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Imagine this scenario.

You finally land that BIG meeting you’ve been dreaming of. The one that’s been on your vision board (mental or physical) for years…

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The clock is ticking and you need to prepare. But how exactly do you prepare for the most important meeting of your life?

Should you just go with the flow or you should you create something formal? What’s the real secret to knocking it out of the park without coming across as desperate or needy?

If you’ve ever had to get ready for a big, important meeting and you want a step-by-step method to prepare and deliver your best, you’ll love today’s episode of MarieTV.

Click play for your seven step checklist to prepare for the biggest meeting of your life.

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Now I want to hear from you. What was the most important meeting of your life and how did it go?

Did you win them over? Did you leave them pantsless (umm…this will make sense once you watch the video :))? What things would you do differently if you could go back in time to that big meeting?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

If you’re a reader in the US, Happy Happy 4th of July! I’ll be happily celebrating at the beach with friends and lots of yummy, home cooked food.

Enjoy your holiday and, whether you’re in the US or not, take this time to celebrate your ultimate freedom: your ability to choose your response to any situation and consciously create your world.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and being a part of my life.

With love and so much appreciation,

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  1. This is such great advice, as per usual! Give big to get big, brilliant! (Oh and I wholeheartedly agree with the deodorant, so important) I think it’s so so critical to be a good listener in a big meeting. Try not to get too wrapped up in your head thinking about what you will say next.

    And make sure that you keep it casual, don’t try to make them an expert on your product or brand in that initial meeting. Keep it casual and leave them wanting to know more. And like you said lead with your heart! Passion is so important!

  2. Hi Marie!
    Recently I had the biggest phone meeting of my life with someone that I really wanted to collaborate with. I was super scared, but thanks to some great advice that I received from a trusted mentor – I went for it + left them pantsless by knocking their socks off with a box full of gorgeous goodies that I packaged just like I was sending it to my dream client – ’cause they totally ARE my dream client! Now, we are in the final stages of our contract! Go Pantsless – lay everything out on the table + ROCK their world!

  3. I’ve learned to keep breath fresheners on hand and in mouth before the meeting. I had a big meeting once and all I could focus on was “Can they smell my breath and is my breath funky in the first place”.

    Breath Mints should be Tip #8!

  4. I can’t help but think of that scene in ‘The Social Network’ where Mark Z. is running up the stairs for his important VC meeting with Sequoia Capital in his Bathrobe and PJs’. I wonder how often that scenario occurred after the movie was released and how many doors were slammed because of the overly slacker approach. This is where having knowledge of whom you are meeting with and doing your research comes into play~ don’t dress for a luau, if formal wear is expected.
    Now, I can’t help myself and if I’ve crossed the line, please forgive me, Marie~

    PS~ love the necklace

    • Chas I love that pant on the ground – Marie when are you going to interview Larry? lol

  5. Vidette Vanderweide

    I think the most pivotal piece of advice is to “detach and trust”simply because I, personally need to keep that advice front of mind…at all times! Detaching is sometimes a challenge for me, but a major Universal law! Thanks for the reminder!

    • I agree Vidette, detach and trust is so easy to say but in practice it’s really hard, especially when what you are offering up is essentially YOU.

      At the end of the day there are enough clients to go around – and sometimes we have to spin that NO into a positive, evaluate, or just accept it wasn’t meant to happen (and that it was not the right fit).

      From what I’ve found every no I’ve accepted turned into 2 yes’ just around the corner.

  6. Ahh!! Marie! You rock this ALL the time! <3

    Love the personal thank you card tip! It really puts you above everyone else!

    Marie, this is SO off topic, but I LOVE your hair!!! How do you have it SO perfect ALL the time?

    Oh, and I LOVE the new look, not digging the little table with the flowers…I would ditch it.

    I lol a lot during your videos 😉 thank you 🙂


  7. I have been in meetings on both sides of the fence. One meeting I was dressed uncomfortably and preparing my next statement in my head the whole time instead of listening and the meeting went horrible.

    After that experience I decided that I would never try to be any one other than myself nor would I give all of my power over to anyone because I believed they held the only key to my future. Puh-lease!

    The next big meeting I had I went in confident in my own ability and genuinely interested in how my company could benefit the clients of the organization I was meeting with. Needless to say the meeting went very well and we are both excited to be working together.

    Key takeaways from this video were: Deodorant (sweat pits just won’t cut it, Do the Research (goes without saying) and Detach and Trust.

    Thanks Marie!

  8. LUV IT! Thanks for sharing your tips. You so funny girl!

    Have a great day, Jennifer 🙂

  9. Thank you for this great video and greats advice !!

    That says it all, i just will add to be early not late :), i hate people in delays !!

  10. A very appropriate video as I have some key meetings coming up and I am kind of new to having “key meetings” in the first place:) I am making a sales call today to offer my gluten and grain free granola to a local writer’s school that serves local food. Very soon I will be meeting with some naturopathic physician’s about the possibility of collaborating with them as a nutritional therapist. I love marieforleoTV. Thank you.

