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Sometimes, I just have to stop and praise the sweet heavens above that I was born during this particular time in history.

The Internet continues to be something I’m deeply grateful for.

Specifically, I appreciate how this miraculous and magical vehicle revolutionizes the way we think, live, learn, work, create and distribute art, connect to each other and the world, and express ourselves on a daily basis.

My friend Peter Diamandis, author of the fantastic book Abundance writes,

“Right now, a Masai warrior on a mobile phone in the middle of Kenya has better mobile communications than the president did 25 years ago. If he’s on a smart phone using Google, he has access to more information than the U.S. president did just 15 years ago. If present growth rates continue, by the end of 2013, more than 70% of humanity will have access to instantaneous, low-cost communications and information.”

It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness. @TonyRobbins Click To Tweet

One of the most exciting things about technology is how, in many ways, it’s leveled the playing field — especially when it comes to starting a business.

The barriers to entry are lower than they’ve ever been. And if you don’t know how to do something, you can start to figure it out — largely for free.

If you, or someone you know, ever finds yourself stopped by a lack of technical know-how or financial resources, this episode of MarieTV is for you.

(For the record — most people I know, including myself — start out that way. With zero know-how and in my case, a whole lotta debt.)

Before I forget, that free training I promised you. This audio workshop is 100% complimentary — it’s not attached to any other program. Enjoy!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Do you ever let the fact that you don’t know how to do something stop you from figuring it out?

Have you ever started from zero and had to overcome a lack of resources or a lack of know how?

Leave a comment below and tell me about it! Remember to be as specific as you can be.

Thousands of people read these comments and your generosity of spirit can truly change someone’s life.

Thank you as always for reading, watching and contributing!

P.S. So many people were asking for our PSA as a stand-alone to share, here you go!

With all my love,

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  1. Marie- You couldn’t be more right. 5 years ago I didn’t even know what PDF document was and now I’m making BANK as a super charged virtual assistant geek for clients all around the globe. All thanks to the internet.

    I will say that not all my Google results were FREE. Some of them cost a pretty penny. I often times had to FIND the resources if I wanted to take myself to the next level and re-invest back into my business any revenue I was making. A sure sign of how serious you really are.

    A shortcut for ladies out there is to hire a virtual assistant that DOES have the knowledge. You can get started for around $300 a month- it doesn’t have to be a huge investment- but it can save you hours of work while you focus on creating content, JV partnerships, producing products and building relationships! A shortcut that can double your efforts and cut your time to making it large and in charge- in HALF!

    Keep rockin’ it Marie!

    • Well done Diane! good for you 🙂

      $300/month sounds do-able for sure!

      Q: I have looked online for VA’s before, but there are soo many sites and not sure which ones’ to trust. Can you recommend one specifically or the one you are on?

      • Ok you totally beat me 🙂 I was a-workin away and saw your FB post and scratched me head. Ah ha! I thought and came back here 🙂 I see you now 🙂

        Love you photo- soooo pretty!

        • sanjay

          hay mam i want to start online business of iron stores in online in banglore do u sujest me any idea about it

      • Pamela DoQui

        I am a member of the IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Assn.) They are reputable. Let me know if you’re interested in more help.

        And Marie is so right! I’ve been a “extreme” personal assistant/virtual assistant for 10 years and the playing field is more level than it’s ever been to get out there and work your plan and live your dream. Information is freedom and it’s out there at your fingertips.–PPD Tweetable! LOL

      • ebony shears

        I’ve also used Zirtual and would recommend them based on my experience … and it’s definitely possible to get started for much less than $300/mo., depending on your needs. Fancy Hands has also been recommended to me, where you can get started for as little as $25/mo.

      • is another option 🙂

        • is the largest, and there is also

      • Jacqueline,

        I can highly recommend Erin Blaskie’s team of virtual assistants. I was part of her team in the past and can say that she is one of the best in the biz especially since she gets what it takes to be successful online.

        Plus, she’s really likeable and fun to work with!

      • VA’s can be a huge asset, but it’s all about trust. Delegation help and a proactive VA can make all the difference. It’s SO true that everyone needs (or could use) a little help. Marie is always so spot on! I started a VA service on this notion. We have experienced and kick ass VAs helping passion driven clients and businesses who are trying to juggle too many balls all while trying to make the world a better place. If anyone is in need of a solid VA check us out – – Good luck all!

      • Aamira

        This is such a great resource to have! Hi Jacqueline! My name is Aamira. I originally came to the comments section to leave feedback for the video I just watched when I came across your comment. 🙂 If you’re still looking for a VA, I’ve been a VA for two years and would love to help you. You can email me at [email protected] if you’d like to chat. Good luck!

    • Lisa

      Love the determination, Diane! I’m wondering if you’d be willing to give up some CREDIBLE sources for starting virtual assistant work? It’s interested me for a little bit now, but whenever I go to look for something I seem to find more scams than anything else. Makes me a little gun-shy to step outside the box for fear of losing the only shirt I have left LOL


      • Oh Lisa if you heard the scams I feel into you’d die of laughter. So YES I get it! I went to and that’s how I got my start. After graduation they hook you up with a registry of clients that are looking for VA’s. However, I practice what I preach and market my buns off. Video marketing- article marketing (otherwise known as blogging) and showing that you are the expert.

        You can take classes at VA as well- I think they also have a registry. Going to elance, odesk, donanza will all get you some leads as well.

        Here’s the secret. 1st get clients. then do such a kick booty job that you get word of mouth while you market. That’s what’s worked for us. 🙂 Hope that helps in some little way.

        • Lisa

          It absolutely does help! Thanks for sharing!

          Continued success to ya, mwah!


    • Diane, where did you get training for VA?

    • Marianna

      Hi Diane and other VAs who’ve shared their wisdom,

      thanks for sharing your experience!
      I’ve been thinking about becoming a VA, but haven’t taken any action on it yet.
      I do have technical knowledge, but am afraid that this work will have me glued to the screen of my computer for veeeeeery looooong hours every day, which is not my ideal life style. I also want to make a difference in education when I’ve been focusing my efforts last number of years.

      How many hours do you work on average a day? Is it possible to make a decent living as a VA w/o working crazy hours?

      Thank for your advice!

    • Maria Malbas

      That was completely hilarious! How can you not be inspired when it is so much fun watching these videos? Thanks Marie- the PSA’s are classic!!!

    • So good to know about the VA’s:) Thanks for the advice Diane!

      Another tech tip that saved me tons of headache: Squarespace.

      To get my website up and running (with zero tech experience and zero cashola), I used a super cool website platform called SquareSpace (they are not paying me to say that). I LOVE THESE GUYS! Everything is drag and drop. It’s so easy to make a high quality website with video and ecommerce and audios and downloadable digital files (and much more). They also have live tech support and answer questions immediately. I know I sound like an infomercial, but I’m a huge fan because I’m in total control of my web presence and it’s not costing me a fortune (just $30 per month – with a shopping cart).

      Hope that helps:)
      – Deana

    • Tika

      My issue is I just don’t know what I want to do. I am a talker. I love to talk and communicate with other I just don’t know how to make money from it like Oprah.

      • marilene

        I tip is to think about why you want to “talk”
        I want to talk so …..
        For example
        I want to talk so I can inspire other women to follow their dreams
        I want to talk so I can teach other about ________________
        I want to talk so I can make an impact in peoples life (think about what kind of impact and what you want to do)

        Everything that is behind “so” is what will fuel you to keep going

    • I agree, the ‘net can be a great place to learn and grow!

      Back in ’99, before the ‘net was what it is today… I was so reluctant to get online. I saw no purpose. Then a friend told me about a business for mobile notaries, but everyone was so secretive about the ins and outs. So I got online, met some wonderful people in forums across the globe, and with their help I learned the ropes.

      After doing the job for awhile, and getting asked over and over how it all worked, I sat down and wrote a book about it. Of course, at that time, I knew absolutely NOTHING about being a freelance writer, authoring a book, or selling online.

      So once again, I got on the ‘net. It took time since I didn’t have a mentor to guide me and there weren’t as many resources as there are today but I designed my own website, I created and sold my own books, and I did it all with literally no start-up money.

      Today things are vastly different… so much information it can sometimes be daunting trying to weed through it all. Yet, there are so many generous people out there sharing how to do everything from coming up with a business idea to getting it online to actually selling your product or service.

      And then there are the wonderful people who provide services, programs, and products at very affordable prices.

      After taking some time off from running the business (which basically means my business sat dormant online for a few years), I decided it was time to get back out there.

      So last year, I was determined to upgrade from Frontpage 2003 website to CSS style sheets. In order to get started, I need to buy the software and the training material but we were still re-cooperating from a financial set-back due to the economy and job layoffs so to come up with the money to fund this new thing I needed, I downsized and put the money towards the software and training materials.

      If you don’t have the money to buy the fundamentals to get your business going, or to learn how to do certain things, you have options:

      1. Get a second job and keep it just long enough to get the money you need to start the business or get the training you need.

      2. Sell your crap. Craigslist is FANTASTIC for selling your stuff and it doesn’t cost you a dime to do it.

      Go through your stuff, figure out what you no longer need or use.
      Go online and see how much that stuff retails for brand new.
      Discount it by 1/2 to 1/3 depending on the condition of the item.
      Create a listing on Craigslist that tells the buy the exact condition of the item, what it cost brand new, and what you’re asking for it.
      Include photos of the item: a close up and distance shots, and shots of any imperfections that are important to note.
      State your asking price and make sure you state: “Cash only. You pick up. Buying as is, with no warranties.”

      If you don’t get any bites after two days, delete your listing and relist it so that it jumps to the top of the page.

    • Mary Jean Padalino

      “Did u ever want to learn something but don’t like to read words?” Laughed so hard I snorted! I friggin love u Marie! Although this video was NOT for me bc I’m the googling you tubing researching queen I still watch every episode just to soak up ur awesomeness! P.S. B School is INSANE, changing my life 😉

    • Jencler

      Hi Dianne! I am also a Virtual assistant here in Philippines!

  2. Feeling like you can’t move forward in your business because you don’t have
    the ressources SUCKS but this is where you get to stretch your creativity
    muscles 🙂

    Here are my easy steps to move forward & navigate uncertainty (or lack of

    1) I recognize that where I am is just fine (that helps remove my stress &
    impatience) but that I won’t be here for long. Breathe.

    2.) After a walk/dance/yoga/nap I brainstorm creative ways to get to where
    I wanna go even if I don’t have the ressources. This puts me in a “YES”
    energy mode and makes me feel open to possibilities. When I’m open the
    Universe can get to work on delivering but most importantly I put myself in
    creative action mode.

    3) I ask. Ask my friends, contacts, Master Mind, like-minded-entrepreneurs for
    creative advice & suggestions

    4.) Once I have gathered fresh data I sit with it & ask my Inner Wisdom what concrete step I should take to move forward.

    And then I take action!

    I soooooooo understand what it’s like to feel stuck. Many more free tips,
    videos & powerful coaching tools & guided meditation on my website.


    • heather

      great tips! just signed up for your newsletter 🙂

    • I love your ideas!

    • jen


      I love these tips and am going to put them into action right away in my new, upcoming career!!! These are great… and I’m checking out your website as we speak! Hugs!!


    • What great ideas. I am definitely going to use a few of them.

  3. Hell yeah, my favorite set and music are back <3

    I agree on the awesomeness of the Internet. To be honest, lots of paying programs on the web are just shiny packaged data you can find for free.

    The tricky part when you want to educate yourself for free is to sort out the actual advice from the false (or obsolete) one. Beware of the info from 2004 on Google!

    I personally use Evernote like a mofo when researching on a subject I know nothing about. I copy/paste every bit of info that seems relevant, and then comeback a few days later on the file for editing. Then I draft some actionable steps that I schedule… and voila.

    That's how I learnt to use my camera, Photoshop and Mailchimp.

    Marie, you have to come to Europe soon, we have strange & yummy food!

    • OMG! I love your youtube videos, I love your website, and I enjoy all you do and share.

      FEAR, MYSELF, and English (my grammar is poor) are the only things that is stopping me from pursuing and reaching my goal.

      I am a self-taught photographer and I finally realized the things I want to do and the things I outsource.

      I want to run my own portrait studio and my own photo booth service. I know both are going to be successful but my mind tells me otherwise.

      As I continue to listen and read everything you share, I am learning day by day, how to push myself and engage this new life I want. I am encouraged and I am going to do it in 2013.
      Thanks for everything Girl!

      • Siobhan Gallagher

        Hi Jackie
        Thank you for your honesty. I’m currently training with B-school to guide me as I set up my communication business with a focus on proofing and editing websites of entrepreneurial women who aren’t confident in their English skills and you have reassured me that there is a potential market. I’m still in the development stage but I’d love to connect with you to better understand customer needs/common problems you experience, so I can better serve my future clients.
        All the best

    • Kathy

      Hey Melanie! Thanks for the headsup on Evernote!! Just the tool I’ve been looking for! Downloading now!


      • Evernote is awesome. Their apps too. I like that I can write a note on my computer and have it on my iPhone. It’s a blogger’s best friend.

    • Evernote rocks! Yes, love the organization and the ability to sync across ALL my devices immediately. Thanks for reminding us, Melanie. (p.s. my French is so rusty, but enjoyed a quick visit to your site. good luck with your new book club 🙂

  4. Melissa

    Funniest Marie TV spot ever! Love the PSAs!
    Thanks for the chuckle. 🙂

  5. Absolutely! You made me laugh so much in this video! One thing I think worth mentioning is that it’s always good to ask for help and reach out – it’s amazing how much help you can get from those around you! xx

    • I laughed out loud more than once! Claire I so appreciate that you offered the perspective of reaching out to the people around you! That kind of action inspires and builds community. I always close the conversation by asking if I can connect them to anyone for something they may need help with in the future. Ask-sk away! People need people!

  6. OMG, this is hilarious! Way to inject some “funny” into my Tuesday. Love you Marie Team!

  7. Amber

    I am pretty sure this is also my favorite episode of marie tv!

  8. Hi-larious sister. I loved your PSA! And yes…starting a business with no resources and little know-how = CHECK! Luckily for me one of my superpowers is that I’m a super fast learner and I google the crap out of just about everything. (Including how to boil an egg, etc) In 18 months I’ve built a strong coaching/business strategy business with very minimal investment (other than my time) and even built a profitable side business as a web designer after learning how to code only one short year ago! Boo-yeah. And even better, I don’t do any marketing other than regular blogging. My business is growing faster than I can manage on referrals alone and I *still* have the crappy website from when I first started out. (Don’t let website shame hold you back kids! It’s how you show up in the world – bringin’ value that will = your success). Thanks for another awesome vid. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. For reals.

    • Heather you inspire me! As does Marie of course! I too am a Googler and I also love to learn a rainbow of wisdom from various experts and sources, then combine it to help myself and my clients. ….Website shame is something I’ve been allowing myself to to use a an excuse, but really, when I step into the knowledge of how I help many people with some of their most intimate and debilitating issues, I KNOW that the way I show up outshines the website… THAT makeover is coming! I LOVE to hear about your success… and encourage others to post too; you never know who’s mind you’re gonna blow!

    • Heather that’s because your spirit shines through in everything you do and you put your value behind your skills and talent, not necessarily through a fancy website.

      You’re also super consistent in providing value and encouragement and smarts. I’ve loved watching your journey, how you hold your international retreats and support others to live big.


  9. I started out back in 1994, no money at all, and no Internet access. Since then I’ve connected with lots of amazing people, had some lovely experiences and learned so much. Google and YouTube have definitely helped during the last few years.

    • Glory Azuro

      I really would like to know what kind of business that you developed with no money. I have three University degrees and i cannot find a decent job. I have been thinking going in business, my God it;s so difficult, i wrote a Business Plan, and I need to write a Business Proposal. My Lord, it’s so exausting, depressing and emotionally drained, because i have absolutely no family, friends, i am all by myself struggling and trying to survive day by day.

      Presently, i am receiving a megear check from disability which i cannot even get my basic needs met. I have lot of health issues which require certain treatments that are Holistic, but they are not covered by the Universal Health Care in Canada. My body respons better on Holistic non invasive treatments than drugs and surgeries. I am trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s really not easy.

      I really would appreaciate your feedback about how do i get back on my feet? Because i am feeling as if i am dying a slow death. I am looking forward to hearing from you, have a great day.

      Best regards,


      • Dear Glory, I feel your depression. Here’s what I did after a relocation to another state where I had no family or friends. Got connected on Meetup with a few groups in which I had interest. Networked with people at those meetups. Volunteered with a couple of those groups. Starting teaching classes (ie: released my passion). Which all led to me renting office space and relaunching myself into a business. The biggest hurdles: recognizing how fear was holding me back from connecting with Spirit (in what ever belief system you have). You are not alone, that is an illusion. Define your passion and start sharing it. When you share what you love, it exhilarates you. Focus on what you can do in the moment, not on what you haven’t done. You can do it.

      • Leanne Richards-Williams

        Hi Glory,

        Your name says so much: Glory! Glory! Glory! Lord God almighty! I hope you are not offended but your name says some spectacular things are going to happen to you. Realise it yet? …Reply to this comment and I’ll tell you more.

        PS. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!

      • Hi Glory, funnily enough, I just did a blog post on this question: How Do I Heal Myself When I’m Broke?

        Hope it helps:

      • jen

        Glory, I am so sorry that you are hurting physically and emotionally, and that you feel alone. You really are not alone!! Here is something you can do to GREATLY help yourself starting now: A few months ago I came across a free 21-day meditation challenge from Deepak Chopra. I signed up and meditated almost every day (I think I missed 2 days total). The meditation series was on “abundance” at that time. It was one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever done for myself and it cost my nothing but 15 minutes per day. The rewards I got from it were amazing!! He and Oprah are offering a new 21-day meditation challenge starting tomorrow (March 11, 2013) (but no worries if you sign up late, the meditations are posted for 10 days each). Again, it is free and the subject this time is “Perfect Health” – how cool is that? Here is the link if you would like to find out more about it: I HIGHLY recommend you try it. Not only do you change your frame of mind (which is hugely beneficial) but you also connect with thousands of other people doing the challenge and it really feels like community. I really hope you will give it a try!! Hugs!


      • Hey Glory,

        I might be able to help you. I can provide you a decent business where you can work from home. I will also help with dealing with the initial training. Oh my.. You won’t need any money or extensive knowledge about how to’s in the business. I will dedicate some of my time helping you.

        I believe that the world is too small for all of us. It isn’t so hard to help each other. Helping you might be a new source of hope not only for you, but also for the people you can help when we get started.

        I’m not sure if it’s okay to put an email here. I hope Marie’s team can help you out with that.

        PS: Never give up! No matter how life hits you in so many ways.


        • Mary

          I enjoyed reading all your comments to glory. I am struggling to make things work for me. I have joined many MLM and Network Marketing
          companies in the past and have not gotten any where financially.

          I have invested much money and left with nothing.

          I don’t have the money to invest anymore and don’t have computer know- how to make things work for me. I wrote a little program that will work, but need to know how to make it work. Any help is greatly

          I have no website or leads to work with, what do I do?


  10. Marie, thank you so much for the laughs this morning!

  11. WONDERFUL – had to post this on all of my FB pages. Love the PSA’s! Too often we are intimidated by the lack of knowledge when it is so easy to find today in the information age… LOVE IT! Thanks Marie.

  12. Hey Marie, thanks for the reminder that there are some amazing tools out there available for free which I’m not exploiting in full. Well here goes, I’ve turned over a new leaf and I’m ready to get my business rocking.

