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I almost spit up my green juice when I read this:

According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, we human beings create as much information in two days as we did from the dawn of civilization up through 2003.

Let me repeat that.

We create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through the year 50 Cent got us “In da Club.”

Crazypants, right?

Well hang on, because this isn’t just a cocktail party fun fact. This has real consequences for people like you and me.

Here’s what I mean.

When we care, we share. @j1berger Click To Tweet

In our ever growing world of information overload, it’s vital that you understand how to cut through the clutter if you want to make a difference.

Whether it’s your blog post, a cause you believe in, a product you’re promoting or an idea you want to spread…

Understanding how to make sure your idea is seen, heard and cared about is more important (and tougher) than ever.

Now the good news is, you can rise above the static IF you know what you’re doing. In fact, making sure your idea “catches on” isn’t about having a massive budget or dumb luck — it’s about knowing the science.

Watch this brand new episode of MarieTV where I interview Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, and learn 6 vital steps to make your ideas catch on like wildfire!

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Now, in the comments below — I’d love to hear from you. We’ve got a two-parter this week.

1.  What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from this video?

2. What one action step can you take right now to put this into practice in your business or life?

Be specific.

And of course, if you’ve already been practicing Jonah’s STEPPS and have results to share, let us know.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and joining in!

P.S. As mentioned in the episode, Jonah has killer free resources here (all digital) to help you take every idea he shares and put it into practice.

With love,

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  1. Once again, awesome message Marie.

    OK, so..

    What I started doing recently is to reach out to my peeps and ask their biggest challenge as to what’s holding them back.

    And then truly engaging with them to hopefully be of service.

    ~ darlene 🙂

    • How does that work for you Darlene? I’m interested…. Have you seen themes?

      • Omygosh Emma.. I can not believe how much it’s impacted my business.

        And yes, common themes (pain) have emerged. In fact, for months I’ve struggled with what to write my Kindle book series about. Now, I have the topics ready based on where my readers are struggling.

        A couple of months ago, I added two questions (+ extra credit. haha!) to the first day of my free Blog to Profit course:

        A) What is the #1 thing you want to achieve?
        B) What is holding you back?

        C) Extra credit question! 🙂 How did you hear about us?

        I have been moved by the honesty and vulnerability in the replies. Absolutely moved..

        I answer every single email, often in detail. I do it because I genuinely want my readers to succeed.. but as I said the rewards back to me have been enormous.

        p.s. I remember in Vaynerchuk’s book “Crush It” where he took his wine biz to something like 6mil in 6 yrs via Twitter that he replied to all tweets personally. I figure it Gary can give that degree of service, i certainly can. 🙂

        • Thanks Darlene…. It’s so exciting that it’s had such a huge impact. I’ve only just added some questions onto the subscription confirmation email when people sign up to my list…. what a trick I’d been missing!! I feel the same – I genuinely want to make sure I’m putting my energy into the things that are going to make the difference for people so I’m excited that I may have the same clarity as you have!

          Does Gary sleep? He’s awesome!

          • I know! I love Gary.. I must have read “Crush It” five times.. and Thank You Economy once. 🙂

            Just checked out your blog Emma. Awesome!

            I pinned & tweeted your beautiful, uplifting graphic. (Have you thought of adding your url to bottom of that graphic?) I think it could get repinned and retweeted quite a bit.

            darlene 🙂

          • You guys are awesome. Good for you Darlene on asking, and more importantly — caring.

        • Darlene! Thanks for sharing. You got me thinking in more concrete terms about what I can add to my site. One thing I love about Gary Vee is that he still responses on Twitter…Hey he even added me to his following list. I wrote a blog post about his book, The Thank You Economy and my unexpected results of putting myself out there. I feel like just remembering the the Thank You Economy as a phrase keeps me real every. single. day.

          • Hi Marcy,

            Yes, I agree the more you put yourself out there by sharing yourself and beginning friendly conversations with others. I feel new doors start to open. So great

    • That’s awesome, Darlene! I think it’s the follow up that’s so key–it’s easy enough to ask, but just like the story Marie shares about the townhouse in Italy, it’s going that extra mile to be of service that makes something exciting to talk about.

    • What a wonderful idea, Darlene. One of the big takeaways for me from this is to make it a lot more personal, tailor it to my audience. Good luck to you!

    • fabulous! thank you!
      i look forward to every Tuesday!

    • Well, first action is: Buy the book!
      Insight…hmmm, I need to come up with my ‘three types of ice’.

    • Thanks for sharing Darlene! These are some great tips and things to think about with my own work.

  2. Only three minutes in and wheels already turning…

    • If you don’t have Jonah’s workbook, it’ll be VERY helpful for you, Emelia. And it’s a free download on his site, too.

      • Thanks Lisa! I’m going to download it right now!

      • Just downloaded it.

      • I’m totally going to download the book. The guy is super smart!

        My number one insight from the interview:
        It all comes down to authenticity with your clients and being invested in their success. And in order to accomplish that you need to love your clients.

        What I’m gonna do:
        Keep looking for people who I want to build lifelong relationships with.

        Love you, guys!
        Thank you, Marie!

    • I know right!? I have so much work to do.

  3. I totally loved this book. And Jonah’s “Crafting Contagious” workbook is SO helpful.

    Social currency really seems to be the key to virality. The more people you know, the easier it seems to be for you to spread your meme. Like Kickstarter. People that I know who’ve built successful campaigns all said that having their own list first made the difference in the success of the project.

    For me, it’s working on the triggers. That’s where I’m putting a lot of time, because when it’s done well our triggers become part of our branding.

    • Let us know what triggers you come up with Lisa — I’m interested to see how more folks implement that one!

    • I’ve got to say Lisa I’m with you here!

      I hadn’t really ever heard of it being called social currency, but I was familiar with the concept of helping people feel special. Exclusivity, be it based on the language you use, the frequency of the action, or whatever is really integral to promoting that idea and having it help you. I think I tend to want to make everyone feel good so I have to remember that point.

      Most definitely I also need to work on triggers too! I have tried to institute a few day of the week oriented things to help with that feel that X is going to happen on this day, giving people something to look forward to. However I’d kinda dropped the ball and hadn’t had the chance to see it take off. So now I’m really fired up to give it a serious go now!

  4. I’m fascinated by this topic! And Jonah Berger is clearly brilliant. So here are my answers:

    1. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from this video?
    I do like the concept of social currency. I’ve heard of that before, but never quite in this context, so that was a big insight!

    2. What one action step can you take right now to put this into practice in your business or life?
    Making my audience feel special and part of an exclusive or exciting group is SO smart, and I want to try that in my next post and/or article. Because I already DO think my clients/readers are so amazing, so sharing that with them and making them feel awesome is 1) great marketing AND 2) really authentic for me, too.

  5. 1. Single biggest take-away…. “peanut butter jell-y!”
    2. My action is to be consistent with the content I’ve created….and hopefully create a trigger!

    • Jenoye Cole

      Emma, I missed the PB&J reference. Believe I got all the other points.
      (Outstanding insights/”best practices.”) Please clue me in on the PBJ takeaway! Thanks!

  6. Absolutely fascinating interview, Marie! I loved it when Jonah started talking about “The Rule of 100” at the 8:11 mark of the video. That simple concept was absolutely fascinating to me, and I never thought of pricing/discounts in that way before. Great stuff Jonah and Marie, keep the positivity going!

    • Thanks Shola — and I’m sure you’ll see that Rule of 100 out in the world as a consumer too. I love looking “under the hood” of everyday life to find the marketing nuggets in action!

  7. This interview blows my mind. Thank you Marie.
    I have a lot of thinking to do on this topic but I think one of the things I’m going to implement in a structured “Pay What You Can” day every month or every two or three months for newsletter subscribers for my coaching programs. That way I’m taking care of my community and I can really focus on building community with my business which will make other folks really want to subscribe to my newsletter to be part of the community.

    • Sounds awesome, Demetria! I know that Danielle LaPorte does one day a year of “Pay what you can”, on her birthday. I definitely think it will have more value if it happens very rarely. I love your thinking though!

      • Good point. I was blown away when Danielle announced her PWYC. I felt like it was my birthday too! I got some thinking to do. 🙂

      • I got the Desire Map on her birthday recently! Ilove it!

  8. All great info. The idea of the trigger intrigues me…and for the record love, Love, LOVE the Geico Camel commercial. Funniest I’ve seen in a while and I was totally oblivious to the real genius of it.

    Now I recognize that there are really two types of viral. I see that going viral is strategic if you want staying power. All other types are ephemeral.

