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Did you have any weird habits when you were a kid?

I did. While I didn’t realize it at the time, some of my childhood obsessions foreshadowed who I’d become as an adult. More on that in a second.

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In today’s episode of MarieTV, we’re tackling a money block that holds a lot of us back and prevents us from being as successful as we can be.

If you ever feel conflicted about wanting to make more money, as though your desire to make more money somehow makes you less of a “spiritual person,” watch this video now.

Because you may have some toxic beliefs about money (consciously or unconsciously) that not only limit your income but your happiness too.

You’ll also get to see one of the weird things I did as a kid — which I am SO grateful for now!

Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

1. Do you have any beliefs about money that limit how much you make or that limit how much you enjoy it?

Tell me the specific limiting belief as well as a new more empowering belief you can replace it with.

2. If you’ve cleansed yourself from negative money beliefs or behaviors, how did you do it?

What was the most powerful insight or strategy you used?

Remember, please be as specific as possible in your comment because thousands of people will benefit from your experience.

I’m excited to hear your take on this one.

As always, thanks for reading and watching and contributing!!


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  1. Hi Marie, I so totally agree with you. Meaning is the new money. I have come full circle (or more accurately half circle) about the whole money issue. My father was an entrepreneur and I saw him stuggle his whole life to make money and got very negative associations with making money as an entreprenuer.
    As a child I said to myself I’d never want to struggle like that so I got trained as a qualitative researcher (6 years of uni) and worked 6 years as a researcher.
    However, I believe we cannot escape our true desires (and possibly genetics to a degree) and, sure enough, when my son was born, I got the strong urge to open my own business and make some real money while making positive changes in the world.

    Today I am so happy I changed my feelings about what making money truly means (it can be very spiritual) and now I’m on a path I’m truly loving. Thank you for putting this wonderful message out into the world. As well, your b-school further helped me to change this association, esp. with marketing.
    All my best,

    • In terms of exactly HOW I made the shift, it started out of desperation from being a single mother but has morphed into my full passion. I went form a place a judgement (it’s wrong to make that much money) to a place of non-judgement and even appreciation. As well, I think deep down I was afraid to admit what I was worth and I was afraid to stand out (the feeling of needing to shrink or stay low so as not exceed others).

      • Andrea

        I totally feel awkward when considering financial wealth.
        I must change these thoughts.

        • We are totally deserving of abundance – in fact it is our birthright! The blessings are right there for us, will we receive them? 🙂

          • Robin, I hear ya girl!

            Fantastic topic Marie, I have actually been working on the topic of money for the last month. I’m in progress of changing my old belief which is “There’s not enough” and “It’s hard to make money” to “There is an ever flowing abundance” and “It’s just as easy to make money as it is to find ingredients to bake a cake!”

            I’m not gonna lie, this has been a toughie lesson but what I have found that has been working for me is a whole lotta GRATITUDE for the things I already have! AND, visualizing what I want and feeling it. That’s my secret sauce that’s putting me onto a vibration of ABUNDANCE!! 😀

            Elise xo

        • Andrea,

          Consider for a moment that wealth or richness has nothing to do with money. Rich truly is a state of mind and when you achieve financial success your trepidations about money, or having too much of it, will likely result in you being a very good philanthropist.

          Giving back is the best thing anyone can buy themselves. Good luck on your journey!

      • Sara

        Wow im moved by ur comment ! I totally can relate ! Thnx

    • Sarah,
      I am glad you have changed your attitude towards money. Most of us are conditioned into believing all the evil money can do. We give the concept too much weight. It is merely a form of exchange. People use to trade colorful feathers or stones for grains, or services rendered. I recently read of a man who had a shoe shine business for 30 years and had saved his tips over the years which amounted to $200,000 and he donated it all to a Children’s Hospital. How can that be evil?
      “Remember that money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy of the divinity, and that the greater the realization and expression of love, the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work.”~ The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, through the writings of Alice Bailey in The Externalization of the Hierarchy.

      • Thanks Chas. I really like that. It’s true, I find especially in our culture, that people view money or ambition as “bad”, so I think this is part of what took me so long on my journey. It is a shame though because it can be used for good and Marie is a great example of that.

  2. I love this subject!

    I have definitely worked on this myself although I never had the belief that having money is not spiritual. That’s a bunch of caca.

    I love my new mantra : Money is energy and I am magnetic to it!

    I work with so many deserving, beautiful, amazing, loving, smart women that have GOBLINS (hey, I have Goblins too!) regarding money BUT the good news is that once you pinpoint that nasty money Goblin you can shift it! Flip it! And the limiting money belief will be forever changed into a new positive mantra that supports your WEALTH!

    I THRIVE when I see successful, rich, happy and hot Goddesses and I wanna see more!!!

    • Ania Sujet

      WOW! Sending soem love back to you Caroline 🙂

    • Wow, I love your mantra! Must remember this!!!

    • Love your mantra and calling our negative conditioning about money ‘goblins’ :). Perhaps you can share how you flip your money goblin! K

      • “…share how you flip your money goblin!” : great idea Kristin!

        I’ll make a video of “How to Flip your Money Goblins” (should be hilarious).

        Make sure you sign up to my list to be the first to know when I launch my mini course “How to Flip your Money Goblins”.

    • Michelle

      How can you figure out your goblins so you can turn them around?

      • Stephanie

        Regarding identifying and “flipping” your goblins…aka shifting your whole mindset about money (and self worth)…I read a fantastic book called “Overcoming Under Earning” … it’s a powerful read, and if you’re serious about changing your relationship with money, I recommend committing to doing the work with a friend or two…the insights you’ll gain from discussing each chapter are immeasurable! I’m going to re-read right before B-School starts to totally clear my path to success!!

      • Hi Michelle,

        Keep in touch I will be launching a mini program and video shortly 🙂


    • Love your mantra!!!! Thanks for your post!!!!

    • Caroline, I love your mantra, and thanks for passing the title of the book along.


      • Hi Candi,

        “…thanks for passing the title of the book along” It’s not a book, although I am creating a mini course and video (see above reply to Kristin)

        This is something I do with my clients in intuitive coaching: we identify your money Goblins through a specific & fun coaching process and then we shift it. You leave the session pretty much transformed (shifting Goblins is EXTREMELY powerful) and I also give you homework to really integrate the your new ABUNDANT mindset.

        Feel free to sign up to my list and be the first to know when I launch my mini course “How to Flip your Money Goblins”. 🙂

        If you need any more help give me a shout.

    • Hi Caroline-
      I love your mantra! Thanks for sharing.

      • While reading everyone’s comments I was reminded of this powerful quote
        by Marianne Williamson :

        “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most
        frightens us.

        We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

        Actually, who are you not to be?

        You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.

        There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

        We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest
        the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

        And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people
        permission to do the same.

        As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

        • Crystal

          Thank you, Caroline. I recall the quote from Marianne. And I love your comment about being a child of God. Often when people ask….well who are you? Who is Crystal- my first instinctive response is a child of God, closely followed by….created to serve others through my gifts of creativity. This usually throws people off… now I just say I’m me. But thanks for clearing that up- I need to play big in order to serve my fellow man/woman. Thank you.

    • Totally agree with “having money is not spiritual” is BS! It’s just another belief system that we took on from others that doesn’t serve! Whenever I want to create more money, I focus on the feeling of abundance! I ultimately believe it has to do with the individuals ability to “receive”. Somehow we’ve learnt there is a cap to how good we can have it and how much we can allow ourselves to receive. The source feeling is “I’m not good enough or worthy enough”. Now it’s time to kickbox the old beliefs, lift the lid to our personal money limitations and create wealth!

  3. I think building philanthropy into your business model can help immensely when you’re trying to get a new perspective on making money. From the start, I committed my business to donating 10% of our profits to causes we care about. And when I think about making more money and the guilt or uncertainty closes in, I think “think how much more I will donate – how many more people I will help – if I find ways to make more money.”

    I also realized that my quality of life directly ties to how much energy and passion I have for my business, my friendships, my writing, and all the other little things I do. Making good money and being able to live in nice spaces, enjoy my life, etc. means that I can focus my energies on loving everyone around me–not on where my next meal is coming from.

    Excellent topic. Hope this is helpful!

    • I love this Gigi: “I think building philanthropy into your business model can help immensely …”

      A beautiful way to change one’s perspective on money.

    • Excellent point Gigi!

    • Love the idea of using a giving program to help to motivate you to earn more money so you can give more Gigi.


    • Grace

      Totes agree with you on this one, Gigi. I remember reading Michael Ellsberg’s book “The Education of Millionaires,” Russel Simmons says ‘you can’t help the poor if you are one of them!’ Haha, so true!

    • Gigi, this is hands down a perfect response! I totally agree and will definitely head this advice because I’ve been pondering on it for a while.

    • Gigi,
      I absolutely agree with you on this point. Giving back is becoming part of the m.o. for big, global companies and it’s making a difference in their bottom lines. Why not small-businesses, micro-businesses and solo-preneurs, too? It makes perfect sense with the tagline for b-school as well: Make money. Change the world.
      I’ve started to see a shift in the language about philanthropy, too, where terms like donation or giving are sometimes swapped out for investment, capital and related terms. Just tweaking the idea a bit can help us think more strategically about philapthropy and (perhaps) as a more natural part of our business model and finances in general.
      Thanks again for adding this idea into the discussion. It is clearly resonating with many other readers, too!

    • Gigi, I agree 100%, I started my volunteer organization before launching
      my business. I didn’t have a plan, just knew I had to do it. Now my business is helping to bring awareness about issues very near and dear to my heart. I started from a place of giving, and will do anything for my cause, so nothing holds me back from the day to day marketing or producing more great product as I am clear about my role in this lifetime. Also interesting to note that each project is now actually strengthening the other and creating cross referrals as I am finding people are also drawn to both missions. Funny how life works!

    • Gigi, I love this perspective.
      After all, what really is the benefit if we ourselves amass great riches or success and it doesn’t result in effective and positive change for anyone else.
      I was always taught that being able to share with others in and of itself is a blessing…..and I love blessings!

    • Thanks, everybody! It’s so awesome to see this resonating with so many people, too! I think small business owners have such big potential when it comes to giving back.

    • Gigi,

      I fully agree with you! I am just starting my business coaching women professionals to bloom into a career and life full of passion and fulfillment. I have been wanting to “have enough” to give to charity for a while now. I finally realized “enough” was never going to happen because that idea is always changing. Better do it now!

      I just launched my first program, Ground-Breaking Goals and was inspired to donate 10% of the program cost to great causes. My clients can choose from or That way the women in my program are helping others while they help themselves. It’s creating a beautiful cycle of growth and change and I am grateful to contribute to the world this way.

      I love your thought about “how much more you can contribute”. That resonates with me – think I’ll have to adopt that myself!

      Thanks for sharing.

      • I write a tiny blog and I’m happy to link charitable causes in my right hand column for free.
        Many blessings,

    • Crystal

      Hi Gigi,

      Thanks for your comment- I’ve just added it to our goals and handbook. Can you please explore something with me??? The second part of your comment resonates with me, but I still feel a sense of shame about it. We are a small retail business and I love what I do and what we aim to help our customers create. I’ve always believed that your surroundings (a nice home filled with beautiful things that you love) is so paramount to your individual happiness and thus the happiness of those you live with. If you are surrounded by beauty, you crave it more and radiate it too….. but I have trouble convincing people of this- my customers especially. Trying to convince them they should spend money on their home and be proud of it? Any tips or ideas… I guess the shame things also comes from thinking…..well it’s just ‘things’- so many people in the world live without a pretty vase or cushion????

    • Crystal

      Hi Gigi,

      Thanks for your comment- I’ve just added it to our goals and handbook. Can you please explore something with me??? The second part of your comment resonates with me, but I still feel a sense of shame about it. We are a small retail business and I love what I do and what we aim to help our customers create. I’ve always believed that your surroundings (a nice home filled with beautiful things that you love) is so paramount to your individual happiness and thus the happiness of those you live with. If you are surrounded by beauty, you crave it more and radiate it too….. but I have trouble convincing people of this- my customers especially. Trying to convince them they should spend money on their home and be proud of it? Any tips or ideas… I guess the shame things also comes from thinking…..well it’s just ‘things’- so many people in the world live without a pretty vase or cushion????

  4. Once again, your video hit the bullseye, Marie!

    I’m currently heavily reflecting on my money beliefs. I come from a family where money was considered a scarce resource that always lacked. I grew up listening to sentences like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you can’t afford this”, “we’re not rich people”, “life ain’t easy being poor, but at least it’s honorable”…

    The result? During my twenties, I took a 180 and spent my own money hardcore, just to prove everyone wrong, and put myself into debt along the way. Not so cool.

    1. Today, I still have these scarcity beliefs ingrained in my mental. But I’m aware of that and I’m trying to change them. Keeping a gratitude journal and thinking about all I already have is a great practice to step into abundance mindset. Also, I reduced my expenses: I don’t spend so much money anymore on things I don’t need, and I try to stick on a budget.

    2. One of my main other tools is manifesting. Everyday, I visualize money on my bank account, checks handed to me… The only missing piece in all that is I don’t know yet how to make more money with my business. I’m drafting some strategies but I’m not there yet… 🙂

    • karenann

      Melanie, this is the same situation for me!! I think our lives paralleled each others! Keep manifesting and being of service to others, and the money will flow.

      • Andrea

        Thanks for saying this.
        I too come from ‘we’re on a budget’ type of lifestlye. Which has caused extreme money conflicts.
        I remember as a child mom would say ‘I dont have any money’ all the while counting it in front of me. Since then, I have this engraved belief that hwen someone SAYS there is No Money, there really is.
        So untrue. And as an adult, I have learned the hardest way possilbe.
        As an uneducated young adult i RUINED my financial life. In my current adult life I am rebuilding what should be standing.
        I definitely attribute my lack of knowledge as the main reason for my ‘money goblins’.
        Thank You to the above commentor for the philanthorpy comment. As I have always believed in GIVING SHARING LOVING….. You just helped find what I was missing!
        What a wonderful community.
        I wish I could afford to go to B School. My not affording it is a direct result of money goblins.
        I will adapt the wisdom I find here in the MF community until I am on the other side of this.

        Thanks to You All!

        • Hi Andrea! Thanks for sharing here — we’ll be here each week supporting you through MarieTV 🙂 I have NO doubt you’ll be on the “other side” of it before you know it.

    • Thank you Melanie for putting this out there! As I read this I realized that this is where I’m heading with my kids (and they are still soooo young!). I need to censor what I say around them when it comes to money AND I need to change the direction before they get older!

      You are so right about having a gratitude journal or at the very least counting your blessings everyday…and if you have kids, do this in front of the them AND urge them to do the same!

  5. Thanks Marie!
    I’ve been known to have the odd block, (ahem), when it comes to making money and just the other day I was wondering if it’s OK for me to want to make more money.

    I’ve recently re-framed everything I do through the lens of LOVE. I’ve decided that the feeling I want the most of in my life is the feeling of my heart with wings. Abundant love and connection.

    When I look at earning money through the love lens, everything changes. If I want to give as much as I want to give without getting burnt out, I need to charge more money. It feels so different from that place. I don’t feel guilty, I don’t worry about what people will think, instead I feel excited that I’ve finally figured out a way to do this work that I love and give even more.

    If I find myself feeling graspy around money, I just come back to my heart and ask how I can shift my perspective from there.

    I also love this idea of making more money allowing me to contribute more. If I make more money, I can invest more into my business, which will allow me to spread even more love. I’ll also be able to give more to the causes that are close to my heart.

    I am so grateful for this shift and I can’t wait to see what comes from it.


    • Good for you on raising those rates. It reinforces the fact that you recognize the value of the work you do. Also, I higher pricing is often perceived as higher quality (as it should be). Don’t be surprised if you outpace last year’s numbers.

      • Thanks Wendie!
        I have no doubt that business is going to be very different this year.


  6. Lori

    Hi Marie,

    I love this episode. I’ve always loved making money but my struggle is in believing that I can make a lot of money doing something that I love that does not involve a traditional type of job.

    I am getting better with this as I work to change my belief system.

    My new mantra is: I can make plenty of money doing the things that I love!

    • Lori – its great you are here in this community because there are lots of successful people here doing what they love and making good money without a traditional job.

      Being here helps all of us see that it is possible to develop a business that makes money without clocking in to a cubicle every day.

      Good luck to you

  7. Ania Sujet

    I absolutely love the video. Most of us have such an strong emotional charge on money and it is so important that as many people as possible gets it that money it is just means of value externe and a “FUN TICKET” indeed 🙂

    On a personal note… It is a 2nd day in the row when I experienced SYNCHRONICITY with “Marie’s stuff” WOW! i.e. NO more confirmation required. I better get my but on to B-School 🙂

    Last night I did some energy work on replacing my old limiting believes around money and dealt with a really big one which had been in the way of me being a wildly successful entrepreneur for some time now 😉
    “I can’t earn a lot of money form my own business /es, and definitely not as much as in my previous jobs”.
    I replaced it with
    – “I am generously paid for being me” and
    – “I am such a gift to the universe and create so much value to others that money flows back to me abundantly”
    – I also love this one “Money loves me” 🙂

    • Hi Ania!
      “I am generously paid for being me” — Love this!

      You’ll have a blast with B-School! I wrote B-School a love letter just last week just in case you needed anymore encouragement.


      • Ania Sujet

        Hi Cecilia! Awesome Love Letter!

        Thanks for sharing!

        A x

    • Jacklyn Deans

      Ania, I love your affirmations!

      • Ania Sujet

        Thanks Jacklyn 🙂

  8. LOL @ the opener!

    Great video as always Marie.

    Money is great as long as it is used for great things in your life. I feel that if you earn it by providing value to someone else’s life then you should never feel bad about it.

    • Kam-B

      Well said Fit Missy! We are about to launch a new venture, and what gives me the passion to jump into it is knowing this is truly going to change people’s lives.
      Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you very much for such an authentic message. Awesome!

  10. My biggest toxic attitude around money has always been harboring a “lack” mentality — There’s never enough, I’ll never make enough, etc.

    It took me a while to finally master, but that kind of fear takes up so much SPACE, and dropping the fear opens up space for new things to flow in…including money.

    Now, I help my clients release their limiting beliefs about money, and help them realize that there are no “shoulds” when it comes to earning money, only what you authentically WANT.

    • Andrea

      I so agree with you Rachel. I definitely was harboring a “lack” mentality too. I’ve been trying to shift this for a while and “money goblins” took over my life the past couple of years. But this year I started working hard on changing this mindset. I took the risk, enrolled in a course I wanted to take for 3 years … even though I didn’t know how I’ld pay for it. The surprise is that I have been paying for it …amazing! Money just started flowing when I released the fear of not being able to afford it. I was just tired of never being able to afford anything. About I week ago, I decided to write down 100 blessings I have in my daily life, and after reading that I felt stupid about that “lack” mentality, I just realized how abundant I am. I think I’m finally starting to shift my money mindset.

      • Hannah

        Hi Andrea, your comment rely made A connection with me so thank you, I would to know what course it is you took too?I feel like you have gone through some of the issues that I am going through now.

  11. I agree that building a mission that includes philanthropy makes all the difference. I know it made all the difference when I was uncomfortable initially reaching out to prospects in sales an following up. It helped me not only to feel comfortable with sales and money, but also energized me and gave me a sense of purposed.

  12. Hi Marie,

    Probably I have a lot of limiting beliefs but the two that keep coming up is that if I make too much money, I can feel less safe and my marriage can suffer.
    The empowering beliefs I can replace them with is: there are lots of people with money that are safe and sound, and that my marriage can be even better if I pay attention and resolve the problems that may appear.

    • lena – thank you for sharing — this is really interesting. I’m curious (feel free to write us at [email protected] if this is too personal!) How has your mind connected up making “too much money” and “making your marriage suffer?” I have ideas, of course, but I don’t want to make assumptions. Thanks a million.

      • Heidi

        Oh, I feel this one! As I became more successful in my career, I began to realize I wasn’t as dependent on others (my spouse) for security as I had always believed. That kind of realization can shake your previously very convincing beliefs, and in many cases, it might be the easier thing, though probably not the right thing, to pretend that realization never happened! Especially if you feel conflict between the two, or as though you have to choose the earning/achievement/fulfillment opportunity over your marriage…it might be a natural feeling to want to reject the draw.

    • Eve


      I totally understand. I attract money, I manifest it and it comes. No if and or buts.. Nonetheless, I know I hold my potential down because A) I date men that don’t make as much as I do. B) My father/family will ask for money. Money has cause situations within my family and right now with my boyfriend. Our biggest fights are about money.

  13. Recently, I realized that, because my craft didn’t feel like real work, I felt “icky” taking money for it. That wasn’t an on-the-surface belief, but it DID strike me one day and I was very “whoa” and “eff that.”

    • Hi Wendie!
      “Eff that!” indeed. So how do you feel about it now?

      And what’s your craft? Writing?


      • Yes, I’m a writer. Writing NEVER felt difficult to me. I’ve had a lot of success, but I always struggle with impostor syndrome—clearly a fraud, because WHO can’t write? (Right?)

        I got over it. Yes, we all can write in the technical sense just like we all can cook in the make-a-grilled-cheese sandwich sense. I’ll pay big bucks for a great meal because that’s an expertise that I just do not have and then I had my “Girl, you so dumb!” moment.

        My clients rely on (and are willing to pay for) MY expertise. We need to own our abilities in really fearless ways. I write fearlessly, but I think I’ve always perceived that process as something that anyone can do. I never framed it as a skill even though I was selling it.

        • To add to my thought (hit “send” a bit too soon), when I removed that hesitancy around “taking money for something anyone can do,” it has already made a difference.

          I don’t like the term “woo woo” because I think it’s a preemptive disclaimer we use to diminish our belief systems before others do it for us—I just own what I subscribe to—but subconscious truths we carry can really screw up the game. Get those out of the way!

          • Stephanie

            “To own our abilities in really FEARLESS ways…” I love this.

        • Hi Wendie!
          Isn’t it interesting when things come easily to us. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve realized that despite the fact that it comes easily to you, or more likely because it comes easily to you, it’s worth so much more.

          “My clients rely on (and are willing to pay for) MY expertise.”

          Yay! Feels good. I agree with what you said below too, once you can see the value of your work, other people are much more likely to respond. Not so much woo woo, but practically. We don’t talk about it much, but I think many people use their intuition to make decisions and they can pick it up when things are off.


          p.s. I’m going to add you as a friend on facebook, I like your style.

  14. On my blog, I talk about when I was a money hoarder, because it was a huge part of my life.

    I used to purposely have less fun in order to save a buck, and it made me selfish and miserly and just a bad person.

    I’m still a “saver” but once a month, I meditate on areas of my life in which I am unhappy. If an area requires some money, I go ahead and pay for it. Like right now, I’m feeling really out of shape, and it’s making me unhappy with my body. Today, I start at at new gym…and I happily pay the fees!

    • Kudos, Leah! I love the idea of meditating on areas of life you’re unhappy with!

  15. Emma

    Wow, this video could have been made for me. This is a major issue for me, especially considering I work as a practitioner/healer in the personal development industry and have been on a serious spiritual path for the past 12 years. Part of me is scared of making ‘too much money’ and the effect that this could have on me, integrity-wise etc. Yet I can also see that making money will allow me to give more, in bigger ways.
    So my new mantra: Money is a resource – I decide what to do with it, and more of it allows me to give more!

  16. Sony Loren


    How much do I love that you used to wash and iron your money? That’s so cool and smart at the same time. I’ve taken quite a bit away from this video but I do have to cite ‘thinking of money as fun tickets’… that just opens up all types of possibilities and removes any type of guilt that I might have of spending it to enjoy my life and sharing that joy with others.

    Thanks so much!
    Sony ; )

  17. Hey, Marie,
    This is so applicable to my life! I spent 9.5 years in youth ministry at a local church. During that time in my life, I remember going to lunch with some ladies after Bible Study. We were driving back to the building and I excitedly told them, “My dream house is right around that corner, do you want to see it?” They agreed and I proceeded to explain to them that what attracted me to that house was that it had a garage apartment (a rare luxury in our deed restricted community!) I wanted that to be able to host missionaries on furlow or help out young singles who needed an inexpensive place to live. It was close to the church and perfect for entertaining. I’ll never forget the feedback I got that day.

    “Oh, Dana. You’ll never live in that house! We told the Lord, You keep them humble, we’ll keep them poor.”

    Maybe she was kidding, but those words cut me like a knife. Years later, my husband and I are no longer serving as paid ministers, but I have to be honest… There’s a fear in me about making money. There’s a guilty feeling for the house I now live in, which happens to be bigger and nicer than the old dream house.

    I’ve got to shake this to really see my 15-month old business thrive. Thank you for addressing this today. I have to give myself permission to enjoy my both achievement and fulfillment.

    • Hey Dana! Great story and thanks for sharing. Words can sear into our minds and leave some pretty deep scars. However — I’m a big believer that everything in life happens for you, not to you. Sounds like there’s a great opportunity for growth here and you’re on it!

  18. Awesome stuff! Yes to fun tickets!

    I know I totally rock at helping my clients make lotsa money and I love pricing … but what I’ve found is that pricing yourself to what you are truly worth is super difficult for most people.

    I know I’ve had times where the money just flew in (and sometimes I wasn’t sure how, or why) and then the other times I was freaking that it’d all dried up and sure enough the dry spells would occur when I need it most. When I relaxed and went back to doing work that filled my cup to the brim the money came back in!

