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Welcome to 2013!

I’m really really excited about the next 12 months.

I’ve made some major changes in my business to open up a lot more space to give birth to new projects and challenge myself creatively and spiritually.

You’ll be in the loop on everything I’m up to, of course.

In fact, there’s an exciting project we’ve been working on for months that you’ll see come to life in February!

But for right now, I want to talk about you.

I’ll bet you’ve got some exciting new projects you want to see come to life in the year ahead.

Things you’ve been dreaming about for a while that you’re FINALLY gonna make happen. If so, I want you to remember this.

You don’t have to be perfect right out of the gate. You just have to get started.

Most people and projects have humble beginnings. And anyone you think has it ‘all figured out’ once fumbled around in the dark to find their way.

Take MarieTV for example.

Today happens to be our 2nd year anniversary. While we still have a ton to learn, we are in a much different place than we were just 24 months ago.

I always enjoy looking back to see how things (and people) evolve over time.

In that spirit, I invite you to take a walk down memory lane with us in this very special episode of MarieTV.

You’ll see the breakdown of exactly how the show started, including a timeline of major milestones that helped us get where we are today.

My hope is that you’ll find inspiration here for your own projects and life.

Since this is the New Year, I also want to hear about YOUR vision and plans for 2013.

I want to know what you’re dreaming of and what you’re working on so I can help support you with episodes, special guests and anything else I can provide to help you create a life you love.

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Here’s today’s tweetable.

In the comments below, let me know…

What’s your vision for the next 12 months of your life?

What are YOU excited to create, achieve or experience this year?

And most importantly, what’s the ONE action step you’ll take right now to help make that vision come to life?

Be as specific as possible too.

Not only will it help you crystallize your vision, but clarity of what you want brings speed and support your way!

P.S.  Click here to watch our New Year’s episode from last year that includes a whole goal setting and planning guide.

With love,

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  1. Jessica Newell

    Hi Marie!

    I was so excited when I realized that you would have a new post up just as the new year started!

    My vision for the next 12 months is to start taking on interior styling/organizing clients and build up my brand online. I’ve spent the last nearly two years researching and testing out business ideas until I finally realized that my business idea was right under my nose – offering interior design services for women just like me.

    I truly appreciate how you’ve shared how things have built up and I’m glad to say that I’ve already taken baby steps towards making my dreams a reality – I have 4 clients on deck that want what I’m offering! My action step is to follow through with these and take tons of notes and photos!

    Secondly, I’m going to apply for a scholarship for B-School, I’ve already been dreaming up what I will share in my video application. My husband and I have had the most challenging time of our lives over the last few years and things are starting to open up for us. 2013 will be our year to make big strides.

    I wish the best to you and everyone else reading this – Happy New Year and God bless! 🙂

    • A great video to motivate you and all of Marie’s viewers~

      • Hi Jessica! Your story sounds amazing! I LOVE interior design! I started a blog on interior design a few years ago, but I wasn’t passionate enough to keep it going. The key was to take action. 🙂 How else would I know?

        Do you have a website? FB Page? Twitter account? May I suggest that you start building relationships online? It takes SO much time, but it’s priceless to have friends all over the world who love and support you.

        This wonderful community is a great place to start! Please connect with me on my site or twitter, whatever is easier for you. I would love to connect and help you any way I can!

        Happy New Year to you, Jessica! 2013 will be BIG!! <3


        • Thanks for your kind words Vicky! Interior design is a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to launching a website soon. My twitter handle is @JessicaNDesign .

          I’d definitely love to connect with you and have been following Marie for awhile.

          • Grace

            Hey Jessica, I’m so excited for you! We’re going to have to get in contact someday in the future when I have my own house. 😉

            Also, check out and you can set up a beautiful website for under $25. Let me know if you need help, I already set up three.

            All the best,

        • susan

          well.., i am tentative.., new to achieving.., usually it comes by luck, and i seem to havehad my share of that.., tho it also means i DID put one foot in front of the other and got there..,
          You and Kris are among my chief internet mentors.., the way, your way is a challenge, and you have DONE IT, so i think about following.
          my goal presently is best health at 68 post breast cancer and older joints etc etc…, and living my artistic life fully. so indeed i am exercising more, following much good advice food/nutrition-wise…, and futuristically…, i hope to respond to an artist friend’s invitation to an art show in Italy this Spring. Very new to me. I started to figure out how to present some work this past year, and this present opportunity/challenge is amazing. so i am going for it! now to get out in the sun and walk! then finish my mini art calendar for 2013 and get it out to friends, and i suppose i ought to clean the kitchen! thanks for being you!

          • susan

            misplaced my reply;-))

        • Vicky, you are so sweet and your website is amazing! Great tips for Jessica there. I totally agree. I would also highly recommend she start a Pinterest like…yesterday! Since interior design is such a visual industry, you’ll build up a great brand base there.

          Vicky definitely going to follow your blog. Keep up the good work!

          Letita – your go-to girl for learning why no branding means no success

      • Jessicah

        What an awesome video Chas, thanks for sharing. Jessica, best of luck and let me add that this is a GREAT time of year for your work. People are looking for a change and most of the time that starts at home. I kind of think of it as “clear your house, clear your heart” time. I know I’ll be moving some furniture around over the next few days.

        Happy New Year as well!

        • Thanks Jessicah! It is a great time of year to start this up, I can already tell from the responses I’ve had. So many people are looking to update their home/workspace to make it an environment more conducive to creativity.

          Have fun making your space shine and happy new year!

      • Great video Chas – love the message and shots of NYC!

      • Thank you,Chas. What a great reminder. It is so true. This is why our spirit guides and guarding angels and archangels from the Spirit Realm want us to contact them to get the truth about our world. As an intuitive,clarivoyant and Spiritual Teacher I am proud to say people can do what they love. Abundance and prosperity will grow and flow because they are doing things they love. Abundance and prosperity is rooted in love; it is how they grow and multiply. So all of you start the new year off by planting love seeds in your project(s) that speak to you, and watch it (or them) grow.
        Love & Light!

        • Thank you Ketina for that reminder! I often forget that even though I live this truth everyday!
          Love and light to you!

      • Grace

        Thanks for the share, Chas!

      • A great video!! Thanks xxo

    • So excited for you and your husband Jess. A New Year is upon you guys. And, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your video! xo

      • Thanks so much Marie! Truly appreciate your kindness and the inspiration you pour out every week. Excited to share my video with you and everyone here 🙂

    • Vanessa

      Wow, Jessica Newell! Except for the name, your e-mail could have been written by me. In 2013 I, too, will be launching an e-design practice and I am totally excited about it. What’s most exciting — and somewhat intimidating — is that in this format we can reach clients across the globe and give them style options that are limitless. I’m also planning on “attending” B-School and just know it’s going to launch us off the planet! Here’s to us!!

      • Hi Vanessa! That’s so exciting to hear that you are starting an e-design practice. I’m hoping to do a mix of both in person and virtual services. I’d love to connect with you – are you on Twitter?

        • Oh Jessica, I totally didn’t realize you wanted to mix in e-services too! I have a surprise for you then. If you aren’t already familiar, here is one of my personal fave interior blogs AND e-services (her design company came first, but you can totally start a blog asap as your brand). I love her style and maybe you can reach out and get her advice. She has branded herself extremely well to boot. Good luck!

          Goes for you too Vanessa! 🙂

          Letita – your go-to girl for learning why no branding means no success

    • Good luck, Jessica!
      B-school is the best thing ever – you’ll love it!
      xoxo Ronja

  2. “They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”~ Edgar Allan Poe, “Eleonora”
    I am working on a new site and rekindling my original quest. I am focusing on my true core values. Seeing the movie, ‘The Pirates of the Silicone Valley’ where the first Apple computers were encased in a wooden cabinet gives some perspective. I wish you and everyone a more prosperous and joyful New Year.

  3. Happy New Year, Marie!

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting new videos on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. I look forward to them every week, so I’m glad Marie TV didn’t go on holidays (even though it would have been perfectly reasonable if you did).

    I’ve got some big, life-changing plans for 2013, but it’s important I keep them a little private for now.

    I’m really looking forward to starting B-School in March. I have no doubt it’ll help me reach some of my professional goals.

    • You are so welcome Elly! B-School is gonna ROCK – so excited to see you there 🙂

    • B-School this past year was amazing. Totally loved it.

      • I’ll second that, Allyson. Best thing ever! And Elly – you have an amazing b-school spring to look forward to! yay!

  4. My vision for 2013 is to commit to making dreams come true. Creating an online tribe (my website is down, but facebook me! At Being a paid dance athlete. Going on an interview roadtrip. Producing a regular youtube show. Getting into graduate school. Getting a full ride scholarship. Earn a raise at my part-time job. Write and write and write and apply the life philosophies that hit me against the head over and over again.

    My action is to actually PLAN. I used to hate planning, but now… I gotta do it. Create a game plan. Even for the whole year. I can use the tools you gave us last year, Marie 😉

    • Hi Udo,

      Small world, I’ve been following Marie’s advice for a while and have seen your comments, then realized that we went to college together (I was the one who came to your dance class and wrote the article for the student news site). Thought it was funny that I’d met you before and found you here as well!

      I can definitely relate to your commitment to getting a game plan down, those ideas keep swirling around but capturing them, giving them direction and taking action is where the magic happens! Your vision sounds exciting, especially creating a tribe and doing a show, also two of my goals for the New Year. Maybe we can collaborate somehow, let me know if there’s anyway I can support you! Best wishes on pursuing your dreams in 2013!

  5. Summer Alexander

    Hi Marie,

    Happy New Year! I can’t tell you how much this video just inspired me and gave me that extra kick in the butt I needed regarding the use of video in my business.

    I honestly had no idea how you got started as I came into the MarieTV world circa the brick wall era. I admit I did the big no-no and let comparison of the quality vids you and other YouTubers produce deter me from recording any more video with my “bootleg” setup (webcam + boring blank dining room wall).

    So for 2013 I’d like to step out of my business comfort zone which among other things means incorporating more video in order to let my peeps get to know the real me (I’m so much more fun than my market research title lets on).

    I’ve also let go of some packages and programs that no longer fit in with my business model and have set some very specific goals and a plan for income and client attraction.

    Looking forward to an awesome 2013 and as always will be tuned in every Tuesday!

    • Girl, you are so gorgeous, you need to be all over youtube! <3 Wish you all the best, if you stay consistent with video, while brining value to the watcher, you've hit the sweet spot. <3 Happy New Year!

      • Awww Vicky thank you so much! I’m definitely aiming for the sweet spot, wish me luck!

    • Maria

      Just wanted to let you know there is a website called TpT which stands for Teachers Pay Teachers where teachers of all subjects can sell their materials. There are teachers that have even reached the million dollar mark at this site! Check it out:

    • Hey, Summer and all my fellow B-School Babes…I hope I don’t seem cheeky here but I think my new blog post might help get you thinking and out there producing your own vids.The 8 secrets of a wicked-looking DIY-style vlog from me to you. Happy 2013!
      As a video director and producer and fan of MarieTV it has been a joy to watch Team Forleo progress and grow. So awesome. Inspiration for others!

      • Helpful info…Thanks Allyson.

        • My pleasure. Knock ’em dead! 🙂

      • Hey Allyson thank you these tips are very useful! I will definitely bookmark your page as I start to jump back into the wonderful world of video.

        • Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m glad the tips might help. Go for it and have fun!

  6. Maria

    Hey Marie!
    I have a question for you (or for any of your lovely viewers), I am a middle school teacher and I LOVE my job! I love the students and the relationships I can build with them, the responsibility of being an educator, role model and friend all at the same time and the possibility that I have to change these students lives. However there are two things about my job that discourage me; the pay and the fact that I don’t always feel intellectually challenged.
    So I was trying to think of ways to overcome these 2 little his ups (because in the grand scheme of things they are minor and I am fortunate to have a profession is that is more than just a job, but a vocation) and I came up with the idea of creating a business that sells all of my materials. I like to believe that I make unique and creative lesson plans, and have been told so by administration, fellow teachers and students! I feel like I want to try to create a business in which I sell my material (lesson plans, unit plans, assignments, rubrics, tests, etc.). This way I would have something to motivate me to continue to put my best foot forward as well as potentially bring in a little extra income.
    My question is this, where do I being? Do I need to copyright things? Can I just throw up a website? How would people pay me? Paypal?
    Also, I am only 23 years old and am in my first year of teacher, so I don’t have a lot of ‘street cred’ in the educational world, I am not at all intimidated by this fact, but I was wondering if I should avoid mentioning this on my website? Is this false advertisement? Something about holding back that information seems dicey to me, and I am wondering if that is a sign that it is not the right thing to do!
    Thank you for all the free material you put out! I have been soaking it up for almost 6 months now!!

    • Maria!

      Your story is amazing! I have always wanted to be a teacher! <3

      The idea you have about selling your lesson plans is brilliant! There are a few people I know that do it. Off the top of my head, 1+1+1+1=1 sells some of her plans she uses to teach her kids in a homeschool environment.

      One thing that I will recommend is build a friend base online with other creative entrepreneurs. Get a twitter account, reach out, comment on blogs in the "lesson plan" industry and just get yourself out there. The more people YOU will support, the more people will support you once you're ready to crush it. Remember, we can not do it alone, it's the community we are in that encourages, motivates, and supports!

      I have started doing video a few months ago on tips and insights for small business owners and I have gotten a LOT of traction from them. I am such a huge fan of video now! It creates such a strong connection, I cannot even begin to describe!

      Also, just popped in my head. There is this sweet lady on YouTube, she is making it BIG with videos, directing them to the children!

      I hope that these little ideas will create a spark for you to start taking action – that is the key. How else would you know if you want to do this or that, if you haven't tried it? Take action, get out of your comfort zone, make mistakes. You will go SO far. Please reach out on my site, or twitter or whatever is easier for you. I would love to help you any way I can.

      Best wishes to you in 2013!

      • Hi Vicky,
        I love Cullen’s videos! They’re brilliant for kids. Thanks for sharing. xxoo
        Best wishes for 2013,

    • Marie, I think you have , brilliant talent that is needed by the home school community. I am inviting you to join and get involved in the free 48days community . I am a member here . Such a wonderful site for people who want to have a successful business. ,there are so many people willing to help you get to the answers you are seeking .
      “Our mission is to enhance the process of imagining, dreaming and introspection to help people recognize their calling and true path, and to translate that into meaningful, purposeful and profitable daily work – in 48 Days.”
      Get a coach who has your best interest in mind. Go knock it out of the park, i believe in you !

  7. Happy New Year, Marie and team! <3

    This is a very special episode for me because in late 2012, I started doing video! It took me MONTHS to start because of the thoughts many have about how non-professional it will look. But I did it! I will never look back!

    This year for me will be all about consistency. Looking back at 2012, I took actions, I made mistakes, I went out of my comfort zone, but I wasn't consistant with it. This year, my theme will be consistency. Consistency to blog, to make more videos, to reach out to people, to network, and most importantly, to get out of my comfort zone.

    I have a speaking gig coming up in 3 weeks, it has always been my dream and it's finally coming true! I want to make sure to make those speaking engagement's a regular thing as well 😉

    Thank you for your amazing insights, this episode was definitely a very special treat 😉 Happy New Year, Everyone! 2013 will be BIG!!! <3


    • Vicky
      Your comment, coupled with Marie’s video, has given me a kick up the tush! I’ve been holding off creating videos as its all felt a little amateur to use my Mac camera in my office. I’ve found a whole host of excuses not to get started – not feeling comfortable enough to ad-lib and having to ‘script’ my videos, people I know finding them (when I think part of me would prefer to be anonymous!!!) and worrying about what I look and sound like on camera. Id be interested to know what gave you the push to get started….

      Good luck with the consistency goal – mine is not dissimilar. I want to stick to the plans I make and TAKE ACTION! I put the graft into planning and am fuelled to go … and then very easily thrown off course/get distracted by new ideas and comparison.

      Have a happy new year! x

      • Claudia

        Emma, I am so with you. I really want to start doing something online (don’t really know what just yet, but I know that if I start it will become clear to me), but I want to remain anonymous. I have a business job where people do google my name from time to time and I don’t want them to see this other side of me. I know that its ridiculous, but I can’t get over it. So how do I get a brand and start having the dialogue with women that I want to have without putting myself out there??? Any ideas? Thanks. I’d love to hear how things go for you. Claudia

    • Your comment really resonated with me, Vicky.

      I launched my little adventure a few months ago (after a wonderful B-school experience:) and as I said goodbye to 2012 yesterday I was feeling a bit lost. “What am I doing with this business?” “Why does everyone else seem to have this figured out?” “I’m not sure what I should do next.”

      Upon reading your comment I feel inspired…I know I need to walk some of your path: Going outside my comfort zone, networking, speaking, taking action, making mistakes…and consistency:)

      Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. I’m sooo excited for an adventurous 2013!

    • Vicky,

      Your story is so amazing. As you can see from my shameless stalking already…I am clearly a fan! But just wanted to comment again since I too will be doing my first marketing speaking gig. I always had reservations about taking on BIG goals too early on in the game, but hearing your story is giving me a sisterly pep! Here’s to us both kicking butt and taking names on stage this year!!

  8. Happy New Year, Marie!

    I love this episode, because it was very encouraging. The main point I got from it: “Don’t sweat small beginnings, simply start.”

    My number one priority (desire) is to move out of the country (Texas) to London in 8 months. Depending on how I like it, will determine how long I stay and I’ll be working (like I am currently) from my laptop.

    My vision is to create enjoyable moments by taking concepts that are boring and making them beautiful.

    I really feel so much love and joy from this community. My heart lights up anytime I see your name pop across my email. Thank you for being so genuine and sharing your journey.

    With joy,

    • Melodee!!!

      Babe! It’s so good to see you here 😉 I didn’t know you were planning to move to London!!!?? How amazing is that!!! I’m so happy for you! Follow your passion! <3 Connecting with you in 2012 has been such a blessing! Thank you for reaching out. I feel like 2013 will be a great year! Both, for our businesses, and our friendship! Keep rocking girlfriend!


    • Thank you so much for being a part of this community Melodee…and I’m excited for your move to LONDON!! 🙂

  9. Hi Marie,

    Happy New Year to you and your team :-)!!!

    If we add up the numbers in today’s date we get 8 as infinity, which is not bad for a start of something, not to mention a career. I am currently working in the civil service but my interest is far wider than that which i could prove by a number of schools and degrees of various trades that I’ve learned so far. If i would to collect ​​all diplomas in the book it could be a decent picture book of over 40 pages.
    Usually it sounds impressive, but the fact is I rarely mentioned that fact in any company. Teaching and research is something that comes easy to me, but the practical application of it is breathtaking to me and brings fear into my bones.
    So my New Year’s resolution is to apply what you know to help beginners who enter the casino dealer career. My first step is to build the site for training. This morning I published my About page 🙂 it’s a start.

    By the end of the year I expect to pass on practical knowledge on paper (in this case online), to publish my drawings and cartoons as a supporting material, to go on ship, see the world and find out whether the online business for me.

    My first bold step this year, publicly announcing my plans. Thank you for this .

  10. Alexandra

    Hi Marie,

    Excelent video, that’s what I am doing right now, planning to start a beauty blog but with my own domain. Since the name is so important i still struggle because i found the perfect name and the domain is taken so i keep brainstorming. Once I have that figured out, I will kick things off.

