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Before we get going, will you do me a quick favor?

Pencil a date with me in your calendar for Sunday, November 18th at 11am EST.

You see…

Last week when I wrote to you from Chicago, the one thing I didn’t share was the reason I was in Chi-town in the first place.

I was there to be a guest on Oprah’s Emmy award-winning show, Super Soul Sunday!

You’ll see me, along with my dear friends Mastin Kipp and Gabby Bernstein talking with Oprah about spirituality and the next generation of thought leaders.

I’ll share more about this incredible experience as we get closer to the air date, but for now…

Do make sure that November 18th is marked in your calendar so you can join me, Mastin, Gabby and Oprah LIVE for the show and the online conversation too.

OK, now onto today’s MarieTV episode 🙂 . . .

I’m a big believer that any age is the perfect age to follow your dreams.

After all, I was first introduced to the world of personal development when I was 17 and by age 22, I was training to be a life coach.

Any age is the perfect age to follow your dreams. Click To Tweet

I can still remember how insecure and alone I felt. At that time, I didn’t have a lot of friends who wanted to talk about spiritual growth or what it takes to start and run your own business.

That’s why I was moved by an email we received from an incredible 12 year old viewer and entrepreneur from New Zealand named Olivia.

After all, empowering young people’s dreams is vital if we’re truly committed to creating a more peaceful, just and harmonious world.

I think you’re really going to enjoy hearing from Olivia. She’s bright, creative and most importantly – she’s an action taker.

Pay special attention to her tip about “thumbnail” images. As I share in the video, this same strategy helped catapult a one-woman online fashion company to breaking $128 million in revenue. (In other words, what Olivia shared works!)

Click play to watch below.

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Now l’d love to hear from you.

Leave a comment below and let me know: How did today’s episode inspire YOU to take action on your creative dreams?

Is there something you want to write or put out in the world?

Declaring your intention in writing is a powerful step in bringing your dream into reality so let’s do this.

And please share as much detail as possible. Your comment might be just what someone else needs to hear to take brave action too.

With love and appreciation,

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  1. I love Olivia! So smart and she knows how to have fun too (love the dancing on the beach celebrating). It’s easy to dream but it’s a rare soul that puts in the work to make it happen.

    Olivia has inspired me to write more. I’ve been good about getting out my weekly post and have loved the consistency of that, but there’s a more creative aspect to my writing which needs to come out.

    My friend Sarah Selecky sends me a free writing prompt every day, so tomorrow morning after I meditate, I’m going to get my notebook and my best free flowing pen and write a little something. After awhile, all those little somethings can really add up.

    Thank you Marie (I can never get over that gorgeous hair!) and thank you Olivia. I know I’ll be watching this one again.


    • You are so welcome Cecilia! Thanks for the comment, and on the hair – all credit goes to my family and their genes 🙂

  2. Olivia you are a breath of fresh air! Loved listening to you today.

    I have to admit I had no idea what I was going to do when I was 12years old?? So Olivia you should be super proud of yourself to be this focus and having this much fun with what you’re doing it’s fabulous.

    The thumbnail tip is awesome! I also like how you celebrated your milestones, I will be doing that from now on. Dancing my big feet off!!! lol

    Thanks for sharing Olivia with us Marie. PS Loving the pant suit, is the necklace attached or is a separate piece? It’s gorgeous!

    • Hi Suzie!

      The necklace Marie has on is separate from the jumpsuit 🙂


      • Where can we buy the necklace?… Couldn’t take my eyes off it 🙂

      • Thanks Elsa, I loved it!

  3. Olivia is awesome and inspiring for anyone of any age. Thank you for having her as your guest. I readily admit I am a ‘Forleo Fella’. 😉
    Now put your left foot in and shake it all about~ maybe the hokey pokey really is what life’s all about!

  4. Way to go inspiring the future generation that are shaping our world and showing them what is possible by sharing this story.

    Love that Olivia is a fellow Kiwi like me. She’s off to great places indeed.

    It’s even more encouraging to see as on return to NZ last year for my sister’s wedding (and the Rugby World Cup of course) I was fairly disappointed with the lack of online presence and knowledge exhibited by many of the leading companies so it’s great to see Olivia truly embracing it and wanting to learn as much as she can.

    Huge congrats on hanging with Oprah btw Marie, she’s da woman!

    • Thank you Natalie! Ms. Winfrey is incredible indeed 🙂

  5. Hi Marie and Olivia,

    Wow – Marie – Olivia looks and sounds what I imagine to be a mini version of you! Lets hope Olivia goes on to just as much success as you.

    Watching Olivia was a bit like looking at myself at her age – when I was full of enthusiasm, energy and fun and I believed that nothing could stop me from achieving whatever I dreamed about.

    So ……. my biggest take away is if Olivia is doing such great stuff at her age then so can all of us.

    No more excuses –

    …..Note to self – believe in yourself , you can make a difference and build a dream business too so get the hell on with it!

    • Serena

      I also felt like I was watching you interview your younger self Marie.

      Olivia, you have terrific energy, fabulous tips and beautiful composure. Looking forward to watching your business grow!

  6. Hi,

    I am blown away by the simplicity and creativity that Olivia has within her tips for us. The one that I enjoyed the most is to celebrate each milestone. I love the way she broke that down into small by manageable chucks that is easy to active and which keeps your motivation and fire burning for longer. I always find the most exciting part of a project is the beginning and by the time you reach the end you have lost a bit of your fuzz. So I will be implementing some happy dances on the beach into my production schedule.

    • Building dancing into your production schedule sounds heavenly Robyn!

  7. Hi Marie,
    Olivia has inspired me to reflect back to my 12-year-old-self and recall what I wanted at that age. I believe there are great insights we can glean from our youth and Olivia is a wonderful example for people of all ages.

    Olivia is very sharp, she uses the resources around her, she’s creative, she’s willing to work and oh yeah, we can all be and do these very same things. What a gem Olivia is!

    BTW at first, I too thought Olivia was a younger you Marie. Thank you both for sharing.

    Remember-everyone- to celebrate with your “Happy Feet!”

  8. Marie, are you sure Olivia is not your long-lost daughter? 🙂

    Looking at the two of you side-by-side, you look like mother and daughter! Not only that, but you have so many things in common, such as personality, writing and an entrepreneurial spirit.

    To be completely honest, it’s hard not to choke on humble pie when you see someone like Olivia – she’s so far ahead of the game it’s not even funny. But I love seeing kids like her – it’s a great f-you to those who whine about Gen Y/Gen Z with a ‘where is the world coming to’ vibe. Clearly, the world will be just fine with young people like Olivia in it.

    Olivia, from one writer (and Australasian) to another, you go, girl. And see you in B-School next year! I’m all signed up and raring to go.

    • Ha ha! Olivia is certainly a kindred spirit. Congrats on B-School Elly – can’t wait to “see you” in class 🙂

    • Agreed Elly!!! I think Olivia kinda looks like Marie, she dances like Marie and she is soo driven like Marie! Definitely probably her long lost daughter!

      What an inspiration this young, intelligent girl is! I cant wait to see all that she will achieve in this world… I’m sure she will be on Opra’s booklist! 😉

  9. This video is SO touching! Wow! Thank you so much Marie for sharing this with us! SO INSPIRING! <3

    So super happy to watch you on Super Soul Sunday! Yay for dreams coming true! <3


    • Thanks for your support Vicky! Make it a party and grab friends to watch on Sunday, November 18th too.



  10. Oh Olivia is so great!
    Thank you for doing this video, Marie! You both do look alike!

  11. I love this, have had so much worry and concern about having my own blog and wanting to go further, why would anyone listen to what I have to say when I am only just 20 years old, but this video has me totally inspired. You are never too young or old, age is just a number!

    Olivia absolutely rocks!

  12. This interview was so great! I can’t wait to share it with my 7 year old girly who loves to ‘make books’ 🙂

    So inspiring and I look forward to seeing where your creativity takes you!


    • Kristin

      I’m sure your daughter will love it, Dana! It’s never too early for inspiration 🙂

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  13. elizabeth durkan

    How inspiring!and amazing that you can share this chat with us all. I love Olivia i think she is great! thanks Marie

  14. Loved the video, my son is 11 and he got inspired by me, because I’m starting my online business, and he already has a youtube channel with one video published 🙂 and he’s learning about online businesses!!! Loved to know that moms are watching Marie TV with their kids, I’m going to show him this video for sure, thanks Marie!

    • Kristin

      That is awesome, Lena – your son sounds like a smart guy! 🙂

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  15. Morning Marie!

    Wow – if that wasn’t inspiring I don’t know what is. I loved Olivia’s ability to keep it simple and figure out the basics at her age. Do your best work, stay on schedule and you can do it.

