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You know…

The past few years, I felt like Christmas came and went in a hot second.

I was always so darn busy that I never really experienced the holidays.

So this year, I decided to make a conscious change.

Work appointments are nearly done. My window boxes are filled with lush evergreen swag and pinecones. Claymation Christmas specials are recorded on my DVR.

To thrive in 2013 & beyond, move from waiting to creating. @AstroTwins Click To Tweet

As I’m writing you, I’m listening to classic Christmas tunes from Pandora, white lights twinkle around my desk and my home is filled with the woodsy scent of Siberian Fir needles from my favorite cozy candle, Frasier Fir by Thymes.

I gotta tell you, small changes can make a big difference in how deeply you experience the holidays, and your life.

Now let’s dive into another simultaneously exciting and frightening prospect…


Did you know that according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar, we earthlings are a mere few days away from colliding with a massive galactic black hole or the planet Nibiru?

That’s right.

I dug a little deeper and learned that yes indeed, we are upon the “end of the world” as we know it, but the transformation we’re about to undergo is a spiritual one.

My dear friend Ophi Edut, expert astrologer for and cofounder of, is here to explain and let us know how to prepare for this shift and set the stage for deeper happiness and joy in 2013 and beyond.

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In the comments below, let us know the ONE aspect of the “new world” you’re most excited to focus on.

Are you ready to establish or deepen a spiritual practice, share more resources, or make “in person” time a priority?

Then I want to hear the important action step you’re willing to commit to right now, to bring this shift into reality.

Make sure you’re specific in your comment.

Not only will it help you crystallize your own thoughts, but your insight and creativity will inspire others too!

For Past Lives Astrology and details on your North and South Nodes, click here.

Thank you, as always, for watching and sharing.

With cozy holiday love,


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  1. Ha, on December 21st 2012 I will be in the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico, exactly where the Mayans came up with their prophecies. I am so happy that the world is not ending after all 🙂

    I have been running my business for a while, and there is one thing I have realized: to be a successful entrepreneur you need to practice mindfulness. Most entrepreneurs suffer from an emotional roller-coaster. When their business is going well they are happy, when their business is declining the get down.

    I realized I could not continue doing this. So I started a mindfulness practice this month. My only expectation from this practice is to detach from what is going on, and realize that happiness is right here for me, within my reach. I don’t need to do X or Y to be happy. I can be happy right now.

    Meditating in the morning, and trying to stay in touch with my feelings throughout the day has really helped me be happier every day and feel more connected to myself and dare I say…the universe.

    I will be continuing this practice in 2013.

    • Hey Marie!
      I agree!! Running around, like I was, constantly busy doing ‘stuff’ from the minute I woke up to the time I fell asleep, packing in as much as I could, I quickly realised this was not the right way to go about having a ‘in the moment’, stress free and rewarding life! I grew up in a home environment where meditation is a part of everyday life, yet I was too busy to embrace it. Slowing down, refreshing and rebooting is the key and the missing ingredient to success in life I think, so thank you Marie for reminding us of that. xxx

    • Heather

      Every fiber of my being feels alive right now after watching this video! It supports all I have studied and believed for years. It feels to me like all I have worked for my whole life is fitting together perfectly and that is a gift I can not be thankful enough for. I choose to share my knowledge, I choose to be thankful when people like you generously share yours. I choose to have an awareness to my days and understand the importance of ME and my effect on the world. I have a lot to offer and choose to share it, others have a lot to offer and I choose to accept it

      • Every fiber is vibrating for me too! Marie you are always so connected to what we all need, think and feel.

        I have been tuned into this for awhile! My partner and body coach Shay and I have put together a workshop re:Create Live in New York City over the past year that launches January 10th that is 100% focused on getting people to take action on EVERYTHING the two of you suggested in this video.

        If there are any ladies looking to co-create your universe, come join us live! Look under re:create LIVE!

    • Hi Maria, I am SO excited for your trip to Chichen Itza!!! I totally agree with you in regards to practicing mindfulness while running a business. Sometimes (actually, a lot of the times), I feel overwhelmed with to-do lists and things that I ‘should’ be doing.

      I felt a shift this year, in regards to how I approach doing things in my life and my career, that being focused on making meaningful decisions and creating an environment and pace that would simplify my lifestyle.

      As an artist and creative coach, I LOVE Ophi’s idea of ‘Waiting to Creating’, because I literally feel in the zone when I am creating something, whether it is a piece of artwork, capturing an image through my camera, or brainstorming business ideas in my journal. I know that when I am in this state of mind, of creativity, I am connecting with my higher self, my spirit…so zenlike. It’s addicting, really 🙂

    • Marie,

      I believe in past lives, I believe in reincarnation, I was born in Brazil where doctrine spirit Allan Kardec is very well known and followed. Gosh how much I love her!
      I will get more in touch with the “real people” and meet them personally since spiritually it’s being a good journey already 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to watch this again, it sparked so many ideas.

    Something that I have been planning but finally ready to share in 2013 is a awareness campaign to get a bottle bill on the ballet and hopefully passed in my state of Idaho.

    Bottle bills exist in 13 states and have proven wildly successful with roadside litter and recycling rates. A bottle bill is the deposit tax that some states have that give you 5-10c when you return a can or plastic bottle.

    It’s something I’m passionate about that I know could positively change the state I love.

    • Nadine

      AWESOME idea!!! I am from a country where bottle bills have been around for decades and it bothers me here so much that we throw away everything in the same container! I wish you good luck on getting this approved in your State!!

  3. Galina

    I was very concerned about the world ending some time ago. I’m happy you made an episode about it, Marie! Thank you!
    I loved listening to Ophi, her voice is so soothing and comforting! And of course I feel so much love coming from both of you!

    My goal for 2o13 is to learn to be a kinder, bigger person. Learn to be helpful, loving, welcoming and appreciative of people and pass this positive energy to others. I want to genuinely care more about others. I want to create a community and be part of other communities based on these values.

    Thank you girls!
    Can’t wait to see you in B-school, Marie! Going through Live in the Moment Booty Camp now. Absolutely loved the relationship conversation.

  4. “tuning your energetic field”~ love that. I am reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ and have joined ~ a site that connects those committed to conscious living, non-profits, social activists and a sustainable earth. I am also in the process of developing a new site with that focus. “I wanted to be where I was going.”

    • Love that Chas. If anyone can do this you can, you’re one of the most perceptive people I know purely from online, you always leave insightful comments and I think you have a great handle and holistic perspective on the big picture.

      • Thank you for your kind words, Natalie. You are awesome, too! 😉

  5. I just had a chart reading done and it was AMAZING. So insightful!!! I’m ready for this new world… my goal this next year is to really step into my truth and my role in this amazing shift. To really CONNECT with people this year, beyond the computer. Through speaking, writing, meetups and in my personal relationships. This was a fantastic video, thank you!

    • Denise Antoon


      How did you find someone you trusted to do the reading? I have wanted to have a reading done for awhile now, but am not so trusting of this after doing undercover work on some con artist cases. I am curious what the results would be though. Happy New Year!!

  6. I feel like this move to “one-ness” is sensed by people in these major liberal, expensive cities (like NYC, LA, SF, etc). Here in the hood and the ‘burbs, I’m not noticing anything different…

    I really love that “move it out of your mind”… I did something simialr today. I felt I was going to be late for a nutrition volunteer gig. Normally, I sit in my car and worry and bash myself. But this time, I thought “let me just be honst…” and called. It all started going smoothly from there. I’m excited to explore more with time-bending.

    P.S. My nodes are Leo/Aquarius… not sure what do with that lol

  7. Senait

    This is an amazing video. I love this shift that Orphi talks about. I feel it too and it’s really exciting.

    Here’s the tip I’m going to use: to choose creating over waiting. I like the idea of putting the power right back into my hands and NOW. I’ve been trying to write a book for years now – and as of now, I’m just going to get started. Stop the waiting game with myself and realize that I have more power than I know. Scary fact, but true.

    I also love the idea about creativity – or our success models not having to be competitive – that actually inspires me even MORE to get started on what I’m doing because competition takes the fun out of everything. And then I get performance anxiety and really bad feelings take over me!

    Thanks Marie for another great video – and you look gorgeous as usual! Happy Holidays! xoxo

    • I love this! I can totally relate to what you’ve said about creating over waiting. Thanks for your tip! 🙂

      Peace and Love,

  8. Marie,

    Thanks for the awesome insight that no one really wants to talk about! Being half of Mexican decent I loved how the conversation was about change. Ending a cycle is a natural part of our evolution. In my culture we kind of giggle of all the interpretations out there. This was such a smart, responsive and actionable way to open ourselves to each other in 2013.

    Cheers Chica!

    xo Francesca

  9. I’ve practically made the phrase “stop waiting, start creating” my new motto…so much that it has led me to move my self and my business cross country from NY to California, just a few weeks ago during the busiest time of year for my business, after desiring to do it for the past 10 years. And even though obstacles will always arise, the time for big change is now! I believe that should everyone’s new motto 🙂 Oh,and I’m definitely looking into one of her chart readings after this!

  10. Gry

    what an awesome interview! Thank you! So excited for the new shift we are facing.

    “Dancepartybreaks is an intellegent thing to do for your business” – LOVE IT!

