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I had no idea I was going to write about this today, but when I thought about whether or not I should mention it . . .

I don’t feel like I have a choice as I’m still pretty shaky.

Sunday afternoon we were hit pretty bad in a car accident.

Josh, myself and Kuma were driving down a quiet side street here in Venice when a driver sped through a back alleyway — without stopping — and slammed into the side of our car.

The impact was horrific. Glass shattered everywhere, and in an instant our car was forced underneath another parked car on the side of the road.

Thank God, we’re all fine (save nasty bruises, soreness, totaled cars, Kuma peed on my pants – LOL etc.).

The most upsetting thing though is how my mind keeps flashing these “alternate reality” scenarios in my head. These horrible, mini movies where if it were just a few seconds off . . .

Either Josh, Kuma or myself may not have survived. That’s really is the worst part for me — everytime I shut my eyes or try to rest, they come up.

So before we get into today’s episode, I invite you to take a moment to connect with and express your genuine love for the dearest people in your life.

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. - John Wayne Click To Tweet

It’s so easy (as we all know) to get caught up in stuff that doesn’t really matter. Silly arguments. Withholding love because you get cranky and want to be “right.” Being too busy to savor the simple, ordinary and miraculous gift of life.

Because within a split second, it can all be taken away.

Thanks in advance for listening. I honestly am feeling better just writing this to you and getting it off my chest.

Now onto today’s episode which is all about having the courage to really LIVE your life while you’re here.

My suggestions in this episode still stand, but another perspective to really reconnect to the juice you already have in your life (especially in light of Sunday) is the miraculous tool of gratitude, which we did a whole episode on here.

If you wanted more info on the other video we did about self-doubt and not feeling good enough, you can find that here.

Now in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever found yourself feeling like something’s missing even though you have a good life?

What did you do to change it?

Or when’s the last time you did something despite feeling self-conscious or scared of what other people would think?

Make your comment specific as your stories, ideas and experiences help us all.

Thank you, so very much, for being here — for listening and for being a part of my life.

With love,

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  1. So glad you and your family are okay!! You are a wonderful inspiration and example for all of us, so allow us to express our gratitude and love for you.

    Wishing you, Josh and Kuma a speedy recovery!

    • Donna Martemucci

      Thank the universe that you and your family are okay! I love the words “so allow us to express our gratitude and love for you.” (Thank you, Erica!)

      Turns out, I didn’t even know how much gratitude and love I feel for you, Marie! I am a relatively new reader/listener and today I realized how much I would miss your wisdom, sense of humor, and upbeat and encouraging words! It is a true testament to the power of connection – people that you have never met in real life and the fact that they become so important to you! I haven’t even listened to today’s episode (and, of course, I will),but wanted to spend a few minutes honoring the incredible impact that you have had on so many people (as witnessed by the hundreds of comments already today!)
      With love and a profound sense of gratitude, Donna

    • Robin

      Really glad you’re okay Marie but don’t say you’re fine. You will certainly need care and insurance needs to pay for it. They other guy’s insurance. Just been through this myself. Be gentle with yourself right now and get an attorney as soon as possible. You don’t really need to do anything else right now.

    • Susana Pacheco Hollinger

      I’m so happy you’re OK!!
      You gots to keep DRUMMING and FILLING the world with HOPE!!
      Sending you LOVE and SUPPORT. I pray your bodies heal completely and that the rest of your trip will continue without any more negative incidents.

    • Pam

      yes, so glad you and everyone involved in your accident made it safely out of, what sounds like a very bad situation.

  2. Hi Marie, I’m SO sorry to hear about the accident. How terrible. I’m glad you are recovering. Warmest wishes to you and Josh.

    The timing of this video is uncanny for me – thank you!! – just yesterday I wrote about my journey on my website and how I was stuck in all ways in my life but it’s a constant journey.

    Another powerful question we can ask ourselves is: What would you do if you were guaranteed success? If you had all the education, tools, support, etc and were guaranteed to succeed what would you do with your life? I learned this from Brian Tracy and it has really changed my outlook. Thanks SO much for this video and wish you a speedy recovery.


    • We must embrace our dreams full-tilt, no matter how difficult the challenge to achieve them is- we must not give up on them. We do not know how long we have here. I have lost many close to me, both friends and family in the last few years. I am glad you, Josh and Kuma are okay.
      “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” ~Danny Kaye

    • waseem akther

      my dear lovely friend,
      i am so sorry to hear that u meet with an accident. thank god u r safe. god will bless with long life to u and ur husband.

      your”s lovely friend,
      waseem .A

    • I love your power question Sara: it opens you up to possibilities instead of staying in the paralyzing fear. (love your website btw 🙂

      And to Kristen; I would like to have you imagine that I’m giving you a magic wand and that you can use it to create ANYTHING that you truly, deeply desire. What would you create?

      It’s a fun visualisation and you would be surprised at what can come up when you play with this…

  3. Glad to hear everyone is ok….!

    I’ve had a few ‘blips’ in my life where, seemingly on the outside, everything looked rosy but to me it just didn’t FEEL right. In my mid-twenties I tried to ignore the feeling, kept ploughing on and, eventually, my body decided to stage a revolt. I suffered anxiety and it was the big wake-up call I needed to make changes…

    Every now and then I get the feeling that things don;t feel right (it can be something teeny or a big life decision/transition) but now I know to listen to this intuition. Strangely enough, just earlier today I’d written about this exact thing…. It’s an uncomfortable feeling for me as I’m a self-confessed control freak…. The feeling that I need to make changes/shift out of my comfort zone is uncomfortable. But I know it now to be the big red flag that I MUST push through the discomfort…. It almost always leads to something better I could never have planned for!

    I feel like I’m on the right track – just some minor adjustments to be made!!

    To do this, what usually works for me is writing (journal, blog, lists!!), taking time out to just be (yoga or meditation), a bit of tlc (a good book or a long bath) and chatting it through with my hubby. Often, just taking some time to slow down gives me chance to hear the answer that’s already there!!

    • Hey Emma!
      Perfectly said girl,

      “It almost always leads to something better I could never have planned for!”

      • Lovely response. And it brings up this gorgeous quote I just saw on a greeting card 🙂

        “When one door of happiness closes, another one opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us… ” ~Helen Keller

        • The One - 1 Luv

          Everything in Life is a 2 Sided Coin. Dont Live Ur Life Based on Quotes – Follow Ur Path Even if U Must Venture Through Some Areas of It Feeling Completely Lost and Uncertain for Long Periods of Time , Wether U Choose to Flip That Coin Over and Go a Different Route or U Choose To Keep Ur Focus and Faith On That Same Side Of The Coin That Ur Mind Body And Soul Are Embracing, Make Sure It Is Ur Path U Choose And Not A Path Influenced By An Ignorant Carefree World Of Social Media And Status Obsessed Culture Determined On Influencing Your Every Way of Life By Constantly Offering U Alternatives To Your Life’s Path Because They Are Unable To Offer U Support, Comfort Or Resolution. Aka Praising And Believing in Real Love, Happiness, Paradise And Heaven, And Yet Refusing To Acknowledge Or Believe On Real Pain, Misery, Purgatory And Hell.

    • Sooo true Emma, it is so powerful to know specifically what feeds our emotional health so we can consistently leverage and transform those icky feelings into gold!

  4. Lori

    Hi Marie,

    So sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you are all okay.

    This is such a great topic. I’ve felt like this for so many years. I too come from a family of realists. I am the creative one in the group and I’ve been torn for years about practicality and happiness. I’ve always managed to stay involved in the creative things that I like in addition to working my job but I am still craving much more. I am enrolled in B-School and want to definitely take things to another level. You are so right. Whenever I take action despite my fears I feel better. Thanks for this video!

  5. Ever since I became a mother (of 3 dogs & 2 cats, yes, they are my kids and I adore them) I’ve had extreme fearful thoughts popping into my head.

    “What if the house is on fire while we’re gone?”
    “What if we get robbed and the robbers kill our dogs?”

    Crazy, I know. But totally out of control. These thoughts just pop up and could drive me insane IF I did not do this simple trick (which is basically keeping me sane)

    The trick is really simple: I take 5 DEEP breathes and repeat “Sssssssshh” as if I’m just “sushing” my thoughts. It works to get me calm and then (only then) can I rationalize that most likely we will not get robbed and the house won’t just go up in flames.

    Breathe & sssssssssssssssh.

    Big hugs to you Marie, to Josh & darling Kuma.
    Be safe, we need you alive and well.

    • Caroline,

      I think I will be borrowing this technique. Thanks for sharing it.


      So grateful to know that you and yours are safe. To God be the glory. Keep the useful and insightful tidbits of love coming, dear friend.

      Peace and Blessings,


  6. Thank YOU for turning something so frightening, into a lesson for everyone else, that takes an amazing spirit! So glad you’re all on the mend 🙂

  7. Marsha Shandur

    So glad you’re still with us!!

    Calling my family now!

  8. Shelly

    Damn….glad to hear you are ok.

  9. Oh dear – glad to hear you are all ok.

    Loved the video: totally hear you. I come from a family of realists, who tend to look on the downside of life, which means I’ve had loads of creativity in me, which I’ve never acknowledged! I’m heading towards 40, and finally I am letting it out and being creative and I’ve figured that I totally not a realist – or rather, I am a realist, but my ‘real’ is much more happy than the ‘real’ that lots of people see!!

  10. Wow, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been upset about this exact topic because so many things have changed at work and are not going fast enough with my personal business. Thank you for sharing on this topic!

  11. Sandra

    Thank you for sharing your horrific experience and I’m happy to hear you and your family are okay and feeling better. Life is precious and I’m thankful to have you remind me just how precious it really is.

    All the best,


  12. So happy to hear that you are able to write about your accident, and that you are already recovering. Sendin warm, positive thoughts your way.

  13. Tracy

    I am glad you all are ok! Sending much love for a fast healing and recovery process. Maybe you were a wakeup call for the other driver!

  14. Thank you for this reminder. Glad your family is okay!

  15. So glad to hear that you and your family are okay, but sorry that you had to go through that frightening experience.

    This was a great video! I’ve definitely felt “stuck” like your reader described. I took a chance, and left my corporate job to start my own business. I still feel scared quite often! What if it doesn’t work, and I can’t support myself? But fear can be a great motivator, too! As long as I learn to use the fear to kick myself in the butt and keep pushing, then it can be good for me. It’s a work in progress 🙂 but I try not to let the fear get the better of me.

    Feel better soon, Marie!

  16. Teri

    So glad you are all ok.. An accident happened here just last week where a woman crashed into the back of a car that was signaling to turn. Her jeep flipped into the oncoming lane and was hit by an 18 wheeler, the result was the loss of a precious 22 month old little girl. I don’t know the woman driving the jeep but as I write this I still have tears and deep sorrow for her loss. I pray I never experience the loss of any of my children. It is a dear reminder that it only takes a second, and life can be gone. Everyone be safe and love those around you, say the things that need to be said, and be the person you are here to be. Even in the fullest, life is too short to be taken for granted.

  17. Thank God you are all safe and okay!! I got shivers reading your email as it gave me flashbacks to my bad accident. Definitely puts everything back into perspective in a FLASH. I hope every day you continue to feel better and sending lots of love your way Marie!! XOXO

  18. So glad you are all okay. That post traumatic stress sneaks up on us and its hard to admit that we are fragile even we are on top of our game and feeling strong and successful. It truly shows us the need for balance. Good and bad things happen.

  19. Sara

    Thank goodness you are okay! I was in a terrible accident when I was just 16 where everyone was not okay. It was a life changing experience, and even 22 years later helps keeps me focused when I lose my way. As much as I wish I could change that day, it truly changed me for the better.

  20. Ania Sujet

    I had tears in my eyes when I was reading this…

    Life can be so crazy at times and it is so easy to take for granted all the blessing and goodies we are surrounded with, including the gift of life itself.

    I found your message extremely moving… Ultimately all we need is love. It is so beautiful to be grateful for the all love we have in out lives and share, express it with others. I am calling my mom to tell her how much I love her!

    Love to all of you Marie’s Goddess (commenting from all over the world!)

    Ania Sujet

  21. I’m So glad you’re okay Marie. It sounds like a terrifying experience!

    As for today’s topic, I used to feel that way pretty often just a few years ago. I had a great life, but I just felt like something was missing. Being really passionate about something, whether it’s your business or a hobby, makes a huge difference. As soon as I started my business a little over a year ago, that feeling totally went away. It almost never comes back, but on the few occasions it has, I’ve found that trying something new and getting out of my comfort zone is a great way to get back on track.

    I hope your cuts and bruises are all gone soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  22. pve

    Miracles do happen and how sincere of you to share your accident and more importantly, your attitude to find the grace and gratitude in your situation. My daughter was out of school for 3 weeks, a hospital stay of 6 days and we are all getting back to normal. I find myself full of gratitude for “normal” – We can take nothing for granted. Miracles are all around us.
    So glad you are ok.

    • PVE –

      I connect on two of your points:

      1. Grace and gratitude. Life is so empty without these, isn’t it?
      2. “We can nothing for granted.” Amen and amen!

      I’m happy to hear that your daughter is doing better.

      God Bless,

  23. Absolutely perfect ~ you’re all OK.

    Thanks so much for posting about your experience and for doing this video. I encounter this feeling with my clients and friends almost daily… “Something is missing” has become one of my specialties, so to speak. After all; it’s what prompted me to completely change what I was doing and had me do a life makeover on myself. I love that you advised FUN! Getting in touch with our sensual energies and passions, and being able to be and look silly attribute to some of life’s best experiences.

    Bang your drum, laugh, sing, and let your freak flag fly! XO

  24. Yes, I have had that feeling of getting out there and getting it done even against all odds and the fear of failing!

    You are absolutely right about getting the courage to conquer those fears and just doing whatever it is to move you closer to your goals.

    It isn’t always easy to tackle things in the way but boy once you get to the other side, there is nothing like it!

    All the best Marie.

    Thanks for creating and delivering great value!

  25. Oh Marie! I’m so glad to hear you all are okay! I was once in a bad accident and all I remember is biting down on my teeth so hard that I could feel the enamel in my mouth. I couldn’t sleep for weeks, replaying it all in my head.

    Thanks for the reminder to show gratitude and love NOW. When my goddaughter died in 2006 at age 19, I could truly say that nothing ever went unsaid between us. We were so open about our love for each other and it’s a blessing to know that she knew exactly how much I loved her and I felt the same from her. We don’t always get the chance to do that because things happen so suddenly.

    So yeah, say it now and say it a lot. That’s the most important thing.

    Thanks for the video, as always. Hope you guys move through all this with minimal trauma. <3

  26. Oh my goodness, Marie! I’m SO glad you, Josh and Kuma are alright. Honestly, I was on the verge of tears reading about your near-death experience. Scary!

    First week of B-School and I’m really enjoying it. Stay safe and well! xo xo xo

  27. OMG, Marie!!
    I’m glad you and your family are Ok!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and, as Rita says, for turning it into something a lesson for everyone else.
    Please, take care!!


  28. Oh wow Marie! I’m so glad you are all ok. I imagine you’ll be shaky for a while, but so glad you are quick to learn the lessons and hug your loved ones tighter today. Thanks for the reminder and for everything else you do. -Ashlee

  29. Caryn

    Once again…great video, just when I need a kick in the pants!! I was feeling like this and instead of taking action I sabotaged myself out of a job. I thought everything would be better and now I’m surrounded by fear BUT I must take action and face my fears in order to not fall into the same old security trap. Thanks Marie! I’ve been floundering with a decision and I’m jumping on the opportunity instead!!!

  30. Daniela

    Hi Marie, nice to know you re all ok! Just wonder where you get the car in Venice! We walk there in 1988 a whole night by foot and the waterbus, but cars? I admire youre familly and adviuces even when the style is often pretty ..strong for such a nice young lady you are! And send my greetings to Mrs Oprah, allways i saw her I remember her beginning interview telling her boss that she is there to work hard not make a big ass! it sound better than how Mr Branson lost virginity business book, he? or the Obama care in management of top cars take the CHANCE TO THE CHANGE, IS JUST ABOUT GET RID OFF THE SMALL T ..FROM TRADITION. well the LGBT AKA Black Power Century of Leadership, I hope that even our hard working Lady Oprah do not agree with! to do not take the USA debtclock in own monetary unit counting! on and on .. 400years of history of the people coming just to take and give nothing in return? is this FAIR? the last heaven of Liberty? too often taken for granted as our life? to be spend in higher life purpose than ever.. name it our duty! as long as we live, right? Best Wishes adn Success forward! As Mr Trump Christ McLeod coined since 2005 presidential bid: THE AMERICA WE DESEARVE? May I add the rethoric, WORLD, IS THIS THE PARADISE WE DESEARVE BY BIRTHRIGHT AS THE WASHINGTON INDIAN CHIEF LETTER 1775?

    • Joanna

      Daniela it probably is venice in california.

    • Joanna

      Marie im sending you all lots of healing energy! And im so happy nothing worse happened to you…

      Re the courage of going after what i miss in my life: journaling really helps. When i go back and read my past journals and see that i keep writing about the same thing over and over it is simply pathetic. So whats left? Feel pathetic which affect our self esteem or take action and just do it! So i started dancing tango, kayak wherever i can, went to school and then to your b-school , I travel more. And though i thought you need more money for this, my example shows that: dance lesson price can be negotiated, to get coaching you can trade, you can be invited on trips and schools offer loans or payment plans. As far as dancing- they say dance as nobody is watching. Really. I can jump on a top on my car in a busy santa monica street, have fun, make others laugh. I will have the memories forever and those who saw me will forget or will do the same to have more fun. This kind of acts make me more alive.

  31. Hi Marie!

    Being in an accident is so scary. Here’s to a speedy recovery for all of you.

    I’ve always been the care-free risk-taking type. It was one of the qualities my friends and family loved about me (I loved that about me too). In the last couple of years I’ve become more and more anxious, and I worry way too much about things that may or may not even happen. For me, stopping for a minute to breathe helps a lot. I also love to borrow your mantra and think to myself “everything is figure-out-able” when something comes up that gets me stressed out. For those worries that pop in my head for no real reason, I think of Gabby Bernstein’s “the universe has my back”.

    It really helps to have something to say back to that little voice in your head.



  32. Daniela


    • Nika

      my father in law is an American Romania freak. He loves it!!!

  33. Stephanie

    God Bless you are all ok! I two, have been in a head on collision few years back. You definitely become more aware of what is most important in your life.

    Hope everyone feels better very soon!


  34. So glad to hear you’re all safe.
    I experienced something similar recently. Side street, someone ran stoplight, but we were lucky that the car missed us. If we were driving a tiny bit slower I wouldn’t be here likely. It was that wake-up call as you wrote.

    I was chronically unhappy for years – I changed this by looking inward instead of seeking outside of myself which is what I had been doing.

  35. First of all, huge fist bumps on not being dead. IIII><IIII

    Sometimes you have to just pretend that no one is watching. I write like no one is ever going to read what I'm putting down on paper (screen). It's the only way I can get through. Then, I just hit publish.

    People who put themselves out there in really huge and brave ways, usually experience some internal terror. (They are also admired for that terror-inducing bravery.) A big life lived by taking bold strides cracks your world open like a huge, mother-effing piñata.

    Easy, safe, and secure initiatives never changed the planet.

    • Lori

      I just LOVED what you wrote here…you cracked me up with the “mother-effing piñata” thingy!!! 🙂 I can tell that you are full of awesomeness….BUT…when I went for more and clicked your took me to a blog that was started in 2012 and it looks like your countdown ran oooooooooooout. 🙁 Girl…you have WAY too much in you to keep it all to yourself, get writing…people like ME are wanting more!

  36. kira

    glad to hear that you are all ok sweets :-))
    huggies to all angels

  37. ali

    Dear Marie – Accidents like this sure do open us up to a new depth of who we are. I wish you a speedy recovery, ease and grace in this process to you and your family. Thank you for this particular message. Finding the courage to get of my rut is some walking when our lives are full of responsibilities. However finding the freedom and courage to be happy and finding the nuggets to be more playful is exactly what I need. Thank you. Many many blessings to you and yours. Feel healthy and strong.

  38. Marie, so sorry to hear about your car accident. I’m sure it was very upsetting and scary. When upsetting things happen in our lives its important to take time to calm down, so take care of yourself this week. Don’t work too hard!

  39. Mia

    So glad the safe scenario showed for you on Sunday – a great reality for millions of peeps…
    If there’s one thing I want to keep living by is your advice to always play, not be afraid to look stupid and take courage in stepping up and out – John Wayne’s quote you mentioned sits right next to my bathroom sink, I see it every day ~ thanks for sharing your awesomeness!! PS – Loving getting dirty into the B-School yumminess today (just sayin’) 🙂

  40. Thank you for sharing…It is very true…that we need to always give love to prevent regret or what ifs…I am happy that you all are ok…


  41. OMG, Marie!!!!!! I am soooo sorry you had to encounter that. I am sooo happy to hear you, Josh and Kuma (and the other drivers) are ok. Let me just say…YOU are one of the people that I genuinely love and have immense gratitude for. I know I don’t know you personally, but I’ve grown to love you from following you. I am so happy and grateful that you were protected. I send healing energy, positive vibes and prayers your way that any ill that this accident caused (soreness, emotional trauma, property damage) is resolved expediently and fully.

    I totally understand how traumatic that must have been. I’ve been in 3 accidents that left me with the same “movie” playing in my head. That’s a horrible feeling. I’m so glad you have the wisdom to switch it off. You’re human though, so it’s understandable. As you already know…meditation, gratitude for your safety and releasing the fear will melt this anxiety away in no time. In the interim, be very gentle with yourself.

    You have shown INCREDIBLE strength to share this story so soon. Your resiliency is remarkable! Please take it easy. We all know how much you love to work, but just like Kris Carr had the wisdom to go into massive self-care mode this past week, the same should apply for you. Your team is awesome. They have your back. Take care of YOU right now!

    Big hugs to you and lots of love!

  42. Wow Marie! Im so sorry that happened to you and Im glad everyone is alright. I hope all the bumps and bruises as well as the emotional ones go away soon

  43. Hope

    Sending lots of good wishes for the swift healing of bumps, bruises and for chasing away scary thoughts to you, Josh and Kuma. I’m glad you’re all ok!

    I think it’s important to remember to nourish creativity. When I feel down and exhausted with my life it often IS because I’m forgetting to resource the well of creativity. Usually putting on some music I like and dancing around my apartment helps (no one’s there to judge if I can dance or not and I feel great!).

  44. Oh my dear God! Thank goodness you’re all alright! Thank goodness a thousand times. Many blessings and prayers for a speedy recovery for all the bumps and bruises and soreness.

  45. Ally Davis

    I’m so glad you are all OK. Life can change in an instant so thanks for reminding me to grab it and live it for all it’s worth.

  46. Marie~
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Of course you have a huge community of people who adore you and you know that. But the intention of this email was not to confirm that but to make a point which I hope many people do hear. I have had some close calls in the last month-with my finacee and with my dad and since then I, like you, have realize that we can not take for granted a moment of this beautiful life we are given or the people we love in it. We can easily fall back into a pattern of not being grateful for each moment. Since my “close calls” when I find myself not feeling the gratitude I go back to the moment my heart was cracked open and gratefulness poured in and I reflect on life. Thank you again for the reminder and I wish for good health and loving time together for your family as you heal.

  47. Marie, thank goodness you are safe.

  48. Marie, I am so happy that you and your family are safe and ok from your experience in Venice. I just took a Drivers Ed class this weekend because of a speeding ticket and it was truly transformational!

    What I learned about being a safer driver:
    1. Pay attention
    2. Don’t Speed
    3. Create space.

    Here’s my coaching program! Right from Drivers Ed! Amazing : )

    I learned so much and the teacher said he will use some of the things I said in future classes.

    Love to you and Love to All, Sarah Haykel

  49. Jacklyn

    Marie and Crew,

    I am sorry that you got into the accident! I am glad that you walked away OK. My prayers go out to you all. I hope that you heal both mentally and physically from that scary ordeal!


  50. Sharon

    My heart goes out to you for this traumatic experience you all went through. Here’s hoping a quick recovery of body and mind so that you can bounce back to your hip hopping self! And yes I tell my family members every day that I love them and give thanks every day for them being in my life. It is a small but important thing to do.

  51. Thank you for sharing, this is my first ever comment as the exact same thing happened to me last August when I was driving my kids to go seal watching on holiday.
    We were on a remote country road 4 hours away from home whilst my husband was at work. It was actually my daughters 11th birthday and she was wearing a big birthday badge. We were static at a blind junction because of tall crops, we were a fraction too far forward and blam – a car drove into the front side of our car. The kids were crying, my six year old boy so pale, glass everywhere and time slowed right down. Everyone was fine, the local people were amazing and we had my daughter’s birthday over again.
    Yet the shock, that took weeks to retreat, and the hairs stick up just recalling it now. My mind turned it over and over – give yourself plenty of time, space and care. I underestimated how much the event impacted on me and tried to smothered it with gratitude that we were still alive. Of course that was important, but the shock still had to be felt out first.

  52. Marie, I am so sorry for you because of the accident… thanks God you are ok!
    I can only imagine how you feel… and those “alternate scenarios”, as you call them, must be painful.
    This is one more reason to be grateful for everything we have – for all the wonderful chances we get everyday, just to be here, and just to be alive.
    I am sending you oceans of positive energy and love – and I am sure all of us here does the same.
    And cuddles for Cuma, of course!:)

    P.S. B-school is much beyond I have ever expected – it’s awesome!

  53. Bill McKinley

    I haven’t watched the video yet (busy working on my B school homework), but I had to stop and tell you that I’m so glad you’re okay!

    #%¥€£?! drivers…grrrr.

    Take care of you–we need you!

    And thanks for reminding me to lean over and kiss my husband…we needed that today.

