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Now THIS is a topic I’ve been itching to cover for a long time. In fact, I’ve gotten countless emails, questions and comments about it . . .

But here’s the problem. I’m not fully qualified to address it.

To be fair, I do have some experience in this department, as you’ll hear, but it ain’t nothing compared to what some of you are working to navigate each and every day.

Here’s just a sample of what inspired today’s episode:

New moms, don’t victimize yourself. Learn to shift from “woe is me” to “WOW is me!” @GlowMaven Click To Tweet

“Yeah…all this advice is great Marie, but what if I have a newborn baby at home? Do you have any tips for us working moms?”

“Marie, I love your productivity advice, but I’m pregnant and about to become a single mom. Got anything specific for me?”

“What if my husband doesn’t support my business dreams and he’s the main breadwinner? He wants me to focus on taking care of the baby, but I want more out of my life. HELP!”

If you’re a new mom, or dad, and you’re trying to balance being the best parent you can be with creating a business and life you love, today’s episode of MarieTV is made especially for YOU.

Click play to learn some practical wisdom every working mom needs to know.

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You can check out Latham’s book here or learn more about Latham on the MamaGlow site.

Now here’s what’s really important about today’s episode.

As I said before, we get a lot of emails about this.

My hunch is there are thousands, if not millions of new moms and dads who would love some tips, advice and encouragement.

So here’s my vision.

Let’s crowd source the best wisdom, tips, tools, techniques and strategies for all of our working parents in the comments below.

Whether you’re managing your business and a baby and have some wisdom to pass along, or your parents did a great job raising you while they were raising their company…

I really want to hear from YOU!

So right now, leave a specific, actionable comment below.

Thank you as always, for reading, watching and sharing.

With so much love!


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  1. Latham — You are amazing and your son, what a stud!!

    My favorite tip was Take Goddess Time – I can’t get reminded of that enough.

    As a parent, I also practice a NO RULES philosophy when it comes to all of this.

    Different things work for different people and different and different kids. For example I was able to take my first daughter off to college with me more than 14 years ago and it was easy as pie because my 1st daughter was nice and calm.

    Today I have a 2 year old and can hardly keep up — She’s got loads of personality and energy and momma needs more goddess time!

    Thanks for bring Latham on the show, Marie!

    Good stuff!!

    • Wow! Thank you Marie! I have a 10 year old step daughter, a 19 month old girl and a 4 month old boy and I NEEDED this week’s Q & A. It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

    • Amber, I know what you mean. The more you mother yourself, the more energy you will have and remember to call on your network for support. Set aside some glow time each week. Keep me posted! Thank you for watching. xoxo

    • Thanks so much for talking about moms and business. I was waiting for this. Latham had a lot of great points and I really appreciate it. I don’t know Latham’s story and how she started her business. I will say that as amazing as it is that she works with celebrity endorsements, It would also be great for viewers to see a Mama biz owner who is NOT quite there yet…Its all about the steps and making it happen right Marie? I keep thinking of the progression of Marie Tv and how you started videoing yourself on your webcam and now look at you sister! I am starting my you tube videos soon vis my webcam and will taking steps towards more amazingness as the days move forward. I would love to be on Marie TV, I am a Nutritional Consultant and a Wellness organizer living and working in Sonoma county ( northern Cali n45 mins north of San Francisco). I own my own Business and I am also Operation Manager of a local Organic Skin Care company called Rosemira Organics. I am married to a very supportive hubby and have a Very active 3.5 year old. I am a Busy Bee. Being Busy was my inspiration to name my business Busy Bee Nutrition. I just think it would be great to have a Mama on your show that was not in the celebrity circle yet so people can visualize the steps and feel inspired…Please consider me! I would love it…I also just started teaching a hip hop call called the Hip Hop Mamas..Us Mamas need to let loose and get our grove on!!! my website is still being worked on but check it out…I look forward to hearing from you soon maybe…..thanks for this great episode of Marie TV..I feel even more inpired

    • Amber (and all the other mommas) – I’ve been there too, running a business while my little ones were young. I’m teaching a FREE webinar on Balance for Busy Moms on Sunday Feb 10 at 10-11 am PST. I’d be honored for you to attend–come on over to to get all the goodness and love.

      Marie, Thanks for everything. You keep me going!

      • Cecilia your webinar sounds exactly like what I NEED right now. Heading over there to check it out!

    • Elizabeth Trimble

      excellent excellent topic!!!

      And I absolutely adore the term “Goddess!” From this point forward, i will allow myself to think this way about MYSELF!

      In regards to your subject, It can be challenging to put myself (as a woman) first when there are so many balls to juggle!

      I will be honest, my husband always tells me “your brain is a mouse in a wheel.” And my response (with much love of course): “I am a full time mother, wife, work 40 hours a week, exercise 5 days a week, ON TOP of it all, still pleasing my man…pffff…Momma deserves a fucking emmy!”

      Women are insanely strong! And the more we recognize our abilities, the more credentials we can give ourselves!

      For “mommy time,” when I am grasping for change, i re-decorate! I have all my boys (husband/son) out the house, pour me a fabulous glass of wine, turn on my reggeatone through out the entire place, and begin rearranging a room, wall, whatever it may be! I am a home-body and LOVE what both my husband and I have built together, literally with our own hands. Why not enjoy what our $$ goes too?!

      And as I sit here and attempt to respond, ironically enough, I am now realizing that focusing on ME is loving on both my husband & son, having the laundry done, the kitchen clean, the house picked up, both vehicles fresh, and exercising. That is the “me time.” And the reason why I say this, is because it’s me, truly appreciating the amazing gifts this life offers. It’s my way of saying thank you to god/universe. haha. call me crazy.

      Just gonna say, shit just got real!

      <3 from the south

    • Liz

      Here’s a Don’t that might not apply to everyone. I thought my husband should watch the kids while I made my phone calls because “it’s not babysitting, it’s parenting” but it made him hate my business and it was not a plus for our relationship or his parenting.

  2. It is always a balancing act between work/life, family/friends. I have struggled with this most of my life and tried many different organizing tools and systems. I finally built my own (Actionplanr), a goal planning software tool designed to help individuals balance their work/life, organized their plans, and manage their projects.
    Thanks for shedding some light on this Marie.
    Keep up the awesome work!

    Brenda Horton

  3. I’m not a mom but I really enjoyed the “getting people on board for your vision” tip. And I’m tucking away the other tips for a later date, should they become necessary. 😉

    • That resonated with me, too! I didn’t get my business really launched until a few years ago when my kids were 5 and 7, and so many people think that because I’m a mom, my business is a little “side thing.” So I’ve been coming to this realization that it’s up to me to be clear on my vision, but hearing these two ladies spell it out really drove it home.

      • I agree with the “side thing”. For some reason if you are a mom people think your pursuits are hobbies rather than entrepreneurship. So it is really about you staying focused and speaking your vision and getting folks on board.

        • I agree, about the “side thing” and yes, I need to speak my vision to others much more, but part of my issue is my own perception/confidence about my business – I myself buy into the “side thing” idea about my own business and in the language I use when speaking about it shows this…”my little business” “just an etsy shop and soon markets” . I can see belief and confidence are my real issues here.

        • AMEN, ladies!!! It’s about saying “YES!” to financial success AND “YES!” to amazing family life while being a powerful woman.

  4. I have built my business as a psychic over the last 5 years with two busy boys- and it was very difficult a lot of the time- However I reminded myself that owning my own business I can set my own hours- and I did- they were usually very sporadic- but it worked- Daycare was fantastic- but lots of you may not be able to afford it- we could not afford daycare or a housekeeper or any extra help for a long time- I was the main caregiver and my hubby worked- I worked when I could- Ladies- you can do it- I bitched a lot of the time- but then decided it doesn’t help- When I shifted my thinking and went with the flow of my kids and stopped trying to fight it- I was able to really build things up- Today- I have older kids- more independent- a housekeeper twice a month and help if needed most of the time- Also- take nap time as meditation time- connect- lots say to use it as work time- I needed that break so I could keep going the rest of the day- I would have my kids meditate with me if possible- keep going ladies- you can do it- This to shall pass is also a great affermation in the midst of crazyville!

    • Jacquelyn

      Thank you for sharing Jodie 🙂 I am in the second year of building my psychic practice and I completely understand the sporadic-ness of it. While I do not have small children, I have one very big one (who is also the breadwinner and quite needy), a few pets and a very large house and property to take care of–and we travel ALOT so it can be difficult to schedule readings without having anxiety about whether or not I will be interrupted, feel stretched, or even be around. I am also trying to go with the flow more ~ like being fully present when traveling to new places, and trusting that the Universe will support me and any adjustments I need to make with my business. And, I have been trying to create more boundaries for myself (like designated reading days/times and blocks of time for blogging/writing)–me time that needs to be respected no matter what. It’s working…slowly 🙂 Glad to know I’m not alone.

      • Seems like we all share a similar story. Time to create a shift…

    • Jodie, It’s good to know that someone else suffered with the odd hours, and the bitching!! I’m in the zone of trying to switch my thinking as well as like you said it doesn’t help!

  5. I’m not a mom (yet) but I want to add that I think another important reason why you need to drop the guilt and take the time necessary to recharge is because you are modelling best practices for your children. If all you do is sacrifice and serve all the time, you’re teaching your children (especially the girls) that that’s what is right. Leading by example is almost always the most effective teaching tool for children so let’s teach them how to care for themselves by example so that they don’t in turn, burn out in this increasingly digital age.

    • Amen to this!

      • Absolutely

        • Dara Kelly

          Yes Heather!
          Modelling is so important. I work as a translator, teach fitness and go to aerial circus classes and dance kizomba for fun. I tell my daughter that it’s important for Moms to have fun time as well. I don’t want her to grow up and think that if she becomes a Mom she doesn’t get to leave the house! I’m also showing her that being a single mom over 40 does not preclude me from starting new activities, my own business and making it happen. I want to inspire and empower her.

    • Heather I so agree with you!!! I have two girls (3 and 1), have to set a great example for them! Thanks for that insight 🙂

    • YES! As a Parenting Expert to Working Moms, this is EXACTLY what I tell them. You’ll do just fine since you already “get” this very important point:)

    • Lynn Korst

      Great wisdom Heather. You will be a great Mom. I completely agree!

    • Yes, yes,yes,yes, YES!!! The children are observing and learning how to treat themselves and get things done and BE happy, by what you are modeling. It’s probably one of the most important things you can remember and teach. My motto and e-book written especially for Moms running a family and business under the same roof teaches the mindsets and “you first” routine that I had to learn to master. Sooooo incredibly important. Flexibility is important, too, because inspiration isn’t on a schedule. It hits when you are open to receive it. Stay calm, be happy, and have FUN…especially when things seem like they are getting tough.

  6. Latham, thank you! I LOVE your calm demeanor and your grounded approach – it’s completely apparent why you are the successful mom and business woman you are. Thank you for sharing.

    Putting these Glow tips into practice and adding my one simple tip – calendar. I have infinitely increased my ‘productive time’ as a mom and a business woman by taking set time every week or two to calendar the 24 hours a day I’ve been given!

    Thanks Marie for your endless encouragement!

    • Thank YOU Bonnie! We all need our reminders. We are leaders and visionaries and need to recharge our batteries so we can perform at peak level. I also have to be reminded. It’s working on those boundaries and knowing that what you have to offer is so needed. Thank you for watching!

  7. Tina

    There is a program designed just for moms seeking that fragile balance of work and life in general. Here’s where you can get more resources: Advocates for Balanced Living

  8. Great segment!

    I birthed my coaching business the same year I birthed my daughter, who just turned 8, and then added my son to the mix 2 years later. My family has always been my priority – and I’ve been able to build a multiple 6-figure business, in less than 15 hours a week (8 when they were newborns), while keeping my Family First. You can do it, but you have to have the right mindset about what’s realistic (not as much as you want) as well as what’s possible (way more than you think ;-)). Release your hold on time because IT (success, money, recognition, etc.) won’t happen fast enough when you’re a full-time parent, unless you have some serious help. And there’s nothing wrong with having help – having support is really important – but if you’re like I was, with no help by choice (I wanted my own business so I could stay home to raise my kids myself) and no support (with the exception of my husband), know you CAN do it and usually all it takes is an adjustment in expectations and some guidance by those who’ve done it. See, you’ll never get these days back with your children – but you’ll always have the opportunity to make whatever kind of money or create whatever kind of success you want… 🙂

    • Hi Alicia,
      What kind of coaching do you do, and can you share some concrete steps you were able to take to build your business while your kids were younger? I have a 3 year old and another on the way in a couple of months, and am hoping to build a health coaching business. But still working full time now at a job I hope I don’t have to return to after the baby is born. Am struggling with where to put my energy, in finding a new (short-term) sustainable job where I don’t have a killer commute, or building a business (which I’ve not really started yet)

      • Cara –

        I did a best case/worst case list for the choices that I was entertaining while pregnant with my son. At the end of that exercise, I knew that the only choice for me was to create my own business.

        While pregnant — I made my “everything, including the kitchen sink” list. This was a list of everything I thought I needed to do.

        I think a solid, concrete step to take is to map out what your public exposure will be. I would think most businesses need a website at minimum. I researched WordPress and did my own site from . Now 1.5 years in I am working with another small business owner to refine my site. I found that just starting with the plan of the website it gave me a structure to many other aspects of the business. When I had to write the “about” section, and the products/services that I offered — each of those sections gave me direction on what to focus on next.

        Good luck!

    • Jacquelyn

      Thank you for those words 🙂

    • Adjust your expectations. That says it all!

    • This is really great wisdom! thank you Alicia! It helps to be reminded that it may not all happen as fast when you make this choice: I also am choosing to do what I do as a health coach to be able to be home with my 2 year old. How blessed I feel to have both–so to remind yourself that you can have it all–just may take a little longer for the precious gift of time with your kids! Adjusting the expectations is great advice! I also have made choices in my business that make it easier–such as recording my nutrition classes to be available on-demand so I am not having to do them live as often–and people can take them anytime from anywhere! My audience tends to be busy parents–juggling it all–so it works better for them anyway! 🙂 Thanks for the wisdom!

    • I love your share Alicia. I agree, I built a business that would allow me the time to spend with my son because my goal- to have time with him. You don’t get these years back so enjoying every minute and the struggle too is so important. You CAN do it and you’re a powerful example of that. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This is a very hard challenge, but I was told something once that really changed the way I let my guilt go. Here’s the secret: It’s not about finding balance. There’s no such thing. It’s like we’re all jugglers, spinning plates. When we see that one is about to fall, we turn our attention to it and spin it harder to keep it going. I love this idea because now I’m not shooting for something that doesn’t exist. When you see that an area of your life needs extra attention (even yourself!), put focused attention on that for awhile, and it will allow you to keep moving forward. We can’t be all at all times, but we can still enjoy everything at different times in our lives :).

    • Tawana, I totally agree.

      I think one of the biggest problems we all face is that we are socialized to have incredibly unrealistic expectations. We think the perfect mom is some kind of mix between stay-at-home 50s house wife and business power player.

      We want to think we can “have it all” but I this idea is so damaging to women’s self esteem because when we fail at doing it all we think there’s something wrong with us.

      You CANNOT be a full time mom plus a full time entrepreneur. I love my children and I love my budding buisiness but unless I clone

      • cont. from above (my lovely 2 year old just hit the send button 😉

        unless I clone myself, it’s impossible for me to devote 100% of myself to both at the same time.

        The best any of us can do is be mindful of which “plate” needs the most attention and to enjoy the moment we are in.

        And of course, stop holding ourselves to impossible standards.

        My mommy tip: I’m a night owl by nature and lately I’ve given in to that and sleep while my 2 year old naps. That way when I put the kids to sleep, I have enough energy to get some stuff done at night while still getting enough sleep.

  10. Erin Giles

    Thank you so much Marie for talking about this! I’ve been at home with Zoe for a year and a half and although it has its challenges, it’s the greatest gift to be home for her and run my biz from home!

    • You’re welcome Erin (and everyone – thank you guys) — I’m so excited to see the spirit, love and sharing happening in this post. So grateful to be a part of it.

  11. Marie + Latham, THANK YOU!

    I’m not a mother (yet) but I cannot wait to get my hands on the advice of other inspirational parents. And as a fairly new business owner I can speak to how much this advice reminded me to remember self-care. I equate my work and career to having a kid, and I’m HORRIBLE at remembering to take time for me. To breathe.

    Loved this Q&A, it meant a lot. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks Julia, so happy it hit home for you. Especially for women, remember the self-care thing is an important habit we ALL need to be reminded of. xo

  12. A supportive husband/partner is so key. I can’t tell you how many times I was about to give up on my new site because I was so tired from being with the kids all day. Even then, I found that the biggest person setting me back was me. So one day, after my kids starting sleeping through the night and I got my brain back, I decided this was it. That one decision made the biggest difference in the world. A few other things –

    1. I get dressed for work. I’ve taken out of the back of my closet my work clothes and a I put on make up. I’m still at home, but no sweats to work.
    2. Log in. I’ve made myself accountable to myself. I have a Work log in sheet and I see how many hours I’ve worked per week and what I’ve done. Once a week I review it.
    3. Respect your time. When I’m with my kids I’m with my kids. Then when I need a break I tell them Mommy needs to do some work. They go play. I check my emails. It lasts anywhere from 10-20 minutes. I make sure not to neglect my husband. He’s my #1 supporter. So when he comes home, I make sure to spend time with him. Then when I sit at my desk after my kids and husband go to sleep, for the next 4 hours I’m working.

    True I haven’t gotten much sleep, but I’m used to it by now. I’m happier because I’m going for it.

    • Judy – you must be so pleased you did go for it….. your business looks very impressive having just had a peek at your site. My little boy has just turned 5 months old so I’m still in the adjustment phase but the sleep is (slowly) getting better so evenings are becoming my focused time. It was good to read your comment about not neglecting your hubby. My husband is also my biggest supporter and takes care of everything in the evening so I can have some time to work….but I’ve not spent any quality time with him for a while. Thanks for the reminder!

      • Thanks so much for checking out http://bigbabysmallspace. I’ve been working really hard on it. I’m glad it’s finally looking the way I envisioned it about a year ago.

        While I was working on the website, I read an early interview by Diana Gabaldon from the Outlander series. Love those books! She said something like she not only had to put the kids to bed, but her husband too. Wink! Wink! I thought you go girl. I took a page out of her book and my husband barely complains about the late hours I keep now on my biz.

    • Judy,

      Great tips! I’m with you – get dressed for work and be mindful of the time/activities that you are doing. This helped me so much.

      • If I ever forget that I should be concentrating on my kids when I’m with them, they totally remind me. Likewise I remind them that Mommy also needs time for herself.

        When things get out of control, as they sometimes do, I institute “homework” time. My kids are both under 5 and think homework is the best thing ever. I bring out their activity books, crayons and markers. I place my computer at their kids table and we all do our “very important work.” Then do show and tell. I show them my website and they show me what they colored.

        • Such a cute idea! I’m all for involving them as much in everything as we can. I think one of the biggest mistakes parents can do is tunderestimate their children.

    • I definitely do the Get Dressed for Work bit too. Makes one treat the biz like a biz:)

    • Awesome Judy! I too get dressed everyday!! World of difference! I’ve even had some moms on my team drive out the driveway, to then pull back in and go through the front door to their home office. Talk about a difference in perspective! 😉 I’m heading over to check out your site now!

      • Ha I love that idea of driving out and back again to walk through the front door for a new day at work!

      • Judy, Jackie, I love the get dressed for work idea and the driving in and out of the drive way is a cracker!! I drive the kids to school, so when I get back I will treat it like I am driving to my work place when I come back through the door. Thanks for these great tips! 🙂

    • Hi Judy!

      Thanks so much for sharing your site! It looks awesome!

      I’m an acupuncturist and am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I own a community acupuncture clinic, but I’ll need to take some time away when the baby is born and will probably only be returning part-time when I do go back. I’m hoping to make up for some lost income by starting a natural remedies blog (Happy Mama, Healthy Baby) directed toward pregnant women and new mothers. I’m currently working on content offline while getting the bones of the site up and running.

      So my question for you is this… Are you just making money through ad revenue and affiliate links? Is that creating real income for you? I’d like to eventually have a store incorporated on mine that will allow me to sell supplements, homeopathic remedies, etc that are only available through licensed practitioners, but for now I’ll just be writing articles and using Amazon affiliate links. I’m just wondering what the possibility for real revenue is using that model. I hope this question isn’t too personal, but I’d appreciate any feedback (from you or anyone else!).

      • Hi Kelly,

        The basic model at this point is to earn revenue through affiliate marketing, then advertising and then direct drop shipping. As I just started out, built over time, but literally unveiled this past week, I can’t tell you yet how it’s all worked out. But I’m crossing fingers and giving it a go.

        If you’d like me to follow up with you in let’s say three months, visit the site’s contact page and I’ll email you back directly.


  13. Mia

    Thank you for that! Great Interview!

    I have three kiddos under 9. I started my design biz a year before I got pregnant with the first. It definitely has its challenges. Like right now, I had a day full of meetings planned and two of my girls are home sick from school! (Got to watch the video 🙂 )

    But it also has so many rewards… My kids taught me that no one needs to work 5 days a week. Things like nursing were not a problem when they we babies because my schedule was flexible. And now, I get to pick up my kids from school everyday at 3:00.

    The primary bread winner thing does come up… I am the one who stays home on vacation days or sick days. I just have to remember to really take care of myself on those days (like today) even though part of me feels like any extra time I have should be at my computer!

    I am currently trying to change what I do and start a new business after 10 years! I am starting by collecting a group of people who believe in me, my kids, and my biz, and wow, what a difference that makes! Starting b-school soon, so maybe then I can become even more efficient, and maybe even the bread winner…. Though I always want to be able to snuggle on sick days!

    • Good for you on starting another business! I agree that there is nothing better than being able to snuggle those kiddos on sick days, snow days, etc.

      • Mia — your story sounds so much like mine! I recently sold my 10 year old design biz after 10 years and am starting a new adventure. It has been VERY rewarding and just feels right. Before making the leap, I was worried I was doing the wrong thing because my business was very successful and I had worked so hard to build it up. My heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

        Anyway, good luck to you and your new adventure. I’m excited for you!

  14. I love that you tackled this today Marie — one of my big changes for 2013 will be focusing on this exact topic with new mamapreneurs! I found myself pregnant with twins in 2009 — less than a year after I had launched my biz — and am about to welcome my third child next week!

    After working with dozens of women 1×1 who are going through this transition, I would have to say my #1 piece of advice is to be patient with yourself and know what your biggest priorities are. For me, I wanted to spend as much of that first year as possible with my twins. I wanted to breastfeed. I wanted to really have the new mama experience. So I slowed down my biz to accommodate my family that year and ramped up when I was ready. This time around, I’m more confident in myself as a mama and have set up my biz to allow me the most flexibility in my life for this baby while still keeping up the pace of my biz. That meant a huge shift from working primarily 1×1 with clients to offering group programs… but it’s been an amazing payoff for my family time.

    I’d love to connect with any other mamas who have navigated this transition successfully! I’m planning to launch my mama-centered program later this spring 🙂

    • Great advice Racheal. When you slowed down your business, were you concerned about losing momentum and finding it difficult to regain it? I have just had no2 (4 weeks ago) have a 22 month old, and nothing means more to me right now than being with my family, so I have stepped back from my business for a couple of months, but a piece of me is just hoping I don’t lose traction with my clients/followers etc. Love to hear your take on this.

  15. Self-care is HUGE! “”If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Taking time to take care of you (even if it is just 30 minutes in a quiet room – ALONE) will make all the difference in how inspired you are to take action.

    Take baby-steps. I left a career in entertainment and went full time in my child advocacy and parent education business when I was pregnant. The thought of accomplishing all I was dreaming of seemed insurmountable at the time. Do one step at a time. It grows fast!

    Affirmations – if you wake up thinking you have no time, you are exhausted or you can’t handle the baby and the work – then you won’t have the right frame of mind to accomplish anything. Daily morning and evening affirmations are critical to changing your beliefs which can hold you back from achieving your goals!
    Love this topic! Thanks, Marie!

    • Morning meditation has been a real life saver for me Lori, and planning your next day the evening before is huge.

      • Amen! My one hour yoga/meditation time went down to five minutes when baby was born. But making it a priority and meditating even when I was exhausted made me more for fulfilled, focused and energized. I commit to five minutes per day, anytime, but usually I can go a little bit longer.

        • Meditation went to the wayside for me too when I had babies. I only went to it when I desperately needed the quiet time. Now I think it’s time to go back to a regular practice.

