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As I’m writing you, the only sounds I hear are the gentle rustling of bamboo leaves and the song of a happy bird outside my window.

It’s truly a magical summer here in Sag Harbor and I feel extremely grateful to be here and share a bit of my joy with you.

Location freedom is one of the things I wanted most in life. While it took me a number of years to make this a reality, I gotta say it was worth the wait.

The choices we make now affect the opportunities available to us in the future. @ChrisGuillebeau Click To Tweet

In today’s episode of MarieTV, you’ll hear one of my favorite tweetables of all time about the power of taking action today in service of your bigger future.

Join me as I interview Chris Guillebeau, author of The Art of Non-Conformity and more recently, The 100 Startup.

Chris is a fantastic writer, a world-traveler and one of the smartest and most humble guys you’ll ever meet.

In this interview, you’ll learn Chris’s take on the key to monetizing your passion (hint: it can’t be just about you), his unconventional take on tracking metrics, and what number he really watches to keep a pulse on his success.

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Are you ready to get out of analysis paralysis and start moving? Good. Whether it’s a business idea, or an idea you have to improve your relationships, your finances, your health or your happiness, I know you can do it.

Take our challenge to take consistent action on one big idea you have for the next 30 days. In the comments below, tell us two things.

1. The ONE big idea you’re going to take action on in the next 30 days and why this is important to you.

2.  The single biggest, actionable insight you’ll take away from this interview.

Remember, action is the best device for learning. It keeps your thinking fresh and informed so comment now and let me see what you’ve got!

Thank you, as always for watching and being a part of this incredible community.

With a ton of summer love,

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  1. Thanks for the interview Marie! Chris is so down to earth and I found it so reassuring that wanting to work 23 hours a day for myself is Ok… some people think I’m nuts! And like how he said it all actual comes together “Convergence” and works, which is where I am now… how is it all going to come together?
    I have patience and time so I’ll just keep working and watching you Marie.


    • Suzie,
      How nuts is it to be a loyal employee for 25 years and then to be laid-off because of the ‘economy’ and ‘downsizing’? Have faith in your inner voice and pursue your dreams. I have read part of Chris’s book, ‘The $100 Startup’ on Amazon and will be buying it. One of the amazing stories in it, was of a dedicated salesman who was laid-off after 25 years and started selling mattresses on CraigsList. Just the short amount of the book I read was full of many gems.
      Although, WDS was just a few miles down the road from me, I was unable to attend. My goal is to move the domain I have parked,out of the garage, polish it up and discover what’s under the hood.
      “The choices we make now affect the opportunities available in the future”~ Chris Guillebeau
      So true on so many levels~ thanks Chris and Marie. 😉

      • Thanks Chas, I’m listening to my inner voice more & more now. Bummer about your job but “Out of advisors comes opportunity” So reverse it out of the garage & take it for a drive, never know what you might see or find???

      • I loved that example as well! It just goes to show that you don’t have to have to invest a lot of capital to start making money!

    • Suzie, you are not alone lots of entrepreneurs work over 40 hours a week, myself included. Most of the people around me think I’m nuts too, which is one of the reasons that’s so great to be a part of B-school, you can make friends who get you and are on the same path. When people ask me why I work so much, I always reply: “because what I do is not just a means to make money, it’s my mission and my channel for self expression, I love my work and I love my boss plus who said working is a bad thing?” After that they look at me like I’m even crazier than they thought I was and the issue never comes up again LOL! Keep going girl, listen to yourself that’s the most important voice of all.

  2. Great interview Marie and Chris! Thanks for sharing your experience and world of knowledge. Much Love.

    Here is my response to the challenge: The ONE thing I want to do for the world is heal the Planet Earth through helping people incorporate healthier lifestyle habits into their life. Mainly a shift to whole plant-based foods and especially sweet, fresh, whole, ripe, raw fruits and veggies! The benefits of having more fruits and veggies in your life are too many to name here, but some of the ones I like to focus on are abundance of energy, nice fit toned body, and overall vibrant health. And that’s just the benefits for humans. Let’s not even get into the benefits for our home Earth.

    Anyways, I’m passionate about this and the first step I took was to write my first e-book in which I tell of how I went from an overweight lazy butt to a healthy, fit, athletic person (I Love to play soccer and I am playing the best soccer of my life, thanks to fruits and veggies). In the e-book I also layout the the gameplan that works for me. Through healing ourselves (and getting sexier in the process 🙂 ) we are healing the planet body…she already has everything we need in abundance if we let her do her thang! So I am giving my e-book away online.

    I feel like I finally took the leap. Now it’s just one step at a time, and like you said Marie, can’t think too much about it I just gotta do it!

    Thanks Much Love,
    Luis Medrano

    • Wow Luis, what an inspiring goal!! What you wrote resonated with my so strongly so thank you for sharing. Where can we all get this e-book of yours? I would love to read it as my life mission revolves around inspiring others through vital health and lifestyle changes also. Keep at it, we need your insights!

      • Alexendra, thank you so much for your words, they simply serve as further motivation. So I appreciate you. Here is the link to my e-book…it’s a direct download, no e-mail needed. Feel free to share with whoever you feel can benefit.

        Thanks again and keep up your work. Like Marie says “The world needs that special thing that only you have!”

        • Hi Luis,

          congratulations on your e-book!
          Just one question – why not get the email form whoever downloads it so you can let them know once you have other great stuff created?
          Don’t let them (and yourself) miss out on a great communication possibility!

          • Hi Renee,

            Thanks so much! You know it’s funny I found that by spreading the word about my e-book and sharing the download page I have had more people subscribe to my e-mail list than any other time. I do have a sign up form on my home page. Plus, in the e-book I mention a few times where people can sign up for updates.

            Thanks for the support 🙂

    • Jessica Scheer

      Sounds awesome! Good luck Luis – looking forward to seeing what you put out in the world!

      • I’m grateful Jessica! I wish you all the best in your mission. Love and Light 🙂

    • Amazing, Luis! Good on you to take action so quickly! And I totally dig your mission as someone who loves following a healthy lifestyle.

      • Thank You Sandy, we are all doing our part. By being healthy ourselves we project that out to the world and help the planet be healthy and vibrant as well.

  3. I love his insight. He’s so easy going and down to earth. I totally connected with his thoughts on being useful and creating convergence with paths and skills. It is important to experiement , get feedback and move on if its not working.

    Love your advice about clarity from action. Its so true – feedback for my work is amazing – the more I put out there, there is more engagement and people connect to that.

    Thank you for this interview ! Loved it.

  4. Great insights Marie and Chris! I really like how Chris pointed out how his journey has been a process and not just over night success. Anytime I can be reminded that greatness takes time, I am grateful. I also really like the flip side of that which Chris pointed out… most successful self-starters DID something! They didn’t wait, they learned as they went along. My ONE big thing I’m going to do over the next 30 days is post one video and three written posts on my website. i have this huge vision of creating a multi-media community, but I rarely do videos because i don’t feel ready or equipped enough, but as you both stated, I’ll start with what I have an adjust from there. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for sharing! This resonated with me because I’m starting a business and sometimes get stuck in inaction, mainly, due to fear about “what if it’s not good enough?” My ego gets in the way and I feel a need for perfectionism. Well, to the hell with it, because what’s good enough? I’m going to do the same as you- just DO IT! Learn from there!

    • Take the leap! You’d be surprised it gets easier after each one you do and no one is expected to be perfect after the first try 🙂 And it’s amazing what you can do with just an iphone these days..the quality is good for the ‘net.

    • Hi Katie,

      I too felt like I wasn’t ready or equipped enough to do video, then I discovered that you can use the Koday Zi8 ($159), with a lapel microphone ($26) and I found a photographer selling his lighting and backdrop on Craigslist for $150.

      I’m just starting out, so the site is not complete, but if you click through to my site on my name above this comment, you can see what I was able to do.

      Oh yeh, last thing… I used Sony Vegas to do some small edits, ($99). I’m converting over to MAC next week and going to use ScreenFlow instead ($99) – So that’s all you need… and oh yeh, a little confidence and you’re set!

      YOU CAN DO IT!

      Michael Joseph

      • Wow, Michael – you did that video with a Kodak Zi8 and a cheap lapel microphone? Fantastic work – congrats!

        Jools x

  5. Awesome video! I’m one of those people that can plan too much. I dream and write and plan, but in order to really move forward I need to start taking action much sooner. My one big thing is to spend the month of August pushing my jewellery designs. I’m creating pretty pieces out of recycled materials and I transform the material – the final product often doesn’t even look recycled! I’ve been collecting empty plastic milk bottles for a while and for the next month I’m going to experiment with those and create a minimum of 10 new designs. They don’t have to be perfect, I don’t even have to like all of the designs, but the point is to get creating! Thanks Marie and Chris!

    • I totally know what you mean, Chloe! In fact too many people get stuck in that dreamer phase and rarely move into the doing phase (I work with a lot of people like that who put up barrier after barrier) so good on you for realizing, acknowledging and moving forward 🙂

  6. FOR THE RECORD: My microfleece leopard print snuggie is one of the BEST investments I’ve ever made!!! I’m a student, so you never know when the library or classroom is going to be freezing so I keep it in my car at all times! Awesome for afternoon naps, too. LOVE IT!!!

    #1 – Write my damn e-book & offer my brain-storming services already. I’m finishing up my free short freebie one (The adventurous girls’ manifesto — my site is girl after college) and I plan to use that as a way to funnel readers (Are they needing help with setting goals, finding their passions, or what?) into a survey so I can make a smashin’ e-book for them. So in 30 days, have my freebie + survey up, offer my “lightening round” sessions, and collect data for a higher priced ebook/ecourse.

    #2 – He is so right about the paralysis. The people he interviewed went from general idea to specific offer quickly. It took me a while to create a specific offer. Partially due to a limiting belief, but also due to the fact that I didn’t want to pick something that A) wouldn’t sell and/or B) I actually do not care about. I spent a lot of time “seeking” within myself. I knew I wanted to create something I personally wished was available a year ago.

    Convergence is what I am WAITING and PRAYING for. As gabby would say, “the universe has got your back” so I’m not desperate like I used to be. But I am waiting for that sweet moment. 😉

    And I heard a lot about his World Dom Summit. Now, I REALLY want to go!! :O

    • Udo,
      That sounds so awesome -“The Adventurous girl’s manifesto”- I want to know when that is ready because it sounds so awesome I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I got an intuitive hit to reply to you as that title sounds like it needs an illustration of an Adventurous girl on that E-book and I’m your girl! I also love your brainstorming session idea. Let’s connect! I think we have a lot to talk about!
      [email protected] xoxo

    • The Adventurous Girl Manifesto sounds awesome! I could have used something like that after college!

  7. Thanks for interviewing such a humble and inspiring man Marie. I love Chris and was so inspired when he gave away $100,000 worth of $100 bills at WDS for the audience to use in a positive way. Wow.

    1. My takeaway from Chris is consistency. I am getting better at creating a productive routine but writing 1000 words a day sounds like an ideal goal to me. I would also add a caveat for myself that THE WRITING DOESN’T NEED TO BE PERFECT FIRST TIME! I often get stuck if I am unhappy with a sentence or paragraph which stops me from finishing a writing task.

    Much better to come back a bit later and edit as you often see different things in what you write when you have left it for a little while.

    2. I love Chris’ authenticity and his commitment to serving his tribe – that’s something that inspires me to take action to serve the world with what I do.
    I will also be sitting by my computer when tickets go on sale for WDS 2013 :).

    • That’s something that I do – try to get my writing PERFECT!

      But it totally doesn’t have to be! I’m slowly learning that perfection isn’t necessary, content and love IS.

    • Clare,

      I used to worry about writing perfectly the first time, as well. I just recently I learned about freewriting (also called automatic writing) and it has helped a lot. The idea is to write so fast that your internal editor gets bored and goes away. You write down whatever comes in your head — ideas, random thoughts, what you’re going to eat for lunch. Whatever. I think of it as being a stenographer for the brain. I think the name, freewriting, fits well. It’s very freeing not to have the editor always lurking.

      • Selena, I love that term ‘freewriting’! I find my best ideas come when I am away from the pressure of writing (like in front of my pc) and sparks of inspiration will hit me when I’m cooking, doing yoga etc

  8. Marie, as always such a fantastic video!

    I actually just bought Chris’ book two weeks ago and have been reading it over and over and I totally agree with everything you guys have just said!

    My golden takeaways from this vid are:

    Usefulness & specificity – keep my content super useful so that people can take away little gems every time they come to my blog. And be very specific on what I write/teach and who it’s being written to (my demographic).

    The action I am going to take is belt out as much content as I can because I’m getting so much inspiration and ideas, I have posts backed up for a month already and I need to just get it out so the content is still fresh.

    Love ya stuff! Can’t wait for next week!


  9. What an inspiring video. I too have followed Chris for a while and really LOVE his work and ‘how’ he does it. Asking questions, that’s a wonderful trait and skill. I’m in the process of reading his book too. Great stuff.