    • Alexandra,
      I saw your post and just had to reply about finding your domain name. A site I’ve used to try out different domain word combinations quickly is (not an affiliate link). Also try an online Thesaurus to give you some word suggestions.

      Move ahead soon, and not get stuck in “have to find the perfect domain” land. I’ve been there! Best wishes.

    • One thing you might want to think about while you’re still brainstorming names is SEO. You can use Google Adwords to check out what keywords are most popular/searched for and use those building blocks in your domain name. You can also try to find what keywords and keyword phrases people associate with your niche – especially if you’re planning on selling something eventually, it’s a great way to capture people who are searching for what you talk about.

      Good luck!

  11. hey marie, happy newyear! love the outfit 🙂 last year I started my business coaching2health, coming from the most unhealthy place you can ever imagine, being obese myself ( yesss 340 lbs is what I’d call obese) having diabetes type 2 because of it, high bloodpressure and high bad cholesterol. I Lost a massive amount of weight not by dieting, but healthy lifestyle and healthy THINKINGGG. And was so inspired in the process that I became a healthcoach, and here I am, I have had low selfesteem and therefor didn t like being ” out there” to much. But this new year I have decided it is time to Shine. First of there will be an advert in next weeks local newspaper with my photo (what they call a redactional advert so it looks like a great interview with me instead of, hey come buy my product ) Today you have inspired me to do video s too, So my big step for this year is to start doing inspirational ” health” video s and get my pretty face OUT THERE:)
    thanks marie for all the great video s , and the inspiration you have been to me in 2012 and please send me those video s in 2013 they HELP a lot
    to everyone my best wishes for 2013 and shine shine shine!

    • HUGE congrats on your transformation Kris!!! Keep going 🙂

  12. Happy New Year Marie & Everyone!

    Thanks for the reminder that a huge budget is not necessary to get a new project off the ground!

    My vision for 2013 is to take my Naturopathic practice into the big time by growing my Enzyme Therapy program locally AND online. Focusing on this program will allow me to have a super big impact with more people in more places AND will free me up for creative endeavors such as coaching other practitioners in their businesses, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do 🙂

    I’m also ready after a year of major hustling, to return my focus to being a living example of what I teach. More yoga, more juicing, more reading, more self care.

    Yay 2013! xoxo

  13. Hey Marie:
    Hello from the other side of the world! Loved this post — I’ve been thinking of doing videos for a while now and your sharing on this post was fabulous to see how you started and evolved.

    I hope to get started soon!

    Happy New Year and thanks!

  14. Hi Marie… Wish you and your team all the best in New 2013! Great point: we have to start not to wait to be perfect… For example I have been waiting for 6 months to put my intro video on my site… I have a huge fear inside me…that I’m not perfect, what people will say, how I look like etc..etc… I started my web site 5 years ago. I wrote about life, business etc…but nothing more. :-(…..But before Christmas 2012. I felt I huge shift inside me…and my ing my voice said to me: Lidija you have to do this on 24th of December… And I did it… I felt so exicted, and still feel fear, but I did it… And now I’m so proud that finally I did it…:-).. And the most excited part of this is that I’ll be continue with my videos… Last April I spoke with Ophira Edut and she told me that I have to do videos, and that is my purpose… But I didn’t beleive in myself and spent 8 months… Now I know that I have to do this…. Thanks to YOU, to Gabby Bernestein, Erika Lyremark, Ophira, Danielle Laporte, Mastin Kipp, Entheos academy and many others I learned a lot last year… I start my new business from scratch and now I don’t have fear who stops my dream comes thru…. Thank you….. Sent you much love from Croatia…. Love you…:-)

  15. zakaria

    Hi Marie,
    I m zakaria from Morocco, i follow regurarly your nice and interessting video
    because i m looking to have a beautiful life and success im my career.
    I m in last year of my engenering study and i wanna start my own businness. I wanna ask you if it’s better to start my business directly when i get my degree or i have to work some years in a company to get experience. What’s your advice ?thank you 🙂

    • Hi Zakaria! There’s no “right answer” to your Q as many people have done both. I’d suggest following your gut, your heart and what feels most expansive/exciting to you. More tactically, start studying entrepreneurship and learn about different kinds of businesses. Then dream of what you want YOURS to ultimately look/feel/be like. That will help inform you! xo M

      • Marie, what wonderful advice that is. Your video today was incredible as they all are. I love that you show how you began. It totally empowered me to simply start where I am right now, already. I wrote your advice to Zakaria in my special journal right underneath my plan for 2013. Thank you so much for creating videos even during the holidays.

    • Zakaria, just join b-school! 🙂

  16. Hi Marie

    Best wishes to you for the new year, from Holland.

    Thanks for the inspiration to really put things in perspective about that it doesn’t always have to be perfect when you start something.

    Have a great day!


  17. Oh what a year this will be..

    I love new beginnings!

    I’ve grown affiliate marketing businesses online for years, but decided this year to brand myself and help newbies get going with an online business. There are so many choices and distractions on the Internet today, that it’s hard for a newcomer to know where to turn to get the basics (that work!!)

    My web-designers are busy creating an awesome site while I’m putting all the content together. I’m publishing a Kindle book (in the spring) to reach a whole new audience.

    I didn’t do this sooner because quite frankly I thought the market was saturated, but then I thought.. no one can bring the information/help in quite the way that I can, and I’m going for it.

    darlene 🙂

    • That is the right attitude!! No one can bring it like you can….. I will keep my eyes peeled for it because I am one of those newbies that got so distracted that I ditched the idea for now. You have a lot of people you can help!

  18. Hi Marie and all,
    Happy New Year! 🙂
    This year I finally want to make the idea that’s been brewing for the last 6months a reality, especially since a really crucial puzzle piece just recently dropped in. I never comment on here but I watch your videos from time to time and always appreciate your enthusiasm and intelligence.
    I’m a yoga teacher and have always hoped to see the spiritual and philosophical base of yoga become more prominent in classes. Although I think yoga is great I do feel that it’s been watered down A LOT these last 10 years and made into another ‘work-out’. Although there are a lot of options for as many people that are out there, it can also just be another form of illusion (maya) and cause people more attachment to materialistic lives. Anywho–my wish is to start videos educating people on the REAL basis of yoga- the scriptures, and make it accessible and relevant. How? through advice videos.
    People with serious and not-so-serious life problems asking questions and me doing my best to enlighten us all on solutions to right living and high thinking. It breaks my heart to see so many people stuck in the dark (which they think is light) when there’s actual everlasting light out there for us, to lead us back home.
    This would involve God. And there’s the hurdle that’s been looming in my mind–because of all the illusion out there, God is kind of ‘taboo’. No?
    But we need to get with it, not in a holier-than-thou way. But in a let’s-get-really-real with this way.
    My huge inspiration has come in the form of absolute history and world changer, Prabhupada. This man. I encourage you all to read his biography. EARTH SHAKING!

    What are all your thoughts?

    Everlasting happiness? Yes please.
    Transcendental minds in the world? BEGGING FOR IT!

  19. Happy New Year Marie!
    I love you.
    It’s true.
    Let me count the ways:
    1) your honesty
    2) your vulnerability
    3) your vision
    4) your passion
    5) your persistence and determination
    6) your practical approach to life
    7) your posse, team and support
    8) your gratitude and acknowledgement of them and all who make you shine!
    9) your poise and grace
    10) your sense of humor!!!
    Your encouraging way.

    I desire to publish two children’s books I have had written and illustrated for over ONE decade and a coffee table book made up of my photographs from my blog entries as well as the text from the blog. It will be called: G R A T I T U D E. I see it SO clearly.

    Thanks for giving me the forum to shout out these longheld dreams!!!

    in gratitude-tara

  20. Happy New Year Marie,
    I’m new to your TV show and I’m loving what you are doing. I’ve been making videos for a while, but was getting frustrated and needed a plan of where to take them next. You have inspired me to make my own tv show. I’m going to use my initials and call it HBTV. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I don’t have to have all the answers, I just have to start!!! Thank you for pushing me to get my butt into gear and get it started. I’m so excited now about what 2013 is going to mean to me and all my clients. I’ts such a great way to offer all my info out to my community. They are going to love it. I’ll be back to tell you how it’s going. Have a wonderful year, much love Heather x

  21. Thanks Marie, that was great! My vision for 2013 is to combine my marketing consulting/editing/copywriting skills, my acting/improv skills and my training skills to lead workshops for corporate clients, using the principles and techniques of improvisation to help people and companies to be better at leadership, teamwork, communication, trust, creativity, problem-solving and intelligent risk-taking. I’ve been putting out feelers to lots of potential partners and clients, and I’ll be leading a workshop for startup entrepreneurs in Hong Kong on February 23.

  22. Hello
    Happy New Year! And thank you for doing what you do. This episode is unbelievably timely for me. I have literally just finished putting together my e-course about finding your true direction and making it happen and decided to deliver it as videos with accompanying PDF worksheets. It looks sooo homemade, I have never been a particularly comfortable public speaker, and the lighting is terrible but I knew that it was the right way to do it, and it is the coaching content that is the important thing rather than how I look (that is just my ego!). This episode has made me feel so much better about it all!

    I have been working on my plans and intentions for 2013 for a few weeks and have lots of ideas, goals, and actions. It felt important for me to have a simple statement to sum up what I wanted to work towards on a more personal level, and yesterday it hit me – In 2013 I will have faith in myself, my business, and my sucess. Hope got me this far, now I need to have faith.
    I wish you all a healthy, happy, and abundant 2013, with love

  23. Hi Marie
    first of all, happy anniversary! Second, I want to wish you, your team and this fantastic community happy and successful year.
    I’ve already set some goals for this year, using that nice old tool with 10 goals, and action plan. 😉
    As far as my business plan, this year I would love to connect with my readers more. Not an easy task when you run a blog about coffee, but as you always say, we just need to do things with passion and from the heart…
    Thank you!

  24. Hey Marie – cool vid as always – although a little late (ha ha I am in Oz and we are ahead of you!).
    I have just spent my day completing my annual ritual of writing myself a Gratitude Letter as if it is already 31 Dec 2013 and I am reflecting on the year that was – it’s a great way to get it clear in your head and heart before you start – peeps feel free to check it out here Sharing it keeps me honest and on track!
    Happy New Year y’all

  25. Nicole


    This video came at the right time for me! I was a little all over the place with figuring out what I want to do with my life, where I want to be, and who I want to share my life with last year – but I finally have clarity.

    I want to be a professional makeup artist, but I am currently in school to receive by Bachelor’s as a “backup”. My plan for this year is complete ALL 61 of the credits I have left so I can graduate and focus on my dream 100% in 2014.

    Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your videos, each and everyone is invaluable.

    Sending sparkly New Years love right back to you!


    • Thanks for watching Nicole and awesome for you on rocking the rest of your credits!!! xoxo M

  26. Shantini

    Hello Marie! Thank you so much for your great content and videos – you’re fabulous! I’m a writer/editor/copywriter and my vision for this year is to help small businesses and solopreneurs use their innate creativity to create more success and freedom in their lives. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year Marie – Happy Happy 2013 🙂

  27. As always Marie….thank you for your inspiring work and the reminder to start from where ever you are…even if it isn’t perfect.

    I love new beginnings so much, I designed The B Calendar. It is currently in the prototype stage [in fact you should have one in your mail box by now. I’d love your feedback]. My hope for 2013 is to refine and promote it to a broader [buying] audience, offer it online and locally and create more inspirational tools surrounding the ‘B’ brand.

    Being a big advocate on goal setting and list making my vision is to offer my clients a space to: collect their thoughts, make lists, and be inspired to ‘B’ whatever they desire.

    My ONE action step is to be consistent; in branding, product, message and delivery -in both my communications and my products and being very aware of how I feel doing this work. Another big action step is to continue to develop my website…and ongoing task 😉

    As the new year begins I will be using your goal setting tools [just downloaded ‘em] along with Danielle LaPorte’s ‘The Desire Map’ and mashing it all together with some goal setting tools of my own. My focus is on how I want to feel and ‘B’.

    I love waking up on Tuesdays so I can tune-into Marie TV and this episode has been so enlightening.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary and Happy New Year to you and your crew.

    • OMG!! Love this idea!! Many people I work with need something like this to create a new “system” for themselves but many just don’t know where to start so what a great tool!!

      • Tonya,
        Thanks for the positive feedback. You should contact me and I can get you some ‘samples’ to run pas your clients. I would love the feedback and you would be helping your clients. Send me an email [email protected]

  28. Happy New Year Marie!!!
    I am new to you and your site and I am LOVING IT ALL!!
    This video was really great to see and exactly what I needed on this first day of 2013.

    I just started doing video and its tough stuff! I know I want to be on a bigger stage and this is the first step.

    I help moms start and run successful businesses from home so they can spend more time with their kids and not be STUCK in a 9-5 job that doesn’t fulfill their family life and career goals.

    I began from a coaching business from scratch with NO business training at all and now making great money helping other women do the same.

    Would LOVE to attend B-School Marie, you are awesome!!

    • Hey Leah! Great work…and just wanted to highlight for you and the rest of the global posse how CLEAR you are in what you do..

      “I help moms start and run…”

      That kind of clarity is amazing and very, very smart. Hope to see you in B-School!! xxo M

    • Emily

      Leah that is awesome. Very similar to what I would like to do. I even purchased a url 2 YEARS AGO,, and have not done a single thing with it. Each year when the domain name is set to expire, I renew it because I know there is something I want to do with it, just can’t figure out the what exactly. My interest in helping moms stem from a couple of my friends being left in very poor financial situations after going through horrible divorces. Because they have childcare constraints and little income, their situations are very difficult. I would love to show them how to make money online from home to improve their situation.

  29. Hi Marie and team!

    Thank you for the inspiration! I can’t help but show your video to everyone in need. It’s like giving a crying baby a bottle of milk. Just put your video on and bam!

    I wonder if it is ok to have two different projects as a vision? All the time I hear advice “just focus on one thing only” – can you focus on two?

    I have a business – – I am a casting director. I established this business at 21 (I’m 26 now). It’s a fab income and I love being my own boss! I want to it roar this year. AND at the same time, I love producing! I created “eat, drink + be Marie :: Cook Like An Egyptian” ( I am producing, writing, shooting, editing, web designing/coding, graphics and breathing 🙂 but I ain’t making the mooleh from zee producin’. I’m looking into google adsense.. Can that be the only way to generate income..?
    Help me goddess Maria! 🙂
    Can you focus on two major and different projects?
    Thank you for all of your videos! They really motivate me to the core!

    • Hey Jac! As a multipassionate entrepreneurs myself, I fully understand having a lot of projects in the air.

      Your Q: can you focus on 2 major/diff projects.

      Yes, however…

      It’s all about your ability to effectively manage your time, energy and creativity. Your calendar should become your best friend and you have to be ruthless saying NO to most other things if you want to have a life and be able to rest, recharge and have fun too.

      It also depends on your other responsibilities (kids/no kids/significant other/parents/loved ones/etc.)

      Tune into your heart and REALLY tell yourself the truth.

      Worse thing that can happen? You work your tail off and realize that it’s not sustainable. Then you focus on one (the $$ making one to create a financial cushion) and schedule time in for the other to take center stage down the road.

      Enjoy the ride…you’ll find your truth!


      • Hi Marie,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I love every piece of advice you give!! Do you come in pocket size so I can carry you around and ask you questions at my desire!! Teehehe 😉

        Thank you again Marie! I wish you and your team more success for 2013!


  30. You give me hope. All of my craft tutorials are done on my webcam. lol! It’s actually a bunch of fun but I would love a team. Soon Come. Happy New Year.

  31. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for doing this video. I’m a writer who is inspired by life. I also love to motivate. Your new video inspired me to write the following blog TODAY for my “posse”. It’s so true how we want things to be perfect, but forget about the developing process. But the quickest way to start is to begin. Thanks for sharing.


  32. Hi Marie
    I love your videos as well as the comments after the show. Its such an education. I am soo excited to be part of the upcoming B-school I cannot tell you. I decided to spend the last few weeks focused on my goals for 2013 (this was my gift to myself). I am a jewerly designer and I currently sell direct to customers thru my online site. But now I want to branch out be selling retailers/specialty stores to branch out and expand my brand. I realize that I need to add a few more collections (cohesive collections as currently my line consists of pieces that don’t all work together . So I will be spending my time designing more pieces. Maping out my sales plan as well as putting together a list of the stores that I will hit on a weekly basis. I also have a few ideas of how to brand myself but this is a bit of a sticky subject as I work full time and run my business full time so I don’t want my company to know what I am doing yet (until I am ready to transition into my business which won’t be for another year)… In any event your videos are always helpful and I am literally chomping at the bit to get into B-school.. This is a fantastic way for me to start the new year and looking forward to my new like minded friends that I will be meeting along the way!
    Happy New Years!!!


    • TANYA! Huge congrats on getting clear on your 2013 goals and I am so excited to “see you” in B-School!! It’s going to be amazing!!

  33. Revital

    Hi Marie,

    This is the first time I’m watching your video and I was so excited since today I uploaded my first video. At first, I was very scared of what people would say because it’s not perfect but I did it anyway.

    After watching your video I’m sure I did the right thing and I’m thrill.
    Your video is awesome and you are a great inspiration for me.
    Can’t wait for you next video…

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Revital! Congrats on your first video…and WELCOME to the partaaay 🙂

      Just so you know…we have LOADS of videos on our channel (and if you search back in this site – they are all here too…great comments as well), so feel free to catch up on past shows before next week.

      Rock on!

  34. My first goal for 2013 is to sit down and get some planning on paper! I bought a web store in September and want to grow it into a real big business. It is such fun working with the designers who sell on the site. I would love to add video classes too. One thing that holds me back is knowing when to hire help, when the site is not making much money. How or when to make the leap is scary!
    Best of luck to you Marie and keep up the good work!

  35. Happy New Year, everyone!

    I’m tickled that you don’t love shopping, Marie. I’ve made a lot more videos this year and had been thinking I needed to get better at figuring out what to wear that would look good on me, on camera. It’s a relief to realize I can just *get help* with that :-).

    For me, 2013 is going to be about refinement. I tried some big, scary new things in 2012, and now it’s time to refine what’s been working and let go of what hasn’t. I’m so excited about the year ahead!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Yes you can *get help* with that!
      I too am so excited for the upcoming year.
      For 2013 I’m launching a program which will have a whole part dedicated to what to wear for videos. Sign up for insider info here:


      • How cool is that, Alexandra! Thanks for the heads-up. Hopping over to check out what you’re up to now…

  36. I am really excited for this year as I know it will be one of transformation for me. I’m excited to finally kickstart my design business (graphic design/web design) and be a part of Prosperity’s Kitchen. I’ll also be working on some products, which is a first for me!! And I want to get on Kindle too.

  37. Thank you for sharing this Marie. Your ambition is so inspiring!

    That’s why your videos are the only ones I look forward too!

    In this years holiday time I took 3 weeks of vacation: two to reset my body mind and soul completely. And one (this week) to draw it all into a big beautiful vision and action plan. So I can’t share my visions yet 😉

    Thanks again for your work Marie!


  38. Hi Marie,
    As usual, you provide real insight on beginning and I appreciate the fact that you showed where you started and what you evolved into right now.
    My goals this year include clarifying my vision and getting my bag line out in the first quarter of 2013, (have made 2 samples already). I have to focus without getting too far off track, but going with serendipity. (do those cancel each other out?)

    So basically, clarity and focus AND getting the necessary information to keep things on track.