  11. Oh my goodness! Major thumbs up from me for this post. It’s like someone has shone a huge light beam over me and lifted me up. Now I’m nodding away with a sense of “oh, so that’s what’s been happening. I get it now!”

    The aspect I’m going to incorporate is to CREATE – wildly create. No more waiting, no more upper limiting myself and making excuses. 🙂 I feel that it’s the perfect time for me to really step into the field of pure potentiality and get creative, share my message, and change the world!

    Love the Astro Twins. I read their forecasts weekly and monthly and it’s something I ALWAYS look forward to.

    Thanks for sharing them and conducting such an AMAZING interview with Ophi!

    Jia Ni x

  12. You gals – what a great message! There’s so many things that I love…you don’t have to sit still to meditate…yeah! dance…yeah! more than anything…join forces! You don’t have to do it alone! Absolutely my motto for 2013! xx

  13. Thanks dear Marie!

    The year 2012 was transformative for me, also thanks to finding you and joining B-School!

    After a year of deep inward dives facing my very own desires 2013 will be the year of bringing my wisdom out to the world in a greater way!

    Thanks so much for being the inspiring woman you are!


    • Thank YOU for being here Coco 🙂

    • I agree with Coco, B-School was brilliant!


  14. Rachel

    Move from waiting to creating! Yes! You and Oprah, Marie, are my interview go-to’s, thanks for all the inspiration, see you at B_School yo!:)

  15. Fantastic!! I just love how you bring it all together! Brilliant content, brilliant interviewee. It’s time to make spirituality come together with how we do business and you certainly go in the forefront of that movement, Marie, and I LOVE you for it!!

    Time to embrace the the big picture, fundamental truth and higher learning for me – took the south/north node test 😉 And it goes totally in line with my new career which I hope and believe will prosper in 2013.

    THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU and inspiring us to be THE BEST ME there can be. Happy holidays!

  16. Ellie

    I have been receiving the universe’s gentle nudge to connect with people. So to thrive, I need to find my tribe.

  17. Finding out my North and South Nodes brought tears to my eyes. Feel I can move where I want to move, almost like I have permission now. To thrive in my future life, I’m going to embrace sensuality, emotional sensitivity and spirituality and learn learn learn as much as I can about it. Thank you so much for this video. Really learned so much xx

  18. Hi Marie.

    I want to come in 2013 with all the change that is anticipated.
    I’m ready, I think it’s my time, I’ll fly like a rocket in 2013. lol

    I like your blog, Congratulations.

    • Adi

      Second that;)

  19. I would like to thank you everybody and invite you to our side project – click on the link above


  20. As always I loved the episode like everything. I was speaking in a conference this year, and I met an astrologist who was actually saying in the Mayan culture, that the world is not ending. Apparently its a starting of a new era which starts ever 5,125 years.
    Here is one of the many articles:–just-start-new-era-says-expert.html

    According to the astrologists its actually a move towards a new dominated by women, which is quite incredible. So it could quite exciting.

    • Adi

      Speaking of UK astrologers, Jonathan Cainer @ (or his iphone app) has some amazing insights into this also…..all positive, btw:)

  21. Well, I sure am on the right track there!

    My business has been an expression of everything that I have gathered through my life and what I feel that should be shared in the world, following most of the principles shared today.

    As I will be releasing my book soon it has been very lonely working all the time, and calling my friends often has made a lot of difference.

    Knowing that we are moving globally into a more collaborative world I know that all we do is needed. It’s so inspiring to see people turning up to spirituality and letting go of old beliefs.

    We are creating a new world!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration, Marie!

    • Congrats on your book Julia – that’s a HUGE accomplishment.

  22. I want to focus on building a community of network to help promote my products which include my new coaching retreat called

    I also want to share more free resources that will hopefully be as cool as yours.

    • When your intention, your words, move from “want” to “will” then everything will begin to happen for your good. I know this as a fact of personal experience. Our words have power and when we use positive action words, positive action happens. Yasmine, I am looking forward to watching your growth on the internet over this year. I know you will make it happen!

  23. Laura Donelan

    Hi Marie
    Thank you for this great segment. I felt that the message was written for me today and I will embrace this intuition and put an emphasis on these practices.

    The one most important idea that I am going to keep in mind is the community of people joining forces and resources together to push forward. This resonates clearly as the path to take in several areas that are blocked in my business and personally as well. “Join forces, Join resources push forward” my new mantra! And, I am going to move from waiting to creating to make it happen!

    Thank you for sharing all your great ideas – very encouraging!

  24. I love the “don’t wait, create’ motto – this is something i’ve been practising this year already and want to expand upon for 2013. Sharing resources and more personal together time is something i’ll be focusing on too. I’d like to work with partners on my moccasin making business so I’m not doing that on my own. The action step is to ask someone I respect and want to work with. Amen!! amazing show today.

  25. Dear Marie: Thank you, thank you for your wonderful Tuesday interviews which I look forward to watching every Tuesday morning. This interview about “the end of a separate world, and the beginning of a more abundant world” could have not been more precise and timely. You again hit it on the nail. The quote about Mother Theresa really resonated with me: “The worst form of poverty is loneliness and not being loved.” I recommend anybody who really wants to change their lives for the better to start out by expressing gratitude to everybody they know. I did this myself, last Thanksgiving. I launched a “thank you campaign” to all my e-mail list: I created a musical video through which I genuinely thanked all my friends for being part of my life. At the same time I did this, I also announced the publication of my new book: How to Buy Your Home and Not Lose Your Mind. I would have loved to share this musical video with you here in this post, but I know it is not proper (It would be banned and spammed). However, I have to say that the video engendered a tremendous positive response. Not only with my friends, but also with some of my enemies (that I did not know I had, but I did). I guess it dissolved some of the bad vibes lurking in the air.

  26. Wow! Just woke up a while ago here in NYC and read all of these awesome comments. So excited that people are discovering their nodes. A great book to read more about your north and south nodes in-depth is Jan Spiller’s ‘Astrology for the Soul.’ A life-changer!

    And more on 2012 and the Mayans is here: (this will move to a new link on Sunday 12/23)

    Happy holidays and here’s to bending time together in 2013!

    • Oooo – I have a ton of astrology books but not that one. Thanks for the suggestion – I’ve always been intrigued with the nodes. Off to check it out now…

      Oh – and I think I’m going to make more time for face time with my friends. I spend waaaayyyyy too much time online – or on work.

  27. I was totally skeptical about the “North and South Nodes” concept. Then I checked my own, and nearly spit out my coffee – it was so accurate! Thanks for the resource Marie!

    My challenge in 2013 is sharing my passions with others!

    • Just checked my nodes over there – it was uncanny.

    • Same for me. I went over and looked at my North and South nodes, and they were dead on with where my heart has been lately. Thanks Maria and Ophie!

  28. Wonderful video! Very positive and inspiring. I heard about similar theories and it makes me excited. I can’t wait for more sophisticated and intelligent society. I can already feel the shift. Some many amazing and inspiring people around, like you Marie.
    For the 2013, I want to take my business to the whole new level and share and give even more to my readers and clients.

    Thanks fro sharing.


  29. So funny, I just attended a lecture on 12/21/12 and had a chart reading right after. It was very eye opening and everything I have been through made perfect sense: 2012 has been a transformative year for me, reconnecting with my spirituality, embracing my purpose and letting go of limiting beliefs.

    Love the idea of the dance breaks: I teach feminine empowered movement and yessssss there is so much wisdom in the body, and creativity and intuition and emotions… More dancing, everyday, is a brillant suggestion!!i

    Having a more spiritual approach to money is definitely one of my focus for 2013 as well as sharing my gift and trusting my purpose.

    Have a blissful holiday celebration.

  30. Hi Marie,

    I appreciate this video so much! It has been very clear to me in my work that we are moving from this 3D to 4D consciousness change and much of that is playing out in my life. I LOVE that we are moving into a world where energy, past lives, and the map of the soul is becoming more common language!

    So here’s how I will thrive in 2013. I have launched a Healer Training Program in West Hartford, CT, Austin, TX and Boulder CO this upcoming year. I am so excited to be able to teach people skills in energy healing so that they can heal themselves. It has been my calling to move out of private practice and into teaching this incredible work that has shifted people’s lives in the past 15 years of my practice. I signed up for B School and I’m looking forward to honing my skills in making this education accessible to more and more people. The program is on my website:

    On a personal level, I love the idea of returning to personal connection. That is really needed right now in my life and in the lives of many. I will be focusing on co-creating with the Divine and with others in 2013.

    Thank you so much for all you do!


    Wendy De Rosa

  31. I love Tali from AstroStyle, I had a reading with her!!

  32. Great inspiration. And let’s not wait till Dec 21st to make changes.

    I think my biggest focus will be on providing resources for a better and healthier living, overall attitude. I’m in the fitness business and have also studied Yoga and the vedic sciences, ie ayurveda and vedic astrology.
    This past year I started to marry them both and train my clients differently.

    I feel we have gotten more and more into achievement mode, the feeling of not being good enough, not looking good enough, having to fit into a social mould.
    I’ve seen so many people being mentally and physically injured and burned out chasing their ideal body to “fit in”, pun intended.

    I think it’s time to look at what really makes us stronger, mentally and physically, and take a different approach.