    One big idea I’m going to take action on is-within the next 30 days I am going to polish-up the website for my B Calendar; complete the video, add useful content and get an ordering system installed. The B Calendar idea was hatched earlier this year and has been growing and since it is a calendar that can start any day, I’m going to follow that cue and get going. NOW is the time to bring it forward, move it along and [to paraphrase Chris] “make my choices today affect the opportunities available to me in the future.”

    I’m even a little embarrassed to show this site, as I’m feeling it isn’t finished, however this video inspired me to get this work out there for people to see. Take action. So [gulp], THIS is a starting action. [and look that didn’t even take me 30 minutes, let alone 30 days 😉 ]. We can all take action.

    Additionally, I want to KEEP remembering each time I work on my ideas, that I’m creating my future. Thanks Marie and Chris….for pushing me along.

  10. Great post Chris and Marie…and I love your book Chris! Action Item: Create more video blog posts. I’ve gotten such great feedback on my short workout video blogs and really need to implement by adding more to my site. Takeaway: Continue getting more feedback to add to and/or improve my content. Existing customers always get my updated content for free, so they love giving feedback for improvements and add-ons. Now I just need to remember to ask for the feedback regularly. Thanks again for all the great tips and advice!

  11. OOH! So many juicy ideas here in the comments that came from the video! Isn’t inspiration wonderful?

    My 30 day plan: I’ve been asked to contribute a video and lesson on learning to trust your intuition to Jodi Chapman’s upcoming E-course and right now I have no idea what I’ll say or teach. I better get going with that, right? Gotta have it to her in under 3 weeks so it’s a perfect goal for this.

    Takeaway: Just do it. Perfect later. Do it now.

    Thanks Marie (and I’ll continue reading through the comments because you guys really give me so much inspiration!)

  12. Great interview with two of my favourite people. I consider Chris a friend and mentor and thanks to his $100 Startup book and his recent generous act at the World Domination Summit in Portland, where he gave each attendee $100 to do something worthwhile with, I’ve taken massive action for this next 30 days and beyond.

    It’s called $100 Change and I want to see what can be done with $100 – can it be turned into $1,000 or $100,000 and given all back to entrepreneurs who are wanting to start their own project or business?

    I think it can through the power of community so that’s why I’m on a mission to get 100 Change Makers to deliver 100 nuggets of wisdom over 100 days for $100. And then use that money to deliver it back as scholarships to 10 deserving people.

    So far the reaction from my community and Chris’ has been awesome.

    Here’s the initiative

    It’s a big scary audacious initiative and it’s also energizing and inspiring me and many others which is all I could ask for and more.


    • Hi Nathalie,

      I just thought I’d let you know that I have been on your site ALL NIGHT!!! I love it! You give so much value and I’m really grateful for the help you offer.

      I signed up to both your newsletters! Can’t wait for your updates!

      Elise x

      • Oh Elise that’s so wonderful to hear. I hope you got some sleep though 🙂

        Awesome to have you in my community and this comment made my day.

        Natalie x

  13. A great interview – thanks so much for brining it to us. I’m definitely going to be checking out World Domination Summit next year.

  14. Wow, loved listening to this post as I was working away on my new blog. Feeling very much like there is a “convergence” happening in my own work. I am finding a balance between all my passions, and the universe is responding, I am being sent lot’s of new work an opportunities in line with what I actually want to be doing. So amazing when you get on the right path, it all seems to flow (after maaannnny years of work!)
    Thanks Marie and Chris x

  15. I suck at goal setting, but this works for me: Every week I set myself two SMALL tasks, one personal and one work related. These are things that I’ve been putting off that can be done with relatively little time and effort… And I promise myself that I’ll get them done within the week. I’ve been doing this all year and I’ve achieved so much and feel like I am getting closer to my bigger goals! This week I’m going to start a new Pinterest board with images of my dream business, a health retreat, and I’m going to organize the files littering my iMac desktop. I know I’ll feel good when these two things are done! I highly recommend this process to get things moving if you’re feeling a little stuck.

    My biggest takeaway was… Finding clarity through engagement. I always strike a-ha moments when I start to discuss ideas with people, especially when I’m forced to articulate the stuff going on in my head. Gold!

    Thanks Marie & Chris, great video!!

  16. Great interview, so much wisdom shared in such a short time.
    I am a b-schooler and I am taking action and doing it right now, I released my ecourse to the beta testers today (and still feel a bit sick, that is good right?) The next 30 days will be jam packed with me tweaking and adding to my course to make it the best it can possibly be.

    Putting it out there before you are ready is one of the best bits of advice you have shared Marie, I will be ordering Chris’s book but it might take me some time to find time to read it.

  17. Katherine




  18. I’m just 1 week in to a 30 day Kickstarter Campaign, the idea- Create Change. ( I want to instigate a movement that changes the way we consume and create by developing a mobile app that will share beautiful and creative ways to repurpose items that might otherwise end up in our landfills. I believe this movement will make an impact in our lives & the quality of life for future generations.

    I am going to challenge myself to engage people with their heads, hearts, and hands in the idea that 1 person can make a difference.

    • Definitely support Jenelle and her initiative – it’s amazing

  19. Wow I learnt so much from this interview- thank you Marie & Chris. The one big takeaway for me was that it’s important to learn from my errors and make corrections as I go along.

    The one thing that I need to work on is picking one thing. I’m so scared of choosing just one thing because I’m a very multi-passionate person, I know I need to pick so that I’m more focused. I’m going to pick one thing for 30 days and see how it goes.

    • Manal

      This is me. Lots of passions, lots of tribes I want to serve in my coaching, and I feel like i don’t want to waste any more time and money on the ‘wrong’ one. Intellectually I know it’s all good, but emotionally I feel like I must get the one that’s at least 80% right. I want to work with new moms/postpartum, helping heal from birth trauma, postpartum depression, etc. And I also want to work with entrepreneurs who are looking to make a difference in the world. I also want to work with PTSD survivors, and social service agencies teaching them healing techniques. I love them all!

      What are yours Victoria? And which of them jumps off the page as being the easiest and fastest to be up and running right now?

  20. This video is something I can completely relate to. My business has been a process as well…self-discovery, support and teaching. Thank you so much!

  21. Kenya

    This video was information overload. There were some many things to take away. “The choices you make today will effect your opportunities later” “Good writing is details and gets at motivation.” “Life has to be lived in balance(refering to short and long term goals).”I am going to organize over the next couple weeks. I am approaching a major life change. I am moving to a new city in a different to start graduate school.

    My goal is to write down my short and long time goals. It is my hope to shift my priorities. Once I have written my goals and aspirations I will pick ac a ac action items to add to my calendar to see progress for each goal. I will do this today.

  22. What a fun interview! Chris is such a great example of a fallible human being who makes a big impact. I’m in the midst of creating and launching a community for couples trying to save their marriages. I’ve included educational products, like a webinar class series, workbooks, and eventually a forum for people to bounce questions and ideas around.
    Your work continues to answer questions that I sometimes don’t even know I have, Marie. Thanks!

  23. Awesome Marie & Chris! Thank you!

    I think it is SO important to hear (and I love that you both shared this!) – how long it can take to be a “quick success” story. Often it’s a a decade in the making of working hard, building step by step, figuring it out, building more, some success then repeat…

    One of my fav quotes of all times:
    “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t.
    So that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

    Action: complete my website redo by the end of August. FINALLY!

    My BEST to each of you!

  24. My goal for august: Buying a domain name and setting up my account.
    Biggest insight: Writing 1000 words a day. Cause practice makes perfect.

    What he said about product usefulness, made me think as well. It seems obvious but oh so hard! My passions are organizing and interior design so to create a product combining both is what keeps me up at night.

    My goal for September is to create a free e-course for mums with newborns, focusing on how to keep there home and family life organized in the first 2 precious years.

    Thank you Marie for your dose of inspiration!

  25. Loved this interview with two of my favorite “real deal” entrepreneur and author friends. I love how much research and how many case studies went into this book. I find that’s the most inspiring part, and also how practical the advice is.

    The intersection between what you love and what people need is definitely the sweet spot that keeps a lot of people from making their businesses successful.

    P.S. I’m honored to be included as a case study in the book for my Raw Foods Witch to getting techy with it story. 🙂

    • Hi Nathalie –

      I really enjoyed reading your case study in The $100 Startup – what a journey you’ve taken! Loved it. I am writing a book that’s full of case studies and interviews, and was wondering if I could email you a few quick questions about your experience with Chris’ book? If so, shoot me a line at kswartzlander (at) gmail dot com.


    • This is an exciting day for me and I have to spill the beans that on Tuesdays when I wake up now I reach for my iPhone to watch these videos 😉

      Nathalie – right now I’m going through your free e-course on generating traffic and loving it!

      So part 1 my goal is to drive more traffic to my new website over the next 30 days as I launch my web design service focusing on the dance industry.

      And part 2 – this is a big one – I launched the site -even with the audio being a bit quirky on the video I felt the call to just put it out there regardless – I can always update it.

      This is big stuff and hopefully over the next month I’ll be prepared to bring biz in over the fall. Looking forward to staying connected to both of you as things grow!

  26. I need to watch that again … awesome! I loved that tweetable, and I realised that I need to be building a life now that matches my vision for my future. So my choice is decluttering my home of excess “stuff” and my body of excess weight. My action is to get stuck into a different room every week and clear it of unwanted things, and exercise every day (and remember that the food I eat today affects the opportunities available to me in the future. Big & beautiful things are coming for me, and this will make me ready to receive them 😀

  27. I’ve been wanting to do the tweetable comment on my blog but haven’t been able to figure it out. I’m DOING IT!

    Thanks for making this available.
    Great stuff.

    • Hi Mary
      To do the tweetable on your site you need to go to and enter your tweet there. Once you’ve done that, copy the resulting URL and paste it on your page/blog post. If you don’t want it to say Click to Tweet, change the url description (like Marie does above).
      Hope that helps!

  28. Action: to test my business idea by connecting with my customer base and asking if my service would be beneficial. I am committing to making at least 1 call a day for the next 30 days.

    Thank you for this interview

  29. I think Chris is FAB – I’ve just finished reading the $100 StartUp and would whole-heartedly recommend it – such simple, actionable advice.

    My action for the next 30 days is to pick ONE of my ideas, create a plan and TAKE ACTION …. and keep going with it. “The choices I make now affect the opportunities available to me in the future”. What a nice guy he seems to!!!

    Good luck everyone x

  30. Great interview, thanks Marie and Chris!

    I’ve read Chris G’s book twice so far — the first time in a single weekend –and it is packed with actionable, achievable to-dos for the small biz owner or solopreneur, or those who want to be. Very inspiring.

    1. The ONE big idea I’m going to take action on in the next 30 days is finishing an online course I started August 1, implementing every thing in that course in the month of August, and writing up the results. I’ll turn these results into an article, which I’ll pitch to the program creator as a guest post for her blog. Part Two of this plan is to add the program results to the e-book I already started writing about this particular topic, and launch it by the end of the first week of September. (I hatched this plan this past weekend in my usual Saturday brainstorming session, so the timing of this video could not be more perfect, because it gives me
    the opportunity to put it out there in the world, which makes it “real.” : ) )

    This is important to me because even if I don’t sell a single e-book, the experience of creating my first product will be invaluable — getting my first product done and “out there” will create all kinds of forward momentum in my business because of the actions I have to take to launch the thing in the first place.

    2. The single biggest, actionable insight I took away from this interview is to Take Action Now. Learn, then implement! (i.e., leave the paralysis behind.) I’ve been doing that tons lately and it is way, way more fun — and better for business — than waiting for the perfect time, or
    the perfect idea, or the perfect amount of money, etc. etc.

    Thanks again for an awesome interview!

    • Nicole, I totally agree with you! Going through the process of launching a product is a great learning experience and will be valuable as you move forward in your business and launch more products. And taking action is so much better than sitting, waiting and wondering!

  31. This was a delightful video. As always Marie you are right on time with what I need help on. I prayed about creative ways to raise funds for my business yesterday. Then was offered some opportunities I’m not sure about taking but after reading my Daily Worth email and watching today I have decided on something. So my 30 challenge is to raise $500 in 30 days and my actionable step is to create a Kickstarter campaign! I want to start it to execute my monthly RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS! I’m off to learn how now! Be the miracle!