    Love and peace,

  54. Glad you and your family are well… Thank you sharing and reminding us to take a little time to APPRECIATE!!

  55. Jet

    I still get twinges of “oh, God, what if I look like an ass?” but I get over it. Something about the urgency of getting older brought out the courage in me and I took up belly dancing! Love it!

  56. Marisa Clare

    Sending all my love…How scary! I am so very grateful that you and your family are ok. I will continue to send healing energy your way <3

  57. julia

    hello Marie,
    nothing imposible to God, even that accident means a lot of explaination, to come forward and tell the people how God is, good, kind, so precious to many ways, also there is so much to come through you to help people the whole world. be strong, give Him thanks everyday, we looking forward to gain a lot from you, Marie. we are the world
    God bless

  58. Alyssa Scalora

    Yikes! That is really scary. I’m glad you are all ok.
    It’s times like these that make you really appreciate being alive. Life is good.
    I am currently in a job that I am no longer happy in. I lost my passion for corporate America when I discovered that teaching yoga was what I was meant to do with my life. So many times I thought to myself, “just leave” but there are always the same two fears that stop me 1. Not making the same salary and 2. Benefits. Just yesterday I decided that I would not let these two fears stop me. So I called a few places and got the rates of health insurance on my own. The prices I got weren’t as bad as I pictured them to be. My other concern of not making what I make now is top concern because I am in the process of saving up to open my own yoga and wellness studio. It’s a very important goal of mine and I want this more than anything so finding a job that matches what I make now is important. But I don’t have a degree. I am in HR now as an admin and I have no room for advancement at the company I am with now. So, I am in the process of studying to get my certification as a personal trainer. I am seeking to get a position in the fitness world and I would continue to teach yoga on the side. I need a plan and I feel like this is the best one right now. Life is too short to go to work miserable every day. I need to do what I love. And I am working on accomplishing that 🙂

  59. Amanda

    Marie, I am glad you and your family are ok. Thank God !!!, and thank you for reminding me to stop “sweating the small stuff”, which I easily allow to take over my whole being. Many blessings to you and yours.

  60. Marie, thank you for sharing with us. I’m so glad everyone is ok. I was in a very similar accident 2 years ago and those repeating thoughts while you’re driving (that it will happen again) are hard to overcome sometimes. You get even better at telling yourself everythings gonna be all right.

    The video was amazing! It’s sad that it took me until 30 to finally not care if I looked “stupid” (um, have you seen everyone else on the dance floor? They look stupid too! That’s the whole point!)

    Once I did that–my life got so much happier.

    This is also why I now keep all the realist voices of my family at bay. I don’t ask for the opinions of a realist in my life anymore. I control the information they get to know and see about my life, and we have a great time on Sunday dinner because of it.

  61. I can so relate of having flashbacks with car accidents. I was in one that nearly cost my brother’s life. Opened my eyes to the value of life in a new way. 🙂

  62. Sorry to hear of your accident. Glad you are all okay and hope you recover quickly. Life is short – hugs to you all 🙂

    Loved the video and it is all about pulling your head from under the sand and putting it out there in the public! Scary but kinda fun too 🙂

  63. Miguel Vasques


    Grateful for you and the fact you shared this (and much more!)
    I wish you all a speedy recovery for those nasty bruises

    Yesterday I watched your video “How To Get Anything You Want”, it’s gonna do wonders for me. Such a powerful tool you gave me (us!)

    You’re amazing, and ever so inspiring… plus, a LOT of fun

  64. Jennifer


    I am so glad to hear that you are all ok and thank you for sharing. Hearing that helps me take a moment to breathe and be grateful. Thank you! You are truly an inspiration.

    Thank you,

  65. Simona

    Hi Marie,
    first of all, I´m glad that you and your family are OK. While I was reading your e-mail, I was wondering, I mean, waw, history repeats, it is not only my case. It was the same thing what happened to me, few months ago, and I saw myself while reading your words. Yes, you´re right, we have to enjoy every moment of the life, we have to tell our closest people that we love them, we have to live! In second it can be done, in second our heart can stop and in second we can be only the memory. After that terrible car accident what happened to me, I realised that rainy day, upset neighbour or stolen money are not the worst things that could happen. I think, I changed. And I´m pretty sure, that your´s accident changed you as well.
    I wish you a lot of energy to forget the terrible moments and start again in full power.
    All the best and continue with the work you do, thw world needs you,

  66. Diane Harris

    Glad to know that every one is okay. I absolutley love you Marie. Your work continues to change my life. You are one in a million!!

    One Love

  67. Marie that’s such a scary thing to have happen and man I couldn’t imagine life without you in it, so I’m thankful your guardian angel was there protecting you that day.

    In a slightly odd twist on your accident, I think that’s why I love riding motorbikes, they make me feel incredibly alive and vulnerable at the same time, I find it like going on an adventure and pushing my limits cos let’s face it they can be scary.

    I’ve had my fair share of accidents on them too but I always end up feeling completely grateful for the lessons those have taught me. And hey I’m still alive and more than kicking!

    That and embarking on other adventures like my bike ride of 4,000 miles through Africa. It makes me a better entrepreneur when I take on challenges like this in my life. In fact it feeds me and it’s what my Suitcase Entrepreneur lifestyle is all about – living and breathing what I do to inspire others to create more freedom in business and adventure in life.

    Great message in this video. Let’s all live our best life every day!


  68. Alexis Fedor

    Marie, I’m so happy that you and your family are ok, and am sending my best healing vibes your way… Thank you for this fantastic episode. Your story and this message gave me a sense of gravity and gave me great pause to remember we’re all here to love and support each other. I’ve called my mom this morning already.

  69. Vivian

    I’m so glad to hear that you, Josh, and Kuma are okay. Moments like this are a great reminder for what only matters. Sending you lots of good vibes and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Thank you for continuing to do your work in spite of what you’re going through right now.

  70. Dear Marie,

    What a shock! So good to hear that you all are allright (besides the nasty bruises and soreness). Just wanted to give a big virtual hug!

  71. Susan

    Feeling Blessed to hear you and your loved ones are ok!!

  72. Marie! I’m so grateful that you and yours are all right! You make such a positive impact on the world — thank goodness you’re safe!

    All my love,

  73. Thanks for living and sharing this lesson for all of us. I needed this wake up call today. Gratitude and courage go hand in hand. You remind me of both, Marie.

  74. Glad you and your loved ones are ok Marie!

    My life experience has been: Adventure.
    Seriously, all my life I have taken risk after risk. It didn’t always turn out the way I had hoped at the precise time but as I look back to where I am today I know FOR SURE that all of those things that didn’t work out has brought me here…where I need to be.

    Even the crazy stuff is serving its purpose 10 years later….like when I went Skydiving! WOW!

  75. I echo everyone’s sentiments. So grateful that you and your loved ones are well. I had a similar incident years ago when my kids were little. We were involved in roll-over. We were all strapped in – which saved our lives. However, the experience rocked me for awhile. My brain was shattered by “what if.” I remember thinking, “Is my brain tricking me? To cope, has it created an alternate (imagined) world where we’re all okay? Did we really escape that?” My mind felt shattered despite by body being intact. It took some time, but this fear eventually dissolved. I had to soak it in and feel it, but then release and dissolve it. Blessings and happiness to you Marie!

  76. Hugs, Marie!

    And thank goodness you were in the moment you were in and NOT a few seconds either way. I hope you’re able to recover from your bruises soon.

    Whenever I feel like something is missing, I know it means I need to get out of my comfort zone, explore, shake things up and have fun. Sometimes it leads to a whole new direction for my whole life, which is the ultimate adventure.

    This whole past year has been feeling the fear and saddling up anyway with getting my blog launched and figuring out what my business is going to be. I’m loving what I’m learning about myself and the growth I’m feeling. I’m learning a bit of fear is a good thing!

    Take care and keeping you and yours in my thoughts, Marie!

  77. Isabelle

    Dear Marie, I am so glad that you and your family are okay! The world wouldn’t be the same without you.
    Carpe Diem!!

  78. My heart skipped for a moment as I read about your accident. I can say with total empathy, that I know how you are feeling right now and I am so glad you, Josh, and Kuma are safe.

    A little over a month ago on the eve of our 4th wedding anniversary, a drunk driver hit us and sent us spinning down a busy two lane road as our car launched into a protective four airbag deployment.

    My husband managed to avoid a direct head-on collision with a large mini van by shifting as far to the roadside as possible before we were hit by a woman who was almost twice the legal limit, at 2:20 on a Friday afternoon in Wales.

    The road was busy in both directions with traffic moving at about 45 miles an hour and we both said later we expected to hit or be hit by other cars before coming to a stop.

    I will never forget the fear I felt as I turned to see if my husband was okay. His side of the car took the impact and I was so afraid he might be seriously hurt or else something too terrible to consider so I hesitated for a few seconds to gather my courage. It seems silly now, but I wanted to hang on to us as we were, not what I might find.

    I wrote about our experience and what I realized afterwards, on my blog. I hope it’s okay leave a link.

    Again, I’m really glad to hear you are safe and thanks for sharing your experience.

  79. maggie dodson

    It’s all very well picking yourself up and carrying on as if nothing happened, not letting events divert you from your work but this is life and life has a funny way of reminding you that there are layers to it that cannot be ignored. Events such as this cannot possibly be ignored, in fact they keep knocking on the door of your mind, your conscience until you acknowledge them properly. As you did today.

    The physical shock is bound to make you think and if you are not wary of it can lead you down the path of rich imagination and then you just become frightened. Those images you conjure are for the movies, maybe for your own movie script but they don’t help you in reality, they hold you back and allow fear to take over if you aren’t careful.

    I believe that’s one reason to acknowledge such dramatic events in our lives.

    I am very happy that you are still alive and well and firing on all cylinders as usual, Marie. You are amazing.

  80. Josianne

    I thank the Universe that you are all ok. I was very sorry to read this – I know it is also very hard emotionnally sometimes, after going through something very scary like that…
    I love your comment about courage, we forget sometimes, and we need to be reminded that it is not about not being scared at all, it’s about doing it anyway…
    Take good care of yourself 🙂

  81. Marija

    Hey Marie,

    I’m glad that you decided to share your Sunday story with us, it definitely put things in perspective for me. It reminded me to start my day off right with love, and to be guided from within. I hope you, Josh and Kuma are doing alright.

    Sending you love Marie,

    Marija XOXO

  82. Vierka Kubisova

    Dear Marie,

    I am so glad to hear that you are all ok. Many, many blessings to you and your family.


  83. Oh my gosh Marie. I’m so grateful that you and your family are all safe and well.
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to really elevate the passion and intention I have for being so grateful that my husband and kids are safe and sound today.
    I’m sending you lots of healing energy and lots of unconditional love…enough for all three of you!!!
    Sending love,
    Stacey Martino

  84. Glad to hear that you are safe.

  85. Lorena

    I’m so glad to hear that you and your family is OK!, as always, really good topic!

  86. Glad all is turning out okay. Years ago, I had something happen to me that caused me to replay varying scenarios trying to figure out what really happened and why. Took almost 2 years before I could shake the replays… Enough time had to pass for me to accept what had happened and to let go of the need to know why…When the why no longer mattered, the replays stopped. Hope it won’t take 2 years for you…but in the mean time, be gentle with yourself and know good has already begun to happen because of your ordeal.

  87. Josianne

    There is so much love in all those posts….! It’s beautiful to read!

  88. Wow! I’m so glad you are ok!

  89. Catalina

    Hi Marie!
    Thank god you are ok! I hope you three recover soon. I’ll keep you in my prayers so your mind and soul recover from the aftertaste of a terrible experience. I think everything happens for a reason so probably there is something to learn from it…We have to keep seeing the bright side of things, right!!?
    A lot of Blessings to you and your family!

  90. Rosalind

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. What a close call!

    I hope you don’t mind if I mention some healing techniques I’ve had amazing successes with for healing traumatic memories — both recent and decades-old memories. These two amazing methods are The Healing Codes, taught in a book by Dr. Alex Lloyd; he also has trained practitioners that work with you over the phone, and are very reasonably priced. And, of course, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping). These are changing my life

    Take care and be gentle with your healing the process!


  91. Thank you for sharing this, Marie. I am grateful that you survived this scary incident! For one person, you provide a tremendous amount of genuine encouragement, liveliness and generosity to tons of people. It’s a reminder of how exponential the value is of every life.

  92. You are so right about working your create muscles. I too don’t mind looking foolish. I think my mother trained me as a kid when she used to sing the background musak in Bradlees extremely loud. Didn’t bother me one bit. I knew that people weren’t looking at me and she enjoyed herself.

    Please take the time to heal and know that you are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

  93. So happy to hear everyone is ok, of course you’re shaken up. Thank you for sharing your experience. Warm wishes and blessings to you and your family.

    I too have been “dormant” for some time. I am creative, passionate, love spontaneity and have taken many risks in the past. But after some of those risks didn’t pay off, I have been hanging on to the safety rope… I am finally getting back out there and going for my dreams. I haven’t spoken in public in quite some time and I’m conducting a seminar this weekend and though the jitters have already started, I’m confident that it’s going to be awesome. And this time, I’m actually going to enjoy every single one of those jitters and scary feelings because they make you feel alive.

    Have a blessed and beautiful week!

  94. Libby

    Marie, thank you for your openness, honesty and love. I am so happy to hear your family is okay.

  95. vanessa wawrzynowicz

    Many blessings to you, Josh and Kuma for a restful, trauma-free, loving and fully back in your radiant body recovery. Take some wisdom from the animal world for any flashbacks: shake it off immediately from your body. No need to store it. So glad you all are ok. Thanks for the wisdom of supporting us through challenging times!!!

  96. Marie, having been in a T-Bone accident myself, I know how scary that is. I am still triple cautious going through intersections because of it and the accident was many years ago. I am so glad that you, Josh, and Kuma are ok. I know that you all will take the time to get massage, chiro, or whatever you need to get all the joints and muscles soothed and back in order; it does a world of good. Now that I have gotten the well wishes out of the way, back to the episode.

    Without even having heard the episode, I will say that taking time to be actively grateful has made a massive difference in my life. One of my daily rituals is to keep a gratitude journal before I go to be at night. I record three things I am grateful for and the whys. I am grateful that Marie and her family are safe and unharmed from her accident because she is such an asset to all the world. This would be true even if you didn’t have the web presence that you do.

  97. Andre Ewert

    Hi Marie. Thank God that you’re all safe and sound after this accident. It does make us realize that life is short and each day, we must strive to make a difference to make the world better.

    PS. I have had an Aha moment in my personal life and have concluded that a young good looking wife will probably cheat on me and an old one will slow me down. I think I’ll probably go into a new type of honest FemDom relationship with a young trophy wife.. It’s a new world even when it comes to relationships, power and expectations . If we deny this realities (hi libido, low libido) then we are being hypocrites. When you love somebody unconditionally, the answers come easily. My previous marriages all failed so I’ll try something different this time.
    I have 3 mournings to do a) mourn the end of my marriage (90% done), mourn the exit and disentangle from my law business and make room for a new business (done), loss of all my real estate foreclosed by the banks (with 30 years of work down the drain). Getting up from this is easy to say but not to do as I now question my capitalist values. Is it all worthwhile this rat race when banks can foreclose after 30 years because you’re in a career transition or had some hickups for a year.

    In business, we need the same type of lucidity and pragmatism.

    • Pretty Lady

      Marie, I’m so glad you’re okay. I’ve only just started following you, but it would be devastating to lose you so soon.

      Andre, my dear, as a person who has had a bit of experience with ‘honest FemDom relationships,’ particularly those with young trophy wives, let me be the first to inform you that these are about the most capitalist transactions imaginable. Not only does this have a high probability of coming into conflict with your stated ‘questioning of capitalist values,’ it seems unlikely that you currently have the resources to involve yourself in the first place, given your alleged scenario.

      In other words, FemDom trophy wives are hella expensive. How you gonna swing that?

  98. Mario Savioni

    I cannot possibly know what you were feeling in and as a consequence of your accident. When I was a child my family was hit from behind but suffered no problems. That was scary, but your accident was much more serious. I hope there are no long-term effects.

    Having said that, this issue of taking the next step has been plaguing me. My father told my mother the first thing you need is a job you love, then you’ll find the person you want to spend your life with, and then you buy a house. I bought a house, have about a year to go to pay it off, I found the woman of my dreams, but she’s no longer in my life, and I have the same type of job I had to get me through college.

    I am about to go through a second 10-year battle for a contract, and while the last time was amazing in terms of what we accomplished, it was anti-climatic and I felt then as I do now that I am unrealized. However, last year I made more than I ever have and the benefits are stellar.

    With the economy as it is, coupled with what I do in my free time, I am averse to risk a level of certainty about my position. They haven’t fired me yet. I have been there 20 years.

    All the while, in my free time, I have painted, drawn, photographed, web-designed, and written books. Of late, I have written and recorded approximately 24 hours of music mostly to lay as a bed of sound under my words. The other ambition is to manifest designs for housing projects.

    You might find me in a cafe reading a book and looking up as I take in the information and imagine it. You might also find me in a museum, like SFMOMA, where I imagine a show of my images, words, and music as a thing not unlike this:

    I want to create beauty and help people. I see beauty and truth as the only things in life that matter.

    I also regret not having taken the LSAT and the GRE. I have two work images, one involves working in a small office located in the Appellate Department of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office drafting appellate briefs, and two I see myself in a house in the middle of America on a chair with my legs up over an open oven. I am wrapped in a blanket going over the papers of a literature class I am teaching. There is snow outside. There is a deck wrapped around my house. I have also wondered what it might be like working with a creative group on advertising, except that I hate corporations.

    And so this is where I am at in my life.

  99. Hope

    This is such a timely subject for me to hear. Thank you, Marie! Before I explain, let me say how wonderful it is to hear that you and your family are all okay after your horrific experience. I know there are scares left behind but you have each other to work through them and resolve the issues. Even more importantly, Marie, you have the tools available to turn this awful experience into something positive in your life. I wish you all a speedy recovery.

    Your video hit home for me this morning because I’ll be turning 65 this May and have spent my life being safe (and yes, it was a lesson learned from my parents). Although I did not follow their advice, the path I took was just a small deviation from the route they had suggested to me. As it turns out, my route was the far more painful. I’ve spent my life wishing I could speak French, wishing I could sing (I am completely tone death and cannot carry a tune), wishing I could play the piano, wishing I could dance (I did clog dancing for several years until my knees gave out and loved it). But you get the idea.

    One thing I realized while I was watching your video is that I’m ALWAYS concerned with what everyone else’s needs are before my own. It was like a light bulb went off in my head while I watched your amazing video. Yes, I can change! Yes, I can begin to consider what I need first and foremost to make my life happy! And, yes, I can begin today by just resetting my thoughts onto the MOST important person in the room–me!

    I have a loving relationship and am blessed to have a wonderful man in my life! My “revelation” will not change this in any way and may even enhance my relationship even more. I’ve always had his support in anything I’ve wanted to do–well, almost always, lol.

    Thanks again, Marie! Best wishes to you and your family! Thanks for these wonderful video’s. You are the best!!!

  100. Michelle Maran

    Hi Marie,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the accident, how frightening an event that must have been! So happy to hear you are all ok, what a blessing!
    Thank you for sharing and reminding us how precious life is and how important it is to cherish ourselves and all those we love and serve –continuously–because we really don’t know if or when something very unexpected might happen.
    You, your words and how you express your feelings and thoughts are truly inspirational, as many others have said already. Im glad to be connected to you and this community.
    I hope you, Josh, and Kuma all have a holistic and speedy recovery!

  101. WOW! Marie, so glad you, Josh and Kuma are okay. So scary. And such a reminder. Hope you recover quickly and leverage your laughter for all the healing!

  102. Eliseo

    I am happy you and your family are in good health. I also forget to tell my loved ones how much I enjoy having them in my life sometimes. Even the people who I dislike. For instance I have worked with some of the most difficult people and as much as I disliked them there was always something good I found in them. It is hard sometimes to find the good in people you dislike but I felt more at ease when I let them know it.

  103. Dear Marie
    How wonderful to watch your inspiring, bubbly, punchy, whacky videos every week. We all need that energizing “smack” you provide so beautifully.
    So sorry to read about your accident and Thank God you and your loved ones are safe. And I love the way you remind us to be grateful for our blessings.
    My thoughts, prayers and love go out to you. Keep helping us along our dream lives and businesses.
    Take care Marie! Hugs,

  104. Heal quickly! I am glad you are all alright.

  105. Keep the power, and don’t be knocked off course! Life can be shocking – thank goodness no one physically injured.

  106. Dear Marie, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Also, glad to hear you are all okay.

    When we’ve been thru shocking/scary things it’s so common to replay or imagine worse things could have happened, for sure.

    I have a huge interest in and work with children to teach them how to recontextualize their nervous systems…how to warm up and balance their brains. I have a feeling this comment is going to be pretty long because I’m going to tell you how to do this for yourself right now. Hope that’s okay…you might already know all this…

    If you are waking at night thinking about this, that means your animal brain is trying to keep you safe. The part of your brain that is all about reflexes and flight or fight and survival is waking you up to make sure you are okay.

    Even though feeling a sense of gratitude to still be alive and speaking all those lovely thoughts of gratitude are SOOOO important because we want to remember how lucky we are to be here and be alive, the part of your brain that is keeping you safe doesn’t hear that. The human and spiritual parts of your brain hear gratitude so it’s valuable to say that and mean it.

    Simply, the human and spiritual brains are built upon the foundation of your animal brain so until you address the needs of your animal brain, the reflexes and fight or flight are going to unconsciously organize your day for you trying to keep you safe.

    If you wish to change the animal brain and help it come to a place of peace so you can rest at night and be back to being in control of your days then we have to recontextualize your nervous system so it recalls peace rather than chaos.

    The animal brain is a body brain so we do that thru the body. You can do these standing or laying down.
    1. Breathe in and hold it….hold it….hold it…breathe in some more…hold it..hold it…hold it…breathe in a little more….hold it…hold it…..

    2. release and breathe out…….
    (repeat 1 & 2)

    The startle reflex…when babies are tiny they have a startle reflex and when we’ve been startled as adults then moving our bodies slowly thru the motions of the startle help it to be assimilated once more into our beings.

    3. Stretch out your limbs and head as far as you can and then curl your head and limbs back in to the core of your body. (be a turtle coming in and out of his shell or a starfish stretching and curling…you can tell I work with kids, right?). Stretch out and curl in, stretch out and curl in.

    Our eyes can be locked in a freeze pattern.
    4. Wiggle your right hand fingers near your eyes. Watch them wiggle. Do the thymus thump. (knock lightly on your chest close to the thymus)
    Then wiggle the other hand and watch it wiggle. Do the thymus thump.

    5. Rub, tap, touch and pummel lightly parts of your face, arms, hands legs to release stress.

    6. Yawn to relax the TMJ to tell your jaw it doesn’t have to get ready to bite an attacker. (animal brain!)

    7. Do this is front of a mirror to keep eye contact or with someone else to see their eyes that will communicate you are safe.

    8. Hugs with someone you love communicate safety to the animal brain.

    These are things that recontextualize our nervous systems and balance our brains so the animal brain stops being so bossy. They really work!

    Hope you’re sleeping soundly again soon, Marie!

    • Susan, thank you for this wonderful instruction for helping calm oneself (or one’s child). I’ll be using this for sure.

  107. Lisa Davis

    Much love and peace to all of you. Keep doing what you do… the world needs YOU!

  108. I’m so glad you and your family are ok. Thank you for sharing what happened; it definitely is a good reminder to remember the big picture and what really matters.

  109. Marie you have a God bubble around you girl! I’m so happy that ALL involved are ok and thank you for sharing your story with us.

  110. Samantha Richards


    I’m glad you’re all ok… What a horrific experience!

    I completely understand how you feel. 5 years ago when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my daughter a van didn’t stop at the red lights and ploughed into me as I was turning right. I was in a tin can of a car. We both survived, but it really gave me a good wake up call to appreciate and spend more time with my son and hubby. As a result I now spend lots of time with them, and of course my daughter, and just to be bothersome I occasionally play practical jokes on them… Not sure they appreciate my English sense of humour though! 🙂

    Take care, all three of you.

  111. Christy

    I am so happy you are okay, Marie:)

    You have so much left to express in the world. Your talents, skills, personality and expression of the Divine needs to be here for a lot longer:)

    Thank you, Christy

  112. So glad to hear you are OK!!! My chest tightened just reading about your accident this morning. I’m sure that had to shake you up. Thank you for sharing the experience and writing to us so soon. Vulnerability, honesty, compassion, humor, and just straight up awesomeness is why we all love you so much. Take care of yourself 🙂

    Oh yeah, and I LOOOOOOVE B-School!!


  113. Marie,

    First of all let me say that I thank God all of you are okay. I am thankful that you survived such a horrible accident. When something like this happens to you, it does make you reflect on your life. Thank you for sharing your life with us and always being so authentic. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Much love.

  114. Sending much love and hopes for a speedy recovery, Marie. You give so much to all of us, the least we can do is send positive thoughts your way.

    Aaaaaaanyway, this video resonates with me on a deep level. It seems every time I turn around I’m bumping into old stories, fears, etc. In fact the business I’m starting has to do with helping other women through the darkness of those fears and limiting beliefs and drawing up enough courage to make their mark. Which of course makes it even more crucial to get through my own “stuff”, right? 🙂

  115. Hi Marie,

    I am SO sorry to hear about the terrible accident! Just really really happy that everything went well with you, Josh and Kuma! It really is a good reminder for all of us to do the things we love while we are on this planet.

    The scariest thing I have done recently was to sign up and join B-school. I certainly didn’t feel like I was ready, but I just knew I had to do it anyway. I am working in the 1st module now, and am so excited to keep learning from you! You truly are an inspiration for all of us!! <3

  116. So glad you, Josh, and Kuma are ok, Marie! How scary that must have been!
    Today’s video is a great confirmation of my decision to join B-School and continue clarifying the vision for my fabulous life and gaining action-able steps to MAKE IT HAPPEN! xo

  117. Marie,

    I was in a car accident in June in NYC with two NYC taxi cabs and I understand exactly how you feel. After the accident I spent a lot of time reflecting on the things most important to me. I then took a mission trip to Africa for a month that changed my life. Life is beautiful and so are you! I cover you with healing and love through this vulnerable time…count your blessings and be grateful for all you have.