    Great takeaways!
    xo Johanna

  16. AJ Parker

    So Inspiring! Yay, Olivia!

  17. Marie,

    Love this. I am from New Zealand so very happy you have this on Marie TV! Kiwi’s are very enterprising! Olivia is such a breath of fresh air and I wish her all the best.

  18. I have to agree with the others, I was taken by Olivia’s uncanny resemblance to Marie, and not only her beautiful face. It’s so wonderful to see a young girl so energetic and enthusiastic but also organized and hard-working! I loved her tips, especially the one about the thumbnails. I must watch this video again with my teenaged daughter, who isn’t quite so energetic at the moment. Perhaps it will inspire her as it has me.

  19. Hi gang,

    Really inspirational stuff.

    When I first saw Olivia’s video I felt really moved. It’s wonderful to see someone so young leading the way. Wow!

    It just goes to show that with the right support and encouragement anything is possible.

    Thank you Olivia for inspiring me to keep taking steps and moving forward in my own life.


  20. Hi Marie and Olivia
    Loved todays video. It was very inspiring and reminded me that it’s never about age it’s only about going after our dreams and finding the way to make them happen.
    Though this video is about not being too young to go after your dreams I find it inspiring in the other direction as well – you’re never too old or too late to get what what you want. As a teenager you tend to think you can conquer the world and than as you grow older you start doubting and thinking “I’m too old for this and that”. Seeing Olivia’s confidence and focus reminded me that anything IS possible if you really work at it. So Thank you both.

    • Excellent Dvora and I agree, it’s never to early – or too late – to follow your dreams.

  21. I am so looking forward to encouraging my son to be creative in the way Olivia is.

    Is four years old too young to start? LOL 😉

    I’m just discovering this for myself as a 27 year old, no previous university degrees etc, but rocking my yoga business! Love Marie.TV

    Thanks for this really inspirational video. It really warms the heart in knowing that you really can become whatever you dream of becoming with the skill, experiences and talents you possess! No more rate race: viva a life you are Mad about!

    Madelain Burgoyne
    Head Mad Yogini at
    Mad About Yoga

  22. She will go far! Very inspiring not only for myself but for my kids too. Thank You Olivia and Marie!

  23. Loved this!! Kids today are so advanced and ‘relevant’. Such inspirations and teachers to us all. She has a GREAT personality that translates on video and I could see her having her own media powerhouse and videos like Marie. The video she made was SUCH good quality, better than I’ve ever done.

    Chiming in with everyone else to say you two look alike! Definitely the hair. And I loved that Olivia is so similar to you, with the movement/dancing inspiration.. That’s so Marie too! No wonder she wrote in to say your videos resonated.

  24. Lyn

    Wow. How fabulous is Olivia! This just proves that we need to switch off the excuse button! If she can have that much drive at 12 and know what she wants than we can all live ths way!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Olivia look forward to seeing more of you. Looks like NZ is about to launch another star!

  25. When I was about Olivia’s age, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. My life hasn’t been the same since.

    There’s a lot of talk when people see kids following their dreams about “the hustle” and doubling down on doing the work. Remember, that the talk has to translate not only into action, but into a PLAN that you can follow. Otherwise, when the enthusiasm from the inspiration wanes, you’ll be stuck again.

    That was my challenge this year. I’m finishing up my first book, and working on my third album – but it’s been almost 10 years since I released my second, and a LOT has changed since then. There’s a new learning curve, and it gets tedious at times, but because I have a plan, I can keep moving forward even when the enthusiasm wanes for a day or three.

  26. Aww so inspiring. What a beautiful personality Olivia has. So nice to see a young girl being entrepreneurial! I suspect Olivia will be quite a success.

    • Oh and I relate very much to Olivia and the reams of illustrations on paper, but I started much later than Olivia. I only figured out my talent a few years ago – lol!

      • Simone, those reams of illustrations have served you well. Your work is beautiful. So dreamy and fun!


  27. Olivia, YOU ROCK!

    You are incredible…love your smarts, creativity, & heart!
    Such an inspiration and joy to watch!

    We need a link to your website!

    My BEST! xo!

    • I was searching for the link as well. Would love to check out her site!

    • Kristin

      We think Olivia is super inspiring, too! Here’s her website:

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  28. kate

    l-o-v-e h-e-r
    olivia wishing you all the very best. you so deserve it.
    great QnA tuesday from 2 top ladies 🙂

  29. You are one smart little cookie! I am learning a lot from you for my book. You have no fear – good on you!

  30. This video is going to run again in my house tomorrow, and this time my 14yo daughter will be watching. She has been drawing cartoon strips since she was 4 years old, and she wants to make a living from her artistic talent. Already she has sold some original work, and had a digital stamp from her own line featured on tv (ok, so I was the tv presenter AND biggest fan rolled into one LOL). I can’t wait for her to see that there are kids (especially so close to Australia) who are working at their dreams at the same age as her. Well done Olivia … you can teach us all a thing or two … like ‘Just start!”. Thanks for sharing her genius with us all Marie.

  31. Love this! Thank you Olivia and thank you Marie! How wonderful to see a young girl just go for her dreams – feeling it and taking action, following her creative impulses. No negative self-talk, no fear, no “I can’t”. Brava Olivia!

  32. What a gorgeous and smart young lady Olivia is! What I like most about her is that she wasn’t afraid to reach out to Marie, look where it took her! Big lesson for most adults here.

    Also, I think Olivia is a natural, she simply gets it and by doing so lives her dream. It’s a fantastic reminder that running a business doesn’t have to be and is not difficult at all. Treat it as passion and fun and it’ll come easy to you.

    Way to go Olivia! I’m sure we’ll hear a lot from your again:)

  33. Now Marie you got a lightbulb to turn on in my brain. First, bit Olivia is our next generation of leaders. Smart parents! Now for the lightbulb it’s incredible how a child can make such an impact on my self confidence and motivation. It’s not so much the fact that she’s doing something so I can as well, more so, the feeling I got from seeing Olivia was, ok when the human spirit is ready with no restraints or self doubts sharing what’s ones true purpose is what’s necessary, it’s pretty simple. Crossing over the little doubt hump is like going to sleep in a little cozy bed in the suburbs and waking up on a cozy hammock on a beautiful tropical beach! So many possibilities. Olivia thanks for the tips. I’m going to hop right on it kiddo.

    Ps Marie . Love the outfit!

  34. Olivia! You are such an inspiration. I absolutely adored watching you on MarieTV today, you just sparkle! I am a full time elementary school teacher here in the states, building the business of my dreams on the side and I must say your level of maturity and business saavy is incredible. Our 5th grade students are all your age (11 and 12) and we are going to show them this video today. We want them to be inspired by your story and see what they are truly capable of and also learn some great tips for writing. Thank you again for sharing your message with the world – you are going to do AMAZING things with your talents and I can’t wait to see where your gifts take you. xo.

    • Beryl, please do share your students’ reactions. I know I was completely inspired and in awe of Olivia. I’m curious to see if people her age are as inspired.


  35. Wow…what a fun video! Olivia reminds me of myself at her age…I wrote constantly too. She’s a great inspiration and I wish her much success with her books. I am constantly in awe and grateful for the power of the internet…it is such an amazing tool to not only bring us all together like this, across continents and time zones, but to be able to share our work and creativity so easily.

  36. It is so inspiring to see a girl embarking on a creative & entrepreneurial journey so young, with support of friends and family. [kudos to Marie for choosing to feature Olivia]. Often, at a young age people (and their creative dreams) aren’t taken seriously by the adults around them, and it’s tragic, because they often put those skills and impulses aside due to these pressures.

    You Rock Olivia! Keep on working at it, and when people tell you you can’t (or shouldn’t), etc… and some people will… just remember how much you love your work, and how as Marie says, the world needs that special thing that only you have to offer.

  37. Olivia touches my soul! She is so inspiring and such a smart young woman in so many ways. She’s way ahead of the game and has the wisdom of a long lived journey chillin’ in her soul and she is only 12.

    Everyone is a teacher, no matter how old they are. My 3 yr old grandson teaches me some of the most important lessons in life. And Even grumpy people are teachers….you may just have to search a little harder for the lesson. Olivia is an amazing teacher and I will take her advice to heart.

    She reminds me to dance…even when others may judge us for it. It is our dance to have, darn it!! We have a right to it and we should not let anyone take that away from us.

    P.S. when I saw your pics side by side at the top of the web page, I thought for sure it was a pic of you when you were young.

    LOVE YOU BOTH!! You are both a gift to this world…to me.