    Thank you for providing the information in a humorous way that brings us in to your message. Your method works in a big way.

    Looking forward to 2013 and all you bring. Thanks again.

  39. Happy new year Marie TV. Keep the good stuff coming. I love the show…I love the story too! Keep up the good Work….God Bless!

    • Thank you Cheptiony and Happy New Year to YOU!! Sending love and blessings right back 🙂 xo

  40. I love, love, LOVE this episode Marie. You have spoken to my deepest problem of feeling I am so busy “bringing home the bacon” I just don’t do anything towards building my dream of living a more creative life. This year I am going to find the time and “just do it”, however small or crappy it begins. Tiny acorns grow into great strong trees…Happy New Year to you and your team and may 2013 be ridiculously AMAZING…x

    • Thank you Ros! Small and humble is always a GREAT way to begin!! Go for it 😉

  41. Hey Marie,

    Really loved this video. Just before xmas I was looking back at your first videos as I was wondering if you had started off more basic and what I could learn from you. I have a vision to deliver helpful, fun information on a low sugar lifestyle to other women. I’ve got a similar hunch that video could work well for me and I have done one that just needs editing. I dream of having a well established channel in the future with my own style and personality coming through like yours.

    My action is to have a play around just recording some more stuff on my webcam and exploring some of the formats I want to play with, getting used to being part scripted/part natural where you seem to get the balance spot on.

    Really great video to kick off 2013. Wishing you all the best in your ventures

  42. Hi Marie & all you amazing peeps,
    Happy New Year! Thanks, Marie, for the little push/reminder that it’s ok to start small (I mean, duh, where else would we start?!) Really helpful, and motivating for me.
    What an amazing community you have here. I’m so excited I’ve signed up for B-School. Huge leap into my new life, and am so looking forward to all the learning, interaction, transformation, etc etc. Can’t wait to begin!
    My goals for the year are:
    1) To simplify my life, so that the people, events & things I love will shine brightly in it.
    2) To clarify my Biz model & income streams, and finally begin to welcome in the abundance that I’ve been holding out (from fear & all sorts of other made up reasons).
    3) To step up & out as an Intuitive Life Coach, and help others do the most important work of living from their souls’ messages.

    Thanks for being a shining star & encouraging us all to beam our lights, too!


    • STACIE!! Great, clear vision of what to focus on. Intuitively speaking (no pun intended) your #1 goal – SIMPLIFY – is the keystone goal that will help you the most this year. I can feel it! So excited to see you in B-School 🙂

  43. Ah Marie,
    Thank you for being you. I get your emails, read them, but have not engaged on your website – this is the first time. I have been watching you over a couple of years now and have seen how you’ve morphed your craft into something really unique and special. It’s been inspiring to see!

    I have a few dreams and I don’t know which one will thrive the most but they all are important.

    One is and the longest one I have been working on is providing women with childbirth education online since 1998. My website has changed with the technology but not the traffic. It’s now a blog – current with the times. I just finished an 8 video series which was really challenging. There are no bells and whistles, just me talking and doing a recorded presentation. It’s probably boring as hell – but I did it!

    What strikes me most about your message is:
    1. you don’t have to be perfect – just do it. Actually what I learned from this is once you do it you can see where you can make things better, and it does.
    2. Sticking to the project. What I want to learn which you already have is being in a different place, and better, 12 months later because you stayed with the project!

    My other dream is to have a successful radio show. In 2007 I created it and gave up 2 years later. I thought geez… where would I be now if I had stayed with it. So I revived it and I want to experience the journey because it won’t happen unless I walk the path and stay with it. I believe it has a lot of potential.

    The other quest is to be a writer. I am self-publishing a children’s book. So we’ll see about that one!

    In all of this, it’s getting started and just doing it because the growth and improvement comes from that. I have a ways to go and it’s all good. 🙂

    Thank you for being you and helping me discover so much more.
    Happy New Year and look forward to seeing what you’re up to! 🙂

    • Hi Lesly! Just wanted to thank you for reading and watching for so long…and finally JUMPING in and sharing yourself. Love your goals. Don’t beat yourself up about not continuing with your show. Everything happens for a reason and your timing is perfect. Happy New Year to YOU 🙂

      • Marie!
        Thank you for your reply! Many never do and I am so appreciative … yes. I forgot the peice – things happen for a reason and the timing is just right for where I am. Thank you for the reminder! 🙂

  44. Hi Marie
    Well said – so important to just get started and be willing to take imperfect action.
    My vision for this year includes:
    1. A massive adventure – me, husband and son moving from Ireland to Vancouver, Canada to live (all part of our design life plans)
    2. Upgrade my business model – after having a predominantly offline business for many years, I used 2012 to experiment with online programmes and products. As a result going to be rolling out my first online store over the next few months.
    3. Be wildly healthy, fit, happy, fulfilled whilst living life large with a business that serves me and my life and surrounded by a terrific community of family, friends and business partners.

    • BEAUTIFUL Ali!! Love all of this…I got excited for you just reading it!

  45. Lisa Joy

    Wow, Marie. . . great video to launch the new year! As always, Thank You for sharing your experience and expertise so generously! I am setting the intention to get my website up and running by the spring, and to shoot a welcome video on my About Me page!

    Wishing you continued success + bliss in 2013! –Lisa Joy

  46. Hi Marie,

    One of the most helpful things I have heard you say is that action brings clarity. In 2013, I will be taking action to continue clarifying my sexuality education, consultations and writing business in person and online. Whatever I do, I want to do to my best ability. So, it has, also, been helpful to keep in mind that it does not have to be perfect and I can start before I am ready. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing what you offer in 2013.

    • susan

      thanks Susan Miranda for pointing that out clearly: action! reinforces the go forwardness of this op for me in health, business, art. thnaks!

  47. Great video today, Marie. You’re right, very encouraging. I dabbled in video for awhile but got really discouraged because of people’s negative comments. I totally regret letting others opinions dictate what paths I try to lay out for myself. One of my goals for 2013 is to start up with my videos again and just run with it, do what feels good and ignore the haters!

    • Hey Leanne! If you’re talking about comments on YouTube, it can be a really negative and vile space. Don’t let that (or anyone) stop you. In regards to negativity, I love this.

      “Every human communication is either a loving expression or a cry out for help.” Great reframe! Keep rocking.

  48. Good morning and Helllo Marie. Thank you so much for inspiring others to be their best selves. This segment really hit home and it reminded me that no matter what, begin building your dreams. I appreciate this message more than you ever know. Have an awesome Year!

    Thank you for all that you do… Love you!

  50. Rosie

    I say this out of love: your videos just don’t inspire me like they used to. No more business tips or tricks, no more easy steps to creating a business and life I love. It’s becoming more and more about Marie and less about what her early followers jumped on the bandwagon for: YouTube videos that equip us with business know how. That was a substance critique, though I have one regarding appearance. Man, I just don’t connect with the Marie’s looks anymore. She seemed like a real down-to-earth gal with her cozy brick background and casual clothing. But if fancy lighting and clothing is what you like best, then gon’ do your own thang.

    Happy new year!

  51. Happy New Years everyone! Great video Marie! I loved learning about your journey up to now 🙂

    I have a great feeling about 2013, so much so that I chose “Adventure” as my word for this year. Exciting, right?! I finally feel ready to make some giant leaps in my life like:

    * Launching my life coaching biz (focused on providing support, clarity and direction)
    * Self-publishing my first non-fiction young adult novel, Just Breathe
    * Publishing a few eBooks and eCourses I have in the works
    * Becoming certified to teach yoga
    * Receiving my Reiki Level 2 certification
    And lots more!!

    Honestly, you’re videos, articles and general support have taught me so much over the last several months. So THANK YOU for being you and inspiring so many of us to follow our dreams.


  52. Happy New Year, Marie and Team Forleo! Thank you for showing your progression. I LOVE “there is no such thing as an overnight success!” You better preach, girl! So many people think they can just show up, and KABOOM they are successful. It takes years of step-by-step work to “BLOW UP!”

    My vision for this year is to teach classes at The School for the Confident Woman on: crafting your message, sharing your message in the media, and writing your signature speech/talk. I’m launching my first class this month…it ain’t gonna be perfect, but it will help so many babepreneurs who want to share their messages, but don’t know how!
    And Beth and I are cooking up a great, fun live event.
    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeveless sleeves this year! wink.wink.
    Thank you for all that you have done for us! Happy New Year from Rene and Tha McBrothas (Daniel &Adam).

    • Tangela girl, I LOVE your energy! Loved it when I watched your B-school video and every time I hear your name, I’m inspired.

      Also totally intrigued by the School for the Confident Woman – you are going to rock it!

      Happy New Year!

      Much love,

  53. My dream for the New Year is to continue building my business & to continue to inspire and nurture women. Thanks for sharing this video!! It’s just so perfect… as I’m in the same position you were 24 months ago!! Should I? Shouldn’t I… has been the question and now I know the answer!!! Full steam ahead!! happy new year!!

  54. Wow, Marie!! You are truly an amazing woman!! I “met” you on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Gabrielle and Mastin. I had heard of both of them, but not you. I am a huge fan of Gabby’s and have read all her books. Your discussion about gratitude on Oprah’s show so reasonated with me.

    I am a “wannabe” writer and write what I term “Today’s Gratitude” posts on Facebook and have developed my own website (I am a geekette by trade) who also raises and shows dogs on the side.

    In January 2013, I will be a published author in a local magazine in Southeastern WIsconsin that celebrates its first anniversary and yours truly scored a writing gig with them called “Embrace Gratitude.” I am so psyched. It was all through a series of synchronicities that brought me to this place.

    My BIGGEST dream is to build a new home. I currently live with 6 (yup) count ’em: Twister, Drifter, Scorch, Rainy, Crescent and Dazzle (Gordon Setters) who need new digs. I have been planning this since my divorce, but I always get stuck on the “money” part. How can I do this? I am always doubting that the money will be there….I need to get that out of my head. I have a fabulous mortgage broker, but I find that stepping out into this is “scary.”

    Can you address this issue of “scariness” for those of us afraid to take the leap into home building, dating at 50+ and other things like that?

    I’d be most appreciative and love all you do!!

    In gratitude,

    Peggy DaValt

  55. Thanks for this fabulous video, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Last night when I wrote out my intentions for 2013, producing more video was at the top of my list. I am a vegan personal chef & health coach, and videos are a big part of how I share my message. I shoot cooking videos, and I really want to take them on the road…traveling show!
    I also want to produce more informational content.

    I feel so inspired to keep doing my videos. I’m excited to see where this journey is going to take me!

    You can check my videos out on youtube:

    Health, Happiness & Nourishment,


    Thank you Marie for this video!! I’ve started doing videos only to stop because of lack of focus or just discouragement, but seeing your timeline has helped tremendously!

    The past year for me was definitely one of change and focus. This year I too want to get back into video and am finding what it is that is special for me. Being visually impaired, coming from a rough background, and knowing adversity, people talk to me all the time about how to build self confidence and get inspiration. So I will be working on helping people build self esteem and finding what it is they are meant to be through video and blogging.

    I wish everyone a fantabulously awesome New Year!! <3

  57. Hey Marie & Team-
    Love your videos you have helped inspire me to keep working on my own training business. I started my business in August of 2012 and found your videos in October of 2012 and joined B-school for this upcoming March. I’m so excited and what I want to do in the coming year is keep helping women achieve their fitness goals and inspire them to do things they never thought possible.

    • Awesome Andrea! Excited to “see you” in class 🙂

  58. Thanks, Marie, for being my role model for using video! I’m still in the “webcam” stage, and even with just that it’s been a terrific tool for my business so far. Looking forward to all the great stuff you have in store for 2013! Cheers!

    • Webcams are AWESOME Heidi. No matter what, the message is always the most important.

  59. Hi Marie!!

    First time commenter – long time viewer 🙂 I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to help business owners like me achieve the business and life goals that we set! I look forward to your videos each week and am also so stinkin excited for 2013 and what I hope it will bring in my business!

    Thanks again – you are fabulous 🙂


    • WOO HOO Nena! Thanks for stepping out and saying hi 😉

  60. Hi Marie. Thank you! Thank you! This was right on time. I took B-school and applied what you taught and I now have 2000 followers, which for me is AWESOME. Your video totday taught me two things. One, you followed your own intuition. I have had a few people comment and make suggestions that at times have stalled my progress as I try to be all things to all people based on their comments. But I kept coming back to my instincts. It may be wrong but I won’t know that unless I implement. The second thing is how you started your video success. I have been trying to figure out how to make mine as good as yours and now I realize I need to start at my own pace trusting my own instincts and moving at my own pace. You continue to inspire and I appreciate your transparency and letting us in to see your beginnings.

    The one step I am making in 2013 is to be more fearless. Specifically, I am putting myself in front of the camera in print and video since my site appeals to the plus size woman its one of the biggest fears they face. I can’t tell them to change if I am not willing to right?

    Like my page on Facebook!!/WorthHerWeight

  61. Any

    I always wondered where that Brick Wall was, and if it was real! Love the flash backs to see how Marie TV started.

    I started a digital magazine, towards the end of 2012, dedicated to helping homeless pets find homes through adoptions, rescue organizations, and foster homes. It is titled Shelter Pet Magazine and is available for iPads and iPhones in the App Store. It’s been sort of a slow start, working out problems that come up, so slow has been fine. It has been fun to do though and I hope to grow and refine it more in 2013.

    • Sending you great vibes for continued growth in 2013 Any!

  62. I’ve got a lot of ongoing goals & action plans that I’m always working on.

    One area I’m going to focus more on is making girlfriends. Since I moved to the ‘big city’ 4 years ago I haven’t made any lifelong girlfriends like the group I have in my hometown. I do social media and work from home which is awesome but it makes it a lot harder to make real life bonds with people. I am also single so I can’t tap into a bf network of girlfriends. Annnd even though I live in the capitol city, my house is in the middle of nowhere, so no neighbors, no stores.

    I’ve decided the first action step I will take is to join a yoga class. My thoughts are there will be mostly women in attendance and I will be able to see them on the regular to be able to get to know them.

    Step two is to invite some gals that are social media ‘friends’ to a real life lunch.

    If anyone has any other ideas on how to meet meaningful friends I would love to incorporate them.

    • Hello Kristie! Nice to meet you! What city do you live in? I am currently in New York, however, I travel all over the place. Would love to meet up with you in person one of these days! The best way to get in contact with me is add me as a friend on Facebook at and then we can connect. 🙂 I am considering moving to Texas or California one of these days.

  63. Happy New Year!
    I’m so grateful to you for being one of the people who inspires me and helped me in creating an amazing 2012. And 2012 was the year I started creating the foundation for what’s already shaping up to be a phenomenal 2013!
    My weekly video series is a year old today, and with the consistency of just showing up and weekly and serving my viewers, slowly but surely my list has almost doubled. And I’m having a great time doing it!
    A lot of my vision for 2013 is an outgrowth of projects that started in 2012 – including the birth of my first baby due at the end of February! We’re really excited. I became pregnant right at the beginning of B-School, so still have so much from the modules to work through and apply – and I know that my Life, my business and my creativity will only continue to grow and thrive as a result.
    Huge gratitude and love to you!

  64. Hi Marie,
    I have been reading your encouraging words for about two months. I want to thank you for the support that you give to people who reach out to you. I appreciate all the free knowledge that you give your readers to get started to start their own business. You are the BOMB!!! I have had the vision to start my Aerobic Fitness business and have financial freedom for over 20 years. I am 47 years old. Every time in the past I have attempted to get started something always came up that prevented me from moving forward. Recently I began praying and asking God, “when is it my turn?”. His response was NOW!! Out of now where opportunities start showing up.
    God blessed me with a space that could hold at least 50 people. The rent is reasonable and the owner said he understand the process of starting a new business and that he would work with me if my start up capital is low, anyway he can help me he’s willing. I needed music equipment and other things. Discounted brand new equipment started flowing my way. People offering help, God bought a man into my life and all he want is my happiness and will do what it takes for me to be successful. To me it does not get any better than that. I’m nervous at the time excited. I’m going to need you Marie your support is vital. Thank you Marie for all that you do. You are truly appreciated. We love you, Girl!!!!!!
    PS NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! (have a plan then work your plan) Best wishes to everyone in 2013 may all your dreams, visions come true. love and peace. Put your FAITH in GOD then watch the blessings flow. Love ya, Robin Clark

  65. Perfect timing! I’m off to a five day hideaway just to focus on the video aspect of my new thang for 2013!

    Here’s the plot: I’ll continue to work with business owners through my Mountain Time program, while phasing out a la carte consultations (part of my intention to make my face time the premium product, now well under way thanks to some Marie advice of yore). I’ve hired a team to begin New Thang development and am taking my homework, the stuff only I can do, to my sweetie’s ranch to percolate! That includes the video component and funding. I appreciate the reminder that small starts are not just fine, but as one other commenter mentioned, better for allowing the surprises space for resolution.

    Between noodlings, I’ll hop onto my sled for some chilly whooshes that will make the hot tub that much lovelier. Pals will join me later in the week with their own sketch pads in hand.

    All the best to all my peers here and beyond Marietvland, and of course to you Marie! Just struck me this is the year we’ll meet, so I’ll be watching extra closely for your latest face time opportunities. At the least to thank you in person for the impact of your work. At the most, for more hoarding of good ideas and vibes.

  66. Happy New Year Marie! Thank you for posting this. My big goal for 2013 is to really focus on building my blog and web presence through my site You have inspired me once again to just start doing it, rather than waiting to be “perfect”. I’m going to take action toward that goal today by creating time and space to write and working on my editorial calendar.

  67. Love it Marie! It’s so awesome to see where you started with Marie TV, especially since I’m starting to really focus on video now myself and my goal is just to make each episode better than the last. Congrats on your 2nd year anniversary!

    My vision for 2013 is to up my game in all areas, starting with completely rebuilding with the amazing Marie Poulin. Realizing how important teams are for the success of any business, building out my team and bringing on more people to help me achieve my ultimate vision is something I’ll focus on for the next couple months. I feel like it’s going to be a big big year and I’m so pumped to dive into it!

    Wishing you an amazing 2013 Marie! xoxo

  68. Love this “behind the scenes” focus. I’ve been following your videos since they were webcam. Thanks for showing how great success is about evolution not just jumping immediately to the shiny “arrived” place. Will share this with my clients. Happy 2013!

  69. Cheryl

    Happy new year Marie & company. I’m a retired professional so my goals are more personal than business related. This year my motto is “clean and green in 2013”. I’ve already taken the advice of the fabulous Kris Carr and changed my eating habits; am a student in A Course in Miracles to get closer to my inner guide, and now my goal is to love myself more. Yes, this year is going to be about me learning to love myself completely so that I can take that love into the world and make it a much better place. Thank you for being one of my guides in this endeavor. You ROCK Marie!!

  70. Happy New Year Marie.

    Start the year watching a video of you is the most inspiring there.

    This year 2013 will be full of prosperity, that if for all who take action.

    Greetings from Spain.

  71. I’m so excited to go through B-school this year. Making the commitment to myself was the first step!
    Truth is, my work studio is a hot mess with all the upgrades I’ve been adding to it, so my first step for 2013 is to make my outer space match my inner landscape..not going to lie, in this moment my studio is a hot mess, but today I clean, re organize, and get serious! Thanks Marie TV

  72. Jennifer

    Great show today! Thank you.