    Much love,


  118. Ana Goncalves

    Hello Marie,
    So blessed that you and your family are okay and all safe. It is amazing when these moments happen and how close they bring us together.
    Thank you for a heads up and reassurance. Like the above poster I also have been ‘dormant’ for quite some time, and my intuition keeps popping up showing me the way and the safe heaven drags me back down. I have always been adventurous, followed my heart and intuition and I guess the more I have stayed comfortable the less I have learnt to trust which is a great discovery in itself. This morning I woke up and the ‘Camino de Santiago’ emerged. It was about a year ago that I had the same feeling to go on that journey and the one thing holding me back was trust and self limiting beliefs of money. Now I feel that I have regained my trust again and now is the time to just walk and I now my heart will lead the way.
    Thank you and be well
    I feel so close to your Q&A Tuesdays and community here, and I feel blessed that we are connected all in one.
    Ana x

  119. Daniela

    Marie, beautiful, lovely, Marie, thx God you are here… This world needs your energy… we need your energy… pls do NOT ever put your life in danger… lol… seriously though, so glad you guys are fine… And thx for the reality check.

  120. Wow! That must have been so scary! I’m very glad to hear you’re all ok.

    Life definitely sends us wake-up calls from time to time. I try to remember the message in between the calls, but still, every time one hits, it shocks me back into remembering. My step-sister recently passed away unexpectedly, and it reminded me in a big way to appreciate my loved ones and to live life fully in every moment.

    Back in 2005 I was feeling restless too. My life was fine, I had a job, a house, etc. However, I felt I was missing out on my childhood dream of acting, so I packed up my house, quit my job, and moved to New York. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve never regretted it. Not for one second.

    My best to you!

  121. Marie, as you can see, you have lots who care about you! I’m so glad you are ok too. I’ve had a couple of moments like that (life or death) that have spurred me on towards becoming what I might have been (name of my website, actually). One time I broke my neck…that made me make the choice to go to college (at 51-years-old!). The second time I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (I had the inoperable operated on!). That spurred me on to get my masters degree (while lying in bed). It also gave me a renewed perspective on how much I love my family and friends, and how much they love me. Again…so glad you are fine, and your loved ones too.

  122. Hi Marie,
    So glad it all was ok for you and all concerned. You are right, its a moment that changes lives forever. The good and the bad moments. Brushes with these things bring us back to remembering the truth and be thankful for this life. Thank you for the reminder and for being vunerable and reaching out for virtual support from your fans and support people. I am very impressed with the work so far. Just started yesterday and would not being doing it if it were not for a few ‘wrong’ twists and turns. Like the girl that wrote in I did the same thing, got married, house, kids, dogs, cats, job, and husband. And I was going out of my mind with boredom. I decorated my house over and over .. 🙂 but to no avail. then finally went on a trip to Europe and discovered there is a whole big world out there!. What a relief to find this out.. from then on I kept up my search for myself.. (thats who I was looking for ) and my life changed radically . My blech marriage and life went from boring to busy and scarey but now I am getting to the place of becoming myself. I hope your readers really spend some time asking themselves What do I want?. Because thats what it took me years to do. I did not believe that was important. But its sooo important. Yah!!. you are ok.. happy healing!. xoxo d

  123. Glad to hear you and your family are doing ok! Thank you for this reminder and for the great video.

  124. Sam

    I recently got married about a year ago and already my wife is pregnant. I’m excited but at the same time I’m faced with many hardships. My wife was working and got layed of which now makes our income barely enough just to pay the bills ( thank God). I was involved in a car wreck recently which totaled my car and I was at fault even though I could not avoid the fact the two drivers in front of me where already in collision causing me to collide with them but I have to accept I’m at fault. It usually wouldn’t be very bad except I cancelled my insurance a week before cause my income needed to go towards food , but thank God I could have means for I’m in a crises I have no car my bills take all my income and I know sooner or later I will pay for the collision rather i have the funds or not. I have been feeling like my world has come to a end, all I want is a good life for my wife and our baby and I’m content on giving them a well deserved life. I wake up and have a sadness in me I have never felt and a pain in my stomach I can’t escape. I keep my head up when daily life arises me and remember to keep moving forward no matter what! I know if I do the right things and stay patient that soon I will be delivered out my issues. I pray a miracle happens but I know whatever I do I can never give up! I know my comment is a bit long and not the best writing but hey just sharing gave me a comfort. Thank you

  125. Happy to hear you are fine physically but mentally it can be rough. I’m sure you know of Bryon Katie’s work. A friend just sent me a link to her interview with Oprah and she talks exactly about how suffering comes when we replay the past over and over in our minds. Her work is so liberating. If you are looking for some peace as you are recovering or even help to accelerate the process here is the link
    Much much love to you and your family

  126. Beth

    Praise God that you and your family(?) are still with us! I just discovered you within the past couple of weeks and am so impressed with your “ministry” that I signed up for B-School last week. You are using your gifts and talents in such a powerful way – you freely give what has been given to you and that is a legacy you should always be proud of! You are intelligent, beautiful, charming, articulate, and so dang funny! So even though you don’t know me from Adam, I want you to know that you are a breath of fresh air, a cool drink from a babbling brook, inspiration from heaven. We are enriched by your presence…..thank you for all that you do! The Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you, and give you PEACE!!!!

  127. Oh my gosh..Marie…just read about the incident. You are so right. Bless and be grateful for the gold in our lives, which are the people and the animals who we love and call our family.

    I’m so glad no one was hurt, and only the replaceable, the car, was damaged. It’s times like this we reach down and pull out what spirit is telling us, reminding us. What is the gift here? And it’s GRATITUDE for Life with a capital “L”.


  128. starra

    Your angels were with you the day of the accident and I’m so happy everyone is fine (canine included). 🙂

  129. Brenda

    God bless you, Marie. I woke up this morning looking for your weekly email and when I didn’t see it I knew something was up because you never falter. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. 

  130. So glad to hear that you’re all ok!
    I’m reminded of a quote from the amazing book “Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”:

    “Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t.”

    Your mission on this earth is not over – that’s for sure…

    With so much love from me in Thailand,

  131. Dale Rogerson

    Very happy to hear all turned out well for you and yours. Life does that, doesn’t it?

    I totally feel the same. Have always taken the “safe” route and every time I mention the idea of wanting to go a different one, I get stopped and told I’m ridiculous and I have to think about the big picture. So, next thing I know, I’m 7 years in a job I loathe (but stay because the pay is good and I have medical & dental & bonus plans) and feel I’m becoming more and more brain-dead with each and every day I spend there.

    This year I decided enough was enough and planned to quit my job by March 31st and get something going for myself… 3 days into our vacation, hubby lets me know he is totally uncomfortable with the idea (though he gave it a thumbs up a month ago).

    I’m trying to find the courage to go forward with my plan despite all the negatives being thrown my way….

  132. Ngoc Khong

    Oh my goodness, Marie, so glad that you and your family are fine. That was so scary.
    YOLO! So let’s live the life we want. Thank you Marie for reminding us.

  133. Oh my gosh, Marie… I’m so glad you’re all okay! 🙂

    As it so happens, I signed up for B-School last year because I felt like having a business was what was missing. Best. Decision. Ever.

  134. Kate Harvie

    Marie, my empathy for and love of you, Josh, and Kuma is rooted in two things.

    First, we have in common the survival of a vehicle accident and the accompanying combination of relief, fear, and the complete range of feelings and thoughts.
    Second, the accompanying gratitude for people and experiences that make each day feel like a gift. As wacky and frustrating as things may be sometimes, there is so much and so many to appreciate. Every day and twice on Sunday.

    And by expressing this – to ourselves and to the people in our lives – life is better than anyone could ever imagine.

    Gratefully and with love,

  135. Marie,

    Love & Light for Your spirit, Josh & Kuma. I am so glad that you are all well & breathing. It’s definitely not your time to leave the physical world yet there is so much more your meant to do & experience… Moments like those do remind us of the things in our life that are of true value… Wishing you all a speedy recovery.

    In response to the question you posed for us to answer. I agree with you… From an early age I realized that change was the only constant in life & that life is always changing, people come & people leave, jobs are here today and tomorrow maybe not & so on…. I realized the only constant I have is myself (my inner-world) & as long as I have that in order, there’s nothing I can’t handle.

    So I taught myself to become comfortable with change, to welcome it & even seek it out. Life has taught me that sometimes when we want something big to change in our life, we have to take a drastic step to shake things up. Before the Universe starts to bring you the changes you want. I try to always live a little outside my comfort zone, it’s the only way I know that I am alive & growing…

    Back in July 2012 I made a decision to shake things up in my life. See I was too comfortable, yet uninspired. I have a very comfortable job that gives me a lot of freedom & is glamours but the truth is that as I grateful as I am to have it. I’m not passionate about it, it’s not what i know I came here to do. So back in July, I said to myself you know what Stephanie, you’ve been complaining now for a couple of months how you want something to change, how you want to feel that inner fire & passion, so do something about it. Stop complaining, you have power in choices and making decisions. I basically talk a lot to myself, it’s part of my inner work. Long story short. i made the decision to sell everything I owned, not to renew my lease and instead rent a room from different people for a couple of months to save money to go backpacking across Europe & focus on my writing. So I did just that until just two weeks ago I was leaving like a gyps. I’ve moved three times in a 9 month period & on Jan 2013 it hit me, the clarity I was looking for, the clarity I thought if I went backpacking I would find. And here I am today in B School, I realized that although i still plan to backpack & connect with people from all walks of life. I first want to start living my purpose & pursing it NOW not wait anymore & think I have to do this or that first.

    It took me shaking things up, letting go of my material attachments, & living “uncomfortable” for a little while but I am more clear, more inspired today then I was 9 months ago. I see the road and I know where i am going. The “How” it will unfold, now that isn’t for me to know, but to allow it to reveal itself to me in its time… 😉

    Everything starts with ourselves, we are in control & as scary as it maybe to step into the unknown, the more you do the easier it becomes until that in itself becomes our new familiar. I am all about taking chances, & making the necessary changes to be Who I know I am meant to be because that is where my FREEDOM truly lies.

    Love & Light


  136. Melody Granger

    Happy to hear you all are safe & sound, Marie!

    I worked in an optometrist office for nearly 3 years before striking out on my own when that moment of “this is my life for years to come?” appeared. I really enjoyed working and the people, but I hated waking up to someone else’s clock and having to ask to get a day off for kid activities. So, I turned in my résignation and had a cleaning party in my house and life. Now, I help others do the same in their business house!

    Best of luck getting out of boredom and into dance breaks at the office, Kristen!

  137. Loved this video and glad to hear that all of you are safe & sound!

    I lived with the idea that I had to meet the status quo for the better part of my life. It took one of my major influencers dying for me to break free of that mindset. While losing someone close to me (my mother) was hard for me, it was freeing in another aspect and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now and be pursuing my dreams if I hadn’t gone through that. On one hand I didn’t feel I had to answer to or explain my choices anymore and on the other hand the lesson in mortality encouraged me to not wait so long to be who I wanted to be. I want to enjoy my dream for as long as I can and there’s no better time than Now to start moving towards that point – after all Now is all we ever have! <3 you Marie for bringing your light to the world and inspiring us all to do the same!

  138. Marie,

    I am so glad to hear that Josh, Kuma, and you are safe! Incidents like this definitely remind us that you have to make every moment given to you count.

    This video was great reminder to get started! I decided a while back to make a change and stop living day to day, telling myself, I will do that next month, next year, within the next three years. I decided I will do whatever is in my heart NOW!

    Keep the great videos coming!

  139. SO SCARY!!!!

    Just thinking about getting into an accident like that makes me feel shaky, I am so glad you all made it out. I know even when I’ve gotten into some fender-benders, they scare me pretty bad, I can’t even imagine how frightening your accident must have been, or the thought of losing those you hold most dear…

  140. Nina Solomatina

    Glad to hear you and your family are all right after this accident!

    And thanks for sharing the story and reminding of how important it is to bring out the courage for all the new and scary things! loved it!

  141. Wow, Marie. This episode brought tears to my eyes for more than one reason. So relieved that everyone came out in one piece from the car accident. I also needed to hear exactly your words today, as I have a deadline to complete two “to-do’s” that absolutely terrify me. And yes, it’s because it involves talking to people and putting things out in public that could bring attention to me. Heaven forbid! ; )

    Many thanks for this one.

  142. Kendra

    Marie – so glad that none of you were seriously hurt. Yes, that can certainly be a life changing moment.

    I love your videos and have to say that they are certainly changing my life in a huge way. Thank you sooooo much for doing all this for us.

  143. Erica


    Truly glad to hear that you and your family are okay. Continued prays of protection for you and yours!

    Today’s Q&A was very timely as usual and I receive such inspiration and motivation to take action on what you share through this program.

    I’m currently in transition as I was laid off almost six months ago. I am using this time to reassess my goals and dreams. Some parts of this transition is very scary but when I lean in dispute my fears, I feel more on purpose than sitting back and allowing fear to consume me.

    Thanks again for your insight and awesome energy!


  144. Pat Verducci

    So glad you are all ok Marie, and thanks for the tips to live life to the fullest! Oy– I used to live in Venice and saw many a flipped car in those alleys. Take care and rest!

    xo Pat

  145. Angelina hart

    Sending big hugs and healing your way! So glad you’re all a-ok!

  146. Blessings to you. Wow, may miracles continue in your life and here’s to a speedy emotional, physical and spiritual recovery to you and your significant others.
    Nice to hear about Kristin, the 31 year old optometrist today! I am a 52 year old optometrist that is thrilled with “B” school so far, and I haven’t even finished reading the Right Business Guide yet! Hey Marie, eyesa working on it ! Optometry is only part of what I do. Over the years I’ve evolved in my life as a developmental/functional/behavioral optometrist specializing in working with children and adults with vision related learning issues and traumatic brain injury. I help folks reover their single simultaneous binocular vision all the time. That’s the long way of saying I facilitate helping folks see straight and get rid of their double vision and much more. As folks see differently, they change. That’s what rocks me about my field of optometry and the medical mainstream is devoid of my kind of work, so I know there is a need!!! I’m now working towards, through this program and beyond, on blending my background as a Somatic Movement Educator and developmental optometrist and optometric vision therapist with my other background including as a Permaculture Designer. Get the picture? I fit into that category 2 you mentioned the other day: Too many passions, or rather, how the heck do I blend them all into one?! Well, no web site yet, but what I call the back story of the front story is here: The other “website” I list above, is a blog! Elisa Beck 🙂

  147. Allotherstuff

    I have a deep dislike for those who drive crazy, speeding, driving drunk and doing a bunch of other stupid things while driving. Thank God Almighty that you and your passengers survived. Everyday is a blessing to live in this world and we must cherish it and not waste any time on things that are not of any importance. Living life to the fullest and for God any myself is what is important to me right now and I’m loving it! Keep up the great work Marie.

  148. Carmen

    What a shock! So glad you are all ok!!! Thanks for sharing your life and experience with us. Be well, love life and live it!

  149. Paige

    I just have to tell you….I work for the state and do not really have interest in business but your videos Crack Me Up!! I seriously love watching them and they totally bring joy to my life. I definitely know where to send my business savvy girlfriend to. Super fun. Keep it up


  150. Sarah

    Hi Marie,
    So glad you and your loved ones are ok. It’s scary to think what if, but at the same token thinking about being alive and well is the blessing! I’ve experienced something similar as a child when I almost drowned, but I realized I’m blessed and that is what gave me the courage to take advantage and run after my dreams. Right now, I’m trying to keep that in focus since time and daily life makes you forget. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me that I am special and I have to share that with the world. Your awesome!

  151. Having now watched both today’s episode and the one (with the brick wall I (genuinely) like so much) about risk and the like I’d say “what Marie said”.

    I like what you said, Marie, that fulfilling your creative dreams does not necessarily mean chucking a job, family or house that you like.

    As I was listening, I was reminded of Tony Robbins’s list of needs, two of which are
    >>>>>>the need for certainty
    >>>>>>the need for variety.
    It sounds like Kristin has the need for certainty pegged and now she needs to fulfill the need for variety. Since we need both, the challenge is riding the edge of the wave where we are both stable and moving. If we lose balance, we fall. If we lose momentum, we fall.

    There are so many ways to indulge her love of singing. Take a voice lesson, join a choir, sing in her church, temple or other place of worship if she has one, join a community theater, buy a karaoke machine and have parties with her friends and family. Let it be a way to play. Any of these thing would apply to her love of dance as well.

    I also listened to the video about not feeling that we are good enough and I think that one key point you made was taking the focus off ourselves and putting it onto others. Play is one way to do this. When we are all being silly and having fun then we are all on the same page. No-one is expecting the next Celine Dion, Estelle or, fill in the name of your choice, we are just having fun.

    Thanks for all you do, for all you give and for being the goofball that you are. You always make me both think and smile. Thanks again.

  152. Shaniece Jones

    I send my prAyers up for you and your family and I am so thankful that you all are safe and alright. Thank you for sharing with all of us, it shows how much you value your readers. Sending many blessings your way

  153. Oh Marie…. the catharsis of trauma will continue to unfold….I am glad that you are in California during this time.

    Some of the most amazingly well known and talented professionals are within your access, for you to engage in processing this traumatic and profound experience.

    Your physical body is probably in the best shape it could be to heal steadily and quickly.

    The lessons from the trauma on the emotional mind and body can shift your conscious awareness to new spiritual realms! You are in a fortunate lifestyle to access all the best supports, to allow this life changing event to inspire you for a long as it unfolds!

    I am here in your course today because of a few traumatic life changing events! I have signed up for your course after being out of the workforce for 10 years now due to a MVA.

    Your MVA event shall inspire me to carry on in my commitment to your program as well as inspire me in my business model development!

    I want to take couragous steps even if I am not~ fully ready or as strong as I once was~ I have changed during the 10 years…. it is a new me….different.. more sensitive… creating a purposeful lifestyle with potential to be financially independant in the future!

    Bless you~ Bless your experience~ Explore the healing supports available~ share your journey…I shall be present as it unfolds…. admiring the insights and the honoring your struggles to continue with BSchool during this sensitive life event.

    Rest well Marie… lean into it…. be gentle with yourself~ let it unfold you at its’ pace….not the pace you expect it to be~


  154. Frank

    Another great MarieTV episode…
    I am so happy that you, Josh and Kuma are OK.

  155. Hi Marie,

    So glad you came out of that accident with only bruises. Your brain is slightly ‘bruised’ – the flash-backs should get better day-by-day, just like your bruises (more info on my website).

    I knew as a 17 year-old I was in trouble with all that self-doubt, so I took a job as a receptionist in an hospital. That meant I had to speak to people, but they would come to me and I would have to learn to engage confidently and with compassion.

  156. Marie, so glad to hear you are OK. These wake up calls in life are scary! It really does help us get super focused on what is important and valuable in our lives. Thank you for the reminder, I can get so distracted with “stuff”. Interestingly my most popular blog series last year was a three-part on “Do what scares you.” We get so caught up in self-preservation sometimes that we forget to take risks, be challenged and step out of our comfort zone.

  157. I recently read that when we feel like something’s missing, it’s because our actions aren’t in alignment with our vision for ourselves. Yet another reason to go for our dreams! Even taking small steps toward them lifts the spirits.

  158. Tamara

    I’m glad everyone is all right.

    Thank you for this video. I’m actually going through the whole “something is missing” feeling right now. This has definitely increased since I’m about to be a first time parent and don’t want to pass this fear of living life on to my children.

    Once, again thank you for this encouragement, especially when you’ve experienced such a scary and traumatic moment in your life.

  159. What a shock to hear this news! Someone is definitely looking over you!! I’m sure the shock will stay around for a little longer, but I’m sure extra hugs with Josh and your adorable fluffy friend, (Kuma) will help:) I wish you, Josh and Kuma all the best in recovery.

    With much love and gratitude

  160. Madeleine

    Thanks for the episode, Marie, and soooo, sooo glad you’re OK. Can’t tell you how much you’d be missed. I know the other driver was totally in the wrong, but s/he is human, too, so I just wanted to know if that person was OK too?

  161. How about if you already look stupid. Ha
    So I have jumped, more than once into the land of the unknown. I’m not saying that I haven’t had ANY success. Honestly, I have more successes behind and ahead of me than most, but I still feel slightly embarrassed that I’m not further along the path of my big dream.

  162. Marie, thanks for sharing your experience and reminding us that life is one big golden opportunity to grab by the horns and do whatever you can to live the life you want NOW 🙂

  163. siri jostad

    wow, Marie. Accidents are SO scary. The feeling of them can stay with you for a long time afterwards. Venice Italy or Venice California? I t-boned once and still every time i drive through that intersection i think of the accident. it’s a wake up call to something and your angels are asking you to look. Are you going (metaphorfically) in a direction you don’t want to be going? Is your life stuck in some area and needing a push? Ask youself these types of questions and just listen to the thoughts that populate your head. You may be surprised what you can learn in that quiet space of listening. Everything that manifests physically begins somewhere as an energy pattern in the non-physical world, that can even be a thought. The physical is merely an outpicturing of what’s going on inside somewhere. Check it out. Take some action baby.

  164. Yuliana

    Dear Marie,

    I am so grateful that the world still has you and your precious talents and energy! Your inspiration and zest for life are so unique, and you are having so much fun while making your incredible art!

    Sending you lots and lots of positive energy and love so that these horrible mini-movies stop and you recover completely.


  165. Wowzers, car accidents are definitely a shake up for a lot of us, so happy that you and your family are all okay. God bless you and thank you for sharing your experience to encourage others to be thankful and present. God bless you

  166. Right on, Marie!!

    Finding the creative spirit is that missing piece.

    The feeling often hits around 35-40 years old. When all our other needs are met on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: food, shelter, safety, relationships, etc. What’s missing is self-actualization. The human need to have purpose and understand what we are meant to be and do in this world.

    I experienced that late in my career. I had it all. I was the Creative Director the ad agencies and couldn’t ask for more. I had fun, funds, friends and family but there was a yearning deep inside me. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

    I found it calling me even louder whenever I was in nature, when the noise of the city and working was not around. I was not raised with any religion or connection to spirit, so I had no idea what was calling me. I just stayed open to clues and paid attention to coincidences. I listened deeply and followed my intuition to find the missing piece. It came to me through a workshop called Transform Your Self lead by Tanis Helliwell. Her program helped me weave a basket which could hold everything I knew about my life. She introduced me to spiritual laws and concepts about creation that I had never heard before. Life all started to make sense.

    For me it was all about making that connection to my soul purpose and understanding that I’m a fully responsible co-creator of this world. What I do and, how I live, think and feel; everyday, every minute and every second matters. How I am in the world shifts the energy of those around me. I am powerful conduit of energy and can manifest whatever I want with my free will.

    So I better be VERY conscious of want it is that I’m creating in every moment. This realization made me feel very powerful and more than good enough. Knowing that my small contributions to the world were important. Whether that be raising my son, leading a creative department or helping out a neighbor.

    Though I often forget, paying attention to that little voice is sooo important. Because the soul works in subtle ways to nudge you toward your purpose. The mind is a noisy factory of thought production that we need to quiet down in order to hear what’s really missing.

    It will be different for everyone.

    Dance like nobody’s watching!!

  167. Theresa Smout

    Glad you’re all ok and staying positive. It sounds like a horrendous accident but appreciate that you found a lesson in what happened and shared it.

    love & light your way,

  168. Glad that you, Josh and Kuma are OK. God bless.

    This episode of Marie TV is really important to me as it is heartfelt. Courage is so important in life, and being unreasonable is the only way forward! A few years ago, I was in the US, working, reasonably successful, focused and loving my job. Then I had to move to a remote island in UK (Shetland Islands) due to family circumstances. This place was not only remote, it also had no scope for a job in the area I specialize in. I hadn’t even heard its name or knew such a place existed! My friends thought I was crazy. I moved anyway. It turned out to be one of the most enriching phases of my life. You can read the details in my blog post here:

    Today I am back at my work doing what I like the most – research. Also I like spending time on the cooking website that I started while I was in Shetland. But none of this would have been possible had I not taken the decision to relocate – against all odds.

    Thanks for the opportunity of sharing my story. Wish you the very best Marie – you do an incredible job, empowering people to be their best.

  169. Marie! I’m very sorry about your accident and thrilled that you and your family are ok. Thank you for sharing your story and do take the time needed to recover (despite the fact that B-School is off and running!).

    best to you.

  170. Raquel Devillé

    I am happy that you and your family are ok.

    I had a car crash myself last week, with my kids. Nothing really bad but it put things in perspective. After I went away for five days, without my family, to participate in a fair. Coming back, I decided with my husband to really make an effort on what is important: living life and spending time with each other.

  171. anthony

    Thank God everyone was not seriously hurt! Hope for a speedy recovery

  172. Sending Love, Gentle Hugs and Gratitude you are all alive and okay!!!
    Take good care, We Love YOU!!!

  173. So glad you are all OK! I had one of “close ones” a few years ago, only mine came in the form of illness. It totally changed my life and ended up being the best thing that ever happened. I was scared like no other as I changed martial status and careers all at once, while having a new baby and shaky health. All I knew was that “something” was wrong and that is why I was “sick”. Being a big believer in Louise Hay, I started my journey.
    Fast forward 16 years, and now I have a great husband and son, a awesome coaching and private yoga business and compete around the country ballroom dancing! I enrolled in B-School to take my courage to the next level! Great video!! Keep ’em coming!!

    Thanks for being you, Marie!!