    • Rani, I can relate when you say your 3-year-old grandson teaches you important lessons. When my son was little, the wisest things would come out of his little mouth. So simple and uncomplicated. He would surprise me so often.


      P.S. Your avatar caught my attention so I had to click to your site. Your illustrations are amazing. I love your use of color.

      • Thank you, Selena. I so appreciate the visit and I am grateful for your kind and supportive words. They are the threads that seam my cloak of courage!

  38. Love this ~ the skys the limit for all!

  39. Erin Clemens

    Such great tips! One that has resonated with me after reading LOTS of info on getting a business started is essentially, JUST DO IT!!! I love that Olivia mentioned that first–Just get started! Followed closely by, Make sure it’s high-quality.

    Olivia put me in a great mood!

    • I think Olivia puts everyone in a great mood Erin!!

  40. Lisa Fogarty

    Olivia is so well spoken. It’s refreshing to see kids….enjoying things other than reality tv, shopping and junk food. I want to check out your website.

  41. Olivia is a total ROCK STAR! Not only because of what’s she’s doing to put herself out there at her age (outstanding!) but also because of how alive she is in the celebration of her life, her gifts, and her action. How inspiring it is to see an adolescent rocking her world with no excuses and so much joy. Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  42. Hey Marie!
    I just want to say how fabulous you look. Love your style!
    Thank you for inspiring women around the world.
    You rock.

  43. O.K. maybe I’m one of those guys who watch, but your content rocks! Funny also because my little daughters & son watch sometimes and they like your intro. They use to watch The Marketing Show with Clay Collins in the past and loved it. This is truly inspiring for myself and daughter, so thank you. My 8 year old just subscribed to Olivia’s channel, cute. This type of education is priceless for children, so thanks so much! Just shared this yesterday for all parents to share with children when time, enjoy:

    • Hey Mike! You are one of the MANY guys who watch – thanks for being here and thanks for sharing these messages with your kids!

  44. Wonderful video, and inspiring message, Marie and Olivia.

    Olivia completely embodies the “everything is figure-outable” ethos, love that!

    “Don’t skimp on quality and give it your best” and “celebrate each milestone” are terrific pieces of advice that biz owners of any age can be inspired by. Totally impressed by Olivia’s wisdom and smarts.

    Watching this video brought back a very vivid and happy memory — I started writing stories when I was around 10 or 11, and when I was 12, started writing a book whose main character was named “Marie.” I wrote “Marie’s” story in a notebook and pasted pictures from magazines into the notebook as illustrations. (Maybe that’s why someone I’ve learned a ton from, also named Marie, showed up in my life all these many years later ; ) ) But then I got interested in other things and didn’t take up writing again seriously until I was an adult, though I’ve always written informally in journals and notebooks and so on.

    If I had been as serious and committed to my writing as Olivia is, no telling how much content I would have produced and published by now!

    Watching this video makes me realize just how important it is to encourage young girls (and boys) to follow their creativity to see where it leads them, and to be supportive of creativity in all its forms. Sounds like Olivia has really awesome parents!

    • Truly inspirational! I hope I encourage my children the same way as did Olivia’s parents.
      My daughter is only 2 months old but I hope she will have the same free spirit as Olivia has!
      My aim with creating a business that I truly love is to be able to work from home and be around my kids more so I can instill in them the entrepreneurial spirit.
      Olivia you ROCK!

  45. What a great story of NO EXCUSES. Thank you for this Marie! This has given me energy to just get cracking with me day and going hard after all my goals for my business. Nothing is impossible and NOTHING beats action!

    Great stuff!

  46. Erika Rabines

    This Q&A Tuesday was like you were reading my mind. Loved Olivia and I can wait to learn more about B School 🙂

    Thank you

    • Excellent Erika! And if you want to learn more about B-School, go to You’ll get incredible free training and get the full details about the program!

  47. Helen de Nobrega

    How Cool!
    For a second it seemed like Marie was speaking to her younger self from the future!!

  48. Marie,
    Just want to represent for the guys out there that love your videos and style. Olivia was super cool! Our company just celebrated our first year. I think I’m going to celebrate this milestone and get a nice lunch with a friend today. Thanks and congrats on the Oprah taping.


    • Thank you Heath and HUGE congrats on your first year. Enjoy that celebration!!

  49. OMG, she’s like a mini-Marie! So precious. Go Olivia, go!

  50. Love, love, love Olivia. My favorite part is when she’s writing and feigns, “Ah, so hard!” We should all take ourselves less seriously and enjoy life. Thanks, Olivia!

  51. Refreshing! Love the tips. You both made me smile from ear to ear. Thank you Marie and Olivia!

  52. That was a really good topic this week. I can’t believe Olivia is 12 years old, she is so wise and mature. If you didn’t tell me her age, I would have guessed 22-23 maybe. Her parents must be very proud! I really love both of your tips. Great job!

  53. Love it!! So awesome to see Olivia working towards her dream, and so lucky to have friends and family supporting her in this way, isn’t it key? Olivia, I also have the dream of writing books and I wrote down all of your advice, I especially like the idea of writing regularly BUT, allowing for creative bursts. I find creative juices flow best when I’m relaxed and having fun, so rigid goals don’t always work, but setting time to work and then tapping into the creative juice works! One thing I loved in this video is your sense of humor and light hearted-ness, may you always approach life, your work, and your dreams with this joyful attitude!

    Much love, Desha from Vermont, USA

  54. Yes Olivia!! Isn’t the internet amazing? I love that you’re writing and drawing, and building your business. I also wish I had a Marie to learn from at your age, because I think you’re such a wise one already and you’re going to go far!

    Love this episode, and all the love around it. 🙂

    And we all knew Marie being on Oprah was inevitable, right?

    • Thank you Nath, your support over the years means the world to me, and to our entire team. We love you!

  55. Cynthia

    Olivia is stupendous! What a fun young woman and inspiration to all! She is a definite kick in the seat o’ these old pants. Good lesson for all of us to listen to the wisdom of the young, and she’s got plenty of it. Thank you, Marie!

  56. Kristin Michele


    Thank you. I have been going through one of the most difficult times of my life over the last eighteen months, and I have been trying to pick up the pieces of me and put them back together. Unfortunately, due to my long stint of unemployment (due to medical problems), my self-esteem is at an all-time low and I haven’t been able to reignite the flame (my passion and intensity) that I once had. Almost two weeks ago, I landed a dream job that I wasn’t looking for and never even suspected would be my dream. But, thankfully, God knows me better than I know myself and has bigger dreams for me than I do. I want to express my gratitude to you and for your beautiful execution of your dreams. Even though I only “met” (discovered) you only ten or so days ago, you have made a huge impact on my life and my success. I have reignited my flame and rediscovered the brave and fearless woman I am. I am now heading up what will soon be new real estate investment company that will be increasing the value of homes in badly hit markets (Las Vegas and in parts of CA and AZ), providing beautiful homes at affordable prices to low-/moderate-income families that do not have good credit). The best part is that when we eventually sell these homes, part of our ROI will go to two, very worthy non-profits. You have helped me dream, but more importantly, reassured me that I can actually achieve those dreams and even more. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I sincerely adore you and love what you are doing for me and all of your loyal followers. God bless you (although I see He clearly has been).

    Your Most Grateful Hottie,

    Kristin Michele

    • KRISTIN! First, thank you so very much for sharing your story here. There are millions of women and men around the world who find themselves in similar, deeply challenging situations. But as you’ve proved, the human spirit can overcome anything. When you dig deep in your heart, and have faith in a power beyond yourself, you can move mountains. Your story will inspire THOUSANDS of people who come here. Huge congrats on your new position with a company who sounds like they’re doing all the right things: creating value and giving back. BRAVA my love. Keep us posted!

      • Turmoil hits all at random times in our lives. You’ve inspired me today, Kristen. Thank you!

  57. Hah, Olivia is so cool. She knows what leverage her age can give her and is WORKING IT (funny how so many of us view our young [or old] age as a DISadvantage)!!

    Olivia, you are so blessed to have supportive friends and family who keep you going and allow you to shine!

  58. Wonderful video. Olivia is amazing!!!
    Thank you for this inspiring interview.

  59. Out of the mouth of babes…

  60. Oh. My. God. Well, so that’s amazing.

  61. New fan & boy did I get on board at just the right time. Here is Olivia at age 12 inspiring EVERYONE to follow there dreams. Here I am at age 73 also wanting to inspire others that it is never too late to start again. Six years ago I took a class in beading & turned an expensive hobby into a business. I had NO IDEA I had a talent or even a passion for it. Now, at age 73 I am learning to apply social media marketing to my online business. I started blogging to share my journey. They call me the Ageless Explorer. Olivia could be the Youthful Future Explorer. Marie joins us together.