    I describe what I do as a cross between a Dream Weaver and an Executive Recruiter. NOW to figure out what that means, and how to capture the awesomeness of this venture.

  73. Alexia Anastasio

    Hi Marie and her fabulous warm and friendly community!

    I very excited to share my goals of 2013.

    First I decided my theme would be “Utter Bliss”

    And on my vision board I am focusing on finishing a number of big projects including:

    1. Finishing my feature length script

    2. Booking a comedy TV series that I created and star in.

    3. Finish my documentary on girls with natural red hair – still casting if you know of anyone? Please contact me.

    4. Finalize the big move from NY to Los Angeles in March.

    5. Make Yoga more of a habit in my life. Just started doing hot Yoga and warm Vinyasa and love it. Want to try other techniques and find a god studio in LA near studio city.

    6. Continue to get my feature documentary about Oscar nominated animator Bill Plympton, Adventures in Plymptoons! out there in the world. It is now available on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon in the US and will be on TV in Italy. My goal is to inspire as many people as I can with the film as an example that you can be a working artist as do what you love.

    And lastly to continue to learn everyday, inspire and have fun while doing it!

    Much happiness and bliss in 2013!

    Gingerly yours,


  74. Very inspirational – thank you, Marie!

    Absolutely bang on – just get started! I’ve learned a lot in the last year in the process of getting my website up and in getting people interested in what I offer. The lessons and inspiration I have received from this site have been very useful, thanks.

    I’m very excited about the year to come. I have created a new way of looking at a very old oracle (Geomancy). I know that giving readings is not to everyone’s taste, but amongst those who already do so the new approach seems to appeal. I feel that the potential help and to enrich people’s lives could explode very soon, and I’m looking forward to the challenges to come!

    (If you want to know what I’m talking about you can take a look here: ) :-))

    Thanks for all your posts Marie, and keep up the great work! Happy new year to you!

  75. Happy New Year!

    My business (Phydeaux Designs) grew by leaps and bounds in 2012 (if you haven’t taken Rich Happy and Hot yet folks … do it!!!). I more than tripled my gross revenue, had my first profitable year (woo hoo!) and have a product (hand dyed yarn) that is getting great feedback in a pretty saturated market.

    2013 will be a pivotal year for me and my biz. I woke up today super excited to kick things off. Today I’m spending the day … planning! Something I never ever have time to do as a one person operation. I have very concrete financial goals this year, which requires strategic planning with specific action steps at specific intervals. I *could* just fly by the seat of my pants and jump right into the dye pots today and will likely make my financial goals, but if I don’t take time to do this today … I never will. And my year will be stressful, rather than planned out.

    Loved hearing your own retrospective, Marie – hard to believe that MarieTV is only two years old. Thank you!

  76. Marie – thank you for the New Years episode!
    It’s inspiring to take a look back and see how it all progressed. Thank you for your transparency.
    Last year I quit my job to write my second cookbook.
    This year I am taking a big leap and starting a healthy eating and well-being coaching business (I’m not going to call myself a coach, I just haven’t figured out another name yet).
    I took your advice from a past episode of Marie TV and found 15 people who are willing to try out my service for free in return for a quote and a referral. This year I would like to organize my business in such a way that it holds the most possible value for my customers.
    I know that I will one day look back and be entertained by my first go with my first 15 clients!
    Thank you for your inspiration and continued support.
    Happy New Year to you and your team.

  77. I just broke up with my beau after 2 years. I was planning to move out of country with him. That is no longer an option. So, I have my eye on a few mystery states that I feel will help my business prosper. My plan is to create my first six figure business while helping more holistic practitioners. I choose to do this while living in different states and countries until I decide which one is the perfect fit for me.

  78. Marie, thanks for your awesome work! My vision for 2013 – to continue to share my message of SELF-LOVE to the world via my website which I gave birth to about 4 months ago.

  79. Ngoc Khong

    Hi Marie and Team Forleo, yeah, success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. To tell the truth, I’m really amazed to know the history of MarieTV. Keep up the good work, Team Forleo, you guys are amazingggg!!! <3

    For me 2012 was a great year because I learned a lot from my ups and downs. Last year I left AIESEC, a student-run organization, because it wasn't a good fit anymore and I knew I had to do something bigger; I got to know this website and MarieTV thanks to Ramit Sethi; I did a lot of self-discovering and self-reflection etc. oh so much that I can't tell just in one comment. 😛 This year 2013 is gonna be a big leap because I'm gonna graduate (Yay!) and start my own project 😀

    And hey you guys here! Thank you so much, your stories motivate me a lot. You are inspiration to me. Good luck and Happy New Year to all of you!

    Love from Vietnam
    Ngoc Khong

  80. Marie,

    I have been following you for years and had forgotten the early videos of you at your computer. It was a wonderful gift for you to share your humble beginnings with us, to show me that if you can do it, so can I! Great New Year’s video. Loved it. Busting out the tripod and camera as I write this. Thank you. Congratulations to you as well. Many Blessings.

  81. Happy New Year Marie! Thank you for being my constant source of inspiration. I have grown SO MUCH personally and professionally since joining B School in August. My BIGGEST lesson in the whole journey has been not worrying about being perfect and just beginning where I am. Making videos has been one of the best things I have done and goodness knows they are never perfect, but they are such a beautiful way to get my message across and as long as I have enhanced one person’s life I know it’s worth it. Thanks for reminding us all of that. MWAH!

  82. Happy New Year mama Marie!!!
    It seems like a New Years trend for first time commenting! I have been a looong time fan of Marie TV, did B-School last year, and attended RHHLive (which by the way is LIFE CHANGING!!!) but have never raised my hand, so to speak…
    Part of my vision for this year is to engage and put myself out there more. I tend to be a voyeur and not a participate. I’m ready to let go of my need to say the right thing and be accepted. Time to live out loud!
    Big things are already on the table for 2013:
    1- Website/Branding redo…already hired a designer, developer, and branding expert. You have helped me SO much with realizing I can NOT do everything myself. Hiring someone to help me achieve my vision is huge for me!
    2- Continue to grow my Pilates studio. I have had amazing success in our first year and we continue to grow. We are a co-op and allow instructors to build their own business and rent our space. It’s amazing to see this need in my industry filled. My teachers are loving their independence and embracing entrepreneurship
    3- I also plan to grow and develop my coaching and mentorship part of my business. I realized the need when my fellow Pilates instructors were asking me how I did this and that. I have been thinking about going through a coaching program to increase my skills (loved to know your thoughts on this Marie;) I plan to create a product and seminar to address their business needs and questions this year, as well as continue to do my private coaching and build that as well…

    Thank you for your inspiration and the community you provide. I have met SO many amazing women through your programs! Inspiration abounds!

    Here’s to the best year ever!

    From the core,

  83. Hi guys,

    2012 has been an interesting year for me with a lot of change and starts. I left my job of 10 years and started a blog I have started to become consistent with the writing, My goal is to be a speaker, writer, motivator, entrepreneur. I love to talk and am a good speak (I was a professor). I noticed that when I would talk to friends who have read my blog I would end up still telling them the stories that were blog posts. I always thought – if its in my blog why would they want to hear my talk about it? Am I wrong about this? I was afraid of redundancy but can have vlogs about what you already blogged about? ( I know the answer in my head is yes cause I have seen it) but id like to get feedback from the community. BTW, my website is

    thank you and happy new years!

  84. Yes! I love this because everyone always thinks that things just happen overnight. An overnight success usually takes about 10 years, at least that’s been my experience. 😉

    Thank you for the breakdown, especially since I’m going to be taking my online videos up to the next level and this is really inspiring!

    • Nathalie,
      Well put! Things happen slowly…and we have to keep at it.
      I’ve been watching your videos and they are great! Can’t wait to see what your ‘next level’ brings.
      Keep rockin it,

    • Nathalie — I already think your videos are fab so can’t wait to see what happens when you take it to the next level!

      happy new year!!

  85. Tiffany

    Hi Marie,

    I had literally came across MarieTV days ago and I have to tell you that it’s a must see for me everyday, very inspiring and you managed to answer almost every question I have had when starting and maintaining a business. For 2013 I plan to officially launch my Human Resources consulting company to help small businesses. Sometimes I kick myself because I have another business venture that I believe with generate the most fullfilling life for me but requires patents which takes time and money so Im trying to learn patience this year and understand that with building things from scratch it takes time, I just hope I started the right business first as I need it to help with the second one that I’m most passionate about.

  86. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this episode. For a recovering perfectionist like me this was exactly what I needed to hear. It’s something I always struggle with – wanting to be perfect in everything I do. While it helps to push me for excellence, most of the time it prevents me from just getting sh*t done.
    2012 was a year of taking my life back under my control – I overhauled my diet, exercise and career direction and feel like a different person now. My vision for 2013 is growing my coaching business by reaching out to more people and helping them take control of their lives and love every moment. My first action is this post. I have been a silent observer for most of my life, branded myself as reserved and shy. But after the transformations I’ve gone through I feel like that label is weighing me down. So this year I’m committing to coming out of my shell and really engaging with the world. I’m looking forward to the journey 🙂

    • “Recovering Perfectionist” Love it Assel and know exactly what you mean, I’ve been doing the same thing.

  87. Thank you for that breakdown! It makes me feel better about the direction in which I am heading. I actually met with a new web developer/ host yesterday and told him how many hits a day I am getting on my site. He was blown away by the fact that I have so many for a site that was just completed in August.

    But what I know is that I started on wordpress, while I was working at a desk job, just interested in fitness.

    Then I was laid off, became a personal trainer, and hosted my own site,, to get it off of wordpress hosting.

    As my facebook fanpage picked up, as did my readership, more people wanted to hire me as a trainer. I would email them workouts, and they would mail me CHECKS. Yep. paper checks and snail mail.

    Now I have my own website, fully functioning with multiple levels and much more professional interactions.

    Now, my vision for 2013 is just a total vision of success. I am going to help more people than ever get the body and life they love!

    • Hi
      I love your website and am in the process of rebranding mine. Did you feel that wordpress was helpful in your getting additional hits? I have heard that its SEO/Google friendly but not sure yet whether to pull the trigger on doing a blog using one of their templates.


  88. Kimberly

    Happy New Year Marie and Forleo Team!
    I have been anxiously waiting for you to reappear. What a great message to hear. I am still rewriting my material and trying to figure out the best equipment that is reasonably priced with good sound, etc. Your right…do something and course correct. My vision is cloudy and therefore my plan is too. Okay-so I am committing myself here (with you all) to work consistently on my website and finish it by March 1st!
    You always inspire me! Thank you for listening to your higher self and following your dreams. Its nice to know you don’t do it all by yourself….

  89. Thank you for sharing your growth over the years. This was a great reminder that things do not need to be perfect out of the gate. I have some great things planned for 2013 that I never thought would be possible a couple of years ago. I am so excited to work with some new amazing undiscovered and future celebrities in their field this year! Happy 2013 Marie and everyone in Marie TV land. 🙂

  90. Hi Marie and team!
    Another first-time commenter here- woot woot! I started watching during the brick-wall-era and always look forward to MarieTV Tuesdays!

    I loved this video- so inspiring. I’m done standing in my own way. I have always been a “perfectionist” and never wanted to release anything that seemed amateur or anything less than the vision in my head.

    Ring, ring- WAKE UP CALL!

    2013 is my year to step it up and put myself out there! Thanks for the push. xo

  91. Hi Marie,

    This is a really great episode, which inspired me a lot. It actually shows how powerful perseverance can really be and how important it is to simply get started from where you are and build over time. Thank you for sharing it with us! It is very relevant to me, since I too am just starting off with my own business idea.

    As for 2013, I feel it will be a year of expansion and renewal. I prefer not to set any resolutions, and to choose a guiding motto instead, because experience has shown to me that I get much more things done this way and I allow myself to be open for even more opportunities for growth:

    I wish you a wonderful new year, packed with amazing experiences, growth and success and filled with joy and happiness. I am truly grateful for having discovered your videos. And happy anniversary to Marie TV!

  92. Great video – thank you for sharing that and happy new year.

    2013 feels like a new start in many personal ways. Last year was about transition and recuperation. 2013 is about realisation.

    My vision for the year is all about 3 projects:

    1. Write more plays for my business and look at ways of improving the service I offer.

    2. Launch a new social networking site with my husband.

    3. Finish my novel to the point where it’s ready to send off to agents and publishers.

    Wish me luck.

  93. Happy Birthday Everyone. Isn’t that it feels like a bit? As though our time is anew and that “perfect” start has finally approached. I read something yesterday at work by Dr. Susan Biali that awoken a part of my 2013 that I am grateful for; Dr. Biali’s story intrigued me and now when I see an article by her, I know I’ll take away one bit of knowledge to marinate on for a bit. She discussed “waiting” to begin progress towards your goal. A friend once told me he felt love was a matter of luck and timing. Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean there is a time in which we wait for, it means that time may always be now if that’s what we make of it. After thinking about these concepts for a bit, I thought I would put my inner critic to rest and sign-up to become a Zumba instructor. I have my training in January and I feel such expansive excitement (wink) now. I am working on my play list now for my first class. The time is now. I am not waiting on a sign from the unknown to tell me when my life is ready to happen; the time is always now. This is my first goal, to become a fitness instructor (part-time). My full-time job is with an insurance carrier. I plan to complete insurance education this year as well. My first exam is January 15th and I have to say, it is a great challenge to keep studying when I could be practicing Zumba.
    My personal challenge this year is making more friends. I’ll admit, this is difficult for me. I have a difficult time knowing when someone is a friend or a foe(or a hater, rather). Perhaps this concept is something you can expand on Marie; how do you build your network of friends?
    Happy Birthday Everyone.

  94. Holly


    Thank you, thank you for the constant inspiration! I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have found you and to have the opportunity to be a part of B-School 2013. I am so looking forward to what I know will be an amazing year for all of us.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone else at MarieTV!


  95. I think it’s so cool that you share where you started. I remember seeing a video years back when your entire biz model was different. I’m sure most of us are the same. It’s so important just to take “A” step.

    For me this year is the continual journey of being a first time mom.
    Creating and producing my online video course ( already in the works)
    Launching my baby product the SnuggWugg® already in the works Huggies gave me a $15,000 grant for that and I’m so excited.

    And I think I’ll be doing more video as well I’m better on screen then writing LOL. I think it’s just easier to run my mouth 🙂
    Thanks for sharing where you began because it helps everyone know that we all start somewhere.

    Appreciate you very much!

  96. Amanda @ SpiritualSweat

    Hey Marie,
    This video was perfect timing for me! I am just starting to make YouTube videos and I have this deep feeling that I am meant to do more of them. How do I know? Because I have so much freakin’ fun making them and I am just flooded with ideas!

    Something my Dad told me the other day is to just start anywhere. This helps me a lot to remember because even though I still, for the life of me, connot figure out how to correctly focus my camera, I know I just need to continue getting my ideas out. I have faith that it will grow into something even bigger than I dream of now. Thanks for a wonderful video.


  97. Great episode! Happy New Year!

  98. Thank you so much, Marie! This was exactly what I needed to hear today. You are such a bright, sassy light in the world! Happy New Year~

  99. Omg. I LOVE this. So inspiring to see that these videos I love had humble beginnings. Thanks so much for sharing your insight and wisdom Marie. Look forward to watching in 2013.

  100. I love this! I’m getting ready to start my own video series and it’s always great to be reminded that your amazing show started the same as mine will. Laptop and web cam. 🙂 Lots of love to you, Marie TV is awesome! xo

  101. Love it!
    Thank you for sharing how you got started, Marie! It is so inspiring to see especially since too often we are afraid to take that first leap because want everything to be perfect! The key like you said is just getting started and improving as you go. I started doing my first videos last year and finished the year with close to 20 interviews, and I can already see the improvement.
    My BHAG for 2013 is to support 500 women entrepreneurs overcome the overwhelm in launching their first digital product or service. I already have a plan in place, now to start taking action!

  102. Claudia

    Hi Marie,

    Happy New Years! Feliz Ano Nuevo! I wish you, your team, and your audience an amazing 2013 with so much LOVE!
    I am in the process of writing an e-book to help young women see their uniqueness and the amazing qualities that are within. I hope to be able to also put together a program based on the same principles. As a woman and a mom, I see how easily we can lose sight of these things. It is my hope that I can make a difference in the lives of women around the globe.

    I love your content! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2013.

  103. Hi Marie,
    I LOVE Marie TV!! I’m an ESL teacher and have taught in companies, private homes, jungle villages and all kinds of educational institutions in different countries. For the last few years I’ve been teaching at home, being a ‘homestay’ host teacher for those who come to learn English with me. I love it. Now I have a new plan; to take it a step further and teach with Skype using the free audio feature that Skype to Skype has available. This is very exciting to me as students from all over the world can study with a native speaker without having to travel anywhere. Travelling can be great fun and educational as well, but not everyone can afford it. I’ll target people in industrialised countries to make a living, but also have free lessons available for people in 3rd world countries. If it’s totally free it might not be appreciated, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. That’s where I’m at. Thanks for reading!

  104. Happy New Year Marie and Team Forleo!

    My absolute favorite videos of yours are the ones where you take us back to where you were at the beginning — it’s inspiring, and keeps it real for the peeps. Thank you!

    In my vision for 2013, I have a thriving coaching practice where I work with smarty pants women who know they are ready to be ‘that’ girl. For this year, I am planting my tuchus in front of the webcam and talking to me audience with video! I loved doing it for a course I wrote and KNOW that it’s where my future is too. I have been daydreaming about the set in my office and how I want the background to look, but think that that is just resistance talking. I am totally going pro in ’13!

    As for today – my small step is getting my body in motion – outdoors for a run. Nothing can happen if my bod isn’t feeling good.

    Much love to you!

  105. Thank you for a very encouraging episode, and happy New Year’s to you!

    I am turning the corner right now from dreaming about my life that is waiting for me sometime in the future, to actually planning how to make it happen.
    2012 has been a very eye opening year for me. I realized how much time I’ve wasted (27 years heh) instead of living fully. I am determined not to make that mistake again. Boosts like this help me keep it going.

  106. Ahhh Marie, I feel like you are speaking right too me. I love what you said about waiting for the right time and holding back until things are perfect. My big vision for 2013 is to stop thinking & waiting for the “perfect” time and start DOING. I have the passion, the ideas the drive – I just need to DO.

    For one, I want to grow my health coaching practice!

    I’m so glad I’ve finally found my niche – that is helping women in their 20s build a better relationship with food and their body. I had a horrible relationship with myself & my body most of my teenage life, all the way until my young 20s – I ate diet everything, was obsessed with the scale, stayed in from dinners with friends because I was afraid to “indulge.” It wasn’t until I started living my LIFE, really living it that I got to a happy, healthy, incredible place that I am today.

    2. I also want to teach people how to eat better for themselves and their families with REAL, fresh, quality ingredients. My boyfriend and I have a business model that we’re close to launching – and we just need to DO it.

    Thanks again for such an inspirational post. Happy 2013 to all!

  107. Thanks so much Marie for this burst of honesty and inspiration to start the New Year!!

    My vision for 2013 – get completely out of my comfort zone and start making a MAJOR impact on the lives of women and girls. How? A fully booked coaching practice of 20 hours a week and 50 Mom and Daughters Inc workshops plus speaking gigs. Knowing it will move and change women to move straight into their good!

  108. This year I am going to:

    1. Find a well-paying job that utilizes my skills.
    2. Finish my business plan and begin to operate my new business while saving money for investment.
    3. Keep making vegan cooking videos!