    So my thing in the new year and the years to come is to provide the knowledge and resources to provide for a safer experience when making choices that concern our body, and ultimately our mind and soul.

    Wishing everyone peaceful holidays and much joy,
    Love, Claudia. 🙂

  33. Hey Marie! For 2013, I feel like my intuition is pretty good, but for 2013 I’d like to start actually listening to it! Sometimes I I know the answer, but find I don’t want to go that direction, or I start asking all my friends for advice when really I should just get quite and give myself the answers only I can really know.

    Also, congrats on another fancy video- is that a new background ya got there? xo Desha

  34. Love, Love, Love todays Episode Marie!

    Ophi! I couldn’t agree more! We all have a major opportunity for progress and change in the coming years. One step at a time but full steam ahead!

    My biggest focus in my own practice at is “Self Love”. I remind All of my clients that before we leave the house we must remember Plane Safety. Plane Safety?! Yup! Plane Safety!

    When we are on planes, we are asked to “place the oxygen mask on Ourselves first, before helping another with their own. The same is true for all other areas of our beautiful lives. We must shine the light of love and forgiveness within before we can help another. I share with you a story about this very topic.

    A friend called me up the other day quite distraught about her latest love interest. She had been dating and sleeping with a man who, after weeks of courting, stopped returning her calls. After about a week of very sparse and cryptic communication with this man she got a call from her sister who said she saw him kissing another man at one of the more discrete bars in their town. When confronted with this information, the guy freaked out, changed his number, his job and hasn’t been see around town.

    She cried to me on the phone, telling me that she could not understand what she did wrong And that in light of these events, she felt like she was not “Woman-Enough” to keep this guy interested in her.

    I laughed when she said that, assuring my Beautiful, Independent, Self Aware, Self Loving friend that she did absolutely Nothing to directly hurt the relationship and that his “incommunicado” had absolutely Nothing to do with her blessed Womanhood! Or anyone else’s for that matter!

    I told her that because of a lack of “Self-Love” this man was in a heap of pain, so much so that he would do almost anything to keep parts of himself hidden, including changing his address, phone number and even his identity to keep others from seeing all of him.

    At some point someone told him, that it was Wrong, Shameful and certainly Not Manly to be Gay. Now, we are not even certain that this man is in fact Gay but you can be sure that when his apparent Gay feelings emerged, he did Everything he could to “Be A Man” and “Not be Gay” Because of what he had been told about, His, Body, his Masculinity and his place as a Man in our current world, he did not feel safe being himself.

    She said that she understood but that she still felt like crap. I smiled and told her” That’s a great start!” She snorted and asked me what in the world I was talking about and I told her that simply identifying her own feelings about the matter and feeling her own truth she could begin to remove the “knife” of internalization from her heart and show her self some true compassion. Simply by taking the time to step back from her ego and to understand what she was feeling she can start to understand and love herself a little better.

    I told her that this world is about Frequencies.

    Colors, Thoughts, Feelings, Sexuality. Like Ophi Said, All of these things are a lot more fluid than we realize. In the end it is not about, gay or straight, man or woman it is about LOVE. It told her she can begin to heal by simply changing her own frequency to one of LOVE.

    I told her that her boyfriend was in pain because of what he was told by others out of their own fear. She could change her frequency and begin to heal by simply being the voice of reason when she heard fearful speech throughout the day.

    She is now living that frequency. Whenever she hears someone say anything hurtful about anyone’s personal identity, she speaks up about it in a Peaceful way as a simple reminder that they are HUMAN. Because she has “changed her personal channel” and she is attracting more like minded people. She is much happier with her new pool of more Loving friends. Just being around her reminds me to shine some of that light of acceptance back to myself which in turn helps me to help others.

    I am so excited that you included some Higher Consciousness into your Programming Marie! I so adore your work. Your own frequency is bright and I can feel you changing the World! Thank you so Much!


    Rocco Distefano:

    • LOVE all of this Rocco – thank you for sharing this story in such detail, and thanks for supporting all of us to bring compassion and humanity to our every part of our lives. xoo M

    • Ophi

      Your friend is lucky to have a wise person in her life like you!

  35. I love this. I found myself saying “YES, YES” to everything she was saying. Seems to be a lot of synchronous ideas here with my own path. I am very excited.
    As a body worker and spiritual person I have been frelig that sense of polarity. Some people clinging desperately to old ways while others shift and move to more expansion. I feel that we are all becoming more aware and there is so many awesome things that people are doing in this world and it is gettig bigger!

    4D oh yeah!!!!!!!!

  36. The world is not ending its just the sky is falling.

    oh, wait that was the 13th century.

    “They” will say whatever people are willing to believe. Remember Y2K?

    Good video

  37. Consciousness, Inspiration, Growth is my brand mantra. I hope to actualize more of these manifest in my near future. I feel it happening incrementally and embrace the realization of the power these attributes have.

  38. I really need to deepen my spiritual practice again. All the business stuff has put that on the back burner in 2012. I’m also sharing more resources, since I’ve started on a new path of helping others find their true self.

  39. I just completed my certification as a Reiki Master. I’m stepping into 2013 with an even greater awareness of the energy shifting around us. My intention is actually to share that healing energy through performance art and inspire a larger audience to heighten their own awareness of the power within themselves to make positive change happen. It’s time for the age of Aquarius. Woo hoo!

  40. Hey, great tv show again!
    I am going to be doing a lot of sharing starting december 21: I will be starting my Mindtravel! As a psychyaut I will travel the metro-map Studio Strik gave me. The idea is that on my way I will collect tools/tricks/tips/techniques & lots of fun, easy things you can implement to shift gears, get into change & into the 4D world.
    So if read this and you’ve got an idea/tip/trick/technique/tool, something fun, easy & quick: come on over and share!!!
    I’d really love that; it’ll be much appreciated!
    Lets build an online free resource kit, so everybody on the planet can thrive!!! Yay!
    Just check the website;

    Wishing you all lovely holidays!

  41. I loved this video and thought it was truly insightful and interesting.

    For 2013 I am adopting the phrase :: Move from “waiting” to “creating.”

    I think that is perfect for me as I’m self-publishing my first novel, launching my Life Coaching biz and continuing my Reiki practice and training. I’ve figured out what my purpose is, now I just have to go for it!

    Thanks Marie for being such an inspiration in my life!

  42. I loved learning more about this! Was just having a conversation yesterday about what I believe the big shifts are that are taking place at the end of 2012. No surprise that we’re letting go of what’s not working to embrace something that works! 🙂

  43. kristina

    This is an episode I will watch over and over. Fabulous. And a great thought starter for how I want to live my life. “The most terrible poverty is lonliness”. Wow. Mother Theresa had it all going on. I close my door too often on the world around me. I’m ready to open it up.

  44. Thank you Marie and Ophi for this beautiful interview!

    All of the five points resonated so deeply with me, so it’s hard to pick just one.
    For me 2012 was the year of spiritual development. I started a daily spiritual practice and completely turned my life upside down. So even though I already have a commited spiritual practice my main focus is to deepen it even more. 

    I also realized within the last few months how important connection and community are for me and I make it a priority to spend time with my loved ones. 

    Thirdly I love the idea of moving from waiting to CREATING. The phrase, “Start before you’re ready” is very apparent in my life and I make it a conscious effort to put my principles into practice. Just very recently I launched my website and started sending out a weekly newsletter. I tend to be a perfectionist, which is why I could be working on it for several more months before sharing my website with everyone. But I realized that I’ll never feel like my site is “perfect”, so why not share it with people now? I’ve got a lot of plans and ambitions for the next year and the years to come, but I allow myself to take it one step at a time, one day at a time. 
    I focus on my main priorities of 

    -deepening my spiritual practice
    -being in community with other people and
    -creating a business and life I love

    and I trust that this will get me exactly where I need to be. 
    I’m also offering free initial coaching sessions right now which I LOVE so very much! I love connecting with people, listening to their stories, talking about their dreams and desires and I love supporting and guiding them to make those dreams a reality. This is literally what I was born to do. To create community with other people, to empower and uplift them and to help them find their purpose in life. 

  45. Thank you for this video Marie + Astro Twins!

    I love the reminder about CO-CREATING vs. Competition or Control.

    One thing that really helps me move blocks out of my mind is to
    1) STOP.
    2) Take a deep breath. Close your eyes.
    3) Say “I open to receive. I let go.”

    If anyone on here would like help with HOW to trust (and develop your intuition), I would love to send you a little gift to help you get ready for 2013! Free report: One Question You Must Ask To Stop-Second-Guessing Yourself in Love and Business!

    Go to to grab it. (free! yay!)

    Much Love everyone,

  46. I am ready to establish or deepen a spiritual practice, share more resources, and make “in person” time a priority!

    I have started these three activities a while now, and this episode was an awesome confirmation that I am going in the right direction. I know it is not genius on my part, just weird listening to my environment.

    1. Started an ‘actors instrument’ ongoing workshop, that is a body and spirit practice
    2. I started accountability groups, to share resources and work together and improve our businesses
    3. I started a schedule to stay in touch with my family and friends

    Thank you so much!!! I’m thrilled that I am on to what everybody is 🙂

    Much love!

  47. margaret

    Wow, how delightful, empowering in a good way. I will strive to use it all.

