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Have you ever been in a really tough spot in your life and a book practically saves you?

Years ago, when I broke off an engagement and found myself struggling to grow my new business, one woman’s words made all the difference to me.

Her book was a real turning point — and I’ll never forget it.

Little did I know that a few years later, I’d have the chance to thank her personally for writing what was one of the most important books in my life, A Return To Love.

While I was in Los Angeles this winter, I had the honor of sitting down with the legendary author, Marianne Williamson to dive deep into her latest book — The Law of Divine Compensation. On Work, Money and Miracles.

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Join us as we dive deep into the hot button topic of money, career and doing what you’re meant to do in this world.

Here is some of what you’ll learn in this special interview:

  • Why being embarrassed about wanting money is a sure-fire way to sabotage yourself from having any

  • How to instantly transform limiting money beliefs you picked up from your family or your past

  • How to stare down “limited circumstances” and invite unlimited possibilities

  • Plus the BEST answer I’ve ever heard in response to “Oh yeah, well what about starving children in Africa? Are they poor because their thoughts aren’t ‘aligned’ with love?”

This interview is different than our regular MarieTV episodes. It’s more in depth PLUS you can download the audio and take it with you!

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In the comments below the video, Marianne and I have a simple but powerful 3-part challenge for you.

1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

Remember to make your comment as specific and concrete as possible. Not only will it help turn your insight into action (hence further you on the road to results), but your share will also support thousands of others in our community.

You matter. Your stories matter. Your experience matters. Share it!

Thank you, as always, for reading and watching and contributing.


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  1. I’m trapped at uni in my classroom so I cannot watch this right now, I seriously just want to run out of this room and find a way to watch it, (also left my headphone at home, silly me!) But I can’t wait to catch up and watch this interview with two of my favourite peeps! SO excited!!! 😀 THIS is why I love Tuesdays. x

    • Oh Hinna, I know how you felt. I saw Marianne’s name I did a little squeal in my office!!

      My limiting belief is that there’s never enough. I can get SO stuck in survival mode and I am SO damn ready to let this go because I know, and I mean I know there’s more than enough for everyone! I just can’t shake it. But I’m gonna of course 🙂

      I would have to be relaxed and more feminine (I dunno why that comes up but I always picture being more feminine). It’s like I would have to change my energy to flow rather than pull if that makes sense? This is amazing, I’m having the revelation as I write this!!

      It’s like I would need to step into my greatness and be at ease and give out love and kindness from my heart. Like be a natural nurturer.

      Omg wow, I just figured it out!!

      • Oops I forgot #3, when needing a breakthrough/miracle is a shift in perception i.e where is forgiveness needed, where do I need to switch on the light.

        Such a beautiful analogy. I loved this.

        Elise xx

        • May I just ditto most of what you expressed. I’ve experienced everything you’ve mentioned and have been incorporating what you said more & more each year! You’ve totally got this!!! Shall we continue practicing and following these core essences together???? Big smile & hug to you!!

      • Elise you are like a soul sister! I’m in my journey from my Type-A, Ivy League masculine ACHIEVEMENT-focused upbringing into my feminine, which simultaneously is about faith and receiving. I LOVE hearing from fellow feminine seekers and I feel like there’s this revolution into our femininity in the New Age/self-improvement circles today 🙂

        My limiting beliefs are that 1) I’ll never make it 2) I would have to sacrifice too much and work too hard if I want to be wealthy.
        Ugh, just GROSS! Yes, Universe, please help me let go of these beliefs; I’m ready!

      • Paula

        100% with you. I couldn’t say it better. Hopefullly we will be able to accept the flow and let’s our lives grow.
        Best of luck!

    • 🙂 Hinna, I love your comment so much! I feel the same when I can’t dig into MarieTV right away!

    • I was the same way all day! Couldn’t wait for “happy hour”.

    • Michael

      I just couldn’t help me crying when I listened Ms.Williamson. She just unlocked the secret of life. I pray to God for a change within me where love will abide forever.

      • Kristine

        I agree Michael. I truly hope it is possible.

    • Dominique

      I am currently reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and this interview is confirming everything I’ve been reading. Love it!

  2. When I decided to get serious about creating financial wealth & financial independence I had to dig deep and explore what limiting beliefs I had “inherited”. I have read so many books, done tones of workshops on this but it all came together when I brought deep intuitive exploration into the mix.

    2 of my biggest beliefs about money were : “money doesn’t grow on trees” (duh!) AND “you don’t always do what you love in life”. OUCH!

    Thankfully, this is not my truth anymore BUT everyday I have to remind myself to : not work so hard, be kind & playful, relax into & have fun.

    Everyday I remind myself that my Inner Goddess IS abundance. She just is… Into this wel-being I chose to ease & dance through my day and guess what? I’ve been creating more abundance then ever before.

    Namaste Marianne & Marie; 2 amazingly inspiring Goddesses.

    • Sally

      I bought into that one too – “You don’t always do what you love.” Within the last year I’ve reconsidered that, which brought me to B-School!

    • Caroline, I hear you with those two beliefs! I was always told that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and that there was never enough, even though my parents both worked incredibly hard. Also, my Mum didn’t do what she wanted to do in life, but just fell into a career and never left.

      I’m determined that my dream is here and that I have power to create my own life.

      Thanks Caroline!

      • Madelain Burgoyne

        Brilliant, Resonate.

  3. 1. My one limiting belief is that I am not expert enough to really blast into the stratosphere and own my Suitcase Entrepreneur niche, when in reality it’s just me telling that story, as everyone else tells me otherwise.

    2. I would have to be completely in command of my own personal power, and belief in myself that I can be all I want in this lifetime.

    3. You are the only person to fully recognise your greatness, so it’s your duty to share your gifts with the world today.

    Thank you Marie and Marianne (you are amazing) for your loving insights.


    • Natalie, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
      I found it through another source, reading through this I thought, her name looks familiar!! I think you are amazing and I love following your blog. Just my two cents 😉 Keep on going! We LOVE it.

      • Well thank you Vivian – you’re such a gem for saying that. I will indeed keep going because 1) I love what I do and 2) I love people like you in my community that I get to work with and learn from

    • Natalie,

      I do see you as an expert in your niche and so admire what you’ve been able to create. You are one of the persons who inspires me to operate my business online.

      I’m going to Russia soon and so happy that I can continue running my biz from there too.

      Natalie, you are an expert!


      • Ohhh are you just – that’s so exciting. Can’t wait to see what you think of working from there and how you handle the timezones, internet and language. Good for you! And thank you…expert no, living and breathing what I do – for sure!

    • Natalie, you are a true inspiration and quite brilliant I may add. You are one of the experts I look up to and admire. Thank you for all your great content and motivation to think outside the box.

      • Seriously?! Wow, ego doesn’t fit through the door now 😉 Touched and humbled, thank you Sherri

    • Natalie you are BEYOND awesome and are already the rockstar of your niche. Yes yes yes – it’s time to OWN it, as we all want to see you blast even further into the ‘expertosphere’!!!

      PS – Listen to the “everyone else” who’s telling you otherwise 😉

    • Natalie I love your website! You have extremely valuable content that is so helpful for so many of us business women.

      Looking forward to getting your emails! I don’t always read the comments but today I think I was meant to find you & your wisdom

      Jen x

      • SISSON!! You are enough. You own your niche. You are my inspiration.

      • Indeed, so glad you did!!! Welcome to my Suitcase Entrepreneur world

    • Natalie I can so relate to your belief, but I am so stoked to find out about you here, I just signed up for your emails, can’t wait to learn more!

    • Natalie, I feel similarly — I love your 3rd point! Nobody knows everything we have to share if we don’t let it shine!

      Cheers, Karina

    • Natalie, big fan here too!! Would love to interview you for my blog some day if you’re up for it. xx

  4. Excellent concept.

    I have to agree it is like magic or a miracle when you talk to people about finding success without following the herd.

    It’s definitely difficult to get people to understand but I guess they should have paid attention in class to their mind instead of the teacher’s.

    If you believe and commit you can achieve excellent interview.

  5. Yay! I haven’t seen the interview yet, but I am sure I will LOVE this! Two of the most inspiring women talking together. I look so forward to watching this!

  6. Love Marianne! I once listened to Marianne’s episode about empowering women to run for the office. It was great and so inspiring for the work I’m doing for minority and immigrant women.
    My limiting belief was that I had to be great at everything. I found that when I do something for a cause and not for myself only it is so much easier to be brave and start doing.
    Thank you for the interview and making it downloadable, Marie!

  7. Thank you for this Marie and Marianne,

    This topic is very present for me right now. When I look at my life right now from an outside perspective, things are blossoming, beautiful, full of love and connection.

    But as things are blossoming I can feel this niggling part inside that won’t fully open to it and moves into a feeling of lack. I’m ready for that to change.

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    That I live on a constant roller coaster of boom and bust. Things are great! I have no money. Things are great! There’s nothing coming in. That I am limited in how much money I can make.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    Myself, my real true beautiful self. Open, willing to receive. Loving. Heart wings spread high and wide.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    That unlike the acorn we can say no. Love this, I am a tree engineered to grow.

    Also the money/love connection. The more I allow myself to love my business, to love my clients, to love my life, the more abundance and flow I have on all levels and the more I can give.


    • Sally

      I can relate to your roller coaster. I like your new reality!

      • Thanks Sally! Me too!

  8. First off, that quote by Einstein is one of my favorites!

    1. That the level of success (& financial abundance) I can access is limited.

    2. Simply put – more loving. Expanding the compassion & love I have for those in my personal circles to those outside of those circles. I recognize a personal imbalance in my heart center, in which my care & concern extends mostly and more often to those I know.

    3. The deep mission that we really have as a species, beyond our selves and our personal circumstances. That the focus on connection with enlightenment & the Divine drives away that which is limiting in the physical world.

  9. I love that Marianne Williamson is on MarieTV! She is as deep and brilliant as ever.

    1. It will take a long time to make a lot of money in my business.
    2. I need to start acting like the top expert in my field NOW.
    3. It’s my DUTY to share my greatness with the world. Love that!

    Thanks, Marie!

  10. My limiting belief is something like “I’m not good enough”. I have been chipping away at it (or rather, walking further and further away from it) but I notice the times that it shows up and affects me.

    I need to be a calmer person. Someone who waits without anxiety. My adrenals are gonna be shot if I keep up at the rate I’m going when I’m 40.

    All my limiting beliefs are compensated for by spirit. No one can stop me from doing what I’m meant to do.

  11. Thank you Marianne and Marie – what a beautiful video and message.

    Abundance is for everyone. Everyone is eligible! What are we calling in? That’s what it comes down to. Do we believe we are worthy?

    Hugs and love,


  12. Thank you so much, Marie and Marianne, for this wonderful interview!

    Just yesterday I created a poster for my Facebook page from one of my all-time favorite quotes from Marianne, “You are the faucet, God is the water.” It reminds me that our job is to stay open to the flow.

    I quit my “safe and secure” hospital job as a midwife 2 years ago to go “all in” with the coaching business I created in 2009, and I still struggle to feel that I can create my own version of the security I felt at that job as an entrepreneur.

    So my #1 limiting belief continues to be that security is somewhere “out there” — in a job or even a certain income level.

    I think Helen Keller put it best: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.”

    I’m very fortunate to have lived a life free of any great tragedy, but still I have experienced emotional pain and it’s most acute when I’m ignoring my inner guidance system.

    So to answer #2, I would have to be willing to listen to and TRUST my inner wisdom.

    When I am, its wisdom motivates me to take actions that are in alignment with my deepest values. Sometimes this means staying where I’m at and enjoying the view. Other times it means navigating uncharted waters.

    So to answer #3: The biggest insight I received is TRUST that I have been put on this planet for a reason, and even though it can be scary and uncomfortable, I’m committed to getting my gifts out into the world.

    Thanks again for reminding me and supporting me on this fantastic journey!

  13. Mara

    Cannot wait to listen to, stuck at work without speakers 🙁 But thanks for sharing! <3

  14. Thanks Marie for sharing!

    1. My limiting belief has been that i’m not good enough to earn but I truly know I’m worth.
    2. I need to be me and stop trying to keep everyone happy and let people know who I really am. I’m going back to being the happy, funny, quirky me I was a child with no holds barred.
    3. Our calling has been in us from birth and instead of seeing it as a job, my new found mission is my calling that I was born to do!!!

    Onwards and upwards ladies!

  15. 1. My limiting belief is that I’m not able to build a million-dollar business. Even though I know intrinsically that it’s possible, the voices of people who don’t think I can build a service business that big get in my way all the time.

    2. Someone with absolute confidence who projects beauty and ambition.

    3. I can avoid getting into trouble by meeting a limited circumstance with limited thought. I can teach others to do this too.

  16. Kristin Savory

    Thank you so much for this interview Marie.

    Marianne has been such an inspiration and role model for me in my personal process.

    We all have such a deep responsibility of being present and sharing our presence in this world. It is truly empowering to hear this message in relationship to our business.

    Thank you!

  17. Thank you both for an amazing start to a snowy Colorado morning. I resonate with everything you discussed. Marianne is one of my favorite speakers and inspirations. I ordered her new book while listening. When times have been tough for me I always remember my purpose and how to share myself with the world. It has always proved itself time and time again. Even with a recession, divorce and hard times. I promise to continue to call in love in my life, and let go of the belief that I am struggle, lack, and not good enough. Phew, what a relief!!

  18. Laynita

    Marie and Marianne

    This is an awesome interview… Thanks for sharing “Love” at such a deeper level. This is so needed.


  19. Sonia

    #1- Making more money means I have to be unethical or I wont have a life- it will be painful and not aligned with who I am.

    #2- I would need to have faith and make my decisions out of love not fear.

    #3-The universe can compensate for out mistakes. (thank goodness) 🙂

  20. Marie, that was exceedingly awesome! It brought into sharp focus the sense that life really is taking care of everything when we learn to get out of the way. You are an inspiration 🙂


  21. Rob

    Beyond amazing!
    This is the only things we should pursue; find our gift + unique talent, express it to serve others, and create abundant joy + divine ecstasy!

    Nama-stay in touch!
    Rob 😉

  22. Jackie

    She remains one of the most inspirational author’s. The closing prayer was beautiful, inspirational and I would love to see it transcribed here for B-Schoolers. Thanks.

    • Okay!?!? I was like am I going to have to figure out how to record the prayer at the end. Yes, another request to have it transcribed. So right on!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Jackie (and Jennifer),
      Brigitte posted a transcription in the comments –
      Enjoy and take care,

      • Jackie

        Thanks Louise!

  23. WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for your discussion of starving children! I have been obsessed with feeding, nurturing and providing healthcare to orphans in DR Congo since my first trip in 2009. To me…this is the ONLY thing that matters. I know the Law works for abundance. But I’m stuck in struggling to pay my utility bills. I’ve decided my answer will be in Online Marketing to support these children and my passionate dream. BUT, my own old beliefs are still stopping the flow of abundance toward me and MY children. Thanks for your wisdom. I’m buying the book today!

    • Uli

      Thank you Marie and Marianne for this wonderful interview!
      As an atheist, I find it hard to believe someone or something was “meant” to be this way or that. I do, however, totally agree with your “lack of love” explanation of starving children. Also, I found the entire interview very touching, so I guess I will have to figure out a way to integrate today’s insights with my atheist view of the world. 😉
      BTW: I could not agree more about the motivation topic. At the end of last year I decided that 2013 would be the year in which I was turning pro. It was just a shift of perspective and a little investment. But what a difference it made. I have to turn down work and can give away work to other freelancers and yes, there’s very good money in it, too!

      1. That I would have to work more hours to make more money.
      2. Someone who is totally convinced that I am really worth my money and not easily replaced. In other words, someone living in love not fear.
      3. That I am actually very happy with my life as it is now! Wow! How did I get here? 🙂

      • Uli

        Sorry, this post was not meant to be a comment to Kathryn, but now that it is: I wish you HUGE success with your project. Money WILL come your way. You said it: you have a passionate dream. It will get you there.

  24. I only recently stumbled onto your website Marie, but around the same time I stumbled onto Gabrielle Bernstein’s work (working through may Cause Miracles now!) and Kris Carr’s work as well. The universe was definitely correct in bringing all of you to me, but all once? Woah, life makeover, anyone? haha.

    1. My limiting belief is that I don’t think that you can do really good things for the world and make a lot of money at the same time. in my mind, the two or totally separate and on different levels. I surrender that though!

    2. I would have to healthy, strong and spiritually centered to embrace a new and different reality.

    3. I loved Marianne’s quote from her past therapist about God being your father and mother rather than your Mother and Father. That gave me a shift in perspective and it really weakened some beliefs I hold regarding the effect my parents have on my life today. Very cool.

    Thank you for this interview! 🙂

  25. 1. That it’s okay to make money. I definitely have block when it comes to receiving money for doing something that I love. I’m always volunteering and donating my services, but with money I could make a more positive impact in the world using my money as Marianne said to help other nations of the world. We live in an abundant Universe and I know it’s God’s wish for me and everyone else to be financially free.

    2. I would have to be my Higher Self. My Enlightened Self as you defined it in the video. One who has dropped the identities and circumstances of the world and has is just “Going to God” (about to put that on my wall!”)

    3. The biggest insight was to get out of ambition and into service. I have a heart of service all day long, but I’m involved in several programs (BSchool being on of them, shout out!!) and I that revved up my ambition monster BIG TIME. I’ve very Driven and very Service Oriented, and I just need to balance them both. This video served as a wake up call to that and now in meditation I just need to ask exactly how to do that.

    Thanks for this interview it was everything! xoxoxo

    • Nikki

      Hi Jcov
      I wanted to write a comment, and your comment summed it up beautifully. I am in bed with a bad flu so I will say “ditto” to your comment in the most heart felt way 🙂
      I’m in B School as well YAY!

  26. This was one of the most brilliant, heat-felt interviews – I’m proud of you Marie. For all things. As to Marianne Williamson, what a blessing. Love this so much / needed to hear it. xo

  27. OH! I gotta add one more. That it’s not enough to just understand these principles and to use them just as metaphors or toys but actually STAND on them as they are Law (because they are). That was suuuuuuch a Ah-ha for me. I know these things and I say them to myself all day and I do stand on them, but there are times where I say “I know the Universe is abundant but…” or something like that and it’s during those times that I’m using it as a metaphor or just an idea and not as a law. Really, really good wake up call on that one!

  28. Connie

    Over the top today! I am so impressed with Marie for being willing to bring Marianne who I consider the highest, clearest and most brilliant spiritual voice of our time into a program that offers so much physically and practically usable advise. Thank-You Marie and Marianne both!
    1. Limiting belief right now- I don’t really have what it takes to thrive anymore because of my health. Yuk! Don’t like this one but it’s in there somewhere!
    2. Who would I have to be….A person who says that’s bullshit.. just keep learning listening and serving on a daily basis and you will find yourself thriving again. I need to make some tough decisions stay dicsiplined and trust!
    3.Biggest Inisght.. I have read all of her books and been a Marianne student and consumer since the 90’s so no new information per se but what stuck with me is “Am I coming from ambition or service in any given moment?” I can use this in going to that next level of choice around my multiple business offerings and weed out the ones that feel more fear based and therefore ambitious in a forced slightly negative for myself sense.
    Love both of you sharp cookies!

  29. Mary-Pat

    Limiting Belief:
    ‘I’ll never be able to make enough money to leave my job’

    Who would I have to be:

    I would have to be open, trusting, courageous, true to myself.

    Biggest insight:

    A calling can never be taken away from you

  30. 1. Limiting belief I willing to let go: I work to pay bills! So over that!
    2. Who do I need to be in order to step into new reality: A more confidence, just do it, woman
    3. What’s the shift from the video: Love, not money, is the bottom line…it’s very easy to loose sight of that.

  31. Thank you for this fabulous interview! So much to absorb, I think I need to listen to it again and again.

    1.) I’m willing of let go of — Believing that having a stable job is the only way to guarantee financial security and success (this one will be hard)
    2.) I would need to be — a confident, fearless person full of hope and love for myself and my family as well as the people I serve.
    3.) Love this insight — I’m an acorn waiting to blossom, I just need to find the right file on my computer… where’s that search function??

  32. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    That I need to make things to happen or they won’t happen. I’m a big believer in personal agency, and I war with how this integrates into surrendering to the will of God, (of which I’m also a big believer). I guess the crux is going back to my phrase “make things happen” and my understanding of what it means to do that. Maybe “making things happen” really means “getting rid of blockages to love so that..”

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    God had exactly me in mind when he made me, so all the ridiculous stuff I’ve added is what needs to fall away. (Inspired by Marianne’s quote below:)

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    “In the eastern tradition, they don’t analyze the darkness to get rid of it, they simply go for God, knowing in the presence of the higher power’s vibration, all that simply is not you will drop of its own dead weight.”

    Thanks Marie & Marianne. This is what I needed to hear today.

  33. Angie Biggs

    What a wonderful episode. You couldn’t even take it all in the first time I watched because there is so much greatness in this video recording. I am now already on my third time watching, because I watch, I stop, I take notes, I get freaking inspired and shout out “BAM” because Marianne just keeps bringing it in ever sentence.

    1. Limiting Belief: “I don’t know HOW”
    2. Who do I need to be: “I need to give up my story that I am telling myself and tell myself a different second
    3. Biggest insight: TOO MANY. “You can lose your job, but you can’t lose your calling! BAM

  34. THANK YOU! Favorite quotes from this episode:

    It’s Harmony and Order OR Chaos

    The universe can bring more to you than you can bring to yourself.

    Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.

    Money shouldn’t be our bottom line. Love should be our bottom line.

    Making money is to take care of ourselves, our families, and the world. It should be about a conscious sense of responsibility.

    You can lose your job but you can’t lose your calling.

  35. Beautiful, poignant, practical and inspiring
    1. Limiting belief: Belieing that allowing monetary wealth to enter my life would mean sacrificing my heart’s calling
    2. Who would I need to be: Someone who unabashedly follows my dream, shares my heart openly & allows myself to be vulnerable
    3. My biggest insight: The universe is auto correcting & to tune in to what my vocation is. It is never too late to let that inner voice speak out loud and clear.

  36. Deanna kangas

    What an amazing interview there were several times I got goosebumps!

    I am going to share this like crazy!

    1. Although I am a good person bad things will always happen
    2. I would have to be the best possible version on me
    3. There were so many insights I can’t pick one!!

    Thank you Marie and Marianne you truly make a difference in the world!

  37. Thank you, Marie, for all that you do! Your videos are inspirational!
    You have motivated me to get out “A Return To Love” again and post the prayers all around the house!

    Answering the questions out of order:
    3. The biggest insight as a result of this interview came from the visualization of the difference between a blank document that I am solely responsible for creating and filling versus opening an undeletable file from the folder marked, “God’s Will.” To have Marianne compare this to how a baby forms without having to create itself really brought this visualization home.
    which brings me to:
    1. The limiting belief I am willing to let go of is that I need to be completely in control of what happens and have a step by step exact plan for every minute of every day in order to create my ideal career and financial state. The pressure has been suffocating and anxiety producing to say the least!
    2. In order to step into this new reality, I need to be present in every single thing I do. I need to bring love into every interaction I have. I need to revisit the prayers from “A Return to Love” and post the most meaningful to me around my house.

    Marie, I can’t thank you enough for you being you!

  38. 1. I am disorganized & terrible with money & it will never change no matter how successful I become.
    2. MYSELF minus the fear.
    3. Having read The Law of Divine Compensation I would say a reminder that our destiny is within is. Plans for the oak tree lie within the acorn. Brilliant.

    Love you Marie, love what you stand for & look forward to attending your next round of B-School. I walked on hot coals with Tony Robbins @ 18 years old & since ventured through everything from the Bhagavad Gita, business coaches & every self-improvement program in-between (be it spiritual or financial). I’ve been rich, poor & one thing I’ve learned about myself…I never get tired of learning. Mucho-thanks for your refreshing approach. It’s just what I need. xo

  39. Hi Marie,

    Great interview. I seem to have a self-governor for success, still trying to determine why that is, but shining the big light on it should help. Something to do with a lack of motivation sometimes.

    For a new reality, I would need to shed some beliefs about money not being in concert with my profession (yoga teacher). Living with less is the norm for me, but having enough to not give money a lot of thought would be better.

    Your gift of insight would be on letting go or judging others about money/success. Does that mean you don’t give it any thought any more? I am not sure how that is defined and need to spend some time on that. Thanks so much for all you do, I love it.

  40. Ina

    Dear Marie and Marianne,
    Thank you very much for the prayer, it really touched my heart.
    1. Dreaming big.
    2. Someone who can express herself with clarity into the world.
    3 To completely embody who I really am into the world.

  41. I have to say I LOVE you both! One of the first books I read in my earlier days of my spiritual journey was “Return To Love”; the purple paperback is STILL on my shelf 🙂 Thank you to both of you for doing what you do, sharing your gift. I am committed as well to deliver on my calling.

    My limiting belief, especially around money, was “it’s hard and effort-ful to make money”

    Who I must BE to step into my new reality of consistently “present to the experience of uber money!” is “money is like water…it flows abundantly”

    And my miracle today from this uplifting interview…more of a reminder…is that judging someone else for having more of what I desire only BLOCKS my reception of it into my own life. Celebrate others and ask God for help when envy pops up!

    Thank you my angels!

  42. Melody

    Rather than share something I WANT to let go of, I find it more beneficial for others to share what I have ALREADY let go of.

    Growing up I was taught that I had to be grateful for whatever I had. While this is a beneficial in and of itself, my family took it to mean that they could never ask for more, in fact they could never ask for anything. They interpreted this belief in a way that meant for someone to ask for a raise or to ask or negotiate ANYTHING was greedy. They must have believed that is was greedy because if someone asked for more that it meant less for someone else. A philosophy of scarcity.

    As a job seeker, I just turned down a job that was not a good fit for me. I am in a real financial need, just having avoided being evicted from a super cheap apartment. Somewhere along my journey of financial hardship and job seeking, I chose to appreciate myself. In appreciating myself, I began to recognize that it isn’t all about what the employer wants, it’s also about what I want. I have so much to offer, so much talent, people skills, etc and I have yet to find an employer who values my talents and abilities. I am certain that when I do find an appreciative employer, they are going to be pleasantly shocked when my deeper abilities reveal themselves. Eventually I will be self-employed but in the short-term (2-4 years), I need a regular job from which to launch myself.

    I leave you with this thought for yourselves: I am sufficient.

  43. Wow, I am sitting at work crying my eyes out. Very touching. I am about to buy all her books. Thanks for the share…

  44. Thank you for this wonderful interview. My responses are:
    1. My limiting belief is that I just don’t know enough – I know it’s a lie and that what I do know can benefit many but there’s still this feeling that I need more experience, more qualifications, more ____ (fill in the blank)!
    2. I would have to be the confident and fearless woman that I used to be when I worked for other people, and give up the comparisonitis
    3. I need a shift in perception from fear to love!

  45. Wow! Is the first thing that comes to my mind after watching this video and the second thing is I need to purchase all ten books and start reading. I was struggling with my career and who I am suppose to become for a while now and because of this video I know there is a divine assignment for my life! I studied pre med in college as a biology major but after college decided that I wanted to try fashion since it has been placed in my heart for soooo many years I set out to become a stylist but became very complacent as an assistant because there were already clients and I didn’t know how I was going to get my own. So #1my limiting belief was that people aren’t going to hire me because I’m African American and don’t have blonde hair or a Birkin bag although I’d really like one and that this career will not bring me the success I dreamed of as a child where Olof own my home in California and that I’d have a booming business and be able to break the poverty cycle of my family living check to check #2 I’d have to be more confident in myself and self esteem overall I have to believe that I have awesome talent and that people do love me and value my work and me as a person #3 knowing that well actually being reminded that God is my father and mother and have right to all the miracles he has for his children along with the fact that I am not apart of the economy is what jumped out of the speakers of my iPhone thank you Marie you are truly changing the world and I look up to you and hope to do this one day in a fashionable way. Marie if you ever need a stylist I’m here 🙂

  46. 1. I have always thought that I didn’t deserve it because deciding to be an artist meant that I would always be poor. “The Starving Artist”

    2. I’d have to be able to see myself as worthy, that what I have to bring into the world as an artist and a teacher is worth something.

    3. That I do not have to subscribe to the beliefs I was raised with, and can find my own path towards success.

  47. Thank you for this! I immediately clicked the link to Amazon and purchased Marianne’s new book. I cannot wait to receive it!

    To answer your questions:

    1. My limiting belief is that, because of my issues with over-spending in the past, I am not worthy of making decent money and will not be able to make my business a million-dollar business.

    2. I need to be the person who is confident, forgiven for past mistakes, and given another chance to live the life I dream of while helping others with my gifts.

    3. My breakthrough moment was the idea that miracles are covered by fear. If I face my fears, the miracle(s) will appear.

    Thanks, again, Marie! You are amazing!

  48. Oh my God, oh my God! I love Marianne Williamson! That is just made my day!

    I am a money magnet, but one of my limiting beliefs is there just isn’t enough for everyone. As a result of this belief, the money that I attract is usually change (on the street) or it is a small amount.

    The biggest ah-ha that I had from this interview was about loving everyone vs loving people that we like and know.

  49. Emely De Leon

    This inter view is very insightful I’ll have to listen to it again to really understand everything.

    1: My limiting belief is that I don’t belief I can excel in life I think I can do good and OK but not excel.

    2: For me to move on to the next level I would have to be selfish I have no problem sacrificing my time for other people and that is the problem.

    3: I realized today that I want to make money and there is nothing wrong with being successful. I don’t have to settle and I don’t want to.

    Thanks you so much! You guys are the best!

  50. Thanks so much for this Marie, I really needed to hear this today =) The most important thing I derived from this today is: Lose the ego (ambition) and operate out of a desire to serve. We tend to get so caught up in our own goals and ambitions that we forget about the bigger picture. I believe that focusing on something bigger than yourself allows you to break through self-consciousness, self-doubt & all self-limiting behaviors. When you’re operating selflessly from a place of love, the universe will support you in every way possible ♥

  51. Ann

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    (Trusting in my vision.)