    Saying all that I’m down for B-school and I can’t wait!

    • Ameena Falchetto is in the house! B-School is gonna ROCK!

      • Huge Congrats Ameena!! “see you” in class 🙂

  19. It’s funny how the scarcity mentality carries through life. My parents are still as broke today as they were when I was a kid. They have no retirement and are still working hard at their day to day jobs even though both are nearing 70. All of my other siblings are following suit. But not me.

    I’ve been working hard at forming positive feelings around money and positive abundant energy! It’s not really even hard work–it’s fun! It makes my life rich and meaningful when I can afford to do the things I love and help those around me.

    I have a big goal to be a millionaire by the time I’m 40 (four more years!) and to get my parents a nice little house all paid for and let them finally enjoy their lives. Having goals that are bigger than I am really push me in my day to day achievements.

    • ditto D’Arcy 🙂

  20. I just started reading a book related to this called “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist, and there’s a part where she refers to money being like water.

    To paraphrase: “…it flows through our life, sometimes like a rushing river & sometimes like a trickle. It can purify, cleanse, create growth & nourish, but if it’s blocked or held too long, it can grow stagnant & toxic.”

    It’s a great read so far…definitely recommend it for some spiritual perspective on money!

    Thanks for this Marie.

    • Wow – what a great quote Kellly

      Obviously this video came exactly at the right time for you given that you have been reading about money

    • Ania Sujet

      Loooove that book! There is also a very beautiful & inspiring butterfly metaphor. Great inspiring read. Lynne Twist rocks!

  21. Thank you for addressing this, Marie.

    I used to have issues around making money and spirituality as well.
    I believe that this is a very new-agy spiritual believe to be frank.
    In the Vedic sciences one of the four pillars of life and a functional society, alongside liberation btw., is in fact … Money. The Vedic sages had a much better grip on the fact that having or making money has nothing to do with being spiritual or not.

    You being broke and constantly worried about money doesn’t help anyone. If you have money you are more likely to be able to give those who are in a less fortunate situation. It is our responsibility to the world to prosper, and to be able to share with those who need it.

    I’m taking this responsibility very serious. Ready to enrol for B-school next week! Yay! 😉

    • Rock on Claudia!! Excited to “see you” in class. Remember that registration closes Monday March 4th so mark your calendar!

      • Absolutely. I can’t wait, super excited. I’ve been wanting to do this for years and it looks like now is the time!! 🙂

  22. More Fun-Tickets!

  23. THANK YOU THANK YOU for talking about this. I grew up in a home where I was given mixed messages about money. Thank you so much for debunking the myth about being spiritual and wanting to make money.

  24. Hiiii Marie!

    Boy oh BOY am I glad you addressed this topic, as I feel that it is one that is so relevant to so many of us- myself included!

    I have always had the ‘money is hard to come by’ belief ingrained in me, thanks to my childhood and parents’ attitude towards money, but I am now changing all that thanks to two books and a piece of advice:
    The two books are:
    1) ‘Overcoming underearning’
    2) ‘How to become a money magnet’

    The piece of advice was:
    Treat your money like an beautiful orchard. As a gardener, you need to ensure your money is self-sustaining before you spend it all! So nourish the garden first, make sure the trees are self-sustaining (i.e. invest the money so it is self sustaining) and then give away (i.e. spend) the fruit that fall from the tree (i.e. the surplus).

    This has really helped me see money as not something evil or scarce but something I can nurture and love into fruition. Plus, the more money I have, the more I can give other people, charities and other worthy causes- and thus, the more I can help the world.

    I also have gotten back to keeping a regular gratitude diary to keep me feeling good and grateful for everything I have, instead of spiralling into a negative hole. On a particularly awful day, I even said, ‘Dear Universe, thank you for the suffering’. And meant it.

    Hope the above helps,


  25. Great synopsis of the “why” the guilt may arise in your life surrounding living your passion and making money from it…I agree, and am at times guilty of focusing too much on the achievement inevitably losing sight of the fulfillment piece. That’s why I take time each day to ask myself, did I make a difference today in someone else’s life? Did I improve the quality of their life in some way? I find this helps me keep top of mind what it’s all for in the first place. 🙂

  26. I started my business out very small (don’t most of us?) and it’s been a slow build, but I’ve always been concerned with how money affects both myself (and spirituality) and those around me. My husband is incredibly spiritual and has always been the voice of reason in helping build our business. Making money doesn’t have to be about just the money (wanting More More More!!), while that isn’t a bad thing, it’s all about how that more is framed. With that more, we can have the life we’ve dreamed about, we can start a family, we can grow our business and have a bigger impact on the world. From the beginning, philanthropy has been a pilar in our business as well as eco-sustainability. More money allows us to source better quality materials (thus making us more unique) as well as giving back to those charities we align ourselves with.

    Mind you this didn’t happen over night. Money went from being greedy and wanting more and not giving back, to realizing that being materialistic doesn’t have to be about amassing more. Living a life you love and being able to do things you want for you and your family/friends has become the main focus for getting more money.

    Thanks Marie for the insights, it’s helped re-iterate the direction we are going is the way we want to operate!

  27. Cloe

    Thanks beautiful & gorgeous Marie! You are so inspiring!
    Money issues waouh! This is a big deal. It is pretty difficult for me to talk or think about money. I am trying since I can earn money to save it as much as i can… so I am looking all the time about how I can save more money (family issue i imagine but it is not an excuse). I am afraid that people around money can be jealous of me if i make lots of money, I want to start a business and I don’t know how & above all I don’t realize how I can make money. Money is definitely a BIG limitation in my life… I am afraid of it I realize ! God ! That’s crazy…

    • I’m a writer, so words are my game. I’d like to share something that I see.
      If you read your post again, you have a lot of intense words (jealousy, fear, limitation) around this topic. Please know that I’m not criticizing you, but sharing an objective observation; I had to work on this, too. Money needs your loving energy so you two can have a healthy relationship. You are worth having resources!

      • Love this wendie! We are WORTH having resources 🙂

        Thank You

  28. Thanks for this post Marie. You are so on point. Women are natural at using our gifts to love and to nurture those around us. Yet we despise using the gift of money to do so. Yes our time is a wonderful resource as is our very essence. AND Money is also a wonderful resource that we can use to impact the world. Oprah once said that “money has no power of its own. You are the power source.” Ladies let’s bring the power.

  29. I loved your sweaty opening… and your squeeky closing….ha ha
    Never ever have enough money and tired of asking the universe for more. I guess new affirmation could be – I always have enough money to live a life I love. Totally mesmerized by B-school Scholarship winner videos. Totally inspired.
    Love the hair!

  30. Jody

    I am afraid of not having enough money or if I have enough something or someone will take it from me. I think this came from when I was 12 and babysitting, I made $5 a week, and was saving my money in my top drawer. I had about $15 saved up, and my Mom came in and asked me how much money I had, because she needed it to go to the store and buy something for dinner. She said she would pay me back, but she never did. I felt worried about having money saved and somebody or something would take it from me, and make me spend it on something I didnt want to, but had to. I could turn this around by being grateful that I was able to be of service to my whole family by providing dinner for all of us at the age of 12.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I have a similar one (several, really) but had never really thought it out like this. Makes a lot of sense!

  31. I’ve really been noticing how the things I heard my parents say about monry growing up, such as, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and my personal favorite, “You’ll never have engh to afford (fill in the blank)”…has effected my personal beliefs around my earning potential. In 1997, I begaa journey of recovery from drugs and alcohol and this required a commitment to Spiritual Principles that I had not in my previous life. This began my education on various world religions and how their various principles appled to me, especially when it came to money.

    I’ve begun to see money as an energy currency, similiar to waht you discussed in today’s Q & A, that runs from others, through me, to others. It can be seen as a form of loving others. And when ilook at it from that perspective, from a place of “How can I best love (and respect) you (and myself)?”, then I’m able to have a much more respectful relationship with my money. I am not afraid to make mistakes with it because I know I’m learning and that I will continually make smarter and smarter choices. Thanks for your tremendous energy and love around money and us WOMEN!!!!!!

    • Props to you Melissa.

      You have done amazing things to reshape your life and you should be immensely proud of that.

      Not everyone has the courage to continually ask themselves questions about their limiting beliefs and behaviours and then follow that up by working consistently on new ways of being in the world – and without judging themselves too harshly when they make mistakes.

      I loved your story – thanks for sharing

  32. I’ve really been noticing how the things I heard my parents say about money growing up, such as, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and my personal favorite, “You’ll never have enough to afford (fill in the blank)”…has effected my personal beliefs around my earning potential. In 1997, I began journey of recovery from drugs and alcohol and this required a commitment to Spiritual Principles that I had not had in my previous life. This began my education on various world religions and how their various principles applied to me, especially when it came to money.

    I’ve begun to see money as an energy currency, similiar to what you discussed in today’s Q & A, that runs from others, through me, to others. It can be seen as a form of loving others. And when I look at it from that perspective, from a place of “How can I best love (and respect) you (and myself)?”, then I’m able to have a much more respectful relationship with my money. I am not afraid to make mistakes with it because I know I’m learning and that I will continually make smarter and smarter choices. Thanks for your tremendous energy and love around money and us WOMEN!!!!!!

  33. Hi Marie, I watch your videos all the time but have never before taken the time to comment.

    The subject of money is such a controversial one… Here in the UK we’re very stiff upper lip about it and money is always hush hush until it absolutely HAS to be discussed.

    I review websites as part of my offering and so very many people don’t publish prices along with their services. While I get this might be a strategy, I also know that it’s largely because these biz bods are hiding in case they are judged based on how much they charge for their time.

    My take on it is to stand up and be ready to show the world what you’re offering. Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth. Such a shame to see people working so hard for so very little because they have barriers between themselves and the income they should be earning…

    Being self-employed; I see my earning potential as limitless. My financial future is what I make it.


    • Laura!! Thank you for watching AND for jumping into the comments. Love “my earning potential is limitless. My financial future is what I make it…”

      • Marie, didn’t Laura hit it right on the money? Yes, I HAD to!

        Laura, I love this point you bring up about not wanting to list prices on our sites. I’m going through this right now and there was a great discussion about it in the private B-school Facebook group a few weeks ago. The group there is so brilliant!

        What I’ve realized is that I will feel better – more honest & like I’m living with integrity – when I list my prices. I don’t want to give clients the run-around or not give them the tools to make their own decisions. I realize that I’ve been hiding out from pricing because I was worried about what people would think – mainly my family and friends who already follow me. Money can open up major vulnerabilities and be a direct reflection of your self confidence.
        Because I know that I’m here to serve the world in a big way, I need to put on my big girl panties and own my confidence around pricing and the value I offer my clients.
        I also fully believe that by being open about pricing, there is no wushu washy-ness around how I express my value. That could be a great example to share with clients. One of my big dreams is to become a philanthropist. Letting my clients know that they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves feels damn spiritual and awesome to me.
        Also, on the personal side, my husband and I have been going through Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey and it is completely changing our relationship with money. It’s truly amazing to me how when you get your money & money beliefs in order, so many other things get in order too.
        Marie, I too grew up in a middle class Italian home where my parents stretched our money and taught us how to live the good life on less. I never felt like we lacked or were missing anything. I learned incredible generosity from them. But I do see how I created a mindset that said: having a lot of money is bad because it means you’re probably stingy. My new mindset is: being a faithful steward of my money is amazing because money is a huge key in changing the world.

        Thanks for tackling this topic full of prickly parts for a lot if people but making it fun and accessible. Totally jazzed for B-school round 2!!


        Ps just typed this on my iPhone and took forever bc the formatting was weird. Totally worth the effort though please excuse any glaring typos!

        • Ps. ( I really can’t believe I have MORE to say but I’m Italian so whaddyawant??).

          Your money ironing is SO funny! It reminded how I used to clean all of the change in our house in white vinegar and salt. I loved seeing it get all shiny and new!

        • Hi Sara, can relate to much of what you’re saying 🙂

  34. Marie

    Great topic and pearls of wisdom about money flowing from you today.

    When I worked in the corporate world, I was always striving to make more money with each new role or challenge I took on and I succeeded in earning six figures + reasonably quickly.

    I did achievement well and fulfilment well for a while, but the fun and passion and meaning started to wane for me so I jumped from the corporate world and decided that creating a business that made a difference in the world was what I wanted to do.

    My biggest money fear in my business now though is – can I be as successful in earning excellent money now that I am launching out on my own? Do I know enough, am I agile enough, clever enough to be a successful entrepreneur who gets paid well?… sigh :|. Of course the answer to this question is

    “Hell yes!”, but there are many days when it doesn’t feel like that.

    I loved the Joe Polish analogy of ‘money = fun tickets’… so I think I might use that as a little mantra to say every day to remind me that:

    – money allows me to have fun with my family, and
    – that my business allows me to connect with my customers and make a difference in their lives while enriching mine too.

    thanks Marie

  35. I always felt that a spiritual path could not be linked to earning lots of money, but I’m wanting to change this point of view and replace it for this: I believe money is amazing for me to invest in myself, to support myself and my personal growth (including my spiritual growth), to live a safer, healthier life, and also help people I love and care for. Thank you for your video, I liked to know about you washing and ironing your money as a kid!

  36. The best part… money should flow… more money = more opportunities to serve. My limiting belief: there’s some magic formula somewhere for earning more money, and I just don’t have access to the formlua. How to overcome: I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT!

  37. I have been working through my money issues for ages, and am still working. And working. And working.

    It sounds like my upbringing was a lot like Marie’s, in that my parents worked hard for what we needed. We didn’t get a lot of “extra” stuff and when we did it was truly a treat. THAT I’m grateful for – I wasn’t spoiled, for sure.

    However, I was raised hearing “Must be nice to have that kind of money” a lot – to the point where I absorbed the belief that whatever I had, I needed to hold on to. My dad was raised in poverty so he was aaaaaaalways worried about money. He’d literally lose sleep over it. I grew up being afraid of money, believing that the lifestyle I dreamed of was unthinkable for a “person like me”.

    This is something I literally work on every day. I was furious when, for instance, my husband asked a electrician friend who was out of work at the time to hook up our garage with a better power system. “We don’t need that!” I protested. But then I thought about it – this guy needs work, and we’re providing an opportunity for him to make money. We have the money to spend, and the whole point of money is to not sit in a bank account but to be spread around to others.

    So from today forward I’ll repeat the following:

    Money loves me. <- I love that one
    I am abundantly rewarded for the work that I do.
    The universe loves the work that I do and generously supports me in every way.
    The more money I have, the further I can spread my message.

  38. Hi Marie,

    Thanks to you I am being guided by Gabrielle Bernstein. I am on day 37 of “May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness”. Wow, thats a mouth full.

    Last week we were working on this subject of letting go of fear around money and seeing the possibilities of happiness through sharing your passion and financial achievements.

    I discovered, my fear of taking perceived risk is holding me back from moving forward toward experiencing, sharing and enjoying being part of this world. Now, as I see all the problems in my head I take a breath and give them to my ~ing. Then sure enough I am guided toward a real solution to fake problems and keep on trucking.

    As my cloud of anxiety dissipates a very bright sun of love is reveling many possibilities in the world to experience.

    Thank you Marie for sharing all you do!

  39. Marie!
    My jaw dropped when I saw you ironing money…. that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen you do. You flipping kill me sometimes… washing and ironing money – your parents must have thought you were a lunatic. Hilarious! Thanks for this fabulous topic! There are not too many of us who don’t have money issues baked into our conditioning – especially being women! It’s such an important topic these days!
    Cheers to you!

  40. “Fun tickets”! Awesome!!

    BTW, you are rockin’ that dress! It’s all about the “girls”.


  41. Lauren H

    I’m sorry…what were you saying? I was so distracted by that bangin’ dress!! H-O-T!!

    Um, where were we? Oh, yes. One of my limiting beliefs around money is definitely the scarcity mindset. Mostly I think this stemmed from the time after my parents separated- I have four siblings and money was tight. Plus, I kind of learned that you basically have to work your a$$ off to earn even the smallest amount of money and you needed to do that, oh, forever.

    I have broken through much of that because of some great mentors in my professional career but seem to be reverting back as an entrepreneur. Something I’m working on!

    Love the fun tickets and the “supporting the community” mentality. I’m game for eliminating the Federal deficit and stimulating the economy! 😀

    • Yes, Lauren. I loved the dress, too. In fact, I was thinking to myself, “I want more fun tickets so I can have an amazing wardrobe like Marie.” Of course, I would also need a stylist to help me choose, because my brain says “Yoga pants are soooo comfy. Get more yoga pants.”

      Scarcity and the un-endingness of hard, long, laborious work are quite a combo as a money goblin. *gulp* The ideas underpin some common work cliches, like “paying your dues” or “nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.” Turns out, some really awesome stuff can come pretty easy – at least some of the time.

      Go get some fun tickets and support the community! Cheers.

  42. I believe that it is important to create “balance” in your life. Whenever we are off kilter, our spirit feels it. If we are too obsessed with work, money, a person, etc., it makes us feel out of sorts. I agree with you Marie that we should be focused on creating fulfillment and following our life’s passion if we are to feel at peace with the financial rewards that will come our way. It is important to be conscious of your intention in why you seek more money and not let it take over the joy and balance you seek to create by living your passion or sharing your gifts with the world. I read this recently and I really agree with it, “Those who are committed to spiritually supporting and enriching the lives of others should be able to receive riches in return.” If you are using your gifts to contribute to the world, that is a beautiful thing. This I do know is true, and it is true of almost every successful person I know who is truly happy, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Live your passion!!

  43. What a subject! It’s defenitely something I’m working on, and I’m not there yet!

    thank you Caroline Frenette, I loooove what you just said:
    ‘I love my new mantra : Money is energy and I am magnetic to it! ‘

    defenitely something for me to repeat EVERY MORNING!!!

  44. Yes, Fun Tickets, More please. My little side business started as a way for me to buy the little things that I wanted. No one understood why I was putting so much energy into a side gig, but it became my passion. It was me using my intelligence and creativity to express. That expression turned into fun tickets. And when you start seeing the fruits of your labor multiply, its far more contagious than just getting up everyday to go to work just to sit through yet another meeting.

  45. Audrey


    Thank you so much for your video, energy, and for bringing in the idea of “fun tickets” and money as support for others!

    I have a belief that money (like beauty, btw) can only be achieved through suffering – OK, let’s not be too intense here, through boredom and hours of sitting down doing far from interesting stuff…!
    Also, I don’t like spending, so I guess I see money as a scarce/dirty resource…

    Now, I’m bringing this to my awareness, not judging it, and replacing it with “the more I have fun, the more I get fun tickets!” (too many of us believe it’s pain, pain and pain for a bit of gain…)

    This should be fun! 🙂

  46. Jennifer Cullen

    Hi All,
    I grew up with a single mom who had 3 jobs, I saw a lot of this around me as well.Running from creditors, the language of never having enough. I would look at weathier people, and in my childs mind, not understand why we could not live that way. Why was there not enough money for us, if there was enough for them?
    This blossomed into a relation issue. I would end up in circles with people who had come from a different back ground, more money, and I had trouble relating to the conversation….of course thinking that what I had to say was not relevant, and I had the expressions on faces to back that up.
    My confidence was seriously wounded.
    Yet, I had this great desire to help people. I had this story in my mind that if I did make money that the very people I wanted to help would not be able to relate to me, and no one would want my help. So, I couldn’t help the world through money… was in fact a seperater!
    This belief ended me up you know where…..kind of where I am today. Living pay check to pay check, and he-he, not helping people either.
    I have taken classes, have desires to coach, and teach, that have never left me, taken lessons from life coaches, read the books, meditate, work on myself, practice from the depths of my soul a true love of life. And life is good, I have so much love in my life, and I am so grateful.
    When I think of success, I think of giving back. I had a stranger tell me once that I could help more people if I was successful, as I would live my life by example, showing them how to pick up out of poverty, and have the money to enrich others lives.
    I wrote a 100,000 marking over a $1 bill about 5-6 years ago. I learned this in one of the teachings I ran across, I think it was from the author of the Chicken Soup Books. I moved it from my ceiling to a vision board, that ended up in my closet. I had no walls to hang it! Now I have walls, I have moved, and actually tore apart that vision board, and saved a few photos, one of a teacher, and this “100,000” bill. I posted the bill on my bathroom mirror. I noticed that I placed it to the side, so I barely see it whenever I am in there! Subconsious move on my part?
    So, today I am moving it smack dab in the middle.
    And, when I think of why I have it, it is because I have helped people. I wrote a book that resonated with people, and made a positive difference in thier lives, and I have a successful following in my classes, and I am happy living the life always dreamed!

  47. My life growing up was a lot like Grey Gardens, except I wasn’t related to Jackie O and we lived in is southwest Missouri. This equates to me knowing what it is like to sleep in a house with no electricity bundled in expensive fur coats to stay warm. I lived a bohemian lifestyle while growing up, I’d like to not have to worry about paying the bills now.

    A lot of the negative self talk about money comes from that time. I always feel that if people look really closely, they’ll be able to sniff the poor on me. As if my clothes can never be clean or expensive enough. There is a serious sense of lack that I am constantly battling.

    At the same time, I can imagine great and wonderful things for my business.

    Now I need to know that abundance is my reality. Prosperity need not come in spurts but in a regular flow.

    NOTE: While I did mention that I experienced a Grey Gardens like experience growing up (living like royalty in exile almost – nice stuff, but no money), it should be noted that it never got so bad that we used cat food for pate. Just sayin’.

  48. Lisa S.

    I am in the process of naming these long held fears and figuring out how to release them. My heart beats faster, my shoulders go up to my ears and I get as stiff as a board when I look at my finances. Thank you all for sharing your mantras and your struggles. Marie, that mental shift from lack to “fun tickets” made my whole body relax and light up. I am going to fill up my wallet with fun tickets asap!


  49. Alice Wilcox

    Hi Marie, Fabulous video!!! This topic was always a stumbling block for me for a part of my life. I always knew it shouldn’t be but it takes courage and self-love to be successful and positive , it took acquiring wisdom and totally knowing I deserved all the abundance the Universe had to offer, to allow me to be my authentic self!! Now it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or how anyone perceives me. I’m totally comfortable with me!!!

  50. Marie,

    I too learned how to respect money. My Dad and Mom taught us kids to recognize it as currency we need to exchange for what we need/want.

    When we were old enough to have credit cards my dad reminded us the importance of spending what we have not what we do not have. I think this is KEY because I’ve seen so many people fall into deep debt and then devalue money by labeling it as bad, negative, or whatever else. This is probably more along the lines of making sure you don’t live beyond your means.

    I enjoy making money because then I have more to invest in myself (pay for enriching programs), I get to give to others (the great people who create workshops), donate (Humanitarian, BABY!), travel, help others just the way others have helped me when I needed it, etc.

    Most of all, money cycles around and around. It comes and it goes. I respect it as currency.

    People, experiences, and opportunities on the other hand are not going to circle around and around. If it goes, then sometimes its just gone. I value the great people in my life and the greatness of life more than money.

    I’m happy 😉

  51. Absolutely love this one Marie. Just been talking about this very thing in an interview and I realized that the biggest breakthrough for me around money was learning not to let my net worth determine my self worth as that can be a killer. Lightening up and having more fun with money making works much better for me.

    Thanks for the Tuesday inspiration. 🙂

  52. What a great video Marie! I’m glad you addressed this topic as I know it’s challenging for many who think spirituality and money don’t go together. I used to have very limiting beliefs regarding this but learned to recognize them and change my thoughts about it.

    For anyone interested in a more in-depth discussion of this which is more on the spiritual side, I highly encourage you to check out this video by spiritual teacher Teal Scott where she adresses whether it’s okay to charge for spiritual services:

  53. Absolutely love this one Marie. Just been talking about this very thing in an interview and I realized that the biggest breakthrough for me around money was learning not to let my net worth determine my self worth as that can be a killer. Lightening up and having more fun with money making works much better for me.

    Thanks for the Tuesday inspiration. 🙂

  54. angelina

    for me, it was about letting go of resentment towards my mom about making money more important than relationships. I did not want to ever become that sort of person so I kept myself struggling financially while feeling morally superior. that didn’t really work out…so forgiving and gaining a deeper understanding of my mom was my ticket to feeling ready to receive more financially. aaahhh….

    • Sarah

      Wow Angelina I think you’ve given me a bing bing moment! For me, it was like that with my father. He was very ambitious and made everything about money – alongside constantly striving for more, he also used it as an emotional tool – withholding money if he wasn’t happy with you, or ‘blackmailing’ etc. So like you I decided i wanted to ‘prove’ that money is meaningless and it’s better to be poor & a good person, than be all wrapped up in it and a bad person. Hence poverty through my twenties. Time for me to work on forgiveness/understanding my dad, and separating money (which is neutral in itself) from people’s choices/behaviour.

      • Love this Angelina and Sarah. Especially separating money (which is neutral in itself). It’s like tofu. 🙂

  55. Etna

    I think I love money and I have been working on my beliefs about it for the last three years but still it is the main cause of worries in my life. What you guys recommend?

  56. I have definitely had limiting beliefs about money. One of my beliefs was that you didn’t need money to be happy. Another was that people with money, or atleast most people with money, are not in it for the right reasons.

    All of this is starting to shift. I’m seeing how one can be magnificent with money, magnificently wealthy. I’m seeing the great service that business can provide, I’m seeing the great joy that I can experience in my life, I’m seeing the great giving I can create outside of business, I’m see what I can do ultimately for others and it is breathtaking.