    • Roslyn!! YES woman!! Thank you for being an example and an inspiration to us ALL. And since you may not have seen this video, check it out – I think you’ll enjoy it 😉

      Welcome to the family Roslyn, we are THRILLED to have you here!!

    • Yes!!! AH-mazing, Roslyn. Keep on rockin’ it, sister. Amazingly inspiring!

  62. Wonderful! I loved this week’s video, Marie and Olivia – a great reminder that many of the barriers we think exist are often in our heads. A dream, good habits, a little drive, and the feedback of following through are powerful things. Thanks, Olivia, for the inspiration!

  63. Jean

    Hi Marie and Olivia!

    Thank you so much for sharing. Both of you are so inspiring to me. I will share with my daughters as they both talk and think along the same lines as you Olivia…Love to write and read and are passionate about sharing.

    For me as an inspired first time entrepreneur at 52 I am taking your advice and running with it. Learned something new re: thumbnails!

    Thank you for the work you both put out into the world and Marie I am so excited about November 18 and Super Soul Sunday! I had a feeling that is what you were doing in Chi-town!

    Thank you again!

  64. Heidi Durham

    Olivia kicks ass, Thank you for sharing her with the world. Where can we find out about her books?

    Lovya much.

    • Kristin

      Heidi, you can find out more about Olivia’s books here:

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

      • Heidi Durham

        Thank you so much Kristin

  65. I’m sure we’ll be hearing alot more about Olivia in the days to come!! She’s honoring the gifts God gave her in a huge way .. love her personality and tenacity!! All the best for your future Olivia!!

  66. What a terrific interview! Olivia is an inspiration and a reminder that it’s not your age that matters, but your outlook.

  67. She’s brilliant! I am very sure we will be hearing lots more from her in the future… if only we’d all had the support behind us she obviously had, what a different world we might be living in today! Can’t wait to see more of her and her inspiring enthusiasm.

  68. Loved this video! Olivia’s energy is infectious (and I agree–she looks just like a mini Marie). Auntie Google and Cousin YouTube cracked me up. Thanks for making my day.

  69. Marie,
    I am one of those mothers who watches Marie TV with her daughters. Sometimes we blush (or rather I do at what I hope goes mostly over their heads) but mostly we are inspired. And today, well, I felt like dancing on the spot as my 13 year old watched you and and Olivia.

    We homeschool and believe strongly in freedom in education and livelihood. Basically, what that means is study what you love and do what you love.

    Our family left the world of 9-5 last year. My husband and I are now building a livelihood around work we love (living in a place we love) and we are raising our children to do the same.

    Your work is so inspirational to us and to me especially as I move out of homeschooler/homemaker into creative entrepreneur/homeschooler/homemaker. I have started a homeschool coaching business but also, just as importantly, I am supporting my children’s entrepreneurial efforts and dreams. And moving them forward in their goals as I move forward in mine. It’s beautiful and you have inspired us on that journey.

    Marie, I am so excited to see where this next generation of leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs are going. We are joining thousands of otehrs who are raising and educating our children to change the world with their genius and talent. Oh, gives me shivers.

  70. That was awesome. I am 23 (24 next month) and have often felt some agism in the whole business thing. I’m pretty young (to most that means inexperienced) and I don’t have any young professional friends, more particularly, young entrepreneur friends. All the pros I know in my industry (and in most) are at least in their 30s. It’s tough because that means that whenever I’m doing something for my work, I’m always having to relate to folks that are more than 5 years older than me, and it can be a bit taxing. Especially because a lot of times there are folks in that age range that are not happy in their careers, and their frame of mind is that I have all this time ahead of me, so… why am I getting frustrated, because I could be doing something else.. I mean, they are frustrated in their lives, and they see me (“so young –(so inexperienced, youthful, innocent, ignorant…)”) trying to start living a life that I love, and I think it comes from a place of jealousy that they, at first think it’s cool, but then they kind of don’t get it at the same time. And it’s not so much that they don’t want me to be successful, but, I don’t know… I guess, just that they are not happy so they are sort of taking it out on me because I’m “young,” so they are like less supportive I guess. And I think a lot of it does fall back on the idea that young=lack of experience, and that that means I need to work for someone else first, sort of “pay my dues” to “gain experience” before I go off on my own. That’s not how I work. If I want something, I do what I can to see it through, and sure, maybe I’m less experienced than those older than me, but I gain experience in all these areas (business, shooting, client relations, etc.) by doing it and figuring it out. Would it be easier if I worked for someone else to figure it out, maybe, but I’d rather be doing actual work than carrying around a light stand and reflector for someone else, and I know that my images are quality and always improving, so I know that I am good enough to no do that.

    But seeing that Olivia, at literally half my age, can do it all, it’s really amazing. I love how supportive everyone is for her, and wish I could say the same about my family. My parents did not really get it when I first started the process of forming my business, particularly my mom didn’t think I was “ready,” but I’m a do-er, so I need to do things, so I went and got my DBA and all these things because I felt I needed to. My aunt, who is in the same industry (photography) didn’t think it was a good idea to go the route I’m going (freelance/own business) because she is stuck in a dead-end job at a major retail studio that has terrible work conditions and is commoditizing portraits, and she thought that I should just get a job like that (of course, I doubt she views it that way), but she really doesn’t get what I’m trying to do. So, seeing this video is just awesome, especially because now, my mom is starting to come around because I’m actually making some money with my business. It’s not a huge figure, but it’s already “more than I was expecting” (mom). So this just goes to show that people need to stick to their guns because they often know what’s right for them. I knew that this is the right thing for me now and I’m doing everything in my capabilities to make it happen, and it’s really starting. (Granted it took a lot of psychological training too to get to the place I’m at now…) But anyway, ageism sucks. I’m gonna keep doing my thing, and you know, with every day I gain more experience and get “older”.

    • Hi Caylena!!
      Just read your entry and couldn’t stop feeling so proud about someone who decides to take the plundge no matter what people say!!! I wish I had started my own business when I was your age!!!! I’m 31 now and I worked for other companies and schools (I’m an English teacher) for about 10 years now because I thought I had to “gain experience and pay my duties” and do you know know what I got at the end? lots of frustration and wishes to do something else and be somewhere else! well, I cannot deny I learnt many pedagogical stuff that I’m now including in my services portfolio, but working for someone else just left me a sweet-sour feeling of “I could have learnt all this on my own too”. So, now being 31, without a masters degree for example or my own business, leaves me really out of competition in front of people who have postgraduate degrees, speak several languages and have gone through several entrepeneurial ventures and volunteering activites and who are your age!!!! So, that is why I’m telling you, there is no reason to feel bad about those “you’re so young…” kind of comments!! Not even if they come from your own family. regarding this matter, Mastin Kipp in his Daily Love says: “Our parents, for the most part, Love us. And the way that they are showing that Love is by wanting us to have financial certainty. But you see, in that process, what many parents do without knowing it is participate in killing our dreams…” It might not be their intention, but they can be as dream-killers as the people who tell you “you’re soooo young”! So, stay away from dream killers and CARRY ON! for yourself!
      If you want to read more about Mastin Kipp’s entry about overprotective parents Vs your dreams, the link is here

      Hope you folllow your dreams no matter what!

      May strength be with you at all times!!


  71. That was so helpful! I really like the thumbnail tip and the idea that every ounce of everything I put out into the world should be my best or it just won’t work. Thank you Marie and Olivia!

  72. Olivia~you Rock! Hold on to your dreams.

  73. Kim

    Wow!! Olivia, you’re awesome and very inspiring. You’re going to do amazing things! Where can we find your books?

  74. WOW Marie!! I loved this video, she was so fantastic!! Definitely inspired me to stop putting excuses on why I haven’t finished my book yet, and also something amazing just happened as I was watching this episode when Olivia talked about the title and thumbnail picture size… My book title just came to my mind without even thinking about it…I’ve been thinking about my title for months and it just came to my mind now as I was listening to you guys speak 🙂 Thanks so much!! Keep up the great work you are such an inspiration.

  75. Love this episode, Marie and Olivia!

    Perhaps I missed it, but where can we buy ourselves some Olivia books? They look perfect for reading from my office bed. 😉

  76. Marie ~ LOVED this episode! That Olivia is whip smart, ain’t she?! Love, love, love her!

    It absolutely warms my heart that the younger generation is catching on to possibility sooner. There is so much freakin’ power in legacy, we can’t even imagine.

    I think I’m most excited that she is following you as a mentor and might possibly go through B-School. As a testament to how awesome it is, I would LOVE to see her go through it. Can you imagine how much she could soar with even just the community of B-School alone?