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    (To ask myself if I am coming from ambition or service in any given moment?”)

  52. Martita

    This video brought me to a point of understanding more of myself. The ability to figure out my calling was helped so much with the end prayer, and her conclusion on calling. I’m working so much at pinpointing that calling right now. Thank you Marie, and thank you Marianne! OXOXOXO

  53. This was exactly what I needed this morning! Thanks for the wonderful food for thought & shared prayer.

    I love the challenge. Here are my responses:
    1- My limiting belief about career / money is that I will get close to creating my vision and then fail and feel deep shame for failing. I’m ready to start trying to move past the fear with gentleness for myself and my process.

    2-In order to step into that new reality for my life, I will continue to choose treating myself and any fears that come up with compassion.

    3- The single biggest insight that I had (and there were many) while listening to Marianne Williamson talk was that my unique gifts are meant to be shared and that I truly am supported. And even though I might be between careers right now, I am on exactly the right path by pursuing my calling.

  54. Wow! I was just re-reading A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson yesterday and before going to bed I looked over at my copy of A Course In Miracles and thought that it may be time to explore it again. Her new book has been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart for over a week so thank you so much for the inspiring interview!
    1. My limiting belief was that I am not enough.
    2. Giving myself permission to be the fearless spiritual warrior that I know I am.
    3. My breakthrough while listening was that my job and finances do not define who I am instead allow me to see my capacity for love.

  55. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    That my business will always struggle to make “just enough” money.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I need to be willing to confident and dedicated to my marketing efforts. Ditch the things that aren’t working and get lean and strong with it.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    Removing whatever it is inside of me that it blocking me from reaching my true purpose.

  56. Joani

    A limiting belief I carry around is that money is necessary for me to become the person I want to be instead of knowing that I am already the person I’m meant to be. Money, itself, is not the source that opens doors for opportunity.

    I would have to be my authentic self (with a little help from courage) to step into a new reality.

    Single biggest insight: career is an extension of ourselves and that it cannot be taken away, even if we lose our job.

    Loved this episode!! I’ve been hearing Marianne’s name everywhere lately, the universe is trying to tell me something like READ HER BOOKS!

    Thank you!

  57. Maria

    I am fascinated.
    I have a question. I feel like sharing these ideas with people I love and others, but when one talks about universe and divine stuff people in general take one step back and dont really believe it can happen the way it is described here. How to make a person take these ideas as real facts and stop denying all the potential they have?

    Thank you so much for today’s lesson!


  58. Rachel

    Wow! I feel like I just experienced motivation, enlightenment, and also shame (about my shortcomings in sharing more love) all at once. This was powerful.

    1. If my income increases it doesn’t have to change the core of who I am.

    2. I need to believe that my potential is capable of being fully realized.

    3. Focusing on love instead of fear doesn’t mean that I will be out of touch with the problems of the world, in fact I will be better suited to address the problems by sharing love instead of being holed up in my own fear.

  59. Karina

    Thank you for today’s incredibly insightful interview with Marianne Williamson. It’s brightened my Tuesday, and I already know I’ll be giving it another listen to glean more bits of wisdom.

    While listening to today’s interview I realized that I’m willing to let go of the beliefs that wanting affluence or wealth is somehow wrong, and that I can’t become affluent doing what I love. It’s now that I see that it’s a form a self-hatred, of not recognizing or celebrating my own special gifts. To step into this, I would have to be less judgmental of myself and of others, and less quick to make assumptions. “Beware the power of an unrecognized belief.” (wow!) Judging blocks the reception of anything good in my life. For me the biggest shift has been in this, in making a point to celebrate the success of others, no matter the form, because it comes back to you. At the end of the day, it’s all about service. So, despite my own uncertainties about the future, of what my job will be, it’s ultimately more important that I be in touch with my calling. I know it’s there, but perhaps it’s time I turned my face more towards it.

  60. Oh thank you Marie! This came into my life at the most perfect time. I am completely moved by this and compelled to keep on my path. Her prayer at the end brought me to tears and I truly felt like I was with you both.

    1. My limiting belief has been that I’m not ready. I’m not ready to make money. I’m not ready to be successful.

    2. I need to step into my own. I need to work, hustle and share as if I am ready, because guess what? I am ready.

    3. The single biggest insight I gained from this is that when I judge others I block the reception of goodness into my life. I will from now on use her suggested prayer of “God take this envy from me, because it does not serve.”

    Again thank you Marie and Marrianne!

  61. Rachel Walker

    Q1) What is a limiting belief as it relates to work or money that you are willing to let go of?

    Answer: I will let go of the belief that I need more education to have a respectable career.

    Q2) Who do you need to be in order to step into that new reality?

    Answer: I have to embody the spirit of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, who, instead of ascending into full enlightenment, works diligently to alleviate suffering and to awaken beings to their true nature until all of humanity achieves enlightenment as well. She is also known to be a protector of children.

    Q3) Whats the single biggest insight or breakthrough you experienced from this interview?

    Answer: I believe in the power of prayer, and Marianne’s prayer at the end is one that I copied for future use with my husband and family.

  62. Sonia

    When I listen to both Marie and Marianne I KNOW they are speaking the truth and it resonates. BUT- and this is my limiting belief, how can I make this happen? I who isn’t credible enough, I who isn’t good enough, I who isn’t enough? I who doesn’t believe that I can turn my business into a money maker of $50K never mind 6 figures.
    Who would I have to be to KNOW I can do it, is a person who opens up to the world, a person who KNOWS I am a spirit of love and that the Universe will support me. to KNOW i have it all in me already and I just need to open my door and let it flow.
    So when you said an idea is stronger when it is shared…it resonated. I need to open and share myself more and more each day. Writing here is the beginning. So thank you.

  63. Thank You So much for this Marie & Marianne …crying in the best way listening to this! I am about to share the sh*t out of this.

  64. 1) What I have to offer is good enough to be well paid for it.
    2) I’d have to be a woman who acknowledges all of yer years of experience, learning and unique viewpoint, as gifts that I have.
    3) I didn’t have to “figure out” or “overcome” my childhood programming…I just had to “realize” that I am a child of the Universe!

  65. Elena

    Wow. So powerful, eloquent and important.

    My biggest insight is to let myself be in love as much of the time as possible and let myself flow through the world in stead of forcing, pushing.

    I loved her idea of job v. calling. That we EACH have a calling an it is an extension of who we are.
    That love is the true though of ourselves and we can ask for help from God/universe to remember to surrender to that.

    I am inspired to let go of the thought that “I will never have enough” and another one that “One day I will have that (vacation, car, ability to give)” instead of recognizing continuously the amazing abundance i stand in and to stand with conviction in that place.
    Thank you Marie and Maryanne!!

  66. The limiting belief that I have about work or money is that “Money is a need”. I trained myself so much over the years that money is a necessity, and of course we need it for our personal finances, but when it’s constantly drilled in my head, I miss the bigger picture of my purpose in fulfilling something.

    For example, I want to start a home based business and the first thing that came to my mind to get started was I need money, therefore I need another job so I can make investments, completely disregarding all the “free” ways of having a successful business. So I wanna let go of that mindset because it really does limit the way I think. 🙁

    Who do I need to be when stepping into reality? I need to be MYSELF. There is absolutely no need to worry about how people perceive me. There was no success in that, I was in my bubble thinking that way.

    Forleo’s videos helped me out a lot. I have learned to embrace myself more. God has given us a mind, a gift, and a personality. No one can imitate that. That’s what makes us all special in every way imaginable!

    I really enjoyed this video. This really compelled me to take action and go after love more. I ask myself what can I do to love people and most importantly myself?

    Thanks for this video! Mariam is a great speaker, I’ma have to watch her again to let it soak in more!

  67. 1) Limited belief: I have to work hard (as in struggle, push, uphill battle, will myself) to make money.

    2) I need to be someone who opens her heart even more, who acts from a place of love, not fear.

    3) Biggest aha-shift: we’re programmed to have our best life, that it’s our fear thinking that interrupts this perfect pattern.

    Thank you, Marie! Thank you, Marianne!

  68. Carolina Lorusso

    I love this interview , lots of respect for Marianne and of course , our lovely , amazing , soul touching Marie. If I could summarized this interview in one sentence , it would be
    ” Allow the universe to move through you “

  69. Bell

    Wow what a profound interview so many emotions came up I still feel the positive energy aka goosebumps all over me. For the challenges my response is

    1. As a child I was always told to put my feet on the grown that I aim way to high. As an adult I just work to make money to cover the basics which has only kept me unhappy because deep inside I know their is more.
    2. I need to be more open and accepting of what the Universe has in store for me instead of always hiding.
    3. My aha moment had to be when Marianne was closing the interview with prayer

  70. I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m absolutely sure it’s magnificent, as usual. I love that there’s an audio download as well-thank you! I may just have to “sneak out of the office” with my iPhone and do a quick download, lol!

    I also want to say that Marie YOU are brilliant and I just love you. You inspire me with your genuine authenticity and integrity. You change a little bit of me for the better each and every Tuesday. Keep on keepin’ on, girl! 🙂

  71. Shannon

    1. I need more, more, more
    2. I would need to be a trusting person in myself and the universe that I am and have enough b
    3. Always see LOVE

  72. Rebecca

    Wonderful interview! This combined with last week’s has been a powerful double infusion of energy and wisdom that really speak to me right now.

    1) My limiting belief is that I have to do everything by myself– sometimes because asking for help feels like weakness, sometimes because I think it’s easier than working with others, and very often because I believe others are too overtaxed to help me or work with me and I believe that they won’t follow through on anything they promise (and will resent being asked). Oooh, that’s a nasty bugger. What makes it worse is that I’m really driven and energetic, kind of a workaholic really, and so I *can* get a lot done on my own. I also have a really skewed view of what’s realistic to accomplish in a day– countless times, for instance, my mastermind group will tell me, “That list of stuff you got done is a LOT” but I’m still anxious and feeling like a lazy underachiever. These things all together leave me often feeling overwhelmed, drowning in tasks, and feeling very alone and unsupported.

    The worst part is that it’s bled over into my relationship with the Universe. I used to have a really strong sense of the Universe as an active partner, a benevolent force that routinely opened doors for me. But I’ve realized lately that I’ve been so disconnected that it doesn’t even occur to me to ask the Universe for help, and I feel even more isolated…like if I don’t have every single answer *right now* of my own initiative, I’m failing.

    I think I’m so overloaded myself, that it’s hard for me to imagine anyone being glad to be asked to help, even the Universe, because right now any request made of me is just one more demand I have to deal with.

    2) In order to change that, I think I need to start from the macro and let the micro emerge from that. I need to be a person who takes the Universe’s hand and says, “What are we going to do together today?” I need to be someone who thinks inclusively; I need to remember that it’s fun to work together with others. I need to think of every project as a collaboration, even if it’s mostly me and the Universe working together. I’ve been very tightly closed; I need to open, to empower others, to trust.

    3) My big insight moment was the reminder about dealing with fear or embarrassment around earning money; this past week I’ve been thinking a lot about having those exact feelings about wanting fame as part of my success, and hearing this, it translated from “money” to “fame” in my head. I struggle with feeling like it’s shallow or self-centered or dumb to want fame, and I find myself embarrassed to ask for too much attention. And the thing is, I know *why* I want it– I mean, I like being the center of attention, but it’s also about community and tribe-building and having the resources and influence to do my work in the world. But when I was younger, I wanted to be famous because I thought it would erase the self-loathing I struggled with, that it would permanently validate me. I know that’s not the case anymore, but I still worry that it’s the “wrong” thing to want. So it was really helpful to think about it as the motion of energy, the ability to make things happen, about being able to achieve it ethically.

    Thank you!

  73. Zdenka

    I always believed that I had to conform to what others wanted me to be or do in life and for work, that somehow my ideas didn’t fit in conventional society. So I tried hard to be a “black suit in heals” when really I was a butterfly in the trees.

    I now know I have to be the wind that connects me to the trees that connects me to the butterfly that connects me to the cocoon that holds my heart and connects me to the universe.

    My biggest insight is that we have to come from a place of love because we have already been woven into the tapestry of life. Each thread is perfectly aligned. If we remain true to who we are, in a place of love, we allow the natural flow of the universe to weave its magic and fill the cracks as it restores perfect harmony.

    With love and gratitude to all. xxx

  74. Thank-you for this, Marie and Marianne—you’ve brought tears of joy and recognition with your words and energy and love.

    1. The limiting belief that I’m letting go of is “I have to make it happen myself. I have to make those little iron filings into a beautiful pattern all by myself.”

    2. Joyful and grateful and full of love.

    3. That the Universe is self-organizing and self-correcting and that there is a blueprint for my life just as there is for the acorn and that I don’t have to make it happen—I just have to let it happen.

  75. Andrea

    Love this episode and the questions!

    1. It’s hard to make money with the work I do (coaching women with body image issues).

    2. I’d have to be a person who totally trusts in life and who is more patient and loving with herself.

    3. Quoting Karen: Maybe “making things happen” really means “getting rid of blockages to love so that things.. ” …can happen naturally and with ease.

  76. 1. Limiting belief? That my market is too competitive for me to get noticed.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality? Fearless. Competitors will always be out there, but that will not mean I will not be successful in my business. There is enough to go around.

    3. Biggest insight? Everything I need to succeed is already out there for me. I need to get into alignment to receive it.

    This topic today has really been a blessing to me. My day started off really hectic and I was discouraged, but I have to remember that the energy I put out there will be the results I receive. Thank you Marie and Marianne for the reminder.

  77. Sabrina K

    Thank you both for the work you do and for your generosity…

    1. unworthiness
    2. self-compassion
    3. I’m on the right track

  78. The prayer at the end was so impactful that I typed it out. For those who wanted it transcribed, here you go:
    Dear God, for all of us who are joined here, we place in your hands our burdens, and our questions, and our responsibilities. We place in your hands our debts and we place in your hands our assets. We place in your hands our fears about money and work and we place in your hands our vision, and our prayers and our hopes for money and work. In this and in all things Dear God, we pray to be lifted to the highest level of divine order. May we be who you would have us be that we might do what you would have us do. May our work in the world Dear God be more than just a job, may it be a calling. As each of us now surrender ourselves, and ask that we be used by you, that whatever we do may it be a conduit of love that uplifts all things. May the brilliance and the genius that is your spirit within us move through us in collaboration with the genius moving through everyone else to create the most beautiful world. And so it is together we say. AMEN.

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Thank you for transcribing this, I know people have been commenting about it already! It’s so powerful.
      Take care,

    • Thank you for that service, Brigitte!

    • Jackie

      Thank you for transcribing!

    • Catrice

      Thank you, Brigitte!

  79. I am willing to let go of the limiting belief “It will be such hard work to earn a lot of money.”

    I will be my authentic self fully enjoying the process of creating, leading, and earning through

    My biggest insight from Marie’s interview of Marianne is a little more prayer might not be such a bad thing.

  80. 1. My limiting belief is that I don’t have what it takes to be successful online like the big players and actually live my dreams

    2.I would have to be someone who stops getting in her own way

    3. My single biggest insight is that if I listen to and follow my true calling, nothing can stop me.

    Love Marianne Williamson, Love Marie Forleo. You ladies rock and thank you for doing what you do.

  81. Regina Sewell

    One belief that I have is that not until I am credentialed and qualified via a certification, advanced degree, or a license can I then experience the financial abundance that I desire. Yes, depending on the profession, one does need to obtain certifications to work in that field or profession. However, real wealth and lasting abundance is a combination of cultivated talent, genuine will, passion and compassion to serve in an Expanded capacity, and stick to it-tiveness. I am learning this lesson too well at this stage of my life. I am glad to release this limiting belief.

    2. I will need to become more confident in my current talents and what I have to offer right now.

    3. Marianne is inspiring period, so just to listen to her story and give her insight is always a treat for me. My biggest take away was her discussion of how she totally didn’t expect to make money at teaching on the Course in Miracles. It was beyond her comprehension at the time that what she was passionate about, she could sustain a living. That is something I know and am knowing for others who come into my life seeking support.

  82. Helen C

    I should really listen to this interview on a daily basis…
    The eyeopener? That being envious of something someone else has blocks its manifestation in us!

  83. Jennifer

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    That I am not intelligent enough and that I am not doing enough to ensure my career success.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    Nothing more than the highest version of myself, acceptting of all that I am and living in alignment with lovea and peace!

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    That these astoundingly successful and inspirational women suffered at points in their own lives and have still managed to breaktrhough their limiting beliefs in order to lead the world into a future of love and equality for humanity!

  84. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    Money is hard to get.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I would need to be me, accepting that I am a part of native intelligence, and the the universe can bring more to me than I can bring to myself. 🙂

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    Anytime there is a lack, there is compensation. A deviation from love may not be on the part of the person. We need recognition of the interconnectedness of the people on this planet, we need to love all the children.

  85. 1. That I don’t deserve it or am not good enough for what I want!
    2. A more confident version of me!
    3. The power of the Divine and God truly is in all of us. I loved what she said about God being our mother and father. That is so amazing.

  86. Nikki

    Hi Marie, I was so excited to see this as your topic because I finished reading this book a few days ago and I’m thinking of all the people I want to buy it for. After you quoted it during Gabrielle’s conference, I researched Marianne even more and realized how important this is. I’m also on the week of financial release in May Cause Miracles.
    1.) I’m willing to let go all of my beliefs! I’m releasing my need for money. We do need money but how we receive it may not be in the way we think or are used to receiving it. My need for money has put me in a place where I’m not happy with my job and it’s really caught up with me. By not addressing this sooner, it’s gotten to a point where I’m feeling much shame and guilt for failing at a sales job and searching for answers in everything. I’m doing my work to release all my fears, addiction to debt and jobs based on fear.
    2.) I have to be a person who chooses love over fear in each moment. I make my spiritual practice important and ask for spirit in every moment. This is a unique spot for me right now because as I place more effort on my spiritual practice, the worse my sales get! And I’ve hit many roadblocks in my job since committing to a spiritual practice, ones that have been there but I’ve just plowed through, external rewards given. I understand the importance of my work in releasing my financial fears and it truly is my priority. My husband and I have a business that he’s been working full time for the past three years so my energy has been and still is drawn to this endeavor. I’ve been holding onto my job as security and the voice keeps getting louder and louder that there’s got to be a better way.
    3.) My biggest insight today came from Marianne explaining we don’t have to create anything, like on the Word doc. No one tells a baby how to grow, the baby doesn’t tell itself to grow… it was born to grow… we must lean not on our own understanding, but I’m continued to be reminded to get out of my own way… and lean on other people’s faith if necessary. My moments are very different then they were a few months ago and they continue to change. I’m changing very quickly as I continue to stay in the moment and it’s a unique to process.

    Thank you, Marie, I truly appreciate your work.

  87. Marie,

    You keep telling me of great books to read, but I keep forgetting to write them down. Is there a list somewhere? Thanks!

    – Denise

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Ah, we can see about creating a Marie reading list. That could be fun!

  88. Hermine

    1. I’m afraid that my dream or vision is just a dream or vision that happens in fantasia but not in my reality.
    2. The fresh & modern, still intelligent woman who loves to live her sexuality aka creativity.
    3. Live your higher self or reality and pray for it when it’s not there yet.

  89. Marie- this woman is GENIUS level. Thank you so much for bringing this great interview to us. Eating it up. Going to relisten over and over… the audio clip will help with that! <3

  90. Over the last couple of years I have become really good at astrology. So much so that I threw up a website and it’s what I call my “little side business”. In my “real job” I am a coach and consultant. I mainly develop managers and leaders and do organizational psychology/development. I am a serious dudette, so to speak, Yet I want to bring the two together…. astrology and corporate coaching/development. I believe that If I throw up a website and offer this as a service, I am committing career suicide… but I know that astrology is the most amazing tool I have ever come across (better than MBTI or other psychometric assessments). It can help you download the file as Marianne described, rather than trying to write something on that blank screen. It can show you what’s along the path and help you navigate it. I know that it’s powerful as I’ve witnessed it… but will it be accepted? The thought of going in this direction brings up the ‘I am going to be burned at the stake’ feeling.

    Who I would need to be to get out of my own way on this is just plain fearless. I would have to be love, as it were. And trusting of the universe.

    The single biggest aha, that I got from this episode is that our career cannot be taken from us… it is who we are… that Idea of what is for us will not pass us… and the idea of getting out of our…. or should I say, my own way and letting the universe orchestrate.

    much love, be love,

  91. Kim Edison

    Great Interview Marianne Williamson, thank you so much. I am currently looking for another job, my current one is very unsatisfying on every level. I have stayed because I feared that I would not find another job. Historically, I have not interviewed well and felt lucky for any job that I was able to get. But that type of thinking has not served me well. I have stayed employed, but unhappily so. I would like to let go of my habitual pattern of fear and know that their are great opportunities available that are in alignment with my skill set and that their are employees are there that treat their employees equitably.

    • Nikki

      Good luck, Kim! You are not alone. My need for money and ambition to impress people has put me in jobs where I’m not serving like I feel I should be. As my spiritual practice grows and work to heal myself continues, I’ve outgrown a work environment and I’m appreciative for the permission to be me… We try so hard to fit in and the ego runs us ragged… Best of luck with your journey and may Marie and Marianne serve you as we’ll as they serve me!

  92. Kendra

    1. I still judge people (silently and internally and often based on jealousy that I don’t admit), not only on how much or little money they might have but on what I perceive as their intent.

    2. Much more secure and loving. And willing to sit with my jealous and insecure feelings when I have them, which isn’t always but still they come up and it influences my actions and words in ways that don’t serve me.

    3. Areas of my life that I don’t feel are as successful as I want them to be are indicators of places I still have to forgive! Absolutely loved this. And that lack or hardship can be the result of another’s lack of love, not necessarily the person it manifested to or through.

    Thank you for so much for this post <3. Marianne's book "Enchanted Love" completely save my life in my 20s and helped me process and move past a series of dysfunctional love relationships. So honored to hear her speak again and feel her love and her lifelong commitment and growth. She just gets better elucidating her message and her spirit.

  93. Marie, one of the many aspects of what you provide that I adore is.. We never know what your Q&A Tuesdays will consist of? Marianne Williamson’s interview was an amazing surprise. You could even rename to “Surprise Tuesdays” love them and B-school is awesome!)
    1) The people pleaser in me to the point of exhaustion. 2) Through B school and this interview I’m learning where and when to say No more often and delegating more. 3) Be Still, Stand Still (and this is hard for a fellow girl with a whole lot of hustle!) teaches me observe more, be comfortable with what is and let it all unfold. Thank you.)

  94. WOW…”You can lose your job, but you can never lose your calling.” That, for me, was the best moment in an overall great segment!

    Thank you!
    Ree ~ I blog at

  95. Marisse

    Loved this video! So inpsiring!

  96. Erica

    Ladies, thank you so much for this wonderful episode. I’m so thrilled you two teamed up for MarieTV!

    My limiting belief is that work is hard and tedious, and that I’m not cut out for the “big bad world of business.” I remember expressing to my mother how important it was for me to have a career that I love, and she told me something to the effect of how silly and naive that was of me. She expressed that life is difficult, sleep is a rarity, immense stress is inevitable… and nobody likes their job. I’m working to dismantle these broken beliefs, but I still find myself stuck in that negative head space from time to time.

    To give up this belief I need to recognize on a deep level of understanding, that I am not my mother. And like Marianne said, my mother is not actually my mother. I’m a child of a God who does not toil within the boundaries of limiting beliefs. If I could live in and come from THAT space … whew! Watch out world 😉

    My biggest insight actually came from the beginning of this episode when Marie was expressing her gratitude to Marianne for helping her through such a difficult time in her early 20s. I’m 21, and I often feel very much like Marie described. It gives me comfort to know that two ladies I admire very much and who have done such wonderful things for the world, have been in the very place I am now and come out the other side. That knowledge gives me a lot of hope and peace about where I am now, and where I will go.

    Thank you Marie, Marianne and all MarieTV viewers for being you!
    Now, I’m off to buy A Return To Love 🙂

  97. Yolisa Bam

    Limiting Belief: I can’t make a career out of being a singer. I’m not talented enough and it just won’t work for me.

    Who do I have to be: I have to be dedicated, enthusiastic, skilled, vulnerable, passionate and powerful.

    Biggest insight: That fighting or overcoming your fears is not how they go away. They fall away when you shift your thoughts.

  98. Dawn

    I’m so grateful for this episode today. Thank you Marie & Marianne for this gift.
    So this is embarrassing to say, but in my early 20’s I read “A Return to Love” and afterwards decided not to read another book by Marianne. I thought the cover photo portrayed an image of an angry woman, and I felt an undercurrent of anger in what I was reading, as if the author was angry while writing. Given where I was at in my life back then I’m sure there was a whole lot of projection going on. I remember picking up some of Marianne’s other books & putting them down for fear of having the same experience. Within the past year or so I have Google’d interviews with Marianne and wondered how I could possibly have come to that conclusion given the happy, loving woman I was seeing in the videos. When allowed, fear can be a powerful master & this is just one example of how I have allowed it to limit opportunities and growth. You see, even after seeing the videos & thinking I had changed my attitude, I put books back on the shelf as the fear of having feelings of anger coming across the pages hindered me. Today I realize I need to get another copy of “A Return to Love” and read it with open eyes and an open heart as well as pick up Marianne’s latest book.

    Thanks for letting me share 🙂

    So my answers to the challenge:

    1) Limiting belief about work & money – That people don’t make self-care a priority and would rather spend money on things like eating out than getting a massage.
    2) Who would I have to be – A much less guarded version of myself who easily transforms fear into love (it’s a continuing process).
    3) Single biggest insight – That’s tough because I had so many. I loved the answer to the starving children question. It’s something I struggled to understand and hearing Marianne explain that the lack of love comes from somewhere and not necessarily the individual makes so much sense.
    Thanks again, I got so much out of this 🙂
    Love & hugs,

  99. Elyse Fenstermacher

    Do you ever get the feeling that you’re on the right track because all of the people you value the most as mentors and teachers all KNOW each other?? Marianne Williamson, Nick Ortner, and Kris Carr are some of the biggest influences in my life right now, and through Marie it’s as if all of the best books on my shelf were talking to each other. Thank you!

  100. I just purchased this book and LOVE reading it. I chose to read only a few chapters at a time to let the information really sink in. I am currently on chapter 7 “FACING OUR PREJUDICE.”
    I am already making new believes for myself and saying the prayers . I am so blessed to be able to change my Core Beliefs with the modality of PSYCH-K that helps change beliefs in minutes with the Subconscious mind.
    Thanks so much Marianne for bringing this information out.

  101. Thank you Marie Forleo for featuring Marianne Williamson to discuss work, money and miracles. I took a respite from a job that was tearing me down emotionally and I signed up for B-School in hopes to discover my true passion. I near the end of B-School feeling lost and I am being pressured to return to the workplace, with a steady income and benefits. Currently I have none. I have been struggling for many months with returning to work to a job I clearly do not thrive in and I have had many days questioning my decision and feeling entrapped to return to this environment that feels wrong for me. I have been questioning every choice I make and I keep praying God will nudge me in the right direction. And at the end of today’s episode Marianne said some things that resonated within me.”Dear God may I be who you want me to be. Please use me as a conduit in collaboration to create a most beautiful world. Jobs come and go. But our true calling was something given to us at birth. You can lose a job but you can’t lose your calling. A real career will emerge organically through who you are. A calling is an extension of who you are. The world economy is irrelevant to that.” I also study A Course in Miracles and most days I feel very blessed and comforted in the knowledge that my true calling is waiting for me. But this week has been a struggle and I just needed a verbal reminder that I am safe within the confines of God’s love. Thank you ladies for this reminder.

  102. Andrea

    Love, love, love both of you!
    Thank you Marie for bringing the 2 of my favorite girls together 🙂
    I picked up Marianne’s book at age 19 when I moved from eastern Europe to Vancouver, Canada, barely speaking English.
    What an amazing introduction that was into my “new beginnings”!
    I am very grateful every day for what I have.
    I loved Marianne saying about “who did you not forgive?”
    Love should be out bottom line! Beautifully said 🙂
    Love you both, girls!

  103. Janine Karlsen

    Wow, I just did a meditation this morning to explore all that I want in the area of wealth and finance and found that much of it was empty. Yes, I’d love, love, love a lot of the things I dreamt but it was empty… then I moved into contribution. What would the level of wealth I desire allow me to create in this world? That brought in the depth and purpose. Then I opened my email to hear this interview…
    Right! Of course it was the love that was missing, that’s why moving to contribution made all the difference.
    Thank you for this today.

    My answers to the challenge:
    1. What limiting belief am I willing to let go of? That I just don’t know the secret for the outrageous life I desire, that level is for others not me.

    2. Who would I have to be? I’d have to be trust, at every level. Trust of myself, trust that God/universe is conspiring on my behalf, trust that “the powers that rule the universe are there for me”

    3. Single biggest realization? There were 2: the prayer Marianne shared from the Course in Miracles “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say and to whom?” I want to use that as a moment to moment mantra for the next 30 days and see what happens. The second was the magnitude of my power and love when she said “I am a child of the universe, of God and I am immortal. The laws that govern the universe and immortals govern me, not the fears present here in this life” (my paraphrase) which boils down to: I have superpowers of creation and love and it’s time to start using them!

  104. Beth

    This interview moved me to tears. Thank you so much Marie and Marianne.
    1) Money is not safe with me – I’m not competent enough to use money responsibly.
    2) Brave, courageous, responsible.
    3) That if I continue to see myself as unable or not strong enough or smart enough to earn large amounts of money, and be well compensated for the work I do in the world, there is no way I’ll be able to serve those who are in need on a large scale either. I’m willing to change this belief pattern in myself now.
    Again, thank you so much.

