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Relax. Be present. Enjoy this moment. Be here now.

Does that advice ever irritate the heck out of you — especially when you have a to-do list a mile long?

Even if you don’t get annoyed by the “be present” advice, you might feel confused by it.

Planning consciously for the future is one of the best tools to stay grounded in the present. Click To Tweet

Because most of us get that — in theory — being fully present is great for our brains, souls and relationships, but some of us wonder…

How the heck am I supposed to “be present” and still exist in the real world that constantly requires me to look ahead and plan my future?

If you want a simple trick to train yourself to be in the now and exist in the real world, you’re gonna love today’s episode.

It’ll help you leverage this truly life-changing habit in way that doesn’t war with modern-day demands.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

And we’ve got a two-parter this week.

1. How do you balance being present in the moment and planning for your future?

2. Do you have some specific worries about the future that a little conscious present moment planning could fix?

Remember, tens of thousands of people around the world visit this site and YOUR share could trigger a breakthrough, a new perspective or a laugh that someone else really needs.

Thanks in advance for sharing your heart, soul and ideas with us!

With so much love,


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  1. Marie, I really appreciate the distinction between worrying and planning and how planning keeps you present. For spotting worries, I’ve found morning pages really useful–they let me see those things I might not have even realized I’d been worrying about because they come up over the course of several days. That’s my sign that it’s time to come up with a plan to handle something that’s worrying me. Thanks for the great advice, Marie!

    • I need to return to my morning pages. As you say, they definitely illuminated what was weighing on my mind. I can see my journal out of the corner of my eye…hmmmm…a sign, perhaps? 🙂

      • I HAVE to to my PEACE system every morning, or I end up a scatter-brained cranky beeotch for the rest of the day. I really feel it when I haven’t done my journaling and meditation. Morning pages FTW. 🙂

      • Jessica

        Love that, Emelia! I’d fallen out of the habit, too, but have been using them the last few days and Marie’s video reminded me of my favorite thing about them. They can also be a great planning tool, but I don’t usually use them that way–I’m more about clearing out the crud :-).

    • Hello Ladies! What are the Morning Pages?

      • I agree. I’m going to have to look into this…

      • Hi Galina,

        I believe the ladies are referring to the Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’. The idea is to write for 20 minutes or fill 3 pages with stream-of-consciousness hand-written writing. Check out this link for more info:

        • Oh thank you, Elloa!
          I’ve been trying something similar. I try to write a “prayer” in my journal for what I want my day to be like TODAY. For how I want to feel and what I really want to get accomplished. It helps me to acknowledge my feelings!

          • Yup. Elloa explained it perfectly. I like the idea of a prayer journal, too. I keep a gratitude journal acknowledging five things I’m grateful for everyday. I’ve been doing it for 10 years. Keeps things in perspective. At this rate, I’ll have to set aside 2 hours to write in all my different journals…lol

          • Galina,

            I love that idea! I was talking about starting something similar before I got to bed, but I think the morning would be great as well. Do you find it works well?

          • Ariel


            This is a great idea for my friend and I. Thanks for sharing!

          • Hi Sarah!
            At night I think about what I’m grateful for. It works really really well when you do it with your partner when you are already in bed. Makes you both feel so good 🙂

            I learned both of these techniques from Louise Botwright, but just tweaked them for myself. You can find her in our FB group for Bschool babes!

          • Thank you for sharing! I’m going to give it a go 🙂

        • Christine

          Thanks for sharing this link Elloa. I think I might give this a try 🙂

          • Christine

            I gave this a try and it is very powerful. I started for just ten minutes and I can’t believe how fast the time went. I actually felt dizzy after I was done. Good to get all that chatter out. Thanks again Elloa.

        • Jessica

          Yes, exactly, Elloa! Thank you.

      • Hi, Galina (and all!). When I first worked through the morning pages, I did so longhand. Now I go to the website and let it pour out since I can type really fast. I’ve had enough practice so that I can get the crap cleared out and focus on the gem that presented itself that day.
        HIGHLY recommended!

        • I love the idea of doing typing out pages online…didn’t know there was a website…cool. Thanks for that.

        • Thanks for this site Jane… I think I’ll try it! Natalie Goldberg, who wrote “Writing Down the Bones” talks about being aware of how the tool you choose impacts how you write. I definitely feel a difference between writing by hand and typing – almost as if they open up two different writers in me. I’m keen to have a go at 750 words now.

      • Morning pages are a journal of your thoughts, whatever they are. Write down everything that comes to mind EVERYTHING. It’s a question and answer session with yourself that shows you what’s really in your heart.

    • Ah, Jessica, I’ve been wanting to try morning pages for so long! I tried it a few times and found it so amazingly useful. I just need to make the time to wake up earlier for it now 😉
      I typically just re-connect with myself to identify when I’m worrying and when I’m planning “in the moment”. It’s definitely a good thing to be prepared because it allows you to be less frazzled and more in-the-moment when the moment happens!

      • Jessica

        Do it, Laura! 😉 You can sneak your journal under the covers and write them while still in bed–it’s not quite the same as an extra twenty minutes of sleep, but it also doesn’t mean facing a cold house. (Tho, I actually like to get up and brew some tea for sipping while I write.)

  2. I’m so glad you’re talking about this today, Marie! I definitely get caught up in thinking about the future A LOT (especially as a business owner), and sometimes being present feels like I’m ignoring the future. But the planning vs. worrying distinction you made is brilliant! Planning IS a present-moment activity, and it can actually help alleviate worrying.

    • Yes Kristen! As someone who is passionate about staying in the moment as much as possible, I need to keep reminding myself of what you said: Planning IS a present-moment activity. Thankfully, I’m not a big worrier (just a horrible planner), but when I’m tempted to slip into worrying-mode, I remember this quote: “Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its troubles, but empties today of its strength.”

  3. ​Loved it! Thank you for another great episode, Marie! )))))
    ​I’ve been trying the “I’m back” technique that Josh recommends! It helps! When I’m connected with the present I’m more connected with myself!

    • It’s a really genius method Galina. We use it all the time!

  4. I always use the driving analogy. We need to make conscious choices and exercise immediate caution with where we are. However, we need to occasionally glance ahead to ensure we’re on the right track. Constantly worrying about what’s ahead places us in immediate precarious circumstances but we need to have conscious direction. Another lesson in balance. Thanks, again, Marie.

    • Also a great example, Emelia. I bet most people would want to be actively driving their own car every single day, but they’re not living up to that want.

      • Very true, Heidi Nicole. Some people are passengers in their own lives…or worse yet – on a bus with no idea who’s driving.

    • I LOVE that analogy. The most glaring thing is that a lot of people are trying to drive through life while looking in the rear view mirror the whole time…

      Missing opportunities, and worrying too much about the past.
      Thanks for sharing that, Emelia 🙂

      • Exactly, Shawn. Bound to crash if only looking through the rear view window. 🙂

  5. Marie, what a fabulous topic. It’s a tough chore for me to be fully present with where I am right now, versus where I want to be in the future. But I’ve read your book and love the statement “make is-ness your business.” That one statement really helped me to be okay with the now, and then begin to develop strategies! Somehow owning where I am now opened weird doors – so this reminder was actually really useful. Thanks for the reminder about being present with things.

    • I heard that Marie is writing a new book :):)

      • Ooh! I’ve been curious for ages now about what she is planning next… fab!

  6. What a great topic. It is such a challenge for so many people. I really appreciate this example of clarification between worrying and planning. I think it’s also important to carve out time specifically for planning, visioning, dreaming and scheming. Although “worries” are important because they help you plan for the future but it’s when you get stuck in the cycle of “what ifs” that it becomes out of control. Most people don’t even realize they worry so much until they really focus on staying in the present. That’s when the magical switch flips!

    One of the best tools I use to mindfulness and staying in the present is breathing. I listen to my body and hear the air entering and exiting my body. This helps with dealing with my worries.