  32. Hi,

    jsut add the tag … around your video code and it will center it.
    You might want to make it a bit bigger as well



  33. Lucienne Nobes

    My idea (which has been brewing in my mind for 9 months now) is simply (in all integrity) awesome and will encourage our future – children – throughout the world (every country, Marie and Chris) to actively pursue knowledge for themselves and achieve motivation and opening to all possibilities, despite their circumstances. I am talking young, pre-teen, teenage to sub-adult until it is natural for their “choices to affect their available opportunities” and to action their “focus on outcomes and deliverables” Your interview Marie (as so often) and new introduction to Chris Guillebeau (for me), is highly inspirational to action mixed with the challenge set … idea is big …. my action within 3 / (read strike out 0) is to contact the necessary people to assist me with the last few details …..including you Marie …… and in 30 days flight the first video.
    Inspirational: ” insight without action is useless”: “pick one” : “I do what I am motivated to do – balance between short and long term”: “focus on usefulness”: “every good goal has a deadline” …. attributable to both you Marie and Chris. Thank you! (no hot pink)

  34. Dina Anthony

    I am currently involved in a self-expression course that has each of us creating a community project. For my community project I decided to create an art workshop for children. My love of art and my desire to have kids enjoy art using classic art medium (watercolor, pastels, colored pencils and acrylics on canvas/paper) away from electronic games and a school environment helped me to decide what to do for my project. My event is coming soon. Even though the planning is coming together with the help of art students and family members, I still have to work through my own self –doubt and fear of failure that always seem to surface when I am trying something new. I plan on reading a lot on your site and viewing your videos to help me through this. Success and fulfilment will help me continue on this journey and expand the project on a regular basis with the addition of raising money for a local charity component added to it. Thanks for your site! Dina

  35. Jasmine

    Hi everyone :)… my goal is to get in my half hour of cardio every day no matter what and to follow my eating plan with no more self sabotage. I’m starting by going for a walk right now. By September 7th I will feel more confident, toned and motivated.

  36. Hi ladies!

    My BIG ol’ goal is to run a 5k in under 25 minutes before my 25th birthday! That gives me about 3 months…

    In the next 30 days I am going to run a sub 8 min mile for the first time everrr… woo!


  37. Marie,
    So glad you interviewed Chris. I ready the $100 Startup and loved it. I work specifically with people looking for the freedom their corporate careers don’t provide. Most people assume it’s an either or; quit your secure job and live like a pauper for a few years or just keep their dream biz only that. I help the ones who leap with a secure parachute but are still taking action every single day.

    The one big actionable idea I’ve had in the works I’m now going to execute is taking my 1 on 1 coaching program and turning it into a group coaching and mastermind program. It’s designed to help the corporate woman create the solid solobiz before they leave their job and then make the leap with confidence.

    Thanks as always!

    • Jeannie! Love that idea and is something that I am planning on doing in my biz as well…definitely easier to share and help more people when you move from 1-1 to 1-many. And masterminds are so powerful!!

  38. Kelly M

    My one thing is to BUY a domain name and start my blog which kick-starts my online presence. I have so many plans and dreams, that it’s time to start. Thanks for that kick.

  39. Marie, I LOVE YOU!! I mean it, lady, you rock my world with ideas, interviews and the regular ass kicking I need to keep on keeping on. Thanks so much for talking with Chris in front of us. I put his book in my basket just a second ago.

    I’m a photographer in a very saturated market here in Frisco, TX. I finished Danielle LaPorte’s book recently and have been working towards narrowing my focus and what I REALLY want to do. I’ve always known I love children and capturing them as they really are, not all posed and in tea cups or in the family line-up. But running, playing, laughing, etc. I’ve now made that the forefront of my website and blog and the concept ideas I offer to my regular clients.

    My block right now is that I’m doing EVERYTHING. I went in to a great bit of debt to get my biz going and am still paying it off SEVEN YEARS later. Add two kids, a mortgage, car payments and regular business maintenance and I’m feeling like I’m going in circles. Is there anyway to give my debt resolution a jump start? (So I can get some help and reach out to serve more and more people.)

    Bless you for your wisdom!!

  40. FABulous, as always Marie. Growing a business is hard work but SOOOO worth the pay off when you get the juicy nuggets of awesomeness when you see your making a difference in the lives of others.

    1) My one big idea in the next 30 days: Preparing and giving birth. Over the last 8 months I have been busting my booty to building things in my biz and be prepared but seeing this will be my last pregnancy I really want to enjoy this birthing process. So I am committing myself to take precious care of myself this last month so I can be fully present and prepared (without overwhelm) when my little man ins born.

    2) Best actionable thing I took away from this interview was… make a daily commitment to your end goal. Example 1000 words a day. I already knew this but it was a great refresher.

  41. LOVE this interview, so many great takeaways!

    I am at a career/life change pivot and really struggling with lack of focus, too many non-related interests/ideas and being unsure of where my talent and interest will be most successful, so this interview was very helpful.

    My actionables are to finish up Marie’s wonderful (and free!) B-School tutorials and to develop my website. I’ve taken the step to get the site going and iterate as I go, but I need to focus less on design and more on adding actual content and blog posts. I loved how Marie and Chris said their early work was not great, and that getting started doesn’t have to be masterpiece material.

    • I love that part too! At we know that our content can only get better! Right?! 🙂

      P.S. How did you get B-School for free?! Ahhh you must have been a winner! If so, Congrats girl! 🙂

  42. Marie, you always seem to present the perfect information with precision timing! Thank you so much for all that you do for your community!

    I have been “trying” to start a blog. My issue, I have discovered today, is analysis paralysis. The tools that you and Chris presented today were extremely useful and insightful for me. I loved the idea of setting a goal of writing a specific number of words everyday. I have downloaded a word counter and set my goal for 500 words everyday. Write on!

    ~ Leigh

  43. Marie, you’ve done it again. Your interview with Chris was just what I needed to hear. My ONE big thing: My blog “The Whole You Project” is about to BLOW UP in the next 30 days.

    My takeaway: Stop over-analyzing and engage. Love this guy! And you, too.

  44. I connected with this interview on so many awesome levels!! It was an instant love affair because I came across Chris’ book the $100 Start Up about a month ago and talk about some valuable info.

    Starting a business has been super challenging and I took the first route of starting my bizz cold turkey with no other side jobs for a source of income… welp, here I am looking for additional side sources of income while I make this things happen. But I can feel things really starting to move… the ball may be moving slowly but at least it’s moving baby!! 🙂

    Thanks a mil for delivering even more of your awesome insight Marie and Chris! Love to both of ya’s!! 🙂

  45. Great video, once again, Marie. I’ve never heard of Chris before today (where the heck have I been?) but your interview with him totally inspired me to finish up my book that I’ve been working on and talking about for far too long.

  46. My goal: Create a meditation that is up and downloadable on my website!

    Deadline: 8/21/2012 5 pm PST.

    Action steps:
    1. Choose meditation (Love Warrior Meditation… check [just did that now])
    2. Write meditation (Done by 8/11/2012 5 pm PST)
    3. Record verbal portion of meditation (8/12/2012 5 pm PST)
    4. Find music/background sounds to go with the meditation (8/14/2012 5 pm PST)
    5. Put everything together (8/14/2012 5 pm PST)
    6. Put up on website (8/16/2012 5 pm PST)
    7. Make email/facebook/twitter announcements (8/18/2012 5 pm PST)
    8. Enjoy being done 3 days ahead of schedule OR use the cushion period to figure out bugs and random problems that popped up. 😀

  47. Here’s the 1 thing I want to do in the next 30-days:

    Launch — A Learning Center for Filipino Virtual Assistants. I bought the domain and hosting last year but I never got around to developing it. Always putting it off. But now I’m getting inquiries from other Filipinos who want to become a virtual assistant or be able to work from home like I do so I’m really feeling the urgency to help them find jobs and enjoy life the way that I do.

  48. Two of my favorites, together! Chris & Marie! Love this! Thank you.

  49. Inspiring conversation! Love the “freedom focus” and “clarity comes from engagement” – hits home for me as I’ve suffered from creating my projects, waiting to publicize till all ‘ready’ and then, begin to think about business/marketing. Yes, a visionary artist at heart, with some blocks around the marketing part. But I’m learning. This will be my ACTION these coming days… taking action for the future.

    a) set up self pub of memoir – to launch October + figure out how to market it.
    b) re-arrange my program, Free Your Sacred Journey, to be offered as a facilitated online course + live workshops.
    c) explore crowd-funding for related projects …

    I’m one of those ‘creatives’ who mostly like to get on with the next project!!!

    I would love to collaborate with like-minded people, who loves execution, organization and marketing – though not sure how to begin such collaborations. In the past I’ve always just paid experts, but I feel that model is no longer viable and satisfying… so how to involve others in a co-creative way ?? ideas welcome ??

    Thanks much…

    • Hello! I recommend starting a mastermind, and just putting feelers out there to people you perceive as having some of the traits you listed. Say that you’d like to meet up once a week or once a month to support each other’s goals and to keep each other accountable. It will provide awesome value to you and the people in the group with you!


  50. kristin Tuohy

    First off Marie~ Your consistent clear messaging is what keeps me hooked on you… Your total package never hiccups and that really appeals to my comfort zones.
    Re this video, you and Chris are clear.
    Focus rids anxiety! (tweetable) Ditch the thought and go for the action!
    Usefulness = Key
    Convergence = Pull it all together
    Tricks for success =Cconsistent daily task
    Core discipline = Focus on outcomes (What do I want to achieve)

    Im committing my next 30 days to doing what I am intended to do.
    Not just be a “life coach” but to be the single Best Anxiety Life Coach…
    By asking the very same therapist (a woman) that helped me get out of my box, if I can work with her group as the after care coach for her hugely successful practice. I have created a process and know the flow for helping women move beyond the original anxiety that got them on the couch in the first place, and onto reinventive self focus goals, shifting from what-ifs to whats-next thinking.
    What good is it if I dont ask her if it’s a Marketable Deliverable idea for the both of us…
    Thank You once again for creating the challenge~

    Kristin Tuohy~ Matters over Mind Coaching

  51. What a fantastic interview. Thanks so much Marie and Chris. I will be getting myself a copy of Chris’s book for sure.

    Late last year I was completely lost in my life, and I abandoned my wellness retreats project and moved to a gorgeous location in the French Alps called Annecy. It sits on the cleanest lake in the whole of Europe, and the nature and beauty here is breathtakingly beautiful.

    I have been talking about workshops, wellness retreats and a blog that I have been wanting to do for ages now, but have been paralysed by fear and have been a very creative procrastinator. I saw my mother for the first time in 18mths last week and together we took videos and photos of this amazing area.

    So my challenge over the next 30 days is to start using the material I have created and get this blog on Annecy up and running, and start TODAY! I am declaring this publicly so I actually get to it! The most important takeaway for me in the video is twofold: act today, and don’t forget to have patience to keep building on your long term goals (and make sure your daily actions are in alignment with this). The first blog post will not be perfect, but that’s how you grow and get started. I am looking forward to the day a few years from now where I am looking back and cringing at my first post, yet so proud I actually got started.

    Thank you again for the much needed inspiration and giving me courage to go for it!

  52. Jessica Scheer

    Marie – I loved this video! The questions were fabulous and Chris was such a great interviewee. Capturing your skype convo was awesome – have heard about Chris’s book and now I will definitely download it!

    My ONE big move – inspired by the Crazy Sexy Posse and B-School – I will start my website with in the next 2 weeks! I am 22 and am passionate about living a healthy happy life full of excitement. So many late teens and early-20s feel lost in the idea of ‘being healthy’ and don’t have many role models to turn to. I want to translate my experience of living a healthy life (in multiple senses) to my peers – and get lots more people feeling awesome all of the time!

    xo Jessica

  53. Great video – thanks for sharing! I am one of those people with a bunch of different ideas – so the plan to just pick one is GREAT. In the next 30 days I will turn my Menu Planning Made Easy class into an e-course.

  54. yoli

    Thank you! Marie, Chris is awesome and has a great smile too :).. The one big idea I’ve had for A while is a how to create freedom around Our heart center. The place where love is received and given freely if you let it. Ex: love is the answer. Love is all powerful. Love conquers all, and my personal favorite. If you can love me as much as I love myself, we’ll get along just fine. The heart is more aware than our busy brains could ever be. According to the World Health Organization Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the world. Although a large portion is preventable. Wt?? I want to broaden the scope of preventable action.
    The one actionable step I’m going to take which I began already is writing content for my website. Every day I write 250 to 500 words. (when I heard Chris talk about his 100 words, I smiled).

    It’s important to me, because heart disease is firmly implanted in my family, and more recently cancer. As a fitness professional, and yoga practitioner, I have learned the value of managing one’s emotions through the filter of love. Disease and dis-ease CAN be prevented

    Actionable insight. Pick one thing. and follow through

  55. Thank for all the great tips and inspiration;-)

  56. Deliverables. It’s such a simple notion wen it comes to clients but something I’ve ignored on my own end. I recently left my job and have gone solo with my own communications company to help women entrepreneurs navigate the murkiness of online tools and software to market their business. I hit the ground running with clients and in the process I’ve ignored my own online presence! I’ve yet to solidify my own website and although I always mean to get to it, I haven’t and I don’t. After watching your kick ass talk with Chris, I’m setting my own deadline for deliverables. Look for me to go live with my own website by the end of August! Thank you Marie. Thabk you Chris!