    • Thanks Marie for sharing.. it reminds me of a time when I was with my four sisters and mom. We were returning from all being at the hair salon and just enjoying one another’s presence. I somewhat rare occasion. Suddenly, we were side swipped pretty intensely pushing us into the other lane and then into the median area of the highway.. Phew!! we were very fortunate.. that no one was hurt except for bumps and bruises. Definitely, we were all grateful to be together and it was a reminder that we needed to make our family gatherings more frequent. Glad you and everyone with you are safe.. Amazing how spirit increases our gratitude awareness.. Thanks for all you do! loving b-school!

  174. Dina

    Marie, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, thank God everyone is okay. Lots of love and light to you all!!

    I just wanted to say that you’re so freaking inspiring, I love what you’re doing for the world, esp. for women. Thank you!

    As far as looking stupid – I excel in that and being okay with it mostly. For over 13 years I pursued a career in acting which involves a lot of risk taking and looking stupid many times (and being publicly sited for doing so in reviews). In the process I became a yoga instructor with only a 200 hour training and having never been to India but I’m pretty successful at that and it makes a lot of people happy. Now I’m training to be a life coach, do I know everything? No. Do I know some things to help people? Yes! Do I love it and am I having fun? Yes! Go for your dreams and have fun everyone!

    Can’t wait until the next B School comes around to take it!

  175. Karen

    Hi Marie, Just a quick word to say I am soooo grateful You, Josh and Kuma are ok! Keep on Rocking,whenever you are ready! 🙂

  176. Kim

    Love those wake ups life throws at us! Even better when they are relatively low drama and suffering, glad you are OK.
    I was just thinking this am that my business needs to have fun in it. I have always wanted that and while taking B-School right now, I need to remember to keep that part of it alive. I want my work to be fun! Courage IS required to step outta the box and make sure that happens. Thanks Marie and everyone for sharing!

  177. Sofia

    Marie, sending all of you much love and light. I’m grateful that you are all well and appreciate, once again, the gift of your transparency.

  178. Maria Bosak


    I got chills reading about the accident. Thank you for sharing this experience, we are so happy that you and the family are safe. Speedy recovery from the bruises inside and out. Hang in there my friend.


  179. Marie,

    Thank God that you and your family survived that horrific crash! I know you realize how blessed you are, and we are blessed also to still have you around. You’re like a friend that I look forward to seeing every week.

    Well yes, I did have that nagging feeling that something was missing, so I trained to become a life coach, and a Zumba instructor, gained a fitness certification, and left my corporate job. I have sacrificed a lot to change my life, but I couldn’t have done it without the support of my FABULOUS husband who is picking up the financial slack (and he ain’t no millionaire!). I still feel like I have yet to determine my exact purpose and offering to the world, which is one reason I am a B-School student (whoop whoop).

    Thanks again for all you do!

  180. Leslie

    A couple of years ago, I found myself in a slump. My kids were 2 and 4 and I felt like I was just waking up from baby world and didn’t know who I was anymore. I never considered myself a risk taker in a good or bad way, but when someone reminded me that I used to like roller skating, I immediately wondered if we had a local roller derby team. We do and I started going to there wannabe sessions and joined the rec-league. It was so much fun, such a challenge and just what I needed. After a year, I felt confident enough to try out for the team and made it! A year prior, I never would have imagined this. My advice is to think about what you liked to do as a kid and find the grown-up version of that!

  181. Dear Marie,
    so very, very glad you and your family are all right. While we walk away, physically, from accidents, it can take some time to walk away emotionally. Be gentle on yourself; appreciate the people in your life; keep moving forward into love and light. You are valuable.
    All best,

  182. Hi Marie,

    I am so glad you, Josh, and Kuma are doing well.

  183. Cathy

    Three years ago I was in the same place as Kristen, I was 31 and had been married 5 years and had a 2 year old, and I just felt like something was missing even though I was happy with everything I had.

    I wanted to try dancing, but I was nervous about not having a dance partner or being a beginner at 31. But, I signed up for a weekly dance class at the community college and found that everyone was like me. I had so much fun dancing, I have been doing it ever since. My husband starting dancing a year after I did, now we dance together and everyone refers to us as “the dancers”. That one little action made a huge difference for the better in our lives.

    Marie is right, as usual, that you just have to step into the challenge! When I get nervous about starting something new, I like to remember something I heard Joe Polish say, “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.” You’ll always get better at it over time!

  184. Dear Marie,
    LIke everyone else in this great outpouring of love, I am so grateful that you and your family are relatively unhurt. I hope you can feel the love that is coming your way! Your life and love have so much impact in the world, and even though I just started taking your B-School course I am so moved by the power of your intention. I send you blessings for a speedy recovery and know that you are surrounded by the power of love. You touch so many lives in such a profound way, Thank you and be well.

  185. awesome topic!

    when I was younger it used to happen alot to me. And everytime I got the feeling my life was boring and missing something I would organise a ‘crazy’ activity to boost my energy again… that’s how I started travelling on my own at a very young age for example!

    Once I was old enough to decide for myself how my life was going to look like I just filled it up with fun stuff! for example: I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, so I had no idea what I wanted to study. First I took a gap year (travelling a little bit more!!) and then I still didn’t have a clue…. That’s when I decided I was going to study something that I would love to do on a daily basis…. if I have to make it through 4 years of ‘studying’ it better be something I like. that’s why I chose to go for ‘jewelry design’ and guess what, I’m, still not bored of it! it’s now my bussiness 🙂

    and now I see this episode & I’m thinking about it… I just realised that I love my life this much because of those early healthy choices!

    thank you Marie!

  186. Thanks for this vid Marie! So grateful that you came out physically intact while still able to capitalize on the gift that kind of accident can bring to our lives. I’m currently doing B-school and love it! Thank you! You have so much more to give to the world that your time couldn’t possible be up!

    Be Well,


  187. Wow, that is so scary. It’s amazing how much life can change in the blink of an eye. I applaud you for going forward and still posting this video (says loads to being prepared and not leaving everything to last minute) and sending the email. You are a pro! When faced with the same situation, I think so many of us would have crawled back in bed, skipped the email + video, and cried. I know I would have! You are such a positive inspiration.

    “To live a creative live, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

    I have been uncreative for too long. I am slowly getting back out there, doing something I love and going for my dreams. It’s not easy — some days I want to give up. On those days, I find it’s key to surround yourself with positive people; and try not to let fear control me.

  188. Jamie

    I know your Q&A was different than my situation but it spoke to me. Thank you. I am 49 and 11/12, I am the single mother of 3 teenager girls, and I have been unemployed for 6 month. For the last 6 months my youngest daughter has been having chemotherapy so that has been taking much of my time and focus. Yep, fired the same week my daughter was diagnosed. She is done next week. I am depressed, I am out of touch with the world, I am afraid to fail.There I said it. But it is time to kick myself in the butt and get going. I enrolled in B-School for the second time, time to ACTIVATE. I have a product/invention to promote so I am going to JUMP big time… B-School here I come full force. I have 3 month of income left and some to start the business and MANY people watching to see what I will do next. I can’t fail there is no net. Everyone watch for the PIE HOLE. That name is taken so I will have to call it something else but watch for it … you will know.

    • Jamie,
      Please send me your address at orglamix at . I’d love to send you a care package, no strings. All moms need a little pick me up at one time or another. In the meantime, hang in there — hugs.

  189. Marie,

    This gave me chills. Sending you love, and wishes for a full recovery to all three of you!!

  190. debs

    not a day goes by at this point in my life that i don’t take a moment to feel gracious for my life…it has not always been easy, but hard work and perseverance has given me the gift of gratitude…finding BSchool too was a gracious gift for me to help with pursuing my dreams!

    We gotta embrace every minute!

  191. So sorry to read of your accident, but so glad that everyone is okay.

  192. Janelle Evans

    Oh sweethearts… Big, gentle hugs for all 3 of you. So glad you’re all still here to play 🙂 Love to you, Marie!

  193. Hi Marie: reviewing the event, disturbed sleep, moodiness and or tearfulness are signs you might want to get some extra help. People walk away in one piece, and think they’re unscathed. Just keep an eye out, cause we all LUV you big, and really care that you’re ok. Hugs from one of your B-Schoolers…

  194. Natali

    Marie, glad that you and all other are all right! Please look into Astro “carto”graphy map- see if Venice is an accidents prone place on your map.

  195. kris

    Life thru the way we look at it is a long journey.
    But in reality all things were just a moment ago.
    Our birth and our Childrens birth, was truly just a
    Moment ago. Even though i am 50 and have a son
    that is 25 years old. He and I thru the eyes of God
    Were born just a moment ago. Get the picture.
    Life goes by in a blink and I agree. When we part
    Ways with each other, always remember it may be
    The last time we cross paths on this earth.
    Depart with no regrets.
    God Bless you all.

  196. Ask for help from friends and family and more from your staff… You would do it for them…….extra green juice…even foe the dog!!!

  197. Carol Giambri

    Glad you are all okay Marie. Life can be taken away in a “heartbeat” and unexpectedly (unplanned) too. I try to look at life on the lighter side and laugh at things more often. If I don’t have the courage to believe in me, with little kudos of praise surrounding me, I can wither away. I won’t let where I am in life, on the slower lane, based on people retiring, as I am fired up, to make a difference in this world, keep me stuck. I feel there are many in the “upper” age bracket who do. I’m in their age, but not their mindset. What’s age–but a number. Being the oldest or close to it in Zumba classes and yoga allows me to feel young at heart, stuck at 18, and having fun enjoying each breath given me for however long. It takes courage to show up and maybe stand out in age, but hey courage is a gift to massage or lose it’s strength from. In BSchool with ya now and looking to take the blessing of owning a rescued dog to the higher level–they deserve great health, happiness and live under the roof of non abuse and neglect.

  198. wow, how frightening. so glad to hear you are all okay. i was in a scary accident 2 years ago, and yes – it’s amazing how quickly it can all be over. i am so grateful to be here with my husband and 2 sons. (and enjoying b-school the second time around!)

  199. SO HAPPY you three are ok ..I know how scary those accidents can be I had the same kind of thing happen to me in August when my car got totaled from a car accident…all the “what ifs” haunt you for a while! Sending you my best!

    When you said you don’t wake up one day and suddenly acquire courage is so true. I feel like I have been waiting to wake up. I work as a massage therapist on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip but it does not fulfill me and I keep waiting to pursue my passion for jewelry design. I feel stuck and just plain scared. I realize I need to make small steps and just get OUT THERE and build that courage muscle.

    Thank you Marie! xoxo

  200. Leslie

    Hi Marie, I love your video’s. A question I have is where on earth do you get your dresses from they are so cute!

  201. Love this! Creativity really does feed the soul! Drumming circles are so much fun too.

  202. I may not be the best person to comment here, because I can’t remember a time in my life I didn’t take risks and go for my dreams. A little dare-devil, I went from a MSc in Engineering to immigrating and produce and played in my own (and others’) theatre plays and movies. And the funny thing is that I feel far from ‘having done it all’. I’m in my second full-time year of online business and my plans are to travel until I want home, and to produce my own plays in NYC and Paris. That’s for now. Who knows what the next Universe I cross will bring me? I so believe in miracles when you keep moving!

  203. When I first started reading your blog my heart almost stopped. I feel like I know your family just from watching Marie TV for so long. You must have felt terrified. I hate that you even had to deal with that accident.

    However, I’m glad for the blessing in your message resulting from your experience. I’m also extremely grateful that you and your guys are ok.

    >BIG HUG<

  204. Marie-
    What a trauma for you all. I’ve been through this and learned the hard way to slow down and open myself to the lessons and grace (which you’ve shared so beautifully with us!) Sending the support and thank you for all that you do! Now’s the time to take care of yourself with your loved ones.

  205. Sheryl

    Thanks for the pep talk. I have the “7 year itch” and I’m movin’ forward!

  206. I went to Douala, Cameroon to teach abroad…I was there for a year and a half…I left everything I knew, stability…a chance to progress according the American standards and get the white picket fence dream…Now, I am pursuing my own endeavors…trying to create a non-profit that promotes African history, culture, and edcuation with a special interest in Black woman issues and art, NEEMA-I call it…It is not easy, but it is my dream…It is my passion…and my current blog…Chronicles of Osage Dior is one of my first step in accomplishing it…I am very scared, but aware…that if I don’t do what I need to do in this lifetime…I have failed…As…people are screaming…YOLO! You only live once…Thanks for sharing the great video on courage…

  207. I’m glad you are all okay. Take care and enjoy all the small things life brings us!

  208. Deirdre

    Dear Marie,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. I am so glad that you all are okay. Please be safe in Venice. I grew up in Venice when there were regular drive-bys, police chases, dope dealing, and all kinds of crazy going on. It’s not as bad as it was, but you still have to be hyper-vigilant about your safety in Venice. Obviously there was no way of predicting this particular situation. But just please be careful at night, and always have your antenna up.

    I’ll pray for you to be safe no matter where you are.

    Love, Deirdre

  209. Hi Marie,
    Glad you are OK from the accident. I appreciate your message. My husband had the same experience on his way to work on Valentine Day, his car was smashed but he walked out unhurt. I sink just with the thought of what if he did not make it that day. Everything thing can change with just a split second of misfortune situation. I thank God for keeping you safe to continue inspire the world with what you are doing. God is indeed watching over you!

  210. So glad to hear that everyone is doing okay. The thing about accidents and illnesses is that they force us to reevaluate where we are in life, what we are doing and how we express ourselves to those around us. Sometimes we take those closest to us for granted instead of realizing that those people are actually gifts in our lives and should be valued as such.

    Life is short! Live it on your terms with the people you love and respect who love and respect you. And take that leap of faith because you never know where it will take you, but you always know that just taking the risk will make you feel happier about yourself.

  211. Alicia

    Hey Marie,

    I was in a very similar car accident, not far from you, exactly two weeks ago. As a strong and positive person, my natural reaction was to say, “I’m fine!” But I quickly realized that an event like that left marks that I didn’t quite feel for several days. I’m still recovering both emotionally and physically.

    So I just wanted to give you a little comraderie and unsolicited advice. Give yourself some space to process and let your bruises heal.


  212. This is so relateable! I’m married to a black and white realist and come from a family or realists, so I often feel like they all think I’m crazy and almost juvenile for not being satisfied with blindly following the herd. I finally had to just take a stance and do what felt right for me while not expecting any true support from them. It kind of sucks to not feel like any of them take me and my dreams seriously, but it is better than being unhappy. I found a group of like-minded girlfriends who offer the support I need until the family comes around. Haters gonna hate.

  213. So glad that you and your loved ones are okay. Some divine intervention at work there for sure!
    I hear exactly where Kristin(?sp) is coming from. I’m in the same spot. Not sure what I’m doing, if I’m on the right path. But yes, courage is the answer. And no fear about looking stupid.

    We only have one life so let’s make it count!

    Thanks for the sage advice Marie, as always.

  214. Cheri

    I would first like to say how glad I am that you all walked away from something so horrific.
    You know they say that everything happens for a reason and I am a firm believer in this.
    A little over a year ago I had a similar encounter my husband and my six year old daughter only it involved four Belgian horses that got loose on the road at night. We live in an area surrounded by Amish. The horses were on a full run (two by two) in our lane. Never saw them until it was too late. Things could have been so much worse. The vehicle was totaled,of course,but we were all fine. And yes,the mini movies in my head for days after with the alternate endings was awful.
    I took this experience as a wake up call. Pay attention to what is important. Before this my husband and I were both working 10 hr days. My daughter was in day care 12 hours a day. We had NO time together. The weekends were spent catching up with household duties that did not get done during the week. Since then I have quit my job and am now a much more devoted mother. We made a conscious financial choice to cut back. I feel so much more fulfilled as a person and mother. Whenever I notice myself getting wrapped up in life’s (little) stresses, I remember that day (with vivid detail),take a deep breath and know that all will be just fine.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I appreciate that.

  215. Laura Gabriele

    Sending all my best! Here’s to your graceful attitude which inspires us all!

    You’ve inspired me to work ahead to, because hey you never know when you could really need a little time.


  216. Marie,

    I’m so grateful everyone is okay – and you’ll be in my prayers! That’s so scary. (I think I still to this day have anxiety while driving after being in an accident 12 years ago).

    Anyways, I can totally relate to Kristen’s question. After 10 years at the same job (that allowed for no growth and didn’t see the need for my creative skills) I started doing freelance graphic design for small businesses on the side 2 years ago. Nine months later, I quit my job and now I’m happier than ever.

    What I’m doing doesn’t feel like work – because I love it. So my advice to Kristen is to start singing and dancing out loud – and get your kids involved. Mommy + kiddo dance parties are the best.

    PS – I used to be a child hood singer – in fact I had my own business cards. While I’m not that great of a singer now, I feel the most at home when I listen to my Mariah Carey Pandora channel. I wanted to be just like her when I was little – and I have to say when I listen and sing out loud now (I’m almost 30) it feels amazing.

    Go for it girlfriend!


  217. Whoa, girlfriend…that’s scary. So glad you’re all okay! The first few days or weeks can be the worst for overcoming those alternate reality flashes.
    You’re likely getting a good dose of repetitive anxiety and adrenaline response. Make that extra time to recover emotionally by spending quality down time with Josh & Kuma, and hon, if either of you start or continue to have trouble sleeping, heart racing, headaches or other symptoms 6 months from now, we gotta talk about my specialty – PTSD.
    You’ve got plenty of resources and a good foundation on how your brain works, so I know you’ll be fine! But just in case…I’m here for ya!

  218. Car accidents are so scary. I’ve been in a couple and I was lucky nothing bad happened to anyone (other than the replaceable car). So glad to hear you are OK.

  219. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Glad everyone is okay. It’s things like this that allow us to stop for a moment and really appreciate our life and the ones we love.

  220. Marie, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident and so grateful you weren’t seriously injured. I appreciate you sharing your experience and reminding us that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us!

    Your video definitely hit home. I feel like I’m acting out of my comfort zone in just about everything I do in my business. So good to know I’m not alone there!

  221. Omigosh, how awful. You are a survivor in more ways than one! The alternate reality must be your minds way of coping with the shock. Rest easy and take time for yourself. All the wonderful things you encourage us with would be devastating to think you could have been gone. You are a special precious person x

  222. Carol

    Awww Marie, am so sorry to hear about your accident but eternally grateful that you are well and your family too. You have become a part of my daily life, and especially now since B-school, so i feel saddened by your experience today…to me, you are family – in this season. I am Sending love and light your way, and i pray that those flashbacks will soon be a thing of the past. Thankyou for reminding us to take a moment and connect with our loved ones. Blessings.

  223. Hi Marie!

    I am so glad that you are okay. You are one tough and special lady and we Need you here! I always tell my friends how you were there for me when I was just starting out with my business. Your Q & A Tuesdays were sometimes the one thing that kept me inspired during the not so easy first few months!

    Now My company has served over 200 clients in the past year alone and has gone international! I am being flown to teach out of country next week! I am so very excited and happy to help pass along my hard earned knowledge and light to another who can in turn do the same. So once again I am glad to know that you are safe with us! Keep doing all the good that your doing 🙂

    You are so very AWESOME 🙂

    • Rocco – that’s amazing! Congrats on your success. What country are you flying to?

  224. I really just wanted to express my concern at the close call you, Josh and Kuma had. My heart absolutely sunk when I read that.

    You must be very shaken up after something like this and know you will all be in my thoughts as you recover!


  225. tabassum

    Hi Marie!

    I’m so so happy to hear that you and your family are alright. Incidences like that leave us feeling uneasy and disconnected for awhile, but sharing your feelings as you have done with your family and community helps to ease the shock. Praying for a speedy recovery for all of you.

    Keep shining your light!

  226. Jenn

    I am so glad to hear you are alright Marie! You are an absolute blessing to the planet and your work is so important. I am sure this will be one of the biggest comment threads in your history as everyone who LOVES you, CARES so much about you – and that is where you must know that you ARE making a difference in the world. Thank You for inspiring us to do the same!
    With Love & Gratitude,
    Jenn Rankin xo

  227. Ann

    So sorry to hear about the accident. Wishing you all a speedy recovery.

  228. Great video. We’ve been in business nearly 5 years and it’s true, our courage muscles just keep getting stronger and stronger. A little rejection or fear used to bowl us over and now we are flying across the country, landing meetings, starting new ventures and we are having a blast. It’s amazing to see your life transform when you stop listening to your fears and instead start giving your attention and passion to your dreams. So glad you are okay Marie, a little EFT tapping is always good to clear our any remaining trauma from an auto accident. Keep up the the awesomeness of you. Mwuah!

  229. Woman!! You are amazing! I am so glad you and your family are ok. Thanks for sharing this with us all, your light always brights my day. Can’t wait till I finally meet you one day so I can express to you the difference you made in my life and in my business. Thanks Marie! Get better soon 🙂

    Loads of Love.

  230. Hi Marie

    We do forget on occasions just how fragile a flower life can be. However, you and your family are safe and well and the experience is now history. Hopefully the memory of what happened will fade quickly.

    With best wishes


  231. Marie, good healing. Based on what I have learned from a few unexpected brushes with death myself, the real change comes after you fully let go of the shock and fear of another event happening again. Once you let go, your compassion, appreciation, and joy you find in yourself in others multiplies exponentially. I found personally that I started listening to my inner voice more and more because I know this may be my only shot at something and I am willing to take a chance to find bliss.
    I suppose, once you appreciate the hard parts of your life for what they have brought you, you are able to better listen to what it is you most want.

  232. Marie, you certainly have a lot of evidence of LOVE surrounding you. Thank-you, God, that you are all okay after the accident. I am looking forward to any inspirations that come to you. Just after your “gratitude” TV session, interesting. I guess we never know when everything could be cut short. I am grateful that you are all still here. Sending nothing but Love & hugs as everyone else is. Blessings, Sue

  233. Marie Ferris

    Thank God you and your family are fine. Material things are replaceable.I’m sorry that those horrible thoughts are renting space in your head. Realize God has a plan and purpose for us all. Feel better.

    Sincerely, Marie Ferris

  234. Berto Garcia

    It’s good to hear you are ALL safe.


  235. Marguerite Holloway

    So sorry about the accident! Always a reminder of how precious our short lives are..

    Thank you Marie for EVERYTHING, you have helped me emormously…


  236. So glad you and family are ok!!!! It is scary! Do what you need…….I know that a shock like that can really rattle your cage and you can feel after effects…healing work is great…just a suggestion for body mind and energy….

    As far as feeling like something is missing… maybe she is burned out, maybe she needs more fun, more creativity, spiritual connection…and maybe she needs to change up routine!!!!

  237. Susan

    I’m so sorry for what you went thru this Sunday. I hope you all heal quickly, both emotionally and physically.

    I was experiencing that “something’s missing” feeling you spoke about in todays Q&A. I’m almost 65, closed my business and moved 6 months ago and just knew there was something else out there for me. So, what was the answer for me? I signed up for B-School! It’s only my second day and I love it.

    Thank you, Marie, for taking me out of my comfort zone. And best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  238. Evelyn's

    Your full of shit!! I can’t believe you use this to get to people!

  239. Thank you for including us in your journey! Lighting an extra gratitude flame that it wasn’t worse than it was.

    I used to have those “scenarios” and images too after a traumatic accident…please use whatever is in your toolbox to release the physical imprint…Somato Emotional Release, Tapping, Yoga, anything. Storing that stuff has yucky implications down stream.

    You are love and light – check out how that light around you all buffered your impact!!!

    Much love and gratitude for your voice and courage,


  240. Marie, I am so grateful that you and your family are well. I’m grateful we’re all here – alive and well!

    This video is so true and timely. Being willing to look stupid is something I haven’t always looked forward to doing, but it seems to come very easily:) It helps me get the creative juices flowing when I’m stuck in a rut. There is always something amazing that comes from it – ALWAYS!

    People thought I was crazy when I transitioned from psychology professor to natural hair vlogger! It was awesome! I teach women homemade natural remedies for hair loss, growth and health. I have so much fun and it’s helping me create a new business I love.

    I am grateful to be alive! I am grateful for this vibrant community!

  241. Christine

    I am sorry about your accident, but very relieved that you all are okay.

    Thank you for the video and I loved your answer about nourishing the creative within to add more fun and joy to your life. So often we want to look elsewhere for happiness, when we need only look within to see what would make us happy.

  242. Larissa Zaretsky

    Dearest Marie,

    Grateful that you and your family are safe. Your inspiration and love are irreplaceable. I find that these toxic thoughts come up more often than I would like. Most of the time regarding my family – the “what if something bad happens to my husband or little girl” takes up too much space in my head and leads to anxiety. I read a wonderful quote today, which is perfect for this issue.
    “Worry is the misuse of imagination”

    Thank you once again for your amazing work.


  243. First off, thanks God you and your family are ok Marie.
    I had that feeling some weeks ago, right before my 29th birthday. By this age according to my well-written, PMI-based personal life plan I was supposed to be living some things that were not happening…

    So I decided to give myself a break and journal about my purpose, about my own path. In the end I decided to go for B-School, enroll in a Course about Finances, started to train for a marathon AND in general decided to give it my best every day, step into my own greatness and expect the best.

    One particular book that made a big difference was “Your best Life Now” from Joel Osteen.

    Big hugs from Perú Marie.

  244. Just as all the amazing women (and men) have said before me – I’m so glad & thankful that all of you are ok! I wish you all the best, love and time to be with your loved ones right now.

    I love your videos, you bring so much energy and great advice – you inspire me to go for my dreams. Thank you Marie.

  245. WHew! Yes, we are all so happy you came out of that accident with no serious injury. Thanks for reminding us about taking a moment to be awake, aware and aroused to the goodness of life and our loved ones. Take good care!

  246. Marie,

    I’m so glad you are all okay. That must have been really scary. Thanks for the gratitude reminder as well.

    I’m just starting B-School and so jazzed about it. Thanks for the message on courage. Just what I needed to hear today.

    Blessings to you!

  247. Eve

    Hi Marie!
    So happy to hear you and your family are ok! Wish you all a speedy recovery.

