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Do you ever wonder why some people approach life with total vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm and others seem tired, stressed out and struggling?

If you’ve ever found yourself in the latter category, as we all have, the key is not to beat yourself up, but rather to recognize that it’s in your power to get back on track.

This is one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings: the ability to consciously shift and shape how we feel, how we act and ultimately, the results and fulfillment we get to experience in this awesome adventure called life.

Since I was 17 years old, I’ve been an avid student of human potential. I’ve spent the better part of my life learning about tools, strategies and ideas that can help us maximize who we are, what we can accomplish and what we get to enjoy.

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That’s why I’m excited to share with you some ideas and philosophies from my friend and fellow author Brendon Burchard, author of the NY Times bestselling book The Charge.

In this interview, Brendon and I talk about simple keys that will help you feel alive and enthusiastic on a consistent basis.

You’ll also learn about the power of the brain to heal itself, the importance of having big ambition along with patience, plus an inspiring and useful metaphor about mountain climbing.  I think you’ll appreciate this metaphor if you’ve just made a big change and have that “starting from scratch” feeling.

Heads up: we had some technical difficulties during the interview with Brendon. Skype froze on my image (as you’ll see) but the audio was perfectly fine. So please enjoy the conversation – it’s a good one!

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In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! Specifically, how are you going to stretch and challenge yourself to make a big impact?

Remember, we want this challenge to be exciting and if it’s slightly scary too, that’s OK. Create an ambitious challenge for yourself, something you can really dig into with your heart and soul.

It may mean taking the project you’re working on to the next level, or it can be something brand new.

Whatever it is for you, please tell me about it the comments below.

I’d love to hear from you so that I can cheer you on and support you in feeling as alive and charged as possible.

As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing!


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  1. Marie you’re so silly. Love the white background and the red heel dancing.

    I also wonder why people have ear bugs in their ear when doing interviews like this. Hmmm

    Finishing projects is sooo hard. I’ve been working on my Vlogging Made Simple product FOREVER!!! Can’t wait to be done.

    I wanna feel fulfilled and satisfied.

    Needed this video. Thanks Marie.

  2. I loved Brendon’s concept on creating spaces to express yourself, both physical and virtual.

    I have found this creative process immensely healing. However, I have also discovered that to learn to express ourselves we have to get started, even if we feel that our first expression is going to suck (and it often does).

    For example, when I got started with creating online workout videos, I was super self-conscious. There I was, an engineer showing workout routines. Both being on camera and showing exercises felt so strange!

    It’s been more than a year since I got started and I am now better at it. I am even creating my own studio. Yet, none of this would have happened if I didn’t have the power to stand not producing the super-videos I would have liked to produce.

    As with any art, we already have the taste inside us. What we lack is experience. With experience our work will gradually match our taste. We just need patience and persistence. And guts.

    • I’m hearing you Marie, I’d never written a blog or even thought I could do a video…I’d been working in a salon with a one on one situation for 30 years… I was soooo self conscious. Love your last sentence patience, persistence and guts! That’s what got me through.
      PS Lovin your website!

    • That’s so true Maria. Often the hardest part is to get started and accepting that you will learn along the way.

      Congratulations for jumping in and getting started. You’ve inspired me today.

    • When people switch jobs or start new ventures, they expect to start at the same place where they’ve left off – what a great insight. I think we share an unrealistic ambition – and love what you said, that with experience, our work will gradually match our taste.

      I’m doing weekly tv segments on event tips, tools and trends and would I like these to be billed as summer blockbusters – yes! Am I there yet? No, not quite 😉

      Keep rockin and rollin and keep being unrealistic 🙂

  3. Super dooper once again Marie! Thanks for the interview, Brendon is so good. I have written so many notes and set my 3 hour alarm for the next 7days, it will be interesting to see what I’m really doing….. I’ll get back to you on that.

    Love the whole creative expression and I will be encouraging a few people in my house to speak out loud (Son & Partner). Love “Creative expression is currency”

    The point Brendon makes about starting at the bottom but the skills and lessons you’ve already learnt help you to move quicker. So true! I will be using the “Power plant doesn’t have energy it creates energy”
    Thanks so much Marie and I’m loving reading everybody else comments too

    • I am keeping the alarm that goes off every three hours for now on. I love the concept that much. Focused energy is criticial to any kind of success I believe. This video really has spoken to me as I have begun to act on some really big visions for myself. To everyone else who is doing the same, good luck. Reach for the stars. Great video Marie!

    • Well it’s been a week of my alarm going off every 3 hrs and my work colleague thought I was mad….lol

      The verdict is I was caught out badly twice going off to “I don’t know where…FB, Twitter, clothes/shoe shopping, furniture hunting blah blah” Five times I was stuck and the alarm motivated me to move it!! Overall though I was consistant with working, it’s motivated me to stay present in the moment and keep the alarm on. So thanks Brendon and Marie

  4. Wow Marie. Thanks for introducing me to Brendon.

    What an amazing story he has and a fantastic thought process for making sense of life.

    I particularly loved the way he decided to tackle two seriously tricky events in his life – his two accidents, to help transform the way he viewed his own journey.

    He used both accidents and the resulting injuries as opportunities to grow, rather than surrender.

    I loved his point on the reason for being productive and focussed is not just to enable you to get things done, its also so you can feel fulfilled inside because you eliminate the tension that comes from not completing things.

    Of course, this video came at exactly the time when I have been procrastinating too much in my business and not getting things done 🙂

    So my task is to finish the schedule I started yesterday that will direct my work over the next 3 months so that I can launch my business and feel more congruent and free.

  5. The creativity piece is really key and it’s great to have this reminder. As a clutter & life coach, when I look at my clients (and myself of course!), this is the main issue almost across the board. We are starving for creative self expression and because we are not fulfilling that hunger, we fill it instead with all of the distractions Brendon speaks about in the video (TV, food, facebook, clutter, gossip, etc…). It’s painful not to be fully self expressed and it’s understandable that we want to numb the pain, but what kind of life is that?

    I really see this in my own life as well. If I’m feeling blah, bored, tired or unmotivated, I have to look at where I can push creativity and self expression. If I can start there, then moving through the stuff on my “unfinished business” list becomes infinitely easier or it becomes clear that it’s something that I’m not interested in doing and it’s time to let it go.

    My meaningful challenge (ooh, this feels scary) is to write my little heart out. To really write. To taste the words before they hit the page and then to share those words with people I don’t know yet. Lots of them (let’s say 5,000 in the next year)! It’s not about the numbers though. I want to move people with my words. I want them to be inspired to change their life and the lives of others. I have a lot of work to do, but so much has changed already this year that I feel confident that I can make it.

    • Rachel

      Hey Cecilia…….I was just tooling down the comments list to reply to someone ( i think you?) who asked me to post vids of when I am back on my 8 wheelz… Can you wait a bit!?!?!? it took me 4years to get that good and that was with a body that was ‘normal’ . since then I stopped skating in 2008 so I have a lot to regain…but … i reckon I can…

      what I CAN do is post vids of me RE_LEARNIN To skate so we can chart my progress from Ms-limpy-wobbly-fatigued pissing-everywhere (LOL) (not quite but its often a close call) woman to dancing queen on skates again when i have NAILED this bugger of a ‘syndrome to the wall and hung it out to dry…. er… I mean faced it lovingly and thanked it for showing me my true self and embrace it as a wonderful tour guide into the world of Dr Rachel Roller Girl…

      meantime – I wanted to say – yes – was tooling down these comments and yours here really spoke to me and it wasn’t until I read your name I realised you might be the same one who said “POST VIDS’

      YOU GO THERE with your writing… sounds like you have a lot to offer in service xx

      • Thanks Rachel!
        Yes, I am one and the same as the gal below who asked you to post videos. I love the idea of you posting videos of your progress as you get reacquainted with your roller skates.

        “when i have NAILED this bugger of a ‘syndrome to the wall and hung it out to dry…. er… I mean faced it lovingly and thanked it for showing me my true self and embrace it as a wonderful tour guide into the world of Dr Rachel Roller Girl…”

        Ha! I love this, made me laugh. Oh the lessons that life has to teach us. 😉 Wishing you all the best in your journey.

  6. Allowing yourself time and space to create is so important – you can’t create when you are consuming.

    I know my world and business changed dramatically when I allowed myself to bring my drawing into my marketing business – suddenly I felt alive and it gave me a huge surge in creative output because I spend time off the computer!

    Thank you Marie & Brendon!

    • Courtney

      Ameena –

      Your comment that your business dramatically changed when you allowed yourself to bring drawing into your marketing business was HUGE for me. I so needed to hear that. I have been a successful personal trainer/wellness coach for 15 years, but have NEVER incorporated my true passion, which has always been dance. I got into fitness when I left the professional dance world and have never fused the two. I know I need to and I have so many ideas pulling at my heart strings to do so. Thanks for your share – I know it is a game changer for me! It is time for me to get this party started!

      Warmly –

  7. Gry

    Thank you for sharing this interview!
    Love it and love the book!
    Brendons “1-page productivity planner” get my ass in gear every morning.
    And with the adding some “new” in my life – I got my mojo back.
    I challange myself every day being productive and create content every day! Even the ones that is “hard” – keeping my eye on the goal that is waaay out of my comfort zone 🙂
    AWESOME book!

    thank you Marie & Brendon

  8. Just got my copy of this book last week when I saw Brendon speak in NY for the second time this year. He is the most amazing speaker and has inspired me to do more public speaking. Scary but oh so worthwhile!
    Thanks for this interview.

  9. I loved Brendon’s book the Millionaire Messenger – so refreshing, so honest and inspiring and I’m looking forward to reading this one too. Thanks for interviewing one of my personal mentors in the word of integrity Marie.

    I think this entire year for me as stretched and challenged me in more ways than ever, from biking 6,500km across Africa to raising $12,500 for Women Win charity to creating the $100 Change Initiative which is a super big project designed to give back to entrepreneurs big time.

    I’m often scared and daunted but the energy and passion I have is so exciting and makes me feel alive every day. No other way to live life in my mind!


    • Natalie, wow! Sounds like you are pursuing some pretty incredible passions. You’re an inspiration!

  10. Zainab FH

    Just what I needed this week. I have been feeling so bored and uninterested in everything around me – I have been staring at my to do list and there is nothing on there that gets me excited.

    Even though I do have the bigger challenge that keeps me going but its also scary and holds me back.

    Thanks for the interview Marie. Love your book dance.

  11. Awesome interview! Just recd. my copy of Brendon’s book – now I am totally charged to read it – today!!!

  12. I was so excited to see that you were interviewing Brendon. I have learnt so much from you separately and it was so valuable to have you both together! Thank you marie (and team)


  13. G’morning Marie

    I love your interviews and being exposed to more movers and shakers in the business. Never heard of this guy, so super pumped to read his book.

    This topic is so right on. I just created a free 3 part video series called *Reignite Your Fire* because I too see that so many people have lost that fire, that drive. My videos are 3 simple steps to get your fire, your drive back. (You can sign up here if you want

    And I so love how you always push me, my boundaries and my limits. It’s great to know that every week I can count on you to ask me something that causes me to go “ooooooh, that’s a good question.”

    So for this week’s ooooh. What’s the thing that I am going to do to have a larger impact? I’m going to connect with other women who can help me take my programs to a larger platform and audience. (If anyone is interested in partnering, co-hosting a webinar – give me a holler.) I’ve been afraid to ask for the fear of rejection or not feeling “good enough” to work with someone who is more successful than I.