  13. So entertaining Marie! I can’t even list how many things I had to learn how to do when starting my business. Everything from bookkeeping to web stuff to video. Video was my biggest hurdle since my business is very video-focused. I got some help from another B-Schooler to get my started on the right track. After that, Google and YouTube were my biggest teachers. I still use them both on an almost daily basis when I get stuck. Almost everything is figureoutable with those two resources!

  14. Love this episode, especially the PSA – too funny and so true! Everything is figure out-able. Trying it yourself is really the only way to get better. It’s amazing how many free resources there are, and as you make a little money, you can always start reinvesting it. Usually, when I’m making the money or resource excuse, it’s really more fear of failure that’s holding me back. For me, recognizing that has been key to making some progress.

  15. Love your PSAs!

  16. One of the things that I LOVE about being alive today is that not only can I figure out most (not all!) things, I can also create businesses around the figuring it out process.

    Eight years ago, I was trying to figure out the whole “raising kids in NYC” thing. With a “budget” of less than a $100, I created a blog (Mom in the City) to keep track of what I was learning and to connect with other moms…and it snowballed into a business. A couple of years ago, I realized that I wrote about food a lot on my site and I wanted to go deeper, so I launched another site. Within a year (everything seems to go quicker the second time around), I was getting paid to create recipes for some major brands! Now, I see that many of my readers are writing to me about wanting to be work from home moms themselves, so eventually (when the timing is right) I will tackle that market too. Everything has evolved naturally from that first (less than $100) site!

    I love, love, love that I have been able to build a consistently profitable business around being a lifelong learner. Google is my best (online) friend…

    • Kimberly – I LOVE that you’ve learned to listen to your intuition and put yourself out there with each stage you;re going through. As a new mum, with limited time and finances, I can certainly relate to where you were 8 years ago. Great to see how you;ve progressed! x

      • Thanks Emma!
        Congrats on your new baby…it’s exciting to raise a baby and a business at the same time. 🙂

    • Wow, Kimberly! that is an amazing inspiring business story!!! and it is nice that you get to change it up and add topics as you see interest from your audience.

  17. OMG. Marie your Google PSA had me laughing so hard. But it’s true. I have and still do use “the Google” to find the answer for any and everything I have trouble understanding. Youtube has also become my goto in the last 6 months. Gotta love it!

  18. Hi all lovely Marie adorers (me included), I know we are talking about free stuff, and starting out my company there was not much money to spend. However, for the more complicated stuff I found people at to help me out with as little as $6/hr!! I used it for webdesign, translations, virtual assistant and a SEO expert. This way I could save my time to sell my products! Wish you all oceans of success!!

    • Thanks so much Mirkka… great resource. xO

    • Slick website. When you said $6/hr I worried that it’s one of those websites that undervalues and underpays but then I saw that people can set their own rates. Now I’m thinking of signing up to get jobs.

  19. Morning Marie!

    I think it all comes back to your famous line, “everything is figureoutable.” So true. Between the internet, the google, the youtube and friends and family, you can figure it out/make it happen.

    That’s what I come back to whenever I am stuck. Thanks as always, for the inspiration.

    xx Johanna

  20. This is a tricky one for me! Financial resources have been a struggle launching our handmade accessory business! Lots of money going in, small amounts trickling out. One thing I find IS working is networking and finding creative ways to re-use materials. So many ideas I want to make (the joys of working with your hands after working on the computer all day!), just need to take one small step at accomplishing them.

    I am 100% behind the google and the youtube. These resources have been fundamental in building our business.

    Thanks Marie, the PSAs were brilliant! I hope we get to see some more!


  21. I limit myself all the time because of the anxiety I feel over lack of knowledge or resources. This was an extremely helpful episode and one that I’ll have to add to my list of favorites.

    I like Caroline’s list in the previous comments of how to break through this, too. (Thanks Caroline!)

    Cheers to everything being “figureoutable!”

  22. Thanks for the reminder indeed. I’m representing Men here in B-School and I’m so excited to begin this Journey with you. 4 Years ago I lived in a 1964 VW Bus in a Canyon in AZ, and back then I had no Idea how to work on engines or fix cars, by sitting and taking on the notion that we can figure it out, I managed to learn how to take a whole bus apart and put it back together, which I did numerous times and which allowed me to stay on the road for 3 years. Now I am a successful Life coach leading a team of Coaches. Its all figure outable.

    Thanks Marie!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      We are SO excited to have you in B-School Madison! Love your story and can’t wait to see how it helps you soar.

  23. I’m living for that top Marie.and yes I have serious issues powering on passed certain actions. I’m not sure why. In the passed the things that work for me is powering through. Or putting myself in a situation where others count on me. Then i know ill get it done. But for the future I’m looking for more inspired routes. I like what a woman above said abt letting herself accept where she is and excercisng. I’m going to give that a try! Peace, Love and Mad Appreciation


  24. Hilarious video Marie! But also valuable. It’s true that most things are ‘figureoutable’. I figured out how to build my website, a sign up and more all online for free. I’m still working on the marketing aspect. Thank you Marie for all your tips!

  25. Hi Marie:

    Thanks so much for sharing this video. I can totally relate to this dilemma – because I was there two years ago. There was no room for growth at my job and I was dying to put my graphic design degree to use.

    So I started freelancing as a designer on the side from my job two years ago – and I didn’t buy my new MacBook Pro or the new fancy CS software until I made the extra money to pay for it. My husband and I decided nine months later that I needed to quit my job – and work on building my business while caring for the kids (one of which was in preschool at the time.

    Best decision I ever made. Period. I was able to land a job working part remotely managing social media for a local business – and the best part is they encouraged me to continue to grow.

    My advice to anyone who wants to start do this:

    1. Stop complaining and start doing. Even if it’s two minutes a day, do it. You can change your journey.

    2. Befriend (on or offline) lots of people in your industry and ask them to share their story about how they built their business. People love to talk about themselves and they really like to help others – you just have to find the right ones.

    3. Listen to your gut. If you get frustrated (It happens to all of us) take a break and walk away.) Technology is tricky – but Marie is so right, YouTube is has a wonder of information.

    4. Go for your own success. Not someone else’s.

    Best of luck to you!


  26. Donna

    Marie you are such a hoooooot!!!
    Love ya girl.

  27. hahahaha! wahahahaha! The BEST. Oh I’m glad I have such a crazy ass woman teaching me in BSchool. Luuurve it!

  28. Totally cracking up this morning!!! “Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something but don’t like reading words?”
    My very first video was one I posted to You Tube wishing Marie a Happy Birthday in Jan 2012 and now I host a web TV show-no start up money-no “know how!” Marie is right on!! And she’s pretty darn funny too….

  29. One of the most important things I have learned from having a life coach for the past year is that anything is doable if you break it down into manageable steps. I have my big amazing goals for the year for my business and I break them down each week into the next 2-3 steps. Focusing on small actions adds up to big results in the long term. I try not to get overwhelmed by the big picture and focus on the small steps instead. Before I know it – I have accomplished greatness!

    • Great advice Megan! Have you heard Tony Robbins talk about ‘chunking’? Sounds like what you mention – anything is possible. Get the focus/motivation right, have a clear line of sight and create new habits. Go Megan!

  30. Marie; You are a super star. Way to go. Superb communicator and that makes you a success every minute of the day.
    Keep up the great work here.

  31. Funny stuff!

    And, as usual, great inspiration and information. You are so right about the internet and Google. What a resource. When I was a small child, I wanted to have a place to ask any question in the world and get an answer. And we are living with that reality. So grateful.

    Thanks for everything, Marie.

    love and xo,


  32. Hi Marie,
    I found that my expensive university education in Marketing has NEVER been of help to me in my career and everything I am doing now has been self-taught, thanks to the Google and other sources. So I have finally stopped thinking I need to have every certificate going and instead I get started and figure it out along the way.
    Victoria x

  33. Agreed, Melanie! This is my favorite set too (this and the old brick wall days 😉

    Hysterical, Marie! The Google is really the first business assistant you can “hire” – it’ll at the very least tell you WHERE the answer is for anything you want to know.

    For those on a shoestring budget, like I was first starting out, I teach a great deal of technical know-how on my blog and in my FREE guide section on my homepage (“start here”).

    Click on my pic or name in this comment if interested. 🙂

    Affordable advanced training and done-for-you virtual assistance is coming soon.

    • heather

      just signed up for your emails!

  34. I feel like you channeled Kristen Wiig a little bit in that PSA- that was awesome. I too use The Google and The Youtube to make the gazillions of little things I need to know how to do as the solo entrepreneur in my business. In addition to the amazing free online resources, I created a women’s entrepreneur group in my community- and let me tell you, we get sh*t done. We have a private facebook group where we share info and ask questions whenever we feel the urge, but we also meet once a month. I have clarified and solved more problems thanks to the brainstorming of these ladies than ever imaginable. It is also highly motivating and a great way to be held accountable when you are your own boss. So excited for this new free series, thanks Marie! Love ya.

  35. Jennifer Webb

    I’m in the process of learning how to get a patent for a new product that I think will blow everyone’s mind! (But can’t reveal it yet until I get the patent…) I am an architect with no idea on how to obtain a patent, but thanks to free online resources I have found that there is a huge patent library very close to where I live and they have been able to answer all of my questions without having to hire a patent attorney! They love it when I come in because most of the time no one visits them. I’m gaining confidence in what I’m doing as I learn more while at the same time pursuing my other passion as I’m starting my own architecture firm. It’s like a big treasure hunt – You never know until you find it out on your own…


    • I couldn’t agree more, Rodrigo! First step: decide what you want to know. Second step: Google that.

  37. This video is so awesome! I’m a web designer, but when I graduated from college I had zero coding knowledge whatsoever. Everything I know now about coding I’ve learned from the internet, whether it was from the few (fairly inexpensive) classes I’ve taken online, learning from other designers in forums, or just Googling it like you mentioned. That being said, there is SO much information out there, there were a few things that I’ve learned to help me find new info.

    1) Find a source that you trust and see what other resources they recommend. This is the best way to find credible information! A lot of times you can find links by following credible sources on Twitter and seeing what information they share.

    2) Make friends and pool your resources! I don’t mean financially- I mean learn what you can and share it. Facebook groups can be really great for this. Find a community and share what you find out, you’ll learn so much from them!

    3) Become involved in the online community in your niche, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! The worst people can say is no or not respond- but a lot of times people are happy to share how they learned or send you links to resources they use!

    I blog a lot about what I’ve learned from my years of blogging, I’d love to see some Marie Forleo fans over there!

    • Nya Assis

      Wow! Your website inspired me! This is exactly what I want to do. I am a 14 year tech veteran that has mostly had my face down in enterprise backend code and now I want to break out and get in touch with my creative side to help entrepreneurs get started using the latest technologies. I most excited about the WordPress core API and the ability to build single page applications on top which can create an entirely new experience for website visitors.

  38. Reba

    You’re right Marie, and what I’ve found has held me back more often is fear and a lack of confidence. I’ve listened to many webinars, speakers, experts, etc. and failed to take action. What’s up with that? Well no longer! Especially now that I’m in B-School baby!!! Thanks for another fab video – love ya!

  39. Carolyne

    Love the PSA – gave me a giggle this morning!

  40. God, I love you sister. After talking with you and Kris on the phone, I totally got it. I’ve been infusing equal passion into everything I do and, to your point, the thing I “shine” at is really starting to take form- in just 3 weeks. Thank you, intuition.

    Yesterday, I was stuck and frustrated. My friend and I are starting to write an e-Book and have NO idea what we’re doing. I researched so many e-Book software platforms (free and not free) and came up confused and so effing frustrated. I emailed Louise (such a gem) and she told me to keep an eye out for today’s video. I watched it, feel energized, and am totally re-focused. I also stumbled upon a Danielle Laporte article showing to make a book outline. Synchronicity, baby! I’m off to the races (and off to b-school next year). love you!

  41. Gyda

    OMG – this video just made my day! The funniest MarieTV so far. Love you always – a huge fan and a student! 🙂

  42. That was too funny!! “The Google” (I must share this!)

    For me the biggest knowledge gap is effective internet marketing. I knew I had a good product but outside of paying for ads I had no idea, whatsoever, how to get people to come look at my products. Then I dived into research, and started to find and get involved with communities of people who are doing the right things to successfully get the word out and build traffic. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m figuring-it-outable!

    • Hi Maia:

      If you need help – try visiting my Facebook page. I share tons of tips on the basics for social media marketing and I’m launching a program next month covering this as well!

      If it’s not your thing, no big deal. YouTube will help ya!

      Best of luck to you. 🙂

      xoxo mel


  43. Yes! I have certainly started from zilch, zero. I started my current online marketing consultant business from scratch. Everything is “doable” as Marie says, especially now. My friends call me “Laura 411” because I am the “go-to-gal” for lots of information- both local and elsewhere. I sound like Lady “Google”- LOL, but now with the search engines at my fingers tips my business has accelerated. The irony is that technology makes it easier to take things off line- which I would so suggest whenever you have a chance: Skype, FaceTime, Spreecast, Google Hangouts, the regular phone. Take advantage of all the connections worldwide you can now make apart from the screen whenever you can. The world and its knowledge begins to really open up and unfold when you can reach out to one human being via technology.

  44. Susie

    LOVE THE PSAs!!!
    Keep them coming Marie & team!

  45. Hi, Marie!

    I always say that to everyone I know: just google it!
    It’s my favorite tool ever. Sometimes I go reaaally specific, you know, something like “how to make french crepes with no milk or eggs” and the results always amaze me 🙂

    My excuse is not the not “knowing how” is more of why I can’t do it perfectly. And yes, the money is always an excuse and one of the reasons I use Google a lot to figuring things out.

    This video was so much fun!

  46. Jo

    Goood subject to tackle!

    With the technical stuff, ASK for help! Maybe see if you can trade skills with somebody, but the trick is, instead of getting them to do the technical stuff for you, ask them to TEACH you to do it so you are building your knowledge and commercial value! And visa a versa for them. I find the more self-sufficient I am, the more freedom I have.

    The financial stuff can be tough. For me it’s about looking to my personal life and having a really honest conversation with about anything that can be cut from the personal budget to then shift over to the business budget.


  47. I also loooove google & youtube when I want to learn or know about new stuff. Even if it’s things I know I’m not going to do myself, I google it to get a better understanding of what I want other people to solve for me. I have a feeling it won’t be so easy to sell me crap at a high price if I know just a tiny bit of what’s going on…say with programming of a custom website or accounting.

    A thing I’ve learned at school is that seach engies come up with different results. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for at google, try bing og yahoo or some other search site.

  48. Yeah.. where would we be without Google?

    Yes you can get a free WordPress blog at but you still have to pay for hosting. You’re not suggesting she go with the totally free option at Right? Cuz renting a website is not the same as owning it.

    No way, Jose! 🙂

    I am curious, tho. Did you mean to say WP .org or .com?

    p.s. love Anthony Robbin’s “It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.”

    • “Lookit’ at Lil sister”-Stevey Ray Vaughn…yeah good stuff..WP is good but it can get deep? Don’t know an easy answer there but blogspot w/ Google has a more beginner friendly well-being bet you know others are even better?

    • Hey Darlene! I meant so she would own it vs. Yes, I know that you have to pay for hosting, but as you know — basic hosting can purchased VERY inexpensively these days 😉

  49. There’s a funny website that lets you “Google it” for others when they email you a question It then send them a link that shows how you Googled it.

    And Marie is right, there are YouTube videos for EVERYTHING including learning how to close a chip bag without a chip clip

    Have an awesome day!!

  50. Sam

    Hello all,
    I do want to make a real difference, make this world a better place, may be just for one person at a time. I don’t really care about money. What I care is environment and children. Abused, abandoned neglected children. It seems that most people here are doing something, and pardon me, no insult intended, that really is not of value to humanity. I am totally against consumerism on any kind. we got to leave something to future generations. I quit my high paying office job and am at lost now how to do what I want and make living. Just living, I do not need 6 figures income. It would be very interesting to hear Marie’s response to this post. But I am afraid I won’t get one.

  51. Agreed. It is when we lack resources, that we are forced to become creative, step outside of our comfort zone, and reach out to others for help. These are all part of our personal growth process, and if we refuse to do them, we are refusing our own opportunity to grow.

  52. This is the *BEST* PSA I’ve ever hear! I was LMAO!

    This info needs to be shared 🙂


  53. Debi Jackson

    Marie, you are the best! I truly enjoy watching and learning from your videos. I describe myself to be a one man island type and have such a hard time reaching out for help, but I’m slowly coming out of my shell and testing the waters of what I need to do to seek a new career path – thanks for the motivation!

  54. Hi Marie and everybody else…wow, it took me awhile to finally write here on this. I am usually a very positive person and always smile, even there is not always something to smile about in my situation. I am a single mother of an amazing 6 year old boy, who gives me lots to smile about. And I am trying to become a successful health coach. I was crazy enough to quick my 9-5 secured boring job and haven’t paid rent in awhile. Now people may think this is crazy with a kid, but to be honest with you, I don’t really panic, because for some reason there is always a way, and we do have really healthy food on the table since I am giving German, French and English lessons, that buys us groceries. The point is: I do have a decent looking website, I twitter and facebook plus, my little man and I self published our first children’s book we wrote together called The Superoods, available on Amazon: . So it seems I have all the tools, but I also have bills…I have no clue how to market my business more efficient that at some point I do have clients and make money, would be nice for a change. I know there is something in me that needs to unblock and get myself out with confident and make things happen…thanks Marie for being so motivational you don’t even know, after I watch your video’s I really do feel like all pumped and want to get going…..Peace and love from Paris – Elke

  55. Google has saved my life a million times and more! Whenever I’m stuck, I go read how to do it and try to piece it together. There’ve been times where I just can’t wrap my head around whatever but those are few and far between.

    Ask, ask and ask some more – ask those who are doing these things what they started with – there are an enormity of sites, products and more out there for low or no cost. Jump on them!

    And seriously – BWAH! on the PSAs. Can you make a series of those? I have been known to pop a vein in my head when I see crap passed around on Facebook that simply isn’t true but no one wants to take the time to check it out. Jeeeeeez!

    Thanks for another good video. Yes, the “girls” were ready for an escape. LOL

  56. Awesome! I love Google. I started my business with no tech knowledge and no money. Now I’m in 23 countries on 5 continents around the World, and still growing. These days, I finally have an assistant (just this past month!), and she knows the Google and the YouTube.

    Thanks for this video. Sometimes when people ask me how to do something, I feel like a jerk when I say, “You can Google that.” I don’t mean to sound condescending, but it’s hard to find the right way to say, “Have you heard of Google?” I mean to be helpful, AND I believe that it helps people become more self-sufficient to look some of the small stuff up themselves.

    Yes, I teach my clients how to set up a lot of things, but if they spend their time on the small stuff by Google-ing it, we can get into the deeper, more important work that will totally transform their businesses – and their lives.

  57. Marie you bring content and communications -the firewood and the spark. In the last ninety days- what’s the most impressive book you’ve taken in? Would love to hear from your twine who, btw, are very impressive as well…

  58. Marie you are cray cray and that’s why I love you. That was hilarious! Thanks the weekly inspiration 🙂

  59. Suzanne

    Well, that had me chuckling. Thanks for the entertainment and the fabulous advice, Marie. Basically, no excuses, right? We have the ability and the knowledge to get what we are after…go and get it. Nice work, Jane…you are doing exactly that…going and getting what you are after. Thanks for the great questions.

  60. I just started my business two years ago and people are often amazed that I had the guts to do it all on my own. Seriously, they act like I had a choice, I was broker than broke! And even though, I had no technical degree, I still built a blog, and though I knew nothing about ebooks, I published one anyway. With help from “The Google” and “The Youtube” of course LOL!

  61. Mary

    This video is awesome Marie :). I love the way you advertise Google and YouTube.
    Personally me I used Youtube to create my website There is one guy Tyler Moore which has absolutely brilliant video training “How to build you wordpress website”.
    Your B School training about website ops is also absolutely amazing.
    I look forward to your new B School lessons :).