  248. Marie, I am so glad that everyone involved in your car is ok and I hope that the driver and passengers in the other car are also ok. I also want to thank you for sharing your brilliance in this world. When I am feeling my worst, and that has been more often than I would like lately, I am instantly lifted up by one of your videos or posts. Thank you for being you.


  249. Marie~
    Thanks so much for your transparency–I love that about you. So very glad you prevailed from such a close call. Your reminder is important and I could feel your heart in it. BTW, you create dynamite video–the most entertaining, content-filled, and really fun of all that I view! You are a master! Sending you and your loved ones~wishes for easy and complete healing! Much love and light,

  250. Nice one! Thank you! I always have a private chuckle when people say ‘I’m a realist’…or more frequently heard, ‘I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist.’ haha! What does that mean, exactly? Reality is quite mutable depending on your perspective. Another reality, then, is that you are limiting yourself, denying your dreams. That’s reality too! I wish you the very best, and definitely, dancing is good for you in every possible way (fact). Very scientifically real and otherwise. I’m also familiar with John Wayne’s theory- I’m a performer, and people often say to me, ‘I could never do that, I’m too chicken’, but in reality I am scared as hell sometimes, and do it anyway. I’ve also embarrassed myself publicly many times while learning. That muscles gets stronger with doing. I’m so glad you are safe and well, thankfully- happy spring, all! Ana

    • Ana

      ps…please forgive me for sounding like I was laughing at the questioner! I just get a kick out of the use of the word ‘reality’- it’s kind of like ‘truth’ or the colour ‘blue’ for example- there are many nuances and shades. Good Luck and enjoy! thank you

  251. Isabelle

    Hey, Marie !! Glad you and your loved ones are o.k. !
    (I send you my sweet and loving thoughts …)
    Oh, and thanks !! YOU are the courageous one, here ! To stand in front and tell us about Sunday. To share that with us. And let us in on your private reflexions and feelings. I’m deeply honored, and I’m gonna go do right that: hug my handsome 18 years-old boy, who happens to be right here this afternoon !
    Love to you and your family, Marie !
    Isabelle xxx

  252. Beth

    I’m so sorry to hear you and your family experienced that car accident, Marie. I’m praying for healing, rest, and comfort for you and your beautiful family. You are such an incredible inspiration to me and I want to say thank-you so much for all the light you’re shining to make the world a better place for all of us to live in. Despite the bruises and being shaken up, I’m so happy you’re all okay!!

  253. Getting your body tossed around can really mess with your energy & brain and those images that you describe are a part of that “scramble.” Happy your physical body is Ok but you might want to give some attention to bring your energy back into sync and alignment. I can help. Please check out my website, click on energy healing, and do get in touch if it sounds like just what you need. I have an office in W LA and can provide you with references. Be Well and thanks for all you do.

  254. So sorry this happened to you guys. I know scary this is. After my car accident a few years ago with my dog Tyler, my mind went out of control. Time was the only thing that made it better, but I still think about it. I guess it’s something that won’t ever leave my mind completely. Your email really hits home with me since we’re trying to hold on to our Tyler. His cancer is back in full swing and we almost lost him Saturday night. I’ve put everything else aside…my business, b-school, etc. I’m trying to hang on to the time we have left with him. Nothing else matters right now except for showing our little guy how much we love him and letting him know how much he has touched our lives.

  255. Susan Atherton Reed

    Marie, I’m so glad you are ok – been there, it is a tremendous jolt, physically and mentally/emotionally! Those flashbacks happen but will fade. If you keep having them, just immediately get out of it by focusing on something positive. I’m sure you’ve already learned what you needed to from it…those flashbacks can put you into a frightening state!

    Regarding the video, I did have something similar happen – just last fall, I decided to go to a live Tony Robbins event. My life is wonderful – good, steady job, wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, nice house, etc., but i wanted MORE, and to really explore who i am and what i can offer the world. Well, it was there that I met my awesome friend, Tina, and we’ve come up with an idea for a business…and here we are – both enrolled in B-School! Big changes with one decision! Thanks for being such a great role model for all of us.
    Lots of Love,
    Susan xoxo

  256. Hi Marie,

    It is a blessing that you are all okay. Amazing how lucky we feel in not so lucky situations – but it is so true! Thank god you are all okay.

    My advice is get to your best body work people as soon as possible. Sure you have heard this already, but immediately after car accidents you are in shock so you may not feel the whiplash as bad as it is – the pain can set in later so don’t minimize your injuries. Your muscles will go into the freeze response and muscle splint, so my advice is get to your best peps asap! Like today, not next week. Everything else needs to wait : ) There I gave you a smack down!! haha

    If you haven’t tried Network Spinal Analysis – I HIGHLY recommend it. It is a form of Chiropractic that works with your body’s innate intelligence in a very profound way. Areas in your body that are tense and injured are not receptive to change; however there are other areas in your body that are. Network practitioners work with the areas in the body that are receptive and bring in new energy into your system – than your body takes this new information and energy and uses it for healing. The areas that are tight are just trapped energy so the body moves this energy into areas that are deficient and need it for healing. This level of healing works on a mind, body, emotional and spiritual level – releasing stress out of your nervous system associated with the trauma itself.

    If you are in New York or LA there will be a great NSA Doctor to work with. Let me know if you want help finding a referral.

    Here is a video demonstration of NSA to give you a sense of what I mean:

    The Doctor Donny Epstein in the video works personally with Tony Robbins to give you a sense of the value and intelligence of this work.

    Would also recommend for muscular work to get Myofascial Release Therapy – Fascia can withstand 2,000 pounds of pressure before it gives, so to release the trauma from whiplash (which I am assuming you all must have had some degree of) MFR releases this tension again working with the body’s innate intelligence layer by layer. You can’t force the body to let go so best to work with it. Let me know if you need any referrals for MFR John Barnes trained practitioners as well.

    I too had the worst accident of my life last Monday – so I know how you are feeling lovely! I feel you and your shock! I fell off my 9 foot loft onto my left foot and left sacrum and low back. I have never hurt myself like this before. It happened at night while I was sleeping. It was so scary and painful. I had a bad dream and literally ran off the loft. (again NEVER have done anything like that before – what is up with these accidents in the cosmos!!?) Very painful and scary. All I can say is thank god for yoga. I am healing with grace and I believe I prevented serious injury because of doing yoga.

    Medical grade essential oils: wintermint, birch, marjoram, and peppermint have also helped the healing process. The combo is anti inflammatory, soothing the muscles and ligaments and pulling out the bruises to help the body heal with support. They feel really good to you would love them!

    I know how much the spine holds onto stress so I stared getting care immediately. The sooner the better is best so the body does not form adaptive compensation patterns and long term problems that are harder to treat. You don’t want to push through it – you want to really listen to your body and give it all the time, rest and healing it needs for the long run.

    I do believe there is an equal and opposite gift and soul level purpose in these accidents …

    Sending you, Josh and Kuma love and healing energy!

    Lots of love beautiful amazing Marie!

    xo Bella

  257. Andrea Nunez

    First, thank goodness you, your husband and your doggie are all okay. I was actually hit in an alley in Venice once too, though I was on a bike. Very, very scary!! But it puts things in perspective real quick.

    Second, WOW. WOW. WOW. I could have written this question a few months ago. I was absolutely in the same place as Kristen and, honestly, the fear of passing on my fear of living a big and authentic life to my daughters is what finally got me off my ass and into B-School! No joke. The business of my dreams is still in the infancy stages (or fetal, really!) but I am on my way and totally re-energized and excited about my life. Having the courage to put it all out there and look stupid has been a huge hurdle, one that I still struggle with at times, but I know now that it’s worth it.

    Thanks Marie – best to you and your family!

  258. For starters I am so glad you are guys are OK. I know how scary those moments are and it does make you reflect. As soon as you can get those “what if” scenarios out of your head. “IF” they were going to happen they would have. As for this episode, I have to say I “found” the courage to get fired from my job (a whole other episode) and move on into my own business when I did it. If I had waited I never would have found it because it only shows up when you take the leap. You are so right when you say that courage is always there waiting to be activated, courage comes when you need it and not a moment before. If you want an example, remember the first time you rode a roller coaster. Tell me you found courage on the way up…..that is what I thought! Again I am so glad to hear you guys are OK. God Bless and thank you for everything!

  259. I am so glad you guys are OK! Sending peaceful vibes to recover from the trauma. Thank you for inspiring me to let my true silly self out and not be afraid. I think having a blog has really helped me learn to strengthen my courage and be much less afraid of what others think. Putting yourself out there is the best thing you can do to become more courageous.

  260. so happy that you and your loved ones are ok. Thank you for sharing and love your VLog today. Somehow hearing you and other people share what is in their heart gives me a little boost to go ahead and explore and not worry too too much about some details.

  261. Ashley

    Marie, I am incredibly greatful you and your family are ok. I hope you know just how much you mean to TON of people you dont even know. BAWL BAG ME is crying at the thought. I do that stuff too. I hope as time passes you get some rest. Tonight in my prayers I will thank God for your safety. God Belss Marie

  262. Jennifer Mola

    A big virtual Hug to you!!! I am grateful for your Tuesday emails as they get me excited to start my day. Peace and Love.

  263. Marie, glad you are ok! I’ve had close calls like that–it makes you feel so grateful to be alive! All the bullshit fades into the background immediately.

    This idea of courage is what I needed to hear today. I really relate to this woman’s story. I have been living small for a long time. I have not even considered myself a creative person for most of my adult life. I stuffed it.

    A great friend of mine who knows me well told me I was creative years ago and I grabbed her and held her down (in a playful way :)), “I am NOT, no I am NOT creative! What have I created? Nothing! What are you talking about?!” I have been afraid of that part of myself, and not given it much love or time or attention.

    I started my own business this past spring (and I’m doing bschool now!), and I am learning ALL KINDS OF STUFF ABOUT MYSELF! Like, I AM creative. I love to come up with unique ideas, solve problems to meet needs, creatively. I like to make lovely things. I like to create lovely spaces, make wonderful outfits, etc. I love to play and experiment and dance and sing. And act. 🙂

    I have also noticed that I am actually SURROUNDED by creative people in my family–even the ones who dissuaded me from my own creativity, in one way or another (like they were trying to protect me from myself), are crazy creative. Maybe they were just playing the message to me that they had heard themselves? Maybe because I have so many creative relatives, I look uncreative by comparison? I don’t know. But it’s encouraging to think that creativity is in my genes.

    Anyway, it has required courage, for sure, to step into this creative space. In fact, I am also doing Desire Map right now, along with b school. I keep wanting to put couragous/brave as one of my core desired feelings–but I’m reluctant to do it. Because courage automatically implies fear! And that’s at odds with my desire to feel at peace. I think.

    Maybe I’m just always going to feel afraid, if I’m challenging myself, and growing. Maybe we allow ourselves to be courageous so that our circle of what feels safe to us gets larger and larger–(been there, done that, it wasn’t so bad), and our circle of fearfulness diminishes because we gain the faith to believe that we can figure this shit out, we can handle it–because we have a track record.

    Sigh…working it all out over here! Thanks, Marie.

    P.S. Marie, you look fabulous! I love the color of your dress, and your hair color looks amazing (btw, one of my possible businesses I’m considering is fashion/color consultant. I love color and how it affects the way we look!)

    Love you! Glad you are safe!


  264. Praise health and wellness despite a very close call. Hope you can find ways to appreciate the benefits of the accident, to see the drawbacks of NOT having the accident, and to remain in awe of the perfection of life (even the really scary parts!) Marie – you rock! Love from Colorado! xoxo Kathryn

  265. Kat

    Big hugs to you and your family for the fear you are confronting/have endured. I was also in a crazy accident..hit head on, car totalled, wrist broken..and have been taking a look at how there are no accidents…really, right? Things do happen for a reason and as you said so well, I have been sitting with the gratitude that comes from that scary reminder that it can all be taken away in a moment. So yes, we should all make bigger fools of ourselves while we can. No risk=no reward. Thanks for all the inspiration.
    Kat xo

  266. Glad to read you and yours are fine. Thank you for the reminder to connect. Take care and get better soon.

  267. Hi Marie, I am so happy that you, Josh and Kuma are OK. I love this topic!
    3 years ago my life fell apart. I lost everything! I mean everything. My business, my family, my stuff and my mind! I learned so much though this experience. There was nothing easy about it, but I would not be where I am today if it had not happened. Today I have a new business and a deep gratitude for what really matters. I value my relationships above all and I look for very different things to fill that hole that we all have in our heart from time to time. I am motivated to grow, so I can give more. What do you do when you find yourself have those “what about me thoughts”? Thank you for all that you and your awesome crew do!!!!

  268. Shan

    So, so glad you are all okay. You have a beautiful spirit. Keep drumming!

  269. Wow. I LOVE this episode….so much. To answer your question Marie, I’m currently trying to start & building a life that is fun/fulfilling NOW. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m in this season of life for a reason, and there’s amazing things to experience right now. I’m also trying to build in more coffee dates & chats on the phone with friends to have fun now (I tend to be an introvert, and these past few months after moving 20miles out of the city, I’m finding out my soul needs people more than I think it does). But I have a question for y’all that is related to this whole topic of starting/big dreams:: have you ever felt like your professional dreams won’t fulfill you? I’m chasing being a wedding/portrait photographer & hopefully later down the road mentor other photographers in life and business. I’ve seen others do that business & the lifestyle they live, but I feel I have to be different somehow and that my dreams need to be bigger? Thanks y’all + happy Tuesday!!

  270. I had (have) a great life but felt exactly like Kristen. Something huge was missing. I am turning it around by going to B-school (hai!!!) and making my dream come true. Yes, I am terrified at times but as long as I keep moving forward, life is WONDERFUL and nothing is missing!!!! XOXOXO Love you, Marie!

  271. I’m so sorry about the accident! I’m so glad and grateful you all came out of it ok. Sending healing thoughts your way:)

    This Q really resonated with me. Knowing that my 3 yr old daughter is observing and absorbing every single thing that I do makes me ultra aware of the false self-limiting beliefs I sometimes easily accept. I want her to love life, dream big and reach for the sky. All that starts at home, and it starts with me. So I’m definitely watching myself and reaching for the sky myself! (Can you say “B-School”?! — YESS!)

  272. Jacquie

    Well Kristen……I could have wrote your letter 2 years ago! That was me, and I DID pass my safe life on to my kids! Now I am practicing to strengthen my courage muscle… is not anywhere near Marie`s muscle strength, but we all have different personalities and I realized the confidence you seek will only come if you allow yourself to feel silly and even stupid sometimes. Getting thru an embarrassing moment gives you the confidence to know it can`t hurt you. What other people think of you ….is NONE of your business! Still learning it myself…and it gets easier. A good way to practice stepping out of your comfort zone is to participate on website conversations like or twitter…..where like minded folks connect and share their hopes and dreams. There is nothing like a good spiritual hook up to pull you out of your shell.
    Good Luck,
    PS Marie…..good mojo pays off! so glad you and your family are A OK! Hugs,

  273. Hey Marie,
    So glad you are all fine. The good news take-away is that clearly it’s not your time to go! As far as the “why” something like that would happen, it can be deep. Years ago I was training with a Zen master (yes, an enlightened Being). We were in an NLP training and he returned from lunch a bit thoughtful. I asked what happened. He said somebody drove through a red light and ran into him. Nobody was hurt but the other guy was angry at HIM!?! I had a similar experience. It turns out that sometimes we “serve” by being the “brake” for others who are dangerously out-of-control. We help them wake up. Symbolically, it can also be a humbling warning to heighten our awareness beyond the normal avenues through which things come to us. Anyway, my two cents! I’m loving BSchool! Best Wishes, Robert

  274. Gay

    Marie, so glad you and your peeps are all good! That was a scary thing but you came out on the other side and you are still the wonderful person you always are, thanks for that.
    My biggest courage thing right now is…..wait for it…..B-School!! Yep girl you are kicking my courage butt and again thank you for that too.
    Take care!

  275. HI Marie,
    I’m glad to hear you area all ok!

    Thank you for today’s video. So inspiring and very timely. I’m really enjoying these first few days of B-school and am on fire to take my business to the next level. My husband, a realist, and I just had a little girl and I want to instill in her the desire to follow her dreams AND the initiative to do it. Thanks for helping me tap into my inner courage!

  276. Glad to hear you are ok!

    I’ve had a few of those in my life. Times when it seems I have no idea which way is up. I know I’m moving forward because we always are, but in what direction I’m totally lost. I’ve done it all from pick up and move out of town for the sake of reinventing myself to just getting out of bed. There’s a few things I do when I get in these funks. 1. If you feel like you’re at the bottom that’s not a bad place to be because then when you’re on top you know it and have valuable experience to draw from. 2. Check in and make sure that I’m being true to myself. Am I being creative? Am I making time for those people in my life that support and love me? (for me it’s friends and family) Am I nourishing my body properly? 3. Work it out!! I’m in such a better place mentally if I can get a workout in. More confident, less anxious…

    Looking forward to hearing about what you all do to tackle those “blips” yourself!
    Lots of love.

  277. Lynn McGreer

    Marie, I am new to you, but thanks to Facebook I stumbled across your information. You ARE a fun, fearless female. Exactly the type of woman I needed to find for some worldy wisdom, humor, down to earth inspiration and encouragement! I too am sorry to hear of your accident. Grateful no one was severely injured. Thank you for your message today. It was just the medicine I needed. I’ll close with one of my favorite quotes………”The biggest mistake people make in life is not doing what they most enjoy”- Malcolm S. Forbes
    Peace, Love and Healing of your bruises!

  278. nema

    Marie, thank you for sharing these two stories of courage with us today.
    Healing prayers to all of you.

    After watching and listening to you, then passing through the replies reading one here, one there, just going with the flow of intuition, shame popped into my mind. Shame is such an uncomfortable feeling. Is this “realistic” thing really a barrier of fear to avoid shame? I discovered that behind the shame there are wonders and miracles, diamonds and dreams. So now, whenever I encounter shame, I ask: “Dear shame, what are you standing in front of? What are you guarding?” Again and again, I learned that shame isn’t an enemy but a friend. It is good to dare…

  279. Saundra

    Ohhhh Marie. California arms are around you, Josh, and Kuma. Wishing you all a miraculous and speedy recovery.

    Thank you for sharing of your accident, and using it to remind us to live courageously and confidently. I’m off to the golf course, which is my practice to keep daily fun inside my day. I have a little situation at the golf course to address, and your message came at precisely the right time!

    Hugs honey!

  280. I’m so glad you’re all ok. I’ve had a run-in or two with death, and I’m very glad I’m alive.

    As for when it wasn’t enough, I’m in the process of correcting that now. I’m working hard on my business, trying to fix my marriage and later this spring I’m going to tackle my weight (not because of looks, because my knees need it, and it feels better).

  281. Marie

    I have to thank you Josh and Kuma for deciding to stay with us on this earth for a while longer. I’m an eternal optimist and I can only see the beauty of your accident. I have had enough personal fearful experiences to know that such intense fear is a blessing at so many levels. I hope you have a good time with all of them.:) Thank you so much for sharing because we can all share in this tremendous feeling of gratitude that you are all safe, whole and healthy. Thank you for bringing such intense awareness to courage; you really know how to hit home, (no pun intended). I’m sending you all my warm, healing and grateful thoughts and wishing you a speedy and magical recovery. 🙂

    Francesca oh!

  282. Lisa Broadway

    So glad to hear you and your family are ok!! Thank you for putting it all in perspective and I am definitely hugging my kiddos a little tighter tonight!!

    Yes I am my own worst critic on everything and then I jump to wondering what will other people think. And I definitely hit myself with “if I don’t think I’m capable how am I going to convince others I am??” But your videos and B-school are making me break my own mold. I’m coming out of my shell (and I’m not even a quite person) and ready to get this party started!!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful adventure!!


  283. Itatiaia


    You always know what to say. Thank you for the reminder that we get caught up on stuff that doesn’t really matter, what a waste of time.
    We love you Marie and thank you for being part of making a huge difference and impact in our lives.
    So HAPPY that you, Josh and Kuma are still here with us. This world wouldn’t be the same without all of you.

    Sending you all lots of Love and Hugs.

  284. Anne

    Dear Marie, Ouufffff! What a shocking bit of news to receive about your brush with eternity! It’s a fact we all forget that we’re always a step away from death, which is something we forget all the time. I’m so happy to hear you made it through this traumatizing event and am sending many blessings for a full recovery in every way.

    lots of love

  285. Marie,

    So sorry to hear about the accident, and I’m SO glad you and your loved ones are okay!

    My life was never really humming along nicely, mainly because I’ve always been in the wrong career. There was always a blatant ‘THIS IS NOT IT!!’ feeling, so I guess I always had the impetus to start changing it… and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I do understand that it can be difficult if everything *is* ok in your life (but not great) and you’re wondering if it’s just you or if there really is more to life.

    I LOVE that you said that you got to where you are today because of your willingness to look silly in front of people- I HUGELY admire that! You’re my role model 🙂

    Much Love,

  286. Sabrina

    Hi Marie, i´m happy to hear you are fine now. I am from Argentina, and been following you four a couple of months. Let me thank you for everything you say and resources you give to us. Thank you for sharing it with all your energy.
    I´m still in the first step of the path: decide what you want!!


  287. Wanda

    I am shaking, I’m so sorry to hear that I’m praying for you & your family right now!! I thank you for just taking time out of your day to just think about others!!! Prayer comes with God, God comes with the Kingdom, And the Kingdom comes with POWER!!!

  288. I’m so glad your okay Marie. What an eye opening experience not just for you but reminding us all not to take the daily things we do for granted.

    I actually just felt this way this past weekend. I was had a booth at a local health expo. I was already nervous as this was the first time I have ever done such a thing, I didn’t know what to expect, if I had enough props for my exhibit. As I was walking up to the doors with my 2 boxes in my arms, I saw vans being pulled up people wheeling out carts of equipment. Which made me doubt myself a little more. Than I sucked it up and said you wouldn’t have got accepted to be an exhibitor let alone a presenter if you weren’t great in some capacity. The show went wonderfully and I had many people stop by my booth and even have a few new sign-ups for my upcoming bootcamp class. You just need to remember to take a few deep breaths and realize your special and you offer something great.

  289. Wow, SO scary! Glad you are all okay! Wishing you all a speedy recovery, physically and emotionally (I turned into an annoying backseat driver after an accident that totaled my car. People are like “Chill out” but it really takes it’s toll.) Thank goodness you are all safe!
    On another note, wonderful video as per usual Marie!
    SO true, if you move and stretch that muscle, it gets easier, and your comfort zone gets bigger and bigger and bigger!

  290. ‘m so glad you’re okay Marie, unfortunate and fortunate situation means that your mission is not over in this life, and that’s great. I send you many blessings and the best of vibes.

    Regarding your video, often we pause in our projects because we generate fears of our past experiences and the worst of this is that often these fears are generated by fears of others, it stopped me many times until I began to analyze those fears and realized that they had no foundation, so I got over it and now I follow my heart to have the life I love, and I’m doing much better, not everything is rosy, but if you enjoy more every achievement and success.

    And that personal success inspires others to follow the same steps and fight for what they want, breaking paradigms, do you not know how happy and excited to meet me to find people with the same line of thought, I’m lucky and I’m grateful every day meet new talented excellent mentors, colleagues and souls hungry for growth and spiritual elevation of consciousness vibrating in harmony with its essence.

    I send you many blessings and light, love and joy!

  291. Thank you for sharing this with us, and I’m glad to hear all of you are fine!
    Definitely the universe had a message for you, but you are still most needed in this world!
    Take care. Hugs from Barcelona!

  292. Rosalinda

    Hey Marie..

    I’ve watched your videos in about one week and i really liked your personality.. you gave me a push forward !! don’t know how but you did !! and that was before my birthday in only one day so i start “My New Year” (21’s year) with a positive mind and Smile :))
    So just wanna say Thank you so much .. And i hope that i could talk to you someday ..

  293. Glad to hear Josh, Kuma, and yourself are O.K!

    Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!

  294. Dear Marie,
    So relieved to hear that you are all okay. Even if you didn’t need the wake-up call to feel grateful, I’m sure your love of life was intensified!

    Your experience seems to go so well with the video you’d prerecorded. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do /with your one wild and precious life?” (Mary Oliver, of course.)

    Thank you for the reminder of our mortality alongside the encouragement to go for it!

  295. Louli

    Darling Marie,

    Sending healing thoughts to all of you today.

    As u may know from an email I sent to u a few weeks ago (re: bschool), I too was in a car accident and have dealt with the physical and emotional injuries, as well financial.. Life is going along great and then bam…..something shifts in you as you deal with all the repurcussions….but more importantly, the shock that comes with the unexpectedness of the event…how one minute you are fine….and the next you are just grateful that nobody had to call the jaws of life.
    I feel what you are feeling right now…it does jolt you…it wakes you up…it does make you realize you just dodged a bullet…and it also makes you appreciate. What you have, the sanctity of life-all life, and how “but for the grace of God there go I”…..compassion for those who have lost it all in that split second it took for the car to hit. And respect for the courage it takes to rebuild a life after such an event.
    Every event comes with insights and lessons…my accident changed me forever for the good…and you, my brilliant beautiful friend…I know you will take those lessons and spin them into your brilliance and produce something beautiful that takes us all to the next level. Love u. Rest up.xoxo

  296. Marie your such an inspiration to us all I’m grateful you had the inner strengh to share such news and open yourself up to receive the love radiating from us all. What an incredible rite of passage!

    Whenever I feel like Ive hit a plateau, flatline or my heart heavy I’d either go on or create a spiritual retreat, taking a deeper look into my shadow/ego /pain denied self. Finally grasping the understanding of reflection and also using the ancient Hawaiian Huna words of “I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry and thank you” it gave way to take in the full experience of the lesson within my soul and transmute the energy to positive shining brilliant loving energy in all directions. What a complete game changer seeing with fresh eyes opening up to infinite possibilities with an open heart.