    And I have some program ideas in my head that are a bit different from what I have been doing. Well, I’m going to indulge them, develop them and see where it takes me. Kinda like the free, 3 part video training series that I mentioned above. I poured my heart and soul into it – it was a HUGE step and thing for me to do and put myself out there. I had so much fun doing it, created all these great bonus worksheets, made fun 10 or so minute videos and was just me. on camera. And now more on youtube! So it’s kinda scary to ask people to sign up for them, but I believe in them, the content and know that it was a great experience to develop that idea and just execute on it. As Brendon says, focus on something from start to FINISH.

    Now, off to buy Brendon’s book!
    xo Johanna

  14. Wow! Thanks, Marie, for such a wonderful interview! There were so many good and true messages in this video! As always, the messages seem to be so timely in regards to my own life.

    I recently have been reading James Redfield’s series of books, starting with The Celestine Prophecy, and I can honestly say that my life has changed because of it. I find myself generating more energy, as Brendon talks about, and I know I have grown a lot in the last few months.

    Nevertheless, I still sometimes get carried away with wanting results NOW, and get down on myself for not being where I want to be, even though I know persistence and enjoying the journey is the key.

    What Brendon said about creating your own creative space really hit home with me, as my apartment at the moment has no “life”, or sense of my own personal touch. So, my challenge to myself is to first of all get things organized, and then to think of 3 things I can do within the next week in order to create a more energizing and supportive personal space.


  15. Thank you, Marie, for a great interview. I will definitely get Brendon’s book; what an inspiration!
    My challenge in the next year is to take my business to the next level. I am planning to do a high level coaching program that will challenge me and help me get there.
    I have accomplished a lot in the past year–wrote my first ebooks and headway on my self-help book, so I have made time for creating (I’m also a visual artist and did my very best work in the past several months. But now is the time to bring it all to the next level and actually see some big monetary rewards! I’m ready!
    Thanks again for an inspirational interview, Marie. And YOU are ALWAYS an inspiration–and you make me laugh! I love that!

  16. Ohhhhhh, Marie! Thanks for getting us all charged up with brendan’s interview. I love his message every time I get an email from him, but your interview brought a new and different level of connection for me.

    Three things for me here–since you asked us to state how we’ll put this info to use in our lives.

    1. I am definitely going to set up the 3 hour notification system as soon as I finish writing this.

    2. My goals for the year (which I now see are the “non-creative, foot kind of goals, but I’m committed to seeing them through) are not yet half realized. They were to grow my list anqui cease my income by specific percentages for the year.

    And I’m totally committed to accomplishing this with my upcoming online summit for entrepreneurs on how to be heard + be hired.

    3. I’m taking Brendan’s message to heart here and really (!) stretching here by stating my personal newly inspired challenge– I’m going to be interviewed by you on Marie tv within two years!

    Wow . . . That really charged my morning. Thanks a bunch for that.

    • WOW you go Jan….you have inspired me too!

  17. Marie, thanks so much for this.

    Brendon, a lot of this resonated with me right from the start, for instance that explanation of how you want to start at the same level when you do something new, but have to climb down the previous hill before we can start climbing the next one was perfect timing for me! Thank you for making me realize that it’s one of the things I am currently struggling with. I am so used to having momentum, LOL.

    One of the problems I often have with anything that comes out of the States these days is that a lot of it may not apply to, or may even work the opposite way, in (some) other countries. Having lived and worked in the States as well as in other countries, I know from my own experience how things tick in the States, and how they don’t tick in (some) other countries.

    Showing confidence and showing sincerity, for instance, are no-nos in some countries, and are likely to get you sneered at and cause distrust, get you ousted. How do you deal with that? How do you deal with having to fake lack of or hide confidence so as not to offend or upset anyone and being around women who love displaying their lack of confidence and openly state that they need alcohol before they can be confident enough to speak? (Fascinating one, the latter, yep!) When leaving such an environment is not an option either, how do you keep your spirit and drive alive in an environment like that? How can you remain sincere when showing sincerity is seen as a sure sign of either a person’s “stupidity” or a person’s intention to “rip you off”? (Answer, of course, is that if you are sincere, not being sincere is simply not an option.)

    How can you keep your ambitious drive alive in spite of it being not done to have one? It’s admired and applauded in the States, yes. Loving life is applauded and cheered in the States. Disliking life, and moaning about how everything sucks is normal in (some) other countries, and it can be really hard not to get dragged down along with it, and wilt and shrivel. I think it may have its roots in history and class systems, where enjoying life and having confidence tend(ed) to go with the higher class and disliking life with the bulk of the population so by enjoying life and showing confidence, you distance yourself from most people.

    I can think of some answers, but I am quite curious as to what you Brendon, and you Marie might have to say to this.

    That brings me to something else, for Brendon. You mentioned the current economy. Once you’ve reached a certain age, you know what fires the parts of your brain that matter, but what about the many youngsters all over the world who are currently facing a future of hopelessness? They are bored, do not have the experiences that we can use to keep us going, and no matter whether they’re educated or not, there are no jobs for them. How do you keep the minds and spirit of the current generations of youngsters alive?

    Btw, have done Skype interviews myself and having had to redo a few because of technology failures (Papua New Guinea is much easier to do Skype interviews with than Boston, I found), it was reassuring to see that it can also happen to those who have what must be a bazillion more resources than I have, LOL.

    • Elizabeth

      Angelina, I speak from a position of one who does, but do you work for the UN? LOL! I think the idea is to hang onto yourself. You know what’s rght. Make the difference you can with your own confidence and sincerity–it doesn’t have to be advertised–in the context in which you currently exist and plot in the background (and in the front ground where possible) to see what change you can make so it can happen when it (and you) are ready–this is the idea about things taking time. For the hopeless kids, they need this lesson/example too and they need to know it’s worth it, and you have the chance to show them if you choose. My father used to have saying on his office wall: “Illegitimi non carborundum” for change, you need to trust yourself, scary though it may be.

    • Amy

      Angelina, I second your position.

      Living in a country which cuts people down if they are confident or ambitious (if they’re a woman) and expects you to neither be confident or ambitious and not really plan much of anything for yourself. Well, maybe the house, weddings and two kids and a nice job that isn’t too taxing.

      My goals relate to academia and working in mental health and even they are too lofty for some of my family members. Some countries are worlds apart.

  18. I LOVE what he said about being a power plant!
    My big and bold challenge is to create my online organizing business while raising 2 kids under 2. Cause they are home with me I need to be really creative to carve out time or remove distractions. But it can be done!
    Setting my phone right now! 🙂

  19. Oooops. This silly iPhone. Paragraph 2 above should’ve read:

    2. My goals for the year (which I now see are the “non-creative, do-this kind of goals, but I’m committed to seeing them through) are not yet half realized. They were to grow my list and increase my income by specific percentages for the year.

  20. Hi Marie & Brendon,

    Great interview! Around the 9 minute mark I found myself leaning in–Brendon, you really light up when you hit your groove! I love seeing that passion and hearing your excitement as you talk about how your life changed since your brain injury.

    I have been generating more energy, motivation, and confidence since building my website Girl With the Pink Leopard Bag from scratch last year. I am passionate about encouraging women to further their education, whether that be through traditional means or self-designed trailblazing. I love what I do, and I try to make sure my passion and positive energy come through in my work. Based on the feedback I get, they do. Yay!

    Thanks again for an inspiring interview. Now I need to run out and get Brendon’s book!


  21. Marie and Brendon, thank you! For me this was an incredible reminder to be the change you want to see in the world. I love how you connected unrealistic ambition with taking time to get there and, the reminder that we generate energy (great metaphor!); happiness, success etc.

    Here goes….my challenge is to be one of the practice leaders in giving a voice to children in out of home care and championing their successful transitions into adulthood. In my non-work hours I will grow my very new blog to connect with and inspire others to fall in love with themselves, live life, and be stylish and creative. I will pave the way for future brides-to-be by showing the lead up to a wedding can be a stress-free fun adventure and that making your day your way is truly okay.

    It’s a start!

    xx Cara

  22. Hey Marie,

    Brendon was so inspiring and real, thanks for this interview!

    I loved the “Browser Blackout”, was it a roofie or was I really on the internet for that long? Hysterical.

    Another great reminder from you to finish, complete, be consistent, and deliver. Boom.

    Love you,

  23. This is another amazing video, thanks Marie and I just downloaded Brendon’s book 🙂 I’m SO excited to read it and learn more about what he has to say!

    I also have a dear friend who’s also had a brain injury and has been struggling so I’m so excited to share this book with his as well.

    My BIG challenges are:
    1. Write a book in Japanese and get it published

    2. Build up my Global Goddess Project where I can bring useful worldly information to keep my Japanese audiences updated with cutting edge information that MATTERS and to others

    3. Travel around the world to meet and interview incredibly inspirational people like Marie and Brendon who are changing the world in BIG ways!

    4. Live and work off remotely from my computer obtain financial freedom within the next couple of years


  24. Great interview, thanks Brendon and Marie!

    I’ve been following Brendon for a couple of years and have gotten so much out of his material. I loved “The Millionaire Messenger” and use its tenents in my own business and life.

    The message about not completing tasks and how stressful that is — that it’s actually one of the biggest hurdles to being — and feeling — successful, is a hugely needed insight in my life right now. I heard that
    and that and thought, “BOOM — that’s it!”

    Not to get too woo woo, but last night I went to bed feeling incredibly frustrated by a few specific business metrics (note to self: never check these things just before going to bed!), and drifted off to sleep asking
    the universe to give me a message about what I could do to both up these metrics, AND feel peaceful and calm, even if I don’t see improvement anytime soon. And then today this interview.

    There were so many wise insights and actionable to-dos that I don’t know where to begin. : )

    But probably the most useful insight for me was when he said, “when you’re not satisfied with your success level, a huge part of that comes from not completing the projects you know you need to complete.”

    And that’s specifically how I’m going to stretch and challenge myself to make a big impact — by getting 2 of the 5 unfinished projects I have on my plate right now done by the end of this week, and Get.Them.Shipped. I grant you this might not be the kind of life-changing thing you all are asking us to challenge ourselves with, but doing this will be so huge for me.

    It’s funny, I’ve been writing a short series about biz productivity in my weekly newsletters for the last 2-3 weeks, and spent 8 hours on Saturday practicing a productivity technique I often preach — “batch processing” writing tasks — blog posts and newsletters and social media updates, etc. Today’s message confirms how important it is to block off those big
    chunks of time to get creative and produce. I sure felt amazing after the 8 hours of writing I produced on Saturday. ; )

    Thanks again for a wonderful and useful video!

  25. Nicole

    Feeling super charged after watching that video/interview. Definitely going to read “The Charge”. Thanks Marie & Brendon for inspiring me! Your energy and passion ROCK!!!

  26. Hi Marie! Wow, I literally feel like you did this segment specifically for me for today.

    Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelemed and unsure of how to make all my commitments/responsibilities work for me rather than work me into the ground. So I watched your interview (which I loved) and literally couldn’t keep up with my notes. It was so profound and insightful. I especially liked the advice on finishing past projects.

    You guys hit the nail on the head – this is why I’m feeling held back, stuck and not myself :: I have TOO much that I have been wanting to do and it’s creating some really bad energy and killing my normal ambition. SO my challenge is to get sh%t done.

    I have a novel to finish (self-publish date December 2012!!), Ebooks to finish, a newsletter to create, a writing site to get up on top of everything else! So I’m going to start protecting my time like a honey badger and cross stuff off, not because I feel like I have to – because I want to, because these ideas and messages are pushing their way out of me and need to be shared.