    It makes me think of what Oprah said the other night on the OWLAG graduation special – “there is no bar…”

    Loved the awesome energy around today. 🙂

  77. Yes, Olivia is a great example for me because she is not afraid to try, to give it her best. She is not afraid to make mistakes and to just go for it! Thanks and greets from The Netherlands.


  78. Thanks so much Marie & Olivia!
    I’m 20 years old and just started my blog Bright Little Socks a week ago. I want to help young rebels my age live consciously and wake up excited every morning. But I felt very self conscious about it because I’m “just” 20 years old, especially because I want to become a life coach in the next 6 month.
    Seeing you rock your dreams made me realize that I need to just get out there and blow everybody’s pants away with my talent and value. Thanks Olivia!

    Also thanks to you, Marie. You always publish the right episode of MarieTV when I need it. You’re awesome!

  79. Leigh Ann


    I wanted to thank you so much for all of your inspiring content. I enrolled in B-school last week. The next day, I was taken to the emergency room with chest pains and shortness of breath, and then I was diagnosed with diffuse coronary artery disease. I had a stent put in one artery, but there are smaller arteries they cannot stent because they are just too small. Surprinsgly, I’m not 50 or 60 years old; I’m 31!

    It sounds silly, but your videos and content really helped me get through the hospital stay. My doctor said I have to change my entire life, diet and exercise-wise, but I also feel like I have been given another chance to do big things on this earth. I want to use my situation to educate and inspire others. I also want to finish some projects I’ve been stewing on for a long time, too afraid to take action.

    I watch your Marie TV videos every day (even the ones I’ve already seen) and am so inspired by your energy and personality. I can’t wait to start B-school and I know we’ll all do great things together!

    • Kristin

      Leigh Ann, oh my gosh! We are SO relieved to hear that you’re doing well after all that- it must have been incredibly scary for you.

      We’re honored and thrilled to have you in B-School with us. It’s going to be so great. If there’s anything we can help you with along the way, don’t hesitate to give us a shout at [email protected]. Take care of yourself, lady! 🙂

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  80. This interview had me beaming all morning! Olivia is such an inspiration with her fabulous energy. I can’t wait to start reading her books. After watching this episode I decided to start a project that I’ve been thinking about forever. Thanks Marie and Olivia for giving me a loving kick in the pants to get going and just do it. Smiling all day!

  81. Super Soul Sunday? Woot woot! Congrats Marie!

    Olivia is not only smart but a super cool guest to have on Marie TV 🙂

  82. Tania

    Marie and Olivia – you were both just what I needed today!

    This interview warmed my heart, and I smiled from beginning to end. A wonderful bright young lady, who will certainly have an incredibly fulfilled life with that kind of energy and outlook – well done too, to her Mum & Dad!

    Thank you for sharing the story of spirited Olivia, who has reminded me, as I take the exciting steps of leaving my corporate world behind and create a fun new project which will change the way I live my life – to celebrate milestones, work with passion, work with pride.

  83. Olivia is one smart and talented cookie, I’m in awe of her determination at such a young age, looking forward to seeing how her journey and career flourishes. I’m deeply inspired.

    Huge congrats to you Marie! Oprah…you are already doing really fine for yourself, I shall watch as your business exponentially explodes after your appearance on Super soul sunday, hope you are prepared!

    Sending lots of love your way.

  84. This is so timely. I am in the process of introducing my 6-year old daughter to these concepts. I think that I’ll have her watch this video with me!

    I would appreciate any input and feedback from the community on how I can help her be even more effective as I’m just transitioning from investments and real estate into a new online (and offline) business. Here is the setup:

    My daughter is in kindergarten. Her school has a service project to pack 65,000 meals in one day to send to hungry people in Africa. The school sent a notice at the beginning of the year asking that each child earn approx $20 to pay for the food that they will pack.

    I love the fact that the school values these kinds of projects. And I appreciate that they want the students to earn the money themselves instead of the parents just writing a check. But I felt there was an opportunity for so much more learning from a project like this. My daughter is very artistic. I didn’t want her to just do “odd jobs” to earn the money. I wanted the effort to reflect her passions. Her idea was to hold a carnival and she could draw pictures for people. But that is limited both in number of people that she can reach and also the amount that she can charge.

    I am trying very hard to take the idea of leverage to heart starting up myself. And how to get a much bigger return for comparable level of effort. So I thought she could send artwork as a thank you for a donation to an IndieGoGo campaign. And if one little kid was cute, a whole class of them are cuter and could expand the reach of the project. So I approached her teacher to see if we could turn it into a class video. Which we did. Instead of a $20 contribution, we set a target of $500 for a contribution. (After a week, we have raised $350 so far.)

    While I believe we will hit the $500 target with our current actions, I would love to blow past the $500 target and have her make a really big impact. She has been involved in helping me put the video together and we will put up some more updates and an additional video slideshow showing who will receive the food this week. We sent some notices to the local news. And I’ve emailed friends and family asking them to like and tweet because I want to find a way to improve the possibility of this being seen by more than just immediate friends and family.

    Now I am seeking creativity and experience for other ideas that we can put into the campaign to take it to the next level. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!

  85. Marie, that was one of your best!. She reminds me so much of my daughter at that age who is now 23, finishing grad school and just quit her day job to start a web development business. She is already making more money than she did at her 9 to 5. When she was about 14 she became the editor of an adult writing forum. She lied about her age and everyone thought she was an adult. 🙂 She has mad writing skills and we always encouraged her.

    I say, give that girl a B-school scholarship!!

  86. Olivia is so beautiful. She truly is a great reminder of that little twinkle that WE ALL had in our eyes as kids. Anything and everything was possible. We were unstoppable as kids. I recently said this to my dad..that as kids we are pure innocent without any sort of brainwashing..and then life happens.

    Well, just because life happens doesn’t means it has to kill your spirit or your dreams. Thanks for this video Marie. Children are our greatest teachers of what is possible!!!!

    • Kristin

      You’re so right, Vasavi!! Often we know as kids what our hearts want us to do with our lives, but we grow up and the world tells us to do something else. Olivia is a wonderful reminder to honor that thing we’ve always wanted to do since we were kids!

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  87. Dear Marie,

    This is definitely one of the most inspiring videos You’ve created ~ how exciting to realize that our younger generation gets being an entrepreneur and more than that, that there are parents out there encouraging their kids to think outside the box, or even forget the box and just create through Your happiness!

    Bless You Marie <3

  88. Hi Marie!! Thanks Olivia for sharing! What an inspiration to the generation of today! Love the fact that you have a dream and will do what it takes to achieve it. It really doesn’t matter what age you are! Keep it up! 🙂

  89. Paul

    Marie, I feel Olivia deserves a full scholarship to your B School and some free coaching for extra measure.

  90. Great timing! Just this morning, on my commute, I was thinking how great it would be to start a consulting gig in a biz arena where no one is doing it. The client doesn’t see the need. They’re like a locked up fortress. They think they have a training program place but they are missing KEY elements, holding THOUSANDS of women back from authentic success.
    My next thought was HOW the HECK will I explain my credibility? How will they understand the value and point of difference my training has? HOW???
    … And right there, in my inbox, was the answer. I’ll penetrate this fortress of an industry with a book. I never knew there was an Amazon tutorial. I’ll find it today. Thank you, Olivia! I hope you enjoy a long, thriving career that takes you in any direction you wish. Thank you for being my mentor today.

  91. Hi Marie, I just started watching your videos. A friend recommended you on Facebook and I love them. This young lady is infectious. I’m pretty sure she will become a success, if not an overnight success. I’m going to have my daughter start watching your videos as well.

  92. Wow! I am so impressed with Olivia. She’s so mature and confident. She’s going to do some amazing crazy things in her life.

    Thanks for doing this interview Marie – it really touched me and made me think about what I’d like to teach my boys re: biz and how to go for things you love doing.

    Seriously impressed,

  93. Kathy

    Thank you Marie for sharing sweet Olivia with the world!
    With sooooo many voices out there (albeit with great things to say), I have limited my regular guru intake to just a few that make my spirit really soar. You be one of those, and I NEVER come away disappointed.
    At t-minus 1 year to 50, I have been making regular contact with my inner twelve year old– she is my fav guru of all — like Olivia, she keeps whispering sweet somethings in my ear… somethings like, “Courage.” and “Go for it.” and “You rock.” Seems like somewhere out there in the field, she’s been talking to someone in New Zeland! Kisses to you both – I love you! kathy

  94. Marie!

    This was such a touching and inspiring video! Thank you! Olivia is gorgeous and demonstrates that we are all ‘ageless’ at heart and have a brilliant gift to share.