    Sending you and your family lots of recoverying <3<3<3, in joy and appreciation. xoxo

  297. Hi Marie, I hope you can put this all behind you very quickly. I’m glad the three of you are okay. I recently found your website via Kris Carr and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I just launched my blog on health food and to be honest: I’m shitting my pants putting myself ‘out there’. Your advise and the conversations between the people on this community are so helpful! Marketing is no longer a dirty word in my vocabulary! Thanks a lo for that! Love from Holland!

  298. Michelle

    Glad you and your family are well.

    I dealt with the depressed feeling by volunteering. In helping others I find that I am recharging myself. My life at the moment has fallen into a routine, which is good considering I need to focus energy on my daughter, my studies and the house. But inevitably it drains my creative side. I firstly tried to tackle it through DIY home projects but it wasn’t enough to stimulate the excitement I needed. Getting out of my own routine and doing something beneficial for others and unrelated to my daily tasks makes me feel like I am integrated (for lack of a better term) in the community around me and not just alone in trying to achieve my goals.

  299. Oh, Marie! So grateful you are all O.K. I have been through something similar, and, in a strange way (as things often are), it was a blessing. Redirecting our attention to what is important and meaningful in our lives is so vital to really living and being present. I know you talk about this often, but those split seconds, those moments really catch our attention, catch our life’s breath, and connect us in such a powerful way.

    To answer your question on today’s video- putting myself out there on the world wide web every day is a big step for me in itself. I am a behind-the-scenes person who loves to help other people shine- that is my gift, but in order to do that I need to step out in the open in a way that is completely out of my comfort zone. Reaching out to others and putting my personal brand on the web has been a bit uncomfortable, but liberating at the same time.

  300. Oh Marie, I hated to hear this and am so relieved that you are all fine. I was in a head on collision some time back and it is a real wake up call. You were meant to be here and continue to bless us all with your gifts. Thank you so much for all you do, bless you all, and be well…


  301. Marie,

    I am so glad that you, Josh and Kuma are ok and on the mend…whoa. I’m so sorry that happened!
    Thank you for sharing it here and this great video.
    I’m in B~School and loving it! I feel so inspired and I’m taking action.

    Thanks for all you do and big hugs,

  302. Hi Marie!

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re all ok! I applaud your strength for sharing this during your recovery from such a scary ordeal!

    I loved the advice from your video – it’s definitely hard sometimes to put myself out there to try to accomplish my dreams, while allowing embarrassment on the journey. Just have to keep reminding myself my purpose and potential, and keep pushing to my limits!

    Thanks for your encouragement!

  303. Happy to hear you and your family are okay. Thank you for all that you do! Best to you and yours!

  304. Beth

    Hi Marie,

    I watch you all the time and am so inspired by you. I’m so glad you and your loves are ok from the accident. We need you and the universe knows that. I hope one day I can join your B-School. I loved reading about it and following you and your cohorts messages while counting down the days to join. I just don’t have an idea YET! I need the idea.

    Till the next time.

  305. Dawn

    Hi Marie, so glad to hear everyone is okay. Can’t even imagine how terrifying that must have been. I hope your emotional and physical healing comes quickly and easily.

    Thank you for today’s video. I’ve found that through the years I’ve come to value happiness and peace of mind more than other people’s opinions of me. I’ve danced in public streets, kissed the bagger at Whole Foods with the mistletoe hat, and sung my heart out when felt moved to do so. Do I do it all the time, noooo, but I follow my bliss a lot more these days then I used to and it always feels great and seems to inspire others to do the same.
    I’ve also learned the importance of following my intuition and speaking my truth before it’s too late. My father & I weren’t talking for years prior to my grandfather’s funeral. While visiting for the funeral he was very cold and distant. When we were alone I told him that it had meant a lot to me that he had learned all the words to the song we danced to at my wedding. I didn’t know why at the time, but I felt it was something I needed to tell him. He died one month later. When I heard the news I was grateful to have had that moment.

    Sending soft hugs to you, Josh & Kuma 🙂


  306. Andrea

    Marie! Today I’m just sending you, Josh and Kuma lots of blessings!!

  307. Hi all, I can totally relate to Kristen. I feel like I’ve been watching my creative life go by. It’s not the fear of looking stupid that stops me, though – I think it’s just plain old fear: fear of not making it and feeling like a failure. I come from a huge family (10 children) and my siblings always tell me that I’m wasted; that I should use my potential. I self-published a novel a couple of years ago and did nothing – and I mean NOTHING – to promote it. Sales were crap, but I guess that’s what I’d planned? Makes no sense to me until I look back and go “Wow, I totally just sabotaged myself.” I am with Marie in the sens that I “freakin’ love marketing” and I know I have strong and persuasive communication skills.. I do some freelancing for SEO companies and other web marketers but what I REALLY want is to create my own business. But I’m riddled with inertia. Why? I honestly don’t know. I had a dream the other night I was at the top of the earth and a man was holding a ladder that led to greater space. The excitement surged inside me and I desperately wanted to reach into the unknown. My legs grew weaker and weaker and I thought “To hell with it; I’m doing this.” Then I woke up, but that feeling has stayed with me.

    I want to climb that ladder that scares the crap out of me. I want to quit wasting my talents and make a ton of money doing things that I love. I know I can. Help me, great peeps. I think I lack focus. I need to get straight and make a killer plan. And advice would be greatly welcomed. Love this community xxxx

  308. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m glad you and your family are fine.
    Big warm hug for you, Marie.

  309. Hi Marie,
    I’m so glad to hear you’re all well, it must have been really scary for sure incidents like this really bring us “here and now” in an intense and abrupt sort of way.
    Sending you love from Saudi Arabia!
    Stay well


  310. Marie,

    You’re an incredible woman–a true inspiration to us all. Despite your arguably horrific car accident on Sunday, not only did you manage to post a video for your viewers on Q&A Tuesday, but you provided us all with a life lesson too. You lead by example in such a phenomenal way. Your heart shines through as you remind us of the importance of gratitude in our own lives. This is a beautiful reflection of you and how you are handling your current situation, which could easily leave any of us stuck feeling depressed, anxious, shocked, lost, helpless. Not Marie. Your shock and fear are normal, rational responses to your nerve-wracking ordeal, but you also come out of the experience with gratitude and love. Thank you for being such a positive role model. This world needs you, Marie. I’m grateful for you and the safety of you, Josh, and Kuma today. Continue to take good care of yourself, as that’s part of our lesson.

    With love and light,


  311. Kelly

    Hello Marie! So glad to hear that you and your family are all okay after that car accident. A couple weeks ago I was actually in a minor car accidnet myself. I had just proceeded through a stop sign driving down a narrow residential road when something hit me so hard and fast that I didn’t know what it was. I was so stunned when I pulled over. I looked behind me to see a girl standing outside her car with her door open. When I walked up to her she said she didn’t even see me when she opened her car door. It was the door that banged into my car as I was driving by. The passenger side door of my car was completely shattered, rear view mirror on that side hanging off, and both doors dented in. Thankfully, I was not hurt.

  312. SO glad you are alright Marie, clearly the worlds needs that thing that only you can do for quite a while longer!

    Big love to you!

  313. Hi Marie
    Sorry to hear about the accident but glad you are all ‘physically’ ok. It may take a little while to get over the ’emotional’ shock.
    Your community loves you but I’m sure would understand if you need to jiggle things around and give yourself time to heal.

    Anyway, my story of how i was running my own business but something still felt like it was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but i knew that I needed to challenge ourselves. our message was bigger. It was now or never. So we made the decision to put all our stuff in storage in Asia and head to Europe with our 3 month-old daughter to re-connect with family and re-inject new life into our creative business. It just ‘felt’ like the right thing to do. 18 months on, i haven’t regretted a single day. Its not been easy, but my heart and spirit still believes that it’s what we were meant to do and i know that is helping us provide better value services. Although our bank balance has suffered, our ideas for our business and the products that we’ve developed during our journey are super exciting. we’ve made some amazing new connections and collaborators. Amongst all of this, a few months ago, i stumbled upon Marie Forleo and her amazing community. And the biggest leap of faith, I signed up for B-School and i haven’t looked back. This is an exciting year!

  314. Mary Maki-Rich

    It is amazing how quickly things can change! As an emergency room nurse, I see this everyday. It is truly humbling. We always think we in control of everything…Wow!!! Little do we know what is going to happen in the next year-the next day- the next hour. Spirit/chance/the Universe- we are all connected… I’m sure all of us in Bschool would love to touch you with the love and deep healing that we feel towards you. Such is the Mystery of Life…

  315. Thank-you Marie, for sharing your story. As I read it, the stored energy around a “freak accident” on a country road when a huge wind-driven garbage can smashed into my car, is moving out of my body. I realized after (many times on reliving that instant) how protected I had been – a split second in timing or another vehicle on the road, could have had nasty consequences. I was so grateful that only our (new) car took the damage. I hadn’t realized there was still some cellular energy there. Thank-you!

    With Gratitude for your sharing and for you and your family’s safe recovery,


  316. Happy to hear you’re doing well, Marie. If I were in your shoes, I think I’d be looking for feelings of security right now. Doing or saying things that make you feel secure and safe might be a way to stop those scenarios from playing in your head. Repetition can drown out the panic. Another way is to get the feeling of being solid in your body again each time your mind is going awry. Those suggestions aside, I think if you begin to ask yourself what you need most in this moment, you might just get the answer. For some people, these things pass with time… If the stress is ongoing, though, I’m sure you’ll find your way. Once again, so happy you’re okay 🙂 And, I definitely will use this reminder to appreciate what I have on my side. I hope the love you have encourages you to feel comfortable in your own skin and in this world again. Take Care.

  317. Jennifer Dodson

    Thank goodness you all made it through! Scary how 1 second can really be the trajectory of your life. Getting ready to listen to yesterday’s
    B-school…I’m 2 year alum 🙂 couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you, Marie, for sharing your light!

  318. Lotta

    Marie, I am so grateful that you & your loved ones are alive! Thank you for reminding me that family & friends & doing what I love while I am here is the only thing that matters.
    I wish you, Josh & Kuma a speedy, physical & emotional healing.

    Best regards,

  319. Marie, getting news of your family’s accident this morning made me realize what a big part of my life you have become! So grateful you, Josh and Kuma escaped major injury and are recovering. Sending you lots of light and love from West Hollywood.

    Today’s message of being courageous and shaking it up has become my mantra. However, I sometimes wonder if I take it too far… I can’t stop shaking it up and many of my friends and family think I am obsessed with the “new”. I have gone from working for a hedge fund in London to running a museum in Los Angeles, to now pitching a TV sitcom and running an art consultancy. I seem to want to change careers once I feel disallusioned about my industry or peers. I am intensely curious and pick up new things quickly and need to feel like I am moving. The flipside is that I have created some financial instability for myself in the flight from status quo. I can’t seem to commit to a career for more than 7 years. Is there a 7 year itch for careers too? How do you balance growth with stability?

  320. Lucie

    Glad your family is ok. <3

  321. Dawn

    Hi Marie! I am so grateful that you and your family are ok…I’ve been in a few car accidents too and know how scary they can be. Life can change in an instant – I’ve experienced that more than once (I had a business partner who died in a car accident and my dad had a heart attack last year that took his life in less than a few minutes). Life is so precious and I am grateful for gratefulness! Every night before bed, my boyfriend and I share what we are grateful for. It is magical and wonderful to remember all the blessings we all have in our lives – even when it feels like life is a challenge. I have the most amazing relationship, which took courage to find and create. I had a “good” relationship that just didn’t feel right. Once I had belief in myself that I could truly have everything I wanted and deserved, I ended up breaking off the engagement. One of the things that held me back for a while was that I was concerned about what other people would think because it all looked good from the outside, but I was miserable. Once I truly realized that it doesn’t matter what others think or say and that I deserve to create the life I want, I was able to make the changes I needed to. It also took courage to look at what I needed to change – but it was worth all the work. I am now with the man I was meant to be with. We share similar values and both have a love for life, exploring, traveling, growth, giving back and so much more!! The thing I love most is that he is open and willing to share and live in the moment and he will remind me when I go “off the rails” to stop, take a deep breath and focus on what is truly important. Thank you for sharing your story Marie – it is a good reminder to enjoy each moment and be grateful for all the opportunities in our lives. xo

  322. Gill

    Hey Marie Forleo,
    Gill is my name and I’m writing from Ireland. I heard you on W.I.S.H. a number of years ago and have been tuning in ever since. I admire you and your work. It’s great to see any woman in her power and giving her gift to the world. I like your answer, who cannot do with a little more silliness and fun in their lives? In connection with pursuing our dreams of course (if we know them!). I wonder is a lot of our discontent and uneasiness(depression) in our own skin got something to do with a war that is being raged in the Congo(D.R.C.) on women’s and girl’s bodies for the minerals used in our mobile phones and tablets etc.? Of course boys and men suffering abominably also. That’s what I wonder. I realise this is no political forum, hence even my tuning in. But we have it pretty great in the west(in comparison of course). It’s high time all us women sit into our power and reclaim our worthiness and literally remember our innate strength. Thank you.

  323. So glad you are all okay Marie!!!!!!!!

    When I was in Hawaii for one week I stopped caring AT ALL what anyone thought of me. It was the best week of my entire life.

  324. Saw your email…thank goodness you are all ok with the accident. Yikes those unexpected events can really wreck havoc in our lives. Thank you for taking time to think of us…and seeing this accident as an opportunity to continue to help and support your people! Wishing you a speedy recovery…sending healing energy your way.

  325. Alice

    Hi Maire,

    So happy to hear you and your family are ok, nothing like a near death experience to put life and loved ones into perspective!!! My husband had a head- on with an “18 wheeler fuel tanker” 23 years ago and it changed his life forever energetically , if you know what I mean. But onto the video, thanks so much for always being so on point with everything, who can’t relate? I use every morsel of what you put out there , thanks!!!!

  326. Peter Spencer

    Hi Marie , Glad to hear you are all okay after you incident. Your alternative reality movies are simply there to show you gratitude for what you have which as you stated you already have . Next time you have one play it in reverse repeating each time speeding it up. See if it makes a difference . Hope to meet you next time in U.S. Have an amazing day

  327. Gill

    Oops, sorry, I meant to say love to the 3 of ye and anybody affected. Hope ye’r feeling better than ever pretty soon. Big Love x

  328. susan

    Glad you all are safe and sound! That is something to be thankful for, for sure.
    not always easy, but great friends and family help with courage. Also, the book The Rhythm of Life is great for balancing intellectual, spiritual and physical sides of daily routine.
    Thanks for your encouragement!!

  329. Yazmin

    Thank God you and your family are ok and nothing major happened! I’m just sending you many blessings and letting you know I’m loving your site so much.

    Love & Light!

  330. I have a son. He is amazing but he just doesnt know it yet. He is 16 years old and very unmotiavted to strive for his best or…………….anything. I am constantly after him ( ak naggging, ugg!) to do better, work harder, strive for success. This morning he said to me, “Mom, why havent you been successful yet?”. I was taken back mostly because he was right and I didnt have an answer. When Marie spoke in this video about how we pass onto our children everything we don’t want them to be but are being ourselves, it really struck a cord. The rest of the morning I had to look at why I couldn’t answer that question. I choose today to take responsibiltiy for my success so that # 1 I can stop being afraid of being everything I know I am and # 2 so I can start being everything I want my son to be. Thank you Marie

  331. Carmen

    Hi Marie,
    I’m glad to hear you are OK, we need you here!!!

  332. Sending you and your family lots of Love and blessings!

    Thank you for all your posts… especially today. I find I’m a little extra excited on Tuesdays now, anticipating a blast from my new Favorite Coach/Mentor/Soul Sista!

    Much Love & Gratitude to you, for you!


  333. Brianne

    First thing’s first – I’m soooo glad that you and your family are safe and unharmed.

    Second, I think the tweetable should have been “You’ve outgrown your tolerance for leading a boring ass life.” Yes ma’am!! I literally laughed out loud and felt this statement with every fiber of my being. Thanks for putting it so bluntly. Sometimes you just need a straight-no-chaser comment to just drive an idea home.

    Thank you for the reinforcement, swift kick and tips to help exercise my sexy courage muscles :)!!

  334. Being an immigrant from a country of different economy and culture, I worked hard to achieve financial stability. Yet, when I was finally there, I heard a little voice in my head saying “I so want to express myself through my photography” while sitting in my mahogany office. “My soul is dying” is what I told my hubby.

    As you would have described, I was creatively “mal-nourished”. 🙂 So, enough said, I am now a photographer being much happier touching (if not changing) people’s lives, rather than saving big corporations tons of tax $. 🙂

    After all, we only have one shot on this planet. I might as well make it count!

    BTW, you still look cute drumming with your eyes; not stupid at all! 😀

  335. Laura Cerlon

    You are very right – life is a precious gift. Remember to tell the people you love how you feel… I’m sorry to read about your accident. Thank goodness you are all right. Please make sure that you all stay on top of any aches – get massages or whatever necessary to help your bodies heal. For any bruises to spirit, just feel the love from your community!
    Best, Laura

  336. Dee

    Wow–that must have been quite a shock. Definitely take good care of yourself this week especially. I’m very grateful for your continued presence in this world, like everyone else has said!

    I love your point about courage being a muscle. I own a CrossFit gym and am also a life coach–and I watch people exercising their courage muscles all over the place. It’s nice to have that language of muscle-building to describe it!

  337. Wow, glad to hear everyone is ok.
    Incredible to know that this happened just before B-School started.
    It’s very inspiring to know that you are your commitments regardless of the circumstances. That takes courage and integrity. I am grateful for this program and for all the stuff you put out into the world. I am already transformed!

    Get well soon.

  338. Firstly, I’m glad you all came out of your accident with only minor scrapes and the reaction to go over the possible scenarios is completely natural.

    I worked as a secretary/PA/administrator for years and always felt like something was missing. I described it as having a lovely, pretty box that looked gorgeous with all its trimmings but when I opened it up, it was empty.

    What was missing was acknowledging that I’m a writer, and a good one at that. I’d been playing around with selling the odd play script but when I finally dove in and commited to my playwriting business, my empty box suddenly began to fill up.

    Take care of yourselves.

  339. Kelly

    I was sure to Thank the Universe for all the beautiful people in my world and that includes you Marie! Thank you for the reminder and sharing your story, I hope that it has helped heal or comfort some part of your emotions on this.
    Great Video today! xo

  340. So sorry to hear about the accident Marie. So very thankful that you’re all OK . . . and appreciate that you shared this difficult experience with us.

    I was a passenger on a motorcycle at 18 years-old. A woman in a bright red station wagon broadsided us. The impact point was my left leg. I’ve been through difficult times and I’m still here 40 years later a hikin’ mama!

    Good advice to hug your people and tell them you love them. I have more than one story about this lesson . . . every time I talk to my son, my husband, family member, friend, I tell them I love them before I say goodbye. I had this awakening early in life.

    Now that I’m in B-School . . . YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!! I’m learning TONS of things that are really taxing my brain and my self-doubts. Thanks for always being there, giving it to us straight with your own brand of humor and love mama Marie.

    Sending lots of love your way . . .


  341. This video comes with great timing to my life. I am having really hard times in my home because I am not willing to fit to the status quo since I am 3 years old. I never saw myself attending the uni or being a conventional woman. I have always thought that I am in this planet to be a messenger for change and even if that was hard to accept during this 25 years of existence, it seems like my inner child is committed to this. My parents obviously think that I’m so poor mentally and emotionally to believe in this dream and since I don’t have big results they say nasty stuff to me. For all the judgement I have put myself into all this years finding my purpose in this world has been really really hard. I’m a belly dancer, I work with Aura-Soma therapy and I believe that I need to create a way for myself because I don’t fit into any standard way of living. This days are very difficult because I am receiving lots of nasty energies from my parents and I know that this is an opportunity to let my independent self bloom. I have always been subject of laughter, judgement and mock, still I had never experienced the mock directly from my parents this way and it is so challenging. I am feeling depressed and I am focusing on the solution (I’m doing the Gabrielle Bernstein’s 40 day miracle program) and yet deep down this is a huge slap on my face. I will honor my dreams because that makes me feel I make sense. God will light my way because I need to be true to myself and to the world. 🙂

  342. Melinda


    I am so glad that you posted this message about overcoming fear and being courageous! I saw you recently on Oprah and the minute I saw your website and signed up for your newsletters it shifted something in me and I enrolled in B-School! I own three successful companies and I am always looking for guidance from strong and powerful women. I love everything I have seen so far and I am hoping to streamline our operations to find a healthy balance of work and home life. I think the message today is important because we all need to stop and recognize what is important and what truly matters in life. I lost my husband last year in an extremely tragic car accident leaving me a 31 year old widow with a two infant children ( 2 & 1 month old at the time). That one life changing event has completely shifted me as a human being and I am now so much more focused on what truly matters. What I know for sure after the last year is that fear and faith do not go hand in hand so lean on your faith and it will sustain you through anything. Keep up the great work and I love your funny and inspiring messages! I pray for peace and healing for you and your family.

  343. Amanda Tews

    Marie you are always an amazing inspiration! I am so thankful you are all ok, sending lots of love your way! <3

  344. So glad to hear that you are ok, Marie! Car accidents can be super scary – and life changing. I had a bad one back in 2007 when I was rear ended on the 10 FWY. I spent months doing chiropractic and physical therapy, and it took me about a year or more to fully recover. Right after the accident, I was in a lot of pain and had a lot of time to think about my life while I was resting in bed. Sudden brushes with your mortality really tend to put things in perspective.

    At the time, I had a beautiful home and a job that I enjoyed, though I was 10 years into it. I’d lived in LA all my life and, while I was content, I did feel like something was missing. I’d always wanted to have the experience of living in another city, but never thought I’d have the courage to actually move. Four months after the accident, I took a trip to NYC and that changed everything! I felt so ALIVE, walking through the streets, the lights, taxis, the electricity in the air. NYC was never a place I thought I’d live, but every fiber of my being told me that I had to be there. So, I came back home and started looking for ways to make it happen, and 7 months later I made the big move cross country. Best decision ever! It was scary, but also opened me up on so many levels. Suddenly, every day became an adventure of discovery, rather than “knowing my home like the back of my hand”. I met new friends, discovered other passions and work paths that were a better fit for me at this stage of my life. Even though it was often a struggle, and a little lonely, I found a new place to call home and I ended up learning more about myself and what I wanted out of my life than ever before.

    I recently just moved back to LA after 5 years in NYC, and am in the process of figuring out how to fashion a more bi-coastal lifestyle, but I’m so grateful for my NYC experience, because now my hometown of LA feels fresh again too. Instead of feeling complacent, I feel excited for this new chapter back here on the west coast, and so grateful for everything I have here.

    Sometimes scary experiences can be the catalyst for big, bold changes that we need to make in our lives. If not for my car accident, I may not have had the opportunity to reflect so deeply on my life, realize that life is short, and decide to leave my comfort zone. But I used that pain and fear to propel myself into a completely different life. I got exactly what I’d been searching for and I no longer have that “something is missing” feeling. Should I ever feel that way again, I now know, it just means it’s time for a change, and I don’t need to be afraid of that. I CAN totally do it!

  345. Gorgeous Marie!

    It’s one of your tribe from London, England + a Rich, Happy + Hot LIVE 2012 graduate (and post Hurricane Sandy Survivor!) sending you soooo much love.

    I was really sorry to read about your car accident in Venice. I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been + I’m so pleased that you’re all safe + well 🙂

    Last year I remember you reading out a beautiful quote from Max Lucado in one of your episodes of Marie TV. It went like this:

    “You weren’t an accident.
    You weren’t mass produced.
    You aren’t an assembly-line
    product. You were deliberately
    planned, specially gifted, and
    lovingly positioned on the planet
    by the Master Craftsman”.

    Well Marie – YOU were certainly specially gifted and lovingly positioned on this planet. Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for all the love + zany humor + fabulous laughs + wise words that you SHARE with us each week. Every week. The world is a better place – because you are in it.

    With much love
    Belinda x

  346. Marie,
    I’m glad you and your family are ok. Thank you for sharing and for the reminder to recognize what is truly important. I’m touched by all the stories here. Love to all. I just started B-school and look forward to the rest of the journey.

  347. Tal

    Marie, every Tuesday I eagerly await your super-adorable email in my inbox, and so my heart skipped a beat when I read what happened to you on Sunday. Thank God you guys are alright!! I am so grateful it wasn’t anything worse.

    These events definitely do wake you up and make you appreciate the things/people we usually take for granted in life. It really does make it easier to be courageous and not worry about looking stupid when you see life that way! Thanks for sharing your story with us to remind us to always be grateful for what we have.

  348. Thank you very much Marie for writing about this and letting us know about this incident. Thank God you and your company were not severely hurt and I’m happy you are still here with us. You have touched so many people through your work and it would have been a sad tragedy if you or your companions had gotten severely hurt.

    This is just one more example on how things can be taken away from you in just a split second. I always try to be thankful of the blessings I have everyday but sometimes you just get caught up in the routine of stuff. It’s important to keep things in perspective and be thankful everyday.

    I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing what you do best and you are a very appreciated connection. Thank you Marie.

    Cesar Romero.

  349. Mary Lou

    Thank God you are all OK! Thanks for sharing this message. xo

  350. Anthea

    I am so glad that you, Josh and Kuma weren’t seriously hurt. I’m sending you all blessings and love to regain your sense of peace and trust. Be safe and take care.

    With sincere love,

  351. Hello Marie,

    So glad you are all okay!
    That replay over in your mind you speak of is a classic post trauma response…..there’s a quick and amazingly effective post trauma release technique that’s so easy its silly…. if you know EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) it will really help to tap on the karate chop point (side of the hand) whilst telling the whole story from start to finish and it will give your body permission to release the trauma from all your cells. Hope it helps….