    Off to his site…and Amazon.

    • Nice Emelia – I think you’re going to love the book!

      • You’ll love it Emelia! It’s full of helpful, easy to grasp, practical marketing tools. Lots of head slapping “of course!” moments!

  9. The was AWESOME!!! Here are my A’s to your Q’s!!!

    1. Single biggest takeaway: I need to build triggers into my world. I think I have an idea…stay tuned! And, I want to use the rule of 100s.
    2. Action step: Start posts that use the trigger. And, add a data point that shows my readership has grown nearly 400% in the last few months.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next…

  10. Marie! I love Jonah Berger, especially because he’s a professor at my alma mater :). I loved the trigger idea (I’ve known about it for a while, this is just my cue to get my butt in gear) as well as the rule of 100. Probably the biggest thing for me was just realizing how much more personal I need to make my website. I’m working on creating a program that will allow for a special community though, that will be a perfect place to implement some of these ideas.

    Another cool example of making clients feel special is how David names his mailing list members VIPs on The Rise to the Top.

  11. Thank YOU!! SOOOO very grateful for the info – I have lots of “memorable messages” I’ve put to paper – now it’s time to “funnel and channel” them all!!! thank you again!

  12. Great interview. best tip for me is that I have Tasty Tuesday but have gotten away form publishing each Tuesday due to , what else, overwhelm!
    As a Cancer VICTOR, I have the story & info and love this hook.
    We are going back to celebrating Tasty Tuesday. Thanks.

  13. Love it! My action is I need to figure out how to make my Facebook fans feel special so that they come back and back and share with their friends!

  14. Jonah Berger is a rockstar! And so are you, Marie. (:

    My most memorable takeaway is the 3 types of ice: make it memorable, make it your own, and have it show others that you care with a special touch.

  15. One of the best yet!

    1. Biggest takeaway: concise message that’s easy to communicate and a remarkable story that takes this message on a ride!

    2. Action step: get that message down!

    Thanks for everything!

  16. Awesome interview! Have to say this interview was really packed with some usable tips. I’ve already passed some on to a client. Had said it before but Josh says it in a way that’s very understandable and approachable for “non-marketing” people to understand. Haven’t read the book yet but plan on getting it now. Great job again Marie! Will be tweeting it out!

    • Thanks for sharing it Mary — we really appreciate it. And I think you may have meant Jonah vs. Josh 🙂 Although, whenever my Josh talks about marketing he is very approachable and understandable too!!

  17. I loved this video. Two real pros in action.

    My insight? Even a memoir (mine is Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World) can have a kernel. My kernel, three types of ice:
    Embrace Your Blush!

    Trigger will be when you wash your face or put on make-up. I will give away stickers for your mirror.

    Exciting discovery for a memoir that launches 58 days from now!

  18. Aha – very timely indeed. I’m in the process of reworking my core message. I work with online startups helping them to get all of their systems in place, but the bigger part of it is the confidence quotient.

    I was focusing primarily on the practical, tangible “get your systems in place,” but trying to figure out how to work in what I believe is the more important part of the equation – owning the value of your gifts and what you “bring to the table.”

    I’m off to get clear on how to spin that as my 3 kinds of ice cubes. I guess that was the path I was on, I just have a little more clarity about how to do it now.

    By the way – I think we broke Jonah’s server. I’m getting an error when trying to download the workbook. =0)

    Thanks Marie for another awesome Q&A Tuesday!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      All seems to be perfect with Jonah’s resources/web page. You do need to register/sign up on the page and then, once you get your confirmation email, return to that resources page and login using your email address. This will zip you right to resources download section. Enjoy and so glad you liked the episode!

      • Louise –
        I signed up and immediately upon clicking “submit” was taken to a 500 error page.

        I went to the email I received, clicked the link – and again a 500 error page. There is no way to sign up on this page, just a note that there’s a server error.

        I just went and tried it again – seems to be working now. I must have just hit the system the same time a lot of other people were.

        Thanks Louise!

  19. So many people ‘talk’ a lot about what to do & try to sell you their programs, webinars, etc. Jonah ‘s points are clear, clever & make sense. I love interacting with my fans & potential customers in a personal way that does convey they are special.

    Social Triggers- Everyone KNOWS I LOVE PURPLE & I have been encouraging sending me purple posts & so that IS a social Trigger, however I can expand on that & I’m already thinking of ideas, ways, jewelry, etc.

    LOVE Rule of 100. This concept will guide me in jewelry display at my next craft show, my next newsletter offer, etc.

    Thank You both for such great information.

  20. Awesome tips – and energy – makes me watch this episode again 🙂

    My single take-out would be the ‘3 types of ice’ principle, of course.

    My next step: finding my ‘3 types of ice’.

    Thank you so much, again, Marie!

  21. Marie, I think this is one of your best interviews! Nice energy and great info. My biggest insight was on the 100 factor for pricing. Can’t wait to try it.

    Action? Well, I am sharing this with my readers, many of whom are authors and creatives, but in my own business…well, I’m using the social currency of your name. 🙂

    Thanks, Marie.

  22. Marie,

    I am going out today and get this book! Having quality content on a website is not enough, like your TV episodes, content must be compelling, tell a story, and connect with readers. The concept is so easy, yet so hard to implement!

    My take away is there is a 6 point formula to follow.
    My next blog post will incorporate all 6!

  23. Ice ice baby… 😉
    Such a powerful story!
    I will come back here with mine after I figured it out.

  24. LOVED this! Thanks Marie

    My take away was triggers – while I understand the strategies behind branding -I had not heard such clear and easy to understand examples of how to use triggers for further promotion….now to decide what mine will be….

    I am going to RUN and get Jonah’s book!

  25. Fantastic! I will definitely be buying this book. I specialise in anti-ageing nutrition and create lavish ‘rejuvenating recipes’ – mainly desserts ‘cos I am a cake FIEND! I’m going to be implementing the ‘trigger’ aspect of virality and introducing ‘Facelift Fridays’ for sending out amazing recipes and tips.

  26. OMG! different types of ice. i am literally obsessed with this idea. i hope they have crushed ice, because that’s my favorite type of ice and not many people HAVE crushed ice. oy!

    i love this message. really really helpful! my brain is exploding.

  27. This is really valuable stuff.

    My biggest take away was making people feel special and creating triggers.

    How will I implement? I can make “days” on my facebook page. Maybe “Aspiration Mondays” where I post things that my viewers may be aspiring for.

    I really don’t even know where to begin, honestly.

    • Jonah has some great content on his site to keep your brain working and give you even more ideas. And, I def. recommend his book too Udoka 🙂

  28. Anita

    Biggest takeaways: the ‘3 types of ice’ technique and the “peanut butter and ?’.

    First action I’ll take is to think of how our business will fill out those two techniques…

    Thank you for sharing Marie & Jonah.

  29. Elena

    Making customers feel special – and my action is to start with current customers and ask them what else they need that we could help them with, and what else we could do to make them feel special. Worded differently – but building on that current relationship.

  30. Cynthia Roden

    So timely! Loved this interview, and as always packed with great information. Action steps: visit Jonah’s site, and get the book.

    Marie, love the set design this week. Was that a drum in the back? Drumming is a pretty cool action for creativity.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Cynthia! We had all kinds of amazing props this time and yes, I do believe it was a drum.

  31. Hi Marie
    It’s almost eerie how you seem to bring up topics that we are just discussing in my biz group. At dinner last night we were discussing holiday sales and promotions and focusing on how to market and implement! Perfect timing as always Marie this is something that will help!


  32. Anna

    Love it! Will do the exercise and will let you know of the progress ! Many thanks !

  33. The rule of 100 is probably my biggest “aha” take away. Certainly social currency and social triggers explained is close second. I will probably be purchasing his book Contagious to learn more. As I am setting up new products right now in my business which will have discounts, I will implement the rule of 100 today!

  34. Thanks for this episode! It was one of the best ones I’ve seen. Love “three types of ice” analogy.

  35. Rae

    just shared it with my mastermind. the “three types of ice” I so get! and also to look deeper at where the impact needs to be made “from”. getting the book.

  36. I love the 25% versus $5 concept – verrrry interesting!

  37. Awesome info Marie and Jonah. Love the rule of 100 and will use it today when I attach a special discount for readers of my interior design newsletter.