    So thank you, for always being so uplifting and supportive. You’re amazing 🙂

    Bright joy,

  27. Cindy Rangel

    I love the idea of climbing that second mountain. It’s so amazing and inspiring to hear about “your vision” and the patience you need to be in every moment and experience.

    I agree you have to give yourself the time + unrealistic dream= ambition.

    It’s so exciting to listen and actually live that ambitious drive.

    Let’s do it.

  28. Hi Marie and Brendan

    Love love loved that interview…love all your stuff Marie, but this has to be on the top of the awesomest list !

    I have been working very successfully in wellness, detox and inner vitality for the last 16 years and over the next few weeks I am abou to launch my first online programme HumanFood101 – a ten week programme taking peeps from the daily chow to the make you feel wow with your food…. this is MASSIVE for me…I am loving the challenge and am excited to have the opportunity to be creative in this way 😀

    I have been working for well, but I feel this new 3 hour iPhone challenge will take that effectiveness to a whole new level 😀 Thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration here – today and every Tuesday 😀

    Much love

    Savannah 😀

  29. I am going to broadcast my next Live Seminar over the internet and charge the same rate for web attendees as live ones. I have no idea about the technology involved but I am going to do it, without spending any additional money than already invested.
    I will also use that content for my website to show the world what I am all about.

  30. This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you, Marie! Brendon, you are a fascinating speaker. I’m going to pick up a copy of your book immediately. I love your passion and authenticity.

    I’ve set my alarm on my phone to go off every three hours and I can’t wait to see what a positive impact this new awareness brings to my life. My challenge for this week? To brainstorm and begin creating my first big-bang super awesome money channeling product to rock the lives of teen girls. This is going to be amazing. Rock on!

  31. I LOVED this video. It was definitely one of my favorites. Marie thank you so much for always providing such value and introducing me to so many amazing authors and motivators.

    1 – I’m setting my three hour alarm now. I totally agree that the reason I’m not where I want to be right now has nothing to do with being good enough, knowing enough or anything like that. It’s that I’m not taking control of my day!

    2 – My big challenge is to help 1,000 people lose weight and reclaim their lives through whole food, personal development and minimalism.

    3 – I’m actually about to launch my first group program. You know that saying “Work expands to fit the time you allow”? Well I’ve been talking about it for months and with it two days away it seems I’ve left myself EVERYTHING to do. Looks like I should keep better track of my time.

  32. Great Stuff Marie!Always like coming here, you are a inspiration to this industry I love reading what you have, Great Post and video I will look at the book THE CHARGE!

  33. “Take On Me” totally stuck in my head now!
    I LOVED this. I’m ordering the book right now…I think my man will adore everything Brendon has to say.

  34. I’m creating an online nutrition program and I’m challenging myself to be THE LEADER, THE VOICE for how dramatically you can improve your life when you eat well for your unique body, buy local and build local economy, and love yourself. I’m challenging myself to step up, be SEEN, be HEARD, and form powerful JV relationships so that people can finally feel better and heal!

  35. This is the firecracker that I needed. The last couple of days I have been feeling stuck, hopeless and yes lifeless about my business. I am passionate about what I am doing and building but I have been fighting and forcing myself to run with my feet in cermet.

    I love the idea of continuing evaluating what you are allowing to full your mind as your success starts in your minds eye.

    Well done for another fantastic episode.

  36. Andre'a M

    Hey Marie-

    I first want to say your show is AWESOME and has been a visual for a dream I’ve internally held onto for YEAR!

    See…. Im not a “IN YO FACE” kinda gal, but I want to be! I’m not SHY at all… but my personality STAYS on reservation based on the people around me. I never want to disrespect anyone. I never want to offend. I always want to laugh and joke. I always want to smile. But I never know how to participate in the atmosphere if you will. I’ve been so reserved (but NOT REALLY) for so long Ive become conflicted with WHO I am! Its a daily practice to LOVE me for the halfway reserved a little crazy not so shy but quiet around strangers person I Am. ***
    I have a couple business’ I would like to grow but somewhere Ive hit a stumbling block. Not to mention I lack the confidence I need to ‘fake it til I make it’… but I dont know why. ***
    Im an artist by nature, yet I dont really ‘KNOW’ if Im good enough. I havea very hard time accepting compliments, as if Im too bashful.
    I have alot of talent and ideas, but Where is the forum? Who do I reach out to? And How do I find them?
    Very easy to say ‘F* it’…. but then my heart is sad because I KNOW I’m not fulfilling my purpose…. Which is another feat!
    What EXACTLY is that….. I figure as long as I’m headed in that direction, I’ll walk right into it!
    ANYWAY- I just wanted to tell you (and Brendon) THANKS for the perfect words today! It can all be this simple, as simple as GENERATING MY OWN ENERGY!
    Im about to set my alarm clock… and although it will go off several times while I am on my “job JOB”….. it will be the daily reminder of an up and coming swift transition!
    ***I’ve been looking for an alert for a couple years that would keep me on my toes, and never thought of the recurring alarm! PERFECT!
    (You should build an ap for that, Brendon).***

    Thank You BOTH so very kindly!

  37. elinor

    I am taking up the challenge and look forward to see the results during this week.
    A few days ago, I had this idea to start doing exercises to increase the communication between my left and right brain. I feel more present and calm already. Funny that it was the topic of this video, I love synchronicity!

    Thanks for this amazing interview!

  38. Marie!

    First off, I’m buying Brendan’s book! (for me and my husband)

    Second off, this interview was one of your best and jam packed with the ingredients of what I need to do in order to go from where I am today and where I’d like to be… later today :). Brendan’s work is truly a gift to humanity. I guess the universe had this plan all along – so synchronistic that he had 2 accidents which lead him into even more interesting incites on how the mind/brain functions to be able to deliver this info to the planet.

    To answer the big q, what big creative thing are you doing right now?

    Hubster! “The leading edge social marketing platform called the ‘Hub’ which brings together women entrepreneurs and SOHO’s who want to grow their business in a supportive environment that takes the hassle out of marketing!”

    I’ve been working on it for almost 2 years and it will launch in the fall! It has stretched me far beyond my comfort zone and has been the absolute most creative thing I’ve had the privilege to work on and bring forth to it’s future members! I’m so incredibly proud of it and very grateful to be able to deliver this. It’s been a challenging road, but I’m in love with the process and this part of my life!

    Thank you Marie for this fab interview and the pleasure of hearing Brendan speak. Perfect universal timing as always Marie!

    See you at RHH this year!


    The Original Hubster

  39. Marie and Brendan…You have no idea how much this video has impacted my life today….I am running out to get the book today. I think Brendan must have tapped into my brain and wrote this book about me. My husband suffered a brain injury and almost died from a motorcycle accident 2 1/2 years ago. We are not directing our life anymore….

    Almost every thing he said related to our life….I have been feeling so lost and our lives have fallen off course….but just by watching this video and listening to Brendan….I feel so much hope and I actually am feeling a fire ignite. I can not wait to get this book in my hands and start taking back the reigns of our life.

    Thank you so much for sharing these videos every week, they are making a difference in my life.

    • Hey Debbie

      Just wanted to reach and say you go for it girl. I’m so excited for you and hope that the book helps inspire you.

      I have a close cousin with a motorcycle brain injury too and its tough some days for him and those around him. The good news is he is slowly becoming more confident and is currently travelling with a friend in Vietnam and Cambodia – something he wouldn’t have contemplated a few years ago.

      With much love

      Clare xx

  40. Sally-Ann

    WOW! This morning i woke up thinking that I have to get focused… work smarter, etc..etc… Boom! Your interview with Brendan was just the kick in the butt that I needed to charge ahead with my game plan…. how can you not be motivated by his passion? Number one on my list is starting a Blog (a precursor to starting a virtual business), which seems a scary thing to me, but im going to dedicate real time, imagination, heart and soul into getting it going. New blog up within three weeks…eek! Thank you, thank you, thank you…. I’m focused and excited. Cant wait to read Brendan’s book, which I will schedule time in to do so 🙂 Look forward to your next episode Marie…. best tv I watch.

  41. Amber

    Alarm set. Brain storming crazy achievement, with the realistic goal of figuring it out by bedtime. Great content! As always I am grateful, Thank you.

  42. Loved this soooo much!

    Brendon lights up like a beam of light!

    I will set the reminder and I will challenge myself to finish all the current projects that I have been chipping away at over the next 30 days!

    Self direction and creative expression is right on

    Katie 🙂

  43. Wow Marie and Brendon!! !! !! yearr Marie a lot of !!! lol )

    I am dancing to this book, my goal is I am working on being a superstar – Elainee and this is what I am and this is my only and true passion!!

    I used to hold that back from people, but not now, and if in that I get oh what are you, boaster, well sorry this is me and you will have to love me for me or not be my friend, I love to make people happy and alive and that is what I do in my music

    Why a superstar and not just a singer, as that way I can make millions smile and not just two.



  44. Darla

    Hi Marie!

    Brendan…what an awesome interview! My phone is programmed for the periodic thought/feeling focus alert and I am off to review my goal and find where I have I put a corset on the vision…as I know I have. I so agree about creativity being currency, especially at this time…we are all in a state of serious becoming. “Realistic”, as we have come to understand that word, doesn’t really exist any more…so I totally agree about the toxic nature of spread sheets, vision statements, etc. They have there place, but only after we take aim. I am ordering the book.
    Maria…I am enjoying MarieTV and continue to refer others to it.

  45. Hi Marie,
    I can’t wait to read Brendan’s book. I find that since I started my online business and really putting my focus towards creating an online brand (about a year now), my process goes through so many ups and downs.

    There will be times when I am at the peak of my productivity and I can accomplish a great deal. I.e. My blog launch party, my posts and articles. But when I’m coming down on the other side of that hill I tend to hit the mental brakes too hard and F with my momentum to climb the next hill.

    I’m getting Brendan’s book. I’m hoping it will help me keep coasting fast downhill so the next uphill will be easier. (Can you tell I’m an NYC bike rider?)

    On a separate note, the technology of an online business can be hugely overwhelming. I’m a writer, comic strip artist, self-esteem coach. Google Analytics, Demographics Tracking, SEO, FB Ads, etc. I was told there would be no math!!

    Anyway, Love you Marie! Thank you for everything always. Strongly considering RHH.


  46. First let me just say that I love your videos, I watch them all the time, and have shared them with my friends!

    This comment is not business related, but life/relationship related.

    I’ve been married for two years and prior to the wedding my husband bought a home for us and fixed it up… without my assistance. Every time we have visitors they marvel and tell me how beautiful my home is. But behind closed doors, my husband and I often argue about how this is not my home, but his home. It doesn’t speak of us, but of him.

    Something was said in the video about people being unfulfilled when entering into projects half way or towards the end. And I didn’t understand my frustration with this house until now. I was not apart of the project. The only thing in the home that speaks of me are the dishes. This was not a joint effort.

    I often wonder, how do I become satisfied with this project that I feel no connection to? In what ways can I adjust or modify it (without stepping on my husband’s toes because this home is his pride and joy)?

    Please help me. My sanity depends on it.

    • Hi RBernay,

      I read your comment and had to reply! I am an Interior Stylist (commonly known as Interior Designer) I style spaces for a specific use and feel, in regards to homes, I style them to reflect the individuals living in the space. Very much like Brendon was referencing with his office space. I have dealt with many situations like yours and here is the scoop.

      Your hubby probably (I am simply guessing based on 8 yrs experience working with couples) feels as if it is your space b/c he fixed it up with you in mind and prob didn’t want you to have to do much work.

      You understand and appreciate that, but it still doesn’t feel like your space because you had no input or say in making decisions, selecting colors, and finishes.