    Big Love,

  57. Always a sensitive and meaningful topic for so many people! I grew up in a dirt poor household (like state block cheese and food stamps poor) with emotionally withholding parents and a bad habit of comparing myself to other children (what I didn’t have versus what they did). This created a “lack mentality” which I carried into my adult life where I felt as though I wasn’t allowed to be prosperous and that I would never escape the mold of the 8 year old boy who wore hand me downs from the neighbors and watched other kids play with the toys he wished he could have. Once I was able to identify where this fear and shame around money came from, I was able to begin chiseling away at this “money block” and begin creating financial abundance in my life.

    Thank you for this video and thank you for B-School. I’m enrolled and hoping I’m not the only one representin(g) the men! 😉

    • Mohamed

      Hi sweet heart, I liked ur amazing video. it does really touch me as I have been facing this puzzle all the time but now I think I CAN OVERCOME IT

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      We have quite a few men in B-School (and more and more enrolling everyday!) so you are absolutely welcome.
      See you in ‘School,

  58. Fantastic dress and it looks great on you! Props to your stylist 😉

  59. Hi Marie, this topic hits home for so many of us. I know I have limiting beliefs about money. One of the products that I make is about $30-50 less than what other people sell it for. I tell myself that I want people to be able to afford to use that product (garden boxes) to make their life healthier. There are so many hard to do people that can barely afford to put food on the table and I feel this is my contribution. I’m not sure how I’m going to get around that. I already donate my time and products to local food banks and community projects and I know under pricing my products is limiting me in what I can do. I’ll need to work on that. Thanks for the great words to think about. Oh, and I also used to iron my money – not wash it though! LOL

  60. This is great! I love all the comments as well. I started 2013 off, as the year I give , I serve and I am doing it . It feels wonderful. But my bank account is not so wonderful. I am trying to remain calm and let it flow. Be open to all possiblities but it is tough somedays.
    I love thinking of money as fun tickets. I need a mantra!!!!

  61. Oh no. Never un-spiritual to want abundance.
    I need to unlearn the restrictions imposed since early ages. Done a lot of work, the last roots are now under investigation 🙂

  62. Hi,
    Great video! My limiting belief around money comes from the belief that you can’t make money through creative channels – you must have a J-O-B. My mom was an artist who worked as an arts administrator and my Dad always wanted to write but spent his life working in sales because (as I heard) you just can’t make money making art or writing!

    Getting past this has been a lesson in trusting myself and knowing that writing and creating make me happy and fulfilled at the soul level. I’ve never struggled financially (other than my college days), but I’ve also never fully let go and relied solely on my writing to support myself.

    To get past this, I’ve started telling myself and envisioning that money, like anything else in the world, is just energy and can come from anywhere.

  63. Hi Marie,

    I grew up in a household where money was always tight and heard memes (learned this from Dr. Wayne Dyer) such as:

    Money doesn’t grow on trees.
    I am not made of money.
    The rich get rich, and the poor get poor.
    Only rich people win the lottery.
    No, you can’t have (fill in the blank).
    Life isn’t fair.
    It’s just not fair.
    You have to work hard.
    There’s never enough.
    We have to make ends meet.

    As you may have noticed, the above memes have a “theme.” What is it? It’s lack.

    Needless to say, my parents were not the best role models when it came to money. However, they learned about money from their parents who grew up during the depression. The cycle of lac will continue from generation from generation, unless someone breaks it. I chose to break the cycle.

    I now embrace that it’s okay to have money. It’s an exchange — an energetic exchange. I know I live in an abundant universe and that I am abundant. There is plenty for everyone. Because I’m around family who’s mindset is set to the “All Lack” station, I have to be careful not to slip back into old, stinking thinking patterns. It can be a challenge, but I embrace it. 🙂

  64. My limiting belief around money: I can either make lots of money or pursue my dreams. Aka I can only make money doin stuff that I don’t really enjoy. Ouch! This one is painful.

    I have, in the past, significantly raised my energy around making money. I did this by surrounding myself with prosperous ppl and believing I could make more money. Now, I just need to raise my vibration even more so I can make lots of money AND do what I love and am good at as well as help people. For me feeling fulfilled has become so important. It is my desire and intention to be in service, have fun and make lots of money.

    This is why I am joining bschool this year! Can’t wait.

    • Awesome share Alison. I think so many of us have that “I can either make money OR pursue my dreams.” Excited to see you class!

  65. Candice

    My limiting belief is that I was never taught to be responsible with money;therefore, I will never know how to be successful in managing it. My new belief is I can choose to change this pattern of negativity TODAY.

  66. Loving the Fun Tickets!

    Limiting beliefs around money is a very normal thing. What most of us never do is sit with that energy and get a little closer to it to ask: What IS my limiting belief?

    Running from it is very different from sitting with it.

    Abundance is our guarantee when we honor and rock our lives like we really mean it. When we bring that special something which only we can bring, abundance will follow.

  67. Katrina

    Love this video. Where can I use my fun tickets to purchase that dress?? Love it!!!!

    • Hi Katrina!

      Marie’s dress is from H+M… hopefully it’s still in stores 🙂


  68. I love this subject! Trying to reconcile spirituality with money (& sex) isn’t something we’ve done a great job with in our culture – but there are some amazing people helping to change that – i.e. Marie Forleo. I saw an article in the Vancouver Sun on Eckhart Tolle & it really illuminated the struggle we have. So many comments came from the perspective that he isn’t really a spiritual person because he profits from his work. Wow! I really scratched my head on that one – then wrote a response (which the Sun highlighted the next month). Spiritual work requires money to give it legs to stand on in the world. All spiritual leaders are funded in some way. So, if you struggle with the issue, rest easy & have fun in knowing that making money helps you further your spiritual journey. Here’s my article from the Sun if interested in further reading.

    P.S. A really fun exercise is to meditate on a dollar bill (or your country’s currency). Allow the images & words to step off the paper & speak to you. It’s quite amazing what you can learn!

  69. Aaaaiiii, what a loaded issue. My mother had so many issues with money, was a shopaholic, and bankrupted us after her death. That’s just how far her reach went. I grew up thinking that money was a finite resource, unpredictable and always scarce. So I don’t feel like it would make me less spiritual, necessarily, but that it is something always out of my reach — I don’t deserve it, perhaps? Money is something OTHER PEOPLE HAVE, not me.

    It’s been a catastrophic mindset.

    To change it I have been focusing part of my morning meditations on “intention” affirmations about money, stating concretely how much I income I want to make and visualizing it as something real, something within reach, something I can do and that I deserve. A good income represents freedom to me, so I think about both what I would for myself and how I could make life better for others when I have this kind of cash flow in my life.
    I hit a lot of resistance, but I think it is slowly worming its way into my consciousness. I’m trying, and that counts.

  70. Dina

    Thank you for your fun insight on this subject, Marie!

    The main limiting belief that I witnessed and took on growing up was that I’d have to work SUPER HARD, at a job I dislike, to make money to provide for the family and that I’d be so tired and grouchy at the end of the work day that there wasn’t much to do except sit in front of the TV, much less pursue any dreams and goals.

    My new belief: I make money doing things that are fun and meaningful for me, that what I do provides a service to the world that benefits mankind. The more I enjoy serving the world, the more money I earn. Starting my own business is fun because I’m doing it in small steps that are enjoyable.

  71. Andrea

    My limiting beliefes make me feel underserving.
    This causes friction throughout every aspect of my business ethics.
    I start to ‘feel bad’ sometimes for charging. Possibly overcharging. And then I ‘feel sad’ because it feels like my craft is worthless.

    I know these things to be untrue. What I have done to change is turn my vehicle (the place I spend alot of time) into an affirmation location. I have posted over 20+ stickys all over the dash (with more to add) that will change my belief system.
    I know they work. I can see the shift of thoughts as I recite them.

    I have recently discovered underlying ‘goblins’ in other aspects of my life that have caused my ‘worthiness’ beliefs to be as weak as they are.

    I am turning this around by saying
    “The Universe has abundant resources and I am WORTHY of them all!”
    Thanks Marie…..
    (I also told The Universe to provide the opportunity for me to attend B-School, I bleieve it will! The Date is still TBD. No such thing as TOO LATE.)

  72. Love the sweat comment Marie! Makes you more accessible and human.

    My limiting belief was “There is never enough” Family programming. Also as I begin to earn more, there always seem to be some big unexpected expense (like a cat that is dying or a vacuum that needs replacing) that soaks up the extra.

    My new belief is I always have enough, as The Universe is my limitless supply. What I do serves humanity and God gives me more than what I need.

    Thanks Marie
    Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
    The Self Love Guru

  73. Oh my.

    Don’t even get me started with the shame about money.

    It totally blows me away.

    Money is fun.
    Money buys freedom.
    Money can bring comfort.
    Money can shelter, clothe, supply education. (Your BSchool is perfect example. How many pp want to go but don’t have the money?)

    Money can buy happiness.

    Yep, I said it. Money can buy happiness.

    It cannot guarantee happiness but it sure as hell can buy you (or someone else) a little sunshiny happiness.

    Hubby and I build new homes. When a new house is going up, we tell the neighbors that if they find us a buyer, we’ll pay them a thousand bucks.

    Probably half the time, they respond with “Oh, no, no, no” I get so dang exasperated , I’ve learned to say “How about this; If you don’t want the money, we’ll give it to your charity of choice in your name.”

    Then you’d be surprised how fast they back pedal that maybe it would be OK if we gave the $ to them.

    I am constantly amazed.

    When I was a kid, I knew I wanted to make a lot of money when I grew up because:

    A) I love beautiful hotels, clothes, houses, cars, exotic locations, etc. (Believe it or not, I don’t necessarily spend a lot, but I can if I want to)

    B) I like to give money away. My goal is to give away 50% of my income. And when I say give money away, it’s not usually handing someone cash.

    Here are just a few ways I’ve given (and thank God for the money):

    1) Paid a neighbor’s mortgage when her husband left her alone with 3 kids to support.
    2) Funded countless mission groups.
    3) Paid for kid’s new school clothes.
    4) Written a check for someone on need. (Unanimously is best)
    5) Paid for a stranger’s vet bill when they didn’t have the money to pay for their dog’s treatment.
    6) Paid (always unanimously on this one) for a police officer or soldiers meal in a restaurant.

    See? Money can be a good thing!


    • Opps!

      I meant “anonymously” not “unanimously”

    • Darlene,

      I just love you! You are a wonderful shining light and have a lot to teach the rest of us. I was taught to hang onto it – as there is never enough. I am busting out of this paradigm as it does not serve me.

      Thank you for sharing your insight. You are Blessed in your giving. This is a wonderful lesson to those of us still working through our old programming. I release mine and choose to give away 50% of my income to those less fortunate. Homeless people lose their teeth. This is one area I want to help.

      Much love to you
      Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
      The Self Love Guru
      [email protected]

    • Thank you Darlene, I love the way you put that. It made me feel good about wanting to make money. I feel a little shift in energy coming along. 🙂

    • limiting beliefs? it comes from my family system. daddy made money. daddy didn’t pass on to me the belief that i could do it, too. mom didn’t do squat for money. daddy was “a good provider.” a good provider… that’s what she actually called him — sounded so icky to me. that was his category. me: providee. does that make sense?
      chicks don’t earn money. they’re given it.
      how do i get past this? being poor, i guess.
      ughhh. marie – i LOVE money. okay, i don’t iron it, but i do. i have zilch to spend on stuff. it’s ridiciulous. and, btw — my husband ain’t pullin his weight and he and everybody in my house weighs a lot.
      help!!! i have these things i need to be doing but it seems like plucking my eyebrows is more important. feel me?

  74. Erin, Creative Soul in Motion

    Hi Marie!!!

    Great A to that Q! This question and answer really resonated with me as I have been mindfully re-framing my money beliefs. See, I am starting a new business and my past fears and stories about money ((( lots of scarcity issues )) were holding me back, keeping me down, making my goals seem impossible and the future bleak. But after realizing that like attracts like, and reading Gabby’s book May Cause Miracles, I knew I had to shift my inner beliefs about money. So now I’m embracing abundance and believing in my purpose, my value and my future. Thanks again for a great video!


  75. Thank you, Marie, for sharing this.

    My feeling is the better one does, the better we ALL do. It’s not a contest! Do your best, help others do their best and it’s a win/win for all!

    Imagine if more money was in the hands of those who are heart-centered and seeking a better world – WOW! All the good that would do would be amazing.

    Appreciate the video and all the comments! I read them all every week!

  76. Hi Marie,

    A limiting belief.

    I and…

    I’m sorry to say, our whole culture has limited beliefs about artists and musicians and how they should get paid for their work.

    I have been a musician for most of my life. Specifically, touring around the world singing for PEACE.

    Another cultural view around getting paid. PEACE. Especially INNER PEACE.

    I’m living the “Do what you love to do and you will get paid for it.” But the second part of that statement is not working well enough.

    People ask me to come and sing for their organizations and then say, “Oh actually, we don’t pay for that.”

    Amongst many of them is the United Nations! I was at a board meeting once discussing doing a benefit and this woman chimed in, “Oh we’ll get musicians, they’ll do it for free.”

    They love your music and want you to come and perform for them, for a free meal.

    A friend told me “Peace is priceless.”

    IMAGINE – pun intended

    It was a little salve on the wound.

    This autumn wrapped up 3 years touring around the US for me.

    I’m tired and broke.

    And I’m whining here and I don’t mean to be doing so, as I know the truth around “Your Word is Magic” I even wrote a song about it. What do they say?, “We teach what we need to know most.” 🙂

    I would LOVE to shift this notion.

    My music has been seen and heard in over 45 countries around the world. I’ve been asked by countless organizations, in Nepal, South Africa, Kenya, Nairobi, Vietnam to bring my music to them. The organizations inviting me, they’re orphanages and girls groups, violence interrupters struggling themselves.

    While on tour, one concert leads to 3 invitations. Everywhere I go people are saying, “Please keep doing what you’re doing. Your work is so important.”

    I work really hard, really hard, but this work doesn’t support me. Since getting off the road, I’ve been rethinking what can I do to make a living, and it breaks my heart.

    My limiting belief? How ’bout this one?

    “I can’t make a living being a musician. I must have another job to support myself.”


    I don’t even like seeing that in writing.

    I could use a SHIFT around that.

    To all the other lovely ladies on this thread, I’m enjoying reading about your life. Namaste,

    Thanks for what you do Marie. You inspire me



    • k

      I’m also in this same place. I have been working on my wealth consciousness for along time and I struggle also to see how something like b-school could actually help musicians/artists “ask” for the sale- without having to default into being a “coach” or selling info products of some sort, I just want to play and record all the time, that is where my true seed of desire is, and it confuses me when I read wealth conscious literature and everyone says “follow your desires”- welp its not working, even though I know it helps people. So what to do? Any advice Marie? I’ve had people absolutely rave and tell me they love me and send me fan letters and when I put a donation button or sell a product- people are like “well I can get that for free” so…I don’t want to be brain dead I have a pretty great life so far, but this is a problem I have done my best to see around, “believe” around and trust that it will be provided for… but it doesn’t make sense on an internet marketing level unless you have a label or current following already?

    • Hey,

      I understand you asked Marie :). But I have info to share, so here goes.

      Hayhouse Soundwave

      EmPower Music

      Those are two resources for artists who sing personal growth/ self empowerment music. The first option is a radio show hosted on which has requested for people to contact them through Facebook to be featured. The second is a community with gatherings, contests and it would probably benefit you to research the ins and outs of their website to learn how to best use it.

      The above resources are resources to “increase your audience.” Hearing one of Marie’s videos, I learned that actually reaching out to continue increasing your audience on a regular basis is important. In my own journey, I’ve learned how important these are: learning how to sell, researching and getting the right attitude.

      There are also forums where you can connect with other artists like you and hear their stories, which is another form of research. Example:

      I was going to post this super long explanation of other tips and strategies I’ve learned about making money creatively. I think it could be helpful to you and us all, but since it is soooo long, I’m going to give you my contact info instead- Christina C on herfuture. Eventually, I’ll turn it into a free post/ download found on my website, but in the meantime you can get it by contacting me.

      Hope all is well,

  77. During breakfast nearly two years ago, a friend (also Executive Life Coach), said with my book in her hand, “the answer to why your business isn’t growing is within the pages of your own book.”

    I had written, that growing up in a heavy religious environment, sent my 10 year old self a message that serving God and His people was poor but noble work.

    I knew immediately that she was right, however I thought back then that I had cleared up that particular issue through reading and working with T. Harv Eker material.

    Not even a year later, an eight figure deal came my way and like many times before I began feeling anxious in my body, negative thoughts overwhelmed me all day and night. Three weeks into trying to close the deal, I heard like thunder, the words ” I wish this deal would just go away, this is just too much.” Guess what? It did-two days later.

    For years, I was literally sabotaging my professional life due to religious dogma from those who shaped my first conscious and subconscious mind.

    My complete-breakthrough finally came this past November 29th 2012. I fell in love with myself, and found the courage to say on my new Internet show, “that along with my entrepreneurial spirit, author intelligence, and wild sense of humor, I was also clairvoyant, intuitive and able to hear and see angels.”

    I had lived with this secret for 39 years. My mother told me growing up that I was evil, and to keep my mouth shut about my evil sightings. I was able to keep my mouth shut until my desire to serve humanity from a common sense and spiritual world view took off on auto pilot.

    Today, I’m free!
    I have silenced the lie and sent it – to hell.
    I am now living my truth!

    I know from a deep place within that I have truly given myself permission to close new eight figure deals, and receive other opportunities, currently on the way to me, that will help further my message out into the Uni-verse.

    Marie, thank you so much for your love inspired work!

  78. I definetely felt some kind of way when I really started to make money online very easily. I had to check in with myself yesterday and remind myself of all the good I’m doing for people who need what I offer. Because it comes so easily and naturally for me to do what I do, and because I would actually do it for free, somehow I made it wrong in my mind to be compensated so generously for it. Tsk tsk..switching it up. I have spent years learning and honing my skills and the marketplace pays for value. I am valuable and I don’t mind being compensated for it! 😉

  79. Suppose you get a big white envelope. You open it and there are some beautiful pictures in greeting card format. Painted by an association of artists with disabilities. You look at them and they are really wonderful. These artists do deserve the best, however they and their association are far from getting it. So they are asking you for a modest donation and sending you these greeting cards with beautiful pictures.

    If you are in debts, it’s probably going to be: sorry, dear artists, I don’t have anything to give you. We can only be poor together.

    Suppose you aren’t in debts, but you aren’t floursihing either. Here’s your donation, dear artists, I’m sorry I can’t give you more.

    You are doing quite well: great here’s the money for donation, but I love the pictures, too. I’ll buy some of these if they are for sale-

    You are doing absolutely great:
    Dear artists, I really appreciate your works. I’ll come to visit your gallery and I’d also like to know if you have any long-term project going on. I’d really be honoured to help you finance it.

  80. Sarah

    Only recently have I really been beginning to see how important money is as a tool for honouring yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean needing to have a wardrobe full of Prada or own 3 houses, it’s more things like – needing money to live in a safe, beautiful, inspiring space. Having money in the bank to be able to hop on a train or plane to see friends when you really need to. Being able to buy some new clothes rather than walk around with holes in them!

    Having lack or limited means can take up so much mental and emotional energy that could instead be going towards building relationships, working on projects, enjoying life etc. That’s why money is a spiritual tool in a way – if it can support you so you are not struggling to survive, then it frees you up to really get out there and make waves in the world.

  81. Debbie

    Wow, great question! Hot topic!
    I have come to think of money as “thank you notes”. Whenever I’m paying bills or buying new shoes I love to focus on the gratitude deserving of having the convenience of lights and water, or the joy of a new pair of kicks. It has made a HUGE shift in my relationship with the green.
    I used to filter everything through “how much does it cost?”; now I ask if it makes my heart smile.
    Keep it coming, Marie.
    Hugs from your newest fan,
    Purna Girl

    • I’m going to adopt your spin on spending – “does it make my heart smile?” I just LOVE that 🙂
      so cool

  82. Oh my, this is the topic of my professional career. As a money coach, I have coached many women about their negative money behaviors and pattern (my current client also has fear to make too much money) . Do I always have positive money behaviors? Nope. I grew up from a family that my mom always had to go out to borrow money for my dad’s business. I became a money hoarder because I didn’t feel save if I don’t save LOTS of money.

    After I studied money coaching and spiritual practice, I totally changed my perspective about money. It takes time and awareness to change our long-term negative behaviors and patterns, but after you did it, you live in an abundant life forever.

  83. Hi Marie! I love this turning around of self-limiting beliefs.

    1. Since I just launched my biz and I’m a young’n, my self-limiting belief is that I can’t convert leads to sales if I’m charging living wages that value my time, energy, wisdom, and work. The empowering belief I’m replacing that with is that I sell my services effortlessly and easily and that I value my time, energy, wisdom, and work, and my rates reflect that value.

    2. I’ve just recently started cleansing myself of negative money beliefs and behaviors by turning around limiting beliefs just like in this exercise, and I’m hoping B-School will help me a lot with this too! Another powerful strategy is really embodying faith in an abundant universe and immersing myself in a prosperity (versus scarcity) perspective.


  84. My limiting belief about money has always been one of lack. I grew up in lower-middle class in a family of 5 children. Even though we always got by, finances were always tight, and my mom stressed about money a lot. Those stressors and worries and thoughts of lack definitely carried on to me. I’m always stressed out about getting bills paid and never feel like I have enough left over for fun and all the things I want to do.

    I did a couple of things to help release this. First, I came up with an affirmation about releasing the feeling of lack that I carry, and I replaced it with feelings of abundance. And now, I start every day saying the following affirmation:

    “All of my needs are met and exceeded so I may share with those who need it.”

    I like this particular one because it affirms that the universe is taking care of ALL my needs (financial and other) and it shows why I want an abundance – so I can help others.

    I’m so thankful you brought that up in the video, Marie! It’s one thing to want a bunch of money so that you can live a life of affluent luxury, but it’s another if your goal is to share that money with others or use it to do further good in the world. And that’s what I want! (And so that I can have plenty of “fun tickets”, too, of course! There’s a lot to experience in the world, I want to get out there and do it!)

  85. OOH! This is a biggy for so many of us!
    I recently discovered a huge awakening about myself and my rocky relationship with money.

    Realizing how inferior I felt standing next to someone with the big bucks was the first step to my discovery. No matter who it was, I always felt a jolt of insecurity, embarrassment, personal shame, or failure. (Silently holding a big “L” to my forehead.)

    I am now aware of how ridiculous this was … and it meant that I was valuing my own PERSONAL WORTH by my finances, and not for who I am!
    It’s no wonder money stayed away from me in the past! I was in no way welcoming it into my life – feeling unworthy and plain ol’ yuck about $$.

    Now I see money as a friend. This new relationship with money along with my new found self love (no matter how much is or isn’t in my bank acct), is a winning combination.

    My finances are turning around and it feels AWESOME! I’m also having fun sharing what is coming to me – which just seems to attract more & more back into my hands.

    Life is feelin’ good!

    p.s. Thanks Marie for your continued inspiration!!

  86. Grace

    What a great topic! I am realizing that my limiting beliefs are more around the you cannot earn a living in the creative arts, specifically music, you need a back up career! My life situation of it just being spiritually and everything else impossible to continue my former career is forcing me to re-examine these beliefs. I have to make a career change, and, fortunately, I do have savings to help in this transition. I am now thinking along the lines of your ideas, Maria, of doing something that will empower others, and came up with a good idea last week. I need to blast out this belief that musicians cannot make a living. Of course I can, through performing, teaching, writing, even a music-related job, etc., and I see evidence of this every day on the internet and in my life experiences.

    • Grace


  87. I wonder if it’s unspiritual to look so awesome like you, Marie? 😀
    Fantastic dress!

    Money is just a form of energy to me, nothing more and nothing less.
    And yes, it is materialistic but why should that be a problem? To eat is materialistic too, but our specific lifeform demands to participate in this procedure. 😉

    IMHO the most important thing is a healthy balance:
    Materialism without spirit is uninspired and dull.
    Spirituality without matter is detached from a grounded life.

  88. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing this, Marie! It is something that I most definitely needed to hear. I come from a very strong Christian back ground and lately I have been feeling conflicted with my desire to earn/make more money. It is definitely not out of selfish desires but like you, to help aid in living the life that I want to live and also so that I may be blessed to impact the lives of others. Many times after leaving a service where the topic of money is discussed, I often feel guilty for wanting to make more money in my career. Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but either way this was a great video and I am so glad you shared this with us! Definitely feel enlightened on such a heated topic 🙂

    • Hi Sarah 🙂 I’m a Christian too, have been since I was a little girl, and I love God with all my heart – He truly is No. 1 in my life. I also run a successful web design business and I’ve been struggling with this exact question and praying about it a lot because above all I want to do God’s will in this area and there’s a lot of conflicting information around this topic.

      The conclusion I’ve come to, over at least a year of thinking about this and praying about it is that money itself is not a bad thing, it’s just – a thing. But the love of money IS a bad thing, i.e. constantly chasing money, wanting to make money for money’s sake, not spending time with God because you’d rather be working and making money etc.

      Personally I dream big. I look at great Christian women like Joyce Myer and the wonderful work they are doing in the world to feed the hungry and help the poor and sick and all those things Jesus told us to do, and I know that Joyce would not be able to do those things without a lot of money. Her organisation makes a LOT of money and that’s fine! She is a very Godly woman and lets her money flow through her to help those in need. She also seems to have quite a nice lifestyle and since she spends so much time with God every day the conclusion I draw from that is that having a nice lifestyle is ok too.