  38. Marion Brown

    I am so glad this was a topic! 🙂

    Okay, my insightful answers:
    1. Insight “Sharpen your message in a way everyone will remember it.”
    2. I am currently writing my first fiction novel (I greatly appreciate the last tidbit on authors and writing), and the way I will take action is to go back, and make sure my premise is remarkable and feeds my potential audience’s curiosity. I will check my premise with my tight-knit writing group to make sure all their curiosities are spiked!

    Thank you!

  39. Yes- so timely! Had the same ice-phenomenon happen this weekend. A fam friend brought big ice spheres to our party – 1 per bourbon glass. He then went on to explain that a sphere has the least surface area of all objects and therefore melts the slowest. The STORY, made his drinks extra special, memorable, and fun. The fact that the ice really did melt at a glacial pace was so cool.

    Good stuff Berger! I especially tuned into his last comment about having a “nugget” esp in the publishing industry. That quick remarkable soundbite is what agents/editors need to sell a book regardless of the quality of the actual content. I have certainly found it to be true in my field of children’s picture book publishing. -will check out his link that you provided.

  40. I love your guest today Marie: what an interesting & super smart guy Mr. Berger is! (And nicely dressed too 🙂

    Although I did not learn anything totally new about marketing I do love Jonah’s style and I’m curious about his book so MY action step is quite simple: click-buy and get the book shipped from Amazon!

  41. I think the triggers is the biggest take away for me, as its something we are not doing but we totally could be. We host Google hangouts every Sunday so it would be very easy to get our members thinking about us on Sundays. Also I am going to work on story that cuts through the clutter, i think that’s so important.

    I listened to Jonah on Social triggers he’s awesome… but it was nice to put a face to his name, thanks for sharing!

  42. Great video!

    …biggest take away: the LinkedIn example of making people feel so important that they want to share the news and take me with them.

    I also like the idea of calling customers “members.” Since I am creating a community of people that freaking love their lives, it should be easy to call my community members— or something similar.

    Good stuff!

  43. Lo-ved it!
    I am trying the triggers in my next vid!

  44. GREAT interview!

    My biggest take-away: three types of ice

    Action: bringing more of my story into the mix, and allowing my life experiences a larger space in my business. Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking constantly about my travels and the things I learned through a wild immigration fiasco and getting my hubby from Italy to the US. So many of the things I learned I use in my business day to day. (Be decisive, go with your heart, do the work, and ask for help when you need it). It’s time to bring those stories + experiences into the limelight. 🙂

  45. After 20 years of dreaming, I’m finally writing the business plan for my “dream business” (recreational food and wine classes and events) – I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and have used the smell=memories trigger in my classes to help people get comfortable talking about wine. Now I’m thinking about ways to use that trigger to promote my business – to “create curiosity” and “sharpen the message”.

    Thank you so much for the ongoing inspiration!

  46. Love the 3 ice cubes. That does say so much about how much the bar cares about their service and product and their drinks.

    My action step is to design a 3 ice cubes offering within my current “Never Be Stuck” Online Marketing Mentorship that is so unique and over the top that my proteges feel so taken care of that they are compelled to share it.

    Great interview Marie. Going to get the book asap.

  47. Olga

    Marie you felt so special in italy , because you have never come to Colombia , once you come to Medellin or any city in Colombia you not only will fell special but you will fell like a queen !

    • Love that Olga! Adding Columbia to my list 🙂

      • Delia


        Olha means COLOMBIA as in South America not Columbia 🙂

  48. Great interview! It’s easy for me to make my clients feel special when I’m talking to them or in person. I’m going to work on having that “specialness” translate in writing and on the Internet.

    Time to get contagious! 🙂

  49. Woot! Great interview! And perfect timing. I am just about to launch my e-course Smart Creative Style and am offering a “spread the word discount” now I will know to use either a percentage or dollar amount!
    I also love the “what are your 3 types of ice?” question. Everyone should be able to pinpoint what makes them different, unique and special!

  50. I loved the advice for creating a concise way of talking about your book and ideas so other people can help you spread it far and wide.

    I’ve been focusing more on how I deliver my insights and ideas, and this gave me some direction for the book I’m working on!

    • NICE Nat!! Can’t wait to hear more on that one 🙂

  51. MARIE!!!!!

    This was an OMG! timely video. Thanks girl! You keep raising the bar with the quality content, AWESOME delivery, and now… phenomenal guests on your program. Thank you…thank you…thank you. Now my BIGGEST take-ways:

    **Rule of 100 for framing discounts! Hands-down a winner for me!***
    **Memorable message– absolutely LOVE the 3 types of ice story.**

    I am off to review my message, rework my discounts, and clarify my ice types.

    Thanks Marie!

    P.S. Just ordered my copy of Contagious! Can’t wait to dive in!

  52. Thanks Marie and Jonah for blowing my mind today! So much great info! I love the idea of framing my sales in my Etsy shop 10% off vs. $ amount off.

  53. Great interview! My biggest insight was the “Trojan Horse” effect of the bar serving 3 types of ice. It made me realize I would benefit from presenting my coaching packages in a way that tells the story of the business better. I’m not entirely sure how to do this yet, but I’ll spend an hour tomorrow looking at my copy & packages and brainstorming ways to cut through the clutter and get across how I’m able and willing to listen/attend to a client’s creative struggles alongside their business issues.

  54. Penny

    Thanks Marie

    I feel like I’m getting more education with you than I did when I was in school. It’s a great feeling.


  55. It is hot. I am Dutch. So I got under the shower with a pair of red tulips.

    And decided to make this video then and there, this morning:

    Because these tulips are my every-day treat!

    And then I saw Marie’s new episode come in and I had to smile. I think I got the trigger part right alright, LOL.

  56. So brilliant-love Jonah and it’s terrific to see him here. This video is such a great reminder to keep focusing on how best to frame an offer depending on the price point, and how you can also carry the same rule of framing over into social proofs numbers, R.O.I. stats, and case study info depending on the 100 number rule. Heading over right now to tweak a few landing pages! Thank again, Marie!
    Thanks again, Jonah!

  57. Love this interview. ( Love your energy Marie!) Thank you for this interview. I learned valuable information with key points made by your guest! I appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!

  58. Grace

    This was amazing truly. Thank you for sharing this message.

    I have already changed my website so that the higher priced items come up first. I am really very very excited for working more with this type of information.

    I can see that I need to gain more information about what my audience really wants to feel about themselves. Being self centered is an impossible way to operate your business.

  59. Biggest insight: Triggers!
    I KNOW triggers work for reminders (put a string on the door to remember the file on your desk). But never thought about it from a business perspective to attract clients–Brilliant!

  60. Great content, thanks Marie! I am really loving your recent extended interviews.

    1. Biggest takeaway: Three types of ice! Three types of ice! (even the story was parable-perfect)

    2. Action step: Just registered on Jonah’s site and now working through the crafting contagious workbook to identify these.

    Confession: also very inquisitive about your shade of nail polish 😉

  61. Wow…what a great show, I love it when you have guests.

    We import wine & spirits into Canada and the US and it’s been pretty tough to stand out in the retail stores.

    What I took away from this is if we have a display of our products in a store, make sure there are no cheaper products nearby.

    A few weeks ago we were doing a tasting in a store. Our taster is a 30yo male who really knows our products well. Right next to him was a bombshell of a lady who had no product knowledge at all and guess where all the customers went….seriously!

    I think we’ll have to read this book. 🙂

  62. Amanda Steffen

    OMG, the first insight was SO incredible! I’m certaitly using that for my business!

  63. Thanks for the information. I have ordered the book and excited to read it! Triggers is my take away!

  64. Thanks Marie, for introducing us to Jonah! <3 you guys!
    1. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from this video?
    Kernel: a memorable message that's easy to communicate about what makes my story unique, cuts thru the clutter, so that people can remember and share.
    2. What one action step can you take right now to put this into practice in your business or life?
    I'm going to identify my three types of ice 🙂

  65. My big takeaway (and subsequent action)…
    Contemplating what my trigger can be and how I can use it to help leverage my offering….

    I teach a body-based method of learning the basics of Sanskrit for Yoga teachers, called Embodied Sanskrit.

    It’s kind of a small niche…
    Yoga teachers sure, but also general LOHAS who are into meditation and keen to discover how sacred sound & mantra can help them create clarity, confidence and success in their lives.

    Anyone out there in Marietv land wanna to do a little group brainstorm on this (and all our) triggers???

    If so, please connect!

    Thanks Marie and Jonas… mmmm!— i love me some tuesday! 😀

    • Jonah! err– sorry! (i’m actually on your email list!)