  105. Adrien Plavsic

    My limiting belief is that I am not educated enough to be successful financially or create my own business. I believe I need to align my actions more from a sense of purpose, not from a sense of lacking.
    I truly want to help others yet I keep hearing this voice say I need to make money quickly because of my divorce. I am a health coach and I have a few clients and love helping them. While my business grows, I am searching for jobs to support myself. I need to connect at my core that I am supported by the Universe. Thank Marianne and Marie!!!
    What was truly helpful is the part about shining the Light or Love on fears, that makes so much sense. To align my actions from a place of Love. Thank you

  106. I think one of my biggest limiting beliefs until recently was that I needed to take whatever I could get. I was afraid (uh oh, fear!) that if I didn’t take whatever projects cropped up, I would fail in my business. But the reality is that it’s okay to make space in your life. Make space for inspiration, creativity, business growth. Because if you “take what you can get” and overwhelm yourself with work, how can you grow? How can you improve? How can you fully love?

  107. Rose

    1. That my worth is in any way connected to outward succes.

    2. Myself, seen as through gods eyes, perfect and powerful light. I would have to embrace and recognize myself as powerful, loving, lovable and worthy.

    3.To make the shift from my ambition to serving. To ask myself How is this serving? To approach my carreer not as something that serves me ( and to compensate a lack of selveworth) but to life for a higher purpose to serve.

  108. Georgina Galanis

    Marianne’s voice awakens in us the modern vision of womankind –erasing attachment to stagnant religiousity,dogmas and inherited stereotypes of what we are historically “supposed” to be, as people and as women.

    This is a time of gender evolution—as women leave behind their confused and angry inner masculine ==>the men open to connect to their inner vulnerabilities==>there is an alchemy of powerplay==> rules to the game of life have changed, and it is becoming visible. This is the kind of empowerment women are seeking in order to marry the emotional,spiritual, intellectual vastness of the collective divine inner wisdom. To embody this universal energy with conscious intent is the release of repressed history, fusing our spiritual dna and the new age of consilience –“gender conscilence”, Biologist Edward O,Wilson brings to light, “conscilence is the uniting of knowledge, the promise that order not chaos, lies beyond the horizon.”

    What to leave behind……
    1. What happens defines you… It doesn’t matter what happens to you in life….. it matters “what you do with” what happens in life. You are a unique + brilliant history in the making.

    Who do you need to be 2. Life formula: My Divine essence + natural intelligence x universal consciousness = brings me home to my omnipotent sacred self+the evolution and abundant compensation of love for all sentient beings.

    Single biggest insight 3. Marianne’s words and presence are the embodiment of what I call “gender consilience” –>we need more role models of this kind at the tables of decisionmaking. Gratitude Marianne and Marie for sharing this “invitation”, this call for all of us to step up our life miracle work, allow the divine compensation of abundant healing, to end the poverty of love to feed the worlds children, as humanity rises towards a culture of peace…and so be it.

  109. Thank you for putting this up. I am in the process of reading Return to Love (as well as The Tapping Solution) right now. In addition I am trying (I don’t like that phrase but can’t come up with a better one) to identify what has held me back with regard to money and success. I don’t need to have Steve Job’s money but even when I “should” have felt I had enough, I didn’t feel like that. So I am not, at this time, really able to answer the limiting belief or the who would I have to be questions.
    Perhaps the simplest, overarching answer to question 1 is:
    It’s not safe to be me, it’s not safe to live in my power because people will try to hurt me and bring me down.

    I’d need to just be me, and just live in my power.

    And the biggest insight for me was the Albert Einstein quote:

    The most important decision we have to make is whether we live in a friendly or a hostile world.

    I know what decision I made and I can see how it has determined every choice I made.

    So… the follow up mantra, a la Ortner, is “Even though I am afraid the world is a hostile place, that people want to bring me down, and it is not safe to be me or live in my power, I deeply love and accept myself.”

  110. Kathy Martens

    I want with all my heart to respond to the challenge, but right now I can’t stop crying. I will take some time to compose and reorganize these feelings into words.

    All I can say right now is THANK YOU MARIE. THANK YOU MARIANNE.

  111. Jaime

    First I want to say thank you. I wish Marianne kept speaking for hours. That is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! In listening to this interview/awesome conversation between the two of you I realized that I place people in a better economic situation than myself in an unattainable realm. I judged them for being wealthy and for the energy they carry with them. I experience people’s energy in a very different way than most and I just realized that I carry this judgement with me. I now know better so I will do better. I am willing to give up this belief. I now need to be a person without judgment. I need to walk though life understanding that each one of us on this planet deserve to be seen for themselves and not for status or what they have or don’t have. Although I don’t have my own business I believe in listening to people who make a better world. So thank you Marie and Marianne from the bottom of my heart

  112. Kelly

    1. Something that I was told and heard most of my life was that you need to go to college, work hard, get a degree, and establish yourself into a career that gives you tons of money. I always thought you needed to have a career for the money aspect regardless of whether or not it is something that you love.
    2. You need to be different. Set yourself apart from the crowd and be irresistable. In order to be irrestistable you need to be different. Do things that most others would not do.
    3. Single biggest insight that I think I experieced from today’s interview is that life is so precious and extraordinary. Every single person on this planet was born with the capability to do anything and be anything that they want to be. If you are not happy with something then you have the power to change it.


  113. I so needed to hear this episode today. i sobbed for 15 minutes and released shame i’ve been carrying around for months. i just can’t seem to get my business off the ground, but refuse to give up on it.

    1. Limiting belief: No one sees the value in how to cold call well, and so no one will pay me to learn how.

    2. Who do I need to be: Unshakeable faith that there are others who believe that selling can be a noble activity and cold calling, in particular, an act of love that co creates a viable opportunities.

    3. My biggest “Ah Ha” moment: That the world needs to shift from one driven by an economic bottom line to a HUMANITARIAN bottom line.

    Thank you so much for this episode.


  114. 1. That everyone that has “money” looks like they are old and from Connecticut (nothing against Ct, really). It’s a mental image that I have from who knows where and I can’t seem to get it out of my mind when I think “money”, it doesn’t help with my business either, since there is a level of resentment that rises up from that visual. It’s not intellectual it’s emotional.
    2. First, to be aware of it (because I really haven’t been). Second to move through that feeling and process it, coming to a resolution for dealing with it.
    3. Realizing my resentment! AND that I DO trust the universe and I can relax. I’ve heard Marianne speak before, and it’s clicked mentally, but not emotionally, as it did today.
    Thanks Marie! I always learn something from your TV spots. 🙂

  115. This was so beautiful and refreshing. I loved the book and this interview. I needed to hear this awesome reminder.

  116. Ann

    I really enjoyed this interview.

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    One limiting belief I’ve been carrying around about money is that if I have an abundance of it, I’ll have to help family members if they ask me for money. I’m not talking about close members like my mom, sister, etc. I’m talking about those extended family members who never really supported me. Those family members who have hurt me in the past.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    I would have to be a woman who does what she wants know matters what. I would have to be a woman who takes care of herself first. I would have to be a woman who realizes she is smart, funny, and kind and doesn’t have to give a rat’s ass about what others say or think about her, especially family members.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    The last twelve minutes of the interview made me want to sink into my chair. When Marianne mentioned envy, I realized I am envious and jealous of certain people who I know on a business level.

    I liked when Marianne said, “God take this envy from me.” My mouth dropped open when Marianne mentioned that our mortal father and mother are not our ‘immortal’ father and mother.

    I need to listen to the interview a few times.

    Thank you.

  117. 1. A limiting belief I can let go of is that people won’t “get” what I offer.
    2. In order to step into a new reality, I need to fully proclaim the “shaman” that I AM. I heal through music, speaking, entertainment, writing, & coaching.
    3. Single biggest insight from interview – I can’t NOT be my calling. The Universe is organizing around it!
    Thank you Marie & Marianne. So beautiful. I’d love to share with you – two Rhythmic Meditations called “Radiate Love” (kinda rockin’, so not your usual meditation). I created them on a day when I was feeling a little lost. In congruence with your interview today, these are an illustration of how, when I’m in the dark, I don’t try to get rid of it, I walk into the light. I hope these will do the same for someone else reading this. Enjoy!

  118. This interview stopped me in my tracks and made me take a sit and listen again to what I know and then often forget to put into action every day.”Turn on the love and the fear is automatically gone.” “Enlightenment is a shift in self identification.” A job vs. a calling that we received when we were born. And I loved the prayer Marinanne offered up for us. “That we be who you would have us be, that we might do what you would have us do.” Excellent interview! Thanks Marie.

  119. AH. MAZE. ING. VIDEO.
    Watched it 3 times and took notes.

    1) I’m willing to drop the fear of expressing my best self because it might make others feel uncomfortable. (What is that nonsense?)

    2) In order to be my best self, I need to make consistent action. I gotta drop the half steppin’ today! (Ugh!)

    3) When you are going through money or career issues, who have you not forgiven? (Wow. Think about it.)

    Much love to Marie and Marianne – 2 beautiful minds,
    XO Michele

  120. Rosa

    What an experience; amazing interview and beautiful prayer. What a blessing. Thank you Marie and Marianne.

  121. Kyla

    I love that Marie is being recognized as a thought leader by Marianne Williamson and Oprah Winfrey. Rock on, Marie!

  122. Marie, THANK YOU.

    I absolutely love what you are, who you are and the messages that are being brought into all of our lives. It is truly beautiful and inspiring.

    I feel that there are pieces of my child hood that I am still holding onto. They have brough me darkenss. I meditatin the garden and connect myself to the Earth, the Divine, and the universe daily. I fill myself with love and send it out into the souls of my lived ones, family, friends and people whom I do not know. Though I forget to let go of that anger, to forgive the ones that I mostly do not want to. They will be my next feat. I am a loving person though know that I still hold onto some resentment and anger in these people. I will wrap them in the healing energies of the universe and let go of my resentment towards them. Though it is painful and embarassing to admit… I know I must.

    I feel my path is the one that I am on. My work has developed out of thin air it feels like and it continues to develop. I could not ask for more. I don’t make a ton of money as of yet, but I do know that is not the most important piece of my life. I am fulfilled by the fact that I am able to be a part of a healing process in so many people. I look forward to continuing on this path.

    The biggest breakthough of this chat/video is that I am a child of the Universe. I am not a child of my mortal self. I feel this and know it, but have never realized it… Make sense? Also forgiveness… I MUST make this happen..

    THANKS AGAIN. I love this I love life and LOVE will be all that I am.
    Be well,

  123. 1. My limiting belief is that I am not good enough and my work is never good enough. I hereby LET GO of it!!!
    2. I would have to be confident in myself and trust in what I create in my expression of love.
    3. The biggest insight from today’s interview is that my lifelong belief that God/universe/higher power guides me through love is not just a silly personal idea but the grand truth.

  124. Wow! What an episode!

    My limiting belief about money is that, if I spend it, there won’t be any more!

    In order to step into a new reality I’d have to be joy personified!

    The single biggest insight I experienced from today’s interview is that, in order to eradicate fear, I need to cultivate love.

    Thanks for an amazing show today, Marie! <3

  125. Milena

    Amazing video, I enjoyed it so much!
    1. My limiting belief is that work has to be kind of struggle, unpleasant, overwhelming, but that’s the only way, that is how things go. I refuse to live like that!
    2. I just have to be myself. Positive, active, brave and full of love! Everything I need is already inside of me.
    3. An embryo is becoming a baby, an acorn is becoming an oak tree, and the only difference between man and former two is that man can say “NO”. So simple and so true!
    Thanks for sharing this with us! It is totally wonderful and inspirational!

  126. I am willing to let go of the belief that making a lot of money is hard work.
    In order to step into a new reality I have to be my best self by allowing myself to be the divine channel of life that I am here to be.
    My biggest insight was that “Miracles arise from CONVICTION.”

    Thank you thank you thank you! I love you both.

  127. Wow, today’s post is fabulous! Thanks so much Marie for interviewing Marianne Williamson! The two of you together are so powerful! I feel a limiting belief I have right now is that people aren’t ready for what I’m offering. I have a natural body care line that emphasises the mind, body, spirit connection and sometimes it feels a little daunting when it’s not embraced. All I want/need to be is my true “love” self and those that resonate with what I’m doing will show up. One of the insights I loved is that God is my true father & mother, and to ask what would you have me do and who would you have me serve. That felt very loving to me. Thanks again for today….love you both!

  128. Rosemary

    Today’s interview struck me in the most profound way. Marie, the universe has brought you into my conciousness at precisely the right time where I am open, welcoming and soaking all you offer up in big doses.
    Today, through Marianne’s message I was affirmed that my vocation is my calling, I spoke of this earlier today in a conversation and voila, I hear the affirmation.
    I am finding my way through a difficult circumstance, I feel such gratitude to have the support and guidance from you and others in my life
    who continue to help me find my compass and true north.

  129. 1. Limiting belief: that I don’t work hard enough to earn money

    2. I’d have to be… willing to accept that I am already and always a deserving expression of Love in Love’s eyes.

    3. Insight. that I don’t have to keep pulling up ‘blank documents’ that I might draw up wrong. There’s a perfect template already with my/your name on it and that goes for every aspect of my/your life: health, wealth, work.

    Thank you both. I’m sitting here in tears overlooking the English Malvern Hills as the sun goes down. Seems like Love is pretty accepting…

    with love

  130. One limiting belief I’ve been carrying around about money or work, that I am willing to let go is that I need to plan ahead in order to continue the flow of great opportunities aligned to my calling. Of course the universe presented me today with an affirmation to support my decision not to fill up my fall schedule and instead as I do in so many areas of my life, but been holding on for dear life in my work area, to surrender to the unknown and allow what is to come to present itself. If I don’t make room how I can receive the abundance? I feel lighter and so happy to have been gifted with the wise words of Marianne Williamson this afternoon.

    Who would I have to be in order to step into a new reality? Again the fact that Marianna Williamson was the guest on MarieTV affirms that I must be the fullest version of me which means continuing to expand my spiritual growth and fully allow the universe to guide me.

    What’s the single biggest insight I experienced from today’s interview? I would say that I am Divine Spirit. That I am a Spiritual Being. That the direction I am being called professionally is truly that, a calling and that although the form this calling will take is still fuzzy, the clarity is there to follow the call.

    Such a beautiful episode. Thank you both.

  131. Oh my gosh. You just made me cry. I have been reading A Return to Love and this episode of MarieTV was in perfect timing. Thank you.

    •A limiting belief I’ve held about money/career is that if I truly go for my dreams and do what I feel called to do, that others will look down on me, laugh at me and talk bad about me behind my back.
    •In order to step into the type of person who doesn’t have this belief, I am going to march forward anyways, regardless of those fears, send love to anybody I “think” might judge me and release it to the Universe for healing. And love myself… and know this is my calling and only good will come from following this calling.
    •The biggest insight I received was the concept of trusting that the Universe works in Divine order… to worry silly about if sales are up or down today, or what if this happens or that happens… is living in fear and not love. I choose to begin to live in love, and the fear will fall away by itself.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Again, this made me cry… the prayer at the end brought up a bunch of junk I was holding in my heart against past religious upbringing and I felt a release.

    Thank you again. If I could, I would say thank you a million times, to both of you, Marie and Marianne. Wow… Wheeewwww…

    Thank you!

  132. Tracey Grimes

    I absolutely LOVED this interview, THANK YOU Marianne and Marie. I needed to hear this, a true wake up call.

    I have been in fear of taking a very expensive Nutrition Consultant course, because I am afraid of the lack of money. I KNOW in my heart, that this is my calling, I am here to help kids with self esteem and the dietary crisis we are All in today.

    I now know that I have to let go of this fear, let Him guide me to my calling, and the Uni-verse will take care of me. I will let Love in my heart, the excitement of helping others just overwhelms me, therefore I have to let go of the fear.

    A thousand times, THANK YOU! I truly adore you both.


    Peace and health!

  133. 1. I don’t deserve it.
    2. A braver, more self-loving me.
    3. That I’m not going it alone.
    Marie and Marianne,
    THANK YOU SO much.
    Marie, I cried at least three times listening to this. I am in the current class of b-schoolers and have learned so much! Thank you for being here and doing what you do. I have seen a ton of change just in the work that I have done already, and know there is much more to come. On my blog this week and last, I wrote more personally than I usually do. I used to not be as brave and worry when I did that because my “likes and comments” aren’t as great. Now, I know the things I am sharing NEED to be shared. My post last week was about choosing to reside in love and not pain, this week it is about being brave enough to share my story. The comments from you and Marianne in this video were exactly what I needed to hear at the right time. Thank you.

  134. Victoria

    I am so ready to let go of that I am not capable and therefore not able. It is really obstructing me from suceeding.
    I need to connect to the core of my being and feel the support I actually have. So I would be a strong woman with lots of support.
    The biggest impact this video had on me was that love for myself and others should always guide what I do. That what do should have a positive impact on myself and others.

  135. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    I don’t “want to do” or “like to do”, or “am supposed to do” what has come naturally and organically and I can’t support myself ( I know these are two)

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality? I would need to be a person who loves the job what she does, and doesn’t relate who she is to the job that she has. I would need to learn to love and accept my new job, appreciating my natural gifts.
    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    I was born with an ability to style hair, do makeup and I am a natural cook. It is also natural for me to make others feel good about themselves. I have worked in jobs before in the salon industry and held many limiting thoughts about this industry. I have thought “its shallow” “I don’t like it” etc. I stopped a while ago and have felt lost ever since. Recently I got a job doing “hair” again at what was once my dream salon. (but it’s in a new city I am unfamiliar with) I have been telling myself that I am not that same person that I was when I dreamed that up and it’s not good enough in order to make a difference in the world. I should be more or be smarter etc. and do something different. Today I realized that these are limiting voices and are preventing me from taking a job that could bring me many opportunities, especially financial stability which I am lacking now because I don’t “believe” it is what I am supposed to do. I REALIZE I NEED TO LET GO OF THESE LIMITING THOUGHTS AND LOVE MY JOB, that the beliefs I have about this industry, the work is making people feel better and that is all that counts, and this is just how the universe is presenting itself to me right now.

  136. Steph

    Thank you both for a great interview, great insights, and great teachings!

    1. Limiting Belief?
    That I will be forever chasing money, drawing up budgets, and having too much month at the end of the month! I wanna be free from that! And I also need to let go of the belief that I must change who I am in order to do what I want, career-wise. What I do now, and what I want to do, are totally disconnected and so I have a belief that I must become a different person to follow my dream. Waiting for that to happen is wasting time. I am going to replace that belief with, “I don’t need to change a thing.”

    2. Who would I have to be?
    Ah-ha! I wouldn’t have to be anyone else! BUT, I ask for strength, courage, assertiveness, and confidence as I step into my new reality.

    3. Biggest Insight?
    Most definitely…”Behind every fear, there’s a miracle waiting to happen”. Truth!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  137. 1. Limiting belief I am letting go: that my calling isn’t enough to support me (my business is just starting out, so things will assemble in their good time)

    2. To step into new reality I have to become radically present to the way my life is showing up now. Which for me means speaking the words and acting the actions of the person I know I am, the person I see myself becoming in five years, ten years. Part of my identity, way of living, & worldview has expired. I’m ready to talk the talk and walk the walk of the healer and the writer. I no longer need to revert back to how things were, as it is a source of fear for me that it will become that way again.

    3. Single biggest insight(s): That money is about serving humanity and the world over everything everything, growing bigger and more widespread (it’s easy to revert back to my old beliefs in this of having nice things, etc.) – this always comes back to the BIGGER picture of world healing and destiny.

    & that the more I radically adhere to this love the more the universe mobilizes it to manifestation.. <3

  138. Thank you Marie and Marianne!

    1. The limiting belief I have about money is that I want too much in my life – having a land with a garden, a full-of-love relationship with my husband, children in the near future and thriving online business at the same. The response I get back from my mind is “oh, girl, you want so much! get real!”

    2. I need to realize that what I desire is not that big. It’s normal for a human being.

    3. Today I was reminded again that I need to continue forgiving and bring more Love to every thing I do and every person I’m surrounded with.

  139. Katie O'Callaghan

    Hi Marie, Marianne and everyone reading my comment

    Firstly thank you for this amazing interview. Every Tuesday I look forward to my weekly inspiration and this week has been truly an amazing gift and a surprise.

    I purchased ‘The Law of Divine Compensation’ earlier this year and each morning after my TM Meditation i read a passage from it and say a prayer from a section i feel most connected to or an area in my life I may need some support with, also at night i close with the Our Father Prayer that is translated beautifully in this book.

    I am 31 and for the past two years i have been focused on my spiritual journey and the shifts I am experiencing our truly wonderful. My conciousness is gaining more clarity and prensce each day and I am at peace that this is a life journey rather that how i used to perceive spritiuality, like most things with grand expectations with an arrival date. With each day i growing, i am adapting, i am loving and i am smiling more.

    My Answers to the questions today:

    1. What is a limiting belief or judgement that you are willing to let go of?
    That i am not capable of creating the life of my dreams to become a Health and Wellness Coach to inspire and empower others. I am currently a Team Leader in a bank and have been for the past ten years being supressed and managed by fear. Fear of ‘no jobs out there’ ‘people should be lucky they have a job’ having to witness call centre bullies who supress other’s capabilities due to their own insecurities or fears. Observing so many women focus on what night out they are going on, what men they are hanging onto for dear life and mood swings from their recreational drug taking and this is all they aspire to be as they are not coached into understanding their true potential and that working from the inside out could change their lives and others around them. When I am studying, creating vision boards, meditating I feel the passion and power to want to create my vision that will help and inspire these beautiful lost souls. I am willing to let go of this limiting belief because I see the lives I am changing in this present moment that fills me with love and passion and i need to let go of the fear and conciously detract emotion from the four walls I have been walking into for the past ten years that is consuming my thoughts and blocking my miracle.

    2. What do you need to be in order to step into that reality?
    I need to be concious of my thoughts and see everything with Love and an opportunity for me to continue learning instead of me judging situations. I need to be mindful of who I am being in each situation and as Marianne said ‘what would be a greater level of excellence? How can I step up my game in the present whilst out of work I continue to concentrate on creating my vision.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight or breakthrough you experienced from this interview?
    That a Career is an extension of who you are and it is not seperate to you. Powerful!

    My first ever comment on Marie TV

    Thanks for Reading

    Katie xx

  140. A very moving and powerful interview indeed.

    What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    I’ve been carrying and “fighting” the belief that I won’t make money no matter what.. heavy, completely irrational, old and truly uncomfortable, it’s like cycling without moving…

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    My true self, and switch the light on!

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    It is really how much we “allow” ourselves to receive, to be open, to be in the flow at a deep emotional level.
    The focus it’s on the light and not the dark, the plenty and not the lack, the love and not the fear

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful interview and Marie for your AMAZING B-school course, it’s more like a movement than a course!
    Love to all!

  141. Amazing! So grateful to you both.
    1. My limiting belief is that I always feel like I could have done more, should do more, and will have to do more. I know I am capable of amazing things and my creative brain is constantly humbling my productivity.
    2. I have to less anxious and more laid back…
    3. My star realization: ‘trading time for money’ mentality is bogus. Believing in the impact I have on others and staying true to that impact will bring me all the riches I need – financial & spiritual.

  142. Jasprit

    Limiting Belief: big one with money and my ego. I make a good living, am the breadwinner but I am always feeling like there is never going to be enough for me and that others are going to take advantage of it. I don’t like to give the money to family or anyone in need because it makes me feel lack. I can’t believe I actually admitted that right now.

    Who do you need to be in order to step into that reality?
    Someone who believes in a good universe, one that is of abundance and supports me. I need to have an open heart, a trusting heart, and a courageous heart.

    Biggest insight/shift/miracle that you experienced during the interview:
    Forgiving someone or something in my life will move my life in the way that it needs to so that it does not feel stuck. That was amazing to hear!

  143. Sandy

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    The limiting belief I’ve had is that I need to follow The Rules of my chosen path. (Or maybe I should say, the path that chose me!) As a tech startup founder, there are all kinds of blogs etc with advice that essentially comes from a place of fear: e.g., how to manipulate people to raise funding quickly. I’m willing to let go of the belief that I need to do anything that feels wrong on a gut or ethical level to succeed.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    A bold feminine freedom fighter. I’d have to stay grounded and know that when I feel stuck, it’s a sign that I need to change course – not that I am lazy, lack motivation, lack skill, etc.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    Go go go! The world needs you to shine your light. You were given gifts and, as Marianne said, we’re the only species with the ability to say No. This is kind of embarrassing, but I kept pausing this video to have an imaginary dialogue. When I am inspired, I like to imagine that I am being interviewed by Oprah after I’ve achieved success about how I got there. This imaginary interview had me talking a lot about how my work has been shaped by my childhood wounds – how God is transforming them into my sacred career path, or as Marianne says, my ministry.

  144. Sheryl

    The limiting belief is I am not good enough to do what my calling is telling me to do.
    That I need to approach everything with authentic love in order to get past my physical beliefs.
    That I have to let go and let God so to speak. I need to affirm this everyday!

  145. Fel

    first off, i loved this so much it brought me to tears.

    a judgement i’m willing to let go of is to simply stop trying to make sense of why someone might be more successful than me or have more money than me and attribute that to something i’m not doing. i want to keep celebrating the success of others and learn from them, be with them, collaborate with them.

    the only person i need to be to step into a new reality is me, and to keep listening to the voice that is guiding me higher + higher–and to be open to that, and practice that, every day.

    the biggest insight i received was that a calling, and in this case, my calling can never be taken away from me. i had never thought about it that way before, and it makes me breathe easy. what i’m doing is what i’m supposed to be doing–and to keep elevating and be elevated.

    this was amazing. thank you!


  146. 1. My limiting belief is also that I am not good enough, and that its not a reality to make my own way and so I just need to work in j.o.b.s
    This completely cuts me off from my hearts desire to create. I’m also afraid to share my ideas because they might be laughed at or not believed in by others.

    2. I need to realize that I can’t do everything alone, and sharing my ideas with others will help make things happen. There are people in my life that I am meant to know, because together we can make things possible. If I don’t speak, how will they know they know how to participate!? I need to be a believer in myself.

    3. I realized that there is someone I need to forgive. A past employer! Whom I have been carrying around anger towards for years now. I need to let it go, forgive them and love them. This resentment in my heart could be crippling my ability to move forward.

  147. 1. I let go of the limiting beliefs that the only way to be successful financially is to work 40 hours a week and put money away into a retirement account and keep predictable steady jobs.
    2. I would have to be convicted of my goal to unite people like us with music, live every minute like it is happening already, and stand firm and speak with love to those adults in my life who challenge this or belittle this, or want to tell me it’s not how things work.
    3. The universe is literally moment by moment an infinite and limitless opportunity machine. But if we are not present in that moment with an open heart, we miss the opportunity.

  148. cherry

    this is the miracle i have been praying for. I got laid off from my job about 3 weeks ago, after moving back to boston from louisiana (more expensive) about 6 months ago. I lived here before and moved back home due to struggles financially after the death of my father and the following depression. i have not found a job, i can’t pay my bills/rent, i am running out of money and am in a huge state of fear regarding what i shall do next. my insides are wrecked, my heart and spirit is in turmoil. i feel i have great gifts to offer and i just don’t know how it will manifest. i have spent the last 16 years of my adult life doing a job that i don’t like in order to pay my bills. i want use this time to find something i really love, that will be an extension of myself as marianne put it. but i feel i don’t have the luxury of time to find out what that is. my rent is due may 1st and i can’t pay it. i am always doing my best to choose love, to remain open and not constrict myself through fear based, self-limiting thoughts. but my spirit feels so exhausted and broken.
    this talk broke me into tears. i believe in a supporting loving friendly universe and then the well worn paths of my limiting fear-based thoughts run me down roads that make me contract rather than expand.
    to answer the questions…i want to give up the thought that somehow i am not worthy of thriving.
    i have to be more joyful and grateful in order to step into a new reality.
    the biggest insight is the component of forgiveness. i need to forgive myself for mistakes that i have made in order to allow the miracles to come in. i hold myself in shame for the bad decisions i have made. i think of myself as a failure and that is not loving. i would never feel that way about someone else, yet i cannot forgive myself.
    i am weeping from the words shared in this interview. i am so moved. i am so grateful and appreciate the heart of marianne, her words and what she shared. my prayer is to be of sevice in the same way

    • Deborah

      I hear you. You are not alone in your shame, exhaustion and frustration. I am sitting in that puddle now too. I too cried. I too wish to make the world a better place and I am lost too. I will pray for both of us to heal and rise out of this stuck spot. I am sorry you are in pain and wish you well.

  149. With all due respect and being a firm believer in everything that weaves spirituality and success together, this interview was hard to follow. Very esoteric, intangible and drawn out. Per Marie’s rockin B-School gospel, Get To The Point. You lost me.

  150. I am willing to let go of the idea that being spiritual and in service means I don’t think about money or want it.

    I would need to be willing to listen to my own intuition and act from there instead of listening to others. Bold.

    Greatest think I learned is that Marianne Williamson can talk fast! Just kidding. I learned that I was intuiting correctly the times right now for the western woman, when she said it is our duty? obligation? To take what we earn from this western economy and abundance and to good with it. Money isn’t just about buying power, its about how much good we can do with it.

    Thank you ladies, you inspired a big ole lump in my throat:)

  151. This episode is AH-mazing!!! I am a living witness of the principles Marianne and Marie speaking of as I have recently had a major change in my life due to changing my thought patterns. LOVE IT!!!

  152. Marianne Williamson’s “A Return To Love” also changed my life many years ago. I still refer to it this day, as well as her “Illuminata.” Both books are so well read, that their bindings are broken and the pages are filled with highlighted passages that spoke to me.

    I haven’t listened to this whole interview, but I will later today. Anyone else not able to see the video? I just see a picture of Marie and Marianne. Is that supposed to be like that? Lol, silly question maybe?! 🙂

  153. Thank you for having MW. Powerful having it in audio.
    I would LOVE to be sitting there with you both.
    I bought this book the day it went for sale and devoured b
    every word. It really helped to heal my money mindset.
    That and Gabby’s May Cause Miracles.
    I love all you ladies. Thank you very much.

  154. Karry

    I must say that this message brought me to tears…This spoke to me on so many volumes! I am struggling to find the confidence to step out on faith and start another business in addition to the one i am in the process of starting. I went and purchased the books in this article because this woman is really amazing!