  57. challenge- create 2 products
    insight – Don’t over analysis, take a baby step forward

  58. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this video Marie, awesome! Your Marie Tv keeps getting better, I love your angle and spin on redefining the “interview” into a snip-it view (yes, they are too short, only because they are so good!) into the real human person, and their real challenges and their real inspirations – addressing what people (your audience) really really wants to know from you and your guests. The old school interview model no longer cuts it in this world of urgent, passionate, appetite for understanding and following and learning-from people who are courageous, and creative, and have pioneered. You bring that vital urgency, and energy that you (seem to) feel from your guests, into your questions, with an enthusiasm to share their OMG! responses immediately to your followers…

    Another thing that you are doing, is making others (your guests) shine! Even if they are already shooting stars, celebrities themselves, or have a bigger following than you promote them from a new place-yours. From your heart and voice, capturing the essence of what makes you attracted to them. It’s almost like you are branding a part of them for the vision and passion of your own message, highlighting the best things that you know your audience will respond to. I can tell you love marketing! 🙂 and you are pretty brilliant at marketing in a way that’s beautiful and open.

    It’s funny about your recent guests…Kris Carr, Mastin Kipp, and today Chris Guillebeau among others…there is a certain reader (myself) who is already subscribed to their blogs/newsletters, some for years even…but for some reason, went from click-on/save/read in my early morning check-email time… to delete, delete, delete…get on with my day…not because of lack of interest, or anything negative at all on their part….just from the challenge of time as you know (LOL)…but for some reason, your emails regarding your guests (familiar names) coupled with your JUMPING OUT OF THE SUBJECT LINE INTO MY ROOM ENERGY…has opened up a new perspective, shed a new-light-on and made that person shine (again) in a new way. You do this very gutsily! Thank you for this!

    (p.s) subscribed to World Dom, reopened a few emails from Chris…and getting a (crazy) vitamix for my bday this week!

  59. I’m gonna get a website up! First action step – plan it out & submit to a web designer. I spent the past week “testing” my one idea on FB and it’s been more popular than I anticipated. Now, I’m going to put energy behind growing it. Thanks for this interview!

  60. Marie,

    I so resonate with you my dear 🙂 I owned a dance studio for 15 years (taught for over 20) — I started my studio at 19 years old. I have psychology degrees, I have worked with at-risk families, I interned as a probation officer and worked directly with the offenders and I co-owned a bowling center with my hubby for six years. My experience seems wide and vast, but when I looked at it I see how it has all converged into what I do now….that is working with busy moms to reconnect with themselves to live life powerfully yet with serenity (spiritual and personal development).

    Oh, and I was writing down Chris’ comment that you turned into a tweetable as soon as it was out of his mouth and then I was like “ooohhh Marie caught that too”. So, again it seems you and I are a similar wavelength. One of these days girl I am going to be able to meet you in person and give you a big hug. In fact, after watching you for months now it seems crazy that we aren’t already great friends 😉

    Hugs girl,

  61. Wow, wow, wow!!! What an interview!!!! As I tweeted, 2 giants met for an extra juicy interview!!! And OMG, its extra juicy all right!!!! 😉 (Marie, note the ! dots!!!)

    My blog just turned 1 year old this past week, so this month is all 4 celebrating + innovating. I have a couple of actions that I’m working on and I’m trying to make them happen 1 each week. The goal for this week is to launch my newsletter. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but I hadn’t quite yet taken the necessary steps for it. Now it’s time to make it happen!

    Oh! And another big (huge, in fact!) goal of mine is to get you both to accept my invitation to be interviewed on my Creative Portrait section of the blog… In the vid you’ve said you’d help us with our plans, so does that mean you’re up for this? I’d be thrilled!!!!!!! 😉 Please e-mail me your answer, just in case I might miss it here!!! (and please, oh, please say yes!).

    Taking action for real, that’s what I’m going for and that’s one of the major things I got from this interview. Another was to pick 1 thing from the bunch of ideas I have and go with that, instead of staying on the limbo of trying to figure out which is the best one. Well, I picked two… My newsletter and the interviews. Is that too much?



    Cathy 😉

  62. I want to bring Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Bodywork to my town. Nobody here does this so far. I don’t know if I am doing enough to market myself to make it known to people that I even exist 😉

    I love your shows and advice.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Christiane, I am an Ayurvedic Practiotioner, it can be tough depending on where you live. What do you specialize in? It’s so much easier to say something like I specialize in women’s digestive health with a focus on IBS, gas and constipation (which I do) vs. trying to explain Ayurveda all at once I even call Ayurveda, traditional medicine to to give people an idea of my style with out overwhelming them. Don’t worry people trying to find Ayurveda specifically will still find you out by your website. Also yoga studios are usually your number one target of people who will probably know what Ayurveda is already:) Good luck!

      • Christian

        Thank you!! I will try to be more specific and take your advice, really helpful! Much love to you Niight Wind 🙂

  63. Christine

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring interview!

    I have a passion for health and wellness, and believe that a big part of healing comes from realizing that our health is in our own hands. I believe that a healthy lifestyle should be fun and empowering, rather than stressful and overwhelming. To support this notion, I’d like to create an online community to post my favourite healthy (and fun) DIY recipes (with categories such as Remedies, Food and Beverage, Beauty and Hygiene, etc.) and encourage others to submit posts with their favourite recipes. I hope to have this site up and running within the next 30 days!

    • Christine, You should consider setting up a multi-user wordpress site which will be an easy way to manage contributors.

  64. Wow Marie, I loved this video and found it super insightful. I def need to get Chris’ books – if they’re anything like his interview I’m sure I’ll love them and find them uber inspiring.

    My big plans for this month include:

    #1. Finishing my novel… I’ve been editing and working on it for months but need to sit down and write the last few chapters.
    #2. Starting a newsletter to keep all my friends and readers updated
    #3. Get my e-book out there!! I wrote an ebook in 2 hours a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it but I haven’t put it up on my site yet… don’t really know why!
    #4. Figure out how to self publish so I can get my novel out there!

    Thank you so so much for being so inspiring, supportive and just all around fabulous!


    • That’s awesome!
      Are you considering self-publishing on Amazon? I recently put my ebook up on Kindle to experiment with the platform and found it not bad.

  65. Atoya Sexauer

    As always, so inspirational”)

    I’m a hairdresser/makeup artist…although, Danielle LaPorte says I’m a healer…which, obviously, i love.

    I live in Portland, Oregon and was so bummed that tickets to the World Domination was all sold out…but I’m on the list for next year”)

    Since trying to grow my business locally, I’ve become obsessed with marketing and all things Marie Forleo!

    My “thing” that keeps me stuck is creating a website and blog. I had one, but after following Ms. Marie, I realized…it sucked! So, I’ve been working for months to make it authentic and get rid of the cheese”) Computers make me want to bang my head against the wall and cry in fetal position…heheh…that’s why I do hair”)

    But, I love a good CTA….so my first action is to get it crackin’ within 30 days…website up/blogs posted. You heard it here…thanks for the accountability”)

    Atoya Sexauer

  66. Great interview! I will be focusing on my new online program I am making. Going to do the first video tomorrow, I already have the outline, now just do it:)

  67. hey guys awesome interview. my action step is to schedule 6 speaking gigs for the month of august. i’ve given myself the next 5 days to do it…tues through sat. i’m a life coach…need to be out and amongst the people!!!

  68. This is one episode I will be watching a few times! I am completely utterly desperately painfully depressingly PARALYSED with my own goal to create an online business that provides live advisory and educational services to musicians. 

    Crazy idea I came up with during months of bedridden illness (adrenal/hormonal/nutritional hell), boredom, loneliness, and need to connect and contribute. Something I knew I could set up in a way that it could be mostly outsourced, and mostly managed and marketed from my ipad (one of my greatest treasures).

    In nearly a year I have only got as far as buying the domain, installing WordPress, installing a paid theme, writing / drawing / doodling / mindmapping / outlining / researching / talking about constantly, all the ways I could make it happen but also be easy to start.

    Like Marie said about thinking too much about it and less likely to take action, I think I have thunk the frikken shizzeloopa out of this idea… and I equally wanna slap it hard, and do ANYTHING with it to feel like I am finally IN BUSINESS, share it with the world and make good stuff happen!

    All the people I have told so far have said it’s an awesome business idea and some musical peeps I respect and admire passionately have expressed interest as service providers and ambassadors, as its a potentially a great opportunity for them to make extra income too.

    But I’m driving myself insane with the HOW and WHY and WHO and WHAT so much of the time, that I am frozen with terror at the thought of posting anything at all content wise (indecision? still brainstorming what kinds of cool content (format and topics) that will get me excited and bursting with creativity so I cant help but enthusiastically pump out some nice shiny valuable stuff that people want to share and talk about… 

    Though I know with this idea I really dont vitally need to focus too much on creating my own content, as the whole initial idea nearly a year ago (as I lay dying to death), was to have others bring THEIR expertise in to one awesome portal/agency, serving people in a convenient easy natural fun way at their chosen rate…. And I was just gonna stay big picture focused, keep telling people about our fantastic resources and services, and ways they can earn extra money doing what they are already doing (a lot of times for free via comments, emails etc)… And take a commission for all my hard work of keeping things going and growing 😀

     A vital piece of info that no doubt puts my ridiculous paralysis issue into perspective :(. I am also housebound, agoraphobic, live on about 5 foods 24/7, struggle with sensitivities to food, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation and arseholes! (oh my heart) I am a mother of two sins oops haha sons (genuine typo but left it cos lol’d), singer, musician, multipassionate, multicreative, wantrepreneur…

    And I have one main damn dream in life: to get off the disabilty pension and enjoy financial freedom, make a contribution and a positive difference in peoples lives, by creating things (maybe multimedia storytelling and teaching/influencing as it seems to converge pretty much all my goodies), that inspire, inform, educate, entertain and empower others with a great sense of self love and personal power, in order to be, do, have and go – whoever, whatever, whenever and wherever their big beautiful souls want in this life!

    Soooooooooo um, as soon as I figure that out and achieve it myself, I’ll get onto it. Meanwhile…


    Being more realistic now…

    At the very least, I have a goal of making $500 a week. That will be double what I get now on the pension. Life changing I tell ya!

    Alas, cold, stuck. Know sooo much cos been addicted to learning constantly biz and marketing and creative skills all my life… yet, my brain, well my health in general, seems to be my own worst enemy. 

    Help. :'( 

    If nothing else, please visit my music youtube channel and feel the love (and pain), where I post songs when health is kind and esteem high enough… at 

    Phew. Sorry ’bout that! I exploded. This video did do that! Thank you. 🙂 <3 

  69. This interview was so incredibly insightful and packed full of great advice that I plan to watch it again.. and again to make sure it all sinks in.

    I am one of those people who just jumped into my project and have been figuring it out along the way and updating and changing things where I feel there needs changes.

    I know i have a lot to learn and cant tell you how much I appreciate the information you provide in your videos. This one in particular hit all the right buttons for me.

    I started my blog about 3 months ago and am having incredible feedback and nearing on 10,000 hits which I think is really great but don’t have anything to compare it to.. I am wondering if you can suggest where I can measure / compare my blogs audience growth rates?

    Thanks for everything you are doing, you are a real inspiration for me 🙂

  70. Elisha

    Thank you for this great video, I have been stuck in the analysis paralysis for the last year with my idea and like you said there is a future I see and a big gap from where I am now. It always helps knowing that it will take time, it’s not an overnight sprint. There is a huge community of people out there who are wanting to make a big difference for the world and it starts with us being authentic to ourselves.
    Action: get website up by end of August.
    Thank you both for who you are and the stand you are for others!

  71. Once again, thank you Marie & Chris for the continued inspiration!

    For the next 30 days I’ve committed to completing my first book, allowing new business to flow in support of this project (which is really a trampoline for greater things not just for me, for so many others as well). And re-vamping my blog for more visual juiciness. That’s my 30-day nutshell, voila.

    My favorite/key word from this interview: Convergence.

  72. My goal is to have a solid direction for a blog, either the one I’ve started or another one.
    The step I am going to take is to hire a coach. I’ve been playing at starting a new career/developing a side income (FREEDOM!) for a couple of years. A need a coach to help me sort through my ideas and talents and to keep me focused.
    Thanks for the challenge.

    • Coaches definitely help with focus and accountability!! I know that’s what I offer to my coaching clients and what I look for in a coach, too!

  73. Hey Marie,

    Rockin’ video this week. I do love me some Chris Guillebeau and can’t wait to read that book. Something I want to accomplish in 30 days is to have my speaking brochure completed and sent out to corporations and organizations. I’ve already written most of the copy (will finish doing that today), and I’m actually hiring the graphic designer for it today, as well. Lately, I, too, have been all about action, action, action. As always, thank you for that oh so important reminder to take action. I can never hear that enough. Look forward to next week’s episode of MarieTV.

    All the Best,


  74. Julie Millett

    Marie and Chris – Thank you! The “tweetable” from Chris is a fantastic take-away. Too long for a tattoo…?

    I have a project that I keep thinking I *should* work on, but I keep not doing so because (drum roll) I actually don’t want to do it. SO, as soon as I took a deep breath with that fact, it occurred to me what I DO want to do.