    Very best regards,

  62. Eliane

    Hi everyone!

    Marie, what I love about your interventions is that they always put on the table something worth discussing, questionning and growing about. As a young “back to school after 10 years” masters graduate, I can tell how the web has changed things for good in the reasearch field. The only thing I would add to the debate today is that while it did give more access to more sources of knowledge, it didn’t quite do anything for most people’s capacity to search, analyse and make sense of sometimes very dense data. IE: there’s a world beyond wikipedia… Plus, Google, our new god, seems to give out more standardized search results that what can be expected…
    For a great take on the idea, please read this: The Shallow Book. Nicholas Carr works with the web. As much as he’ll recognize it’s great value, he won’t forget to be critical about it. One powerful weapon of independent thought we should all cultivate.

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to the next Q&A!

  63. My goodness, I think we must be kindred spirits! I LOVE how you describe yourself: “if Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah and Jay-Z had a love child, it would be me…that’s because I’m part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger.”

    Now, I don’t pretend to be quite the marketing maven that you are – ok, really not even close! BUT, I am so enthused that I’ve found you! It’s that “ahhhhhh” moment where a chorus of angels is singing and a golden halo of light is surrounding me! WOOHOO!

    I so look forward to learning more from you, Marie! I’m excited about the opportunities that await and the knowledge I can gain from you. Question is, how to repay you for all you’ll do for me…

  64. HI Marie
    You are so right!
    4 years ago I had the opportunity and financial backing to open a vegan restaurant from scratch totally on my own.
    I had no idea how I was going to do it since I had worked in plenty of restaurants but had never actually opened one.
    I decided to happily accept the opportunity and figure it out as I went along.
    The google was crucial for me. There were times I w
    as on the phone with my backer googling things as we were talking.
    As I look back I am SO happy I took the leap and went for it.
    The restaurant has been open for over 3 years now and is looking to expand.
    Like my momma always tells me, “sometimes you just have to jump and know that the net will appear”.
    Thanks for another awesome episode of Marie TV.

  65. Melody Granger

    I started off with zero, zilch, nada money!

    PSA take 3:
    Don’t have a desk? Pull up a stool to your kitchen counter.
    Don’t have an organizing container? Throw away the crapola in that shoe box! Get creative to make it pretty 🙂
    Don’t know how to stop an addiction to checking email in the morning? Don’t touch anything electronic, ‘cuz when you pull the trigger you get the bullet that explodes your self control.
    Don’t know how to stay focused? Remove your distractions!
    Don’t know how to get clients? Tell others what you do & ask them to refer others who mention needing help with it…to you!

    This has been a public announcement provided by Melody Granger, the Queen of Resourcefulness & (not really my website if it exists!!! That’s a joke!)

  66. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    LOL! Loved the PSA’s…For me I have everything you mentioned, lack of resources – check! Lack of know how with technical stuff – check! But I always use the internet and I LOVE it!!! I’m always looking up info. and if I don’t know how to do something I Google away. Thanks again for the encouragement, the reminders of what’s available to us, limited resources or not & for that extra push we all need.

  67. Funny you say this — YESTERDAY — I was here in a hotel room in Texas and I was desperate to make a video to respond to some emails I’d received. I often rely on others to help with things like that. My FlipCam was outta battery power. Everything was stacked against me, or so it seemed!

    But ya know what?! I took EXACTLY this attitude and told myself (in different words!) “This is figureoutable!”

    And this was the result — — the lighting is cruddy — but ya know what — I’ve received SO MANY EMAILS about how this video has been a huge help to them!!

    THANK YOU Marie! THANK YOU for all you do! THANK YOU for everything you share in the world! You are such a pleasure to know via your emails and videos. Truly!


  68. Oh I know this all too well…. I’m definitely a work in progress but I’ve learned to recognise the “I can’t because…” as an excuse because I’m just downright afraid of something…..

    I’ve Googled my way to where I am now – I built my website, set up my list, made some fab connections and (a biggie for me) recorded and learned to edit my first vid.

    Tips i can offer:
    – Switch the focus: aim to be driven by the outcome, how good it will feel to get to that finish line/overcome the hurdle
    – Mirror someone who’s already done it. If someone’s done it before so can YOU!!

    Good luck everyone!!! And go for it,
    Emma x

  69. karenann


    This video rocks. You are hilarious. And I’ve been meaning to tell you that your hair looks amazing. Do you have extensions?! It’s beautiful!!

  70. Hi Marie ~

    This is a fantastic topic! I started my business over 2 years ago with zero dollars (I mean ZERO!). My biggest challenge was playing the comparison game. I thought I had to start out with everything super professional and super awesome like I saw other people doing.

    When I finally got over my ego trip I figured out that if I just got started from where I was I would get there eventually. So I started by doing everything myself and on the cheap (since I had more time than money). As time has gone on I’ve added what I can when I can. Now that things are rolling I’m able to start hiring things out and focus on moving to the next level. In January I hired staff AND started working with graphic designer I love!

    I still get hung up every once and a while wishing I had more funds to go bigger faster, but I know I’ll get there eventually and the process I’m in feels totally organic 🙂

    Thanks for the video and all you do!

  71. I recently decided to host a Tele-Summit in celebration of Black History Month. My only experience with Tele-Summits was attending them. That was actually a good place to start. I just copied the format I saw. The really amazing part was that I did it in 20 days and it cost me $1.
    I reached out to potential speakers with a 5 day deadline to commit, in the initial email I told them what I needed. Photo, Bio, Topic Synopsis. The response was amazing. In the end I had 12 speakers, 157 registrants and to date I’ve had 26 upgrades. I set up an event website on blogger…FREE. Joined Instant Teleseminar for $1 21 day trial and the rest is history…#BirthHerstory

  72. Ann

    I am crying tears of laughter at your Google PSA – thank you!

  73. Lindsay

    Marie, this is BY FAR one of my favorite episodes! And, I shared your message with an entire Starbucks cafe as I burst into giggles during your Google PSA. Thank you for your creative dedication!

  74. OMG I PROMISE that I will go back and watch the rest of the video but, right now, I can’t stop laughing at the PSAs!!!! THANK YOU for being so freaking smart & so freaking funny. You’re the poo.

  75. I LOL’d so hard at this. Thanks for the laughs 🙂

  76. I’ve built several businesses over the years with zero budget to begin. From manufacturing candles, to direct sales, to coaching, and now as a musician and performing artist, I’ve never let a lack of financial resources stop me from making something happen. ESPECIALLY with new technologies like crowd-funding and open-source software, there’s a heck of a lot you can do without needing money to make it happen.

    Of course, my mantra is the less money you have, the more friends you need. And even if you have money, good friends are the best resource of all. I’m in the middle of recording 300 songs this year, and I couldn’t do it without the help of my best friends. It would jsut be too cost prohibitive otherwise. But I’m 30 songs in as I post this – 10% of the way to my goal, and i’m confident I’ll be making it happen.

    • “The less money you have, the more friends you need.” Love that Lisa! Brilliant advice!

  77. OMG I was laughing so hard when watching the PSA’s! Watching this video reminded me of when I first started and how I’d spend hours Googling and Youtubeing everything. I learnt so much in a short space of time and was able to get things done fast. It’s absolutely essential in the early stages of your business to google/youtube stuff especially if you’re on money-free budget and can’t afford to outsource. I love how Marie has grown her business allowing it to grow and evolve gradually.
    My three takeaways from this video:
    1. Google/Youtube are your businesses bff!
    2. We’re super lucky to live in an era when we can build businesses online.
    3. Starting a business doesn’t need to cost the earth. Re-invest what you make back into the business and build it up as you go along.

  78. Marie!

    You have been in my head all morning — I don’t know you yet somehow you make me feel I can do anything!

    I “thought of starting” my business six years ago..didn’t know how to get a domain name, didn’t know how to set up an llc, didn’t know how to copyright my name. So…I enlisted my husband and legal the name and the llc formed. And then I sat there dreaming and planning (I was very successful in my head). My sister in law was kind enough to do my logo; I found some distributors for products….more time went by. And then one day my daughter turned 19 and I shared my idea with her…and guess what?..she knew how to build a web site. She understood social media. I’m fifty years old and it’s only recently I see how important it is to surround yourself with interesting, positive people. That’s where you come in.

  79. Andrea Young

    Okay first off…. Freaking LOVE the PSA part of this video. I love how funny you are because it helps me to not take all of this so seriously. No, I don’t mean that I don’t take my life and my future seriously! I just mean, that sometimes my crackhead brain focuses so much on my future and what’s NOT happening for me now, that I can get a very fear-based mindset about my lack of $$/job. I love your videos and, once again, the PSA part…. BEAUTIFUL. I actually LOL, LMFAO, and all of those other ones! tweeted, pinned, and fb shared. Thank you for being you- You and your team ROCK!!

  80. That PSA was HILARIOUS! I can’t stop laughing.

  81. great video! thanks Marie:)

  82. Word.
    I think as long as you have a computer you can get almost everything else for free. But let’s not forget that owning a computer is not possible for some in this world.
    For anyone doing sales in person I also have to recommend SQUARE for accepting credit cards. It is free to sign up, they send you the little magic card swiper for free and they only take their percentage when you actually sell something. You do have to have a smart phone or pad, but that’s a super fun business investment.

  83. Finally! PREACH IT! My overhead for my biz is like $30 A MONTH – a month! But someone recently thought I had hired staff & 20K looking web pressence. Pshh, aw, thanks heheh

    I live my something I came up with a few years ago to help me get over that “I don’t know enough” mindset — Do what you can right now with the resources you have available.

    THANK YOU MARIE for giving people permission to not know — it’s a great feeling to ask for help and trust yourself enough to know you’ll find the answer eventually 🙂

  84. This is a fabulous segment! When I started my business I was so overwhelmed with the entire process. I couldn’t get past the website! The cost to have one designed was a lot for the current situation I was in, so I went on youtube, searched the internet, and eventually created my own website using a template. As time passed, I became better at designing and I can now say I have a one of a kind website that I am proud of due to the sweat I put in. Since I went through that process, I know I can do just about anything if I really put my mind to it! If you can read or listen to a video, you don’t have any excuse not to get started with your dream!

  85. Anita

    Marie, you are one of the most giving and genuine people I have ever come across, you are constantly sharing all your wonderful know how and resources. I wish you many blessings as you deserve so much for all that you do.

  86. Oh my goodness, those PSAs…hilarious! Thanks for that laugh to start my day. Excited to check out the free training offered today!

  87. You know I have so many friends and family that know nothing about the power of the internet. Lately i have been referring them to your blog and information. Three months fast forward these people have learned more from your blog than they learned in paid seminars or college. This is truly astonishing how the power of someone insight can be internalized by another person and compel them to grow beyond what they expected.

    Thanks, keep going hard

  88. I hate to admit it but I get so caught up in the problems mantra sometimes. I look at my list, I think of my obligation, overwhelm sets in, burn out shows up and it’s a Negativity Party like you wouldn’t believe. But everything can get done one step at a time. And I have to constantly remind myself of that, especially when my brain wants to “do it all right now!”

    But I am 100% self-taught in everything I’ve done for my business. I’ve either found a tutorial, tinkered, fiddled, or just plain started somewhere till I worked it out. While I made my share of missteps starting out I have learned a level of discernment I wouldn’t have had otherwise and have vastly improved.

    I also love the quote from Tony. For me you always have more resources than you realize, you just have to recognize them. For me when I started out I took my photos without models or modeled some of my work myself (Note to everyone out there: not the best idea.) I didn’t know my camera as well as I should have, and I didn’t really get it about lighting. Lo and behold I have a friend who is a photographer and wait for it, it’s not what you think, I still do all of my own photography. But talking to her gave me pointers. I also learned bits and pieces from actually reading my manual – then reading it again. And of course some reading along the net. But really the biggest help was an extremely short stint with a business coach. We had 1 conversation about my photography (which wasn’t at its worst and wasn’t at its best at that point) and the change was instantaneous after that.

    Now I get compliments on my photography all the time, and I even do freelance work for other creatives. I am regularly sharing what I’ve learned and give pointers to other people who may have trouble with some of the issues I have had.

    I did the same thing with copywriting, building my website, and even doing marketing. I’ve made it my practice to make the most of what I can get ahold of, snag up any opportunities I can, follow top notch people and stay in the know and test & implement, focusing on what works and keeping the rest in my back pocket if need be. I also try to integrate some of that into my blog because one of the things that is part of my business is to be a mentor to others and show it can be done!

  89. Carrie Dale

    Great advice and a good laugh all rolled into one. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  90. Okay so that hurt just a little bit : ) Excuses be gone!
    Timely, concise, to the point. You are helping me to see clearly and continue to move forward towards my goals, dreams and the life I want to create. Thank you!

  91. Great video! A lot of great information as usual. Google is my go to… for everything! There is no need to be clueless ever again. I could spend hours just Googling stuff. I used it to help me start blogging back in 2007. And YouTube is amazing for how to videos. The Internet and Social Media have given me a community that I never dreamed was out there. It has allowed us to connect in a way that is truly amazing!

  92. Tracy

    Sitting here at my desk at work, without my pants so to speak! Your words, thoughts and ideas continue to leave me feeling anew- and hopeful! Thanks for always finding a way to inspire as you spark each tuesday my internal flame. I WILL figure this out, and your encouragement means the world.
    You ROCK!! and right now are you are my 2013 gift from the Universe- so I can finally reach for my dream and offer my gift to others.
    In gratitude

  93. Theresa

    ok OMG!! I love you to death!! Ok not stalker type, just love watching your video’s type;) You ARE THE BEST!! I totally gufawed through this video!
    I have to say after I watch your videos and keep reading your emails, I figure I can rule the world:) Thanks for all your awesome encouragement to keep a gal believing and wanting to do more!!

  94. Oh wow, yes, I’m such a do-it myselfer. And perfectionist. Which leads to confusion and frustration sometimes.

    Right now I’m trying to figure out the workings of working a membership site as well as exploring the strange and complicated world of newsletters and auto-responders.

    It always looks like everybody else just has this stuff figured out.
    And I’m not a good researcher. It’s a touch one when you just want to do what you love for as many people as possible and lacking a little in the know-how department.

    May resort to youtube yet.

  95. The PSA’s were a great way to start the day!

    Over time, I’ve discovered I’m a self-stopper, not a self-starter. It irritates the crap out of me. I’ve haven’t discovered why—fear of failure, fear of success— but I plan to turn it around in B-School. See you there!

  96. I about peed my pants when you said, “It’s called Google.” We constantly say stuff like that in my industry when people ask us something we don’t know, yet anyone can easily type into Google and find out.

    I don’t fear not knowing stuff, because I can learn it. I try not to fear the need to attack problems with limited resources, but that’s much harder for me…mostly because the guilt of spending money or too much time on something sets in.

    Thanks for another informative and fun video!

  97. Hello, I am probably one of the very few men who follow Marie but I want to chime in on this particular subject. I have been doing internet marketing for 6 years, I have several online businesses. I am also a web developer/programmer by trade, blah, blah, blah My point is that I had the technical knowledge on how to do all of this before I started. What most of the successful people online don’t tell you is that they are great at marketing themselves, they are very comfortable in the camera, etc. They also don’t want you to know they mostly have people do it all for them – they OUTSOURCE!!!! They outsource their blog writing, their product creation, web design – EVERYTHING! That is the key – think of it like running a traditional brick and mortar business – you have people working for you that perform various tasks. It is the same with online business. If you make the mistake of trying to do it all yourself, you will become quickly worn out and it won’t be fun anymore. Also, be very wary of all the internet marketing products – most of it is hype – scarcity marketing. Most of it is just regurgitated over and over. You really can find everything you need for free on the web – with Marie’s school, all the info is free on the web, what she is good at is packaging it all together for you in one place. Marie is a good example though – she is a good marketer – Tony Robbins, again, a good marketer. Do not think they have something you don’t – we are all one, we are all connected, we all have the same potential. I cannot emphasize enough that if you are starting out on online marketing, to not fall for all they hype – “the next shiny object syndrome” – that is how they catch you and you just throw your money away. If I could summarize how to do it in a few steps, it would be:

    1. find your niche by doing research – do something you are interested in and will have fun doing it

    2. build a site using wordpress – you can outsource this. have them train you on how to use it. OR get a free website at

    3. Create an autoresponder email sequence using aweber or mailchimp. Aweber has been around a long time and it is the best.

    4. Write your content for your site. Again, you can outsource this.

    5. Set up Google Adwords PPC, create some videos, blog, find out where your people in your niche are hanging out. Give away free training or a product on your site to get them to sign up.

    The formula is really the same over and over. The most difficult part is the traffic but it is all doable.

    Also, affiliate marketing is really profitable – that is where you promote other’s products and get paid for it. No stress! They do all the billing, communication, close the sale, etc. It can work for you 24/7.

    I wish all you girls good luck and always believe in yourself. Stay focused on your dreams and they WILL come true!

    • Hey Matthew! I have to take issue with “what most of them don’t want you know is” and “outsource blog writing, product development — EVERYTHING” comment.

      1. Not sure how long you’ve been around here, but I’m SUPER transparent about how I do things, especially when I first started out. I worked my ass off to save for a basic website over 15 years ago. I’m not a programmer, but I figured out how to make it happen.

      I also started doing all my videos myself — and show, very honestly the progression here.

      2) I actually DO write all my own copy, all my own blogs and do all of my product development — still to this day. After 15 years, I’ve built up a team (which I am proud of and who helps) but what you see or hear from me, is something I’ve worked on personally.

      3) Again with your whole “next shiny object” and “that’s how they catch you” — I don’t think you’ve spent much time in my Universe, man. While what you’re saying may be true for other people, it’s flat out wrong to make that assumption about me, my business or the thousands of customers we help.

      All the best!

      • Matthew Mitchell

        Hi Marie, the comment was not directed to you or anyone else on here. Yes, I’ve been around for a long time, I’m not famous, claim to be or want to be. But I do know what works and how to do it. My main point is even aligned with Tony Robbins comment about being resoucefulness. Most successful online marketers I know have been able to grow their business by knowing where to hire the various people to make it all work. There are a lot of programs on the Internet that explain in minute detail about how to perform SEO, how to design a WP site, how to effectively set up a PPC campaign, how to blog, how to perform social media, etc. you will spin your wheels for years trying to learn all these things yourself. Additionally, by the time you figured out what may work for say, social media, the game changes. Add that to a day job, a family or some of these girls are single mom’s. equals burnout quickly. I understand you shoot your own videos however I’ve seen the behind the scenes folks helping you. Most people starting out don’t have that luxury or understand that – they are trying to do it with web cams. My only point to these girls is to convey the idea of outsourcing and leveraging your business. Yes, you may blog but you admit you are not a programmer or designer. So pick and choose what you want to do and are good at. If you try to do it all yourself, it will not work. I’m very happy for you and I wish all the women here much success!

        • Zita V

          Matthew – I appreciate your comment because I too have a desire to run my business efficiently and do the tasks where I know that I alone can truly add value. I think you’re missing one big point here though… a lot of these women actually want to take the time to learn these things for themselves. There are so many people here that love learning, love personal growth and mastery of new skills, and want to be deeply involved in their business. They truly appreciate the journey and the confidence they build in mastering new skills propels them to the next level.

          You have to admit that even with outsourcing a smart business owner should “google it” and learn as much as they can even if they aren’t performing the task. The more you know the better you can be at vetting out the quality of those you hire. Personally I value knowing a lot about the tasks I do not perform because it helps me to bring a critical eye to the work that others do and ensure that I am getting my money’s worth.