    Have a great day!


    • I agree, Heidi. My morning meditation is a great way to clear the slate and get some perspective on the worrisome things.

    • “I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate.” ~Arthur Wing Pinero, The Second Mrs. Tanqueray, 1893

  7. The way that I balance being present in the moment and planning for the future is by doing everything I can today that is within my control. Worrying is like paying a loan on a debt that someone else took. When I find myself worrying about the future I pray about it and talk about it with a friend. If it is something that I really cannot do anything about, then I surrender it to God.
    Thx Marie for a great VLog.

  8. Great topic, Marie, and your back-up crew is Top Ten!

    I’m not a big worrier, but I am a big planner, so I guess I’ve been doing this all along without even realizing what a genius I am. Ha! I do tend to keep a running To Do list (notebook queen here) where I jot down the things that might keep me up at night. Then, when I sit down for my planning (daily, weekly, annual leaning out), I break out the lists and make sure those worrisome items are taken care of and planned for.

    If I’m fully present for the planning, I’m fully present for the Now.

    • Deane – I can totally relate to being able to be present by planning. My running to-do lists help me to put out of my mind, onto paper, and get back to the present task. thanks for sharing the insight because it helped me realize how this works for me 🙂

      • Gaveeta

        I totally relate to planning by scheduling in time to plan, weekly, monthly and 3 monthly. To stop myself from worrying about missing out on a great idea that might come up and to still keep my self grounded in the now I jot down ideas that come to me randomly in the notes section on my phone. And then I let it go until I have a scheduled planning session with myself. This is when I look at my notes and add it into my plan. This way I don’t feel as if I’m losing out on an insight, and I also get to remain present.
        I love Marie’s advice on planning consciously, definitely going to try that tomorrow at my monthly planning meeting! 🙂

  9. What a great topic, Marie. In fact, it’s something my husband and I often part ways on – I want to plan, dream, vision and prepare, and he just wants to live in the day. “What about when you’re 60 and you don’t have a pension?!” I wail at him.

    I work on being in the moment by practicing meditation (I study the lessons from A Course in Miracles daily), walking my dog, consciously breathing in and out before I start my car engine and doing Danceitation.

    For planning, I create vision boards (real and virtual), use Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, go to and do my best to apply what I learned with Graham Allcott at Think Productive: do the worst task first, batch monotonous tasks, keep my inbox at zero, pay attention to my energy and do different work according to the time of day.

    At the moment in my life, I need to pay attention to my financial future. I’m 30 and have very little in place. I tend to use the excuse of “the Universe will take care of me”. Haha, I am so BUSTED on that one!

    Thanks and I hope these ideas were useful.
    Love Elloa x

    • Wow, that’s a lot of work on personal development, Elloa!

      • Hey Elloa! I’m a huge believer in paying attention to our financial futures (and our financial presents 🙂 Automate it as much as possible — the future Elloa will thank you for that!

  10. Thank you for this, Marie! Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself for not being able to do all of this at once, and with the most zen-like ease, but it’s worth recognizing how hypocritical the messages can get. Planning vs. worrying is a great way to differentiate the two in real terms.

  11. Love the Alanis bit Marie!

    I balance the two by doing my best to plan..and admittedly fall into worrying about the future. When I find myself falling into that pit I check myself and hand it over to God. So thanks for this vid, Marie. It’s a reminder that instead of worrying I just need to be prepared for whatever the outcome is if possible.

    My specific worries about the future is juggling my newborn, with my toddler and business. I’m afraid I won’t have time for it all, and as of THIS Friday I’m sitting down to plan out content for the next few months and a plan for staying engaged with my community.

    Have a great weekend!

    • You’re amazing Erin. And, you have the perfect amount of time to do it all beautifully. And, I love that you’re wishing me a great weekend on Tuesday 🙂

  12. Marie! You nailed it on this one. Being present is so important and also hard to do.

    We all project ourselves into the future (especially as entrepreneurs) and can sometimes lose focus of the present.

    Thank you for this reminder that both are possible!

  13. Yes, focusing on the plan and taking action in the moment pushes out the worry. Sitting down and writing out ideas for my editorial calendar for the posts on my marketing site always helps me get clear and present with the goals for my business. And helping my clients go through this process to create a content marketing plan definitely helps them. Thanks so much, Marie, for another great topic to focus on!

  14. First off, Marie I think you are great. I love your messages, short, sweet but so impactful. I am learning good lessons from you to implement into my videos. I used to be a big worry wart, but meditation and personal development had helped to calm that down. I make daily to do lists to keep me on track and a prepare a monthly calendar in advance. I get frustrated sometimes because it seems like I’m always planning. I guess it’s just necessary to do often.

  15. Tammy

    Dear Marie – I stopped your video at 0:16 to write this note. Although I appreciate nice clothes – I don’t usually pay much attention – and I love your colourful and original wardrobe. Today especially – your outfit caught my attention – I love it and am inspired to actually think about what I wear! Thanks.

    • Tammy!

      I just LOVED your words here! Every time I pick clothes out for Marie or any of my clients, that is the exact reaction I hope to have on people. So thank you!!


  16. Love this! I find myself getting anxious about all that I have to do for an upcoming event or product launch..your reference to worrying versus planning really helped to reframe my thinking. It takes the fear, that is so paralyzing out of the way and pushes you into action, which is what I needed to hear today!

  17. YES!

    I can get totally present when I know that I’ve planned something I’ve been worrying about (set + forget) so that I can concentrate on the here and now.

    I’m worrying about handling finances, now that my business is in growth (YAY) mode. So you’ve reminded me to do some present moment planning to get some skills in this area or hire someone with the right skills! Hard to know where to start though, so much to finance.

    Jana xx

  18. Awesome video Marie!

    For me being in the present and planning for the future aren’t two different things; like you said, you ‘presently’ plan for your future. Even the most enlightened teachers out there plan retreats and events waaaaay in advance, but they’d be present while they’re doing it.

    For me being present doesn’t mean not thinking about the future, it means having your consciousness invested in now.

    I like to think of Present Jade planning stuff for Future Jade to enjoy. Like, Future Jade would like to have her stuff planned before the meeting, so Present Jade will do that now. Or, I bet Future Jade would like to wake up to a tidy house, so I’ll tidy now.

    And vice versa, if I’ve planned something really well or made my life easier, I like to thank Past Jade for what she did. Like, wow Past Jade, thanks for making lunch in advance!

    I think we think that being present is some complicated thing that takes years of practice, when really it’s meeting yourself as you are now, and focusing on what’s in front of you, rather than worrying about the future or berating yourself for what you did in the past.

    • Hey Jade! I really love thinking about “Past Jade/Present Jade/Future Jade” — so sweet and fun.

    • Love this Jade! This is a great way to look at things!

    • Love your perspective Jade!

    • alison

      thank you Past Jade your Post! So Brilliant.

    • elinor

      thank you for sharing, I love this!

  19. I’m such a worrier. I often make to do lists of things that I need to accomplish, but some of them are so big, that they keep falling to the bottom of my list. One of them is “figure out how to monetize my blog”. And because it’s so big and meaty, it keeps dropping down on the list because it’s not a code red urgency situation, and it’s going to take some creative chops to figure out. But, it causes a lot of worry, and takes up what I call “brain space”.

    So rather than worry about it, my goal now is to break it – and other similarly challenging items on my to do list – down into more manageable chunks. Do the little things that can help me get there. Take care of the flip flops and the tent, so to speak. Thanks Marie for such great advice. First time I’ve sent out a Tweetable to my Twitter base, but it’s an important nugget of wisdom.

  20. Marie, I agree with you completely. A couple of years ago I was in a terrible place emotionally. I could not get beyond worry and victimization. With my wife’s help and reading recommended by friends I was able to peel away the worry and instead focus on where I am NOW. I learned worry is fear of the future, guilt is worry of the past. The here and now is the best place to be, unless of course there is a train coming and you’re meditating on the tracks! LOL

    Planning is the vision you choose for the future and breaking the vision down into pieces you can work on everyday. You are the best!