        • As a former tennis coach fitness is a huge priority for me. But with a 22 and 6 month old time is limited. So I do HIIT for 10 or 15 min when my son is having his breakfast. Or when we are in the garden. It is more then enough to make me feel energized for the day!

      • Many thanks Marie and Latham, for such a great Video. I love your ‘planning the next day the evening before tip’ Marie! I am going to try this!

  16. I love baby wraps, carriers, and backpacks.

    The wrap allowed me to nurse and type at the same time (though I believe in interaction during nursing, if a baby is half asleep and sucking away for comfort, I don’t think they care whether you are typing or not). Also, baby slept better and longer next to me.

    The wraps, slings, and (when a bit older) baby backpacks allowed me to carry babies while I did housework and they were awake. They learned a lot watching me work and were comforted by being close to me. This enabled me to take advantage of nap time for my business even though I couldn’t afford a housekeeper.

    The challenge becomes greater as children get older and nap times are fewer and shorter. I was able to barter services with a Montessori school that had a half day toddler program. As the children are able, get them to help with housework and business work as much as possible. It empowers them and helps you. My two-year-old puts dishes in the dishwasher and my four-year-old stuffs envelopes.

  17. Thank you for the episode.
    Tip 5 is in my view really the foundation for being a good mother, successful business owner and live a content life. If you don’t look after yourself all the other areas wont be sustainable as you will either resent, burn out or lack the energy to get things done. Its part of my big vision and mission to get the message out to all mothers to look after themselves as soon as their babies and small children’s basic needs are met. I want this to be common sense and practised by every mother. Just imagine what potential that would set free.
    I want to add three tips:
    1) Make sure you meet your basic needs. Sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry and if that means that it takes a bit longer to grow your business thats OK. Again you will have more energy in the long run.
    2) Make a conscious decision of how much time you want to spend with your child. The last thing you want to do is to look back and have regrets either way. I think this is key to not feeling like a victim.
    3) Don’t waste time on social media or TV. I often find myself tired after a day with the children on the computer or in fron if the TV instead of in bed. I feel I should do some work but am really too tired so instead I randomly spent time on Facebook, Pinterest etc or watch some TV that I don’t care about. That does serve neither me nor my business. Its a state of denial that I am slowly coming out of and another step in self-care. I certainly feel a lot better and am more productive as a result.

  18. Great tips! I’m not a mom, but I related to this video by thinking about how my day job is like my child. It requires my love and attention, and I have to be focused on it even when I’d rather be working on my own business. The tip that stood out to me most was the ‘don’t be a victim’ tip (I’m embarrassed to say that I sometimes do this). It made me think about how I can shift my focus from ‘woe is me I have to work a 9-5,’ to ‘I’m so lucky to have a job that supports me and allows me to pursue my dreams.’ Thanks as always Marie!

    • Awesome Darcy! Nothing to be embarrassed about with feeling like a victim. I don’t know any human being who doesn’t slip into that from time to time. If you can catch it, have a sense of humor about it, and get back in an emotional space of gratitude and perspective (there’s always someone who has it 1000X worse) you’re golden.

    • Darcy! I can so relate :). I keep telling myself…I honor my day job because it allows me to invest in my business *and* makes me not stress about paying the bills…both very very good things :).

  19. As a mother of 3 (8,3,newbie) and a business owner I help many amazing women drop the guilt and build their dream life while raising a kick-ass family.

    I agree with ALL these tips Latham shared.
    If you are finding it difficult, the BIGGEST tip I can give you is start somewhere.

    Get use to taking care of yourself and ease into the discomfort. That is where the magic happens.

    I am a HUGE advocate for being the role model you want for your children. If you are not showing them that their vision is worth value, who else will show them?

    Breathe. You got this!

    Much love ladies (and mamas).


  20. Looove this episode! Though I’m not yet a mum, I feel like I could apply Latham’s advice to my life. I especially love the tip on using nap time for strategising and also hiring someone to do the chores whilst you get things done. It takes a village to raise a child and a village to raise a business- I totally agree with having an arrangement that gives you support and that allows you to also support other mums.

    I learn so much from you Marie, Can’t wait for B-School 2013!!!

    • Rock on Victoria! See you in class in March 🙂

  21. Even though your hubbie is the primary breadwinner, ask him to commit to blocks of time during the week that allow you to be “baby free” and tend to your business. A good relationship is give & take. Plus, he will be surprised by how much all those “extra” hugs and kisses energize him for his work!

    • Love that Sheryl. One idea for the next level: “extra” hugs and kisses from the baby and YOU will likely send him to the moon (in a good way!) xo

  22. Wow! Serious nuggets there Latham! Thank you Marie for the intro to Mama Glow!!

    I know that when I was setting up my business online when my daughter was just over a year old I felt hugely overwhelmed. I was already running a business, taking care of my baby full time and trying (unrealistically) to be the domestic godess at home in order to support my husband’s business. I was often too proud to ask for help which often made me resent other’s for not offering – that was when I said STOP!!!

    I got a few hours of help a week and I moulded my business to function AROUND my babes schedule – morning nap was for planning, afternoon nap for ME and after bedtime was when I hit the client calls. It worked really well until she got older and then started going to daycare and then day times are for ME to work, and for me to be ME and the afternoons and evenings are for us to do whatever her little 2.5 yr old self so desires!

    Being crazy detailed about planning was the only way I could get anything done – BUT! I was also easy and cool about the days when the nap didn’t happen, or she got sick and had to stay home – LIFE HAPPENS!

    We work to live, not the other way around, and as mamas we ALWAYS need reminding that we deserve that “me time” too!

    • You got it lady! Glad you enjoyed it. Take that time for you.

  23. all great tips! A few months after my baby arrived, I discovered I could use nursing time to brainstorm ideas and strategy for my business, as well as blog posts topics and sales copy. There’s something about cuddling a baby that really brings forth my creativity. I kept a notepad within reach to capture my inspiration. Sudenly the time I was devoting to childcare proved to be incredibly supportive of my career, not against it.

    • YES!!!!!! I remember nursing, bonding, and brainstorming 🙂

  24. Mel

    When I saw the subject of this week’s episode, I have to say that as a single childless 20-something, I wasn’t too jazzed. But after watching this video I am SO energized! Thanks for giving me the boost to take my day from “woe is me” to “wow is me.” I also want to send lots of love and supportive energy to the moms out there–I have so much respect for you ladies. You inspire me! <3

  25. I’m not a mom yet, but I absolutely loved this episode, because before I do step into the working Mom role, it’s my goal to get my business to a point where it doesn’t require my time and attention 24/7. The tips were amazing, and I’m definitely filing them away for the future!

  26. Wow! I wish this advice had come my way 4 years ago. I did the exact opposite of what Latham suggested. (I victimized myself, lost myself to motherhood, took absolutely no “goddess” time, etc.) It’s only now that my daughter is 5 and I’m 3 years into my business journey that I’ve learned my lessons and starting to rock in my business.

    Everything Latham said is 100% true and is why I started the stay @ home attorney blog last month. I’m trying to create a supportive on-line community for attorney-moms building their practices around their family, just like me.

    Another bit of advice I would suggest to Moms is ask for help. A lot of women think they can and have to do absolutely everything ourselves which is so not true. I would be mad at my hubby because he didn’t see my struggles, but to be honest, I never let him see me struggle. To him, I looked calm, cool and collected when inside I was crumbling. When I finally admitted that I wasn’t doing well, he was surprised and supportive.

    If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

    • Yeah! I just followed your blog! I love meeting other SAH attorney/moms.

      • KelliJP

        Thank you!

  27. The answers are out there Marie, and they’re waiting for you at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference where powerful women like Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior, Arianna Huffington and others will speak about the challenges they face. I can arrange a press pass for you to come and cover the event and discounts for your readers. Won’t you please consider joining us? It’s the place to Be.

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      It’s Louise from Team Forleo, I’ve written you directly in regards to your kind offer. Thank you for diving in and contributing!
      All the best,

  28. I keep thinking I don’t want to have kids for a while because I want to build my business first and not have to choose or put things on the backburner. But truth be told, these tips are good for me now too! (well maybe not the nap one just yet 🙂 The theme I see here is about being bold about your vision and empowered in how you take care of yourself. Thanks for bringing this to us, Team Forleo and Latham! I’ll share with any momma biz owners I know.

  29. Great advice. I had a baby this year and still managed to grow my business by 40% this year! What worked for me is, first of all, preparing before the baby was born. I made long term plans that continued to work for me after the baby came. I prepared jewelry inventory in advance, scheduled advertising, everything that could be done ahead of time.
    Second thing is realizing that there are things I can do at this time of my life and others that I can’t, and that’s ok. There will be time for other things later. So I focused all my energy on the things that can be done and made the best of it.
    Third thing is something you mentioned as well, get help. My husdband was very helpful and supportive and his help was a major factor in being able to do this.
    Last thing is – flexible hours. I adapted my working hours to the baby’s hours.
    It is more difficult and there are some opportunities that you miss out but I personally just felt happy that I could combine being a mom and being a businesswoman and doing this on my own terms.

  30. Thank you Marie and Latham for focusing on mama-preneurs. Judging by the number of hats mama-preneurs wear, we are multi-passionate by nature. I am a wife, mother, attorney, teacher, and business owner. My son will be 2 in May and he is the reason that I consciously decided to pursue and create my own path as an attorney/business owner.

    My tips would mirror Latham’s closely. Above all else you have to do what is right for you and your family. How I craft my day-to-day schedule is based on my “big picture” goals. The balance that works for me might not be a good balance for someone else.

    Dream big and plan small. I have my “ultimate” goals and my nitty-gritty super small details. The nitty-gritty is how the big dream comes into play. The tips that I use to make the nitty-gritty get done (and have FUN doing it) are below:

    Playtime Development/Strategy/Etc.. It’s amazing the concepts that I can talk out or flesh out while playing blocks or cars. My son has heard more legal jargon and ideas than I’m sure anyone would ever want to listen to. But what he cares about right now is time with me. Practicing my “legal explanations” on him while we are playing has helped me be able to explain these same concepts to customers. My customers LOVE that I can explain complicated trust planning with a bucket, a toy car, some Fisher Price people, etc. Now, depending on the ages of your kids, you’d have to adjust this tip as needed, but I’m sure that there is some part of any business that kids can help with. And just like adults like being involved in something that you are excited about — kids are 100 times even more excited. (He loves the music from Marie TV episodes — dancing fool he is!)

    Stick It: I work from home (virtual law business) and can easily lose time doing all the house stuff that is ever present. To help maximize my time for the business I put all the chores/tasks (dusting, mudroom pick up, vacuuming, laundry, etc.) on popsicle sticks. Each task is maybe 10-15 minutes. My husband will pick a stick when he has time, I pick a stick when I need a “coffee break” and the result is that the house just kinda “purrs” instead of “roaring” for attention. I am happy, tasks are delegated, and I am not in charge of enforcing it. When the task is done it gets put back in the container upside down and when the week is over (and hopefully all sticks are upside down) we flip them over and start again. If the sticks aren’t all done, we set the timer on the microwave for 30 minutes, divide up the sticks, and tear it up! We honestly do have fun racing against the clock.

    Build a manageable calendar: I was overwhelmed for a few months feeling like I needed to have the laundry done, house cleaned, groceries done, and dinner on the table when my husband got home from work. I sat down and created morning tasks (the every day stuff) and evening tasks. I have time in the morning (while he is at the gym) to make beds, refill humidifiers, fold 1 load of laundry. He has time in the evening (while I am at the gym) to empty the dishwasher, vacuum, toy room clean-up, etc.

    Master grocery list: I built up my master grocery list over a few weeks, based on what I was using from the pantry/fridge. Now we have a list that is on the inside of the pantry door and when I take an item out (use it) I can immediately check its box on the list. For example, we use 3 cans of black beans each week, so I have black beans on the list with 3 boxes to the right of the item. If we only use 1 can during a week, then 1 box is checked and whoever goes shopping will only buy 2 more cans. This has been a LIFESAVER for me! I don’t have to spend time making a list, or sending my husband to the store without a list (not an ideal experience). I have what I consistently use and just add what I want for a specific meal to the bottom of the list. This is also nice because if my husband wants something specific he can add it to the list.

    Thanks again Marie and Latham!!! Marie, your willingness to serve all of us is a gift that I am thankful for each and every day!

    All the best, Tamsen

    • KelliJP

      Hi Tamsen,

      Great advice! I’m a [email protected] attorney too. Check out my latest venture (started last month), where I’m trying to create an on-line community of attorney-moms working from home.

      ~the [email protected] Attorney

    • Tamsen!

      These are crazyawesome tips! Maybe you could come share them on 🙂


      • Thank you Tamsen for those tips. I’d love to read more on Heather is great. (Hi, Heather!)


        • Thank you, Sally! 🙂

          • I follow your blog and love it too Heather! Ane Axford recommended it to me 🙂

      • Heather,

        Wow – thank you for the invitation. I would be so glad to share. If any of my ideas can help others, then all the craziness that created the “good ideas” had even more purpose, which is always a good thing. Please feel free to email me [email protected]

        Have a fantastic day!

    • Amazing tips Tamsen.

  31. SPOT ON Latham! And much gratitude to Marie for addressing this topic.

    I have a 3 year old son and am growing my own business. I have not only struggled with the whole TIME issue, but have also had to take a honest look at my beliefs and paradigm around what it means to be a mother.

    Once I got straight on who I AM as a mother, who I AM as a wife, who I AM as a business owner, and who I AM as a woman in this world with passion and purpose, I was able to create a structure and schedule in my life that allowed me to nourish all areas and keep the balance. From that place of CLARITY, I was truly able to manifest!

    Oh yes Latham, GODDESS TIME ROCKS! When I take care of ME first, I have more to LOVINGLY give to my son, my husband, my clients, my business, etc. When I don’t take time for me, the INSPIRATION doesn’t flow in my business and the PATIENCE vanishes from my parenting (no bueno).

    • Jennifer – wise words! Clarity on the end goals makes the everyday decisions so much easier to make.

      Thanks, Tamsen

  32. Sooo many women struggle with this – whether they are building a business or not. What I’ve learned from the women I’ve worked with is: the pace of modern life plays a huge role. We spend a lot of time up in our brains because that’s the way our culture seems set up.

    I think Latham’s suggestions are right on:)

    My tip is a daily Brain Break (very similar to Goddess Time). I find that if I can get out of my brain and into my body (even for five minutes) my sanity, patience, sense of order, resilience, inspiration, and productivity is bolstered. This could take the form of meditation, tapping, yoga, a walk…basically anything that gives my brain and nervous system a pause.

    I also find that being silly helps. I love to enjoy hilarious and hysterical laughter with my kids. I think it fills all our tanks so that when I do want to take a few minutes to write a blog post or plan or some such, they aren’t too clingy (I’m no Doctor Spock…but I have noticed that connection in my world:)

    Ahhh…motherhood. The tensions, the joys, the logistics, the guilt, the dreams, the lessons…it’s not for sissies, that’s for sure:)

  33. Wow, Latham – you are amazing!
    Where were you five years ago, when my kids were babies!!!

    The only thing I would say is that the lack of sleep can make you crazy. I had one baby who just didn’t sleep for nearly 4 years – and now, in her 5th year, is finally sleeping. I wish BIG time that I had heard of Latham then as I definitely didn’t do tip 5 – taking time for yourself. I totally felt I had to handle the sleeplessness, and day care, and trying to start my business all by myself – so silly. Now that both my kids are at school, and I get to have a good sleep, I am having amazing ideas, and my business is flourishing. It makes me laugh to see how I tried to do more than it all by myself – Latham would have kicked my butt and forced me some glow time, that’s for sure!

    Thank you for such a brilliant video!


    • Claire, I’m glad you learned those lessons years ago because now you know where your boundaries are. I was also trying to figure it out when my baby was little, but you eventually find a rhythm. It’s great that you got to spend so much time with your little ones. It’s not about rushing into your career but taking time to nurture what you are creating. So I am thrilled that you are doing that and have the space to dream and grow your business… and take your goddess time 🙂

  34. Forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for not being the “perfect” Mom. We can carry a tremendous amount of guilt for not being the perfect parent when balancing work and family. We want our children to achieve their dreams, and have all of our support, but we often think that comes at the risk of what we want to achieve. I think, in our gut as lionesses of our pack, there is that feeling that everyone’s goals are more important than ours. That we need to stay in the cave while everyone else runs out to see the world while we stay back and nurture the stable. The truth is, all of our goals, are so important. Not just for self-actualization, and the greater good of what can happen when each of us brings our unique gifts to the world, but working towards our own visions provides an example to our children that they each have self-worth, and it isn’t abandoned with parenthood. Forgiveness is very, very hard to come to terms with for many parents, especially for Moms, I think. When the cultural expectations (even in the 21st Century) still often carry the weight that the mother is responsible for making sure each person (daily) is pushing towards their dreams… hers is often not part of the picture. I do think, however, when children see their parents fully engaged and working towards their vision, and still balancing the lives of their family’s dreams, they grow up with an expectation that they can do it, too… that their goals won’t have to take a back seat. It takes a village to do this, and you have to find it, and ask for it. And it takes juggling, and hard work, and there is always an imperfect balance, but for me, forgiveness is the key.

  35. I really enjoy the nugget of Goddess time. Its so easy to get lost into the busyness of our lives, work and family life and before you know it you are on the dangerous side of a melt down. I think these regular me time should be part of your business and life strategy.

  36. Gem

    This is SUCH an important topic, thanks for bringing it up Marie!

    A week into my newly started business, I found out I was pregnant. It really put a strain on my work because I felt that having a baby would impact me negatively. Now I have a 19 month old daughter running about the place, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    My husband is also the “breadwinner”, so I understand that in terms of keeping up with our mortgage and bills, his work is important. However, it doesn’t make my contribution any less important, so if you feel like the third most important person in the house after your partner and baby, SAY SOMETHING. Set aside time for your business, and set aside time for you and make sure everyone in the house is aware of it.

    It isn’t easy, but it does work. Invest in childcare whether at a nursery, childminder, nanny or grandparents at least SOME of the time, You need work time where you aren’t wondering if your toddler is eating things out of the trash or scaling the walls, Spiderman-style. (They do both, out of interest and more frequently than you think…). It’s all about focus, just don’t do everything at once and you’ll work it : )

  37. Latham, you and your son are beautiful, and your vision and success are huge! I love all the ideas, though there are two things that are seriously important in this day and age, that I hope the young B-School moms can do better. I’ve been in biz for myself full or part time since 1989.

    1) PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST. So, if you are busy growing your biz and getting all your energy from that, you will naturally gravitate more and more as a way to escape the reality of the everyday. You will be paying for it later so really plan on having the focused time with the kids, INKED right into your schedule. Maybe I’m unusual, but I was raised by a working mom and I raised my three kids with my husband, but kids often took a back seat to business and it is my biggest regret. AND WE DIDN’T HAVE CELL PHONES! So keep that in mind – PLEASE.

    Have some time that is focused on the kids and on family so they feel important. You know how much you hate waiting for a clerk in a store while they take a phone call first? That is what you are doing to your children, is saying, you are less important. I think we have made a turn for the better, as I often see comments from women in B-school that were raised by working moms and trying to NOT have the same outcome, but it is a natural path to do as you were shown.

    2) The Wow not Woe tip is so important – you have what you need! It is so easy to get caught up in the cycle of buying now, pay later, whether it is the website, shoes or homes others have – you can feel deprived. Spend TIME, not MONEY. Remember the goal of maybe why you started your business – to have more control over your time! It is easy for that very thing you started to end up controlling you, so have a reality check – and listen to your partner or your posse – they may not be trying to bring you down, may just be trying to get you to understand the impact this business has on your family. I see women ALL THE TIME working hard on a business that they don’t even know whether it is profitable.

    Thanks Marie for the video and the important topic. You always look gorgeous! (moms – keep that in mind – she does not have little ones underfoot!! It will get easier, be kind to yourself.)

    • I agree with you- my son is my #1 priority and we spend tons of time together. I have one child for a reason- to be the type of parent that I want to be I can only focus on one 🙂 We have breakfast and dinner together every day and we cook together and have game time, dance parties where he deejays and we dance in our pajamas, and other really fun time for just us. I shut my phone off for a full day on the weekend so we can be present and play. It is really important for the children to know that they come first. My mom worked a lot when I was young so I knew I was going to be with my child to watch the miracle of their growth.

  38. Ha, you told me this interview was coming! And it was worth waiting for! I so agree what Latham said about nap time!
    I have a 2 year and 6 months old.
    My advise is to do all the housework while the kids are awake. It has so many advantages!
    -You can work at your business while they sleep.
    -You can connect with them playfully when cooking and cleaning the house.
    -They learn all the household chores alongside you. How to vacuum, how to cook, how to wash the dishes, empty the washing machine etc.
    -They learn the words, the phrases you use when doing certain things.
    -It is much more fascinating to them then always playing with their toys.
    -They see what big work it is to maintain the house in a clean shape so they learn to better take care of it from a young age.
    -Helping becomes natural so you wont have to struggle when they are teenagers to ask for a helping hand.
    I could go on and on…

    My son is actually at the moment behind the sink cleaning the dishes.

    Follow me on instagram @adriennc, I will take a pic! 🙂

  39. This was so great. Thank you both! I spend WAY too much time in Woe-is-me land I am so happy to now be able to reframe it to WOW is me!!
    Here are my tips:
    1. So while I think it is so important to dream big, I believe we need to focus on the small steps as well. If we spend TOO much time dreaming big, we can get more overwhelmed and scared. Focus on the small daily and weekly things you can do to move forward. And be sure to take once a week or once a month to dream big.

    2. Create a mastermind mom business group in your area. Where you CAN dream big and be supported.

    3. Create a morning routine. Even if it is for 3 minutes to focus and intend on your day, it helps so much. If you have to wait til nap time, that is okay too. If you have a little more time, stretch and move your body and then do your focus and intention for the day. Powerful stuff! Hard to do when you are exhausted but just a minute or two can make a big difference.

    Hope this was helpful! I am sure I have more tips but my mama-brain is out of them for now! 🙂

  40. Latham is my girl!!! So proud of ALL that she has created. Look forward to future collaborations! Love you, Marie!!!

  41. It’s hard if they are little. I’m still struggling with this even as they are teenagers. I often I have to stop what I’m doing and run to take/pickup someone from somewhere. My partner is a huge help but they have decided to be soo busy(we have to limit the activities), that one of us is usually running somewhere. We do a lot of divide and conquer.

  42. My little chickies are grown..

    But the whole time I was listening, I thought about my sweet niece (mother of two under three years) and she’s just now starting her biz.

    So this is great.. I will send her a link.

    p.s. I LOVE this Mama Glow woman, Latham.. She lights up the room.

  43. Sherri Hayter

    Maximizing naptimes is a wonderful tip – that’s exactly what I did with both my babies and I found the time limit really made me hunker down and get to business! I also found that during the first few months with a new baby, creativity was flowing beautifully!

    Creating structure around my home also made it easier for me to be able to continue working on our family business – I work back in the office now, but in many ways I found I was more productive when I was home with the kids!

    As our children get older I think it is also uber important to share our vision for the company with them too! That’s what my parents did with me, it was truly a family affair. I talk shop with my kids now and they are 7 and 4, they get it and understand how the business is really just another member of the family.

  44. It’s 4am here in New Zealand, and I’m wide awake with pregnancy discomfort so decided to get up do some work.

    What a wonderful coincidence for your video to be about the one thing that also keeps me awake at night. How do I manage starting a family, with running my coaching business? How on earth will I implement my ideas, and raise my income, while trying to raise a small child?

    Like many women, I want to do it all. But I am realising that it is ok to take a few steps back, particularly in that first year, and be kind to myself, doing what is possible, not what I THINK I should be doing.

    I offer huge celebration to all the wonderful, successful and determined mothers out there, raising a family, running a business and working their tails off. I hope to join the ranks of women who are absolutely crushing it and living full and fulfilling lives.

    • That’s right Rachel – be good to you, your body, your mind, your spirit and of course, that precious little baby. You’re in the perfect community (right here!) with loads of encouragement and resources to support you. No rush or stress needed. It will all unfold perfectly! All my love xoo

    • Hi Rachael,
      I owned a shop during the time I had both of my children and to be honest, I resented my business after I had each baby! As a result, my business suffered (initially) after each child. In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t placed as much pressure on myself to “have it all.” Like Danielle LaPorte advocates, we can’t really have life balance ALL the time. We want our overall life to be balanced, but taking 3 months to focus on your baby and NOT on your business is okay. Then, you might have to have a nanny and take 3 months to focus on your business? Whatever works for you, try not to put pressure on yourself to do it all, at least not at the same time:). Hope this helps.