  48. I LOVED this episode! Love Ophi and can relate to everything she was saying – I have been feeling such a big shift coming, and have been getting myself ready to let go of what’s not working to make room for things that will.

  49. Jennifer

    Love it! Thanks.
    BTW, can’t subscribe to Astro Twins – getting an error message. Can someone pass the word on? Thanks!

  50. I’m so happy about this! I am also going through my saturn return and 12/21 is my birthday. I’ve felt this *shift* building for about 18 months and have been learning more and more about these concepts and building a spiritual practice for myself as part of my daily routine and business practices. I honestly NEED to have dance, yoga, hiking breaks in the middle of the day whenever I get stuck on an idea. It ALWAYS helps!

    I love that she put it in “waiting –> creating,” too. After the world doesn’t *actually* end on 12/21, we can go full-speed into creation mode with renewed energy.

  51. Ingrid

    I love Marie and I love the astrotwins!

    I love the concept of moving into a 4D world. I’m an Organizational Development Consultant (and astrology obsessed). I love the concept of banning the cubical… how many people hate their jobs…. or their bosses… or both! If your cubical is a must, at least “pimp your cubical” or better yet feng shui your space. One short story. I had a job that I only meant to be in for 6 months to get me over a hump and ended up being there for almost 5.5 years. I couldn’t seem to leave even though I had never made myself comfortable… a friend of mine at work said to me that maybe I needed to be present and make myself comfortable.. feng shui my workspace… So I bought some plants, got a pretty calendar and placed a rug just outside of my cubical. Immediately my work started to change… the funniest was that my coworkers seeing my rug, started to ask permission to come inside my space. Interestingly enough I had struggled to keep my energetic bubble from energy vampires in my work…so it was perfect… what happened shortly after… I got a new Job… with my own office (sans the window… but a step up none the less!)

    So my goal for 2013… bringing more 4D into the workplace!

    • Ophi

      “Pimp your cubicle” = brilliant. Laughing out loud at that one!

  52. As usual, incredibly pertinent post for me. A MarieTV video I watched a couple months ago about manifesting really got me thinking about what I want, and made me more alert to the opportunities at hand. Less than 2 months later, I can cross off 3/5 things on my ‘manifesting’ list, with the other 2 just shortly behind I hope 🙂 f

    It’s hard to pick just one of the tools, but 2-5 are ones that I am already actively working on, so I think the most important one for me ultimately is number one. I am a dancer, sometimes-runner, and occasional yoga enthusiast. It’s during those activities that I really seem to find a peace in myself, and, as it was said in the video, mediation in motion. I think that will be the key to finding success in all the other tools if I make it a priority.

    It was also AWESOME to see my North & South Nodes, which are incredibly appropriate for me in a variety of ways right now as a transition out of my job and into working for myself!

  53. Amy

    Hi all!

    I am so excited for the POST 2012 world! I am going to work on spending time with people and new friends in person. Feeling connectedness through everyone I meet and living IN LOVE. I think that this new world is all about that..being in love with the world around me.

    Love you MARIE!!!

    Thank you for this the astrosistahs too!

    All the best,
    Amy Javier

  54. Natasha miller

    Great episode. Your guest sounds like Joan Cusak… Kind of fun! My spiritual/psychic paycheck as a business owner far outweighs my monetary paycheck. And I’m proud to run a business where my employees also have such a rewarding experience. That drives me.

  55. Fourth dimension dance break!!!! YES!

  56. Fantastic episode of MarieTV!

    I love all that Ophi shared today and it is completely in alignment with the work I’m doing. Something, I’ll make more of a priority is continuing to build and create community–in person activities!

    I wrote a whole book on this topic, that I’m giving away for FREE on Kindle all week this week. It seems appropriate to share it only because of the topic and because it’s free –

  57. Adi

    Anything that will get us motivated is great!
    Especially this one coming from 2 intelligent, caring individuals:)
    I also believe in giving before receiving.
    This new era belongs to those that put people before the bottom line (money;))
    That’s why, before selling any product, i JUST opened up a Facebook page , Flawless and Healthy, to help all that want to be flawless and healthy (physically and mentally) with daily advices, recipes, etc,
    I think that all of us that have the resources (time, brains) and willingness should chip in and help/educate the rest that have less.
    And speaking of “togetherness”, for the first time, I’m willing to work together: anyone that has the know how of setting up, or running, or anything in the cosmetic industry, I’m starting something;)

  58. kim snow

    no waiting to creating ..

    I am creating the life I want .. which is want to surround with real great people and co create to help women.
    breaking quitting circle. before you quit job and find another job then I got to quit again. No more quitting circle..

    connecting more people instead of doing all by myself..
    getting in the game and offer my expertise.. so thrill

    no waiting but creating the situation I want in life.. 😉
    kim snow

  59. Thank you! Wonderful Interview!!! I will keep exploring my intuition, listening to my body and staying connected with others!

  60. Marie!
    Thank you SO bloody much for this interview and episode of MarieTV. This is my first time commenting on this forum (even though I watch religiously), but today’s episode really hit home because one of the tools is to make “in person” a priority and BOY do I need to get on that train. In addition to starting/building my Health Coaching practice I’m also a wife, mother of a toddler, and caregiver to my 80-year old father, so I tend to stay behind a computer ALLLLL day long and tell myself, “It’s too hard to get out. I don’t have enough time.” Blah, blah, blah.
    This lit a fire under my boo-tay and I need to MAKE time to get out there. Where I live we don’t have many options for networking groups, so this sparked my brain to start one- hello McFly?!
    That is my action step…start gathering women (men too if they want) for a fun, love-filled “networking” gathering, so we can begin sharing ourselves with each other! Bam 🙂 Thanks again, Marie!

    Love + Light + Holy Shifts,
    Keli Conci

    • Love your energy Keli!! Thanks for being brave and commenting for the first time.

    • Ophi

      Agreed! You will make a huge difference for other people who feel isolated. And kudos to you – I have a toddler, and I can’t imagine also having an elderly parent to care for. You will be energized by the community you create. Go for it!

  61. I love when the Universe just whacks you over the head with a message. I watched the video and decided to click on the North/South Pole link. My pair recommended releasing “Caretaking/enabling” and focusing on “Teaching ‘em to fish” and “Living a public life.”

    I’m a coach, and I’ve been feeling like I’ve been letting some of my clients lean on me a little too much recently, and also that I’ve been too closed off in some of my marketing. I’ve just started going to a co-working group (I’m headed there this morning!) and am thinking about ways to be more “out there” in 2013.

    Great timing and inspiration, thank you!

  62. Marie, I just have to correct a common misconception that you wrote in your intro here. The correct spelling of the name of the fir you love is “Fraser” and it is named (erroneously, but that’s another story) after John Fraser who was the first to write about it, along with the Fraser magnolia. They grow in the region in which I live, the southern Appalachian mountain range.

    The reason I know this is that this is the spelling of the last name of my sweetie, who’s ancestors came from Scotland three generations back. Here’s a quote from the internet about it: “Fraser fir and Fraser magnolia have a number of common characteristics. In addition to the name they share, both trees have a limited range in the southern Appalachians. As a result, the two species were discovered relatively late compared to other North American trees.”

    Sorry, but it’s a pet peeve of mine to see it misspelled so often.

  63. Jaroslav Tavgen

    I would like to know more about North Node (and I already know a lot about it) and to understand, how can it help me to become more successful.

    • Ophi

      Have you read Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul? Best book out there on the topic.

  64. Hi Marie,

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes, and it really struck a cord with me. Mainly because I’ve been feeling for a while now that people are “waking up” to a greater purpose that DOESN’T” have anything to do with getting more stuff, which unfortunately is the predominate mindset here in the U.S. (and other developed countries).

    The main thing I got out of today’s episode is the shift from a “me” to a “we” world. In 2013 and beyond I’m going to make a conscious effort to “share” more. By that I mean sharing more of my gifts, time, money, and knowledge.

    It’s exciting to realize that our world is waking up to a greater possibility of existence and purpose that has less to do with how much “stuff” we acquire in our lifetimes, and more about how much we share and give.

    And I can only speak for myself when I say this, but the times in my life that I have been the happiest have come when I have been sharing freely, and not when I have made the most money or acquired more stuff.

    Much love for who you are!


    Gabe Strom

  65. Great interview!
    I’ve been telling clients the same thing about the “end of the world as we know it.”
    Ophi, please stop apologizing for “woo-woo” concepts and ideas. Don’t undermine your powerful message!

    Blessings of the New Way!

  66. ok, so I did joke around that 2012 would be about meeting the aliens and taking us back ‘home’. 😛 but i did feel that there was a spiritual shift happening.

    LOVE from waiting to creating. That is why entrepreneurism has really attracted me.

    Being an introvert though, I think the thing that resonated most with me, and also the hardest for me to do naturally, is to connect and collaborate. But I have a new idea for an initiative that will help people thrive and it will definitely become a team effort!

    I also need to do better about listening to my body and move more.

  67. Connecting and staying tuned with my inner voice and energy. I had the pleasure of speaking to Jean Beliveau, the man who walked 11 years around the world. One of the most fascinating things he shared with me, was how, he transformed when he came face to face with danger. It’s like he had slowly adapted to the environment, and instead of being afraid, his inner instinct guided him through it.

