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This morning I’m coming to you from beautiful Chicago and I’m here for a very special reason.

While I can’t share the full scoop just yet, do keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter page for some behind the scene pics of what I’m up to and the special people I’m with.

Now onto today’s show.

One of the questions we hear the most from creatives and small business owners is this:

How do I get more traffic to my website?

Because for many modern entrepreneurs, no online traffic means no business.

Before you build an audience, you must decide who you want sitting in the chairs. @DerekHalpern Click To Tweet

If you have a product, service or message you believe in, knowing how to create a steady stream of online traffic is essential so you can do the work you’re meant to do in this world!

The good news here is you’re about to add four actionable and no-cost strategies to your online toolkit that will help you generate the traffic you want and deserve.

A bit of a warning: tip number one is counter to much of the existing advice out there, especially for bloggers. But I think it’s really important to pay attention to it, especially if you struggle to create new content every week.

Last thing: make sure you watch this one all the way to the end. You’ll thank me for it later.

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Now let’s turn this insight into action, shall we?

You’ve got a choice on this one.

1. If you want more traffic to your website, send one email to a blogger that has an audience that you’d like to attract. It’ll take just a moment or two, and when you’re done, leave a comment letting us know that you did it.

2. If you have other tips and proven strategies to share about traffic generation, leave a comment below and add your genius to the conversation.

Our community is so rich and wise and I want to thank you, as always, for being a part of it.

P.S. Do you know any creatives or small business owners who could use some more traffic to their website? Send them a personal email with a link to this post. Your thoughtfulness could make the difference in their success!


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  1. Derek’s tips were right on point! I’ve actually used the strategy of reaching out to bloggers and vloggers to get featured on their site and I totally agree thats its a much better idea to reach out to people who have featured others in your industry. Its worked for me with much success. Also I loved this post so much I just had to share it with my Facebook peeps. 🙂

    • Excellent tips! I’ve found it helpful to link youtube videos to my web site and my blog. People get a chance to participate in brief exercises, i.e. develop their intuition, communicate with their loved ones in spirit or communicate with their spirit guides. Also, when people view my videos, they are more likely to contact me about the things I offer on my web site, such as workshops, consultations, books, and guided meditation CD’s.


    I knew Derek was smart as hell, but this is the first time I ever heard him give some tips like this.

    I am a lifestyle blogger for young recent graduate women. It’s also my crazy journey to success (as a dancer, yogi, nutritionist ;D).

    I’m going to think about some bloggers who I could contact… I really have no idea. I’m thinking of the owner of because she has a history of allowing people like me to post. Let me e-mail her right now. *DONE* — We’ll see if that produces any fruit :S I’ll let you know!

    Would LOVE more tips, especially if you’re a multi-passionate, ifestyle blogger.

    • Udo,
      I have the same issue! I hooked up with a biz coach for a little while and was given the same advice, to get featured on blogs that feature my type of work, but as I really don’t read blogs the only ones I even know about are ones for people doing the same kind of work that I am!

      • Crystal

        Aradia – You said the only blogs you know of are for people in your industry. Have you checked to see if they have been featured on any blogs? If so, you can approach those blogs. That might be a start.

        • Great, great tips Derek!
          And Crystal: thanks a lot for that advice! just what I needed right now.

  3. Great tips Derek thanks for the simple easy to do ideas! I have two guest blogs waiting to go out, you have just kicked me into action. I am so happy about doing 2 blogs a month…. I love that! I feel like a weight has been lifted. Thanks Marie! xx You rock!!

  4. OMG, I love that you did Gangnam Style! The advice in here is GOLD, btw. Thanks. Just spent the last hour or so looking for the perfect blog to email, a wedding planner blog. Just emailed them.

    <3 Nadia Chaudhry

  5. Derek rocks – I love the way he blows the common myths of marketing online out of the water – it always goes back to your goal and knowing your target audience! Only thing I’d add would that making your content super useful and easy to share is the icing on the cake 🙂

    Thanks Marie and Derek! Amazing tips as always … simple but they work!

    You totally rocked the Gangnam Style!

    • Ameena is the person I reached out to for drafting support! A true Marketing Guru not to be missed! Thanks, Ameena

    • I built my entire site off practically useful content. It just works. Personal experience aside, there’s also some academic research to back it up, too… Jonah Berger, an assistant professor at Wharton, discovered that practically useful content was more viral than impractical content.

      • Practical meaning something people can use. Does that content have to have a certain voice? Does it have to always come with personal anecdotes?
        So it pays to write article with more of a personal story, or can you get away with informational articles?

        • The more entertaining AND practical the better. Definitely.

          • sagi

            I just didnt understand from the video from all the tips in it – if you mean that the other blog will give you to write a guest blog post on his website , or the blog just link to the blog post you wrote on your site?


  6. OMG Marie – never in a million years did I expect to see Derek dancing – so freaking funny.

    Love Derek and his tips are awesome.

    I’m off to the Problogger conference this weekend and I’ve sent a message out to people attending the conference for a meet up so that I can get to know them and see if we can connect and maybe organise a guest post or two.

    Still laughing 🙂

    • Never in a million years did I think I would be dancing… heh.

      Glad you enjoyed the tips Clare!

      • You can dance Derek! Love it!
        Did you get a shit load of traffic on your website and new fans (subscribers) from this vid with Marie?
        I know I’m a new fan 🙂

  7. I just had the awesome Derek on my podcast this week and he’s got such incredible energy and tips for rocking the online world.

    Guest blogging has been a huge traffic source for my blog and site and led to more leads, referrals and clients too.

    Plus it’s a really great way of developing wonderful reciprocal relationships too and that is always a good thing.

    Here’s the podcast link


    • Thanks for the link Natalie awesome!!! 😉

      • Well done Natalie, you are so right as you know I have been following you for many years now.

        Marie, this is a great video, great tips and thanks for having Derek as your guest. I have also started featuring other members of my community in order to get more traffic to my site and it works like a dream. See link here – Elise Quevedo has been voted 3 months as one of the top 100 people to follow on Twitter and now she promotes my review of her book all the time !!

        Derek – you are a Marketing Rockstar Genius thanks for sharing your tips – hey I may even do a blog post and link back to you guys.

        Thanks again.

        Tracy 🙂
        Stiletto Millionaires (London)

  8. Great tips, especially write less and promote more, loved it! I was thinking of doing more posts (I usually post 2 times per week) and now decided to promote more instead, it looks much better, thanks so much Marie and Derek.

    My business is quite new, facebook and seo are my main sources of traffic, so I’m trying to become an expert on those two and then invest more time on twitter and youtube.

    The dance in the end made my day, awesome ;)))

  9. Omg this might just be my favourite ever MarieTV episode. I love Derek Halpern!
    His advice is always spot on, a lot of people preach that getting traffic is all about link building but in actuality guest posting and interviews with other sites can be way more effective because of the level of engagement with your audience. Blogging has been one of the most effective marketing tools for my business and my blog is quite new.

  10. Derek is the DUDE with stats. I love that. I’m off to go blog 2.5 times a month!

  11. Ok I am a guy on this site! But I’ll tell you what. I learn so much from this site. Derek is great, I follow his website a lot and I am always super grateful for this content. I have been using a lot of the strategies that Derek talks about and I have to say they work, I am not getting over 61k views per month now thanks to exact tips like these! Thanks Marie and Derek…

    Ben 🙂

  12. Shantini

    “Don’t work for your blog, let your blog work for you” – ah-mah-zing advice ,Derek. I’m at the very, very early stages of starting my online business and I’m so psyched that I watched this episode of MarieTV first. Takes the pain out of gettin’ that traffic!