      God loves his kids, I don’t believe for a second He doesn’t want us to have a nice lifestyle or nice things, but He does also teach us to be a channel for money – a river, not a bucket – so that the blessings we receive can be passed on to others. I believe He does this for a lot of reasons but one of the most important is that He knows that when we hoard our money it does something to us that’s not good, it makes us selfish, it becomes more important to us than Him, and it’s just not good for us. He loves us too much to let us do that to ourselves.

      Something else I always keep in my heart is to rely entirely on God in good times and bad, and to never rely on money as my source of security. I think that is a trap sometimes with prosperity and I wonder if that’s why churches often preach against making lots of money because they know that it can replace our dependance on God – but from what I’ve seen, if your heart is right with God, you’re constantly seeking His will for your life, and you trust in and rely entirely on Him whether you’re making millions or barely able to pay the bills, He knows he can trust you with lots of money and so you’ll usually make lots of money.

      My personal belief and one which I’ve found has kept me focused on God and doing His will in this business world where yes there can be a lot of corruption and a lot of focus on more more more money is simply this – I spend time with God each day, I constantly seek His will in all things, and I ask for His wisdom and humility in both hardship and prosperity. I ask Him to keep my heart humble and kind and no matter how much money I do or do not make I ask Him to always be No. 1 in my life. And I really do get the sense that this approach makes Him happy, and I’ve consistently tithed in both hard times and good times and God truly has “opened the floodgates of heaven”, i.e. I’ve doubled my hourly rate in the past 6 months alone, I’ve recently put on a staff member, and I still have more work than I can poke a stick at!

      God’s work on this earth needs money. It’s just a tool, but a lot of good things would not be possible without it. Some of us – women like you and I – I believe are called to make money for God’s work and to help people in general, and if we have nice things and can enjoy nice experiences along the way – awesome! But I also believe this calling comes with a stricter requirement than most Christians face in terms of spending daily time with God and keeping Him as our constant focus because of the specific temptations we can face in the business world.

      And of course – perspective in all things. God is my No. 1 focus. Then my husband and family. Then my health and creativity. Then my business.

      Hope that helps??

      PS – Thank you Marie for such a great video, you are such a wonderful and funny and open lady 🙂 God bless!

  89. I love the idea of money being “Fun Tickets”! Thanks Marie.
    I’m thinking the connection between spirituality and money stems from the biblical expression, “Money is the root of all evil.” But the actual text states, “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”
    In other words, money should not come before family, our dignity, or spirituality. Yes, make lots of it, but always keep it in perspective.

  90. Great topic Marie!

    I have gone through and let go of a lot of money issues. What a growth experience it is. I love “fun tickets.” As someone who has struggled with fixating on the money end of things for the fact that I feared not being secure, I can say that redirecting focus can be really powerful. Also looking at and healing some of those beliefs about money. I find when I am doing stuff I want to do and loving it, I am more in the moment and less focused on what is going to happen later, tomorrow or next month’s bills.

    Last, I just want to say that I love the dress (your boobs look amazing) !

  91. Kristin

    Hooray for healthy cash flow! Marie, I love that you put this message out there so eloquently. I want to shout it form the mountain top! Personally, I have always had a healthy disconnection from money. My parents definitely had money troubles … u betcha! But I never absorbed their woes around money and naturally didn’t stress over it. I always felt secure and taken care of despite the apparent lack. (Go figure!) As I grew into my adult years I continued to experience tight money, but there always seemed to (almost magically) be just enough. At times I almost felt guilty that I didn’t stress over it, like most other people. I certainly had reason to. Last year, I read that “October 10 people (that’s me!) are those who know how to let their money live and their resources flow.” Okay, so I’m not crazy. Apparently, this just isn’t a lesson that I’m here to work on. Whether it is “frugal month” or “fat days” around here, my husband and I like to keep an easy attitude around our “fun tickets.” We believe that what we want + what we have = exactly what we need.

  92. Hi Marie. I love the thought of you as a young girl ironing money. It says it all!
    I come from a family with many mixed messages about money. Actually, Greece where I was raised has a whole culture of extremely conflicting messages about money. I have often thought that the country’s current state of terrible finances is retated to some kind of collective negative belief system about money.
    I really resonated with what I read in some of the comments, about money being a ‘resource’. I never before thought of it that way, and that as they say: ‘clicked’ something inside me! Maybe I just had a aha! moment. Thank you Marie, and thank you all for taking the time to comment and share.

  93. Marianne Williamson recently wrote a brilliant book on this topic called The Law of Divine Compensation. If you need money clarity that’s directly tied into spirituality, definitely go pick it up.

  94. Hi Marie

    Bravo on your explanation! So many of us grow up with limiting beliefs, probably because our parents felt inadequate because they never could achieve wealth.

    I have been justifying why I need more money and all the ways to give back randomly. Really want to get to that point in my life and never feel guilty about enjoying nice things. You are so right it does put money in other people’s pockets if we buy nice things!

    Very well said. Thanks for today’s lesson.


  95. Marie,

    Thank you for choosing to answer this question. This is insanely relatable to so many of us and I might have to bookmark this and come back to read the inspiring comments more thoroughly.

    I too came from nothing then was thrown into the the world of a divorced family which means I raised myself from age 16 on and being an entrepreneur since then has been so hustle-filled that now I can’t stop hustling. On the other hand, I have this weird relationship with money where I can’t seem to form a positive relationship with it or want the freedom to spend all this dough I’m making so its like a horrible hamster wheel of hustle+success+void+guilt that I want to overcome.

    I wish we could have a way to chat more about this. If anyone reads a good blog on this topic, let me know 🙂

    Another killer video. And you look gorgeous Marie!

    • Hi Letitia,

      Read my post above about a money exercise that can change the way you see, feel & think about money. I have quite a few posts about money & spirituality on my blog, too.

      If you want to chat further, feel free to contact me. I love helping people get comfortable in their “spiritual skin”. [email protected]


  96. Amanda

    My belief in money is still shifting especially since I used shopping for 4 years to “achieve happiness” or “high” in dealing with my parents divorce, including spending beyond my means, over drafting, late on bills etc. I really gotten back on budget since the new year and really keeping an eye on what I spend on. I’ve been on budget for the past 2 months! And I’m going to keep it going! Plus thank god for Groupon & Living Social for local restaurant deals and my mother getting back into thrift store shopping or the Goodwill. The clothes are used, (so good for the environment) & go for a good cause. So really find out what you use $$ for & how you feel when you shop, that’s been key for me.

    Even with my ego trying it’s dirty tricks to use $$ to keep thinking I need spend, spend, or go for a crazy vacation, but right now it’s important to use this year to pay off my debt & maybe do a home vacation this year.

    Thanks again for the awesome video Marie & always look forward to your episodes! 🙂

  97. Contrary to what some may have you believe, poverty is not a virtue and wealth is not evil.

    Another great video by the lovely Miss M.

    Thanks for the shareage, Ma’am.

    Keep the faith and keep moving forward.

    All is well in Paradise! :~)

  98. I used to feel good if I went into a store and DIDN’T buy something–like I had saved money! 🙂 I’ve come to realize that if you have a vision of a better world, you have support others who are doing the work, and taking risks in doing so, to make that vision a reality. It’s gives me a feeling of freedom to “donate” to an economy I approve of.

  99. Reading all these comments is super healing in its own right. I dont want any of us to have these negative feelings around money but I am grateful to know I am not the only one who battles with this.

    I was literally just talking to my boyfriend about this. I remember being young and living with my mom. We always had what we needed. Looking back, I feel like it taught me that having what you need is should always come before what you “want”

    But I realized I got too used to having only what was necessary and so I dont know how to NOT feel guilty for the things I want. It’s almost as if my mind equates that having what you want taking away from what you need 🙁

    On the other hand my father had a very lavish lifestyle but eventually lost it all, where he didn’t even have the things he needed never mind what he wanted. I see now, that it was his choices that facilitated his outcome, but boy oh boy is his fall from grace stuck in my head.

    the combination of these two energies has always manifested in my life as money issues. When I have extra, I become careless and when it feels like I dont have enough (scare mentality) I become anxious.

    I contract and to hold onto to it- for the “just in case” moments that usually never come.

    I know that one of my biggest life lessons is to heal my relationship around money.Its been a long process but I have keep points that I now keep in mind

    1. sometimes what you NEED and what you WANT can and are the same thing. Therefore, money spent on something that genuinely will increase your wellbeing (physically, mentally, or spiritually) is REQUIRED for us to THRIVE
    2. Anytime I spend money. I bless it. I say GRACE. I smile and say to myself, there is more where that came from. (this was very BIG for me when I began to shop for better quality food)

    Danielle Laporte says something amazing in The Desire Map, that has also helped me begin to heal- she says

    “part of a healthy relationship with material attainment and external pursuits is the language that you you give it” ohhhh fireeee

    Because of this I try to use words like circulate, energy and investment when I talk about money.

    This is HUGE and has become my new mantra.

    Just this morning I realized that since taking an S-Factor class it has been on my mind none stop. I think about how it will get me back into my body which WILL in fact help me make better creative decisions.

    Every time I think about signing up- I hesitate and the chatter starts and I begin to NOT trust that I WILL make it back.

    This episode came in perfect timing- of course and it’s just what I needed to put my money where my mouth is- Im so scared, I am really am, but it may be the only way to make a monumental shift towards makin’ me a butt load of FUN TICKETS.

    Love to you all- may the bucks be with you!!


  100. Wow, thank you Marie.

    I grew up upper-middle class, which meant we lived in a four-bedroom house, shopped at TJMaxx, and took our vacations within driving distance in our local area.

    When I grew up + started becoming “socially conscious” ie. traveling to India, hearing stories of others growing up in poverty, + even becoming part of “hippie culture” where folks lived on little + were scraping by, I began to feel guilty for my privileged upbringing.

    I quickly spent any savings I had, and have since been living month to month (for the past 10 years).

    Now, I have had some successful enterprises. My raw food business was featured on the cover of my local newspaper, I’ve blogged for Kris Carr, been on Alicia Silverstone’s blog, etc. I am a book author + holistic entrepreneur.

    However, I haven’t fully leveraged the opportunities Life has offered me, or that I’ve created for myself. Although I’ve taken “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” weekend courses, and done a lot of work around my money consciousness, I still can’t shake the subconscious “pact” I made with myself way back when, that having money wasn’t enlightened, spiritual, cool, socially conscious, or hippie, and if I had it, I wasn’t going to fit in. (Although I know none of this is true + am committed to giving my big gifts to the world, giving back with my money, etc.) I have this fear that people are going to hate me if I have money, + I want to be liked. Meanwhile, I live an abundant life in many ways, except for money. I have no savings + literally have been scraping by month-to-month for the past 10 years.

    B-School is coming up + I *KNOW* it is for me. Now I have one week to come up with the money/ to allow the money to flow in.

    I am currently printing more copies of my book + about to list it on Amazon. We’ll see what happens… 😉

    My new affirmation is:

    Making abundant money allows me to become part of an elite group of friends who are eco-spiritual, conscious + making a difference on the planet. Making money allows me to give my gifts + make big change in the world, shining my light, art, creations, + voice for good.

    Making abundant money is a beautiful gift from God. I am proud of the money I have, because it means I am in the Flow of Life, giving + receiving. I have the right to enjoy abundant money + “share the wealth” with those around me, while keeping money for myself, to cultivate my own well-being, health, vitality, + vibrance!

    Thanks so much for this one! P.S. I am a Life Coach + Holistic Health Coach, I welcome new clients, as well as support for B-School + my book! 🙂

  101. I got over my financial/spiritual issues by reminding myself that I can’t help others until I am taken care of, and I can help even more by making more than I need.
    I hope I can afford B-School by next year!
    Btw, love your dress, Marie!

  102. Cathy Cochrane

    My issues with money (never having enough of it to do the things I want/need) stem directly from the belief that I need to “earn” it, that I need to be good enough to “deserve” it, and that I don’t have “enough” of what it takes. That, and the fear that there’s only so much of it to go around. (Note, the “it” here denotes money, but could substituted with the words love, attention, voice, successful business, clients,…)

    Instead, I say the following to myself in the mirror daily:
    I am enough
    I have enough
    There is enough Abundance Pie for everyone


  103. Wow, this question was a flashback for me. It’s hard to imagine that many years ago, I struggled with the same issues raised in this video. I no longer have that struggle at all and I can barely imagine feeling that way. Some things that helped me overcome my dilemma were reading books and listening to audio cd’s on abundance and prosperity, recognizing that being poor does not equate with a higher level of spirituality and realizing that making more money gives me the power to help other people. I look at it as my spiritual reward for following my dreams. Also, I had to let go of ideas I had about people with money and a concept that money made you boring and stuffy. I had to look at “cool” people who were prosperous, such as musicians and artists that I like and then recognize that I had that element inside of me, that prosperity wouldn’t interfere with my being creative and interesting, but could actually enhance it.

  104. A great topic. And such a helpful, accessible answer. (Of course. Afterall, it’s from Marie!)

    One of the things that I am learning is that beliefs about money can run so deep that they become scripts that just keep on running even when they don’t match current circumstances. Better to check in every once in a while and see if beliefs and systems are still working like they should. Should I still stuff all my money into my mattress? Should I wash it and iron it when I do take it out?

    I loved the way that you used familiar analogies to show how a quick shift in language can be liberating, Marie. Two of my faves:
    Fulfillment and achievement are a couple.
    Money can be a fun ticket or a gesture of support.

    Besides all the insight that made me think and the funny things that made me smile, the dress was a show stopper! Thanks for this Q&A.


  105. Great video Marie- and BTW you look sooo hot in that dress!

    In 2006 I was divorced, unemployed and filing bankruptcy- Holy Hell! I realized that I had a mess of a relationship with money and started to get some help. I began reading The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction by Chellie Campbell and actually made note cards with the affirmations that I liked best- said 10 affirmations, 10 times a day. Things started to change.
    Since that time I had two great money earning jobs- one that provided me with 7 months off a year! AWESOME! I finally got some big balls and quit that job so that I could work full time on my business. I feel that the change in my thoughts allowed me to do this. It was soo hard.. who knows how much money you’ll earn each week. Even though I am always fighting with the though of not having enough… I am still taking actions and do not see myself going backwards!
    Personally I think that our relationship with money is like all other relationships- to be good, you have to work at it. Every night I write down 10 things I’m grateful for and 10 things I want. This balance keeps me humble and ambitious. I also have to remind myself that I DESERVE nice things! Today I am buying a pair of $210 maternity jeans- that seems kinda crazy, but I’m worth it!

    • Ashley

      I really liked your comment. I am somewhat newly divorced and not doing so well. You set a good example of what is possible. Thank you so much.

  106. As is often the case, Marie, I feel like you’re talking to ME! I have always been a great achiever, but have forever felt unfulfilled. I tend to do what I’m “supposed” to do (i.e. law school instead of photography school). I always reach my goals and have great “achievements”, but they don’t fill my soul. You, Danielle L, Kris C, and Gabby B are all helping me with that. Thank you!

  107. Great video! I look at money as a tool, like fire and the internet; it is not good or bad. It is a tool that allows us to do what we want to do, whether it be good or bad. I know for myself, just as Marie mentioned, that my intent is good; to raise my children the way that I intend, to support my favorite causes, to support other businesses, and to live the lifestyle that I intend. The more money that I make the bigger impact I can make in my giving support.

  108. Yolande Rogers

    Thanks for your thoughts on this issue. I love your insight on the fact that when we spend, we are actually supporting businesses and people to continue the work they do and providing the things/outlets we love. Also, it’s so true that the more financially stable a person is, the more they can give back to causes that are of meaning. I love this Q and A today!

  109. Eve

    It is interesting your Q&A is about money because I was hesitant enrolling into your B-School class because of money. I’m in a big construction project for my bnb and not freelancing in my current career. Lots of money coming out and not much coming in. I knew if I was working I would not even think about it. But I signed up for the program, because I know (from experience) that money will come. It always does. It just shows up and I just have to have my eyes open to it. And know that I’ll always be taken care. Always.

    As I stated in another comment, even with my knowledge of money. I have “stories” to break away from. Poverty story, lack of abundance, that if I make more money I’ll be asked for me from family, etc. I grew up with my mom, we had enough but nothing extravagant. She worked hard and put herself through college while taking care of us. My father on the other hand is always lacking and expecting to be helped. My dad’s belief is that there is never enough and my mom’s that there is just enough.

    I had to rethink and create new manifestations about money. There is enough, I’m deserving of it and it grows on trees. But I also respect money. I don’t live an extravagant lifestyle and I tithe.. It’s a process that I continue to work on everyday.

  110. While I know that being wealthy is not evil or against God. I do feel bad praying about it. I felt like I had to keep my prayers limited to just growing my business and touching others throught jewelry that make women realize and highlight their own beauty. BUT, it has been difficult and slow to grow it with limited funds of my own and no investors.

    Instead, this video made me realize that i can gie more of myself to others, to my business and to MYSELF if I have lots of money. And God does want us to give freely. Is it a shame that I needed this kind of justification? I don’t think I even ever thought my thinking was wrong. Thank you Marie and thank you to the other commenters.

  111. Ooh, what a great topic Marie!

    I really believe that having more money simply exaggerates your natural tendencies – so if you are already a very generous person, love to help others, support local artisans/farmers/etc, when you have more money, you can do more of that! On the other hand, if you’re already a miserly tightwad, well… 😉

    I have definitely had to work on beliefs around money, especially thinking that I should just be grateful to have “enough” – a place to live, food to eat, and so on, when so many others do not have these things. This has meant many years of just squeaking by. I’ve come to realize now that it feels much more empowering to focus on how having more money enables me to live a lifestyle that is much more in line with my values, and the types of things I want to support. When you have more cash flow, you can eat local/organic food, buy quality clothes that will last longer (reducing your footprint), make more donations to charities you love, buy quality handmade toys for the kids instead of cheap plastic junk, hire someone to help with things like cleaning your home (which means you are helping support someone who may otherwise be struggling), and on and on the list goes… it just opens up so many opportunities and possibilities for investing in yourself, the local economy, and the planet, instead of being limited to just buying the cheapest possible option all the time!

  112. Wow! This little video was EYE OPENING!!!! When you, Marie, said she used to wash and iron her money as a child because she loved it so much, I was astonished! As a child, we did not get an allowance, nor did we do chores. Subsequently, I did not know how to do anything around the house with a purpose until I was much older (30’s) and money was given as a gift, mostly from my grandmother, who worked hard for it. Money was an issue at home, my Mother was frugal and Dad was a spendthrift, so there was a tremendous amount of confusion in my mind around money.
    As soon as I have a little, I get rid of it. I never have enough, I can barely pay rent or buy food to eat. Yet I am a skilled website designer, healer, personal trainer, nutritionist and chef.
    Thank you Marie for helping me see how I have sabotaged myself through my beliefs around money.
    I can have a completely new relationship with money!
    I now see money as Fun Tickets (love that) and it is necessary and a great thing. Truly I am welling up just torealize this, as I have been looking at and clearing my own money issues for all of 2012 and this year as well. I have looked at all my conditioning, past lives, beliefs, patterns and blue prints.
    But that little story about how much you loved money as a child really was spot on for my own evolution out of poverty.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! <3 <3 <3

  113. thank you for sharing your wise reflections on the relationship between money and spirituality. grateful to and for you. would love you insights on this perpetual bump in my soulful work journey. I love the projects I have worked on, the people I collaborate with, the offering we create, and the transformative process we collectively experience. my struggle has always been making enough money to sustain our little tribe’s simple lifestyle. I have been on a personal development path for years, becoming an archeologist of my psyche, and I know the many self-imposed barriers I have constructed. and I have integrated daily practices to witness and release them. perhaps you can share your intuitive sense about an idea to consider, a practice to try, a person to learn from. an immense thank you. love to you.

  114. Ashley

    This was a great video. I have mixed feelings on this. I am not in a good financial place right now, but working HARD to get there. In that, I have a difficult time hearing things related to those who make alot questioning it. You are WORTH alot, but if as an individual you dont want to keep it, there are plenty of people who do, give it away. Questioning making alot of money sounds like a 3rd world lol to me. (aka, not really a shit sandwich) There is no shame for being paid well, so kudos to the lady who earns bank. The fulfilment part is dead on. You must love what you do or you will never do it well. Perhaps picking only projects you love will solve the fulfilment issue. Idk about any one else, but I would rather have THIS problem than many others.

  115. I love being rich, happy & successful! Never been happy poor!

  116. Beth

    I’m SO happy you covered the topic of money and spirituality today. I’ve long held a belief that there is never enough money, which I picked up as a kid from the lack mentality my parents had. For many years, whenever I did earn/receive or spend/give money, I never really enjoyed it and felt super stressed out because I believed I wouldn’t be able to earn more. As a result of this fearful belief, I’ve created a lot of debt and stressful financial situations in my life.
    As a result of my daily, committed spiritual practice, I’ve chosen to openly face my financial fears openly and honestly and take FULL responsibility for MY part in choosing to believe in lack. Rather than staying caught up in the drama of blaming everybody else for my own negative financial experiences, I realized that if I am responsible for creating my fearful, unhealthy money-related behaviours, I also have the power to create new, healthy financial experiences in my life.
    Now, whenever I pay for something, I bless the person or business by saying in my mind, ‘I am abundant and I pray for this person/business to have all the abundance I desire for myself’. I affirm, ‘I am abundant’ whenever I look at my bank statements, handwrite ‘thank-you’ notes on my bills for the services those companies provide to me, and I even taped a piece of paper that says ‘I am prosperous’ onto my debit card to remind me whenever I spend money of my commitment to my new, healthy financial perspective.
    There are so many amazing stories on here about how people are changing the world for the better by changing their beliefs about money. The more we believe in abundance, the more abundant our world will be. Thank-you for inspiring this powerful conversation, Marie!

  117. Laureen Smith

    SUCH an important topic – woo hoo! My limiting belief: I can only make money if I work hard and am miserable. Ugh! My new belief: I make money having fun, working easily and smart, and enjoying life every step of the way!

    That feels good! Thanks, Marie!

  118. amhare

    Marie. Iolve make more money,but haw?
    I love your TV my dear Marie,iwish to be always connected with you,but it is not possible form.
    I will kiss you one day.

  119. Caryn

    Growing up VERY religious I unconsciously had the belief that more money made you bad. I realized this belief in at Tony Robbin’s Wealth Mastery. During that program, I realized that by becoming wealthy or earning more money, I was in a better position to help others. This has become my new belief and has helped me budget to include giving back and has made me more positive about money in general. I no longer look at wealthy people and envy them or think they are jerks….now I think about all the people and foundations they donate money to and strive to be able to do the same.

  120. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for sharing on such a great and needed topic. It is amazing how we may have all the tools to succeed (like B-School!) but if our minds are blocking us from abundance, we will live in lack and stagnation, no matter what we do.
    The way I see money, is that it’s an energy, such as love, or even fear. It depends on what kind of energy we direct toward money, to make it “wrong” or “good”. Lots of people see money as something corrupt, that separates us from our divinity. I see Spirit in all things, and money is one of them. With money we can spread our message further to help others, we can fulfill our spiritual journey in life, we can expand and live to our greatest potential.
    I believe that living in a spiritual way, is to be able to fulfill our life dreams, live our joy, love and enthusiasm so we can then share with others out of our overflow. Money does great things and one of them is that it teaches us about our self worth.
    For me, the more money I have, the more I can grow and share my message of abundance with the world. I think that it’s awesome!
    The trick is to realize that we are the ones who separate ourselves from Spirit. When we make things wrong, we are separating ourselves.
    When we can love and embrace it all (including money), we can live Spirit in all as well.
    Besos and thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful truth!

    • Laureen Smith

      Mercedes, I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for laying it out so beautifully! We can love and embrace it all!

      Cheers! – Laureen

  121. Liza Dunkel

    I spent decades worrying I didn’t have enough money. I recently, somehow (!) stopped worrying about money, and find: I have everything I need and want. Money is def spiritual. How you feel about money is how you feel about life.

  122. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for sharing on such a great and needed topic.
    The way I see money, is that it’s an energy, such as love, or even fear. It depends on what kind of energy we direct toward money, to make it “wrong” or “good”. Lots of people see money as something corrupt, that separates us from our divinity. I see Spirit in all things, and money is one of them. With money we can spread our message further to help others, we can fulfill our spiritual journey in life, we can expand and live to our greatest potential.
    I believe that living in a spiritual way, is to be able to fulfill our life dreams, live our joy, love and enthusiasm so we can then share with others out of our overflow. Money does great things and one of them is that it teaches us about our self worth.
    For me, the more money I have, the more I can grow and share my message of abundance with the world. I think that it’s awesome!
    The trick is to realize that we are the ones who separate ourselves from Spirit. When we make things wrong, we are separating ourselves.
    When we can love and embrace it all (including money), we can live Spirit in all as well.
    Besos and thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful truth!

  123. so on the money (ha ha) as always Marie! Great reinforcement of why we’re all so passionate about what we’re doing. thank you! xo, mridu

  124. Marie, this video was sent to my inbox today from an angel! This is exactly what I have been struggling with. I need to give myself permission to make a lot of money, and be CERTAIN that it won’t and doesn’t affect my spirituality. You are so right. Especially since I am a health coach and my business is helping people – even in the area of spirituality! How spiritual is that for a job? Thank you thank you thank you.