          At the end of the day it really depends on the amount of control you need and how big you want to scale your business… if you want to be huge then yes, you absolutely need to delegate more as time goes on, but early growth stages require you to invest heavily in your own education.

          • Matthew Mitchell

            Hi Zita – yep, I agree with what you are saying as well, maybe I am not communicating my message in the right way – here it goes…

            I have several successful online businesses and I have been doing this since 2006, I’ve developed websites since 1998, WAY before the web was this big. When people come to me today and ask how to start an online business, they are often in a state of confusion with over-information. Everyone seems to have a different strategy on how to make money online. Also, there is much hype surrounding online marketing, I am one of the lucky ones and have not lost much (I have probably wasted about 1K) on products online. Many online marketers are good at marketing themselves but the core of their success is really leveraging their resources. Tim Ferriss who wrote the 4 hour workweek spells it out plainly – in order to grow, to be successful, to have time and freedom, you must “outsource.” This does not always mean to India or Philippines. It means being resourceful to find people who can put the pieces together for you. And like running a brick and mortar business, you must understand what is going on, how it all works, but you do not need to know the intricate details. Because if you try and understand it all, it takes away from what you are wanting to offer. If I can offer one thing to these wonderful women on here – and I say that because you’all are go-getters, passionate about what you are doing, is to build a model that can be scalable and where the pieces can be outsourced. The #1 place to go to find people in my opinion is I know several internet millionaires and that is where they go to find the best of the best. You may have to spend some $ upfront, start small, take the profits and re-invest it back in. Yes, educate yourself as Marie mentioned Google and YT have a plethora of info, educate yourself on the steps, pick and choose what you want to do and then find others to do the other pieces you do not understand. Wish you well!

        • JennyG

          Matthew~ I have to agree with you here. I think its great that a lot of other entrepreneurs can and do research and take time to understand even the basics of each and every detail in their business but for some people this is just not do-able. I am not a single mom I am a stay at home mom and have been wanting to start my own business for years. I fall into the category that you mentioned above-The info overload category. Sure in theory I COULD do this all myself even at the starting level of understanding the basics so that when I do outsource I can be sure I am getting quality for my cash, but really? Some ppl like myself just can not do this. Its overwhelming for some including myself, esp. since I have a home to run and 2 small boys in diapers if I do have extra time to spend researching every aspect of business then guess what happens? NOTHING lol Because I am stuck spinning my wheels trying to figure it all out. I have no choice but to rely on Marie’s great videos and having someone else do certain things for me, like build a site, a blog, a store etc. It can be done, but not by all and not everyone even wants to. We don’t have to be superwomen we just have to have the desire and the business knowledge to know when to ask for help. Thank you for your realistic approach to business even if it is not always accepted by everyone. As not everyone lives the same life or has the same opportunities as the next person. For me and my future business, if I can get there lol I will take your advice and Marie’s and make it some how 🙂 God Bless!

          • JennyG

            I also wanted to say this- Some of us, myself included need to outsource and quickly because we are stuck in the poverty trap. If we do not make the money we need immediately then we stay in the station of life that we are trying to escape. It is not just for personal development and enrichment of life, sometimes owning your own business is a means to an end, or a way to make life better by having more financial resources. So because of these immediate needs we do not have the time it takes to research every aspect. I feel this is something no one wants to discuss but a lot of people are struggling financially, and right now day jobs are scarce in some areas so ppl such as myself consider having a business a “hustle” just so we can keep food on the table.Yes having high minded ideals about business are awesome some struggling people just do not have the time it takes to do everything when we need the business to pay out asap. Even outsourcing is a struggle, doing it all yourself is a struggle and sometimes that leads to burn out as MM mentioned above, so some just give up. I have been there but I have no choice but to succeed so I keep going. I have to save what little I have to outsource all the internet based aspects of my future business in order to save my sanity and time with my family while I make money. That’s just reality for me.

    • There is nothing wrong with repackaging a message into a easier understood and usable format.

      Technique and presentation make a big difference in what people retain. Didn’t you have good and bad teachers in school? Didn’t the good teachers motivate and inspire you along with give you knowledge?

      Outsourcing your content isn’t practical when you have a specific message you want to get out into the world in a specific way. You said Marie et al are great at marketing themselves <~~ that means putting your unique personality and yourself into your content. Outsourcing doesn't do that.

      Your formula may work for you. That's great. But there are so many more paths in the wild, wild internet. Most have yet to be forged.

  98. Awesome video, Marie! This may be my favorite one so far for so many reasons. I love that Team Forleo got in the act – in front of the camera. So cute! And OMG – “if you don’t like to read words, there’s YouTube” – you could write for SNL!

    My biggest reason I liked this video is that you are promoting continual learning which is one of my main values. I did a blog post recently and in my research I found Nancy Merz Nordstrom, author of ”In Learning Later, Living Greater: The Secret for Making the Most of Your After-50 Years.” She writes that learning helps to develop natural abilities – some that you may not even know that you have! And I think that is true for a lot of your readers. There are a ton of budding techies out there and they didn’t even know it – because we know girls aren’t really encouraged to do sciences and tech – although I think it’s changing a bit.

    Google is feakin’ awesome. And no paper is wasted. Love it!

    Thanks for the great start to a Tuesday!

  99. That’s a hilarious spoof, like a TVC! Love the clothes that you wear on MarieTV each week Marie, its one of the things I look out for. Thumbs up to your stylist! Now I’m getting inspired to be a style coach, I’m going to go for the certification, this will be my goal for 2013! 🙂

  100. Jen

    That was GREAT!

    Thank you so much for the knowledge and mood bump-ups!

    Wish I was doing B-School with you all – but I’m still knowing it’s figuroutable on my own!

    Hope EVERYONE has a great and productive week! Including me!


  101. Blanca

    Hi Marie! Thank you, this video reminds me when I wanted to learn about social networks and then I discovered a Multimedia Master here in Mexico. Now I’m near to end this College Program and this has transformed my lifestyle because I’m beginning to be an independent woman. Thank you for this knowledge. Hug!!

  102. Audrey

    I’m loving the colorful background 🙂

  103. Christine Roome

    Fantastic Video! You made my tech geek husband laugh out loud – well done. Can’t wait to start B-School on March 11th! 🙂

  104. Hey Marie,

    AWESOME video… and frickin AMAZING free training too! I especially loved the quote ‘You are the faucet and God is the water’.

    I’ve been having a bit of an upheaval in life lately and that quote has really made me feel comforted and reminded me of what’s important, so thank you 🙂

    Much Love,
    Roshini X

  105. Donna Crawford

    Seriously…thanks for making me laugh! I love your stuff! So fun! And of course such great information. You rock!

  106. I have friends who want to learn stuff but they don’t like to read. Ha ha ha! They watch YouTube.

    What you say here Marie is very true. This is an amazing time to be alive and to start a business because there is literally a wide open space for you to create what you want thanks to the Internet. Google is my buddy and I couldn’t live without it.

    I’m starting to tell my kids your mantra: “Everything is figureoutable.” It works too! 🙂

  107. Yet another amazing show Marie! I have come a long way in my career (working for the top luxury fashion houses) with the strong focus that everything is “figureoutable”.

    I am now running my own VA business called “Global Executive Assistants”. We are working with clients all over the globe. Please get in touch if you want to work smarter to save both time and money!

  108. Thank you so much for those awesome PSA’s! Love them!
    Several years ago, one of my most awesome clients (who is also an octogenarian) excitedly told me: “You know, I just ask the Google anytime I need to know something. It knows EVERYTHING!”

    So excited to B in B-School Marie! Thank you!

  109. OMG this made me laugh so much. I always Google things, its my best friend, especially since I am learning to be a mechanic. I am 29 have 3 kids and am married. I have only just found something I love to do, yet I am struggling to convert it into a business, especially an online one. My day job as a home carer pays the bills and is merely there to provide money for my passion which is fixing cars, although I love to help people in general. My downfall is I help people for free!!
    I struggle to ask for money when I have to go out of my way, which my husband says I am mad for! his video is totally true though and Googling and learning about things is one of the main reason I can do so much!
    I just cant seem to create a business out of it!! Maybe I’ll be a personal assistant, who can fix cars, cook, wallpaper, offer positive pro active advice, keep chickens and bookkeep!!

    I love your videos Marie and hopefully I will find my ‘niche’ soon.

    Thanks so much


    • I have to say that I LOVE that you’re learning to be a mechanic Danielle!

  110. Thank you for the reminder that everything is figureoutable … Lol.

    I have been trying to figure out several WordPress items here and I believe my next job is to figure out how to find the right VA to support me in moving the contents from to a WP site…. Sigh…
    Love the video, Marie!

  111. I always relied on others to get things done for my business, until one day I realized that – If they can do it, I can do it too. There are plenty of ways to get going. I found these cool beginner-friendly online courses: (a woman-owned business) and Super easy way to learn how to code for FREE!!!!! Ciao 🙂

  112. Thank you for the funny and inspiring video..haha you are a riot!
    I also want to thank you for reminding me about word gotta get on it..

    Wishing you the best in B school..

  113. Love the PSA!

    I am ALWAYS tellin’ my husband, “Google it!” and “YouTube it!”.

    I use Google and YouTube daily. I watch EVERY video that you produce and lots of others as well (TEDtalk is a big favorite). I read blogs and have used for tech training. I’ve continued my education at the local community college but I have to say that I get more in a shorter amount of time online. We have a friend who is a college professor at a local university and he believes that online education is where we’re headed. He teaches students that are working on their PhD’s through online courses! I have a friend who is currently working on her law degree through an accredited university ONLINE! If you’re not using the Internet to educate yourself you’re not taking advantage of an AMAZING resource available at your fingertips!

    I’ve done Tony Robbins seminars, Landmark Education which are in person an SOOOO worth the time and money (if you are FULLY committed to doing the work). I’ve done online courses with Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) and others and have now signed up to do B-SCHOOL!!!!!! Cannot WAIT to ride this passion train to success!! I’ve already made contact with an alumni member and she’s generously offered to answer any questions and offer advice! Of all the members I serendipitously clicked on her photo because she has a pretty smile ~ turns out her current circumstances are very close to mine so we have something in common. Funny how that happens eh?

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Internet!! I’m 58 years-young and got my first home computer in the mid 1980’s (cost me $6,000 for a unit that didn’t do as much as my bloody phone does!). So while I’m not new to computers, the technology advances so rapidly that if you don’t keep up you’ll be left in the dust. My two mantras are: Keep on learning or die! and What’s the worse that can happen? While I may choose to re-frame these into something more empowering, they’ve worked well so far ; )

    See you in B-SCHOOL . . .

  114. LOL!!!! Loved today’s episode! Thank you!
    I always relied on others to get things done for my business, until one day I realized that – If they can do it, I can do it too. There are plenty of ways to get going. I found these cool beginner-friendly online courses: (a woman-owned business) and Super easy way to learn how to code for FREE!
    Ciao 🙂
    p.s Less than a week to B-School! Yeah!

  115. Aimee Jeffries

    Ha you are hilarious! I’ve utilized free learning to the ends of the earth (Hello “how to stop procrastinating” video..thank you Marie) and got my mojo flowing on social media. Now my biggest being broke obstacle is where to host videos that wont kill my budget when my goal is to have both free and membership access, Youtube doesn’t allow it. I am an artist and would like to have classes for painting, sculpting etc. From what I have seen the minimum is about $100/month, just a little rich for my new blood 🙂

  116. I LOVED this video! It’s hilarious and so true. I learned how to design and develop my own website through the ‘Google’ and YouTube, how to work through Mailchimp, and a ton of other challenges I had in my business. The 3 saving graces in my business (and life) were the following: 1) Google, 2) YouTube, and 3) B-School.

    Thanks for another great video Marie!

  117. amhare

    I’m just saying lovely Marie,that you are a genius woman,but for me it is always a virtuel connection. Can you do it realy for me super Marie?

  118. Emily Oba

    Laugh out loud funny today, Marie! Love it. Thanks as always. I’ve got some figurin’ to do today but wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude. xo

  119. I very rarely comment on posts (although I often read comments) but I just had an ‘in-the-vortex-experience’ with your last post! No, I’m not woowoo but just super excited! I just got your post about ‘Starting a Business with no funds and no money’ while I am wrestling with my wordpress template in a frizzel trying to get my website launched asap… while thinking ‘how the bloody hell am I going to get funding to launch my pilot programme (for entrepreneurs in Africa)???’. Seconds after I open your mail i get another mail from someone asking if I had my ‘2- pager’ ready for investors that he could pass along to! How bizarre is that!? It took me a while to figure out who this was because I’d totally forgotten about him (I met him briefly early Jan at an event).
    BUT, even more interesting is the story about how i got to ‘meet you’. It was during my quest for simple DIY WordPress themes that THE Google led me to you – I was scouring the web and found a theme that resonated with me and wanted to see further examples of their work. The portfolio page was filled with only TOO many thumbnails so I randomly chose a few to click onto. One that attracted my attention quickly featured a beautiful dark-haired lady amidst a brightly coloured background with a bright blue- green bar running across the page. I was quite drawn to this thumbnail and that is when I ‘met’ you. That was about 2 months ago ( i think). Since then, I have not missed a day of visiting your blog and am even registered to take on your famous b-school!
    It’s amazing how and the universe conspires to bring your everything you need when you need it, right into your livingroom, through your laptop screen! #appreciatingmarie&technology&theuniverse

  120. Hi Marie!

    I don’t know how we got into the habit of looking for what we don’t have first, instead of looking for what we do have!

    I believe that’s the Nr. #1 reason that makes us think we don’t have education or money. If we looked at what we could do first…we would often find ourselves surprised…

  121. Hi Marie and awesome team! This was a rockin’ video!!

    I started my business last year with no technical knowledge. (I’m that kind that went to college and majored in Accounting, something that I will never need or have interest in)

    What you said, Marie, is SO true. I build my website myself and it was mostly thanks to google and youtube!

    I just want to encourage everyone that when you want something badly, you will absolutely find a way.

    I didn’t want to work in accounting for the rest of my life, and wanted to be home with my babies. I wanted it BADLY, I worked by bottom off for the last year and I now have what I worked so hard for – an online business, making money, and have clients coming to ME. (that was my dream!)

    Thank you Marie for giving us your all <3

  122. Megan

    I totally agree! I am teaching myself how to use html and CSS coding and build my own damn wordpress site instead of paying for it!

    If anyone is looking to learn coding i HIGHLY recommend, it is free and they have a ton of courses on html,css, php, javascript etc.

    I’m a major newbie and it is helping me so much.

    Thank you for another great video Marie!

    • awesome Megan! I’ve really great things about them — and — loads of incredible tech schools 🙂

    • I rolled on the floor laughing from this PSA! I tell people to “just Google it” all the time (and sometimes get people to laugh with Let Me Google That For You:

      I wanted to give a shout out for the too. I am so empowered to improve our website and I am learning a whole new skillset, way of thinking, and language. Megan, congrats on your website!! I am a major newbie too but hope to be right up there building sites with you too someday soon 🙂

      There are SO many great courses popping up for free online now – coursera, khan academy, mit open courseware just to name a few. What can’t you learn online?

      Thanks, as always, Marie!

  123. Great video! Thanks for breaking it down into figureoutableness!
    Just signed up for b school and am so excited about this adventure!

  124. Those public service announcements had be laughing OUT LOUD Marie! You’re awesome and ever so helpful. Thank you for this video & all the rest!

  125. Thanks for this Marie! It sounds obvious when you say it, but I guess we all have that little bit of inner resistance or overwhelm that makes us run around in blind circles rather than sitting down and asking The Internet. 🙂

    I do have to keep reminding myself that I knew nothing whatsoever about law but still managed to find the (free) resources and resourcefulness to divorce my ex and get everything I wanted from the divorce process (no more than my due I must add!) with the blessing of the courts and without the help of a lawyer (yes I represented myself in court, yes it was scary, no I didn’t let that put me off!) If I can do that, surely I can do anything?!

  126. That PSA was a crack-up! lol

    It’s true that we all start out not knowing how to do anything. I remember when I first started using a computer I would tap the keys on the keyboard softly because I didn’t want to break them. Now in my day job I provide tech support for those trying to build their own websites! (and I never had any formal training)

    Just take it one day (or one moment) at a time and before you know it, you’ll be explaining to other people how to do technical things. 🙂

  127. LOVE this one Marie (and your PSA rocks)!

    I have a gazillion examples of lacking all the necessary resources, but using my resourcefulness to make things happen.
    The biggest one is that I was in college down in Alabama. I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. It’s what I’ve wanted since I was a kiddo. But I knew my school didn’t have the resources, the equipment, the classes, etc. So I went to a summer film program (on scholarship). I learned SO much during that month. And I brought all the information back and decided if I wanted to make my own film I had make it happen for myself. I emailed professionals in surrounding cities asking for their help, begged camera rental houses for free gear and got the city to give me locations for free. I ended up shooting the project on film, and because of my tenacity and passion, this little project got me a seat at the #1 film school in the world.

    Love that quote from Tony – gonna put that up on my wall!
    Thank you again Marie for sharing such valuable and life-changing information with all of us.
    Lots of love to Team Forleo!!

  128. You absolutely hit it out of the park on this one. I nearly fell off my chair when you did the “Google thing”. So fun!

  129. Beautiful episode as always. Few years ago I decided to start my own blog, without knowing a single thing about blogging. I didn’t have enough money to hire someone, so I decided to learn to do it myself. All I had was an idea and my desire to help people drink better coffee at home. I found great people to learn from and so far I’ve learned all I could about blog design, social networks and so much more. It was not easy, especially when you have to do all by yourself. But, I honestly believe that hard works pays off.

  130. Funniest Q and A Tuesday ever.

    Do hate reading words, YOUTUBE.

  131. I freekn’ pissed my pants! Your humor takes the fear and stress right out of these subjects. I just love you! Kick ass girl!

  132. Freaking hilarious!!! And the same thoughts that go through my mind when I hear people complaining or wishing they could do this or that… JUST GOOGLE IT! XD

  133. Carol

    Thank you so much Marie for all of your videos! You are so passionate and generous, and have such wisdom to offer. I am so thankful for receiving all of this information today.

  134. Nancy

    Psa’s … Hysterical Marie!!!

  135. I love how you added the recovery counseling clips into this video. Awesome, hilarious, yet so appropriate for the overwhelm I sometimes feel about trying to figure out how to do things. I use both “The Google”, as you so eloquently named it, and You Tube probably more than I use my cell phone -unless I’m using my phone to browse. They are such resources! Thank you for this awesome reminder.

  136. Molly

    Great information! also you are one funny lady and I love listening to you! Keep up your great work and thank you.

  137. Oh my gosh, more PSAs please!!! That was hilarious 🙂 I completely agree with this and I even remember using the internet BG (before google) to figure stuff out and taught myself html and java back in the day. I do think though that some people are just more inclined and able to be self-sufficient where others really need a lot of hand holding or more in depth explanation. Most of my clients (that struggle with organization and project planning) are not adept at The Google. I don’t know exactly why that it, but it is a trend that I see. Maybe it’s just a matter of practice or that our brains are all wired a little bit differently.

    • Hey Christy — you can share this PSA with them. Hell — I gotta share it with myself sometimes, LOL!!

  138. Thanks, Marie for the fun, frank how-to!

    Feeling stuck has happened to me SO many times. I believe acceptance is the way we move forward from any situation. In this case, I had to accept that I had a pattern of not following my passion or turning my ideas into reality simply because I didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t make myself “wrong” or feel guilty for this pattern, I simply observed it as a habitual behavior so I would more quickly be aware when I was doing it again. Then comes the work …

    Here are my steps for dealing with this:

    1) Curious observation and acceptance. Thank the “issue” for coming up again as a lesson, let it know I don’t intend to be held back again, wave this obstacle away saying, “Thank you, I am ready to move to my destiny now.”