  66. Three types of ice!!!!

  67. Marie, I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your content. But I can’t always watch your videos. It would be very helpful to me if you’d include a transcript or a summary of the content. Thanks for all you do!

  68. Hi! Love everything you put out.
    Takeaway is highlighting clients who are doing great things with my help.
    action step is to put the packages i offer side by side with $$$.

  69. Melanie

    What a great interview and topic. I am always thinking of new ways to market my product without having a storefront. I always get great feedback from my gluten-free goodies, but the phone doesn’t ring as often as I would like it to.

    I just started the farmer’s market a couple of months ago and am starting to see repeat customers. I really want to make them feel special, so I am going to start remembering their names (my biggest challenge even in the real world). I also want to engage them in conversation and listen to their story, so I am not just telling them mine.

    I also just implemented last week, a frequent buyer program that I am hoping will trigger people to “remember” me. It’s a business card that entitles them to a free item when they receive 5 stamps.

    Thanks again, Marie, you are an inspiration to me and every nugget of wisdom is gratefully eaten 🙂

    • Awesome work Melanie. I for one, LOVE the loyalty cards. I’m a geek like that and collect them from all my favorite places: coffee shops, blow dry salons, etc. Training yourself to remember those customers by name would WOW the pants off of them. Do it!

  70. Hi Marie, my a-ha moment was using triggers. I realize that I’m already videos on a weekly basis but there is no name or “trigger” for it in any of my marketing. I’m going to brainstorm ideas around this today! As always, thank you so much for your insight!

  71. This is a fantastic video! Thanks, Marie, for sharing this resource with us.

    I’ve heard of social currency before, but the idea of triggers was new to me. As my action item, I’m going to try to think more about how I can include triggers in my brand.

    I also loved the story you shared about the Italian hotel that went above and beyond for you. This level of caring for my clients is a huge part of what I do, but I’m not sure they realize how far I’ll go for them until they’ve actually worked with me. I’m going to work on finding a way to make them feel special BEFORE they commit to working with me.

  72. What timing! I had a blog I wrote last week get picked up by BuzzFeed and it went VIRAL — 5,545 hits in a day! As fairly new in my niche, this is awesome for me.

    You can see it here:

    I did this a few ways — I syndicate my content to reputable sites; I also make sure that all my headlines hit a sucker-punch of “Wow, that’s me and wow I need to know that.” and I also produce quality content over quantity of content.

    Thanks Marie for bringing on Jonah, great conversation and lessons…happy viraling 🙂

  73. My action step is getting this book…TODAY!

  74. My biggest insight is the difference between client and member. My action item is: take my clients that I coach in Marketing and after their website launch put them in a members only group of the “Just Launched” to make them feel special.
    2nd biggest insight is the Rule of 100. It is a pure genius formula!
    Thanks! Buying his book online now!

  75. Marie,

    Looooooved it! Nice when you have a cutie guest speaker sharing some pretty cool free information.

    My biggest insight was TRIGGERS and how simple it is. And its also so obvious, like glasses on your head but you are running around screaming, “whoever took my glasses are in big trouble if they don’t appear in the next 5 minutes!!!!!” haha you know what I mean……

    As I get ready to launch with 5 regular contributors my action will be to relate the weekly blog to the reader using a Trigger…. not sure what that is yet, but my first thought is something like “Your Adventure begins every Monday….”

    Again, great insight. I took so many wonderful things out of it and archiving this one to re-watch 😉



  76. Loved this! And perfect timing when I am working on my first product launch!
    The biggest insight for me was the Rule of 100 – never thought about how diffrent the same amount of money off could be! Bu teven bigger was the point about placement – sticking your perfectly priced seemingly expensive product next to somethign with a bigger price tag. Genius!
    My action is to use this rule anytime I discount and promote, and start looking at placement.

  77. Great video as always Marie. – I Think the thing I took away from this was the triggers – interesting concept (because I know every Tuesday I look forward to Marie TV, so it does work!)
    The challenge for me is to take that into the realms of art – specifically pet portraits, so I will be thinking of ways to add triggers into my posts. I thought the rule of 100 was totally fascinating too!
    Thanks again Marie – you totally inspire me – Tuesdays are the days i really get inspired to get my art out into the world!

    • Love to hear that Sue!!! Thanks for watching, commenting and looking forward to Tuesdays 🙂

  78. My biggest take-away from this video was that I need to take these principles and apply them to the art of feeling good.

    I’m helping people who are feeling low, sad, depressed and hopeless to come back to life. Imagine using these principles to transform people’s lives? Like introducing FEELGOOD TRIGGERS, and teaching people how they can make themselves – and others – feel SPECIAL?

    THAT’S my action step.

    • I love that Marthe – i would never have thought of using the concepts in that way, but what an awesome idea – glad you are helping people with your insight!

      • Thank you so much!

        I’ve been teaching people how to use other economic and business principles in their emotional life too – like the 20/80 principle etc. It’s really powerful!

  79. I’m in the same boat as many others here – the TRIGGERS conversation in this video was a big ah-HA moment for me. I think that triggers, as Jonah described them, are one of the biggest ways for us to link the great work we are all doing online into the physical, tangible, everyday world of our clients (or, ahem, members).

    My site is called Jojoba’s Witness, and while watching this video I wrote in my notebook: “Witness Wednesday” – finally a name for my weekly newsletter broadcast!

  80. Getting ready to launch my new business helping people live more wholehearted, spirit-led lives after 20 years of ordained ministry, health challenges, etc. I think making people feel special is my biggest takeaway, but it’s all great! The website here is what I’ve been doing the last year, but I gearing up for a whole new site and will work to figure out how to implement things there. Excited and scared! Thanks, Marie, for another great episode!

  81. Awesome and well-timed! I’ve been working on strengthening my message and this was exactly what I needed to hear.
    Thanks, Marie.

  82. vanessa

    This is great. It encourages me to implement all those small touches to my product… the ones most people would brush off. I learned uniqueness is most definitely key.

  83. Yay! Love this Jonah & Marie!

    Thank you for such valuable insight and sharing so freely!

    I’m looking forward to shifting my language for my biz, inviting members to join the Happiness Club and clarify my message/story to make it truly remarkable.

    You are RAD! Thank you, again, for doing what you do!

    Much LOVE,

    Denise 🙂

  84. Fantastic message for today!

    My takeaway is to focus on how others hear my message, look at the content and message through the eyes of others (not only entertain my own quirky sense of business and creativity). I want to delight my audience!

    My action step is to remain focused on what my mission is, download the freebies, and keep on moving forward.

    Thanks for the excellent content and the smiles!

  85. Ooooh Marie- this was an amazing interview (and you look fab btw)!

    My big insight that I took away was the concept of a memorable message (or kernel as Jonah so cleverly put it). I think the hard part is figuring out exactly how to apply the insights but I’m going to do some major work in the next few days to help me get there.

    The one action step that I’ll take is to brainstorm ideas for my memorable message and really dig deep so that I know what makes my biz special.

    There were so many great insights in this video that I’ll have to re-watch, take notes and most importantly- take action!

    • Thanks so much Vicky 🙂 Have fun and dig deep — it’s so worth it!

  86. Jenny

    Biggest takeaway… that I’ve been frequenting the wrong bars who only have 1 type of ice! LOL!! Just kidding. Very good stuff here… I love how he talks about social currency… making people feel special and the “triggers”… have been looking for a way to create a niche for my new blog and I think having some sort of consistent triggers may be beneficial.

  87. Maya

    Marie, I just wanna say: Thank You, I love you, Good bless you. :*

    Maya from Serbia /Europe/

  88. Marie,
    I’m putting together my first program. The rule of 100 is extremely helpful. Also, I loved the info/thought on Triggers. So, I’ll be doing some thinking/sourcing on how I can create a trigger around, “Dentistry its personal”. As always, I get so much out of your Marie TV, thank you!
    Be Blessed!

    • Thanks Deanna — you just triggered me to FLOSS!! xox

  89. Hmm, this made me think and look at my presence and first book, The Life Raft, in a very different way. The trigger, kernel, special ice — all of it’s there. But I don’t think I’ve been making it clear enough. This is simple, easy-to-apply stuff here. And as we all know, “simple” doesn’t mean “not powerful.” Thanks Marie. This one’s a keeper! (Even though I’m trimming down my emails these days, I’ve just signed up for free tips from Jonah. It’s all about quality.)