  45. STOP JUDGING YOURSELF for not being what is considered the “perfect mom”. And stop trying to please the idea that to be a good mother you have to grow the wheat and bake the bread while staying at home and washing your man’s feet.

    I run a seven figure business from my kitchen table and yes, sometimes that means that business comes before checking homework and playing catch. My kids are strong, independent and thriving and not only do they respect mommy’s work, they are proud of the business we, as a family, have contributed to in the past few years.

    The word balance is slippery and it is rare that we are “in balance” on any particular day. Forgive yourself and carry on. Hug your kids whenever possible, teach them that taking care of yourself (so you can serve others) is of the highest purpose and know that it’s okay to NOT be the PTA president or the Girl Scout leader. We all have our roles to play. Do you. And stand tall.

    And should the spirit of love and friendship move you, go ahead and wash your man’s feet.

  46. When I had my son, I had so many expectations and assumptions about what would be possible for me in ‘juggling’ my business with looking after our baby. It wasn’t until a year later – having felt stressed and overwhelmed for months, that I understood my problem: I was looking to some random definition of business success and income to feel worthy and successful as a person. When I realised that happiness and self-worth did not come from outside myself, they came from my thinking in the moment, I saw that I could stop striving and struggling. I saw that there was no other reason to be in business but to enjoy it. When I realised that, I understood that I could be fearless about creating my business and life the way I want them to be. As a result, I created some powerful boundaries: I decided I would only work three mornings a week, and hired a nanny during that time (I saw this as an investment, not a cost). I radically increased my prices, and decided that I would only work with a very small number of clients who were ready to start living an extraordinary life of their choosing, without all the stress and struggle that so many people see as normal. As a result, this past year, with a baby under the age of two, I more than trebled my income, working less and without any struggle or stress. I say this because, honestly, you do not need to juggle, you do not need to balance everything, it doesn’t need to be a source of stress and overwhelm. You can simply define the rules of your business. You can create an extraordinarily enjoyable AND wealthy business if you can truly see that success or money don’t in and of themselves bring happiness or self-worth. It makes growing your business a whole lot more fun, and you get to enjoy your time with your baby more too. I hope my experience can help someone here to relax and really enjoy having their baby – much more so than I did in his first year.

    • LOVE this Susan! Right on for taking a stand for yourself and custom building your business and life in way that feels right for you.

  47. Thank you Marie and Latham for this episode. I am certainly struggling with trying to start a business while raising two young children, especially given many school closures, late starts, etc. It will be easier after August when my youngest starts Kindergarten.

    One thing that has helped is hiring a cleaner to come every two weeks, to help with laundry and the major cleaning.

    A second is to have just one or two key business goals for my day, as opposed to a long list, so that at the end of the day, I can feel like my key objectives were completed.

    It’s also important to focus on what we “can do” as mothers with limited time, and try to stop comparing ourselves to the people who don’t have children and are able to spend 12 hours per day plus weekends to get their businesses started. But focusing on the others just makes you crazy, and actually puts a damper on your own creativity. You have to believe that the world needs you, and it needs you to continue to build your business – even slowly!

    • Amen Brynn – comparison hangovers are deadly!

  48. As a mom of four I love this….OMG self-care should be a priority for every mom, but I take a different spin on it. Taking a bubble bath is not really self-care….its pampering. And yes, we all need pampering, and yes, taking a bath or going out with the girls is important. But true self care is taking care of all of you….body, mind, and spirit. Eating well, exercising, and resting are the foundations of self-care. No bubble bath can replace good nutrition, exercise, and rest. The goal is to get the body feeling good so that you can actually enjoy your life. The better you feel the more you can get done. So yes take that bath and get those nails done, but priority number one should be building the foundation, and then the pampering is just icing on the cake.

  49. Latham!!

    I looooooooooooooove these “Glow Tips”. It’s SO wonderful to hear from a fellow “mogul mom”.

    I think one of the most important things we can do as mom entrepreneurs is to share our vision (as you said) with our husbands, kids, partners, families, etc and to proudly OWN the fact that we’re creating something wonderful that the world needs.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. Wishing you continued success!


  50. I’m not a mom, or anywhere close to being a mom, but I loved the reference to the oxygen mask on an airplane. I think this is true and relevant for ANYONE and I feel like I am constantly trying to tell anyone that will listen that they HAVE TO put their own well-being first in order to be successful.

  51. fantastic stuff!!!

    first off, you have no idea how much your (marie) advice has helped with this subject without it having to be specifically for parents. no idea. especially after taking B-SCHOOL….. i’ve never felt better about myself as a mom of 4 and a creative entrepreneur.

    here are a few additional things that have worked for me.

    1. one week out of every month i work my butt off and focus on all the heavy lifting for my business. i’m a designer and blogger so this means putting together any projects, tutorials, taking pictures, shooting video, creating content as a contributor, etc. before going into work mode i plan out the week for my fam bam and try to make sure they are busy (with activities, errands, projects), fed (full pantry and fridge and dinners pre-planned), and the laundry and house chores are well taken care of (not perf, but good). these are the three things my kids and husband tend to “need” me for the most. then the rest of the month i cross my “t’s” and dot my “i’s”… emails, blog posts, etc.
    2. delegate like nobodies business.
    3. when i’m with the fam bam i’m 100% with them. they deserve it just like i deserve time for my business. then when that voice in your head starts to make you feel guilty, you can tell it to shut up.
    4. i try to be flexible without being a push-over. balance is not the key. sometimes you need to spend more time on work (see no. 1) and other times your family needs you more… maybe they are sick or having trouble in school. whatever it is, at the end of day they are number one and you have to make adjustments. for example, if your 12 year old forgets his basketball shoes he can choose to play in his sneakers or skip practice but don’t interrupt your work or wake the kids up from nap to bring him his shoes…. he won’t forget again. if he comes home upset from school because he’e being picked on, then drop everything.

    that’s all i got!!! appreciate all the comments above and look forward to checking back later and reading more!!!

    xoxoxo, rae

    • Just gotta say Rae — I love your style 😉 xoxo

    • Rae, I love your website!

      I was intrigued by what you had written – and loved the idea of tip 1 so I wanted to see what you created in that time… and the result is fab! I love that you have created a ‘heavy lifting’ schedule. I’m still adjusting to life as mummy to a 5 month old and work-time is still pretty ad-hoc and, at times, a little unfocused. You’ve inspired me to plan better (not my strongest point!).

      x x x

    • Kika

      I appreciate your advice. I’m still studying (and homeschooling/raising three kids, etc.) and working at carving out the time for my work (currently my studies) and caring for myself. I found that when I try to maintain a super strict day-in-day-out schedule I burn out and fall off the wagon. But the idea of having a smaller window of time (ex. the week you mention) to work full out sounds great. I also found that just because I wrote out a marvelous work schedule for myself that it didn’t mean my kids wouldn’t end up needing me (things come up!) – and I want to be there for them when they really need me.

  52. Monisha

    Hi ladies.

    I am so glad you addressed this topic. My son is 5 and I am currently 5 months pregnant. I am happy that the “guilt” issue was addressed. After taking Bschool I was so pumped that I immediately purchased my ticket to RHH live. Well the symptoms of the first trimester took over and I had to make a decision. On one hand I truly knew the value of the event, but I was feeling good and for the first time I put myself first and decided not to attend. I followed my inner guidance because I knew no matter what my dedication to my business and passion were solid. I learned from this one situation that it was ok for me to say no without feeling guilty. It’s about looking at the big picture and keeping that vision alive and things do fall into place. I find that when you try to be everything to everyone, it’s hard to get anything done.


  53. I’m not even a mom and I loved that! Latham is so gorgeous and soothing.

    I just think about my abuela, whose husband left her with 3 small children to raise, but she went right back to work full time and got her master’s degree. It was her dream to do so and helped promote her later. Even though my mother (who was the oldest) admits to taking on a lot of the childcare for her younger siblings, I’ve never heard her complain about it. She has such admiration for her mother that it was worth it to her.

  54. Allison

    Thank you Marie & Latham!!!!!!

    This was exactly what I needed to show up in my inbox this morning…I loved every second of it!!! The tip that spoke to me the most was to make nap time “dream time” and that housework can always wait. I love this because often I will push my business to the side until the dishes and laundry are done…boy do I need to shift my priorities!

    Thanks again!

  55. Kat

    The BEST tip I know comes from Esther Perel, who wrote Mating in Captivity. She recommends that you let your man pay the babysitter after a date night so you don’t go back into mom mode. (quoted from

    “When the woman pays the babysitter, Perel says, she instantly switches back into “mom mode.” She hunts for the cash and adds up the hourly wages; she asks the babysitter how much milk the baby drank and how long it took for him to fall asleep; she asks about the babysitter’s weekend and confirms the next babysitting appointment. Having sex? Suddenly it’s the furthest thing from her mind.”

    It applies to business too! Mama, get out of the house! You’ll stay in mom mode if you are at home. Do you hear your baby crying? You’ll want to hover. Hop out to a library or local coffee shop to get your work done. Have your s/o pay the babysitter for covering your work time, or set it up so that your sitter is there for 2 hours before nap time, then you hop home to a sleeping baby and you can get right back into the grove of working.
    Now my son is 3 and tips for working with a kid that is into everything would be appreciated!

    • YES!!!! I love that you brought Esther Perel into this discussion. Mating in Captivity is a must have book!

  56. As the sole parent of two with little family or community support, I chose to leave my job as a nurse to be present and available for my kids. Being the sole . . . everything . . . meant I had to learn and act quickly out of necessity. In my situation the idea of hiring a housekeeper or babysitter was an unrealistic and unaffordable luxury.
    What worked? Self care, meditation, journaling, scheduling, boundaries, being incredibly organized, late nights, early mornings, sheer will power and the overwhelming force of Love for my kids. If I didn’t figure it out, we’d sink.
    Sole parenting + solo entrepreneur hasn’t been sexy, easy or glamorous. My business is fueled by love and dedication to my kids. I want them to know there is nothing that can stop a dream, no circumstance too big to overcome if you have love in your heart, good organizational skills and a plan.
    I’m asked all the time, “How do you do it all?” My response is: You do it because it needs doing and nobody else is coming to do it for you.
    My advice: Fill your own well with whatever feels “abundant” to you (one of my luxuries was a favorite coffee mug). From that abundance, you’ll have enough to nurture your kids and your business.
    Blessings on all the Mama’s out there!

    • Karina — isn’t it amazing how a favorite coffee mug can make the day so much better!

    • Bless YOU Karina, for all the love and dedication you’re pouring into your family, yourself and your business. Thanks for sharing 😉 And, I second that note on the coffee mug!

  57. I couldn’t agree more about sharing our vision (as you said) with our husbands, kids, partners, families, etc so everyone knows what greatness we want and can achieve. Thanks Latham and Marie!

  58. I have 3 kids and the youngest will be going into kindergarten next year, so that will solve the childcare issue I’ve had for the last 10 years. I run a small graphic design firm from my home office space and my workload has fluctuated between no work and 84 hour weeks.

    The best thing we ever did was to work with a babysitting service. I’m in Chicago and use a service called K grace (this in not a commercial for them). If I need a babysitter tomorrow, they will send somebody. We don’t have to deal with the stress of trying to find someone, call three people, and wait for the responses. To a person, the sitters they have sent have been fantastic. All of them have gone though some sort of vetting process. They are mostly college women and really nice.

    Personally, I like the nannies from the service better than our regular nanny. The person we hired ourselves, I feel like I need to give her hours because she needs the income. I have to deal with her issues, but a sitter from the service, we can just request not to work with if we have any issues.

    I have to say, the service gives me FLEXIBILITY, which is something that I should have as a self-employer person. Even a parent needs flexibility.

    • Nice Brad! Thank you so much. I love what you highlighted here — the emotional side of hiring support and great alternatives for us to consider. Rock on and congrats on your business and your first going off to school — exciting adventures all around 🙂

  59. Thanks for this awesome video! I am struggling with a similar scenario currently in my life. I’ve been working full-time/over-time since my little dude was 2 weeks old and is now 22 months old. I am lucky enough to work from home! I’ve recently started to develop my own website and side business with my husband, which ends up being a lot of time on the computer. Raising a toddler at home full time and working over time is getting to be intense as he wants someone to play with more and more these days! Looking for any tips or suggestions anyone may have… 😉

  60. I say “happy mommies make happy kids.” Take care of yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. Kids learn by watching everything you do, so if they see you taking good care of yourself and can see how much you value yourself, they will model that too, and take care of themselves as they get older.

    I started my business when my second child was 6 months old. Luckily, I had a supportive husband & my mom was able to help me a lot until I could sign the baby up for daycare. Plus, I had a very supportive client! I brought the baby to meetings with me, and she loved seeing her.

    It’s all a blur now, but somehow I did it and it all worked out. 🙂

  61. Mia

    Loved this segment! There’s so much that resonates with me. I’m a mom of 4 busy kids and a home-based biz – The thing I don’t do enough BUT LOVE when I do…is get my kids involved!! They can film, they can give ideas, watch shows, try out new software and workouts with me and they LOVE being involved. I really want them all to feel they can follow their passions and I want to be a true example of that.
    Often times mom’s don’t tap into their biggest cheerleading source…THEIR OWN KIDS! Just as much as we love bragging and celebrating our kids success…they love bragging and celebrating ours too!

  62. Elaine Harper

    Great tips!!!

    I incorporate my children in to my business – my 2 teenage daughters act as my assistant at times, as well as participate in my day to day work, from helping organize appointments, typing emails while I drive, taking pictures, etc. They’ve grown and learned so much watching me build my business and it’s encouraged them to be little tiny entrepreneurs, too.

    I’d also add that my drive comes from my children – as a single mother, I’m not a victim, I’m empowered. I take pride in my accomplishments and I make sure that my children see the ups and downs of having my own business.

  63. Boom! Love Latham’s glow tips!

    Support from other moms; having your spouse’s support (if you are married), and the constant drive to enrich oneself. These have helped me SO much in taking my “WAHMderful” vision to the next level.

    I have to say that taking goddess time is right on the money. I learned this early on when I began working from home. We aren’t superwomen; we’re not expected to “have it all.” I learned that by enriching myself through “me” time and personal development time (learning, reading, listening to audio books, etc.), I am actually investing in my family. Why? Because a happy, fulfilled mom = a happy family.

    Also, what’s helped me a lot is my “tribe” of women here in Manila. (I’m in the Philippines — yay! Beautiful beaches! Come here, Marie!) Since 2012, I’ve hosted two conference workshops for women in business and women in work-at-home jobs. These events actually sprung from my blog, and they have given birth to a community of like-minded moms who have a vision for their families and their personal careers. It’s amazing, because from being all alone as a work-at-home mom, I now am spearheading a movement. (It’s actually, in fact, become a brand, one that I am building this 2013.)

    As for the immediate, practical tips, I guess I’d say plan your work week according to a flexi-time schedule. We’re moms with businesses; we’re designed to adapt. Choose the most optimal times to work on your business, be it during nap time as Latham suggested, or during other “down” times that could be used wisely (read: not spent surfing cable TV! Yes, I’ve been guilty of that!)

    • Love this Martine and I LOVE your leadership to get together the women around you. (Side note…the Philippines sounds amazing!! 🙂 Keep rocking girl. oxo

  64. Hi Marie,

    I am a single mother and sole guardian of a gorgeous 12-year old daughter. I am also a professional artist, workshop leader, and speaker. What I’ve learned:
    1) a family is whole family, no matter how small. I taught my daughter that she and I comprise a “complete” family of two.
    2) throw out the models in your mind (from your family of origin, TV, your friend’s families), and create your own ways of doing things that suit your situation. Our family is unique, as is the complexion of my work life, so I’ve learned to work in little, dense chunks of time (between school pick-ups and grocery runs) rather than an eight hour workday. Also, as the sole parent, I’ve learned to ask for help! I consult other parents about behavior, social issues, homework, and discipline. I hire help of all kinds whenever I can, and am creative about new ways to BE helped, according to the needs of the day.

    3) I trust myself to make decisions in the moment, without the fear of being perfect. Growing children have growing and changing needs each and every day. I try to remember that my daughter’s experience of growing up in our home will impact her for the rest of her life, so I focus on being whole, healthy, available. I create rituals so she will have structure and rhythm in her life on which to depend. If I do something I wish I hadn’t, I apologize. I show my daughter that I am fallible, human, and that I don’t have all the answers just because I am a grown-up. I focus on mutual respect, so she will grow up respecting herself. I focus on values more than anything.

    4) Instead of feeling guilty about the work time that keeps me from my “mommy time,” I think about what I’m modeling for my daughter. She sees me striving for better opportunities, and getting them. When she says “Wow, Mommy! I’m so proud of you,” I feel like we’re on a good path together. If she wants to be with me and I have to work, I invite her to come into my studio and do her homework, or set her up at her special table in my space. I make sure she knows she is always my first priority, even if I’m doing something else. And I remember that no matter how busy I am, this time is zooming by and I don’t want to miss the chance to make some really great memories for our little family of two.

    Carrie Seid, Creative Empowerment, Tucson, Arizona

  65. Thank you both for this great topic!
    I started my business so that I could have a more flexible schedule for my family. I LOVE it but it does come with it’s challenges! Like the days I have meetings and deadlines and have a sick kid at home. It helps me to remember the reason I’m doing what I do and that my family comes before business… always.

  66. Loved this episode! My son was 2 when I launched my business and is now 4. Personally I’m extremely lucky because my family is totally on board. My mom watches my son so I can dedicate my days to my business and my nights to my family.

    I agree not everyone can afford to bring in full time child care but it’s not always a financial expense. Find other moms, even non business owners and share time. I think every parent could use 1 day a week to just get things done and relax, especially stay at home parents. Work together to find a way that you can all get some child free time to focus. Another option was something I did as a kid, there was a mom in my neighborhood who worked from home. I came over after school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and watched her 3 kids. I was too young to babysit them all alone but she really just needed someone to keep them entertained and out of trouble while she worked in her office. It was perfect, I got to make a few extra bucks, get some babysitting experience, and all in a less risky environment. She got 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to focus.

    I especially love the taking care of yourself part. It was something I neglected for a long time, in the last year though I’ve taken the time to get back to my hair appointments every 6 weeks, my manicures, and even added a monthly massage. I need the time to refresh and I find I’m a better mom, wife, and business owner when I take care of myself. It’s the same concept that you hear when figuring out pricing, if you don’t value you it’s hard to expect someone else to value you.

  67. I started to cry before I’d even watched the video today. Yes I’m hormonal but I’ve also been feeling terribly isolated and a bit panicked in my current work/baby life.

    I’m 5 months pregnant and launched my business the same week I conceived! So as I run at establishing my business, I grow my bump. I describe it as the perfect storm. I’ve worked for myself before and part of the reason I chose to launch my new business was so that I could be at home, could raise a family and I just plain didn’t like going to an office every day.

    As June approaches I tend to switch between hyperventilating and focusing on the task at hand. I’ve spent WAY too much time worrying about the “what ifs” and taking on a bit of that victim mentality Letham described in rule number 1. (Thanks for that tip/reminder… no victims or poor me’s here!)

    I’m registered for B-School and hope to use it to explode the biz by the time I pop. I’ve got someone lined up to work for/with me if I can afford to hire her so I’m running at new business, clients and contracts trying to establish myself and generate as much revenue as possible before the baby. Failure is not an option, nor is taking time off when the baby arrives. Not sure how it’s going to work out but if anyone has experience or ideas about how to balance a new born baby and business I’m all ears!

    THANK YOU for taking this on Marie. Phew! I suddenly don;t feel quite so desperate or alone.


    • Vanessa Hayden

      Dear Julia,
      You are about to embark on the most amazing journey of your life. The birth of your child will inspire you beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Do not be afraid–accept that you are amazing and your life and business will only get better if you allow it to happen. BELIEVE!

    • Thanks for sharing Julia! As you heard today (and hopefully see here 🙂 you are NOT alone. You’re gonna be amazing…at it all. It’ll be a fun, messy, tough, goofy, wild, loving, creative ride!

      So honored to have you in B-School. You’ll be connected to yet another group of incredible, supportive, funny and amazing women who will have your back.


  68. My husband and I are looking to get pregnant soon, and so the idea of having my business, and wanting to stay with my child is something I think about a lot. how will I do it? Thanks for talking about this Marie!

    I am a huge advocate of self care. I write about it on my blog a lot for my clients, because whether you are a parent or not, self care is of absolute importance to have a fulfilling, centered, and joyful life. As a business owner, especially in the beginning, it can seem logical to put the business first, but true, we do our best work, when we are filled up from the inside out. Whether that is our business, parenting, our relationships…it all is more enjoyable, fulfilling and wonderful when we take a little time to fill up our tank.

  69. I am a mother of 4, a corporate project manager and a independent business owner. Here are my tips for success:
    1. Work-Life Balance – Taking care of work at work so you aren’t dealing with “home stuff” and take care of home at home so you aren’t dealing with work stuff. Separate the two. Easier said than done–but critical for success. Learn how to do it.
    2. Get a support network–do not be afraid to ask for help. It can come from your significant other, your neighbor, your friends etc. Especially with a newborrn. Learn how to ASK! It does not make you less of a woman.
    3. Get a strategy-you have 9-months to plan–your pregnancy might have been a surprise, but the birth isn’t. Get a plan together during that time. You will need different strategies for different ages (number of kids, ages of kids etc) that’s ok–make a plan, understand the end result and be flexible in your approach.
    4. Let go- do what you can, when you can. Cut yourself some slack, let go of perfection, (it is TOTALLY over-rated). Let go of your high expectations and be the best mother you can be and the best business owner/employee you can be.
    5. Get some sleep–you must take care of yourself. Sleep when the baby is sleeping or take a power nap.
    6. Squash your “FRAUD” (Fear producing, Rejection-causing, Assumption-making, Undermining, Demonic) Monster. It will never serve you. Instead, opt for relishing in the miracle of the life you just created and the business you are nurturing. This is an amazing chapter in your life–be grateful and honored and enjoy every single moment of grace! VR Hayden

  70. Nicole

    I was a single mom who raised three kids while an executive at a Fortune 500 company… For her 24th birthday my ambitious daughter asked me to write down everything I know about parenting because she and her brothers feel I did a great job. The result? “Child Caring” — available on Amazon.
    The single most important take-away? Give your child your UNDIVIDED
    ATTENTION. Period. Not always, obviously, but often and definitely some each day.

  71. I have 2 year old twins and my the income from my business has doubled in the last 2 years.

    My advice:
    1. Raise your prices
    Your time just got waaaayyyy more valuable.

    2. Ask for help.
    Accept help. Let go of looking good or being polite in exchange for big gratitude and Yes you can fold my laundry. Its not a 1 or 2 person job.

    3. Money is no Excuse.
    Eat superfoods (especially if your breastfeeding). Get help cleaning, running errands. Get acupuncture.
    If funds are low you can consider:
    – food stamps
    – bartering your biz services
    – swapping time with another mom
    – community accupunture
    – your 13 year old neighbor
    – asking family or friends for money. (the unacceptableness of this is in your head)
    You can always get your needs met.

    4. Create an environment that supports your dream.
    Your husband, family, friends should all understand what you are up to. Create a culture that values pursuing your dreams so when you ask for unreasonable favors they jump in line.

    5. Cut the bull
    I noticed a lot of people talk about TV and internet but there are also social obligations. This is an excellent time to upgrade your social life. For me that meant if I was going to pull myself out of my house past 8 PM it would be to dance. Nothing else. Boundaries are sexy.

    6. Be honest with your time.
    Two hours of work time is usually more effective than 4. Be honest about how much time you actually need to get it done. The productivity flow and baby needs usually jive.

    You were perfectly designed to have that baby and to do your life’s work.

  72. Love this topic Marie!! Thanks for tackling it!! Love all of Latham’s tips and wanted to Add a few of my own from my coaching business where I help moms:


    MONETARY MISSION–How much do you want to contribute to the household income. Know where your biz is going and what its purpose is.
    SACRED SPACE: Make sure there is a space in your home that is void of any sippy cups, toys, diapers, etc. A sanctuary for you AND your business where you can FOCUS and work efficiently.
    Spell it out for him girl! When do you need him, where, how and in what capacity–get him on board by communicating. Put up a visible calendar where he can see your commitments and time spent at your business.
    KID COVERAGE–make sure you have that specific time where you are “child and baby free” and can work soley on your business–not doing laundry or housework. How many hours per week do you have? How many clients/customers can you serve in this timeframe? Make GOOD use of this coverage.
    DESIGNATED DOWNTIME–Take time AWAY from your business–your brain is always thinking about your business especially because you are working from home and its ALWAYS there–go to the movies, read a FICTION book, anything that will turn your brain OFF for a good length of time–business can be all-consuming. We don’t want to burn out.