  21. I use (and teach) Zentangle drawing as a quick “path” to putting aside the worry, focusing on the now and coming into the present in order to do/plan. I recommend it before a business meeting. How many times has the first 10-15 min of a meeting been spent just getting settled, touching base about other projects, OWO *not* being in that room for that purpose. After all, people are coming into the meeting from all over the place, having their minds focused on other topics/projects and now we need to focus right here, right now, in order to be most productive. If that first 10 min. is focused on a small drawing (or a breathing exercise, guided meditation, etc) I have seen over and over that the meeting then launches more clearly and effectively.

  22. So very true Marie! My kids often think I’m “orbiting” in space, present in body but not in mind. With so much technology and information flying in our faces its hard to find a peaceful spot.

    Worrying is like sitting on a rocking chair, lots of movement but it gets you nowhere!

    • Dear Mimika,

      You just made my day! LOVE your description of worrying! 🙂
      Thank You for sharing!

  23. Thanks for sharing Marie,
    I used to be a champion in worrying, until I DECIDED to STOP doing it and to: * Concentrate on planning towards my goals in life and business
    * Realize that my success is every step in the direction of my goals
    * Have my agenda reflect my priorities
    * Do-do-do
    * Ask myself: is it really a problem? Is it MY problem?

    • I love that comment Jacqueline, “Is it MY problem?”
      That’s a good way to cut down on the worrying!

  24. Perfect!

    Doing one thing at a time keeps me present in the moment, whether I’m planning ahead or dealing with whatever is here now.

  25. Great post as always. I think it definitely helps to think to myself “am I worrying or planning?” For me, I’ll often start out planning and then my mind will drift alittle further down the road than I meant to and suddenly I’ve gone from planning to just worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

    As an artist & spiritual healer, the things that help me remain in the present are: creating art (surprising, I know), yoga, meditation, and actually cooking. Things that provide a good opportunity for mind/body connection are things I tend to find helpful. I also find that when I’m doing these things, I’ll get little “hits” about something I’ve been trying to plan. Personally, more often than not, I find that if I get out of my own way it’s actually easier.

    One of my biggest worries (lifelong) is money. I constantly worry about not having enough money to pay bills & just basic survival. I’d love to have more, of course, but I have enough so it’s not something I need to worry about as much as I do, but for some reason it just creeps into my mind a lot.

  26. Another excellent episode, Marie! I’ve always been one of those calm guys who doesn’t worry too much. But on the flip side, I also am not the best planner in the world either. Weird combination, I know–and while the former keeps me calm, happy, and sane, the latter brings me more drama than I would be willing to admit. Using the wedding analogy from this episode, I would be like, “Seriously? It’s NOT going to rain on our wedding day. Stop worrying about it and let’s enjoy the moment!” What’s missing from my life is consistently planning for the future (bringing flip-flops for the wedding guests, like you suggested in your analogy), while still staying focused on enjoying the present moment. Awesome stuff, Marie–it looks like I “presently” have some planning to do 😉

  27. I really love this translation of “present moment”! So simple and well put. Worry vs. planning is a perfect, being present, organizational concept.
    Love it”
    Thanks Marie!

  28. bahaa

    you are an excellent in each the marie i love see you

  29. 1. I try and do one task at a time to stay present, though to be honest doesn’t always happen. I also do weekly yoga classes because that helps center me and remind me to stay in the moment even outside of class. I also enjoy Gabby Bersteins book May Cause Miracles. That helps get me on track as well.

    2. I am actually mapping out my 2014 major projects for my business today so great timing with the video.

  30. Great reminder of being present in the moment in your business. Your video’s are awesome! I coach my clients to also be present in the moment in meeting people. Being present in the moment with others, looking them in the eye, giving them your full attention and listening to them is so important today in our busy world.

  31. sheila

    Thank you! It is a good reminder on how to stay in the moment.

  32. Thank you so much for that. What a really simple way of explaining the difference. I will be remembering that one. Much appreciated. J x

  33. Angela

    Loved the distinction, Marie. Off to planning I go.

  34. Marie, your videos rock. Not only is it full of great advice but they always make me laugh…which is a major bonus in my book!

    To answer today’s question, the first one anyway, having a big goal to work toward helps give me direction. But having an action plan with small, daily action steps to get me there is what really helps keep me grounded and in the present.

    Ironicially enough, nothing like rain on my wedding day, but perhaps good advice that I just didn’t take…I wrote about this yesterday on my blog.

  35. Thank you for this video, Marie.

    Worrying plagued me for years, until I realised that if I worked out what was at the root of it and made a concious decision to either release it (if I wasn’t able to control it) or to plan how to achieve it.

    It stopped me from becoming distracted by worry, and that’s when I know I’m not being present now; I’m seriously distracted and I drop the ball on everything.

    I lolled hard at the backing singers! Amazing 😉

  36. Great video Marie, loved the singing section. I laughed out loud! Keep on rocking it out! xo Lisa

  37. Planning. I think I’ve always been a planner…:) There is such peace in planning. If planning doesn’t help my worrying then I use tapping (EFT).

  38. Hi Marie,
    I appreciate this video, you have no idea. Thank you so much for the distinction as I obviously had the two confused.

    At times I consider myself the “mind hustler” where I work myself out mentally, barely get anything done physically and then comes worry.

    I find the traditional To-Do List to be quite helpful. Visually seeing a check puts a little pep in my step and I get more done with less worry and truly live in the moment. This makes the additional planning process a little less tedious.

    Also, I find that reading certain types of material first helps a lot. I’m the person that needs to move and read to think!

    Hope this little bit actually helps someone.

    Thanks Marie!

  39. Thanks for the tip Marie! I find this to be a challenge at times. Being a mom entrepreneur, with two little wild guys keeps me on my toes 😉 and also focusing on my biz. I’ve learned to plan, but focus on the moment at hand and learn when to switch gears but also stay on course. Thanks for the great advice- good timing ;)!

  40. I can easily get caught up in planning. I end up spending WAY too much time on planning when I really just need to get some work done. My method for staying in the present is to put the planning away and actually tackle an item on my to-do list. That makes me feel present and in control if I can just complete something.

  41. Great video Marie!

    I come from a long line of worriers. When I’ve tried to help my dad with this, he’s even said things to me like “How am I supposed to just stop worrying?” Good point, but this seems a little sad. If he can’t get himself to stop worrying, no one else can do it for him. I don’t think people realize that they have control.

    To curb my worrying in planning, I started writing out (old school pen and paper style) all of my to-dos. Then I allow myself time in the morning to go over my to-do list, worry about it, and plan it. I put stars next to the things I need to get done that day. And then I don’t let myself worry about it the rest of the day!

    Alexis Meads

  42. Love this video!!! As a designer of ginormous balloons that are fun and whimsical it keeps me so grounded and present in the moment because balloons bring out the child in everyone and isn’t that what kids do best… just be in the present moment!!
    http://www.buildaballoon... Gorgeous, Beautiful, Fun, Enormous Balloons equipped for your party or event with the Balloon Bling… The Glitterati… The Fringey Tassely Balloon tails!!!

  43. Lori

    Thanks Marie! In the moment is also known as focus, the essential part of creative problem solving. Worry is scattered and driven by fear, nothing good there, move away from worry and take control of your life.

  44. Jem

    First if all, YOUR OUTFIT MARIE! Nailed it. Second of all, yes! Thanks for this episode. Worry feels completely different. I am catching myself worrying about my future of intimate relationships and the security of my current work. A serious planning session knowing that I’m equipped for the foreseeable future would make a difference! XX

  45. Miss Marie,

    You are so Great. You shine so brightly which inspires me to do the same.