  125. Natalie

    Growing up, I learned that money creates arguments, there is a limited amount, and it is a MAJOR source of stress. Recently, I remembered, “the man has to earn the money, and the Mom stays home with the kids.” Oh, and you have to work a LOT to get lots. Meanwhile, in my ‘grown up’ years, I discovered metaphysics in my 20’s. The supply is unlimited. Good, but my subconscious wasn’t buying it. I found the LOA – science! Raise my vibration to feel wealthy…still not a big manifester, yet. Gratefully, (and where I met YOU, Marie Forleo!) was learning meridan tapping, at The Tapping Solution’s Tapping World Summits. This has been allowing me to shift, and move those subconscious beliefs; little bit here, little bit there.
    I’ve a ways to go, yet -the morgage ain’t paid in full- but I’m enjoying the entire ride. And as Gigi prescribes, I have philanthropy built into my business. Thanks, Marie. you make it look easy girl. and FUN!

  126. This video is great. I always struggle with the thought that if I’m making money, someone else isn’t. I also get a huge guilt when I’m spending time doing things I love instead of working on my business. What I’ve come to realize is doing those things I love makes me more successful in my business and in life in general, and I deserve to have balance. The point you made about spending money at the places you love that ends up supporting someone else is a great way to let go of that guilt. It’s been a struggle, but by being conscious of these negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones, I’ve definitely noticed a change.

    • Heather K

      Hi, Nicole

      You make such an important point about the win-lose model i.e. if gain money, you lose money. I totally agree, what woman can feel good about that? I too have had a hard time evolving out of that pattern. Like you, I’m focused now on seeing that we are all equal and there is plenty of abundance to go around. In fact, when we work together and support each other is means more for everyone.

      Appreciate the share 🙂

      – Heather


  128. Hi Marie,

    My money block was oddly (or not) about who should make money. I came up in a household where my mother didn’t work outside the home. I grew up believing men should provide and I subsequently blocked my own ability to make money because of this limiting belief. Silly in this day and age, right?
    I gave this thought the boot when I got divorced and had two children to provide for. It has been quite a journey, but well worth it because not only did I change my thoughts about making money, I found my purpose.
    I’m not quite making the big bucks yet, but it’s definitely coming…and then I’ll see you in B-School. 😉

  129. KP

    I just realized after listening to this that I have a very strong limiting belief regarding money and success. Although my life and relationship with money has improved dramatically over the last two years, I often catch myself thinking that “too much” money and success brings stress. For example, being so successful that I may need a team brings about payroll responsibilities……along with that comes tax liability and a need for knowledge of such laws. I also have fears on the other side of that belief, that my client base could grow too quickly and that I won’t be able to deliver on my own. This list goes on and on! Wow!
    My new loving belief is…..The universe supports me in pursuit of abundance and joy. With each new step in my growth, the guidance and support that I need will show up when I most need it. I am loved and supported in my growth and positive contribution to society.
    Thanks Marie!

    • Heather K

      Hi, KP

      I enjoyed reading your new money power statement. It’s a great reminder that we have to trust that our need for love and support will be met when we are seeking to make a positive contribution to society. It’s nearly impossible to generate positive outcomes when we are living with such powerful negatively charged limiting beliefs.

      Thanks for sharing!


  130. Caty

    Marie, you’re amazing !

  131. laura

    First off, I just discovered this ‘world of Marie’ last friday (through a link from Laura Hames Franklin’s blog, which is also fantastic) and I have become completly engrossed in all of it. Thank you, already!

    So this epiphany just came to me as I was reading through responses about how money effects us. At first I thought of my ongoing problem, that I am so used to money coming in abundance, and then not at all. I’ve joked that it is ‘the way my financial life flows’. My goal has been to make it a lesser drastic amplitude, but wait a minute…why does it ever have to ‘not come’?! Why can’t I have a business life that has a continual positive flow?

    The other huge epiphany, I have a hard time connecting to my target market because I often project my views of money to my clients. I think, “I know, I can’t afford it either, it’s just too much, why does this service have to be so expensive?” So in thinking this, I end up giving them deals AND I end up getting clients who really can’t afford my service (clearly NOT my target market!). I’ve known this about myself and am struggling to change it, but the real epiphany I just got was that those really AREN’T my views of money! When I need a service or a product that I truly believe in, I have absolutely NO problem paying the fee they ask for. In fact I even tend to over tip! I respect and appreciate what they have to offer and know that it is a fair value.
    Definitely time for some new mantras!

    • Heather K

      Hi, Laura

      Your posting resonated with me on a very deep level. I too am used to money flowing fast and then drying up. Your recognition about your beliefs about others spoke to me as well. I was taking inventory of these exact two things this morning recognizing how interconnected they are. It’s crazy how our inner projects completely dictate how our lives and businesses flow….or don’t flow! 😉

      Thanks for sharing,


    • Loved what you wrote! Ephiphanies are awesome, aren’t they? Your epiphanies helped me, too. For me, it’s just a constant reminder about the value I bring to people and to stay my ground when it comes to what I’m worth. Not always easy but, like anything, the more you practice, the easier it gets. What business are you in?

      • laura

        Thanks for your notes, Heather and Sheira. It’s amazing how similar our issues and resolves can be.
        I recently gave myself a new title, ‘Movement Specialist’ which includes several modalities of movement/exercise to help you have a strong and happy body! My business model is changing daily with a clearer direction and focus. I think I could really use B-school to make that happen.
        Marie, and all of you here are so inspiring!

    • Jenni Marie

      Wow Laura, just wow.

      Your comment hit right on something I’ve been struggling with a lot as I’m developing my business plan. One of the things that’s been holding me back is I want to help EVERYONE so much, I didn’t see how I could justify charging an amount that makes sense and I could live off and still serve people. This has been holding me back on taking a lot of action steps I could have been taking.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share! Your epiphany has sparked one more!

  132. I think I got over the money issue by remembering how innocently I viewed it as a child and how empowered and organized I felt around managing money when no one else was involved. The positive feelings that came from that state served as an affirmation that nothing is wrong with money fact, it can be used to grow my level of organization and my stability-groundedness in life. Now, I stay in a place of remembering those positive feelings in my dreaming of more money. I’m definitely not where I want to be with having money, but the way I view it has returned to a more positive state, like it was when I was young.

  133. Heather K

    This was such a timely message. I’m talkin’ just dug up my limiting beliefs about money this morning. The Universe is speaking to me today FOR SURE! I wrote them all down… Including my core limiting belief: Only money can keep me safe and secure. Coupled with the belief there has never been enough or will be enough money. UGH, feeling negative icky energy just typing the words.

    Anyhoo, wrote the ugly money blocks down. Created a new story/belief and burned the negative beliefs in the fireplace. Felt A-mazing!

    My trusty new money power statement is: I get RICH doing what I LOVE. I get happy doing God’s work. My function and happiness are ONE!!

    And BTW, I know B School is gonna solidify my new core belief!!

    Thanks, Marie!!

  134. I absolutely love being a woman!!!!…:)
    The thoughtful contributions and comments from all of you are just amazing and so inspiring. Last year, my husband and I had a catastrophic financial year but it’s also the year I launched my music and multi-media based motivational speaking program (how’s that for alliteration?) for teen girls and their moms. It has brought me so much joy, fulfillment and yes, money. One day, it WILL be my full-time career! I’m imagining it as if it’s already here – that helps put me in a really good emotional state, which I believe attracts more of it. The key is patience, visualization and a good attitude about wherever you are right now. Those 3 attributes are a killer combo! Good luck to you all awesome women!

  135. As someone who writes a blog on ways to be frugal and SAVE money, I’ve found it very difficult at times to accept abundance and reach for more. So many times in my life I’ve said I’d love to do certain things (travel, own a bigger home, etc) but I find myself spewing the words, “But I’ll never make enough money to do that.” It’s a total self-limiting mindset / prophecy and I am working HARD to change my internal voice. I tend to feel guilty or worried if I have a good month or a big sale – am I being inauthentic to my audience? Will this type of income last?

    One thing I know is that my savvy money management is one reason why I have been successful- I’m not overly spendy on things that aren’t totally necessary. But with the extra income, I’ve wanted to treat myself to things that aren’t so ‘budget savvy’ and I worry that I’ll be seen as a phony for indulging in some of the finer things in life, ifyaknowwhatImsayin’!

    I need to find a way to bridge the gap and embrace the rewards I’m reaping from my hard work! This topic was a HUGE eye opener for me today. Hope to learn some techniques and practices to let myself off the hook a little!

  136. Mel

    My family’s household income was modest in my early childhood but as my Dad grew more successful, we had more resources. However, I think this made my Mom (who came from a family with more modest resources) really anxious and uncomfortable. Especially compared to my younger sister, I think I absorbed a lot of my Mom’s anxiety around money. They also never really had me handle money as a child or teenager, so when I was out on my own I spent like it was going out of style due to those deep-rooted scarcity issues and a general lack of awareness about how money works. In my late 20s, I am finally in control of my finances and striving to make more responsible spending decisions as well as looking for ways to bring more income in. Money is a super stressful topic for me, not so much because it makes me feel unspiritual in a “it’s not okay to make money,” way, but because it is an area I didn’t always have strong integrity in, so I have residual money shame about that.

  137. Luci

    Another inspiring video! Thanks, Marie!

  138. Fun tickets – that’s hilarious! Love the dress too Marie!

  139. Krissy Leigh Ruddy

    Love this Marie, thank you!

    It all changed for me when a yoga teacher said to me “what makes you think that god doesn’t want you to be abundant? Thinking you need to make less of yourself or for yourself is an impoverished state of mind.” and when I look at the world I see no sign that God or spirit or my truth are begging me to meet them in martyrdom. Imagine if flowers and sunsets were afraid to express themselves and trust, or if they hoarded their resources or though they weren’t good enough… it would just be wrong. What makes us any different? Wow… writing this I am realizing this is something I need to listen to myself these days! Thanks for providing the opportunity to talk about this topic! xoxo Krissy

  140. nema

    Marie, I love that one. And many kisses to the little Marie ironing the bills.

    I realized that for many years I arranged my life that I always had enough money to do what I wanted. Now that I run my first full time business for three years and learned a lot about unsuccessful, unhealthy, lifeless energy flow, money isn’t flowing as naturally anymore. At the same time, it made me realize that I love to have less material things around me. I already gave a lot of things away and will give some more. It also made me realize that I would love to have more money for experiences and for inviting others into them. That was like a long way of huge, endless rooms opening up.

    After seeing your post I realized that I have a lot of confused images around A LOT of money. A lot of money is stinginess, not wanting to share, doing exploitative power games and emotional blackmailing. Well, that’s definitely not tasty. I will be with that.

    When I was a child, I realized at a very young age that without money and a passport I can go nowhere, I am stuck in my father’s house (the one with the money, no surprise, isn’t it).
    At family meetings, I created shops selling leaves with berries and flowers to my aunts and uncles. One by one, I thought my clients out and no one dared leaving without having bought something 😉
    Yet, I was always creating things theaters were I did everything from the publicity, to the scenery, to the play and the first role – very wise! – and an admission of y few cents.
    Or my girlfriends and I disguised us as gypsies and went to sing at the doors in the neighborhood, for some cents or a cookie.
    Quite a list of enterprises… I have to go, I have a meeting with that little business woman that lives inside me.
    Love to you, Marie

  141. When your work is born from a passion that was fueled out of a need to help yourself and others it is often hard to turn that passion into a business that makes money.

    Today, this video plus the time I’ve spent sitting with your, “Start The Right Business,” guide from B-School helped me realize more than the good that can come from a woman making money from a passion driven business.

    Today, a block was overcome, anger was turned into inspiration, dots were connected, why & who came together and a brand new brand was born.

    The block has been what to name my business or how to brand myself. Although I had wonderful success as a web developer and branding consultant, I’ve always thought that branding was a dirty word when it came to all things related to me or my business.

    That B-School guide was everything I needed to get over that kind of flawed thinking and so much more. I let go of the anger I’ve felt for two years because someone else launched a similar site with almost my exact domain name and then created content that was too-identical-to-be-an-accident. A clear anger-free mind allowed me to finally connect my dots. That anger leaving my body became inspiration that was fueled by the guide and by comments from my fellow B-School Babes.

    I gave birth today – to my new business that I know how to brand. I can now say that I have to brand it because I understand branding is not a filthy act. Branding is what allows my why I want to help people connect with the people that can benefit from my help. Branding is what will allow me to build community and make money.

    Marie, the B-School community you’ve built is all that and boom boom boom! =)

    If you sorta-kinda-almost got today’s video lesson but still are hearing those voices negating making money from your passion then you need B-School to shut that voice up. If you are on the fence about B-School but LOVE the work Marie shares with you for free you’ll love B-School even more! If you need a course that delivers clarity and community B-School is for you.

    We haven’t even officially started and many of us already in are experiencing positive shifts within our businesses that makes the tuition for B-School worth every penny.

    • nema

      Congratulation to your birthing! Welcome in the world, brand new branding!

  142. Martina

    I belived that I’m not smart enough to have lots of money. I’m working on getting of that believe. When I was in 6 grade my teacher said to me that I can’t be singer or artist because the only job I can do is working with cows. after that I was so rebelious and when my dad died (I was 17, my sister 15 and my brother 7 year old) my mom had hard time with money because we were just finishing building our house. She strugled and sometines I feel I still have this strugle even I live in different country and new life. After 25 years I finaly know that I’m smart and I can make how much I want. I just dont know how. So I sign up to B-School to figure it out and show the blah teacher that she was wrong!!!
    To clean myself from negative money belies or behaviors I use Reiki and SRT technique. Also I use afirmation and I listen yours and others videos and read books. I’m still searching for the most powerful insight or strategy 🙂 I know that disciplin is one of the strength I’m developing.

    Love you Marie and looking forward to B-School:)

  143. Hannah De Dios

    Hi Marie,

    Love these videos. 🙂 I struggle with needing to earn a living but feeling as though I shouldn’t charge high pricing to my target market. I want to help Latina women through educating them on starting businesses and bringing their products online as well as teaching them English and computers. However, as I continue to reach out and try to expand my business, I feel as though they are unable to afford the help leaving me to either not charge or have low pricing.

    Currently I teach English for free because I know they don’t have a lot of money but I want to help them learn and I enjoy teaching them.But it also leaves a guiltiness of not bringing in income for my family.

    I guess I can change my thoughts to by charging them for my services I am able to help more people…

    Thanks for the inspirational videos and advice!

  144. Hey Marie I love your dress in this episode super cute!! My old money mantra was I will never make as much as my brothers and I will always be the “poor” older sister. My new money mantra is I will be just as successful if not more than my brothers and I CAN support myself with my own business.

  145. Amanda Steines

    Hey Marie,

    Thank you for another great episode! For years now I have resented my student loan payments, and felt like they had put me in a big financial hole. I’ve been looking for a new perspective on those payments. Your friend’s idea that, “Money is fun tickets” helped me realized that my student loans were exactly that. I will remember with each payment that those loans are what gave me 4 amazing years of valuable education and experiences. I am replacing resentment with gratitude!

  146. Money, money, money! Such a hot topic. Why oh why, is there so much hype around money? I really don’t get it. But I live it. I grew up in a poor family who struggled with money always. And still do. But I don’t so much now that I’m older and am able to support myself.

    But now that I make good money from my job, I feel a little uneasy about what my family thinks about it. They believe that I have SO much money that I can afford throw a little their way. But I don’t make that much money where I can give it away just becasue.

    So my new mantra is – Money flows effortlessly into my life. Money is energy to use and share.

  147. LM

    I have sooo much that I want to give to the world and to my clients and in order to keep the balance I have to get something from them in return.

    Since everything is energy, money is energy. Keep it flowing!

  148. First time poster here – woot woot! As a former non-profit director and social worker, I’ve had to do a lot of wrangling with my inner tightwad to start embracing money as my friend. In that realm of finite resources and counting pennies, I had developed the assumption that the key to having more money was to spend less. I put a lot of time and energy into doing as much as I could with as little as possible. However, now that I’m running my own business, I’ve come to the realization that it’s a better investment of my time and energy to focus on making more money, rather than just on saving it. This seemingly tiny shift puts me in a more empowered, abundant perspective and opens up a world of possibilities.

  149. Teri

    I would say that 80% of the time when I am wanting more money its because I want to buy someone something they are needing or do something special for someone, so I believe the more one has the more one has to share!

  150. Byron Friday (@akaTGIF)

    Love the comments!

  151. elinor

    I have read ‘Overcoming Under Earning’, and found it very powerful too! There are a lot of exercises to do, they really do bring up old/distorted associations to light. I have been through the exercises a few times and wrote everything down, witnessing the evolution in my mind and the results in my life!

  152. Hi Marie

    This is such a great subject. Money & Spirituality! Well only as little as two years ago, I was in struggle survival mode as a solo mumma living on the bones. Now I own my own home (well the bank does, but it’s mine). I have had 7 overseas trips facilitating my workshops and even though I am still receiving the benefit I am creating more abundance now than ever before.

    I am now at the stage where I am ready to create what I am earning 10 times over and I’ve signed up for B School. I put my last savings into it and hope I can make the payments so here we go.

    Thanks for clarifying this again for me Marie. You rock xx

  153. I have discovered many blocks around money especially giving away my power to money. I have let my husband control our finances which has seen us fall behind in our finances. So, I decided to take control and I feel better for it. I am now seeing the abundance of money in the account and feel like I can manage it better. I am spending what I have on the things that matter most. I feel better about my relationship with money. As much as I say I have control (ego speak), it’s taking back my power. It’s my responsibility. I have also been practicing gratitude morning and night. I have started to have an abundant mindset and open to abundancies in my life.
    The money appears for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons. I need to really want it in order for it to appear.

    @michellesears I am going to use your mantra –
    “Money flows effortlessly into my life. Money is energy to use and share”

  154. Loved the video, and literally Laughed Out Loud when you said you ironed your money. I did TOO! I loved my money to be organized and “pretty”.

  155. CJ. Stewart

    Just curious how guilt ties in here. Often I feel guilt when I desire more money when I consider the circumstances of other people in the world barely surviving. I feel as though I should be appreciative of what I have cause others don’t even have clean water. How do I get past that belief?

  156. Wow, thank-you Marie, I have worked on my worth issues surrounding money alot for over 10 years and its amazing to me that these negative believes can still re-surface. One technique that works for me is to not focus on the thoughts or feelings surrounding the money beliefs but to re-connect with the end result of what I want to create. There is so much power in that and I have been amazed by how the universe supports me when I am working from my heart. Following your passion has an powerful energy that is infinite whereas ‘working really hard’ requires constant effort which is draining and ultimately unsustainable.

  157. Abigail

    Hi Marie,

    I totally love all of your Marie TV episodes but despite all the blogs I’ve read, vlogs I’ve seen, challenges I’ve participated in, and what-have-you about money and abundance, I am still somehow stuck. I am aware of what my beliefs are around money and can grasp the meaning that abundance is in me and all around us but with a full-time job (which I absolutely like to do) and not really an enterpreneurial type like most people here, and with debts all around me, there are times when I doubt all of this. Although I am patient and taking practical steps in my day-to-day life (like I haven’t spent on myself in months!), I’m still wondering what more am I still blocking?


    • @presensing

      Hi Abigail, could the cause of the blocking be at a level deeper than the analytical self-reflection level of thought? My shifts so far have come from a place of becoming aware of my self-sabotaging behaviors, seeing my patterns and then not just being aware on a thinking level but actually doing the emotional work to clear the gunk. Tears are the ultimate rinse cycle of the Soul.

      Things shifted for me when I started spending on myself – intelligently, instead of always ‘economising’. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like I started to just bake a bigger cake & trust that the more slices I share the bigger the cake will grow instead of my previous mode of trying to conserve every last morsel of an ever-dwindling reserve.

      I’m not an affiliate and get nothing out of this other than the satisfaction of passing on a great resource, so I’m just putting this out here thinking contributors and readers of this thread might find value in getting to know their money personality and how it can work for us instead of holding us back.

      A fellow Marie-fan, Karie Hill is doing a “Discover Your Unique Money Personality” workshop

      Maybe this money personality work could be an answer for you, Abigail?

      PS: My apologies in advance if someone takes offense to my posting this unsolicited link & info – I just think it’d be unfair to know of a resource that could really help a lot of us a great deal and not share it.

      • Abigail

        Hi @presensing,

        Thank you very much for that reference and for genuinely trying to help. Yes, there are still a lot of gunk to be cleared. I may have had posted that comment at a day when I was not as centered as I hope to be and my ego wants debts cleared overnight (!). I realize that it is a journey in becoming aware of what my money-limiting beliefs are or what my money personality could be.

        That is a good point you have raised re spending intelligently, instead of economically. I have been spending economically (leading to cheap shoes that get worn out easily) and have for the last few years NOT spending intelligently (even with the big purchases).

        Again, thank you, and I will check out Karie Hill.


  158. Oh, this is so timely for me to hear in my life. I love you, Marie. So grateful to have your influence ~

  159. Marie,

    I just LOVE this episode! Interestingly, I’ve been telling my kids for YEARS that MONEY isn’t everything…and if they are passionate about the work they do…the money WILL follow…and one day I realized I wasn’t listening to the advice I was giving my kids…I was taking the “safe road” and worked in an industry that definitely “paid the electric bill”, but was one I hadn’t been passionate about in YEARS…so you know what that means?…among other things, I definitely wasn’t doing my BEST WORK…and the days at work were getting LONGER…and since I wasn’t any longer passionate about what I was doing, I was losing my edge…until one day, I was told I wasn’t needed any longer…and I drove home with the hugest smile on my face!!!!! At LAST, the kick in the butt I needed to get me on track to what I’m truly PASSIONATE about! I’m consulting now so that I have more time for teaching ART…mixed media ART to be exact and feel VERY FULL of ABUNDANCE again! I’m helping others to de-stress through ART and am feeling like I’m REALLY making a DIFFERENCE! Thanks so much for this well thought Q ‘n A! Perfectamundo!

  160. Caitlin

    Yes, so timely Marie, thank you!
    Only last night I asked my angels what the one thing I need to do right now is and I got a clear sign to get my money sorted.
    Money is not something I usually put any attention on, I ignore it. So, as the Law of Attraction says, what you focus on you get more of, well my lack of attention to my money has meant that it goes very fast. I live a very simple lifestyle, very modest, and yet this time last year I had a considerable chunk of money which has all but ‘dissapeared’, because I didn’t give my money any attention, any love and/or respect. This came partially from a lack of caring about money but also out of fear… last night, the penny finally dropped (sorry) and I realised how scared I have been of my money and of having money! So, out of fear, I choose to ignore it instead of become intimate with it. In turn, I was hopeless at budgeting and wasn’t conscious of my money flow. Having realised this now, it feels like a new little relationship that I have developed with money and am going to start telling myself it is perfectly fine, fun and safe and ok for my to start making my own money and to start respecting it.
    I think I had/have this Catholic guilt around making money, now I can see money as a beautiful, positive thing nurture, not a ‘necessary evil’ but a necessary ‘joy’, if I want to live my best life.

  161. Thank you for this video – Money issues are definitely my biggest block.

    My parents are simple, frugal, wonderful people, but I have always had a lot of energy, ambition and “wanted more”. However, being young and expressing these feelings made me “selfish” because I “wasn’t thankful for what I had”. I realize now how my views were being shaped to believe that to be poor, or to live simply and not strive for money was honorable and good, and to have a lot of money or want to make money was selfish, greedy, and bad.

    This is something that I’m still working on, and as an entrepreneur on the verge of quitting my stable, well paying full time job to strike out on my own, it is more imperative than ever for me to get past this block!

    I don’t know if this resonates for others, but I feel that even though I know I want to, and truly believe I will be very successful, one of the biggest things I need to get past is simply the fact that I can’t fully IMAGINE myself having a lot of money. I don’t know the feeling of having the bank account that I want, of being able to travel with the regularity that I want, to grow my business to where I can create jobs and provide healthcare for my employees. I think this feeling that “I am always going to be living at the level that I am now” or “I will never surpass the lower/middle class lifestyle that my parents have” is holding me back. I am working on really forming this picture in my mind, and visualizing not just an image of the life I want, but also the feeling and the belief that I DO have that money.

    Anyway, thanks for another great Q+A Tuesday Marie!

  162. I’ve always heard that money was just energy and when you give it out, it come around back to you. If spend it you get it back somehow. My best friend tends to splurge on things a lot and I’ve always been very frugal. She always tells me, just go for it and you’ll find the way to pay it off. Signing up for B-School is the biggest financial commitment I’ve made aside from student loans which I get to pay off very slowly. I’ve been scared that I wont be able to pay for b-school in a timely manner, but ever since I took that step, I’ve noticed that my perspective on money is shifting. For smaller, still sizable purchases, I’m not holding on to money as tightly or worrying about if I’ll be able to pay it off quick enough. I feel confident that more money will come my way soon enough as long as I stay in the flow and follow my heart. I heard it, knew it and wanted it and know I feel like I’m actually GETTING IT! Such a great, empowering feeling! Love the idea of seeing money as a way to support artists and businesses I care about. Thanks Marie, you rock!

  163. I used to believe I just wasn’t the kind of person who was capable of making any real money because I wasn’t driven or willing to sacrifice my values. I now know that you don’t have to be a particular “type” of person to make money, but it has taken me years to gradually release this belief. Watching your videos, Marie, has shown me that I too can be successful if I am focused and know what I am doing. Another person who has inspired me is Marc Allen – he build a successful publishing company and he is by no means a driven, ambitious person.