      SOLUTIONS: (If all parties are willing)

      1.Decide (as a couple) if you want you guys want to make the home reflect more of the both of you as a couple. To avoid stepping on his toes talk to him as if you simply want to enhance what he has already done! Let him know he has done such a good job, you want to help take it to the next level! (this should work if you do it with the aid of some nice candle light, a warm bubble or salt bath and a back rub should help seal the deal..wink!)

      2.Create a design board of homes you both like and feel represent who you are. You can start with one room at a time or a section of the house . This can be really fun because it’s like branding yourself as a couple or one unit all over again!

      3. Create a budget & timeline as to how much money you want to spend and when you would like to start and finish each section of your home.

      4. Decide how you guys want to go about the decorating/design process, what you plan on doing yourself and what you plan on getting a professional to do. (Contractor, Designer, Personal Shopper) However you choose to go about the process.

      Once you guys start to get on the same page and look at the house as if it’s both of your projects you will start to feel like the house is more of yours. Although it hasn’t yet been transformed as yet it’s on it’s way. And you are fully apart of the process. Doing one area at a time helps as well, as each room/area s completed you will start to feel as if you are fully engaged in the house, marriage, and living decisions.

      I hope this helps and remember…simply having a discussion about it and agreeing on making a few changes will change the way you feel about the home. You will start to think “WE are re-decorating OUR home”!

      Good Luck!

  47. Brigitta

    Wow, thank you Marie & Brendon for this awesome video. You have no idea how many pain points you touched on – I seriously have to watch it a few more times to wring out every morsel of direction and loving smackdown!! 🙂

    First, I’m totally setting an alarm on my phone as soon as I finish this comment (and I’ll sync it to pop-up in my Google calendar to rescue me from dreaded “browser blackout”!). Love it!

    Next, I am BANISHING to-do lists. That’s right. Banished!! Workflowy? Buh-bye. I get so engrossed in breaking every idea down into each tiny little bite-sized actionable item that by the time I’m done writing it out, it looks overwhelming and I’m already bored sick of whatever project I put out there – because I put the mental and emotional energy into writing a stupid list. Thus, the chipping begins, distraction ensues, and I’m treading water weeks/months/years later. Well, screw bite-sized – gimme that big block and here I go!! 🙂

    Thanks a million for the brilliant guidance. Now to set those alarms…

  48. AM

    2 Thumbs Up

  49. hatt

    What jumps out at me is differentiating between self awareness and self direction. Huge! I am very aware which is great, but if I lack direction the awareness remain internalized, and never sees the light of day. Will be getting my hands on Brendan’s book and of course staying tuned to Marie’s TV. My latest creative adventure is writing a poem a day for the month of August.

  50. Wow, what an inspiring interview. I’ve ordered the book, expedited shipping, please! I love the smart, courageous community of commenters that gathers here.

    My challenge goal is to re-launch my business as a Women’s Weight Loss & Energy coach. I am adding the component of Creativity (calling it “Creatively Healthy”), which is what lights me up and turns out to be a magic ingredient in releasing weight with ease and generating higher levels of energy for my clients. Part of the challenge I’m taking on is to fully integrate my desire for creative expression through writing and dance into my business. I’m so excited.

    Thanks, Marie! Love ya,

  51. Very inspiring! Today is a organizing, paperwork day which means I am inside and it is a little quiet – easy time for distraction. This was a great boost! Thank you! Antoinette

  52. Jill

    I just downloaded the (free) “Alarmed” app and am setting the 3-hour reminder after I write this comment. Love this idea! It took me over an hour to finish all 37 minutes 🙂 by the time I took notes.

    Brandon’s advice about being patient with a new “journey” helped me take a huge breath. In my first career, I was a Fortune 50 corporate communicator where I blazed some trails and enjoyed feeling connected and challenged — and I finished tons of projects on time 🙂 I’m even more excited about my 2nd journey but I have had unreasonable expectations and have been frustrated that I couldn’t move things forward faster and I’ve felt stuck — and I’ve already spent two years gaining momentum. Now I realize the progress I’ve made so far is going to sling-shot once I take Brandon’s advice and get very directive about my time and finishing projects.

    My meaningful challenge is to create deep connection and shared humanity through powerful storytelling. My new journey helps people, communities, and organizations produce and publish their stories. My focus right now is with individuals. The media may be print and/or digital and it captures the spirit, personality, and bright light of the person and their life event(s). One of my ideas is to work with new retirees to help them capture and communicate their life’s work in a way that connects them to the next “chapter” in their lives. Another idea is to work with children at milestones in their little lives and capture their outlook and understanding of the world they live in — a gift to their parents and future generations.

    I have five trial-run projects in various stages of incompletion. Earlier this year, I attended a brilliant 3-day workshop by the Center for Digital Storytelling and I can’t wait to attend a conference by the Association of Personal Historians in October. My next steps involve designing how I provide this service in a unique, authentic way.

    That’s great, right? But, unless I can “remove distractions and get strategic about my day” — I’m wasting precious time. Brandon’s advice is helping me get focused and FINISH PROJECTS so I can gain much needed momentum. I’m an American living in England so I have LOTS of distractions 🙂

    Thanks Marie — love your videos and have passed your Web site on to my two step-daughters who are in their 20’s. I wish I’d had your content when I was in my 20’s!

  53. Hi Marie!

    I was lucky enough hear Brendon speak at this year eWomen’s Conference in Dallas, TX, and even more luckier to receive a copy of his book that he gave out to the listening audience. OMG…what a treat for me to see him on your show today!

    I’m soooooo- glad that he called me out on somethings that I’ve been wanting to do for my business.

    My deadline for my project is this Friday, (it’s going on the calendar), and if I don’t put thought to action by then, it’s not meant to be.

    Love ya girl…hope to see ya in Oct at 2012 RHH!

  54. This video is very timely. It is not only for me but also for my partner. He is very frustrated right now and he thinks it is the end of the world. He is overwhelmed with so many ideas and cannot put each one into action. Now I need to buy him this book. The way Brendon’s speaks in his webinars give a total impact to me and I salute him for that. You Marie also rocks.

    Lots of love,

  55. Rachel

    Hey Brendon and Marie

    This is my challenge – to use the symptoms I am experiencing (of what is called Multiple Sclerosis by the medics) to be my path forward to wellness.

    meaning – to live symptom free

    And then to stand up and DANCE on my ROLLERSKATES again to be counted with all the others who are living symptom free AND PROVE FOR EVERYONE else with ‘big scary diagnoses’ that HEALING is REAL and DOABLE (and that our Bodies Speak our Minds and if one listens to the body it has great healing wisdom to tell…

    (At least I FEEL this is the way to the light)

    This is so true for sooo many ‘big scary diagnoses’…


    • Totally doable. You’ll get there and have so much to offer others once you are there. : )

      • Rachel

        Dear Heart-Led Crystal… THANK YOU. I actually was having a very in the doldrums day and then I watched Marie and Brendon over and over… and decided to post on Marie’s comment thingy for the first time really… AND – Lo and Behold… you sent me such a Pick Me Up. It means SO much to have someone actually say YAY you CAN do it 🙂 I know in theory I can… however in the past two days it seemed like an insurmountable mountain. And then along came Marie, Brendon and you >>LOVE HEARTS<<

        THANK YOU

        • Blu Buquoy

          You CAN DO IT !!

          • Rachel – Of course you can do it.

            Cheering for you all the way from Australia

            Hope you can hear me 🙂

    • I love this Rachel! Please post some videos of you dancing on your roller skates. 🙂


  56. Hi Marie and Brendon!

    Just what I needed. I have just made the transition from working on my website and products to launching. This gave me some great guidance on the attitude and process that I need to maintain on the other side of the launch now that I am public and interacting with the world. Browser blackout. Ha! A good laugh and a true risk. : ) I use sticky notes on my computer to track my most important, impactful to-dos.

    Thanks much!


  57. What a gift! Thank you to both for sharing your light today. Brendon, I experienced a concussion (an International one like yours 🙂 ) a year ago. I, too, felt the shade lift around the 8 month mark, but I’m still having some remnant symptoms, especially with attention and focus which has NEVER been a problem for me. I am heading out to the bookstore TODAY to pick up your book. I will be dancing around the store like Marie because a) I’m a fan of all things goofy and b) I now have hope that my post-concussive somethingorrather is a thing of the PAST. THANK YOU for your gift of hope and promise. My challenge: I’m going to finish the 2nd draft of my screenplay on September 30th. 😀

  58. Shirley Zago

    Thank you and great interview. Love your story and it really does come down to the traumas in our lives and then deciding on moving forward or stay in victim mode. That is one big step and then the journey begins.

    I especially love hearing that creative expression is the current economy.

  59. I’m really diggin’ the interviews, Marie, and this 1 is no exception. I am actually pursuing kind of a scary challenge for me and my business right now… I am actively seeking to teach live classes about holistic living and anxiety/mental health at holistic health and wellness centers in and around Chicago. As more of an introverted, reserved person, it’s tough for me to put myself out there and risk getting shot down by potential partners and other business owners especially when I am a 1-woman show right now. However, I ultimately know that in the long run this exercise is going to be so beneficial for me as it will increase my confidence to further expand my business as a holistic anxiety speaker, author and coach and take it to new levels. I love Brendon’s message about creating happiness/energy in whatever you’re doing in the present moment. Like everyone else, I can easily feel stuck and beat down by external circumstances and my perceived reality, but shifting perception and generating a more positive outlook is what really moves your life forward. I’m going to keep reminding myself of that.

    Until next week, I look forward to watching the next episode of MarieTV and can’t wait to see the new changes you are talking about implementing!

    All the Best,

    Hadley Gustin

  60. Stefanie Frank

    I SO needed to hear this today Marie THANK YOU.

    My big challenge is one I’ve been pulled toward all year: racing the Ironman 70.3 World Championships as a lottery winner. The race is September 9 less than three weeks away.

    I so GET what Brendon was saying about being “pulled” toward that big vision and I’m so grateful to have discovered triathlon a few years ago and have been able to experience being “pulled” in a way that I never dreamed of prior. I know it means something big.

    I wish I could feel that same pull in my business but rather than simply wishing for that I’m going to do what was suggested and set my phone alarm in those three hour increments.

    BEST episode of Marie TV I think I’ve ever seen — so powerful THANK YOU.

  61. emma mesrobian

    Hi Marie, I love all your vedio’s and I never leave a comment. I have to say I really really LOVED!! this one, it made sense, was so use full and straight to the point. I love how honest he was, nothing to hide. Its funny its exactly what I needed and it put a fire on my asssss!! lol 🙂 thank you. sometimes even the people who are really focused can get lost and distracted, so this was perfect! I know exactly what to work on, challenge my self on and how to not fall behind with that POTATO CHIPS LOL 🙂 thank you darling till next time, and one of these day will tell you what I am working on, with love always xooxox emma 🙂

  62. Thanks Marie
    I just LOVED listening to Brendon. He is so right-on! & sweet & genuine!!
    I can hardly wait to get his new book.
    My challenge in life is to ‘Change The Face Of Dieting’ in our Society.
    Dieting is what perpetuates Eating Problems and I believe the only way to overcome our Overeating is by getting to the Root of Our Problem – It’s what triggers us to overindulge.
    My favorite part of this video was when Brendon said: We don’t have Love, Energy, Happiness & Confidence – WE GENERATE IT! Wow, that sunk in.
    Thanks Marie Love always,

  63. This ranks as one of your top Tuesdays ever! Brendon is wow. Thank you Marie!

  64. I ordered this book a month ago before it was printed. I hope to get mine soon and start applying the lessons!

  65. When I started the storytelling website Bitchin’ Ol’ Boomer Babe everyone told me I was silly. I told them, I was going to tour with Oprah, not just be on Oprah, but tour with her. (Dream Big)

    How do I know this will happen? I was an executive, now I’m doing to be a storyteller? Yes, because:

    TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS – I wrote memos, emails, procedures, business plans … I can write! I built teams; so, I know how to engage with people. And, I know “Everyone Has A Story” and I know I want to provide a platform for them to tell their story.