    Two things I can do RIGHT NOW to make this happen are:

    1. Apply for a job I found that might be perfect for me.
    2. Apply for a small business finance course I found out about that you can pay for on a sliding scale that happens here in NYC.
    3. Do some editing on my latest cooking video!

    THE END. (Or is it the beginning? LOL)

    PS- Udo, I feel you! Just found out my site is scheduled to go down tomorrow! Time to pay bills 😛

    • michelle duncan

      Hi there Anita. I love your long term and short term goal setting.
      I too live here in NYC and have a beauty business. I am in the process of launching a product line and am looking for ways to finance it.
      I am very interested in the small business finance course you mentioned here.
      Would you care to share the info for this course with me?
      I would be very grateful

      • Michelle,

        Here you go: There is also a free one-time course in Small Business Finance offered through NYC Small Business Services. Each borough also has it’s own programs. also has some bangin’ business courses, available from anywhere, all free! I am enrolled in Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies and Introduction to Finance, both start later this month. You should enroll so we can study together!

        By the time I decided to become an entrepreneur, there was no money left for more school. I feel lucky to live in this city where there are so many resources available for all!


  109. Oh my!
    What a great inspirational video to start the new year. Happy New Year! It’s going to be an awesome year for many, many people including me and you, Marie.
    I’m glad for that quote you posted. 2013 will be about vision. With vision, plan and action come abundance proseprity. I already got my my website up. I have been working on and will continue to revamp it, one of my mini goals for the earlier part of 2013. Another project that I’m currently working on is my book, and I hope to have it epublished by the end of Spring 2013. I’m so excited about my new projects for this year and my ever quest of expanding my spiritual gifts.
    Wish everyone a Happy, Happy New Year!
    Love & light!

  110. Marie, thank you for making this. I was actually thinking about you last night, wondering about the days when you were in your first year, as I am now. You read my mind…another sign of how connected you are.

    In addition to my regular yoga teaching business, I have started a program for tween girls that helps them build self esteem using yoga, art, adventure, and sisterhood. It is called Miracle Girls. For 2013 I want to see Miracle Girls explode with popularity, success and pure joy for these amazing young girls.

    Keep up the good work Marie, you inspire me everyday.

  111. Happy New Year, all! And thank you, Marie for another wonderful video. This one was particularly timely for me because I have a healthy cooking blog and, for some time, I have been considering doing some videos (which would take me far outside my comfort zone, but might really increase my exposure). I am a certified health coach and would like to grow my readership and, ultimately, offer some online programs and write a health/cookbook. I’m looking forward to growing my brand in 2013 and I take the fact that you posted this video to mean that the Universe is urging me toward this new endeavor. Thanks again and many blessings to you all on the coming year!


  112. My vision is to solidify my Sexy Focused Ambitious brand and a few of the sub-brands related to this. I’ve realized my entire life must change so this can be relevant. I’ll be working on my vision boards to further strengthen the vision.

    And while it sounds crazy, I’ll be gifting thousands of dollars of services and products to offline and online clients so I can hone my skills and gather more testimonials. The goal is to give away as much value as possible so that when my products and services are live and ready for sale, I have a good amount of experience and buzz with my target audiences.

    My podcast, which I’ve been incredibly shy about, is also going to get a lot more action. I’ve lined up several really great names to appear on the show, and I think it’s all about starting with what I have – much like you did – and allowing the process to develop naturally on the journey.

    Thanks for this amazing video. I love you.

  113. I’m inspired and looking forward to January. I have a trade show in New York, a very scary prospect, but I’m thinking big!

  114. I loved seeing where marie tv began! Thank you for sharing! My vision for 2013: in 2012 I went undercover. I spent days not talking to anyone except my kids and husband. I was depressed, discouraged and pissed off. Even though the gurus tell us to get out of our homes; it was the greatest gift I could ever give myself. My vision for 2013 is to piss some people off because that is what I am most afraid of. I don’t mean that I am going to be a b*tch just to be one; but instead to step into and acknowledge my power stand up for my beliefs and allow others to not like me and let them go with love.

    With that being said; I am building a revolution where women no longer live by the society standards that are dysfunctional and harmful; such as the skinnier the more valuable and wearing stress as a badge of honor.
    Instead; I am committed to ruffling some feathers by helping women take back their energy, vitality, sex appeal and bodies “their way.” Imagine a female society that bounds out of bed ready to start the day, who refuse to allow others to determine their worth and eat, sleep, exercise and sex it up. Just typing that was pretty darn seductive! Happy New Year Everyone!

  115. Hi Marie,

    I’ve been watching your videos for a year as I have always wanted to be a small business owner. Me and my partner finally decided to take the leap spending all of 2012 creating our business. We just launched our store Southern Hospitality where we sell natural foot care products: The vision for 2013 is to grow our business. Thanks for the inspiration Marie!

    • Hi SH!
      I love your website. You guys should market yourself wider to Whole Foods and other natural food stores like Kinky Curly did. (Kinky Curly is a natural hair product for people of color with mixed curly hair. They are found in Target and Whole Foods.) I believe you have a market. I agree with you on “Our Story” section. A lot of feet creams are too medicinal; it is a huge turnoff. You two are on the right track. I will be a future customer here in a few weeks. Excellent product! Much love on your business.

      • Thanks Ketina! We would love to get into Whole Foods. It’s definitely in our future plans along with adding videos to the site. We’re tryin’ to grow this business but it takes baby steps (as Marie notes)! We look forward to your order and think you will be very happy with your purchase!

  116. Nevin Gibson

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for your video about “video”. My wife, Elaine and I started making videos last year for our business. We have been using small handheld cameras and iphones, so your video is very very encouraging. I can now see how to gradually improve our productions by getting more help and outsourcing.
    Thanks again and have a happy healthy new year.

  117. Ha! This SOOOO came at the right time for me because not only am I using more video in 2013, but I just hired my first film crew! Aww yeah baby. Look out world! Loving these baby steps.

  118. Happy New Year Marie, Louise and Team! I’m so excited about the next months. Great seeing the MarieTV transition! From little acorns … ! I’ve just done a blog post speaking about my hopes, dreams for 2013. I was determined to blog on the first day of the New Year. I feel like it sets the tone for me and part of my goal to be more present to my followers and get my story “out there”. Thanks again for all you do and share! Excited for you and what’s in store for us all in 2013.

  119. Hi Marie,

    Team and Fabulous community here! I am so encouraged by today’s video Marie – thank you!

    In 2010 I completed a project that I called The Freebox Everyday Dance Project where made a dance video everyday for 365 days. That was a massive project that I’m proud of – but made zero money with – it was never the intention. My motto was (and still is) Sit Less, Dance More.

    This year I’m launching where I will be sharing tips on how to move your body to active your personal power and become the graceful leader you’re meant to be (like you Marie!) and I’ll be interviewing Mind/Body/Life Masters who will rock your world. I’m also launching my Shake Your A$$ets dance parties – 15 minutes of fun and focus to feel good in body/mind/and soul. And, I’m creating Retreats that I call – Salubrations (Salubrious Celebrations).

    I feel that I have a mission – to help women (and a few really cute men 🙂 embody their personal power and use it as a force for good in the world.

    Thanks for this space to declare it to the world Marie!!!

    • Jackie

      Mary – I just wrote in my journal that I was going to incorporate more physical activity into my daily life, specifically dance. Starting today, I’m having daily dance breaks! Wishing you much success on your endeavors!!

  120. I am so excited about 2013 too! I feel like this year is going to be different – in a good way!

    I liked this video because it reminded me of the importance of just doing something, even if you know it won’t be perfect. When I started doing my tarot reading videos over two years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and my camera was total crap, but i just had this overwhelming urge to make videos, so I did!

    My plans for 2013 are:
    1) Create awesome online Tarot courses for my website

    2) Make even more Tarot lesson videos for my Youtube channel and create engaging, interesting content for my site.

    3) start using my time more wisely!

    Thanks for this video – I look forward to them each week.

    • Hi Daily Tarot Girl!
      I love your website!
      Did you design it yourself? It’s very, eye catching. I’m working on adding more visuals and appeal to my website. Excellent! Much love on your website. I would love to see a video on Tarot. I do tarot reading professionally for a famous and popular online psychic advisor website.

  121. Emma

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for your videos! I have been a follower for some time now and am in the process of completing a Masters in Arts Administration and figuring out where to go from here. All of the stories on here, in comments and videos, are such great inspiration for me (and obviously for everyone else). Thank you and Happy New Year!

    • Thank YOU for watching and Happy New Year Emma!

  122. Marie – watching the evolution of MarieTV over the past 2 years has been so amazing… and getting to re-watch it here reminded me why you inspire so many women!

    I agree about doing something/anything even if it’s not perfect. If you’ve got passion, a clear idea, and something to say – you owe it to people to get it out into the world. Like I say to Fearless Launching peeps, you’re always going to want to make it better, but sometimes you just gotta say, “CBB baby CBB” (could be better) and launch.

    Love you woman!

    • Love YOU Anne!! Miss you and so great to “hear” and “see” you again in the comments. Wishing you a spectacular 2013!!! xoxo M

  123. Jackie

    Thank you so much for this video! Back in 2000, I changed my career focus from biological research to marketing/advertising/public relations. I took a leap and declared myself as a fashion and PR consultant. This lead to a “random” temp assignment in an advertising agency which has led to several jobs in advertising and marketing. However, over the past 5-6 years, I have turned into the “it must be perfect” person which is not bringing me joy. Today, I declared that 2013 is the year I stop waiting and start doing, even if it isn’t perfect. Watching your journey from 2010 to present serves as reinforcement for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  124. michelle charles duncan

    Hello Marie and your amazing team.

    I am thrilled to have enrolled in B-School and have already cleared my schedule one workday per week to devote the time to truly immerse myself in the program and all that it will teach me.

    I am looking forward to putting into action EVERYTHING I am going to learn and applying it to my businesses.

    I’m currently self employed and own a small hair studio..or as i like to call it a hair atelier. I’ve just moved to a fabulous new location located on Madison Avenue in NYC. I specialize in hair extensions and have a dream clientele that any stylist would die for.
    For the past two years, I’ve been working on launching my own hair addition line. I’ve been working through manufacturing and quality control issues. During this time, even though somewhat disappointed with how long it is taking me to launch, I have been able to refine my strategy, goals and see exactly what direction I need to be headed in.

    I will be headed to Italy in March to source new materials. I am looking forward to being inspired and renewed in my efforts. what makes me the most excited though, is that the day after I return from my trip, B-School will officially start. There could not be a better time than that to follow up what I already know will be a successful sourcing trip!!!!!

    Thank you in advance.


  125. Thanks for another fabulous video, Marie, and happy new year!

    This year, I’m focusing my efforts on Nomadtopia, and my vision is to create an awesome online program that will help people create their own Nomadtopia so they can live and work from anywhere in the world, just like I do, or simply have more freedom in their lives. It’s time to take all I’ve learned from you and others in the past couple years and make this happen!

    I’ll take action right now (well, right after dinner!) by sketching out some of my ideas for the program to talk about with my mastermind peeps.

  126. I liked seeing the progression of your show. My questions is. Where does the money come from to pay all these people? It would seem that making your videos would be very costly.I would like to have a team as well so any A’s to my Q would be very helpful. Thank you

    My intentions for 2013 are to be more mindful towards my thoughts. Well this is just one of many intentions. I am very good at keeping my intentions so I’ll keep you posted.

    • Hi Rowena,

      I love your question – I am also trying to figure out how to know what a wise investment is when it comes to this new frontier.

      Best wishes to you in 2013!

  127. Two years ago I started my very own plant nursery. SO nervous that first year, I was petrified. I put in a whole years work, what if people dont come to my sale? What if they dont like me? What if they dont like my plants? They DID come and they loved everything about it. Sold all of my small inventory and it did well enough to call a success.

    The fire was lit! Year 2, I grew three times as much inventory and the vision started to set in. Goal of a full time income to support my family, my son helping me in the gardens, a REAL family business, something to bond us and secure his future.

    Sale day approaching. I have names on a mailing list, getting emails out, telling neighbors, ad in the paper and upgraded signage. GREAT first sale, but in the end, didnt sell anymore than the previous year. Hardly enough to live on. Im not giving up.

    Thats when i realized the old saying is just as true for this business as any other part of life “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” If we continue to market the same way, were never gonna grow past where we are right now.

    its 2013 and were hitting it HARD with a whole new business plan that makes last years laughable. Studying marketing like a madwoman, have a site built with an online store. Online mailing list with a great offer. Blogging. Facebook. Forums. And its WORKING. We have new likes every day, new signups trickling in. Web traffic is increasing steadily.

    Were doing it and Im totally confident that this year will be better than last year. Its funny how that confidence makes your dreams so much clearer!

    Best of luck to everyone on ALL Of your 2013 dreams!

  128. Cindee Rifkin

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for how you contribute to the world, truly inspiring.

    My vision for this year is to serve as many people as I can through the practice of Yoga. I specialize in teaching the people who wouldn’t necessarily go to a Yoga studio but the stressed out everyday person that I can bring Yoga to them at their office. We all need a daily pause from the external world to relieve tension, help focus better and create more joy from within instead of using all the things that are temporary fillers to feel better.

    I left my job in finance four years ago and have let fear keep me from my vision but not in 2013. Your video allowed me to once again see that as long have passion and belief in my vision, all is possible. I know in my heart there is nothing else that I should be doing.

    I believe the tools I have to share will change the lives of so many and it is in the higher good that I do not cower any longer.

    To action, action, action and to be seen no matter the quality of the video.

    Much love & light to you and your family,

    • susan

      like this; best of luck! soeaks to me;-)

  129. Inspiring as always, Marie. Especially when you talk about starting, doing, rather than waiting and expecting the launch to be perfect.

    My big project for 2013 (and beyond) is to launch an online video program (and more) to focus on sustainable living and real food. I dabbled with the topic in a weekly podcast I started in September, but the podcast was mainly focused on my organic farming venture. My farming adventure is really a small piece of the much bigger picture, so I’m rebranding (sort of), expanding and going big this year.

    Today’s video, with the flashback to the early days, buttresses my belief that it’s more important to get started now, rather than waiting a few more months and dancing around the edges of my goal.


  130. I had to comment because we’ve been discussing this idea a LOT around my kitchen table the past few days.

    The conclusions:

    1. We are all connected. So, the same idea will spring up in multiple people at the same time.

    2. It’s not the idea, it’s the implementation. The happy (successful) among us aren’t the ones with the good ideas but the ones who implement good ideas.

    3. We have to honor the *Spark*. The Divine gave us the vision for a reason and if we just take steps to honor the vision we’ll be met and helped.

    Thank you SO much for acting on your vision and sharing your journey.

    With Love,

  131. I looooove this! Proof that you don’t need a fancy website + the most expensive tools to get started. START START START, and only then will you know which direction you’re headed and where you want to start investing more.

    Here’s to kicking ass in 2013!

  132. Carolina

    Hi Marie,

    This video is very encouraging and helps me think of new ideas for my new project.

    From Buenos Aires, Argentina, thank you very much!

    Happy 2013!


  133. Ooooohhh sister!!

    This is super encouraging!!

    Thanks Marie for showing us how you did it, from the roots to the top.
    I’ve been wanting to do video for so long, but don’t have the ‘studio’ looking space for it to look good.
    You know what? I’m going to start on my desk, with webcam, with kitchen in the background.


  134. I loved your video. I watch you every week. I don’t remember how I found you, but I am glad I did. I love how comfortable you are with being your self and making business seem fun.

    I have a question regarding something I have been struggling with in my business. I am a personal injury attorney. I have been struggling with blogging, Facebook and twitter. My problem is I don’t know what to write about. I don’t think consumers want to read about boring legal issues everyday and I don’t think that they want to sign up to get emails about legal issues either. Do you have any suggestions? Any advise is appreciated.

    • Hello Sharita,

      is there any way you can make it less “boring”? Like in talking about events/cases (anonymous for sure) but more in a story kind of way? Taking a case as an example in the story, talking about what could happen and how you could help, like you would be telling it to a friend?

      I would be interested in reading this kind of stories as it would give me a great understanding of how and where you could help me – without having to speak legal-lingua 🙂

  135. I’m so excited about this year because I know it’s going to be fab! After almost 2 years of building, building and building our biz I know this year it’s all going to be worth it. Roll on 2013, and thanks for a great kickstart with this video Marie 🙂

  136. Hey Marie,
    I want to include what an inspiration you have been to me this year. You are what I want to succeed. I can actually say I feel more focused than ever before and slowly but shirley my vision and the steps I need to accomplish are becoming very clear. Come April I will start working with clients in the Health and Wellness industry as a Holistic Coach. I feel my on-line presence is a must have including my blog and along with valuable content for a subscription website. The content will include personal development for new mothers and family nutrition. I have a lot of work a head of me but I am thrilled I have made my decision in what direction I will be taking my career in. Wish me luck! I look forward to reading your content for 2013. If you have any tips on quick returns or creating content I would love to hear them. You are the best!

  137. In 2013 our mission is to heal parents, families and the world through conscious parenting and entrepreneurship.

  138. brendan harris

    kick ass content as always Marie so a big thanks for doing what you do!
    do you always script your videos or did you in the begining?
    did just put them on youtube to start?
    thanks for being bold and brave allowing others to believe in there dreams!

  139. Marie,
    I just want to say you friggin’ ROCK! Your videos are always on target and seem to come at the perfect time.

    I’m a personal organizer & interior designer in NYC. I love my clients but I have a BIG vision and new direction that I want to take my biz in 2013. I will totally admit that I’m a bit scared to go for it but after watching your video I feel completely inspired. Thank you for reminding me that I do not have to be perfect and that things can evolve over time and that the most important thing is to start.

    Happy 2013 to everyone!!

  140. Thank you, Marie. I’m still doing audio because I want video to be perfect. Thanks for revealing your humble beginnings. I’m inspired to just start shooting!

  141. This year I would like to work on inner growth. It might hurt a bit, but I am willing to become mentality and emotionally healthy for a better life. Also I would like to expand and grow my Real Estate business, blog, and create my coaching business!

  142. Happpyyyy New Year, I soooo love your videos and humor. I can feel your joy and excitement!

    Thanks you for sharing your humble beginnings of building Marie TV.

    My vision for 2013 is to get my own show live. We have been working on it a year now and launch soon. Your story was a beautiful reminder of where we all need to begin, raw, unpolished and imperfect. We learn and grow as we go…

    I spoke with a so called guru last week who said my goal of 1 million followers was unrealistic. Perhaps it is, though not impossible and 1 person at a time this year we will get there.

    Thanks for the dose of inspiration once again.

    Have a sensational year ahead you deserve all you desire.

    Hugs kx

    • Nothing is impossible – it just may take a bit of time.
      But if you want it and work on it – why should you not have 1 million followers??? There is no reason to not achieve that!

      Keep going and you will make it 🙂

    • Hi Kristy
      I agree with your comment regarding the “so called guru”. You can do anything you put your mind to. Building a business is a marathon not a sprint. You will get there..


  143. Suzette

    Thank you Marie, for the great advice!! I so needed to hear that!! I walked out on a high paid executive job in December to do “my own thing” and struggling to put away the noises in the head saying “what have you done?” But deep in my heart I know I have made the right decision, just needed to hear your words, get going and stop worrying about paying the bills!!