  164. Just wanted to say that I LOVE this topic! I had a fear about success and money because the people who I knew in my old career (who I looked up to) were either super great people, creating beautiful work, but always worried about money WHILE the people who were making money, creating beautiful work were manipulative and not who I wanted to be like.

    It wasnt until after I changed my career that I realized that I associated Money and Success with being a not-so-good person. I can look back now and see there are many lovely, giving, people who have success and money in my old field. I think I just started out having the wrong mentor. :o)

    I have a very different relationship with money now. It seems to come when I need it so I dont worry like I use to. I have faith that things will perk up for me in full force and my bank account will be fuller than I can even imagine bc I am putting in the work and am dedicated. Choose the right mentors. Put in the work. Have faith. :o)

  165. I loved the video… for years I felt guilt over money usually not making enough… Eventually I hated to think about money, I swore for years that money was evil – with age I discovered that it was my mindset that was holding me back and kept me from what I wanted it had nothing to do with money… Money is only a tool for which to barter for things I want or need. The money you have in your pocket generally equals the amount of work you are willing to do to get it . Think about a waitress – a good waitress can make pretty good money in tips where the not so good waitress goes home with less… it isn’t the job title that makes the difference it’s the mindset and attitude that makes the difference on how much someone makes… The first waitress did her job well an brought pleasure and fulfilled a need for her customers (or she wouldn’t have great tips) Money is a barometer of a job well done. Money has no spiritual purpose but it can free you to fulfill your spiritual purpose however you must have a concept of what that purpose is in order to fulfill it. However, No amount of money will buy you bliss without an idea of what bliss looks like. And how do you find that happiness, by keeping you eyes open for opportunities… sometimes you have to dig around to figure it out, try this and that with a positive attitude, but if you aren’t out there taking a chance once in a while you will never find that bliss… and you know what, bliss is anxious for you to find it. That is when money turns into fun tickets… fulfilling your bliss and passing the bliss onto others through your passion and suddenly you find out money doesn’t matter so much any more and you use it like the tool it is. 🙂

  166. I definitely had money shame, until I watched this video. I had a hard time reconciling the two: money + spirituality. I happily contribute to causes I feel passionate about and I love being independent. Thank you for helping me get over it!

  167. Eva Ponce

    Hi Marie :o)

    Great video!!

    Wow this is a topic I still struggle with everyday. My whole life has involved a mindset of lack. Never having enough. My dad always told us “don’t spend your money”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “We can’t afford this or that”, and I find myself doing the same exact thing with my son. I’m on the road to turn this around. Having finished my “May Cause Miracles Book” with your girl Gabby, I have a totally new mindset with abundance. I keep a gratitude journal, meditate, and affirm new thoughts about money and finances everyday. I have also enrolled to B-School to help me get clear on my business intentions, along with Desire Mapping with Danielle (love her) to get in touch with how I want to feel about money. I freelance as a bookkeeper part time for my dad and have been struggling with how to take this further as a Virtual Assistant business. Looking forward to starting class !!

    Thanks for an awesome Q&A Tuesday, Marie ! You rock !! :o)

  168. My two main limiting thoughts about money are…
    1) If I make money, bad things will happen.
    2) People who do good in the world don’t make lots of money.

    My new thought about money is…
    If I make money, great things will happen. I will be able to do to live my dream and change the world for the better because of it.

    Send me good vibes on nourishing this new positive thought! Thanks!

  169. Jaclyn

    I really needed to hear your video today. I strive to balance an increase to my income while responsibly parenting my impossibly tenacious three year old daughter.

  170. I always like to think about money as just part of the energy of exchange. This has helped me a lot to overcome similar fears I had about my fathers lack of money in his business and my own fears as a young entrepreneur. But like Marie has said in the past, I love the idea of flipping it and blessing money when it leaves my hands by saying “there’s more where that came from!”

  171. First off, it’s quite IMPRESSIVE that you ironed your money as a child. It was foreshadowing your life no doubt!
    I will echo the same un-evolved thought process like the crowd of others. The old belief that money equates selfish & shallow. I think it’s difficult to digest all the luxury and poverty in the world and easy to take the route that we need to live on less. I think women in general have a hard time understanding that self care is really for the greater good. It’s one unwritten lie that needs to be addressed and educated about in general. Self care is truly taking responsibility for yourself. Lifting yourself up means that there is one less person in the world that needs lifting and one more strong hand that can really help in the pulling up of others.

    Thanks for being one of those hands!

    PS- Super hot dress! Meoooow

  172. Melissa

    The more you have .. the more you have to give… this is true for money, health , strength, wsidom etc etc!! Spirituality and money go so well together!! Money is energy… so the more energy you have.. the more that you can give to others… the flow continues…. you give, you receive!!! you give, you receive!!! ahhhhh… the balanced life!!! ….

  173. Hi Marie
    Thank you for this video. Love it 🙂
    Btw just wanted to let you know that my 6 years old loves to watch it with me but I need to ‘rewind” her the beginning over and over again. “Mum I want to see this funny lady again” – she says.:)

  174. This is actually an interesting topic, having been raised by a former priest and nun. In my perception, spirituality is all about money, yo. When I say this, I’m remembering the tithing basket they sent around every Sunday in church. In my adult life, I’ve taken this to heart by giving money to anything or anyone that fills me up somehow in a spiritual way. Conversely, if I want to make more money, I make sure that what I’m asking to be paid for is putting out something positive into the world. When I am in true service to others, I can be sure that I’m worth what I’m asking and graciously receive. You can take that to the bank.

  175. Marie,

    Thank you soo soo much for addressing the money thing today! I have been having so many hangups about this issue lately I can’t even tell you.

    I definitely grew up with a lot of negative beliefs about money that I mostly picked up from my mother. I grew up in a working class family and my parents, like yours, worked their asses off to make sure that I had everything I needed. And I always did. The lights were always on, there was always food on the table, and I was none the wiser that there were any struggles.

    Unfortunately, no matter what, my mother always hoarded money. Not to say that this was entirely a bad thing (ie she never spent recklessly) but one of the beliefs I had growing up is that money needed to always be socked away because you didn’t know what would happen. That it needed to be “hidden” (she was known for keeping large amounts of money stored all over the house for no apparent reason). That money needed to be “protected” – as if someone would just swoop in and take it all away.

    I think I subconsciously adopted this belief throughout my life and am now finally (with the help of Gabby Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, and various other teachers like Ramit Sethi) am finally breaking down these negative beliefs. I’m still in the very, very baby stages of my business, and have lots of work to do to make sure that it thrives with me as a coach, and I know that the beginning is going to be super hard, which is why my hangups are screaming at me right now and why I’m addressing them so aggressively. Truthfully, I was always unconsciously taught that I never had enough, that money could eventually run out, which is keeping me (ironically) from making more money now.

    I know that what I really need to do is put my a** on the line and get out there, making money because 1) money allows me to do the things I want to do, which has the effect of making those around me happy and 2) I’ll need money to spread my good word, and to be an exemplary model of who my clients want to become.

    As much as I loved my mother, she had the money thing wrong, and unfortunately I believe that her limiting beliefs about money was one of the things that ultimately brought her down. Sadly, as a semi-objective person, I can tell you that in all honesty, the money thing was nothing that she needed to seriously worry about.

    Thanks again for your weekly inspiration and I sincerely hope that this vid as well as your weekly inspiration reaches the people in the world who need it most.


  176. Marie I love you! Picturing you wash your money made me giggle so hard! That is adorable. My question is, if you had had a debit or credit card back then would you have polished it or something?! Genuinely kinda curious here… I love the tweetable quote so much, I’ve SO been there before and it sucks. Thankfully I’m in a much better place. And joining Bschool last week has exploded that even more!

  177. The balance between spirituality and to make money, should be mandatory, and that money alone is the means to accomplish the entire project, that is why we have to prepare both spiritually and technically for anything we want to develop. It is an excellent video to take into account when starting or are in the midst of a business idea, I love it, Thanks Marie for sharing these important issues, I’m from Mexico and there is not much advice or mentoring in these areas, so it greatly appreciates your advice. I send much love and blessings.

  178. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for your insights on such a great topic and it was a really wonderful video. And thank you to everyone for all your great comments. So much of what you all have shared is invaluable and I’m so glad to be part of this chain. I’ll be putting into practice a lot of those great money tips. I would just like to add that in my view, money in itself is really neutral and it is not inherently good or bad. So if you have a lot of it or not much of it, it is not a reflection of your spirituality. It is how we choose to perceive the reflection that matters, which is why so many of these eye opener tips are so wonderful. To me money is energy that manifests itself in physical form and it is here for us to do what we want with. How we think about it is how it will manifests itself. I can only speak from my own personal experience but money has always shown up at my door exactly how I have asked it. So the more aware I get on what I’m thinking the better I’ll get in creating a business that will work for me. So thank you again Marie and everyone for sharing all your great beautiful thoughts on money!:)

  179. Jenni Marie

    I was raised with SUCH a negative view of money!! I grew up in a really poor family with parents who didn’t earn much but also mismanaged what they had pretty intensely. Often while growing up, any time someone did or said something my parents disagreed with, if they also were wealthier than us, my parents argument against them or comments about them were that they had money and thought they could do whatever they wanted because of it.
    Consequently, even though my parents encouraged me to be successful academically I had this niggling in the back of my brain that if I was too successful or was successful financially, I too, would be evil and I knew already from their comments exactly what they would think of me.
    While I have learned that this world view is NOT true and stems from my parents own feelings of inferiority and lack of control over their own finances, it is still a struggle for me to not sabotage my own desires for financial success.
    Right now I’m at a point where I see the error in how I was raised and I know intellectually that financial success and stability is a good thing and can be used wisely to promote positive things in the world and support others. Emotionally though, I’m still a little stuck in this place of fear. If anyone has any actionable steps I can take to help align my emotions and intuition with what I know is the truth I’d love to hear them!

  180. I always feel weird manifesting money. It’s the one thing I feel like I lack – I have everything else that makes me happy, so it’s the one thing I want to manifest most. But the way you put it, it makes so much sense and I really shouldn’t feel bad.

  181. Mykel Hammer

    Hi Marie! Love, love, love your take on spirituality and money and couldn’t agree more. I have always believed that if we follow our passion, the money follows which fills our soul with more love, compassion, health, and happiness that we can share with the world! Money is fantastic!!!! Hence the reason I signed up for B-School! So happy to be here! Thank you so much for following your passion and sharing it with the world!

  182. Hi Marie,

    This was a GREAT topic. Thank you so much. A few years ago, I definitely had limiting beliefs about money. I finally learned through personal development, meditation, and awesome success coaches like you that we are the only ones who create limitations. The universe is abundant and is constantly replenished. Once I accepted this idea, my life opened up, released blocks and allowed more of what I want to come in.

    I personally believe when you stop listening to the ego and take a heart centered approach to life, the universe WANTS to reward you. As you’ve shown proof, the more value you bring to the world, the more gifts you will be given. Money is a gift and since the universe, source, God, spirit ect knows our heart, it can see when our pursuit of prosperity is based on selfish desires, or a true desire to change the world and experience life purely in all it’s glory.

    Everything I do is based on value-creation, the health, happiness and prosperity of myself and others, and to positively impact my family, friends, clients and the world. I honestly believe those of us who are aligned with values such as these, should totally be open to receiving money, embrace it, and should release any fears surrounding it.

    I do understand why some may feel guilt for charging for their work. Many of us were raised to think evil things about money and people who have it. We were brainwashed to believe rich= evil. In my opinion, not true. People WASTE their currency on the stupidest things, so what’s wrong with being paid for a service that’s life saving or life changing? THAT’S where money should be spent. People who are highly successful and millionaires/billionaires because they helped a ton of people….I admire that. Some people hate Oprah and don’t understand why she’s so wealthy…it’s because she’s positively impacted millions of lives. Not only did she change lives, she helped spread the word about some of the greatest teachers of our generation. Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Gary Chapman, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Suze Orman and many others. She not only created a ripple effect of wealth, she created a ripple effect of healing, holistic health, happiness, prosperity and clarity. I feel that Oprah AND the thought leaders/healers I mentioned above deserve each and every penny. They earned it, not from selling B.S products that are a rip off, but based on a heart-centered and spiritual approach.

    I feel the same way about myself and the women subscribed to your services Marie. I encourage everyone to NEVER feel guilty for valuing themselves, or from earning money from legitimate products, services or offerings. Also, I don’t know about others, but my mission since I was 6 years old was to be a philanthropist. I can’t do that and create massive change in this world if I’m broke, struggling to survive, am unhealthy because I can’t afford health care, and certainly not if I’m stressed because of money. For ME personally, the ONLY way I can be truly great and fulfill MY purpose and MY mission is to have financial security.

    I believe I am a catalyst for happiness, good health and prosperity to help others. Now, if the world still operated on a bartering system or communal living, and I was walking around charging people, that’s a totally different story. However, since we do operate on a currency system, it’s just best to offer incredible value and serve those who need you.

    I learned from another thought leader Doreen Virtue that money is just energy. When we focus on “how may I serve” and remove limiting beliefs about money, money can freely be attracted to us.

    I also learned from her: “the bigger your purpose, the bigger your fear, the bigger the ego, but with a few tweaks in mindset, bigger the reward.”

  183. Peggy DaValt

    To Marie –

    I loved your Q & A Tuesday today. I have always been so BAD about my own little side business that I have. I work full-time as an IT professional and like the “security” that a govt job affords me, plus the customer service part of that job rocks. I have the ability to do the “positive” attitude thing with work and have started a Daily Enrichment portion of our Intranet as well as passing out books anonymously to staff and to just thanking workers who earn awards at work, etc., etc.

    I hate doing my bookwork for my small business and I do not want to hire anyone as I “can” do it myself. I have a few clients for some web site work that I do as well as showing dogs for the same few clients. I LOVE this part of what I do and I think that my limiting belief is that since I love the hobby part of this job, I really shouldn’t be charging people for something I love.

    Now where on earth did that come from? My parents always taught us to save our money and invest well. They made us pay for college on our own because we’d appreciate it more.. Dad and Mom invested well and that has been great for my mom as she is comfortable in her retirement. My sister and I were talking the other day and my mom always told us that she and Dad could not afford to get things….so the tape in my head always says, you cannot afford it. While I have been on the spiritual journey, I do know that gratitude and abundance are everywhere in my life; maybe just not in my bank account like I would prefer.

    I am working on Gabby’s 42-day May Cause Miracles and this is my week for addressing finances. I am positive that I will get my fears addressed and move on to being more responsible and not afraid to charge my clients, nor do my billing. I also think I hate that stuff because my ex-husband used to do it and he always did it well (but he didn’t work full time outside the home either…). I am sure that there are other limiting beliefs going on here, too, with my ex that play along with the “you cannot afford stuff” from my folks.

    Thank you for all your words of wisdom and expertise. You rock, Marie Forleo, and I am blessed for having found you.


  184. Alejandra

    Hi Marie!!

    I just discovered you and your awesome/passionate/fun work! Thank you so much for all your pieces of advice and sharing all the experiences with rest of the world! You have been truly inspiring!

    Also, I love all your clothe and your taste in fashion, but this dress I absolutely love! SO I want an A for my Q.. Who dresses you? Where did you get did specific dress?

    Lots of Love! and keep the success growing!


    • hi Ale!

      just seeing your comment now, sorry for the delay 🙁
      i have the awesome privilege of styling Marie, and the dress you see in this episode is from H&M.

      hope that helps!

  185. I thought I was the only organized kid on the block. Happy to hear I had some buddies growing up.
    I know of a guy who washed his money and it came out blank. Not such a happy camper.
    Fortunately I was raised with a healthy outlook on money. We had very little however what we did have went far. That said I feel my parents put limiting beliefs on us. After taking classes on money management and listen to speakers on the subject I was able to get a healthy respect for money. Learn everything you can about money, investments and managing it and you will become empowered. Money does not buy happiness. It buys you things or experiences that can bring you happiness. Thanks for sharing.

  186. Maja Derek

    Sofia Loren said:”It’s easier crying in Rolls Royce than in Fiat!”
    I am agree with her.Without money you can’t be happy.
    The poorness is disease.

  187. I grew up with many limiting beliefs about money! One was that I had to work hard for it. The problem is that when I love what I’m doing, it doesn’t feel like hard work. So then I would feel like I either had to do something I hated to make a lot of money or do something I love and not make a lot a money. Thankfully, I’m over that now and realize that it’s ok for money to flow to me easily through a number of enjoyable ways.

  188. Ah, what a terrific topic! Funny, the more I speak with women, and especially “spirtual” women, i’ve found this common theme on money, and how as children there was some “dirty-ness” to it. Total, un-needed, unproductive, and unhealthy concept. I’m glad to see the conversation changing and getting clear. What we allow ourselves to be conditoned to does not mean it must stay that way. I’m grateful to those that remind me, I can change my views and my bank account at any moment;)

  189. I feel a little like the odd duck out here (but I haven’t read all the comments yet)…and I’m putting myself in a vulnerable spot.

    First, I have to say that I truly believe that whatever money I personally make I have earned 100% through hard work, determination & perserverance and the fact that I’m helping people while doing so makes it fun. On the other hand, I don’t really feel like I’ve gotten the chance yet to have fun with the spending part!

    Unfortunately, we are up to our eyeballs in debt so most everything thing that is earned is put toward this debt. At this point I associate money with feeling guilty…feeling guilty that I accrued debt (mostly in the form of school loans), guilty that I am not able to give our 4 small kids the things & the experiences I would like to give them, and guilty when I spend our earnings on things other than debt (including basic necessities like food & clothes for the family…how screwed up is that?). Sooooo…my question is…how do I transcend my guilty feelings and start re-framing the way I think about money?

    I can not wait for the day when we are no longer paying off debt and we’re able to provide our kids with the things & experiences that we’ve always wanted to give them, and give our money freely to others that need it!

    • Abigail

      Hi Noell,

      We’re on the same boat (my comments above). Sometimes I don’t know if its about being patient or if there’s something more I haven’t been able to do or acknowledge or be aware of. Hope we both can get past this…

  190. Great topic Marie!
    My negative belief about money was: I don’t need money to be happy.
    The fact is: I do :).
    Now I listen to a financial abundance tape from Abraham Hicks every day:
    And I sing a little song: Money is fun, money is good. Not everybody has it but everybody should.
    Love, Stephanie

  191. Jill

    Thanks Marie! What a GREAT topic!

    When I was younger (high school/college years) I made goals to achieve X amount of $ by a certain age.

    Funny enough, at that time those numbers seemed HUGE and by golly, I reached those numbers.

    But looking at those numbers today it seems not small, but also not large. On one hand I believe that if you believe in something and put your dream out to the universe and WORK at it, you’ll get there. So it seems like I should shoot for the stars now! On the other hand I wonder if we should perhaps not go for the $ amount but go for the process and the FULFILLMENT at the end – the feeling that the money will bring. Don’t cap ourselves in a sense. But it is good to know how much you think you’ll need to do the things you love and contribute to the world. I guess an understanding how much you need to do the things you love will give you an idea of how much you need.

    Would love to hear people’s thoughts!!

    Have a lovely day!

    Jill xo

  192. Eleni

    Hi Marie!

    Totally agree with your views on money..BUT what I really want to say is: I LOVE THE DRESS!!!

  193. liz

    Money is my biggest block in life – I want to study to improve my earning potential (and also to care for my daughter) but it’s like alchemy at times – I have no idea how to turn what I have already into gold and, although my brain is willing, without money I cannot learn what it is I need to. The things I know I would be good at are things that I would need to educate myself in first… One day I will enroll in B-school but I will have to be patient for now.

  194. @presensing

    I grew up in some of the poorest countries in Africa and Asia and used to make my own dolls out of clay when everyone else back home was playing with Barbiedolls, so that has left a legacy of both resourcefulness to make do with what I have and a deep seated knowledge that money does not necessarily equate with happiness, as it is not money that we need but the things which money can facilitate for us that contribute to our happiness. However, having access to money gives you infinitely more options than lack thereof.

    I work with a lot of very wealthy people and have found that money is a great magnifier and just enables more of whatever is inside you to surface. If you are a giver and a contributor, lots of money enables more giving and greater contribution. If you are a taker and live from fear, no amount of wealth will give an adequate sense of security and you will constantly be in fear of loss inside your gilded cage. Many spiritual leaders are conduits of massive money flow, contributing to the causes they serve in a really big way.

    Money will not buy years into our life, but does make it easier for us to experience more Life in our years.

    Even though I’ve been in business for almost 20 years I was flying blind for waaay too long, not aware how much my negative money beliefs were holding me back. I’ve made huge mindset shifts learning from @fabienne about how to stop getting in my own way & gained insights from @Karie_Hill who taught me to “Date my Dollars”. I’m still on my journey. But now I intentionally use the best china everyday, buy organic and invest in myself with no qualms.

    • Denesha

      Your response to the topic on money and spirituality was so eloquently put. Thank you for your insight, it helped me. I am a very giving person, inherited from my mother, and hope to only give more as I obtain greater income and assets. But, as a woman in her early 30’s, I am still trying to get out my own way. Best wishes on your journey @presensing!

  195. Hi Marie,

    I’ve been working hard to reframe my beliefs about my self worth and my net worth. I’m an acupuncturist, so I’ve had to look at how I can simultaneously hold these two beliefs . . . that I can help people and take good care of myself . . . and that my work is a calling and a business . . . all at the same time. I’m doing my inner work, or as we say in acupuncture speak my neidan, with a Jungian therapist, who is herself both spiritual and prosperous. Working with dreams has helped me see what’s going on in my consciousness around this issue . . . the process is amazing and transformative.

  196. The passion to start my business 8 years ago came easily but accepting compensation for my services was something I struggled with in the beginning. As women, it is our “nature to nurture”without expecting anything in return. I wanted so much to empower people with the knowledge I had gained through the years not realizing that I too needed nurturing. In order to continue what I was doing, monetary compensation was important for many reasons and it doesn’t take away your spiritual motivation for what you’re doing, as Marie pointed out. Suze Orman has a great book “Women & Money” where not only does she give tools to better manage money but she also shares her views on how important it is to build a better relationship with money. It’s a worthwhile read, and really helped me a lot!

  197. Hi Marie! I appreciate this weeks video clip! I just got a raise at my day job and went from part-time to full time. I have struggled with the materialistic wants and my spiritual being for some time. I was just siting here thinking how grateful I am to be given the vehicle to live a life that my family and I wish to live.
    I have never had any money issues. I watched my mom struggle with money her whole life, and it sucked the joy out of her, right up until she passed away. I have made a very conscience effort to never allow money to steal my happiness. I was previously worried that my material wants were not in line with my spiritual well-being, but my job does fulfill me, as I am an advocate in a domestic violence shelter. I go to work every day because I want to help people and am grateful to do the work that God has sent me here to do.
    Thank you for your reinforcement!

  198. Much of my money issue comes from saying, “I can’t.” Once I started saying, “I can figure it out”, I’ve been performing some creative financing to get where I want to be!

    Now I deal with clients who have similar disempowering stories around money, and my work with them helps me with my continuing breakthrough.

    Thanks, Marie, for the video! >^,,^<

  199. Stefanie Ineson

    Love this topic. I would also add that every time you spend money you are voting. How do you want to see the world change? Perhaps that is what you should be supporting… as much as possible!

  200. I really don’t agree with justifying the desire to make more money with the fact that 10% (or whatever proportion) of profits of your business go to charity. That’s basically reducing charity to a money-making tool. Not that being philanthropic isn’t great, obviously, but having money isn’t at all a requirement to helping others, so it’s also pretty futile to have that as a justification.

    However, back to the topic, I agree with you Marie. Growing up I’ve always wanted to make a lot of money, but when it really came down to it my main goals were to not have to worry about finances (be financially independent) and create opportunities for myself (being able to travel or engage in other cultural activities). Greed is evil, wanting to create opportunities for yourself and live a good life is not.

  201. Denesha

    I can really appreciate this topic and video, Marie- thank you! I’m new to the site. I have a burning passion to help others and become wealthy as well. I’ve been torn about making ‘lots of money’ for as long as I can remember. Mainly because as a child growing up poor in Southern California I experienced several negative situations where we often felt less than. Therefore, I established “rich” and/or “money” to mean that one would become evil or see those with less as “lesser.”

    Also, in a spiritual sense I’ve been torn that wanting to make money would mean I’d be a great risk of placing the $ before God. Though I can see how both issues may have some validity as they are a reality for some people. I believe it doesn’t have to be my reality and as another person said “its our birthright” so thanks again Marie for your insight and confirmations.

  202. Kat

    Hi Marie, in answer to your questions – yes and yes!

    I went through a really tough time after my little girl was born, my parter got sick and we lost both incomes – we later separated and it was the start of me losing everything I had worked for my entire 20’s.

    What I didn’t realise at the time though, is all of those negative beliefs about money were being formed day in and day out just through having to deal with the money issues, it’s a little like weight gain… it happens so gradually then BOOM you realize it’s added up to like 5 kgs more weight…. this is what happened for me, my money beliefs were not being formed with one thought – it was the repetition of banks calling and me not wanting to answer the phone – just hiding – there was never enough…. and i was incredibly stressed…

    12 months later and B-school – my life is completely different – my business is singing and I have managed to turn my entire life around, my little girl will be going to a GREAT school and I don’t have to say no to dance classes.