    2) Step away if feeling utterly defeated / confused and take action on something else task oriented and completable – even if it is a load of laundry, filing a pile, or whatever else might make me feel a sense of accomplishment.

    3) Practice deep breathing and a few yoga postures to remember my own personal power and confidence. Warriors, arm balances and standing balances work best for me for this purpose.

    4) Get a clear vision for what it is I am wanting to do … could be a vision board, a written statement without any judging words or whatever makes me feel clear and REMEMBER who I am, what I am working towards, and that it has worth in the world. This reminds me that my passion is greater than my issue, and that everything is possible, and therefore doable.

    5) Ask. Whether it is Google, YouTube, a colleague, a friend, seeking out a model for what I am wanting to accomplish, my very smart and handy husband, etc. — if I don’t ask for help and inspiration, I won’t get it and I will continue to feel stuck.

    8) Make a list of my action items to accomplish what I want and get done what I need to, to make it happen.

    7) Now I can begin taking action on the original issue from a much clearer headspace. WooHoo!

    **Note … This is a constant work in progress! Stuckness happens periodically. The more often I practice the above 7 steps, the more rapidly the process goes and I can move forward. And, if all else fails, enroll in BSchool 😉 That’s what I’ve done for this next phase of my career!!

  139. Leanne Richards-Williams

    LOL…LOL….LOL 😀

    That PSA was super cool!

    I’m sitting here almost going depressed when I’ve realized how much debt I’m in!….

    (NOTE: I paused here at 12.35 pm to watch the workshop video. So the following quotes and notes are what I though of the video and what it did for me)

    1. “When something’s not working and you’re aware enough to look for a better way, you’re about to experience major growth”

    2. I love the William Hutchinson Murray quote you gave…(I was almost in tears as I realize the breakthrough that God has been providing through you…YOU ARE FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE BY HELPING ME FULFILL MINE)

    3. Thanks to God and you, the BSchool scholarship is helping GREATLY with the decisions I must make.

    4. My power over my situations? I remember how my mom said she can’t afford to send me to university…but I went anyway…and completed my degree 5 yrs later…and how I met in an accident on my wedding day… and how everyone thought that was it – no wedding, but I went down the aisle still (FB me to see my pics)…THANKS FOR REMINDING ME MARIE.

    5. TRUE!!! “Clarity comes from engagement not thought”

    6. “You’re the faucet, God’s the water”…THIS Marianne Williamson QUOTE MADE MY HEART AND SOUL LEAP FOR JOY. I’m am the needed vessel to impart the most vital thing that the world needs! Amen! Hallelujah!


    *Conditions Applied 🙂

  140. Chara

    Marie, THANK YOU so much for your savvy, wise advice. I may take B-School in 2014 now that I know about it. For now, you are helping me SO much with developing the work I feel called to develop. Your quick, free offerings are a true blessing to those of us who are just starting our endeavors.

  141. You are hilarious!!!!! Thanks for all the info. More than anything else, what I’m learning is that you can have fun, be yourself and still run a productive/thriving business. It helped me to lighten up a bit! Thanks : )

  142. Pauline

    This was hilarious. Q&A Tuesdays are always fun and educational but you’re in rare form here. Thanks to others for some very good comments and resources above.

    • Totally agree Pauline. Feel like Marie was in a fun, feisty mood when they shot that video!

  143. Super easy and figureoutable steps – the Google and the Youtubes. Plus, all the other great resources on the Interwebs (it’s a series of tubes!) . Thank you for advice that is always practical, Marie.

    Getting stuck with a know-how question like the tech skills Jane highlighted in her question can feel big. One of the reasons it can feel big is because it requires us to say, even if only in the privacy of our own thoughts, “I don’t know.” When we know so much about other things – in fact when sharing our expertise and passions is the very reason we have some technical (other other) know-how need – not knowing can feel risky. But only if we let it.

    Not knowing can also be an invitation to explore. Realizing what you don’t know and what you want to know is also essential for personal growth. Besides, we have to figure that much out, “I don’t know how to XYZ,” to get Googling, ask Siri, or even go all retro and look something up in the index of a book.

    I knew I didn’t have a clue about marketing and business “stuff,” which is why Marie’s figureoutable mantra and everything about b-school spoke to me. I know I’m going to love b-school and can’t wait for March 11th to start figuring things out.

  144. LOL!! Ohmygosh I am SO forwarding this to my boyfriend, Aladdin. Anytime anyone says they can’t do something or they are stuck on something he says, “You know, my friend knows how to do that. You can ask my friend.” and of course they will say, “Who’s your friend?” and he will reply, “You know him too, Google, he knows a lot of stuff.” Thanks for this fantastic video today Marie and the hilarity! Booby patrol! lol!

  145. Dottie

    Great video Marie!! My best teachers always combined humor with knowledge!!
    Google and You-Tube are great resources, but I also use another resource thats costs nothing but time and that is BARTERING. It’s great to help one another with our own individual strengths and learn something in the process.

  146. OMGoodness! Started laughing so hard I spit my water out. Funny is always good.

    I’m good at learning what I don’t already know, but I do tend to get hung up on the lack of funds issue. Working on that one!

  147. Phyllis

    Marie, A great friend turned me on to you and your energy! I love what you’re doing and want to jump on the train, but how do I identify what I’m most passionate about and turn that into a profitable business.

    Thanks, Phyllis

  148. Love your humor Marie! Great video and just wanted to share that I created a whole Web Design business -completely self-taught using “the Google”….

    • Leanne Richards-Williams

      Mellisa Pearson,

      I love your icandysites! I’ll keep you in my contacts for upcoming projects. I’m a Scholarship winner for 2013 BSchool…and I’m on roll to fulfilling my destiny!

  149. Holly

    I feel so inspired and validated when I watch any of your videos. Inspired to take hold of that burning desire within and add your informational fuel to the fire. Validated, because you are SO FREAKIN’ silly…and so am I….so thank you for waving your silly flag for all to see.

    I have many interests and talents, but have not been able to figure out how I will apply them to best share my gifts and know-how. The reason I tell you this is because when I started listening to your videos about B-school, I realized that there will be a platform that is ideal for me once I solidify my vision. One of my best friends has signed up for B-school this year and I cannot wait to see how she explodes with business know-how and online savvy. (By the way, she just happens to be a health & wellness coach that focuses on helping women find their purpose and guide them into making their dreams a reality. Lucky me!)

    So I ask you this: What is your advice to someone who is having difficulty seeing how their talents and interests can translate into a viable business?

  150. Jacquie

    EXCELLENT video today! Well they all are super, however today I followed your suggestions to a tee. I am writing a series of children`s books and looking for an illustrator. Up until today….I would not believe that I could find someone like-minded and open hearted to take on the project …as I have NO money to pay an illustrator right now. Well, I wrote out all my lists and came up with some great ideas on how to find the right person! This message was even on my list…..Let Marie know how helpful she was today and ask her to tweet out your request for a spirit minded illustrator contact @Sadielittlelady. Wowzers! my dilema really is Figueoutable! Thnx a million Marie XOXOXO

    • Denise

      What illustration style are you looking for Jacquie? I’m an artist in need of some new inspiration and direction. Maybe we could work out something.

  151. Here are some “FREE” and helpful business resources that I’d like to share:

    Building Your Own Website:
    1. (for superb Flash and HTML website templates with easy to use interface) By the way, WIX has excellent customer service if you ever have any questions.

    Easy to Make Apps:
    1. (It doesn’t cost anything to build your app. However, there is a fee once you decide to publish. I think it’s around $70.00 per month.)

    Making Vlogs:
    1. Socialcam (enables you to instantly publish to Facebook, Twitter, etc. any video you make using your iPhone.)

    Online Magazine Widget:
    1. (Add this widget to your site with your content to create beautiful online flip books with images and text.)

    On and Offline Book Publishing:

    Business Cards and Brochures:

    1. Yahoo! Local (I’ve received new clients based on my reviews at Y! Local, so I feel this a great way to advertise for FREE!)
    2. (I got my first client from an ad I placed there.)
    3. business listings


    I hope this helps! : )

  152. Definitely the best MarieTV ever. Hilarious PSAs! And yes– I can’t tell you how many times I see questions on Facebook that could have been Googled and answered by the time the status update was posted!

    I would add that not only being resourceful, but TENACIOUS (i.e., if you don’t get the A on your first Google search, try asking the Q a few different ways…) is a huge key to success in online biz.

  153. LOL! I’m cracking up over the Google and YouTube PSA but you are so right. You can find practically ANYTHING on the web by simply keying in a few words. Between Google/YouTube I learned how to troubleshoot website technical issues I had simply by searching for what I needed on the web. Heck, I even found info on business resources like Marie’s website by searching the web. Also, you can build your online presence through social media and that is also free. When I started my interior design blog a few years ago I didn’t know anything about blogging, I was clueless. But thanks to the community of bloggers out there who offered support, I’ve been able to attract HUNDREDS of visitors to my site. I figure things out as a go.

  154. Love the video! I think one of the things I like most about the MarieTV is that it is funny….. great to get practical how to information, and a little bit of a kick in the but, with some humor! 🙂 Thanks

  155. I LOVE this video and you! Thanks so much for the hilarious and informative video. Sharing this now!

  156. HA! LOVE the PSAs… thanks for another great video, Marie and team! I am looking for the video training you mentioned in the video- How to Get Anything You Want- but can’t seem to find it. Help please? Thanks!

  157. Marie, waiting for you to come to LONDON!!!

    Expect “royal” treatment from all of us, Your Highness! 🙂

  158. This is so funny. Yesterday a friend called me a Guru 🙂 And another friend told me I was inspiring her because I have ( so she thinks ) the answer the everything . I often tell them that I have a special friend that is willing to teach me everything I want to know. His name is Google!!

    Thank you Marie for this ! I will share this with them!

  159. Kristiina

    Marie, wow. First off, you made me laugh out loud in your first video. I’m taking an illustrator class online and last night I was just thinking how amazing it is how much I can learn with just my lap top. I’m so grateful for teachers like you who are willing to put out information for free.

    The second video was powerful. Thank you so much for it. I don’t know what else to say about it. You’ve helped a lot of people.

    Ps I do hope you’ll do a second session of bschool in 2013! I didn’t get the funds together quick enough this time but I would really love to do it before 2014.

  160. Ok, I have to confess, which before I was kind of embarassed to tell anyone, but I went to “Google and Youtube university” as I call it. I’ve had a passion for fashion and once I set my mind to the fact that I wanted to start my own business designing handbags and swim apparel. I started googling everything from how to start my own clothing line, how to sketch, make patterns, samples you name it Google and youtube university was it for me. Now I look back and see how far I have come. Pat on the back for me.. So glad to have seen this video Marie – no need to be embarassed anymore and just reading these comments I can see I am not the only one. GO Ladies. Much success to all. xoxo

  161. jonathan francis

    Just love all the good advice your sharing Marie! Firstly I have used YOU TUBE to learn about many things over the last twelve months! Secondly I was looking for a movie to share in my community & there it was. Thankyou for the latest update on “Half the Sky” Jon F.

  162. Great show. Although there is a caveat to this. I’m just getting started putting together some online courses of my own and decided to dig into the video, audio, screen capture, etc tools that are available and found myself swimming in TOO MUCH INFORMATION. So, I say, set aside a blocked time to self-educate on these tools and book it right into your schedule. You’re gonna need it!

  163. Jayne

    Well shucks, that was my question, I’m that Jayne. Ha.
    And Marie is totally right, its definately whats going on in the inside thats stopping me. Pants! (Or not pants apparently.)

    I have been using the Google & Youtube, its a slow process, I’m more of a persons person and learning online hurts my brain. I’m doing it tho, slowly. And as for asking friends, well, I have waved that flag and ain’t no one come a running yet!

    I’ll figure it out, I have to, I want to be of service.

    Thanks Marie, your a star as always x

    PS That invitation to London is open anytime x

    • I LOVE YOU SOO much Jayne. Seriously, I want to acknowledge you and thank you– because we all have parts of us inside that have resistance (me too!) to certain things. You must know that your energy and your being helped inspire this video which is full of humor and fun. If you haven’t checked out “How To Get Anything You Want” yet — please do, as you were in my heart as I recorded it. I believe in you and totally earmarking that invite to London!! oxoxoo

      • Jayne

        Thanks Marie, I’ve watched “How to get anything you want” and loved it. I also loved how you picked up on my inner turmoil through the language of my question! That was a kick up the butt, I gotta stop telling myself I can’t / won’t do this. I’m a great person with lots to give its just about transferring the skills that I have in everyday life to the virtual world of the Internet. I’m back in B-School next week (2nd time) and have my first mastermind on March 17th. I guess it’s just a slower process for me than some others, but ultimately I have such a deep calling to serve that I won’t ignore. Much love to you as always, London is ready for you x

  164. Michelle Ross

    Marie, you had me rolling on the floor laughing with your PSA!!!! Too too funny! Love your work and cannot wait for B-School to start in 6 sleeps! I’m in Melbourne Australia so maybe it’s 7 sleeps to allow for the time difference! Not long… :-0

  165. I laughed out loud at the PSA!!!! You really rock Marie! Thanks for always delivering the Goods!!!

  166. Kearson

    Hi Marie!

    I love the video. You reminded me of the Power of The Google!

    My husband always teases me that I’m a skilled “Eu-googlizer” (quoting from Zoolander) because everytime he asks me how I know something- I respond that I googled it!

    Love your encouragement and authentic communication!


  167. Yes Google and Youtube are packed with free information and have used them constantly since starting my business but it can get overwhelming because there is so much information out there and some of it is wrong or outdated.

    I think the key to starting and learning is just too take it slow and learn slowly and not to try to conquer everything at once. I made this mistake and it can lead to burn out and then nothing gets done.

    Taking it slow is the best remedy for “starting your business overwhelm”. If you consistently plug away at it you’ll learn it all, needing to know everything right away can cause problems and is an unsustainable way to run a biz and live your life.

  168. This is LOL hilarious! Thank you for brightening my day. Looking forward to B-School if only for your infectious enthusiasm.

  169. This could not have come at a more perfect time! But that’s just how the universe works!! I was just interviewing a coworker on how to be a better leader and one of my weaknesses that was pointed out to me, was that when things get hard, I tend to give up! And usually it’s because I don’t know something. I’ve always felt like I’ve had to have my ducks in a row before I can move forward! Thank you for this gentle reminder that everything is “figureoutable!” 🙂

  170. Lore

    I’m a google and youtube fan!!! I leaned tons of things!From beading, photoshop, lightroom, photography, workout, you name it and I find the way in google and youtube. In my case,I live in a small town, here are few (if any) opportunities to learn the kinds of things that interest me.
    I hope you’ll do a second session of bschool in 2013! I didn’t get the funds together quick enough this time but I would really love to do it before 2014.
    Thanks for sharing!

  171. Ha! Love it. Thanks for the giggle, Marie. 🙂

    And yes, I get stuck in “I don’t know how to do it” mode more often than I care to admit. In those moments, I usually just need to step away from my desk, take a walk or go for a run to regain a little perspective, and then remember that I have a supportive community of entrepreneurs to reach out to with questions. (Yay, B-School!) Oh yeah…and Google too. 😉

  172. I am also one of those business starter-uppers who doesn’t have much in the way of financial resources or technical know-how.

    But I have started my business on the foundational belief that if I start with where I am, I use what I have, and I do what I can, all the resources that I need will come to me at just the time I need them – whether it’s training, money, or . . . fill in the blank.

    AND! It’s OK to take it one step at a time. I can get EASILY overwhelmed when I look at the huge gap between where I am and where I want to be and I see all the tasks that need to be completed to get there. But! If I just focus on the one step that’s in front of me, the one task, then I can move forward being peacefully productive and gaining forward momentum toward my ultimate goal!

  173. Hi there Ladies

    And thank-you Marie! I just wanted to share that I am doing this with no money, absolutely none! Luckily, when I started online back in 2009 I had already paid for my domain name and web hosting, long story years later I’ve come back to doing what I was always meant to be doing – building my business online – and the resources I am using are…..wait for it, Google and Youtube…and of course the handy hints and tips from you Marie. There’s so much information at our fingertips, it’s amazing. I may be doing this slow, long, hard way (e.g. I have to learn it all from scratch as I have no money to pay for a class and zero $$’s for a VA) but I’m doing it, and I completely and utterly believe in what I’m doing, so here’s to your success and mine, hope to see you all online soon! Love Susan xxx

  174. Great stuff as always, Marie. Google and You Tube have transformed the way we educate ourselves about ANYTHING these days, and as long as one has access to a computer and some navigational skills it would seem that the sky’s the limit-
    I’m wondering if you might address the importance of maintaining inner peace in one of your Marie TV episodes. When it comes to success in any endeavor, I believe there HAS to be a balance of stick-to-itness with self-nurturance, and the ability to believe in one’s self when a lot of the people who you thought were on your team have quietly crawled away. Passion for anything can be a lonely road if you don’t learn to stay grounded, and I have to confess my own bull-headed shortcomings when the heat is turned up. I’ve tried to keep my dreams alive. Pressing on in the face of adversity was what I felt I HAD to do. I began to slip in my efforts to take care of myself because more than anything I wanted to succeed and it seemed like no one was going to be there to illuminate the way for me. Any connection I’d made with inner guidance seemed to evaporate, and it felt like brass-knuckled perseverance was going to be the only way I’d ever succeed. But that attitude got the best of me last month when I had a heart attack at 51. In retrospect, it’s easy for me to feel like the universe was conspiring against me; rather than pay attention to the warning signs of self neglect I kept on keeping on, and the next thing I knew I was in the same cardiac ward at the local hospital as my elderly mother was (there was no shortage of stressors in my life at the time). Now, here I am trying to figure out what my next step is on a bizarrely unfamiliar road so I can keep the bills paid, let alone keep my passions alive. I’ve had to swallow my pride and forensically look at where my life was falling off the tracks while I was so naively focused exclusively on the goal. Should I have done some things differently? You bet. Did I have pre-conceived notions as to how things would unfold? Guilty. But because I wasn’t taking care of myself through the challenges, the universe decided to shake up my pre-conceived notions of the rules of the game. Before my hospitalization, all along the way I was certain something was urging me on. Maybe it was my ego’s insatiable need for me to BE somebody. I’ve been home for 4 weeks now, eager to find some solid ground to stand on. The financial stressors that fueled my incident are very much alive and well, but having postponed the satisfaction of living life in my own way a million times before, I don’t want to postpone it again. I need to find a way to put some solid ground under my feet, but I know the only way I can do that is by including taking care of myself in the mix, and having enough humility to learn from my mistakes.
    All this is to say that I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on the yoga of business and pursuing passions, and the importance of making time to nurture one’s self in the process. Being that I’m one of your few male followers I suspect this koan isn’t a particularly hot topic among your fans, but I thought I’d throw it out there and see what happens. Regardless, I hope you keep up the selfless path. You’re darned good at what you do, and we all loves ya oodles for it-

  175. I love the PSA! When my clients get nervous about not knowing how to cook something I always tell them to ask youtube!

    Figuring things out has been the story of my business (and B-School certainly helped!). People are amazed at my “technical expertise,” but I was no techy to begin with. I took a couple of online classes and realized that I can learn to do this stuff, and that I enjoy it. That gave me the confidence to keep learning things new things. It helps to have such a great community to get top-notch recommendations from. If there’s something I want to do, there’s a training out there that will find me!

  176. Marie, you and your team are hysterical! Bring on more PSAs… the world needs them.

  177. I appreciate your teaching with humor.

  178. Excellent topic Marie, it is vital to know that we have all the tools we need at our disposal, the most important thing is to have a goal in mind, and so list the things we need, we just roasted investigate and put them into action gradually generating resources to invest in us, best techniques, our personal and professional development, wherever it is, and with the planned budget and intended for that.