    I’m working on demo content for myself as an actor, plus wanting to do other creative writing. To that end, my BIG IDEA is to write 450 words a day for the next 30 days to get my juices flowing. (This is the approximate length of the short script I’m already editing.) I love it! When I do this, I will build so many more ideas and possible short scripts to develop my kick-ass reel, which is a goal I’ve had for quite a while! Thanks for the inspiration vitamin!

  75. Great interview!

    I have a lot on my plate this month, since I’m launching a new collection and total rebrand at the end of August, but sometimes it’s even the simplest, smallest things that we hold back most on. For me, I’ve been wanting to build philanthropy into my business, even took a class on it with the amazing Erin Giles (which I fully recommend), but let it step to the side because more immediate business matters got in the way. But I love your point about matching up what you do on a daily basis with the end goal. So…

    Here’s my action step for the next 30 days: I’m going to finally get cracking on emailing a few companies to start working with them on a philanthropic front, until I get the one yes that I need. I did get into analysis paralysis not knowing which would be the “right” pick and then not getting a response from the first email I sent out – but this month, I’m going to try again. And the funny thing is, this is not a big commitment in terms of time or energy or money. It’s just a simple thing that I need to do, have been wanting to do, but stalled on out of fear.

    Thanks for the push!

  76. Two of my favorite people in one place! I’ve been a huge fan of Chris ever since stumbling across his post on legacy projects. I was so inspired by this and it really got me thinking about MY legacy and the work I wanted to do in the world. Thank you for this inspiring conversation! xo

  77. Jim Cox

    Enjoy watching you. My 30 day goal is to revamp my photography website in an easier to upload format and fresher look. I have been struggling with (and procrastinating on) this for a looooooooooong time.

  78. What I’m going to do is Clear My Desk – physically and metaphorically. Finish my current commissions, finish my home reorganization (
    and tidy up those obligations lying around like clutter.
    It sounds like a bunch of individual tasks, and it is, but as a whole it is one big goal. And the great thing is I don’t have to be done to see progress. Every small item off the list makes a difference.

    PS I already leaped from the cliff and started my new website and published a market research survey, instead of waiting until I was “ready” (that is to say a huge product line all finished). Why not share my process instead?

  79. I really enjoyed this episode. Realizing that successful people often have worked many years before achieving success can be inspiring.

    We went to a trade show and never made any sales. But talking to everyone around us that had achieved the level we wanted, we realized that they all took 3-5 years to get there. Did I get depressed? nope. I pounded them with questions about how they did it and what they would change!

    I’m ready to wait 5 years, but will do my best to shorten that.

  80. Special K

    I just quit my job because of an overwhelming feeling that there was something else I should be doing. So here I am doing “nothing” figuring myself out, researching everything I’ve ever wanted to know, making lists of things I’ve always wanted to do and after watching this episode I realized that for sure I need to just pick one thing!
    I’ve picked writing a children’s story. My Mom has always wanted me to write, so here I am starting a children’s story. My first action item (other than the concept and plot of the story-this is complete), is to actually LEARN how to write a real story. This is completely feasible for me since I am not doing too much right now 🙂

    Wish me luck!

    • Jennifer

      My brother is writing children stories as well. He’s still has his job to pay for his family’s expenses and he writes at night. He’s self-publishing his first book and is working with a local illustrator to distribute the book to libraries and schools.

      You should check out “The Book Mama” as she helps women create books that get published and sell:

  81. Jennifer

    My 30 day thing: Find a part-time research position @ my university that fits nicely into my flexible work schedule. I’m applying to grad school next year and need a year of research to strengthen my application.

  82. What a perfect pair for aspiring entrepreneurs! Why did it take so long for this interview to happen? Thanks Marie and Chris for your great work.

    My ONE thing is that I’m going to start an email newsletter on curiosity. Chris mentioned that it is a driving force to the way he thinks and what actions he takes. I believe that is true for everyone.

    Curiosity drives action.

    So I want to teach people how to use their curiosity to make changes in their life and accomplish their goals and dreams. If you’re curious enough, you’ll make something happen.

    I was curious enough to watch this Marie TV episode… and I’m so glad I did.

    Thanks for sharing your art.

  83. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for the interview with Chris. I am looking for the freedom that the two of have in common –doing something I really love –teaching. By the end of August (31, 2012), it is my goal to have my new WordPress website up/running.

  84. Great book! I have been eyeing it since I saw it last week and just got it today!

    I swear Marie, you are the only one I will watch a 30 minute interview from. Great questions and answers! Chris, what a phenomenal book idea. This is going to help so many people!

    By the end of this month my goal is to create another $1,000 in residual via my membership site for coaching.

  85. Julie

    Thanks Marie! I loved this video, I have not heard of Chris before, I will check him out too. My goal for the next 30 days is going to be to figure out exactly what idea I want to pursue for my online business. I have lots of ideas, but have not put the time into specifying what exactly I am envisioning.
    I know it involves health. I want to have the freedom of location!!! That is a big goal for my family. I’d like to continue working in person with people but not be bound to it for income. Our plan is to move to NYC in 2014. I need to get working on this now so that is an option. I have wanted to live in NY since I was 5 (literally, I have been planning it since then) and having an online business that can at least provide part of my income will allow that move to happen. I am excited to share my passion with others in a big way!
    Thanks again!

  86. Marie, brilliant as always…I said even so on the video last year at RHH! And Chris, my web designer/friend, sent me your manifesto. I LOVED it. It so perfectly described what I’m trying to do…I’m on that path.
    I’ve just recently set up my website and blog as I am learning social media to get my work out there. I’m also currently writing my comic memoir about the spiritual journey post divorce and what happens when you make your own rules and travel through the juicy land of Mama Gena! Yes, I’m a proud grad:)
    And the memoir is the latest in my wild and wooly journey to love via spirituality and sensuality…it began with my tv pilot script (written and pitched) to my solo show, Hot Mama Mahatma, so far produced 3x in NYC, to my first recording as a songwriter…all the same brand…there is life post divorce and it can be sexy and amazing! And yes, I guess you could say I’ve been taking actions, including my debut article this week on HuffPo Just sayin’:)

  87. Wonderful interview and insightful questions and answers. Thanks for putting this together. Recently read $100 Startup and loved it!

  88. Laura

    Awesome, as usual! I loved hearing how both of you went through a phae of ‘convergence’. It wasn’t until going through B School that I realized I’m goin through the same thing! Everyone around me is telling me that my business ideas are all separate, but when I realized they could actually function as one unit, my world changed! I realize my biggest asset was ME!
    As for your awesome challenge… in the next 30 days, I am going to get my website up and running. I’m going to stop over analyzing every small decision and get it out there. I’m going to communicate my ideas and passions to my clients and trust the process! I also loved the 1000 words a day. I’ve never been a writer, but this dream of having something published has recently come into my space. I don’t know where it’s going to lead, but there is a little voice inside me saying ‘take the writing challenge- there’s some thing big there!’.
    Wow wow wow wow wow. Mind blown.

  89. I’m on the verge of restructuring my online business. I’ve already completely restarted my blog and I want to restart my shop, but I feel the pressure to find a more steady job that would provide a safe income. I applied for a part-time job just yesterday and the moment I got the call to come to the interview I found myself thinking “I don’t want to go! I don’t want this job!” I guess I’m not ready to give up on my dream life just yet, and your interview really gave me the reassurance that if I just do it and give it my all, things will eventually come together.
    So, my one idea to implement in the next 30 days is to get my shop back into shape. That means following through with my ideas and sewing like a maniac.

  90. 1. The ONE big idea you’re going to take action on in the next 30 days (our action challenge from the video)

    I’ll be taking my idea to finish my ebook, finish my website and have the ebook as revenue. Add hot points and videos to prompt the user to take advantage of a free 30 minute consultation with the purchase of the book.

    2. The single biggest, actionable insight you’ll take away from this interview.

    CONVERGENCE. This was big for me as I have a lifetime of experiences and knowledge that now I feel it can all converge and make sense.

  91. Great interview. I read Chris’ book about a month ago after I heard about WDS. I am on the list for next year and hope to get a ticket the second they go on sale. The book was a great addition to Bschool training. In the next 30 days I am going to set up at least two meetings to get a connection with Formula One that will be coming to Austin in Nov.

  92. 1. The ONE big idea you’re going to take action on in the next 30 days and why this is important to you.

    To make a difference: –
    to help young writers publish their work.

    School starts this month and I plan to talk with the Journalism / English Department and offer to publish their students work on my website.

    I’ll write a script and action plan for the teachers.
    Offer to speak with the classes and
    Tutor students on writing in general and for a blog specifically.

    2. The single biggest, actionable insight you’ll take away from this interview.
    To continue to set my short-term and long-term goals and to follow my schedule (adjusting where needed – flexibility is also important)
    I think of my business activities to be similar to training for a marathon:
    What do I need to do to be able to finish the marathon on the big day = baby step, frequent baby steps.

    I have a #BOBBism: “You can move a mountain with a teaspoon”

  93. Claudia

    Hi Marie,
    Great video. I loved Chris! He seemed like such a genuine guy with really practical advice.

    So here is my action item for the next 30 days:
    My vision for myself is to begin a coaching business (online, one-on-one, group??) for women to help them focus on their strengths and learn how to see their own personal power. What I want is for every woman to own her power so that she can make better decisions for her life (career, health, spirituality, parenting, etc..). It is my hope that this will continue to multiply generation after generation and really change our world. As women we have lots of influence in our society, and we have to own that! ;0)

  94. Elloa

    Marie and Chris,

    I am kicking BUTT! Not only am I doing 30 days of cold showers (thanks to the Blog of Impossible Things) but I am also training for a cycling event that seems waaaay beyond my comfort zone and what I perceive to be my limits, AND I have literally just booked flights to Prague and Vienna.

    So… my ONE big idea for the next 30 days is in progress: 30 days of cold showers, and less than 3 weeks to get a silver or even a gold time on a 100km cycling event.

    And, the single biggest actionable insight for me from this wonderful interview is that IT IS POSSIBLE if you put the footwork in.

    Marie, you rock my world. Chris, my friend just came back from the World Domination Summit and had a life transforming time. She has launched ‘Wonder Sessions’ since and is stepping ever further into her greatness. THANK YOU BOTH.

    Elloa xxx

    • To quote Marie “Dude, u r rockin” Lovely man, authentic, real and gentle, great mentor material. And lovely to see the connection between both of u, Marie, you so gracefully hold the space, thank you for this interview, I am new to Marietv and I love it.

      I love the term CONVERGENCE, somehow seems a nice companion to go with synchronicity…… For me, having been a dancer, an artist (painter), & now writing, as well as a passionate hands on mama, previously a clown and performer, convergence is where I am headed, definitely!

      i am really right at the beginning of donning my entrepreneurial “I can do this” hat, so a bold statement of accountability, putting it out there in a kind of I”M GOING TO DO THIS IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS statement is a perfect kicker (up the proverbial) for me RIGHT NOW….and so here it is –

      I will complete the creation of my ebook, despite my nagging inner (I can’t do this) critic – THE MUM-OVER – a make-over for mamas, – How to be the Best Mum Ever! This project has been born out of my own darkest parenting moments coupled with the incredible passion I feel for the most sacred work on the planet – being a mother. My focus is on what it takes to truly, madly, deeply LOVE OURSELVES, as women & as mothers mothering, & that by doing this and learning to be present to the space inside us we become much happier people and much better mothers.
      I see a world of conscious loved up, self aware and self loving mamas, who are truly able to love and nurture our little people, and thereby model for them kick ass happiness and enthusiasm for life.

      I also am going to get moving on blog posts for Loving Being, (which may indeed be the cringe worthy, exclamation mark pink blog posts that Marie referred to, but everyone has to begin somewhere!!!!!!!)

      (I have to say that I feel kind of reticent putting this out there, and not holding it in, it is very scary, but in a good way, I do feel that by sharing I am gaining my own clarity and momentum, so stay tuned, and thank you ALL for being here, very much.)

      30 days from now will be the 7th SEP, so I’m putting it out there to JOIN me on that date at, when things should be up and pumping. Come and check out THE MUM-OVER, – a makeover for mamas. – How to be the Best Mum Ever! I would love to connect about this with you.

      I definitely like the focus of deadlines and “deliverables”, time to get “stuck in”. Thank you Chris and Marie,

      love Ambuja
      Byron Bay hinterland, NSW, Australia.

      Comments or thoughts really appreciated 🙂

  95. LOVE Love love this interview thanks for all the gems and wisdom and actionable advise! My ONE big idea that I’m going to take action on in the next 30 days is to get my finances in order before I go back to OZ.. this means.. *getting my german finance number *inputing my receipts from touring and filing them *doing my APRA LPRs and *getting My GEMA in order.. 🙂 all by the 23rd of August 2012.. !! This is important to me because I’ve been having some money issues, and I think if I get my ‘house’ in order I will feel a lot better knowing where I’m at and a lot less stressed about it!