    1. limiting belief is that since my parents are struggling financially I will too and that alot of things are out of my reach in terms of money. When it comes to work, having a regular job is something that everyone should have.
    2. I will have to be ME! and not second guess myself and if i am afraid be afraid and do it anyway lol
    3. When it comes to Gods will, we all have a gift, talent or skill that comes naturally to us and we should use that to create a better world and a better us. Doing what you love and being able to love others while doing it, and making a living out of it can happen to everyone we all just have to become aware of that.

  155. Daniel

    Its funny that Marianne has basically described most Christian principles taught in the Bible. These principles are true and have been right in the Bible before Oprah and all of this false spirituality distorted these teachings. However, Marianne unknowingly (or intentionally) denies the living God and His Son Jesus. It is not some mystical universe power that keeps things in order, but God’s Son Jesus who upholds the universe by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). He is sovereign over all things and it is by His power that anyone can truly live out any of the principles Marianne has described. The reason people can’t live out these principles on their own is because everyone on the Earth is by nature sinful and selfish. We are also by natural hostile towards God and want to live our own lives instead of submitting to Him. No one can truely love until they have believed on Jesus Christ who was sent to live a perfect live, die a gruesome death on a cross, and then rise to life again 3 days later. So, God’s wrath and a day of judgement has been set forthose who refuse to turn from their sinful ways and turn to Him through faith in Jesus. But to those who repent and trust in Jesus they are transformed or as Jesus said “born again” and the Love of God is now a part of them. Not only does God transform them, He also makes them sons and daughters and He is no longer their judge, but rather their Father. Jesus commands His followers to go live sacrificial lives and share the good news that God has made a way for sinful people to receive forgiveness and new life through Jesus Christ. Along the way, we are not only compelled to show people the way to true spiritual life, but to also help meet the physical needs of the hungry, sick and hurting people through out the world. Millions of Christians have lost their lives or endanger their lives every day to meet the physical needs of poor and hurting people across the world. But they also risk their lives to bring true hope that life on this Earth is not all there is. Life continues throughout eternity and for those who have not turned to God while alive on the Earth, they will spend eternity perishing in Hell. But for those who have believed and turned to God, they will dwell with Him for eternity in Heaven where there will be no hunger or pain or sadness. Jesus promises to return one day to redeem those who have believed in Him and at that time He will destroy the current universe and cast those who have rejected Him into eternal torment. He then will create a new heavens and new Earth. If you’ve read this far, I plead with you to study the Bible for yourself and see if what I’ve said is true. Start reading the New Testament and learn about who Jesus is in the Gospel accounts. Then read the writings the early church leaders on how God expects His redeemed children to live. My prayer is God will graciously save you and show you the true path to life.

  156. Hi Marie,

    Wow! I’m in tears because this is so unbelievably timing for me right at this VERY moment in my life. I have started a business (with my hubby who quit his job in Sept.) and have two little mouths to feed. We are down to our last few dollars in our savings and money has been a HUGE stressor on me.

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go? That I’ll be happy and content when I have enough money to not worry about anything like bills, mortgage, vacations and caring for my kids.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality? My true self and forgive. I know this is theory but MUST be her in order to truly step into my new reality.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview? That it’s all about love. I’ve been blaming my husband for quitting his job so early on in our endeavor and I see now that that IS JUST WHAT’S BEEN BLOCKING ME. Blame SUCKS and I want no more of it! I MUST FORGIVE

    Thank you Marie from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to Marianne!


  157. Kate C

    Loved the interview!! Thank you so much to both of you, Marie and Marianne!
    #1 I don’t have enough money – is the limiting belief I’ve been carrying around that I’m willing to let go of.
    #2 To step into a new reality I would have to be the heir of God that I am.
    #3 The single biggest insight I experienced was that I was given this calling of mine the moment I was born and the universe is set up to work on my behalf!

  158. Lena

    Thank you Marie for having this amazing interview with Marianne Williamson! She is one of my all time biggest heroes and so are you! So this episode was a double whami!
    I’m going out to get that book pronto!

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    A: I am willing to let go that I believed I was a failure. I have failed at so many things in career, finances and even relationships! I am letting go that I am a failure knowing that i have learned so many lessons until now that I am ready to SHINE as a child of God!

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    A: I would have to be somebody willing to fail again and again. This shouldn’t be difficult seeing as I’ve had a lot of experience! But I think it brought a lot of pain so I have tried to shelter myself from it and did not put myself out there. So I will have to be somebody willing to put myself out there and if I fail that’s ok I can keep failing until I am successful.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    A: It all comes down to LOVE. That I am LOVE and LOVE will always guide me to the enlightened path of happiness and harmony with myself and everyone and everything on the planet.

    Thank you Marie for all that you do and share! You are bright light!

  159. Hey Marie,

    Again you are knocking it out of the park.. 🙂 Last week with fascination and this week with the spiritual laws of divine compensation – I LOVED this book when it came out earlier… couldn’t stop reading so amazingly good!

    so, for me to answer these questions:

    The limiting belief that I carry around is no one will pay me for my passion – It was so great to hear Marianne speak about her early days of not knowing she would be paid for what she deeply loved doing – sharing her insights on the Course in Miracles.. yet, I am willing right now to believe that by showing up for my passion that the universe will meet with with the financial support necessary to feel supported and to carry out what I desire..

    Who would I need to be? I would need to allow the depth of who I am to be revealed.. and right now in b-school I am working on the process and the details to unleash my abilities and skills into the world.. I am coming out of hiding..

    Hearing Marianne share about the trust in just being the presence of love and the presence of who I am meant to be in the world is a magnet – is draw to itself like mindedness and whatever support that is needed..

    Loved, Love LOVED this session

    Thank you for an inspirational episode..

    Mary Catherine

  160. Really insightful interview – thanks Marie and Marianne.

    For me..

    1 – Lose the thoughts of scarcity (regarding money, opportunities, abilities, etc) and that I’m not expert enough.

    2 – That I can do anything I want, without limits or concern for what others think. Courageous, strong, bold, confident.

    3 – Not to force things. To be more open to letting things just happen vs. having a strict “plan.” Funny – my horoscope said this exact thing today. It must have known I’d be stumbling on this interview. 🙂

  161. One of my current ‘homework’ assignments for myself is to take more consistent positive ACTIONS rather than just shouting ‘yes! I love this!’ … only to repeat recurring patterns that hold me back because I lacked the action/followup/footwork. (Insight w/out action… we know what that is!)
    So, in that spirit, I’m speaking/typing the answers for the challenge instead of blissing out on the interview and then moving along in my day :-).
    1) I am SO willing to let go of this old, old, OLD idea that ‘lacking’ (work, money, and love, even) is somehow virtuous. And in contrast, that abundance – of anything! but especially of money and love – is inherently bad – and/or means I am a sellout. It’s a very old thread through my maternal side, and I love what Marianne and Marie are saying about us not simply being children of our families, but of God/the Universe, and those stories do not have to define us and our beliefs. I know this on some levels. I feel ready to absorb it and live it now!

    2) I don’t have to be anybody but who I already am. I do, however, have to get out of my own way.

    3) Whoa… single biggest… there are so many… I gotta go with this: Faith and love are the keys to unravelling my fear, resentment, and self-imposed limitations.
    And it’s not a ‘damn you, Michele’ kind of thing – but rather a gentle, loving, hope-instilling kind of thing.
    Simple as ever, yet not exactly easy.
    And that’s ok.

  162. Arrae Lenox

    My limiting belief has always been that “I am not worthy of my success, and no matter how many accomplishments I have I’m still not good enough for my parents, my sister, or my peers.” I’m starting to realize that this is not true slowly but surely. In order to get to where I want to be in life I need to be a bolder me. Actually step out of my comfort zone even when I am kicking and screaming in resistance. Also, after watching this very special episode of MarieTV, I was enlightened to know that judgement stops you from receiving what you want in life. Instead of being jealous or insecure, I should become motivated and happy.

  163. Hello Marie & Marion! Great episode. The limiting belief that I am hoping to let go of is that I am too old to take my career to the next level. That I started to focus too late on what I want to do.
    I would have to be the authentic, brave and curious me, to step into a new reality and positive belief.
    The a-ha of Marion’s talk was her unshakeable belief and what she said about how I one can view these tools and gifts that are being offered. As little trinkets or all encompassing universal paradigms and how that affects their power!

    • Hello Marie & Marianne! Great episode. The limiting belief that I am hoping to let go of is that I am too old to take my career to the next level. That I started to focus too late on what I want to do.
      I would have to be the authentic, brave and curious me, to step into a new reality and positive belief.
      The a-ha of Marianne’s talk was her unshakeable belief and what she said about how I one can view these tools and gifts that are being offered. As little trinkets or all encompassing universal paradigms and how that affects their power!

  164. Thank you so much for a wonderful interview!

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    I have been carrying around the limiting belief that I will never be able to make the switch from my job in film production to my career in Coaching.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I would have to be a Coach, own being a Coach, introduce myself as a Coach, and start reaching out to potential clients.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    That I can do it too.

    • Nikki

      Your video production skills will come in handy in your coaching practice. Best of luck!

  165. DH

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    I am always concerned that I don’t have enough skills to achieve my long term goals. I’m very confident in executing my skills and even talking about them, but alone with my thoughts I’m very concerned I’m not doing enough to get better at what I do for a living and what I hope to do as a passion.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    I do get more training in my profession, I read and study the methodologies of my profession and I watch webinars on new technologies/tools that improve how I do my job.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    The biggest insight I got immediately is that I’m continuing to struggle with keeping a positive internal dialogue going on, regarding what I’ve accomplished, since I’m not where I want to be with my career or my life goals. I struggle with appreciating the journey and I believe that I need to listen to this a few more times to get a better handle on my “action items” on improving my perception and thoughts.

    This was a great interview and I’m extremely happy I signed up for this newsletter. Just hearing this information will help me to begin to change. Thank you Marie and Marianne.

  166. 1 limiting belief.
    that any significant accomplishment is automatically partnered up with extreme difficulty that needs to be overcome in order to achieve the goal! I’m ready to give that belief up and welcome living in the Universe of ease in which my gifts talents and abilities are ideally suited for the work that I need to do
    2 who would I have to be?
    myself fully realized, and present and grateful and powerful and equipped to do the things I need to do

    3 single biggest insight…
    that everything literally everything points toward love and that this is always true, this never changes!!!

  167. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    • Hello Marie & Marianne! Great episode. The limiting belief that I am hoping to let go of is that I am too old to take my career to the next level. That I started to focus too late on what I want to do.
      I would have to be the authentic, brave and curious me, to step into a new reality and positive belief.
      The a-ha of Marianne’s talk was her unshakeable belief and what she said about how I one can view these tools and gifts that are being offered. As little trinkets or all encompassing universal paradigms and how that affects their power!

  168. This was so refreshing! The story of kids in Africa reminded me of my early lessons with Silva Mind Control when I was 7 or 9 years old and how much of the programming of our minds come from our parents and why it varies from continent to continent. It’s really sad how little some governments do for their own people; and it’s really awesome to see how much others care to give some hope with education, vaccines, and in many other ways not out of guilt but love. Poverty doesn’t exist because of an industrialized world, but greed. Love certainly is the most beautiful and powerful force 🙂

    While I was trying to master my tree pose during an outdoor yoga class last week –i needed to release some of the stress from watching the manhunt in Boston, this recurring thought kept coming to my mind “the more you let go, the easier it gets”.

    The miracle today was to find minds alike. Really awesome Marie and Marianne! ♥ it!

    P.S: It will be really cool if the post office finally approves my request for a P.O box to start with my mailing list!!!

    • Nikki

      Hi Carmen, I just started reading The Silva Mind Control Method. Was your experience positive?

  169. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    — The feeling that I’m poor. I have cash in the bank but still buy cheap (but nice) clothes. Somehow can’t fork over cash for myself.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    Confident that I’ll keep bringing in the money from my business and that I’ll always be okay. Someone that feels like she’s worth it. Someone that feels like she can wear the nice things without getting judged by the others. Someone that will have expensive things and actually wear it without fear of it getting ruined (that it needs to last forever.)

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    the calling versus a job… I’m finally feeling like I’m entitled or allowed to follow that calling instead of always searching for that best J.O.B.

  170. Marianne, you have been a beacon of light for me on more than 3 occasions; always popping up like a surprise lifeboat when I’ve been swimming in the thick of it. Thank you for coming back into my life when I need you…again.

  171. Marie & Marianne – brilliant, and beautiful conversation. There was an exquisiteness to the conversation – something divine and delicious – thank you!!

    A limiting belief that I am willing to let go of:
    That I need to work ‘hard’ in exchange for compensation. I don’t have a problem generating income, but what I find is that whenever I earn a lot I am working at a pace that is unsustainable, and frankly undesirable. Since starting my business in 2007 I’ve waffled between earning lots of money at a near burn out pace, and ceasing the flow of financial compensation in exchange for alone, quiet time in nature and meditation. I have seen a shift already this year but I am committed and convicted, willing and ready to believe that there is a perfect balance between earning and service.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    I had a hard time with this one. I think I need to be who I already am. Less ‘thinking’ about what I need to change and more surrendering, unfolding and accepting who I already am.

    My biggest insight was that I don’t need to figure it out, but simply be open and willing to receive the guidance from the highest source. As a mortal being I am limited but as I more fully come from the perspective of the immortal being within, my own divinity, all the ‘answers’ are present.

    Thank you for all the love. And love to both of you and all the beautiful comments. xoxo

    • Nikki

      Hi Heather, thank you for your comment. I mentioned in my comment that since working on my spiritual practice regularly and really making it my top focus, moment to moment, my sales have been the worse they’ve been. I’m in a sales job, my inner voice was loud awhile back and I kept putting it off. If you’re driven by your passion, I believe it will serve you to produce sales. I totally understand where you’re coming from about being burnt out… Is it possible that we think sales have to come from that type of hassle, and if so, can we change our thinking to believe that we can come from a place of spirit and service and prosper? We live in a world where we have been taught that the early bird gets the worm and its a numbers game… Although they are true, I know I’ve personally succeeded from a place of fear… Not always, but I put so much pressure on myself because I wanted to prove myself, be ambitious, feel good about myself through these interactions with prospects, clients, managers, etc. the results made me feel proud of myself. My ego.

      I also got from the interview that we don’t need to figure it out. That’s been a fave line of mine, “I just need to figure out…”

      If we choose to be, the doing will be guided in love. Thank you for letting me share!

      • Niiki – so many great questions for contemplation. Thank you for your note.

        What often happened to me is that my sales would fall off and as a result my life would get smaller. Ironically, the lack of financial flow in these moments would call me to my practice. My despair was exactly what I needed in order to surrender. And then in those moments of true surrender when I threw up my arms and said “I don’t know” to the universe/my guides & angels – those were the moments when miracles entered. We all have a you-nique path, but I know for me that dips in business served me exponentially with my inner work.

        It’s interesting that you mention ‘succeeding from a place of fear’ – that’s something that I’ve been pondering a lot lately. What I’ve noticed is that the ‘game of life’ mirrored by our spiritual journey just keeps getting subtler and subtler. It’s very much still a fear/love; strive/surrender polarity. It’s never ‘gone’ as though, we surpass that ‘level’ and life is just fabulous. However, as we surrender to our practice and cultivate our awareness with the witness behind it all – we gain a different perspective. Lots of love to you! Namaste. ox

  172. Catrice Elms

    1. A limiting belief that I have about work and money is that I have to better myself in order to experience the life I dream of. So, the limiting belief is I’m not good enough.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality? I would have to be courageous and brave in order to step into my new reality.
    Actually, I just realized that I would need to be willing to trust in the existence of Love.

    3. The biggest insight for me is to answer the call for love with service versus personal gain. I live a life of abundance and from where I stand, I can surely be of service to others.

    • Catrice Elms

      p.s. THANK YOU! This interview is a gift.

  173. Holly

    Loved the interview, thank you for doing the work you do Marie.

    1. The limiting belief is that after being ridiculously successful in my 20s and stopping my work to get married and then go back to school that I cannot be successful working for myself in my 30s and 40s and 50s. This belief is holding me back.

    The opposite prayer would be I can start my own successful business and attract those to me again because of who I am not what I do or where I do it.

    2. I would have to be worthy of being who I am. a child of god, in order to step into the new me. I would have to surrender to all that blocks me from the sunlight of the spirit and all representations of god.

    Prayer: God please allow me to be all that you want me to be.

    3. Biggest insight that my career is an extension of my calling. Looking back that is exactly true for me. I have always been hired to do things I didn’t know how to do because people wanted to have me there and then I thrived in those positions and learned a ton to the point that I was teaching others. Waiting for the organic thing to happen is learning again to surrender my will and my timeline.

    Prayer: God please give me the willingness to organically allow my calling to come into my new profession and lead me to those who will help me rather than hinder my new vision of working for myself and being worthy of bringing my calling into all my affairs

  174. Sally

    I listened to this 3 times in a row! I’ve downloaded it and will get the book. So full of powerful insights. Thank you!

    1. Having money, nice things (ie nice car) is shameful and embarrassing. I remember as a kid crouching in the back of my dad’s red Mercedes when on a trip from TX to CA, we passed through a Native American Reservation. I was so embarrassed and shameful of being in that nice car, I could have “died!” The feeling stayed with me in regards to “showing off” nice things and having money, and even wearing nice clothes or looking beautiful, yet I worry about having enough money to pay the bills.

    2. I would have to be living in a friendly, supportive universe and living from love rather than fear.

    3. Single biggest insight is love eliminates fear, and conviction in that brings miracles!

  175. My limiting belief is that “serious” work in my field should not be compensated. I’m in an intellectual field and have slowly developed the limiting belief that mone
    y comes with self-importance, the sale of material goods, and slick advertising, rather than substance and thought. Obviously not true, but there you have it. I would have to be a much more open-minded person, with a broader and more accepting point of view towards the integration of an intellectual career with a career that earns money. My revelation with this interview was around replacing the fear around stepping out and being different with love — for myself and others. So powerful! Thank you!!

  176. Angel

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    With money – that people who have screwed me over monetarily have gotten away with it and I get upset when I see them around town like nothing ever happened and I’m always “strapped”…. In letting this go – I believe the money will come to me as freely as I gave it away in the past….

    With work – that people don’t always see me for the talented woman that I am but only see my “visual” which is “the fat brown chic w/out the degree” (what the negative nellies in my life have constantly stated when I don’t get “that job” etc…..)

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I need to completely humble myself to that dynamic universal energy (whom I call God) so that I can continue to receive the blessings that will reshape my reality.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    At 11:44 when she said that if I’m in “attack” about it (concerning money) then love the universe is waiting to give me won’t come in. This was my AHA moment. My hang up is “why are those people who took my money living so seemingly blissful and I’m still broke….. why don’t people want to pay me for my svcs unless I look the part according to THEIR standards”

    Oy vay – this inner critic needs a muzzle!

  177. Heather Mosley Linhardt

    1. I realized that part of what holds me back is a combination of sort of a prejudice of those with money (still working on exactly where that is coming from) and a sense that I don’t know enough or it’s ‘unrealistic’ for me to think I can make money doing something fun and loving and useful…particularly when I constantly question what I ‘should’ be doing.

    2. This is where I truly appreciated Marie and Marianne’s gutsy decision to be who they are and bring talk about their belief systems in a society where that’s rather taboo if you want to be a business. I gained so much from hearing two business woman I greatly admire discuss money and success and love in terms of God and in such an inclusive manner…meaning you don’t have to be a certain type of Christian to appreciate, understand, and be included in the message. So, in answer to the second part of the question, I need to be the peaceful, faithful, trusting soul I know deep down that I am and work even more diligently to turn on the light to the fearful words. I need to stop analyzing and start listening and feeling. My natural creative, tree-elf-like self has been schooled in the analytical, path-driven, logical system of things and I need to have faith that the love-driven system won’t let me fall! Back to my roots, baby, back to my roots. 🙂

    3. There was not merely one insight. I leave replaying bits in my head, regarding darkness being the absence of light, that my business opportunity can be in a place of love and service even when it’s not out to save the world but just enjoy my life and share kindness as I do it, and the path less traveled is even safer and more peaceful and love-filled than the ‘safe’ one.

    Thank you so much ladies. I needed this now more than I even knew. Something drew me to leave my ‘day job’ early today and go home and listen to this. That is precisely what I needed to do. I’m sure I’ll be listening many more times as I work to derail myself from the fear and analyzing train. Know that you both are loved… *big heartfelt hugs*

    Heather 🙂

  178. My sole or soul mission is to help people find their sense of self empowerment and self awareness . We all have the power to heal our selves and free ourselves from negative programming . We just need to witness the mind tricks and to see them for what they really are. Mind games.
    Your heart is all that counts . Love is infinite.
    See how we help people with our creativity love and support at
    Marie YOU ROCK !!!

  179. 1. Limiting belief: that i’m a dilettante, a fraud, i don’t have what it takes

    2. What person would I have to be…I would have to be trusting. Trust the higher power to speak through me, use me.

    3. Insight: that women are rising and claiming the power to create a better world. that i’m a woman and it is my duty to get out of my own way, and allow the intelligence to come forth. nothing after that will feel like ‘work’.

    Thank you Marie and Marianne

  180. Thank you so much for sharing that fantastic conversation. Truly inspiring. So much so that I am moved to leave my responses to your question. It is the very least that I can do in sharing my calling.

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    I am letting go of the belief that I have earn money by working hard enough, long enough, good enough, etc. I now believe that I allow money to come to me by living my calling with integrity.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    I have to be who I know I am. I have to live my calling and be in service to those who can hear my voice.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    The universe has a course for me and it self-corrects. Even when I make the mistake, it self corrects.

  181. Thank you for this beautiful interview. How incredible to see two of my mentors speaking together! A Return to Love opened my heart and changed my life PROFOUNDLY.
    1. I am willing to release the fear of unworthiness.
    2. I need only be myself.
    3.I am reminded who I am and who we all are (profoundly powerful God Consciousness). Amazing! I am also remembering the power of forgiveness in releasing blocks and invoking miracles.
    Love to all, light to all, peace to all.

  182. elinor

    What a treat Marie! This interview is like an instruction manual for life.

    I feel very grateful that this interview made that one pop up from buried memories, I feel like I’m literally being touched by Grace.
    While growing up, my adult environment was criticizing my creativity and predicting that I would end up living under a bridge, and it was terrifying, panic attacks for years, leading me to ignore my inner voice and lose my true North; I felt like I was in a double-bind forever! After years of rebelling/complying to these ‘judge voices’, I finally saw the light: what is right for me isn’t necessarily right for them.
    So I am willing to surrender all this today, that ‘it’s not going to work out and I’ll end up under a bridge + all the fears and anxiety’.

    Be true to myself, take time to just be quiet, listen.
    I feel strongly that God created us to be happy and thrive, and that happiness increases when I do things that feel good and spread joy.

    That we are programmed for perfection and getting in our own way, and to surrender the blocks to God. It’s ok to ask for help!

    Thank you Marie and Marianne for this gift of love.

    p.s. a question for Marie: how do you manage to read so many books and remember the good bits? do you have a special technique? if so, please share with us on Marietv.

  183. Wow. That was so powerful. I’m still thinking about #1 and #2 but the most altering thing I heard was the part about judging other people. It never occurred to me how blocking that was.

    Thanks for the great interview Marie.

    PS Any idea when the next session of bschool or Rich Happy and Hot live will be?

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      We will kick off B-School again in early 2014 (sign up at to get any updates). We would love to have you join us.

      Our RHH Live event in October 2012 was the last of its kind but we are definitely dreaming of new ways to work with people so stay tuned! There’s always magic brewing.

  184. Sarah

    Check out to see an amazing company that makes it SO easy to help the children in Africa. (Since this episode so brilliantly brought up the topic, I felt compelled to share this.)

    Marie, please check out this site. I think it is SO in line with your vision, as well. This company is changing how the world approaches philanthropy and is being recognized as a paradigm shifting company.

    Check out this youtube video to get an idea of what they do:

  185. Emily B

    1. My limiting belief is that I am being ungrateful to my family, who funded my education, by quitting my well paid job in banking to start a business in interior design coaching (which may earn me nothing) – I’m letting this go now as I know I can help people find happiness right in their own home and ultimately bring the success, wealth and happiness I dream of into mine.

    2. I need to be fearless and persistent in how I approach my calling with confidence and gravitas (my old boss told me I didn’t have any and it stuck)

    3. The most overwhelming feeling I had during this interview was hope.

    I’ve been wanting to comment for weeks, and I’m not sure what has been holding me back, but I feel I can now!

    Thank you all

  186. I had never heard of Marianne Williamson before and would like to thank you Marie for having brought her on Marie TV – I could listen to the intelligence in her dulcit tones for days on end. Such grace, wisdom, gentleness and eloquence. Stunning.

    As for my limiting beliefs? Whilst listening to the conversation between Marie and Marianne I realise I am plagued by many and willing to let the lot drop. And I have blamed my upbringing, my family, my lack of experience, schooling, the neighbours, the car I drive, and the cat as excuses for not making the most out of my ‘divine design’.

    I realise that I don’t have to be anyONE other than who I am but I have to be willing to come from a humanitarian perspective, as Marianne puts it, in order to step into a new reality.

    The biggest insight was the concept of the ‘divine design’ (that which I have been biologically placed on this earth to be) – something that I have previously read about in The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn (who Marianne seems a modern day version of!) ‘There is for each man, perfect self-expression. There is a place which he is to fill and no one else can fill, something which he is to do, which no one else can do, it is his destiny!’

    And funnily enough, my web designer who is helping me make magic with my new biz site said something similar to me last week. ‘Even if someone copies your idea Sascha, they’ll never have the concept the way you do in your own mind’. Lovely!

  187. 1. When I among the verge actively involved in acknowledging my vulnerability and anxiety, I have been rejected by some (not all) people in a high-powered support position and I feel abandoned and more vulnerable.

    2. I need to be resilient and confident that I know what is best for me despite the judgments or scrutiny of others.

    3. When I ask for help when vulnerable and I am distanced, I feel rejected and shunned.

    (This relates to early childhood experiences in which my parents would tease/threaten isolation to punish me if I was a bad girl.)

    So the biggest insight to reconnect to and remember is;
    that when I feel vulnerable and threatened, a Divine Plan supports me. Love turns on the Light to dispel Fears. Be present with an open heart- a true self-magnet. Contribute my calling to humanity and share my gifts and talents.

  188. Great interview. What a marvelous person with amazing insight! You two together make for a powerful presence that is felt even through the web. Thank you.

    1. My limiting belief is that I am undeserving of success and/or wealth. At this stage I am not just willing to give this belief up, but to blast it into a buhzillion pieces in the stratosphere, where no-one will ever be affected by it again, least of all my family.

    2. I would have to become the person I would look up to if I came across him in an industry or social gathering. There are hundreds of people on four continents who look up to me and its time I took seriously their willingness to believe in me.

    3. In this interview I learned about the ‘flow of money’, and that we in the West can contribute significantly to ease suffering of those in “deep poverty”.

    Again, thank you, Marie for some great content. Pity it’s all intended just for women, but I understand.

    • Just visited your website, Stephen. Wonderful music, love what you are doing. You just inspired me!

  189. Wow phenomenal….my limiting belief is that I am not worthy of big money AND autonomy AND getting to do what I love. I need to step into a bigger version of myself where I AM worthy of $$$$, autonomy and doing what I love. My biggest insight was that I have prejudice against rich people. “No socioeconomic group has a monopoly on righteousness”, “celebrate people who have what you want”, and “judging a person (who has what you want) blocks you from getting (what you want)”… BIG A-HA moments for me!! Thank you Marie and team, love it!

  190. I need to get more comfortable with BIG numbers! 🙂

  191. Steve

    Marie … this is probably the best thing you have ever done. (And the best from you is yet to come.)

    I’m thinking of all those staving kids you mentioned, and I’m thinking of the calculation you quoted about how little it would cost (relative to defence spending) to eradicate deep poverty.

    1. A limiting belief is that it’s the government’s responsibility to organise the eradication of deep poverty. But surely, we the people of the world could do it ourselves. If millions (maybe billions) of us gave JUST ONE DOLLAR A WEEK from our earnings, we could do it.

    2. Who would we have to be to do it? We would only need to be ourselves … our true selves, simply operating from love instead of fear.

    3. The biggest insight from this interview is that positive change on a world-wide scale is possible, of we join together in the ways highlighted in this interview.

    Marie and Marianne – you have started something here. Could you possibly stretch yourselves to be the focal points for starting to make this happen – for the people of the world to come together to eradicate deep poverty from the world, both by donating cash, and by pressuring governments to divert the necessary cash from less urgent spending (like military).

    Everyone out there who reads this – it may seem impossible, but we don’t need to be able to figure it out. We can start by downloading that file onto our blank screens. The file that says it’s possible. The file that’s just waiting to be activated.

    I don’t have a job, but I’m more than willing to give a dollar a week if we can get together and organise this in some way.

    Steve, UK

  192. Marianne and Marie? Hells yeah! Two of my personal favorites…ever!!

  193. I think I have a few limiting beliefs about money and work that are holding me back – 1. that corporations are evil, greedy and bad and 2. that if I have a lot of money people are going to use me in order to get to it.

    I would have to be me without all the fear and guilt that is holding me back from unleashing my full power and purpose.

    The biggest thing I got from the interview is the concept that we don’t turn off darkness, we turn on light and we don’t turn off fears, we turn on love. I’ve been struggling so hard to get rid of all my fears when what I need to be focusing on is turning on more love. I think that’s going to be a big breakthrough for me!

  194. Maggie

    Amazing, beautiful, powerful! Thank you so much for sharing this interview.

  195. Christine

    A limiting belief that I am willing to let go is: I can’t do anything right. I feel that a defeating message I received from my mother who is OCD is, I am incapable of doing anything right. In the core of me I feel that message subtly resonates, scaring me from trying anything I desire to do. I have a ton of ideas and I always begin them but never follow through because of my fear I won’t do it right and it won’t be successful. I am letting that thought go today. THOSE are HER thoughts and they don’t belong to me. The one thing I learned today is that we are of love and anything not operating in that realm is not me. SO, today I will no longer accept limiting thoughts or beliefs that are not operating from a realm of love.