  90. I totally agree it doesn’t take a huge budget. I created a product as a business experiment and it went viral, instinctively I did all the stuff they talked in this video and I had almost no money! It was an “anti-royal wedding” mug > I was on the BBC TV and radio, and major newspapers. The whole thing seemed to blow up and escape my control. It’s funny because you start with an idea, put it out into the world, then it can take on a life of it’s own. I have not been able to create the same kind of buzz for my current business, which is really annoying. I feel like you can only engineer viral-ity up to a certain point, it’s party capturing-lighting-in-a-bottle. Sometimes it catches, sometimes it doesn’t.

    • OMG — your mug is hilarious. I agree with you Camila — you can only engineer up to a certain point. But I find it is helpful to remember Jonah’s 6 stepps to make sure, no matter what you’re creating, you’re giving it the best chance possible to connect with it’s intended audience. Keep us posted!

      • Thrilled to receive your comment, Marie. Happy you like the mug too! Thank you. Mortified about my typos tho. Sorry about that. Yes, Jonah’s steps give a clear structure. I will be using them in my upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Will keep you posted for sure!

  91. My favorite take-away about this video is to keep your topic of discussion relevant and inclusive and spicy with intrigue.

    And within that, my step of action would be to make way and say goodbye to fear that keeps me from sharing my own insights with my audience!

    Thank you!

  92. Don

    Definitely for me, the takeaway was identifying a trigger. I have toyed with the idea of using the image of an Australian outback road sign, you know, the black kangaroo on a dark yellow background.

    What better trigger, for people travelling in Australia, to make them think about self contained holiday accommodation (at 🙂

    • Don


      Not sure if you’ll see this, but if you do, I love your easy-to-use feedback on this page. Very elegant, and “easy to use”. Also, not sure if you’ve had this developed yourself, or if it’s a package/off-the-shelf blog/feedback product.

      Just one thing I would change, would be making the links, from our Name or our icon, load our website in a new browser window or tab. It;s quite easy to do, if you actually have control of the source of this web page. Just means that people can still view the poster’s website, but you don’t lose them from your website via the links on this page.

      Just my 2c worth.

  93. Three types of ice and creating urgency for your product. That’s where I’m going to start. I know how that works. I once drove three hours to go to a small mom-and-pop ice cream shop because it was the only place around that had all organic, homemade lavender and rose ice cream. Plus, they had a changing selection of ice cream and, although they made 140+ flavors, they only ever had about 6 or 7 available at any one time. So when the time came, you HAD to go and get yours or you missed out. Brilliant!

  94. Yep. You rocked it. Great info.

  95. The TRIGGER idea was my biggest insight take-away for my small business. The idea that a trigger will get people talking and sharing and telling your story, and finding my own trigger for my stationery and putting that into practice. What am I going to link myself to? It has me thinking!

  96. Great show Marie, the lesson i got as a take away is i need to go and buy his book and spread the word to my business mined friends and family asap. The book couldn’t have come at a better time because my best friend that lives in New Jersey is getting ready to release his book and this could be great an asset for his marketing plan. (Thanks again for the show).

  97. Great episode! I just signed up for Jonah’s site and will download the workbook shortly. This should help me with my steampunk zombie western novel Kickstarter. (It’s already funded 35% after 8 days. No big deal. 🙂 )

    I think some of his suggestions will help me reach out to more people, and certainly will help me promote the book later!

    • NICE Jonathan! You know I’m a huge Zombie fan 🙂

    • OMG – I love zombies too. Great idea, so excited for you. My dream is to direct a zombie flick.

  98. Another great TUESDAY!!!! Jonah was so electric I really loved his fun energy. I am going to get his book right away. I was fascinated by the rule of 100, that is very concrete information. I also liked the social currency aspect. I have a small but loyal following so I want to think of something to show them how special I think they are.

  99. Wow, wow, wow- Jonah really knows his stuff! This was so interesting and valuable (especially the $100 percentage/money value part)- thank you Marie!

  100. LOVED THIS! Gotta get this book… I used the Rule of $100 in my launch and it worked not knowing what I was doing. I had to share. I had the full price next to the VIP Pre-sale price and now I know what it worked.

    I am going to use the making someone feel special with a group of my community and am excited to play with this concept. As always Marie you give the best stuff out there. 🙂

  101. Awesome. Great video, Marie!

    Thanks for the intro to Jonah. I will buy his book fo sho.

  102. My biggest take-away from this was the phrase, “Top of Mind, Tip of Tongue.” That’s really stuck with me all day. It intrigued me so much that I stopped what I was doing immediately after watching this episode of MarieTV & downloaded the audiobook “Contagious!” I’ve got to say that so far it’s fantastic. Thanks a ton for this wonderful episode and for ALL the marvelous content you share with the world, Marie! Love it & simply cannot get enough. Q&A Tuesday is the highlight of my week for sure! xo

  103. Marie another brilliant video as per usual. I must say I love Jonah’s work. I first came upon him on Derek’s Social Triggers site and I bought his book How To Decide, which I recommend BTW. Super smart guy.

    1. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from this video?
    Definitely the Rule of 100. Loved this pricing strategy and this is something I will definitely be applying myself with some upcoming packages. Loved this little nugget.

    2. What one action step can you take right now to put this into practice in your business or life?
    With two SEO/keyword research courses I am preparing and updating, that I want finished by end of August, I will most certainly be applying the Rule of 100 then.

  104. So many great insights – thanks for sharing!

    Love the rule of 100 and the tip about tying your offering to something routine like the day of the week. Also, the “three kinds of ice” was a great example!

  105. Just ordered the book! cant wait for it arrive, Thank you for sharing this guy marie 🙂

  106. I just had the epiphany this is WHY I have to make a newsletter on the same day EVERY WEEK!!! I’ve been avoiding this forever…
    But like you said… I LOVE TUESDAYS because MarieTV comes out!! I LOVE Fridays because Mayi Carles always sends her video out on Fridays…

    Thats what I’m taking away from this… Set a publishing date for my newsletter and stick to it to build the trigger…

    Love ya xx


  107. I harvested make my ideas and products spread like wildflower by making people feel like VIP members.
    I will continue to implement the sensation of feeling like they are in my clubhouse and exclusively include them whenever they read my blogs,
    visit my site, read my emails, share my biz, projects, products and ideas.

  108. Linker_casas

    Marie….I love checking your stuff out!! You just REAL girl! I hella DIG THAT SHIT!! Businesses need people like you!! That come from the Heart-&-Soul!!

    I’ma keep it real….I’ve never bought any of your products…..and I don’t check out your site cause of your great business insight……….as much as I just like to come hear someone REAL speak!

    You could say the word “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck….Cheerios…… chicken…….I ran out-of-toilet paper….shit!” And THAT authenticity for me……(it’s different strokes for different folks. I advice anyone reading…to with your heart and soul and follow-that!) would do more for my life and for my business…..than any business model, method, idea, paradigm, ect that comes out really forced.

    I know…cause when I try and be crafty and from the dome….our spirits can SENSE the BS! I can sense it when people sense it in me! I don’t blame em!

    Thank you for infusing REALNESS in the picture!! It’s not what you do…as much as how you do it! Your intellect is awesome……and your heart and soul…..make you transcendent! Capable of adding really HUGE VALUE to a wide-range of demographics that would launch your success and legacy even more in the upcoming future!!

    A true star! Your REALNESS counts!!! 🙂

    Thank you!

    Stay blessed, dope and vibin!

  109. Another great video, thank you!
    My biggest takeaway was something Jonah said about publishers but I think it really applies to everything in the interview; ‘you’ve got to make it easy to remember and easy to share.’
    My action step? Do just that!

  110. The “Rule of 100” is so provocative. Love that concept!

  111. holy moly, Jonah is so good that i was clicking over to WHILE watching the video to download his book…so that’s the first step i’m taking towards putting this to use for my business. I’m also forwarding this interview to everyone in my company so THEY can be hip to all the good word. As I am leading a website redesign, this week I will sit down and figure out what OUR 3 types of ice are. Lots to do here…thank you for the insights.

  112. Hey Marie,

    I loved this episode. I’ve just set up a Beauty Salon (with the help of Bschool) and was just about to create a special badge/club type offer for close friends and vips to ensure an ongoing discount for them with my services. I had intended to use a set price and even weave that price into a fancy name for the offer BUT you caught me in time. I can see how this set price (being lower than $100) could seem stingy (even though it’s a discount!) whereas a percentage amount gives the impression of more. Thank you so much for always lifting my game!!! xxx

  113. Marie, thank you for another *brilliant* schooling and just in time.

    The one big take away for us is Jonah’s entire framework, which we’ll apply to our future content & email. Oh wait, that’s also our action step!