    I made this video on what I started to do to change my relationship with money – and it has made an incredible difference….

    so i started having ‘money dates’ and got a brand new expensive purse which I love and i haven’t been ‘broke’ since – my money is multiplying faster than ever – and I also used emotional affirmations – -xx

  203. Great topic, for me personally I have made and surrendered millions to the universe. The GFC came when we started to construct a 32 million $ build only to have the finance institution pull the finance. 3 years later we lost our home and have had to start again.
    I was married for 28 years we had a choice to pull together or apart. Luckily we had done many years of personal development and understood at some level this was not personal. The gift that was hidden was all the different emotions that appeared from within, had an opportunity to transform. I had no idea that ultimately a lot of the desires I had came from my own “lack” stories running in the subconscious fuelled by the energy of “Fear”. Then I was guided to let go of guilt, grief, anger etc with Ease and Grace (Not always easy yet definitely worth while). The loss of money was the starting point to enable me to reclaim my power and know that I am an abundant being able to create all I desire from the energy of “Love’. When it comes to giving to charity and it happens in the moment and feels good, I run with what shows. I am not donating from a place of judging something is wrong or to prove I am enough. These programs had been running unconsciously earlier on my journey. Thanks for letting me share. Great work Marie! Love Always Jenny

  204. Bailey

    I love this topic Marie! I have certainly had my negative ideas about money. I once had a multi-million dollar company that allowed me to do, have, and be anything I wanted. Back then I knew I was to have it, I deserved it, and did many great things with it. I’ve since lost my business, my money, and my sense of security. I happen to now be married to my money goblin. It’s a nightmare because he’s so completely negative about anything to do with money. It’s always “I don’t have any money”, “I can’t afford that”, “I’ll never have enough money to retire on”. This is, by no means what I had envisioned for my life at this stage of the game. But here’s how I keep the money goblin from sucking the life out of me… I use EFT Tapping. It has been a life saver for me big time. I probably would have jumped out of a window long ago had I not found out about it. If anyone is looking for a great tool to deal with any kind of negative thoughts, or emotional issues, check out EFT Tapping. You can do it and it’s free. It has really helped me to keep focused on my goals, dreams, and intentions no matter the current situation, and REGARDLESS of the goblin I’m married to… for now : ) My favorite mantra is “I am ALWAYS independently wealthy and living in rich abundance RIGHT NOW!” I am always a POWERFUL money magnet RIGHT NOW!”. It might sound weird, but it worked for me before.

    Lots of Love, Peace and Rich Abundance To Everyone!


    • Bailey! I believe it was completely serendipitous that I filtered my way up to your comment. My thought was just this: ‘let me go make someone’s day’ and boom, I read your comment.

      We are just in the right place at the right time, so it seems. I ALSO have been doing EFT tapping to get to some of these issues and self-limiting beliefs about money and my worthiness of it.

      I can only long for the same abundance to return right back to you tenfold. It breaks my heart to read about this dilemma…I can only imagine the pain.

      *Hugs* Talk soon, okay?

      • Bailey

        Thank you so much Sandra! What a wonderful place Marie has created for us. I also think you’re right about this being serendipitous. I hope like you and I, others too will find out how amazing EFT really is. And you know, although the past 6 years have been extremely painful and tortuous, I still feel as though it has been a blessing in some way. I’m not out of it by any means, but I have kind of an inner peace knowing that I’ve found lessons in all of it. And really, although he is a monster, I thank my husband for the lessons I’ve learned from him. There’s always a lesson to be learned from the people and circumstances in our lives, no matter how bad they may be.

        One thing I’ve found to work really well is tapping “Let it go”. That’s it! No matter what negative feelings or thoughts I’m having at any given moment, “I choose to release and let it go now!” It puts me in such a loving state toward myself and others.

        Thank you again for your kind message Sandra. You really did brighten my day!

        Hugs back to you!


  205. This video is hitting the nail on the head of precisely why I am planning to quit my current job…I feel just a little bit lighter.

    I feel sometimes like I’m not worthy of the money that I desire. I keep reassessing what my reasons are and you know what…you nailed that one one the head too. Taking a little “Crazy Sexy” advice and doing some EFT tapping helped me dig into that a bit and it really stems from my parents reprimanding me as a child for being rebellious and doing ‘what I WANT to do.’ In the case for fulfillment and achievement, which in my case, has more to do with my own piggy but my well-being and that of those around me–I COMPLETELY should be able to do what I want.

  206. Heather

    Thank you so much Marie for your new insights into embracing the concept of money. I have had quite a struggle with money because of my beliefs and this may be a wonderful way to shift my thinking. The more money you have the bigger difference you can make in the world and the more you can contribute to others by supporting their businesses etc.

    I love it.


  207. Saw the spiritual/money video today and it got me to thinking of my limiting beliefs (and there are plenty!) But it also got me thinking about this question (possible Q&A Tuesday subject?): I want to position myself as a high end photographer too, just like you mentioned in the video, but how can I sell to people I can’t relate to? I can’t even afford me, so I feel awkward charging what I do even though I know I am worth it! Thanks, Marie…

  208. Hi everybody, wow, it’s been great reading many of the comments in response to this question and one I spent years working on personally and in my business.

    I have actually written an eBook called ‘Wealth – Beyond Belief’ that I sell on my website. It is literally full of ‘negative beliefs’ most people have about not only money, and it shows people how to completely eliminate them.

    Many years ago I discovered that our ‘negative beliefs’ keep us trapped in repeating the same old patterns and belief systems our parents have and passed down to us.

    It’s interesting that these negative beliefs are embedded in most of the comments, like Sandra’s above; “I feel sometimes like I’m not worthy of the money that I desire”. Drop off the desire bit or change it to ‘want’ and there you have the belief.

    You can completely eliminate your negative beliefs about money and earn as much as you like/want/need without the guilt attached to it. Getting rid of your beliefs about money changes your energy. money can then come to you.

    Then you can share with the world… Thanks Marie great video..

  209. I liked your video very much. I agree that fulfillment is a very important part of leading a happy life. If you are not fulfilled by what you are doing, then stop doing it! Money is the means to the end. Use it to experience life the way you really want to. Making more money is a goal most of us has. More money enables us to do things beyond just paying for the bills and living month to month. Aside from material goods, more money definitely can be used to give back. The giving back is what in large part drives the fulfillment.

  210. Hello Marie,

    I realized I still have a problem with money as a measure of reciprocity and I was hoping you could cover this topic from those who’ve gotten over it. I get mismatched with opportunities, connecting to things that have little to nothing to do with what I enjoy. And, I have rare chances to receive well when I give well. I can’t think of any actually. The last issue has been very hard for me to create. I definitely am not going for the gold because I lose clarity of my vision and then when I have the clarity, I don’t have the faith and vice versa. So, I choose make money now scenarios, neglect my dream and really half ass the things that are supposed to give me stability. Sickness seems to intervene and slow my progress even more at pivotal points, it’s a repeating pattern. Some people match themselves quite easily to the people that are willing to give to them as they give back and to the situations that will bring them the most joy for their effort. Is that an extra amount of faith? Do they have more clarity and know where to let go because they feel joy in their spare time? (That’s when I get clarity.) I think I need to experiment with faith and clarity and setting limits for how I give to others in my spare time. I’m tired of repeating this cycle. I hope others who’ve overcome this pattern can chime in to share what has worked for them.

    • Bailey

      Hi Tina,

      I know what you’re saying. I’ve been there many times in my life. I still go there at times, but much less often than I use to. You said “Sickness seems to intervene at pivotal points”. This is called RESISTANCE!!! Our subconscious minds do this to get us out of situations IT believes we don’t want to be in. One somewhat simple example is me deciding to start exercising to lose weight. I’ve always felt overweight and miserable about it. So, time and time again I’d decide to start some kind of daily routine. I’d promise myself that this time I was going to stick to it and finally lose the weight. Well, wouldn’t you know it? I got sick a few days after starting. You see, somehow I felt like I didn’t deserve to look and feel good. I (my subconscious mind) believed all the things I was told when I was a chubby little girl. I held onto that and for dear life, but completely unknowingly. There are forces working against each other here. Your conscious mind, and your SUB(un)conscious mind. Until you decide that you will no longer allow your subconscious mind to rule your life, these patterns will continue to repeat themselves. So how to dump the garbage out of your head and release the old patterns; Believe it or not, it’s really quite easy. There is something called EFT Tapping. Type in “what is EFT Tapping” in google or Bing. You’ll find tons of great and free information on it. Anyway, it’s easy, it’s free, and it is by far, the absolute quickest, and most effective technique I’ve ever used in my 46 years of life. If you read some of the other messages on here, you’ll find that others have used it as well. And it works for anything from emotional to physical issues. Check it out and get out of that repeating cycle. You ABSOLUTELY DO deserve to be happy, successful, and joyful. Just go for it! I’m sure everyone here will agree with me on that.

      Many Blessings Tina!


      • Hey Miss Bailey,
        I had the urge to give EFT another try and came across this video on EFT shortcut methods :

        What I came across years ago was not as direct as this and was a lot more time consuming and vague. I tried this method and found it relaxing, very similar to some Chinese face exercises that feel great. I wonder if this could be of use to you. It’s definitely a quick way to get connected to a calmer place. I think the belief issues that I have left may be related to fear of not getting a return on my effort or having my progress stolen from under me. That’s pretty specific to what I’ve had to go through in the past. I’ve worked on my confidence and worthiness and can honestly say I have a healthy foundation there. Faith and fear of wasted time may be more of my issue. I think the key for both of us may be to get on top of doing what ever affirms us in the right direction and keep trying from that space. Take Care.

        • Bailey

          Good morning Tina!

          You’re so right about all this. I’ve actually been practicing EFT for over two years now. The old way of doing it was extremely tedious to say the least. I loved the guy in the video you sent me. I’ve been using the “Faster EFT” technique and it works just as well if not better than the old way. Better because it doesn’t take long to do it, and because I can focus knowing it only takes a few minutes : ) I use to get frustrated because I wanted to feel better immediately. And don’t we all?

          I completely understand your fears of not getting a return on your time and effort, but realize, that no matter what, you will always get a return. Even if it’s not the kind of return you expected. About a year and a half ago I worked my tail off day and night on a product.

          I developed the formula, designed my labels and brochures, searched for months for a manufacturer, and finally got a bottled, labeled product in hand. I thought it was going to be amazing. I knew it was a brilliant idea and it had never been done before. I was so proud of myself for all the work I had done to get this product made. So, I set out to sell my product to tanning salons in my area.

          Well, it didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it would. I couldn’t find a salon owner to save my life. All I came across were teenaged girls that wouldn’t tell me how to contact the owners. I was deflated and so deeply disappointed that I gave up. My husband gave me so much grief telling me how badly I had failed, that he knew it wasn’t going to work out, and that because of me, he would have to work for the rest of his life. As if I wasn’t beating myself up bad enough, he made it much worse. I walked away from the whole thing feeling like a failure, deflated, and weak.

          But you know, I eventually realized that I didn’t come away empty handed. I don’t know anyone that could have, or would have, come as far as I had, or would have even known HOW to do the things I did. I learned a lot about myself though all of that. Now I’m on to my next project.

          We just have to give ourselves the credit we deserve, and know that we ARE capable. The greatest return on our time end effort is in knowing our own capabilities and learning what we’re really made of. I’m in a place in my life I had never expected to be in. It’s so hard, but I’ve chosen to not give up. I can’t give up.

          I went from making over $600,000 a year as the CEO of my own company, to not even being able to put gas in my car. So, my only choice now is to either stay broke and miserable, or to keep trying. I’m so grateful for finding EFT because I was honestly ready to give up. I didn’t want to live anymore. At this point, even though things are the way they are, I’m able to deal with life in a much different way.

          The other thing I realize is that, had it not been for my circumstances, I wouldn’t have come across Marie Forleo’s web site, you, and other women who feel like we do. I’ve felt so alone, but knowing I’m not the only one who has these types of fears and issues, makes me feel much less alone. I’m so glad you decided to give EFT another try. It WILL help you to change those limiting beliefs and fears.

          Here are a couple videos that I think you will get a lot out of:

          Robert Smith- Faster EFT

          Brad Yates: His style is a bit different, but he’s got a lot of great videos to tap along with. I use them almost every day. Skip to 1:28 if you want to get right to the EFT.

          I wish you much success and the absolute best in life, Tina. I mean that!


          • Aww Bailey,

            You nearly got me in tears 🙂 I could feel your spilling open as I read your post and I appreciate it so much. I appreciate the chance to be on the other side providing a space for you to release while you provide a space for me to release…at least that turned out to be reciprocal, lol. I’m so happy you have a place to come up for air in this blog and I’m happy that if nothing else these experiences do give us empathy for one another and form a connection that goes deeper than if we had lived it all out according to the first plan. I want to say I love you and give you a hug, but I can only do one through the computer- so, I love you..and, I don’t even know you, lol. I want you to feel all the love and warmth and goodness that you want to share with me.

            Thankfully, I’m very comfortable in the coping arena. And, I’m glad as heck that you are too since I was seriously tempted to write what could be my life’s work in a comment’s section of a blog instead of in my own book. 🙂 If you go to the EFT link and click on the poster’s name, you’ll find a guy talking about “energy matching” in one of the videos. And, he’s basically describing how a personal discovery led him to create a bunch of quick fixes himself. You and all of us are each capable of that- we can each create a solution to test out when our intuition (inner wisdom and what feels best) is steering us and find success. I’ve been doing this for years for stress/coping/emotions and I’ve gone from depression to inner peace and empowerment on an emotional scale… I have the personally tested “quick fixes” to keep me steered well throughout my days as well as the longer work like confronting issues and keeping good energy through activities..It’s the lower levels of my energy that needs serious work- security, safety, finances.

            Part of me is like an old soldier looking forward to retirement, so If I could just pick the answer out of the sky when it comes to my ideal money scenarios instead of going through the long arduous process of feeling my way from confusion to mid success to eventual simple success (like it was for coping) then that would be a dream come true. And, of course, the last chapters of one of my “life’s works” would finally be ready to meet an editor. This conversation has inspired me to look back at the times when I saw things much clearer in hopes of unlocking the pattern that led to my greatest clarity for answers…It’s times like this, I wish I’d been more organized. I’m wishing you ease-full simple and passionate success in all that you do! Thanks so much for the well wishes and sincerity you sent my way 🙂 Love and well wishes.

  211. Thank you Bailey for sharing your experiences and lessons. I’ve actually experimented with EFT before and honestly I didn’t last because I didn’t see results even a little at the start nor was I fulfilled in doing it. But, I’m still glad you mentioned it and I’m especially interested in your “subconscious” explanation of why I keep getting sick and why EFT worked for you. I have succeeded in a few ways to change subconscious patterns in the past, ones that were enjoyable for me. The ones that have worked for me the best are doing what I love each day, daily playing music that uplifts me and has reaffirming messages, and saying appropriate affirmations when I become doubtful…I haven’t been being loyal to those activities; while I’ve been loyal to meditation, I haven’t been doing my fun physical movement for twenty minutes, playing my healthy music or dedicating a regular nightly time for the thing thing I love and want to make money from. If I start getting my physical energy together at least three times a week with a fun exercise and do the other things I’ve neglected, I could definitely see a change in my health. I also benefited in the past from a weekly bath (relaxation time)…girl, I need to get my day planner together and make some changes, LOL!! I think you are right in saying that I need to upgrade my level of conviction and action for change to happen. Your “subconscious” tip may be just the thing I needed to hear. There’s still more to learn in the actual money field, but I guess when I use what I’ve learned more will come. Thank you and I hope it comes back to you. With that in mind, ever tried hooping? That’s my exercise of choice, that and dancing. Have a good night.

    • Bailey

      You’re so funny! Yes, get your day planner out and get going!!! I think we all need to do more of what makes us happy and feel good. Dancing is great! Hooping? I have tried it. I actually have a couple hula hoops but haven’t used them. I did the hooping game on the wii and couldn’t walk for about 3 days after : )

      Listen, I get what you’re saying about not sticking with EFT because it wasn’t really enjoyable to you, but if you look at it like something you just do, like brushing your teeth or shaving your legs, then you’ll be able to get more out of it. I just ask that you give it a good try for at least a couple of weeks. I mentioned in another post that I do these affirmations all day long. I’ll try to explain why I do them the way I do.

      Have you ever tried to remember a person’s name, or the name of a song but just couldn’t think of it? You can almost drive yourself crazy going “what the heck was the name of that song?” You may try to think of it for hours until you get side tracked by something else. What happens is, even after you consciously give up trying to come up with the answer, your SUBconscious mind keeps working on it long after you’ve given up or have forgotten all about it. That’s why all of a sudden, out of the blue the answer will come to you. It may even come to you days later, but most of the time it comes to you.

      So, if we pose our affirmations as questions, our subconscious mind will keep looking for the reasons WHY it is so. So my affirmations go like this:

      “Why do I ALWAYS love to exercise EVERY DAY?”

      It sounds weird, and may not seem like it makes sense to say it that way, but it’s our subconscious mind we’re speaking to, and it totally gets the questions.

      “Why am I ALWAYS so successful in all my endeavors RIGHT NOW?”

      “Why does EVERYTHING I touch ALWAYS turn to gold RIGHT NOW?”

      “Why do I ALWAYS make the right decisions RIGHT NOW (or EVERY DAY)?”

      “Why am I ALWAYS so joyfully rich RIGHT NOW?”

      “Why do I ALWAYS love and cherish myself RIGHT NOW?”

      So, the ALWAYS, is telling my subconscious that instead of wanting these things to be temporary, I want them to ALWAYS be so. The RIGHT NOW, is telling my subconscious that it needs to be looking for the answer and make it so, immediately! I hope this makes sense. I do this most of my waking day when my mind is not working on important tasks. Anytime I’m still and quiet. Another favorite time is when my husband is talking to me about stupid crap I don’t care about. He’s usually complaining about something or telling me how stupid so and so is. I drown him out with my affirmations. I love doing that : )

      Anyway, this is really working well for me. Most of the time I don’t even realize it until I notice that I’ve been exercising every day for a week and wanting to, or I’m making better food choices without having to think about it or convince myself to. I love how that works! Try it and see how it works for you. Let me know what you think, k.

      I hope you have a really terrific day!

    • Bailey

      Wow Tina! Thank you so so much for the kind and loving message… and hug. Your warmth and kindness comes through so clearly and I’m truly grateful… and receptive:) Yesterday I was feeling like I was in a great place mentally and emotionally. That’s until I got a call from my husband in the afternoon. Out of the blue he was yelling and blaming me for all sorts of off-the-wall stuff and it took me back down to feeling sad and weak like a puppy that had just been kicked. But you know, I went back though these messages filled with strength, hope, determination, and support, and it brought me back up in a very short amount of time. I’m definitely going to check out the “energy matching” thing. I’m always open to anything that I can use to deflect all the negativity in my life.

      I was thinking about how you said you love to dance. I do too, but haven’t in a very long time. I use to when I was happy and felt free, but I’ve lost so much of myself over the past 6 years. We all need to dance again. So I woke up this morning thinking of a song I love so much even though it makes me cry, but I wanted to share it with you. Ignore the ad k. I couldn’t find one without it. Also, I’m not into this genre of music, but it’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message. I hope you like it and get the same inspiration from it that I do.

      Yes, do all the things that you love to do. Be about Tina and what makes her happy and fulfilled (speaking to myself as well : ) ) Life is too short to do anything BUT that, Tina. I know that may sound somewhat selfish to some people, but we’d have so much more to offer others if we give first to ourselves. I too have to work on security, safety, and finances (not being broke and completely dependent on a man, in my case) as well, and this has really given me inspiration to work on those things wholeheartedly. I’m so glad you’ve found inspiration in these posts. K, let’s go dance right now!!!! You first! 🙂

      Have a terrific day!

      Hugs and Powerful, Positive, Loving Energy!


      • Bailey,

        Thank you for sharing so much of your journey. Part of staying afloat in a situation like this (I speak from experience) is creating as much distance as possible between you and the person expressing all that anger. If you have to go off somewhere by yourself at pivotal hours (when they normally call or come home) just to give yourself the minimal amount of time in their presence, or be in the shower at the appropriate time, it all helps to give your body a break from the stress that comes with that abuse. And, also necessary is a plan.

        It might not be a great plan or even a working plan, but giving yourself steps to take on a daily basis means you are giving yourself an emotional and practical advantage (I have three areas I’m working on now and just by working on them so much has changed emotionally). That’s what I call confronting issues. But, life isn’t worth living if there’s no fun in it. So, you’ve got to have some fun. In a relationship so intimate where you likely share your bed with this person, it can be difficult to stay happy (because them seeing you happy or relaxed often makes them angrier, am I right?).

        Please, brainstorm ways you can create fun while alone and time for music in your life, if that’s what makes you happy. You also need time to zone out, nature helps with that. Meeting people in person in your area might be very important for you. That’s another reason I want to see you in herfuture, to connect with the right people who can open doors for you with the right intent and sincerity behind their action.

        And, because he is your husband, you can get free counseling and possibly exposure to resources that can help you get on your feet financially….You can try national services. If you’re in America, you can go online to the Superior Court for your county, look up the domestic violence portion and find out what free services and phone numbers are listed. Even calling the national ones is a good start to opening the door for a safer place and financial opportunities/ skills to grow for income/job assistance.

        If you currently have a skill and need help turning it into a business, you can try setting an appointment with score. They will give you a meeting with a mentor where you ask directly where to sell your services and how to shape your presentation. And, if there’s something you do for yourself or as a hobby, you might be able to tell friends in person or those you meet online in your area to spread the word so you can start getting paid that way. (We might network and spread each other’s services online, who knows?)

        If you have transportation, you might be able to visit a House of Ruth or similar program that is directly at the courthouse and they can offer you more. I want to talk more with you. You can find me on herfuture forums as Christina C. Once you join, please add me as a friend.

        I read that you were speaking to yourself as you wrote and I feel like we all are doing that. Certainly, I am, too. We’re learning how to help ourselves by trying to help each other.

        Yes, I know that song and learned to avoid it because it leads to unexpected tears:) Don’t get me wrong, crying when you need to cry is important, but if we don’t move on from that afterward with something uplifting and empowering we can stay stuck in it. Lol, it’s a beautiful song and can really inspire you to move, especially if you know which direction you want to go in. With the direction in mind it can be pretty powerful.

        When you contact me, I’ll try to share some motivational music or uplifting music with you depending on your tastes. Staying inspired and taking some kind of action together has helped keep me stay afloat emotionally and see good things happen and I believe they can help you too. I look forward to hearing from you and am hoping that you see this response.

        Much Love,

  212. Hello Marie,

    I love, Love, LOVE!!! your perspective on money.
    I want to adapt it. My limiting believe is that with money comes emotional abandonment. The struggle with this one is exhausting.

    Growing up in a situation where money was always a necessary evil to keep things running I find it crucial to overcome this conditioning. Like – RIGHT NOW!!!!
    I’m a single mom of 3 girls and am constantly making a difference in people’s lives. It fills me up beyond you-wouldn’t-believe-it. I feel that my work is utterly needed for women to enjoy their intimate relationships and to find their voice.

    But, what about my desire to make a living, a really, REALLY GOOD LIVING off of what I love doing?


    Let me try something else here. What if there was no connection between abandonment and money? What if that’s just a hallucination and my parents had that same hallucination? As I write these lines I feel a bit lighter. Let me see what other weights I can drop to shift my relationship with money… Thank you, Marie for letting me in on this process.



  213. Absolutely LOVED this video and subject.
    I don’t understand why some people think money is a bad thing. People can do bad things without having $1 in their pockets. And people can have many thousands and be lovely and helpful to others.

    It’s not the amount of money, it’s mostly the means used to get the money.

  214. I’m calling BULLSHIT on this answer.

    Here’s why- Most people enjoy spending money (mostly), and have no issue “supporting causes they believe in, going to restaurants” blah, blah, blah.

    The “Fun Tickets” idea is a great one, and most of us LOVE using our “Fun Tickets” for stuff that’s fun.

    The issue isn’t whether or not people enjoy USING fun tickets, but it’s the ONLY giving “fun” if someone else spends their tickets.

    I want to give people fun whether or not they have enough tickets!

    In our system, it’s the SCARCITY of tickets that create the value. I have to DENY people fun if they don’t give me their tickets.

    But even more often, we use our tickets not for “fun”, but for avoiding some problem or pain. That’s the way we o it right- “Find their Pain (or create it), and Sell them the solution!”

    Consultants and the like get MORE tickets by NOT solving problems.

    So the question had NOTHING to do with using the fun tickets, but with GETTING the fun tickets… or TAKING the tickets. Who wants someone to spend their FUN TICKETS by increasing pain?

  215. Bailey

    For those of you interested in EFT, here are some great videos that are specific to the topic of money and success. I hope you get a lot out of them! These are free for anyone to use at any time. Now, for those of you that have not heard of EFT, please have an open mind. It may look silly. You may ask, “how could this possibly help me?”, but it absolutely works. I even use it when I have a headache, or negative thoughts come up. If thoughts come up for you, once you’ve learned the tapping point, simply say “Let it go”. “I choose to release and let it go now!”. Say this on every point. Let it go, let it go now, I choose to let it all go. Just let it go! You’ll be amazed at how well it works.

    note to Moderator: Please allow this message to get through.