    I was so taken with this topic because it is a big issue for me. I currently am healing from a severe long term illness, and am still at the stage where I have to take things day by day. Living in the moment is really a matter of emotional survival for me. Planning for the future often brings a lot of worry and stress to my life because when I make plans I never know if I will be feeling well enough to follow through with them. At the same time I believe that making some plans is very positive way to remind myself that what I am going through is not permanent and I will be able to do what I want at some point 🙂 What I have learned is that I am now making plans that I can follow through on even if my health is not co-operating at the time. One example is I signed up for your B-school and it has been really wonderful because I am looking forward to it but at the same time I know I can pace myself if I need to.

    It can be a challenge when I see so many people around me making plans and moving forward. I have had to learn that I can only operate at my own speed (my pace of grace). I feel like a snail somedays because most peoples lives are so fast paced. Making plans for me really involves being extremely present as to my current abilities and not comparing my abilities with the fast paced lives of others (as I used to be very much an achiever). This might not be possible in a running a business but sometimes I find the best plan is no plan which took me a long time to be at ease with.

    Thanks for you brilliant video !!! Love the Alanis interlude 🙂

  46. Rosângela

    That’s perfect! Planning the future being at the present moment. Replacing worring by planning! Fantastic.
    If you want to take a look at my facebook page, there are many tips about how to run our lives ina very simple and confortable away..

  47. Thank you, Marie, for this great article and video!! It reminds me of the “Don’t Worry – Be Happy” song. Getting rid of anxiety is waaay easier than most of us think it is. That song and your video rings true for me because I meditate on Philippians 4:6-7 (RSV) a LOT and receive INSTANT peace of mind.

    “Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

    So my advice about worries is similar to yours. The first thing to do with worries is to GRAB them! Then hold them captive to these verses in Philippians to replace worry with a little precious-present-moment planning!

  48. Jenn

    Great video, Marie! I’m both a planner and a worrier and I’ve never heard the distinction put quite so eloquently. I have a tendency to worry about the unknown to the point of avoiding situations. It’s often related to my tendency to see the world in black and white; right and wrong. I’m afraid of “getting in trouble” or “doing the wrong thing.” I’ve done a lot of personal work with mindfulness and Buddhist psychology and that has a lot to do with awareness in the here and now. I find that calming down my brain helps me to refocus and be able to plan if I need to and stop worrying if I don’t. I find that breathing techniques are what work best for me for staying present and getting out of “fight or flight” mode. Dr. Rick Hanson is a psychologist who has a lot of great tips for showing self-compassion and increasing awareness in the here and now. He has a blog and newsletter if anyone is interested.

  49. One of the most profound things I ever heard was, “Depression is caused by a continuous focus on the past; Anxiety is caused by a continuous focus on the future.”

    I’m a pretty balanced person, but I know that too much of that future-casting can creating some hefty anxiety. I can definitely stand to plan a bit more than I do. Thanks so much for the reminder, Marie!

  50. Ahhhhhh…being in the present moment. This is what I love to teach my Creativity Coaching clients do while they meditate on intentions, while painting mandalas. Yes, the to-do lists, deadlines, and planning is never ending…and all based on left-brain activities, which is also where fear and worry reside, because once you step into a zone where you’re trying something new, your brain tells you, “Whoa! Hold up, I’m not familiar with this territory!” But once you allow yourself to sink into that state of present moment awareness, which could very well include planning new things, your creativity kicks in (right-side), and it it’s a perfect blend of the left/right brain working together in harmony. Good stuff!!

  51. Sometimes I forget to be present. Like, when I’m making breakfast at 6am before heading to the gym, I’m barely awake, much less present. Or when I am grocery shopping and fighting crowds to get to the freshest eggplant, I’m not present, I just want the hell out of there!

    But when I’m sitting down, typing out an email to a client or going through my stats on google analytics, I like to stop and take a moment to appreciate the career that I have – the fact that I get to stay home and work in my Lululemon clothes. Or if I’m hanging out at the bar with my friends.. I like to recognize just how lucky I am to have these great friends and great times.

    So while I’m not present every moment of every day, I think I keep it balanced.

  52. I am starting a business so I do have concerns about when I will have money come in, if I will contribute to the community that I am wanting to,etc. I will look at when I have these come up and see what actions I need to do so that its not worrying. I have to get my product/service complete before I market. How do i submit a question for Q &A Tuesdays?


    You rock

  53. Marie, thanks so much for answering my question today; what an awesome surprise when I tuned in this morning! Great advice. I’ve realized that I have a tendency to get caught up in my own mind a bit too much and that worrying is all in the mind, whereas planning is taking action. So I’m going to get on this right away – being present WHILE I’m making my plans. Honestly, just restructuring the issue in this way, I feel less stressed out already.

  54. OOO! I love your outfit!! and the tweet able! Great share!!

  55. Hi Marie, Great distinction between planning and worrying. A strategy that works for me when I catch myself worrying about the future is to remind myself “one step at a time, one day at a time” and then focus on what I can do right now to create the future that I want. I used to spend a lot of time feeling helpless to affect outcomes but with practicing presence and looking back over what I’ve been able to accomplish (whoa since starting B-School that is a tone!) I see that I’ve done it all by having a vision for the future and doing the work one step at a time in the present. Thanks!!

  56. mar

    Here’s how I can be in the now & plan for the future. Currently, I am out of money. Instead of worrying about living in the streets or not being able to pay for my bills, I can think of ways of how I can bring in some extra money right now, such as selling some stuff I have that I don’t need.

  57. Guy in the hat… I love you! You made me laugh!

    I wasn’t going to watch this because I have so much to do! I actually spent half of my dream life last night working it out. It was a planning dream… but because I was dreaming, I can’t remember some of it. So…better off making a plan in my waking state so I don’t have to spend my dream life/11pm – 7am worrying about it. Although I really do have some great ideas at 3am!


    • Marie, I love love love your outfit too…

  58. Couldn’t have said it better Marie!

    Sometimes being in the present gets confused with “no thoughts” like what meditation can be a practice of. For me being in the present means being fully engaged in what I am doing right now, whether that is planning, eating, having great conversation, or whatever else. Thought is there but I am also there, and my body and senses are engaged.

    For me coming into my body awareness and senses is the easiest way for me to be present. There are moments when I want to clear thought as much as possible, like if I am gazing at a sunset, or taking a walk. Then there are times when I am visioning a creative project, or planning, and I allow myself to use my creative intuitive mind more then my worry and fear mind to allow great insights.

  59. This is another great tip. The balance of staying present to the magic of now with planning is something that we all deal with.

    I love the advice of planning in the NOW….this is the trick. Use what you know now to delete worry in the future by planning. Then you can enjoy the now and the future now :).


  60. I just came back from a coffee with a friend where we discussed something very similar to this, but from the angle of what success is and isn’t to us, and how it affects us being in the present moment.

    For example, I now have more money in the bank than I’ve ever had in my life, and yet I worry more about the future now than I used to.

    I realized that my idea of success was (or is) so high that I constantly feel like a failure, which makes me find it difficult to be in the now.

    The one thing that does help for me is listening to Eckhart Tolle’s audio tapes, highly recommend it!

  61. I love this Marie thank you!
    It reminds me of a piece I wrote about how to stop worrying (link attached) so you can enjoy being in the moment- in fact, planning helps to alleviate worrying. There are some other tools and resources I outlined that can help.

  62. Wow! That dude has a great singing voice.

    Love this topic because some close friends think I’m planning freak but then they say I’m so lucky when everything goes smoothly for me and I always answer back not lucky planning freak 😉

  63. Hi Marie!
    Thank you so much for your videos. I really enjoy them!
    I’m a yoga teacher and lifecoach too, so I get a lot of these questions. Next time I underline my message with you video#fab!!
    Anyway, my simple guideline is: when I’m stressed, I’m not mindful.
    Which means I’m prob not doing a very great job while i’m planning something for the future. Quality now, means quality for the future. And yes, I have to keep reminding myself all the time ha ha.