  11. Awesome video with great advice! When I have a big meeting, I also think about body language. There are little tell tale signs that you can give that can work for or against you. I google what I want to portray with body language to learn about what these could be and make myself aware of these.

  12. AWESOME Marie!! I have a fabulous meeting scheduled for next Monday with the new marketing/sales director of an area bank plus the president/CEO. From my initial phone conversation I believe the stars have lined up. Now you’ve given me the tools to knock them out of their pants. THANK YOU!! Love all you do and share, it’s priceless!! Michele

  13. I’ve found that Detach and Trust has been the most difficult thing to do. I’ve found after the meeting it helps to consciously focus on what went really well otherwise my brain goes looking for flaws. Love what you have to share as always.

  14. I like to get in a good workout and then spend a few minutes relaxing. This always calms my nerves and preps my mind and body for a great meeting!

  15. Yes! Loved this one.
    People want to be heard, acknowledged, and appreciated!
    Focus your heart on generosity: give, give, give!

  16. “The world needs that special thing that only you have.” Love love love that quote. It’ll be my mantra today. I have yet to have that “big” meeting, but I think that these tips are applicable in EVERY meeting that you have as a biz owner. And I’m going to treat them that way, too! It reminds me of preparing for a job interview & to see it spelled out like this, I realize that every time I sell my products, it essentially is like an interview! Be a giver. Going to tweet it. Thanks, as always, for the energy & info! xoxo

  17. Being a dietitian, I think about energy levels, when preparing for biggest meeting make sure you have got a good nights sleep, centred yourself in the morning and have had a great breakfast, you want blood sugar to be good! Protein with a little carbs 1-2 hours before! 🙂

    • Good point! I’m not a nutritionist but I definitely never want to risk being derailed by low blood sugar! Even when it’s a lunch meeting, I eat before going. Taking care of yourself means you can give more. Laura

  18. Marie this video is so on time, and I hope to apply these steps to a phone meeting I have coming up soon. I hope to be able to apply these tips and are open to anymore that you all can give. Blessings to you!

  19. A. Curtis

    Marie, you absolutely ROCK! Your videos, tips and comments are so on point always. Thank you for being you and for keeping your followers PANTS-LESS! LOL!

  20. thanks for your helpful tips this morning! The one that really rang my bell is the research the company one. Helpful to where I am right now.


  21. AJ

    Great video! You’re so right Marie. There really isn’t anything that will make or break you. I love it!

  22. Hi Marie thanks for the video. My problem is that I can’t phone people up – first I’m scared that they won’t understand who I am – second that I’m bothering them and third that they won’t want my product and I can’t deal with no’s. The other day a lady told me flat that she didn’t like the product that I sell and I just collapsed in tears after putting the phone down and didn’t phone anyone else up for the rest of the week. Wasting time – I know but how can I get over this. ??

    • Rebekah

      Hi jackie,

      It can be nerve-wracking to start making sales calls, but twisting some of Marie’s tips above a little bit, one sales call will not make or break your business. I transitioned into sales about a couple of years ago and it was a challenging transition for me–and occasionally I meet someone who doesn’t like me or our products. But for the one who doesn’t, I have met many more great and wonderful people who are my customers, and I truly love working with them. Every no will eventually lead you to a yes if you keep putting in the work. Good luck and keep going girl!!

      • Hi Jackie,

        A big tip that Marie gave away was ‘Detach & Trust’ it might be taken either as a hardest thing to do or the easiest thing to do. Our mind is very powerful and wouldn’t you rather condition your mind as an easy thing to do. I have been through those scenarios before and same as you taken it personally. One take it personally if they emotionally attach themselves to the outcome, so her it goes again ‘Detach & Trust’. Make sure you have enough knowledge about the products you sell and prepare yourself to people objecting.

        Think of at least 5-7 common objectives people would come up with and go prepared with knowing the benefits to them that this product provides once their objectives come up. Even when you get a NO it is a great way to learn what is not working, ask them why they are saying no to you so you learn from that for the future. This tactic might also help you with what you do as people like to be understood and heard and when you connect with them wanting to understand their world, they feel valued and accepted.

        It’s all in connecting & authentically communicating, are you being yourself when you speaking with those people, or trying to be someone you think they want. People can feel energy in your voice etc.

        I am writing a book at the moment called “Empowering People Through Communication” which should be out early next year and big thanks to Marie with this video, some great tips reminder that sometimes in everyday life seem to get away from us.

        Thanks Marie for all your wonderful input and advise. I love it and watch it every week! 🙂

    • Jackie,

      Maybe the lesson from the no-go lady you mentioned is that you deserve to be more choosy about who you share your goodness with–it can be hard not to spread the love all over when you are passionate about what you do, but I’ve found that sometimes it can work against you and bang your ego up a bit if you don’t bite your tongue sometimes.

      I’m still working on that one, so thanks for the reminder that we can’t please the masses–how about trying Toastmasters or another way to build your speaking skills?