  196. Suzanne Troll

    Marie, Thank you immensely for hosting an interview with Marianne. Even though I don’t usually speak in absolutes, it is always a blessing to hear Marianne Williamson. In response to the questions: 1) One limiting belief I am willing to let go of is that you must have the power of money in order to create the power of money. 2) I would need to think from consistent heart consciousness of love rather than from past experience. 3) “Behind every fear is a miracle waiting,” or said another way, “believing that the Universe is friendly”, “opening my heart during the experience of pain.” In my understanding they are different poetic words for saying the same thing. Be in my Budda Consciousness.

  197. Marie, you keep raising the bar on this humanity thing, and leaping over it! Thank you for your courage and your openness. You are a fine fine teacher and the lessons keep coming like high-speed trains.

    My big AHA from this interview was the reminder that we ALL have the “architecture of our best selves” within us, just as plants and embryos do. I often slip into the notion that success or love or even learning become “applied” from outside sources, that we are blank documents, empty vessels, choose your metaphor. Marianne reminded me to put my ruby slippers back on and realize that the power is there, all the time, for the taking. The idea that we are born to be our best selves, in fact, engineered that way, was a revelation. Thank you both for your laser-sharp delivery of the biggest Qs and As out there!
    Carrie Seid

  198. Anna Deborah

    Hello Marie,

    1. One limiting belief that I have been carrying around about work that I am willing to let go is that I don’t know what I need to do to make Gods plan happen. This belief has been building ever since I started to pursue a career path that revealed itself to me a few years. I am willing to let it go because those thoughts make me feel isolated from my God and his plan. I want to live in the space of truth and take the steps everyday to do what He put me on this earth to do/be.

    2. I would have to be completely open, willing, trusting, honest and available to make this my new reality. Do the work that needs to be done, staying connected with my purpose and falling in love with the journey.

    3. The biggest insight that I experienced from today’s interview is the intentions behind my actions towards Gods plan. A lot of my goals and steps in life have been directed by God but I tend to disconnect and think that this is something that I need to do for myself. I am coming into an understanding that my intention, beliefs, words and actions should all come from a connections with God. That the Universe is working in my favour, that it is self-correcting and that the world is a loving place.

    Thank you so much for posting this interview. Marianne is so wise and has a special way of communicating Gods message. I really needed this interview and every time I listen to it I feel more connected.


  199. I’m stuck with the limiting belief that I won’t have enough money and that this is just how it is. I have the belief that my father and grandfather don’t think I will get anywhere and this is where I stay. Having just started my business I want to come through it with a heart of service and creating true change! What really spoke to me was the part about we are meant to have abundance and that we need to come from a place of love to just let it happen.

  200. Happy to see Marianne here. I heard her speak a few years ago in London and immediately bought her CD-set on relationships. Truly transformational.

    1. My limiting belief is that having more money will make me feel guilty about those who don’t.

    2. I need to remember that, as Marianne says, the universe is constantly feeding all of us opportunity, and that we are each responsible for harnessing it and responsibly sharing it.

    3. Love the insight about our mortal parents not being our only parents — the bigger context being that we are all also brothers and sisters.


  201. Laura Delhauer

    My first year in acting conservatory, I had a teacher ask us to speak to our “wonderful child”. The person I was when I was at an age where I was carefree and confident and wonderful in all aspects of the word.

    … 1. Some of my limiting beliefs I’ve been carrying around that I am ready to let go of, are that I might fail if I try- or that I don’t know how, or where to start and that people will judge me/not take me seriously once I put myself out there. That I’ve been granted so many opportunities, and I should have figured it out and gotten it right by now.

    2. The person I need to be in order to step into a NEW reality, is actually an OLD me. The real me. My “wonderful child”. Talk about LOVE! That girl was nothin’ but LOVE. I need to be her again.

    3. Biggest insight… I let go of religion a long time ago. I’ve continued to consider myself a spiritual person, I know that something’s out there. But my qualms with organized religions, like the one I grew up with, are something I NEVER saw as a place where I have closed off love. But they are. They absolutely are. And listening to this is the first time I realized it. This doesn’t mean I suddenly believe in this religion again- but the point is, I don’t need to carry it around with me. I can let it go, and therefor better embrace the things I DO believe and PRAY again. I use to pray, out loud. ALL the time. I NEVER do anymore. I tend to associate prayer with a particular religion, which has hurt me. But prayer doesn’t belong to that religion. I want that back.


    • Laura hello,
      Wow your points are so true and they just sprang out at me as I was trying to get to the top of the page again!
      Yes the old me is the better me “wonderful child was nothing but love” so I shall stop thinking and start loving!!! AGAIN

  202. Stacey

    A great interview. I can’t get enough of Marie and Marianne!

    1. That I need to spend most of my time being mom instead of using my time to make money and do more of what I love.
    2. I would need to be someone who recognizes that my child is always watching me, and she should be watching me do what I love. I would also need to be someone who can let my light shine. I tend to be hesitant about sharing my thoughts and dreams with others.
    3. Behind every fear is a miracle waiting.

    Thank you for this interview.

  203. Catt

    Marie, I love your spirit and enjoyed hearing Marianne.
    My limiting belief is that it’s hard for me to believe all this: it all
    sounds great to talk about ignoring the recession, not worrying that
    you’re too old, etc, but when being broke and unable to pay your bills for
    months is what’s happening it’s a bit difficult to believe in the Universe
    taking care of you. Especially if you live in a very expensive city, where
    going without work for more than a month means huge debt.
    Second, it seems a majority of the people who respond here on your blog
    are other ‘life coaches’ trying to get us to visit their sites by
    commenting, it’s like one big circle of self-advertisement.
    Sorry to be negative; I did really enjoy the interview. But it’s hard to
    believe when things are not working out at all.

    • Catt

      We have the same name!!!!
      And I agree with your observation, but there’s so many comments on this thing that I don’t think I see them 😛

      To comment on what you wrote, the difficulty in “believing” (I don’t endorse this word; it implies doubt..knowing is much better) that you are not being taken care of by the universe is simply fear. You fear that the recession won’t let you pay your bills and you fear that the city you live in is too expensive to keep up with. While it may be “factually” true right now, you shan’t let your current bank balance ever dictate who you are and your future bank balance. To let that happen would be to perpetuate it and re-create it again in the future. Whenever you have a debt or something “bad” happening in your life, you are experiencing what you are not, as Marianne describes, because of some misalignment, so that you can choose to be who you are and align yourself again. If you really accept, and KNOW what Marianne is saying fully and completely (like KNOW this to be the TRUTH of the way things are, and to do this requires a lot of observation without judging), there should be no difficulty in knowing the universe is taking care of you and is fully supporting you.

      -Catt 🙂

  204. Armen

    This is nuts.

    From beginning to end, absolutely nuts.

    Where does Marianne get her understanding of God? God doesn’t judge? We’re all God’s children? Where does this come from? What’s her source of authority for speaking such things?

    Genuinely interested in a reply.

    • Catt

      These are assumptions/givens for sure, but there’s no need to judge it as “nuts”…where is the source authority for anything anyone puts faith in? You have to put faith in something to do what you do, these are a set of them that have served people like Marianne and Marie and a whole host of people. If they don’t serve you then you don’t have to use them. I will say that in my personal experiences, the “assumption” that God doesn’t judge is one of benefit and serves me when I put faith in it, and doesn’t serve me when I doubt and question it. Being God’s child is another one that has graced me immensely, and when I forget it, is very disserving. I think Marianne got most of her axioms from A Course in Miracles, but you don’t have to do that to accept or reject what Marianne says; you are already doing one of them each moment by basis of your behaviours, thoughts, actions, and reactions.

      • Armen

        I appreciate the reply, Catt.

        It just doesn’t seem reasoned to sit and listen to what is some kind of spiritual psychobabble and for no one to call her out where she gets all that she says.

        While everything spiritual requires faith, putting faith in something like the Bible is an entirely different thing to putting faith in some random statements. Statements, when logically examined, would make the devils of this world ‘God’s children’. Whether or not an idea serves us or not, we should be real and truthful.

        Marie is fine, and some of the interviews are insightful, but not this one (in my opinion of course).

  205. Carol

    Fantastic, eye-opening interview! Thank you to both Marie and Marianne!!

    1.) What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    That I have to work “hard” for money and creative-types don’t work hard (I’m an artist/photographer); that it is somewhow unfair if I have financial wealth and my siblings/parents do not; fear that I would be loved (romantic love) for whatever financial wealth I have instead of the person I am.

    2.) Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    To be a person who quits judging myself and embraces my talents as my niche to share with the world ~ and to stop worrying about the perception of others

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    God doesn’t judge so I need to stop letting judgement (including judgement of myself) and envy block my path; that I’m more-than capable of being successful; that judgement and/or fear of financial wealth doesn’t serve the greater good

  206. I’m watching this on my Ipad and the link keeps breaking after 8 minutes, and I’m dying to hear the rest…. just reading all these comments touches me deeply

  207. always been a Marianne Williamson fan too! She is so inspiring – as we already know 🙂 Her ideas , and her newest book, are , for me, a “reassurance” to follow my heart, and do the “work” that I enjoy always – it’s , then, in fact, not “work” but rather a way of living and being happy … helping others. Teaching is my career – it’s my “flow” – and the income that comes from it, though it may not be that of the “big guys”, is what it is… it serves what it needs to. But more importantly, I’m able to serve the best way possible… teaching and aiding others.
    thank you!
    light, love and blessings!

  208. This is so devine, so right on time.
    1.a. A few months aggo I decided that there was no such thing called ” lack “. I had lived there so long that everything I ever dreamt about doing felt impossible because I never had enough. It was like that no matter how mich it tried to save and budget and do without out, it wasn’t ever enough. I wanted to do b school. So just like that, i decided that “lack” was never going to stop me from living my dream. I would just have to put my faith in action and believe that my family would be supported by God.

    2. I’d just have to be fascinating, wonderful me.

    3. I learnt that we are not alone .
    Confirmation that we are here to live abundantly.
    That the world truly need our Devine gifts.
    Love is always the answer.

    Thanks. Marie. Good job, sister.

  209. Mary

    First thing I do on Tuesdays is open my Marie TV. Wow. So Far I have listen to the MP3 three times. So much in it once was just not enough. I liked the MP3 because I didn’t have to worry about what I was missing visually and could just listen.
    1. I think my most significant belief about money and work is that NOW I am too old. I have days that I just don’t have the energy. Scares me. I also have huge issues with time in general, and there not being enough. So I am really working on transforming my concept of time.
    2. In order to step into the new reality I will have to embrace the love. Right now I can tell that the fear thing has me. So to step off the edge of the cliff and know I will be caught, trusting that God is out there for me too.
    3. The biggest single insight was the feeling of support I felt to know that believing in a world that is run for the benefit of the community and the health of the planet is shared by a larger group of people than I originally thought. It is what I believe should happen. I believe in the consciousness shift that some people have termed the “Second Coming of Christ. It isn’t about him coming back. It is about us coming back. This was a boost to my understanding of that. Amazing presentation.

  210. This interview was wonderful. Marianne Williamson is a great teacher.
    Challenge accepted!
    1. Major limiting belief I am willing to release right now : “You can love what you do or you can make money. You can’t do both.”

    2. I have to become more trusting and attentive to my own wisdom.

    3. Aha: Love is the bottom line. Boom! I love that.

  211. 1/ That things cannot change quickly but rather take time, that I can’t triple my income in one year or get a large career boost without little steps up along the way.
    2/I think I block things happening quickly out of fear and now I know this and I also know this is a lack of love.
    3/The idea of a calling which cannot be taken away from you really hit home. for me.
    Brilliant! Thank you ladies.

  212. Andre'a

    Praise God for People like YOU! Both of You. So Encouraging and FULL of HOPE and LOVE for Other people. Most you will never know.
    Thank You!
    Thank You through TEARS OF JOY for the Hope In My Heart!

    1. I feel I don’t deserve money.

    I decided today to talk about myself. To be transparent. To tell what is holding me. As a young child, a teen, and a young adult I STOLE things.
    I can not honestly say I don’t anymore, but I CAN CONFIDENTLY SAY it is the most convicting decision ‘to take’ or ‘be honest’. Be Honest has become the WINNER in my later life, but I really dislike the fact that I have this discussion. With myself. I feel like a LOSER. And it makes me feel like WHAT EVER HAPPENS TO ME I DESERVE because of my past dishonesty!
    I have prayed for forgiveness. I just had the epiphany that I HAVE NOT forgiven myself!
    There is no excuse but I WAS raised in an environment people were stealing to survive and to keep up the ‘look’ of survival. Directly in my VERY IMPRESSIONABLE young presence.
    It wasn’t even my mother, it was my caregivers. My YOUNG aunts.
    Anyway- these thoughts, visions, memories often are set on replay.
    I want them out.
    2. This video made me feel STRONG. CONFIDENT. And full of HOPE! I BELIEVE I can Do This! I can learn to feel deserving of all the blessings and miracles for me.
    3. The prayer was PHENOMENAL! I am so grateful to have others serve and praise and PRAY to a God who is LOVE. I feel JOY unspeakable and POWER of Stillness to allow my Father and the Universe to guide me!
    Thank You MARIE! <3

  213. My limiting belief is that I’m not good enough. I don’t feel that way most of the time, but when things aren’t going well, that’s the belief that pops into my head.

    I know that I have to be fearless to step into a new reality. I am fearless, but there are a few things that can trip me up, like a fear of not having any money and losing everything.

    My favorite insight from the interview is that the bottom line is love, not money. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on love when money is lacking.

    I’m an artist, and it’s not the easiest way to make money. I really appreciate this interview for helping me to refocus on what’s important in life.

  214. Kelly

    Wonderful interview. Thank you so much!

    1- limiting belief: I am not qualified enough
    2- what I need: unshakable confidence in my power and my potential
    3- I love the analogy- love:fear as light:darkness

    Thank you again for this inspiring video!

  215. Thanks so much for an amazing interview! Loved it! You’re the best!

  216. I loved this, thank you so much for interviewing Marianne and for creating it as a podcast (which I’ve downloaded).

  217. In my family, we learned that you never get to do something you like for work and that you have work hard at something you dislike or actively hate in order to make just enough to get by and no more. Life is financial struggle and the good guys who do good work that they like never win.

    I’m totally willing to let that go. All of it!

    To step into that reality, I would have to trust that doing what I like and that is of service to the world will actually bring me prosperity and abundance as I use my inborn talents and abilities to help others and I get paid well for it.

    I know the Buddhist surrender concept. I just forget it. Too often! I have to trust in the divinity and stop thinking that the world is a hostile place.

  218. I’m a Speech and Language Therapist and I work in the UK as an independent practitioner. I have always struggled with the idea of a health professional making money and always struggled with my profession in the UK (being predominantly female) not being proactive in raising our voices to promote the good work we do. After decades of working in this profession I am only just beginning to feel comfortable with it and starting to stand up and be counted. Marianne has the ability to elevate my concept of myself to a higher place and I thank her for that. And I thank Marie for her unwavering passion.

  219. Starting from the end- my biggest insight was: Your job is not your calling, you can lose your job, but never your calling….
    Who would I have to be to step into a new reality? Someone who believes – in herself, in a friendly Universe, in the natural compensating order of the Universe- from an acorn to a tree….
    What is the most limiting belief? hard to answer- I guess I need to look at them once again to find out…
    Love the part of forgiveness – that had everything to do with my career… Thank you soo much! Awesome is a word to small. BTW Had the honor of hearing marianne speak here in Israel for a whole evening!
    What a great Lady!

  220. Dionne

    I can’t watch rhis right now but I am bookmarking it. One of the books that did it for me is Marianne’s book A Woman’s Worth. I think every breathing woman needs to have that book in their library.

  221. LunaHart

    I just did a two-hour reading appointment with someone, and then I listened to this, which echoed that reading almost verbatim at times, and I haven’t even read her book. The whole dang interview was an AHA for me!

    1. I am willing to let go of the beliefs that I am too old and too weird to be successful.
    2. I have to be the Rockstar and the priestess that I am. All I have to do is relax into me and do what I do to the best of my ability, every day, loving every minute of it.
    3. The biggest insight was that when I have been feeling most at sea, I’m actually on the right track.

    I have been “working” every day with this undercurrent of terror that I’m not doing enough of the responsible “work” that needs doing. That “work” is all the business stuff, which definitely needs doing. However, it doesn’t need to take up my whole day, and I don’t need to feel anxious and guilty that I’m not doing enough if I’m not at the computer all day.

    Last week, I decided that I have to pare down the “work” time and schedule what I’m going to accomplish along those lines each day so I can do more music, more writing, more ritual – the things that are me. I will do them with complete joy, so there’s no more room for the terror that takes up too much space and too much energy.

    Okay, big aha right here: I just realized that feeling terror makes me feel responsible. I’ve been so trained that the things I do are not valid “work,” that it feels more responsible to struggle and be terrified that I don’t have a “job” than to relax and actually do the work I’m here to do.


    Blessings, Marie and Marianne!


    • Luna – I Love your #1: “too old and too weird” – you made me laugh out loud! (I’ve felt the same way many times myself). In reference to all of your comments: I can hear you are a good writer, easily and creatively expressing deep-conundrums with simple and direct language – Let it Rip! keep on playing! Here’s to your Joy-filled days; You will be heard…

  222. What a beautiful episode Marie! In my acting circles, there has been a lot of discussion about Marianne lately … so this is so timely.

    I love what she said about how a job or career isn’t outside of you, it is an extension of who you are. This idea of a calling which you can’t lose, that is always with you, speaks volumes to who I am as both an artist and an entrepreneur.

    Thank you!

  223. My limiting belief, I have to work really hard to make money. I put everything into dollars and it doesn’t lead to a life of wealth, as much as I love what i do, I compartmentalize it into dollars and pennies and that limits what can come in. Money is coming in all the time and I just put it into the gotta pay a debt column instead of recognizing it as another blessing.
    Who do I have to be? I have to be love. and see everyone with love. See that person who I want to sell a product to as a cleint, but as a person who loves and has joy and has pain and is trying to make her life work just like me. We are all on the same playing field.
    My biggest insight was that every thought of lovelessness deflects a miracle. that when I am closed up with fear I am not practicing the art of allowing, and the universe cannot come in to compensate. I
    I understood exactly what Marianne was saying,it was very clear. And either you recognize a truth in your own self or you don’t.

    In answer to Armen, Marianne is her own source of authority, we are all our own source of authority, that’s what she was saying, we have the file within us, to grow and prosper and love.

  224. Keli

    Wow! Thank you Marie.. as always you have some amazing people and introductions on your show. I am truly humbled by Marianne and cried during it, through no lack or fault, just pure emotion welling up inside me as the clarity of my true calling became apparent. Thank you and God Bless x

  225. Rumi Tsuchihashi

    1) I would have to let go of the belief that I have to fit myself into someone else’s idea of “worthiness” to make money, that my authentic self has no economic value.
    2) I would have to take the risk of putting put my whole self out there.
    3) Don’t just entertain the idea, but really stand on the principal that LOVE is the highest priority, the vehicle through which the divine organizing power works its magic.

  226. adriana

    This was so great! I can’t wait to pick up the book and read it.

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    That I will never find a job that I really actually want and be happy about, deserve, and can do really well. I’ve been interviewing for the past year and half trying to reach the next level in my career and have gone on 12+ interviews with no success and keep letting the rejection take over. I need to remember that rejection doesn’t mean I will never achieve my goal.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    I would have to be a much more confident and positive person. On the outside and to others I am a very nice and positive person, but I am so hard on myself and my own worst critique. I need to love myself as much as I love others.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    Lovelessness and fear deflect miracles.

  227. Sue

    Marianne and Marie,

    This has been one of the pivotal interviews I have had the opportunity to listen to in my life. It has also made me drastically aware, and completely scared to my core, that I don’t really….I mean REALLY know what love is.
    I love my family. I love my friends…co workers…the patients I care for….but do I really KNOW what it is? I thought I did until this interview. I thought I could make amends in my life since my mental and physical abusive childhood. I thought to myself, I will always love my children more and treat them lovingly. But if I wasn’t taught love…is it truly innate? Now I find I am questioning myself. Do I love enough?
    This can’t be normal can it?
    When you had mentioned about our biological mom and dad not REALLY being our true mom and dad, part of me was so relieved.
    But how weird is that?
    As far as following our dreams and/or limiting thoughts, I was always told the “children are starving in Africa” story, and “Money does not grow on trees”….”We can’t afford this/or/that”.
    Now I find myself, MORE THAN EVER, living with a fear of loss…on the other side of the coin…a fear if things are good, then maybe they are too good, and we will pay for it (by losing it all).
    I am sorry for being a downer here. I truly thought I had my act together, but now, I feel like it was all for show!
    You interview is the BEST and most thought provoking interview I have had the opportunity to hear.
    Thank you,


  228. Lisa

    Thank you for a wonderful and uplifting video!

    I have just let go of a 20 year plus career, to follow my life’s purpose. At this stage I am not exactly sure what shape this will take other than to express myself and thereby help/teach others. I have had many health issues which helped me see I was living in contradiction to my true self as a result of the job/career I had chosen. I am currently bed ridden for 2 weeks following surgery and this is a great time for me to consider, reflect, and absorb.

    1. My biggest limiting belief at the moment is that no one will actually listen or value my expression.
    2. I need to be courageous and centred to ensure I stay true to myself.
    3. My biggest AH HAA moment was the idea that your parents are not your true parents. This instantly made me feel open and connected to the Universe and it’s power.


  229. Hi Marie!

    Thank you SO much for this amazing interview with Marianne. It was the perfect lift I needed today to shift my consciousness. In the past year, I have felt huge shifts within my belief system around money; namely by healing old lineage stuff that was subconsciously affecting my current reality around money. In addition to that, enrolling in B-School strengthened my confidence in my gifts and taught me how to best share them with the world.
    However after watching this episode, I would say that a limiting belief that I still have around money and am willing to let go of is the idea that I can only handle the amount of business that I currently have, that if I accept more business that I won’t have any free time, that I will be stressed out, etc etc. I am willing to replace that old belief with a new one:
    As my business continues to expand and bring in more money, the right people will show up to support me in this expansion. And I will have more abundance to share to those charities dear to my heart.

    In order to step into a new reality, I would need to be the type of person who is open to change, someone who has 100% faith in LOVE and the divine laws of the universe, and be willing to share more of myself with the world.

    I would say the one thing that really stood out in my mind was how Marianne explained that the same force that creates a human being is the same force that is ALWAYS operating in our lives; the only thing that gets in the way are any self-limiting fear based beliefs….. very powerful! It takes the “getting out of your own way” saying to the umpteenth level! I choose to live with this consciousness, to allow the divine love of the universe to always flow through me, unobstructed. To be an instrument of divine love and action, this is my dream in action.

    I AM SO GRATEFUL for you Marie and Marianne!!!

  230. Melinda

    I’d never heard of Marianne Williamson before, but she certainly does sum up very nicely my beef with the world. Specifically:

    “Right now we are stuck as a species on a level of personal love. We are stuck on a level of personal love of people we like or love for people who are like us. And the love that will save the world is not just for people who we like, it’s not just love for people that we know, it’s not just love for our children, it’s love for all of the children.”

  231. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    The belief that the more I have, the less other people have (ie. starving children in India, etc.)
    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I’d have to be a Supreme Goddess giving back to the Universe all that I have to share: gifts/ finances, etc.
    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    I love how Marianne spoke about our Divine Blueprint for Career always being there + ready to download. We can choose “not” to live our Divine Blueprint, or we can choose it. Choosing it makes life a lot easier… 😉
    p.s. I live in LA + LOVE going to see Marianne on Mondays at the Saban Theatre. SO GREAT to see you both together on MarieTV!! 🙂

  232. Totally crying after the prayer. Thank you Marie, thank you Marianne, thank you God.

  233. 1. Release the someday-syndrome: someday I’ll do this, someday I’ll create that; even while the reality of my life currently demonstrates that I’m doing and living many of the things I used to pine about as “oh, someday”. It’s all already occurring, and my silly-limiting-thoughts haven’t fully caught up with the manifested abundance (Yikes!)

    2. To fully step into a new reality, I’m already WHO I need to be, so my best guess is to shift my time and energies away from a salaried-job and into my creative and entrepreneural Self-endeavors. Maybe I need to acknowledge more of my own Courage and Wisdom. Currently engaged in Marie’s B-School, so I’m well on my way with those tools at hand! Wheee!

    3. Single biggest insight: How Envy blocks receiving the things we long for. I’ve always been complimentary and encouraging to others whose successes and creations I admire. But I feel I’ve been holding onto some scraps of resentment as in “When is it my turn?” or “When will I stop being such a well-kept secret while others are fully expressing and living their creative contribution?” So it’s a biggie for me to recognize that as I observe others grace and abundance, there’s been a lack of Love for myself and for them – Whuuu, I’ll be addin’ some lovin’ light to this dim corner!

    • Hi Kristie,

      thanks for sharing above! Your answers really resonated with me. Especially the part about envy. I have the same reactions: I am genuinely happy & delighted for people’s success but that little inner voice comes through: “when is it my turn?” “when will I catch a break?”…I am going to release that to unblock. When I hear that voice I’m going to offer it up to my inner guide and celebrate!
      All the best to you…thanks again for sharing!

  234. Thank you so much Marie for having Marianne on. It was just what I needed. Such a great reminder that I am a child of God and am welcome to the abundance that He has for his children. And I loved A Return to Love. Thank you.

  235. Sonia Tejeda

    1. I should let go of two ideas: first that money calls money, in other words that you need to have money to make money or that only whealthy people could produce whealth. The second is that you could make money or be wealthy before your 30s.
    2. I need to be more confident that I’m an on my prosperous path. Let God’s wisdom flow through me and show me the way.
    3. I was surprized to know that I have a divine program that I could just let run and be the greatest me I could be. That I have everithing I need right now.

  236. Hi Marie and Marianne, Because my father died when I was 15 I grew up believing to have anything I would have to work hard for whatever I wanted. Over my lifetime and through much self discovery I have realized that I am allowed at 56 years old and many many years experience in my chosen field to flow with life and simply ALLLOW, allow the universe to bestow upon me my rightful abundance , just for being ALL with the Divine. I have realized I need to be open to Love at all times and come from a place of love and generosity for all. The need for forgiveness with myself and others keeps me open to LOVE ….. I loved Marianne’s description of the Universe = self organizing, self supporting and self correcting… a beautiful MANTRA….

  237. 1. I am a dumb little Greek boy. I am a fool with money.
    2. I am a Genious. I am a Money Master. I am a Money Magician.
    3. “A Course In Miracles” speaks to me, the deepest. My mission, continues to be: “Love and Abundance for the entire planet”.

    Love and Abundance,
    George ….The Golden Greek

  238. Brit

    Marie your videos are so awesome, helpful, and insightful. Could you make all your videos downloadable? It would be awesome I could listen to them on my ipod!

  239. I’m willing to let go of the small little voice in my head saying that I may not be able to make the connections I’ve wanted to make in the music & entertainment industries.

    Who I need to be in order to let that go? The active, passionate being I already am… I am incredibly resourceful and active, making new, amazing connections daily.

    THANK YOU for doing this beautiful interview. I love what she said about love being the foundation from which we need to measure things… and about feeding the children being the most important focus we must have.

    BlesSings, Y’all!

    So much more…

  240. Miles

    I sincerely love this interview. It teaches us to move from self-actualizing to self-contributing.

  241. Fantastic interview. Mahalo for sharing with all of us!

    What limiting belief or judgement am I willing to let go of?

    I used to make a lot of money while working with dogs but much of it centered around aggression and high stress training situations. I have moved to Maui (my second move via the Big Island from San Diego where I had a thriving business) and my limiting belief is that people will not pay me well for my knowledge of dogs online, especially in that I want to take what I do into my passion which is health and wellness in real food and remedies for dogs.

    Who do you need to be in order to step into that new reality?

    I need to package my Real Food for Dogs and take it online. Change up my website so people can find it and start doing webinars so people can hear what I have to say.

    What’s the single biggest insight or breakthrough you experienced from this interview?

    How much I have been kidding myself about how much fear I am living in about myself. I’ve stepped out of a lot of things in the past, and now it is time to step out of this fear I have of starting my life over again… I mean really, how bad can it be? I live in Maui!!! 🙂 Starting loving me, my life and all that I have around me.

  242. I am not normally spiritual or even philosophical but listening to this whole video actually brought me to tears. Especially the line about following your calling to help all of the children of the world and for future generations.

    One of my limiting beliefs is that I cannot do what I want to do with my life because I am a mother and I live in a foreign country (as an expat). I am now realizing that it is because of these things that I am who I am and will be.
    In order to step into a new reality I need to be more open to the possibility of miracles and opportunities. And it’s not a job it’s a calling, the biggest insight!
    Thank you!

  243. Allison Sharpe

    Just. Wow!

    1. That I need a job, to make X dollars, to pay my bills and have some money left over for fun. I have a calling and I can certainly make a living with it.

    2. More love focused.

    3. That to ‘love one another’ is a blessing. Connection to others is what makes gets us out of our own way.

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be getting these books!

  244. Ally

    @Elise, for some reason I also think being more “feminine” would bring me to a new reality! I see what you mean. And I personally know it’s who I wish to be because I enjoy being such a girl, but at the same time, like you said, things would just “flow”.
    I really loved this interview with Marianne, I feel it came to me at the right time! So thank you Marie!!!!

    1. A limiting belief I have is that I don’t have enough experience to have my dream job or to accomplish my heart’s desires.

    2. I feel that in order for me to step into a new reality, I have to improve myself. I have to be more womanly or feminine, I think and know, deep down it is who I want to be. I feel that being that way would make me feel more like my true self because right now I am now the exact woman I would like to be or even who I picture myself being.

    3. The single biggest insight I experienced from today’s interview is Marianne’s prayer, specifically the part where she said, “…may we be who you would have us be, may we do what you may have us do…” That is because I’ve been concerned about what to do about my future and career, about accomplishing and getting to my heart’s desires and my dreams. That part of the prayer gives me peace of mind, telling me to listen to God, listen to myself and do my best right now and eventually I will be in the exact place I want to be in, and live the life I want to live.