    Keep making videos!
    xx from the Netherlands

  64. Steph Newby

    Being thankful and keeping an excellent attitude keeps all things in balance for me. If I forget those 2 things in any given day…. things can go to you know where, real fast 😉 And yes, some days it’s super hard to do this but I find that if I at least gently remind myself to try – it makes a huge impact! Your video reminded of the importance of this kind of “state of mind”. So Marie, thanks for your Vlog – once again… and have an amazing day! Xoxo sending love all the way from North Cackalacky 😉

  65. I call my planning for the future organizing, time for family, time for friends and loved ones, time to create or get inspired and for sure to know what’s ahead 🙂

  66. Thanks so much, I never realized that there was such a distinct difference and that I could eliminate many of my worries by just planning accordingly. As always, you have the best advice!!

  67. I was really really struggling with worry and overwhelm recently because I quit my day job to start my consulting business for firefighters. I tried to meditate, talk to friends, but I was still feeling awful. The thing that finally made all the difference for me was to write my to-do list differently (which made me think about it differently). Every evening I now put my tasks for the next day under these headings: what I must get done, what will make me happy to do, and what would be nice to get done. The key is being very strict about what I write under must get done. If I’m honest, there’s usually only one thing that can’t wait any longer. Then I also know that I have something fun, not work, built in. Typically it’s lunch or a workout with a girlfriend. Then if I get anything done beyond that I just feel like its a bonus. This worked wonders for me. So naturally, since I stopped worrying, I started enjoying the present more. Ultimately that little to-do list trick made me tons happier- and I still have all the same tasks on the list, they’re just organized differently!

    • Jenn

      Karlie, I love that idea. Thanks for sharing!

      • Tania

        What a fantastic idea to categorize your to-do list. I love this!

    • Love this! Great idea 🙂

  68. I think meditation is good it help’s you regroup
    and deep six the stress

  69. Tania

    Thank you Marie!
    I am almost done reading A New Earth, and already read The Power Of Now. Both books have truly helped me get in the present moment, which is the only true and real reality. I completely agree we must still plan, but plan consciously, with the primary action to be in the present moment. Each present moment builds upon one another and that is how we consciously manifest our future. When I get caught up in worry and anxiety about future things, I get completely lost while living the present, and that is a yucky thing for my kids to witness.

    Just earlier today, I tweeted “What your future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness now” Thank you Eckhart Tolle.

    Thank you for all you do.

    • I thought of Eckhart’s books after watching this video as well 🙂

      • Great quote, thanks for sharing Tania. Eckhart goes into great detail on being in the present. If each step we take goes towards our goals and we are present in each step then we have to get to where we want. When we are lost in thought and worry, we are bound to get side tracked.

  70. Mia

    Lovin’ it! Marie, I loved this nugget of wisdom. And, as always, it came at just the right time! I just pushed back a teleseminar and was worried about doing so. But in doing so, I’m better able to plan for upcoming programs and events. Taking myself out of worry and into planning is a plus! Thanks a mil. Oh, and great singing everyone! Gotta love Alanis!

  71. I am a planner and love the calm, confident feeling I get when I take the time to plan things in advance rather than rushing around to get a job done. Planning also helps me not to worry so much about when I’m going to get it done.

  72. Thanks for the awesome tips Marie!

    For me being in the present and planning for the future is always a difficult balance. I definately love Karlie Moore’s idea of categorizing the to do list. Mine is a version on Steven Covey’s grid idea:

    1) MUST DO (urgent and important):
    Put only one or max two tasks on there that is your absolute priority. For me today it’s Fax in my completed application for admission to a school for my son and complete/email a medical review that I just need to put the finishing touches on.

    2) Important but not urgent
    This is something you need to work on a little every day such as working on my next blog post. Put small increments of a long term project here. For today is: start writing part 1 of an email to my subscribers. Also I put my workout here (yes it’s part of my daily list). I also put long term financial planning pieces here (a tiny chunk at a time).

    3)Urgent but not important
    This is things you have to do but don’t think it’s of utmost importance. This is things like unscheduled phone calls I get in the office, email messages and questions from my colleagues that need answering right away.

    4)Not important, Not urgent
    This is things like facebook, twitter, and fun browsing of the websites.

    This method really helps me balance being present and planning for the future because when I am trying to be present (like playing in the backyard with my kids, on a walk with my husband)– I put this list away.

  73. Great topic! I love the distinction of “What if??” (a worried anxious state) vs. “How can I plan for..?” (a proactive and calmer state). Two very different ways of looking at things that can really affect the level of peace you feel.

    My strategy for dealing with worrisome thoughts is to get them out of my head asap so they’re not floating aimlessly in my mind creating more worrisome thoughts and taking me out of the present moment. I try to turn the worry into an action item and put it in my inbox (I use Omnifocus) for me to deal with at a more appropriate time. I’ve made it a habit to process my inbox regularly so putting something in my inbox makes me feel at peace because I know it will be handled soon. During the dedicated time that I’m processing my inbox I can flesh it out a little further and decide what specific sub-actions need to be taken if any and decide when they will be done, etc.

  74. I love the tweetable, Marie! 🙂

    Since I started working with Josh (2005), I kept looking for solution to this paradox. I had found it, but your confirmation is gold!

    Thanks so much,

  75. Greg Hopkinson

    For most people ‘The Now’ or “The present moment’ is a conceptual ‘Now’ rather than an experience. To truly remain present and actively engage with whatever comes along or undertake whatever planning is necessary requires techniques to gently disengage the internal chatter and reveal the Stillness within. A stable experience of attentiveness delivers everything we need incredibly effortlessly, and magically. There is no opportunity for seriousness in this approach – life is hilarious and joyous on an on-going basis. Such a teaching exists.

  76. I just started a week-long focus on this topic in my e-course. Amazing timing. I love the distinction between planning and worry…I think this is something that lots of people forget to notice. Thanks Marie and Karlie for the great advice!

  77. Loved this Maria, It is very hard to stay present in the fast paced world we live in. I try to have a plan of what I need to accomplish each day. . You have to find that perfect balance for yourself.

  78. David

    Great Job Marie
    I just send this to my 17 year old daughter
    I told her there will be a quiz later.
    I am an air traffic controller which requires my undivided attention
    So learning to be in the presence is extremely important. I think the most important part of staying in the presence is the belief that everything is perfect at this time. Remember that you got the lead part in your life. What could be better. Enjoy every minute and you will never toil.
    Your Vids inspire and motivate.

  79. LOVE this! I have a lot of this going on right now so thank you Marie for bringing it to a place where I’ll take action. For me I like a good brain dump when I start to get worried about the future. Drop everything that’s stressing me out on a page and see what things I can toss out or take action on asap.

    I’ve got a lot of travel planned for early 2014 so getting those arrangements out of the way, prepaying for hotels when I can makes it easy for me to feel like I don’t have to stress out about the upcoming events I can just enjoy them.

  80. Sheily Irizarry

    I don’t know how I got a email from this….but have to say..WOW!!! This was just what I needed to hear!!!

    Thanks for contribute to my “today’s new lesson”.

    Greetings from Puerto Rico!

  81. Can I add one more layer to your pearl of wisdom? Sometimes when we’re planning, we’re not worrying, we’re just lost in thought. We’re washing the dishes and our minds are searching for answers. We’re staring at our computers and forgetting that we have bodies attached to our fingers. We’re lying in bed feeling wired because we are energized by a million exciting ideas. When we find ourselves in these places, we can acknowledge the monkey mind and reel ourselves back into breath and presence. If it’s helpful, we can jot down the thoughts quickly and then go back to whatever we were doing with full presence, *now* it’s time to sleep/clean/work/drive/whatever… later we can carve some time to mindfully plan. Smiles. V

  82. Exactly! I started to live in the present when I learned to plan 😀 Thank you, Marie!!

  83. Great video Marie – I used to get stuck stressing, worrying and planning a lot, and I still fall into that place from time to time now.