  23. The most important meeting of my life (so far) was in 2007 when I took my product up to Oprah / QVC’s Next Big Thing product search.

    I was a nervous wreck but knew I was on to something that was soon to be discovered by Oprah and land on her My Favorite Things list. (My target market was ALL women!)

    HUGE amounts of energy, stress, travel $ + hope went in to what ended up being literally two minutes of sharing my product with one of the judges (who seemed very unimpressed) and I left – making my way through 1,000’s of other hopefuls – feeling beyond deflated.

    Since that make-or-break opportunity, I picked myself back up, and over the years my business has evolved quite a bit. (Ready for a new transformation coming up in Fall ’12 – thank you RHH B-School!!!)

    Back in ’07 I was at the beginning of my learning curve. The one thing I’d change going into that meeting is the “detach & trust” part. Even bigger, I realized a few years later the crucial part I skipped over when developing my product: getting tons of feedback. (As it turned out, “ALL WOMEN” – not exactly my TM : ) If only I’d had Marie’s Start the Right Business back then!!!

    But I’m grateful for what I’ve been through, struggles and all. What I’ve learned over the last several years (about business and self) has put me where I am at this moment – and I’m excited to see where it leads…

    • Angela,

      I just went through something similar this week, putting a lot of time and passion into developing a product with the hopes that a big-wig in my niche would give it his stamp of approval and send it into the stratosphere–I was sooo hopeful. What I got was the exact opposite–a big thanks but no thanks.

      What surprised me was that instead of feeling deflated (ok, maybe for just a wee bit) I didn’t let me fear-talk creep in and instead felt proud and empowered about how hard I’d work to get this project off the ground, and realized that big-wig gave me the motivation to do it. Now its ready for its true debut with the audience it deserves!

  24. Detach and Trust is a very powerful piece of advice.

    I’ve always prepped for big-deal meetings and interviews by doing lots and lots of research, but it was only recently that I was able to take the next step and also detach from the outcome. I’ve always known I needed to do that, but hadn’t really been able to pull it off.

    Recently I had a “working meeting”/interview for a long-term gig with a well-known and high-profile marketer/copywriter who I really, and I mean *really,* wanted to work with. I was slightly nervous, but I honestly wasn’t attached to the outcome — I knew that I was prepared for the meeting, and that I was going to do the best I could, but at the same time, I was going to “be Kimberly.” In other words (and unlike in interviews/meetings past), I wasn’t going to try to be anyone other than me: I was going to answer all questions with what I truly felt was the best course of action and not try to answer them the way I thought the other person wanted me to. No faking and no “trying to impress,” because I wanted this opportunity to come to me only if this person and I really, truly meshed, and I could only find that out by “being Kimberly” in the meeting.

    Once I made the decison to handle the meeting that way, I was able to both want this thing very much, and detach from the outcome at the same time. How liberating that was!! So the time between the meeting and getting the gig (woohoo!) was not tortuous and nerve-wracking. Because I knew that either outcome — getting the gig or not — would show me the next right step I was meant to take.

    So “detach and trust,” yes, very good advice indeed!

  25. Hi Marie,
    I “found” you a couple a weeks ago via twitter and just wanted to thank you so much for all of your amazing advice, tips and ideas! I am in the process of starting up my own design company and just love watching your videos for inspiration, apart from the awesome business advice you;re also very entertaining! I love your style, so different from other stiff business advice sites!

    Warm wishes from Sweden/London,

  26. Wonderful words of wisdom as always! I always listen to my power song on the ride over- “Mission” by Rush, lol.

  27. You’re backdrop is on acid Marie.

    Great, great advice and amazing attitude for everyday life.
    #6: follow up by phone: e-mail is overrated! Pick up the phone! It’s more personal…

  28. Love this advice – especially “Do your research” and “Be present.” As a former journalist the listening piece is huge for me. I like to listen intently to uncover the person’s true needs and at the end of the meeting I repeat what they said back to them so that they feel heard and to make sure we are on the same page.

    Thanks Marie!

  29. Being present is so critical. Too often we get in our head and struggle with “what ifs”. Love the new decor Marie.

  30. JIll Coon

    These tips can also work for important social engagements too. I find myself in a lot of new and different environments since I live outside the U.S. and It seems like I am constantly have to introduce myself to new people, new groups. I love it, but it can also be a bit nerve-wracking, not knowing what to expect. I always feel like anyone I meet is a potential client or contact (or new friend!), so I want to go in with my best. I’m also starting a new biz so I know I will refer back to this (and so many of your other videos) again and again. Thank you!

    As a side note, I am noticing a lot of echo in the audio of your new studio. It can be a little distracting, at least on my system. It sounds like you are too far away 🙂

  31. Thank you, for this episode of Marie TV a topic close to my heart which I’ll be sharing with my friends and clients too.