    Thanks for this Marie and Derek. Gangnam style indeed – you guys rocked it!

  13. I just emailed a blogger for business travelers. Thanks for the great tips Marie and Derek!

  14. I’m a fairly new fan of Marie Forleo. Amazing insight and advice. And now I’m a new fan of Derek Halpern’s. I love his simple but obviously effective tips. I’ve been a Gluten Free blogger since early 2006 and with Derek’s 2x a month posting tip, I feel liberated and totally not guilty about blogging less. Definitely going to start promoting like crazy. My one simple tip – comment on other people’s blogs. Not just blogs in your field, but in other fields as welll. Great way for people to find you. Thanks Marie for a great video!

  15. This is a hilarious! Great advice from Derek there. Like Natalie Sisson I find guest blogging work very well. But as a starting out business lady as I am now, my favourite tool is to interview peeps with already built up audiences and establish relationships and creditability.
    It’s like getting two birds at once, create valuable content and share audience- works really well!


  16. Thank you Marie! This was such an eye opener for me!

    I’m just getting started blogging. But to get the quality I want in my articles, I’ve only been able to publish once a week. I was frustrated thinking I should post more often. But after listening to this, I think I’m on the right track. I’m happy with quality…so, I need to focus on promotion. You both rock!

  17. Oh my gosh… As an entrepreneur at pre-launch stage (and a bit overwhelmed by confusion), this came at the perfect time:) Thanks so much Marie and Derek!

  18. Fantastic – totally changed my perspective on traffic building.

  19. Lyn

    Great episode. I have been toying with the idea of blogging less. I blog every day to grow traffic but I can see soon enough it’s going to be hard and I would rather have quality rather than quantity.
    One way I have generated copy is to comment on forums and other people’s blogs. I agree it’s best to contact blogs with a different audience but I find commenting on really popular blogs of similar audience works well for me. I also found forums give me every day traffic.
    For instance I have a health and finess blog and there was a forum topic I was browsing a beauty website forum and there was a thread topic on a very popular 12 week eating clean binkini body programme. I added a comment with my blog saying I give free advice on my blog and i get views every day from this site.

  20. Wow! Great content! Tip #1 on needing to only blog a few times a month just set me FREE! I’ve constantly felt stressed about needing to always have great content to post every week but this week’s Q&A is going to help me work smarter.

    Thanks Marie! Thanks Derek!

  21. Morning Marie + world!

    Yup. You’ve done it again, hitting the nail on the head. Great post. I have been following Derek for awhile as well and this was great stuff.

    I’ve been sitting on reaching out to some other bloggers, but this will get me off my butt!

    Another tip that I have found works well is by commenting on other people’s blogs/websites. I get a decent amount of traffic from that and who doesn’t love comment love 😉 A lot of times people will even have a plug in on their site so that when you comment, your latest blog post is attached which ALSO helps create more traffic.

    (Mine is about a virtual Eat well. Be happy. Love life. bootcamp that I am starting today – starting doing what you say you will do for your health and wellness!

    Yay for internet traffic jams!
    xo Johanna

  22. LOVE this, thank you Marie

    My favourite takeaway – I can approach bloggers to promote my EXISTING articles as well as offer to write articles just for them

    My action – find a beauty blog for moms and approach them about my healthy cooking for moms, because healthy food => gorgeous looks!

  23. Inspiring. Thank you, both [all – I know there’s a team behind these videos and their content]. Many of my current & future fans are fashionistas and/or foodies. I just found a food-related blog by a track & field high school teacher In a Sept 6 post she mentioned she plays the cello, so I sent her my most recent blog post about how a musical composition is created from scratch to see what she thinks. Let’s see what she says!

    It’s the first in a mini-series of blogs that follow the journey of a piece of music being composed:

  24. Jeannie Spiro

    Great interview Marie, loved Derek’s tips.

    One tip I can add that has made my blogging and social reach easier is to interview someone else who compliments what I do. I then feature them on my website and host a party around the interview– build some hype in social media of when it’s posted and then encourage participation by telling them that my guest will be answering their questions on my blog the day it’s posted. It’s fun and a nice simple way to get more traffic to my site while helping people at the same time.

    I’m loving the “journey” idea, I think that’s brilliant.


    • Lynn Fishman

      Interesting idea Jeannie- about having your guest stay on to answer questions. How do you do this? In the comments section or what? Thanks, Lynn

  25. Perfect timing, Marie and Derek! I’m getting back to work after 2 months of much needed rest and this week I’m going to write to some bloggers asking for a possibility of hosting a giveaway of my jewelry.
    These are excellent tips, thank you so much! 🙂

  26. Derek – now you are going to have to dance on Derek Halpern TV! I think it really adds something to your message 🙂

    My favorite tips of yours are:

    1) Not having to churn out content on a crazy schedule – just promote promote promote.
    2) Drafting – getting pulled along in the slip stream.

    Awesome! Thanks Derek and Marie,

    • I don’t anticipate dancing on Social Triggers TV anytime soon :-P.

  27. I got an email the other day from a someone who was following Derek’s advice, wanting a link from me. It was about the Top 10 Sites in my subject, but mine wasn’t in the list, only some competitors. The nerve! Of course I declined.

  28. Hi, great advice!
    I write sewing tutorials for kids and my mission is to get more kids, boys and girls, excited about sewing.
    I just sent a few emails to websites that collect ideas for after school clubs and extracurricular activity providers. Hopefully this will get teachers and club leaders on to my site where they can find fab projects for their kids. 😀

  29. Hi…totally brilliant (as usual) young Marie, and thnx Derek for being awesome as well.
    Fab tips…but I have a question. “Promote” more…?? This is what I struggle with, ways to promote my articles. If I could find ways to promote them, wouldn’t I use these methods to promote my services? Any specifics would be really cool here…:)
    Thnx again,

    • Getting someone to share a free piece of content is a much smaller ask than asking them to share your sales page.

      • Yes, indeed, I see what you mean as far as ‘article not sales page’. The question still stands, methods of promotion. There must be more than just Tweeting and FB posting about it.

        • Gemma W.

          Yes, you could try other social networks where your desired audience hangs out.

          Also, try guest posting where you’re able to have a link back to your own blog somewhere.

          Hang out in communities where your desired audience also hangs out. You could then be helpful by answering their questions and where it makes sense to, link back to your own articles. Don’t be spammy about it though.

  30. Great tips, as usual. Derek is brilliant. I am a Personal Development + Holistic Health Coach and I have been reaching out to areas where I am the only health coach in the room. It elevates my level of expertise and helps me to focus on my niche as well. Thanks for the tips, Derek + Marie. Awesome content 🙂

  31. Great post, Marie and Derek! Getting traffic to your website is so difficult in the beginning. Another strategy is to pair up with other new business owners and offer a blog exchange, where you guest post on each other’s blogs. As long as you aren’t direct competitors, this should work for both parties.

    If anyone is interested in doing a guest blog exchange with me, please let me know….. I work with women entrepreneurs who are just getting started in their businesses, showing them how to work smarter … not harder. You can contact me on my site.