    Hope you like my tips Marie!! Love LOVE this episode, my fav for sure!!!

  73. GREAT VIDEO! Thank you for bringing up a topic that is close to my heart.

    Here are my best tips:

    #1 Let your priorities guide your perspective.
    Write down what your top priorities are (for example #1 your self-care, #2 family, and #3 business), and keep these in mind when life gets fuzzy.

    #2 Take a break.
    Everything else in life does like a show has intermission, football has half-time, traffic has red lights & stop signs, if everything in life takes breaks why can’t you?

    #3 When change is coming, rest well and focus on the mantra “one day at a time”.

    #4 Learn how to take so that you can give
    (best explained here

    #5 Keep a journal.
    Keeps your thoughts straight and makes sharing with your support team easy.

    Hope these help!
    ~Coach LizzyMc.

  74. Thanks Marie for bringing up such an awesome topic. Trying to achieve balance and a positive mindset as a female entrepreneur is something we are all looking for.
    I’ve run my own business (with my husband) for the last 8 years. 5 of those years were spent juggling our business and dealing with fertility problems which finally resulted in – my little miracle daughter, who was born 19 months ago!

    I’m now juggling a whole new set of amazing priorities with my daughter and my business, which has been awesome, but it certainly is easy to relegate myself to the end of my priority list. I love Latham’s advice about finding some R&R time for yourself. i SO need to do this!

    One thing i would also add to is to try to wear one hat at a time. Multi-tasking looking after baby and doing ‘big picture’ business tasks saps your energy and motivation. You never quite feel 100% present – either working or being with my daughter (especially when i was breastfeeding). The end result was a lot of stress and guilt and no work-satisfaction. I have now learnt to be present and focused on big picture stuff where possible, find a sitter or create my work schedule around when she sleeps in the evening. My daughter, my business and I are all much healthier and happier for this. 🙂

  75. I left a corporate job to start my own coaching business so that I could be with my 2 daughters. A lot of my clients have other priorities in their lives besides work, including children, caring for a parent, their own health needs, or a compelling creative pursuit. An important question that I help people wrestle with is: What constitutes success for you at this point in your life?

    It’s important to get real with yourself about what you value, what matters most to you. Not what you think you should be doing, not what your friend is doing, not what you see in the media. Part of the joy of being an entrepreneur is ditching the linear career path.

    You can have as big a vision as you want, but choosing the pace at which you move toward that vision is key when you have other important priorities in your life. Moving at a slower pace at certain points in your life doesn’t make the vision any less compelling, doesn’t mean you’ll lose your brain cells, and doesn’t mean you can’t speed it up again when things change!

  76. Thanks for this, Marie!

    I thought this photo was appropritate for the topic of today’s discussion. Let me say, what this woman is doing is so much harder than it looks. Go, mamas!

    I have to say, the whole “take time for yourself” thing is so important, whether you are an mompreneur or not. Thanks for addressing this topic, Marie.

  77. Yay – a topic that I honestly feel I have some real experience talking about!

    When I became a mom, that is when I started my business. For that exact reason – I wanted to be home with my baby. Each year was different… from working during naps and bedtime, to making my schedule mesh with school. It has been a challenge, but now after 11 years, it’s so routine!

    Currently, my office hours are school hours. Sometimes I tag back in after hours on email, etc. but I really try to stay out of the office after school lets out. This has to be the most important thing that keeps my business and family on track. Of course this didn’t happen overnight – took loads of practice, but it really makes things sane!

    The best advice that I can share…

    1. Set boundaries. If there is no clear line between family and work time, your kids will pick up on that! Family time is just that – no emails, no calls, no interruptions. They grow too fast to not do this!

    2. Be upfront with clients. I find that when people know what my priorities are, they tend to respect them.

    3. Separate your work area. I know this isn’t always possible, but having a distinct work space allows me to mentally disconnect from my work when I need to. I have a home office that I close the doors to when I am not ‘at work.’

    4. Take me time. This is so important. Doing it all can be taxing so make sure that you make time to recharge. Latham mentions this and she is so right! I didn’t always do this for various reasons (guilt, wanting to get more done, etc.) but when you make an effort to have time to yourself, it works wonders on your mind and body!

    5. Don’t skip your sleep! Yes, I know everyone knows this, but it is so true. If I am sleepy, I can’t be the best mom OR business owner. Get those zzz’s ya’ll!

    Love this topic. Thanks for covering it Marie. I know there are so many moms in this community and I am sure we can all help each other out!

    Rock on all you strong, super mommas!


  78. You know what? You just do it. There’s no trick, no secret, no formula. You have a day job, a family, and an idea that you want to cultivate? You make the time. You cut back where you can and you just freaking MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    I think a big part of the reason that the Glass Ceiling still exists is that we spend so much time and effort carrying on about balance. Balancing work and family, balancing self and family, balancing work and self, blah blah blah. Nobody gives you a medal for balance. But people always notice when you just handle your situation like a boss.

    • Sing it sister!

      • Hey Kristie! No doubt. I’m all for kicking ass and taking names. AND, it’s nice to hear tricks and tips from others – regardless of the industry or life situation. If ONE idea or insight from another person can save you stress, help you save an hour a day, or consider a possibility you’ve never considered before, sharing experience with others is worth it. Plus, all life is about human connection and shared experience. If we all knew everything we needed to know in life and never needed to ask each other questions, life would feel pretty flat – don’t ya think?

  79. Great tips! My “baby” is nearly 17 years-old now but I still struggle with time constraints.

    When my son was born I was pretty isolated in a rural area. I did begin two mom’s groups when my son was an infant and they were tremendous for mental health. I hired a neighbor girl to babysit once a week and took classes at the community college. I got up early and stayed up late to work on my business but now realize I didn’t build enough “me” time and was often burning the candle at both ends. Scheduling my time purposefully would have made a big difference in my productivity.

    Latham’s tips would have helped me. Also, there is so much on the Internet now (Marie TV) that is educational, supportive and inspiring. I would have used all of these “tools” back then. Today I would gather a network of working moms and meeting once a week to brainstorm and laugh! We would hire a couple babysitters to care for our kids while we spent the focused time working on our businesses. The Internet is a fabulous tool for this. With the advent of ‘Meetup’ you can be rural and still create a group via Skype.

    Looking back I realize I was in a limited mindset. I held myself back from thinking creatively and creating a supportive environment of like-minded business women. Today I would look for mentors who are successful to meet with a group. Most successful people love to share their successes.

    Thanks so much Marie, for your interview with the stunning and brilliant Latham.

  80. What’s great about this conversation, is that there IS ONE! Many women have weathered the trenches and the sharing is phenomenally helpful. I would recommend any mother who is contemplating growing a business while being a fabulous mom to remember three key things:
    1) Surround yourself with great women who have gone before you and succeeded… they’ll cheer you on every time and share their wisdom.
    2) Replace self doubt with SELF TOUT… the first drains your energy while the second lifts you up. If you can’t believe in yourself, who will?
    3) Perfection isn’t about doing everything “right.” It’s about you living your fullest life, which for many of us means being mothers AND business leaders with all the mistakes and wins it entails!

  81. Claire

    I have a 20 month old, and am working on the new balance needed since she came into my life. First – if your partner doesn’t support you, you are fighting an uphill battle that will be hard to win. I’ve switched gears a few times to find something that instead of “trying to support me”, my husband “wants to figure out ways to help me”. Complete night and day experiences for me. In the first, my husband felt I was taking away from him to do my dream – which got us in a stuck place for a bit. Now, he is actively trying to figure out how to help me.

    I agree in taking time for yourself – as a selfless act. If you do not, you will not be 100%, and how will you give your family the best they deserve. Figure out the important things: Your Family, Yourself, and Your Business, and do what you need to make the other noise go away. Fold laundry with your children, even if it takes three times as long. As long as they are having a good time, what does it matter? Then that is one less thing you need to do once they are asleep or out of the house. Don’t give 120% to your family and 120% to your business – that leaves you 140% negative in taking care of yourself. Give yourself a foot bath while you work on your laptop, and allow yourself to do something just for you at least once a week.

    Since I work full time (and will be going to school full time), in addition to being the “primary” parent (the lead in all things our daughter), it is really important I can move things around as needed, so I have chosen a business model that I can pick up and put down without too much negative impact, plus one that I can make a positive impact on my daughter’s life. So even if I never meet my goals of quitting my day job, it will not be wasted, as my products will have a positive impact on my daughter (even if that is all).

  82. These are all such excellent tips, ideas and encouraging examples for moms, thank you!
    There are definitely a couple of big ideas that I want to emphasize:

    1) Ask for help. People want to help, they really do! People that care for you want to see you succeed — just like you would help a friend in need.
    Quick story: I teach fitness and dance classes. When I was pregnant (my daughter is now 3) my physical activity was greatly restricted, almost down to bed-rest. An amazing group of students asked me to continue teaching — if even just coaching verbally from the sidelines. So I set up smaller classes, spoke my movement instructions and had a couple of the more advanced students be my “body”. They would demonstrate the movement as I spoke it. It was crazy and beautiful and heartwarming all at the same time. People want to help!


    2) Share your big vision. Do, please do. Don’t try to convince yourself that you’ll be happy with just a little bit. Just a little something to do on the side. Or just “trying” something out, or that you’ll do it later —if you keep putting it off it could take years to build up the courage.
    Don’t hold yourself back from what it really is you want to express. If you have ideas percolating, let them be known. Your children need to see you being your full expression.
    Thank you Marie for this great topic!

  83. Oh, this is a GOOD one. I have a six year old daughter and now that she’s in school, things are easier- but I still work 30 hrs a week as a Director and then work many more hours on my creative biz. Although my daughter is 6 and in K, she still wants her MAMA. Every Sunday I host a women’s group at my house and my daughter “gets” to spend time with her dad, but she always gets upset about it. Finally she said, “you love those women more than me”. I was glad she could articulate it and it opened up a great discussion for us- so that I could remind her of my giant love for her, but that I also need to pursue my passion, which she was still a little jealous of- but I think she’ll understand as she gets older.
    It’s important for me to be a good role model b/c I would want her to pursue her dreams when she’s a mom, too. Plus, I take her ice-skating after the ladies leave, so we get a little one on one time 🙂

    I also try to include her whenever I can. So when I’m making videos for my local TV show, I include her. She comes with me to film, and takes part in the action – which she loves. We dream together a lot, so when I’m making collages for a workshop, I include her and give her the same supplies so she can make her own dream boards etc.

    It’s not always easy balancing everything and I’ve given up a few things in order to focus on my creative biz and my daughter- but it’s worth it.

    • Desha, I just popped over to your site. I love it! I’ve been having ideas to begin a “show” of my own. I’m going to have to glean all kinds of wonderful things from you! Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  84. Such great advice and a much needed discussion!
    I totally agree with Latham on every level. I especially would stress to other Super Mommas out there, to always think about the airplane demo with the oxygen mask.
    If you don’t take care of YOU, then what to you have to offer to your children? Showing ourselves the respect of putting us first, essentially teaches our children the very important lesson of building their own self respect through our actions, not our words.
    As a work-from-home-mom-preneur for the last 12 years, I’ve often reminded myself that when I allow myself to give to me first, I have so much more to give to my children. And to do this act without the “Mommy guilt” that we are all gifted with from the moment we discover we are pregnant.
    Every-time I come back to my family & my babies (From either work mode in the home or outside of the home), I returned with renewed vitality, I missed them, they missed me and that excitement of being reunited again re-energised everyone.
    It’s a hard thing to juggle daily, but the rewards are huge!
    Here is a recent blog post that I published a fun tip showing how I let the kids know that I need a few more minutes of “work-time” when I am at my desk at home.
    I wish all the amazing Moms out there much success!
    Great topic again Marie.

  85. I forgot the most important thing!

    If you are a work at home mom of an infant or preschooler, you MUST MUST MUST go get a gym membership with childcare. It will SAVE YOUR LIFE.

    1. It will give you regular time away from your baby/child, and a chance to be around grown ups. And it’s way cheaper than daycare.

    2. You can exercise there, which is a HUGELY important part of your self care.

    3. You can shower there without interruption. Moms know I’m not kidding when I say that.

    4. You can work there. On days you don’t feel like exercising, you can get a bit of stuff done at a table while someone watches your baby in the other room!

    5. You can rest there. On days you are too sick to do much of anything, you can drag yourself and your baby there, find a couch, and have a couple hours of rest without interruption.

    I used the gym for ALL of these things when my three children were little,and it literally saved my life. I would have been extremely stressed and depressed if I didn’t have that time away.

    Take advantage of the gym with childcare, ladies!!!

  86. Ria Magtoto

    I am Licensed Massage Therapist and a single mom. I am still working on building my business, my dream but it is not alway easy, definitely a lot of challenges. But one thing I learned is that it is OK to ask for help when you need it. I realized that when you have a great support system and when you surround yourself with people who believes in you and empowers you that it makes your journey to achieving your dream much more powerful. Everyday, every step you make, make you so much closer to where you want to be and sometime when I feel like giving up, I simply take a time out and look back to where I first started and realize how far I’ve come. It’s about embracing the journey and pushing thru. And at the end of the day when I watch my daughter sleep at night, it convinces me more to keep moving forward, she is my great motivator.

  87. Thank you so much for addressing this topic! As a passionate entrepreneur, naturopathic doctor, and mom of two boys, I LOVE the analogy: “Put your safety mask on first before helping others”. In order to re-fuel and be great parents, working moms (and all moms!) need to be reminded to care for themselves, so thank you for the support.

  88. Cynthia

    Women have no idea how well they have it today. The internet has truly allowed communities of people to gather and offer support. It’s absolutely amazing what is available today!

    When I started my business there was nothing like this. The internet was in its’ infancy and we were using dial up to just look at a basic website.

    I had three children in succession after I started my graphic design biz and back then, people just treated me and my biz like it was a hobby and it was difficult to find any help or even support at home.

    After 15 years of working in isolation and killing myself to keep my biz going, I finally chose to end my marriage and take the kids with me.

    Now we are a team, we’ve removed the anvils and the naysayers and we’re moving this boat forward.

    Ladies, it doesn’t have to be this hard anymore. You have these amazing resources available to you and you don’t have be isolated in your pursuits.

  89. Ali

    Another great episode of MarieTV, thank you!

    As a Mom, I’d have to say glow tip #1 is the most important, “Don’t Victimize Yourself”, every thing else flows from this, your attitude. So often Mom’s have a woes me attitude and talk incessantly of all the :sacrifices” we’ve made. We have chosen to be Mom’s and we want to be good Mom’s, that’s really he most important thing. Being a good Mom will come back to you ten fold for the rest of your life.

    All the other glow tips were right on as well. I’d just like to add PATIENCE. Things are not going to progress quickly with your limited amount of time and this, at times, can be VERY trying, it takes loads of patience to keep on trucking. So have realistic expectations of your progress. My son is now 12 years old and I have slowly over the last twelve years continued to build my business. Many times I have felt extremely frustrated at the slow progression but seeing how my son is thriving has made it all worth while.

    I do not believe in neglecting your kids. Just listen to many very successful women (Jane Fonda’s book comes to mind), they often regret neglecting there kids for their careers, you can’t get those years back when your kids are little. When your kids are old enough, they will call you on it.

    I say be a good Mom and work on your business slowly, PATIENCE is key.


  90. Great tips! This is taking one of them just a step further, regarding making the most of nap time for your business. Often times, we can get wrapped up in social media, and other things that are “easy” to do, but not particularly productive (even though they may help our business). I have found it so important for me, mentally, to do the “hard stuff” first (the things I don’t particularly care to do) – at the beginning of the day. Then I’m not procrastinating and finding excuses of why I can’t get those things done later. If you can, set a specific time to do them, and that will help motivate you to get them done. This just helps me be more efficient and effective with the precious little time I have between my daughter’s sleep times.

  91. OMG I cannot believe my questions was on Q&A Tuesday – almost in tears!!!! Thank you for taking the time to discuss this and all the comments are fab too. I hadn’t heard of Latham’s work but her tips were fantastic – love the idea of cheerleaders, people who are really there for you and cheering you on every step of the way.

    So much love and gratitude,

    Kirsty xxx

  92. Oh my. I could go ON and ON about this one. The bottom line is that growing a business while child rearing is a major scheduling challenge. It’s especially challenging if you’re funding your start up with your time, and you don’t have the cashola to hire a staff right off the bat. There are only so many hours in a day. If your priorities are in spending lots of quality time and enjoying loads of experiences with your family while the kids are young, then growing a business will eat significantly into that time. (If you’ve already got a business in place with solid systems, it’s not AS challenging, but it’s still a juggling act as impressive as any Cirque de Soleil act I’ve seen.)

    My experience has been this…

    My son and my first biz were born 11 years ago. I went through phases of working long hours, having a successful biz and not feeling like I was fully present for my child or my hubs, to being fully present for my family and learning to let some of my business aspirations go (or at least let them “pause” for a bit).

    Both my hubs and I have our own businesses, and we finally realized that we would have change our lifestyle to enjoy the life we truly desired. We gave away 2/3rds of our possessions, sold our 3,800 sf McMansion in the ‘burbs and bought a mobile home on 10 acres in the Texas hill country. No more expensive cars or vacations. We live a much more simple life than before. Fewer things, more experiences, more time together.

    I was raised in a time when we were taught that women could “have it all”. I can still vividly remember singing the Enjoli perfume commercial at the top of my lungs when I was kid, and truly thinking I COULD and WOULD have it all when I grew up.

    Well, yes we can have it “all”, but for me… well, don’t want it all. At least not all of it, right now. I’m happy with some now, and some later. Kind of like when you eat tapas in Spain… there’s no better way to enjoy the taste and experience of each dish than to slowly consume one morsel at a time and to not over stuff yourself to the point of misery. Could you imagine shoving it all in your mouth at once? Think of all the flavors you’d miss!

    I’ve learned to dial back my “go-getter” tendencies and have quit trying to stuff my mouthful of business ventures, meetings, functions, launches and to do lists. Instead, I’m settled in a comfortable place that feels more balanced (and more inspired) than ever. When my son is older and requires less of my time, I look forward to spending more time on my business ventures.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still keeping my brain active with B-School, blogging, writing and painting, but that doesn’t take a back seat to my family right now.

    • Great story, Ashley! I think my journey is a bit similar, as my husband and I also realized we wanted to shift a lot of things about our life to create the life we actually want — and simplifying is at the heart of it all. I also agree that, for me, letting go of the need to do it all NOW, and let it instead go in stages, is key. Going to check out your blog now… 🙂

      @Marie — thank you for taking on this topic! I was one of the thousands who asked you to. 🙂

  93. Love this topic and discussion. Thank you both.

    I have a pre-teen son. When my journey began as an entrepreneur I was working outside the home FT and tirelessly on my biz till midnight and beyond. At first I did feel guilty about spending so much time on the computer. But, I learned to give more quality blocks of time with my son and actually had discussion with him about my goals and dreams and WHY I was doing this work, to include him and let him know he was actually a positive source of support for my dream. He understands it is also out of love for my family that I am doing the work I’m doing.

    I also came to realize that spending quality time with him and showing a genuine interest in his live each day, was reassuring, my long hours at the computer did not replace my love and interest in him as a person. WE made our quality time really matter. “I” stayed fully present and I used the time with him to nourish me for the gift that it is.

    I let dishes and house work go!!! That was huge for me, but we always pull it together once a week and everything gets done as a team! I believe my being an entrepreneur is actually teaching our son a lot of valuable life lessons and modeling the idea that he should be supportive of women and their rights for independence and financial abundance….after all, young boys grow up to be men.

    It’s by example, he is experiencing his Dad showing 1,000% to my journey and my success. That’s huge now-a-days. That is a very different mind-set than many of us older women grew up with…it’s new, Thank Goodness!!!

    As a family, we seem to have discovered a rhythm and stay conscious of each other with frequent check ins, to make sure everyones needs are being met…we adjust accordingly and I’m really proud of how far we’ve come this past year. That’s not to say we don’t have bumps along the way, but with good communication everyone’s happy, most of the time.

    Cheers To Working Moms!

  94. I love all these wonderful stories of women who’ve been able to start a business while having young ones at home or one the way. I am hoping to be able to do the same. Does anyone have any practical tips, though, for wanting to start a business while having young ones AND still having to work full time to pay the bills? What trade offs did you make? How much debt were you willing to take on if you decided to quit your day job? I would love to be able to stay home and build a business after my little one is born, but the reality is that being a one income family for a time is not an option, and building a sustainable business (from square one) in the space of a few months (sustainable in that I would earn enough to pay the bills) seems like a stretch.

    • Hi Cara–
      I totally understand what you mean. As stated in my previous post–I am a mother of FOUR, a corporate project manager AND an independent business owner. I am the SOLE breadwinner for my family. Leaving my corporate job was not an option (I mean, we have to eat), but building my dream isn’t negotiable either. Here are some practicle tips for sanity:
      1- Be flexible and realistic. Leaving your current employer may not be an option–be ok with that. Look at the positive sides: You earn an income for time on the job. Let that fund your dream. There are others–look for them.

      2-Make time for your business – The law requires employers to give you breaks –use that time. One hour of uninterrupted time is a blessing. Use it to the best of your ability (there are tricks and tips)–Learn them.

      3- Watch for time snatchers – Facebook, email, internet surfing can snatch time away! Be aware.

      4- Enjoy your family – BE in the now. You will never regret spending time with your family, but make it QUALITY time. Numbly knodding “yes dear” while typing or watching TV is not quality. Look at your child/spouse–really look at them when they engage you. Those are the moments you will remember forever.

      I could go on and on–MAIN TIP: Look at all the posts from this string, pick THREE that apply to you and IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENT ONE then commit to implementing the other two in the next few weeks. It will help, I promise.

      Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    • Claire

      Hi Cara,

      I am starting my business while having a little one at home and working full time. Additionally, I will be going back to school in the fall. Talk about allot of pieces moving. I will not be letting go of my day job until both my husband and I can see how my business will self substance, and how it will be able to replace enough of my income to get by. It means having my priorities straight, and finding ways to move out any noise (organizing the house, doing chores with my daughter, not doing things that I might like but don’t get me closer to my goal, such as a sewing class when I could be writing my program or book). I am also choosing stuff I can put down and pick back up. Blogging, which I tried for a bit, is out, for example. And all my projects need to enrich my family, so even if one goes no where, my family still gains from it. Over the last 2 years, I have looked at several different options for my business, and have two (closely related) business products plus one hobby product I will keep up some for my daughters sake. I have these prioritized, so I know which one I will be doing first, second, and third.

      At the end, these are my priorities:
      1) Myself: Power Yoga 3 times a week plus genital yoga three times a week. The husband takes the toddler when I do this. Foot baths several times a week at night. Eating healthy, and making sure I am getting enough sleep.
      2) My Family (both the husband and the toddler), cooking with my daughter, getting a rhythm to the house chores so that they start to take care of themselves, quality time with my daughter (such as swim class), quality time with my husband – communicating with my husband, even if we use email more than expected. Making sure my husband has his personal relaxation time.
      3) Work: I’ve found a 40 hour a week job that pays the bills and does not come home with me. This will allow me to have time for my business. I am very excited about it, including the option to work from home some, and the flexibility to work with my school and with my family needs. There is something nice about getting it done at work, and then leaving it at work, which I have not had in a long time.
      4) Business: Product number 1 is actually an idea my husband had. It is a Windows 8 app that he will really like to use. At the moment, all my business attention is focused on it. After that, I will make my daughter a book that will help her learn programming (it will use my knowledge of windows 8 app development). I think this has a big potential to go big (with the help of printing on demand and Amazon), but if it doesn’t, I’ve given something to my family. The hobby is a child’s food site that started out as a blog, and will be moved into a website, app, ebook format. It might be a while before I really get to this one, but that is fine, that is why this is the hobby one. I can add apps on as I want to and have time. Strangely, my school also is covered in this category. I will be getting a General Business and Entrepreneurship degree. It will help me learn how to more efficiently plan my business, and how to come up with the right products. I will also learn about some things I might not use as much, such as hiring employees, but it will give me a good ground work. Additionally, I can use the projects in my course works to put more structure around them.