    However, now I’m largely in the present, and focus on what’s right in front of me. I daydream a little about the next year, but I’ve stopped going further ahead than that at the moment, as I trust those steps will reveal themselves to me when I get closer 🙂

  84. Maria

    Loved this video, can’t stop thinking on the ant and the cigalle fable. The cigalle thought it was better to live the moment without worrying for the future BUT the small working ant knew the difference between worrying and planning, so she planned how to face the winter ahead and whem winter came she was calm enough to sip a little hot tea and enjoy the present, the cigalle not so much. It is about having a long term vision

  85. Wow Marie! Thank you – I just suddenly got a sense of peace and calm – no nerves flying around. I’m constantly looking to the future [the big picture] without seriously thinking about the steps to get there. Just by writing a note from your video that I need to do a 12 month marketing plan has completely put me at ease. Thank you. K.

  86. Wow! that was enlightening. Worrying vs. Planning. Great to know the difference.

  87. Ngoc Khong

    Thank you Marie for the tip. And I always love the fun part you and your team add to every episode!

    Guys, I think the exercise “Creating Mental White Space,” which Marie already gave to us some time ago, is a perfect supplementary to the episode today. It can help us stop worrying and focus on the present instead. Here’s the link:

    Ngoc Khong

  88. I’m going to share this video with so many people! I love the action piece. You can’t just tell people to stop worrying or be present now…so I love having the action to do something that grounds you in the present! Excellent!

  89. Dear Mariei just want to say that this video was very helpful advice for myself.

    I practice planing in the now by paying attention to how I’m feeling rather than what I’m thinking. If I’m feeling blissful, empowered, & energized I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing & I always get more done in that state.

    The moment I feel insecure, uncertain & stressed out. I try to stop whatever it is I’m doing and redirect my thoughts to the present moment. I know when I’m not in the now because my stomached always feels tense when I’m worrying about the future! Even if the future is only how will I get all of my work done before the end of my shift? It takes me away from my blissful state. So I follow my bliss by paying attention to how I’m feeling and not what I’m thinking!!!
    Thank you for your love & support, You Rock!

  90. Thanks Marie! I love how you separated “worrying” from “planning” because I think those two things go together all too frequently.

    I think it’s also difficult not to worry about planning. I know sometimes I get stressed when I know I have to deal with planning things because that’s one more thing on my to-do list.

    I read another article recently that said to follow the “2-minute” rule to stop procrastinating. The rule states that if something is going to take you less than 2 minutes, do it now instead of saving it for later.

    Things like sending a quick email, making a phone call, or even doing the dishes… That way you avoid putting little things off so they can’t build up and stress you out later.

  91. Thanks Marie! I find that following the moon’s natural rhythm is the perfect way to stay grounded in the present (what is the moon’s phase & sign today?) in the context of the bigger picture (where is the moon in the context of its monthly cycle?).

    The moon provides a powerful, and easily trackable, reference point for teaching this concept. There’s also a nice resonance between feminine and lunar energy, so I’ve developed a program to teach women my technique 🙂

  92. Perfect way to break it down Marie! I like to do big picture planning as well as having steps I take daily to be in the present moment.

    Pulling out paper, markers and working backwards helps. I pause daily to check in to the present moment. If I’m in the space of solving the past, future or other peoples problems I’m not present. Planning has helped a lot. Thanks!

  93. Hello Marie,
    I just read a review of your blog over at A Blogging Journey and decided to check it out. I really enjoyed your “being present” video. This is one of the hardest things for me. I am a list maker and when I am not making lists I am thinking about making lists. One way I try to be present is just deciding as I start a task to be focused on it and present. For example while making a meal, I try to think about the ingredients I am putting together. They way a spice feels as I crumble it with my fingers. The aroma as it hits the heat. The taste. Sometimes rather than just throwing a meal together, I view it as an act of love. Then I can’t wait to share it with my hubby.
    Love your show. Very encouraging. Great suggestions.

  94. Bhairavi Soni

    This is so true, planning happens in now and so does worrying but one is empowering and the other is disempowerment. It’s all about channelizing and taking charge. Thanks Marie, love your thoughts!!!

  95. “A little conscious present moment planning” really is key, I find. However it doesn’t always work. …I should probably explain 🙂

    At times you find yourself acting very rationally, acknowledging that it is no use worrying, and instead come up with good, ‘carryoutable’ plans. You say to yourself, why worry when I cannot live in the future anyway, better to be prepared for different scenarios etc. Up to now, all good.

    BUT. At other times you find yourself worrying nonetheless and keep telling yourself, I should just get a grip and focus on the planning part. But you feel like you just cannot, the worry and other not-nice feelings are washing over you. Maybe you even blame yourself for not being able to concentrate on the fruitful actions, like planning.

    The way I see it, it all boils down to states of mind, and understanding those is crucial for everyone – IMHO. When you are agitated (for whatever reason originally), then absolutely Everything looks hopeless to you! On the other hand, when you’re feeling good and confident overall and seeing things clearly, then what would’ve seemed like a huge problem earlier on gets being put in perspective and gets handled with some nice planning.

    Marie, I’ve been wanting to tell you for the longest time – your blog and the vids have been such an inspiration to me! If you’d like, I would love to tell you more about this whole ‘understanding the states of mind’ business. It certainly has turned my life around as it has done for many I have had the honor of talking to; and hey, there is very little to lose! 🙂

    All my love,
    Anna from Finland

  96. Hi marie,
    My future worry is actually getting more clients. Is that crazy or what!? I am a start up business and have a full time “bridge” job. I fear the moment when people call up to hire my photography services that it actually prevents me from marketing my business properly and getting my name out there. I know that I will be able to help so many businesses with my skills but I can’t seem to put myself first because I don’t want to let the people down at my full time job. Thanks for the great topic. It’s for the first time I’ve actually written this down.


  97. Thanks for this episode Marie! It makes sense. Planning and worrying are two different things. 🙂 Now I know I can plan for my business and whenever I feel that overwhelming feeling of fear or worry, I can stop and bring myself back to the present, which is, that I’m only planning. Haha! So simple but I tend to forget. Thanks again!

  98. Hi Marie,

    I loved the video! Thank you!

    That present-future issue is something I sometimes struggle with.

    What I do is that I dedicate a certain amount of time at the beginning and end of the day to plan. And then respect my plan.
    When I start my day I take a quick overview of what I have ahead of me. At the end, I take a look at it again and make any rearrangements needed on my plan for the following day. Same thing once a week and once a month with a broader perspective.

    In those planning periods I allow myself to anticipate and think of the future, and then in between I just focus on whatever it is I am engaged in at the moment and keep bringing myself to the now when necessary.

    I also dedicate some time to meditate when I wake up and that keeps me “calibrated” the rest of the day.


  99. As a solopreneur with a business that ships globally, my phone would ring constantly and it would drive me nuts! It would create a panic inside of me to a point where I hated my phone. I couldn’t live in the present. So I PLANNED and hired a call center to handle the questions. The cost? A mere $75 per month. So I now have my sanity back and I can live in the present without having to constantly follow up and worry about my customer service.


  100. Loved this advice! I’ve been stumped by this dilemma for a while now as I’ve been trying to grow spiritually and let go of worrying about stuff I can’t control in the future. I am trying to be more conscious of my thoughts as I realise that I become what I think. So substituting planning for worrying is healthy and helpful. Thanks Marie, love your show, and will spread the word about it in India 🙂

    • Thank you for spreading the word Sapna! 🙂 xoxo

  101. elinor

    I think being present to my worries/anxiety has changed my life for the best. I used to not take care of my finances, and would numb my anxiety with endless distractions (even more work was a distraction) because I didn’t know how to proceed, was scared of looking ignorant, etc. Once I stopped and heard the uncomfortable message, I was finally able to deconstruct the fears and take action. Emotions are messengers.
    Thanks for this video!