    Willing to Be Great, Rich, Successful:

    Fear of Failure:

    Fear of Success:

    Allowing Money and Other Good Stuff:

    Stop Stopping Yourself:

    Lots of love to everyone!


    • Hi Bailey,

      Thanks for posting all the EFT vids. Just thought I’d chime in on explaining how EFT works. I’m an qi gong medical healer so I’m going to approach it a bit from that angle. Basically tapping is a mild form or acupressure. The points in which you tap are energy meridians & pathways that relate to specific organs. These are the point that have been mapped out in Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, emotions are tied to particular organs and meridians. So when you have a stressful situation your emotions can get blocked in these energy pathways. It is kind of like your energy getting stuck in a skip in a broken record. Tapping releases this blocked energy and with affirmations you can reprogram the information. If you have built up emotional energy blockage over the years, it can take time to create movement. Here is a pretty good book on the explanation and the ‘how to’ as well. The book is “Instant Emotional Healing by Peter Lambrou, Ph.D. & George Pratt, Ph.D. Thanks for sharing.:)

      Have a great day!

      Francesca oh!

      • Francesca Oh!

        I just had to say that name. Love the way it looks. Oh! 🙂

    • Thank you Bailey. I LOVE Brad Yates. Was great to tap with him this morning.

  216. I loved this video. The money relationship runs deep for a lot of people. I have recently reconciled some of my limiting beliefs and fears around money, which is SO LIBERATING! Funny thing: almost instantly, opportunities to make more money came my way, as if falling from the sky! So wonderful!

  217. Thanks Marie perfect timing for this video…while I don’t necessarily struggle with money vs. spirituality I have many other money issues around success. All these issues hold me back from being truly successful…how will I balance my life if I’m successful and busier, will my family suffer etc. I am a big fan of Dave Ramseys’ concept although I can’t say that we’ve been good at living it daily. Dave recommended a book I’m reading now which may help others on this topic called Thou Shalt Prosper written by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. In it he gives the Ten Commandments to Money, discusses the Jewish perspective on money and how it connects us to people in a positive way…it’s worth the read.
    I know that I could be doing so much more with my business and benefitting others especially my family by becoming more successful.
    (3 daughters college coming shortly).
    I am working hard to get the funds for bschool by Monday including selling old coins from Grandma(thanks gram) and God willing I will be there!
    Thanks for all your inspiration, laughs and words of encouragement…
    You Rock!

  218. My limiting belief around $ is that I don’t deserve to have it. That I will waste it or make poor money spending choices. My positive affirmation around $ is: I am responsible with and deserving of financial abundance.
    Thank you Marie!

  219. Hi Marie!
    Thank you for this Marie TV and your message. I think that most of us have that money-spirituality tug of war at some point…I know I did.
    I was living paycheck to paycheck and getting overdrawn more than I care to remember. I thought that as soon as money was deposited in my account it was gone and of course it happened. Then I started doing affirmations and I shifted my mindset. The messages I started sending messages to the Universe were heard. Some of the affirmations I say:

    My bank account is always full (and it is 🙂 )
    My bills are paid for (in Spanis I say mis cuentas estan saldadas)

    And the one I really love the most is ” I am open and receptive to unexpected income”
    That one is very powerful! When I’ve tweeted it or posted it on Facebook its been great…and yes! I get unexpected income 😀

    Thanks for the information and reminding me how important is to shift our thoughts.


    • Hi Helena,

      I love your post!!! It was very helpful for me. I will definitely try your suggestions.

      Thanks so much,

  220. You video was perfect timing for me!!! I love what I do but I’m always struggling to feel ok with wanting to make more money. I’ve been feeling shallow and greedy. I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate or even how to pray for more money. (Honestly, I don’t know how to pray at all. I need to figure that out first.) But my kids are going to college someday and I have a long way to go to be prepared for that. Your video helped me come to terms with wanting more money and helped me find a better way to feel good about that need/desire. Thank you so much!!! How perfect your video address both money and spirituality. Karma… (Oh, and if you know how to pray, some tips would be appreciated;)

    • David

      hey there Sue, the prayer question is an intriguing one
      the church of religious science/ Science of Mind folks have this idea that there’s a recipe for a successful prayer.
      It goes something like this;
      invocation (to God) example,”hey god’, or’ Gaia’ or’ Sweet Jesus,”( you pick the name that works for you) some times I say ‘The love that is everywhere’ or ‘the great mystery’ .
      include yourself,
      add in the thing , concept,action you wish to become reality.
      and give thanks as if its already happened, believe it.

      its the faith, certainty of belief that seems to speed up the process for some reason.
      heres an example( if i was praying for your aunt lucy’s health)

      Dear lord, you are everywhere ,in the smallest critter, in the stars above, within me and in everyone i meet in my life,
      I pray for your assistance with my aunt Lucy’s heart condition.
      I see her full of vitality and happiness, enjoying her family .
      I thank you for making this happen.
      thank you god ( or ‘may it be so’)

      pretty simple really, it seems to work better if you have pictures, or reminders of the event you wish to occur. (like a picture of Lucy smiling)

      In your case about praying for prosperity you may find it best to pray for the event you wish to have come about (child in college, or giving money to your happy landlord) and not focus so much on the actual collecting of money( shallow greedy images coming to mind).
      Yours prayers about college may produce a full scholarship or an inheritance , which gets you the required results without limiting the possibilities .
      praying for a rich feeling of success and accomplishment might fit your condition better than imagining 3k in your hand.
      imagining a city full of happy people holding your product may bring amazing returns, but you have to be an active participant as well.
      I believe prayers are answered instantly but may take time and listening inside a bit to become a reality.
      For example, lets say i pray for my true love to be in my arms, and i have a clear picture of her qualities,character,and sexiness in mind.
      And at that very moment she decides to move from Kansas to California, and three months go by and i’m still praying and hoping for my love to land in my arms, when one day i get the impulse to buy the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, now lets say that i don’t usually buy that paper ,but today I have hunch/craving for this edition, and maybe i don’t get it, just blow it off cause its not my habit, but the next day I’m worried about putting these dirty things on the clean seat of my car and my friend says” heres my old paper from yesterday” .
      So later ,before I chuck it out ,I remember that the Chronicle has great classified adds, and maybe there’s a Rototiller for my garden , cause my old one just broke down terminally.
      Guess who’s helping her new housemate clean out the garage and sell all the old stuff in the Chronicle Classifieds . My gal.

      So, its great to have faith in the process of prayer and thankfulness ,but I believe that you have to listen, to trust that small voice inside, its like a guide, Holy ghost, intuition, what ever, its there and most of the time we’re so involved in our own story that we forget to listen to that quiet space inside. But, if you want regular ‘miracles’ to happen in your life, keep digging into this’ I’m curious about prayer’ thing.

      Don’ know if I did a good job of explaining that but if yer still not turned off or worse, respond. otherwise keep your heart open for the possibility that manifestation and prayer are real, Blessings.


      • Hi David,

        Thank you so much for the reply! You explanations and specifics were incredibly helpful. I appreciate the time and attention. I’ll see what I can do!!


  221. Allison

    This may seem silly but whenever I’m feeling stressed, guilty or even happy about money-I say to myself: “Money is honey.” It’s a reminder that I can:
    1. I can always make more
    2. I work hard for what I receive
    3. It’s a constant flow-giving and receiving
    4. Often helps me experience sweet things in life.
    So go make your money, honey! 😉

  222. David

    Thank you Marie, a friend sent me to your site/video just this morning.

    A big Hug to all the folks with great affirmations and quotes, and encouragement to those pruning away their self limiting beliefs.

    My( limiting beliefs) around money seem mostly to come from;
    Abandonment issues as a little kid (negative self worth)
    Positive attention and love mostly when I got hurt or did badly(success, is not rewarding,being a victim gets attention)
    A strong liberal/religious view growing up, that great wealth rests upon mountains of suffering subjugated lives, ie industrialist robber barons, conflict diamonds,”the love of money is the root of all evil”, and on and on , our culture is full of negative assumptions “what did you have to Do, to make all that money?” (shame and guilt about having wealth)
    The belief that most folks racking up huge debt for flashy life styles, jewelry ,sports cars, mansions ,etc are really just desperate for love and trying to feel more attractive,valuable, stuck in a ‘frozen need’ that money equals happiness and a mate. (visibly wealthy people are shallow and unevolved spiritually)

    So its been a long haul up and out of this marshy bog of limited self esteem and a kind of self induced poverty, onto the firmer ground of self confidence, and allowing abundance into my life.
    Finally realizing that self love and self worth were, for me, linked to the ability to receive ,to allow love in, past the need to control intimacy, to always be the ‘safe’ caregiver type and not the vulnerable receiver who really is afraid of the ‘loss’ of love , still wounded , believing that love is a limited commodity , and not the unlimited fountain behind every mirror.

    So ,with a hand full of affirmations and that mirror , or journal, I’ve been slowly rolling back years of limiting thoughts, mental habits that only produce self sabotage instead of success.
    “I love everything about myself, I now have unlimited access to love”
    “I deserve love and abundance and I was born worthy of it”
    I have de-tangled dense entrenched limiting beliefs by using a simple phrase that allows change to unfold and grow into certainty ,
    ” Up until now I have found ______ to be hard to do” Or
    “Up until now ______ has been difficult for me”.
    Cutting myself loose of the old pattern, and freeing myself to begin a better one.
    It hasn’t always been quick or easy to erase what’s taken years of repetition to produce ,but the rewards are delicious food for the spirit, and some extra weight in your pocketbook, or bank balance.

    Money, we trade the minutes of our lives for it, our focused work and intention, to hold some of it in our hand at the end of the day. In and of it self , money isn’t evil , although people have done some horrible things to get it, its a social agreement ,this flow of economies from my pocket to yours allows me to trade my time for your time , for a sandwich, or a new car , or a CD about how to start my own business.

    Thank you for giving me this interesting venue here to write down and share some thoughts with folks. Thank you to all the coaches, teachers and encouragers for great quotes and especially to those brave souls sharing their personal stories here.
    And lastly Thank You to Marie Forleo, for such zesty energetic style and your passion in teaching and helping others to climb up into prosperity and happiness, it shows.
    Yours, David

    • Andre'a

      David- your comment just renewed Life in me. Thank you so much for your words.

      They encourage. And your new mantra, is mine as well.


  223. That feeling that I’m being viewed as materialistic or less than spiritual does creep into my Universe now and then (most often when I talk to certain people – which leads me to say I don’t need to talk about money or my business with those people.)

    Money facilitates and like you said it’s not about the money per se but what you do with the money. For me I realize that money isn’t the end of what I want, I’m really just going to spend it because it’s more a stepping stone towards something I want so for me that is a good way to look at it.

  224. This is a fantastic post. I have always seen money as a tool that gives us choices. I manage the investments and money for very wealthy families and even they can hold toxic money beliefs. The impact this can have on other areas of your life is huge and can be damaging. In fact, I have joined B-School (roll on March 11) to help spread the word. My raison d’etre is to empower more and more women from all walks of life, around this crucial area of our lives. Let’s rock!

  225. Hi, Marie –
    I’m really struggling with this! I’m done with being broke, and with not going what I want to do with my life. So, I have made the decision to go to BSchool to (re)open my new coaching/soul dynamix therapy practice and go one to create books and podcasts to inspire women to live soulful, passionate lives by using my acting, writing, and psychotherapeutic gifts.

    Along with BSchool, I’m trying to get my financial act together so that investment can really pay off in all areas. I was on and getting my bills and accounts organized, and I just wanted to cry. I’m totally in debt, and I know I created that. But I know I can create myself out of it.

    My parents worked really hard all their lives, saved, and were really thrifty. But I began to see how fixated they are on the price of everything. It doesn’t matter the quality of the item. If it’s cheap, that’s a good thing. But things that are cheap may not really be the best investment. I learned that, too. Many times, you do get what you pay for, and I’ve learned that the hard way, in relationships, food and clothes shopping, etc… I’m learning to INVEST in my myself (thus, BSchool…huge investment), and know that I am worthy of that investment.

    Also, I’m learning that even thought I may be in debt up to my eyeballs right now, my life is already so rich with friends, talents, and experiences that most people haven’t had the balls to have. I am already rich internally. All I have to do is translate that into the world by what I do as a vocation to make a living. I get to make be financially abundant doing what I love!

    Thanks so much for this. Really needed this right now!

  226. Rachel

    Marie – thank you for speaking on this subject! I grew up with the belief that the less money I have, the more spiritual I will be and the happier I will be. However, that was not my experience. I didn’t feel more spiritual when I was stressing out about whether or not I’d be able to pay my bills. It broke my heart that I couldn’t be as generous as I wanted to be. And I certainly wasn’t happier. I had so much fear of making too much money, that I limited myself to jobs that would restrict my income to just barely making my monthly bills – I was stuck in survival mode. I have done a lot of work around this and now see money as a fun, empowering tool.

  227. I loved this episode! I never thought about my issues with money before, but you have hit it right on. I grew up in a middle class home where we had enough but never in excess. My grandparents, however, were very wealthy, and I enjoyed the things they would buy me and the experiences I was able to enjoy because of their wealth. As I matured, I considered myself shallow for wanting the type of lifestyle that they had. Today, I am co-owner of a successful business with my husband, and I am almost embarrassed by our success. My husband is always talking about making more money, and I always say that we are very blessed and should be happy with what we have. Now that I am starting a new company on my own in an area that I am extremely passionate about, I recognize that my negative thoughts about money is holding me back.

  228. This is such a hot button topic for me, and one I’ve grappled with most of my adult life. I’ve followed my heart for much of my career, turning down high-paying work if it didn’t speak to me, etc., yet somehow along the way I equated money with having a job I didn’t like. Maybe it’s because I watched my parents struggle in jobs they hated….It’s only been recently that I’ve realized I can have a soul-fulfilling career AND also make money. What a eureka moment, lol.

  229. What a great video Marie, and so pertinent to so many of us!! It has given me food for thought and I have realised that my biggest fears around money is with lack – and with this apparent lack the ability to achieve all that I want to achieve . . . BAM!! In turning around these thoughts there is one thing that you said that really stuck with me . . . flow. Money should flow and I have to remember that in “letting go” of my money anxieties I can enjoy what I have already and look forward to what is to come.
    Marie you rock!!

  230. Camilla

    Love you Marie:-) where is this purple dress from? Its to die for:-)

    • hi Camilla!

      Marie’s dress is from H&M 🙂


  231. Deuteronomy 8:18 18. But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. ONE OF THE THINGS I LIKE TO DO IS A KID, WAS TAKE THINGS APART TO SEE WHAT MADE THEM WORK …AND PUT THEM BACK TOGETHER. WERE CALLED TO BE BLESSED AND TO BLESS OTHERS

  232. aileen

    1. Do you have any beliefs about money that limit how much you make or that limit how much you enjoy it? Tell me the specific limiting belief as well as a new more empowering belief you can replace it with.

    I have a belief that limits how much I enjoy money. I grew up in a middle class, very conservative, asian family. I thought growing up that we had just enough and that any amount of money spend on non-essentials was a waste. Be incredibly frugal about absolutely everything and spending money was something that was shameful and looked down upon.

    A new empowering belief that I can replace this with is that I am worth it and while money is important, I am more important. I have made some achievements in life and have led to me having a decent job and make decent money and there is nothing wrong in building a connection from that to my fulfillment.

    2. If you’ve cleansed yourself from negative money beliefs or behaviors, how did you do it? What was the most powerful insight or strategy you used?

    I haven’t yet done this. I am going to do so by trying to be more aware of this negative belief that I have and remembering that I am worth it.

  233. Hi Marie, and Hi everyone else,

    this video comes – of course! – in total synchronicity. I just discovered that my money pattern (money increasing to a certain level then bungeeing back, partly because of the ‘oh that worldly thing’ belief (sounds monastic)) was an inner pattern that translates itself to all other areas as well.

    I busted and changed my money story/money monster and chose a new belief that developed as follows: 1. ”Oh, cool, I choose to be a Money Master” into 2. ”No, better, … a money magnet”… then I thought ”Hey, wait: A magnet magnetizes to it what is not there, so that still implies lack, right? So… 3. I decided a few days ago that I am a ”Miracle Vortex”!!! A big moving field of energy that contains and feeds and supports my human body, reality, and experience like a Vortex of stars that are generated inside of me and moving out (rather than from the outside in) and then manifest themselves through seeming out-of-the-blue golden opportunities, offers, gifts, and income of money and other currency/energy/love/laughter and all that good stuff. It feels sooo good, like I just remembered my truth again. And from that place even the though of living any lie of lack seems really weird.

    My playful Spirit loves seeing everything as a Game and my newest one now is: Being the Miracle Vortex (for myself and others).

    Of course, I love the FUN TICKETS! Brilliant! I also call them ‘LITTLE MAGIC CARPETS’ – because they get you places and make magic and miracles manifest for us and through us.

    I am glad that I found you, Marie, because I love the playful way you inspire… right up my alley 🙂

    magical and moving millions,
    miracle vortex ☆ Tanya ☆✩

  234. PS I loved the examples you shared about how our spending supports other people (restaurant team, artists, etc) when we go out to eat, buy art or jewels, or go drumming (you got the rhythm!).

    Fully aligned with this topic is my newest inspirational video, because one of my big visions is (and I will use my fun tickets for that as well – and am open for miracles and support):


    moving your magnificence,
    miracle vortex ☆ Tanya ☆✩

  235. The reason for making the money, the education and the equipment, could be rethought. There are some famous photographers who didn’t have a lot of (if any) formal training, and photographer makes the equipment, the equipment doesn’t make the photographer. Not that the video isn’t useful to Alaina’s (sp) needs, but this might help in the approach for what she really needs.

  236. I would comment on this fantastic video and thread, but I’m a little busy increasing my earning potential 😉 No seriously, such a great topic and great that you addressed it Marie. It’s a tricky one. ‘The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.’ NOT ‘money is the root of all evil.’ I like to think that underlying my work is a sense that we find our true satisfaction in God. That only God is enough for us. God can take our poor contributions and make them abundant. But only if we make them in the first place. If we first seek ‘the Kingdom of God,’ which might otherwise be known as Love, Goodness, Truth, Compassion, etc, then all these blessings will come our way. I want so much to have a fulfilling, solvent business to keep my family in ‘fun tickets’. At the same time I am very grateful for having experienced what it is like to be really, frighteningly short of money for long periods of time because that has enabled me to feel solidarity with those who are living in real poverty. I have faith that God will never let me be short of what I need. This kind of faith is like a muscle, it needs to be practiced and gradually it can become stronger. There is a freedom in poverty too, but only if you have faith. Where I struggle is in the boundary between ‘God will provide’ and ‘if you spend it, it’s gone.’ I have found both statements to be true – I’m just not sure how they fit together. But gradually I have become more certain that there is nothing wrong with business and making money, providing it is tempered with kindness and charity.

  237. Hi Marie,
    thankyou again for another great post.
    I think I have a belief that the getting of money makes me feel trapped.

    New belief : the getting of money allows me to be free and creative and expressive. Allows me to be my true self.

    Thank you.
    Briony 🙂

  238. Chris

    Ok, so I know that I have a conflict with money and I agree with what you’re saying and all but how can you shift such an ingrained belief around money to a more empowering one?

  239. Outstandingly insightful bless you, I believe your followers could possibly just want far more items such as this continue the superior hard do the job.

  240. This segment is awesome – as was the interview with Ms. Northrup! 🙂

    I have a substantial amount of student loan debt – $210,000 and for the longest time I was in fear of even thinking about it – or saying that I was thinking about it. But it kept (keeps) me up at night.

    Recently I said – enough is enough – and figured out how much I owe AND how much interest I would be paying if I paid it based on the proposed payment schedule. I almost died – $750,000 in interest. I cried and then I got mad and developed a plan to pay it off in 5 year and save a third of the interest. It has helped propel my consulting forward because financial freedom means that I can start helping fund causes that I are about and can have a safety net and buy a home and may for my niece’s college… get the picture.

  241. This reminds me of a saying of how money is not your enemy and how you shouldn’t be afraid to make it… and a LOT of it.

    My practice is completely aligned with Spiritual Practices and Pinciples and every now and I hear the …. “Spiritual people should be giving their gifts away for free.” Eeek!

    First, these types of statements come from others pre-progammed beliefs. It is their own projections and expectations of what other Spiritual People should look like, act like and behave like and has NOTHING to do with you. 🙂

    Second, I remind myself of this statement and for some reason it just brings my mission back on point.

    “The more money I can make… the more people I can serve… The more I contribute to the world.”

    It’s never really about the money – but you do have to allow yourself to receive it, feel as if you’re worthy of it and value the fact that you have something special to offer the world…. because you do…. we all do!


  242. This is a very interesting topic. I teach piano and sell pop piano instructional materials on line and love doing this. I also perform and teach seminars where I sell my materials. I always get nervous before my sales presentation and I get uncomfortable collecting tips at my shows. I definitely have the idea in my head that wanting money is kind of shallow. This video helped to reframe that view. When people give me money, they are showing that they value and love what I do. I just need to let that gift in and not be embarrassed by the love and attention!

  243. Hi Marie

    Great topic, I never even knew about money blocks and then I met this amazing man called John, the abundance guy, who taught me about limiting beliefs. WOW was that an interesting wake up for me. I just finished doing his 28 day abundance journey and it was amazing, it helped me not only Flip my money beliefs, but change my mindset, learn to breathe and many things, it was so much fun! Thanks for always bringing the most important things to our attention, the compliment of achievement and filfullment is awesome and a key to creating my dream life.
    thanks for insights


  244. I am new to MarieTV and this is amazing. Marie.. You are the bomb, so easily relatable (and I love the dress in the video)! There are no coincidences in life. I am at a crossroads in my life. Medical conditions forced me to give up a job that paid me well, but was just a job. Now I am pursuing my real life passion of life coaching. Although there are scary moments, I am choosing to believe that the Universe takes pleasure in prospering me, and I am going to continuing to use resources like you, Marie, to stay focused! Surrounding ourselves with like minded people makes the journey awesome and amazing. I am so glad you are here. Thank you! Kathleen

  245. maureen

    I think that every entrepreneur needs to check in on this one a couple of times a year. My husband and I started a restaurant a little more than 3 years ago. I was constantly feeling the pressure to make more money, make more money, make more money… cause we had lots of bills to pay. I felt so unsuccessful and depressed.
    One day I stopped and looked at all the little accomplishments over the years. We owed very little and we were building a good foundation. OMG! We really were a success. It was right there before my eyes, but I couldn’t see it for all to desperate thoughts to make more and be more. It was as if this drive to be an instant success and make a lot of money was the “be all and end all”. In reality, all those little successes were just as important and meaningful as the BIG one.
    Then I realized I had lost touch about the reason I started a restaurant in the first place. The fun and the passion about the world of food and sharing that with others.
    Now… I look at the details and the big picture to keep a balance.
    P.S.Your dress today was gorgeous and looked beautiful on you! You Go Girl!

  246. palika

    Not on topic – but YES the dress…. and……. nice reframe about the power of money to serve the Greater Good.

  247. Marie~this hit home completely! My biggest set back is ‘how’ I have been viewing money. Accepting monetary means, as well as just plain gifts, has been an issue with me from the get-go. Even when I was working in my teens, I still wouldn’t look at those checks I received. The would go straight to the bank and out to bills.
    Now I am beginning anew and have been creating a better understanding inside of ‘what money really means’. It is our ‘fun’ as well as our ‘gift’ for our services. As our Service is the ‘fun’ or ‘gift’ to those we serve.

    peace and namaste~ leigh

  248. Melissa

    Watching this Q&A I’m reminded of an excellent book on the subject I read that I feel compelled to share here. “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”by Chellie Campbell is an excellent book broken into 1 page daily insights with corresponding mantras. Ultimately, these mantras have broken down the barriers I had created between my money and I.

  249. Gdo either created everything or nothing…. So all forms of money are no more or no less as spiritual as any other…. 🙂

  250. Thank you for the great post.

    I found out about your blog and videos from Google Analytics. According to Google, you linked to my Etsy Logo & Web Design shop, but I could not find the link. I think it was Great Spirit that lead me here.

    All the best to you and yours.
    love, peace and blessings

  251. Mirley

    Hi Marie!

    This video was awesome! I may have to listen to it more than once because it is something I struggle with. However, my husband always says that the more money we make, the more people we can help. That is really what I’m trying to focus on. Help more people and know that money is necessary to do so.

    Take care!


  252. Tara

    My main issue with money is based on principle. I feel that the system was created so that “the few” could stay on top, riding on the backs of those who contribute the most. This greed has seeped its way into not only the big guy, but the little guy as well. This is why people still buy stuff from china, because it’s cheaper. I’m still working on my issue with money. I try to focus on making a positive difference with it, but it’s dang near impossible not to support cheap labor. I actually want to cry just thinking about it, because even if we stopped supporting this system, it wouldn’t solve the fact that these people need jobs. Money and debt create a prison around people, sometimes a temporary one, but it can make it hard to see a way out sometimes. This doesn’t necessarily keep me from wanting to make money doing what I love, but it is an issue that I have around money itself. My hope is that I can make more money, while not comprimising my integrity, so I can continue to support fair trade as much as possible and other positive structures that continue to be created.

  253. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who was
    conducting a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me lunch due to the fact that I
    found it for him… lol. So let me reword this….
    Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending
    the time to discuss this topic here on your site.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hey James! Thanks so much for passing this episode along to your coworker – and we’re glad it helped get you a free meal 😉 Really glad you found this topic insightful!

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