  245. Very excited to get this book. I loved the idea of replacing fear with love. Simple but easy way to calm the mind and stop the negative self talk. #gamechanger

  246. evie

    Thank you so much for bringing us this interview Marie and Marianne.

    To add to the strength of our shared ideas;

    1 My limiting believe is that work must feel hard and not fun. It feels wrong to want to use skills that now come with some ease (after 10+ years gathering them), to create work that I love creating and to want to make a living/life from doing so.

    2 To step into a new reality I need to be someone who truly believes in herself and the strength of her own power and that’s ok to act with love and ease.

    3 The biggest insights for me were to let go of the blank doco and believe in the un-deletable file and ‘give up’ the lower thought for the higher thought.

  247. Erica Cushion

    That I am staring at a blank document. I need to be working so hard and not allowing things to come TO me.

    I need to be open and always thinking of the higher good. How can I serve others? I need to let the light in and stop fighting the universe. I need to remain at peace and live in the present moment. I want to stay connected to my center and not let my expectations and beliefs guide me.

    It was all so beautiful. The interview itself was a divine intervention in reminding me that everything is going to be alright. I’m at a point where my business is feeling “hard” and this was the reset I needed. When I trust my heart good things happen. Let the computer program run, no blank document required.

  248. What a beautiful gift! Can’t stop listening! 3 times in a row! I feel like a sponge!
    Feels good! So good to feel like finding a kind of family, a thinking family. New Sisters!
    A spiritual trend I can hold on to and find a real inner freedom!
    Connection! That is what the definition of connection is all about!
    Thank you!
    What a beautiful gift!

  249. WOW!! Wow!! Wow… I experienced a great shift when Marianne talked about God being our true parent. For so long much pain comes from being trapped in the story of who we are here on earth. We get so wrapped up in the flesh of our being and feeling conditional love and dependent on what is here. But NOW, something shifted inside me. She reminded me of who I really am and what role God plays.

    Thank you Marie for having her. I love her and you!

  250. Prue

    1. The limiting belief I’ve been carrying around that I’m willing to let go is that striving for money is ugly

    2. In order to step into a new reality I would have to be honest and vulnerable

    3. The single biggest insight from today’s interview is in pulling the divine blueprint / file down into the screen and allowing the naturally occurring course correction of the universe to take place (without blocking it or saying no in some way)

  251. Bravo Marie! This was awesome.
    1. What limiting belief am I willing to let go of?
    I am too old to be successful and I will be poor in my old age.
    2. Who would I have to be?
    I have to trust that the universe “has my back”.
    3. Single biggest realization?
    Loved the prayer Marianne shared from the Course in Miracles:
    “Where would you have me go?
    What would you have me do?
    What would you have me say and to whom?”
    I will use this when I feel stuck.
    All best,

    • Hi Ellen,

      Thank you for your answers! They really resonated with me.
      While listening to this, I actually wrote down that exact prayer and taped it to the wall next to my bed so that I can say it every morning to start my day.

      Thanks again for sharing here. All the best to you!

  252. Whoa. I needed this today. TODAY. Thanks for answering the call.

    Here are my answers to the questions:

    1. that I’m not worthy or smart enough or brave enough to make this business happen & HELP others. That I can’t be the visionary/breakthrough leader.
    I CAN. I can take action and will!
    2. A non-procrastinator, not just “waiting” for something to happen. An action taker. A REAL risk taker (a little voice whispers I’m a fake)
    3. That I need to show up and be the vessel. Allow myself to share my true gifts. Recognize when I envy or feel sorry for myself, ask God to take it & celebrate instead.

    Thanks, love & big hugs.

  253. Hi again Marie & Marianne,

    I just want to share, very quickly, that I first was introduced to Marianne in 1993 during my first real “career” job. I was working for Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires and was promoted to the Health & Healing administrator. My boss, the director of Health & Healing, took me under her wing and mentored me for several years and one of the (many) things she did was take me to one of Marianne’s speaking engagements in Boston. She also bought me the book-a course in miracles. It had a big impact on my life then. It’s too long to go into here but it was pretty amazing, as was the entire 6 years I worked for Canyon Ranch.
    It’s really incredible to have sat here and listened to you both here today. It’s really made an impact on me (again!).

    Thanks so much….just wanted to share!
    Big love,

  254. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this video, what a beautiful gift!

  255. Tunde

    Oh, Marie, that book saved my life too (Return to Love)! The big revelation that totally transformed my relationship with my husband was that it’s more important to be loving than to be right, and that love isn’t about whether you fulfill each other’s needs, it’s about loving.

  256. Ruth fallon

    1. It does not make me a selfish person to earn money.
    2. I need to be, feel, and experience love.
    3. That choosing love over fear over and over again will bring love, success, clarity and faith to my everyday life.

    This episode really moved me Marie. It comes at a wonderful time. I cant thank you and Marianne enough. Much love and gratitude to you both xx

  257. 1. I think I have felt conflicted about money, like wanting it was somehow a dirty, bad thing, and not having it somehow made you a saint. I’m thinking of money in more neutral terms now. That it isn’t so much the money itself, but how you go about getting it and using it (rich or poor) that makes the difference.
    2. In order to step into a new reality I need to relax and be more of who I am, not less. More commitment. More faith. More love.

    3. The single biggest insight in this interview was understanding and appreciating the universe as not only a self-creating, but self-correcting entity. That its trying to work on our behalf and help us. Sometimes I have felt like the universe was standing in my way, but I think now that limited self-perception and raw fear was/is.

  258. Wow! I love that Marianne Williamson, whom I’ve admired since I was 16, was on Marie TV. Amazing!

    I’m ready to let go of my limiting belief that making money should be a hard, soul-destroying and painful process.

    I would need to believe in what I do and what I stand for. To be a person that believes what I offer is high quality and of value to others.

    Greatest single insight? That the universe is helpful, not hostile, and is self-correcting. I don’t need to deny this belief in the pursuit of more “sophisticated” and cynical thinking. The simple truth is that.

  259. Trish

    #1: “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “It takes hard work to make a dollar” and “There’s never enough” I heard this often from my father and grandfather for whom I trust deeply.
    #2: I would have to stop fearing money therefore, I would have to be more confident in myself. Take the time to respect my money and bills, dress more confident and forgive myself.
    #3: My single biggest realization was the fact that I can’t fight my mom just because “that’s what I have always done.” Marianne Williamson has been speaking the message that I deeply believe in (probably one of the first) and have used in my life many times. Its ok that I complained as a teenager and made my moms life “hell” when she listened to Marianne Williamson’s cassette tapes. I can acknowledge that I was wrong about her and forgive myself for treating my mom poorly.

  260. Vicky Jamieson

    1.Gosh, I have more than one limiting belief and they all run into each other…go figure! At the bottom of all of them is that for work, I see no one else interested in collaborating with me in business as they don’t see the value as a professional and that I can’t show them how my business can enrich their life.
    2.I need to “be” a person that values my expertise and “knowing” and being like a magnet to attract the people that are ready for this experience – just like Marianne was saying about turning on the love to wipe out the fear and auto-correct my file
    3.the biggest insight I got from this interview was to be constantly touching people’s lives, love more and trust in our “soul’s journey”

  261. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    That money is not the important thing in life. It’s just money, not health, family, friendships. One does not judge one’s worth on money. It’s character and helping others.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    Someone who is dedicated to helping others. Help them whether there is any financial gain or not. Accept people as they are and understand why they’re the way they are and assist them to improve their lives.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    Life is about finding your calling and living it. It’s not about how much money you can make to finding a higher paying job with no help to making the universe better.

  262. Lauren

    1. That you have to work hard and just do what you have to do to get by.

    2. I’d have to be a believer in my own true self, and trust the desires I have and stop pushing them aside because I’m scared.

    3. To live in love and not fear, only in love can miracles happen.

    Thank you, this couldn’t have come at a better time, I cannot thank you enough!

  263. Writing this with tears streaming down my face. That prayer was powerful and moved me to tears.

    1. Having more success and money will make me unlovable and hard to be around to family… deeply embedded belief as a child of divorce and witnessing the money issues around this.

    2. I would have to sit back and stop pushing and start receiving and asking to be GUIDED in my work (daily). See my work as a calling and recognise that by resisting the work required I am not being of highest service to myself and the world! (woah big moment there! Using the big W word – World).

    3. That it is okay to want more money, in order to be able to serve and contribute.

    This was the most powerful MarieTV episode I have ever heard… and for that matter the MOST impactful.

    Love you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you contribute and provide for us.

    Love Jana xx

  264. Thank you, Marie. Your gift is bringing so much light to the world and I honor you for that. Thank you, Marianne. Your strength and clarity gives us all the strength and clarity to lead the world towards love.
    1. One limiting belief: Self-doubt. I have not fully stepped into my power by standing firm on my convictions and fully using the power that the divine truths and principles hold.
    2. Who would I have to be? Less critical and more confident
    3. Biggest Insight: The unrecognized power that I hold in each moment, each word, each thought, every penny spent. That the world is much larger than myself and that if I hope to change this world, I must become diligently conscious in how I use my power- that I am not leaking it irresponsibly by thinking, speaking, spending…unconsciously.

  265. Love this segment! Thank you for bringing it to us!

    Marianne hit my limited belief right on the head when she spoke of judging people who have financial abundance. It has only been in recent months that I’ve come to recognize how much I judge people who have a certain amount of financial success. It seems only obvious now that this limited thinking would have an effect on my own willingness/ability to generate financial prosperity.

    To step into a new reality, I really need to let go of my judgments of other people. It truly is not my place and really just creates a wall between me and the rest of the world. That is definitely not how I want to live or be perceived by others.

    The best part of this interview for me was when Marianne spoke about the Universe’s (or God’s) plan for our highest manifestation being embedded within us. I so resonate with that! If we get out of our own way, miracles can and do happen!

    Peace and blessings,

    • Kendra

      I have to say I am really impressed w/ the clarity you are having with your lb (limiting belief). And excited for you to benefit from your acceptance. I have a friend that struggles with this lb And I can hardly talk to her about it. Good for u. On your way to abundance. Think of all the good you can do!! How you can change the world for the better if u had more power to do so !

      • Thanks for the kind words, Kendra!

        It has truly been a breakthrough for me to come to terms with my own limited thinking, as I’m always encouraging people to break out of their own.

        I am a product of the 70s and grew up under the influence of a very anti-establishment rhetoric, which included a distrust for the wealthy. It was only recently that I recognized how much I bought into it all.

        It is so humbling for me to see how I was, for lack of a better word, dehumanizing people merely because they came from a certain level of affluence.

        I am glad to be able to see more clearly now, especially as it provides me opportunity to be more open-hearted with people, regardless of their walk in life.


  266. Hey Marie. Thank you for this wonderful interview with Marianne Williamson. I can’t tell you how it has lifted my spirit. It has served as confirmation for my own work. You will see on my website that “I am here to deliver immortality”…I have been channeling this info for nearly 10 years. I actually trace Human Spiritual Evolution through the vehicle of the physical body…I can show you HOW we are transforming physiologically as a result of our spiritual progression. My business has been an incredible struggle with little traffic flow…telling people that they are immortal can be very scary. I have felt very much alone and very vulnerable in stepping out of my closet in B School to expose this work which I know to be true. I now feel confident in presenting my work which I feel very blessed to be receiving. I am simply a vehicle of light as are we all. I will be recommending Marianne’s latest book to everyone…thank you Marianne and thank you once again Marie for being a beautiful shining beacon for the world. From The Heart. <3 Marg

  267. Marie,

    This has been a wonderful video, I love all that you do, but this one really touched my heart. I am in this path of love, and to become a life coach, but most importantly to share and give love to the world. Our wonderful world needs to feel the heart beat that makes us human, that makes us feel alive.

    I listen to all the signs in my life, but this one was a big one, I am willing to left go of my fear, of not being able to do my job as a life coach. I feel I need more tools, but I know I have the heart and the calling since I was 6 years old and I am 28 now.

    You really touched my heart today Marie 🙂 you really made me cry girl!

    I send love to everyone in this planet, to Marianne, you, all the girls on this chat, everyone that needs it <3 love is the miracle!

    Listening with our hears, feeling with our hearts, seeing with our hearts, it's what this planet needs.


    Mara Lee Acosta

  268. Kris

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    My limiting belief is that I can only do the work that I’ve done all my life – that I can’t make a living doing what my heart is called to do.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    My true self, stop trying to be someone that I’m not

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    That this path that I started recently is exactly the right one for me. The real me.

  269. I’m releasing the limiting belief that I could somehow fail to fulfill my destiny. And releasing the limiting belief that I don’t have enough money, that I have to figure it all out myself, and that I’m not doing/being enough in every single moment. Whew, that sure lightens up my load!!! 😉

    The person I am being is one who constantly chooses love in every moment. I am being a person who trusts that all is unfolding as it should, surrendering to the divine unfoldment always.

    There were many “aha” moments, especially the part about wielding the powers of the universe as such. WOW. More than anything though, I just felt this continual bed of support as Marianne spoke, affirming the things that my soul knows so deeply. It’s wonderful to have this amazing reflection of pure love.

    THANK YOU, Marianne, and THANK YOU, Marie!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  270. Marie,

    I first wrote my responses early this morning but for some reason the comment was not posted. In the meantime, I was contacted by a former client in a pinch. She asked me to arrange a last minute service for which I was paid for by making a few phone calls, something that has NEVER happened to me before. I am convinced it was a result of hearing this recording and writing out my answers with clarity which you will see below. Besides, she and her clients who the service was for were “raving” and she wrote in a text that I was a “GODSEND.”

    A limiting belief I’ve been carrying around about money or work, that I’m willing to let go of is: Making money is hard and harrowing. I saw a family business destroy relationships and cause divorce and other fallout of which I am still seeing in those I love and experiencing myself many decades later. Who I would have to be in order to step into a new reality is someone who attracts wealth and wealth opportunities with ease; a person who through money and business brings harmony, love and peace to others in a type of Sacred Commerce. Someone who builds people up in business and encourages relationship. The single biggest insight I experienced from today’s interview is how Gracious, Loving, Generous and Personal God is, to send this message through you Marie and Marianne. This video is a direct answer to my deepest prayers about who God has created me to be so I can live the life I was created to live, do the things I was created to do, and give what God intends for me to give, in Love, Fruitfulness and Abundance. THANK YOU, HALLELUJAH & AMEN!

    Remember to make your comment as specific and concrete as possible. Not only will it help turn your insight into action (hence further you on the road to results), but your share will also support thousands of others in our community.

  271. Kendra

    Limiting belief is that “I can’t follow through on my dreams and visions”. That I just don’t have what it takes for lasting change and improvement. That given my relationship w/ my husband, kids, self, my personality, my patterns, my track record… That I don’t have that “conviction” any more. I know rationally I can change and that I have so many things going for me that it should be easier. I am ready to let that go and to let go of the idea that its HARD to let that belief go.
    Who would I be? Lighter. Less anxious. Confident. I would be more action and less thought. More walking less talking.
    Biggest insight:that the universe is working to correct the situation. It’s never too later

  272. Tunde

    Limiting belief that I’m willing to let go of:
    There never seems to be quite enough money in my life. Can’t seem to hang onto it even when there is.

    Who I’d have to be in order to step into a new reality:
    Grateful for what I have and refocusing to see that in fact it is enough (roof over head, food in the fridge, etc.). More money is just more money. To get the energy moving more, I’d have to actually do more: share my gifts with the world. Specifically and concretely, this means making it a priority to write. Taking the time, making the time, making the effort to articulate the thoughts and insights that swirl in my head. I know I have something to say. I’d have to be a person who will say it. Possibly with music as well as words. And share it. With the world. Not anonymously, but bravely as myself. That is what would unblock my energy. I know this (as an aha in this moment). I need to gather my courage and do the effortful thing, not the thing that looks easier (not writing my life) but really isn’t (because not writing my life sucks the joy and energy right out of me). Focus on that, and on being of service.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    The idea that the universe is self-organizing and self-correcting, and that what blocks the self-correction mechanism is a deviation from love — but that doesn’t mean it’s the starving children who have deviated from love, only that they are suffering as a result of a deviation somewhere. I gotta agree with you, Marie: Best. Answer. Ever.

  273. My limiting belief was that “no-one is listening to me” in relation to my book and workshops and the information I’ve been channeling. I’ve released that now having seen this video, because the biggest insight I received was that my information is truth…we are immortal! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  274. First and foremost I would like to THANK YOU Marie for this Q&A Tuesday. Once I saw the email that you were talking with Marianne Williamson I was so excited I couldn’t wait until my lunch break and it was only 6:30 am.
    OK here it goes.

    1. Limiting belief about money: As strange as it seems, I believe that more money causes more problems; you buy more of what you don’t need, more money changes you for the worse and stresses you out, you have more bills and a “simple” life is better. Another limiting belief is believing that I don’t deserve money or a big tip or a pay raise is because others are struggling too, some can’t even afford to eat and if I make a lot of money it would make me feel greedy, selfish and essentially a bad person. This thought stems from my childhood because growing up with little money I thought that is how my life is suppose to be- money is greed and it is bad to have a lot of it.
    The best part of these limiting beliefs is that I have let them go. I have learned that I control what to do with my money and do GOOD things with it. I have stopped telling myself that I don’t deserve wealth because I do deserve it. I am a hard worker and shouldn’t feel guilty about doing good hard work.

    2. Who would I need to be: I would most definitely need to be confident and need to be more loving towards myself. I would need to carry less guilt and less worry.

    3. My biggest insight: Wow! There was so many.
    “The Universe can bring you more that you can bring for yourself.”
    “Fear is to darkness what love is to light.”
    I liked when she said trust in your souls journey.
    Beautiful. Thanks again Marie for sharing.

  275. I have my Mom’s voice in my head that says I need a man to take care of me and that I can’t do it by myself. I”m 52 and she’s been saying that since I was 5.
    I need to be a focused, confident woman who has an innovative, creative solution to my chosen field-corporate wellness and fitness for the over-40 crowd. This is my passion and how i choose to “give back.” It makes me happy!
    When I do something from a love-centered space, there’s no way I can fail!
    I trust god and the universe to have my back!

  276. Thank you so much for another awesome episode, Marie. Thanks a lot too for the wonderful sharing, Marianne. I felt overflowing love in your voice. I even thought that you are a living saint for the compassion you have in your heart.

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    **I am willing to let go of my limiting belief that I am an average person. Marianne reminded me how special I am and that I can do special things for the children of the world by doing my calling.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    **In order to step into a new reality, I am deciding to follow my dreams as I figure out my calling, God’s will for my life.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    **Biggest insight I experienced from today’s interview is LOVE. That living is all about love and nothing more.

    God bless!

  277. “Remember that money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity, and that the greater the realization and expression of love, the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work.”~ The Tibetan Master, Djwahl Khul, through the writings of Alice Bailey in The Externalization of the Hierarchy.

    • wendy

      yes, money is simply energy, the energy of love circulating among people.

  278. How is it that someone in their early 20s can be a life coach??? =\

  279. 1. It’s true, just like you said, that I’ve always known for generations that my family has been poor (we have poor-man stories that go back to the Titanic!) and we have seemed to “relate” to that history. It seems we just can’t get out of a rut. Sometimes I do blame my upbringing. I am totally willing to let go of these sentiments.
    2. I have to be 100% myself to step into these realities. I have to stop doubting that spark, that spirit, that love inside. The world needs me!
    3. That I am not a child of the family that I was born into – that I am a child of this universe – a spirit without limitations. I love that and I thank you for bringing this conversation to the world. <3

  280. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    That there are so many people out there doing what I do that I talk myself out of feeling confident about making my own name and impact.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I’d have to be someone who is more present and less “self-centered” in a literal sense. I realize how much my mind spins about how I can get money and make a career for myself, when all I have to do is think about WHY I am motivated and passionate about it. I will be compensated.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    It’s important to love even those that you don’t like. People outside of your circle. That was a ‘whoa’ moment.

  281. This is probably my favorite Marie TV show of all time, and I think I’ve watched them all now! Marianne is SO smart, her message so clear, every word pouring out of her soul, full of wisdom. I’m a career facilitator, and I especially love the phrase, “you can loose your job, but you can’t loose your calling.” YES! I love the idea that the universe is holding us and when we come from a place of love, we will be supported. Needed to hear this today.

    Also, thank you for addressing the big question about why innocent people suffer, it’s time for a big paradigm shift in how we care for each other on the planet. Let us unite and be a powerful, positive force. xo

  282. I LOVED this interview! I love Marie and I love Marianne and after listening, my heart is open and I just love life! Thank you! I have been reading Marianne Williamson’s quote that begins, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” each morning for the past few mornings and so when I saw she was the interview today I was so happy at the “coincidence!” I have been feeling I have to work hard and struggle to make money each time I come home from traveling and I know it isn’t true. When I’m traveling and learning about spirituality, money and abundance flows to me but I always feel I have to come back and work b/c I’m afraid I won’t really be taken care of by the Universe. I have to be more trusting and courageous with the benevolence of the Universe and just take that leap to show that my trust is tangible – it’s action! I learned from Marianne in the interview, that fear is a doorway to love. When we move through it with love, we light up our lives and the darkness we felt melts away to reveal the truth that was always there just waiting for us to see it. It feels so much more harmonious and peaceful, exactly how a truly loving God/Universe is meant to be. Thank you and I am excited for all you beautiful women (and men) who are acting with courageous heart to move into abundance and love! Thanks for all you do Marie!

  283. My limiting belief is the basis of my anxiety.

    What if it doesn’t work out. What if I lose the ones I love. What if it goes wrong? What if global warming destroys our beautiful environment?

    Fear is embedded in my nervous system so I love the idea of a supportive self organizing universe. It makes me feel safe.

    The part about envy resonated also. Envy is not a useful emotion. Too bad it comes so naturally.

    I found this conversation very uplifting and what I got from it is that I need to surrender more to the natural order of the universe.

  284. claire

    Hi Marie,
    What a stunning interview! I have many big aha moments in my spiritual self. I can not stop crying right now, it has been such a relief to listen to Marianne words of wisdom and empowerment. I can not wait to read her books! This is EXACTLY what I needed to read to reconnect with who I truly am so I can move on… as I have been stuck in my past fro the last 3 years now… I am looking for this miracle and I know that the key is within myself.

    So here are my comments:

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    I would like to let go of the idea that I will not earn the money I desire as I am afraid of dreaming too big. I am a huge dreamer, too many ppl told me that this is not good… so I thought that dreaming was a bad thing. I want to visualise my future instead and take action towards it.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I would have to be WHO I am supposed to be and not shaped by what ppl think or society. I need to step into my own shoes, and even if I believe in myself, I need to believe that I was meant to be that person. I am 100% READY (even if in France, ppl are very negative). I have to step up and think/act for myself and I can not be held back by other ppl’s visions and beliefs.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    I need to let go of my past, I know I have a calling, I left South Africa to France to realise it….then we left France as “not being the right place for biz”… but now after living and doing biz in Singapore for the past 2 years…. I realised that I am loosing my soul and my spiritual part even thought I have learnt soooo much about who I am and what I am capable of as a business woman. I have achieved great things… and it is time to return to France (2nd attempt) to realised what my true calling is.

    Thank you Marie and Thank you Marianne 🙂
    You have made my day, my week, and even more… my spiritual side is alive and it is time to feed it again 🙂
    Loads of love***

  285. May

    My limiting belief about money is that I am going to be 38 years old this year and have never ever had much money at all, infact I’ve been a broke ass musician my whole adult life…so my fear is that I never will know what it’s like to go on a shopping spree or own my own house or be a really good role model to my young daughter, I don’t want to influence her by my own fears.

    Who would I have to be?
    I would just have to be ok with myself as is

    My bigggest insight ; that our parents are our mortal parents. You can’t go on blaming them for things that they did or didn’t do.

  286. Shani

    So beautiful! Thank you!

    1) My limiting belief is that Money = Success
    2) I have to be myself, trust my heart and know that abundance will follow
    3) Love is who we are, fear is what we learn. Turn on the love when fear appears.

  287. Precious

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!! XO

  288. Andrew

    Thank you Marie, beautiful episode and show ! I am a big fan!

    It also feels good to be a man and to be able to resonate and share with all of you lovely ladies. I would like to say ~

    a) My limiting belief that I realized is that ‘Money is evil’ (Silly thought : ) )

    b) Who do you need to be and to step into this new reality (I guess which would be money is good or can be caused for good is… ) someone who is aware of money and educated about money!

    c) What is the single biggest insight or breakthrough you’ve had or experienced during this interview … the fact that money is not ‘actually bad’ it s the way it’s used or the ‘economy’ it s developed in … (i.e. like a greedy organization or corporation ect. )

    Thank again, and much love to everyone


  289. Chelsea

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    I want to let go of the belief that making money is selfish or that making money makes me less dedicated to my children because it seems I’m preoccupied with material possessions.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I would need to be confident in my own ability to offer the world what ONLY I can offer, have faith that doors would open when I needed them, and believe in LOVE throughout it all, not focus on fear.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    We are not our parents’ children (and products of our upbringing) in the true spiritual reality, we are children of God. To let go and go towards God (enlightenment) not analyze things away because that will never work.

  290. wendy

    My limiting belief : I am not good enough.
    I will need to be the person who loves myself as much as I love my children and husband and others.
    “Enlightenment is the shift in identification”(Away from the ego to the true self.)

  291. Madhu

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    1. I definitely have this belief that you have to manipulate people or be dishonest to make money in business.

    2. I have to own the fact that yes, I want to make money, but that’s not all my business is about. I want my social media and advertising to be about the fact that we as woman are beautiful, but we have more to offer the world than just beauty. We are all have a different set of amazing talents and are all amazing in different ways! We’re awesome, and we deserve to treat ourselves to (or be treated to) nice things (I’m a jewelry designer). I know that if I make my beliefs known, people who feel the same way will gravitate towards me.

    3. You should never see other people successful in your field as competition, but rather proof that you can make it, an inspiration, and maybe even someone you can ask for help and tips!

  292. Limiting belief: I won’t be able to make the money I want doing what I love.

    Who would I have to be in order to step into a new realty? Let go of the beliefs, filters and fear and just be me. Making money the way I know I can, not the way everyone else believes I should.

    Biggest Insight: Mostly a reminder: We are made to be our best.

    Thanks Marie!

  293. Becka


    Wow!! What amazing time for you and all your awesomeness to enter my life Marie!! That was the universe running according to the set plan, the acorn becoming the oak tree, and all this goose-bumpy stuff! Lol!

    1. My limiting thoughts and beliefs circulate around the realm of its selfish to want to be rich which completely contradicts my soul-purpose to help and serve with my abundance – I never dream of possessions to gain from my wealth only a way to provide a healthy, thriving life for myself and family so that we may share and provide the same for others. Another thought I don’t really think but have inherited from family is that you only ever gain through struggle – whether that be work, or life in general. Lastly, I think for the longest time now my heart and soul have not trusted my mind and its limiting thoughts and beliefs, so I filled my life with service to others (mostly family), but without first fulfilling my dreams and needs, so it ended up being a limiting action. I have acknowledged all these things and am addressing them all right now!

    2. I have to be my true, authentic, honest, soul-living, dream-chasing, free-spirited, young-at-heart, forever optimist, pure love being self!!

    3. Joy. Love. Excitement. Oneness. Devotion. Hope. Abundance. Giddiness!! 🙂

    This was pure love and magic spiralling and dancing together through a starry endless sky – I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I had goose-bumps, and I held my baby tight while we prayed!

    Thank you & hugs!

    Namaste to you both….


    CTA – taken!
    I went out almost right after watching this to a nearby used book store to just see what I might find and this is what I got…
    A Woman’s Worth – by Marianne Williamson
    Now, Discover Your Strengths – by Marcus Buckingham
    Blue Ocean Strategy – by Kim & Mauborgne

    It pays to Take Action Now!!

  294. Jeannie

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    That earning money needs to be hard.

    2.Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    Someone who is living my truth and enjoying every minute of what I am doing.

    3. 3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    That the circulation of money is essential and loving. By earning money, I then can transfer it to others. I have never thought of it that way before.

    So ready for this!

  295. May

    Hi gals,

    How did you know that you are already doing something you are destined to do? That you are not interrupting/blocking the divine providence?

    How do you tell the difference between spur of the moment and the “natural” alignment?

    Thank you very much!

  296. I spent the last part of your conversation in tears. Wow. The prayer was supremely beautiful. I’ve read many of Marianne Williamson’s books and absolutely love hearing her speak. When I listen to Marianne, I always feel as if I’m one step closer to spirit. She is so gifted and generous- thank you Marianne and Marie for sharing this beautiful conversation.

    1. I’m willing to let go of the limiting belief that work has to be tiring, a terrifying struggle and utterly unenjoyable, and that after all this effort, there will still never, never be enough money, so I’d better get used to it.

    2. I am now ready to step up and take my place in an abundant and wholly loving universe, in which I am true to my divine calling and this spirit that is wholly and uniquely mine.

    3. The biggest insight I took away from this interview is that there is only love, nothing more, and that when you’re are in a place of love, abundance, great creativity and faith in the supreme flow of the universe will follow.

    Thank you again Marianne and Marie- I feel lucky to have shared in this conversation with you and to be here now.

  297. Joy

    What a powerful interview, I am so moved by it. Thank you.

    The biggest insight I received from Marianne is that “Miracles rise from conviction.”
    I have been living so much of my life trying to play down my level of sensitivity, how much I feel about everything and how I feel for others. Just recently I am certain it is my true gift, the space that I speak from with authenticity.
    When I don’t listen to external voices or others’ opinions, and speak with conviction; my inner truth – I make the biggest impact. I inspire from this place.
    And it’s a great place to be living my life.

    I admire Marianne to her very core and this was such a great gift.

    Thank you, Marie!

  298. Ann

    1-My limiting belief is my husbands limiting belief. I believe that there is enough in the world to go around. I don’t see myself less than anyone, rich or poor. And I believe that I have enough to spend and live even a luxurious life. (the money is not there yet but I believe in the right time it will be, and we live comfortably as we are) And most of all I don’t like to tell my children that we don’t have money to get them something they want. I put it this way that we have a budget and we need to make wise choices in our spending.
    My husband is completely the opposite, and I don’t know how to deal with that. Sometimes I feel like all my positivity is hitting a brick wall. I guess my limiting belief is that I need him on board to be successful in my business and make the amount of money I like to make.

