still take steps toward that while staying at your job for the time being. Marie calls this a bridge job, and you can learn more here:

      We’re cheering you on, Clare, and thank you for being in our community!

      • clare

        brilliant, thank you so much!! i feel so lucky to have found you.

  244. amy

    I am so happy that I can let go of the old relationship and it took me almost one and half years to let go , its not easy but I overcome it. I feel so grateful for that. In the future, I will remember how wonderful to let go of a relationship that is no longer serve me. I struggle of letting go of a relationship is because I was afraid of so many things. In fact, there is nothing to be feared of once we dare to listen to our heart, the universe or god will lead us and conspire the entire world to get us through all the steps. And the end, we only become stronger and can use our power to inspire many others who may encounter the same situation as us. Thank you so much for this episode.

  245. Maja - Team Forleo

    Hi Amy! It can be so hard to honor what your heart is telling you, and walk away from a relationship that no longer serves you. Your story is truly inspiring, and it reminded me of a quote by Paulo Coehlo: ~If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with another hello.~ I’ve found that to be true, always. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being in our world.

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