      Anything that doesn’t fall in these three categories gets thrown out. Shopping is done primarily on Amazon as needed, not for fun. The yard work does not get done (we are talking about bringing in a yard guy). A wedding would fall under the family priority, but doesn’t really happen that often. I am not taking any sewing or cooking classes right now. It is allot of giving up the distractions to get to the end goal. The first step is to identify the distractions.

      • Hi Cara– When I was starting my business, my husband and I both worked full-time. We figured out how to live on one income for a year so I could focus on starting my new business. We moved into a smaller place, canceled cable, got rid of one car, stopped dining out… All so we could live for less.
        This is not always practical, especially if you already have little ones. But for me I had to to take the plunge and focus on my new business in order to get it off the ground.
        Good luck!

  95. I am so happy you answered Kirstie’s question, it is always something I deal with. My kids are 7 and 10 and I homeschool them, so it is always a challenge to find the time to work on my new, about to open, business. While I’m not the best at it, when I do put in place a set schedule for the week on when I will work while they can do some things on their own or are at a class or co-op, and when I will be working with them, it really helps keep me in the flow and be more productive. I have different to do lists, one for technical stuff , one for things like sending emails, phone calls and one for creative time. I find that morning is the best time for me to do the creative work, I can keep them more engaged in stuff they can do on their own and use the time when they are at classes to create. I do the stuff that doesn’t take as much brainpower like emails and phone calls (administrative stuff) during the afternoon, and web design or technical stuff later at night when they are in bed and my brain is waking back up again. It really helps to separate them out. Also, realizing that kinks will show in my best laid plans, but the more I stick to it, the more I get done, and don’t get as stressed when something with the kids takes me off track because i still got 75% of my planned work done. I can’t wait to sit down tonight and read everyone elses comments. Thanks Marie!!

  96. HI Beautiful Ladies …
    Thank you so much for this great vlog and all the awesome shared information. It’s such a lovely reminder that I am not alone in my quest to be a peaceful Super Mama. I recently wrote a blog which I hope you find helpful. The topic of the blog .. Finding our BE-ing in a world of doing. Please enjoy.
    Love and Light,

  97. With two kids 12 years apart and business launches that coicided with each of their early childhood years, I share that three things that skyrocketed BOTH my parenting and my business. 1) Deeply connect with your child and your business at least once every day. Even if the baby is having “one of those days” it will sleep at some point. That is the time to acknowledge your business baby and do the most essential things you can for its growth. 2) Find peace with the fact that you may be more turtle than rabbit in the business race. Prioritizing the life you created instead of shelving it with daycare professionals it valuable too. Giving yourself credit for doing the amazing work of being a kick-ass mom might not land you on the cover of Business Woman this week, but you will get the most awesome collection of macaroni necklaces and a connection with that child that will make a HUGE difference in who he or she grows up to be for this world. 3) Learn about outsourcing sooner rather than later. I can’t tell you the number of PDF books or presentations I fretted over perfecting when they could have been done for five buckes on Outsourcing might seem out of your budget, but thanks to global outsourcing- you’ll be amazed at what $5 can accomplish for you while you are at the playground celebrating your hot mom-ness.
    Thrive on business mamas!

  98. Mama or not, these were some great tips!

    I’m not a mother yet but taking time for yourself resonated with me. It’s easy to just get so busy with life generally, especially if you’re always a giver, to the point where you feel SPENT. When I get to that spent point I have NOTHING for my business and all creativity dries up. So this was a great reminder for needing to make sure I take care of me and make sure I’m always in a great place and ready to FULLY serve in my business.

    Great stuff Latham…thanks for this Marie

  99. Great topic, Marie!

    I am a step mom, too. (Ian came into my life at 10 years old — now 18!)

    Like you, while I don’t have the diaper experience, I have worked closely with numerous super busy, confident, and successful moms who are just busting at the seams with too much to do, and trying to look really good. Spinning all the plates in their business, kitchen, homes and lives. And then they end up feeling guilty and like a fraud, trying to “act like they have it all together”. And feel like they are swirling down the toilet bowl……I help them untangle their busy lives to they can get their freedom back.

    And that is exactly what my tip is to aspiring Busy Moms:

    –> Surrender and let your guard down! <–

    You do *not* have to do this alone.

    Find someone who you can trust — allow yourself to be vulnerable. Get real. A coach, a friend, a guide. Someone who will tell you the truth. Smash your ego. It is not your amigo.

    If you're reading this, and this strikes a chord (or if you suddenly have this fierce desire to write me some hate mail!), I beg of you….take action…..! It is not a coincidence that you're reading this. Because getting really raw and vulnerable is where the *real* freedom begins!

    Thank you, Latham, for your example and vulnerability to other moms around the world.


  100. This topic is so near and dear to my heart. Thank you Marie & Latham for a beautiful and well needed discussion. I have three children and feel like having them opened the flow of my creativity & moving from this creative core expanded my business beyond my original dreams. I’ve just published a book about this for mothers called Mothering from Your Center and launched a video trailer showing my family and I in this dream space together:
    Rock it mamas! The world needs your sacred visions:)

  101. I LOVE this subject. I have a real estate career, a 2 1/2 year old and a man who is in graduate school. Last year I made high 6 figures in income and am aiming at 7 figures for 2013. HOW?? I DELEGATE!

    1. I order our groceries online
    2. I have a cleaning service do a deep clean weekly
    3. I have a transaction coordinator whom I have never met in person but speak with all day long; she does all of our paper work.
    4. I work ON my business in the morning & I time block: daily I write my affirmations 25 times, send out 2-10 personal hand-written notes and call at least 10 people. This takes about an hour.
    5. I work IN my business in the afternoon; showing homes, having listing consultations etc…
    6. I have an automated follow-up program for all of our repeat customers
    7. I have scheduled date nights with my man
    8. My man and I switch off mornings for who gets to get up with our son (it seems like a simple solution but I felt like a brain surgeon when I had this information passed on, to me)
    9. GO TO BED EARLY and DRINK LESS WINE at night (your “morning” is tomorrow). Eat healthy and do some yoga here and there (or dance breaks) throughout the day.
    10. Enroll your community into what you are up to in the world. When people are in support of you, they are wanting to help you.
    11. ASK YOUR FRIENDS for help
    12. Nanny shares are genius
    13. Check out blogs like @dooce and @bentoriffic etc… these are SAHMs who have created careers out of blogging (a perfect segue into attending BSCHOOL!).
    14. and I cannot emphasize enough; BE CONSISTENT in your daily practice. Those first 18 months are ROUGH. Check in with yourself. Are you experiencing any Post Pardum Depression? If so, attend to and honor it. It could be slowing you down. Like Lantham said, “DO NOT VICTIMIZE.” You just gave birth, you’re awesome and can do ANYTHING, just not EVERYTHING.


    • Jennifer, You nailed an extremely critical piece of the success puzzle…consistency. Delegating, too. Love the ending, too… you can do ANYTHING, just not EVERYTHING.

      I really enjoyed your tips and your career caught my attention because I’m the guest speaker at the Century 21 Realtor’s Annual Retreat next month. Every realtor agent in the company listed organization in some shape of form as a 2013 goal for themselves.

      Thanks for showing up and sharing!!

      (And Marie & Latham, I’m so happy you were finally able to tackle this topic. It’s obviously a HUGE concern.)


    • O how I love the topic of empowering moms! Thanks for this, Marie and Latham!
      Love all the nuggets shared here! As a single mom to a toddler, working a full-time job, and building a business I love on the side, this topic is so significant!
      As for my piece of advice, all I can say, mamas, is…
      Let the systems do the work!
      Schedules, calendars, and task management systems are my best friend.

      Being organized allows me to spend less time thinking, and more time CREATING and growing my biz.


      Ahh I’m so inspired by this video that I’m going to blog about this topic—it goes well with my blog’s theme of empowering moms! 🙂

    • Bang on babe!

  102. Marie, you are right about this being a HOT topic! I have experience in this arena for sure. I started my biz in 2003 when my daughters were 3 and 5 (now 13 and 15), because I wanted to be home with my children home more. They were spending MORE time in daycare and I hated that.

    Soooo…my clients and I have discussion about peeps without children not really understanding how tough it can be. However, you can do it!!! My biggest lesson was to take care of myself first because it’s easy to get exhausted. I even wrote an e-book about the mindsets and routines you can put in place, so you can run your home & business under the same roof. Your child will be observing every move you make! Be patient, get well organized, and love ’em up as you, your biz, and your kiddo grows…cut yourself plenty of slack and find a flexible routine where you are making one accomplishment after another.

    If you can get a little help, then as you grow, bring on a little more help, then a few hours a week saved will allow you some more relief and freedom to work ON your business and with your clients. The great thing about children is they will keep you grounded in reality, plus make you take breaks, which is essential to keep your spirits raised and the inspiration flowing!

    Best of luck. All us other Moms have got your back. We hear ‘ya loud and clear.

    • PS My husband and I split the baby duties in half. Hey, it’s his child, too, even if he was the main “bread” earner. Every other night, we alternated bath time and homework/cooking; drop off/pick up for school/daycare (depending on schedules) and so on. Divvy up children responsibilities in a way that’s best for you & him. The relationship bond between parent and child will deepen for both of you.

  103. Wow! You are an inspiration. I can’t imagine you find time to do all these things, but it looks like you do. I’m going to go back to doing affirmations. They worked when I was just starting out to get me motivated and confident. Do you really still do that every day?

  104. This video was so timely for me, THANK YOU. As a mama to 3 little boys it can be hard to see straight sometimes. I love some of the above suggestions and will be incorporating a handful of them. Personally launching my new business has enabled me to build in a bit more self-care, but it’s a flower based natural skincare and healing tea biz, so product testing builds in me time! If I structure me time into my work to-do check off list it’s more likely to get done.

  105. Thank you, amazing women, for sharing your insights and empowering women everywhere! Latham, these are incredible tips for ALL people. As a Mom of two young boys I realized that I would need to become super FLEXIBLE if I was going to continue to grow my business and be a happy Mommy. This morning I was doing a VERY EARLY practice of Qigong (moving meditation practice) in an attempt to have some ME time before the chaos of the morning. I was deep into my practice when my four year old stumbled out of bed and wandered in. There was a split second where I felt myself go “Man, c’mon…I have woken up SO DARN EARLY to just have some time to myself!” and then I breathed, welcomed him in, and calmly explained that I was having some special quiet time. He chilled out, watched and basically gave me my space. (While playing Legos nearby) : )

    My tip for the group…. Breathe, Breathe, breathe. Allow yourself to play and be an example for those lucky souls in your life who get to walk the path with you. We are all practicing.

    Marie, you rock. Keep shining your light!

  106. I am a working mother and, as of recently, a Mama with a business inspiring other moms to wake up and be happy with their life. Following your dreams is the first step! Since I work full-time and have older kids — mine are 7 — I get up early and stay up late to get my work done. And, I spend my lunch hour planning and brainstorming. I’ve also been known to sit next to my kids when they are playing and write notes for my business. If you love what you are doing, you have to let it pour out of you and create it.

  107. WOW! Thanks ladies, really powerfull message! I’m mom of two and recently started my second business. I seriously have tears in my eyes, cause now I know I’m not the only one on the entire planet trying to merge motherhood and running my own business, although sometimes I really feel like that:)

  108. Great topic and I’m actually going to be a mom soon, so I’ve been trying to plan accordingly. I think as with all other priorities with life, we have to work it into our business lifestyle – overall. I think kids or no kids, we all need a support system to turn to when the going gets rough. There’s nothing like having a group of supporters!

  109. Wow … Love tip one. We can’t be powerful and victims at the same time. Thanks for all these great reminders. I made a list and even added some other tips too, while I was at it. Lol.

  110. Awesome topic! As a mom of two, running my family business and just having launched my own, I can totally relate!

    My hot tip is:

    At the end of the day, don’t think about all the things you could have done better. Make a mental list of every little thing that you did well that day–you’ll feel recharged and ready to rock whatever the next day holds!

  111. Thank you for addressing this issues of starting/running a business as a mom. I had 4 kids in 3 years. I wasn’t really ready in my business for all that – that required of me. Also, everything was changing with the advent of social media. I scaled way way back and now my oldest twins are 5 my youngest just just 2 and I’m back! Building and rebuilding my brand. Reinventing my business. We don’t have TV now and that makes it really easy to go to bed early. I wake up at five and some mornings can get 3 hours of work in (if the hubs gets up with the kids). Nap time is sacred! If I have one that doesn’t nap, that’s fine with me as long as they stay in their room and not mess up the other kids nap. Some days this works and other days it doesn’t. With 4 kids it’s 4 times more likely to be interrupted etc. I just do my best and put a focus on moving forward daily. I like to go over the hypothetical numbers with hubs to let him know how much $ I’m going to bring in before I start up a longer work day when he’s going to be with the kids. I feel like that helps him stay motivated too and he sends me off with an enthusiastic “go make me some money” 😉

  112. Benthe Hurup

    I´m 54 years and have three kids – twins at 23 and a son at 28 – my husband had three carers – musician, composer, producer. I hired a young girl to help me 7 hours daily 5 days a week because my husband almost never was at home – he had to pay for his choice of career so he paid for the assistance – I paid by beeing pregnant, giving birth and breast feeding. I travelled with my kids and the assistent when I had to work outside the home – I was never separated from my kids – and both I and the assistent enjoyed my business – /worklife. It´s all about not becoming unterdog – when my husband discovered that I could live my life even with twins and a 4 year old son and not letting me be victimized – he began helping in order to find me at home LOL( I am danish – so bear with my english 😉 )

  113. With a growing business and two young kids under 6, the daily hustle and bustle can just get so overwhelming! I have started telling myself a mantra in those stressful moments (like when the kids just will not get their coats on!) ” I am peace, I am happiness, I am fulfilled.” It reminds me that just a few short years ago this life I have now is what I yearned for, and probably what I am stressing about doesn’t mean much. I also try and make the most of each moment. Work time is work time, kid time is kid time. Cleaning we now try and do all together as a family on the weekend. It also should be said that it has taken my husband about 2 years to fully comprehend that I work now, and to really jump on board with helping in all areas.

  114. Lina Bareno

    Thank you for the info. I am also a new mom and the follwoing tips have work for me:
    1. Have an agenda – Write everything down!
    2. Create an schedule – with family time included (no cellphone, computer, or work allow during this time)
    3. Commit to your dream! we are women we can make it happen.

  115. Yes! I love the mommy co-op idea. I did this with a group of friends for the first 2 1/2 years of my sons life. It was amazing. My son built some really good friendships and I his mommy got to have a great support network. We were so thankful for this group as we don’t have any family nearby so having a trusted network of moms we could trade “date nights” with was invaluable!

  116. What great tips! I have three kids, 5, 3, and 15 months and I’ve been working from home since I was pregnant with my first and just started building my own business in the past year.

    I’ve found that days where we have a predictable routine I get so much more done. For example I rotate the laundry right after cleaning up each meal so I don’t get mountains, dishes get washed right away and I prep for the next meal as I clean up the last. Just those few minutes make such a huge difference in my stress level throughout the day.

    I take a few minutes before finishing up for the day to roughly plan out my next day because I only have 3-4 hours of nap time and after the kids go to bed because I have to make sure I do the most important things during those times.

    I make sure I plan in devoted times where the kids have my full attention throughout the day and then other times when they are playing happily I can sneak away and do the less urgent tasks.

    I try to have the kids help out with house chores, for example every night while dinner is cooking we turn on music and race to pick up the toys and they have toy brooms so they can help me sweep. That way I can head right into the office after dinner without feeling like I should be cleaning the house.

    Their dad and I have a plan for who is in charge of the kids and who is working. in the mornings I get up with the kids so he can jump right into work, and he gets to put them to bed (although I do take a couple short breaks to nurse the baby). On Saturday nights we make sure we spend the evening together and on Sunday nights I go to be early with a book for my ‘me’ time.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby wearing, I can wear the baby while I type or cook or clean or sit and type while nursing the baby in the carrier. I don’t think I could get anything done without my Moby wrap and Ergo when they are babies.

    • My Moby wrap was the best thing when my daughter was little. We did everything together. She even slept through it when I made lattes!

  117. For me it is all about setting boundaries for myself. I have a successful cafe/coffee shop and a new restaurant and catering business. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter 2 months after buying the cafe! I thought my career was over. I was so anxious about how I was going to balance things.
    At first, the career took a backseat and, truthfully, I am glad it did. I wouldn’t trade those first few months getting to know my baby for anything. But then I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled. I had all kinds of guilt when I considered diving back into my career but I decided that my daughter deserves a fulfilled mama more that she’ll appreciate spending every waking moment with me.
    Once I began balancing mommy-hood and the career I started to lose sense of ME and that was just as unfulfilling.
    Now I set boundaries for “me time”… something as insignificant and vowing to wear makeup every day (which make me feel great) has translated to a balance of me-time, mama-time, and business-time.
    Today, my daughter is 3, my business is 3, and my new baby business is taking off. New moms: hang in there! Let the housework suffer, not your dream!

  118. #5 is important, even if you just put your child in the stroller and walk around outside, it will help you re-charge and re-focus. (I couldn’t live without the gyms babysitting service. My son loved going and I loved interacting with actual adults.
    I think just getting out of the 9-5 thought process is one of the hardest steps you will take. You get up early with a little one so. by 9:00 am you may already have 5 hrs. put in.Get out of the mindset you have to work straight through the day and work in little spurts, you will get a lot done.
    I also keep a checklist of “to do’s” that way I can re-focus easily & have a feeling of accomplishment when I check something off the list!

  119. This was amazing!!! Thank you so much for having her on. Yesss Goddess time is a must for me. I think it really recharges you and you feel new again with even more insights on your biz and family. I have a 16 month old and it most definitely has been difficult building up our online biz and taking care of my son. My hot tip for other mamas out there is I found a nanny to watch my little one while I work. What I found was nap time was just not enough time to do what I need to do and late nights were weighing down on me so much I could function at my very best during the day. I went to this site and posted the nanny position and within 1 month and half (yes, it was very tedious and I was very picky but hey, nothing but the very best for my little guy), I found the Most Perfect nanny (seriously my Mary Poppins). So now I have 2-3 days of the week where I can completely focus in on the biz and I now use nap time to catch up on the emails and calls.

  120. Margot

    I have been a S.A.H.M for the past 12 years I have 2 children and a husband that runs a very demanding business, it has taught me to breathe, be patient and be in the moment. Knowing that children actually do grow up fast, I really wanted to be present with them and Enjoy as many of the moments as possible. Most days I did not have any ambitions to be anything more than an exceptional mom and person and for me this meant giving thanks that I had the opportunity to raise my children without the pressure of having to be the bread winner. I have been lucky to have a supportive husband that treats me with deep respect for the job that I do, and I know this is often not the case for so many women. I was satisfied to work on myself when I wasn’t giving to the family, exercise, other personal interests, and as much Goddess time as I could get. etc. A business was not in the radar for me at all. There were hard days when I felt like I should have a career going, or I would feel pressure from the outside world that being a SAHM was not enough, but it was during these times that the support from my friends would remind me that I am doing enough! Eventually, I would find myself with more time and energy to focus on turning my passions that i have nurtured during stay at home time into my own business life. The number one secret to making it through being a mother to young children is support. The babysitting co-op is a great way to do that. Even to just connect regularly with other mom’s and children can lift you up when you need it most. Now, that my children are in school, I have more time to devote to my business and I am so happy that I took the time to really discover who I was on so many deep levels, while being the best mom i could be. Just a shout out, to all the mom’s out there that, it’s okay to wait on some dreams while you are living your current dream. Before you know it, you will wake up from one and be ready to step into another.

  121. I had 4 kids in less than 5 years! They are now 5, 7, 9, and 11. I thought I would go back to “work” once they were older and went to school . . . but now I’m homeschooling! I love my life–now I’m writing again and have so much more to share. I have a growing blog and one on the way . . . women are always birthing new ideas . . .

    Living intentionally, honoring your purpose and passion, when these are aligned than your “business” will blossom. Being open to your own truth is what will make you successful.

    Be Blessed as you embrace your own version of motherhood.

  122. Ladies–
    If you need help: Look at all the posts from this string, pick THREE that apply to you and IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENT ONE then commit to implementing the other two in the next few weeks. Otherwise, you may get overwhelmed with the well-intended advice. 😉

  123. Being pulled in lots of directions at once and being able to stay on course is the challenge. I find my energy and time are things I need to guard. Including some kind of movement every day is crucial- gets my brain going and my mood up, I also make sure I’m drinking water and feeding myself real food.
    I’ve entered a new phase now, where my kids are in activities, and there’s lots of social stuff happening, loads of birthdays, etc… So I’m working now with being forgiving of myself that I can’t do every single thing. Carpooling with other moms whose kids share my kids’s activities is huge- as is lowering my expectations of being ‘the perfect mom’ –
    Thanks Marie for bringing this up.
    I think the piece I need to work on now is including others in my dreams, and creating that support where others are rooting for me to succeed, to help me buoy my dreams, even on those days when I’m doubting that I can really pull it off.

  124. Thanks Marie and Latham. I wish there were cheerleaders around like you two when I had my kids. It was so difficult because what was modeled was that you give everything of yourself. I was so tapped out and it took years to get me back to the person I am. I think more women need to support and model positive and healthy self-care that is void of guilt. It’s the guilt that buries so many of us. I’m so glad that both of you did this episode. Thanks so much.

  125. Marie, Thank you for covering this topic! Latham was wonderful. I’m fairly familiar with her blog being a new mom to a 6-mos old baby girl. The work/life balancing act is what led me to enroll in B-School late last year and I couldn’t be more excited to have the program kick off next month. At times, juggling it all (mommyhood, building a new business, being a wife, and being a freelance artist) made me feel like I bit off more than I could chew. I’ll say it, my daughter is flat-out AWESOME but also the toughest boss I’ve ever had.

    On that note, here are my tips from what I’ve learned (so far) from the trenches:
    1) Be Present: Probably the biggest lesson my daughter has taught me by far. Babies are masters at living in the moment and they can tell if you’re cheating them from your full attention. Make time together count and do the same for your business, clients and partners. It makes your time more purposeful and meaningful.
    2) Calendar + Schedule like crazy: “Mommy-Brain” is real. Block out the time you need for tasks + schedule them. It’s so easy to forget plans, tasks, chores but recording them helps get things done.
    3) Accept Help where it’s offered: Husband, sister, mom, nanny, house-keeper, friend…whoever it is find a helping hand or 2 or 3! Be explicit about what you need to cut out the guesswork (especially w/the hubby). But find your community of support and your community of mommies!
    4) Treat yourself kind: Happy Mom = Happy Baby. Eat well, break house arrest (get out of the house), and regenerate. Being a mom means being “ON” 24/7 and parenting fatigue is no-joke. Do whatever it is that replenishes you. For me this means a lot more green drinks, stroller walks, power naps, and a daily moment of non-negotiable “me time”.
    5) Integrate baby into your work however it’s possible. For me this means bringing her along into meetings and letting her “participate”. She gets the experience of socializing. I keep meetings short and around sleep/nap schedules to avoid meltdowns. Also between baby carriers, our portable crib/play and bouncy chair- I’m able to give my daughter the comfort of being close while allowing me hands-free time to write emails, and other activities.

    Being a mommy is the most demanding and rewarding role I’ve ever had, and completely relate to being desperate, absolutely DESPERATE, for work/life balance! I’ve also never had a bigger motivation to succeed in business until my daughter came along not only to help provide her w/the quality of life she deserves but to (hopefully) set a good example and make her proud. *sniff, sniff*

    I look forward to connecting w/other working moms + learning new creative ways to juggle as my daughter grows older.

    PS…can anyone help me update my avatar? I haven’t figured out how to upload my pix. Thx in advance!

    • Hey Sally! That’s all Gravatar (google it!) go there and make sure you use the same email that you use to comment on this site. Your picture should update!

  126. Adi

    Hi Marie, I have a hard time copying the link to your video. I want to paste it into my FB page “flawless and healthy”, can’t do it thou 🙁 thank you, loved this episode; even if I don’t have a baby, I can still relate to it. Sometimes, your partner/spouse is your baby or acts like one 😉 LOL!

  127. Just wanted to also add a big THANK YOU to Marie for showcasing this topic this week as it is so near and dear to my “Momma” heart. And THANK YOU for introducing me to Lantham and her wonderful “Goddess Time” message!

  128. This is such great advice. I have built my business helping people (many moms and dads) learn how to eat better for more energy, health and happiness while my son was growing up. Now he is an older teenager.