  68. Lea

    Definitely expand my spirituality. If any of you want to learn more and go into the more “crazy” side of things (though it is biased) check out Spirit Science on youtube.

  69. I’ve worked with the AstroTwins, with Ophira’s twin Tali. I started my business with the mantra, “Collaboration beats competition,” which is totally aligned with my chart as the AstroTwins have showed me. It’s a mantra that continues to drive my company values at She Takes on the World Inc.

    There are huge shifts happening right now, especially in the world of business and how we earn money and contribute our gifts. It’s really exciting! I wrote a post earlier this year for Forbes, Entrepreneurship is the New Women’s Movement (, and I really believe that all of us amazing women entrepreneurs contributing our unique gifts and talents to the world is a powerful part of this shift happening. So to all of you: Keep shining your light!

    Love and best wishes for an amazing 2013 ahead,

    Natalie MacNeil

    • Ophi

      So glad your reading with Tali was affirming. Look forward to reading your article!

    • this is awesome Natalie! cant wait to read it. xo

    • Ingrid

      I just read your article… so bang on! loved it.

      Just in the process of putting my business together and your website is like a candy store!

      Thanks for sharing.


  70. Marie I totally feel you on creativity and movement existing in the body. Thanks Josh!

    I have spent a year working on a Masterclass for all new yorkers with my body coach and partner Shay to do EVERYTHING you two have identified in this interview! It’s called re: Create and it starts January 10th.

    Movement of the body re:creating what’s possible in your life through the mind. We are soo excited and many of your fans who I met at RHH will be joining us for this powerful month of co-creating our universe.

    There are still few spots left for any ladies in New York looking for the space to create a fresh new start and get in shape.

    Thanks Marie for ALWAYS being in tune with us and what we need! 🙂


  71. M

    I admit I found this particular video a little ‘woo-woo’ and out there….but I jumped over to learn about the North and South Nodes….figuring it’s generic enough that it could apply to anyone. My Nodes are Virgo/Pisces and the things I’m suppose to release and embrace are EXACTLY what I have been struggling with. Exactly.

    – Perfectionism
    – Being the helper
    – Analysis paralysis

    – Creative freedom
    – Being the healer
    – Imagination, magic

    I have been wrestling with a creative business that I want to bring into existance and then I keep encountering issues with analysis paralysis and perfectionism. Guess I know what i need to focus on for 2013 – creative freedom (something I’ve wanted for over 2 years!!), being the healer instead of the helper (so empowering others to reach their own potential) and embracing imagination, magic -things that I have dulled down with some much work that I forget what they feel like.

    • I had the exact same reaction! I’m a natural skeptic, so while I enjoyed this video, I also thought it was a little “woo woo” at first. But I had the same North and South Nodes as you, and they describe me eerily well. I’m a recovering perfectionist and I still frequently suffer from analysis paralysis, but for the past year or two I’ve been moving toward a more creative, imaginative, and healing career and lifestyle. And it feels so much more ME! This helped me confirm that I’m heading in the right direction.

    • Ophi

      And funny enough, the Virgo south node IS skeptical (Virgo is an analytical/rational sign)…yet your Pisces north node is all about embracing a little more of the woo-woo, since it’s the sign of intuition and mysticism. So interesting that you both had that reaction. If you want to read more on the topic, Jan Spiller’s ‘Astrology for the Soul’ is a GREAT book.

  72. I can’t wait to hang out with more people in person way more often!!!
    Who wants to come over for dinner??? 🙂

  73. #2 for me. Move from waiting to creating. I am in the process of looking for a location for my gluten free bakery. I am finally putting it into action, instead of waiting for my business to grow where I am at by sharing a kitchen. I feel that as scary as it is for me to venture into the unknown, I also feel that I am not living to my full potential of where my bakery can go. And I have to say that even though I have not found the “perfect” location yet, I feel so empowered to be taking this step and moving forward.

    As always, your videos inspire me and continue to challenge me and you are a blessing to all of us. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  74. Marie, Thanks so much for this interview with Ophie! It was enlightening and inspiring! I’m a manifestation coach and intuitive healer of the financially lacking so for me 2013 is all about moving from waiting to creating more and more and helping loads of others know that they can manifest the life of their dreams and helping them do it! WHOO HOO!!! 🙂

  75. I love what she said at the end about creating community, and being more social. Since I started working from home a few months ago I noticed the only time I’m social is when I go to networks and/or out with friends.

    So I decided to start doing things different. I discovered The Hub, a place for entrepreneur and socially conscience people. Its a great environment to be in, and it feels like your in a really cool lunch room and work area. Def a place everyone should check out.

    Next year I plan to have my site ready, and to learn and grow from it. Here’s to everyone fulfilling their best desires. Thanks for another great video Marie.


  76. YEAH!…
    I’m So ready to stop trying to do this alone!
    Time to Co-Create with awesome women like you.
    If you loved this video of MarieTV, you’ll love my work..
    Let’s “hook up”
    and create something 4D

  77. Geena

    Getting more into spiritual work.

  78. Thank you. I enjoyed your DVD for 2013. One comment, during the interview, that Mother Thelesa was lonely. We, therefore, should reach out our community and do activity with more people, not like her. However, Mother Teleasa was not alone. She was with God always receiving messages from God, that is the reason she could focus herself to continue to pursuit her goal in difficult environment, which we, ordinally people, lack the quality and persistence. Nori

    • Ophi

      Hi Nori,
      Just to clarify – I didn’t say Mother Theresa was lonely. I quoted her saying that ‘the most terrible poverty is loneliness.’ Sorry if you misunderstood!

  79. Great post and interview. My north/south nodes make a lot of sense and tie in with my answer to your question.

    Having travelled around a lot throughout my adult life, 2013 is about staying put, putting down roots and making contact with real people. I’ve already found over the last couple of months that by making that extra effort, I’ve made some great new friends and useful contacts.

    Thanks for sharing.

  80. Marjorie

    Thank you, Ophi, for the node information. I found it very interesting.

    I clicked on the offer for a Free Reading without giving it much thought and found myself connected with a different astrologer. I assumed (naively) that this must be trusted associated and, to make a long story short, received a somewhat uncomfortable feeling pitch. I now realize the free reading offer was probably a google ad. How unfortunate, I so enjoyed your interview but am now left feeling a bit yucky. I hope it’s alright that I shared this. I wish you well.

    • Ophi

      Hi Marjorie,
      Yeah, you probably got one of the Google ads. Sorry you had that experience. Unfortunately, we can only control that content so much. If you want to email us at [email protected] and let us know which one it was (if you feel like it – no obligation), we can try to get that ad filtered out so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. So sorry about that!

      Meantime, you can do a free chart at our site at if you want to go to that link directly.

    • Hi Marjorie,
      Ophi’s sister and cohort Tali here. We are part of an ad network that occasionally runs ads from other astrologers and I guess you must have clicked on one of those. Sorry for how you were left. But you CAN indeed do a free mini (printable) reading on our site. It will give you an explanation of where all the planets were when you were born and how that impacts your personality. Here is the link and hope you enjoy:

  81. This has been my favorite episode of Marie TV so far! Thank you for speaking about this shift Marie – I am so grateful to see it on your program as I think it helps give others permission to talk about the shift. I’m friends with Ophi’s sister Tali Edut, whom I camped with and danced with at burning man this year and had the priveledge of having an astrological reading with. The AstroTwins rock my world! I have never met Ophi in person but she looks and sounds so much like Tali, it makes me smile.

    I have noticed radical shifts over 2012 in becoming more spiritual, meditative and being open to things like channeling and starting to talk and show up in a completely different way. I have come along way in listening to the wisdom of my body, but I commit to taking on creating and taking action rather than waiting. This is the big area I’d like to step up into in 2013 – as well as more actively creating community rather than isolating. Letting go of fear and just trusting in myself (and thus others) more to collaborate more creatively in particular. I’m simply buzzing after this video!

    Much love to you all! Thank you and many blessings!

  82. Suzi

    Lovely and sage as always Ms Marie!

    This week’s video was affirming of my personal experience and beliefs, but reading the comments posted here is just plain trippy! It’s validating to see how connected to the collective consciousness and working together in (psychic) community we all are, mostly without even knowing it…

    In the past few years, I have encountered this shift, feeling the move towards the 4thD in ways that I am only now beginning to understand. At times, I’ve had to grip my faith with both hands in order to trust my intuitive self. Fending off the accusations and scoffs of my “new agey” ideas, it’s super encouraging to know that I trusted in myself, held tight to my faith in the universe/God/higher power to provide, and now have begun to see that faith reflected back to me in the larger world community, despite the resistance that can be seen via the violence and strife in current events.

    I have personal astrologers, both western and eastern, have worked with an intuitive instructor, practice mindful meditation- often in motion, and I have shed a million and one comforts (with a lot of help from the universe), which I now come to understand has occurred in the spirit of ending the wait in order for me to get on with my create!

    I’m going to continue work on all 6, with special attention to moving away from waiting towards creating and joining forces & resources with others!

    Thank you Marie and to all those who posted in response to you and Ophi, it’s soul food for sure!

    ***This is my first time posting a comment, but I have been following you for nearly a year, since January 6th, 2011, the same day I got fired from what I thought was a dream job, the same day my boyfriend (who I thought was my dream man) dumped me, and reality as I had always understood it was shattered. (I have now come to see how these events were gifts disguised as hard lessons).