    Once again thank you very much for this content that actually lead people, focused growth and give your best people on your way to success.

    From Mexico I send you a big hug and thank the power of google ads that made me find you =) ….

  179. I found freedom from not doing because of not knowing from a Dr. Phil quote: “Life rewards action”. Every time I dive in and at least try, it’s like the sky opens and pours down everything I need to know.

  180. Monica

    While Google and YouTube are great, I’m always saddened when my best mentors tell me to Google something. For people born after 1990 it’s a sixth sense and unnecessary.

    I much prefer testimonials, recommendations, or simply saying, “I’d really like you to have the privilege of learning this on your own. I did it and I know you can too!” It’s less facetious and more of a put up than a put down. It says, “you don’t suck and you’re also not alone as you school yourself”.

    Also, relying on a machine isn’t real to me. Google collects popular sites which are linked to the most. It doesn’t measure effectiveness and it doesn’t come from people I trust on an individual basis. It’s definitely a great context and starting point though! Google Scholar and PEW also help with research.

    Thank you for the videos and training, Marie, and for providing a safe place for women to discuss the Internet. A rare and special find indeed! xoxo

  181. “Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something, but you don’t like reading words?”

    Love it girl. LOVE IT.

    • Christine Thomson

      I know, right? Brilliant! 😉

  182. Do you ever let the fact that you don’t know how to do something stop you from figuring it out?
    Hm, not really, I’m actually really great at learning stuff once I pin-point what it is I have to learn.

    Have you ever started from zero and had to overcome a lack of resources or a lack of know how?
    Yes. I rode my bicycle across the country. Before hand I only did a one or two-night trip. I also hitch-hiked across New Zealand with no hitch-hiking experience. I attempted to start a hostel without having ever run a business and knowing nothing about real estate. That was fun.

  183. Rose

    I really love Marie Forleo and watch all her Q&A Tuesdays. I really wish she would do an episode I feel ties into this. Customers (i.e. leads) like
    LTV: Lifetime Value
    CPA: Cost per acquisition
    5-Star Prospects

    What am I talking about?! Well, ladies I also love Dean Jackson and Joe Polish’s I listen all the time. I’m a long time fan. You all should listen too! Marie Forleo was even on an episode! (Listen to Marie, Dean and Joe!)

    I love to learn Marie Forleo’s thoughts about finding your 5-Star Prospects.

    Sorry to interrupt. This was a great/useful episode as well!

  184. Katy

    MARIE! your videos just keep getting better and better each flipping week! I don’t know how you do it, but thank you thank you thank you!!! This post was SERIOUSLY what I needed.

  185. Hah! What a great video Marie, love your sense of self – you come thru loud and clear which is awesome.

    While I agree that it is totally possible to start an online business for “free” – I have 2 follow-up questions:

    1) how much does “free” cost you? – I do not consider my time free
    2) is it actually a good idea to advise someone to follow the route of starting a business w/o ANY funds? – I say they are just another statistic waiting to happen

    Of course, anyone’s success doesn’t rely on funds alone – far from it. Totally agree with teaching yourself to do things – especially with watching youtube videos. As a web developer I see a lot of people coming to me for help that are way in over their heads.

    So just wanted to pose those other thoughts – I think sometimes some people are better off not starting a business.


  186. Hi Marie….. MY TOP 3 GOALS…

    1. Grow my overall grateful, rejuvenated and liberated audience to 1000 by May. (online, workshops, magazines).
    2. Income consistently $500 per week by May. (It’s now half that!!!)
    3. Facilitate the resurrection of all the wounded children (adults) in the world.

    MY FILTER QUESTION… How will this opportunity help me attract an audience who want to know the truth?

    Here goes……Wish me luck!!!!

    From The Heart


  187. Check your community and see if there is a SBDC ( small business development center) they get grants and have basic business classes for free and further educational trainings, LIKE BUSINESS PLANS & Financial Projections! FOR FREE! So check it out and see if you might be able to get involved that way.

  188. Robyn

    This is a great video!

    Here’s the thing. Just because it’s ‘figureoutable’ doesn’t mean it’s going to be EASY!!!

    It took me six months to learn skills and create what most of my friends were able to do in a week, or over night, for that matter and I used exactly what you suggested – google and you tube tutorials. It was tough, emotional and super frustrating – I broke down, cried, pulled my hair out, smack talked/shamed myself for not being a WordPress guru, apologized and hugged myself, yelled at the computer, apologized to the computer…you get the picture… and I’m just finishing up this week.

    The huge wisdom here is that I made peace with how much harder it was going to be for me.
    Just accept it, you CAN do it…and it might be harder and take longer.
    I had to let go of the fact that my friends could hire a web designer…or they are a web designer…

    Once I made the true choice to do it, really committed….miraculously, it get a heck of a lot easier! 😉

  189. I totally agree with you Marie. We all need to be resourceful. When I do not know how to do something I go out and learn how. It might be on Google or it might be in a live setting. For example when social media first entered the world I was in line to take a class. The good thing about the hands on training is we did so much of it in class. Got our profiles set up etc.
    Now I am learning so much from You!
    Thank you

  190. I LOVE reading all the comments here. There are so many great stories! I also love seeing you replying to so many comments Marie! So great to see such engagement with you peeps!

  191. Nick

    Thank you Marie. I needed this video to get back on track with my project. It gave me hope, which is something hard to find right now in my life. Thank you again.


  192. It’s so true! Thanks Marie. This time last year I had no online presence, and in a very short space of time I discovered so many free (and very low cost) ways to build a website yourself, a mailing list, social media… it’s truly a-mazing what’s out there. But, you have to ASK. Tap into your network, the online communities, social media and of course google! If you ask, you will be surprised, as I have been, at the wealth of resources out there and just how helpful people are.

  193. Emanuela

    I 100% hold back because I “think” i can’t do stuff- it’s just an excuse not to do it! You F-ing kill me Marie with those PSA’s!!! Hilarious and so true!

  194. Elisa Hopewell

    I thought that I couldn’t do anything without the tech knowledge but I am learning slowly and would much rather someone to do it for me but since I am working off a $200 budget for the YEAR, I will learn it myself. I did sign up for B-school because I have searched high and low for a tech/money savy program or even one by one instructions and no one came close to Marie’s time frame, price or step by step execution. I was falling over laughing when Marie’s video went all serious and said “Google it”. So funny but sad that I NEVER thought about googling this stuff. I love Marie!

  195. Christine Thomson

    This was the most awesome video EVER! I need to watch it again so I can hear it more clearly, since I laughed out loud through most of it. I just love you Marie Forleo. You, and your team, rock girlfriend! 🙂

  196. This video made me laugh out loud. I think that if you really want something, you can do it- it’s worked in my life. I’ve gone through lots of career transformations and learned along the way. Ask THE google. Watch Youtube, ask a friend, ask an expert, or go to BSchool- I am!
    xo Desha

  197. Tina Klein

    Yes, I leaned to build a concrete wall and change the blade on my circular saw by using Google and YouTube. When I get stuck writing code, I just Google it and find the solution. There is no reason to not do something unless you have the money to pay someone else do it for you.

  198. OMG Marie, I laughed my butt off! I love the Google and YouTube video within today’s video, so freaking funny! My husband just sat there and looked at me while I was dying laughing, which just made me laugh more.

    I also want to say that one night I watched a bunch of your videos in a row because I was feeling down about my business, and after just a short while of watching, I felt encouraged, uplifted, and excited again. Thank you so much, it is such a service these videos, I don’t know if you know just how much.

    Anyway, about today’s topic: yes, I love Google, and it’s helped me so many times! My husband bought this big, beautiful dictionary, but I find what I’m looking for on-line so much faster, I feel guilty about the dictionary. YouTube is great too, but dangerous because I always wander off topic, there’s always something weird I have to check out 🙂
    However, it has helped me out so often and I’m so grateful that we have the internet. Of course, even though I know I can learn it if I need to, I don’t always want to learn it because it takes time and/or it’s technically difficult. However, I also know if I keep looking on-line, sooner or later, I’ll find something that will explain it in a way that is not so hard, or that doesn’t take so much time. I’m often willing to pay for that too, if it’s not too much.
    Thanks again for the hilarious and helpful video!

  199. I’m in the process of figuring things out now! (I’m starting a blog/ fundraising site to raise money for an adaptive sport and spinal cord injury rehab organization while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail).
    The technical aspect is way scarier to me than the actual 6 month long hike! But videos like this one are helping. Thanks for the content!

  200. Probably the best resource I was ever recommended is

    Everything you want done – from professional ebook covers, to 5 page websites, add a shopping cart to your website, awesome graphic design, copywriting – all you need to get started online can be found at They also have virtual assistants to help out with your accounts, spreadsheets, invoice design, etc. ALL FOR $5/GIG. If you want extra work done, it might cost you another $5, $10 or $20.

    Initially I thought it must be a scam – but there are many honest workers on (yes, that’s correct spelling) who do unbelievably awesome work. Sure, you’ve got to sift through the vendors to find an appropriate person for your task; but I’ve always found the ideal person – and kept them on my ‘virtual team’ to utilize their skills in future projects.

    I’m currently creating an online program right now to teach men exactly how to overcome sexual problems including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

    My virtual team is taking care of: the DVD and special reports graphics, a special graphic for the interactive ‘sex problem puzzle’ for my website; someone else is doing the complicated website coding for that graphic; another will be improving the quality of my audio file for the DVD – and yet another person will be converting my current Power point presentation to high definition video (when the audio is ready.)

    All of that is costing me under $100. I’m thrilled 🙂

  201. WOW! I can’t believe how many comments there are on this vid, and how many times PSA was found when I used cmd+f.

    I was REALLY wondering if someone else asked if there is a clip of it’s own available?

    I preach your Google speech on the regular, and I f’n loved the way you said it, the intensity was perfect!!

    Great Answer by the way – spot friggin on!

  202. Ginger

    So freakin funny, it’s not even funny how funny you are!!!!

  203. Kathy

    Marie, the PSA for those who don’t like to read was not only directed at me but, made me laugh out loud! You inspire me! I’d love to sit down and chat with you one on one. I know we would start right up like we had been friends forever!

  204. Marie, You are hilarious! This is by far my favorite video yet and I will be sharing and revisiting it. Thanks for making this stuff fun and entertaining. I’ve been asking for a coach and mentor and am so happy to have found you!

  205. I have been reading another book called ‘The Abundance Book’ by John Randolph Price, but, it is copyrighted 1987. It is a gem, though, and the message and advice are eternal. Although the masses choose Google, there are a vast array of search engines to choose from. For video, one should not overlook
    A closing thought;
    “Purpose-filled people believe in the incredible, see the invisible, look for the good, hear the great, and shoot for the stars.”~ Sam Glenn

  206. Jacky

    LOVE your PSA’s. Hilarious! I have a sign at my desk at work that says “Keep Calm and Google It”. It is also a fantastic way to jump on the No Train… if a colleague comes to you asking for something they really should be finding out for themselves, you just give them the friendly and helpful suggestion of “Googling It”.

  207. Christine Ayar Illichmann

    Love this! The PSA is so funny but TRUE!

    Don’t forget to go to the public library – they have training classes at the library, access to tons of databases that you can access from home (even some that teach you technical “stuff” like coding and web development) and some even have audio and video equipment so you can make your own multimedia!

    And yes, always have love for The Google!

    Christine the Librarian

  208. Best video yet! Still smiling…

    Thanks for your top notch productions and your humour!

    Nancy xo

  209. Ha ha! A laugh that I definitely needed. I really admire how you still speak to those of us who may be just starting out and struggling, either with lack of knowledge, lack of finances, or even lack of confidence. It seems so many people I run across who have built businesses seem to forget where they came from and how tough it is in the beginning. People are so focused on pushing their products and making the money that they forget about really trying to help people, and the fact that everyone cannot afford to pay for training, etc. (Yes, it’s a choice, but some of us choose to pay our mortgages and feed our kids first). Not trying to rant because again, I’ve learned so much from all of your free training and videos Marie and I really appreciate all that you do. (I just can’t say the same about everyone).

  210. Awesome!
    I learned how to create a website in a few minutes the hard way. I could have just googled the right key word.

  211. Becka

    Wow! Loving all the info, energy, and vibes especially just from this intro week – can’t wait till B-school actually begins….it will be crazzzzy good!! I’ve learned so much already just by the wealth of knowledge being shared amongst all you lovely ladies! I seriously don’t know what I would do without internet, google, and youtube, but I’d also appreciate some good old advice from a person too :))

    This is all happening at a real crazy time for me, and as much as my mind second-guesses, doubts, or does whatever minds do to sabotage – my heart and soul are screaming with glee and running and skipping and giggling with love, joy, anticipation, and so much freaking excitement that I feel like a 9-year-old on Xmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I finally feel surrounded by the positive, “happy, & hot” group of people that I’ve been missing and wanting for quite some time now.

    Namaste, to you all!

  212. I am in super debt {student loans + recession} but have a dream to be a world renowned sex coach. I’ve achieved my certification {via monthly payments} and built my website from scratch. I have ZERO background in html, coding or site building {psych major!} but I did it because I have no fancy budget for anything else. I’ve also learned how to record meditations for my group projects via garageband and do videos in iMovie all by myself. I just signed up for a free coding academy online to learn more about building sites AND I’m also in the process of self-publishing my first book…all because lit agents love saying NO. It can be done – and it’s taken me two years to learn what I know now – but I wouldn’t trade the knowledge I have for anything. Plus, it’s been quite an adventure!

  213. OMG, I am such a big kid. The PSA was frickin hilarious!!!!! Loved it. I want to post it a million times on all of my social networking sites. Ha! Of course you know this Marie…but this video was soooo on point! To be honest, I have been CRAZY strapped financially, and on a tight budget, but I am growing my business and getting everything I need…in spite of. I even signed up for B-school based on desire, gratitude, determination, spiritual intervention and resourcefulness.

    To be honest…I don’t know how I’m paying my cell phone bill, life insurance, or a few other expenses this month, but it never fails that I ALWAYS get what I need, and what I’m willing to fight for, pray for or manifest. I can’t wait to see your other video…maybe this will help me with the “Wants” of life and make things a little easier.

    To address this video…google, youtube, this site and other people’s blogs have been paramount in helping me grow my business. Anyone who exerts patience, trusts themselves and does the research can have all the tools they need to run a functional and successful business. I do believe additional training such as B-school is needed, however, that’s one of those “cross that bridge when you get there” moments. I’ve built my business for the last 6 months, while on a skimpy budget, while in school, while assisting my mom with her health challenges, while being a youth leader for my Buddhist organization, and with cut-off notices out the ass. I didn’t allow ANYTHING to keep me from pursuing my dream, and helping others in the process. It can and will work.

    I may be broke as hell right now, but I strongly believe if you follow your passions and do the work you were meant to do, the money WILL come. Money is attracted to happy, grateful, value-creating environments. I aim to create value, do what I love, and always lead with compassion and a heart-centered approach, and I am trusting the process that the money will follow. (it WILL). The resources or the proper tools will always be attracted to me. I believe, what you are looking for is looking for you.

    That’s my 2 cents 🙂 Thanks Marie for challenging and expanding our belief system and resources.

  214. What a timely post. I am at a crossroads and have many things that I MUST do, weather I think I can’t or don’t want to. Time and money excuses have put me in this position, but now it is time for action.
    I will rent office space.
    I will hire an office manager.
    I will hire a project manager / designer w/ CAD skills.
    I WILL provide my clients with the best possible design and customer service possible.

  215. How delicious. This sure makes me wonder what kind of a mother you would be. You have such creatives way of helping people grow up.

  216. Sandra Levy

    Hey Marie!

    Thanks for all the great info! This info will not only help me,but I’m going to help my friends with this stuff!
    I now know if there really is a will, there is a way!

    Thanks again,

  217. this was hilarious!!! Google & youtube should hire you 😉

    I built an online bussiness without money really, using all kinds of free resources in the first couple of years and then I started investing the money I made in my bussiness again, it grew slowly but surely and I’m soooooooo GRATEFUL for this thing called internet! It’s all there, my husband always says: Google is like God, he knows EVERYTHING!

    good luck to Miss Jane & everybody else out there with building your online bussiness!

  218. Kathy

    Hello Marie, I love your work, love your style, love your approach to life. You consistently inspire me. I loved this post and especially the PSA! lol I ventured over to the training, actually stopped and did the work. Now I am off to implement some changes. Thank you for sharing yourself so unselfishly. I am very grateful to you.
    Love, Love, Love. Love, Love xo

  219. Margaret

    (Stands up clapping) “Thank you Marie! Once again you have given incredibly valuable content with the Get anything you want video. I’m so excited to start Bschool next week! Going over my long list of what I want reminded me of all that I want to share with the world. This can be Extremely overwhelming. Thanks for the simple quote of I am the faucet and God is the water. Reciting this has now become apart of my morning routine.

  220. Urs

    The only thing that really gets in the way is us.
    Thanks for bringing some light heartedness to the process! I am super jazzed about this journey. I don’t know how else to word it but to say it feels right. My heart is full.

    Thanks Marie and to the ladies here who are sharing in this magical energy of dream doers! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

  221. Amazing video again, thanks Marie!

    I’ve taught myself everything from web design to internet marketing to email newslettering (is that a word?:) to blogging, etc, etc…from GOOGLE-ing it.

    Love this handy little tool called Google. Truly everything you need is just a Google search away.

  222. Liz

    Amen sister! Today’s video was great, along with your awesome “How to Get Anything You Want” training video. The message completely resinates with me. I started in the TV, Film, and Video industry in Nashville without any money, not a single contact in the industry, and no idea how to approach the market. Four years later, I’ve got a great client list, an awesome resume, and a growing multi media production company with my Love who is also in the biz. We are growing our gear list and practicing our filmmaking together. Currently, I’m building content, learning final cut pro, and doing you tube tutorials on building wordpress sites so that I can build and maintain our company’s and future companies’ websites. I know it is my destiny to do this, so I have faith that the Universe will back me and it always has! Thank you as always Marie for you hard work and authenticity!

  223. Crackin’ me up! “The Google”, “The YouTube”…ha!

  224. Emmi

    Google started my life! Thank you Marie for all of your great input/output on everything business related. So great to remind everyone we are all the same regardless of income. And if you do not know how to do something -learn how.

  225. LOVE the PSA! Thanks for the link to “How to ge anything you want” session – many great lessons. I WISH I could have learnt them WAAAAYYYY before I turned 40!

  226. I’ve always been a hands on, mix the mortar, change the oil kind of gal on weekends and heels and suite during the week with a secretary to do the technical stuff. I didn’t have to learn much past Word and email. Having a kick-butt project to give away our car wash and ice cream shop, I have been to H _ _ _ and back 3 times because of my ignorance about technology including people who claimed to be good at it. Heck, I was impressed with their jargon about websites, social media and which does what etc…You get my drift. I stumbled on Marie’s words of wisdom, videos and light hearted presentations. This is sooooo helpful and so are the coments. Thanks a million!

  227. Marie – thanks for your wise words and common sense! Sometimes I think all we need is just straight talk in a world of information overload! Thanks again.

  228. Venus

    You are HILARE, Marie!
    Thankyou for being so awesome.
    The Googs and the Tube are my teachers too.
    Glad you are all ova both.

  229. Sarah Sherrod

    Everything you talked about is so simple. I think a lots of time we make our lives complicated by reacting and not truly thinking things through. The brainstorming exercise I think is awesome. I know that having faith is key in
    our everyday life. God bless you for taking the time to provide such create content and helpfulness free of charge.