    When he was 3, I started doing yoga which helped me get my goddess time. I also started using the pressure cooker which helped me save time and feed my family well. I have now written 2 cookbooks: The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment and The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals in Less than 30 Minutes, produced a DVD Pressure Cooking: A Fresh Look, Delicious Dishes in Minutes and maintain 2 websites and . Somehow, I just kept going and kept building my business.

    I love to encourage other women. And I love what you are doing Marie, and you, too, Latham (you are one of the most beautiful souls in the world today).

    Thank you for this. You will inspire more women business owners. We all need allies.

  129. Thanks for touching on this topic. 🙂

    I stay home full time to raise my three kids (7,4,3), living 800 miles away from all my family, and I’m able to slowly expand my business services around my family’s natural cycle. (You can contact me here: or see my funny mother picture here:

    I think I have 2 helpful points about how to be both a good parent and smart business-owner:

    1. (Unless, you shirk your family responsibilities on someone else) as a parent or caregiver it WILL take you longer than a non-parent to successfully grow your business. It’s a different life dynamic, and imho, it’s a good one. Kids and family are your rocks – their welfare cannot be neglected or you’ll only create more obstacles that stand in the way of building your business.

    2. Organizing and mainstreaming recurring tasks makes them easier to implement, frees up brain power, and saves time.
    When I started adding everything I do each day to my google calender – from what day and times I do the laundry, update, do my project work, shop for which type of groceries (grocery IQ app is good) etc – I found that I got so many more things done, faster and stress free. Then I had more fun with my family and my business.

    It may sound obnoxious to write out life/day events down to 15-30 minute increments and it does take a lot of time initially to prioritize, calculate and organize when to do what. However, when you have a rather accurate visual representation of how much time your tasks actually take you to fully complete, and get reminded when to start and stop – us entrepreneur-types tend to overwork – then you find these free pockets of space in your day and week to schedule regular guilt-free Goddess Time. You can stop worrying about the welfare of your family members, or the progress of your work, because everything that you consider to be worth your time, based on your daily reality, is scheduled and accounted for. (I did say this scheduling takes a while – like days, then with weeks of minor tweaks). You don’t have to decide what tasks to tackle each day because you can just look on your calender and get to work! As time goes on and your life needs/wants/requirements change, so does your calender. “…He mentioned research that shows the simple act of making decisions degrades one’s ability to make further decisions.” (from here:


    • I agree Ashley.

      It’s all about the systems, automation and facing the facts.

      We can do anything that non-parents can do just not everything. We shouldn’t even try to hold ourselves to their standards.

      Good advice!

  130. Marie & Latham

    I’ve been watching your videos each week for about a year and this is the first time I’ve been inspired to be a part of the discussion…not that the others weren’t great – but this is such a passion for me.

    Latham – you’re so inspiring. Your perspective of just changing your perspective has so much power.

    I have 2 sons – ages 12 & 13. I also started my business when my first son was less than a year old. After my 2nd son was born, I got divorced – so I was building my business as a single mom of 2 small children.

    I am so proud to share that my coaching business is incredibly successful and has been for years. I also lead a workshop for Moms – it’s not about parenting, it’s about dealing with the dynamics of motherhood…my coaching practice is more in the realm of personal coaching and corporate consulting – but leading the mom’s workshop is my heart.

    I love, love, love that there are so many of us out there working and dealing with the challenges and opportunities and ups and downs and ins and outs of this – oh so important, but no road map territory.

    Latham – thanks for your leadership.
    Marie – I think you’re really incredible – thank you for your commitment and drive to make a difference for us all.


  131. I can see both sides on this one….

    As a Life Design Coach I’ve worked with so many women facing the same emotion – guilt. In trying to achieve perfection in business and as a mummy. Balance is hard to come by! The success seems to come from setting boundaries and being super-organised.

    Now as a new mummy, I have felt pangs of guilt myself. I quickly learned that I was raising two babies – my beautiful boy and my passionate business. Both need love, both need my attention, both need nurturing. Only in re-framing it in this way did things start to click into place. As long as I do at least one important thing each day with both babies, I can keep the ugly Guilt at bay!

    • I love the idea of getting at least one important thing done with both babies Emma.

      Nice blog as well!

      Best 🙂

  132. Keli

    Hi Marie from Sunny Australia!
    I am a single mum with a 2.5 year old with no supportive partner and very little family support… My comment from watching Latham’s Glow tips? I totally agree with the mindset! As hiring someone to help, forming a co-op and going to a movie on my own is totally out of the question – I have to do this… I see this as one very powerful way to teach my child self-reliance and what is possible if you put your mind to it! My support – the Universe and my belief in myself. Sure there are some pretty ordinary days and for the first year as a mum you are definitely on “baby time” but this teaches you flexibility, time management and priorities.
    Thanks for listening and hope to see you in Australia some day!
    Love Keli x

    • I agree Marie – you think LA rocks… you’ve gotta come to Sydney!!

  133. I am a mom of four boys, ages 6, 3, and 23 month old twins. I had a corporate career for 10 years and left when my twins were 9 months to start my business as an Executive Coach. As I was making the scary leap from corporate 9-6 career to entrepreneur, I had every version of those insecure thoughts that there was no way I could create the business of my dreams because I had four little kids and taking great care of them and managing their busy little lives was so time consuming and exhausting. I even thought, WHO WILL really take me seriously, I mean how can a MOM with FOUR kids under 6 actually be a serious business owner. And then as I made my way out into the world each day, carrying two infant seats (one on each elbow) as I got my other kids to each of their schools with all of their stuff, all the while, fitting in great conversations with potential clients (albeit sometimes over bluetooth while driving to the grocery store or some other critical errand), something just clicked – what am I thinking? The real question is WHO WOULDN’T take me seriously? The number of things that I (and my husband) juggle and accomplish in a day sometimes actually astounds me. This experience as a mom has prepared me to serve my clients (who by the way are often also struggling with competing demands of work, life, family, etc), in a much more powerful way. Latham’s points were spot on, and she is a clear inspiration to women – whether mothers or not. Creating boundaries and some sacred “Goddess” time is essential (as is eating well and exercising to maximize energy – I do pushups and squats in the bathroom while the kids are splashing in the bath if I have to). The fact is, nobody including our husbands or kids ever asked us to become a martyr – that is a volunteer position – we choose to be one or we don’t. Our time is ours to give and to protect. Creating clear priorities each day about what is essential / must get done, and what is not a priority has been the greatest behavioral change for me that has allowed me to successfully grow my business AND increase the amount of quality time I spend with my boys and my husband. My stress level has dropped as I’ve made the CHOICE to embrace the chaos! I now accept that the toys aren’t always organized, the dining room walls are sometimes decorated in crayon, and just having 2 mittens on is the important thing (even if one is blue striped and the other is red). But my boys are loved, hugged, and fed well, we read and laugh and dance and play. And when they are off at school, my clients are taken care of because working with them fuels me to be the best woman, mom and wife I can be. And just like my clients ask me to “help” them see things more clearly, manage their priorities, etc., I ask for a lot of help myself. Having twins quickly got me over my complex of asking for help because there was just no way to do it all alone. If you can afford to hire some help, great! But I also love Latham’s idea of teaming up with friends to share in babysitting responsibilities, and leveraging nap time. Nap time is what is allowing me to write this post today :-). Thank you, Marie and Latham for starting this great discussion. You both inspire me.

  134. I loved this video. I think Marie has my house bugged because I was just meditating on this issue this morning. My husband and I have been building our fashion & lifestyle marketing and publicity company ( for going on 3 years and now we are parents. I was so stressed about how to do I all I was getting headaches.

    My breakthrough was scheduling! I realized that if I scheduled time for specific tasks it helped me be more present in the task at hand. Now when I feel bad for not checking emails because I’m playing with my 10 month old baby boy, I can say to myself chillax you have a 3:30 appointment with those emails so no need to worry until then. It kicks that guilt to the curb.

  135. This is so awesome, Marie and Latham…

    Even though I’m not a mom, I can relate to this. Especially telling people about what your bigger vision is for your business so they can get an idea of where you’re at and what you want to accomplish.

    I’ve been reluctant to share my plans with anyone besides my partner who is super supportive, I am a really private person to begin with so it’s hard for me. But I recently had a chat with my mom over smoothies about everything and she ended up purchasing a software for me that will greatly improve my business and save me lots of time!

    Just goes to show, sometimes you’re wrong when you feel like you’re alone in this and nobody wants to help 🙂 Sometimes you just got to tell people what’s up, and not even have to ask!

  136. Marie + Latham!

    This week’s episode REALLY hits home for me.
    I am a work at home mother of two (7 and 16 months)

    For years I allowed my life as a mom to overwhelm my life as a business owner. I would look at other women in buisness and envy their progress. I would say things like “yeah, I’d be as successful as _____ too if I didn’t have kids.” It takes me so much longer to get my ideas out, strategize, and get stuff done.

    What I realized is that I was using my children as an excuse. Mom’s can do anything non-mom’s can do. It just takes automation, systems, and a huge reality check. I had to get over being perfect to get things done.

    I had an idea of what motherhood and business life would look like BEFORE having children and a business. Once I got hit over the head with reality, I realized that “an ideal life” is not so ideal for working mom’s. I replaced ideal with the REAL DEAL— and started making things happen. I am a song writer and mentor for multi-passionate + creative women. It takes a lot of strategizing to handle both my businesses + motherhood.

    I totally agree with you, Latham (especially the nap time work flow.) I wish I knew of you when I was a new mom. Your site is on fire!

    Strategy+ automation+ real deal > ideal, is the key to success for work-at-home-moms. In fact this message has become the face of my upcoming empowerment firm.

    Right now, I have a blog Spring 2013— I plan to have my revamped site and business up and running. It’s takes me longer but done is better than perfect (or ideal)

    Best to you both ladies!!

  137. Awesome job Marie & Latham!

    I’m a mom of 3 (3 different schools too, yikes!), own my own real estate brokerage by day and run my blog/talk radio show by night! My life is absolutely chaotic, but you know what? I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I do NOT feel guilty for “Doing Me” because I’m my best me for my kids and husband when I take care of my needs as well. Don’t get me wrong… I have my moments of guilt, but I quickly check myself and remind myself that as long as I’m giving my best self what more can I do?!

    My advice to working moms is to NOT get caught up in the guilt! Being a great mom/wife and business woman is definitely a balancing act! Sometimes one areas gets more than the other, but in the end as long as you are doing your best all you should do is applaud yourself! So for all those Moms/Wives that give me the Judgey Side Eye when they learn about my crazy schedule, I say Oh Well! I’m “Doing Me” and loving it!

  138. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Such a great interview! So true with the mommy guilt. This was a big one for me to get over & I still have my moments. As women we have to keep reminding ourselves and empowering each other that we do everyone a disservice when we put our dreams and goals on the back burner & only take care of everyone else. Thanks for the inspiration Marie and Latham!

  139. Jacqueline Diaz

    Loved all these tips! My daughter is a teen now, but you can still apply them.

    My best tips for moms w/teens is to:

    1,. Include them. Let them know why your spending so much time away from them and why this is so important to you. When you do this they are aware its not them, and they start to give you so much support.

    My 15yr old even asked me the other day. “Mom can I share your site w/my friends. I’ve told them all about what your doing and they/I think its cool”

    2. Make time for quality time. Set a time to just spend time together, whether its just watching t.v. or having a small lunch together. But make it about them. Not at the house, go out and eat some place. Even if its just a sandwich or slice of pizza.Making it about them, and being away from home (for those soloentrepreneurs) really lets them know its their (kids) time.

    That’s what’s been working for me. Even though at times I still fall off when I go back to 1 & 2 that seems to help.


  140. Oh Marie, this episode really speaks to me!

    I have a little girl who is almost two now, and although I truly feel she has helped me get even more focused on my business goals ( I know what I want to do, I just don’t always have the time to do it), I remember how difficult it was to work on business projects, especially during the first year of her life.

    I love your guest’s tips, and I think they are spot on.

    I use my daughter’s nap time to dig into my blog, The key for me is: brevity. I post a card of the day reading that is between 200 and 400 words. The time restraint actually helps me keep things succinct!

    Balancing your business and parenthood is difficult, so, ANY tips are always appreciated. Thanks again!



  141. It’s funny there are so many times I think to myself that I could do so much more if I was not a mom. Sounds harsh but I’m positive that’s the woe is me side of things. So I decided to use my mom-hood to help other working moms by writing an eBook. It’s suitable for moms considering how to reenter the work world (including entrepreneurship). I focused on the 3 things that have to be considered before returning to work including how your mind shifts following childbirth. It’s super tech savvy and has already been featured on other sites including women 2.0

    Here is my link to the free eBook.

  142. Andi

    Wow Is Me– I LOVE that!

    Thanks, Marie, for the introduction to the awesome Latham, and thanks to Latham for the wonderful tips!

    This is an issue that I have been thinking about a lot recently. I have a daughter who is 2.5. When she was born I chose to stop my practice as a psychotherapist and stay home to raise her. I have continued doing some consulting/supervision at home by phone (during nap time), and I am also in the process of writing a book and launching a website, which I also try to fit in during nap time and after my daughter goes to sleep at night. It is definitely a lot to juggle, in addition to being a wife and keeping the house in somewhat decent working order 🙂

    Here are a few things that have worked for me in my journey as a mom and an entrepreneur:

    1) “Mama guilt” is something that really blindsided me when I became a parent–not feeling like I was doing enough or doing well enough, even when I was holding my daughter all day long! Mama guilt is insidious and will make you feel crazy!! I combat it by doing a little review process every evening after my daughter goes down to bed. I ask myself: “What did I do really well as a parent today?” “What would I like to improve on or do better tomorrow?” I ask these questions about my business endeavors as well, then make a little note that I can look at the next day as a reminder. It helps me see what I am doing well, especially as a parent (my highest priority) and also helps me a get a concrete plan for improvement so that guilt doesn’t keep stewing in my brain all night.

    2) I started a co-working setup with a friend of mine who has a three year old son. I don’t want to be away from my daughter much for work-related reasons, at least right now, but there are those certain occasions where I really need to get something done during the hours that my daughter is awake. So my friend and I will meet up at one of our homes, and one of us will watch the kids while the other goes into a quiet room and takes a block of time to focus on work. It works out well for all of us–the kids get time to play together, one of us gets some good work done while still being within earshot of our child (if needed), and the other one of us knows that soon we will also have a block of time to work, so we can let go of worrying about the work and just be present with our child.

    3) Letting go of expectations (my own and others’) that don’t serve me or further my goals has been very important, and surprisingly difficult to do. I keep reminding myself, “This is my one life, and I want to make it count. I can choose to do things a little differently than others do as long as I and my husband and child feel good about it.” This little mantra helps center me and greatly reduces the pressure to be someone I’m not.

    Thanks so much for this conversation, Marie and Latham. I am learning so much from this community today!!

  143. Marie + Latham,

    This is the best video I’ve every come across. Seeing so many moms going through the same situation made me realize that I’m not alone in this dilemma.

    I really appreciated the 5 Glow tips, particularly having a support group and a cheering squad who believes in your vision. I don’t have this, and it’s so stressful to deal with the naysayers of our conservative society telling me to focus on the children, to let my husband work, and to be THANKFUL for it. I understand where they’re coming from, but I’d like to build something of my own as well, and so it made sense to have a support group to back me up.

    As to how we tackled this issue, we had to hire a full-time nanny to help us out with the chores at home and to keep an eye on my toddler while we worked. It’s also important to value Goddess Time, especially when you feel that you don’t deserve it or you should be spending it on the business or children.

  144. I love this topic! Thank you, Marie! I am also loving the sharing going on in these comments! Great stuff… So I’m taking notes.

    Here are some other things I think are important:
    1. Being completely present and focused in each moment, whether you’re working or with your kids. I rarely, if ever feel guilty when I’m working at the office because I know that when I am with my kids I was completely present with them. If I find my mind slipping away, then I bring it back.
    2. Have a ‘to do’ list in order of what’s important for your business. The time to work is so precious, so when it’s nap time, be prepared to tackle your most important things with fierce focus.
    3. Also, in all this don’t forget your partner if you have one… he needs special time, too. Scheduling a night out every couple weeks with just the two of you… you don’t have to go anywhere, but even just taking the time to talk without kid interruptions can be of great value to your relationship and family.

  145. Here’s the biggest thing I’ve learned: Stop comparing you and your business to other women in business who do not have kids! It is a completely different ballgame.

    Also, totally agree with putting your own oxygen mask on first.

    • Agree with the idea of comparison. We are all unique with unique circumstances so comparison serves no purpose as it assumes we are all the same. I have not found other entrepreneurial moms thus far and it seems I have women entrepreneur friends and a separate group of mom friends and I feel not quite understood in either!

  146. I’ve been aching for this answer for so long as I struggled with the reality of being a SAHM starting her businesses and planting seeds to have them establish and grow while being virtually single and having my wee one rely 100% on me for all his nurturing & care.

    Some advice I have to remind myself of often:
    1. Learn to say no, to anybody, for the right reasons. So many times we mamas want to do it all, or feel like we need to. In some circumstances we’re almost told to. Then that guilt crops up if we’re not being everything to everyone. So learn to say no to anything that isn’t truly on your priority list when you need to, including to yourself.

    2. You have to take time. Period. That goddess time Latham mentions is so important. And I know Marie has talked about this before – dressing the part. I know when I’m tired and bummin’ it in my pjs because I work from home I don’t feel energized while I’m working. While I fight it taking the time to get ready everyday as if I was going to a meeting full of people I needed to impress, I know I feel better when I look the part than when I don’t. I also like to turn this into a nod to goddess time by dolling myself up, arranging a mani/pedi, and wearing a favorite outfit I might only wear out to work in.

    3. Compromise realistically! Sometimes I have a lot of work to do and really childless I could get up early work all day and have it done by dinner. Then I come back to reality where I have a toddler, and limited time & energy to devote out to things. So what if I take a few days to finish work, if it means I have the energy to do the things I really need to – like caring for my son – then the “extra work” is worth it. (But really lets throw out that idea of “extra” – it’s just work.)

    4. Honor your feelings & what they mean. Just like you wouldn’t go into a day job extremely ill the same goes for other states of feeling bad. You can’t miss out on needed sleep and be fresh as a daisy but for so long. And if you’re feeling upset or frustrated you’re not going to be working at your optimum level. So just like when they tell you that if you’re freaking out over the demands of a new baby to take a few minutes time out the same goes here. It’s not a weakness, it’s strength in knowing yourself. It’s not irresponsibility, it is in fact you being extremely responsible to yourself.

    My closing bit – it’s not about being perfect and as time goes demands change, so your “way” of doing things (be that the schedule you keep, who and where you ask for help, and just what you’re able to do at any given time) will too. Don’t fight that, but recognize it as a shift and act accordingly so you can come back to center fill yourself and accomplish your priorities to family (& yourself) and goals towards business!

    So many great comments have been said by so many others on this topic. And I’m grateful for this to have been covered!

    • Your comments really resonate with me. On the days that I work from home, I also get showered, eat breakfast and get fully dressed.

      • I’m glad my ramblings made sense! I have a habit of just spilling what comes to mind without re-reading it (where I might catch anything I missed or phrased “less-than-clearly”).

  147. Boundaries are so important! I work full-time and have my business part-time. I realized I wasn’t giving my daughter enough quality time, because she was being very difficult. I would come home and start working on the business right away. I realized i needed to have set time for all these activities. That way my daughter is happier and it makes my life easier. So I don’t open my laptop when I come home. This time is for my daughter. I start working after she goes to bed.

    Know your peak energy time (mine is evening, but if morning is you get up before the kid and work 1 hour or 2)

    I also lowered my expectations of what needed to be accomplished around the house. It’s clean enough and i let go of the need to be a freak about it.

    If i need to have clients while my daughter is there, I taught her to wait and entertain herself for an hour. I don’t do it all the time, but she is now able to do it (she’s 6). My goal is to eventually convert to a more virtual business, but part of it isn’t possible right now. Transition and innovation is the way to go when you have limited time and resources.

  148. My husband and I have created a business that involves our children. It’s an exciting way to balance motherhood with my own passions.

    We have a successful travel blog, which means we get to travel a lot. It is so exciting to spend these precious days with our children creating amazing family memories around the world.

    My five year old daughter loves to participate in the business. She gives us ideas for posts, and creates segments on some of our videos. Watching my two daughters grow into these worldly, smart, independent women is incredible.

    I would think about how you can involve your children in your business. It’s amazing!

    • Andi

      Caz– I love the idea of involving your girls in your business and modeling business success for them. Very cool!!! 🙂

  149. Great tips!

    I’d like to add that slow and steady wins the race. When I became a mom nearly 5 years ago, I had such a tough time with my inability to do things at the pace in which I was doing them before baby. I finally decided that it was okay to allow things to move more slowly as long I continued to do them mindfully and deeply. Perhaps I even take more pride in my work now that I am a mom because it takes greater care and time to create it.

    My goddess time is waking up at 5:30 a.m. for yoga and meditation, on the weekdays, in the living room of my apartment. The glorious stillness of the morning is so invigorating that I don’t even notice the “lack of sleep” that I thought I’d suffer. Rather than suffer sleep deprivation, I have gained peace and mindfulness and feel more grounded and clear headed. This leads to greater focus at work and toward my family.

    Thank you Marie and Latham for this inspiring conversation!

  150. This is WHY I love MarieTV :: even though I don’t have a child nor am I planning on starting a family any time soon I still learned a lot from this video. Thank you Marie and Latham! So appreciated <3

  151. I’ve been running my business for 4 years now (seriously for 2 1/2) and I have two boys (4 & 3). At the beginning of 2012 I decided that the focus of the year was ME. As a results I’m a better Mum, my business has gone from strength to strength and I’m a much much happier and healthier person.

    Other things I’ve learned:
    1. The ship needs its captain!!! If I’m not healthy, happy and fulfilled then I can’t give anything to my family and business.

    2. Outsource! I use daycare, a once-a-week cleaner, and a lawn-mowing man. And I never do housework when the kids are out of the house. My time is far too valuable to waste on vacuuming. And if I’m totally snowed under, I get my husband to take the boys out for a morning or afternoon at the weekends – I use this time to work (I also get them to cook me dinner on Sunday night while I relax with a glass of wine).

    3. Be strict about ‘work days’ and ‘child days’. I schedule interviews, teleconferences, meetings and the bulk of writing and research for the days when my boys are out of the house. I only ever do interruptable tasks (like email) on days the boys are home. As a result I never feel guilty (what a wasted emotion anyway!).

    4. Take a 30 min nap in the afternoon. My naps are essential to my health and wellbeing. I’m more productive, focussed and happier when I have them (but NEVER longer than 30 mins).

    5. On days when work is slow and the boys are out of the house I treat myself – I go out for lunch, I go to the gym, I swim a the beach, I buy a magazine and sit at the beach and read. I LOVE to indulge myself – I’m worth it and I earned it.

    6. Parkinson’s Law – any job will expand to fit the time allowed. I can get WAY more done than I think I can 🙂

    • Ana Chavez-Santoscoy

      I like your comment!!!

    • Ana Chavez-Santoscoy

      Love your comment!



  152. Marie and Latham, thank you so much for this video! I can totally relate – I have three little ones (a 1, 3 and 5 yr old) and I started my business right before my 5 year old was born. There were times when I had to take a step back and play more the “mom” role and other times when I made my business more of a priority. I have to say, I was too exhausted during nap time to do anything else, but after realizing that I needed more time for me, I ended up getting people on board and hired someone to watch the kids so I can work.

    For me, the shift really happened when I hired a babysitter and had dedicated time to work, rather than when I tried to do it all and work while the baby was napping. At first I felt guilty about the babysitter (especially when my little ones would scream as I was leaving), but it was so important for me to have that time to work on my business. It paid off in so many ways!

    My advice is to definitely let go of the guilt of having someone else help you with childcare and go for it!

  153. Yay Marie! I applaud you for having the courage to tackle the Mom Entrepreneur topic, and Latham, what an inspiration you are!

    As co-founder of, we find the biggest challenge our women have is time. We help our women create timemaps that allow them maintain their top priority (their family) while running a business. You CAN do it, just not always on the schedule you would dream about.

    Having dedicated work time is critical. I agree with Andreea (comment above) that childcare is a god send. Babysitting co-op, friend swap, family, or have it as a weekly business expense. Though women want to multitask, we think we can do it well, it won’t serve us in the long run. Loved Latham’s Dream Time – work when the baby or toddler sleeps – have your to do list beside you and GO!