  102. Great video! Thank you Marie.

    I think that anything that is connected to being present including making exciting plans for the future is ENERGIZING. Feeling energized to me is the sign of being present and in the flow.

    In that moment the universe has my back and future unfolds one amazing moment at the time effortlessly and most of all, in a way that’s really fun and exciting.

    As soon as I step out of the present moment/flow my energy level drops and it’s like I put my foot on the brake and that’s when I have to start “making things work/ happen”.

    It doesn’t feel right and I need to push my self around. Procrastination is usually the next stage. 😉

    I feel overwhelmed/worried (by what the future may bring) somehow on regular basis but I learned a trick that makes it go away pretty fast:

    When in doubt (or worried) just simplify and make sure that concentrate at just one task at the time ( like that’s the only thing on my list that day).

    One day at the time, keeping the big picture at the back of my mind. Knowing that I can adjust any of my plans if they drain my energy or even make me paralyzed (when I plan to do more that I really should) maintain my sanity and health.

    Sending everyone lots of sunshine from sunny Spain. 🙂
    Happy thoughts,


  103. I am very good at analyzing all the possible ways that something could go wrong. Planning helps me lower my anxiety level because I like being prepared for uncertainty. This has helped me in moments of being stranded on the side of the road in the desert at night with a dead engine. Instead of freaking out, I implemented my emergency plan.

    I worry about my career development and not having a “plan”. I have to consciously bring myself back to giving the present moment my full focus and trust that the next step of the unfolding process will be clear for me to take “the next right step.”

  104. Worry vs. planning is an important distinction to keep in mind.

    A great way to become aware of the difference is to note how it makes you feel.

    Planning can be a hopeful + exciting venture. If in planning, you feel anxious— especially when doubt about the outcome is present, you are not in present moment planning— you are just plan worried.

    Great video!

  105. Lee Ann

    Hello, your crew is awesome, LOL! *stadium roar for the performance*

    p.s. Thank you again for great advice Marie 😀

  106. Thank you so much Marie! This article helped me a lot. Keep up the good work!

  107. “Now o’clock.” I can’t stop using that! And it’s driving everyone crazy!

    Thanks, Marie! 🙂

  108. Kim

    “Now o’clock” – planning in the now for the future! Makes sense!

  109. I love this video Marie and team, especially the hat guy singing Alanis! This is such a relevant topic with ‘living in the present’ being strongly focused on these days. As a Hypnotherapist I have many clients who feel frustrated when their future or past hijacks their present moment bliss! I agree with this post in that we can remain present spiritually, mentally and emotionally while organising our past and future. A great video to assist in stress and anxiety reduction with ways to support an even better ‘Now’.

  110. Brilliant distinction, Marie!!!

  111. Great topic! Thanks Marie! I like to spend time focusing my vision, which is where I get clear about who I want be in the future. How I want to feel and what I want to be doing. I love revisiting my vision and getting really clear.

    I will be sharing more about this process in my upcoming free call series – The 3 Keys to Maximizing Your Energy and Confidence – find out more at

  112. Maria

    Thanks Galina for asking about the “Pages” and thank you Elloa for the link. I’ll be sure and get to it.

  113. Marie, As always a thought provoking (and funny) episode. Your team must have a blast working with you!

    I like to plan for the different dimensions in my life through vision maps (mind map vision boards) and my calendar. Nothing beats putting things on your calendar or a to-do list.

    I have long been a fan of David Allen’s “Get Things Done”. The only way to bring your entire focus to the current moment is by eliminating mental clutter. That’s when you are able to fully reap the joy of deep work!

  114. This was so good Marie!
    I’m trying to strike a balance myself.
    i’m using visualization, and ?ve actually just launched an Epic Success Vision Board portrait service to help others do the same 🙂

  115. Great post, as usual!

  116. OK here is another way to think about it . There is a working mind and there is no mind. So you can still use the working mind to do your planning in your business and life and yet still remain in the moment. The problem is when we start projecting ourselves into the future or worry about the past. In that instance, we completely disengage with the present moment, which leads to worry and fear. So nothing wrong with using your working mind for the task it was designed to do.

  117. This is a super timely post for me. I am a student of A Course in Miracles, which teaches that “A healed mind does not plan.” In September I went on a “planned” month-long trip to Southeast Asia. About two weeks into the trip, it became apparent that I wasn’t meant to be in Bali anymore. To make a long story short, my entire trip got changed and I stayed several weeks longer than planned. Forfeited a bunch of plane and hotel reservations too. I learned from this not to do so much planning. Trusting my present moment guidance about everything is the way to go.

    I don’t plan for much of anything anymore. I liquidated almost all of my retirement accounts. I don’t have a business plan. And it feels like freedom.

  118. Ali

    First of all, I freaking LOVE the burgundy onesie you are wearing in this video, Marie!!! SO HOT.

    I love this topic, because I feel like I only just recently experienced some major shifts in the department of presence. I feel as though I have spent a lot of my adult life so far being outside of the presence, worrying about future-based ideals and ideas, without committing myself to the NOW.

    I have begun balancing being present in the moment while also planning for my future but giving my all to what I am immersed in at the moment, without feeling worry about things that are related to the future. I commit myself to what I am doing, and relish in the moment. Then, when I am ready to fully dive into planning for future related things, I fully dive in there, and am fully present with it.

    For me, full presence makes for a really full experience in whatever I am engaged in. I love planning for the future, though I don’t enjoy worrying. I strive to quiet my mind with the knowing that I have set aside time for myself to plan for the future, so that I don’t have to worry about it in the in between moments.

    When I find myself getting caught in worries about the future, I find that taking each task one at a time helps. Committing to accomplishing each thing one by one. Also, I find using my tools for cultivating more presence, i.e. meditation, yoga or movement practice, deep breathing, taking time to write and do a little stream of consciousness, getting out into nature, are all things that assist me in bringing it into the conscious present moment and ease any worries about the future.

    Thanks for another fantastic video, Marie!



  119. Lindy Bragg

    Wow! Thanks Marie! I am sitting at my desk all worried because I am not making enough money to pay bills etc. I just happened to check my email and there you were, with Great Advice. Now I know it’s time to make a plan to increase my profits instead of fretting over not having enough. Keep up the advice because I know worry is lurking and have to be reminded not to give in to it! You are the Best!


  120. j

    A friend of mine used to always say, “Plan for the future but live in the day.” Changed my life.

  121. That was a great episode! What I do is I focus on being “present” when I am around others. I have certain times of the week marked off for planning and organizing whatever my schedule requires (I am alone at home during these times). If you fall into a pattern, you won’t need much planning time.

  122. Mina

    what a great advice , i really learned something very important right now which i will try to practice , thank you Marie 🙂

  123. Thank you! Thank you and more Thank you!

  124. Thank you so much Marie! I always learn so much from you and have fun doing it (the way learning ought to be).
    I stay in the moment while planning for the future by anticipating my needs. But the only way I am able to do that is by knowing myself. Since I am very aware and I have “been there and done that” I am very good at anticipating my needs and can plan for the future almost naturally in the present.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, passion and personality Marie!!!

  125. Oliver


    Marie and each are helping with reaching a grand milestone of becoming organized. Watching your videos is helping with making steady progress. Staying present is currently one of the biggest problems I was having. Since implementing your planning strategy I am at peace a lot more often and I don’t panic at work when I wonder what else I could be doing at home to reach a goal…

  126. As always, Love it!

    This is a big one for me, and letting go a little, while still feeling in control is a huge thing for me now. I find I can trust myself and the steps I am taking, and be present while I am taking those steps. Thank you for the nuggets of wisdom on how to bridge the gap. The idea of worry and how that fits in is brilliant as well (bot to mention, worrying is a total time suck, and the second I notice it, I then take action, or tell it to “shut up and move on”).