  352. So glad you and your family are OK. Really teaches us to honor each moment.

  353. Ina Naar

    Hello Marie,
    Glad everything is OK!
    This video couldn’t be better: “activate the courage” :). Love that. Blessings

  354. angela salgado

    I am sending you a gentle hug and thanking God that you and your loved ones are alive and well. Your life purpose and mine is being magnified and reinforced through this experience. Just before I opened your message today I was reading an email from a high school friend who is visiting Los Angeles with her husband for 2 days. I have not seen her in many years, we reconnected on Facebook and she told me she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and that it has changed her life profoundly. I was not sure that I was ready to see her but when I read your email, I called her immediately and told her that I loved her and I can’t wait to see her today even if it was for a brief moment. Thanks for reminding me to never take anything for granted. Peace and Love to You

  355. Heather

    Life is short and then those things happen to make us realize how short it really could be. Thank God you are okay today!

    FUN? Doing something I never do, that I would love to do, is going to be my new focus this week. THANK YOU.

  356. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is amazing how things like this shake us up and we begin to wonder what the universe is trying to tell us – glad you pointed it out – we get caught up in the not important stuff sometimes and need to focus on the important people in our lives. Glad you are all recovering and hope that feeling of being shaky wears off soon.

    The car accident I had last summer got me more in tune with my health as I sought out chiropractic care…. so not all of life’s lessons are directly related to business… but as it turns out when I began focusing on my health, business also improved.

    Trying to figure out the name of my baby sign language webinar this week so I can get it marketed and jumping in with both feet to get video production for the online classes! Scary? Yes. Figureoutable? Yes.

  357. Mary

    I so feel you about those alternate reality movies. I lost my father to cancer a few months ago, only two weeks after giving birth to my baby girl. Your mind can play nasty tricks on you.
    I hope you “forget” about the bad things very soon, and hope your mind will be at peace so you can continue to spread only love all around.

  358. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    So glad to hear you’re all ok!! The world is a much better place with you in it! Hope you’re all feeling better soon.

  359. Oh, Marie!

    That must’ve been so scary for you, Josh and Kuma. I’m so glad that you’re all ok. Give yourself some time to process the whole thing – you really need extra TLC at times like this.

    I learned very early that life can change in the blink of an eye.

    My father died after a taking a fall at my 3rd birthday party. Somehow, even though I was just a little girl, I knew that life was precious and that we should always live & love that way.

    And though I lost my dad, I was fortunate enough to gain a new step-dad a few years later. He was anything but a “step” dad – he was as real a father to me as if his blood ran through my veins.

    I learned some very important lessons from both of my dads and from my mom as well.

    I wrote about them at

    They’re about not letting anything hold you back, learning as much as you can, and living life with no regrets. I think they’ll resonate with you. 🙂

    Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way.


  360. John Rutherford

    Hi Marie,
    I am happy to hear that you are all OK after the accident. I know exactly what you are feeling when youexpress the words “The most upsetting thing though is how my mind keeps flashing these “alternate reality” scenarios in my head. These horrible, mini movies where if it were just a few seconds off . . .”
    This is the terrible reality of the fragility of life. The way we got over this type of recuring thought pattern was to focus on the many times that the “accidend” did not happen.. ie: almost every time we drive through an intersection and the other cars DO stop for us. There are so many times in a day when a few seconds either way could lead to disaster, becoming aware of them led us to a feeling of always being divinely lead. We do not control much, even when we imagine that we do.
    All good thoughts to all of you that were involved.

  361. shugury

    Thank you for sharing news of your scary event with all of us. I’m grateful you all are okay. Shaken, but okay.

    Many of us only choose to share the sunshine-y happy things with the outside world, pretending all is okay and that it’s professional to soilder on like a robot. But in taking a look at those I admire most, they are always people who are authentic and show their humanity in the face of adversity.

    It’s obvious you’ve touched a lot of people with your work, and I think it’s precisely because you share the ups and downs of your own journey.

    With warm wishes and admiration

  362. Elle

    Marie – so glad you and your family are okay, and wish there were better words to express this. While I know you’ve probable already saddled up again, know we’ve got your emotional back.

  363. OMG! Marie, I’ve grown so used to looking out for your inspiring videos in my inbox every Tuesday, it’s like getting in touch with an older sister. So glad you and your loved ones are OK! And yes, as much as things can always be better, things can also be worse and there is always something to appreciate. Thank you. X Elena

  364. jonathan francis

    So glad youre ok!
    Have been filling up on courage this week !
    Sometimes its just about facing our greatest fears!
    Love your work!

  365. Sandra Chapman

    If you can find a pharmacy which sells homeopathic medicines over the counter get some Aconite 30c and dose the whole family. This will immediately help with the shock. What a horrific experience!

  366. Marie
    Wow, I just got your email and wanted to make sure all was okay. I am so glad that no one was hurt. Take care and give yourself time to recover as post accident shock can impact your day to day life without you even being aware of it. Make sure you give yourself the time to heal from the experience.

    You are here on this earth to make a HUGE difference without a doubt. That is why I believe the angels are looking over you. Glad you are okay, take care.


  367. OMG! Thank the Universe all of you are all right! I can imagine, how scary it was!!. I wish you and your family all the best. & thanks again for your super inspiring videos! XO, Carrie

  368. Talking (or writing) about your accident is the best therapy! Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart with us.

    While we have no real control over the things that happen to us… we do control how we act and react to things. Looks like you are having a healthy response to a near miss but remember it is okay to cry about it a few times!


  369. Karen

    Be gentle with yourself. Have a hot bath and soak for a while.

  370. Glad to hear you are all right!!

    Before I started university I was planning to go somewhere where they didn’t have the degree I wanted because it was closer to my family and home town. But Instead I moved to a city up the other end of the country where I knew no one but I was doing the degree I wanted. I was terrified. for the first week I cried every night, feeling as though I had made a big mistake. that was 3 years ago. now I’m in my last year of university and I’m sooooooo glad I made the jump!! I’ve made such awesome friends and I really enjoy uni. Also I gained so much more independence and all that kinda stuff. so so so glad I moved!

    Anna NZ

    • Marie,

      So sorry about the accident. I’m grateful that you, Josh and Kuma and all involved were not devastatingly hurt. Thanks for the reminder to not take your love ones for granted. You’re right, it only takes a second…like the blink of an eye.

      I wish you all a speedy recovery from such trauma.

  371. Wow Marie- I’m so, so glad to her you’re all alright. Experiences like this definitely make us sit back a little bit and realise who and what are important in our lives.

    Please look after yourself Marie (“stay on your game!”) and be gentle with yourself.

    Katie x

  372. First of all, so glad you’re all ok…that is definitely a very scary, perspective-shifting experience. And the world needs that special something that only YOU have Marie, so I for one am glad you’re still here!

    Great advice on this question, and I think you’re absolutely right about the fun & creativity being missing. It’s one of the key ideas I’m exploring right now about getting your mojo back and returning to a place of joy in your life.

    When folks are REALLY in a funk, it can be hard to do an instant 180 and jump headlong into fun…so yes, it’s great to start with simple things like singing in the shower or taking a short dance break. But if even THAT feels too far out of your spectrum of possibilities, you can start by gently shifting your face into a subtle smile every single time you think of it. You’ll be amazed at how that simple, quiet act serves to shift your mood over a surprisingly short amount of time (and plus you’ll look better too :)…ok not YOU personally, Marie, you are smiling all the time in your videos and you look fab!!! xo

  373. Oxana

    Hi Marie,
    So glad to hear that you are ok. We all need you!
    Regarding courage, thank you for sharing your personal experience about drumming circles. I personally have a fear of looking stupid too and it’s nice to hear that I am not alone. So, my plane is to start training my “fear muscles”, taking small actions to expressing myself, even as small as just leaving the comments to the video.
    Thanks again.

    • Nika

      I love this because I think everyone has a fear of looking stupid, or failing on some level.
      I have never participated in an online community before ever. I’ve had faceboo for years, but my involvement is super limited and I am starting to see how that connects to my fear of really showing up as myself and being seen.
      It is scary!
      love and light xoxo

  374. Catherine Stein

    This is very inspiring, getting gratitude out of near crisis, and I’ll bet it’s happened to many other people in many other (or similar) ways. But that feeling can fade if you don’t keep it up: Reminding yourself, making routines to keep yourself thankful. Otherwise, it has a tendency to fade, and then it’s like it never happened. I know I’ve had plenty of wake-up calls in my life, only to slowly fall back into my mired and tired routines that leave me feeling unsatisfied and disgruntled again. The key is in appreciating what you have at the moment in time you find yourself in. That’s my goal, anyway.

  375. Man, I love you Marie. Seriously, I’d watch these videos even with the mute button pressed you can just learn shit loads about presenting from your body language and facial expressions. Seriously inspiring. V

  376. Nika

    Thanks god you are alive and well!
    after my own narrow escape from a rolling car, I needed major massage therapy love for months, (couldn’t really turn my head) also got really friendly with a chiropractor for a year afterward. The magic bear hugs, as I called them.
    I was in a wreck more then 10 years ago and my younger cousin just has a similar thing happen a month ago, and has been loosing major income in her fitness business because of it.

    I wish you the best in your recovery, whatever you are doing I trust you are going to be taking great care of yourself.
    you are awesome!!!!!
    B-school is pretty awesome.

    This new video for me boils down to that “grass is greener” blues.
    I live in an actively creative life. acting on my passions, I’m a Singer/dancer/actress. but I feel like a hot mess most of the time, and I sometimes day dream of being stable and making money and being “normal” or just having that stick-to-ittivenesss (new word, if it isn’t a word) to stay in a boring job I hate, I dream that it would make be a better mom.
    anyway I guess we can all relate and the work is to find your drum circle, which for me right now is B-school.
    I am eye contorting right now as I say that!

  377. Aileen Irias

    Marie, thank God you are all o.k. Sometimes these things happen to shake us up. And man, do they! Incredible how things can just change in a second. I’m so sorry this happened to you all. We are courageous in so many different ways. We are courageous to go into marriage. We are courageous to try out for something in which we might be rejected. We are courageous to carry another human being in our womb. We are courageous to trust in a God we do not see. We are courageous to love those who might not love us back. We are courageous to dream about things others think are impossible. Courage requires risk, but the reward of being courageous is beyond anything material. It is called Satisfaction. Satisfaction that we dared to fight, dared to endure, dared to believe, dared to dream. God bless you!

  378. Simone

    Hey Marie, I’m so glad you and your family are ok, do give yourself some TLC. Thanks for another great episode of Marie TV, I’m so grateful I a good friend recommended you to me. Have a soul nourishing week. 🙂

  379. Chris Lee

    Hi Marie,

    Glad that you and the fam are ok! Thank you for this video! I so needed that nudge from the universe. I am embarking on a project that is a huge risk and everyone is telling me that it’s not gonna work (without having all of the details or my reasons for believing in it). The feelings of “I’m not good enough” were creeping back into my vibe. I think you’ve helped me shine the light on those feelings and they’ve scurried away!

    Chris Lee

  380. Tracey

    Marie, I’m so glad you all are ok! Praise God!

    Thanks for all that you do. Today’s video was especially helpful, I’m coming out of a very difficult time and completely starting over. Your emails/videos are helping motivate me to not go back to that old life but to get back in the game on my own terms, putting my ‘special gifts’ to work so I can be a blessing to others. 🙂

    God Bless you!

  381. Hi Marie,
    You are not leaving planet earth anytime soon because we need you here! I pray Kuma, Josh and you recover from the after effects of such a crash. I would definitely put more into staying in the moment and truly expressing my appreciation for the people God has placed in my sphere. My prayers and love remain with you and your family.

  382. Julie Hauritz

    Gratitude for your sharing Marie. Thank you.
    Gratitude for stepping into fear.
    Gratitude for courage muscles flexing like crazy.
    Gratitude for the Kingfisher on the branch outside my window.
    Gratitude for starting Bschool this week.
    Gratitude for my family, friends and beautiful dog, Ben.
    Gratitude for allowing myself to be open.
    Gratitude for the rain drops dripping from the gutters.
    Gratitude for my sore feet after dance meditation last night
    Gratitude I am alive and can make a difference in the lives on this planet.

    Gratitude: My meditation

  383. Karina

    Best wishes to all of you and so happy to hear you all are okay. Be strong we are right behind you! And thanks for the awesome video!
    I actually was working on it with my daughter this past weekend as she was trying and trying to do a hand stand. I told her so many times she had to overcome her fear and until that happened things will turn around and she will achieve everything she wanted and SHE DID! First thing she said. I did it! I conquered my fear! I am so proud of her an a lesson to me as well to shhhh myself when fears sneak in.

    Much love and speedy recovery!


  384. Catherine Price

    Marie, I am so thankful to hear you and your family are alright. You are such a blessing to me and to so many others. I haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, which I am sure is fabulous as always, but I just want you to know that I cherish the person you are and again, I am so grateful for the gift of you! Love ya!

  385. Marie… so glad that you are all ok. It only takes a second to change the course of your life. Things like an accident make you see things differently, make you see things with clarity and make you see all the blessings you have in your life. We all get caught up in the little things every day that keep us busy but we all need to slow down, see the great things in our lives and be grateful for all that we have! Thanks for sharing your experience….that often helps to bring things into clarity.

  386. This is moving. Thank you for taking the opportunity to put it out here.

    In appreciation, as always, for all that you do.

    Carrie Louise

  387. Glad to hear you, Josh and Kumar are ok. You always say to live in the moment, here and now… now I realize how powerful it is to fully engage in every moment and enjoy it.


  388. Jump in and do it. Packed up my family 5 years ago and bought a coffee farm in Hawaii. Had no idea what we were doing but we haven’t looked back. This myth that you have to work for someone else on their terms in order to have “financial security” is not true. Muster up the courage and create the life you want. It is that simple.

  389. Marie! I’m so glad that you are all fine. Time to recover and take care of yourself! This community that you’ve created worries about you and wishes you the best, you will soon be totally recovered! Thank you again and wish you all love!

  390. I love how you practice what you preach!! It takes courage for many people to move from being scared from an accident to moving into a place of gratitude for “this miraculous life”. It’s so related to your post today, moving away from fear and into graciousness.

    Recently I have moved out of my fear mode and into “go for it!” mode. A few years ago I published a book called, “i love me!” for kids and launched a site about believing in one’s potential. Along the way I pursued my health coaching certificate and started changing the focus of my site to health and food (away from parenting).
    Due to experiences in the last few weeks, I have realized that my calling is indeed being a coach for parenting. I had shyed away from parenting thinking people might say, “Who does she think she is to give parenting advice?”.
    I am finally walking into my energy and embracing the gift I have been given to see parenting from a whole perspective and to help to guide other moms to find out their parenting strengths by providing resources that inspire and empower. It is so exciting to take on the “responsibility” of being me.
    As we as a society start re-connecting to our gifts and share them with others, this world is going to get pretty darn, amazing!!!!!

  391. Michele

    The world is blessed by the fact that you are all still here. Best wishes for your recovery and moving past the trauma.

  392. Great to hear that you, Josh and Kuma are all okay. I know what you mean about alternate realities. I had a stroke and was lucky my husband was was still home at the time. If he had left a minute or two earlier, I may not have survived the day. The most fantastic thing I learned over time is that from that single event, I am incredibly grateful for the people in my life and all the things I have been lucky to experience before and after the stroke. Keep focusing on all the wonderful depth in your life and the light you shine for others each and everyday, because that is the reality! Lots of love to you all. Nikki

  393. Kris

    I am so glad to hear you are all okay!! You are such an awesome inspiration and constantly provide so much advice/ tools for the journey of life and business that has helped me immensely, thank you!
    I recently had one of my young sons have an emergency operation with complications and it really brought home that your loved ones are your most truest and most brilliant treasures in life! Xo

  394. Gargi

    Hi Marie,

    I wish you, Josh and Kuma a speedy recovery and am so grateful that you’ll decided that it was not time yet 🙂
    The “light” is my protector and healer. I always use it to shield my loved ones and myself before stepping out of the house or when I know that I’m going to be in the company of strangers. It has never failed me.

    Today’s episode resonated very strongly with me.

    When I moved to the States a few years ago after getting married, I had the hardest time adjusting. Not having my family, friends, and all that was familiar depressed me a lot. I kept wanting to go back any given chance. Then one day I had a moment of clarity. I looked around and saw just how much abundance was in my life, in my surroundings. Since that moment, all I did was decide that I was going to make it work in this country. Got to admit, its not been easy, but its a lot easier than it used to be.
    Last Thanksgiving I started an FB page to keep me motivated and focused on what I have, instead of all that is missing.

    I’m so grateful for having you in my life!
    Sending you waves of love and light!

  395. Madelaine

    Oh, Marie! I’m so very sorry this happened to you and your loved ones but thank heavens you are all okay. You are a very bright light on this planet and countless people around the world are blessed because of who you are and what you share. You are very loved and appreciated. Wishing you all speedy recovery (btw, arnica oil is ah-mazing for bruises) and a cocktail in the sun ;).
    Loving you,

  396. Cathy


    Wishing you, Josh and Kuma lots of healing and love. You have a huge community that adores the crap out of you and would probably rather have you rest and heal until you’re okay than have you do anything else. Your videos always brighten up my husband and I’s days…we’ve even gotten to the point where we’ll repeat your jokes over & over (we’re those annoying people, haha!). And speaking of courage, thank you for having the courage to tell us about your story. It’s not easy for some people to show vulnerability when they have a big public presence, but it allows us, your fans, to hopefully give something back to you, if only our best wishes and prayers. All our love!

    PS: We’re from LA. Those Venice alleyways/streets are straight up scary sometimes!

  397. may

    Hey Marie,
    I am so glad that you, Josh and Kuma are OK! Small things like this are little reminders sent by universe to make us realize what are truly important things in life!

    I recently fell off horseback – I couldn’t move, I was lying down on top of hill waiting for the rescue team – right that moment the things in my mind are my family and thoughts about things I always want to do but keep putting off….

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m really feeling it so strongly!

    Grab courage and live the moment by taking actions!


  398. Marie –
    So glad to hear you and your family are fine.
    I love Marie TV. You are such an inspiration.
    Safe travels to you!!
    All best,

  399. Nancy

    Sacré merde, Marie! I’m so glad everyone is basically OK. You may be having some PTSD, so take good care of yourself and get any help you may need.

    I just lost my sister-in-law to suicide, and there was no warning. Gone, just like that. So you’re right, take time to love and be loved.

    Healing thoughts are coming your way.

  400. Nova Grande

    Marie, Oh My! Sending You and Yours Healing Prayers. As a chiropractor, I’ve had many patients communicate many similar sentiments after an accident. You can see that when an trauma like this occurs, its affects so much more than just your physiology! Don’t forget to get your family adjusted! I love this message about courage. Last year I knew I needed to “shake my life up” as well, so I started bellydancing! I am such a goof, I’m awful even at a year later – But I don’t care. The dance is so grounding, and I’m constantly shaking some part of my body to music around the house – I consider the dance a gift, even though my son just rolls his eyes!

  401. Hi Marie,
    Glad to hear your ok, what a scary experience.
    Another great episode, I love how you say courage is a muscle you have to keep using. There have beeb times I wait until I feel like I’ve grown the courage to do something but often by that time it’s too late. So now I will just try.
    I did get the courage to start my own business. When I got out of school I became a flight attendant I loved it, meeting new people, the travel, great hotels and having an office in the sky! I was based in Abu Dhabi for four years and on my days off would travel or explore The UAE and Oman. I kept feeling like it wasn’t enough and I wanted more. So I gave up my amazing lifestyle moved back to Australia and struggled for a year trying to decided what to do and started to regret leaving… but now I have started my own business which not only am I passionate about but motivates me each day as I know I am making a difference, now I’m meeting great people, trying new things and having fun. Working in other jobs to support myself financially at the moment but I know it won’t be long until that day comes where I will be doing what I love full time. So I am grateful for the jobs I have now as they are a stepping stone… Plus started B-School I even got up early when the first module came out because I was so excited! I’m loving it… thank you!
    I’m grateful for you and all that you do!

  402. Life can flash before us and when we encounter it…it can take our breath away. So glad to know that you all are safe and blessed and know it. Losing people we love and care about too soon in life can be hard. God has great plans for you…and He is not done with you yet. Thank goodness, cuz I’m just getting started in your program and you have a lot to share not only with me, but obviously the world. 🙂

    big hugs to you and yours,

  403. Marina


    Sorry to hear of your accident – it has happened to me twice and it certainly leaves you feeling shaken. Look after yourself. Hard times make the good times shine even brighter. Thanks so much for all you share with the world.

    All the best,


  404. KatrinaMarie


    So happy you guys are alright.

    Wow what a timely video.

    Thank you for being You. :]]

    Be Blessed,


  405. Marie!! I’m so glad everyone is okay! Thank you for sharing your story…

  406. Rene Cerrito

    Dear Marie… You are so very precious! Thank God that you and Josh and Kuma are OK. I wish you all complete healing and well-being. Sending you LOVE and LIGHT.

    Some times things look so great on the outside (great job, home, family etc.) and we are grateful for the good things in our life… but that feeling of wanting more (excitement, creativity, fun, connection, meaning) just keeps nagging at us. I call this “Divine Discontent”… I believe it brings us further along on our path… to explore the parts of ourselves that yearn to be expressed… and that fulfill us and bring our unique gifts to others. As always another great Marie TV to ponder!

  407. With gratitude for the reality you DID have instead of those alternatives. Peace, friend.

  408. Dawn

    Oh, Marie! I am so grateful that you survived that awful accident. I was in a very bad accident in December too. I am still recovering.
    You are such an inspiration! I really wanted to sign up for B school but I am still paying the tuition on a nutrition school I just graduated from, also in December. I am hoping to find some way to follow my dream and become a health coach/.healer. My husband is disabled, so my income from my dread-job is crucial to us right now…so I am feeling stuck in a dead end and watching the time tick away. You inspire me to find a way to break free. Please, keep up all that you do. I am so grateful for you!

  409. thank you for sharing and I am glad you are all safe. I had an accident a few days before christmas last year and in a split moment i saw everything flash before me and it woke me up to do more and enjoy more of my life. I was not even angry. I was calm and chose to be grateful and live my life to the fullest. needless to say i had a great christmas. 2013 i decided would be my year to push forward and really honor my life and share with others because I am able to. I just joined B school and it is inspiring. You can’t go anywhere yet, you are needed and wanted and fun! blessings to you and your family.

  410. Hi there Marie

    I echo Donna’s sentiments about the powerful connection I can have with you and others that I have never met through the Internet and how grateful I am that you and your family are okay (mostly!).

    I have a story about courage and how depressing it is to lack creative juice. My husband was laid off twice over the past two years, and although he was always able to get employment (yay!) he was not able to make the money he once did in subsequent jobs (stink!) Anyway, it meant that in the past two years I have worked my buns off to make sure all the bills were paid, all the while trying to manage an undiagnosed auto-immune disorder that severly compromised my health and energy. By Christmas last year I was burnt out and feeling very sorry for myself.

    During some self-reflection over the Christmas period, I realised I was unconsciously angry about my situation, resentful that I had had to work so had and realised I was in MAJOR victim mode! I had been blaming my husband’s job situation for being upset about my income/lifestyle issues.

    Luckily, through the course of trying to find ways to heal myself, I had come across Kriss Carr’s website and subscribed to her email newsletter and through her, I came across B School. I watched your free training (thank you!) , metaphorically gave myself a bit of a wake up slap and realised that the only person who had the power to change things was me (I knew that but somehow didn’t connect to this situation – doh!). I came up with some ideas about how to grow my business and free up my time. I was SO excited! I applied to the bank for a loan to do B School and had my bubble burst as the bank turned me down. Our financial situation was so bad they wouldn’t loan me the money.

    Needless to say, I was bummed. I went back into victim mode for another day, and then I remembered you saying “eveything is figure-out-able”. I thought for a while and realised that the Universe is indeed kind. How can I rock an awesome online business if my health is still so crap! I had an epiphany. If my body wasn’t coping with what I had now, how would it cope with more? I made the conscious decision to commit further to my health. I then realised I had been in MAJOR victim mode about that too. Making half-arsed attempts at wellness while all the while not fully committing to the process of wellness. I think I was waiting for someone else to fix it for me.

    Thankfully, through you, I learned about Tim Ferriss. I was back in the game! Woo hoo! I bought all his “4 Hour” books and devoured as much info as I could. I also happened across (more Universal magic) a fantastic nutritionist who is the first health professional I’ve come across (and believe me, there have been more than a few!!) to tell me she knows what is going on with my auto-immune system and knows she can help me. (Praise the Lordy! 🙂 Actually, I cried happy tears about that).

    Using Tim’s advice and hers I feel better than I have in over a decade, lost 4 kilos in 3 days and totally committed to my path of total health and wealth. I’ll be rockin B School in 2014! 🙂

    I’m aware this has been a long story and I appreciate you taking the time to read. Truly, hand on heart, if it were not for you, Kris and Tim sharing your God-given strengths and passion for life, I might still be struggling in victim mode instead of working toward my dream. Thank you, your connection to me and each other has been life changing. xx

  411. Take it easy on yourself Marie, shocks like that take time to get over. Xx

    Great video, really resonates with me at the moment. I’m happy to say i am trying to do something about it! Loving B-School.

  412. Thank you Marie! I loved this video!

    I don’t have much in common with Kristin – it’s the reverse actually; I take a lot of chances (in business, in moving across the world), I dance and I sing with my daughter, etc..

    What you said made me feel better about the life I am giving my daughter. I have been teaching her to live life fully and take chances, and I hadn’t even realized it until I watched your video! Thank you!

  413. Linda Chaousis

    Marie- so glad you all are ok! Take care and give yourself ‘time out’ to fully recover. Loving B School so far!

  414. Marie, Sorry to hear about your accident. I am grateful you are not seriously harmed. I know when I was hit by a drunk driver it really made me stand up and think.
    The older I get the more I feel life goes in cycles. Some times we are feeling really great about where we are in life and other times we are looking for a change. Then it all seems to work out.
    One thing that works for me is a gratitude journal.
    Plus I am always trying new things. You see people do not care how you look cuz they are so worried about themselves. it really is selfish/ego to not do things because of the way we think we are going to look. Who cares and better yet who remembers.None of us is perfect. We learn/grow by trying.