  32. Perfect timing as usual, as I have a big meeting coming up soon!

    Another way I get pumped is to listen to some great tunes on the way to the meeting. Singing along loudly releases some of the tension 🙂

  33. Being present is so important, even in our everyday conversations. It happens way to many times that you don’t really listen to the other person but instead you are thinking about what to say next or your opinion about the subject etc.
    So I suggest practicing it in day to day situations so it comes naturally to you. Even in big meetings.

  34. I haven’t created the opportunity to have the biggest meeting of my life as of yet, BUT I consider every new patient who walks into my practice as if THEY are the biggest meeting of my life.

    New business deserves as much respect as a fancy shmancy company. Don’t you agree?

  35. Great video, excellent comments! The way I practice the challenge of “detachment + trust” part is to say to myself over and over, “No matter what happens, I’m fine.” It’s true and helps me get beyond the feeling of over-eagerness or the energy of desperation! Thanks, Marie and commenters!

  36. Hey Marie – awesome as usual!

    99% of my meetings take place over Skype or the phone, so I always have to prep way ahead of time! I like to make sure that the other person/team has oodles of info from me before we even get on the phone. This way, it’s clear that I did my research and came to play.

    When a rare meeting in person comes along, visuals are always a plus! Especially if they weren’t expected! Pantless indeed!

    Have a great week, Marie and see you in class. 🙂

  37. Hey Marie!

    Great episode today! Pants-less!!
    Your best advice is to give, give, give. Rather than think, “What’s in this for me?”, think “What’s in this for them?”
    It makes it so much easier when you believe that you’re bringing something to the party. You can be generous, and sharing, and isn’t that what everybody wants?
    The best business deals share value at the end!
    Thanks, Marie, and btw, am loving your new Marie-tv digs. Very glam!

    Holli Thompson

  38. That was hands down my favorite Marie TV video yet!! It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed with emotion when something really exciting comes your way, and leave it to Marie for break down the actionable steps to help you to stand out and shine!

    And just love the orange dress too!! 😉

  39. Marie
    Loved this one! Especially the last one after you have done everything dig back in with a happy heart into your business.
    C G

  40. This is so timely and spot-on Marie!
    I just got a big event booked for my company and while not everything applies as for a meeting, there is still so much I can gain from your advice!
    I must admit the nervous feeling is there, but now I have some great guiding tips on how to handle it and, most importantly, on how to have the right attitude! Thank you!!

  41. The detach part is SO important. In my line of work, I meet with a lot of people every day – and it’s so easy to get hung up on whether or not it went well. Letting go is essential for me – and meditation and yoga have been the biggest helpers for that. When I am doing a yoga practice, it is easy to work the kinks out of my head. As I often say, the issues are in your tissues – if you start with your body, you can work the crud out gently – and voila! You’ve detached. Well, at least that is what works for me….

    Thanks for another great video, Marie!

  42. Marie, thank you for always being hilarious, insightful & spot on. I am host(essing) a meeting today with a new collaborator & have been preparing my space to be welcoming, and full of flowers. Asi write this my cat leapt upon a dresser & knocked a cube vase of vintage roses all over the floor. Water water everywhere. Invite the unexpected! Xo

  43. Thanks Marie! great Video! Always looking for new way to help with recruiting
    I’ve done the meeting thing, Getting more from social site. Marie you mite like this

  44. I love you marie forleo.

  45. Holy goodness Marie. You killed it with this one! My biggest meeting to date was with Clif Bar Inc to become their in-house food & body coach. Yeah, huge!! I prepared in advance just like you said, wowed them with giving and got the position. I’ve been a consultant for them for the last 4 years and every year I come to them with a list of things I know will benefit their employees. It’s been wonderful and it only happened because I was patient and trusted. You rock Marie and I’m ready for my next big meeting 😉

  46. Great tips, Marie! Looks like you covered all the bases~especially liked that last one from @UncleRUSH 🙂

  47. Spot on, perfect advice! Adore. Thanks Marie. ~N

  48. I think it comes really naturally for me to think about what I can do for them, and sometimes I need to remind myself what my goals are. This probably isn’t right for everyone, but I find that it’s easy for me to just agree with whatever someone else wants me to do, so my advice is to be clear about your own boundaries when you go into a meeting.

    When I do that first, the rest of my “what can I do for you” nature comes out, and it all goes smoothly. 🙂

  49. Detach and Trust!

    Oy! I have really struggled with those two. It’s like I’ve been such a control freak that I pace, and worry, check my email, make sure my phone is working. . . I am ready to let that go, save the energy and let the Universe handle the outcome for me. Perfect!

    I’m sure we ALL appreciate the reminder about being sure you wear deoderant. Reminds me of an old commercial. . . Lol 😉


    Evelyn Bourne

  50. Susan

    I am making my list for added value right now! Interview is @ 3pm. Thanks for a very timely video.
    RE: biggest meeting – there have been several but one I especially recall is meeting with program managers at the Kennedy Center in DC, and yes, the meeting got me on their events for teachers program!
    RE: ‘pantsless’ though not business related, here’s a funny about the time I was performing in Hallelujah Girls…and just as the lights were coming up my colleague ONSTAGE says to me: ” I forgot my pants.” the opening line was mine, so I had to roll right into the scene! LUCKILY she did have on a half slip, otherwise it could have been a real show stopper.