  144. Marie!

    This one really hits the spot, what a fab episode – it’s a bit surprising to see where you started and how much has unfolded for you with MarieTV. Very inspiring, thank you!

    My vision (beyond inspiring humanity…): skyrocket exposure for my conscious business Edible Goddess and my delicious raw fudge chocolate morsels, Chocolate Goldies. I want to cry at least once per week at the overwhelm of how many people I’m serving!

    Next step (beyond watching your show each week…): continue to do what I’m doing (plugging away on a daily basis) & trust it will hit the tipping point that is so not far away. And, manifest the most leveraged opportunities that align with my heart and bring in the $$ so I can do even more of what I’m bursting at the seams to do. 🙂

    A New Year of epic proportions is here!

  145. Hi Marie, happy new year. I am a “newer” follower of yours and I love what you do and your message. (So much energy here).
    In your email “You don’t have to be perfect right out of the gate. You just have to get started.” REALLY spoke to me. I am a health coach and I am currently putting together my first group program. I am getting so hung up on wanting it to be perfect but you are right, I just need to do it! Then I can change it and make it better each time.

    This year I want to be more visible and grow my niche. i will launch my program which helps combines my health coaching with my other career in horse nutrition – helping horsewomen become healthier so they can truly enjoy and live their passion. I am also going to hold a live event. I am so excited about this new niche and growing my tribe! 🙂

    Marie, I am really looking forward to learning more from you. Thank you

  146. Thank you Marie for the constant sparks of inspiration, this video was RIGHT on time for me! Seeing how you started out with your show is so encouraging and reminds me that action and engagement are important keys to any dream & how not to look down upon small beginnings.

    One of my main goals is to create an inspirational brand with video as one of the prominent mediums used, and similar to what you mentioned over-planning and fear of not having the best production quality has kept me procrastinating. At the end of last year lost steam a bit from my goal and got discouraged feeling unqualified and kind of isolated because of lack of community. Seeing this video and the comments re-lit my fire!

    A main focus for me this year is to continue growing an inspirational multimedia platform that inspires women to overcome fear and hurts to find their purpose, live more boldly and creatively and follow their deepest dreams. My vision is to leverage video more and create a unique channel that inspires through interviews, original monologues, poetic pieces and motivational messages that meld with my artwork.

    Last year I broke through extreme shyness and fear and got in front of the camera for the first time – my first video speaking in front of the camera gives encouragement on not giving up on your dreams and was straight from my heart:

    For this year I’ve set a goal of making at least 30 videos and my action step is to be consistent by scheduling when I will release each video then planning and producing the upcoming video during a designated block of time set aside each day. By scheduling a deadline for posting videos and planning out the production in steps ahead of time I’ll avoid perfectionism and just get it up there the best it can be at that point. I hope to find a great video producer who can bring my vision of having more artistic and cinematic videos to life. I would love to learn more about how you plan your show and how to grow an audience!

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading through others’ visions for 2013, it’s great to see we’re not alone in the journey of growing our dreams! I’d love to connect with more of you this year as I’ve learned community is key, feel free to let me know how I can support you! Best wishes to everyone on taking action & engaging with their dreams this year to take them beyond your imagination!

    • Oops, after pressing ‘send’ I realized my comment turned out to be a novella, sorry about that, I guess I was a *little* excited and very inspired! 🙂

  147. Happy new year! Been watching MarieTV ever since my girlfriend introduced me to you. Looking forward to growing my business this year and helping people change their lives through health and fitness.

  148. Aimee

    I got a good laugh when you said you don’t like shopping for clothes. So there is two of us in the world who don’t like shopping! I don’t feel so alone! Imma need me a wardrobe stylist too 🙂 Maybe its a Sag thing?

  149. Hi Marie,

    great to see how MarieTV has developed over the last two years, and a great reminder that all great things start small.

    I am excited to include a new “product line” into my existing wellness business, which is retreats in the most beautiful part of North East Australia – Port Douglas.

    We have worked out the first 4-day beginners retreat already, and will be advertising the dates soon. My goal for 2013 is to have at least 2, better 4 or more retreats happening, so we can make them even better 🙂

    The next Action step? Creating a website just focusing on the retreats, so we can start some proper online marketing with FB, Twitter, newsletter etc. I might have some A’s coming for you, you never know 😉

    Happy New Year to you, your team and everyone that watches MarieTV – and an awesome 2013!

  150. Happy Hallelujah 2013 I am excited to be hooked up with Marie Forleo and launch my new business. Ruth Chase Fine Art. Day 2 ready to rock.

  151. Happy New Year – Buon Anno Marie!
    I want to say “thank you” from my heart for what you do&share with people. I’m your follower since 1 year and I’ve seen your improvements and I’ve seen mine. You’re a referral point to me and I’m learning a lot. That can give us an idea about ones own “value-issue” because to learn and to improve means to invest on ones own life. Do you believe that?
    Still far from having myself a TV….but that’s one of my “goal”!
    Just to start this new 2013 my commitment is to prepare the English version of my website… open my heart/home to the world.
    Let’s stay tuned!

  152. Hi Marie, I have been following you and your video’s for more than a year now. I have found your advice and your guests truly inspiring and so on target for me. Thank you so much. After being away and unplugged for the last few days,I was eager to get home and see your weekly episode. I was Amazed!!! I have been at a dead stop regarding video for my business. I shot a bunch of footage in late Fall and just froze. I have looked it over and although it’s not edited,I feel it’s just not me or my business. After watching your timeline and how you have handled video I am determined Now to go back,review,edit and get things up on the site. Enough with being stuck!! Thank you for inspiring me in 2012. Looking forward to 2013!!!

  153. I always love going back to see bloggers very first posts, and I loved going back in time to see what Marie TV was like when you started it. LOVE that! So encouraging to see where you started & where you are now as well.

    I have tons of goals for my little business this year. I just started creating handbound books this past year, and I really want to expand my line this year, and hopefully land some wholesale accounts. I’d also like to up my game on my blog, better content, and more videos. 🙂

  154. Your tweetable is so true but, as I think many of us have discovered, having a clear vision is not as simple as it may sound. It takes self-exploration, a willingness to take risks, and the courage to be honest with yourself and give yourself permission to want what you want (as opposed to what others may think you should want). It’s a process and it’s tempting to get down on yourself if clarity doesn’t come easily. Stay open, love yourself and be in the “attitude of gratitude” and you will get there!

  155. Awesome video and encouragement Marie! My goals for 2013 are to continue being persistent and not allowing the process of growing my vision deter me. Like you, I dabbled in video a few years ago, mostly doing video via my iPhone. Now, I’m working with my brother who is a videographer and photographer and I plan on taking my videos to the next level. My business is a Dessert Media company called Jem of the South and incorporates, radio (blogtalk), video and a blogging about all things dessert. I recently released my very first dessert recipe guide for Christmas and I have two short recipe videos in the guide. I plan to release 3 more guides this year with more recipe videos. I can’t wait!! I truly believe the sky is the limit and I agree with your comment that success will come, but not overnight. It takes hard work and persistence!

    To a successful New Year to you and all of your community!

    Tamara Eckles
    Jem of the South
    “Discover Something Sweet!”

  156. I wish all Greeks could see your New Year’s message! In this time of social change and new beginnings in Greece. I have been watching my country’s development and I think that our citizens need to have a positive vision for their futur- and small beginnings are the best way to start.

    I have my own vision for 2013. It is to invite people all over the world to Greece, follow our unique cultural experiences and discover that this country, is still one of the world’s leading inspirational places of culture and Spirit. Specifically My aim is to launch 5 new programs especially for women.
    Keep up the great work Marie and thank you for just being yourself.

  157. Angela

    Happy New Year Marie & team!

    What a heart warming, inspiring and heartening episode of Marie TV. I loved watching your transition Marie and I feel so grateful for your honesty and your amazing openness about sharing your journey and so many of your resources. May 2013 bring you the most wonderfully unexpected surprises yet! Thank you so much x

  158. I am excited for 2013!

    Working on a new product to help more women create the website they deserve (and love) that will also teach them how to use it (love me some WordPress).

    Also working on a site redesign as I have focused my business even more over the past year.

    Next steps: I have already signed up for BSchool and am working with a business management consultant to get my goals lined out for the next year. Whoop!

  159. Hi Marie, Happy New Year! And Happy Anniversary! I was introduced to MarieTV recently and this is my third episode, so it was really cool to see how far you’ve come!!! It’s a lot of fun, has good info and amazing energy…. which I think is an amazing recipe!

    In December I launched a blog and on Christmas day my new website It’s humble beginnings big time… and already I am realizing I need help (can’t spell worth a bean, so my first collaborator is an amazing proof reader and editor). My goal with it is just to support women in getting on their path.

    My real job is an Organizational Development Consultant… so I have some stuff in the works for that in 2013. My goal with it is to bring more spirit, fun, caring and balance into the workplace via our leaders…. so another website is in the works!

    All the best in 2013… that’s for your amazing show and inspiration!

  160. Thanks Marie. Great topic. I have taken the plunge, effective yesterday, to begin a new business. I have worked under someone for far too long. I simply want to help small business owners build their business. I have decided to start my journey with management consulting and services. I know there are a lot of small business owners out there who have a vision, but need help with the details. I have a desire to help lead and guide those entrepreneurs to a successful outcome through consulting and even helping to manage some of those small details for them.
    Here is to 2013 and the beginning of a new journey in owning a business.

  161. Grace

    Hi ladies and Marie!

    My goals for the New Year 2013 is to increase the gross revenue of my business by a certain percent, and have at least 5000 subscribers by the end of the year.

    The more specific I can be, the more I can figure how to go about this.

    Thanks for the videos, Marie. They are brilliant!

  162. I just started with me and a webcam yesterday. I created a new site just for a daily short video with a tip for business owners to market their businesses better. When I went to upload it right at the top of YouTube was your video because I’ve subscribed. to you which was a bit of a confidence wobble for a moment thinking I’ll never be that confident/pretty/well known/any other comparison possible. If I had watched this then I would have been thinking wow this is where I could be 2 years from now.

    This is my “me + webcam” video

  163. Marie, thanks for this video it is what i needed right now…I am starting video marketing and to see that you start where you’re at is so helpful and to actually see where you came from was great. Thank-you.

  164. Flor

    Thank you Marie! I look forward to MarieTV every Tuesday, I wish you nothing but success and abundance in your business and life all year round! Thank you for the constant guidance and inspiration!

    My 2013 vision is already on the move. I’ve started my own video production company along with my business partner and my vision is to make this my full time job by mid 2013 and no longer have to rely on my other day job for money. It’s pretty ambitious but I’m working really hard to get me to that point. I’m excited!

    • You can do it, Flor. It is an amazing way to earn a living and every day is different. 🙂

  165. Amy

    My vision. More clients for private yoga, juice, nutrition and bodywork (nyc). I’m launching RAW DESSERT PARTIES with my sister (Sexy Sisters Raw Desserts) woohoo! Hosting my 3rd annual Trashion Fashion Show in Hartford CT yippie and other events and workshops. Getting excited!

  166. Hi, Marie!
    Thanks for your constant inspiration.
    This year, I’m promoting a lifestyle movement I’ve dubbed “Flex” – the idea of using the skills you’ve got to get the life you want! I’ll have my workshop available in February, publish my book in the spring, and film the dvd this summer. I can’t wait to help people see the power already inside them.
    You’ve done this for me; I’m forever grateful!

  167. Ryan Smith

    Hey everybody!

    Marie, I want to thank you for what you do best, helping and inspiring people like me to replace the burnt out light bulb over my head so I can start thinking in a more productive way.

    My vision for 2013 is to start moving from an amateur’s mindset to that of a pro. 🙂

    Right now, I lead a small team of people and together, we’re in the beginning stages of developing a webcomic/audiobook/e-book/animated series called Uniques United. My personal goal is to have the 1st season written sometime in 2013, as a collection of e-books at least.

    Best of luck to everyone and their endeavors,
    — Ryan Smith

  168. Viviene

    Thanks for this video, Marie! 🙂 Happy 2013 to ya and your crew!

  169. Marie,

    Once again, impeccable timing on the MarieTV content…. Right now, I am where you were 2 years ago. Literally TODAY I have been sitting at my MacBook using the iVideo application to shoot video of myself and my business in my makeshift office aka baby nursery [complete with poor lighting] for an application to a tech incubator/accelerator program.

    Although being on video, shooting video, and editing video are well outside my comfort zone and skills sets, I realize that these are vital (sub)actions to take as I refine my application to TechStars’ NYC Spring class, which is THE actionable step I am taking to realize my vision for my company. Even if I am not selected to participate, it is this idea refinement that will push me forward, help get me over my fears of rejection, and help get my name out there so people, investors, and companies start to take notice.

    Thanks for giving me a confidence boost just when I needed it.


  170. Thank you for letting us tell you are aspirations for the new year. I have been formulating my thoughts and intentions for awhile now, actually the event in Connecticut allowed me to start listening to my inner wisdom to ask what I can do? I have many talents and lots of experience that would lend to helping what is on everyone’s heart of the loss of innocent children. I started out calling my project Light in the darkness, so far that is not final. My concept is recruiting to 6-7 year old to co-partner with me to facilitate workshops or conference no adults. The conference will consist of exercises to bring awareness about the issues of peace, violence, racism, how to improve the world. The program can expand to education community. The goal is to increase awareness of different points of view, stereotyping and its effect, how to work together with diverse groups of race and culture. I envision this to be as wide reaching as it can be effecting real change maybe Oprah? maybe Marie to help get the message out from the children creating the way. I have some materials to use I need the support and resources or method to attract the children. I am in the infant stage of this project.

  171. Sonja

    I have three main goals or visions for this beautiful year 2013 and I could divide them as: the goal of the brain, the goal of the body and the goal of the soul. So basically my goal for the brain and creativity is to finish writing my first book and take concrete steps to get it published. My goal for the body is making concrete, simple changes in my diet that will make it much, much healthier and in this area I want to thank you Marie for introducing me to Criss Carr! 🙂 My goal for the soul (and yes, it’s rhyming!) is taking my meditation practice to a higher level and finally making it daily.
    I discovered you this year and your videos already helped me on many occasions, especially when I had to motivate myself to finally get things done. I really appreciate that you stress taking action so much, this is the thing that I lacked in so many coaches and teachers whose works I read and watched, they make me lost in theory and I usually wasn’t able to use my new knowledge in practice. Thank you for changing me into a person that actually takes action!

  172. ONE YEAR AGO …

    I started and it has been a evolution.


    The stories meet the reader’s need for a 2-minute vacation.


    I plan to publish an e-book of the BOBB stories.

    I’ve learned much over this year and will continue to apply what I learn via MarieTV.

    THANK YOU, you have been an inspiration !!

  173. Chris

    Hey Marie! Great post! Trying to be perfect right out of the gate is often my problem, that’s something I plan to correct in 2013. Quick question, as you were evolving how did you find others to help you and how were you compensating them for their assistance? Had you already monetized your site and able were to use existing cash-flow? Or, did you form more of mutually beneficial partnerships in the beginning?

  174. Hi Marie ,
    Thank you for your New Years episode – such a good reminder!
    I have been gathering my writings and ideas to make books and instructional videos for years now . Women ask for this over and over and I am over and over again feeling frustrated and anxious with how to follow through !
    Always feeling like I am a failure and not good enough when I drop the ball again and again – the fullness of work, helping others and survival just redirects my attention over and over again – then the swirl of inspiration flys in again – I gather all my notes and begin again then stop short again till the next person asks then I get motivated again .

    The truth is I am overwhelmed. I now have enough information and material to make several books and videos and am having a hard time DECIDING – ( there it is the bane of my existance make one clear decision/ choice and running with it , yes I am also a multi faceted, passionate being, with too many ideas for any one lifetime) Deciding and making a clear game plan to arrive all the way to completion ! I often use the excuse that I cant do it alone – I need help – editing – a video person – yada yada – and my budget is not at the place to dish out for that. Hmmm is that true ?
    This is my New Years goal – starting like you did with simple lil videos- I have a mac so no problem and writing articles to start and sending them off to get my book writing mojo on ! Getting my thoughts and offering organized on my website and making a buisiness plan to have a rhythmic flow throughout the year. ( ahhhh does having your year scheduled out take away from the magical flow of life?)

    Here I come 2013 ! and any tips you have for us multi faceted artist types that flow with wisdom and energy while in the act of creating in the life current day to day but not in the office saying now go, do it . Would be much appreciated!
    ( I am a Ceremonial Dancer and teacher of womens dance, as well as a Womens Guide. guiding women home to there feminine gifts and reconnection with each other and the earth. )

    Big hug to you beauty ! thank you for all you do

  175. Diana Antholis

    Thank you Marie for showing your evolution! It is so important for us to see that.
    Sometimes I don’t do things because the perfectionist in me takes over, but I’m learning more and more to push out the work and ignore my critic.

    I’m working on launching my ebook on Kindle next week on how women can stay balanced, centered, and sexy. Living a healthy lifestyle is so important and it’s about mind AND body health.

    Then I’m revamping my Unleash Your Sexy program and creating a self-study version. Big things!!

    I also teach exercise classes to seniors and I love it. I plan on reaching out to do more.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  176. Happy, prosperous & LOVE-filled New Year!

    I loved this video, it’s so inspiring to see how far you’ve come in such a short time.. I’ve just quit my job last month to focus on my business 110%!

    Being part of B-School was awesome and the girls here in Australia have created a super supportive community, which has been brilliant.

    My vision for my business for 2013 is to add as much value as possible, have a ball running it and bring in $20,000 per month or more..!

    Thanks for being out there, doing what you’re best at, Marie! x

  177. Marie ~ Thank you for continually inspiring me every week to follow my dreams! My big goals for 2013 are to get investment for my business, start doing regular videos on nutrition and healthy eating, expand my product line, and ‘up my game’ on my website…Most of all I am going to focus on manifesting from my heart and using my intuition more in my business so I can work smarter and have more work/life balance.

    All the Best for 2013!


  178. Heather Osby

    Thank you for this incredible episode. I am in the process of phasing out of the real estate business and into the life coaching and writing space. My biggest struggle is my own perfectionism and comparing myself to everyone that is currently out there in this space. I’m so glad you shared this video and the timeline of how MarieTV progressed from something very small to what it is today. Its so easy to forget that nothing is an overnight success and everyone starts small and fumbles around for awhile before they figure out what works.

    I know I am being called to do something bigger and make an impact and finding you has given me a road map to figure out the “details.” I’m super excited to go further with B School in March!

    Thank you for sharing your light with the world. You bless people far beyond what you could ever imagine.


  179. Hello Marie!

    This is the first time I’ve commented here. I can’t tell you how refreshing this episode of MarieTV was for me.

    I SO admire the incredible community you’ve built up. Really. You’re like what I want to be when I grow up. (Actually, I’m already grown up, but…!)

    When you’re first starting out in your venture, and looking at others who seemingly have it all down, it can be very easy to forget that they once were just beginning also. Learning, fumbling, evolving, improving, etc.

    I’m passionate about reminding women and girls to be themselves, and to be their best selves. I’ve recently launched my personal development blog and hope to eventually build a TV/video show around my concept (which is a little more creative than I’ve outlined here!).

    Figuring out all of the production aspects, etc. of video, knowing the right tools to use, etc. can feel overwhelming, but I’m going to try my best to remember that more important than getting it perfect (at first!) is getting it done.

    Thanks so much for this show!