    Our past failures point to the importance in all 6 steps! Thanks to Exponential Growth of everything, doing one or two well won’t work.

  114. Thank you for introducing me to Jonah’s work! I think it was just what I needed to hear to infuse a little more “remarkable” into my brand. You and your guests are always amazing – thanks again!!

  115. Thanks for this video Jonah and Marie.
    I have a great business and even better stories but have been wondering about how i can get people to notice it. This video has given me some ideas. I am going to think about what my three types of ice are. Its not exactly easy though!

  116. This interview was fantastic – Jonah is a genius and there was a ton of ideas in here that I hadn’t heard of before.

    My takeaways are triggers, and the rule of 100. So useful!

    In my graphic design business, I am going to try to implement triggers into my facebook community.

  117. Watching and listening to Jonah talk about these social triggers, even at the local level(which this is now the 3rd site I’ve seen on this week… lol), makes me thing about 2 important people in my life(obviously after my kids), which are 1)My Barber -AND- 2)my son’s 6th grade teacher.

    So, for some reason(probably recent challenges I’ve been dealing with in life), watching this interview(and after just getting home from an awesome meetup) moved me to make my VERY FIRST video on Youtube. Well, the first one where I’m speaking directly to the camera and sharing my personal thoughts out loud… and putting on Youtube.

    Feel free to check it out.

  118. I love the three ice concept! It has stayed with me all day yesterday. I have a few ideas on how to translate this into my business. Again thanks for all the great ideas. Love Q & A tuesday 🙂

  119. Great interview Marie! One thing that struck me was making your brand contagious by triggering a response from your audience (ie, seeing a camel and thinking of Geico) I’m not sure what “action step” I can take just now as I’m still figuring out my project idea, but it is something that I will definitely work on and I’ve down loaded the free brochure! Have a fabulous day 🙂

  120. Thanks Marie for recommending yet another great book!!! As always the interviews are insightful, useful, and applicable – grateful!

    For anyone interested in learning more about research in behaviour economics, there is a great, fun, and free on-line course at given by Dan Ariely that is full of awesome research that can be applied to your life or business.

    Enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

  121. Siobhan

    What an amazing interview Jonah is amazing! Thank you Marie for asking such awesome questions.

    My biggest takeaway: Using triggers to get people thinking about you. It’s really simple but makes so much sense!

    My Action Step: Figure out how I can incorporate triggers into my brand along with defining my 3 types of ice 🙂

    Awesome video, thanks Marie!


  122. Thanks Marie! I love the Rule of 100 — I run a product business and discounts are tricky. 🙂 This will definitely help me as I move forward.

  123. Sharon Villesvik

    Loved this interview.

    My biggest takeaway was: Social Currency
    Action Step: My son told me the other day that I know a lot more than it sounds like I know because I don’t use the “correct language” for things. So, I am going to go about updating my terms and language.

    I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU. A couple of months ago you posted a really funny video with great advice about seeking information on Google or Youtube.
    The drivers side power window in my car went CLUNK, and the window was crooked and didn’t work. I went on Google and asked, “How do you repair the power windo regulator on a Subaru Outback?”
    I got two videos on how to do it step by step. I was able to fix it myself, with a little muscle froma friend, for FREE. I estimate that I saved $500.00.

    Thanks for the great tip!


  124. Sheri

    I purchased the audiobook back in May, and thought it was really informative in explaining consumer behavior. The Rule of 100 is a perfect example, and the story of Foursquare as an example of social currency. I also have the physical book and using it as a reference guide. Thanks for the interview.

  125. High five to Marie and Jonah for a fun+informative interview. Marie, it truly looks like you and your guests are having a blast ( I feel that energy girl!)

    Jonah’s STEPP poster is a fantastic visual reminder of all the great tips from this episode. I love how he mentions triggers that we all know and love (i.e Jared’s subway story) and I am letting the 3 types of ice story marinate in my head to see what ideas can grow for my new coaching programs. I also appreciate the tried-tested-true pricing model advice and commit to build my pricing around a range of value offer.

    Thank you for this video awesomeness!

    Oh and shout out to Sammy Villarreal for making & posting his first youtube video and sharing it with this community. I loved your advice Sammy…I’m a chick and even I want to go to your barber! Keep on sharing.

  126. Science is good, but how do you apply it? I’ve heard you say that over and over again Marie, but it seems to be one of those things that I needed to hear 101 times, instead of 100 times.

    ALSO Member vs. Client / Join Us vs Subscribe!!

    I am changing the language on my website NOW!! LOL. That’s what I want! I want members, not clients. I want to build a community, not create a revolving door, so I need to:
    1. Give them something actionable
    2. Use language that let’s them know they will be INCLUDED and BELONG.

    Awesome awesome! Thanks Marie!

  127. just ordered the book! so excited to read it 🙂

  128. Not really an insight, but Jonah is really good looking 🙂

  129. Great show (as always)! You mention he has a workbook that we can download, but I can’t find it, please send the link to his workbook. Thanks!

  130. Mary

    I had an instant connection with the trigger. I post my blog Every Monday, and my name is Mary. Say no more. Thank you Jonah and Marie.

  131. Bonnie

    I’m so excited about Jonah’s book! I’ve been thinking about opening a hostel for quite a while now but I am FAR from being the “business-type”. I am, however, a lover of science and formulas and methods. This could be my opening door into the world of business…if not, it will at least be an eye opener into it.

    So, to answer your questions:
    1. The simple fact that there’s a science to running a business.
    2. Buy Jonah’s book and dive into the wonderful world of research.

    Thank you Marie and Jonah!

  132. Okay – that “Rule of 100” was BRILLIANT advice. And I can totally grasp how that works. That nugget alone is incentive enough to sign up for his newsletter and grab a copy of his book. Thanks, Marie, for another informative show. I always learn so much biz smarts here!

  133. I want to use the ‘making people feel like VIPs and special”. We are a small restaurant that is conducive to this type of idea and we can make it really fun. If it is their birthday or anniversary we can ask them if we can take their picture with their meal in front of them and post it on our facebook page. Along with a comment on why they enjoyed their chosen dish.

  134. Great video, new terminology for me – “social currency”. Looking forward to getting the book. As always I leave Marie’s site always feeling a bit smarter than before 🙂


  135. I love the three types of ice story. It has got my creative wheels turning. Now I need to come up with my three types of ice for my professional organizing biz. Any thoughts.
    I feel like I work really hard for my clients, I get the job done and then some and I have endless resources for my clients. I even know a person that will make a cake in the shape of a giraffe! You just never know when you might need one of those.

  136. What an awesome interview! I’m a proud 2013 B-Schooler and have loved applying so many great strategies to my business, Lean Goddess. In this interview, I really liked the part about triggers. I want to determine a great trigger for women who want to achieve their ideal body and lifestyle through our programs and services– so whenever they see or hear this “trigger,” they think to contact Lean Goddess. Hmmm… any ideas? Initially, we started off as a retreat business (so our avatars still associate us with retreats) and we’ve evolved to growing our online platform and services. We’re developing an online, 90-day weight loss & lifestyle program that we will announce in the fall with our marketing/PR campaign and then the program itself will begin in early 2014. Trigger ideas, anyone? 🙂 Thanks, Marie, for all that you do!

  137. Ai Ling Ong

    I particularly like the rule of 100 and it changes my perspective from discount lowers the quality of products & services to discount makes my clients feel special!

    I’m going to apply the for value more than $100, discount to be expressed in monetary terms (rather than %) in my learning centre course fees.

  138. Marie
    Hi there
    Thanks so much for your valuable time recently extending the buzz on #GaryVee, #Jonah, adding your “Tweet response” to
    one’s Twitter feed, And for your grace
    with sharing helpful tips – going above & beyond.

  139. Jane Guyette

    Going to get that book. Awesome!

  140. Alright, already! This is the second time I’ve listened to Jonah talk about his book and his theories. They really resonate with me, so yeah, I just ordered the book.

    Marie, I never miss an episode – thanks for your hard work and great guests!

  141. Find your three types of ice! Brilliant!!!!

    Getting busy on that one, right away.

  142. Hi Marie,
    Just stumbled on your blog. Great content.

    I tried to sign up for your list, but am getting a blank page when I click on the button. Wanted you to know.


    • Kristin – Team Forleo

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry for the trouble! We can absolutely help you out. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll make sure you’re definitely subscribed.


  143. The thing that stood out to me was to have a memorable and sharable message. I’ll be getting busy to implement this and make it more clear.