  51. elinor

    What a gorgeous outfit! Stunning!

  52. Dressing for success is STILL a good idea. When I applied to my original I.T. (Information technology) employer, I wore the only suit (that I owned at that time); the interviewer made the point of telling me that he was only willing to speak with me because my appearance demonstrated that I understood that the company was a consulting firm – with imposed dress standards. After that, it was my diligence to continually follow-up with them that generated my opportunity to join the company’s entry-level training program. That one month of training led to a 30 year career. Now I’m working on a new one!

    -Joe Breunig, author/poet
    Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

  53. Great advice, as always, Marie!

    How about learning from contrast? I had the biggest meeting of my life with a big tech company that wanted to hear about my services. I did some research with one of my contacts there, but I didn’t go far enough. He told me to prepare for one part of my expertise, but the execs I met wanted to hear about another part of my expertise. I got too formal, with a PowerPoint presentation that I’d printed out, all about my methodology. FAIL!

    I’ve since learned that LISTENING is most important, and putting together suggestions that are VALUE BASED. I’ve got another meeting coming up — with another tech company, and this time, I’m making a point of learning what some of the key issues are in the company, and addressing them. And more importantly, I’ll prepare questions to ask them, because people DO love to talk about themselves, and my questions will help them see that I care about their strategy.

    Oh, and getting all formal? That’s messed me up, too. Most people prefer a conversational approach. Presentations, at least in my experience, can feel almost slimy, unless that’s what the client has specifically requested.

    Thanks for helping me prepare for MY next big important meeting, in just a few short weeks!

  54. Kenny Varga

    Awesome tips. I enjoyed it. I’ve had a lot of “the biggest meetings” in my life but they differ a little bit. I am musician/record producer and work with a lot of rockstars and big celebrities in Nash. The music business is very first impression counts kind of thing. You show up too much timberlake to these alt rock superstar’s studio and you aren’t taken seriously. You show up not enough timberlake to a pop session with an actress from LA who is here recording/writing in Nashville, not good. You let your Jersey accent pepper a conversation about possibly working with a well known country artist, you are out! Even worse, you have to play political party roulette…. answer wrong… OUT!

    Anyway, thank you for doing what you do! I enjoy the videos. You are very funny.

  55. Jay Valencia

    Dear Marie,

    You have the only email in a list of 795 business emails from all over the world with a lower cased and typically suspicious titled subject line.

    You team is very naive in feeling this is appropriate for your professional emails.

    They have also requested that I not receive your emails anymore which is also very unprofessional of a promotion team. I am keeping my emails for your reference. I know this should be of concern to you. The email titles look like Spam Scam emails. I can recognize them now so I will continue to appreciate your efforts.

    All my best to you,
    Jay Valencia

  56. Great tips Marie!! HHAHAHA! I have the same pantsless dream . . . what’s that about?!

    Biggest meeting I’ve ever had is with my husband (2nd and forever). At nearly 50 people told me “forget about it”. When I first met this gorgeous hunk I figured he was married with a slew of kids so I relaxed and just enjoyed our conversation. He was so taken by my warmth and enthusiasm he asked me out and the rest is history! He always tells people that it was my generosity and warmth that lit him up . . . and still does ; )

    BTW, I send out hand written thank you notes to all of my husbands clients and they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Such a simple gesture that is HUGE in impact. I was brought up to write thank you notes so it’s second nature for me. I was a professional letter-writer for 10 years in my prior business.

  57. Perfect timing!

    I’m getting ready for a meeting with a major home improvement store, and I’ll have my PDF ready on how I can help them.

    Thank you Marie & Team Forleo!

  58. Hey Marie, this is such a good 1! Last year, I had a meeting much like the 1 that you described. It went exceedingly well because I basically followed all of these steps you highlighted here. Even though nothing really came of that particular business relationship, this meeting ultimately caused the shift that got me to start building my own business. I am eternally grateful for that! My favorite step that you talk about in the video is showing the people you meet with how you’ll add value to their company. I know Ramit Sethi talks a lot about this, and I couldn’t agree more. When you present a company with solutions to problems you know they’re having, you become a very valuable resource and 1 they want to have on hand going forward.