    There is a way, there are enough hours in the day. We just need to be productive and not busy. We need to be focused and not scattered. We need to ask for help when we need it, and stop being martyrs.

    I step off my soapbox now!!


  154. Ladies – THANK YOU!! As a mama of a conquistador (aka a toddler) I *love* this topic! So much so that I’m launching a free virtual mentoring experience at the end of March called The 6-Figure Mom Movement where I’ll be interviewing 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurial mamas for ‘real deal’ advice on being as serious about having a kick-ass biz as you are about having a kick-ass lifestyle that works around your fam. The experience will take you on a 3-week journey to Rediscover Balance, Accelerate Your Business, and Shine Your Brilliance!

    Would LOVE to welcome all you mamas (and those who support them) into the The Movement! (site’s in development but the landing page will let you sign up for the ‘deets’)

    Celebrating all of you,
    Marcie Mauro

    • Whoops – meant to add my favorite tips to share:

      *Find something to laugh about with your kids (or your partner!) every day

      *Set a timer: when all the little things are piling up, set a timer for 10-15min and try to tie up as many loose ends as possible. And, have a designated ‘dump’ pad where you can jot down your “don’t forget to’s…” all in one place to make this one work even better

      *Fit in fitness, no matter what! Whether it’s a workout class or a walk with the kids (add walking lunges and dips for those who want more 😉 it will always make you feel better

      *Remember, 5 minutes of focused cleaning can make a WORLD of a difference …even in your mood

      ***Tell all those who support you how much you love and appreciate them (even if they’re too little to understand)

  155. New to this community but feel fortunate to have had one of my “cheerleaders” forward it to me. Thank you for this! I’m a mother of a three year old, a 9 mo old who recently relocated back to America after much time abroad with my husband who is experiencing major culture shock and feeling his own entrepreneurial spirit stunted. From woe is us to wow is us! thank u! To share just how big my vision is was mind bending for me instead of just slowly pecking at it in my wee free hours!
    looking forward to exploring your lovely site more!

  156. Hi gorgeous women

    Thanks Marie for this episode, and Latham, you are my new girl crush woman!

    I just wrote a long comment and lost it all 🙁 so I won’t rewrite it all, just to say that this is such an important issue. I speak to thousands of women every year, and with my private coaching clients, about how being a working mother can be such a struggle. We need to focus on solutions and Latham gave some great tips that really resonate with what I talk about. Having been a single mum for most of son’s 12 years I know first hand what it is like to passionately want to do work you love whilst creating a life that works, and have some semblance of balance and wellbeing in the process. I wanted to share my experiences and what I have learnt with other women so I wrote a book that has recently come out called Getting Real About Having It All (Hay House) I hope it may be of help and support to women everywhere who are trying to create a life that works, where passion and wellbeing can thrive together.

    Be Well
    Megan x

  157. MARIE I SIMPLY LOVE YOU. just want you to know that. you are SO giving and such an example to me. Thank you for all you do.

  158. Ana Chavez-Santoscoy

    I am not a momy but I really enjoy this video. I am a graduate student and We are trying to conceive a little one! but sometimes I get really stress thinking how I am going be able to handle everything. I think it is also important, that you have to know that you are not the only parent, and that you should let your parner get involve in parenting as much as you do.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel Marie!



  159. Amy

    I’m so glad this question came up – this has been been my one missing piece since discovering Marie – it all makes sense, but how the hell do you do any of this when you have small children?

    I have 19 month old twins, and my days range from blissful to absofuckinglutely beyond frustrating. My partner and I are trying to launch a business for him, and I have plans that are up next… and it’s so cliche but I can hardly find time to keep up with the laundry and dishes.
    We don’t have a lot of capital and can’t afford help – I am so grateful to live near family and tap them for help as much as possible. Find help wherever you can – is there a youngster down the street who could babysit or even just help out while you are home, for like $5 or $10 an hour? Any relatives or friends who will come over for a few hours so you can have Goddess time, have a date, do some work, whatever? I have found the the old “seek and ye shall find” is really quite true – put it out there, let people know you need help. This goes along with Latham’s point about getting people on board with your vision. Let them know what you’re up to and recruit their support. It’s also actually quite beneficial for your children to have many different adults they spend time with and feel secure with, so no guilt!

    I still have a lot of trouble making the best use of my time, so I appreciated Latham’s suggestion of making nap time your time to work on your dreams – I think it’s an awesome idea and also important to remember that stuff comes up and sometimes you are just gonna need naptime to work on something else, and that’s okay, as long as you are making the time for YOU a priority too.

    Thanks Marie! xoxo

  160. As the mom of a nearly 3 year old, I really appreciated this post. We can often feel pulled in so many directions as moms with ambition and vision.

    Some of what works for me:
    **I’ll always try to wake up before my daughter, not just to work, but to meditate. Meditation helps me be more present throughout the day, and the more I’m able to be present in the moment with my daughter AND in my work, the less I feel like I’m dividing my time or distracted. My time in each mode feels so much richer (and I get more work done when I’m mindful and focused).

    **I have supportive players from all parts of my life – peers with and without kids who may push me and motivate me around work, people related to the creative interest in my life, mostly without kids, and moms who may or may not work. I have yet to find moms in my social circle in my exact situation (except online!), so I put together a team that collectively gets me, pushes me, sympathizes with me, and so on.

    **I’ve been taking to heart some advice on a Brene Brown podcast to not apologize to our children for working hard. I often find myself doing this (“sorry mommy had to go into work early” “sorry mommy has to go to her conference”, even though these are extremely rare events for me). As others have mentioned here, I want to model hard work for my daughter, not apologize for it. As long as I’m focused when I’m doing my work, and I feel that work that takes me away from family is important and worthwhile, no apologies needed. Same goes for creative/recharging time.

    So, those are mine to add to the great comments here and the wonderful suggestions in the video: mindfulness, a diverse team of supporters, no apologies.

  161. Aloha Marie & Latham!

    Fantastic and PERFECT timing! Today is day #1 of my pilot study program called From Mother To Lover – all about mother’s reclaiming the ‘lover’ within and stoking up their lust for life. All of your 5 points definitely apply and I am deeply grateful for the insights.

    Doing the Mama Glow dance.

  162. Hi Marie and Latham,

    Good for you and for us that you took on this topic that you, Marie, don’t specialize in! Thank you!

    I have been in the early stages of starting my business for the last year. (I had one inspiration then reworked it and am beginning again). I am also the mother to twin 3 year olds (boy and girl). My advice echoes good advice for life and biz, mainly:
    (1) prioritize sleep – 8 hrs/night
    (2) practice exquisite nutrition
    (3) make time for fun
    (4) get creative about fitting in exercise and get your heart rate up
    (5) be okay with the amount of time it takes you to get where you are going given that you are raising a young child/children and starting a business, and if you are like me working too
    (6) related to #5, take time now and again to think creatively about how you can shorten that time frame (think 80/20 rule).
    (7)most importantly, make your time with your children high quality.

  163. Oh wow this is so timely for me, thank you! In fact I just wrote two epic posts on my website ( about ‘getting things done with a newborn’! My baby is now 10 weeks old and I’m really passionate about being able to live my dreams and not giving up on who I am in the process of being a mother. Thank you for reinforcing that belief.

    Looking after a newborn is totally intense! Especially if you are breastfeeding, which takes up many hours of the day. However I do believe it is possible to get things done.

    My best tips are:
    1) try to work on something for just 10 minutes every day;
    2) choose the one most important action to do that day, write it down and do it;
    3) find a way to type whilst breastfeeding (I have a small laptop!);
    4) have a group of people who support you and share your vision to cheer you on.
    5) Go easy on yourself!

    Good luck to all the mums & moms out there (Marie I noticed you said mum not mom! Nice for all us UK folks! :-))


  164. My partner and I started our business (we publish designs for hand-knitting) 18 months ago. She has two babies, and I am planning to try for kids in the upcoming year, so this discussion is VERY relevant, and addresses some of my fears / concerns about how me having a new baby will impact our business. My biggest concern is: How will I transition from working full-time+ on product development and sales to fitting in work time around childcare time?

    From my experience, it has been INVALUABLE for our business to work in partnership with another woman – we pick each other up when we are feeling blue, can cover for each other. Most important is that believing in our business TOGETHER feels much more powerful than going it alone. I trust that being in partnership will continue to help if I have a child.

    Secondly, I want to say that it is not only moms who struggle with ‘owning’ and communicating their vision – despite continual successes in my field, it has taken me two years to really ‘own’ what I am doing, believe in it myself and explain it to others. I found it was a gradual process to get to this point, and it is strange now to look back upon my earlier uncertainties.

    Thanks Latham for the suggestion about co-op childcare – has anybody had success with that who could share suggestions / tips?

  165. LisaR.

    I LOVED Latham’s energy!!!! Thank you very much – this was timely. I loved all the Glow Tips – especially Take Goddess Time and answer of do not feel Guilty. My mom sat me down when I was a new mom with my infant; and told me do not feel guilty and suggested I continue to keep my monthly massage appointments. Great advice, thanks!

  166. I’m not a mother, but this woman is:

    The article explains how she manged to write a novel (and get it published) with two infants to take care of. Thought y’all might like it.

  167. Thanks Marie! It is the perfect time for me to discover Latham. I am having my first baby in May.

    For the last 10 years I have been a full time professional freelance stylist/makeup artist. While I have loved this job, I am looking forward to my next role, as mama. Latham has great advice for staying calm and keeping good perspective. Im going to order the book and soak up her website now!

    I hope that helps and gives me some good resources while I launch my new business (, which is a business consulting program for freelancers looking to start or strengthen their businesses. I have built freelance businesses in 4 markets (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Dallas, Richmond) and I am passionate about this topic. I also love helping people achieve their goals. Wish me luck! I am also open to ANY advice or feedback.

  168. pve

    Now where were you twenty years ago? A friend and I watched the video and wondered why we had no one like you or Latham then! I had my Mom to tell me to “Never do what they can do for themselves.”
    My sons are soon going to be 20 and I think if we think of raising our families and businesses with goals in mind….we can see growth while we “create a life we love.”

  169. Jo

    I’m not a mum, but I do work with a large number of mum’s in my practice. I APPLAUD all you mum’s out there who work, run business’s, raise kids, take care of home and SO MUCH MORE!

    I find with my Mum’s its all about getting to see themselves a numero uno! And being a mum, thats such an alien concept. But I know from experience, when my mum’s embrace this idea, work with and through it, life is easier for them. Being number one and meeting your own needs first is selfless! It means you will meet the needs of your kids and business just as well, but with a lighter heart as you have tended to your self first. I realise this is easier said than done, but with support of your ‘team’ you will get more right and feel good about yourself.

    Thanks MamaGlow and Marie for another inspiring episode of Marie TV. Jxo

  170. YES GODDESS TIME! That is what will give you the energy and passion to keep going. To keep moving forward. If you work, work, work all the time and never celebrate what you’ve already accomplished, then what are you working so hard for?

    Really half the fun of accomplishing a goal is the process you take to reach it. If you don’t take mini-celebrations you’ll burn out quickly.

    For me personally, I like to get up extra early and have quite alone time. Time where I just sit and relax. Because having little kids around can be super busy. So for me to just be able to sit and be quite for 15 to 20 minutes is so refreshing.

    Also I have a wonderful sister who volunteers to take my kids over night sometimes and keep them for half of the next day too. WOW! Now that is some recharging time. It’s only happened twice but it was huge.

    Now the major tip for me that I’m going to use from this video is the babysitting group. This would be awesome. And I know a few mothers who would be very interested in this as well.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips.:)

  171. A thought just came to me I had forgotten about…part of what helps me.

    *Use your time wisely.*

    There are certain things that can wait till the evening to be done. I save my marketing for the morning for example because I like to interact with people when I’m at my most wakeful. I also check email then and take about 45 minutes total to do it all (ie Check email, Google+, Twitter, & Facebook). The amount of time doesn’t seem like a lot but it gets a dent in the email without me getting dragged in to reading it “all day” and I find when I keep up on it and don’t slack off – even if I don’t feel like doing it – it keeps my email completely manageable. For interaction & engagement in my mind I just like to do it in the morning but really you have to find the time that works for you – and for those interested I learned all my social media from Laura Roeder who partnered with Marie at one time. Other things, like creating products where I need my full attention & both hands I wait till the bairn is asleep.

    Also you need to be honest about the kind of work you’re doing. If you’re doing something that needs your full attention and that you need to focus on, doing it in between chasing a kidlet about means you aren’t really devoting your attention to your work or your child. If its something like my morning routine where you can take a break here & there and no one but you would know… go for it. But be real with how you’re spending your time. If it needs focus it likely needs your full attention.

  172. I want to reply to the women who made the comment “they want a career and have kids but are not quite sure how to do it”…or ” my husband wants me to be the stay at home mom”. I want to start out introducing myself. I am glad this subject came up. I am not saying that I am expert or even have worked with any clients on this subject…yet. I am just starting out and this is my desire to help mothers grow financially and be full time mamas. I am personally doing this myself. Single parent, going to school, working 40 hours a week and trying to get my biz going for 2013. WOW…seems like a lot doesn’t it. Here are my personal words for all the mamas out there who have a desire. Keep in mind we want our children to succeed..right? Well, we have to be happy in our world to grow a thriving family and we as well have to walk our talk. If we are happy our children will be happy. Once you set your intention focus on that intesion, you are already on your way to a thriving future. Here is a good tool that has helped me. Think of 5 to 6 big things you want to accomplish in your future. Focus your intentions and your tasks on those things and the small tasks will fall into place. Think of ways you can include your children in this. Do not let your inner critic get in the way. Push through and know you can do it. If you have high stress… embrace it be thankful for it and move on; it is our imperfections that makes our motivations. We are there to take care of our children. If we do not grow we won’t have the tools to show them. Hope this helps. If anyone is interested I will have my website and e-book ready by the end of the month.

  173. This really hits home! Love it & thank you for highlighting this topic! Big love Marie & Latham!

    I started a health coaching & personal chef business when I was 6 months pregnant, a year and a half ago… I have found that being a new mom while growing a business has kept me patient about my business growth…

    I often joke that I didn’t become self employed to get up at 5 am or to work on the weekends. But I haven’t been more fulfilled in years.

    I love each & every Glow Point. Nap time is crazy productive time here in my house…. I use the first nap for my work out & the second one for business.

    Also, as a parent it is sometimes hard to ask for what you need but getting the hang of it is great for your family & business!

  174. This is SO TIMELY – I’m actually due with my first child in 4 days and have been struggling with this question moving forward. Thanks for bringing in the wonderful Latham Thomas, and now I am going to dive in to the comments to read everyone’s advice.

    I’ve really worked on being patient with myself during pregnancy, but I love the idea of being upfront about the size of your dreams. That’s definitely something that resonated and I can work on.

    • Congrats, Stacy!! Haven’t seen you since our B-School SD meet-up in that coffee shop! Call on the SD B-School tribe — there are mamas among us (I have a newly 7 and newly 4 year old)! I’m learning how much is about FLOW, and how that flow changes as the kids change, and we change, and it always changes, and we must just…. flow…. 😉 xoxo Megan

  175. Marie and Latham – thanks for highlighting this! And great Glow points!

    There are so many articles and ‘tips’ that float around for people who are starting a business (and possibly also working another job)…but they rarely address the mama-issue!

    They’ll give tips like, “just wake up an hour earlier” and I think, my daughter already wakes up at 4:45am….are you really suggesting I get up at 3:45am?

    Setting realistic goals, ditching the mama guilt and having a positive mindset…all absolutely critical for success! (along with supportive network!)

  176. I LOVE this conversation! What a juicy topic– I love that this crowd is calling bullshit on so much of the inane, condescending, guilt-breeding advice out there. I did a free call for my tribe on this very topic that I think would resonate with some of you. It’s called, I Love My Kids But This Is [email protected]#$ing HARD! It’s especially for entrepreneur mothers like me– I put together a toolkit of what helped me most when I was really in the thick of it.

  177. Thank you Marie and Latham for this fantastic episode. I am not a Mom, yet I often allow life to get overwhelming in this process of growing my business. Also, I preach self-care, yet often allow my own to slip to the way-side. Thank you for these wonderful glow tips, and much respect to all you mothers out there that are making your career dreams come true while rocking the mamma world.

  178. Sonja

    Just wanted to say I appreciate this episode even though I don’t have kids yet and I don’t plan to have them faster than in 5 years from now, but one day I’ll definitely have them so I’ll know which book to buy 🙂 And the tip about first nurturing yourself than helping others is good for any girl – mom or not! Guilt-free zone!

  179. I am a mom of a sixteen month year old boy. My husband works. I’m actor, director and intuitive card reader. I was able to direct two shows last year mainly because my husband supported me.
    It’s important to have support whether from a husband, your mom, friends. Scheduling fun time every day is important. You can’t be a caring mom, if your not caring for yourself. Have to fill that well up daily.
    So happy you addressed this topic, Marie. Sending all my love to all the moms out there. You are all amazing women!

  180. Holy Moses- look at all these comments. Marie and Latham you have hit a hot topic. It took my son to help me make the jump from fulfilling others expectations and doing a job I no longer enjoyed to bringing all my strengths together to do what I love – coaching working mothers. The day he told me that work didn’t look any fun, as he knew that I was miserable cos sometimes he knew I’d been crying, was the permission and wake up call I needed – he brought to life the quote that “the biggest impact on a child is the unlived life of their parent”. I wasn’t living my life fully and without realising it was teaching him that work was something to endure not enjoy – and I was working as an educational psychologist – oh the irony! Even with all my expertise on child development it took my son to bust through all the theory and knowledge to help me realise that by jumping into doing things on my terms and doing what I REALLY wanted to do was going to show him that you HAVE to go for what you want. He is so proud of me now and even shows my website to his friends which is high praise from a teenager. So I thank my son for helping me bring my dreams to life. Big sighs of gratitude as now I get to do the same for other working mothers and help them find their approach to doing things their way with confidence. Happy days:)

  181. Thank you Marie & Latham! I’ve been tuned into the Marie community for about six months and had a little trouble relating because I don’t feel like I have the same amount of time and drive as some of the other entrepreneurial women since I am at stay at home mom now. I have a three old daughter and my husband supports us without my contributions. I want to grow my business but my family comes first. I’d love to find a way to connect to women who are experiencing the same feelings and awaken the motivation to make shifts & grow my business without sacrificing my family life. Ultimately, that can be part of my vision right? A booming business with time for family? I guess I can’t let go of the this idea that starting a business has to be STRESSFUL and HARD- two things I don’t want to invite in and somehow end up dumping on my family. Ya feel me? 🙂

  182. If the home fire isn’t burning – then nothing gets cooked! This is the reason why Goddess time is so important to you AND to your partner and family.

    Thanks Latham & Marie!

  183. Akasha Stoecklin

    This is wonderful. I’m not a mother, but I think we can apply these principles to all aspects of life. Like if you are working full-time in some other job while building your own business: Take care of yourself first, set priorities, figure out creative (and uninterrupted) times to get stuff done!

    Also, as a freelance writer and teacher who works online from home, I gotta say — boundaries, boundaries. Somehow if you don’t communicate with the people around you that you are actually in your house working, they think that you are or should be available to them at any time. Those would be the naysayers. Boot them out, get your cheerleaders in, and focus, focus, focus.

  184. What a great video! This topic is especially near and dear to me…

    I started my business with a 4 month old, 2 year old and 4 year old (and my husband was in graduate school).

    Talk about a conventionally lousy time to start a business… But the fire was there and I had to try.

    Five years later I have built a multi 6 figure company from my home office! It’s incredible to me and sometimes I really feel I should pinch myself to make sure it’s real.

    I get to be a stay at home mom, volunteer in all my kid’s classrooms every week, run a virtual company that I love that brings in and incredible income and have time for a life.

    Of course it didn’t start out looking and feeling so glamorous! I started like everyone else -with nothing but an idea. I took that idea and my free blogspot account and I got started. I literally had to sell stuff on craigslist just to afford the equipment I needed to get me going.

    The path to getting where I am today wasn’t glamorous. I made some huge mistakes because I was trying to be everything and that ultimately resulted in me being carried away in an ambulance. (here’s the full story:

    But then I got smarter… I got strategic and I got focused!

    THE ONE IDEA I WOULD LOVE TO ADD would be to recognize that the roll we play as ‘mother’ is the most powerful and incredible job title we will ever hold. All the success in the world will never compensate for the guilt and anguish we will carry with us if we fail at this most scared role.

    In realizing and recognizing this, there are some very strategic steps I’ve needed to take to build growth while maintaining life balance. But it hasn’t mean that I’ve needed to pull back on my dreams… Just that I’ve needed to get a whole lot more strategic in my implementation strategies.

    Ultimately, I’d just love to add my ‘Amen!’ in that I know unequivocally that it is absolutely possible to be a great mom (and I don’t mean our kids are being raised by a nanny – I mean being there, working through the homework with them, getting dinner on the table, being there for the moments) AND be a dang successful entrepreneur!

    • Hi Leah,

      Read your post. What an inspiration or rather a big warning to us mompreneurs. I am totally headed on that track to the hospital. Things hurt on my body that never did before, yet my will is so strong and belief that I can make my budding business work, that I keep going.

      Thanks for the warning. It was a good wake-up call to become strategic in working better for overall health and well being, not just financial, but overall life as well.

      • Hey Judy!

        I think our will power can be a blessing and a curse! It’s our drive and motivation and I LOVE that… But it can also make us for get reason (like that sleep and food are important) LOL

        You’re so right… What would all the wealth mean for you if you didn’t take the time to create experiences from it with those you love the most. The relationships we have will always be worth more than all the stuff we could ever accumulate.

  185. Mayra

    I just wanted to know what kind of video camera are you using for your videos. I know lighting is important but the camera is too.

  186. Marie – thanks so much for the platform to discuss this topic.

    And THANKS SO MUCH to all the other mums here contributing!

    I thought I’d do something a little different; I made a quick video response outlining MY contribution to the discussion – I hope you get something out of it! To view it, click over to:

    I can relate SO specifically to Kirsty’s situation. As a newly married expectant mother, launching her own business, with a Husband (major bread winner) developing his business too – I’ve been there AND done that!

    Over the years, I’ve learned a LOT about what it takes to succeed both at conscious parenting as well as running a business.

    Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’ve got it all together, or that I’m perfect, but I HAVE learned a few things along the way that can hopefully help out some other mums – real actionable, specific tips and strategies for balancing motherhood AND business!

    1) Remember that there is no such thing as superwoman – so don’t try to be! Politically incorrect as it is to say this: you can’t have everything at the same time. So, prioritize and go from there.

    2) Go, now, to and sign up. It’s free and you’ll find yourself becoming SO much more organised in your home! When you’re not always running behind, when you have an ordered, tidy, well-functioning domestic situation… Well, everyone is more happy. Things generally go much more smoothly. You have more time to devote to motherhood and business, instead of always running around chasing your tail trying to just keep up with all the bare essentials…

    3) Go, now to and sign up. It’s free. There’s a paid option, but, is a cloud-based personal/family/business/home/cooking/birthday calendar ALL IN ONE place. And because it’s cloud based, it’s available everywhere, on any device on any platform! It’s nothing short of miraculous!

    (and, no, I don’t have any affiliation whatsoever – other than being a happy customer – with or

    4) Double Up. When cooking, always make a double quantitiy, then put the rest in the freezer for another night! It sames prepration time, cooking time, AND cleanup time. What’s NOT to love with this tip!

    5) Ask for help! Help with anything. You’d be surprised who’s willing to assist you! Maximise your networks, and get over yourself (re read tip #1) No one expects you to do everything by yourself – so ask for help!

    Keep striving. Keep learning. Keep Growing!

  187. Thank you again Marie and Latham for making this video! It’s so comforting to know there are many women and men out there trying to juggle a family and work from home. There is some wonderful advice on here that is really helpful too.

    I moved to Singapore with my husband and a 2month old 12 years ago. I had intended to go back to work full time, but with a new baby and completely no idea how to care for the baby without a support network, I thought there was no way I could go back to work full time! So I began the challenging journey of trying to find some work that I loved to do and work around the kids (we have two now).

    As I always have a tendency to drop whatever I am doing to help the kids and husband, it’s been hard to keep the momentum of my business going. But as the kids are getting older and more independent now, I have more time to devote to this. I feel like I’ve overcome some major obstacles along the way and am now on the cusp of stepping into my own. I’m really keen to join B-School as I find the whole internet based business model brilliant!

    In terms of things I’ve learnt along the way. Yes definitely to look after yourself is the number one priority. You are no good to anyone if you don’t do that!