  32. Really appreciate you talking to Derek and sharing everything here. This could not have at a better time for me. I just finished publishing a blog post and was thinking,’oh my goodness, this is really difficult’

  33. Derek Halpern’s advice is always GOLD. I love his genius strategies about creating buzz around your content.

  34. Write Less-Promote More = BRILLIANT!

  35. Wow, that’s brilliant. I will have to figure out my OPP a little better!

  36. I think this is my fave episode of MarieTV so far! Love, love, love Derek + Social Triggers blog.

    The “blog less, promote more” tip was a light bulb for me and I can see how this approach will help my blog work for me vs me for it. I was looking at blogging more which was starting to feel like a job!! Thanks for saving me!!

    I’m planning to take my community on a “journey” later this year. Loved the Forrest Gump analogy. 🙂

    The only “problem” with today’s episode is I now have Gangnam Style stuck on a loop in my brain. Actually it’s not that bad now that I have the visual of the two of you dancing!! Loved that!

    ~ Gina xo

    • Glad to hear this. When you do create that journey, I’d love to hear about it!

  37. Great information

    I cant believe I never thought of the drafting technique.

  38. Great video Marie and great tips from Derek, thanks!
    You can’t beat good old fashioned SEO for traffic generation in my view – you’re building a real asset by investing in this. However, with the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, strategies are changing.
    I have created a great free video series on traffic generation for online business at my website,

  39. first- i LOVE your dress.
    second- great video. this is a huge help!!
    this rainy ny tuesday just got a little sunny.

  40. Marie, you know I had to see that dance- love seeing you and Derek shake your smart pants. That’s why I LOVE You!!

    Thanks for the tips, Derek. I’m trying to think about who I could approach. I’m a career coach and help people find thier “sweet spot”- a self-defined place of success. I also have a local TV show that’s emerging into a cultural travel show, and always features a “sweet spot” interview focusing on creative entrepreneurs doing work they love. I was making the mistake you mentioned of connecting with other coaches, but really sounds like I need to connect with more creative entrepreneurs to support them their dream/life goals.

    Honestly, I’m not sure how to get more traffic with my TV show- it’s on my local TV station, Vimeo, youtube and my blog. I’d love help figuring that out…

    On the flip side, if anyone is reading this and you living in your “sweet spot”, I’d love to have you as a guest on my site. We’ll figure this out!

    Thanks Marie and Derek!

  41. Hey Derek,
    Thank you so much for todays top tips. I fully understand the worry of writing a blog a week – talk about stressful. Hardly conducive to creativity. Maybe it’s time to have a little rethink and use your handy little tip on write less – promote more.

    Also, thanks for tip on drafting. As a personal trainer I have always been under the impression that I have to hang out on websites that are fitness related, but all that has changed in the last 2 minutes – I think it’s time to spread my wings.




  42. These tips are pure genius. Simple but effective! I love the tip about reaching out to people you want in your chair. I’m going to wrap my head around that one and implement it. Thanks Marie and Derek!

  43. Mary

    What kind of e-mail should you send to the blogger?

  44. One thing that I have used really successfully with clients is reverse guest blogging. Basically, find people who have an audience (even a small one) and then invite them to write for you. Here is an example from one of my clients who is in the fashion industry selling designer shoes. What we did was seek out fashion bloggers on Twitter, connect, and then send them a private message saying we loved their content and would love to feature a guest post on our site. We kept it exclusive and did not accept everything that was submitted. Basically what happened with traffic was three-fold. First of all when their post went live they promoted the heck out of it because of the street cred they got from being published. Second, it gave all this great content for the search engines to find that drove search traffic. Finally, it gave a great pool of our own content to promote through social media to keep driving even more traffic as we promoted the posts over time. And all this without writing a single blog post of our own. 🙂

  45. Great video and tips! I’m so chuffed as I’ve been doing this already for a while in promoting my blog I sponsored fashion and beauty blogs and linked with them to promote my site and it worked really well. I just think you have to be very authentic when you approach other bloggers as I’ve had people approach me but something has to really stand out before I feature it 🙂

  46. Hey Marie and Derek,

    I totally loved today’s episode. I know that most entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with getting targeted traffic to their website.

    I love how Derek ‘takes the pressure’ off of us having to constantly create content by suggesting we do more promotion and contacting other sites who would COMPLEMENT what we do.

    In this case, it’s the distribution/syndication that really helps to generate interest, build momentum and attract your ideal audience to your website.

    Thanks for sharing your advice and insights with us.


    P.S. Love the gangnam style dancing, I actually heard about this last night on a flight, so it has truly gone viral 🙂

  47. Go Derek! You’ve got the moves ! (And the marketing skilz). Thanks, Marie, for featuring him today.

  48. Is it weird that I was going to suggest to Derek to do something Gangnam Style inspired for his videos? I’m glad Marie got him to do it, and with a straight face too!

    As always Derek shared the most amazing tips, thank you man!

    My recommendations for getting more traffic are to make sure you’ve got your SEO basics covered. If you’re putting a lot of time into writing great content, it makes sense to just spend an extra 10 minutes optimizing it for the search engines… This will ensure that people who are searching for your topics will find you in the future. 🙂

  49. Cathy Sykora

    I posted a question to all my friends on Facebook and will see what my friends 45 and over say they visit. Really- my design business is a great place for my health coach business to guest blog. I will have to consider that. I appreciate the a’s today. I am going to get out of my daily blogger group and pick my better blogs to promote for a while. I am also in the process of personalizing my health coach site…thanks to the bonus a…I am going to take a GIANT risk and put some story photos on the site. Thanks! ~Cathy

  50. OMG too funny I had to watch the ending twice:) Thanks for the great video two of my favorite buisness people on one video. Currently in the process of getting rid of my website shame so no guest posting till its changed but I took a long shot one time and posted on Facebook the fact that I was looking to guest post about Ayurveda and Health and got two takers:). Who knew.

  51. Ok so who’s that blogger 😉 You or Derek?? Great tips I need to put them into action!

  52. Sent out one request and have a goal to do 2 more before the day is over. Thank you, Marie for introducing yet another AMAZING person into my daily life–just toured through Derek’s website and I can already tell that it will enrich not only my business, but my life as well.

  53. These tips are really great, traffic generation is something that I’ve really been struggling with, and I’m looking forward to implementing some of these tips.

    If anyone is interested in a blog exchange, check me out at and

    I’m a graphic/web designer who loves to help small businesses and creatives who specializes in branding. I get really jazzed about communicating visually and really helping other entrepreneurs thrive. Hit me up, if you’d think our blogs would be a good fit. My contact info is on my websites.

  54. Great tips – I do love Derek – he has such SMART ideas. I especially like the suggestion on writing less and promoting more – so true! I was galvanized into action and sent an email out this morning – thanks for the inspiration!

  55. Fabulous tips Derek! I am so inspired that 2.5 posts a month got you started. I can do that 🙂 I am a featured contributor on a great blog that gets me tons of traffic and tweets a month. At the time it was a huge commitment for me to do one article a month….but it was a great way to try out the blogging thing, kinda get me feet wet. I’ll be taking your advice and Derek may have given me the courage to finally start my own blog. Thanks!