  59. Oh Marie, you are always so AWESOME! This video was just great.

    I am a photographer and every single time I am meeting a potential wedding client I go through very similar steps as the ones you describe. Showing a possible client how can I add to their wedding (without being a complete diva and thinking that the day is about me and my pictures) has gotten me amazing clients! 🙂

    Always grateful for your videos,



  60. I can’t really say I’ve had that big meeting – we haven’t met yet.
    Entertaining and insightful as always, Marie.

  61. Love this, Marie! Something that stuck out in this video for me is that inner knowing of the value you can bring to the company or team you’re meeting with. This is where it can get difficult. Women tend to know the value they can add, but let what I call the “doubting mantras” take over. “I shouldn’t….”, “I can’t say that or…..”, “I don’t think I should say that because….”, and we can let it drown out our voice. I think it’s key to learn how to overcome the doubting mantras so you can communicate your value. 🙂

    Love & warmth,

  62. loved hearing your straight-forward advice, marie! thank you!

    my biggest meeting turned out to be something i didn’t want. i went in as prepared as could be, stayed incredibly present, and really listened. afterwards, i realized i not only wouldn’t have been a good fit, but that the direction i’d been so intent on heading wasn’t what i really wanted. taking a step back after the meeting to really look at how i was feeling, helped me launch my business in a new, much needed direction.

    • I love how going to the meeting, and doing it well, gave you the chance to see it wasn’t right for you – totally makes the meeting super important, just in a different way! yeah!

  63. So true. We have to give to get, and giving can actually be a lot of fun. I also love tip # 7, stay out of attachment. Sometimes we try to crack a joke or two to break all that big bzness tension. What can we say, I guess we give good meeting!

  64. Wow Marie, are you psychic? Always the perfect video! Love you, your dress, your necklace and your humour!

    Several years ago when I was just starting my business I was handed an opportunity of a lifetime after an AMAZING meeting. I spent hours offering concepts, product ideas, launch ideas etc. and it paid off. I was offered the creative director and product development position in a HUGE aromatherapy company. It seemed like my dream job except that after much consideration and soul-searching I declined because I was so passionate about my own fledgling company and believe me I was torn because it would have instantly changed my entire lifestyle.

    It has been several years and I now want to reconnect with them (they were very disappointed that I turned down their offer) as I have a magnificent concept for their stores that I really do believe would up their business and mine but I only want to go in as a consultant. I still believe in my business and not ready to give it up but I feel this would be a brilliant opportunity for both my business and theirs. I have been feeling scaredy-cat-like because I feel they may not be open to giving me another chance. That has been my biggest fear about approaching them, what if they say no and think I’m a total fool for saying no in the first place. Is there room for another chance?

    Your video has really helped and I am going to use your advice and go for it and detach and trust. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

    Thanks Marie! xoxox Fragrant blessings as always!

  65. Udo

    I had an interview for grad school. I found out who my interviewers were and did research on them. I prepared questions specifically for each interviewer and talked about how I related to them. They were VERY impressed.

  66. Elizabeth Kipp

    This video is off the TOP! Every point is a winner! The biggest meeting I’ve had so far was with an audience representing 1000 families, who as a group, were trying to decide if the local food cooperative, of which I was a co-manager at the time, wanted to kick in some more money to get a bigger space in order to serve the community better. It sounds like an easy meeting, but there were many naysayers and I had to be the one to win them over to growing bigger. I did my research ( before I’d even heard the word google) for both sides of the argument, put on a smile (and my deodorant) and kept the smile all thru my presentation. Lots of what growing could GIVE to the community and what the members would GET from it. I won that day. Looking forward to my next big meeting :o)

  67. Practice – implement these 7 points with every encounter, every phone call, this will make your interaction at the Big Meet feel natural …. because it is.

    I just finished an intro call with a decision-maker at a large corporation. Because these 7 points are just me doing what I do, his departing comment was “This was the easiest and most informative conversation I had in months.”

    Did I make an impression by just being me … YouBetCha

  68. I was struck by the fact that these tips could also easily morph into tips for job interviews, and for things to keep in mind when meeting a new client. It always blows the mind of people we meet to be heard, to find out how vlaue can be added to their lives/companies, and acknowledged for the time spent.

  69. I’ve had several of those meeting and each time I find one of the best things for building a great relationship is to let the other person talk. Although no one really likes to admit it but most love to talk about themselves- If you let them do that they love you. Weird- but I’ve seen it time and time again.

  70. Marie,
    I have been attracting a lot of new abundance in my life and it is not even a coincidence or surprise that you talked about this today…my biggest meeting is being set up later today. I am a partner in a social media company called eRocketFuel and we help entrepreneurs and big companies make money and get more customers with social media. We were just contacted by a Marketing Agency out of Dubai to get 1 million fans for their biggest clients fan page. Can’t wait to get the job and make an in-person visit with the client once we pop that 7 figure fan mark! Champagne all around!
    I like what you said about being present. ALL people love to be heard, and it is the cornerstone of how I get business. I have really developed that skill and I could literally use that skill and sell real estate in the clouds. People just are not really “gotten” these days. When you can get out of your own head, and set aside your own desires, concerns and self-interest, and just listen, it will make such a difference.
    Love your energy Marie, I WILL be working with you some day soon! Jeremy

  71. You are so right Marie. Paying it forward is the key to business relationships.



  72. Great advice, as always. Another thing that helps is to spend some meditative time visualizing a successful outcome. Works for sports too!