    Love the thumbnail tip!

    Meanwhile, for anyone reading this considering Bschool, its not even a option to NOT do it! It’s amazing and one of those necessary ingredients that will make your life blossom. It’s worth every single penny and then some! 🙂

    Much delight,


  95. Ketina

    I’m so glad Marie you are finally on Oprah. I’ve been saying to myself Marie Forleo needs to be on Oprah. My wish came true for you. You are ever so awesome, Marie. I’m glad that other people will be inspired by you. I am very, very inspired by you. HUGS.

  96. Thank you Marie and thank you Olivia!

    It IS wonderful to see such a young girl living her dream with such self confidence and power. Love it!
    I love to see this bright future for the planet.

    Love love love


  97. What an inspiration! Olivia is so sweet and intelligent and wise. I loved all of her tips and will definitely be making note of them as I move forward in my own life + business. Keep rockin’ it Olivia!!

    And Marie – a million congratulations on Super Soul Sunday. So excited for you and this next big step on your journey. It is so well deserved. xo

  98. Hi Marie, that was really refreshing! thank you. And Olivia, I love your website and tips. Good luck with your book. you rock!

  99. OMG love her!! She’s like a mini-Marie! So much goodness and knowledge packed in!
    I loved her tips, how clear and level-headed she is! Olivia, you are an inspiration!
    And so true about celebrating every milestone, we often forget that and quickly jump to the next thing.
    Where would we be without Aunty Google and Cousin Youtube 🙂
    ps. you’re right..every office does need an ‘office-bed’ 😛

  100. Diana

    Olivia, you are a true inspiration! such a go-getter, action, action, action. Wish you success all the way 😀

    Marie, Thank you for sharing this marvellous interview. As always, you always provide the best of the best!

    Cheers and Love,

    Diana <3

  101. Olivia, you are a wise young woman. Great tips. I’m very bad about celebrating milestones, but no more! Thank you for the great advice and being a wonderful inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    Marie, thank you for bringing us such a depth of knowledge and inspiration every week. It’s fabulous stuff and really appreciated!


  102. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    This was great, love it!

  103. So refreshing… this girl is gonna go far.

    I’m quite a bit older, 49… uh I mean 34, yeah 34, and I’m still going for it… some how some way some day.

    It’s never too late.

  104. I am so grateful for this video. It has inspired me to get my 12 year old daughter more involved in business. She knows all about b-school and has even went to a babe meetup with me. I wasn’t able to go through the program at the time I bought it but told her I would have her with her own wordpress site as I go through the b-school modules. She loves to draw also and I can’t wait to have her watch this video with me. She’s been involved with some of my business activites and events but I never thouht to have her watch Q&A Tuesday with me. I am so proud of Olivia and inspired by all that she is doing. If she can do it, I can do it!

  105. Precious. And, priceless.

    Fantastic tips. I especially resonated with the “Happy Meal” tip. Since launching my site I’ve been wondering *why* I seem to be a magnet in person when it comes to attracting clients and transforming their bodies and lives but my experience and passion hasn’t carried over online. Serving in the online mentoring world has become something that I’m totally lit up about. Yet I feel like I’m missing the boat when it comes to getting people excited about working with me virtually.

    Uh, hello Syl! It all just hit me like a freight train.

    I spend so much time connecting in person yet so little time exploring and expanding my online presence that it’s no wonder my journey to this dream feels like a snail wading through molasses.

    Thank you for the invaluable insight, ladies. I’m awake now!

  106. Raven Lee Heart

    Way to go Olivia!!! I love watching young ladies claiming their power so confidently. Thank you Marie – you have been inspiring to me personally. My friend turned me on to you a few months ago and now I am working on building my own business ‘The Sensual Woman – Helping Mature Women Get Their Sexy On, From The Boardroom To The Bedroom’. I just turned 55 last week and modeled in my first fashion show! And . . . I am currently training for next years pole fitness competition for the masters division. Yeah freedom 55!!
    Because age is an opportunity not an excuse!

  107. You two almost look like you’re cut from the same piece of cloth – so cute.

    Great interview and great video work from Olivia.

    Male admirer (as you said Marie you do have some:)) from New Zealand

  108. OMG! Olivia is amazing! She’s so inspiring, I just went over to her website and I’m truly amazed! She just made me want to take action right now, I usually think too much about the things I want to do next, I’m always so afraid of making mistakes but I’m glad to see this 12 year old girl just taking the leap without fear. Good episode gals!

  109. So wonderful to see such a young person with such poise, confidence and smarts! Okay, now time to move to the other end of the spectrum. . . .how about featuring an entrepreneur who started over 50 and made a huge success of it? We women “of a certain age” need inspiration, too!! 😀

    • Kristin

      Thanks for that suggestion, Ricki! It’s a great idea for us to consider.

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  110. OMG she is wonderful! I cannot believe I even learned from her, good for Olivia!

  111. Wow! That was so cool, as It was like you Marie having a conversation with your adolescent self. I could see from the sheer joy on your face that you felt this too and were so inspired by this bright young woman! How thrilling is it to be influencing the next generation!

    Thank you for sharing Olivia with us, I can’t wait to follow her journey.



  112. What an amazing girl!! I can’t wait for my daughters to get home from school to show them the video. Her amazing spirit brought tears to my eyes with the amount of love and grace she is sending out into the world! I can’t wait to see her on her book tour. : ) Thank you Marie for bringing light to such a gifted girl. Counting down to Nov 18th!!

    • Kristin

      We are counting down to Nov 18th too, Tonya!! So excited.

      Cheers to you for sharing Olivia’s video with your daughters. It’s never too early to encourage greatness 🙂

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  113. Thank you for highlighting this rockin’ talented young woman! I always look forward to your awesome videos. I like to read the comments everyone posts because it’s so cool to see how you inspire myself and everyone else. Thank you for taking the time to make a young woman’s hopes and dreams even better. In the world today, we need the solid, energetic people who will keep everyone on their toes and reaching for their dreams. I am a Music Therapist, and am trying to get to the pint where I can make my business full-time and open a studio. I feel I am fortunate that I also have a job that gives me my family’s health benefits (braces on two daughters is a hefty task for a mom)! But, I am aching to open my dream music therapy studio to provide music therapy services to the children with special needs as well as family-oriented community music activities. Maria, you are a very motivating person! I always learn something from what you create. Keep up the good work!

  114. Wow, Olivia, you just rocked my world!
    It took me 10 years to write my novel (started out drawing it too!) and publish it. I’m still not that great at selling it, but you are well on your way!
    Also, some adults and even kids might be a tiny bit scared to put themselves out there, very real, smart & gorgeous. I love how you just shine as yourself and I love what you’re doing, sharing stories and visuals make it come alive. Yay, grrrrrl!

  115. Really hoping Olivia goes far! She’s such a cutie!

  116. She’s like a mini you. She’s so bright and cheerful. I don’t think anything can stop her.

  117. Way to go! Inspiring the future generation – showing them what’s possible!

    LOVE that Olivia is a fellow Kiwi – making our country proud! It’s great to see Olivia truly embracing and wanting to learn as much as she can about the global online world – we can be globally ‘naive’ Down Under. She’s one to watch, for sure – she’s da woman!

    • Kristin

      She’s definitely one to watch! I think she’ll do amazing things with her life.

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  118. Olivia is so cute!!! Congrats on being awesome girl!

    Marie, thank you for another amazing video with great content 🙂

  119. Wow! How awesome is Olivia? If only…………

  120. What a smart little girl! Looooooove her!

  121. Olivia, Your daughter by another Mother. Her energy is contagious!

  122. Thank you for sharing such an inspiration.
    The most important thing she shared for me was her celebration of finishing a project. I have ran my own business for many years and after years of working really hard and never celebrating my wins it suddenly dawned on me what I was doing, head down bum up and ploughing through my goals but never smelling the roses.
    After about 10 years of this, I woke up one day tired and feeling under appreciated I turned to blame my partner, but on reflection I realised it was me allowing all that to happen. So from that day fourth I celebrate every milestone reached, I spend time reflecting then I move on to the next project. Life is now more enjoyable and celebrateable!!!!! I have learnt to appreciate myself and pat myself on the back and not wait for others to do this job – far more powerful.

    • Kristin

      Love that, Sandra! We adore the idea of celebrating every milestone, too. It’s such a simple yet fantastic idea.

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  123. Oh wow! Love this!! I started a catering biz when I was 12, so i can relate to the early entrepreneurial bug biting…

    Loved the interview- was amazed by how cool, calm and collected miss Olivia is – Great job Marie helping her feel so comfortable- and empowered-
    Love spreading the goodness – thanks for that!