    My sister sent me a link to your video about why being a failure is a sometimes a good thing, I have been a Marie-believer ever since. It’s been an unbelievable year of recovery, growth, lessons, and unexpected gifts. MarieTV has been a special part of that process, sometimes providing the exact thing I needed to hear that day/week/month… Big love to you, your team, and to all the peeps brave enough to share themselves so that others may benefit and be inspired.

    Much 4D peace, love, and gratitude!

  83. Amanda

    I think the one thing that I took from this, and that really resonated with me was deepening my spiritual practice. I started to feel this tug and push to do this a few weeks ago, and have been seeing a Reiki practitioner, as well as heading back to yoga. And, as Marie said, my creativity is starting to flow out of me again as a result. So, in 2013, I intend to continue to delve deeper into this practice. Thanks again for an interesting Marie TV session.

  84. Thank you for shining a light on what is coming into being for all of us. It’s an incredible shift. Since the new moon in Sagittarius (Dec. 13), I have ramped up my meditation to a full hour a day including 10 rounds of my mala (1,080 repetitions of a mantra) and a visualization through the chakras. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is definitely a system-wide upgrade happening and it’s a great time to tap in. Shared community like this is a big part of it. And because it is shared, everyone benefits from each of our individual efforts to be clear and connected.

  85. I loved this video!
    Even though I’m not big on astrology, Ophi’s comments were spot on and a real breath of fresh air in terms of the growing positivity!

    I’m definitely getting on the “Don’t wait, create!” train for 2013!
    Even though I’ve achieved lots in 2012 (blog launches, growing social media following) it’s the real business creation that I’ve been hesitant to focus on due to insecurities. But the reality is I’m just as capable as anyone else and always have the confidence and knowledge when I’m on the spot so I just have to create those business opportunities and go for it!

  86. What a fascinating interview.Thank you
    I am attending a Winter Solstice dinner party this coming Friday night. I am going to share this video with all the hot ladies there.
    I am going to work on more spirituality this coming year. I,like most people find it hard to sit and be still. I know the benefits of meditation would be great for me so I will work on that.

    I already do all of the other things you mentioned in your interview.
    Here is to a successful 2013 for all of us.

  87. Marie, I absolutely LOVE the guests you find! This was very informative and inspirational! Thank you Ophie and Marie!

  88. Before I even watched this video… I started thinking about the ONE thing I am most looking forward to as we approach the “New World.” My soul has been stirring for quite some time now and over the past year has really been calling out to fully wake up and inspire others to wake others with me. The urgency in the air is tangible. Synchronicity and “Divine Luck” are indeed ever present if you are ready to see with your soul. So I was not surprised when one of the first things Ophi mentioned was a shift away from separate ness and towards one-ness and a deeper connection to the collective consciousness. The One Thing I am most looking forward to is exactly that! The end of this idea that we are separate. Not just from each other but from our environment, the earth, the universe or even that our mind is separate from our body or the body from the spirit. My business partner Jey and I have been working for an entire year on a transformational workshop called “re: Create” which is a 4 week mind-body Masterclass that takes place in NYC. If anyone here is in NY and wants to take Ophi advice we’ve got the tools to help you connect to your inner guide, recognize the power of your creative potential that stems from the divine and move your body in a way that not only enhances your health but deepens the connection of your physical self to your spiritual self.

    You can check it out here:

    I LOVED this video. As always, Marie, your finger is on the pulse. Thank you for sharing this poignant interview. So grateful for the introduction to Ophi as well!

    Hooray for “The End of the World….”
    It is time to reCreate!

    • ALSO – love to hear that creativity and intuition live in the BODY not the mind. The mind is a little trickster and can’t always be trusted. The body never lies! Movement & rhythm HEALS. So important! As a Fitness Pro and Body Coach I really appreciated that juicy little nugget of recognition.

  89. Sue B

    I have this sudden urge to reconnect with old friends. It is funny, because most of my interests are quiet and solitary, and I am with people all day long. I rarely crave human interaction. But right now I am all about reconnecting in person! I have already met with some old friends, and have plans to see more people I haven’t seen in a long time. Interesting that Ophi should mention this.

  90. Ok… one more comment. The outtake scared me! “Especially if you’re an Aries…” ahhh…. Hope you were joking! Or maybe it’s a good thing. LOL. (BDAY 4.4)

  91. Blythe

    Great video! I plan on working on connecting more. It’s something that I always loved to do, especially connecting others through my ventures, but lately I’ve been forgetting about me and living in a isolation bubble. That is definitely not my plan for 2013.

  92. Maya S.

    I really loved this video. I am in a place right now where I feel like I am in transition and the video has definitely inspired me to take more action toward reaching the next level as the new year approaches. What resonated with me the most was strengthening my daily spiritual practice and doing more creating than waiting. I want to first focus on my spiritual practice because I feel like getting in tune with God will allow me to be guided by Him more so that I know what it is I need to stop waiting around for and take action instead. In the past and especially during this year–crazy year for me–I have felt guilty about having dreams and wanting more in my relationships and career. I thought waiting around was what I was supposed to do so I could avoid control freak mode. Plus, putting myself out there/taking risks and not always knowing how to handle rejection and failure with grace has never been my strong suit. But, having faced a lot this year, I am still learning from my ups and downs and I believe I am just about ready to get moving on to the next level, whatever and wherever that is. Thank you so much for your Nuggets of Wisdom and Ophie’s Post 2012 Tools; they are going to do wonders!!!! 🙂

  93. I’ve been studying the new World Shift of Consciousness noted as December 21 2012 for some time now on my site. Here’s a report on where we are up to in the World and here’s another explanation of the difference between the 3rd to the 5th Dimension which isn’t far away

  94. Just recently discovered your work, Marie, but I’m finding it very insightful. (Obviously a lot of others already know this).

    Don’t wait, create resonates with me. I’ve never been one to do much waiting, but I’ve tended to skirt around on the edges of what I really want to do. Maybe all the skirting around has been to prepare me for where I am now, so I have no regrets. But I’m sensing the time is now right for me to take the next steps to make some things happen. I’m taking those steps, which is is how I found you.

    The other bit that really resonates with me is the notion of joining forces and sharing resources with a community (#5).

    Thanks again and I look forward to being around your community more often.

  95. Danielle

    Thanks Marie! This brightened my day and made me excited for the future:)

  96. Awesome interview! Love all the steps + happy to say I’ve been feeling it and making those changes. Doing it all alone is staying in 2012. Opening to collaborations + supporting those around me. Thanks ladies for this. xo

  97. I love this episode!
    The one thing I am going to excel at in 2013 is listening and following thru on my intuition. I find that I have been getting better at listening to my intuition and hearing the messages my body is sending me but I have not been committed to taking action when I hear those messages. I will change that this year and put forth action based on my intuition! Thanks Marie! xo

  98. Ellen Silverman

    Loved this video and so happy to hear the world is not ending on Friday. Loved “Do not wait, create” and using my intuition more.
    Happy holidays to you Marie! I just adore your work.

  99. Sarah

    Thank you so much Marie! I watch all of your videos and this is my favorite so far. Everything you brought up today is such important knowledge to spread to the world. I myself in involved in energy work, life coaching, and creating global community, so thank you for being a beacon of light that adds to the loving collective consciousness that our planet has been shifting into. When we all come together to co-create, this world will truly thrive! 🙂 <3

  100. I love this episode! It was like a hot bath. Thank you Ophie and Marie. I have been using astrology as a guide for a number of years and it really HELPS. What I’d love to embrace more post 2012 is that sense of community and collaboration. In the past, my spiritual practices have tended to make me more inward and introverted which feels good to me. Scorpio! But I’d love to reach out more and not be shy to share more of my journey with others. Thanks for being an inspiration, Marie. We have the same nodes 🙂

  101. Marie, fantastic video! I love the blend of spirituality with tactical moves for 2013 and beyond.

    For me the idea that its time to move from waiting to creating is important. I only started my coaching business a year ago and it’s done we’ll enough do far, I’ve tried many different things but have realised I’m probably ready to create something truly special. I needed to take the first year slowly, to absorb the massive change in career but also to allow myself to feel through it! I’m ready to create big, amazing things now and I can’t wait for BSchool to help me make it happen.

    I’m so excited I found this amazing site, Marie!

    Thank you!

  102. laurali

    Are you serious marie?-this woman sounds like a crack pot…past lives?

  103. Today I have moved from waiting to creating! It is time! And I am finally more excited than scared! Wha HOO!

  104. Ali

    I am excited to share more of myself with the world in 2013!!! With the new year, my plans are to clarify my mission and crystallize a step by step plan of action for how I would love to further express my gifts and message with humanity to support other women’s growth and understanding of themselves and their bodies while also supporting my own thriving self and lifestyle.

    The new era is inspiring!

    Thank you Marie, as always, for sharing the juicy inspiration!



  105. Hi Marie,
    Love this one too!…I am seeing how I can expand my business to be more community based, bring people together, and open us up even more to being in our bodies. I love the idea of sharing resources……and it was a great explanation of the different dimensions in a clear and simple way. Spirituality is no longer “fluffy” concept..its becoming a practical reality. thankyou!
    Briony 🙂

  106. Hi Marie,

    Very interesting episode.
    For me, the step I’m presently developing is No #2 “Creating Vrs Waiting.”
    Learning to tune my energetic field in order to change my energy in a positive way to attract the people and opportunities that will best serve me.
    But also, more importantly, how this will ultimately allow me to serve others.