  73. Hi Marie,
    This was a FABULOUS video. One of my favourites!!
    Point 3 really hit home to me – especially the part about everyone wanting to be heard. Yesterday, I interviewed a top professor for an article I was writing that needed expert comment. When I profusely thanked him for his time and effort (he went above and beyond the call of duty), he told him he got such a huge kick out of it and thanked me! I realised that no matter who you are, or at what level, you just want to be acknowledged.
    I have a meeting with a new client in a couple of weeks – I’ll be applying your 7 tips! I’ll let you know how I go!!

  74. You look great! Working out??

    For some odd reason, I feel like an “IMPORTANT” meeting is just around the corner!… So I’m so GLAD I got a chance to see this today! I’m going to use these tips for sure!

    Thanks Marie!

  75. I have some big meetings in the works and the tips were a great reminder. I ALWAYS send a handwritten note after the meeting because it is that extra personal touch. Happy 4th everyone! Thanks again Marie!

  76. The day before the big meeting, ask a trusted friend for a “Tell Me How Great I Am” pep talk! It will boost your confidence for these pressure-cooker opportunities.

  77. What excellent advice Marie,and the delivery was so upbeat.
    I will definitely follow your suggestions in future meetings; I especially like what you said about the need to concentrate on what I can give the company or business.
    Thanks very much
    Barbara J

  78. OMG, MARIE! I had a crap day and just watching you roll deodorant on and scream the word PANTS-LESS made me cry happy little tears of joy at my computer. You’re so awesome. You and RHH are on my vision board for next year. Boo to your yah, gurl. = )

  79. xo Grateful

  80. Aahhhh, big meeting today! Not so much a “happy oppertunity”, but a meeting where I had to show finese and charisma in the face of a challenge. The secret was talking to a friend and brainstorming on how we could create a “process” for next time so that the situation was easier to deal with in the future. The idea of creating a process kept my emotions in check and put me at the head of the table in a calm professional light that was appreciated by all!

  81. Lead with your heart was my favorite =)

  82. Arianna Dax

    I have done exactly what you have described and got exactly what I have asked Universe for. Unfortunately the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ became true for me. I paid the price and now can’t bring up myself in wishing for anything as I am scare that I will get it and pay for it at the same time…

  83. I love the idea of a handwritten thank you note – I am always a bit scared to do something like that, but you are so right – getting a handwritten note is so rare nowadays, that it really feels special!
    thank you!

  84. Great video as always!!! Thanks for putting it all together.
    I don’t have any experience in big professional meetings but everything you say seems the only simple path that one can walk down to.

  85. Vanessa

    Great video thanks Marie! I’ve been doing Big Meetings for many many years, and each one is totally different. In addition to your great tips, I would add that it’s always important to BREATHE, keep GROUNDED and FOCUSED – and if it’s with men make a comment about the latest sports news as an icebreaker – they’ll always start talking amongst themselves about it! I keep in mind that we’re all human, all with our unique skill set so don’t get intimidated. I imagine myself in their shoes – it changes the dynamics completely!

  86. Love all the tips you presented. If I could add something I would say to make sure you are as organized as possible before the meeting. Know your route and pack any essentials in your tote the night before. There is nothing worse than feeling late or flustered before an important meeting. So simple, yet often forgotten! Thank you notes after the meeting have worked very well for me.

  87. Marie, wonderful and entertaining as usual!
    I agree on the focus of giving because this action affirms to the universe that you believe it is abundant and you trust that if the opportunity is meant to be, it will manifest. Every meeting, big or small allows one to practice being and not apologizing for who you are. In the past, I used to get so nervous and riled up about making a good impression and proving myself. After many years, I know I am enough and that if I am meant to work with someone it will happen. I do the best I can and then I let go and enjoy my life!

  88. It’s about making THEM look good! How you can do the”heavy lifting’ and make their job easier. They are looking for YOU… to yes, as you said Marie, offer VALUE. Benefits. Clients are anxious when working with someone new. Creating a relationship of TRUST is primary and speaks to their PRIMAL inner decision maker to hire you…or not. Find the problem, offer the solution. Everybody wins. GO women entrepreneurs!

  89. I love Detach and Trust! That is the step I never do and my sanity depends on it.

    As for meetings I’ve knocked out of the park. There isn’t one specifically, but I noticed last week that I’d just done fabulously during a meeting that would have intimidated the pants off of me a few years back. Practice & preparation make perfect!