  230. Loved this video. I think many of us have fallen into the trap of buying too many ebooks and products to the point we get overwhelmed and confused. We have enough resources already without the need to buy more stuff. I know from experience that having too many products and resources has slowed me down. There’s enough free content out there to get started.

  231. It could be that Jane believes she needs a pricey whiz-bang website right out of the gate. You really don’t. In fact, keep a simple free or low cost template clean and it looks professional. I know home design bloggers who are killing it with free blogspot sites.

    You know why? Simple sites are about the content. Great content is what draws people in, right Marie? 😉

    Keep it simple for affordability and nonthreatening usability for YOU.

  232. Laughed my ass off. I tell people to “GOOGLE IT!” all the time. I wish you had just the PSA out there so I could send it to people. 🙂

  233. I loved ‘Abundance’ – GREAT and uplifting book filled with amazing research. Had to laugh bc I had wondered, Marie, if you’d read the facts about ‘2 or 5 hexabytes (?) of info…’ when I watched your vid about how powerful the web is…. almost forwarded the quote to you in case you’d not read it. lol

    A company I am fond of, Aqua Clara International, is very supportive of this book and its authors

    Another wonderful video this week… thanks!!!

  234. GREAT video Marie.

    I am proud to say that I found you through “the google.” Your videos have been instrumental as I move forward to create my online presence.

    Good Stuff! Very funny skit by the way 😉

  235. All true! I’ve been running my branding business for 5 years now and there are certainly times to pay for knowledge, and also times to get it absolutely FREE. I advise my clients to Google EVERYTHING. It is also a way to establish a more relaxed approach to ‘life on-line’, that so many of us are afraid of or just don’t know where to start. It is a good idea to get a GRAVATAR, so you can show up consistently in your online presence when you are saying thank you for a good advice, or gently stating that that particular post is boloney and rendering info on correcting the mistake. 🙂

    Google was my little secret weapon to raise an amazingly behaved dog. (he even rings the bell when he needs to go potty) Never had a dog before and with free advice from all the wonderful people, I was able to avoid the common mean & standard responses to pup’s unpleasant behaviors and instill healthy and appropriate habits. Happy Googling to you all!

  236. Wow, I didn’t know about mail chip.

    I started a blog without putting any money into it. I used blogger and they even hosted it when I bout the domain. I get steady traffic as well for FREE. I was very passionate about it so I didn’t let my budget or what I needed to learn stop me.

  237. Jennifer

    I just love Marie’s humor and wit. I am so grateful to be signed up for her B School starting next week (YAY!) – I know it’s going to change my life.

  238. Fabriano

    This is great. It also reminds me the other video Marie talked about where to spend the money on. After that, I took a look at whatever it makes more sense to get people to do for me and what I can do myself. It works really good. I got more things done in short time which saves money as time is money.

  239. Marie, I have to totally agree with you about Google and YouTube!

    About 15 months ago, I went to Google to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Some of my friends and family that I told this thought it was cheating. I see it as using my resources 😀

    I’ve also been educating myself on doing 3D graphics. YouTube and Google have been invaluable resources in finding tutorials. They’ve even led me to a few places where I have taken a course or two.

    One of my favorite quotes of late comes from Srinivas Rao. “The gap between technology and opportunity has never been closer.” Every time I learn something online, I see just how true this is!

    Thanks for sharing!

  240. Hi Marie,
    I want to comment on both “How to start a Business with No Money or Tech Knowledge” and “How to Get Anything You Want Training.” First I want to thank you for giving us who do not have a lot of income from our businesses yet some free training. I really appreciate your generosity! When I first started my Business which isn’t booming but it is starting to bud, there were a couple things I utilized with No Money or Tech Knowledge…One was creating a Fan Page on Facebook and really putting a lot into it. And when I say a lot, I don’t mean chatting, that is for your home page. I mean I posted a picture of everything I made and organized it by Albums. I found free sites to sell my Hand Designed Jewelry and created Links to them on my FanPage. I found interesting things to put articles in my Notes about Jewelry for Fans to read etc. Eventually, just by spending about $10 a week in ads, I have been able to grow this page to 300 Likes short of 10,000 LIKES. It is a free webpage. But I wanted my own webpage and I knew absolutely nothing about creating a webpage and I couldn’t afford to pay for those webpages that are already done for you. So, I found some online training on how to design a website that was $19.99 a month and the 1st month was $1 and you study at your own pace so I crammed for 3 months which cost me $40.98 and it included the Manual which I was able to download for future reference any time I needed it or wanted to study more. Needless to say, without going into all the details, for $8.95 a month and about $14.00 a yr. I have my own website that I designed myself. Enough about that.

    I want to thank you for mentioning Faith in your “How to Get Anything You Want Training.” I appreciated your courage to bring this into the picture especially what you said about being arrogant to believe you came up with everything on your own. I truly believe that!!! I would like to share something with you.

    There is a very interesting twist to how my Jewelry business started. We had a Billionaire come to our Church and taught us some wisdom about business and how to apply God’s principles in business. He emphasized the importance of having your own business. That week our Pastors prayed that God would give us creative ideas to start businesses of our own. I had already been making my own Jewelry but that week I got the idea to start my own business. That’s when it began.

    But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth Deuteronomy 8:18a

    So, I always have to remember and give glory to God for any success I have because I know it is He who has given me any talents or skills and my Business and He is also giving me the power to produce wealth. If I were to take the credit, I would be arrogant.

    I am impressed with your courage to share that. Thank you!
    God Bless,

  241. Just today, my web site went live!!! I am a ceramic potter. I make handmade mugs and bowls. I am selling the pieces that I made while I was learning. With the proceeds I will by the equipment that I need to have my own pottery studio. I am literally starting this business with no money, only a lot of determination and willingness. I built my web page using I have not much in the way of computer skills. However, I was able to figure out the whole thing on my own. It feels great! I have already had some sales off of my web site. The best part so far is that through my web site I get to share all of my hard work and creations with others. It just feels so amazing! What Marie was talking about is exactly what I just did! Anyone can do this. Really! 🙂

  242. Great advice Marie. And I have to agree with all of it. Google and YouTube are full of valuable resources that you can use for pretty much anything.

  243. I started an online t-shirt business that gives back to charities because I wanted to create a company that had giving back as its core mission. I didn’t even know how to create a website, nor did I have one of my own. I just wanted ti so badly that I figured out how to make it happen. That was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, as it literally changed my whole life course!

  244. You’re an absolute classic…in my BEST Aussie accent!!!!!!!!!!! XO ps keep SHINING BEAUTIFUL

  245. I started an online-based retail business 5 years ago. I was 21 and a high school drop-out. After asking my husband (a computer engineering student at the time) if he would help me build a website, he said: “I don’t have time. If you want a website, figure out how to make it yourself.” It was one of the best things he ever did for me. Not only did I take the chance to learn to web site creation skills, but it was incredibly empowering to realize I could learn absolutely anything.

  246. I love watching you and I try to keep up on everything you say. But how can you sell something that people might find on the “google” for free? What makes the difference between my product, which you have to pay for, from the free ones?

    • You’re the difference and hopefully, when you bring your own experience to it, the product is different, too. Thinking about when I’ve purchased things, I’ve done it from a place of having a need fulfilled and already realizing that the person selling had a unique perspective or unique information that could benefit me. I usually had seen this in the content that they did provide for free, i.e. free teasers or previews or simply in their blog posts. I don’t think they were aiming to be unique, though. I think they were creating from their own visions of what they wanted to see and hadn’t seen before (what they were inspired by)- and, then that made them unique. With experience, we tend to gauge whether someone’s philosophy or tips can actually help us given where we are at and what we need.

      As a provider, I wouldn’t aim for something based on what others are offering or not offering. That’s a nice checklist at the end, but when you create something from your own inspiration, you will likely make it different.

      When you really bring yourself and your own personal lessons to the products you make, it’s probably going to make it distinctive, right? If you feel that what you offer is valuable and it is enriching you as you make it and use it, someone else will likely benefit, too. When you learn more about what you are bringing to the table, often based on your own needs, it can become really clear how no one else is addressing these needs quite like you are. Your vision could even grow into something much more revolutionary than it first was- which would, of course, make it more distinctive. I think inspiration does produce difference and when you act from that, things can go really well for all involved.

  247. LOL! I absolutely loved this episode of MarieTV. I’m the “Google it” girl; I use Google and YouTube to learn and figure out EVERYTHING. My F&F ‘think’ I somehow know all sorts of stuff and always ask me the most random ‘how to’ questions to which I always reply “Google it” And they look at me with this blank expression on their faces, like “what? you don’t know how?” and I continue “I don’t know how to do that, but I can Google it and so can you!”. I’ve learned from useless random stuff to most critical ‘how to’ tasks on Google and Youtube… all for free!
    Your spoofing on this topic made me laugh; genius! Thank you.

  248. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    there’s never a video that doesn’t increase my mileage. You Marie were born to teach. Thank you. I got it. My list of 10 reasons was one word and I’ve done crossed them out and replace with Total BS!

  249. mercedes arias

    The videos r definitely motivational. My business is in Panama and in order for me to sell internationla or gain acces to paments through Paypal I have to have an bank account in USA, and storage there as well so goods can be shipped from there, so its a bit more complicated, given that couriers cost por 0.5 kilogram are about $72 just to Miami, but I am thinking out of the box, thanks to the veos and alredy contacted a friend who will let me use a spare bedroom in her house for storage, and are working in the bank stuff, So, going forward!!

  250. suzie

    Thank you so much for this video. It is exactly what I need. Loved the PSA’s. Laughed out loud! I have already accessed the “Anything You Want” link. It has so much info to act on that I’ve only gotten a quarter of the way thru it. I will absolutely finish it. Thank you for all you do Marie.

  251. Sommer

    Yes, to everything you mentioned. I use “The Google” for everything. And don’t even mention my YouTube obsession. I have been watching your YouTube videos all weekend. You are the real deal lady…you fanned my flame. It’s on now! LoL.

  252. Sharon

    You forgot one of the best freebies on the internet is Facebook! I have sold so much via Facebook it’s crazy!

    Lots of love from Switzerland 🙂

  253. I loves me some Google and You Tube. Mmmm mmmm mmm.

  254. Hi Marie,

    That is one of my biggest struggles online. The tech side of things. Sonetimes its just so intimidating trying, to learn the tech side of things. Luckily for us there are tools out there that make life easy for us new entreprenuers. When in doubt you can always pay someone to do the work for you and save you the time plus the headaches

  255. Tina

    I always let lack of know how stop me!! Being a stay at home mom for the last 12 years I feel so out of touch.

    • Sommer


      I’m also a SAHM. Please don’t feel discouraged! Just read through all of the great comments here. It’s true, you can learn anything through google and youtube. Try it out. The best thing we can do for our children is to let them see us live out our dreams. I’m sure you tell them they can do anything…move beyond telling to showing them. You can do it!

      • I second that Tina, My best friend is google and I have a love affair with youtube, I learn by seeing how things are done, so its an incredible invention. Most of the time, the challenge is in how we see ourselves.

        If you would like, I can share with you a great exercise that many of my clients find very beneficial drop me an email.

  256. Marie, Your insane! I loved your deep moment of Ask Google. I actually said the same thing during my TEDx talk.

    Haha! I am still laughing at how awesome you are. I am excited to dig into the modules of b school after my exams on Friday.

    Keep be awesome

  257. I was laughing so hard, forgot to share, I always think you can figure things out. I really wanted to join B School this year, and with Marie amazing free content, I couldnt expect anything but the best in b school. I tried to win the scholarship and spread the word as much as I could.

    When I didnt win, I got a bit bummed, but really there were soo many amazing women, and everyone deserved it. So I decided to work hard got, went for the spread out payment plan and started to work on growing my business. My practice has grown by 30% just from the energy of being in the facebook group, started my first email link, and weekly webinars. I cant imagine how much it will grow at the end of this program.

  258. For some reason the video is not opening. There is just a black box. Has it been taken down?

  259. Tina


    you said your practice went up 30%. If you don’t mind me asking what kind of practice do you have?


    • Hi Tina

      I run a business coaching practice, (Website is temporary till after B School).

      I have been doing it part time for 2 years, and this year decide to commit full time. After reading start a business guide, I had in mind, what I wanted to create, so added structure, and in order to reach my 2013 financial goal, decided to focus on getting new clients every quarter. Having a clear target made it alot easier in terms of knowing how many people I have to approach. I want to have a small business structure, so by doing this and working on building wait list of customers, then I can create my own credential program and hire coaches to also work with me.

      What do you do Tina?

  260. Tina


    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. I am at a tough spot in my life right now and I am trying to find my way out.


  261. Thanks for all the inspiration and information I’m so glad I came across your videos. This was so funny and talk about click – what have I been doing the whole time I don’t need to know everything to get going google is my friend and I can find out anything I need to know. Off to view your ‘How to get anything you want’ link then I’m gonna google my way through setting up opt ins etc.
    Love your work sweets x

  262. Amberlee

    Those PSAs cracked me up! Always delightful to be here. Thanks Marie!

  263. Marie, I’ve been telling people to Google stuff for ages, maybe it will finally catch on, haha! Absolutely loved your PSA 🙂

  264. Elsa Alexandra

    Brilliant! I loved the PSA sketches! Great humorous way to pass-on sound advice, Marie!

  265. LMFAO!!!!

    • I have the same feeling our fashion Institute of courses in Surat, there are many students who want to start up their own business but don’t know how…Your blog has come to the rescue to all these questions

  266. The Internet is an ocean full of all sorts of opportunities both for the experts as well as the “I-don’t-know-how”. Thanks for this inspiring pieces!

  267. Totally resonate with this article! Back in 2004, I got the itch to start an online business- knew totally nothing. I made a living as a business lawyer at the time. One day, I rolled my sleeves up and learned basic HTML in a weekend. Took another few weeks to figure out the basic other things I needed for my website (e.g., paypal, shopping carts, autoresponders, graphics) and launched a really UGLY site withing a month.

    That ugly site made its first sale within a week and is now a full fledged six figure business. And since then, I have learned so much about the power of the Internet and online technologies to not just launch a business but to reach and connect with your customers.

    The thing is now-in 2013, you do not even need to know HTML and can launch a professional (not ugly :)) site in a few hours . . . and the technologies, resources and tools to support any online entrepreneur are so affordable and accessible.

    The secret is true commitment and self belief – once you have these you can learn and master anything you want.

    I love this quote from Steve Jobs: “Life can be much broader, once you discover one simple fact, and that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”

  268. Yup – going through it RIGHT.NOW.

    Video. Video is haunting me day and night. I know I could totally rock at it, but I am t-t-t-terrified. The lighting, editing, staging, scripting…it makes my head spin! I’m taking your advice though, Marie, from the follow through formula and have scheduled a few things to pull myself forward and start learning (online class and set up two calls with former colleagues that did video production.)

    Fingers crossed!

  269. I absolute agree on that! We have so much opportunities today with google and youtube. I almost learn everything there- wordpress, photoshop, a.s.o… I love watching tutorials and try things out, education is so easy nowadays!

  270. Marie,
    Thank you as always for your support to those of us you don’t know but are willing to help succeed. I am going to make a go at it with my own business (finally) as a beauty ecologist with Pangea Organics. It feels right to be in the business of beauty 🙂
    Looking forward to more inspiration!
    – Lesley

  271. Rachel

    Marie, how right you are!
    I teach tech at a local non-profit computer lab, and I now make a point of directing my adult students to your PSA at the start of every class!
    Even my students who have literacy and cognitive challenges can use YouTube to get the info they need.
    Thanks for a giggle about “stuff” I tell my students every week.

  272. Gurl, I love the PSA. I live for Google! My boyfriend pointed out that you can’t learn *everything* from the internet. He used making 3D models in Photoshop as an example. But c’mon. You can mostly learn anything or learn enough to do work that will earn you money to learn the more advanced skills you’d like to gain.

  273. Thanks the information is good.

  274. Jenifer

    This was a great video – but I keep going back to the fact that I have ZERO clue what kind of a business to start. I know that I want to have a flexible business that I can work from anywhere – and I have the work ethic to back it up but I am finding it TORTURE to figure out what I want to do. I am an intelligent woman, but when asked “What do you want to do” – I draw a COMPLETE blank!

  275. T'Nisia D

    I am a 31 yr. old single mother of two, who as been unemployed for about 5 1/2 years now. I am wonder at baking and sandwich making. I have been told on many occasions that I should really start selling my cookies and sandwiches. I really would love to start doing that. The only thing is that I have absolutely no money or income coming in and no idea where to start from. I want to do what I love for work and not have to struggle and worrier about paying the bills from month to month. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep it up we all need it.

  276. I just came across this and it made me LOL. Ah, the wonders of Google! It’s why I’m so smart today. 😉

  277. Next time ,I think you should become more confident and passionate.

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  279. This is so, so true. We have saved thousands and thousands of floors learning to develop and build on our own. Where we really know out limits is when we call on people. But for the most part, we have found everyone to be exceedingly generous with their information and support. Many things we have learned in the last 5-6 years building our business has been from Google and You Tube. We are continually amazed by the infinite answers and solutions to questions. And what is extra helpful, is by finding such a wide variety of information, it really helps with finding what works best and most efficiently. We don’t worry about the next step, we just take it and know we will figure it out. Thanks for a great article and site!

    • Oops thousands and thousands of DOLLARS. Btw- you are hilarious-that video haha. Yep.

  280. Melissa

    Hi, I have dreamed so many times about starting my own business. The last 4 years I have been busy too figure out what kind off business I really want but I’m not sure. I’ve wrote five business plans and wrote everyday idea that came in my mind. What I have noticed is that these ideas where invented within six months I came up with that idea. That really brought my motivation down and therefore I choose for another idea and start writing my businessplan again. It’s horrible because I do want my business and Im willing to work hard for it, but for now Im just dreaming about it and I dont want that anymore. I just want to start!! Off course money is also has been an issue to start.

    How can I just pick one idea and stick too it?

  281. Thanks for this useful post Marie! Personally, I have found that the easiest way to start an online business is to begin by publishing content in one way or the other.

    So for example, sharing your insights via blogging, an online magazine or a static website (my favourite) are all forms of publishing. People want information.

    You don’t even have to create the content yourself. You can simply curate it using any of the above models.

    If you freely provide information that solves a very specific AND important problem, you will build an audience that likes and trusts you. That will set you up for great opportunities like providing premium content at a fee, selling products, services etc.

    So publishing is definitely the way to go for a start up in my opinion. In some cases, running your whole business can cost less than 300 bucks a year. That includes, hosting, a website, 26 message long autoresponder, newsletter publishing software, technical support, domain name and access to a private community of successful content publishers.

    Lastly, when I read the first sentence, “Sometimes, I just have to stop and praise the sweet heavens above that I was born during this particular time in history”, I had to pause and say a big Amen!

  282. Another thing is that it’s becoming easier and easier to build tech and product without technical skills. General-purpose programming tools are emerging recently (like Visual Basic in the 80s, see Chris Dixon’s post

    So this is auto-promotion, but Bubble ( is one of them (I’m a cofounder). You can build your product without code on Bubble. There is a learning curve, as it’s programming, but this is with a visual interface that gets rid of the coding aspect. Our users have build crowdfunding platforms, marketplaces, all starting from a white page (no template) and without code.

    There are more and more tools like these and they’re actually getting to a position that enables people to really build things without code. If you have the wireframe, you pretty much have all it takes to use Bubble.