    Believe in yourself and what you want to achieve. Stop judging yourself and others. Be kind to yourself when you make mistakes.

    As many have said here, it’s important to be good role models for your kids. If you are happy then that’s the best thing for everyone!!

  188. I started my business with a nursing baby on my back and 2 toddlers as well. Now they are all in college. My business hasn’t grown as fast as I have liked it to but now that I am 55 and my husband and I are empty nesters, Marie’s info could not be more timely! I feel hope that I am an example to my children to never let the passion and enthusiasm die for what you love to do and they will benefit greatly from it.

  189. Thank you Marie and Latham for your video and to everyone for such insightful and practical comments, such as mapping out your next day’s work plan the night before.

    After a (sometimes) frantic morning routine and getting the kids off to school, I find myself writing out a to do list for any research and writing I need to do that day and it’s definitely a waste of time. I’m going to try writing a list out the night before to see what kind of impact that makes on how I use my time in the morning. I have a strong feeling I’ll notice a huge difference in my productivity.

    Thank you again everyone. This is my first comment here but I’ve been reading your newsletter and watching your videos for a few months now, Marie. So glad I found you!

  190. Awesome video and great tips! I really believe taking that goddess time for yourself is HUGE! My son is 2 years and I just had my daughter 2 months ago. I had to figure out a new schedule and new ways to build my business and take some ME time.

    Once a week my sister comes to my house to watch the kiddos. This way I can get out even if it is just 4 hours BY MYSELF and work on my blog, grocery shop, make biz calls, or get a pedi. It is me time so I decide what I want to do with it. I do this even as a nursing mom! I come back rejuvenated and ready to be that rockin mom!

    Thanks for all the incredible tips and reminding us moms that we can’t forget about ourselves. Finding that balance between motherhood and business is all something we strive for daily!

  191. I started my online store WHILE on maternity leave, so I KNOW all about the need to put back into ME.

    Thanks for doing this video!

  192. Taking time for yourself makes you a better mother, at least that is how it works for me! When I focused all my attention on my kids, they took me for granted, and our time together was strained. When I started putting more time into my business, and spent fewer hours but more quality time with my kids – they became more helpful, considerate and happy kids. 🙂 I used to feel guilty, but after experiencing the results, not any more!

    Thank you Marie, you are a gift. 🙂

  193. Thank you for all of the great glow tips. I especially like the Goddess time.
    I have 2 Goddess parties each and every year. One in the summer and one at the beginning of Dec.
    These parties are for all my entrepreneur friends. I celebrate them and their successes. We have great food, wine if they like and even do a clothing exchange. They have become so much fun. We discuss business ideas and find out what each other is needing. Right now one of our Goddesses is having chemo treatments. The rest of us are cooking for her and helping with child care.
    These women have all become close even thou they might not have know each other prior to meeting at a Goddess party.
    Those 2 evenings are some of my best times of the year.
    It all started because I wanted to celebrate, thank and support my own personal team. The team that helped me get my website up, CD out and business running. It has grown from that party of 6 to now we have at least 20. Goddess/girlfriend support is the most important aspect to a successful biz in my minds eye.

    • Rowena, I love the tip about Goddess parties! Those are so on my list I just haven’t gotten around to organizing one but with a slowly growing tribe I definitely thing I can get a few girlies together to participate!

  194. I’ve never wanted to be a SAHM and I LOVE what I do. As a business owner and a mother of two children, however, I’ve struggled with validation on both fronts. I’ve discovered that our society doesn’t always recognize the value of a mother’s role, so we feel less than successful if we don’t have a 6 figure business. There have been compromises along the way:

    – not growing my business too large because I want to have time for my children
    – understanding the value of raising good children

    Years ago, someone gave me advice that you can have it all, just not at the same time. In the end, I want my children to cherish the time we had together rather than have a consumer lament the demise of my business.

  195. Erin

    I wanted to add that i’m not a Mum but i found this useful. I hope to be a Mum one day and have worried about how to do it financially. I also probably subconsciously avoided it because i didn’t know how to marry the two. It’s really useful to have great role models like you Latham, thanks for showing a beautiful and assertive way. I hope i can embody even a portion of your creative business and mama glow. Thank you.

  196. Great topic to cover. As a mother of 3 young ones whilst building up a small business of my own, I can definitely relate! It’s tough but well worth the effort!

  197. HI, I would just like to say something on tip number 5 and for those of you that ever feel any guilt. “A happy mum is a happy home”. So go out there and get your me time, I believe it makes you a better mum. Fantastic work Marie and very inspirational, just what I needed at just the right time!

  198. Thank you so much for this video! I loved it and have already shared some of Lathem’s advice about taking care of yourself with my mommy friends! I am also an admin on a page for military s/o’s and I shared with them as well! We spend so much time taking care of others that I think it is essential that we take care of ourselves! People always ask me how I make time for the gym after having my little girl (she is now 3 and I am in better shape than ever) and I say its even more important now than it was before! I have to take care of me to be there for her and to show her how to grow up healthy and strong! I also balance being a great mom with working for myself by having designated time that I never schedule work during to dedicate to my daughter! I think this is so important! She gets older every day and I don’t want to miss it! I make time that I don’t book clients during or make calls during and just be mom! That way when I am working I can focus on work without guilt and when I am home I can be happy and take in every bit of it, stress free! Thank you again ladies for making this wonderful video!

  199. Thank you for this topic Marie! The first tip immediately resonated with me because I recognize myself slowly taking on that mentality. I have two small kids (one just started kindergarten), have been separated from my husband for over 2 years, and haven’t been employed in over 4 years yet have been working on different businesses. I started my first business as a business plan writer and consultant but have always seen that I would much rather be a coach. Instead of pursuing that though, I got out of consulting and pursued freelance writing and finally figured out my dream product to offer the world. I’m dedicated to getting over that mindset hurdle and this year is especially dedicated to taking care of myself and better care of my children, my space and my things. This care and being a good steward will help internalize that I’m worthy and capable of doing anything I want with the ability to provide for my family and live the abundant life I crave for us. That it’s worth reaching out for help and recruiting a team to help me get to where I deserve to be – because I have put in SO much work for it already and will put in even more work to get to the vision. I’ve been a cheerleader for others for so long… I need some cheerleaders too! Thank you for sharing Marie and Latham!

  200. Cat Bond

    I just watched this video and it was great. As a mom of a 2 and 5 year old (and considering a third), I find it helps to always remember it is never too late to run or build a business or make money and be successful, but raising your kids is such a small window of time in our lives and can make such a huge impact on us, others, and our world. I like what Oprah says “It’s one thing to be a parent, but it’s another thing to do it WELL.” and it goes in phases with newborn being the hardest, then toddlers ( i put mine in a mothers day out 3x a week…that was my work time) and then things really begin to open up when they start school. So I think our businesses need to work in that flow as well depending on ages!! So I guess you can GLOW as you FLOW! LOL.

  201. Brad

    So I know this was about Moms, business, and kids but the same principles apply to men – where are all the comments from the men out there?? And Men it’s time we step up and support our spouse’s vision!

    Some things I’ve learned living with my wife and 3 young VERY active boys –
    when something is bugging you speak up – don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader…
    goddess & god time is important – but communicate with your partner about it – don’t just demand it because your exhausted and feeling neglected – be proactive…
    we can support each other building our respective businesses and raising a wonderful family, together!, so let’s work continuously toward that, not on again off again…
    it takes two to dance, I love to dance, so let’s make sure to dance the dance you like and the ones I like – I’ll let you lead and you let me lead where we each have strengths…
    and speaking of individual strengths, we each have our own, so focus on those to start, that’s where we can build a healthy foundation, not by focusing on what’s not worked.

    cheers Maria, you provide a great service and add value in what can seem like a crazy mixed up world.

  202. It’s a lot of years since my kids were small! In a few months, my eldest will be getting married.
    My nap time mantra was: If I only have 10 minutes before baby wakes up, what is the ONE thing that I want to be sure that I get done? It was RARELY (OK, never) sweep, dishes, or any other chore. It was usually – take a pee! 🙂 🙂 AND that is such a simple task that is the start of any “goddess ritual”. Self-care. xo

  203. Thank you, Marie, for addressing this super important topic and for brining the badass Latham on your show!

    Like millions of moms in the U.S., I left a career in “Corporate America” to find balance as a mom. Six years ago, I had a six month old, a 2 1/2 year old and a fledgling boutique marketing firm in Miami with large-scale clients including the country’s largest college and one of the world’s largest wine festivals.

    Unfortunately, balance was the last thing I was getting for many years. You see, so many women have begun and continue to begin businesses (we are now opening businesses at twice the rate of men) but have trouble knowing our value, negotiating, and scaling our businesses – myself included.

    I struggled with guilt, self-doubt, and fear. Eventually, I learned my lessons and continued to grow the company. Last summer, though, I made the very bold decision to restructure my business. I made my employees contractors who would work virtually, hired a few other contractors, closed my office, and kept only my large-scale clients.

    Because I had another idea; a growing passion.

    The reason I restructured my business was simple, but it felt profound. I realized that many mom entrepreneurs were experiencing the same things as I was. The guilt; the day-to-day struggles, and most frequently, the chase toward that elusive ideal of “balance.”

    And having made the bold decision to drastically change my business, I was ready to move on to my next journey – so I launched my second company, Luly B, Inc. where I empower mom entrepreneurs to have it all!

    And I’m so glad I made that decision.

    Finally, I feel like I am beginning to have some sanity in my life. You see, rather than getting stuck on the word “balance” and trying to be it all, I focused on what made ME happy so I could have it all – in marriage, with my children, and in business.

    We need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and just focus on being happy. We are going to have to make tough decisions, compromises, and prioritize constantly. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. Being an entrepreneur in our country is an amazing opportunity and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. So screw the balance! Balance is BS. It’s about being genuine, bold, and centered.

  204. This video is exactly what I needed to hear today! I recently returned to and have been working on building the blog I launched last year. I think the key to working towards your business goals as a new parent is to establish a routine, have clear boundaries and take care of yourself. i

    I had the support of my husband and I have gone back to work part-time so I could still focus on my blog. Since returning to work I schedule time for me to go to the gym, work on my blog, do the housework, have family time and husband time. It’s all about being organised and establishing clear boundaries. Family comes first, always.

    I also agree with taking care of yourself to avoid burn out. You need to take queues from your mind and body. Take the time to slow down and step away from your business if you have to. Ask for help if you need it (my mum is anchor). Happy wife, happy life. Happy mum, happy bub.

  205. Marie, always comin’ with new, thought provoking content. I was afraid that this vid wasn’t for me since I am not a mom, but it is so true that as a up and coming business woman, you need that support and to be real with yourself and not take a back seat to your own dreams. I often felt, that way in the past, where I would never be able to find what I wanted to do, bc of my partners business and the priority focus we put on that. Now, I make priority for both of our businesses and am in a much more fulfilling position to follow my own path and become the business woman I want to be.

  206. Thanks so much for the great tips! I love #1 — wow is me. I just wrote a post called: Move From “Cranky” to “Rockstar” in 3 Steps, and I used this interview as one of my sources. Thanks again. 🙂

  207. Wow, this is EXACTLY the conversation I’ve needed. Latham (and Marie) you are both such an inspiration! I am blessed to be a stay at home mom, have a supportive husband and some resources, but still find it a challenge at times to do much more than just take care of myself and my kiddos. I have a vision for an amazing business and career and I know that it is all unfolding as it should even if I do get impatient at times.

    This month has been a great one business-wise, I filed paperwork for my LLC, created a series of workshops called MPower and started teaching them at my children’s school and at a resource center for teen moms in Dallas. Still working on my website and setting up my business model a la the magnificent Marie Forleo’s excellent exemplar! I’m hoping I can make B-school work out financially for me this time around too.

    There have been so many tools I leaned into this year as I was trying to figure out how in the heck I was going to nurture myself, my marriage, my children AND a meaningful, flexible and lucrative business. It seriously felt impossible, but having already overcome so much, I held onto the knowing that ANYTHING is possible and focused on staying present in the moment. My meditation and chanting practice combined with self-care, patience, a strong vision and one small action at a time is what has gotten me this far.

    My actionable advice would be…

    Take time to reflect, take inspired action, take time to reflect, take inspired action

    Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be-Do 🙂

  208. I became a mom almost six years ago, and when I did it rocked my world! I was in my Master’s Program in Holistic Health Education, and teaching Yoga full-time. Suddenly I realized not only how hard it is for moms to continue taking care of themselves, but how hard it can be for us mamaprenuers to continue working while being the present and conscious mothers that we strive to be.
    I decided to solve this problem for myself, and took business to the next level by creating Bloom Retreat. Bloom is a place where moms can come to take care of themselves, take a yoga class, get a massage, take a break, work, all while their children are being cared for in our fabulous playroom. AND what Bloom offers to those of us working there, is onsite childcare, so we can continue our careers with our kids right along side of us. I am the CEO and president of my growing company, and my kids come to work with me! I provide a space for other moms/healing practitioners to continue thriving at their soul’s work, with their kids right there too! We are a community of mothers working side by side with our kids playing in the other room.
    My intention has always been to have my children be a part of my work and watch me succeed at what I love to do! Bloom has allowed that for me and for many other mothers! Check out Bloom at I would love to share more with you all and learn from you too!

    • Kacie

      Michelle, I L-O-V-E this. If I could draw a big heart next to that love I would. It’s brilliant, and if I make it to your area sooner rather than later, you can expect me as a guest 🙂

    • Love it – But does this apply to homeschooling moms? I homeschool my 6and 8 year old boys. Thanks for your post, on my way to your website!

  209. Thanks for these tips ! I especially like the last one and the reference to the oxygen mask in airplanes. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child on top of being a web entrepreneur (in France) so it’s a challenge to apply this wisdom daily but i definitely notice a very big difference when I do it ! If i’m happier and more rested, i’m definitely also a better mom !

    The trick in my opinion is to not try to do everything. Accept that no, you cannot be a perfect mom AND a perfect wife AND a perfect entrepreneur. You’re going to have to make some choices and cut some corners… and IT’S OK.

    It is a challenge to find advice or testimonials on this topic, especially from women with several children. In fact, there are so few blogs that address this issue of kids + entrepreneurship in French that I ended up creating my own : Writing about it helps me think more clearly about the problems i may have, and it also gets me the support of my readers. Very helpful !

  210. Kacie

    Oh baby, (am I funny or what?) this post hits me to a T. I was also 23 when I found myself knocked up (I’m not nearly as crass as I let myself sound..smiley face 😉 and now am raising a beautiful 16 month old pistol of a daughter, both physically and financially on my own. I feel this girl’s question to the core.

    When I found out I was expecting, I was just skipping up to the starting line of launching a new business, and then found myself in the trenches of a 9 month long puke fest (yes, my pregnancy glow was more like the sweat of sickness. Am I painting the picture of sass and sex or what?). So, my whole world of plans got rocked, and I ended up abandoning it all for a period of time. Baby coma, if you will!

    Now, finally, after my little person has turned one, I’m piecing it all back together and fighting my way back to building a business I know I was born to make (Or, if you are like me, multiple businesses. Does anyone else’s minds neva’ eva’ shut off?). But, ah, the art of balance! I’m so far off if I was on a teeter-totter my end of the seat would be dug into the sand as deep as a cellar. At least there’s wine down here.

    But saw-eeeeet baby Jesus, I love her advice about not victimizing yourself. Hal-le-lujah! It’s such a mindset, and definitely took (eerr…taking) some mind shifting to embrace. But I’m getting back to my ass-kicking self, and this lil’ video gave me exactly what I needed to hear- I’m not the only Mama out there who’s boat got rocked and is learning to tread again 😉

  211. I so needed to hear this. The bit I truly need to work on is -ME TIME! Juggling an active 3yr old boy, my home and launching a business really does make me sooo tired at the end of everyday. I think i need to allow my spouse lift more weight off me and turn a blind eye to a lot of the distractions as i journey towards my goal, so that i do not burn-out mid-way. You are such inspiring women! Thanks.

  212. Thank you for giving me hope!!! I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 8 years now. Let me tell you….it was harder than I think it was going to be. Of course I wanted freedom from the day job and be able to spend quality time with my family. What I didn’t realize is that I had to learn how to balance my home and business life in the same space. There is times I’m working on projects and my house is in shambles. Then I would feel guilty when my husband and children come home because I would think since I was home all day that everything should be done. But every time I stopped working on the business to do chores, I would get behind on my “To Do List!” I haven’t got the balance scale exactly right but I do think I should hire someone to help me out at home.

  213. I just love this. Inspiring mums to create awesome lives as mums! It’s the ultimate juggling act. This inspired me to embrace the ‘Do it ALL & Do it NOW!’ mentality. You don’t need some big grand plan to start getting healhty, you don’t need a big grand plan to start meditating, you don’t need a big grand plan to get organised. You can do all this and do it immediately. You don’t have to wait… Just do it. 🙂

  214. This goes in line with one of my keynotes. The biggest thing about putting yourself first is that you can only survive at power-saving mode (as I call it) for so long before you burn out completely and don’t even have a little to give anymore. It’s all about rearranging your order of importance so that you’re not running around like a chicken and more exhausted when you go to bed than when you got up that morning. Mini recharges every day and one large recharge for the week will change your life.

  215. Kim

    I love this topic! I’m a single mom of two amazing boys, and I’m also choosing to raise them in ways that aren’t exactly mainstream. This takes a huge amount of time and energy. We don’t watch TV, and they are not on computers. We eat no processed foods, which means I prepare all myself, aside from some things I’m thankfully able to find in our local health food stores that are made in line with my values around nourishment. Cultural norms have us using TV as a babysitter, feeding our families processed foods and rushing here, there and everywhere from activity to activity, thinking we need to do this in order to give our children what they need.

    I share all of this because we CAN do things differently! We can raise our children according to values that are counter to cultural norms, and still make time for ourselves and our businesses. Our children don’t need all the hustle and bustle. They simply want to be near us, to be creative, and to be themselves. When I was working and my boys were younger, I gave them crafts to do right beside me as I worked. I would carry them in a sling or backpack and do my cooking or housework, or take a walk for myself. I would make sure nap time was not an option, and set a strong daily and weekly rhythm and routine that I and my children could count on such that they knew what to expect, and I knew I could get work done.

    All of this takes discipline and commitment. Many of us tend to want a quick solution. We have to work at setting these rhythms and routines, and trust that they WILL come and that they will help us. As my boys have gotten older, they are amazing now at entertaining themselves…finding creative things to do while I work. They completely respect my business needs, and understand that I need uninterrupted time to do my work. Of course I communicate this with them, and help them to understand how to work with me to keep things running smoothly and harmoniously for all of us.

    All of that said, much of my work in the early years was significant volunteer time for which I worked from home. Now, I’m divorced and have a whole different set of circumstances. I’m trying to build my business, and at the same time, it’s not yet sustainable enough to pay the bills, so I have a part time job working outside the home while the boys are in school. This changes things a lot for me, as I’m not at home working on my business as much as I want to, and I struggle to find as much uninterrupted time as I’d like due to the more broken schedule.

    I know that if I could focus solely on my business and family, I’d manage pretty well. However, throwing in the extra mix of a part time job to supplement my business income has been tough. I’d love thoughts on this one if anyone has them!

    • Hi Kim,
      I feel you! I have a 3 year old son, a full time job, I freelance part time and I’m trying to build my skin care business. There is a lot going on! My thoughts are that you really have to learn how to segment your time for your different responsibilities. When you’re with your family, be with your family, no part time job or business distractions. When you are working on your business don’t do tasks that are related to your part time job. I haven’t perfected this strategy, at times I feel I’m on the verge of a meltdown with everything that has to get done, but keeping it in mind has helped me to be more efficient. I’m able to give attention to everything when it’s needed and still throw in some me moments.

  216. Great video and tips!

    I really love the last one – Take Goddess Time. That is so important, for moms and all women, because we try to do so much and forget about ourselves. Sometimes, I feel we’re programed to never fully relax because we are guilty or because we’re just too busy. But, I hope this changes. I think the world would be a much better place with more relaxed happy mommas out there!! 🙂

  217. Lakeisha

    Isn’t it suppose to be the best mom, best business woman, and best wife or partner? I figure if you spend to all your time on business and being a mom, doesn’t that make the man in your life feel left out? The question is how can we as women be all three and still have time for ourselves? Right now I don’t have children and I’m not married but I am trying to start a business and I would really like to know for the future.

  218. Hi ! Great show – Thanks for sharing! I require major help and advice here! My husband owns a business, he is always working 😉 I own a business, I am a life coach, I homeschool one of my children, next year it will be 2. Currently I have a nanny 2.5 days per week so I can work. But I find it isnt working out well. How can I run my business, assist my husband with his and homeschool? HELP! Thank you for any assistance you can provide! Warmly – Tanya Marinelli

  219. Waw, thanks so much for this post! Definately having a new baby is challenging because women change and our priorities seam to switch for some time. And when the baby grows and we think about business again it turns out to be too late so often…
    I feel lucky because my husband does not want to have a housewife and provides me with a lot of support and encouragement, but every so oftens I feel discourages…

  220. Take Goddess Time is probably the best advice of all five. If you don’t take time for you, eventually it will result in bad things happen to you and your body. In order to run a business and a family you have to be in good health, mentally and physically. Take time for you. Get that massage, go hang out with the girls. Attend church, spend time with the hubby. I learned this the hard way. I decided I wanted to continue living my dream, so I’m taking better care of me and taking my Goddess Time.

    Being a mom and a business owner is hard work but I can’t imagine my life any other way.

  221. Oh wow, these are some fantastic tips! I can definitely relate to ALL of them as I had a busy little boy at home while I was working to grow my business. But I have to say, with as many women as I have worked with, the MOST COMMON thing that comes up from them is feeling guilty about either 1) taking TIME for themselves or 2) spending MONEY on themselves.

    I can relate as I have also experienced both of these things. However, what I have found from personal experience is that I am able to give so much more and am more engaged and in tune to my family when I take time for myself….and often that involves investing in myself!

    Thanks so much ladies for these great tips! I am sharing with my FB friends!!

  222. Stephanie

    I can totally relate to this. I have two kids under the age of three and am constantly in the “guilt box” if I take any time for myself. I will definitely make an effort to make myself a priority!

  223. Kaoru

    Thanks for taking up this topic! I always have been thinking how working moms are taking balance between their career and home. I am going to take time for myself to refuel me from now on. Thanks!

  224. This video was so helpful! My husband is deployed, and we have a 21 month old. I loved the suggestion of changing your thoughts from “woe is me” to “wow is me.” I also appreciated the suggestion of not letting the naysayers bring you down with negative comments. Love, love, love this content!

    The one thing I have done that has been helpful is make a list on Sunday night of everything that must get done in the week ahead. This keeps me on task, and I don’t spend time worrying that I am forgetting to do something important.

  225. I love this advice! I am doing it with 2 special needs children and another child. 3 Children! My goal is huge as well!

  226. I love her advice! It can be done! I have 3 small children and 2 have special needs, which is actually why I started my business., to help pay for therapies. I am already in some Spas including the Four Seasons here in Vegas. I have asked my friends to spread the word, my mom helps babysit, and I get some nursing hours. I can’t yet afford help so I assign different jobs to family members. For example, my brother does my accounting, my sister did my logo.

  227. Nicole

    Thank you Marie for all your inspiration and Latham, I love what you have to share too. I’m a 43 year old single mama of three 4, 7 & 9. I’ve recently left my comfort zone for an opportunity to study and start a business. Although I’m blessed with many gifts, things are harder than I thought. I’m far from family and friends and support/help. I’m struggling financially now as I’m studying, working part-time, starting my health coaching business and raising my there beauties on my own. Eeee! A little overwhelmed, but moving forward slowly. Please, can you share any tips with me to keep me moving forward and looking on the bright side?

  228. I’m re-watching this and sharing it with the over 70 women around the world who are part of my Go Diaper Free Certified Coach Training Program (in its first year!) because we are learning about balancing work and life in this week’s class. Thank you, thank you, thank you BOTH for sharing these wonderful tips! I’ve been running my own businesses since 4 year old son was 5 months old…wrote a book over his first 7 months…just wrote my 2nd book while my 2nd child was 13-15 months, and now I’m pregnant with #3 and launching my Tiny Undies clothing line and growing my business through training coaches. MAMAS – IT CAN BE DONE!!!!! In fact, I couldn’t have grown my businesses if I hadn’t had the time crunch that having children creates.

    Thank you so much…you’re impacting my life and the lives of 1,000s, Marie. xoxoxo Andrea

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