    2- I need to be me and continue on my path and believe.

    3- I was inspired by the whole video and watched it three times before leaving this comment. If I want to pick one thing is that the universe is self organized and self correcting, and that I can trust the universe to move me towards my best.

  299. Cece

    1. My limiting belief is that making money is very hard. It will take way too much really hard work for a very long time. It will completely take over my life.
    2. I need to be strong, fresh, creative and loving.
    3. Several – but the most is that even though I want to server and help my readers – I was not loving them. I need to love them and write from that space.

  300. I LOVE the moment when Marianne says, “there is nothing beautiful about what happens when money stops circulating.” It is so true. There is a lot of “money stagnation” in the area I live in. Sometimes it extends back for generations and can be really terrible. I’m an artist, which is not the usual career path around here. I love where I live because it’s beautiful, inspiring, and affordable but it can be hard to justify what I do when people not that far away from me are hungry and cold. I have recently come to understand that beauty IS a necessary part of life and it is worth the amount of money that I need to charge so I can live a comfortable life and help others as well. I have made peace with this inside myself and discussed it a bit online with friends but I have yet to really go public with my belief in the necessity of beauty. Summer craft festivals are coming up and I know I will do a few. I need to be confidant enough to defend my prices and my unusual style when people come through and make negative comments. In general I need to set an example that being an artist is a possible career. I was always told it was most likely not. The archetype of the starving artist doesn’t serve anyone, or any culture.

  301. Amazing video! My limiting belief is around making money from my calling and having to hustle in many other ways to cash flow my passions. To step into the new reality I must be my full bright shiny self and magnetically attracting all the people and resources to support the vision. The single biggest breakthrough is its ok to write another book or create another product. Have had a big judgment as so many of us now make our money online and not doing work in the real world but perhaps this is what needs to be done right now.

  302. Melissa

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    I am always attracting the same type of work place situation
    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    Not sure?
    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    I love acting because of how it makes me feel and that I can share my emotions with others and affect a change in them

  303. dolores

    1. You have to work very much, much more than any other and you have to work hard, much harder than any other.
    2. A tougher believer in myself, in my qualities, my talents, my experiences.
    And a better friend to myself. Treating me in the best way is the minimum.
    Dealing with me like I am precious diamond! (Not like I am the last cleaning woman – even her I would treat better …)
    Who should do that for me?
    3. Start loving yourself. NOW!

  304. When I saw that you did an interview with Marianne I was super excited because I love you both! I loved Marianne’s book so much that I also took part in her five lesson course on The Law Of Divine Compensation which was amazing. And the timing for this interview is incredible! Because on the same day I hired a new coach to rev up my game when it comes to my business.

    1. So – a limiting belief that I already let go of is that I can’t earn money doing work I love. But what I see still lingering in my mind is the belief that it is DIFFICULT to earn money doing work I love and that it takes a long TIME before I will ever experience even a hint of success.

    2. I would have to be myself! My true authentic self. I have to be vulnerable and allow others to SEE ME for who I really am.
    Not afraid of being judged but being open and honest. Sharing my story and sharing my personality.

    I know it’s within me. I just have to open up and let my light shine. My favorite quote of all time (which really is the metaphor of my life) is

    And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

    Right now my bud is just a crack open. But through that crack I can see outside. I can see what’s possible and what is there patiently waiting for me to open up.

    3. Another limiting belief I’m ready and willing to let go is that somehow I am more “safe” when I play small. Intellectually I know that this is not true. I know I will never be safe, let alone happy, playing small. I know I am meant to blossom out and flourish. But this intellectual concept still has to make it’s “journey without distance from the head to the heart” as it says in A Course in Miracles. I am willing to go there. I am willing to crack wide open and rise to the top! Universe – show me what you got! 😉

  305. Tricia Valentine

    I love all episodes of Marie TV, but this one for me has been the most amazingly uplifting of them all. Are you kidding – Marianne Williamson?! Tears and rewinding were plentiful while I listened to this episode.

    What stood out to me the most was her description of being stuck in a personal quest for abundance rather than a collective quest. The fact that people could starve in this world has always touched a nerve with me. Marianne made me feel as if I can actually do something about it, starting with a shift in consciousness on my part. I accept the challenge.

    1. That I am somehow not enough. Correction – I am walking in my deepest desires and the universe can auto correct my missteps until I am walking in complete love.

    2. Someone who is conscious that everyday I am edging out fear and welcoming love.

    3. I’ve always believed that there are two realities – love and fear. Marianne helped me realize that fear is not really a reality but an illusion we have chosen to believe.

    Thank you both Marie and Marianne for that little give of love you gave that I hope goes viral!

  306. Jill

    1. Limiting belief: Why me? Which lends to an “I can’t” belief.

    2. Who do I need to be? LOVE!!!! It all comes down to love, I see now!

    3. Greatest breakthrough: That there are 2 categories of thought, Fear or Love. And turning on love disappears the fear. There’s never a need to focus on fear, rationalize through it, or reason through it to release it. Just focus on love!!!!

  307. Sarah

    Lovely interview. Marianne is a wonderful wise woman. However, I am not sure she actually answered the question about starving children … the question was if it is really enough if we change our own perspective from fear to love or maybe we must admit that circumstances matter as well ( or even more like in the case of starving children). Those dying children can have loving attitude and perception all they want but if there is still lack of love in other parts in the world – there perception of love those not help much. Marianne chose to answer totally different question – if the attitude of love matters – of course it does and of course bottom line of all problems is lack of love and care. But question here was – can ANY individual change his/her world by changing his/her perception or is it only possible for some people. Is it enough for starving children to change their perception? The answer is obviously no. So yes for us in the west changing our own perception may be enough but is it true for everyone in the world? I am afraid not

  308. Jen

    I found this too all over the place and abstract. I’m not sure if the topic is too philosophical or if Marianne is just not a very good speaker.

  309. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for posting this wonderful interview. At a time when so many of us are being challenged through your B-School to follow our calling and step-up to it, Marianne Williamson’s words really strike a cord.
    With regards to this week’s challenge:

    1. The limiting belief I am willing to let go of is that I need to work for a 3rd party in order to have a successful career.

    2. To step into a new reality in which I am running my own business, I need to be a confident entrepreneur, who consciously follows her calling and (to paraphrase Sir Richard Branson) makes money while doing good.

    3. The biggest insight I’ve experienced from this interview is that our innate calling is something that is always with us and cannot be taken away from us. All we have to do to find it and follow it is listen to a voice inside ourselves, to unclutter our minds from the preconceived thoughts that we often gather during the course of our lives.

    Thank you Marie and Marianne for sharing your thoughts!
    Elsa Alexandra

  310. Firstly a big thank you to Marie and Marianne for this interview… It has lifted my spirits even higher.
    A limiting belief I have is that “who am I to think I can succeed to the highest level in my life”… After watching this interview I have had the aha moment that I was born with the right to succeed to the highest level but I was also born with the right to assist as many others as I can to achieve this same level of “success” in their lives.
    I need to be the best version the universe will allow me to be and I know I can do this if I stop talking my own self out of it…
    My biggest shift after this was that the universe is erady to provide all of the success’s you could imagine if you just open yourself up to the idea.

  311. Thanks so much for this video Marie!
    1. My limiting beliefs regarding money is that I believe that the rich people made their money with unethical jobs. So to be rich means that a person is not in line with what is important for me.
    2. Well, this was a good answer from Marianne: I should be so much preoccupied with this thought and of course I know a big number of rich people who made their money with proper work. So the change I have to go through is to have more love for the rich (and as well for the poor too).
    There is one thought which does help me to think in a positive way about getting more money, and that is that I can do so much good with it, help those whom I think need help.
    3. The biggest insight was that I am NOT just the child of my parents, but the child of GOD, meaning that there are no limitations regarding my inherited background.

    I just ordered Marianne’s book I am fascinated of what she is talking about.

  312. My limiting belief that I am willingly letting go of as of today is my worry on how i will be received…. After listening to today talk with Marianne Williamson and last weeks talk on fascinate I know and understand that I MUST moved forward and not concern myself with others who might judge me harshly and challenge me. For years I’ve held back my greatest gifts because of that, But today I am not afraid anymore. My number One gift is for children of the world and I will move forward and give my God given gifts.
    Who will I have to be? heres the kicker MYSELF I have to be ME.

    The single most important thing I got out of the interview is We as Women are responsible for feeding the children, I always Knew that, it was always an innate knowing Marianne just said it out loud and gave me some sisterly confirmation on it and I am going to join forces with you Marie and Kiva to begin my contribution. Thanks again with Love and enlightenment.
    Peace & Grace

  313. Thank you! Just what I needed this morning. It lifted me from a low place, the fear that all the work I’m doing would lead to nothing.

    My nudge from the universe was to write a book. Now that I’ve written the book I’ve discovered how many lonely people there are in the world. The book is a straight forward do-it-yourself guide called, Sharing Housing, A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates. The companion website has lots of good stuff on it, I have a really good workshop, and most of the time I’m moving forward with a conviction that this work is important and will help millions of people. My shift is to create a daily meditation space so that I can be led more clearly.

  314. Amy

    Marie You Rock! I have been reading this book of Marianne’s for the past two months. I keep my kindle by my bed and read a bit of inspiration everynight and as soon as I wake up.I completely love this and notice each time I am operating from a place of love or not. It is so amazing to realize there is just LOVE and everything else that is a reaction to not having love. Thank you again for being such a guiding light.

  315. Rosemary

    Thank you Marie and Marianne. For all of you, here is the prayer written out: “Dear God for all of us who are joined here, we place in your hands our burdens and our questions and our responsibilities. We place in your hands our debts and we place in your hands our assets. We place in your hands our fears about money and work. And we place in your hands our visions, and our prayers and our hopes for money and work. In this, and in all things, dear God, we pray to be lifted to the highest level of divine order. May we be whom you would have us be that we might do what you would have us do. May our work in the world, dear God, be more than just a job, may it be a calling. As each of us now surrenders ourselves and ask that we may be used by you, that whatever we do, it be a conduit for the love that uplifts all things. May the brilliance and the genius that is your spirit within us move through us in collaboration with the genius moving through everyone else to create the most beautiful world. And so it is that, together, we say Amen.”

  316. Rachel

    1. Not good at making money, never have been. Chose a career that’s impossible to make money doing, I’m not good enough/important enough to make money.

    2. The person in my dreams, the voice that constantly tells me what I would love to be doing and knows what I’m capable of doing. The person that’s hiding behind all the fear.

    3. What we as women can contribute to the world by being ourselves and doing what we are designed to do, feeling and sharing the love.

    Thank you.

  317. limiting belief- my life is a “blank document”
    new belief- God’swill.doc
    who am i-simply put, I am who I am, and the universe will bring you far more than you could ever create on your own, so let go of your fears by believing in the love & care of the God who created you and brought you to here, celebrate all that is successful because success is yours too!
    biggest insight-economy is irrelevant to feed & nourish god’s people, live your life with the CONVICTION that God’s will is a REAL POWER that guides the universe towards more and more goodwill, beauty, and love.

    Thank you!

  318. Sarah

    1. My limiting belief has been that I have not been ‘special’ enough to achieve my dreams. That I am normal and human and should experience normal and mundane human routines and struggles, that I shouldn’t be entitled to achieve all of my dreams and desires because only a handful of people get to do that… because they are more ‘special.’ I now recognise this as bull-sh*t and am ready to let this go and embrace the fact that there is room for me at my absolute best in this life-time and the universe supports this whole-heartedly. We are all special, in our own unique ways.

    2. I need to believe. I have confidence in what I do and experience in what I do, but don’t know if I have ever truly reached a state of TRULY believing it will happen. I need to visualise myself at my best and BELIEVE, un-deniably, that it will happen. Belief is the key for me.

    3. The most powerful insight I had from this gorgeous interview was how the universe can ‘fix things.’ It was amazing listening to her pointing out about how the body can heal itself, a broken tree branch will grow back, a flooded city will eventually dry out in the sun. There universe will restore balance if we just let it. This to me is so incredibly amazing. I am in awe of life and god and so willing to trust that it will help me and ‘correct’ me on my journey.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Marie. You are so very special and such an asset to this world xo

    • Catt

      Careful with the word “belief” as it inherently implies doubt. Confidence is not something you can “believe hard enough” and then viola you have it. You have confidence already about many things, such as your ability to use your computer and that does not take “belief”. Careful of the words you choose as it could get you stuck in one place for a long time.

  319. Catt

    Ok so many comments but I have an important question/clarification..
    I thought about this all day yesterday about the “best answer ever” to why kids are starving in Africa. I agree that its a lack of love on our behalf and yes it is very fear-based to hoarde all our money for defense material instead of feeding the kids. What I don’t find satisfying to the mind in this argument is that that argument opens doors to victimization – in effect anything bad happening in our lives could just be said is the person who is acting fearfully’s fault and has nothing to do with us. I learned from God that there are no coincidences, and yes these things are usually created by the lot of us as a demonstration of who we are not in order for you to experience who you really are, but creating the circumstances for the event itself I dont find it satisfying to say “it is the ones who have more than enough that aren’t aligned with love” or that all of us as a whole are not aligned with love. I understand that life was “set-up” by us when we chose to take on physical form but I also *think* (not sure..or I *try* to be sure..) that circumstances, directly or indirectly, must take form in thoughts in our mind in some way (ie, not completely just people on the other side of the world’s fear-based thoughts) to produce the experience. Yes it makes me slightly ill to think that children brought it upon themselves and I am not stating that as a fact I’m just feeling kind of inconsistent with these principles.

  320. Thank you so much for this inspiring interview!

    1. That people would not be interested in the art that I create and of course, that whole idea of being a “starving artist”.

    2. I have to be that brave, bold, and creative soul who apologetically follows her dreams and inspires others to do the same. I have to let go of my insecurities, my past failures/mistakes, and open my life to God and the Universe to receive all of its goodness.

    3. So many wonderful insights! I guess my favorite one was “What gets us in trouble is meeting a limited circumstance with limited thought.” Whoa!

    • I meant *unapologetically follows her dreams. 🙂

  321. Although there were of course great nuggets through out this interview…the prayer at the end was the best. As always, marie, you’ve given me something so great i just have to share it, so i have forwarded this interview to a number of friends including my husband! Let’s spread the word and make the world and everyone in it better. thank you girlfriend

  322. Arlen

    Thanks so much both of you girl for being out there and share all this wonderful and enriching insight to so many important current life matters. Just fell in love with this video and it’s been really something that has opened my heart and mind to where I want to go and how I want to be.
    My limiting belief has always been about being ashamed of making money or having a successful career when someone in my close family can’t and because of that I’ve felt frustated most of my life and jut placing hindrances to myself thinking I dont want to be more than my loved one are for fear of making them seem less.
    But now listening to everything so revealing you have to say I’ve realized there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be someone and care for finances, as long as you stay focused on the idea that love should be your bottom line. Actually, using your talents, your calling, whatever it may be can be the door to your contribution to your family’s, your community’s well-being as well as the world around you.
    I’ve just figured that out! and thank you both deeply 🙂
    And yes, we should definitely celebrate other people’s success; it’s one of the greatest way to increase our opportunity to be genuinely happy 😀

  323. 1) That money is difficult to acquire
    2) Center myself on loving thoughts – give and love (including myself) unconditionally
    3) That I need to forgive my sister and love her unconditionally

  324. 1.
    My limiting belief is that charging money/what I’m worth is dirty (shameful, makes me feel shameful).
    I have to become a person who is confident in my gifts and the value I add to people’s lives.
    My biggest insight from this interview is that I am obligated to become successful, not just for me, but for the world. I want to use the power of money to heal the lives of people I’ve never met.

  325. OK. Wow! Such a great reminder.

    I would say my limiting belief that I have when it comes to money/work is that it has to be hard. This has caused me a lot of frustration. In fact writing that right now makes me feel bad because I think I have reinforced that belief in others.

    I am willing to let that go. I am willing to be gentle with myself.

    I would say the most powerful thing that I will take away from this is the reminder of love. I know that we all have an infinite capacity for love, so I need to make a greater effort to stay in that heart space in all my dealings.

  326. Oyinda

    I have to admit that I’m not quite following the rules here.
    But I just had to share that almost the whole way throughout this interview, I was crying my eyes out.
    Even though the topic was on work and money, the only thing that I registered from Marianne’s soothing voice was about life purpose.
    There was a particular point when she was talking about making a change in the world, that reignited an explosion of tears and blubbering. And in despair I thought, “But I can’t”.
    Then a little voice inside me said, “Yes you can. And you will”.
    So to everyone out there, trying to make a positive change in their lives or in the world,
    Yes you can. And you will.

  327. Deborah

    Thank you Marianne and Marie!
    Whew…this brings up so many emotions for me. I grew up in an abusive, neglectful and extremely poor family and somehow as a child I had this inner joy….I was always smiling and happy!
    At 12 years old I ran away from home (because I thought I deserved a better life!) and lived in a series of foster homes until I was on my own at 16.
    Unfortunately, I left behind 3 brothers and younger sister that were not (resilient enough?) and have remained poor, 2 were homeless!
    My entire life I have always tried to help them as much as I could financially because I was always able to get good jobs and advance my career.
    I pay for apartments for my 2 brothers and send my sister money every month.

    HERE’S MY LIMITING BELIEF: I feel soooo guilty being successful and making more money that I end up just giving it away! My guilt is from leaving my siblings behind! I feel responsible some how for their well being because they had such a terrible childhood! As a result I have enabled them and they constantly call asking for help and it’s hard for me to say no!
    I am learning every day now to just give them love and not take on their problems.

    WHO WOULD I HAVE TO BE: My authentic self, the goddess I was born to be; full of goodness, beauty and strength, the infinite spirit that I am, living in this physical human body for this truly amazing experience!

    2 years ago I found myself in a desperate situation, after my twins graduated from college I was living in NYC and lost $100K to a company that was helping me build a website and failed! Because I wasn’t focusing on my current job I lost clients (basically I made a lot of bad decisions!) There were times I couldn’t pay my bills and help my family! I was so afraid and defeated. I had no one to rely on, I had been divorced for 18 years and had no parents or boyfriend…I was alone!

    Then one morning I woke and made a conscious decision to “FLIP” my thoughts from “Oh Whoa is Me!” to “Yippee!” Every time I would get nervous, anxious or fearful thought about my current situation, I would flip it to thoughts of “OMG…I have so much money it’s literally falling out of my wallet! I have beautiful apartment in NYC and home in FL! My husband is amazing and so wonderful to me! We travel all over the world! I have the ability to make a difference in so many peoples lives!”

    Well guess what! 6 months later I met an amazing man, got married, we bought a gorgeous apartment in NYC and live in a magnificent home in FL!
    We travel and have fun! We are involved in many charities and my favorite is helping to make a difference in young children’s lives!

    WHAT’S MY BIGGEST INSIGHT FROM THIS BLOG: Goodness and love, with a big dose of combining thoughts of what you want with the FEELING of having it in your life NOW! I literally used to skip down the stairs to the hot, dirty subways thinking about the life I wanted (as if I already had it) with a great big smile on my face and joy in my heart!! It sounds easy, and I know it’s not…but the law of attraction does work!!

    Sending love and good energy to everyone in this group!

    • Tunde

      Oh my god, Deborah, that is SUCH an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing it with everyone! Love & good energy received, with thanks, and right back atchya!

  328. I’m so thankful for this interview!

    When I found out that Marie came across Marianne Williamson in the Union Square Barnes in Nobles I was in shock. When I did a short course in NYU for the summer (i’m originally from portugal, live in London) Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie fell off the shelf and it was through her that I came across both Marie and Marianne Williamson, and it was in that same place that my wonderful journey began – so I was really excited to find out that Marie was standing in that same book shop, finding her journey. 🙂

    I love you both, and you have both made an incredible difference in my life. I wake up to Marie’s videos to get energised & inspired and fall asleep to Marianne’s audio books, because I love her voice and her teachings so much.

    I also loved the design on the video, and would love to know who did it. 🙂 So I can be inspired some more 😉

    1. My limiting belief is that my design doesn’t look professional enough
    2. I have to start designing the things I love, instead of what I think people are expecting me to design
    3. The prayer was really important to me, because I am about to graduate and am a little scared as to what I am to do next, but I’ll just keep saying that prayer and trust that I will be guided as to how to use my gifts for the world.

    Thank you for all you do Marianne and Marie,
    And love to all who are now listening to this,


  329. Marie Thank you so much! Your videos are always right on time. The universe is always right on time. I felt like she was talking directly to me.

  330. colette

    just what i needed to hear!

    1. my limiting belief is that “i never get paid enough”, even though i believe what i deserve to be financially supported. i keep on getting frustrated with my company and just realized my thoughts are coming from a place of fear.

    2. i need to be confident and self-assured

    3. To have conviction in what i believe and truly go for what my heart desires. to live my calling and not just float around in life working a job that is limiting.

    big thanks for the assignment, it was much needed 🙂

  331. Thank you both for such an amazing interview!

    When I found out that Marie came across Marianne’s work in the Union Square Barnes and Nobles, my jaw hit the floor. It meant a lot to me, because it was in that same Barnes and Nobles in Union Square, when I was taking a summer course in NYU, (side note: I’m from Portugal, living in London) that Gabrielle Bernstein’s book Spirit Junkie fell off the shelf, and it was thanks to her that I came across both Marie and Marianne’s work. It was in that shop that I began my true journey and it gives me chills to know that Marie was standing in the same place, working out her journey as well.

    So in answer to the video:

    1. My limiting belief is that my work is not exciting enough to make it in the real world (I’m about to graduate)

    2. I need to start designing more of what I love and enjoy, and less of what the industry is producing and what I think people expect me to produce

    3. The prayer at the end was really important to me as I am still not sure how I am going to use my creative skills to benefit the world, so I’ll just keep in mind that I don’t have to worry and that I will be guided to using my gifts to their full potential to benefit others.

    If you are looking to give your business a visual make over, I am taking Marie’s advice and taking on some clients for free, so I can get some experience going. Just take a look at my website and see if you think I’ve got what it takes to design the sort of thing you’re after.

    Thank you both Marie and Marianne,
    Keep shining your light!
    And love to all of those on this page,


  332. 1. A sense of unworthiness is what it boils down to.
    2. My highest self.
    3. That I am safe to be that.

  333. Monica

    What really shifted for me was the thought that there is an natural intelligence to everything in life and not just nature (animals & plants). That an embryo is supported as much as the birds are fed. Of course when it comes to finding your love or creating wealth in your life, its much easier to believe that that’s not going to happen or it won’t be as great as you imagine it to be. However, when she said “its how the universe is designed to work” really gave me a sense of relaxation. Like its already in the works and its something I whole heartily deserve. More importantly that I don’t have to work so hard and try to control the manifestation of it all. Just be present and allow life to unfold before you as its divinely meant to <3

  334. Becky

    #1 You either have to be “connected” to make money or live such an unbalanced life (long hours, little time with family, etc) to make money….Good-bye sabotaging belief! That feels good 🙂
    #2 I have to be “tuned in”, all loving & accepting to allow the alignment to spontaneously occur.
    #3 Who knew that the files for our ideal life are ready, waiting to be downloaded?

  335. Gina Kaegi

    Thanks Marie for introducing Marianne to me today. Wow, what sticks with me most is the following…
    A job is something you can loose but your “calling” stays with you forever…it was with you the moment you were born. POWERFUL INSIGHT

  336. Erica

    WOW, this is absolutely phenomenal!! I was beginning to fret because a full day had gone by without having had a chance to watch this episode. I typically watches the moment I receive the e-mail. However, as divine timing would have it, I clicked on to watch the episode at the exact moment I was able to absorb the thoughts shared in this episode.

    Marie, thank you for bringing this priceless knowledge to us this week. I am a huge fan and student of Marianne Williamson. Every time I hear her speak or read something of hers, I am tremendously blessed by what she has to offer. It is as if the messages are tailor made just for me. :o)

    Now to your challenge…..

    A limiting belief that I have been holding that I’m willing to let go; is the thought that the gift to encourage and enrich others lives through my speaking, writing and mentoring is not prestigious or significant enough to hold as a career. The people I admire the most do the very thing that I want to do for a living and I know this limited thinking is an inhibitor and I’m ready to let it go.

    Next, I need not to become but simply “be” the best version of who God has created me to be. I believe that leading my life with authenticity and integrity will allow me to align with divine purpose in order to live the life I envision for myself.

    And last…
    The single biggest shift from watching this video today was hearing Marianne say, ” You can lose your job but you can’t lose your calling” I so needed to hear this. I was laid off several months back and have been really struggling to embrace my gifts and forge forward in a new way that is beyond what any “job” can offer.

    Again, thank you Marie for this awesome episode and continuing to provide substantive content each week!

    Much love,


  337. Carie Lawrence

    Thank you Marie and Marianne for this very inspiring interview. Such an amazing gift this is.

    1. The whole lack conciousness mindset I keep repeating to myself: I don’t have enough money, time, energy, support, resources, etc…to create the business and life that I really want and need. The one that I was truly meant to be and do in the world. The one that will support and nuture not only myself, but also my family, my community and the world. Every time I believe one of those thoughts more energy drains from by body.

    2. I would have to be more mindful of my thoughts. Because most of the time I don’t realize in the moment when I am buying into those fear based thoughts of lack. And I would have to be willing to be more Loving. Just enough to muster up the courage to turn on the Light and realize that all those things that I am fearing are not truly real. Which brings me to the third question…

    3. Fear isn’t a real thing. As soon as you shift to Love, the fear disappears. Like darkness when you turn on the light.
    I have heard Marianne say this in similair ways before several times in her books and on Oprah, but I didn’t quite fully understand what that meant.

    I am actually reading A Return to Love right now. Great timing. Thanks again to you both, for who you are and the work that you do.

  338. 1. I was laid off over a year ago and I have been unable to find work. I have the negative thoughts that I will not find my true purpose or have the strength to fulfill my life’s destiny because I am a failure. I feel like I am not good enough and that I wasted a ton of money getting a Masters degree in psychology because I am not working. Nothing seems to be working for me any longer. I am poor and feel like I am being punished. I have lost my confidence. I want to let go of these limiting beliefs. I am ready to turn these negative thoughts over to God and let him replace them with love.
    2. I would have to be solid in my faith in order to replace my fear. I would have to believe God’s word completely. I would have to know that I am good enough and deserving of a successful career, financial abundance, and a happy life full of love.
    3. That the father that abandoned me in this life is not my father. That my alcoholic abusive mother in this life is not my mother. I no longer have to be held to my painful past because of my earthly parents. God is my Father and Mother and with Him all things are possible. I will succeed in what I am called to do and will no longer have to worry about lack and scarcity.

    Thank you for providing this video. It was very inspirational.

  339. Jerusalem

    Oh gosh where do I start… This video (and, interestingly enough, other things I’ve been running into all week) is an answer to an internal dialogue I have been having about my views on money – very recently I have realized that I may be sabotaging my own financial abundance.

    I am my father’s daughter. I have grown up with a hard-working entrepreneur as one of my role-models: my dad and mom came to this country very young, just married, and barely speaking English. Fast forward and this is the same man who has started several businesses and owns rental properties all over my home state. But he works a crap-ton, and when I try to get him to slow down and relax he will commonly say “I will rest when I’m dead.”

    I think I carry a limiting belief that working tirelessly and nonstop is the only way to work.

    I work for a nonprofit, and deal with at-risk teens in tough communities. It’s nonstop and we can never do enough it seems. You feel worn out especially when you don’t see the immediate impact of your hard work. I don’t make much but I have always prided myself on working for a cause and not for money (another limiting belief!).

    I am hugely repelled by materialistic/flashy types and I know I have judged them harshly; making assumptions on how they spend and if ‘they’ deserve it over others.

    By others, I mean folks who work for schools, nonprofits, social services, etc.; people, like myself, who are helping to build youth, families, communities, and doing it, unfortunately, for not much compensation.

    As I write this I am realizing that I am resentful in some way for the type of work I do. It seems like I am resenting the rich/affluent in a self-righteous, “but I work harder” way. I think a strong work ethic is absolutely a virtue but I do not think that requires being forever broke, working till you’re burned out and sick, or resentfully giving up a more comfortable lifestyle for a cause.
    I acknowledge this, accept it, and I am letting it go.

    Who would I have to become in this new reality? My more mature self. I think working towards a bigger intrinsic goal is still the ultimate work, but I am not going to limit that to just certain roles and capacities. My more mature self will not despise money and those who already have lots of it. My more mature self will instead know that I deserve to be financially abundant as I do nutritionally full. That while money is not my bottom-line, I know I can use money as a way to facilitate this larger vision into manifestation.

    Lastly, my biggest insight would have to be Marianne’s point of darkness not being an actual ‘thing,’ but just the absence of light. I thought that was powerful. I am not trying to fight my fears or make them disappear – as I am addressing my fears one by one I am choosing awareness and shedding light onto them.

  340. Sam

    I don’t get it with “starving, abused, abandoned, children”, it just contradicts the “abundance of the universe” theory.

    • Deborah

      I was a starving, abused and abandoned child and the “abundance of the universe” theory for me was that I was able to create a life that I dreamed of through the Law of Attraction.

      I kept my thoughts and actions in love, beauty, joy and abundance and the universe brought to me all the thoughts and feelings that I was putting out there. Miracles do happen! When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change! (Wayne Dyer)

  341. Sam

    I don’t get it with “starving, abused, abandoned children”, it just contradicts the “abundance of the universe” theory.

  342. Giovanna

    I loved when Marianne talked about women doing in the World the same that they do at home, which is to make sure that children are fed first, above all of us! So true & inspiring!

  343. Madelain Burgoyne

    1) I was told that I would never have a successful career by my parents and that I would have to marry a wealthy man and have him take care of me.

    I knew that was not the truth! My limiting belief was more around finding a career that was meaningful. I used to believe that I would never earn passed a certain amount because I never got a university degree.

    Now as a very new entrepreneur, that belief has been dispelled. now it’s more around wether what I’m offering is valuable to others out there… and how to
    present the best of what I know to my clients… gaining more of the clients I want.