    One of the things that stood out to me in the interview was what you both said about convergance, I feel like I am at a stage just before convergance.. there are some things that I do that cross over but I have a lot of passions and interests and sometimes it feels scattered.. I think it would be great to converge all my ideas and talents into one action machine! 🙂

    Thanks again for your insights and powerful education!! x Prita

  96. GREAT interview Marie & Chris! My biggest takeaway was finding that balance between doing what I feel intuitively guided to focus on in the moment while staying focused on how I want to make my mark in the big picture.

    One of the insights I’ve had in the past was combining my experience in the travel industry with my life coaching practice…MyMiBoSo (Mind, Body, and Soul) Fiji retreats are now going to be planned sooner (as in I’m contacting people this month!) rather than later :).

  97. I’ve just finished B-school, I’ve bought my ticket for RHH Live (can you believe it!?#!) and yet I still have this nagging loser thought that I am not working as hard as I “should” be towards my goal of supporting myself as an ARTIST. I have been so busy working ON my business, at the neglect of my craft (painting)

    The most significant insight from this video is the idea that my short term activities/priorities are not completely aligned with my long term goals (and the cash that is needed to fund them.) The choices I am making now WILL affect the opportunities available to me in the future BIG TIME.

    So I loved when Chris mentioned his daily deliverable to write 1000 words so that he can continue to live as a writer.

    My ONE big commitment to myself is to sketch/paint SOMETHING everyday for the next 30 days – doesn’t have to be a master piece, but must keep me moving in a creative direction and put me in touch with my TOOLS (pencil, paper, color) each and every day.

  98. Marie, if you never made another video again, I would be forever grateful that you made this one! Thank you so much for this awesome content.

    My intention in the next 30 days is to interview one ‘bigshot’ author in relation to writing and freelancing for my ebook Freelance Your Heart Out. I’m revisiting Module 4 of BSchool and really want to come up with some creative strategies around that.

    My first action step is to pick a relevant celeb and get in touch. Can’t wait to get started!

  99. Christina

    1. I am going to ask 1-3 people a day what their favorite feeling is. I have a strong desire to connect with people and also a strong a habit of preventing myself from doing it. I am reading the Fire Starter Sessions and discovering how important and guiding feelings truly are. I want to talk to people about feelings to bring them front and center into my life. Also, I will record what gets shared in order to bring it out and not just leave it floating in my head.

    2. The most actionable insight from the video for me was the truth of starting with what I already have. I get paralyzed by comparing myself to others. Even reading some of the comments for this video I was thinking “My idea is not as important as theirs” and “I have no business trying to grow and learn”. The truth is, I was BORN to grow and learn. I can only work with what comes naturally to me, no matter how insignificant it may seem. The important thing is to actually DO. I can only learn/grow/feel by doing.
    The feeling I get watching your videos and reading the Fire Starter Sessions is a feeling of excitement and creativity that I haven’t felt since I was little. Thank you for your incredibly devoted enthusiasm!

  100. Emmelie De La Cruz

    Hello everyone! Thanks for another awesome video Marie! I always look forward to Q&A Tuesday. This video came at a perfect time, as I decided to launch my business on Sunday and started building my website. In the next 30 days I will launch my website and offerings to help young women with personal branding.

    The most actionable thing I learned was to do just that: Take action and go to market. I have been sitting on this idea for a while. I knew I wanted to help people but didn’t know how. I’m hitting the ground running. Wish me luck!

  101. Great interview! I’ve been a fan of both of you for at least several years (no, I didn’t keep track).

    I have so many ideas of things I want to write (or finish writing), and I never seem to settle down and tackle any of them. Listening to Chris, I was inspired (I even wrote myself a note) to schedule one hour a day for writing time.

    So I have three action items:
    1. Read Chris’s book (it’s on my shelf).
    2. Decide on a writing hour and make it sacred.
    3. Pick one writing project and get ‘er done. (The latter part may take more than 30 days.)

  102. This video is incredibly timely since I just so happen to be reading the $100 Startup now! I think you both are an inspiration. I’ve been in the process of starting my own business for the last several months. Marie, since discovering you in May of this year courtesy of Ramit Sethi’s emails, I’ve decided to take action and start on my dream. I’ve enrolled in Institute for Integrative Nutrition for health coach training and also did B-School this year!

    The one thing I’m going to take action on is starting a side business home meal delivery service where I live in Hoboken, New Jersey. My business model will be me selling homemade food to other residents in Hoboken, NJ. I have a passion for food, and a passion for healthy cooking, and I really think that I can show people how yummy the healthy stuff is (if they don’t think so already). I’ve written a sales letter and am going to start prospecting in mid-September after I return from my vacation in Australia.

    The biggest insight I have had as a result of watching this is to start putting my website up and put content out there. I found it really inspiring when both Marie and Chris indicated that their first blog posts were not very good, but that they got better over time. I know that my writing is going to improve over time, and I’ve hired a website designer and aim to have my website up and running (though it will be small) by the time I leave for my vacation.

    Thank you so much Marie and Chris for inspiring myself and countless other people to make positive changes in our lives! I loved this episode and I can’t wait for more!

    • Hey Nancy! So glad you found Marie and I love your idea of a food delivery service. I live in Hoboken too & I’d love to connect with you when you are ready to start prospecting!

      Hope you have a great time in Australia 🙂

  103. For me, the idea of picking something and doing it is huge. I definitely have a gajillion ideas and because it is often text-based I can sit on things for years before finishing or releasing. My actionable insight is also about getting feedback, surveying and sharing interactions and stories within my audience.

    My goal is to go out and do events to show people who I am, what I do and lure them into my circle, small events that lead up to a big event over the next month.

    On the other side I’m going to make audios and videos to advertise and fuel this fire during this busy time of year where writing is just getting me nowhere. I’m going on a writerly hiatus…I will edit what I have already written and I will create blog posts(with as much brevity and audio/visual as possible), but the rest will be more action-oriented progress as possible to gear myself up for a more action-packed delivery of my goods.

    My goal is a first event in 5 days, then to open myself up for in-persons leading to another event in 5 days afterwards and the next 3 days, as well as planning and having sign-ups for continued services and a bigger event around the 30 day mark that will be taped, marketed and sold.

  104. Jan

    Thank you Marie,
    I am loving the interviews.
    Short to the point, relevant and your questions hone in the issues that I am really interested in. “The How”, I think it is very powerful to hear how others moved things forward, you get a sense of what it really takes and if you are up for it.
    Speaking of that, my action item is to consolidate all my contacts over the years and send out my first email blast, to past, and present clients. See if they are interested in hearing form me on a “irregular and relavent basis” This is going to be done by Friday 10 August COB.

  105. Thank you so much for this video, Marie + Chris.

    My takeaway from this was something you said, Marie. I think it was, “When I think about things for too long, I’m doomed.” That really struck a chord with me. I’m at my best when I get an idea that lights me up and I work it till it’s done. I’m at my best when I ‘just do it.’ Thinking for too long about it raises doubts and leaves me in the paralysis you were both talking about.

    So for my 30 day plan; Less thinking, more doing.

    First action step, not thinking about the first session I have with my first ever coach today that I was worrying about this morning. I’m just going to do it.

    Thanks again 🙂

  106. Marie Forleo, you have enlightened and awaken a beauty-sleepy side of me, that has been going on for years! This, is not only a comment. This,Marie Forleo, is a declaration of love to you, Im not lesbian, but you totally turn me on girl! You turn me on to LIFE, LOVE AND TO FINALLY PUT MY BUSINESS RUNNING! Im a though girl, but i’ve got tears in my eyes. It took long to start and participate in your comments and this is the first time. I have butterflies in my stomach every time I get an update from you since I’ve first read your book 5 months ago, in my holidays visiting Brazil – where I am from. It was in portuguese, and now I have just finished reading it again in english, just to make sure Im really not missing any details. Im like yourself, a multi-passionated, multitalented, of an extremely disorganized mind (in fact I have been not long ago diagnosed with ADHD), and I spent my entire life having ppl tell me that I had to decide what I wanted to do in life. Thing is, for some reason I was always very lucky, things always worked out for me. For some time I believed having many talents was what held me back, comparing my life to the normal standards. I just couldnt keep myself in the box, i could easily be hired for jobs but 1 or 2 months i was extreeeemely bored and quit, and knowing how easy i could get and try something became kind of the fun part, and in that way i found how to keep myself entertained. Until, one day I was asked if I wanted to work in China. I had never left Brazil before, didnt even have a passport, so I left family and boyfriend and university (Piano Bachalor) to go to China and be a singer and dancer. The things I work with today vary from DJ-ing, modeling, singing, dancing, Im also a Personal trainner and fitness instructor and Yoga instructor, and so I decided to open my own business in Hong Kong. At first I had no idea what kind of business I was going to do, but I knew I wanted to help people to create better life environment and share information. Well, thats a brief of it. And then I read your book, and it opened up a world for me. First I realized I had to definitely put myself together in order to help other, so I hired a personal stylist to help organize my wardrobe, I did a detox juice cleaning, i took energy balancing sessions, I know those things sound like random stuff but I just wanted to feel and live the life I believe and I wanna help other create for themselves which is complete wellness.
    The best is that I have done in a month things that I wasnt taking action on for sooo long. As I need to end this comment now before it gets way longer: there are things I still need to work on like my company’s website, business plan, Visa for running my company in Hong Kong which is a very complicated thing, but the one thing that I chose to be a 30 day challenge was to organize my contact list! I have hundreds of contacts business cards, huge list of email contacts, thousands of Facebook contacts and I have just sent my first e-newsletter to a few people but I want that amazing organized contact list!
    So be it.
    Thank you for your existence, and Im on the next RHH B-school!
    Love, Ellen
    ps: if you wanna check my first e-newsletter:

    • Gee! I didnt mean to call u of a very disorganized mind. Thats is on my own account O.o

  107. Hi Marie,

    Really excited to see Chris on your tv. I’ve been a fan of him for a few years. I enjoy his sincerity in sharing.

    Anyway, one thing that I want to challenge myself for the next 30 days is to commit to a consistent action of doing cat vomit exercise (by Tim Ferriss) to tone down my stomach!

    I’ll start tomorrow, Thursday with 4 vomits then vary according to the day of the week!

    Anyway tomorrow 9 Aug is my country National Day, celebrating 47 years old as a young nation Singapore!

    Lots of love & Thank you for your energy!
    Ai Ling

  108. I am working on writing $.99 articles that you can buy on kindle. All about free ways to market your massage practice.

  109. Hi Marie and Chris

    I am an avid follower of Marie and I am delighted to accept your challenge.

    My one thing that I plan to do within the next 30 days is start a blog I’ve been dreaming about for years. Specifically what I plan to achieve is to come up with 50 post topics so that I can keep the energy flowing once I get my first post out into the world.

    I will come back here an post my progress. To start with I aim to come up with at least 2 blog posts topics a day. Next goal will be to have at least 5 posts written before I let lose on my first one.

    So there you have it you have inspired someone who’s sitting in their attic in Belfast, Northern Ireland who has just had to move out of their office due to cash flow problems. A longer term goal will be to help people feel less frantic, disorganized or anxious about life through my blog and possibly talks.

    Thanks guys. Look forward to reading your book Chirs


  110. Thanks for interviewing Chris, Marie. I was at WDS and am half way through the $100 start up. You two are incredible at creating community.

    My Challenge: I have a few projects going on. Within the next 30-days I am going to publicly launch my first ever online program teaching jewelry designers how to become business savvy. The idea for My New venture, was conceived at RHH live last year. I have been thinking of what I want to create and it all surrounds developing a community of designers who are willing to support each other, give advice, share contacts and connections. This is a HUGE difference from how the biz is currently run and I really want to change the mentality from hoarding info to telling people what they need to know to succeed. A community like this would have really changed my business the first time around, just like being in your collective communities has changed my entire world-view.

    I like a challenge so I am also going to commit to figuring out what to do with the $100 that Chris G Gave back after WDS. Since I have positive cash flow and don’t need the $100 to start up my business, I definitely want to give it back. Therefore, I want to find a way to multiply that money by 100 fold and then donate it. I am not sure who I will donate too…maybe charity water or else an organization that develops community, support and mentoring for underprivileged women in the arts. I will have a plan as to what to do and then the multiplying starts within the next 30 days.

    Marie motivated us at RHH live last year to come up with several $10,000 ideas. I came up with one that in the pre-sale aloone came close to generating that number. So, I am going to raise $10,000 to give or create some other big dream to make this world a better place and to inspire community in some way.

    xo, Tracy

  111. Andrei

    Hello Marie. I’m so happy that i subscribed to your website a few day’s ago, and to have the opportunity to watch this amazing video, and i thank you for apearing in my life. The paralisys problem is haunting me for 3 years now, and today i am taking action, leaving the paralisys behind me. The option that i picked was to start my own IBO Amway distributor bussines. Actually, in a half hour i have a meeting, and from today i will go to work for fullfilling my dream and goals. Thank you very much for having the chance to express myself on your blog, and GO MARIE FORLEO !!!