  124. Olivia is “Marie’s mini-mee. She is great. The timing of this video was perfect because today is my birthday and I have made a resolution to go all out and be successful no matter what.

    Have a great day.

  125. Dawn

    After watching today’s video I opened my processing software and started to write. Thank you Marie & Olivia for the inspiration and great tips and
    to your parents Olivia for being so supportive and nurturing of your dreams!

  126. Carol

    Olivia, you are such an amazing young woman…. smart, funny and quirky. What a great combination.

    It’s cool that today I picked up my 3rd round edits for my own book today from Staples and we too celebrated with lunch. As I do my final round of edits prior to getting peer feedback, I will remember the Happy Meal. The challenge for me is “perfection”…. I need to find the balance between having great value and tweaking to have it perfect. The problem with perfect is that it will never be so and there will always be more to add…. and then the 60,000 words becomes 90,000 and the book never gets published.

    Cheers and keep in touch with us B-schoolers (I’m sure you either have or will have an opt-in, right?)

  127. Hy Marie

    Olivie is so inspiring. Like man others have already said, she reminds me of my own 12 year old ambitious self. I just signed up for bschool this past session but was in the midst of moving to our first “own” home and was 8 months pregnant. But I didn’t want to wait to start bschool because I know it will get me organized and inspired to move my career forward.

    I can see my self in Amelia, my three month baby girl. I am already watching MarieTV while nursing her and I know she is soaking it up. I am just so excited about the potential for her future. And I’m so thankful to have found you as a mentor at this perfect timing in my life.



    • Kristin

      That’s beautiful, Elle. I’m sure your daughter will thank you one day for exposing her to so much inspiration! And please know that you have lifetime access to B-School and can jump back in at any point. If you have any questions, just email us at [email protected] and we can help 🙂

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  128. Talina

    Wow Olivia is amazing!!! I love her personality and ambition. She has a fantastic future ahead. Great job Marie, keep up the good work. You have truly inspired me….You rock girl!

  129. Julien

    Wow, your video really hit the spot 🙂

    About a year and half ago I had a severe kite surfing accident and have been recovering since from brain and physical traumas. It has been a spiritual journey that took me down to the deepest corners of my soul and also had me climb mountains to find myself out again. While not able to interact normally with people around me, I re-educated myselft with uncle google and coz youtube (of which you came recommended ;-).

    Through this process I have witnessed a side of humanity that we don’t in the rat race: the way your community will cocoon you back to life..

    Sharing this story and making sense of my journey is why I have been toying with a book writing idea. “Declaring your intention in writing is a powerful step in bringing your dream into reality..”

    Thank you for the inspiration 🙂


  130. I loved Olivia. She has a strong personality and knows her inner power. Children are amazing in general and it is so wonderful to see kids that already have a vision and mission. Thank you for sharing this great video and for sharing your insights.

  131. Marie, thank you for sharing Olivia with us:)
    Olivia, what a gem you are!

  132. Sally-Ann

    Young fellow Kiwi Olivia, you are so wise to follow your heart and dreams. I remember having my own business at 14 making beauty products out of herbs that I grew and teaching people what I knew about holistic health. How i wish I had had the confidence and support to keep going. As it often happens, things in life can swerve us from our paths and lead us off on other tangents. I recrossed my path about 5 times throughout my life and somehow missed the signals that it was the right one to follow every time :/ FINALLY… at the age of 48 I am back on track and see an amazing future unfolding before me. Im heading back to school and cant wait for your B School Marie….. Im just brimming with ideas and bursting to get going. Olivia has taught me one important lesson today… that you CAN start from nothing… you just need to do it because all the information is already there.
    Thank you Olivia and Marie for this important lesson.

    • Kristin

      Sally-Ann, we are SO excited to have you joining us in B-School! It’s going to be really amazing, and I can’t wait to see what it does for your business. It’s really never too late to follow a lifelong dream!

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  133. Owesome episode.I loved it 🙂

  134. Thank you for this inspiring video. Olivia is such an amazing young woman and definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

    • Kristin

      We agree, Chivon! It’ll be exciting to see all the amazing things Olivia accomplishes in the future.

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  135. I *loved* this episode!!! My new motto is gonna be:

    “If Olivia can do it… so can I!”


    Thanks Marie and Olivia!! X

  136. Barbara

    Good for you Olivia. YES! Build on your strengths, which is exactly what you’re doing.
    I moved from England to Indonesia when I was 55 years old, to teach English. Four years later I moved to Bali to teach 6-7 year olds at a small International School, (I was a qualified Primary School Teacher). That same year I took my first training in BodyTalk (a consciousness based healing therapy), and haven’t looked back. I combined teaching with BodyTalk and retired from teaching kids last year to focus on the BodyTalk plus other skills, like Franklin Method. I still am connected with the kids and totally love their energy and curiosity and eagerness.
    Five years ago, at the age of 61 I started to learn ballet. It was something I’d always yearned to do…and in Bali, anything’s possible.
    And now I go to ballet classes, modern classes, street jazz too, yoga and really love to dance. I’ve performed in the end of year dance shows and discovered that I love to be on stage. Put the music on and I’ll be dancing…even in the supermarket.
    So Olivia, it’s wonderful that you are already making your dreams reality, but tell anyone, it’s never too late to start. Believe in yourself. You can do anything if you have the heart!
    Love to you, Wonder Girl.

    • Kristin

      Totally agree, Barbara! It really never is too late. So happy you’re going after all your dreams!

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  137. What a fun video! I love the “happy meal” tip. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  138. I really enjoyed the video blog with Olivia. I went to her site to check her out and was impressed by all she has done. She is definitely an inspiration. However, I was unable to contact her. The link to her preview of her book doesn’t work, but there was no way to let her know. I can sign up for her newsletter, but can’t find a place to comment or contact. Maybe you can share the info.

    Thanks. As usual, love the email.


  139. Olivia seems awesome! I love that she’s overbrimming with creativity. Keep it up, girl! ~Camille

  140. I loooooooved this video! I dance around with my kids too! 🙂 What an INSPIRATION you are Olivia. My kids remind me daily to hold on to the “yeah I can do that!” attitude and to stay creative and now so do you. Magic! Thank you Marie for sharing the gooood (best) stuff as usual and BARBARA I’m moving to Bali next year with my kids – do you teach at Green School? Loved your post. Being an ex performer I used to believe that I might be too old to live my dreams… as if somehow dreams can pass you by!?!?!?!?! Now I’m on stage daily through my website and I’m loving every minute… and one of the reasons we’re moving is because it’s a dream that we’re planning on making come true! Whoop for making your dreams come true! 🙂

  141. Fabulous!

  142. Olivia gives me goosebumps. What an amazing young woman.

  143. jen

    every time we think a younger person couldn’t possibly “get it” we need to remember, in fact, they probably do more than us (aka: slightly jaded big people). Thanks so much Marie for connecting with Olivia and sharing her light with us!

  144. How inspiring, Olivia’s passion and creativity are an encouragement for anyone at any age! I l started my first business in elementary school & now love encouraging young people to be dreamers, entrepreneurs & doers through my organization.Thanks to Olivia and her parents for cultivating the spark of potential at a young age and daring to be bold & creative, and to Marie for sharing her story!

  145. Connie

    Fabulous info and Olivia’s picture on Skype is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen on a webcam!
    Keep inspiring!

  146. Well, isn’t this just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for serving up a big ole awesome sandwich with a side of spicy inspiration, Marie & Olivia! Like a few others here, I tend to fall on the other side… “too old” to do such and such. You can bet I’ll be watching this again should I feel the funk.

    SO amazing to see such a young lady filled with so much self-possession. Kudos to you Olivia and keep up the great work. Look at all those you’re inspiring around the globe already! And pat your mum and dad on the back as well – they’ve done a great job.

    Lastly, Ms. Marie, here’s another fella that ain’t afraid to admit my love! And I see you got a few other gents to step up. I hereby title us “Men for Marie.” [insert fist bump here]


  147. Dear Marie & Co.


    You know what this episode did for me?

    It gave me hope for the future of our world and our youth.

    This week in Canada there has been some horrifying stuff going on as a result of a 15-year old girl committing suicide as a result of internet and stalking bullying. She grew up in my hometown.

    She even used youtube to post a video about her torments and struggles. Her depression, addictions, rehab and the whole nine yards…it has gone viral and people are up in arms about bullying on the internet and how we need to monitor how teenagers and kids use the WWW.

    AND THEN…..and then….AND THEN……this amazing piece of youtube/WWW/internet media lands in my inbox and I have tears in my eyes for the beauty and innocence and maturity that this 12 year old has.