    ANNOUNCEMENT – When I dream I tell my circle. I announce my intentions. I receive input (sometimes negative input, but it causes me to think). Announcing helps me feel that it’s real. My dream becomes tangible because the world knows and now, I want to make it happen.

    LIVING LIFE: When I’m 90, I want to sit on my porch and have grand memories. So, I need to get on with it … live my life.

    MOTTO: I’m going to burn-out, not fade away.

    TIP: I set my computer clock to announce the time on the hour. (When I worked in an office, I set a pop-up). I get up and walk around every hour. This puts the day into Awareness Blocks of Time. While walking around I decide, “Am I on track?” The act of movement makes me thinking differently.

    So, I’ll see you on Oprah ….

  66. Lori

    Two of the most amazing “Modern Day Mojo Messiahs” in one place at one time is such a tremendous gift…thank you both!

    I am creating a multi million dollar enterprise designed to develop “Joy Propulsion Guides” . A multi-media training powerhouse for every soul seeking renegade who enjoys both the spiritual and the material world and wants to bring joy to their world on their own terms and by their own definition.

    Buy “The Charge “! It is phenomenal!!

    Brendon’s “Experts Academy” was the best education I have ever received…I never would have published my first e-book without it. (Building Better Believers on

    And, Marie, I just Found you a few months ago but you have helped me rekindle my own “marketing and creative” mojo after spending 6 glorious years as a stay at home Mom and Personal Development/Spiritual junkie…thank you!!

    It’s a great time to be charged and alive!! Love to you all!

  67. Thanks Marie & Thanks Brendon!! This is an especially tough week with daughter #2 leaving for college and it seems like the entire world is on holiday these last two weeks in August. I am definitely up for the challenge & I with my team are always teaching dream really big, set really big goals, especially when things are slow or life gets in the way or you are feeling in limbo. That is exactly the time to go bigger with your vision.

    By being able to set an alarm or a reminder if you will every 3 hours, to ask yourself, what am I focusing on now? The mind will automatically know soon what you want and invision and bring into your life or your business or your family.

    Such good timing for me to have viewed this interview. As always, you are spot on!!!!! Thank you and I will certainly spread the word about Brendon’s new book, C H A R G E!!!!!!!

  68. Jessica Cary

    This is exactly what I needed today. Wow. The last couple of days I’ve been stuck in self-awareness mode, not getting much work done and not really sure why – or more importantly, not sure how to get out of the funk.

    This conversation between you two, and the little taste of his book and concepts are showing me a way out of Funkytown. And I love that with small actions we can reprogram our brains. How freakin’ awesome is that?!

    Thanks, Marie, for introducing me to Brendon!

  69. Hi Marie,

    Loved the video because my 2 all time favorite mentors are speaking with each other! Gives me shivers!

    Brendon always delivers great content and like you is generous.

    I totally recommend the book, The Charge. Great material.
    High Performance Academy!

  70. Always enjoy Brendon’s insight-fulness. Thanks for sharing it with us Maria…

  71. Getting that book, for sure. Thank you

    I want to make the biggest online fashion shop with second hand clothes in Denmark!

    Saving as much clothes as possible from ending up in landfills and containers, while showing ladies how fab, sexy and smart they can look and feel in second hand/vintage/end of line/overstock/out of season clothes

    My challenge is to find and attract the right group of people, so we together can make that goal happen.

    There, I’ve said it out loud (or written in out loud) 🙂

    • I love it Katja! Your intention has been heard and received. 🙂 My friend James always says “Unwritten dreams are merely fantasies”, it feels good to have it out in the world!


  72. This video came at exactly the time I need it.I just moved back to NY and am in a big transition period. I actually decided to challenge myself before I saw the video and was happy to hear everything Brandon said about what the benefits of doing that. I am on week 4 of a project I’m calling “song in your box” where I’m writing a song a week for a year and sending it to your deciding to go through with this project, the challenge really excited me and I knew I had to do it.I am trying to be patient and am still trying to figure out how it provides service to other people. I think it rakes care of my creative desire (what Brandon was talking about) but I do need to work on the physical creative space.
    Anyway it comes at a great time.I will set my alarms as well. Thanks for introducing me to Brandon. I want to read the book!

  73. caroline corwell


  74. Julie


    Your timing is perfecto! Thank you for a great interview with Brendon.
    I am finishing up a divorce, a single mom, a volunteer, and a small business owner. I have plenty of reasons to be overwhelmed, but am so joyful for your playful way of presenting enlightenment.

    I have already set my alarm. (check) and my big, scary, yet inspiring challenge is to co-create a theater/music piece with international artists. I have directed and performed overseas and loooooong to do it again. I am going to reach out to creative types overseas and see what people are willing to do from their countries in order to make this happen. If you haven’t yet viewed Herbie Hancock’s video “Imagine”, please do so. I lived in Africa for several years and fell in love with the music. I also am way inspired by India Arie.

    Keep doing what you do. I lift you up in prayer, Marie. Thank you!

    Julie Harrington

  75. How are folks setting up the 3-hour reminders on iphone?

    • Hey Christy!
      I’ve gone into the reminders app and set up a series of reminders throughout the day (8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm) and just set them to repeat daily.

      Hope that helps. 🙂


  76. I loved this! Just set up a reminder on my phone to stay focused on the present as it relates to my goals. I do have a tendency to get distracted as a way to procrastinate, so my workday often extends into the wee hours of the night. Would love to turn that around, because I know I actually don’t work super focused that much. And when I do, things happen super quick. I’m aware, I just haven’t changed it yet.

    The big challenge: A fashion show. I have so much resistance to this idea, because it would be super public (the way I want to do it) and I don’t like to half-ass anything (so it would have to be amazing). I’ve hid behind the computer for so long, I think that’s what scares me the most. That everyone will “see” me and my work “in real life”. But Brandon is so right: We need more challenge. I need it.

    • Rachel

      ohhhh yesssss…. i know where ur coming from. I reckon you can DO IT though x

  77. Love Love Love all the info!

    Listened to it three times so far (takes me a while to soak up and apply info to my life)

    This was so important because as an Interior Stylist there is a very thin line between giving the client what they want and staying true to the integrity of the craft and myself as an artist!

    My next client/project will directly benefit from the newly inspired Tonisha Ramona,

    I have set my alarm and I am ready to get inspired again.

    Thanks again Marie & Brendon -XoXo

  78. Kim

    Thank you, Marie, for introducing me to Brendon Burchard! I am definitely going to get his book. Multiple ideas from this video struck a chord with me, in particular:

    1) How I allow myself to be distracted
    2) Creative expression is the new currency
    3)Self-direction vs. self-awareness

    My new heart, drive, courage challenge is to create my vision of a Shakti Station, where I celebrate and nurture the Shakti or creative, feminine energy in all humans.

    Great interview! Thank you for sharing,


  79. Been watching and following Brandon for a while. Isn’t he uplifting? And your interview/discussion was great. I am fully “charged” and ready to be fully present in every minute of my life. I do not watch any TV but those other distractions..AGH..and that inbox monster, my constant demon.
    This video has made me determined to schedule and “make real” each and every action of my work day. Thanks y’all.

  80. 1. I put my alarm (it doesn’t go off every So many hours, the most often it can remind me is once a day), but it’s better than nothing 😉

    2. Completing my projects before the school starts (Sept 9), when I’m going to get busier

    3. Making my space more inviting to creativity

    4. My challenges are: a) complete the launch of my group program for learning French online; b) get an award in acting.

  81. Rebecca

    love love love this video! Of course, it came at the perfect time… a week when I’m embracing my inner voice and trying to listen more.

    I have so many creative ideas that they literally fly out of my head all the time, so I really took to heart what Brendon said about finishing things. It’s so true, I feel so much fulfillment for completing a project I created, manifested, executed, and closed up.

    My challenge: I create the biggest most badass network of conscious minded, creative, inspiring people that’s ever existed.

  82. Wonderful Interview.

    It was lovely to meet Brandon and see your vibrant self once again, Marie. 🙂

    I have noticed that I tend to go from massive changes each week, and that I feel as alive one week when I am creating art to a week of downfall and less enthusiasm as I was in that week where I had a lot of energy to create. Reason being is that creating art is not the full expression of my purpose, it’s just a tool to help me grow and I have used that tool to share with others, and now sell my art online.

    The one thing that is calling to me at the moment is the camino de Santiago and I see that about freedom of expression, this is a turning point about leaving the old behind and moving into my power.

    I feel alive when I am being of service to myself and others, and sharing who I am with the world, so my intuition has always a great part to play in my being.

    For now the art gives me comfort and it also gives me satisfaction and when I make art for others it makes me glow and I am so happy to be creating that piece for someone that will make them happy.

    Soon, the camino will begin and as I sit here (and have been all day) figuring out what to write to go with the moment in being, I trust that the universe will show me the way as I continue to have my heard wide open to all the opportunities that present themselves to me, in following my highest truth.

    Thank you for a most memorable interview and it came just at the right time.

    Blessings to you and to all who walk and fly the path of heaven on earth 🙂

    Ana xx

  83. I’m going to finish my comic issue in a few days, instead of plodding along until next month. I have the time right now to focus on art, so I need to do that. Afterwards, I’m going to try publishing a series by doing at least a page a week (or even every day).

  84. I am definitely going to set those alarms right now and I loved the metaphor Brendon used about power plants.

    In my business right now I am posting Spanish lessons on my YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday. So that’s something I’m chipping away at. My focus is in making sure that every video is something that I would benefit from if I was in my viewers’ shoes.

    An even bigger project I’m working on is taking my Spanish language textbook to the next level. The content is rocks but now I’m excited to hire an editor, layout designer, and illustrator to make my book more visually engaging.

    Last thing I’ll say is that I am glad Brendon talked about having ambition and a vision. Everybody else might not know where you’re going but vision-making entrepreneurs go there anyway. My vision is what drives me in everything I do. It’s my “pull.”

    Keep up the good work, everybody! ¡Saludos a todos! -Kristen

  85. Hi Marie!

    Thank you so much for this. I was actually feeling down these past few days and after watching your interview with Brendon, now I feel ALIVE as I’m challenging myself to Make $30k in 30 Days!

    I don’t know how the heck I’m going to do that but that’s the challenge I’m gonna give myself.

    Thanks Marie and Brendon! Love you guys!


  86. Thank you Marie and Brendon!

    The last few days I’ve been focusing on being more transparent in my business; really being creative and sharing of myself, rather than just sharing my knowledge. Sharing the knowledge seems boring and so serious, which doesn’t feel like me at all. I’ve been making an effort to share from a more congruent place.

    I set my calendar notifications to every 2 hours – that’s my challenge – to avoid the dreaded “Browser Blackout” and stay on task. I just finished my first book and am not quite ready to write the next one, so part of that challenge will be digging deep and discovering (and perhaps finishing) my next product. And becoming more clear on how to integrate my passions so I can shine as the unique being I am and come from an even more creative space.

    Whew – Just coming up with the challenge was a challenge!

  87. I absolutely loved this interview, I could feel the energy. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Even though I specialize in Women’s Digestive Health, I find time and time again that we have to look at the big picture and creativity is often a missing factor. Can’t wait to hear the details of the changes your making!