  112. Holly Kennedy

    Thanks Marie! What a great interview. You are definitely opening my mind to what is possible and, for the first time, I realized I love marketing too! What a realization after all these years of thinking i hated it.

    Thanks to both of you.

  113. Roshini

    Hi Marie!!

    Thank you for this AWESOME interview! And massive thanks to Chris Guillebeau for this AMAZING challenge!! I am multi-passionate and find it so difficult to focus on one thing, but I’m up for this challenge and I’m going to be picking… hoop-dance! 🙂 I’ll be doing my hoop-dance teacher training, passing levels 1&2 within a month and then holding a class in mid-September. Yay!!!

    Keep up the FABULOUS work Marie, I am a MASSIVE fan of your work 🙂

    Much love,

  114. Great video! I am going to start building membership site with how-to videos that help solo entrepreneurs launch their business, programs, and products online. Everything from how to set-up your website to setting up your shopping cart to planning out your launch. Awesome stuff!


  115. Not only is it great to watch both you Marie but Chris as well is because it reinspires me. I have my own business as a clutter coach, helping people declutter their head, heart and home. Working 1:1 with people on simplifying their lives (head, heart and home) gives me great joy and I feel blessed. But you go through peaks and troughs in business and sometimes I consider that I should just get a ‘real job’ (whatever that is). Then I watch a post like this one and realise it’s okay to work ridiculously long hours and be committed to my passion and to helping others living a more fulfilling life.
    And as someone who has written two books for teens on puberty, but struggling to get the motivation to keep writing, despite the success of my books – I’m going to take on board’s Chris’s task of 1000 words a day and see how it goes.
    Thank you again.

  116. Just thought I’d give a quick update! I know it’s only been two days but I’ve already noticed a difference!

    After watching this interview, reading a few more articles written by Chris on his blog, downloading his manifesto and also visiting some of the commenter’s websites – I took the big leap of action to write a post a day for the next month and so far so good but the response has been getting way better!

    I’m not even promoting my posts at all – no marketing whatsoever – and I’m already getting hundreds of views every day. This is fantastic!

    I read in Chris’ manifesto that he said he committed himself to writing 3 articles a week and even if he had no internet access or he had been awake for 36 hours he would still find a way to get those articles out on the scheduled days.

    I found this happening and I still made myself get it done and you feel so great!

    Loving your exceptional advice Marie!


    • that’s what’s the secret to getting all those views?? 🙂

      • I definitely think keywords is a biggie (you can check them on the free google keyword tool) but I believe my secret gem is the power of my facebook friends!

        I have about 800 and even if only 10 like/share/copy or comment on them that then exposes my blog posts to their friends who are looking for that type of info. Talk about 6 degrees of separation!

        Oh and HUGE tip of the day for anyone who wants quick free content ideas – survey your facebook friends! I did this a couple of months back and that one little survey has literally given me MOOOONTHS of content to create based on their answers and what they said they wanted!

        Hope that helps 🙂 xx

        • Elise, love your site! The post ‘how to get bat-shit happy’ is awesome! in fact sharing it right now 🙂
          You definitely have some shareable content…and I agree sharing on Facebook goes a long way for me..I need to spend more time on SEO ..tsk tsk even though it’s something I help others with!!

          • Haha thanks Sandy!

            That’s def a favourite post and I really just love any excuse to be goofy!

            I’ve just made a cuppa and bout to settle in on your blog. SO. MANY. JUICY. POSTS!!!

            Thanks for your wonderful comment 🙂

  117. I really liked this interview. Chris and Marie are right; thinking too much keeps you on the sidelines. You have to do something or you wont do anything. Every little step is something and eventually does little steps add up to something big.
    If you want to do a 30 day challenge to write a book, go to the Nanowriom site. You sign up for the challenge and spend 30 days writing a book and you compete against other Nanowrio’s in other states. They even have write-a-thon’s at certain places depending on where you’re from. I did this a couple of years ago and it was really fun and crazy. It was fun because there was no thinking it through; you had to jump in the deep end or drown. I’m going to do again this year. I want to see how far I can push myself; if I can complete another book. I find when I don’t think so much and just start writing; ideas come pouring out.

  118. Sarae Pratt

    This being a great video was no surprise to me – thanks Marie.

    The surprise is how timely this is for me. I’m just on the edge of taking action to change my life and taking that step is – wow! – super scary and super exciting. I’m definately suffering from over thinking so with Chris’ advice ringing in my ears, I’ve got 30 days to pin down making that step possible.

  119. I’m starting my own video series, Time Traveler Tours Video, on making eBooks, iBooks, and apps for non-tech-savvy people, like me.

    Action #1 – script for first video. Done.

    Action #2 – buy a mic. On my way to the Apple Store now.

    Thanks Marie! Awesome, vid, as always!

    Thanks Chris! Love your work!

  120. I love reading everyone’s posts about what they are committing to doing and what they have done! it’s inspiring! Just thought I’d pop back and say that after posting my goal – I went out the very next day and did the biggest thing on my list which had been stressing me out – I got my German Tax number.. whoo hoo.. might not seem like much. .but getting the form done alone was a good test for me and mr google translate.. anyway big tick one thing done!! yea… closer to my 30 day financial organizationing goal… 🙂 prita

  121. 1. The ONE big idea you’re going to take action on in the next 30 days (our action challenge from the video)

    I decided to life and to search someone who will help me to integrate my “dying and disease” experiences, so that I can really dive into my life… thank you for encouraging me to transform it into action and determination or motivation, which was missing this morning!

    2. The single biggest, actionable insight you’ll take away from this interview.

    I want to make a differnece, too. I want to make peoples lifes more positive- and the first step into it for me as i have written bevor, I will make my own life more positive, to have the power and motivation constantly for others to encorage and help them… I already “knew” it bevor, but never felt the difference what this will make…
    Thank you, you two amazing guys!

  122. Hey Marie, so great that you invited Chris! really enjoyed watching it and thank you both.
    I actually set up my dream business within 30 days this May (joined the 30 Day Challenge lead by John Williams and Selina Barker in London). It’s no miracle, just start doing something one day, and build up more the next day, that’s how momentum grows. I am having my last 2 weeks in the corporate world, then will enjoy the full-time leap 🙂 – Marie, your b-school has given me a lot of confidence, thank you!!

    Sending everyone energy no matter what you decide to do!!

  123. Wow! This was amazing & inspiring! Thanks Marie & Chris!!

    1. My goal is to finish “the JOY starter kit” book in 30 days. My mission in life is to elevate human kind(ness) through JOY! I really want to help those people who are feeling a little stuck and help them find happiness their life (personally & professionally). I’m also in the process of re-launching my site so that’s also in the background.

    2. So many great advice, it’s so hard to pick one. But since I have to pick, I’d say I loved his quote about the choices you take now open up your options for the future. This is so true. I have to take actions that are consistent with where I want to be!!

    • Hi Minling,

      I’m excited to read your book! Please let up know the moment it is available… you have me as your customer!

      ~Michael Joseph

  124. I LOVED this interview! You’re both fabulous and inspiring.

    My big idea is that I am going to lean into being a pattern designer. In two weeks I’m starting an ecourse with the fabulous Rachael Taylor to learn the ins and outs of the business. The course was a HUGE investment for me and I felt so compelled to sign up that I knew it was the right thing to do for me and my business. I’m doing the day-job thing and this is going to be a big investment of time but it will be worth it.

    One big insight from this interview is that it’s okay to be okay with staying at my job while creating this opportunity for myself. That doing something everyday is so important to forward momentum.

    That tweetable says it all and I’m diving in to that!
    Tweeting it now! @deannamullican

  125. Hiwote

    Loved this interview and the action items. I am excited to be a part of this challenge!
    I will work on my paintings every day for a minimum of 1 hour. I want to challenge myself starting Monday the 13th and follow up with myself on September 13th 🙂

  126. Reshma

    Hi Marie,

    I had a HUGE Aha moment when you said – “Clarity Comes from engagement NOT Thought” I’ve been searching for clarity for so long, and now I know how I’m going to get it. My thinking shifted almost immediately, thanks to that simple yet powerful statement.
    I also loved what Chris said – ” The choices we make now, affect the options available to us in the future”
    Both those statements gave me goosebumps!

    So let’s get down to that challenge – I want to have my own business and the first step for me is to identify the what that business is. I have created a list of action steps, and everyday for the next 30 days I’m going to pick one thing from that list and EXECUTE on it. After 30 days of working those actions muscles – taking action will just become a habit. This starts tomorrow Sat 11th August. I really need to get engaged by taking action, and I know through this approach I will get clarity and find the right business for me.

    Thank you for sharing this great interview with us. The subject matter was exactly what I needed to hear right now. Just ordered the $100 Start-Up!

  127. Hi Marie,

    Thank you once again for the great interview and content, Chris has been an inspiration for me since I read “The Art of Non-Conformity.”

    For the next 30-days, my goal is to finally get my first product online, it’s an entrepreneur coaching product that addresses the soft skills necessary to become an outstanding entrepreneur.

    I feel so encouraged by you and Chris, Joe Polish, Dan Sullivan, Brendon Burchard, and others to do something on my own…but the irony… is that for the past five years, I have been coaching other entrepreneurs, but WHILE WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE! What I mean is that I worked for a company called Kubota Image Tools, training new photographers how to run a successful photography business, then I worked at ClickBank, training people how to make money online… while the whole time, I was working for someone else.

    Well, I’m nervous and afraid to strike it out on my own, as a matter of fact I just accepted a new job as a Marketing Strategist… but because of this interview I now don’t feel so conflicted. I now know that many other entrepreneurs have created something and built it up while working for someone else, and if I make good money with my own stuff, I can work because I want to, not because I have to. THANK YOU!

    So, realistically, can I bring my first product to market within 30-days… YES! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… choo choo! I just need to dig deep and put together a lot of the material I already have.

    I’ve named the course, AMP UP, because, what I found is that people already have what it takes to succeed inside of them now, they simply need to amplify it.

    So, it’s not done yet, but the pieces are coming together… to get a sneak peek and it, please visit

    Obviously I’m a guy, I almost think I am cheating by following you, but I love what you do, your style, your content soooo much! Thanks for allowing me to participate!

    Michael Joseph

  128. Jo

    My biggest issue is that I live inside my head – overthinking, self-doubting, dreaming of ‘what if’. Perhaps I do this because it is alot safer there then to venture forward and possibly fail. ‘Clarity comes from engagement, not thought’ has left a permanent ringing sound in my ears. The fact that I am writing this is my baby step forward.

    For 3 years now I have talked about writing a children’s book. Actually I have ideas for 2 children’s books and another for women over 50. Not that I am the first to reach that milestone of 50, but just my take on the joys, sorrows, adventures, missed opportunities, disappointments, and journeys that the second half of life can offer. I have shared my stories and ideas for all three of these books with family and friends and the response has always been the same, ‘When are you going to start writing?’ I even found an illustrator two years ago for my children’s book and shared ideas with him. His completed illustrations were fantastic and exactly represented my vision.

    Two years later I sit here with thoughts still in my head. I do not know if any of these books will be a best seller but I do know this, until they are put to paper (or computer), I will never know. So my 30 DAY challenge is this….

    Starting August 13th (in celebration of my son’s 17th birthday and because this is the story I used to tell him at night when he went to bed), I will start working each day for a minimum of 17 minutes on my first children’s book regaling the tale of ‘The Glig Brothers Three’. After 30 days, I will set a new goal and a new deadline.

    I no longer want life to pass me by – I would rather participate, succeed or fail, then wonder ‘what if’.

    Thanks everyone for your insight and inspiration.


  129. Michaela

    This was great, still in my own place of mild panic – but this was a well timed push & display of the obvious. Loved the term “deliverables”, having something produced by your time/effort.

    W/in the next 30 days I want to have my new site up & affiliate status secured & professionally implanted in site (that would be big! I never follow through to completion, just get ball rolling & then stop). Writing & video blogging are true pleasures, so that’s no hardship to keep up w/.

    Another goal in the next 30 days will be to run my current massage therapy practice (that i ultimately want to transition away from) more like a business & have it work for me vs me mostly just showing up & freaking out about $ when things are leaner. I will do this by writing a Rx after each tx w/ what was found & a recommended next apt time.

    I will also continue to reinforce my unique abilities to offer value around full spectrum health, while staying focused on my pleasure!

  130. Marie, between this interview with Chris and your interview with Mastin from The Daily Love, I’m absolutely floored by you and cannot believe that I hadn’t discovered your site long ago. Your site has been such an inspiration for me and I just discovered you last week! I was watching one of your videos and had a complete a-ha moment regarding a business idea and I can’t wait to take action and watch it grow.

    Thank you so much for this interview with Chris. As an aspiring travel writer, I’ve been familiar with Chris for a while and its great to hear a bit more about his thought/working process. I’ve decided to incorporate some of his teachings into my life as a part of your 30 day challenge. My first one is simply to write 500 words a day outside of my day job. This January I started a travel blog because I have a similar goal of Chris to visit all 50 states and I wanted to write about the ones I still have to reach. While the blog is so much fun to write, I have found myself allowing life to get in the way of my writing and I’ve realized I have to stay focused on it because not only do I love writing, my blog is also a big part of the business idea I have. I also feel more called to service after watching this interview because I really would like to use my blog as a tool to inspired people to travel and not let things like time or money stand in the way of at least exploring their own country.