    ~ Rachel

  180. Karen S

    Happy New Year Marie! Thanks for this awesome video. I loved how you showed up the progession of your videos over the years. As I start my new venture in 2013, I now feel reassured that I don’t have to be perfect as I come out of the gate. Every week, your content is relevant, valuable and inspiring. Thank you!

  181. WOOOHOOO!! Okay so here’s my ‘anthmn’ for 2013 .. ready?!

    Raise Your Glass If you Are Wrong In all the Right Ways!

    Yes from P!ink. Such a FUN, funky and get off your A$S and dance song that has so many alternate meanings. For me (any maybe some of you reading this) if you’ve ever felt like you just weren’t quite ‘right’ for this or that, then you MUST get into b-school! As Marie mentioned in the vid the world needs just what YOU have to offer and there’s only one way for your message to get out into the world and that’s for YOU to deliver it – In All the Right Ways!

    Best to All!

  182. This episode was truly inspiring for me! Thanks for sharing, it’s so hard for me not be perfectly-perfect! I should embrace the humble beginnings of my business journey! Here is one attitude change I will be working on for 2013!

    Throwing some sparkly confetti

  183. Happy New Year Marie!!

    I started my business almost a year ago today and already so much has changed!

    This year I plan to launch my personal development course for teenage girls and also create a DIY wedding planning eCourse!

    I’m so excited for Bschool and have blocked in some time to work on things, even though I will probably be on holidays in Italy when Bschool begins!

    Love, light and laughs!!


  184. Hi Marie,

    I started to follow your post few months ago, and I am becoming a #1 fan of I Love your videos and your attitude about life. Thank you for sharing how you started. You are an inspiration to me 🙂
    My vision this year is to get my healing retreats around the world going, and overcome the fear to start something new and unknown for me. Also, I am finishing my masters in oriental medicine so I need to balance my studies with my future business. I will be graduating in June and then I want to have my first healing retreat in Bali on Sep-Oct’13. My vision is to travel the world doing what I love, teaching others about healing, spirituality and creativity. Everything goes hand and hand.. I have so many plans and it seems Im all over the place!? Can you give me some advise?

    Blessings of Light and Love


  185. Inspiring! I made my first “renegade video” a few weeks ago, telling my community about having a resource team, yes the lighting was off, yes i did it with my phone, and yes it was a bit shaky but i did it! Done….not perfect. i figure its only up from here!

  186. Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe

    Happy New Year to everyone and especially to you Marie; for your great videos full of amazing entrepreneurial advices.

    I never had so many expectations for a year as I do for 2013? Why? Because now, I see that I can make it happen and I will!

    Looking forward to hanging out more here on in the next 12 months while I work on achieving my goals, being able to share and read others stories will be a blast.

    Have a great week all! 🙂


  187. Phew so many amazing comments to read through. And inspirational indeed. Certainly seems like we have a lot of amazing things going on or planned for 2013.

    I wrote down my goals for 2013 and how you can set ones you’ll actually stick to. Also in my podcast I spoke about why 2013 is the year I WILL write my Suitcase Entrepreneur book


  188. Yoli

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Whew! We’re still here… now what?? lol.. Well, I can tell you that for me, it’s been more behind the scenes, figuring things out and putting ducks in order type of tasks. this year is the year I step out as the expert that I am in my field. I have a special project brewing that will launch in Feb, and will be part of my blog/site. It won’t be perfect, but it will be amazing anyway!
    Marie, thank you so much for the tip about “outlining questions and answers to get my best thinking out of my head and down on paper.”
    It’s working wonders!
    I already love what I do, so bringing it online, will be exciting and fulfilling tenfold!
    My gut tells me so. 🙂

  189. Casey

    Marie, this video couldn’t have come at better time for me. I’m an internal corporate coach/consultant/trainer whose been kicking around the idea of going out on my own for over a year. I’ve been spinning my wheels struggling to find my unique “voice” without mimicking the women entrepreneurs who, like you, who have inspired me. My vision is to leave the corporate shackles and have a fully established coaching business by the end of 2013.


  190. This is brilliant, Marie! A great way to start the new year!

  191. I need to quit my day job.
    UG! I said it. Wrote it.
    Love you, Marie!
    old lady archivist fan

  192. Melody

    Happy New Year All!

    I am just now going through my inbox because I wanted to get my ebook out to the world before reading emails. That was the first thing I wanted to accomplish this year. The ebook is on cleansing and written for people who have never done one and are curious and/or a little afraid. It’s based on my experiences of doing over 30 cleanses and can be found here:

    I made $115 in sales before posting the book and everyone who bought it told me to charge more, so I did. 🙂

    My vision for this year is to make a living with my voice. I am a classically trained singer and also have a pleasant and clear speaking voice. I want to make a living as a singer and need to expand on that until I can support myself with singing alone. I have a few ideas to get myself started. Going back to school is also a possibility this year (Artist Management) which is an entrepreneurial program that will help me with my singing career as well.

    To everyone reading this – may all of your choices lead to passion and intensity!

  193. Melanie

    2013 brings new beginnings and my creativity is definitely heightened. Starting my gluten-free bakery was the first step, getting my product out there and listening to what people wanted was the second step. Now I will be taking that feedback and putting it to work.

    The feedback I was getting was mostly for fresh gluten-free bread, so my vision is to create a yummy tasting, moist and sandwich-worthy loaf of bread. Not an easy task, might I add, since my product list includes mostly sweet stuff (cookies, cupcakes, pies, etc.).I am definitely up for the challenge along with creating a pizza crust and granola bars.

    Lastly, I am currently looking for a location to house my business. Right now I am sharing a commercial kitchen, which limits my flexibility and clientele. As I read my daily devotional today, I think it speaks volumes.
    “Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.”
    (Proverbs 4:25, NIV)

  194. Hi Marie,

    Happy New Year to you and all your team! Thanks so much for this video – it came at the right time for me, as recently I’ve been trying to figure out how to create better videos for my youtube account @emilycoatesmusic. I haven’t posted a video on there for a long time, as I started feeling they weren’t professional enough, and they didn’t reflect what I wanted to be putting out there. I’ve been in a limbo state! Your video really makes me want to move forward, and find a solution.

    I’ve also watched your video with Ophi about “the end of the world”, and bringing together my thoughts from watching both videos, my ultimate vision is one of working with, and spending quality time with wonderful, like-minded people on inspiring and creative endeavours. To work with a team of people who share my passion for music, artistry, for exploring the unlimited human potential, and for raising global consciousness is a goal I deeply resonate with.

    Thanks for always delivering the message that these things are truly possible!

  195. Luna

    Hi Marie,

    I learned about you though watching your recent kitchen chat & chew with with Kris Carr. That video along with a visit to your site has been very helpful. I am a dabbler and boy do I LOVE to do everything…I call it Career ADD. I have done a lot and continue to do a lot of different things, but they do tend to have a related area of focus such as eco conscious lifestyle, wellness and inspiring better living overall. My goal for this year is to really focus my efforts in writing/blogging and social media management for myself in order to create a presence and get my name out there. The first step I’m going to take is to set up my own social media platform with website, FB page and Twitter to promote what I do and inspire others. Thank you for being an inspiration to me!

  196. That simple act of sharing was incredibly inspirational. I need to keep reminding myself that things take time and evolve. I’m laying out a calendar to incorporate more video into my first communion business. I have to laugh as the VERY first video that I ever made was a video response to one of your videos. Thanks Marie for pushing us forward.

  197. Pam

    Happy New Year Marie and Congrats on your 2-year anniversary of MarieTV – Amazing!!
    I have wanted to create YouTube videos for my website and also create haul videos for items I have been sent to review. I always chicken out and just write the review instead. I am a perfectionist and that can paralyze me at times because I expect to reach my vision out the gate.
    I am going to just start creating the videos and put them out there. Maybe that will help build my confidence so I can actually attain my vision.
    I also plan to roll out DIY health coaching packages for clients. I have a Winter RESET package I am working on but it’s taking too long to pull together and I don’t have all of the click to pay then have it delivered infrastructure in place either. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed but encouraged right now, thanks for your helpful tips as always!!

  198. I so look forward to my Marie TV episodes, alway valuable and motiviating! I plan to grow my business and continue to create more beautiful eyewear that makes a difference!! I have been dreaming of starting some youtube videsos to help launch a new line but feel so intimidated by the process of going public,, Marie you helping me build the courage to start this process ! Thank you. Carla

  199. Hi Marie and all of you AWESOME women!

    Thank you Marie for your inspiring New Years message. I have this inner voice that keeps telling me to value what I do more so that my bank account reflects this inner value:) I am fortunate in that I have a steady jewelry clientele and that I have consistent business. I truly love my customers and have recognized that they really appreciate the fact that I often offer sales. However, I feel that in order for me to prosper, I need to figure out how to set it up so that I continue to offer discounts without shortchanging myself. So my goal for 2013 is to increase my website sales AND profit margin. I would like to move past my fear of increasing my prices but I know that seems to be the only way I can achieve my goal. Another idea I have is to offer a separate higher end line in 18k gold which would allow me to have a higher profit margin and possibly attract another customer base.
    I truly believe that my jewelry stands out not only because it is beautiful, original and hand made but also for it’s healing ability!
    If anyone has advice for me, I would appreciate it so much!
    Thank You and MUCH LOVE,

    • Hi Veronica,
      I don’t have advice so much as a question.. I am a fellow jewerly designer and soon to be B-School student looking to rebrand and redo her website. I love your photos do you have (or know of) a photographer in the NY area? I have a photographer that I work with but am going for a new look.

      Thanks (Beautiful pieces btw).


      • Hi Tanya,

        Thank you for your compliments, your jewelry is also beautiful!

        Congratulations on starting your own jewelry business! You will get a lot of out of B school but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me:)

        The photographer I use is Javiera Estrada; she is phenomenal but based in Los Angeles. However, if I hear of anyone in New York, I will contact you.

        Here’s to a successful year!!! And please don’t forget to ask me ANYTHING, I know how it is.



        • Thanks Veronica,
          Are you doing any trade show (in NY or Vegas)?

          I think that would be a perfect outlet for your jewelry (if you were looking to get into retail stores). That is my next focus for 2013 in addition to media. Did you hire a pr rep to get your jewelry in magazine or on celebs (hoping to do that as well).

          Have a great day.


          • Hi Tanya!

            I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you!

            Yes, I have done trade shows in the past. I think that you find your target market and know what type of customer would love your jewelry, then finding the right trade show could definitely help you get more stores or at least leads for future business.

            I’m focusing more on increasing my website traffic and creating personal relationships with my customers, so I’m taking a different approach with my jewelry.

            And yes, I did hire a pr firm for just three months when I changed my business from Siren Jewelry to Ladjili Jewelry to have more of a web presence. However, funny enough, the celebrity press was through different avenues. If you can get stylists to love your jewelry, then they in turn use your jewelry for photo shoots and also when dressing celebrities for special events (like when Natalie Portman wore a piece of mine to the MTV movie awards). Another time, I created an “outdoor pop-up jewelry stand” at a gallery and the model Giselle came and bought a couple of pieces. And there are many other stories that randomly got me press… Publicists can be effective however they are very expensive so it depends on your budget:)

            I hope this helps!!!!

            Lots of LOVE,


  200. Marie – you rock. Thanks for the look back – just what I needed.

    My vision for 2013 is to complete my screenplay and raise the money to direct it. For my business — build a consistent team to help more actors through Intentional Acting and my students to book more jobs!

    P.S. Feeling a little chicken but … yeah… do the video thing.

  201. Heather Taylor

    I’m starting my online presence as a massage therapist! This video came at the perfect time. Thanks Marie 🙂

  202. Hey Marie
    Thank you for your reminder that everything great, started small. For me your video was great timing.

    My name is Sandra Robins and I’m an Image Consultant
    And I specialize in helping women that are ready for change and want to get better results in their lives by being more confident with how they look and feel about themselves.
    In about 14 days I am launching my new website, Sandra Launching my Be You Be True Tv my weekly blog on all topics about what it is to be truly beautiful from the inside out.
    And my aim is to finish my book “Be Brave Be Strong Be Beautiful” by March.

    I want to thank you for Bschool as the information was very empowering in a techi world that I am so new to. At times when I was being told by graphic designers that this is what I should be doing, I was informed through watching your tutorials and was empowered to make decisions based on what I wanted to do and my personal branding, not just taking their advice blindly.
    I was able to stick to my game plan and was totally informed.
    Thank you

  203. Hi Marie,

    I’ve been working my little tail off over here and things are starting to unfold. I have been focussing hard on launching my ITALIAN gluten free cookie company… We we got our macaroons up for sale online in time for the holidays. Pizzelles, anginetti, biscotti rolling out in the new year….working with time tests, co packers and distributors with only a few more days left in our indiegogo campaign. I’m excited to say that I managed to put together a benefit CD called Sweet Noise with myself and 4 other artists in order to donate 100% of the profits to research and awareness of Celiac Disease.

    So that was my tail end of 2012.

    Now 2013 here I come. I just recorded 2 new songs one of which will be my mantra for the year…and yes, of course I will share it with you as soon as it’s mastered. After watching Super Soul Sunday I’m positive you will love it! My vision for 2013 is to share my “Wellthy Living” concept with women everywhere.

    “Fighting the healthy fight for the wellthy life through beauty, wellness & creative expression.” I am in the process of doing trial classes for our virtual spin class which will be my first “product” and may accept a few bridal groups toward the middle of the year for very exclusive custom makeovers.

    Like you, my background is in Dance & Fitness among other things and I have always struggled to compartmentalize my life and I totally relate to it feeling like “someone cut off a limb”. So I want to thank you for encouraging so many to be themselves. Earlier in December I mentioned you in a blog post that articulates how I personally have been encouraged a little better.

    I’m getting started, still learning, but getting started : )

    GO LADIES 2013 is going to be a ROCKIN year for you all, I just know it!
    Thanks Marie for all you do!


  204. Hi Marie!

    Thanks for the inspiring video. My visions for the new year are to write the book I’ve been talking about writing forever now! I spent most of 2011 travelling in India, fell in love, met many different spiritual teachers and have incredible stories of coincidence and synchronicity to share. I am starting every morning with my “morning pages,” 3 pages to just get the ball rolling, talking about whatever (an exercise from The Artist’s Way) and setting aside 2 hours a day on weekdays devoted to my book. I just finished my 2 hours today and am making great progress. It’s the first time I have sat down to write since July!

    I also vision increasing my following on instagram @yogidays to spread my love of life, yoga, and a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    I’d like to update my blog once a week, with beautiful images and writings on what I’m teaching in my yoga classes and learning from this wonderful life. I’d love to travel more and offer yoga retreats in the near future.

    Thank you for the inspiration! May we all thrive and blossom in this new year.


  205. Wow! Talk about right on time.You sent this out two days ago but after I very frustrating day I finally decided to take a breather and watch the video. I must say I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    Simply put my goal for 2013 is to start creating for myself. My entire career has been about creating and building brands for other people. However, after 11 years with 6 1/2 of those owning my own design agency I am now depleted. I feel RIGHT NOW is the time to move on with my true passion and build my own brand.

    So what is the first step: Develop a 12-month Creative Calendar. This is my one year outlook on the things I need to create each month. This could be a e-flyer, new product, sale campaign, etc… This will definitely help me to think ahead and stop waiting until the last minute.

    Wow! Thanks Marie. Even writing this right now gave me a renewed energy. My fingers are typing so fast. LOL! I love it.

  206. Have a kick-ass year, everyone! Awesome timeline-video, Marie! xo

  207. Nicolette

    I’ve been watching your videos for the past six months and even though I know people usually don’t start out awesomely fabulous right out the gate, it’s great to actually see how you got started. Thanks for sharing…

    And I hate to shop too! 🙂

  208. LOVE THIS!!!!! Thank you so much! You have just confirmed 100% that as of next week I will do a video from me about MONEY!!! Wow, I love MarieTV and like you were just don’t have budget right now for big production, so I am going to go for it as you did, au naturel and work up to it!!! Huge thanks Maire you are a real inspiration! 😀

  209. Krystyna

    Marie, loved this latest video. It reminded me of my own somewhat shaky beginning.

    A couple of months ago I was full of plans to expand my business in a new direction. I found some wonderful people to work on production for me so I could concentrate on design. Then Hurricane Sandy struck and destroyed my house and my studio in a massive and horrid flood.

    Needless to say, I was depressed and frozen — and am now completely swamped with an insane amount of paperwork for the insurance company.
    My plans to expand my business seemed a million impossible miles away — the the possibility of rebuilding my house completely unattainable.

    Then I remembered your video about manifesting a new reality. It worked for me then — I won a fashion design contest! It will work for me again.

    I will manifest becoming organized to the utmost and making good use of every minute of the day. While I now have to work in a tiny rented apartment, I can make it work — and best of all, I will manifest a new home with a bigger open floor plan that will let me build the studio of my dreams. It will work because I will make it work.

    Let me add that I am 60 years old and the notion of starting over at this age might be daunting to some, but with the spirit of a 25 year old, I look forward to reinventing myself and my business. I’ve done it before, and I will do it again. It will happen.

    • You are incredible. Sending you awesome manifesting vibes and a sprinkle of good luck from the universe. Go for it!

    • susan

      your words were wonderful to read, Krystyna, as of a phoenix rising. i’m 68, and take great encouragement from your starting over. it was horrific, and that was.., it will be hard, and that is doable. all blessings and success to you; as we move forward, what a monumental sign for those younger to see it happen! what a great thing for us!

    • I second that emotion.. you are amazing.. Also on a side note I want to help.. I have friends in the fashion industry and can get you bras (free of course like I said I would love to help and my friends would love to do this as well. If you are in need send me a private email and we can go from there.. One person helping another… 🙂

  210. My vision for 2013 is staceyctv producing one inspirational episode a week, 3 books puclished, amore vita coaching in full operation, e-stream workouts and SCInsiders membership site. Scary to ‘say it’ in public but you have been divinely placed in my life as a forerunner, it blows my mind!!! You are doing what I have always dreamed of doing. I am so ready to see the manifestation and I believe this is the year it will begin to unfold. Thank you for following your dreams and helping others to do the same. You are inspiring and very fun to watch!!! xoxo

  211. Kim

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey Marie! I have always wondered how you got to this point. Not having a budget and camera crew has been the bane of my existence and such a deterrent in creating video. But my vow to myself is to THINK DIFFERENT in 2013. So I found a peer and she and I are going to set up monthly shoots where we film one another videos. It’s a start!! I’m a personal trainer and health coach whose maintaining a 100+ lb. weight loss so it’s so important that I use video to get to establish a relationship with my community.

  212. Angie Amaro

    Thank you for posting this video. It has inspired me to focus on my next phase of my business goals. A couple of years ago I attended a textile design class for fun and found myself completing the program. While we initially started the design process using traditional methods (hand painting) we quickly moved on to digital design. This lead to classes at a local junior college to gain the requisite computer skills. While there I got hooked on graphic design. I have just received my certificate in print and am working on a certificate in web design.

    I have picked up my first client, a non-profit organization, which I service on a pro bono basis. It has been great and I am hopeful that this will be a long standing working arrangement because giving back to the community is important to me. I am now in the process of creating a business plan and look forward to picking up income producing projects. Having watched your video I no longer fear taking that first step. Thank you.

    • Hi
      Is there a website etc.. where your design portfolio is shown? Would love to see it.