  88. Nailed it!
    The reason I hated working at agencies at a Graphic Designer was that I really didn’t have my hands on the project – I started the project when it was near finish. Owning my own business has allowed my whole body to be in the process of the creation – whatever the project may be.

    Thank you!

  89. Hi Marie and Brendon,

    Today’s episode really resonated with me and came at exactly the right time. You articulated so many of the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having recently. Thank you!

    My big challenge is to stop living in my head, to actually DO the things that I imagine and dream that I can do with my business and with my life. I know I can make it happen.

  90. WOW kickin’ butt again! SO good to hear some of my fave “motivationals” (Marie & Brenden) mention artists and creativity so favorably. I know first hand how hard it is to apply most of the motivational techniques y’all talk about when trying to succeed and maintain in the art world. Just seems completely different than every other angle because it’s so wound up in emotion. What do you think? So THANK YOU for starting to go there… Your enthusiasm is contagious!

    MMMm Hmmm!!!!! All the very best, Adele

  91. What inspiring insights from Brendon and what wise facilitating from Marie! Thank you both for helping me start my day with self love rather than self criticism. This is an important part of the path to success.

  92. This was awesome. I love the concept of “creative currency”. This will drive the economy. It is time to stop hiding. The blog must be updated by Labor Day!

  93. Wonderful interview, thank you Marie and Brendon. I’ve just gone viral with my life coaching work. Exciting, understandibly scary at times, but loving it. An ambitious undertaking, but I’m up for the challenge.

  94. Michele

    Awesome, awesome video today Marie and Brendon. I happened upon B-School via Kris Karr’s website shortly after all of my cancer treatments were completed…and let me tell…the universe brought you to me! I am thrilled with all that I learned so far…I have been on a quest to finish projects…work that had to be put on the backburner while I was recovering from cancer. I thought I was going to “take it easy” this summer and get back to things in August – No way..I have taken completely different approach…I am cleaning up and clearing the as to allow greater creative expression. My big challenge right now…creating opportunities for my voice to be heard and serve my clients and potential clients to strengthen their financial foundation so that they can grow and take their businesses to a whole new level. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  95. Amy

    Thank you so much for this charge. I’m in the process of transitioning from being a stay at home mom to launching a full time private practice as an expressive psychotherapist. I do believe the creativity is the currency that makes the world go round, puts the twinkle in our eyes, and allows others to know that they matter in our eyes.

    My challenge is to generate inspirational life giving centered energy.

    With much gratitude,

  96. Erica

    Ooooh I loved this video! Thanks Marie and Brendon – this one was a game changer 🙂 I challenge myself to bring yoga to the people. Through opening a studio and sharing content online I will help my students let their inner brightness shine. I need to embrace the excitement that comes with all my crazy ideas and know that even if my big dreams frighten me at times, I can totally kick their butt! xo

  97. Gosh, I got soooo much from this interview especially as I have been generating BLEH feelings lately and will now be putting into my phone “What shall I be focused on right now?”
    Awesome 🙂
    My challenge is to finish creating my online meditation courses and bringing them to the masses!!

  98. Two of my favorite people together! Loved The Charge book a must read for everyone who’s lost their mojo or needs more energy.

  99. Heather

    My challenge: open my first financial services office by the end of this year. We need a lot to come together to make that happen, but it’s ridiculous to make one more excuse why it can’t be done. My community, current and future clients, future colleagues, and my family….and me….will benefit and grow if I work with a “no excuses” mentality for the next 4 months.

  100. Hi Marie

    thanks so much for this, it’s exactly what I needed. Been in a BIG slump with the biz recently due to things happenng in my personal life and this has given me a kick in the pants to get back on track. Book is ordered, can’t wait to read it.

  101. This video validated the CHALLENGE I started about 30 days ago – it’s CELEBRATING MY 50TH BIRTHDAY WITH 50 PORTRAITS IN 50 DAYS prior to it. I’ve been having anyone who wants to, send in a photo, and I paint it. I didn’t know exactly what to do or how it would end but I started it anyway, (week and a half left) and it’s been hard and great and crazy. It’s also let me into people’s lives in a different way. I wondered why I did it and I think I got some answers from this video. Looking forward to the book.

    • Rachel

      Dear Shannon LOVING your challenge – what a whopper – something similar came up in my world too. MEANWHILE … HAPPY BIRTHDAY xo

      • Thanks Rachel. You should upload a photo. And thanks for the birthday wishes!

    • Hi Shannon!
      I love your challenge. 🙂 Do you still need photos for your project? If my math is correct your birthday is in just 20 days. Exciting!!!!

      • Yes I am still taking photos, so do send one. When I started the challenge I didn’t know how I was going to go about it but I just started it anyway. After doing it a few days I realized people were sending in photos of more than one person. For me portrait meant one person and I just thought they would send in one person per photo. People didn’t but I didn’t mind, I just realized that I would count a painting with two people as two portraits since it took me twice as long to paint. Also, I didn’t know how I was going to end it when I started and I think I’ve figured that out as well. I’ll post that in a couple of days. So, long story but my birthday is the 30th and I will have 50 faces to celebrate my 50th.

  102. This is soooooo what I needed to hear today.
    I sometimes think I have bitten off more than I can chew as I am always challenging myself and wondering if I expect too much out of myself – but I can’t imagine my life any other way.
    At 37 I have started chiropractic college (most of my fellow students are almost young enough to be my children) and not having a hugely successful academic past I am constantly questioning my ability to successfully get through college. It really is a headspace thing as much as anything else and I know that if I can keep my mindset right I can do it – it’s not always easy to stay focused though. I think it so true about putting your artistic mark on everything you do. Even with study, I know if I get out my highlighters and coloured markers and make my work all colourful, I feel so much more inspired and in charge than if I sit and stare at a book until it leaves an impression on my mind.
    Thanks for the insight – I will keep your words of wisdom with me over the next week during my exams 🙂

  103. Nikki

    Hi Marie,

    A big thank you to you and Brendon, so so inspiring. I feel all “high” after watching the interview 🙂 It really resonated with me and the path I am on at the moment. I love the concept of self-directing your thoughts and with that generating your own energy, happiness etc. So true!

    I am going to order The Charge right now!

    My bigger challenge is to create a life and business that I love waking up for every day, that give me freedom of time and location, sufficient funds to do all the things I love and live my life my way to the max!

    The challenge that I am facing at the moment is to print my thoughts on paper and properly formulate the business idea that I want to pursue.

    Thank you for helping me achieving my goal, keeping me focussed and above all thank you for the inspiration!

  104. Ben

    I would LOVE if you made these interviews available as an mp3. I really love your personality and your interview style, I just don’t have time to sit and watch a 30+ minute video. Just a feature request for the future! Thanks 🙂


  105. Holy F-Balls!
    I am too self-aware for my own good – just like Brendon said!
    And I was laughing hysterically when he rolled on about the dis-satisfaction in our lives and businesses because of incomplete projects and internal conflicts. I am exactly at this point right now, to the word, to the tee!

    I know it’s not lack of talent, understanding or time, it is the distractions. I am the only one who can create the time and space in my life to start finishing things, and they are so goddamn important to me! This is how I am going to serve and I can’t serve if I suffer from chronic browser blackout.

    Here’s what I intend to deliver today:
    – set the alarm on my phone for the magical three hour reminder
    – email the question that has been burning inside me but have been too afraid to ask,
    – reveal to you now my very own SMRT goal – the Supremely Monumental Ridiculously Tremendous – and meaningful CHALLENGE for myself and this life:

    To connect and collaborate with people through my artwork and truly inspire them to live bigger, brighter lives…
    To secure an achingly beautiful location in the wilderness where my partner and I can build the modern/rustic/eco B&B we long for…
    So that we can host fantastic people in creative, health/wellness, and personal development retreats/seminars…
    While nearby the water rushes over the rocks and the wind rustles through the trees.

    BIG, SCARY, and EXCITING as hell!
    Thank you Brendon & Marie

    • Oooh, Catherine, I love the sound of this achingly beautiful location you speak of. Mmm, I can close my eyes and see it. 🙂

      • Catherine Ruddell

        Thanks Cecilia – I see it and hear it in my mind too, and when we are ready to buy it – I know it will appear!

  106. This was the kick up the ass that I needed!

    Thanks Marie and Brendan 🙂

  107. Sophia

    That’s so huge and so amazing, I think it’s one of the most valuable things I watched in my life!
    I was watching it quite casually spread on my chair when I realised: that’s so amazing that I have to pause this video, grab a pen and start taking notes! Thank you so much 🙂 I am putting on the alarm on my phone right now. And I am giving you my huge, amazing challenge. That challenge is to be exactly what I wanna be – that is a writer and world traveller that shares with people in fiction and non-fiction what I think is most important in life. In a way, I would like to travel and see every continent and also be able to take people for a journey using my writing, because it’s the way I love to express myself. I would like to make people happier, more self-aware, aware of the wonders of the world, more ecologically aware, good for animals, environment and understanding they are being good for themselves at the same time. I want to make a difference when it comes to people’s imagination and when it comes to the health of our planet. In short: I want to travel the world, write and publish my books and share good with others, be environmentally friendly.
    Lot’s of love,

  108. I loved this episode so much! I found it pretty insightful and want to use what I learned right away too! My big goal is to make art that is in hundreds of people’s homes, bringing them emotions and relatability with my work. One day…
    In bad news, I tried to tell my boyfriend about this video and when I mentioned the power plant he called it bullshit. He said that life sucks more than not and that there’s nothing we can do about it. I called him negative and he got mad that I was mad at him for expressing his opinion. I just don’t know why he reacted that way or what to do about it…
    What to do with a non believer? *sigh*

    • Hey Jin, I had this very conversation with my sister when I told her about the video – you just have to live your life and be the best example you can for those who are stuck.

      Try not to let others drag you down with their own fears and insecurities. Life is something that “happens to you” when you decide to be a victim rather than engaged in your own transformation.

      Chin up buttercup! ;o)

      • Jin curry

        Thank you for responding, I guess I just need to keep going forward and hope my boyfriend keeps up with me…

  109. Great stuff! I played professional hockey for 20 years and the last few year I played just because I didn’t know what else to do.I knew it was time to move on when my back and hip locked up on me and I couldn’t move for 2 weeks. To add, my wife ask for a separation with 3 kids to care for and I was living in my wife’s country of origin with close friends and family being 8 hours away by plane. Today I am getting started as a personal trainer to earn money, and most importantly I realized my life had no purpose. I started my own blog just so I can improve my writing skills and share what I was experiencing. It took all this before I realized I had some SOUL searching to do and gather enough courage to follow through on my wishes.I believe something great will come of this and I see myself speaking and helping others add purpose in their lives. I don’t exactly know how I will get there but I know that fear is not going to hold me back no more! I love all the stories you share, it gives me strength to see people taking risks to live the lives they are meant to.

    • Thank you for sharing this Adrien. Searching for your soul, for soul in your life is a noble pursuit indeed. It’s one that I’ve undertaken with some dedication and although there have been more than a few potholes and divets in the road, I’m grateful to be on it. Good luck!


    • Melita Fawcett

      I am very proud of you!


  110. Instead of alarm every 3 hrs, I’ve put quote as my iPhone wallpaper. Has been very interesting to intentionally think about what I’m thinking at moment.

    As far as ambitious challenge: to do an Organize Your Life virtual program next summer pertaining to wellness. I need all of the energy (physically, mentally, spiritually) I can get to build my business and take care of my home/family. Taking best care of myself – eat / exercise / etc – will give me that. Easier said than done. But determined to make lifestyle changes. Putting it in writing here – and planning to actually create a program around it – may give me the accountability / push I need to make it happen.