  90. Jay Westbrook

    Great info. I once had one of those meetings – the biggest meeting with the biggest guy at the biggest company for the biggest amount of money that had or would ever be offered to me. I used most of your techniques and the meeting was amazing. However, they gave the business to someone else.
    And here’s the most important part: my life – personally, financially, romantically, emotionally, spiritually, and in terms of contributing – has been greater than I could ever have imagined. The only thing to say when the meeting did not produce the results for which I had hoped was “So what; now what.” as always, in love & service – jay
    G. Jay Westbrook, Clinical Director – Compassionate Journey

    • As an interesting learning reflection (for me) you say that you used ‘most of’ the techniques. Which ones did you miss out, and what were your reasons for that? Jenny

  91. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I had a hugely important meeting that has lead to a super cool opportunity! A small scrapbooking show was filming a well-known photographer/crafting business owner (who I knew) at the store where I taught. The producer asked the boss if anyone else would like a segment … and me not being shy in front of a camera said “ME, ME, MEEEEEEE!”. I filmed my segment and not only was it a hit, but the producer loved me so much he signed me on with 2 segments for next season. THEN … he signed me on as HOST and 3 segments in the season that is airing now (and my segment this week is the most popular we’ve had all season!). I didn’t know that doing something awesome I loved (and am not nervous or self conscious about) would lead to such an amazing opportunity … and I predict another season and new opportunities next year 😀 Bring it on, oh pantsless producer!!!!

  92. Love your dress Marie!
    And thanks for sharing the great advice!
    I love the active listening & be present the most and in the past this one has given me the most unexpected results! I always asked them what is their biggest challenge at the moment, and seeking the unwritten script during their talk, because quite often people can’t articulate their problems…
    I learnt a lot of being present from MEMW book so thanks again!

    • oh the quite often a lot people make mistake by selling their skills too hard during the meeting – it’s not about you anymore, it’s about their problems and how you can solve it~!

  93. Love this Marie (and your frock, as we say here in the UK!)

    The angle of ‘what can I do to add value’ or add to what you’re already doing to make it better, faster, more profitable is critical. Oh and two ‘you/your’ to every one ‘I’ 😉

    Thanks for surfacing this in your inimitable stylie Marie.

  94. I had a meeting with a major potential partner who had just hired on an old contact of mine and I assumed there was interest on their part because they agreed to the meeting. Big mistake. Should have started off the meeting asking, so, what got you interested in ….. Instead I assumed he was and wasted his time and mine. Lessons, lessons, lessons 🙂 Always painful at the time AND very good to learn for the next time. Thanks for the great weekly tidbits and your contagious positive attitude. Marianne

  95. I always go in to any meeting with an open heart and the WE in mind. What can WE make together. Noone is work for the other, you are always working together. Win-win is the only way.

    Everything is about making true deep connection with the people you are meeting, AFTER that comes selling/working together. Think of it like a date, you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone that you doesn’t feel a connection with, and the same with business. Focus on your passion, on what you want to bring to the world, why you are doing what you are doing. And ask them the same. That is how you build long lasting friendships and business partners.

    And TRUST YOU FEELINGS! Turn down the big ones if it doesn’t feel right, work for free if your heart says YES! I have worked with a small company, almost for free that suddenly got big and are now important business contacts that gives me tons of clients.

  96. Ok – here’s my biggest tip about dealing with nerves – EFT (emotional freedom technique). I also do it before speaking gigs or important phone calls – it’s a great, quick and painless self-accupressure technique.

    Just Youtube it for some awesome tutorials

  97. Thank you, Marie!
    Great tips & insights, especially the one about leading with the heart!

  98. dawn

    Marie, I love you and the work that you do, my soul sister! I have a huge interview coming up (for an independent film company as a production coordinator), and I put together a .pdf presentation on how I can add value to their company. Could I please post it here and get some feedback?!

  99. Marie,

    Superb advice even for those who have not started their own business.You can apply these same tactics during a job interview, they work as well!

    Tia Gentry, Retail Coach
    Virtually Retail

  100. Great advice Marie. I came back and hunted these points down as I’m about to pitch big! Giving big! Thank you. x

    Donna Meredith, Lead Coach
    Live It Up Coaching, Australia

  101. masoodhumayun

    A very good video and advice. Very important points covered that need to be taken care of before, during and after the meeting. I am looking forward for an opportunity to use all these in my next meetings if any scheduled. Thanks Marie

  102. Thanks Marie!
    I’ve been following you for quite some time now.. and in that time, I’ve switched to a new venture. I have a few important key meetings this week that will take my new venture to the next level and came across this video of yours just in the nick of time! My key take-away: “What can I give/offer them?” ..and #7. Detach & Trust!

  103. One of the biggest make or break moments in my professional life was in July of last year. I saw my dream job posted on their website..I spent all day filling out the application and added references etc..some three weeks layer I get a call from them. Its worth noting this company is massive media firm…so for anyone that thinks those sites are a waste of time, think again. I was interviewed twice in two months and invited for my last and final one…I knew executives there and they said do a lot of home work… I thought I was ready…I came early and excited. My host was grumpi and not very interested.. I could tell. So after a quick view of my CV she asked what else I got? I didn’t prepare a presentation but explained I had a deck of past work..very broad…she stopped me in the middle and said just show me what’s relevant I skipped yo the one and only example. she was clearly unimpressed. Sadly I was sent on my way knowing I wasn’t returning. I knew the company and its challenges.. what ide do over treat it as an rfp ( request for proposal) no matter how long it takes…and if Yu don’t have it font fake it. Explain you could talk about how you can help

  104. Amazing tips! Going to apply these ideas. Thank you!

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