  56. Wow! I really enjoyed this video. I feel so relieved to know that I don’t have to “blog” 3x per week just to grow my readership. More quality – less quantity. Anyone have any clear tips about how to “market the heck” out of your content?

  57. Hey Marie and Derek: Awesome q&a! The first tip I am going to put into play is the write less promote more tip. I have two blogs, one of which is in support of a one on one tutoring business that I am trying to promote and one which is sort of languishing from neglect. 🙁 It’s purpose was to help me start a business as a nature educator. That will come but first…

    I am going to start with the tutoring company and apply the promote more tip on that one. I have some decent beginning content and some great ideas about future content but the common wisdom has been write an article a day and I found that daunting. But I can totally do writing and promoting 2 or so articles a month. It already ties into my goal to figure out how to use twitter more effectively. (With Twitter, I find that it moves so fast that it is hard for me to follow any conversations or really form any kind of interaction. I feel like I am standing on a soap box in the corner of a very noisy, crowded, soapboxy area in the park trying to be seen in the crowds and heard in the din.) But, in addition, I can find some bloggers who are in a related, but not identical business to see if some of what I have written is helpful to them.

    Great q&a!

  58. Hey Marie, that was a great video today. I am letting you know that I did No.1 of your challenge. I called the person who runs a blog called “PR In Your Pajamas” and left her a message. It was risky on my part to just call someone out of the blue, but I believe that it will be worth it in the long run.

  59. Awesome interview, Derek and Marie. I have been using most of these techniques for a while and I have to say that they DO work! But what really struck a chord with me was your first super simple idea – write less, promote more. I’ve been doing the opposite. Writing a ton and not promoting nearly enough! Thanks for this awesome tip. Will be implementing right away.

  60. I’ve got to say I’m relieved to hear tip #1. The entire idea of blogging constantly (given how many other things I have on my plate) is a bit paralyzing. So much so that despite having an editorial calendar made and even a time scheduled when I should write ahead of time I have the HARDEST time meeting it.

    Finding key bloggers is definitely going to be a head scratcher for me so that’ll be my goal this week!

    I have used the “go on a journey” when I’m making something long & intensive. Breaking up my posts into parts and making sure to link to each successive one and of course really talking to my audience rather than lecturing them about what I’m doing.

    Something I’ve used on Twitter (slightly OT) is keyword searching. For example, I have a lot of Gothic inspired color palettes I use in my work – so what do I do, go on Twitter, search “gothic” and check out people and follow those who might be interested in what I’m offering! I’ve also done this to network by searching industry terms like “crochet”, “healer”, “Reiki”… etc. Not everyone follows you back however it does put your name out there more!

  61. You.Both.Rock !!

    thank you for all the great tips I’ll apply on my soon to be launched projects

    Patricia, Switzerland

  62. Great video! It’s so important to know who you want to work with. The answer isn’t EVERYBODY. Find a niche, it will make you rich 🙂

  63. Hi Marie! I just ran into you a few Sunday eves ago in Sag Harbor! Great episode today. Love the advice and I’m inspired! I’m getting ready to launch ChargerGenie, the world’s first charging tote-bag on a MAJOR TV RETAILER Q1 2013 and getting my blog and twitter efforts streamlined. You can follow me on Twitter #ChargerGenie where i will be sharing solutions for everyday life so I’m looking forward to retweeting YOU a lot! Info on blog to come soon! Stay Gangnam Style! You rock! x0x0 Genie

  64. Thank you so much for this–especially tip #1, to promote articles that have already been written. The light comes on in my mind and I am left here wondering…duh, why didn’t I think of that? I think it will make a big difference!


  65. Hi Marie! I just ran into you a few Sunday eves ago in Sag Harbor! Great episode today. Love the advice and I’m inspired! I’m getting ready to launch ChargerGenie, the world’s first charging tote-bag on a MAJOR TV RETAILER Q1 2013 and getting my blog and twitter efforts streamlined. You can follow ChargerGenie on Twitter where i will be sharing solutions for everyday life so I’m looking forward to retweeting YOU a lot! Info on blog to come soon! Stay Gangnam Style! You rock! x0x0 Genie

  66. Yay! I did it! Great words of wisdom- I am new to all of this and have learned so much from you Marie!!! Thanks girl!!!

  67. Jessica

    I am new to this and about to start a blog on my journey abroad. Can you give some examples of how you promote your posts?

    Thank you!

  68. Thank you Marie for having Derek on your show! You are both on the top of my list for inspiration! I am having a difficult time processing how to infuse myself in the Lampwork Bead making world and want to do it in a way that is unique; you’ve inspired me to think about what that means and how to make it attractive to the bigger names in my market.

    One of the things I’ve done to get more traffic (mind you I’m going from zero to something, anything) is to a) create a professional email and b) use an easy to understand analytic program that shows me how people are coming to my site (because it shows me what works and what doesn’t). Now I need to improve my efforts and get conversion to make my ROI go from zero to something/anything. Maybe this is the journey I need to blog about for my specific genre….hmmmmm.

  69. I went to & read her review about these amazing purses: Grace Adele! I’m finding out that So many ladies ( including myself) that have “designer” hand bags are falling in love with GA! Organization at its best!
    Thanks for the tips! They really do help!

  70. I am going to give this a shot. I struggle with content some weeks and it’s really hard to determine what your audience wants to hear about.

  71. My man DH! In his course now called Blog that Converts…it’s a lot of work because it’s the real deal, but amazing content step-by-step for getting that blog traffic and conversion up!

  72. I always enjoy these videos. This one was particularly fun — especially Derek dancing at the end 🙂

    I’ve brought in 100s more people to my site this month by opening an experts interview series, the Renegade Passion Project. Natalie Sisson, Tara Gentile and Laura Simms are just some of the greats giving excellent advice.

    The promotional synergy between the experts and I has blown up my site! It helps to partner with people who have larger lists than your own.

  73. Done!
    Thank you for this awesome episode, it came at the exact right moment, as usual!
    I just wrote a cookbook called Bold Vegan – Food of South East Asia.
    I created this book for people who want to eat less meat while having a damn flavorful experience!
    I have a blog on my site that is kept pretty current.
    After I watched this episode, I contacted Meatless Mondays and asked about being a guest blogger.
    Their fan base is exactly who I want “sitting in front f the screen”!

    Thank you again for your constant inspiration and little pushes, just when I need them!

  74. I love Derek’s first tip: Write less, promote more! Since writing is not my strength, I only write blogs twice a month. I will definitely start promoting the old blogs.

    My niche is artist and energy worker entrepreneurs (I am a money coach and ceramic artist). I have planned to email art communities and spiritual centers how I can help these creative entrepreneurs to get the clarity of their profits. After I got Derek’s tips today, I decide to write a blog related to the topic of profit clarity and email it to art and spiritual centers.

    Thank you Marie and Derek!


  75. Derek has been generating grand slam content since day one. His work has been really invaluable for my business!

    • Wow thanks for that Kristin!

  76. Wow – I absolutely loved these tips and they seem to have dropped into my universe at the perfect time. In one week, I am launching my website to the PA, DE, and NJ audiences and I have been struggling with how to connect to consumers as well as the funeral industry.

    My website (think of it as the TripAdvisor, Yelp, of WeddingWire of funeral planning) is going to be revolutionary to an industry that is closed off and avoids change. Because of me being an outsider, I often meet resistance when I talk to funeral directors about my initiative . I have never thought about researching bloggers who offer tips and advise on funeral planning..