  283. Jim Faggotter

    Hi, I need some help please. I am aged 50+ unemployed and my knowledge of the internet is very limited. I live in a remote rural location in Australia near a dam which is a popular fishing area. The nearest fishing equipment shop is 50 kilometres away from the dam. What I want to do is start a online business to sell fishing equipment and small farm equipment. I have tried over 50 websites to design my own website, but have failed as I don’t understand ‘the computer world lingo.’ I cannot pay someone to do a website for me as I can’t afford it. What I can do though, is create an opportunity for someone else. If you can set up a ready to go website for me, then I will give you 5% of every item sold on it. You could even program that into it so that the 5% is automatically transferred to your account with each transaction that is made. I just want the website, so that when an order comes in, I can walk up to the post office and mail it off to the buyer. If I get an order from a local person, then they can collect it from my house. Thank you

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  285. Rasheed

    I want to start Home tutors services privately or online can u suggest me plz how I should get start my business .Ways which will lead me to successful business man.
    I will be thankful to all of you
    Waiting for your kind reply

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Rasheed, great question! You may want to start by looking into other tutoring services (in person, online — whichever you’re thinking of doing yourself) and see how they got their start and how they run their programs. There’s not one specific way to start a business, so learning as much as you can and trusting your instincts is a great start! Good luck!!

  286. Djuro

    Personally I am 15 years ago founded my first company from scratch in a country that by all parameters worst in Europe.
    My company has never been in losses.
    It is not easy to achieve since it is not possible to get any sort of support.
    None of the state institutions, nor from banks or individuals.

    My experience is as follows:
    We must never doubt our abilities and capacities.
    Set your goal, work according to plan, be persistent and patient, improve yourself personally continuously,love your business, expand the network of contacts with successful and positive personalities,people and company.

    If you fall get up again and go!
    Do not allow others to demoralize you and say that something is not possible to do?
    It is possible much more than what we actually mean when we want it, we love it and believe in it!
    Teaches others around yourself, sharing with them and give them gifts, etc,etc

  287. Cyprian Pam

    Show me how to do small business without capital

  288. Partha Pratim Mondal

    Mam, I Start to a Jute bag Making business . but no money & no buyer.
    Please help me.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Partha, thank you so much for stopping by, and it’s great to hear that you’re starting a business. It can definitely be tough when you’re getting started, and I hope you enjoyed checking out this episode for some tips.

      Although we don’t offer one-on-one business coaching here, we do have lots more amazing (free!) strategies and tips for building a business. I thought you might like to check out our collection of MarieTV episodes that talk about how to build a meaningful business here:

      That collection covers a wide range of topics, so I definitely encourage you to explore those. We’re also happy to share any episodes if you’re looking for specific topics, so feel free to reach out to our team at info AT marieforleo DOT com anytime!

  289. Matthew McGuire

    Hi Marie i want to start a business and i don’t know any ideas should i use the 20 brainstorming idea you gave me in your audio training ? and how can i start it i don’t have money for it can you give me some tips ? I hope to hear from you shortly God bless you always your sweet friend Matt how a great day now i am so happy being your friend and i am learning a lot from your videos
    Matthew McGuire

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  291. michael

    you can not rely on the internet alone to run any buisness, the internet is just one of the many tools that you have on offer, to rely solely on the internet for all your answers is foolosh, you also need to acess library resources sometimes othe people have knowledge on hand, and dont forget the very crucial street smart skills imn deciding what decsisions to make wether you take on a job or not dechiphring if you can do the job within the qoutes you have been give, i find the internet yes a great tool however in my proffesion automotive technician when i am working on cars i have to rely a lot when on the job on my own skills, yes the internet gives nme a lot of knowledge about problems i need to solve but beware you need the skill of being able to read between the lines to give solutions to people, like i said you would be foolish to place all of your trust in the internet some of the stuff online is absolute bullshit

  292. Kay Brown

    “You can use for a free blog”.

    Yes, but that’s for people who are technical. I’ve tried to set up a blog on WordPress but grew so frustrated with all the coding and everything involved, I gave up. I’ve tried to use one or two other blog sites as well, but I just really didn’t see the point of it. Unless you have a major social circle in the outside world, a blog isn’t going to serve those of us who are introverts.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Kay. Setting up a website can definitely have a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’re new to tech stuff, and I’m sorry to hear you found it frustrating. There are some other inexpensive or free website resources out there other than WordPress that make it so much easier to set up a website these days, but we of course understand that not everyone is comfortable digging in with tech issues and blogging definitely isn’t for everyone.

      As a fellow introvert, I’ve often hesitated before putting my work out there in the world on a blog or website, so I absolutely hear you there. However, it’s absolutely possible to blog and create an audience that is solely online if you don’t have a huge social circle — it’s all about having something that you want to share with the world and connecting with like-minded people who want to read your work or, if you’re in business, buy what you have to offer!

  293. Arijit

    I got so many ideas from your post and it will definitely help me to raise my steps for starting a business.

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  296. Craig McConnell

    I want to start my own business and need a business plan? My business is not so much on line although I plan to use on line website and advertisement but I believe I’m on to a sure thing with some hard work and the right people I believe I could make a load of money whilst offering a much needed service can you still help?

  297. Sarah

    This is my all time favourite Marie TV episode! LOL

  298. I love to research and understand things through Mr. Google and Mrs. YouTube. I have begun sharing to my customers that are struggling with concepts to visit the Mr. and Mrs. – BUT many times I will share a video that I quickly find for them and then encourage them to look for more on the subject. Or give them some keywords to look for in Mr. Google…

    So not only telling them what to do , but showing them how to do it.

  299. I have to say I use google all the time to research, purchase, learn, or find anything. But I have also come across so many that oppose it due to creditability. I’m part of a health coach Facebook group that says- should we really rely on Google to cross check what we are telling clients. I use it as a first start to navigate to where I truly should continue next so whether it leads me to an article or site to verify the true cause behind my question.

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  311. Dee

    Awesome Marie,

    Yes, yes, yes. So right on. I am using your “322 +Free Tools and Resources to Start and Grow Your Business”. It is amazing.


  312. Jesse White Bull

    I love the advice I am just a broke college student with a family to support and i have very big ideas that i know will work id bet my life on them but i dont have any funding to get started and looking for investors is hard but if a company would actually take a look and hear me out maybe the big ideas i have can change the world but being stuck worrying about where to live and what im going to pull out of my hat to keep food on the table is scary because i know that if i could get my ideas going there would be less stress and i can stay focused on helping the world. Thats where im at with everything right now.

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  315. Allison

    Love this! Especially since I’ve been fighting on many different platforms to make a website that really is what I have in my visions… It’s so frustrating and I went to bed last night defeated. But, EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE. I just have to put in the effort and I’ll get there. Forget the process, but believe in the end goal.
    We got this, fam! <3

  316. Yes, you can start your online business without paying money you start following things. Like you can start your blog on many platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, jimdo etc. the platforms are totally free you can start your blog and get traffic. you can also share your unique idea with peoples. Social media is also a great platform.

  317. Alma

    Thank you Marie for such great video and your encouragement. It really help me this topic. For I’ve been wanting to start my online business but thinking that I’m not a savvy in social media or technology is being holding me back. You encouraged me today with this video. I’ll definitely going to start using the redirects that you have and the one google offers. God bless you for sharing your knowledge.
    Thank you so much

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Alma – we’re so happy to hear this was encouraging for you! Remember – everything is figureoutable 🙂 You can SO do this, we believe in you!

  318. As I sit in my new Hartford apartment, creating a new life, and a new business and remembering that there’s no behind in Bschool. This was a great reminder that google and youtube are great tools.

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  324. I have to say, I love your content! I have the opposite problem! I have the technical know how. But finding a non-technical voice in a health and wellness business focusing on helping women lose 100 lbs or more has been my challenge.

    I love your videos and I look forward to each new email. I hope to provide that kind of feeling to the people that I aim to help.

    Thank you for sharing your quirky “wonderfulness” with the world!

  325. So funny! Everytime I baulk at not knowing how to do something I’m just going to think about that PSA, it’s an instant state changer from ‘reasons I can’t’ to ‘how I can’.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      We love this, Skye! Thanks for being here 🙂

  326. Hi there,

    I’ve heard one day that ‘Good business’ you don’t have to spend a lot of money, because it’s not about that, but how much you know about what you doing.. Thanks for sharing!


  327. Aamira

    Hi Marie,
    I’m sure like most of us here, I needed to find you. 🙂 I’ve been seeing repeating angel numbers over and over, and I know it’s time for me to get out of my daily work grind that almost depresses me every morning when I get ready. I work at a job that has no future for me, and I know what I want to do. I’m just stuck as far as how to start. I have two kids under three, living paycheck to paycheck, so my extra time is used taking care of the kids and “trying” to learn web design/developing to have job stability while I work on building my life’s purpose as a teen empowerment coach. I already have social media accounts for my business, but that is it. I hope to learn more from you here! Thank you!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Welcome, Aamira! We’re so grateful that Marie’s work resonates so deeply with you and that you’ve connected with us here. It’s clear you’re working hard to provide for your children while pursuing your dreams of becoming a coach for teens– your gifts are so needed in this world. We’re so sorry you’re feeling discouraged in your current job but it’s wonderful that you’re ready to take the next steps toward your goals. Having built her own business from scratch, while working day-jobs for several years, Marie understands the unique obstacles many entrepreneurs face when starting out and she’s since made it her mission to help others create businesses and lives they love. In addition to our MarieTV archives with over 350 inspiring episodes, we’d love to encourage you to check out Marie’s free audio training, How to Get Anything You Want, which may provide some additional clarity and encouragement for you during this season of change: We believe in you and your dreams, and we’re grateful to have you in our world! Keep up the amazing progress and know we’re all here cheering you on!

  328. Hello Marie!
    I felt so inspired to write to you tonight, after watching the first video you put out on You Tube. I started making some videos of my own and I decided to take a look at your first video to just get an idea of how you started.

    You have been totally amazing for me this year and I want to Thank you! Your emails and videos have really helped me to figure out what I want to do. I am a general Pediatrician in NY and NJ. I have practiced Pediatrics for 10 years and in various ways. Private practice has been my favorite because I get to connect with so many great families but I have always had a soft spot for new parents. Unfortunately the way primary care has been shifting has been unsatisfying for me because of the push for quantity and with this the quality has declined, and this has totally turned me off. Because I really love new parents and newborns I decided to start coaching new parents. I have struggled with how to start mostly because of finances. I am a single mom with plenty of student debt from medical school loans and a mortgage, so I cringe when I think about borrowing more money. But you have really kept me going and I have built up my confidence and now I believe that it is my turn! I am figuring it all out, in my own way. Your 322+ free tools and resources have been amazing! You are such a treasure for me! Keep pouring out your knowledge and your heart because we all can see how much you really want us to succeed.

    I hope to enroll in B school in 2019!

    Love your hair and your quirkiness! You’re a doll!

    Love Ya,
    Divina Lopez

    If there is anything that I could ever do for you please let me know, I mean this from the bottom of my heart!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Divina! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a bit of your story with us. We’re thrilled that Marie’s work resonates so deeply with you and that you’re interested in joining us for B-School next year– we’d absolutely love to have you. It’s clear you have a huge heart for serving others and we believe incredible things are on the horizon for you. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to support you through Marie’s work as you continue building your dreams!

  329. Jemma Lee Stone

    Much of what youbhave been talking about has total sense to me and I only discovered you recently via YouTube.
    I started with just a Facebook page and no money and lots of debt. I developed a disco company which is now 2 companies, although they are still small businesses, these are my partners and I, only jobs. I’ve tried a million things since. I’ve been boxticking, insta-ing, trying everything from fashion to crafts but still never managed to feel that confidence.
    Having ADHD myself, means it’s super hard to keep on track and your list of 300 odd things was really great, so thanks for that.
    I’m now branching into the world of online business and going to start my YouTube and blog in the new year. Praying this works for me this time to make me feel really enriched and excited again about what I do.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Jemma, thank you for taking the time to share this! A heartfelt congratulations on all you’ve accomplished so far. We’re so glad to hear this episode spoke to you, and just knowing that you want to make these changes is only the beginning for recreating that excitement for what you do again. We’re rooting for you as you pursue your YouTube channel and blog in 2019!

  330. Hi, Marie
    It’s how I started my online business in 2011 – no money, but lots of research.
    I never had to invest: pretty cool.
    When I invested in B-School, I made the money I paid for it during the course ; )
    Thanks so much for everything <3

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Llyane! You’re such a beautiful example of what B-School is all about. We’re so grateful to have you in our community and for the opportunity to support you as your business grows!

  331. Thank you for sharing this amazing blog. It will surly help me.

  332. citizen capitalism

    Thanks for sharing this one, i’m going to subscribe weekly motivation newsletter 🙂

  333. I love google and youtube. I don’t know how I survived through college without it back in the olden days:) great for learning tech. I found elementor free page builder for WordPress,
    Mailerlite for email marketing when you start out is free for up to 1000 people is also great for learning to code, for learning anything in graphics or coding or 3D.

  334. omg — this was TOTALLY me when I started! Before I created my website I had NO IDEA what SEO was, I thought a platform was a kind of shoe, and I was emailing my teeny tiny list from my personal email. Flash forward a couple of years, and, after a few thousand Google searches and endless Youtube watching, I now have a great site built on WordPress (I’ve even added plugins on my own!), and use Mailchimp for my newsletter and emails. I’m CONSTANTLY learning…..which means my Google searches and Youtube watching are far from over!!

  335. Amber

    Google is a beautiful thing! I’ve been using it for years on the daily in my current job as a designer and in my creative endeavors, (hopefully soon to be business). I’ve learned so much and it’s even how I came across MarieTV. It’s even helped develop skills I’ve already had. “Resourcefullness” all the way! I’m so looking forward to BSchool this year! Thanks for always sharing such wonderful content!

  336. I don’t know what’s funnier – the Boob Patrol intro or the PSA. So funny because I Googled how to do my first ever Instagram story (with poll) for my business right before watching this!

  337. OMG I choked laughing at these PSAs.

  338. Beebee

    LOL, YouTube it. My dryer stoped, well drying, warranty over, didn’t want a new one or the $ it would cost. Went on YouTube watched 3 videos, the third was exactly the problem I was having. Write down some notes, $12.00 in parts and 2 hours of my time and BAM! Working drywe, that was almost 5 years ago. It’s still working. ::) I, so many things I have learned to fix or build from YouTube. Visual learner crack it is. Cheers!

  339. Angela

    Literally one of the funniest and cutest videos ever Marie… beautiful! And so much knowledge and wisdom. Love it! thank you

  340. I recently just graduated college at 20. I was a first-generation college student so I had to figure out everything on my own and still am! I’m really glad to have stumbled upon this somehow because these are resources that I need to help guide me to a clearer path. I certainly still don’t have it figured out; I enjoy creating (design, writing, photography, videography) but don’t know how to translate that into a job. The internet has many great resources but it can get overwhelming.

  341. Angel

    Am new here teach me to be useful because now am jobless and no money

  342. Shelley Smith

    It’s so simple…like, duh! hahaha
    BUT, I totally needed to be reminded it’s not just for the meaningless facts or simple things I always search for, but for THE BIG STUFF!! The stuff that has been stopping me from moving forward with my business.
    Thank you?

  343. Yawn

    This episode is what I needed right now, thank you for recommending this to me. I am also searching on youtube about how to set up a blog and google-ing reviews on which platform is good to start a hobby blog which I later plan on also doing my business. I am so glad to have resources around me for free and the internet age is a blessing for people who always wanted to learn and keep on evolving. Thank you, Marie, for your wonderful insights and tweetables! <3

  344. The reason what has had me stuck in my Business is precisely the tech aspects of it. This episode honestly couldn’t have came at a better time. Thank you SO much.

  345. I am laughing so hard about the blurb about google and youtube. Muster up a lot of grit and be willing to research. I would keep a note pad with me when I was reading or learning about something and if someone said a word I didn’t know what it meant I would write it down and look it up later so I wouldn’t get sidetracked. You can do it without the $$$ just keep at it.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      There’s a whole lotta awesome knowledge floating in the world, Leah, and we LOVE that you’re doing the digging right along with us. YAY!

  346. Gwendolyn Paschal

    Hi! I started an online business spending very little money. I started a clothing company for women. My goal is to provide stylish clothing at a fraction of the cost. Another goal of mine is to eventually ship from a warehouse. I pray I can achieve this and start a paid internship program for our youth. My goal is to help them figure out the direction they want to go in, in their career and help them achieve it. By the time they leave TooGirlie, Inc. they will have a lot of experience under their belt. Great article and I just started listening to your podcast too.

  347. Roseline Onoh

    Marie.. My biggest problem is marketing my products and can’t convince anyone to buy or join me in my MLM business…. So frustrating

  348. When I started my hypnosis practice, I had zero knowledge of how to create a website. I previously spent 15 years (!) in my career as a costume designer putting off creating an online portfolio. But I knew when I started my business I had to have one. So I just played around in Squarespace and watched lots of YouTube tutorials, and even made a makeshift logo with Canva to use on my site and business cards. I was proud of myself when all was said and done, but the big surprise came when some of my friends and colleagues were so impressed they asked me to help them take their Squarespace sites up a notch! That was so empowering. It just took a few days a week in a coffee shop for about a month. 3 years later it still works but I’ll soon be ready to take my logo and site to the next level by hiring someone.

  349. Without google and youtube world was more difficult.

  350. TJ

    I have a different problem. I know what I want to do, I have the skills, I have the money, but I don’t know how to approach my husband about it. I just quit my teaching job after 20 years and my husband is about to retire. So, how do I tell him I want to start my own business at 54, just as he’s leaving the workforce (he’s 69)? He has been self-employed for 42 years, so he knows the ins and outs of running your own business, but so do I. How do I broach the subject? How do I respond to his questions and probable resistance? I have some inherited money, so I wouldn’t be using our savings or monthly income. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    PS: I learned to skim coat the walls in my bathroom, after I removed old wallpaper, from YouTube.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi TJ! Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your story with us! Yes, sometimes it can be hard to approach this subject with those who are closest to you. It sounds like you’ve already thought a lot about this, which is great! This will help you anticipate how your husband might respond when you bring up your new ideas.

      My suggestion would be to get really, really clear about your business idea, or at the least, your ideal customer (target market) you’d like to serve. Get very clear about your “why” behind starting a business. This will all be super useful information to have at your fingertips when discussing it with your husband.
      Then I’d brainstorm every single objection and question your husband might ask. It sounds like the money piece is already taken care of, which is HUGE! What other objections might he have to you starting your business? Brainstorm as much as you can, and then write out your responses as thoroughly as possible so you’re prepared for the conversation.

      Another idea is to start joining entrepreneurial Facebook groups and growing a community of other business owners. It’s important to have a network to lean on when things get tough.

      You also might enjoy this episode of MarieTV about effective communication in relationships:

      You’ve got this, TJ! We’re cheering you on big time.

      • TJ

        Yes!!! I just watched the video and it is excellent. I have been thinking about all the objections he could have, but I haven’t written them down, so they’re just all jumbled in my brain. I’m going to write down the objections and responses and use the techniques from the video. Thanks so much!!!

        • Renee – Team Forleo

          Amaaazing, TJ! So glad that episode resonated with you, and we can’t wait to see what you create with your new business. Cheering you on! ?

  351. hell yes i have started a blog, a podcast, and a business with zero know how. google plus facebook groups have been my biggest teachers. oh and other podcasts. i love donald miller how to create a clear message to your customers, jenna kutcher on how other women have taken the ‘why not me’ to heart and created awesome businesses, hal elrod’s interviews with influencers on how to love themselves, and marie forleo!!! <3

  352. Veronica

    Between opening with “You guys are on Boob Patrol”, the PSAs, and “no pants for you,” this is probably the funniest Marie video I’ve seen. (While still providing good food for thought.)

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Veronica!

  353. Robie

    Absolutely agree on being resourceful with best buddy Mr. Google. With my curiosity on how to start the right B – I found B School and I’m on it!!! Amazing Marie and team!

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