    Also, as a side note I’ve made a fitness goal of exercising 300 minutes per week because it gives me the energy to write after a long day at work. Thanks again for the video Marie and Chris and thank you to this wonderful community of Marie TV. You all have given me ideas for posts and I hope you read about my adventures as well!

    – Shayla

  131. Another amazing interview!
    Great insights from Chris & glad to hear I’m not the only one who just isn’t fit to work in the corporate world. Having just left my steady job and focusing fully on setting up my business & a part time Masters course, this video couldn’t have come at a better time.
    The one action I’ll be taking is setting up a page on my site offering my coaching services as that is ultimately the business I want to start building. Now it’s time to focus on my passion full time and will definitely get Chris’ book to help me even further. (And wrap up those amazing B School modules too which have led me into the right direction!)

  132. Top top video

    Love Chris, and I can’t tell you how inpsired I was about the $100 Startup. I find myself reccomedning it to everyone I speak to. I like to think I’ve helped sell at least 20 copies 🙂

    I don’t even mean to, I just find myself quoting it or talking about an aspect Chris shares. Amazing and inspiring.

    Great interview, really really good 🙂

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  133. Karen

    Thanks for the interview Marie, I loved it! I am actually in the process of reading the $100 start up, so this interview came at the right time.

    1. One thing I am going to take action on: getting 3 paying customers for my coaching services for high school students. This is important to me because it will allow me to save for next year, and have the option of affording drama school.

    2. Biggest insight: the actions we take today determine our options in the future–so obvious, yet I tend to forget it.

  134. As an entrepreneur in my first year (well 3rd year but fels like the first cause I am on the right track now) and in my mid 20s this interview has made me frightfully aware of how many !! I use in my blog post! My Tweets! and my emails!!

  135. I never heard before about this young man, Chris, but I ordered his book because it seems he is answering some of my questions. I already started my business and put several plans in motion, but I am sometimes confused, and sometimes I feel crushed by the two hot weather… I could be Chris’s mother, it seems with age, we have a little less energy.
    Anyway, I need to re-center myself, some push, enthusiasm and a little help from the young generation. I am really curious to read this book, so thank you Marie for this interview.

  136. fuchsia

    1000 words per day. for the next thirty days. WORD!

  137. I am going to make $5,000 in order to buy a Mac Air and go to Paris for a week this winter, in January.

    Deadline – September 15

    Paris, here I come!!! 😉

  138. Sophia

    Thank you for an inspiring half an hour, Marie.
    Do I get to be honest? Guess I want to…
    Trying to answer your question scares the hell out of me! Because if I commit to do sth in 30 days from now, here, online (other people will read this, yeah?) and then I fail to do this, what do I do? I’ll feel like a failure. It’s motivating, but it’s scary too. Do other people get scared of such public declarations?

    Well, but then I want to do this. My answer is that this ONE thing I’ll do until 16th of Sep. (30 days from today) is that I’ll finish reediting my first book. And when I do that, I’ll send it to possible publishers (that part also scares me). I looove writing. But when I am to share it with someone else, I’m afraid. Is it good enough? Won’t they laugh at me? I guess all those doubts come to mind, because I’m afraid of failure. But that won’t stop me, especially because despite of fear I have this positive picture in my mind of what it would be like if I really would make my dream come true and get to be published. And being published in my country, when you’re not known at all is extremely hard.
    Thank you once more, greetings from Poland!

    • I am not sure, but I think if you go to, you can publish your book yourself. It is possible in the US, now, I don’t know how it works with someone from Poland, but since everything happens on the Net, why not? It can be a last resort if you don’t find a good publisher.
      We all have these questions you have in mind, whatever the plan is. We are scared by failure, rejection, not being at the top. But actually, our plan is not us. We are not defined by our project. A lot of successful people had failures at the beginning, but they became successful because of their persistence. I come from France, and people are very judgmental there, probably because they are jealous. I don’t know how it is in Poland. Here, in the US, people are much more enthusiastic!
      You must do your thing for you, because you need it, no matter what the others think. David Hockney (a painter) says that if at least one person likes what you did, you succeeded in your mission. Because you managed to entertain at least one person.
      There will always be people to not like your Art, because we can’t please everybody. I had people laughing at my paintings. Whatever, the most important is to be true to ourselves, learn and give the best we can.
      I must recommend a book for you, it is especially about writers who have difficulties to finish their book, exactly for you:
      The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, Black Irish Entertainment LLC publisher. I precise that I don’t know this guy, and I am not affiliate to this publisher. But this book is amazing!!! I highly recommend it and it is exactly what you need, you will have all your answers there.
      And you know what? Even if your 1st book doesn’t work, the next one will, because if you persist, something will happen and will show up just in front of you. That is the Law of Attraction, and I didn’t invent it, I can guarantee you, it works.
      All my best,

      • Sophia

        Thank you so much, Yael, for such a great feedback 🙂 I heard before about the book you are recommending for me and I will read it. I know the Law of Attraction, I experienced it working before in my life and I feel it’s gonna be OK no matter how things turn out eventually. There is purpose in everything. I wish you all the best!

        • Thank you, to you too! 🙂

  139. Thank you Marie and Chris! Convergence is what resonated with me. I’m having that experience now. Everything from my theater background, over a decade in movie biz production, screenplays written, professional photographer, architectural and interior design plus a good dose of difficult times and a lot of faith built up. Take all that and put it through B-School 2011 and you’ve got Lucky Duck Living and The Joy Blog Weekly. I’m using every part of me and forevah grateful, Marie! Again a heartfelt thanks for the community you’ve invited me into and the spirit you bring to everything you share.

  140. Ooohh Marie, oh yes!

    1. My BIG top #1 action priority deluxe is… Making my website “complete for now” / ready for viewing. Meaning:
    – writing content where content has to be for it to make sense
    – writing a little something like “this page is being created (as we speak), so do come back in a bit to see the fantastic result, or better yet – put your name and email here below to be the first to be notified when we’re up and running” for the parts of the site that are perfectly OK being unfinished until they aren’t anymore
    – fixing glitches and links. Most importantly: correctly linking up my sign-up form with my email list

    2. Pick one. Love it.Goes hand in hand with your advice “start before you’re ready”.

    Bonus love: thanks SO much for sharing about your early copywriting mistakes. Takes the weight off of my idea of having to be perfect right from the get go. Phew!

    Love and love,

  141. Kathleen G.

    Thanks a million Marie & Chris! Your interview motivated me to take my first step toward my new business. I posted an ad last week for my first furniture piece that I refinished & made my first sale today!

  142. What a motivation bomb you are Marie! I have a novel which is now into its TENTH year (yes you read right) and still not finished the first draft…talk about dragging my heels. I am going to get the first draft complete by the end of 30 days or you can personally drag me out of the computer room and beat me over the head with your iPad.

  143. Lyn

    Inspiring as always Marie! Big thanks to Chris, I went straight out to buy the book. He is brilliant.
    I love what you said about just going ahead and doing it, even if you don’t feel ready. I think we can all relate to this. Thanks for your advice I started adding video blogs to my website
    I am comfortable and passionate about writing but videos petrify me! But I am doing it scared! Next thing is to start doing fitness videos and that scares me the most, but I will just do it!! Expore different things.
    Thank you so much for all that you do. You stand out from the crowd and one day I too hope to do that!
    Much love to you.

  144. I plan to figure out how to free up enough time to get my new blog site programmed and start getting content on there while I make the first steps in writing my book.

  145. I took action! I’m so excited. I finally, FINALLY, jumped in with both feet to start my site helping women to overcome postpartum depression and heal from birth trauma.

    I’m nervous, and I’m excited, and I’m thrilled with how quickly I put everything together. ( a lot of it was sitting there, yet, I spent the past several months ‘unsure’ which niche to choose. hmm- fear much?)

    For the next 30 days, I will be building my mailing list, and making connections. I also am having trouble with the FB page, so I will be finding someone to fix all of that for me.

    Thank you for the motivation! This was a long time coming.
    I cannot wait to help these women heal and to see that shift, those ‘aha’ moments and that complete awe at overcoming their traumas. xoxo

  146. . The ONE big idea you’re going to take action on in the next 30 days and why this is important to you.

    Provide a connector resource and academy geared to helping women meet other women that useful and helpful in achieving goals.

    Next 30 days, draft 1 of my e-book.
    2. The single biggest, actionable insight you’ll take away from this interview.

    Choices today make the biggest impact on my choices tomorrow.

    Read more:

  147. A great interview – thanks so much for all the information. Love your videos, Marie.

  148. Great ideas especially the one abut going to 100 places. I love to travel as well and have a long bucket list. I struggle with putting dates to my goals. This is the one thing I will do. In the next 30 days I will give up sugar. Who would like to join me on this one? I am going to need a support team around me. Have one friend on board already. Who is next?

  149. Very motivational. Great Video. Thanks Much

  150. Alyxandria

    Take action now! Right Now!

  151. Okay I’m late to the discussion but my 30 day goal is to have a rough draft of my sewing book completed. I’ve started and made headway but I need to buckle down so I’m committing to completing 2 pages a day.

  152. This was a great interview. So many people ask me about starting a business and they throw their degrees and experience at me like I am supposed to come up with the answer instantaneously. I think I am going to encourage them to #1. Watch this video and #2. Encourage their 30 day challenge.

  153. I always wanted to work for myself. I’m 32 and tried only a couple of jobs in my life that I could not stand for more then a day. I always worked for myself for the better and the worst. I made all the mistakes, been poor, etc. But always was true to myself and feeling great about it even in hard hard times. I failed many times but kept at it and its starting to take off! Persistence, learning from successful people, never give up. It would maybe been easier for the financial side if I would have kept a small job while I was starting my business but I just could not stand it. In dark times I really came close to forget my dreams and just go get a job but each time it just creeped me out so much I rather would be in hell 🙂 I even started to think I should push my kids to think that the only way is to be a follower and to have a job even if they don’t like it. But its not true, starting a business or doing both or only a job… but doing what they love and following their dreams. Now that I see fruits from my persistence and that I listen to you guys, I’m fired up! Thank you! Such a good inspiration and great lesson for future generations.

  154. Marie, I have been OBSESSED with your videos for the past few weeks now and this is the first time I am actually writing to you!! You came into my life like a breath of motivation and ambition!! I work with my husband for our crowd funding startup where people can raise money for causes they care for Free!
    Alternately, I have a youtube channel where I make lifestyle videos on healthy foods, Beauty products etc. I also went to school to be a cosmetologist, currently studying plant based nutrition at Cornell to be a nutritionist.
    My vision is to write empowering blog posts on my website,reviews of beauty products, may be fashion outfits, morning rituals that make me happy,healthy and emotionally balanced etc.
    Eventually, have a wellness retreat in my town offering organic salon services,Yoga and bollywood dance classes, body work, nutritional consultations where people can have mind-body-soul experience.
    Sometimes,I am unable to envision what one thing should I do ? Is it youtube? (I love it,but my editing skills sucks,I know), Creating a business model for my retreat ? work as a stylist and give part time nutritional consultations or create a weekly detox and rejuvenation ebook? I am in that paralysis state of affairs 🙁 Would love to have more subscribers on my channel and build my following on the internet. At this point, I feel like I am living at my peak age (25) where I am buzzing with entrepreneurial ideas!
    Also, currently, I am myself proud of seizing every opportunity that comes my way, I am up at 6, go to a local bootcamp to get into the best shape of my life,Green smoothie is my life, I am finally becoming like the woman I wanted to be while growing up, But there’s more I can offer. I am talented and I know it, I just need to connect the dots to come with something that combines all my passions together, How can I raise money for my retreat ? Take up a job at salon for experience and do nutrition consultations on the side ?
    I have never expressed myself so well before, haha, Anyway, the one thing I will work towards is getting one video and 1 blog post up every week in the next 30 days and hone my editing skills.
    Would really really appreciate if you could help me with figuring my dilemmas out.


  155. Great video from two independent thinkers who are following their dreams! We’re just stepping into a new field and trying to create a community of people that appreciate and want to cultivate independent thought. Thanks for sharing this video and all the cool stuff you two do! Inspirational!

  156. We are hoping to create a community of people like you, Marie and Chris, and your audiences! We need help and support and inspiration to think for ourselves and create a better world for everyone. Every little bit helps us all.

  157. I absolutely loved the interview. There is no quick solution/short cuts to success. I am a in tutoring business and I had had no clue about business and started it as a hobby. I just concentrated on providing top notch service and loved when I delivered results. Next thing you know, the word started spreading, the business started growing and I’m much better than I had ever expected! So keep working hard folks. Results will come…..

  158. It’s great that you are getting ideas from this article as well as from our argument made at this place.

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