  144. Adelina

    I love that different types of Ice ! What a way to show people the difference.
    I love your program, Marie.

  145. Marie,

    I think this might have been the best episode you’ve produced. Loved the relaxed set and interview style of this one. Jonah was so engaging, articulate and informative.

    LOVE the rule of 100. Sharing it with my online-marketing guru bf tonight so he can apply it in his biz ASAP!

    Thanks so much.

  146. Hi Marie,
    The action I’m taking is to get my free resource from Jonah. Then I can go away and think about implementing it.
    I implemented DRM on my site in February, thanks to you Marie, as I had no idea how to market before then. It had taken me 9 months to get 6,000 pageviews on my Blog, but after I implemented DRM, it jumped to 10,000 in a month! And I’m sustaining it at 10,000 a month. Now I can’t wait to see what Jonah’s resources can do for me!

  147. There was so much good stuff in this interview! I think they way he used the 3 types of ice as an example to show people what you really care about – in this case, they care about creating amazing drinks – was wonderful! I’m going over to his site right now to get the workbook and adding the book to my Amazon cart!

  148. Love the rule of 100. Really clarifies when to use % or $. Also, I signed up for Jonah’s newsletter. So helpful.

  149. So many great nuggets (thank you – both!!)… the one that stood out the most for my current project was the Social Currency – making people feel special, and thus being memorable.

  150. Those commercials are so fun! My favorite is “Happier Than A Slinkie On An Escalator.”

    Now I have to go find something to link myself to.

  151. Ooooh I love the trigger tip. I’ve considered doing a day-of-the-week on my blog based on one of the topics I focus on, I’m doin’ it!
    Thank you for all the helpful insights, I signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  152. I. FREAKIN. LOVE. this episode of MarieTV. Seriously, my favorite so far! I can’t even count how many A-HA! moments I had.

    My first action is to read the book! Then figure out my three types of ice. Genius.

  153. Wow wow wow, great video and resources. I have just become a Jonah fan!

  154. A big one I enjoyed from this was giving people a reference point for pricing. Having more than one option, no necessarily to sell both options, but to make the other more attractive. For the wedding photography business I saw a video were they spoke about having a super extravagant WAY above anyones budget option, to make the other packages look realistic.

    Thanks again Marie! Keep on rockin’!


  155. Jim

    Ron Howard with hair. Interesting. I took away that I need a “hook” to get people to remember my business. My action step is to try and determine with what I can associate my business to get people interested and talking whenever they experience the trigger.

  156. This was awesome! Thanks!

  157. My biggest take away is definitely the rule of 100 and how perspective changes depending on whats bigger

  158. Carole

    My take-away is this guy is amazing and I am signing up now girlfriend!

  159. The clearest message I am taking away from this video is that you need to have 3 different kinds of ice to be heard with all the noise out there.

    This video was what I needed to hear today. I am going to pitch to a client that their new lunch restaurant is not only selling good food from honest local growers but its the place where people come to get the energy and motivation they need to get through their day and accomplish their dreams. You see, the owner has had to jump through hundreds of hoops and nay sayers; he has had to break rules and work his butt off and he has persevered. He is calling the place “the Schwarz” after Arnold Schwarzenegger. My idea is it will be the kind of place you get a healthy lunch and a motivational quote, on their social media sites they will showcase their clients success stories on work, play, sports and just anything.

  160. Great video and great tools. I will be taking away from it the Triggers tool and I am going to try and develop something that links only to me. However, I want some more feedback on how to apply these tools to more of a service based business rather than products which were discussed more in this video. Especially the pricing side of things for services and making your clients feel like they are getting value for money… any suggestions?

  161. Marie, I love the way your interviews feel. Your personality already does the “make us feel special” thang.

    My Biggest Takeaway? I have a band called Embarazada which means pregnant in Spanish. The Trigger thing really interests me.

    Action Step: I’m going start tweeting with the trigger of being pregnant with IDEAS!! All of my songs are little stories and it really does feel like a mini birth each time one is “born”.
    Thanks so much!

  162. Another great episode. I am going to ask the questions of how we can help and go deep from there. By the way what type of camera are you using to shoot Marie TV, excellent quality?

  163. 3 types of ice.. what a great and necessary point to hear today. As professional organizer, I cut through the clutter-literally and with all the other organizers out there. It is challenging and something I am striving to be better at. Thank you for this. Thinking about my ice.

  164. The number 1 takeaway is that I need to find my three types of ice so that I can sell others on the idea to either read my blog or fund my project to scratch off the first thing on my life list, publishing a book. Thanks to both of you.

  165. This video is amazing with Jonah’s utterly useful tips and your brilliant entertaining streak! Even better, it is subtitled as I am profoundly deaf and am able to understand what you both are saying. So huge huge thank you for that, for involving me and other deaf people that also run businesses.

    Running an art business, my exposure has grown more and more over years but it is becoming halting. Although I am appreciative with some support I get from my family, friends and fans, there are times I get frustrated, wondering why my business is not attracting enough people.

    The biggest insight I am taking away from this interview is, making people feel special and communicating with them well, making them come back and share their experiences with me.

    In my art business, I need to search for new clients for commission work and the action I need to do is to find/think up of a trigger that people would think of me, commission me and buy my artwork.

    On the way to download the workbook and the book from Amazon maybe!

  166. Awesome book! I’m loving it so far. Thanks for sharing such amazing information with us. The stories he shares are such clear examples of how to make the principles work in real life.

    Also, now I really want to go to Barclay Prime, thanks to that book. I live like 20 min away from the restaurant and while I had previously heard of the $100 cheesesteak, it never intrigued me much until now.

  167. Brilliant, Marie. You ARE the resource girl! Everything like this that you recommend has this sort of explosive flower aspect to it. I contacted Sally Hogshead from Fascinate when you interviewed her and she led me to Business Oxygen and David Asarnow (who YOU should interview! your viewers would eat him up in a good way). I downloaded Jonah’s book before i even finished watching the interview. He is crazy good and now i’m signed up for his newsletter. Thank you for expanding my world and making it better. Keep on trucking girl.

  168. Lori

    Perspective is everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the 100 rule ROCKS!

    Thank you so much for what you do, and just being you Marie, I love you

  169. As a presentation/communications trainer, I *loved* hearing Jonah talk about the need for a ‘kernel’. This is true whether you are doing big-time marketing or just sitting across from someone (I’m just a girl, standing across from a boy…” 🙂

    Marie – I am really loving your stuff! I have more compliments than there is room for – but I’ll take your advice and be bold and say I’d love to be a guest or offer info if you ever need to talk to your audience about things like how to answer tough questions graciously, or speaking powerfully as a woman in any situation.

  170. First, I can’t wait to share the rule of 100 with my small business/small town clients! You don’t know how many times I have heard very small businesses say they don’t want to ever discount things because they LOVE their merchandise. Seriously, they will hold onto it for 20 years before discounting. Who wants old crap? This might be a way in for me to help them see the VALUE of discounting – so they can buy NEW things that they love just as much!

    For myself I totally see how I need to figure out what my three kinds of ice are as I differentiate myself as just another small business consultant. What I think I am is a VERY small business consultant, helping people live their dream life! That is one kind of ice. Now I just need to determine my other two!

    Thanks Marie! Great episode and I ordered the book. Can’t wait to read the entire thing. – Jacqueline

  171. I’m blown away like everyone else! Fantastic video, thank you!

    1. Insight: triggers and the rule of 100 (which I have practiced, but not conciously, so will revisit my choices more sientifically 🙂

    2. Action: Read the book immediately and implement at least one of the methods by the end of the week.

    I have a specific “problem” that I have been trying to figure out lately, and that is how to transform my fast growing FB audience from “like-ers” to paying customers. I feel like I can do that now with the lessons I will learn from the book.

    Thanks again!

  172. I’m only 25% in to his book and already it’s TOTALLY reshaping some of my communication in SUCH a good way. Thanks for sharing this gold with us Marie!

  173. Thanks for sharing this valuable information Marie!!, great points to apply on my business. Looking forward to watch the next episode!

  174. Marie! Somehow I missed this post a couple weeks ago but so strange I am reading this book!! It is amazing for all of you out there looking to market and stand out. As always Marie thanks for your knowledge and support. Xo Jackie

  175. I’m really looking for some important viral marketing concept for the new business. I know, it’s tough but nothing is impossible, right? I’m pondering some videos ideas. I’m thinking to mix up something with Gangnam style. Let’s hope for the best. Let me know, if I can add something!