    And I have been learning that it’s all about energy. Our vibrational energy.
    And how like attracts like. If our intension is clear and positive then that’s the reality we are going to create.

    I have already felt this shift over the last year and noticed more of a sense of community and bonding amongst others. A sense that people matter more to each other in a very meaningful way.

    This is a purposeful way of living.
    I am so happy that the collective consciousness in our society is changing and making this shift.

    It’s a very exciting time to be living in.

  107. Marie… loved the joy between the two of you!

    I am starting to implement “Joining Forces & Sharing Resources” to my business model (after an awesome Bschool experience this past year).

    I am very excited to recognize my own genius and also to give the rest to others with amazing genius in areas where I am clueless! 🙂

    Looking forward to expanding my reach to millions world wide this coming 2013.

    With deepest delight and joy,


  108. Hi Marie, hi guys,

    This is such a huge huge huge episode. Amazing! I love this video so much!!!

    Hereunder are a few interesting things I’ve got from this week’s episode.

    1) I’ve gained back my confidence in my purpose.

    Recently I’ve been doubting myself whether I could and should step out, become a life coach and do business out of it. I’m really passionate about life coaching, but what happened at work shattered my self-confidence.

    I’m in a trial working period at a company which offers online soft-skill trainings and my role is to build content for these trainings. I’ve been so terrible, getting a lot of feedback on my work. Actually I’ve made some progress but I thought it’s so slow and I started thinking I might be not good enough. I lost my belief in my purpose and didn’t know what to do.

    But watching this week’s video introduced a very interesting idea to me – “North & South Nodes”. I came to the website of Ophi and what I read just amazed me. My South/North Nodes are Cancer/Capricorn, meaning that my past life energy is all about caretaking, insular relationships and emotional responses, while I should embrace “Teaching ‘em to fish; Living a public life; Cool-headed vision” in the future. That really resonates with me. And so you know, now I’ve come to believe in my purpose again. I’ll be a life coach and start my own business. 🙂

    2) I stop doing things alone, instead, surround myself with like-minded people, connect with them, share with them. Both online – this sweet Forleo Family is a great example – and offline – I’ve come to make time for real, in-person connection with others. I enjoy being with people a lot.

    3) This episode also makes me believe more in what I’m doing: meditation. Last month I joined a retreat in which we meditated under the guidance of some Buddhist monks (who all came from the spirituality family of Thich Nhat Hanh) and I found myself very happy then. I’ll continue meditating and make friends with people in this spiritual community. I’ll also continue watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday every Sunday!

    4) Finally, I love the “Waiting vs. Creating” idea! I’m on the way to create more and more. The books of Steve Pressfield will help me a lot with creation.

    Wow, this is so great. I feel so great. Don’t know how much to emphasize this enough.

    Thank you so much for bring this great episode to us, Marie and Team Forleo. I adore your work!

    Ngoc Khong

  109. For me this next year will be focused on launching my baby product, serving my clients and enjoying every moment with my beautiful daughter ( 20 month old) Matilda.

    Interesting video. I don’t follow stars however I follow the One who created the stars and let those stars follow me 🙂 It’s what gives me the deepest spirituality I believe possible.

  110. I really appreciated this video. Out of the norm from your usual biz stuff. Especially loved how you bridged the gap from the woo woo end of the world hoopla hype and made it practical and applicable for the new age we’re emerging to. Practical spirituality in action. Great video and thank you both. Much love and joy.

  111. Yarmila Bruyevicz

    I was actually watching just a couple of hours ago program about “apocalypse” and End of the world /possible end/ on Dec. 21. 2012.
    And it was said, even if it doesn’t happen this year it could be next
    year ! And the “End of Mayan Calendar” was mentioned too !
    The Comet, Tsunami, earthquake and other big planets flouting /?/
    in the Universe !

  112. Thank you! It is all I thought it was going to be and am so happy to hear it laid out so constructively. I will be continuing to strengthen my practice of creating and NOT waiting..which helps with moving the energy and moving me closer to my goals and dreams. Which are only a faint outline so I know that this action will help them come clear 🙂

  113. This was great! I agree the world (as we know it) is coming to an end! It is a good thing! All of these things are on my list, except for dancing! It is now. What great things to do for ourselves, love it.

  114. I’m going to commit to spending more time with real people. But not just people but people who I love and admirer. People who make me feel good and who share positive stories and experiences. And thank you for this video, I knew the world wasn’t going to end but I knew it was changing.

  115. OK, I am amazed at how many times Marie and Ophi say “THRIVE” in this interview. “Thrive” is near and dear to my heart as the central focus of my business; The Thrive Vibe. This entire interview is confirmation to me of my alignment with my life purpose. The tips Ophi gave are exactly what I am teaching and today is my first exposure to her work (coincidence, oh I don’t think so!). It is so great to get reminders like this that I am going in the right direction. I am a new fan of Ophi…and as we all know, Marie Forleo rocks the planet! Thanks Girls! BIG LOVE to you both!

  116. I really enjoyed your show this week. This is something I’ve been trying to explain to people for a long time – the end of this age, not the world. Some of the constants that have marked the past few thousand years of history include war, hate, pestilence, slavery… gotta tell you, I’m looking forward to the end!

    The one aspect of the new time that I’m most excited about is the possibility of ending the dichotomous nature of our culture – I’m right so you’re wrong. Maybe the time has come when women can say I might be different, but I’m not wrong, I’m wonderfully female and that makes me right. I’m old enough to remember second wave feminism. We didn’t realize we were being invited to be equal *as* men – learn to be like them in school, work, etc. Now maybe we can be equal to them, as women.

  117. Sophie

    I would really like to get more deep and serious with my spiritual practice and maybe at the same time share it more – I am usually so shy to tell people that I meditate or that I believe in positive thinking, in the flow of energy and all that. My action step will be taking up meditation session right now and in the next days establishing a plan of the day that involves meditation practice everyday! I want to be more consistent and more proud about my way to self-development.

    I really feel the change coming in my life and in the world around me. I feel like this fact that I’m a bit overwhelmed lately, a bit overworked, that it only means that I’m going through some turning point period of my life and it’s going to change for the better!

  118. A lot of exciting things are coming to a head for me right now. It is agonizing, though. Work is painful, the dissertation seems to go slower as it ends, kids more needy…. I really need to get my spiritual practice going. Or find one. And for me, it’s wrapped up in nature. So my one big transformation for the upcoming year will be to get my kids in the woods and to the ocean more than our annual vacation.

  119. Thanks for the great video! As my two year old would say, “super big huge” things seem to be underway for 2013. And, sometimes it’s the little stuff that makes the biggest difference. Thanks for what you wrote about getting into the holiday spirit. I live in Oregon and haven’t seen the sun in what seems like months so when you talked about having a candle burning I was inspired to run down to kitchen and tear through each drawer until I found the one candle in the house. It is now lit on my desk and I feel like I can see the sun again.


  120. I’ve done so much work in this arena and have been getting guided to take this wisdom out into the world, so besides taking on more coaching clients, blending spirituality with sexuality, I opening that conversation further by performing my solo show spiritual comedy, “Hot Mama Mahatma”!

    Thanks, Marie, for all of this.

  121. Heather K

    This video provided an amazing opportunity to draw attention toward the important shifts we can begin to infuse into our awareness in order to realize meaningful results in our lives. I enjoyed reading the insightful comments from Marie peeps and already sense the major shift in consciousness through the responses. Thanks, Everyone! 🙂

    As a woman working from home building a new marriage coaching practice it’s hugely beneficial to know that I can release the need to compete and focus on opportunities to collaborate instead. I’m ready to rock collaboration in 2013 with likeminded individuals who share a passion and desire to heal the world through community & LOVE!

  122. I think in many ways it’s ending, the rat rate, the “normal way” of living, the “safety net”, and it’s going to a place where people will have to go for their dreams if they want a good living.

    • Spot on, Rodrigo,
      I think a large number of the populace has become aware of the ‘trouble with normal’ over the last few years.

  123. love love love this episode … really fun & rings absolutely true. y’all two are definitely super heroes in the big shift so thank you for all you do.

    now, one specific item for this bon vivant is: stop doing everything myself.

    already written up my VA needs and have begun the research to find my crew.

    soooo excited!

  124. Renee

    Hey Marie and Ophi, thanks so much for this awesome conversation! For me the greatest message was when Ophi said that your spirituality is your greatest business tool! Hallelujah! As I am just starting my coaching practice in the field of small business and young entrepreneurs, I feel that this is just as much an important tool as all the technical skills and knowledge and you just confirmed this for me! Thanks again x

  125. I recommended this on my to help you for a change and many others
    Elainee For those of you that are worried about the end of the world, here is a video to help you understand your new 4 d life .
    A few seconds ago · Like

  126. Marie,

    Thank you for bringing your viewers great entertainment and business/personal support. For the last 18 months I have been enhancing my spiritual life and have seen benefit personally and professionally. Doors of opportunity are opening for National Seizure Disorders Foundation and the transformation I am experiencing helped me manage the grief felt at my daughters sudden passing from physical form into forever freedom just a week after Thanksgiving 2012. This video is so important. Please keep up the good work. I’ll be passing this on to all my contacts!