    So refreshing. This is a prime example that it IS NOT the internet that is harming our future adults….it is much deeper than that.

    I wish I could show this to our government and show them that it isn’t Facebook, and youtube and Google that is killing our youth, it is their ability to interact and engage with the world in a way that is wholesome and real.

    Awesome episode! I hope Oprah sees this one!

    Irene xo

  148. Sharon

    Hi Marie and Olivia,

    Olivia you are a quality watch in the interview, you are comparable to all the adults with big business I have seen, and your tips truly truly valuable. I am starting out and still struggling with a few of your tips particularly working a schedule with work that has no schedule yet, perhaps that is my problem, allowing clients to make my schedule too much, without blocking out certain times for my own stuff, and back office stuff. Celebrate milestones is also very important, they were all important,

    Marie as always I learn so much, am inspired so much, thankyou thankyou thankyou Sharon Wilde Melbourne Australia

  149. Rhonda

    Wow, That was so amazing. It brings joy to my heart and it amps up my faith when watching someone that young have such enthusiasm and zest for life and what they want to do in the world. There is a lot of confusion out there for our young people it seems or that is what we see on tv/news so Olivia brings hope for a bright future for the next generation. Thanks for that!

  150. Jessica Scheer

    i loveee her! I teach 12 year old and I am always blown away at how much we can learn from them as entrepreneurs!! 🙂 xo

  151. There is scripture or rather “bible prophesy” that points to AN INCREASE in knowledge in the “latter days” and I believe this cute young lady is a fine example of that! She is beyond her years and the best part is that there are MANY MORE young kids who naturally quest for greatness without even knowing it…Good interview Marie! (she seems like your baby sister from another mamma’ lol)

  152. What an inspiration. I’ve just watched the vid for the second time. Olivia, you are a legend!

  153. That was amazing, Marie, and Olivia is a rockstar already. Props to you for sharing her dazzling vision and wisdom with all of us.

  154. What a bright young lady. Her future is bright! My hope for all of humanity has been ratcheted up a notch. Thank you Marie!

  155. That kid is just fabulous! Wish I was that smart and confident when I was 12. Am absolutely amazed by how much I can learn from kids like Olivia. They act, think and move so much faster.

    Thank you both, Marie and Olivia for this video! It highlights the fact that where there’s a way, there’s a will. No matter the age.

    Marie, I just joined your site today and have also watched your 6 Pillar map video. I think what you do is absolutely fantastic and can’t wait to catch up with your work up till now and follow it from now on, while I incorporate your tips into my daily life.

    Keep on keeping on!

    P.S. Oh, and big ups for being on Oprah! Unfortunately I live in Europe, so I won’t be able to watch, unless some video snippets will be posted online.

  156. What an AMAZING inspiration! I love this generation because there is no FEAR to undertake life!! They keep it simple and create from such an awe-inspiring place!

    Thank you Olivia! Shoot to the Moon! Marie, I just adore you!!!! You are real and so inspiriting!!!

  157. The biggest thing that struck me is Olivia’s connection to other people. First, she says that her adult friends own their own businesses and I think this is a great thing to remember. To rely on other’s who have more expertise and connections that yourself. Second, she said her friends are supportive, at only 12 years old. I think, as adults, we forget about how important that is. We typically don’t share our dreams with other people because we’ve developed fear or what other people will think or say. But it is vital to remember that true friends will be supportive and those who aren’t, most likely aren’t in line with our highest good.

    Lastly, her personality is magnetic. That isn’t something you can work on, you are just born with that. An old sage, indeed, ready to spread her words and creativity. It’s part of my dream to work with children and youth like Olivia, helping them to support their inner knowingness, to harness their creativity and confidence, and to find (or better yet, remember) their place in the world.

    Marie, thank you for sharing.

  158. amazing how Olivia just gets it… she makes me feel so positive about the world’s future + inspired. Mama’s keep sharing these videos with your kids. Great episode Marie!

  159. LOVED this! Super inspiring and such great tips shared. I passed along to my little sister. Now I’m going to research a new theme for my website. Thanks Olivia and Marie for inspiring me to take action right now.

  160. Marie – this video is superb! I can’t believe Olivia is only 12!
    On the thumbnail, I always make sure my profile pic looks good when it’s tiny. Sometimes it looks great when it’s original size but not so great when it’s small and vice versa. It’s important to check it out both ways.
    I also noticed a lovely ring on your left hand 😉

  161. Marie, What an inspirational video.

    Olivia is only 12yo, but I think she has so much maturity with her ideas. Thanks for sharing

  162. She is super cute- It’s great to follow your dreams. It’s also good for Olivia to enjoy being 12 LOL There are years in front of her for business and making money. So I hope she remembers to swing on trees from time to time too. I’m a mom and my daughter Matilda is only 18 months. I’d tell my daughter the same thing 🙂

    BTW cool about Oprah I’m sure you had a great time.

  163. love this!! She’s so fun and authentic-great energy! The world needs more people that are following their bliss. I can only imagine how the world would look like if everyone was creating lives that involved boldly living out their dreams. Her courage to pursue what she loves, puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step :), just what I needed…now back to setting some juicy goals for my business and life- 😉

  164. Justine

    WOW! I needed to see this! I have a TON of ideas for books and i’ve been so overwhelmed about which to go with first that I haven’t put pen to paper – and i’ve been saying this for YEARS! Olivia you have inspired me into action with your action-taking showing how much you can achieve. i think the later to you leave things in life, the more likely you are to have that little critical voice in your head be born and even take over – good on you girl for starting this young! x

  165. I am so inspired by Olivia, im also big user of google and youtube.

    Marie, I cant believe your having a show with Oprah! Im such a fan

  166. Lauren

    Wow, this is one of my favorite episodes yet. Keep bringing us these wonderful videos, Marie, your work is so very inspiring!

  167. On the other hand, it is never too late to pursue your dreams either
    Toyo Shibata picked up poetry writing at the age of 92 and then sold 1.6 million copies of her first anthology. She has just passed away at the full age of 101. RIP

  168. Amelia

    Hi Marie!
    I’m 16 and I really need your help! I have always wanted a career in fashion design ever since I was 3 y.o. but I am now also interested in graphic design and possibly advertising/marketing. How do I figure out what it is I want in order to decide which university course I should take?
    Thank you!

  169. Dilan

    Marie, you are so fucking genuine. You’re the cream of the crop. Glad I somehow stumbled on this post.

  170. hi, Marie , i just start my online store , somewhere i thought you motivated me to do that , i’ve been keeping track of your youtube video for months , evening time you just give me what i need .i don’t know how to put this , we live in a culture that people told us what we should be , but in your culture , you cultivate people whatever they wanna be .even though my store is not a successful one yet ,but i believe i will make something eventually .

  171. Diana

    Wow! Olivia struck me as a younger version of you Marie, especially with the video she made where she described her room.

  172. Shaswat

    I am stuck here with my life. I have a lot of passion to become pilot. But the course is much more expensive than i can afford. Now i am looking for some loan or any support here in Nepal but due to my bad economical condition no one is beleiving me. I also tried to work to collect. But there is no way i could collect that much amount here in nepal. So i also tried for foreign work but lack of my investment and deposits i could not get one. Inspite of being a bright at studies, enthusiastic and active at work and passionate towards my dream, there is not much i can do about my dream…

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Shaswat, thank you for being here and sharing your dream with us! It’s really awesome that you want to become a pilot and we truly believe that EVERYTHING is figureoutable. There are a couple episodes of MarieTV that I think you’ll find additionally inspiring as you keep building towards your dream of pilot training over time:

      You may also be interested in keeping an eye on available jobs with SamaSource, an incredible global organization that hires remote workers all over the globe:

      We’re cheering you on and sending our very best wishes your way – you can do this!

  173. Julian

    I just heard this episode via the podcast version. Olivia is pretty rare – I say that based on my son who is nearly 12 and his group of friends who are interested in little more than screen time.

    Olivia must now be 18 and it would be great to have a follow-up on her progress, if there hasn’t already been one.

  174. Oh my god, I can not believe it! She is so young but so full of energy and motivation to ROCK her business. So many of us adult entrepreneurs can learn a TON from her. I am amazed! Thank you for sharing this interview, Marie!

  175. Andrea

    Omg! I love her so much! I’m 42 years old, I can’t even describe how much this clever beautiful full of life little girl inspired me, thank you for that, it was very much needed ?

  176. Marie

    I love encouraging the youngins to get started on their goals. At this age, I wish I would’ve started way sooner! I like the process of vision journalling. What do you think about using that method? Friendly for all ages!

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