  176. WOW! I love watching a guy who not only knows what he is talking about – but does it in such an unassuming informative way. I’m hooked!

    Back to business…..This has really got me thinking about our social media calendar and how we post our updates etc….. We are currently working on having ‘set’ days for things like recipes, funny images, inspirational quotes etc…. But now I have a method to the madness I can use and I am EXCITED!!

  177. Hey Marie,
    This was amazing advise! Loved it!
    Biggest Insight: How to make things stick in customers heads.
    My actions: Using triggers to build momentum in my email and twitter campaigns. Also, I am showcasing centers of influence for my target group in my website each month to create the social currency that will make these influential people and icons talk about my company.
    Thanks you so much for sharing this interview!!!

  178. Toni Hogan - Agent Success Coach

    This guy! Just opened my Realtor Magazine and was like…”Hey, I know that guy! He was on MarieTV.”

  179. Power message by Jonah Berger and love the three type of ice method.
    Going to get Contagious and learn the STEPPS ways.
    Thank you Marie and Jonah

  180. Anyone with a product or a message is looking for the edge and this IS it ! Can’t wait to get the book CONTAGIOUS so I can promote my book more effectively !
    (MONEY & SUCCES IS MIND OVER MATTER) just published this month !

  181. I loved this entire video. Normally I turn away from extensive videos online but I was hooked the entire time! I loved his sign off about “what is your type of ice” it really takes what I’m trying to do and really making me define what makes it so special. Thank you!

  182. Thank you so much for this inspiring interview! I’ve been following you for just a month and I just wanted to say that everything you say gives me courage and motivation and makes me believe that my tiny business is going to grow.
    What I loved best about this interview is that it made me think “Do I really manage to comunicate to my clients that my hand knitted products are made with the best quality italian yarns and are handcrafted with great care?”
    The story of the Bar with the 3 types of ice was illuminating!
    I will surely invent some way to tell the story behind my items in a more effective way! Maybe by making some posts on Facebook and including a short description every item listing.
    Thank you so much again!
    wish you all the best! 🙂

  183. Marie,

    I am currently part of the 2014 B-School class. I am always on the go and find the best method for reviewing your material on my phone in the car. This Tuesday series has been great and I would like to keep an active subscription. have you ever thought of posting these videos as a part of a Podcast? I believe the message would be well received and it would be great to automatically receive the new videos. Thanks much!

  184. I love this video and took away many insights (and ordered a copy of Jonah’s book)! Probably the biggest insight for me was all of them! The actions I will take are to find a trigger to associate myself with so that people will think of me; apply the Rule of 100 to frame my discounts; and position my pricing relative to services that are similar and more expensive. Thank you so much!!!

  185. Hi Marie

    So many great pointers in there but my favourite was something you said about being treated like a VIP. Genius!

    I have that experience at my local sushi place. I go there A LOT and I have my favourite dishes. The moment I walk in they either start collecting them for me, or making them especially. I feel like an A-grade superstar haha

    How nice would it be if I made all my clients feel that way too…!

  186. josh

    There is also a super handy popup plugin for WordPress that can seriously help some of your post to go viral.. it is called “Go Viral” I think is what it was called “Go Viral Popup Plugin” I think it is by Riviton or something like that, but I have seen this on ViralDoza,, and many others. If you use WordPress and want your stuff to go viral, that plugin will work wonders…

  187. Very good interview. There was no link to his insights in the description like you mentions however

  188. Very good interview

  189. The biggest thing I have to take away from this is the trigger. I’ve heard people say over and over again that you should publish blog posts on the same day every week. I follow other blogs (including this one) that do this and I like knowing when to expect them in my inbox. It has really cemented in my mind how regular and reliable my posting has to be, and explained this to me.

  190. Biggest takeaway- I do a really great job of making my clients- maybe these will be called members now :)- feel special. The best thing is that I don’t have to try to do this, we are close and I care about them.

    My action item- I must think of my three types of ice story. The ‘what’ of my business is hard to articulate and this will help.

    Thanks Marie and Jonah!

  191. Well that was great. Information is awesome, I would recommend anyone getting their business going to view this. But really a lot of the time I am just after motivation which this gives me.

  192. This was amazing! Love this guy. 🙂 Biggest take-away: triggers. I’ll be taking that concept with me on my “Godwalk” tomorrow. Thanks for another great interview, Marie, for for mentioning this episode in B-School. Blessings, Laura

  193. I just shared this on LinkedIn to share the love. There are some excellent viral marketing tips in this 17 min video: my fav is “The rule of 100”. The rule helps you decide the most effective way to ‘frame’ & market a discount. For example I’m offering a half-day workshop on the science of beating procrastination for $300, with an early bird price of $250 (see what I did there? 🙂 That’s an early bird saving of $50 OR a saving of 12%. The Rule of 100 suggests I should promote the savings in terms of the BIGGER number (which ‘feels’ like a bigger discount, even tho 12% is also $50 off) so in this case the $50 discount.
    Conversely, if you are selling a discounted $20 t’shirt – do you promote, or frame, the discount as 20% off or $4 off ? In this example the percentage is the bigger number; so the Rule of 100 suggests framing the discount in percentage terms – so 20% off that gorgeous t’shirt it is.

  194. Wow, probably one of my favorite episodes to date, and that’s saying a lot!

  195. Thanks for a great video
    It’s excellent timing as I am busy preparing to offer a discount voucher in my new online store. I enjoyed learning about the rule of 100. Now I need to figure how to apply that when wording my discount.
    Thanks for the tip.

  196. My favorite take away (tough to pick; there were several!) was the distinction between saying “Client” and “Member.” This light bulb has upped the importance I’ve put on creating a member program! My ACTION is from the 100 Rule…I need change my discount language from percentage to dollars!!!

  197. Jenny

    The three kinds of ice really spoke to me. I’m going to really contemplate how my short version of my message can 1. be remarkable 2. create curiosity 3. convey that I care deeply and am knowledgeable about my subject. I love that this can relate to one small offering (e.g. a workshop I have coming up) or to my overall business (e.g. a tagline that I use). So helpful! Thank you Marie and Jonah!

  198. I LOVED the 3 types of ice analogy, really got me thinking. And I just have to share, THANK YOUUUUUUU for all you do. xox

  199. Melissa

    Hi Marie, I just found out about this episode though BSchool and I find it really interesting. My insight is about the 3 types of ice and also the trigger.
    I am gonna define my types of ice and try to get a trigger with it.

  200. The insight that I have from this episode is that I have to revisit these videos more often : )
    I knew the rule of 100, and I broke it so many times, because I had forgotten it… grrr!
    Downloaded Jonah’s resources, they rock.
    Thanks so much (this is done for B-School 2018)

  201. On the rocks – Love the three types of ice idea… Working on that pronto!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO glad to hear the ice idea resonated with you, Amy – really hope it helps in your marketing efforts!

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    Thanks for sharing your great idea…

  204. stephen pollitt

    Lots of gold in this episode Marie!
    Thank you thank you thank you!

    I LOVE the concept of the rule of 100!
    Going to implement that straight away!
    How did I NOT see that before???
    Bless you, for your ongoing commitment with Marie TV…it’s such a valuable resource!
    Truly inspirational…every Tuesday!

  205. Great video. My aha moment here is that I need to make the ‘client’ feel special. I will be including a free quilled card with every wedding invitation keepsake. Still mulling the member thing, because I sell my art.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Sandra! And making your client feel special doesn’t have to be a huge thing––sometimes it’s the small gestures that really make all the difference.

  206. Janet Booth

    My aha moments were the 100 club and three types of ice. Game changers and now to do the work….

  207. Elizabeth Tritsch

    My take away is creating a trigger that will help your clients remember you and want to share the fun with others.
    In my personal life I’m known for being an incredibly big flirt.
    Even my last name, Tritsch, translates to the word, “flirt” and I incorporate this into my dating course which encourages women to flirt and compliment one another in a playful way.
    We have Flirtster Fridays and I encourage my members to have fun flirting with everyone they pass by.

  208. Thanks, Without these techniques you can’t survive in the Marketing.

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  210. Awesome! This video helped me with my Fun Sheet in Module 3 “Turbocharge Sales”. My brain is popping, and although I don’t have all of it figured out- I am moving in a flow state to get there 🙂

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Well done, Brandyn!

  211. Sue

    Wow! That was powerful. As soon as mentioned “3 types of ice” I sat up and listened carefully and wanted to know more. Now it’s making me think . . . Thank you !

  212. AC

    Love this. That one story that will carry it through, that is contagious and that can be used over and over.

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