    Terrific Tonya Heathco, CEO
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation
    Empowering Seizure Survivors to lead Extraordinary Lives!

  127. Jennifer Burrus

    Love you for tapping this one!!!

  128. Thanks so much for this! 🙂

    I love your weekly offerings and this one is right on for how I’ve been feeling this past year. Looking forward to the shift and remembering to be the light to inspire others.

    Your content has inspired me in my life and business, I am so grateful and appreciative of your work. Much <3.

  129. Tal

    In 2013 I want to stop waiting and start creating!! Lately when it comes to taking matters into my own hands I am all talk and no action. I hate to admit it, but I know it has to do with the fear of the unknown and fear of failing. Because of fear, I have always been very passive with my life and have never actually stepped forward to just do what I want. I think getting up and starting to create my own life and future is what I need to focus on in order to move forward from the place I am right now.

    And now that I’ve written it here on this page I know I have to do it! 🙂

    • Tal,

      I can help you overcome the fears you profess. No charge, no obligation. I just have alot of experience overcoming fears in business and personal life. Just think about it. If you want to take me up on the offer, email me and we’ll talk.
      As for your desire to stop waiting and start creating, go for it! Watch carefully your words because they are powerful. The word “want” is much like the word “wish” – the power is not significant. You want power to push you from one level to the next? Use the word “will” or “plan”. Feel the power in your words as you say them: I will stop waiting and begin creating. Now feel the goosebumps. That’s powerful!

  130. Thank you for this great interview! I shared it on my blog here:

    I added a couple additional thoughts on this topic: the importance of music in helping to raise our consciousness + establishing a reconnection with nature.

    Good stuff!!

  131. Really good!!! Thank you! It’s called the spirit world…it’s always been around us, but more and more are becoming aware of this unseen presence. Very powerful stuff. Something that has always influenced me in my design business is my dreams. I will have a problem that needs to be solved visually and communicate the right message to the targeted audience….for some reason, and I believe, my spiritual eyes are open and ears are hearing the still soft voice of the Spirit and my spirit and my client’s spirit. Moving and operating on this level is not new, it happens everyday when you let go of yourself and move into creating value for someone else.

  132. Robin Holland

    Body housing emotions and intuition – a place I’ll focus…intuition and creativity living in my body…really focusing on this differently/more…

  133. Hey Marie and Ophi

    Good solid interview, simple yet powerful… I was watching it, Seth (my hubby) looked up my “nodes” and looks like I’m also a Taurus/Scorpio….

    I have definitely owned up to what I’ve been building up to for the past twenty years and am creating pieces of my biz to definitely be more in tune with what I believe in and what I love to teach and do…since doing this, I’ve had many more signs and affirmations come through – stuff like people signing up for my classes way in advance, dreams filled with easy water and waves… – definitely better flow coming through.

    I’ve been bold enough to call a series of future classes “The Everything Class” and as silly as the title is, it is getting some very good feedback and folks who have been on my list for years and years are sending me mails wanting to join me and sign-up. I even had a dream about you and Josh last night; his Committed Impulse class had 100 participants and it was a sign that my “Everything” idea isn’t nuts and it has a market waiting for it! What he created from his own experiences and teachings from others is where I seem to be headed.

    anyways, just wanted to share this with you Marie as getting the “Body Scientist” title was important last year in All Access, and now I’m figuring out how to craft this into a reality.

    Irene xo blessings

  134. Kaydays

    I so agree to this human spiritual evolution that we are going through. Like yesterday I was so indifferent to the 12.21.2012 craze, because my faith is in The Divine and the best is yet to come to everyone. 🙂

    My fave part of this discussion is being/hanging with people. I’ve been in a “regroup” phase and now I look forward to get together with people I haven’t been with for so long. Thriving it is.

  135. Audrey

    Hi you guys!

    I can totally realate when Ophi talks about being less selfish and also being more sociable. My planets are lined up to be of service and also shows that I need relationships a little more than the next guy and I have certainly been out of the loop. Gemini sun and Scorpio moon =’s Awkwaard! I’ve recently started working in the medical industry and I’ve already became more social and have been enjoying the “service” part of the position. My plan is to stop being “too” busy to attend any social events and start creating relationships. 🙂 ♥

  136. Audrey

    Whoops! Forgot to thank you two. Thank you and Happy Holidays! ♥

  137. Hey Marie and Ophi!

    Great video! SO happy to hear you guys acknowledge that the body houses so much wisdom- it’s certainly true from my experience! Especially while doing Circus acrobatics, at some point you have to let go and just trust. LOVE it!!

    To embrace this new 4D world, I will deepen my spiritual practise by meditating more- 10 minutes every day and for 30 minutes each on Sat and Sun.

    Happy Holidays!! XXX

  138. ALvin

    creating more time for people around me is a great way to spend the new year… gives me the opportunity to experience new ways to living and sharing resources. Life is beautiful

  139. I really excuse how slow I am at interacting with people by saying I am an introvert. The end result is I don’t show my light or presence or gifts with as much frequency as I would like to show up in the world. In 2013 I will change this. I plan to show up as my authentic self on a much more regular basis.

    • Susan Miranda,

      Your comment is significant in the fact that you show you are mature enough to admit when you use excuses that hold you back and you are ready to shed the fat and move forward! I am so proud of you. Your words have power and when you proclaim you are an introvert, Universal powers work together to create an introverts lifestyle within and around you. Now you are proclaiming to show your authentic self during this transformation. I love that power! Keep up the good work!

      You are ONE! You are the only ONE! You are the only ONE to get done the powerful and positive things in your life! Go to it girl!

  140. LOVE this episode Marie! I loved Ophi’s suggestions on how to prepare for the shift and set the stage for 2013 was so inspiring! I love that we are moving into a 4D world!
    I would love to work on pooling resources for the coming year. As a photographer who works alone I miss the daily interaction of a shared work environment. I would love to find a few like-minded, creative people to share a fun, creative and supportive work environment even if it’s only a few days a week. So if there are any interested people in NYC feel free to
    contact me!
    Thanks again Marie & Ophi for such a great video!
    Happy Holidays and here’s to a prosperous and loving 2013!

  141. jann

    What I am ready to do for the next year is to deepen my spiritual practice. I really need it for having peace in my mind. And I also know that doing it will provide me with lots of energy to accomplish my daily tasks.

    Happy and great year to everyone!

  142. Thank you for this, Marie and Ophi. I actually live in the tropical Mayan paradise of Tulum Mexico and was lucky enough to spend the energetic transition of 12.21.12 here on this land. It is a new era… of cooperation, community, love, and elevation of consciousness. Yes!

  143. Great episode and first I’ve had the opportunity to experience so you will have a spike in your subscription numbers!

    The specific take away and application for myself in 2013 is my intention of being more of an open channel for connecting with others.

    Thanks for structuring the challenges in your videos.

  144. Inspiring conversation, I love where you are headed Marie!
    Over the last 2 years, things have been increasingly unpredictable, I’ve learned that to listen to my body and move towards a direction that lifts my spirits has been the most rewarding way to go. I worked in a very destructive and selfish industry but have been able to take what I’ve learned and transform my career into a life that flows in tune with my values. It hasn’t been easy, but I have been able to move away from just surviving to truly living and feeling so passionate about what I do everyday. 2013 is about the realization that I am and have all I need. I can stop scrambling to find an answer that was always just waiting for me inside. I look forward to this era where sacrificing values for money will no longer work, artificial worlds will crumble to reveal a brilliant new light, have courage beautiful ones!

  145. I can’t choose just one! So…

    My #1 priority is:

    – Daily practice (yoga, dancing, singing, breathwork, shaking, my daily dose of Deepak Chopra’s meditations…)


    – Creating community. In person time. More girls nights!

    Happy new year!

  146. Simone

    This is right on point for me as I enter into a transforming 2013! Thank you for always sharing your wisdom through your journey Marie!

  147. The 1 thing that I personally will take & run into 4D with is strengthening my inner Spirit Junkie. I’m there to some degree, but there are moments when I get thrown out of the flow and the work of Abraham-Hicks really helps if you’re listening to it relatively often to keep your mind on track. Refining my skills, and I’m grateful to be so far along in my study with this..

    Cheers to even more positivity, unity, community, and bending time!

  148. Ewa

    I want to focus on true collaboration to empower women create and became masterpieces.

  149. I absolute love the fact that we are moving from waiting to creating. That really resonated with me because that is exactly how i feel. It’s like a shift of some kind has taken place. I am excited about this unfolding and what i am about to create.

  150. We all should be ready for it… but normally we just don´t pay attention to the fact. Good post Marie!

  151. Aliké

    Hi Marie,
    I know this is a VERY old video, but I love re-watching your interviews, and frankly any of your episodes. They are super inspiring and motivational. Anyway, from this interview, I am interested in learning more about Chakras. The word and idea keep popping up in my “world” in recent days.
    Thanks for sharing you with us!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Aliké, thank you so much for your comment, and we’re so thrilled you enjoy re-watching our videos. There really is a gold mine of older episodes on our site, and we’re delighted you’re enjoying them and that this one in particular has inspired you to learn more about Chakras! ♥

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