    I can not wait to search for some bloggers this afternoon and start reaching out to see how we can help one another and in doing so help consumers make sound choices at the toughest times in their life.

    • Jen

      Hey Rachel, I plan to launch a site early 2013 and we can def cross promote because of the nature of our business. I bookmarked your page, talk soon 🙂 Jen

      P.S. I love love LOVE Marie and Derek

  77. Thanks so much Derek & Marie. These tips are so simple yet have the ability to make such an impact. Contacting bloggers has been on my to-do list for a few days…so I’m off to do the deed now. I’ll let you know the progress I make!!

  78. thank you Derek foe the awesome advice.
    the first pro tip you shared (write less promote more) is what I was following till now and had tremendous success with it. Let’s try with other techniques to see more and more traffic 🙂

  79. Lirone

    You are the best – Thank You!!!

  80. Great information! The three awesome things I walked away with are quality not quantity, guest article on a different but related blog and knowing exactly who you want to target. I have ideas percolating and will start by actually writing an article! One tip I have to share, this worked well for me on my FB page is to pose a provacative question then be mindful when you receive answers. This led to a new client! Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and inspiration.

  81. Gemma W.

    I’m sure the video must be fabulous, but I couldn’t follow along as there aren’t any closed captioning. :'(

  82. Probably one of my favorite Q&A Tuesdays for three reasons:
    1. You made me laugh with saying, “he’s gonna tap that A,” I love inappropriate humor.
    2. It was awesome seeing Derek Halpern as your guest. I’ve listened to his podcast several times and found his knowledge to be great and his suggestions to be very helpful.
    3. I am also a health coach so this was incredibly applicable to me.
    TODAY IS MY FIRST DAY AS A 100% SELF EMPLOYED SISTA so these tips are going to be things that I am going to have more time to implement, and more visitors means more clients!!

    I am going to begin looking through some of the comments above for other women with blogs that want to network. Why not use this community as a place to start!

  83. VERY informative! Loved the quality not quantity.

  84. This was a great episode of MarieTV! Very helpful info.

    I’m a massage therapist/yoga instructor and have never blogged before. I’m a bit nervous about taking it on. I journal on a regular basis and enjoy putting together my monthly newsletters. There’s something about writing an “article” that freaks me out!

    I’m inspired to meditate on this and push myself past my comfort zone. Any suggestions to a newbie blogger?

    • Amy

      Derek has amazingly helpful and practical content. Subscribe to his list 😉 , listen to his podcasts and watch his videos. Good luck!

  85. I am an Interior Designer who has reached out to many blogs/ bloggers over the last few years to be featured. I would say I get a 3-5% return from everyone I contact. I contact bloggers whose viewers can highly benefit from my home decor & design advise. I find it exhausting and almost not worth it sometimes. I am ALWAYS contacting other business owners to connect and do amazing work together and to be honest I am loosing steam and getting frustrated. I feel like the lil engine who could and me steam is running out. This is my press page. This is two years of contacting approximately 30-50 bloggers a month.!press

    I am grateful for the collaborations I have done, but still feeling annoyed and frustrated with hearing NO ALLLLLLL the time.

  86. I got a double dose of Derek today-I just watched his video about short emails! Glory be! I wish everyone would watch that! This is a hard one for me….I tell my audience all the time to take people on the journey with you-that is a SUPER tip for an artist. I do feel like I am an odd fit since I do a video show. I have been writing content for digital magazines…not sure if it is working yet! I need to think outside the box for this…but I may need a box cutter to get out the one I am in, ha!

  87. Thank you so much Marie and Derek. I’m running out the door but wanted to say that I’ve bookmarked this because the wheels are already turning and post-it ideas are being drafted. Can’t wait to come back tonight and listen again to get the juices flowing on how to generate more traffic while creating great partnerships.

  88. OMG I am a Massage Therapist! That is totally cool !!!

  89. Great tips — I run a custom bookbinding studio and just submitted a post to a book arts resource blog. I realized, though, that most of my blog posts ( are about work we’ve done, NOT about how we can help people with work they might want to do. Therefore they’re not all appropriate to submit to outside bloggers. I plan to refocus my articles so that we’re sharing our expertise and providing a useful service to potential clients and partners. Thanks for this insight!

  90. Hey! I’m a holistic health coach and today I reached out to a natural hair blogger whose site is growing crazy fast! We’re chatting about details tonight — Yay!

  91. The drafting technique works great for guest posting. My only thing to add for snagging the guest post is this – BE SUPER USEFUL TO THE SITE OWNER. So you find a site outside your niche who has previously posted about your topic, then you present them with a clear outline of your article and how you would go about it, following the general style of the site. For example, state out the title and topic of your proposed guest post; state that it has been covered in similar ways a while back on this site and received warm response; outline the points you would make and the actionable items in the post; then give them your super-short bio. When you submit the final post, follow the style and formatting of the site and include any images they would need for the post.

  92. Vincent

    Marie that dress is AMAZING. You look great!

  93. I like Derek and Social Triggers but his example of reaching out to a fashion blogger with, “here’s how to fit INTO that dress,” feels completely off to me. If I were the blogger, I’d feel you were trolling my comments section. Similarly, if I were a reader/loyalist to that blogger, I definitely wouldn’t click the link. This all assumes it was in a comments section. If it came in an e-mail, I’d hit delete in a second.

    • Let me clarify…

      When you’re reaching out to an audience that has your ideal customers, but isn’t necessarily directly related to what you do, it’s your job to connect what you do to what they’re reading.

      Here, I’m just giving an example that you can write fitness tips for a fashion blog and still make it relevant. That doesn’t mean you should use those exact words to pitch your article to them :-).

  94. Pudding

    I do not agree on promote and promote with two post a month. Why bother promote so much when you have a lack of content in your blog or website? I will the first one to run if I am following some blog that is not updated in a weekly basis; it just tell me the person has lost focus….

    42 free massages just because you wrote some article……. really? This one is pretty questionable.

  95. Nell

    I would’ve loved some elaboration … you say to promote the hell out of it – HOW??? How do you promote? And who do you promote to if you don’t have an audience?

    • Hey Nell, one of the techniques you can use is “the drafting technique,” which I talked about as the third main point.

  96. Talk about perfect timing! It’s my first day of my stay-cation and all I can worry about is creating blog posts. I thought I would watch a Marie Forleo video to get some inspiration before writing and what do you guys end up talking about…. Getting More Traffic! Awesome.
    And to add… I’m a health coach! The tips were perfect for me! Definitely what I needed to get my creative juices going for this week.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  97. Were Derek’s tips helpful? No question.
    Did I have a few a-HA! moments? Sure did.
    Am I going to implement his bits of wisdom? Yep. ASAP!
    But honestly, watching you two dance at the end of this video – THAT was priceless. 🙂
    I’ve been around here for more than a few years now and it just keeps getting better and better.
    Thank you Marie for doing what you do!

    • Yea, the screenshot at the top of this article is quite priceless, too, ha ha.

  98. Thanks for the great advice as always Marie! Derek’s tips were clear and are very do-able. I think you guys have Gangnam style down! lol I did your action step and it was much less nerve wracking than I anticipated :o) Thanks again for the awesome advice!