    Incredible interview. Creative expression – wow – so awesome. Realize what an impact bringing it back into my life (through my business) has made. And designing spaces that nurture that – right down my alley. Our surroundings affect our life in a big way. Marie, would love for you to show us your new space when it’s done!

  111. Julie LeVeen

    A big THANK YOU for this amazing “distraction” from my inbox that I clearly needed to get focused and intentional and charged! What amazing wisdom!

  112. I think this is one of the best, if not the best video I’ve seen on Marie TV — thank you both so much.
    I’m on a countdown to “back-to-school” (for my kids, not me!) — blocked off time is round the corner! I desperately want to be productive and reach my vision to allow my company to become an inspiring and far-reaching resource that supports new moms as they journey through motherhood. I’m a B-Schooler and thus have a whole new vision and path opening up to me. But I’m also in that uncomfortable place — Marie, you warned us that change would make us feel uncomfortable. I’ve realized that my mountain is taller than ever before and that means I’m much further down than I wanted to be at this point in my business. I’m feeling challenged, very challenged; I’m feeling smaller as I look to the peak; but I have new climbing tools in my bag and right now I’m learning to generate the right energy that will take me to the top.
    Thank you again.

  113. Dear Marie and Brendon,

    Amazing content. Thank you so much , both of you, for the inspiring conversation. I was really touched by the remarks Brendon made about needing energy or generating energy. It gave me an insight that i needed right now to get started again … By choice. The choice to and the waiting and start generating the myself what I need. This is the law of attraction.

    I’m ready to put the buzzer on to get and stay focussed.

    Marie it’s also inspiring to know that Marietv is your big challenge. I am a fan and will tweet your broadcasts here in our coach and intrapreneur community in the Netherlands.

    Marian van den Assem
    Nijmegen The Netherlands

  114. Impactful.

    My challenge: to birth my online ISFC (Inner Sparkle Flight Club) community that’s been gestating for 20 months … !

    And yes, that long ‘cos I haven’t sat down and just DONE it. Here we go!

  115. Neurohacking is one of my fun hobby projects… I love that other people are so into it and aware of how our brain works!

    And I totally agree – I am miserable when not creatively engaged somehow. I am just starting to read The Artist’s Way and hoping for some change!

  116. This is one of my favourite interviews that you have done so far, Marie, thanks for keeping it going despite the OOPS! Thank you Brendon for your insight and energy.

    My challenge: To make my product so available (and obviously delicious) that we can really change how people nourish themselves. I want to actually not just minimize the harm but to actually improve the lives of the people who make and eat my product as well as the animals not harmed in the making of. I honestly want to change the world and I can see that many others here do as well. It is possible.

    I just wanted to add that it is only possible to be creatively engaged when you are fed, healthy and safe. I am lucky to be able to explore my creative vision daily and I want to see more and more others growing up in situations where they too will have that luxury and therefor be able to be fulfilled, grounded and satisfied – to matter.

    Set the phone alarm, I’m either going to love it or hate it but will stick with it for two weeks!

  117. GREAT interview, Marie and Brendon!! A lot of revolutionary concepts I’ve not heard before, so thank you! Am definitely getting the book, am very intrigued 🙂
    My challenge: To get to Level 8 (the highest level!) in pole dancing! It will require more upper body, core and leg strength than i have ever had in my entire life, and it’s going to be hard for sure, but it’s gonna be so, SO worth it cuz i LOVE IT!!!
    I’ve set my alarm too, the results of this are gonna be interesting for sure! 😀
    Thanks again!

  118. Fantastic interview, Marie! I’m kind of a Brendon Burchard groupie :-). I highly recommend to all here to grab the book. And, if you have the opportunity to attend a Brendon Burchard event live, you will not regret it! I actually had the privilege of meeting Marie at a BB event :-).

  119. Your guest is an AMAZING person.
    The interview was so packed, I have to watch it again and again, and take notes.
    I really heard and appreciate the part about everything being part of the daily calendar versus just hanging out online and NOT getting stuff done.

    I am going to carve out each day in 1-2 blocks of task time (including chillin’, yoga, and self-care) for every day from now on. THANK YOU for reinforcing that so beautifully.

    I need to get back to you on the big dream idea, I have some goals, but I realized I hadn’t thought about something really huge in the context Brendon framed it in. That’s important.

    Marie, you are one brilliant and generous person and the world is a better place with people like you in it. I’m looking forward to the highlight of this year attending RHH Live!

  120. WOW!! So many amazing learnings from that.

    – the opportunity cost of when you let distractions take over…
    – Creative expression is Currency
    – “Your inbox is nothing but a convenient organising system for other peoples agendas” – wow!
    – Block Time for creativity
    – “Where shall I focus my thoughts right now? (Alarm set)
    – we GENERATE energy/happiness/confidence, etc
    – The create goals process and releasing the need for it to be realisitic or achievable. Totally agree with this one.


  121. Anna Korkman Lopes

    Oh man, fantastic stuff! I was thrilled to hear the creativity piece because I have sensed this as really being what makes the difference in a business that is attractive. And the distraction issue is sooo true. I think especially entrepreneurs are very easily distracted because we’re interested in new things. Loved the time/energy management wisdom too. I could go on and on about how great this… The real measure of how inspired I was will be if I can launch a group coaching program I have thought of over a year already in the next 30 days (since Brendon can do anything in 30 days I’m raising my standards :)). And reading a book every week is something I want to get back to doing.
    Thank you Marie for doing this! It’s so valuable, I’m just in awe 🙂

  122. My Challenge:
    Is in building my business, and crushing my debt. Its to have my online programs up and running, and my live events bigger and more beautiful than ever before, and to have immense self-love in the process.

    Where I am going to stretch myself:
    I am going o be so much more productive with my time. Chunking. emails. creating. purpose. self care. upgrading my ticket to first class on the no train. all of it.

  123. Thank you for today’s interview.

    The part that actually motivated me to write was when Brendon described the challenges he faced after his injury. It made me wonder how others with chronic illnesses that they have to live with for the rest of their lives compensate in areas such as short-term memory loss, fatigue, etc.

    In my own adventure on this path to live life on my terms to the fullest as an artist, I have realized that while I wholeheartedly agree with the suggestions and methods to maintain productivity, energy and enthusiasm, but I sometimes have to “make adjustments” due to my chronic illness to realize my dreams. And I wonder what others are doing.

  124. Thank you for this, again! I love how Brendon says that without ambitious drives or a great challenge, we can become undirected. That happened to me after graduating from grad school and starting my first “professional job” in publishing, and realizing it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I came to your work, Marie, when I was in a place of change (I write about this all in my personal blog here:, and since then I HAVE been stepping up my game more than ever before! I know it will take time to build this, but I want to let you know what a difference you have already made in my life (B-School grad here!); I am heading in the right direction and need to just keep challenging myself to keep on moving forward with building my business. THANK YOU!

  125. Thank you for this interview! My favorite key points were to stop “chipping away” at a project or goal. I’m not sure why it felt empowering to hear Brendon say “30 days and it’s done – working on that book for months/years, it’s not getting done.”
    I’m planning on focusing on blocking my time and really committing. I do feel I allow myself to be distracted too much. I’ve set my alarm with “What shall I be focused on right now” every 3 hours after I wake, and my wake up alarm is “What shall you spend your day becoming?”. I suffer from browser blackout so it’s possible I’ll make the alarm more frequent until I build my new and more productive habits.
    BTW – I love, love, love, the white chair with white background in this video!

  126. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video so much that I shared it with many of my friends and clients. Marie & Brendon – you two are both of my favorite entrepreneurs whom I admire and respect a lot! THANK YOU for this awesome video! I feel so charged!

    I was at Brendon’s Experts Academy in May and loved it! I launched my website within 3 weeks!! I really want to attend Marie’s RRH Live in Oct!

    Some of my key take aways:
    – When you’re present, you are patient
    – Creative expression is the currency that drives the economy
    – If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real!
    – You generate your own happiness!

    I love the significant challenge! I’m on a mission in developing and differentiating top talent to address the GLOBAL talent shortage issue.

    I’ve set out a challenge to train thousands (and eventually millions!) of university students and young professionals (20s & 30s) across Canada and China on how to differentiate as top talent to get great job opportunities faster and advance their careers! Woohoo! Bring it on!

  127. My goal is to bring the value to photography. I lost my husband to a hit and run motorcycle accident 5 years ago and the one thing that allowed me to heal was photography, the pictures I had. I have since then been motivated through all the trials and glories set my sights on leaving a legacy. I have met so many amazing people since I have decided to do this professionally and some have passed but I helped leave a legacy behind. There are 1000 words behind my lens and I want the world to hear and be impacted. Thank you for this show honestly I was loosing creativity because of all the distractions admin work and more. I needed this. Back to tapping into my creative bubble.

    • Rachel

      Tanya – very touched by your experience…
      Wishing you ALL the best with this – I am sure you will achieve your goal, and more.

      SO many people have posted things that make me want to comment back – feeling the SURGE of outpouring and realizations etc we have all had is really helpful isn’t it? Although i could spend all day doing what Brendon calls having a browser black out :-/

      Anyway this is just to say to you… BIG HUG and GO For it x

      • Thanks Rachel. The one thing I can say is it helps to be with like minded people that have the same drive. We lift and encourage one another to be greater. BIG HUGS to you as well love…. =) I am sure you have lot’s of unexpected money and blessing today coming at ya hehe

  128. Jeffo

    Wow, so on point for me right now!

    Ive been messing about with my phone app, labour hire co, and real estate projects for over seven months….. and haven’t really moved any further with any of them….. until today!

    I’m back in the game and putting my three hour alarm on to ensure I’m moving forwards without the bullshit self – created diversions!

    Low lying fruit everywhere and Ive been watching it fall from the tree and rot on the ground.

    Big Love to your work Marie,

    Jeffo ‘Downunder in Oz’

  129. Brendon is ABSOLUTELY right about completing the projects that are the low hanging fruit as a way to feel a sense of completion and contentment. Guilty! I’ve been playing this segment of the interview over and over again, absorbing it to the point that I can hear his voice in my head and kicking me in the [email protected]# when I’m sitting feeling frustrated with my life. In fact I’m going to write it down and hang it next to Goethe’s quote above my desk and read it every day until it becomes automatic!. Thank you Marie and thank you Brendon for hitting me in the face with what I already knew but am failing to practice!

  130. Here’s how I’m going to stretch and challenge myself to make a big impact in the next 30 days:
    I’m going ahead with my big, high end launch of Evolution U (
    I’m committed to doing what it takes to attract at least 72 women into this life changing, block moving, next generation of fixing-your-life, full expression of my creativity – course.
    I’ll be working the phones, makin’ some vids, and reaching out to strategic partners to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Marie and Brendon. XO

  131. Thank you for sharing. You get to meet the coolest of people. I would love to meet some of these cool people in real life as well. I’ll go add that to my bucket list.
    My goal is to hang out with BIG thinkers. Positive thinkers. That is so important to start each day with a positive thought.
    BIG questions to ask yourself. Did I live, love and matter.

  132. Pauliina

    My challenge would be to turn people on to healthy, sustainable food and sparkling wellness. That means figuring how to do it and be brave enough to use my voice (a big stepping stone for me right now) and get that message out there and actually inspire people.

    Loved the interview Marie!

  133. Want to know how fast things move when you’re procrastinating or stuck in overwhelm? Here’s one: Found you Marie – Vlogging in your kitchen and now – Speedy Gonzales – BAM – were did the time go and why didn’t I subscribe back then?