    2) I would have to be more clear on what I’m offering, more confidant in my autonomy and have faith that I do actually know what I know…

    3) The biggest insight; wow , there were many… the one I loved the most is more of a resonance that stood out than an insight as I have discovered this on my own journey… and that is that you do not have to conform to the belief that you have to go find a job like everyone else if that’s not really what you’re passionate about. You don’t have to push how you earn you money the way we have been told we should.
    Your calling can be turned into being part of the “conscious economy” being of value that solves a problem you can address and see, offering a solution to a need. You can create your own tribe, business, value, based around your unique gifts, skills which will in turn grow you into more of your potential… the evolution and the experience of that evolution is the miracle!

    You can create your own culture and you do not need anyone’s permission (but your own) to do so. You can thrive at the same time.


  344. Megan

    Breakdown to breakthrough. Cried 3 times during that interview. Thank you so much Marianne and Marie for coming together so powerfully.

    1) I’m ready to let go of the belief that I’m not entitled to live my calling and be financially abundant.

    2) I’d have to be a person who shuts out fear with love FOR MYSELF. Really loving myself in order to go for the things that scare me, no matter the outcome.

    3) The whole love part. Being love to everyone and everything. Also, celebrating the success of others and asking God to remove the envy so that I don’t block what the Universe can give me.

  345. DOTTIE

    Thank you Marie and Marianne!! I love you both!

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    As I child I was also told and always felt that there was never enough. I came from a family who spoke of lack. I know that was not and is not true, so I am working on breaking that in myself and with my grown daughters because I feel I may have passed that belief onto them. I also feel I do not have enough knowledge to begin my business even though I have studied feng shui for 18 years and have practiced it personally since then as well. I have no confidence in myself.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    I would have to believe in my skills and myself. Also, I would also have to be the faithful b=person that I thin am and put that faith into action.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    Love Love Love…

  346. Thank You Marie for this one!! What a great interview and what a amazing ending to it! Loved it!
    Well the number one thing that I need to do is to step into the fearless spirit. Just like she said, let the love lead my way and every minute of it!
    And I love the way she spoke about our callings! It is the way to see it, just skip the work title and let the calling title come instead!:))

    Thank you for all that you do!:)) Love the inspiration you give to us all!::)

  347. Wow!

    #3: I’ve been dancing around my true calling for years and I just need to embrace it . . . it isn’t flashy or fancy–but it is mine! 🙂 In my mind I have an idea of what would be “ideal” but in chasing the ideal . . . I’ve missed out on the “real deal.”

    #2: Wow to have “all that is not you will drop of it’s own dead weight”–so if I let it go . . . it really will go. I get that now–when she said that. I can look back and say (with confidence) what happened to me here . . . was never supposed to be part of me, so I can let it go and it will leave me!” amazing.

    #1: I need to let go of ages 12-25. I wish that I would have been told that I have a mortal parents yet I am a child of God. Let the miracles happen!

  348. Limiting belief- When things are going really well I am waiting for the shoe to drop.

    Correcting belief- The universe is abundant and good. Anything to the contrary is just a disguise for somthing better to come.

    what I learned from this interview- if there is someone you need to forgive, you are blocking your love flow. Limiting your mojo. I have a friend who I love despite the fact that we had an unpleasant series of events that led to us not speaking. Yet, I still spend energy on working around the blocked love. I will call her today.

  349. Krissy

    1: If I do what I really love it won’t be enough to sustain me. That my passion should be “something I do on the side” and that it can’t be my career. That my heart’s wild longing is not practical or meaningful enough to dedicate my time and energy to. That what someone else thinks is more important than what I feel in my heart.

    2: Someone fearless, so fully sure of my convictions and what my gifts are to the world. Someone who believes that the universe will provide for me, that I will not die or be less special or important if I do what I love rather than do what looks successful from the outside.

    3: Jobs come and go but a calling is something I was born with. Who am I to try to put myself in a box of what I should be doing rather than doing what god wants me to do?

    • Krissy, I hear ya loud and clear! I’m glad I read your comment because the ah-ha that you had touched my heart to. Isn’t God’s will enough for us? Anything that we try to do on our own is microscopic compared to His will. Stick to your calling girl! God will reward you.

  350. Africa Archield

    Limiting Belief – This popped out of my mouth as I discussed the interview with my husband: I believe he should make more than I do.

    Who Would I Be – I need to just be me; the really zany, crazy, compassionate me that I am starting to let loose again!

    Insight – Wow! Marie & Marianne provided an abundance of nourishment today in this interview. I have an entire page full of notes! I think my insight was my reaction to the interview. I was in tears by the end. I thought about my husband and his deferred mission/calling. I felt awesomely blessed by the prayer Marianne offered for all of us. I received loads of confirmation for my own calling and stand on the promise God made to provide a way for me to fulfill it.

    Thank you! Thank you for such a smart, pointed conversation that was full of inspiration!

  351. Thank you Marie, this was a wonderful interview. I really needed to hear this message.

  352. I LOVE YOU! I love you Marie, and I love you Marianne! I want to listen to this audio every single freaking day. I read Divine Compensation when Marianne first released it. It’s so easy to forget all the juicy goodness that was packed in that book. Okay…here’s my answers:
    1. Limiting belief: I don’t have what it takes to become a powerful speaker and coach.
    2. I need to be open to inspiration and Divine Guidance.
    3. My biggest ah-ha was when Marianne quoted in ACIM: Beware of the power of an unrecognized belief! I love this! I am going to recognize all my beliefs from now on and see how they work in my life. (And of course change them to higher-vibing thoughts that serve me better!)

    P.S. Did I say how much I love you?

  353. Anna

    I believe that when you ask a question to the universe you receive an answer indirectly, when you least expect it and with no expectation.For a couple of years now I have been in “limbo” due to my separation and I have been sabotaging myself ever since.My limiting belief is that I don’t deserve to be happy and that it’s all too hard and that I need to feel pain in order to be successful.I am enlightened by this interview today,on so many levels, I realise that it’s ok to want love in my life, that it’s acceptable to want to be successful and that I really do deserve it.Fear is the greatest road block in my life and my calling is staring me right in the face that I need to slap myself out of it.This interview has been the reality slap that I needed to re ignite the real me into living in this present moment,allowing love in again,opening myself up and smashing the wall down.Today is my choice to take a chance on “me” and not having an expectation other than believing in myself and that the choices that I make are mine.
    I thank God today, for answering my question by sending the both of you to me, all the way to Australia, I love life and I love myself enough to begin being the true me.
    I thank you both for a powerful blessing that you have bestowed upon so many, I intend to pay it forward.

    My deepest gratitude from afar, Anna K.

  354. Serena

    1) My limiting belief is so deeply rooted that I only recently recognized it as a belief. It’s a belief that came from the best intentions – My mother believed strongly in raising me as an equal. That was limiting because I needed someone to look up to as a mentor. I didn’t have the capacity to meet her as an equal, which left me feeling incapable. As an adult, it limited my capacity to expand beyond her for fear of breaking my loyalty to her. In addition both of my parents had very self limiting beliefs. They wanted the best for me but I unconsciously believed that passing them up would be a deep betrayal.

    2) It was after becoming a parent myself that I understood how fallible parents are. I was able to forgive them for not yet being the people themselves, that they hoped I would become. I’ve recognized that rather than being equals, it’s important to raise children with mutual respect, giving both the parent and child permission to admire and learn from the other, but to truly be where they each are in their personal development. It ultimately gives the child permission to soar to their greatest potential. So, accepting myself, my parents and my children as being exactly where they need to be in their path is freeing me from those feelings of obligation and guilt.

    3) I had already come to this awareness about a month ago, and Marianne reinforced it today – Our parents are not our real parents. Only God is our real mother or father. I held my parents up to incredibly high standards and when they couldn’t match up to my expectations, I lived for years with deep seated anger and resentment. In recognizing that my expectations were set to God like standards, I can accept them for being the imperfect humans they are, release myself from the vicious cycle of blame, and tap into the unfettered potential that has been mine to develop all along.

  355. Thank you M & M for a really inspirational soul feeding session – love you both xx
    1. Limiting belief – that I don’t know what I want and I don’t have what it takes
    2. To trust I am love that I am
    3. Love what you do and do what you love – work is a calling and a blessing…God what would you have me do today?
    <3 <3 <3

  356. TY so much, Marie and Marianne. Such a beautiful conversation. So happy to have come across this today.
    1) limiting belief willing to let go – that my deepest, truest work will never find its audience or make a difference,
    2) I’d need to be willing to be a person who fully embraces the law of divine compensation + willing to forgive those who have discredited me in the past, not allowing it to temper my free sharing of what I have to offer,
    3) biggest insight from today’s interview – my unique calling cannot be taken away. So much gratitude for that reminder.
    With love and gratitude, Dawn

  357. Hey Marie,

    Wow, thank you Marie and Marianne, the last prayer really moved me to tears, that was awesome!
    My limiting belief about work is that it should be difficult, hard and tiring for very little money. I am so ready to let the anger and frustration of that belief go. I want to do the best I can and have fun doing it
    I’d have to be a deliberate loving thinker to step into the new reality.
    My aha was when Marianne said that your thought will be what you believe them to be; a toy, a symbol or a metaphor; OR the powers that literally rule the universe.
    Thank you so much for this episode, lots of love, Steph

  358. Marie, I don’t usually comment on your blog although I watch MarieTV every week and am one of your current “BSchool Babes”! I love Marianne Williamson and it was such a treat to listen to both of you talk while I walked 3 miles. My favorite frame was her answer to why are there starving children in this world. Sheer brilliance! I am so grateful for your work and am loving Bschool!! While I feel as if I am moving at a snail’s pace, I can already see the transformation. Thank you so much for providing us with a space to do business “our own way”.

  359. Jilly

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this interview with Marianne. I have gotten to know her work through Oprah over the years and adore her.

    My question to you and everyone is this : Does everyone know their calling? Are their others like me wandering around life having many different careers but not knowing what their calling is??

    #1 My limiting belief is that I will never know my calling or know what I am supposed to do in this World.

    #2 trusting and still. To hear the messages from the universe/god as to what my calling is.

    #3 you can lose your job but not your calling.

    If anyone feels the same way or has experienced this not knowing Zi am do interested in your input.

    Namaste, Jilly

    • Hi Jilly,

      I found that when people search for their calling, then tend to think outside of what they do on daily basis (as it’s suppose to be some new info/ insight) while the answer is actually in their face every day but not perceived that way.

      There are new industries and types of jobs emerging every day that maybe perfectly aligned with who you are and how you naturally want to contribute to the wellness of this world.

      Often we ask the wrong questions that keep us looping around in a circle that feels like a trap.

      You were born with a calling but from my experience people don’t often value and acknowledge their talents enough and they miss the boat on having their dream carrer.

      I have been there my self and it took me a while to get the courage to step into my natural calling as a Life Coach but I feel like that was the moment miracles started to flow into my life to support my vision and passion.

      I hope this helps a little.
      Sending you lots of love Jilly.

    • Jilly,
      I just wanted to add that I wrote an article on the topic of creating/fing your dream job that may help you to find some simple answers. Here is the article:

      I hope it helps a little.

      Lots of love and happy thoughts ,


      • Jilly

        Hi Erika!

        Thank you so much for your response. I haven’t looked at the link that you sent yet, but I will do so shortly. I did gain some great insight as I have been in a career for several years and feeling so limited and frustrated. I started to think, hey…what if I do this on my own terms and start working for myself at this instead of for someone.

        I can see why you chose to be a life coach. Your insight is very helpful. I am so grateful that you took the time to answer my post. I can’t wait to read your article!

        Namaste, Jilly

        • Hi Jilly,

          If you even had a though that you want to start working for yourself, plugging more creativity,freedom and passion into your job/career, you owe it to your self to explore that option.

          You would be surprised what you can find out there as a suport in making the change, ones you start digging. 🙂

          From my experience as a Coach, many people are just not fully aware of their options feeling uninspired.

          Make time for this exploration and ask the universe for some helpful clues and promise to honor them.

          Follow the hunches no matter how weid and seemingly not connected to your challenge.

          Many times we find answers in the least expected places.

          One more thing: Just surrender.

          Surrender to the knowing that your answer is out there waiting patiently for you to come across it, and the universe doing everything it can to point you in the right direction.

          Happy discovering! I am sure you are closer to the beakthrough than you think.

          Lots of love,


          • Jilly

            Hi Erika!

            Your connection on here has been such a blessing. Your words inspire me so much that I keep rereading your messages.

            I love what you said about asking the universe for some helpful clues and honor them. AMAZING!

            I thank you so much for your time and know you found your calling with your coaching business. I will stay in touch 🙂

            Best, Jillian

        • I am so happy to hear that my comments helped you to get in more inspired place.

          If you are not sure what your purpose/passion is than be passionate about discovering it. Use that passion to attract your other passion – work you will love and feel proud about.

          In my Coaching practice I do a Future Godess Self guided meditation that has proven to be a source of big brake-throughs for my clients or women attending my workshops. I use that technique my self when I need guidance and answers in my own life.

          It’s a very intuitive and fun way to get answers to many questions. Let me know if you would like to use your Future Goddess self as a guide.

          With love and gratitude for your kind words,


  360. OMG this interview was so insightful- so many aha’s for me! The biggest one I got from this interview was that My Success is supposed to happen- it’s divine law and that I need to stop saying no to it and start saying yes!

    I’ve noticed that when I say yes to my success and am in the flow, its easier to create, get more work done and make more money. Sometimes I don’t even need to work more, the money will often come seemingly from nowhere just from being in the flow.

  361. I have to out myself right now and admit that I have resisted Marianne Williamson for many, many years because I had a sense that she was too woo woo/spiritual for me – that I was too down to earth, too much of a cynic for the ‘Return to Love’ message. And maybe that was all true because I just wasn’t ready to receive it until this very moment. But right now I’m sitting at my desk with tears streaming down my face because I get it. I GET IT! I felt as though her words were being delivered straight to my soul. I can’t even fully articulate how meaningful it is to me to have been given the opportunity to receive this message right now. Marie and Marianne, I thank you from the depths of my being for this!

    My limiting belief: that I will never find my calling. That I will spend my life in a desperate search for meaning and purpose without ever finding it.

    Who would I have to be in order to step in into a new reality?
    I would have to be someone who loves and accepts myself wholly and is unafraid of showing myself to the world.

    What’s the biggest insight I experienced from this interview?
    Besides the fact that I need to run out and school myself on some Marianne Williamson, it is “turn on the love and the fear is gone.” That has instantly become my new mantra!

    Thank you again, thank you for this!!

    • Bridget

      Woops – posted this below instead of replying to you:

      Oh Andrea – I’m totally still at the ‘woo-woo’. Not meaning to be disrespectful to Marianne, but I think I need to have a bit more exposure to Marianne’s concepts before I’m ready for it?
      Yes – the turn on the love and the fear is gone was awesome!

    • Madelain Burgoyne


      Totally moved by your aha moment. It’s fabulous isn’t it. That shift can be so profound.
      I also don’t like woo/woo stuff… guess what, I’m a yoga teacher. Before I was a yoga teacher I belonged to a very Christian organisation. When I left, I was totally put off towards the dogma that follows Christianity. But I also threw the baby out with the water… when I turned my face to any sort of possibility of anything suggesting that there is a higher power… lol

      I then did some yoga fore exercise and couldn’t understand why I was feeling so much better… yoga teachers were talking a lot of woo/woo hippie crap, but my curiosity helped me to lean in and explore beyond their own dogma. Guess what I found? My Aha moment. So I’m no traditional yoga teacher, I’m more of a contemporary one. I believe in Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Physiology, Psychology… and through following the leads along those lines I could see “Grace” and more intelligence which in turn helps me to hear and feel more about what Marianne is talking about.

      Following this path opened me to understanding what my calling is… I just followed the leads in my small and big Aha moments…

      Briget, follow your leads… if there is resistance, turn it into curiosity and follow… Fear or discomfort in things you might have assumed opinions about or resistance to are the BEST KIND of leads. That’s the sweet-spot!

      Glad you’re open to discovering more of Marrianne’s stuff… she has a lifetime of wisdom to impart… take what does resonate.

      Know exactly what you two are talking about!

  362. Bridget

    My biggest insight is that I can hear someone talk about God and not be put off! I’m surprised that I feel like I have space in my life to think about some kind of higher power. Really big insight to think of ‘God’ being my parent. Still freaks me out a bit though…not sure if I’m ready to kind of ‘go there’ yet.

    Very beautiful interview.

    • Madelain Burgoyne


      I just replied to Andrea’s post above, Man, I know exactly what you’re talking about here. LOL… I often feel resistance when people talk about God. Haha, must be my old fears around religion showing up. Anyway like I said above (and I learned this from experimenting with it myself and getting feedback from others who have done the same); follow your leads… if there is resistance, turn it into curiosity and follow… Fear or discomfort in things you might have assumed opinions about or resistance to are the BEST KIND of leads. That’s the sweet-spot!


  363. This doesn’t specifically respond to the three challenges, but I don’t relate to the first two, and I have more than one thing I loved about the interview.

    My notes:
    (1) The Universe Supports Life in Moving Forward
    (2) The Universe is Self-Organizing; Self-Correcting
    (3) Miracles Occur Naturally as Expressions of Love
    (4) Spirit Will Compensate for Any Limit in the Material World.

    Great reminders!

  364. Bridget

    Oh Andrea – I’m totally still at the ‘woo-woo’. Not meaning to be disrespectful to Marianne, but I think I need to have a bit more exposure to Marianne’s concepts before I’m ready for it?

    Yes – the turn on the love and the fear is gone was awesome!

  365. I’m so inspired by this interview Marie; thank you!!

    1. A limiting belief I’m willing to let go of is that I’m somehow not enough or that my contribution to the world isn’t enough
    2. I need to be clear with myself and connect to the deep wisdom I possess, not second guess myself but really act from that powerful place of love and abundance in order to step into the reality that is my birthright
    3. The single big shift I experienced was the realization that we are entering an age where more and more women will find their voices and speak out against injustices. I sense that to heal ourselves as a species, to heal the planet, women will rise up–and the enlightened men along with them! I guess you could call that an aha moment! LOL.

  366. I’m going to answer this in one big thought bubble rather than 3 seperate answers.
    My life is torn between 3 things I work on.
    I work as a costume designer at a school. I love this job. I’m obsessed by my work & find myself designing & researching when I’m supposed to be doing other stuff that make ends meet. This job doesn’t cover all the costs, but this is my passion.
    I think I limit myself by saying this is the only place I can do this. I don’t know where else I can go to fulfill this passion, because I believe the industry in Australia is too small to support full time designers AND somewhere in the recesses of my mind i feel my skills are not good enough to design for movies & professional theatre, so I don’t put myself out there.
    My current job is safe if not ideal. I like the other things I do, but they are not my passion.
    I think I also have the sense that I don’t deserve to have the best. It is a programming I know I was bought up with & I’m trying hard to break it.
    I’m trying so hard to just be God’s child not my broken Mother & Fathers child who have programmed me to believe not everyone gets the best life.
    Lots to ponder. Thank you & bless you both M & M for your discussion today.

  367. Kim

    This was a FABULOUS interview! I particularly loved the feeling I felt when hearing the idea that Spirit will compensate for any limit in the material world!! I’ve been toying with quitting my job to work full time in my “calling” and not be tied up in a “job.” This video is helping me to have confidence to go for it, let go of the fear that I won’t be able to make a full living with my calling, and step in to the fullness of who I am and what I came here to do in service of Love and Wisdom! Amen!!

    Thank you for this wonderful inspiration!

  368. Ste

    My “aha” moment was a feeling, not an idea or concept. I cried, literally tears swept through me, when Marianne talked about the lack of love in the world being the cause of children starving. Seriously… we can not continue to live in a world where we allow this to happen.
    I felt my soul rise up and BEG God, USE ME, where would you have me go…what would you have me do…anything. I will serve LOVE.
    A new priority is emerging in my life.
    It’s definitely NOT about me anymore.

  369. Angie

    SO much goodness in this interview! Thank you Marie and Marianne! Xxx

  370. One limiting thought I am willing to let go of is the idea that money is dirty.

    In order to step into a new reality I would be aware of this action and be connected to my true essence.

    One insight = Love or Fear: Which do I choose?

  371. I think this is the most beautiful and powerful interview I have heard in like a decade!

    Amazing! I almost cried half of the time. I just decided to write a blogpost on it,it’s so inspiring, IMPORTANT information.

    Here are my answers to Marie’s questions:

    # 1. The limiting belief that I would like to let go is: my upbringing an the stories/limiting beliefs I picked up as a child are always playing in the background of my consciousness (like a damn there is not enough most popular track) and I always havet be aware/fight them to get ahead.

    I always new that as Marianne said, I am child of God/Universe but something rang a big bell when Marianne talked about the experience of her therapist saying: Your parents are not your real parents (they are your mortal parents in this particular reality you live in). It was little uncomfortable to take that thought in because I love and respect my parents so much. I think I have been honouring my parents in some ways that have been disembowelling for me (but felt loving and respectful)

    Than you for this AHA moment!

    # 2. I would really need to step into my light fully or turn the light ON (as Marianne said) and come from a place of love, service and trust in my partnership in co-creation with the universe. I do that often as is but it’s time to step up the game for me. Question, doubt and hope less, trust and tune into the pure love energy more.

    As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to give into doubt and fear, and make my decisions based on the will to survive and “pull through”.

    I am going to shift that and allow the universe to have my back on every move I make. I know it will.

    # 3. I have noticed that the most amazing miracles in my life have been accompanied by strong, unwavering conviction and I need to do that more.

    Going little crazy and all out is little scary but also more exciting than any other approach.

    Thank you Marie and Marianne for this divine intervention!
    Lots of love and light to you both, and the rest of the ladies pouring their
    souls out here.

  372. Kara

    In response to the challenge:

    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    I can only have money come in if its going to something bigger than me or other than me, and not for myself.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    I would have to be willing to take risks to meet people to make new connections and ask for what I need and how I can serve them with my work.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    The single biggest insight I gained from this interview is to choose the higher thought when faced with a negative thought and replace it with a loving thought.

  373. The limiting belief that I have been carrying around is that “I can’t do this”. I have been going through a roller coaster of self doubt since I moved from unemployment to starting my own business. One day I wake up and feel driven by a force greater than myself to do the work I am doing. I feel inspired, creative, capable and moved to act. The next day when I have a moment of fear and darkness, I doubt myself and what I am capable of. I believe that fear stifles me in all I do. I feel like the ground has no foundation or support under me. So, I am willing to hand over my limiting belief of self doubt – that I can’t do this. By letting go of this I plan to step back into love and follow my calling and allow the universe to be able to work through me.

    To step into a new reality I need to be a person centered always in Love, I need to catch my ego in the act of bringing up fear and negative thoughts. I need to accept that I do not have to do all of this alone. I am supported by the universe and source greater than I know and it will guide me to do what I am meant doing in this world. I need to remain open to the universe and all the guidance and assistance that it can provide for me.

    The single biggest insight I got from this interview is that when I have those times when I feel like I can take on the world and do so much good to help people and this planet – that is my true self. The rest of my the time I am blocking out and deflecting the miracles of the universe. So as I move my thoughts from fear and back to love, I have experienced a miracle and these miracles will continue to flow into my life.

    Another insight that remained with me is ” Miracles arise from conviction”. This spoke to me and opened something up. I have conviction and I accept the miracles that this will bring.

    Wow, this interview was amazing and really moved me. Thank you so much

  374. Suzi

    Limiting belief is that people won’t want what I’m offering if I don’t do it right, and also that I won’t provide them value. I also think that if I charge it would slow the message down because money is hard to come by. Gee, I have more but lets move forward. lol

    When my daughter was young she fell into some water. She was holding on to this step (where she fell off) and the water was up to her neck. She was crying and super scared and thought she was going to drown. After a few moments she stopped crying and suddenly stood up out of the water and we both cracked up laughing! I think life is like that a lot. We think we are about to go in over our heads, but if we’d just stand up, we’d see it’s all okay. I need to just do what I need to do and stop being afraid. If I spent half as much time working on my ideas as I did figuring out how to resolve the fact that I don’t work on my ideas, I’d probably be done by now. LoL

    The biggest most awesomest confirmation I got from this video was when Marianne talked about using our love and personal development for greater purposes. The coaching I am trying to organize together addresses just that need and its been a tough path to carve out (marketing-wise) since I can’t find anyone (as a role model) that coaches on the big three areas that become multi-dynamic to not only our personal happiness but also our social and environmental consciousness. I was put on the planet for that so I am putting these all together to teach people how to organize their life in such a way they all work together in a simple way.

  375. 1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?

    That what goes up must come down…that any period of abundance absolutely must be followed by hard times.

    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?

    I would have to be a confident person despite my ‘flaws’ and just get started in building my dreams already!

    Sometimes I can be so scared of judgement from others even though the harshest critic is probably my mind.

    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?

    That there is power in the spiritual realm waiting to compensate for all the lack created in my life due to fear.

    Thanks for a great interview Marie and Marianne – and to all the commenters here.

    C : )

    • Elissar

      Peace. Thank you for sharing Cassandra! Wow, thanks for sharing the what goes up must come down. I see that one in myself!! …a good one to let go of!

  376. Wow, so powerful, thank you so much Marianne & Marie, for shining your truths & inspiring others to do the same.

    “Anytime there is fear, there is a miracle waiting behind it.” That’s so potent for me right now, as I’ve been struggling with anxiety and panic – it truly feels like I’m somehow blocking the miracle. You’ve given me the answer I needed – Love Love Love!

    Also Marianne, what you said about that we are in a self-love consciousness, but need to be at a universal-love consciousness (I paraphrase). Really shook me up – I have so much compassion for starving children, but haven’t been ACTING very loving (ie doing anything about it).

    I’m pledging today to begin acting more loving – acting on my compassion – because just feeling it (while it’s a start) is holding back in fear or constriction. Funny, I used to do it all the time as a child – you couldn’t keep me from helping an injured mole or spider.

    I wonder when I stopped?

    Wow, you two powerful women, thank you so much for this today. I feel myself stepping up my game just just being in your (online) presence!

    So much love,

  377. Sophie

    Thank you for this amazing and insightful interview. Tears in my eyes, just so thankful for beautiful women like yourselves sharing this message of love. Thought I’d take part in the challenge, so:
    1. Limiting belief I’m prepared to let go of would probably be, along the lines of “I’m not enough”- like insert ‘good’ or ‘talented’ etc
    2. I need to be in my power every day to step out of this, realising that the opposite is true, I am love, I am more than enough when I flow from who I really am.
    3. I was literally scribbling down everything Marianne said in my notebook- can’t wait to get hold of all her books! I think what impacted me most was when she spoke about how lovelessness deflects miracles & how important forgiveness etc is. I could just feel a shift happening when listening.

    Thank you both so much!

  378. Marie & Marianne hello,
    Thank you for your prays, at 48 I have just got baptised (2 weeks ago) and “God’s Divine Light” is shining away here!!!!
    I have just finished sobbing and yes I love you both 🙂
    So here goes for the challenge:
    1. What’s one limiting belief you’ve been carrying around about money or work, that you’re willing to let go?
    fear of success, I aint allowed it.
    2. Who would you have to be in order to step into a new reality?
    This new baptised me – ‘an angle of love’
    3. What’s the single biggest insight you experienced from today’s interview?
    That I have finally woken up and am on the right path, that the love of God is a necessity for anything to happen.
    Whitch Cat.
    I humbly hope you will read this so that I can selfishly (hmmm) have your energies for just that miliseconds to my whole self so our vibrations may unite.

  379. Susan

    Thank you for this Marie and Marianne! This is life changing.
    1-Biggest Limiting belief for me is “I’m not good enough.” Universe, I am ready to let go of this belief.
    2-In order to step into a new reality, I would have to forgive the past and move on. Big aha here, forgiveness = love…so I would have to love those who raised me with this belief.
    3-Biggest insight that I got from watching today’s interview…everything in my world is a reflection of me and how I perceive things. If I want my children to think they are “good enough” then I have to believe in myself, love myself and accept my own calling. It does not matter what I say to them, how much love I give them. If I don’t accept that I am good enough, this is the example I am setting for them. You can’t tell your children that they can follow their dream and be successful if you are showing them by example that you yourself cannot. Wow.
    Universe, I am ready to believe in myself. 🙂

  380. Emma

    Wow! This was amazing. The prayer brought a tear to my eye! So…

    My limiting beliefs, I have so many! But one that I’m definitely ready to get rid of is that I’m not an expert on anything so who am I to raise my voice and say hey listen to me. Time to start believing in myself I think!

    Who would I have to be? More committed and trusting of my own talents and self-worth. Oh and I also need to start paying better attention to my feelings, my intuition. I’m working on it!

    Biggest insight for me was that when we see our career as our calling, it emerges organically from who we are, and that our common calliing is to express our love creatively in a way that makes the world more beautiful. I have been really struggling lately to create the perfect vision for my new business and I can see now that I’m definitely over analysing! Time to stop agonising over it and let it unfold organically… the universe and I are about to co-create something miraculous!

    Thank you for sharing this with us, you are both so inspiring! 🙂

  381. Christina Skeen

    What a beautiful interview. I am so glad I found you. The universe lead me to you at the right time. I have been really lost and felt so alone because I have been carrying around emotional limiters. When all the stress from these emotions started to affect me physically, I knew I needed to find something to help me on my journey. I am slowly, thru meditating daily, starting to hear the inner voice that speaks from my heart. I have set forth to love and forgive all the things that were causing me doubt. It’s defiantly not easy and I still stumble here and there, but I believe my truest self knows exactly what to do to continue down this path of healing.
    Thank you for this interview. It really resonated with me, and gave me some powerful reminders.
    I heart you Marie 🙂

  382. Christy

    First of all, thank you for sharing this interview!
    1. I am willing to let go of the belief that I have to wait for something to happen before I can have money or a job I love.
    2. I have to be the person that sits down with myself to find out specifics of what I want. I will begin a journal of my daily desires, wants and needs today.
    3. There are people who genuinely care abou