    Keep it up!

  127. jenaya

    couldn’t agree more with the fact that when we worry about planning our future it just robs productivity and consumes brain energy that could be put to use gettin’ it done now!
    I find that using my day planning app to add things that I remember I need to do right when I think of it keeps me from trying to remember all the things I need to “worry” about and when they come up.. Voila! I am ready to tackle the next task!

  128. Hi Marie, loved the video, esp the alannis part!
    Anything that helps me stay sane and zen helps keep me in the present…things like meditation, stretching, exercise. I tend to gravitate to worry mode if I feel physically or mentally stressed. I am def a planner as well, more recently I learned an important aspect of decision making; decisions should be made based on facts as opposed to what some do, make decisions from a point of fear.

  129. Marie, I was just checking out some of your previous episodes.
    I looove this outfit and the overall look.
    You look stunning! Would love to see more episodes in red 😉

  130. Rebecca Austin

    Awesome conversation! Thanks Marie, you nailed it in the tweetable. The other part I work with is planning and surrender. So many of us have been told to make SMART goals and to be very specific about what we want so we can achieve. But, this approach also limits us if we put the blinders on and just plow. I’m learning now to be present and build a thorough guideline for the future while being open for more good than I could ever imagine.

  131. Kristin Brooklyn

    Thank-you! This video has helped me come to the realization that I have never detached worry from planning. Making plans has always been worrisome for me because my mind goes to what can go wrong. Planning has been synonymous with pressure for me. I am now determined to turn it into a relaxing, enjoyable sense of insurance.

  132. The only moment we plan is in now anyway. We project your current thoughts, beliefs and desires into the future. We cannot project your future thoughts because we don’t know them yet. So planning is entirely present process and we should rather focus on what you say Marie – do we plan our desires or our worries.
    Thank you for the video, it was the first time I’ve encountered with your page and it is nice.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Václav, and welcome! We’re thrilled you’ve discovered Marie’s work.

  133. Jackie

    Hi Marie,
    I try to stay present and not worry but my husband has a tendency to make up things that might happen to us in the future and says that I’m not planning for them because I’m (stupidly) staying present.
    Case in point: we will have to move at the end of May 2016 and would like to buy instead of renting. The area we currently live in is booming and we can not afford to buy around here. We also have things to clear up in our credit that will be done around February. I realize this is a time crunch to purchase a home but I’m hesitant to look for homes (anywhere) or even discuss having to uproot because we don’t know what the market will look like next year. Granted, the chances are good that prices will still be too high, but why would I assume that and jump the gun??
    Currently, I’m paying bills on time, removing my name from joint cards that aren’t mine and doing what we can to save on groceries, frills, etc. in my mind, that is the extreme of what we can do right now. Am I right?

  134. Chris

    Thank you very much for the video. In just a couple of minutes, you have managed to explain simply such an important point. I have not found as clear an answer with some popular spiritual teachers!
    I love also the observation that you made: not planning can generate more worry and take us out of the moment! I have been through a phase of being in the now and follow the guidance of inner inclinations, but ended up in a pickle… If I catch a train, it is wise to plan for train times, journey, allow for possible delays at connections etc.
    I love the distinction worrying vs planning. Usually, my experience tends to start with some future possibility of something undesirable happening (rational acceptation that it is possible). Then I mindfully look at what I can do to help with that (planning). At that point, I did all I could, and the rest is out of my control, so my job is done.
    How much planning I need to do, depends on how much risk taking I’m prepared to take. Bearing in mind, there are so many factors that are out of our control, that it is simply impossible to plan for all eventualities, only reasonable ones. It might rain at my wedding, worth considering. There might be a plane crashing onto venue, well it is a highly unlikely event, so it is totally rational to ignore that.
    Thank you :0)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great insights, Chris. So glad you tuned in!

  135. Gabrielė

    Hello, Marie. I am dealing with a problem that I believe you haven’t touched yet. What about an obsession of constant future planning? I don’t worry a lot about the future, I just have a great imagination to create it so perfect that schedules and lists distracts me from their own purpose – making my plans to become the reality. Of course, it’s necessary because the only way for me to achieve something is to create a challenge for myself. But only the half of planning is useful. So how to cope with all this and what would be concrete steps to start living in the moment? Thanks.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Gabriele, I so hear you there — I have the same problem myself actually, so I know exactly where you’re coming from!

      For me personally, what makes the most difference (by far!) is actively practicing being in the moment. You can do that through meditation (even 5-15 minutes a day does wonders), or through any mindfulness practice — yoga, walking meditation, gratitude practices … anything that brings you out of past thoughts or future planning and allows you to be present in the moment.

      One great MarieTV episode about this includes a really simple practice you can start using right away to help you get back to the moment really quickly:

      We’ve also done a couple other similar episodes about meditation and other techniques, so I thought I’d include those too in case they’re helpful:

      The last one is about working in general, but the tips are some of my favorites!

      I hope that helps, and thank you so much for watching this episode!

  136. Great explanation! Thank you, Marie!

  137. Hi love the philosophy

    Slight issue, I can’t plan anything in my future as my husbands company wants to a send us back to the Uk, with two young kids who 18mths ago turned their lives around to do this…. we do not want to go back, breach of contract aside, he has been offered another job which seems to be taking forever when it comes to offering the package, he has also been offered another job in the Uk. He no longer trusts the company he works for and although they seem to be ‘trying’ to help us with relocation and offering him different positions…. we don’t trust that it won’t change when we get there, we feel it’s a way of getting us back. A solicitor says they are in breach, they say, fight us it will get unpleasant and we will win!!!! Anyhow too personal sorry, in limbo!!! How do I enjoy what we have now and bring in the moment

  138. Sasha

    I loved listening to this video. I’ve been practicing living in the moment + meditating for over a year now. I am a huge planner, so living in the moment isn’t always the easiest for me, but I’ve learned not to worry- as you mentioned in the video. I actually enjoy the planning process more now then just the end result. I am trying to understand something more than just a business, but taking the next step for a relationship– engagement/marriage.

    I have a scenerio that may be reside deep with others. When being in a relationship, I believe that living in the moment and understanding the present is HUGE in creating a positive, healthy space around you. I have seen that with a relationship I have been in the past 2 years that has blossomed. However, when planning for the future (i.e. engagement, ring, marriage, weddings, financial future, family, etc), this is something that is extremely hard for my S.O. to overcome. He has been practicing living in the moment + meditating for 5-6 years now, so his brain is almost only cognizant of this practice, not much of long future. Our only stop in pauses in relationship or TRUE arguments are because he cannot find an answer to marrying me. He says no feelings have come to him about marrying me yet and he is not ready. We have admitted that our relationship is the best it could ever be and I know him more than anyone else (probably more than some of his immediate family members); I know the reason is because he is scared of social pressure and scared that he will not be able to handle the future. Because this has happened a few times, I have ended the relationship to find some clarity, to be free of communication, and to understand deep down if this is how I can live with someone; someone who cannot handle pressures of the future. It is very difficult for me to be okay that living in the moment is ALWAYS the best answer, but I need help in what others think! My question is, when you are living in the present, how can you plan for a future with someone else without being scared and pressured?

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    you knew of any community forums that cover the same
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  140. Mike, recovering moody computer guy

    I went to Google looking for an answer to my conflict about being present and not ignoring the future… and there you were! I’m grateful for the forces that led you to create this message and that led me to it. You are a source of light! Thank you.

  141. Ale Camacho

    Marie, I really enjoyed this video. Personally I try to be on the present all the time but also giving me some space to plan everything that I got on my mind.
    Writing has helped me a lot with this. Anytime when I have an idea, I write it on my list and at the end of the day or on weekends, I begin to work on that.

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