  99. Looks like Derek and Marie have second careers as dancers waiting for them in the wings! Loved the performance. And appreciated the reminders regarding going outside the perceived box or circle for guest post opportunities.

    Quick Clarification: Are you recommending sending an e-mail to a blogger doing what we want to do for linking purposes? So their readers see our comments?

    P.s. Just subscribed to your Social Triggers podcast, Derek.

  100. Amy

    This was so spot on! Thank you! I have blogger trepidation. I’m powering through it slowly and surely. This was really empowering and reassuring! I’m creating a list of bloggers who might be in the chair and also figuring out who is in first place on this blogging course.

    P.S. Love the Nice Assets!

  101. Sue

    Hey Guys!
    Thanks for the bullets. Your points were great and right on target!

    I have been blogging for a few months but I put a lot into my writing (maybe too much) and have been feeling some pressure to do more. I have stuck with my intuition and have been regularly putting out a blog every other week. I think the are really really good and very well-written :)! For them to this way I need time; any more frequent would be compromising the quality.

    My problem is how to promote it. I am a holistic nutritionist and an energetic healer and I teach Qigong medtitation. I am trying to get more clear on this (B School). I seem to only read other health or food blogs. I guess I need to branch out more and get more more clarity on who I want in the chair! I do have an ideal client avatar, so I could start there and focus on one aspect if my business.

    Thanks so much for the tips…and the dance!

  102. Wow, guys! You rock! As always…:)

    I just found great websites for young entrepreneurs that I think gonna be interested in what I do. (I’m an expat in China and I write about popular products and services here). So I created an email that has to convince popular bloggers to let me write for them. My editor is gonna work on the email for me.

    I really like the title of my ebook “Confessions of Your Future Chinese Consumer: A Guide to the Culture of the World’s Fastest Growing Middle Class”. What do you think?

  103. Thank You so much Marie for always bringing such valuable content, and thank you Derek for your advice. Your challenge inspired me to reach out to about 10 bloggers/magazines, and I already got one reply that they are going to send my request to the editor. I am trying to promote my new book on Amazon, Learn To Meditate, and as I have just released it, learning how to market it is a new and exciting process.
    Thank You for your motivation, inspiration & call to action 🙂

  104. Love your “show”! Great tips today. Would have loved more depth on the first point of “promoting your blog”. How? Where? for best results. Maybe that could be a new “Q” for you.


  105. I’m just wondering… what would one say in such an email? I would absolutely love to do this (and already have some ideas of who to email), but I’m just not sure exactly what to say. Any suggestions?

    • I am no expert, but this is what I do :
      I was doing an internet search and came across your (insert their blog)—— blog. As you seem to offer a great array of information on (their subject of expertise)———-, I though you may be interested about my ————-(in my case I told them about my new book “Learn to Meditate” which is free on Amazon for a limited time)
      My intention is to share this ———-(whatever it is you are sharing) with as many people as possible in a way that everyone can access as I believe it is helpful information.
      If you have the time to take a look at it, and find it would be helpful to let your readers know about it, that would be great, and deeply appreciated.
      If you are interested, you can access my book here:
      (insert link to your blog/book/whatever)
      Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
      With Gratitude,

      So I don’t know if that is helpful…..It may be considered a little long…..But the idea is to acknowledge their work, and let them know how perhaps your work can be a benefit to them. Its all about how can you help them.

  106. Kate

    I love the video, Marie! As always, your content is amazing. When Derek says to “promote the heck out of the blog” how do you go about doing that?

  107. As always I love your enthusiasm and energy Marie! The best part though, is that you always have great content and wonderful guests! Keep up the great work!

  108. Write less. Promote more. LOVE this!!!

  109. I love Derek and I love his advice! But I wish he wouldn’t conflate better health and weight loss. I would totally share this video if it weren’t for that.

  110. Derek, you were awesome – and the interview was good too ;D
    Ha, referring to the dancing moves ;D LOL

    Great tips and advice, I will be applying a lot of wisdom from this into my own blog. But I would also like to challenge you with this:

    Hello Marie’s friends,
    I have a healthy lifestyle blog that encourages and inspires people to live better with tips, recipes, nutrition info as well as some great life wisdom in between. I myself am a healing goddess and have changed my health around from a rare illness. My goal now is to help others to live a healthier and happier life.
    I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am now looking for guest posters on my blog; Lifeologia : Take a look at my site, ‘like’ me on facebook as I would be happy to connect with all like-minded people here. You can also email me at : [email protected] for more info.
    If you have a health and healing journey you’d like to share, have tips for better healthier life etc. I would love to hear from you.

    Let’s connect!


    ps. Derek ~ what do you think of my shameless approach? ;D
    I would like to add that forming a community should be your next tip 🙂

  111. Great advice! Social network websites give small businesses a great platform to reach out to new and existing clients.

    Thanks for your helpful video and keep up the great work!

  112. Traffic tips:
    1 Guest blogging, as Derek suggested
    2 Leaving comments on blogs you look up to 😀 with a link to your Twitter or blog URL
    3 This one has worked the best for me: Blogging daily (not so good for nonbloggers :P) and using Triberr.
    All of the above have helped increase my traffic, especially 3, but only with the foundation of 1. Good luck everybody!

  113. Great interview and great tips!
    And the dancing just put it over the top! ;D
    I will be applying a lot of this wisdom into my world!

    And thanks for the introduction to Derek. You are awesome! 😉

  114. Derek’s tips are fantastic – I just have one problem – I can’t write!!! You need to have great content in order to be able to have a blog and then promote it.
    What’s a poor girl to do?!?
    Love your weekly videos Marie,

    • But Anne, do you have ideas? 😉 As long as you know what you would write about if you could, consider cooperating closely with someone who can write. It’s called co-writing.

      I did it for years, with and for people who felt they couldn’t write or were not fluent in English, and didn’t have the time to slave over an article for hours and hours. Yeah, I did get paid pretty handsomely, but my name was never listed with the articles. So, look around you. Do you know anyone who writes well and wants to get his or her name out there? Is it someone you think you can work with and whose name you are willing to list? Then have a chat with the person! Ya never know.

      • Angelina,
        Thank you for your reply. I have had help in the past, with web copy and coming up with a bio, but since I’m a very small business – it’s just me – I don’t have the budget to pay someone to write for me even twice a month. I often do trade (I make pearl jewelry) but I don’t think anyone will want THAT MUCH jewelry. 😉
        If a blog generated enough business to pay for a writer, that would be worth while. I imagine it would take time though.
        I currently do a monthly e-newsletter showing my schedule, a sale item & images of what’s new, with a small Pearl Trivia section. After a couple of years, I’m running out of things to teach people about pearls… Would I even HAVE enough ideas for a blog? not sure.
        Bliss Designs

  115. Great stuff! It’s all about reaching out.

    One thing to realize is that you’re not limited to just other bloggers, magazines, podcasts, radio, even TV shows can be tremendous sources provided you reach out with a strategy.


    I have been ACHING to watch this vid all week! It’s like a delicious pleasure.

    Okay first thing is first. Derek, THANK YOU for this AMAZING advice! I am a blogger and I found this information incredibly helpful and I already have my actionable steps I’m going to take.