    Never let time whip by again. Engage. Show Up. Let it out. Help Others. Give like you’re leaving. Block out time. Magnetic Clarity. Persistence. Love infused into everything. Live Green Food. Receive.

    Brendan’s great! Maria’s Great!
    We’re all great – but most of us haven’t shown it yet.

    Great post and thanks for creating great work.
    Brendan – thanks for the phone alarm tip – powerful.

  134. Kike Odusanya

    Marie, Finding out about you has seriously changed my life. I have do much to share with the world but have been stuck in a funk for way too long your videos educated, empower and inspire me do much. I am going to get my website up and running with the help of all your videos and b school I’m going to help woman across the globe realize the gift of entrepreneurship and great a life they love

  135. “What shall I be focusing on right now?” Thank you Brendon and Marie! What an excellent tool for staying in command of my life, avoiding “browser blackout” (good call!) and simply being at effect. Really helpful kick in the butt.

  136. Hi Marie,
    I have had Brendon’s book for some time now and have to say, it’s inspirational.
    Disappointed we didn’t get to see your face throughout much of this video but the content was, as usual, great.
    I really have trouble keeping focussed on where I’m at and where I’m going. It’s a case of juggling too many balls in the air at the same time. Trying to look after everyone, not to let people down etc. etc.
    Having listened to this interview I’m definitely challenged to get myself sorted.
    Say a little prayer for me Marie.

  137. I was at his event in San Jose 😉 He is really a brilliant trainer. I love how energized he is and I believe that is what is contagious. I’ve been performing for years I’m also a singer. I’ve seen a lot. But I love his heart to help people. You have the same thing- It’s awesome.

    I think if people truly want to live charged the only real way to get that is to give that.

    I’m in the midst of three projects right now Entrepreneurial disease LOL but I’m launching my new blogging / entrepreneur ( private membership) community today. I love dreaming but love it more when those dreams are actions. Thanks for featuring him he’s really a great guy.

  138. Yes!! Sometimes in my climb up my second (hmm, third!) mountain I really do have to push myself out of my bed some mornings.
    “Did I Live – Did I Love – Did I Matter??” on my deathbed I will never, ever ask: Did I work enough:) Thank you Marie and Brendon!

  139. After finally getting my blog right and just being my happy positive self, I challenge myself everyday by provoking positive thoughts not only to myself but unto others. I love making people smile and I love to help people see the positive aspect of every circumstance but while sounding natural and not like some written textbook. My next challenge is to finally join pinterest as I’ve been out of the loop, oopsy and in a few months start my ebook.

    Just staying positive is a challegne in itself but so worth it as I know it will take me where I want to go. 🙂

    Thanks Marie for another awesome video.

  140. I LOVED THIS! there are no recriminations just plain old useful tips and insights.
    My takeaway today, cause when I watch this again in a week it’ll probably be something different, are:
    – friggin finish crap and stop making excuses. it’s good enough.
    – i’ll be setting my alarm for seven days for ONCE an hour. yep, that’s just how distracted i can get.

  141. Cristina Villalobos

    My challenge is to have CristinaVTV in Spanish…..ahh this is scary. I want to talk about personal development, and self actualization with the spanish speaking community. Including topics of health, spirituality, psychology, religion, thoughts, family, dreaming, self-actualization & development. Everything!!!

  142. Thanks so much for this video! The topics you covered are exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    Brendan comment on having all these project you need to do and not really completing them rang true for me. I have so many I need to get cracking on. I’m studying and working on developing my health coaching business at the moment. I know I need to start personalising my webpage, creating a newsletter, blogging and generally getting my message out there. I know what I need to be doing but I’m stuck. It’s all a bit overwhelming.

    I also like the idea of setting big scary challenges. I have one atm. I had lunch with my yoga instructor the other day and she wants me to write small articles for her newsletter and also suggested that I do a talk at one of her yoga retreats. I’m going to her first one and she said that I can see how the lady who is lined up to do the health workshop does her thing so that I have an idea of how to do my workshop at her next retreat. Shes supporting me and I told her I would think about it… What was I thinking? I should have totally jumped on it but I’m scared. I know its something I can do and should do but at the moment but I’m pooping my pants at the thought of the whole thing. I know I have to take a spoon full of cement and harden up. This is the opportunity I need to get started.

    So I going to take up you challenge and see where it takes me. I like that question. It’s the perfect redirection. I’m also going to pop that tip on chunking time in my mental note book. And on top of that I’ve just downloaded “The Charge” on iBooks. On a side note, just wondering why I can’t seem to find your book in the iBooks Store. Any I should wrap this up…

    Thank you for contributing to my world.



    • Sorry for the typos guys! I promise I looked over my previous comment and tried to make sure it was errors free but I guess I didn’t look over it well enough. Whoops.

  143. Tim

    Being pulled by a “Dream or Passion” makes perfect sense and I’ve had this happen in my life before, BUT, what do you do when you have NO idea what that DREAM or Passion/Desire is???

    • Good question. Maybe you can reflect and see what your really good at. What you can do better than anyone else. Maybe if your can figure out what your unique gift is than you can make that into something?

  144. Loved this video so much I watched it twice~
    To help you create that ‘space’ that allows your creative juices to flow, I bring you Brilliant Imports ~ Your Sanctuary in Design:

  145. B.

    Love it! Really want this book in Polish:)

  146. Thanks for this video interview. I really needed to be reminded that success never happens overnight, no matter how it looks from the outside. I have to keep telling myself, at the very least, that I have taken the first steps and am moving forward — no matter how slow that forward progress may be. Is anyone else struggling in the early stages of a new business, as I am, and feeling impatient? I do need to stay focused and also believe in myself, my abilities and my goals.

  147. My challenge, which I am already 27 days in: Veganize Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible

  148. Asher

    Marie you are SO inspirational. Richard, you are also SO inspiring. The two of you together is dynamite!! Brilliant.

    I was taking so many notes throughout that I had to keep rewinding…such great stuff!

    Setting my 3 hour reminder now. I really need this as I am very easily distracted. Im working towards my dream of having my own business, two in fact that compliment each other. You help me stay focussed, inspired, clear and on track.
    EVERY single thing you say makes perfect sense to me so massive, huge, enormous thankyouverymuch’s
    I like, I like, I like!
    Asher x

    • Asher

      Oops..meant Brendon of course! Not sure who Richard is..ha.

  149. I love this! I need to block out time and finish my stuff!! MY passion goal: I wanna Auror-ify my life, having all areas of my life being true creative expressions of me 😀 And ALL of me, writer, dancer, singer, “shadows”, everything! Slowly getting my life together, day by day, moment by moment 🙂

    • that is, CONSCIOUS creative expressions, I’ma DESIGN my life! 😀

  150. Thanks for Sharing!! 🙂

    Greeaattt Reminder to just do things!
    I right away put it in my phone reminder!
    I’m challenging my self to finish my green mommy handbook!!!!

  151. Candace

    Hi Marie! I’m new to Marie TV so this is posting a little late…
    I am so inspired by your videos and such, I feel like you speak to women and business unlike many of the male personalities in this business. Thank you for that.

    My challenge is going to be creating a YouTube of myself describing my budding business/ideas. I am really insecure and find this to be way outside my comfort zone. Thanks for the push!

  152. Finishing projects is the exact advice that I gave to a fellow doll maker who was asking how I stay inspired. I’m not perfect at it. I currently have a dozen or so projects that need finishing. But when I’m feeling a little vague and unnecessary, I pick up a pile of cut material and make a doll or a plushie. I feel so much better when I’m holding that completed project in my hands. I wonder, though, how having no incomplete projects hanging around would feel. Would I get into those funks? Or would I just create myself right out of it without the pile of precut pieces. I have a huge juried show that I’m getting ready for, so those precut pieces will be getting used up very soon.

    btw, I love your videos, but I don’t watch them in order. I tend to leave your emails unopened in my inbox until the title speaks to me. This keeps your videos relevant and useful for me. When I have the time I watch two or three that really grab me while I’m cutting or sewing or feeding a baby. I think I get more out of them that way. This interview was my favorite and I honestly cried. I needed this one today.

  153. This was so amazing!!! I have to teach this to my kids!

    I don’t have an alarm but I add the tips to my notes to read each day.

    Thanks so much!!

    • I’d add that in my line of work I have the luxury to be able to watch ”TV” (documentaries about things that facinate me, moovies as I love the creativity of cinema, and your awesome videos 🙂 ) while creating products. So for me its not much a waist of time but inspiration and education. It also makes me feel as if I’m not working at all! Best of all worlds!

  154. Marie, I love this episode as I do all of them. You and Brendan have been a big part of getting me to the place I am today. My first book published!!! Concussion, based on my true story.. But I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and allowing myself to be distracted. My challenge to myself is to stop making excuses on why my site isn’t ready, why I am having a hard time getting my book out there and why I’m not ready. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have set my timer to go off every 3 hours and I am going to get my site done, start speaking and start helping the people I have done all of this for. Much Love Wendy

  155. Céline

    OMG, this was AMAZING!!!! The part that really got my full attention and had me suddenly sit up and get closer to my computer was the one starting around 30:27, when Brendon turns “What am I feeling in this moment?” to “What shall I be feeling, or focusing on, in this moment?” ….. Maan, that was such a shift for me, it is SO MUCH MORE empowering indeed!!!! And he is soo right in saying that by asking ourselves “What am I feeling right now?”, we are kind of keeping ourselves stuck in “victim mode”, that’s actually how I have felt (and what I was aware of!) so many times, and it is not empowering AT ALL, whereas a good and strong and brave “What SHALL I be……right now?” brings us back into the driver’s seat, maaan, I’ve only heard him said that a few minutes ago (and listened to the whole passage three times already and recorded it for me to listen to it whenever needed) and it is really late at night, but maaaan how alive and energetic do I feel right now, it’s incredible!! I know even going to bed I will keep on integrating this and feeling how it feels to make this simple (and yet, it had not occured to me!) switch get back in charge of my own life!
    So thanks so much for this wooonderful interview and amazing challenge at the end, which I will set up for myself as soon as I turn off this computer and get cozy in bed! 😀
    WOW…. I sure feel POSITIVELY CHARGED right now, and shall do my best from now on to keep it that way! 😀

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Céline!! Thanks so much for checking this episode out. It means the world to us that you enjoyed it and that you’re feeling inspired! We’re cheering you on with all the great things you’re creating. 🙂

  156. This is such an amazing interview! I adore Brendon Burchard and I am a huge fan of his brilliant work and energy!


    I am building my own brand Anouk Corolleur which is about living a rich and full life to INSPIRE thousands of people across the world to better take care of themselves and is allowing me to make good money too so I can travel to Australia and Bali.

  158. Sue

    I find all your interviews and talks inspirational but when I listened to this today the words hit me in the pit of my stomach.
    Today I’m going to be braver. Today I’m setting a new intention. Today I’m going to kick start that project I’ve been shying away from.
    Thank you Marie and Brendon ?

  159. Anna

    An “oldie but a goodie.” I’ve listened to and watched this video a few times over the years (such a great interview, Marie!).
    Two things that I really love this time around are:
    a.) the part where Brendon says people actually DO have a lot of awareness but are ‘stuck’ in that stage. It’s the next step that we’re struggling with (that’s at 28:12 if you want to fast forward); and
    b.) that we have been too engrossed in s.m.a.r.t. goals – those are important but they’re more like busy work if we don’t have a bigger challenge/dream to work towards
    Such helpful insights! Hope Marie and Brendon continue to support each other for years to come. You two are awesome!

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