  415. Hi Marie,

    Big love to you, so glad you are all safe and sound and that the universe was watching over you. Lots of love xox

  416. elizachristine

    It is crazy that you posted this today! Courage has been THE THEME of my week. I have always felt like something was missing and it was because I didn’t have the courage to go after my truth! The one thing I realized that was (is) holding me back from going after what I want, living my truth and owning who I am was my fear of commitment. And my fear of commitment links back to my unhealthy level of self-sacrifice (basically doing things for approval, to please, make someone else proud, etc.)! I was making daily decisions for everyone else and not committing to myself and my needs, because I associated commitment with other peoples needs. SO, the thing that I am doing now to be able to go after my personal happiness, is REFRAME all of my commitments and acknowledging the actual commitment I am making to myself internally. Then making a promise to myself to go after what I want as a commitment to myself. Finding the REASON you do not have the courage and working on that is the key. At least it is for me. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but hopefully my story will ring true for someone else and help them on their journey!

  417. Karen

    Dear Marie

    Firstly thank you for being the bright clear sparkle on my Wednesday…..I live in Australia!

    Fifteen years ago age 29 I was a successful Hospital Scientist doing well in my career and having a good life but a small life, very safe and practica, but I felt empty and unhappy. I was searching for “something” was it a new career? A lover ? I didn’t know I also didn’t feel very contected with myself. A dormant yet persistant dream was learning to play the cello, I found all excuses to not learn over the years, too expense, not time……….you no the drill. Until one day the univerise sent me a sign an adult learning group near me……………..I started having lessons. Taking those lessons were the catalyst that changed my life in so many wonderful ways over the next few years I meet my beautiful husband (through cello) changed careers and moved states twice!! All this from a girl who was so afraid to even have a lesson. Now I know this may sound funny…………cello lessons saved my life……………..but in so many ways it did.

    The challenge to over come my fears continues every day. This weekend I am doing sailing lessons which scares the pants of me !! But I want to learn how to sail and show my son who is seven that Mummy can do it!

    “A life lived in fear is a life half lived” From the movie Strickly Ballroom.

    And by the way I am still playing cello very badly and loving it!

    Sending much love and graditude to you beautiful Marie for all that you do.

  418. Marie~
    So sorry to hear about your accident. Your family got really lucky, and it’s great that you can be so grateful for another change. Our family wasn’t so lucky, and it prompted me to write several books to try to help other people avoid what we went through. I’m not sure if this is welcome or not, but I thought you might find one that is of interest to you in terms of making sure everything is in order just in case something like that happens again.

    Link and more information below:

    All the best,
    Amy Levine

  419. I’m scared about making my next leap in life and career but I don’t feel that I’ll be truly happy unless I try. I don’t want to look back at my life in 20 years and regret not moving forward. I’m registering for the doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture program this fall which means that I’ll be leaving a steady job with potential for advancement. My current position just doesn’t inspire me though and I really want to find my place in this world and how I can better contribute to this world. Here goes nothin’!

  420. Anne Màrtorana

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It shows me how you really consider us as an extension of your family. Thanks for entrusting us with your life lessons. I consider it an honor to have had serendipity come across my path to lead me to your site. Take it easy.

  421. Marie,
    So glad you and yours are safe and well. You are blessed to have survived and we are blessed to have you!

    My story is that I lived in the same small Alabama town for over 40 years, went to the hometown university because I was afraid to have to go and stay in a dorm room with a stranger, married who I thought was a great guy from the same hometown who turned out to be an alcoholic, drug addict, and gambler, and stayed and worked in the hometown bank for over 20 years while I raised my children because I wanted them to be in familiar surroundings and near their grandparents. The oldest child followed suit…….lives in the same town, graduated from the same university and works in the same hometown, but thank you Lord, he has his degree. The youngest went away to a big university, graduated with honor and is an engineer at an aerospace company and WAS making more than me at my position at the bank UNTIL……………..

    I had gained a lot of weight over the past several years (BTW, the husband went bye-bye) and had gastric surgery in 2008. 150 pounds lighter I thought I felt better about myself. Then, work became overwhelming………….no help, petty gossip, and a LOT of pressure. So I went out on a limb and started searching for another job. I found one……………nine hours and three states away, but if I wanted the job, I had to be onsite in three weeks. In those three weeks, I found an apartment, packed my house of 22 years, and moved all by myself to this new city that I knew little about. Started a new job at a HUGE financial institution and was making MORE than my younger son. But you know what? I still feel empty.

    All my life I have always felt like I was never good enough, largely in part to my mother’s chastising me over every little thing. When we’re together as a family know, my boys point out the goofy or bad decisions I made, not the good times I provided for them or the fact that even though I didn’t get child support, they never wanted for anything, not even a car. Most of all, I feel like I am not good enough to love. Sure, I could probably find someone to hook up with, but to find that one person that I want to spend the rest of my life (and at this stage of my life, it really wouldn’t be that long!) with, that person that I could cherish and that would cherish me, that person that I could do little things every day to let them know they are loved? That person is not there for me. I’m not getting any younger or any prettier so pickings are slim. All I ever wanted was a soul mate, a big family full of love, and to be comfortable — financially, emotionally, physically, mentally. I even think I know who it is because I have loved him for 40 years, but he’s not available — financially, emotionally, physically, even though he says he loves me too.

    So I feel like I have the courage — I even went an applied for a new part-time job for nights and weekends today at a retail store — but I think I’ll always have that missing part in my heart. I need courage every day to feel like I’m doing something that anybody will even care about.

    Thank you for your program, Marie. Not only do you focus on the business, but you also focus on the soul.

  422. Marie, firstly great to hear you and the family are safe and thank you for sharing your story with us. Gratification is a something i remind myself daily!!!
    This is my first comment and I felt it was fitting to comment on todays topic regarding “having courage”
    Recently ( 3 months) i threw in the big corporate career and secure salary to start my own business here in Australia marrying two of my passions: food & people. I am LOVING the journey to date and am extremely positive about the great life that I am now creating. Infact the quote that prompted me to get off my b- hind an do this was from Carl Jung: “I am not what happened to me but who I choose to become”.
    My vision board at home is a constant reminder of the life that I am creating with purpose and positivity.
    Thankyou for your awesome blogs and videos, i follow them weekly and I love listening to all your followers stories.
    Cheers from a fan Downunder!! Jaqs

  423. Annie

    I’m glad you and your family are okay. Blessings to you all.

  424. Thanks for this great video Marie! Sometimes I’ve been so full of fear and resistance to dive into my next steps of implementing my dream goals…that I’ve gotten physically sick! It’s that “upper limit” thing you have spoken about in a previous article Marie. And when I’ve gotten over being sick…of my fear framed ways of being safe and boring… it’s always been a pleasant surprise and sometimes purely amazing to discover what I am capable of beyond my previous ideas. And the real beauty of all this is that I get feedback from others confirming and egging me on to keep going because I always end up serving & fulfilling needs beyond what I thought possible all whilst having a good time!!! Yeeehah!

    • P.S MARIE, Hallelujah to you and your Beloveds continuing to be here sharing your grace and joy. Thank you for sharing your shocking brush with mortality & reminding us of ours.

  425. Marie,

    I am happy that you are your loved ones are ok, and the timing wasn’t worse.

    And I just went and told my husband in his office, next to mine, how much I love him, and how grateful I am he is in my life, and how some times we worry about trivial stuff, and how what matters most to me is that he is in my life and how lucky we are!

    Thank you!
    Whatever bruises or aches you still have I hope they heal very soon,
    Best wishes,


  426. GiGi

    Thank you & I thanked God that you and your friends are ok
    Thankful- Grateful for this life…
    Peace & Grace

  427. Hi Marie

    I’m so so glad you are OK. Those accident are always scary. I hope you are both taking care of, with hugs galore, Bach remedy, arnica granules, green juices and so on.

    Thank you so much for coming on James Creativelive today. Really appreciated you popping in when you could have been resting after that mad and shaking episode. 🙂

    Lots of love from London (UK)

  428. Sydney

    Hi Marie!

    How scary. We’re all just happy you, Josh and Kuma are okay despite some painful bruises. As always I so appreciate your honesty, humbleness and gracious attitude. Hoping you all recover soon.


  429. Hi Marie, sending lots of good thoughts to you, Josh and Kuma. So scary! Hope you all heal quickly.

    Thank you for this video. Was exactly what I needed to hear today. xo

  430. I have to confess that I thought of leaving a comment and thought that with all the hundreds of others on here, what difference would mine make? However I still feel compelled to tell you how concerned I am for you and how glad I am to hear you’re all ok. The world would be a lesser place without you and your beautiful family in it – that much I know.

    And whilst the other driver was in the wrong, what a terrible time for them also, they must be thinking about how they could have so easily caused catestrophic harm to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers go out to them also. Who knows what was going on in their day and in their mind to cause them to be so careless.

    I pray for you and your family that your nightmares will be replaced with comforting thoughts of the love of those you have helped along the way.

    Take some time to recover and regroup, and when that is complete, let’s get back to it, cause we’ve got important life changing work to do Girrrl! Big hugs and warm wishes xo

    • Cheryl

      Marie – great to hear you & Josh were not seriously injured, and everyone’s OK, (and Kuma is not permanently incontinent :0)

      Samantha, I felt the same as you, plus, “will my comment be the one to crash the server?”

      Having been in a similar accident many years ago, I was humbled to find out the “stupid (expletive_deleted) driver” who caused the crash was actually an old man who at been at a nearby hospital all night, keeping bedside vigil with his very ill wife. He had simply fallen asleep at the wheel while driving home for some sleep, a shower & a change of clothes. The poor guy! And I hated that car anyway …. he did me a favour by smashing it beyond repair.

      After the crash, I drove like Nanna for some time, until I realised a few more of the many important lessons from the crash. When your number’s up, it’s up and nothing is going to stop that. But until that day, you’ve got to live fearlessly … and drive normally. Love your life, and everyone in it.

  431. Martha S. Martin

    Life is breeze and we should take advantage of every moment of that precious gift. We are all happy to know that you and your loved ones are fine.

  432. Kim Rowe

    WoW ! What an awesome network of great energy. Thank You,
    for welcome lessons in appreciation.

    • Lori Togerson

      I couldn’t believe it when I first read it Marie 🙁 I am so glad you guys are all okay! I know just how scary that is – I was in a collision very similar many years back and took a while to undo the shock of it – Take care of yourself and family during this time – and I would recommend lots – LOTS of spa days – those help greatly in recovery – Hug and Smile xox

  433. Rosemary

    Glad you are all safe. Thank you for sharing with us. Give lots of love to yourselves. Rosemary

  434. Marie Powell

    When ever these moments happen it reminds me that Spirit has more for us to do! I am grateful to know you, Josh and Kuma are doing good! Peace and Blessings! Be Well!

  435. Joanna

    Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear about the awful car accident. I’m so glad you all are ok. That sounded like a close one! My husband had a gas can explode on him back in 2010 and we are still dealing with various surgeries to get him back on track. He is ten times better then he was but you are right how we all need to let our loved ones know how much we love them because you never know what can happen in one split second.

  436. Donna

    Hi Marie,
    You are an amazing woman. I am so pleased that you are ok. It was the One and Only God who MADE the universe who saved you. You have such a great future and are a true asset to the world. Thank you for being who you are – yourself. You don’t pretend and that’s why you are so successful. Thank you. May our great God continue to bless you and keep you safe.

  437. Kristin Savory

    hot damn! i love marie!!!!

  438. Marie, I’m so glad you are alright! Sending blessings to you and your family as you recover.

    Thank you for being such a positive light in my life. It means so much to me to have female role models in my life, especially writers.

    I know this must have been overwhelming before the start of B-school 2013. Hang in there and take the time to rest. You’re definitely on this planet for an important, loving reason 🙂

  439. Amber

    Holly CR*P! That is so scary. What a relief to know everyone is on the path to an easy mend. If anyone can hash out those alternate scenarios and make them in to a great life lesson it is you. Sending a HUGE cyber hug to you and your family!

    Thank you for still delivering your great service through the bumps and bruises.

  440. Kamina

    I signed up for B-School! 🙂 xx

  441. Sarah

    Hi Marie,

    Really glad you, Josh & Kuma are ok, sounds like an awful experience! I really enjoy watching your videos when I can. I especially love your goofiness pre and post the content. Its good to know we’re all a little weird and fun 🙂 Take care of yourself & do any and all rehab if you have to do any, trust me!! Thanks for doing what you do and one of these days I look forward to joining B-School! Hopefully next time it swings around.

    Sending you healing vibes from Perth, Western Australia

  442. Mary

    Gentle hugs to you and yours…..Please take good care of you .
    Tuesday’s wouldn’t be the same without your A’s to our Q’s.
    Thanks for all you do and inspire.

  443. Oluyinka

    Hello Marie

    Im so glad you all are ok. You are such an inspiration to so many women including myself.I really enjoy watching Marie Tv. Praying you alls speedy recovery and continued blessings .

  444. So glad that you are alright. That’s a shaker upper for sure! Take it easy and I will send you soothing prayers.

  445. Kristin,

    If you want to dance, I would suggest starting with partner dancing – you can even bring your husband and kids. Try swing or salsa or tango dancing, any style – It’s inexpensive and a great way for introverts to break out of their shell. There are lessons almost every week in every major city in the US and abroad. It’s great for adults, not like you have to wear a tutu or do acrobatics. It will change your life.

  446. Marie, I am happy to hear you, Josh, and Kuma are ok, what an experience. This is my first time posting but the perfect time for me to say that I appreciate you and everything you do.

    I look forward to QA Tuesdays where you have great As for the Qs – I’m glad you are a part of my Tuesdays.

    Rest, drink lots of water, get a massage and see the chiropractor.

    Thinking of you! xoxo

    PS Awesome post – one of the best parts of life is learning that it doesn’t matter if you look stupid – still learning 🙂 you get more of what you want this way.

  447. Briony

    Blessings to you and your family. Thankyou for having the courage to share and be an example to us all xo

  448. Hi Marie! Soooo glad you are all okay! Super sorry you got that close call – my boyfriend took a spill riding home on his bike tonight and I had just watched your video earlier – so I was thinking about you again when I was fortunate enough to get the call from him to come pick him up. May God’s angels watch over you and over all of us! We’re too precious to slip through the cracks – feelin’ the gratitude!!!

  449. Crissie

    Marie, much love to you and yours. Get a lot of rest. We are all glad you are ok. Thank you for sharing your story. Stories are what make us human and what connect us to each other. But it takes courage to tell them. Many hugs to you.

  450. Dear Marie, So glad that you are all doing okay considering the horrific accident! And the fact you shared your experience is courage in itself. Thanks for that and wishing you healing thoughts every day. So true. I think about how we never know what each minute holds for us. And therefore, I do strive to NOT give up on my dreams, even if it means doing just a little something every day towards that goal. I’ve grown up thinking I wasn’t good enough or afraid of what others might think. And then I would feel guilty for wanting more in my life. But hey, what’s wrong with wanting to improve and learn and grow which can only benefit yourself AND other people. Why not? It is actually a win-win. And for those who like to please everyone (yup, that’s me), I had to realize that you just can’t. Some people are just not going to like your style or way or manner. And yet, there are many people who will like your style or way or manner and can make a positive affect. How cool is that? It is natural for people who are basically happy with their lives to feel there is more. We are pretty creative people and there is more to share and do. There isn’t anything in the book of life that says if you’re happy, then you’re all done. No need to put a cap on it. Even a good dish may need a bit of spice and seasoning to enrich its flavor. We are creative beings. Let’s go do it! (There, I think I talked myself into it for another day.)

  451. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Thank God you are all okay and escaped with only bruises Marie. Hope there won’t be any delayed physical reactions for any of you.

  452. Hi Marie! Thank God you all are safe, i do relate to your memory flashes as to the quick quick scenario because i was involved in an accident last year and was out with only a scratch. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Listening to and reading your stories really do give me the courage to keep climbing the ladder to my dream live. best wishes to you all.

  453. suzzanne

    I am so glad that you are okay and that everyone in your family is okay as well. What a blessing to be watched over and taken care of by a higher power. Stay strong and get well.

  454. Joyce


    Sending your family warmth, love, and a big ol’ virtual huge. I’m in such gratitude that you remain in total health and wholeness. Your message to us all was well received. Much love to you Diva!!!! And rock on!!

  455. Anastasia

    I almost had tears watching this video. it’s unbelievable but whenever I have some thoughts or fears which stop me from doing what I want – I get your videos, Marie, EXACTLY with the answer I need!! I’ve just taken part in a concert where I performed a song and that was awesome even though I felt I was awful!! very soon I gonna compete in a great dance festival and YES I GONNA DO THIS! whatever junk thoughts my mind produces I just continue training. huge thanks from the bottom of my heart, angel Marie!! love you

  456. Mary

    Hey there Marie! Holy Cow! How fortunate that everyone walked away from the accident. I first saw you on Oprah super soul Sunday and have been following you ever since. Maybe b school will fit into my plans next year! Much gratitude for all the dynamic excellence you deliver each day on juicy topics interspersed with enthusiasm and true isms! Love that keep on talking! I love the Q&A sessions and today especially hit home.
    Breathe, move & smile Mary

  457. Martha

    Good that is all well thank you for all of you teachings.

  458. Mary Ferris

    I am so glad you are OK. When something violent like that happens it stays with you. And The first thing you do is want to hug everyone you love and tell them you love them.

    I did something yesterday that I wasn’t sure I could do. I made it through a dentist appointment. Sounds simple, but I had to have a tooth pulled, rather suddenly, and the big concern for me was staying calm enough to get through the pre-procedure blood pressure check. I am very needle phobic. I had just listened to the video about ‘Can’t vs Won’t’ and I made up my mind that I would find a way to do this, and failure was not an option. It worked. I had faith I could do it. The procedure wasn’t pleasant, I swear nothing hurts like a novocain shot, but I made it through. And I just had to muster the courage to approach it in whatever way was going to work. Thank you Marie, for the intended and unintended ways in which you are impacting your viewers.

  459. Ali

    Hey Marie!

    First of all… Thank goodness y’all are safe after Sunday!

    I used to be so envious of women that were beautiful dancers, and expressed their sensuality in beautiful and empowering ways. I always put dance on this pedestal as something that I couldn’t do and was embarrassed to do (the awkward middle school dances might have had something to do with that). I felt like part of my self-expression was missing from not dancing. My body wanted to move!

    Eventually, I decided to get off my freaking ass and start trying out some dance classes! I just jumped into it, knowing it was what I needed without thinking about it too much and allowing my fear to control me. That was more than 4 years ago, and since then I have gotten deeply involved in a 5Rhythms dance practice, and explored many other dance modalities like belly-dance, choreographed dance, and ecstatic dance in general. I no longer have a fear of dancing, and know that however I move my body is beautiful and just an part of my authentic self expression!

    It has been life-changing and so transformational for me to start expressing myself through dance. Dancing makes me feel beautiful, sensual, and helps me to process and express emotion. My life is better since I worked up the courage to get my ass into that first 5Rhythms dance class and just dance without inhibitions, fully releasing the fear of judgement. This experience channels into my life everyday, as I feel now feel excited to express myself fully – In all my joy, ecstasy, sadness, anger, all of it… Just knowing what comes up is authentic for me.

    To be fully transparent… A dream of mine that I am still timid about sharing with people, is to do dance performances with a troupe or in some kind of show someday. All dance now attracts me and I want to experience it all! So many new pathways in my life have opened up from opening myself in this way.

    Thank you for this inspiring video!

    xoxo Ali

  460. Dorie

    Hi Marie, Glad you and your family are okay. Just wanted to let you know I am a massage therapist and I see clients who have had Motor Vehicle accidents. I don’t know what your plans are for you and your families post accident care. As a professional who sees these cases on a regular basis I am suggesting you seek some treatment. If you can see a Myoskeletal therapist or an Osteopathic Doctor. If you would like further info please e-mail me and I can find you some good people to help. Too often people don’t get treatment and injuries show up later……. just thought I’d mention it. By the way I love that you are a straight shooter and give sound advice!

  461. I am so sorry to hear that terrible story. My worst fear is “a car accident”, because it most likely wont be your fault. I almost hate driving because something could always go wrong. On a totally separate note, I wish I could do everything I wanted involving Pilates. If I had the $, I would attend the free Summit Meetings held in Florida; work with every elder; go to every conference…I would do
    a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y everything learning about Pilates; including your B-School. I am still paying off my Cadillac that I just bought. Everything is just $$$, which I don’t have a lot of right now. You are very inspirational, I would even love my sister to do B-School, (she is not working). The PMA conference and 1 extra per year is all I am going to put on a credit card. All the other stuff will need to wait til I am making enough money to pay for it cash. I will have the $ one day to do it all! Hopefully I will have enough $ to send my sister too to B-School too~ and hope that will be soon.

  462. Marie – sending love to you, Josh and your fur angel. So glad you are all OK. This planet needs you!

  463. Bettyrn

    Wow your video was spot on for me today! Just bought a 2nd home for purpose of being closer to business opportunities, while working at expanding my business and being a member of B school! And talk about feeling scared and nervous with the big step!
    Marie thinking of you and your family at this time. So grateful you did write about the trauma. My business is taking care of people that have been injured so if you want any recommendations let me know, be happy to share.

  464. Hell YES, Marie! I love your “closet hippie” status…I LOVE bein’ a hippie, drum circles, protests, native sweats, and all! Happy to hear you’re delving into something new and creative, too. 🙂

    Much LOVE as always,


    p.s. Endless gratitude for the wellness of you and Josh and Kuma…and for the opportunity to remember how precious every day truly is.

  465. Oh Marie. I’m sending you, Josh & Kuma SO much love and healing wishes. I know how traumatic car accidents are and the assorted feelings that follow.
    I know you have your circle here in LA, but if you need ANYTHING at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
    Lots of love to you girl!

  466. Marie, thank you for your generosity, vulnerability, and courage. Thank you so much for this real reminder. So mighty grateful you’re all ok. Much love & appreciation.

  467. Georgina Vasiliou

    Hi Marie! So glad to hear you and your family are ok! Thank you for doing what you do and being such an inspiration! Love and gratitude x

  468. Jane R

    Oh my goodness Marie,

    I can’t tell you how sick I felt reading your email today. I know that my thoughts and feelings only echo what has already been said but I just had to write to say that I am so glad that you and your family are ok.

    The mini-movies of alternate outcomes are the very worst part of the recovery process and my heart goes out to you all. I won’t tell you to be strong, but I will ask you to be kind to yourself as you go through the physical and mental healing process.

    bright blessings to you and yours,
    with love ox

  469. Brigitte Weber

    sending you lots of love & light in the recovery of your near death experiences! love & light to all of you!!!XXXBrigittexx

  470. So glad you and family are okay! Thanks for being authentic with us, and for being you!

  471. Great post and so glad you are ok!

    Another great bit of information on this is the documentary, “I’m Fine, Thanks.” Talks all about this courage to live the life you desire and there are some great stories of real people who’ve done incredibly, non-socially-expected things.

  472. Lula Brooks

    Wow- I’m so glad that you’re OK too. It must have been a terrifying moment. I had pretty scary moment about 20 years ago. I was nine and I was drowning in the ocean. It felt like some surreal dream that just went on and on. Then just like that some giant man (he seemed giant at the time) came in and rescued me. It took me a while to feel safe again after that. Even now I’m a little bit nervous in the ocean. Take all the time you need. We’ll be here for you.

  473. Carlyle Coash

    Thank you for saying something! I join the rest in offering support and healing to you and your family. Crazy. I have had two experiences such as yours and they took some time to re-balance from. The good thing is you have some strong resources to draw from – and you rock – so I imagine you might be digging in and making sure you care for yourself and your family.

    In terms of the post – oh much needed right now- I would say that recently I have stepped into the feeling scared experience. I was asked to teach a class where I live in San Diego about Buddhist practice. I have taught before on this but this situation seemed to have a different kind of spotlight and responsibility. Still does. I have been teaching it since September and there are times when I feel scared and very self-conscious. Will I make sense? Will people be interested? Do I even have a right to be teaching this at all?

    When this comes up I focus on calming my mind and connecting to my heart and my intention of why I am there. I am there because of the teaching and wisdom that is present. So I trust in that wisdom. There have been some weeks where I get push back about an aspect of the teaching and that can be scary as well. How to have a dialogue and perhaps disagree on something. Does that mean I am a bad person for countering that person? Lots of my own stuff can come up, but again I can breathe, remember my seat and trust that perhaps the interchange can benefit both of us. Some times the best learning can come from this.

    It is a work in progress, but the key thing is stepping into the nervousness and the open space of it all. I have an idea of things and I am open to learning more. It requires some grace but it is worth the step forward. After all the fear and scared feelings are just my own mind. Those are changeable.

    Thanks Marie for creating this opportunity and community. As many here have said – anything you need. L.A. is not far away. A deep bow to you and your family.

  474. I’m so glad you’re OK. Peace and healing to you and your family.
    Always appreciate your willingness to be real and share your ‘human-ness.’

  475. DaceYoga

    Wow Marie, sounds pretty scarey. So glad you are all okay. God has bigger plans for you, so he isn’t ready for you yet, but he just reminds us how short life really is. Stay focused and your beautiful positive self will continue to shine like the sun. Love you Marie Namaste~tracie

  476. Bernadette

    Hello Marie,

    I’m thrilled to hear you and your loved ones are well. I’ve sent blessings and prays to you and your loved ones. We are so blessed to have you in our life and you know zillions more just like me are coming your way. So please take good care and be well.

  477. Jennifer P

    Thank God you are all ok!

    A drum circle… really?!! That’s completely & totally awesome! 🙂

    I love the idea that most of the time we’re in a slump, we’re just bored. So true. I always feel better when I try something new.