    I loved the advice about approaching bloggers who have themes that are different to yours. I have been interacting with a couple of health bloggers and for a split second I wondered whether I could do that since my theme is ‘Inner Vibrance/Self Work’ and now I know that I can and it feels AWESOME!

    So I’m already a few steps ahead in approaching bloggers.

    In regards to tips for others, I have found sharing my posts with my facebook friends (my personal account) gets me a lot of traffic, comments/feedback AND they share my stuff to their friends (PLUS, certain friends have been reaching out to me more and wanting to connect!

    From this I think I’m going to approach a local magazine here in NZ to see if they’d be interested in promoting me as what I have would reeeeeally help their readers so (after I’ve built up the courage with 1 *cough8cough* glass of wine) I’ll try it – I mean what the hell right! Let’s DO this!

    Thank you Marie & Derek, I am SO grateful for this!

    Elise xox

    P.S – I am really loving the subtle differences in the vids each week. I like that you change it up and try new things. Keeps it fresh and interesting!

  117. okay so I’m not one to usually comment, but that was incredible.
    I’m talking about the advice, not the dance.
    okay so the dance too…

    I really like the idea of going on a journey with my audience. genius!

  118. This is why i love marieTV 🙂

  119. Derek is a great dancer 😉 Marie I’m sure you could teach some of your other old school moves to him too. Maybe we need a new music vid with the two of you?

    I love driving traffic to my site and I’m developing a brand new one called Lisa Cash Hanson (dot) com for all my products and my coaching. I just had an opportunity of a lifetime and will be featured in some media so life is amazing right now. Can’t wait to see what’s happening in Chicago I know your having a fab time!

  120. Lisa

    Thanks so much for this post Marie & Derek!! What’s great too is there are so many comments by peeps I feel would be great to connect with 🙂 My site is full of free raw vegan recipes, the first book coming soon with more to follow. So if anyone here would like to collaborate, give me a shout! I surely will do the same x Lisa!

  121. Love TIP #1…I have been stressing myself out to make sure a good quality post goes out 1x a week. Now, I am going to shift my strategy to every other Monday so I can free up some time and energy to work with more clients. Thanks Marie and Derek!

  122. Gemma W.

    Thanks for the closed captioning. I enjoyed the video and will be implementing the tips. 🙂

  123. I do real estate marketing and this is some great ideas. I want to target blogs that speak to clients that are executives at some of the great companies here in Seattle. Like Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing. If you have any ideas let me know for now I am going to start searching google blogs.

  124. Hello Marie,

    Every time I visit your site, a light bulb clicks on in my head. Thanks for sharing the above tips that are extremely effective and proven to get more website traffic.

    Keep on inspiring!

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker

  125. Thanks so much, Marie! I scooted over to Derek’s site right away. I found him translating vague doubts that had been nagging at the back of my mind into words and implementations. Stuff that clicks! Great timing for the new site I am developing.

    Derek, you are SO RIGHT about deciding who you want in the seats. Just a week ago, I deleted all old pages from a content-rich web site I had for 10, 15 years. A bold move. Even though several pages had links from high-quality sites, they weren’t bringing me the audience I wanted to perform for, and were only costing me time. (I get my clients by word of mouth.)

    The old content? I am going to repackage some of it and push it through more suitable channels. That is going to be of much more use to me, and much more fun – and to my readers as well.

  126. Really liked your tips, I had asked one blogger to write about my website.I got great traffic from it.

    Writing a mail will involve guts, but yeah you have to do it!

  127. Great tips! moving forward!

  128. Great advice guys. I am still struggling with the customer avatar exercise from B-School; this is a big one.

  129. Great staff! Thanks Marie & Derek. I can not get enough of it, listened like 5 times already.
    I have an idea. These community of woman is Fabulous why don’t we apply Derek’s advice among each other and be contributors for each other. I have a style Blog {} and could work with any other field coach like nutrition, lifestyle, ect.

    Contact me if you interested:
    [email protected]

    • Yelena, Great idea for us to network with each other.

      I have a writers website, Bitchin’ Ol’ Boomer Babe, where I publish personal narrative stories. I can be contacted via a comment on any of the stories or on any of the pages.

      ~ shinazy

    • Hi Yelena,

  130. I’m a professional writer, and a lot of my business is writing blog posts for the company blogs of small businesses. I love it! I get to master so many interesting subjects, like law, gourmet health food, salon and spa tips, etc. And, my clients love not having to write posts once or twice a week. I help them set up their company blogs and build their readerships, but I’ll start telling them now – write less, promote more! That is great advice.

  131. Silvie

    Love these tips … and love your website, Marie. I do have another tip for generating traffic on your website: email marketing. It’s probably so obvious, but it works so well for me. It gives me the opportunity to reach out to those that already visited my website, liked my content and subscribed to my newsletter. They are really good leads for your business because they already feel like you’ve got something to say. If you convince them to share your newsletter on social media, you are able to create an audience of serious potential customers. I do feel that there are still some that stay away from email marketing because they’re afraid that they need technical skills to send out a decent newsletter, but I’ve found this great tool so you can be creative without worrying about the technique mumbo jumbo: {}
    Thank you for your articles, Marie. You really inspire me.

  132. Great tips! Will definitely be applying them to all my future blogs!!!

  133. Two of my favorite people in the same time / space.

    Thank you for providing the direction I need to take for the next phase of my website – Promotion.

    I’ll no longer worry about publishing more than one story per week.

    I’m off to find a few sites that will accept my story, ‘Halloween Of Yesterday’ and offer the opportunity to increase BOBBblog’s readership.

    I’ll look at mom blogs first.

    Thank you !

  134. Those were great an awesome tips!

  135. These were great tips, and I would love to try them, but I freeze up when I sit down to write an email and reach out to a blogger. How do you suggest reaching out to bloggers and asking them to promote you?

  136. Linda

    Can someone explain where and how to start a blog? I have zero previous knowledge about this but would love to start doing it. Thank you.

  137. Marie and Derek –
    I shared your Marie TV Episode with my tribe of Martha Beck Life Coaches-In-Training. We are about to finish our classes, and it seems everyone is panicking about starting their business, blogs, and web sites. I know your tips in this video will be help helpful to them and relieve some stress. I have taken your B-School training and loved it! In some ways it was more useful than my MBA. Looking forward to seeing you on OPRAH!!!!

  138. Hi Marie!
    Thank you for a very inspiring show with Derek – and thank you Derek!
    I contacted more than one blog about my jewelry-,
    a spiritually based hand made jewelry company. It felt great to take that one small step of action, you never know!
    Oh and Marie I would love to send you a piece of jewelry as a big thank you for doing what you do! One thing though: I noticed that you wear Silver- would you ever wear Gold? If not, I can create something using Silver. And please let me know where I can send it!
    A million thanks,

  139. One of my fav Marie Forleo vids…and Derek Halpern is a trip, too! SO smart. Thank you for sharing such valuable info!

  140. As always, great episode! It amazes me how the simplest most logical advice is often the most elusive. Everything Derek suggested makes total sense yet I hadn’t thought of it quite like that before. Thanks to you both for enriching info, lots to think about. Have a good one!

  141. As always Derek has gold to offer. Thanks Marie for having him on. One other way I bring traffic to my blog is to commenting on posts that are where my avatar hangs out as well as being interviewed on radio + podcasts.