      • Angie Amaro

        That is in the works. Hopefully will be up soon. Thanks for asking. Angie

  213. Marielle

    Does anyone know if it is too late to apply for a b school scholarship? If it is, when will the next b school be held so that I can try to apply for a scholarship to that one? Thanks everyone!! 🙂

    • Kristin – Team Forleo

      Hi Marielle,

      The B-School scholarship contest hasn’t happened yet, so you’re not too late! We’ll definitely announce it when it’s open, so stay tuned. If you have any other questions, you can shoot us an email at [email protected] anytime 🙂

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  214. I just found you and your work, and I am feeling incredibly inspired and supported in what I want to do.

    I have been slowly working on a dream for the last ten years or so that is in the first small stages of coming to life externally. I am an artist and a massage therapist, and I have been dreaming of creating my own studio combining all of my artistic passions with massage therapy.

    Massage is a service-oriented field, but my internal vision for my studio business has always felt entirely focused on self-expression. I have historically struggled with shyness and reluctance to express myself, so manifesting my dream has been a long, slow process. I have also been feeling that a self-expression focused business is somehow not as valid as “traditional” businesses. Yesterday I watched your video interview with Ophi Edut and was fascinated by your nodes of the moon discussion, so I looked up my own. Mine are Aquarius/Leo, and I was delighted to see unbridled self-expression listed as a quality to embrace. It felt like I was being given validity and permission to pursue my dream.

    My birthday is coming up soon, and for my birthday I will be applying for my dba. Thank you for your encouragement!

  215. Marie, that dress is UH-MAZIIIIING. I want it 😉

  216. Great episode! I have a list of 2013 goals that I posted today on my blog – some business related, some health and some personal. Perhaps the biggest is to have the group program I’m kicking off Monday be a big success!

  217. Thanks, Marie! You are an inspiration and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your journey with us. I am a happy B-School graduate and I am thrilled about continuing to grow my global reach in 2013. After B-School I decided to put my skills as a communication expert to work and I created a video training program called: Web Video 101: The Message. The Media. The Marketing. I teach people the in’s and out’s of making incredibly professional looking video using your iPhone! In fact, I use your incredible journey with video as an example.

    For anyone interested, please feel free to check it out:

    For this amazing community, just use the code: MARIE and you’ll get 75% OFF.

    Thanks, Marie for everything. This community rocks.

  218. Wakax

    Dear Marie ,
    Your this Video has really motivated me and help me out to build patience and Persistence in My Life.
    Everyday is learning Day and I learnt Today through your life experience , Succeed never happened in OverNight , Since Now i will Crawl, Walk and Than Try To Run .
    Cheers , Respect 🙂

  219. Great blog Marie!

    I took Bschool this summer and was so inspired by your videos that I started videos for my business. It is definitely not an easy process but I enjoy it. Here is the link to one of the videos you inspired. Thanks.

  220. Hi, Marie and everyone else. 🙂 I’m so glad you made this video for us, Marie, because it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get my blog off of the ground and started.

    I honestly don’t know if it’s going to evolve into a business later on–though it would be awesome if it did. Right now, it’s serving to share my experiences volunteering for a year in Beijing, China (I’ll be headed there later this month/early next month).

    This video helped to kind of shush all the worries I had in my head–what if this happens, what if that doesn’t happen–and remind me that NOTHING at all will happen if I don’t get started. So I did, and the first post is up! 🙂

    Now I’m excited to see where this will go. Thanks again, Marie!

  221. My vision for 2013 is to bring my passion for yoga, health and wellness to the web. Turning in to a reflectirevolution. Creating a place for women to come and learn about themselves and what inspires them!!! ❤

  222. My vision for 2013 is to bring my passion for yoga, health and wellness to the web. Turning in to a reflection of my heart and God’s love. Creating a place for women to come and learn about themselves and what inspires them!!! ❤

  223. My vision for 2013 is to do video blogging (vlogging) It’s about time I get in the groove of talking to the webcam and share! I want to start small too..

    TQ for this video and for telling us that we don’t have to get it right the first time around BUT we need to get started!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary Marie TV…xo from Malaysia!

  224. Lis

    My vision is to just make it happen! Determined to make 2013 a good year! A brilliant one!

    I have some ideas that need to be turned into projects. I bet all the gorgeous women here have hundreds of creative ideas in their minds that need to be brought to life! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all go on a retreat to an inspiring location with all the groups of amazing women and make these happen!
    Thanks for the continued inspiration 🙂

  225. Thank you Marie for encouraging us to focus on our vision for the new year.
    My vision is to help as many new parents as I can in 2013. Being a parent of small children can bring some challenges and many questions. I hope to be able reach parents and to help them to be the best parent they can be.
    I am going to post my first You tube video (is that how you spell it?)
    Off to put on my lippy and some cover up now. WOOT! Look out for ME!!!!

  226. Jo

    This is a great reminder that sometimes, we hold ourselves back because we are just at the beginning! I know myself, I can sometimes get too bogged down in planning every little last detail and won’t launch something because it’s not ‘high-end’ enough in my eyes. I am so excited this year to be able to devote my time and attention to my Health Coaching practice, to develop new ideas, develop collaborative relationships that enrich my product offering to clients so they get the most out of what I offer. I’m also excited to continue on my own personal development and be the best version of me!
    Happy, peaceful & abundant 2013 everyone….
    Love, Jo xo

  227. Hi Marie
    Your post, as always, was very inspiring. I spent most of the Christmas break brainstorming, setting goals and planning out what I am going to achieve in 2013.
    I am planning to break away from my usual business (web design) and move into making a business based around my passions, which is having freedom to give my kids the best life I can possibly create for them. This includes travel, adventure, learning lots of different things and experiencing the world.
    When we have kids we sometimes get so caught up in working 9-5 to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table that before we even realize it our kids have grown up and moved on with their lives. My passion is to make the absolute most of the time we have with our kids while they are still young enough to be interested. Not only does this give us the greatest joy as parents, but we can also give our kids the best start in life by showing them that anything is possible.

    So over Christmas, I managed to get my new blog set up and started posting, I have planned out my content for the next 6 months and am putting together a traffic plan. My initial goal is to build a community that will help other moms to generate an income while staying at home with their babies. Being a mom of three aged 6, 3 and 1, I am working at getting the freedom I need to do the things I want with my little ones. I hope that by blogging about my progress and helping people with all things ‘web design’ I can spread the love and help as many other moms as possible.

    A big part of making the jump was watching your videos and getting inspiration. Especially by not worrying about getting it right – but just getting started! That point has held me back fro so many years.

    So here’s to a successful and exciting 2013!

  228. Hi, Marie, Congratulations on your second year! I just love watching your videos so much!! I’m excited about my business, Shed for Bread, because I made a new video that demonstrates how a burned out corporate slave (that’s me) created a money making machine putting my money where my mouth is (losing weight)! Ha! My vision is for this to become so big I’m able to perform TREMENDOUS random acts of kindness all over the world (give away houses, cars, even a college education, etc.) and help the ordinary 9-5 prisoner break out and embrace life and find the freedom to go after their dreams with money as no object and a lighter burden to bear in the belly as well as the mind (come to think of it… just as you are)! ;^) Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the world and the many ways in which you inspire and tickle me to the core. Happy new year!! xoxoxo Amy

  229. Melissa

    My goal for 2013 is to get my business up and KICKING! In 2012, I set the groundwork. My mission and passion is to help people realize their potential and improve their health and wealth thru MILA.

  230. Marie,
    I just want to tell you that you are the BEST. No wonder you are a success! I made sure to watch you on your Super Soul Sunday episode with Oprah, and felt such humbleness (is that a word??) coming from you. You have grace, intelligence, beauty, eloquence, a fabulous personality/sense of humor, and you TRULY care about others. Your videos rock, and I look forward, in my busy world, to watching them each Tuesday morning. … so happy you’re out there! Thank you.

  231. I forgot to say, my goal for 2013 is to STAY focused on the goal(s) I set for myself each day. I’ve been a commercial humorous illustrator and an entrepreneur (inventing and marketing products) for the past 30 years, and it’s often overwhelming for me to stay with one plan of action (ie, illustration work) without the distraction of my other businesses (marketing my products) that also need my attention.

  232. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is very helpful. My goal for 2013 is to add more value to my website for my visitors. And that requires that I start building a team to help me.

  233. Thank you Marie for this video, I think is one of my favorites from you. So, important that you mention that success is a journey and not an instant thing. Too many see successful people and think, they’re lucky but they fail to see all the work that came before their success.

  234. Rachel

    Thank you SO much for showing this! Especially for putting bloopers in. It makes you so REAL and relatable and helps me to overcome my ego’s skepticism so I can see leaders like you and Gabrielle Bernstein not as hierarchically above me but as someone who is just super cool and has amazing advice!

  235. Dana Marie

    Happy New Year Marie!

    Congratulations on year 2!
    What I want to achieve this year is to find a new job and to find love.
    2 biggies, I know!

    On the job front, for starters, I’m going to rebuild my portfolio and update my resume. Then get in touch with my head hunter and see what she can offer. I also plan to tap every resource i.e. friends, business contacts that I know to put the word out. I want to get into a different but related part of the business I’m in, so that’s got me a little nervous–feeling unqualified–but I’m going to stick my neck out there. It may mean some sacrifices in the short term but creative fulfillment in the long term and self growth! That’s exciting.
    Now, as for finding love. I’m alot better at achieving things in my career than I have ever been at love. But after reading your book, and re-reading your book, along with some recent success with online dating; I know that perseverance and the belief that it will happen for me– because I’m an amazing, fabulous and irresistible woman!–is the motivation for me to keep looking for him.

    Thanks Marie for all that you do. All the best to you and your team in 2013.
    Looking forward to a memorable year.

  236. Thank you for this video! It’s a great reminder to know that women as awesome as you started off small.

    My vision for 2013 is to help 2013 women conceive healthy pregnancies this year who have been struggling to get pregnant. AND to send 2013 orphans to school this year with each purchase of my online fertility support program.

    My personal word for the year is FREEDOM!

    The action step I am taking is launching my program on February 8th with a live webinar AND bonus online live workshop. Right now I’m hustling to build my email list and reach out to as many women as I can help with my program.

    Thank you for the opportunity to join you and the others in this post and share my vision. Positive thoughts to all!

    Heidi Brockmyre, L.Ac.
    Creator of the Positively Fertile Program (
    Fertility Acupuncturist

  237. This video was so fantastic as well as the timeline you had at the bottom of the video. I did come into this year with a vision. There are three main areas in my life in which I am ready to take it up a notch.

    One is in my business TSpell Designs. I would like TSpell Designs to be recognized locally in a stronger way. I would like to be the main go to graphic designer for the small businesses here as well as online. This has began to happen due to my participation in many things in the community. I have also planned to redo my website.

    Second is fitness. I am a zumba instructor and I was licensed last summer but had not set up my own class. This year I am going to have my own class in more than one facility as well as move forward with my personal training license (ACE). From there I want to become a Zumba Jammer towards the year closing.

    Third is a Blog that shares a little bit of insight to how to move forward on your own path called “Doing what is right in front of you.” I tend to have people call me for advice consistently and it usually boils down to this main concept no matter what topic or area the situation comes from.
    I truly stick by it and it had done alot with keeping my mind open to new things and creative solutions and I would like to share how it can be very effective.

    I am excited this year to meet more people, create more designs and design solutions, and dance dance dance with large crowds that enjoy physical fitness.

    The first thing that I did towards the business was create a customer appreciation campaign called TSpell Bucks which are earned through referrals. I have also began to post more often on social media my design work as I complete them. The second was do a photoshoot to create the flyer for my first Zumba Fundraiser in February and looked at fitness spaces to have my own class. For My blog I would like to began by writing a few topics that has motivated me to use this Blog title as a platform.

    I am excited and I will get back to work now. There is so much to do. Thank you Marie & Team

  238. Thanks Marie, I loved this. I have been totally stopped because I felt I couldn’t launch “pro.” This is my year to step out on my own. Sorry we didn’t get to meet at DWD. Maybe next time.

  239. Hi Marie!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience in own your unique fun classy way! I love your MarieTV story showing us how you started and how it has evolved. There is hope for me yet!! My vision for 2013 is to build relationships online with my wellness coaching website, FB page, blog, and eventually video. I am overwhelmed but really have to remind myself of your wise words, “you don’t have to be perfect, just start”.
    I know that I can help people live healthier, more balanced lives and that my hard work will pay off. My challenge is to speak from the heart in my blog and on video. I’m also going to apply for a scholarship for B-School cuz just imagine just how much more you can motivate and inspire people – live!! I have so much to learn to create a business and life I love. Sharing from my heart and being myself will be key to my video application.

    Thank you this wonderful community and helping out so many people,


  240. Marie –

    Watching your humble beginnings was my favorite video! It was so uplifting to know that we don’t have to do it alone.

    How did you get your team to agree to be a part of your project in the beginning when a paycheck is not realistic?

    I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to “pay” collaborators without the cash.


  241. Yes LIzz,

    I totally agree and am wondering the same thing 🙂 Do tell

  242. Argh! I am totally STUCK. I got into an MLM last year thinking it was my ticket out of my J.O.B. and now I find myself self-employed and struggling. I want to have a vision, I need to have a vision, but my spirit is constipated. How do you know what you should be doing when you’re a jack of all trades and nothing seems to light your fire?

    • Sage, I feel your frustration. I went into B-School thinking I was going to use it to build my photography business. When I began doing the work in class I began to find my passion was elsewhere in a way. What I really wanted to do was motivate and inspire women to love you they are. I began to think of ways to combine my love for photography, with my passion for helping others see their worth. Worth Her Weight was launched and now I can do both.

      My advice to you is to get out of your head. Quit trying to figure it all out right now, and keep pressing forward what you work the B-School program. Do all the templates, and really think about your skills, values, and gifts, and the small little voice that has been speaking to you all along. Keep pressing forward with your job, you have to make money while you are working through this right? But view it as an ends to a means. You will come away from this class stronger and more sure of your vision if you do the work. There is no double in my mind. Also, read the thoughts of others and see what they are doing…what do you gravitate toward, what makes you cry? what makes you laugh? There are clues all around you. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with being a jack of all trades. Because you will find that there are parts of them all that you will pull from when your vision is clear. Just to show you…My main business: Worth Her Weight (A size for women to learn to love their body right where they are without dieting, and lots of inspiration). My photography…I create inspirational prints that I use as freebies on my site, but also sell on ETSY. I am a Silpada rep (sterling silver jewelry) Why? I love the jewelry and it works for plus sized women because they have larger sizes and lengths. It puts me in front of more women that I can reach, and i am not getting ready to launch some videos that show how to accessorize. If that isn’t all, I love taking online art course and self growth courses on line, and i creating an affiliate page of “what I have done that worked for me”. Hopefully another revenue stream.

      So stick it out, do the work and watch it all unfold and cirlce around you. This is an amazing ride you are about to embark on. Enjoy every minute of it!

      • Oh you have no idea what an inspiration you have just been! I am a fitness instructor and weight loss coach. But, I LOVE MY CURVES and I get into all kinds of trouble because I cannot get behind the 6 pack abs and deprivation diets that are so popular right now. I was really thinking I needed to abandon fitness…..but maybe I need to stay and use my experience and voice to help other women let go of the guilt and shame and constant striving for physical “perfection” as defined by someone else. Self-Care instead of self-torment. Loving every step of the journal instead of putting off life until the “goal” is reached. Thank you Gorgeous Taryn! You are a Goddess!

        • Yes! I just go chills reading this! You would be such an inspiration! I really feel that there are so many women that won’t get up and get out of the house to work out because they feel ostracized. You would not believe the stories I hear. A woman just the other day was told by a fitness trainer at a gym that she was too large to do ZUmBA. She left the place feeling sad and rejected instead of being empowered to try it at her own pace. Women need to begin to speak up and know what their body can do and not let people tell them, and trainers as well need to know how to work with women who are larger. You could do so much to help large women get up and get moving. I once went to a trainer and told her I wanted to take my measurements. She brought in a measuring tape that would not fit around my waist. That is one small thing a trainer could do to make me feel better or I could bring my own. I would love to have a trainer like you in my area who “gets it”. And imagine the difference you could make in the world. So many people need your message and if there is anything I can do to help let me know. Stay the course…you are amazing!

  243. PS. I just checked your site. When I wrote you I had no idea the business you were in. Imagine that! I love when God puts two people together to life someone up!

  244. Hello MArie I stumbled upon you videos in YouTube while searching for getting traffic to my website. For 2013 my goal is obtain financial freedom for myself and my family (Husband and Two Children).

    I wish to launch an online fashion store. I’m currently just researching the how to’s i.e. getting traffic, have site optimization for my website and how to make my site something people will want to buy from. I don’t have in a new or innovative idea I just love fashion and I want to sell clothes handbags and accessories online (without recreating the wheel :o))

    I would love any advice you have to give on how to get started with an online store, I’ve been seing alot of information out there and it’s a litle overwhelming but somehow you make learning it fun, exciting and encouraging.

    Can’t wait to hear from you.


    P.S. I will send you a link to my site once it’s up and running hopefully you can give me some pointers on it. Thanks again :o)

  245. Hi Marie and Everyone!

    I’m excited to share my very FIRST video and had the courage to post to my website and Facebook page without worrying whether it was perfect ( my head is a little cut off:))

    Thank you Marie SO much for inspiring me to just get it out there!

    Here it is!

    Lots of LOVE,


  246. Hi, Marie! This episode is right on time. I’ve been wanting to do video for a while and thought I had to wait until I had this or that to get started. I’m in the process of moving but once I get settled I am going to start where I am with what I have. Thanks.

  247. Well, I’m about to move back to the states. I’ve been teaching abroad for 4 years and I’m starting my next search for what’s next. I am an art teacher now, but would really like to have a business on the side to really stay creative. I would love to eventually sell my cards and photographs and spread LOVE full time. I made Christmas and Valentines cards this year. and made 20 dollars online and sold some to colleagues at our schools festival! 🙂 I hand make backgrounds and pieces to scan and then alter in Photoshop. I’ve also contacted Balboa publishing about some book ideas. A Children’s book and a Coffee table book with a poem I wrote about heart rocks. I love to find and collect heart rocks! I’ve started creating a website, where people can share their pictures of “evidence of love” and become a online community of sharing and love… (still putting the finishing touches). I also want to share all books, videos, websites/blogs, people that have inspired my change over the years to be my better self. You can join me on Facebook! It is so amazing to see all the amazing women making the world awesome. Marie, Thank you for you inspiration. I really hope to join the B school this year!!

  248. Russ

    I also found this blog about making videos to promote a bussiness

  249. You make me get that hidden feeling out and loud YES!! I know I have to move ahead no matter how long its gonna take.. I will make it there..
    Thanks Marie and team..

  250. Inspiring! Just get started. Just do it. You will make mistakes. It’s ok. Ahhhhhhhh… nice to hear.

  251. Marie,
    subscribing to your weekly newsletter has been one of the best things I have ever done. Sometimes though I don’t get to read your newsletter until weeks later. I still love the insight you give and I can’t wait to up my blog game this year and really step into the vision that I set forth at the beginning of the year.

  252. Happy Belated New Year!!! I just saw this video and it is pretty much always New Year is some culture – so maybe not too late…. My New Year starts now as I am enrolled in B school and there are SO many new things to learn. This is my first foray into an on line community and I think I am going to really like it! So cheers and happy belated to you all…♥

  253. Well I’m a little late getting to this episode but my one of my goals for this year was to step it up with more focus in my business!

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