  142. I would like busy executive moms in my seats so I have just reached out to them. Thank you for the great tips. Love them all.
    Hope you are all safe in NYC today. Thinking of you guys from the West or shall I say WET coast.

    • This is so liberating, to know that we don’t have to be a slave blog. Love all the tips, will for sure follow them all. Any tips on what you would you say in an email so we could be their guest blog?

  143. Your link was passed to me by my good friend @Verityslife she is always very confident and her self belief is amazing – I need/want some of that.
    I answered the question: Other Mothers striving to run a household AND be who they want to be, in my case writing my first novel.

    So, I took your advice and submitted my blog to

    Two days later I was their Blog of the Day! (For my post on Finding The Time to Write.) I have constant traffic to my site now. I’ve doubled my rss readership and I can’t begin to tell you how much confidence I have gained from having such a well respected site pick up my blog.

    I’m a very happy lady – lots more work to do though and more videos to watch! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Zakia (aka iHijinx)

    • That is SUCH an inspiring share! I love it! When I worked with a business coach, her last bit of advice was to reach out to be featured. I have been dragging my feet about it, freaking out here and there and just plain putting it off. I definitely am going to go through some blogs I have read/do read and look for some who may be interested in featuring me!

  144. Had to watch this thru twice to catch all the goodness! My blog is dark at the moment so putting these tips aside for the future :).

    I see so many biz writing content for their competitors/industry and *not* for their actual audience. I do see a shift but it’s something I always try to keep in mind…who do I want sitting in the chair when I write, facebook, tweet, etc. and it really does make a difference!

    And awesome dancing. I do believe we danced at WDS Derek, lol (kidding)!

  145. Thanks for the tips! The way I’ve reached out to bloggers in the past is by doing a giveaway of a beanie or other item I want to feature… the readers enter by going to my site and then coming back to the other blog and commenting with what beanie they would choose if they win. It’s great for me and the blogger because everyone has to visit my site to enter and while they’re there they check out my products!

    • Suzanne, that’s such a great idea! I’ve been toying about with the idea of doing a giveaway but I haven’t solidified it in my mind! I admit to being nervous about contacting other bloggers, but a recent entry into some gift guides (which included submission of my work) has really motivated me to get to it – and now your comment too! Thanks for sharing!

  146. I’m so happy I have just stumbled across your site today! I am nearing the opening of my own vintage clothing store and your advice, tips and inspiration is just what I needed to boost my belief in my business. I’ve just emailed a blogger I believe would help boost traffic towards my blog before I open my online shop.
    Thank you!

  147. This video has sprung so many ideas for my blog. I’ve been considering my website as a primary movie blog, but now I’m starting all different ways it can be morphed using movies to reach other kinds of readers. Thank you guys!

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    I know I’ve got the blogging / month down. While I let my inspiration take the wheel I have some scheduled posts for reviews and to share my industry with the public every month. It’s a mixture of my content, some research, and answered questions along the way. As I think of other things, or as I may be working on something interesting in my business I’ll add a blog post here and there as well. I let those come as they will and that system seems to work well for me (I don’t burn myself out stressing over writing, I offer content and promote good will to others, but I always come back to letting people know what I’m doing too.) I’m working on the promotion of these posts though. I know Google+ does a little promo when I publish something, but not something scheduled so I try to throw it up with Hootsuite & Buffer. I’ve also done a few posts in the past where I’ve broken up a major project in to parts and shown progress along the way.

    The other two tips I’ve been struggling with – since I’ve been toying with keywords I can kind of think of some topics of bloggers I want to reach. Eg. I do a lot of gothic and bohemian styled works, I have lines for kid stuff, I have an entire New Age centered line, and I could likely reach out to mommies, fashion folks, and maybe even some lifestyle peeps too. I can see that this goes along with the drafting technique too.

    So my homework for myself is to find some bloggers who would be interested in one of my lines and approach them! Here goes!

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    I have reached out to other bloggers in the past and been feature at various times so it works. The key is stay with it.

    cd :O)

    • Gemma G.

      if you prefer reading over watching, you have 2 very quick and simple solutions:
      1 – click on the “turn captions on” button and you’ll see overlay text.
      2 – Alternatively, click on “watch on YouTube” and when there, click on the icon “transcript” and all the text will show up below the video!

      easy-breezy! 🙂

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    I recently used the drafting technique for my latest blog and the results were incredible.
    So don’t hesitate to reach out other blogs and websites !

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    This made me think about the old way I did NOT tap into many customers–by not visualizing anything in particular and never planning a venue to scan for interest, or share with.

    Recently, I’ve found plenty of people wanting to expand their horizons on Linked-in and I learn something from them daily in a *conversation* exchange. I have no blog right now, but when I do, I will link it to Linked-In. It’s like finding your tribe or someone who speaks the same language!

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  165. Thanks for an excellent episode of Marie TV! My web site is all about home design and renovation with tips and advice to save money and a virtual design program that can help people save thousands of dollars on designing their kitchen. My blog, Tales from the Trenches, is very new and I write not only about various materials like flooring, but feature my own projects before & after to take people on the “journey” like Derek was talking about.
    My question is: some of the blogs that I would like to reach out to are not by individuals, but by very large companies (like HGTV and decor magazines) and I’m finding it difficult to contact them. There is a contact form to fill out, but since I haven’t had any response, I don’t know whether I should keep trying or just take that as a “no”. Any thoughts?

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      Awesome, Vita! Your comment is like a little espresso shot of joy, and I’m so glad to see you over on the blog 🙂

      Cheers to awesome brainstorming!

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    I did enjoy the video tremendously (so much so, that I tweeted the link). Boy did I learn a new street move–or two. And with regards to that promote-more-than-you-link thing, I have come across that tidbit prior to this & am implementing it.

    In fact, it was while scanning the SERPs for my targeted phrase that I came across your site (no pun intended–you like naughty humor, right?). And well, I am man enough to admit when I’m outfoxed.

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    My question is as to how I now stop sending so much content when it’s something I’ve done regularly for the last year. Won’t it look flaky to just stop sending e-mails weekly?

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      Great question, Kirsti. The frequency in which you send out content may not be the only thing you ponder. Maybe, it’s the kind of writing you’re doing. If it feels like you’re churning it out, switch it up a bit.
      Recently Marie added a vlog to her work- a bit more creative and fun, while still creating MarieTV. Maybe you’re craving a bit of a different style or frequency. Play around with your writing. You get to create what feels right to you. Have fun with it.

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  187. I actually started to go through my LinkedIn contact list and sent a message to 20 people, asking them if they were interested in subscribing. I did the same in 10 LinkedIn Groups and I’m now looking into compiling a list of blogs/bloggers to contact.
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  191. I was definitely paralyzed by the thought of having to push out content like crazy, especially in the crowded nutrition space. Thanks for shifting my mindset to PROMOTE more rather than write/produce more. I’m relieved to hear that bloggers are on-board with promoting content, and I’m ready for the challenge of emailing someone today about – will report back shortly.

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    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Sue! It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a different ICA, though. The same person doesn’t only shop at one store or only use one service. One human probably patronizes hundreds of businesses and may be the ICA for all of them. Knowing how other industries speak to your ICA can be helpful as you’re considering things like partnerships or collaborations, for example. As well as how to speak to her in a way that cuts through the noise because you’ll be more familiar with what she’s already used to hearing.

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